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#426 - Mike Birbiglia

2013-12-09 | 🔗
Mike Birbiglia is a comedian, writer, actor, and director, and his latest special "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend" is available now on iTunes & Netflix.
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it's an awesome website and a lot of awesome stuff on it dot com in an i t use the code name brogan save yourself ten percent are i lays down i might be a big delay as here why waste time here's to the music experience easily the most repairs asked in the history this podcast look at this home boy has got page after page after page he also has a printed stuff got you you're you're writing out in longhand you saw the last humans use cursive its own sanity says anything really but it does you know it's it's it adds up to effort right like all that is making sure you're writing things down and puts it in your brain that's what the there's a short documentary about lenny crofton mitch hedberg and one of the things that he says in his old interviews like he people
confirm device all the time young comedians and he just says right like right down what's funny don't be lazy don't be lazy your disadvantages of ice right especially from a heroin addict it's very rare that you get like the non lazy heroin addicts i mean look i don't make me laugh right that was i mean it's not funny but it is true and i think it's important to talk about because that's why he's not with us anymore he's one of the greats in my opinion he's one of the most incredibly rivers mediums of all time he was good and so clean clean yeah which let for no reason so inventive it is because he wanted to so inventive yeah he was a really neat comic but he also had a problem with her one he had some drug issues it seemed like i say that i never should run for office right now all who might have say i i never i was friends with much i never saw him use drugs that's
i well i was friends with mention i never some use drugs either and i saw him yeah i send the final week and it's just this very well when doug stanhope and i were working together on the man show the bastardized second version of the man show uh might remember was when he got gangrene in his legs he almost access yeah yeah he almost lost his leg and you know they i'm back from that an everybody was hoping that he was kind of clean up and get his shit together but for whatever reason however you know what's really important yes he burned brightly and he's an he's gone was important though about his his artwork what he did was he was so prolific you know and constantly in his super disciplined very disciplined in his style is like a really difficult style to be prolific with yeah
'cause it's not like weird observations that are non sequiturs one nonce ecuador after another yeah i know i was his memory when and all was like a blur but like i remember when he passed away and there's a memorial service get caroline's in new york and i was with his i was standing on the street with david tell and my wife and met his mother mary and she's passed away now and and there dave and mary were smoking cigarettes dave because and this is gonna sound trite but the way i'm repeating it but dave has a profound nest to him that it can it gets away with this he was just like hello we have the albums it will always have the albums in is truly there is something that it's like we lose a lot of people but with mitch we have this really special thing like these beautiful comedy albums which are like a moment in time that are perfect jokes and like perfect with like their wisdom like there
wisdom and images comedy as far as i'm concerned yeah i agree that they're just they're one of those things where you know some of his jokes is so preposterous but other ones you know you'll you just you just listen to it and you just go you know what the fuck like like my favorite is how is somebody asked me if i want a frozen banana i said no but i want a regular banana later so yes yeah i think they're just it is so there's so uniquely him you know in almost like there's like a vein of that comedy that goes from i guess like steven right you know who's got that absurdist weird way of looking at things but then to take it to a totally new plane is totally personal place everything is a joke and i'm going to kind of mess it up but i don't remember peoples jokes that well but like where he is he goes i said i said thing and and then and we didn't hear me that well in the is going to repeat it
and then uh is this same boat operator joke i'm forgetting gets to it but but but he is about being it's all it's ultimately about being misunderstood i feel bad i feel bad i went down that road thinking that my brain maybe i need some these chemicals you have that hgh is not hgh with all these things have a fancy coffee that is super guides that you that with the butter in it yeah bulletproof coffee it's not working for me well it's early man a comedian here is there's a there's a there's a a joke i'm trying to find the image goof you youtube steve mode operator you'll find that joke yeah that's why i'm trying to find i gotta say like one of the things i even like hearing you talk before we start picking the thing that i admire but your comedy and mitch is an like stanhope stanhope's my favorite comic by far and the reason why is it anything that you have and all the comics maria bamford no one could steal their jokes
oh they do but you but you can't you can steal them and have the other person wouldn't it wouldn't go so well as well as it will for you know well yeah if you is not beautiful thing about comedy when it comes from your personality when you listen to a mitch hedberg joke you know like the doubletree hotel joke you know like he minds in a way that i would never mind you know like he minds for material in a way like another good example that is patent patton oswald will take a bit too like i look at it like a listen to some of his cds and i go that's a bit that i probably would have abandoned i would have started maybe working on it right it on stage three times and just we've done something with more meat to it but he'll take an idea that's like uh an odd idea that maybe i would have abandoned and turn it into an amazing ten minute chunk yeah that is totally like that also one of the things i love about patent he's just genuinely passion about what he's talking about here
is uh i wrote a letter to my dad i wrote a really enjoyed being here but i is generally wrote rarely instead of really but i still wanted to use it so i crossed it out and wrote a rarely drive steamboats dead visualizing you don't know about maine quit trying to act like i'm a steamboat operator who's let it took a harsh turn right away that's like my favorite jokes of all time that's a perfect joke that was a great impression by the way it is not exactly like that's like a piece of philosophy yeah yeah i just a joke i think that was a bit a piece to match it in now that that in and tells a way of saying it you know we we still have the items we do we have that yeah we do have that yet is that that's one of the coolest things about the art form you know the the insight into how a person and functions and how they put together material that you know like laugh again like i don't think like african is at his writing up there yeah it's not great i know believe people believe
documentaries i don't believe in themselves i know people believing goes with it believe in themselves that's a great help people with the u r l as of that site because it's a it's a unit is on you to this documentary it's where lynn his widow and jack off too is a very funny comic as well is in the cab that they shared and she takes out his notebook and she knowing what it was in his notebook yeah and their cabin was up in big bear right like when he got a development deal you know some people go out and they buy a mercedes he the cabin big bear yeah exact you know what he said to me once it's funny looking at this notebook night goes to me i open firm and the first time i have features jokers comedy club in dayton oh i know the plan he goes he goes don't ever show a girl your notebook because
she's not supposed to know about it just supposed to see the final jokes on stage that's so true is that when you date girls and they see your act over and over and over again and they just lose all the magic you have to either marry them or are you going to do one of the other 'cause otherwise then tell their friends he just repeats the same shit every night and then he gets it right it's not that big a deal i can do it the mystique goes away the mystique the mystique of the writing but he was in he was such a unique guy in that he did obviously had issues with drugs but he also obviously was really fucking prolific and really wrote a lot it was really discipline now in that sense he was just a an odd combination of things yeah no yeah salute lee was he's a he's a phenomenon yeah people should live i feel like i should almost plug this i was talking to mitch altogether
made album you can get on itunes or would have spotify or whatever and strategic grill locations with his first album i love oh that yeah that's great perfect strategic grill locations is an awesome awesome classic now you got a new album out coming out is now it just came out it's yeah it's called my girlfriend's boy and it's about a lot of like heartbreak and love and how i decided to get married despite the fact that don't really believe in the idea of marriage yeah it's a stupid idea but it works for them and works for women women love it i love being able to tell their friends are married doing that sort of oh yeah definitely they like winning they win and you might get married they win they enjoy that yeah i've totally want that's an interesting perspective i've never thought about it like that but
yeah i mean i'm happier though are you happy yeah but it's also because i'm going to great relationship i would have been just as happy if i didn't have some shit written down paper or wearing a monkey ring you know that's all that stuff is it seems secondary but for women it means a lot that you go through that nonsense or for some women i should say i should never generalize like that some of them they want that not that nonsense they want that cultural nonsense they want to be able to tell their friends are married yeah i think well i think part of it is the family too yes the families are like what's going on oh yeah this real people start to yeah i mean i don't know and things that people just don't like they don't believe unless it has a formal culture understanding like this is maybe a two in general example but like my cat passed away this summer
and i'm sorry to laugh your cap passing over just trying to figure out how you got to connect so like i don't know either yet but my cat passed away my wife and i were so upset like so like like the whole summer was like our cat passed away that people would be like what's up we like our cat i haven't passed away really the whole summer yeah we were really upset by he was seventeen years old i have a seventeen year old cat right now yeah so like we were so so close to even an explaining your cat died is a little bit like explaining that your imaginary friend died where you're like he evans dead and they were like right i ven you're like no no really are cat i've been there like right your cat and i feel like marriage is a little bit like that two year like if you not married you can be like it's my boyfriend and i love him and he loves me in there like right your boyfriend and he loves you but yes you're right here maps exactly if you're married
it's like oh you got the document he got the legal dot ok bye bye yeah and then there's some people that they look at that as like there's like goals that they have to achieve i am in a relationship okay check now next move you got to get this guy to sign this paper and and and i hate that yeah that's the part of i have a friend who went through a fucking absolutely brutal divorce i mean a really really bad one and then his new wife he started dating woman immediately afterwards of course and she didn't want to sign a prenup and he lost everything you know and it's like i don't know how to deal with you don't know what to do you know it do you hate yourself can crazy like marriage doesn't always work out buddy it doesn't always work out the prenup on the second marriage that's interesting when he lost everything on the first mass any lost everything in the first match and pretty sure the overlaps like his first marriage as far as i have to ask him what this first marriage is falling apart and then he met her and there was like
you know he knew her while he was still with his wife and then he got divorced like he had like you know that was that old expression about like swing from branch to branch that you know most women especially they don't like to let go of a branch there the swing and then no there's another branch there when they let go there first branch or you don't have to say women just like people yes humans humans but like yeah the marriage thing is weird now particularly to be in light of all supplements and things that you talk about because people are just going to live longer will not with stuff i mean really now i mean if you're lucky you get another five years or ten years alpha brain and protein vitamins i don't know what studies have been done in life extension as far as like vitamins well but i mean i guess all that combined with like hip replacements and heart transplants and all is well there's so much futuristic stuff right now that's going to make people live longer and then it's going to be like it all
freddy was weird that we were married thirty years what about who were married like seventy years well in that sense i think that if it works it works and if you're married for thirty years and you really happy and then you get to live for another one hundred would you want to break up and start fresh with a new person and try to put it together like part of like it makes a marriage work or friendship work or anything is you kind of stand how each other works yeah i can understand what the ins the absolutely person in yeah that when that happens so much theoretically in in in practice we it's done perfectly which it never is but when it is done perfectly that's makes it so cool was that you know each other you know you go to the store and like oh i know she loves this kind of shit let's go get her this or you know you're going to go on a vacation she's never going to want to do this or she loves doing this you know each other in that sense would it really matter if you live to be an extra one hundred years probably not except you start thinking about all that extra pussy
one hundred one hundred age one hundred pussies crazy i've heard round ever gets different it's different like like wine in a barrel or old scac i've got i just want to take that back from the record i know this is live but i just want to take back dot age one hundred pussy line these are just jokes folks if you looked at this stuff written down on paper you go these guys assholes statements are these yes but in the moment this is great yeah it's in the moment this is exciting i love that you have this studio the studio and you have your people who listen and like you don't even i have to go i'm going conan tonight you don't have to go on conan you don't have to go in talk shows because you have like your i'd look on your website you're playing that god damn shit fargo theater the chicago theatre watt that so huge you can't get bigger than that and you're just here in your studio being uh hey guys i'm coming to chicago theatre yeah this yeah i'm coming soon
january 24th chicago theater me and the great arisha fear who should be good times yeah i know that place is awesome arias but he could close the irish affair is a legit headline now it's really annoying you know ari clerics yeah yeah yeah this thing is remember seeing in that video the carlos mencia video yes yeah he was one of the first guys that carlos ripped off back in the day ok now i shouldn't say that i'm sure it carlo started ripping guys off way before ari but one of the first guys that i knew that like suffered from it but yeah this place sort of is come together slowly but surely is pretty honey becoming more childlike as i add special effects pieces when i look around here i'm like i feel like you could be i think you might be like a
tension in the future your feeling no now how the do you get that look around you see a predator mask you see an alien have as on be a lava lamp and a deer skull and you like you know what you should be running here's what i here's right here's how i look hi right there so so you would get with jfk and the first president who was on camera he's good looking and and before that you don't have to be good looking at the president that's interesting that is like a big shift in culture right and they say that barack obama is like the first president where it's like he's like a rockstar president like people are like he's fucking cool like you know like a lot of people say like people voted for him because they're just excited it's like so exciting i'm going get a step further twenty years from now the president this whole area is just not happening
something hilarious about running the military industrial complex and less some massive paradigm shift takes place where we no longer have war i don't see anybody running any country being hilarious president is hilarious and he's in great shape and uh yeah that's uh that's why i think you should be a politician in the future that's it yeah it's the time is come well because i feel like if you are in charge i would vote for you because i would feel confident would be like ok sure we smoke some pot little bit jerry boats motion wants implying that but he's the strong physically strong smart funny that's enough for me football reasonable reasonable is probably the most important thing anybody what do you think the most important quality you need to govern i think it's probably not wanting to govern not to be the guy that's in charge i think that might be one of the best qualities and anybody could ever have if you want to run things he should know
i want to be the guy who runs things yeah i think so i think yeah levelheaded i think is a huge quality i feel like the reason i voted for barack obama is like i just felt like okay he seems mark was the alternative he seems level headed yeah dead man in a dumb comment that was it all turned and so what was the old alternative the next it was a mormon a guy who's literally believes and one of the most preposterous religious stories in the history of humanity and he his family was a part of the cult that moved to mexico so they can have more wives you know that story about fucking his desire parents mitt is parents they lived mexico oh yeah i didn't even know that you didn't know that i think i had heard about it but i don't know the full story his dad could never be president because his dad was born in mexico
his dad was an american citizen that way it wasn't born natural born citizen where you know mitt is he was born in america but his family comes from this sect of mormonism that broke off from the united states back in the 1800s when it really didn't matter if you lived in you can live in mexico you live in america doesn't matter there's no cars so that's what they did they moved to mexico shit didn't not so good for that bet that that sucked like the bet that well it's nice down here it's pretty much the same as it is in america we're just going to go over here and have ten wives well obviously when invention of cars came along and it is the whole age of machines in the industrial era machines and you know the united states became this superpower in mexico became what it is today and now they're involved in these these are stand offs with the mexican drug cartels they get kidnapped they have fortified compounds and they have sent reason snipers and rifles and everything i mean it's
the crazy crazy shit vice did like a piece on that yeah on the on the various more and families that are living in uh but that was our other option or other option was one of those guys a guy who believes in magic underwear and fucking a con artist who is fourteen years old who md found golden tablets that contain the los work of jesus and at the american indians were a tribe of israelites that came over i mean it's that's a great book if you want to know about mormonism at all is under the banner of having your really the reason i'm no good sample again did you see the book of mormon crack our is read it yeah the book mormons greater such wise is fucking amazing you know the crazy thing is mormons like mormons advertised like when you get the playbill now this advertisement for mormonism yeah for the that is so great yeah
yeah now you've seen the play you know come find out would be to mormons really all about like they think they're going to like like people go go watch that hilarious parody of what their religion is all about i honestly think that maybe i'm taking it too far but i feel like matt and trey are the closest to twain that we have yes where it's like they're doing is brilliant satire it's completely over the top an insane an perfectly written and their fucking gangsters they get away with the crazy shit on tv did you ever see the slut off with paris hilton and paris hilton in the gay guy who is the teacher and the gay guy wins he stuffs paris hilton up his ass mean he after a bit if they can get away with so much because they're cartoons i now and they take on like it's like the the idea of drawing muhammad you know they had a home it was a heady bear i saw that episode then i think the take on things where you is this the slot off my sis
he shoves parasiliti up his ass he jumped on her in a gay cowboy outfit on with a big mustache and shoved her up his ass i mean and then they cheer the kanye west gay fish one with the connie w in carlos mencia episode one of the greatest of all take downs unlike in the history of that kind of stuff is too good of part of of of yes amazing yeah that's what into you know it honestly intimidates me about los angeles is like you know man trey are here you know like the people who i admire so much they just all live here in this area and it's too much for me i live in new york i just i like being way from it in running away like intimidates you house i feel like like i don't
it's almost like i don't want to see matt and trey like eating at a restaurant or something like i don't i don't want to think the real i don't want to think that their mortal or something like it's like i love the mystique of show business so you like being in new york as you're outside of it i live in brooklyn i don't i'm not part of show business really that's trusting your here on the joe rogan experience podcast to promote your new comedy cd yet you claim to not be in show business what do you to mister bridger mountain showed this i travel around the country i'm going to other cities is here oh you just travel your professional traveler professional traveler i always say that i always say that traveling salesman i sell comedy get paid to fly in one that's funny because you're i'm going to find a hundred cities next year wow thank god for jokester a hundred i'm going to i'm going to for your stir which it's called thank god for jokes
isn't the name of that or or thank god for jokes tour i thought you were saying thank god for jokester like jokes she was like some think that thing com sends you out to these places that are like you know friendster limit you get here yeah yeah delegates of some kind so you look your shit way in advance it up so you can see the photo maybe if we can bring it up thank god for or just for big that i don't know did you you plan your shit out way in advance then if you're doing one hundred i have announced thirty what are the obscure places god i can't now here you go go to fargo minneapolis i'm going to traverse city mi east lansing fargo is not in minneapolis car goes in north minneapolis minneapolis is now obscure now now i guess it was now few but like you know but like eugene or that's obscur i want be obscured that's a hippie place lot of like but you
people in that audience of troy ny that's kind of obscured its obscurus fuck where do you play there some guys house there's no place to play go to some dudes house i mean i'm going to charles charleston's kinda well that's kind and a name though i don't think i could name one hundred different cities mean it probably could if you sat down yeah someone put up blank map in front of you get it kentucky huh little kentucky their fellow kentucky louisville's fund and there was a great town so great town here's a thing of i've found about traveling around america i'm sure you probably found this lot of great little towns well also there might be a biglia fans they know who you are they coming out to show you in a good mood yeah they're already during a familiar with you yeah you know thank you go to like boise idaho it's like oh this nice town boys is great the people make fun of these towns and you go there you're like oh no there's like five great breakfast by
you know what i mean like by the way might be a better place to live it might be probably less tension less stress less traffic have one thing that stupid about la is the mass of humans all gathered into one place since then it's every place to have a podcast 'cause you could always get guests you know there's always people here but as far as like having sanity and having peace clarity is not the best bot what is it about a let me try this to you do all right nurse doing anything sweet i'll try that assist the viet super strong it's a natural sweetener okay only put a little bit in okay so it's very powerful i already have butter in the coffee so i feel like it's covered dishes but like los angeles is crazy 'cause like coming here for example google map everything on the way and it's like it'll be like uh it's two six miles and then for time it will be like it might take day that's no joke either you can get
in bumper to bumper traffic at two could just a little dash of that stuff don't fuck around don't get crazy don't get crazy microlight trying not to miss you journal stevie in there just a little bit more that look a little crazy nigga stop right there amazing it's really strong stuff but this sounds crazy it's it just it it feels dangerous it feels like i'm in risk of being car accident at any moment you're a timer in a car you know the phasing really when you stop and think about this really good that's great yeah it's amazing when you stop and think about how few car accidents there actually are the one in my special which i hope you'll watch but i watch it yeah it's i'm very proud i say i hope well well don't fucking watch it might be late there's no need for hopes so i get talk about how i was hit by a car in los angelus and then that was made to pay the drunk drivers car really
drunk driver has made to papers cars written maddening how you made to pay for his car he technically the right away i was turning right he was speeding around a blind corner he technically had right away and then by the time he got to the hospital he blew delete the legal limit wow while so i don't want to take before you get to the house one thousand dollars for his car like a couple hours later wow that's hilarious you don't test him right away in this instance now and then and so thematically what it's about it is about how i i couldn't let go uh but like it sounds like you have this free you know when i listen to it on the podcast like certain time
you're obsessive being right about something i couldn't let this go right i like it was kind of like this with papers it's like i had charts and graphs and like i was like i was like an accident report and this is the map does the google map of the scene of the accident and it was it was sixty feet from here to the stop sign in the speed limit was thirty five and it was mad when you going on stage with like lenny bruce at the end of his career when we go on with legal document you'll see in this special i project to the accident report the actual lax airport i project the extra in the show it's great and so the guy was drunk he but he technically had the right of way i'm trying to figure it out in my mind you are going around a blind corner and he was coming around blank he was coming around a blind people running blind corner in venice beach and then you intersect pulled into traffic i called into into a road and then he t boned me driver side wow and then and then
spun around and then he um drove away took a right turn at the intersection try to speed way but he's so drunk he drove into a tree so hit and run and hit and still didn't get in trouble for that that's insane so i talked to lawyers in talked to private investigators they were just like dude it's cost you more in legal fees to fight this you know i was like i'm going to sue this guy and i'm going to sue the los angeles police department like i was like chinatown it was like chinatown was mad ning well in the effort to protect people's rights things get kind of squirrelly like i'm for protecting peoples rights but i think that once you start driving intoxicated and slamming into people like they need to figure out who is drunk right away after an accident you can't let people go all the way to the hospital and find you need that's that's something that needs to be dealt with on the spot but the question is you know
who is going to be the guy who deals with it is going to be some knucklehead police officer that's you know says we're going to help which dante's you and then take your blood i mean how do how do they get it they gotta have blood right don't they have to they can test your blood alcohol content they could do the breathalyzer thing right but the sacret ways is blood and that's way you could we could be on pills too yeah it's true though true he could be on drugs yeah i went to the hospital just to make sure i was ok i went to the emergency room and they saw him first because he was more urgent case i don't know what happened to him but fucking tree that's not example and i said to the doctor i was like was the other guy drunk and the doctor says well you know i can't answer that the same doctors are both of us right and i was like well was he you know and and he goes well he's heading to jail now and at the time i was like case closed you know like i thought like i was like it was like this isn't going to be an issue in a couple months later i get the the for his car doesn't say is maddening that's so cool
who is this asshole with his name i can't say it perfectly i fucked this guy i don't know i considered bone i don't say this in the show but there are certain points i considered i had this phone number it was on the accident report consider just calling him being like you should know that you are ruining my life wow i think that's being a little bit dramatic doesn't really ruining your life is just making you crazy but the fact that you have to pay for him let's be wanna sell i'm just saying as i felt the need to come up with jokes and that money is taken care of we're in a very fortunate position in life maybe she cut your losses thanks john but you got comedy at its two thousand and twenty insight hindsight that's really easy reflection anyone wants his house and kick his ass and wind up in jail
at least you got comedy out of it though right i mean i feel great i mean honestly the holiday comedy is everything to me i i that's what thank you but thank god for jokes to our my new show that i'm developing is actually all about how to like jokes are in a certain way my religion like their little bit there that there the full possibly that i believe in i believe life is hard and then make jokes about it 'cause it's all we can do and it makes more fun yeah but still this day stand up comedy is one of my favorite things to watch i still enjoy it very much as an audience member and if someone told me that i could never the form comedy for the rest of my life for some strange reason but i could still watch it i was still love watching it yeah it's great man i thought stand special this year the beer hall putsch i think is how you pronounce yeah who won the best comedy specials i've ever seen was a really good one that was away from that were just like you look at you four experience the two of us watching that yeah he's he's working hard man and one of the things that stand helps doing is he's like really is that guy he live
in the desert he lives in this weird fucking town in arizona that's like seven miles yeah bisbee arizona seven miles from the mexican border he invite people over to his house for for super bowl parties i know he's a nut i mean he's a legit nut he's a great guy too is really he's really like coming to his own as an artist as a stand up comedian that special is if there any aspiring comedians listening or watching see that special before turning the gun on himself is a great one too he's gotta the great ones he's got lots of good stuff this is the one where he talks about letting his mother go yeah yeah it's incredible story yeah yeah it's good stuff man i couldn't live in bisbee arizona i don't know what the fuck is thinking now is just ice it was very strange i don't i don't know how to describe what that is nothing there man he's got a great joke about living there to the idea of it being an artist community in the diff
is it rain how his art there are it doesn't really go together they make turquoise belt buckles and he's making a joke about tsunami victims about how the found japanese they start to swell and they take on this korean look and i'm really butchering bit but it's fucking helaire this is a comparison between his art what he considers art and what they consider art artist community one of the things i love about him is hill it keeps like twisting the knife in different directions yeah like he'll take you one way and you'll be like oh i don't know if i could go there and then he'll take you back farther in the other direction farther right than you could think you could go and then i'll pull you farther left than you thought you know what i mean like he just always has you on your toes he works that did you see him sitting there smoking a cigarette drinking coffee banging away on the keyboard he works and that is like you said you know we're saying that jokes or your religion that the discipline of creation is real
but it's all about whether you're writing books whether you're writing joe x whether you're creating music where i admire the discipline involved in creating things anything podcast music movies whatever the fuck you're making matt and trey making south park and also having some strange time to make the book of mormon as well you see that documentary about matt and trees in south park square nuts people should watch us on netflix it's called like six thousand and sixty seconds the air or something like that what is the sixty minutes air six days six days to air solitaire yet super good yeah it's amazing for instance inspirational too and you realize what a bad mother fucker that well both of 'em but yeah but trash bad mother fucker that guys yeah it's just a nut but i think he obviously gets off on it i mean that's his thing yeah he loves creating that fucking show it that shows such a perfect vehicle to because by doing
cartoon kids that don't look anything like reality and then also having them be kid so there's like a certain amount of ignorance you can get away with it apartment of child so is it a beautiful vehicle for creating comedy when you write like all this shit that you've got in front of you here where why do i feel heat where is he coming from oh that's what it is i was like man i know it heats broken we have to get someone to climb on the roof turner fucking pilot light on help retarded is that when you right do you sit down and go okay today i'm gonna write from eight am to ten am or what i mean how do you do it i build it from like like us like i build i brainstorm stories so like out a like i'll talk to my brother joe who co writes a lot of stuff with me and we'll just talk like one time this happen to me when can this happen to me one time this happen to me we'll talk about on the phone for like couple hours you know
and then we'll talk about which which ones are good enough stories that are worth telling and then and then i'll and then i'll go out and try it on stage i'll record it and i'll go back and transcribe what i said and then edit from that transcription that's interesting so you cowrite with your brother yeah how long you been doing that for ten years does your brother to stand up at all now he tried lately yeah exactly but he doesn't like me on stage but he enjoys the creative process is writing super funny guy and but he doesn't like being on stage what does he do for a living he works for maine oh really so he's a writer for you write a program pretty writer producer co wrote my movie sleepwalk with maine oh that's so cool yeah sleepwalk with me was really interesting for folks don't know mike for folks that don't know mike is
you're you're yeah sleepwalker actually i jump through second story window and i sleep yeah and you talked about that in the podcast last time you're here and that movie is sort of based on that on how weird that thing must be to have that in you this ability to just get up and start do things while you're actually asleep yeah it's and i still deal with it i sleep in a sleeping bag to this very day i go to bed and i sleep in a sleeve you bring a sleeping bag when you go camping when you go to hotel rooms yeah exactly camping when i'm at home can you zip yourself up so you can about myself i used to wear mittens so i couldn't open the sleeping bag the doctor told me that's on the strangest things that doctors ever told me he goes i want you to go to bed at night in a sleeping bag and sleep zip yourself up and then wear mittens so you can't open the sleeping bag a doc
he said that to be strong wow this is after jumped out the window window yeah he's just as a woman actually my doctor now is a male but is yes she she was just like i'm not sure what to tell you in the mean time just do this with floor do you live on in new york we live on i mean my bedrooms on the second floor but we have these really like super reinforced shutters that we put in another pretty expense just keep you from jumping through the window yeah yeah wow strange strange bird wow yeah i know yeah you don't want to jump in a second floor in manhattan where did you jump when we lived in brooklyn i jump through the second story window of la quinta inn in walla walla wa as a matter of fact there's a plaque if you should be able to google this la quinta inn per biglie plan i just played in awhile back there's a plaque on the door of the room why
they could jump through this window and there's a movie based on it no way it's like it's cool because you're here and you're fine if you died there and you know yeah it's some ira glass who co wrote the movie and produced the movie with me hosted this american life and publicly a he he was insistent that we get the plaque put up that was like he didn't care about like oscars or gold gloves he was just like here like the plans you got the plaque and this room on january twenty six two thousand and five comedian micro biglie sleep walked out the window that story became the basis for the book of the feature films walk with me seriously google it is nickerie what a weird world we live in that that's a plaque seriously google it is on the plaque wow i rose really intent on us getting a plaque on the room like that was everything to him he's like where's the plaque is the plaque up yet
like six months after wow sent it to him and so that's on the door so that was you're walking by that's on the door people sometimes will go to that look quinta inn and they'll take photos in front of it and then tweet at yeah that's awesome but you get a lot more now yeah that's a larry es that's really fun well told us again because you're okay yeah now when you when you jump through the wall like when you jumped out the window to window through the window yeah i think the actual glass itself yeah shatters come through and i have in the movie in the final credits there's actual photographs of after i jump through the window i photographed it there's a crime scene that was alone in walla walla wa and i was like nobody's going to believe me right right right at the hospital all this stuff but i was like this is too crazy of a story i need to photograph everything so it's all in the credit how did you get through that without even getting really badly hurt the same reason that allowed runtimes drunk drivers aren't hurt
they're the ones not injured you know they mean when they get in car accidents 'cause there's so relaxed there so relaxed that so crazy yeah the idea that tension is what hurts you i drag dreamt that i was being there was a guided missile headed towards my hotel room there's all this terry personnel in the room with me and the missile could be the man that they told me to miss accordance or set specifically on me and so i thought the only i can do is jump out the window so as to detonate outside the window for the sake of my platoon wow what are you are hero in your crazy story and their head wow that's fuck now what was the extent of her injuries i just i still have scars on my legs there's a glass in my legs and they took out the glass and i was my arms were all cut up and i had about thirty stitches that's nothing nothing nothing compared to what it could have been wow wild is i actually jump through the window an land
and then got up and kept running so you were still asleep yeah wow running i'm looking around and realizing oh i'm i just jumped through a window well all washington i was like oh no and i was like i guess i got to go to the front desk and explain what happened oh my god yeah and then i this is a funny addendum to the story i feel bad for me my fans your friends but maybe maybe have seen the movie maybe having my friends of hers as a other times i feel bad but i'll give dedendum to the story which is new which is i always say that i walk to the front desk to explain what happened fortunately the person working at the front desk was mildly retarded and i say fortunately 'cause he's completely unfazed what just happened three in the morning the phones are ringing off the hook from people staying at the hotel who just saw the jump out of the window screaming
bleeding in my underwear and i say hello because you have to start somewhere as i just i'm staying at the hotel i had an incident where i jumped out my window and bleeding and i need to see it their end and that and i was so relieved because the the for the guy working the front desk goes right is a completely unfazed by what had just happened so i drove myself to the hospital where was the addendum is that guy who work the front desk facebook messaged me and said hey i'm the guy at the front desk and i'm not mildly retarded zone he said oh my god is great is that the the message is so incoherent that he sent maine that it's like well
are you sure if i forwarded this to someone they might take my side on it oh my god that is such a crazy fucking story so from did you were you there for a weekend like did you have to do stand up there the rest the week performing at whitman college that night and then i was performing at university of oregon the next day and i actually did the gig with all the broken and i didn't tell anybody wow she just did the gig is just did your stand out the money's broke and you just mangled cut up and why wasn't nothing mess with my face yep so no one could tell i was wearing long sleeves and everything that's lucky it's unbelievably fortunate yeah i was just there's a i was honestly was a moment in my life where i was broke i was hustling so hard it all factored into the jump through the window of
dealing with a lot of anxiety so the anxiety and stress the manifest itself in the sleep walking out so so i i'm diagnoses ram behavior disorder which is a chemical imbalance in means people who have a dope and some people who have a dopamine deficiency which is the chemicals really from your brain in your body when you fall asleep that paralyzes your body so you don't act out your dreams that essentially what happens when you sleep is your bodies paralyze you can't do it i have a dopamine deficiency and as a result i act out my dreams and so since then misdiagnosed so i take i shouldn't tell people what i take by take i met an anti overnight a yeah and then in it calms me down and then i don't feel like i need in my dreams to run a away from things like why do you say you shouldn't tell people what you take well 'cause i'm not a doctor so i do
i tell p i don't want people to self diagnose okay and go i have that and it's like you don't really know i did a sleep study i slept overnight at the hotel at the hospital for nights like they really know what i have yeah well that's very responsible you and you know yeah the so when did you start taking this medication even though you're taking this medication you still don't trust yourself you still zip up yeah kind of like a condom over a birth control pill why well i guess once you jump out of a fucking window all bets are off yeah we gotta get some reinforce shutters why do you have bars over windows many worried about break ends note breakouts break how's the crazy breakouts are trying to keep it in wow so bye anti anxiety medication is that changed you like your regular everyday life i'd like to think now i fear sometimes yes
i mean like you know i i i feel like what i take for awhile it felt like it made me a bit fuzzy feel like a way i wake up in the morning i have to drink a lot of coffee to get to regular which i don't love right all because of that yeah is there any natural cure this or anything that you've been going okay let's stick doctor recently under so you don't think that's good and sources holistic doctor those mother she took she took like ten my blood and did a whole thing on which vitamins i should take to counterbalance things and i feel like that's leveling the off a little bit do you watch your diety fairly help try to try trying to have protein in the morning and stuff like that but do you do gluten and i'm trying to wean myself off of it i stopped about six months ago how do you feel about it a lot better why
something else film in this show i was having back problems from jujitsu and one of the things that this woman is a physical therapist told me she said in real good results people that have injuries getting off of gluten reduces inflammation and a lot of the symptoms of the injuries side and i was like you could tell me like bread like stopping bread makes an in be better and she's like you really would be amazed and so i tried it and uh my injury got better like slowly but surely on its own through a lot of different therapies that i was doing but what was amazing was my energy level is different yeah my energy level especially after meals that was the most shocking thing like i would eat so much pasta and then it was realized it like after i eat and i was like i got hit with a tranquilizer dart i just thought that's what it was i thought i eat like a pig and this is what happens after you eat like eating is like sex
but no man not now now i eat and after i'm done eating i'm full but i'm not in a coma yeah it's weird it's a totally different experience for maine because my basically my whole life i mean i'm italian mostly and most of my life i grew up eating like that eating pasta and bread with almost every meal and what i stopped eating it is like oh oh oh this is what have been dealing with my whole life for no reason like every time i eat i would eat these great giant meals and be like i just kick back and yeah i know that feeling that i'll get that anymore now i eat and you know uh somebody is digesting i feel full but i don't feel like sedated los angeles is great for that new york is good for that but like when you travel to have a hard time fine food that steak and salad thanks al chicken sound i'm not we did this about it 'cause i don't have celiacs disease it's not like one slash two to avoid it so some
is breaded or it doesn't kill me it just it just i think it text me back a little bit i your body is not designed to pro there's there's that we eat today is very different from the wheat that people had one hundred years ago in the 1950s and 60s is when they started engineering wheat to be more hardy so for better yields and so it could survive pesticides and whatnot and that we is much more difficult for people process just is the fact that's a sign yeah i mean there is science behind that so when you know people talk about oh it's just another fat it's just another fad it's actually not you know there for most certainly fads you know as far as you know atkins diet all these various diets that can work i think they can have an effect you know you go and ptosis i guess it's called and you know you by suspending fat instead of carbohydrates and i tried that i didn't like it at all this is very
this to me seems like cutting out something that my body really just doesn't enjoy processing and make sense now i mean i still i'm i'm not i'm not a perfect leader i still eat ice cream and i still drink milk in what do you do about pizza gluten free pizza i don't i tried it style this dog i'm at peace in a long sorry for not have pizza yeah i haven't had pizza and like it's mentally six or seven months since i've had except some gluten free pizza which was i just uh i made a tweet about it i said i'm having gluten free pizza to let you know that you don't have to never just don't it's not pizza it's nonsense someone said there's a good kind out there but i think they just bills fucking people that don't want to believe yeah but as far like like health i think the majority of people don't get enough the big issue as far as like nutrition is is green leafy vegetables and and a lot of vegetables like people just don't eat enough vegetables and
if you don't eat enough vegetables and you also don't take vitamins yeah good luck your body is just basically operating on proteins and carbohydrates and whenever the fuck it can find but you're not anna vitamins you're just not like the idea of a balanced diet most people's diet or they're not even close to balanced friends like like on on the road like comics i've been with them for every meal you know and uh what they eat and like you're not getting anything like you got megan there yeah there's some bread in that and i think there's a piece of lettuce there like what the fuck are you getting your vitamins from man i think i'm in that boat do you take some once you take vitamins i just started to like two months ago just started really wow you're so disappointed no sorry it's interesting did you notice a difference once you start taking vitamins i feel better i feel better
i'm starving common starved i am vitamin starve yeah but most of us are and if you yeah average quote unquote average american diet your vitamin starved yeah it's it's hard to travel and be healthy fuck yeah it is it's very hard when i start doing nights are doing yoga when i travel i feel better i feel a lot better doing that because all the girls at yoga pants in the class it makes you feel better too is that what is excited maybe i'm misunderstanding the whole thing no your goal if that was the big i could just go to the yoga pants are yeah you can just go to a strip club and feel great whites are going to strip clubs in the road and i just i really really pick me answers the i i wrote those strip club name i'd largo the other night and there's a place across from it i don't know what it's called in the phone book but the name on the outside of the door is
star strip is all the same font and font size star strip totally nude live nude girls girls girls the starship on la cienega yeah dude i had a bit about that a true story where the girl was dancing and i said hey you do you like doing this she goes i don't talk to guys come here and i said well why i mean it's an open door mean like nice people can come through too and she goes well most guys who come here the only come here for one reason i mean why did you come here like she was like shutting me down and i said someone told me there was a place that i could do go where i could see a strange girls pussy for a dollar ok and that was the joke like i'm the asshole i didn't show up where you work i'm not a bad person because you work now different go to different places different comes a lot and you know it turned me off i was in
show once i saw a commercial on tv for a strip club and i was like i would like that seems fine i'll go and down in a win and then i gave the the guy my id when i walked in and he goes hey piper pick leah i like your comedy and i was just like i'm never going to strip club again i've never gone back why because i don't want to know you like the anonymity of it i don't want to be i don't want anyone to watch me watch someone being a i just i'm not i i can't handle that you need a wig in a fake moustache and if you have any big or a fake mustache everyone were in hollywood there's plenty of stores yeah i that's why i'm here sorry it took so long for me to get to the point but yeah do you have like a cost michael air because 'cause i really want to go through the code i need to go check up no need to do you know it's funny 'cause you should say that about you're asking like why why the woman was there and everything
that was when i used to go to strip clubs that was what i was most interested in story i want to know the story how did you get here and some of maybe it maybe it's kind of mean spirited summary but actually it is interesting to me i don't think it's mean spirited no i mean you can have a look i have been to many a strip club in my day and i've had some fun in conversations with girls who are dancers where it was demeaning it wasn't meant it respectfully when i would do it i've talked to very nice people that just happen to be dancers there's nothing wrong with it man i think there's a weird sort of the connection between stand up comics and strippers anyway because the our worlds are so odd in comparison to the average person oddly similar i think in a lot of ways now will because stand up comedy your's naked's can be yes verbally and you're talking about your talking about your life the best comedians potentially is like what you're like while watching naked in a certain way
absolutely you know and that's obviously the strippers who literally yeah and you're also living this weird alternative life that most people can't relate to most people with nine to five jobs can't relate to intervene strange yeah like your data print comes over your house at three hundred o'clock in the morning after she gets off work and you know she's gay a little glitter bag full of money and it's like we're both weird you know i done telling jokes in and out drink on stage and here you got off say visits with their weird lives there being an actor's a weird life if you didn't act or strange yes but more less naked wait wait for girlfriends like making out with some guy in the day that strip work over and over again that's ridiculous to take fucked at yeah i've seen that before i've seen people like watch their wives or girlfriends uh make out with other guys like tongue and everything
watch him and watch her and watch him and watch her and go i don't wanna do that yeah but the acting thing is like the opposite of being naked it's like putting on a fucking outfit i think so yeah i don't think it's naked at all the acting is is is putting on like armor it's putting on line this armor of this bullshit character that some right who created and you're pretending to be this person whereas no but i think the best ones are opening up opening up yeah they're opening up their souls i think the best and young mean they become that guy but i mean like ok here's a perfect example christian bale in the machinist he wasn't really an anorexic that was there couldn't sleep i mean he he forced himself to do that he just became that guy for that role it was it was it was an affectation he put it on it was a costume it was a you know a role he played it wasn't him who does
i did to be we can find areas in ourselves that's one of the weirdest fucking that is so weird in both of those guys right now it's him next to him as batman when he was fucking swoll which is only like six months later i think the the photo on the left israel oh yeah yeah he starved himself he ate in tuna in an apple like everyday that's like all the eight and he got down do an insanely small size i think he was down like one hundred and thirty pounds or something ridiculous like that he's a big and then he went up to two hundred plus when he played batman yeah yeah pretty nuts man that guys nuts that that thing that they do like i just got back from last weekend i saw dallas buyers club yeah i heard matthew mcconaughey fuck
looking fantastic i have a friend who always shits on matthew mcconaughey and thinks that matthew mcconaughey scripting is taraba lynn matthew mcconaughey's like his he goes transparent in his acting mostly 'cause my friends in actor but i said to you gotta watch dallas buyers club and then shut the fuck up the guy knocks it out of the park his fans again it i saw two movies this weekend i saw i saw the catching fire i liked it with catching fire the hunger games movie how dare you say by nothing i know everybody makes fun of me i like gravity i don't know gravity was good i enjoyed it you know thought found was fascinating about gravity was watching neil degrasse tyson tweet about everything is wrong with the movie and then watching people attack him because i saw a lot of that because neil degrasse tyson is like he one of those guys that i don't think ever takes heat you
because he's such a nice guy he's so brilliant he so like well informed about the ways of the universe and so excellent at expressing himself he's like one of the representatives of science i think we have today and he always gets love everywhere he goes like everything is all these internet memes with pictures of him then this came out and he starts correcting the moving and the fucking hate you can't correct a sandra bullock movie you just can't i hate on sandra bullock they fucking went after him wow neil degrasse tyson says his criticisms of gravity are complement to its quality huh well that's that's because you took out took the hit the right to be there to earn the right to be criticized as a high compliment in do
what that sounds like a guy who fucking feeling the heat he's talking nonsense he's feeling the heat some people criticize the story the movie and i was like you know i i felt like ten minutes in i was like i got my fifteen dollars worth never thought that i would know what it felt like to go to space yeah i love the fact that everything was silent me too like in the middle of explosions and all this shit it's silent and yet you're still freaking the fuck out is actually more effective i thought did you see the directores movie children of man chill yes i saw there yeah did a phone yeah that was the one where people are like the males are like the people can't breed or something yeah that's right now the the thing that i found was most fascinating about gravity was the just the idea that people do really go up there and re
you do stay up there for long periods of time and space and they really are in grave danger and they in this this possibility of things colliding in space junk to very real real problem yeah this second thousands of things floating around above the earth thousands no it's so insane on august the screenwriter made this point i think it's kind of brilliant about it which is exciting about the movies it's one hundred million dollar movie major budget movie where the lead character doesn't save the world she just saves herself and that's powerful yeah people didn't like to a lot of people didn't like the george clooney die 'cause it was just so and the other thing was like when he let's go when you have to let go because it's pulling him away there's no momentum in space people said the science of its rolling as science of is so wrong i was fine with that though 'cause i don't know much about science yeah the sign
is not just wrong about that it's also wrong about the positions of the very space stations like they're not anywhere near each other like what she did by skipping from one to the next yeah i would be absolutely completely impossible there now they're not in the same hemisphere the nor near each other i just give it the band has dammit benefit the doubt because she had weird divorce because of jesse james he gave this movie the benefit of the doubt that's how it works in the world let it go with the science stuff just 'cause she's had a hard time last couple of years yeah that's sweet of you yeah well i'm well you know i'm a big fan of anything space i think space is probably the most overlooked thing in in in the history of humanity to kind we just don't have enough light i feel that way about the sea the sees another one yeah the c in space are the two most interesting places i think yeah the see less so for me but still pretty fascinating more you know it's basically like a jungle under water
i loved what you were tweeting the other day about blackfish 'cause i think that that's a great cause oh yeah we had filled in who was a trainer over at a seaworld or whatever it was marine land in canada is depressing and shift miserable but it's good that you're tweeting about it 'cause it's a good cause yeah i agree it is the sea life very fascinating make an intelligence eat life even more so i just think people are very not funny funny or item here there but i just think people are generally on going to accept see life and anna rules as having an intelligence that we just don't understand well they certainly too there's no doubt about it when when you talk to people who understand orcas or or dolphins they're very telligent just intelligent in a different way because they don't all their environment as we talking about space about how fascinating spaces that
the real issue is if we treat intelligent life forms on this plan that we can understand the way that we do especially helpless ones essentially help us once like orcas and dolphins they really can't do anything you know to to prevent just from doing what we want them to do it we can't prevent us from kidnapping them they can just try to run away but they can't fight back they really can't do anything what what what what is an alien race going to do to us all they ever get a hold of us i'm so worried they see how we treat intelligent life forms why would they respect us why would they want to do anything why would they be we know why would they be kind why would they give us information why would they try to help evolve then go all it's going to go aliens is going to go and it's not an if it's a when when the aliens come or we arrive at the aliens it's going to go it one of two ways we enslave them they enslave us yes it that's
only version of what can happen or we eat them or they eat us but we fucked them mother fuckers right do you do you ever get a chance when you do it on your travel do you ever get a chance to go to any observatories the cat hawaii or you know any of the telescopes i tried to yeah even it recently but yeah i tried to one of the most life changing things have ever done besides psychedelic drugs and having kids is going to the cake observatory is that it's on the big island of hawaii the fucking v two of the stars is so mind blowing you can't believe it's real well because you're on the island it's nine thousand feet above sea level is the visitors place and then there's the main observatory which is even higher than that you're literally and i'm looking at the picture so will evil you're above the clouds that's literally above the clouds as we were driving you know i'm i was
my family were like oh this sucks it's cloudy we're going to miss it this is not going to work because we're going to we're going to get up there and we're not gonna be able to see through the clouds but then you pass through the clouds and then you look up well that's nothing with what you say yeah that's nothing well last well i'd only hearing your better this is alaska river in alaska yes like mazen vera banks is unbelievable i highly recommend people listeners i've never been to hawaii and i want to go there people have never been to the this should go to alaska if you have a man yeah oh no doubt because it is you know they call it the last frontier and everything but it really is it's under covered areas it's uncultivated areas and it's stunning yeah it's amazing i went on salmon fishing with our should fear while we went up there this year in july and we caught salmon and did a gig up there and i fell in love with the place it's incredible thank which is incredible greeley fucking cool people to like there's a quality to the people up that live up
because they're they're living in a legitimate wilderness they have a city the city is surrounded by absolute legit wilderness like someone on the university of anchorage campus last year got killed by a fucking moose it happened moose came on the campus it stops someone to death and that's like part of their life well that's the thing that the students are very competitive i don't think that's what it was about micro biglie well you think it was just say martin wild now i talked to the guy was there my friend is actually a professor at first i gotta head i'm going to conan right now i gotta drive there might have to wallet lee has no wallet so if you get in an accident i'm screwed it's the same sort of situation is the last time you'll be doubly screwed i'm i'm worried about my whole day to be honest with you you on conan tonight tonight what time is a cone is not eleven on tvs and there's a new show after conan now doesn't somebody else have a show now pete holmes feet heartbeat homes it hasn't started yet yeah he's really fun
yeah i know i haven't seen it yet it's not like you're telling him not not saying pete holmes isn't funny you know it's very funny no it's how dare you it on tbs i think is in reruns right now but it was on for a few weeks and then i think there waiting here whether or not it gets picked up but it's that's great so your new cd is called my girlfriends boyfriend it's available now on itunes or products five girlfriends boyfriend dot com is the site but i am very big dot com is your website for big is your twitter the yeah all that thanks for having me on anytime and i'm sorry we we had little miscommunication i thought we were going back and forth i thought you last week or something i thought you meant this week that you were coming in town this week but you were actually this is your last day right here yeah that worked all fine though well next time you hear man let's do a longer one people love you thank you
go buy it go buy a cd it's hilarious i'm sure all your stuff is great you're very very funny comic and check him out tonight on konnan on pbs and uh that's it you fucks alright well uh would be back later today with the wonderful cliffy b from epic games formerly of epic games clippy is a renegade on his own now he give zero fucks thank you to our sponsors thank you to lumosity thanks go to the mosque the dot com forward slash joe and click the start training button get to learn on sun puppy brain up get your freak on and thanks also to square space square space dot com is the website use the offer code joanne the number twelve that's one word joanne the number twelve and save ten percent for a limited time that square space dot com joe number twelve one word
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