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#414 - Cmdr. Chris Hadfield

2013-11-11 | 🔗
Chris Hadfield is a retired Canadian astronaut who was the first Canadian to walk in space. He also authored the New York Times Bestseller "An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth"
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experience of his name is Chris Hadfield is Chris had filled. The book is an astronaut guide took life on earth. That's me never remember other turned my laptop you, you weren't space, four hundred and sixty six days, raising that's insane it's it's. When I sit on my dark and watch the space station go over, it's really hard to rationalize, because I know I was up there and I can remember all the details but to try and link in life on earth with seeing that spot light go across the horizon. It's still, I haven't got sorted out of my head
how to connect. It is that the longest a person's ever been up there. Now we there was a rushing in Belarus. Polio confiscated fourteen much straight months straight and whatever those days long time plough time, wow yeah, no, I'm no nowhere near the record. That's still one hundred and hundred sixty six days is an incredible amount of time to be detached from gravity and floating around space. What is the effect on your body? Big effect, short term huge, your body does have to lift the blood up to your head when you're weightless right. So your whole cardiovascular system changes the nice little mechanisms that squeeze the balloon? That is your body to get the blood up to your head. They stop work in your heart. Get smaller are you start losing your skeleton? Your balance system completely shuts down, I mean it has no stimulus from gravity anymore, see become totally visually, based, when you come home, brutal building, all those things back up again and most of them, you feel
I mean you lose the calluses on the bottom of your feet. Kind of disgusting, you're sure your feet or like a snake up there over the bottom of your feet are shedding because you never use the bottom of your feet and you build up calluses on the top, because you're always tucking your feet underneath things. So when you come back you even have to grow the calices back in the bottom, your feet and the thing that The longest is your skeleton I lost about of the bone across my hips, but it's grown back and within about a year of landing. I'll. Hopefully be back to normal one year. It takes one year for your body fully recover, took about four months before I could run normally again, where my body would get the blood out o my feet and pump it properly back up to my head, but four months, which is almost as long as I was up in this trip, but a year the bone takes a longest but its its automatic, which is interesting. My body got osteoporosis and its reversing osteoporosis, using some internal stimulus.
that we don't even understand. So it makes a pretty good medical study for everybody yeah. I would imagine so now. How long is how long do you have to be in space before your body loses? So much massive skeleton and the first time you take a leak in space. Your urine is full of calcium, an minerals we do. You know urine samples all the time and your body. We don't even why we don't know what sensors in the body recognise that your way or why we would even have those sensors, but your bodies arts to shed your skeleton right away and we ve we can almost beat it now through heavy exercise with a bunch of equipment on board? just have exercise and treadmill bicycle and stuff and with that weaken almost be it. But we across my hips in my upper femur, we haven't been able to load that area up right. You always lift symmetrically on treadmill, always run nice and symmetrically. So you don't get all the banging transverse loads that you need to make your body keep the and deaths there. So how much of it can you preserved by using exercise
my body was fine infected, increase, muscle mass, I increased fat fat little bit. My bones were the same density. The only place haven't solved yet is is just the hip cradle I think, with another iteration or two of our exercise. Equipment will get that solved and then we can go to Mars. wow. So now how long are you went when you doing like exercise to try to build up a web? What percentage of your days to allowing two hours a day every day we don't want our cardiovascular one hour of resist of every single day, seven days a week for the whole puffier the trap there that than we determine best trade off between getting useful work done. You know, because it's a big multinational laboratory and keeping your body healthy. So we can about two hours a day did they when they first started going up there. Did they not do anything now we ve a bunch of different things. The Russians even try to see they call a penguin suit, which is like a set cover all tight, fitting coveralls, it's full of elastics, so that Every time you bend your elbow or or move your twitter
your body or something you're fighting the resistance of the suit, because they thought then you could start to get it for free, but but you need to demand that you need to actually heavily force your body to exercise, and if you do that, and then you can stand shape, but it with. We started out with resisted exit eyes device, and then it was the improved. I read and we're a red, which is the advanced, resisted, exercise devices we ve learned and on how to make it better. So the way we can return to earth Healthy- or you know when we go to the moon, but more importantly we gonna Mars, could takes about half here to get. There will win, as one of the problems we need to solve. The Mars is really that next level trip right, because there's no coming back. It's it's like several levels above where we are house station, is in orbit it's around us a space station. It's been up there, thirteen years now with people on board, but it's like sailing up and down the coast within sight of land. You know we haven't had it across the body of water even to go to the moon as far as
habitation goes so right now, we're just sail up and down the coast of the world figuring out how to beat osteoporosis, How do the radiation, the psychology of it, what to make the hall out of? How do you make toilet that works. It closed environmental system got to invent all those things. Then I think we'll go to the moon cause it's the next day. It's only three days away. Now we can do how to use resources that are there how to generate power. How do you navigate? How do you do all that and then once at that sorted out. Then I think we'll go further, but it still a lotta years away. What what are the big hazards, the big, has its radiation from space micro, meteors and what else psychological right away, know how to keep people saying and is it's not so bad? in the space station because we're close to the world there's only like a two second delay talking on the radio, so you can have a normal conversation, just a little pause, but as soon as you start going to Mars, with
a couple weeks. You will never have another conversation with earth, a normal again everything Scots, so much leg. The chill directive like recorded video messages back and forth and saw the psych impact of that is going to be high and the earth will shrink to just another star within a couple weeks. You know in that People will become Martians and they will no longer be from earth. They will see themselves as separate when I was space station. The second time one or the other remember, surnames sue homes, she never talk, and we know nothing since test pilot school and in passing away things you need to think she was saying she said hey. You know. Earth said that were supposed to do this next and am I I heard earth said I heard those words come out of her mouth and it was like she hers in her mind, completely split off. the other seven billion people has her crew earth is one singular identifiable entity on the other side, and that was a real, a bell,
you're to me of what it's gonna be like to go to Mars. Those people are going to be a completely discreet unit of people. they'll be Martians, they won't be earthlings, pretty quick, their heads, and how do you deal with that? How do we planned for them it is still a long way in the future. But it's one of the many things we need to sort out before we because, as you say, once you get the engines going fast enough that you're here headed for Mars, you can't just turn around there's no coming back, that's it well in the ep. thirteen right? They lost an engine on the way to the moon that coasted all away to the moon and they just used like like a ball. And of a string. They just went around the moon with the gravity, the moon, a sling back at earth again. So if some failed on the way to Morrow. She could do the same thing, but it would take a year solved if no problem can normally last year to get results. Pretty much here. You gotta have all the problem solved before you had that way and What about like sustainable resource as far as like food and things like that they have to when they have to tear
form when they get to Mars and growing things? We things know we're trying to figure all that out real interesting discovery about three weeks ago? Curiosity that big Rover, that that is driving on Mars right now has some pretty good equipment on any discovered, just in the last few weeks that in every cubic foot of dirt on Mars, there's a quart of water so there's oceans of water. I mean the topsoil is full of water on Mars. So it's really promising for when we get there because waters high, an oxygen auction to breathe, hydrogen not sure makes fuel. Hydrogen auction makes water, so that's a huge resource. The moon there there's water there, but it's really rare. So that's a big discovery for us, eventually being able to go there. But can we need a power source, the sun's a long ways away, and it's dusty on Mars. I can't just you can of a solar powered bulldozer, run
power source and we need to navigate and there's a saw. How do you build a perfect closed loop, environmental system so that you don't have a constant losses and because the space station, we only, I think it's about ninety two percent of our water. We reclaim, but we constantly need that little trickle from earth of new water, because it's not perfect there there's a whole in this list of wounded. We don't even know what we don't know you and that's, I think, wildwolf pulsar lot of that out on the moon before we launched the nurse to me watching the footage of the rover and the images that it sent back. What was almost surreal, it didn't seem real, it's it's. It was a hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that they sent up robot to another its roaming around taking pictures and sending them back. We're looking at its phenomenal to credible that we could do that and in the way that came to Mars has his job. the wrong atmosphere. It's not thickened to use a parachute and but it's not thin enough
You can ignore it and just slow down and land to the rocket. It's not good for landing. The earth's atmosphere is nice and thick. You can come down under a parachute and the moon has none. So you can just like the Pollo guys you can just land on your rocket, plum, Mars, you're kind of stuck in the middle, so you need a complex landing system and curiosity the way they came up with a solution, and I was just phenomenal- the big arrow break through the atmosphere than that Sir when some miracles and the ritual Rockets and extendable bridle and everything it is amazing that that worked and huge kudos to the J P O guys and everybody. I came up with that and the stuff. It's teaching us about how planets work in and what is what is the past, in the future, for that planet Mars and therefore gives us a lot better understanding of what's normal and what what what we can expect earth yeah huge kudos to those people indeed mean they did an amazing amazing thing and one of those, in my opinion, models paradigm. Shifting moments where, when
you know we're back here on earth and we're watching those images like while they can do this now, I would ask you, know over I'm an astronaut and I've been in space twice, and I gathered my family around to watch. That thing happened because it so it is right on the edge of what we can just barely do in such a brave thing to do in such a capable. Probe, a capable extension of us all to put down on the surface, and it's teaching us about Mars. Did you ever pay any attention to the face on Mars or any of that? Crap, it's all fun and you know, there's there's faces all over. I mean just lay on your back and look at the clouds. Yeah there's faces everywhere right, not sure we naturally look for faces, especially in weird shadowy images. Those images were, I mean there were some really unique things. There's a row near my house, it's a square rock and when I have a friend who believes in a lot of conspiracy theories, and he believes in the face on Mars and a lot of different stuff. And I said
gonna show you something man come over here. I go. Look at that rock. Do you think anybody made that rock I go that rock is just made: that's just a rock amongst a pile of rocks, it's big and it's kind of square, not perfectly square, but if you look did a blurry picture of it that was taken from space. You swear. This is the building block for a pyramid. Obviously, this is clearly made by an intelligent species, same one that built the pyramids yeah. I know it's it's always easier to believe something? Then it is to understand it. Yeah, the fast, Anything about the face on Mars is not that it looks like a face on Mars its The idea that Mars at one point in time actually could have sustained some form of life. In fact, definitely did it had it in an atmosphere that was livable at one point in time. We really there could have been some kind of life. Maybe it was just like microbes are planted, might still a media as the biggest volcano in the solar system, so it has heat, and it has all this water is, but that we just found now for sure and heat and water on earth, always me
life, just look under your sink and so on on Mars. Maybe there's a fossil record of it, maybe those even something still primitive stuff Livin somewhere in the rock we don't know, but we haven't found any yet, but if we can find that on Mars, we know this life on earth than theirs life everywhere, and that would be a pretty important thing, figure out or the possibility that life actually started on Mars and some sort of an impact from an asteroid, pants Biarmia, Senate, hurling, Torreon Earth and I'm not sure, that's a logical conclusion. No, if life. Can start somewhere that it can start into place Maria, and so it doesn't have to miraculously pants permeate from one planet to another. If it formed on Mars than and there's life on earth, then it's a more logical conclusion to think that I just formed into places. I think do you when you, when you sit in that space station and your floating above earth, much as you were saying that your colleague started referring to earth as you like, a separate individual entity and you guys were separate from earth. Did you,
look out when you're looking at the vastness of everything it's just everything and do you did did it feel like earth was in a neighborhood more You know mean that, where an isolated that we're it's so silly, the thing is so big. Did you feel like more connected to the rest of the universe and any sort of way, Joe and you're, in this the spaceship, and you look at the world you're looking at it through the windows and I came back I'm so funny. I came back from my first base flight. I was sitting in a living room with my wife Helena and we're watching STAR Trek and they show that scene with Sue and whoever up front and there's the therein the standard orbit? Mr Soulier and there's the curve of the earth. Underneath I remember going. That's it. That's exam we what it looks like they got that right. They guessed right in eighteen, sixty, eight or whatever it was because when you're in the space ship. It looks like that, the differences when you go outside and then
You are it's like the difference between certain in your living room looking outside and hang on, a cliff for it. You know hanging on half dome or somewhere worth its an entirely different per se. Even though it may look at the same thing being outside is is so immersed The world is no longer nicely underneath you like dark, like Zulu, but it is it is this huge? spending mass next to you and the universe, is what's around you and you are a part of it, you're suspended in it. We aren't used to in the universe under our feet. On all around us and feeling that you're in it not just sort of blow it looking up at it, and that is really different. And that's when you really see that the world is just in the neighborhood in that it is the ball with the moon being a ball in the sun's over there. And if we go out there, that. Mars. You really get that feeling when you're on a spacewalk. I've heard several astronauts talk about that feeling in that
moment when they are outside of the spacecraft, looking at the universe itself and saying change them forever. It gave me a profound respect and also I don't even know I mean nobody knows the answer, right, big, bang and all the rest of it in an older all the balloon. Systems around the world and, however, what he deals with all that- and I sure don't know the answer to that. But when you look at the world its, It's really hard to convince yourself that it's random just looking at how can that possibly be? But then again, if you look a little further out, there's no, how could Mars be random and how could all the other planets? How could saturn the way? It looks be just a random event and and the unlimited number of stars at her up there. In the plan for seeing around other stars directly resolve it. In my mind, I didn't. I didn't
find the meaning of it all by being on a spacewalk. If anything, it just deepened. My dumbfounded nurse at Thea at the immensity of it, and our tiny little part of it? The I've often thought that questions pondering questions like the randomness of the universally just the the reality that we know about subatomic particles and the idea of the universe. Being this fractal thing and in impossible and never ending. I think it's almost like walking. To a mountain and going. I could see how that could be picked up, but you generally pick it up yourselves. Ie is like me. I guess I guess could be random, I don't know I mean what I don't understand. I don't even know what the fuck random means. The idea of random seems the universe. Itself seems Be this incredibly complex thing that has not just laws but very clear erections that things move and do it constantly is complex, a fine from the big bang till now and the
idea of black holes eating matter and creating a singularity in that part Hopefully these new, these new, astrophysicist sin string. Theory guys are saying that They think that inside every black hole may in fact be a completely different universe. On the top. Space station, we have up experiment put there by a Nobel Prize winning physicists names. tank and its from CERN from the big particle accelerator that Sunday from Switzerland, in France to their baby and up. There is a huge magnet and what is done. is collecting subatomic particles of the universe, and it's got layer after layer of detector So I can try and figure out what they all are as they come ripping through an is collected. Trillions and trillions of them. It's been up there for the last couple years in the room, it is- we don't know what the universe is made of. We can They account for five percent of the universe, with the known particles that we have. Finally,
don't know a ninety five percent of the universe is even made of. So we call it dark energy and dark matter we're indirectly prove that those exist based on the proportions of the subatomic particles were collecting up in the top of the space station. And it's a decade long project and they released the first layer of the results back in the spring and it's starting to look like like. Maybe some of the theories are correct, but we talk as if we're we're conclusively. We understand everything I mean we're still calling things dark matter, energy. We have no idea just trying to figure it out this another were for magic. It is indeed it's another word, for I don't know, what's We are most certainly the smartest and the most informed human beings who have ever exist. As far as we know the two of us no human and be of denying me how two percent among Idiot, but is far. Like humans, it of ever lived where, though the most informed, the most technologically capable but much
like when we look back at the renaissance, look back at Galileo being imprisoned because he dared question the idea that the earth was in the center of the universe, with the weakened make fun of us someday they're gonna make fun of us like these dummies. They didn't know what Clark want glue on plasma was they had to use a particle accelerated to prove that the Higgs boson existed? I agree: we're gonna look at the space shuttle ago. What they ve thinking have had station wagon have fig just so ridiculous, legged DC three. Now, that's it One day I really want to bring up with you. You beat you know, we You had to take one other up there, yet to take some sort of a spaceship up there. What is the feeling like of Did you have to get a russian one of my first flights from shuttles, I flew Atlantis and then endeavour, and then my third flight, I was left seats, a sort of like the pilot of the soil. So I use wifi, animal wow
so you flew when the the space shuttle was in operation and you flew the russian version of the special. What's the difference, the shuttle this is so much more capable. It is. The most cape we're flying machine humans have ever been unbelievable and three quarters of Buddy who's ever flown in space flew on the shuttle. It was the first great lifter. Its purpose was to take a huge spice a light up. This was the conception in the sixties and early seventies. Take a huge, the best technology. Sixty spy satellite launch out of Edinburgh go straight north, go halfway around the world take pictures of the hot spots of the world, come back again and use the wings to be to go sort of sideways and side slip because the world's turned underneath you and come back and land again after one orbit. That's why we had wings. The shuttle was so that we
it carry this huge telescope- and they were an automated back then so we needed a crew to be able operate the telescope. That's why the payload bay was the size that it was and why the shuttle could lift the amount that it could lift. It was to meet all those requirements that all immediately stop being the reason for their space shuttle do exist, but the design was already set. What that gave us, though, was a vehicle that could carry gush forty or fifty thousand, pounds up, payload bay, the size of a city bus and then bring it back and land gently on the runway and carry a crew up to seven. So is like us
station all on its own, an amazingly capable vehicle, amazingly complex too, and when things are amazingly complex, they're really expensive and hard to operate safely, and we lost two crews as a result of the complexity of it. The soy use is designed to take three people and a tiny bit of gear up to the space station, do stay there for half a year or longer as their life boat and then, at the end of time, get back in and come back home again. That's the so uses purpose, and it does that really well. But it's tiny and very purpose built. The two of them are magnificent vehicles, but built for way different purposes is an both very carefully evolved to do what they do. You know exquisitely, well that I am lucky to have one above. That sounds so incredible. What is that
He forced feel like when you taken off from the launch pad are. You goes straight up. Of course, you have to get above the air if, if you want to an orbit. You gotta go five miles a second, if you on a little slower than its sort. Throwing something sideways gravity pulls it down, but if you can throw it, I'd ways at five miles. A second then gravity will still pull it down, but the earth curves away underneath it of it's going fast, I'd like goes over the horizon before it falls. So that's how we stay in orbit. Is we got five miles a second but yet go five miles. Second, in the air, the frictions just too high sold the rocket ships. Take you straight up to get you above the air and that takes about two minutes going. straight up and in forty five seconds here through speed, a sound straight up and accelerating at an inn, seven seconds you're through the altitude and speed of Concord, accelerating straight up and after two men,
here about a hundred sixty thousand feet and six times the speed of sound, but your above, almost all the air. and your first stage falls off so inside. It's this, it is incredibly powerful push in your bed. Like a drugstore but like one, that's that's gone off the road, the vibration of of pushing through the air. This it's it's like a tune kind of vibration, this enormous, powerful jaws of a dog kind of ride, straight up but then, after two minutes the solids or the extra stage that got u, above the errors, all out of fuel it explodes off, because you want to carry all at dead weight with here more and then you use the remaining engines for the next six minutes or six and a half to accelerate out horizontal, basically to five miles away. and so for the last six minutes. It's like a long liquid, Dr Heavy,
steady, pushing like someone with their fists in your back, pushing you faster and faster and faster a smoother right, because your above here and after just under nine minutes, like eight eight, forty, five or so you're, exactly the right place, the right direction and the right speed. The engines shut off and you're in space, and your weight loss, so it's nine minutes yet pets, eight, forty two and the shuttle, and just under nine, eight fifty five for the city. What's the maximum g force, you experience during that the shuttles about three g and in fact, when you hit three g for the throttle start coming back, because it was only built for about three and a half g. So three times your normal weights. If you weigh two hundred pounds, a wig six hundred pounds in there, the this is about four or four and a half. Sorry two hundred pounder you're up around eight nine hundred pounds. I got to ride with the blue angels, one of those f eighteens ones. I was in sateen pilot for a lot of years. Those incredible that's a great airplane. You got to fly those yeah
what's the most easy pulled in one of those things. If you take an F eighteen and you grab the stick and you snap it into your lap, you aren't actually connected anything except a computer? Its little son, yours it's fly by wire. So it says, while he wants to turn right now and so it moves alder controls, control surfaces of airplane, but it doesn't want to break the wings off, so it will limit you, it's the air. It limits the amount of g that control and it'll give you about HIV Boat HD. That's all give you, because otherwise you could structurally damage the airplane so that there was a paddle you could. Actually, if you were gonna hit the ground, you can This paddled would override the G control system and snap at in your lap and just give you whatever the Adair aerodynamics would give you we we've had people pull twelve but the so use. If you come into atmosphere. The the runway can pull twenty or twenty two g on the way home, which is just just wicked, and that happened one.
in the Russian. Can you survive that you're lying down and when you're in if a team like when you flew at the blue angels, you're sitting up right. So when you pull back it pushes the g the blood down to your feet. So the real limitation is how to that. Can you stand before you can't you can't stay awake for your blackout, in a so use we're actually laying on our back. So the blood doesn't drain out of your head. It just gets kind of pushed to the back your body. So therefore you can survive it. It won't block you out, it doesn't damn jus it's it's sort of like prolonged car crash in all people, twenty g in a car crash, but its instantaneous. If you fall into the atmosphere, the wrong way and so use, then, as you hit the thick atmosphere, it's almost like crashing into something super hygiene peak for maybe thirty seconds, and then many come through that JP can slow down
and it's survivable, but I would want to write it. The feeling must be just incredible what what are the thoughts that are going through your mind when you, when you're, going that fast shooting up in a space was funny I'm focusing on the job. because there's a million things that can fail and one of the mantras of astronauts is. There is no problem so bad that you can't make it worse, so we think of it. They had all the time, and so we we really are therefore, on the way up and saw a big part of you is involved with that. But another part of you is just is just love in the ride, Oh much and I found after while the my cheeks were hurting and I was like waste Face hurt- and I realized, because this smile, this big stupid smile, was on my face. So much on my cheeks were cramping up because it was so much of a thrill
amazing yeah. It was like having you know, one want those two people on your shoulders, one, that's being all serious and one that's yelling bad advice to you, the one that's having a good time is just going. We just loving the ride. It is so much fun. Well, I guess that's a good time to do that right, because you're completely helpless to enjoy it. You're not helpless at all. Yeah you're there's all, all sorts of stuff that you're responsible for on the way up in the way down and even the Suez when you're lying down on the lily. What were you will get a full control panel and their stuff? You have to do all you have to do as it happened. Oh yeah, what do you do? Why, like, while you're flying at wave anything we're smiley, we're just watch it and in same in the shuttle we have varied? Hopefully don't have to do anything, but sometimes things don't go right, and then you got a bunch of things you can do. You know various shutdowns in imports and people. Probably no, but the shuttle, as it launched up the east coast of the US. We kept aboard landing was all the way up to coast, you could land a cherry point. You can land in New York or you could land in New Finland or all those places, and so as your ticket
the coast. You're constantly going. Ok, if we failure. Now we're going to abort this way, going to turn on land, Bermuda, we're going to land here, we're going to land and practice just like crazy and then you get to a certain point and then you would land in North Africa or South France or in Spain, and I'll those windows, all those tick. It's all those threshold you have to get your word. That's what we're hyper aware of her, not we're not along for the ride. Wow so while this is all going on, you have this big giant smile and you still are calculating. Oh yeah, you still going okay, it screws up. Now I go here, I'm running from now on a long list of all the various wicked set, your jumping through you pay them How much of the the trip is automated? How much of it is manual like it to be as automated as possible? Because if its, if that means things are predictable and things didn't break, and for the vast majority of shuttle flights, and saw use flights its automated, but sometimes
It's not on the way up hill and we had engines, fail, orange and start to fail, had to shut engines down and go to back up early stir a reserve convict. Nation of the engines you get did launch yeah during should have been on a couple shot. They happen on APOLLO as well on the way back to earth. had serious problems with the Soyuz where you have to take over and try and fly manually come in ballistically, which, which means it loses ability to steer on the way home, and you just start spinning the vehicle It just comes in like like a pure meteorite. You pull about eight or nine g on a ballistic country, and that's that's. That's pretty tough after six months await looseness to suddenly, if Europe two hundred pound or now you re sixteen hundred or seventeen hundred pounds, and that's that pretty hard in the body to credible the feeling that you must have had when you actually stepped onto ground again What was that like? It's awful?
you're, so nauseous and dizzy and and he's in as a course your views is telling you one thing telling you where the horizon is where up is, but your inner ear, which normally when your eyes are closed, keeps you from falling over. You can close your eyes and not fall over. That has forgotten completely what to do with gravity, because you've been weightless. First, whatever five or six months. So now you have this sudden great violent disagreement between What your eyes are saying and what your inner ear is saying it's like, if you spend fifty times and then stop spinning and you stagger around so your body says there is and seriously wrong. Why is his vision so wildly different than his inner ear and for the lot million years? One of the probable it was you ate something poisonous. You ate some sort of neurotoxic her, something that is messing up your internal systems and it might kill you. So
The first thing your body makes you wanna do is throw up because it's trying to get rid of whatever it was you just eight and then the next thing your body makes to want to do is go, lay down a go to sleep, Cassim, stop metabolizing right. It's trying to keep you alive so when you first get back from space, your body just screaming at you to throw and go hide hand, but you got all this stuff to do, and people are there to meet her and then you're, trying to just ignore those symptoms and and pay attention to it what's goin on its is their happiness along with that mean, is there a feeling of being home all yeah, all three of my flights and and the flight, went well and we work hard enough that they almost always do there's a great sense of satisfaction, because it's like the final step in an extremely complicated process, where you have done everything right or enough things right that that you can have that for the rest of your life.
So there's a tremendous feeling of joy and pride and accomplishment and when you get back to earth I have always been fascinated by space, and if you look up, you can see the lights here are covered with. I saw that I, like your light star good, but what would drive me nuts, is how little we actually get to see of the stars because light pollution? I was big island and I went to the Czech Observatory and there's a station like like there's telescope. The telescope is below that it, like nine thousand feed. There's like this visitor station, we been been near their open up at the top of a couple. The mountains there are to have a look at the sky. It's in credible. Its we I was by was when we were driving up. There was worried that it was too cloudy. I was, I always gonna be terrible, you know to go and see the stars, and it would take to clearly night we drove through the clouds and then, when you get,
Bob there, and you realize that the entire big island they have special diffused lighting to make sure that they don't emit like pollution who is life? Changing must be like one one millionth of what you experience on the space sure, but for me it was a real life changing moment, I'll, never forget it and I've. I think about it all the time. Whenever I look it's the stars, I was think about that night in Hawaii. That's what it looks like, but but even crazier there is an image of it there, but even crazier when you're actually experiencing. You can see the milky way- and I remember thinking God, to figure out a way to stop light pollution, because I just that just being able to look up and see that would change people's perceptions and would probably make people way more enthusiastic about space people course. The vast majority of people live in cities and the places that are
light pollution of the city side. A similar experience here is when I was an F eighteen pilot. I would get it up to high altitude. You know going on across country, especially in the north, put on the auto pilot and shut off every light in the cockpit. I let my eyes a just and your already up at forty forty five thousand feet, and so there is almost no Amis fear above you, and you could see the texture of space. You can see the I mean the milky way you can see. Why is called the milky way? I made it sir. It's a war white up, a great white part of You know, and you don't need a telescope to see it. You can see it with your eyes. I don't need some special time lapse, photography, so it's both humbling and really inspiring. I think, to see, puts everything into speculative. But even if you try and work on light pollution, people are in creatures in cities and they have street lights and they drive around in cars, and I don't know how you get people to notice the unit
around them? I think it would help if they could just see it. You know start if you look up in LOS Angeles. So what do you see like a star? I lived in Houston, yeah for a long time and yeah. Look at that. I could see eighteen stars tonight, it's a real night early, but when you're up there and then observatory. I'm sure when you were at forty thousand feet in the chat must have been amazing. It's not that Much further away mean the big island is not all that high. You just need one. Sometimes one small step and you can see a new yeah I had some similar, but not quite as intense viewing in the mountains of a bolder colorado. Like an eighty five hundred feet up, there was beautiful too, but I think that we We forget that we're really in space as stupid. As that sounds people really do forget. So I was going around the world and my son, who ran the social media for the flight to alert,
degree semi not say: hey dead, Mount Etna erupting the southern ITALY have a look amount, so I'm a good dead took a picture of how Edna but seeing the superheated LOS the smoke and esteem coming out of the earth was a really, especially when you look at the world as a ball was a really clear reminder of the fact that most of the planet is superheated, lava, magma and onwards, so hot that the Brok as liquid and plastic current- and we just live on this little chilled crust like like the top of a porridge pot, and we just live on this little thin bit at the top. That is crushed and when you the other way around and look up. Half The atmosphere is in the first three miles three miles, think but people go for three mile, a three mile run and really the whole habitable atmosphere is three above fifteen thousand feet, it's hard even live and we live in
on this little bit of cooled crust and this little sliver of air, and we think it's guaranteed within We think we're invincible right and we think the whole universe is here to service and we're like or like bacteria in court You know just just found a little niche that will support our life so much so that we're willing to almost our entire system. As far as energy is based on burning things, face of releasing you talk about one hundred years from now, looking back and going what were we thinking? I mean I mean you can see why a five gallon they'll a gasoline is an amazingly enabling thing. You can stick it in your car. DR hundreds of miles, and you can carry it in your hand and its fairly stable. It's a very seductive fuel, but at the same time it has such consequences and When we look when we figure out the next energy source, when we look back hopefully a couple hundred years, we will go. What were we thinking? Hope
we seem it's really hard for people to change to once once we have a pattern that we follow very actually, we found a way to make it work for ourselves here, yeah regularly, in spite of all the pollution we still rock it that way, in spite of all the stuff that we throw into the ocean, we still kind of happening basically on a daily basis. Well, you can't once you built a structure, it's real hard to change of course, and you can't just suddenly starve millions of people or kill millions of people just because you decide to change energy sources, it has to be gradual and we will will be weaned off fossil fuels, but they got to get a lot more scarce before we're going to bother just because of its human nature. Well, the ultimate use of fossil fuels is is a rocket. I mean that's the ultimate display of it shooting into space with a giant plume of fire behind you yeah, it's a brute force way. I mean we're burning dinosaurs to get to space, but it's it's so far. It's the only way we figured So far, it's the only way, no one, you you think about
what's possible for the future when they start talking about all these different propulsion methods and will someday be available what, if any of them appear viable you're asking me to predict, physics, inventions of the future, which I wish I could do that. I do it tomorrow. I don't know took to me. The obvious answer is every single molecule that exists. Every complex, molecule and Adam was put to. Either in a blast furnace of a place with almost unlimited heat and pressure, which is assessed. I have a son and it store that energy every single atom and molecule that exists, and we have yet to find a good way to get that energy back out but there is more energy and a pencil you how I feel, you- could truly get the energy. That's inside. All of the molecules that are in there
there's so much energy stored there. You know we have like would that stored, sunlight right and wheat by burning it? We can really that stored solar power, even nuclear, but we haven't found a clean way too to release the energy tat gives us nuclear power. We can do it, but we're still and we're gonna cave men about it and we haven't got a clean way. So I am certain that at some point we'll figure out how to whether it'll be cold, fusion or or just fusion itself. But if you read but they're doing in the various laboratories around the world. Even the experts think, where we're probably fifty years away from from being able to contain fusion so that it becomes a net positive power source and but when the expert say in its fifty years until we can do it? Who knows there was a recent article in one of the sides, magazines that the vote of nuclear waste could be reduced, by ninety percent.
if shown that they can mix plutonium contaminated waste, blast furnace, lag and turned the glass and they reduce its volume by eighty five to ninety five percent and effectively locks in the radioactive plutonium creating a able end product? I voice felt like me, the nuclear waste thing is a huge issue. Obviously I mean they've done a lot of weird things like dig holes in the ground. I'm Jared in there in nevada- and you know, and what's going on now in fukushima- is very disturbing they're trying to figure out how to contain it sure coming up with all these different ways, but it's
fascinating thing about human innovation. Their backs are up against for all those crazy monkeys, figure out a way to fix things. Yeah and it's just our nature and necessity is the main mother and we need. Sometimes we don't think we have the necessity and nuclear waste is a big problem. But you know: fossil fuel waste is a huge problem as well, and neither of them are perfect. Even solar energy has wasted because of you have to build all the solar panels and you have to collect all the rare earth metals none of it's for free. We have to find a best to trade off as we and still be able to try and Dane as good a standard of living for as many people around the planet as possible and in what we ve done, we I mean we feed more people now than we ever have right, but but how? How do we do it in the future? How do we get better at it? I'm not sure you there's so many variables. Obviously, and but always very excited when I see something like this that has like faith in the crazy quilt humans has restored like these he's not
figured figured out a way to fix an issue, or at least reduce an issue wage as much as ninety plus percent. The the fossil fuel thing to me is is a weird one, because obviously I enjoy it. We use it. It's so important for almost everything we do, but obviously this is going to create a problem. Someday and there's no way for example, for that? For me, then, than automobile pollution or pollution that you get from jet airplanes on a daily basis. How much mean the there's a big impact in the environment. Every time the spatial gets launched, isn't it while compared to everything else, it's it well at a course specials retired, but we only through the special hundred thirty five times a menu. You couldn't even measure compared. Everything else
the pollution that he injected. If it had gotten to the point where it was like air travel yeah, you wouldn't want. You know thousands of those launching every day you know, but that wasn't it wasn't a possibility and wasn't what it was gonna do, but compared to just how we burn coal to general electricity and how we use cars to transport ourselves around the you know, there are forty two thousand people a year killed, just in car crashes in that is MRS societal norm in the United States. We expect that we say: that's. Ok, it's all right to kill forty two thousand people, so we have the freedom to driver cars run where we want the kind of an interesting level of excepted disaster, and we say that's ok and that's not. That's not some global warming problem that may manifest itself on our children. That's a guaranteed thing this year and then that's just an interesting thing.
Hold up the mare and look at yourself and say: ok, that's that's what we decide is already. There is also a matter of a very statistically significant number of years of your life. You lose by living in a small filled environment. That's a fact, and we don't think about that, because you can survive and be healthy in New York City. You can jogging down the streets of Manhattan and drink spring water and think everything's all groovy, but the reality is of your living in a city and your breathing in those fields on a daily basis. It will reduce your life period but yeah, I agree with you, but none of us are lasting forever and people live where they want to live for all the reasons, and only one of the variables is how many years are going to live there right
would you rather live in the middle of nowhere that where the heiress clean but there's no people is our two or and the theatres really bad theatres, always bad, let's be honest with the best theatre, nearly as good as the best movie clause, antiquated goofy, art form ok here, I have to ask you about these guys aliens the devil, Lillian Geyser, when, when Europe their insurance base, I mean do you. under the possibility- and is something that you ever wondered yourself- are their intelligent, lifeforms out there, and if so, do you think that they watch us Do you think they're, aware of us? You mentioned earlier that, with Galileo inventing the telescope, he was tortured for pointing out that we weren't the center of the universe and with every
invention that's come since then we ve been able to prove more and more conclusively just how far from the center of the universe we are, and also how huge the universe is and Billy of years, old and and more vast numbers are so big there. There incomprehensible, both in numbers of of stars and number of gallop, these and within the last few years, using the great great grandchildren of a gallop telescope. We are seeing planets directly seeing around the nearby stars and we've seen thousands of them so we've. Basically shown that every single star has planet and there's an unlimited number planets out there, and so to think that with unlimited number of chances that we are the only life in the universe to me is just a natural extension of thinking that we're the center of the universe. You know it's an arrogance egotism thing based on belief instead of fact, but it's also, I think, arrogant. egotistical to think that we're so fascinating.
We're so revelation Ariane and so special. That somehow weird big black eyes monsters with no hair on their bodies are sneaking around staring at us because we are so special to me. That's just I mean it's fun science fiction and it makes for great entertainment, but it's it's, not real. We have heard that the archetype of the the doktor, the alien with a large black eyes, and that, though you know, this is strange, big head that what very well come from is the actual birth experience for children the first time the eyes are outside of the womb. They don't have clear vision and they see the bright light of the operating room, which is the first time they've ever been exposed to something like that, and it's incredible Billy traumatic experience. They recognize the eyes which are enormous and further ahead than this
this face with a white mask on future less interesting and that this is most likely. What the archetype of the experience, the these medical experiments that supposedly go on with these aliens that that's the origin of- and this is what we have- is very arrogant idea that children don't remember things. You know it's been I point about circumcision. Those! I don't think circumcision is a good idea. I think it's ridiculous. I think it's antiquated its gent genital torture and I think the justification is one of them. Is that the baby to remember it and I'm always like how do you know the baby does remember just because they don't have a point of reference or contacts, it's very possible. They remember it. Well, this I anticipate answer to the alien abduction experience in these cold hard medics. Examinations is emotionless. Medical examinations may vary,
be the birthing process, or some of it was both, and then they ve now the incredible the feeling of helplessness that they have as biscuit their body as a move yet, and that these intense memories are burnt deep de deepen our consciousness. I think it also just comes from a fear of being alone and a fear being mortal hand if we can somehow convince ourselves that that neither of those two things are true- and it's a great comfort to folks and to think that that there's other life out there and hence its it's holding us as Super special, and it's been here before, and it's going to be back it's it's a nice deductive thought process to go down so, but there is there I mean we have left earth we have. Thirteen years ago this month we permanently started living on the space station with the International Space Station Programme and the Soviets have been there for decades before on their space stations. We have sent
probes to every planet in the solar system and got one gonna PLUTO right now and were rovers on a couple different three different play send moons of the solar system. We, if aliens did show up. I dont think their behaviour would be the one that is in the common science fiction media. It just doesn't make sense so sire. I am convinced their life in the universe. We not just on the statistics of it. It just makes sense. It's it's just is just egotism to think that were that special, but I think it's also just Higgins ISM to think that were so special that, where the object of great secretive fascination by higher beings. I think you're, very humble, and so you look at us and say that it wouldn't be that interesting. But I say to you imagine if we found out that there is a planet just outside of our solar system, where there was some people that were were there? They were just like human beings, but were like human beings from like the thirteen hundreds they just had
anything out, yet we would be like holy shit. They have guns, they figured out the wheel, they're lighting, their cities on fire, they're crazy. They just haven't figured out mass communication yet and most of them can't read. I think we would be. A lot like us right now is a lot like us right now. We really haven't changed that much, but I mean if we found some people just from a thousand years ago, a thousand years in our past. We would be absolutely incredibly fascinated, I think, if we found some being somewhere that it harnessed the power of fire. If we're back, Forty thousand years ago, I think we'd funding incredibly fascinating. So this does that we can do. I don't buy it I think. If I was an alien, I would be so fascinated by these freaks. These pink monkeys with bang sticks in the internet and his religions, and all the other freak show stuff that we have down here on earth. I think would be the most wonderful freak show of all time. I've often that if there is if there is intelligent life near that I think, are outside of earth. I think that is probably the tan of outer space, which
explains why all visitations come in the middle of the night, that they're just they're hammered and they want to see a show. They want to go see the freak show yeah. I think, if I was an intelligent being I do not by the idea will it be so special about human beings, where do we start Okay, there's a lot special about this crazy species. Above all other species on this planet, there's seven billion of them. Okay, they're, like like rats, a sinking sinking ship inhabit every little spot in the ocean find a little floating thing poking out of the ocean. Where some are growing on boom is a whole sea of people living there. You know go to Hawaii this tiny spot. It's a million people in Hawahu. We're crazy, crazy think I would look I think I would we gotta go there. We gotta go to earth. I think we would be probably one of the most fascinating things to observe, because we're so in incredibly advance, and yet so contradictive. Oh so hypocritical, so ridiculous, so easily lead so easily tricked and fooled. We have
the access to instant information. But we choose to believe someone was ridiculous things of all time. I agree with you, though, that I find the evidence of us being here, by aliens incredibly on compelling and The people that I talk to, I did a cypher show called General in questions. Everything were met with a lot of these UFO guys, and I felt like I was talking to religious fanatics- is just like talking to religious fanatics, just a feeling there too clever for the Koran so they fall for. The blue block project. Blue book is their Lord, so two weeks ago, a satire paper in Canada published a thing about what I did in a movie theater watching the movie gravity, and they said I hacked in- and I heard about- and I started to to protest the movie and did all this stuff and got thrown out of the theater that's really mood. I thought it was very funny right. Read this article, thousands of people believed
notes and friends, ascended to their friends and hey, look, hey, look, hey look! This is this must be the truth because I believe it and that thinking is so easily prevalent and dominates alot of populist conclusion making when, in fact is not based on fact at all, because people want to be leave stuff, but they don't want to spend any time actually doing the thinking of the research about it and so that that's pervasive right across all cultures, including what people think about the alien abduction. Yeah that, but it is also a real problem with the access to information right now, so beautiful anybody can get information at, but it's not vetted so and there's also a lot of what they call satire sites which are just not satire. They just lie. I mean there's been there. This is one national news, something or another website that people keep constantly tweeting me stories from, and they just make up stories sure there was one about that. I retweeted before I read where it came from that Texas to see
to use sexual predators for medical experiments and theirs there's just it's just a lie. There's no! It's like! If you read the onion within five minutes or five seconds. You realize ok, they're, doing comedy. This is funny business humorous they their not being humorous. It just lying and calling it satire. When you see that attributed to you like farting in a movie theater, that's rude and I've read it, and I had sent to me like these guys and ass all like he found it in the movie. They have made me laugh out the reaction to it made me laugh as well. Just like come on people. Please we get a week. We are actually sell separate from the one celled organisms. We have brains and reason and experience and logic and use? It were clearly still developing. clearly right, I mean there's the slightest and everybody you and this folks like you that have experienced technology and innovation at its very height, they did the highest highs you've actually gone out above the
actual atmosphere of our earth and experience the amount of technological sophistication it takes to pull something like that off. But then there folks than a barrel. their chips with a language and they exist amongst us because of this complex society makes it really easy for dumb people just get by and breed. Make more done people, it's so easy. To have that right? Is this the in in the Yang of life? You know, I think the real key to it is: what does everybody, They want to get out of it. What do you want to get out of your life and what do? What are you What is your own compulsion? What what is it that gives you the satisfaction the end of the day, and it may be that stuff you read on the internet or maybe the I show that you watch, or maybe the sports team that you idolize or maybe some new invention somewhere or some area, your huge belief into some particular subset of what we know or we don't know and to me, that's all great everybody.
should be doing that as long as they're pushing themselves to something that they're interested in their trotted, you don't get the best out of the things that their naturally inclined towards and make the most of it. It's it's just been what I've been doing. I'm just interested in this particular part of of space flight and in case arise. Fine by me live and let live but said, don't spend all of those efforts in taking your particular set of interests and your beliefs that that have given you this period and trend and forced him on other people make them good for you offer them up for the people to believe if they like banana, but don't don't. Try and convince everybody else in the world, Are you opposed just because this is what you believe? Why would that become? You are you are and what your mantra? Why would it be so important? I think it's just like people that want people to convert to Islam, they
have this idea in their head, that this is the truth and they have to pursue it. It's just like a religion, I think, did the religion of belief. You know the the the intensity of ideology once you've I know people that want you to be on at and t because that's their network like what do you do with Verizon school at and there's a weird clan thing that human beings have and Blackberry versus Ipad and the people that believe in aliens they all stick together. They go and they have conferences and it becomes a part of their culture. It's fun and there's this thing that happens. This confirmation bias where they don't want to look at anything outside of something that confirms their idea. So they don't want to. objectively, I thank Heaven. A belief system is important. Did you see anything up there? happened, no light The world is really weird to look at that as men and fascinated look at us, storms around the planet and the I mean I was out on a spacewalk going through the southern lights, with the Aurora
Guess raw coming up underneath my feet four thousand miles, and that is a weird thing to see its beautiful. It's fast, getting its it. Does your green real it mostly? What you see in pictures is green cassettes. What the cameras see, but in reality is it's got red and orange and yellow come in at the top of it and that your eyes can pick up and it's it's. You can't believe it's real like how can this possible we be earth. How can this be going on all the time? It's it is phenomenal to see, especially when you can see for several thousand miles in its under your feet. so amazing to see so yet we see amazing stuff all the time yeah that's way cooler than some dark and fly saucer, the cat doesn't even have. He doesn't even have the though the manners to come and say hi he's got a circle around of ducked you interracial memories with me, the world is, is fascinating, an unknown an interesting enough with hoping to invent little green men visiting,
it really is and the awareness of fascinating. It truly is, is greatly enhanced by people like you, so I want to. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for doing this. Thank you very much for being you. Thank you very much for writing this book and astronaut. its guide to life on earth were going to say is taught me about ingenuity, determination and being prepared for anything, Colonel Chris Hadfield sir, are bad. Mother fucker realize tat. You re launch access is a very enjoyable and fast any conversation. I really really appreciate it so far go out by this book is available everywhere. Can I get it on Amazon's available? It's a New York Times best seller. It's only Amazon GO to Chris Head field. That sea, I will show you everywhere you can buy, it go buy it for support it and that, thanks to our sponsors, thanks to square space, dot com use the code word Joe and the number eleven all one word say: You yourself, ten percent and thanks to honour that combat, oh and and I t he's the
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