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Josh Barnett is an MMA fighter, currently fighting in the UFC Heavyweight division.
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the gang of supplements including alpha brain shroom tech did i forget to stuff yeah you gave me the little sample pack i liked it i'm a big believer in mushrooms as a supplement as it is i mean there are a lot of great functions and there's some one that have antiviral properties to them there are other ones yeah the quarter subs mushroom and shroom tech is they actually use it in the chinese olympic team apparently that was when they first found out about it what they did is they found out that there's this mushroom that grows in certain altitudes and these herders these high altitude herders notice that they're cows or or whatever the fuck they have tax or some shit we're eating them and becoming more active they were moving around more and they're like what the fuck's going on here and so they eventually figured out that its this mushroom and it has something to do with optimizing your use of oxygen and oxygen in the blood a pretty significant bump you can really feel it and so these guys started growing it and the way they grow it it's really fucking cool they grow it like on a had a pillar
like a fungus that grows on a caterpillar and they harvest it and use it to make this shit if that would i don't even understand what vegans would avoid that just that oh the caterpillar is being so you're going to die yeah i don't know if shrimp tech is that's a good question is it is it vegan as they make it off of a caterpillar there a bug related vegan type diet where you avoid anything in sec related like no wasp von i won't have it the one have honey i have a friend who's vegan who does need honey he says you know i don't need honey for the same principles as why i'm a vegan i'm like okay i may i think we should honestly we should be doing is should probably produce more honey to take care of more bees and to save them and spread their population of anything but a b really could give and no shits about well anything really other than whatever it electrical impulses to tell it to fly and get things besides the feelings dear that somehow or another the poor be
that's what he does anyway there's such evil cunts bees and wasps do you ever watch that video we've never had a bee messed with me ever but but a yellow jacket i mean not even hornets have never been that bad to me ball face like the black ones the white white harry they're crazy looking right but yeah i've never had them come after me or be a super dick they're usually sort of but yellow jacket those little son of a gun not if they can't sing it they will bite you they will actually care flesh from your skin because our carnivorous or little bastard their mean little fox you know you look at that and if there is a god above the point of this was yet what i guess they just wanted something that makes honey well you got to get don't even make army did our brain where they do they just avenue but they have a stinger that does not get stuck you know can repeatedly staying they can buy a just gone
ruining lie for everybody pretty much in there you know or even that are you you know here is that kills me why does that little tiny brown bark scorpions why the one they have so much venom then kill a person on wednesday what was the necessity of that i guess so nobody some discourage predation i suppose but i guess maybe that's just you know this makes sense mean i think about the size of a person you know the average person then that's about the size of a deer good size deer i don't even think a deer would eat it if it just made its footfall asleep after they might actually step on it though my scourge them stepping on it becoming near it without their camouflage you can even see him that's the problem they can't seem to live out of them just guess what does it was a scientific studies bugs in psychologist too just check them out and among from whatever whatever it is
those like the famous mohamed elite quote howard go cell ass some if we champion truculent egos whatever chuckle and means of its it's good i'm not was the timing of this statement is fuckin amazing truculent that would have a try you anybody yeah your ford brain arranged you'd reluctant about the that bay truculent no that one over there you can that was the one i gave away have you ever seen the video of the wasps killing all the honey bees no but it doesn't doesn't surprise me assholes pull that up brian we'll do it at the the very beginning of the show it's fucking ridiculous it's there's such but anyway i can't go use a code word rogan you'll save ten percent of any and all supplements even ones made on caterpillars so go if regan and that's it for the commercials oh when's your show in phoenix this
thursday at stand up like me and tony hinge cliff and pvc are going to be doing a show there it's our one show once one night only if you go to death squad dot tv you get your odd tickets or go to standup live dotcom that's in phoenix arizona and arizona at the monk stanhope life yeah she's fine place it's really on place and this weekend i'm gonna get you change my calendar to a need to update the counter twitter page get on with the colony magic club this friday and saturday with the law to sam tripoli and next week i'm at the ontario improv and there with tommy bonds on friday and saturday and cutie bit did he tony hinge cliff on sunday so why come on down to get your freak out at last tripling he's an awesome guy he's such a character he's a fun character is a great human being too
all right we love the fuck it people let's get this thing rolling kick it off the music we're gonna talk about some county bugs so the joe rogan experience anybody doesn't know the difference between josh and i were just talking just tuning in now to about bugs and about the difference between wasps and bees and how fucking evil bees are and how silly it is he vegans donate honey honey i mean i like us the only time i ever been stung by it be is because i accidently stepped on it you know what i mean like it's dancing around in the clover and the grass and i didn't see it but otherwise like bumbled most bees besides ike african killer bees as i know not aggressive sars is his brain honeybee thing went crazy epic music like
attacking mortal they want to let you know the some shit going down they're not comfortable in just showing you the video they want to a musical there's was that like trancula hunters they capture they get a tranche they sting it and paralyze it and then insert their their offspring into it and then it hatches out of the spider i mean that's a pretty fucked up animal that's gangster that super gangster it's hard as shit it's very metal yeah they they take tarantulas off they carry them away ding them they poison them like tranches never be wasps apparently i wasn't a gang of videos and it was all i was killing his racing from the area that it can't get to you know get you back and it's it just sting the shit out of them they can do it multiple multiple times and they carry them away this is these japanese giant wasps they find these honey bees and so they just go up to them and start just cutting them in half they cut all of them in half these i think the
it's like thirty of these wasps and they kill hundreds and hundreds of bees it'll tell you the exact numbers of how many killed probably in the youtube descriptions but these things are a monstrous man and they just come in and kill that's all they do i mean they're just coming in and perform a genocide on these honeybees it doesn't seem like they're eating them i mean i don't know what they're doing they're just killing them that they can get to the honey and is that what it is are they mortal enemies but look at them it's knowledge and that it was a mean sends again they look like a cartoon when you see that big flat stupid face those dark black eyes they look almost caught punish these things are relentless you you can only imagine if let's say if these bees happen to together enough to take one down matter they were there is no retreat methinks i think we know it's beautiful people have compassion but i
they really underestimate how fucked up these organisms are nature in general nature is a brutal sadistic son of a bitch that has no feelings yeah and nature doesn't favor the week no you know you got to get the fuck up you got to wake u you got to get shit going you want to stay alive you got to keep moving nature it's not looking out for you and nature it tries to essentially nature is usually a fairly balanced system but it can become unbalanced easily upon upon its own self but however we have had a huge impact is as mankind in terms ruining the way nature offsets itself but in sometimes i think humanity could step in further reasons you know yeah i think so too sometimes but you know what we have to realise were a part of nature which is so delusion and we think that because we're in cities were not a part of that part of the ecosystem we're hundreds then a part of it i would just lucky those little things are little exactly or there's not so many of them that they could just swarm a person every a couple minutes and just sting them to death
what was the numbers brian thirty thousand honey bees they kill how many bees thirty thousand many be many bostra thirty thirty wanders killed thirty thousand bees and the bees is to have no idea of the agenda and i think it's like a wolf in a room of kittens that's that difference it's insane gonna be a song my birthright love kid knew me do you believe in the whole but one thing do you think that's a serious problem well i certainly believe in it because it's a scientific fact numbers have dropped i think they're they're narrowing it down to several things they think there has been disease but they also think that its without a doubt that bees are having a hard time cell phones that is an issue i shall father massa with bees ability to navigate yeah that its real a mink imagine like imagine living in world that the world that we live in now we could sit on your back porch and scant chill and quiet and all of a sudden a constant
yah was going through the air i mean it's almost that's what it's like treaties honeybees is they ve lived for ever with no signals in the air and all of a sudden within a hundred years there's all this crazy interest enough to pick up on it well they're so sensitive check this out we were filming fear factor these honey bees that we used in one of the stunts i don't to me we covered people with the honey bees the guys a here knows what he's doing but what happened is during the like he takes care of this whole colony base well during they're his he brings him everywhere they stayed his home as this giant honey come set up and then he could bring him out places but when he brings them out places occasionally they they interact with the locals so this huge cloud of honey bees that we're using and all of a sudden this all their huge cloud on zaire and the crazy is the guy recognize what was happening everybody we gotta get off the set they gonna walk there to talk this through go to war bees never go to war but they have to figure out who the fuck is so
they come and go would you guys doing here and they like hey we're sag which is here working we're working on this we're on a show and they're like what show is this it's fear factor is it on tv yeah that that shit that's in the air it's a fucking one yeah that's that shit man and so they they talked it out for like an hour we had a way before we resumed filming the time was done they were eligible though they were working in the kitchen they were stuntmen the fucking it was really interesting man because they swarmed together and just started like smelling each other and communicating and whatever way they can the area that we were at was also an area where you didn't get any cell phone signal but i'm sure you get everything else i'm sure still get radio waves any tv when those what the fuck all that stuff is due to the environment now i guess we're signed out but you do you think you think it's something that if we like the light like that old einstein
supposedly where he says that if you eliminated bees from planet mankind would soon parish do believe it's like to that point of like distinct have a very negative impact but human cherish and they go into two jobs and shitty to paris and i should like honey now i ll go miserly and so uncle i too good a few times i have actually been on the show he sat there in the corner and acted like you didn't exists to use you comfortable you you're an intimidating but the monsanto has come up with artificial bees they've created like a little robot be that works on solar power it's the real doll of bees exactly you imagine them every hole and the only one only the honey hole not really i guess that's the sweetest one that's what you're looking for and that's why it's named so apply could you imagine if you were by fucking field and you saw flowers and a swarm of little robot bees come in and they're pollinating everything you'd be like what the
we we some russian kids going to upload a virus to make them like just come down as a bullet all together a javelin of bees you know what usually does little hackers they don't even think so big they're just like how about we just make them all make fart noises they might do that that's more of their speed usually oh hey i heard you really like this video game oh yeah cool buddy let me send you this trick that's gonna help you play it better why are you such an asshole you know it's a video game is also be fun quit trying to give me a virus dickhead there's a lot of people out there trying to give viruses when you ever see the number of viruses that ive and all of them been created none of them are just like people got sick right and they got a virus in their computer i mean somebody fuckin had a hash that shit out yep design it implement it figure out a way was sneaking into people's microsoft word file let's make it better yeah i got one once unjust dunna can word file that like you know of an executive sentiment in another
the word fire without running a scan on his back in the windows days and also that this fuckin virus we're microsoft word file from a friend he had an infected email rapid viruses the old fashion way yeah earning it yeah you know like some sort of sore on your penis exactly earn it with lies do you know that they've for the first time ever figured out a way to or they have gotten herpes out of blood they have like apparently they're on their way to a cure he's on trial right now it's interesting you know the funny thing about herpes is if there's so much to laugh about it when you know what somebody's herpy sword look like jesus now i would like to see that i wonder if people would worship it or would they be like you know we need you to have an outbreak we're gonna stress you out and make you drink a lot until the one pops back up yeah herpes virus cleared from the blood for the first time this is a new scientists is now like some world
spirits see in review dot com this is real shed apparently psycho meg goal of virus that's we caught type of her see envy type of herpes virus scan by about seventy percent of people wow although usually doesn't cause illness it shaves three point seven years of life expectancy how weird is that well i guess a ton of have herpes based on like if you ever had chickenpox that's a type of herpes yeah and you could get shingles later on in life potentially yeah and then you know their grapplers with the herpes gladiator um and then everybody else with the herpes on the ding ding so and or just regular cold sores like it's it's such a just a rampant things are you are you stick into that when everybody honey please will you don't have any way you want to be left out this is a fascinating and ensure that this stuff is
percent of the people have it it takes three point seven years off life i did not know yeah that's not good that's not a lot of year i wonder if that's actually a figure stat based on those who maybe get shingles later on it kills them oh man it will man you will ruin you is the worst and you can get it at any point your life if you just pop up and it clusters i guess around our nerve endings our nerve nerve pairing so it's incredibly painful touch to where you could if you had it across your chest or whatever had just putting at having a shirt touch it is scruciating a friend of a friend of mine my family a long time ago he was thirty three years old we may be thirty and somehow he boom came out with shingles and he's as i do everybody
quarantine i mean no one could get near him because it's highly infectious and then after the fact he's is going it was brutal he goes isn't something that's seventy five year old men yet i'm thirty or whatever this is ridiculous but it was the worst experience in my life was he a no he just a regular dude he just a construction guy concrete and i don't know what it was that caused it but it did that's the one that's the one thing that creeps me about like mats like when you go applying i've gone staff before it i've gotten ring worm that i warn you roland with a bunch of stinky dirty dude and every now and then one of them got a bug when you're all that a gym our which all say yeah yeah i can creasy that by like three where there was a duty is to go to my judges who jim that what i found i was he was put like bleach on his skin after he would get ring worm and so we have giant patches of it it wasn't going away and it was there were likes it was like burns burdens on his body and finally i talked to him like what are you doing like yo you have ringworm like first of all you shouldn't be training second of all
you're doing something to wring our money doing arouse porn bleach you're like look right to go to a doctor you need to get some lama cell you need to get some antifungal you don't need to be pouring bleach on you remember ring on the back of the chloro bottle and ringworm treatment is being one of the uses maybe should have used the toilet gel instead some dudes also make a mistake and this is a big one of using antibacterial soap like you got to be careful about that because you want to keep healthy skin flora so you want to use like there's a company called defense soap that's really good then the best i know you use their for tattoos even and i use it for all scrapes and stuff a lot of mma gear i know they like the speed and usage of doing velcro on stuff but i tell you what if he's not taped properly or whatever though those hooks just was scrape the ship your skin and dig india and so your covered it looks like you got into a fight we like athos
cats yeah and that opens up and gets infected next thing to get rid of it the defense so sad will make that stuff heal up really really fast you know that's really interesting they found out about komodo dragons they used to think that komodo dragons had toxic saliva but now they realize that it's just the septic the environment is so fucking moist and and all they have to do is just bite an animal and an open wound in that environment is a death sentence it's just more microbes and all the shit water that these water buffalo like living they live in this shitty water they shit in it and they pissing it and they do they're like big on just rip each other too you know getting all that fecal madeline in there and you know it helps relax the other dragons too yeah well the komodo dragons they bite them and then the water and whatever gets in the wound of the water buffalo and then he dies poisoned but it's poisoned because in the environment it's not even poisoned because the animal itself is
they just bother the dragon it doesn't bother the litter and walk and so foul those things they open their mouths on these just webs of saliva attached to the lower teeth of the upper teeth just careful can you give me a girl back that latvia braces this drop the drawer i was just like a giant web it looked like you know an alien dropping mucus everywhere like that scene when the tongue comes out yeah yeah i have the little snapper on the end too oh jesus toises where chunks in clayton stories serious war stories good news about herpes it sounds like herpes is really bad especially that shingles man that's a mother fuck and like i said you know i mean it's a chickenpox kind of thing where where parents of hey this kids god i'm going to send my kids over there to play with them because you want them to get over it at an early age because if you catch chickenpox and you're older can be lethal or
cause a lot of difficulty for for older bits and only gets worse i caught it twenty four and it was miserable yeah not fun yeah this fuckin diseases out there and that's what's really where are in others middle east respiratory virus have you heard of the middle east respiratory viruses that risky respiratory ceiling and you get to my thomas opinion hates it's simple buck camel farts there disease that its kills a very high number people again get it has been relatively small cases but fades in saudi arabia mostly but fifty percent of people that got at a dead it's terrible yeah it's not good it's a respiratory disease it's called mers mers and it's one of the ones that i talked to some infectious disease experts about on the sci fi show that i did and they were like this is a really troubling disease because if it new york if it in fact in new york and so far it has spread but if it did drug melick half the population dead what's the route of italy where does it come from
let's find out and was probably a good idea but i think it's just some new respiratory virus i gets agatha a combination of of oil hitting like massive amount of money he didn't citizens some sort of chemical interaction between agreeing on all these hundred dollar bills middle east respiratory syndrome and a viral respiratory illnesses first reported in saudi arabia in two thousand and twelve its oz by the corona in corona the corona virus called mercy of e mostly have been confirmed to have mere cov infection developed severe acute respiratory illness they had fever cough shortness of breath and half of these but died about half of these people die that's crazy shit dude this is this is a weird one of saudi arabia also like beat out all the other arab countries in nagoya
nation over getting those why would you why what you pay for what you know what the people too that study diseases say your way like the idea humans making some sort of an incredible powerful potent device or virus is enough compared what mother nature is gonna do and own they like make no mistake about it these people that work in the like this level for labs in their work on a bowl of virus and shit like it is not a matter of if i could come in like there's gonna be a pandemic sure every day every man at every second mother nature is having viruses interact and splice and evolve and in it with no intent there are reason it's just that is there the way that these things are created two functions they just go about their there their function doing what they're supposed to do in and with that creates the potential for creating supervised says yeah they ve more that's what's really important that we are constantly changing like they there
constantly evolving and that's the thing that you know when peoples can diversify most likely they don't have the meat to stay alive in the shit is the fan in my opinion i think that there's hollywood's going to gonna just be operator face there is a lot of ease and was howling are massive massive massive amount when all give aviator paper on it i think that more the biggest reasons for this the the amount of vision and vegetarianism that that is all throughout in hollywood west hollywood westphalia whatever all the way to santa monica and all that is is not one first it's girls women and and then their boyfriends and hooking up with some hot chick and i guess i'm a vegan and two why these why these women are so hard on this vague in staff i mean sure there's plenty apart propaganda that makes it sound you know like you're not the animals and and that its
a cleaner way to live and on but really nothing is a clean way to live unless you yourself are buying whether you do not like the cleanest sources cooking the food yourself avoiding processed foods of any sort but i think it is because these chicks they they go and they have an equal by being a vague and i can in take less calories and stay skinnier longer basically how dare you just for now you think then i care about animals i didn't really just trying to keep their asked more i think so i think that the animals to list so so so much less than the fact of like or actually hey you know i i can stay skinnier this way by eating less food and i can make myself feel better about big my ass is not going to get by being on a few carrots here and there i think it's more of an ideology thing like to try to be a kind person i think if i had a guess i think it's more the gatt airways and away and is there like oh my god these genes still fed
maybe and then the dews they just there just weak and they go along with the woman so often most often there's a lot of that out there and that's an unfortunate thing that we're not supposed to admit that's what's admit there's a lot of bitch ass dudes out there that we talk about that likes amount of the year and ass or your bully or your arrogance or can also put is a powerful motivator solar like oh my god look at this want to be actress exactly her i'm sure vaginas is like a diamond studied to heaven and i need to be a part of that and so they they go ahead go only and i guess i don't need animals anymore either and i in when i talk about like my willingness liked legal or a person's willingness to go along exactly with what a woman wanting to do it's based on the fact that i've done it in the past past you know nobody here on this rich show right now is speaking for
some superior position and that we've never been there oh oh yeah i need the time you've stayed at that party way too long you're like i think it's gonna happen no no this is and then you walk on me like i'm an idiot now i got no sleep no pussy no nothing goddamn it absolutely and we've all been in a situation where girls breaking up with us we don't want to and we feel like the biggest piece of shit i crush confidence destroyer its the devastating thing i understand the why a man would to change his position and then i understand this also men that really do have those positions and they really do not want to hurt animals i the difference i know the well thought out position and i know the white knight the what the white nights are brutal right those gazette you they when you debate with them all their arguments far apart because ever really thought it out they do have they have anymore i'd rather have no real foundation on which to base their arguments to really put their faith in so to speak and so until you start confronting them with with with the with reasons and this like well i dont really
have anything to stand on because i've never really taken at that far i dont really believe that strongly and i don't know my for myself what it's also there's a reality about agriculture in this country and that reality is farming is literally what got us to the twenty first century like if we didn't have that we would never have a kind of country like this like do you know how hard it is to actually hunt and gather its incredibly hard no you take out it all again that are all into paleo are there so many of them will just be done you danish most of us to be dead that's why people will have to be thirty it's fuckin brutal life chasing after food all the time is a brutal life and you don't get to figure out anything you don't get them at the wheel he don't figure out the type say you don't know how to write books none of that happen you're fucking hunting and gathering out there on the internet every so they figured out how to keep animals close by and that meant we had a master source of protein and people got way larger people were way larger than in other countries where they don't have the kind of protein that we have people
that's smarter they got healthier they lived longer and on top of that we figured out how to make a lot of shit along the way of course civilization right now we're spending so much little time chasing after a food stopping from being killed all the time yeah then now we can use energy i don't know maybe create penicillin and and you know i aspirin and whatever else it is necessary to to survival i know when i watch old movies or i should say period pieces were this ike middle evil or whatever and i start thinking for not only do they not have any toilet paper or plumbing but that idea that one nick from any thing and all of a sudden i'm dead i i got a bacterial infection and now i just died from tat nurse or anything else would you get real bad staff and you dont get any treatment at all done ass a painful one ryan counts friends here
girlfriend i believe it was she had staff infection and try to treat it holistically in air quotes and fucking died died man in brian apparently had seen her during the process and talked to both of them said get her to a hospital yeah like what do you what the fuck are you guys doing like people don't we're stand the severity of some of the shit it's out there but my point his nature is a mother fucker is it's not a windmill was not eat meat because if i don't here's the thing if you don't need me something else is going to eat it you have to realise that if we're not also killing cows the right predators will naturally take place because they're gonna have to deal right with the new numbers i can already see where my friends argument would come in she's a she's a vegetarian for i wouldn't even see necessary for health reasons because she just makes all her own food own food even if she ate meet she would get grass fed you know
no antibiotics she was she's very she's a clean person but even but a long time ago i was a kid like she just couldn't wrap her head around the idea of killing an animal for food when she felt you know i actually i can get by without having this animal i can do it without that and i will say this she's one of the fittest buffet lenus like most athletic like not i don't think most people's bodies can can sure stain itself on vegetarian she's not a vegan but just not a vegetarian diet alone and be that of athlete however i heard him it would be well enough we these cow would not be in this farmer setting and it would be you know wouldn't be so many of them because we wouldn't be raising them so it's off ballast scenario from beginning as soon as man comes in and farm raises them but at the same time my argument is always an i don't give a shit where they read them are don't eat them and they don't give a shit where the you'll ever don't live you know they had they i'm not saying that you can create report
of animals i've seen it you've spirits tat we ve done it with domesticated animals you ve seen people there you'd wild animals those lines it came back to the people recognize them not seeing that's not possibility that animals can't have some sort of empathy or feeling of some sort but for the most part that that's the exception man that ain't the rule animals if if it's just one's just sitting around you know a cow could just for no reason just kick you right in the face and kill you and it just keeps you in his cut it doesn't really care yeah they don't give a fuck about you now and bulls will kill you for sure absolutely just you get s and that's that's also very poor people who go in like yellow son or something like that you see a bison do not approach that god it will maul you to death yeah and they happily they don't give a fuck they don't feel bad they don't trample you and they feel really their instinct to do so you know it can roman we can pick up on something in the air from pheromone underwear but it just this is my area and anything that comes into it i'm just going to make a decision to destroy yeah
i understand why people think the way they do the people that want to be vegan and want to you know animal rights advocates i understand it entirely and a hundred percent i just think it's a short sighted approach to the love of nature i thank them idea of supporting animals over people is absurd i think that as well and the idea to ignore the impact that agriculture and livestock have had on feeding cities is absurd to its observed the you know is it possible to get vague dinners yes for a lot of people however if the end fucking city decides to eat vegan you got a real goddamn problem on your hands and that's a reality you need to need to change the way you get people food you need to change how the food gets in if you're feeding twenty million people they're all gonna go vega whoa how long are we going to last i think there's enough caille out there just not enough caille xanadu yoga studios will increase dramatically there's not it's not a bad idea to love nature but it's a barrel
to not respect their balance of nature i think it's a better thought process and to think of these specific you know vague enervating diet is hey you wanna be healthier one don't put a bunch of process shit in your body yeah don't you know this because candy is considered don't do it don't jerk like you can all man knows me vegetarians at a pounding in a recent pieces and bull shit into their face and leg how is that healthier ok you don't kill an animal but their animals are they trample you just because whatever even comes out of your asses probably so tosh destroying on you at this point that whatever the that turns a red vine red ike you process it and you shoot it out all over this this planet your i'm sure you old so many plants that's funny i actually read this in a quote about a story where there was a broken line and sewer raw sewage was getting into the ocean water and they were talking the pollution ocean water and someone in the comments actually wrote if they were
people were vegan the sewage we be left toxic it's like what do you think your broccoli shits or any less disgusting and someone we just ate a burger it's all rotti waste you silly fuck yeah and you know if you if whatever where are your shit is going i mean if it can though if only on land is really gonna be all that particularly helpful if at all anyways nea but yeah so it's just you know eat cleaners go out and and support the things that are that are doing good for the environment in the way of their producing and making the food and and trying to regulate a meme any it doesn't matter eating he's gonna help you out a lot you're still gonna be subject to a whole bunch of bullshit just by living on this earth living in these cities but that's it you know if you want to make it into your diet and the way you feel do it with the quality of food you eat i made this guy i understand if you're trying to live a healthier life but
there's a lot of it that's not people trying to live a healthier life it's this this moral holy animals yeah i get it you're loving person you love animals i get i've met people who really like through vegas love animals and i totally get whether coming from it for them it makes him happy but it's the reality of dealing with all the animals in the earth like if you if you want is supposedly where people what we are as we we hold cos overall the other animals we basically deciding what state goes and what gets to live and what goes extinct with decided that where the stewards of the earth requires management you can't let population numbers get too crazy can have jaguars running through streets you can't jeffrey rad appeared surely ran to people's eyes that counts and folks does so evil arthur they they jump on the backs of crocodiles and crush there yeah vitamin the back of the head and then eat them drag them on a jaguar
jaguars have been spotted a lot lately in arizona new mexico like much more common than ever before they start to make their way up your mexico the same path drug dealers take there this camera trap photos of jaguars bigger to our fuckin pound cats yoked you can like wolverine laconic syrup put a bunch of like arm spikes on beer like fucking night vision i just got already have just got thing in my mail saying from my burbank policed it to be one on the watch out for a mountain line because they should this u mongers pitcher of its huge matlin i guess it's been in griffith park was showing observatory that is so fuckin spooky man that's all movie jaguars even more swiftly than man lives there ass there are spoken my while here is another thing is that the so state fishing game wards wool determine they track all the population of of the very
herds and animals that exist in their boundaries and they keep tabs i'm so they know what's dying from from from natural predation how many how many are actually is being born in and surviving how big the herd population where they're moving where their living what their eating they're getting sick or not always sort of thing when they decide to hunting season they board all this this data and that determines how many hunting permits there how'd to go out there because they ve already figured out well if this many people let's say were able to actually score dear or and elk or what i would have you it's actually going to be okay for this population and potentially even help it to a degree and i've already figured it i've got percentages worked out to how many are actually likely to attempt to actually get an animal when they go during the season times to have so yeah really well regulated and they there really good at managing the resource of the animals like
like they do that with fish to like when i was in alaska day of salmon where they count salmon and if the numbers are too low they shut down for the day and then they allow and build back up and in the end there really good at that kind of shit the people that are in the fish and game department all of that is funded by the permits and tax from hunters ness and it is when they have hunters and fishermen and sounds almost caught victory but they done more to preserve wildlife in this country than almost any other group are huge they ve got a lot of groups that are i mean just for the item on society for example but think that one of the things they do is they go out and the sierra clubman they try to preserve wetlands preserve the areas in which the animals exist and thrive because they if any as a hunter and a fisherman and growing up in a hunting and fishing family when you're out there at the crack of dawn on top of these mountains walking around i mean regardless of the fact that i want him back
a deer and bring that you know go through the whole process of killing the animal and gutting it and scanning it and doing the whole deal and then eating it you know and giving the meat to my other friends and family the environment is amazing i don't want to kill a deer because i don't because i just want to eat it because i think i should i wanna be out there because i actually have a lot of respect for the animal as well and it is it changes your opinion on things it lets you one know how small you are in comparison to nature for sure when you're standing there with these huge giant furs and pines and you're trying to go out just go out and go out and find a luck good luck you know if you can actually see it and then the whole process of meaning to actually land and hunt and find the deer anne and score at and and everything that comes after another that's involved and all everything else is going around you all the same time here in this environment
interesting to people with a very rigid way of looking at those this though would never see how you could want a hunted animal and still have a love for it they feel like or at least some of them do i shouldn't put into everybody's mouth but that it's kind of a district thing to do predators that this is something that we are born to do naturally it comes from just a simple source of our own nature rival the argument would be aren't we evolving pass that eventually why come a crime the plus how's that how's that actually better for us is to evolve pass that does not actually make us better worded to that question would it be better to go back since i would know language religious rape willingly he does wantonly d run the old though cartoons of the cave man clubbing the chick and then drag her by her hair remember that like that was so common hot the dragging them by their hair i usually prefer it if they like you know set
up ahead of time and they're like i'm going to be home between eight and nine thirty right i want you to creep around the outside through the bushes yeah those kinds a fancy that's a thing that exists man you think of any messed up fantasy well anything that could see messed up to you somebody else thinks that is the highlight of their entire life oh yeah without a doubt and you can't really judge them for it i mean you're gonna to a degree depending on how extreme it is but at the end of the day man it's there it's their sweet not yours yeah they enjoy playing cop and here or whatever whatever it is on foreign dino cream pies full of feces each other yeah it's kind of exciting i guess i mean look if you allow one you got to allow the other i can understand the copper and speed or thing more than i can understand the plates of shit as long as you don't throw it at me you know we're cool yeah we're good yeah a month normal judgmental but you know think that it's long the
the real problem with that is when it leaks over into other people's lives yes it must have thrown plate i share as that's the of the cause and effect thing is that you can do anything you want to do with whom every want to do i ve been and tell anybody else is forced to have to endure it lets say i'm renting my house to you now i come over to come check a look at and take a look at my my mind my property and i've got stains all over the wall now i'm really upset about that yeah that's not cool now if you're renting don't throw shit don't throw it you know at least put plastic up everywhere go dexter style yeah and then and then really clean up afterwards don't have spew as much you know volcanic diarrhea much as you want on it but i gotta get what these people who were supersensitive and don't want to kill animals i get where their common from really do but i think it's did you gonna sterilize all these animals monsieur
and birth control are you gonna are you going to stop them from breeding are these animals catholic i don't know if you can go birth area i mean what happens then what if they they oppose are you going to decide that you own them and you got to give them birth control because otherwise they just start fucking filling the streets and you can't drive anywhere what would happen right what if the animals create this totalitarian ashes regime and i have navvies like really cute uniforms will have you ever seen what happens when towns don't allow anybody to kill animals none of your son place in japan where this its latest glances now the bill place where the deer just flood the street no it's incredible it is one of the weirdest fucking things ever these people driving around and there's just dear everywhere i mean all throughout the street you have that video what should i look up dear in japan all industry on street there is there's a certain island and unable to see the vat is packed foley's frickin mon
and they are really intelligent and they know how to they'll steal your wallet or what they'll just do whatever and they'll throw rocks at you oh yeah monkeys are evil fox yeah dear japan in the street just i just got it already video oh dear that's what happens when you got a sign it brian video d japan and the street when monkeys in a modern antlers around japanese city these people just like it the telegraph this is the leah every week i see this video look every others dear this shit as is going to say monkeys are what happens when you have a possible thumbs but you have no higher level of reasoning and you're an asshole he have and that's tough how many dear there are i mean how can you survive on that i would as a hunter would be worried that one of these males might just decide to get a hair of his ass and put me on the floor because oh yeah you know it's not that deer might weigh maybe eighty pounds
out of but that's a hundred pounds of pure wild animal that's horny yeah or angry or however in its horns jasmine bad news yet these are smaller dear there sit too dear but i think they get sixty seventy pounds i don't want to fight it i see this one's got a big fucking set of antlers i actually mean i would want to fight maybe you would what a fucking sword or something crazy see if i could maybe just with like a type situation and i can bikes and a gauntlet yeah and i could punch it out to death you could punch a beer dear to death sixty founder i'm one hundred percent of all my money on you i do as long as cj ross wasn't doing the betting judging betting i said judging i said betting like because it was that was the actual freudian was betting betting because you know that you know the whole story behind that i've heard a shit it's crazy that woman according to draw discouraged right scenario and may weather this is the draw straw heightened history of fights was a fucking he outbox the shit out of them
and she's going to draw then she vanished than they found that she was also the one that score tim bradley over packing era the thing about pig bedding that a lot of people don't think what what's what difference does it make here's what difference does it make if you dont know betting there's a lot of people that bet on unanimous decisions and the odds of floyd getting a unanimous decision are pretty good yes he wins a lot of those fucking things right and if you were smart and you know the odds were ten to one you would go i'll put ten grand to win a thousand just i think it's fucking this an easy thousand bucks exactly and then this lady comes along and judges it a draw and all your money goes away yes and then vegas wins and maybe one potential person had been hey instead of unanimous yeah was the odds that it's probably only like you know probably three to of your money or something small think all have to do is give their betcha peace now
i don't know i'm not saying she did that she could be possible it is possible she could have been and i shouldn't say bitch i'm sure she's a very nice older lady i didn't mean it that way i mean it in the vernacular of my time we call each other bitch i don't mean you as a bitch ma'am but either you criminally incompetent or you can those are the two possible someone who judges a professional financially thought that was a draw should that's cool www competent that's like me being a doctor round you coming you know joe need surgery okay let's do i mean just cut and cut off it's almost that bad it's ridiculous and the amount that's on the line on a contest like that you're not just considering the amount of mind that's being bet your ass considering the reputation of the sport itself this is boxing is already under plight by a lot of you like neurosis it is an asthma may as as football
people feel like it shouldn't be legal then its barbaric what have you you know that's fine it could be barbaric because it wants to be if people choose a voluntarily yet by their own free will let em fuck fuck you to tell me how to protect myself from myself i don't need you for that that is go figure out how to do something better with your life exactly you're probably a vegan but from the fighter stand wait till you know i'm a lot a lot of my career is on the line with this when could change everything for me or not even just monetarily but in terms of what the next thing is going to happen from here on and from iran and all the time i put into the gym and all the time i took away take or maybe i had two hours data how can i had a morgue my house to get some money through a training camp and then i really needed to win this fight to set up for them and all of a sudd you just took that away from potentially or
these guys are putting so much as as a professional athletes we don't we train to fight our opponents not judges and although my whole thing is i just say don't let them become a part of your your slew of your scenario here just dont give him any excuse to even be a shady judge or a shitty wrath you out there too this guy out smear them all over the mat and then you know nobody can take that from you that's always great advice but you know as well as i know that decision it's possible to avoid you're fighting guys like you if you're fighting guys like you it's almost impossible to avoid some decisions i know that you fight to finish every fight but the idea that you have to not worry about or that you have to not be able to count on professional judges at the highest level of a sport that the giant sport it's bullshit it's crazy people are bound to make errors and much i understand but some of some of the in
that does does exist within not not just boxing image but i mean you ve issues with the irish sea judges and all kinds of things earlier it is it is grim do you remember roy jones versus the korean guy and the finals of the olympics no i'm not old enough to know about that roy jones box the shit out of this dude and should have got the gold medal in the olympics but it was in korea and they gave it to the korean and it was like one of the worst decisions i've ever seen in all my years of watching amateur boxing i mean literally the korean barely touched him he was i mean it was roy jones and his prime in the finals of the olympics and he went off he just lived this kid up and was moving around them and boxing them and just out landed them three four to one it was a joke it was easy we gave it to the agreements the korean careers when i was a kid in nod type window tournaments there's a lot of koreans that gave always really fuckin shitty decisions towards koreans they love of koreans and they were
like they're really nash and obviously this is not all of them but this this never lot of national play their attic pride they show they show the actual fight itself shows them of the highlights causes is actually kind of awareness the guy's holding up the year that thing like i guess i won win jones just forget bond on this do dropped him seem drop in there that pungent mean and look at him was like man are you kidding me are you kidding he's crying afterwards they rob he's like oh yeah thank you i mean he went on to be one of the greatest boxes of all time but they robbed me who knows what happened to him it's i think he's like i'm good let's just end this right open up a little kimchi factor anything i'm just gonna invest in this and we're gonna keep it going it came to me john really just box the shit out of this dude it was a really clear cut decision when you that kind of stuff and you know i don't like to get mad at anybody that's why i was mad that i call that lady a bitch even though i don't really mean to the bitch the term but right
but in this situation like some it's a certain point time something needs to be done and when nothing is done over and over and over and over and over again you keep getting these practices and the the bottom line is this is a really serious matter not just for the athletes not just for the fans but for the committee in itself this it showed that they have the ability to govern something with intelligence and when you have all these complaints and we have all these scenarios keep repeating themselves over and over again and yet you do nothing that's that's not showing that you're intelligently handling this is as clear its obvious in front of everybody s face it there is a real problem and its there's a fuckin a lack of people that would replace it's not man it's really hard fighting martial arts experts how the fuck am i going to find someone who knows what's going on the fight
you imagine if you put out you know you put out application said look if you want to be a fight judge in nevada new york or whatever in a whirl and to take on new people tell us what you know about fighting lines would be around the block for days of people who would want to be judged to be more a matter of trying to weed out who's foolish you imagine if you're an mma fan to be able to judge like or to be inside the cage for a great for what are your fights right you what did the last whether we set a great jones i said a great fight one of your fights me imagine if you me for a fan to be like in herb dean's position holy shit to be there whoever who's gonna be the lucky judge for the christian is chill as her being though no her in just like chill is dude on earth he's the coolest nicest chill is dude on right even when he separates like a crazy fight mean he's just so calm about it he's he's the best him
john are that's the gold standard and josh rose involves was right up there to homeboy got but pot for weed unfortunate speaking it judges and decisions and all that what about that jones in flight first of all look at this picture no that's picture how you know i know it s patsy its exact it's the exact photon is yeah it's someone did is an underground its terror from we display for our display of power whips whoops e fucking allows anarchy ninety hours it so happens let's not get it catastrophe following your rogan prior to his that's electricity yeah
are you telling me electricity doesn't like bulletproof coffee it doesn't tie i need a little help buddy we have this project for concern of plants and potential electrocution ladies and gentlemen we got a real spill i was spinning around my fuckin laptop trying to show just burnett so i got a little slot there yet keep it up stop talking about john jones in gustafson with ivan recent vulgar display upon its lot we get loves love yeah those that the different slot body jones gases what do you think job
score i would have to go watch again quite honestly cause i think gum when you do commentary and fight you should never score at the same time consuming i'm trying to be as entertaining as possible i'm trying to be as objective as possible on trying to enjoy the fight the way the folks at home enjoy it you know and i think really judge a fight correctly you shouldn't even talk he just there and concentrate on a hundred percent i think i could do a pretty good job of judging while i'm commentary and but not a hundred percent and i think any fight deserves less than a hundred percent so i never did try to less is really obvious but what i fell at the end of the fight when we going into the fourth round i was like wow john might need to stop him win this fight because i don't know who won the first three three rounds but i could see it argued that gustafson one it doesn't mean that i believe that gustafson one but eight but i could see it argued right like the conduct nick ds fight some
people thought the condit should have lost and some people thought the dea should have lost but it's a weird sort of a subjective thing das for sure press the action but it's hard to argue that one didn't land more strikes right and it's hard to argue that condo didn't and then you say well diaz is trying to actually engage and make it a real fight and true okay but whose fault was that i mean if he just stopped and stood there would cost have been forced to come to him i mean it's an argument agreed and at the same time you want to look at well who's who's actually controlling the fight was game plan is being initiated and and and working right you could argue that it actually condit you know he's the one the dictating where this fight occurs you know fine he is retreating but he's scoring he's moving he's landing all the kicks and punches where the ad is not really being effective dias is now reacting to carlos con it's a game plan away he's fighting his fight and and that's why dias is is the appeal
forward and trying to swing it's on a on a coned is creating the yeah i could see that argued as well and you know what i could also he argue that ds is the aggressor and the ds is taking the fight to him and that counts for something as well and even though carlos is hitting them it's not really having much fact ds is talking a lot of shit and chasing them around like conduct really isn't winning as well in that scenario you might want to even actually look at the referee and to have the rep should be going hey you know i i warn you forestalling the events at outlaws yes if we put out much but he was nick was always engaging so carlos really never even had an opportunity to not engage you know nick is such a pressure fighter because cardio he's got just ridiculous triathlete cardio he's had so many fights when he breaks a guy he just stays on him stays on him style until they can't keep the pace anymore but kind of fuckin fit for anyone that's the thing we made a really simple point and that is hey this guy wants a distant do november counter punch and and and run and try to get off for four
strikes and i get off zero instead of you having a full blown battle and in the middle of the ring be like fuck you do come yeah you can do that too i mean you can just stand there and if the guy's still just circling around you know then it'll be pretty obvious what the fuck is happening but i think there's let us objectives when it comes to fight judging but then there's decisions like may whether in canelo where there's no subjectivity you look at that new you go there's no fucking way there's no fucking way you can look at a fight like ideas conduct and although i thought the decision was good i thought it was very close fight and i thought that was a very good fight in interesting in that way and i could it being argued either way it's not that i'm not right this is opinion is that condit won the fight but i'm not right i think it's a long conversation i think when a fight is real close sometimes like jones and gust of sin i could see a bunch of different arguments i really could had a gust of sin myself three three to two
same time i could have seen at a draw which round did you give em i given the first the second i believe i'd have to watch the whole thing all over again but i think i gave him the first second and the third but the third could be i think the third is the one where he got wobbled on his feet towards the end yeah so that could even be arguably a draw round and then give jones the last two and then that's a draw i think the fourth is when he got wobbled the fourth is when john hidden with that spinning elbow and then he almost finished him towards the end of the round well maybe are the same in other boso gas too and that i also took that into play when i watched you nine olga gus and got guts cranked with that elbow but i know they're both gas as hell so how much that is actual disco population and how much but has also just the war yeah they're just fatigue to tell get out i can agree with the
if you got to beat the camp you got you got to finish you got to take it away from him you got it's got to be more decisive than a close fight and then a close fight it goes to the champ and that's you know one thing to said and i think that that that was some fight to win i think he got to finish jones at points because there were times where jones broke where he was he had need quit essentially think so but when te different well you could see it in his eyes at times getting hit he's turning his face and you just see and his posture to something that i pick up when i'm fighting somebody i can tell the minute you give up i know it the one that moment as i'm coming after you and that's why so many finishes on my record because i in small blood and you'll be felt blood but the difference between jones and irregular guys jones he he risk this adversity to the point that it pushed him all the way back to where he was right at that edge was being done but if you give it's just like if someone gets wobbled or knocked down and they recover jones recovers
no he gets seen he remembers oh okay i was in a bad spot but i got past it so how to make up for it i got i'm going to i'm going to come back and i'm going to do can you know he'll throw haymakers he'll go to all his drink he'll do whatever he's gonna use i got to finish this rounding i'll try and finish this guy off versus a lot of people but we'll just that's it once they last once they feel that that spare or that that feeling like i just failed or this is i was you know at that point of no return they just stay there they came over it but jones was able to continue to struggle on a fight on you can see him in the corner especially after around three and the look on his face was blankness he's on on autopilot so you think he just hit that wall adversity that where a lot of people just snap i don't think he does right but he did not quit right well he didn't quit the v tor fit either no that's another great example and he got arm bared
you know that arm bar was really hyper extended he got it very good and i think vitor might have actually let it up i think you just because i mean it was so deep and should have been done dotted deal but i think if we're times later on the fire gustafson would start to score some significant strikes and i could see you know john jones is just that has hit me i just started a drop like he's he's again he's at that age again like if you happen to really pour it on and cry and what the he's gonna throw something back with knockout potential is like one or two things he's gonna stop and look for a reset as he just that's a reaction like i gotta i gotta do whatever i can finish it and if it does happen ok here i am this is just me as is our thoughts left and jones i've gotta sent out a really took it to him and really crank him hard with something good i think he could have put him away wow strong statement from josh bone well at the end of the day i also think that with a different game plan jones could have been a way more effectiveness gus
what do you think it would be needed to use more he need to be more aggressive to begin with and what he and if he was head he'd score with that left high so what he should have done is set that thing up and really turned it over instead of just continuing to flick it up there he should have set gossips and right back into same same reaction mode and then put everything into it i think he was really hurt by that time i'm sure he definitely had something wrong with his foot one of his foot is broken but i was really impressed with justice and mammy really impressed first of all i was so impressively took jones down the first round that wasn't i was very rising and his boxing looks so smooth i mean combination combination was so and fluid the waves landing strikes i mean when they we're square enough on the feed you can clearly see that john was not enjoying boxing with them but then john figured out his rhythm was kicks kicking two legs through a lot of sidekicks kicks and that spinning ellen
as well as spinning elbow gustafson should never gonna hit with that i was stupid but especially after throwing it like three four times beforehand it's like oh come on dude okay you know that this is coming now could i ask you but jones was great about scoring the the transitional points so their boxing their clinching on sex of clinch that's when jones are still throwing strikes in gustine trying to reset back to one modality where jones is still engaging and looking for openings and that was a really key point really key part for jones to stay in that fight and actually score a lot of the damage that he did throwing elbows inside instead of okay we're not oh i didn't grapple so let's start over again it's nope we're still here still working i'm to throw all the throne ease he pushes me back again you know i'm scorn on the way on and on the way out were gustafson would we would look teresa
run circle break get right position ok let's let's start fighting again on gustafson aspect he getting hit for him did not make him he just stayed in the pocket and kept throwing back yet tell he didn't like his range and then he would he would disengage restart reset now came back to where i wanted i want the fight to start from excellent words jones would get hit and he would get he'd get tag a few times you get tat a few times you get tagged again all of sudden no he starts turning his face away now he starts retreating from the flight now he starts reacting to a point where he's not able to deliver a good counter so you think it is a conditioning thing gossips or maybe an experience thing both maybe i don't know i mean i think he's a well conditioned athlete he put a lot of work out there in the ring and for him to be as fatigue as he was at the end of the fight is understandable and all the wrestling aspect can take a lot of what he got you he's not a wrestler by
he didn't have all the year the wrestling that john jones does so john jones you know it's easy to say that he likely has better efficiency when it comes to wrestling in ends of his muscle endurance but i think it's just a little bit of experience from gustafson he's got a lot of fights but it's it's the kind of thing that this union just have no matter how many fights unless it's honed you can find that feelings and see those men on those things in your opponents and pick up on them that kind of perception this doesn't happen i always philip he's gonna grow tremendously from this is more to come from yeah both of them do really don't twenty six noise all that's the biggest thing you gotta he's to take from what from what he can say what jones and i take from what they can then move on to make adjustments but not not hang oh i did this this one time
if possible that because john was so successful again so many different fighters that he got a little bit overconfident coming into this fight he did have a that says not quite human yeah think is a nike shirt though wasn't like a sponsored shirt i would have just told nike to hell with you man this is bad you well yeah well yeah gustafson was all human heart amazing fight and i'm amazed i was amazed with both guys really i was amazed with the boxing the footwork guston the fact that could take jones down and i was amazed at jones persistence a motherfucker kept coming he kept coming no matter what and got stronger i mean even though he was exhausted his push got stronger in the fourth and fifth took him down a fifth fine lows people would have given him he did not he wants his title he likes his title you know and i looked at the fight metric score to which isn't real real not real of the fight there's a lot of intangibles that i don't think numbers cover but they
it to jones and i felt like it was a really close fight i'm glad it didn't have to be a judge glad i have to be a judge but also i think it was a fucking amazing fight now the ones in core now well i think first of all they're gonna probably have a rematch if i had a yes absolutely i would say it would be crazy to not have a rematch the rematch might be the biggest fight in mma history the rematch would be i fucking ganti every sweden person from sweden they would get visas and start moving over here building building houses if the fight took place in vegas there was the building sweden homes and i mean he's gonna be a fucking hero over there and i say that if they do you know they take six months off or whatever they're gonna have to take a long time off that was a crazy five round war both guys once it's hospital my little brother a little bit he's got a lot of viking in them i mean no doubt dude the swede and that photo the pantera photo vulgar display of viking power power wonder who's
need that photo to smart time but you know i'm torn because i also want to see glover to share a fight john i mean that's i think that's an amazing fight too and glover is a class act and i think he's a really talented guy very explosive hard dangerous fast i could of his own and he's been around man he's been around his toughest shit he's an interesting guy and that fight made him a little bit more interesting i think also it was incredibly fascinating to watch someone who also has the same physical advantage at john has dad advantage of length i mean i don't have to tell you when you're fighting a guy and you're striking with them that's a giant advantage i agree and i don't think john is i don't think he's a brawler type i don't think he's i take one to give one do not only he really dig that too much i might say afraid getting hit but i dont think for him getting hit cause more reaction to him that well out of others the other types of fighters dynamic is you got you got your dear
here's your grand scale you ve got your you know do that flinch is away from a punch your pedro hiso were they eight sixteen of them and hit you with one right so i mean obviously there's a lot of variants but i don't think having jones is is maybe digs getting game fact a whole lot well did you say just because he's trying to be intelligent trying to sustain as little damage i don't i'll let you know if you don't have to get hit don't you i can't i've taken the biggest straight up shots from the hardest hit her than the world right in the mush still stood for it that is it i mean it's it's helpful for fighting but i know i must have forgotten at least sixteen song lyrics and like three or four books do you algebra do anything to try to keep your mind working all the time i know george forman you should do a lot of crossword puzzles and he used to do things that he felt like kept his mind i think if you juggle like eight or nine different women and all the different lives and you're telling them all at the same time that's that's a lot
you know management and the mental capacity especially if you're into cosplay you can't show up as a squirrel to this one when she's clearly in a bunny she's gonna be like who who you fucking at squirrels yeah you can take those fucking acorns and shove them right up your ads and that pitch your fucking she like girls that fucking horn yeah reading just reading in general or even finding anything that's a challenge to to you if it's like picking up a musical instrument and trying to learn it or anything that is different a new new experienced here suffer my buddy you know a mere alarm short so his wife authors awesome writ bush while she is now our bush but the calf in armour she may this this comments he goes weighing up when you're a kid you're constantly learning new things but as an adult you used to stop learning new thing try to only do do things things which which are already familiar with it why should you
ever stop picking up something new and a really stuck with me an amazing has bureau drinking beers and i was seeing a heavy karaoke karaoke and wrestling with her husband all over this bar and upsetting people but it's a great comment and i think think that something something that people should apply rather their professional athletes and getting in the head all all the time or just joe schmo going to work every day and has his his family and his house and his bills and the normal run of the mill staff the people have to manage but in others way there's tons of opportunities opportunity from the small to the to increase so you are an and give yourself a new experience and i think with those new experiences i'm sure there's a scientific study that says when you do new things increasing use different parts of the brain that it probably releases chemicals that are all for the better yeah i think that without doubt the more you use something the more active you are with something the more it grows and continues to grow and we get point no lives especially people have office jobs or
that's a wrap this requirement so that's a good move it hasn't grown that much more but your fantasies are simulating brain tissue growth it's good imagine if they did it like an mri on you for fights the part that makes you horny is huge what are you doing to that then you're constantly working out that part of your brain beat off like a fucking mad man i can't believe it's still attached to or you have to take with your license yeah your brain is swell at so i mean i i'm doing i'm acting now yeah billy and part of the reason why i made actresses well i'm not getting hot what is or make up department that's some other the best i guess so i hear the why the reason one of the biggest things about acting i love so much is that it is completely different it's it's not the kind of thing can attack like an athlete right have to sort out you have to see if the flow with instead of trying to conquer and beat it up in an just i'm not
talking about sex but you hanged up lady yeah yeah it's the it's a sort of thing that you you can't force right i have to let it happen and i mean you you a show for how many years five years and yeah sit down now succumb acting is easier than like pretending that your daughter just got over by a bus or something crazy you know sure enough then at the same time you can't you still you can't attack acting you can't force it to be one yeah that's true and you have to understand how you come off that's something that something somebody bore or not they nor stand how they sound other people so that stand when they do something fake stand with it being obnoxious they dar stand because it all they're not looking at themselves in a very objective and not introspective and so they suck at acting because they really don't even know how it's coming out to other people sure it's also people
they're like really insensitive and not aware of other folks those people also have a hard time with it basically psychopaths have a hard time being an actor yes that's why have you ever had someone lied to you and it's so obvious you're like this is crazy this guy thinks that this would work that guys probably it's you just see so off he doesn't realise that he comes off oft other people that's fucking super common man is apparently o a large percentage of people in this this country that are sociopath like one of six was this wife convinced husband to shoot neighbor for telepathically real this isn't real really woman in utah pled guilty to attempted criminal solicitation in possession of a dangerous weapon when she she pretty much that her neighbor was raping her tell pack oh god if only we skynet bluer out i look at this couple that's like somebody in shadow rate did you hear about what happens when you go to a swingers party leaders who shows and yeah that's right
did you hear about this man who got unjustly convicted of rape this woman made up the story and so he got put in jail for four years and then she finally admitted that it was a fake claim and so they gonna put her in jail for two months to money yeah four years of this person's life away and you stuck them with a sex offender deal and joe i was listening to you last night and it simmons that guy from ohio called in and he was like six years six years gets no money back he just pretty much nothing yeah well that guy had sex with a girl and she was at a party and she got drunk he had sex with her and she had a boyfriend so she claimed that she was raped and that was a false claim he got nothing you're right this yeah he got zero money and the girl didn't do any time at all she finally admitted it one day she was really sorry but the guy was his in jail the entire time i this woman this is what really crazy she got
by her mother looking at pornography on the internet so she said that she had been sexually assaulted and blamed her neighbor woe and the lie just snowball from their so the neighbor had there that have no interaction at all and all of a sudden this guy is locked up in jail for four years i just lock them up in jail based on what evidence but how does be on a shadow of a doubt you've proven that someone has no interaction with the other has somehow managed to rape them i don't know i don't understand what does that say about the people that are making decisions on the judges shares of the jury box how fucked up i don't know i mean i know maybe the dude like is really shifting when he comes in there he looks guilty i mean maybe she was really convincing but she said the lie of sort of snowball t top camaro i mean that's like a giveaway
is so crazy yeah he maybe had like when the old but rentals transit twenty seven yeah that's the rapist car i mean it's just it's really stunning man i don't i don't understand how the woman could only get two months in jail just because she sorry i mean i get a guy that she sorry but you shouldn't you life ii mean essentially ruined his life crowded the guy when you what to do i don't know it doesn't say here i mean that could be oh no it doesn't say here no it doesn't say here i don't poor guy man i mean what what the fuck do you do there you get out you must feel so devastated by life is that o j simpson law man that the police have to follow by anything a woman says is right until proven not right now so like you any crazy bitch you just be like and that's helpful if you're trying to you get anal sex but otherwise
i changed my age of a lady that i would more ok i get age do to equip seventy three why chow welsh you don't like it and retail wells at seventy three i mean i'm not much for fucking solar gossip it's a very positive it should be nice table el well just what i want you to goole ertel welch stuns at pre my party in leopard print dress you're not going to believe this woman is seventy three years old i mean i don't know what she looked like a month ago i don't know if they put her in some sort of oxygen tank and rejuvenated her and brought her back to life i don't know if the pod under her bed and she doesn't exist anymore and i mean she looks like she's forty dude yeah but she's got that shut your mouth shut your mouth and put the picture up
wow she's seventy three years old yes she's seventy three years old holy moly got that sun tam dude go to the full size picture so you can actually see her whole body seventy three that's ridiculous there there's a full picture where you can see he whole body out zoom out so we could all see it with your old body her old body was ridiculous yeah she looks like hey let's go to a car dude go to a full body shot no go to the ones we see her body the other ones where she's in the skirt where her legs are sweating look at that back up you got to courts distorted image here now lego it looks like shit what's on my screen i have a full one from the huffington post silly this one you don't have that photo administration by the good yeah oh it's certainly a good angle i mean she's been four by seventy three years old no she's still seventy three years old but dude if your woman looks that good at seventy three years old congratulations you win you fucking win you knock out of the park
you know seven three years old thompson six years after is dead about that how do i stop shut himself up ahead at sixty seventy member what he looks like hulu i wholly how this broad six years older than him i like bukowski is seventy three that's incredible but caskets drake bukovsky thirty three with private she looks amazing you know congratulations to her for fucking keeping it together you would hit the gangster probably not giving her her props i'm just giving the lady or props yeah she's pretty i know to a woman that might seem offensive but for us that's like one of these bless my surefire ways we that as from a male perspective that's that's it that's a goods rock solid compliment yes it doesn't seem like it is it seems rude and uncouth
but is actually a huge compliment joe you really need to play this grand theft auto they found big foot in the game and so crazy we're out picture has been around on the internet for ever but that's not from the game nobody but there is actually a big foot that's in the gained like like it's really hard to find them and they may be if you just stare item to close look it's think it's zooming in right here he stare at too close he just runs away immediately where's bigfoot i want to see him somebody must have captured the only people that didn't buy and isn't playing gta five no you and me not that kind of time man i'm busy it to do now when i waste my time i play magic the gathering because that's so much more do you play that of course i do absolutely i'll tap your fucking manner right now buddy magic the gathering that you might be the toughest do in the planet who plays magic it's arguably so we think there's a close second that probably not no no no fucking chance that it's
it is for each other's crumple your little cards familiar david that's in favour you seem like a user thermo you see i'm that's it just stand there won't let me he is really hard to find he's just like real big for like your run away immediately when you see he sees you looking i'm ready ebony like oil by our land if he's really should be able to track them like real bigfoot yeah i'm sure you can visit kill them i mean people are pissed off because you'd like animal rights movements are demanding boy of the video game where a lot of game because you can kill animals in it like you could run over deer and stuff like that so now people well did they know that those deer are not real what about alien rights advocates are they gonna fucking for quake they're gonna come along cougar start shooting aliens resilience and grand theft auto us aliens what about pirates rights advocates so they're going to come out about i saw the head of their union driving down ventura are getting here
there's like migrants are in error that prior there are the pirate oh no you just stand and they're all swarthy lookin at me standard if i can eat the rest there sandwich you played the card magic he said do you play with that group of like eight girls that's what got me started back into it i started playing magic when it first came out back in the day go into roleplaying game conventions yes yes indeed and they were handing them all out because magic the gathering from redmond washington they're handing out these packs me and my buddy are playing with all these cards thinking well you know this saying this isn't gonna be worth anything and then lo and behold it's they end up being worth a lot of money so i played up until eight ninety ninety seven and then i stop playing i just got out of and then i am writing levy a league somehow she got someone turn her onto the whole again and then she's a hey would you you did you ever play this year
quite a bit actually and she said well hey we teach me how i got all these cards these people gave me and so all of a sudden now i'm teaching them play in all the rules are way different it's way much more complex and difficult i start getting sucked right back into it now i'm buying all these damn cards now i'm building all these during all this crap and other i will say one thing i like about it and i do like playing card games just like even i'm not like a big boy guy but i like the fact that how we talked about engaging your mind this game is all strategy right dorkiness of course i mean if i could i could simply you know play spades with you or how about i you know have my run scared demon complying across what my runs scar demon it would be another good one primordial ooze or its it is crazy stuff liliana river they sound does that not sound cool that's really
it's hilarious too cool is that that it's a bunch of hot chicks so it's a whole ton of hot or that are all playing in gathering data that's that sounds cool that sounds like you win it's so funny how girls will ask for dick they have to go way round about it have to do it through runs and magic cards and shit and elves have to deliver messages and unravel to scroll in a proclamation my vagina is available for you sir but i think the game is a lot of fun and it is one of those things that i do keep a fine fuck it you know i'm done justifying my playing of magic i wear a sandy pack i'm you know i'm a dork
one hundred percent dark is that your crew either i would be in there just to smell the air i would just like to smell all those girls i don't even want to smell my close i'm not creepy like to be around the room real quick i went around that many girls that pretty you just feel better about life if you're in a room and everyone is that hot i would probably be so funny and you're playing card games rather than probably really good from my writing for bill make them laugh because i would want him to like me i just want to be really friendly and funny please you make me feel so pretty i smell so good i just want to be around you i didn't want anything from you maria what are good i'm just gonna be digging to your trash for a little bit i deal just trying to smell you tragically galleries wow i tell ya like i said i wear fuckin fanny pack
my school or would it be if it had a bunch of magic cards and not at all not at all you want to see that thing where the guy was some this artist in normandy did an artistic representation of all the people who died in the beaches of normandy in stance he put a stencil down for bodies and then raked the sand pull it up brian artists stencils nine thousand people normandy for peace day incredibly moving images when you see that this actually represents how many people were killed and so he had all these stencils and at first it was just fifty people volunteered to do it and then the town the locals found out about it so everybody started joining in yeah well when you see it from from the air the several photographs really get a sense of how many people died that day
it's it's insane i mean it's really insane i dont know what those things are one of those things the assistance older rocks those like scroll up a little bit pebbles and stuff what do you mean to scroll up little the back actor you are about where you are done going goin down down down down down not went down above the rocks we see on what are those things those maybe they're dominoes made their left over you know beach deals to keep you from landing close oh you know what that might be that or where the energy used to be or something that's all probably remnants of war right look at that thing behind it what is that is that what that is in and out just a big concrete bunker to do whatever it's got to do so they did this and it's insane we see it from from the sky the scroll down brought some better images like that i mean it's all its immense and if you go further by they show one where they really zoom out like this one that's that's not and that represents so many people died that day it's
match what the water look like oh my god about what it smelled would its like it must have been horrendous i mean what do they even do with the body so they clean them up one by one or do they avoid it and let the ocean eat them all i don't think you can let the ocean i think you got to strip them all down you got to take stock and you got to take all their dog has all the informaton and everything has all the logistics i have to go into to letting anybody who is related to these people know that they have died in the war and they have to be i think they're all body backed up and sent to have a tour military graveyard i wonder that's a real good question as i know that's the standard operational procedure when you get a war a battle that kills so many people i wonder what would see what to the the buys normandy man it seems like gum be almost impossible to get em all other it and you start thinking like bull from from just allow
point of view it's like we have more fighting to do if we're spending more time and manpower and energy moving bodies than then killing our enemy yeah the decomposing bodies presented a health or any other living their coffee wholly here the allied dead of normandy invasion were very close to where they fell to decompose bodies represented a health risk for the living so it was important to bury them as soon as it could be done safely rather than ally true for this purpose the owl put german prisoners of war to work laying out there cemeteries digging graves and entering in turning combat slain does simultaneously freed allied soldiers from more okay that's simultaneous okay yeah so they made german prisoners of war bury all the bodies wow fucking amen what a fucking weird
place it must be to be a prisoner of war you know you were on your way to kill somebody but it all fucked up and they decided the killings enough enough is enough or just to take some all as forest not to get rid of the bodies and its interesting when you look at say world war one world war two let's say you're an officer more war too and your captured by even the germans i guess they would officer they're going to feed you and give you housing and quarters and all this kind of stuff and you go go into vietnam or there ain't none of that it's just absolutely brutal we're in a torture you and had on you and until you die or you information others like this idea of sort of jack you know even some sort of honor amongst warlike now none of that or even now with the conflict going in the middle east it is way different it's very very weird when you have rules for war what they do and everywhere
in europe sat by and thought well that makes sense my grandfather was i told you a prisoner of war for like six to eight months and here's this picture when he was captured by the nazis and it's just weird seeing it because because get what they they had ever been checked him any this photo they had to give us some print the shoes have a real face why does it say red band on that's actually his real face but i just put red band in there why did you do that what because i put the name up and i didn't want his real name oh i see so why so for eight months he was a prison last eight months yes looks a little like you fella i know is that weird yeah so you got a cigarette in his hand and a kitty cat tshirt he got out of it he got out of it yeah yeah but my family all thought he died so they pretty much was almost like about the fake barium or something did he ever talk about the like the whole situation like what he went through
but you could tell it was you know it was pretty hard form because i like that video game are showing you earlier i used to have like a really stereo system one that came out this was like fifteen years ago or some like that what that caller duty two or one call duty two and set him down i was like here i want you to watch yeah because he wanted to see it and i was just like let me see what this is and i remember sitting there watching going wow this is too intense for him so i had to turn down the sound a little because that especially that opening seeing whether on the beat it but he was as well must be really weird watching a bunch of people fake what was the worst moments of your life and that's faking it like oh they got fucking mountain dew and cheetos shit extreme with three at worst time of your life ever sailing at two fifty yamaha over the top of like a bunker yeah you look do you know you guys could be fighting aliens why are you fighting real people why are you pretend you're in world war two why don't you go make a game where you fight wolf wolf or you know leopards
crocodiles or some shit crocodile efforts doesn't go doesn't have to be people doesn't have to be a recreation of the worst part of someone's entire life i thought this is for some reason this is blows that will finish reich like my last name right what i don't even know what that means that's right though what the airline squatter reich is there was no they came with a whole right idea because it started off with the the the holy roman empire right now considered like the first german the first ocus right and then it moved on to the second one which ended after world war i and then you had the viman republic which was considered a huge failure although i mean there was a lot of interesting art and propaganda and things
out of that but which germany was in such a terrible state financially and spiritually that it was easy for a good order and a good orator not order and the political party of the nazis to come out and now you know you are the sole pressing things associated for you know we have where we are on your side now where were totally for you the german people and everybody else now fucked us over and look at how you know it's us against them and so you know you got disenfranchise public public go along with this and then both the idea behind the third reich was that it would be an extension these previous moments of glory in germany's past mean germany pretty much owned all of europe at one point pro barnett drop in mad knowledge the manic folks were the ones that were the the scariest to various tribes
romans they were they were scary to even the mongols germanic try there were fuckin savage people man they were bad motherfuckers for a long time they they ran shit in europe they were big crazy milk fed stake fed people for the reasons that we were talking about earlier like they lived off a cattle that was a lot of way but made them so fucking large i had some some pretty powerful tribes to begin with and then the point of civilization they once they have managed to unite them to talk to her single purpose and they just grew and all of a sudden they could turn this advancement in their society and into a machine that they could go and carry their their protocol to increase their their land and their their economic structure whenever prussia was an amazing rural empire one point austria the holy roman empire was basically on austria
yeah it's it's really fascinating when you look at the history of europe because the history of the united states is so small it's like such as a little blip of time you know a couple of hundred years as far as we're concerned too because we're not we we don't even know all the history of the native means that we're hearing all the stuff that was going on with them yeah and even pre natives i mean there's evidence that chinese people were here ten thousand plus years ago no yeah yeah donut shops no i don't think they had even laundromats back then i think the did the history of europe i would like to me it's one of the more unique and fascinating aspects of human culture is how much is written down about available as a first societies to really too to grow and in a modern sense verses it did societies as well right for twenty chinese had a first argument phasing empire of themselves so the idea of the chinese coming to america not not stretch
any sake of of the thought or the high there was a lot of these some somebody south east asian countries their first real introduction to big civilization was china drop in and say hey what's up to be you're gonna be like a little subsidiary of us like vietnam a lot of the red and gold is incorporated into everything they do is is left from from china because china was down there way back in the day was way before the french way before any of them and gold and red are considered fortuitous and special colors and in chinese culture why that's interesting study run round look over spices and shit and china also people with what about amazes me is how the middle east was similar like china they had higher learning and knowledge and language and things that help a civilization to grow in terms of technology right away
in a way they had developed methods for for forging bronze weapons and in fact they worse some the first culture is a crew to come up with crucible steel which has a high carbon steel for making swords which more flexible sharper less brutal and then you had mad all this math and geometry and all these fantastic empires and warrior cultures and all this thing and then at some point boom in august reduced the third world ass man this is what is you you look at iran will the persian empire the turkish empires and all this you know and there were still bills were muslim empire still but yet you know these he's like afghanistan or some of the other ones where they took on a very heavy ideology shift towards towards islam a very very much more
hard for giving one and then it changes the entire landscape to everything seems to go forgiving in what way do you mean for a i understand you're gonna more forgiving unforgiving unforgiving very very hard line in the way that hard line there i thought you said forgiving i wasn't away and how they are one of their culture to be to exist yeah that in ireland in others we talk last time i how there is there is theirs pictures of of afghanistan with with western ideal type western idea type cultures made up of course i believe it's probably been unbosom country for us to civil moslem this actually been afghanistan for the most part but there is a mass of culture shift in terms of women with edgy hey shannon and your state of dress and and things would be allowed well there was a fantastic episode hardcore history the dan carlin podcast where he talked about the mongols invading iraq rack invading baghdad and killing literally everyone tool
everyone in the city filling the rivers with all the the works literature all their maps i everything they ve written dislike the river ran black with ankara red with blood was how they described the sack baghdad and killed everybody this isn't it of hundreds and they said that today it hasn't recovered like baghdad at one point in time was the cultural center of civilization i mean that was the birthplace of that's ancient sumer that's where i guess six thousand plus years ago is that motherfucker it really might be i never considered it until i listened to his podcast but he basically said they killed over a million people there they killed people the mongols were so fucking gangster they would kill everyone in a city then they would leave and they would come two weeks later when they knew that you'd be cleaning up and coming out of hiding and trying to barrier deadening they would kill everybody else they didn't fuck around they would do they would double tat
back in the twelve and are thus factor and we know that the romans were so bad you know but at least deprived technology where the same with the muslims back year while the set up during the most the mongols dave's they open up trade routes and nay they broke up these you know lethargic empires by killing everybody yeah you know through through disruption you can create right other the nile song called that as he creates so he destroys well that saw also like in course but it actually has a connection it bears a connection to nazi germany because carlin was talking about how there's this sort of revisionist history that long after the fact there's some people that come up with positive traits that they attribute to to the mongols one of being that they had religious tolerance they didn't give a fuck what you believe basically like just give us your money and you don't have to give we don't give a fuck what you believe we want money and we're gonna fuck all you women like they they leave out all conveniently all the rape and murder and they talk about religious tolerance and the fact that in tax the poor you know
the have any money so just steal it from the rich you're stealing plenty don't worry about the poor don't worry about what someone fuckin believes in and so this revision as history has also like its shed nice light on the mongols and the money killed somewhere around fifty to seventy million people according to carlin that's a lot of fucking people over the course of genghis khan and his sons lives somewhere between fifty and seventy think thing is that the truth of it is that good or bad massive change creates change yeah even even a really incredibly horrible thing is often a catalyst that can create the than the next step for potentially and good even come of it much like manners are lies right here i will where where where we're static creatures are when we can get away with with expanding the least amount of energy we well yeah and when we have were forced to change oftentimes would grow
it's not that it's good at the mongols day what they did but because of that things moved along in a different way and when he was saying was how long is it going to be before someone makes that same analogy about the nazis how long gonna be before someone comes along and says well here's what good about world war two because it united europe in this and that they got rid of an evil dictator and blob lie comes up with good reason why that all happen i don't know i don't think our society as a large especially any of our supposedly in all more more advance whatever you want to call it with all the media horses and i don't think we can allow ever look at anything entirely objectively and whether we could say this is percent bad ninety percent that whatever this thing is but look at this ten percent too to say that that temporary
wasn't good or that wasn't didn't do you know it wasn't so horrible now and i know you can't do that's all i know it's all emotional and that's it yeah i don't know their saint is like a few hundred years from now right now it's too fresh tuna we were actually still lie there were in concentration camps and lost her grandparents and what have you but in the future i think we'll have a hard time trying to understand that there is there is a distinction between you know because you can say that that one thing is bad all of this is bad but there is one that doesn't erase it doesn't change what things are similar they say stating something for other truth doesn't make it less than whatever any less evil now doesn't doesn't make bad things not bad it doesn't make good things not good at you just you steal tell it like it is now tat we had a really interesting thought about the twenty or of the th century like the most science fiction moment twenty th century he's wasn't really even the internet the most signed
fiction moment the twentieth century was during world war two when this man who won engineer a master race was shooting rockets into europe and you know london was getting hit with rocket fire from these nazis these evil people who want to create a master race like that's very well fiction yeah super science fiction you know this idea of engineering master race and wrong agenda x and creating in all this crazy amounts to em in the technology that theme that that the german army came up with back than a lot of it was the just from a military standpoint the things that came from the where mock are all littered throughout modern combat as it exists as things are designed idea of specialized troops and and special for is and the a seven came from somewhere forty four sol rifles being left in in russia
because i mean these guys going trout in their freezing to death and in our ways of getting get the fuck out of here we don't care about this rifle anymore but it was a stamps your rifle ahead curve magazine i had a thirty calibre that was shorter and it was designed or its everything the eighteen forty seven is is exemplary stg forty four they fell them disassembled them real engineer reverse engineered it and made some adjustments and then boom the ak forty seven exists because of getting into conflict with germany back in the day i'm not surprised i know it we the idea of a cheaply aided you know stamp steel versus machine steel a lot of the german stuff to begin with was all machined it was very high you know type ism and very very perfectly designed which is great unless some break so you have to change something or you end up out somewhere like oh well hey my buddies is on the frit and you got
an extra one how about we really things don't really match up so well and its takes longer to produce it and more expensive so at some you go from making the mg thirty thirty four which is all these machine in parts and all this stuff to making gee forty two which is all stamp steal you can replace them i was more easily because they heat up after a higher rate of fire you know you can do and you can swap one to the next and actually have this interchange ability and you can produce that much more of them while you know it's just an engineering thing and while it was used for weapons it's something that i have no doubt that it has followed throughout the rest of industry as an idea anyways germans were incredibly innovative bmw used to make engines for fighter pilots or fighter planes rolls royce did a lot of that we use them over here in amerika supercharged them and cry upon a baby he hitler had an ancient fuck and i want to say was a mercedes an ancient
his car a volkswagen beetle nano norway that was his yeah but there was a race car hitler's race car i won't see out but now he was he was even was an architect or an amateur architecture amazing artist there is a book on the on the architect of the of the third reich and it's it's crazy because in the way they wanted to design buildings i had a son purpose like say creating structures that were so monolithic and oppressive that would make you think that you can never be bigger than the state itself i know and i mean these thanks are pretty impressive and some of them were actually built but of course throughout the history of war of the war they were bombed and destroyed and on it but it's just you know it but i that your environment can control your populist and that's
thing all the way to casinos amelia away the place is designed in the colors and the designs and the carpet are all suppose these supposed to make you feel certain ways and that will encourage gamble and keep you in their longer so weird google hitler's out he race car was it was an audi apparently out ease auto union and i've been around since the nazis and hitler had this fucking dope ass little race race car it's really wild looking man and especially when he considers from nineteen voice when you're a little maniacal fuck we're not just look at you hitler's use out on rules that are hitler's car there's photos of the actual hitler car my maniacal fuck would want an awesome risk i have for their engineering was so off the charts the stuff were building back then they do nothing that's the car mean how dope is that fucking thing damn it looks like like a focalize to an airplane it looks
awesome i mean that's something if you saw that drive down the street today you'd be like oh a straight straight eight cylinder in it or something with a turn with a supercharger and low to the ground small lightweight probably fucking flies and if you compare that to you know like other car fifty five chevy ten years later that stupid looking fuckin box check out upset hitler's girlfriend it's totally bang broads on a back of a fifty five though yes tough bank checks but your for your gangs are enough to drive a call that you fucker right in the hood people watch they watch you don't even care you're like look i just had this polished you can see your reflection that's hitler's gal hitler's hit girl wow hitler's a vegetarian you know way up there you go fucking creepy asshole it was a nineteen thirty nine auto union de type that's the car park and why
yeah well you know even though the world was at war it's not like the world stopped you know things kept motoring on it's amazing man they they actually purchased it out he returned they they bought it from someone then someone had held onto to it it was supposed to fetch over ten million dollars was up for auction wow it was eventually sold to an unnamed private collector private collected i love country my memorabilia yes i want to be private networks rose out of the four control chapel has said it is nothing this is it mustache this is motel up absolutely hey there's girlfriend looks like my mom when she was young they had it fully restored and preserved though the window this the photos you see if it's immaculate it looks like it was rolling off the factory floor nineteen thirty nine so amazing good bad indifferent history needs to be kept
so that you can learn from it yeah i mean just because you show things like this doesn't mean your praising and the evil evil person it's fascinating than in the nazis there their use of technology also fascinating because that so very human a wanted and cherish characteristic or our ability to innovate is so so rewarded we love it we love that aspect so cool and to think of that could also be attributed with the most evil like totalitarian dictator regime the things themselves are not there they are only subject to the will of the people that created them yeah and you know they were fucked as our both things happen i mean how do you make porsches and nazis valid extreme the idea of an extreme emotion or extreme feeling is likely to produce no you get crazy tortured artists and how did you come up with this amazing painting
idear sculpture what i reflect because he's a fucking nuts that's why because he is so you take some asked wildly hitler whose whose completely bankers and out of his mind and an enemy he managed to rally a bunch of people in this crazy frenzy and there spurred on by fuckin this so nuts concept but out of it manage produce more you know so yeah it's like everybody that was involved in and a big scale more war to manage delay rally they're all their people up for an extreme cause and then do amazing things with it and somehow i mean a lot of it was obviously put towards a war effort but you know that america england everybody all of a sudden started stepping up their game in an industry otherwise and it's just that it's not but it took but it was you know all from extremity not from not from
like a good place necessarily yeah it's interesting how sometimes bad things create good things and it's interesting when you look back at like how united america was during world war to you now and how he bore you now giving up their their steel and given up pots and pans and aluminium they will eggs helping the what we wanted to help the war ever going to enter the industrial sectors and building these bombs and riveting drawn from these airplane wings on you know it was at the time were things just line right up and they can create that sense of unity and patriotism men a common goal and were able to it's funny you know japan was is also quite insane imperialistic entity or their completely ransacking raping korea and china and burning into the ground just fucking it over and this two level there and that we need
really go over it in and you have an in american history here in the united states verses you know talking about nazi germany and the things that happen within europe and is practically the same thing but on the other side of the ocean so you have age japan in this isolated imperialist country and then the war happens in atomic bombs and everything that the ravages the country as a whole and the people and then the rebuild of japan boom come the they own everything it's kind of weird they're like just crushing it but in a completely different way like technologically and business wise and they're just they're just of the world there on top of everything isa nuclear nuclear cleanup bright but not so good at what would that i've ever been if they had taken that yeah that that that crazy stepped aside you know trying to be a total asshole all over the world and in paying for it would they have ever become that that massive technological superpower at the time in the eighties and our main ally
was that they did and think about how quickly that it took place you talkin about like forty plus years you fast or think about korea so korea obviously got divided at some point after the war but even after you was crew is a very odd cultural country it didn't really have a ton of technology and japan goes in their ruins it and then we have a career in war and a different man trying to keep that divide that line or whatever it and after all this conflict bone they start they they get attached to the death industrial this technological revolution and then am fuck and south korea is massive giant in the technology industry yeah and a lot of this start off in the south korea a bunch of farmers yeah a bunch of farmers in their land and instead of being farmland being turned into cities being turned into factories being turned into industry and then you've got companies like
what samsung which has every kind of department you could think of you ve gotta i believe another one is handy and daewoo so people make me think of day wooes as the little cheese ball cars at the got sold over here one point but make military arms they make a heavy machinery they make anything you can think about these companies are enormous yeah just samsung south korea's death yeah it is fascinating how things like that do happen the phoenix rises from the ashes and in both cases here i would say korea is arguably the japan of eighties and that the way they have conquered the market place with their products with their the companies and that that exist and how too in technology that next levels really is fascinating
it's definitely not saying that there's anything good about anything that happened before it is weird i went through some really bad stuff the the korean china suffered immensely from world war two i didn't know about it until the ninety s someone recommend no was the two thousand s what the director rupert director of fear factor recommended a documentary the rape of nanking no oh it's horrific terrible don't you want to follow that up where there's a movie called the man man behind the sun it serve category three hong kong gore flick but man is prettily shit it's bad news but i think that it was probably quite them what they really did do yeah unbelievable how much care took place if you if you try to wrap your head around it it's almost impossible it's hard to believe that these are people they just lived de plus years ago and it somehow or another sixty seventy years ago these p with that evil they're
just always let talk to my asian buddies and i'm like you guys cracked me the up although it's not what you're about about is not any different from any know we as human beings love to always always you're gay and and and and separate anything for any reason block however his brown hair or white verses black or what it doesn't matter if we can find a difference we will cut align at any kennedy given point is just what we do so i always make jokes and like it's hilarious talking to any asian culture about the rest of asia everybody thinks that there their asian culture is the one that a good one and everybody else is fucked it's funny from what standpoints they they take it i'll talk to my myself south southeast asian buddie and they'll always be like we're cool the the southeast east asia crazy people people ready crazy stuff unbelievable they're all barbarians every other south east asian country will say the exact same thing about the rest home you now and then
china is always like i'll basically your exists because you know we were first where you just stealing or use everything that we gave you from from the beginning so again i'll fuckin you're welcome isolation and bathed in japan and china are always in japan is basically like will where much more civilised and better than all of you anyhow weird you guys are still essentially barbarians in china is like how are you going to be so high horse when your language and everything came from us to begin with and we're older than you so how are you going to look down on me and korea and japan have like a whole thing we're japan's always like you're like me idiot brother like whatever and careers i fuck you like where our own people were on thing we never ask you that it's interesting but they all tell the battle with each other to a point in fact korea and japan still have some real issues like north korea still kidnaps people out of boats and stuff that end up in the see japan or ass theirs and there's a lot of bad blood because it wasn't that long ago that japan as an imperial
society are an imperial nation when the korea rounded up all the women and made them horse for their army why and then went all the way down to china and then created the concentration camps and all those things that they did so and you know but even still japan is not that country and more now feel that whether or not that they're not they are not those people but you know in terms of human history it's really not that long a week you could have the fact is you can have someone that was alive during that time it still exists i that think of how close you are to history in that aspect did you hear about japan's new battleship what japan in a battleship play allowed have a allowed to have a self defence force that was part of a treaty that happen with after the two to japan japan unveils largest warship so world were to turn into a robot to nominate kings
you know hannah's unreal unveiled its largest warships since world war two to be used in anti submarine warfare and border area surveillance surveillance or that comes from missions north korea i bet you right now satellite but i'll tell you what the biggest or anything you do the biggest warship at ever it always seems like that's always a first went to get its aspect like the bismarck not a germany sunk the the amato like an ever hardly got to do a damn thing the coolest biggest most awesome floating piece of iron on the seas always ends up sunk like almost immediately yeah the sea does not appreciate you trying to float around in it like an asshole and it almost seems like fucking karma i d rather like this is bad is cool is broken ain't nobody gonna god dammit well that's a titanic what was the quote on the titanic that it won't there's something crazy on the god can sink it
ask her for oh yeah that's it would have said here tabled its executive said yeah this is hilarious there's an i will quote i guess it's on snopes so saying that it's bullshit okay the legend of titanic was advertised unthinkable the press captivated by the ironical implications as faithfully repeated the story me too this went right with i think god found an internet prove me dumb actually felicia while you're dying but friends may pose some stupid the ads never made such a claim about the type or her sister the olympic all promotion almost invariably use the simple slogan large and finest steamers in the world that's it so there was nothing he got himself could not think the ship crazy that we make something now i'm in this japanese thing that we can land planes on
adds that even just have you ever been up to like say nuclear class i nimitz class after no i haven't i went on one aircraft carrier that they have parked in san francisco its enormous we did a fear factor stun on ok it's fucking enormous and i don't know if that was a nuclear class i'm not sure but it pretty goddamn come in all the time for sea fair and fleet week or whatever up in washington and seattle bremerton area we have a big naval base out there we have a lot of military installations and it just being at the bottom being on the street down on the waterfront and looking up this thing and just feeling immensely small light while i want i can't believe we ever created this yes amazing and too holy shit look at how much it takes to create to run this for it to even exist on a day to day basis for it to continue being an operative thing
yeah that's a big fucking piece of machinery it they really run on nuclear power you know what must be rent i don't there are nuclear submarine here i'll take that yeah perhaps i may be wrong aircraft carriers might not be around nuclear power was fought i don't think they're dead engines either it's got to be something new powered aircraft carrier scenarios right the nimitz class jesus christ there's ten nuclear powered eric were doubtless traffickers never got yourself just put it in serve with the united states the navy the lead ship of the class his named for world war to united states specifically commander fleet admiral chester w nimitz who was the u s navies last fleet admirable god tat these things are huge it's ridiculous it is how many people that music hold on it it's a thousand ninety two feet long its full
load displacement of over one hundred thousand long tonnes are no that means that our rules that arouses time not a normal now i'm not a stronger saw is rihanna that's it that's a ton with its its lips curled back let me know where's slang some dick don't say many people it fit i guess because the army doesn't want you or the navy doesnt want to know like as many as we say get in how many renter right now enough go get in time to go time to get in and it doesn't say but it does say that it can accommodate a maximum of one hundred and thirty f a hornet yeah or eighty five to ninety aircraft of different types but current numbers are typically sixty for per aircraft but they
accomodate one hundred and thirty f eighteen whoa that's an f eighteen is i got the flying one one yeah it's a good sized piece of machinery itself it's an amazing machine one hundred and thirty eigh of those will fit in there the blue angels took me on as somewhere near arizona as you're driving to arizona down from san diego you like you drive down san diego and i take a left i don't remember the air force base but the blue angels take you up and you know they run through the canyons and make puke was incredible i bet you're only a couple hundred feet off the ground and they're just flying through these mountains just turning sideways and banking around corners it was amazing make your poop come out your mouth didn't do that i took seven and a half gs oh wow before you know i was done i was really excited because the guy before me tapped out at like five g's so i got the seven and a half g i was very excited but it's the pressure is unbelievable the guy in front of me they don't even wear g suits because
the blue angels do it old school like manual transmission starred in no g suits for these guys and this guy go to so he goes to thirteen gs for blacks out how do you increase your g taking ability you first of all you don't you do it lot and and becomes like a muscle cause you're actually resisting the pressure literally you like you work now and then they get really good at hooking you know what hooking as now hoping is hold on to the stick you know and you go like this and you're really literally pumping blood into your head like as you're flying you're hitting the bank and you're hitting the gas you go and your feet don't do that you're feeling your consciousness closing like an elevator door right like you feel it like clamp i get choked out like yes exactly like but you see it you see black on both sides like you literally see your window vision narrowing and you're fighting it out and you're fighting it out by forcing blood and into your brain you could pump it force the pump
and these guys can go up to thirteen igor your own swedish penis pump europe you your own pump and the this shorter stockier guys apparently do better at this tall long guys are fucked like best players they're fucked it's too much travel like a john jones type character john is tough enough i'm sure you figure out a way to do it but it's hard to get through this sum travel room you have to force all that blood up there whereas if you're like a hu samar paul harris type dude you'd be bad ass fighter pilot in a big stock fuck and strong short dual who could fight off the pressure a little bit better but only one leg locks only with longing left that guy's got some nasty leg lock as a leg lock specialist what do you think it is technique i think it's great man i've seen some video of him this rolling in general sometimes i think he takes it too far with the leg lock stuff and then his could have transitioned to better positions i think he got a little tunnel vision on leg locks and i think his leg locks are great though in fact i want
its role i know he doesn't really resemble most digital guys i mean i'm sure he's been through the same are very similar training regimen is a lot of bjj dudes because the sport is a huge aspect in and how you would train and how you apply the techniques and you know that's pretty typical with all things you know sports its training but somehow in his head as you know brow cages decided i'm gonna be mark seven explosive and try to tear everything off all the time and i'm gonna go after legs and maybe he just an understanding of physiological advantage and the way he was built in the way that he performs naturally or you know who knows maybe he thought it really cool did you ever see that grab in competition where he's fighting one of the avalon bro oh yeah and he won't like he just won't won't stop yeah he doesn't go shit no and he's just like yeah friend right i don't know
while there is the one with a reset m mess you know he goes to the un but he's in the middle of a hill or and you know as well as i do that's not possible no that's not the same but ready go is not the same over real live scramble no real life scramble is constantly emotion there's never a pause of course and if you pause your dead yes and so giving him an opportunity ready you that opportunity like this guy is to pull out and you get to try to sync it up ready go i would never even let him reset me like your fucking mind let me up for a second we're done here you crazy but you're not grabbing my leg like that no this is not real that's that might work with wrestling like you re start someone in a certain position but not at a lock or even wrestling it's a difficulty with the
the the zero zero match and then they make the flip the guy starts in on the high crotch and yeah he just bowling right off the mat yeah it's ridiculous it should be what what is your feeling about restarts this is one of the this is one of the things that bugs me a lot about modern mma and i know people give me a hard time about this they're like well it's fucking boring you know give but i think of a guy can take you down and hold you down that's real and you stand that guy up i know it's boring if somebody wrestle fucks you in just hold on to you i think about it if you stand that guy but if you're not making an effort to finish the fight then you could be stood up but is it possible that you're not making an effort to finish the fight when you're feeling the guy out in the early rounds i'm not saying it should be very fast necessarily but this should be constant but i think you know it's like well if you're a trained martial arts professional and you're in this position of referee fight because you have the skill set available in the understanding then you can tell wanna guys
someone out all right there's little check and things he only i can see what he's doing he's wearing this do it all right now verses this guy is happy to be worried that he he doesn't want to give anything up to these aid and he has he doesn't have the confidence and letting this guy be in a different you know plan of attack so you can tell when someone's wrestle fucking when someone's trying trying to preserve a win somebody somebody executing a game plan to finish opponent that's thing is they are they trying to actually finish their opponent because the end goal is not winning a fight angle is finishing your opponent that's what's the whole point of of the contest that is those that were you know you don't go on the wrestling mat to win a one point match you should go on the wrestling mat to pin your opponent that is the highest level of victory if you're only going for the than the meagre amount that is necessary to succeed then you're fucking piece
i agree with you on the attitude of the approach but i also believe that if a guy can hold you down that guy should be able to hold you down and that's the reality of the situation if you allow someone to get stood back up just because they hang on different sports i think if it's in being no time limits no not then just let it go no matter what no no no brakes know nothin issues versus them an application of your game plan your skills your art verses theirs but as they port of mixed martial arts and as as it exists now you gotta have criteria that you're trying to meet and that criteria should be like an old pride you need to be trying to finish his fight if you're trying to fuck you know tell this guy the last book of poetry you wrote and see what he thinks about it while you're in half guard on top of them
now if you're trying to figure out what is your name you can just get up slides isn't it his responsibilities responsibility to get it is but it's you should know as well as anybody that a guy who is spending the effort into just shut you down and and negating movement without trying to punch attack transition if he's just in a static position and trying to hold it is much easier to get to get away with that through a short length of time let's say you ve you been fighting you're moving around you take him down you got three two and a half minutes three minutes left around it's way easier to hold a guy without if you're not trying to do anything what the fuck at all then it is if europe okay well i'm only i'm this guard but i need to start scoring strikes i need to start causing some sort of damage or opening them up a break the scars went to his leg of your house more powers anything you know em the owl fight that you know start in a negative position a guy locks on to you and all he has to do is hold versus the that's
we are trying to meet you i see what you're saying i definitely see what your saying that it's more exciting and that it would be the more noble approach and the approach that a fighter should take if they want to be great absolutely without a doubt but i also think that if if there are stand ups and if a guy can hold on and then get stood back up his feet were in reality a guy could just take you down and hold you they're anytime you want then its unrealistic if you get stood back out is not well it's not a matter of reality verses unreality i think it's sport specific enough we're goin for absolute realism then than we don't now we don't stand up anyway but then we also don't have a time limit yeah because that's part of the problem is that we have a time limit so if i only after i get to hold you for five minutes and then go back to my my corner and go try it all over again verses ah i can hold here as long as i want to try to be worth the he's gonna chill i guess i'm gonna have a chill and this is going to go until somebody quits
so as long as you're doing something like what ben asrin does he might not finish you but he gets on top of you continue continues to punch you i'll give him this he he seems to do the best that he can at finishing i don't think he's a great finish per se he's great wrestling so far but i think they can i've seen him flight and make attempts to submit people you know he's not a giant grounder and pounder i don't i don't know if that's necessarily in his dna to be that way but throws and he tries to hurt you i think he is trying to finish fight to the best of his ability i just don't think that he has the most tools for four taken a guy out right yet but he does have a very strong resting background than he is able to use very effectively isn't it interesting how some guys there there musculature and there are flooded system just does not transfer from bring the striking sometimes weird some guys it's great like there's guys
you know they can strike like almost a meat like there's there's guys that like they they've been wrestling their whole life they start striking at a later age in their late twenty s and then they pick it up pretty quickly yeah you know ben asrin on the feet is kind of like that dog from fucking adventure time is just kind of wobbling around like some sort of weird mushroom and do the fantasy but once he starts grappling it turns into like an octopus sort of thing sort of slithering and moving and balancing and tipping and falling but where he needs to be and matt lynlan never was a tacit strike on the feet army he managed to get the job done often often enough actually clocking people if you know some decent shots but i remember matt you know his elbows would be way up tall and punching like some sort of a walking stick you know but it comes arresting wrestling boom he's hammering your farms your elbow these punching into his put his publish positions and dump and people on their anthea and an eu
he's a great example that he did matt did a fantastic fucking job about try to evolve as a fighter i don't care what said he he improved history he improved his submission attacking ability and his wrestling as wrestling base and base and try to build on it as much as possible and i think you know he had a pretty damn career while he also unfortunately his dispute with the usa like all happen came down in his prime knows when he was at its best and he had had some fights it didn't go is way like the fight with the hawaiian kid were selling itself out but they had a rematch yeah admit felaniko vitali and then of course dave terrell dave dave trl caught him in the first round as we know in any fight if you get cracked you get cracked you know it's especially in the first round a guy's fresh and catches you on the job right but was he
great grappler and hit some really good wins in strike force you know before he fought robbie lawler and but at that time you're you know you're getting towards the end beyond their style matchup robbie and veto are bad style matchups for him yeah and they were just able to get off right away right when it came can get right on that i mean i think in a longer more prolong protracted fight prolong fight met might have been able to beat them i remember my fate or you're right i rather of seats in the great failure you need your buddy you cheated eyes if a great guy but there's a lot of there's a lot of people there on instinct alone they start feel himself it may just for a year now i know what you mean almost a year but he and also fuckin fighting in russia ok you know what happened if matt lynlan dumped him there and got a top of them an armbar him or something oh my god yeah that would have been absolute fucking
it would have be incredible matt would have never got out of there alive no that would have been the last anyone heard from adam do you remember when mark hunt had him in he had in stock yeah that was crazy i was in my view are also has some trouble with some the bigger heavier guys and on his back he was of ease a very static game on his back for the most part it was like explode and then if it doesn't happen rest i mean he didn't have that get to creep into a little spot squirm your way through way through a different different fighter with from modality to where he approached and so these big heavy fuck endued get on his hips and you know are you with it but as soon as he gets that space it's lightning yeah that's why i think he had a hard time protecting himself against bigfoot but i think also by that time by the time that fight came around i think he was kind of done i know he had the storation for that fire is also i think
he got sergeant really religious apparently and just sort of lost his vest further competition i know that at the end of the day he's a i do this happy with his life he's he's all time of all i mean i don't he's the greatest of all time but it up there if he's not number one he's number two i don't know who number one would be if he's not number one at the very least that guy never tried to go for a decision yeah you know what i have to say yes we number one minute who fuck else is number one if he's not number one maybe anderson nobody mean as far as heavyweights charged at present company excluded are done exactly nine not done but i how i'd have have a lot to live up to try and even to try and make my argument for that really it was really a sad thing that he never made into the usa that would have been fascinating and him versus brock would have been in fuck incredible there would have been much easier when you think would have it manages what a disney brok whitman training
i'm gonna get in here oh shit i just got it you think so high i was gonna lie what lie hidden kyoto has led him up just hands from the house go and honour miles an hour he was so fast for heavy way when it looked bad tim sylvia fight when he swarm sylvia just unloaded autumn and that's the thing about sylvia you need to get on them right away yeah before he establishes his range and his reach and everything the best thing to do is get sylvia punching down at you and just come right over the top hard and fast yeah yeah that some it's amazing when you think back on freighters career and some of the crazy fuck and fights like i had now it's easy first for someone to sit back and judged himself also based on let's say the last as last three to five five to three fights and talk ship but when he was coming out of the have see at the five your tim sylvia was considered one of the best guys in the absolute
absolute best guys in the world he was the usc champion for who now for quite a while yeah and if you go back to some of sylvia's fights like the sylvie the tim sylvia i still say to this day the tim sylvia that knocked out rico rodriguez one of the fucking scariest heavyweights i've ever seen in the octagon that was when he wouldn't first of all he was fucking huge remember he had a hard time cutting down a two hundred and sixty five is really big and lifting weights back then he looked physically like way different than he looked at in the time his career and it was just a monster charge and ford slamming piston right hands into people it was a tough fuck had kickin had kicked off telling me but you know as well as i do that this only a certain amount of years you can run at a certain amount arrives and that's why it's interesting that you're still at the fuckin top your game after all these years meaning you ve been fighting i saw you fight in ninety six
when did you fight in in hawaii ninety seven hours ninety ninety nine ninety nine ok that's when i first saw you fight or so first fight so you fight and super brow and my god gems kids fuckin crazy and i saw a bunch your fight in there and then i have to i was gonna bring it here today have fuckin forgot the brain i have the laminate from one i didn't even work at the u have see i was just exactly what he sighed for you fighting radical tour of thirty six yeah i have that laminate man sit at home i was gonna guy saved on my lamp minutes from the old when they days stuff for that as he g2 yeah then back and ninety seven i did that from ninety seven to ninety eight but i didn't i don't think i worked at any of your fight back then you had already left so either yeah and so then when you came over to the ufc when you beat randy you were the youngest ever heavyweight champ and i have the laminate from that youngest yeah youngest like weight class champion in the history of the
there's no one if you go back to to that day except and and tour there's no one else who else is there that's amazing i can speak to i know for me i attributed to the training i believe skills first athleticism second and i built up a repertoire of skills and and fighting philosophy and game this from guy like jim harrison and matt human error policy in a hurry she many she and billy robinson and karl got all these guys given me so many different weapons options and all these things and then i can look into that well you know if i'm not quite as fast to do it to do this anymore how about what i do is i incorporate it into something else and i make adjustments and i go out there and often i don't have to change what i do i just put my game whatever i come in there with just throw it right on someone they can't stop it anyways but are
times where there has been be adjustments boom i got adjustments i can make i can make alteration right there on the spot i have more tools that frank mir fight was a very the way you were tying him up was very unusable so on something you don't see the way you were you were tying him up but you were keeping him at a distance so you could easily strike it was like it was very interesting the way you were tying up his neck i had and now human i developed along time ago incorporating a lot of wrestling and greco upper body stuff but mixed in with time mixing with the elbows but with a lotta off balancing and an ear takedown potential throw potential at the same an using elbows unease altogether and i know you know if i ever using when i clinch bar with anyone i just annihilate them because if just trying to do just straight up ti boxing that's one thing if we're he's trying to wrestle that's another five using all these different things with judo
see lot and always martial arts that have dabbled with and trained with throughout the years i'm applying all these things in different directions to you and most people just i've only got one way in which they know how to do anything right so their use to certain variation training camp and do something differently they have to make an adjustment think right they don't have the institut automatically like they would if someone grabs you pummel under someone there's natural instincts that they don't possess the natural instinct to deal with certain you know an easy one is you get into a clinch with somebody especially let's just say a straight tie type clinch work and they keep throwing the curve ne right well you're throwing curve knees i step inside your hip and dump you i can either just throw you with like a chiada or i just turned and spin you on that foot by stepping my hip through your hip as you open up that curve knee you start losing your balance you go go to catch balance balance you throw your hands hands out then i throw any right through your guts and how you going to be prepared to defend against that when you're trying to catch your balance you know your abs aren't tight
you're not you not in a solid position europe you're doing this right just takes all the guts out here known frank talked about i want to use cardio so bad but i could tell you he had no cardio i already hit him with two or three solid knees straight through the diaphragm he he didn't have any cardio to use he would have had to have found a way to recover yeah that was a tough fight for him i can understand that he he wanted it's hard won a guy get stopped and he thinks it was a premature stoppage but there was no indication that you stop doing honestly he has no worst luck is bad luck saved them from because you know i didn't want to fight stopped either but not for the same reason to me that was it man this guy was going to really see what it's like to be on the end of a bad day just josh barnett and the ref stepped in god the offer them immediately and he did he went we live in my hands i need him and he just fell like someone cut all the strings out from a marionette home pressure was on you coming to that five because you been out of the ufc for so long
not any more than usual i just don't even give a shit about that stuff all i care about is the opponent in front of me and and that fight i don't i don't do any to go out there and and lose man fuck that i got there to go to war and be the nastiest meanest into can be an i view the fight as the most important thing and everything else is if i was thinking about the things surrounding the fight in an and separating that on the fight that was more that would be more difficult for me to navigate because that's all so not necessarily all within my control but the local thing specifically yeah get your media days and this is what you should say you're trying to do now maybe getting this sponsor all these different little things have that are not there not directly control why you tat shaking the wearing of course i can but separate the two i keep them completely entirely separate and at the end of the day i will throw away
thing that is not the flight the fight is what gets you what you want you know i always say over and over again if you if there's nobody left alive to stop you from taking what you want then you you can have all the trophies and trinkets and all that stuff everything is left it's the spoils of war so go out and when your war and then deal with the rest later so when you had into a big fight and you ve got a lot of media coming up you just make two josh barnett's i this is barnett media guy in this adjustment train guy not exactly i don't ever believe and being anything that i'm not right idle five if someone ask me or insist that i i operate in a way that is not true to who i am i'll just you know fuck you i'm never going to do that i'm gonna always be me but i realise that there is no
some of me that is more palatable and understandable to a mass media audience a broader audience and there is a part of me that i just do i keep myself because it's not it's not up not even really a matter of bad or good and it shouldn't be better judged bad somebody else because they're not the one that has to that has to live with this mindset or whatever you know it's not them having to do it it's me but for me it's hard for them to even understand they they don't they don't live in my body or in my mind or in my heart so for them that it's just not i dont need and i don't need them to understand because it won't make any fuck indifference it's not for them its form me yeah that's great answer i would think that though we wanted more difficult things as all the publicity they have to do don't don't say distractions fuck fuck being understood to be understood i just need to to do what
necessary and be the person that i am and and through when i say i'm going to and that's it someone the advantages of being around for a long time and no and the ins and outs been there done that and you know you know what common yeah i think of experiences always applies man then it never can do anything but but help you didn t have an advantage at all after all these years do still enjoy the share out as i do
seems like you do i do i'm probably really really enjoy fighting when you got on the scale at the way ins man you were so intense you could see it in your eyes like there's there's josh barnett like right now that i could talk to like hey man good to see you what's going on and then there's there's josh brunet that day you had like you got a whole different furnace going on back there behind the peepers there was a whole new like on the stage and i come up and you're right off the left of me i just looked at you and just you looked at me like fuck fuck man good luck yeah you were you were fucking intense man that was an awesome performer as soon as the fight ended you know they pulled me off them and and i'm are the ring and i'm just i'm litter i'm like frothing at the mouth and preserve i'm not done yet come under is it like a billygoat how about a core me i fight like when you go five hard rounds like that after that's all over well at least you know worry it was there ever
differing and i knew i had this injury and and as soon as you know we got out there for them to announce a decision it's like you knew you didn't pull it i know it and pull off and i knew at that point like all there was over with you know what i mean but it didn't feel over after mirror i just felt maybe it was just that in that moment or whatever i just felt life i it was it wasn't intel stitch finally carriers hey man was my fuckin hog all of a sudden i mean to snap out of it and i'm like oh dude sorry i'm sorry so it's it is ass i had just told him a man i wouldn't here right now there are areas this is something i want to ask you about because i know that you're you're very intelligent comes to fitness and theirs this article that someone tweeted me aroused in your battle now her that's good for you really
you know do know i know they breaks a bit he and your but it does not it doesn't lots of internal bleeding god dammit there was woman not tweeted me this article about crossfit and babies high volume training that there's this i got really norm like on a regular basis as happens there is a there's us symptom or something that happens to the body called rob do a kidney problem yes it's kidney failure it's it's it's something that happens to people that over train you get to a point where you push your body passed away to the point where you you literally you're you're fuckin kid i'm going nuts yeah ok here's the thing i don't care what this what the what type of training you do
or what sort of body function you can t creating through a detrimental habit your bodies not invincible yo i mean you might want to do fuck thirty thousand burpees with a ten pound medicine ball in a row but you know don't be a fucking idiot one what are you really accomplishing i really would push myself why are you go learn how to do something with skill and ability and what do you do that you have if you wanted to lift the highest amount of olympic weight in the world to a degree like ok well there's a lot of skill actually long limerick meant well epic lifting you just can't be the strongest guy just walk over and and hit a really successful cleaning jerk i'm sorry there's a ton of need care and because the body in a once we u can be four hundred pounds but moving foreigners no matter what is exponentially harder than moving two hundred pounds so you know
you're gonna do anything and take it to the point of an extreme and you can can t you gonna do it our multiple basis when your body starts falling to shit don't be surprised and so on a different level strong men have this problem and i used to tell my buddy who was a strong man he was like six one maybe three hundred and three hundred and ten pounds and believe you me man i'd watch a sky rep like three fifteen over his hand you know just military presence lamb wham wham women dead lifted like nine hundred and ninety seven pounds of silver dollar coins in these boxes and tat man he was strong as i used to work out with them and i mean there's no way i could keep up with them but it was great to do the workouts but he talked about this disk and this problem in this and that you look what you know a you are you're a top do you mean i go okay i feel drags or they take a motor and they they'd ok borne out the fire cubic anxious to that's what's aloud and then they taken up
mongers like fourteen seventy one super charter and they slap that thing on top and they and crime is much air and feel pressure compressed into these cylinders ok and then on top of that they take nitromethane this near explosive substance that is so highly dangerous and toxic you can't even breathe when it's around you and they jam that in there and compress it and slam it and smash it and force it into this five hundred cubic inch motor to or it explodes on a level that no one can even contemplate i owe him your cars got two hundred horse power this this drags whereas a vow and horse power has such high compression that you have to take another smaller motor and gm and on the end of it to turn this fuckin thing over and then they take this and then they they they lie in all this stuff up they could all of this you know just unreal environment and then they slam it down on race track with the
with as much traction you possibly give it so it's all been propelled one direction and they go for seconds and three hundred and some miles an hour and after every time that in it so often they break things explode thing why it's just all the time and then on a successful run in to the car back to the pits alright that was one this is a tournament bracket thing an hra drag racing so maybe they've got probably like three other rounds they got to go through they strip every everything down on this motor and completely rebuild it back together again because it's only good for one run could you pushed his thing to such a limit that you can i trust that is going to stay together another run so i said do strong manner like fucking top feel drags there's you take a human body i don't care how many chemicals you
or whatever and you get it to the point you start lifting shit and running with it and doing whatever you like you're just asking for shit to explode off of your body incinerate that's just the way it goes because you're pushing it to to the limits of physical capability beyond what human body ever really thought it was going to be able to do and even a few philip floods let's say like a super charging you're on so much steroids but you know there is only so much you can do man nothing can can it still just muscle and tissue send you and fucking tendon and bone yeah bones break on some of these fine people they go so hard so that's that's a great what you just said was an awsome quote somebody just put that shit in a video and send it to young fighters to understand your body literally is like a race car you got it you decide exactly what you want to do you know one of the things it gets on my fucking nerves because i go and i train train train train train range rain but
it pisses me off that i spent all this time training and you think oh i'm done with training today that i'm done at work you know i finished it in i clocked in i told the button now the boss fuck you whatever and left for the day no because i still have to do rec reworking i oughta chiropractor massage there appears to fucking eyes there sir blah blah blah like god dammit i wanted to be done i wanna be done a sit around and play my man the gathering read all my books on hitler's architecture apparently and race you know whatever and no you're not with this day mother fucker you so you have to do all this you put yourself through using now you have to something to fucking recover from all the shit that you just put yourself there like it's just tough way to make a living son so that part you don't like i just hate that the job in you get this
dear that you ve put in i did all the hard work it's like this next part is not necessarily hard work but it still has to be done it's like that homeworkers guy just we figured out how you know this equation works well got gotta go to this hiring like no i don't want to do it i do it and i want to turn this paper and now leave me alone i get that does that what happens or some guys when they get older they lay still like fighting but they don't like training that is energy then and now they don't want i didn't want to do everything that is necessary if we want to do the part they still enjoy or this that the part they still get some sort of satisfaction from them they just want to be done with it likewise be japan was workin out with more innovation is that i don't know i do remember that that he seemed to be an early great shame he was incredible but i was the greatest be japan for the greatest version of the merrily the diego sanchez fight lights we helps when you have as a professional laughing when you ve got someone that
take making sure like basically handholding you throughout the whole process so you don't even have to think about whether or not you bummed out that your doom recover right now there's always someone there there's always somebody making a hallway someone pushing you know which is something that i i know about it but i don't have that i've always been on my own doing it my own way taking care of my on my own for the most part and i've got the that i have around me are fucking awesome but i don't lean on them like that i don't need them to handhold me or tell i'm great or whatever i don't ask for compliments i just got their fuckin push and i'm real with wet weather i'm succeeding or not and and why and that's it i don't need you to tell me i'm fucking great don't tell me i'm the champ don't fucking film on champ now fuck all that all champion that he's a good champ if it's if it's not good enough i know it's not enough i don't need you to give me some bullshit to try and committee that is because that's not the way operate and
we wouldn't have it any other way would there be any benefit if somebody else structured it like if someone you really trust it like maybe also yes well see there is structured to some of what we do and where a camera always he structures the training for the strengthened stuff or when we go to the air force academy especially we we were only for a a short so we need to make the most of it and joel share it were and and and coachman they they work out this whole schedule and we have flexibility because i'm not a kid i know oh how i'm feeling what i need how things are working and so were all adults we just sit down in my car i must make an alteration here all i start doing this drawing you know this is gonna be that apply applicable for this fight specifically we'll go through this but let's move beyond them to a different era right now and it's like hey cool great we we're all on consensus and trying to get the best product possible but but but even with the strict conditions stuff
done this ship for so long i've trained world champions i've trained people in strength and conditioning i've trained in almost every kind of mortality you can think about when cross what came out of my go look circa trains a big thing now how did i just if that's not where no one's inventing the wheel reinventing it we're just calling different name are rediscovering thanks so i haven't wherewithal if i'm not down at hammers across the brad doing his work out there then i have i can do the same got someplace else and i will get it done because going to go walk into that fucking cage get my ass kicked in front of everybody and know it's because i i failed me i have just barnett soap ever out there that's listening and you gonna cross fit beware of raw dough my yo lusus if i compare your mass out put where normalcy socks was there
big socks they were socks up to their knees they do there always wearing crazy goofy socks and like a thing why all the fad bullshit jason it was necessary go out there be honest with yourself what you're trying to accomplish with your lifting how you're feeling if someone's trying to make you do like super high rep olympic weight then that's an idiotic thing to do that's not even the way it works and folks get this know this that your kidney apparently will never be the same get that's so but take yourself seriously make sure you get plenty of recovery and build up slowly you don't you don't have to go fuckin crazy kill yourself because i'm somebody else and some other folks in the gym can do but ever work out of a day and an x amount of time and you in it and it almost murders you to do i just need a lot build yourself into it rome was not built in a day and and everybody advances and and and grows at a different rate it depends on what you're coming into the contest with as well or the another workouts are as well and
just make sure that you realize that any injuries that you get doing this that can be avoided you're going to feel really stupid about those you're not living life to fucking work out working out is to make your life better working out for me is it's not just is not just about making my life better working for me is to help with my sport my sport is working out little fucking thing being a martial artist is a massive thing full of tons of experience and ours thousands of hours spent training and learning skill sets not lifting fucking weight how much of your day how much are you week like how many workouts a week do yo have a strength and conditioning up to two two they were you really hit it to them and i do that i call strongly made because their their skill removed their just simply things based on getting your heart rate somewhere or moving waits either there this body structure
in building and things like that they're not they're not skill wotton related a lot and then i call certain things that i do in the gym as far as the martial arts side that strength conditioning because i don't care how many fucking and you do or whatever you're want you want to make sure gassing not in the ring the you have you have to do what you're doing your body will not take fran and equate that to throwing hooks and i'm and sure not it's not going to hurt you but if you're doing more friends than you're doing hitting pads pads and sparring not gonna translate what was france damp whereas i don't know they name their workouts they have these work out these these that they ve come up with a given women's names yeah i had a guy who was on fear factor i was really big into it he's telling me how great it is and he's doing cross food competition like what do you do with it though do you play a sport or anything he's like just do that i go give wanna do jujitsu do you dear want to learn that show people now now i it
that's pretty exciting what were you doing now is exciting now it's like you can you can you can do allocate perhaps in the world so i guess you you're a fucking football is like oh he can't catch a football i mean well how it's a new crazy fat and people always take things to the next level of course tell people you know you can't do it in five minutes just i can and crossfit of course it only behoves them to continue to propagate that kind of mentality because that just gets more people in the door spending more money spreading buying more equipment by more things by more classes bringing more people in and the end of the day it's just fucking working out sailing more kidneys work out for the sake work out to make your life better do not live your life to work out powerful wisdom what if you from the youngest ever you have seen everywhere champion lays german if i mean how worthwhile can your life be if you're living to work out like you
building things they want to be i stand in front of the mayor with big fucking seventy two pound kettlebell on you can feel like a studio jump on as much you know hopefully i'm gonna get so ripped in then he can score as much push as possibe that's what i'm talking about walk on the beach with your wod shorts on toe shoes shoes shoes brian who is the girl you said brian sends me a text the other day when i'm in toronto of a girl wearing toe shoes and it's like you bastard and then he sends me a video of the girl walking around with toe shoes on and then last night the hollywood jesus had toe shoes oh no i'm just going it's i've got blade by toe shoes but brian bravo eddie bravo he wears them shits all the time he wears to to shoes everywhere i wear them to the gym son they're good when whenever i go down to velocity velocity and been to that gym strength and conditioning gym place i like indoor i'm gonna work out you know fine weather
i don't think you know what the fuck i'm back in here so i holy shit in that of from to shoes on those to hotels little bit of fucking crocks that's a good one you want to see some massive massive game who's gonna say anything to you some you know we were talking about those emotional support dogs my buddy my buddy justin justin miles the trainer this lady brings a fucking rhodesian ridgeback emotional support dog to the gym it shits all over the floor the floor is of course that rubberized extra ship coming up you can't clean anything out of it cause it's designed to make you not slip when you're lifting weights on it just platter shit of his dogs but and stand they're like yelling at her she's like have a heart it's an emotional support dog it's like why are you bringing your dog apparently people have conned everyone in the thinking that you can bring a dog everywhere it's bullshit you can't you shouldn't be bringing these dogs i'm sorry gym is for people i don't need animal feces or hair slobber or whatever and i love dogs me to love cats i fucking love animals me too i love i got
cats and two dogs great animal is is really special thing yeah the relationship that you guys created is unreal and i am fully for anna supporting animals or wholeheartedly but there are taught there times and places man and and they just that fucking that game of of calling erybody some emotional support whatever getting that service dog fucking thing and you this is ridge back to things fuck and while you little york you whatever like fuck off do just your abusing something for the wrong reasons and you just being it is doing so you can be a cocksucker yeah you want to be self you want your life to be your way in fact everyone else because i don't care if i'm take do into supermarkets supermarkets where there might be just everybody he's going to get their food but now there's someone it's allergic to dogs whose life is whose fuckin day is fucked cause you had to bring your stupid little dog with you as you
emotional support argolic you don't need the fucking dog by you write them yet there apparently gonna change the laws fang because i americans americans of with disabilities act these people are bringing these dogs everywhere including restaurants hotels taxicabs theaters also because the americans with disabilities act these people i don't have to prove that their disable it's a provision in the law right designed to protect the privacy of people with disabilities so because of that these kinds of found in my man mean men as well who have found a loophole and they're using this emotional support thing that you should get online can we get license like that can we get grandfathered claused in now if we do it right now like if i come home and sign up i don't know if i saw a famous actress the other day with one of these fucking things eating in restaurants that are probably the worst hold for its of this whole and you know that's assist thing i needed a dog barking and a fuckin movie theater somethin
it's also fucking with the fair housing act because these people are able to bring their dogs into places there never allow dogs like say if someone has an apartment it's a really nice place to say no dogs allowed right you lease is someone and they go i have an emotion support dog and then his dog shitting all over the place and those are the type of people that would have a dog that shits all over the place or selfcentered twats and that's the men too and they just want to make you have to pay for their own fucking fell wants josh partner god damn it look by the gods jon's anger affecting these crystals right now they salt crystal more on did anyone send you that grand theft auto dmt trip a lot of people think that you had a big influence in it i'm sure a lot of people done dmt besides me but it starts off with this you know guy and he's driving around with your father and then he the kid
tricks him into taking it while he's driving so he starts tripping out to be easy product ties me fuck shit to you for yourself also to from your bank account moving up you too crazy dad that's that on the ground tripping balls yeah and then watch what happened this is the part or it starts getting really run this is fucking awesome videos bigfoot got him it's something does it go do oh yeah this is my people yeah now it's getting inducted by aliens the monkeys first and then the alien ship shoots him up into its spaceship this is on the time these people have me are on the same wavelength if they didn't hear if they don't know of me and know me when they were quoting this they need to or you are the here that there's no cure for we are on the same wavelength we would get along great if they don't know me we would get along great this wasn't inspired by me death metal band fucking comic people everyone you have permeated all of it did you see that he did this the alien gave him the fucking metal sign wow this is intense shit i would have made this with no underwear though that'd be a fun but why are you hiding your dick and asshole your flying through space you shouldn't be holding on to your vanity in your fear and you're insecure let the breeze it proof let flies this hover around you're asshole you're flying around space we didn't care you're one with the universe so you yeah and you can get high and every time you get high here inner pot and it's really trippy so once it goes online october one st halisco mics are all just going to hang out at the comedy store smoke we together the wicks game gets in the oculus rip i've heard that this game is the most successful single piece of anything anybody created one billion dollars in three days not amazing it's amazing there's never been anything that's sold as well as this god bless america when you think the economy's down on cocaine or control in a day yes there's only so much blow you can do after a while remember the one time i was offered dmt by buddy buddies buddy we're up in canada and he's like hey man i got this shit this dmt and he's like i'm
you heard i'm like i'm familiar i've heard of it i i know some people that have talked about it like it's just a we go back and wrong drinking and hanging out i'm like no you don't want to do do bank and start in fucking hallucinogenic drugs up my body with a guy that's just it does not sound like a good idea in a wake up as like a fucking crispy cream donut or that's when somebody gets eaten yeah that could have until yeah especially when you're drinking no usually not so you're no even supposed to even just too nonchalant about singing you know for us fucking doing dmp i'm like that should be taken with a lot more care i want to give you some of that what's a fuck a viking that's ted is no that's where you fuck a viking that is not them up the roof up with some dmt anyway that's terrible josh barnett always a pleasure that three hours just fuckin flew by asbury usual as life man life is flying by is nothing we
about ladies and gentlemen this weekend comedy magic club me and the great sam triple that's friday one show saturday two shows brian and the great tony hinge cliff and hopefully dc because i don't want it to happen to them will be stand up live in phoenix arizona this weekend or or this thursday there's this thursday night this night a pm i believe so sate p m i can't go to stand of loved outcome or death squad dot tv for more details and next week and i am at the on terrio improv tommy cigarettes for two days on terrier canada no ontario california that's where the glory is gonna be taken place this week not happening it's not it's no no hold on glory might be happening but jerome is not fighting on this on our lane was training with us he's fighting in the one in new york now while this one's gonna be interesting anyways atomic bomb find this weekend whose life the cards so going through
i like it though i liked it to bring in high level kickboxing back to television like smart moves you go to that movie i think they had it long beach no i did pretty rad was i didn't obviously i don't think it worked out enough to keep doing it well if someone smart if someone comes along with zuffa type dollars and invest in moita the way they invested in the ufc i think it's gonna be gigantic you watch k one like all the k one gram prees they were so fucking exciting got to build up the personalities that right josh barnett personalities like the war master josh barnette youngest heavyweight champion ever but when you fight next december twenty eight agents brown oh that big supercard anderson and weed man mister like that that's a good fight too respond to stud that fight with alster over him was nuts man a pretty much man he had about his mercy and he started alister bluish shot and
i was going pay for tough motherfucker that's gonna be fun good luck to you my brother that was fun talk to you soon i'll see it the way in with that crazy look in your eyes again i'll try to one month will be changed there well you know obviously we're but buddy so no harm of all show you now when he gets picked up was going around in the right now he was the first guy to ever picked me up after i could tell you still wanted more too you were looking for someone to throw rules that was snuggled was your scent with intoxicating yes we are deodorant is what it is right guard it's good i'll go they inappropriate but i do go at the around here s my first for the otter squares made dotcom fuckers used to coordinate work code nerd magic the gathering gotta let me use the code word excuse me joe and the number nine and save twenty percent off of your first purchase on new accounts that square space dot com and the word joe and the number nine all in one word
thank you also it's one dot com use the code name rogan and save yourself off any and all supplements thanks to everybody that came out this weekend thursday night toronto toronto at the sony centre was match i had the best time in my life in brian callen and tom gura it was amazing and then friday night thanks for everybody who came out to second city performed the second city in toronto's really legendary improv club all right we'll be back most likely thursday and until then go fuck yourself all right we love the shit out of you big cast
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