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#408 - Todd Glass

2013-10-29 | 🔗
Todd Glass is a stand-up comedian and also hosts his own podcast called "The Todd Glass Show"
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an old school comedian meaning that i've known him for more than a decade or so he's been around for a long time a very funny guy he's if you ever gone to an improv improv jane they have a thing they run the beginning of every show where they have a guy who says listen here's the rules shut up laugh shut up laugh don't don't talk to me is don't haeckel ennoble i was just tried to shut up just shut up either this is really funny rant and so if you never seen a stand up you probably seen that if you ever gone to an improper uses they played at all of them great guy and he's here right now there's a gentleman the one and only mr glass the job rogan experience forgit will displacing commercials later tar glasses there's no reason to get all crazy it will just my have old school article
that's not even old school that's newscorp we're just started about this teacher that somewhere which is from cap city comic governors and one of the great american comic clubs like without a doubt one of the top three for clubs in our country now we're too about like places that have you known hearings of a little hard it's too high too low to know who is in here that my beautiful at some i have worked so hard people always say like why did you have see broadcasts i cut why you fuckin screaming all the time you scream on tv issue there you can't hear anything people are so loud like there's nothing like one of those environments itself fuckin loud some we're talking before beginning to show i have to talk about our came in here the fuck i'm saying you care even know it's hard to imagine ok i know that every autumn talking hostile arising weekend but
what i wanted to talk to you about is i know that you had a hand in designing one of the other great comic clubs the country you had a hand in designing helium didn't i did and you know what i give him a lot of credit i just saw that fake head out this aliens funding to turn to the other agony dope has now i can hold a conversation that cat is making me i am he's making me another thing a zombie that guy's bad ass oh by the way so i should say hit my opinion means anything is only about a little off there this is one one insult the other podcast it's not something they care about you know let me look at it that way but like this cool a studio i've ever seen like you took a lot of time creatively to make this a cool space the brick wall the red curtains the black sealing the lights with them stars in the lava lamps the rocks it's late why fuckin right why i wanted to do something that make me comfortable like if that if why don't we
yeah if you have an average i'm very childish with what i like you know like aliens and second bigfoot knew a werewolf in the further is a very childish but i dont our farming and environment that's not like me if i'm clean sterile environment those be like little bit hesitation even if it's a fraction little something they keep what's it makes you want to keep it pc right or or not be so honest or what office environments i think ultimately the gaelic hypnotize people think just the idea that you're in an office all this nobody becomes something that not everybody puts this bullshit attitude they are this this this weird way of behaving no one swears no one talks about sex no you know knives wellspring of religion politics must like everything supposed like super fake when you deal with customers superfluous no personality and really ultimately make it like super predictable for the person you talkin to you go too far
a very strict pattern of thinking and behave you're a gentleman at best in doing business will yeah that's why even when i see managers offices i won't say whom but like this is your way to express yourself creatively which people than like my walk into a managers offers and he gets it creatively and i dont know in that well some points for that this guy gets it right this manager could have anything he won't tell you it looked like hurts yeah we still behind his back go what this is what he pointed like this is like if you had the fog it look at me i work it hurts look at my office he goes i want that look the story is available in store ok did sort of people just don't give a fuck that right it's something they don't put in writing zeal to analyze most of all i'm worried about when you learn story was horrible remember what the story is that's what i'm out i swear to god i swear that's how i get lost while anomaly just talk about wherever i did we have book
what do you know why you have to worry we'll always refresh you and let you know what we're talking about and ever conversation were ready raise high persons that we saw professional light comes to be and i were excellent at the door my question which undermine helium actually we're talking now you having a say in the design because somebody told me like before i ever worked there it's like the best club in the country they were like displaced perfect so everything you want to club low ceilings people are packed in tight a great neighbourhood it's really cool neighbourhood is lot other bars jazz clubs and like dissolve funky shit in that area and that club is just perfectly sat up and then they told me you had a hand in designing it your mark call me and here through louis leir somebody from minneapolis an end said your opening up a club and now you know guy from acme yeah he's zones well back to backtrack a little which i thought was called mark even knew to do i go did you know to call loosely he also called him and louis base
they taught him out around the clock while acme's another example i've never worked at acme but i was there recently i was hanging out with orange barker he was worded in there it's a fucking amazing play it is it's perfect all comedians like silver march did the guy who open appeal michael how'd you know to pick him up ahead you know acme use i went to a comedy festival as a non club own or just a guy thinks he wants to open up a club and he has reconvening what's your favorite club was negotiated acme allotted is that sounds like a guide wanna talk to yeah i got that brilliant goes just common sense eagerly evidence every
most villon have it we were talking about cobb's day and i love cobb's causes san francisco i started at the old cars which is really tiny place no mention cobb's to me it was until he could get you down there's people no matter what you don't know maybe i can mention around we then you have to ask them why and then it becomes about them that's really what you guys are annoying that's exactly what it is determined and something about them does not do what you're about to say that's do a separate air but our links with the look like i think was recalled that i counted every seat in room two hundred and eighty nine seats formats a hundred seventy see rumours do you intend to guide those guys are the worst those guys again robbed everywhere they go and i'm not going
people haven't been rounded for legitimate it's when it had obviously that come on in every story these people so whether you have somebody stories like tat glass hasn't been ripped off why have you didn't know what the fuck is going on that you keep getting ripped no hurry imagine ovine abandon spots are whether certain areas that had to be at least two thousand people that gives me a czech eighty bucks fuck that shit this certain guys it just have an animosity towards club owners deserve almost like a natural animosity because of the fact that the beginning didn't want to have anything to do with you you are elected rejected girl you know that isn't mature yet you now get real emotional about a very upset and then when the guy comes round like where the fuck were you and i was eighteen you people get crazy i think comedians get their way to when they have them in the beginning their fuckin terrible's nobody wants to use you you can't work anywhere near slowly leg work your way into a position or summons actually willing to pay you too
their customers here you talk and that's a real kind of a special relationship in the beginning part is so bad that we develop this you're sort of contentious relationship sometimes with lab owners i think that's like really ridiculous i think you're right i think you're right leg can cause i'm overly paranoid we're not in that certain people haven't legitimately been ripped off shore then when that happens that sucks what we say and like a lot of animosity comes from exactly what you just said it's like you maybe you were better than me maybe this may be that maybe you know but they're they're not all bad people while not a good one i took me a while to get the respect of the people that i came up with in boston like the clubs in boston i was headlines on the road before i was headlines back in boston again because they saw me when i was terrible i mean it
what they saw me as an open microbes i should never been allowed to go on stage so once when you see someone just fuckin stinking up hard core for like you a year or two in the beginning of their career its is it makes sense that you wouldn't want like five years later you like see man i'm not buying it there's gotta be so terrible you know i saw many was an open maker we're comedian sort of says that they have to like leave your town and get success elsewhere and then they respect it and recognize it but if they see when you suck their mind you suck like peter hard for people to adapt it worse that we was at the latics to was fighting it works that way those guys that believe that this guy can't beat them there's no way that guy could beat me miley i just beat you like it's craziness we're thinking but they know back when the guy sucked and they it refused to admit that people can figure things out that people can improve yeah ivan that happened but i try not to lag i'll think i'll figure somebody's where thought about them
in summary i mean wanted to do middle in philadelphia and i and i really think are you probably don't we have i take the time only whom i got stuck in this mindset but at least i got out of it i love that aim in mind that is about don't fuckin find it everything you know it you don't answer sure he might again be you know it without a visa issue they somebody then has to be learned from phil i work with hard and fairly wasn't just say my name gimme a plug people too damn sensitive about people's assessments of them of zones those assessments are polite shouldn't take it's a fucking personally you can learn from those things community wants you don't i am glad that i just luckily wasn't stupid because he goes i could have easily been offended early in my career he goes were hung out the day and then he goes he said this affection i remember as a twenty three maybe twenty four years here's funny hang out here what are you doing
i knew he was spoken right when he knew i can handle it some years that's what you want to be doing but i remember thing and i could have you been with full turco that's my story you know my story could have been than this fuckin idiot tells me forty all stage but i'm not fuck you i was doing better than you every night when she might have been he was man but whatever he was honest with me random instead the story is thank you yeah i appreciate it he said that it made me consciously try to change that there was a i did said something to me when we were both start now together we have been both doing it about six months and i was still like i still have my foot in another world i was still teaching martial arts and are still competing and i was really confused and he said to me because you know who's been dick totally being the deck yossi start off pretty funny man are you are you lost promise seem to be and i didn't argue with them that was the weird private i didn't like fucking bitch you know there was
like you lost momentum and i was like why and i didn't argue with them that was the weird private i didn't like fucking bitch you know there was none of that i swear wow i gotta agree with you like i'm now really paying attention a comic an open micro that i worked with that we know we would all sort of competitive young guys and he's gonna try to big have some camaraderie but there was always glad we're all young we're retarded we need not communicate with each other we didn't be honest and express ourselves and we're insecurity fuck we're trying to be standard comedians most insecure world probably in showbiz as he created all yourself said on that was totally true and i remember it stone for sure but it aid may make a clear decision to tissues and in the other world to completely removing i quit my job just get get jobs like paying for things just because as well one thing is one guy said that it helped me a lot
i could say like that he has been a dick when he's doing it i m sure he was sure he's gonna hurt my feelings but he was right and because he was right there was really beneficial it was real important and i the important like for me as a comedian first of all to be aware that that this has to apply this way although it's like very difficult to do so emotionally is very difficult to accept criticisms very difficult to see people see yourself as other people see but it's so fuckin important if you can't do that like ear you you're gonna you gonna never continue to grow you gonna hit her arrest spot and then then in tailspin then that's it here you see that alot fouquet a dome it's funny people too that's what's yeah shame like it's all you the money but they get caught in this sum goes wrong or like in it like we said before the ones that
member comedians that had fuck this business attitudes i'm not kidding like now presented sea like them in doing comedy along tumbling eight years into the business right fuck this pocket busy rightly decided is or two years in our member comedian having a joke i gave you say really so silly that may well that's the same thing it's like a rejected boy or rejected girl rejected young person i so it doesnt have emotional maturity and they get angry that's really what it is like that jackson sometimes is the best fuckin thing that can ever happened to it might feel like shit but you'll figure that out because of it you either going to quit are you going to figure it out you gonna have a new inspiration to do so that you know what i would never want to club when i learned about club owners i realize i'm not changing similar regions are not at all you right i'm going i know exactly because i do make fun of the bad clubs
do i spend a lot of time making fun of the big clubs and they should be made fun of some of them are fucking their horrible but right now who defend the good clubs i wouldn't want to own a good club you know why merging the falcon whacker doodle comedians hearkened bothering them in getting mad at them unnecessarily like you know not all of them but i wasn't i was i member thank god and i did a lot wrong but i always knew that like i i forget i completely we're sorry clubs and like getting along with clubs you may never not adding landowners who never get over the years when a club wouldn't use me you know what our at all like this when they told the story and i can think of a specific club that said this i wasn't what they wanted they said you know he was nice and needs staff like them because it is not my thing but he tried to point out that i a decent guy and you know what i accepted it
i remember a summons like sulky am i gonna know he's a ride he can't love every comedian but it lisi retold that's not the story could it all i could have been legally i get have been that same story could have been even though the guy did it right and tried to i could have been less fuck him you nobody tells my manager the staff flight do the footsteps opposed to me you not only like single ingredient around negative down earlier so it was so and there was a few clubs over the years that would hire me and guess what some do now and i see it you don't wanna be that in fact our club there will now they want you so what he's gonna teach eliza love the fact that they exist me one of the best things about being a comedian is the ability to work and clubs i do some larger spots now and i break he'll do like the ice housing that duty i saw some war wednesday night we want a hundred fifty people are hundred ninety push on with that like an amazing to magical room magical it's time
the ice houses dark in its got fifty fucking years of laughs burned into it you know me that's luxuriate that place if if an area or space killing code a memory can somehow another capture a memory i give you good my dad went to gettysburg nay said when he was there he felt sad he said really was overwhelming feeling of sadness because it was really hard to describe peace the fairy so whew kind of guy and when he said at about caddies brings an architect and i said that about gettysburg she was like something about and adjusted does she could feel it in the air i really leaves out i believe a club like the last stop in houston give work that's thought that place all year a place you walked in use you felt it in your fingers you like well hasn't lands on fire mark bab it is the reason that club you study nation and i love limited
the honor wish anybody ill and wish anybody ever i don't care what they do i do not wish anybody'll but i do wish to your empire would fall apart does mean anyone be sick or homeless but your i do wish your empire would fall apart like it did not realising more babbitt was why you they never knew that he has the sole of that place so when he left it went down hill and they have no idea to this day do you think they have the intelligence to go what happened there we made a huge mistake wait a manager who fuckin basically gave that you know no how important was fired em in the business slowly those now they're just tone some others bullshit story was there a matter of i don't know there was some sort of a legal matter i want to mention what might or might not have happened could honestly i've just rumours that is what i heard from fuckin ralphie myers knew that fuck i totally tat he was you know a guy who really love comedy and that's a historic fucking
bob and bill hicks recorder didn't billings stanhope specials sane man i think i'm not sure but i know that one of his early sri lanka said sure but i wasn't path i think it was there and that's that used to be where the heat the annex was you know where kennison started out and hicks sorted out like you'd talking to that last stop in river oaks where there was two laptops was one and then they moved it when they move that that's one thing start again squarely with the original one you'd want into their place and you would feel the fucking energy that has been pumped up in that room like these people like years there's a fucking hysterical land there like impregnates the walls you you wanna hear new place didn't have that you want to hear what you're talking about but someone took advantage of this and works it for them when they sell homes i swear to god knows what a girl told me it goes back to exact well we're talking about she was you want to know my line i say when i'm so in someone's a sound summer house she was i say
had souls i don't you feel it this is a good one and she is most people are especially if they like the house she's fulla shit she's lying she's just about every handles such a headline that people there i don't have a good soul but but she's working on something that does exist as we're talking about because i agree there's no those laughter it's not just in our head that's somethin there that's some energy when a room has had that much you know no doubt that much soul i don't mean it sounds like horse sense but a sure any reasonable scientists would tell us a torture but maybe maybe it does for us symbolically because you know what that like when i walk into the punchline atlanta jesus christ mean that place has been around for ever it's a fucking masterfully bill club another one perfect comedy club and use those pictures the wallet richard jenny when it was like thirty
while these fuckin head shod silly all these old old head chance anxieties in nashville you do that place i look all you can do is look at those pictures every night and find something new to the figure at that time i know you're tired i read look at them i looked at them any of those clubs i know there's a brief club you tell him it's not helium because they don't haven't been opened his right but its those thirty five year old thirty five year old clubs and year your clothes yeah those holes i'm saying i remember the person i thought i look up at the war anybody that had a gimmick i thought they were gonna be really successful like one i was the coach you narrow whistle when i was thinkin eyesight nineteen i believe fuck i wish i were such ass i get it blows the whistle and a coach god dammit that i was always so jealous of those and then they turn out to be doing comedy you know what i was merely jealous of the due to have liked though the big full page ads and that comedy guide remember the comedy guide i
do the comedy guide was this was an industry comedy guy that would come alec every year like all the managers would have it and they would these committees will take these giant full page ads and show like what knacker conference you know they perform dad and perform because they had like this professionally done photography and shit like that i'll comedians got the word about the necessary market at least have to buy time in the industry guide and then put together some the age s tape and send it out the cards did you ever a comedy card no never have we had a card wants to promote a website that i put out to promote my website you there's too that there was never one for arc you again i'm appearing in this town leg with pointing to the right and the pigs someone told me what am i come to you someone told me that i'm gonna might
record is this and then i'll tell you what somebody told me george currents but at least i wish i could say never had a card but i'm i have to say if i'm gonna be two percent honest i had one for like a month and then like the smell of it so i got rid of it does i know years ago toddlers comedian i think i saw some other community with a car to my i should have cards and then i go rhythm so now i'm glad because someone said somebody at the egg call him was talking about cards backstage comedy magic club and basically said he was keyser communion doesn't have often cod and then the comedian that had the cord sort of fellow you took them very quickly over the trappers because he had just gotten cards yeah there was a thing about headshot back in boston anybody was any good had a shitty headshot didn't you fuck about the headshot
very right and see that soon that same path they would talk about a leg of you hire photographer to do your headshot you fuckin suck on things like that just such an unspoken are the exception yes but no mostly that such agree what they something that makes you why take a picture of yourself and be our sexually working methods are overdue she images in translating the comedy now i'm gonna get hammered out like remember kevin knox had like a really zany ted job word for him because that was like his act accuser a wild their jeddah guy what if i got talk about how bad that is and i agree with you but then you guys pull online a picture of me with my picture of you that with the shoe you i was i value is a phone nobody did there then no it was really the verse veto my favorite is guys who do characters and they have like multiple characters and they had shots
is the hillbilly this is doctor does anyone need still do the old no man i know no some almost on the park ass i i don't know who to credit for this but they were are we about how are you i would now you guys remember about the genre of prop com he's gone character removed it you can't be rob guy anymore but when we were i doubt that was an option it was like prop guys there's a regular stand up common extras dirty guys it was prop guys the promptly exist anymore you never see the proper anymore karen essentially just dumb the market so thoroughly that everybody else abandoned let me say this if somebody out there was willing this is a real offer like the city had money they think it's a good idea and then i give up i will give them forty percent of all my income if somebody goes i will pay for it todd we build him a great back late we hire writers and its though its regularly and
i promise i will go tour with it i have some was willing to put money into like producing though you we're gonna higher we're gonna build this it's gonna be a troika tuna go and you're gonna do it but put money into somebody out there promoter half creator promoter thanks fucking do that you would not only be prevented record but we will talk about you would actually be the perfect guy to put together like a fake prop act like a prop act as modest try and ass you like but no disrespecting ira the respective known as it would be just like the opposite of it late there'd be like these weird like you just make it shity the way you know what to do if you're going to make fun of a comedian until about two
jokes ella punchline out it's you not disrespecting comedy right you do shitty common right as that is what you would do you'd be disrespecting a shitty proper yes and it would be this almost a mark of a project that didn't put a lot of time it is probably a tape you know these appalling things out there obviously and not even the use that used to be tape together shows the crowd there was a few guys that we're like combination they would i have a few products and they would do comments do member dennis madeleine he lay schulz demur lazarus crazy lenny christ he would he would pick up a fuckin smoky the bare ok had a smoking to bear doll only you can prevent forest fires they go fuck you and posted there oh ridiculous we would not have to bear like through the crowd like fuck you put peaches
completely silly does not only on a does a prop back are used with little hobo wireless happy that's a little different though that is another level that's the other level that's the puppet master guy a pub is another vondra that kind of jeff dunham is pretty much dominated now mean this is still a few other guys like this the guy of fate or was his name vader terry phaedr terry fade earlier a big one in vegas as well and that's the star like many young guns out there with a fuckin ticket out of these guys that iraq in their language i see no heed the visual they had just instantly i just picture the comedy club i was just how do we go what are they it's a guy who would workable and stayed seriously and you put your hand up and made the fake poppies were badly of all time best of all time in my opinion is ato and george the best of all time i worked with
are we did a gang gigs in danger builds in new york we did prom shows which relations the ever done the prom show lived i've done no one or two when they have him in new york city where they just keep following the people into the club think they get these kids from high schools and they know not bring the men and they don't in the show they take to do new material every time and they do or they tell you not to do new material it so i tell you the same material every time so that they would realise at the show is over because they never clean the place out they just kept packing kids in their vital every fire color in existence and wood would go on to five o clock in the morning i mean you start work in an eighth night and you would do shows until five o clock in the morning they just keep rotating the line i would leave and it would be light out it was man this but like a young comic it's pretty goods like seventy five bucks a sad or something like that you pack and although sets together to it was it was a good chicago money for four comedians so a lot of us did it
and honour when i did than we did i topical you i never got to work within that much i'll to seem like three times live sirens burgess punching a you know it's nice when you go to see someone like that people around you like are in same as much as you do like a ton of people in really fuckin enjoyment then i feel it there's like people like me they go it's fucking i can't handle i won't be around those people and i we were the last time i saw him the couple next to me husband and wife and they were we i we distorted punching each other and we're glad we had some on the punch you know and the people thus was shorter the same way everyone else was loving it but we were definitely going i'm gonna die you know it was just shows it is with a comedy festival and he was saying how desperate overcome many when i understood i feel you never saw my whole life when he'd when he goes something happens and then to george
yet it mixed up right now i'm talking about oh and george otto would say elites ass the woman in the crowd lay hey how warrior and then he papa would markham could air travel is early sheeta you shitting me that's what you failure he stopped a joke you oh yes i would like to see a puppet really dig into human beings i'd never see that for me that was fucking unbelievable we used to have a fucking thing was work it was kennedy get shot in the head and so the puppets ed wood flip back like a flock of scalp wyndham egos and i want to figure out how to put a brain in there maybe square blood out of it
he was so funny and people get mad they would go i see lips move in pity untried than his lips and like what he is now understanding these dealing guess what that has to be certify ably note note no bullshit a problem of the mental the mental this it's a fucking puppet of course his lips are moving does pay attention what he's doing but that someone there there was taken ever face while there was lighted and hard to get past the lips i saw his lips moving as others out of duration is he still doing club daily eyes a maniac basis crazy otto so he's a fucking larry's what was a picture of me you're gonna prop what was it you in a bag oh did somebody delays to dupe
i just did they photoshop what looks like it was a red carpet event you from an american beauty arson like them wonder if i wonder this hope for the what were they com puppet act that could be fact with you now duncan did it but he only did a just one bit the wonder yeah i mean it feel i feel like that's a genre that could be fact with you now donkey did it but he only did a free one bed which it's hilarious little hobo little hoboes is evil puppet show this grand for any does is one bear these fuckin genius but is not a lot like young guys gonna club is very rarely see a young guy that's puppet act yeah yeah i don't care what is anything else were not big
willie tyler lester he was another famous how i know i mean that you don't think of any another type a comedy allow any silent when i think of someone doing it i think if somebody as may be marking it that's what but what about not mark it could somebody come back and make it it was just that good and they right why cannot be good banter between the public and the private sector and the boy is with ato well but that's what i'm saying but words i am guys he's got some jokes where he goes back and forth with the public i confirm it then they lead to me as always amazing but i know that the the cliche stuff it's leon i evaluate i think you have done and does it like more like family friendly tries intentionally disorder is our good psychic doesn't exist where i mean like comedian psychics i've never even heard of one i've heard of a comedy hypnotists juve agenda that never i meant even opinion on that though it works it definitely works
common hypnotism is ahead area ok here's what i'm sort of not the ear the all knowing but united you probably broke it down without even getting in detail you probably shredded the fuck out of any so i think you probably know the right answer so i'm glad because here's what my problem with as if it was fake thought now i can't explain it but here's what i used to say i can't explain it i dont but here's the one thing if its fake how come you never do those audience members on stage break never never so are they in some hip what's happening if he can tell they can tell a good guy whether someone's underneath and some people just can't hypnotize i think there's really some people that have brings that are easier to hack agree i think you just get anyone i'll tell you this for a fact because i worked with a guy named frank santos too are rated hypnotist i work with them many many many many many times back in the boston days when i was an open mind and i was a hot
two percent skeptical the first time i saw it i like this bullshit he's keyboard is vague in it then when you watch a guy actually come and his pants and you watch people do things that it he's telling them to do then you realize all wait a minute i'm a control freak you would never work on me but it works some people some people especially in the in that context it actually might work better because there for this and they get on stage and is a bright light and guy just knows how to lock you and tell you what to do today which do you gonna breathe you gonna breathing on account of five you gonna just go you gonna go to sleep lacks almost nobody one two three four five and he would touch these and they would fucking collaboratively for me i just feel it i know i'm just ride in three seconds ago someone is counting down let your shoulders down just so but he was a real hypnotist first and then he got into common hypnotists let let me ask you this and some it knows a lot about this might even say well no time that's not hypnotism but what even if it's this look they get laughs and
the average personally get lamps if how's it feel to get it feels unpacking believable so let's say even if the naysayers said try to answer the question this way i still my newgate its hypnotism but what of the naysayers said other just getting laughed and when people get those table if they get comfortable so they get let their guard them because everything they do is getting a laugh they're getting a laugh cause there's a professional they're making it happen so maybe they get more comfortable more comfortable so the more weirdness is thrown out of their cutting the laugh it feels good and they go to the years i'll take him somewhere as if through laughter their duty giving them somewhere to do some shit there not doing in their normal lives yeah i do i dont know what the conscious logo termination of the person is actually doing this and see whether dawn to other one see something does not even there i don't i don't understand that because one of em he did he said he was he had a we're we're talking in reversing jackson
hey it's a u about to make love to madonna madonna's on the ground she's naked you're up over you gonna make love to madonna and this guy starts fucking i mean he starts fucking and the crowd we're how is its stitches stitches comedy in boston this just to the second stitches there's one those attached to the paradise was this old school places the first post that ever performed an open mic night that place when under and they opened up a new place and this was at the new place guy came in his pants come on his pants like me i going to look at but i mean it was pretty obvious the guy came his pants and he was embarrassed and everyone was laughin and he didn't know what the fuck there were laughing at he gone he was in a weird other place and when he snapped him out of it you could tell the guy is i dont think that their that good of an egg
i think that you are sceptical because it wouldn't work on you at all and i don't think it would work on meter but think about some of this shit that people are willing to do think about cults think about people jobs in calls that they think about people we did some some guy lives in siberia is jesus so they're gonna set up these huts and live up there with jesus christ jesus back any lives in siberia you have to be like doesn't have to be weak really wrong with your brain feed except that i think people brains are given just like people's dicks or different that's what i think i think people you can just tell them what to do and they'll just lock to it and just do it yeah because if you will we know that like the first part of what you said is true as has happened in the past people fire hold so like sort of that light light light light as someone just doing that for an hour late we'll do that why don't you just go you know there's people yeah there's a lot of you
like i always some i reserve forget that i'm i really believe you think that you are thinking of me yeah the enemy you can't think eu because you have an extraordinary job it's very very unusual amount of people the come in contact with share your ideas with your on stage all the time this like your gear four level with humans is different than the average persons comfort level could experience humans in this really stream state a state over stand of common club so it's it's real hard to just couldn't hypnotize a guy like you but there's some p out there that have nine volt brains and everybody else is of a much those lithium ions ease tesla not this mother fucker he's nine niver brain just like god give some men to inch penises this guy has a nine volt brain and that is why he's got you know and i say this from murdering whose voice
acutely aware how smart i am or how lack of smart i am you put a math in front of me i start fuckin drooling i'm an idiot bad when comes to math like i'm shockingly bad we this is his shit i'm not good at even slightly but i know that it's confused you know i mean could it lit able to know where you're you're right i got what you're saying so why not theirs different levels and other people that are way smarter than me i just know it of men we could mathematically i feel like i've horrible mass to write and i know i didn't choose that yeah that so using there might be people that get the math thing but then socially or light given these nine both batteries nets you think it's not changeable i think it is i think if i had interested in mathematics but what i'm saying is i don't and because i don't i don't have any knowledge of it so billy dom when it comes to that subject it's not something i've ever pursued so because of that i completely lack any comprehension of
really advanced calculus and isolate just physics guys i have knowledge of what that is its because when i was a kid i associated it very early with something incredibly boring and because did that i just never put any effort into whatsoever wasn't rewarding to me i think that's what yes that's what makes things you should have a comprehensive knowledge how to count and divide and all those things the absolutely but doesnt appeal to everybody and to make it like you or me guide me chase after all really complex math it's not really beneficial because its now can i do anything more than let us know that we don't really like math especially in this day and age because there's not a mile there's a finite amount of time to learn things when you're in high school fanatic our in college and fundamental time when you have a job like a small amount so cut out all the shit you're not really that interested in this working calculators others mr renaissance man when it comes to knowledge is accountable
putting those numbers get it done it's really easy even how bored i dont or be a mask i am so bad at mount now granted this looks saturn this looks out this is gonna tell sadder than it is but it is a true story so at all to do with math and how bad i am and i have to tell you that i like bubbletop there's a reason sat on the high but our bible they pop pop stunner that's comes it is it's a baseball taping pupil apiece out you can make ten feet long it's it's all i gonna it's late but all of your about with its eye on big long piece of gum and then you pull it out its gum yankee chew gun about level ok it's hard are most people listening or probably they'll do now ok unladen that's my that's it get me a nice way of me going everyone knows what you think i could be wrong i bet you're right of the manila so
so anyway so i am on the plane and i'm horrible numbers and i have like this i have a cheque book and opening it up you know kelly was my fingers i'm figuring somebody i am also then i take a peaceable taken i at the same time and then i there's a guy my breath and i look at my oh my god i thought and instantly what he had just sanely now a man my age carry with his fingers the bubble tape there's no way think that i have any amount of success we have to think other poor guy good for him on a plane and one of those known i swear we write a loss very archaic but i don't know where its value they did that's eccentric though to eat so i urge a childish son of candy that we have laid categorize like this can you for children
i give the god forbid and i dont so don't worry about judging me those big lollipop you can get now what if you really like that you gave me the full grown ago eating move i think you should be doing the fuck you want knickers only i think it's so stupid can i tell you i wish you like those lollipops now tell you why did you ever see anyone gave you shit i would love to see what's the matter you i like these lollipops lose you would address it lollipop industry would love you basically it's nice show rogan do they give him shit about it in a big lollipop he tells them we go from single handedly bringing back the fanny pact our glass you go handedly aware it everywhere i where every time i go on the rope your point to invoke it to forget tat go yeah we're unafraid spoken easy it's easy to travel with you know it love it i know of oliver where one but i've said this a million times why can't to fanny pact be called aware it is i know i have shit learn alone might just with where to put part lullaby
the one i was thinking i would even those i mean bulgaria todd glascock views together fucking lollipop that's a lot of sugar sign how much sugars that tie glass that's fucking hard beasts of sugar that weighs pounds thereby puts you know straight diabetic coma a girl should not eat that and not be looking for any guy or girl if europe linking the lollipop nonstop anymore and i don t have people you're gonna retraction weird whose board or some people who really admire your tongue yet nobody ever really sweet tongue i mean you know some girl stick two tonnes out and they go all the way down the chin and you well i've decided your friends would say that you you're lucky that wildly problem public its original attract the wrong time some right began to strike the right i'm a guy for kids it's getting as judges would save us get this party started
listen stop at stop it you confusing everything yeah i think like lollipops like anything else man but of the fuck you like this we are here for a long time if you like somethin just say like say why you like it and when i why sales bring back the fanny back in our people photos jokingly really never stopped wearing one what's your hardware to build constantly marked man like care it's a fucking its i think it's insane but we're backpack unknown gives a shit but everywhere a path here all descended something that's funny like that there's nothing in the years to think you're right here's the problem appears the problem which i know you're right not only do i know you're right but the gear comes there's the input i've set it over the last year so many times especially via if you have a pipe key not only to have my phone if a god damn it why can't vapor
they had just said be i can t be called we will bring them back tagline well mental no more than a dot the i don't know i have i be to insecure i'd be to insecure just everywhere i won't be will be lifted i swear fanny about you feel like you're being courageous but makes wages and just carrying stuff where swept beds swept answer very back my dressing up for the nice soft cotton sweat pants those are like the most comfortable things ever you know but we never where no and we get more forgotten stiff ass stupid plastic pants on you know what i was there last night in santa barbara was halloween and there are some people walking around costumes i go forget about the to my mind it is just what variable aware like the ones you right walking around with with with comfortable slippers their comfort will they why can't you do that maybe minus the costume part of italy every i thought how many people are getting the walk the streets in a free
it's a walk it's like swimming naked and in a bathtub in a pool probably there just walking around with all that just this double share right useless because you're saying why can't walk around and yeah why the owen in a fairly with any back ever wanted fancy said elsewhere like nothing more comfortable in sweat meant something that one point we're giving up anything we ve developed the most comfortable bear panzer is but we choose to go with debts so many gaily share of these slippers that are like kind of like borderline between slippers in a shoe it's real close i think they are eggs from manner something the insight is all i got fleecy culture so comfortable and so a friend of mine came over and i put them on and i go hey man what's up and he goes when you were fuckin slippers is ready to cry
the ones that now there were crocs there there like they're like leather on the outside but they have legally aligning line is like like fleece like lamps ghana where the hell they have loser i like it's fucking chew or somethin but to him was like i was even slippers from here why are you wearing what are have second you feed be our soft would you get where you why something good when you weren't slippers realize it that's the thing he does rose but breaking down that's what i'm saying you something this more comfortable than everybody else you weren't slippers anyone affair packed i might even say the same thing but at least unwilling to you what i'm not now if i see more slippers your macdougall too great idea so fucking if i do have a right to know me i mean he that's why i'm an ice
i want to live to be the age where i can shoulder the impact in problem my pajamas idea for granite when i used to seem doing that he would then you sir where but jobs and slippers yeah he would weigh bathrobe onstage with nothing underneath it i was work this is when i was working i was it i saw him i was getting paid work irina i was working group
would send for the performing arts and nineteen raw meat was their backstage he didn't give a fuck you know underwear on no clothes on who fuckin bathrobes everybody's like his kok is this fucking hanging out he doesn't give a shit right is what do you say that there is great and fired up on weed and he would go on stage in his bathrobe any fuckin destroy there's a humanist bathrobe that's how you dress backstage bullshit you don't give a fuck he didn't give a fuck man he didn't want to wear anything but a bathroom i saw you go and things like tat he would feel so funny because he was a fucking make it up there and it was of the fine words i will show you never do the math rope they all pajamas but that's just viewed i'll never forget man i was about i guess i'll probably nineteen years old and i was in his back area where though the performers go right before they go on stage i got a glimpse of rodney like pacing before i went on in his bathrobe and i wasn't even i had no comedic aspirations back then whatsoever like zero
but i always love stand a comedy and so i remember looking in the ongoing holy shit that's fucking randy danged real right there and he's in a bath robe and then they would all tell me like the guys we're backstage security was doing back there they will do its balls are hang party and he's he gives zero foxes like seventy or something i don't know how you already was back then but he had to be in his sixties like deep in the sixties he was here will do and blow he didn't give a fuck it was a maniac you know where waste the where explain what it was like explain what it was like to me rodney us trying to explain this i think over the years i think once on us somebody my family or something else i was very hard but i think i can do about it
but now but that you now will never get to meet homer simpson yeah he's a character i mean we do not get to meet peter from the family these it'll get to meet them but you get to meet rawdon like you don't you're not supposed to get to meet him he saw larger than life the guitar yet i have seen other people that are on tv when i was younger and when i saw them and public yes i oh yeah there's no person but rod me different it was what the fuck that fat red because he was such a cartoon character in autumn and a good where he was a in the movies to anyone who oranges in life i don't know it just is disrespectful but no notice i'm sorry i got it all he was he was he was it was it was amazing and then in any new and capitalized on it later with the suit and red tie and here you see this oh my god so anything he said i went wants to see bob nelson open up for him so a great story but it's all i've got so any little peace that i happen to have anything him with random happy so never seen him and be unlike that was just weird
and then bob goes aid this is thirty from philly you that's good food over needs him we live so are now saw because it was funny but later when he left i went out of that mean i don't know no one no matter what it meant it was robbed me in an italian or fake laughing it was just him fucking in that funding volovya needs it was fun you haven't got a chance to see him alive then and then several years later at the laugh stop laugh act or rather i get seamen laughter and sends a couple times that like wind like what year would say it was the nineties and i want my louis did he go up into a pretty tight serenading whose killer whose killer in back then i mean who he didn't go on stage and half ass it that's for sure he was crushing he was really fun anyway just chillun hanging his wife was with him attractive woman's life you know thirty forty years younger them we just
like you have a great fucking time he wrote that thing right into the fuckin rocks he took the boat and just and wrote a right into the rocks these seventy years all these crushing onstage party in hanging out with a hot senorita jesus christ is that animals look that's that's so much you know that's when you look at it from perspective is they just amplifies what you already knows bulgaria falcon he really did yeah he really doing you know the holder or you know i'm sure a lot of its true but the thing that most people know that by the time you couldn't joy he felt it was too late but still had a lot of fun where he had a yeah he was annie dangerfield minors nice to people to that was the other thing about ride me he helped comics out his we specials were legendary like a lot of people don't really even know why but a huge stand up he was he was a huge comedian like great work where i worked well
he performed me i don't know how many thousands of people it is it has to be at least like seven or eight thousand people in the in the parts covered and then there's like this ban like he'll area that's like the ground which is all like been wandering around it was really crazy like what did their idea is ridiculous because the eye it was you would take these people and some of them would be seated in his beautiful amphitheatre and there pass them you just stuff the grass with its enormous patch of grass with savages who couldn't hear anybody who is talking on stage so was really unfortunate because i note what you saw him yeah i get to see him close though i heard it but then i would the grass is people are complaining they were coming down there to hey we can we can understand a fuckin wordy saying we get tickets the grass and so i went out to the grass those like oh no you can hear anything it was this weird echo we thing so when it
the abbe theatre you had no idea what is talking about you hear people laughed and you'd go of fuck this is terrible so will they like ripped all these people off and so they you know that fortunately didn't get a chance to see him but he was in its prime and he was this is he was a really fuckin really funny guy but his big thing was help another comedians those atrium calmly vessels launched kennison large die clay launched bill hex here and you know what i'm gonna give him a huge compliment it's not like i'm complementing myself because i dont know if we only live to see if i got to that point if i did were rightly didn't but up to now i haven't so not doing it from place a judgment so it's nobody's job to come and help other comedian so we are not saying from that point of view known and i know i'm sorry it's just sometimes you get some that loves comedy so much they on their own they go you know what there's some people i know are fucking funny that you know back then
even tv there wasn't a lotta avenues of rodney specialists working on the tonight show some did both but a lot more like this vehicle so no one since rodney has ever done that no no one and if i'm wrong i want to know and i want to be on that certainly if somebody look something up and goes this comedian did i believe will they are cool to martin lawrence did need no no no no no robert townsend did a few of those he did a few those any do a few those where he brought up different comics idea winds member did one then they are so i like that that is the kind of disappeared robert hounds and remember that guy here whatever happened i gotta that's good question his sword whenever he was really respected whose hilarious he's really funny dinner what did he do wasn't how would shuffle was it i dont it uses movie i'm not good move you're a robber townsend oh my god but he was hilarious man would have happened
eminent special where he came with what was the special where he came out and he was talking in the accent and indeed oak we broke character after like a man i don't know i don't want to rodney maybe wasn't here anyway how about here earlier this week that's just very admirable that rodney din and you know what made it even more admirable because he was so big it's not like he needed it soon mediums may have done it when there at a point in their career when it needs them or they need it rodney didn't need that right i think he used his power to get special and do something you wanted to do i don't think he needed that lay rodney they called you they want you to host this it was something he perpetuated by a sort of move past that if i was sort cool this our towns rain here is this how you would shuffle heads meteor man meteor man he did a lot of really funny movies man and he was a funny comic to yeah what's he doing now i don't know where is a maybe just so you know i'm good is only fifty six
new also addresses like pretty much how they want onstage and almost every day dawned bears you we're like boxers and my gavel that's the thing you know be uncomfortable what are you aware and stage whatever when i'd like to wear there's not distracting i liked worse that's a comfortable does i use like to wear like i work convoy all stars pretty much every day once started where those are realised like if i were a regular shoe now i gazing that has a he'll like a running shoe its fills weird to be like that different posture you're not supposed to stanley nice will stand flat and also where like them because a flat uncomfortable village children forward you are these i'm so it's so rare familiar to wear shoes wanna do you have seen you think you think like even i know it we are talking about because i've put the idea
stood after ravages a pair of boots and after not wearing for waigel what am i in what's a family material forward here so familiar are willing to do that do you think that yes gonna take from that to this but i'm curious of your opinion on this you think light from women wearing high heels might hurt them more than they may be think because it's a terrible thing to do to yourself i think it's probably and it is really difficult to do every day women who wear them every day is to do their job like the way our heels around the office costly that's all you wear it worked pool i gotta think that's too brutal and punishing on your feet i gotta think that yeah i don't see how couldn't be could you be dont let me ask you this somebody will go could you be we just for yourself instead of voting from you she could and i dont you could be damn big for other girls is what it is misperception by women that everything they do is to attract men in that that certainly has some merit to address not everything they also
to show up other girls yeah i girls and into be like impressive to other girls are that's that chinese thing that foot binding thing that they do whoa what they smash their feet down they want that to be small people so crazy the size of the fleet in so much to them after buying their feet up into his eyes and positions that some crazy at all the things that people do that is one of the weirdest ones are the body codification things that people do culturally like really common body modifications the foot binding one is so bizarre i really really fucking weird here that's not just respecting other cultures that come on that's for their lord problems torture london sane about it women in africa that are the surrey women who were they sent it surrey where they make that that big plate and their fate the young ones are rejecting it now they're gone
this is crazy we're gonna wearing for complaint my lip anymore and like they begin sort of like there's a cultural rift with you i want to knock your teeth out where this put you to not your lower teeth out where those plates fuckin courageously indulging in their knowledge because the computer age without either yeah that's they're not even get i don't even think they're getting that much impact for the computer world in these like really remote tribes i'm not sure i probably wrong i'm probably wrong this probably someone with a laptop and fuckin sailor connection it gets online or something i feel like you weren't you me really enough super tribal environment if topless wearing gins and start by some of em it's like really crazy like how similar that the way they living today as the way there living like hundreds of thousands of years ago what are we talking about rape like just a leading up to this but the same thing
body modifications foot binding will either foot binding what i've seen and in this area to be one of your listeners good could look this opera you guys or you could there's gotta be so living today that did that but move past it world is gonna be one story do your foot i think windsor foots bound up your facts or did it but then you're right i'm so i did it and then tells the story like move past mentally as a point going that was what am i doing and how do you know people know how you do that can be somebody who is stuck like that forever no no undue your thought like explain the thought process them whilst i think this cultural conditioning in a desert we have we really weird problem as you beings that once again of us start doing a thing even if that thing is ultimately detrimental once again group of us start doing it people want to join in at sea normal we can rationalize has other ones are doing it it makes sense that's how the thing get started d put this giant play your lip and the bigger the plate the morgue
oh you're worth where's that noise you know they thought it was i thought your bringing unlike us out of facts here so it sounds like an airplane something fresh spatial mocha wherever was my boy i was doing my ventriloquism that's pretty good the vote was my point was we're talking about the modification underfoot by all that stuff is really bizarre here that the foot binding the lip thing you know it's it's really bizarre this these cultures out there that really still like super super primitive and to this day pewee voluntarily really fuckin happy unhealthy though that's the weird thing about these indigenous people when you find them you'll find a lot of like prob said a lot of people in the city have like psychological problems very rare very rare that people have like psychological issues the winners
i've only seriously of their happy i guess all users but i don't i think it's impossible to be happy in this world i died you know i think that there's a lot of people that don't get there but i think it's possible i think it's well for anybody to be happy in this world i think did this world though is insanely complex and it requires a much more rigid idea of what you gonna i do not accept in your life and what what you're gonna put out there and which going to try to get back and i think that that it's very very very complex isn't insanely intricate and woven society and these cultural tribes strictly we're designed for were designed for these in our these environments is places words five hundred of us live in a village together that's that's what we're design for psychologically at our brain are designed for when we you get up to seven billion people in contact with each other is going to require some adjustments and that's it we're going through it now it's not that it's
be impossible for people to be happy in this crazy day and age just a little bit more difficult to manage it brings you just move there just watched i wanna play income from england and i watched on summer time in paris think it that's what it is that woody allen moving was summertime affairs only save it its own wilson movie so how i'd out here that's what i was what was really funny he was doing woody allen movie woody allen move it come on what's the movie springtime paris forget your trouble loose come on get when you go the woody i made knight in paris that's what it is midnight pair sorry not summertime dirt and it was hilarious in this weird what was well good movie first of but it what's it about it's about a guy it's basically a woody allen movie he's woody allen
own wilson's doing woody allen like even mannerisms but he's not a marriage nano is not admitting it at all he's like exists trailer for it so what does this initially nobody world what have we look look i'm in love with you so measured and it's very witty outlined to us greatly sometimes a lotta commitments but i'm sure it's what did you ever sleep alone when you know that our work is exercised by his wife was ever marriage is antisocial smile quite is taken within this pseudo intellectual slightly more titanic fifty nine deprivation is have you i remember what thinking you're right and then they got don't you say he is right to say he's right like tat really pay attention but that's
what do you look for it then you to see every single job here doing what here any desert brilliantly it's brilliant he's really amazing in this move button is that perfect what would would would his contemporaries thank you should just sort of the damage to it are you have the mentally now i'll know if you do but that's what he's doing i didn't buy think he wrote it for me is playing a character obviously not plano unwelcome rodya would any wrote it data woody allen film so now you know somebody out ok yes it's woody i felt so i've see if would if i ran out crying and what gives you now he rightly radioactivity out it's so obviously woody allen movie that basically owen in him agreed that he would do it as woody allen so it's like you yet do those movies anymore but he's two minutes head and also but what can we star and movies anymore people who want to see him anymore that whole with his daughter and is just it got so we with so many people that the regardless of what they're happy or not it's so tight boot taboo that these
of austria him they allow him to be behind the scenes but if he said in front of the camera like people really sketchy about unfortunately or fortunately could this one for him and yes we do should get on wilson do every fuckin movie and do it as woody allen and woody crank out a million fuckin hits there would be amazing i'm telling you this movie did not get nearly much credit illegal seven point seven the i am db eleanor that's good about but i thought it was it was a woody allen movie if you take a again some people are not willing to take away their feelings of him as an individual i need to know that russia has work i no i know there were some madness with him and his wife and the other no mention is wife yeah see you know woman makes it look like i know what was your name
woody allen and knows me affair me affair and look bans are couple finale would people who knows what the fuck the truth really is there but many people but ultimately he wound up leaving with her doktor yes i know that that's the you that's crazy man when he was with her from the time when she was like two don't you we finally have an opinion about that that's i knew where israel too that's fucked up here i mean i think they adopted her when she was a baby shoes wasn't his biological daughter so now it's true obviously judgment all the judgments oak judgment is fine but if it's not what if when he was a relationship with her is zone i realise it is where there are no you wouldn't you say is true or not if it's true it's definitely try to write that it's the moral judgments like if she became a woman and that's what she really wanted that's what he really want is that a bad thing we know everybody wants to decide that it is and i think you know ultimately
it's the snap judgment and that's the one that i would take i'll go always for concrete that's his daughter i hate to say this but when you were dealing with what you shouldn't shouldn't be able to do and if ultimately this is what to do people want to do it sounds suggesting to me i don't feel like its within my jurisdiction to tell adult people what they can and cannot do whether it's a brother and sister brother and sister in the forties new stars decide to start fighting each other why do i care the only reason why i would care as decided to make children and they can be some harm to the children why is it a war against them fucking each other i mean i don't want to do it's my sister i love my sister she's my sister they make me feel disgusting to have sex with her never thought about it once put it you do what do i give a fuck can i tell you why i don't care if i had delay guy called gun to my head garage ways better your way or the way we do it now that i always
they go on that way because every time we evolve we don't look past and make think we made any mistakes and you know i mean everyone in other one group we were to fair to who knows it just seems like it always the stories gonna be most likely everything you're saying in likes who knows what you will be like they'll be some are you aware that used to be wrong to date yeah i mean years that they would you know they'll tell the story and she about who you for not to me and its funding that mean you both need to say because it doesn't has it doesnt have interesting its respect if it's interesting though one of us to think of having sex with my brother pocket i don't get were met by the get by that's what else does they think well i wouldn't want have sex with that persons that must be gross that's what began so am i turning around doing that to another group right now i don't know but fuck it i'm errand on your side and gone leave everybody the farc alone i think is long you deal with two sober adults
whenever i'm high and i talk about seven get nervous that would be the one detail that i would look like an idiot if i go wait that was between this age analogy oh my god i know i was thinking of sending don't assaults and went consenting adults yeah eighteen it over you you know missed eggs from no mistakes your you certainly going to make them you're sponsible for a certain amount of your actions from certain aid new e should if it should be very difficult to trick you that's a witch do we try to make illegal the fuck you and it's really difficult to trick you really people should be able to fund until their thirty ok it should be illegal to fuck until under that standard petrified right now i'm sorry i wasn't listen and because i'm petrified the thing did i just say that be
gay was like fucking here brothers no no no you say that's how some people would feel about being gay the you you as a gay man repulsed by the idea of fucking your brother but some people would think about that as gay sex you know just just how rather than mr make it brother and sister reality no it's a perfect analogy because who why does anyone care what to people that are adults aside to do with its two women and men or for women in and six met who cares if they are all in agreement and the hour consenting everybody sober and mild and no one gets trip because there's plenty of people making psychological mistakes by who they date whether i was so other even if it's because it's a guy in a girl there there's another year amelia reasons so this is one more maybe you shouldn't do it invites them
i was sort of half we knew i was gonna get with the idea of someone being able to tell someone else what they should enjoy whether it sacks of music or anything right even if we wait if you if you are a person who likes getting here beat sucked you loved and everybody else thinks it's fuckin disgusting big somewhere else like sucking feet and you to get together that's awesome you know media might freak you out of that's your next door neighbor laggards just sucks feed all the time the goal of the guys houses feed all over the wall this fuckin feet phones he's just a crazy put sucker you know you know that you know what i sort of the one i should get from what you're saying right now is that like and its good i like to remind myself i think of myself leave everybody the fuck alone and don't judge rebuilding interest on late islam is a neighborhood house myself do we of course you can have a limitation is where you can see there is obviously that's too can indeed following adults man
be even though i think i'm open minded you write like that you know if i thought why make judgment on someone you right maybe or make stupid jokes like that or you are just talk ran around the foot saki what wonderful person he likes feet some people like second feet i don't know you didn't hear you know that it's where we all do it i think we do it also because we're in secure and because it's also not even make necessarily in its is a jump reaction that people have to someone is very different from them and guess what have you found it out and i'm saying maybe someone hearing this we like in order to do that but now i'm not going to here's what it is like you gonna be that personally goes for no reason at all he soon found out about the person two years later we are still going yeah he's a good guy found slogan feed how do you know some picture got publish did you not why would you want to prevent what is to keep telling everybody here why do you not only sucking feed onawandah below when they get nervous
nature me that's a joke i was doing a sketch several feet god you are you you had a picture was an old ass an hour dish and that means that this is due to the various wanna jesus some leaving eminently the dominant leave more people alone all i wanted to a dozen it's fine you not alienating anybody will foot soldiers earlier that i as a small segment you dont have to worry could laugh at that's my rule like i think i do how did hear that like someone did succeed listen to this area and last year i think they're gonna be invented i think we're pretty much given the green light thank you were given everybody the green light you not hurt anybody out but it's one things were like
we're told someone that you're like a certain thing and they go fuck and socks but it doesn't suck to me do you know i like it i actually do like it i like this band i like that will you food sake so many things that we're comfortable to talk that we don't like no one has to be lie they like italian food but some areas sickly him she put you like can't get the fuck out of here you can t get mad at you you like empty and i'm gonna buy it i like it still is leave me alone normally would you brought your legitimacy over there it would never do that someone goes you gotta you like it when people like to read is a little tricky ready total duty y y know red car he read a sports car i was wondering if never at government level college one now you're going about getting a red core college over i still get silly like white white we're gonna car proportion and is it of kuwait
but ass i was going to say is that afford door now known but they make those now i know i know here's the thing i thought like you know when you don't know i don't know like it seems to be good person i knew that likes portions like no that's not cool and then i thought out of people think they're not cool but not knowing i just saw one as i thought like only you neither typical easily like just like us sudan yeah did knows a poor little i look there's a problem that people have with rich people items like that and that they are a magical dismiss them as being a do she thing to have two sony do she people on them the reality is what they are as marvels of engineering there these amazing creations by these geniuses and artisans to me that's what it is an expression of our its geometric are its functional mechanical art they figured out the biggest exciting exhilarating thing that performs in a way that other cars don't and it looks great
the cool sleek like it i like the way they designed it i think it's a beautiful piece of engineer you know twenty mention that because their sunday i probably do like i sometimes like we ve talked about on the show that i wouldn't want to pull up there's a lot of where i do my show i learned on these cars there are so many that i fucking love like i could just at the sight lines are morbidness uv guy i think but i can good so many those but i wouldn't i wanted the improv because i have said this on my showing go because i don't know you but what the fuck y y know and that's it exactly the opposite of what i preach to duty and i prejudge i prejudge yet we still but but i know that's person might drive it up for the same reason i sit upstairs and looked down at the cars and go far look at that one that we over we touch in the paint feels different things but yet i would be afraid to do it can i have your could your rogaine these inside of its causes
both gloomily little exposed drive around with that convertibles the one i'm crazy joe rogan job me it's all right paint whenever fuckin colleague illegal taboo machine i've got a job rogue in this inside of its consulate blowing bottles gloomily little tat glass ladies and gentlemen spot and would talk to you know this is usually when winter you are present i thought you might like an old porch anymore it's gonna get that is blaming me i mean s technically by doom bug you with a full role age i wanted i was so jealous my neighbour when someone had doom buggy disguised doom buggy at the bottom of the ocean so this is the yap beetle cage car where they can drive around on the bottom of the ocean
other to larry s ears a caged sharks can kill him that's incredible oh my god what a genius idea would have a little shark swims in their bite you written a dick is playing a holding out a fortunate thing that crazy yet i will mean weapons and kevlar will you do i've i've you know the whole seaworld thing that's going on the hate it have you i hate the idea i've spent too much time paying attention to killer whales and dolphins and reading about them i hated it was issued its slavery it's late ray to an alien animals we all understand what do you do with people that like if they can look there some things i do that made me hypocritical i woman i'm asking you to help me find the fight what do you do it this is you know someone other what about so i agree with the agreed one hundred percent safe no come on
like what the way we will treat them as the way we treat each other it's more than that even if it is not that it has to do with it but it does even if it ended right there that animals pain and it didn't effect quitting wonder right so i want to do the same thing with the meat just because i'm lazier whenever it is right now but that's not also if you have the ability to do that you're not bring in homer good energy to your kids those people that fuckin do that they go the children they passed to some vile and unaware of a human thing to log in now what do i do with people to go you mean that's the way it was set up till now is this i go i dont want to be a smoker that smokes and because i can't quit i wanna be the smoke i was used to smoke and while i smoke databases such as i knew it was violent disgusting i didn't why dont have the ability to quit so i may put and give a public outward thing of going you know you have you can you can either candy bars tuna in others that right and i quit i just called it vile and that led to meet quitting one day right
so i want to do the same thing with the meat just because i'm lazier whatever it is right now and i might be partaking in some of that slaughtering whereas in the way i eat every day it doesn't the gate that i know it's wrong right and see world thing like come on in tat can someone think that's ok joe and some of your listeners you know might disagree with us just like the sea world thing you just when you hear the facts and the size and you get it it's a math up and that they take so take away from its family in all and what listening person or not i mean that wholeheartedly and sitting home going would see world come on now europe too ridiculous it's worse than prison ok because is being imprisoned by an alien species present at least you could talk to the guards it's an insane relationship that they have those killer whales have with those trainers and its the atrocious the ideas insane their incredibly intelligent they have a very complex language that we can't decipher they have different accents
different regions they recognise each other they have very tight knit colonies stay together forever we just kidding appreciate the way they live their life but their work old is a magical wonderland were there the top dog of the sea they kill sharks man they got there now killer whale because they kill whales they kill small whales they'll gob till i got a humpback we'll have a child and they'll tearing apart is i watched a horrible video over the other day with these would mean like to think of orchids is being these like really sweet things jumped for fish their murderous machines when they're out there in the wild they killed dolphins on a regular basis but for them the spoils of the real world that's how they got to the top of the food chain by being these ruthless super intelligent motherfuckers that live in this play ground of the ocean and they each they i grew up and down the coast near dunce over thousands and thousands of years until this in tiny blip in time this
does generalised age is age of aquariums as age were they figured out how to capture this fucking things and stuff i'm into fuckin swimming pools it is slavery it should be highly illegal the people that want to do it what should should without doubt they should tax them out a fuckin business there should be no way you should be able to profit of making a thing and making it do tricks and when you find out how they train them and you do here the things they do the isolate them and put him in small tanks they put it's way crazier than putting a person in solitary confinement they have more stuff together physically they can't fucking move they wonder biting each other an aggravation its slavery it's the slavery of a non human but equal level intelligence we have this idea that just because they can alter their environment with their fingers that their right to intelligent but that's all biases their insanely intelligent in fact their cerebral cortex
forty percent larger than a human beings that we don't know what the fuck there go what's going on in there my but their absolutely aware that what we're doing them is not what they want they want to be back in free and just you charge monies what's gonna go to conservation you know it also go to conservation awareness let people know what tangible antonio peaceable donate but wait whenever i hear more on podcast where will ask those type of questions i go who always go if i had a show and pivotal you do of chicago yet but i mean got near the people that i want asked two questions not come nobody has told them yet in better way than could tell ass this but no one i've never asked so one interviewer when their interviewing these people that say what we give a lot of money would you would you be able to molest a group of children but then give seven million dollars a year to the cause of molestation turkmenistan erase it know it's like they think they're such at length doktor vehicles of paper argument later you're making an argument that's not really being had like you're tryin accolade the argument is why do you
give money to the well that's the argument also for hunting the art meant for hunting is that when you hunt either hunters pay for tags those tags pay for conservation and in fact hunters do put like better they there's more money that comes to conservation for preserving animals that come from hunting that i think or any other source is hunting bad no no not only is it not bad it's important or that's what i thought so too is the levels of the com if you ve ever been on a road like wisconsin or some shit like that like late at night demands that a cripple and die unless you introduce predators into the environment unless you introduce wolves which is equally dangerous were starting to see the results of that results people that are getting attack by walls a guy hunting with his friend and they had a fight off fuckin wolf pack has really recently and there we're trying to fight over an l carcass and it becomes a real issue and they they dominate areas and they don't take kindly to some new hunter coming in there's a video i put up on twitter
guy runs into wolves while elk hunting i put up a what ago just look up on youtube ran into wolves while l cog elk hunting and theirs i'm always spot on crazy video these dude elk hunting in these wolves around them people in them are women in shit it's fucking eerie and they like oh shit they have guns were not freaking out too much but d like oh shit this is crazy like the wolves following them looking around adam i like it you want over there and they would one would run through the in front of them it was really folk and weird coyotes that's what we see in los angeles whereas it wolves ionian when i see a coating on my street if it its anywhere near my house and especially in front of the house i will read if the money i would go check in a hotel cuz always afraid and out of the car they're gonna be lurking out of every tree round my house so it's like i just picture that i get creep and i the ilo
bolt from my house my front door you should they give me the book will guide you get bitten colorado a guy got attacked by code is at a bus stop i liked her large eyes and wolf hunting surrounded by wolves with a bow that's this is the first one university this brian just hunting yeah listen fuckin sounds these things are making these guys we're out their hunting and the wolves started circle in them and finding out where they were and like communicating with each other they lou would like one of them would pop out and they were like staring at the dunes and then they would go through the forest another one will come from a different direction there all making these crazy noises man it's really fucking bad ass their hungry and very oh they'll kill you for sure if they think they get away with it but they very aware these deeds and so there there let these dudes know why they have their guns now their bows and arrows how different or they from this sketchy dana much much bigger much better
much stronger much scarier much smarter i owe you ok islet goldfish none and sneaky fox man they're very i figure out how to get overs over and citizenship figure out a lot of ways to get into your they get into my argument they got into my own rather over the big one yeah so he's up blowing in elkhorn to try to get them to come over and that might have been what they responded to in the first place they blow these horns of a sound of two different ones one of them that sounds like a male elk which is kind of scary the another one that sounds like a female or a baby that's what brings around so these guys are really soon have walls around the goes around right now they get their making these still these financial system making these calls cuz their elk hunting going to get an elk but you're not gonna get now right now because his wolves everywhere theirs thing going on right now in part of the country where they re introduced wolves because the
population the decimated so they reintroduce wolves but they used a larger canadian wolf silica you know like using germans instead of pygmies and like they're both wolves but one of them the mother fucker that gets to be about two hundred pounds and so these things these big ass wolves have been decimating these elk populations so that's your options if hunting if you dont want hunting you have to bring in wolves i'd say we're probably safer with the hunting know i always knew benefactor surprise as i always thought i couldn't hunt myself but i always knew that i thought that that was always a good way like that's that's it that's an earnest and animal has a life doesn't suffer i know i couldn't they get killed but do you talkin about in the plants where an animal's whole light the dates killed is the best dates life and not only that the other life is absolutely you know absolutely wild as nature intended nothing changes until that one moment and ragged shot or so it is the freest a free range possible and a lot of times have never seen a person before
a lot of times also you're dealing with environment especially i went hunting in montana and they lose a giant amount every year just they freeze to death they get killed by predator they face death or they get lame and if they get lane they get killed by predators mean that their a lot of different predators in that area we found mountain line shit and was a log of mount line shit and was filled with hair so dear deer so vague that's how they get the girl the freeze the death of a chill by mountain lines the knock i make no one makes it no one no dear die of old age doesn't happen doesn't exist so it's just a matter of who kills them whether its predator whether its human this fuckin thing is dying you know there's a horrible weren't you know i didn't realize what you just said until i don't remember what year was ruined my adult life like ours this visualize you know of visualizing animal certain age girl go what you just said i sort of realised what am i went all they did you any
mean suggestively analogue do not have no one will know making names you know be elephants leaves and we saw so just and i don't know if you know the fino just get me in the right area be happy like so let's say you're gonna wanna pickin animal too far with problems a deer live of its lucky it gets five years and to be really lucky that are mainly lucky superman and now as it gives like six and seven they get old and haggard and then some take them out either they break a leg hop an offence and the freeze to death that happens all the time all the time especially northern areas or predators get they break a leaden california then going to war to death but you know they'll probably get killed by something that comes along it finds them you now they say it's cool shades true yeah nature be cruel natures as you ve talking as you too they have this i never think of as i forgot about the they get all they fall overtake nature can be fucking
finally there is also the amount of limited food supply depending upon the area that's one of the things that conservationists do best and including these game wardens and other the fish and game they figure how much land there is how much food there is how many animals can be sustained and then what is the population and then they release tags based those estimate so it the whole idea behind it as men populations and they pull the pull hunting back if there's a sort of a problem of this any species are being extent in fact like bighorn cheap we're in montana these fuckin things are everywhere else everywhere if you went hunting for dear but well where there was some more sheep than we saw dear but it's really hard to get a sheep tag to kill a sheet even though there's a lot of them because they trying to build up population because they they were decimated at one point tat it was also visit they went with his wolves there's well montana
there's carruthers coyoats there's more lives there's plenty of predators out there so they didn't necessarily need humans to take care of this population they want to build it out to substantial sized see that nevada as well what the most remote sensing a weird question but what's the most amount of animals you you know i mean like what you could say fifty four hundred were running together in nature not only the elk you can see hundreds have you know i've never seen it but in colorado there's a town called evergreen and we were visiting and there's this area of evergreens where this main street is and they have a phone i think it's under webs treat their website what's the most you ve ever seen seemed several like dear together like foreign five dear together the think probably the most diverse and i've seen many times i've seen moose seen from five moose total in our but not more than who together i've never seen a moose
i saw no anyway and we were saying disregard what we were talking about the moose how we thinking or we think of that cartoon moser we actually think into the real moose and we decided that no even the real moose got some crazy characters yeah like you know i mean obviously amplify but even the russo we pulled one up online as i said earlier that looks like someone that shouldn't be real i thought so and told me that the nose the law for the nose did you tell me there's no the law the nose is because it warms the air up before it gets to the brain is your dealing with something so fucking called the air so fucking cold they have their long nose as they breathe in the air it gets heated up slowly along the way before it gets to their head because they deal with like
de below zero rather than a hybrid that's what we're i forget about that we're due moose where the asker their level ask not eleven montana too in colorado whereas the summons someone had moose droppings that they had discovered today they get into colorado theirs most several states several states but in alaska plentiful really plentiful i wonder know i mean keep in mind like you know that a lot of people aren't that break lot or but rather more so these are the ones and talking like how many border with moose killings when people people would see would be higher than other animals has done people going to moves and not getting its of roche's animal people ever get to be near misses their people die in moose taxol atossa true yeah maybe someone died recently in anchorage on the school campus a moose gonna kill somebody panic and stop you to death if there were there baby all in vain of his the happy moose and i can't imagine them in a fit of while twice
we stumbled upon moose that had a child and we were super care for a bit there to gm rights of the child is big like like a fucking great dane already though it's yeah the size of a great now but it was when we saw it was it was obviously a baby but it was still was a big fucking animal and even those maybe but the mother was huge the mother was absolutely massive and she just locked eyes with us they're pretty acclimated to human beings and their they're pretty sure of when people danger someone there not but they also know that this occurs a bang sound that comes from people and then one of the friends disappears light there where the not sure what the fuck is going on but aware of how can people in our view if you ever in a place it has a lot of hunting pressure the deer super skittish but when you're in garlic bolder colorado we drive around dear just chillun on a corner like as the cars go back and forth a ten point buck just chill the core eating grass cars
fuckin foreign around all around him didn't you packages zero pressure from hunters and they said yeah they acclimate right i mean budget boulders crazy i've never in a place like that i got out with my kids and you know i'm a made sure that i stood in front of them if the dear got very sketchy but usually they run away did not do not try to be aggressive and the males especially when they're looking for girls that's and they can be dangerous towards the winter towards the fall the rot when they start getting really horny if you get caught block dear the fuck you up i wouldn't cared little chicken of if i could drive in the car would appreciated by a summer i would to be near it i'm scared you know and we should be it's a healthy intelligence is when it is every time i see up you don't like it makes me personally of yourself you ok i'll take it does not why do we not need a distraction newscast her hair yet would you just shut up and not a logo on or something
oh it doesn't the audience see this now the audiences no matter what we just don't see there you yeah i do now what i'm just saying about the the oh yes when i go to d c where there's a lot of monuments in the squirrels are used to people yea area like tat if i see it from a distance but will you there's no more squirrels unlike arrowhead what is not weird when you mean i almost when somebody said and i went now there's maybe less i don't know no more squirrels and then i have somebody there was something that happened five years ago or seven years ago with some disease it was up there west nile type i think that's what it was a map but it's the only like you know when we hear about like from you know i always just fear about do you know like so when they are trying to save certain animals they not off the hunting in certain areas or would try not to kill wales or in all that right but it was for such aid to see an example of it to go after i realise that i would start no
sing i you know their score maybe there's let notion well then if it does not exist like it shows you like the magnitude of wages that's what happens in other animals i love notice it or from a disk for so to my mom had a squirrel but she new that when it was at a certain age had to let it go she's like smart enough you're not gonna be one of those people with an animal the belongs in nature but she nurses to health she found it in a garage and then she just let alone a patio but it wouldn't go anywhere and it would just stay there and you know i forget what happened every time i've told the story two times and each time i forget what happened what she had for a long though she gave to a friend couldn't i wouldn't leave her house and she couldn't take it anymore why your directorate became the mama am i a thing and then after that i don't know about it by bus getting
why would i forget that its excellent we're thing that happens with wild animals don't you take him in is that to reintroduce him back to being a while the super difficult they grew up getting food for free now we gotta go look for you that's why it is it is what you should do squirrels visions of the road and world oh they don't you we naturally not that's why they're so sweet that's why you have to worry about them those concede everything shit daily condoms though you deca errors in front of a rather assholes to me what you just go the genoa see now look by see any road and i get a little freaked out but when i see a rat new york sitting here's what i think of their bellies filled with trash they found our fellow dead rats yet only lead other ral fuck yarly well wrapped in siena didn't see no and i have read my garage rat probably put my garbage in my garage before we put it outside and
rats this apartment those hills up there and then see no they're infested with rats and this fact i go to bed i get up in the morning in it's gone the only thing that's left is its tail they didn't meet the tale they'd everything the third mrs about twelve inches long there was a huge wrath rat splat everywhere it was it got a big ass rat trap and adjust smash his head and kill them but it was so big and i went out there was like oh i was caught freaked out why said ok in the morning i a bachelor lazy bitch i shut light off i shut the door i go to bed i get up in the morning in it's gone the only thing left is its tail they didn't meet the tail aid everything else they ate the whole rat they found now they felt they found i was fresh meat there was there buddy goods goes dick anyone it's easy and they ate him and that's rats or scary i don't even wait for you to be cold before the you of your their friend they cannibalize like on the nash its normal that's how the
by this no like stigma about why would he do in squirrel this girl puts golf kennedy took a squirrel out of another guys boy was does it have a squirrel his pants regulate just get that's great voting is pretty nice about about the fucking swirl of my friends maybe there's a girlfriend is never surrender offering i think that's his girlfriend she's a squirrel over peter working say yes acceptable rodent mean you can have a pet rat don't get me wrong guinea pigs little sketchy but squirrels like their free and while but you did your view that the only rodents we see in the while we go up to which one squirrels resided rude about and we have this that chile is thursday i'll say it does exist their tail chimings are actually even cuter adore but when i was in boulder there was a lot of chipmunks out there and we will get worse double by them is no we don't get into again same thing but today eat
same thing ratsey added no no no no the chip monks varied nuts knots in the the rats or maybe just maybe if they will need so much trash we wouldn't maybe we should tell them stop eating trash and people be scared he will they carry diseases to they absolutely care diseases they carry rabies it wasn't in rats have submitted the black play debt research that once i don't think i could i know i couldn't that's the thing i couldn't if i buy set a rat trap i could never go near them like they used chicken in the world that stuff and i hate it like i hated one time i saw bird fly into a pool at a house for ass those living in when i first mozilla and the jump it got into the water and i could run and save it and i couldn't it was a bird i we have reached in and gotten it and i couldn't so i screwed yet for somebody else my hey cool down little pool there's a burgess fluent in nepal and at that because i was
scared shitless to go over and touch the birth other people walk over scooped up like that about my you should go to where you should volunteer for illegal patting zoo get over that share one the betting really practical animals through so numb need to hang out with leg while he's down i was gonna save crocodile hunter really how bad it was a dream but i like it may not be screwed so this is this the black death which is the this is the rat disease killed an estimated seventy five to two hundred million people i'm peaking in europe through the years one thousand three hundred and forty eight to one thousand three hundred and fifty although as several competing theories as to thee it at all ariel ology ye i t i oh oh oh gee i'm one of the active death analysis of dna from the victims of northern and southern europe published in two thousand ten and eleven indicates that the pathogen responsible
but blood year she now perceive actor had somebody rats spread for through rats trend out what i hear this ok it was carried from fleas actually that lived in the rats oriental rat fleas that work living on black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships so it spreads throughout the mediterranean in europe that's why they were so scared rats and black death decimated you ready for this thirty two six sixty percent of yours total population the time so the reason they have this reputation food some of the other airlines sixteen percent of their total population imagine something came along and wiped out six ten of all of us
you should have a mean a reputation and does oh my god you're a rat words are that bad as you mean despicable it should be very bad janina levity she just be that you told on somebody you read my arm i think that's gonna listen all in all the plague reduce the world population from an estimated four hundred and fifty million down to three hundred and fifty million in the fourteenth century years this fourteen centre thirteen hundred so he killed that's insane man it killed a hundred million people at least seventy five to two hundred million people that's insane so hard for me even think about those years in an apparently lasted forever i mean it couldn't cure things back then would last for years and years and years nears nears people kept dying of these horrible fuckin disease and some people had barely get through it and there
noone system should strengthen and some people just can drop off like flies did you know the washing of you know your hands over there was sort of not agreed upon by first i babies were giving birth they didn't surgery and wash their hands and it was almost like the people it wash their hands that's what i'm saying joe everything leads down to the same thing just as people didn't do it like there's those today don't be on the wrong side gives you every time in history look stoop there was a group of people arguing over washing your ends where there's that thing today so err on the right side of the story is going to be about what a more on you work with this word weird denial about global warming that to me is absolutely fascinating cause it's really one of the few arguments have anything to do with nature and the new of the world have these ideas is tat to a liberal ideologies and conservative ideologies battling it out and when i
here conservative people say that it has been proven that humans are responsible for global warming that it's just a cycle of life often times i talk to them and they are even paying attention to the actual effects of global warming they have as vague idea of what the impact global warming is their main concern is defending conservative business practices and conservative ideologies and that's like where they go to immediately to strengthen up the gate and battle down for argument and it's the ok we'll who could do for those who do it look at what open it how much do you know about what's happening and that's when you kids miniscule these people have very little idea for the most part people like really passion about the subject sure there's a few experts other disagree the right now but i'm just saying that by my personal experience a lot of people i meet and opinion onyx i'm not a fucking climate scientists but i've talked like twenty five year old guys they now they're like in a hard ass is like look for it
earth temperatures been trajan fer you know a million years it goes up and down the dinosaurs live in a totally if that doesn't matter you know it hurts me now do we know these to be an ice age to do you know that you know that half a north america was unwilling a mile high she device but we do know is happening right now for sure well but it ll amiss in this might be a notion of a thing isn't the argument you would think on the on the people to think that's it lets us do what we need to do to do whatever we can do isn't what you should do the same whether you believe in we could change it or whether you can't let's say you think you can change it we can't fix it you would still one of respect the planet will were here so you cannot believe in it and still respect i don't understand what the argument is to not acknowledge because the whole fight till i try to be more aware of how much gas we use in writing the ultimate goal to prove that it's happening this year might does that make you need to know i told him i thought we were trying to prove let's
we use less because look the global warming is our way approving it may be making people believe it so that's so where i'm confused so even if it's not even if we can't perverse it what's downside of doing everything they say to do right at making the downside is that businesses would have to change some of their parameters like car businesses you know what do they do they have coal burning plants where they do like there's a real problems in parts of china that the pollution has gone so bad from coal burning that they lay low we can't go outside there was this insane video that they that was on tv the other day they pull a sub smog in china itself it's fuckin knots man these people are walking down the street and they d of their their faces covered with like masks and stuff no trudging through and it looks like therein they apocalypse movie i mean it's worse than the road
gloomy look that mood the road this gloomy apocalyptic world this is way worse than people live yeah dude it's insane like you couldn't make a movie like this unless you added in later because you couldn't expect to actors to work and economic conditions of no later than the apocalypse they have that whereas this china look at that long right no doubt they can't live long at all it's just too it's killing them for sure there's no doubt about it is no doubt about it's killing people at a rapid pace it's probably taking dec aids after life really smog level shut down city of harbin this is it pull up brian lab smog in china and it's the first video and under videos in google is fuckin crazy man you see people walked on the street you like oh my god you naughty fox have poisoned your city to the point where people can even breathe the air and still ever tolerating still everyone
its jobs still everyone needs to feed their kids latest let these businesses continue to operate the way they are everything they should divide other food everything should be shut down for a fuckin month does lead to our clear out jesus christ look what you're doing pull up the video brian look with there you're doing look at this look at this time glass ok wanted member to look behind you look behind you look behind you could see it this is fucking mad now i saw this this is incorrect apple incredible man know what was to be no more than twenty the thing about three hundred is considerable and i'm so that that makes sense that will he's describing what's wrong with the content organization recommends daily levels of particulate matter with the diameter of two point five micro metres to be no more than twenty anything above three hundred is considered dangerous levels around a thousand were recorded in some parts of heaven
schools were shut and the airport was closed way what school hardliners home to some eleven million of them are nowadays this little girl and i'm really california people understand that we learn nowadays snow days is a great thing ever number that ninety eight hundred and one one hundred and two hundred and three and will be built shut the fuck up you would call a number the added number to call for school closing when would tell you all the school clothings into recording that where these tweet it probably shows a problem within the parents email just on a mass emailed all students that such a great want to think of like oh shit that a second fuckin snow days some did you that i never like school you know you don't realize the yellow buzzer stomach ache what
university of iowa teacher teacher assistant sent out her whole entire class was pushed this year and out like the answer sympathy but sent out of her boyfriend masturbating websites the disaster hit i'll i'll websites sees what happens when you fuck around with email you don't know you do and the snow days were fuck and also the ones and do you think that woman i'll i did on purpose no do you think she should get fired me why should she what would you think the masses thing is a yak immune ashore people are demanding a judge democrats is taking a picture reminded in so what yes definitely an accident and obviously she's problem unless you can love we might be wrong or can we be assuming its an accident and she might be just be like really a crazy attention person is like the way i wanna get attention on the sand pictures of me jerk off that's why
horse we limit that but that and i am we shouldn't necessarily zone should leave all possibilities of milk as we already know her i mean we limited when we're deciding if it's all right or not weeks yeah yeah excluding yeah now her story holds true but an yes of course you should keep her job peter so fuckin judgmental and hypocritical she's a woman who i mean to be rude depending upon of course or actual performances teacher which assume she was a great teacher a visit
a teacher also loves playing with her pussy what are you give a shit like what you know the parents that would have a real problem of that you're completely unrealistic and if she's playing with her pussy she's having fundamentalists gonna be nicer to this isn't masturbating so why she feels good it's her pussy she's off work you now snow sitting on it s a decades you gonna wants me jerk off hoof further definitely kiss i totally fucked really beat that thing up a lot of people more general and their right to go with extra figure this unjust tellin you no one can teach you there's burma teach it we don't tell your parents spent my hands i feel dirty i just really be
it upside aside opportunity speed bags dvd to love you you are or what are you writing to things down only think they're telling me you did that little first of all this is all in the realm of the in real life which will never happen what do you think you know enough about enough about therapy i bet you can get pretty fucking close to what we kids would do if you did exactly that in front of virgil due to what point would they go and make and she doesn't with their pants on so it's not as gross when we're imagining it
well i wouldn't i wouldn't say pants on i would say no panty skirt kids do seriously not to be funny but worrying out they would free get rather dry cry girls would scream and this is not wrong that i warrant asking is known around and i don't think they say you horror i rings in some girls it would say or girl and i grew up with would say you or what age we were you fourteen target but eyes oh yeah they would definitely no that's on ya think it that's what it's like that i brought this i think is an important rather viewpoint gentlemen media answer made me look crazy no no no no no i didn't know because if if good question ok notes if it's interesting it's weird what would you do would you do you think take out i do say that though but i think you might be like the desire to get close to her if like this is happened more than once ok in high schools more than once some young attractive teacher has
with two or more boys from school either on campus like locking the door or taken back to your apartment it happens it happens all the time the habits of and say all the time but it happens chattering several times in history or hearing about it more more it's probably been half a dozen or so that's being really conservative examples of this that have made it onto the news so we know that people are doing it in a we know that we it's not like so to say that someone sends these naked pictures themselves whoopsies i don't know what i did but she could be some crazy freak it wanted to beat off in front of class
they didn't want or two and she's like what you have said yes she really did send it to everyone or oh she wanted to do that to not do it lie but denies could have been i'm not accusing yeah obviously i i i do not know what her motivation was or if it was actually an accident but if it wasn't an accident it is possible that there is a person out there not saying it's her there are some person a person is willing to fuck every football player school and she's a do not twenty eight year old that's happened before a person like that out there is also a person that'll just email pussy out during a whoop see all my goodness it you see my pussy did you like it what did you think about i didn't mean as entity but another some pussy would you think by the way you basically in life get one freebie
after that thank god for keeping exercise it again i can't believe i accidently sent my policy to everyone again for the first time you are clear record i think everybody the benefit of the doubt they should you can you imagine but the way wearily saying the one percent chance that it happened with some create or three percent because we know ninety seven percent she's horrified she's a decent person that just got out it's like fuck and then there's people to judge you wishing you don't wanna be that got accolade we definitely or take a brain will be ripe rogan is my will ask him what he thinks of the new health care programme and we come back and get in the love above and i liked at clarifying your point is very important to you like me it is not as i waited all its thoughtful i think you very thoughtful about it yeah i try to like yeah it's the it seems like i go backwards sometimes now mean you sometimes you just thinking about things like you don't you shouldn't odd merrick automatically have a very fully formed opinion on certain subjects everybody thinks suppose do and if you don't you're an idiot but this
nothing wrong with not having a fully formed opinions on these your honest about it i always say that always say the same thing again lose your careful to say like because and i do i try to go look i'm still taken in stuff because i think it lessens the anger of people at home that really genuinely might know you're wrong yes i feel like they always tell them be comforted because if i get an email nuts intelligent and somebody breaks it down you know what i think the first i already emailed it educates may i go only i i wanted to an earlier podcast cuz i want come back home to tone you didn't think about that rights are knowing that i will do that always let me think ok i'm comfortable to sometimes speak before i have formulated my opinion yeah important i think in its import to be honest about what you actually know what you don't know there was one of the funny things about this midnight paris movie was that his wife in the movie was there was a guy on the clear was like super intellectual guy was like you know judging wines and whose real dude and throughout the film
he saw woody allen like woody allen character like a battle with the sky about like fact and and deal with his by but that by bullshitting him now so i think i think it's in port to let people know what you actually do now and worse movie it was perfect it was funny but really i was always pretending that he had facts in have was at that they're not argue with this guy about some things that he had nature is really find it was funny because you didn't laws you're gonna do come back is what a great and that that movies outweigh now yes by watched it our plane but it's two thousand eleven movies you could probably get it on you now probably get on apple tv or something that we all loans we ve all done we ve all done that yeah especially the young bullshit you your brains out somebody posted on the message board night in the pollution and
aging is pretty much identical in pittsburgh had in sixty years ago and posted these photos that's crazy but that could be fun i'm assuming its not though there's that there's a jesus christ yet that's real that's nineteen what sixty years ago what's the guy's name vinegar taster they are linked to an article one was pittsburgh not long a world as nuts oh my god look at it on a map that look at it from the sky that's insane or a guide over the when you look at it from when you look from the top like from an airplane it looks like a big boy a cloud or a great cloud over the city that's it nana sought any more men they cleaned
the ball my turn good or my half of its burden drew near range is it because it's like the still sitting in their private schiller to steal factories and stuff like that prohibitions that it now i would imagine yeah imagine that's a lot of what the pollution is you don't ever there's too that in the past a member in school oh it s my teacher kazoo i visualize i had no concept of the thirteen hundred so it asker any time we talked about and hear her if there were stores that is it my head that's me and i think she was always very nice to me but i think after why stop asking here because where their stores than the wonders even had locks back then they must have raised myth marksman able but what they have wondered ok let's find out what was the invention of the lock these others keys x you know when you go to a hotel they still have the old key in areas like really you don't have a key korea that's it we're isn't it plays an arsenal to guarantee is
ok the history of locks and need to know this ok ready this the first serious attempt to improve the security of the lock was made in seventeen seventy eight the fur lock was asked well ready for this estimated before a thousand years ago it was a foreigner to opinion tumblr type of lock a common dipshit locked for the time that's insane lock work using a large wooden bolt secure a door which a slot with several holes in its upper surface in the holes were filled with wooden pegs that prevented the bolt from being opened so that was the first invention of the law proving people that have been stealing shit for years but there's no here to go now stealing about also figure figuring out they do you need a gang of people working on this kind of stuff in order to get things happening you know if you gotta figure out how to make a wheel or make a call
or maybe you need a lot of other fuckers do knows how to make tyres figured out how to make robber you need to do to understand suspension components needed due to understands combustion engine how do you get that into a card may go we need a transmission guy has a lot of different variables and one person's duck an inventor car here but even with a yellow that's funny to think about like someone i dont think about back then process goes into it like someone invented the wheel because that was the forward think of that time where was he writing is stuff download what year was that we understand that when invention the wheel so that they didn't have run they couldn't have written then by the way my history is atrocious so if i ask any questions like what or i might be beaten inopportune to be an expert rush talk and thank you came in time is we all right i don't know man is a good question that's what i'm saying you know i always picture the worst for some reason in my head though that every listener like even i know i'm crazy is this now he's talking about
it goes down the back i do will these images of it is as recently or as far back as two thousand five hundred pc for that was for what for four wheel the invention of the wheel the earliest well dated depiction of a wheeled vehicles the earliest three thousand three hundred fifty bc it's a clay part that has wheels ok i'm not even joking when i ask this even though you would think the answer would be no about by better be wrong for thinking that the guy where whatever you got things around before that probably thought the guy with the wheels crazy but given that he and his head or like now hard to imagine someone understanding a wheel well that's that's a pretty pretty fucking credible it would have the old woman was a square and then these guys i eyelids it's a start digging their goody retraction you need to take a break in any
that's where the jewish starting from today drove around it put it on a stuck in a guy sat down in the middle and fuckin guy pushed him was great for plough field you'd tell the soil as he drove it was getting yourself around these stars david's until someone say hey i would just make you fuckin around man in this fucking guy knows everything how we gonna blow the fields of we have well we'll what you guys just driving around like an asshole who would woody do you gonna make roads everywhere is that what you're gonna do you're not going that you're not going to do anything that's going to they're going to make your own road how many rows do you think they're going to be stupid that is you think the world's going to be covered with roads all over the place we could just drive your stupid fucking car that doesn't even drive over logs there's a large everywhere how to make roads everywhere that's a stupid invention
so they probably gonna forget this everywhere work at a year getting your horse and shut your fuckin hall is as good as we got brow worrying to see what you really interesting did they just take horse pass and just kind of madame wider now they had to fuck you re use tools there's a lot of times these tools me you look it also those old california roads were you're going up the coast the utility carved in other words that of the row the wall though it carved curve tunnels are ignoring california especially it holds true though through the buildings its authority through the rocks and we're talking time ago who did they should a long time ago they carve pass around mountain tops too three hundred years ago did it along ass time ago they did before there was any cars they did it was wagons they were just they were they would read the ground they would cut it nino smash it down and roll it with things they pulled things with horses they try to get the groundless softened or as a flat and straight as possible but barely namely
it like here's where the food is here's where we go to sleep and this is where we gonna work let's get this than this and then everybody stay in that area are you kidding go anywhere back then you can get your fuckin horse and buggy and go to arizona where'd you get the key elements are gonna go to california for the weekend you receive those bells on the side of the one a wine have you ever seen it there's a bit these bells are like they just hanging on the side of them when a wine in your diane because that wing every mile really yet and it's like i always wondered what it was and that's the actual original path the day they had dug now finding him the bells there and that was when was hoarse and buying buggy they made some roads and horse and buggy but you know people live the coast
that's all there is some some towns in the middle or somehow and other people got there because the trains or something along those lines but when it was both pre train like way way back seventeen hundred than they can in boats let me ask you this then select let's say this bizarre they start this village somewhere in iraq was there's still a hierarchy of who doesn't do as much work as other people are of course i'm sure that's always existed this clear easy to think so what like the exertion harsenet would stop and not maybe they get the right the horse on me like a may pretend job i think people died off easier that way because people who want to breed with them and i think it's it's it's certainly always been a look down upon aspect of people personality but it's also super fucking common while lazy bitches out there is a lot of people i don't understand how that being lazy like that is so bad for you and everywhere unity ever achieve anything you ever want to u never gonna meet your expectations you never gonna improve in
i feel like a real sense of like accomplishing things aegis lazy you never gonna put it you never gonna really go for it and that's it's it's there for you to see so they could see a gross it looks to other people so when you meet someone i thank you you meet someone is troubled often times that that's one of the best things you could see without having to go through it yourself if you plot what you see what makes weird it feel weird about don't remember who said this i think was mark twain or one of those guys he said a fool learns from the mistakes that he makes a wise man learn from the mistakes of others i love those was agreed if their great because they say so much now that's a big one and i was when i was a great long enough i think it was mark twain enemy who the fuck now was might have been benjamin franklin somebody it's an old bad mother fucker lived a long time ago wrote shit crappy paper
is it did you ever even think or would even be something you'd want to think of if somebody said like you know what's a quote you know you can get it to go down either a wall a close and they call you and you get to have one you caught up there with all the golden river picket over a million oh that's right you can't pick you'd never actually giving yourself a nickname rahul outta the comedy medicine man hey i envy and feathers had to do a charming ceremony comicality medicine man we can't nickname is joseph those guys got some thought my thing be that's why both bothers me there's somebody in the business and maybe we can pick your own quotes any can i want to state is one thing now i put this item and some people still keep wow retweeting it there's a thing that somebody attributed to me that was not my quote at all it was a quote by drag geraldo and i tried it too
people like when it when it happened i tweeted it but the quarters a picture of me and it says this homeless guy asked me for money to the day and i was about give than i thought he's agonies and on drugs he's just gonna use it on drugs now gone why should i give to him then i realized that's what i'm going to use it on why am i judge this poor bastard that's x is actually gregg geraldo somebody got more gotten him confuse of me and attributed cheery their quota but it's not like he's a really really fucking funny guy too great geraldo was a good do too knew him way back in the ninety nine these he was out here do in his own tv show right next door i was doing news radio so you know we are super friendly really nice guy real fuckin smart guy to it's a greater degree
joe tee ass fine while you know that's his style is totally even sounds like our geraldo joke i didn't know him well but it's almost says more about that type a comedian in and the good part of our common cause i'd love community amateur and other i loved means loved me as to its it's it's a guy i appreciate that because it is it is somewhat i really try to be aware of how lucky i am to be like even all complain about some of the ones that i dont like it's never knew comedians i complain about it's just really old bag comedians adieu i have no desire to age i'm not sorry that's my number one problem not it's not a new guy that might change i don't i don't judge a new guy the acts like another comedian could you know what he grow out of it i've seen comedians emulate other comedians and then you look at him two years later came into their own judge in the beginning i just route for it all and on positive very similar musicians do that really yap visit so it's only when i talk about that guy that's doing it for that but this all are positive but overall
love comedians and island and it's a great return you'd be a part of emotion we're pretty decent hemp and pretty soft and pretty cool and put it on you know you hang out you feel you feel good around them i'd love dom ira and one of things i love about dahmer rare as dahmer era is always work and on his act always he truly loves kommeni it's not just when it does for a living he truly loves doing comedy and works on all the time he has ever hit the get ups give up switch some guys that give up switch and then this are complaining in your round them they complaining about the business the business keeps growing guys like me like dude i haven't heard your sat in forever ivan seen especial at eu and forever i haven't seen you ever seen a website that's out i haven't seen blogs you written to have seen a podcast you ve done i haven't seen a fuckin letterman apparent haven't seen anything from you you stop you stop doing comedy and now you're whining like shit
the fuck up just go and do it there a drag man they're fucking drag this such a big difference from complaining because i know someone taking this out of context including me going i loved complain about i don't get it when they don't set an upright but that's not my majority i also andy shit turn a time talking about good and positive things but the other as there will have to work hard to be around them because you like have to do a lot ahead nodding and you think a one point don't they realize i'm not agreeing because they get to the point where i can agree or physical ear beating you taken a near media that is being down what is like do you deceive him a little bit of that at that a brutal there's a guy that our friends or that i have to stop this back in the dance friends and for a long time like i met him in the nineties and he not do well he moved out to los angeles and anti surreal insecure guy and real problems with you know try i'll go in addition to try to be a community actor
the guy i enjoyed him like a person there was a percentage of the time that i loved being around him alive when we're laugh and and joking and talking about things i love being around him but then there was another part was maybe was only ten twenty percent of the time it was bearable was torture and i tried to let him know i tried to say lit man you know i approve he ate the struggling ip appreciate your out here and california you know it's hard to make things happen but here's what you man you're a talented guy you're a talented guy you're funny guy just keep doing it and you'll figure out what it is you ll find a marriage you do an audition you'll make a that goes on did you gonna find the most and things that you are enjoying yourself in your out here doing what you love to do for live that shit never flew with him why is this fucking guys fucking guys on tv how can this fuckin guy got a development deal you know what man i'm turn the tv i'm seeing this fuckin guy will show and am i maybe this is another business museum in the wrong business not african guy set
often goes terrible let me tell you something i mean he was like open might night terrible i can i can i tell you what i told someone who by the way there not that case yet more effective the have have my it is being afraid of saying our mapped out say it is this isn't even a bad thing like this is actually giving this person you know credit right but on that day aware of it but has to do with what you talkin about a complaining but but not not that not that bad yet but could be gone down the path of maybe i want to help a little i said let me ask you a question i'm celebrity offered you what for you to make up a good ten thousand dollars a month right now decides that isn't a week exactly right funny tweets he adds a weird make pretend thing but they call you on the phone it does i washed are tweeting more and you know my voice you given to me at the end of each day i'll pick a few i like you know so good to good paycheck but ok i'll give you ten thousand hours a week whatever would would you be able to do that you know no eyes
what do you think not by guy it hell i asked him and he's i know we could he goes year and i went then write some for yourself like you did the why not that you at least should be tweeting funny tweets now mean that i do it no but i don't want to get a job as a writer i don't think that's my strong point this person is right so like you know some funny tweets i take advantage of what there is or a few leaders have a couple thousand followers okay let savior comedian you struggling yet a thousand five or six thousand i care aren t you out of those thousand people if you say something that truly funny they're gonna hit that retreat button and be a slow trickle were to be a few other people get it and a few other people get a few people steal it and they'll just fuck and copy and throw that's that's a real common thing with religion non known funny people tweets but then people get found because there
our friend kathleen up in toronto slash lean on twitter she's we hung out with her in toronto she's just a twitter comedian and she wanted to do stand but she never really did at home with me and dug benson and who the fuck out with us up there i think of talent maybe it was in toronto member with an airy whatever whatever moment our whatever was surely she's really funny now scattered development deal to show an empty vieira all from too when we know people who was it's either notwithstanding it must be an attack nina what are you doing this i don't know man even can tell me what i done and i don't know i'll get whenever they know peoples is mob my point agenda like fifty thousand twitter followers are sometimes it's hilarious yet people are gonna again it's not me say that about myself because it's for a tweeting is i tweet and i like it it's not my strong suit but this post
if you're claiming you're right or anybody out there that lose says there are writer should ask themselves the same question like a fuckin you're right it what does it mean if three million overnight but it will you will see your numbers grow and obviously we wheat i just said we see a lot of these people so just applying what certain people duty or friends that don't realize you could here's what she said his earliest tweet her name on twitter is princess anus and she writes turned on the little heater under my desk at work crunching numbers and cooking pussy you show your policy like your pants looking down at the heater it's right under neither shall live in toronto call this work for the picture o brien two areas its slash lean on twitter how did you find out about this girl some tweeted her so seventy one thousand followers now and she's not like a famous person scares you shoulda vigil woozy above the eater
she's just a funny girl she says a lot of funny shit it's approves it works chris carmona he reads like a lot of money to eat and people were he to start soon after while someone of words to you she had a great joke about blowing a guy who like blown so many drunks that she didn't pass her breath attests test protect its s cassius sucked drunk guys dish it really funny man child when somebody like that you know said this a million times but like i don't mind jealous when people verily success in size we have to remember the people are doing it anymore but i also try to turn the josiana motivation is opposed to late bitterness just try to lake get ok that's yet all johnson and they work can i be fuckin do an urgency says here no matter what the letters are all knuckle tat to say dad's gone that's so rude
just accidently stout my face on a deck a true brain will tell you when you yogurt panzer sucking your pussy lips up like a three toed sloth it's a funny fuckin twitter page and she doesn't always always if you look at it you know every couple of days she bangs out a good one so like her her like numbers like she like take couple days off or something but the numbers that she puts what she whenever she puts out there is a really high quality shouldn't have a lot of stupid tweets like my mind is a lot of useless tweets and summer funny and soon tweed every measure premature if i find it a melting days up if i find things that are interesting i think it's my duty almost like retweet things i think are interesting he only one point five the and someone comes along and shows you something that you think that you think be interested in some as you do
he descended out like a check this out like that you friends like that loaded with you that's the only way to look at it i've got an interest like some modeling wherever clays fuckin making sculpture we're fucked would be sale boating and i stood out like sailboat insecure work on ziobro boom outs entity of you were into science boom obscenity that's do a twitter like zone sends you something that makes you know you got wow so you sending its all your friends and all those p on twitter that your followers its iron they're your followers not follow you through a cop programme twitter friends tabulating nicer way it might be a little what's really when it s in em why they follow me now fuck you father time you're not my real name human hire someone a very funny tweets for me my fucking anybody can i tell you when they call me spelling i wanna have a god damn i wanted
the person and i dont want to do what i want to do because i have to come down porter doing what i want i don't wanna talk to them at the end of the day by wanting to what is wrong with you seriously who are you i let's when i look at some of those who are you you read that margaret yellow yonder when you read it you saw those spoken say is really that you were motivated to fix ray are you are you would seriously like it sounds silly i get it but then there's also like yahoo aren't they we'll worry what do you do to everyone else in your life if that's what you the first thing i am trying to be funny i'm a comedian amount of good speller but your go get it people are angry drang angry glass life is not what they wanted to be well let's say they said this with china help nice still go just making yourself the victim is allow that what there is this pass this
ways you manage life in this path to go down and if you go down i've i'm a victim path by instinct by automatic reflexively lot of people do goddamn as people annoying though he bore so fuckin annoying this it's a real problem i tend to agree with you on most of the things you say you know always in the pretty the same area sometimes you say in a better way than i say so it still helps to listen to excite helps me fight the fight so i'll region requires good i don't like it's a wasted time we're doing a figure that move freely folks listening guess i think sometimes it's getting here because you it's like i say they hit it from another perspective i'll drop an analogy i use if someone gives me a better one oh my god it's better my i love that one i think we naturally which we were talking about culture earlier in and then you know people arguing over ideologies i think we naturally form tribes i think there's some tribes are form just based on behaviour and belief systems and geography and we get these we
things in your very dangerous you might think i swear to you i think this genuinely has to do with what we're talking about i'm not trying to less if i am you'll know from my god i didn't think i was i believe you represent dorothy i wrote them i wanted to talk to you about was not here anymore was the when people you said they will need these said they will form trudge people will do so yeah sick so ok here we go so podcasting as originally basically taking radio and making it is just getting rid of the middle management just you is pure stand so that's what it's getting rid of that person so does this thing that happened by a think if you're right that people will naturally crete the rules so we got the person i just do what you want and then their became the sun was your we do in our podcast by people they did but they decided that and i felt a little bit of a new surely do and then you with which is why i'm begging you somewhat go on your work and he does i threw up i guess and we thank fucking guy
this was it was like yours i wanna do three hours limited so but that whole lee was made by the here's this great institution get rid of all the this radio it's great to get rid of all the business get rid of any one tell me what to do it's just us now and so i decided to go yea only do it as an hour here's one thing i want to put out there too this is really important you don't do commercials and amelia fuckin podcast you don't i dont do it i won't do it i never will do it i'm not interrupting the fuckin shot because its brutal its brutal it it it fuck with the conversation it puts a hitch in the conversation unless you we remain yourself afterwards in post here but if you and
the conversations are reading of a page we're starting from scratch again with data certainly we ve certainly heard good people that had to do it when they had radio do it and it's not the best part of it but we love them didn't have to doing and what now you don't have to do that so i totally in one of the reasons you don't have to do it is because if you are selling things are you actually believe and we have a series of different products that we agree to we ve turned down a lot of products and like i have no use for that i wouldn't use and realize i don't agree with and unlike what it is that of turned down its progress two ships to promote things that are not believe in movies and unbelieving shows that i don't believe in once you make that sort of an agreement is people will say for the things that support your show automatic they would want to if it really is a good product whose that's me don't you know that is bitches with this is his assent our galaxy note three then super have you with all my goodness how away
nigeria toned reject a car with a message ok it is a call back later cinemas you know what i always think of when when i'm having conversations like this it's beautiful sight besides this thing folks at home now i'm aha percent android now fully converted not just for converted committed love it centre size and saint emily this great isn't ok in your pocket yes yes it's my back pocket i had his contact its google phone unfortunately have your phone contacts get confused with google that was the only the issue the only issue have had it all was just merely transferring my contacts that's it everything else been great scrutiny on this thing is amazing british two things on your that there's a programme i'm sorry pads there's a program called the smooth sink for icloud can bid pulsar read over seizing takes seconds among pursue perhaps with us the
the cameras little whether we got off the air and you go to peace if there is a third money this is just so much stuff you can do with these things that an iphone would never let you do there's so much weird shit that you can get done with these things is acting big big though to carry around in your pants now you know what's not big of it's a matter of getting used to look i've a magazine that i choose on my own i choose other content in school through it every day and it gives me stories based on interesting shit come standard with the phone theirs it's so easy to cut and paste images and put him in a scrap book pays urls save website you saved documents you can actually download and say things which the item for never let you do you don't want to download things in the iphone just put it in a file on this you could put put in files when you play music you describe he's a good dragon in there that six three seconds enough load i tunes or anything weird like that it's way more gives you weigh more freedom
in a lot of ways that's bad and for some people it's probably not what they want they want something that just works you know but if you're a person like me that's a really in the technology and finds it fascinating to fuck around what new things you can't be screen son that's gigantic when you go and watch we'd websites on this it's it's almost like allow why don't you get it just level ipad why would i want i want to have this year but in my time get super big syndrome are easy to use its easy fits right my pocket it seems big then it really is i mean it is it's big to the point where it's not like i'm sure it's big to the point like if you had it in your pocket you wouldn't want to sit down you would want to do like this with it back pocket but if i'm just like walkin around it fits fine this is here too it is huge but it fits the difference being to me first fascinating like fucking around the new operating system are playing with it
things used to work really easy the processors the fuckin pictures or annabelle the pictures thing takes our blue their magical made it's just what is it twelve the pixel or some other way i still think it is largely funny because i know just gracefully happen but we're tired but i would never do sponsor and then i know you're feeling well that's sun spots are now known as italy now this cell phone as its motto might know that's what i mean sometimes in life i'll say something i would be so passionate about something like you are and i go there's no way if that was they feel that they can ever play that because there's no fuckin way anybody would believe that was real but it is only through some product i'm talking about i go off on how good guys outcome nobody abbot know either there's no way someone will believe that but that's a passionate i am but i believe you because i know that you wouldn't do that but there's some people that you know would where some people you know it's sneak in a commercial and pretend that they really loved their galaxy note phone and resilience to commercial just somebody and silly person but the lino the
the idea of commercials interrupting things is unnecessary and it's not just unnecessary it's it's not for the product it's it's not good for the experience just get good sponsors laid in the beginning played the an say thank you to your sponsors let everybody knows you're sponsors we ve had a lot of like really loyal sponsors like teaching in squares base and as we can will mention them even when we're not doing commercials we really do both irene we believe in squares recently might be one of the ads for this show but they're fucking great it's a beautiful design to great weight websites if i find something cool i would let you know even if it's not paying me money to let you know you know you know some the universe
we get what we would do what we wouldn't want i know it's always a hypothetical when you turn down because you can not morally on your high ground when you turn down some there was an offer to but i do we do it all the time we all may pretendest committees would you do this would you do that i wouldn't do bad man you're talkin mainstream car proving you know and you don't know until those things are put at head of his into those things are put in front of you in the first months of granite i'm trying to not saying i'm i turned out some shit on a money but at least it was an example when i did stick to my instincts of don't do something bad i learned the copy this phone thing and then i remember the next day waken up no look again i don't you know how much i would have made it a new sponsor it was your check for fifty dollars maybe i don't know what we re but i didn't understand it was one of those ones that i hate i got your kid so i was afraid that they were gonna be like oh no you have to do it i call back i'm katy at that when i'm kidding i bet and even for can understand there's an hour she was all you have to do it
they are cool thing you i didn't know if there is a simple there supporting us now but there are no no no no no so it really made me happy yeah it's nice in you can also people walk will gravitate like there's been a few people that we ve talked about their products on the show where they have never been sponsored but people know because of us and i just people to know about that like that green mountain grill guy that has those pellet grills greater gave us utilities and pass who gave us grills and he's like look at these things these things are amazing and i would love to sponsor the park ass it didn't work out he isn't a sponsor the pot gas but there's so cool i gotta tell people about i would always tell people about and when there was a sponsor or not you can cook somethin for good things like hours at a time these pellets like hardwood pellets called pellet grills six new thing eligibility the temperature stays exact so i give you
how to cook a roast outside like smokey hardwood i took it feel like three hundred degrees like four hours or something like that you do that you just said it it's amazing i didn't know that there were pellet grills gazette my parents of in an old home in philadelphia and they had a pellet stove in the living room that would come in bags and are like would end in a very natural order says compressed hardwood natural sugar of seeing the world look like rabbit food a little does it looks like that kind cat litter i used to have a green stuff these esta times task is the best stuff it kills the smell the basque or haven't you ever how many cats to to what are they just cats or they how one of them is a rag doll cap nor those are these their legal limp and pickles there are grossly no really yeah and the other one is she's part pushes amount she's part persian in part like tom tat she likes eighteen years old she sexting is also faces a kittens crazy she says totally healthy so
come on you talk to you now now mouth house thinks it's hilarious have cars with this cat why now sometimes annoying like ally but she could get difficult my friend andrews meeting my friend andrew has a cat and it crazy not only does it which i've seen a lot when you go and sometimes i like if a cat jumped up and you have an extra monsieur i love so a but it eats data chips whenever you want state and vetches larry you shitting me i still gather fetches see i would to me of your home alone and you have a dog or cat anything just to have it it just it is a bonus when you ve got virtuously gives you can do so in the potato chips because it's a good maybe your home by yourself and you just sitting there the fact that this other thing want something you give it wanted leads you don't give too much of it this cat hated everybody with me though it was great because effect it fettes balls they take
little ball paper crumpled up in a ball toss in chase after swatted then it would bring it back to me and throw it again play games she hated everybody with me she hissed at me when i saw in the past or like all the kittens rental pet store and she's histamines like give gimme that one she's crazy that's one that needs these wild notches dies i'm always been akin to the wild creature of the dog to have two dogs it was evident tat she buoy new english bulldog mix and a massive i ever master i know the other one i'm not sure what it is but a messed yeah he's he's a small mastiff he's a hundred forty pounds collar regency mastiff there it's half neapolitan mastiff and they breed them pebbles to make this dog cigar really ask
eric mastiff but they there late there big too big one hundred forty point on but it moves like a panther crazy how fast it things are and how powerful there but soon her sweet i like these sweetest dog i gotta his personality his dad was on fear factor and couldn't believe how sweet the dog was we would use them as an attack dog would put people may suit and he would send amount to attack but to the dogs the game he was a mean to people at all but when the donor told to do that was the game was to go do it and then you got rewarded for that so we put these people these giant taxes in this dog just grab them and boom thrown to the ground was never mean when it was over they out he stops backs up i go how is this talk so cool yours i don't at the assholes breed he goes i just i make sure that all my dogs they never have any dog aggression than ever many people aggression system was is chillun with all these other dogs he's a looks like a lion like this black lion and its
nurture his he was even bigger he was a hundred ninety pounds his father was very big please just sitting there and i'm like one the dark so nice like this doesn't make sense is everybody would combine would like look at two ways i did that's why i remember my mom bread dogs when we were growing up and like one not like a popular and she said levin dogs bite out of fear they're not gonna bite when someone really happens anyway was mean that somebody takes a shovel and lifted up in the air were either hand those dogs cower yeah so the dogs at their train from like something like what you're saying my friends a cop and to see the dog help it is i know what that dogs capable of a minute so does soup confident it doesnt bite out of fear exact isn't by that i fear you that's the thing about these mastiffs when the reasons why the such great dogs because they are the real like relaxed and calm around people are not worried about you what are you gonna do liking you have a gun what're you gonna do to a hundred ninety pound mastiff not alive
ma am does not isn't gonna take long they listen to us out of love and you know when you have a dog erase from a puppy and really love this guy named joe in here this doesn't has probably know it all near the opposite like he read the call regency mastiffs and it's a breed that he created himself that has been working on for like decades and so he's like super specific about what dogs he lets breed and at the end of the day he has this amazing companion exists johnny johnny cash my dog he's asleep this document have my life he just did and all big giant who just he loves everybody he loves my three year old he loves my five euro lives other kids other kids come over these immediately like happy he doesn't get weird around them he's like but any friend the comes over you met johnny you super friendly right like immediately you don't feel sketched out by him at all right now i love your dogs both em or undue those very sweet to diverse we dogs time is too i was about five years
watching a friend's dog and i saw one day in the street with the dog did to another day he went i've never seen him like that that type of a growing areas and i just gotta nothing happened animals leastwise i never saw a member thinking it was it we know that when i had my would bite is fair and just love em and by and i thought i'd be afraid to do that now but guess what but that night i did because he was so like i go that's never and i'm a chicken i'm a chicken but i'd just i get it when people are comfortable around animals because those sense it cause i don't know why i just thought no he's that way with that dog solemnly going back finally while he's also probably protected you he doesn't trust that dog he does no one i dogs near him that dog is violating its territory by being a stranger near him like instinctively so unless he's socialized unless you take them around dogs our time it's a natural instinct to want to ward off other dogs that's why i'm raising a dog you can raise a dog that's really sweet with people which my dogs were but then we have real problems with other dogs especially its genetically pitfalls or someone who wants to see
it is no way you avoided you can avoid the only thing you can do is socialized those dogs bring them around a lot of other dogs and cats gently reprimand them stop them from from attacking start them and keep them exercised you gotta wear them out i throw the ball with them haven't play in only like make it a positive experience when they meet other dogs but still run and some other dogs the test so next time another goin out it but they don't that to use up like why does it have ever had whether they had problems with other dogs or not they evolve and sweet to people all of this can't wait to jump up and kiss because that's all they get all they get a sweetness at home you know they get hey don't eat that hey don't you that no bad but they don't you be they don't get yell that they get kissed and hugged you know you have an animal like that you know that you were saying the you know there when they get around other animals if they haven't seen that's why a long time ago made this ruling obi like a bunch of was rent
maybe how suddenly arrowhead or something you where people go taken we bring the dog i would trust them they would go he's gonna he's so kindly so come but then some i would ask if there were two dogs they weren't they and they would all apologies or we can do not normally like that i know but they are here yeah you're bringing them around eighty and therefore lighten or there now even if it's not somebody even if their dogs common home sometimes it cannot become at another place because it's not comfortable news noises some men at the door but only in theirs these exceptions i get it but overall my feeling is there are exceptions but overall leave your dog i totally agree brought my dog places and selfish it selfish i was a fish when i did it and people would do they don't think you're being selfish but me you could do it it's one of my friends dogs and i love the dog and i've been around the dog a lot and i don't mind that's one thing but a long time the dog dominates you thinking now
where's the dogs guarding the question does the dog in the bathroom wizard why you document bathroom man when we went camping not even from i wasn't crazy to these people by the way you oil we say there's always exceptions because i live a very maybe it's not apparent or live but i've had dogs were people bring them and i'm happy they of course even ass you know bring you don't bring your dog so there's but over all you have to test the waters a little you know i don't want anybody that i would think that would listening and i'd be like no no you don't get really did like i'm not just making exceptions but overall leave it out overall unless you have an understanding right let we're unless your dogs like each other i have my friend raw when i first got my dog he had a dog there was a boxer and human dog word like they would get together they bought basically the same age thing his dogs are a little bit older and they will just go fuckin nutty just run around circles about seventy eight when they saw each other they were so excited they were pals like day
it decided i really early on they lay play fawn stuff like that but there are bodies so when they were around each other the college i can't believe you're just a chap punk bouncing a job and it was fun but we watch em you know we had a watch him every five seconds you forget about those two taper dog you right on the most part you're lucky if they're just don't care each right or but when they get along it is like to members raising and our friends parents would bring their dog over and you could just tell they were like just a yard and getting along and i just like there look at them their friend yeah it's cool when when dogs are parties it's cool when they do they re that's in dogs are pack animals to the sailor thing dogs want a beer dogs like they love being around people but they also love being around dogs to leave a dog by god all the time just kind of sad gets lonely you know your dog report dog now i'm pretty good except for monday settlers along the way
do you ever have somebody will go how long can the oxen and what do you think this is a reasonable amount of time on five days a week to leave dog at home alone is for new well inside housing thousands tough this we can be just so we can now say doggie door to a yard now what has i'll they are that wine is a lot that makes a big difference in i'm thinking of no no no doggie dora the sucker nazi party trained on peep adds that can pretty sounds good on paper but it is these paper towel we should all have in your house it's fucking disgusting it's these this party train the only ships all over the place there rose the growth of the worse is like my old dog is when a carpet we pass and you'd never know about me toward the carpet it was just like oh my god how much pasted is actually might have in your hands all over the last two years have passed a lot
especially the cat of the dictators of said the level of dog now you brought a dog into the cats house and tat a sergeant beetles piss everywhere you not even hear you motherfucker mistreated things like i would treat it like they did a toad decided there's again seen that guy in ten hours i'm just gonna piss what will they do in the wild piss radioset list are doing a little box thanks using clean it i'm pissed behind a couch personal behaviour at some originator where they want to be they want to be treated right mike don't piss in the house you know one my cat was pissing announced change the letter box like every couple days a change like every three or four days and should pay in front door sometimes the old one uk evolution sixteen but am equity stupid basically doing a person in my house and then i realize you know once only does that the letter box car funky so now that a clear every single day generic does that stopped now they don't want to do that you just dirty pitch heretofore big box shit she's really been known as thinking if let's
tat you had like well you know what i am about to say problem we can afford it let's say was thirty five hundred hours are hard why are hard plums cat box lord plumb meaning that they call they like if you have a good some people you take their trailer and they put it next to their home and some rather use it as a guest of the herd a plumber once go you hard plummet which means you look it up to the regular sewage soviet a heart like a toilet but it's a cat box when as great a new that's very possible totally a low toilet maybe there's some sort of letter that will you never have to change your cap actually just flush it but it does but the cab i doubt that the russian dirt data that airline what have you put dirtier than her toilet yeah cancer than you do that but doesn't she had one those big crazy sphinx cats or something there she has the skinless cat that's what i mean is thanks cat is yeah forgot about to go in the toilet maybe my whole idea is not a good one will they do that there's the ashes sphinx cat i'm pretty sure that's the hairless one there is i've seen pictures on twitter
there's a young a bunch of people that have videos and how train your cat shit the toilet perry i don't wanna thinking here see look here's a dana's guy that's so crazy junior p geared to what is going on inside the toilet besides the paint that's what i think that's a training that's the training thing you know to teach the canada that makes sense that's so smart that's really smart looking cat if cats are awesome and if you're in allergic to cats you cats don't empty undersea can actually have this as this was be sweet yes most notably gases are amazing they need body temperature they make body he so they want to another which all the time yeah he's always taken back that's why they bread i would imagine that there is no really reason the breed the standard poodle to the golden retriever labrador except that they they know that their big cool
but people want to because it's a poodle right think maybe because we are the santer poodle grown up and then we were little weena want to get it on parents at the lie what they were because we want a poodle why a cool call up but i'm ok david you want a lab anything but a poodle eddie they would like we were little and we took us to this place i member was like this woman ruth luke ins and it was immaculate knows woman that really loves her little puppy she had and they came running we love them we would probably like in fifth greater fourth grade my brother's all about same age and we are they so cool and then we have to learn that they were eventually standard brutal we have one billion then bear and they were big bear was ninety pounds a hundred moments almost close two hundred pounds he was a big man but now but labrador wasn't so many cooler well it's a thing like a combination thing the people liked is moving to the love santa and social circles always gotta elaborate doodle i love those areas as he knows you're so cute becomes one of those little shit
for that reason i break the santer poodle you get the dog doesn't she their smart and then they that our citizens really good at something your dog the pretty smart smart dogs but here's the deal with smart dogs you gotta give some things to do ok over smart yeah you the german shepherd people of germany upwards and aid they don't exercise them and their own they don't give them tasks and have fun with them and play with them if you don't do that are things going at borders fuck that's a big ass animal anomaly people do you think go with the with the two knowledge with age how easy it is to do a little research on a dog and find that out i better so many people they get it like they're there at the time when their life when they don't think about it which i understand here they're gonna go get a dog now some people do but other people what name just get a dog you have no idea no one ever told them that huskies just get a husky and then they learn like you don't really now i can see that forty years ago but now you would think you would but there's still be by friends it gotta husky friends of friends and they were too we were
being they told the story and unlike other nor do they went just gotta husky what is this around you know that you're right away do i take it for granted you know huskies are they wanna be work of their not they do destruction is at something people now either through these most people would know fuck up here at least a german require this guy just to let his german shall replace bear no decisive friend of her friends i don't want you think all my friends were idiots yeah look at those bear centigrade video have you now while it's amazing because bodies with a bear the dog hangs out with the bathwater that's all well and good as long as the bare really super likes you in europe with it all the time that's the thing about those things cannot be with them all in time and yet to make sure there well fed you gotta make of their super comfortable with you and you still those bears will eventually you know that occasionally rather turn on people i agree you know it's funny when we you know i always this is my my obsession with life
and i always see examples of adam every time i see some now i see an example there are some people who have been putting a horn in that i agree by the way like try to have some dignity to the animal the sandy the zoo you used to be able to keep a month still zoo so that's the big argument but were little i learn this when we went back they don't make clapped their hands anymore and wave to the bears and i asked why because when once when i with my parents they didn't we were younger than when those in it my went they didn't do it and the peter said you know you know you do you guys in the animal they already i don't want them at the zoo now whether there can you give some dignity does does that makes that makes it to me it makes sense to me that you if you're going to a zoo first of all you should see an animal in a semi natural environment zoo should have a minimum size requirement for big animals the saddest thing is when you see like a big animal and there in a tiny ass fuckin enclosure that scary you now that's
says it's a prison public present everyone would agree to do so even though the animals happy looks like it's how you doing there's no reason to make his no reason no reason mainly trumpet here's my question who fought want to see a trick clap why do you want to see club fuck and we it's a bear in a line to see a bear you should see bear wandering around the woods and natural environment anything else is she beings imposing their own power over this animal and then all the crowd revelling in the fact if a bare just clapped on its own who would give a fuck its is ideally you tell the beta cloud and lift the big giant furry killer but goes to the bidding of the intelligent man yea we went again that's what this liberation as nobody cheers seaworld because you get this magellan fuckin orca show the reason to jump
for fish the reason that i think this is what happens a lot with people and you know it when i always talk about this i always am i saying on perfect no primal by fuckin grow i try to know you being honest about your opinions on things were not saying that you're perfect i'll say imperfect but it could sound like it i asked if you listen to someone for water you always a try fucking at least try and i make mistakes so the question is people when they go to sea workers i think a lot of people go this i just went right no no no not asking you to judge yourself when you went when you went that's fucked gives you didn't think about it now once you're educated wife went to see world i didn't think about it i wasn't a bad person i'm gonna hold onto the rest of my life that it's ok i did it because if i admit that had drawn i met i did some wrong no its not wrong do you have knowledge right so that's what the sea world thing going back to that or this the peter you know the same people were probably going out there just waving right it's but
now you think why do you want to fuck and bear to write a bike i watched it the first time and like to but i was young i didn't nobody to it but it's one thing if you have a bare and teach generated by getting loves it and it's like where's the money but when you make him do it for a fuckin show you know ass i come on man here when you think about it and i generally that have area i'm sorry but did you the video of the bears and monkeys and they're going around their riding bikes around us nickel in russia and the month falls and the bear tax it and they can get the better of the month the bear kills the monkey find crowd josie that bear bear attacks monkey why do i think although i know i wouldn't want my child to see that so but my things are to go good while he can count on bears to do what you want to do all the time that you can count on them if you train them to be nice to you if you feed them in train them he could count
that is a wild mother fucking animal with a hair trigger idea of survival and and death built into its dna and its explode at any fuck and dangerous situation and if it thinks person is threatening its life i think something is violating its instincts to avoid look at this
the bears on a bible this year the monkey see the monkeys front the monkeys and further their students load that might take a few minutes so the monkeys running and then the bears raymond the monkey fastened the bare falls on top of the mountain gets pissed just goes after the monkey who is it tat the monkey apart from everybody and they can get him off the multi ethnic stop please stop please stop deposed the monkey deposed the bike areas just fucking this multi up this up there and they can't do shit you're trying to pull the monkey out of its hands or out of its mouth but it won't let go is this morning this month you five everybody freaking out but that's that's nature man this bear feels like it got attacked by the monkey the bear is not understanding that he was on a bike monkeys i'm like madam they pulled the monkey out but it's dead it's is torn apart the monkey is just one more own business do whatever he tells me do but the bare thinks the monkey attacked him he doesn't do you know he's like why don't get hurt all this fuckin monkey yet
asked me and so he just go after him i think i feel good when i see it obviously not because of the monkey is i think ok maybe that will remind people yet their fuckin bears the name of their way think every time we see that stuff that's a country thing to do to take an animal and imprisonment like that it's not a bad thing to do look at him in the wild tsar bad thing to do to manage their numbers in a while including wolves and bears kills or an amount of a special his lot of people in the area you have to populations down it's important mount mines to its big one but this visit there to me is not nearly as cruel in them and sticking them in a fog in animal prison so you got em that shit could be a league i take my kids to the zoo by what they re now i'm a hypocrite take him to the santa barbara suits beautiful boys i love it up there but the reality is should exist shouldn't the very least you should have some gigantic walled in preserve or you travel through their ranks undisturbed in some sort of a camouflage tube but they should be able to hunt the animal should
have a natural ecosystem we're completely dominating the ecosystem and forcing them to exist in an unnatural paradigm data the paradigm of cold feet who'd being slid in a tray under your door and you have massive predatory instead on thousands of years millions of years in fact of dna in your body and you have these natural ward systems that you are you don't do not language in context you just have these natural ward systems beat in your told to ignore them you know aegis whether this can happen and up and bigger things have been built you shorted just explain something that could happen like theirs thing obviously with technology to get it move through this area silently would be easy camouflage you know legislature and you get inside and there's windows it or what to some we could let all happen and what could you charge then to tape this thing through therefore hobby be much more made maybe maybe that could be but i like it when you said about you you gotta go to the zoo because like the opposite of that is ok i'm gonna take
kid the so now i'm gonna just may pretend that it's ok it's better to just say i'm doing it but to vano i'm certainly hypocritical and contributing to the problem of union i do the same thing but i think admitting it is at least not disrespecting the people that are fighting the fight and we know the right i think one rain going is bad the next level it maybe i'm scenes to meet my feel better because they get ultimately dont go don't but think there's another level of net there's people out there you're too lazy you know their fight is right you're a little too lazy or selfish and you don't listen but don't fight them don't call them idiots just go there fighting the right fight and i'm lazy right and i'm certainly selfish and selfish more than i am lazy because i want my children to experiences animals that's why i go i think it's fastening for them to see guerrillas and know that that's a real animal right there and it freaks amount but see world you what would you do know no a boy i think even guerrillas and chimps i think its gross i think the all that should be illegal but
its legal ed's there and i'm not sure how much impact i note this believe me folks or who are about you you're writing right now julia for critical flock these animals are living beings i agree with a hundred but still there it's there zoos there do a thing that should be there absolutely not think it should be illegal should i be boycott it most likely if it was just me on my own i wouldn't go but in this such situation that i am in right now and having children who enjoy looking at the animals i think its point imports first of all that i take meant i tell him that there's something wrong with this tell them that i don't like it i tell them that i that animals should be free to live in their own environment and i think that this is one way worse than being i think an animal will obviously they wouldn't have this choice but if they had a choice between living while being taken out by a predator or living in a fuck cage just staring at me that stare at you i will take my chances with a wolf she died it to its quick and it's the natural way this
nonsense did a draft nuts was dive old age so let's get taken out by lions right that's supposed to happen sounds fucked up so it's only because no one can deny that that's a ladder natures what it is that it is what is gazelles or fast for a reason because they taste delicious bunch animals at one fuckin chase them and eat em it's really simple throws them but to put him in a cage and say others with a jerk gazelles live now this is crazy they can even run for stockings little tiny spot and freaking out those things i'm going to get him i know it's gonna get him ever i haven't will therefore goldfish yeah goldfish stupid fuck though the bailiff even brains just winding down tat glass you an amazing mother fucker your hilarious comedian and thank god we finally did this this was this was that i never get to do this ever so gmos anytime you want what i mean is that you know it's fun to do a park yes we get to do something you don't do in years and i was able to let go that was an amazing one
part i took that lasted the whole time ten minutes ago i felt myself coming down there was just very enjoyable conversation yeah i really enjoyed a two year you're very thoughtful guy and i think you u confused that with over analyzing i think it just thoughtful employees i really enjoyed targeting i will do this again call tat glass follow him on twitter its todd glass with two days not one d things aachen weirder cogia healing ezra helium thinks every week the club that will you help desire wednesday philadelphia wednesday before thanksgiving and then take things even often undue friday and saturday and then i'll be in dallas at addison the second week of december a beautiful fuckin clubbed addison improv love you i'd like one of my favorite please let em i pay employees people while we lock it proves that you can have a comedy club in a typical strip mall but it has spoken soul yeah that place us all a policeman around a long time to all right we will be back tomorrow with pat magee the guy made the werewolf found the lobby and
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