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#423 - Gene LeBell

2013-12-02 | 🔗
Gene LeBell is an American martial artist, instructor, stunt performer, and professional wrestler. He has also worked on over 1,000 films and TV shows and has authored a number of books.
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fifty years ago today the first mix martial arts fight was fought in america sixty sixty years ago today what is this what is the data december as second nineteen the three es those fifty years with three at the time and the man in front of me judo jeanne the bow who i've known and i've been very fortunate to be your friend for a number of years their real honor your guy that amongst like mixed martial arts fighters like especially even early in the day you were like really keenly involved in making the right word to use their but very involved in the education of martial artists about grappling joe what i always liked to do when i was the kid to get the point over you didn't just do grappling which i know you're a great you're an expert happening and i admire you because
been there and done that but alone grappling you should learn boxing camp showed a comment i climbed out gun food great aroma wrestling free style wrestling motorists i go riding a little bit of everything and of course self when i was young i got kicked out are they juno gems because guy beating me up bad that hit him with a laugh took then i'd go to the boxing jama guy beat me up there i body slam so i got kicked out i got kicked back up the guinness book of records again kicked out of gems but you talk bristling fastened judo dinner he s a dead whose alike well he great guy one of the best athlete you'd ever want to see sky i worked a lot of tv shows with em
and of course he was famous for doing enter the dragon he wants me to go in add and does your make two hundred dollars a week now then yellow thirty years ago that was big money but i was making a thousand a wig doing westerns and so i says figures day by day it came i called the most famous a marsh like movie ever was the dragon back it was done in hong kong that union and you know the difference between union and non union right so you don't really get a piece of you don't get any residuals look at his pictures you u handsome young bastard you're a beautiful man oh yeah now you can see how actually small go this guy
lee was why he was a very small man short gretta athletes and i ran the stance on this worry fix me up will you you know it's really fascinating that there is so much learning going on at the time and that's one of the things that i think people are so compelled to to that's why the reasons why so compelled to learn about bruce lee because he was really the first guy that's let's just try everything and mix it altogether was a really publican out front about it and his martial arts that he created called geek udo the whole philosophy as that was used what is useful he credit to you with a lot of the development of his grappling understanding grappling a lot of fighters back in that day they didn't really understand that you needed to know all aspects of martial arts didn't know how to grapple you fairly helpless when a graphic gets hold of you yeah they did a lot of forms there but
due respect bruce made a lot of techniques that i use in the movies jumping spinning kicks course i lost sad about twenty years ago still look all over the kitchen floor for my spinning kid it's gone he was a great athlete in any way maybe they're guy or a woman you learn from what they have now that i know what i'll just tell everybody i am that i know what i'll just tell everybody i invented it and when you train with him you know was was there this sense of who he was at that time to anybody have any idea how that was all going to go down and how he was gonna essentially for a lot of people represent martial arts we talk about martial arts today still day in two thousand and thirteen people bring up bruce lee he is a god now you know
and there he would just little guy that but to my dark in my shirt sober he didn't have a the bees gregg he state me for a while and found out is just a tease greg he would have been there in the march largely a man may and you'll be reviewing him instead of me if it was still alive so you knew at the time when you are working with them that he was a unique guy very unique very well coordinated here was creator and a lot of people that did his style sorted didn like him because he wasn't additional he learned to do boxing he learned to do where grasp for me judo and you can see earlier some of them
judo moves that we did four years ago there were still in color maybe they color colored it but tat he loved that he loved that because he was a good athlete he was a good tumblr great human vein i've been bless yo meeting people and they build family like your family to me thank you you found me yeah what do i call you a well uncle jean got jade rhonda does there has for ever everybody as honest i guys unfair practice to call you uncle jean dad said but with you you know you have there i want to raise my allowance and yellow
so when near why are you new training with any funding today like i know you ve done some work with round in the past train guys but must they beginners the the thing is what i try i do so many people who helped me when i was beginning in the marshall our world and in this that works well now it's pay back time and i try to help people out i do judge hearing i find him and there i did they used to for free and that was i had learned counted dan i was lucky do referee mohammed ali and anarchy which was a big thing mixed partially event in tokyo japan yet and so i've been there i done than so many times
i can help somebody out hey get a pleasure out of it yeah i'm sure you do you really enjoy teaching you always have taught us silvio pimentos who i trained with silver right silverado over it john jocks he was when you're blackouts right as too great guy very very intelligent guy very technical gar i learned a lot from that guy i learned a lot of what you totems while ladder leg lacks which the brazilians long time ago didn't do like locks and now there into it and they're into a lot of things that were not sanction by their methods yellow a time a lot of folks don't realize this that jujitsu they had it a bias against attacking the legs like if you went for a leg lock or he'll hook the crowd boom in hesse became
weird thing because it didn't make any sense because like the sambo guys we're using leg locks the catch guys we use and legs and they would go against budgets does allow judges guys we're not prepared for because i didn't really think that it was a valid technique for whatever reason did make any sense benign guys like paul horrors of brazilian guy was probably the best in the world at it fed ass they gaze he's great one college was car gotcha his name passed away a few years ago he is take olympic champions in heaven for lunch brazilian guys it the guard he loved it rule on back but the feed activity a break a leg i'd never saw miss breaking a leg why and yet no was it sexual four he was an animal well breaking leg maids good luck and that before
it was the guard in slim they called it foot leg control and but it's all the same thing control of the lower body theoretically with their legs and unjust the joint from an angle and and you go into you can see let's go into a triangle of net jug i'm bar if you're good at spinning society can also get a need so there's basically allow the techniques you see today you just u techniques like the guard there really were really kind of always around and catch they just different names and they just were morton maybe more observe today or more analyze today an improved on a man may and dana white is absent the best promoted that ever lived and like the gentleman he
he's got all these guys together and they have to improvement thereafter every year somebody comes up with a new technique which is an old technique with a different name it's it's kind of a important now you ago you know how they got the name that you use out of time the camera yeah the motto japan because he wanted to go prowess wrestler which he did in judo they kicked the motto japan because he wanted to go prowess arrests there which he did so oh down and beat everybody where the devil risk lack a downward arm crank and so they couldn't per day double risk lacquered downward arm gregg so they say the camera and this is based on the move that beat elio tab he beat a lot of guys in the
progress theirs gotcha he beat it we with that hold but he did it a little bit different he had break the risk the elbow the and the shoulder most people they just break the elbow and the shoulder we know what our talk to josh barnett about the division catch wrestling brazilian jujitsu irving josh about his big an expert as any you didn't ask for in this country like active fighters that really understands catch what he calls catch the violent art is like jujitsu degenerate catches the violent are much more violent approach is all just grappling still just grappling but much more violent approach to attaining the positions wrestling based attacks to attain the positions or as you did you guys try to move around things a wrestler will go through it jasper dad it's been a friend of mine
four hundred and four years is a young man looks beautiful for honour for years old is he a vampire perhaps way takes our boat tat so it's bad for your some of them stop latterly gay passes first it is late thirties but here it worked a little with car god should feel good browse he's gotta a trainer now i can hardly wait two december twenty eightth and watch him he's on that card yeah against travis brown very very interesting well trained round is no slouch parties as tough as they come he doesn't get it over the about you know impossible two down for that the travis brown ouster over invite highlighted that mean he took just tremendous shots to the body that a lot of people were folded up shop on i've never seen anybody take
kind of a meeting in the beginning around and come back to that guy with a head kick afterwards it incredible that's that's like and will you now that you each measure that put barnett's got that two barnett's an animal of you beat barnett and he comes back mean he's always in that fight he's not he doesn't fold up shop ever he sees a solid solid veteran to pieces dude i can noses way around shit he's an errand and very very smart guy you know we had him on the podcast and people were blown away i get so many the text messages and tweets from people going how is this guy gets punching in head for living in these ten times smarter than me like five different people say that to me jasper nat algal optimum i'll say hey josh show me come or any a grand there is now a fact trawlers its double ridge downward arm gregg and then put it on me the man you're here
tat she keeps a torch lit right yeah well far as like top level fighters certainly does well he's been alarmed along time and he's got a lot to teach a lot to talk about and our lot to show very very smart guy to woody thank you like as far as like crawl got one of the things these known for is not just a teaching a lot of guys catch rustling submissions but also conditioning region condition regiments must one of the most gruelling ever like they say they would he would make guys do five hundred body weight squats before they could even practice here he had me working for few years with that these were with a hand alone and mace balls we sell those at on dot com major whatever he used ninety wake balls eagle ninety pounds you kettlebells hand i still have
defies but when worked with him i was a hundred eighty pounds and he was i to sixty jesus christ who sees a giant man too there was a big like a big like european bound to sixty yeah but it was you didn't see any fat now none at all and the thing i liked about him he the suggested bastard over that about you silverado bus to both and just a trivia everybody wants to know why they call you uncle jane well i've been thirteen hall of fame i've won tournaments all over the world my pride this thing is when people call me uncle oncogene because the au registers the real what they called shooters you find
got to a stage which nobody gonna do and if you could get a bye you guys and make me out uncle like then afterwards they awarded me now your uncle jade how did it become uncle well you cry uncle but beheld than that that figure speeches so strange like why would you cried uncle to get someone to stop where does it make any sense i don't know but at that time that's what they say instead i give up the display i remember that from antonov kids sid even understand the cry uncle doing i grew up with yeah bureau of forty five nearby like twenty euros it forgets he's not a kidney or he's the kid perpetual stay of kidneys yeah only think kids today use that expression nowhere expressions chow since in the last
twenty years you know you gotta have a say phone you gotta do all those things on the internet do take selfies do you do like selfies for ever know from the old school where you have to die on the phone i don't have to draw pictures of people now a cameras you gotta think you taught it to me when you use changed by diapers what is it like going through all these different generations like i grew up in the seventies and you know i i was around before the internet was around you know i went to high school in the eighties and bugs we have high school nineteen eighty five sobbing around a long time to they d change been pretty interesting but for you i being the arab like those bruce lee movies like you were you herb national judo champion in nineteen fifty four credible that's a long time ago mean how much
how much difference the world today than it was then we think changes in gonna change with it fifty four and fifty five two years and then i turned pro things change and you gotta the on it i am not i've got computers all over the place and all i look at you got my own say who the hell i hate me today other little things but the kid nowadays the teachings they have to learn how do you a computer cell phones there is there's more to everything so that you think is the biggest difference between when you were a kid in today's is the internet the interim hairs technology the cars the gadget look at the electrical stuff they have the flat
screen tv i had to be steroids the pick up a tv twenty years ago that used to be big giant cabinets remember those things yeah there like furniture and little tiny screen and scream easily about twelve inches wide and the two anything which huge what men in everything back there now everything's flat screen and i had a record player on the top remember how we are always reckon you are all cabotage earth number they had cabinet or it's me it's out on that they swung open thing slides you could hide the tv is like we're the old days for me it's fast any but vote for you i mean i'm watching these videos of you when you were young man you do in these fight scenes with brutally and i think this guy's you seen everything mean you seen so much you seen the changing of the perceptions of martial arts for the first time with us bursley movies that was the first changing a perception of martial arts the first real introduction to the western world and mainstream way was brutally
movies because before that no those other martial arts things ever really got traction like he did what he was all of a sudden it was like well i want to learn how to do that that guy's amazing the showmanship and is dynamic presence and his speed and these techniques like nobody there were seen anything like that before so we saw his bruce lee guy and allison everybody is talking about martial arts and then be given the chance to see that you ve a chance to see like i said you were involved in the first ever mix martial arts fight now seen the u fc grow to become what it is today you ve been through the introduction to the latest evolution it's a changing experience like my event fifty years ago today was the first i shouldn't televised mixed martial arts then and now the rules of change that's why i say when i took the guy out and he was a great great great fighter milo savage
and the referee who was also a doctor couldn't revival if somebody like a big job mccarthy was there he either been able to revive the guy you mean not not dead he mused minos unconscious oh yeah just kind of sue was arthur reviving which called cuts to cards to now just was rubbing the nackerson play where it's getting into the heart going where it pumps blood to the head you choke a man out you're not joking em your slow down the blood supply do his head to look passes unconscious not broke guy legs and arms and stuff like that and they got a problem injury he had shot the guy out ted set heads later you're revived he's ok yet so much better than get knocked out to a lot of people think it's the same thing people understand martial arts so big big big difference getting
out like this really no ill effects theo text come from striking oh i agree with you and that's how you get brain concur actions it then again you have trouble when you're in a donkey plenty and guys remained errand down there you guys you make it funny guys brain damage weird xanadu mozart gene is we ve we ve all known guys that i've gotten punching that's the dirty aspect of this this game of mixed martial arts itself is like there's guys that do the wrong thing they stay when they shouldn't staid and they take shots action taken and then we could see that damage and its disturbing it some people don't everyone think is going to happen to them and that's why i always give this encouragement that if anybody's thinking to retire and retire if you're thinking of it at all retire i you know something you you're right on the numbers
right on the numbers you know you always have the feeling now am i a t i still have a feeling of getting on the mat and i suggest disguised making a mistake you know but i gotta concentrate on teaching the guy and i'm trying to prove i myself would you just competitive fires never really totally burn out no the rest by bodies burnt out though it's important that's why i say deronda i've glad she got into the movies and so when comes like joe laws are catches clay they have another place to go randy could turn is a good friend of mine now he does it he's not completing anymore but it does
all these he's translated the best he's done the very best job of transferring from emma may stardom to movie star dome enacting stardom and he's dead he's works a lot now warp our job is good too you know he was good very mandibles he's car very relaxed like you made him a great fighter will make him a great actor and think that's you when you a man didn't think of the future deaden have what so well he's a terrible example used because the guy fought to these forty eight i mean he's u just incredible he's a terrible example used to get out when you know when you think you should get out get out because he came back here
was gonna retire after the second chuckled del fine then it came back when the heavyweights title i mean really go tour is gone through a whole whirlwind so maybe i really should just shut the fuck up tell people wonder attire and whatnot randy's also find a mean you talk to him he's totally lucid speaks clearly you know he did a good job protecting himself a lot of grappling because he was a very good grappling are always very solid and intelligent really good at executing gain plans but if they take shots he's gotta gotta know when to not take anymore it's hard to figure out is doubtful wants to retire where there on top up anyway retire when they still feel like they can be a lot of deeds asses and you know a lot of guys just for one or two times too long yeah or more you know where the money is there and turned to pass up a yeah but when you're putting it only initially ventured life is
body you that and take care of it the best way you can do is weird things that happen to like like bob sap as an example one the weird things happening mme where the guy becomes sort of a traveling roadshow just go and fights guys and tabs quick and move on to the next town disorders like selling the name that he made when he was in pride when he was when the scariest guys on earth it seems like he's just not really there competitively anymore but does a lot of fights has lot it's not so is making a living egg ass well it shall pray to god he did get the permanent damage injury yell gum unfortunately one of the great old school legends gary goodridge he's been re public about his issues and how how much pugilist dementia which is what the that medical term for punk punch struck here and heat and pretty openly about it too you know alert young fighters to the risks and you know it
about what a minute he basically scissors k one that did a man basically says that fighting and i may was one but the amount of blows it he would taken k one was substantially greater those guys so high level too that's why it is so important to have a great referee and there's a lot of good ones here nevada over the world and there's a lot of ones that aren't that job they don't know when to stop fighting and a guy i'll take just one or two blows worries can't protect himself and then it's gin rummy yeah and those those blows after guys out are very dangerous you know those are those are really bad ones does the ones around rare and its oftentime does not the fighters fault the fighters hitting on because there in a zone and they don't even know what they're doing there trying to finish this guy that thinking that barely even aware they might they might think he's almost out but what if he wakes up what if you wait
what does this mean that trying to end that fight so referees job to be objective and to see it and they get in there before those unnecessary blows take place but that's a tough gig you ve done it before and you ve been there for a hundred emma may fights lease hundreds of events and i have seen so many of them when there's moments where a guy just isn't in the right position maybe a strange technique lands and no one expects ahead kicked it no one saw common and the guy goes down and by the time the referee gets to a majority getting hit two and three times while these are unconscious shrilly common that's it that's a fact i've seen so many geyser injured i was at their judging one of the tournaments and one of the competitors had a human toma which is a blood pressure claire around his head worst ever we see in i've seen a lot of from boxing and the
actor was playing with her ring girls and there they didn't stop the fight i said cheeses they should have the fight you know he went the full three rounds but i mean he looked like a hamburger there's some people get busted out this up we're weird moment like wendy stop a fight do stop if i went to guys had swollen misshapen like you see my comment first suggested elder the out here that's crazy giant lump on his head that look like you're like somebody inserted a small football underneath his forehead member but he fought well even though that he fought well so that one of those things web is gets that we're blurry lie like how to stop this file keys he won the last round of economic took although dounia it was in his guard whose grandam pounding i'm pretty pretty clearly one the last round so with this big giant lump on his head
still doing well in the five years he's doing well wait ten years when he starts having headache so you think they're like me see like an outside things swelling outside the skin brother blood this justified well let's be in this way and i have debates it is my opinion right i've had debates with doctors when i gets hit from football he gets knocked out or a glove what happens if you get hit in the arm swells up same thing where the brain swells up and a lot of while they won't do anything right away because i'm from the boxing ward we put i son right away now here's what happens i was too by doktor bruce our swords fifty or sixty years ago that
when the brain swells there's bone around your head and it pushes the brain pushes against the bones of your head and it gives you a brain injury it kills part of your brain so you don't make sure that i put ice always carry eyes of a guy gets knocked out from blow you put eyes and his head swelling down that keep this well just like you would do for a need just like you do for an elbow you do for the head is well absolutely people know that well people do i have talked to nurse surgeons doctors they puff puff they say they that that isn't what i do i give this medicine there that medicine prices by that time is already screwed up yellow and their i've been there i've done that i've been around acts again wrestling for seventy
five years while and and that just that once every month that's every day that's by lies yeah now and i see injuries and i've seen being doing so so we see people that have ash cars and they just they want put a minor gurney there but i their head and i've seen stop men come out a punchy from impacts for apis although people realise how many stuntman get injured every year mean people die as well meaning of i've heard of many stuntman dying while filming crazy action scenes in movies swiftly accidents motorcycle accidents to america two very very very rough business i had a friend of mine like tell me was david lee he had a freak accident in the car it split
his helmet and they didn't put i saw them and they want why and eve and he came out of it time later he only lived the year anyone real well we use go motorcycle right and racing every weekend at he didn't even know and i says wow so the most dangerous thing to me is a brain injury i agree i agree wholeheartedly that more is research on it so you and rally dangerfield did you double is rotting i did devil a few tat will lose us gotta capital tv shows aid is a picture of you up there was at peace we i was doing sword fighting then sword fighting oh yeah dabbling here man he was quite a character quite a care
it always leave his pants zeb had one or two actually i'm say hey is pants is that it but he says i'm getting air conditioning don't bother me i just did it is us wherever a joke right with like the robes and stop you saw yeah like balls why i've talked about this before but i worked at great woods concerts interim and mansfield massachusetts when i was a kid i was on amongst the security personnel there and so i was backstage betsy rodney as he was preparing for a show you just have a robot and nothing else we weren't slippers and he had a robot news walk around back there this before it ever done stanhope kommeni but i like that guy is the shit like look at him he's he's literally as comfortable as you can get he's wearing a bathrobe on purpose and its because he could you know he was like cause i can't
whatever somewhere bathrobes comfortable i like the way i love the way you reward he desert because because the keys fuckin ronnie did he knew he was riding dangerfield said anything any plated straight and apparently subaru nice guy everybody another did business whether more had any interactions with them always came away from its ain't bodies a great guy my friend jeff my manager jeff he was with one of one of his clients was one of run these original comics on the hbo comic series it he did and i said that body which is the best is the coolest nice guy here as well said to you want a sense of humour he was a real original two areas i have of us stand up comedian and gorgeous
not as good as you you're my hair all value but he was also a great actor to jealousy back back to school the move with him and kennison was in that movie whose fucking hilarious net movie those were classics when i was a kid those who like those are some of that in my opinion some of the most enjoyable calmly moves at ever saw was right the danger for once we just a feeling that you had the whole thing like you just see the guy you would while alive laugh yes see rather like the oak obedience anymore very seldom what you mean like which guy well anything and i go bob who were load like that kind of ronnie dangerfield jack benny people there were stand up comedians there is no show that i know really show boats
i know it sounds like you used to be the tonight show with johnny carson that was like the big thing that was the big show both show ace of you god's nature with johnny carson johnny carson pulled you next to him on the couch wow you're bade you're made man you you ve made it you ve gone through the hallowed halls the guy the man gave you the seat on the couch there was a big deal is not really a thing like that anymore but now there is the internet and the internet is kind of change the whole rules for how media gets out there to people and there's a lot of people that the odds of being at home and eleven o clock and on wednesday night those are not that good you know you probably have things you do you're probably up and you're out they a number of actual people see that is very limited but if you who went on some tv show somewhere and then they put the clip on line then
click on line could watch anytime you want so that spread like wildfire so now all you have to do is have something online and all is judo jeanne the bell says this is a larry s and he sends the brine red band brian red ban sends it to me i send it to brian cowen and goes across the country that's it happens today and you give these unheralded kids that do stand up on you like youtube channel their essentially due to a camera and they get hundreds of thousands of views so it's it were varies very scarce travers you can be a famous really easy now i get a kick out of sheer say that that does make sense well but and i say and more accessible favours like what i am judging around california people come up they want to take a picture i met my ideas and they want an autograph sub like that rises to my wife for jesus had that age the before i was when i was good these people weren't even born at it makes you feel good she caught
we see a vase centre of attraction attracted joan i want to thank you again for that too few data may we won't get into it but it was of a documentary on you yeah that was mary i've gotta than my computer and if someone where's the sea who my hero is ice as here's joe oh god how dare you how dare you jeanne the well there's documentary on new that that routes of fight did write the teacher company when it is that out now i don't the first thing that data by business partner didn't tell me anything she just says sign here this party wife and the whole goddamn no cheese a canadian davis kelly and a lover badly madly but
yeah she says this is the way it's gonna be done i've been business with so many different people that i the short answer this deck so she does let me know do much but i did see the tape of different people talk about me that i was in pressed united it's kind of funny gee a b j pen and they go out of these people would remember be course rhonda does iran as mother anna maria was a world champion a brain i'm sending you a link right now on euro gmail to that are the documentary it's an email i forty do the email but in the e email there's a link to the film that the route fight guys have done they ve done quite a few of these documentaries bunch of different marshall artists so this
they're doing on you they're really excited about especially considering today is the day fiftieth anniversary that milo savage fight at long last a years in fact the job mccarthy was wearing one of those t shirts i'm here this how do i of these as well i'll fix it up and i myself sounded super them because i didn't even know it wasn't even as they are they were making him at the time here this is this is the videos
jeanne overcame new on this and now have racism out his career ways round some due to gene is overload the guy can do it all you can do submission seeking do you know you can do it with me he's a real deal very lucky to have somebody like other gene in my life really be diana mentor back in a forest and fifty's before the terms cross training and mixed martial arts existed gmo bell was already doing this is a guy who at the age of seven started training with ed strangled louis is arguably the greatest catches catch can rest workers generation then he moved out of the age of eleven to train the mainstream boxing jim or some of the greatest losses of all time trained and even ended up sparring sugar ray robinson i was a young kid main street jim and sugar ray robinson came in with his heir
down in uniform initials on his convertible came back and he got on the ring and inspiring show up so were always dionysus anybody want to work out whether sugar man as is yeah he is afraid of me in other words when your head is this big no good boxes commits it in the first round he hit me three hundred times he taught me a couple of things jeez decision to take up judo in addition the boxing catch rashly was a tough one and make a lot of people realize has in this big white red hair obviously not japanese and wants to learn their thing why people just said go away jean went to train it a predominantly japanese giorgio some of the people we train there have even been held in american internment camps even the ones let him work out just be provided by jean willingly weaken their you took a student's war get it one day after day after day yes endured discrimination in order to pick up the skills needed to council but you go going essentially and you go check when national tv but then they also have a brain championship process and we are all the wheat and he won that to this guy went against the grain at every single opportunity he never took the easy road that attitude translates directly into why he picked up the mile savage challenge magazine called robe magazine said udo above the bed offered a thousand dollars thirty march riotously big came to me with his magazine and says we want you deprive me mrs jean everybody knows you the most distant best in the world that sixty three salt lake you took this is a time watches were considered to be one hundred percent best all round fighters for gene didn't care he was willing to take his style world watching so and i am going to fight instead a dim back a ringer milo savage meidel savage was rated writer number five in the world is a guy who had a pedigree important people to sleep with kid gloves on wearing force code said you're not gonna like this guy the red face come ass the others want to have the same boxing shared saying that i have a virus or when i got there they said no kicking it were strictly judo dream was supposed to push me where the real serious disadvantages close a space without being able to throw its hands in the ring he has a crowd in greece and i believe it was a judo gi was crowded with us like very did material but it with salt lake city you could do what you want you don't win i didn't get closed when i got pose a grab my term so it through a right so when you threw away they went cook them intention jean through around a couple times i have some get lucky tormented euro through land and then i got behind it a joke and grab my firm and starting a bite it i said you bite my finger taking out his mouth congeal finally came to grips on top and got a hold of subsidies throw it was all over i reach the night choked amount is a boxing everything in order to mobilise jean troubled about for a while he did not get up one minute to mix five minutes after he was choked out my vote was down there and when i want i accidentally stepped on them
guy bad guy dynamic flights at the crowd just became we on hang people's drawing chairs and allows in solving city that's the way of saying you put on a great show we love they didn't want to acknowledge the result with knowledge that an asian martial arts had overcome what is essentially an american marshall box you take nothing away from miles average do not that wider field marshal larded before he met me but other modular said he beat didn't go up a box and idea care really understand the importance of the savage versus labelle fight that was the first time that somebody stuff look grappling styles can overcome box i know that you have seen one was a watershed moment fly jean labelle did that thirty years previously this guy really is a founding father of modern day mixed martial arts that's got to step in and did before there was ever a key really stood up for us and showed him a very bad here judah that you really are some of the iraqi plant i can bring him in his actions had really affected me so many years later in always reported history sir amazing
you're part of history that's fascinating i can't believe it when it makes you so sadistic you ve always had that reputation for being you you enjoy like net cranks and the team yours i had being sadistic and the like it doesn't matter how the games played its the final score and i think they say that with these should they say i'm nice i'm good looking i'm a technician not a says it's a bastard that's true so what you say yourself because you know you have to go to confession if you go to church a yes dear god i am a sadistic bastard cure a cure me
oh i'm sure the lord will do a but it takes time and i dont know how much time i have left when you were going to japan and you were learning judo from the japanese experiencing all that anti american aid when you were learning judah wars alike it's a challenge but to me there's it's like a small dog big dog and spaniel a great day there are dogs as people we're back why chinese hispanic bannock people were all equal and so but when i worked with them it was like at the end of world war two a lot of the mai teachers were in man's nara camp for a few years and they had ass devotees but
take it out on me i euro and i never paid just do it did why did they get over it after while like they accept you yeah i share when i got good enough to beat them a lot of them meanwhile i was cannon fodder they had made for lunch fur or two and then i i worked out ever days a week johnny one that worked out six or eight hours a day and go to the devil jim was this before and after you admit carl got during during so the same time but it can lose their different coaches itself all new world in general didn't allow leg lacks okay and was great leg lacks loose as is great at arm box arm locks and neck lacks a backlog
and am luther was like a boxer carl gauchos like a slugger and you learn learn everything i take the things that work for me i eliminate the form said i don't they people should eliminate the forms a lot of people can't compete because there body or there are not coordinated enough so they do the forms and exercise to me you're wasting your time if you dont spar you know that's why i say if somebody's gotta judge or referee they should have the background being in the ring or on the mat
and learn at all they have to have something oh yeah money so many times like these recent fight down mentioned reference name but there is a situation where a guy with setting up an arm triangle he had a head joke he added locked in whose pinning down and it was moving to try to get out half guard and there stood up and i saw going crazy what would you do and like the guy got like three quarters of the way there too the arm triangle he got to the of a spot which is isolating that armed with your head trapping the arm and head together and he's get now the half guard and you're standing em up that means you don't know shit you shouldn't be referring fight if that's your move i could not agree with you more and a lot of time i feel like being in the ring and when this guy had their hematoma i went ahead commissioner they should stop the fight before there is a permanent injury and you know it i have learned though keep your mouth shut
people want sue you they want fire you yet our man you still say like you just said the guy he is doing a triangle he got a job done bar them i don't get upset and stand up to get upset when they they make people stand up i think that silly i think people want to be exciting but my opinion and in this i think this is very valid theirs parts of emma may that are not going to be as exciting as people want them to be people love of a slug out chuckle adele style fight they love stephan bonner forest griffin style fight but real validity to a guy being able take you down and hold you imposition its it should be up to you to get out from under their and if you can't get out from under their i don't agree that a reverie should able to come over and stand you guys up an artificially create the situation where you're striking now just because the
the guy the guy can get up he gets up if he can't get up the guys on top winds mean it's it's really simple but i can hold you down and punch you in the face even if it's boring he still holding you down and punch you in the face that's realistic it's reality apps thirdly i mean i mean you're the thing i admire about you is very few things but you been there you done that and you know if a guy screwing up you're a referee and like he said ebay to stand on at times the referee is impelled by the odd engineers saturday says his fighter the people their chairing drill for their thereof the ground they can't get up and though we all get ab stand up and there every i've seen it may and times will stand the guy up said
that bad no reason and it's the rules i mean it's in the rules and reverie can do that and they do get encouraged do that by promoters and commissions and the like people want to see a stand and i want to see a fight that gets really boring and you can make a fight more exciting with a good reverie my point is mixed marshall are supposed to be realistic outside of our and growing kicks what what we do to make a more realistic when one thing we can do is don't have artificial stand ups of a guy like ben askern like ben aspirin is gaga gets tossed around a lot lately and i think that these rumours that he's gonna sign somewhere else but bela toward let him go in the u s he didn't pick him up through the best
opera is no world it takes towels strikers takes them down at will and hammer fishermen face is long as you wants to even though he has been stopping a lot of guys just a fact is able to do that over and over and over and over and over he's winning against high level competition too dangerous strikers rag dolls and take some down gets on top of a lake rides and hammer fishermen face maybe he's not anybody out but i don't see anybody stop and that either that's a realistic technique well you know i think the fan should learn a little bit more about brazilian jujitsu how to get it i'm by neck lock we even wrestling control the way askern is able to control guys on the ground in prayer that's impressive technique a lot of do they get out a crouching nelson and their crank the guy like bending his children but i personally like i wanna see somebody heart
or be in a position where they have to give up and yell uncle you get a guy in a back lock and the dominoes red sure i he awoke era knee bar i want to see that our cassettes action debbie along with the euro this standing you see guys judges but you see a lot of standing guys they run away the goods they don't get hurt did they come in through a few branches and get them back again what was it like for you to see that you have see erupt when writing three when i first came around and it was a real primitive like much more cloak much closer to what you engaged in nineteen sixty three i loved it yet fan a lot of people say i'd just a fad just a fad through it it anymore it our draws professional boxing and wrestling together may does and
i owe that to our dana white nodes him and the fatigue as well the vaccine is the big thing about those guys is the really fans and to a tab people who are really fans of mixed martial arts being in charge of the biggest makes martial arts organization that so important so key those i love fight they love i'm i'm out i've called dana a comment at one o clock in the morning we'll talk about face for three hours we just go on and on about this man is guy i'm telling you may would you have these crazy fights about you gotta remember he's coming off for this loss and look out those those conversations you don't have with someone who doesn't really love the sport and it's one of the reasons why it is so good at promoting it they fuckin love it well if they love it it big seventh makes me happy just not all leave for the money how happy you that women's emma maize being dominated by a judo woman is it a judo wondering just say it
person that i've loved for ever said she a baby my she couldn't speak untold she was sex yet algae i heard about that their local courts around her neck now she doesn't stop i i think it's classic i love her as an individual lovers mother as an individual and took me she's the best woman that i've ever seen in vicksburg march large what about cyborg cyber is very very very good the second best fighter in the world today the rhonda she's can dangerous toy cyborg dangers but she has weaknesses do everybody's human everybody has has
but if you go the thing about cyborg is in my opinion you go back to the gina cyrano fight dislike gina chronologic moments where she was controlling or on the ground it people say will you know gina chronic control there on the ground but cyborgs jujitsu games a lot better than that now cyborg is one like some serious tournament as a brown bell and she's i've seen videos of her grappling throwing men around she scary yeah she is dangerous very very good very good outright but she's about however that rhonda and rounded does need to go into one forty five now we can make one thirty five and this can i mean in the you now the thought is the smart money would be that they probably gonna have to fight one day after their both over the hill but by over the hill i mean i think once women's emma maize starts getting the respect that it deserves and i think this first episode of first season rather the ultimate fighter with women can approve tat because
i think five fights on the main card or three out of five fights we're women you know they're they're having more fights with women now its becoming a point worth some do you have seas have two women fights at a ten or eleven and it's pretty interesting and i think that as women's emma may grows there's gonna be a little you know some some we're gonna need some new new blood a new challenges and new really scary individuals neglect clobber lange's for women and she the club lange for women in us borg is she's the mister t in the background and no pity fool no she's there the angry hungry fighter waiting to get in such dangers striker is dangerous and a lot of the people there she went against she outcry yeah i was at a different glass yeah she when it gets a lot of other people that weren't that good they're not that ass she she's so strong for a woman she so strong i've seen or lift up certain people ben
that had a short arm scissors item yeah and she'd physically she straw with jealously strong and she cuts wait to get the one forty five so she's walk around one sixty whatever and big as a house and has hammers she's she's a very dangerous striker weather thing is it's nice to be a dangerous striker the bottom line is issued make it money well that's my point was that like if these guys we're gonna really keep building the way their building i feel it's one of those are inevitable fights like moralist coonan you know she is only hotter and victor and cyborg smash during the last five years it was really shocking i was like while like this what she's getting better here she's really physically strong anti again better i think one day the gonna have to see that petitions talk to because cyborg tested positive for some male hormones or what have you some some sort of steroids there's a lot of talk that when you do
something like that when you take some performance enhancing drugs has been recent studies show that some of the effects are actually permanent some of the enhancing effects that they don't go away well i don't know that for sure if you say so that our only there are not just talking shit uncle jean ass we always do it's to me i know the lion was used to play football died out here steroids y know he's gonna brain something in the ilo airways evidently went to the brain to actual by working movie with him and he said that how i going to compete when this guy across lines and juice he saw to compete they have to do it but god you're putting your body on the line he was forty three when many die too
there's a lot of people back then apparently also that we're taking human growth hormone that we're coming out of cadavers and there were catching diseases from that allegedly the registry online or did someone tell me and they could have been totally fulla shit disregard that until you google search it lays german but he died fairly young forty three years old is very young time to die from my brain cancer he was in alarm i said one point time to think i was huge and very timid my point was you can't bring up cyborg and not be she could because she so physically strong he can't not mention the fact that you tested positive for somethin you know you can there is always the it's always the allegation when you look at her fears in particular poor picture are grappling with tee ortiz how ridiculous fences the show where sheep picks up bob let it run
they working in the german he had her down and she physically pick them up she's stronger shit man for one that's ridiculous i mean obviously their training and mean tt dolly helping her here by tito's two hundred plus two plus and wicked granular good guy but deplore a picture of her like cyborg muscular they could see how ridiculous you strong she was like back when she was beating corrado strata now you know i don't know what how much natural and how much of this as it is in the hands chemically it was but whatever it is the package this left is pretty damn oppressive she scary for woman thinks she's one of the most dangerous women on the planet she ever went against rhonda in tension
waits or whatever it may be the biggest show in the world specially rhonda continues to keep one in the wishes women's gotta fight come up against me should take as can be interesting bishop tat is a very very good there fighter very talented fact though you probably got a christmas card and part where was designed at that don't let them enemy get behind you you have these crazy patches every year a baker twenty these at my house i don't let the enemy get behind you know bull calf at this one here what is this one around the american beauty round bilbao rising to two taped to his underwear for now i sit can i watch is underwear shit or what i think this is your favorite tape right pads there figured get a picture of it when it
out choked him out yet it's my favorite and that's but i take a jew one of these savage cold kind of warriors sir gold cauliflower year landline college sound and gold its beta brass j it's not magnetic peter a buddy it's a kind of flour ear and ass a replica of your ear yeah it is lovely more i had them operated on an almost can be workers workers in hearing what a pretty ironic if you were flower ear as an i like each side yours operated on well what i did not for beauty casa just a natural good looking guy add allergies and the doctor says well i'll take the car
get out of here and put it in your nose so you can breathe and that was about twenty years ago and i been breathe since we are also deviated cept him operations oda well aid sir he said it was the turban aids yeah and evidently it wasn't it wasn't in other words the operation didn't work debts of a common thing with those knows operations if you don't go the right doctor you know if it doesn't matter i went to always fur your fans i'd say get a second and third opinion and the operation is the last thing you were consider yeah well there's a lot of people that have gone due on the run doctors or or didn't we put them for whatever reason but for me it was alive change our boy getting getting my nose opened up i think but most boys by time
you reach a certain amount of aged twenty five years old you ve been hit the nosegay times and lots has been hidden the nose is probably been some bleeding inside there and against the same effect that you get in your ears with cauliflower ears you can get that in your nose swollen tissue and cranked up and that's why a lot of fighters they talk with a very nicely to mr miller's always tom get his nose facts because he had lately may eda he would talk to you and you could hear that the fact that his nose was clogged up lot of fighters out eventually how to get his his nose operate it only took a piece of his ribs he out his cartilage and they use that to roddy yeah these deck to construct a new knows and he had a big one this time like nice and full sick really breathed out of it that's good began i've had a few knows operations in the with top doctors was amazed at the weekend about a wise one doktor bested up really do not understand what the cauliflower ear it bleed inside and if you don't graded
then a day or two it hardens up in turn in the current rich is it cartilage is i would say assets that thou you can feel that certain parts of my ear it's hard iraq is a white weird shit that grows and loud it's it's in it you fell right the inside a by air is hard i mean you can't you squeeze it it just hard iran's could turn to stick to our people heads like would take him down his his it looks like he has a mouse livin in his ear and it would take us down get that year on their face grind em down with it if it had heard him dinner at em knows it was like a rock on his head like a rock grown out of his head well he had big ears yeah but the oh pro wrestlers they'd ever there's that was a to have a car furrier badge of courage always wore headgear little pussy
see you're smart y know i like hearing things at that my ears work in the way this was to work and live a lot of guys like serious qualify and they have been pretty adamant about you hearing changes you don't hear it like like leader smile his you seen his they like literally cauliflowerlike he's got cauliflower grown out of his head and his ear hole so tiny now too you know actually when i on the one side there was a little too on and when i laid down on the bed hard service without the bello i can feel it is sorra was very uncomfortable but now i don't know the difference whether weird side effects of grappling cauliflower ear
yeah but at least the boy you are talking about earlier about damage at least grappling damage is pretty obvious like your knees start go on your back is bothering you yet issues you gotta know what it is the real issue with them a may that is that the hidden issue is the the impact that the strikes taking shape and how dangerous it is i'm really glad that year adamant about that i'm really glad that you make a big deal about actually been around there you ve been around the fight game for a long time you know what's important and you speak out about it i think that's really important only a national of but joe you have in life is your body if you don't take care of it now ass well i mean it that is wrong with you i can't say hey something's wrong with you
i know if something's wrong with me i'll go to a doctor is a witch doctor but tat prejudice you understand you go to a doctor and there he takes care of you and then you know if you don't linger if you have a bad me stay off it right it is the best or get it fixed specially guys who try to fight without ac elles and they just don't wanna go to the rehab like get it fixed man you gotta get effects will yield to the inside of me up while you're why you're you know we're trying to re habit and thinking eventually gonna get surgery you to do irreversible damage the inside your knee of its unstable well you gotta get the he healed and a lot of people just out will want to had healed my wife used to kick me in the bud years now she's got a bad the i says go that cortisone chart may god
they by judge i can't talk her into she will i've got a quarter so jack well you gotta have the whole the cut off i gotta do it so another words ab teasing naturally well but while she does a bad wheels no i didn't really come from taking uni ass well ass she passed a couple times gets he's got down the stairs pretty fast you gonna pick carry the ionian issue invent your new have in life i repeat is over and over your body take care of it you i love the fact that you say get there fix then i get it fixed they can do it now they can fix a lot of things there's a lot of surgeries i can do if you can afford it get it fixed if you can't afford it don't fight get it fixed before you fight i know i know a bunch of guys who fought without acl
you're crazy then started tat take their tony up and go out there and like you gonna be unstable and it's it's scary enough proposition defied anyway to fight that compromise where can't move you can't move that leg well it's gonna give out buckle on you this what are your most important assets here village i guess it's gotta get worse yeah and he is the ability to decide where you gonna be in a fight the debility decide what you're gonna be moving in a movie outside aside that's very important if you can't do that you can't defend yourself properly and guys like they say they get real short sighted when it comes to the need the money like you also need all your chips you gonna give way alot of ships we get knocked out because you got a bad we'll that's true fixed now get everything fix what do you think about this is the thing that we have to deal with today that didn't exist the back in your day but test a strong replacement therapy for athletes
and are you seeing a lot of that were there they're talking about testosterone replacement for men who were in their thirties twenties even mean guys in their twenties of applied for four and it's very strange thing are you saying all these young men that have testosterone issues and they're getting this artificial testosterone injected in their body which a lot of people feel like is an unfair advantage it depends what you use it for fair competition or just a around better i have no problem with them in fact i use it myself i used to start for myself to walk around better but i'm not competing gets anybody i just go to a doctor i get my test levels measured and i keep him on the low side of like a healthy mail but i'm not competing think when when you're fighting i think either no one should be able to do it or everyone should be able to do it i think it gets real scornfully when you start
giving young men the ability to add testosterone to their system allegedly because they had some sort of a medical condition if you really did have a medical condition ok i feel for you and i understand you desire to compete and they would certainly help you if you had artificial testosterone or x ever exogenous put into your system but if your guys abusing the system it seems easy to do all you have to do is take a bunch testosterone then get off it you're levels or crash then you go in and get tested they test your levels be in low and that of ice they walk i need some testosterone and then you get on it and now you have douglas amount of recovery ability because you you have the hype hyper natural levels of dost or a new system and your regulating it yourself within actions as opposed to nature regulating it by making sure that your healthy with nutrients and what have you would you say injection injecting get yourself under doctors
who provision or are you just now the injected themselves where you were put cream on cream is the most common you take faster and cream and european on yourself that's most common or that you know there's a child is cream is actually to make a spray now you can like also multiple drops and you're on your tongue and it gives you testosterone the end the problem with those as they get abused because guys do them and then they cycle that you only last like with with the oral once it's only stays in your system for about twenty four hours so the levels of spike but then if you get tested twenty six twenty seven hours later it's not even your system anymore you're good bodies already got rid of it in your back down to a normal level whereas there a twenty four hour period before that you buy covering at a very rapid pace get gets out of your system in and out very quickly is forced to take it every twenty four hours but if you dont taken for a day or two you'll task like you you're a normal healthy person then you get out there and they take a bunch more so it gets real weird because
i can if they know what they're gonna get tested then they can on a planet where if you have twenty four hours is to get rid of it yeah and am i i don't care that if any help ya out go forward go one of those schools i teach at we went down to mexico to get these shots had everybody laughed about it but it was really bad and endured it what would he ever out with his leg the knee i get an injury the and so what were the shots he got do you know it was like stem cells are models things you have heard i've heard people doing that before in other countries but boss and actually just got back from something like on his neck here that some serious issues i sent him to the guy who's doing regenerate keen that blood
spinning stuff there doing in germany is the eyes doing that santa monica that i actually had done on my neck and it was amazing eyes i sent boss down there too you ve can help him as well well how long the largest and while he had an obvious gone there yet but i know you have just gone back from whatever he had done in another country and he was saying it did miracles are you saying training again it feels great body starting to rebuild itself like whatever dead lay said pretty quick after the procedure start feeling fantastic i love bossy is making a little set but that is by canada people yellow dont you gonna have to be of the cycle little bit sick to be really good different a better word is deaf dignified s a your name a champion and any sport and you get to know him and that there are limited their driven indifferent special y yeah on anything
get ball track and field whatever it is if this summer the top of the heap that guy's gonna work the guy's gonna be a little bit weird is gonna be a little bit different according to your standards like there's a basque ball player i bet one time he's nuts but jelly beans he ain't nothing but jelly beans well that's part of his diet of jellybean said i seem to live with it but will you that strong man god is would find emma may now would put you now ski dubious he was winner of the strong man competition is a huge enormous guy we start fighting mme fucked him sylvia got beat up but zis beat some guys to is big strong guy very dangerous it's a lot of candy candy all day both i think what you say is that his left does so much lifting the lifting of so intense that he needs sugar all the time and he was getting sugar in the form of candy bars and a lot of you
like while it's crazy like that sounds so stupid but the bottom line is a guy's world strong man champion obviously he knows what he's doing yeah but lungs you gonna live to show with arnold schwartz here and it is a guy and their jeeps whence you sir shoot up every half hour and we know that name cheap swenson play there in one of the arnold shows he pulls me through a wall there is strong man nice is sweeter sky buddy i had to had twenty six inch arms nobody has twenty six inch arms and there were ripped ad he had so many things in the future and i went to his heart and kill them had is as a young man he said he was taken at every half an hour every have very said excuse me but
here i just go and get me self a shot so he was just completely off the rails yeah but who knows what is poor to go and what is over the at him yeah wrestling character while could be that's a large man wary double she's rise sites about type how was you any pass how old were you when he died does it say jesus christ you the size of their dude now guy like that is a strong but yet oh it's short lived finally work for about thirty seconds and then get too much muscle to feed trying to teach a guy that was the world's strongest man named anderson domains forty
many years ago add here that they wanted to make about progress there after thirty seconds he's out a gas and e train for a different quick boom boom get it is training a big al strong but i train for the wind wind cardio cars out a gas it don't run neither christopher across all i like the wind yad that's important that so called gosh thing is well he was a big stickler on conditioning training hundred dead body weight squats is that true did you have to do there before returning session was the warm up five hundred body weight squats for folks you don't know how crazy that is that so
damn hard you to talk about an hour to adjust the despotic war warming up a lot of stretching exercises too been a ladder stretching exercises well he was very aware of what benefited the body is a very very very well schooled guy when it came to like techniques of training and one of the reasons why i endorse things like the mace ball you know he understood that doing difficult movements like kettlebells he's a big proponent of kettlebells along those lines that those whole body movements are the ones that translate directly to grappling and other sports to know i know when i was really those kettlebells stuff i believe oh how strong i wasn't picking up things if i grab the guy's wrist i had him yeah yellow and
they don't seem to do that anymore while those are making a comeback those things are actually becoming really pretty popular lately kettlebells i've made a big come back over the last like ten fifteen years a lot of for training with a man like there was always photos of fate or in russia as a bunch kettlebells around him but although that i heard at towards the end of fate or career that he really didn't do much strengthen conditioning he just it only fight training i put it this way he getting who is one of the best of all tied can no doubt but he fought too long so of course the last few fights what a fool i dan henderson and yeah yeah i made at the last two or three vice what the wild doom beat a mummy he fought a few times in russia on his own and did well you know we find knocked out pager his father hustler fight
fight jeff monson over there is well believe he did he fought quite a few times in our budget i think he was certainly who's out the door you can only keep up that level the level that he hadn't pride like when he's being minnetaki and when he beat zulu at all those guys like he was incredible and he was so good is good on the ground could ever lambeau is hit from left feel these swung for blood feel rises gotta good boxer should be able to buy and we would get out of that way his or dangerous believe abubakar croaker fight mean he basically i'll kick box croaker bp definite took him down and beat him up on the ground a bit but the majority that fight was spent on the feet with him walking down croak up that's it but when you're just over the hill and correct me if i'm wrong you still
have enough ability to beat the average guy yeah and you get your confidence back by beating a g then the tap guy you gotta get hurt yeah no you're you're absolutely correct and you know as you said it the time to get out and me i'm glad the decided to stay retired i'm glad you know we had a few fights pat manner would have loved to see him in the usa when he was at his prime and they were making an offer to have him versus brok lester who live in crazy that would have it may be whether grace fights of all time are the biggest fight rather of all time less than a great grabber he had the best tackles take downs ali had that bad anything he could take anybody down and you'd be a great the ball player alignment defensive raymond but in
as bracky had a lot of publicity if stick around a little bit more and he had sicknesses and finish king holes he had there been a champion for long i believe i think so too i think but first of all the stomach issues a big one i mean they they remove twelve inches of colin and then you know he fought i think it was like a year later wasn't very much longer than a year if it was an that's just a long that that's a long time to be off the game and not a long time when you have an injury like tat to heal up when you didn't in need in the body by guy like ouster over him i mean i just seems like a terrible idea and i think debt if you were gonna do a guy like that correctly i give you the engineer of brocklehurst are you go ok here i have a thoroughbred i mean this is a stud
giant athletes who could walk on its hands hesitancy w division one heavyweight champion ressler apple will we do here is to use the right way and they brought him a long slow they brought him to smaller organisations work does boxing had him in there with guys it could be an and build the high papa camp but he was he jumped into the deep ascended the deep pool quicker than anybody ever second emma fight ever he's fighting frank fuckin mere in vague or wasn't of things they wasn't various and gets leg locked i mean that's big leap to go one emma may find in next emma fight your fine frank mere that's craziness where did he beat him beating the second time yes i condemn smashed the second i was frightening will you saw massive improve many but he got a bit late lack right away yet you gonna like lacri quickly and if i but allow the reason why i got him in the leg lock is because referee told him he was hidden in the back i think it was hidden in the back of the head
did something when they stopped the exchange then they restarted the exchange where he was hammering on frank mere and then they broke it up and then they rigged engaged it and mere tis to crack used to craft underground ground back down and then i'm not sure from absolute correct about that i think i am but am i could be incorrect but i know that that the referee stopped it way too late economies need barney tapped and tapped again they tapped again and the reverie finally got in there and its that kind of shit we're talking about the referee has to be there to protect a guy and when you see a guy getting tapped out with a leg lock the mole does this the next one might be too late you got right there first one happens snare those ligaments it out yeah i mean you ve seen it how many times thousand million guys vision given these exploded then you had expected
for years and years needlessly yellow right needlessly and i'll come back in the gym too soon run and hey you know you got to take care of the your body that's everything people pass it off you know so with a guy like karl gotch i never solved guys it hit em something is like hidden under the table but he pay the price to when you got older men did he have hip replacement i believe you did that family you know it over a period of years relaxing at rest they give your injured you you can't you daddy later on in his life i talked to him and his wife ass the way and that i think that made him go down here and now
he had in his life he said was good cigar and a cat from the neighborhood used up over every day at night at five o clock he'd feed the cat many take up any city the gatt never learn to save them juliet that was his main source accompanying towards yeah and he got a lotta invites to be with the wrestlers and he didn't wanna be issues look up my body now i'm not there anymore you know and i want to be around it now he didn't want to be around it and it would make me cried the think there is a guide and he always should be put on a pedestal a man like that cause he taught lotta guys he went to job and thought sakharov baron
a lot of those guys are they became good shooters yeah a lot of guys learned a lot of techniques it the brazilian jujitsu guys were unaware of as well the last sneaky shit the guys didn't see common and it was a lot of it was cruel got a lot of it a lot of it was karl yeah i'd love the fact that this different schools of attack when it comes to two martial arts submissions especially in striking as well but i love that there's the judo attacks and then there's the jujitsu attacks the catch rest attacks and as far as i cannot stand up like i love the fact you get a guy likely oda cheetah who a totally different attack he's using karate style attack or so they fighters are opting for my more my tie centred now where were we i think of more die about i think available the knees and a little bit different stance learn it all learn at all and learn what is effective for you
i learn knees now both of the all wrestlers they used to like grab around man ahead jirga down right into the d into it you have there goes your opponents teeth or is those are very much into the solar practice once she hid it in the solar practice the guy's down and out so they would do it and make it seem like they're just grappling but the really slamming you into their name oh yeah they they burst stirred him your own i think it's a great move nobody is accurate but every time you hear bones crash add the guys we on the ground in pain is it's nice it's a sex
thing for me i will you a fan of the schulz brothers guys varies aggressive wrestling styles well but when there are unfortunately they believe in making a movie about that are they may i believe they are the du pont guy we some freak the resolution the worrying there war machine try to run everybody over with his tank yeah he was apparently completely crazy but he liked to he liked to annie had money a lot of history with different people like i say everybody or you say i say everybody has their own corks or personality yeah brian pull up pull up
schulz disqualification and you watch him use a double risk lock he actually use the camorra to take this i down and i was in the nineteen eighty four olympics and he the camorra just the guy's arm part just just smashed em you should do said that i just went by it's a beautiful move and showed to the time schulz did a little bit of competing in emma may as well in the early days you see but i think what happened was they threatened him to their we're gonna remove him as a wrestling coach if he continued this was during the dark ages the you see he fought gary rich and gary good which is still not wearing a key so i tell you like how long ago this was an schulz just darwinism just what pure rustling who is an animal rearing any panties that's mark warming up here getting ready if you go to where you could see the the hold at one fifteen
go to one fifteen they show how he was qualified he gets hold this dude in the double wrist lock position and this is classic and emma may now lucky hits this at the legume between ages smashes his arm apart i mean that is absolute perfect technique in emma may but in wrestling they weren't avenant look at the technique hear me drops down privileges mangles that do arm i mean it was a beautiful way to take guy down it's a beautiful technique but illegal in that sport yeah well pro the good shooters that's what they do that's a standard technique right oh yeah absolutely as against greece
yeah it's interesting when you go and look at the old ketch wrestling like farmer burns books which shows all the different positions that he was practicing and you see like a lot of those are being used in emma made today the lock down the half guard those old school catch rustling technique you know even such triangles i didn't know they had triangles trial shows absolutely but they were sort of more refined by the brazilian judge you guys right yeah the cat not that they improve down it because there was that many people that were really exports is a real exciting few now to see all these people today like disarming grappling tournaments grappling class naga regional championships brazilian gigi to intermission wrestling championships all over the place amazing isn't it it's it's it's bathing where it is amazing to me how these people now wrestlings back in the olympics yeah thanks thank whoever zoo
get up i gotta kick the russian says what are the crazy then he used a couple of your vocabulary and he says those people don't realize that the orders sport in the world is greco roman wrestling it's also one of these sports it's the most character building sport known to man is one the most difficult sports at the highest level to compete at you can't get rajasthan talent you have to work hard there's no way around it no one rides for free and the guys who work harder or going to be the guy that got you out and when you there going to be to figure out a way around your dear your defence are they gonna push you just a little harder than you want to be pushed and they're gonna get you down they gonna be you and that's the difference between champions and run or ups in that sport its work work and will and it's it's a like a hugely important part of the character of young men that go through that it
shows them what their capable of shows them that they can overcome some seemingly insurmountable barriers absolutely absolutely it sam i get back to which you call the copper which is a double luck when this shows over where have i ever showed yeah how carl got did it blows a variation the programmes to be planted put me in the mission wants you show me on brian tap him will you be glad i've heard every nevertheless allow you to put someone into position next seller garlic brian it's out of your sexual rights you're so gummy you wanted we get her back if you set the sexual thing for him but not if we may believe me you won't even get a wet out it's there do the cupboard there and they grab the ring
are you going to let him do it to all your crazy okay what does he have to do i don't believe he'll please be nice to him he don't hurt him ok the camorra like that yeah we're not gonna do this this is what you do to put the pain right ok now here's the difference i got a year now tell me what are you doing arrest lock as well oh i see why the attempt to see me it is outrageous here's what you are doing is your attack and the risks as well as i would it is see here i turn it instead of going like this straight i say ok so you just have his hand twisted around and he's got no strength to get that that way our twisted up like that very hard gaining strength rank higher when i won't do it here
it will set is high his hand between my legs and roma back right but see that way you get it don't let him see you doing that is gonna hurt you here ok he's going to let you go going like this right euro you just go is in hearted to hold onto it that way it seems like especially with a sweaty hand might be a little guph rather they right if you could get you some inside the glove and they don't catch you it depends how big your hand is got shed a big small women hands your brain is very small woman hands go ahead jean you're making me uncomfortable i thought i heard my little boy get out of their brand quick it is wrestle with a crocodile you fuck
they fell scary do a tightly now now now you see where you could just no reason to be abolished that's it makes you feel good what jean when you when you look at the state grab that your phone sir pull that towards you if you would that thing area around pear shaped tolerance when you look at ever made today what do you see like the biggest area for growth would he say like when you see like the technique of fighters which one thing that you would like see guys and proven but i like to see him do yet more variety more versatile nor attack you mean there's some things that are not used that i think are finishing halls they don't care pulled off the turn buckle or the
cage little catapult architraves like anthony pedestals like that kind of stuff i mean you're you're there lay in bed shove the guy out an acre back then the way you could do something but the cages and have nearly as much give as rope try ropes that's a little easier during its easy chiquita manipulated a little and push caused by my tie guys are greater than the trips push guys off there and intrepid macedonia yeah but a mood tie their trip a minute's aid it doesn't count i mean the third person down a mood tie in it
stay stand what are actually in real my time when the fight in thailand and actually out for a lot is oh yeah i mean that stuff they have numerical k one you mean yeah well that's one of the biggest arguments against k one is they dont use the full range of techniques and glory as well which i am a big fan of i love that high level k one style kickboxing and i loved the tournament style a glorious doing but real emma real my tie has elbows while extending elbows and i love it i find those elbows are very important and the ability to grab the back of the head very important in when they said when they cut that out and secondly grab the back of the head for a couple of seconds you taken away a lot of the fight that's a lot of fight is the pummeling and in an in my tie in thailand those that's big that very important grappling is very important that we need the control the in fighting the throwing each other down those slams mean something in thailand yeah well everywhere you go they have different as for the same sport in the alive
baker down is like a good hooker jack it's the same thing that's crazy isn't a gag get knocked down three times and when the bout that's ridiculous they count how many times you touch a guy in the face well being they had international rules that were same save my they ve kind of changed the style of olympic boxing judging now right it's not it's not that that straight for just touching a guy think they do come for damage now i might be wrong now but it certainly varies between that and the way they judge professional bars where i only pay attention that once every four years professional boxing or the the authorities i used to train with guys we're going to the olympics and i the united states had better competitors then i don't think
the challenge they should have emma mainly olympics i believe i believe ever may is it's a very pure and very popular sport and if it was in the olympics boy i say there would be a lot of attention not and i see that these be some incredible fights they think i like better near mammy as synchronize swimming fakes what's more aggressive you know you find your water all done that's true movement is a fight if they have sports like that don't knock em why wouldn't they have a man is popular yeah i think thank you know maybe at this point i would just hasn't been accepted enough in the public may if there thinking about taking wrestling out to showing that look out clueless that ideas there's really does when it depends what you're looking at when i look at the sports the olympics
they don't show everything that i want to say they do show a lot of swimming and track and field which has good two of my favorite things but the judo is very very sparse coverage yeah boxing very spirea ryan type window same thing very are defined as i went to match the olympics on television unless you inquiry i'm sure south created protein cover the shit out of the window but in amerika i think gum i think you would you seen also is a lack of boxing talent from the united states in a weird way that we haven't seen a long time and have seen nearly as many gold medals remember the days of like mark brilliant magic taylor those get per now whittaker there our goal betelgeuse medical metal they would is dominating the olympics tyrrell bigs dominating nearly ass yes and you don't really see that as much from the american boxers it's kind of unfortunate you know i think boxing has gone down the drain enemy
at the olympic nay where there much my family had for thirty eight years every week was a boxing show then they were shows back east every week now whether boxing showed tat you have a big batching show its two guys it i once every two years to build up something they don't have all the heroes these deadly last boxing but that you know where at the highest level the game i think floyd nay where there is the best boxes ever lived cars like pure boxing talent think the guys almost untouchable is i think the most best defense so boxer and the best use of like controlling what happens inside the boxing ring so double boxer let me ask william has barely been ok i agree was set up i'll tell you the guy biting sugary robinson none
wave others their different kinds of guys we'll talk about money how much does he bay who makes them also of anybody ever ok how come the mme guys aren't making that kind of money while he gets monster paper view numbers the numbers that he gets on paper view they're coming to the principle that come in there to see floyd may whether junior him period and the numbers of paper you he broke the world record gallic two point two million last fight and maybe even more moment two point four million when he fought canelo alvarez and just shut amount is production money team productions you know it too is in charge of everything he also i'm sure i to pay for everything and i am sure this is a lot of costs involved in promoting these fights and whoever doing it with whether its barbaric murder in our daily jolla there everyone's making a lot of my it's an insane amount of money again from this guy the you have see is a different world and
the guys who draw big on paper view they make a lot of money in georgia beer makes a lot of money know what that number is but i know he says between four and five million dollars per fight he also has a lot of sponsors big name sponsors and i'll do the champion the top level make a lot but the difference between how many paper views he gets like maybe five thousand a really good one for george st pierre maybe more six thousand floyd gifts point two million meaning still certain bananas numbers and he's the only guy the does at him and pack yo he's the big guy obviously because the best marketer he any marketed himself that everybody hates some who is really a genius pro wrestling move me you got appreciate that he's playing the heel i love it i love it say around you say playing the heel rhonda says where it sat
and a place for keeps you know she's she's not trying to make friends she's not trying to win any publicity events she's not trying to you pr and get everybody lover she wants a break me states arm that's what you want to do and she's pretty pretty pretty adamant about it may should take a great deal better turn everything but if i was we should take i wouldn't show up that night while you bet you can't tell what's gonna happen but never tell what do you know she had run is back in the first five oh yeah well run and had there couple of people that have had her back because she's got so much com but anthea she so strong confidence said she can she can get out of air everything and anything this picture you got together oh yeah it wasn't that i was picture somebody behind that dr rhonda
there she is with you they re picture yeah zero perfect my arm feels cold we broke juno gene that nobody should be honoured one of man and can you don't let anybody get behind you don't you don't ever have people do that again jim what more can we say this is a lot of fun matter really enjoy really enjoy talkin to you and i'm in your book to write and hold on hold on a second hold on a second without any a sob if i never see the back of my neck again i i've done a lot of textbooks so why but i a book just for gene la belle and a few very intimate friends ok now this is one of my very greatest teacher i learned this from
judo joe i'll get my screwed kennedy can you get that in and this is like a legs a trip when someone takes in growing yeah yeah i did i have to be the technique where you will be works or vague terrible about us added inside laying her grave via the god of oh gee gary and japanese judo certain inside great vine and then a punch the faces our reserve i only read the first phase the second page to devastate goes to the balls to oh let's see guys can you get to the balls the eggs the balls there right yeah that's wonderful and then the inside like trip and then a punch i love it while i'm honored am aren't you picture of me the world to me
and congratulations on being really the first mix martial arts fighter ever on tv here in amerika and graduations only fiftieth anniversary that and that thanks for being an awesome guy and thanks for sharing a great stories with us and i am honoured to be friends considered a privilege if i never see the back of my neck again joe rogan he's a friend of mine want me go sign an autograph somewhere oh yeah i know joe rogan jeanne the value a real regional lobby ability to brother thank you very much everybody opportunity podcast and thanks square space for sponsoring go to square space dot com and use the offer code joe and the number twelve to save yourself ten percent off and thanks also to luminosity dot com the copier make sure say
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