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#399 - Buck Angel

2013-09-30 | 🔗
Buck Angel is an American trans man, adult film producer and performer, motivational speaker, and LGBT icon.
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sketchy or we believe in your product's right yeah everything that we have i use right and that's the point yeah or if i wouldn't use i believe that i would use it if i had a situation like stamps dot com i don't use it but if it came up i use it on the website it's actually had to go down website well him and thanks for doing this i really appreciate it engine come now i really cool it for you to have me on you know that is it you know how cool is uh you try not to try not to be aware of how cool anything is just stays even smell as possible people are very scared so they won't go oh man do you know what i think people are more scared of themselves and they are by the clearly spending on a minute yeah well there's a lot of that going on right thing with humans it's were we're all first of all we're all afraid of the great beyond or afraid of the abyss
the end of this journey which we were all face everybody's fucking terrified of that and and being terrified of that you also open yourself up to a series of other terrorists they accept because you have the primary terror that's always tick talking and you don't want think about that primary terror so ignore that primary terror was a series of other terrorists where if you're worried about hormones were immigrants or blacks or mexicans or canadians are russians always van with them it's always someone want to take my guns or someone who has guns you know it's it is a it's either someone who's moving into the neighborhood as always without wala i mean so the problem of there's too much information coming on us on a daily basis you know there's fuckin' seven one people on this planet we're just in with horror stories like all throughout the globe constantly every day you the the grossest schitt is a ship that we're going to pay attention to the most the most
horrifying stories in the news of the ones that were going to they're going to get the most clicks so you know the old adage if it bleeds it leads i think people are interest in an app that's why they do that because people get excited to hear like that crazy bad news or else it wouldn't be the number one news i think it's because it's a part of our past you know it's also like what got us to be in two thousand and thirteen the first place is by being scared of everything and staying alive breeding moving staying alive being terrified of anything that can hurt you but things can really hurt us they could hurt were there but we're not there were not right next to the volcano as it goes off on the other side of the planet yeah but they're touching on that fear and that fear comes up with whatever you just said any of those above mentioned things and then all of a sudden you're like yeah right
i kind of did that when i move out of the united states i'll be honest what i would imagine so yeah i was going to ask you if we could talk about that because i don't know if you wanted to talk yeah living in mexico now and in the you could tan in mexico that's pretty dope what happen while well i mean i was living in new orleans and hurricane katrina hit remember and i was really disappointed with the way that we're going and i really just saw like do i live in this country don't get me wrong i i'm going to american i'm totally cool with that i like being american but i was really having a hard time with the government and just thing that happened that really kind of set me off and i was like what is going on in this country an i just started looking for other places to live 'cause i just saw a future that was not going to be positive for me and what did you see that was positive about mexico well cortana what i felt was that i could go live there and nobody really i felt first off my work entertainment business was being attacked by the bush administration will not allow people really know that situation
yeah did you freak out when like max hardcore got arrested in jail that was that was scary to me and i'm not a pornographer yeah exactly thank you for saying that because even though you're not a pornographer that's still something affect you in the long run not only that it's like i don't like but he does i don't like i've seen some of the videos of ferrets means nasty cruel weird torch type shared i've seen he opened up this girls acid test and it stuck a strong it made her drink out of it like it was so it's so gone i don't like it i think it's creepy in the guy's a creep for doing it but whatever but there's a here you have to understand the businessman right and so he's like feeding the customer i i agree i agree with you in the fact that is not my thing it right but i'm not gonna judge i don't the judge so i don't like to judge either man it's like i was having this conversation with a friend of mine about um about bond
and like women who like to tide up and i'm like look you can't deny that people like that like if you're a strong woman and you are you're kind of a control freak and you run a business and you can imagine anybody ever can tie you up that's okay but that's just you totally like there's somebody out there that loves it is vital that lovely live for any like the take pictures on twitter of their rope marks on there is live for have a love it can tied up yeah like getting abused there's people that and actually enjoy it and you know i guess maybe it's a an easy thing for some of our own is consensual act that's the key that people need to understand is that it's consenting between two adults yeah so when you get to that weird area where someone is sort of like deciding what's moral and immoral it's so subjective clearly it is i mean it's not i i have played those kind of games i'm very into that this led their scene i'm playing sir kinds of games but you have to understand it's me and that other adult saying this is
what we want most of the time it's been negotiated right i would never do something that you didn't want me to do to you or your versa right it seems twisted but it's twisted in our own kind of fun way yeah and what the it is wrong with that what's i that's that's a weird thing to decide that there's something wrong with two people doing what they want to do that doesn't even involve you thanks for saying that it's weird that that there's a certain group of people that will just openly do that they will openly try to stop people stop people from marrying but you don't think that has a lot to do with religion country it's sort of organized religion i need to say it certainly does an what does that embrace that embraces the fear is the great answer of the fear the fear of the great end of the abyss and if you don't do what we're going to do where it tells you to do rather you're going to burn an internal inferno i'm already there and internally for inferno eternal inferno are you though not just possible now
they they're they're they're they're while they promoted that's real had a strange thing to do to people i really think that fear and that like if you don't listen to what we have to do but the fact that so many millions of people get sucked into it what's that i have theories okay my big one is that religion is and language itself is essentially like a pit stop on the way to the unification of the human minds and that we still can and that's a real issue and we also understand what what is convincing and we understand like when words come across well so because you can tell me a true story and it can move me and you can get a very powerful reaction out of maine you can fab latest story and say it as if it was true and get that exact same reaction we can't read minds yet because of this this we sort of adolescent
stage two we have right now that we exist and we're we're we're not quite involved enough we can read each other's minds but we share form of telepathy communication with right non you know for level it's basically if we're honest you're explaining to me and i'm kind of getting a sense through the words and the definitions that i've got in my head of those words getting a sense of what you're saying some meeting and you can tell me stories about your past you can expressed to me we feel about things currently are going to see it from your point of view as long as you're being honest but when you start all of a sudden realizing that you don't have to be honest and then realizing that you can kind of manipulate things and what is the quintessential preacher it's fire and brimstone man who speaks like no one you know someone who speaks from the word of god and stands on that stage at nose looks you in the eye in the spirit of the lord moves me and they talk like a way that you never talked and it's so enforced in powerful that it just
just a power thing it just becomes a power thing becomes the ability to manipulate and move people with these lives and so it is kind of person yeah because i don't get manipulated by a neither do you right but i could've i what i like i did when i was young when i was really young i mean i was i went to catholic school when i was in first grade that's what cured me of it is yeah i had an e evil catholic school none ann school was just so dark and just avoid state of happiness there was no habit was empty it was just said pressing we worry about the future of life like before i went to that school i was like a happy kid i thought the life is going to be fun and just one
year with that country and all the other evil fuchs that were running that's cool and just d seeing kids get beaten over you were six and you first greenbelt that at six years old you remember that very clear wow very clearly that religion was horseshoe wow right away i was like oh this is all bullshit like this isn't real these are all crazy people 'cause i could tell being six that these were all just bunch of maniacs is evil lady who liked to yell and scream at kids she used to like to scare the shit out of you tell you that she's going to make you sit on a nail sitting make you sit in the closet on a nail and you can make you bring you better bring your pillow because you're gonna sleep here you're not you're never going home like she knew you want to get out of there so she would torture you until you're never going home dot com that's like on see that is weird weird
that is like unconsensual snn children yeah that's a good choice that's a good way of looking at it yeah yeah but i think it started out with that started out they probably you know had problem started out if you if you really think about how much is good in christianity love brother treat others as if they were yourself the the the court of christianity about just the work of jesus how he always was with the dregs of society and he didn't judge people at all and he tried to heal the sick all things that are positive about it you gotta that there's some basis and religion is like things that people learn that really connect to the happy life to the good life which is the life of love the life of caring for each other so they figured these things out but then in writing come down back then especially like it wasn't until like the 1500s of people read the bible on a regular basis most couldn't read it to see you
scholar he had to be someone who understood latin are so we could read greek the the the the the people of the common for of the 1500s they you know what the big martin thing was about it was martin luther was the first guy to create phonetic bible that people could actually read and they were like wait a minute this is not what we thought it was and that's spawn lootera some like the their view of the bible was completely different than what they've been taught made a huge issue because the church was trying to control who had access to that information because if how to access that information you could tell people hey this is what god to do and you have to listen right and now all this and people were able to read it for themselves and so that took one layer of power away so we're we're dealing with today is the most enlightened version of religion in the world has ever known but still a fucking crippled mess it's a total mess it
yeah it is it's but runs most of the world really yep this just because most of the world hasn't caught up yet just like there was no cell phones in most the world two decades ago i think decades from now the idea religion is going to be way way less common way carmel so i'm almost positive it's not the idea of god the idea of it will probably be more common yeah 'cause you can understand that the word god is real slippery you now the sink is doing the clouds it's running everything but if took that word away and what do you you know just press it not a person not a thing but is there an energy is there an idea is there an ideal deal way of living the world would be the godly way the it would be almost exactly this in the bible now
it's supposed to be like yeah they manipulated it because why did they do that though i think because they wanted to start controlling air masses so they made it a different thing that really what it is what's the fuck do you reggae people you know i'm sure if you're especially if you're a dumb person live in a few one hundred years ago it's too hard to regulate peoples too hard to get you get one thousand people in a room and every one of them wants to be the king right you know like who the fuck is going to if you have some information they're not going to listen i got my own information i'm starting my scientology is the new one i got i got it over here we got mormonism is the shift but you guys are trash jesus wrote some new ship you know and there's always going to be a new ego that wants to step to the center of the line and control the room and because of that it's almost like it was impossible to not but wasn't for that religion it was a bunch of people that were put in line and scared this is a terrible idea
but i think it's probably true i don't think we would have made it this far i think people would have been way more barbaric out of control in less there's only two ways around it one is mushrooms if you get the mushroom and from from like an early day on and then that would probably eliminate a lot of the need for well like look at certain cultures in the world i am i am people they use all of that kind of stuff yeah i don't think that they were like freaking out on each other how to do like some major actually they freaked out each other a lot the mayans did a lot of human sacrifice both well yeah but i mean it's leaked word judging that right we probably should do it now he killed the maya or the aztecs when they built the pyramid of teotihuacan i think it was they killed eighty thousand people over a period of a few days
okay yeah yeah i'd some insane amount of time so much information we didn't those max on my way the aztecs the killed all the people and when they're at the coupon the completion of the pyramid they they kill all slaves all the prisoner is that were there were helping them build these awesome buildings they just cut their hearts out and fucking tossed into the crowds i mean that's kind of hard core but yeah i don't think that mines right now yeah they were yeah they have they had if you ever go to chicha nizza there's actually like an hour from cheech and i've been to the one where you go to the temple and there's a fucking big table where they cut peoples hearts out on it's like this demon good looking thing and they seized up this table and that's where they would cool carve peoples hearts out you know we needed big quartz knives i don't know what the fuck they did with and there's also a lot of thought that the fans much like almost every civilization from ancient egypt on
start out really good and then everything just fuckingg rumba the part is you get several generations in so is that human nature it could be right it's also i think were saying earlier i think it could be a part of this this inability to completely understand each other because the ability to lie through language and then also the the people that developed ideas and work so hard to create this culture and not the people that are born into it and enjoy it from the get go kids are born rich they develop this like really spoiled like have you ever met someone who is like really intense and like super focus like banker type character but his son is just a complete waste products cars yeah i always always even in mexico there's that if there were really bad in mexico kids are out of control it's like they're all from beverly hills like no
ok nothing they have to they don't have to do anything so they have this attitude that everyone is there waiter or everyone is there servant i have that attitude wow yeah that hasn't have nots are much greater there in much the difference between money and no money is insane there yeah now something has to be used to actually how did you choose the yucatan uh we looked around where we wanted to live and then we realize it's only an hour and a half flight from houston it's like right across the water close to the united states and because i work so much in the usa is just like i can commute to you know my work really easy and it wasn't call situation you ever feel like it in danger there do you now feel you could tennis complex completely different than the rest of mexico it's like its own like country really i actually wanted to separate from mexico at one time and become their own country but mexico said don't even try it really yeah so it's really
much different they're much more chilled out less there's no murderers there's nothing there's no real yeah i live in the safest city in all of mexico it's like we have well no violence or anything no kidding yeah it's unbelievable i saw one thing in the news about some someone lit up a building on fire in yucatan yeah it's very round yeah must be rare because it was the only time i ever heard about exactly i mean it happens all the time in the rest of mexico 'cause it's completely out of control if they legalize marijuana we would you know i'm sure mexico's quietly decriminalized all drugs yes i do yeah it's kind of interesting is it is very interesting and they're smart very smart very smart country the government there is actually a little head of ours i think really yes in a lot of ways i mean they already gay marriage was wearing a long time ago
for us when was alina how you feel about that but you know it's like so stupid that we're fighting about who cares who gets married it's a distraction i think it's a beach ball completely i think it's a beach ball they toss up and you sort of have to swat come to weigh whether you are you pro or con the important thing is to never resolve it yeah exactly during the podcast before but it an inch i might i lived in san francisco from age seven to eleven and my next door neighbors of these crazy get guys just naked with my on the smoke weed and play bongos so i was around you know gay people to very early age and then when i was eleven we moved to florida which is like the opposite of san francisco and all the sudden i had this this friend my friend candy and his dad was and creates data newspapers i can't fucking believe this shit he said the paper down and we will what's going on he's like fucking queers want to get and to him it was it was like it was something like that was infuriating it was really infuriating
and i remember thinking at eleven i'm like you fuckin' baby like what do you care why would you care that's interest doesn't make any sense that you would get angry like how does that even affect you how does it affect how does it affect people it effects people because it's a germ that gets planted into the culture the idea the problem gets planted in the culture and and it just becomes something that people bring up in they won't think about their own real problem right it's the same kind of same thing everything is everybody else yeah otherwise it doesn't make any sense i mean the reality of gay dudes is just like the reality of dudes there are nine
these dudes and there's dudes who will lie to you and try to fuck you claire and that's why i used to workout at golds gym when i was on news radio and i've always said that i felt like a tasty morsel in case too did you ever use this while it i bet you didn't you probably did they pretty gangster you get in there but it's it's all gay guys like it's probably eighty percent gay guys and they were grunting and sweating it is a very sexual environment lately and a lot of people that's a that's a horrifying place to go you know since but a lot of gyms are like that though and there are regular dudes if your girl there grunting even if they're straight dudes but it's still very sexual in this kind of way we don't
we talk about by the way you should use straight in air quotes because there's a lot of those spots bodybuilder do you happy to suck in cago there was sure you can keep a secret i see him all the time on it yeah yeah my friend rodney's gay was always telling me about how many she would do straight how many straight guys have let him blow him again because not gay so i gave you just like i mean i really pay attention barely even know what's going on whatever whatever he doesn't come in your mouth but don't cool yeah as long as you come in his mouth it's like it's a wash it's a push yeah but good the creepers dudes period look i'm telling you know i used to be a woman and i became a man and i'm telling you i think differently i react differently my actual like fantasy differently and i get it now i get why men are pigs it's totally testost
yet testosterone was created rape it testosterone created war alleging everything all the above everything and you know it is a good this thing i'm doing in my axe right now about how i did this warriors like throughout history were gay people don't realize in today's day and age where the separation between you know gay and straight people that there's you know there's these sick people and then there's the straight people that are just living by god's way and that you know we gotta keep these gay people from marrying like the thing that happened that got us 21st century involve gay warrior right like the spartan yadda romans fenian samurais everyone's gay and that's one of those weird look regardless of you with you if you're gay or not like you like if you
i hate gay people you literally have to hate i mean not saying that you know a lot of the shape of the romans the spartans it did some horrible brucellas evil fucking murderous schitt however that's what sort of got people into the 21st century right i mean that they were gay people that's a fact but it's so weird to me that people are so concerned it's it's their sexual preference in it that's all it's based on so like i don't really care who you fuck why do you care who exactly that's it really should be right but i think more men are weirded out by it than women are scared with you scared because they might be attracted but you know what i mean so when i came along and i that policy so guys were like attracted to me but not sure but straight guys and gay guys and they're looking fuse like what does that mean am i gay or no i'm not gay 'cause he has a pussy so that doesn't make me down like dude it doesn't make you anything about hornii just
max is not really a big fucking deal but guys are like they're always thinking how can i not if i'm attracted to that and my gary my straight leave in that statement it doesn't make anything heart relax that's a guy statement it's a guy state yeah it'll never said now they would go over well you know you have to think about your most what do you have an accident it's something i read something i i i tried to read it i blacked out from irony and and and logic halfway into it but as a male feminist guide to dating a woman on and some guy wrote this t l d are too long didn't read any massive multi second step way
it's said to be a a male feminist and day women and how to approach each and every scenario like the biggest web page just and and not even that's not cool because not all women are the same someone i like to actually be like due to just go have sex and it's not really a big deal and we have to be a motion all some girls are like that there's a lot of girls yeah they don't really want to have all that emotional stuff though you know what it was but it was so specific it was so specific as to how you should be deal with each every situation and you know how you should call after sex and make sure that it was ok and where we are standing and i want to let you know how i feel and like do you know that is like the easiest way to get it checked afucking never call you back again like you need me bich and i guarantee that guy wrote that has no fucking idea what it's like to keep a girl in his life why does he think he knows that from 'cause he probably has some dumb and it female voice in his life that he
to placate some she demon that controls his testicle strings and he wants to write to appease her book i've written something but in tribute to your vagina and he gets to read it out and look i'm the most sensitive man who's ever lived i'm more sensitive than woman i see your sensitivity coming and i check it with double sensitivity i totally know those guys with the internet mocks them they're called white nights and they should be it should be marked they call white nasty as you can write a blog doesn't mean it's right in flux right you crazy absolutely internet right now we know electricity goes off you will starve to death you will not make it right you do not have i was married to a dominatrix those guys i know them that gets hold another world and what's that like very strange like really
like you can't even imagine the guys that you know it's all good it's consensual it's not trip yet but it's a lot of those kind of guys that are very into that well i have a buddy my buddy jim norton loves that shit and we were at a restaurant once austin tx this nice gal came over to the table started talking to us because she knew that he was into that and she's a dominatrix so she started talking h soccer shoes very friendly so she was telling us like what kind of clients she hasn't without revealing the names of course but change deals with a lot of like really powerful businessman they can run shit all day but
at the end of the day it's you know what do you want me to do mommy yes mommy yes mommy that car mommy and one boundary i have is the baby playing like everything else i like baby can't still can't steal with the adult baby don't even think they were going with baby i think they were going with like complete week man who lives at home with his mom was screams at him all the time and tell him what to do like it was like he wanted to humiliate you totally clips in his mouth and completely all the big one and also like fine domination that's also a big one where they like brain she'll be like bring three thousand dollars worth you in cash all 20s and he shows up with three thousand dollars all 20s and she goes give it to me and she takes it from him and that's like the scene wow i like that's a good job you know what it makes sense that makes so there's still that it takes everything to make this thing work there's like
union yang there's plus and minus there's every fucking little puzzle piece fits in together yes an imagine if you have the job of corporate ceo and you have to stress out all day long that's hardcore you want to just go have a spanking after that i couldn't even imagine of millions and millions of dollars on the line every decision delaying every day yeah i can imagine i mean i've i've tried well we know running a television show and it's minuses entertainment yeah that's just silly and and temporary you know six episodes and you know it's over at the end and still you're freezing dresses like insane it breaks your brain yeah i feel way different when i'm stressed my decision making is not so good i'm not too edgy i'll like bark shouldn't shouldn't i don't think things through it's like it's just your console yourself comment how to keep yourself calm and focused furious exercise the only thing that gets it out of me it has to be heavy bag i just
the the out of a bag do some kettlebell workouts run up the hill for like sprint up hills right for me it has to be something where i'm fighting life or death because i think that those it's feelings of stress that you get these are life death struggle type things 'cause it's stressful you know think those even if it's like something as silly as a television show if it's important to you you're going get an intense amount of like nrg focused on that i don't at least my body doesn't know what the fuck is going on right in those scenarios thinks like we're going to have to fucking fight with swords or run from dragons or we gotta do some shitman and so in less i blow it out and less i just blow it out to the point of my heart feels like it's going to rip out of my chest right then i i don't ever calm down you know i think i can relate to that totally i feel so much more calm after i had a hard core workout or yeah what's your body is designed you know our body is the dna of our bodies is from
an animal that was running from jaguars one hundred thousand years ago two hundred thousand years ago a million years ago this same echoes of that full time when we were so vulnerable and surrounded by predators at all times including human predators you know i think it is just it's in our system still and about ten it's not women had a run two women had a fight two women had to stay alive women had to protect their babies and they didn't have to do it as much or often and of course the plus and the minus of testosterone is the minus is i mean they're actually proven that men with larger test tools make sure your father's yeah i did read recent incredible s incredible incredible it's so it's so cool they've also proven that men with larger around women who are more promiscuous the promiscuous women the larger the testicles of men in the community will have oh
'cause they produce more testosterone so they'll be more crazy exactly and there will be less likely to stick around and raise their children whereas women who have much less testosterone they will is the children it's almost like nature sets you up if you maybe nurture you gotta be understanding and peaceful you want to be a common thing you want to be a thing that doesn't have this point which fuckin' right all the time is now ready to go and men in that high pressure high stress situation like in the jungle or something like that are ready to go you got protect you can defend you gotta hunt together have to be done in a in a split second notice right and that's all the testosterone can't see this is weird the yin and yang the line is i notice for myself though i calmed i used to be very much like that before i started taking testosterone and when i took the testosterone i like became a much calmer more focused more happy person than i do when i just had estrogen in my body that's fascinating it completely where people use that roid rage here which is all complete total bullsh
well it isn't it isn't i mean i've seen it i've seen seen it yeah i've seen it i've without a doubt one hundred percent one man news around of test on season to do though if you're around men who want to be great big bodybuilder right there's only one way to do that you you have to jack yourself already way above the limits right you know and a u k i've seen people just completely lose their mind whether like animals the leg as like you be around a gorilla because they just did you step to the gills but it must be taking like an extraordinary amount yeah i'm sure fifty million tons of whatever charlie is that much better yeah i know you send yeah if you see like that's the dirt it's not the dirty little secret it's the the dirty obvious secret of body building right if you see one of those guys as iran warmest guys it doesn't make any sense the reason why it doesn't make any sense because you know in your head you have like a spectrum in your head okay well if you
if you're manning you have testosterone you lift weights like a crazy fifteen right you can get about that big maybe that big of you get super special genetics but what's vs right around the circle for five times right like you know what ma'am those things at the carnival you hit and the bell goes up it rings a bell these mothers walker shot it to the moon like there's so big that doesn't even make sense like this possible to get there without drugs the did the sport literally cannot exist but don't they like it doesn't make sense to me the whole the whole professional bodybuilding thing because people are denying taking steroids have to though for those sponsor companies like get their money test you when i don't know i mean you know probably due to the guys can get around it if the even if they do test if they test you it's ridiculous to be you know yeah that's the reason why the nba doesn't test for weed
the nba made as in you know i think people have been pop for it somehow or another very rarely and the reason is that the players union knows that ajai percentage of those dudes around we talking out because smoking weed makes you sensitive to space right and distances to like a lot of pool players smoke weed a lot of basketball players love to smoke weed it helps your son there too bright before they play yeah like an area that i mean i call yeah but you could though a bit you could hear a giant black dude and you are good at basketball in my last life yeah they love to smoke weed and play basketball it's awesome isn't it bulletproof coffee when did you know that you like the concept of gender identity to someone who doesn't struggle with it is it's one of those things we try to rap your head around it you try to understand it but you never looks like
what why we say that a man and woman never really understand each other they just sort of they get this thing are they accept that this is how you are in the socks but i never enters all never stand what it's like to want a baby in my body and never understand what's like to have my period although never i'll never get it i never stand what it's like in anyway now you want and being a woman and then feeling like you're in the wrong sex what is that like and have already when did you realize it it's imagine if you all of a sudden one day you started saying i feel like a girl it would freak you out yeah it would freak you out without a doubt without a doubt it most i mean i can just tell you most of my life i felt that way but my parents did raise me like a boy even though i was a little girl they completely raise me like a boy 'cause i very much of a tomboy you know tomboys are ok girl who looks like a little boy and you know your ten and you dress like a little boy that's ok in this country nobody freaks out on that it's when you start
reaching you know puberty and they started growing breasts and then i started getting my period and that's when everything shifted it was totally ok in my childhood but then people are like uh you need start treating her like her not like he my parents were completely freaked out because they always just it was like run issue 'cause i was tomboy and then when that happened i think that's when all like basically everything broke loose you know it was it your folks that have the issue or the community that had the issue your neighbors in hurt their friends kept saying you've got stop calling her he boy name it said girl you know what i mean i got a fuckton they care because i can't do this gender is such a freaky weird thing for people in our in the world create a man is this and a woman is not that your your this makes you a man in your vagina makes you a woman that's just black and white for most people in the whole wide world that's just how it works and so basically
that's not true because it's really how you feel inside your out presence is the shell of you seoul in you're being really it's to me it's that simple but of course people don't get it because people always take things at face value they don't get to know you i mean i'm sitting right in front of you now would you say that i am a woman no no i'm saying do you have a beard beard yoked any other beard yeah no you're basically a man thank you appreciate no problem big compliment from but you know what i'm saying like the minute someone finds out that i have a pussy it's like now you're well you know what i think one day we're going to have a pill and it's going to be able to be a giraffe for it you know i mean i really i really think that i think that they're going to be able to manipulate the human body to an extent where it would be unrecognizable i think we're going to be able to manipulate
their jeans to be look like doctor manhattan or something like that i don't think it's i think the human frame is right now is something that we feel like it's completely outside of the realm of control but i think it's really temporary justice temporary as we didn't think we were ever going to be able to communicate with some in real time in australia a hundred and fifty thousand years out right you know but today it's nothing and that's a exactly what it's going to be like whether it's one hundred fifty years now or whatever your body is no longer going to define you going to be able to be whatever you want exactly people are going to be able to switch back and forth which will be really cox yeah like this month i'm a girl next month oh my god i want to be already happening you know people are already doing the genderqueer thing whenever they're not saying on male or female and then there's like this new kind of thing called they where they don't want
and if eyes male or female and they're just they they're just there yeah oh jesus christ that's awesome that's i like that a friend who's a day so every time i see her she used to be a her but now she's of a choice to correct me 'cause i'm always like saying her or she and so how do you what is the pronoun for that very day hum i know it doesn't make any sense 'cause it them right so so you don't ever say he say she say they have as as an individual is are they yeah wow rabbit say they're going deep in our greatest need too much work that they need so much god dam attention there's a lot of that is not like all these labels and things that people are so obsessed with right that's a real problem it's a real problem because now it's not lgbt it's now its queue ia queer intersex and they and we have to add a t or entity yeah i see
it's clear what's the difference where is more based on your i think your sexuality and how and and and actually kind of can encompass your gender so it's more of an all encompassing fluids fluidity with your gender and sexuality worry you're not necessarily saying i'm he and i'm gay you might be yeah she and straight this day but do you want to be a man a person i mean i'm getting on my even me on the line i know i'm just a mandate so specific that's what i'm saying is getting a little bit okay here's the deal with my education that's why i always just sort of try to make it as easy as possible for being home because i don't really go to that level at this point i want you first understand that gender is complex but at the same time it's not it's really how you feel as a person and that people are understanding that you know i can be whoever i want to be and you and it's okay doesn't matter what the world think people are starting to be more open minded about it they are and it's
important that people understand that it's going to evolve whether you like it or not yeah ender's complex but for some they don't want it to ever be complex because one of the things it's admirable about a man is a man who doesn't worry not a man is a man is like silent clint eastwood in the movies tie doesn't give a fox never thinking about sucking dicks to sell out there trying to shoot people and you know like without a care in the world and keeps his heart beat a steady sixty you know never really freaks out that's that's a part of of being a man is being sure of yourself and if you're unsure of your sexuality you know you're a vulnerable animal but also i've learned to be very vulnerable and when i do a lot of
speaking and i talk about my childhood in my life and i had a lot of stuff happened to me i committed tried to commit suicide many times and i just hated my life and i was a total nightmare and i i get vulnerable when i speak and i have cried in public like that and actually it feels really good to go there sometimes because and it doesn't make me feel any less of a man i am a very very confident very sure of myself man but to be normal sometimes let's people under and your story a lot more and let's them come into your life yeah there's nothing wrong with being vulnerable it's silly idea especially for men i'm telling you specially from men a lot of us men really feel like we're not allowed to go
because it's not you're not a man if you let yourself be and that's totally bullshit well it isn't it isn't it isn't if you're being abich ok if you're crying for no fucking reason but that's the problem there's some people that cry for no reason like to get a flat tire flat tire i can't believe this shit being a big difference between that and expressing love or talking about your childhood and farts moments or feelings yeah but if you crying over your flat tire right during which i'm driving by this lot of that though it's like it's important to differentiate right the difference between a purse is vulnerable because they are honest about their emotions and passion it you know if you're passionate like
i cry easy man i cry i'll i'll cry to good commercial i'll cry and certain songs are songs it hit me and i start cryin right you know movies i'd hate depressing movies because i cry like a little you know i'm i'm a very passionate person that i get locked into anything like you from in involved in with art whether it's a song or a movie a movie or anything where you're you're you're painting this pick picture of torture or torment i can relate to that character so hard you know do you feel it that's not well not all guys go there and you know that this week daily those are actually the week i think i think you're right yeah they're scared yes there fake scared yes and if you don't understand what real fear is when you actually face it if you're constantly like hiding from
like your actual emotions and pretending you're not scared when you actually are vulnerable then when you really are in danger you're not going to what the fuck to do 'cause you don't know yourself right you don't know what you really are capable of you don't know who you really are so when the chips pile up you're going to pitch your pants and fall apart but men are taught that were taught that from an early age men or not i really think so i don't know why your dad's there's a lot of dudes out there that are just pitches they just funk some chick get her pregnant and then they have a kid and that kid grows up with a bitch for a dad that's super common yeah it is really cool i had a friend who had a fuckin' tremendous pitch for a dad
dad would wind so much i would want to smack him in front of my friend i would go over and then the guy would who's always so confused like i don't know what to do and you forgot to list stop listening your fucking dad right that's the first thing i do look at that guy if you didn't know that guy you think that guys a fucking idiot he cries over not then he's constantly whining is always negative that guys abich need to get the fuck out of that toxic environment the first chance you get right and that kind of shit growing up this guy had no confidence about anything he was just everything he didn't know what he liked he didn't know what to do here to ask everybody before he did anything it ask your opinion he didn't even know who the fuck you was right he was he was never shown that it was possible to know who the fuck you were who is imitating this scared terrified thing in his house and it took until he separated from him and started
having some milestones of his own graduating high school graduating college getting a degree following love having a relationship going into business that he started becoming a man but he had a break away from this bich mold that he grew up in well i think again parenting is also a very difficult situation right you are just thrown into parenting and there is no book real i mean are ours books but you know still a lot of times people are thrown into it yeah there's no skill and how to raise my child or how to teach you learn that from your own parents in your own parents in your you know i mean it's it's like this long i was lucky my dad actually was rarely really hardcore he wasn't professional athlete he was very focused he was very much like that old school kind of guy you but i think it actually helped me to become a really good man because i really learned how to focus and be the person that i wanted to be from well sure of course it does i mean that's exactly what we're saying if you want to be a man you follow someone who was a man and he wanted to be a man it's a perfect example it's really difficult because life
you do not start out in a neutral point no one starts out at zero some of us start at minus thirty other of us some uh start out at plus one hundred and some time plus one hundred people are fucked because everything is too god dam easy in the minus thirty people and not saying name i was probably like minus five the minus thirty people that come from a dark background a lot of times have this massive amount of expression inside of them because of that an if they can sort it out it's almost like they have more horsepower you know their passion like like some of the great artists as far as music tour background tortured childhoods it allows them to express themselves this intense powerful way that someone who grew up in bel air is incapable of doing exactly like when you remember that song friday friday remember that the reason why people are so mad at that is 'cause they knew that this bich hadn't suffered at all like you're not allowed to sing when you listen to like you listen to
old school blues robert johnson you listen at you like this mother fucker with hot they didn't have air conditioning they were sick out there on the porch he was constantly in persecuted by white people he was women were trying to have his baby trying to get the out of town and stay on the road you felt everything in that guy's voice that's the appeal of blues in the first place i live in new orleans but isn't that fact it's almost like you have to like have a ship childhood to become an interesting person well i didn't have a ship childhood i had a ship middle part of my life which actually did help me i always look at that part and i always remember being homeless doing prostitution the street like all of that really made me be the person as well what time does that start the ship that was like later like in my mid 20s you know i was a professional model at one time i was a woman and i traveled around europe and then i just
do it anyway because i so much cocaine a and party like mad day like crazy mad and i just crashed do you though that when you were just getting your period and you were young that's when people started giving you a hard time yeah that wasn't a bad time in your life so well yeah i was in high school still and so then you know i started having to deal with the high school thing and like you know a girl i'm becoming a wall a girl and i didn't and i'm attracted to girls you know and i was a lesbian i gas but yeah i would felt like a guy in this was you know thirty or so more years ago right and they don't even talk about that kind of stuff when i was going to high school so a lot of stuff was going on for me i started smoking weed not that that's a bad thing but when you're not focused and you start those kind of things just continues to escalate to hardcore drinking then the coke
and then everything just started escalating for me and i got totally out of control for like since sixteen to like maybe twenty eight i was completely out of control when you're self medicating lately yeah there's a big difference right between that and showing a little whiskey with among friends lately i'm totally cool with all of that i i don't drink but for me it's just that i don't drink yeah not that i'm sober i do that i just don't drink it right doesn't work for me you don't like it doesn't work yeah nothing wrong with that either right the that things how about is self medicating so common amongst kids that don't feel comfortable with who they are they just they just decided to just plunge themselves into a bottle or into it's sad pill bottle or because we also reinforce that an need society saying yeah you're right you can't be gay it's completely not ok or it's weird that you feel like a girl or it's a weird that you feel like a boy so we as a society reinforced those negative feelings constantly your dis field about yourself you there is no out for me there's
out what am i going to do i cannot live as a woman anymore with the next option is to kill myself that's why many kids try to commit suicide now because they just feel no way out of the situation you felt like you needed to add hormones to your life in order to complete your vision of who you are i don't even know i could do that i have my change over twenty one years ago when there was no internet there was no doctors uh i was the first man's man doctor in los angeles he never even met a guy like me before same with my top my chest surgery all that these guys were like ok but you're basically going to be our guinea pig i mean didn't even exist but i knew i needed to change and so i was willing to take that always in the back of my head is it didn't work i'm just going to kill myself i mean really think about how crazy that is that was always my option i'm going to try this if it doesn't work i'm just going to kill myself because that's how life threatening it was it was like
had to do it was life or death for me and this was something that built up over time or was this hotely so we had reached a point when you're in your 20s when you're out of control and partying and drinking you trying to avoid yourself lately and then once you finally face yourself you like okay i either have to do something about this or let's it's done you know i'm done i can't continue to have people come from me as a woman you know she and i was like a heart i was like a you know like you or short hair and then people you know say ship throw stuff at me on the street yet i think we're going to kick your ass like people follow me and try to fight but you know like that was my life and it was like you get tired of that you get tired of constantly having to fight people's negative towards you constantly and you're like i don't want to be this way anymore did men that would mean aggressive or land man never women never women always man fall
they made throwing shade at me trying to fight me like you know jumping me or four guys jumping mean i have to say i don't know where did where was this at the la west hollywood those kind of things okay bashing basically i didn't know that women face at that out out especially when you look like a little boy they could tell your girl you know what i mean my god is a nightmare for me and i was like i'm really lucky to be where i am today because really i should be dead so i really should be dead and so many aspects of my life i should just not be here so you went to a doctor and you we had this idea in your head like look there's gotta be a way yeah totally i had seen a documentary with a woman who changed to a man it was from or or something and i'm like how come no he told me this is possible like nobody even therapist or psychologist or psychiatrist when i went to tell a psychiatrist i feel like a man and she was like well you're just a very male identified female but the funky
she didn't even we have a lingo to come back and be like you know what book you can have a sex change like never did anybody so how do you find like if someone doesn't gender identify with being a male in there you know what what do you do if you're a man and you want to become a woman or woman you want to become a man what is the steps you found in google right right now you did that then i had to go to a bookstore and find this old book and find a doctor in the back that was like for trans gender for women for men becoming women they didn't even have anything for guys like me and i found this book i mean i was like determined to figure out how to do this and i called this doctor in hollywood here and he's like well i never worked with him woman who wants to become a man but why don't you come in and he said life and like oh you'll be my guinea pig will figure out that's fascinating that there were so many women that became women from men but know that became men who were women it's a new movement now there's a lot more happening
that you did you did you kick start it now it's been happening but i think i got cut a little take a little so you went to this doctor and then it so he says you're going to be as guinea pig yeah and how does he starts at sandel starts giving me very small doses of testosterone very you would laugh like team right and then he his checks me out make sure everything's cool within six months he has after one cc of testosterone teaches me how to inject it myself once isa whole cccc and week every two weeks jesus christ that's a lie you think so yeah and then we just six months later is like i want to teach you how to do it yourself so that you can go on with your life i want an amazing man really it was amazing he taught me and then i went on it was like i was like reborn i was reborn literally change like physically and mentally changed my life do you get testosterone in mexico known
you worry that it might be bullshit now it's cooking oil or something they might think you know did it's really i use susten on right now so like like 'cause mexican pharmaceutical drugs you can basically get whatever the heck you want it ever you want that's kind of cool did you know i'm not happy about the way mexico like the drug war is chaos and it's it's really sad you see all the violence over there and it's very depressing however this is certain amount of freedom that comes to having a schitt government is barely in control of its populace there's nothing there's yet together dude but now he's calling pharmacy and then they deliver it to your house for free they deliver it added i like pound of like you know it basically self medicate delivery truck you want twenty one years into it i completely know what i'm doing now it's not that i that's fascinating then i jacked myself and my life just darted to change and then i decided i needed to get my breasts remove even though they weren't bag i needed to have a mail to
to me it was always my ultimate thing was to be right take my shirt off and that's like such a guy thing one round your shirt off and i found a doctor who never worked with a guy like me you need yeah i thought that was fascinating about chaz bono was that there was photographs of chaz walking on the beach after she became right she has these big scars under his breasts but because in fact that now he identifies as a man in regular publications they're showing him topless right and i'm like that was really interesting because you really can't have a problem with it but if he still a woman yes exchange then it would be the real issue the same nipple i know right onto it shows you how fucking stupid we are totally like well there's same chest yeah well it's also the internet has really flip the script on what we're used to seeing what we can see what we can accept
i had never seen a man that had become a woman until you so on my message board i have a message board filled with freaks have a chair and they fuckin' they knew about you back in the 90s my websites been around since ninety eight i mean i don't know when i was introduced to you on the website years and years but that you are just a like a new piece in this new vision of the world you know there's new thing that existed didn't exist with father knows best was on the air and you the twilight zone was shocking but you know what i mean everything now is the amount of information is so much larger the scope of the canvas the size of the canvas of reality is so much larger and europe part of that you're you're part of that i think so it be because really when it comes down to is my genitals and when i went to the world and said you know
but i don't need to have a penis to be a man i just went to the world and said fuck you yeah i did what is a really interesting photo of you that's on my message board on this there's a thread that someone put up about this particular conversation you like lounging back completely naked smoking a cigar credits like for half your body it's like the manley is classical is yoked up to smoke a cigar with a beard covered in tattoos and there's a majority right it's like whoa yeah the your your identity you know you the the of you know your idea of what a man is like is immediately challenged yes and it's also like how do you feel about this because what what exactly you're seeing here you know what is this what what by zero does it is change your view of reality you know what's awesome awesome i really feel honored to be able to do that to the world it is it's an honor in a way to like shot to really push the thought of what
yeah what is male and female and gay and straight what it what is what are you right and one of the why why do they exist they do they exist because someone is threatening you do they because you're threatened by it right is what what exists what exactly is the issue what is your because now you have to look at yourself because you before look at me like a man i was and you see my and you're like holy and mostly it's the mails that because you know men are pretty it pretty attached to their pain yeah i mean you know that understandably so but that that's just so now i'm saying to you you don't have to have that to be a man it's really challenging your own identity yeah it gets it gets slippery but it's the the slippery thing is not even that that's a man too it's like what is the controversy not that he's unusual not to tease unique but what bothers people
get some angry what is what is israel are angry man must get some i want to kill me i have to like have security sometimes when i go speak because people oh yeah they told me they're going to kill me if i show up what kind of people can you imagine when people for example yale university yale university they were going to find they were said if you show up here we will kill you host students and parents and alumni and of course i had to report it i mean i i didn't want to be like that right i was like bring it on and then you know people are like you better chill out did the union on they might be there so i had a report it to the people who brought me in and they had twenty four hour security the whole time i was there we always he worried about them one we can totally yeah yeah i never know you never now that's the spot the broad spectrum but i feel that all the time i don't deal with it as much as i used to have to tell you that people have become much more understanding and much more support of my family so
ground tremendously in the last i would say five years just crazy what do you attribute that too i think listening to me in seeing that i'm just like a normal guy is not really a big deal i'm telling you how amazing my life is and i'm a positive person all i want really is for people to be able to be themselves whatever that means do you think it reflects the change in society as a whole a clearly it has to be the people are opening up their minds and understanding that yeah you know this person is so why am i angry about it right right i think that the progressive ideas are way more mainstream than they've ever in the past or way more and i think it's 'cause of the internet because the open dialog the internet presents like you realize like you know there's a lot of these people they don't they're not really much different than you or i this there like you are either not evil is something wrong with them they're just there are a different things there this that you know they
this kind of music you think it sucks but you like that kind of music and but there's so many commonality's that we sort of inform each other of because the internet you kind of go wait a minute what's a real problem here like is sexuality is it gender identification or we just distracting ourselves with this nonsense well that's a very specific kind of person now because you know i mean i don't know it's full of trolls for days and those ones really are the ones who react and do huge nick and continue to make it very negative on the internet yeah you know what i mean so of course we have the people like you and your fans i'm willing to listen and talk about these kind of things but then we have the other side that's so incredibly hateful an never once this kind of thing to be accepted in the world
yeah the trolls issue is a fascinating one that's because really all it is is unhappy people now it's it's a huge sea of unhappy people saying shitei mean things so they're crazy they're great those are the ones that say i'm going to kill you of course you have no life will be sitting at home mullen again most of 'em don't mean order sand on i always say that totally but there's a few there's a few broken ones tell yeah you have to protect yourself in those situations yeah twenty minutes after you you must i'm friendly i mean we get along with you are but so yeah jaina though yeah vagina thing fox people they don't even know what i have i might have a vagina to faking the funk the whole time well who knows i think that the angry thing is also because of the lack of real interaction because the fact they're able to do it over the internet there's no there's no
like social repercussions right when you look at someone you say something mean like you have to be a psychopath if someone never done anything to you and you look at them you say something mean and you see them react and you see it hurt their feelings and it doesn't bother you you're broken person your social graph there's something wrong with you but and you do it on the internet it's like you can just go just say something shitty yeah and because you're removed yes you're completely removed from it yeah the lack of but i think that this is temporary i really think this is like this crazy chaos before the age of enlightenment i'm and i'm and i'm a big believer are in progress and i'm a big believer in utopia utopian ideas to the point where it's unrealistic like i have some pretty unrealistic views of the abilities of humanity but those are used to have to have very i'm very much the same way i believe that if we have i'm a believer of energies first off if i give off as of energy i always get positive energy back i agree i think that's huge if you
if i came into this room right now with that attitude that was not like cool and i was just sitting here waiting for you to talk shit to me me and you are going to have not as good as a the situation going on between us i don't think right now i think it would be much because i'm coming in with that nrg yeah that negative go ahead and say it to me dude energi which a lot of people in my situation tend to have because they don't understand that you have to understand people do not understand us and when i when i come to explain to you the situation i have to understand that you don't get it and you already have a preconceived notion about it and you're already judging me and that's okay it's because you don't get it so i have to come to it within standing of that and understanding that i need to now teach you and the best way teach somebody is to be happy about it and to let you have your feelings and then hopefully i can win you over with the fact that i'm just a happy dude and it's
and you can say things to me it doesn't hurt me because if you don't understand right and then i wanted to find you they're gonna change who you are with their words but if i'm angry at you when you're calling me like a freak card do that's totally freaky and weird no i under do you think it's freaking weird 'cause it kinda is freaking weird right get it i'm not i'm not totally out of bounds with that i completely understand that the man of the is kind of where to find we know the anger thing where people want to kill you and then the troll thing with their their heating and i see all that is just misused potential that's what i think i think the human mind is incredibly complex but it doesn't come with an instruction manual it doesn't come imagine if the human body was a vehicle that you had to learn how to use and how long have to go to school for they would give you a license to operate a human body i mean
christ if you were an thereal being if you were something that existed in thought only and the only way to manifest yourself in the real world get a license to use a body you know if the human body was just like like a car are you jesus christ you'd have to learn a lot of she would have to learn you would have like well we have to find out how you're going to interact with the other human right so you gotta understand cause and effect you gotta understand action reaction you gotta understand the powerful benefits of positive energie you got to understand love you gotta understand insecurity you gotta understand jealousy you gotta understand all these waters that need to be navigated before we let you in the stream of humanity right and we don't we just fucking these all this potential and just go get out of fucking house and we push him out into the river thinking early and i think that's why a lot of those self help books are people who teach those
i think you are so huge in hand because really and i think people want to learn to be like that really an underlying part of it people want to learn how to be calm and happy and how does that person have that energy yeah i do i get that bomb it's going to be a big benefit of this podcast that's one of the big benefits people with sight is that they i have a chance to see a burst other than the one they've been told is the one that supposed to follow and then also know like oh yeah like oh i don't have to be a dick i can like take personal responsibility i can be nice to be bought can look at this as some sort of a weird temporary situation and the best k scenario is you have as many friends and loved ones an you share great moments during this time period that you're conscious and that's each thing that you're doing really because you're changing the changing that way and that way people think and then those people go to other
yeah and then they say the same thing so you're sort of like moving that positive energie along that totaly line line of people and it's it's only positive possible for me because i've got those ideas and that vibe and those those thoughts from other people online exactly and it spreads and you just got to learn what to focus on what not to and if you if i were to go online and just pay attention all the people who are trolling i've but i'd and run with my head through a wall i'd i would bill if i could only concentrated on them exactly everywhere if you have any sort of internet presence whatsoever or say anything controversial which i bowls you're gonna a massive amount of people that want just push a button something right and just just potential they're just potential it's a misuse almost universally because there's some people that disagree with me on a bunch of different ideas and there's that's totally cool and this is only what i mean and and i expect it of course and it's like
one of the things that i always make sure the pointer in most situations there's not a right or a wrong in most situations there's you think this an i may agree with you but i might disagree with you and neither one of us is right right it's just this is my perspective and this is your perspective and when people start approaching things like that then you can kind of learn from other people's point of view and you go i see why he thinks it sucks because of this or i see why he loves that because of that right but the problem is is when people want you to feel how they feel they feel like shit hurt in hurting their hateful they're they're just a mess and they just want to ban just throw up shit all over you and just turned your life in the same kind of ship that they have no i totally get that and i get a lot of those behaviors courtney turn my words around and they say buck said this about trans women should do this computer said that read the interview but i had to learn how to block them because i did it
honest i did take it personally at one of course totally like and then i was like ok wait a minute it's not me it's not my agenda it's their agenda is not about what i do and so then i just had to learn to completely remove myself from their situation we see the people like that are like snake venom little bit of in your system then you get immune and then when the snake bites you don't die right you i know what you're doing exactly snake poison you totally get it's really just like that and it both on the side of the assholes but also on the side of the progressives i see progress is going after each other with snake venom you know accusing each other of crazy short you said before it's there you want to put your agenda on someone else and they have to if they don't get it and if they're not on board with you then there are the bad person yeah i don't understand people who don't understand what you just said you have an opinion about it and i have an opinion about it and it's totally cool i respect your opinion and you respect respect my opinion
why can't we just leave it at that there's a lot of people that use the vehicle of discourse to try to hurt other peoples opinions hurt other people's feet and to score points they'll like she nine people to score for themselves and i see it a lot and i'm not give us some making fun or using humor or like a kanye west jimmy kimmel type situation which is totally warranted and i think in jimmy kimmel's defense he's due connie west of favor when kanye west needs to see how fucking ridiculous he looks yeah because he's not being cool but yeah it's totally he was being clearly on cool in an interview and even less cool afterwards right reaffirmed why jimmy kimmel should have done exactly is so i'm not talking about that but i'm i'm i i get so disturbed when i go online and people who are right with that with the feminist or whether they're skeptics are atheists attacking each other attacking people in the community like coming
out with reasons why this person's a rapist 'cause he had sex with someone when they were drunk and everyone who does that's a rapist and they're also taking this weird moral high ground when they do that they're getting brownie points right getting social brownie points while they're doing it right you see it it's transparent and disgusting and it works it will x only work you see it you see them like people praising them thank you so much for that so i think this is actually it's exactly why they do it it's easy myers is you know this whole thing with michael shermer now fastening he's accusing this guys is very famous skeptic michael shermer of not even ray the woman saying that michael shermer put her in a position where she could not have consent she could not consent and it's very ambiguous the assumption is she was drunk because he uses as corroborating evidence another woman's tale where she met him at a party and
made sure her glass was always full and she got drunk or than she normally does okay and she's literally using this to corroborate what he said meaning that he got her drunk like right completely removing herself from any personal responsibility from actually drinking being an adult and getting drunk an somehow or another like operating the the story of the other person that he got position where she couldn't consent it's weird there's this weird sort of feminist skeptic language they use like these privilege a lot yeah that's the new language did privileges a weird one right religious away when i had to really learn that
alright i get checked on that all the time that i'm in now a privileged white man yeah on that all the male privilege white male white yeah check them in the user to defuse your argument yes they do use it to defuse your view point the use it to and it's it's as weird so in a saying he has a male white privilege yes and that that discount the fact she doesn't have to take any responsibility whatsoever yeah i'm going to have to tell you that i disagree with everyone who you have snap people against akshit about me for days on the internet and i don't really care because situation is as it takes to fuckin' people yeah it does the so what they've taken is taking a hard stance the other way saying that everyone who has sex with anyone who's drunk is raping them include including women who have sex with drunk men if you have sex with your rating the man yes no man i
then we're happy to get rid of that situation it's so preposterous and it's so gross because it's a bunch of social retards that's the reality the reality is it's social retards and their first of all you're ignoring the broad spectrum of alcoholic inebriation claim there's tipsy and then there's fuckin' unconscious conscious that's rape just before i touch you recorded before unconscious still raining athlete unconscious pretty much rain i mean it gets it gets less rapey as you get more sober but the reality of laughing about rape because i want everybody to know that it is true i mean the genius of the feminine agenda in this respect is almost like a it's almost a side
act in that genius is it forces the conversation because it is important it is important yes and people who get people fuct up and do things with their body looking at all the pieces of shithole whether it's a man or the woman here yes an i think that there's a good in that that this argument yes discussed but i don't buy the delivery man i don't that pz myers guy i think he's a creeper and i think what the way he released that information with that first of all is supposed to be a skeptic and the word skeptic if euroskeptic do you understand that the worst piece of evidence that you can possibly receive right is personal experience right someone telling you what happened right you don't know what they're saying you don't know how much of what they're saying it's not only that he didn't even get it second hand and get it from the person he got it second hand he got it from another person who told him so it's nonsense now it's getting totally blown out yeah totally blown yeah totally bonuses why could prove he's a creeper they pull this up pull
pz myers isn't a feminist there's this video of him at this conference making his jokes with this woman saying that she's going to have to have sex with him if she got a these card game wrong she got the wrong card it's so gross and so transparent it kind of love when you find a jewel like this because you get to see well oh this is a social retail right this is a guy that's socked with women his whole life and now he's in this position of power being a professor so he decides he's a male feminist and so he say that yes he is and so he bathes in the warm milk of the adulation of all the people that are super progressive that go along with them yet stifles dissent in a very radical way in its forms if you do agree even if you disagree in a very polite and civil way with him outing this michael shermer guys supposed rapist for having sex with intoxicated woman even if you
disagree in a civil way he bans you from the formal and he's an idiot because now he's not open for discussion and it's all about him and his idea massive censorship so wait so he out of the guy who raped the girl well he outed the guy who he says was told had sex with a woman who could not consent no one ever says rape but he uses the word rape liberally after that and it's a weird thing he doesn't say that guys are rapist but in uh poultry talk about rape and that is rape and having sex with someone who's intoxicated rate but that it's a broad black the black and white scale of that is so ridiculous but it's also why are you responsible when you drive but you're not responsible when you fuck right now that's a great point man you don't know that you're too drunk to fuck right you don't get yourself in the musician and i'm not saying rape is ok again i need to i need to say that but what is actually a lot of times women put
thousand these we and i'm not saying they should be raped but really the world is up you know getting drunk in a situation that could turn bad is not a smart choice yeah but i i think you should never blame the woman for that yeah i don't even like to think that way because i think have to be as a woman air too yes i'm telling you i'm telling you i can say that because i used to be a woman you cannot put yourself in that situation i'm totally on the same page with you however i don't think that it's not ok to rape so i know it's a double i'm kind of saying something really kind of roundabout but really
conscious of these things yes don't put yourself in an environment it's almost on related to this story is is telling this guy it is no excuse if if you did get someone up and do something to the body there's no excuse for that right whether or not this woman shouldn't have been there should have known better it doesn't matter but we don't know what you don't know what happened exactly don't know what happened to call yourself a skeptic yes and to put the that's not a skeptic about what they're doing what they're doing is getting social brownie points yes they are phasing in the warm glow of the adulation of their follow that's the things you can't say anything anymore without people taking in and saying you're saying one thing did you find a video played played listen this smoke and mirrors yeah probably up so we could see it doing your belly dance this is the guy with the beard who apparently is very brilliant man in a professor of biology and shemale universe my clothes on chineke my clothes off just let it yeah
this is where this this video some guys annoyed for all these different times so we realized we lied realized we always lie to yourself i got work to do so just joking around here everything's cool you know being silly with someone now this is him dealing with this uh i'm some cards okay you right there purple shirt yes you'll do so he does not know very clearly does not know how rolling around the audience i don't know what that says we can't see it because they were thing because it turns out that okay of course there could also be higher stakes we could say you know for instance if i win this hand i get to kill and eat you playing a playing card another thing is you know if you were in the hand than i would have to submit and have sex with you
ok it's just joking around i guess bye is very awkward have to submit and have sex with you man if it was your wife you win i will give you my hotel room number right out do the sex thing later anyway ok rush off well sort go back you're sick no take the you with you week i got to you back to the sex part later so hang on okay next year the watson vz mired buddy in the feminist movement ok let's just they don't need play the rest of it but that guy needs to shut the fuck if you actually said that my brain is kind of getting it refers to what i have my suspicions were my suspicions were social retard right and that is that's those are the words of a social retard that's an awkward person tries to make joke about having sex with the woman that was a feminist yes exactly
wife or girlfriend and he did that you would be horrified anyways i don't care if it was my wife or girlfriend he he's not a feminist you don't talk like that as if that's just really inappropriate behavior he's a hypocrite but what i was saying before was that even people in the progressive movement do shity she things like that like this guy with this michael sherman thing right it's this it's it all comes from the same place doesn't come from a place of love it does come from a place of peace now even and reaching out to try to supposedly elevate those who are in trouble or do who are depressed or who are or repress story who are who are on by society you are doing it prop yourself up a n to hurt someone else yeah he yeah it's not you're not doing it in in a loving way no way that's an agenda clearly an agenda and he found his found his people
he could totally work his agenda to exactly is that ma'am that's mucking dangerous and it's just a just like religion yeah we were talking about earlier today same thing is coming from a place of fear it's coming from a place of control it's the same god damn thing into control is super obvious when you see the suppression of free speech that he puts on his own blogs the for it on his own blogs he sensors anybody that disagrees even if they disagree somewhat piece of like he doesn't even know what he's doing and that's the thing is with community is a lot of times they censor our speech shin us we can't say an amusing myself as an example here i'm not allowed to say certain things because they don't refer our community props but i might but i'm a person first and it is the way i believe and i think it is important for me to speak my mind about certain things we all can't think the same way like we talked about earlier we all have different ways we think things should be or things and it's only
my own personal experience but within my specific community i'm not allowed to say certain words or react to certain things i'm not i like who what what i think for a lot of folks that do feel marginalized or have been marginalized like they've fuqing they've hit that the guy from network i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore so like these are the parameters this is what will accept this is what we won't accept and in in way i i angry do like i'm telling you right now where i am right now if i had that anger i really interesting because he wouldn't get in the door get in the doors people wouldn't want to listen to me because i was wrong i really have to tell you a lot of the communities are really angry an they alienate people like myself who want to further our accept in the world have obviously i want to because i don't use the same way drive angry forced then i'm the add person i'm actually not for that and i don't believe in that i believe like i said earlier really get
people to understand you have to educate the people who don't understand and isn't it funny that like we were talking about earlier like weird acronyms of people you rise in and eight categories that are very specific and then language like privilege that gets used almost as as like you know like you like you let them know you're speaking the lingo noam chomsky actually address this is he's a linguist right and he was talking about how they're sort of pretending like indiana like a lot of radical progressives pretending that this is almost scientific because they here quantum theorists talk in this like really strange cereal language that no one really understands so they sort of use the same kind of jargon in words to psychology and sociology in regards to like progressive ideologically and so they're not trying to be understood they're trying to be outside of the realm of understanding so that you can't question them but you
got a question man but they know in their mind you can't you don't even get it it's l b t cute guy is totally out of your atari and i don't use it like i don't know if you know what since gender days know what is i mean i've heard that i don't know what it basically a biological per like you were born in the body that you have chosen to be an assistant for so since you have to look it up on the internet i'm i don't use it as a why asked gender c i s yeah so i don't use it it's fine i use it i use it because i want to educate now educate you on sis gendered and when i just use the word biological you get by well do you not yes right that's better that's better cisgender end wikipedia according to a great offense rid of reading it previous to simply says disk i'd related types of gender identity where an individual self perception of their gender matches the sex they were assigned at birth so meaning biological biological yeah but they felt a need and i'm not being
rude are disrespectful but if they felt a need to their own word yeah because you have you as a biological person or the straight world has made have made words for us so it's sort of like we now have our own word for you so i'm like that's cool go right ahead but that's not you know for me i need to educate you and if i keep getting water down you you lose you lose is it you know he lose it and you're not really getting it do you know about the case where there was a man who became a female and then started mma fighting fellowship my friend she's your friend what do you think about that situation what do you think about the first of all the fact that she didn't tell people that she used to be a man right and got it i got it and fought a bunch of women and began out of am i got it and then now that she wants to compete as a woman well okay
he's a woman to me she's a woman she completely changed if i simply identifies as a woman again we're going to come back to what makes you a man in a woman right now with fighting with fighting i've not my profession it's not my thing i don't but she wrote me so can i show you what she wrote me sure and i want you to read it so that you can see what she said because of course i knew you were going to bring this up and i think it's very important that you get it from her okay as for me i can't speak for her because she's a trans woman i'm a trans man we can't speak for occurs not yet and also it's not me and also i i'm not i'm not versed enough in that world of some of this of that sport so i can't tell you what the rules but if you're just gonna ask me generally what i've about it i do feel that she is a woman and i do feel that she has the right to fight as a woman it's like i can't use the men's restroom because i'm not really a man
in general it is an honor again well once you read what she has to say for you for you to to to see this because i think it it is super important that i think it's a complete valid argument one hundred and ten percent don't get me wrong but i i don't have any service in here what a bummer att we have att now i have t mobile because i have darien it was unlocked if you step outside that door that you can go oh yeah we have it jamie can you get in password so i wanted let me since while you're looking forward here's two ish with that one that i have is the male frame the mechanics male frame it is different it's different like if you are a person who has large man hands and man shoulders that doesn't go away if you take estrogen and
canix of the male frame or a significant advantage there's also significant advantage in reaction speed that men enjoy ten percent so massive amount that's across the board pretty much when leads is a massive reaction time difference between men and females is also learning the skills as a man being up thirty years of being a man becoming a woman these are all li li unfair advantages that a man would have entering into female combat sports but you're so every man is the same nobody died i'm not saying that okay what i'm also we will go into that but here's the big one the big one is she didn't say that she used to be a man she ever told anyone know not in so it came out and then when it came out the this fight was sanctioned as her being a transwoman but the fights before that opponents i've spoken to them they were furious they were upset and they were told that they were bigots by people online they were attacked this one girl who emailed maine and thanked me she was telling me that she was
being attacked left and right by so called progressives because we're calling her a big it because it his woman but she didn't know it used to be a man fodder an she was pist off about it because the guy ragged old are well i mean there's so much more involved in it you know that right it's not black and white like anything i'm talking nothing black and white it's just not it's not and i shouldn't say the guy said that she ragdoll herd sheep she beat the out of them like a guy would be the out of women it's it's hard to watch because if you watch the physical advantages that she has over these women she's not that good i know what i look at someone who's good technically profession i totally understand what i'm seeing is someone ragdoll people i'm seeing her smashed these girls and
i think it's because of her frame look at my hands see the size of my hands no matter how many female hormones i took i would still have those but look at my hands exactly and that's a massive advantage there's a massive advantage in the shape of the hipc there's a massive advantage in the width of the shoulders like their size of biological women that are her size right there are there are a few but it's still not exactly the same just the mechanical advantages of the male body still exists if you have a man in a woman and the same way in the same sort of muscular there's still the difference in the frame this difference in the shape of the hips there's a difference in the care is the right the reaction time might might just level ramos still female yeah i totally understand that but that said i think i think after which is that because again i think
it's important there are variables though and there's there's serena williams who's like this alpha female and then there's girls who like there's a woman is fighting on the ultimate fighter right now is a very skilled rocks and modifying she's but she's very feminine she's very from shouldn't have that fast twitch explosive muscle fiber that you know some women have more fallen lost a lot of that when she started to take as aging she doesn't have the testosterone in her body i am down with almost everything except combat sports the reason being is a contact sports for because of the frame the hands of mechanical vans the reaction time and the consequences you're free health the the fighting
getting hurt badly in if there's an unfair advantage and that person use that on for advanced whether it's taking steroids and cheating on my tape or to taking blood enhancers like hot po those are all illegal because they changed the field i know there are people that are born with more testosterone is a it's a natural advantage you can choose to do and not to fight them right but in this situation we're not dealing with we're dealing with a man made variable and i think it needs to be addressed before you ever fight for sure and i'm fighting for times or how many times she fought in in c secret like that as a trans woman is very dangerous it's true i understand your point i completely dude i completely do and it's a very difficult like i'm saying if a very difficult i know it's a trans person i guess for yeah okay so i'm going to give you the example of this let's say i was going to go home with somebody and have sex with them okay i'm a huge huge advocate for disclosure so i'm not going to
date were not hanging out in the bar and drinking i don't need to tell you that i'm a man with a bushy right but let's say we're going to go home and fuck right i need to tell you right now dude we're not going to get a cock right now you're going to get a pussey right like that is so important to me that people understand that you cannot put that other person in that position you know what i'm saying like you cannot put some bud in a position of uncomfortable iti when you bring them home and they think one thing and you do another so i disclosure good for you i think i don't i can't speak for this woman but i think in her case you want to be a woman and then exactly so i had to make that choice in her own mind what was more important and would people how did people find out the beach on sunday told on really got trouble yeah but she's legally a female is she not i don't know where help some commissions will accept that and you know she has her singing it was changed she's legally a female i don't know if that happened with her
i don't know i think you still it's a medical thing disclosure thing i think in some athletic commissions being a trans woman is as a medical disclosure saying where you have these guys start fighting mma yeah but i have to close that i was a that i'm a trans man yeah i think you probably would i would have it depends on the commission because i let's say i don't think people are going to make a big deal out of it as we going in right now then as a woman i think wholly different for trans women i'm telling you they have to deal with this all across the board for the restroom as we just discussed with your small hand right and my giant right exactly well if i just became a woman and we had a cage fight right i would i would have a big advantage just right just because the frame of your friend that's a big advantage i know it's an advantage i know was a martial arts expert whole life right what it what how much that plays a factor plays a big factor so it is so yeah i know it's it's it's a fascinating discussion and of course i do under
don't get me wrong yeah read her statement i've been taking surgeon for around ten years i had my grs her sex reassignment six years ago s m t mail to females have a lower testosterone count than even cis females regardless of if we take estrogen or not it's harder for me to keep off that it affects my cardio my bone density and decreased female range at first you said muscles will be stronger but he backtracked from that when he found out he was wrong did you say that no he said my bone density was a few in female range he backtracked from that now so he found out he found that out what he had been left with is bone structure what you just said to me that's what i last heard him clinging onto he was she's obviously upset about it because you know she
she just says anyway he was trying to say that i have a great advantage because of my reach but my is it in only one inch longer and reach on my last opponent my next opponent taller than me by about one and slash two note by one and a half yeah is one or half or eleven and one slash two inches likely that her reach is longer or same as mine so she so that shoots that out of the sky her name is ashley evans smith wait sir ok so then she had me search this video right here with the last this woman my last opponent fought was veronica roth and hauser she is about fif she knocked out my ashley the girl i'm about to fight in five seconds there i other ways like a five second knockout it was the quickest knockout in women's mma history her bone structure is greater than
ninety percent of the fighter female fighters out there yet nobody is complaining about it thing is they will probably bring up safety the safety of female fighters if safety is the issue then why not bar cisgendered females over five hundred and eleven or have reached restrictions first of all there's a lot of stuff going whole ship of course i never said anything about her a inconsequential you away in you know it certainly helps to have a long reach but it also helps be shorter and stockier if you use certain techniques right i do some more paul harris style here's the thing about bone estrogen is what actually causes bone density causes bone growth testosterone men convert doster own peripherally to estrogen this is all coming from a doctor who responded dr ramona crew to m and as my friend steph steph daniels aka crooklyn put
article on bloodyelbow which is mma website on where the this doctor was detail advantages that a male the female transgender would have because the information that is available online is very biased in a lot of ways and the information is coming from people that are supporting gender women competing against densis women as he will so he said he have a man who was hormonal blockers to block testosterone but is now taking estrogen which is going to prevent osteoporosis osteo porosus that's how you say it right so there wouldn't be a great percentage of bone density loss per se males have a higher bone density and higher mass skeletons than females and it takes a long time for that to diminish typically you're looking at fifteen years after androgens such suppression an srs to really start to see significant changes in bone density so right there this doctor saying
she has a male bone structure so yeah we all so it's not that we have to cite his research on that somehow yeah you're right you're right what we are showing at least is one person who is an expert in the field a board certified endocrinologist who is telling you that no this is not true and that this bone density issue it takes more than five thousand and fifteen years an it's a significant advantage that he would enjoy or male to female would enjoy once she became a she right over others six females right her testosterone levels are more than likely in the normal female rain sensor adrenals are the primary source right now without seeing her labs it's hard to say for certain how are they maintaining her levels are they keeping them at a very high end or the low end right and are her normal ranges for those there are huge normal ranges for those values right so it's since
you're dealing with endogenous or exogenous that we say how do you say when it's an artificial hormones turning your system whatever your your your engineering your hormone levels instead of letting your and consistent to that right so it's very debatable account what is totally what are the levels and and how how was how come nobody asked for her levels have them i'm sure that they they do especially now yeah i'm she developed fully into a mail with the normal musculature and bone structure she she didn't undergo hormone therapy and surgery until she was fully developed as compared to someone who completes b and surgery in there adolescence and or air it early adulthood manner completely develop by the age of twenty two and she didn't sort of therapy until several years later than that right so there's also a things that she goes over different reasons several different and we don't have to continue going into it but it's very difficult because of course i'm coming to it from i'm a
and so i should be treated like a man whether you like it or not we also come into it as someone is supporting trans gender and supporting the idea of gender my life yes right so it's like of course i have to understand that you know i i personally i understand why she didn't disclose because i would've so uh i think probably for the same reason why she was deceptive in that letter that she wrote to you about the things that i said i didn't say saying that i didn't just okay the bone structure and i think she has a higher bone structure the right female right i didn't disagree about the strength of our muscles i don't know what she's i look at her she's that's a big woman yeah it's a big strong woman a seaman handles girls in the case you be so sure of that right and when i found now that she used to be a man i go well that's what i'm saying that's what i'm saying i'm saying i'm saying a ridiculous strength advantage right and the others there's girls are strong as shit no doubt and it's probably girls they could beat her ass no doubt this
xii board that you know she had a lot of guys would want to with our professional fighters would want to the sideboard right but then there's also the cyber got popped doing steroids yourself you know she actually inserted some male hormones in their own system right my point is if you do want to do something like this first of all a disclosure is fucking huge and be you need to be tested we need to be tested like across the board on everything you can't just be saying i have low bone density and saying i have low testosterone we need to know what the fund is really going on and it has to be disclosed that people want to compete against you and i'm sure cyborg would have no problem beating the shit out of that check well the thing is i think fallon comes to it with no she's like the first person to ever do this so there's a lot of stuff going on there right so it is is it a very touchy situation because may she
feels like a woman so she feels like i'm a woman i don't need to discuss this bright but she started fighting as well but now it's different i have to tell you obviously it's out in the open people know about it she has a huge opportunity right now to actually open it up for lots more trans gender fighters figure out how we can change it how do we change this so it is cool for you to fight and everybody feels cool about it right yeah really do that now that's a real good question well least now it's out in the open so now i have no problem with anybody who chooses to compete against her now just i don't have any people the woman who chooses to compete against men but that's awesome that you just said that that's like huge for trans people but for you to say i don't have a problem with it but how do we do it then it's fair 'cause sports is all about fair
it's all about their okay what's nine but this is not just a regular sports this is not for i put your health all right i understand the realities she's given these girls concussions yes and with the reality of combat sports is not like losing a soccer game hey you know this is strange differences holly difference when i and again that's why i get so adamant about high right the reason why she's so defensive about it is she's got to realize that she heard those girls and she knows she actually physically lock them up for four five of them up in the first round and on the first we ask real quick beat downs brutal beat downs she didn't take any damage at all as far as to who's good one fight which one girl here with a couple of punches boxing's did pretty good she got on the in perfect shape getting any credit for giving me credit for her for her fighting skills though there ok i know what good fighting skills look like and she's a decent competitor you're saying basically that's all come she's manhandling them that comes from manhandling it doesn't come from her just what i'm saying what i'm saying is huge strength advantage
and that happens with men and that happens with women too there's women that can fuckin' ragdoll chicks and kick their asses out of ciswomen as you were getting your teacher aware it i get that but but that's natural when your engineering it of course people are going to be upset when your engineering designing your especially when you listen to this doctor say it takes fifteen fucking years before there's any change at all and that you will have the bone density of a man and this is a board certified endocrinologist who has no stake in the game not someone who's a gender reassignment doctor which is what i've read all across the board i think positive in defense of theirs it's all been people who are working in that industry yeah all the people who who have a vested interest in supporting the idea that trans gender female has a note and edges of course but you can't that's fuckedup i agree with you on that it's about facts yes you
always look at the facts and if you have actual medical stuff and that says that this person has an advantage over that you cannot ignore it it's not being anti trans gender it's not do you know who the you know richards renee richards is for folks who don't know renee richards was you know basically just a regular tennis player right not that good as then became a woman who kicked an was a mother fucker ok she was so good this is way back in the day women trans women had a massive head start on people like you she was actually barred from playing as a woman in the us open in nineteen seventy six seventy
six and less she submit it to chromosome aelteste tonight she sued the united states tennis association in seventy seven she won the right to play as a woman without submitting to any testing and she played between seventy seven and eighty one she was ranked as high as 20th overall and our highest ranking was the end of her last year in seventy seven was twenty second she was 20th and twenty cents pretty fucking good i mean it's it's really yeah tell is a minor she dominated you know what we got a break through with a breakthrough about how it works listen it she was in hurt anybody right i said your point i totally get your point and i think it's fair valid my anger about it might might distrust in the four years of several one the lack of disclosure initialing right too in reading her very thing were seized deceptive in her email and she says a bunch of things i didn't say right that's that's that shows me the way her mind works that's a problem
that's not a good representative of a trans woman and then there's also the issue of what the sport entails entail doing violence as quickly as possible and that 110th of a second advantage and reaction time is got damage i shirts god damn gigantic and so there needs to be studies done as to whether you become a transgender woman when does that advantage there where exactly does it ever go away is it imprinted is the issue of imprinting skills as a man and then transitioning to a transgender woman ha there this is not a cut and dry issue is very very complex issue but what's in news has nothing to do with heart and and there's nothing to do with being nice to people is nothing to do my thing
where i'm coming from a purely as a a martial arts expert and be a defender of real women a defender of real women who get stuck in a situation where someone might have a real fuckin' mechanical physical bone structure advantage bone density advantage testosterone event is a lot of variables that could really lead to them getting concussed well it may not real and it's cisgender women by the way i remember okay using real women freaks people out just to let you know i'm helping you but really what it comes down to i think is safety that's good to the real issue it could very unsafe sport especially in a sport that you could kill somebody yes so that is a valid that is uh good point i think coming from you and i'm not saying that i say it
right you what you're saying or it's wrong what you're saying i think it's valid what you're saying and i think we need to figure out how to make this work for everybody is it possible i don't know hi has the reach make a difference it's not reach at the first shot out of a horse is that any of her bone but it could be the same height the same it doesn't matter because you're weighing in right now it's all about the punch the contact it's about the mechanical structure of the male frame it's about the advantage in reaction time it's about the imprinting of skills as a mail for you know plus years and then transitioning to a female there's a lot of issues but what what is huge for me to relay is that i am very sensitive to whatever anyone's gender identity is and i make no judgments on that if it had nothing to do with sport and spine
my sport of of martial arts and where i'm an expert right i understand i do i've taught it i know i've done it my whole life i understand the advantages and their giant you know i trained with world champion women right and you could tell the difference in a world champion man in the world champion women i'm sure if they're really high level there's just a freak advantage that a man has right and it doesn't go away that easy man just doesn't right and some women can counter act like a woman like rhonda rowsey she's his woman as you get in she'll fuck man upright legit you know like champion man she can arm bar then she's legit but doesn't mean that it's ok to go in to make it political shape and at this point it's a political statement clearly which is not actually fair to do in a sport that could kill somebody and what's faktas i support the political statements i of course you do that i know that about you that's what's really funny is about you sucking shouted very cool wish it like that but i can't so important that i can't support
because sis women are going to fund that's already already not all of 'em yet everyone is getting fuckedup anyway you know not not all of them obviously but do i have ok so i have this question because every single one of the cisgender women fighters have a problem with fallon a huge percentage i don't know if everyone i couldn't i haven't spoke to everyone of them but i've spoke to several most in private who don't even wanna discuss it all right we were it was a chain of expletives fuc that and one of the things that they always uses man hands they use the size of hands if you have a ball peen hammer and a big nail it's really hard to drive that nail in if you gotta fucking sledgehammer in the same size nail you boom and it goes right in there's a weight advantage to the size of a hand that makes a big difference but some people don't have gendered would it be she's not i know but that's the
the problem is she's not a george foreman if you gave george short form and female hormones and put him in a dress tonight he would phuc up every woman on the planet earth his hands are like hands don't change they don't in your hands don't change don't change neither is your jaw ability to take a punch but i mean changing from male to one k right you got more data came out like cro magnon man you liked it though we got excited and sit with a beard that's you know and when in expressing something whether it's on a podcast or expressing something in a tweet or a blog cool ideas sometimes always across you know i've been accused across the board about this being transphobic transphobic you're not actually well i think it's really it's normal it snatcher for for someone who immediately point the finger and say that but it's not fair to the subject 'cause this project is very intense but you're not
i'm not saying on air i yeah you're not transphobic but i'm not anything phobic yeah you're not not resist i'm not no you're not homophobic i'm but but i people on their ship that's totally different yeah i do the same thing it's completely different well like i said i'm friends with one of the girls that she thought this sis gendered female who got the fuck beat out of her and she was like jesus christ i'm getting manhandled here i mean that's how she described it she didn't even feel like it was wrapped all fight rag dolls when you just like fucking it's portion across somebody like right when someone gets ragdolled it means that you know like if you fight fight fight brock lesnar i get ragdolled right you just wanna chance mean
not saying they did the difference between her and if you know the price far less than me and brock lesnar a dummy easier that she's rag dolling these women who are right in her same weight class by there's an advantage and it needs to be discussed and it needs to be something that's fully explored and maybe she's the pioneer of this session and maybe they you know we'll figure out a way to add something that alleviate certain amount of bone density maybe they'll figure out how to do something that changes the mechanical advantage that a man has made almost all thing maybe we have to understand that she has to fight the people that want to fight her yeah don't laugh i heard they have that they have that option right now to say yeah i want a fighter or i don't want a fighter and then we have to figure out how that's gonna plane of the situation and you know what there also can p a trans gender division may know that's very transgender women there's plenty of trans women yeah that's a great idea it's a super awesome idea bad idea that leaves no controversy at all i don't think anybody would have a problem with an answer you wouldn't hear a peep out of me i would have no problem with now because it's a fair fight now yes exactly and i don't think you know i don't
there's anything wrong with the idea if it's vetted out and fought found to be a hundred percent safe right but i've looked at it objectively i've looked at the research and i've been told by all these progressive people that are like you know hey this real science been done on this i live is that real science and it's horseshit there's not real science it's real science that set up to give com russian bias to the idea that as soon as someone attains sexual reassignment surgery then there immediately they not just identify as that sex but all that sex physiologic right and it's simply not true it's not true i'll be the first time that i have female frame still you cannot change your dna is there my frame is still female it is i can put us much bulk i want to put on my body i still have and you know when i used to be a lot bigger i was like all getting into the whole body building thing
and then all i heard all the time because my little frame underneath though it's like fuck you what is the heaviest you ever got i got about one hundred and eighty five and i was just like my shoulders were like this i had no neck dude i was like i'm already a man i travel like mad so i couldn't go to the gym all the time i'm eating sock and so i i know wasn't comfortable my frame underneath my woman frame was going you fool how much is your way as a woman oh i was small did i was one hundred and ten oh so you put on seventy five pounds of muscle on their thinking seventy five steaks like big fat one in one of those crazy jim p seventy five stack it up dude like i was crazy put it that way seven that's pretty gross that's a lot meet you pronounce now now about one hundred and sixty
i'm out my way of telling twenty five pounds even feel so i fifty up yeah like yeah what we do when you are a lot of power lift down totally just have wasted like every kind of heavy weight you can imagine yet deadly as like banks pratt like all of the big the way that i'm sure changed your frame a little bit you think yeah not just your your bone structure to a bed that made your bone structure lot dance about that's also require a lot of what how your head decker on my hang out early if you draw my nose grew power lifting and especially powerlifting under the influence of testosterone that's so that's a big one for everything dancer they say certain amount of it is actually really important for old people like to avoid loss of bone density men and women have that totally yeah those powerlifting movements like deadlifts and i think they're awesome i still do that but more like crossfit you going away not so much like that going to the gym
right right well cross they get a little wacky too now they're telling those people get bananas have a body a blown back now from cross and i was trying to warn him you know it's like chill out like my trainer says that when you do all those reps with those powerlifting exercises
dangerous efa carlos train all of the w o d i got my start in your excel energy open across the jam and i totally obsessed with across it and i go every once in awhile and it's all cool sexy a guitar and i'm insane i think those checks or sex yeah their bodies look fine nominal yeah the nominal really strong yes powerful checks that with like chalk on their holy are yeah so they have really i like the squatters should do a porn with crossfit checks yeah you will love the process yeah yeah crossville take yet every jim the country so as soon as it goes natural as soon as it goes national on the internet in dealing with the you it all up for we got a bunch of people to get the total wrong impression price it out now there if you think it's a sex club yeah you go and squad then just i like those ones are really good for sept actually they are the right
don't have sex with real people you don't want text someone worried about breaking things yeah so hopefully following is going to be cool about we do listen i give me up i want found to know that i don't have no disrespect to her as a human being if i knew her only as a trans woman we would be friendly as all i swear to god i believe it my issue rely allies only on the lack of disclosure and what i saw in those fights so how can she fix that do you think is there a way that sort of you know what's the word i'm looking for it like sort of bring herself back and and and people start having little bit more respect for her in the mma stuff well now that already lost her i don't know how i did it herself from that or i don't think anybody ever discredit themselves forever i mean i think the the biggest ups you one can come back from right you're honest as well if you're honest but sometimes people aren't willing a lot of times that the community is not willing to sort of give
yeah well then she's going to certainly face some resistance in german yeah she certainly going to face resistance as far as opponents at least now it's willing resistance its people understand not resistance post is fight where they go wait a minute that used to be a guy what the fuck and then they get mad like jesus christ have a concussion that compares what they're hearing that used to be a guy and then of course that brings up all kinds of red flags or like i'm not fighting a dude this is womans fighting but for now on now that it's revealed i'm for anybody who wants to fight her i just think that if the commission is going to be responsible about it be some sort of real protocol setting it should really be examined bone density the whole nine yards everything should be examined an you should have more opinions than these extremely biased gender reassignment doctors who are providing a lot of the information that i've been reading online that people have been pointing to in support of gender reassignment people being immediately recognized as sis gently knows the same real real woman
right i think the once it's out there it's out there now that it's out there hey you know if you choose to compete against her and euro sis woman and you have no problem with it it's call i'm free with you try to ride bulls to i think that's but way more ridiculous i'm free when you try to do flips on a bmx bike do whatever the you want any kind of context for my imac rugby or something like that what do you what do you think about if you want to do it as long as you know either and also as long as the other team mates are people now that you are a trans gender yes what is wrong low this needs to be disclosed you need to be as close and it really needs to be studied objectively and scientifically with out any sort of bias so we can really look at the actual numbers not just one person but on several people look like on the high side right yeah pre surgery post surgery right in the middle five years and i get a real database to work because we don't have one right now i think hello i
women when i when i skip box the used to be this check these come in a jam and slug it out with dudes right and everybody support her on that you you know you want to go in there do that and i know girls that are pro mma fighters to this day they go in the gym and do get out would do and they do it because it makes them better and that i am a hundred percent but they don't know what they're doing when i go in there they choose that and just like riding a bull or going bmx riding or anything else is dangerous as long as you are fully aware of the parameters of the competition and getting involved in in the wrist that they might entail i'm cool with it yeah i just said earlier i'm for me every part of your life transversely are deaf then the rest of the world we have to understand that face value i look like a guy but it doesn't mean that i that i that it's okay that you might think that way about me as well
well it's beautiful about today is you may be different than me or you may be different than jamie you might be different but you're not different than everybody and you can reach each other the communities now that can be established through the internet it's there's so much broader and there's so much more varied there's so much more room for everybody you can find those folks total and i think that's a lot of enthusiasm about finding that is what creates all these weird acronyms and secret languages and these weird inside toxic inside china it is our secret language that everybody that you're inside you know i think that's sort of what kind of foster is that i mean i think that's a natural aspect of human interaction sure especially and finally you belong to toledo you like involving engross yourself in it and just really get super in depth yeah because you can body up and we all know will how each feel about each other and we know how how are like is where we all have the same story in different ways yeah we all come to it
it's also super important that a guy like you comes out and explains how much bull that you had to deal with before that happened in your point of view and how depressed depress you were and how gross it was to have to fucking fight people 'cause they didn't like who you were an you can hear that and it'll change peoples opinions i totally think so fuck yeah well but you know like i said people like you putting me on their shots totally give you props for that dude because your fan base doesn't know guys like me and of course they're going to say stuff i totally get it but hope i know many of the guys are going to walk away going actually he's told it is you'd be surprised my fan base there's a lot of weirdos i'm the bond the bridge between the meat heads in the plug i took but that's my point that's important because yeah those guys are the ones that are like well they're just the
donors they don't want to oh yeah and they don't understand also that there's actual strength in not judging strength in being open this thanks and being cool with everybody there's strength is personal strength there is in being open to others and not being insecure about that and that closed off ness is actually weakness so clearly and it can also provide you and and gives you conflict in right it's unnecessary and enemies in your life that are unnecessary they easily could be allies i know that's what i was saying you're not having a positive energie and discussing those things and understand yeah member we said your opinion i is your opinion and i appreciate that opinion and she should too my opinion also happens to be the exact same opinion of every single martial arts expert that i've talked interesting i have not talked to
i had a diff that was one trainer not one person involved deeply in the business not one fighter male fighter not one not one said it makes everyone's like wants because its new season it started out now one well and also the man understand the advantages right there's critical advantages right even like great female fighters they like miesha tate is a great female fighter she moves like a woman though there's prince is a difference in the way the body move yeah i see that you know yeah people have there's a real like a consensus opinion about that across the board in the mixed martial arts community and it's almost unanimous unanimously against someone doing that without disclosure right because it's not it's not fair that's the
well yeah because the facts show it's not fair but the fact is serena williams i think direct pitches she's a total sis woman i love her you can't even get serena williams than mhm she would just listen to me i would say serena you're going to be the baddest pitch in history but falling in her against each other what do you think that will found would probably kick her out yeah you need to solve some skills if a person doesn't have anymore without straining your trainer and what do you think about that they would have to have a commensurate skill level before you can even judge now would have to like actually see found like hit a bag and see what she can actually
do right now in person you know serena williams i'm sure it doesn't have any mma training to be that fucking good at tennis you're eating breathing sleeping auclair living task but she's a super athlete super yeah if she just listen to me i could get that pitch in the right gym teacher love her she's so give me a couple of years i'll get you the right trainers just listen to me i'm no judge you i'm going to i'm going to write journals every day we're going to take she would a female mma unless she kills and tennis i find more money is found out yeah she's like my god make and i look at that body jesus will resist look at are flocking ally god damn i love yeah if you were in a fight to the death with that chick you gotta fight your dad you can't take it easy on her man look at that arm my goodness if that arm got around your neck so you're going to sleep you going night night taught her how to do a triangle properly you see her legs
shave her legs jesus christ the legs of the gods the tightness of her vagina must be a thing of legend she clamped down on you it's probably like dogs dogs like the male dog locks into the female and the female wants to get away crying dogs in pain like let me go to pour hot water on them there's something physiological that happens to the males penis where they actually lock in there somehow in order to make sure look at her fucking legs jesus quieter ask dude are you kidding god asses on mazing that looks like her asses pregnant with basketballs look real she doesn't like she looks like she could just jump over a building i mean she is super woman she could just launch herself over the entire fucking tennis arena wanna fucking ask mike that delete that so that's about ultra who wow wow
where did you get that picture brought the funk is that as look at that tripping over asses insanity it's a photo shop it looks like a photoshop yeah it's not a photo shop make sure that's not a photo shop find other corroborating pieces of evidence that really that's so ridiculous but i've seen i've seen enough that i think it is what her ask really looks like it is that's power goddamnit kittens that girl jesus christ that girl some genetics super like i said the mount of pull there's our right it's insane yeah that's on the beach it's it's real that's not even like in the middle of training it's a system down my in with some miley song was always with all traffic trailing behind her that's like three she has like three small white girl packed in together yeah that's you can't yeah
change it that every day if every woman look like that we would be a totally different species of human complain if that was the look at that fucking body change pass so that was the genetics of every woman we all bread we would have warrior children we would we would make like everyone looked like three hundred after they did the cgi on their bodies everyone's body would look like three hundred will be insane yeah i mean there's and that is also the gray area when you're talking about transgenders like that a woman assist gender woman like her exists and then you know what is that that's a freak yeah end of the spectrum and that's a cisgender woman you know like maybe we should look at what her bone density is and all of the things that she has in her musculature and then look at it i mean but also the weight class too she would be clearly a heavyweight i mean i don't know for how much she weighs but i gotta think she's a buck sixty five dollars at least at least an think about the
full spectrum go molly ringwald right you know tasty red head it just looks like she bruises every time she runs into a corner corner of a table that is shin bruises and hang nails or swallow and pour my sexy i can now she's is soft and white yeah yeah taker outside in the the bright sun turns paying vampire yeah i mean the then that's the same with males as well that's a real issue with men's athletics in mixed martial arts as well and that has nothing to do with steroids there's people that are just natural super athletes and then there's other folks that just have really slow twitch muscle fibers that you know wouldn't be bad of their triathletes but in an mma fight they just can't generate speed and power right and then they fight someone just made wow can just blast them and
it's sad to watch because you know that fight or a will never beat fighter be right you know there's fighter being in the ring in the first place 'cause they're good they're just not good enough they're good they get like there's certain guys i want to mention any names from mention the positive side after certain guys that they're never going to be a guy like jock or a suse there's a guy and put this picture of a jock array j a c a r a against yushin okami there's photos of him beating the fuck out of this bad as japanese dude you should know call me now you should know comedy is a bad mother fucker in this genre ray guy is such a physical freak that he just rush this guy i mean there's the guys that just have this very unique physical ability and no matter what you do your never going to be there as long as he's training as long as he's learning skills as long as he's dedicated himself
she has certain inherent advantages that he was blessed with right that you can overcome right if a guy is not just physically it just has the physical ability but also puts in the dedication an has the intelligence and the mental strength he has all those factors it's not fair yeah right because if you don't have those of you just super tough right and you really technical but you're body sucks a fat dick right just got some old rules slowpoke dna and you just can't get over that the physical harm but i can crack you and will and i can't reach him right you can't get a hold of them you can't hit him when you want to is too fast right is nothing new to pull up the unit is there any photos of job growth with someone or just you well just if you find it impressive photo of him and look at all that guy is a fucking super stud it's tell from that picture if you see there's a picture of him beat the shit out of okami if you see jacques array versus okami look at jack
well yes k a m i brazil he was a world you to champion multiple time world you to champion and now he's fighting mma and he you know in he is the the argument towards fallon fox's side that there's a broad spectrum in both sexes has to williams yeah right so then yeah so does that so that's actually really good question and yeah because then you have that is that fair but it is natural yeah see if you find a picture of him beating the shit out of okami 'cause there's some photos of him smashing okami where you look at his body and just like jesus fucking christ if you see him move it's even spookier 'cause he moves like a cat and he moves like a big giant cat bring some with getting the shit beat out of them in a fight do they like stop it at a certain point it looks like i'm going to die there you see him there teeing off on it but if you see him actually moving it's even spookier yeah they stop it if uh
you can't defend themselves not defend himself or if the referee thinks he's taking too much punishment the referee is free to stop at anytime if he feels like it's not competitive anymore the guys danger and that's the most important job the referee has rescuing people from danger from danger yeah it's the worst thing that ever happened in a ring is someone ever die in there not in the ufc a guide died this week in brazil from weight cutting actually what's that weight cutting is these guys they want to there's fog in some dudes arm up muscle he's a monster is jiu jitsu is nasty too he's he's he's a fucking beast a guy weight cutting is like say if you're going to compete at one hundred and fifty five pounds you want advantages that you can get and one of the best advantages is you dehydrate yourself so you make one hundred and fifty five pounds and then you rehydrate yourself up to like one hundred and seventy ish and then you go the ring they use ivy so you go the ring fully hydrated you feel great but
you wait in at one hundred and fifty five and now you weigh one hundred and seventy so you're really big for the weight class and point of diminishing returns we cut too much weight and we your body so much you can't perform well the next day and then there's way past that point where this guy went to where he died this is the first state cut 'cause yeah he's got too much weight this is the first known case that i'm aware of in mma of someone dying but it's been a problem with college wrestling for time and high school wrestling either even rather and to the point where they've started to monitor athletes weights and how much they cost and how much they put back on and they make sure that they don't get below a certain amount of body fat they're not there make sure that they cut too much water wow that's scary it's very scary and it's even more scary in combat sports because in combat sports you're also dealing with the effects of a concussive impacts on the dehydrated brain and right much more dangerous
the little known fact but all of the deaths in professional boxing that have occured inside the rain at least almost all of them have been under the it's all the divisions where people to cut weight so then you weigh in at that way and then you rehydrate is that is that legal yes oh it is makes sense to me exactly you why you're looking at it as an objective observer that's intelligent and hasn't already like decided that that's just a part of the landscape when you're looking at it normally you like this is crazy crazy shouldn't let people do that no don't show this discussed about the weight so that's all you're focused on yes there's two different fights there's right that happens in the gym and or in the cage and there's the fight that happens to get to the scale to get to this different completely can't fight on this year that exact way or yeah so for the twenty four to forty eight hours before juan is horrific things got a nightmare we dehydrate themselves radically hearted they don't need to fucking don't ship they'd very little food there
starving by the time they get on that flight bill is do the same thing right after like yeah but i don't they don't have to like smack yeah other round rail get shins bites off their dorm at forty miles an hour that's weird don't do they talk about this and yes yes yes and i are they planning on like fixing this so there's not much they can do did the one thing that they've done is they've moved away because you can't stop people from doing that if they want to do that i'm talking about the actual like laws of that of that ufc like maybe they should be you know make the wait in a variable there of five pounds or something no i wouldn't do that because then they would people would just get heavier they would make so there were heavy like very at the sixteen right so if you very diffuse at like you don't have to wait in one hundred and fifty five you can be as heavy as one hundred and sixty right then they would go to get up to one hundred and eighty right down to one hundred and sixty then they would still but they'll be even bigger yeah they'd be even bigger because they've got it down to a science there's some guys like the best guys is brazilian guys name is gleison tibau he will cut thirty
pounds and he will weigh in at fifty five but fight closer to one hundred and eighty he will put most back on thirteen pounds pull up this guy good g l a t bow g l man try spelling the only found how do you exercise this mother we saw how big this guy is in person who is five foot ten anyways it in one hundred and fifty five and he's my default antic yeah he's just ganttic when he gets in the cage i mean he's a fucking monster he's the very best in the world at cutting weight no one cuts weight better mark i yeah they have it down to a science it's also bio specific like you be better at weight cutting than i am and i might be better than he is some people can dehydrate the share of themselves and re in bounced back easy and cut a lot of weight other guys can't do it it effects people very differently and no one understands why they don't know if it's uh
medic issue that's you know a diet too yeah i don't know but some guys can kind of look away and you know how do they do that how do they get that way it was about different ways something on some they don't they try not to do that anymore that's the old school way to do it some and i still do it that way but that's actually dangerous the way they do it now is through distilled water day to make a massive amounts of water up till the way in up to the week of the way and then on full days before the way and they drink only distilled water and they drink quite a bit of it so your body is used to this pissing out this water distilled water is no minerals in it at all so you're just what is going in you and now you in you now you right through your not retaining it so then leading up to the fight they stop drinking water at all and they piss everything out so get down to like nothing then they on the scale they weigh in at whatever it is and then they
slowly re hydrate first of all with pd a light which is an electrolyte supplements and then they go to i v's they take an iv bag and they take it yeah it's no joke ma'am and the iv bag is apparently the best way to rehydrate your noggin because the brain the brain fluid is the real issue and doing it through the digestive tract apparently takes much more time for sure than it does through the ivy right into your blood you can rehydrate much quicker right this is this guy gleison tibau yeah i think i don't know one is pre way in that's that's the the one on the right is when he's dried out and just looks like the same muscular guy just a little smaller it looks yeah and then on the left you just broke up with the white shorts on cd is that mother fucker he's a tank too he's a strong mother fucker and he's also a black belt in jiu jitsu and right and he's got like thirty fucking plus mma fights he's a beast but he's the
start doing that but it's a dangerous game like having way it's really not cool for your brain to do that i've seen guys walk up to that scale where they look like they're dead they will i struggle to get the wayans are on the top of a platform and they have to go out this platform will go up the stairs getting this platform i've seen guys who are going to fight in a cage in twenty four hours and they could barely walk the stairs while barely make it it's just very out yeah real dangerous nothing they can do about it the best thing they've done is move the way inns from the day of the fights two hundred and twenty four hours before boxing did that and what is that because i'm more time more time right so they're not so out of it to get into the ring 'cause they used to do it the day of these to do in the morning of the fights guys used to weigh in and then they would go and fight that night an weight cutting it has existed forever in boxing and wrestling and you know and soon as mma had weight classes people start awake right there it's always it's you know because it's been
with mma because ma they came into it with a restless mentality an a lot of mma fighters their bases in wrestling in fact it's the best base for mma and these guys that came into it are used to cutting weight they're really good at it and they don't know how to do it well the issue of course is that their sport doesn't have head trauma or much head trauma wares mma is all about all about that yeah and head trauma with dehydration i'm surprised that hasn't been more death world their animal there on the ball the doctors are excellent the referees are excellent the commission's they keep close eye on fighters and they test the shit out of it before they actually get into the cage they make him do mris a full full blood scan they make sure that these people that go in there healthy and they've actually found a lot of like real issues with people because of these scans that have people didn't know they had like an aneurysm ready to have a brain if they got hit and the lines out my friend dan hardy who is a top level enemy fighter found out he had an extra heart beat some
weird aberration of his heart was got his primary heartbeat and he's got this weird sort of extra beat that goes and the worry is that this extra beat can overcome them and you could possibly have a heart attack or i don't understand the medical aspect of it but he can't fight unless he has his operation where they go into his chest and remove this extra heartbeat yeah can't fight now and he's a top level pro and it's the concerned by these athletic commissions and the doctors have kept him from from competing so he hasn't fought in the ufc in a couple years it's a real issue what is it again operation well it for him he doesn't feel like he needs it it doesn't feel like it's it's yeah but i want to answer inviting it's also he under went i hate using these terms but in his case is actually the correct term he under when a spiritual transformation he went to the amazon and took ayahuasca and sort of his reassessed his entire life since then and
it's really not only had an awakening yeah it's totally fine don't win ninety like sand but it's it happens yeah well no i mean if you take it and also i think those things happen yeah i really believe that happened have you ever done i want to know when i i would be pretty awesome to do you need to do it i think so yeah you done it yeah was done the the strongest version of it which is this the poor dimethyl tryptamine all my god i want i was on a sunday when you did it out of my house the bugs are the earth doesn't give a where you are one of the things you realize when you do the m t as the earth gives zero fox where you are whether it's happening you do not need to be in the desert it is way bigger than that it's the whole universe no totally wow dimethyl tryptamine is the the puer version of what the iowa oscar experiences hi what it is the orally active version of dimethyltryptamine and these shot
runs in the amazon figured many the thousands of years ago we don't even know when they figure out how to combine these ingredients in order to make the m t orally active because do m t normally is not orally active because it exists and so many different plants aha so meet you would you would be tripping all the time right salad right no out so your your body produces something called model a mean oxidase and model amy oxidase breaks down dimethyl tryptamine in the got out so what they've done with iowa oscar is it's a comedy tory drug with they've taken the root of what and plant the leaves of the other and the leaves are or the route one of 'em is a natural maoi inhibitor and it's called harm ian they boy this stuff down together and they create this thing where the ma demeter and the dmt
so that as you drink it goes into your gut but the monoamine oxidase gets killed by the harmine and the dmt goes right into the bloodstream watt yeah it's like a slow release version of dmt spirit world it's for real the idea of the spirit world sounds like everything that everybody thinks about when you think of like if you took a pill and you went the magic place where there's again the and demons and aliens spaceships in front close all around you it's that times a million plow it's way more real than reality itself and yeah and well dan hardy went down there and did this and he's like inviting sky futile it's like kind of like what am i doing like what is the what's the necessary evil what is the what is really being done here what is what am i really pursuing a realize
please he was basically on a vision quest is life was like a vision quest and to to find himself to seek truth he did it through combat you know he did it through physical on one competition in the most dangerous sport in the world and then in in this iowa and i'm really speaking out of turn to put these were into his mouth but i think when i got out of it from speaking to him was that he now that he understands that this whole work exist and that it exists existed always and it was behind the curtain we couldn't see the little man behind the curtain pulling the chords and then all sudden he saw it he sees everything he saw the whole thing that he's just his perspective it was altered so radically and it also coincided with when he was dying this with this condition so it's almost like the universe is giving him a new pair totally as it totally is i'm a big believer of that it's possible
it's possible you created all yourself inside your imagination as well that's there's many things there that are possible yeah if you're open to it oh yeah have to be open to it imagination itself scary as that's why people aren't open tonight when they don't want to that just freak you out imaginations madness just what it is i mean everybody thinks the imagination is being oh you know he thinks about things that aren't really there sort of but the imagination is also what made cities it also what made laptops it made every physical object that has ever been created had to be invented it had to be invented through the imagination even it was done in steps like first came the tire and then came the wheel and then came the engine all those things combined created a car that gets you to vegas right that's a real thing you know all those created a plane that gets you in the air all those created a spaceship to launch a satellite into orbit all those create your phone that allows you to text someone who's in australia all
most created light bulbs i mean all that shit is imagination imagination is reshape the entire surface of the fucking planet like no other thing and to tea i do not know whether power more so than volcanoes so after he had that trip and he doesn't fight anymore to find that he found a diff that he was a different calling for him right now or i haven't talked to him in awhile and then when you get back on here i don't know what he's up to these days interested to know like that he feel like with that his fighting was over and it was time for him to go to a new path and that's why he wasn't really worried about having the surgery going there yeah i don't know i mean look i think he probably would still like to compete every now and then if you can get it worked out but i also believe
what he was saying was that that's not the most important thing in the world right now right and he also realizes how much of the goals that he wanted to achieve our ego based radio center share and one of the things that gets crushed when you have a really intense psychedelic experience is the ego ego it always bounce backs bounce back a little i fight with my ego all the time is every man does of course it's part of like it's part of it's also part of the testosterone thing it's part of the x my chromosome thing it's part of the dick thing is part of the male identity thing you know there's a constant need to feel special you know justify what you're doing you're doing to reward yourself for what done right encourage further progress but that progress i mean that's that's what sort of like sort of which fourth almost everything that men do in this world and there's that balance where you're trying to be a sort of enlightened person
but also you're a man you know i fighting against your cheek it's it's i would go fighting yes but i would prefer the term struggle ok right now we're not even struggle but like it's you constantly have to be aware of it you constantly have to he on alert make sure that the never pops up you got gotta constantly 'cause you know if you're under stress or if you're not diligent with your exercise and meditation you can allow your thoughts to get away from the only can take over and then my other question was going to be so really fascinating that you're saying that because i know women and men think totally differently and i can tell you that right my thought process changed the way interact and people don't tend to realize that why i think men and women always have problems with each other in relationships men's needs are different than women's need
and it's a reality that people don't want to talk about it's true it's like this do you think it is true for sure yeah i mean i assume it's true but you know it's true you know it's true and i think a lot of problems to be solved in the world as well as relationship if people just are okay with that and they don't fight instead like the woman needs these things necessary for me to be happiness and the man needs this and it causes this huge conflict within the relationship whatever if it's friendship or marriage or whatever that's also with friendships to mean some people require a lot a lot yeah and some people don't and the people that require a lot don't hang out with
they're not worth it there never was right there never were i don't care if they have golden a magic jack whatever after a while you're gonna be able to get you in all right you have to feel like you're both getting such a way that that and the people that require an exorbitant amount of attention is already money they're not out there never were still and along right uses i dated this girl once and she was so dramatic everything was a struggle and everything was against or if it was about her every thing that went well for someone had to be turned around to highlight how bad her life is going including things that would go well for me it would immediately go turn into woe is me because i don't have anything good going on my so brutal and we broke up and then i started dating this other girl who was really nice and it was
i got in a balloon and i was flying around the city and this is the other girl was like friendly and she cracked jokes all the time and everything was funny to her and i was like oh crime in the there's hope in the world is like my my soul was on a balloon like up up in a way it is so beautiful but she can and get away there now was it just her being a woman i think there is a connection yeah the crazy one is better in general level crazy ones bearing so crazy wild bench water funk like like a she wanted just distract yourself from her miserable mind she wanted his how wild crazy hair pulling madness she just the growl that's pretty awesome the other one was just a sweetie you know and then again it's the balance of the fucking crazy world we live in is totally under the
other problem is not just the men who who think that they understand how women think women who think they understand how men think is the people the other problem is that people who pretend to be someone else to play the opposite gender my god that's so huge issue happens all the time yeah those are white nights yes male biches of the world well this guys who get together with like for example have obviously stripper friends obviously obviously because i work in the sex industry of course i am stripper friends and then the guys get with the girls and i don't want to strip anymore that's a larry es and that's all the time one starts to write no no i can do that anymore nine one the thing is that all about yeah or they make weird rules like you're allowed to fuck other people but only at work or you only felt loud girls in front of me or yeah only girls in front of me or you can
we felt like a short list of guys that i'm friends with exactly and they can't come in your face now we're going to get real not your bio specific no double penetration on my woman bro yeah it's really ego stuff it is but you know they say the mean if you if you really pay attention to the the heavy duty psychedelic hands they say that at one point in time when people regularly consume psychedelics we were much more like chimpanzees we have this orgiastic community small group right you know fifty to a hundred people and we all shared right in fact one of the guys we have in the pockets all times a guy named dr chris ryan and he wrote a book called so at dawn and it's a fascinating book about the origins of human sexual interaction and his his take on is really first of all it's really well studied and this is certainly the the just
origin of words like promiscuous the original origin of promiscuous doesn't mean like having sex with random people like that never happened it means mixed mixed sexuality like having sex with several partners right that was promiscuous but he was these people in the community it was always people that new each other right 'cause it was only fifty of you and you're hanging out in the amazon you know when you're shooting darts at monkeys and trying to stay alive and keep that fire lit right it wasn't like going to a club and picking some strange guy and letting him come inside you that didn't happen right they didn't allow strangers in the camp you know they didn't they didn't just go meet people in fuch right it's like polyamory or something yeah so they know it's also the idea exists in fighter pilots those other at really relief aspect of this guy's books at five pilots and people and intense high risk high death rate jobs would often wife swap and the
the psychology behind it was the wife swapping was to ensure that they're the one that they love so dearly it's not that they didn't want to have this connection only with them they wanted other people to love them too because they probably wouldn't be around a little wow yeah i really fascinating yes and it's very common amongst fighter pilots like this is a switch that goes off when you're in this intense the odds of me dying or very hot right yards you dying or probably thirty percent or something crazy like that so i just made up then i know drop thirty percent i had to define that's there that's the ego that's why male ego having to come up with a number but they do that on a regular basis that says it's a super common thing among soldiers some police officers lot of cops i'm doing that now they totally yeah that's what it that's what it's about it's about there is a primal need to have your loved ones loved by others so that they'll be safe when you're gone wow that's really fascinating yeah yeah
the human human sexuality morphs so much dip upon circumstance it's you know something people don't they just think oh that's why people guys especially need to go out it's part of your dna it's part of you need to read your seat it's very normal that guys go out and need to have sex with lots of different people i think it's part explaining that to my wife or anybody's wife you can't you know i'm just kidding but you can't look what you made me ok with that if you did that or would she not be ok i think she probably pretty sad really yeah no women don't want you to go fuck other guys or other girls no you can't if i can't i can't do that well you don't want them to other guys and right they don't want you to on the rails and i mean if your dna is telling you to go do it you know i know some people who are totally ok with that and they're all bunch of strippers in francs looking very very stab lish this i know all the polyamory people who fuck each other i think every man would certainly want down if it was a one way street but i think most
and when we can be okay we wear wife someone else out there would be nice yeah i would enjoy that yeah when what was my question for you though is because you were a woman and now you're a man is how has your thoughts on that changed and you are always a lesbian though you are lesbian fun as a gay woman for many years because it was the only thing i knew how i could identify though i felt like a man i told my lesbian community well i kind of feel like a man and i'm going to have this change they all i lost all my friends they were like you're a traitor basically they said i'm going to trader going to the bad side we demand that was the actual words he said oh yeah actually said you're going to the other side totale there dan i was like dumped do you would wouldn't you think that people who have been marginalized yes you will for just it all sorts of prejudice and hurtful things
they would be more accepting you would think that that's a very good point well i guess twenty years ago i don't know if so many lesbians feel the way but i think there is this whole thing going on in the gay womans community where they feel sort of i don't know actually i can't say anything about that because i've always wonder why they don't take up real estate the way the game and do like game man can dominate an entire community it's a male and it's a male and female thing is only as of course is only those the did the the building of male communities like gay communities yeah it's like they're like you it's it is like a man need to date women are really much more you know passive and they're fine with that and they're fine with their situation there they don't need to be making a big deal i mean i know that you experienced prejudice and hate as a woman who's a gay woman but
it's less so than gay men experience yeah because they're less out there right like i just said that they gay men are out there making that statement where they gave women are very comfortable being in their environment not really making a big deal but it's also like if gay women move next door it wouldn't freak a lot of people out gay men next door they would start going always going to try to flip me that's what it is when you don't wanna get some totally women don't want to feel like a sex object going to feel like the way they treat women they don't want to but i think some meant well to other men they worried here straight man you're like no that's not totally cool and you're not you're not affected by the gay women because you might want to watch women have sex yeah the game women are no problem at all matter fact you try to be friendly as possible exactly get invited over for the volume just quiet instead over here it could be buds well listen man this is a great conversation it's really really fun i'm glad we had it and i'm glad we covered
so many the various aspects of the world trans gender and gender identity and i think a lot of people got a lot out of this other side hope i think so yeah i think is a good one i think is it super important subject and it's also important that people stand that you know it doesn't matter man it's people are people whatever the whenever they want to do whether it's be a man be a woman you know get all tattooed like you and i or not shave your head or not or if i can do whatever man just it what what kind of interaction you having with that person in my interaction with you was very pleasant i enjoy very much so we're friends very cool they're pretty cool friends with buck angel stego biches alright that sounds yes if anybody wants to find you online they can get you at buck angel on twitter and you have a website it's a buck
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