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#441 - Brian Dunning

2014-01-14 | 🔗
Brian Dunning is an American writer and producer who focuses on skepticism. He has hosted a weekly podcast, Skeptoid, since 2006 and is an author of 5 books on the subject of scientific skepticism.
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poor broadening the job will gain. Experience rejoices german right during picture factual, commoner, one of the cool things about the internet, is that you can get connected. To all these weird and unusual folks, and you could also exchange a lot of information back and forth and find out a lot of things about each other and I read about you no nothing's coming. This is front friendly. I read about you and I read some of the things that I didn't know when you had contacted me that you include Who did me in your how many celebrities, where there are eight or ten it was a top ten most wanted. Celebrities promoting harmful pseudoscience, and in that I read about myself and I was shocked to learn that I believe that nine one one was created by the government
I did not know. I didn't know that. I believe that I don't think you've ever said that I've never said that. We can talk about the whole genesis of how this list came to be well, that's a, but that one is poorly researched. I've absolutely never said that. I think that the government engineered nine eleven well, you know that the there's an episode I did in two thousand and eight, which is five six to go now and so before come here today, I want to make sure and get all my sources for all of these and unfortunately, back in two thousand eight, I was not yet keep in very good.
Records and saving my notes. So for the things that I have listed here. Unfortunately, I can't give you the source for any one of em, but any one of them. You wanna tell me it's not true. I will happily retract well, first of all the nine eleven one one hundred percent. In fact I was on the phone with Alex Jones the night that nine eleven happen, the government engineer they have documents, they ve been planning this since operation northwards I'm sure didn't take him till that night to figure he would probably will. I think he he actually might have even predicted it. But when you say that like people go, woe is the psychic. He predicted a billion things that never happened. You know no Bryce about free, my camps, they ve got com, this plastic coffins that doesn't, that is a clairvoyant means, is tightly tightly strong tightly. Well, fell. Oh do you think, but I We debated it online on the air like Minos,
how do you you can't say that, like there's, no evidence shows that the government did it like you just because you suspect them of doing it. You can't say it is also clear you shit that happens in planes flying to buildings, and I have a doctor a real good doktor, Bruce a pot doctors doktor hands. You medical marijuana prescriptions, but I guess he went to medical school, I gotta day and he hands me his book in his life this is very important information and I go guy, so I start reading it and it's about Tesla technology that they used to make the twin towers disappear. I got, the twin towers. The reason why they turned into the dust- and they just didn't fall apart into big chunks- is cause Tesla I thought he was. I thought it was like having an elegant, mental issue like thought something get blown a fuse, or so I was so confused by the conversation. Nobody was sand like you're saying they used unknown technology to make the buildings disappear. How did you know them set up thick book
hoping Tesla mythology is a whole other area of of bs, which which is amazing. So many of the things that tests was known for never happened. He was It was certainly a very brilliant man, certainly a an innovative engineer, but he didn't ac. He didn't invent electric motors these, all things that already existed, that he continued working on. He never invented a death ray. He was completely nuts by the time of his life. He said he had a death ray. He and Edison did have the competition or the other competing ideas about alternating current direct current, and he was an advocate of altering alternating current, where Edison in fact did test to show or did displays rather demonstrations to show the dangers of this, and one of the things did they frighten elephant thrilling far man, if you watch it and he called it western housing, he called it we're going to Westinghouse this elephant. Now I was hoping that that word would catch on. That's hilarious so
I don't know where you got the nine slash eleven thing from. But if I had listened to me talk about the moon landing, I probably assumed that I was also a non believer. Nine hundred and eleven now? I never said that and never believed that the only thing I've ever said, that's controversial at all. Is there tower seven when you watch it fall, it looks like in control, demolition and I don't think that's controversial, because it looks like a control demolition. When you look at just the top half of it it does. We look at the whole thing the way, the way the structure, craps there's no video of the whole thing. You can only see the video of the top really the top quarter of it as it disappears behind the building, and I agree it does look exactly like a control demolition? I believe it's more than the top quarter, pull the pull the video up of tower seven dropping this and pretty
I mean this at least thirty floors, you're saying you're, seeing a lot of it. It's not really. I wouldn't say it's the top quarter. It was a forty eight four building it, I believe not, can argue the fraction, but you don't see the bottom of it. Well, that's true, but it is very unusual how it falls into its base. Instead of falls over didn't it fell. It started to fall down straight, but then it almost destroyed two other buildings that it fell against. It didn't fall into its own foot right which any building that they were demolishing would probably do as well. If they were that close to each other and it went wrong right watch it again here. Look at that yeah. That's way more have corner. Ok, it's not! If you know what that's almost the entire building was: ok, there's a young, and these will say it again because we thought that in a minute, let's eat again, let's see it from the top. This is the best angle of a bunch of different angles. Okay, let's see it again, pull that one back. I mean it disappears into the smoke before you can see but I think its a bit disingenuous to say that things are fond of its base. Look at that
I already going on an angle, look at that? Okay, but it all fell to the bottom. I mean let's look at that, one again to fall to the top okay, but keep being kind of silly. That thing collapsed into its pace. Look at that here goes Does most of the building vanishes out of sight. Who knows what happens from then on and for sure it ran and other buildings. The point is this: ever happened before and it looks like a control demolition and I'm not saying it. Let me, but let me be clarified, because important I'm not saying it's a controlled demolition. I have no idea, but that's what it looks like to say. doesn't look like that is kind of so I agree, but if you want to see how it fell into its own base, quote unquote, just look at the aerial photo graphs that were taken next today when all the smoke had cleared and you can see that didn't remotely fall into its own base, it fell down the street and just practically destroyed two other.
Buildings. Well, that's a matter of physics. All that material has to go somewhere. You had forty eight floors of material and all comes down and collapse. It's going to fly to the side to say it didn't fly to the side. It fell over, it didn't fall down and then out tube in all directions like it's flattered it fell over. it started going down and then it went to an angle and fell off to the side. This is really. This is an interesting thing, because this is a thing that a lot of people want the to be very black and white, and they want things like this to be like really simple to categorize. I dont think it is, and I don't agree with you that that didn't fall into its base. Sure a lot of other should happen to probably big chunks of it landed on buildings nearby, but that thing lapse into its base did a collapse. No its base because of a gigantic diesel fire that consume the energies of the building and weaken the structure considerably. For
for sure, that's possible. I don't know a goddamn thing about my dad's, an architect. You know I asked him about it and he said well, it's unusual, but you don't know what the hell is going on inside of it. You don't know what kind of damage sustained from having the building fall out at you. Don't know what that diesel fuel burning, what it does the structure you do know how they built the inside of it. Who knows it's weird, but we things happen when things break that was his take on it. But you can't say that that doesn't look like controlled demolition, and I didn't. I said it does look like a controlled demolition that that you can see the most controversial thing. I've ever said about nine. Eleven. I've never said once that. I think did the government engineered it or that it was, I think it's every possible that big events urban and then people capitalize on those events and then things happen, like the invasion of Iraq, their public and for an excuse to do anyway, but the idea that it was all one big grand scheme to me seems ridiculously unlikely. Let what let me this It is actually a good segue into what we started to talk about, which was
this. This inclusion that I had of your back in this rise look around us top solar, these promoting pseudoscience, because what its someone who just listened to our five minutes here of the exchange and it sounded like you- were trying to convince me that nine eleven was a hoax by who to who those who would say that I think anyone who listens to that five minutes. It would sound like you were trying to convince me building seven was a demolition know what I did. I was very specific that I think it's grayer, I think, is a black and white issue. I think it's a very grey area. I think that that building like it was demolished. Was it Mars? I'd absolutely don't know, I'm too dumb. I have zero education when it comes to structural engineering, zero education when it comes to the damage that a fire can do to a structure and cause it to collapse and big chunks of buildings hitting it? What that can do? I don't know, but when I look It looks like the troll demolition that does
not sound like I'm trying to convince you that nine hundred and eleven was a hoax cuz. I said very specifically that I don't think it is, and then I think that it's ridiculous to assume that someone could be so organized that they could talk these guys into flying planes into buildings and if they can make it that these building rigged with explosives secretly in some clandestine operation with the banks in the and the in D C, I everyone coordinating together so that we could invade Iraq. It sounds ready, since there is an internal matter. Man, if you had to be yes or no nine, eleven, orchestrated by the government, if you had a bet, would you believe that our know how two percent better now what I would have sent out on? Yes, one hundred percent- but I know- but I wouldn't surprised if the two of two additional possibilities, one It was something that they knew possibly could happen and didn't prevent against, because either of a competence or be you have to learn
things like operation northwards you have to look at the Gulf Tonkin. You have to look at real events that took place or real plans that were but by those that our questions, those are separate question and then I would say I would say there is always the possibility that there were some knowledge of it beforehand that, but that's a separate question also them they orchestrated at and caused it to happen. I do not have enough faith that the government is so competent. Vega, pull off this amazing intricate attack. So if you're a hundred percent, if you're a hundred percent betting, know why we now find that mean- and I might bet nobody does mine- and I am asking for your personal level of confidence, your opinion and your solution. If you're forcing me to bed, then I would bet ok, so I'd I'd, never say I know one way or the other. So if I asked you, what is your bet on whether building seven was a controlled demolition. Are you still a hundred per cent No, I certainly wouldn't bet. I certainly bad because I don't know enough, but if I looked at it the way, the way, a person whose objective, a person who understands what they know they don't know in this life,
have to say it would be pretty fucking difficult to rig a building with explosives and not have anybody know about it. It was prett fucking difficult to make that building implode and have it be some sort of a secret that people kept. It seems highly unlikely. It seems more likely to me that there's some sort of a catastrophic structural failure, but I fuckin shoe the shit out of those people to build that movie that that building. Rather, if I was Larry, what's his name, that it had a little silver seeing eye sue, the fuck out of the people that build that building was like look at his building just fall down when it gets on fire. Like you assholes, I guess you, though, from insurance right. You don't need to do that, for that is the other party conspiracy is. The Lahti was made African spent the words, the wording, pullet pony, I suppose it's my my Take that any time there's ache any sort of a catastrophic event weather it's a murder or an accident, or anything there's a bunch of people that
for patterns in the gas. There's a bunch people that look for a following plot line, and you know, and look for some sort of an affair is connection between people that would profit off this event. than just the randomness of of the chaotic of of being attacked of of death and about destruction I think it's more likely that it's more likely that people are looking it s in trying to make some sense out of it above this crazy chaotic event where there's a bunch of suicide bombers that flew planes into buildings when, when needed, and was here. Power goes out three four months ago, something like that is money, you're, gonna, hate area, Can he was he was he was making the point about how he tries very much to give people the tools to you can't teach everyone. Facts, but you can give people the tools that they can probably figure out. What's true, what's not true any made some points about? Why that a valuable thing to have why it's good to have to be able to make good decisions about. Way the world works and understand the way things really happen, and it sounded me like
pretty generally agreed with him. Yes- and I would too so, in the case of this nine eleven, as as an example. I we ve got a hundred different conspiracy theories here, etc, etc, and not even conspiracy. There is but just plain up pseudoscience up it, It's just. It makes sense to help people to come. the right conclusion to come to a conclusion. That's probably true, because that's symptomatic of all the other areas in their life, where they're going to have to consider issues and make up a good, informed opinion, that's probably more likely to be true. Wouldn't you agree with that I mean that's same thing, he's saying so. If it then sense for you too, to to promote the idea that night Levin was probably not a government conspiracy. The why would you spend five minute showing me this video and bringing it to two to the attention of our one on your show, saying: hey look at this! Look how it was probably controlled demolition. That's how it was an look. I'm sorry! Look how much it
like a controlled demolition, because it does because it's interesting- but unless your framing that, within the context of look how It is to be mistaken, which, not what you said, but why why? Why do I have to do than to just observed something? That's fascinating. You don't have to do it Neil was Thyssen was trying to sell. You on was the value of doing it, help giving people that goes to understand the way the world probably actually work. How does that relate to you? Listening to me, go on about how it looks like a controlled demolition. You agree that it looks like whole demolition, just because I'm expressing that you're saying that if someone listen to that, they thinks they would think, rather that I'm trying to convince you that nine eleven was a hoax. I think that's a giant stretch. I didn't enormous courage. I think that's what it sounded like a living sound like that to me most rational, objective people listening, they would have heard all the cabinets at it through in there all the time that I said now. I dont believe this. I don't, but looking at that and what
collapse like that. It looks like a droll emotion, I think you'd be a fool to disagree, looks exactly Is it one? That's not what I'm saying I dont know, I have said very clearly. I know nothing about architecture. Protection, I know nothing about engineering. I know nothing about the impact of diesel fire on com. still. I dont know what it wont. Let me go back again to how this is a good site way to what I wrote back in two thousand ok, which hopefully end. Result of me being here today will be. I will get back to my listeners and say I'm retracting your appearance on this list. Ok, but just a paragraph. Ok, if I read the shore political, so I think you are number eight on my list of top ten celebrities who promote harmful pseudoscience. And here's the paragraph and I wrote on new number eight Joe Rogan. Comedian, Joe Rogan does what it can to promote virtually any conspiracy theory that he stumbles onto. Apparently, setting them all uncritically with a wholesale embrace. Now I know you would disagree with
Now, of course, it would- and I want to give you a chance, so we continue. He believes the appeal Oh astronauts did not land on the moon. He believes US government was behind the nine eleven terrorist attacks, believes the Oliver Stone version of the Kennedy assassination Believe aliens crashed at Roswell in nineteen, forty seven and the government is covering it up. He thinks men in black from project blue books. his his friends camera. Even though project book ended over thirty eight years ago, my friend, was ten he's sixty by the way- and I didn't steal- is to hear that story, but they took when he was a little boy he took a photo of something who knows what it was. I never said it was project blue book guys. I told you what my friend who's a flight surgeon told me which the hell I had that I had the reference for that, but we just it's. Okay, that's part of the CALL Steve and get him on the phone, Steve, Graham that'd, be fun. Actually, the worst part is Eddie promotes these ideas to the public at every interview opportunity, but gives himself the intellectual get out of jail free card of needing any evidence by hiding behalf
and be childish, debate. Technique of saying, hey, I'm just a guy asking questions gathers, makes me sound like an asshole, It is factually inaccurate on so many different levels and understand why you wrote it like that, like that this things that you said that I believe that I don't have never said that I do what I am willing to do is look stupid, and talking about things in saying that lives aid control demolition, I know that puts you in the that nutter camp, but I'm not sure get to control the motion, but I say that being willing to debate it and being in secure to discuss it rather not debated, but to the sky? the reality of what your viewing is. Silly preposterous. It doesn't mean promoting the idea that nine eleven was an inside job or that it was a plot by the government. I dont think that have never thought that, but I do think that building looks like a controlled demolition. That's all! I don't think Is anything wrong with saying that? I think I think at that, but I do this. I think you had. It was shortly
after when you went on Pendule. Let's radio show and talked with Phil played about the you remember that shore and you it is but well unfortunately, look. I would not have handled that the warehouse then today, but there's two unfortunates one, was that I really wanted him when we first went on to give me a reason to not believe what this fox documentary showed me, but the more talk to him. The more realised that he was almost like talking in a religious sense in He wasn't willing to criticise any aspect of of NASA or, the aspect of what was going on during that time, including the point where he was trying to deny the fact that Warner Herzog or work, on Braun rather and dumb? Many other scientists were actually nazis. That would come over and operation paperclip, and these, like you know it to deny that there are not islamic, but this is crazy, like you're trying to deny historical fact, because you think that historical fact shades NASA in a bad way, and I dont think it does. I think the NASA
Nineteen sixty, nine or sixty three when Kennedy was in office is not the NASA. two thousand thirteen or fourteen these, these people, long dead and gone and too, to deny that there was a bunch of nazis involved. Seems to me that's not healthy. It seems to me, like fucking with the facts, and doesn't Put your argument in fact makes me question all the other stuff. So then I started getting aggressive with them because, unlike what you're being silly, because this is Do you not not not being honest about the Nazis? Not not being honest about this connection. Well, I I to throw that back at you. What's held as one of their nazis or not have anything to do with what we went to the moon, but but denying the fact that they were Nazis has something to do with what kind of information and I'm getting from him. I'm not getting unbiased maybe we'll. I remember I dont member, that part the conversation by remember that one of on Braun had gone to Antarctica to pick to collect, rocks to collect meteors, and you brought that up- and I think you said words the effect of why the heck would have on that, unless it was part of some grander scheme to fake bringing rocks back from the moon. Am I correct about that? I,
well, I said Werner VON Braun did go to Antarctica, did when they were preparing for the moonlighting unhelpful, had no idea. In fact, I think he said he had never even heard that fact. Whilst slot photos on line of work, brought in this big crew. Those was one of the few places where they could go. They could study meteors that were definitely from the moon, ripe and fill it fill. It was what films, an astronomer, is not a space historian Einstein have no reason to know that. But why why you bringing that up up? What does that have to do with the question, while the big conspiracy was, of course, that he had brought these rocks back the AIR and then somehow another. Those were the ones they forged for the moon rocks when they talked about. Words get. These rocks are from the moon. Well, there's absolutely meteors that came from the moon that are in Antarctica. You can find them, they can retrieve them, they've documented them so that ideas as to how the trunk of the moon, here's here's the rocks. We brought back from the moon. We We want to know what to look for. We want to know what they're, what kind of,
ass. They were about things like that part of your room for them in the spacious yeah. What their made out of what their contents are any and as an alternative that could be seen as being consistent with the moon. Landing was exactly exactly what would you call it evidence, or would you call it consistent with or what say those are the same thing. I wouldn't say it's evidence. I mean look all you, let's say, that they could land on the moon. Ok, let's say which, by the way I believe now and lets say that they took spaceships and they went there and they brought back moon racks. I Give you knew for sure that there are some moon rocks in Antarctica. You would absolutely go there and study them. I don't think it's a bad thing, but I saying that if you are guy looking for something that confirms. Your suspicions of of a conspiracy which I was I say will look. They went the moon rocks and that's cause. That's the big thing that we say they brought back ex kilograms of moon rocks where they get those they went in article.
they got him from the Antarctica and look here's a photo of Werner VON Braun in Antarctica, collecting moon rocks with a fucking cast on his arm. For some strange reason: how do you break his arm? You know I didn't know they had not some school task to Madame networking funky cartoon calves, we're like a bar. Aren't you remember tat. He must have really Jack s arm, but pray broke his arm to get him lie about going to the moon, see I've got it all locked up. Tat look like I said I would and I wasn't podcasting then, and I certainly wasn't watching as many documentaries arrhenius many books I wasn't was in the matter of doing fear, factor and working for the UFC and I'd watch. This documentary on the fox, the Fox documentary on spirits. He theory did we really go to the moon and it was incredibly compelling thrust of your retard like me, and you watching: Brian O Leary, who is an astronaut saying he could see that they could fake it and you, watching bill bill casing was the guy worked at rocket die and he said that the engineers all agree that no one could do this, and then you look at the different background
They showed indifferent trips and they were cut through the really basically same background, but they were nor near each other. They had done it, they done really good job of piecing together, all this weirdness and then do it with a narrator and spell it out for you and I bought it hook, line sinker for sure the the real issue, there's a bunch of real issues with fake in the moon, Ling. Of course, the numbers of people would be involved, the amount of technology that you would have to, discount where people could track the lunar module as it went and lead the lineage of creating the sad and five and how they did did the stages detached all the different mathematical calculation? They did create them black. If you break it to an hour documentary for a dummy and he puts him book music in it and keep cut back and forth the commercials. You're gonna believe that we can go to the moon, yeah, it's it's. These idea in the world to sell yeah conspiracy theories are so just people want to believe them. They satisfy fudge their fight,
the fund it makes you feel like you. Ve got some secret insider information, but is also there was evidence at NASA did fake some publicity shots they did from the Gemini program, Michael Collins, they use the phone. Of him where he was in a simulator and they used it and they blacked it out and had the exact same image and release it as a press photo. So is this deception does mean there was deception across the board now, but I do this I find and in the middle of the sites. I show someone who was an editor, took some footage and split still some sound and faked something and said that a user scented in not to my knowledge- and I and about about it and freaked out an ice won't you fake one thing a week we spent this entire show, trying to figure out the truth about something and you got four dramatic effect faked one thing you fuck, up the whole show, because we
you did, as you cast doubt on everything else. The show is ever going to say ever literally hast almost die right here, because in the EU, the ethic of creating a completely honest show has already been gone. It's already been washed away and when you watch. You know something the moon landing and you you know you look at that that these hopping around on the moon. You kind of almost want it to be bullshit kind like, while the second got to come on man, how the fuck you look up at the moon, how far they get and then you find shit like this, where they show these images of Collins on in the simulator, in an exact image, all blacked out background, saying that he is actually in space like always ends but whose taken his picture of him in Space this he's not space. This is the same image, but you guys lied so because of that they're not perfect, they weren't perfect in the fact that they hired a bunch nazis and brought him over from from Germany. They weren't perfect
in the fact that you know I'm sure some people in the publicity apart Department told some all tails and spun some yarns, and you know they had a make up for Gus Grisham dying in that that simulator there's a lot of like horrible, the city snafu, is terrible things. It went wrong that eroded confidence in NASA. I could easily see a fake here there, a photograph that was that was staged, here there that they said but on the moon or that they said happened in space. I dont think that that means necessarily that the moon landings, fake though then I did I, may I it's it's. It's pretty common piece of feedback that I'll get one do episode on any any given conspiracy, theory and lets, say it's one like this: that involves the government and that the feedback that I'll get it so you believe the government loves us and is perfect and everything. I do of course, like without all data
not necessary for now. So to be perfect for us to have gone to the moon, it's not necessary for the government to be perfect for nine alone. not to have been an sets, the classic straw, man, black and white argument. You know it's your either in that's exactly what I said about the building collapsing. So basically the same thing: it's not mean that the government is beautiful and perfect in every way because they manage to go to the bone. Great yeah. So shall we, through this checklist here and sure to these I can take on what was was the other one. We had another one that has started of violently disagreed with. There was the first one that you have already destination. He believes Leopold, restaurants and outline them. That's gone, UK yeah! Ok, that's gonna, checking it off I would love it if it was a hoax, though, if I found out it was a hoax. I got to tell you right now. I would love it almost more than I love the fact that people went to the moon. I would love it if it was a hoax capricorn, one best movie ever. No, it wasn't wasn't even close. It was a good movie, but alien was the best movie ever.
Alien along the first one in my opinion, and we were different, burned the evil corporate government conspiracy going on. I do not believe in irish overtones virus or stay in fact have criticised that film on this podcast many times, because Oliver Stone created in the Donald Sutherland Character that you use this vehicle for general, it's giving him this information in order to spell it all out too Kevin, Costner character. I've never said that you what I've said. I said if you look that bullet it doesn't look like went through people. That's what I've said, because if you look at the single bullet it does not look like it penetrated bone, see their bones her. She s got a monster from an actual bona fide huh. I know it looks like a bullet meat and that that bullet, not look like it went through two people. Did I ask you to forget anything. Nice to save energy I have some some delay you like venison, I love it. I just got one and now was constant last month, relatives in Oregon they're sending stuff all the talks about me, so delicious and so healthy, and I like the fact that its
I'll, be running around wild and then you take it out of the mix. But I've never said that Oliver Stone was right. In fact, as I said, there was a I liked them. The movie, I think you know Kevin costume knocked at the park. Thing was an interesting movie, but the boy like about? It is that it opens up this idea where people so to question. What happened, ok I think what I'm, what I meant by that statement was you. You don't believe that Lee Harvey Oswald I do not believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone now, I think is ample evidence that those other people involved, but that doesn't in that Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't involved, there's another White thing: everybody wants an either or I think it's every possible the Lee Harvey Oswald was in Cahoots with that murder. First of all, Lee Harvey Oswald was on the scene. Second of all, Lee Harvey Oswald was known to be in bed with all these fuckin weirdo characters. He had brought me a guy, to Russia and brought back a woman and when was allowed to re, enter the United States, the fact that Jack, Ruby
got to Lee Harvey Oswald in, like were really high pressure situation at a guy station just shut the fuck and president, and you just have a wandering through with his gang There can run up to him and put a bullet in it plays out like a movie. So not acts are you. You ve got a lot of anomalies that are consistent with in Paris and Spirit yes and but my take on it is not that I know or that I believe in Oliver Stone might take on. It is what a colossal strange event changing of U S history, a changing of the way we look at the power of being a president, a changing of the way we look at. What can happened to someone in this lifetime when someone who is so beloved is John F. Kennedy disappears off the face of the earth and the world instantaneously changes. I think it's a fascinating story, and I also think it's fascinating how many enemies he had you can't discount when you're talking about people who were involved with people who have created wars, people who have
absolutely been responsible for the death of untold thousands of people. discount the idea that they would organise a coup. I dont know if they did, but I do know that that There was one colossal clusterfuck, a crazy in that the fact that the film was held back until her bow down vera of all people put it on television with Dick Gregory who bought a lotta people- don't you realize, is a great comedian, was a great communion. An activist at the time way into the seventies? Dick Gregory played this Hurrah Rivera shown you get to see Kennedys head snap, and this approach are. I I dont think that that means that someone else else did it, It means there's probably more than one person involved and when you look at The Warren Commission Report and you look at the inconsistencies and it is a great book about it called the best evidence by David lifting who was. He was actually an accountant and was higher
to go over the Warren Commission Report and found inconsistency after inconsistency over and over again and detailed these in great order, but this differ and the inconsistency of the autopsies incomes distances of the various reports of what went down inconsistencies in the Warren Commission of their findings that would cancel out each other's findings. He was that one of the few guys with the first guys to go through the entire nine hundred volumes fast, fastening book that I read I was living in New Jersey was living in New York rather and was doing a gig on the road I read it and fuckin bomb that night. Oh, my God was in my hotel room all day, arenas, freaky conspiracy, book shit in my pants nose like three years old, and then I went on stage that night and just was terrible. I learned a very valuable lesson from that book.
Don't read or watch depressing shit right before you go on stage. I did you break into big conspiracy mongering in the middle of your set. Did you just no? No, but I became a conspiracy break for sure that book best evidence was what threw me over the top. Well, you know I did an episode on the JFK assassination about a month or two ago and I'd been putting it off for years. because there is so much so much b s answer real information on that, but I found it. This is this: is it possible. How am I going to distill this into a twelve minute, show well, you never get towards twelve minutes long every week. That's insane! You need to spread out. So what? What? What I do not to address any of the conspiracy theories, but just talk about why in general, the conspiracy theories individual and myriad as they are, how why they do stand up to what's what we, what we are, unfortunately called the official store.
quote, unquote kind of a weasel words, and it really the thing is it All conspiracy theories have in common. Is that They are united only in that they dispute. The official story, for example- you can say that the Cubans killed Kennedy. you can say the Russians killed Kennedy or you can say the mob killed Kennedy you can say that secret service men running alongside accidently, shot him whatever you and all the people who promote those conspiracies they consider themselves united as a group, even though their theories are absolutely factually exclusive of one another. Most like competing religions that yet exactly that they cannot possibly be be brought together, The only thing they have in common is that they simply say the government's lying and as long as you say, the government's lying than hey you're, you're, ok, you're in the club. Your theories all right, your theory,
is more like that this government they found out we're talking about this? It's it's happened. It's happened I guess you're right, you're right. You know events, Puglia, Aussies book. Yes, I didn't like it what was called the case closed case. Whatever ok, we're gonna call case closed. He talked about. I can remember what is called of acceptance list. We wouldn't have to accept endings Google. He talked about one one personally interviewed who Bonatti Posner to Cyril Poseners case closed If one person he interviewed, believed that, can He was still alive, ass likely but he had committed suicide. I heard the young, the secret service man shot em. I heard I heard like you could see him shoot em on the on the video of her that drivers, yeah yeah, the driver turned rounders, so even
even having even even one person having their own belief. That is self contradictory, see. More likely than believing what the government says and the government obviously is not perfect, but you can't. You cannot say that just because the government agrees with one particular version of events that that event is therefore wrong. Here, I as a huge, hugely popular argument that I reclaiming history assassinating there. I didn't read this red, the other one, the you're right Whoever it doesn't exclude the possibility that there was in fact some sort of a conspiracy know it it certainly doesn't, but the fact that thing that the Gulf and found one version of the events more compelling and wrote their official version on that doesn't make that version,
you're, right and that are the hardest. That's the hardest point to communicate to the people who believe that it certainly doesn't the inconsistency that are travelling in the Warren Commission Support Arthur's their several, but one of the big ones is the single bullet theory or the need for a single bullet theory. The reason why they needed to formulate the single bullet theories because they had account for three shots. They had a new bullet that it hit ricocheted again curbs turn curbstone under the overpass and Guide got hit by the ricochet. So he was in the hospital and they had seen the mark on the curbstone, so they attributed to a bullet. So this ok, when we know for sure someone was shooting from the direction school book depository. That's one thing than that confirmed actually supporting the dear that Oswald, did it or that someone in Oswald position did it. So a bullet did come from there, but now they had to account for all these wounds, So how do they do that will instead of saying? Well, maybe there was more than one bullet? Maybe there was more than three shots. Maybe there was more than through two people shooting they had to come. With some sort of a reason why one bullet could do all this damage that to me,
He seems a much less likely scenario. Then more than one shooter the more than one shooter. If you're gonna kill the fucking president and if the risk security and we haven't proven that does not mean that there is, but if it's gonna be a conspiracy. I would doubt you would give it to one guy named Lee, Harvey Oswald one guy and give him a rifle. That's not even that fuckin good and put him in a window and given this crazy shot that most people, make that's not a good shot if you ve ever shot at something move targets are incredibly difficult and moving targets. When you're you have this shitty bolt action rifle and you gotta reload it it's a long time to do that you can get it off. If you I mean I've seen the people that have pulled it off in a test whether said, try to reproduce it and they can do it, you can get those shots. And you can do but you're not gonna be accurate, need a couple of seconds to be accurate. You need your your fucking shooting the president. This is not some low pressure situation. This is the first person I've ever assassinated with a rifle ma
My position is that it's more likely that they had a predetermined outcome, that they were trying to reach that come is that they wanted to tie up everything with Lee Harvey Oswald, and when the best ways to do that, is you tribute all these different wounds to one bullet? Does it mean that all those wounds were not created by one bullet? No, because one weird things, it happened when you shoot things things hit both. and they ricochet, and they go weird directions and strange anomalies happened. The bullets were, a bullet will kill someone and you look at it. It looks like it's virtually undisturbed every now and then she gets weird, but for the most part when Will it goes through two people shatters bone and both of em, especially the risk of Connally, and that the end of it and then wines up in the gurney in this procedure- inform, like the single bullet theory, did when they found that bullet. That's unlikely. I've got up. I've got a fifty calibre around that that we found in death Valley left over from the days when they would do.
Fighter planes just shooting their machine guns over from China like and what what what it is is a completely flattened, smudged, irrecognizable piece of copper, and protruding out from the centre of it is this absolutely pristine, tungsten missile that looks like it's fresh from the factory, absolutely sharp, completely undamaged, and it's inside this copper jacket. That is, that's been peeled out, what field away from it and completely so, shouter to unrecognizable, it's it's real effect when I found it we're looking going what the heck is. This is this a bullet somebody shot into something and it's still hanging out yeah. So I understand what a really really weird stuff can go on with bullets. Weird stuff can go on with bullets, one of my favorite, paperweight hear talk about eye MA am really get and ballistics. Lately I've been doing a lot of target shooting and talking to her, I have a very good friend my friend Justin.
Who is a complete gun not, and if I have any questions about ballistics and things, I will talk to him about it, and you know he'll tell you like weird shit happens, sometimes issued a person and the bullet will come back at you through their. I that's happened, two guys guys special forces. They assassinated somebody or shut, He killed. Somebody in the bullet hits bone and somehow not figures that await a pop out there I like. I'd around the inside of the Skull atomic power another somehow another species in the world did you know there's random, weird shit that can happen when you shoot people, so is it possible that it went to Kennedy in a modern economy. Yeah a hundred percent. Weird shit happens, but does it look like that? what did that not at all? No, it looks like that they fired into a tank of water that it doesn't look like it had anything because it's it's a lead blood, that's jacketed and the accurate, isn't bandits not disturbed and to my knowledge, people of try recreate that I know pennoned tell or try to do to think. Miss Smith Busters try to do it. They weren't you,
to do it when they hit bone there were only able to do if they pass just through the flesh. You can pass through flash and leave a bullet relatively undisturbed, but if you hit bone and out of their bone, most likely making a message that bullet in they find pieces in the body also absolutely and in pieces in Connelly's wrist that did not what was missing from the bullet. There was more pieces in economies body, then we're missing from the bullet Does that mean that he gets hit with some random shrapnel meant bullet your fuckin flying weird shit happens, and you know there's a lot of weird shit that goes on when you're in a gunfight, but I think you would probably have to true that more than three boards, aliens in Roswell, Never said that in fact have a joke goofing am I on my comp special from eighteen, ninety, nine where I say the that people sitting government actually printed in the paper. They have recur it crashed. Ufo and alien bodies, and the next day they made him take up sorry, I was just a weather balloon like well what but the aliens those are Mexicans.
Apparently there on the balloon. They were drinking. Some shenanigans took place. They mistook the balloon for open yadda, it's very tragic. I never said that. I think that what I did That is absolutely fascinating and fun thing to think about the fact that they could have found some crashed? You are far from another planet, hushed everybody up and hidden. Bodies a little child coffins run away with them, but everybody that I've talked to that ever told me. A story about being abducted by ufos are taken on board aircraft or any of their function. easy. That's the one thing they all share. They all share this naughty, connect with reality. I've talked to me, will it have told me some weird things about animals. I talk to a woman. There was very convincing the told me she had a big foot citing very convincing, less shroud, whose survivor man told me some animal was IP dolls running to the woods and the, but but as you are foes, I'm still waiting for one guy who tells me anything,
That makes sense. I got in a hundred arguments with people. When I was film in the safe, I show that we're believers when I was asking them for finance as well. Where is the evidence we have was sworn four David's? I go. That's not evidence I got you does. That is evidence, hats evidence in a court of law. You can convince people for murder. Unless I get that sound scientific evidence, I go, you have a story. That's all you have is a story. Nobody wants there to be aliens more than me but all I see when I go looking for aliens- is a bunch of unforeseeable white deeds was stories about spaceship and flying saucers and all sorts of things they make their. Regular mundane, boring life seem insignificant because of this great threat greater mystery, greater enigma. This huge thing that's going. I will we being observed by aliens it as this exciting to an otherwise mundane life and does that there are no aliens, absolutely not doesn't mean that aliens aren't observing us. Absolutely not, but it does mean is the consistency that I've found in talking to people that
leaned over really experiences. Make me did the aliens are so intelligent that they only pick dummies so intelligent they pick people there were easily discounted, so you'd. And their stores and go guide? Do tell somebody who the fuck is gonna, believe you you're crazy, so fine people that have a problem with the truth and then abduct them. That's that's the only thing that makes sense what would you call your? Would you describe yourself as a science advocate a hundred percent? Yes, A huge fan of science is one of the things that I forgot to argue with stuff online you when using the podcast recently that argue, but he use against funding scientific research and space exploration to me it is it fuels my day. If I up in the morning, and I read about some new thing that they're doing like me. Even though I've been following this idea of putting a man mission on Mars and these people are going to have to go there and it's one way trip and might fucking hands sweat just thinking about it, fuel my day, I'm fascinated by science absolutely fast
science. The thing that I love doing doing the Skeptoid episodes my favorite part of it is solving the mysteries that people usually leave. Unsolved because they stopped at the paranormal explanation. For example, the whole aliens and Roswell take that as an example, If you take the national enquire version of events, it's sensational and it's fun aliens are here. Aliens are visiting us the government's covering, but it's got all about all the compelling qualities of a that we love. But the fact is that those people haven't solve them. Story and what I enjoy most is completing the process. going all the way through? I actually, you know actually finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, actually finding the solution to what happened when
possible. Well, isn't what makes it exciting to these people that you never really can do that unless you can get a time machine and go back to Roswell, New Mexico and nineteen forty? What is it seven? Was it seven night, forty seven yeah? I have the actual front page of the Roswell Daily record on my home framed. Oh, do you yeah very cool? It's fascinating! It's also fascinating, historically just to look at a the other thing that we in the news that were stories and try to picture yourself living at this time and now, seventy years ago, it's weird seventy seven years ago, but the other thing that's weird about it- is that you can't go back, so you can't know you you got a bunch of it people some of them tell you. They saw alien some until you so bodies in May. Roswell, you Maxwell MAX Brazel, whatever the fuck, his name was swears and all these different people, and then you see the press conference where they have this. Look, it's just this stuff. You know it's so delicious to think in terms of conspiracy to think in terms of government has this unbelievable magical information that they're not sharing with us, because they don't think that we can handle it, and it becomes this this that makes every average
everyday life more exciting and, in the end, on that same vein. In the question of going all the way back, to a building. Seven, for example. To me let's say I don't think it is an open question, but let's say the open question of whether it was a government conspiracy or not, let's, let's say we're just gonna. Leave that unsettled look. How can we don't know make what it maybe was? Maybe it wasn't but to me what's really interesting about that is the underlying science is: how would a building made of steel and covered with concrete whenever it was made of? How would that melt? Why would collapse and understanding the actual scientists to me far more interesting than simply doing this anomaly, hunting that that is so much more popular and trying to point fingers? And turn it into a whole political ideological thing? Absolutely. What does you
background. What is your education and might my backed my backwards in computer science, and but I never? I never really worked in the field I was. I did software consulting basically for most of my career until I became a science writer six seven years ago. How would you feel if someone with no software knowledge whatsoever started criticizing software development that you were involved with if they were say like an architect since I was really bad at it. I felt that I would say just as you expected say. Well, you know I I probably know better than you do right now, when you see architects and engineers, four nine eleven truth- and you see this group of people- how many architects are involved- brine, Google, it should x and engineers from nine eleven truth is a substantial number of people out of an orderly. It's it's something of the people who actually are in that field, and most of them are not its. You know a tiny
action of a percentage of all the people who work in that period overall right. So, if you're trying to look at what it most architects and engineer say overwhelmingly, they have no problem with voting. Do you think we honestly that that's been studied by most architects and engineers and again just for the record, Again, I'm not believe in a conspiracy to four nine eleven I never have, but I am saying that you know it with us. kind of throws in the face of what you said like these are educated people. There are trained as architects and engineers and they have this. This issue, with with building yeah. I mean two thousand one hundred and thirty, four architects and engineers. That's kind of a lot. I will say this. The people who have spent the most time on the question are overwhelmingly believers and conspiracy, of course, but whereas the causal relationship there, it's not that they spent most. time, learned the most information and then made a rational decision based on what they learn its
other way around. We spent time obsessing with it because they were ideologically married to the idea from the very beginning. Well, if you say that that dismisses them and that's a good thing to say, if you try to dismiss them, but I don't think you know them and I Think you really examine why they came to these conclusions or why they were interested in investigating it in the first place. Well, this is what I do for a living is. I talked to understand I understand, but what I'm saying is. I know you didn't interview, two thousand people, you didn't ask all those different guys so to say that in a blanket general statement that this is the reason why they came to this conspiracy, it's a little disingenuous, absolutely generalizations are always as wrong. I think that's a real issue and I think that's what dealing with here, where you had this reluctance to accept the fact that I wasn't saying that nine eleven was inside job. Just because I was saying tower, seven looks like a demolition. It's the same thing like you. Well, if I listen to this, I would think that you're trying to convince no. No, it's not it's. It's not a black and white issue. There's a lot of
Weirdness is a lot of weirdness in the world and there's a lot of weirdness and perception is a lotta weirdness in people that are edge did but are also incorrect. It's a common thing. It happens all the time and you absolutely The two thousand people out of but number vast number of architects and engineers there exist in the world. The real question is how those other people that exist have examined this as thoroughly as these people and you're right, the ones that examine it, the ones who are looking to find some sort of conspiracy does that mean they're wrong? Well, this case, you and I both believe that they're wrong, but that doesn't mean IRAN weathers theirs a lot of people realistically who work in the field of failure, analysis for building structure, but those who do my guess is and people can cause. You know me, I'm wrong shit. No one comment we shouldn't ass. I got his right. My my supposition is that is that people who work in building and Alice failure. Analysis of buildings had no problem,
what they saw happening until I wouldn't get? That's gonna go on Jesus. Why don't? I just need to work, because I mean it's it its clear. If you just watch any documentary on how the structure collapsed. Well, if those people bull that believe and the engineers and architectural nine eleven truth created a documentary me. you would be convincing in the other way mean depends on what perspective you're coming from Whenyou'Re uneducated about the about the subject, as I kind of crazy in making a conclusion one way or another. Okay, that's true, but I mean a certain amount of information that's widely available about the building was constructed, corny, those guys the people who make widely eyes. Who knows what really banana building they build those buildings in New York? That's part of the problem. They are skimping on the concrete and fucking Joey whatsoever dissolved. We bore the things you have followed during a generalization about New Yorkers about my people. There is going on there and it should stay down now, I
what my issue it with all this is is that you You came to this week this instant conclusion that I probably reached as well about me about certain subjects. Well, if he believes, as he probably that, if he's discuss this, then he believes that if you discuss that, then he believes that he's promoting dangerous pseudoscience. But I'm not I mean I certainly have promoted a nonsensical idea in that we never went to the moon, but based on a lot of really fascinating, weird pieces of evidence that are really amazing, once you start going down that rabbit hole and following them and watching the the Neil Armstrong speech that is the twenty five year anniversary speech. We talked about removing truth, hidden layers, all this weird cryptic shit that he did and then all the shit when you look at the the videos, bouncing around it looks like they're on trampoline. If you're inclined to be conspiratorial, it's all there for you, this speech from President Clinton's book, where it talks about when he was worth
with a carpenter when the first Moon landings took place and the carbon and told them the didn't believe anything. Those tv feller said they could show that fake anything it put it on tv set back then I thought that guy was a quack, but during all my years in the White House I started Think maybe you just ahead of its time. That's that's. Bill. Clinton in his book said. So if you conspiratorially minded, you start looking in oak formation bias, you start looking for things to confirm your idea. Look at these intersecting shadows, man, you know look at is that that picture is fake. You know that picture fake. It still doesn't mean people then go to the moon and consequently, if you're it can inclined to think that nine eleven was a government conspiracy, you're going to be one of the people who spends the most time quote on quote, studying at which really makes means reading the same stuff that confirms your belief on most of the internet most likely or you could be someone who's, absolutely obsessed with proving that nine eleven was not an inside job and you could you know you could chase. Down and look at the conspiracy of confirmation by that resulted in all these crazy books and documentaries and always different things where people came to the
iranian conclusions who spends time. Looking at pictures of Ufos pilots, astronomers, or else you have followed closely checks. It couldn't even good morning yeah. I would imagine its its people that are obsessed, and I would imagine it. The lot of those people are obsessed they or their entertaining unhealthy ideas about it. That's what I said, though, a minute ago and we're talking about architects and and here's on nine eleven ripening- I've done my logic, but that's not what that's different. We're talking about people littered observing it, not people who are trained in that field when you get to sell and plus two thousand one hundred people that are trained in that field. Me personally, as a non architect and non engineer, I have to look at it a little bit differently. There's theirs, nobody more trained in you, ufology than ufologists no, not me, I am the most trained in your father. You don't even know, I'm the guy. If you have any questions, use this because I just had it if you need a go to guy, we'll, give those guys, ecstasy and strippers and will will cure.
All this search in the skies, buncher unforgettable white dudes that's ordeal for antenna. the real issue, but you you're right in some ways you write in some ways and we agree in some ways and- and I absolutely agree with you- that I've been on a per cent irrational in the past, about certain things and also I get caught up when I get into discussion with something about, like you like feel plate with the moon, landings get caught up in trying to be correct or I'll get credit caught up in trying to under his moves and it like like a get match. You match what I mean I didn't just make it a duet, so man we weren't even in the room together if we're in the room, togther, probably would've, worked out better. He was on the phone and I was on the phone once I was in studio once he was in studio once and we were on the phone once Let me ask you this question: are we on time? By the way I've known you know? No, we can go along as we wanted. We now have a boss, one of that. One of the things that that I that I put in my in my paragraph about you, which my hope to would love to completely retract, was
criticism of what you say so often it is I'm just a guy asking questions well, look I shouldn't we be asking these questions. Am I saying that Am I saying that right now I mean I have said that today that you're obviously questions Jerome questions, everything, oh yeah, so you're right, but when I'm well, If you go, that's not a good example, because if you go over that, it's me destroying pseudoscience. If you go over that show, it's like I got attacked by more people that fucking believe in chemtrails because of that show explaining the actual science behind it's the thing that I sent you with Roseanne yeah, where I explain the science behind jet engine great job man. I thought you did a wonderful job in talking to Roseanne Bout, the chemistry! Well, that's all credit to make west from Metabank. He was a software engineer and brilliant guy software engineer like you're. Not what was the Tony hawk. He did tony HAWK Tony hawk yeah yeah Epic games, and you know he sold his share in that and just decided to debunk conspiracies, and these brilliant at
one day he breaks it down so eloquently on the show. We brought him on the show the sort of EC establish the science behind contracts and chemicals, so that might make my point with a whole asking questions: and and and the validity of saying that it goes a lot toward the the. Idea visit, is it smart to debate questions of pseudoscience. I guess right now, what's happening is bill. Nye is not sure happened yet already, but bill nice going to the creation Museum to deviate creation. I know what that yet now there's that that triggers a lot of problems, con thought in the in the science communication business, because Many of us myself included, think that it does more harm than good. Cause you're suggesting to anyone who might be on the fence you're suggesting to them that there is a debatable question here when you have something that is, you know clearly
established fact backed up by all available evidence and something that's crazy, run no plausible evidence for it. We don't hold scientific debates about that. Right, We move forward with our lives and when you go out- and you hold a debate when you agree to have a debate going to convince anyone who's on the fence? Oh maybe there is a question here that needs to be looked at and in fact I think it's arguable that you do more harm than good and by the same token, I say that it's really possible when you say: hey, I'm just a guy asking questions about building, seven or whatever the subject is that you potentially doing more harm than good by suggesting that there is a One subject here: Roswell, let's take this is strange that there are three small bodies that needed coffins well just stop with the one to one example: youth did potentially addressing a reality.
A reality in the way. Something looks that that could be dangerous. That somehow people could miss true that misconstrue, that for being support for a conspiracy theory. I think that when you take when you ask questions and you make an argument that says: hey shouldn't, we asked questions about this, which is the answer is usually yes, but it's on a matter of. Basically, Harold Science, I think you're doing more harm than good by suggesting hey shouldn't. We question whether two plus two equals for isn't it okay to ask. Does two plus two equals five? Will you know that? There's massive inconsistencies in the studies that were done about nine eleven that are disputed about, like the free fall speed or there's a lot of anomalies that people picked out, but I wouldn't say that there's any inconsistencies in the evidence when we're talking about testable, testable evidence, can hold in your hand? Well, what I would mean by inconsistencies is things that anomaly: a better word things that you don't usually
like buildings following it freefall, speed, and then saying that has one second less than freefall speed. All these things fuel the that the debate on these things get people about it, but to deny that these things exist, I think is silly then you fuel the conspiracy theories even more because you're denying something that seems obvious to the eye. The the which person that looks that building says yes, that does look like a controlled demolition. Does that mean it is now it doesn't, but to pretend that it doesn't look like that is ridiculous. Ok, to pretend that is not all that it falls at freefall speed, I'm I'm not sure any one is denying that it looks like a that. The part of it can see in the video it does what it looks exactly soon, but really can control Sunium criticised me for what you agree with me that it looks like you control the emotion discuss, you know that's not what I'm too? That's not what I'm criticising you for. I agree that it looks like a controlled demolition. That's not the question. The question is what, actually brought up. Well, I mean you're still here.
Taking on this one example of building seven is because we we resolved resolved. Yet it's a good example, because it's an example that you use as an example of you thinking. And if you listen to me, just describe what I see with my eyes at it sounds to me, like I'm, supporting some sort of a conspiracy theory. When I'm one hunt percent, not ok, would. it seems, like you, have topics that are off limits and that, like this, this something like that even today, to look at the reality of the speed that it fell to see and bring it up is off limits even if you say I don't believe in the conspiracy, but isn't it crazy- that building looks like a control. Only reason that that's a difficult example to talk about is because it's one, that's so ideologically charge right as is bill, nigh talking about creationism there's. There's a moratorium there's really nobody who's on the fence about that you're either a creation is
you're, not I mean they're. My way did I mean you're on the events, but is allow now quite via well. Let's look at the numbers. Think the Gallup Poll, the most recent Gallup Poll on the age of the earth, was more than forty six percent. Tell me more than forty percent think the earth is less than ten thousand years. I don't wanna know it shocking while its we know exactly. Where comes from. First of all, how many those They have been exposed to actual science, actual research, actual data, someone who's re cosmetic, like annealed, the grass Thyssen, who could break down the what we know about science, what we ve done, what great work has been shown that we can carbon eight things. We know about the date of stars. We can follow. the radio waves in this and that we can measure in space and prove that there is a big bang fourteen billion years ago. All itself is so exciting that if it's done by a guy like Neil Tyson. It could be unbelievably cultural, culturally valuable, but those Forty six percent of people to believe that the earth is ten thousand years old. I can almost
guarantee that they haven't had that no life they just have been exposed to a charismatic scientist or documentary that was unbelievably compelling that jive. With their christian ideology. So much they could absorbent. You know they ve been brainwashed. They ve been Dover by their own culture, they've, been fucked over by the community they've been fucked fucked over by these dummies that raised and taught them the silly idea that so easily. is proven that it makes them a joke to anybody, any sort of formal education whatsoever and it's almost half the population limit, let me point out something that It kind of a surprising similarity between believe in creationism and belief in the Kennedy. Can the Kennedy assassination there are like we talk about. There are a dozen well there's hundreds, but let's say that there's a
does indifferent Kennedy conspiracies elite around that are mutually exclusive. I've just forsake of argument. Let's pretended to doesn't you ve got about just as many theories of creation, sure that are completely incompatible, which nothing existed until six thousand years ago everything poof appeared with exactly the appearance of age. You ve got the earth. Actually old, but life is is a recent creation. You, ve got all the other. Animals are old and evolution happened in everything except humans, which were a special creation event. You ve got Wednesday evolve. The way science tells us, but then, suddenly we were given souls on the Adam and Eve Day. You got all of the holiday that we found Columbus Columbus's an asshole one. You can come up with science and end lotta people have they ve. They come up with court on court science to support each one of these different theories, not really not enough
what is in there what qualifies in their mind, minders scientific support for so exactly like the people who support all these different versions of the Kennedy. Conspiracy, even though all of their theories are mutually in exclusive yet completely incompatible. They all agree with that. They all can. themselves to be on the same page in that they reject the quote. Unquote official exploit I find it to be this genuine argument, because the argument for the earth being billions of years, all the universe being billions of years old, is unbelievably unfathomable e on over welcoming genius after genius has broken down all the various particles of the fuckin universe and dark matter in the skies and the fact that inside every black hole may ultimately be another universe with hundreds of billions of dollars he's inside of it with black holes in each one of them
the number of people that have worked on provable conclusions about the age of things using carbon dating or what is the other radiocarbon dating and what's the new one that they're doing? Oh there's all sorts of them yeah, but the sheer overwhelming numbers to ignore that, because you read some stupid old book, I think is way more ridiculous, then, to look at a guy who was murdered now that some one shot him and that it might have been this guy, that this other gangster came and shot and killed, but will never know because he's dead by so many other pieces and Boggley Osso could sit here and make exactly the same argument in reverse, but he's tracing ghosts, you're chasing goes. You can't go back to nineteen. Sixty three you know how you gonna prove. What have you can't chosen? You can't go back to six thousand years ago and see where were you there, and so you see dying George running around a billion years ago. Let's not that's not compatible because you could take or you could take a piece of wood and you could carbon date that peace, a wording to find out what this word is. Five thousand years old. You can do that. That's done that's a real thing? Will you do
with the Kennedy assassination is yeah you some stories and yeah. You've got some facts and yeah. You've got some circumstances, but putting it together, is this complicated the series of events that took place in order to kill that guy and take his body and fly into Bethesda Maryland and who gotten for how to Jack Ruby get in there and who benefited from other there's a lot of variables, variables and area. Also, you can only exist local them but variables that don't exist when examining say like the core of earth when they are examining the birth and death of stars Bernard this. All these things that we can absolutely prove are a part of our natural world that we limit. Ok, but again your ear talking down to your during dinner and the question of what comes what constitutes evidence, because there are people who will make a compelling speech about why Carbon dating is invalid, sure, maybe the Lord, has changed the route, though, that the debate on the spot at which elements decay over over the
The central even now that something you can argue with, because it's it's what we call a special pleading, it's it's. This is incorrect when's. We small humans are able to understand this and that's an argument that can be used to defend. Just about any pseudoscience or just about any pseudo history, so I mean you can apply exactly the same thing alternate versions of the Kennedy. History are always going to be just as valid as alternate versions of the age of the earth and evolution, and it's their maiden valid in them. They are presented being valid using evidence that cannot be argued against, because its theoretical sort of Here is a problem with the government. The government's been proven. I'm in time and again to before shit so when you look at official government stories- and you say well, let's take this as our conclusion and now, let's work back from here and find out what what took place
well? We know that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, because the government, as we know the jack, really was a bad guy and he was very patriot, I can usually sad and so that's what he did, what he did and case closed wrap it up tie boom when you were you look at all that it does not stand up to scrutiny it. Doesn't it if you're dealing with a liar, if a liar told you this crazy story, man, I was on your way over your house, man, but a fuckin asteroid came down not my tire off and I need another ties. I'd awaiting line dude, I'm so sorry, I'm late guys a liar, he lies all the time he probably lied about this too. Well. you're dealing with something like the United States government, that's shown itself over and over and over again to be full shit to be very convenient to tell the people what they want the people to think rather than what is actually the truth. And then you start citing since after instances, not just blind academic since, but instance after instance, no longer I think that it is it's not like Nor is it logical to assume that the let's go store store, which a duchy term, it's a very low term. The official store makes a question, but
to assume that the store that we have been told in the mainstream media in the news is correct. It doesn't make sense. Why would you assume is correct beard talking to a liar? scientists have told us that carbon that carbon dating works. You know the rebel attack him, and yet we it's a matter of faith in it. We have to have faith in the scientists to accept carbon date. Oh certainly not you re the science on it. You read how they come up with the conclusions, I'm an idiot, but I read about carbon dating when I was trying to figure out why they can figure out the dinosaurs existence sixty five million years ago, I'm unbelievably terrified and fascinated by asteroid impacts as one of my main obsessions when it comes to like late night freak out. watching the discovery channel on watching you did, that The idea that one day we could get hit by one of these eight hundred plus thousand near earth objects at her fuckin jacket. Estonia flying through the air fascinated by that shit, so I got pretty deep into the whole idea of carbon dating and the whole idyllic how they.
figured it out, and I've read a bunch of articles on it and I watch documentaries on it. It's pretty easy to figure out from an idiots point of view like how they're doing like I don't understand the science behind it. I can't really replicated but I lost. To them. Describe it in a clicks was mean it makes sense, but I mean so my argument is that disagree. with carbon dating disagreeing with the scientific view of the earth, is v similar to disagreeing with kind of the staff. Model of history standard model of the jail case ass, a nation as told I did I do? U S government hate to use the term official story right idyllic? Has I dont care? I've never read called the. Alas, I've I've never the Warren Commission report I've net. Read the nine Eleven Commission report To be honest, I don't know what's in him, but I tell you what happened to you
and I can tell you what happened to what happened on nine eleven according to what I would call our standard model of history which prob agrees in most respect with the quote: unquote official state The issue I should enter Malo history. Those is disseminated by the. U S: government indispensable, find easy to distrust must not know when you were watching it on that morning, when you have you tv on your watch in the towers fall and you're looking at broadcasters with the microphone, they were not being influenced by the government? They didn't have a near peace and with someone from the CIA telling them what to say next, you were pretty much watching. It happened. Live through no government filter all right, but women, but you when you're talking about the official story of it? It's not the the news being told as the event goes down as the explanation of why the event took place after the fact that people disagree with they dont know one, agreed that the towers FAO that planes hit them sure they do there's probably the planes were holograms, okay, you're getting really crazy, though hey I mean
There are seven years all of these different theories and well these people to believe earth is hollow. This probably the life is but a dream merrily merrily management, anyone, the hull, We're stories are awesome. Your awesome they're all awesome. I've talked to those people, the fuckin, crazy, but look people that's in under these people to walk down the street and talk to people that aren't there in other debt. That doesn't mean that the government is correct. About Kennedy doesn't mean Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. It doesn't mean that there's nothing other than the others to conclude that a single bullet infer inflicted all that damage is nothing. Then the need to tie up the fact they are committed to the idea of three bullets that that be the only thing that would be logical that this guy could get off. Then nobody thought he could get off four bullets. That was just like this too crazy. Three, maybe he could fuck just pom pom pom and get all three in five seconds, what is milk Ro Carcano ship?
I thought I d or when we are talking about the before. I was desperately on my ipod here s trying to look up because at the beginning of my episode, I did a recreation at the time of the pouch pouch. and then it's a long, how a long pause until the final shot pouch shores. It's something like now. Seconds or something and a long time I believe with her little less than that, but I thought it was five, but you it can be done. That's the space between the last two shots. The number of seconds that you're usually told is the space between the last one, also something against the conspiracy that I would like to point out that people keep pointing out was that the scope and that rifle was off. That was one of the things that people kept saying that the scope and that rifle was a bad scope as someone who's fucked up their scope before you could just put a rifle down hard, you drop it and it falls in the scope. Bounce off the ground that scopes off
the chain of evidence tree Lee Harvey on the idea that they found the scope and it was impossible for them to fight with, has gone through. The scope is off is preposterous because anybody can drop that gun after Oswald left it there and fucked up that scope. So the fact that who knows how many days or hours or whatever later they went to check that scope to see that was cited in that stupid hunters have to their scopes in after every trip. Every time you put your stuff in luggage, packed in with all this like cushioning and everything to make sure in hard cases, he said After recite, your scope- and you get to arrange, you have too because if to be ethical dimension that you hit the animal where you want to hit it because they go off they bounce around and they move same issue with telescopes the sites on those are very similar. so mean that that doesn't mean, though, that you know that on the whole the wax the hold government story is that would happen were chasing ghosts. We're talking about some shit from the sixties and trying to piece together and say case closed, I think, is preposterous I think it's ridiculous. I do too
fascinating and I do think that people can lose their mind and in an chasing it down and investigating, and I certainly did myself back Pennsylvania when I was working at a fuckin club reading that stupid book all day and then going on stage that night and just bombing I mean I too. shows that nine. The first show I just ate a plate of shit and then second show I pulled together and got back, but I was depressed. Why me? What were you were you or your shy or getting your material? Are all? Oh? No, no! No! No! My mindset of a two really distinctive times with the things that I saw on before what state flocked me up, and that was a big one that was probably the first one might have in the second one was all the same time was slow learner the other one was. I went with this kind, maybe smoothing OJ, be smooth funny for hilarious. And JB, and I were doing a college together in New Jersey and
J B was. It was really hard. Fine and J B was she was running late, so they had me go on first and I wasn't prepared because I was sitting in the great there. They had a little rec room with a tv on the tv was showing this document on the Malibu fires. I was so fuckin depressing and was in the early nineties, and these people lost everything and this guy was rhymes firemen and he was crying and weeping. His house was still there, but his neighbors had lost their houses and he was this crying and weeping. This girl was looking for her dog and they like Joe GB is still lay. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna put you on and you do your satin and he'll go on after you. Oh no, so I went on stage thinking about this guy crying not even for his own, but before his neighbors and that girl looking for a dog and I just got So sad and I went on stage at a shit, the title, even Japan really messed me up for a few days. I was so I'd been to Japan just a few.
Years before and Madge, seeing seeing all that destruction- and you just know in a watch on those washing down the streets and everything you know it's full of people yeah. It was messed up for days, yeah, it's horrible, so those I mean comedy, require I mean you know people are paying to see you take them out of this reality and have them escape into funworld? You know I just I wasn't good at it. You know it was only. I was only twenty, maybe twenty three or something at the time I just was clumsy. I don't know what the fuck I was doing and the idea of like, is conspiracy book all day and freaking out. I, was bad at perspective. Putting things in personal listener to this took place in sixty three here we are, you know, nineteen, ninety. Why am I thinking about this? You know I didn't have that ability to. Which gears some interesting While I stand up comedy, as is one of the careers that I have the most respect for because you you can't
not be smart and get away with it. You've, obviously never seen Brian on stage he kills and he's not smart you've got you you ve gotta be a great suggested. Can you ve gotta be good at your feet? I mean I allow you to speak. Regular yeah, it's not a good speaker. He barely can talk. Taxes got worms in his mouth. Okay, my theory is disproven. Well, he also has a cheat code. Yeah he's got God Code we became, famous and start doing comedy again: Astir prop comedy without a problem. brocklehurst personality. Well, Thank you. That's very nice of you to say it's my friend ideas as says best he's This is the hardest easiest thing you ever do You're good at and YO get good at and you stay at it and you develop momentum, then it's easy, but to get to that point it's very hard, and that was my my earth our my entered into the world of conspiracies in the fascination with them came from that
that one book- a hundred percent, no doubt about it- that I can trace it back to that one book, the mainly start questing reality of what I've been taught. Are there other roads? You ve gone down that too, but you ve since turned away from the movement is more Europe most drastic. Like again, I say, for you know, just as it is a caveat I always wish the millennium is fake I would be much more happy if it turns out it was a giant hoax than if people went to the moon. Why? Because I'm a silly bitch I like silly things- and I love, I think- could be a greater accomplishment for people. The fate that we went to the moon. There were almost even be to go to them. I mean that we may also yeah yeah. Well, that's also whether you know I mean a lot of people that of argued against. It said and even scientifically that would be more impressive. It It would end, and I think that the point that the number of people who would be expected to keep a secret outward ok, this is something that we
a road we went down with the flight was a flight. Ninety three or flight only seven fly. Ninety three wasn't gonna got shot down over Pennsylvania three, so I've got a friend who does not believe in any of the nine eleven conspiracies, except he believes that we did success we shoot down that plane. Well, I will tell you this without saying anyone's name more speaking, any further that I know people in the military and I asked them. Is it possible that in situation where a plane was going to be flown into the Pentagon that they would have fighter shooting out has got it using thou be possible and they said one hundred percent two hundred percent Are we now see that only would do it? We want we had plans on the way to do it. Yeah they didn't get there in time, but legibly. I I have. I have no problem with the fact that they were on the way to get but but thing is that that's another case where you gonna look at the number of people involved, because if a missile get shot,
so getting shot is a big deal because you ve all kinds of accounting that has to happen, for that must not not only do you have the ground crew and everyone's very expensive, honest eggs and you ve got Seville. an oversight for all the supplies that happen again for plain to shoot a missile that nobody knows about that's again, going to involve a pyramid of people. You know a hundred people at the base, maybe at a minimum a thousand people in the civilian oversight contractors it goes on and on and on that point a number of people that would have wished any good. I can agree with that, but I can't because of the fact that they have black funded projects because the fact that they develop things in total, complete secrecy in area fifty one that involve billions and billions of dollars. That's where the stealth technology came from. That's where you know many different dance technologies have come from without any knowledge whatsoever by the american people. To say that it would be hard to hide a missile. It would seem We be an issue which
would be an issue, but I dont think that a government that could make a fuckin stealth bomber would have a hard time hiding a missile. Well, ok, but these points did not come from area. Fifty one makes it doesn't matter totally open bases, its true walk on and off overnight day. That's true, but if you can promote people walk on and off of the area, fifty one every day to day just come in by buses that has come in on planes and buses from from Vegas Butler doesn't necessarily mean that? That's that's what happened, but it does The idea of saying this can never happen because you'd have to many people, not really this thing about all this shit. They have designed that no one knew they had until they had, there's a lot of secrecy still in government when they do it right and they're really good at it. When it comes to national security, they can keep things secret for a lot, but also those things weren't. All that remarkable there was nothing, nothing that ever happen at area. Fifty one turned out to really be all that interest a blackbird. You don't think. That's right, about these unbelievable jets. You don't think that still technologies remarkable the fact that they look like ufos and they can hide radar,
damn it is hard to impress. Now you go did Google come out of that yeah. That's where Google came from really area fifty one! Oh you! Joking! No, I mean there's there's Meanwhile buying anyone, that's our prosperity and get started, I'm a big aerospace, not, and I follow a lot of the aerospace reporting and anyone. Anyone in that industry knows what goes on at area fifty one, because it's basically it's the national test facility is what it's actually called They simply that's where their testing the next generation planes. I wouldn't be surprised to see what their testing there now, because we pretty much have a pretty good idea of what it what it looks like and that's that that was the case nineteen sixty, as was the case in the nineteen seventies pvc everything. The interviews with Robert Lazard Favorite,
Oh my god, yeah you have oh, I know all about Bob Lazar yeah. I did pull episode on his thing as well. Oh he's a fascinating cap because he seems so smart and then you finally lied about his college education. You might be crazy, yeah that that That was really quite a wonder, but I mean real. Anyone who is in the note was laughing at him from the beginning are really only fooled people in the UFO community. Well, that sounds like an ant hominem attack, sir, and it doesn't do very much to support your arguments. Terrible debating skill. You have your brain dunning, he is because of who we are kept to the end, nobody wants. You are forced to be real more than me, like nobody it's big for it to be real. More than me, I'm silly, I'm silly person, I'm a comedian, you know I don't have any vested interest in keeping the status quo and standard operational procedure in place, I like it all falling apart. I would love it if a UFO flow over the city and people start shitting their pants and and throwing bed
at the windows, I would love it. I told you when it when I first got here to the studio. I told you that Bigfoot zone good. I left until five years ago, and only one that does just that, you said you believe the Patterson Gimblet footage no, I I always believed that the Patterson Gimlets footage don't just called permanent, I I always believe that that looked in public good- and I still the peoples who say that's the worst fake I've ever seen that there be an end in in disingenuous, because I think it's a brilliant phrase. She I think it looks great Euro Larry. I know the whole history, the film and everything right, and by Agronomy said Bob her get the whole thing with you know: when was the film where one was the film purchased online developed? How did it get from a to b, and we know that much everything he said about. It was a lie and we'd pretty much have a good picture of the films history and we know that
fake. We also know that he was arrested for larceny. For writing a bad check. He was very camera that he used to film music for free was then, and he had been he was on a hunt to make a bigfoot documentary. For God's sake, don't bring us up to Bob CAT got wait. I will get fucking crazy. I will get crazy with you, we had. On my show, I had here's hears here's the video, let's watch the video requests, which we show how silly you are that you think that this looks real to get these destabilized version, because this one's horrible, because this is how it was first released first released in this sort of like weird shaky shaky version, but this is actually probably stabilized could mean, I think, Alex so stupid. You say it looks fake because it so bad quality, exactly ass. If there was anything in there, they gave it away like a zipper. It wouldn't be visible to cutting alone greening the way why He walks like a person doesn't mean that it's not a big giant person, but he walks like a person, and I don't think
when you watch an elephant, walk, there's, there's a reality to the weight they carry around and that thing is now walking with the reality of the weight of an eight hundred pound. One thousand pound animal testing is walk Maybe he's like a person. Maybe he's fives clog. Well what they decide. They were going to measure off all the different trees in that area and figure out how tall he was nice. I didn't. I thought it looked like he was over six feet tall. I said it looked like a real animal to me. Well, it doesn't It looks like a guy in a monkey suit. It looks stupid but what I'm doing is I'm in bidding where I have had where I really susceptible to. I wanted Bigfoot to be I understand and in finding yourself that you are, indeed a silly bitch, now Doing, is your bouncing the other way and going was? I'm sorry. Excuse me at the time and now, you're you're bouncing completed the other way and hard core sceptic sceptic by by not just by choice, but by default
LT instantly, automatically lean towards the sceptic shouldn't we will all be. I think we should be very objective for sure, and I think it would be very confusing if you're not you know, if you do go brought looking around for conspiracies feed the better alternative is most certainly to be skeptical by default. But also think that you, you miss a lot of shit like okay, here's, a perfect example. I use this one all the time, unfortunately, for people who live Spock Ass. Do you believe that nine eleven happened? Do you believe that plane and flew into buildings. Do you believe that happened? Yes, then you believing conspiracies? Yes, yes, they conspired to do that and pulled it off. much people hijacked playin, simultaneously, indifferent, in the country country, they got control the plans those brains and buildings causal buildings collapse. Thousands people died. It was a conspiracy. It was successfully exit conspiracy only one of many that we know of all throughout history. So if you autumn, quickly take the sceptic point of view you miss out the possibility of exposure
something that is a true conspiracy because they do exist. But when you say the sceptic point of view what you may, I would say, the no hypothesis the hypothesis is that Lee Harvey OS all back to the loan. The null hypothesis is that probably nothing remarkable happened, but why would you say that well, ok, remarkable things happen all the time. Why would why would that be a default you're? What what? What I want, I mean in that case is take that take the guy for a different example of this and take the guy who shot all the people of the movie theater than all hype The first is that a guy shot all the movie people, the movie theater, as was report this by everyone who was there? No hypothesis, in the Kennedy situation, would be that we are. Oswald actor as discovered by the cops Hu Jia down and tackled omen arrested him in the movie theater the noise hypothesis for nine eleven would be that what happened
generally as little as we sought on television and was reported by the people where there is what happened? That's that would be the null hypothesis, and anything remarkable would be something that goes against what appears to have happened on that day. So I would say that they know hypothesis is going to jail really be right. Most the time until we ve got some remarkable evidence to prove it wrong. Well, how do you factor in contradictory evidence from reputable online new sources like like, for example, like lets the essay perfectly sound? before it was revealed by Edward Snowden that the NSA was indeed spying, all these different Americans and detailing records of your phone. All's yet who is on the rise and by that very few people were The people that were had argued against it vehemently and they are there, said, there's no way there would be such a huge conspiracy. You'd have to hide that from so many people. If somebody we would be in the no there's no way to that could be possibly true. I heard that I I witnessed
Alex Jones having that discussion with a person where Alex Jones, who predicted the shit a long time ago, almost a decade before it actually happen. I believe it was two thousand three or four hours. Jones was saying: if you don't think they're keeping detailed records of every phone call, you make everything you do every email you sand. He was on it way before, and I thought it was crazy. Nutty conspiracy talk me while he was right there. Were. They really do really figured out how to do it. They develop this. technology? They created this storage facility that there in the middle of building right now in Utah, that's going this massive warehouse of data and information that a real conspiracy that turned out to be true. I dont think that there was a lie. can't say that Alex John, don't give him credit for predicting. Dare you there's nothing? There is nothing that Snowden revealed that I dont think was pretty generally suspected anyway. We know that self. Companies have always had all your cell phone records rang. Therefore, the government has them that
not surprisingly, while they could access to me in writing that someone would be surprised by that, really that's funny because I thought it was a pretty big revelation cause for alarm. A lot of people are up in arms about it. It was a pretty big deal. I don't think don't think he hated emulating have. I think people have always been up in arms about it. There's a lot of people saying the self privacy, the cellphone. company shouldn't have anyway, to track my calls or rather to do, but but they can and they own their cell phone company, so they can do whatever the heck they want and as long as those records exist, it's pretty naive to believe that nobody has access to them was short. The money- that is not the issue, the issue is that they're doing it for every single American all the time they constantly following you and constantly watching your emails and costly that, it's not a matter of looking at suspicion. Suspicious people were people have been accused of crimes its American. there are just law, abiding citizens and taxpayers and do nothing wrong, but yet there being the almost held because there,
checking all their information like this thing that they hold over your head and the idea that this could be used to intimidate politic? opponents, so this could be used to intimidate business. I've told you know there was a huge conspiracy and I fainted to deny that it's pretty shocking to the american people. We found out that they not only did indeed have this power and capability, but they had been utilizing it for a long time there's only shocking if you didn't have enough information to be aware that that was going on and I mean in it. I come from the Silicon Valley background and You know that with the formation of all the big, the big search engines and things like that, having work, enormous, ridiculously here Data centers and everything, a general idea of how the technology works. I mean it's it's it's to me. It's. Nothing nothing in that, a surprising that that that data is being
elected on that large scale, or that anyone would have access to it. Nothing, nothing. I've heard coming from Snowden surprised me in any way and wooden surprise. Most of the people from somewhere backgrounds I think, for a lot of people quite shocking. I'm sure it was but, but I think if you know anything about the way the technology works. In about that, the whole data stored collection industry the norm, Papa, says: there's gotta be that pay one who want access to it has access rights, but in it Wasn't that no hypothesis, when Obama gave that speech said that we're not doing it, and this is just met, a data when didn't believe but believe that, wasn't that essentially what everyone's reporting in the news and ever more saying, listen. This is, to do about nothing's has just medeia dont weren't gonna turn other. There wasn't case the case at all. Well of the north, part of this house, I think, is that
the government of my maybe maybe up. Maybe a presidential press releases are not always exactly accurate to, but if that's ok I mean how do we apply that everything else? How do we applauded the candy assassination and the nutters here this and they gonna applied. Sorry for calling. You noticed folks the nine eleven truth is, however, that there is apply that to nine eleven truth. There say this is your kind lifting yourself the The idea that what they're saying is is not the hypothesis, or what did what you said at the government tends to be alive when it comes to press conferences. Ok, ok, I had an initial story, as it were. The official story is is alive because it's the official story, because it's coming from the government compared to they know, hypothesis, being that the government always lies about everything or are frequently is not completely truthful. When I wasn't, no, no hypothesis that the story that's being produced in the media is the actual store that, whatever
the conclusions that mainstreaming is accepted about us, a Bin Laden and these hijackers from Saudi Arabia and all these different things that factor into the events of nine eleven are in fact exactly how it went down when you and I just said that when it comes to like the USA and the Obama administration not being correct or being truthful about medeia and what was being collected, that although the United States, government and the law, while they tend to lie that underlie they tend to lie. Would you assume that there are other explanations for all the different things that have taken place were true at all. I wouldn't be. The now operates this fascinating comp s subject and obviously very complicated. But that's my point. That's the point yes, but but so when you say the official story, when you're talking about what the government says that not necessarily the source information that people are relying on Nobody has read the nine eleven reports. Nobody has read the Warren Commission for you and I we don't even know what the government's position is on those with. We assume we do.
We assume that its whatever's in those reports is what people generally believe about it? But that's not source of information. We didn't go to the government for information I've. I don't think I've ever had question about nine eleven that I've gone and Google to government website to find out what the what what should happened. What I really wanted to believe, as I don't do anything there are government websites spell out history life either azeri government website its president has started in Ireland that exists. I fuckin crush that. Thank the thing. Is you you, you can't conflate the governments version of events with that's. Why I, like use the term. The standard model, the standard model, is what you know. Probably more historians. What what? Whatever the However, the field is right over the scientists are whatever the historians arbiter, historical, whether what what most lawyers is that the legal question? I would call it the standard model. I would not use the term the official story, because that suggests government involvement, which is not not an authoritative source. The governor
quoting quotas, not an authoritative source on anything. It's not where people get their nine eleven information. We get that from basically from historians in open from modern history It's not the official source on how many neutrons are in a boron atom. We get that from the standard model of science, so I don't think it's too much of a. I dont think its hypocrite. go for me to say that boy, I'm twisting myself into not here. I don't think it. The hypocritical. For me to say that when Obama says, something that we shouldn't accept as the truth that that conflicts with the government's official position on nine eleven, or Snowden, or what the end of the colonies assassination think what I'm saying makes sense while the issue that is, of course, the news outlets, especially the candy assassination, got all their information from the government. Got all the reports from the spokespersons.
that were assigned this position to give his power conference and explain what the details or the president was found. Bethesda Maryland. What do you think that guy It is talking points as he wing in it. You know they're, not wing and aunt. Those guys were told what to say when to say it and they were put on television because it was an easily controlled thing back then went there is only one hours on the site sharper. What are they know where they now they know the president was dead and then they took the presents body way. Everything else is information from the government I mean what does that mean where they handed a press release that says White House at the top and said RIP told report this well depend where were they getting their information? It did depends on mean, as many many many many outlet sisters, there's different doctors who talked about it, different people who were on the news, there's Tom who who's the guy, who explained it on television for the first time, the classic speech at the present. has been shot goddamn it. Who was it that famous I don't believe it was rather a thing. I believe it was before his time. I want to say Doesn't I don't it's it's pointless. The point is,
that, where they getting that information or understand, see how the government fits in that looped, while the government had kennedys body and they release a press statement, that's fact mean they tell people the present has been shot the president's dead this what's going on? And you know when the news outlets, whether its local or national, ABC Nbc, whatever it is, they they need get the information from the official source, the official source it be. Someone who's in the government has a press conference that explains the events as they took place. Ok, so what kind of spinning around circles the monkey annoying for people I was there. I was basically a circle where I'm say the same thing and I think we agree on more than we disagree on, and I think that what I'm trying to say is that there's weirdness to the world and that it to automatically take this The composition is often times just as silly is automatically taking the conspiratorial position, What do you mean by the sceptical position? What do you mean when you say front from? from from you that I'm I'm I'm good the message that you think item
take a silly position. No, no, no sceptical that it is. get silly to take this. I don't want to be fooled position. Justice foolish as it is sometimes to take this double either one fell. crazy, just as silly as it is to automatically knee jerk, take the conspiratorial position when we know for a fact that certain conspiracies have not just been planned out but have been execute weathers. Of a talking that led us into Vietnam, what its operation northwards, which was a planned attack on american civilians and american I'm sorry that was signed by the Joint Chiefs of staff, they were going to make a Jew. Liner explode. They were gonna arm Cuban Friendly's and have them attack Guantanamo Bay. All this to blame on the Cubans so that we can go to war with Cuba. When you know that on information exists and was real and his provable, and it's in the freedom of Information ACT releases. When you know about all that, that has to be factored into the did the spectrum of possibilities, but you can't help you can't use the fact that there have been
conspiracies in history? You can't use that to defend conspiracy theories, because conspiracy theories, as defined by the way you and I are discussing them our future predictions. The conspiracy theory about Nine eleven having been an inside job, for example, predicts that one day it will be discovered that the government orchestrated nine eleven. It's up. It's a prediction of evidence that wills some Dave exist in the future and future predictions really have never come true. I I say that As I said this imprint many times that there are no conspiracy theories that have ever come true icons, mercy theory being something that has existed as a theory among conspiracy, theorist unknown to the general public unknown dispute that right away. I wonder what about the lsd experiments they did on civilians, that would that did not exist. A conspiracy theory until it was discovered, almost certainly did an exhaustive
suggested in my high school. We people talk them doing lsd experience on soldiers. It was an urban legend. It was a myth gave soldiers LSD and they they know they drug people to find out what the ass it would do to them. Rather their brain out here early stories you'd here about, people who were in the military to talk about him K ultra I'm not talking about him. Tell her. I'm talking about operation midnight climax where the c I a drugged, people that were in brothels in New York and San Francisco, so the vigour study the effects of LSD on innocent civilians, about you are we talking about. I think that was ultra many hours. There was a lot of programmes related to impaled. Basically, the same operation midnight fifties, fifties beneficiaries nearly well. It was also the various things they did. Soldiers, many of them documented to this day there was we're all legend at one point- those world of the mind, control experiments that they did Timothy, what's foxes named Unabomber resident
Not exactly essentially took his interview. He was a part of the the Harvard LSD Studies, TED Kosinski, they fuckin. Does Turkey with acid easy. I didn't know that as well. That's very court. There was a documentary on it. Thing was called the net was all about tracing back through the roots of his insanity, these these lsd experiments and he may very well have signed up for something that Fridays Fuckin brain. Ok, let's let me let me ask for something I now ask I'd like. ask your listeners of whom you have how many eight when we examine more than a deafening eleven I'd like to ask for all of us Jos listeners out there. If you have an example of a conspiracy theory, existed as a theory among conspiracy theories before it became generally known by law enforcement, media general public. Whatever
please, let me know: email me, Brian, at Skype, toyed dot com is because I still maintain that there are none, and I would love to be proven wrong about this, in what the wood Alex Joan said is not a conspiracy theory. The turn out to be true, the governess spying on your emails and listen Dalia found that wasn't something that was known only to conspiracy theorists. That was something that's! Ok, that's there wasn't surprising Ike, I can try my link because you are, and then there are the people who were in that industry. That doesn't surprise, but from someone like me, it was very surprising and for people that were listening to the official government story, it was absolutely contradictory and diverse. The first I learned about being conspiracy theories. It turned out to be true: let's real, ok, how you're funny I hear your voice is not objective, sir. I put cancer viruses into other vaccine Tim machines will someday use facial recognition, technology yeah but those are sicilian. Those are not experiencing tears. That's just this prognosticated. This is just crazy. Projecting mother must be some
the US government and Monsanto are teaming up against opponents of genetically modified food, not a conspiracy theory. It's not! No. What kind of is That the, U S, government, Monsanto or teaming up to make money per wrestlings fake, wow, that's real shut. The fuck up good, do don't break my MC break. My world and half this all over the world are creating extremely bizarre human animal hybrids. Ok, This true, not longer chinese scientist embedded genes for human milk protein into a mouse, is genome and since created herds of humanised milk producing. Well, that's US ignorance can understand what that what's going on there, they ve not making human hybrids they're, just utilizing genes for certain species the actions using a cell phone could cause cancer Yes, I've been proven. Unless you talk show crow I she got a brain tumor from listening to the cell phone floor is harmful for your teeth. Ok,
True, the Department of Health and Human services and Environmental protection Agency are proposing. The chain because of an increase in Florence is a condition that causes spawning and streaking children's teeth? These are, not conspiracy. now it is allowed promotions of anti science. This is stupid. Protect prescription, drugs, kill large numbers of Americans with fucking. Everything kills people now. But if somebody, if someone out there does have a conspiracy theory that turned out to be true, please email me Brian at sceptic Dotcom. I wouldn't. I would love to be able to report on it. What is it One of those two when it was common episode requests I get is for concern. Mercy theories. It turned out to be true and I always answer that email with the same thing as a great give me a suggestion, I've been looking for the I'm still confuse incompetence with kids Piracy is well like yours. the Federal Reserve's, a perpetual debt machine that is designed to create inflation, then it goes onto to show that the EU s national debt dad got more than five thousand times larger and the value of the US dollar
Fond by more than ninety six percent, I think that's Mormon example: greed and incompetence and just fuckin fools running things and it is a massive conspiracy to diminish the wealth of the United States, just people see from the system? That's all it is they put. Answer viruses and our vaccines did. You know this prime dunning, I know that they have got all kinds of different things and vaccines for different purposes and a lot of the times. What the things that people report like there are aborted fetal tissue in vaccines- that's not completely untrue. There are. a certain certain that can only be grown in human tissue and so there's two particular lines of fetal tissue that have existed for boy. I think that nigh on, but forty or so years old. Now these two particular lines and we grow the cultures in those those tissues of human tissue and then that the their cultures are
move from the tissue once in a while? A spare cell, or something we'll get stuck in and be included with the vaccine, but it's not harmful and anyway and its misrepresents the white happens to say that we include human fetal tissue in vaccines someone sent me one: that's legit. The Gulf Tonkin Incident never happened. There was a conspiracy theory. Long forests are proven. True, that's true. I haven't done an episode on. That's that's, been a frequent request. I'll put that up with that bump that to the top of my list, that's a real one. But I have a feeling that you're gonna somehow another shade it so that everything's gonna be okay, you're gonna dance around it and make it seem like listen. We don't worry about a game like me. What about the Gulf of Tonkin was known only to conspiracy, theorists before law enforcement media, whoever got a hold of it. That's a good question: that's get angry. What happened about the fact that happened at all that they'd? They actually did fake this
in that event is established. Historical fact, ok, but that's that's saying that a conspiracy happened shirt, but that's not the same thing as a conspiracy. Theory happened, but no is always a very serious errors. Tour poor shouting about it on the street corners before it was discovered by the general public or by law enforcement, really sure that that was something that people have talked about. I don't know me mean obviously I'm too young to know, but the Gulf of Tonkin conspiracy, I mean that's. The information I'm looking for yeah conspiracy, theorists who You know from their New York apartment basements or wherever they were figured out. These things we I don't I can't say, but before what the Slu should have known about them, found out about them. What about Watergate Well, that's not really conspiracy, theory, but that is just standard operational procedure amongst crooks and then one guy got busted
I made there is there was there. Nobody knew that was Alex. Jones was not on his radio show screaming about what happened about Watergate. While he was a baby, Bernstein Woodward Report, it was even a baby. He was born than Alex's younger than me. He'll exceeds like sixty, but he's like things forward, really he's a young young guy when first first him, I believe he was twenty eight. It's actually younger than me correctly pressing, He doesn't look pretty bad, doesn't mean fuckin burns at both ends. Alex if your listening, this sweet Jesus he's a swedish but the eyes? Fuckin, look! If you your whole day was doom and gloom and new world order. He'd be shoot you It's too, I don't know if we got anywhere with any this talk, but we still have plenty of time, as our wits was. Let's continue. I think I could shed light on faulty thinking that I have had myself place and I think dumb think that information by us and that you can go online and find fringe sites and all these different things that support your ideas and then not objectively. Look at it like
completely objectively, we all get attached. We get our egos attached to statements, and we get our egos attached to positions that we've taken, and I think that those those those egos and those statements and positions that we take and oftentimes can be the enemy of objectivity, and I agree with you that there are most eminent, only say most things, but when you looking at information online, what you should do is look at all if your arguments pro and com and then look where this, the intelligences liquid, look where the smart people are leaning, look where the educated people are leaving, look where the experts are leaning, figured out and also know that, no matter what there is in this world, if you having been there and you know, you're you're reading someone's take on it. There's gonna be a bunch of it. opposing opinions that make no fuckin. Science is gonna, be some that are close, he's gonna, the full range from you from
fuck and whack. I do it all the planes were holograms. There was explosions that we're look. This is not a civilian playing, although they did, they took the people to the moon. There's this wacko doodle shit on every subject, everything that exists in some of it. You have to wonder. We know that there is tat techniques and tactics of disinformation. While they'll take a bunch of and are absolutely true, then attachment to one thing: that's blatantly ridiculous and that one thing sort of diminishes all the other things one thing that I always tell people, and I always get criticized for it is if you have question on any given matter, go to the experts in that in subject, if you want to know in open how old the earth is go to the people who actually work in that fight, you're, not always gonna be right, but you're going to be right. Far more often than you're wrong so no matter what the question is, what the pseudo sciences, for example, you know cancer bullshit cancer remedy.
if you want to know whether this works go to go to the experts in answer go to the american Cancer Society, etc, etc. You won't be right, but you'll be right far more often than you're wrong. We are real, Modena show with peer Duisburg. Peter Duisburg, professor biology, the Universal California Berkeley, steamed skull who also believes that HIV doesn't cause AIDS and we have on the package, and it was unbelievably baffling and My statement was its very frustrating when you too, dumb to know who stupid, but it was less to him and listening to the absolute outrage of all the actual scientist at work in the field of HIV, research and and Oh angry people were about it and unfortunately I couldn't get anybody to debate him, and I think that much People criticizing Bill Nye of visiting, creation museum? Also, people want to debate holocaust deniers. They did not want to debate this guy.
Because some are another, gives his ideas, credence, yeah I agree with that, I would say just let him hang out and the wind for anyone any credibility to spend time on that you're. Just your community, to the general public that there is a question here that needs to be looked at and that's that's not right, yeah what's its baffling now it's really confusing when you have this guy's is incredibly urgent man was very well respected and educated, and done. Some amazing work on cancer research as well. Even since then, so it's it's it's baffling let me ask you something else. I want to kind to call you out a little bit on something else called, you out some new share. The people during the last ten years no sent right arms. No call us good before that. you know nobody ever learn years theories believe that there were calling You had a guy on your show a couple of weeks ago. I try to when I come on an issue. I try to listen to some recent episodes, yet a guy on whose a doctor doktor something or other Gordon Mark Marguerite, Maria, ok,.
Are you I listen that episode? I, I turned it off in a rage at nine minutes, because I couldn't take anymore. Ok, he came on believe you said you'd hate him on several times before not recognize my friend? Ok, you know, you know the guy, yea came on and he starts promoting his supplement, supplement that you take and you can drink as much as you you want get drunk. We talking out it was a pleasant sadism. Amir was sailing a product that you can tell you now is itself is ugly to fund. I am, I might do. For that was this. That was a central thrust of the first nine minutes. The episode I listen, but healing what I want I want. I want my she got incorrect amount of incorrect. What I want to discuss with you is something you said to him. You said you that sounds too good to be true, I wish I knew enough to call you out on your bullshit right. You should you should have known enough to call him out in your book. I didn't know it was you bring that if you're gonna, while on the other,
was wasn't like the topic of conversation like when it when I have some on the show, the the having people. The show is just a conversation just with you there's. No. We didn't How much we said was to have fun was just talk, the same thing with mark a mark, is a friend of mine, interesting guy and interesting, can ramble on forever and relay all sorts of information he's. Also in expert in traumatic, brain injury has helped a lot of soldiers. Helped a lot of athletes. Have a lot of football players, mix martial arts fighters, boxers he's helped. A lot of people understand the delicate balance of the of the human mind and here's. The thing is: he went on. He came on your show and told people that here's a sub but they can taken drink all they want and not get drunk. That gets people killed, ray: it's been set. It up. Right, though no he's not write what happens you take gluten if you drunk does it have any affect the body? Is a lot more complicated than that? It's a great example. ample that I like to give of this is the idea of oxidation and antioxidants, oxidize, and causes aging. It causes bad thing so taken antioxidant and that's it.
I'm really simple, but it's far more complex than that, and in fact it so complex that statement doesn't even mean anything. It's one of these things, it's so wrong. It's even wrong. As the saying goes, you can't just take something produced in your liver and counter affect counteract the effective of drinking alcohol. There is no direct line from anything you eat to any part of your body, If you take, if you're working out, if you're trying to get buff- and you take a protein supplement, you think hey protein coming in that's gonna, go to my muscles and help him get strong. That's something That is incredibly wrong. has it, but it sounds so simplistically. True, it's not correct that the way the body works are not the way the digestion system works. You cannot take something orally and have it go as a direct. to any given part of your body. That's not the way, our digestive system and our blood works and
when you say that there is a supplement that can prevent you from getting drunk you're. I'm sorry, you're are against all reasonably established science and you're, trying to you're trying to make a buck off of people potentially getting killed, and I had a huge problem with that. To the point I had to turn the show off I was just getting mad driving in my car and ok, you, I think that, one with a huge audience as you have. I think you have, moreover, responsibility to make sure the people like that are called out on it. If you kid, if you dont, if he surprises you with it, then say. Ok I've gotta get someone on next week I gotta go and get you know, Stephen Novell or someone like that. Someone, who is a promoter science based medicine to counteract that, because I You could have left some of your listeners with the impression that hey they can now buy something and drink all they want and then drive home safely.
Ok, I'm I'm looking online and immediately I find articles discuss glue to fund and its its role, vital role in our called detoxification in the lead. It binds the dioxin a slide which, as us, settle de high honour what I must tell the height as thank you, which is a by product. Product of alcohol is ten to thirty times more toxic than the alcohol itself. sound. Then Transferment said again at the what s adulthood waste to hide into compounds that can be excreted. Alcohol, therefore depletes our store of glutathione when depleted by excessive alcohol consumption. Glued asylum becomes unavailable for normal and natural antioxidant effects leading to a host of health problems will use. This article is actually saying that you should take glued asylum when you drink. What you're talkin about is reducing the effects of a hangover, over the hangover quickly it does not underscore, does not prevent you from getting or in any way mitigate the than the
in tiny alcohol it actually also a dozen diminishing are shrinking like as if he said he does that's believe what one of the statements were is that when you were drunk you could take the stuff and it would bring you baseline rather quickly? That is not true. You can reduce the effects of a hangover, but you cannot prevent yourself I'm getting you ever tried this. Do you know this for a fact: I've never tried his. Product none. I mean son, his product, Gloody scientists available pretty much everywhere. You bite and health food stores about online. I have never tried anyone's product that was intended as a miracle drunk cure, but I mean it would make sense, though, that if alcohol and alcohol consumption and the the the has The body is a chemical reaction. There could be possibly something that could count about it or swing it in one way or another, just like many other chemical reactions and symbiotic reactions that we have two things inside the body now when you re something about this. It seems like what year Yuri dispute
is that he said that it could diminish the effects of alcohol like while you're drunk and you're saying that's not true. It just helps with the hangover. Okay, even after the hang of it, still really potent and pretty interesting. I would like to do A test on it. I would like to see two peoples- blood alcohol levels. Measured. I think, if you don't do that test here, you if I can say some kind of irresponsible which he did. I dont know that test been done them do you I I have not search, the literature for what? If it has been done and he's right, then that would have now I ve been all over the literature. What is it feels follows the literature very closely. I can tell you that it has not been all over the literature that you can now drink and not get drunk. Well I mean maybe he was exaggerating. I think he was exaggerating because he was selling a product. That's what it was because he doesn't have a story, doesn't have anything and he's not when you say selling a product where's he sold out of it doesn't have us
I don't. Remember look: this was the nine minutes of his episode. He was talking about what he sells. If I'm wrong Bout that then I damn wrong about it and, and I'm surprised another thing is: there's a thing: that's talking about saving you from being too drunk. Is it taking glutathione before you drink? Where are you seeing it some Fuckin journal, theirs there's it's a long look it's impossible to have a conversation and Google things at the same crime but It's also one there's a scientific article on Reddit about large amounts of glutathione have the potential to sober people up in a very short time. The work researching a chemical drug, this is listen. Man, not he's, not the only one is talking about this. This is being discussed in many different forms, he's right or wrong, but I don't think think you do either. I would like Have him on with someone who but it find out, but that's what I recommend, he's a very smart guy and he wasn't saying that many,
outlandish things where I'd have to pull them down, like the towers, were destroyed by Tesla. dodgy closeness, doctor he's a pretty reasonable guy he's a little bit out there he's kind of wacky, but where is he out there on? Oh sorry, out there on it's good thing face out there not after know, this. In turn on go over. I, like the guy, a lotta, I'm very biased when it comes to him, is a fun guy, he's very, very smart. But I'm looking at more than one thing: that's showing that you could advance your sobriety. You could sober up quicker by taking glutathione I don't know they're right or he's right or you're right, but I don't know. I don't know that you should be saying that if you're, not a doktor would have it That is true. I'm I'm not a doctor. I'm a science writer and I do Google. I do follow this stuff, I've written on Google. I did an episode, oh probably three or four months ago, on hangover, exactly as the cause of a hang over. What's what's the nature that
excessively could use that information. When she woke up when I that mean it's a really complicated subject Mr President, the dehydration is lot of factors yeah, basically comes down to yeah, it's a depletion of good, a fine in your book. Can't keep up with our snap sounds I dont Gordon's right now, let's not as simple as that that that's the thing is it's easy to sell products by giving an over simplified description and tell you, though, you give your opinion on this. Guy doesn't have a store, You say you selling products is not he's, not selling. I hear what he was certainly talking about a product what's available because he takes it, but he was talking to me about it even before the podcast that he takes it I know why Dave Ass, free from mud, bulletproof exec. He takes a glue fire, but he never brought up anything about it. Doing anything fora for alcohol. I would just like to leave you with it with the my opinion that sense,
sinners got the impression that here's something that they can take and drink all they want not get drunk is potentially lethal advice. Guess who else got that information me? I don't know if it's right either me and the listeners got fed some information that we don't know it's right. I don't have any obligation other than to talk to people. My obligation is to ask questions if I'm curious, but in casting these things. I make the very clear distinction that I'm not an expert. I don't know what the fuck I'm talking about when I'm talking about things like health and medicine and but I'm fascinating I'm talking to someone in there and expert and they bring up something that idea and prepare for I'm gonna questions about it, and you know I will say I wish I knew if you're full of shit, but that's about as good as I can do. The reason I had the reason I initially did. This episode excuse me five years ago about liberties who promote harmful pseudoscience is because, when you have a large audience. I believe you do have an obligation to not give harmful information.
But I'm not getting it. I don't think for a minute that you've ever knowingly given any harmful information are not accusing you have anything at all, but if it has been given by one of your guests- and you the position of having to say that sounds good to be true, I wish I was. I wish I knew enough to call you out of your bullshit it's seems to me, like a reasonable step, to follow that up with would have been to find out with. Get get somebody on who can hook and who can address the other side of that question. Perhaps I could turn this around on you and say it would be so easy for you to research all those different things on that list that you accused me of many of them, which are not true at all and never have been true. But yet you printed them. I did so. Why did you do that? If you're a man of science information, would you possibly have had, because I was using the internet in two thousand and eight, and I look every every probably three
for months or so I do an episode that is nothing but corrections, its corrections of things. I've been wrong about in the past. I think that's a great plan. I think it's great. That I do that and I want to continue doing it. I need more things to be wrong about, so I can produce those episodes more often, but what you wrote is very specific, and what I came here today to do was to find out which of those are wrong and so that I will correct them yeah, but even there One thing you just said he wasn't selling it, but you got wrong, but you're saying that you were selling that wasn't on my show. I was listening to this show. You still got it wrong and you're saying it is, and so now you're sending it out to the road that this guy sells a product that he doesn't you're doing the exact same thing that you're blaming Joe for.
I'm not. You are, though, you're saying this guy sells something when he doesn't yeah you're saying in his product. That's hardly the salient point. The salient point is that information is being given that could potentially kill people right, but you're, saying that on more information as a medical expert which he is under the guys of selling a product which is erroneous, okay, but I've also said that I don't know whether it is store or someone else's store, but it's a product that he's talking about. That's the salient point whether it's his store, someone else's store doesn't really make a like a difference compared the it but you're saying that he doesn't believe in it or that if he believes in it he's wrong and what he's saying is that he uses it, he doesn't sell it and you're saying that he's saying that, because he sells it, that was a very specific
You had taken this very cynical approach to why he's disseminating this information fair enough and and I'm right now, if I said that I was wrong on the sweetie, you apologize and it's to say that these are dumb people. They can't realize that they're, drunk and they're taking a pill and they're gonna go well. I I said to him why I was going on. I was like that sounds like horseshit. You did. You did, but I don't know I mean he's a fucking smart guy like I know, for a fact that that guy has helped a lot of people with traumatic brain injury. That's what the subject travel but he's a doctor he's a legit scientist is, and the doctor I mean he's a really brilliant guy. So when he talks to me about the the issues with pituitary gland and impacts and his expertise on the human mind, that's relates to me that he has a very vast understanding of the human body itself when he tells me so and like this and then I start reading that there's more than one different article sort. Confirms what he sang idle. of your right. You a gun harsh on my friend Doktor Gordon, for no reason well right. I think I think it's a very good reason if, if he's giving
If he's giving advice that potentially killing being, I think that's it, a good reason to err on the side of if you sell his eyes. Information should be should be checked, that's true, but if you're so dumb that you're just did pounding now go trusting the glue defiance gonna. Do it it's gonna kill you, that's a Darwin award. When if you're using their young guy onto Fuckin, know you, not saying drink, all you want and you're gonna be fine. I mean he never said that he never said. There's no risk involved. So what he was saying is it can help you get sober quicker. I don't know if he's right, but I don't think you do either. That's not what I heard. What do you do? Did you hear I heard him say you can drink and not get drunk? We could listen to it. We have the internet, okay, ass, if he could pull it up, so you pull, if there's a very small sample that we could find it. I think we're kind of splitting hairs here. I could see why you would be upset, and I could see why you would think that I have the responsibility to call someone out. I would have to be the
expert on a million different things. Then I would have to have people on and have people counteract them and have people go back and forth in debates and that's all well and good in the real world. If you can organize those debates and if you can get those people together, but for the most part, I'm lucky to get someone to sit down once I'm lucky get someone who can fit into a time that I have and have them on the show- and I just want to have a conversation with them. I didn't have any idea that guy was going to bring up glutathione. In fact, we wanted to highlight- work on track brain because there is a big issue with mixed martial arts these days and the big engine issue. Is this two one brain injury and to the depletion of testosterone because of traumatic brain injury. It's been shown, in people that have come back from war and suffered had injuries, and it's been shown from boxers in people that of society. and long term, even sub concussive impacts of the head that the pituitary, blankets, fucked up.
and he's trying to sort of spread this information and keep fighters from taking testosterone to counteract that and then competing and continuing to compete. Continuing to damage the brain and it's its inertia, you in mixed martial arts. It's one of the reasons. Why had him on because he's he's a brilliant guy and he is very troubled. This idea that we must put a bandaid on terms brain injury. By giving these guys testosterone use exemptions, he thinks it's wrong. He thinks if your body is producing less testosterone because of impacts. You shouldn't. it testosterone and continue receiving impacts. That was the hope. Mushroom coming on the show the first play. So for me. I felt like I he's. Does the the smartest person I know in regards to this this particular subject, so I felt was it important to discuss it with them. I have no idea to glue on ships. music, but here's recycling target thereafter drank and you take this. What is the right? What does it unbelievable Judith I'll pull that thing closely facing people Hubert,
good of lie, brutal and that would then DEC helps your liver when you drink alcohol. Well, it helps you with just about anything that delivers responsible for it. sting word metabolizing sue metabolites, certain drugs, chemicals and so forth. ever uses up its ability to continue the process it spill over into blood. That's how you get drunk because your liver, only deal with a certain amount, so if you replenish will replace the glue to found in the liver he getting caught we'll benefits of it. Now We doesn't help with metabolism, but it's an incredible antioxidant for the brain and for the eyes and for the heart What is it made out of three amino acids setter together, it's in our body, but we don't have enough of it to really generate thee I believe that we need it for drinking and where did they get that where they get glittered thanks? I know Dave Ass Breeze, really into that. Stuff, too, has a notion of its manufactured, but how do they
It's three amino acids that they put together and the products that we racked with our rub. It's a delivery technology where wrap the vitamins or you wrap the supplement in a what's called a lipid which is like a cell war, from lecithin from soy and it protects whatever. Is that your ingesting cuss blood on the things that you take like, I think I shared with you. If you take a thousand, milligrams of vitamin c by mouth? You only absorb nineteen percent, the rest of its destroyed by the assets in the stomach, but a few rapid in this protect called the liposome you'll be able to absorb ninety three percent. So taking something like grew to file which normally, when you take it in its natural form, its destroyed. Mostly is destroyed and then absorbed and re manufactured in the blood? But if you rapid in this process about a coating like the song you can absorb more readily and their effects are unbelievably positive. For instance.
gentlemen, who went out drinking three highballs and five shots of tequila went home and subsequently was very dizzy nauseous. He forgot that I gave of this of the glutathione EAST used for puffs under the tongue held, if thirty seconds and then thirty minutes later clear, Abel woke up the next day went out, partying again again get get drunk. So, that's sounds like nonsense. It isn't I wish I was smart enough to call you on your bullshit talk to my office Aaron all day everything we cut. That sounds crazy. Maybe that guy was coming off right there. Maybe it was actually at the beginning of the podcast. I remember that was about- or I know I made that was right in I don't buy the he says he couldn't get drunk the next day. That's very anecdotal! There and what he was saying was just hard science. What a good doctor is not going to go and tell people anecdotes like you can take this product and not get drunk I agree, and maybe he was nervous being on a podcast. He probably shouldn't have said it, knowing that a million people plus going to listen to it, however, What he said was all hard science. What are you
That was what I get you like all sorts of things. He said that lead me to believe that it was his product, ITALY. But obviously here what you were watching again. It wasn't his product, he wasn't selling. He said he said. I gave him the supplement and he said here's the delivery thing that we're working on. So maybe I misinterpreted. But let me tell you something about this: guy he's a very generous guy and he gives people vitamins all the time he's like here. Try this out. This is I've been taken. This is incredible: Amino acids Bob about rape, seed and he's just a boy. He gives things out, people, here's an idiot He said it has all of these amazing effects in your heart, your brain, your eyes, antioxidants and he's using language like extraordinary. An amazing and, in my experience in my Sperience dealing with many quacks of many different duck species. If it looks and quiet like one, it's usually a crack and he was using very quack like language and making very quickly
I dont know I could accuse them is regular and you could accuse them of high probably, but what would he sang is essentially hard science about the lack of some of the debate of nutrients using the light saw a method as opposed to just normally being broken down by stomach acids. All the things he's saying is not that ridiculous yeah, if you usually take something, if you take some kind of an enzyme or something in your mouth, your select I was gonna start breaking down into the constituent amino acids right away and you're right. It's what he said was right: it's not going to get used, glue defy on in your body those amino acids going to go their separate ways and become used for whatever else your body actually is looking for at the time I don't know about his particular delivery method? He's he's talking about, but when says says, not his guarantee? I don't know about stuff the particular delivery method he's talking about, but when he says you can take a thousand milligrams of vitamin c in your body, is going to absorb ninety three percent of it. That's in my experience
medically nonsensical. Your body doesn't need that much will do and it doesn't use that ninety three percent of what that we would have liked to see you talking here about numbers. What? If what, if it's a small amount, be saying it your body absorbs. Ninety three percent of vitamin c is not saying that you need a thousand milligrams and your body absorbs ninety three percent. What he's saying that you deliver it in a lysosomal form. You get a ninety three percent, availability he's, giving Specific number that you should take. He was saying that if you take vitamin c most of it gets destroyed unless you use it life assembly, which I think is correct, but your body doesn't have any use for ninety three percent of thousand milligrams of, but he didn't give you didn't say that he didn't say you need a thousand milligrams and then ninety three percent of it is absorbed. What he said is, if you take it life of Somali, it's a higher rate of vile availability and it's up to ninety three percent. He didn't say you have to take a thousand milligrams here.
You, try and flying that it's better than have dosage. He was trying to say that it is better to have like a sum of vitamin c, because it's more bile available. That's all hearts. I was a better if it's give. You more than you can use how's it better know, you're, adding that he didn't say that you have to have a thousand milligrams. What he said is it of you take it. Ninety percent is gonna, get absorbing taken through the traditional method. If you take it, libel solely then get ninety three percent absorption. He didn't give you a dosage, he wasn't saying he wasn't suggesting or implying trying to find them to be wrong. This is not. This is not cool. Look I'm just I'm just saying it looks in quacks, like a disingenuous. What you saying is disingenuous beause, that's not what he saying what he's saying there was that the bioavailability of liposome nutrients is better and that's true are saying that he sang a thousand milligrams in your point of contention. Is you don't need a thousand milligrams? He never said you need a thousand milligrams of liposome. Vitamin c always said that, when you take vitamin c libel somberly, your body absorbs it better. Whether set when it's really ninety three percent
Ok yeah is like this fuck they're, saying no law I then lab psychosocial science saying I'll availability by vile of bio availability of ninety eight percent there's another one that says over ninety percent. So what he saying is true. What he sang is facts and you're you're sitting on it, because you don't want to be right about what I think your correct about. Is this this ideas, anecdotal story of a guy. Taking this, feeling better thirty minutes later and then the next day couldn't get drunk. That sounds like bullshit to me too, but all the other, Somebody said that's all science I'm I'm shooting on anyone who is selling snake. Come on man. I thought or suggesting that that buying supplements and things that you dont need is a good way. spend your but wait a minute. If someone likes to drink isn't a smart thing to take glutathione after you drink to to shorten your hang over is effective. I would have to look at
research before I would tell you that you said it. You said it before. You said that it aids in reducing hangover, okay. Yes, so why? Wouldn't you take that you're saying that he selling something that you don't need? Why wouldn't you need not as simple as that, but wait a minute. We none of these issues are simple and no one said not saying it is, but a year you're saying that you take Louis I on when you're hung over and it reduces the length of you hang over. He sang A lot of you're saying sang to take you to sign is unnecessary. You're saying that you don't need, it will need a you, don't need nutrients, you did live on cheeseburgers in and get to be. Fuckin sixty years old is eating. Shitty food doesn't mean limit. Your lawyer, HANS doesn't mean your life is an enhanced by raw vegetables and nutrients and having a balanced diet. You. you saying that you dont need glued asylum? Is pre ridiculous? If you can get Bluetooth eye on India or liver you will, your hang over will be reduced. So why don't you later this method of making a supplement we'll get
who to die on India or liver is something that I dont know, and I would have to look at the research before. I would tell you that you are using only being wrong. I'm I'm acute it being wrong that you can take a product and not get drunk afternoon. Trying to get drunk and not able to get drunk. I'm saying it's wrong and it borders on being really really unethically wrong We are now, but you ve set up all sorts of straw man arguments for why he did it and what he's doing and what he sang in the bio availability to violence in those all fond fall apart into scrutiny. Let's Adam come on incorrect. It does come on in debate you he doesn't know ye. I wasn't I when I didn't realize it. I'd get I'd, get someone who knows that those accused of Islamic he's a silly guy, and sometimes he might speak in hyperbole, but what he sand that you corrected you're wrong about bub biological ability, you,
attributed him to this erroneous number of a thousand milligrams. He didn't say that you did. Did you want to play it again? Let's play it again: let's play again the liposome. We don't need to action. If you take one thousand milligram vitamin c and you and you take it. Liposome you'll absorb ninety three percent. It's not what he said. Okay, what he said was if you take a thousand milligrams of vitamin c, your body only absorbs nineteen percent, and he said if you, take vitamin c lipo Somaly your body absorbs a giant amount of it nineteen percent and ninety three percent. That's what he didn't say you take a thousand milligrams, no you're saying you don't need that much vitamin c and that's. Why he's wrong but high levels of vitamin c? That's debatable as well, because high levels of vitamin c have been shown to be potent antioxidants that can prevent against certain types of diseases. A lot of people think it boosts your immune system and helps fight off various powers. there's a lot of research- hard data that shows that high levels of vitamin c is probably pretty good for you in my research. All of that has turned out to be nonsense. Your research on vitamin c is extensive. Yes, what's
research on vitamin c, I can look up my episode for you. I mean it was a few years ago we talked mostly about it. It was invented by course Linus Pauling by this time in his career, was something of a crank and came up the notion that vitamin mega dosing would cure cancer and he wrote the book called, can remember the name of his book. But that's essentially what started off the whole vitamin supplement movement that still exist very strongly to this day and what we have found by testing is that vitamin c does not significantly affect cancer. The length or duration are severity, cold, etc, etc. Cetera all these things that we take it for this caused. A great rift between in him and science, and he spent most of the rest of his career, which was fairly short because it was elderly by that time, basically widening that rift and debating with with the medical profession and trying to defend his vitamin mega dosing idea.
And what you're fine? Now I mean this is pretty much everywhere in recent scientific literature, is the idea that vitamins really don't do anything for you very few people have vitamin deficiencies? National Institute of Health published evidence demonstrating the vitamin c's anticancer properties that high levels of vitamin c kills cancer? This is, the National Institute of Health and indeed the whole thing I cannot end veto in vitro, or I ve seen you mean in vitro means, if you put something in a petri dish and you put some cells in there and you pour something in it and it kills the cells that's in vitro. It's got very little to do with in C two, which is means actually doing some testing in your body so would it be Ivc? Is that what they would call it hi dose I b c is out in vitro know it. They would reach a settlement, be written out in vitro. now not saying that saying: high Dose Ivy a non toxic chemotherapy, punic agent, that can be given in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments, baseness
of several vitamin c pioneers him. Dr Jordan was able to prove that vitamin c was selectively toxic to cancer cells. If given intravenously this this, search has recently reproduced and published by Dr Mark Levine at the National Institute of Health, so meaning that it's the violence, availability is at its highest because it's intravenously introduced, meaning that He was saying about the Bio ability, bio availability because labour social science- that that would so be higher absorption rate than eating it. Normally, What he's saying is that mean what this Argo sayings that there's benefit to taking high level vitamin c. I look at it. That article in front of me, but I will tell you in my experience that you can find an article making any point you want to very easily he's out anything and But this I mean having research, this extensively myself and being very familiar with with
science, writers and science journalist in virtually every field. I can tell you that the current thinking is not that vitamin c has beneficial effect on cancer, so you are no idea what this article is that you're looking at, I think it's complicated ma'am No, I think, there's there's a lot of work being done. That shows that there are benefits are taking and nutrients. Sir Sir, there is study Adrian NBC, while the differ various suddenly gadgets areas, vitamins centres, implementing various vitamins, there was an interesting one that I'm lookin out right now that we're talking about de the prevent? I'll of shit, find it very vitamin c this here's one infectious illness present prevention, and this is
and c B. I website the national health is to National Minister for Health mood and stress cognition, and they have shown that actually that you could take high level that vitamin c and different antioxidants and multi vitamins have been shown to decrease juvenile delinquency. Like I said you and our common. What did you send for by the way was your search term? I remember benefits of vitamin c suck Dick vitamins, oh yeah you know man- I see where you're going with all this, and I see your point of view you're a no nonsense, guy and I agree with you for the most part, and I think that you know in the case of docked, Orton his description problem rather unfortunate that he decided to give that act. Story, along with this very interesting aspect of research in nutrition, Ferris. I agree would never make me angry enough to shut off and yellow them in Europe.
Descriptions of even what he said in the event is off. You know, and I think that's from this our stance, no nonsense approach! You have- and I don't blame you if you look in the world that we live in, is filled with bullshit and unknown Nonsense. Guy gets fucking tired of dealing with bullshit on your basis, the long and I you're right, you, your bit knee jerk reactions that fella they ve you're, certainly not the only person to have said that well you used to believe my Bigfoot five years ago right now, here's the thing with the thing, the best definition of skepticism is the intersection of science, education and consumer protection. If people are have better science literacy, they are less likely to take advantage of products that are. Worthless. Okay. That is a way of that. You know it in AIDS in consumer. That is my motivation. I believe that information about AIDS, income, consumer protection, all information eventually right now we're dealing with,
rudimentary sort of a way of stimulating it and distributing it and I think all too Lee all the bullshit that we're dealing with in this world will stop too to be valid. I think what were deal with right now is like we, Google things in their. When do we have an answer or something and then one day, what we're going to have an unstoppable scoop like base knowledge, and I think that it's probably sooner than later, but right now when we do have this. These discrepancies in these these issues, any grey area anywhere with that you're wrong and you take this hard stance is hard, no nonsense, dance! It actually does more harm than it does good, because We could show that you're wrong. Even though it is not. Your message is correct. agree with your masters. I said it at the time he's my friend I wish I could call you in your bullshit. I wish I good, because I know him and he's crazy but You saying all those things diminishes your initial point because you're
The point was re valid. He was being responsible and saying that you could take this stuff and not get drunk. It seems ridiculous here. And have told that anecdotal store, but you shouldn't have system that he had set a thousand milligrams, and that is ninety three. bio availability and then you're trying to find some way that he's wrong. So you going well. Why do you need that much in and then say that what he's trying to sell us that is not so and shit it isn't. Store is not so in a goddamn thing. Well, a graded! disagree on whether he said that we played, we played it back and I heard play it again. Okay, let's hear it again play his thousand milligram and you've. Given me some great advice far as in our health and fitness and exercise in all sorts of escudos who to add a couple of minutes is always is a wholly that every conversation I know I forgot something I now go ahead. Tell me I haven't shares hush your liver after you drank and meticulous good. What is that? I notice? What is it unbelievable
I know what I mean I don't go. There was that it had not been wants effect later. The iron grew to fail, and that would end the products that we interact. With our rub, it's a delivery technology You wrap the vitamins or your wrapped. These supplement in a white collar. I presume, which is like a cell war, from lecithin from soy and it protects whatever it is that you're ingesting cuss blot on the things that you take like. I think I shared with you. If you do- a thousand milligrams of vitamin c by mouth. You only absorb nineteen percent, the rest of its destroyed by the assets in the stomach, but a few rapid in this protect called the light. Basalt you'll be able to absorb ninety three percent so taken something like gluten which norm exactly. He didn't say you take a thousand milligrams of vitamin c. He said if you do. You have of ninety three percent, if you take he's just giving numbers, I'm saying if you take a thousand milligrams of vitamin c, he's not recommending that as a dose he's saying if you do
your body resorts. Nineteen percent, that's true! He saying if you wrap it in a lysosomal structure, your body absorbs ninety three percent right, I'm kind of stunned on what you're saying I got wrong I said he said at the thousand milligrams of vitamin C and Europe Ninety three percent images said is what you said here this wrong and was he's telling you to take a thousand milligrams. He wasn't telling you to take anything what he said is. If you take a thousand milligrams of vitamin c, your body will only absorbed nineteen percent. If you re Ben in this life, us almost structure, your body will absorb ninety three percent. I know he's not recommending that is a daily allowance, he's not telling you to take it you're, trying to find a way to be right here. I'm not I'm here. I think I'm repeating exactly what you just said. I'm just kind of stunned that you're pointing out what I said was wrong. I said
this is because this kind of board were the deteriorating, and it's not really quality. You now know is why citizens explaining where you air, in the way you cast judgment and they you're you're incorrect about what he was saying, but you your main point, where he's wrong is why you need that much vitamin c in the first place, what's the big deal with his life or something you are too diminishing you're trying to find ways diminishes point, but is correct. He gave you a number if he didn't give you a number of a thousand milligrams, what if he said, one hundred milligrams, what if he said five hundred milligrams. This point was your body. Oh, he came up with a number for a point of reference, but his point was: your body only absorbs nineteen percent. He said then If you take, it lie parsimony. Your body of Dore absorbs ninety three percent. He didn't mean that you have to take a thousand milligrams. You didn't tell you to take a thousand milligrams. He just gave you a point of reference for explaining the bio availability of life. Oh Sohmer products as a pole
to the standard form of death digesting. Can I just summarised my position and we can move on. Just two points. Point number one is he used very quack like language throughout the nine minutes that I listened to her saying it's amazing and I became a sweetie, yes, which made me very skeptical of his motivation, and the quality of his information number two do not need to take a thousand milligram, you didn't say that he didn't say you do ices of strong this. This is not a straw Mandela's. This is this was summarizing. My point point rang out his point. My mind is that you do not need to take doses of any doses of vitamins or other supplements unless you're one of the rare people who, for some reason, has a vitamin deficiency which, as you know, you need to be pretty sick or have problem to any need for any. So you are criticising him for saying you need a thousand milligrams, which is in fact not what he said. I dont. Ok, I dont think you
would have said that unless he was trying to imply or suggest he's coming to the to of vitamin c he thinks. It's a good thing to take vitamin c as matte of fact. That's the reason why people don't get scurvy right. Take vitamin c, it's good for you keep that from happening. If you go on long boat trip with a bunch of aholes, we are eating dried meat. Take your vitamin c! Look there's nothing wrong with vitamin c. What but he saying is: he gave a point of reference. He started with a thousand milligrams if you take that he is a figure of speech you lose orb. Nineteen percent, if taken libel solely you absorb ninety three percent were beaten a dead horse. You wrong here. I'm I'm I'm fly, my guess is that you're saying I'm wrong, but I'm I'm will let us move on. I mean this is just go around it certainly system. It is great zeal, but it's it's. It's highlighting the we think and Why things about the way? You think is this desire to be right, and you have a very strong desire to when you're criticising him to be right and I think you're wrong
and I think you run about a couple of things you wrong about your initial description of the way he described. Things is wrong and you don't like the way using adjectives or hyperbole. Yes, tat s. What I m talking about is not exactly what you're tadeusz type of language was. What was what I was now, so I think you're real good point is that he said that you could not get drunk or that his friend wasn't truck. That's a real good point. That sounds like nonsense to me. Still sounds like nonsense. I think that's, I think he exaggerated, or I think he told an anecdotal store if someone was bullshitting him or unfortunate one of those night where you drink and drink and drink, and you just can't get drunk. You had to experience. What I'm saying is man you're a hard line? Dude, you don't smoke any weed at all. Do you there you go that's what we need need. A cookie and a massage. the time size. I pull your arms back. The walking back man, you there's there's, there's there's a lot of merit and what you're doing and there's a lot of merit and what you're saying
I understand your arguments for this hard stance. I totally understand it, but I also think Sometimes it diminishes your actual point, which can many times be very vowed such this, the sole shit we're doing is dance above vitamin c. Why do you think he brought it up? Why? thank you talked about a lot to talk about good at ion. You want to talk, if you listen to the whole podcast. He talks about a variety of different ways that we can improve our health and things to avoid, especially in head impacts, and he you know, goes and adapt. he's a very he's is a very interesting and very charitable guy and nodded a guide all so confused as to. Why could see how you would get upset that statement? Absolutely brother, stuff leading up the statement, a sort of flavour, the stable to make an even worse and grand. It turned out to not be true any time any time Europe.
Suggesting selling, promoting miraculously easy solutions to complicated problems that should raise a huge red flag and all of the language he was using suggested a miraculously easy solution. Words like, the words he was using the being. I think he actually in his defence. He used a lot of those words to describe its faxes and as an which are pretty much the universally accepted online while, but what not effects as an AIDS Occident its strong attacks at what has what has been what the current state of antioxidant research is that sub limitation has no benefit. The anti oxen so you get from your normal diet are more than enough your body can will need to use supplement. Nation has no benefit or how did they bear enlightened? how do the test to see the benefit of antioxidants, antioxidants, complementation? This goes back to the whole of the question. oxidation verses. Antioxidant sounds.
it's a really simple question: good versus bad right. Oxidation is part of so many in parts of your metabolism, converting the energy and sell to converting area chemical energy and sell the kinetic energy. That's that's oxidation right. You can't just simply say antioxidants, good, oxidation, bad, it's not as simple as that in Cuba. No insane you have. What you are saying is that accidents will you what you say is accents of no benefit if you take them as a supplement, supplement taken of any accidents has been found to have no benefit. Where is that is that publish somewhere. If you Google, that sentence, I'm sure, you'll, find it somewhat nation of antioxidants but how do they know the difference between taken it with the benefits of taking it with food and the benefits of taking it as a supplement, while because we can chemically measure what's in food, we can chemically measure what's in a supplement. We know how much your body, users and the
number of tests that have been done are all going to use different methodologies and I'm sorry I did not memory that's okay. I honestly can't tell you I'm honestly curious what I do as a science. Writer is summarize the available research so What I'm confused about you! If you, who are taking it in food there's a benefit for the amount, oxidation that you get in a normal diet. Yes, if you don't eat a normal diet, then I presume that if you are going on a water, rvation diet or something. Then I suppose you'd, probably want to take a multivitamin you'd at least get your vitamins. You wouldn't be. Anything else you need, but you'd, be getting vitamins Both the same is true of just about any supplement. If you're gonna starve yourself, but the best of the best advice of all is simply eat a normal, healthy diet, because those things. Those aspects of nutrition are available in that normal, healthy diet and their bioavailable there's.
Six basic things that you get in food number, one is water two is amino acids number three is carbohydrates. Sugar number or is fats and five number six. What am I missing here of fives vitamins and sixes minerals so these are all the different classes of things that you need and any normal healthy diet has all of those that your body is going to use his actual. You need quite tiny amounts of all of those things. Your body actually uses very tiny amounts any normal diet. The reason you poop and pay is because you ate more than you needed, sir, Implementation is trying to pour water on a bucket. That's already overflowing wait a minute. Wait. It wait a minute. The reason you poop p is not because you ate more drink more than you needed, you're, gonna, poop and pee. If you just drink the Zack the right amount to you can poop and pay all the way to starvation. No, you can't
You'll stop pooping. Listen, I mean if you keep drinking water like you you, when the water passes through your body, it's not because you drank too much water. You you, if you drink, if you drink a glass of water, ok and that water go through is exactly your body needed, a few hours. You're gonna need it as a waste. Eliminating your kidneys are going to continue producing urine until there's three dehydrated, the until your dehydrate right, but there's not a balancing act. We can hit the certain sweet spot where you eat exactly what you need or drink exact and which need look. I'm not talking about findings! we'd spot. What I'm saying is that we need pooping in paying is because eight too much you drank too much. That's not true. You're taking me, words to literally I: well that's a very literal statement. Isn't it
I mean come on. That's ridiculous medical statement. A doctor would listen to that of the colony where medical, the ceiling on it. What are you saying that it was a magic? What I'm saying is supplementing mission of any of these things is pouring water on a bucket. That's already over full, you dont need more sure, then you're bodies going to use you dont need more minerals than your bodies going to use. You dont need more vitamins, then you're bodies going to use anything you eat of those that is more than you can use, is going to get excreted from your body somehow or other sooner or later. That makes sense. That's what I'm saying okay I I would love to know what studies they did on antioxidants and what they know. The benefit of a monopoly of measure, the benefits of it from food, the individual nutrients of antioxidants and what sort of effect they have in the human body and what really be curious to find out what studies disprove that or proved aka here, if you Google right now, Google, Skype toyed and
oxen, I'm not going to read your stuff silly google stuff, I'm going to google people that disagree with you, but it is a lot of you. I do agree with you in all fairness online. If, if you, if you, if you want to find out, if you want, I ask what my sources where, where I got the information that is where you ll, find it the references at the bottom, the officer I just wonder what the motivation of these studies were. What with the protocol was and a lot of variables like this new study that came out that said case closed in on me, vitamin researchers came came out said that multi vitamins don't work. Well, if you know what the study was. The actual studied did that the the protocol they use and what they actually try to do. It's kind of sponsible statement to say vitamins dont work case closed. What they did was they gave multi items is hard, multi vitamins to physicians over aged sixty five, and they showed no improvement and cognitive decline, so they took people. There were declining, they gave vitamins that, where these hard fuckin synthetic vitamins and showed no no
decline, no, no ceasing and the declining of their cognitive function. Another one hide most multivitamins and no effect on the progression of heart disease and heart attack survivors, so these people already, they already had a heart attack- they give him high. Levels of these again synthetic multivitamin sees compressed pill form. You know central one a day, jammies that nobody digests and then Another one. The third study, which actually is fairly positive, concludes that limited evidence supports any benefit from vitamin and mineral supplementation for the prevention of cancer or cardiovascular disease to trials found a small borderline, significant benefit from multivitamin supplements Cancer in men only and no effect on cardiovascular disease, so that seeks a small, barely measurable effect from this shitty synthetic vitamins on people who are fucked? bored, sick people, buys already dying to say that vitamins don't work based on those three components is ridiculous. What you're, a real
unfortunate aspect of the world of science reporting something good. I've come to learn. over and over and over again in its it's. It's pretty depressing is. How News makes it from the lab into onto people's computers or aspect of the title right yeah. The fact is that university, These were so much research is done. They have pr departments and they are responsible for keeping attention on this university, keeping keeping the money flowing, and Pr Department at a university is going to spend what they see as the most reportable aspect of the research being done. They send out press release. And then the press does exactly the same thing. They look at it and look for the most reportable aspect of this and its often often it's completely wrong by the time it gets too. Presses, because they'll report, the sensational aspect of it, and what what you'll often see
alive, I follow a lot of science writers who do this a lot? Is they they kind of reverse engineer these headlines that have become so prominent in its always. Some scientists find that this will kill. You. Scientists find that this is a miracle cure and when you reverse engineer those headlines and go back and look at the original research that was done, you'll find off often it said actually the opposite of what the headline says needs really difficult to come up with a kind of a journeyman interpretation of science, news by reading by reading mass media, yeah they did published a study, though, that the the title of the studies. Enough is enough. Stop wasting money on vitamin and mineral supplements in this is that of the article that was released. I think they took an inflammatory position that I don't think supported by the evidence in the research that they presented and it's very short, sighted there's many many aspects to health, health and
you're dealing with someone who is already really fuckin SEC, which is all three of the people that they describe. They tested these things on all groups of the people. in a year, you're dealing with a sick mean to try to legal, though the aid of decline in in people that have all timers and the rate of decline of people with cognitive decline. We don't have anything, discuss. Stop that. What makes you think the vitamins gonna stop because of vitamins, don't stop it be things that would beneficial for health are not stopping something that we ve never been able to stop. That seems preposterous, to say vitamins, don't work, based on that evidence. It seems to me like this is something that was a predetermined conclusion. or the most inflammatory response which we're talking about it. So it's effective in that sense, so tenants were almost out. We turned to a pumpkin three hours and what it is then there is a really unfortunate word and its consensus.
and the word consensus I describe it is unfortunate because it has a very different meaning in popular usage than it has in scientific fields. scientific fields. We describe a consensus as something not merely that Scientists generally agree on, although that's often true what what scientific and it s really means is that this is razor said has been repeated and other labs and the results have been confirmed. The results have been scrutinised, people have tried to disprove them. People tried to find alternate explanations, and it has truly ass, a certain level of scientific rigour. Then we say we have a scientific consensus in science. Circle Consensus means a lot more than it does in popular usage, and you will find that the consensus is that supplement station has no benefit among healthy people who don't have a deficiency due to some strange cause whatever that might be. I think you'll always find articles to the contrary,
or or articles like this that sensationalize that into something that it's not sensationalize, the negative aspects of it. I dont think. is really a consensus about supplementation, because in order to We totally completely monitor like that, the variations between two human beings you'd have to have two people that were exactly the same genetically the same as far as their life experience is their life's stress. All the different factors that that add up to health there is a massive range of factors that come into play. When you deal with a person's health, if you measure a bunch of people with very good diets, rich and green, leafy vegetables and live foods, and all these different, healthy things and no bullshit and processed foods, and then you people who have the typical American, fast food diet. I think you're going to see that these nutrients are certainly beneficial. The people that eat healthy food are certainly going to have a greater instance of of being healthy, but to do too
really break it down and figure out how much of an effect Nutritional supplements would have based on based on that it would be like you'd have to take the exact same people live in the exact same lives. One of them would take a supplement and one of em. Wouldn't we really hard to figure out and then you'd have to say what will if you eat healthy. It's the best way. Everybody agrees on that. I don't think I've heard a single person who knows about health and nutrition. That says that you could eat shitty food and just take vitamins it's impossible. It doesn't work that way. There's certain aspects of food that just missing and perform you're always better off getting fresh leafy depositor right out the ground but take supplements as well with a very dark, at a special of your diet- doesn't balance out as long as we're where the bio availability, those supplements and then we are also aware that your body can absorb some of those supplements. It seems Like you're hedging, your it seems like it's a good idea to take a good, strong natural food based
supplementation program. I think, generally there's no harm in them. Harmony is accepted. The wallet bright, they're just unnecessary don't know if they're necessary. If your diet is not totally balanced well, I think it may be able to make out, but I think it maybe they'll make up some slack and if it can, got some slack than I think that it is that there is beneficial. I think, if you have it, I diet, you're right, you don't need it, but there's a lot of shift shit. You get from from vitamin supplementation like like, like certain like five HTTP, like five HTTP, which produces serotonin, if you're, if you're, trying to get that from food, you very like a fuckin garbage full of grass. You know you're not going to the amount that you could take in a couple of pills, the extracted form of the the active like fuck you'd have to eat a lot of stuff to get that, and I think that that science- these people have figured out how to extract these things are not just guessing there, not just guessing what the effects are on the body or guessing how to get the stuff out of food or what
contains it. They know- and that is science as well. Doors amazes me how the human race managed to survive until this decade. Before all these things were involved only survive, but just not the idea. The ideas are we are we optimized many times no many times we're not optimized, you know we're we're. We when we add supplement sometimes Sometimes supplements can, if you are in a situation where you're not getting all the beneficial nutrients, but you add them and then try to balance out your dies. Well, I think you can aid you, I don't don't think it's either or I think undeniably healthy food is the number one thing for for health healthy for your body is what was talking to hunters yesterday- and they were talking about about, bears that eat certain foods are not good to eat like if bears eat. on fish and eat them, like you, literally taste the rotten fish, but if bears eat blueberry, their delicious and therefore there they are a hunting episode about catching bears bloom bears that come out of the dance and just feast on these huge hills, a blueberries and they get fat with
blueberry fat, it's amazing because, as their cutting this fat off, it's like a bluish fat like the die from blueberry actually makes it into their cells. Unbelievable. But It stands to reason that we are also what we and if we a ton of healthy foods that are fully is enriched with nutrients. Are our tissue is enriched with his this pure water and these healthy vegetables, and you know, and in good lean, proteins and other different things that are good for us. Take the elizabetta then pill form as well. I don't think it's a bad thing for you, like I say I agree, it's not a bad thing for you. It's just it's just almost always unnecessary, and so if we want to lead a super balanced diet, I think, if you have any kind of any kind of a diet and if you don't live in, Chad or Somalia you're in you're doing pretty well so you think that it's not worth it. Your call is that it's not worth it like. The amount of money spent over vitamins is pretty expensive jobs
if you're tremendous multivitamins, if you going to buy these packs these men pure packs, is the athlete pure because it's it's easy for me to do, and I think they forget what it cost. It's probably A dollar appeal packer sunlight that maybe maybe a little bit more and overtime, check it out. But for me I think of it as I hedging my bet, I wanna make sure I get is much nutrients in my body as I turn for so long and extra. You know, there's a lot there's a lot more substantial things to worry about in life does also things, though, that the average person doesn't need that athletes to, and I think that that's that's another issue when it comes to supplement nation athletes, while a lot of benefit in food and supplement Asian not can always have more food depending on what you're. In you know, some some athletes have to wash their weight, Croatia girlish figure they listening to make sure they get some exercise to, I know you will you and I agree on more than we disagree. Also. Finally, I observe how
of you about certain things like defending my friend mark, but if I didn't, he would have fucking killed me next time. I saw him and I would have to deal with glutathione talk for an hour and a half. I just want to review the tweets and how many people have called me an asshole over. Oh, you can't listen if anybody's calling Brian an asshole he's not an asshole, and I think that your idea is essentially the The hard stance that you take is because you know there's so much bullshit out there and I think it's a good stance. I think it's the right stance most of the time, and I think that you know by by being this in a hard age, no nonsense, guy, though it eliminate some of the flexibility of this world. They, the real conspiracies, are automatically dismissed for the standard in official report, Think that's not always good either you I mean the old saying extraordinary claims need extraordinary evidence. Sure if you go around questioning, you know whether this is real or whether it's an illusion. Obviously that's silly, but you got to draw
line somewhere, and I had doktor amid Go Swami theoretical physicists and he made me question everything. I start talking about string theory and second, articles in the state of superposition, whether moving and still at the same time here and Disease they Swami, while his name is Dr Amit Goswami. Oh I'm sorry, I don't get a racist man. Dude happens to be indian they'll, come down on your hard son, there's a billion of them. I want to thank you for coming on the pocket. First of all- and I want to thank you for just discussing all this stuff- I mean it's fascinating and, like I I think we agree more than we disagree and I'm glad we cleared up hopefully some of the misconceptions about how I approach things. I certainly am easy to criticise and I'm certainly easy to categorized as well as a lot of Maya, ridiculous comments. Aren't we all on various things have suggested? Well, I will certainly be following this up on Skeptoid com. What does that mean?
battle continues. That's like sounds like a warning. Man battle come on just a little bit of a battle. Thank you very much, and people can find you on Twitter. It's Brian Dunning on Twitter Brian within, and do you and an eye and chief and skip toyed podcast, please download and subscribe to that anything else. People should go to check to check me up mean your stuff. You know information tender. Will you say before we have this picture, I'm on Facebook, but it's on very unfortunate page native fry em, Dunning Pham page that would end page humiliates the hell out of. Did you enjoy conversation? I was frustrated. I had a great time. Ok, thank you makes you feel much better. I hate people leave here in the math. I don't want anybody man. I think I would love to do this again. We'll talk again, and maybe we can address some of the things
people said online and the mean things are gonna call you and me we're gonna have some fun all right. Thank you. Everybody thanks for tuning into the podcast, we'll be back Friday with the one and only Stephen Rinella, who is taking me pig hunting this weekend, sir. I can't wait I'm very excited and as far as dates tomorrow, is going live on Twitter, I'm gonna, be in Dallas. the rise in theater and is in March. I think it's March hold on a second March fourteen Th Friday at ten. No, no, no, no presales tomorrow, presales tomorrow Friday am is regular sale. But tomorrow the presale is at ten a m and the ticket. Password is first. So type in the word. First, you can buy tickets tomorrow and it's the Verizon theater. I don't know who's coming with me, I'm putting it all together right now,
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