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#422 - Greg Fitzsimmons

2013-11-29 | 🔗
Greg Fitzsimmons is a stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast "FitzDog Radio" available on iTunes and every Monday on Sirius Howard 101.
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the job logan experience powerful grew adverts moons my longest running for an carmody said sir by nobody can break that record you can't go back campbell implausibly stuck with each other more along the you stay alive night we wiki together i'm gone back i'm an interview some of the boys are you really i'm gone back on this club laugh boston some five zero that places really good the arusha fears air actually this week right right they decide said somebody else's proofs was very weak before but do alive podcast on thursday evening and get some of the guys out i'm not sure i reached out to size in gavin mike mcdonald then do do those guys resist that they enjoy those conversations like khazars up there's a bit
of remorse in those conversations the gray we talk to those great comics i had gavin i want so i think is probably our favorite right you were pretty much honestly i think that one of the great performances of ever seeing is a tie between gavin and back in prime teddy bourgeois do you remember how goddamn good he was right so good he made you want to quit i now i remember seeing him it was an open my night teddy went up and i think jonathan cats was actually hosting it was what was eyes were was george george having chats member these still at different people different headliners used to host the open like night and he up in the middle and just fucked around for ten minutes or whatever and i wanted our common ales it's no way wagner was the definition of swagger he would walk back and forth on the stage and you know the guy's got that comes where he's rubbing his thumb against the tipps of his fingers is kind of like this we also hand around and it was all like he'd where these silk suits and he had to say
horrible orange hair and he would he's talk like a fast be it i mean he would get the calm celebrated with why you have to see it to understand and you would really have to sit in the context of nineteen eighty eight were whose i was convinced he was going to be a goddamn superstar i was convinced i was like there's no way i can stop this guy from being billy crystal nowhere you weren't talking to our common drives when he said that now i didn't know as they stop diminish straps yeah dead boy did i watch that i watch that because is the beneficiary of it a few times because i got cancer tat he could make it a what have you so i went wrong and i gotta give a glass minute i had to say twice a week and when you know and we were featuring in their like can you
thirty we'd be like tat and our hendrick on twenty two and some crowd work that so i'm up there and i'm so we get in the light of twenty seven instead i'm gettin a stretch sign and unlike own so i go is lie do like an extra twelve minutes and i'm dying and teddy comes in an apparently he said the club or nobody came ngos diana highway and somebody sides wife's may and eighty says he he takes around here somewhere here how did i get here suicide marries often says the same thing that x night it's like this guy's gonna fuckin problem but i don't i don't have to santa think it depends like if you still accept that telling jokes for an hour or night for five nights a week paying your rent and eating and have fun if you can still accept that's a good thing in life than their dare not sad what it certainly is it certainly always is the same this comes from more people not knowing how good they were right
right now you want people are now when you hit that high level you want people to know i mean made miss it was it would sweeney was the one that i can certainly say although he was a murderer the time it was so boston centric there is very difficult for him to have that sort of impact outside his hand shots till yeah i guess these national exposure he did he got a few a few big spots he did like now one of those comic strip lives or something like tat evening the improv type thing he got quite a few determined a young commedia specials burundi danger fan of one of the fairly brothers movies right no all the fairly brother almost yeah why he's always a cop he's i've seen him crush like
you like it was like a perfect sat like like you can't any better than just get different she was riding laughs his weight nano and as soon as they fade overhand right back into the laugh and we have this not give a fuck look to home you're a big bald spies and give a fuck is here was always fucked up i couldn't care less he was sold like blue collar boston that guy went stage you automatically man in him he's a guy you just have a beer worthies a guy like me steve comes overnight beer bengal obey stevedores tv i sit down and just jovial sucks you're right into his personality here but he couldn't murder similar colony of ham and i guess so funny he he has an agent in boston i care i don't over the guy is some new agents and some a call and said they want off from a certain madam i do like he ought their itself like you know they d the elk sludge and mad appointed or you know that
gigs that are like fire houses or whatever and ass they offered of a certain amount of money and the aging cosy now i now man steve is commanding more money in the market place the mandate in the market on ensues that unite what's the marketplace on a tuesday night exactly i think there's no better place to at least start out than boston because of their because none of us there was no like you're gonna make it not making it making it was just being a professional common right just figured out how to get to be a professional so now yeah there's no doubt i be any remorse ma am people still pack an embassy guys i gave an alien but though the world should unknown the world should known i feel like france alameda captured a little bit and that that movie that he did not want any better than yeah he captured it a little
what he captured what came before us which is just just before us when it was literally in the formative stages of light let's put a microphone in a room and other people talk i coastal crazy men do it right let's have guys don't give a fuck go up penetrate the audience like bitches their animals and they were animals and it was very testosterone driven like you said there was a lot of drugs lotta drinking really was like assert the recipe was you building a right which you only need it for the first year cousin you locked on that set for the rest your life and then the ability to perform and then balls then it was like who on stage has the biggest balls because it was all about can this guy follow me and a bury the guy after you here we and we ve talked about that on the set but this was their number one flaw was that they didn't change or sat they andy there were very boston centric and never change or sets night but positive side of that was god damn doing
those jokes down to a samurai sword sharpness they were just hammer those jokes down until they were flawless like gavin the jokes weren't even jokes like if you read some of em you rode down on paper you go the same way that can be funny ignores can we defies than you seen all dates i'm just gonna be funny go what's that he does i live here you know the way the waiter comes already gives us some wine and we said sure any goes i read a white anna and i said what are you surprise me any slap me the far ahead with his balls with doesn't that not a great joke out of his mouth you're fucked and die because the attitude you gotta see right but you know and i think that what we learn from that was number one right but number two why you're writing do their bit enough times where you do find a way to make it absolutely crush you know too like two did
doing with the same joke again and again and again this no shame in that as long as it's getting better each time you till you get to the point where like with gavin where it's just there they're just boil down perfect little pieces a com that's the problem with like when you release a specialty of god damn existing dry or not this is done yeah you know that that that weird feeling of remorse right after you do it and the worst is after recourse passion then like a month lady of the ultimate tagline that transforms the bit yeah or you realize that there's two senses the middle that we're doing nothing and you and you because sometimes i drop a bit and when i bring it back it's a great thing because you forget they share it was unnecessary only remember the good elements raw ascended the stronger joe year thus good that's a good way of looking at it like sometimes walk away from it come back to it i would be willing to take that fuckin initial step like
but was really funny wednesday night we did a show i south right tripoli went up killed it but had a couple new jokes that is trying out like for the first time and it was just laugh and about how goin on stage of the new jobs like bambi legs like you and it is like the door where i went to work these legs out that's really what it feels like we do now it's seems pretty funny when going over and find my computer but who knows what's some amazing because sometimes you some hits you and try it on stage and its actually more comedy then you thought it would be then there's times were like i sit down with a pad and i got shit ideas at the end of it you go like wow i thought i had like our rant i have maybe a one line or dislike and you dont know it's not necessarily that the crowd i'm telling you it's good or not you don't know until you're actually putting it out if if it feels so
and be or if it was just something that was probably good on paper yeah the though the form of communication that you have with an audience when you're on stage is impossible to replicate outside of their environment it's you could try to imagine any your head we're alone in front of a computer but your mindset is so ultimately different than it is when you do and stand up that even when human the business twenty five years like we have it's fucking guesswork you're just taken while guess it's a year the car is idling when you're cars idling young you haven't fucking we stand the gas yet this white so important to both the town do both in the both mean you can do the actual sit down writing parties guys like the skimp on that unlike i know that you write a lot on stage on no you write a lot during the day i know but a guarantee you if you sat down for sometimes for weak and dedicated yourself just right too for the committee to re a blog write something right anyway tat man to this day that fuckin guy drop in and see him
not only is it all new shit it's shit from the news from the last three days clearly sat down and wrote this is like extemporaneous tell doesn't go up and just fuckin riff he has that shit down yeah yeah it's no no doubt he doesn't riff vermin there was something in the crowd are severely groundwork than when it comes to material he's like beat it out you guys have got a very unique style you know he's he's like a tenacious worker i did his no time show which is as ever showed that you would slack off if you are the host right it's dave's old port we sin for an appointment you no porn tapes from like a nineteen eighties and you do like the mystery science fear thing to them but dude he's got like now watson ideas about what worked what didn't work and what we should do more shouldn't do may we should try this and i know it after don't you know it's fucking chain smoking over these notes and send out a crucial and i haven't meetings and shit like wine any edited it for
ver he actually went into his own pocket a hundred in dollars beyond what were paying him to added it well and then he put together like bonus acts for a dvd he was in a release has he got ownership of the shell year an ice where to god he was still editing it bad until very recently so he's gonna release do yeah but a galaxy refer it'll work khazar asia he's not getting enough credit right now you know it tells not getting the crow he deserves right now right here in the lightning oak go to seem at clubs and like this have failed audiences unlike that's ridiculous like playing the best and i got a new show coming out of college spoke some couple days ago he's hosting a slight goddamned observe yeah stanhope shouts willoughby three or four comics per add enough on their power forge a few yeah so i think he's doing that
sweet actual there he's also man he's his his strength for the memories rye one of my all time fair in our time favorite so i'm fuckin this girl doggie style i didn't plan at that but that plant it that way that's how she passed out anyway a couple mcnuggets later then it just keeps you know that today would get like you know that would be a part of rape culture array jilted owed really who beyond the cover of ceylon david supports rib culture could you see what the writer from their variety said about sarah silverman what did she was too dirty and she was trying to be one of the guys in her career would be further along if she didn't if she worked in work so blue that's a larry us that's elaborately dumb she's the biggest female stand up comment in the world why here would be further pop up blocker cheating reviewers feel like you know we don't have the agenda of being billionaires that play theatres a lot of us are pretty
fuck it happy where we are it's like what i was just saying about the boss a convenience don't put on em that they want to be international stars like sir simon the same kind of material she would do no matter what the very she works as much as she wants she's considered cool so she gets roles and movies tv and she i don't know he seems to be having a fucking great time so integrated images fuck in all areas she's good i give you one says that an asshole like like theirs things that people like in their things people don't like you you could take me to see a certain type of music that you really enjoy and i don't get it it doesn't in that its bad lines it's not for me but when you boy down something that's obviously very successful and very well loved like and the point the the reason why it's funny is cause she is dirty because she is dirty
it's our fuckin mine works for mine didn't work out the jokes wouldn't be funding right you might not be your thing you might easily offended whatever the fuck it is mine have a crab up your ass when you want to write this thing down you might have decided to take her in particular snotty approach but well there's a few moving parts when it comes to trying to objectify if something is good or bad in the arts and one is it the person like you said if you're genuinely dirty and you're being dirty then it works if you're trying to be edgy because you see that that's where the comic stew doesn't work so to me about lie what you're authentic voice and number two just cause somebody is highly commercially successful like does it mean what they're doing is bad they'd means that it happens to be in sync with what a lot of people like right you know i am i think they d like his on sorry he successful because he literally did focus groups with people to decide
which he was material would work best with eighteen to thirty five or like that's the opposite what good is are you sure he did that in my mind about it in a phase of vote peace in the air i might have in the new york times you sure he wasn't fucking around there might be something of a large age or college why that's something that would save us fucking around like it's so the obvious it again i would ever do yeah yeah well you know what i did i hired a bunch people to go and survey people this is my point on services always been you'd never get a good answer with survey because only the answer people dom enough to answer the servant correct most people like you or i are not going to answer goddamn survey and how old world is so when you read the gallup poll the recent one said that
the sum insane number people at forty six percent of the united states believes in the biblical version of the creation of earth right meaning they six thousand years less than ten that's the fuckin standard that's forty percent of the cap but it's not that's not true its forty six percent of people dom enough to answer for conserving it's not forty say yes it's not i don't buy it no more than forty six percent of the people know that whether or not you believe in the bible a biblical god more than forty six percent noted the bible for israel's been translated many many times and leave room for error and second of all they understand the work of science because you believe in some higher power to make you feel better what have you doesn't mean you reject everything i think that a number of its as high as forty six percent but this according to these paul's that people there leave that humans and dinosaurs existed at the same time is inexplicable equally high do you know that was sarah palin she said
their pale and had a conversation with a librarian and was scylla alaska where she said that on the internet there was a photograph of human footprint incited dinosaur footprint and the woman like the woman like talked about this and therapy animals running for president vice as an and whatever and she was like what pa the pockets flock like this is a woman they got heart beat away from being a president and she thought the dinosaurs and humans walked gather and then you see people who are intended they'll you that prepare until that downright collecting dinosaurs of peaceful co existence maize is essay thereby the librarian whatever well and i think that down what's the other one not sir power on the show bachman michel backwards worse were husbands gay rights is good his gaze gay is gay
the day is beautiful long and flower smell pretty and butterflies of beautiful that guy's gag election he can like enough deck there's no way if you could just just give him a free pass if you ever got that guy look it up and put a hard on in front of him he would jump on like gregg lou gayness off the top here ran dive on that day his head would be spinning out of a gainer indeed still get some tongue on the chef he would automatically starts salivating to the point where it was like a waterfall coming out of his mouth which or should i just saw live long story you know where the pool started and the saliva for dick it's coming out of his it would literally be like us alive a waterfall unlike but not one people have backyard and they have those really like fancy wills
formations where the water comes down into their poor verily fancy financing that was mouth effie he would say to a young man do you wanna go and hearts have with me and they got bigger ok they get and how tat macgyver go there's no water in here and he go just one who is your car warm gooey is comes out ninety six degrees i'd let em blow me if i knew that i could take down michel bachman particular down from what the just eight because she will be our job you really feel that i know so look you just have to see who fox news is trotting out and she is one of the first pundits they go to four comments on shit she is introducing legislation in congress right now that is actually being enacted so what's to stop her me i will sucker husbands back and release it on the internet i'll take the hair all we need to do is get amounts and ecstasy right
get em to realise the folly of his ways it's like these people that are like that i guarantee you if you the months and ecstasy and gave mahogany fuckin don't worry about it man don't worry about it i know you are just let it go i'll be u dont be the garbage gobble just grab elements for them in their stuff it add party up do you already like sixty he's probably we probably having or gay sex it's just not always no doubt is having autograph sacks and i think it similar with a lot of celebrities i'd want to mention names like say oprah like her husband i believe how dare you i believe aids i've heard rumors he always have to substantially things like that i've heard rumours that he looks extremely gave to me i would say those rumours automatically if i knew that there was a woman out there or me out there rather whose girlfriend makes hundred billion dollars etc guys gay rights
fuckin right out of the gate agus yours your dick would get so small around that much money every day and is not yours she's so dominant over him and what is that i do is make a junta grammy here we will know what the fuck does i think what he goes out does well here's here's the cash and for doing nothing is the he does speeches like they pay to come in and look do motivational speeches walmart my god here god that's hilarious innovation or speeches here whatever you would use this is how you find a really which powerful woman and just connect our little guides the already ball with disease we were met who knows maybe the guys like a really brilliant intelligent guy maybe doesn't give a fuck about money maybe this enlightened know it's true actually i know dude that are like that that are with really strong women and they are totally cool with it they they find them and you know enchanting and humorous and aid they go for the ride that's fine i guess for us work alpha males so i think it would be difficult for us to picture
in the back see maybe and maybe not i think this is it's really hard when you say like that this would work that we worked generalizing because there's people in my life that on paper i shouldn't like and i fuckin love them remain relationships that i have had with people that despite the craziness i enjoyed the fuck out of my time with them and you know and sometimes in a more intense way even though wasn't like was anything that had legs like they actually lastly because after while in the eu have real relationships we could actually gone vacation with someone i remember when you first argon vacation girlfriends and like three ran you'll like oh my god i need a jump out of a fucking window now night i had a girl that i faked a phone call my friend called me up i faked an obligation to get rid of her she came to stay with me for the weekend just for the weekend and
who days in she was complaining about everything to the powers like there was no fun to be had everything was just a complaint complain about the music complain about where we're gonna go to complain about real fucking thing and it was i was panicking my friend called me up and then and i go hey what's a man and i go all dude i forgot shit fuck i gotta come get you god i'm so sorry you as my friend john whose quite slick characters like all i can say it was gloves i go bethany here sure surname nice person but it was the wrong time for both of us right we look i was a fucking pay me asked until i was part of problems like i was a fucking dad said too i think that when you are a young man i think you'd be hard for you travel with anybody but other young man you just your fuckin explore you wanna really go knots and unilaterally that your dumb
twenty twenty four years maybe twenty three the time i was so stupid i mean i was so still increasing and it was joint like two years removed from fighting so my brain was hard wired the wrong way like i had a rewire it my brain was was why for violent competition and then breaks in between that like that was my whole life gone from that to like the like being round girls in relationships and trying to manage those waters was very confusing for me but i find was actually a solitary pursue right i had it keep journals up until parliament has like twenty three or something but i was dayton his girl and we went to europe together it was like after sophomore year colleagues that summer she had she had studied abroad in austria for the sector semester so i saved some cash and i flew over there we met in london and we want to ireland and we want to france
and i was back in miserable and i was given a journal and i looked back at it now and it wasn't her it was just like i just wanted to do my own fuckin thing i wasn't into negotiating uncompromising because at that age you feel life is so short you dont want to waste a day you just feel like whatever the this exciting thing is that's what you want to be doing and that's often not what comes out in the conference this definitely vat but is also i was just selfish yeah i didn't want to do what anybody else nightingales would robust say i mean but it wasn't even than i was thinking hey life is short and wasn't romantic areas like totally egotistical you know like if you look back
you have to go back in time and be yourself and you were twenty three or twenty two years old like a fucking mess that would be arguably like ah when i had to deal with you know you would like look at the relationships that try to manage like what the fuck mess you created in that you're just such a different human now the new more then you spend so much energy on relationships back then but tell you man having like a relationship like especially when you sixteen them the mount emotionally i grew from likes sixteen two like eighteen during the time that i have this girl is a girlfriend was a very nice person to choose the she was not a mean or nasty in any way which was really nice as well like i'd dated girls after that would they will mean a nasty we first i'm a girl insult you it's like it's weird thing because like my first gruff and never would do choose very smart as well and like would have conversations they were interesting conversations there was no
manipulation no weirdness and then i did this girl about a year later that was the opposite shore very nice and she was very pretty unfortunately for her because it gave her this fuckin this billowy to list constantly have men around her constant people heading but she knew how to fuck with you like you would see it happen to say somebody's was you knows always crooked skagway like i know well then i remember thinking what the fuck was that like blue what's going on i should say shit like that like all the time we all share and that's where you see bad marriages is when when either person insults the other one chance like unless it's you really get that that's their stick and they fuck around a bus each other's ball right but when you see the guy get a little bit you know that image by you just think and the girl the girl damage out of it is even more like ten
and causes of physical violence worry obviously women dubai come on man i mean i lost a very good friend and fill hartman for that very thing is wife shot him why was in his sleep and that was a horrible relationship and that was relationship were his ex wife used to do subtle shit to insult him in front of like large groups of people she would choose chip em down because she was a failure just an unifil was superstars corner centre live constantly movies and in to live like a deeply loved guy and so she would take with you would take it up parties and she would take that opportunity to consult him in front of me like a real sought a ways like you talking about cars could fill was like a car not and he body for and he was so happy bought this car locate saved up his money and a big your friends saves money made from a couple of movies and they always wanted one of these things and you talk about it like he was a very interesting guy very very
mark smoked weed and it would get like real crazy about shit like really into things these on conversations and i could use a really like he loves things he loved becoming a pilot turkey became a pilot while we're doing news radio and remember seeing him sitting there like studying due to flee all these aviators books i'm way to eighty four the rice guy would study like his lines like when we have seen he would study his lines over and over and over and over he was simply a consummate professional skype so when you talk about this ferrari was about the italian engineering in the shape of the sound of the engines the whole experience was everything he had just and so she goes i like max you know ex boyfriend had a truck michael boyfriends back home at trot and so what does he think in when he would do i hear what i hear is she's talking about these dude we're probably truck
picture truck picture brutish man right guerrilla fucking her in the back at his truck thrown some hay down repellor pants off just fuck and send that alone cars is in fact the liner do ropes fucking stirrups on shit but she would say that kind of shit you know should always make jokes about him being older make you know varies jokes about whatever now she's trying to chip and about i'll never forget that you're just as you know i like trucks are my ex back home had trucks yeah that's just a gross thing to say he and you get that from your parents i mean they model it for you how are you going to treat your spouse is like i see it every fuckin time by saying and i with a friend couple nights ago and pay and were around the his his in laws were around and i could see the way they treat each other like oh yeah that's your marriage that's your wife tree so so my marriage like they really respect did each other like they never they never did that
you kidding around a lot but it was so obviously fun but they were doing and they re we respect each other never took shots in public and when they had to if they had to have a serious discussion and it wasn't yelling they would wait we went to bed they go on the other side of the house closed the door and we heard muffled you know relax people do sir fuckin argument if further kids like will that's what your kids are going to do when they grow yeah yeah that's that's super important men soon superpower and to show them the model of what's possible and if you're in a bag relationship is just as equally important to get out one of the really important things my mother taught me when i was a little kid is getting out of a relationship when we were five she moved a similar my grandmother and then we got it aren't we moved out of my dad's place because her and my dad were involved in this abusive relationship so i remember thinking that like while like my mom smart she does the right thing when she goes right isn't just take it she has august shout
she figures a way out of it even with two kids you know so that took a lot of courage to do i was going to balls so you know it takes it takes like a real sense of action in doing right i think i've i've i think that people are we like one thing i've noticed about happy people in life is they all do this but i have seen a trend with people that are happy in life and more confident use their options they don't ever feel painted into a corner and like they have to stick with this job they go like not you not i'll go get a degree i want to do this and they don't see the obstacles as big as people that are unhappy here as long as you're willing to appreciate the fact that all the energy you put into something might not immediately translate into this new thing like there's a lot of people who are not willing to accept a dip like there is another thing learnt when my mom in my step dagger together my my step that was a computer programmer
and had a really good job computer programming but did want to do anymore want to become an architect so took a chance went back to school then became an architect and again you know successful that's got to watch that like this isn't what i like to do let's do something now and he was happy happy so i get to see those two different but one was artistic you know the computer programs i guess could be artistic as well but what is more a visual artistic thing i wanted to design building i think in computer programming baghdad was probably a lot less artistic it was probably a lot more just you know coding just ten go to to and go to twenty like all that fuckin numerical but i think that you know to see him be happy really is the pay because that's what you're looking at your looking oh he's happy he did this and you work backwards from that and it encourages you whereas like my this is what he did he was on the radio he took big fuckin jai saw my dad not work for three years three years still waiting for an out of our house made a work
where it was not a situation where dad had gotten out of favour with some people in boston like politically strong people is in new york did you knew i was big radio thy new york and it was just like you know programme managers change gestation directors whatever and they want to bring a new people and so he got knocked out and it was just a shrinking market am he was on em radio and it is still to shrink was there a situation where he had gotten into it was some politician or something went my imagining this think account member states he's too should i my dad ray yeah when my twin sister was coming up my dad was like one of the top djs in new york my whole life and so stern was coming up in my dad used to also hosts the jerry lewis telethon he was the new york post for it near every city has its own and he used to shoot up my dad said he must be a has been cuz he's hosting a telethon and be buddy let a girl like you just he went
two guys like jean clay than in and i am ass all the guys that were big at the time and i was his ammo and that then put him that category and then he's surpass them all so my dad i don't think it hurt my dad although he didn't like stern and my mother hated stern then later he my dad died and and stern made a big you would about my dad on the air talked about how much he respected i'm always like the most well like guy and radio and how much you learn from outside the hatch it i was like aright he was do because my dad always got what he was doing too is like you i don't like the guy but you're no good just move got him when he was gone as so you know it was fuckin
it was weird my mom is so upset that i go on stir now still irish people hold yeah wow that's fascinating man now so you'd did you have showbiz aspirations because your dad was in radio and you saw that business to see him prosper and be a big time deja did i don't they the dj part appealed to me but he used to host a lot of charity events and you stand of comedy didn't exist then like it did now so for him i think you i've been a comedian in his day because the his favorite thing in the world was to go get up in front of you know all hollows where he went to high school and raise money by still need oh shit on the priests and they laugh and he would make fun of this guy in the crowd and he had his stories he had is like sick ten stories he tell and it was just like stand up that's the thing that i got excited about this and i saw his happiness when he did it i got obsess withstand up a nice to collect comedy arms and i used to get up like my dad
just last night on thanksgiving she we had a few other girls over the house and my daughter got them all together and they were hearst flag an hour and a half may put the show together and it was like accurate attics and shit but my daughter and seed it and she did the big well to the thanksgiving show and it was like so funny like tat with me at ten gimme microphone let me and see and i was doing that shit that's that's i'd never like you said before like i didn't think about show business i'd think about anti damage thought about stand i want to stand up there and do that that energy that's it and lead were led it's kind of funny in all the time it's past now probably the thing that people know you form from the most is being on stern and doing hard cast and do in other people's podcast and doing your own radio show on serious on the stern chow because its
all gone like three one eighty right now business at me three sixty in fact back to what you're dead right that's like mean you are known as being larry's podcast which is essentially the same rod castor same thing right now and i didn't want to go in and i remember grown up as like i got on the radio you know i didn't i didn't get it i go and do my dad's radio shown i thought oh so fucking weird that there was only a few people and we are talking to each other we like i know who we were talking to an but really saw me on radio was like do and stand up on the road and go and an ad you know six thirty seven in the morning in toledo and go in and talk of these shock jocks and doing for five in a row on a thursday morning and i start to get into it i like that they were challenging me and that they use to get on their moving bus it's like you know they were gonna fuck and bang bang bang and now it's gotta while the weather guy i knew at this in your head is spinning cause you just got it on a flight for hours before and i
the challenge of haven't alike as you know go toto with those guys and then you get to the guys that you like liking preston steve and fairly gray gaza i mean just there's three guys we both work with under the ones are really shine and be you know i have an in built in and so you go back and then all of a sudden you go i while this is a cool way to make your living these guys on after trammel they get to kind of do what i'm doing but in the same place still dudley and crew and awesome it's another going right ryan is a few left but not many that the business dying bobbin tom the business is dying exchange i it's a little nasty in denver dad he's great guy you're here's the issue in his ears what's missin first of all the medium can only go so far and regular radio censorship and the fact that this commercials it sucks it ruins the show it ruins it you do go and our without taking a break for pepsi and you're fucked
the conversation you just you just are they need to figure out a way to sandwich advertising in the radio but i think ultimately the real problem is that radio as a medium like one group getting to decide what gets distributed and only assume a small amount of channels its digital idea we all know a hundred guys that were more entertaining than the local radio dj that we had to deal with a long time yet a lot of regular guys who are like maybe they were construction workers maybe they were lawyers but they were hilarious an interesting to talk to and it would make a way better fuckin dj and a lot of those guys knew that two here they knew it so when you came and they would challenge you and when i liked was learning how to do radio and then actually start and shift it so you kid start out they were interviewing me and then i got good enough where all son i was interviewing them and i i you'd find a one guy you could shed on you whoever was in charge you go after that guy because his kick and the radio grand and the weather girl they fuck in haiti
guy control free and they always have to put up shit so when you take him on big out your back they're laughing at him so i see start there and then you just start asking him personal questions the end of the interview it's like come around because they know it's good radio and you're not you're not being fuckin direct in the going after you with personal questions right away is such a hack technique is are you trying to do is someone in secure i tried to put them back on their heels are you out of here you know whatever you do whatever questions are asking that are intrusive like i see what you don't you try and do is make someone cost because you don't really are aiming to say you don't have i have confidence in you your ability to actually be interesting without immediately trying to fuck what someone especially like comedian morning dj thing there's a lot of a great a lotta geyser great to deal with
there's a small percentage of dj that always resent comedians and i've heard a million comedian san for whatever reason whether they think that they could have been ass they wanted to do we do or they resent the fat you know they can't do it whatever the fuck it is they consider themselves funny but there's no actual proof they don't get that instant he'd back to get from being on stage alla time since only a weird sort of a thing between dj and comedian sometimes yeah and sometimes it is that they did the best ones i find still do it like they're like oh yeah i'm hosts and early show saturnia like i'll fuckin that's great and say you're on my side you're a comic and you'd throw me out of the boss because there is somewhat of a brother and its thing i quit and now you come in and he sees that you're make more money than him you work in our night about the guy's equipped become managers really those guys a file and only stay that's it became matters a few comments
yeah yeah there's a few people that they quit and then they got into the business or some weird back door now the controlling young talent rife in the future in the dreams gray sacking of government are casting directive that was like that like had this thing about control the dreams showing your dreams you know i never i would this recast directive i never got just going to get to know them i knew them as well as the other is traffic on the four or five sorry i'm late and you are going to do that again now thanks do have le loup paths that they would book lookin gigs guys it had gotten close to them and this is one woman and i knew there was a casting directive that was always bang these guys it with a detailed yet here casting cow yeah what she'd she threw it standards and ultra aggressive too and she would like like my friend was true i've somewhere whither and she was like liquid
stop my place to two minutes away just kidding bachelor not in annex iii eyes these driving is trying to figure out how to this to go to this thing together some function and you know she's essentially saying look what to its work coming fuck me out point of my house real quick there will be on our way and he's panicking because he thought this would be a good thing for his career to go with her to this thing and be closer and her name never know so my cast in something and she's litter aegis swinging her pussy aunt em and she's disgusting unfortunately i like the story because how many guys eyes casting direct sit down you don't know you aramis gas i so i'm at least that is a woman doing it but you know who they love you know cason directors love o brien cowan worse it area he charms the shit out of the room to the worst thing is i'd go to an audition and already i'm like i just i was acting for two years in new york and i was like i was good actor but as a bad audition
he's never i never got it had to do it and the worst was i'd sign in and i look at the signature ahead of me and his brian cowen and now i'm sitting their weight and go in and you here the laughter and a door opened the scout his arm around her and align lag can you u validate parking deserted given in three different books to redirect told her which authors who really appreciates these your diary sir said about him that his book may be one of the most important books ever and by the way and you know keynesian economics some a year mutual funds too is hilarious be eyes really get it auditioning thing i watch here which here will you got you got put into parliament deals and you d like audition for news radio right i audition for news radio in addition for the shows on before two hardball actually hilarious and ridiculous but we are decent twice ever for two different things hard
by which i got and then these radio which i got the zoning to adhere to everyone on what secret skill lucky get lucky and be cast into something that it makes sense for me to be cast into didn't like try to do anything i was trying to economic and then i did empty these half hour calmly hour and i got a development deal my manager designate genius it doesn't matter the gene is he here always been like a really clever guy what he did was he he and i had to offer for development deal with em but was after mtv had gotten ruined by dennis leary leaving my dennis lear became a big star and mtv and any bolted and so tv was like we're gonna lock people in the leg serious contrary i remember that so they they have this dick iulus contracted was like shit money there was for a long period of time this end there their sentiment their idea was we create stars like you get on mtv and we're gonna create we're gonna turn you into star while i don't know
it sounds great like i'd be on mtv sounds great i'll be like totally polly or something but fuck and so my manager said he made him he took my tape of me on the half hour calmly are sent out all these different production companies and said this guy bout the sign exclusive deal if you want something you have to move within forty eight hours all the sudden we had all these development deal options and i was in there lay in a man is all because my manager he just exactly what a manager is supposed to do he made a movie pick any made a move that i would never done i would never figured out how to do it i never odin ever thought of it he's this the business and a super clever any knows when there's like a little feeding frenzy knows start one and all sentiment tv within months no i'm glad eyes before you get bomb nelson boy nelson who was a big guy on hbo he did special and our special needs people and it was on the run a danger feel special but you're never wear these borders chanting re not well i think you did a couple of movies but he was huge as a stand at the time he would do that
with seventy five yeah you do i have to serve a boxer and do all these characters on zoos hilarious well here clean and sober and found god and frowned found god god found him or whatever they met and remit j d they only be at an end and he decided still didn't we he decided that he was going to use his prey or partner summit that is manager so he gave me my manager notice in other it was gonna leave and be matched by this guy so my manager flew out to or drove out rather to boston to look for new town that's how i met him because of this guy if it was bob nelson and jesus i would never met my manager so jesus brought me to my manager who i think is the most in person i've ever met as far as like my career jeff's osmond for sure and he's is one we together since i was like twenty
two or sunlight that lends a meal is here we gotta from that in a rare for people that is show business the thing is is it's a very tight it was relationship with manage like armor my first manager i really thought i bought into the hall like where best france which nor ghana easily happen about fact never really did happen but i believe they did and so to actually strike a real friendship with major i warn people off of it i tell young comics look remember you all your representation ages badgers i believe in you and that's amazing you should be really thankful for that you know like they're gonna wake up every day and be the only other person thinking i want gregg systems is to go back so that that's great but remember that they're gonna drop you if you're not make it there you know at the end of the day there working at a job and they got a show some profits at the end of the year so we don't get too invested in friendship thing but we you guys
over so many years if it becomes a friendship that is probably why like ie well to the business relationship more than because if our business relationship ended our friendship but aunt right our business relationship never end either mary them when we first our work on the other i just knew you know there's certain things in life you just know that he's he's just the first voice fucking hilarious he's the funniest manager of all time he's a larry's guy never thought about doing stand but he says redid we find shit all the time and he loves making comics laugh so do you know of your garden and say something like ridiculous and hilarious he's just a stands comedy like internet is also brutally honest like he was fuckin brutally honest with me when i sucked brooded that one when it first out some are potentially brutally honest we that he was brutally honest with me when you told me i thought i was playing pool too much i wasn't gonna stand up
we ve been friends like from the first time when we first started becoming manager he also became a friend so if the vital twenty people of twenty people we're all gonna die and twenty people gonna go in the space and live forever he's come what may fiasco so i agree with you that for the most part like my agents please the gun the go to listen this is this i love them i love my current she's awesome but my would have with me was a series of betrayals me and you know bad deals and people you know just a lot of stupid shit is happening agents not a single stupid shit has ever happened my manager and the position i think good manager has is a good manager is looking for your career in total for the long haul and supplement one at that he always gives me great advice as far as do what you she wanted to forget about how much this is paying you forget it
how this would pay more for me this is how much it's getting you gonna get paid this much more or this is this in this is that but we want to do let's let's look at you for this your life in your career as a whole would you want to do right now do you wanna be an computers you want to be an architect you what you want to do in right always had that advice my it's never been like go specific for this amount of money and they were sometimes where was like bought and on what to do like fear factor was perfect example she's i'll do i really want to host a fuckin gain surely sick dogs on people while you know you'll think about this year ultimately can it be the one doing it may hear their offer me this big show and he sent you know don't do it if you want to do it but if you want to do it this is the show now it's like this more way to handle a career and he's his position has always been the man it is there for the long haul agents their great but you they are a tool there are there
away that you connect to the buyer their way you connect to the person wants put your share line nature they're gonna drop you fast or few not make a monday cause they represent way more people there like a stock market this is this mean there's some humanity involved but like what the parliament see a thing went down my agent dumped me i had an aged dump me before that i you know there's a lot of like there's a lot of something been going on a lot of leg abandoning this is gonna work are you no phone after a bad audition in better shape up like you ends and this does with weird once in our electors is weirdness right you know i have it here i just might i went through a lot agents in my life i've been really lucky i got one that much is one like the agency on which there is the what there is kind of like the big guy and then there's the guided does like day to day more stuff was also a big guy but like i've been there so long that they both moved up buddy streaming loyal to me and i respect them and you know i think i may get shake but
one agent that i left was my fault i was that it was at girlish i was a girl robs happy and i you know i like i like something over there but i was no only during pilot season and there was this black agent name laurie and as you said and then there was a black assistant for somebody can we just be people but the blacks now these people these people that you mentioned may keep calling black people nobody is why is there no gas moreover this so the other girls aim is like daniele ok and so i mean there one day and this back in policies where there was an email and shit so when you have no additions being deferred access group to your house or you to drive to your agents office and pick up some scripts so it was bad can a day were joe if i could tell you how many fucking auditions i went on in my life i have
so grateful to the agents that believed in me i mean i had so many swings at the play and it was not meant to be so i mean they're gonna fuckin arm fullest scripts for additions i'm goin ants pilot season and i'm walking and i see a black woman go ahead danielle and she goes its lorry who's the big agent and i'm ok i'm on the ride home i call my age i'm like yeah i think i have to find and i call my manager i said i think i got a fine another agency that fact get past there that was that's just a mistake why do people get sub surgical around they got upset i just predict penalty most likely their programmes upset if you don't see the right noise when your mouth represents down right the very attached especially with a name does not have an original its i get your name is quite alomar janata some shit i don't have a hard time telling black people part though now
no kidding there are leave you you're no good though it telling asians apart you retain indeed did it successfully on the fly on your new special those letters for those driving home as this mother fucker did it special i do it every night we have this weird thing where you could tell like whose cambodian whose filipino whose vineyard your public eight percent on ninety three i was in turkey last week and i called out there are four girls in the audience and i i guess them in order i said you are filipino which scandalously doc as lotta filipinos that area do my research and then i called one woman was korean and another woman situation i said you're indian she said yes i actually am indian and the last one i said you're half white and the other this japanese how can you for four how can you tell
greg is there i could tell a japanese is usually like they i like i look that looks japanese was jabbing ease their the palace of the asian women and their face these are a little bit puffy but in proportion if i can see their feet it's over but vietnamese are very petite very angular and puffy lips subpoenas are the largest breasted of the asian women chinese really do have flatter faces its that simple koreans are a larger version of the chinese cambodians have a tan mean did you see the article about the woman in china who had had like a hundred thousand dollars for the project surgery met a man and then the husband the children came out was suing because
he thought that she had had sex with the man i was no way the kids could be this ugly fell from his beautiful why and then he found out that his wife it had all this plastic surgery and he won he y know she ass yeah he won because his wife was too ugly but just think about the nose job thing pulled it up broad brian i mean you have kids come out with giant fuckin noses and your wife dies and yeah down yes that happens the idea that happens la newton where i grew up the nose of capitalist well there's a lot of no jobs man and young kids to its really sad you know when you see a young kid in their face cut open like theirs there's a kid in my neighborhood at sixteen i just got a nose job now apparently like in hollywood it that's a big like sweet sixteen present for girls agenda this is the evil man says it's a hoax it's a hoax god dammit the telegraph
what would they was that this work it's a whore horrocks harks november night two thousand and thirteen ok so that must be the way it's hard to tell now look ban if i if a girl has plastic surgery you kind of can tell i dont know if she had that much plastic surgery the guys to be more to think that i didn't make financial affairs that you could actually do that did make sense you can actually see something for further looks like it was a marketing thing for a plastic surgery me why precisely pretty clever that smart that yeah it's amazing what they can do have you seen what allow these asian women are doing with their eyes now swiftly korean in korea apparently is the plastic surgeon surgery capital of the world and a lot of south korean women are getting plastic surgery facial work done this weird thing done to their eyes were there i
look enormous they turned their eyes into asia from asian ices anime eyes it's very pull some pictures of it are brand to its very weird and it's like it very prevalent there's all areas very they have how do you see without sounding offensive they have thinner eyes then arise well they're getting that she had changed nan there also getting their jaws changed is girls were getting their jaws boiled into that for women broken and then reset to make a more pleasing shape that's all a really nutty shit there doing to their faces and chin plants a lot of women are doing these chin implies a way if they have a weak chin they put it in planning and to strengthen their it's so fuckin strange man they put like a plastic chin on you and it seems like direction should always be whatever your play
i'm doing my chin do half of that would give me for tits do half a day you wouldn't be able to tell their breast implants if they didn't have to go double de every time in some fuckin solid see cups year won't you or don't do anything or don't you anything if you're gonna do it just show straight the problem with it is man just like anorexia or with body builders get it you dont see yourself and you start getting like so micro that you the macro you miss the note girls dude pull up girls girls surgery eyes some insane photo here look at that what the fuck her chin like it was changed to some better ones there some at once women's eyes there's like really strange look this guy that like it before he had the job slant but now it's actually out looks better so i also looks manner now
i think browsing the opposite legally girl above that one individual above thou and budgeting to their above that one down the idea that looks better i like enemy eyes beheld reanimate eyes issues where makeup as well yeah that's the thing with before after pictures it's always like that you know their taken him at a different angle yeah they do different sanctuary women i now hear that it are jog back again they do with different yeah yeah she had like it and oki jaw member that low job ass progress where the fuck mohammed ali antonio unopened look this difference yazzi different that's exactly surrender i in a first one yeah will they they cracked that open i had a friend who is under bite fixed here though he was born with a ridiculous under and then when he was twenty one he had fixed in bam also became is really handsome man up until it was like twenty or twenty one whose like a freak cremation down the under by well you know it's bad jean thing
yeah you look out any go that's not right so it eyes that are too close together a job is to live like that the whole divinity could that there's a certain archie but that fibonacci is that what it eddie i adds fibonacci sequence it's like the the same you see in nautilus shells and in sunflower seed the mathematical code like them the legs enshrining violation of yeah the size of your nose like all the all your features there are fit the same way a pine cones fits like there's there's a mathematical proportion to people's faces so when you first good things and change them i got times is weird like especially the big knows thing like when people like alison have a big knows anymore likewise tensile long then where's your nose it was a minor some comedians that should do reverse plastic surgery cause they too good looking like a giant knows and shave the top of their head off well definitely guy
dont want to fuck in here good looking guys tell em jokes while their girlfriends laugh lotta guys know that shit they do now that's where the good looking guys and have gone so fuckin dark like it like what's his name just your my keys so good looking that he has to become grope really grass i think tat is to say get the guys back i would never gone with him i would again with homeboy from my cook show gary government government beautiful matter a giant to big handsome got played for what they say his huge here is perfect features beautiful hair i will go garriga alison if i'm date not happy disguise up there you can operate is big beautiful man here and not only that but it looks big enough that he could kick my ass that asia is huge will it's the euro the thing that the media like but i like that which is one
big advantages of a guy like joey dears joy this goes on stage and it's a human cartoon like right away their army of comedy yeah in a lot of ways and for people on all your san but this one the appeals of round jeremy right here is not challenging you you walk in a room tat out wrong jeremy and watches smile creep on that girls face in the porn scene she wouldn't she'd roy they'll be fucking most like right except run germans go enormous cock much do women care about the enormous cock thing is it overrated this guy doing i commend area the member to god it was embarrassed by his girlfriend on the jumbotron the guy who he on live tv he proposed whose growth i've heard of stories you got rejected said know what he's making a documentary on his penis size big the reason why she rejected him is because his penis is too small for that up does
he's so he's working on this documentary now as an ally guy and real open about his dick size like you know if average is five and a half inches on below average that's we sang says you know really does have legitimately have small deck and he's doing all these things the attached to wait to editors stretches dick out of control until you they show it talk about a market that for advertising man nobody it's like hair loss and small penis that's all because every guy feed not i ever inside i would beg penis how big every woman i slept with commented on they love it there they loved but some of them do i get a big girl also urges though its proportional but it's uh it's something that as of banks went on and my brothers matter facts women that he slept with have said too that he also has a very big clear very happy with your penis extremely have with my pc i wouldn't be a good guy to talk too for this guy if you wanted to
now if you talk to me i think he'd feel like you feel when gary garments einstein seven inches now i only have a huge cock don't get me wrong i'm not saying huge cock up saying it's a really guy think women surprise him a hundred fifty pounds i think too surprised at the size of it and i think that it's one of the few things about me physically that's not repulsive to me i hate them bald i hate that skinny and that i'm pal i hate ever about my body but i'm very apt with my penis it's funny because the stuff that they used to market for big dicks like all bullshit but the stuff did they use for hair listened if their works like propitious works and rogaine works but the dick thing i think now yet there are still things out there are still things out there for the hope just vague hope that maybe something but my point is does it really matter like do women does the average woman really care about a dick being
you're a smaller isn't it really about like how has the floor play how's the motion house like what do with your hands of ten million for days black dues governor but did people know at that moment it was about his dick no no noise is that she didn't think we were right for each other was because my penis was a little too small patrick s first experience in the bedroom i remember my just making out that anybody says sized as a matter of feed its eyes matters that small their excessive i think the men of the wool deserve an answer to this question and so i'm gonna find it picket that outcome army little harbour so great practices hobo unstrung interesting but do
oh yeah nobody not subject to a critical days everybody wants to have a big me in i like i gave you my name is published your big dirt and that worries me someone consular yours it's gonna take a look at what you know calling queen heard about it because i slept with a few female comedians that had talked about it and so there was a route so calling queen on time crowd set out and i want to see it after the chef green room i wiped it out which you can say when is big enough you'd say whipped it out and he was there with this with a few people and one was a black woman and she went oh says that there year this this is an interesting subject for a document but when a guy says something doesn't matter to a girl he's being a fuckin idiot period you don't know what matters to a girl you know and understand what is like in any way shape or form to be a woman so
tending that you know what a woman wants sexually that it doesn't matter it might be the most important things actually about that yeah andalusian airily it makes sense i'm just wondering because the size of a woman's vagina to me doesn't i cannot remember walking away gone like like guys go she had such a type pussy like i don't remember ever really that being a giant factor like member will being like with young girls who were like you nos seventeen eighteen and definitely it was small where would you stop and think about what you already said you already said you have very nice size penis so for you it wouldn't have as much of an impact is a guy's got a needle deck a guy having a needle dick dating a girl with a tight pussy is a huge plus right for you it's like your dick is pretty good sized doesn't matter you know but to the girl i think for a lot of girls in matters a lot its it sucks guys who have little decks i'm sorry it's a shitty fuckin rover the dice but it's the way of life and i'd hate
it like a few look like a bat like i don't know a lot about basketball players but another some really small guys and aid to drive to the hoop better and they steal lot of balls on visa you learn how to make it up and the rest of your game you hope so what it but does nothing keeping that guy with a big giant run jeremy dick from getting good at eat pussy in being a great personality and being really sit sensitive and supportive boyfriends star for now it's not doesnt matter like just because you have a lot to get up and go doesn't mean that a guy who also has natural talent and physical attributes doesn't also have a lot to get a real it's like the difference between a martial arts champion and a guy really will never be fighting for the title is like this
certain guys just lack the physical advantages that the guys at the very top here but the guy who didn't have the natural advantages he lives in a bad neighborhood and needs to kick ass or he's gonna get killed doesn't know how moulding ass to get good for play down and learn a lot longer and that anus anderson silver can be living in a castle still get out of his rolls royce and kick the shit area right there's certain guises can just do that because they have natural physical advantages they also have tat and they also have a credible work ethic intelligence on top of that you would assume that someone with a lot of natural talent doesn't it is hard to never gives us good and that is often the case but just because you're a hard worker doesn't mean you guaranteed success to certain realities about the physical attributes guy with a little deck is never going to fuck like ron germany run germans gonna hog and his pants and he pulls that's fucking nine inch fat cock
holy shit he's digg is huge and he goes down on a frolic he's an animal but what i'm saying is theirs thing to stop a guy was built like that from also being a really nice guy like so a guy like this his own things you size matters in listen dude it's a part of life ok just like these shape of your face matters just like an under bite matters it's a weird thing he should it be the only thing that's really not now you can still be them you can overshadow that hopefully with color lingus and with talking dirty i contact them in this a lot of things during love making that are factor listen soon of making unions fucking you weren't deep cause talking about something to men jargon tell him i think the lake shore personality adolf since a few guys that after the sex like
i'm a shame based irishman every time i would get laid i would fucking get dressed as soon as possible make it excuse to leave their said i you can hang around a cattle that that means something shore there is also something in like the way to people connect like there sir girls like they might be exactly as good looking like if you looked at like while she's very pretty and she's very pretty like they were equally but one girl just has a way of talking this has a way of being too a charmer aware that makes you just want to fuck her so bad and when you whither it so exciting and satisfying and crazy and the other girl you might as well be jerk off into the abyss just like you just wasting your time and its nonsense and she could be beautiful she'll be beautiful the perfect body its gets boring after while if you not connecting with someone ultimately gets boring i was in denmark i was like eighteen and i was over there and i lived there for two months and there was this girl who is like a supermodel
believe it or not having dark hair in denmark is a big deal everybody blonde and blue eyed and if you look different like black eyes two guys military the live in scandinavia fuck and tear it out and i'm up there this because i have dark hair on actually doing better than i normally would i guess getting better quality whim size with this girl was really beautiful and and i had sex with her and going back to my journals i would keep and i wrote my journal dead i had acts with savant yeah whatever the fuck her name was and i and who also surprised was kind of boring she didn't really she just one in tat exciting and so see i was staying at her friends house her friend read my journal and told her and then she we hooked again which i didn't think we would it was like a one time whatever and she really came after me and fuck me again hard and then she goes so what
better than the first time i got ready tigris she's like in your journal the first i see a real that's lairs insecurity this ended in a yelped i give a bad yelp long before those yelp for personalities like a sword were floating star above people's heads easy with google glass when you cursor over there when you meet him on the street common for sure the sum total of the people you interact with a new daily life for the only people that actually get access to this you know like a thing when you allow people to rate you and then the thing now called my son does it called ask yeah and it's very similar to that people ask each other questions like he'd they'll ask him who is the pre girl in seventh grade or do you like so and so and then the people get they get raided on that now they were how they respond but that as you do you want to be with someone who agrees with you on everything they want to be with someone is
if europe if your meeting someone i think one of the cool things about relationships is meeting someone is nothing like you nothing like what they like you and you could be like when you really like that gives us getting to know so knowing that just because you don't like the same things still like each other i enjoy people that like music that i think it's fucking terrible gang of friends at love the grateful dead i've ever got it i dont get on protein never let alone dago diego exactly of you i love you like that and i know a lot of guys did hate bruce wayne seen and i just like those on sensitive doesn't make sense if you if you listen a born to run a meal born iran is a fuckin masterpiece sites masterpiece the guy miss a masterpiece is on the whole arms masterpiece but the dude is is undeniable undeniably town it so good luck and that's the problem are you serious that's why only under bite listen he still very big
for his own little caricature away in a blue collar anything bad it and while guys don't like that girls want to fuck that's probably true and it also here poetic you know i mean you look at the words the jungle land jungle ones when the best of all time one of the greatest songs of all time you know what it's like in a quick oven quick at the moment please for their guns and finally as you gets older here kill flinging day he wrote brilliant disguise member he got that during wars with a beautiful woman you gotta divorce than he wrote that view a brilliant disguised ass a god damn home run of a song fuck that sounds good and after nine eleven the rising he wrote that i'll that was like the most movie was to me the most authentic actually had written a lot of it before nine eleven but in the car text of a coming out then it was the most authentic response artistically that i saw two nine eleven it was an inspirational and they play did it god was it for is inauguration i think it was
obama's inauguration i had a choir come out and sing the rising i mean you talk about my son me and my wife or sit there and mice my son's like why are you crying and we're like you can explain amateur black president's a big deal cause he's only seen one get elected run an end you know any like some day you can understand what this moment means and how perfect this fuckin song is right now run by the i think they did not putting people's take the same doesn't matter its attitude you'll never get attitude a cross on the internet and when you meet somebody and you see them roll their eyes at somebody you also think is corny sometimes that's the spark well yes will that court is a different emphasis like things that i like that are fuckin terrible i know their terrible but i enjoy them yet and i go out and get a legitimately enjoy an episode of walker texas ranger i'll enjoy it spect anywhere else said their watch it with me you know like but i will enjoy it and you can't tell me that this
that i like that people say sucks i like some toby keith songs i don't give a fuck you are right wing air bands to write buying me one direction elegant little don jovi turned to funding i like you know like white snake some white snake right but so what somewhat i like shut stuff that you might think sucks have you ever seen a bear and called it hair nation no what is the spoon someone did spoof ban in hollywood but they ve got the sickest musician hair hamper we're almost there ever now not still panthers and another one i knew they ve been around they play tuesday nights at at one of the big clubs and i saw him in vegas you would love because it's like the best deaf leopard songs white snake poison light but the song you really want to fuck in here
she was still perhaps not steal panther i know that same genre but these guys are cast not school of rock it's like a thing is it ok if you want to put on your website later but are still panthers fuck off most enlightening be guiding light hair bad hair metal at all when i first heard it then i these guys and i had to go back and ours listening sometimes to hair nation i think is the name of nameless station serious the place that music and i had to go back and start going all i missed some shit i met some good shit that here so find it a bright bright fire it is bad for me so an organ asshole used man's mariano ryan is your guy shelves maybe the medium
the steel panther in vegas at the house blues their mailing incredible his fucking ozzy eyes worn impression is insane you feel like you're actually seeing as i mean he moves like icy sings like eyes he sounds like ozzy the musicians are bad ass metal shop that'll shop school school of metal metal school now school maybe it is male sharp new funding this or no up now try to find a stay factor when i do this on a pod can do in life we think of my memories gone village many things in store do you find that as you get older you have less room for shit yeah without a doubt and very frustrating because i'm getting to the point where you know i right on shows an hour the position where alike i just i ran two shows this fall this is where i need my memory more than ever before and it's it's less than what it used to be and i think if i at my memory from back then i could actually do this job well but this
some of those that are doing us our brain i sent you a bunch of a once sent to you i had to ski my friends were over one night and we're having a conversation and they just kept doing that where they can think a stuffed and i thought of an eye here for a game show that i pitched sold it didn't get picked up and pitch insult to another network and we didn't get picked when it was basically it was an old lady is called asked grannie it was me living with my mother and i have kids and keep trying to tell him these great stories from life like about when she ran the balls with picasso where she was on the freedom marches down south and their these stories from her rich life which keep forgetting ships as she goes saws out and united in the capital of washington state what's it called called and then you u clap in and you give for the answer but she tells funny stories about her wild life and an eye and that was like the perfect fucking game show to me but that's how people really
are you catch him sometimes and it's like so what i do now as if somebody gets shock i will give the most ridiculous answer possible and i'll keep doing it as they're trying to think and fox them up that's not move the rebate what's that what do you know the one china recently by china peeping ass much to their credit because i am in secure with myself brag middle school was the name of this band and then it should be changed to meddle sharp ok and then they change its seal panther ok got it then that's the ban and the guy looks in the mere at himself when he planned base year you they could save a lot of time i should have kept up at the band she might have got change in a fucking name why don't you stay under to her father twitter feed it's one of those bans where if you go to vegas which you know my mind my interest in vegas says as crawl to a zero at this point i use the really like it be but it was great you could go and you know are and i want to see cookie jar that that performer cookie jar no
cookie johnny he's like this guy who plays how'd you how could you possibly see that you know cookie jar you know what he is he's a big name and in vegas lights yeah he's he's a guy who does he's got an amazing voice and to pay and he sings rethink from like you to go back to elvis and he places at and gets going a loop and then he it's another instrument is he's really really great lounge act and so if you go to vegas it's important that you have like what do they call steel panther you have a steel panther and a cookie jar and and maybe you a comedian it's in town and then it then it's worth actually being therefore couple days area this still some great shows that's cookie jar woe cheese you don't you dont know if he's a parity or not he is but he's not because he so fucking good that you find yourself just you not laugh
item at all your year on it with his like showman in vegas is one thing that appeals to me the idea of doing show at the same place all i really do enjoy travelling in doing stand up but also like the fact of being a desk i like the idea of being a destination go to sea secrete in raw used to be god bless him restless faster than ever still article i used to be a lot of you it is pennoned teller this there's some people go to vegas and they'll still like rap their trip around going to see pennoned teller like we take she patted teller here's what we're gonna do we're gonna catch search so lay we're gonna do like that's a destination like those sort distillation as they do eggs manatee what does your destinations well as somebody who i know a younger girl i worked with on a show it is again my family in town we're gonna grow to vegas i go to you do there should like we get tickets see very favourable light that's a designation is now good room
actually you wanna be you're going to be very fair free i say that i said good for monitoring to be positive you fuck is the worst canadian ever oh no you did our tears sonya little picnic they sang you little pig well carrots he's got a great fucking gig i mean i think that i make some unseen ease graphics eight or nine million dollars a year does genre comedy that is he's the best that you know what he's not just best he's annihilated genre right there's no more program right right who pointed it out a figure who i think was tom glass was pointing it out there's no one else like they used to be a genre they used to be guys we're ventriloquist funny raising wid jaffa jeff dunham and peanut he fucked
there's no one left epicycles course ato and george still in new york and is a couple a guy like www tyler lester in those guys are still working but sorry new guys that are ventriloquist it's so rare commonly club and see a puppet was to be one on a twenty when you and i would can i remember once we did a gig out and western mass and the headliner was a puppet guy and you and i went on ahead of them and just did nothing but puppet jokes acta and there we left before i don't remember that we're so cruel but we had such such standards that were not to be broken now such ideas about what kommeni what's not comedy now i will kill to see a good price i love get high and a lot of hot air from the great character
a good proper marie lot of he will give that guy she all right do a terrier all the time linking the roast and he had a bunch of funny shit from them for the roast it's a good you know what i haven't seen blown out as a gene or it is to get our act guys that are big you know stephen lynch isn t a big italy s says there are big but debt haven't really crack to the point they care a top has jeff dunham has about a guy like michael winslow whose a sound of fat guy how many sound effects guys are there have you ever that guy do whole lot of love pull that up michael winslow out it's fucking incredible do you remember the line so incredible you won't believe it's actually just come out of his mouth and who is that comic who had the joke emboss and allow reproaching
and who is you is this is auto mechanic singing lads outlined you could hear it so he's showed you you want one did the original are this is michael winslow from police academy insanely talented voice artist listeners
so i was wondering what was his mouth save the house as this is the drums is always my mouth you see that's incredible that's great governments
do purple haze one time excuse me while i kiss a flash and it was yeah i mean that was a very hendricks version of zepplin the was more yeah more balloon is origin and yeah i like it the big hendricks fan hearkening lobby the thing that i was watching this anthony boarding episode the other night and it was he was talking going to japan for the first time in an encountering japanese culture and japanese cuisine and seeing like how insane their society is and how different it is in how he acquainted it said it was like it was like tat
ass it for the first time but it was also like the feeling that it left him was like the feeling that eric clapton jimmy page muster had when jimi hendrix came to town i go fuck now what that's what everybody master had let anybody talks about like like i've heard people say that like jimi hendrix is overrated of i've i've had arguments with people but like this punk has called it joe rogan experience because i'm a jimi hendrix mean as i stole it straight from jimmy andrews when i when i listen to like jimi hendrix even today i think did insanely in town and silly town insanely amazing but when you think about like this guy coming on the nineteenth sixties with this and this was so alien and revolutionary and so different from anything that had come before you listen like whew child magruder child slight return those slower version of it like all of it did the
the sounds that guy was making in the way he was putting it together and it was someone who is about war i mean ultimately he's fucking you know dad and machine gun at the what was the new year's eve army did at the time in san francisco at the foe live in the field roma and i the whole thing was about vietnam is like that was the undertones enmities constantly weaving machine gun fire and they are in rock it's comin down and it was like his his billowy like i heard the story about at dumb monterrey faster nineteen sixty seven which launched not only hendricks but otis redding and neither do we do with somebody else huge the gatt launched with the who i didn't know whose first major performance in north america also but when he came on they say that the backstage everybody always wonders like what was it like lay what was going on backstage must we were they all
griffin together with their parent lee hendricks had sergeant prestigious come out and hendricks had learned the entire album and was playing the the tar and the lead on the entire album while everybody like i forget who else was there like sat around just mesmerized while their dude pool hendricks plays monterrey pop nineteen sixty seven finale wild thing he plays it this was nineteen sixty seven the world's introduction to this guy he was only around for a short amount of time s with such a mine fuck and he was so young was twenty seven we use dead twenty seven him and morrison end janis joplin three of our greatest evolved was not a drug attic he you know he happened to die while he was fucked up i think it was alcohol or whatever and it was famous stories about him using ass it but he really used ass it as a way to expand his mind he was not
add ached in any way the way when you think somebody like you morrison why don't you know there's i don't know what happened to hendricks obviously he died like when i was a baby choked amazon vomit but do you know there's a huge book out by one guy you lose for bodyguard sunlight than that claims at his manager had hendricks killed because hendricks is leaving him me that his manager was a gangster and not only was hendricks kill but his girlfriend was thrown off the roof of the building the same night now look really close to that like after the murder his girlfriend was thrown off the roof of the building and are you not enough disguised right or wrong but the guy was a the guy was and two i think he was in fact he was in one of those early early sixties rock and roll bands
guy the guy was the manager yes no not the guy was a messenger the guy who wrote the book it was also a story about how like it was either going to be the who were hendricks closing out monterrey and it was like a little bit of a drama about it and i thought that's why he lit his fire his guitar and fire at the end of his set was how good this is i look how little he uses his left hand strong he's doing a lot of the notes just bang and his right fingers down on the front door the animals that through the guy was from burn the animals the garden worked for the man i think most underrated rock band in history i'm pretty sure that's who was
while others laying led playing raising its are singing and chewing gum at the same time chewing gum on us not looking to ever eyes closed anyone michael winslow noise yeah this is going to have to understand how knew this was and has in been done since in a prince is the closest it's come to this will there's been some interesting guys since that you know there's some guys don't get any credit like you know gary clark is now carried clark is this guy taxes
it does show how much did lenny crowd i wanna be this hearing carter is added jerry car junior left hand in the air is all being on the front porch yeah this is its garrick virtue that's disarm bright lights this is i mean onawandah comparisons due to hendricks given a lot of grief but this disguise a bad mother fucker that doesn't get to do and i don't understand why pull a bright lights this is me guess he does i'm looking at one of his sons it is four hundred and seventy thousand hits see does get its do but
phil around no do is planning design of sincerity of this system playing some passive or something what does it say grassroots crossroads crossroads guitar vessel on board a brother of records much more it is a bad sign that have never radio never discussed on the radio meetings being played on the media now whereby this is one of the things i fucking love about the internet like that with some ninety seventies cobb glasses crazy name by the end of this impurity do this music you know yet basic can doubt the blues yandex do he's doing it the right way right you know i mean it's like a thing that shit
he's not in the stands out in others wanting these drive me fuckin crazy when the kid i would listen to i know whitney houston as beautiful voice anna maria carry could sing your ass off but it was that thing to do this or that extra shit you're throwing in that light if you listen like this an artist don't they a beautiful voice but never do that you know shown i fear you gotta fiona apple rights authentic rights pure identify can be ocean eight o connor perfect perfect example or natalie mains and other and right but they do but doesn't have to then you go two like sarah maud where she was showing off but not not in a fuck it in a playful way that was very much part of jazz and blues back then ala fitzgerald yeah you know they were those with that was flourish that wasn't the bay the base of the song wasn't twisting a fuckin note to death
just little like they would do scat singing a little bit and amid all but sarah hans voice to me is still the greatest female vocals of all time has been a lot of great fog female vocalist man and this thing about here in a great female voice it's very different and here in a great man voice near a great female voice like people gifts cruel maritime disasters on a puppy bullshit but that bit can sing here ass off right she's got some saw she's as one songs she did with kid rock what's the name of it as rests right now it in one the add to this the bow and one without my thus saw you last night to hear her voice is so beautiful just eight does something to your body i get just cause z down or some put you in a different placed here you go damn bridge just nailed it she nailed it if you're ever down innocent
you get it is always that you gotta call inaudible on your depression like sometimes you start to feel at me go snapped the fuck alan we get some coffee if you work out his other times were it's it's got to the fingers a deep and you gotta go i owe you down it one i wonder watered role a few times that this bitch rule with the depression yater all the depression so when you hit tat you grab grab a blue by fax or name serve on now no ninety late sixties early seventies i'll come i grab your plane that fucking game again no great you're in the whole right now well look up lil enough not janis i lay in right now leon rhymes
leon rounds as a beautiful voice i for sixty mitchell johnny maloney mitchell blue might be the greatest top ten hours of all time i put i put that out there but you gotta be sad for resonances off that people don't realize skills are there miley cyrus fucking cover forty o brien she's cover of dolly pardons joline that i just put up on twitter for consent ass dick no parameter but why does she makes it shit like that thing that she did the video music awards like who is managing her there are no countering go listen listen this other song is fucking good bye if you could do shit like this like god damn bitch this is really really really really belongs to get radio play it so specific what you need to do when she's addicted to the corporate now she's she came up a child star and she can and accept not being number one so they get led by their noses do this do this maybe she's
the kid and does know what the fuck she's doing think that she's a little more mature than that because she gave some advice to two justin bieber when he said you know you start exacting our little bit apparently she reached out to him and said look man i think a breather gonna say let's roll i'll get you shit together because it's a long road this she really s eye caught are respected that the well maybe she's just needs minor or business he's out and be she's fuckin walk around with a giant phone number one thing rubber ass against some guys cock on tv play this jolly please jolly video pull that pull a video up miley cyrus show you how my not on my thing this it's on my twitter for users against rather my first your high cost of every year i make directions for the following year ten year i say whether doubt will be up or down shit like bulgaria today be the predictor karnak now i'm not good at it
for three years straight i've predicted miley cyrus having some kind of a drug blow out thing in the media and it hasn't quite happened yet he's gettin issue smoked we'd on some words right i'm talkin about like some britney spears shit i keep predicting what i don't think she's listen to this man put in the beginning
this is like that video tonight's desolation limited separated from other controversy and just listen to this you know anything about her childhood star gaily rice out like that aspect watcher voice ass she can do this machine does that shit but she can do this come on let's do this undeniable that's that's wrong no parameters swaying around a fucking ball have naked she looks for years i spent on a couch acts my kids watching hannah montana i want to kill myself railways is redemption why did you want to cause might get all you only you could leave the room but what you want to want something there watching you haven't you there was a touch
when she was so young endlessly will say that now did you hear fuckin thing you gonna do in the uk with another actually like you're gonna have to this is proposal you can have to request whether or not you get access to ports can opt in what fuck really really how depressing is that its because you know we're headed towards is that africa that act as were the government is going to be able to decide who gets whose boot basically some companies are gonna get faster high speed internet access than others that's that's what keeps coming up in congress is the ability to control or seed and control internet speed so you know the internet right now is free loose and you know democratic but over next five ten years it's gonna get it's gonna get bottleneck you know the little sites that you want to get out democracy now shit like that good logs me have fuckin
dial up service meanwhile disney's can be flowing through and high death i'm not sure ruth i don't think that's no it's a real bill the evident on things can get through unity does get through i don't think it's gonna stop a potential second internet or a third and rarely have internet or who already a second one i think they use for things universities in the militarism user and now i dont know that examine other countries are creating their own they're calling in internet like god down was it brazil for and sir talking about how they can have a national internet brazil's reeling from the end finding out the indices been spying on them for all these years as is germany as a lot of an and france this is a recent article there was reading about microsoft coding windows and cutting their encryption to battle the usa and this is this is it rub their own country i mean i can't believe i'm reading this like ie is microsoft working for the terrorists or are the terrorists
fucking government does something's wrong here when you get a company that openly talking about working on their encryption to keep the national security agency from peering into people's computers like what are we saying and what the fuck is only damage not like microsoft is an already lobbying congress is not like they ve got him juices any company in america and they still have to build firewalls against the guy i had a conversations press week with a guy that i've deeply respect it was telling me that he thinks and which snowden trader and should be jail and he doesn't give a fuck if they're going to look into his emil's because as long as it prevents terrorism as us like a wow what's going on here i mean i can i can your house's second look around what will come of it but i didn't understand the lot the logic behind it like who do you think these people are they daddy are they these perfect
egalitarian world leaders who are only there they only thinking in the most beautiful way possible there there without ego or fear and security they make the right decisions every time they that or they just people with jobs that are able to peer new email because it appears it's that will go back to water i mean just the little amount that they you take of this from now may not be threatening to you and the state of the government may not be threatening the status quo is pretty safe right now we re stocks are going up and there's no political prisoners but that should choose just fast of the tea party gets into office and the christian right is indulged and they suddenly start saying we want to go back and see who signed a petition for abortion because all sudden abortions are illegal and they want to know who's gonna be fighting against them and they're gonna start accessing shit that it may not be now but in ten years you're not gonna
on a digital history that's available to anybody in the government that debts in power when this also means that the usa has been looking into the building and defining our peoples porn history so that they could use them to discredit opponents course because he knows a lot of people out there that freaky shit right and by the if you look at porn these days me you work i go to one those porn sites is free porn sites any enter their quick categories like visas it's very specific yes it does and weird shit like what have you found other you congressmen was only an anal cream pies you know how would you deal with that ok that's on him but then you found the other guy he's just likes watch straight couples porn hey as one of us he's a regular guy he wants to represent minnesota in quality healthy way sure he watches the little born but who does it here's the apparent he why he watches guys and girls in fact white guys and white girls
the missionary position look their hands or interlocked meanwhile his opponent steve mosely transit born mostly anal cream buys intranet porn he line we will see the being juices of a man leaking out of it body of a man yeah it's really it's any these game in the future because we're leaving a fuckin big footprint and i don't know maybe we're being naive and living that way in the first place why i think we should crack down on anyone who tries to control anything instantly i think we should boycott them i think we should rise up wasting any time you see anything worth trying to control people is not justified attack the only way way it's gonna work out what they have to realise that there is real repercussions for trying to control people in
in those there's also there's things that i think that people do online because of anonymity and because of the fact that this is a new thing to be able to interact with people that any social repercussions will have seen their face when you insult them because of that there's a lot of mean evil shit that goes down on the internet and i agree that there is something gross about that and maybe there's some sort of a compromise in that regard where identities can be exposed if someone turns out to be a real piece of shit on line but i think that you too now i think you have to start with facebook one of em you have to actually if you make comments your identity has to be searchable we'll google is also being on our owns youtube now you now so that role on youtube yeah she's dead so that's probably where that's coming from why what what you think about the group anonymous there is a real need for something
its anonymous call whatever you want to call it i'd like a like the name of an arms select the principle behind it but i think they do a lot good shit when things go bad they didn't egg chased after this girl they found there's a video this woman was thrown puppies in three and into the water she's throwing him into a river and people were horrified they went after that bitch and i think they should does a sociopath is a person is tossing copies into a river like that's fucked fuck to watch i think in situations like that i think it's good day a united front to have a bunch of people who recognise a moral issue like something that's morally wrong and realize they can do something about it and they bringing the law they could actually find someone in form they're on them you know there the renegade that you know like the cop who can't get the criminal because of the rules and they can go around abandon the obvious danger is well for as long as this is a loose network of people because by very nature they dont know each other they just
certain ones they told me they don't there's no website for them it's just people that have the capacity you need to get online and hack seem have a sensibility who call themselves anonymous of going after big business when their divulging your information or something even just showing the government where there's opened the way to call portal into their systems but the obvious danger is worded they do so they don't like guys to be no talk about equal rights they don't like you know it's because they have no no accountability who knows what their but their moral code is yeah well this is also the fact that you can have a group of people you can count giant group of people because they act as a group then people love groups lobby part of groups they love acting as a great it's like it has to be
it has to be a non group right you know that the moral outrage people and having things it's almost like should be a list of what companies should be avoided if you are i want to support on ethical practices yet and by unethical what it should almost more specific like if you go to this website you can log in what are the issues that is fifty questions and it ass you certain issues where do you stand one to five strongly support this virus at all or even a small government whatever you're thing is and then by the end of it they can do send you to a group that rep most represents your collective morality they will tell you what to boycott what not to boycott as opposed to being told by a certain news station i you know i think this way this way because it is swimming the all have the same set of beliefs
it should be more honed yeah that's it that's what i think there's some value and doing something like that and trying to figure out what people like and credit categorize people in certain ways by think we see the real issue will not be amber totally lockdown a person's personality just from much questions here so flat and one dimensional right a person might fill out all the forms and pick out all the things that you agree with an you meet them in their personality sat right right like you're fuckin annoying amount in a group of this asshole yeah just like you said gone back when you're talking to people they will take a survey about whether or not they think dinosaurs and people have together like stupid people take the server exact so that our enemies singular fact like mitt romney was neck and neck with obama than lost by twenty percent of the fact that at that yeah it was now well who knows what's real the other problem when it comes to votes who knows what the fuck is going on when you're actually voting
when you watch that hbo hacking democracy a documentary now oh my goodness its oliver de the voting issue in the the bush election with gore and how it's been proven that you can not all can you manipulate the votes with those diebold machines they since change the name diebold because this documentary they change their corporation name they became something else pull out with the guy was like one of the main sponsors from florida wish campaign and he made fucking machines that you could alter with a third party like a thief party not the person counting the vote not the person voting with third party can inject information and change the actual results of the vote and no one did anything known went to jail no one nothing happened this age thing came out and there was the fuckin end of it and they lost all the paperwork that company after the election it was all carted off somehow in a rush and then went missing out i can read a book about it yet diebold
changing its name that's what they they changed what they call it now i have to go take a piss can i go pay out from here go please voting just like tore bullshit gregg calydon p yeah on i wish that i could believe a hundred percent that your vote counted but i hate the whole system when it comes to like electoral college i hate the whole idea of a representative and state representatives and that your your vote really doesn't go towards like one person does really count towards who gets elected it counts words who gets elected as a representative and then how many electoral what's your state carries and how much weight your state carries in the national election you he see it all and it's like impossibly complicated and if you are a cynic which i guess i am in a lot of ways it would look at it and go this is designed for factory
designed to make it so that they can manipulated that's ultimately no one no one is really you don't really get one vote no one gets a vote on everything everything's like that good taxes look how crazy confusing taxes art did in a normal person can all these forms and others like let literature that meet makes no sense let's not even half of its native english it's like old english or some accounting english beta goods i get seems like there's a lot of things and the government they just need to be very hard you know up dated nineteen o we should be online like just like you say online using really i security which probably is possible you could probably do that you could do we do that people that are cynics listen they bank billions and billions of dollars every day transfer it online king online is a fact and yeah gets manipulated occasionally people could people's credit cards get hacked but it's pretty damn good banking online works you could vote on line easily they don't want you to vote on mine because of you
vote online you lose all the power if you actually if there's independent it servers they get to dictate who gets elected for things holy shit do you lose power and it is not dependent servers why isn't it why why would you sir why would it be the governments servers white let's let's have let's have people chip in in our will create some sort of a coalition for but fair voting and then we all vote online so you have your regular election villages tried as a guph a lark as you for the first couple years that's not have our votes actually count but let's see what the people's vote actually is still a data tat s inlets and that let's make it real simple put it on your facebook when you log in would you do us a favour here and just vote we want for president and if you want if you have time vote for some other shit too and this is fine now with the further through this sealed correctly and if we fall and by the way then we could also have an independent analysis of the actual numbers the numbers people voting
thirty four the numbers people boning such and such an what incomes and what have you and it would be hundred accurate and reliable because based on facebook or whatever you know i'm gonna give facebook plug whenever and wherever the fuckin is google plus later the twitter what based on as far as like your login nina how you do that like you can log into websites through your twitter and then you can actually tweet like articles from website yes that that's how it should be if they can verify the verifiable you are verify your information like they can with facebook then you d or with twitter and then you don't break i'm i'm with you a thousand percent on that and vienna i've so god crushing that the above the care website was so bad because that that alone we will start that from happening for at least another five ten year i think it's silly to think it wouldn't be bad is made by the government in its first time website silly to think that that was not i mean i think the people's expectations of this being able to stand up to the man traffic goes gonna get ridiculous
and it got more traffic that they thought which is part of the problem of course how would you know you can't know until you do it and like every website there's gotta be a beta period the most like big websites when we launched the launch and beta first nature when you the government they assume that you know what the fuck you know and what's more evidence that they don't they probably wanted to get it out before the supreme court overturned it again somehow i dont understand all this man at an hour stand how something could be a law you know these people are fighting against that law and also the honors and the arguments for it and i don't trust and arguments against it i don't know and any arguments against giving people healthcare are think though the ultimate for sure she'd be making everyone is covered if they get injured or sick because we all know that that is what sets poor people completely into a hole if you get injured at work if you get sick at work and you rely check to check that also you're fucked and you're out the door hospital bills which can be astronomical the number one cause of bankers me in a country's medical bills i think anyone
who doesn't think that people deserve health care i think that crazy i we should have a national healthcare i think it should be free i don't think it should be government has to force people to buy health care i dont think it should be that corporations are forced to pay for their employees health and on the silly things should any of those things i think it should be a part of what our taxes go too i think honour street cleaning and health coverage you should be able to decide i mean look if forty eight percent if you make more twenty four two thousand knows year you're in some forty eight percent tax bracket would have the number is does allow a goddamn money and the idea that done doesn't come with a dental care programme is fuckin ridiculous in our view quarter million dollars and you give a hundred twenty five thousand dollars a year the government that's a crazy it's kind of crazy you don't get health care what are you doing with all that money where's that no one were yeah it's going to war you write it is going to war and that's riddick and when you seen in perspective like that i think it's me
the things that were getting now that we never got before the actual numbers they always like three trillion dollar deficit and seemed insurmountable and crazy weird but now be we're being hammered every day with information because of independent new sites independent websites independent like the young all these different independent new sources with i'll show you with no bias with no they don't don't have anybody that's telling them what to say this is what their take on something is look at the numbers and they go on and rant about his lungs they want and when then sunlight that happens those ideas spread out and they start launching the people start tweeting these ideas back and forth to each other so weak we started to scrutinise things like the budget and how much money goes to things in this obamacare things also forcing that argument and a lot of away like there's a lot of statistics like firstly you have to attack the spin and if the right is trying to tell you that small businesses are gonna be crippled because of
bomb care are put out of business well that's just now what the numbers say the number say that up depressed edge of businesses that fall underneath the above a care like this certain amount that is just covered by medicare this not obama care so that and if you disqualify that and the amount of people that those companies that are big enough that are required are ready to provide medical coverage for their employees it's like half of one percent that would be fact businesses that have to take it on don't already taken on really it's all big business everything's big business and the same with farms the whole thing about like these farm bill they go through its all air grow it sought already got big agro it's not like nobody's lewd no families are losing their farms are you sure about this because i'm i've read a lot of things about families losing their farms now it's all hype but saw i want to know about that
you sure about that if you look at the numbers the amount of farms that are actually lost there's breaks the there so there's so much fuckin money given out to farm sustained businesses so many tax break large farms it armada corn farm subsidies while they're all getting it and the truth is a lot of them are making crops are we don't need we don't need as much soy and call one is were making it too the soil is no rotation and what we need and we need small farms because they actually have some semblance of rotating crops and you know using the cattle using the manure from the count everything feeds each other posted big farms is just like we can't spain the the world on you note on beef yeah that while there is also the issue with feeding cows beef which is not a natural part of their diet veers hinting corn the documentary kevin smith was on the pact ass many years ago and turn me onto it and it's
just all dictating how strong the corn industry is and how much money is involved in making corn meannesses it's crazy a useless visual has almost no nutrients in court it's not natural like for you to process it it doesn't you bought it isn't like it is right shit corn is like always synonymous right i beat the shit out of corn why you seeing shit are goin right not seeing broccoli and there because it has a very thick cell wall that doesn't breakdown so what they did they made some kind of deal with their make it into ethan all they put all this fuckin corn into even we dont me corn to put into gas that was like a thing in one year this it well we can always just fuckin burn it up put it i guess we don't we be growing corn to do that i mean i don't know a lot about it but i do know that i've read articles about small farmers being run out of business and they were all they ve already been bought up by the big companies the ones that are left for mine
standing are not going to be destroyed by the government why do i don't know i don't have enough information to that that but i think it is bizarre that we're like as a practice feeding animals food that's not supposed to be in butter and there you have to force the antibiotics and if you don't his of antibiotics get antibiotics develop all these lesions in their stomachs because their body does want to break down the corn to grass eater soon disposable grass eaters even have ground that beef do aggressor beef abide explicitly now it tastes better where you get it food slot of organic grocery store now then i probably doing out now you gotta ask for you because a lot of hope i give rise and i was in whole foods and i was asking for it in the butcher was actually trying to steer me towards grass fed me leaves it's actually tastier and try steer me towards corn fed mean he's like is actually hey steers more marbles like dude i know what i like i'd like to get that please don't
like you what are you saying like you're telling to eat something that's less healthy like yours its tastier even agree on an agreed tastier tomorrow choice and second of all this and demonstrated the shit is not good for you like when you're eating corn fed be reading a sick animal the reason want to show fat morbidly stare fuckin ready to die like it's like a fuckin said rob for dissociate the mayor of toronto like unity of corn said tat looked familiar the fuckers are still alive smoking crack and policy they are generally shane man if he came to america he would be the king of florida fucking feeders went to took if he just move to america long enough for they trusted him and decided to run for mayor florida he'll be the king afford he would ever have a rather yeah if i think he got a reality shall already and then he was such a fuck up they cancel that after like one episode have cancelled at the reality shall i wanna watch the reality shows just the internet you don't
and organise bull shit beverly hills housewives version of that guy you want him doing impromptu live press conferences where he talks about a woman accusing them of eating her pussy and says
plenty home did you see that is why you see that when what is wife's said about that almost an insult thing that is why i was pretty sure i said ass again i think we'd get some left overs here at the house it doesnt salah uses a huge pussy said she has plenty to eat it now that he's not eating enough of it you know i think this is a map we marry and this is toronto this isn't some po downtown this is the biggest fuckin city and right oh yeah by far to normal sid massive metropolitan city has upon very of international and when my favorite pointed to perform our love love to run on the upper levels got it was in this prescott permits fucking story goes out of their culture is yarns a thousand pounds sterling every language just talks they still gonna come and listen to this sum which gone
yes as a by documents outwards release unfortunately it's unfortunate have to take legal action i don't appreciate people com atlanta a prostitute never had a prostitute here i'm very happily married at home this is very disturbing is unfortunately have to take legal action in size and grants a majority for stopless and mark two we have to take legal action against the waiter that said i was doing line market right lies that is not true but efforts my wife what
call a friend of mine a positive line is not a process to a friend and it makes me sick people are saying this so unfortunately i have no other choice and the last one to take legal action i can't i can't put up with it anymore so i mean the limbs litigation thirty shortly i've had enough that's why i warned you guys yesterday be careful what you wrote k so that's all i have to say for now and the next thing i want to call mare britannia hamilton and tell him
we're gonna have to spend a little time your comments on the last thing was alive you doin backdated says they want to eat pussy they have never said that in my life i would never do that happily married i've got more than enough bees scripted nails and the best part about their video is after he leaves whether porters goes i fuckin love that report says it i'd say finally something's happening at ease naming names i mean the first thing you learn is politician is keep it vague keep a general this guy's gonna like and billy the waiter down he said the lines in the fucking weird says you're doing lines most likely you do lines as russia is a video you smoke and crack right he admits that yes he admits of the video from smoking crack he's beauty he is a beautiful man meanwhile by the way by the way he does good
these may have gone through the roof with him as the mayor so bad mayor is also a guy who came up through go into the project's helping out the working poor and you know being inspiration i think he coaches a football team and the reason why he's an off his feet mobility rating is not that fuckin low considering and its because the poor people remember where this guy came from any they know what he's done for that no overlook who gives a shit nobody really should give a shit the crack who cares kind of funny that its crack too it's like he went for the most ghetto of ghetto drugs and he did it with a bunch of black people and they got videos of em mean does he not know what the fuck a cell phone as a whole in a cell phone a phantom mike tyson she's the best part where he said you must have mike tyson out kill mike tyson receveur or even seen i am assuming that oh my god i i've seen one word challenge some guy to an ever made fight maybe that's it
attalla al bible and watch like a five seconds of it i think it's kind of crazy just an alias he's a may right may your army we had married bury but that guy with like not with this he didn't have the dimensions that this guy had he also does not have the ability to own it marian bury lied about it all like a wheel mary mary was on opening and anthony i've got to ask some questions and i was there i said yes in person as close as you are to me and i was like what about the crack thing when they call you smoking craig i knew you had like five minutes and i was like i'm going to ask this like right away like you can't like beat around the bush of asian and now he's doing too much different views i go rules out about what was going on ngos they they do not know whether or not what i had was crack ok what they as a video me swabs angle but what was it was a crack like what
no answer you wouldn't say listen man i got a little crazy fuck davos mortal crack that's what you now while the waiter should never said the lines that's an outright lie it's an insult my friend is not a prostitute as soon as if to say your friends that prostitute eyes met by name of come a great deal that fucking guy i'm tell you first degree murder mike tyson there is clearly a walking around my browser tommy we're liars these cars
my god he's coca how can i have seen it every one in the room i keep sensing brother like tat closures brother i ought to say ok now because this video i am on the side of the people trying to get him because their video officially things out of control i didn't figures out of control before that it was just being silly man somebody from toronto diagnosis actually he knows this drug dealer that's friends with him and that's it
that i do not correspond to the pie keyser i think they already have talked to drug dealers and i think this is a big known in canada like this is ridiculous problem is a fat guy that damn is dangerous thinking here actually beat up my thyssen alleys fifteen minutes and i'll have him down represents out ok you're too stupid the reg delusional that's why so confident now i understand that the dumbest should have a very good most politicians that the move like the decisions they make in their lives the fucking balls at did just cheating while office it when you i think that everything is being examined is cameras on call time and you're gonna fucking cheat and i think that you can always go not think they have always done it guys like like the clinton type so the j f k types that you know have this like lust for it i think it's
he's been what they got away with it's always been a part of it someone's always swept under the wrong and so lay the rose kept going like they like it so much didn't want to stop they like the power of it but don't once ever been like now ask the ease sanity willing i dont a sandy agar gave a pretty good run it was a european right is a larger lira language dozens of latch lechery he was allege that i was here being sued by a gang of until those guys go and i was so sad about him as he didn't even get me pussy i think he will ask grab and ass nature a grade would seem a guy say that he beat up thyssen has given idea how fund that would it would therefore be for thyssen thyssen would literally right now you could wake him up and tell him it is a fight this guy you could be taken a map and
would get in there and he would be laugh in the whole time like laughin like all come on big guy you kill me for my eyes are we going to hold me down what's gonna happen here you gonna get my throat out you can pretty what to me i'm i'm from our provisions ludicrous but i'm willing to engage in this context that she so want if you so choose have you're chasing him around party hardly at great sure we're gonna buy that please tell me for sale is andrew decays rob parties andrew duff uk zog i'll bet millionaire before christmas unbind one by one right now party hard with blood pornographers no fuckin love it its own injures official eddie store fiona makes him promote the fight thyssen verses him now when he got given cook for first and then you gotta have like ten dude outside the ring at all corners with the fuckin defibrillators just ready to go no the guy's gonna have a heart attack pacing like how does off
guy that all do coke like that's fine dangerous calls into how as rapporteur i think he's for he looked older and fifty four fifty i can remember to be in on a coke jag and pacing like dad i'm saying shit like i'm a bad mother felt like i remember be it in that space logo and stop you you were nineteen right big flag forty four forty four lou already for ease of christ looks like sharing as turkey's deepen its fifth these are what happens to rob forward over the next year well it had it is different most likely right canada is different when it comes to their ability to get people out of office you can't just pull some out of office for conduct and then violate any of the state laws they don't like you get in trouble steel money is a lot of things you have to have done to get amount office so right now just sort of taking away as power there slowly but surely making him a puppet mayor they remove
his power so that gets weird because then you started like crippling your own sort of economy in new york bless your own government like i don't know the most people would quit but this guy's not gosain eloquent he'll never quite suing them his sue them to keep his job they should show video and then have an expert come in teddy atlas and explain what would happen if mike tyson in him to an actual ring together does this makes sense or would youth categorize a person that's forty four years all their lives either sixty this clearly cooked out of their mine looks like they ate a beach ball did would categorized that is delusional to the utmost bring and doktor drew you have just bringing a few fight experts to spring and the teddy atlas in general amply and haven't describe and then have mike tyson and then tell those seriously he said of him laugh and so
but you know as a great showed i wish was still on was that celebrity death match our even when rob born in the in the ring with ice and modalities of chain saws and share his fucking great happening that show i think they tried to bring a few years ago when i was working on a show and they were doing it in the next studio but obviously didn't go why am they had a celebrity emma may show like were i would thought that someone like fox will try to do that already they had slowed memoranda celebrity boxing gas from say by the bell and todd bridges was on it private eye reason well sir i mean they ve got that die if you can get celebrities to dive in bathing suits on tv mixed martial arts fuck dive you think would be better i just think it too of being exposed and embarrassed on tv diving embarrassing to we have turned your bathing suit your whoever is more than getting to you i don't know my body
did i relish the opportunity to show you my package so a traveller board hours swann i don't think people would find that so gross think fighting is be way more embarrassing guys get the fuck out of here i guess the ultimate it's the ultimate loss of dignity for a man on tv there was a lot of those those ones where really sad would you pretty put money that's the diving this type and other we wait a minute there's a show i'm not kidding you it's called splash or something or wait a minute no illusions and doing it i was chewy for a lawyer legionnaires someone there's room making a noise or was that video oh god we have a black man it was yeah chewy from
chosen chelsea handler i forget who else but they gets decently and they dive in the water but his words and by tat life jacket assignment shown as god i know i think it yeah that's it that was his thing as he was shows body other people just where abated suits so some people whom he would what if he's wearing that's a century an outfit is wearing a crazy oh it's not ok we went that's just as body that's not a life vest since his body like somebody one piece bathing suit now oh my god it's hard and he cries a lot on the shelf woods botswana a couple of seconds the whole show it's a series of can't it's a series call splash it's a reality show they voted off standard right right every time try to think of a joke for reality show i find out that their actually was one thing i thought of this thing about what it was illegal immigrants competing for green card an already happened
that's that's already happened right was at on proudly fox now i room afric africa when skin thy nothing dragging about why where martian of what you wrote his book maybe they all do were joy sure you guys got injured ownership conduct typing chevy whereas today whereas an angry says the host of fear factor without a sense without a second hint of iron and ridiculous dive hilarious hunger games man hunger games yeah maybe right well that's what of everyone's always said about the fall of humanity that if you look roman empire for example or look back at all the various empires and fallen before they felt they were filled with great access and redeem wealth and fat and although vomiting forums is a misnomer you note of
majorian is it's actually the shape of these arenas like it's about how they that the people spill out and the arena oh there wasn't a bathroom we know not under though that is not what vomit torreon means got it i think people just heard that and sorted it might have happened most likely it did the people through up on purpose in order to keep eating share but it wasn't like there was the name of an arena that would go and throw i've majorian that's a good name somebody should cover if you put in dallas a new mme rain called the victoria yeah i think that some adjusted the waves designed to make make them flow makes the audience flow yeah you know like when their being seated in shit it's it's been sort of over the years it's been turned into some you know it's one though things where you sit around your friends you know they used to have this thing called vomit torreon whereby it is forced to throw up like will really
it actually is were big crowds can exit rapidly at the end of a performance psycho an entrance like this is you can just be vomited out that's vomit graham right yeah i think they're whores under i think that that kind of ass we are definitely there are there for i was just talking about how he can command his play station for to go to common central like the idea having a remote in your hand and using your thumb dear where scientists and engineers that worked for years to come up with this me while i we're talking about china you no change agri i'll shoot a feed poor people and third world nations that's gettin yeah we gave a hundred thousand leather discover gave a hundred thousand for research on that last year we have but i don't think that's like a fall of humanity type thing i think that's just the technology making life simpler and in making things more and more accessible and more more complex i think that's inevitable but i think
you seen things like this or when you see things i fear factor we see things like we're people look mean is certain aspects that to mix martial arts as well as a lot of people that look and makes martial arts and they say even though i look very differently because i deeply involved in it to me it looks like the moment this form of competition and that the greatest challenge and away where people find out what their made up they find out whether character what what lies inside there there there will in their courage and their physical abilities but something like you might as well be gladiator during these people for their doing that for the pleasure of the audience with screams and booze and turns it tom down i mean it's the the ideas that when you're civilization gets to a low point is when war becomes much more accepted people just randomly in our except or or easily accept rather that we have certain mounts people and then each we accept that sometimes entertainment is this you know this kind of
easy chaos right well it's it's being distance from like drones when you think about the idea i mean i don't know what percentage of americans think the drones or fine is don't know what the number is but it's way higher than it should be my friend my friend who were you talking to this we can those were disappointed and care with the usa was also talking how great drones are coming here talking about the execution of people that don't have it were not at war with them they're not the enemy and they're not i mean technically these are for you know people indifferent trees there's no war against them and there being you're a tried and executed on the spot not even by a human being and worse at home gone like well that's good because we don't put there were not put an american soldiers at harm yeah but were put our nation how would you feel if fuckin robot showed up in your countries started killing your people chinese robots think that would start to get people le rallied to oh attack the united states i mean it's going to cost us lives one wrong they're not surgical
you know what he was talking about surgical strikes like drawn do started was trying them off where am i stand the numbers like if you read the numbers like even the good spin on the on the numbers show shocking amounts of civilian casualties winnings the good spins yeah yeah i mean it's bad it's bad stuff right and a lot of innocent people lot of accidents lotta people mistaken for their aunt for the enemy that weren't the enemy is alive bad shit that happens when you shoot rockets from flying spaceships our desensitized that being an actual killing of a human being because it's in another country and and for the most part people see the whole middle east as our enemy i feel i can get to a point where it could be real and effective can get to a point where they can have something that's like the size of a bird they can fly across the world and literally is cut acted the dna of the greatest terrorists on earth finds anna and shoots won through his heart and there's nothing you do to stop that that surgical and i'm so i would support the fuck out of something like that no sir
soldiers have to be involved you take crazy radical and extremist whose warmongering take em one of these a debt to the great satan guys take em off the face the planet we not to worry about planes flying into buildings anymore i get that but that's not lower deal when we were dealing with some something that's not ready yet using windows ninety five you running worlds we are running into buildings and you're talking about since peter on that way sort of those our drones if you get a person i do it you're minutes it's very similar but those people died it s the thing people we have to take revenge while the people it actually did that are dead there are plain they flew to see they died to gather something there's an investment on that and i believe in this cause enough that i will put my life on the line to carry out this killing and that sounds like you're very prone nine eleven and supporting terrorist gregg sounds like you're you're one of them your
either with us are you with that i support nine ten and let me explain nine what you're saying you may i don't i don't respected i think it's a fucking horrible decision but it's much bolder moves what you say then than being a guy with a remote control in nevada well you know look where the ones that we invented guerrilla warfare here i mean the value and i wore not us but our for our four founders the fine man that hid behind bushes and shot the stupid british as they walked in redcoats ensnare drums up the street you know we were the first once a fuckin try it out well not really we were just the first ones to do it in the western world did a well yeah the mongols had done it much better rights thousand years before close to eight hundred years or whatever form it was the the idea that these mommy's would wear these fuckin white and red suits with a big cross we supposed to shoot a teapot behind that they were so retarded was the idea
this proper way to do war boy that that what a stupid idea that i mean it goes to what we're talking about right now is it proper to send a drone in or not maybe i am backward by saying like this is the gist the next step in military action is to not involve human beings and by me saying well should have to have a human being killing a human being to make it morally right maybe that's naive i mean obviously like you said if we can if we can target somebody specifically then there is no doubt that that's the way to go but i think the further you are physically from the enemy you are emotionally any easier it is to objectify that person without giving them due process comes back to you two comments the same thing right a drowned and in commenting on youtube and be an account causing you have to feel the repercussions you'd have to be there and actual shoot the baby in the face because the baby is standing for the terrorist you don't be there and blow the building up and watch the children crawl out with no legs i didn't have to be there
it happens it happened whether you like it or not is plenty of videos plenty of photographs is plenty of real sterling evidence of people that we're fucked up by drones when i look at now the war ended because we had news coverage effort for the first time we actually had cameras photographing nay palm and you know children being burned in their homes and all of a sudden there was an outcry hey this is wrong we should be doing this it would have gone on a lot longer and that is absolutely was george bush wooden lead people photograph coffins now during the iraq war they they put it these actually stopped information they stopped for grab you could take photographs of the war but only favourable photograph you couldn't show anybody wounded he couldn't show anybody that was doing anything fucked up and you couldn't we bodies there were being shy back home to mothers and fathers
see i realise that this is where you children die you children died for a lie right it showed all weapons of mass destruction we thought they were here but let's keep sending you kid over here and then and then the only report is were embedded in bed like you here's your fuckin tour guide he's going to show you what we want you to see and there's no reply it is just like in vietnam they were stand in the hotel downtown wandering around and look into whatever they want shooting whenever they want and i think they still had to encrypt and send stuff back because they were trying to stop it date they were going through stuff that was being mailed back yet america's no fuckin internet backed ethnic rights were sending hard pictures back to it otherwise imposed a reverend they'd those packages were being looked at so they started taking the negatives and putting them
hiding them inside of other stuff and shipping them back why their way of encrypting that's fascinating wow that's not yes so it it's me what is the moral where is that what the high water mark on when when you can take a human life first of all you have to declare war think it's pretty senseless that weaken that you can continue to kill people without a trial in another country without declaring war on that place you have two there has to be an investment that that causes accountability yeah they're really does too ass to be an investment yeah that's that's a real good way to put it and also you know there's a this reality of detachment desks contrary to the very idea of technology in the first place what's what what's that about technology and ultimately enriching about technology is a connection thing zadig detached thing so this is almost like like preliminary stage before it's done right sort of like the
t suck for racing each article model t out an array of course to fuckin disaster thing will fly off the side of the road the first turn you hit then they figured out somewhere along the line had em the corvette and then all and its hugging and grant more going around corners like that the better but i figured it out they got it better and that's where we're when it comes to this but the benefits of this kind of technology i think ultimately the benefits of this technology if you look at the trends the train being that its it deserves the boundaries between people and information that's gotta make more accountability and that's gotta make people more where their actions ultimately is not there yet and so when you have technology is being used to do the exact opposite thing like you commodore a drone like something where you're not theirs theirs a disconnected fact you fat can't kill yourself click send
the house had no repercussions whatsoever wave to your neighbor pretend you're a nice guy and no one else has your sixty nine p o c on youtube or whatever the fuck outta here there's that there that's that's like that can't keep going on it's contrary to the very benefit of the technology itself it's the k k k online it's also perhaps i can mask of your hair that even the balls to in a lot of ways in its also cite you know right you know it's like you get away with it you get away with it because it's open it's like well i've gotten away with various loopholes that have existed throughout time don't exist anymore i found holes through it they got away with it and now you can't do it anymore used to be able to compete in the olympics while you're on steroids then someone said hey why these women look like men what's up fuck is going on and the wire their world record still being held today you know that though the eastern walk women they did a lunch track and field records still can't be broken no asterisk on at odds with the most
of the people that are involved in sport science there's a lot asterisks but we had victor conti on the park ass he was a guy from bob do you know that is the guy he's the guy who provided all the various untrue of all sterilised all these professional athletes and then it became a ec scandal and he actually when one of going to jail but he's now a car a guy who openly criticizes like all the various peoples doing steroids and shows how they're getting away with it and try do we not clean up sports and a lot of ways but one of things that he pointed out that this world records it women made it women can even touch today can they just care because they can't beyond anna draw sixty and in but what am i not i mean i always think about it like i'm not a job and i dont like jocks in general i fear i feel like athletes are you know they're supposed to do the best they can do whether its exercise nutrition or training and if
you ve talked about how they certain steroids that are not bad for you so shouldn't it just be a part of the sport getting better well here's an hour one of the arguments is that in order to be the terror we do your best as a mixed marshall artist very much like in order to do your best as a cyclist almost can't do it without form of help and then the core becomes well what is that form of health while the former with some athletes can be really good nutrition really good supplement nation that's legal and going to a very good sports doctor who can monitor your blood makes rigging the proper nutrients but if you try to do that on the average diet that like a poor persons on most you gonna fall short of courses exceptions to the rule is genetic specimens agony cheeseburgers ivan run five hour today and not never have a problem there's people
are created equal when it comes to accessible to everybody well it's that mean its but i've heard it argued that to tour de france privy example you literally cannot do it correctly you're on drugs that in all or to did to compete at the world championship level that we saw lance armstrong region all these people reach you bodies actually healthier if you're taking drugs they have the dope your blood can do it without the epa oh and testosterone without adding to your system you're putting a great strain on your system at a point where it might not really be able to do that and you might redline your whole shit and break it so much people to be able to get into the tour de france it don't have sponsors and don't have a you know an arsenal of money from pass winds how do they he had to that level to compete will be there's a problem because
there are certain things like endurance athletics a real it's a real issue the threshold the threshold some people are born with a higher endurance threshold and there's nothing you can do about that they have larger hearts they ve they process led more easily whatever the fuck it is whatever it is all people are created equal just like some people dont have a big juicy dick like yours caddies went to the bathroom and enjoyed it again so of regular purse with a regular dick has just deal with that in life just like a regular person doesn't have the lungs of a guy like king velasquez candle ask is as you have seen have you a champion they did rio max they tested it it's like fuckin high level try athlete he knows thirty eight beat permitted heart rate i mean he's a freak rates it and how do you feel about it do you think there should be absolutely no steroids in drugs no blood doping or you think that with the tour de france
it's ok but not with mixed martial arts i think that it becomes a real issue with mixed martial arts because it's not just about winning a race is about beating the fuck out of some one and if a guy take something that's illegal and because of that is able to perform much better and much longer and do more damage to his opponent i'm against it i am against it but i am also against the sewer gets really tricky there's a thing they're doing called testosterone use exemptions where they give people medically approve testosterone injections that are competing i'm against that that for two reasons one because i've talked to this guy doktor mark gordon whose a traumatic brain injury specialist and bashful in helping people with tb i and in helping them recover from brain injuries and one things have damaged in brain injuries is your endocrine system your pituitary glad stop producing too ask your incorrectly any could fuck with your hormonal balance that can happen with
concussions so then the king soon becomes if someone is thirty years old or even younger and needs medical testosterone because have taken too many blows the head should they be to fight them becomes a real issue is our we just sort of putting a band aid on a much greater threat to this person's health its negative might be natures way saying stop fighting dude i watch videos today you know and i talk about this too much because i really didn't fight that long follow lot when i was a kid but i didn't really take too many blows the head until i saw kickboxing boxing was much more definite got hit in the head many times young man training inspiring but the kickboxing was much more brutal i used to have pre significant headaches when i would lie in bed at night and it was one of the main reasons why i was pretty desperate to stop doing it i was pretty desperate
till i make this choice between stand comedy and fighting and ultimately fighting one out or comedy rather one out without any debate whatsoever but the idea that i was ruining my brain was really fuckin scary to me and then the also the idea that those shots at i took to the head which was many many many rounds sparring with guys you're better boxers and me many jobs they face made time my dome got jolted with head kicks all that shit was going on but none compared to what these professionals have to deal with ten years and for a year and hundreds and hundreds of hundreds of documented shots to the head income petition forget about what's going on in training in oil three fights as a kick boxer as attack window the entire window tournaments and cry terms i had it might have in a hundred it was probably way over fifty on our how many times i competed but that was over like six years but for kickboxing it was just three and those three were rough
is that those that feeling of getting you no fuckin punch in the face and seeing stars does not good for you and debates that are there was a party you they're just new with common sense like your body was saying you should not contain you to do that but there is guys that somehow i don't have that that governor and had that says move away such as that its trainers trainers why i came the guy that training west training there the that i was training with when i was living in a box it was a very polluting guts boston jim i mean is the guy who is it that the head coach was a fuckin savage and he grew up with savages and when guys got knocked down and jim they dusted those motherfucker back off and threw him right back in the rain again and i saw it over and over again guys saw land on the chin their legs gave out they fall flat on her back and then five minutes later sporran again you're not support
to do yeah you're just not now we're not supposed to do that you're not supposed to spar four months after that not five minutes later not even five days later was to be a long time off we give your brain a chance to heal like some shit and down man they know that shit back now now that's the problem they didn't know but now good to see you like real up closely for a while now because the internet because a twitter facebook in law and the like people will share articles with each other like i get way more information now that i've ever gotten in my life and now in a position where i am as it is an mme commentator people are always sending me things on the dangers of traumatic brain injury whether its emma mayor football or even soccer man a lot of deeds and for more concussions soccer than football were not just concussions just heading the ball is it's not concussions is the problem it's also the the slightly less than concussive impact the ones that don't you you can caution but
thanks to the head you're just a jarring of your brain they're all bad fortune i play soccer yesterday i everything's given i put together soccer game forbidding our neighbourhood and it's like the usa we had eighteen on eighteen july and field in venice and are so it's a lot of kids and it started out when we start out the kids were little and we used to split off into an adult game and kids game and as the adults that older all our kids binning club soccer getting better and better and now it's really getting to the point where there as good as we are so my son is in the corner my my son is a captain of his club soccer team there undefeated this year he's got a fucking strong leg kicks corner kick me i'm in front of the goal and i mean the thing has gotta be line for i had this screens fuckin goal at all i gotta do is put and so my its common why can't i had last second i fucking ducked ten kids are you laughing at me for like a minute i was like some
today my head went no you did this is called smart slight side gave me so much shit well he's wrong and you are right he should want to kick your dad the head no bar that shit's ridiculous will want one the reason why i want to bring the subjects that was watches i spent some time today going over these videos one of them is measured taylor to member melter taylor let the gold medals when the grace boxers ever come out the amateur system amazing fighter but i want you to pull up measures tailored now and then go to the first video that pops up on you too magic taylor fought coolio caesar chavez like when the grace mexican boxes of all time and they had this increase a wharf fuckin twelve round bore wish as knocked him down like the last few seconds of the fight and they stop the fight he was winning the fight up at that moment chavez has got to him it was a brutal brutal beating that he took and now
when you talk to him he's younger than me listen to him talk she's interview in him so is bright wearily yearning and work is noise i'll fuck down umbra what's going on here you ve turned the volume up put out the volume on youtube about the volume on the input of figured out tat it was i goods voluntarily i mean my own this is way different because his way younger disguise way where young no but i think with molly though the mainstream and i'm not a huge boxing fan but i saw it i need you go like wow this is king sat leads to this what does by the way terry norris also has its whose another great champion from the nineties terry norris there's a thing that he put out a video you gotta tearing today you get it too so is it video itself that fucking up the amateur different
can't be listened to it today it might be the browser me try a different browser might i be brian me terry norris is another one who is his my age and i listened to talk now and it's is massive labour and his wife is interview and she's talking about how we as parkinson so his his bodies in lean still but its causes muscles are always deafening up cheese is muscles are constantly stiff and he can't talk you can informed sentences he can't understand it i went to school with this kid he gonna bar fight punched the wrong way landed the wrong way and to this day he's a fucking mumbling half wit one punch you know think about bar bar fire was funny last night jim go that's it this kid is lie he was a promising kid smart and in an hour like getting arrested all the time you can always get yourself medicating and second twenty
five years ago was like the story you were talking about before the podcast even started about the guy when a dvd and shot himself right yeah what was that story return you the guy had something he saw geo that's right you told it that a guy what do you have she d shot himself didn't jones but shot out the part of his head that was fuckin with pussy day and night doesn't have it anymore fixed itself the human brain there's another story that i was down but a guy who got a head injury and also became a musical genius tat never at any musical talent whatsoever had a head injury and then the sudden had this new newfound thing right now i've that should happening with music before you know it orders somehow it orders your brain and you're able to express yourself still but you know i think that does not being hit as a kid is pretty big too i think that a lot
kids got beat a lot by their dad and i think when your brain is really young kids like five six years all to get knocked around all time you wonder why kids get fucked up as their older that's also is tense feeling of betrayal down your parents or your dad abuses you like thou your daddy is big person hits this little person hits you hard i of our friends in their dad's knock them out my dad knock them out like they had the to stand up to their doubts the debt punched him in the face knocked him unconscious he imagined standing over your five year old outcome because you just slug them that's i am able man and there that's also repeating cycle just like abuse like sexual abuse tends to be repeating cycle for whenever reason the hue brain is a good very strange and though the patterns that it follows even abusive patterns in now and there's a few but they can figure it out and break the code what that's one thing that i admire the juice of ruth repeating it yeah
i want things i more about you is like we were like twenty one you just fucking quit drinking you like fuck this you know like i know what i'm doing knows a mess i knew my dad fuck this up fuck fuck and done you're just done you're dead then you never knew just never made a big deal about it you're just done when people ask if you want to be really hot on trying or can't drink but it wasn't like some woe is me hey i'm fuckin two thousand day sober here's my new chip outlets but yet there was none of that is just like you now you just recognise a bad pattern that you are going to repeat you're not a dummy like fuck the sly thickets words difficult with recovery for some people is that there is a chemical i think what you are talking about is dramatically rina repeating that cycle and i think for me i don't know if it was this chemical because i was able to stop without rehab and a programme and stick with it when its traumatic it's about like anything a new habit they see
takes ninety days he know if you can that's a big part of that aaa is stopped for ninety days because then you can change the neurons in your brain to start to feel good about what your adding from this new behaviour is not just about bring it behind is like well when i do that i feel all these great thanks and the reason i don't drink anymore it's just that i frazier how lucid i am all the time and like last night i met this this party and there's like a bunch of people i love that i dont get see enough words like i would love to and two hours with each one having a deep conversation and you're only like fish he minutes each but
least i'm like in it for me i am not like fuckin fuzzy and put my arm round a guy i know i just know i don't want that year while you you know you recognise when things are positive and beneficial not induce go that way go the good way some people though i definitely agree that though the abuse thing is a lot more difficult to overcome it seems like over these patterns are they get carved into someone's sums personnel william brain is us any days things at the science that again and again at ninety days a few start exercising if you quit eating a certain fang that after ninety days and this in its physiologically your body is kicking caffeine or whatever for ninety days is just psychologically that they say that that's about where you d device a new way of being condition to two not need that thing as much as fastening it until it makes sense it seems like we
completely creatures of habit and if you just for something to become a habit than just becomes you every day you figure out of work the circuits it's the video i tried it on three different browsers and an ipad doesn't work we just try to different video at random video in theirs in south korea will pull up bud terry norris than or see if there's another version of that video the phenomena version that video pullup terry norris today let me find the one that the video an hour i asked today it's fuckin sad did
can you be seen as one every second let me see voting is viewed were leader he's got a reality show time world meddling this is work in their lives above all they was one person i wasn t the farmer cadres tomorrow portion fights cause here is that speech impediment or nosing around no notice
punch in the head and it is with the cops pugilistic dementia is just being punch drunk they punch drunk because when you ve been hidden ahead so long are so times you you sound like you're drunk and you labour over your words like you're drunk and i've seen that in fighters are seen then people that i personally know i've seen that from gaza knew when i was a young man they were lucid and smart when i was a kid and they kept sitting when i stopped and i talk to them today and i see them talking like their drunk when their staff called sober theirs are they not intelligent anymore their missing something mean there definitely there definitely cognitive lee compromise right and for anybody who tried to oh he's sharp on the inside he just as a hard time can we as i waste on the same story every five minutes now this is bullshit you're trying to make a positive spin on something maybe he can keep going you know and he can write books and just can't talk but there's other people that dont know
their keys are you know there was an article in a sports illustrate about joe montana in about not your montana gimmick man from the from the bulls bears yellow for failure the dongle bears remember that last year the whole the for whole fuckin the seattle shouts oral shuffle deck ice fucked like that i sometimes is standing in the middle of his kitchen knows no areas remember what what he was gonna do he was about to leave his hold these keys has no idea what is going on stories all rap is because he used that he's the run too much yet any get his fuckin cage rattled yet all of a man all of em did that the bread farm stocky about it forgot an entire season of his daughter play soccer forgot she played soccer it's gone on this head me you think about all the money of god and all that but you don't have your fuckin mine i give up a leg dude it's dangerous you know acta i'd keep my dear calm we do you sweet dick put up
on the screen bride beat you dick all day look at it no no pugilist good dimension it thinks straight but the thing about my penises that it doesn't bruce and believe me i put some beatings on it if people by your your special gregory tell more to get at what it's called amazon com but i know that you gotta fits dot dot com is a link on their to pick it up it's you know i don't know what but i think it's i think it's pretty good and then marginal areas they enjoy thanks for listening by the way i appreciate that a currency area to check it out they never fucking do those guys are counts there's a lot of mount therefrom any favorite yoda what veni their data and if i can promote again december five through seven boston laugh boston i'm coming up is a great new room and dying and do a pod cast the first night thursday the fifth live podcast at the club piss on parade live stage that's what it's called a lantern onstage life my funds life not live life on
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