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2013-12-09 | 🔗
Clifford Bleszinski, aka Cliffy B, is a video game designer, and former design director for the game development company Epic Games.
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dot com, o n and I t use the code name Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements. Could he be? Is here? Let's get the part? leave room in the Joe Rogan experience around with you, be you'll, get to those pictures. I just come out cut to the chase cut to the chase. You're free men. Look at you all right, you're, a bad mother, Fucker, dick slinging, video game, controller and you're out there. A free man yeah after years of servitude,
for epic games for a load. I met you. There. Jesus Christ was like five years old. It was a long time ago, yeah a young, lad, running a big company like that to go with him in my first marriage back then too he had a different thing going on it's a good ridge, road, a Lamborghini or a role first visited as a viper. That's right, yeah! It was terrifying. Those are terrifying. You talk about like for Paul Walker. In the hours career I mean this. Car squirrel is held to yeah really fast in a straight line with those cars were super fun, those vipers, but the idea behind it was the most ridiculous thing. Ever no anti lock brakes yep, no traction control, five one I can respond to the earlier ones like, and if you weren't careful getting out, you would burn your leg, yeah, that the site play be up and then to add insult to injury, the top of the car, if it was the convertible, get a ticket Allen Wrench in
screw the thing and then get a friend to help put it in we can fit in the boot of the car. You had to leave at home. Why so? I am at least live five minutes from epic I'd sit there. My second monitor- and I have the the W r L doppler up, store most common, have to drive the car home. Otherwise you'd be the asshole to say the stoplight lagoon right so stupid. You can't put the roof inside the car. That's the dumbest thing. I've ever heard Dave Perry told he had one for a while. We were big on the viper for some reason and he told the story went to dinner with some Sega executive when he was younger developer and he top off in this is LA like Laguna and it rains right and He said it's just started pouring in like he just walked home 'cause. You don't want to be and have the embarrassment of driving the car or the executive, seeing him the next day we're starting to rust? Already he traded the fuckery as fast as he could before the last actually had so somewhere out there. There's a guy who wind up with Dave, Perry's, rusty viper is probably worth it
box because that yeah exactly and Dave Perry but yeah I mean it's. I worked. I start work with them. When I was seventeen men and I was I was emotionally like twelve, that's in Cena and working for big games at seventeen. How old were you when I met you mid twenties? I think yeah that was way before gears, when you guys were just work on the tack of gears. Yeah. Those come in with Duncan was a Duncan Trussell. If it goes down, can you repeat, you played the Charlie good night good night yeah. Just there is what's his name, Joey D S and he's he's he's good actually, and go to Julians, and that was like down and downtown dude. When you last time you visited Raleigh, even since, when, is it then versus now? It's like nine day. Really, it's yeah, it's a good many Austin. Now, really any of the hips infection. We've got bucket food trucks. So if you could do something about that, dude will open open a restaurant there? Did you really with my mom my partners, this giant six foot, eight irish pucker he's to bounce in SE back before s, he got gentrified
how old is he he's forty three, those guys don't last long yeah, Six foot eight well we're in the insurance yeah you get Thank God, yeah yeah he's a he's, a he's, a rock star, though he handles most of the day. Today, ops he's been the restaurant business twenty five years, when my best friends and yeah it's in a fine, neighborhood, a tie and comfort foods called the station on person, We were just there about. I want to. Like six or seven months ago Duncan, I did a tour of North Carolina, which is where he's from We did that and we did the mountain joint. Nashville Nashville yeah, which is amazing, yeah, it's beautiful out there with the heat, the tourists they do, what they do for a reason yeah, but the doors bring in the money. That's true, but you when you go to ask Phil my feeling and I don't want to romanticize it too much 'cause. I really like doing that with some small towns, my feeling, like. Oh my god, nobody knows about this, like this place is like the perfect level, like the perfect amount of you, can walk around and it's like very little,
like even the homeless, people were pretty polite yeah, it's just so we're leaving in downtown Raleigh. You get to know him. There's like oh there's, the guy with the bags there's a guy with a cane who talked to everybody, and you know they had actually become like friendly and shit and they don't Send text Francisco would actually physically touch you fit. San Francisco is one of the worst spots over there. Fucking grab you man, it's just like come on man, the freeway on in the uber on the way over and there's these three hipster, and do playing music with. A sign need need gas money to get home and home, of course, they'll This is Portland and, like you know at least you're doing something for it singing for your supper right The actually Sean drive me to come by rally should even be common yeah. We couldn't. We had anything that I had to do. Yeah we don't have any time and then we had to drive to Asheville the next morning, but it was really bad.
All up there. It's really the gallons Ash ash feels beautiful, but it also has that, like feels like they took a like a kid for, like I'm hamlet, leg of a town, to like put it together, it's like that's it, the mountain vibe to it yeah. I like this bavarian thing going on. Yeah does right. It's got this weird sort of it's just it's interest and what did you drive are only able to have yeah yeah. It's easy to see the slopes where there might be to be careful with your brakes. There's like run off for trucks, everything going on health yeah. Yes, some serious hill yeah we care for them. That is the mountains, especially in the winter time right yeah, it's beautiful out there incredible, unbelievably gorgeous, as we were driving up those hills. It's like wow dude. I love it out there I've said this a million times the West Coast, Fuckin' fantastic. The problem is, the word got out, you know and if I get around to starting a new game studio, I pay programmer or seven thousand five hundred and eighty grand in Raleigh that he or she can look like yeah right house, you know great schools, the downtown is growing exponentially, it's just
You know it has certain political issues that have been in the news lately get it done, yeah that those assholes will be voted out, but I want to get into too much of that. It's too early for this bad stuff on on there. Just the GOP's got lost the mind GOP, making trying to shut down all the abortion clinics are Cheryl dudes. Now, that's the problem on old white men are currently terrified. Young men with balls become libertarians, and only the ones who are trying to hide from the gay become Republicans. So you got this weird thing where you got old, dudes and young guys that are gay, trying to pretend they're not well, and that's when you repress something that much it bounces back five times higher people right now, fucking screaming at heart, told you this fucking soccer is a liberal food. Our fucking marriage has been in shambles since they legalize gay marriage. It's just been horrible for us now, guys in gay marriage tag fight. I said to stop watching Cape Horn, as I felt too insecure about my abs, smart. You should be careful. It's really ruin your mind.
Doing acid one too many times. You know that's out there. You know those abs are out there and you look at yourself when you go to the bathroom like shut the point, I'm in the car and suddenly, like I start feeling this little like horrible right around here. What are these tabs? You speak up. I know. Do some crossfit or something yeah Do you have what's your work out routine? Dear crossfit, I do kettlebells, not I don't you go to a Crossfit gyms. Also, looking closely to me. Yes, very cult in it, like my best friends into it, not one of the reasons I love is because he doesn't talk about all the time. I think it's called the, but it's it seems to me to be a good thing to be called the about. If you're gonna be called about something like all the essence: health yeah, those people like really motivated. I met a lot of 'em. I've never met any of 'em that espoused weird culty schitt.
It's all. Just a fitness. Cul de I had a friend of mine. She, dear friend, but she's got hardcore into and she's like showing us how shredded her hands ours like a bathroom with that's, not the practice yeah I saw some there's some photo shoot that some woman did who's like I, I guess she's a NASCAR mechanic or some Democrats. That's Christmas habit. That's the girl! Yes, I've known her. I like I know her. She lives in Raleigh issue when you were talking about so no, no, no, the the Tonya was was my friend who's where she works at it right now, but have a baby actually and Greek. Wrong, but she got so hard corner, Crossfit and she's. Just like no, you can't wear gloves. You have to suffer from your work. Yeah there was a video of the Fucking Crossfit founder. One of them do and these kipping pull ups. He wanna head Crossfit, guys and just mangled his hands and he's like proud that his hands are like cut open from half the Crossfit videos. He look up electric Christmas girls in it, she's totally cool and she's like a local, celebrity and she's like the first female to do NASCAR pit, I believe honey, that's ridiculous! She shredded
and you wouldn't know it when you meet are likely she's like a whole, celebrity, not whole scene like she's, totally chill and cool you mean in the it seems yeah yeah. Well, I found out about her on, I think, on mixed martial arts dot com. There is a website about thread on the message board, rather yeah about her and I'm like yeah, but It's weird thing that really strong muscular, pretty girl like that. That's so. You know if you're going to do is we're into that. My whole thing also, I think about tattoos also right like if you're going to do it, do it go full on out. Like I said, I have a star on my butt for my mom. You know just like all the way right, mom always used tire. For me, I gotta Namas day. Symbol start my, but that's my thing. I just had to share the ones that I got when I was like twenty something in there flash and they weren't even custom design and like do I regret it no we're sitting. I was visiting with my wife's family in Florida. Miranda Destin the old fun in lot trip right and it of course, Feynman
baby sisters, nineteen and she's, just getting a dragons now and like- and she looks at this tattoo, this city dragon tattoo, have my shoulder and she's like. Did you just get that I'm like look at it. It's like the old sailor anchor it's like bleeding. What does it? Let me see it's a city dragon. Do you dislike yeah? This is all elaborate trick to get Cliffy B and take a shirt off. It's cute, little butt to cute little dragon yeah, but I was bold nineteen year old and I'm like Lacey, I like dragons before it was cool. You know, she came in, it was winter when is it to like dragons. Now it's cool There's always called electric engines and dragons dragons been around admitting when I grew up there. If I was a dork into dragons and things like that dude, it was not cool for the cool kid yeah! Well, when I was in high school, I remember someone was like shooting me because I read the Lord of the rings goes into the Hobbit books. That's that's my point. Exactly is now it's cool to be nerdy
and when did that change about eight years ago. Video games right, we made a change video game We think it's a cultural thing. It's like big bang theory right, like yeah they get to people? I go to comic con next week and everybody's, like I'm so fucking, envious of that and I'm like ok, like if you ever read a comic like do. You know who half these people are, and I would coming out this year. Have you ever gone Now we may you we saying the guy is saying is envious? Is in jest yes, brother? No, he actually isn't actually pull actually really want to go to comic con, because I mean it's not just comics. It's right, Bdo games of pop culture and one minute you'll see like John several more go walking by then there's like a person dressed up as Princess Leia. That's only two things. I want to avoid that. So I'm gonna stay here, but JO, JO, the thing is, it's like just Jon Favreau players nude, just the cast players are fucking amazing. These days, like the amount of there's there girls and guys, who spent all year working on an outfit and then and they were like dry from Like Boise and sleep in their friends.
Yeah Florida, Oceanside, I've been there, I'm not in the actual event itself. I went, we were there doing, shows at american Comedy company yeah, and I just was down there for the fun of it. But we had to cut our losses, parking lot of hacking, people, man, it's it's it's madness. Yeah still is simply getting a hotel room getting a ticket. You have to have a good connection through like Warner brothers or something like that yeah we we were only able to be there. I mean I love it. I live for every year. It's like everything I love in one place and it's just very sweaty and we had to leave early because of my wife's from a one of her bridesmaids was actually in merry back in Louisiana, she's normal, and so I was like damn and I did miss because it you know you go to. Like entertainment, weekly, part of that it feels like prom. It's not it's just so many Joss Whedon Circle of people. Like Nate, filling in and all of them that just who these people used figures from Firefly and serenity, men and like Buffy, and all that right. You know that firefly and serenity. What is what is that the fund
talking about side you're, not speaking my language. This is twenty four hours in the day you wear this. How would you even know about these things? Why would you allow them to enter into your memory to the point where you think that another grown man would know what the fuck you're talking shiting on Sci FI? Classic you talking about Firefly and serenity and like? Why did watch them? Trust me, I'm sure, not hurt serenity's bad assets ready fast, but most people are not going to know what they're talking about was. My point I actually know I went to the like my Sci Fi Show was that the were at the premiere like a lot of guys. They played clip really great stuff. Most people are not going to fight you talking about fair enough. You fucking you guys so deep- and I guess you know by feel I've heard of Buffy. That was part of the Well, I have a whole like there's like a ten year rule or anything that was like cool ten years ago, and reintroduce it, and then people will act like it's new Zombies, empires how many people like like like if you go back to like Buffy the vampire slayer, who Fuq would have thought that would become like this huge tv show?
and why did they use the same buffy massive Buffy's agent Fuckedup that deals Kristy Swanson right. I don't remember that she's not as Buffy as she used to be. I think it was probably the reason you know they really Luke Perry who is also in it would be creepy. If you add loop well, the Luke Perry was in a tv show because his hair is not as straight anymore, it's kind of weak to the side like a link when it was also the classic casting of thirty year olds as high school students yeah. That was just weird, like it. Airlines like worse than fucking Nick cages in he's playing. Ok, then I'll buy it and he wasn't like a Tom cruise thirty, either Tom cruise at thirty, looks like Tom Cruise at twenty is very similar to Tom Cruise at forty, which is very fucking similar to Tom cruise. At fifty now, there's a big difference. Baptism vampirism going on there, something like Cindy, Crawford Allergy Son. She was hot as FUCK dude said Luke. Is that 90s look? that's right. He was in Buffy the vampire slayer. Yet that was
The vision that Joss originally wanted, the studio fucking told in the direct, are totally changed. What he wanted to do, that's why he went on to do Buffy as the show which wind up being like this cold, classic, really What was the difference between what he wanted to do? What they want to do it camping in the name like Buffy, the vampire slayer he winds up being cheesy and campy right right and so for the show. The whole point of the show was that it was demons and vampires as a metaphor for high school ship that people go through right. She finally sleeps with her, brush angel in ASL, you know what someone needs to do: man la femme, Nikita style, realistic, Buffy, the vampire slayer, like Buffy fucking up like those thirty day, goodnight type, vampires yeah. You know like something really scary, something freaky and scary. Instead of you know, true blood yeah looks like it's like the high concept ones, which are really good. Like the idea of like really hot chick who slays vampires, I got a buddy mines concept, but it means doing a comic book. You know the whole zombie thing right he's found. What I think is the last take you could possibly have on zombies. It's comic book called the other dead end.
It's Josh Ortega, who wrote gears two and he's doing it with Kevin Eastman. Who is one of the teenage ninja turtle guys and the idea is the zombie clips hits. But it's just the animals that get infected to which is on the animals everywhere on the picture, any any am, and we want everything from like a alligator through is like a honey badger like anything it's just when I, when I was talking about Buffy, I think that people take concepts like and they're like well, we know how to do this. Let's do this just like dress. These shity fuckin' movies that are basically the same doing exactly the same she went in the end, no twists nothing, nothing is going to pull you out of art form itself, so you guys are talking about blackfish. Recently, yeah fuckin' dude depressing, very depressing yeah. They were saying about activities like you know. The fact is that her now she still looks she's hot as far I want to know when it would happen and what kind of a disagreement that was where they didn't use her as Buffy. You never know right lake on Twitter,
You could've been that she was like too much of a woman and they wanted someone. Look like a high school girl, 'cause Buffy supposed to be in high school yeah. That's ridiculous! Sarah, Michelle Gellar's and high school get frat how how many years they do. That, though, for Lana for missing six or seven seasons- and I want to know how they must be like ten we're gonna get this puts on a high school, I tried They did at some point yeah she's married. There you go fellow you're shy, she's verified, though how many followers you have twelve thousand sound, weird like how to get verified publicists, yeah, the We got verified 'cause. My agent has a buddies over twitter, oh yeah, yeah! That's something that simple dude. I've had three publicist tribe upon getting denied here, people that hate you at Wikipedia. I've really think I fuck somebody's ex girlfriend or a girl current girlfriend or someone just listen to the podcast and they want to kill you.
It's really that simple. Some guys, like don't soil, Joe Rogan's podcast like flip, is that mean drop Rowan, take a dump on the table, soil it. What could you do possibly spoil it with ideas? Do they have in there can be minds. Talk about RSS feeds. I gotta plug in abusive relationship with the walking dead speaking as I'm over it, I'm feeling good abuse boyfriend. Did you ever read the book side of them yelling at me? No, I didn't the comics were stuck and told me there amazing. What happened was when Frank Darabont left like that, If you start getting wildly uneven, he yeah right there before there was a controversy over the direction or money, remember what it was, but it had that greater Buffy, Frank Darabont, vibe to it at the beginning. You know green mile Shawshank had that heart to it. Using the mist was actually really under rated movie. It was spectat, dealer for awhile, and it just you know this
standing, though I mean I want to give away any spoilers for anybody, but I felt like an abused boyfriend. There was a hole, there's a whole relationship in the books between me showing of the governor. That was amazing that they barely scratch. The surface of, I think Shia, in the right, but she nailed the governor's nuts to the floor. One point: if I call it was a pretty hardcore schitt getting away with that comic book, put down a tv show and you're going to get people protested. Here's the thing man the amount of like juicy world war- z. Yes, I didn't like it. I just wasn't a fan of it. I liked it I love it. I'd like to the problem. Is they get to the point where the budget is so huge? It up. Brad Pitt is broken points in the back, and so they they had that that line gotta be peachy thirteen. They can't make it are right, so the Gore on the walking dead is ten times gory or nastier than you would be in in the Pd Thirty movie, the core of what
king dead, though I really have issues with. I have issues with how easy knives go into heads right. First of all, butter knives goes right through four heads like nothing before it is a fuckin' tough bone. Try stabbing someone in the forehead with a big knife. This is not easy to get to try to get a knife through some bone. You know, there's personal experience yeah that would be so gross here, be sure if you actually like extended scenes of trying to put nice things like the stabbing scene in the saving. Private Ryan. Show me with a cadaver that you could stick a fucking knife through its head that easy, that's ridiculous. You can't do that. That's working To do that for favorite internet means who's mowing the lawn in the walking dead like
The grass is cut about their faces, they look beautiful. The girls always have the same like hair right. No one ever cuts their hair and they all have like a subtle hint of make up on. Take is one good shot of a hairy leg in a girl just be like sold yeah. That's what the details, this yeah there's no hairy legs! This one abuse me since last last episode. I see what you're doing like yeah. You know. I managed you just with me here. This is necessarily that good sits just do it. The show Just drag on to drag on its own like breaking bad, which ended it fuqing perfectly. Alright, it's hard to fucking keep a show like that. Going I'm sure you need a defiant, creative, visionary like somebody who's going to put their foot down and say: here's what we're talking doing some good, pitching Cliffy B. Do you think Clippy better step in and take over the walking dead? You need that defiant, visionary which you need. Look at it like it, like KEN Levine, who makes bio shock infinite right. He said yeah his stubbornness. Let me pitch this to you. An alternate universe and it's like one thousand, nine hundred and thirty, or this guy made a giant floating city called Columbia and
It's basically, a bunch of tea party evangelists, went off into the sky and created a utopia that eventually turns into a dystopia, and you go there to find a girl who can create a rift between dimensions. And as a robotic George Washington, that sounds pretty dope dude, it's one of the best games ever and the sounds pretty owning is like Twilight Zone where the like and that's really yeah. One thing we've been doing like late at night, like in the in the wee hours of the morning. Since I get up at noon every day, as we put in the old, the Blu rays of the twilight zones, I love the and we're burning through every single one in their fucking it has around Sci FI like almost every night, and it's like it's like a it's like Shawshank redemption. What's on you, gonna go the distance, your watch, the whole thing I watch, the the Williams, chapter one the other day and the man on the plane. You know all my god, it was so good, so fun to watch, and then we got was the one with the there's one with a a they. They astronauts crash land on a daily planner, the land. Then they find tiny little people, and then this guy becomes like a god of got that yeah. I got it before it.
Or the one that comes like a god to them and then, at the end of it, turns out there's another species, that's like as big to us as he was to the little people, and then he gets essentially squished rod like Serling zooming over to him and he's like always smoking he's, like you know, sitting in a wingback chair in front of a king, fireplace imagine if you will well, he was so Jingle too. When you stop and think about it, they really had anything like that and he was released into the lake. You know key Sci, FI writers of the time right. Just so much good was that I think it's in your laptop, yes as a laptop okay, making sure that no, but just You know the effects. You know they knew what they could show and they knew they couldn't. So it's very light effects. The characterization is sets. Sometimes you can both the same like diner, they've, repurposed, fifteen different times for different incidents, absolutely and the other one with William Shatner, where uh there was like the little thing that told the future, which one is that
like the little machine, we've gotten in the diner that tells the future, like you ask a question: yeah yeah, that was fun yeah. They just had a good footage of a bio shock, infinite downloadable content, another one I watched recently was the one with the puppet, that was running the show and they were robbing people and it was doing all the robbing it was like a the little kid knew that the puppet was, it was actually real and the little kid was like rat and on the old man. Who is this the puppets? We were what's going in the Trans dimensional hole in the wall. The little girl goes through. So go back and rewatch all of those in so many movies just took the same idea and updated it like the one that I can hear people's thoughts and that's what women want the MEL Gibson movie right. Well, that was cool. What was that guy that you just showed Brian the guys face yeah this is from bio shock. Was the go back to that scene with that guys face the graphics? Are there
so creepy eyes wide shut. This is amazing, it's don't they put on pc. Remember I played on console yeah. I played the dlc on pc 'cause, you only games, you would ever play over pc first person shooters right, so me yeah and I only played online too. I wouldn't play against the game. I get bored to these. Have all that? That's you know, I'm one of those events you men, that's box, said some guy comes up to me was like YO man, it's all about the multi player and like it is all about the multi. Yeah show you. This is a game they. I would highly recommend if you want to play on a computer instead, a consul of the six amazing it's one of the best games ever created. This looks oh good, and this is available for MAC too. I think so. This will waste my day yeah. This looks it's really beautiful, hooks and yeah see the good about that, as I won't really get me addicted. 'cause, it's not online yet online. Do they play multiplayer thanks? Oh no, oh dude. Look the zombies, bad
yeah. The idea is that there are the kids creepy, maybe Well, there's a whole! Well, you can go now with the dude. It's brilliant wow is there how much creativity involved in video games these days. I had a chance a few years ago to bring Joss Whedon over to E3 and he walked out of there. He said fifteen minutes. I just saw more creativity that I've seen in Hollywood in years, yeah like when you know like when half life came out. I remember thinking really clearly. Why can't someone make a movie like this Why is the? Why? How come the video game gets to be so cool like the same guys, figure out how to write a movie. Well, what's going to happen now is the you know, with the advent of you to Bin people being on the cradle content? You know you, people can do that they could put up online. It could become an online sensation right. That's on the old one comp go to start. He did the shorts that he put on Youtube. It's like lost in those the one of the robot and in Africa. I believe and then doing a lycium in district nine notion, that's how we got founded wow. That makes sense- and here you can see style who's going to do the halo movie at one point was so much
creativity is, is finding an outlet for it in it when, when you're talking about something specific about making a film or making a television, show it's so hard to get to that outlet. It's so hard to get to the point where any of your ideas can actually be seen by people. You have the torque of it, be making the art that you want versus it being commercial product. Will it sell well now, without actually getting it. To that point like. If you want to be a direct, are Christ? Good? Fucking, luck! Good luck in going to direct a major motion picture like that's along Astros? You gotta figure out how you got approved, after a lot of people on your way, it's very deal because their specials going to trust. You know fifty a hundred to a million dollars nominee at a marketing costume. I mean the thing about the gaming industry right now. Man is like it's fundamentally broken for the consul's, because what you have there's a disk based game that then, can only sixty dollars and the people traded in or they just rent it, and then the marketing, It's are trying to outweigh each other, so hundred million dollar marketing budget. So you can get on. You know NBA commercials or football commercials or super bowl ad,
she's very sad, so much money in the annualize it right and then I'm walking around E3 this year and there's some fantastic. Looking games were like that's, probably not going to make money that will barely break even they'll, make money on the sequel with also the annualized I'm a fan of the other way, just like developing your community. While you develop your game, you have new concept subreddits. You people say you need release a beta release, an alpha. Let people have people buy items before you can even play the game, we hear about that Chris Roberts, STAR Citizen game. Now Kickstarter raised two point: five million and then he is the ability to essentially by ships for your. It's like a dog fighting sin like loose got our right and you can basically by ships in your fleet and walk around in your hanger and sit in your ship. You can't even fly it yet and they've raised one million dollars so far crowdfunding course. I have and it's like it was also holdings genius and he's the guy made wing commander, and I think you know my whole ten year rule is like you know the space sims, where your dog fighting everything like space is cooler than ever right now, one of the
things about uh about quake when I was quick online all the time, so they always put demos out there was, like a new game that was coming out in the demos would be released. First, everyone download them for free and everyone got online and then the game came out. It was like that many, People want to buy the game. What they've done we'll see yeah with the promise just getting a game out takes so much work at lake in right now is, you know, is talking to. I believe it not. I that's a public knowledge. I can admit that basically, if you're, releasing its friends, don't treat you want to trade their conference. But let's call him Santa Claus and Rudolph. You want to have a bad Santa Claus. Tell Rudolph an upcoming online shooter. You want to have a beta before the game comes out 'cause. If your games fuct at launch it takes you wants to fix that going through so near Microsoft and by that time, everybody's traded. Your game in the next call of duty, like you have to get it right. The first
do you think we're going to get to a time in our lifetime where someone's going to be able to make a game like this at home on their pc by themselves? Well, they at the spike vgx. They announced the game called. No man's sky, which I'm like that's kind of cool name, but I'm gonna, totally mispronounce it in no man's got like a shitty double seven moving yeah. I like it. Let's settle inside or something I don't know it's a space in its procedurally generated and four guys what is owning. It means basically every world. Different. It's all just done by code. Yeah! Here we go look at it.
Everybody is doing this and they gotta be working. The guy said first previous game, heat Mortgages House Fort and how much they care. I bet I could sell them out of wrong. So basically, what you do is you go from use? Exploring this planet? He's underwater it comes out of the water goes into the forest. Has his spaceship goes flies all the way back out of the atmosphere in space dog fights with people through asteroids, wow and four guys made this yeah. I don't know if it's all guys, but for people for humans, let's call them hey guys, just like you would say that, even if his girls right, he allowed that and so this is all distantly taking that from us, Cliffy being she Belletti to say guys in a room of mixed company light. We did no man's sky, wins the title for most misogynistic game: titled sarcastically, no man sky on it and Actually, when, if the feminist causes no man, I'm like retweet what there's people die out other than that we were on the way over his people. Treating me like you're looking to do like sarcasm, it's, not translate well on the internet with these kids sometimes well
with some of them. The problem is it's just so many of them out there dealing with millions of people bound to hit. You retards right now, two hundred and fifteen now you're a million plus now right yeah, Even read your ad still yeah, I read them yeah I mean I can't read all of 'em, it's not possible, it can respond. I don't have enough time, but they just want to know you're reading or replying to some of 'em. I try. Between interesting stuff and that way, I think it's been a really positive exchange for me too, for I've gotten a lot out of being connected to people on because they're always sending me interesting articles and ideas and knowing that I'll retweeted must have trained them. Well, it's just like it's a cool thing to do. You know we have to like being retweeted. It helps them get more followers and if you're, a guy that regularly posts cool cool, you can become like a portal to information, yeah yeah, a bunch of guys in a follow on Twitter, they're, just regular folks,
regular jobs, they just like Kulesh it. They find the articles and they tweet Amanu retweet him, and so we go back and forth like all the time with me, especially with technological advancements, NSA stuff, all that stuff going on right now. It's like you, don't want to put my tinfoil hat on, but the more I hear and the more comes out of my Phuc. Then NSA. I'm I'm trying to dwell on that as little as possible, because it's so negative and I feel so helpless and center such a sure thing idea that were like about to release It was all of our privacy to other individuals that are no different than you are either just fucking people just because they are in some form of government and they're trying to keep quitting
what a save him, how bad we examine all your actions that you're doing that you are doing to keep us safe before we let you access our email. Oh you've been accessing our email for a decade. I was working on a game at epic that was cancelled, but I was, I don't know, I'm still under Nda with them, but I don't want to get too much done to non disclosure agreement we were, we were things were googling I know, is setting off the light in the NSA 'cause. You know like, of course, as far as like a revolution and terrorism, and things like that- and it's just you know, like some sort of red Flag- was going off and Post Patriot ACT, man, yeah, it's pumped a bunch of fuckin' paranoid people. For sure I mean if you really stop and think about how few actual terrorist activity you see in America and how many fucking people are in America, they've done a great job in that respect. Well, that's a difference. Also between perception fear people. People tell me, fly safe, I'm like Fuq off drive safe, but
when you stop and think about it, I mean, and I'm not advocating in any way shape or form that anybody should have access to any of your emails 'cause. I think that's a really ineffective, shity bulshit way of trying to protect people just by removing all of their privacy. I think that's a bullshit way to handle it, but If you look at what the job they have done, if there really is a bunch of terrorist activity, all over the world, they've done an amazing job of keeping shift from happen in America. I think it's not a black, white case. I think, there's a good. And bad on both sides. The problem is just a human nature problem that you can't have alternate power. Yeah. Can I have a whoever yeah there's an article, I believe for the weather, talking about using people's pornographic habits, to shame them for political reasons of thing yeah, then they were spying on world of Warcraft players come on you unbelievable. This is This came out today, yeah! Well, the other problem is people are willing to give up so much well with her they're doing it because, they're being tracked, I mean that's like saying: someone's you know willing to suck. You do for cocaine, and they don't even know it's aspirin mean it's like
Can you get some cocaine and you get an aspirin you, like God, what the fuck happened? You're, not really getting anybody to save you know really you're going to die anyway, we're all going to die. We're going to die in car accidents are going to dive cancer going to die of being old. It's just it's going to happen. You're getting on my list on it's gonna fucking happen. What's the point, the idea that you're going to protect all these people from dying because you're going to stop terrorist activity and the way to do that is to remove all freedom. You start ok, what is happy about this life if this life Is it living scared and living? Where you're being watched every step of the way? Always I random people, who's gonna profit with everything should be able to profit by that that all should be illegal. You shouldn't be able to profit by any protections, like private prisons allowed to keeping people alive and healthy shouldn't, be able to profit over that police and fire everything should be non profit. The idea that they
a giant budget, and these people get to make big salaries are neat like doing so nations to charities like do your homework with with how much of the money actually goes to the cause verses. With quote raising aware s versus when with the ceo of the nonprofit makes all that, like the red it listed out a list of a bunch of them at one point like they. That good will is basically like just selling all your clothes for money, and things like that, just like This is a bunch of shit that gets done in this country. That should get done by Paypal like Paypal. Donations like that's what the and see that's why the government should get like pay pal donations? We think you're gonna, good job. We give you a nice tip yeah and that's how you keep the the society running and the only way you ever get paid is if people like what you're doing and they choose to donate and they don't and what they can and we make it like. You know: everybody's proud, just like he proud to serve in the military people proud to donate to the to the government donate now.
Steal all my money of Fox NEWS, a support, the troops, because if you get my assisting and shot at- but yes absolutely, but if you think about like the idea of donating to the government, is actually probably a pretty good idea, because you would only want to donate to things that you believe that you would only want to donate to things. You fell actually fit for the good of the people to the people in the community would decide like what's good and what's bad and that's how things would get voted on it. Kickstarter like right, yeah, it's just. I think it's probably stupid idea, because it's too much should I pay attention to people say like one percent control everything 'cause, they donate the most money for their whatever their interests are. Yeah, of course, is which is basically what's going on right now we have to keep corporations from doing it only make individuals do it. The problem is it's like it's almost like a game where you start off an it's already: one thousand to zero you're, never going catch up. Yeah the game is five minutes on. You never gets up. You started off of this massive deficit yep and if you grow, pull up in the United States and you trying to do anything where you're trying to govern
or control wells or the amount of fuqing momentum, that's already been put in the other direction. No, my own personal success back to the fact that my family was middle class. My dad were bad for Polaroid and the fact that they had an axe. Like two grand by an apple, two like that, was the jump off point right, yeah, and I took to that thing like a fish to water was originally supposed to be for my brother and I didn't steal it now. I just started using it. He wasn't using it used to be chasing policy at the time, Ouch Kabob. I only actually founded explanation common, like like polygon, and all that you know he's he's done well in his own right. But anyway, that's not the point so you've got into that. Just from one purchased that your parents were able to make. I used to take my brothers a track and pretend it was a computer 'cause. I want to computer so fucking bad listening to like Fuckin' Hall and Oates, and all that Thank you to pretend it was computer. Yeah, that's hilarious, wow! So you like even a pull towards computers. I have I've. I've had a technology blogger. Since I was a kid I love techno
What do you have a background in any educational background technology building, Cal Poly Pomona for six months and I dropped out because I dropped out He did. I dropped out when jazz jackrabbit start making enough money. That's the first successful game. I did got my first car. Which is ninety nine thread. Saturn got my first men over outside Pomona and basically now also my mom would run the air conditioning were over in Laverne, maybe like some are like a hundred twenty degrees like she like, open, window cliff and I'm like it's like opening a fuckin' oven like it's not doing anything, God, that's hot, as fuck yeah. Now, when you get into it as a video game designer right, do you what account type technological knowledge? Do you have to have? Do you just have ideas- and I said like this- is how I'd like the game to play. This is what I would like to have. It start off with verbs like. Where did the you're doing this game, you kicking punching fighting, exploring a right like figure out what type of thing you're gonna make and for me I you know. I've always guns are easy. That's why everything I've ever made pretty much has a gun in it. You know, if I get back to making games, not to make a polar bear for
Bing simulator is very boring. When you have a video game, you can't shoot somebody it's our way of interacting with touching right, and as much as he patties are coming shooting. In the face at sixty frames. A second through iron sights will always be fun especially when somebody like is like your friend, you you, you know you online random person right yeah, but I was. I was just attracted to a man. I just I mean my first game, a little adventure game when I was eleven and just you know start trying to get party in high school, I was sent home and working on games yeah. Yeah. They make 20th high school reunion recently by the way wow was that, like it was No, I didn't know what to expect going into it, but everyone was really fucking cool. Oh that's, nice! You know and like I'm, not mark Zuckerberg, but some of them are making little comments and jokes like I'm. Like look guys, I mean I did ok, but I didn't fly here in a fucking private jet, calm down. Did you get involved in it, but you need to get marijuana in your life. Wasn't Boston. Remember I'm from Boston!
that's a harsh place as this sub the suburbs. It's North Andover, it's super cute up, there will be saying: did you get an oculus rift yeah actually investor in it? Oh really yeah, I'm going out there and once see the apparently? They have some really good breakthroughs. They've gotten did you see jerk off breakthrough. Now oculus rift attached to a machine yeah with the guys, like the japanese machine, they don't want to talk too much about the whole porn thing. How dare they? How dare they not know the truth? Horn drives technologies, you know, but that's really going to drive technology because everybody sees the writing on the wall were talking about a little bit before we got online. Here was: do you see Don Jon, Don Jon, that's the so what's his name from Joseph Gordon Leavitt wrote and directed it, Scarlett Johansson but how long? Oh? No I didn't it's, I know that's great movie and it's really fun with this whole thing is, like he's basically addicted to online porn and, like he finally beds. Scar, Johannson his gorgeous and immediately goes out to a laptop to remote out, and it starts off like a laptop booting up sounds like just the sound of that
my cock rock hard right and he's going on about all the people. He likes. Everything- and I read the story I read online- was talking about real life. Johns guys become so addicted to like how good modern pornography is that they get Ed and they can't get it up, and so what happens is there's the younger generation of young dudes, 'cause, apparently the age we start looking for his ten. That's when you but looking at the average, the average young dude right now in but girls in, I don't know. Actually they didn't mention girls too much. Maybe start reading fifty shades of grey in early age or flowers in the attic? Fifty shades of gray is more for a gal who's been working for ten years and it's kind of given up on excitement yeah, my wife ready. She said just kinda dumb supposed to be pretty stupid, yeah. I'm just talking shit, I don't know we'll sit back the whole. The porn thing is that, and so they found that, like the older generation, guys from their 30s who have that problem with DD from too much porn like they can they can bounce back in a couple months, but the kids take so long. And the reason why is like, when we were young, we have to find a brothers hustler underneath their bed or whatever right we had like you know, analog porn
on your phone. You can just you know, watch like super slow mo whatever it most filthy should imaginable person my phone look at that screen you sexy in that huge reunion. It's either really small, Joe Rogan, a really big phones. The note three nice, not me, I I have a moderate guy get yes, the S three is is terrible ideas for purely fix all the problems. As far as nice of play with that, I almost got that I got this instead because of some just greedy. It runs like why? Aren't you get an Iphone on my I just I don't refuse to fully drink the apple cool aid. Stay away, a little bit just in case the apple falls, part yeah. You still have options, my wife wife is the Iphone. I have the droid. I can see the best of both worlds in nine times out of ten, the app like there's an app that My phone is an app that's on the droid Droid one just barely works. Barely works, fuckking fully this problem, instagrams terrable yeah. So it's so clunky. I used hi, I gotta get the in my house. We did have apps in my house. I got the the Hugh. It will be seen that
basically replaces your light bulbs with leds yeah. We have, we can about it, yeah. He's never installed, and so so then I have the what's the the nest which controls are your phone So I wake up I'm a little more in the morning on my phone lower the air conditioning temperature and then it learns throughout the week and then This is introducing a thermostat that I got also where you can, basically, if the, if the distance with the smoke detector actually and instead just and the right of the bat. It's just goes when it gets a slight puff of smoke, like small small, to detect it right, and then, if you says it yeah, and then you can just wave it away, and so out your dog right and then, if, more smoke than and vegetables to form. So with that, with these guys are doing over, there is the central taking all these, like, I would say, absence utilities that people just and think about improving them and their apple, find them them and they're, making it work and they're just brilliant yeah they're great. It also is
how much is that DA oxide or whatever knocks on the oxide carbon monoxide detector, to slow down and reading about what you're you say it and you can get through it. We minutes. I technology, I just like. We have a three d printer at the house to get the raft. I got that all you have a three d printer. What would you would you print it? A got, a fertile roles, that's a sentiment print custom but plug from my buddies for Christmas. That's sweet yeah. My wife wanted off my wife, printer three d, HALO, pistol and in like she basically have data print. Every single part like that and just assemble the whole. Damn thing: it's like life sized and it's just it's just it heats plastic and then it just basically does it bit by bit and you can download things from Thingiverse com and there are also going to be able to do with metal right yeah. This is just like plastic. Is gun, control will be a thing of the past. That's weird! there's a guy right now, who can, who made up, made a plastic gun that could fire
one round and several rounds and the date is you can't you can what's the date is out there, the king, the Genie's out of the bottle. You know it's like I say about about trying to deleted tweets like trying to fart back in your house, it just doesn't work that way and so he'd be more successful, sucking a far back in your Asano, fair thing. If you worked on it for a year, if you had a good prolapse, you could probably this things that people can do that would shock you like pussey farts in a microphone people can do man, people some people have special gifts. When I'm on a plane, it seems like I fart in it sucks back in like it does it for like hours on end yeah, not your neighbor, you fuck yeah dude sitting there going urine smell it and like shiting on this guy, made the mistake of going from American at D1 time in American. Has these seats that absorb the farts like cloth button delta? It's like this kind of rubbery thing, and so the far just it's it goes. Fuckit straight up would be a very smart move to develop some sort of a fart free airplane. Well, there's something made made underwear that has some special filter that in carbon filter, it's just not going to work on Joey Diaz. I got news for you. I wrote a
log once about a fart that he took on a plane. I was next to him and I was writing and he was lying there with his hands on his stomach and I saw him like lift up like he adjusted his weight and before was too late. I hit it hit me like a rock like a truck an I had headphones on, listening to music and over the music. I heard the woman behind me go. Oh my god. She looks so she goes. Oh, my god, this is her first, always always fucking funny, but it was so bad. I had to put my shirt over my face. I had a duck down I was on a plane once and a dude farted on Melanie Griffin's head, This is how it worked. The plane. I was flying from New York to London and it's a long flight
when they're on the was actually la to London and when we're on the plane, Melanie Griffith and lie down, she went to sleep over her. Her thing extends and this guy lay down and he went to sleep and he was a fat guy and if there's a fact, if there's a fart on a plane, you always look to the faq. It's it's. It's just the way it is enough. Everybody does not fucking crop dusted. It sleep, no more in New York City recently ever hear about that. So Melanie Griffith Certain only give his head in this guy's worse three feet away from each other. He Turn sideways with his ask facing her. She was turned sideways with her face facing his asks in perfect alignment just a few feet. Apart, like how does that even happen like if you I thought in the universe when you're watching a movie with Melanie Griffith, then and then one day I'm going to get to
art in her face her face, going to be three feet away and I'm just going to open up on her face like little curly, hair kind of like moves in the breeze. It was weird to see because I was away for wake up or did she she moved. She did I'm a conception. We should try to like a sewage bin or something it was a horrible fart. Kids are open it on or against it, proximity, so strange yeah, I mean: how much would it cost to say like only Griffin, there's a guy he's weird he's a nice guy, but he wants to fart in your face, he's willing to give you five million dollars properties brazilian. How much? How much would you have to pay or to fart in your face? Meanwhile, she took one for nothing. Right in a mug three feet away is basic. I pinned on her pinky new Oh, he farted hard dude, there's no way like pushing. He wasn't asleep at either 'cause. He had been moving around a lot before he cut that fart. An upset stomach, he yeah something about the pressure change to ship people, just like the
I think, if you're around people that just fart most of the time people hold it until no ones around, but when you get in the it's eleven hours like fugitt melodies, gotta software. I fucking love fart in elevators. Do you I'm that guy is terribly limited, condo right now? Mine is my neighbors, don't like me, and so I just like walking the dog, my you neighbors like you. Installed? Ok, so here's the deal in the condo right now and I so next door and that cut a hole in the wall. And so then, in that condo I put in like a theater room, and then I put in a four hundred and fifty gallon hot tub. Ok he's here. This is going in the condo, see how the parties yeah well saws, building. Basically the ultimate palace right when the love of my life. Should it like really finish the final bit of tile and I was gonna, be like I'm gonna, be a bachelors can be great BOM. My dream girl. And I'm like up awhile. That was fun and some with you, and so then I, when I had the two installed. I didn't have an overflow valve installed, Jesus necessary.
Crunch time. I think in like years, three or four years ago and Jesus I left the water on. Oh Jesus, stand up now, yeah I went to dinner and the three condos beneath me flooded Oh my god! Oh my god, one lawsuit later with my h away, which is still pending. It's been an interesting journey. Needless, they had a star ceiling, it's still pending yeah we're we're working on coming to terms for its on going into the details, but I had a star ceiling. It like this is the the the tub filled from the ceiling and see that other guy below me felt like it's. It's like a freight train do some crazy. How much was the total damage? Eighty grand it seems, cheap, yeah It seems to be a lot more than that yeah. If it was la yeah yeah, that's probably what is right, so a million apple mouse, making millions yeah make a lot of money but yeah it's so I mean we bought a house where we renovating we moving up there. So Caroline is pretty fucking awesome. Eighty grand
Good yeah, I can go just to move, to get out of here. It really is the moon they only would suffer, would be the podcast guests, wouldn't get as many cool guests. We have a direct flight. Finally, yeah, but I'm not flying back and forth from Fuckin' North Carolina. I know if you live there, you live there in the other, It would be flying to gigs yeah, but it's uh remove man. I envy you, it's better move! I mean it's, not backwoods town rallies great, now. Great restaurants are being can build Bio in Infinite Massachusetts. Quincy MA you know, I mean come on man. One restaurant that you guys have that fucking insane barbeque place the pit yeah holy shiz. After all this, let's go yeah all the slabs. How dare you Just we just talking about food here man, I would have to go there. I don't know. Also labs, go their children galaxy, so delicious food man dude Jim there's like how many restaurants and they've like it's. It's fucking exploded
yeah, there's a lot of restaurants. There we notice that went back there, but then Pitt plays a lot of great walkable spots. Now, like we just you know, take our bikes around and show it and it's just fun. You know so it's not too many people. That's what it is you spend four hundred thousand. For house out there forget it you're good, like it's that's great! You can even get a great house in apex for two hundred just unreal and, like my talking my brother, orange reading, a starter house for a hundred grand you know, and it's California man. You know we can we If we consider moving out here- and I looked at the real estate like I cannot justify- certainly does it's ridiculous place, you're going Now, it's like you know we we poked around in hidden hills, which was beautiful, but it's like he still can't go to like you know, Santa Monica Beverly Hills for dinner. You just can't. You can just go over the hill. Go over to hang out get fuckin' chopper depending candy is not bad yeah. Everybody wants get silly and try to go over the four hundred and five. That's the four five. It could be
two hundred o'clock in the afternoon two hundred o'clock in the morning. It doesn't matter it's a fucking parking lax yeah. You can always run into packed. They were doing a construct. On the other day was really late at night. Somebody is my driver sent over here. Saying. Obama came through and just like that right right, when he got to town, was right when it was going to work in right when he left is when everyone was leaving work and just everything shut down, really yeah. When I was there, wasn't that it was just they were doing construction and they had narrowed it down an it fuckit two hundred o'clock in the morning. It was just bumper to bumper trap. Like no get that once we get ways, I think they were acquired by Google Flickr billion, it's just brilliant app. Eases pain, profits, simple yeah, but I wanna let it slip, Judge ever hear about sleep, no more. What is sleep? No more If next time your New York Fuqing go, it is uh, interactive theater bear with me. It's got this like nineteen. 30s kind of speakeasy vibe about it? An it's essentially a retelling of Macbeth in this setting of this old hotel and the actors?
all act around you? Everyone has to wear mask. Who is not an actor in you're, not allowed to talk the whole time and there, like we. Finally lady after, like this dinner scene, and she was like losing her shit and she likes strips down and starts trying to wash the blood off her hands in a tub right in front of you and one of my buddies like actually wound up interacting in sponge bathing. The girl, like it's there's like there's know: there's a bellhop there, who's like hooking up with everybody, uhm the youngest son. Finally, images or videos the experience, because it's very low key, the better I think they're actually bring it to LA, is what, when my for my friend still the other day, just just go, we went to Why is the second time was an entirely different experience? And you just you know: there's like a candy shop there you can just dig in and eat the candy. There's little like letters and notes that are part of the fiction. That it's all yourself: it's almost like a video game that sounds It's not like one was crazy S. Scary haunted house type things, it's not scary, it's just cool and you feel like, like the our our first experience with. We came into this room, looks like a world war. One type of
hospital set up, there's like a nun. Nurse he's looking very despondent and she goes up to the window where there's like this wake forest they made, which was convincing enough. You hear crickets and everything and she just jumps out. The window starts running through the forest and look over my wife grabber. We just like jump out the window and just start falling runs fine where she goes and like a whole tableau played out in front of us speaking phenomenal, and it's not like not a lot of people know about it. For some reason, but ticket not that expensive. You know you go there. It opens it up. Easy. There's people who are actors in character playing their parts. You know that sounds fun. It's fucking cool man that sounds really nice there, like secret passages and ship. There is one actress who is sitting there playing tableau on a sofa and there's one lady who stood in front of the mascot and she grabbed his hand and pulled her into this like closet, and I went to follow in the doors locked and they had this, sort of one on one counter with the actors like one of it during the dinner scene. They'll they're all dancing in one of the actresses grab this one of the guys the mascot was adjustment, starred, ballroom dancing with them is like,
cool shipment wow that's pretty bad as everyone respects it, people wouldn't be like dicks. You know, like nobody talks, it's just cool it's over in Chelsea, can't recommend it enough. That sounds really cool, how long do you think it's going to be before someone creates some really bad as artificial environment for like the rift send a really incredible world of Warcraft type well places. The thing is, is the biggest mistake with the rest was putting doom three team fortress on it. Wasn't because their games are not made for VR the pacing of the of your game and like that, the screen Bob in the the gun moved everything that can contribute to nausea you make like a. Diving SAM or space dog fighting sim. That kind of thing like a you know, or of missed like game where you're exploring the island and make The pacing is going to be a lot slower, it's like when Bungie first person shooters on consoles. He couldn't have
week, three: U T pacing the heads, Dino Master Chief, jump very, very slowly. You know he didn't run incredibly fast right and people like to go. You know, half click to take down, that's how they designed the game for the consul control right to same thing, for rift and I think you know all porn jokes aside, man like that, you know that one simulator, where I sat there and looked down and saw my little virtual legs, and I could see that I was in a spaceship and I looked around. I was like boom and I listen like I and want to invest on it cuz. If you got hi rez. Have you know if you ever want to make it Orange county? I can make an intro and you can check out the latest stuff yeah. I got the low res development unit and it's fun just sitting there playing with butterflies and stuff like that, but I can see where I I got sick just walking around in that that you know yeah like I had to sit down yeah well, yeah that the the bill. Right now that you know the seat of your experience is the ideal one right and you know just they made this.
So maybe this one demo and the crowd sourcing, the killer, app, essentially they're, just having developers developers who, like help solve all the problems which is fucking brilliant this one. We have to keep your hands in your keyboard and not move your hands, and first flight comes out and you're sitting at a desk and it starts bugging you and then all of a sudden, like thousands of flies, starts like right and the 3d audio is fantastic, and so you know the whole idea is like you want to it yourself: 'cause, little thing goes off. You had about the bugs right. One of velociraptor comes into the room and just start screaming in your face and then out I think I owe then a spider starts crawling up your little virtual arm and then you can hear it like chewing on your ear and shit. You probably find it on Youtube. I remember that thing was called that's kind of cool stuff that they're doing right. Wow. But yeah? That's it. You know they. They sold a lot of your issues with just feel of you and they keep cracking that problem by peeling with that that onion of what we are is and sooner or later, they're going to fully crack it. And when you see the unreal engine four demo and that's it and that like there's like this hell night, that's like eight feet tall and stands in front of you. I mean you're asked pluckers. You can't help it. You know the snowflakes are falling. You stick your tongue, you want
catch. Them is pretty damn convincing. That's why I'm more excited for things like the rift than I am about next gen consoles. Like yeah, it's new consoles in their cool in there better that can hopefully, finally, just only have one input but at the same time there's not a lot of great games. Right now do think it be possible to do look unreal like to port unreal over two Well, my last words when I left epic and when it does the whole like speeches, was to Tony's for closers yeah ABC I watch it speaks about once every six months and then he pulls out the fuckin' brass balls. Reboot unreal, little tournament, especially on the first unreal in unreal engine, four 'cause. The idea for that game was fucking gold and it's like. Oh it's read a triangle of the galaxy, so you can do whatever the hell you want and the thing that we lost, but that game was assistance but exploration and like a sense of wonder as it was about the combat you know, mysterious. You know you have the giant hubs and everything had a little bit of like
the redo, it it'll be essentially Sci, FI room. You know, Skyrim the game yeah this introduced in on that, but Sci FI right in the to crush it unreal. Fun game man, it's really really exciting. When it came out the first time you had to do battle with that crazy dreadlock things yeah. That was my whole sequence. I designed that one, the that was held developing that game yeah we in Waterloo, Ontario Canada, which is like a college town, but have a fun college town benefits of like cool city bar that I saw- and I didn't back then twenty five and I spend a year on and off up there from southern California in we just all just up at digital extremes, working on that game, actually talking all the people who worked on it. It's like, like those are now or something it was like, such a deluded with sixteen plus hours a day. Man like eating the local, fast food, it was fucking horrible. Yes, this is before internet porn too, so I'd actually go to the quicky mart I'd like pick up those like you know, swank and
looks like good times, dude good time when I, when I left the apartment complex they had rented for us, there is a pile of portnow magazines that must have been like that, like one thousand of them- and I just left him there for like the landlord yeah. They you said that used to be the only way you can get porn born, buy it and you need to step up man, I never found my down and never found my dad stache, never ever yeah, I found mine after after he died, my mom confirmed it and he always had those zero max like funk. Where were they yeah? They had like some porn, o dungeon, probably out of locker room somewhere away from lying eyes. He didn't have a sanctuary, maybe had like a special hollowed out log kept in the woods. Go out there in the woods Melanite and look around, but you ever find. I found support in the born right- as I did a something awful thread about that- awhile back- that, like everybody, every young man in America you before going up here, define- and I always said it was
It was never like playboy yeah, it was always sherry, yeah yeah. Somehow this subject of blondish came up Today I was chatting with blonde advantage: Janine Lindemulder the porn star. She did this whole stripping act with Julianne, where it is a much is in the nineties. You know too much listen to what you're saying sense like well. The for the my point is, if you seen any lately, no ranking Google at why I'm trying to get this computer called, it's using the cover of blink? One hundred and eighty two album remember she had this thing. She looks great and she was gorgeous and indeed she. She just I mean no, no, don't don't throw it man, I don't want to see it. I don't want to make fun of girl no, just sad, sad man, hey It's hard out there for business, which are out there for porn actresses. Here's that Oculus rift thing that you're talking about Spider crab! This is wild man
and what is this thing that this computer is doing at the bottom? What is like this little bubble? That's telling me everything in MAC Os X like voice over or something like that. I don't know what it is This is sensibility. It's probably in your in all settings. You probably hit it when her for three. We with you for sure finally setting as well it's that wheelchair or something in the settings MAC imploding. If you spill your drink on it can't be that that doesn't happen. I don't see that wheelchair settings resent success so the only way the isn't it at the top now there's a hockey for it yeah. That's pretty high key on your keyboard. Also, I do not see accessibility in any of these options: users, parental controls,
no find out where it is meant. This is ridiculous, I'm still in pc. Do you really yeah? Well, so we got those and I'm no way Foca Philly it, but we got the razor blade laptops and, like normally and get a pc the amount of like impact. Owner, says building like you by the thing in this lake, eight million, like Hewlett, Packard, desktop manager and all sorts of in the computers runs terribly. You just reformat the damn thing, but this thing at three icons: the desktop like now that bullshit well, here's the the fly flying around that does look. Crazy and the the the five ones would sell it, the one on the most convincing velociraptor. What do you find when you're talking about like a good pc, build for a laptop like what? What is a company that you go to the house with the same kind of quality that apple will hunt when she's with that? I buy power, dot com? And you had you had bad luck with it yeah
I'm honestly when we get around to it like building I'm going to just use the wisdom of the crowd and see what the twitterverse so you can build your own laptop. So when you buy laptop so I'm going to go to the place where I can customize it, then they ship it to my house, I'm not going to write. You know like a falcon much less type of deal or Alienware of real, like hardcore desktop pc. Writing eventually go. I mean just on the laptop right now, but when you want to do some serious gaming like I can play Lee legends on it. But you know when it comes down to first person shooters, I played the Bioshock Infinite Dlc on my pc on my razor blade laptop, and it's just like the keys are too small for the good Wasd movement right. You know my big, my big fat fingers, I'm like accidentally, hitting the wrong button, the wrong time you make me want to play games man, you want to do it and see not legal agents in the fact that they had their championship and they filled the staple center like that game is so big that they basically had a sporting event. Wait a minute. They. How long is this game? But now it's been a few years in the field of the yeah. It's a basically this top down strategy, game and
with all these unique characters, an like saying, there's not even invest much of a single player component to the game. It's more of a multi. Strategy, game and people cosplay. For it they dress up as all the crazy awesome characters and there it is at the staple center How many have you guys seen some of the hype, videos for the performance, know that, where is couple Korean is wind up winning this is insane look. At the size of that fucking crowd free there to watch people play games free to play game, how much they peg, to get in there to watch people play a game, I don't know how much it was for tickets for that, but everyone's cheering and shit dude, it's wow, we're going to movie right were in a movie and so that game was pitched a d years ago in and e basically laughed out of the room and now they're, just
get their hiring like everybody all the developers in LA and like they make these awesome cinematic's also to support their kind of what the IP is and what the universe is and that crazy character, complain is just like a little girl who has like she can telekinesis wearing a fire starter ship and she has this little bear with her little stuffed bear and that's like through magic. The bear becomes giant, flaming attacks, people and it's an incredibly deep wow every everybody as a giant stiffy for the concept of the sports. Now they wanna make EAST for game. It's like dude. You have to make a great airtight game first before you could ever consider even doing that, but I mean it's you full graphics, Alex. It's got that it's just beautiful art, style right and I think, there's about to move to a new facility that could be up to like four five hundred people: easy comma dammit, it's those are. They called the Moba is like online battle arena and that whole genre is just
huge these days I just killed shooter got they can yeah. I am as well. I can tell you if I'm able to get a studio going want to make a pc shooter, like that's like, let's Sony and Microsoft fighting over the next few years, and you know the pc. You know you know as well as I do Joe communities everything right yeah. So it is like creating your own. You know religion, your own brand and can be the pieces for the community gathers for read it for you to be deals for everything yeah and you can have some of that. They were working on it with but but know the the pc's not going anywhere. But you can't fuck with the accuracy of the mouse yeah you just can't. They tried I've seen all those other things they reflect with them. They can't mess with a really good mouse and keep. Or it is just such precise movement. The way you can move around you get that muscle memory. Anyone is popping off headshots yeah, I mean it's I mean, especially in a little older. It gets a little harder, but it's fucking awesome like that type of thing translating to Pro is just compare
yeah people like I've, had conversations with people that I can't believe you're addicted to games are so stupid. I mean you could for you, you know it's just a story that somebody wrote: I'm not. I don't think you get it like your plan, multiplayer. What you're doing is you're engaged in this fast twitch, very realistic, hyper. Since eight sensation filled experience, it's good for you and in the back of your head, your brains, compiling the code of the day was in the price is good, for you sounds like a crack dealer. The first one is free healer, your dear lyrically Seabees that one of their awesome cinematic they put out for the game. It's just like where you kind get to know that gambit looking guy and then there's. It's badass fuckin', awesome, graphics, man, and that's W Borland he's in the game right 'cause, it looks like I'm. It looks like one of the outfits that he wears. W Portland, the guy from limp bizkit- that Bass Bass, player guitar player whenever it is well
wouldn't things so yeah. So a lot of people right now are there trying to get into that whole thing with the genre and there's just like dude at that point like blizzard, with the game. In the John Rhe and Blizzard, I think, is going to have a shot at doing well, but everybody else is sleeping now: dude wow yeah, if you're the fifth one in then you know you're, going to wind up being like the deal. Is COLA Pepsi, If you can figure out a way to use an Omni directional like one, circular treadmills in a really good, accurate gun that you actually hold and carry with a strap that you put all your shoulder to have that dude. Do they really have something really good, though, like a real game? Well, they haven't made a game for you. It's called the Omni I got to use it comic con and what it does is essentially you're strapped into your waist, and you don't anywhere and it's a super slow. Free floor? That's kind of a bowl and then you put, special shoes that are super slick. If you didn't you weren't strapped, you fall fall right over because you're strapped in you. Have the illusion of walking and I was falling running on the thing playing half life two again. The problem with that was the
Half life two is done for person who just holds Wasd in which their mouse around yeah and, if you just trying to dump it on the rift with the the army, it's just it's an exhausting experience where you're lucky to get three kills. There is sounds like someone's a there to look for I can get in shape and chafe at this is awesome. This is what I need in my life. This would change me, I will change my so they that's a work out manned the. I will get some with the chip to a did a starter for that, and there is a bunch of money and I man well, what do you? What are put away. My credit card information, that's I love it, so it only takes up a small footprint in like your room right.
It's it's cool manages it it a right now, for the time being, I think seated V are the way to go until they solve all the problems like it's like walk before you run like, let's, let's figure out just regular v awful that I want to run. I want to run with a gun, hey and I'm not falling over. You might fall over, I'm not gonna fall over. No! No! When you have that got those goggles on I mean I was just trying to like grab potter flight. One point like whoa: you like lose yourself yeah kind of like it's, it's shark tricks or mind into thinking you're. Actually, in this or any in the low Resnick's on the lower, as one has a screen door type look on it right, hi res one. It's like it's great, and I mean you know that the technology only at later to get better, faster, the whole nine yards. It makes sense that it would be. It would be at that, like at this stage of the game that they would come up with something like that. That's like twelve,
I was supposed to be the big thing in the nineties right on more that's right. His lawn mower man didn't like that. I thought the graphics that we were so awesome. They don't hold up at all, but one more man is another one of those Stephen King books that became like earn. Okay movie yeah, the guy down the book was bad. I never actually read the book, it's great I mean 'cause, there's the whole William Gibson cyber punk thing, and it's like dude. Do you know how many years it's been since the matrix? like it's. Nothing was nine thousand eight hundred and ninety nine yeah. The sequel never happened while the sea that did have are terrible. What is who is this Doug Benson, that's right, it was stone anyways like getting sick on it. So the final video of a little old lady who put it on and she's just like him like wow made CNN and everything like she's like did you go to Tuscany, to make this and all this stuff like a skinny, Will you come you're in Tuscany right, it's just virtual reality stuff, but she was so convincing to her. It's like think about just You know the non gaming applications of this ship, like
Jim, you know, if you know you have a travel out, for you can just go an experience like you know, Venice or or Tuscany, or whatever right that kind of thing for virtual tourism right. Well, that's gonna, be what movies are and we're not going to go to a movie and sit in front of a screen like a dummy. Not everybody can afford to have a theater, a big tv. So imagine if you're, like a college, If you want to watch a movie in Imax, you put this on and they have actually have a theater demo where, like you, can look around and see the seats next to and it's? Those are big screen in front of you when it's you feel like you an Imax. I could totally see that and I could see like you being in a virtual reality where you're in a movie theater. Watching a movie and everything goes horribly wrong and you look around the theater and you see zombies where wolfs and should I could imagine they could make a pretty God dam, immersive experience. I knew a guy who's, making a game for the rift and his demo was basically that you're playing. You're sitting on a sofa playing a video game on your tv in the virtual environment, then weird.
It in your gear, in your fake living room and then it's like a dark and stormy night, then weird shift starts happening all around you. That would be dope as fuck. If they had theater, where you're sitting there in your seat an in the theater. Your seat goes down to the floor and not pops in on the dealer. Directional track like that thing, whatever on Omni treadmill and then you pick up a gun, that's on the treadmill and everybody gets locked in and you all like. It are eight interactive in the movie together storm the beach. You know, while that would be ma'am they. I mean it would be a completely different kind of entertainment, wouldn't just be a movie where you go and sit down or games are too fucking. Scary on it. Oh, I bet right is when you turn in, like you know, I monsters right there. You guys are just wonder man, you have a heart attack. What is slender man? It's p the first person, little mini game, so there's this whole in, although all internet, memes and things like that a few years ago, this became like a thing where, like the internet,
Smith, those of the slick, creepy skinny, scary dude. Whenever he'd show up, the kids would vanish right low and someone me this little game called slender man that you can download. And it's essentially, you have to go, find eight scraps of paper there and you know they're random, where they're going to be, and it's you have a flashlight in a forest and if basically see slender man, you look at from too long, you die and so What happens is nothing. Nothing happens. Our first real quiet, you you'll, get the Peace and also you start hearing through this, like FAT we like pounding starts it's very ominous and then you know, you turn around and at the end of the first thing at the end of the road it's like any just can barely see this really skinny creepy guy and then they'll really liked him around corners and, like there's a part. We have to go in like a little warehouse to get a piece of paper and the pace it is so well done. This entire youtube. Videos of people's reactions to slender man like falling off the chair,
graphics, are simple issue. This is about one. I was worried about really skinny people. I guess it's because of a hungry and willing to get desperate. What's that that that the goes back to the graze, the same thing right like that skinny slenderize thing, right, yeah, I can sell things, but this is a person right yeah. The quality of this video looks like something like a commodore. Sixty four right now. Remember video that somebody made where it was like Johnny or something like that? It was a like a little alien rubber thing: yeah Robert Johnny yeah? What was that I was as a viral promotion for something as an LA based artist, really a little slowing up pulled up those rubber John. Pretty upsetting it's weird man. It was one of the weirdest things I think I've ever seen on late got under your skin. Yeah right is like that kind of. That's why I like insidious, is one of my favorite horror, movies, 'cause. A lot of the references in it were subtle here, see that one yeah James wanted. Yes, the scene where, on the the mothers, if they think they're free of the haunting there at the new house yeah and like then, then the tiptoe through the tulips, starts playing yeah. This is if this was like.
Fox news and past is like some alien film people. Number one. Alien autopsy was on Fox totally. Eating like wait, a minute wait a minute. It's just really make me watch thirty five minutes a tv show me, I represented the Harley Jones they're, not gonna, find big foot quit. Looking to my tweets from last night now, oh, my god, I was going crazy. I was watching big finding bigfoot and I was I was getting mad. You know because they were, they were talking crazy and out. They had this woman on and they were like. She's had pulled this picture Brian if you can send it early. So she's like the woman says the the talking about how they found big for the Kellys, very artistic, so she decided to schedule. We saw that day. And she unveiled this fucking pic click on the picture, though, so you can really see it. She unveils this picture wow and You know she's Kelly's, very artistic. This is what she decided to so the fucking Guy, the bigfoot expert. He sees that picture goes wow Richmond,
thanks, that's anything other than the worst piece of big for drawing, and it looks like it looks like a big foot. Trawler looks like the mailing list. Well, it's on its words. The man on the wing was more realistic and he looked like a furry. That is one of the war's drawings of all time. You know they should have said, like all that's interesting, but instead the like what I'll do it? I had a friend send photo years ago the to the characters that Jay Jackrabbit game? I made that to be shoes. Staying at a hotel that happened to be having having a furry convention with that was her story anyway, and there were people dressed as these characters as furries that I created a MIKE, that's where what have I done. You're in Pittsburgh once accidentally and it was it coincided with a furry convention and were there for the UFC and all the hotels were taken up and they had a hard time finding hotel rooms for fighters and people yeah, because they're all taken up by furries when we were at this one hotel, the guy told us that the people that were there that were staying asked him to put a litter box in the lobby. So
We could shift in the lobby. Wow that's setting dedication said that they were like they're. Basically, the guys argument was look for this whole weekend. It's all fairies and he tried to say, look it's not all furries. We have regular guest here too, and they will put in the corner and only be freeze like they wanted to be able to shift in a litter box, I mean. Maybe the guy was trolling, but I think so I mean I'm not saying the guy told me something the garbage. I mean that because they have little like holes that they could through in their suits, but so then, when it yet that's the tattoo I who got that was at the goes at this jazz. I think that's what you do. That's what I miss, what people getting tattoos of stuff, came up with. That was the biggest like gas. Like you I met this say I was at Pax EAST Conference in Boston, and this like really normal. Looking hipster girl comes up to me and pulls up.
Side of her shirt and she'd written the oath that the gears took like tattooed on our side, and I just I like I can move it should look at Tuesday like ROD, needs this for that, okay, cool and like the in the in, like the cure stamp. It's like. If you Google, give which tattoos Brian It must be a very strange nerdgasm when you come on that that thing Is that thing written on the side of her body? You shoot a load on that. If you like, a real super nerd and you're banging a chick hot chick who's got that tattooed on her side, like wow, must be like pretty as are as well. This is the whole generation of girls playing games and it's no big deal now What were we talking about right before that? There was something talking about where I was going the litter box, the files, so the guy told me that not only did they do that these are all gears. Tattoos were showing on you. Stream version are easy. Not only did the guy say that they wanted that, but they also wanted to be fed and bowls
They wanted them to bring bowls up to the room like their food, so they could eat on the ground like a dog, so I've seen the furry outfits haven't tried one on. But how do you like there's going to be full name for the whole back thing like you have a trap door like the old school minor underwear right, yeah, oh yeah, but then you can't ship the litter box. If you take off the depends, take off your furry off in the drop, the should learn about yeah matter of for sure defend the pens like a last ditch effort. If you can't figure out how with a suit off yeah and imagine that did have this cleaned very often like the stench of the sweat, never likes, you get. Wool usable so blessed best way, fair enough, the the people that were staying there, which is working there. Rather, it was interesting because it wasn't just one person that was telling US stories. It was like one guy came over told The litter box and another guy came over and told us about bowls and they wanted to be served in bowls and they were all there might be legit. Then, if it's just one dude there's enough legit, I think there's something
No one's telling you not to be a fairy. I just wanted to get that out. There right now, I don't have any judgment on ferries. I do whatever we doing whatever works for you, if you enjoy doing it, who cares, but I would imagine that a lot of people that like to be anonymous like that also have some other peculiar quirks Has anybody ever done? A study? I've always wondered like. Where is that fascination start? There's fuckin' right like when you file your hump in your Teddy bears. A kid could be, could be don't like people, people been mean to you and you wish. You lived in a world of cartoons. Some playful childish world where you just don't even see peoples face you just pull on a hatch and Bangem yeah. Those brownies are the creepiest ones. These grown men at love, like my little pony. You know I didn't even know about that. Until that show we did the other night and some guy pulled it out. I haven't had a my little pony doll in my pocket and 'cause. I was three year old. She told me to hold it. You still have it. I gave it to her, give it back to her butt
someone said that there's a bunch of men who are into my little pony in the column bronies I can't believe I didn't know about. Maybe I didn't know when I just there's so much so there's never heard about the Utilikilt Utilikilt. It's like a kilt that has all these pockets and Shin they sell am at comic con. It's like a thing. There's like dudes wearing around me So underneath nothing, just ball suing! Nothing! That's like the greatest like. What do you thinks what's under there? What do you think cinder there yeah? They would do that for years. You see this shitshow the conventions. I think it's something clicked swag. If your guy walking around in a skirt with no underwear on that's so hack, huh, 'cause girls, in doing that forever right, like you're, stealing their thunder fair enough, whilst tell it to them. My scottish friends, yeah. They were actually probably doing it before skirts right, yeah. I've had best friends, he told me they wear the kilt out and they get more attention from girls to grab their balls. All night really gathering around dirty bridges, bunch of ball grabbing winches. That's what I say: where are this is taking place name the ball grabbing, winches
should and if it's not please make it so make it so make it so they're all touch tune. But some of the bars around here. What is that? It's basically looks good Iphone y'all play music through your phone for free for a fee, but you can pay two like twice the fee to play: make your song play next, really genius keeping every song that's fascinating, yeah. We will go to like redneck bars and like play the most non southern music. We were at when we put on electric six gay bar, a man like in the locals, didn't know about the app and they were trying to figure out. Why isn't it playing like my music? I won't take it to a gay bar and put up, and then we put him Britney and how does it work? Who controls it? The person who
Lou. So there's basically song queue right and then you can do about it. Yeah yeah! Basically, if you pay extra to make your song next the new next, it's a total dick. It's it's great! There's a guy named gamble, a highly love. This guy I'd recommend. Looking at my piece on Spotify sounds like a big black porn star with cow boy hat. Well, he has my name's gamble. Mandingo, who is the song about gambling? Look in your mouth is a song called balls in your hole in a way that song really loud at most bars in just sit there and just love life. Look at call dogs in a bathtub balding. Well, I'm saying that that the act of doing that is called log in the bathtub 'cause, it's hard to keep the dog in the bathtub doggie in the I might buy you a video that one time
I don't understand that. I I don't dog in the bathtub 'cause it's hard to keep a dog in the bathroom, but it's not hard to use that app and turn the music on well. I was talking about putting your balls in someone's assets. Ok, if you shoot out of their videos up that. If you look at Google videos of guys putting balls in someones arrows buttholes, while fucking am putting in. I still have friends that don't these are the pickle jar and John Routines, wanna burn up, Ghaisas yeah, and then it broke. Oh yeah, one guy one jar profit every day is one guy one cup yeah, that's one of the roughest definition do with that guided chunks in interview. He survived it I heard it was odd that breakaway glass that they use only like the fake stuff, the movies really interesting, are you sure that's what I heard yeah but can't glasser it this this? I heard that's not good enough in two thousand and thirteen mister Rachael yeah. What do you mean? Gonna go is fake
now. Some of it wasn't fake that video was no. Some of it was no Paul. It was off Bme pain. Olympics was, was a series of images that people had gathered up online and take an input into a video. As far as was it a real pain olympics like people were like practicing, see who could cut off the most in definitely not. It was just they called it, the bme pain Olympics because Bm me was website that was around for Shannon Larry at the guy who ran it was a friend of mine online. We interactively think he died. Get out of the categories like crazy body, modification, yeah, yeah, pretty sure he died, but very friendly online and he sent me a free membership. Once when I wrote a blog about um, forget it, Does something about me being curious about body modification like all these different, weird things that people do like you know like put plates in their lips?
different tribal schitt, so he sent me all the really extreme ship that he has on his website, which is like dudes cock split down the middle lungs to solve like way before you would get this from a Google search, like you had to know like I got style project tile project was exactly what it's going to say. I found out about him from style project and I found the old right again. I can't live like when I hit my 30s. I can't look at it anymore. Well, you know what it is. Man you've seen it and you know What does Cun if you're stupid you keep looking? You want to feel like shit. I still have never seen two girls, one cup. I have no desire, it's not bad if you're a person who's seen you know the murder, videos and all the stuff that I'm sure you've seen two girls one cup and is that pain, Olympics video, real what you're doing this, what it mean Are you getting this answer? That's like crowdsourced creator of the VM, a payment olympics. I did an interview with him along time ago, for once in your parody of the Bme Pain Olympics
the kind of Louisiana. The the video, the Bme Pain Olympics final round was a parody of the Bme Pain Olympics right, where people from form and same body modifications and Friday of a I've audience yeah. This video, though, was a video just making fun of it like where the guys axes chopping off his dick was actually right, but I know some of them a real dude, I'm pretty sure on some of the different things that were in that video that was compiled for actually actually really happened, like people did actually cut themselves. This I mean it's not like a shortage of those videos out there of guys doing and they just compiled a bunch of them together, yeah I'm there when we were in like late twenties. We look at that should have a goal time and then, like eventually got an HR department and we had to like show that Will you stop? Did they really How dare they you created such amazing pieces of work, while you were doing all that, they think they know better. They can tell you what the fucking think doesn't matter. It's legal issues. Do you know the legal issues, here's what's legal, it should be league. Watch that stuff and she believe the fire. Anybody who complains that's why?
If you work in an office in someone's, like you, have coffee beans over there watching guys get their heads chopped off, I don't want to see it like. Then you don't fit in get out well company. Culture starts in the top. Viewed the very top yeah. When you have to create as very specific work environment. How does kind of suck like if you work like you, sell insurance, you have to have a very specific code of conduct and ethics, no fun. The thing I the thing I don't like is politics now, like the the latter call their full shed disgusting and also like your seem like, like those people get together at like have like a corporate. Tree here and they all like sit around the dinner table and we were next to another night restaurant one guy was talking and toasting everybody's, like oh Christ, him again, and they do this. Valve you can come here. They fly their entire company. An entire companies, families to Hawaii for like two weeks every year, wow, that's bad! I'm like fuck, really like I'm like as much as I would like to think. I I've gotta
my coworkers. You know when I go on vacation or why they're kinda last people I want to see my mother. I was banging each other. The right areas in hawaiian start drinking as Winger Swinger, subcultures fog in the out of each other over the beach and who gives this is to the effort to you on the side. I wanna after you look at the foot well, at two weeks out of the year, everything's cool. It's like that movie the per hour, the worst hands you he said of the year. They all go to the big guy lineages Faucon lava rocks just like wild animals. Shredding they're asked to do whatever they can until they can't do it anymore, and then they go to the hospital and covered in black and they come back home and they blog about it. Jesus start talking, what about each other analysis give a fuck? They can do whatever the hell. They want now I made a lot of money right well what they did was they made steam, which is there such a publisher and like they just raking in money from that they can do whatever they want game wise there there's some next level. So what man, what is the mode video games have valve created? They did Doda to which is one of those
mobile type games like League of Legends Half life of stand, multiply: multiplayer online battle arena Dare you think I would know that, how dare you lose in the near crowded areas firefly now this dude? How dare you have there's a lot of people out there Cliffy B dude? I could never live in Fuckin' Seattle, no it's just the gray man. You could never live in Seattle Brown. Never I put a beauty up there. It is beautiful. I love it up there. We jokingly look at like the whole weather app in my wife's phone. It's like you know, San Diego sunny rally pretty good Seattle Greg, Greg, Greg beautiful though it's so God Dam, green 'cause, it's so easy to grow, shut up there, God Dam, the forests are immense, that so
incredibly driving around out there yeah maybe makes great with green you're still gonna get. I think I think people to go up there, though Brian, I think what they do. Is they just take vacations every year, a lot yeah they go somewhere like release on the ice and sunning. When why, when you live in Ohio there, it's pretty known it's one of the greatest guys. I think an online percentage wise and it's just a mile or Ohio yeah, and it because it's just always cloudy always rainy, and I think it's it may be the number one. I hate getting darker leash, it that's the worst thing, yeah That doesn't bother me that much. I think it's important to have a mixture, and I agree with you that I would way rather have California's weather, where it's always sunny and pretty nice all the time, then going back to Boston and deal with those. Going gray winters, because those winters were horrible. He doesn't pressing. I was up there visiting while back, and I was what what's wasn't. Quincy went to some other town. I can member to visit my buddy drew's of writer on Bioshock and word of irish pubs. Don't have applying some random girls. Talking to him- and she said it was a really cute street right there
just like what do you think about town and like that's lovely, it's like what do Cuida I'm, as I said, the town which should have just box or just to prove a point and she's drinking water, cooler I'll show you joke Lee right now: american girl, Mary Dude, Well, you she's a rubber rubber dick, then respects search for carry rubber dick just to just to put wound up yeah there you go days of Cloud Seattle, WA, two hundred twenty six days of heavy clouds per year. Let's sixty two percent of the time, Portland Oregon slightly less Buffalo New York, slightly less experience, yeah a lot of Ohio's yeah. But you know what I was going to say is that I do think that California is a better set of weather, but I into some benefit to experiencing weather? I think there's a benefit to
being in the rain. I think it's nice. It makes the environment better. It's healthier cleans out the air like having seasons in North Carolina seasons are not last seasons. The years fuckin' flight right by seasons are nice. It makes you appreciate the other and then in the middle of January, will go to like the Caribbean for a week or two and just talking and getting Llama Beach guided. However, I was in Edmonton like couple weeks ago and it was Fuckking zero and I came back to LA and it was eight I got a buddy loses working at Wb Games Montreal. He added the new Batman Game and he would tell me he's like get off his bus or get out of the subway ever going to work and like the ten minute walk to the actually at the office. Is beer would freeze yeah. That's totally hear such good things about Montreal, but, like their visit. It's going in the summer, and I just I'm done with winter, and it's just rough I used to gigs in Montreal in the winter they should do well, the comedy works Montreal when I was living in New York would fly there an it was. You know: minus ten fifteen, if just your axe, depending on where you are, do you like, depending on like
no image, canadian crowd, for example, I should've and that's why I failed many times in those environments. Yeah now it depends. Now. There's two schools of thought. One school of thought is do something that everybody is going to like. That's the Jay Leno School of thought. I can you know my contract. I could do my act anyway. Yeah I could do it little kids, don't matter. I have to take steps in Johnny, guys, don't want to do that Jalen will actually said to me when I asked him once about bill. Hicks could bill Hicks wrote some like really mean shared about him. He's like I don't know, you know bill, didn't want to do what what everybody to hear and want to do what he wanted to do. I think there's only one way to really get your audience and you have to continue to do what you want to do and there's going the nights where the people don't wanna, hear that shit it's going to be. They don't know who you are, especially. If you have a dirty act, it's tricky situations tricky do so. A lot of guys would write a lot of material that may be necessarily was more utilitarian. Just more served a purpose, then it would be like there
actual expressions, so they would throw that in there if it felt like it was going over. I love video games. I love movies, but also fun love comedy fun like I saw Colin Kane Gilson him at all. No, I don't know who is Ellie Base guy. He said he's up and coming and he sees just imagine, Dane Cook if he was completely just filthy in massage just hurt my feelings, I'm going to be want. You know just kidding I like doing I'm friends with Dan. I started out with Dan really, but I do have to pay yeah. Here's something interesting is that the top ten unhappiest cities, which is crazy, 'cause because it's the exact same list that we saw that cloudy like the first one is Portland or second one is saint. Louis third, Marlins, don't kiss me Orleans Detroit Cleveland, Jacksonville, FL, vague, ISS, Nashville, again Cincinnati. Atlanta. It look real rallies not anywhere on. There keeps me the
cities, man I was thinking if I could go anywhere- I'd- probably to Texas for the same reason why it's not as expensive the Austin L, a Austin Austin, is one of my my my short list of the place that level of leisure would said. Elaine is that it is most often did you really yeah. I was up there for self with southwest. Do that's my one of my favorite cities right and that's why I called Raleigh many Austin, because it's like this little kind of like many sea of cool in the middle of this GOP rolled state, and you know I'm doubling down there. You know it's like the coasts are great. You know it's like good. If we go two hours away to the beach man like he, he just like the beach real estate in Carolina Beach is like you get on on the water, for three hundred Grand Lake, it's and then the key. She got a Wilmington rights bill, which is a little bit old money right in like the same kind of be like a million bucks. But it's like you you have more freedom to go to the yacht club to there and that kind of five right I'd rather be hanging out with all the rednecks is our
why was I just a red x are awesome. Well, I come back in and close to live in person. Strange white white was gears of war number two number three number ported by the to the pc's, but your gears of war one was it's. You know a myriad of reasons. It's the only way to really succeed in that space at the time was to put something on steam and it just man hours at the time. So it wasn't z, conversion from the control, the controls. Also, it didn't translate that well, you know with the whole cover system and everything like that, anybody ever figured out how to do a keyboard and mouse for console. Now, They do. Is they just make it the twin stick thing and what they do. Is they assist your aim without you really realizing it? It's called friction in adhesion. So if I move my crossover, you in HALO, if you ever play it, it's slightly slows your crosshair a little bit. So it helps you like. Damn I'm good, it's actually pretty. No, but that was like real technology and actual war. You know it's like the curse, found people
around corners everything into the the futures. In you know. The see saw the DARPA, Robotics Mary's or was Boston dynamics that that can carry like three hundred pound form right, XO suits and yeah. How about those robot dogs? He can kick yeah and it will fall down yeah. It was like a like that too yeah I've seen a impressively Some miles should come on out my biggest problem right now is just data everywhere, like I'm addicted world to to did the feet or to to do data news news stories like everything breaks things go viral but like that whole instance that the executive producer for bachelor who's on the plane around Thanksgiving with the lady who is claiming that she was being a bitch and he sent her some drinks and told her to eat his dick, and it turns out that the whole thing was He just made it all up, and it's too late to be gone viral there. It is but yeah, it's incredibly creepy looks like a bunch of broken legs. Bambi. That's like some metal gear, solid right there in the number two man yeah hi, facing each other Kerry. Packer like this big donkey yeah. Some weird, like a like a couple: drunken people college kids, trying to move their
futon or something when those things are acting on their own? That's one! That's going to be weird thing when you seen those coming over the mountains of Pakistan machine guns on top of them, Amazon and the drones. We never really talked about that. They and I think that was more pr thing for them, thanks yeah, because the mom hurdles that have to get through for that to happen once explained we talking about yeah, I was, I was talking about using actual drones to deliver packages, which is one of the most ridiculous. Things. I've ever heard in my life. That would mean you would have to like A drone would fly a package to your house and drop off in front your house and a lot of people thought that maybe
happened a hundred years from now or twenty years now, but Amazon's kind of front and talking about how they're gonna deliver did with that show me. A person who has a gun is not a trend, shoot those things that third well to insure them right, or he will also get mad too. You know of flies over the property, yep also just think about they've. This did start catching on. We would have to say goodbye to sun sets. We do not see the clouds in the sky anymore. We just have thousands of these little robots flying around to drop enough tampons, but at the same time dude. What I'm gonna do a target in the year right. True, every everything online, but hey here's the the packages, is come to this thing, I guess, and then it gets picked up by a drone. So so This is real because it seemed like a practical joke for the longest time and less they're just planning an April fools now. Maybe if it's not important shit, you can just fly it around like that, but it seems like man, that's not really sure. Don't espresso maker yeah,
Thirty minute delivery. That is what you know. They're trying to do you live in Raleigh with Amazon Prime? We were some sh in the afternoon, the next day bomb done. So this is real wow. This is fucking strange. I think then projecting. Remember that old video, where it's like heavy ever you know, say goodnight to your kid on a video phone. You will write becoming became strangely true, I think they're kind of projecting a little bit further forward People are going to shoot those fucking things exactly so, even like kids with BB guns, dude yeah. I just want Amazon platinum where, if I'm home the take that out of the box and they take the box in the wrapping away well, you could actually just shoot the package. What you could do is as the guys flying if you had a high powered rifle and looking out the window, you just take the package out from the sky and home and he delivers a package with big bullet hole in it. Yeah people going
will be flying over the Fucking house. There probably planning on urban areas, originally right where it's already noisy and she'll act, people urban. How does urban become black people had with captain there. That's weird right. It's very weird, like the only black people live in cities or something so euphemism for human just want to say it's an urban crowd. They want, they want to say black people, they don't wanna, get in trouble, so they say it's an urban crowd, but yet you go to urban outfitters. Instead, Thomas whitest place you've ever been anything urban outfitters is the opposite of urban right. That's the dumbest name for that place ever hot topic: urban public, suburban outfitters, urban out for an we have to make a fuckin' agreement on what actually means? I mean I was scared to go in the store for the first five years of open, that's racist. He thought you were going to get ganked, corn free chains, dude, I have a fucking hate them all. I don't know if I'm just grumpy old man, I just can't stand, stand
yeah, it's a good place to find stores. What do you hate about them? All It's not forcing you to go there yeah, it's definitely an efficient all the deficiency yeah. Let's call You could try clothes on, you know, buy things closer, closing food or the two things you buy in person right everything else. One click that in your phone, so we got off track, but I wanted to ask you like: if you were going to buy, you said you would build your own laptop pc but like when you buy one now like what company do you like? We got the razor blade for the laptop. Is that mean it's just it's a razor make like the Razer mice. Yeah same company makes a laptop, and then they just crushed it. With this one, it's a fantastic laptop. I met that dude. God calls himself razor guy me and Lou Morton, who is one of the writers on news, radio and a couple other guys went to. He had a bunch of prototype mice that was back when they had weird mouse member that one blank yeah remember that saying super accurate. They had like a two thousand.
Dpi sensor long before anybody else did they mean it was a really sensitive. They knew super super sick play to the core yeah but it was also it would like can't kind of getting old school because it was a ball. It was a still already knew get. Wasn't laser got me in there? Yes, it up and get all the doctor borders and the problem was they were trying to pretend that that shape wasn't retarded yeah member. They had that ridiculous. Org totally on ergonomic shape, is like a duck's foot yeah. I is flat yeah. It was weird. I use it, though, because it was so God damn accurate. Put up with it, but I went back to do you, member the that gaming mouse, that Logitech Gaming mouse? That was the ship as a white one. Now, though, the Logitech has it was a great one. Okay, it was like a mouse that was invented just for gaming, and it had like this real small. Almost like do your whole of so guys like cow hooves, services shake was an optical or not was not are initially, but it was so good. It wasn't as fast as far as like picking up
felt so good in your hand that it made up for the fact that it wasn't as fast John Romero just went to like a 20th anniversary. I think it was at least twenty or twenty five over for dinner. He's doing well, man wow, that was a guy. He was when it was him and Carmack, and he was like the guy who went on to do that. Crazy game was a him to go with my car doom quake right, but I like a target time like it's on a database was fine man died. Team did not get enough respect. He was one of the first people to be progressively bullied by the forming internet. Only only one wanted to hate him ways to sex beautiful it should die, Cortana pull up of Diga Tana by Cortana had like some really fun multiplayer like the one on one and I clicked on it was really fun. The rocket was a little bit imbalanced. Little rocket launcher Harvey I'll, go to Dallas in a state of my hotel downtown. I look at that building and I just I see it as a cautionary tale for if I start a studio like be careful
you know like what you got explain to people, don't know what the fuck were talking. Sorry, sorry, so John Romero was one of the key creators behind doom and quake which basically invented the first person shooter genre John Carmack went to Oculus by the way. That's another side note yeah! I knew about that months in advance. Shot information. Like video games. First rock rockstar right he's the guy. I wanted to be growing up right and then he started his own company with Eidos money. Those made from tomb raider a start in Dallas got biggest most expensive, penthouse suite. He could find insane real estate and he did the whole Gary Oldman get me everyone like hard way too many people way too many fast and basically over shot in his first game, they never came so much money, though pr disaster for him on, but Deus Ex came out of that, which is a fantastic series on Akron oxygen, underrated, little role playing game. I know so many people who work there and were there first hand and a lot of them still work at epic,
the name of the company and ion storm I on storm and they get they became infamous because an ad agency had made an ad. That's a John Romero's input to make you his. What is this but yeah, I'm down what is prime day could Tana this? Is it yeah? Will the UBC prize me all games, the graphics don't hold up man, oh yeah, but your memory of them right yeah. I can't hardly but I want to see the multiplayer if you could find it, it was really good. Multiplayer was fun. It was like old School quake- one. A quick one was like really fast, and you would you know when you are running. You were really running fast and quick to they slowed it way down. I'm just you know, there may be a mark. For a new one of those soon. If you know what I'm saying is winking at me, folks clearly heterosexual, he can't say, but he's working right now on something just like that. I think you're going to tell me more material here. Dude, I don't care, that's why I'm getting it but yeah. Do you think
some people these kids to play called. Do you know what are the proper like? There's talk, a thon, a pc shooter is, I, I think, a lot of kids don't. But if you hear this at least one of these events, they're still playing counter strike in team fortress two look how bad this is. Sucking yet look pretty good. We got four barrel. Eighteen barrels, It's called the shots, Legler yeah that was cool, Have you started out with like a thing that you punch people and they had to run around, and I I enjoy those games two. We had to collect the items here that I'm on the rocket launcher would reappear. That's like just flowing through the level right now, just painting the sound cues and knowing where they're coming from and the one on one battles and everything yeah. Well, people have never played these things. They really are never going to understand how much like thinking is going on simultaneously an movement of your hands and fingers like it's incredibly intoxicated, and it is it's not like people, think of it as like. Oh you're playing games like what are you doing pretending some folk and shoots going on WO wo who killed the where wolves? Now it's
you're online, in real time with some. And you know they could be fuckin' anywhere and with the technology that we have today and you're playing this incredibly quick. Thank you. All. Your senses are firing in everyone's on mountain dew to and now a bit there on out all right, but these kids are out of all the up there right energy drinks times three. They say that, like amphetamines and FED means were like one of the best things that you could ever take. If you're playing a first for shooter really yeah, because you could get lots it into like a really intense battle for a long time and you wouldn't lose concentration people were taking in feta means to play fucking video games. So what would happen? Imagine like with some of these twitch first person, shooters become big in the Esports scene, is still have to start screening for just like blood doping, probably yeah? I would imagine serve millions of dollars at stake. You know That guy has that extra edge. Yeah, you know, the whole Lance Armstrong thing yeah
There's probably some, but I mean maybe make sure the judgments, though yeah you know like maybe that's too much or maybe you're you're too fat, but I know muscle memory its strategy right. It's it's all there, but such as that, there's also like it takes away nerves in a weird way. You know I Part of competition is nerves, part of come and like a big thing in the in the pool world and professional pool. Guys, take amphetamines, he's take pills and they would be able to play for one twelve hours and they didn't have nerves, like their nerves, would go away because they were like one of them. Crystal meth people, do they make terrible fuckin' decisions, because there blacked out of their mind. They don't even know that they are there like they're, barely aware of what the fuck is happening in front of them. They have a completely distorted perception of reality. Well, along with that, allegedly in apparently comes like an ease in competition because for things that don't require cardiovascular, like you would obviously had a heart attack. If you tried, you know smoking, meth and playing basketball, apparently for some people, smoking, meth or
in math and playing pool like works really. Well, it's it's. You know watching football and watching the kicker. It's like you know you have one job, no pressure right, don't funk it up! That's a terrifying job though you gotta bunch of Fuckin' Gigen. Super athletes running at you, forty, so I grew up like canoeing Xenon sports were forced on my throw, but my brothers and I hated them as, like. I shine your I'm gonna like video games and only like a few years ago. It's it's just really started enjoying that. I fell. You will out yourself, yeah, it's working, love it its chest with two hundred and eighty dudes. I would definitely like it. I just can't watch it's too much, how many time yeah fair enough. It's like. I spend too much time obsessing about a million other things I want to get involved in football too. Like I tune into those like Fox, shows where they started. Having these conversations well, Denver's got to get off the back end. What was going on with involves Pittsburgher Pitts Burg doesn't fix this, like I gotta, go,
but for me it's a whole new game to learn that I've ignored my whole life and I'm willing to admit that. I don't know a lot about it and it's just you know, I'm rooting for the saints 'cause, my wife, some New Orleans, and they just did a team. Has a lot of heart. Drew Brees is fucking stud, an it's excuse to drink beer on a Sunday and it's. Fun fun to watch. Man seems like it's fun. I mean it's kind of like a gladiator type thing. You know you're watching like some sort of an organized war, just they don't actually kill each other examination balls to make it out another couple: UFC events that one that you in Charlotte that looks fucking, That was a good one. That was along time ago, man that was a totally different experience than the UFC. Today, somebody on Twitter, like oh you're, going to show Joe you're mad knowledge of MMA. I'm, like I don't know shit like I'm, not going to try and fake it. Like I went there, I'd appreciate it was fucking fantastic and I felt like a savage 'cause like at the beginning like oh, this is so violent by the end of like fucking, kill him get him. How dare you Clippy, being someone's played too many video games shouldn't say, kill him that seems rude, The level of athlete those very, very high, now
Then I mean we're talking about what is like two thousand and five or four something like It was in Charlotte there's a long time ago. I forget the exact year, but the level of athlete is gone up considerably since then, yeah. It's mostly football right. When I want to look at the old school videos of football players and how big they were and how fast they move versus these guys now, how much change is there been, though, in the last decade I don't know honestly it's streaming into strength, training on better I mean the the this or I may is, is it's still relatively new sport compared to the other ones, yeah, and you just start, and also you just starting to get like the real top and athletes to come over to MMA, where, as before getting guys. You know who may be like wrestled in college, but they didn't have a professional outlet in the UFC came along and some of them reluctantly went into the UFC now you're. Getting these guys grew up wanting to be UFC Fighter, that's cool. They sought from the beginning, never forgets, and what what it's like hearing that the crowd like get all crazy and because somebody was coming through and realized it was Dana White and like how they, just they just worship him and how cool that was
We turn that thing around in school yeah. Well, there's a lot of factors involved, but without Dana wouldn't happen, he's a nut he's obsessed with it. It loves it. I talked. We talked about fights last night for about two one slash two hours. I called my son. We talked about the mark, hunt, fight and all this crazy shit. That's going on right now and next weekend on my buddies, who are bar owners, will deliberately not have the UFC fight on WHI, because some of them believe that it attracts the type of guy who like wants to get late that night, so it definitely does three hours. You know he's going to show up having some drinks and he's going to happens a lot more than you think. I know a lot of bars in Ohio that the same thing I mean the fights. What bars the no? No. My friend owns a bar on that that it's like a pool bar and I I think they used to play there, but then they always fights there. So he's like wow yeah. Well, man, you had alcohol, alcohol and a bunch of people watching people kick peoples asses and getting their asskicking bonerz yeah even in Raleigh at two hundred am at some outside some of the bars, and then you see
Could you imagine if there was a club, a man, women, club or men, and women went there where they just showed porn all over the place? They showed like big wide screen videos of people having sex. Could you imagine how I mean that would like turn. Be really fucking quiet like much like how the US seal, you have the you have seen a bar people want to be asked. If you had, I think, first of all peoples. It would be really interesting, like as a study, if you get some scientists involved and seeing where I mean, You can really manipulate people like that unless they volunteered but how many more people who watch the porn wound up: hooking. That night now versus how many people who didn't watch porn. I went to a regular bar yeah. I don't know that be fascinating, but I mean what kind are we talking about hardcore like just
Gagging mascara spit everything up there tomorrow does that in LOS angeles- and I think me and duncan- went there once and in the back. They just showed a woman's gaping in this so easy. It was just on a projection on the wall. Then you're just sitting out there. Looking at this girl, getting like like posing like summer later, someone yeah, yeah, yeah yeah course, there's a there's, a bar called a cozy car, something in San Francisco we're like a close the car- that's my nickname from a, but this the cat was because they have like all all the old playboy like issues in pictorials laminate in the tables and everything that's kind of mesmerized. Well, that's kind of interesting, the old ones, especially because it's like you're watching a piece of history, Singapore, anymore with the ladies like eighty now you are not beating off to that. I don't care how hot she looked back. Then you know, very few people that beat off the pictures of naked Marilyn Monroe as pretty as she was just man, that's ancient stuff.
I had a friend of mine who just was in Delhi in India, and just because I like gravy- and she just like she wore the full very little make up a full on like and showing no skin. Everything should help should how much how many times did you get our grabbed in the late one of was like a fish like a guard at the TAJ Mahal and that that was ever even it's just a mother. Friend who happens to be indian, was thought we were talking about the indian rape, culture and she says it's Shane, it's fuckin' rough. How did what happened? How did India become a place where all these gang rapes keep occuring, I mean, is it being, over sensationalized in the media. Or is it really that them? What I gather it's it's pretty yeah. She felt very uncomfortable. She heard her facebook poses like India. You were amazing to visit, but they you know some of the five I got was really a little unsettling while she just she did like this world towards God. Damn that's weird? What is that? And it's it's it's very weird when you see it, and it also coincides with a population of a billion people because I always assume- and this is based on what I've seen
Mister money and how people treat each other, and when you have too many people, when you have like too many people twenty million people, whatever a billion people, you lose the value it's like there's no value in people yeah, there's too many of them. Will they become in value they become. They become problem to be around at the cat. A this weird cultural things to epic had partnered with Tencent before left as as a sold, much stock. Everything- and we got this like you know. What would you like to know if you to release a game in China and hear things that are culturally loud and things that are kind to avoid and one of the things that was a big, no, no you couldn't have in your game was any exposed bone like any notes, also get a psalm be like you couldn't see any of the bone in it. It's just really like you can't do it for some reason, and the other thing was that you
a certain type of fear, a chemical. It's called where your freedoms of densely packed holes like coral lake in to avoid those kinds of patterns in your game. This bunch of people get freaked out by that apparently densely packed holes like coral freak out chinese people. That was the what the pad the whole pamphlets and username for it something of phobia right. It's a coral phobia. It's not it's, not just coral! It's like you know, any sort of surface that is very porous like that. Spongy type thing right and that's uh, sure thing yeah its culture. I don't know of it existing in other places, but I think when they have a billion people- and you have you- know five percent of people factor with that. Well, you may wanna, you know, keep that it is weird when you see how far people go off the track when it comes to like what their culture accepts, expects of each other yeah like how about Muslims, where you're not even allowed to draw Muhammad? If you draw him yeah, he like kids, christian kids. They can draw a picture of God with a beer in the clouds. In do it,
part of their first three, the judge cartoonist to die. She didn't like to with like a bomb turbine. One point he had like fought was just issued for South Park. Yeah yeah some of them really yeah. They got in trouble for it. Look more image mean it's amazing that you could get that far, though, that a culture can get. You can call it a religion if you want, but it's basically a pattern of behavior pattern of behavior that a bunch of people willing to fall to get so far that if you write down or draw your guy that you believe just drawn to dominate theist, but I have friends who are very religious and it's like whatever gets you through the fucking day. If you know the thing is: if you're not hurting anybody else, whatever it fucking works for you like a Beatles song, man should I get you through that? You know you want to you want to lead people Fuckin' Telema, you know what happens when you die yeah. Definitely help the water tell them that you found some magic schitt. You found some shed that I'm telling you I'm gonna sit. Sending me information, hey I'm just a conduit! I'm not your God, and but your guys talking through me, I want you to suck my dick. I don't know why people,
I want something they want to be part of. Something. Is that tribal nature funk those guys over there? Why 'cause we're us in their them? There's definitely that right and if you even see it with a nerd culture where it's like you know, are you a nerd enough or you are really cool really using a MAC yeah, exactly same reason: I'll tell my friends like what kind of hardware I have like in anything 'cause, it's like! Oh, you should get a so, and so it's too much more using AMD card, Dude God to this. So yesterday a tv for the gaming room or that one is too laggy. You shouldn't, there's always a better one coming out. They should wait for and it's not ever have anything fuckin' recounts. You have the both Xbox and Ps4 yeah the new one start ship right now, so we're trying to I'm just saying. Is it? Do you prefer one over the other one more about in Tendo right now, yeah the New Mario's fucking, testing. The new Zelda's great. He tried to Xbox with your tv, though We don't have cable yeah. Now we just use like Netflix and Hulu and all that shit and we used. Cast also that's the future. Isn't it dude It seems like it right time. Warner made their own bad man and you know more and more people are cutting that fucking cable Netflix works so well, yeah
it's so well. I just I want everything plus right now, Hulu plus work so well. All of them work so well. The I love love Itunes. I don't watch the walking dead recently on tv, all my god. I want to fucking kill some personally. It was every fucking. Ten minutes it was a commercial was like this is such a bad way to watch a gripping show all of a sudden. It's dancing potato chips, yeah, it's like it's like from the 50s and 60s right, so I gotta stay over. Well, you know what it is man, it's like television in the current form where you have to watch it when it plays. You have to watch it live it's like silent movies man. It doesn't work anymore, yeah, it's stupid, yeah! Well, so it do driving around LA proper, like the amount of signs I've seen for Netflix and Hulu and Series like it. That's too we taking over and they can take more risks in those he's sitting at the Youtube explosion right like it's so many places are just getting like little warehouses out in, like whatever
you know city it out here and they're, just making gold like Freddie, Wong's videos, man well, there's so many people that are doing these weird videos to where they just stand in front of a camera, and they start talking about something, and then they have all these quick edits? But it's like you know I grew up in this click edit and then into the mall, and when I was a kid we like this, almost like him, no room for it, air and and they they they've, edited like every brass or pause in between every word yeah, and they have this weird, fast, editing style to draw my life stuff, also right, but it's really prevalent like what how done fast, editing, weird style of you to video, become so ma'am. Well, let me ask you questions like for me when I watch you tube video, if, like that, it doesn't interest him in the third, the first thirty seconds, I'm out, I'm like I'm done just like he can live with that they're going hey I'm on the next video yeah. I guess you know who I believe the number when you to subscribe person is. Is this kid was like like finish or something it seems like people die and he just
videos of him playing games and talking about them all the time he just gets insane views. That's weird Really sexy can't predict who's got good bone structure or back at least have finally released a sequel to Friday. Did she really 'cause? I saw that online was that bullshit at Saturday she really did make a song called Saturday come on man. She put it online help in views and syrup bad is it well she's kind of acting like she's a little hungover and she morning too hard she's trying to get ST cred talking about getting I'm thinking she needs the next. One should be Sunday Funday, where she's like drinking Bloody Marys, getting all fuckedup with her friends to him coke trying to stay up this leading the. Continues, finds blunder. Socks isn't working came from. I did not know about
Oh my god. Oh my god. This is real. If they had no one in this video was singing and they didn't show anybody singing. There's enough. People out there that are almost retarded, that they would the postmodern Rebecca Black. It's all like me and my friends going the Palisades.
We're going to sit around and pretend that this is what we do when we push each other on skateboards, lower high on Oxy's yeah right, but my mom's clothes were all in the water. It looks like we're having fun but actually Billy just drown and we're trying to find him before he fell off the dock, and we can't tell his mom because we have his car and funky. Doesn't Marcus is underwater, dude fucking, internet man. This is weird, that is in there dude. I could find his pants. I mean it's crazy, they're nutty. You know she got up at two hundred o'clock. She told you two hundred o'clock in the afternoon right pictures which are going to bed like five minutes and give a fox went to bed at noon. She went to bed at noon. Two ready to fuck again just crazy she's doing blow just fucking,
full helium upper arc. Music factory do when we were not that's like are the yeah the once you do all those muse, those vanity music videos for like the Retort County girls. What else? That's like that Friday and all those that all comes out company that it's called ARC music factor come now, so the the they let air circulate admits for you get a music video or whatever all my goodness. I don't even play that Jimmy effects get on me right now, I'm had too much already I'm starting to shake it's like like not drink. Coffee and drinking many cups. All at once. I can't handle it too much girl band yeah there you go, somebody tried to somebody tried to tell me like I walked into a bookstore in the car, playing one direction. I go wrong question. The real question is: in you know that this is one direction I totally got grown adult.
It's a cycle, did every ten years of a couple years gone like our boy bands, but said to come back in yep, just sh that trains on time yeah. I felt that and I saw it in Vegas for the first time in the elevator I go. What is this? I had to explain as my friends what is this all that's the new one new boy band, I come, I didn't see them coming here, they're huge already like instantly. It's such a weird psychology for young girls. They, like those very like androgynous dudes, who are very non threatening course, they're dabbling in the world of sexuality. You know, if you had a bunch of fuckin', Andrei Arlovski, lemon open chess playing guitar sticking their tongue out with giant. Old, sock cock in their pants like and leather, tight, pants giant guys custom made ties to bother giant legs, and this is big snake, like cock, pressed up against his upper hip. You know it's too much for a little girl who's, just starting to learn our ways just trying to figure out what our friend means the end of every month: japanese boy, bands or even
worse on. Have you ever seen those wow yeah I have in K pop does a lot of weird and drugs and going on with japanese people. They're into a lot of weird androgynous. There was a guy who is an androgynous kickboxer who's. Actually, very good. He was in. I guess that is some some character, Manga character. It was a pass kickboxer. Let me find out. Let me seems like give me shut. Kick your house yeah? No, he was legit and he was fighting in K1 MAX Dsl video did you know. Seattle has this law where if two people agree to fight there, you can just fight in the street and uh somebody falls and they have to stop say that again, what so Phoenix Jones is that relates to power, yeah, yeah, yeah and cold will full combat, or something like that. Yeah and there's a viral video from this, or do you just would not leave alone was hammered in Phoenix, just drop them.
Yeah, that's guys, are fucking hilarious, that guy dresses up like a superhero and he's an MMA fighter he's a really badass wider yeah. This is woo. Shin mean. He said this is the androgynous. Boy band, boy, band, there's a whole thing: the Korean, the movements. I right now, I'm not to admit it pretty good production values, Eugene Hero, not your Shima, that's the dude's name, pull up a video him Brian you. Why you are a c h? I r O. Nagashima K1 Kick Butt So this videos of him looking like a girl He comes out with a dress on a skirt and a crazy
dances Fox it's even cooler than he's: yeah he's badass man, I've seen the dude fight a bunch of times and apparently, when he first started, he actually wasn't that good and got you know. People were like teasing him because of his his outfit, although she did in two and then he got really good that slides up. You know you play counter strike with people who are better than you and you get better and clippies dropping knowledge it had to be the best you could be the PSA. The more you know, I think I went to his last. Ufc fight hasn't fought since then later he was This is against Krauss, he's probably going to affect up
bill across is applied, did pushing ahead, though he'll get his dances like this. This is, he has his whole, like choreographed thing that he comes out to Holyshit he's the best he's fighting Albert Cross, though, who is a multiple time champion from HOLLAND? I don't know who won the fight, but I would imagine Crossword Heaven advantage. This is must be in Japan. They used K1 MAX was like a big kick boxing organization tips. I agree with the fact that there was a lot of like really talented guys were at a lighter weight. His Jap Japan put really high level kickboxing worldwide on the map with K1 and then The K1 was all heavyweight guys, so they from that 2K1 MAX, which is all guys. I think the weight limit was like that one. Sixty pounds, I'm not sure, but like gold, go ahead, so you can see him fighting this dude. He was bad man, even though he he got killed,
but I was correct: Boomslang. There's your way here. There's a skirt pulled ahead. Full quit before that, so you can see like some of the fight is actually a good fighter. Is the guy He's fighting is like super super high level. You really should never be in against this guy he said nobody likes a blowout, but he's yeah he's like a step below, but what they would do in Japan. They don't give a fuck man that first round two that's fifty minutes and fifty seconds in the first round. Yeah put it up to the beginning, but Japan would have a lot of freak shows. That was one of the things that they had a real problem with with pride and some of the actually we do in K one they would put too many p pull that didn't have any chance at all together We have guys just get slaughtered disguise
invite guys that they had no business fighting these dudes, and this is one of those instances. It is a beast Cross has been around a long fucking time too. I think he's probably got one hundred fights he's fought like the cast of the best to like high level competition and like style of like hauling kickboxer. He kind of embodies out style junkies. His character and say anything had it right when he said the sport of the future. John, track was ahead of his time. Bro John Cusack is great on twitter. By the way, it would say that yeah I've got John Cusack speaks his mind. He's very intelligent, Wrestlemania, five years Nana. I think so. Maybe online me on Twitter dude, I got my favorite thing is a heat we drinking drinking come makes pineapple juice, taste delicious, and then I retweeted that I got to be reckoned beach. It's the did. He do his foot. The joke, though, because it's supposed to say I get it yeah I get it, which is everything up. Everything you tweets is just amazing,
uh. It's fucking, one of the best Twitter's out there. Why you saying that Brian I disagree in my stomach, hurts, don't don't disagree. Brian pushes rude! If you can love him on Twitter, ok, you guys are going to fight I'm going to leave the room because I don't want we have the ship, whatever you do, do not put your name in the word camel in the same thing as you won't find it anywhere. No don't put his name in the word camel. You're, holding your tongue tied Brian British. You tell me this after the podcast, then we like there's something with holding nothing, nothing! I don't follow him on Twitter. I guess outside. I don't follow on Twitter, but I saw him on Kimmel once and it was one of those performances. I guess he probably wasn't happy with either, but it was so like like who is this guy how to get on camel? And then I looked at my as Holyshit he's huge
and everything, and then I never seen us live comedy. Yeah Twitter's. You know he got in early two. I think two is one of those things where you literally can go viral and just be a regular person who says something funny and one person sees in the Senate to other people and next thing you know you got a million followers yeah. You know, you know how it happens. A lot also is: when Twitter first came out, they, I guess they added to the people. You should follow, listen up and there's so many People like I met a comic day today. That has like almost a million I'm like I've, never heard of this guy, and he told me it was because that twitter put him on some list once and then every time you signed up for twitter, you automatically just added him so to get on the air, but I mean the thing is: is you guys know as well as I do like the wrist can have? A lot of followers is not necessarily mean. There's a lot of engage followers like I've, always cooking, so level, two million followers, no tweet something relatively funny, and it could be like three retweets and then you get like somebody who has like you know a hundred thousand and then they've tweets on the really funny. Next, you know five thousand retweets, it's it's and it's it's not a precise science, but it's fun. You
there's a lot of people buying twitter followers and they don't really even get twitter followers they get like robots gets. It just makes your number look good. You bullshitin, there's a website. You can look up peoples, twitter names and see how many are real fake, Oh really, then how do you know he got in trouble? 'cause he's buying a whole bunch of followers in there during the election e yeah, but it's not bad. Is it bad to do like? If someone does that that makes him look less legit! That's what makes it look cool because the you know you, you have a comedy club or somebody doesn't wow. This guy has two million hits he that's a lot of people that we can get into this comedy exactly those numbers very seriously right. But if that's what, if you're funny guy save funny guy and people don't really know yeah, but you pretty pretty good and you find out that you could do that and then also you can get work yeah. I can see people justified imagine that that would only work. So much love your funny already. I mean, let's take a guy like that people don't know like ok like perfect example, Joey Diaz five years ago years ago. Nobody knew who Joey Diaz was if you could get Joey Diaz. Two and fifty
one thousand twitter followers and then like, let it club know like hey: it's got two hundred thousand twitter followers, people love 'em. Ok, that seems like a lot. Ok, let's try him and then boom yeah. But now this where settings is twitter, followers aren't real, so they wouldn't come to the show, yeah, but there get who get hired, yeah? Yes, I say it wouldn't work would only work a couple times to the clubs. Go wait! A second. You know rain in the accident. Yeah maybe had an offer to tweet about some sort of new to re. Does for like money in a month like how much three grand a tweet all three granite. We rates for real good. I could buy some dirty women hold on. They pay you the tweet about Doritos. I had the offer. I couldn't do it. I was employed at the time. Huh, that's interest! how many people are getting paid to tweet and what is the most? I need to start doing it. I want to make sure I'm not going to do it, but I'm going to make sure that everybody knows right now. I've never been paid to tweet ever I've been accused of it before, but when I tweet about
if I like it, just because it's cool, that's that's! That's the key ran it's like you can start taking that money, but then your crack starts going down. You can't I don't. I don't think you can. I can't I was Unless it was something we could. But if you did, then nobody would believe anything if you're like I like this thing there like do you like it or you being paid for, but ok well, let's have, but how about a friend What, if you're a known into, is used to certain things like you like nice cars, what a Ferrari says hey! We want to pay you to tweet about the four five italian she. Alright, it's fucking, awesome car. You want me to just let people know that. I think it's awesome. It's indisputable! It's awesome! I would do that, but you know someone so it's worth it needs a little girly. Looking. How dare you I do there! You are you in at four thirty guys with that. Next to the event, I'll take dance, beat that's a car. That's for guys need way too much tension. Okay, it's not good for you to have a that's like silly. What are you batman?
don't be stupid. If it's blacked out to pc in Raleigh Disappoint, you have one of those in Aventador. How dare you only have Dario drive the Aventador and she drives the Guyardo LP five hundred and sixty to Bojangles see the guyardo is much more realistic vehicle to be driving around in a vented doors. That's a fucking batmobile. It looks like if you would ask any year old his dream car would be. How fast is it it's pretty fucking fast, this is Gary zero to sixty in two point, eight, is it scary to draw it's it's not as scary as the older lamborghinis they've find it a lot control all that yeah yeah they're conditioning works right. So, if Aventador came to you and said hey, we want to pay you, you would do it now. They should pay. Me retroactively 'cause. I tweet about the damn thing, all the time should pay you listen, how arrogant, coffee beers he wants Lamborghini, he thinks Lamborghini over money and you know it's a niche business. You should be happy to support them because it wasn't for Lamborghini making lamborghinis noble If you making lamborghinis and you'll left out in the cold? No batmobile fair enough. What would you
if you didn't, have that, would you go Ferrari or do you think it's too girly Mclaren Mclaren Mclaren's? Don't sound good yeah, that's a problem! these oven there's something missing. You know that new car I've up thing up. Mclaren. New car. I've gotten some of the classic pointer to lately like the Shelby COBRA. Yes just and then I was one of the car shown. I fed led learned that the real ones go for, like a million so yeah like I had no idea yeah, but you can get a replicant success fun to drive that way. You know probably better. You can get a bit better, brakes and if you get everything a site, those guys to get old muscle cars and they have some stock like I get it you're driving like a little time machine. I, like you, know you like. In fact, it has like shady steering and she breaks safety man. Safety is fine yeah. It's like a rhino on roller skates. On those talking, I'm thinking like I lost my fucking nephew a couple years ago in a car accident on this, like fucking safety, safety safety man. Well, people have asked me about this recently. I think I've talked about it on the podcast, but I got rid of this Barracuda that I had because I was driving on the highway and
I got home I pulled into my driveway. Now is I'm making a turn? All of a sudden, the suspension came detached from the frame and the front wheel went sideways and stuck up into the fender like outta. Nowhere where I was just turning mean I was in my driveway it wasn't. There was not crazy. I was doing I was on the highway just minutes before that, going like seventy miles an hour and that flew off. I easily could be dead right now and so well. I got it all fixed. Look at that fucking thing that is sexy as shit right with yellow and black like that. Got fuckin' bumblebee from Hell, that's awesome! So I got it fixed perfectly. I brought it to a place that it was too low It was bottoming out and the bottom of the bolt was hitting pavement on a regular basis. We broke off. Actually so I had to have the whole thing reconstructed done correctly and then got rid of the fact that lambos have the button to raise the front up by like four inches there's a company, It's doing x challenger, it's fucking bad, as
and they figured out a way, is that Vxxvxv challenger hold on They take these old cars like old muscle cars like Barracudas yeah. That's it pull this thing up XV challenger. They take these old muscle cars, but they put a modern suspension in it. That's completely designed just for this car, so they figure. Out how to take these old. Like really heavy cars and just complete, completely redesigned suspension to wear, drives your corvette, but it like an old muscle car. Look how wicked that thing is do. You. Have you seen the other news, stingrays gorgeous? Oh yeah, it's incredible like for just America, American Pharaoh or the guy. Does the smoking dot com the he, does a bunch of videos for drive as well and drive tuned. He tweet about immediately. So he you got it find out how you can get in. One of these things are the most incredible car that Corvette is ever built yeah. It's it's insane at.
This gorgeous nailed it everywhere. They nailed the nailed interior, they nailed the exterior, they nailed the specs, they nailed performance. They nailed the build quality like people are driving going. This is like a masterpiece. This is in those those The sedans lately are just gorgeous too well. Salmon knock it out of the fucking park lately because they also have New Camaro and then the Camaro Z28, which they just released, which goes around the Nurburgring as fast as a Porsche nine slash, eleven turbo for like less than half the price, the scariest fastest car, when it was about nine hundred and eleven turbo one of my old coworkers. That thing was just fucking, terrifying yeah. I had one of those at one point in time I had a uh. Ninety nine six, nine hundred and eleven turbo, which was the first water cooled one broke down like crazy.
Fun fact is they used my aventador's sound for some of the reference for the new, Forza game? Well, that was one thing that Lamborghini got right. Is the sound Lamborghini and Ferrari and shoot out the back of it? When I get up anything yeah, there's a video where you guys cooking a sausage using the back of an Aventador kits The flames are shooting out of my wife's like honey. You may not want to read that at the gas station. That's Badasso What is the the actual horsepower like six, something right with six hundred and ninety or something like that apparently there's a game where and I haven't done it yet where you eat one hundred dollars bill on the passenger like dash and tell him if you can grab the next four seconds, you can keep it 'cause, the force, is so strong really well. It honestly man. It's way too much! It's orange! It's just drive in orange car. You silly bitchen! Do how dare you I do too? I should be Matte Black,
dude. I've caused accidents, but people gawking. I bet that's it right there right there. We go okay, and that's probably the dopest thing ever since I'm a child. If you show me flames coming out of the car, you win dude the doors like it's. You roll up somewhere, and it's just like opening that thing and getting out just like the kill bill music play dad dad do you like driving at those at a fun car to drive it's not as fun as the guy LP, five hundred and sixty 'cause, you get a nice, like seventy five degree Rally Day put the top down on that thing, and it's just golden, and the thing is you know you speed, just in short, bursts very carefully. You know, like his knock on wood, never had a ticket anyway sports cars ever
Well, there are lots of people, don't realize that their fund is just drive around necessarily even have to drive fast, just taking a corner at thirty five miles an hour in a car like that is really fun at best thing to do in a car like well, what is that Brian? It's one of those yeah, but why is it all fucking weird it out? Now it's just Trond. They tried it out. It turned. It looks like fun. It's like! Oh yeah. Is it Chris Brown anyway, the lighter man, I think it looks pretty dope bad things. Bad, I mean it looks like a bat mobile card that was also Matte Black Phoenix Jones Car yeah. If I was a garage funk you for all the other, Charcoal Matt, gray ones, yeah they're, fucking gorgeous. Matt Gray, is a double a shoe. That makes a lot of shapes up pretty bad in America. Your raised, you know, like women, are raised with this, so you would be princess get married some day. You know program with that. As a guy, you know the italian sports As you know, the the posters on the wall,
all right like it was always the Lambeau in the Ferrari and the Guyardo get it when I first got it was wonderful and I was feeling so appreciative, but when I got the aventador like that, they just kind of sat in there like at the end of the night, went down and just send it. My wife said they're looking at me, she's like. Are you going to fucking cry and I'm like we're ready to cry this little number for clumsiness, sensitive part of Cliffy B, Mama giant Pussey you're about to cry 'cause. You would Richie dreams and you cry in your arms and just say baby without you, behold, maybe even worth anything. I tell you what dude in the grand scheme of things my australian shepherd costs. How much lesson is giving me so much more joy, so Then your car yeah, ok, not, then your wife, ok, we were in the middle of that yeah. I was like how dare you, Sir, how dare you don't God now That's a fucking, expensive God Dam Carson! That's like a half a million dollars not supposed to be just drive. I don't have a million dollar house, but only has two seats.
It goes zero to sixty in three, so I see that you should see the trunk it's actually find. The boot it's hilarious Can you put your dick in there So the big chunks are put my bike in it. Well, no easy, clearly, a big bike to have a big car like that. You obviously have a small cock. So no that's that's the that's the same people who don't have the car want to think they want to think that there's got be some way that not having that car is better than having that car? I knew it dude in Raleigh. He had this gorgeous red Maserati and he would always take it out to the clubs and he ate one time. Dude had a Sunday fun day and cops tell them. He wrapped around tree fly who is Beyonc was pregnant at the time. Oh Jesus girls sucking that. Might then that kind of that kind of thing manage my sober reminder like first off, don't fucking, take the car out to the club and said just be careful man, yeah, don't drive like
so you can enjoy your car and not drive like an asshole that thing to do those cars do. Did you go underneath overpasses downshift yeah make fun. Yeah, yes, roll the window down, listen to the noise in any car with a nice engine. Note, that's my! about the future management connect have touch screens, you have electronic cars, the Teslas gorgeous right, but it's laying noise and we want that feedback that room yeah. Well, that's the thing about the Mclaren like we're. Looking at the car, it's absolutely beautiful, but the sound it makes is very uninspiring. 'cause, it's turbocharged! It's like turbo charge car. They just don't have that same sound you watch after Paul Walker died, the the top gear of the Porsche I saw the top gear long time ago, where Larry Clark still sitting around yeah, took the Stig all morning to get around the fucking track once yeah, it's like that was
or just car too. Well, it's a very scary car. It's not a car! That's easy to handle that mid engine design, extremely high horsepower very low weight. There's a lot of room for the tires to break loose like one of the things like about a Portia or like Bmw is one of the things really good about? Is there really good about engineering their cars so that the the car doesn't overwhelmed the suspension, even when these incredible cars they have today like the new nine hundred and eleven turbo turbo S, go zero to sixty in two point: seven seconds: it's insane clutch yeah look like that's all they make they. Don't they don't make it a manual in the turbo anymore, everything through to sixty Showtime instantaneously instantaneously, but they don't You even buy a manual anymore and the Pension is fucking staggering, the back wheel, steer now they have steering
back wheels in the Porsche nine eleven turbo in on the G t three and the braking power and get to see a car like that. So it's for me, it's like as a guy who knows nothing about tech, allergy other than what I've read, I got zero skill or knowledge or education and technology. So when I I see stuff like this to me, it's just like a totally New world a world the fascination, an accomplishment and what what we're looking at right now is is the roadster for the event to door and here's again the problem is taking getting scrambled eggs, the fuckin' panels off and you gotta put him somewhere they. Actually, they actually will fit in the boot of the car, but this guy is not doing it. This guy looks like he's about. Die too, and that's what you look like when you can afford to Ventadour either cliff he be or you some dude he's been working, some slave job for Leeman brothers, your whole life and you're ready to die, and that's when you finally say to your wife, you
which I'm buying this fucking car and she said. Thank you. I'm going to divorce about guys. Have a man cave, I'm like really you get one room in the house, wow! Ok! I can ask for sometimes Cliffy B. Not everybody could be like you cry, it's a lot of people that they have settle for what they got or maybe they're fucking over their head. That's also possible, like a guy who's like a not very good. Looking guy has a really good looking girlfriend, who knows, she's really good looking so this poor bastard, he can't go all cliff beast I'll drive around in the event adore who's going to play things real close to the chest. He this fucking, it's like to make sure that she doesn't run fair enough to what she's going to Brian did call up the other roadster Aventador roadster in pin like a pale baby. Blue. That's the beautiful car man. Yeah, eventually, road store roadster, but look up like blue 'cause. There's this like metallic kind of almost Carolina of Blue. That just looks like it belongs in like in Miami just crushing it just gorgeous. With my next target Aventador roadster
yeah. Now do you ever drive cars with manual transmission on my viper was that's my favorite dad So much more learning drive. Stick on. I learned to drive: stick on TIM Sweeney's Lamborghini. Even if not driving fast, it's just more fun and the thing about the lamborghinis in the Ferraris. Is that gated shifter boy, that's going to be that's going to be like people are going to miss. And click. Click click click that a lot of that diehard gearheads doing, but I'm not going to front and, like I know, a lot about the car like I'm not like that. I just know it goes right. I just love it. Just gorgeous Jon Lovitz. Let me drive his car way back in the day when we're on Newsradio together and he had a ferrari. Three hundred and fifty five- and it was the gated shifter an it- was a converter. So, and I was driving. I was like this might be the coolest fucking car ever been in my life, because the sound was incredible.
It does sound like it, makes me feel better seconds. It's intoxicating. It really is in that click, click, click, click, it wasn't even about driving it super fast. That's Mclaren, roadster! That's Del! That see that's event or is it really yeah. But still shaky video. Why is it so shaky? I know right stayed still. Bich get a better phone, but the start button on Aventador has a little like red cap over like a fighter jet you, lift it up and press the fucking button. I love it Everything is in Italian as far as like, but you don't have, it doesn't say: gas or fields has been Xena who, like Just that- and I am when I bring friends the comic. Would you like to do the honors of pressing the fighter jet button moon and it's just yet to start. You have to start it like once a week or the better, the the batteries and charger, whatever the alternator. I think so like if you don't have a plug in your garage You have to start it once a week if you don't run it on average once a week. This happens all supercars dude. Really. Like Ferraris as well just bricked, you gotta, get a jump. That sounds ridiculous.
He was right, more money, more problems, yeah that ab well, you could always put a trickle charger on it and you know he could yeah. This is probably electronic system is draining because is made by Italians. Silly few, gotta fucking, one of those Lexus Lfa supercars, those half a million dollar Lexus is have you seen those? Oh, that's their attempt to make the fast supercar right, yeah, intimidated, amazing car she's? Not that good luck, yeah exactly the look is not feeling well kind of ironic, because it it's similar performance wise to the Nissan Gtr. Look as though you look at the numbers, they're very commensurate yeah, and then it's like the look at the looks like it's not much better looking than Nissan Gtr. But then you look at the price and it's like
half a million the Nissan Gt R, as I still have to import the Gtrs because those well they make them here now. I think I have a couple buddies. Asking questions were by and they're just great cars amazing cars, Nissan Gtr is when the greatest cars it that people have ever designed and created. I need for the five logic people love the Nsx. Also I had when I had to those are usually yeah. I I had one I got rid of it. I got the portion of the porch broke down like five times, and I got another in a section of that put a supercharger on it. When, when I had the event or delivered, who is the first one in North Carolina and they only had the trailers for the other types of cars and it got stuck in the trailer and they couldn't get it out, and so the drivers did know what to do. So. I called my buddies couple, big boys and they basically got some dish soap and we're able to kind of pride the car up by putting dish soap underneath the tires after it pulled up and pulled back Jesus 'cause. It came from Greensboro and it had like kind of way.
Itself in the trailer, and that you think you could do the Austin powers. Fifteen point turn, while the an actual one of a couple, little minor, scratches on which the dealers of course assured me that when I have it serviced, I can put on a truck and she was a green both of them have any medium surfaced. The Gtr is actually made one factory in Japan and they make him by hand and uh. Apparently they lose money on the car while really yeah. Well, so how it's made for a Lamborghini or dateline went behind the scenes and how was all made, and it's all dudes making the factory and, for some reason, all women doing this dish work and just to the tour of the factory to should, there should be making sandwiches to cliff would be Bye I mean you should buy a blackbird. Instead, like a used bird bird, a jet yeah 'cause, I mean that's probably the same amount like we talked about those cost: a billion dollars, you knucklehead, those are like a billion dollars in the Sr71D connection, yeah yeah
well. He goes into the transformers three. I think a Nissan Gtr Black Edition hundred nine thousand dollars- and it's probably feels just as fast as I fucking- think, not really, but it's pretty God dam ask those cars are insanely fast. I love sending my wife around town in the white top down and people just lose. Their shit you love sending her out there. Do you like cock holding so what's going on, what's happening with you saying he likes ending. Out there like. How would you she's running towards you get all the attention? You need a burka, her up, man yeah, keep her up locked up in a castle somewhere, whatever the MMA fighters grabbed harass after the end of when you're in Charlotte that shocking a cage fighter who is rude, I don't even understand what you're saying and make it sense man yeah we went to that bowling Alley lucky down there at the Charlotte Charlotte. Good town man, but it feels about as hip as the bankers that built. It really doesn't have a lot of heart. 'cause they built
fucking destroyed it all. The old buildings just rebuilt new shift, so you feel like you're in the matrix. So what is Raleigh as opposed to Charlotte rallies, more down home or alleys uh. It's just you know, out of the developers have embraced the history in a lot of the restaurants. You know they leave the old brick. They don't knock the whole thing down. You know we were talking. The there's a bar right next to Charlie Good nights. I guess it's actually downstairs and Charlie good night's though, and it's so like rodeo bar. They have like the mechanical bull in China and city limits yeah and me, and ARI and Brown. We there too, I think in any way go to. We were there doing, stand up and we went downstairs and they were all singing along to the song and we were all looking at each other like like, like neck woman or something it's like the scene in the dawn of the dead where you know like that, guys in the car and the zombies all around and like he's in the original don and then he's like holyshit like there's zombies everywhere they just starting to realize that that's what we felt like we were in this bar because
we're by ourselves, and we hear the song coming on and I don't know the words at all, but everybody starts sing along and then go got my picture id you drink to get drunk? No, no! No, it was. It was not something that was popular. I mean it was popular for them. Yeah, but it was. These? Are people but I have no idea who the Fox people were. I mean they never heard it used to do bikini bull riding there. They knew the songs, though man it was like, like top and country type that they knew and I was like well. This is like this is where the country audiences are a lot of the main countries a lot more rock than anything. These days like Rascal, Flatts, Keith Urban, its its little country, but it's a lot of Reno Rock. Where is say Keith, Urban and and Rascal Flatts and
the sermon is like Arena Rock did. I went to a couple of shows is fantastic yeah. Look at that price Ebay! It's only a million dollars, just the tail rotor, oh, my god, it's a tail rudder yeah, that's all it is and it sold for one million. No, that is like was it from a a crush plane that crashed there's. Some historic yeah looks like a warehouse in San, Diego, so the private, and that that only got in his soul. I'm like yeah saudi princes gonna buy that make his coffee table he's gonna, jerk off on every day, the two women this that's a weird thing bye for one million dollars. I feel like you could do better right by an oil platform. Decommission one start your own country, that's not a bad move. How much is an oil platform? It doesn't work anymore, um, expensive, but not as expensive, as you think. I've read articles on it where we have people like taking the commission wanted, have their own currency and make their own country. There was an article on vice. It was a video yeah. Everything cool
is, there was a video on vice about this woman who goes by the name of Neuro Soup she was a. She was a stripper and then she got involved this guy. Who is an ex he dealer? And so really crazy, fuckedup twisted tale involving murder and all kinds and nutty Shitan FBI and She was living with this guy in a fucking bomb, shelter, not a bomb shelter but like a missile silo. They had. Heard a missile silo silo into this, like really beautiful high end luxury house, seems to with its multitiered right. Yeah yeah, something underground missile silo here, I'll google it but She you know she has this incredible story like they got, kidnapped her and he was going to kill them. It's like the guy was just gag.
Out on fucking drugs. He was selling drugs and he was also like in cahoots with the DEA or the FBI, or something like that. It was working undercover while he was selling drugs, yeah dude. If I, if I want to get anything done, I don't know a device like the Liberia documentary they did about General Buck naked yeah. I remember that they made the chemical character in the Mormon it, but he was a real fucking guy yeah. He was yeah that guy it's scary, fuckin' guy man now he's like a reformed he's like a preacher or something now well, not only that he's thousands of people and they absolved him of all of his murders because he found Christ in key who's talking openly on vice about eating babies and eating hearts, to cutting the hearts of the innocent children and drinking their blood to make them victorious in battle and their strength and sit. Yeah, and then they went to North Korea at one point on vice, like it's just nonstop like crazy shit yeah! This is a video device. Video is available online. It's Hamilton Morris is pharmaco,
Hamilton whose been on the podcast before he did a a video about it, but there's not an actual article that may have not been on vice. That's about it. So if you just do Google and you'll find it, but the story is absolutely incredible. Crowdsourcing interesting stuff, through your twitterverse yeah, well, They get you in touch with the stuff that you probably wouldn't find in your own and in turn you get them in touch. It's sort of like a relationship that you know, bees pollinate things and you know see easy to a grapefruit? You take a shirt. The seeds go into the ground. They grow. Grapefruit symbiotic yeah. This symbiotic relationship that we have with people on the internet. Now, if you explore correctly or you utilize? It correctly is a better way of using it. It's incredibly rewarding tweet up anywhere a tweet up. What's there we just you're going to be at the Fucking Mall on Thursday good way to get touched. Fair enough net buddy yeah. I know what you're saying I think you think Hollywood people like that. I showed you was it that girl said last night she's like trying to get you to fix her hair
the one that's a good way to say it and then she's. Like oh yeah. I know it's weird. Nobody does this la or something or like, ok, want fixed yeah, that's like the California thing job Rich go to the king salon seriously touching your fucking greasy hair, weird pitch. We have lice head lice, dug my favorite California, things. Whenever you know someone from California in the first thirty seconds, they tell you something incredibly into melanin, about their life, like yes do drugs or like I was molested, and I'm like burden me with this shit. I don't want to know that sad, but that's why they're here yeah, you know it's because this is also the obviously people create all over the world? No doubt about that, but until like creating things that get attention. This is like the hub of the universe, now create things that get attention. It's almost all inali would like a big chunk of it, whether it movies. Tv shows blah blah blah blah who needs attention.
People that didn't get enough for people. They got too much of the wrong content and those the ones that seek out and seek out validations. They all come here. It's a weird mathematical process, always loved Angelina, believe the there was laughter now the whole blonde bombshell, just put fuckin' billboards herself became famous just for that. I saw her the other day. I just didn't pick. Nose and eating it, and then you posted something about. You saw somebody picking your nose and eating it like the day after I'm like what the that Slayer issue as it was a pink corvette around old lady in a wig she was on the pch them to pack into the pch on the merge were stopped at the light, and I look behind and I watch this old lady in a wig just dig. Pull out a whopper Ann just start chewing. I mean she was openly chewing up. Mouth open, chew and I was like wow and all I could think of course for the rest of the day was that she probably came over here in nineteen fifty five and she wanted to be a star and she was hot and it just did workout and now she's wearing a wig on the pch chewing her burgers in earth
blue Saturn with Fucken faded out paint It is very weird watch as I thought it was always drove a vet now Since I engeline, I saw some random, crazy lady bug, light blue. Yeah. I do that with people. I like pit trap piece together. What their story was, what that fucking mind always goes down to drugs and blow jobs the stories all of very unoriginal it. You know somewhere along the line. Someone blew Burt Reynolds, that's always my stories what's sucking water that their advertising overlay, water, one hundred and thirty eight or something just like bill. It's just like hockey, hot chicks in some bottled water, and even if it's like a banks, I think thing or something are you serious? I haven't seen it and the pop the bubble head render on the bus benches, also within a proper bottled water. Here, sexy water is the best water you're, not even drink, advance, Bro Harabal for the environment. Bottled water is somebody show me a photo of a place in la that. Just serves water like an like. You pick your water and they describe the spring that it's from.
This guys are assholes rallying so hard right now, that's not true. That's gotta be a priority. Had some TIM and Eric schitt. What's your color one hundred and thirty, eight water clairvoyance wait a minute cool blue krill of clairvoyance. What why clairvoyance, are trying to tell me that I could read minds with your fucking. I think So what it is is the bottle is different colours, so you know that one says: what does it say? That's the color What is that one say about vitamin water that once his clairvoyance too, they all say, clairvoyance, look everyone! You click on. What does it say also sexy something, but sexy What does it say in the Middle Jesus cry? hold it in place, my God, where you open up the actual thing: the logo itself. It's like using Iconnect boss, black and, what's below that clear, but it was said sexy one of them was sexy, something like that's one of the callers, color name, placebo water. What will come? Can you tell me your water? Sexy fuck it will drown. You look sexy
sunshine, yellow and water board you and find out you terrorist information. The first fashion, water, cube, and which one is sexy, so I can make sure I never. You can drink it ever again to be sexy, sexy red fuckyou, how 'bout that one, thirty eight water, sexy red. Oh, you silly Bitchez are giving them a plug. That's your name! You come for the water, sexy red fuck you. How dare you How dare you treat me like? I'm, not stupid, plan man, which is which I had some sex can guinea text dude. Nobody wants to give me no sex but increasing sexy red water. She part of this she's drinking, it's ok! I take it back. It's very pretty my buddies dating right now, actually she's a sweetheart and don't drop names on my podcast anymore. It's making me uncomfortable. Ok, then your buddy, ok, If I was trying to be what this dinner really yeah, she's a fucking cool, so we've seen them together. Yes, she's, not paying her 'cause? If I was,
or like Adrian Curry. What I would do is, I would start a service, make people look cool or just hang out with them. So I'd say I'm stating dating this guy now, let's make any sense of fair enough, doesn't make any sense, not fair enough. I mentioned that 'cause, it's like We had a problem with Arabic. Well, I know he don't be mean you were defending her without her being attacked. That's beautiful No, I'm white and white knighting whiteknighting in advance. I can internet you're getting a white knight in advance. That is one of the grossest things about the internet. Is it not the white knight? What's the white Knight, the White Knight is the chest: maybe It's? The guy was like, oh guys, are being misogynistic to you, I'm going to come in and save you yeah. Always want to show you that there are different from all the other men, those other men out there asshole. So here's in the queens of mine started a website called fat, ugly or study, dot com, and so the id. You're you're playing online video game and you're, actually female the sooner rather fat, ugly or slutty was,
weird thing where people like want to profess the fact they don't hate women like they'll, have it in there handle, don't hate women. You know, I don't hate women duff and how many people do like. Is it? Isn't it like more likely less people hate women than more people, hate women. The fact you have to actually say that it seems like What wouldn't what numbers we working with like yeah, I mean. Is it what percentage of People hate women. Is it even one the thing about women in the video game? History is having personally known many. The stories I fucking hear from them are fucking horrifying. Like You mean like as far as like the way they are asking all that should, of course, are working within management suck, but that's not my point random, dudes living presence on their desk anonymously in schitt. Oh that's creepy especially take that home and that presents got remote control. Camera yeah exactly oh! It's here in my little nanny bear you have a gps here: let's go ahead, that the hacking of peoples webcams and then demanding that they, you know they find a couple naked pictures and they demand that the girl gives the more they recent
last day for that, of course, there's always going to be a guide that fox everything up for everybody else. There's always going to be one. Do she do? Does shity things an if, especially if you could do it anonymously in an office like that and just creep her out, but they could find that they could find have cameras they could figure out who the fox doing that yeah, it's uh, I don't know I haven't had my feet in those shoes at the same issue, though, if you a twink like yourself, if you were involved in a plane, actually beautiful man actually power bottom. If you are involved in a company with a bunch of like really aggressive large gay men like a big bunch of linebackers, who you know just also were gay and they start. Company and they employed you that would be even more threaten. I wouldn't fare well in prison. I'd have cool My lips in the great way of describing it wouldn't fare, well have a pretty mouth I wouldn't fare. Well, that's like a pirate talk. I wouldn't farewell and ask him not be acting up. He would get me with their cocks had to get my citrus was that accent
yeah being pursued, is not fun whether it's uh, it's uh. Whether you're, a man or a woman, but it's way, creepier. If you're a woman, because men are physically larger, physically large, usually and more violent and creepier yeah, you know like Nobody wanted to get scared because of the movie like uh, like fatal track, in the bunny burner. She's boiling. Isn't it just wants to kill him? He had to kill her bill for women that's like par for the course you know it's it's a way more common, but it just doesn't manifest itself in movie. This cat calls. That's the thing I dislike is that ever worked. I saw the happened to my dad my step dad. When I was a kid in San Francisco. I saw some guy whistle Adam. What is with me man, I was, can seven and some guy who's walking, I whatever kind of deck at Universal too, but right now, it's like Ok, ok is global yeah. You can use right most random countries. Ok, ok, ok, ok and everyone. Fucking knows it. Yeah
but, like you see video most third world nation, inevitably there's Coca COLA there. I want who came up with Bow Chicka Bow Bow: in my came from as well. The original like it used to be the classic porn stuff right, but that sound, though, is like all you have to do- is go bounce about now when someone walks by and that very specific right, it's pretty much that Maybe there is a little bit like a mall model on my, but you could say that, but your little bit more sophisticated to the average person, the average person that looks good on its midi keyboard to the average person. That's all like you know two people that are like holding hands. They start making out and you look at him. Go bunch automatically chicken calco yeah. What is that and how make it through its cultural. You can't map, it No, but it's fascinating most. Everyone is saying literally amazing, about everything. Now I don't hang out with those people
Fair enough, you know what everybody is saying, though you know- and I do it too, and I fucking hate it, listening for the other day. In an interview I heard like one hundred, you knows in one conversation it's the new uh I'm trying to avoid doing it. It's hard when you know you're trying to you, know trying to figure out what the fuck you're going to say. You know listening to myself, you fucking watching myself the problem with it, those once you're aware of it. You can't not think of you knows it's like you know. It's just permeate your brain and you can't listen to conversation. He's like. Want to interrupt and say don't say you know again, don't do it, but they're going to say it again, I'll call people out of the literally thing off your friends. If you like, I'm literally dying here, I'm like really you actually do. I need to get to the king. You are like, what's going on yeah the misuse of the word literally They actually changed literally be changed. The definition of it yeah really so, basically means that think the Oxford dictionary whatever so that it essentially means figuratively, not sure it's not the urban dictionary dude. I don't know. If I did, they really do urban dictionary man, ninety percent sure
made up well, if you want to keep a job, you will make up some urban expressions son. We got books to sell. We got people to outfit, let's like prisons, once there's money involved in it, it just goes, gets crazy. You just found a circle while verbal means referencing. Actually counteract or deed, also used to identify someone or thing that is sexual. I got this girl at the club. Ouch, wow, wow wow, that guys are dazzled, shirt yeah. Probably got one of those ones that has like japanese writing in foil in all those affliction ones with tight vneck MIKE. Like Posner that guy that wrote that song, if I can write you a song like he has a song called bow, chicka, wow, wow, really really clever bastard and I saw him alive. I like him recently he's good he's. Uh, he's going to do when he start his music career. Think right
We try to do to America to hate America. Are you with the terrorists? I'm opposing fan? Let me open for what can you can't really. You can't really judge the guy based on the tense. A very stressful. Spraying and nonsense through the AIR Sac Magic acts. Utorrent yeah axe body, spray, Axim, but a car, a used car just went away on its own sort of like the plague. When I bring it back, I bring back with a trace of beating that should
did, I bet you did he said of Abich, will do it staring at your poster of your Lamborghini saying one day world these days, show you all shall we will rise going to be a mega villain? How did you guys wind up in North Carolina was that just where one of the main epic guys was working for IBM and he said hey, come check it out and if I was the person I am today an I moved to Raleigh one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight I'd be fucking miserable. Why is that comes back? Then? All I care about is that there was a fuckin' Maulana, Burger King, and now you bought cultured you different. Right now, click we found them farm to table Jeff Farm to table. Are you organic right now, not free gluten free and organic now I just you know, I don't I'm kind of over the big big chains and shit yeah, I'm like This is nice. When you go to places like Seattle, you don't see too many chains. Seattle is a cool town in that there's a lot of individual cities lot of places or individual rather restaurants, that are, you, know locally owned. Locally operated like that pit place, yeah. Well, that's changed. You don't want
it goes like. Let's go, let's go to flooding this place and go to chili's like with the fuck. Those places have personality like places that are individually owned and operated. They have a certain personality that you're never going to get at Tgi Friday's exactly when the menus too wet laminated in just a little too slick you just not that there's anything wrong with the Fridays. You know or chili's. You want some baby back ring wings whatever baby back ribs with those fucking commercials, baby back ribs without bad, but if you're on the road, I had a buddy mine visit prior Lake months ago, and I took him to my friends stab Lishman. He says dude, what do you think of Raleigh and he goes to There's no chains, I told you with the terrorists. Are his friends talk, he's rolling, now he's moroccan, so he he the word dude. What is this Tila tequila? Burt's and Nazism. It would suck Satans dick if it got her on tv, Tila, tequila, converts down, read convert to Nazism, calls herself hit dilemma.
An anti semitic new song. Alright, I see so fuckin' retired come on. Is that real yeah? transfer hard she's still in class or heart, hey man, we're talking about her then right she wants the Kardashian factor right. She trolled us Lawrence nineteen year old sister is talking about watching that show, and she had. She didn't know that Kim Kardashian had sex tape. Oh well did it make her feel better about the show or worse generally sex sex. That's in like one of the best when it was his you like big black and then he didn't get to be honest. You to dinner. She turned in the b b c There will be a time mark my words in the future where, like it's like, you have sex tape. It's wrong with you check mine out. Cliffy saying this 'cause he's about to release sex tape and I'm going to leak it yeah you're, going to accidentally get accidentally leak, it yeah she on the first actually got hugely famous, though from it I mean Paris, Hilton got sort of. Yes from that boring, but yeah hers was annoying when she was blown.
Garage kept answering the phone Fuckin' rude etiquette, it's terriblr, blowjob etiquette, because I learn from that. Your way of saying this, my phone in my phone calls are more important than your but she's. Basically the Floyd Mayweather reality stars you tune in because hater you know she out. Market in that way become obnoxious in a way the people tune in just to hate her, but they got tired of that after awhile shitfuck enough big black eyes yeah. I did that show with Nicole Richie. That was like I just hated both of those girls now we're in the core Richie. Don't really over here she still as she's gotta, she could millions of followers on to think. She's got kids now just out of the loop. Yes done literally either stay in the party group and die or become a family person that sounds like you should put. In the beginning of a new video party or This is a new video, it's already group and it's all the rockers right there other dire. They become family man yeah or they become I watch gene Simmons family jewels. It's now it's on access tv, so crazy,
mistake is show ever it's weird. You see that one I think we talked about where he got vibrators. His hands and had to go out, and he couldn't take these vibrators off 'cause somebody superglued him to his hands. It's weird because I was a huge kiss fan you know, and so now I'm watching him and he's just weird. You know older guy on a fake show, it's like but your gene, Simmons you're, like You know your gene Simmons, like what are you doing here? What's this going on here, you're kind of thunder
The place is marketing yeah, I'm sure it was likely they came to town and they still that good show course. They're real half the members are like new dudes, two of them yeah half of exactly but yeah. My wife had no idea what she's in for just like what the alone or with the same thing, we we don't suck water. My older, nothing go to the main. Dude goes straight. My bloody c menaces couple raising the crowd. So the are you that is route. This hearing bloody semen, Motley Crue, open for kiss, really crew True wasn't doing so good men they were Vince was like he's only he all right got Mick Mars, like propped up oh wow, Just like growing up in listening to all the music. The sunset strip was like this fucking mythical place right where giant girls hair with bucket
Gwinnett comedians two men, the sunset Strip, has been a mythical place for a long ass time. Seen that documentary on the sunset strip. It's supposed to be incredible. We're trying to get it Matt stags try to get a copy of it for the I tunes like that. Can you get it on Itunes document or I want to show time right right. This is same thing: the Showtime movie movies, the documentary. Oh confused. I thought the Showtime movie was had actors in it was a moving. It's a documentary Oh I'm an asshole. Okay, I was like what is this thing going to get released and why is it I'm getting confused this other Showtime documentary or show times just moving aired on Showtime, but now they have- and I watched it on Itunes. I believe. Ok, clearly, Hey? What's next for you uh, basically looking to start any studio, looking to start a new studio to make some ridiculous person fast type shooter of event.
Or of shooters yeah, something that makes your dick hard and shoot flames out your assets when you gonna start doing this talking to people about funding right now. This isn't just get on its Cliffy b you're talking to some rank amateur well through the fucking cheese grinder, since he was a child. It's you know when you're asking for a certain amount of money, there are certain strings attached and there's due diligence. How much is John Romero aside you're a different person than him? Ok, you're not going to get their house fair enough, you're, going to figure out how to keep gather. My thing, Joe, is uh. I know my weaknesses and I joke that. If, like I'm going to make my avengers, I need my core like six lead like a ninja art director and chief operating officer, Lee Ninja, just those kind of people and then, like you, know, we're on the same page and build the studio slowly and intelligently build the community, you build a company. We build the game. Do you have a timeline when you'd like to get off the ground depends on when the ink dries on deals that are being negotiated? The my thing is, I don't want to go with
I've, I'm scared of the old guard 'cause, you know. The last thing I need is some mid level executive Well, traditionally, this kind of game doesn't do well and therefore we're going to not market and therefore it doesn't do well, so we told you so of Abich yeah. I don't like that at all. About that I mean the thing. The problem in entertainment in general is the people who usually are responsible for the money are move rearward looking right and it's like it's like Gretzky says, go with the fucking pox going where the puck is. You know like in when you did I couldn't Gretzky. I love it now executives go around he three they're like oh, that's a world war, two shooter! We need one of that. It's like it does. Work. That was my kind of problem with everything, though you get these mid level managers who are trying to play the safe numbers, yeah and shoot things straight down the middle and then the creative type so like. Why does it have to be the way it's always been? What can we do something? Weird yeah, some crazy yeah and it's to Buffy the vampire slayer, but for real yeah scary, shot at
you fail early fail often did we're out of time. Come back again, it's more thanks for having me and if people want to, it's the real Cliffy B on Twitter there's a bunch of fake twitter's for cliff. I see last name Let's keep Lisinski have known, I know, but I'm bad at polish. It's a hard one, Joseph Organic Cliffy B, alright go all the way, just the tip the twitter is the real Cliffy B, all the other clip Luzinski's are bulshit they're, all just some weird, probably girls. Girls were trying to video guys, whatever the internet, I don't know who it is It's not the real Cliffy B, so the real Cliffy B's real, quick anything else, and I to go to elimination. Are you not just go to my twitter on Twitter? That's where I talk ship, the most beauteous lazy, gentlemen. Thanks for sponsors, thanks to stamps dot com, go click on the microphone entering the code. Word jre get your no risked, while in one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer, including a digital scale and up to fifty
five dollars in free postage and thanks also to carbonite, go to carbonite dot com and use the offer code they are for a free trial. No credit card required two free bonus month with your subscription. That's carbonite com offer code. I think thanks also, dot com- let's go again, name, Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements prime back when you get. Some should happen now Wednesday, that San Jose improper, having a dirty, show it's Tiffany, Haddish, SAM Tripoli and myself. Tickets are only ten dollars in available online at death, squad, tv or improv dot com, and also check out Joe. You were just in Thunderpussy Friday, and it was one of the cool shows ever. You did a pretty much an hour set of
new material and people are loving it yeah. It's an ad lib show that that is on the desk one network, where we go on stage and the audience just yells out shyt, it's very similar to what I used to do after shows. I used to do it, but it's better to do it. This way with the whole show. Is that way you know. I think A three person show like this is the way to go like have a real show where you just have bad lip. We're doing more of them, because I think it's a great way to develop material said it was so funny Joanne, it's an it's just so amazing watching you at like something: that's and for you so perfectly the easiest lady came in there and just destroyed. It was so cool watching man. I was drunk as yeah sons of anarchy that too high yeah, drunk and high yeah. You got to do that. You got to do it like your skin and you don't know how to stop and but it was a really supportive crowd too. So thanks everybody that came out was it Do those of the crowds are cool? If the crowds heads it's heads, it's not that much fun. The only art form ever where we can't really created on on our own. We need you guys there
everybody, Wednesday night at the ice house, I'll be there with Tony Hinchcliffe Matt, full Tron, Ian and words and more I'm sure, we'll have more people sign up before we do on Wednesday nights once every two weeks or so, and there are a lot of fun all right. We will be back tomorrow with the great Tommy Buns AKA Tom Squirrel, and that's it alright. We love you bye
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