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#407 - Eddie Bravo

2013-10-22 | 🔗
Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author. He also hosts his own podcast called "Eddie Bravo Radio"
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Imo bells kettlebells with awesome guerrilla faces. Some pretend planet yeah, you don't how we have a new monkey to revenue. Impound Monkey maybe a little howler monkey plus we got a zombie coming out zombies, Somebody's gonna be huge. I want to do is ask Watch SAS glasses, a hundred and three pounds. You recall if you could put hair all around that bar. So when you look at it looks like you're holding like someone tear her out and the edge of it is like someone got decapitated, you do in a sack, it looks like you're, just a fuckin. You got two of em in your just choppin heads off and shit: they put me in paler series I may we can. The little wigs for them the whigs issued out where the whigs eager poorer than it has to be just like skin hangin. Instead, my it's gotta be balanced. Donors can be our work. Good cattle bell.
Would be one that had like a rubber skin around those super durable, but it was like a rubber like a relatively large like a year and a half, and then you got you gotta, give me log in comes at crane that you put on it, wants another take intervention, so the new, how your monkeys, eighteen pounds, eighty pounds, there's a thirty six pound champ fit for power, rang attacking and semi to progress there. I've done in these it's called foods, which are a russian series of measurement which, thank God there. Only use anymore, he's just say like one poor to food and efforts are put the fucker gonna, Google poohed the guerrillas, the mother, Fucker down, that's the that's! Why is used in food? Seventy two pounds is awesome. I use that for alternating cleans son with everyone a photo of yes or not. I was one of our regular ones. You take a chair, hot chicks, head and open up the mouth.
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And save ten percent any nor supplements. Are we love the fuck out of here? I'm start the shit. Now the giant Logan experience rather good googly moodily. What is that? Joe Ideas thing now everybody say and if you personal it's, I want to see some fucking crazy he's got goodly, notably the attack, hard data that must be branded. It's a fairly recent Wanna joys been doing it for the past. I'm sure it's an old saying likes. Remember this task, Mohammed hat store where they went off about the wheat in South Korea. We we didn't know what the fuck that meant, that a bed good googly movies, like that advice on the dews used to say to Joey. I remember that effort. You never good goodly near granting these two saying cartoons alot actually like old. Now that you're saying that I can remember that googly
Where did? Ok, let's, Google, the origin of do you think would possibly You think that would possibly but everything comes up. Man right, ok, list, the origin of good Good YAP Urban Dictionary wow anywhere for awhile? What would you do Thirdly, we propose a commercial has it on. You spell not going anywhere for awhile. Currently only in the midst of a good would say something like a young member, Mc Grath think my grandfather, you say it or something or used to be an old loony tunes. Will it's in the urban dictionary and phrase used when a real sick female walked by. And you want to say that second up
that's it that's why they basically corrupted it. They hijacked green, goodly, move orange. How long does it take for Joe ideas to be like an alias to act there just for measuring phenomenon. Yanks actually right: yeah, origin, here's the origin of great Google, good, googly movies in Frank, Zapper Song, Nan, Nook, right, The sun was released in nineteen. Seventy four play at the term is now used as an utterance of great surprise, her pile I wonder, if definition than a yeah? Well, that's works today. That's that dictionary version of a young girl gesture. You can say something out loud good. Actually move you and it's not offensive, how could a girl get pissed off at that diversity? Not looking at her? You know what the reason hanging out with a couple brazilian guys and there's one Brazil unguarded. He says what his pick up line was.
My watch, the huge my boy that works in Brazil great but not in the states my god. It's all you need a Brazil, extends all your desire. You just grab a man. You just take this too that shit. What is it about Brazil that says we're way more girls in those countries like Brazil, in Argentina, are very similar and that their way more girls than those guys in the beginning, when we first Training Jujitsu, the much harder security stories about brazil- and we all thought you did It was his biggest soccer and Brazil based on whatever time, and they say man when you got to Brazil eleven girl fabric, guys in credible. Why why so all these Americans introduce it Machado guys, all the Texas guys. I we gotta go to. We gotta go to Brazil, so in two thousand we wanted to check it out, and
its shoulders. You just see that there's more girls is that, like statistically, if because you see you even see more and Argentina Housing Argentina three years ago, and you see just droves gangs of girls just altogether, but they react two situation in Argentina, Brazil in Brazil: it's it's lot easier to make moves on checks in Brazil, but Argentina. It backfired So girls are in Argentina they're, just like they don't trust do at all dude king, can easily Multiple girlfriend and prostitution is totally legal, so girls and Argentina pissed off, and why should I trust you? You're gonna definitely have other girlfriends and enough. I piss you off you. Gotta, go right to the whorehouse proved to me that you also their pissed off the girls. That's that's! experience in Argentina. That's the one argument a mean against prostitution is that
It forces allows rather guys to not be forced into relationship like how do you develop meaningful relationships and children in knowledge, ass, if there's legalise process, never because if you ve got a couple of box and someone starts talking shit, you just go on, like EAST our goal- and I don't need this need and need someone in my life yelling at me. Just I can get my sex. You just go right over there. You have a guy that was taken a surrounding Argentina. We had a guide. He said that its very typical that, You go out on a date with the Czech AEGIS you try to civilians. You try nothing other than a whorehouse? Always gonna be there. So they said he would just take girl. Do a club and need to be dancing and if you'd start putting his hands on the dance floor, intranet, grabber, ass and if she was an intuitive she get respond. He would just
I'm going to the bathroom and discuss right out and jump in a cabin go right to the horror he had. No patience is telling us that that's where the girl so pissed, because girls are used, that girls are used to guide. You say: ok, I'm out you know they didn't have to taken either have to beg basically the bushes, due to a culture, that's very strange when you stop and think about it, you know, because I'm a person that believes totally and personal freedom, and I think that anything wrong with someone being approached to if they want to be a prostitute? I think if you of work and a Dennys seven people food for Fuckin, three dollars an hour or someone says: hey again, a hundred bucks an hour. You could fuck a bunch of nice guys Why not one? I do that saying that it should be something that people pursue, but Is it ok to give someone a hug why get a gives zone a massage and it's not Ok to soccer DEC Why is it that you re point hey? You can pay for a massage someone who doesn't want to touch you rubs on you for an hour and a half, but you
you tell me that the first vote we both no, there are crazy girls out there that probably loved blow, but you guys on day they exist. They do porn yeah. I don't know why they exist, but they exist. You could say they exist because an abuse he could say they exist because of childhood neglect, that's possible, I agree, but they exist and it's not like your supporting that market by creating whorehouse is the market that that those people are to be there. No matter what you do in less you clean up society, so yeah we're. Gonna have people that are off the rails. Why not? one of them were not disease? That is that the big one the as yet, because you have to control the disease with back massage you're, not getting fucking aids. Will I? crazy did, you would think out of all the people on the planet. Hookers would be the first to get AIDS and its really getting aids crazy. I don't know of any bilateral checking on hungers, like hey how you doing they aren't you. Well you now you listen to me. I got a pod, can do loads Duisburg. He said in Brazil.
Virtually none of the hookers have aids, going down there with the fuckin, perhaps said mother anybody, I don't know about Duisburg, man, I don't know. I found his the conversation with him to be absolutely fascinating and very confusing and I you know use the phrase I hate it when I'm too dumb to no stupid of this one guy has it nailed, and all these other doctors or other mine in their old chasing a disease. It doesn't exist that doesn't make any sense to me. It doesn't since when this guy starts talking about HIV and their HIV doesn't cause AIDS, but yet everyone else thinks does like this like serious peer reviewed scientist, I think it does so, let's Is this shit out of me? He makes a lot of sense. Makes a lot of sense. That's what's even freer down refugee obeyed him in Catalan. Had I mean it at the very end of that assembly as skeptical was Brian? Is
It seemed like at the very end, based on your part gas. It sounded like he was started well to believe him. A bad situation. First of all, unfair, because Brian is not geneticists, he has no no engineering background or no bio engineering background. He has no idea what Duisburg does for living like his, concept of like how it works, is so rudimentary sink for sulphur. Him to debate a guy like that software. He should have been doing it I wanted to have him? Is smart, dude and get someone is made him yeah? I tried nobody wants to do it. It's really, I hired one of the reasons why we started work with mad stags. Is that very reason to be able to get guests like to be able to get you know? Europe one has to reach out and let so another is a legitimate, showed we're trying to get to the bottom, something no one wanted to touch it. No, no one guy wanted to touch it, and then he had all this backlash, apparently for
peers people, don't why even debating Duisburg, they think that it's almost debating a Holocaust denial, debating someone in a who who believes really dangerous shit, and so they say that his? What his work has done- is killed many many people. I don't buy that, though the my problem, without by. I think The truth is somewhere in the middle, but these these people to say you know Dusar burgers responsible for all these people in Africa, not taking their medication, all die his points about it. Forgot were really fascinating. He was too about how in Africa they say that everyone has AIDS but they're, not test. For HIV? their assuming these people have aids, because our immune system is trounced, but you also d, with people that are exposed to a wide variety of other disorders and diseases, and they have terrible Herbal terrible nutrition and these people any proper healthcare and
when you see their sick, if they have aids, in quote at least you know that that qualifies for them to have funds for them to get funding If you're dealing with an AIDS epidemic, you get money money from charities for an AIDS epidemic. You don't get money you now basin. Fact that be borne eating right. You don't get money based. The fact that immune system stocks, because they're gonna fuck and tropical jungle I talked to this disease experts when I was doing that. Cipher show and you said people live in jungles people who live in tropical environments. None of them have diseases hundred percent. His active all get something because everyone has something and I was like what you mean like something's, like there's all sorts of different diseases. There is unjust, it just it just they get it. That's what I'd like to talk so plasma thinking? system? It's just I just don't get it That's what I'd like to talk so plasma thing that we talked about. That's why it's that kind of environment. How does a chick that lives in the Amazon Jungle get into a river and not
virginal Paris? How is that possible? They got they covered with national parasites. That must be a problem in that how we already have them from drinking water. Does it make their pussy feel better what gives you bought the worms and they didn't parasites? Dick leeches, like, I would say, Cornish all little tiny microscopic wasn't dude pull out on their own and every time it pull out. We are not able to turn you not joking around man is when they must pay. I'm just saying there must be no less amendment dues piss in the Amazon D of the cover, their dick, you ve, hissing your hand, you gotta cover you did because fish will swim up your Eureka tapeworms come you have your penis, all, that's not bullshit. They find your urine and they swim upriver, India, Dick and then they they leave to cut em out. Why do they need? Isn't it? Wouldn't it be easier if they weren't person, do
the world is trying Sacho, you know, but if you weren't peasant a young girl s lagoon, isn't it easier but cant find the whole and we followed the river of pests swells up the river its evolve found wherever examined a reminder to your mind, to ice. Having I'll show you about that, Iceland, Look about that. I didn't know there was a real disease did that I should joke about being a strip club and peeing really hard, because I was scared that they ve the toy. It was gonna setting up river in my dick but I didn't know that they really. I got something actually does the three we'd Rogan right. There is ninety nine disarray actually fish that does that, like a parasite once called deck. Ok, let's find out swims you can bring an Amazon checks which calls Amazon comes in here. You know the kind of condom you had me fuckin NASA would have to make that kind of Meda Levi's. You know
have to be one of those condoms that that their actual shore stood one peace there like booty short, an economy all in one thing, and then you'd have to take that that this be too hard. It's called the can do. The candy rule is a toothpick fish or vampire fish species of parasitic freshwater catfish native to the Amazon Basin words found in countries of Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Jesus Christ swims wow. The smaller species are known for a tendency to invade alleged tendency to invade parasites and Paris. The human urethra however, despite as no logical report dating back to the late nineteenth century. The first documented case of the removal of the candy route from a human urethra did not occur until nineteen, ninety seven and even
incident has remained a matter of controversy, has some bullshit did they might have anal fish, while looking that thing has happened again, the tribute deck, unless you want to make. Like a definite get into vaginas. Yeah. Yeah Growth Falcon Amazon Shit This is weird! Ok, so this totally bullshit historical accounts. Early is published. Reports of this kind you attacking human hosts, comes from the german biologists e F p VON Marty, us in eighteen, twenty nine who never actually observed it, but rather was told about it by the natives of the area, including that of men with tie a ligature around their penis, going into the river centres for having them Andaman dues where they had cock rings on. They got busted and then No one is fish. Dear fry up, your did reseller go to about to take a trip into the Amazon and war, Do Darwin Bang and Amazon chicks injure like do look at this man. Look knowledge bullshit.
I totally believe that it makes sense and all kind of does, but it seems that usually one case where almost pull over did dick. Maybe they just just comfortable with them. Just now, let's go to Google up can dearer removed from deck, is probably gonna put it in his yeah. That's what they're saying so they're saying this action, Amazon girl there general parasite do you hear something on air? Well, dot com about an eel? That's swam up! Somebody's penis had be surgically removed. Ok with the who. Our second there's a fuckin there's a penis removal, video dude! Oh my god go to this! Can dear oh penis removal operation Yes, yes, yes get to that!
candidacy. Andy! I r! U penis removal operation, good, googly move with all I have to say this is fucking crazy man. This is Can crazy. Did you get it click on this way to see this shit, they ve got one scopes, so they're going buck, he's got off, fish he's got fish camped out. Insiders pegre, you imagine in your fuckin piss off this. Oh my god. It's got eyes. I can fish Jesus Christ there's a fish in these guys dig. This is madness This fuckin man, as this is a real thing. This fish really does swimming your dick and you get to send this dude in there with a vacuum. Cleaner vacuum RO the camera the end of out of there and then the fishes swimming away from your dick decision. In the Amazon or what.
It says this happen. Yes, it said it lodged in the penis of Silvio Barboza after urinating in the AIR Amazon River Tributary, doctor and new are some odd removes the condition of fish in a tea our operation dude. Gotta keep going to look at how many there in their oh, my god, God his it's like his ass- is packed with dicks, but it's not, as is peanuts, packed with fish. Couldn't you just like put up the poison in killed them all and then wait till you get too stupid had to be somebody poison. You dig would break your dick, you gotta, let the bad man with I'm gonna go in there do his business little. How did they deal with it before doctors they didn't, they were just die.
They just die on yeah, they discovered a fish live in a dead. You don't get it out. What you gonna! Do you gonna, send a fuckin fish in their Libya Sharm and could do some pretty little baby catalans blossom diatribe ask advanced on this last year this last dumb begins. You see, you know we'll see, you know, is the is a striking coach now another guy he's better striking coach and finally, something gender or something as Javier Mender Scout, whose he'd he did some stuff for them to commit his um. I forget his last name. Anyway, he does dude got came out and he was like sing a song forum. Was it not writers? Out now knows the energy issue is taken care of in corners and check, and so you know they have a bunch of different guys
Why are trainers or are commission guys who blushing guys, in were. You know, taken care of various things. Like cut man study, I found the run into care corners, dude, various things other not at that. He wasn't part right. Wasn't with that guides us, like a commission exactly so the young I dont know if, in his exact business he was doing there anyway. When the dude was out, he was singing. When I ask a song: Can I tie you know I talked to him about it, he's like he's in the place of the dreams you know I'll try to, come come to Humphrey wars. There is serious about as pre pretty intense. You know he's a reason. I was a sham, so he'll he do. He does like ceremony censure down, so was pretty cool, half indices? Do you town, didn't doing a ceremony with I'll do down we'll come now, we'll bring him down? The industry wants to do this.
Why not you know too much troubled? Jabez drivers really do and they may fighters I like to hear you could do is he retired remember I d no, but I was with them or weaken in China for Abu Dhabi did he can be you Harry did? How did he do? You did great had four or five looks he didn't when the gold medal and anything but He may have gone third in his division. Do you notice that have groundwork do foods this year holy Shit, China stinks and if I never go, there again. I mean. Is this thanks. I literally like my bathroom in my hotel stunt, like the sewer like the water. Turn off the water and turn it on, but the people are beautiful. China, they're beautiful, but agenda
just have a problem in Beijing with their sewers managers, who you walk down the street and every block Oh Jesus was, it is too many people someone die or to some and take a shit now if it's just old, but Abu Dhabi was amazing, the hold the tournament Jesus Christ. I was so much learning a mere alarm in one of my brown boats that inadequate division and he trained as off man. He was rather use on fire. And we get a an unknown in the first round. Sore thinkin awesome. We should be disk. His last name was Dopp Jared Dopp. Without okay, we should be able to be this guy, this because he could easily had cyborg in the first round could easily have to check out the first round that would have been far cupcake good luck.
You know by four people: donors to cyber there's, a bunch of cyborg yearly, only heard of Cyborg, the woman fighter and there's an enemy cyborg turn her ex husband. Isn't I'm amazed fighter named Cyborg by Roberta? Bruce Bastard. You ve won the absolute he's this guy impressed the share out of me. He saw beer he's a fucking ox, but Move like a gazelle. Do there is incredible? There's a couple passes that he did just blew my mind, I'm like running it, I'm on a plane on the way back going over that passing. I can't forget that pass I gotta analyze It was amazing technologies. Ten different techniques right logged in my brain, I gotta go back and check that one. I like co, the guy who wanted a lightweight. He finally been half amend, as man have Amandas when the last two years, his virtually indestructible chemical. Brain aware in the finals again could a one and you pulled it off
a judge's decision. At the end they couldn't sport score points on. Why does Canada China, using about those, though there are those weird when the judges mega score? I have a real problem with that. Well, the one thing I love about Abu Dhabi is the Sheik is he's but your bad ass, the sheets I tried to put together the best Jujitsu tournaments on a plan, he just makes it happened. He pays for its all, although all over the world, one yards in Sao Paulo one years in Barcelona, it's an ally to China, it's amazing! The sheet just close down any make should happen, and he he created the rules. The format base on what she's thought would be best for any of the entertainment value. So down evolve over the years. He's tweak stuff
like the Japanese, japanese and pride as soon as things recognise a problem. If I can change your people have no idea what you're talking about the abode. Dhabi is able Dhabi combat championships right out of my club. They have the biggest you get to know gauges determine in the world? There is a huge things put together by this. Isn't she hung down town talk known? He is also part honour. The you have seen is a black brown jujitsu, huge area to failure put together like this enormous bowing competition that the most prestigious being event in the world, and so Eddie was just there in China with words how did you do it was too well. Let me finish when I was oh, the Sheik is we're tell him. I would get to the reform of the rules, the show you know one of the. Foolish thing that he changed was the same day way and he changed not shed and not only as its cause, generally, especially in Emma May and programme, and make you way in officially the day before, and then you have
twenty four hours recover. So that's huge, in deciding what weight category and compete in and how you gonna lose the way its massive. You have to do a same day when oh shit, everything changes. Now you can have that crazy, diabolical cut that your ear Now it's a little different and I'd be J. J I've changed too. They make it. U way in right before you step on the mat and if you way even a pound, over boom? Your guy show Abu Dhabi, the Sheik he hid. Did the same thing you do not always the same day wants, but you gotta when you gonna win the day before the day off and the next day, if you make it to the third the third round, yet it deep way an answer, because it seems kind of dangers of you just did it right before you winning some guys would still probably put themselves to be out. I mean it's risk because you, you see these high level grabbers every now, and then you see them gas and they try to cut
much weight, and you don't have that much time to recover. So if you're gonna do a same day way and especially Matt Sideways and mad, you just gotta, get the best, shape your life and figure out what weight that? Isn't you really that you really can't cut really or you can pay for it gas out. And some people still take the chancellor, but with the rules together, the rules decided the thing to do too ensure action. Most of the time is no matter how you put together the rules. Not. Every man is gonna, be exciting, accept that, but you're always looking to make make the majority are striving for the majority of the matches to be exciting. So in Abu Dhabi, every turn a dutch different, but I will Dhabi there. Ten minute matches the final two twenty minute matches, but in these ten minute matches the first five minutes, there's no point and other car anything and the second five minutes, that's when the point start and if you pull guard, you lose a point so that that huge when strategizing for Vikas, when you're
competing in this explain to people why the first five minutes was no points, doesn't garrison allows instilled. Yet I was still so that if there's no points you'd be fighters, would would take more chances because generally these points. Canning autonomy wanna, take any chances one long slipped do up two points now he's up he's gonna hold. He doesn't really think about. Solution is just trying to get to the next round, so a chain the dynamics of your strategy and how it I'll plays out show the sheep ok, let's stood discharge to shake it at first sight, minutes no point, so the fighters will take more chances and that turns into entertainment, for the viewer show that happens sometimes with some fighters Jean Jacques Machado here that took advantage that he went out there pulled guard and got the party Roland he's like ok, I'm gonna sit down
you get on top. Let's go. I'm going to spend five minutes trying to take you down. I'm gonna wrestler, you rustles your whole. I was just get the party start, our let you get on top I'll. Kick the ball of t. Let you I'll, let you receive first about that. That's all that is so in the first round. Guys will do that there are more than its spend all my energy trying to take a do does not a rustling competition, so they sit down. The problem is in this: Second half of the match. If you decide to sit down, you lose a point, so I thought that the rascals points at five minutes or wherever you rat them. Transition there. You know I give you really have the guys back at that five minute more than on guinea. The point you have to lose the back and then get it backs a lot of weird stuff that I didn't understand, but but Jim, but again the point of this weird format. To make it better, so the Sheik is always try to make better and the one thing I'm pretty sure he's gone. To his he's, got to change that losing a point. If you please
Work. Is that changes a lot? We saw a lot of not a lot but couple of the where both Yet you guys world class, you just gotta call breed and half a sum that too ES guys in the world very when its emissions amazing at passing unbelievable beautiful, jujitsu will you had another match, is but he wanted to pull guard cause in the in the final you lose appoint right away. Then I'll give you is that the first half no point would in that really good does come from Gaza. Seven shitty guards becomes people not realizing how dangerous a guard is if a guy's real bad mother fucker with it- and we saw that to one of the competitors kin and is a twenty two old kid him in his brother RO famously just got their black browser them. The owl brothers are like my cheetah, like half japanese half bristling from Brazil, like a critical area, but it's like follow me. How can I really like now me? I can't be, but its scholar think am July A
it should give rise to design a shirt. Will these guys all they do? Is poor guard and play Della Hevens power relentlessly they don't stop at only do the relentless they have an infinite amount of cardio. And that's a test. I sit ass, his zero rustling. So that's why he lost. He lost because Bam what is happening with this rule set, which was aimed at making it more entertaining. But what was happening now, and I'm sure she's gonna, see this because everyone is talking about on the internet are not the only one everyone everyone as they were watching everyone. And at the same conclusion like oh the problem. Here we got a problem. The Sheik is one of those guys it will fix it any and he's gonna fix it The problem we are co Brianna in Haha in the final and they never wanted they'd, never AAA just try to take each other down and they couldn't goes there. Wrestlers there things decent. You know, but does and due to know rustling like do too
the college just say: thereat, like a high school state champion level. You know not de one All American Johnny Hendricks loved right hold different animal. Shall we end up? Getting? Is twenty minutes of to do too? yeah, wrestling de five rustling goin added and we don't see any judicial cause. You know what I want anyone down and I want to pull guard yeah yeah way easier to not get taken down and to take someone down its weight user. I guess whole focuses. I'm not gonna get taken down and you're gonna shoot me. Don't even a few wrestled in college and either so called it's still gonna be hard for you, of course, after work on it, but you can get dad down the fence a lot quicker than you can turn ability exactly exactly takedown ability, mathematics alone or long time. Sprawling can come easier. So would you Heaven is to do the work
link for a very long time. They got to the ground briefly a couple times and they want to double overtime triple overdue, went forever at the very end, zero zero, the rough makes the decision and gave it to complain of show. How does that work? How can a rough make a decision like that? That's what the initial that's, how we get started off that doesn't make any sense to me. I don't buy that how's that guy walk away with a win. I mean I understand that they would. You know them elite of the elite, the best the world. I guess someone has to win, but that doesn't make any sense. The other rules need revamping and I'm quite positive. That the Sheik is gonna. Take that because You end up having a few, don't lose a point for pulling guard. In a move in a point for pulling guarded like this are used, football analogy when I'm trying to explain jujitsu to someone who doesn't know anything about it, do you understand that the rules of upon the strategy and most Americans do so? It's just like football, this region,
only the guy has a ball and the team as a as the barn and marched down a field and in a team, is defending trying not to let the marched down a few same thing guy on time and you just do is try to marched down. If you're gonna bottom is playing defense, he the gown deepens, can score. But it's not it's a lot. You're too score wing on top, and you can usually could you have that can have the ball your scorn, but the defensive. Barton can intercepting run back for on. They can't score some teams of area. So, but it's rare thinking, bottom, it's rare that there's guys they can score alot off their back, but generally you wanna be on top. You want to have the bar if you're, on top your in someone's, open guards like you're on the twenty odd, like you get on to top half you're like the fifty yards behind your back, The side control you can scornful I'd control, but if a lot easier, if you score from the back so site controls at the thirty five yard, I d is like the twenty yards like now you're in the Red zone, and if you get the Deuce back first and go on the ten, that's
simply to the same thing in March and down the field you getting into scoring position. Yes, you can score from Medfield yeah. You could score from top half. You could throw guillotine. You can throw Darcy, but it's easier when you're on their back, it's easier when you're right three hundred ten yards by some in football where they start the game is the rough flips, a coin summoned one of the teams, picks heads or tails, and I can get visiting to enable heads Whoever wins, the coin tough gets to decide who receives and who kicks are generally, A large percentage of the time if you win the coin, taught you say we're going to receive and you're gonna kick off, can it be on often first you're gonna be on defence. First, I'm gonna on top and you open guard you're gonna be on upon you flip a coin. You have to choose fuck yeah generally. I would do well to my wheels so you're saying that you should do match. Were you flipper, coyness alone? I don't know what I'm saying is what I'm saying is show
sometimes a team will choose to Fatima receive that's kind of like if work grapple and I should down. I chose to play defence. First, that's what a guard puller that doesn't happen that often so it's penalizing someone one point for sitting on their, but for letting the guy get on top she's working to get on top. We worked very hard on his rustling to get on top the do the same. After you, you receive I'm gonna. Let you go first, that's like like a team San we're going, look after you, and losing three points for it. Like you you already giving them an advantage. It gonna lose Lucy advantage and points doesn't make any sense. Youngster. I did see yeah. I could see if set so say. If they dont have points, you know they dont score points you were there their idea of advantage. Maybe you could say you could give someone an advantage if a guy pulled guard at still
why is it that we wait? I have you given advance. You still want zero. What did the guy was a windows, but our analogy actions really should be issued be laughing. It should be like this issue literally submission only dasset have overtime rounds and I get sprang mad. If you want here, but journey submission, only no point. No, it images it's all about who gets the submission. Do huh goal is to get permission. Could in a lotta there was epic matches, there's incorrect Opel athletes. I have respect but what we need under this rule set you there's a lot of times in these matches where the submission wasn't even not bought just a w. There were is where three, and it's love. Guy sat on his ass? If you a point now On top, I want to win that money at the bank. Is the winner of this revision wins thousand dollars he's the guy top automatically is going to be very cautious reserved and not a beer.
Massive and definitely not even consider a submission. It's all about the w so that changes entertainment value, and for me, that's the most important. Do you think that it should be just submission only either submission only or you really really break down the points system through the way it should be, and this is the way it should be like gum, indeed listers match against. I forget her. We lost it was so many matches, but he was down on points and at the very end he ports. I think it was you. I says he put him in a triangle. He had him in a sense triangle at the very end and he was down two points. Maybe three I'm not sure on the points of property was down? It was thirty. Seven put him in a triangle in my eyes, triangle, you should get
what anything since, like a tribal bigger. If your legs are since, like you have a guy in a triangle, doesn't mean he's gonna tat a lot of time, some guys escape, but It's totally sent back. I was indeed deep trouble if he escapes he got lucky, so that that, since triangle should represent way more than I pass or a sweep. Thus common sense show in my eyes, if you want to school Keep the squire system in your in love with you, gonna commit to this Goin system, really about the score that how you score. This is a path is three points. If a sweet, as two points cinched doors which people Skype half the time, but if you, since it all the way up and as a referee, you should see if it's a near sub. If it's a scam stars, a cinch triangle singed
triangle- straightened out arm, like you straighten the guy's Armenia state by the skin of esteem. You straightened out his leg like me, bar he skate by the skin of esteem. You can see that I wouldn't count here and told the terms used in doubt so easy to just a jump on, and then it turns into just a bunch of fatigue. But I would count in my world, I would count- Straightening bar straight iron bars anything's. Pinched in, however, that should be seven points. The are group so I think it should five something we all want a pass. What is it now? It's one, do you know anything since it is not an abode army, there's nothing but a means. Nothing wait a minute. It means that doesn't make any sense. It doesn't mean anything so for guys, Ascension triangle, that's not a near submission. That's ridiculous Why do we have that those rules are terrible. She's gonna be should be worth way more than a sweep. Oh yeah. Without a doubt, we elect sweeps enough people recover from sweeps
but if someone has that close to being tapped like a cinch renege, either someone those lines, that's like a goal, you might touch, they got out of it, but God damn. I gotta go to an incredibly dominant position exactly that should be and Naga is in evolution- and so is grappling grappling requests are due in selected, supervised submission only so submission only is starting to spread. The gracing nationals submission only Gracie World submission on sub link up in the Pacific. Northwest is submitted only Midwest submission challenge which are doing submission only to turn up all over the midwife, its growing it's going, but if you're still committed to points like noggin nodded, they do that change up in tweet the points system they are giving. I think one point may be too for a near sub, which there on the right track your honor, whoever joining Naga Kip collar. You definitely on the right track. Let's turn up a little bit more, let's make since Darcy since triangles seven points. It makes sense. Africa, touchdown a swede
I do not agree with what we're both assemblage. So, besides that the tournament Abu Dhabi ABC See is the most prestigious on the planet. If it wasn't for that tournaments, I I be sitting here. That's what I'm here just seems like those rules are they need to be revised. Now tell me about crime. Grace you! I thought I was to tell you read my mind, I'm looking at a video them cried racy versus Gary tone and Gary turn into twenty one year old did who He shocked everybody. That match was probably the greatest wrapping match of all time. Return. It raises Crown Gracie it's his arm. Straightens look. He looks like he's, gonna break or learn. Well, you know how many times did not trust me.
Doesn't even matter and restrain his arm out, he wouldn't tap the cap. Rolling strictness, armor everyone's go and not his royal rule everywhere. He roles are Koran, is right. There. Every angle with arm told a story: it looked like it's gonna break everybody's got in a hidden, just hold an escape, do never rolling all over the place that arm she broke off too, He survived, you didn't. Tab gets on top takes crow back put some in the truck almost chronic, twister, Crohn's spins out he goes back to the bag puts it. Come on. I'm a k triangle body lock on has corn face down. It looks all Hickson sitting there gone oh damp and in the first match I was crossed second, that in its first but Chrome demolished, Andy, when I love you, I underwent, but he would right through MIKE and thirty seconds and Hickson didn't even move. You sit there and you
I threw Andy Wagon Hickson Denny moving. I was looking at Hickson. Am I mad that way? Dover them all excited him not doing anything like he expects it, it's no big deal you. You were right through the best possible outcome. Hicks Indian you'd make a move like Yoda and I admire down on my while at esteem. It is not even not even a smile, but in this match Hickson was visibly shaking. You could see him on what you he's watching where's this kid come out. Figures from the EAST Coast a measure, but he was on that be J, J Clemente thing with Keen and Cornelius, who also did amazing in Abu Dhabi, but anyways dare do there's a minute laughed and at this point a minute and a half in chronic doing everything to try to escape used. You were watching Kron be defeated right now, we're watching him be Diffee laughter. He almost had a dude arm like five different times.
I want struggle, he can't get I'll Gary tones backed offences or back control is professional. I fastened like we cannot get out, but the skin of his teeth out to sea. Again, I don't know exactly, but he got out stand up. Hickson looks animal goes. You got one minute I turn to take some doubt passes discard it takes a while he gets his bad dude. He squalls with two seconds: love Jerry Perhaps it was the craziest submission match. I've ever seen its really fascinating, watching chrome for people who don't know his dad the greatest Jiu Jitsu guy of all time, there's one guy, that's always thought of. Above all, others in the world
jitsu attacks and grace you gotta had among his pack. I would love to have on. They would be easy lives in Brazil, not as an end he's here. I don't know what you're right you're right now, but I figured out in touch with crawled out fly, I'm in first class last summer I saw Kron was at the when Voice five Matthews and allay he, and I was like oh seven or sex here. He was young kid usually on those right after I I I had dinner with Dixon once and I want it os and watch fights and he broke down what people are doing wrong. Do you know crazy? That is, you went to Hickson House hung out with them. What fight, broke down fights. I remember you tell me that you're telling me you he broke down because fate or at them at the moment was the MR indestructible. He was on top. Everyone feared him fictional notify them and he yeah you broke down how to beat fate on his mind right, oh yeah. Oh, he thought he could be Vader. He thinks he can meet anyone he's a month
scary did when you went by he's a master he's a true master jujitsu and he's got like that. Samurai mindset, loud people talked at Samara mindset. African dude lives. It like that is his mindset. Rather Gracie family is very large and there's a lot of sections. Let it greasy clicks there's a cross inside Carlos either. Helios house inside Helsinki, and a lot of them hate each other? A lot of them, how come louder crap on each other, but Hickson man Ever I don't know how many times I have heard people say fuck that good like a grace, you say fuck that grace your grow, a brazilian or someone from the old school after all, the old school guys, but down down that the low we say except Dixon make they tell you, takes it now and go about our goals. There's only has a lot of problems of people, but he makes it clear goes but it should also Hickson because they all say they all agree the
although there is no rolls on video like now. Everyone has their roles on video. You could get him on you too, you kept Marcello rose all day the greatest Jujitsu play ever but Hickson, not too many roles, but everyone set all like myth. Legend, you gotta believe because everyone says the same thing. Even David Cameron, when you went down there entail cameras a world class black, but he said he can do anything with action gave APOLLO fellow said: the poor fellow and down then came back was Jesus Christ. This he's a master he has been doing in the merger and you just to community Hickson is a God he's the best Gracie hands down here. So he had two sons and one of EM hawks and died a few years back, and he was already on his way to being a bad ass, jujitsu player,
his youngest son con over the last couple of years has just become this. Fuckin beats Hickson Son AIR money was twelve outside of it. Get a tournament. Some ivy, J, J, F turn him in Dominguez. Hills who in California me and Jean Jacques, my master John Job Machado. We were outside he was, as you know, If you could give me a sermon like he always does make everything that comes out of his mouth is gospel and everything's perfect than he does has is like a superhero and we'll walk. Outside and Crohn's twelve at this time. He's messing around skateboard, jumping up doing scorched, skateboard tricks. John John Look, John Chocolate, so regimen says that's the one right there. I tell you. That is the one he's unstoppable. I never forget that he called it out and, also. He called out a lot of people who you thought we're gonna be legends. And John Jock shed. He doesn't have what it takes, he's gonna break
you might know where Jean Jacques USA watch and break he's gonna break and damn he was right. There is a couple, the heat. Without the broken they just disappeared, shocked and see. Things are acts shock. It really is Yoda Hee, hee I called out cried. He knew it and call on his. He is now in a select that man- I don't know if there's more than three or four, but he submitted everybody in his white division. He tapped everybody out, and here's another hacks and store at war gene Machado was the first to tap everyone out back and ninety nine or two thousand one of those Daddy's. Ninety eight, ninety nine John Shock Machado, shows up the Abu he's. The first superstar that everyone was having trouble with the submissions allowed energy champions revenue will troublesome induce without the key and the rustlers. They did not pass the garter cement anybody, but they could throw you around and you have taken them down so lotta lot aboard.
Matches and early Abu Dhabi. That's. Why does she kept changing the rules? China trying to work work out, but then, the next God who came submitted everybody in two thousand three was Marcello Garcia. He was the big Stick coming of John John First Alexandra, Marcella, Garcia and now you know, and other guys have bunch of submissions, and I would argue to hide your graces, dont trust, a tremendous job, so many good guys out there, but if common interests emitting everybody in your division. Maybe harder did a too I don't know. Chrome Gracie did at last weekend. He went through everybody, and I get the Gary toning. Right now to close one man he escaped by the skin of his teeth, but that showed How awesome he and how we can back in final universe we have Hickson have the first couple matches he's. Just chosen and then when he be
Gary telling you see Hickson job on this. Have you ever seen it and so have very, was trying to get him from the twister without actually he was trying to get the twister before even got the locked down on the back leg, What are you thinking about an early he was thinking about patent like is, as the body triangles wrapped around them he's thinking to Grandma s neck. MRS Katrina Gary tone and look about tee, o n o and do that transition. Waiter, Crohn's bags insane and not only in our Gary tone and did he ended up doing the absolute and his first round. You want to get the butcher which who's who won, Heavyweight Division. Who is considered the new heavyweight dude moves like a panther. Russia is, I think his name is uncle AL made man, Somebody's brazilians, I known by their nickname, but the real name is- is it's hard to remember, sometimes by Boucher. He
he wins, has had the headway division. Now he signed up for the absolute first round its Gary tone in whose a hundred and seventy pounds against Bush sure who just one the heavy heavyweight as the worst possible drop. The smallest guy gets the biggest got, and you know what Boucher can tap on my own a good match wish. I got all sort of position on number Gary kept recovery and Gary kept attacking. And therefore we loses. I ran on point, but he eating get put put away and um I was talking about earlier Jared Dopp, the guy who beat a mere. He ended up being a mere. We were like fuck man, we an unknown was perfectly should be described as a close Matt Amir had is bad for a second within get points he automatic Moura did get points for any of that and the guy give down once and passes guard a meal, some points and in it was kind of a shocker. I was the first round. I damn we who is? We got it a guy, that no one knows that we should have beaten damn than he
have any MIKE, alas, the next round Jared DOT needs very me so then, when I think of any lost vainly got beat by the guided beat a mere. Do you think that's cuz Vinny's doing so much anime. It's not do as many was not in shape for this Vinny hee hee measured to meet and train very much at all. He just couldn't turn it down you know, I'm sure had a lot to do with him getting cut by the EU of Sea and not really fucked with his mind for to last five hundred yard here knocked out with the first punched homeboy through, and he never expected that He fired austrian german folks, his name, Anthony Privilege, rush, Anthony Black Blackburn in Jiu Jitsu, and that's a expected. They thought I was gonna, be budgeted verse to be bow. He caught Vinnie, like with the first punch, you get cut he's in a depressive state
he's not really training higher for Abu Dhabi and Jared DOT beat up he's from Raphael of Autos camp. He's a purple belt, that's incredible! Yes, he just a credible specimen, so he gets cyborg next he gets I borg next and shit is winning beating him always gotta do survive for thirty more seconds. He would be a mere alarm. The top and Planet heavyweight Vinnie Michael S, who won the gold medal me apis absolute two thousand Levin and then Cyborg he's gonna be cyborg. You wouldn't but the various cyborg pulled it off and pressure, I'm at Cyborg ended up winning punitive gettin. Third in wait, Boucher, one and in the Alps. Loot, Cyborg took it all. He beat Russia in the final vote. For I mean what cyborg touch him with, he beat him on points I'll catch. You now just points so so he was losing until the last.
Fuming Jared Dopp, was beating him on points, and then I forget her went down again. There was a fifty matches, but I remember fibre came back at the very end endured hold that he had it. You just couldn't hold on, and cyber pulled out of his ass got to the point that you took his back or something got some some some good barely pulled her. He was his I mean and ensure Dopp did the absolute any. Beats his first guy and maybe a sun gonna get hurt. He asked a bow, his shoulder short. He was gonna, get a rematch with cyborg in the absolute, but you know, since he couldn't go, get tone in one. Seventy pounder a good laws against Bush, a boo, hoo game again a great match.
Call him and go dude urine and he's like all. Should so now he's gonna get cyborg things you forty pounds of pure leopard Tiger is building a bridge should also is videos of training, strengthen additional online push sledge, and you know what he Gary tone red man if he was given cyborg, fits that guy's gonna be a superstar round. My words, yes just remember Gary tone. It argues that big any scheme must be how young, as this kid, twenty one stronger shit. That's amazing here if in a big I looked at the videos, him crisis, dude looks at a normal size, guy he's out of control and he plays his. His best shit is part of as the same style that I play Gary who plays ladder prison guard. I don't know because a prison car, that's just what I named it, but it's it's like had an arm from the bottom. It's basically,
Greco Roman full guard game. That's an icon! prison gardens in Saint around out here, crazier, an odour, where he got crowns back the way he got. It was imprisoned guard again, it's it's not something that I'm sure he'll names it, but is something that I named and it's a head an order from the top from the bottom and you squeeze and your shocked that armed is caught in between your army shock at over your head. You gotta, get really good at that, and you get you right through the back or you could transition to swim move to spiderweb or if you can't shocked the arm over your head. You could transition right into rubber gar beautifully or you could put, though our side butterfly in and get some sweep sort of very, very strong position, the actual position, style. I call prison guard, but the actual positions called homey control and we control is the mission control of prison guards. So I play it all the time. All the time and
I Gary tone and go to it over and over did decide. Cyborg he De Cyber was too big. Dont really work on him, and then he did it on Bush. He kept right on my when the cool things about you did too is that there are so many guys other practice in it. Now I think someone it's about time for someone to put it on tv. I think I love that I love with all these new do just come up out of nowhere when the cool things about Jitsu is that there are so many guys other practice in it now I think someone it's about time for some. To put it on tv. I think one of these days, they're, going to figure out a format or the guy's gonna, get talented enough for scary enough, where you going put it on tv sums that guy something I think about it all the time in and not had enough I have a show, it's it's a concept we have. Finally, she'll backers that were interested and then they guy we had a couple other more. There were instantly back out, I'm not sure, but the whole
gold of mine with the show is assisting man term, the whole goal is entertainment. Value Everything is designed to go to the submission, only format, there's a few different ways and go submission only, but the way of everything in my mind, was all designed to create urgency for the submission like the like protein will the ultimate urgency would be use submission only match between two guys in the winter gets one billion dollars. The loser gets nothing. You imagine the urgency of that and how exciting that matters with obviously not really mean a billion, but understand that's that's an example. If you could give me a billion that'd be great, but let's say realistically in Two years hundred years, two years, its use mainstreaming there's like some reality sure about Jujitsu and get so bag and people love it, but we have to figure out the right format. First have to make sure that there's a lot of
Silent, because right now you know you gotta just determines there's nobody. There are the only people understand or the actual competitors in their girlfriends and maybe they're moms it we ve having these world championships forever nobody's going to see it as the points system is developed to satisfy the competitor. What sort of a double its also just hasn't been introduced right has been introduced at all. You know now that spike starting up a glory on the guy who, like the highest level, kickboxing dependent on tv they one of these days, someone's gonna, realise that watch like that crime Is he Gary Honan fight that kind of a match? Adverts? Let's say that? Ok, realistically fifty years, whatever jujitsu mainstream you could do is show where there's a sixty man, tournament submission only and the winner one winner. Only it's just like any color reality shop. One winter gets a hundred thousand dollars cash or whatever. That's me, That unrealistic! Can you imagine the extent
and of those matters? You have a good matchmaker you put together. You know you don't stop people together, but the x the amount urgency that there's gonna be food. The submission the training would be totally different. People would specifically training there, Sir up to these emissions. It would be all about the submission right now. These guys getting w and winning by points is all necessary. So geyser specifically training for the points system, then give it to me I mean that's that if that's the format this. How did I understand, as I do the same thing with a mere alarm? He rested his whole life he's one of my brown bats, but he's arrests or through and through. So we were going to go in and you say your arrest work. He worked on his rustling. Let's beat these guys by the points system. Let's get that W. I was doing that. I'm not like this. You know you're forced to think like that, based on the system, because you want the w so bad, so I'm guilty the two we were we were. We wanted a rustle Jared dot show. You know you
make it a sixty men tournament ape man. Termite you make it a reality, show submission only one guy, gets a hundred thousand dollars, I mean, if you didn't an idea, you have, you did a million out. Even we crazier the matches are being not for you. All you have to do is use, have guys were really good, we're goin for submissions and go and after it, and you would be really exciting sport. A lot more excitement, a lot of shit that isn't on tv until people just don't know about that is not used to it could be done. Someone just like the sunlight to shake. You know, figure out. How do you know it it's an there's, a lot of people to get. They look energy due to an early watch, a matching our factors. It is born there just the way. The key Sport is turning into now. It's like I'm a blackmail. Then energy, and I look at the new staff irony windows on top I've. Whose winning their plan tug of war with the pants and therein mangled tangled position don't even know who has the advantage. Someone got at an advantage for mere sweep. Who did consumers things? I want to ask you about Kron. He doesn't.
Any new shit. Like everything he does is old school Jujitsu old School fixing Gracie style that the you know that real basic set of techniques and just I just get some laser sharp. That's all he does. He has in a bull, rear, naked choke and even more insane guillotine in the final. He went against auto Octavio Sousa he's one of the top Gracie a guy at that weight at that one. Seventy and getting this match right. So it's fine, Dixon Gracie sit around and no table there goin out o tabby. Who decides to get inside crimes had and the way to do that is keep stay away from home, not engage slap upon a neck, pushing away frustrated because all crawl, unwarranted submission where he's like Marcella Garcia, he just goes forward. Submission is on Crohn's mine.
Four, damn sure that's what he wants and he kept going forward or table keeps pushing whatever is a bad mother. He puts you beat LEO Vieira mean his his legit one of the best and he actually they went against each other and metamorphosis, and and beat him in the GDR embarked. There was that it was an epoch match and the match, for that at the world, our table one so that a more with a remark about revenge. Now the rubber match in Abu Dhabi. In the final he smack into and conflict over at the rough gone woods don't just smack and my neck and backwards walking backwards. I understood what it was doing is doing. He was trying to frustrate get inside us tat. It was working, he was getting pistol, but you know what it was. Also workin on Hickson to Hickson said and this is according Irene here personally, but this is according to what I heard the report's site pity. What is its all over the internet, so I may be wrong, but it appears to be correct. Based on the reports, I read that Hickson was.
First, whose like telling the rough he keeps he's gone, where does not engage in he's gone backwards is he's? Does anyone want to fight and then he said he shook his chickens and then start making chicken noises so pocket book up up up up if you imagine doing crazy. You know that tells you may have their support block. Don't understand that, but as a father, I understand it. If I do like you bet your son, you're gonna, make sure I got my son murdered somebody, I'm gonna, shelter him I want to hide. Have you know he shouldn't? Have nobody asked? I know what I'm saying: I don't know what I'm saying as you do anything for you. I know it is even even doing making chicken noise is that they could easily. Make you seem like you're childish, But you don't care all cares about macho. He was willing to do anything it took to make Otto engage and it worked engaged, took a shot, current guillotine them the fast
as soon as he took him down Cronstadt down to it was over man all the time, but it was over like three or less less than three somewhere boom. He won the world champion submitted everybody, that's amazing. It's amazing! When you you hear about a guy, was the son of the great master elect the greatest master ever? It seems like a movie and when he was young, you know I remember hanging out with him over addictions house noses like young kid is talking about rap music and shit and accuracy, train jujitsu, love judges. We love the fact that his dad was, as you know, I mean commands of that's your daddy's greatest Jujitsu guy of getting the coolest should ever- and he
right is currently the bad guy and Abu Dhabi Fritz Amazing young today wanted no home are anything but he's a beautiful was wife was beautiful Erikson's. Why should we just beautiful Hickson, marrying some supermodel back in the day and had a bunch of kids and all their kids even hawks, and daughters, they'll, have little model faces in their tear hid. He could easily be a movie star there. Their models is kids like Abarth, Abercrombie and Fitch model. So when he was in such that documentary choke, if that demand. It's really unfortunate that didn't become a huge documentary cause even people who don't appreciate. Martial arts does want to watch something interesting like people, capital, but the sushi documentary Genji Road dreams of sushi. What the fuck, that's called suppose we amazing about a guy who's, really indecision but I'm not into sushi and about giant of a sushi chef ahead, but if you Even if you have no aspirations
its martial arts milk is an amazing documentary, because it follows This guy who's, just his is the legit he's legit, legit masterful in everything he does the introduce he's. Meditating in the fuckin freezing icy rivers of Japan gets underwater up to his neck in these areas. Do in his meditation practicing and doing yoga. Where does this weird shit with his stomach and he's it's cool? when a guy like that exists, when there really is a bad mother fucker like a real like me, the goal sort of Sherman brazilian Jujitsu Master, whose better than everybody out- and that reminds me of the most surreal moment of my Jujitsu career man, with Abu Dhabi at the first waited Hickson comes up to me. Ain't heard how you doing. My had almost explode. I couldn't believe him saying Eddie
very strange city knew you were you know Kron Chronic John Jog are real. Tight John Och is now a quarrel belt under Hickson Gracie, so grace you, John Jocks Master now, and he used to be reborn under Carling those non and but now he's under Hickson and John jocks always been tight with chronic. That's how had that insight? That's how he knew he was going to be a champion. The champion areas so Jean Jacques brought cross over to my Jim, maybe two weeks ago. That was the first time ever got to hang out with Chron and train with them, and it was. It was pretty amazing to have had some sun there at anytime. I have a Gracie there with me that I can talk to my always. I always want to remind them that there's a big misconception, bow with ten planets budgets is all about and to someone who really doesn't know, one hasn't done the research, it's is it. It is easy to kind of sea that all or
I really believe that I turn my back on Jujitsu once I got my blackmail through the gear way. I'm disrespect The key nobody understands as if it were they dont, far gets here, but there's two camps of digits. It is people who train with gave us in old, big bulky, kimono and there's no key, which is most guys we're rash guards or shorts and their training, basically techniques. It will work and mix martial arts, because the fact that the key is this big piece of cloth people- grab it and hold onto it in it it, changes the entire nature of of crap. Changes. Everything because of all these handles that you can hold onto becomes really annoying yeah and a majority of the Brazilian you just a community. They really the guy- and I understand that it's like liking long boards in your server and some people, like short boards, Nokia,
like the short boredom long border would like the gates. Really traditional, it looks cool you grow up and you see these karate movies in you want away that being stopped at black belt on you, gotta keep you feel like a superhero that black belt Israel I get it. I understand, but I got into Judea too, because of the? U S: became a fanatic of the sea and jujitsu. Is the closest thing I could do to be kind of close to the sport and understand the sport without getting in the face. I don't like boxing only kickboxing I wanna get hit, but it jujitsu awesome, safe, you how you doing is practising strangling each other in getting really good at that practices. Breaking limbs like who doesn't we learn that anybody can learn that and you and you don't hurt north punch, you our sold right. When I saw you see with o way for debate most of the have the sport and I worship now, I'm so when I see you
the two black belt in the: U S see great the gay, but all the sun there. Finally, you have see without a key and other have handles and due to turn upon chauvinism, elbows and start to me, I thought the key was the prompt judicial wasn't looking that good in the you have seen man in those dark ages of your seat. And tender who, like it even today, Overall did you do to, I think, could be a lot better if the, if everyone's focused on Jujitsu techniques, that worked when specifically window to turn a punch. Your elbow you and you know, and there's no, does its different so anyway, so Was I loved you to so much that I was tired of being an let down. By never seen you rarely see sweeps and that you have see you Would you just to class or due to determine where they weren't Maggie? You see sweeps in submissions off your back. From the guard when you're on your back all the time, but
I won't you sing it and the EU have see. I got you rarely see sweeps and even today, when you see a good quality sweep its wall with a highlight real, I was an amazing we, but in the Guida happen, all the time and solutions off back happen all the time. So the differences is common sense in the game. You don't have to worry about dude elbowing, you and you got all these handles and develop all these techniques base. I'm pulling the collar and holding on the sleeve and becomes your fighting stand and when, if that's your fighting stance and all of a sudden, you do I'm a may and there's no fought the fat finds that is totally different. Clinching now cause you know, wanna get knocked out at it. You got to focus on so for me, I thought If I ever opened up a school, I'm when I'm, I never liked the gate to begin with persons. Personally I'd rather train Nokia, it's faster. I like it faster. I have no problems with the gale out of my students, though Trinity personally is just too slow for me. I to be faster. So when I have said a lot
people in the digital community think that I turn my back onto jets. Men, nothing mad. Nothing could be further from the truth, no not yet. This is just a bunch of matters out there, this people that hate them anyway, but does not to focus on them, not just I just want to make it clear and when Cross came to my school two weeks ago, I made it clear to him my to let you know that I have all the respect in the world for the graces. Anybody that thinks I down is ridiculous and my first book the came on two thousand five it opens up with apparent. For two on each grace in thanking them for for creating me in creating the sporting? Do you have seesaw that's over that's ten years ago? Is that anything that I'm trying to I'm trying to do damage control and our anything? So I just one put that out there that they die, you don't have to put that. Nobody believes that hey. Which do you see this region incredible that Josie ever hear it was gone on right. When I would. I was gone on everyone on. It
Saturday or Sunday morning was a Sunday morning and was Saturday morning here sunlight that was it weird, so I didn't get to see it live and I don't think it was possible to see alive when it up scene at the next day, a meal and Scott Palmer another one of my students who, when they ve, figured out how to find it somewhere on. Why and how watch online yeah yeah Diego Sanchez, Kilburn Melendez five was the craziest fuckin thing I've ever seen in my life. It was madness that third round got down. Those increase This went off, they went after it in a way, like you re, rarely say, and Fur Diego to drop Gilbert Belinda's without uppercut. After all, that damage was taken, man there. We saw some serious heart. That night I mean Junior dos Santos that talk about heart Jesus Christ, yeah De Diego Sanchez is of special dude, his his belief in himself in his his ability to absorb punishment,
craziness he's bites donors, mouthpiece peace and he doesn't do let us weapon and moving in ice taken, a lot of them just large and Ford. He loves it get a giant cut over his iron man. It was billions eyebrow like the size of his eyebrows enormous there was. There was a whole wild fuckin Did you see Hector lumbered need more quiet, holy shit? I one. Seventy had our lombards gonna give he'll get nobody, since I could see him, he can be. The champ is easily yeah terrified at one. Seventy he's a free ghastly and would just be able to take him down I don't know man, I don't know, he's a free gift We are now use that term alot free ghastly, but has a lombard, really is a freak and at one seventy that make the strongest once every its ever existed ever it's so fuckin hard, you'd heat down, Nay Margaret, who was a straw force former champion. Ok, Nate Margaret was a strike force while to a champion
a lumbar chased him around like he was kid that he was gonna salt. I mean it was amazing. I meet you would like almost like. Yet no worry whatsoever about nay, more courts. Techniques just ran after him ran after all kept thrown bombs, Adam and then another shocks amount at last shot. Do you see what it did did needs body? It made him Cadillac hop in land on his, but like his legs slipped out from under him when he was a kind of running away, any gotta look one of those upper cut from behind yeah. Then boom lifted him up any land around us, but is pretty good. It was horrific yeah. He fucked him up. Man, it was, it was spooky I didn't know the who's gonna. Building that I mean the heat, Jake, Jake L, a burger innate mark word, had a real, tough fight and neat got knocked out, but they were go and after each other, you know me, Nate was going after him to. It was a real it was. He got caught with shot by Ellen Burger. Nell embroidery. Take anybody out, but it
competitive up into that. This was not competitive. This is a mugging I mean he just came after nay, more coordinate mark or try to counter I'm a couple times it right hands, but mostly just trying to get the fuck out of the way and that do This came out and, like all legal monster was weird whose uzis ridiculously straw. It's scary, due to two hundred seventy pounds. I want immediately to see matches with him against Carlos Condon immediately to six p m against Johnny Hendricks or Georgina Beer, whoever wins the title accordingly, air Paulson. I had him on my podcast he's telling me some actor Lombard stories. Man, is intense. Twenty four seven in the gym wants to throw out him enjoy. Barnett Throat through and at least once yeah just Josh Josh mounted him and would never let him up with this plan on wouldn't let em up is. Apparently he had an issue with something lumbar did someone else in the gym
who Josh I M just went after it just the guy's, a freak athlete he said, Does those muscle ups? In other things, we do a cheer up and then you push up from the top hard to do this. Mother fucker just never done it before it banned our ten zero thing. I ever be able to do on he's a free ghastly like when you look at his body, he's five foot, seven and five foot seven wide so they made me private covert, five, nine very little taller than me like my hydro five, maybe more either my height or maybe slightly tolerant, five, eight but he's toys is widening. I community, maybe my unarmed, pretty why'd. You might be like literally a foot wider than heap. I think it's an illusion- is actually he might be five ten but his last. So why don't I shoulders that it appears that is five four is so wide. I've never seen a dude. His hide that wide before and the
our that mother Fucker, has God damn it's scary, scary and just ultimate confidence in its ability, not guys out ultimate conference like us, charged on night, it was He knew it was a matter of time. It was weird weird watch inevitably watch naked steamroller like that. You know anything about, nay, nay, fought, Anderson Silver and was a decent until Anderson reversed him on the ground and beat him up and stopped him, but was a decent fight for that. Eight fought tyrant, Woodley and knocked amount, and we need is a bad mother. Fucker he's a really good fighter, you nothing while the guy's he's knocked out knocked out. Martin Martin, Captain Nemo courts, no fucking joke, It's been around along ass. Time too, is really fuckin gelbard got that Hendricks power, but can in both hands pieces terrifying, terrifying, Lombards, terrifying,. He might be the mother fucker, once every man really my big might be,
these guys, man. Sometimes it's just a matter of making that weight. Getting minding away class, look Damien, Maya, one, seventy, but done Jake beat him which is crazy I could one either. Where was it was a. I think, one of those It's that easily could be a draw. You decide who wins, but my didn't happen in a lotta before saying two miles: gonna dominating the way dominated Rick story. Now the people a good around logic shields is yeah I'd. Never they got close to any submissions and that the and Jake he's probably. Top three, if not the best passer and Emma his passing is incredible. Human Sean shirking credible, passing, and jagged almost pass all many times God and to have that kind of complex a try to pass my his guard most rustlers. Would you sell? Came this body gonna talk, don't even trying to pass, but Jake kept passing, even though
even though it you didn't quite make it, there was very impressive that he had the confidence to keep push. And keep trying to pass and Damon. My really can do anything off his back against Jake checks. You still haven't guys attack em, you know, Sir this guy's. After back so man that was a. Very, very close fight. I thought they would the two my a base, because it was in Brazil. I thought chicks, really gonna have to beat him decisive, They d get it in Brazil, but now in the case after also Congratulations to Jake. Vienna was a big one for him, because my was on the verge of a title shot after them story fight, other beaten, John John Fitch, John Fitch, John Fitch and then Beatrix story like that. A lot of people like Jesus Christ, this guy might be the best grab, were in the division. No one can stop him. So Jake wins out fight rails. His title hopes This is so many good fighters. Now man, it's crazy, Robbie Lawlor, is about the fight roaring Mcdonald. How fuckin crazy is that fight, Canada,
Bobby Laura one? Seventy there's another one at one: seventy two fuckin terrifying he's fluid tariff? Did you see I'm Algarve and not easy Wahlberg Bobby Lawlor knocked out I'm a guy with a flying knee scary, Robbie Lollards, forget Dana White at the communist or years ago, telling you about Robbie Lawlor. For the first time this kid Robbie, Lawlor bad knock you out with both hands. I remember here and there and then he brought him up. He did well in the beginning and then he started funding for strike force. He was fighting at eighty five issued in fighting and eighty four funny, once everything the whole time. He also needed to mature come into his own, and I was like thirty now and now he's like a real budget, professional, hee, hee, hee fight small it doesn't just wing punches guys, but he does still wing puncher. That guy got a series and Chin and he goes out
the when, as I fight that's November, that's a georgian beer under card, You had greatly more glee, Dude Roy Mcdonald and think about that try, start Camp Roy Mcdonald, GS, P, yet summit good guys. I can't that France's Carmona, probably authors motherfucker, I dont, know who's gonna win their fight more is like super technical. Doesn't take my chances works on that on job. You know, but Robbie law will go after your mother fucker. He spooky would you think of Roy Nelson Cornelia, Commies fuckin cigar Wait man he's a sick as for sure going to a five year is gone by John John, you sign it. You say I'm going to revive the heavier tool I've used to twenty four for this fine hill he'll go down to a five uneasy, a handful for everybody here that ITALY, Olympic Gold, medalist caliber athlete those men
fuckers are rare dude you now those duties, break their hand, keep punching you with it until it falls apart, you still a strong pledges that Barnett was broken and you early taken Josh Barnett up in the air with a broken hands slamming on the ground, in always fuckin bones, or rather than against themselves inside of his hand, to do that to Josh Barnett man's accolade justifies area swirl and he's not knowledge a heavyweight here the two or sex. Think Europe to a sex. It was definitely light because he had cut weight to do it and that's. Why lost his bid at the Olympics, because yet kidney failure because it tried to make the way you try to cut the way I cut weight and fact himself up. Guys have their man. You know what Josie Alders kidney stones now had occurred stone removed after his fight with the korean zombie. That's from couldn't wait, one of My students had killed the stones and and since since he went Hospital went through all the excruciating pain and me The stories he said Brow turn cranberry
pure cranberry, just under a cocktail every day you do not want to go through what I just I swear to God. I have pure cranberry Jews. Refrigerator make sure my wife. It keeps it stopped and I drink it. Just hearing a story of exclusion in pain in the hospital does this guy? Who is it which guy you're not going out, and I don't want to set a date. Does he cut weight. Yes, he cuts massively shut down. She's do that, car wait till her to do matches fuck man that Shit's bad for you Cutting weight is not good, but if you want to be a great fighter, it just drink her grandparents privileges, not the cocktail, and you should be every public tastes like shit, taste sour, but it's like a shot I drink it everyday, yet it who make it possible. You can get it anyway, anymore, supermarket and cranberry pills. That's does the same thing.
Do something just take a shot, a shot of crime? But how could you do the same thing, though? Never does you know those like pills, green pills than ever as good, as was like real. We strategies, it's kind of sorrow, but you get used to it. It s a bad guy and it is- and you can turn that much of it. So it's perfect. It's like a way to quench or Thurston United down like at the bottom of this great drink or somethin shit, you kill half the bar, but since it so part, you're force only takes up and so that, It is a what's in it that protect your dick. It's gotta be the I sit in a cause. It's gonna, sour, it's gotta, be has something to do with that in making sure that stones are always broken down. It's probably just melt some or something I don't know I state is grows to get your unattractive. Factions have to drink cranberry Joost get rid of it. How weird
cranberry juice, is legit. It's weirdest foods, though, that your things and I don't like you- have any stomach ailments anything bothering your stomach to take garlic to credible, if you, if you eat some bad food and get some sort of stomach like food, poising show that eats clothes. Garlic, like sending in rapid italian troops then, in there just fuck up all the bacteria. It's incredible people dont like right. I, like you, don't know what you're missing just eat clothes that shit, it's fantastic via its like an assault on all the shitty things inside your body about their tone, Ferguson, Mars, Damn Y gotTa Mars! Well, a joke as you do. Got a name: every move, every position. Every transition, in my opinion too, in order to teach at level. So there's a differ, between getting a dark when you're on top and you're. Using your wait right, she was, On top, he sensed didn't and went to his back
A layman he's a very well known and the major to coach to do that he's the one who actually called at the doors when it was named after the first guy he saw use it Joe doors. I think his name is DE yeah. That's that's! What mark Layman is is very similar to me as we like, to name everything that does not names and lots of digits moves did so You got a name that there's a dead. Whence, between the mark as the marshes on your back and that's how he used to do it here said, that was his thing that he did his squeeze was so tight that he'd it need to be on top toppling, like rolling guys made an expected, and so he called it Mars, there's all also a farce, which I don't have a gun in ready made it up. I don't know the story behind fires, but that's the kind of mounting the guy? And you have, you are mounting the gang avatars, so others different variations of it in the wounded toning transit.
Time Mesa all every Thursday. He comes up and trains of me and that's the moon, You gotta watch when you're only tone he does flying Darcy Man, he's he's mean his Jiu Jitsu very underrated. Man he's gonna shock alot of people over the picture, the over his career with their darts. Did he hit that dude with he immediately scooted under him and then almost like, or in inverted crucifix ties his arm up with his legs from the bottom as confidence in your squeeze to do so,
that tells you a lot. While you ever see anybody going to the Mars. You see people going to the dark and if the guy in the bottom roles, you should be a role with them, even if it turns into a Marshall finish it, but you don't go there voluntarily. Unless you have your supercontinent without having those long arms is such a massive advantage. It really. As far as like that, leveraging get with long limbs. It's really incredible guys who have like wicked darts, isn't have long arms. They dislike shove, em under platelet, candle, grove, cattle groves to catch him and all sorts of weird spots did you see that, like an extra foot on his arms up, Jeff Lovers, where he's one of the best Darcy Glover lets you pass him. I love that move where he lets you getting decide control and you think you're gonna Zaga drove a really just going to divorce land. Just catches in the transition is It Jujitsu for people down now so fucking technical there. So many techniques mean it's. It's
truly amazing, when you stop and consider the positions the amount of different possibilities each possess in holes and then different ways to submit people another all flow together. If you ve never Before it's hard to come to understand- and I know that's one of the things that I take a lot of time on when it comes to agree battle in the USA, I always make sure I'd try to explain what are you trying to do? Where becomes a problem wearies, you know where he's going to and people get a chance to see it more that way, but unless you train yourself, you'll never really truly understand, though the beauty of it retraining. You'll get a sense of what it's like to strike: actually catch. You gonna position, then you'll understand how amazing it is. When you see like really really high level stuff, When you see a mad scramble like Chrome, Gracie and
Arizona, Gary taken Crohn's back in that wild scramble, the cap Roland kept Rollin kept Braun at PAM locks up the body triangle like fog, it's it's it's an or that anybody can do children old Ladys. They all do it's really really easy. It's trying to sell it to two of August one of its money. But it's the truth. Anybody can learn it all. You have to do to show up to your local jujitsu, school and just watch, Just go and just watch a couple times: it's free! You don't have to commit to a just, tell the guy. You want to watch, and you watching you realize. Oh, my god, it all wrong you. Yet you expect even show up in there's gonna, be all these fucking douche bag eggs, killing each other and bleeding, each other, rather than you realize it's a bunch of nerds, it's a bunch of computer nerds and an apt you why you watch one class, you should be sold on it and you don't have the role and do people scared of rolling in or would it be taps man hurts me
It's so rare that anybody gets hurt. Really it's so rare usually get her more from positions any due from submissions. He had hurt more when you legates tripped on to you, but you know: you'd better out of that becomes less and less and as you, if you're in a good school like ten planet or like so many schools and allay and we get spoiled, but me places, have to be good in order to stay open in this day and age, because her so much competition is amazing amounts of competition from digits beginning classes. Are we kind of changed em up a little over the years? I realized it most poor are a lot more scared of going to adjust to class and checking it out and taken one class than I thought there were more scared than I thought. So stand that I used to. I used to think that you know if you should know that it is safe sport and you should know if you want to do it or not, and if you're not totally into it. I don't want to talk. You and do it you should just now and then that leaves me with a smaller.
And of the population, which I consider you that you're my family, but in reality, if Age, my beginner classes and make a more Kate or more to the guys that want to do, but they're just scared that they're scared, at the signing a contract, they're scared to death, it getting hurt. The common ended jujitsu scare, so you got a real think about just one them through a nice and slowly showing them that there's is nothing to be scared of. This is a beautiful thing that everyone can. You can learn to get really good at putting people to sleep in six months. You know, another thing is: don't be afraid to tap. That's think I make sure really tell people something wrong. Tapping saga about to in there and tat it's: you gotta think about it. Like someone score, report on you in basketball. It's gonna happen. It's totally normal and once you get past that especially retraining with good people, you tap them tat, you doesn't matter it's good for you and, if you
has now begun, but he can get tab. You guess what that's good for you too good for you to know that someone can tap you you need us, gave up your skill level to get to the point where he's out, but just because Have you no big deal? Does matter people tat people all the time? That's one of them! this reasons. People are Wait a commander! You re d, lose this game of death has really that's why jujitsu so fascinating in such a beautiful think is really. It applies to life in and on the streets. Saving your family, protecting your your children, protecting your wife, your wife, protecting children. And back and forth your children, Moyne Jujitsu, in protecting their father and son. Hope family were where the wonders jetted. That's you know that it increases your chance, its chances of survival. Unlike some a pocket lip error. Well, you the way. It's it's a great way to exercise its great discipline. It's it's great for your body, it's great for me like after we leave Jujitsu clap. Tell me
when we more like loose, relax and silly. Then after Jujitsu meals to fleece ended arching after Jijiu conversations, we everybody's exhausted, even frightened for your life for the past hour and a half and we're out just hang out children and try to kill each other just an hour before virtually audio. Exactly and you used to that it becomes a normal thing for folks war. It's not a normal thing, it seems daunting. It seems too a fine, it seems uninviting, but believe me, I know a lot like you said nerds and it's not a lot of nice. People in digital two people have a good control. Their ego with we ve talked but that inspired cancer many times, but I think you in repeating that's how slowly. I can't tell you how many tweets emails messages
many, I gotta. Listen. You guys talk about Jujitsu on the pod cast over and over, and then I finally unto a school, and I tried it and guess what you were right. This is amazing, MRS changing my life. My son's doing it out to its too, and that is the more likely outcome. If you give shot, you have an open mind and leave your ego at the door. Is gonna change your life for those whom it give you without a doubt, it's gonna be one of the best vehicles for developing a coffin, and so you can ever find it will change a coffin women, including women. You know I think about a women that you know that have gone to schools gone to differently you classes and gotten better at it, and then they become like more relaxed
they become a different person. There not worried about their self defence or amend anymore. They know that the reality is a girls, a Brown bound Jujitsu, like you mean when we had Felicia, do that thing with Seymour but yes explained anymore, but he's a nice guy, he's porn, star and porn producer, and he had a show Showtime Showtime. I remember the name was demand. The show, maybe see more but I don't remember what it was, but anyway nice guy. One of the episode you wanted to come down and do jujitsu with a woman No, no! No! He just wanted to come down and do Jujitsu really was not with a woman. He didn't want to do with Felicia. Did you said that a buyer Felicia, who is a friend of ours, she's a black belt under Jacques Machado and Ledge, yet bona fide bad ass she's, a hundred thirty five pounds, big woman, but she is strong as fuck and her jujitsu is top notch and she's really smart. She super super super smart, so she does
it's good at anything. She just knows how to get good. It shit and her and Seymour buds role. That was like his first day and she man handled this poor lad, hinting at heard. How lost again, yes- and she was so nice which never never feels amazing. When you tap out, it doesn't feel refresh now it's my life so beautiful, because it didn't feel good. You just lost a game of death, no one got her, but that tap represented the could he had your life in his hands and the only reason that goes because he's a cool guy in everyone's corn class, but in reality of if he was douche bag, and he wanted to kill you we could of yeah. They take your life. If someone wanted to choke you out and then stop your head out, why you're unconscious? That's what happens, but the point is They should be a small woman. Just it's just you her technique, just tat over and over and over again got triangle got his back gunman, wrong bar and the way you did, it was so fluid and beautiful- and you are
the episode it doesn't I don't think it goes down at the editor to make him her, because we shot a segment where I'm teaching and then I'm teaching and we're doing the teaching segment. And then I ask you want a role to proceed in the nordic. Rolling languidly Ryan can spark. He said, yeah yeah. What will shoot that and will do the actual yet will spar with the woman you know make it is like ok, whatever it was, your idea of who is so longer forgot generally, if you're a girl out there and you do Jujitsu for solid fur. One year solid, you the chance It is a view getting ready, go significantly my very hard to rape, a Jiu girl and and take that long to get good at what it said within two years time flies. You don't do that three years, just like that in your about the last time I rolled with Felicia, I think I was Purple Bell. A moderate about was purple bramble and
being many steps ahead of the person doing it, because it endeavour, but didn't I, She was only thirty four pounds. You know if he's fucking, good man really she's fucking she's, really strong, itches, fuckin good and with someone's really good. They not. Put themselves in the perfect position. They know how to keep moving. They know how to keep getting away from anything you trying to do to them and putting themselves in a better position to defend a better position to attack that being many steps ahead of the person you doing it because I don't know what you're doing give someone a massive amount of confidence and I've seen girls go into you It's class start getting good and then start tapping our guys and when they start tab in our guys is a wild thing to watch its wilding. The guy's face. It's a wild thing to see a girl like censure, for girl oversight taboo tat was his grow jogging east role with there. Of beginners and major memory. Dug in an artery gave him a three year for Like Christmas Day, member that
Yes, very well, are you stuck it out? I got some taps in on some. Do as he kept gone but donkey ran this girl? Who was very pretty, and Girly, but she tapped him with Quickness like coming down should have em stabbed likes several. It was ugly but that was it was fascinating to watch. Realising like she could. If she knew the techniques better, she could get a guy. Guys, probably stronger than her. She can still get em that scarred Duncan, he didn't lad thinking he showed up to maybe who a handful classes at most. He already stuck it out for one year, but we are a. He got her eat. Some have been his knee. I think it s wrath and then he had a while, yet miniscule, surgery and stamina and those too much some people, theirs Small percentage of people did get hurt, doing Jiu
and that scares me and I'm gonna come back the generally most of the people who do you get to love it so much at the first thing they think of when they get hurt their pissed off, because they're gonna be out for six weeks? Are they gonna be out for three months? That's why they're pissed they count to get back and you can't wait to get back so much the you're like you a lot of time, You come back to early and you're, not really healed right, and then you re engine yourself. So that's that generally you le, if you come in with open mind and you leave your ear at the door. Generally, you gonna fall in love with it s, going to change your life and when you hurt, you're more bombed about missing then you are about actual injury in a, but there are some people that they might be
ring warm wants, and I bought this year and accept a ring worm. It's very easy to eliminate ring where me never to deal with it. If you can be consistent with the younger and the acid offers and defence soap, it had some divan soap. Absolute tell everybody did run self is about as great company on by great guy ended the company. They saw these poor wrestlers and they develop soap that clean your skin without fucking up all the natural bacteria Donna healthy for hours, resistant to defence, for a while. I never really looked into in the very beginning. I thought it was so self that had all these, and I ought to do something about it from chemicals that I don't want to do that. It just sounded like that, but when I finally looked into it and found out, there was just eucalyptus eucalyptus oil and oil at in high amounts like way
three times the amount that you finally bring that everywhere the brain on the road with me? I don't, I don't go to a hotel room was, I am, and I use the defence so as re day every day me too, and I once I found I was all natural- can also another. Only shampoo anymore, I taught my head to everyone. I use it is shameful. You crazy it keeps dandruff awakens dandruff is a form of. Is similar to ring- were told they make sense, both healthy skin floor is something that people don't you think about. But you know I mean that's what killed a lot motherfuckers back in the day when people got scratched and they know they get some some sort of infection and in our day they the peace, dive, infections, all the time that's like one of the biggest debts with biggest scary, things were going to hospital. Today is infections. You know you can do a little bit to prevent that stuff by healthy diet. Eating
A even Saviour of Vienna. Save you eat vegetables. You can still the probiotics in the form of sauerkraut sour, natural raw sauerkraut super good for civilians who chalcidians again rather acid office pills. Well see shouldn't even really have come, Boccia because computers are fungus in a fungus is actually closer to a person than an ant than a plant. Is Funds are actually closer to human beings and plants are funds are actually much more like an animal than they are like a plant. So if Europe peruvian, any written composure. Your kind of arab grab, the sure, I'm sure kind of a hypocritical, shallow but I mean that's probably they actually probably why Edam NASA idea behind. So Simon said, silver, and wants you to eat it. That's why it's big and white and gigantic its it shows up like it Does it sound very easily like cow, patties and shit like that. Like its literally legal
I need you to come and eat it, cause that's how many times with a white man come on how beautiful red ones right a beautiful, thus amity, damask area, but tell us I've been dead. Ones are grown, cow shit. They have you know that big giant ones in the Amazon they grow. This has a dinner plates. What's the difference, they both get you to that other dimension. Emanate miscarry is a very controversial mushroom and for folks who never heard of the M need miscarriages around one read one with the white spot, its literally Santa Claus, ok and break it down really for people who have never heard this. Before I go to my what good look look up joke Google, Joe Rogue in Santa Claus, was mushroom. I wrote a hall article about it like to bath two thousand sexy someplace, I'm talking about the day my website and what about another explain amounts explain to people. The am Anita miscarry mushroom is native to Siberia, to Europe its different mushroom, the mushroom, this suicidal mushroom that you see in tropical climates, and you also, we seen a lot of place, and now the Pacific Northwest has a lot of its dat. That's differ.
Experience in that's a much more accessible experience and it's a much more reliable experience. The amity Scarier oftentimes isn't even psychoactive like they don't know what did psychoactive, and what doesn't there's also speculation that it could be genetically variable. It could be Cecily Variable it could. Be strains of it that grew in certain areas. They were super potent, but then exist anymore or you have to find I've never had a good amity. Courage. I only had one to speak of that was that really blew it, but we took on, we took sellers I've to which a damning, if you like an hour, I wasn't doing shares that us now, and I was Mean Stanhope me, stand, hope, Vandam, Yon, Irvine, how many grams, He made this weird soup. He made like a tea
the other emanated scary, Alex. You knows how to do all that shit. He's yawned is pretty well versed in how to prepare these things, those amount and about the specific amount that turns Mckenna. Five. Five great yeah five will that's does that still aside- and this is the eminently scary like us- and so we took that and then an hour or so in, we decided that jump it with suicide them and they will be jumped with Silver Simon wow did that, two of them together, it was pretty fuckin intense and it was the day of the war. So was really really really weird, and we had this motto: the Cocoa T, it's its cocaine t it's too that derive from coca leaves like natural Congolese, is more sure that your legal, I don't know believe. So, say no, but it should be because the the actual leaves themselves in these indigenous high altitude hurting populations they just chew on the cheap
all day and it's like tobacco to them more like anything else, people normally have liked you to and commerce on like that, lives like it's a clean stimulant. It's when you break it turning to cocaine that it becomes a real fuckin, panty ass comes addictive and the people get weeded out. But they say it's actually better for you than coffee. If you just to the leaves found out within the last year. I saw a documentary on were ecstasy comes from a country that the ingredient m dna right here it comes from these trees in Thailand and Cambodia. So the rue de la chopping down these trees to get like them the core of it and that's what made
ecstasy how crazy I've got stuck a pure lab created thing. I did too. I think those are vice documentary on another fuckin vice one. Those vice guys are on top of everything. Maybe that's the one I saw probably is there, but it was fascinating crazy. It all comes from Cambodia in Thailand and there's a lot of violence associated with words. Trees are now because people are killing people to try to get these trees crazy. I wonder what how that would be like taken. It naturally like right from the I now right occurs is just the trees. That's a movie group, a guy to go find the tree. That's Rihanna checks that all the tricks die of within the first. Forty five minutes survives only one at the end, ecstasy. Funny. One man is a really funny. It's a really interesting one, because it's it's not of his like a party drugs and it certainly is but
learn a lot on ecstasy man. I've only done at once, but I learned a lot. I had a very beneficial tripped. I paid the price with my my my mental health for the. Couple days afterwards, I was wrecked. My brain was not working well to come down this terrible for me and was frozen your prowess, not if you take five HTTP suppose, If you are you down five HTTP new mood, that's right! That's why they should be as well with mood, has now seems like a specifically creative or the parties will use to be roll on roll on roll off member de member.
Joking around Roy Series, I remember no matter, remember role when offering created it without the original thing was obviously a party and he created it took to cater for the come down of ecstasy, because five hd potential new mood became, I sort of it became it. It was enhanced and now new mood as much different shit, like L trip defend what converts to five each dp, so it has a time release a fatter yeah. Well, it's better in that there is more than one mechanism for converting five hd Peter Serotonin L tripped fan converts to five hd fee, which too What's a serotonin, it gives you the building blocks to replenish the Sheraton. Surprise after you do something like that, but so gives you that extra Sarah torn throughout the day would which picture mood up so much so man that they say four people were taken as our eyes or antidepressants. They tell them not to take five http because Brennan. You know NEO Brennan, the dune met from the mansion was on five http, but it was also taken in anti the dark.
Tom the lay after five hd pigs. It would give him too much. Serotonin hung ads for rail, settling for real? Have you tried to you that you well, I will say this depression. Child was just in town last month, after the note Pesh mode concert, I did take some new mood took about four of them. I sewage I shall we say without saying I M talking about new movies, alpha brain before the depression of cancer, and you wouldn't smart enough to now. Go you! Oh! No. I know about this. A staple centre, three nights in a row come on out a hit single is ten year. I am joking, fabulous, led status or friend of ours. I think your friends of them, our friends of them. He used work at the comedy store. I was murdered last night. Ok Why are you still work there, the car restoring recently moved to Laws LAS Vegas.
In what happened is this gunmen came in to night club? I believe it's palms and shot to two guys. He was just a supposedly a guy that was at this club any try to tackle the guy, because you, the guy, was pointing his gun do like innocent people. She was like doing here a thing and then he got shot. You remember remember is one of the natives and that's how you stating Katy no know his name is case names, a d Kay, the Mercator. We talked about Katy yesterday in the pockets of Larry. She was and makes a k DE wasn't one actually my when my first friends in LOS Angeles Fervid, maybe that's terrible man, There is another school shooting the other day to you hear about that request when get to the school shooting back to the mushroom. Thank you I'm reading all, yet we didn't even describe the different some I'm reading a baby book. Mrs this back the mushrooms and I will
I've never read so many goddamn books in my life over the last six months. My kid that's his favorite shit is to have he goes grabs a book we have thousand bucks, he grabbed his favorite Wanna sit. I might add that I read it, he loves and other. He knows that the last pages and flip over started oversight started over and there's just one book upon Nicholas the Bunny anything. About how in the fall I like to watch, leaves in the in the winter. I find you Walter from the rain under a toad stool and it, and it's a mushroom I never heard mushrooms called toads. Why rose and then, on the other side, is a mushroom with a toad actually sitting on top of the mushroom right and called toadstools forever, but they also, if you look up any old school Christmas shit, all old school Christmas cards aiming with elms, they all have mushrooms and beyond. That mushrooms emanated miscarry mushroom, don't isn't there
Isn't there method if your liquor frogs ass, you get high. Now it's not a method, all its real, some frogs I'll come frogs, it's different dog and what they have his five Emmi odium tee in what I'm saying is I open up this baby book? There's a little bunny Nicholas the Bunny hiding under toadstool, and then they show of a must room and Prague on top of that sitting down on it? So maybe that's. Why You liquor frogs ass. You get high because actually sit on my own. I know maybe they're using rejects it literally. Don't extracts. Listen! You don't look of frogs ass. I dont like a frog to get high the whig. This that's doesn't work Grecian. Yet this is what it is. This Grecian from certain types of frogs skin. Can you have to rub it on glass. So you take this frog and you among glass excrete their substance on the grass. Then you take that put in the sun it drives out. Then you take a razor blade and you scrape it off the glass and it's a white powder. You smoke that white powder and its five
I thought die. Metal tripped now is that secretion coming from the rectum Don coming from their skin? Ok, It's a whole thing of linking a frog. Is one of those urban met, some justice, just we're than in a baby book. Kills you hear about the massive licking rocks ass in their sitting on, maybe because you know you you, some people put ecstasy pills in their ass for better absorption of your heart of that right now, so maybe the fraud is trying to get high. Maybe they figure out how to get high by sitting on a mushroom. It goes up there ass and they get and then use liquor. Frogs asking you that's all I'm saying is in a baby, but it is the name of the frog. It's called the booth, o o re us and you can give our by linking it. If I remember correctly at super concentrating super dangerous, though, to do it to get to liquidate lick it because its review remembered it
I bought the I bought the yet we gotta Google shivered provided in Iraq to do this. The books called I am. I bought a before our very eyes com. It's called the Colorado River toad Orson, nor in desert turn it contains five Emmy Eau de Empty, an issue for ten in blue photon before tonight you f, o t and I am there's a website that sell sold these frogs, and so I bought one head of her like a mouth and eyes like Download. It was it alive area, so you never lived in an ever higher authority and whenever I did Willis, I think it's a myth. If you D had a warning, you, Likud, vat or knows he's scared. Can you can you, Google? licking frogs right now. Just the tug million has concentrated on the surface of its skin and that's why licking his dangerous smoking is a different story, however yeah. So it's too powerful. If you powerful loud,
concentrated whom the toxic ingredient toads venomous called before tonight, which is burned while smoking? That's why it's dangerous, because the two things are in it. If you burned off what's laughter, five Emmy idea empty, so you don't want to like it, because if you look at it gives you, but protein, but vote. In gets burned off. I smoke. That's why it's dangerous illusion them, so Is it really say anything about how so listen this is. It was weird, it's this frog, their native to the Colorado River or Southern Arizona, California, and Northern New Mexico. Even though five Amy DOT M empty is classified as an unscheduled substance, which means its legal to possess, but the view also contains before to which is scheduled so you all you do. You can, in possession of an illegal substance. Even it's not a psychedelic. The weird thing
Five m yo is its stronger than an Andy empty and end DM tee is the one that gives you the crazy visuals but the stuff tat we for the first time. That's five anyhow is even stronger than an end and its legal one we're out scream India. They missed out one in this, the sweeping psychedelic drug act of nineteen. Seventy, they missed five m o d emptying. This is what I have got a Colorado river yeah. That's the mother, Fucker good thing in Likud does cause you the Google that always use Google back then I think it is right that it was right before I moved here goes anybody listening, please dont. Let the toad cause you can die, don't don't like poisonous DORA dark frogs yeah. But if you take that stuff, you smoke it. It's Dm T, your trip, your flock and balls off. If you smoke the shit that comes from that toad skin, which is really are you crazy difference between that and sell assignment is very similar decisions. I've been also always in domestic trip to me. It's got that
and something else this is a civil servant is like for OX forelocks Lee and in time, Ethel trip to me to the last part of it is dime Ethel trip to me, then five Emmy, o dime of the trip to me, which is what these frogs have, is Dimas a trip to me. With like an oxygen mile molecule attached to it. So it has a different impact But all that shit, that's like prevalent in children's books and folk lore like ours. Because when you see like everyone, that guy's name is toad and he has a mushroom head yeah and he has the head of a mushroom. That's what I'm telling you! I! I think that the people there are making books for kids You ve got a kind of that have had a mushroom triptych, really want to help kids. You know it's kind of like that. I don't know, there's a lot of mushrooms. I want you to change, they don't have to trip I'm I don't know, but I swear to God. I watch a lot of educational tv for children and they bring our mushrooms alot. What is
it's a mushroom and a red mushroom, and that's. Why are so many other things you could have brought up? You're talking about mushrooms are trying to teach mushrooms, come up a lot and children's books and in their tv I don't wanna made for Mario Brothers, will look at what you will think about Lewis Carroll. And think about a thousand wonderland those Albert acid rain ladders, billboards everywhere all over Ella there's a new show called wonderland or something and is a guy in a girl. There look at each other's eyes. In the background. All these mushrooms read her red, topped like those many to Madeira, those mushrooms are what they believe to be Santa Claus, because it will even looks like Santa Claus. Those mushrooms also this work. It's really crazy. We haven't heard the whole speech before they arm there. There, They have a symbiotic relationship with carnivorous trees like pine trees. They grow under pine trees. They have a Michael rise, a relationship with the soil like that trees, that's where those things always grow. They feed off with each other, so this fuckin thing is always underneath these trees, just like brightly coloured gifts that
always underneath Christmas trees, wire Christmas trees, always pine trees. Why, Christmas trees. Have these ornaments hang you now, because we take these mushrooms are used to pull them out of the bottom of these trees and then hang them in the tree to dry them out. The other they drove drive them out was they would hang in front of fireplaces. That's why socks or white and red Christmas talks are white men who does as white and red Sox. Nobody. Why would you hang your socks and further the fireplace like that, because that's how they dried out mushrooms, these tiny strings and dangling from fire in that's only drive them out. That's idly preserve them. Everything about it has to do with shamans and everything about it has a connection to this mushroom. And that mushroom was like synonymous. The eminent Miscarry mushrooms synonymous with reindeers, because reindeer love, those fucking reindeer caribou Caribou live in Siberia, that's what They live up there and these mother because when you're in illegal shamans hut and they're all
gaining nominated mascara mushrooms and having these tribal ceremonies, they would go outside to piss and though the cow, but would literally knocked him over to get to their piss because their peers had we need a miscarriage smell to it. Two Morrison did it on vice, courted it, it has done. Everything began his on the show you puke alight. This is the ominous. Oh yeah, there's part one two and three: he's done on the rise. There's another I'm afraid if he shows a scar, does a different thing. There's another type of frog we take. The venom of the FAO. And you are you cut yourself? You wanna take this toads venom and you put it like directly into your skin. And somehow another by doing that? By doing it, I think they burn themselves like a bird themselves like with ash like a number they put the frog like, so it opens up the pores and they put, the form eggs venom right into them, they have this transcendent transience. Transcendent experience is that we have to Mars
my stomach is an excruciating pay. Such a free exchange- I love this guy on a frog. Yes, they burn you and then they stick this shit in on you and you trip your balls off Go meet with a Spirit world, but you know people throughout history have come? with a bunch of different methods transcend normal rear, but a normal consciousness and indifferent what's the world when they were stuck in some area. That didn of mushrooms, they figured out what Laura. Does they figured out what you know? What is this? What is this cactus? Do you lied about far? What is this book what's in this bush. People been finding that stuff forever scholars in Jerusalem think that that was what Moses was seeing when he went to the door in bushy sort of burning Bush that was God given the ten commandments. They believe that was the empty, because the bushes, they they have the acacia Bush very rare.
India empty. It's all over that area. Bush burning the empty lightly de on fire get high. It's so obvious. The crazy, since I had with mushrooms, is back in two thousand eight five grams, specifically five waited put it in a peanut butter and jelly and winter, to those of I join you, it was. It was a bad decision. I gotta be with animals and to be all about love we get. I went with the czech and why we were check out the guerrillas is when it hit. And all we wanted to do is just sit in the shade. Not look at the animals close her eyes and the visuals are just amazing what people say. Oh that's in your head. You made that up there's no way if I made that up, it would be fragmented in all fucked up, there's no way as soon as I closed my eyes, there's a show waiting for me in its theirs. In opinion. There's no way I may under witnesses, and it was
If I was one of the shovel would not look like that, I don't have the ability, but what s the actual, what they believe is that what you're doing is year, ear, hijacking your visual cortex and so that These chemicals impact your visual cortex increase. This incredible display, because you break He does not know how to process. What's coming in. That's the idea by Does it doesn't work, but is it doesnt matter, because, whether your creating whether its real or not real, it still the same experience? it's real are not real, whether what is real when it breaks down to your actually saying that they are so whether or not that's your imaginations, creating it. That's all people to dismiss things I was just in your imagination, it's not, and it doesn't matter even if it is because it still the same thing. It still this insane crazy thing that you're looking so even if it is your imagination, it still while this fuckin thing you're going to see life so hard to explain that the only way I can explain it is like
cycles. Visualize yours on your Itunes times a thousand yeah, it's per. It's not broken up to me in my opinion, Something else is creating an outer, no one. It is, but there's something his creed, neck there's no way. I can create this amazing art and its perfected. Fifthly, symmetric and sex, snakes of just crane. So after, like five minutes, if you sit there at the zoo, we thought we had. I got fear and loathing and laws. This moment where we just have to get out and had we ran to the parking lot and from the Abu ALA. Zoom would look at the mountains and what are you looking at the mouth of the mountain I instantly understood what all the assets tech art was all about. How MIKE
That's what they're saying and I go you look at the matter. Mountains were dancing you're, the guy who gave it to me those do the clouds dance for that. That was a metaphor. I'd know who actually meant that in any time you focus on some for one. Second, you look at the cloud based our dancing for you all perfectly besides, it's weird feeling, because it feels like sums there. The time you just can't see it. That's what it feels Whenever I been on mushrooms like when I was what about the young, the one word Dugan. I took the eminent miscarried and the suicide and the feeling I got into didn't last very long because it was so many things go interim or head and it was the day of the Iraq WAR the day the war started so as a pre freaky moment, I saw this honeycomb pattern in front of me like we're everything I saw like the pattern of the universe and it like occurred to me all this is here all the time I just see it and that's what feels like when you see those things dazzling absolutely is incredible. It was so hearted there was the craziest drive home ruse exact when I first
fear and loathing in LAS Vegas. I thought man. This is so unrealistic. It doesn't you don't see shit like that when you get high, I been had plenty of times you don't. I understood it. Cuz the drive home, No, it was, I should have been dead. There's no way should have made it I'd, of those cars next to me. The right here, though it it felt like I was driving through a jungle. It was grammar you, you call me said: dude the turned into flower paddle, yes, yes, like I was being guided by, I was in a jungle and those flowers and in green MOSS and I'm driving through it, and I could see the cars like in the distance, but just in my little q my little circle I was in the in the four that, surely dad I don't remember. You're gonna experiment with psychedelic stay home I'll stay Hollywood because we are not in the great part of it, is being in a dark room and closing their eyes and check out the light show in your head. That's of its If you pass out or anything like this millennium too,
your pass out and it's kind of like here in a dream state but with mushrooms ear, completely conscience you're talking, but as soon as you close your eyes, it isn't like it takes. Ten fifteen twenty seconds to dissolve into the show that in Did you close your eyes? It's right there waiting for you, it's like right in front of your eyes and its deep five dimensional and it's perfect there's nothing breaking off it. Just it to me. There were some intelligence behind it worth it It feels like to some intelligence behind it, but the thing that's always struck me as weird. Is it always feel like it there all the time like whenever I do DM two one of the weirdest things and happens is feel like I've been here before. Even before ever did it the first time I ever did it. I was like I've been here before I know this place like I know this place. You know I know what one with mushrooms ass, others since and others who isn't it. You look I've done this.
One of the reasons my most likely is that mushrooms and de empty other these all these things like mimic, human Neuro chemistry. So what the real wonder is what's happening to you, a sleeping, what's happening you for that, six to eight hours. Whatever it is, we you're out cold. They don't really know, but they do now. That the human mind mimics the reactions to demand a trip to me. Not only does it produced another trip to me, but it produces similar reactions like dreams. When you're done with a dream, it's hard to remember it. You know You know that, as you know, it's we man's like the dream, is so amazing. I said to myself to look a lot and have to write the stout summoned. Remember some Malaysia, Bitch and I want to get up right down much. I'm not gonna. Forget this. I wake up in the morning like the fuck was remembered it all off again m t the same, why you do the empty and the dream? Just whatever was whenever the experience was disappears, like
morning. You can't remember it or when it's over. Rather, you can't remember what about when you dream and you don't remember reality exactly riots. True, you have You don't remember it so much did your uncle could be David city, a fine with that. Could he do. I could totally corps that you're not gonna. Wait. I'm about to see my uncle he's my uncle the Partridge family. We actually had a dream like capacity, random people sharpened my dream and you accept it We don't remember you remember, this dimension as much as you remember your dream state when you're in this dimension so like now what what is it really and when you, when you think about like that, we're all empty space. You know that quantum theory were at the summit. Like levels, it were. Ninety nine, point. Ninety nine per cent empty like this. This is empty. Your this, your bodies empty. How is that possible solid? How is it possible that this is empty? When you look at it at the sabotage?
how is that possible, it so hard a wrap, your brain around, where we we had that admit, Go Swami Guy rake great pot clear. But did you understand a word? You say as some of the live vague did. The result, I wonder if it has like the reason this is solid, wondering August Electro magnetic energy is run. So that's it seems like it must be powering everything like. Where do we get? Our electricity were plugged into the universe somehow and according to fires, we're just loaded with electro magnetic energy and adjust running through everything, so it seems like that's how we might be plugged in an that's. What's giving us the power. Is it's not our muscles there are are doing anything in it. It's the electric pulses that are doing that's we're under from that's which one in your heart. You know your heart, isn't just being there it's connected to this. This, oh,
of electromagnetic energy. That weren't, so if were o electromagnetic energy magnets, might have something to do with one thinking it when you try to put a magnet together like nothing there, but it's solid, like maybe art the subatomic particles that were created. It's maybe it's solid, because it's really just a magnet and in its own unique form like it's really there? It's not! But the way it's is photons, whatever I'm just making, should have put together the weather put together, it's a form a magnet like this. Is this kind of magna it's the skin mag, but it's really not they're just like when you try to accurate but well we're all empty space, I'm trying I, why am I don't get the magnet will when you try to put two magnets together, you can't rise. It's like you, don't see anything there, but you just can't just something solid again. If you flip,
but you know what I'm saying: there's nothing there. Yet it saw that like they're saying something there, but surely no decisions were all running through electromagnetic energy. Now this is just my crazy stone theory. Maybe it has some because people baffled at the top scientists don't even know when the house is empty space. How is this empty space when it solitude Maybe it has something to do with, like particles being magnetized were, who knows but you know that the point just theory see the point: has this matter in a book and the reality the reality of quantum mechanics? This is what we absolutely now is the time costs can be in a state of superposition, which means they're moving and there still at the same time they blink out of existence. They we have noisily times per second and particles from you know here. Could they could be on your side, a planet and they react instantaneously faster than the speed of light split chowder? They done experiments without split up.
Time, whatever they separated by fourteen miles or whatever one expand, was forty miles, indifferent labs and whatever they did to this half of the vote on the other have reacted exact same way. So without allowing yet with no lag, and I do so, just that alone is like that science fiction with those are all they can link in and out of existence. The attic were, I think, there's something way more to this world, then, wherever to be able to wrap our heads around with what would our crude mines and bodies can perceive of the reality that we exist, and I think we have idea that the reality we exist in the measurable reality existence all there is, but I think this probably whole soup of possibilities that were swimming in. We don't know what we're not we're, not interacting with you, don't have the, but we also know it exists. Like that's karma you now, love. That's like that. One
that's momentum, new start having good things go your way. Good things tend to steady, going your way and all sorts of feed into other good things seem Did we like away the universe, would like you to to react and behave and rewards you with like a positive expire. Its reward? You would love and if you pay attention people that are living like a second disaster of alive. The universe is not rewarding them. Every turns blocking them on their cars, breaking down the getting arrested, the girl had summoned ahead with a fuckin fry impairment of sleeping. It's like a constant stream of shit keeps come on their way until eventually they they die or get locked up, and its law the universe is setting down up as well. It's like it's like warning or not rewarding the correct behaviour. The incorrect behaviour life is so perfectly so beautiful and so itched just incredible that as humans, we have the intelligence to make satellites and rock
it's in aeroplanes, but we can't even make a flea becoming if we have no idea that shit yeah- maybe awfully that- can fuck and try another fluoride. How can we can't make a tree near? We can make a tree. We think we got a figure that we think there is no higher intelligence out, there's some kind of something come on. We might just be law. You know just be a law of the universe, or you know, and instead of a law like an equation like positive and love in this, and that it moves towards this direction. Negative and horrible. Evil moves towards that direction. As almost The two need each other to do battle back and forth into power. Power, the other absolutely Esther heck says you know, make sense, you were sheer. Who knows this? through this, just something someone said that its seems pretty often debated,
it seems that were here were existing we're supposed to feel the pain, because if we don't feel the pain, when I can appreciate the good stuff it it's not gonna feel it's good like she uses unexampled your. Meal is always even when you, your Hungary's, and that told me mixed say: you're, never hungry. You all really give a fuck about food. If you worn a billionaire you care about money in care about what it can. It's almost like, we need, we win. Need. The pain was almost like. We're here for the past will certainly bootleg reward systems built in and it seems like if you look like all the animals on this planet, at least there is a struggle. That's going on consular. Nobody lives, easy everybody struggling struggling to find food struggling to keep off predators struggling to keep Europe your young alive and It seems like it set up that way. It seems like it be way easier? If there is total harmony in the animal world, isn't like life and success like what they're looking for when they
just be fucking anything plants? Would that be the best way to go about it, but now seems like the struggles built into the whole code of life now and there is a battle to try to figure out how to do it right where we want the struggle and a lot of things and movies, wouldn't want to go to a movie where nothing, there's no conflict or near that happens. I would be the worst movie among them. The greatest movies are the ones that take you down today. Gaps and you buy it you're in youth. You suspend you disbelief in your down there and then you come up with it and the stories believable. You lose yourself in the movie, but without the conflict, the movie sucks. Do you worry about that? Would your kid like in a certain way. I do with my kids. It's like. I don't want my kids experience a lot of adversity. Just you want to protect our children. But I know that all the people that I know that experience adversity are the most interesting people. You know
all the people that we now think about. Other people do not like looks like Joe ideas. One was interesting guys era. Life was completely crazy. I guess was full total chaos, diversity you had to go through. The adversity I had to go through University Cowan had how to go like all the people that we know that are interesting. They all had kind of fucked up life yeah. What's out about do you think that you could get away with just exposed? your kid to difficult things like jujitsu I got. Was named martial arts, and maybe they can develop their character way, without having to go through the horrible ups and downs of of Jujitsu. Oh, it's her guarantees, great sense of humour and the ability to make other people laugh, but the one thing in my experience. I know that Jujitsu does for children absolutely and it's it's has a lot to do with you. What you always talk about it when a kid
doesn't have more shortened jujitsu, specifically because of the tapping and getting tapped out. What that shows you that automatically in Jujitsu. You know where you stand. You know Where you stand, you know that you're, a bout you're, probably not gonna, be purple. What's that much! But when you do you get your purple about and your problem you're, not gonna beat browbeaten blackboards that much in the beginning, but when you start doing, then you get your browser and so wanting a blackboard. So when it, it comes into Jujitsu. Four years old, five years old. He knows it he's not in it. Rarely gonna be the seven year old and when he seventies rarely gonna be the tenuous show that teaches if they dont go through that There is a possibility. Not always there's plenty of great kids had never done digital, but what I've seen what you kids it almost guy and tease did they be delusional and become a douche bag. Kid because if you don't, if you're not checked that way the tap like, reminding you that this guy
fifteen years old you better respect that fifteen year old and in the ends up happening is when you become fifteen you you know what it it was like going through the early stages of jujitsu. So you I see There are ten and eleven a great with the five year olds in great with the six year old it takes you are, that delusion every state and let you know that you better respect your elders and will, as you get older, you better respected, it's too, because they're gonna get older too. So what you did to really does is people put it instills D. Point in you like a most people, think more towards doesn't karate intact. In that definitely works ducas. It does promote discipline, but jujitsu does it. I think better. Because of the tapping Kids- and I know there are good and you get to the average a tremendous relationship with their father, it brings entire user. The travelling all over the world like I do, Ali all these seminars. Oh it
how many times have met kids is stooges, who finances or eight nine years old and their dad's Brigham, Digital and best friends Avery down in an he used to be. Bring till now is in alma, he sixteen Mohammed, his dad are best friends and when I, when I run into them, You give me advice, you know what else did you do cause they're? Just you see it over and over again. So for those of you with kids out there. Maybe you're having trouble with the kids try to talk amended, you did to you know it. It might be hard, but I think that If you haven't trouble, you kids or you want ensure beautiful relationship, a tight relationship, a trusting relationship- and you know really chip were the kid you kid what's that out with his pardon and you You just do you do with your kid that That's just a little sutton that I've learned little insight. You can take that route for what it is,
I'm just drugs, good advice, anything good! Kid can do this difficult good for their personality development, one of the real problems of kids. Today's cause everything's handed to you, you dont, develop care because you don't ever face adversity. Food comes from a supermarket and go to a store and get whatever you fucking need. You know it's it's not hard it's it's it's easy to live life and so we are not tested, especially as a young person like a bully, incontinent security and people sailor. What's the best way to stop Boeing, I always say the best way to start boys teach kids had a fight if you have like mandatory jujitsu classes. If you had me Tori martial arts classes in school. You would have a whole lot less bullion, because first all that they wouldn't be inclined to do it and second, while it wouldn't work like if a guy is talented and skilled and he's a hundred fifty five pounds and there's an asshole two hundred eighty pounds. It's fucked with them. These are going to back down they're going to figure out a way around it, the kids gonna be able to figure out a way like listen. You know. If you want to fuck and fight you gonna be an asshole pick on me. I have to can defend myself than all defend myself, but its knowledge
Be terrified, not know what the fuck do? It's gonna be complete the different scenarios and I think at one of the reasons why people do in the first place is trying to they're trying to prove did they aren't scare themselves the reason why people are bullies? What to have that instinct? Is there in secure they try to be dominant. Without you know, putting in the work but put in the work. If you do you do too, if you were a Marshall, aren't you actually developed proficiency. You don't have that. Need you have me. To dominate people. You have to know you get it all out you get it all on the jam on my boys were rests in the wrestling too said. I kind of like now made wrestlings different thrusting system and probably just sick of you now we're here, but you did your boys growing up now, really I mean I was bullied before start doing. Martial arts, but from Might fourteen are not really exist. I think about it. My bullies were ass, guys and sports, like football team wrestling, mostly rising wrestlers with bullies. In what way, how are you bullied? Interlaken
pushed her at all like the playground and said like bad language year, each Hungary, my longing about middle school, elementary, a middle school trip. You yeah trip you when you're walking decked with aspect with but didn't make an ice, go one! It's a douche bag movement. The bird boy. It's one of worse things, a person can do it, It's a weird natural human weakness. Weakness instinct like shut the fuck, shit. We're missing is my parents were divorced and our poor, I think, was that big why they picked army. Pick on you, because your poor yeah, because I lived in Worthington, which is higher in place in Columbus, but I was living on that. One part that was all apartments that was it shouldn't have been in there. You know, but somehow I was in wording and when I knew I was poured and my parents are divorced back then back then divorce wasn't as crazy as it is now. Where are you now? Have you
hours unusually handle that more unusual area is now weird there. We were younger people than bought again divorced or they didn't happen nearly as much not in my neighborhood, everybody got divorced all my friends, I didn't have fathers all of them, except one a normal galvin he's the only one out of maybe fifteen We had got up everywhere. Every father left usually a really poor neighbours, our mexican Mexicans, believing they get drunk and go back to max cause. I thought that is now weird man, people Don T take the other kids as a father. Now does not for you yeah man. That's I can imagine, makes me my father. Had nineteen kids from eight different check night, is he still alive. I don't know What kind of crazy held Zack I live and when he closed his eyes and one of the last that last time I saw him, I was twenty seven and he, my
my on my mom side, my mom's mother and father. They stay together to the very end. They were married. Fifty plus years had ten kids and my dad told me first, he told me: at fourteen I format. Fourteen there I saw him at twenty seven at fourteen try to shove advised on my phone so make sure you Mary, when you marry, your wife she's at least fifteen years younger than you. He told me that I remember that any also said and my wife is fifteen years younger than I was in strategic, but it just happen that way The other thing you told me fourteen was be Stu kids because they grow up really fast and turn into adults. So he was trying to give me the right advice. Twenty seven unseen him forever thought he was dead. He shows up one day and am I get my grandpa such was do what use is old eyes. I do what your grandfather did. That's the way have kids every Christmas in Thanksgiving. Has all his family knowledge, grandkids, that's,
why'd you do it over out. Do it that way? That's what he said. He was a massive players, bang in everything and just getting everybody pregnant That's so sad, life man- and I asked him What made you want to by this time I was like he had been around and I just I heard he shut to my grandpa S house, he had been friends with my grandfather. While he was messing with my mom in him and my grandfather got along and my aunt conscious tat killed here now, your dad. MOSS and I'm an I'm in Hollywood I drove down Orange County and the whole drive down. Oh my undressed, I'm not gonna, give me a hard time and cinnamon thirteen years at the moment. Our time, I'm just gonna start over it. I get another chance. My father drawing a long drive our dry and show up my grandma S house and I'm happy got us my like tat. I thought he was dead. I'd have dreams of him dying and his is. This really is right here at the school at either we went to black Angus intestine. My mom, when we're all sitting there had like
we get a second chance. Meanwhile, I am happy to see my father and I rarely You know my mama to see me more than I actually drive down and fear, but now I want to start another relation, my vote, so that ass, my father and I point I didn't know about his nineteen kids are disappointed by the five kids from you. I knew he was married. Had five kids and you see my mom and on the side I knew that my mama's inside that's what I'd do at this point I said: why did you come by this time? Look out, I'm curious! It expecting them to say it's been so long. Wanted to see what happened in a what would become of you and he said, Ah, yes, I was passing through Orange county in and I wanted to see if your grandfather was still cool with me. I didn't know he was mad at me or anything. And I just I just kept the smile on and bright there right. There looked at my mom and I might talk this dude fuck this I must to spend time with my mom fuck that dude and just kept a smile on
right there may that is it I'll, never see the sky ever again and I never did but By so doing that dinner. He did say one of the two of US kids living allay the ones from that family that they want to have dinner with me. They want to meet you, so I did end up meeting with them. Never saw him again, they're the ones who told me they sat me down at the old spaghetti factory in Hollywood, rouse twenty seven and they go. Do you have any idea? How many kids your father has? I said five plus me the guy his nineteen kids. I feel how you happen. Has he got? Not only did did they how about it? She told him family about every kid and every girl missing it. He was trying to drive his wife and Saint get a divorce. She wouldn't divorced him. She was hard CORE Catholic, so she wouldn't divorce. He wanted a divorce. He wanted it to marry. My mom, that's what he says, but she wouldn't give my divorce, so he would tell her they knew all about me, he does
would come home and is a mighty US pregnant now almighty. I had the baby, we're we named it s got He would come under his wife to his wife and kids and say Maria had had Digest scupper We just had our cannot be gone for the weekend. I spend time with my son so actually spent on my mark. My my dad had my mom in Nepal. Men promising that he would leave. Has my mom thought he was going to leave us has what is perhaps for her. She was in love. You never did, but he had apartment in downtown away, and then three years. Apparently I lived with them for three years. My mom said enough enough. She went back towards kind of back to her parents house and now is the UN that weird Isn't it the idea that someone could you do that when you have kids now in use in? I know you you know me you get on.
We're talking about you leave your house known. You gonna, wait the weekend you miss him, assumes you get your car yeah. The driving. This guy could just abandon this kid and then see you and not even have like a connection with your bill. I got want to see if your grandfather's Madame me and then what talk to them when I had that when they told me about the nineteen kid they start it makes sense- and I know under heating, give a fuck about me. Now I understand the kind nineteen kids. How can you? was. There was ever a dick to me when you would see me once a year. He crews, by day hug you. Maybe it looked not. I found out that he never said. I love you had some pray. You never told me this kids, I love you never said I love you, so he adds and really wrong with them- show them. Became clear like this guy has no love and that's why he just keeps having kids with what whoever he doesn't really care. He was never addictive me. He just didn't really like care that much about it's kind of weird, because that sort of like, if you look nature. If you look at the programming of the human animal than that's like the programming
the programming is spread. You see it as much as possible. The programming is to have as many babies as you can the programme is not for the mail to take care of them. Now? really strange, The programme is to keep going to keep his prey. That seed and that's one the reasons why they say that, like the hence city of interaction like it goes away within a few months, of meaning someone like the intensity. When you first meet them that intensity of attraction for a man goes away with a good within the first five or six months, because usually by then the woman's ready pregnant in nature you- ve been Bang inner. You know every day for several months, one the days she's been obviating shot one in there and ensure this intense bond, you know initially to make sure that you continue to having sex as much as possible to increase your odds of getting pregnant and then all the This weird thing kicks in what you wanna go. Sometimes I kick them as soon as you not close, not centre on baby yeah, but it's it's a
you're doing that the nature, is literally set up that way, and so in order to conform to Let's society expects from person you too fight against your genetics. Literally fight your instinct, your instinct, to fuck other or the instinct to shoot loads into them and get them pregnant. Weird, remember remember that when we worked on a man show that sketch I wrote for personal syndrome. It was a pill that you could take the die or you can. You can have said the girl and I get personal syndrome. If you take a thirty minutes before tax at all, remember that obviously never never green lighted, but just from
to me ever since I was a pill right as a real thing, with men now possesses drama series. Sits there feeling that you how right after you coming like all my gonna get out of here. I got that and if you don't have that, that's when you know I gay, I think has grown somebody. I she's cool. I think I found a real relationship like hey: let's go get something to eat, no legal watch tv owners will soon spoon and what is worse after I come, I just want a spirited snuggling with every check the whig recent do to get it here, half retarded while different. You know those girls. If you have sex with in there, really DOM Indigo, my god. Why did I do this? I just want to jump when he's smart. Is them so its prey or have they emerged perfectly? They talk about shoes, I sit there. They talk about girls, don't really get personal syndrome unless they're married or something- and you know, then they feel guilty, but if they're not married, if they have sex it through the data, they fall more another theme or that especially Ireland. The depends entirely on what their experience with general right more little guys get personal syndrome way more than girls source of the guys that we know too, we know bunch savages
compare like we went and accountants meeting. So hey guess we'll have to come out in our people. Some people manage to talking about sex. It's a weird thing. When did you start talking like you, and I have done this before we knew in is, but we ve had eggs conversations around square deeds and he wants them panic absolutely panic, now they don't know what to say how often you fucking life be serious and sometimes a tie. You fuck my lively three times a week, no more than that, like anyone, fog everyday by Fucker Alot. And some guys you just got what they do They just close up twice it I can't, or they will see. I can't do. That is not something I discuss. You dont discuss, Anthony Bang, your wife with another man. Why wouldn't you discuss that? Do not love your wife! If you love, Why have you have sex you so that off the books? You can't talk about it. What I am not and not ask you like specific details. You know it's crazy about my wife. Before the kid. You know what you want
when I was a girl for a year two years you. Come out from Jujitsu my classes kind of late times are broken. Went to war for our with guys promoted. I'm trying to tap me. I come I'm a during approaching Shea I'm going on the internet load that I'm just going to collapse and die generally after Jujitsu. So you know for a while their psyche I have sex tomorrow, you just keep putting it off and you don't have sex as much and then You had a kid now. You only have sex from that babies. Asleep, right so now, I really can have it that much so I on it, we more than ever Jean dont, releasing with a voice in the microphone anyway. More than now, I would like to add one thing I learned in my old age. The one thing I work is I've dated girls that didn't some girls didn't want
acts as much as I did, and now what kind of personnel from twenty three and like mad this is bullshit. I should I should get whenever I wanted you're my girlfriend, why you are you're tired, like it would I get pissed off and, unlike man, I want a girl that wants to buck anytime. I want you know so, but then you have girls and I've had most girls were wanted it more than I did. I was always the tired one They always want to mourn. I get to the point where it it's kind of bothersome. On my dance. She wanted way too much, but now, looking back at all that, and that now, looking back at that now, I would rather well it all the time and rarely get it. Then always get it and rarely wanna basket That's definitely better as long as you are still getting. Yes, do you see this date chosen vandals silver hosts, tough Brazil, the to fight of reserve, jail. Sun and he's gonna go to Fuckin Brazil crazy, asshole,
all this shit that he talked on Brazilians and vandalism and shale has been like puttin like these rhymes up on his honest twitter account z, enemy in English or Brazil you're gonna, be both it's gonna, be! Americans fighting against Brazilians. Sixteen Americans will go to war finally guys and then sixteen Brazilians will go towards finding guys. I might be the greatest those two teams. They may have salon extracurricular violence. You know gotta, be careful of your your coaches chosen and they said a lot, a nasty shit, Israel, on a nasty shit about Brazilians beams, just talking rash zone, is doing enough. Asked him honestly off the record say their great fighters. It's it's an honor and all that has, but he talks so much mad shit and vandalism want to kill him. Mandolin who's gonna be raising. Man, that's gonna, be crazy ones. Vandals healthy! I don't want to name any names or any seasons are anything, but a parent
there's been some stuff on the open fire that happened behind the scenes so violent that they didn't want to air. It really be heard about that. Like fights yeah, I pay, there have been fights that they just completely out reeling yeah. I believe it yeah, I believe, due to get crazy, they have more still living in houses together like bay. The can season the girls and guys living together, girl fighters- and it is a great season this year season is ass. At house- must smell so bad that protein. Far cleaner, shared yeah, dirty cap, it defiling Daphne programme. Are you watching the season gas good, doo, Doo, doo doo Rama between those two checks, man, jasmine renew and will as a girl, she thought recap: ten percent them without our new, I'm not sure, but she can help yeah yeah yeah I'd like to know the girls names and the jasmine do talk about heart. She was
get hit hard and she kept coming back, throw a throwing down and she's. She's, actually more of chick than she is a striker and man talk about heart, she's out and allay now training with Rondeau rouses came. Do you gotta come down to the one in December, the Yossi in December December, twenty eight, which will come to Vegas you gotta come over there, That's the one word round is gonna fight. Me should take oh shit here, you gotta, be there it's also Chris Wyman Anderson, silver dose? Oh damn a you got you gonna be there that ok when he should take fights, run arousing when they actually step into the octagon. Oh, my goodness let's get the Mai. There might be the most insane evening ever more net also or that the eighteen, thirty let's find out who's Barnett fighting tax is fighting Travis Brown, oh shit, Sun could fight. Forget is one thing to do,
Thus France, not kicks, are coming back stronger than their own on those yeah. It's crazy isn't a weird that that don't technique I'll even existed. Do you remember us going over in your garage and put her on amassed in system yeah? I remember asking about uncle. Why haven't we see the front snap kick so much hard land January, I half hearted generate power. He were thrown a couple like when you were thrown MIKE looks like it would hurt if it landed and boom right after that Anderson Dry. Qatar with it or no Edison, dropped veto, arriv, tortilla and then Machu to drop the tour and now everyone's throwing those nap kicks yeah. That's it cream goes down with them. That's a big technique. Now, ok, let's see vanishes fight Card Anderson, silver, white men too, Oh, my god is an amazing card. Hush round arouse you meet me should take Travis Brown, Josh Barnett, OSHA ice intact. T bow verses. Michael Johnson, Chris Leben verses awry a hall, oh shit, Willet Creek,
recently, even verses arise. How is that possible shit? Chris Leben is one eighty five While you re aha, that was taking your I've ever you by how the winter I ultimate finally Dennis Seaver verses man again bulgarian, oh, my goodness, I heard this chair and hence on it oh see our by deserve, but how'd he sat by her desire versus Doomsday Howard Holy Shit, dust in point eight versus day, o Brien, DOW online line, discards insane twenty eight Jim Miller versus for breaching commerce my god, like goddesses cards insane. I think We took our minds is that guy that hit that bad ass trying often amount maybe not now yeah, Sergio something different times. I didn't get different guy either way. What
parking card water card. This weekend, I'm goin to I'm headed to England, gonna Manchester you have seen yeah bombed going. I was going to do that blood treatment thing in Germany, but I'm an hour I do in Santa Monica they do at Santa Monica was the blood treatment so stem cell thing. The guys do for their discs was being credible for its a bit The one thing that kept me out of I've been like we're. Talkin bout been injuries and you look forty getting back to judge. I've been stitched up, for that to me The reason I went back to judge it to my nose. Fixed, went back to new Jujitsu and ever he's fine, but this was a scary. When start getting numb hands, and then we knew quite a few people have had like real serious issues with their backs where they have atrophy their arms and emboss written as one arm? That's like literally
half the size of as other arm scary. So am I wasn't down with any surgeries man? I wanted to make sure that I did all the right things as far as region militate and I got a lot stronger. I came back that one day and roll pretty fucking hard and didn't have any problems, but it was real stiff and I'm the next day I'm stiff and sore. But I'm like The least I could raw nor can role, but I think I can make this thing better. You haven't role towards, or back emerald since most been doing just my tie and a lot of weight, lifting which doesn't bother It doesn't bother me with kettlebells and it doesn't bother me with some with my time just getting my neck cracked. In the day I came back to you to the gem too. Was Hall ARM Triangles It was a member early that was armed triangle, transitions and gaieties, which is much avian love arm triangles. But God Damn is a lot of shit go neck. So you feelin right now today feel fine stiff, my back stiff but does not live to wages, pretty hard man. I hope that that works out for you
we too, you gotta. Do a two men, try, that's my back showing great, but I would getting out of that. It's a hundred percent right, but doesn't stop me from Rollin, doesn't down from training. I just got a really focus. Keeping my hamstring nice strutting never stretched my hamstringing ever that was that's. The downfall of lower of lower is ten in tight hamstring. So that's a new thing mine were every morning and waken up stretching my hamstring for class after class. Sometimes you know I have time, but I just a more committed. Urging my hammerings more than than anything business structure. This is what the stuff that's important, but this is what the stuff it's called its the way that the term is called red, Jen, O Keen, r e and o k I and ii or so keen its is the actual medical procedure and you take they take it blood extracted the manipulated somehow than real
reduce it to the body as an anti inflammatory drug to reduce chronic pain. In arthritis. The process involves two ounces of blood, drawn, your gnats incubated intubated. In a slightly raised temperature liquids, place in a centrifuge until its constituent parts separated the middle yellowish layer is dance with agents that are believed to stop, are and arthritic agent known as in true who one which causes degeneration of the joints in a breakdown of cartilage, that Syria is injected into the patient's affected area. The procedure reduces painted discomfort to the joint and its and generally last five days with six shots, the serum into the affair did area its normal for a patient to receive annual injections to ease joint discomfort. So many pro athletes have done this and had miraculous recoveries. Peyton Manning went to Germany, for this is needed to next surgeries and he was on his way out of football and now he's a fucking superstar again he's
The best Europe has left its from this shit on Jim Dana. Why did at least just raise about their results of its, but rather a year we have arthritis your spine, your lower back Louis whole from ten planet materials got this year, arthritis in his back a guarantee of this would help em I mean I know how much he has. I don't know why I haven't seen his mri, but I guarantee you that this would make him feel better than he feels now. I'm gonna tell I've gotta give buddy, the breakdown of it. When I do- and I start next week I get back from England. I go in, and Bulgaria up an mri you already at all. She had done my my I had my MRI done right after the injury look, pretty nasty man, I had it. Small millimeter bulgin my neck, it's pretty big reduce now quite a bit, but right after the injury was six millimetres. That's not good, and that's why I was having numb hands and in the Us- from its from doing it getting into
and then taking couple weeks off jump right back in that's what it is not allowing myself to fully he'll up and course. Strengthening core strengthening is massive, so important enough. You're gonna, be in their thrown down on a regular basis. You gotta do some cord work out. You gotta do something that keeps you gives. Little Elmer to protect you from being injured, squat, squats, album squats, windmills, kettlebells windmills are huge. I love those days that is a strengthening your entire core and all that bending and with the carrying the heavyweight Turkish get up so kind of ship. You're doing any shows when you're in England, I am doing two shows the dance out theatre. The ball sold out through the fog yourselves english people may bring into relate, not gone with a guy local kid and Dave Bishop Table Oh, don't comedy again, cannot now who's gonna just introduce us modern Marshmoreton ever go further efforts. Immortal ancient candy man
set him twice, don't waste your time, that's it the spot gases or thanks to legal, zoom, dot com, a kind of something absolutely certain gotta legal zoom, dotcom entering the code name Rogan in there for a box save yourself some money and audible dot com go to audible, dot, com, Ford, Slash Joe and save your son of some money by getting a free audio book and thirty three days of audible service over a hundred and fifty different titles to choose from you fucking love them thanks, also on a guard dog com, good, o n n. I t used to code name, broken and save ten percent off and all supplements was goin. Abraham are meant to be a tenth planet Uma November nine, I'm gonna, be it. And Planet San Francisco November. Twenty third gotta tat Planet, dot com. Germany blue form a message board for all the info and details. My podcast Eddie
a radio, it's on Itunes and stick and do it send me your seminars when you don't I'm a tweet employee? I tweet everybody's dates. I didn't want to bother you, don't worry you done time, astronomer, it's not a bother its people love it. They want in anybody who is interested. You know did something to do you shouldn't you should do it. It's your you'll learn a lot. Seminars are awesome. It's it's a great way to see a new aspect of jujitsu to check out a different persons game, and I know how much time and effort you put it to em they're. There are under great seminar. Thank you very much for having go near seminars and damages the first one. We did down a long time ago, the first one I think, Colorado bolder
a moment. We started anyone seminars with your comedy. We did one of my army, my oh yeah, there's a guy, we're late. Remember how crazy that rain was never forget that we had a wall of water in Miami that you couldn't see anything in front of you. We gotta stop and free what the whole freeway stop dead for brain. It was fucking crazy that was ass. I haven't did a seminar in Miami in full. He's just having that was the last time. I was the last there's a lot, judges to Miami a lotta May in Miami mileage. It's not a brazilians like that that my Amby, whether so follow him on Twitter, its Eddie. Bravo on twitter or tenth planet, J, J dot com come down to headquarters and and Susan. I get this back shit
settled out within the next month or so I'll be back on a regular basis. I teach downtown just email me for info twister. Bravo at s busy global not met, and we should once I'm back and now should do some should together figure also do some seminars in the same place. Wrongdoing comedy without its worth set out with his dad's, make it out I'm edge beautiful folks. We will be back soon next week. I got SAM Harris's here next week should be a lot of fun. And someone else as well. I forget who don't worry about it, every good, don't sweat it I keep it together. You dirty freaks and I will be at the Irvine Improv November. First, second and third: that's the next day coming out that's available. The river Cree in Edmonton, I think, is sold out and then in Vegas on December, twenty eighth The mirage. Twenty seven or twenty eight, which one is which ones Friday in December.
Twenty seventh at the Mirage in Vegas, the one and only Joey, mother, fucking, cocoa, so haulage boy I will see fucks very soon, We have shared area and follow up back biggest thanks it when it came to you, since we can see that you had a great fucking time. Thank you very much.
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