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#437 - Scott Sigler

2014-01-07 | 🔗
Scott Sigler is an American author known for science fiction and horror books, such as Nocturnal, Ancestor, Infected and Contagious.  Before being published, Scott built an online audience by giving away his self-recorded audiobooks for free as podcasts on iTunes.
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the following day we can be in austin and then dallas on july by gas lie partly out of which one you gonna do going to kill tony area in a letter like local comics go up and i we it's gonna be we have some local girls i work for playboy and we're just gonna make a mess of bulgarian alcohol don't try to its own exactly be careful teens access issues they don't play games they party hard texas parties are in my view a blackout pike before the show you i feel that you are willing to do not want to or not why you pretended like planets out of some piece of art is going to be what it is totally silly son so why where these dates where the with actual clubs its january third states and mean houston it can be fitzgerald and then the following day it's going to be an austin with tiffany had it at the spider house ballroom and then
saturday it's gonna be at the curtain club in dallas texas and death squad dot tv for all the info on all brown stuff and that's where you also by those tee shirts that all the kitty cat desk won t shirts i'm in houston as we can now i'm not abuse and i'm in phoenix sweden jesus christ you're in houston think where am i i'm in the valley i mean the phoenix stand up live which is in fact an awesome venue i love that place and i'm there with the lovely in town to tom's a girl whose one of the most fuckin a larry stews on the planet some really site i love phoenix the fund down they don't take it have to seriously they liked party to drink the close enough to l a the not retarded think they get the five to fund place i'll be there this weekend with monsieur and in january twenty fourth i'll be at the chicago theatre with the super jus our severe slang
digg is remaining downright he's definite moving his eyes gonna be here for the winter look it's my ten in new york right now quarters every area i don't call this i've ever heard about it i never heard about minus ten miles tens ridiculous got secular it is through does not necessarily right i move four michigan specifically as i don't minus ten or twenty or thirty may begins rough dude live there your whole life they're right up to about early early thirties or so would you think i'm too after the wet salmon cisco that's good place the goal was dead nino traits the country three months there are six months i never made us i'm just gets a big difference between this the general mentality of michigan versus separatist goats very unusual when you go to places that are so completely differently go i'll look this can happen to punch people just act like this or you know you can get a leg vancouver something where everybody is nice and friendly ok heed this is weird tower everybody's nice friendly or you gotta
this could have until the early there really is a culture until there is there really is a cultural signature to every place and the difference between michigan and sandwiches go as pre dramatic way i feel like when you made that transition also new around all these like a mean to san francisco sue for liberals and really like open minded about i always feel like as far as like socially when you look at the higher country like as far as like the most progressive parts of the country you have the coasts always in other the most progressive but at all from san francisco seems to be the most extreme the first to be like super accepting of gaze the first of may the whole berkeley psychedelic movement allah chief necessities the echoes of that's still fillip to hanging around that place it's really it's an it's even changing again now with all of the dock
this version of dock on the tec people and rents arising real estates never really slimy levelled out at a couple places but it's never dropped in its come back up and you know the enemy forty for people working irregular job to even be to to live in a city now so it's that the whole i think the whole liberal just out of the places changing again and now it's just becoming about money you totally write them the real thing prices there are fucking crazy there is there's one neighbourhood and i was looking at her stir out of their vision france likewise places beautiful psych near san jose this house's we're like a regular it was like a regular house it was nine million dollars and does it what the fuck that's a regular house the crazy mansion is a beautiful house but it just a house fraser house house the biggest shock we had was we came to san francisco and
looking around and one of the place funds literally a converted it's one bedroom apartment that is now a tendency in common or condo so one bedroom bout seventeen forty square feet was eight hundred thousand out and i had worked in michigan for company they built homes in four basically for eight hundred grand in michigan you own everything you see god you have like windows ted nugent compounds he's got you ve got your own heard of elk on campus he's nuts and that that's a one bedroom and it really is unchanged all that much sense but you'd have to live in michigan to ignore to enjoy it rather jet where you have to like ten below and years you know there's no comparison for the cold rural brightness of san francisco there's a tonic crap to do there and a ton of things to experience our knowledge eight thousand percent forty square for permanent but it's pretty sweet the other a bizarre thing when the amount of health and an area becomes so concentrated than regular peep
just can't live their rights literally can afford to it's getting crazier and crazy because there are so many people that have made a lot of money in technology and these their centred around that area on the amount of wealth the concentrated amount of wealth in san francisco just tech wealth is ring in a lot a lot of stuff coming up from silicon valley now in san francisco close enough that i feel like it's the same thing it's pretty is pre some are now there's even protesters blocking like the google bus the google buses that pick up all the twenty something ivy league graduates are just be wicked smart hardworking people who go to work for google and they get your boss with their wifi in on it so it's perfect little limo bus and regular working class jos partners but with a picket sign sometimes rattling the buzzer thrown stuff at the bottom line in this area there really people are blaming the look on valley tech companies for the
rising to the point where if you just want to work like a bookstore if that's what you're calling as you do that you can afford limit at all people are are super mad they can't labour they want lived sir it's a strange situation that's very strange i think i can recall any place where that's happened before that i know about i can't think of it i can think of it either but to be one of these people on the boss announcement populace is rising up against you in burning torches and banging signs against the bus i've got a pretty scary and all you there's working yet they are trying to do what you gone school for which approximates people's strange its art its super for the people working these comes too late i think because i have had the opera go do a couple things and the google campus with a company is to work for and they are super hard working people super nice really craig and clever i mean all of these cultures are very open and letting people pursue what they want to pursue and a date is boss there ass they wouldn't really hard so it's
really like to have a good framework for google she loves it there i think that what dealing with when these you see a situation like this is this insane new wealth they either insane tech wealth is this industry that over the last couple of decades become so gigantic is the amount of money that it generates is jeff freakish when you think about like self and think about any other product that you sell you might have one and this guy might have while i say if you make like vacuum sealer's for food our feet my vegetables for us how many those you gonna sell gay you sell cell phones though you gonna sell fuck catch on years fell aliens of people on the planet who like the amount of money you can make if you sell cell phones is fucking
beyond comprehension right well they're they're going one of these i carry these they scare the lumber barons and steal barons and the oil barons although all those different times and has even when peter the vanderbilt came out and just head in crazy lots of money and the steel and everything else it's exactly the same thing it's this brand new thing that all of the world needs and its can or by a limited amount of people so that the people are smartest fuck yeah really is not a good amount appear you know if you're gonna be controlled by the right amount of people the right kind of people the google people not bad let's say nowadays robots now they ve got a shared european airlines there pairing because seriously man if other people giving killer robots first we got a real problem is the oppenheimer dilemma do you make the atomic bomb knowing it's going to kill millions of people or do you let the russians make it first until millions of people over here or the germans rather
the same dilemma marguerite make roubles cutting out the middle managed government dislike we're gonna be able to protect our own fiddle be fine what do you think you google is going to start buying arms companies next on making their own they the robotics we bore like we're gonna know a couple viewpoint in our make a robot dog but ireland mike mike my neighbouring makes missiles when they get flag and hiring the greatest engineers of our day to build missiles for google come over while the kegs will put all the stuff together in one day in like two thousand twenty ford gould shows up at the federal reserve and goes die that's over good how everybody get out we run things we alone when i want a meter money anymore if that's not incredibly mean this not consider is there to say it's not all that far fetched if they buy up the weapons making technology and have all the stuff there are built influence policy could get pretty pretty significant while also are ability to two first one
as citizens to recognize it we're going screwed over on a daily basis and also recognise that the government is invading our privacy on a daily basis when people start recognising those kind of things and you look at that like some so the losses been brought up against people some of some of the people that have lost like giant chunks of their time in their life fighting off the government whether its front because of taxes or because of regulations or wouldn't whatever the fuck it is if you stopped thought about like engineering that and making it the way it is you would never you never designed this way that the way it is so gross and the irs can go after people that you know if you don't pay or two they just throw you in prison they why are we so scared that you have to pay them their money if you don't pay them their money they treat you if you're a dangerous criminal there you have it
take out of society and walk in luanda dangerous criminal to them there there an organization accompany just like anybody else and if it gets if the commission gets out there that yeah there's really no repercussions for you not giving us our revenue then their screwed people say i we're not paying you and you ve lost your income in your company goes under the meaning of everything now the guy who it had beanie babies who paid a billion dollars and taxes and their legs not enough words like we need like a billion five million he hid some some money somewhere he had so my smother fuckers a billion dollars and dashes he's probably uncle all day i have no idea how much money he has probably it has nothing to do nothing to do with this thing you know like hiding money like what he targeted please second made beanie babies it's not like you know is that nuclear engineer he's crazy fuck that made something that for some reason made him so much money that he paid a billion dollars in taxes but though
but the lodge i wanna meet indeed pace more that's a lot of money in taxes if eight billion dollars in taxes would be for friggin beanie beings would be good it's ridiculous completely ridiculous so when good take sovereign and skynet goes live that guy get money back dissolve the federal reserve pay him and that's not your grew girls the robin hood of ninety baby founders maybe would ye i mean how think it's outside the roma possibility that our government and are not just our government but are military is run through technology whether or not like years who it's gonna get real gray whether or not like what who has power isn't going to be countries it gonna remain countries is going to eventually shifting the corporations or corporate entities we talking like how much money there isn't acknowledging guy aiding things as certain in time the technologies can reach the point where people can assent
we do it the fuck they want these you know there's the ongoing question are the corporations actually running things now already governed become relatively puppets sure based on whose pumping the most campaign money in etc and now you're talking about artificial intelligence coming into the yes yes yes and i think absolutely the case of the corporations have gotten whose insanely influential place mainly powerful ability control that the results of elections and though the way the world works it means really incredible but which mostly credible is it it's a bunch people corporations to bunch people people are doing some things that are really for humanity can make you i closed the money for the corporation and for the cooperation you look at it from you know the artificial organism structure of a corporation you know how long the coca cola companies been alive longer than any human being on the planet you know now you ve got
whatever these and it's a lot like the means of religion or or national nationalism the structures the self replicating and self supporting structures have been built up and they live longer than we do so now corporations yet while they're not people but at the same time that's a six swell organism right there and its fighting to stay alive and dominate how it wants dominate events the skinny on it right it's a thing it's a system it's an honor reading entity and it is made out of here but it really likes money more than at least people and we it's really amazing that people have created something that's not entirely self serving and protects itself as it weird structure of one yeah zeros and buildings and paper in its to me it really a borderline organism has its it as a collective organism all of the people working within it there's a sir pattern of behaviors that have led to those corporations being successful living for a hundred years or longer and only
people who are following those patterns of behaviour is mostly are going to be successful in their so it self perpetuating you ve got a certain type of behaviour which is always put the company for screw the role screw people go out make things profitable that works so these but he's grow and continue to live in spawn off other companies and it just keeps going some way to me there is no other not living organisms only by a technicality of definition that's fastening looking now as an author when you see something like this you see may perhaps like a good majority the people of probably overlooked when you look at it like that i mean that that's it's gotta see my almost like a work fiction meaning if this system in and of itself the weights constructed now in just the idea of sending people to go kill me but they don't even know on either side of the world are all of us is so bizarre if if it exist in this form and someone to use a script you bill i why the fuck cooperation is a lie it's a lie
in its eating people look how many people the corporation even gone back to the sky net concept that science twenty five years ago and you are now getting to the point with the globe we know that the global nature of the internet and everything else if you were able to get some kind of powerful online entity or artificial intelligence that's not at all far fetched anymore not only can control everything not even a low georgia is inevitable right i don't but inevitable it's definitely definitely possible the leap from having a system that can communicate everywhere all over the world one time and then jumping to nothing that can actually make its own decisions and decide its own destiny i think that's and i know very little about it but that's way bigger than people think it's not just out we're gonna make the smart robot and it will go through make decisions you know self determination a whole different ballgame that they have been able to tackle yet so it is definitely
possible i doesnt seem inevitable to me it to me it seems inevitable it seems inevitable just based on the exponential growth of technology meaning that you no one calls to and to put one is three and three plus two as five when you when you start seeing how quickly things are developing and how quickly technologies improving in enhancing you realize it like it if we were in a horror movie and it was a horror movie about robots it eventually took over and sir raving people in eating them it would probably start out a lot like what we are seeing on the news would have a quick flashes of like a new robot technology and six months later sony releases another one and then five months after that they create some sort of an artificial brain sell that actually works better than a real brain so they start inserted go into people's bodies and then each cut too fifty years later a pocket
dick nightmare scenario robots eating cinder blocks running down fighting the last vestiges of humanity hiding under sewer pipes you know about i hope this endeavour does come out of that there still you know people are we good at doing labour and figure things out and they also breed and make more copies themselves so if you're a robot artificial intelligence killing the peoples a complete and utter waste of time why would you do that here is this relatively free labour pool makes more copies of itself and continues to do what you want which goes back the concept of coke their coca cola brander ibm or british companies that are five and six hundred years old you know that lord of already happening there are so determined human beings who are serving the greater purpose of the overlord organization so yeah artificial intelligence could easily be like that so i'm hoping that when we taken over so just want to give a job and the ones we happy workers i think you'll find a so inefficient stupid one it is
i mean if you think they illustrate ass the same way we treat chimps shut the fuck up and i think if they use it all the have like a show that amuses them all they have done your actual real people this last of the real people we keep them in his cage make them fuck treat them like killer whales there's a reason here's a museum to show you the way things once worked a long time ago people needed food ha ha of body will laugh it's hilarious nothing natural people just ridiculous the idea of a natural person equities become redundant and this is a problem on science fiction all the time and i have it in some of my books too which is once you get your artificial race or artificial intelligence deploy workin reproduce on its own when role i can make other versions of itself that's when were no longer necessary when something can bring to make copies of itself and i'm not necessary talking a big factory crank things out although that works when robots can
physically basically make baby robots that harvest energy and resources from the environment and get bigger and become an adult and fully functional and capable of carrying on work then we're screwed there no need for us anymore does competition at that point since they figure out how to make better robots are you guys mean fuck and terrible design with solicited fix it i mean i wonder if we arrogant thinking that are our special abilities as people whether it's our emotions our creativity or whatever their actually really special and that their not radical but would have robots like dumb it so easy to make something like you they do not even that complex together based on legs really pretty obvious emotions very predictable behaviour patterns under stress liking guys a fuckin simple like you'd like to think of super complicated because makes you happy well as all the stuff we ve always thought was complicated possible now we do all the time and yes somebody at some point could cracked the chemical code of our behavior mitchell over this little bit of that both next thing you know he's crack this robot
crying because he got his heart broken at the problem and then both blade runner yap later on than those scenes with rucker how worker howard dying and it does when a kill harrison ford but he was thinking about but he would he loves and respects life so marcy does wines are ultimately not killing them that's a fuckin powerful movie man and not far off from what would actually happen if you something in your engineered emotions into an if you didn't then what you got fuckin city fell with robots cycles that have no emotions you would want to engineer are the same flaws that people have you wanted to create artificial people would in fact if you did that wouldn t be a person when they be subject jealousy import decision making in this everything outside of drugs because they would be robotic i'm sure they have their own robotic drugs of some kind in various viruses reprogramming anything you want but did not appoint barrier batteries at some point it well when they put their tongues of a better it's a whole different experience example
it would become indiscernible you couldn't tell the difference gosh and pray but there's that tat something test where you put a blindfold i put a blind between people and if you can't tell the person on the other hand that computer is a robot or a person as a human being you can't tell my talking a robot am i talking a human being taxed swarm intact worn voice or tax foreign wars like this is if you get to that point that's one of the definitions of we have gotten closer achieved artificial intelligence for you as a human can't tell the difference that's when you really close to that and emotions would be a big part of that in the movie it'll show people talking into their phones asking siri questions googling things while their driving solution those are the things they willingly accepted robot fold we're let him in we have no motion now we're completely symbiotic now completely leave you found it home it's like you ll have to deck behind get like what
why do now do not leave home without my dick going back for the good keep my phone screwed on and with before long they gonna come up some solution it runs on your own bodies energy no longer needing to charge itself in the wall it always get it surgically removes like hey honey i can always get it socially removed next thing you know yet some robot patch on your arm that you're done killing and it goes straight into your ear cometh with death come on implants are the next that's the next big wave of of all of these things in your own all the time but we have little usb ports on our farms stick it in their wireless man everything we wireless operator will popular either contact lenses or inserts below the iris i would suggest you see everything eternally wifi off people going to hack you yet you don't want wireless is not good at the vienna summit mason have to hard work we need ports when it made
export would you lazy deadline you want you want the matrix for everybody else he would like man i gotta reach this from here to there and plug it in screw that is going on i was option to really think to people that leasing our guardians secular when you see how doubly lazy there's plenty of people there plug there had said in that i think gradually more who would totally guy people were a lazy lazy bunch as a species but did they got to the point where they are willing to like plug something into their heads gonna let them do you know any browser over the internet i can find like the remote control have to get up and change the channel or something like that are these you but i think is more is less people in that less people that's more like see like this is seditious talk your having now you're one of the people wants to plug in you don't want a wireless there can be what google will be watching you sir and i don't mind the wireless look ultimately its are gonna be its can the bead public testified
you know like tesla wanted to have electricity in the atmosphere we wanted and broadcast like trysdale westinghouse found out what he's trying to do like it the fuck out of here and they shut his pro i'm down his deal was too widely transmit electricity the same way people why're you know they transmit radio way sir transmit wi fi sick right we're gonna wirelessly have electricity fuckin floating around us in some strange why don't i mean i don't even understand the technology bided but i assume that if it was nikola tesla test came up within this was legit stuff it's never been deb well he he wanted to give it away with the other frank and that's you know the corporations going back to that the self defence mechanism of the corporations kicks in yeah if there's a resource that is being given away for free any corporation providing that resource is danger of being diminished or being destroyed so the natural reaction of the group mind of the people in the companies we got a shot that shit down right now this is some hours jones talk then will you done
now you're going we have before us we have we seen it with their the edison company in their reaction to the two tesla and trying to find ways to stop this technology from coming out because of the technology comes out they no longer have that giant cash cow and that's that's worth fighting for what was the downside was there any downside proposed downside to projecting electricity in the air germany and i dont know that much about it i'm not sure that he had prevented and large scale like can it really transfer over long distances and still be economically viable and then
it's just the general shock of people seeing bolts of lightning flashing across the countryside are not very comforted by it notes exactly the same thing happening you just can't see exits and a wire is how it would be would see the electricity i'm pretty sure that's that's what it was it was just blasting things through the air was deprived get refilled like lightning bolt hits your house every time you need more electricity scary what about heard what if a fuckin bird was fine by right when you hit the powers which had happened they would burn me just exploding all through the sky all throughout cities birds birds are the collateral damage of the power industry they're getting killed i windmills right now so but could you imagine if people are just turning on their lights which is in birds just explode in the sky his pulse of electricity would come out to your house and connecting to the tree in other big metal
lightning tree some poor berbeus be in that had it only tough eleven for the birds walking down the street birds exploding over your head birds were just start walking and they become one of us like a dog or give up underlying they would eventually reach a good point there would eventually realised through evolution the robots come up with the birds and then we're really screwed so don't like al butterfly develops that fake i bonds wings jamaica parentless bitch i'm looking at you and i really like they're they're stupid game of butterflies yet nature develop tat those they became good for that designed to exist in out but a bizarre thing that has to stop and think about it who have you explain that just did eyeballs in their wings they just happen layers most precious theirs mutation where they have a pattern on their wing that makes them that reacts with predator the predator looks at it goes that looks like something i've eden that tastes horrible or that looks like
thing beggar the mean it's dangerous and then that that butterfly continues on and it happens again and again and again that's the scientific explanation but i there's something nefarious foot i think something is afoot something mysterious i don't trust them fuckin butterflies i don't trust to somebody made eyeballs on their wings i just i have a hard time believing that we just some sort of a random once more disturbing as the caterpillar thy balls on its but it like listen up and it's got to big eyes on their unlike butts looking back at me i'm not buying it no find ones that have eyeballs is there some incredible ones where they they look like legalistic cats eyes that's that's so we
it's so weird and it seems like someone's troll on us using more evidence that the world is made at a magic somehow another some insect is able to develop these camouflage eyeballs on its wings that are just faint robots already took over we're already experiment now they're like we got we're going to keep given of something and sooner or later to figure this out eyeballs like they gotta figured out now i gotta know it we just make both world so preposterous that everybody to stop singles we know what the fuck is going on and then tat the music starts playing the curtain draws the aliens come out lab where we didn't think i was going to take you this long regarded as you go there's no people were legally there's the allies all that's near guys we're all in the matrix i've never seen that wonderful way around may tracks look at those high
the first reaction i like him that's gotta be photoshop that's from rose a whole series of em there's a bunch of different kinds of moss or butterflies rather develop these eyeballs on on the back of their wings so and i just love the brandy yeah amazing like a cat cats i just looks like a tiger shootings that looks like a baby tiger hiding in the woods ready jack you super step birdie yeah don't beat me i'm a fucking tiger friggin amazing incredible i mean look at has eyeballs look in the eye it looks like like if you have that attitude on you knows and i believe that artists is good that's a good look at that get the fuck out of here just get the fuck out of here it's a cartoon fairy totally weird and that's real down by that i mean i know that's the answer i know science would tell you that the answer but you didn't see happen through
there is no there's no actual documentation is particularly this romantic in the world my friend as an author i'm sure you must agree with me maybe create fantastic works of fiction read the entire worlds in your own mind why you get into it you know that phoenician a magic can be so broad and the man that any what being alive at this particular moment is such an astronaut the odds against you being here and living this long so astronomical you can't even calculate of speculative here you are if we're just here a couple hundred years ago yet in in the fact we really only come into our modern day culture in the past two centuries or so so there lot of things i look at as an author are just staggering and even looking at something like the butterflies ghost first reactions always what can i do with that can i work that into historic is that's real and that's cool we can do something with it but he added there's a lot of things i look at in even having a decent knowledge of science and evolution and those things you look at it go how up
that is why the times i find myself arguing myself like now not the one that gets me is like the crabs that put crap on their shall ever seen these things they put crap on this daddy's crabs will grab whatever happens to be around them and then use there is alive and glue it to their claws like a boxer crap it'll glue anatomy which are deadly to it onto its claws their predator comes up there like they put up their dukes they put up to and enemies the cup boxer cravat guys want show this wine wards off predators you can see that anything with that behaviour of course has a survival advantage that makes sense but at what point to some crazy crab eta add piece of fish and get so high that it's like alarm cut disappear and put this summer clause and waving around for a little while i see stuff like that that's one that always throw me for a loop like how did that first actually happen that an end
you know when i talk to my science consultants they break it down the finer finer details what you say mix perfect sense lamp however he's got frequency and enemies on his claws buying a big gentlemanly look at this they taught him how to do that part of time line grabbed that's of live and enemy on his claws and anybody screws of them is gonna get a mouthful of new medicines that adds up to raising the oath in itself miles being a alien world i mean really might as well be on another planet just stopping oh that's one thing that i really want to talk about what the ocean this is crazy can thing and i just discovered you know see shepherd you know that those companies go out and fight those whalers they caught japanese wailing ship and the japanese wailing ship they have is really sneaky thing they're doing where you are allowed to under some provision some mutilated agreement you're alive two whale hunt
take a whale is its risk civic research so they in some weird loophole for scientific research so what these as do as they go on they slaughter these whales and then they say it through scientific research and they just sell the meat like their wailing we're just killing these wales but the way they're doing it is under this weird poland the losses are selling some part of the whale maybe for science and and selling nourishes sign in the meat for food hotter selling it is i mean there's lead their selling commercially but you can see the the photos you see the the image brian if you gotta like see shepherd one of the more recent stories about eager they have they took they got a helicopter and they flew over the boat and took photos are these dead whales areas to sitting yeah it's dark ban its really dark
and if you look as they pull back and they show you there's a website address and if you go to that website addresses an english version and an american and japanese version but the year that the image deserve a pretty shocking if you go and look at it online even have video of them slaughtering one of the whales but to me when i look at that that to me is just like us going to another planet and killing some alien being we would never stand for that if we showed up on mars and mars had whales are we to start cutting whales and using it for scientific research people would go fuck and crazy like what are you doing we found this intelligent life form the communicates it has a voice it has language it has they have some sort of a weird differentiation between different sections of the world than they have different accents yet at the same time if there is a resource there that we need or someone can make money from and the propaganda machine kicks in and
find the salient intelligence and then your president is on the radio saying this is significant danger to the human race and we have to act right now because do all of these horrible things we watch on our planet dozen times in our lifetime we're somebody comes out of the propaganda machine and we're so manipulable that bill i go well we don't bomb them first they're going to bomb us we scared people get scared especially when they have kids they actively a real scared how could bomb on their dangerous out there the martians have weapons of mass destruction we take the images out but imagine if we went to mars we found some intelligent life forms a communicate with language and we decided studying imagine the protests imagine how bad people would freak out we don't have any problem the whale you where i was pretty much aren't hurt anybody we established that there are many out so not already anybody and smart we know that we know those two things for sure but you know what the thing nature so evil herself like nature sets whale
makes us a whales can defend themselves against killer whales you know that's why they i'm killer wes lot of folks don't know that they kill whales they're not whales and dolphins but they kill whales there the other videos of them killing whales are far crag man crazy isn't it doesnt don't do it quick to start eating this june off the one i said when i was a little kid of national geographic and this time anybody ever documented and orca pact taking out a whale could have been a camera what kind of whale was grey weller sperm whale and they litter lee chew on it until it brings its mouth like in pain and then one swims inside the mild and start non down the tongue oh god go down and as far as they could tell like that's the good stuff but they actually want is the tongue case the best so summit gets to go in there and start june on the tongue and then they just they just kill it it's hard to take their side that's a country
it's hard to take the killer whales autoimmune light to take their side but the way they treat wales is fucked in any realize well you know that's just nature nature is just like that there's gonna be it's gonna be horrific crimes that's what nature is all about nature natures and endless fight for survival and if you aren't killing than you're gonna get killed and he had you have no way of recognising the culture if you have no way of objectively assessing your your situation of you stuck in a world where you need constant move even to breathe cancelling mean there colonel out of body mass need to get fish needs they need to feed all the times that constantly in movement they don't ivory some reflection didn't have a couch within kick back with their pipe and watch masterpiece theater and powder and write poetry and then their poetry can be read by others and if we
existed in a world like that we were just fly around the three dimensional space i dont think we'd be very much different than darwins well we weren't and it's it's the development of agriculture and in society and in cities and getting that sir do that comes in and with a large number of people working together that's the only thing that's allowed us to do those things as well you go back forty fifty thousand years thus and it was there was no different will kill anything moves killing eat anything that moves and if you don't do something's gonna kill you and it was only the development of society that allowed people start writing poetry and making our doing all those other thing you have to do men of a place we could hang out and i get eaten debt and where you had food put stockpiled like ok i got all that covered wall i got a gun i got a stake became good another new next week mixing now you drinking wine writing things people read that shit go do not thought that do what i've never put into words the whole culture expands from their there that's never
happen with dolphins they gotta keep moving ever gonna learn often i don't think there are very much different than us no that's a very hippy thing to say but i had a experience once on a boat with dolphins playing wild orphans in hawaii change me for i've changed me for life in their eyes experiment experiencing like laugh what dam and yelling at them and then doing tricks for you mean it was what they were with us for over an hour and i was god damn it was high school i was so high devilish i've been on a border that but there i was in when you're that how you very vulnerable and very sensitive and very very introspective and almost painfully so sometimes so me looking in the eyes of the dolphin had me absolutely convinced us watch these things play that i'm proud being extremely prejudice and how highly i value human whom cognition and our ability to change our environment being the ultimate measure of intelligence why they do not they couldn't
major environment they have absolutely no need to exactly adapted to their environment their perfect we don't have to worry about sharks enough to worry about shit all you have to worry about is those conti killer and then the wells edam that's interesting about dolphins there one of the few species on the planet that kill for fund because i got so much brain power there like i was gonna go kill that double kill other dolphins though shark infanticide if you know there are baby dolphins that are produced by them they'll kill him dolphins rape which is messed up one species that goes out rate so with big means comes big problems i guess species kind of raped i dont know i don't know really now it's not it's not a very common it's not a very common thank you what's yours about the perfect right leg marietta's dolphins there the using high would prefer fisher but like
amsterdam to rape the chimps due to a failure and what about cats can't because the female cats are too bad ass that's a dangerous move i dont think you want to go there i thought that you get cut up he's a fucking hurt you you register at a rate of a lion in in pack animals you'll get drunk driving out the alpha male of the pack and there is a new new guys the affirmation he gets the spoils of war so to speak but i think there's an enormous amount of straight up rape in the animal kingdom outside the hype more intelligent animal well it's also there's power but we know social stigma fucking and probably the female tigers we have sex as well as much of a need to fuck or to our rape each other does not make sense i give if wild animals this is just became real raby like i have just read it through in every new thing you in guinea workday could be you know speaking on my ass here but the dominant could be part of that free time thank you there's our whole shows us they dont have exerted six episodes knows
begin predators other than humans they don't really they're not even really all that afraid of sharks and they don't have to worry about their environment the perfectly adapted and they are smart so they got time to think about stuff like you know look at the dorsal fin net girl united maybe they think too much welded killer whales don't give a fuck if they think they'll edam get the girl neat and off another they kill everything now they are the best they don't ere they know their small and light so what they're so you're smart to argue so you not a fish also you breathe there like everything smart presented kills merely jutting nothing smart figured out gills now it's all millions it's all marine mammals resilience is there some people who think that the act bosnia words are really wicked smart like in being able to be to users and figure out puzzles significantly but that's the only a quota chronic breathing
animal that i can think of here's a problem with that argument they don't have any houses negative by fish that's ridiculous that the market is there not that's markets will not open ajar would look like a teacher dogged open jar giving personally behind you in your home free that is not hard a three year old girl but a fucking the jar that so stupid think that their for intelligent they they have also communicate with their scan which i find it incredibly fast amazing to lash nuts day the vision or communication they they they used to think at one time it was just camouflage that there were just today in environment which they also capable of death they also somehow another communicate with each other by their skin by the way they look man they think that their squid ink may be admired serve who purposes it may one try to ward off predators in some way and create confusion and allowed to escape but also might be like a razor fluid like free
what i just said that our water wiped out yeah there's some interesting like work done on octopus and octopi communicate the arab ever seen videos of cut fish hunting but using the patterns in their body antis their prey her but i i've got a book called earth core fiction and the whole race in that book based on the cuttlefish so all their communication is almost non there's almost no verbal it's all visual and the pattern changing understand which is how they talk to each other in how they punish pack pray sorry suite is pretty sweet that so i wonder how wolves communicate like when war deciding to sneak up on somebody like if they do something like if they have a situation like wolves like they'll corner an animal like they'll have likes was what some go this way others will wait form on the other hand like they somehow another communicate with each other well don't you leave the that's that's probably of all this
we did this and it worked zoom and they are they are smarter shit and they are capable of remembering can you got do you guys got the rounder all make sure they don't blank out they don't flank out to the side here's the is pushing and then these things have cascading color on their body what do you think they do it with though i mean are they doing it with us when there was a dual with smells are using pheromones like how are they communicate they from what i know about it there actually they teach them the poppies in the young ones how to do it like teaching them a gear gonna go here or they will follow the adult and they it's a learned skill it's just like a pack of humans hunting and they decisions are day day their brought up like your role is this and then is become more dominant the pact they change their role in the hunting pact you seen i'm sure you ve seen the video the chimpanzees organizing an armed party to go after me
these figures here so crazy it's it's one of the weirdest videos and it was one of the first instances where there are completely shore the chimpanzees were not just vegetarians where they knew that and were not just carnivorous but they were eating primates any why these brian we will show their video ethics i think so wouldn't show the videos a chimpanzee eating a monkey causes it it's fucked i swear it team up been missing for everything yeah so they they have all these monkeys in the trees and what they do is they send chimps after them to chase and they start you know swinging on the trees and then on the other end they have chimps waiting as the monk he's trying to escape so they ve hurt them into this area where these are dominant chimps will be waiting and the church swell attack the monkeys in the trees but they the corner them entrapped them they have they get him on the size and again in the front and they corral
emma to an area where other chimps are waiting and then the ground but they they figure that out like how did they organised that they talk about it how they know how do i know there's gonna be people on the other end or chimps and the other end waiting when i chases monkeys down pretty advance that super advanced they ve somehow another figure out a way to talk to each other and say
look man i want you to monkey goes we need some organs offences that we do it they hide in the trees we gotta do is chastened down there and mike and bob you guys was tone of course jason this way tommy at the ends is gonna gather i'm all our boy that's that's a killer question how do they communicate that that would take people like if a bunch of random people are stranded on a desert island and how to figure out how to hunt it would take them until they are on the brink of starvation till they figured that out their billy woods go try to get some food and it but it was a long fuckin time really virus strategy the trippy thought with that to me is not knowing how long they ve been exhibiting this behaviour that's exactly how they catch monkeys and arranging tangs chimpanzee so was somebody watching the humans do this and go fetch it works great i don't think so but it might because it's not like we have a lot of evidence of them telling chimpanzees before they might literally a develop that from watching how we do it to them which is that's crazy most likely though that they just smartness figures and get that video yeah you told me that that's the video that every time we play that they yank us off youtube though are really
we could show great ape and a monkey who is the language of you to just for that year that was it a bbc one fuckin bbc if the internet bitch in every onawandah never gonna be the earth but they mean to they treat monkeys and the way we treat whales the way we treat killer whales it really is a perplexing question like what will the next thing how will that treat us if there is an official artificial intelligence super genius robot that become some sort of synthetic organic thing there's an almost indistinguishable from humans but infinitely smarter how deal with us you know is a good deal with us the way we deal with the champs or the way the chimps do what the monkeys are the way we deal with dolphins or the way the killer whales deal with dolphins housing the deal with it not setting a very good precedent they have why would you want to keep us around and make us be lazy shitty unproductive workers that are really angry that a robber
overlords have taken over or there's just the basic problem of work were too smart where would you want to keep some if if we had monkeys in the euro area and they walked round with which blades and guns and renown and would start killing people be like we gotta get rid of those monkeys and you know it is a funny conversation because whenever you have this conversation about artificial intelligence you gonna get a lot of naysayers and a lot of people that claim that they know what's gonna happen like listen that's not going happen we would never allow it we would never engineer that we would never i gotcha i gotcha however in my view magneto that guy would never allow decked out an average near there always somebody out there who is just therefore the money or like kind i wonder if i can do that yeah that's the driving force behind discoveries i wonder if i can make that happen and this insatiable need to push technology just insatiable to derive that people have to to continue to innovate is spectacular
david some new goddamn hundred tenants tv forty four k michael bay i would have with that michael babies you like and he was doing a presentation the prompter fail and locked up there is he he couldn't even just wings like he could eat like all you have to do is talk about what he does as a director like i make movies and he tried to do it but then he stopped and then that the guy you know you want me to start by these new tvs in these curve tvs and he could just a year they look beautiful or something but instead he starts mumbling and then just what goes excuse me and walks a hostage say bombed yet he got panicky and happens has the best of us what if i don't want to further creamy that's good to say as late as like watching a really bad comedian right before you go and stays someone's up there just bombing and then you have to what stage you don't think anything could be funny dangerous warrior have you sniff of his craziness some guys like five you might think that that might like and do your head like a single cell and start dividing like a little via
ok mental virus married that can take your performance down more like we know but i don't like the feeling i don't like watching like i don't like watching people bomb and it's it feels gross i know what it feels like i got to get out of there now that it's very hard to go on after this is why i think it's it might actually be affecting people is also why i think people enjoy inspiration i think when you when you see someone who's really bad you really don't think that anything good you think like this is life is life is a really terrible life is terrible comedy someone's bombing onstage and on the opposite when you see something really spectacular raise your standards for things you accomplish things you could it be excited to see if it rains you're standards if you go to sea avatar say some spectacular movies you leave
you would think would be the embers of that i want to follow the guy who bond unified phone it in i'm going to do well and i dont want to follow avatar is spectacular and i'm gonna look bore her with some people do have that that mindset some people have this really ultra competitive mindset and they like a lot of comics like to bring to we'll comedians with them on the road they bring guys who just really shouldn't be going on stage in the comic is like really pretty good so of be like this death show for twenty minutes and then the comic comes in like a hero and thereby super excited sam i've seen it happen on numerous occasions but that's famine mentality that fact mentality that there's not enough for everybody that the famine mentality that you know you have to get all the accolades and any by this threatening whatsoever to your you know your talent to your abilities should be just minimal eyes to you now that it's a dangerous mine said to have in especially in the world
many now but i think if you instead choose to be inspired by good performances then everything comes inspirational it's not like everything's competitive instead of it being competitive you get all this juice that you get the competitive aspect of it but you get in positive form instead you're inspired and happy for people success heavy for great movies happy for great music happy for great comedy when you see great inspired by them so everywhere around ye see inspiration dead of everywhere around you you seeing com to and people doing the new something that diminishes you're right your idea of who you are as a person because you don't measure up on paper to michael bay or this cairo that instead of that the opposite stan you know the mentality is your constantly being inspired says it's a matter of engineering your thought solar i think i've got significant i've had its better now
had significant issues with other authors the people started same tommy i did roughly and have similar similar career arcs moving up and then they just catch lightning by the tail for something in the next thing you know their huge and unlike were basically working either everybody's workin the fingers of the bomb like every other profession anybody succeeds anywheres probably working there ass off and then just watch on block any like that's that's difficult overcoming like i got all the goodies deck i got there first and just curious for you and it's like you say it's a lot a lot of it has been adjusting the perspective you have to step back and say i'm still doing really well and are making a lot of people really happy with my stories of my books and i can now aspire to get to level swiped write something better and market better and connect better and finally get that out
why things sometimes it's just a matter of people finding out about it it's really that simple like the product is there for a long time but there's so much product you walk into a barn noble star roaming through the fiction section behind much authors you dont know when you read the back of the book a few recommendations that you proud respects it i'll fuck i'll take a chance but for them sport there the choices are endless and new books are coming out constantly it's difficult to get seems difficult to get discovered and at that exposures the biggest thing enable hearing about what you do and then maybe hearing two or three times for their families like does my second time in a show in the first time we got a on of new readers paper like other guy sounds pretty cool me check out his books and we ve got all these fans now now second time maybe you get more and in all that effort the next books outs called pandemic it's out january twenty first in just trying to get me exposed to it so that
i can say that sounds like my cup of tea or yeah don't think i'd be interested in that that's the real game it's not guinea people the reader forcing people to read it it's just a matter of nobody's ever heard of me they don't get the option make a decision if my stuff is is in the rally or not does not get in the way at all of the creative process view is it like an unwanted annoyance like this extra thing trying to promote and trying to figure out how to promote and then would it be your for you if you could get past and yet it is like stephen king point where i have to do just right you sure you know anybody getting the andrei stephen king dean koontz you know any of those levels where they just flat out you don't have to worry body more stated king give a crap about marketing is that's all going to taking care of former me he's earned that means totally fine so we do yeah we eyes put lot of time in a marketing and trying different things to to get the word out all of that area
it has been doing that is a matter not creating or refining a story like one thing we did today was for all of the the listeners member that look i told ya last time title white which was the science vision mme we decide we're just gonna give that a way to all your listeners through january if i go to our website scots it grew dark com it's up on the screen right those who is that there is not a final no that's the wireless guys you asked me if i was writing gay porn last time that's right that looks like whose similar par horrors very little guys look like that but about being left m are more common used to look like that he wasn't even that big is he was huge like if anybody does that store and puts that in their cart and then use the code death squad they get daddy book
it's beautiful beautiful read on their computer they re on their their tablet under kendall etc all of these are the kind of things that and it's not like you know that stephen kings and joe hell's don't still do or their people do that marketing stuff for them we have to do things like that to be like just like i know if you read my shit i'm gonna only it's just that simple pull up mark kerr our curves only and i may find that really looks like that they actually a fascinating documentary on marker that no added smashing machines called smashing machine is fuckin dark its deep goes mark was like super super open with them and night while he was filming stock manner they were doing this documentary on this unstoppable emma fighter in the sky was wrestler whose destroying people is built fuckin superhero super athlete taken people down smash now that's when his fat you gotta get ya get em when he's young marker huge just fine
define an image of him when he was just unbelievably huge so anyway this documentary they start doing this documentary and along the lines the exposed his drug use and he's open when he shoots up right in front of these people and their nay they capture this guy completely spiralling out of control they just come into the right moment as a feminist documentary and care guys i want the best fighters in the world completely spiralling camera shooting up yet picture of him when he was in his prime theirs you know there's some photos of him like fighting in the usa that sam wholly can't get it doesn't work look at the size that mother fucker then but that was that was when they were caught in the smashing machine he was two hundred and sixty five pounds of american muscle in mexican supplements some matching people but along the way developed an addiction to believe those opiates they wish shooting up look out
fuck in big he was told i use shitting me and did he just gonna take himself are he get beat and go down the sorry go and i certainly be you know what he was doing drugs and i was having a real drug problem and whose fighting while he was addicted to drugs ok then either eventually when became a car salesman but the needs an important documentary it's important not just from the point of view of someone who one is having a serious problem with drugs but it also steroids vienna music absolutely on massive amounts steroids he was also fighting in may which is the thing traumatic brain injuries and punches in kicks you take some time the cumulative damage can read leave these guys to be like really depressed and suicide on crazy if they sustained too much damage then i really careful don't give themselves enough time to recover right i can get really depressed so here this guy
in short they had all the time taken morphine or heroin or whatever foggy staging you now and they caught him in this document perfect timing right when it all far apart they came in thinking he was about mother fucker on earth and they laughed with this really in depth peace whose life is being absorbed by drugs drugs just stealing is life just taking a little pieces the ecological out you wanna fighting later in his career like no steroids no dress a completely different body looked at your guy just stepped out of a bar we have really strain how do you do at the end of these new terrible airline destroyed jeez poor picture marker fat on alone i like the guy i'm not teasing i mean this is just the the reality of whom he was at the end right blogger does we looked at the end the difference yeah before after this it was incredible
i got some fight a couple times live when he was in that state and i saw him fight live when he was the destroyer and i was talking really shocking stuff but you know that world shocking it's a crazy world if your do you think eventually you're gonna get to the point where cause you guys are losing their three their last for the last three years and then when they retire isn't gonna get your point where oh yes he's gonna stepanida like yeah we're just gonna go and make a decision for you all they certainly have they ve done and many fighters yeah yeah they retired quite a few fireside chocolate though is the most obvious example right because he was like one of the great champions ever indiana him a very good friends and at the end of checks career shall gas for one more fight wonderful retract linley lost that fight and is like that's it we're good set i gotta stop away so he realized it was time the arnold
darnel sixty thousand doesn't look like that now the also is training further conan moving doing can count in finally yes got gonna us right you're robert he our family we talk about robbery howard last time when i don't i don't think so but that that that my goal never of watching the first two conan movies never read sonya backing down like i want to write king coney never got to the point where i could talk to anybody have any contact like that movies gotta get makes perfect now is the perfect age for it it could be spectacular yeah folkestone know that robert howard made conan in many different areas it wasn't just a young virile powerful conan he also made in conan when conan was the king of scenarios is i think so we ve got when he was a scenario but also use a king of that i think he took over some new place i don't know remember yet there are great fucking looks out those those books sort of in my mind like kind of defined my childhood when i really got fast fast
with fantasy and that kind of shit it was it was the robbery howard books crawl goes all the conqueror conquer cyclops and emily movie was just a shit version of the books really your books it the other move is fine but his pride dated now if you pray what's it now i hate it yeah i don't i don't go back and watch movies movies decipher whose i loved and i was a kid the exception black predator an alien just don't watchmen care ruins you really can't but robert howard created some amazing conan books that never really have been captured correctly they try did a little bit better with the new conan the new guy area like i think the new guy is first of all my yeah yeah way more realistic way more like the actual coney island he's an enormous guy he's not billion bodybuilder he's but go to them
who conan guy jason moma whose about amendment you see too very nice guy he's falcon huge fitness that it is a six foot six justice perfect specimen of manhood he's never gonna make it out alive he's gonna so much that he's gonna die this there's no way we can avoid it if i was you hear lie jason mamma he found himself the downfall of the death sentence with this action is a beautiful man and he's a movie star there's no way he doesn't have there's no way he gets it to get a look at that get the fuck outta fuck out of here come on i did why would anyone any wash no exact didn't want the old one to be added them to sell the original coatings i'm giant van they only sullied it in like half the movie you could just cut out half the movie and have them and we have no ending and like it was a good effort was a good attempt i think ultimately what conan needs and deserves is that guy is the perfect and he's a good actor he looks like a savage keep keep him as opponents
get a real writer who is a real fucking crazy person who can come up with something bad ass and follow the robbery howard script follow what i didn't do it through the eyes of like a real visionary get a real james cameron type dude or album scores easy does conan haven't you you have a movie words really dark fantasy movie that plays out like a real film instead of place alex some bullshit comic that's always the thing that's confused wrap enemy the marble the crappy marvel movies are made when i was a kid like why the old spiderman tv show when i was a little like like when is it going to fight a super veil and i don't give a shit if you stop and bank robbers and it wasn't it never made any sense to me that like comic books how these stories that are massively popular why don't you just tell that story why do you think have to reinvent everything and the cone to be a similar thing like this already entertained a large percentage of the plan at one time it's not die
because there's no we know nineteenth century technology and tell the same friggin story yet story and now with the new technology the fuckin monsters sane did you see the habit nineteen out of young man dragon is worth seeing the whole movie just see that dragon that reminds me that i want to see what i haven't seen it but one of the funniest things errors when news reporters have to talk about that move because that that smog sounder always goes out of next distillation of meg innovation happens i wanted to say that since the last speaker monsters cows were closing in on the option for nocturnal one of my books that's gonna be done by lloyd levin as a tv show he's the outline how boy now boy too fuckin do knows noses miserly like nobody's illness amazingly regulations donkey but this because of your show we had wanted to listen whose name is nikki mine too much turn modernization
very nice yet making matters out she would for one day lucy stealer whose an agent at the paradigm agency in new york sounds on your show mickey heard it and said that nocturnal sounds really cool reads it and then just goes to her boss and says i think this is significant you need to read at her boss reads it lucy radio contact my prince agent we were done with our current feel maiden at the time we worked either five years great guy but we re making happens or time change something so we lucy lucy takes over an hour almost not only almost closed a nocturnal but then the guys the people who make justified and alimentary are closing
not confer the infected series unwittingly endemic is the last book that's incredible this ladys kick his ass and it came because nicky listening to your shall that's incredible cut to three years from now scots on coke laid his mansion underwear doing new spread so near remake with slight miley cyrus yes smashing shanahan bottle on the ground because there's nothing left my fine drank so just quick thank you out to make you she's listen don't ask is just just one person listening to a running up the tree is change a lot of things for us well that's all it takes rain mean like i said your product is amazing i've got nothing but positive responses from people that read your book after that you came on the progress of these people need to find out but it's now they will get there i'm crazy man while we get you know it and of course either one of the tv shows could not happen which is how things are in hollywood but if you get super reggie gonna buy a bower spot in san francisco
well a whole block i don't know about san francisco but if you get super rich you could buy basically on small country in michigan and call it detroit because it's already name you can buy the whole thing but again you'd have to be in detroit legal as hell all their castles built in the mills have to be pretty sweet deal i give her ministerial meetings place no main no when i use work in maine meister stand up a boost to do a gig in bangalore and you couldn't go to bangalore without drive by stephen kings has had to just two no that's received king let's bryant right because like he had his giant cast iron there's little marked mark twain allows me by mark twain tat day i think that smart planes out some not sure of our twin lived in maine i could be wrong i've heard but containing continued well he has like you could tell us this house is this wrought iron fence outside of his house and as like gargoyles and shit on it elsewhere pretty obvious anybody coming i what's a big house to its own it's not ridiculous like he
it doesn't have a castle he lives in a nice big house and he doesn't have one of the seven rooms or something like that not really mean it's very nice house but it's nothing crazy like i guess that's how it fits in up their casino bangalore is fairly modest environment afraid fairly modest city that's this house nice so you dry by any serious mental fence with the gargoyles saving a photo of the they made wonder about that is he's got some crazy fans that's twenty feet from the sidewalk to the front door so you wonder if steal some esteem kings money goes to there's a couple of deeds lurking around their property at all times there's you now you jump deference that's your ass i would have i would have for sure or evil dogs everyone always and everywhere i would a high would hire manages to just practices on people come over the fence deeds with swords i wouldn't fuck around guys on the roof see the roof crossbows
then i am silence joys and oregon samurai in march just announced that this is what's gonna happen to you that's the fuck i'm talking about but a devil zombie samurai as we would have to be actually that's the name of my next book is doubtless zombie samurai hooker ethnic cleansing singular using ie that hard a golden media to sell the book right it does have a devil zombie samara whom i rooting for their accounts you have a country kind to count if you have it you know heart of perhaps hooker now you know you're talkin there's a good story the she did it because our doubted cancer about that that's what this new money her down against that carried against samurai zombie purse was really wrong with hookers let's stop let's leave them alone yes there has been no i have no problem with this issue well there it is so that's how were the scots sailor legumes launched yes
and apparently already know how it's going to end with a zombie samara hooker and smash champagne bottle of dollar pan san francisco it could end like that or the artificially intelligent robots can take over first and we have high if i get rich the first thing we do is investing in google so they don't kill me concrete zero antigone concrete member ok thing ok building on a concrete around here your voice i'll be over here i wonder if it would be permitted google by all if you know you know you look at what they ve done it don't you have done anything evil the sea the very conscientious very rich and wealthy but also very conscientious he always about her great their campuses and how people work there really enjoy the environment like they deserve there's a guy works a google who's the guy but in the day have you decided he wants to be a woman so he shows up at work dressed as a woman and then changes at the end of the day goes home he's a man again and these
they changed his name at work they totally accepted it because marionette kids and his wife you know he's at he has a wife and when he gets home he becomes man again but wisely he decided that it wants to be a woman like a guy doesn't surprise from what i know of google that doesn't fighting ideas still get your work done could give a shit what i like i care i think it's good design that's crazy fuck and dwell on it to where see a world of men who dress i also think that the same story i haven't i eagerly creepy that one google might be yeah we're gonna have to have a meeting about you weren't a robot mass resting up like the dollar's distracting so let's have a that's ever meeting its way creep here presently a woman's like ok i guess you wanted to know now add the fantasy what would you do if you could be a woman for a day work grandparents like a google yeah worker do little and put a mask on or be a beer fake robot people fucking weird
the things that people enjoy you know what our fellow what rising hurt exactly now is not being an asshole we you start writing a book do you do you like sit down and it's like say ok i want to figure out something to write about or do you just have like a flash of inside nation and then in a record it write it down and then take with it like how do you do you start a book i mine is much is more structured so the the ones are right for random house there are three worse with lahore in cipher in them the thriller structure is you know things are planned out to get to this really crazy over the top ending our times i'll have the concept try and work through structure to come up with an ending that's gonna be just balls out spectacular and then sort of way backwards from their so if i do that car play if i reverse outline it correctly by the time
and go from this is insane i would never buy into this too this is a guy having a cup of coffee at his kitchen table in the morning it feels like seamless transition you never noticed that your graham gradually upping the level of madness to get to that creep yeah and you just fully hooked unbelieving every moment of it so it's me firstly structured i dont think i i don't think i haven't made it is right and then go and see where the story goes because i to have a thirty or many threats that all funnel towards that last andy even pandemic which the third book in a series of those infected then contagious than pandemic each of those three books as a relatively calm beginning anna earth shattering end but they are complete story unto themselves simply because i don't i don't worry extorting fans out of their money you get a full story of this book if you don't read the next book you have to buy to see what happens at the end of the first by a kind of half so for pandemic
was its largely the independent ex just eight shit crazy the whole world screwed and you had to come up how do i do this much damage and then work it back from their social feels like it flows either naturally when you talk to other authors is there like several different schools of thought as far as creating a story zono stephen king or profoundly fastenings book on writing did you read it get really like a bible it's great really really what would i found fastenings that he doesn't have a structure are now he just search writing i heard an interview with them i do know joe abercrombie review george our martin game thrones author joe abercrombie stuff you like fantasies ridiculously gut and of course you are game of thrones george rr martin described it i don't know if he came up with this with this way i heard it said there's two kinds of writers there's the gardener and there's the architect and he's a gardener and stephen king our garden where they put the seat in the ground and they called
made it then they just let it grow wherever gross i like this fine i'm going to follow this fine i like this flower follow this flower where is the architect which is more like no tom clancy or my stories you you'd blueprint and then you bill the foundation then you build a framework and then gradually ok now we're gonna put in draw electrical now we're gonna put plumbing now we're gonna drywall now now going to finish it now we're gonna payment you know what it's look like before its time but there's all the work to make it complete so those to kind of writers and kings definitely in the gardener variety he just lets us it role fascinating ever you ve ever tried to do it that way or do you enjoy the structure aspect of it like have you thought about it a different ways i mostly enjoy the the tattered gay of getting it all to come out and it really love hate relationship because if yours anal retentive about like this asked to you have to feel closer at them this book and i have to tie up all the threads when you do that as
working through some of the characters change who they are and all of a sudden you like ok now this guy would never do this thing he would never go into the haunted house alone he just wouldn't do it and the let's say i how do we get around that and usually breaks stuff so you have to tear the building down and go back and build up all over again and i do that with the book nocturnal i was just talking about my business partner a back had to deal with me i was i was miserable for like six months as i wrote threefold and at the end of every full draft like this just this doesn't work this is not believable i cannot get through this book and go that's what that's what would happen so i did all down and start over move all the parts round again i never thought i would get i was like i'll never get this right this will never work out with this concept that i have and i finally got to work with great help from a joint reviews my editor at random house we finally i figured out but it was i was friggin miserable diet
eventually i want to get to the gardener phase i just wherever goals it doesn't matter let us have fun do you get mad when you read a book this kind of his poor from an author that you really respect totally yeah that's a foot like they're so many authors in so many books right now i'm this i worked so hard to make my stuff so tight and so refined tranmere will allay alike are you approach a white i look at it from the consumer's point of view he dropped twenty four buxom book and you can tell i found it in you not come back as i'm not coming back if i read your book and like this is the least yours being so lazy and you took my money and you didn't work for it i'll never that on their again for you you ve completed the work it's not that anyone who is being lazy but sometimes as a puzzle that people just don't have the effort to solve yeah but it's out of their not working hard they just didn't did incomplete or they are under deadline and now i understand more like when i was younger as much more adam like you taking my money you lazy bastard now i understand like the others if there's a acts at the your next thing we gotta get this book the press room
now if you want to get it out by december for christmas yet after yeah so that's it go through a lot when you think when you think he read a shoddy work a lot of times as they just ran out of time they didn't have time to do it i think he's very cool though that you think like that of its very cool you think about the the audience and people buying i think that super important it adds an element of you have a connection with them above them you not beyond them you're part of them they even you need them you appreciate them and then you respect them as your writing you consider them i think that's big it in this maybe this is from being a big reader before the e books it but it wasn't that long ago you noticed too by the new stephen king book for seven ninety five and paperback seven if i was a chunk of money ok i want this and combine this better be good not steam king but somebody else you buy a blocking like i didn't get my money there if i worked hard for that money i've never forgot what that feels like and no i'd still give all my stuff away everything you get on my website it's got to go outcome syria lies books for free
patio books now calm and everything i published give away for free is a serial study but we run voting against italy we listened the beginning the show just like your show then you get thirty forty minutes so you don't pay for anything unless dude i want describes a lot of people have a lot of people can afford they fled can afford books for them the story so then how they get it so we do that way and then if you actually by the book my goal is always you would have paid twice what you paid for it new still happy that's if a man that's a great way of looking at things in love the fact he give everything away for free to put some ads on who gives a shit you know why that doesn't arrive in europe the flow of replica right just like this this pod castle ever do an ad inside the pod gas will interrupt the flow of the conversation but i think giving people something for free is important because it's nice it's nice it's a nice and makes people feel good then get your good stuff for free they noticed i figured out calm things
downloading your audio books get hooked have many many many more hours of entertainment right for fuckin free and then we knew stuff comes out they want to support you and it's organic in a lot of a lot of times what happens is people have a lot of will have money to spend on entertainment and they don't mind spending that money entertainment they know they're gonna get something good what pisses people if as a spend their money and then on something and then find out that they don't actually like the product so if i give these stories away you know that's my pet it if advantageth over stephen can't be going to book story scots ignorant stephen king you ve never heard of me you can buy stephen thinks he's a proven brains prune storyteller but be going bookstore instead things twenty four ninety five and scots agrees free maybe i'll try this first then go get the stephen king now i've got a chance for people to try out my stuff and if they listen to a couple of books and they know it gettin from then on than they they buy everything that comes out today comes out and you you miss the viral aspect we charge people for things like to know whether this
has a radio team easily frosty hiding and frank and now it such as heidi and frank real nice folks were very fun people done their show a couple times and they were on the radio and they went from the radio to doing a but they making their money by charging for the podcast as they had a good piece change it was coming in every month but they couldn't grow they can grow because no one can find out about them because it does doesn't people don't when you go hey there's his team in our mike and fuckin piss face and they are they have an awesome podcast because two bucks trust me it's worth it young good can it be go download out in kerala go downright joe ideas why would i bother spent two bucks or something i can get free that's where gets weird when this is too much the internet is gallery free now everything's gonna be free not free it's going to work
is too much that is free that so many options like yet to find another way to monetize things you can do with a simple like knucklehead way of charging that really hasn't i do know anybody who is still doing that anyway succeeded at charging for their pod gas com they do now that do very well what did i do is yea dan carl and makes a good jungle change i hope you'll get angry three now why parliament has his by gas should his pockets is very different like your audio books it's more like audio books on history but very dramatic and amazing flare to me really excited about learning about history but he charges for like the gives you the fifty four free and easy hooked and then if you i get into the databases once you really get addicted and you ve been nothing but damn car and for two months you run out and then i would fuck and then he said well that that's that's perfectly good
yeah i don't even know what your hair for at tat point people like that's that's totally worth dollar zone i normally get my money worth and then they don't give a shit it's the same thing that happens my stuff like once they know what they're gonna get they are perfect fine paying whatever comes out will you know what a change it if everything became like amazon one click where you dislike your computer has all your credit card information in and if you want something you just click on a new amazon one click because amazon one click would be only be slightly more difficult than just click not downloading it slightly more difficult because you gonna pay dollar this is where the dollar ok let's see where the dollar click it be pretty fuckin easy to do but if you want actually buy it i give it
go and entering credit card information and get a pay pal account is alot of fuckin steps that you're just not going to do right just gonna change the tab and go to another website and you know go download the nervous or something like that it's free is hard hearted cell people and buying something but it just means that people are like looking at it from the wrong lens now there's a way to monetize it and i think your way is the smartest give em as much three continents possible then they go while discuss fuckin talented and they want to support you yeah they and there's a lot of you know it's i it's pudding the decision their hands you the customer no what you to spend more money on and we sleep don't give a shit if they just keep dama all of our books for free never pay for anything that's fine is at the very least there they go to work there and talk their friends go my guide issue this crazy grow story are called infected it's not disguise stabbed him some of the fort for like five pages is nuts and then
eventually some either talking too is girl go check it out just go by the book so it's not you know it it's one were were were were our goal as we entertain people less we did we take you on a world bring you in nurse take you get rid of all structural awhile that's what we do for a living sir people want to do that for free some people will pay for it and even the people get a freer gonna go out we're good enough at our jobs they're gonna go out and talk their friends about it we're gonna wind up getting that word of mouth exposure were begun we got it chip on her shoulder like that's i worked so hard to make my stuff so good that i can give it to you for free you still gonna give me money for that's a great way of looking at it too you know it's cool about that adjust its it's cool to think there you are also getting by giving it away for free you you're getting that word of mouth exposure which he would be willing to pay a lot of money for that the amount of anxiety and completing answer stephen king no one's but that kind of marketing money behind me and we know that this is way for us to go out and get get new fans
people tries out yet he's like royalty this point is god like more at this point in super fuckin prolific we up jesus christ it makes you feel if such a lazy fuck when you see that i just churning bad as book after bad ass book it's it would be worth thing if you totally phoning it in but he's not now but love these new books and the new books it he's been coming out with bad i just read doktor sleep they know the sequel to the shining and s really yeah i'm nervous now an excellent shrilly good woe how long are you put them out only families it's hard honestly it's hard to tell them he's already got two eight hundred page novels coming down the pipe i'm going to guess it was about three or four months ago and it is any torrents the little kid from the shining whose now chronologically dislike the same on ears and always in his forties early for is i think an
he gets in your whole new perplexing situation but look opens up with him he emitting rock bottom as an alcoholic like it's rough it's a rough spoiler alert he can but it goes to some pretty naughty so yeah but keys prolific any disease what you don't go down with science did you read it did you enjoy as much of the original shining no i didn't i didn't that's partially because now that he's at such a royalty level if you as of one added something he doesn't have to it's the same thing the same place george our martinets i'm not that area i can get my publisher and say up eight hundred page novel both a great bring come back when five hundred pages and theirs no way around you gotta go through and we find that in my editors helping we make the story better better stephen king why is he going to listen to anybody on this point the people come back in there some you know twenty five year old interns like me i do i think this of movement to to long these assurances like i'm stephen can i think i know what i'm doing
so the books now have they don't move quite is last as they used to move that's interesting to its credit the the editors with helping you lie tightened thing with me absolutely i'm a long winded i'm a long winded motherfucker you gave me my brother's every book about fifteen hundred pages you would need it we all bear it open to carry that thing around if it wasn't for the editors and and you know that the people i work with my business partner rails the books be just astronomically long so what kind of relationship is that that's us an interesting relate i showed them them i'm bitching about one of the other and the other to the time when you need them both why stop around the office a lot you know i've got some kettlebells in the office goddamn sons of bitches you known ass tat and get mad and but it's it's worked in a good relationship and i hate to admit it but i i bitch a lot during this process because i get so frustrating i wanted to be good i so badly wanted to be perfect and i want
bull to read it and walk away like wholly crap that's the best book ever it that's what i'm after every time so when the editors coming back yeah this isn't working like i've put eight months of work into that thing that you just want to get rid of these want to beat the shit out of want to beat the shit out but the right valleys and make it ultimately they they wind of being right well when you stop listening you know you're fiction become something else like them night chamberlain you know the process where he was everything fits all makes two hundred and fifty million at some point he stops listen to the people around it like yeah i don't think the it is working out may we should treat us needs that is tolerant i cannot get the non oversee planes doesnt adolescent anymore exactly oh so i still i still listen it's not easy because he had a bit of an eagle with affection but eventually these people break me down and die and we make up we make a more refined better story is very honest of you it's very honest in that in that approach i think that's all i want of the reasons why you're so prolific and success with your writing is that you have that ability to look at yourself and
our situation objectively is very difficult to do for creative purse and a lot of creative people really bad criticism i'm not good at it but the to the three primary people involved the process my business partner my agent monitor its ah you know i i trust these people their successful what they do and at some point they're telling you something that is directly opposite of what you think you still have to sit down like i'm going to value what you're saying on its own merits and like every time i change it over there there's stuff i'll be like can find no fuckin published a book we want that in their regional give a shit yeah like it if that doesn't work but you don't get the book so there's this debate is not as simple as you just bring into them and then they say this is too long and short you something he's gone no its not jealousy stand our ground occasionally yet how do you know understand you ground there's just there certain things where as retailer you might not be able to put into words the impact this moment will have but you know
your subconscious kind of you know that structural it's gonna impact this point this point this point and then the ending and then if you dont have this moment that the you're doesn't really and he's like white who cares what he had for breakfast for example doesn't matter like yes but that one make it to the end and seat at breakfast food again at the end of the book it's going to i everything together and give the reader this sense of completeness and his her whole soul unlike they'll be status more satisfied with a book so there are things but i can't really explain or i'll try spain and they're not listening but eventually just like i know this works and that's gotta go in there and that's just the end of the story but then it par given take is you know it's in there some broke rather than an i've had monitor come back ok you can keep that but if we keep that you gotta give up ass well and he'll set it up in that like and then i'll in on and others get furious shit
do you think you'll ever get rid of them well do you think you'll never be like like this which i got this with the technology of e books can't you just take this chunks lays a huge chunk that they tend to take out and make it like kind of like a directors kite like hey you by the e book and am also giving you there's like the whole thing i worked on this story line that they told me to cut out we did that with the my book ancestor we had the final book from crown which is random house and then there was like fifty pages they cut out at the beginning like you don't need the story starts here in the general if as you want to start as far into the stories you possibly can but then i took them de pages and record him is pod gaston and give their so it's kind of kind of the same thing but this is the line pandemics last book i'm doing with random house and my agents taking new book out called flyer as of like tat literally trace started to pitch it so we want with random house again i may have the same guy or remain lineup of somebody else i've been super lucky in that i had the same hard
working editor for all five books which from what i've told is almost never happens to anybody was having the same guy so now he knows i'm going for he knows my style and he knows how to manage me to some regard and he knows what to ignore me when i'm calling of names and stuff like that so it's awesome awesome experience with him so you have an editor you have an agent that also reads it as well how many different people read it before you were basically three basically three my business parks tenth street everything first and in an take her feedback she has left feedback and the editor but the feedback she brings back is more significant pay attention to that end
the agent usually only manages the first eighty pages get crazy abd al unlike what do you have to read the whole book you only part of a process you gotta be the whole book i promise i'm gonna be the whole book and like the last five draft of the first eight pages that's all i get through with you wanna be one of those wheeler dealer type asians you gotta have that sort of mentality he's very he's very good at what he does make it deals cats but while he cares about as he knows if i get this much of the book set up he knows kill process if you bind first fifty pages he can sell the book then your editors can fix the rest of it so he's not that invested in the full length of the book and then the real work is done with that with julian the guy over at at crown random house who reads not only he read it all through his reading it already through five times and having to pay most attention like we're talking we find her page books why myspace super close attention every time and i could not his job at all and we structural stories d use software program to use index cards on a bulletin board like how do you set up
where you're moving all your pieces in your tetra game eyes do things we do use i got up magnetic whiteboard in the this and right on the index cards and put them all up with that and sometimes no strings between the cards that kind of thing that's the general getting it all down the flow then i use a program called scrivener which people can use for mac or pc and its basically the same thing it's little index cards in the computer and there's an inn ex card that represents a document each document is a chapter but it's great it's better than microsoft word because it might just for once you get about pass a hundred pages tuner pages your copying big chunks moving around and becomes a nightmare gonna screw something up but scrutinised read this icon and drag it before this iconic rearranged everything so i've gotten pretty stop using that a highly recommended is great for scatter rain to keep everything flowing and then times it'll just be you know i get
overwhelmed with the screen and everything going on not as part of the three by five index cards and start writing everything down again bullet points i was put him up on the board and go through it that way so you to do it digitally like to do it manually like to just makes it up and constantly he's doing it in a different way to keep your brain moving yet what i find is when you get stuff that there's a coupled everything's number one of you staring at that screen you're stuck getting your hands involved in a pan and i just an independent paper is attacked tactile experience different experience at activates different parts your brain sometimes get out now i get it now i see what i was stuck on so that's part of it and other part of it is there's only so much green real estate you can only see so many things at one time you really stock you pull back these index cards you put up and as you know for foot by five foot whiteboard new kind look at everything in spring your brain free at times to so it's largely its having whatever if i get stuck in one area i'll start going to other areas and
when i get really overwhelmed and frustrated i am more comfortable slipping back into no the eight year old version of me which is a little piece of paper and some notes or next guard and go i can just write it out till it all kind of closing the page so as long as the process is just continuing over and over and over yeah yeah that's a scrivener yeah yeah use that for joe are you really there really are you i use a couple different things one i use a real chalkboard or real love cork board rather index cards and i put up with pins and i have bits i have one star to star in three star one star completely new bed two stars bitten still improving three stars is a bit that's pretty close to being done ok they always grow and change and get we're in is always like new directions i take on certain shows and does that make up to mix up the order of like the different pieces inside the bit try to figure out which way works like scrivener because take those cards and just move around and sometimes when
just studying just think about my act maybe i'll listen to recordings it's one of the most uncomfortable parts stand up but i think one of them important you gotta listen i then see yourself an endless knowing who like i did dallied this too much too much bullshit now joke and that this joke is gonna key in the wording is not good or the inflection is to fake or what have you so sell that process is aided by that and one things that are really levels and i asked you about his right room areas right room i've used it just to look on the phone no right room is the one that takes your entire screen makes it black and gives you the green list revenue that he doesn't really skimmers got up of white out or a blackout feature gets rid of everything on screen except what you're reading so kind of the saints k cool yet well that's right room doesn't give you access to anything you can't go to the tool bar every time it is young get shit that's that right round that's what it looks like i really really like it's my favorite
then i probably needs start using more and scrivener cause i get distracted training gotcha social media everything else in your on the computer and a fan is asking the question the match on pulses to go answer that question so getting too reckon just ignore all that but i was in vegas for the new media expo and when i really get into it and i was under deadline so i started writing at noon we're staying at the rio don't ever seafood faith the real i will tell you that our dear you only you there oh my god i drive back is that the top the best vomit of my whole life there's been a lot of armed like my clams and a musket i don't know i don't know what it was but it was it was linda blair shit it was what i see but i'm i'm right in its like noon out there's the window and windows open and by the time finished latona was pitch black outside so sometimes i can't imagine the same thing when you writing more of a short form jokes and moving around for the jokes but for this long form things like fifty page story my own screen
up and i did as all i was working i didn't look at aiming else's wrote the whole thing through here you can get no zones i dont know jokes like joke chokes what i do is i write about subjects and i find the jokes in one hour about it what do you want but i've and is that when i'm writing about things it takes longer for me to write the word history than did for me to think of it or know it exists if i'm thinking about history i can think about it but i have to say each i asked here i mean it to actually individually type all the letters and in that you have much more consideration to every sentence that you write every every chapter every concept because your dear thinking lot quicker than your writing so as you writing down you considering deeply each into its like its forces you to pause and consider each individual word consider the concept actually talking about far more than if you were just having a conversation
in conversation takes more it takes its much quicker to get the words right i think in that slowing you down it makes you can sit things more and then sometimes you just missed like really obvious shit you would have said if you were talking but when you're writing like what about this and then yoke often somebody directions that you give your brain like indifferent rhythm the rhythm of right no talking no no and no distractions no fuckin musics not all the nonsense locked the door pit it hit the right room just go yeah do you fine do fine you have to go for a certain amount of time for all the sun shit start to take off i'm useless for the first half hour get some food i am i haven't even take credit for the things are right is not me write them
you know it's your inner ear interviews we'd wrote it thou once thought about how that one in me i am like the first thirty minutes are usually just trashy absolute trash work and at some point something just takes over a near me i really good stuff it's interesting isn't it that that weird switch that goes off we find yourself really zan in what you're doing and aid for me it is probably run same town but thirty minutes in two thirty minutes first twenty assets i don't even think i'm just trying to smash tease and rightly down just gang books kind of getting into china and then somewhere along the line catch like my eighty days so bad now i've got a technique i'll just set the alarm on the phone set of thirty minutes like ok i'm just not going to look at anything else i can do for thirty minutes is just starting out that badly at random force yourself to write for thirty minutes does matter what you write and then almost invariably by the time the buzzer goes off you just like turned off in you cause you're you're rollin at that point but you have to force yourself you like i have to get into the groove
my group is usually also to move around the house i like to pick up on my laptop and go sits i out go sit in my you now set my levin around go said upstairs gus certain further tv watch tv set on a couch and i think that when i do that instead of just being in my office instead the scream sentence has been an indifferent space sitting in a different place too you're all we hear now and that just yet changing of your routine just a little variation on it sometimes can sparked the mind and interesting new direction you get you down these wormholes just getting any other kind of sensory input which goes back to not gonna write things down at a type amount in it anything like that can cause it's all in mulder stop stuff you want to come up with his in their it's not like you you know now give a factory we have to make all this it's already in there you just kind of getting figuring out how to mine it out of your own brain and put it on the page you know when i also find super beneficial a walk walk walk
you know and are used to bring a recorder but now with these new cell phones you don't have to get phone to record amazing notes and i just go for a walk my dogs sunlight that go down the street and just when thinking about something and i've got something in my head and i'm done writing now viewing the things that i wrote like how would i know how would i view this vote a person whose reading it you know what i how would i take this i go taken into consideration as i'm walking sector fat in other something about forcing itself to do a mundane very obvious task left foot right foot left foot right foot then you can get into that groove of introspective thought there despite some of that to me as i go i've got this little tiny ops but there's like a loop there's like four rooms and you actually go from kitchen in this room to the entry way to the writing room and i just as there are do ass i just start doing labs and usually doesn't take very long turning right off its high every few steps in its there's something about your brain has to put some level of attention on it not walking into things and that usually
comes from the part its blocking you the part that stop me you're convincing yourself you can't get the shit out and now our boom run back to the desk and arranging things our liquid have you ever i'd using speech recognition software for writing they wouldn't work for me only because i'm by the time i blew a sentence down it's probably already be read been rewritten three times started sense back start sends go back and unfortunately pretty fast taper i look that a long time ago i knew i wanted to write and the idea change things so fast like it's all muscle memory now that copy this paste this move this around i cannot speech recognition whatever work for me the young mavis bacon teaches type ass the one i oh i owe that made us back in may that was for me man i was the poker guy you down this looking right at them it took a lot
tat of genius product like now just play video games bitch take us like what was play video games and also i can type it was amazing amazing as their fun games like your racing and you know that you do not cause a different stuff and figure out where the keys are that's that's so important man he's dead where those goofy keyboards it was like really split once in your hands rest on it shifts that those died off what happened that economic growth we work and i think they work for grab theirs was good for i had the one that actually was like a transformer it actually had a hand in that thing was bad ass did you ever get the one where you sink in sync your fingers in it was weird one like this or your fingers and grounded in a cradle i still have to look like every now and then i'm still glancing down to get some kind of tracking going on which i dont need to do anymore but i can't break myself of the habit like i can i can quote i do they sometimes i'm all overwhelmed with an idea i'll just closed my eyes just start typing
so don't mean it anymore but i'm still i can't break that habit of looking down at the screen thats about anything like that how those yeah there is those and then there is the microsoft ones or live and more curly and they had like us and actual space and enshrined in separate their justice more like lumpy they called them economic gatty boy makes us things anymore i think i don't know no the problem is you get used to those in the euro a laptop and its fills weird people were type in their stuff on laptops now so like the way you learn how type on a laptop as you want your fingers to be right in that position of j f fingers across borders there i go you if you go back and forth from laptop the keyboard like this a thinking more you have to like a quarterback changing throwing motions yapped change everything around yeah fucks with you but speech recognition softwares fascinating to me because i wonder if that i'll ever be something i'm interested in because
for the walks i have to imagine you know write your keys tell speak everything don't know i just record it right and go back it must go back and listen to it i really find it there's a completely different state of mind the writing state of mine and i find them i'm way more creative when i can just sit in total silence not here voice or anybody's voice and then right i allow allow my brain to go in all sorts of weird directions when they're not its attacks two following moving language ideas can survive emerge instantaneously and i just try to follow them and capture them in writing i think i limit myself on a actually talking now things bad did it for me at this point is down to its a process now get the process gone and getting more more cumber where the process so hopefully going towards that do not stephen kings processes just so fast
the process is also very creative mean you have to have this idea you have to have a story if there are eight this story that that parts never for people people i will writers block i've never had that i've had the opposite which is just this onslaught of cool ideas like be a good but can this be a good book and trying to try to keep track of everything so there play part being scatterbrain little kid fortunately just as ever been an issue for me it's all right with me it's always been the discipline of being the right down and trying to by the eighty d you know and like i have to keep working on this to make it best it can be when after the first draft kind of already done with it like when i wanted to do something else but you can't you gotta go back and keep hammering on that sword make it make it a good weapon yeah that's it that's really interesting that its did the different types of crime processes that all try to achieve the same thing when i saw a movie or a book or a joke it is
really fascinated me the different ways of people approach it indifferent met them different mindsets they have in approaching it too in the votes that there's there's no one pattern which is what's fasting about the human brain everybody's got a different way of doing it and just keep work attitude you get to that end product and where you can hopefully look at what you finished with and i think all creative people kind about the same thing you probably ever to like that's a pretty good joke that's not best it could possibly be but i think that's pretty good that's gonna go in the arsenal for the next stand and with me it's like that book is pretty good i would work book from next ten years every day to try and make everything perfect but you know least from either there is no perfection like a here some others know i keep working on it i'm actually the perfect the perfect phrase in the perfect sentence in the perfect paragraph imperfect page that's great but you know we got to put the book out and sell some books so i can't work on a book for ten year yeah it's never perfect either because you're perceptions of change radically from damning like this stuff
enjoyed that i did just a couple of years ago have to watch now and i don't want anything to do with it and i want to watch an autonomous do it's that iran mean district twenty four months ago i'm like gonna wanna hear don't i've got the point our unless it's for research i don't go back and re read the old alex i oughta interview with brain grants the non nervous that really helped a ton with that which you know him chicken everybody's ass a breaking bad he's like the bad actor at this moment he was really august on ip puts everything he has into that performance the second he walks out to set these done is i mean i'm not attention that anymore moving onto the next thing i did as best i can so am i because i get worked everytime i read a book and find a mistake or some kind of guph or something the character motivation is right i guess super angry and super worked up so now you don't read that stuff like it's gotta go will i think that you sort of when when you're done the project even turn lized everything the unit learn from that everything you ve no ice i feel like as an artist is
apps person whether it's a writer anything or musician i thank you better all the time or you're not getting better has wanted to you're getting better alla time causing constant on improving things or you're not and there's only a certain amount of time that you should consider the past certain maritime consider past work and because if you consider it really robbing yourself present work you really robbing yourself with the focus that you could be using on working the shit you think you are right now so in that mind set i start getting repulse repulsed by my old stuff we're gonna want on tv channels the day i was in my car two times in a row and raw die was planned my am i shall hear me i want to hear me i dont want to even think that was a different person ten years ago in a month contrary on right now i had experienced recently with stand up not i'm not doing stanhope listening stand up that show me how much i have changed as a person and
on pandora all i was through his comedy on and that's like when i'm not writing carrying out got the obstacle to clean up this put on some counting a pandora just like that cycle through here new stuff start a new jail for the andrew dice clay channel and i got i was in college we're all crazy for four days like those like we get we gathered room lots of age ass to be like a guy's wisely days they are the best and i am listening to it now and i'm remembering these hearing do all these old bits i love this bit and then i'm listening to her like really all that funny to me and this is so racists and so my size and not like you know like somebody really should erases humor it now as is daniel tosh like can do it in a way that doesn't make uncomfortable like is i don't know how he does it but listen we undertake squares like this i dont this isn't for me very ingress of what's on the ball back when i realized like i was
what we were all laughing at was that that amazing the delivery is delivering his time you were great but the actual subject matter was and unlike i cannot believe how much i have changed i don't find this funny anymore see i've gotten more mature and i find it funnier as our hackers what i know you do and is he's doing an act that doing hector ex things up like is characters is preposterously ridiculously over sex ass all you now know what to expect so i enjoy from this completely non politically correct approach he's doing like as you know that's exactly what is chosen to do right now he could easily start doing clean jokes and concentrate on that no he's gotten dirty or the whereas weightlifting glove
it's getting late back is we're in a fanny pack talkin about certain derek expanding glass its is get giant old lady old jewish later doesn't always that where necessary lies in his new step and well he's late we saw him in vegas it was me brian anthony from opening the need jim norton and bobby kelly bunch comedians and we working cried laugh it was so because it was for us while we know it's an act we know it's comedy we now meaning when we ve been aware of the eu i was a huge fan forever got in the colony so be there like in vegas haven't a couple of cocktails and build a why just as in there what it was falconer lie back as at live it's ridiculous he's talking about catch fag are you can you make a gauge its who's who is so ridiculous it was so ridiculous talking about how it so you
like you i is destroying it more and more preposterous as airlines all of us is always have this is it was really fucking funny may mean jimmy norton and brian and we were crying laughing we really funny but its verdict there's an art form in saying ridiculous shit you don't really mean right and that's what i think dice right but if you yeah you're alone in your car you're in your home and completely sober you listening to some of the horrible things he said fuck man i'm uncomfortable laughing it s now i don't know what this is about its fiction it's it's out you know like in it in from the carriage selected by catch a ton of shit for my book stu yeah i get people like people so caught up in their own this is who i am make one of everybody else outside of this area with the second you touch on my area year a dick so i get in in black like me tangle days clay right now i get people like
i can't believe you're that massages might know that's this asshole character that's not me that's the character and people can somebody can differentiate that but nobody is a problem with it until it's their particular area yes if you're picking in vienna transsexuals or republicans ghettos you see that natasha zero thing that happened over the weekend no i see she made a joke she's doing carson daily how new year show in times square inch made a joke about old folks and world war two and pearl harbor and she got more fuckin like unbelievable amounts of people were angry at our so she made a non apology put it on a website is like for its beautiful in order to do that in the face her apologies a brilliant written to which he said ass she was called
so many times she thought she was in a british pa rooting for the wrong saw original joke wasn't even a pearl harbor jirga which is a densher jug by old people eating spaghetti us because spaghetti has got so much shit for having that image a spaghetti or holding anymore and flag that they put up on pearl harbor day the kind of show respect now you know and then there are like what how dare you you know what it was the actual joke to have put up but it was the others a lot of people out there that fuckin love to be offended area there are others asylum they live in san francisco for crying out loud yet ass his lot in there and they love to talk about being offended and they love to get angry at you because your friend it
you you are big on the internet i'm sure you deal with that of a basis so you then its object the live folded scroll scroll out just a bullshit higher dealer comedian living today sees cool i love her pandora just introduce me to her like a couple weeks ago she's very fine she's very nice to nice person stated to my friends to now three zoellick motioned to the act but she wrote on her i think she's not apologizing for shit allow it go yes because he's always people out there that are going to want you to polish ass something that's fucking ridiculous to apologize for their always can exert i got the most recent one came up and you don't think it's bad until somebody actually the calls you wanna in the book nocturnal there's a character who has direct syndrome also has a voice box has lost his voice voice box due to throw cancer so it's kind of preposterous
and there is always talk in the main character trend make men cared for my fucker precursor bicker soccer and like it's this crazy combination of things which is actually a true story that a friend of mine who got arrested was in the drunk tank and there was there was a guy with a you know the voice box and he had to rats and he's telling me the story of aren't like that so going book you can't you that's an awesome and then one of my long time fans finally listens to this book and we do the audio books and it's really over the top and we do it in the audio books it sounds like the guy from south park basically and she's like that's not funny i have tried to like you like ok so now you have to write cause it's it directly pacts are it looks like we're mocking her but you have to an apology like i'm not gonna apologize for the story because it's a character but you know it's unfortunate that that did you and your your personal saw spot so to speak and i didn't mean to marginalize you but i'm not sure the store isn't funny velvet it do if it's
the leg was so i can say that's not funny then you're not allowed to talk about it but if it wasn't funny at all if it was like a tragic situation where personal to rats and knows how to control is in a story then that would be dead because that's our marking the pudding who accompany you know like you could depict it you can depict threats and pick two reds being an issue that maybe you know the people that actually havoc and say oh that's very similar to what i have to deal with no defined with it but it's making the laughs out of debt there and that's what ticket this ban any living it's weird even being able to say like all the point of the joke is that you never know whether he has it or not or he's just using it as an excuse to be an asshole tonight anybody but you know that doubt that one person that's what every character that i create goes through something to that effect where so many calls out goes yet us not funny dude yeah but they're fucking assholes really are there really assholes and their self serving kuntz because you
we have to look at the big picture mean you your tone what are we saying are we saying that threats doesn't exist we saying the people aren't crazy and do don't have voiced boxes like what combination these things is unrealistic and it's also a story about cannibalistic monsters living under sandwiches got what luck fictional fun now people are man if you pick on lesbians they will come after you with
i condemn nay very quick to raise their defence gadget arians also furious eggins are marmion go after means watch what happens the fucking kill you here's the failure to be in the street you and it's pretty much a j little joke savagely reno glowed take a moment to remember how sad throw armor with us it a lot of people regions lying on the sentimental american traditions seemingly looking for people and businesses and it wasn't good for europe and for another reason that's it i say you joe get a good job as a mother and i wondered if that's a dismal and began to the ocean
but they seem all that bad to me wasn't bad at all fuck everybody why was it survive little pearl harbor gotta be from bulgaria he asked butter wants is so perfect issues like one of the few people i didn't like bow down and take it and you say i'm sorry i didn't mean it in recent months a separate could she's real comic if martens on a comic anymore steve martin apologize for one the lame is jokes ever some silly tweet we're talking about lazard like spelling differently if you're african americans like is expel like the pronunciation like those who desire suddenly found our member what it was residuals a joke and people fuckin head off and he pulled the tweet and apologize like us listen agreements have misused laser changers silly bitch you're jealous indeed dummies just because they can talk to you doesn't mean they're smart just they can reach you doesn't mean they're smart and is so hard to keep a perspective sometimes do you get two or three tweets in some i seen some of the tweet hazing
you ve got all the tweet conflicts whatever only all the son you have this large audience but these fifty people are focused on it and like you got pay attention to re leased out of some kind of response to it but block fuck em all scott block but i wonder why we on file oh my god my day enjoy my block yeah i dont engage a man is you can engage them we can engage the people who are being nice sometimes all engage people in a mocking way if from giggling at them but to get actually angry at them for what they actually is one thing if you did something wrong or if there's like some sort of remorse that you have for your actions and may be someone's reacting to that something real not like us natasha thank you now use possible you fuck up and say something you didn't really mean are you said it too quick i didn't realize how ridiculous was largely said it but
if there's none of it and then you're getting he like we do you gonna pay attention to people just look to hate people for no apparent reason i know they living in the past there can be times too were somebody says something like cheese and ever thought about from that particular perspective and adds a logical perspective so yeah i'll i'll write rethink what i said there but that's pretty rare why have one thing that i really do enjoy and it's a lot of people are very uncomfortable with when they get hyper criticized when someone like attacks them acts him in a way that it actually makes sense i think those people that do that they like it or not there helping you because you have the wrong forcing you to consider whether or not there is any marin what they're saying energy finally marin what they're saying then you relieved of any future attacks like that like it's like oh you're another y know you you're not crazy person has a distorted view of reality
and the reason why have a start a view of reality can be many many many many different reasons you could be fuckin jealousy could be crazy you could be psychotic you could just do that i've gotta people's twitters like they'll those they'll say somethin hateful to you a thing about respond and then you go to their twitter feed and it just damn attacking every on fuck and demi more kobe bryant fucking me but you can find some people do this they they through not a bunch of different lures unwholesomely bites and now even a real person i unfortunately guys pretty much we myself from looking at amazon reviews any hard is there's just some asshole wishes that goes on there like nobody's business youtube is the centre of our guy can i don't even have a look at us youtube comments on amazon i'll go and once and i'll see a one star review and you know like i work my ass off for two years you son of a bitch what are you gonna say about once in a while they like they take the book apart and like from europe active i can see that's a crappy buck to asia
rob but most of them are just dating actually read the book like you can t from really like they read twenty pages and stopped and gave you one story view and you get all super pissed off and then you go click on that need to read through the router reviews and it's just like endless stars one star reviews my class starship i like then you're like okay that's not really my audience you know what i found really fascinating about people like that the people who are really harsh on like writers or movies or what have you and you read the criticisms and often a lot of work put into that's a lot of work the criticisms like i've gotta people's yelp page you read like a really evil yelp annually ok let's go to the guys we help pages see what d you know he hates this restaurant so much and see what he says about everything and everything is like really well written destruction of various restaurants or various things and you go isoude that guy's dillon
distracting himself from his own failure is attacking everything is being mediocre and do so not even realizing how ironic it is these put all of his energy and criticising other people's work as he's avoiding doing his own that's a big with a lot of these like bloggers and critics and people who write what are they actually doing here you're writing a bunch of evil ilusha but what do you actually contributing other than your opinion it's turning dogs share why don't you what do you make what are you going to put up what do you put out in the world like the people whose whole world is nothing but i'm going rip on kobe bryant i'm good up i'm not gonna come on ripon lebron james poorer for under achieving and you like what the fuck do you do what do you want this guide due for christ sakes like that thing and then the yelping people ripping on everything like just like the way they do it go doing something great yourself i very rarely attack journalists but i have gone after a few emma may journalists of an evil shit about fighters does really now
as these stupid fuck and hurtful snarking shared right and the only reason why they're doing as is their comments in now and you got expose them for what they are i mean just because someone fall short just because someone tries and gets beat up by someone is better than right you know have some respect for that process of development of understanding of exploration of adventure that these fighters go on for your entertainment the sacrifice they have to make just two people again that ring and too few sharpening you have seen cage you but you ve already done an enormous amount of ship stunning stunning sacrificing even when they make horrible excuses for why things went wrong in my opinion that has to be treated with an objective centre respect you have to understand
and psychologically their defeat is unbelievably brutal retina fighter going through a defeat like they're looking for some reason stay alive when they're telling you therefore i wish i had staff and then i got the flu and then made maybe those things are true but the reason why they have to tell you about those things is they're fucking phone of arthur life into their clown in looking for something to gain some sort of the victory of gmos my ass but i was in a car accident six weeks ago man i deal with insurance and they find some reason to give them some reason that they're they're worth something you just and you'd like those journalists once in a while to say something the effect of that
bad you have sea fight it still better than any you have sea fight i've ever been and cause i've never gotten alluring my friggin life i don't think they have to say that i think you just have to treat the situation with respect and they have to treat what would a fighter is actually doing and they have the treated differently than planned basketball cause it's not the fuckin same thank when a baseball games lost if you go home crying and freaking out you probably a baby ok but when you get your ass kicked in there that i stole a little piece your life he stole some happiness from you and if you don't risk veal respect that it's because nobody ever beat you up if somebody if you ever fought in sun kick your ass you would realize now like this is a good feeling at all right and will let's just analyze what happened in the fight itself you know if you want to psychologically break down what what's wrong with that where it goes wrong to do with respect and can be done with respect but you
we have as a bunch of really shitty writers who only get attention by being nedda that's but that's been sports writing that's why i gotta sportswriter organizer radio sports radio it sports writing and i've been like really disrespectful to those guys because i don't think that has any place in martial arts and believe if you get shitty about a football player that's your tradition that's fine but if you want to add that same sports guy bullshit talk to martial arts as in fact you you know what you're talking about right you don't know what you're the some fuckin dummy some dumb dumb foot all guy does amateur football was talking about innocence over breakin his leg this is why would never cover emma man i don't watch it never will in own like dummy you're a part of the number one sport for traumatic brain injuries than our want football and you also amateur football which we didn't get paid so the universes pimp these kids out they make fuckin billions of dollars on college that's where you cover
you make your living off of it while the players make none and they're getting fuckin brain damage left and right and you can about animals from just fuck you dummy sports dummy yeah it's a bunch of these sports damages in in being a former small time sportswriter and a former like small time college athlete they being able to see both of those sides of the coin in any way competing at that level just the amount of work and talent just to get to be saki at something that most of these writers have never die they ve never done anything even close to it talking about and there oh careers based on how much of a dick can i be much attention and that's how they got attention for the longest time i don't think that's gonna last anymore i think that that sort of that was fine when everything was being distributed by media networks when everything that you
could really comment on it if you are a fan of jim roam the radio show ten years ago or so mean out what kind of feedback you ever give em you know get there is our freedom and when he did something controversial people listened and they watch was an inadequate way of gathering up attention but i think that these were maybe guys in these guys are becoming long now that are trying to do that there really fuckin themselves by playing this act of being this he now really shitty in our sports guide talk i think ultimately that's gonna be exposed as being a really effective way of communicating negative and now really fun to listen to either riah it's the judgment level i i don't know that that'll ever go away because i think unfortunately a lot of people watching the stuff went away to feel better about themselves and daring about players is still huge it has no place in martial arts whoever work martial arts eu airlines good that could be an oasis of logic than in a world of asshole very well
stakes are higher than any other sporting stage our emotions and sell his break that the acta will that happens at football that happens in basketball nine have been cast traffic injuries almost every kind of really physical explosive sport its unavoidable but what anderson did break that he had was very unusual i've only been i've only seat of those ever live in person and i've called well over a thousand it's probably close to fifteen hundred five to my career doing commentary right of voicing it twice so it's pretty rare so for someone to point that out that's why i don't watch emma may or never worked it accurately flock every snorted cheerleading has catastrophic ass you harold prizes death highschool cheerleading is really fuckin dangerous they fly each other arguments hearing aids just started that crap and i'm very nervous about vision aspects is very scary to let me your question can you
is play my pandemic trailer for the book fuck i can hit the bathroom coffee went along oh yeah please do minutes we're very rude and asking people to sit here for three hours on a ship is awesome anytime filters go to youtube and prescott's agreed pan am comes construction about you since i know i know because you have you ever accomplish anything josiana drag me how rude true peace around where is your words you trailer out is a reason for is there a specific websites vile mouth though we ve got swearing in that we like that is there a way that folks at home can go as aid can we really are you are taken all find it at scots a good outcome slash pandemic has got the youtube embedded right there or go to youtube and search for scots angler pandemic alert
dead others are doing is now making uses weeks theory of me i mean this is doing king hard chuck trend of last night watchman of dead dead dead they're all dead because some get me please stop me
what is it like to see your words come to life in a visual formulate that's awesome its awesome cause you got here you gotta give that over somebody who's creative in a different area than you and like i gonna weep we picked out church the book like an actual seen from the book we could turn in that trailer and then gave it over these guys companies name orpheus gregson they're here and not allow a u r e s jerry exiting the kill a guy who directed names adrian hardy and here he shot a couple a thing earlier for ancestor but said do this and then to watch how he does the whole thing they shot that in the same warehouse where they filmed inception answer was pretty fuckin sweet in a utility like holy shit this where they shot that one movie and pretty fun but it's its thrilling to watch what other people do with your work as you know you'd i don't do that so i have to see how they bring of life has got be weird hopefully we actually made that has its weight when they make a movie about your books man could be out it's completely
trip me because you the author you see everything in your head you know how it's exactly supposed to look but when the direct you're gets hold of it and the proof gets a whole that their seeing something else and they're the ones who make the pictures move so you got it and go with what they go if i mean what we're trying to do as it were we're getting infected to be a tv series and not turn out to be tv series is just trying to make myself indispensable to these guys like i'm always here i'm always ready to answer questions right to go to work for you and time you want becomes oils points like i think what you want to show might not you know exactly what the fans want to see maybe you can influence that but that's all how influence things a little bit because that's not your job near their job is to make movie i remember one stephen king first saw the shining he's very upset very upset with even jack nicholson's performance is jack nicholson was crazy from the jump and he didn't want that he wanted their beat to be an arc waste normal guy slowly start to fall apart where's he fell again
wrinkles in was like so borderline unhinged from the beginning rather of the movie just a completely different movie than the book and then they did that one with the dude from wings they did the before what stephen keep him cycles too late in out it's really hard to do their competing against one of the icons of american film yeah that the shining film is you know like it or hate it that's that's in every top top one hundred out their cause he's just so dramatic cubic such a bad mother for mean his movies were so incredible he was so here too like he did shit now move like where the guy was gonna blown by the stuffed animal yeah like what are far for he's going to hear what the fuck movie was so weird no strong but
yes even king apparently just just hated the crap out of that thing you never really got i've never really got the impression just being a fan that he's all of that interested in his movie adaptation see no he dreaded maximum overdrive which was very involved in a couple other things but for the most part he's largely not part of what goes on in his filmed it seems like so he wonder if that movie was like i'd screwed us i got to be more paid more attention what's going on well i think he had some huge like carrie the original carrie which is still to this day like they tried to do a new carrie and every three hours now they do and who carry every three friggin here is wasn't happen and there the new carrie she first while she was too cute with a girl this girl from kick ass she's adorable
huge isn't moving out orator closely monitor if she moved into a town what are we at least must be plain looking not just language you know she's like this different yet the girls gotta gotta be outside or different that which sissies basic withheld that fuckin per head is believed i believed her in every way and the scene when they fuckin pigs blood seeing them we should realise that everybody was fuckin with aren't you went crazy there when i watch that recently it still holds up stands up real well that's who directed that cut out or now find that guy i don't to adapt stands up and then i think they ve i think there are three carry remakes really yeah i'm now i just saw this one's more recent one i didn't see it saw of him i could get the fuck out of here but i'm pump for the godzilla one fucking variety the writer hominid carrier the avenue
godzilla the last guy with such a friggin disappointment to me so upset which at once the new one looks pretty good so far if you broadsheet was dreaming threatening addressing those ramblas amass room was way of amazing as disappointed pacific and i was so bad for everybody was tell me it was good to that was really weird real great action man you really enjoy it like you can vote you can't voted morgan civic writ would you like that was the worst scale doubter and then that one part where it like the alien was pregnant at the end if i didn't get far there where i got with the guy is ex girlfriend we're arguing like cut
this is so bad feeling and watching a soap opera now so barber made on mars when i was bashing and oh my twitter that so many people get pissed off at me like a lot of people you got a good folk and movie bro wealths like we're talking about i dont know what other people say i dont know what their perception of reality as i have a feeling that there's a bunch of different perceptions realities just like people of different your size is indifferent brain power and do people boy different vision i think some buzz perception reality is fucking weird that's why they like shooting music and shilly movies i think the through that their seeing the world through is very different in the foot filter that you are i right maybe that field there is shaped by culture or life experience or the lack of neural chemicals then i'm enough shit firing intermittently eat cholesterol whenever their missing their medicines and then they see the world in weird that's how shocking that selfish i only watch a movie near like i
this all time watch movies like oh my god that's the worst thinking pile of crusty dog who i've ever seen you gotta run tomatoes it's like eighty nine ninety percent from the critics like why are you fucking people you just fuckin watch it's just that i thought it was that bad but with the pacific lemme think that just me knots was ip good money to see a giant monster in a giant robot beat the living shit out at each other can you turn off the friggin rainstorm so i can see a little bit of detail on what's going on here everything was all great out like that's not why i pay to see this think he'd want to do that so they get hard this e g i think it was that bad though i don't think siege i was their backs e g eyes get that weird quality too like when the hawks mash that alien ship you didn't really think the hawk smashing that alien ship in the vendors like you can i know it's e g i guess not doesn't seem real right but if you're watching like did you see rush race car moving up when they gave
crash that's a fucking crash you know i mean it's this the re scenes are very realistic and the youth i feel like you're actually watching a real crash whereas i feel like you noticed some cgi that it's like a lot great get me wrong i saw the new sore looks great but i have really happening right now is on our building a loose its fake its is it fake enough to take you out of the story the yes yes it is and it is and you know it is never allows me to get really deepened historic as i know it's horseshit right you know thought the ship let me out of was like knowing exactly what's going to happen exactly what's gonna happen next kind of a thing like this is hard to get into that that particular move more that's one of the things in a really loved about the new hobbit movie special effects they did we're just enough it was a bunch of craziness our given spoiler alerts but up until the time get to the dragon this in other fields silly scenes knows a lot of fun involved and everything but such
the dragon itself so well done and the scenes so well lit the whole everything about it so bad ass though you girl kay did it right they do this one right they nailed it there are really did nail ok but it's hard to do with sea g i desolation ishmael generally and the first one yes yes it was deafening and the flood can't it can't be the whole movie in may that part of the problem pacific rim as you know you didn't really really care about any those characters like let's get out then she's giant things beat the shit out of each other details ruin for the dragon philosopher totally ruin for the dragons my fair person clever he's got a lotta gold and that's what pissed me off his that run tomatoes with seventy percent of that many are so many wonderful pacific rim and and i just thought i lost my mind beyond that cutting was horrible the script was over there but the fact that you said that you did even is this sword anti like half way through the movie that's like the best weapon they that robot had or whenever right yemen for iran to meals with a habit
little progress for stars seventy seventy six percent just better the pacific rim well it was way better to me at least that's my kind of movie i designed the rogan borders a lot of people in the message where the fuck and hated this it was a piece of shit they walked down the middle of it angry lance agree angry little countries remain they weren't highlighted the trailer trailers maize and it's not there's two things are not as good as the first one but first we have so much had room enjoyed anyways and the second one like take the i didn't camera steve corral i'm like i'm not this doesn't do anything for the movie he's gotta little bit but he had like fifteen minutes a solar screen time someone's corroded or by reviewing an ad in the snow now learn across leadership that character was good good and he's a punchline he's not the whole these not the whole job other than as some funny shit in that movie their life i'm a huge welfare fan do no wrong
i'd love fuckin this brothers woogie there was every step brothers with closer rose above a huge tat day and night van gogh yet how big a night's is fucking hilarious god damn he's funny he's so stupid silly really knows how to nail that silly character yeah not in earlier his i don't like everything casa day me padre it's very seriously when taken when medicine can move the whole thing he talks spanish and there's no english and the whole higher movie in its it's like an old mexican movie how old last area oh no shit so it's a new movie yeah i haven't heard a peep about this is a comedy triangle why have i mean it it's very low blower budget because it's actually i may i got five point five when i m de bes has not that good of emily baby just interesting to see him actually play
not using any english to the whole movie was regime just made remade the three make us that's what i'd be great talent del unites swung fair regretting so stupid so silly and stupid those movies also good they seem to cross generational lines are gonna go see my brother they want to watch they want to watch tat brothers yet and i never use wanna washed up others having its hysterical not like i know you're not getting all this humour but that's funny movie while you can use be surprised think any care over ten is probably good go to reality today with the internet to get i got ten the show each other each other's dixon exchanging email same time you know the guy making someone eat a pile of poop awful has just twenty no matter how old you are that's a good flick let's give three are out of work
not a word on every one in the family everyone sub people uptight joe have you noticed like the answer you have knows the last you see jam and showed me this and now i can't stop looking at it is how many people were headphones now around their necks after every file or not for further not answered anything when now there's the new beats ones that are there the wireless me she knows beat studio wireless but yeah lot people aware like monster ones with no cords just there we paid that's interesting were used to seeing what those energy drinks the whole up energy drag well you know thought if i really turned around form in the second look i was watching that you see my wife we actually look look at had functionality together it's like i don't think those are be and then we actually looked up the logo cuz it was a different logo for the monster headphones and all the sudden my while somebody else is getting in on that action this is ariana does not want to listen to britney talk that's what she's got these on they don't have any been any chords in them brittany
shit now as i picked in here you so pretty their balls of pretty pretty girls also pretty monster beats there even more pretty they like their techno there in the high make em make their little heads look like animated designate commercial for those monsters the wireless ones where there's a dude whose on our team bus is apparently going somewhere away against their own eggs at the bus and then puts us in the music plays and they're all saying go home garments smile and is walking past everybody's kevin gonna would visit to asia basketball player who used to play paper boston celtics and camping who is paying for now but i believe the buses going back to boston and people are doing and he put those things in the ass commercial i'll be mouthing nick i don't think so i don't have exhausted and if you really want to show what could happen namely an really want to sell some sound proof
he also brought them help bring them a championship so yeah but if there really angry boston people trust me those uncomfortable with this stream we uncomfortable with all of us now you're an author kimono making fiction putting words into people's mouths are making characters the asshole racist character from boston yes and that could someday go in a book and that's the bad guys you build you here's a question when you confronted with syria areas like that like say if you have a racist character in your film or in your euro book rather an you constructing him do you hold back on certain things you think i'd be would find offensive or do you try to him in his vile away as possible which would include someone yelling out regret things i it there's there's there self my own self checking on that and a lot of times i kind of have to get over myself like this is this is language that i dont like
can't stand and but this character is not mean have to get to the point of the character it actually use it because that those people are out there and that's largely when i have to explain with my fiction a ton like why would you put that in your book that's not that's not cool like yes but there are people out there who you that this is reality there's really people like us all to make the story feel real we these real assholes we have to deal with everyday put him into books all use em what's fast leading to me is the amount of pushed back get from over the publisher side the published you come out with that language of the character like we're going to die i'm like keys are clear member no how can a deal that down he's burning across he's clan member and now we can have that make those are one of the things like i mentioned earlier that some things i for my part am i going in the book because that's real life and people actually say that and so that can get tricky but do in horror right or any kind arraying right i think
a lot of stuff you cross that makes you feel super ikey like i you know em i influencing someone to perform these kind of acts by putting it in the book and the more the crazy violent shit that's always in the back your head my books are ridiculously violent and always in the back you're had like ok what if some day some messed up kid reads my book and then says i'm gonna go reenacted torture seen on somebody and am i eventually gonna be responsible for that so that's always thought and the racist up as a thought to but largely just you let it role like it think that's what a real person would do and talk like an act like than that goes in the book tat was the argument when american psycho came out read it in the eighties first came out bread east analysis book which is really fuckin dark if you think the movies dark with christian bail it is literally nothing compared to that book that book it's fuckin dark and our member some p
all that i knew then had read it who were really a ended they were the angry and offended and they were saying like this isn't good writing he just is discussed i mean really fucked up things that make you uncomfortable that goes onto the next fucked up thing and the guy just keeps getting away we share i didn't see that what i saw was this an intense view into a potentially real person i mean there are can serial killers they do exist they have murder people and tortured people in horrific ways very similar to this character right so what he's done is drag us into this really stomach wrenching uncomfortable world this one in ten psycho right and it's fuckin masterpiece i think i think it's masterpiece we're going you know that the process of writing in any creed realm redoing film redoing comics you're doing bucks and going into bad guys head in making that bad guy live and breathe and feel like a real person part of
that process is the bad guy doesn't think he's a bad guy right this supervillain doesn't think she's a supervisor you know you these people are always morally justified and everything they do they don't committee evil their committing acts that are logical to them in their being just in there they are committed revenge or getting fair desserts on someone so being what right from the perspective of someone who is doing awful horrible shit but they don't think horrible that's one of the tricks to doing it that's what he did in that book is you know the main character doesn't it really catch him going i'm going to commit acts of evil he just doing what he thinks is what should be done when it wants to do what what he wants you what he needs to do or what he'd do as we all do in human beings those things we need to do we find a way to morally justify them whatever it is that you do that you may know is a bit squishy in the eyes of society there's some another party or had the checks and balances system that goes it's ok if you do it here's why it's even a good thing that you do it adheres why that's
oh that's what he's netbook and that's that's part of this group screwed up of writing only if you're just not writing superficial good guy guy sneering dudley do right says it against namely whiplash and those stories are perfectly fine people love them but if you're actually i want to get into the point where you make that bad guy will you for the bad guy and empathize with the bad guy that's tricky stuff my gold into my boxes if there's a showdown between the main the bad guy in the good the good guy and a bad guy is you're not really sure who you're running for if you ve done it right it is not really sure who they want to win that fight even though one is morally reprehensible in the other one is possibly good will you want to set up obvious paradigms and obvious characters that writing to have been repeated over and over again through our time and more complex and weird and tony pronto like you can get the mean that that was like sopranos
my favorite shows ever unwanted things i really liked about it was a tiny supply was a fuckin murderer using evil scumbag martyr that you were rooting for i mean it was very very fascinating way the date they danced with that and i think would bread now ass did in that book was completely unapologetic can that's why i found it so fascinating because the way described there horrific sickening way described these crimes was you know i mean it was so cynical it almost like done in the mind of a psychopathic i didn't they necessary even enjoy it you think he was really good there is part of that book there like the pie where he shows up to clean up some bodies that he left behind and entire apartment had been cleaned and he's he locks eyes of the real estate agent and a real estate agent is woman is like selling the places like i know what you did get the fuck out here and they exchanged this look
really fastening scene of two monsters running into each other one of the murder of the other when a psychopath or sociopath and they won't i fear parts that book and both of them i remember that part but you know you know but them think that they did the right thing he was writing a seller department for fucking five million bucks one of them was an he's gotta who's going in there to clean up the bodies that are left in the covered and acid or whatever fuck you didn't i forget what it was but yeah that those those really evil carriages that you create that's an interesting thing for me because like like this description of the guy coming down with those headphones on the other guys walking down people yeah i share their obviously saying angry things like what would they say what they say fuck you out ok you see we mouth that right would you mouth you know going to die with the maybe maybe we'll go with you for going to kill you going to die you can see him out that but you can't say niger
i see that we are even people you may an evil people that's fastening we can threaten your life right we can get away like we're kill you they can while fat in a commercial and that's probably ok but the other side that's totally done no one's gonna put that was just this fascinating thing about creating fiction the fascinating about fiction is you know why your creating an evil person like what you're saying about will a person do petite your acts will they create copycat crimes will they will they start looking into your way of describing things recreating the horrific way in the real world that you'll feel responsible for weather racist thing whether its violent thing or whether it whatever it is you know that's a fastening thing to have to think about when you're creating fiction is are you you may be reinforcing or even per perhaps in firing an idea that ultimately very evil i think in many instances where art has influence people who go do something you know those people looking for that moral justification even really dont know they're doing when
i'd stalker killer was out you know if it s easy hadn't wrote the song night stalker that guy you found something else that i found something else to do to validate his need to go out and kill so that's easy for you to say but if he did what you wrote in your baby yet that that would be super difficult to deal with but i'm u no kind of thought this through several times for their rights and fucked up shit is is if it happens how am i going to feel about that and have already kind of genetic because i'm not a bad guy either i'm just like people i'm talking about the guy i pray justice that with that guy or that girl would have found something to latch onto and would have gone out and killed bay john you now and andrei story instead of my story yeah i'm very fastened by the influence of of something creative like that whether it's a film that inspires like taxi driver which inspired john hinkley theirs fascinated by that strange link between in a creation of creative creation that's turn into a move europe
and how it influences people and how you catch someone's got the wrong for chemicals floating around their brain read any one of your books and d to enact a scene when there's a guy was arrested in vancouver offered in enacting a dexter saying oh yeah he was no that yeah you geek fuckin kill somebody dexter them because huge dexter fan you gonna tell somebody i'm a huge dexter fan i was a huge extra fantasies in one year like they got one got the best season now
john with gown i do not want to seize and i can watch your bedroom negative terrible taken aback karma jujitsu practitioners i know it looks like www choke somebody it doesn't look like it was terrible thousands if i believe can be a bit of a joke you may show you what it feels like he choked you can act like that you cannot go then when you choking or will you name screen time some interesting this is i'm sure there's all that you ve been dozens of tv sets that we did our first tv set visit ever further for justified together shooting episode number seven because the people making justified or instead making effective use here so we need to go on you know timothy elephant do his thing ones that he's the these the marshal ones wears a hat ok just by and he was in what was he was dead
where did he was another guy you wore hat and shot people than any other got us from the shield that really good actors from the shields in that as well i don't know which played like that this was one of the copse one of the dirty oh you know don't that's a walter goggins here he plays a bad guy he got his flocks the two of them if you never know just by the two of them together are lights out with a best do the best acting do oh on tv in my opinion hands down is at a really good show knots amazing model here about what will i don't catch and hype its oh it's its catch and it started its head in the season five which starts tonight actually signify premiers on season five so i can start now and i'll get four seasons you can get forces innocent advertisements for justified and have not yet and advertising let's go choking someone gave used here's what you'd like he's wade like it it's basically the character the toll psychopath his whereabouts and function perfectly normal society but when it comes point to arrest a guy instead of just on the gun and going ok put your hand
i gotcha he leaves the holster and he's always like i can take it are you going to serve life in jail or you can draw a gun and if you me down you get to anymore don't i'm on one another's that's how dare you i'm sorry spoiler alert i'm sorry butscha son of a b that got we got to go and set and the un elephants rings grants in his very fanboys supercool natures only talks to the market the real marshall who's been consulted on the show for all four years and the ask him a question like a little would my guy do this and you could see the marshal sweating a little bit cuz he knows what he's gonna say it's gonna screw up a lot of work and basically says yeah you of point abc d need ass if you were me you do just gone straight avenant done with it and then they can tell them now going to go back and do rewrites much like the john lifeguard thing with the bad rear naked choke there so the other so hoping it's gonna be as realistic as possible they're gonna have to go change a bunch of crap you hear that
when i saw reneged sugar fellows watson like tv show from the eighties others watch jobs will be involved in ur pinch was far it was vulcan pinches more believable as any sees an alien i've got old man with shitty biceps chillun some lady in a bad time zone fighting back people fight like wild animals when you try to kill them yes crazy the that's the unreal listing portrayal of doubt that took you out of the story that's a good thought and i agree that the really good scenario and starts terrible starts the worst naked choke seeing their strategic i'm a stickler for technique when it comes to shows is that early shokhin out mattel salmon ain't that easy bitch is if the whole right side is wide open to the type of aid as an objection curled up now that she's not fighting hard enough for faces a red like you got it i would both naked enjoying this is a truly this is a rare naked choked offer real because they are in bath
there's no way by the way you again to the bathtub without anybody getting totally where everybody would be soaking wet should be fighting for life and flop around you wouldn't behind her naked and be able to do this this is ridiculous a ridiculous position terrible season socks i changed my mind you fucker that your fuckin bullshit i think that dexter just went started just getting weird surging we're on a non believable after like you nourishing awful i feel like firmer from it native perspective once they got through season two and three mainly season for is really to keep that still going he's the serial killer he'll sera colors there's only so much the challenge is to that writing team were significant how do we keep this going as are making money and make the best shall we cannot manage add we really hard what the problem is also that dude stopped looking scary if you look at them currencies in one he was yoked there he was there they were talking about him being a commercial arcs expert here this thick neck and traps and everything and he looked creep and scary you know he looks
the guy who fuck somebody up here but you look at him after he got sick unfortunately he got what he have like leukemia supply had cancer headaches your chemo when he was really fuckin skinny for a long time i will now not buying am rag boeing always people before i bought him as is really crazy super strong guy who is also a serial killer and was just using his agnes to get rid of bad people rise like this is a fascinating concept but after wiles like beer scott soon then back to cough
listen man congratulations on everything that is a huge huge news that you ve got these two things in the works and in our wish all the best man and and let me know when when you knew stuff comes out to be having a tweet affordable have be happy to talk about on the park ass sweet we really appreciate him as really fun talking you're really insightful tutored love digging into someone's creative process ass one why shown that king i ll exam has a deal he's a good guy buddies bad ass that guy probably has three vermont just remind people ever go to the website find that book put in the code death squad get that e book for free yes title fight scott scots they can get you on twitter at scott similar n online it's got sigurd our conquered and sorry pandemic tour we're starting january eighteenth of beautiful people go to the homepage scots a good hour comets right on the right side bar and we will be in l a what's the data bella
we'll be an ally in the twenty seventh so anybody now i come out january twenty seven territories that where i act tat mysterious galaxy mysterious galaxy what the fuck is that as a sigh five bookstore that sounds awesome loveliness with its greece we are let us know will tweet it will let people know i thank you very much man really playing around me again we're gonna have so many new funds out of the show i'm so excited here you're gonna get more guarantees for you do great stuff and congratulations and i love watching someone work hard and watching a pay off i think it's very inspiration thank you thanks to our sponsors thanks the stamps dot com goes damped com before you do anything else click on the microphone at the top of the homepage and type in j r e and get a hundred ten dollar bonus offer thanks also to square space square space dot com use the code joe and the number one and build your website and then tweet it to hashtag and j r east square space and four of you will win a free year of square space and
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