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2013-10-11 | 🔗
**Part 2 of 2** Justin Collett is a founding partner of The Action Report website, a website for pool & billiards enthusiasts from around the world.
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That we're back back home. You know we have. We ended on a very important point. And we ended our point so important that we had to bring it back up again. The lack of manliness in this fucking country lies in German, me and here's, the salt, here's something for you! Man in this You look at Cinema today, Cinema. Big thing in the United States and always has been it sets. Transit sets in some kind of People's more Austria certain extent. So let me read you this lip. Eighty p, I was highly enemies? Yes, that guy I d be of this man and he's one My favorite deeds ever from a region, this list of films he was involved with either the screenwriter or a rider which clean Reiner writer is a guy comes up with the idea. The fucking movie, that's pretty important is huge, so here we go
heres a list of movies. For your dirty harry Jeremiah Johnson in times of Judge Roy being to harm in it man, I'm force a package now, g that ninety Forty one comedy with John Belushi Corona, are burying the first one original nineteen eighty knew the one made oral Schwarzenegger STAR governor of California Conan. What is best in life enemies even before you and hidden in women, now enter into me personally. This is I'm a child of the eighties. So this is like my movie my go to thing red dawn. He wrote the screenplay forever. How dare you How dare he had a lot of you go fuck yourself about movies, terrible, give
drive in the seventy eight fire bird any more, but he's not live in in that time, rain or that run on our Sakharov gone. A shit shit Well, what's red dragon, Wolverines mother, whenever you said, read dragons, that's it that's! Why he's knows? That's one like that ovary makes me sad that you don't know that it's a good move here. I've got his road house the hair and present danger Gloria. Rome, the tv series, twenty two episodes, Ursula JET Tv, dear wife, at Rome. What Europe today five HBO Series healthier than a jet? That's must be posed gladiator. They decided to do that probably yeah than their Saint Patrick Swayze.
It's right there baby! That's the best! The original, a jet read on that the trailer. PS autonomy that spend Johnson been Johnson was a mother. Fucking gangster suasion died cigarettes patrol I watched the last on Netflix hisses shit, the beast relaxed series it day Ass, an pretty good, but damn he looked back electoral, I mean it was like he felt so bad because Road House was a legit movie religious, hard luck with awesomely, terrible it's hard to fuck, with its got Patrick Swayze Answer, SAM Elliot as an mentor inventor who's been worrying, is ass. The bad guy got a care, whoever that chick was with the giant jugs. So pretty soon. Smart to entail area she's. A doctor
tat. You send you back out of the battlefield. Basically, the permanent, we'll make subsided actually looks like a rubber blog doll. It's been left out in the sun for twenty years. A picture I firmly wanna take a beta backside. Imagine I now have a giant when its mandate, Paradise. I want to bring that up. You wanna get disturb too much shit. What I will say at that point in time that was like this At that point in time that was like the Stevens Cigar era. That's what Stephen Cigar like Roadhouse this demons, and I was right about their because Stevens. Started with above the law, thousands jet That was a ninety ninety one right, it's some error. Eighty nine, maybe that's what roadhouse was roadhouse was eighty nine and it was some and still awesome.
Of course it's got some. The best lines in I ever saw its kind. Not how do we know what that is I'll? Let you know pay known her. There was, great, looks in Central SAM Alley, been a gangster forever but acts above the law, came before roadhouse it for yams Aviate. Now his first movie bigger than zombies. Don't go! Let you control and whose hanging out that dude, who is Jeff the guy was the guy was blind. Graham scenario asked yes, great blue sky, guys Kelly Lynch. That's why I myself so fuckin how anyone know issues like now. She will forever. She like. She was dead among others. Does the monster chart days that girls guy entirely too many brains to have an answer? Now? It's fine! That's! If from family, it's ridiculous! Emily was incorrect system
being able to handle it chicken chastity Patrick's lazy, he's lucky, there's no black men and that moving. So there was a black man, they get injured and they did look. They did the fucked up graphic. That was, they didn't, have the original draft That's probably post. Those travelling Aubrey about thousand early trailer in five b, but did they have little trailers back in the early tat? If you look at trailers like a lot of light, films. They were all bullshit. I am now with a trailers better than the Fuckin movie. They have a real problem trailers. Now I wait for a buzz on the movie and I try not to see the trailer advocacy trail on my computer literally turn away, but the Godzilla trailer was nothing. It was just like there was someone said it was amazing trailer and it's actually a proof of concept, its content? Ok, it's not like that. Started filming in recently on a war who, according to Twitter
Have you seen or I'm trying to think about. I haven't seen among the last movie that really made me like. You know what like that's a bad ass, like that's one for the ages, I'm trying to think of it in the close Steichen. Com is departed. Party, was really good, but avatar does it for me really stupid and I was dumb. I know it requires suspension is definitely a bunch of happy bullshit. It's nothing more or less. It's like a bunch of fuckin, revisionist american indian history, you're right you're right If it was an original thought, you got me. I respect the technical, aspects of the filmmaking cause it's fuckin amazing when they did, but story straight up talking, poetry, we both because your patrolling geared solely right, you're told her how ever I feel it's my feeling that a movie like that,
is a comic book movie and its basically a vehicle. For just showing you pretty things in getting carried away in a story, and I I see your argument, but I also see the argument of making it No, no I'm completely James Cameron is changing his wicked motherfucker. He's a fucking genius. Dude went down the farthest reaches of the ocean. To sow yes, I mean dimes have, I think, he's a stood in ice and I respect of what he does and I wish more people had the balls and ability to do with it I think you ve gotta, have a giant fuckin ego to do what he does, but you know what get that ego by making movies that make hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars you that's so true. You know I was talking to people on my message board about. There was someone was talking there's a situation recently where there is a billionaire, a very famous cat,
who denounced Steve jobs and sold all is apple stock. Is news J Robertson? He dumped dolls apple shit, and the reason why did is it the Steve jobs are really awful person? Does his quote? like this big debate on my message board and an asteroid reading in in a what, what makes a guy off a person and what dozen and my my take on and was that it's like anybody right, a company like that will you running like insanely, innovative pressure filled but it is trying to be at the very very pet it if form of technology available consumed technology in the phone business during the day there there there there so like attached during the day David there there so like attached to people's like that. That means
a fight over Android verses arable, were you, I'm gonna windows, phone number, fuckin, contrary and it's a weird, very competitive, goober, geek, environment and Steve Jobs was the master of that shit. The master of the home computer. He was the mass He made exclusivity. He made the that he can but the very best stuff, and for him it was like. It was everything you have whole existence and for the people who work for, It was a job man. Just like you talking about working at the auto jirga working for four. It is just a job. You add a word for Steve jobs. You would have fucking nightmare stories about that country. The guy's, a douche. To me, a ghost, that's one of the things about I m fascinated by is with modern media new media facebook, twitter everything just the way airing is its this thing that
if you don't agree a hundred percent with one an entity as a company does or with think a person is an asshole. Then all of a sudden. That means whatever they make whatever they do, not cool or not acceptable anymore, and, to me, that's false: I see the positive I see. Represents this unique need for accountability across the board cuts. I understand accountability with here's. The thing man if, If you are in charge of getting something done, I don't give a fuck who you are, If you are in charge of making something important product out the door, somewhere along the line. Some he's gonna say: you're fuckin asshole sums gonna get, but her it's impossible. Not to that true, that's true, but I see now need someone to fact that ok
maybe I'm guilty of an insurance instances, but at the same time as Psych, why not let the person's work speak for himself? You know I mean ok, purple example: music. I try not to get I'm guilty of this. I try not to get worked up, because I'm a conservative pretty much. Do you know if any like? I said I feel, like and this is a problem that I run into with most left, leaning or whatever you call. It is perfectly willing to let anybody do whenever a buck they want flip side of that is, let me do what the fuck I one bright, You be a man and that's the problem that most people fucking run into say. No, no, no. No. You have to fall within these parameters. How There you wanna, do X Y, see you can't do that. We need to control this. Yes, so my point is: if these guys? You know I don't give a fuck if you're a prick, I for so, I don't care if you gonna fight with the guy,
here. Are you getting a lawsuit over some bullshit? If your does what it says it will you treat me right as a customer, Why would I ever be an asshole and not by your shit? because someone else says they don't like you? Well, I think it's based on the empirical evidence what what what where it went on to say in the guise of gentlemen fucking prick, look, I've heard conversations that other people have had about me why are we, as someone has said, that there was a dictators like our man? Let me tell you what that guy actually did nothing. I walked in and said this to my friend like right away. Sack. Of course I was addicted crises, Domini creepy eyes. You know he saying that I think I'm too good whatever the fuck it is. Meanwhile sides store exactly and that's the problem with the way it is now is there all of a sudden through an onslaught now imagine if you'll, just a fuckin guy, just a dude, the other
I have a big media presence and some What is decisive, real you? You, you run into some asshole out here and they go hey. Look forever reason. Some goes down and all the Sunday we're gonna make you the asshole now Thus I mean, is it right? Is it wrong not so much? What are you trying to reshape reality? Gonna, try to influence other people's opinion that justify their own impact. Not only that, but there is a fuckin mob mentality of. Let's jump on board and in a word fuck this guy and I know, for a fact. You ve been a victim of it absolutely would prove example. I mean you're, outspoken, archer, shit, poverty. Apple was worth the the transsexual thing I mean you got your fuckin not kicked in certain circles over that its happen before I mean so but that was it was all important. You know
that was. That was a good thing. That was that was important, for dialogue is important for those people express themselves be angry at me. You can't hurt my feelings, it's all right, I interest, and if you have a version of reality, that difference for years when it comes to describe it hears, what tilt me is what people want to start fuckin with your income, people start going, They don't go to you what they wanted. We reacted too, that they want to go looking for this. Why can't you seek, you're calling your boss are not your boss, but your employer, Dana. Same hey, look, you know, you need fire the sky because he's a fucking asshole and to me that's dislike. That's the biggest pussy move on the planet. The Erika they can't argue what you were saying that willing to have a dialogue and say I disagree with you Because of this, let me try and let me try to swing outta my way, racking right. They want to say no. I disagree what you're saying I'm a pussy, so fuck you
to try and take you might not only that. This is also something that's going on with people who disagree with certain people's opinions is that there are absolutely convinced that they are right and that you are wrong so because of that their willing to do almost anything to express the idea that you are wrong, whether its distort reality, whether its to give their opinion a very biased way, excluding certain aspects of the facts. What for it is there's an ego battle along with the ideology battle, my problem is when that ego battle is so glaringly obvious, and you now willing to admit that's exactly what the fuck is going on. You know, like we said about that. Transsexual thing like I'm happy, to get the transnational conversation out there, because I think So my leave once the dust settles,
People should realize that it doesn't matter. You know it doesn't matter if someone wants to be a woman or someone wants to be a man of science or you want to leave, you doesn't matter, it doesn't matter what matters is how to treat people at the same time. This is kind have been my issue worth. I don't know alternately. Styles, where the hell you caught, but it's that there is a difference between acceptance and decide. Ok, here look I accept the way someone wants to live. Your life, no problem. That's on you, but don't expect me to cheer you will. You know, I think that's from don't expect me to be it's like your our satire. Everyone live your life, but accept the fact that its possible There are people out there that are willing to accept it and say you you, write a hundred percent, but that doesn't mean they have to agree with it and if they don't agree with it, it doesn't
I'm a big it right. What people dont have to agree with anything you now people fairly in and kindly, and it doesn't matter it's that. That's what I really look for an end to me. That's a sign of someone that I will will risk fact is someone that is willing to understand, and they can argue vigorously. You know that I do not. I agree with what you say, but these difficult. I respect your right, and your ability to the way you want to live. And I will not degrade you and I will not hinder you, but I do. Not agree with you, you, I think it's a really important point to know that there's a bunch of different ways of looking at the world, and you might not agree with my way of looking at the world, doesn't mean that your right rising, you're wrong either. Amazing, your that those are the fuckin. The spectrum of thinking is so broad there's a lot of very abilities. What's imports I think, as a culture and as a community, that anything that we agree to we,
we too are the basis. Does it cause less harm it does you know that the car does cause more good than does harm and as long as we act in that way, we would allow anything basically as long as it does a victimized people men S. The way I look at is is I mean I could write a bill arise. It would be about aid sentences, and it will be, maybe not even that. Basically, it's yours its end were mine, begin I'll, get to touch children and That's it I mean basically do whatever the hell. You wanna do man let your freak flag fly, but at the end of the day you know what you gotta pay taxes. You gotta go to work, let your flee, Three to get free lag freak flag, flying wanderings baby is line in army through it. You gotta, do I don't give a shit but at the end, the day you're still a member of the community.
Importantly say ever and I fucked it up that your freak flag fly, let it Freedom Party, fourteen certain political price. I saw that nowadays, its hunters Thompson had free power, nineteen seventies, I'm going to freak party for two thousand and thirteen out of respect. For ages. T you know, what's going on in other countries, mentally systems. Design towards our two party deal? Well my point: is yours. You only know party and how the countries I mean you can legitimately no bullshit, probably put together for a party. Maybe get IRAN or to house now, as members, and they would have you know, but I mean that's, that's was crazy. I think the way system was designed That was what was in mind. It was never designed to be two parties now they hijacked that, and I think that I can be present of Canada if you're willing to mood Vancouver. We can make some should happen.
I mean Edmonton can't tight around me ass. I love can only normal about Canadians there. The nice People in the world is on ice. They're, beautiful women so hot but factor communist. Their communist listen only comes to healthcare there communism. The people you interact with if you choose, to interact with the people that are all socialist III and they trying to back in may give the nerve the world and provide now Jane. I got two topics force number one tell me: the fuck you would have done in New York City, I've been your wife and near two kids we and then ass you here, my take on that and I'm sure you ve talked about here. We haven't really it's as motorcycle biker thing I dont know how that guy was driving. I dont know what have been. I dont know if anyone was aggressive, I dont know if anyone was clueless. I literally dont know
What I look tat when I saw the end, were there I drove over those people and drove over the spikes. I saw a guy who looks like he was panicking I q is surrounded, but without the information of hearing why These guys are saying to him or what had happened before that I saw the one guy slow down, it's like reject and break check them, and but- apparently something had occurred before that way. The guy had, like maybe bumped, into a biker gotten to close to a bike, but apparently something occurred before that, where they were involved in altercation with another automobile video that and there's a mob mentality. Sort of an argument to be taken to, I see unless you're there and another two or three cops their undercover. I think it was five five setbacks. Six, as the last item was three in and they arrested one well,
no cops. Are people now there's a problem for sure. I don't know what the fuck happened. Man, I really dont, know who got beat up new video. The new video shows a guy got beat up apparent. I don't know who cause what I don't know who deserve what I do know that I've been around subdued in bikes act like fuckin, cock, suckers, but do you know that I've been around people in cars around bikes AG like fuckin cock suckers? I do know that Both tend to act like fuckin cock suckers when there are groups, especially- and I dont know- if it's the guy in that, rock didn't know the fuck he was doing or the girl in the bike. Didn't I dont know what happened man I mean, I don't know it's pathetic from one I've watched and from what I have seen one of the best. Imposed I've seen you have described. It was, I see say doubt that that guy and Ass Suv woke up that morning, put his wife and kid in the truck and said: let's go fuck with some bikers but I'm willing to bet
A few of those fucking bikers woke up in the morning, got on their motorcycle and said: let's go fuck with some of these guys, be and it might be theirs- they all got together and felt the power numbers on environment asian, but at the same time the brake check thing. I mean I've read different accounts and I have seen some different videos and then you look at Yale History Passport. Governments is an indicator. It really is what p in the past, but to me just looks like I don't know that, biggest thing. The flip my mind. Those motherfuckers chased him like that. De Box, a man now you ve been in New York there, how the fuck do you do twenty thirty motorcycles. Forty motorcycles chasing a guy through Manhattan cops yet where are the camps where it occurs?
I don't know I mean I don't know if he called the cops. Aren't you had a flat. I think you might have a flat tire too. That will give up any blocks a minute. You can't drive fifty box and then you can't. I mean for FUCK's sake. While you know who knows what what's gonna come out about the undercover gobs right? How much for me that's! My question is, if one of those guys recall him off yeah, it could be goodbye? Is that possible? I don't know you know it's like. I said both sides, a gross. Gross, if the guy was disrespecting the motorcycles or growth of the guy was panicking in putting people in jeopardy. It's all growth and hears dangling hands whose oil the guy's stopped. Ok, though, guy break checksum, if you just started that video new break checksum number one if you're on a motorcycle and you break check and suv your Fuckin Maura cause you gonna lose yeah assigned. That's just that's number. On your dick, even if your hundred percent right, even if this I almost ran you off a fuckin road, ok,
You got me you're in the right, but if you can follow them break check em. Any runs you the fuck. Over whose fault is it? Even if you are right to be mad so that right there one wrong and so the guy gets on the brakes and then the next thing he stopped any surrounded by these bikes. Now, if you're a guy who's, nothing goes back to what we started about before the whole thing about can people not being a man here. You know. Here's this guy probably never been in a fight in this fucking life. You! No! Never! had to protect himself, never how to protect this family. Surrounded by these fuckin assholes. So, what's he do panic Equally ass, right, yeah, what's scary, fuckin scenario a man to bar where everyone is in me and opposition, and I was I say as it would have been like I don't know
he sedated raise. Two thousand like buying groundbreaking or like every which way but loose the remake I've been around. Both I've been around very respectful bikers who do you know they ride down the road like them in a hundred strong and Nina waving a people and share and is not our arms and have also seen assholes I've seen assholes, cut people off and get front of people, and theirs there's a thing when you have ultimate strength when most of your life, you don't have ultimate strength. Most of your life. You have a shitty job. We have to respond to your body. You have a bunch of rules, you have to live by and then also near, and this fuckin scenario. There's a guy tears, a cop, the guy on the right is about. Why did that ran on others to do to get off the bike. What the he's one of them because it in these the newspaper I saw the dude, had it right there that guy with the cut on the trip through peace batch Yanza. What are you doing
who knows exactly who knows what the fuck, our resources, the cabin he's, a cop I got arrested and charged to felonies. You know that, if your fuckin, by growing you with a bunch of biker Riah this shit? It's your response. Some billowy to not get close to suvs. If you can avoid, we know, but like what just happened, why there are no matter what that guy? Did you don't do that without Daphne guy roared ran over Peter, but I mean, if thank I'd, does that too? I don't the wrong person with a gun in his car Y know If it was me ok and despair, force any state in the United States. That is a legal reason for excessive force. I don't care if you especially for police officers, police officer and three guys come out. You they don't have any weapons in our hands you're, just
finally use deadly force, because this disparity of four no man is no. One person is expected nothing in the law, says you gonna, take ass weapon yeah I mean, even if this is one on one, if the guy's a bad by the fuck, do you have to if, if you're a woman, if you're female, say your heart toying, I'm your man, If your hundred twenty power, man of your hundred eighty in the guise one sixty and he's gonna good punch shoot them. The fucker now? No? No, now that that is that can be argued that a few a guy! That's if you're guided ways the same. Is I no bigger fighter and a fighter of the same stature, who is documented as being a fighter tries to this guy up and he pulled a weapon and kills him. He has a legitimate, that don't mean he's gonna win, but here's one thing: if you Multiple odds. Disparity of force is almost every state that I've looked at it,
legitimate cause for the use of escalation to deadly force. So that means if three or four people come you even if they don't have guns and you do have a gun. You don't after taken ass weapon, ass to let for people kick your fuckin head and just because you don't have a gun or a weapon disparity force should be one person. If you're, not an appealing, person can be set, look at one of someone who knows how to fight want to kick your ass. I had a virus down man you're, getting a knocked, unconsciously guys, gonna, stop you to death. What you're on the grand that's the thing that is that in most states, that's the reason. Why is because, once you knocked out you dead guy, wants to kill you and now you're on world star hip hop right around the world. There is a great video, unfortunately, it's not available for free, but it say it's it's a mindset, video that, I think people should watch as its biogas
They Paul how Paul how's a delta force operator, who was the ground for Mogadishu for the black hawk down scenario, he made a video Asia? Is a law enforcement train or now mainly also does civilian classes, but he has occurred ass about mindset and what the mines and his mindset videos this is that, and I think it's really important in this day and age. Because in this day and age, kids men, women, everyone is taught if you're, you're encountered with force, or, if your encountered with an out, you know aggression, you give up the retreat If somebody tries to mug, you give me one If somebody tries to break into your house, you know cower and he proves through some videos he shows. Examples, police tromp. His point is this: is that if you are met,
with a situation like this. It's so rare in people like you and I are lives That makes it even more important is because if it ever does happen, you must be prepared and is, this is like, if you give up, if you don't fight. Forfeit all your rights to life and any show some videos, something I'm sure you ve seen. Most of them the videos of the guy in Mexico get their fuckin heads chopped and he shows videos the Columbine massacre, whether walking through you know the cafeteria, and people are cowering under the tables, but also the in it You know I mean thousand, that's that's an argument. Situation is not much. A guy could do right, but the point is this: is it you're still the guy there so helpless you how you can do nothing But if you don't fight the oil
then you can hope for is that they don't kill. You kill somebody else. And that mindset of never give up now if you're gonna die die a good death, I think, There is a point of view from a lot of people that have they dont have violent tendencies and intimidated by violent tendencies theirs. Point of view where they want to eliminate all the strength in the world, they were take away, alter the benefits of being armed, all the that you know there's, a bunch of people to discourage martial arts of either have actually have an argument. I have an argument with my family. When I said doing marsh. Large girl is kind of a fucked up kid. My my father was really worried that I was become much more efficient. You dangerous person. You know that I was kind of sketchy kid and there now
become a sketch, a kid who knows how to dismantle paper at, and it was a real issue like with me when I was fourteen years old and I think that there A lot of people that are non inclined, physicality, not inclined to violence, die inclined to aggression that would like to silence those things in other people. Instead of deal with the inevitable reality. Those things exist and whenever someone tells me you know they start talking about like you know, you know this. Guy said that I would be designed so that You know there's a certain amount of that. The real tolerate until I get to a certain point like do you really do you know what you would do the oily? No, you do do. Have you ever been in a violent confrontation? Have you know how to fight do not occur, when it's important do not a fight. If someone said, are you ready? Are you ready girl? Would you be Cuba should together most likely not reviewed ever kept you should together before you never have that experience and whether or not you proven your your strength of character,
but, to be honest with you, gonna show your pants. You gonna pick your pants gonna shit, your pants you gotta fall apart assumes guy gets hold of you, you're gonna be breathing so hard. You not gonna, be able to control your heart rate. You knock it off I'll do it. You write it unless you ve really thought about this. This is not some sort of like easily manageable situation. Real violence is incredibly scary Incredibly, scary, and if you don't addressed that as far as the reality of life and of life, that existed from fuckin four billion years ago in the first shitty little single celled organisms crawled out of the ocean to what happens today in two thousand thirteen LOS Angeles. These there's a reality to biological life that you're a fucking part of an just by painting utopian picture of reality doesn't make the dangerous aspects of reality go away and you're a want to control. Nature it gets an idealistic sort of a point of view. This utopian view of the world where no one's violent, no one. You know how the ass to that shrink,
uniformly across the board and that that's a hard thing for people to scrap poorer people to swallow, but the more safe environments I've ever been in when I've been around train killer strike, the largest amount of ST fights had ever been at work that you have see. What are the USA on backstage I've seen one or two scuffles ever amongst the biggest most insane killers. The planters ever known comes a hand to hand combat rising like a few arguments, since you should use slap nudes over hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of fights. Even when you get egos, I mean you're, evil amicable, you egos, we abbot even guys, who do that there is always check. Yes, as they know that, is good, as they are at some point. They got clipped or Even that is one of those things to where it goes back to theirs. Jeff Cooper is what's Jeff, Colonel Jeff Cooper,
is considered. The father of the modern pistol technique hear me out most the things it sounds kind of sillier gay. Nor does it, but most is arguable pistols yet, but but we're here martial arts martial arts- oh yeah, I grow. They really are whether you're fighting with your hands were son, swords guns, knives. It really is talking about fighting and the differences you're. Talking about fighting with guns and knives the differences there's a force vector there and there a great James Edwards. I think it is. Maybe he made a great point in that's this. If you and I fighting, I can block your punch. Ok, I can take a block or if I miss and you hit me chances are, maybe I can take a punch on. Maybe you might not like knock me out if you hit me with a part,
but when you start talking about fighting with weapons from steel up in the bullets, those are force. Vectors Now, if we're fighting with knives, were fighting even with sticks, I swing? This is a force vector. Ok, this this plane is afore, spectre. If you're in that plane- and I have a knife- you're fucked bodies cannot take them. If you, if you tell your arm up even if I've got a knife, this long, I will cut through your bones. I'll cut you fuckin hand off now, if it and about guns you more fact yet so its force, actors- and it's a different way of looking at fighting you know when you're talking about hand, hand martial arts, you can take a hit, you can block in use that block the Perry you can use that. To Poland, to an attack, punished talking about fine with weapons
Where were you can survive and not be there? So not get it right now get exactly and so it is just it's that whole thing of. The mindset of being able to accept your fight, xx the condition Joanne and deal with it in the paper. We can do that generally. Because they understand the fact that there are not fuckin invincible nobody's about ass. Ever you can get hit knocked out shot stab whatever no matter what your level of training, so when you talk about being backstage, will launch a guys who spend their lives. Standing no matter how good you are, no matter how good your ego is. You know you have to keep in check every but he gets checked early. Nobody starts out the ballast mother Fucker ever you get a few guys like John Jones, coming with exceptional athleticism, and they do really really. Right away, but even then like you'll get the Gustafson fight. Even here
it's a guy one right handsome, you know a handful and that that's also the training that guy goes through its softens, the ego is it did it changes the egos impact on on your consciousness. Where you Eagle will fuckin lie to you? If you don't get any tests right, don't get any real tests in life. Your ego will have you all sorts of pumped up all sorts of confused about your abilities conversations of people they omber fuckin kid. This fuckin do das, and you know you you just wanted just each one of us, top time and pull them aside and say: do you understand what you're even saying, because you don't really just kick a guy's ask as if you kick my ass, I come back tomorrow with a bat right, ok or a gun, or my friends ran we're gonna fuck you up on not just taken and asking from some people. That's the difference between when, talking about sport in Europe, the Belarus to that and
the street in real life. Is it's it's funny I, a friend of mine was a marine and whose autoworkers an guide. Six years in the Marines, you want to be an honor worker and we would strengthen our time, but he said something to me probably tell em, maybe ten years ago. It's always stuck with me. He said nobody's a man. Ass is just comes down to a question of will, you know why? Because if Brac Listener with my mother fucking Ass, which he would every day twice on Sunday, but if I the will to do whatever the fuck was required to do some evil to him? If I want to go to prison for, I was willing to give up my life, you know why some by what happened in Rome
anything you stay alive, yes exact. If I lived a factual right now, but here's the point, the point is, it goes back to will most people, most normal human being people. You know don't think like that, but here But here, if you look at every fucked up story in this country, when it comes to all my God, this guy some terrible Roma. Look at how fucked up this is? U wanna comes now, comes down to somebody Saint Animal, give a fuck this. But he recognising what the situation actually is and then acting What do I mean like panicking? Every gangster like criminal mother Fucker got forty bodies on them. You know I mean if you ve watched, what's the movie down in Miami Cooking, cowboys Those two was pretty
amazingly talk Griselda still alive or she had smoking Colombia two thousand twelve year, two thousand twelve of the ex gonna jail before yes, you know it is curious. Pinochet is elder, fuck reserve crazy, said folding Griselda belong, but the guided I was impressed by was the other due to hit me here now. Guy in present was is his thing watching a lot. He saw a tough guy he's a fucking killer. Yeah he's not trying to fight you right I'll wait for you to go home, fall asleep in your bed. We welcome your house and uncle arrogant and your fuckin ass. Well, you know another example: the distorted perception of people's Invulnerability Iceman Cook Linsky that guy I'm still kind of curious. How much his sheet was real. Really he bushes alot. How did you have a lot of bullshit or any That was at least my doubts
the feeling I got by his interviews with Google Iceman bullshit eyes, and we hope we don't need chuckle, Adele but now I mean watching his interviews. That was a feeling I got that I got to feel in the user. Braggart really interesting, nothing. On the first page man I mean maybe I'll completely cycle of bullshit strives for bullshit rigid, Clint key, he's one hundred percent foolish inverted others to run our span. That's the guy from the gig. I've got fat snipe gay, I tell you you gotta men, I mean here. Some larger roles. Ok, this is one of one of the guys sang are to be introduced and he sent Kirkland Ski is dangerous and has killed, but not to the extent that he claimed he did not. Murder go go
Day Castello or Daimio he claimed to work or to mail, but apparently is bullshit. Apparently he exaggerated some thanks boys, probably at fucking, crazy guy He was on rats Lenny. I absolutely I deny that, but I do get the feeling that- and I think that happens a lot there's some You go to F B. I think it's FBI dot Gov on you channel is like you, Slash FBI wherever they are. A series of interviews with his asshole, whose serial killer, and he they call it. Alaska, I think, but he killed over ten or fifteen years like eight or nine people, something that the inner killings are hanging himself in jail cell and the, but there they put on you too? The f b I did fuckin interviews with him, sitting in the thing which create two things that are crazy as well,
is there sit here in their talk in this guy and there, planet to him why these other police departments are being assholes about jurisdiction in this, and that is why they're holding up certain things tat. He's fine house in the fuckin real to Swain him. You know why it's taken longer because they haven't gather clearances, but anyone but this dude is, you can look. I can not be international based them. Bill guy lawyer now get good. Looking cat someone's not observes that him. Yes, while it does, you can write told you guys are do two thousand twelve Jim was wonderful in June to told we unalaska Did you hang yourself and we may have been an eye why I watch some? I will but here's what so freaky about this mother fucker. He didn't know as victims in Stockholm. He had a murder kit hidden
it was on the West Coast. He had property, from when he was a kid or something like that. In New York, there is found They left him. Whatever he's, ass, a murderer KITT in New York and the murder kit had like tape, fucking gloves rope also the kind of shit he was living on the West Coast whole fuckin time before back to New York, where he had seen we are seeing some kind of house or whatever, but he flies. To New York kills two people manner. Life dispose of their body mysteriously implies. Back they didn't catch him until like ten or fifteen years late. So he did this several times. Yes, So his his Emma was that he did not hear which pick random victims Nothing in common had occasion, I think, a chick got away from now
Alaska. While there was one guy in the same guy Unalaska that would fly women out, it would tell them they can fly them pay like prostitutes, fly them out to a place where they get their frequent and and then he would tell them like listen. You have one. Or in one hour I'm going to come, find you and I'm gonna shoot you kill, you stop it yeah. So good luck take care, one hour, ready, girl or whatever it was all over. The time was, and he would go hunting for women and he killed several yeah allow apple than moody killed ones it. He was like dislike. Random ones already killed the ones I keep is after once he was after he would have their. If somebody said to me, I would be like, whereas the nearest vacuum police station cause, you will get me out of their his name. Is Robert Hansen
and he's an american serial killers born nineteen, thirty nine hundred handy killed between seventeen and twenty one women near Anchorage Alaska, who was convicted nineteen, eighty three and serving and sixty one years in Spring Creek. Correctional centres alive and Seward, Alaska yeah yeah, in nineteen. Eighty three, seventeen year old, Cindy Paulson escaped from him. While he was trying to load her into his paper. Super club, which is apparently, is airplane about damage at that and he was loading her into this airplane and she escaped but did did, did and She told police that she had been offered two hundred hours to perform oral sex. But when she hours in Alaska and light gray drawn area. Secondly, beavers
pull the gun on her hand, drover to his home town of mall dune, and there he took her captive. Torturing re being in sexually assaulted. Her. He mentioned that she mentioned that after he changed her by the neck to a post in the houses basement, He took a nap on a nearby couch and when he awoke he put her his car and took her to the marrow field airport, where told her that he intends to take her out to his cabin, which was a each shack on the Neck River area of madness. A valley accessible only by boat or Bush plain. That's the gangster move right because the king now that can't go anywhere and out of the back seat of the car, with her risks, cuffed behind her body she waited until hands was busy loading. Airplanes, cock big to make a right, for while Hansen's back was turned. She crawled out Maxie open up the driver side door and took off running near sixth avenue nearby Sixth Avenue
she told police it. She had left her blue sneakers and pasture side floor. This dance backseat as evidence that shit In the car, so the They pull them over, they found it. They her her heard her. They pulled over the truck, and I found her sneakers neither choose torture. If you know what's wash up, if you go back and you'd look, I mean honey stories like TAT man, I've never heard of alan- generally, I mean I'm not like a serial killer, freak or anything, but I mean I pay attention like certain things, but never, That story and I guarantee, if you look back You probably find hundred more like it different things, maybe not that many. Evil, but three or four one or two whatever, but it goes by to my opinion that you know what they're fucking monsters out there. Thousand hunting champion, I mean they're. There are flocking people out there. Their legitimacy This guy was a monster. He was,
I d love to sell things. He was a word he was a hundred champion. He is established several documented accords in the Pope and young book world hunting records. So this guy was like it was a legit hunter, but it was not exciting enough to him so It decided that you know what he liveliness: hunting women he eyes, scary, scary, scary thing and you look at the mother. Fucker is names Robert Hansen, Ghoul, ANA wicked. Press crazy, because Robert Hansen is the same guy. Who was a spy for safety? I wasn't Robert handsomely spy for once. They FBI characterised, I'm saying do not gonna Google Robert happen. I fear that's not the same guy Robert Hansen, that's the shows. The F B, I guy Robert Hansen on Wikipedia. HIV and Sdn. That's him killed twenty one women at least
these twenty, what they put them for twenty one. You know it's more yeah between seventeen and twenty one is the number there there, but there That's true, but then sometimes only time really right, because they do shit where they write off every unsolved, honouring chalk up to them and we portuguese serial killer jealousy that documentary, not documentary was doc. You dropped I was gonna. Do now you dramas. I hate that shit. It was based on Henry Lucas Dialysis, weird drifter, that randomly killed people and fast to a shitload of chronic day, merely guy they never got was at the Green River Keller. They never got Zodiac Killer, Zodiac Sudan and never got the Zodiac guy. They have a lot of different theories on who that guy was from a mathematician too. You know various high intellect people by some we appreciate, I mean what do you think, the guy with the present you think he's dead? They don't quit right. Most
don't quit, but who knows what make someone start ready go and who knows whether or not they can ready stop? You know something and stop drinking. Some people didn't need our colleagues, some people could heroin. Maybe you know I've always wondered killer. I've always wondered that if you were I do. It's been a fucking. Plot on a million television shows, but it's the idea that ok, you're, going off somebody for whatever reason, if you make it Fourth, in a series of six years all of a sudden. Now it's not assassination right circling. The other thing that says that if it's random, if you just pick random people who he is, go into a gas station. You now go but hey can I get it back gum boom, where there is that, where its? impossible to solve it really easy like if you look an unsolved, unlike certain cities like Chicago DC, other things it's,
Seventy per cent unsolved homicides here because did a tailor there's a from Mars is a phenomenal book. You ought to read, did you ever watch the movie? You ve seen a wire ghetto, you show the. Why avoid seen? Actually the first cobwebs and ever kept watching. I know I fail culturally. I'm sorry, I'm not an idle. I'm not saying that to be a bridge baby I'm not a breaking bad type, prick who ringing bats, raising now, what's the verses and you didn't like it the wires now don't iron judge. The six above you can set such a deck. Look as I think that game thrones can conquer, them? Why? How hard it, whereas the english Wangwana does about how it is everyone dies, dragons plans, pussy, I'm back next lines, new people love, so we can kill them. How zombies do like walking dead, not some Algeria. That's in is decent but
What ok? Here's your question on zombies, large adorned zombies, loved the book were worthy of arrows flock and amazing love that interests anthems costs low. Really I got it. There are books, consular no shit there. What do you think about the movie well Brad bears a man and I got it excellent symmetry and his wife. I thought was very tastefully chosen. I thought it was interesting that the violence Susie. You now really like. I sort of like non impact for outside the cruellest thing I ever heard of a movie literally was the Rangers at the airplane. For you, rejected should know now what monopoly laugh the wanted now, but where the dune was gay luck fuck, you gonna, get you the plane right, hope it's worth it right
I suggest to you that is legit, as is the fuckin pyramid of zombies and they try to cry out. Was gay, I'm off the wall. Giralamo fuckin gay do have you ever she's in what way about how to remedy as read the book it's not violent. Twenty days later. Rabbies yeah: that's that slow shambling, never ending onslaughts young warlords either, but yea. I asked if that's what so fuckin terrifying and that's what it's me that was what made the Baku I disagree. I prefer the twenty eight days later: zero ratings omby How can a zombie knew a fat fuck in new or wars? The book slash, you know, walking dead, listen I'll, fuck. Those on bees up does bitches and never catch me. Here's the thing they never get tired yeah. That's true! They never give up, but you can figure out a way to get into a house does matter. They never give an that's a door down on me was cool and don't get me wrong. I think MAX Brooks
is a self important prick. How dare you his tone. How dare you don't know MAX, I dont know lacks, but I've whilst I wasn't interviews, winning Zadig in my opinion, while I could wrong. He might be nice. Guy in a world might be given interviews could be, but in always broke centuries rich before he started. Also target people. Ask him about his daddy and now Brooks Amazon impact that haven't his career might be fine, but a it. The Czechs, rogue but I'll be nice to know Joe Hill is now he Stephen King sandwich. His name is Joe House. I didn't write on the cartel Stephen tanks. My man amazing offer great author. Really good stuff and by the way, seems genre. Stephen can harm movies, hard books, great great great stuff at school. Guys is really interesting when my favorite office and its if he thinks it's incredible but he's Joe here You know, and I think we ve got his own following the smart move in in your MAX Brooks Brooks Iraq.
I'll Brooks sure now brought Jim work. Son, look at you. You ve grown up some ass, I've known you, since you were a little boy. Oh my goodness, Millbrook son is here honey. Come here would like I mean every interview. I've seen I do like I'm a big book tv freak Ross smile at bullshit. I watch our stuff twenty days later. Zombies, rule yes aspires, When you look at the production in that movie, how they do that twenty days later sick they run, they gave him like fucking They may that movie, like eighty eight dollars and a monk and credit card gathers shut down loan for adapting their major shot. Now Everything else is still not an Iphone. I think that is blocking geyser gangster. I think, twenty days later, zombies scariest run rage virus absolutely on there, there are, but at the same time, like I read a book Stephen has didn't press field, I can't think of a guy's name,
but he makes an interesting argument that if you look at Sandy like locus, Imagine millions of them think about this if you have a life form that I can't we're getting this to you in the fog anxiety with deep and Zambezi. Think about it. Ok, New York, city, pervert example: seven million people in New York City right now they all turned his armies. They don't die so you're gonna go somewhere and they're going to search out food. The one instinct they have is going to food. We gonna go I'm gonna go south finger african Island so anyway, so now you come south. They come south now come through all the EAST Coast, Philadelphia Virginia all the bullshit They come around alleghanies, where they gonna go. They're gonna go West NASA. They com, they keep pickin people up poverty, apples. You look at the locus the great locust plagues. The locusts starved to death because again, the next fuckin field we keep going
So now imagine this. Yes, you can be the biggest bad ass, an oral with all the fuckin weapons you want, but now your overran with millions of something, no matter what Matthew, millions of rats, fuck zombies, but I mean millions anything. The fact fact, roman scary, scary,. That was what would that was the cool part about MAX Brooks his book as it he got that Acrost was he got across that that feed? Feeling of humanity, you know Even if you win, you almost lose because You can kill them, but Tom you lose a person, it's a way. For the enemy rain. It's not the fact that you lost one. Is the fact that you lost more than they gained. One ran so do that times, a hundred thousand. That's For this I gambling as the two hundred thousand swing, you know you're down a hunter.
There are a hundred right right right so, but that idea that religion. This. Never ending, just constant to me, that is a different feeling in that fiction world. Of course, then the whole raids on beef and yet arranged the raves thing is scarier on film because it's like malefactor slipping out you from nowhere, but is that shambling? Never ending! You know. Ok, you wanted, Five thousand others. Ok, eventually, you, I feel barrels is going to wear out before we do kills magnesian. Many I feel like dialogue, Josie Whales, gatling gun from eighteen, sixty five, so Digital did did, did, did that the digital divide into the back of other, where errors, when they mounted their data data, that girls will now or you just go inside and by speaking of which, speaking of which, if that's not one of the best movies ever and our way of life,
the cities boys animals are about right. That's probably see that movie three hundred times. Fuckin Joey Dismal the army. I have you ever seen a movie german Johnson. Yes, I just turned it. I just turned our body arsenal mood, there's something about those. The movies from that era there were six hours. My point also amazed that was my original point the man shit, look in the movies Retirement Jeremiah, Johnson, Butch, Cassius Sundance kid I mean when they can jump, might learn. Bandits on linking the ban is very manly who, and when is Butch causing Sundance came about the jump off a cliff. Can he swam now it does matter, falls gonna probability. Theory anyway, he's from mother fucker that that's probably the coolest end of any movie. When those last dance, I'm not fasting, Skype,
and I remember Butch Sundance when they go. I let showgirl have other showgirls. The only thing I remember about showgirls is when she got a guy off the response. Drifting, I remember to is Are you crazy? we kill you a fucking gangsters, Redford, inhuman and therefore can do desk often on Jeremiah Genocide, just watch it and in their sequencing, Jeremiah Johnson Words, Robert Radford in the I can Rockies in Utah before he bought the Sunday spark city thing and The way that movie got made was the director
What's his name sitting Pollack links in the park, put up his fuckin house to borrow the money to make them to make the movie, because they ran out money because look Nations are so expensive, it's a great story, but what have you found? A rich guy insect his dick for the money when biscuits to store it could be possible. You know I'm saying like people make sacrifices, I don't think I rode back certain sacrifices. They like see public funds, rich guy in sectors deck and got a hundred million dollars. Depend on how good the movies How goes think about and not think about things. The pen I gotta move, but may I say, skills are terribly made Jeremiah Johnson I'll, be like a fucking. I respect that ours, the commitment. If he made Ishtar star, I would be like a fool alike.
I hope that load is weak. Hoboes, very, like the third loaded the day to arms, just like dust from just a confusing diced thought I was like you know. I didn't mean it didn't even go from hard softer. We just cannot me yeah. This halfway there there was like a fuckin failed and they find their bodies is down. The first gathered, airs mother and ever since areas and other fuckers on average, been there for scary here ass, you jack it's hard to jack. The scary should to me as when they show those photographs of guys who try to climb Everest and failed and they find their bodies faced The first gathered airs mother, I'm diverse areas and other fuckers on Everest, been there forever and we'll be there, the first guy to climb on their there will be there. Yeah that was actually aimed. That was actually want to my little fuckin with a what's word: I'm looking for God, damn it the examples of manhood. Now
niche- might lead to the nations of the earth subculture, gotta diameter subculture, which is that the Himalayan over eight thousand meter climbers I miss frozen into the ground. They leave month, this hundreds of yeah, but the something about ever since it it's basically like Disneyland, it's a fucking tourist park. Climb avarice next year. If you wanted to amuse you pay a guy fifteen grand you roll up They give you your shit. If you make it, you make it and not fuck it, they send you back down, keep your money. Ricky Shit is fucking K to that's worth, Kay tools like the killers mountain in the world is an arc of two thousand twelve with trying to reclaim the dead from arrest, since this is pretty interesting. He read what adventures the p s t you are ass, administers
there's like seven or eight guys who have climbed every mountain over a thousand meters, others fourteen of them fourteen rounds in the world it or a higher than fourteen thousand meters There's seminary gadget climbed a mall adventures is an American, he climbed a mall without oxygen is clang. Raises a fucking gangster, some Seattle area, but Showery Seattle, face it was carried out. O rush exists, more soldier of fortune time talk less coast, Siang, but cuz. When you live in Seattle, it rains all the time that you have a blown the rest of your life. I think it was Rainier, but he's got interesting I'll, be right. There. What's crazy, is he talks about the I've, got a rather buckets gray book
but when he talks about is like there's a couple of clients, she was on where he turned back and he like the first time I think he was on Everest, is ever Kay too, he was like six or seven hundred metres from the top and turned round, and he said you know, because If you dont come down alive, it doesn't count right in as part of that will get along. Guys, killed right there the Elena exactly they get within that thousand meters and a lot of guys will set turnaround times to where they have like, if, if it's a drop dead time, if you're, not on the summit by two o clock. If you're one fucking foot from it, you come back as you have to build in time for shit, go wrong right, and if you don't you die guys how many guys of jerked off on a topic Everest. Only the first, you thinking about
I do not like to be newer owner fifteen grand You give a that's all What I get out of it, you think, how much click you take a phone right, it's my dear! What would you jack after you believed, after five employment? What are those bodies? That's a lot of people as it happens. We go up. Yes, that's ridiculous. I would also say now: it is exactly that's insane. It is this. This thing we're looking at is like a lion disease. It is like a landmark k too, is different in the fact that their span, brief amusement a lotta years when no one so much greater. Two hundred bucks, two hundred and two hundred and thirty three bodies upon Everest, Google cater Sammy,
so many people some of the key to this year. I M fascinated by goes like that, in the goals of climbing all the mountains, all these over thirty thousand mountain ray, I'm thumb absolutely fascinated by like goals like these big lofty goals and only a few people have ever achieved. One of them is that you did you know the super slam is, super slam is for big game hunters. It lyin it's an elephant, everything in North America, all the knowledge North american attack, the north american game. Now animals super slanderous. A sheep Brown bear black. They are grizzly, bear polar by brown bear, alas, all the year round, Air and grizzly bear saving right same thing, so this this might have been established. It might be that their treat Jerry told around the North American granted Agnes. Yes, count the
North America, Brown Bear and bore a grizzly bear according to Steve, are now on the differences that grizzlies inland and the brown bears on the coast. Ground brown bears actually grow larger much too popular or much too did what most for meaner thereof, meanest the drivers and general Brown bears get more protein they're getting salmon on a regular basis. Mass outweigh adverse salmon. Caribou moves to get everything, the massive amounts of salmon they gettest fuckin tremendous, grisly polar bear and then with cats, its cougar and they might.
When a Jaguar. You know there is a real issue off the magyars, no North America. The categories are entering through Mexico into north illegal fuckin cats, brow the illegal Cathy travelling Black in the same roads that drug dealers are trees. This crisis are probably you know what they're probably Spock, unstrapping cocaine to these jaguars right in their assholes right in there ass well ass. How much you pay for the cocaine why I will be worth so much more than regular man. It's cool came through cave where drug will do. Did you do that this cocaine came at our jaguars? All this is the Jaguar. Cholera trail can argue that duct tape on his underground to grants mill shit. They are starting to find them in especially New Mexico, in Arizona certifying jaguars that have made their way from from Mexico. Big fucking cats too. Plus pounds,
jaguars got that they have not had wires like how Psych Bobcat, oh no known, jaguars are enormous there much bigger than that. Fifty pounds worth amount lines, a fuckin coup. Jaguars a bigger prisoners, was shit. If I could have any pat on earth and not have it kill me, it will be included. Apparently for a pound jaguars of the most powerful cats really yeah they're, really fire like that. Does it like drag shoot up in trees right, they kill it and in drawing it up in the tree, crocodiles get at it dear Sir Jaguar go after Colonel pool of Jaguar Jaguar lack a panther re honor. They sometimes are black, but most of the time they are blonde with black spots, but sometimes a cover their entire body. They become black, as is the genetic predisposition. Or you know, genetic choice dislike some day, dogs, black some dogs are that's how it is, and the black ones are the fucking scary, Shitt ever
jungle there. That's all panthers right. They are the same thing out of Florida. Panther gender is Puma, is about mine. War is a larger cat. Its authority of fire, like an animal gather spotted their spotted, but the black once look at this the fuck you mad at me. That's Jaguar! That's not bigger unaccoutred Russell underpants CAP, my friend methodically America's much editors and now incorrect, that's a too the pound Jaguar and Jaguar is going to snatch him crying crocodile calendar lights, it with one punch, one punch back of the head. These motherfuckers hunt every saying that lives everything anything that walks on the ground. Occasionally this Jaguar eat
everything in the Amazon is mother fucker making how run for this make a run for a crocodile? What is a crocodile do pan, x or yeah me? What the fuck did you do? You know what happened out? Man ran out a crocodile notify. You open your mouth anyway. Thank you dinner. The crocodile seizes jaguars like now, five ridge. Look, it is this dragging out of funding like eating a crocodile man. Do you understand the significance of this? That's a crooked, he killed with his face. Yes, even fuckin live in the water. Could you imagine our strong you'd have to be carry something that ways as much as you do out of the water like look on his face localities biting this binding on this tardiness. Shit he's fighting it through its every instance Wednesday. And they also have the ability to pull those things apart with her face
eyes and their mother fucker cats have the most murderous evil. Soulless eyes gets a legitimate irishman are killers, stone killers and it's in the water there's even this year, I have a swedish. We declare that irregularities is just kill a birth, a million birds. You don't know about this- kill one in their right out of luck, enshrine underneath look at this. May I arresting officers biting on a massive scale. Finally, we are carrying around toothache there's a whole series of Jaguar hasn't been I mean it. I got him from the bottom gesture remsen apart, slow, but sure that's dead already. Now it's a matter just opening it up the jitters. Aguilar so strong with his job digging a stone killers. Have you got any more honey? What's word I'm going next month yeah onto our Wisconsin, going go sheets and some dear heart, I come back in late later winter, I'm gonna go, should a Buffalo and Texas who they just stand. There
We ought to go. She hogs were to meet run. I gonna die in Texas is gonna ranch? Let's do it just tell me when no, yes, do are going to get up. Ok dollars, I mean it's. Nuisance came down. There is not just a matter of going down. Then we have talked about it many times when my favorites as PIG Man finances Sean Sportsmen Channel and him and TED Nugent shot out of a helicopter, and I will be a he one time they killed two fifteen a day. The next time was more. Four two hundred fifty more than four hundred and allows you. I know it's funny. I work ellipse now do record time, buddy my body, it's a guy, didn't text as taxes like again, and we ve been talking about it for ever. Who can take like fifty the tanner right. What's can write some bad, you know attain right. Is Whatever right is Google Tanner check this out? Jesus Christ So this is the boy were talking about to finish. The super slam, these visitors, animals, alaska-
they are black, Bear Grizzly Bear polar Bear. Cougar Colombia, active dear deadline, a hundred thousand dollars with ants more than that coups d meal- dear sick, dear white, tailed, dear rocky Mountain Elk, rose, stop Jus way more baron ground, caribou, central canadian Baron, ground Caribou Mountain Caribou, Quebec, Labrador, caribou, woodland, Caribou alaskan. You can move canadian moose care, looting, advice and musk OX a mosque axes and north american game animosity. Now I've heard everything american mountain, goat, prawn horn is an obvious outfitters or making this California big. She doll she desert Bighorn, cheap rocky Mountain Bighorn Chiefs, don't cheap at walrus. These are the cellular stock. Larry animals auxiliary, Jugglery, bigoted Jaguar is in there and Pacific Walrus,
It's all them now who the fuck is going to shoot wars either who needs our usual hour draw lie man, I'm not. Idea, honey. That's why I'm not a hunter because another patient work, but my research, did I understand and hunters pay for the whole hunters. Hey fucking reason most of the shit. But as is right yes, yes, walks icy tenets tenor. This is like its Bacardi bottle, Billy Express, ok and so My son is an explosive ass. It is ok. This guy backs weigh up yes and detonator. Ten right, mind area explosives to where you put these two things together and then, detonated has to be. The only way I can be set off is by sea its com. We leave Fucking LEO, you can buy it in the mail. It's a binary explosive and the fact the only way I can be set. You can set fire to it. You can sell electricity to it, you can fuckin,
up and down on it. Oh I will get set off is if it penetrated by around Goin. Almost three thousand feet per second so you have to have a rifle round will set it off, otherwise it will actually is it legal just because people are now about it. Like Joseph psychic vs order, there was most powerful psychedelic drug ever there was little for the longest time, missed it and sweeping psychoanalyze on issues out of a human pituitary gland from a fuckin male baby with one eye similar. But now it's called five meth oxy die methyl trip to me, five methodically, domestic tripling in five Emmi o D, like a big stashing that prevention, unless you want, I can bring a total strangers. If we truly want to meet him. Yes, they all doing that does tail show my basement. Try
No, that's girlish! These current only dotcom tell you bro. Now this tanks thence Harry the thing, the tanks easy to fade. It's great on your body fails goods! Relaxing that's right, ear, ended this whole fuckin self, I know better. Better! You don't wanna, know desire to have been advised him ass. Well, De the tank thing for me is a big part of like every day. They part of life notion that big part thinking, now the tank is worth, sir, certain sort it all out. How often use it. What's my basement, I've got a lot of shit. My fucking an armed reach last summer used. It was two days ago. It's great! How long do you use it for a few hours ago and fat lounge at that time? The time two years for Galileo variability FUCK this buck out. I know everything There never has been a good one of learn from them.
Every free gathered I've ever had a black, but what was bothering me, why was the free? Why was I, for example, is the forgot about what weakness was you know was exposed by that freak out? in balance with loathing, I don't do it anyway. You able to do that in the tanker yeah let us stay carried away and you back off for what it's all about breeding and perspective its orbit keeping a breathing under control downward panic breath like that that the big thing about psychedelic traps that happened with a lot of people, whether their naturally occurring psychedelic trips- I guess a tank. Notation or drugs, the big Is you try? to control what's happening and when each to control without creating outward it's just. You can't control a bitch. Good luck. It's like going down a river. You know like some crazy fuck in what is an airplane, an airplane vacuum where this. When I came in just one thing is an airplane with a vacuum.
Bro you. If you're going down a river in your ear, you bodies flailing inflaming around like an you, try to like control it, you can control it. You know If your bouncing off rocks and shed new you're completely out of control in the white waters, you can control the difference between that and a psychedelic trip. Is it the second October is actually not going to kill you, whereas the The out of control, feeling that you haven't a river. Theirs is inevitable like you you, you may get lucky and grab a branch on the way down, but you may also go off the waterfall and die the difference between that and this It argues France's there's nothing to worry about the psychedelic strands. It's just as much at Eu Control, so you to be able to let go, and it's very very, very, very, very, very hard for people to do because you have to Gov of all your perceptions about who you are, how you interface with the world
but you're environment means to you that at the end of the story, well, roundly I mean you know all this shit goin in right. I learn ownership and going and I still don't know what would I get free? What would happen if you just stuck someone in there he's stuck. Someone in it depends Thailand, without personalities they weren't prepared. If they just like you, Do you still a fuckin her item That's him off the street. They woke up and attack. The tag is well. That would be weird, maybe like torture. When one no one be tortugas, you would move around, you would feel the water you UK, its argue body, doesn't move the beautiful thing about the tank.
Eventually got your own Guantanamo Bay. In your base, now known on its way nicer than its there's no music Blair, and that is an island, fucking, crazy, assholes, trying to fight- and let's talk about your time- is a student in Pakistan. None of that did that the ten one zero dark, thirty! Yes, I know you didn't like it because you're you know you're up on what are really have age, but you are you're fucked up by the suspension of disbelieve. No, but I gotta tell you: it was the dude who is doing the questioning was freaking. He was here he was there because it is so hard yeah. Well there, really like others, guys gonna get very clinic, knows I log in the euro to hurt you and what that with the fuckin, the analysis I heard it. I had never heard before. Was there stick it on. My thing did bugs bugs even worse balkan spiders yeah I mean our fight, you ok, fine, but you put a fucking
the spider radio ear like a bitch, deserves more ass. Well off, let this fuckin table over trying to kill one or the other, but bark and spiders fighters. That was one of the things I guess they played on the phobias motherfuckers stick em in these fuckin boxes with all kinds of bugs factor, Zactly, several thousand one of the reasons why I never watch we're factor, kings and using the bug the spiders in a bullshit always start a donkey balls bullshit I was like never could understand it because it's like what are they and fifty grand if they, when you have to make it so I also ass. We know in fact than any place on and then, if they fuckin taxes on it, so they make what very therefore for a thousands
fuck you by United Arab round some people dead, and they did it as I do in fact enmity somethin. I guess I'm watching them. Let me tell you something: I am one of those four free stuff. Yet me, Michael YO, there was a tv show, owes when those laws- like that. Well, Michael YO was one that it has actually been caved. Why spider and mean Michael we're doing a promo for the new series of fear factor when it came back and we both ate them? It was, thing I ate it was. Nothing was just chewy, it was nothing believe me If you gave me the option between that and a ton of other shit that I've done in my life. I will take that all day, that Britain Fronty right now, it's nothin! like a logical, it is like a lot, and that was crazy. Is this like it's all psychological totally? I agree. I don't give a fuck, though, what that's like the tank, what scary about the idea of the tank is only like a logical, there's, no tigers in there, this annually water mean tank doesn't seem like he was freaked me to fuck out. Will you said it would
no not resent you could you be took somebody and through them, No personally me! No, I don't think it with its great. You would love it personally. I don't take your word. For one thing is I liked being by myself don't get me wrong, but I like right. I spent a lot of time. Reading yeah, I'm not one of those people that you know if I don't have internet social interaction every hour, I've what the fuck out, me and Michael YO were eating these care care? Do I spires Michael, is secondary attainment journalists and he was actually on fear factory back way back in the day, like episode, one, the fur, Jos languages- I cannot add, pick in some Baluchi. That's the thing I got so use like people eating bugs, and I got shit. I ain't a bunch of shit. I ain't a fuckin. Marianne? Just on the sand euro, I just saw Roach new. Like now,
magnesian girl, I'm not stupid, they had catering, has no need to do, but it wasn't that it was something I wanted to do. But it's easy to do it's really not a big deal, so I give it to him I'm holding onto too I handed one and he had a harvest time grabbing at menus. I don't use playing it. For the camera, but we really seems to have a high very, very nice guy but you the thing is over. I was so desensitize also used to it. The other steadily emerges, shudder right, Jesus I'll. Tell him by the by Can we spanish light not to forget what does this mean really became almost anything unless
We have many times it. So let me say that I hope like. I would hope that none of the bitch was more about a job brush your killed aspiring. It's nothing just take only raised they would have to be met. You have to be talking new car money. Free. That's cause you're, crazy! Now, I'm ok. You evidently enjoy it.
That's him. He's products am object. Please forget how these jobs are we're. Like not corn. I cast my game but open you. Some shit like that. We're Talkin minimum thirty g added diet, coke waiting on standby, minimal, minimum thirty thousand a fuckin. Why it's nothing? It's not more than two hundred bucks low, easy. They shone Santa! Maybe my prices, my bride, but I'm just saying that it's all based on personal sure, absolute, you know if you ever had summoned choke. You took you, like almost unconsciously, have tab out that way. Worse I thought I'd have that about all the time I've done to people, but I'm gonna me. A bug is eight shit. You know if a young girl give you enthusiastic, but yet horrible blowjob. Yesterday, no phone way better data bug agree check out these, these kangaroos jobs like Peter and others.
Peter bending to get someone a second directive really has mouse undermined, share these areas where the fuck out of each other? This is a video that someone semi. Apparently this ends with a rear, naked choke pipelines. Our yeah people say to me all day on Twitter, so out of respect, are gonna, throw up there but swept out he's fucking things fight. They go back on their tail. They use their tail to hold themselves, lovingly a kick with their back lace and they fucking do get out for like ten minutes. Man to ETA groundbreaking now is keep fighting each other up. Look at that! That's like a fuckin, a hundred twenty pound rat Yad. While they get really big, apparently apparent two different types of kangaroos. I think there's a guy, a kangaroo and a red kangaroo. Our body Eddie, if spends a lot of time and urge barkers, depends on comes well in Australia and of them are really big like six feet plus will there's another. I guess donkeys
in Australia are feral like pigs. Are here save a lot of trouble with dont at least they did at one time with donkeys and kangaroos. So there's a guy is named J D Jones, this again thing, but he's known for hang on Hunter he's one of the bigger handgun hunters. He made a bunch of custom, calibre and all kinds of shit, but anyway he used to organise. What's called australian Barman Hunt, look at this fuckin scramble. And these guys would go round arse who this is One kangaroos on top keeps winning go guard poker. Poor guard brow the one, the bonds bitch They always shit. He's got it. We ve got ox inside the choked. No hooks he's Goin, Marcella, Garcia style, concentrate desire, lied to jerk, won't Marcello concentrates entirely shout. It doesn't even worry about the hooks through the watch.
You see she ran about tat incredible. This is a battle stop. This is crazy. Right, he's got a grip he's gotta, gable group. While we put him sleep, attacked and fuck you, you're still pass the fuck out look around. Hovering with his balls over that tango. Face. Wake up, go by music is asleep. He choked up mother fucker to sleep was incorrect. We manage choked him to death, wake up and watch. We fuck your wife, that's if he wakes up he's. Never, why fitting get married kangaroos whether the cameras on the bottom liquors boss, said I looked up any boss, Kangaroo still pass the fuck outlook left He just laying their he's he's submissive, this one's walking nice and slow on his tail he's hurt that tail is legitimate air, while they do did out for a long part for a long period of time before, he eventually got the renege choke so the big ones?
They are the red kangaroos and though the Ed kangaroos is the largest of all kangaroos largest mammal, to live in Australia, the largest tat stand marsupial. It is found in mainland Australia, avoiding only the more two areas in the south, the EAST coast in the northern rain forests, belike fuck, you you don't want your water. We don't want you fertility, the biggest they get head to body length is five point two feet and then the tail and legs and allowed Chaz. So when the apparently give chimpanzees or kangaroo one champ kill everything, one jump the ruthless chapter, so goddamn story, I mean I'm sure Kangaroos- was a strong too, but I'm sure chamber just fuckin grab its neck and tear it shit apart through its belly open ships can do shit with their bodies with a grammar branch and then launched them.
Elves internet and get rely on that kind of strength is really hard. Us even rampart, fuckin stupid heads around right. You know jobs. Can you think he'd do me now probably and do one four million dollars a guy who's, a really good cheer up guy gangster. Fifty will as yet Fifty is just of carries out my mother hours. I work out, I gotta believe leg, there were others like some whipped up cross. Chicks. Does it every day before breakfast a good kid world record Chin UPS, let's find out I'm guessing I'm guessing it's. Seventy five might wanna thinks Crossfit's occult it isn't you're? Not the only one. It is in this good things and bad things about cults, world record list. What is the world record to determine? What is I reckon oh shit, I'll get. The fuck is that
reckon: ok, here's the here! It is their circle on this mother, fucker you're dead world records is punch in it. Fuck you fuck you take. Jack Zeller charity? I reckon I dont yeah, it's only been a big job so you fuck Roma car last night. What happened I reckon got into the oh look, that's it must do intruder. Tough man when loans are tough, chimps are fucked, I like some only thought. Oh shit, there ruthless they threw off the top o clock you, we throw you off this man. He had a ruthless our here's, the they have most. Perhaps in a minute: ok, here's a world record for chaps them. First, the record holder is a guy for the Czech Republic, of course, ready for it you're, a freak out two hundred and thirty to pull up some thirty six minutes, that's insane.
In two thousand and ten in the Czech Republic. Jesus fuckin cries: have you ever sees doing keeping collapse, but whatever Have you ever seen the bartender shit, the guys who do the borrower accounts took. You have seen that so Look. This is a fucking look at a chain of smaller fucked up. This. Isn't that keeping Chin upside search pelops, whereas port to join up as one Europe arms are placing forwards that none of those count, Jesus Christ those are saying dollars can disguise still going on those colored. He doesn't barely break his elbows, but this cause, fucking head Belarussian, the bar crazies, are keeping chin. Ups are keeping pull ups because the poor, which was a channel from which one support pull up is like this, pull up since your palms fortune ups, your palms outwards, arise at it. One of the other which it is Wikipedia son. What's the difference, the difference.
I'm gonna get, cannot she'll. Probably the curl motion ran ups and pulled and pulled up you probably palms out for an hour it quickly. I don't know if they do all. Although you this shit, I do Uncle SAM Sixties, I'll love. I would love to be able to do this. That's a saint just very fucking facts and the irregularities. This disappeared, the look on people's face. I was waiting. Millions he's doing sideways channels bar, whereas by Sticking out your flag is russian. That's the same. Ok, pull ups he's a pro needed, overhand grip, so pull, is palms out, schnapps is palms, which is a soup pinnated or underhanded grip. That's crazy. I've never seen him before that's very interesting. With this guy's going to sixty two in a minute and his fifty he's fifteen o dairy who's, this fuckin animal- he don't have Loki. His wife has more far gone
it's a is strangling, tries, got a string a nineteen year old, two, three, four five, six seven a jet wide grip, ten, eleven, twelve. Ok, we can keep counting the people at home. Sitting on Itunes have already signed. When are you going to count to a hundred you fuck head here scrapping, what's happening from fifty to sixty three schism, pretty as it is rising. Sixty three who's, the guy? What could generate a minute, let's pussy, together We're already urchin up to say who this does it say, stand Stan Abso cough spell: Absalom API as a yellow and yet again to you as Ohio. This goes to show you man, Ohio, Ohio is legit yeah. This guy was I gotta. Philippines of the United States is a really long and poor. Now
nasty, solid those eyes. Now you think so. How's, the Philippines of United States, if they're from Ohio and on a white t, they will gamble with you What is it about the MID west of so many gangster pull blast because there's nothing else to do Jersey. You don't get our money. Will you surf Why are you play while he puffed? I mean fuck half a year, winner, say let's right exactly Sego ballroom, you Paypal and there's the MID West has fallen. There's gangsters throughout Kansas City, Missouri, Saint Louis Shit, like that fuckin players, why they pay good Take party tabled because that's all agree with that, but that's a lot of it fixed at once. When the tournaments are that's right, you could take some of those guys like. I could go down through that part of the MID West and takes people run about through New York City and rob the Fuckin northeast really is which is scant which, when I say they will be hard because you can't sneak up on anyone any more rapidly.
We cannot run the internet. I mean camera. Sure, camouflage ruin. The road is an interesting while the websites like Aisy Billiards, due to a certain extent, it was only a phone. I it's not both, but even before that is just. I guess If you could show you to take me to poorer here and allay today, there could be somebody in there and if it's a legitimate player I could if I don't and there I could take their picture, send it to two or three people. Probably take everything there is to know about our guy within ten minutes. That's what I'm going to the internet? That's just within that network and having billowy to take a photo, can act and tell them here's. What this guy looks like this, the game he wants to play. What do you know about them and in our case
this such a small world near it would be like you show, unlike a fighter that you knew was like a legitimate fire was like when I, when I did, that celebrity poor thing for Bravo and they were like You know hey. You know we're gonna put together a celebrity turn a man, and I will see you know like who can be who out of the world a celebrity like good luck, our plan for second pleasure Absalom, like I know, you're our plan for second place, and they were like laugh at me like how do you think you're gonna win, unlike I'm, gonna win like not only gonna win is going to be easy. I'm gonna show a pie, I'm gonna be high on our part cookies and wait. There's no way they put in the time of the effort that I put in enough very few silly if they were is fucked up as I am, I would know about them. Now I know I wouldn't be here. The only people I've ever heard Polish Mormino, which I think is dead now, general by Soviet
or Perry. I would like to ask my Lord Bach at Plenary, or back Paul survey. Now, did David Brennan? What's his name David Brenner, you see a player which you just an investor. Is investor me running out like a fuckin while champion airlines, Embrace rising with MAX yea those me and MAX Emily was taken less. I took a lot of lessons from acceptably powerful MAX Max Emily. What does back in his vision? I was responsible for Denmark that see me now yeah, with a beautiful. He started eaten fish. He started but soon she's out, starts here tat we all start but MAX changed. My fundamentals- people think that pools are you stupid game is canvassed became so why its sometime around it open. If you're, not if you're not apply, I mean, if you're, not it, and I tell people this saga, for a living man. That's when I sell for learning is poor, but
if you're not into it. If you don't understand it, It's like me trying to watch gall final plague is a video you may plan here Somebody Miranda lock out You ran out the others. He I think it's you, the best videos you do an ear, although me laugh and like a fuckin retired, I was Airbus. When I met him and he's gonna be Madam, but he was a man of me at all. He knew he was I was. He was very easy and the earls We have fan Moscow in a cup is in Vegas this year, when, as they make it, one is it's the first weekend in December music right now,. If you're lucky you broadcasting now wouldn't waxy can't spell any being jet we're track after this is already. I will try and will try to do something before must go any start. I'm open the weak mammy. We should do the stars, my mask only CUP starts Monday. Now we find here, I would like to be there for that.
Besides five, you ve never been the one they are. A blast we could do something cousins, because it's like big money, production, yeah beside the only legitimate Rio Television production and poor, we could do something with poor man. We can pull needs sometime in need. Something right now needs a little. The juice Moshe view and I got behinds up. Then we could do something right now we can make something I think the only thing that has any shot to get mainstream acceptance of poor naked girls is that or some kind of reality show or to care, study to where you, like you, pick the most fucked up Follow around for six months: people why outwatched yeah Well, Earl is, like you said earlier in seven miles in the morning, said: allows in the afternoon and fourteen miles a day he's a maniac. He probably stab you and I ties for the filming is over, but he went, Amistad may mean are already get along with. My awesome was, if you could, if you could do something through alike,
in early on the road yeah, mean Earl like when we were hanging out together. Talkin like there was even though and made fun of a minor. He got bogged down in front of him, but I only made fun of them do an impression, because I'm a huge fan right de. Madam president, there is no right yeah, so he knew that like when I started talking to him that I wasn't an asshole and then I- and I really said you and my fear players of all time. That's a hundred percent legit he would he and I would never problem he would be crazy, but I'm pretty easy man. I know crazy, it's if someone was like it's like you, a guy like you all the sudden became crazy, ensure I'd be bombed out by down with the fuck. I will have him. What is it asked, but if it's just a easy, dude being crazy. That's like ass
being watered- and you know it's like water as well as effective. It is. That is what I heard his play. College are not properly equipped where's your beekeepers out. That's why we're here? Maybe you migration, President Secretive Stuart, is most people, don't jump, choose our job to shop with a fucking, Jackie, tiny little few, please this punch face. I did something tat table with mutual understanding. The orders represent is found in the man. S lie with love may appear. You know. I do marijuana training regime is now you tell me what is commonly known Earl smokes that we will manage MAX ably told me and Rob sires told me: you know that
of their adventures. Together there is like a guy who, That could it poor. Why would he not fuck with marijuana marijuana eggs? If, people who don't know- I know you don't like it entails. You are very sensitive to movement, but thing is: that's probably only thing he could do to keep his mind in this fuckin atmosphere. Yeah he's arose fools Jesus he's a gene cannot full genius, you can't take it away from the poor genius and like many people that are geniuses, something that, as we said before, that genius comes out of a bit of madness, and look I was is our pissed off, while the mosque only CUP is really interesting, because it's like the UK or Europe vote, is the United States wishes that blows? Look at us
CS, gets crazies out everybody. He also puts weird shit like looking to look in the eyes of the eyes and he says areas he's like a cartoon character. Is it said, shit he's. I encourage you know really serious about it. It's like! That's what the things I was talking to Jason Jar about when he came down for last Matt He said it amazes me stay with Ngos. Woke up in the morning talking about poor and we want safe and I M still talking about Paul yeah he's legit. I may think about Europe. Whenever we hang out it's like you, don't you know talk about. You have seen the time we started a timely and we all talk about comedy from the time we start to tell me and every hailing a normal fuckin person would that's the thing pool though pool
requires that a view pool is like the craziest media's girlfriend in the history of the universe and sick. The bitch wants to see you all day every when you go to bed and then, when you wake up. Where are you going right here around me? Wake up and put my weight given the mill the night with a new move. My way you dont have to get out tat way. You know you play it like this, then you play for the fourth ball. You plan for the third round. If you play the icon fourth Bob, and if we can calls on the rail with FIFA. Rules on the rare depends on one another disease. I've seen Earl do after matches, he'll come in, next day, etc. And taught you talk about a shot. It was like the sun, game like it's like you, don't you Remember it was meaning us would be like a football player talking about a fucking, play. They got two yards in the set, quarter with Twenty minutes. The guy news is some means nothing and he talks about a legacy disasters date that he just got home from right. It's
I don't know man, those guys and what's funny, is most The best players in the world have played for us on our are matches, you can't name a ballplayer player hasn't play for us, this, not top the world's top ten, one key players in the world of all played in our matches at one time or another and for the most part. The Americans or the craziest in general, like most mental, about shit, the Filipinos almost laid back. Which is funny because they play like the Philippines. Literally. A thing when a thousand dollars here so five or six, ran back home, the huge amount of money and maybe that's why they are laid back- is because whatever score they make here, they is bigger back home
whereas here, if an american player winds, three or four grand If you tell any normal human being on earth, it works for fifteen or twenty dollars. An hour you can three thousand dollars and weekend they'll be like fuck, that's good money, but for someone who is at the top of their game, yet socks. You think they would make more it sucks for appeal, oh really at the same time it come in. This is like this is one of the battles on fighting. Is I tell people like look man? to pay you guys, ten grand I would ex everybody better, but I can We pay you. What people will pay yoke is its eight. When I kill I mean the way I do it is I've, there's no spotters theirs. Nobody here giving me five or ten thousand dollars, do a match. It doesnt work like that. It's many packing one I taken on fucking paper view is: what pays for
all the freight do that's paper view me versus manufacturing will be sick come on. I think you may rod and I'd He would robbing here from what I understand. I have again stroke have to get crazy, set our box and yeah according to MAX our Billy MAX ably says he plays a very good max plan of race at ten and he beat him like. I think you beat him six or seven to ten right which, if you know how good MAX playwright, MAX's mother Fucking World class, but is it not a great reputation as a solid player me I said man he gets out and being from the Philippines. It's like place all those killers, they call the cow. Look at me. So the long, hair and wow. This is many pack yo. If for furniture, not listening, listening and not watching, rather, this is manufactured, shooting some kind of crazy tricks. Which I dont know how to do. One single wicked mayor, Packard left to us interesting, that's worth
all right, they're, here there's something about lefties man. This fuckin shot Dame man. He made it made all those balls. There's something about left handed people they asked is an analytical left, handedness ethically. I believe that I've seen pictures quarterbacks, it's crazy. I don't know what it is. I think it's a nonconformity thing. I think that left handed people to figure he's out for themselves and it makes you smarter does everybody else is gone. One way, every everything else in the world is fuckin, obsolete and from straw. King from the standpoint of striking a lot of people have a hard time with people that fight in the south position. With his right hand, Ford said a left. Isn't that a big thing in boxing, though people who go new swinging, the good guys greatest ever at switching Marvin angler Will- was Marvin Hagler was he would fuck guys? because you expecting to come out south on who come out orthodox, just put a beaten on you, because he could fight Org
eggs as good as you get fights. Output is very rare, very rare, so DJ. What's it to you, do you still think boxing is viable? or is it just so happens? Corrupt and fucked up at nights VI. Malta is viable because is awesome, guys that are excellent at it. You know, there's a lot of people like think that I dont like boxing. Can I go into an argument with some ass on european, who is a boxing promoter, and you know I shouldn't common ass, always just defending his turf and the. Reason why we ve had this thing's Keziah, Spain was trying to set up this dispute between boxing and Emma May, which ones better, and I was cool with it all until he was calling- and I may like, like human. Finally, like they have this attitude that it's like some barbaric sport, and am I look you being stupid, but you don't, I was fifteen years well, it's not that it's like box as a part of Emma, may it's a key aspect of Mme. You don't have good boxing you cannot like, but am may. If you
you get, a boxer was a really good boxer and that's all he trains is boxing and he gets in there with a guy who's, never may fighter. Fuck, that's gonna get his legs kicked gonna, get need the body in the clench he's gonna get taken down, a mountain is going smashed and strangled. That's just a fact. It doesn't mean that boxing an exciting when I log back, they don't like boxing. I will never say what I said that I was in a dick got on that. Yes, an interview with me and if he said that I think makes martial arts a very exciting sport, for some folk they that, though they prefer just striking out said absolutely. You know, there's something forever. Some people prefer soccer, some guys like baseball I am I'm up. Huge fan of striking striking is what I started out with a boxing striking is even if I was gonna watch any fine, we'll get straight through fi, I wanna watch Malta, have you seen glory glory is its debuting on spike. Actually, tomorrow,
tomorrow what so the eleventh thing, it's more whatever the fuck it. Glory. Is this new high level kickboxing event where they taken the best kick boxes nor most have more european because, like in HOLLAND, Kickboxing got fuckin guy can take its huge he'd fighters came from Hamlet, Ramon, Deckers above Ernesto. Boost. Rob came in like some. The grace take box of all tat, all came from HOLLAND for some strange reason and then disk. Also this great how to fight in all sorts dilly. Romania has a lot of great fires like Daniel Guitar. There's a lot of great interest a great american kick boxes it coming up right now to, but when it comes to like power, four pound excitement. Kickboxing is more exciting. Their regular boxing to me chose his leg, kicks and knees and head kicks islamic craziness. Now I can about kazoo or traditional martial arts, guys tat window you whenever a start. Yet when you first started, but so now
those like turning Those sports obsolete hurting fatality Cosette was one Emma BS money this, while they also they're going there big thing about martial arts. When I was a kid when I was first starting out and I had to choose a martial art, it was always very difficult to figure out what was the best martial art and the kind decide for yourself, yet a watch people and decide for yourself it was really hard to quantify. It was really hard. Figure was the best, then the Fighting championship came along and now there is no question now we know what you need in an all out. Fight in a mixed, martial arts, FI were essentially is a limited set of rules, We know what you need to learn, how to do, and it's not taekwondo and it's not. My time is not wrestling and it's not Jiu Jitsu. It's all them If you dont know how to do any of those aspects, if you're really good ressler, but
the guy you're fighting knows how to defend the take down any good fuck you up standing. You got a real problem and that's what a lot of us we are dealing with today they dont know strike and they face a guy who develops like Merkel, crow cop and pride days, had really good, take dust Africa down and then in a long line, will head tax and there's nothing. You can do about it. You get hit by that shit, you're going night night, so there's that then there's also these wrestlers that figure out jujitsu. They can take you down, strangle you, you gotta, be able stuff that take down if he cast up that take down the can. Take you down every time. If you can stuff they take down, but they can't stand up. You gonna fuck them up every time. There is a lot a variables and that's what we know now. We didn't know that when I was starting out when I was starting out, it was no one knew what was the right way to do whether weathers oxen whether was wrestling when it was type one dough or cry or more time. No one knew do you think they may make eyes Rwanda like a second third generation.
I don't know how many generations I don't know if there's a need to to numerically order them, but I would say that today we have a much better sense of what is ultimately effective in martial arts than we did even a year ago. Just in the last couple of years, we've seen an increase in the number of traditional martial arts techniques front kick to the face, and silver landed on veto. The wheel, kicks that have been landed, veto landed a wheel, kick Junior dos Santos knocked out market with a wheel, Tick, Edson, Barbosa, knocked out Terry Adam. There's all these we'll kicks now that we haven't seen before and those were always viable techniques in type one dough and in kickboxing kill, cushion but We haven't seen them in every because the guys were really good at them. Didn't fight Mme, they fought key. They fought tackled but now we're seeing these Emma may guys realise hey. This is a really tricky weapon, but I can add to my arsenal, so the arsenal, instead of being a hundred moves deep, is now two hundred moves to business, Two. Fifty moves deep, there's a lot, a new shit that people learning how to do. That is all
that makes it everybody thought didn't work like you're, starting to see acts kicks again Guy throwing shares, yeah, rich Clemente through one the other day and belet John Jones, through one in the. U S c, they're still not the level of the acts of like a guy. Like Jersey Long, who is a Canadian ever may champion whose it had this nasty acts kick it was again hit the head with a fucking baseball bat, this mother fucker we're just Force lair swing armaments swam that he'll down your face? You would go to sleep he not a friend of mine out cold with an axe tournament. That's ensued, inaccuracy long and it was so nasty. It was like getting hit by a sniper the way they do and it made me change. My whole acts. Kid game. I put way more credit two aspects. I didn't think that asks you knock eyes unconscious. I just thought: I'd actually goes like a flash technique to use, but I never saw anybody go to sleep to this guy. Named Jersey, Long Fireside,
nineteen eighty, probably to show my probably too and my friend, and Dixon had knocked him. Our called was brutal, though he did it to a shelf fast, the witches we're not seeing that speed of execution. The fluidity of motion that economy of of movement, that a guy who's a really high level type one guy has in that in that in there's a guy named press. I saw him on knock out this dude. I think the Tuesday and was not seem. I forget to the guy's last name, I was a high level guys well in her knocked among other aspects, the head right in front of me. I was like my first national tournament. I'd lost. I lost my first fight and it was possibly outcry like eighteen. Ideas- and I remember watching this guy- her press knock. This dude out with a fucking acts he's the head like as far as away as you are a on the sidelines, and I saw this, Let us head and I That was one and one of the main line
moments in my life, I realize oh shit, like national champions, can also get knocked the fuck out. Everybody can get knocked out. You know somethin you again if you say when you should as Agnes so on kicks you in your face, you're going to go to sleep and that's it Nick. They like we haven't, seen yet really affair Thirdly, in Emma may Andy Hook used. Ok, one! He used that there's. A few other guys is a couple of guys. I've us our russian due to throws a mean acts. Cake is fighting and there may be a small organization, but we what's he didn t see, it wasn't are you. Gonna do a fight with one less oil? Are they gonna? Do a grappling match rematch of the fight they had in two thousand? What's the name of that serious are watching him anymore? I want some of that on Youtube metamorphosis. Here which huge grappling organization they're, putting together this really like Dad Hickson son Kron, for
senior yogi, whose famous Emma may find it very good grapple or from Japan and craggy. Eighteen them, those really exciting match and they ve some like real high level fighters in Brazil, Jitsu fighters and submission artists. California, one of the bigger communities represented you just one of the biggest of the world where the biggest in the world there's so many brazilian Jiu Jitsu schools in southern California. It's almost like beyond recognition or beyond comprehension, this is a massive amount of so many high level guys here. Since here was on Crime- is here now Jacques Machado, like what one the autumn greatest here Fabrizio for is here and there a lot of rate, anime fighters and also teach you to her- not Obama, loose brawls. Here, this million vernal cranes here this is, it goes on
grace he's here. Hanner gracious here here on graces here, how they enjoy yeah foreign you know is here they devote the so many guys here they just that from Brazil night Brazil's little kind crazy in this beach here to flutter practiced, stop here in southern California, and then, of course when and they may start to explode. This was like the glamour market right now. There's a lot of money here! There's a lot of people here is people who want to learn jujitsu sure to good place, open up a school, but the biggest when a country is apparently oh Gracie. School in Manhattan has a giant school, but people love that guy so much hence our like one of the best personalities and mixed martial arts and Julia to period. Just amazing amazing guy, like a really one guy to be around great sense of humour. Great ego great perspective, because of that- is like this fiercely loyal following and he's a huge, huge fuck, and I could see that
completely crazy. In a place like Mannheim yeah, yeah yeah he's gonna die studio. I think he has hundreds of students in Manhattan, but Manhattan, stupid expands? That's what I mean. Can you imagine what a studio costs there, but but then again and I mean, are you sure if I can millionaire so what's the difference that many millions of men and is a fucking millionaires, a man and bitter other law, a lot of people in Manhattan. Also that is barely getting by I got married, Paying the rent the airlines themselves, I mean Mannheim. That's one thing like you: we were there? We were at the Amsterdam yeah Amsterdam, Billiards, and it's that I'd love. That's Polly, one of my favorite poor rooms on earth meter, because it's just legit, I mean it
beautiful place ran well, they take care of it. Clean organizing ran away nice, all we airs, and why is there no curious to hear? And but it is one of the few hooded Vienna it's hard to explain, but. You know you go in there and you don't have the feeling poolroom dispersing the Midwest, you walk in it. You can almost taste the fuckin desperate yeah. You know I'm talking about. I mean it's like it's just like. The sign cigarette covered sign on the wall that is pool two dollars for five hours dislike Jesus, but to me, a room in Amsterdam. The cares to executive clientele
I believe people it it's some guy like it. If I, if I had a date, I would take her to Amsterdam, yeah there's, maybe two or three poems and a country I'll take it. Yeah. I love hard time outside that one day hard times now. Sacramento or or flower hard times, I love hard times for the history I mean the history. If you know what does not gotta be like probably Yankee Stadium, Old Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park, Israel baseball Guy- and it's still there- you know they are only Sunday. Yes, if you know the history of it. It's me it's cool yeah I mean you can go in there and you can look at that table. I know that you know it. Caesar. Morale is probably played on a table and nineteen eighty six rambler fucking game there, which that's the name for resolute, Efron rather considered. In my opinion, the best player of all time
They still lives to plan and most humble professional, nice is issued in the world whose more things on a pool table than anyone else. I think will probably ever here. He is a system. Well, it's amazing about a place like hard times is a guy like me, could enter into tournament and play last summer play in a hard time. Tournament I played her nest. Dominguez are Nessa, Dominguez is a high level pro. So I mean Iceland I for twenty years, but the pleasure of great use great guy too, in the sun Oscar Domain as also high level for you to play against professionals a regular guy on the weekend. That's a good thing and that's also a terrible thing my opinion. What's a terrible ass right, because there's no one's gonna paid a watch right if they can go pay ten hours and play with Is that true, though I don't know, if that's true, I think the real issue with watching the real issue is watching. Is a people participating
I think I agree the diabolical. I think there is an element of both I think, pools and art. The only people who can appreciate the people that can do it. What but that's a lot of things Some kind of where I've made my peace with the whole thing is like this a lot of people in the industry that seem to think that there is this magic? but you can shoot at it, and mainstream approval will calm and all of a sudden they'll be millions and millions of dollars flowing into the industry right. I don't believe that because I can't think of any us that's ever happened, people always want to compare pool to poker. It is completely not even the same thing about poker. Is they came out with that can camera that allows you to see what the person's hand was. So the person at home has an inside view and they get to see the drama of your like God, because you know you know
nobody else knows and you get to be smarter than the play ass instantly and The other thing about poker- and this is the reason of so many who, if there was a five percent, a dead money, suckers and poor is in particular we are in I'd be driving a new car. Will the biggest suckers in pool or a people came over from poker who don't have any appreciation for money, because I used to gambling big money, but in poker he's got a built in reason for losing, because you can make the stupid. His place in the world still feel. Ok, because it wasn't your fault you get sucked out on. Why did at how that donkey com? I bet you're here. I've got I mean if you listen, a poker players. Talk it's crazy yeah man, no one else on earth can play poker, except for that particular person. What is sometimes you hear that from poop where's that,
he got lucky. He ran from seven to the aid it bumps into the nine. If you didn't bumper alot of crime for poor person than life programme right and the other thing, the biggest thing with workers. Prayers by example,. I will never ever what I do, no matter how much effort I put into it. Ever the? U S open, I'm all championship. I could play Ten hours a day for the rest of my life, I'll, never win! it would be. Like me saying, I'm gonna win heavyweight championship of Eu Fc. That's fucking impossible, not going but you can win the World Series Bugger. Yes, I have a legitimate shock to snow me, I'm in amounts in Montana, legitimate sharpset it could happen is possible. It is possible- fucking impossible you might say I can win the you'll see lie. Wait. She knows I am bucking impasse. My goal should be to win the women's world championship
Put that your television to do as natural teller address does yourself stay. Would me now take your Mademoiselle Rogan takes on the world of women of work I dont know pool I d be rude night I have actually want to do something with poor some sort of a shell figure out some. So no one. I would like to see you do if for no other reason than just pure self satisfaction a summit, really cool documentary. Yet are we because one reason I ended and what once again, then I'm to the point, I'm just on a believer that pool is cross over the mainstream. But I ask, but I don't think it has to, but it has twice twice in two times because of the media. What hostler karma but Ok, I agree we you one, so look at those two instances yet you Academy Award winning movies, but there's more
one academy award progressing. Yes, on both of those movies that so basically in order to get mainstream acceptance, you have to an Academy award winning Movie Jesus Christ, wipe your hair on Alan. But here My point is the fact that you know what it doesn't take that to improve things were pool and everything else I mean you just get hundred thousand more people plan which like a lot, but that shit, that's hundred people in every state. Yeah. We just need ambassador I'll, take the reins. You could do that. I handle this pledge. We could as you might shake our women now discuss device, those people are yap where it's weird with two dollars out. It's it's an interesting argument about the divisions, differences, between men and women that, besides, cultural aspect of poor being more acceptable for men to play. There is actually a difference. And the way men and women see three d geometry. The way the May
the way men and women see spatial distance and their there there there. Their understanding of space. It's different! It's really interesting, because women can get fantastic poor in others. Jean Luc S, companion against men and Jasmine Ocean, plays basically like you know a priorities, basically might all understand why I mean it look at it on paper, especially game like straight pool right. What does not are the big break. There is no reason on earth that I can think of. I mean physically, mental even going all out if you want to but physically there's no reason at all there. Should be better, don't want debts. But it also highlights the differences between them. Where men and women look at three d space, we apparently have eight a different need. Theirs there's there's different requirements too, survival
a man had of developing. To this point, two thousand thirteen from many many thousands of years of evolution and women have. They have had a different need for or fast, which muscle fibre differ, need for reaction time. Sure it's one of the arguments against a a transvestite transsexual, who used to be a male decline. Woman fighting females is a reaction time there's. Weird reaction, time difference for men and women. It's really significance about ten percent, OSHA yeah, it's pretty much across the board, so that Sid Did you know relax money because in shooting, which you and think There is really no strength issued right, but the women I don't come close them yeah or Northern: they import was lost in a woman one world championship and pull the. U S open knows that they don't win them, they don't win them and there's amazing amazing maize, women, but what they are is so incredibly exceptional that they stand out, but they still can't beat them
man, they still gonna, be chain right. They still can't beat boost a month. Now, there's a there is a different and that's one of the things I like about what I do with the people I do with is it's interesting and enjoyable to me. To show the levels, because there like we ve done matches to our guys play and you sit there and you go, and you know what this guy was planned Alex shame. He get bead hundred sixty right, maybe right, but at the same time the guy's playing great right. You guys pointed great one out: poor you're not make mistakes, but it's like you make bad decision here or he's just something to get online there, And unless you re not how the hell is going on it's hard to miss, but when you see get back there, excellence they I was talking about, but like
many things, I'm really happy. You know when What I do is said and done whenever that is twenty five years from now, somewhere on Youtube, some and will be able to on one of these videos and watch and see people always talk about how good and keep a treaty was on a bar table. Nineteen. Eighty four, you know it well you will be able to see how chain was on a line for ten ball table and two thousand six are two thousand eight thirteen yeah right, yeah. That's unfortunate aspect to some of the past players when they did talk about like this, like some early crane footage greasy implants. Trade point try, like put it together. Moscow in a lot of foot and mouth cunningly was really old and I were generally in our ideals.
ABC, while guerrilla sports events they had these to play, pool and Amy see why they were a little warts. But there was forged annals on television, but it is even more impressive. The poor made it onto for child will because of the story, and I really think that if he has any shot at mainstream television, it is a reality. Showtime soon may dude with last. The migrants we used to you. You can absolutely haven't you. Yeah. You know I do. I could play really high a women and the actual report match. You know what to do. We could just make you and the like the alternate ass now, for I just I mean we can make it a bad guy. I don't want to do that. We bear the other way. Bob tsars nicer, display, really good women. Take there ass a campaign in the man. You can't you can't be any really good women, none of them
I'm gonna tell you five, really good women a year, no shot to be Gimme a year carried out and you can't be sailor. Now we can sign. I get crazy everywhere. Young captain comedy knows me just fuckin bar and jasmine, none of them bring somebody can be all the rest of, all the rest of them? A lot of how much of a drop off is there that we know who I wanna see you play, who said arousing? she's, a really good player, the very good ok to make it happen. I think Sarah would straight rob straight raw, major Arab, someone's gonna crush straight rational. Says my says, my if I start fire and we were anomalies apprised, but now she hasn't play, pool and light for your perfect. That's what I'm looking for a duck! The US in man. I have gears and then my highs gear US prize myself, but am I love?
SK. Here, I'm not very good at all our real problem like emeralds, I'm? U and Iron Vegas replaying Eric! I could miss ball. Running out package's over and over and over again, but that's it and then I have to get in the groove by plane. I wouldn't be ok, six seven hour. I know exactly what the hell you talk and ammonia. What do you think causes You get loose you, Stan except for me? It's a matter of, pool is all I mean I understand how to stroke the ball correctly. I understand her stay incorrectly, understand an aim correctly, but unless I'm playing consistently and I have constant feedback loop between to a the me ball. Cuba hearing the object ball, and it goes into my calculator of what's going to happen. I can fuck up and over two shots, and I can have too much English. It's a matter of a massive amount of information. Coming at me,
for a long period time, six seven hours of just plain pool Bruno US eating pizza and fuckin drinking coffee and then right back to the table and I do that then, especially that we place, reside in intense pasta, we're fucking best billiards, not eligible areas, food that Motherfucker has air the kitchen closed down or of what I heard. I've been there since the last time we were there who, dare he closed on the kitchen, but You do that for a long period. Tat then I Then I'm working with a massive amount of information and when I'm working with a massive amount of information about touch and feel and movement, but I get a sense of what's going to happen and then I can get into it I get into anything like you, jittering, there was every a very, very, very, very, very similar It's all just a matter of feel and and movement and knowing what the feedback loop is like. If you ve ever punch somebody any upon somebody like was crazy, but then you put your mamma? If you ve used to punching people, it just comes out it. Is it just
feels normal when an hitting someone- and I think with poor was of the same thing, the more you stroke that ball, the more you understand, the movement and the more it it's in my head, exactly how much effort I have to exert to get exactly the same result one ball and have balls twist and turn moving. That's that's the big! and for me also I'm so busy that I dont get a chance to play that much. So when I do get a chance like when you and I are in Vegas with Eric and we get like seven eight hours and were planted a twenty four hour paw enthusiastic as fuck, so
five. Six hours into this, I haven't lost any enthusiasm and eleven that shit I this, but I'm also getting excited, and then they start seeing Eric fall apart, ass, predatory instinct kits and then I'm feeling you feelin line with his cue, like you get new, not shouting with your own Tucson suckers right, I see over there, you know waddling, while we're going back on earth. I don't know man this very few things in life that I've had as much of an attachment with were really leg, get allows the fact that of like poor so for me it system, Sis fun alive. It's and I'm not playing a person either. I'm just plain those possums trying to do my best to try and do my best to making my way around the table. Some not If someone winds in our when I was a young man, if I was playing a game, I was an idiot, I would get us If someone else one
every lies somewhere along the line that doesn't help me in any way and in fact it hurts me, but it's also got nothin to do the exactly, especially with poor pussy rare games where, like there's a famous man, between Francisco postmodern Johnny, Archer they're playing a race attend for some incredible amount of money, Johnny Archer. Brokered, ran ten racks in a row on and which is insanity and then at the end, present you're. Both money want to double the bed and keep a guy like that's how crazy this fog, your Europe is that it I can tell you ten games, you only we get a chance to issue its like the old joke about a guy makes a game with a guy gonna gamble. Mcgann breaks in runs out the set, the other guy never gets supply and he comes up. Tuna goes hey man, you got the spot me something spice, icon spot. You somethin. I was seeing you play in our thoughts. What is it about poor, and this is the big one ended up with this. The thing about pull that separates us from video
not necessarily video games, but really from poker. His execution cycle is that all you have to make a decision here. Poor after the decision to execute and you have to keep your nerves together in of your play, a tournament or era gambled. You know how hard it is to me. They shoot straight when your parts pounds your chance in a bunch people watching you. You know what why you see a guy like shape, nor a guy like Alex or Earl, when they're playing very best against high level competition, and then is that fuckin surrounded by people who know how to play, pool real players like I could run out a rack and get out and of the average person, like that's incredible but innocent. I view as I. Why did you go that way and says I fucked up man? I just got lucky. I hope they are going to set clear aboriginally will now that I've fucked up. You will know that I got lucky and I got out still that happens. The time, whereas a guy
a girl, you fuck and see the save II that five Ali doesn't even get out if he doesn't clipped the five hours, Cuba is playing luck plan wish pool. We worry when you add a shot. Those do named Tom Melbourne, Tommy, Tommy was like a top player back an executive billiards where I play white, Plains New York and he would get mad at people when they play wishful wishful. His lawyer players, em all wish pool some own wish pool. You wish you got position. I learned a lot man hanging out and paws. Lot about, I learned a lot about life really did extreme human beings, its and I'll. Tell you what it will. I've made my living in that world for, alas, since two thousand seven, you guys outside
who plays it, actually can make a good lemon import. It's not good. There's you gotta, eat, replace. I tell I tell people, you know it's like. I feel like from just a technical things. I do. I could go, make more money do another things, but it's a precaution in it, but one of the things that- and I tell players and players have told me this- is that it is. It really means a lot to be able to control, your own destiny, kind of, and that your, if wake up in the morning, and I wanna go do x y? See I can do that with Knowledge that I also have to have this done it is time cycle, people who do their own freelance type of stuff. I mean they're allowed people out there. We do that. But do you know you you give up security for freedom and
Did you make that I mean? Did you if I can stand up comic, how many years If anyone on earth understands that it you yeah, you know- I mean before you got your break. What will you make in- and I wasn't very much right, but I mean it's yeah, there's a but that's the thing: two's if you wanna, go work and ninety five job, you have a little more security, not much in this day and age, who are even more drastic than common cause, and that is why you can't go make money with comedy at least you know, if you go, show we probably gonna get paid. Even if you suck with poor You can go and you have to pay the go and poor yeah. You're out of your hotel room and the pay for your term entry, and if you do, perform. You know, you're fucking paid, so pause, double tough for players.
Very, very, very tough, listen man after this podcast over, basically over now, let's wraps bitch up, let's figure some mountain man- that's you. We do some, let's do something would do it on the internet. Would do it somewhere else make something happened, see if we can see if we could do something to get a little fun- and maybe you know maybe me plan- may with me they, which you and I go into derby city and doing I would love to see love to will do something, etc. I despise gas ed beginning nowhere. There's no end! There is no point, but that's life, ladies and gentlemen, if you want to get a hold a just and you can get a hold of him at the action report on Twitter, the report that comes the website. We could see the abbe very best players in the world, Duke it out in long races and if your fan a pool, go check
if you're not a fan of poor, play a little pool and then go to find ourselves, go fuck. You you'll understand our. How amazing is tat. This is a fun ethic park I enjoyed. It meant that are almost rather means alone is propaganda. Thing we ve ever done ever. Jesus process made a record today. Or at least gentlemen. That's it for this week will be back next week. A lot of shit go on next week next week, I got Gregg Proofs, powerful, Gregg proofs Stephen Press field, yeah, that's right and project ride. The author he's cohesion. It is luxuriate next Tuesday, rather the fifty yards amazing, so Craig proofs and press veal next week, lots good shit, common up flux and
then, the week after that, well the week after the week after that again SAM Harris coming in, I got a car lot of shit going on you fuckers and thanks for all the I am more informed because of you guys sending me tweets and sending me really interesting links and sending me really cool I stories and a more informed because of that than anything and I absolutely do feel d, the responsibility to retreat as many cool shit. Cool things, as you guys send me and and tweet is much cautions I find online. So I want to thank you guys for that and tell you that this is not something that I take for granted in any stretch by any stretch of the imaginary, I appreciate very much next gig is next week in the eighteenth and at the You Music Centre in Houston, tech. This with the one and only Tommy Mother Fucking Cigar and then the twenty fifth but the dance house.
For two shows in Manchester England way, sold out, socket and Irvine Improv November. First, second and third- alright, you that's it. The show has It is at eight hundred and thirty four, it's time to go. To get some steak. Talk some shit and we'll see you guys next week, love with.
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