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#459 - Dr. Rhonda Patrick

2014-02-20 | 🔗
Dr. Rhonda Patrick is a Ph.D in biomedical science and expert on nutritional health. Her podcasts and other videos can be found at FoundMyFitness.com
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Its essential areas is, he said, domino transmitters. Somebody will return in looking to do do do I should give it to you, so you could read it yeah, because if trip defends- and now that's actually, I really policy, but this is just one. Eighty. This has often ran out. That's that has a lot of different should one. Eighty is a step that we take our yoga That's ok! Here's the reaction! Gradients! It read that there is an actual gradients, Doc Deronda, check reached out to me because she had some things to say about some things that other that guest said about nutrition, about health and tell the folks what you're credentials are, what you do who we are and why you and unique qualified to explain nutrition and health to his acts, lately, so my name is around a Patrick. I have a phd in biomedical science.
Did my undergraduate work? Biochemistry chemistry, and now I'm doing a post doctoral fellowship on nutrition, and so I started out with synthesizing, peptides, undoing organic chemistry, and I got really bored with that. Another undergraduate sort of student resurgence in research and in turn, so then I decided to try biology out and I wanted sulk Institute for Biological Sciences and Hyaena did some research on aging using worms as a model because they have a really short lifespan, and so it was really quality alot of genetic manipulation and see how to change their life and from there I was like. Oh, my god, love this. I want to get my phd in biology and I decided to go to Memphis see because I wanted to do research on cancer. Anna Saint you trolling, trees or located member so ended up going to universe, Tennessee idiot my Phd. But I did all my research at Saint Jude absolutely fantastic place, and then
so I was doing a research using mice and some human cells then I decided I want a moment. People use gloss over the research eyes. I do myself human cells, and I mean I knock together, go on and on about my readers, most people No, I didn't make I've been most people, but I did a lot of work on mitochondria and mitochondrial metabolism and how that leads to cancer and how cells die. They don't die in what you know. What's going wrong, cancer and I got a really awesome publication out of it in nature, and then decided that I was really wanting to move on to something You know during your phd you like, dig, dig deep, deep mechanism. We know it
Finally, you got to get you just keep digging deeper and I felt like I was like lost from like what everything man and what was the significance of it, and so you have to do that and grad school, because her you're learning the tools. You know how to use tools to answer questions, what kind of questions and how you means for them, and so I did really a lot of that and then I decided I wanted to find us to take a step back and look at the big picture and decent clinical research and apply the tools that I learned in graduate school. Try to learn some things using people so now I might do each holding Hospital Oakland Research Institute Worth working with Bruce aims whose pretty a famous for his aims test carcinogen eighty test, where he basically made this test. I can help you figure out. What are not a chemical was a mutagen meaningful cause. Cancer and so I M working with him- and I am actually looking at what causes
looking at looking at a lot of things, but I'm actually fundamentally, mine was looking at people are obese and how obesity accelerates aging process, people that are, you know, dive all sorts of age, related diseases, sooner cardiovascular disease, techie, diabetes, cancer by the age of forty. They, like there's a fourteen year, a reduction in their lives. Which is, I think, even greater than smoke cigarettes. So I'm trying to understand fundamental fundamental mechanisms like why these people are accelerating other aging process, and so I'm actually looking at something specifically and looking at thirty. So I'm taking blood cells. So we draw blood from people that have a bee, am I have like thirty or above or twenty five and blow, which are considered normal or lean, which is body mass
ducks right now. It's just problems with like using body mask and index as a marker for abuse it even seen as some people. Some people are lean and anyways. It's it's it's. It's got kind of. Marquis bet Mckenna go into that, so I'm actually looking at. So I take their their blood cells and aid. I look at their nay, and how much damage is in their dna and economic want to get into a little later, explain why that is better. That's what I'm doing I am also doing some research on vitamin d, and I have a paper that sexual coming out in six days, it's gonna hit the press. I found that a vitamin d actually regulate serotonin, so it's really call that makes sense for people in Seattle, then organism
I do indeed and I'll get my son. There are bomb down re thing. Every winter people in northern latitudes, alot of a lot of people, are having adequate levels of vitamin D. So it's a really important finding so that can actually affect your mood. Supplementing with vitamin d when you live and eyes where it gets Otto, I'm not going to talk about the details of this paper. Cause there's like an embargo on that, but I will talk about absolutely serotonin affects mood behavior, you know. So that's. Why is asking your trip defend was in your Alfred, bring because trip to fan is a rare amino acid that occurs in protein and most people think said, o eight turkey, I'm getting my truck again, but the thing is that trip to fan in order get converted into Sierra Leone and has to get transported in your brain through this transporter it converts to five HTTP correct eight does convert to comment that we have the naming gdp and then it converts into serotonin, that's
The principal gradients in new mood new mood is five HTTP and L trip defend, idea being that there is a sort of a slow release affect the EL trip, defend converse to five each cp and then finally to be covered society. If I may she peak and actually across a blood brain barrier, said I can ready get convert into serotonin your brain and and tripped offence, attractive and actually compete with. Other branch enemy lasted like losing nicer, losing to get transported in the brain, and it loses So blue seen these branching amino acids, their abundant and proteins, which ends up happening if you're not taking some like five http or something else is that most the time you're, not getting enough trip, defend transport and your brain nestor things, can help alleviate that competition like exercise their exercise, he you take up a bunch of branch, enemy losses to make muscle so size actually boost. Serotonin in your brain, by allowing tripped referred to get transporting terrain, leave aiding some of that competition from other branches
unless it's actually is really interesting. They ve done. You can actually deplete someone's brain trucker fan by giving them a big bolas shake of branch enemy assets because it really out competes all the like trip defend that youth from your diet and within, like for five hours. You can deplete like ninety percent of someone's brain serotonin, and then they do all these, like behavioral test to see what you know, what the what the result or what, how how not having serotonin in your brain impacts have you come to function and they found that are really there's a lot of things that are sort of messed up if you're not making sense tone- and you become impulsive, impulsive behaviour, your long term, thinking kind of shuts down some other method, Actually there is a study. Theirs study where they compared met amphetamine users, cocaine, users and then they depleted normal people they depleted their tripped. Fanned by that method, I just told you about and depleting the trip
fan so basically depleting the search on in your brain. You are you're, do your skin just as bad as a meth user and actually in fact mean does deplete your ceretani. Isn't that frightening Why, though, whilst Wild Usair fact at Saratoga affecting our behaviour and that its basically you know, tripped fan and vitamin d are important for that people don't realize. Nutrition effects affects the way your brain works. It does in its so confusing and when you're a regular person, that's trying to go on mine or read books about health and nutrition and what you need, what you don't need to some contradictory information through. So many
people that tell you, don't need anything, just a balanced diet. What what's a balanced? I will then that gets Worley. You know the balanced diet includes grains. Well know: don't eat gluten shit, gluttons, bad and I'll stay away from eggs is conveying you know it's. It just gets so we're, there's so much information it so hard to separate the wheat the chaff, that's the expression we from the chaff. Oh really agrees so much noise out there and its very confusing you know in its yeah you get. During your nutrition from your diet? Will that would be ideal, but the reality is we have. We know the National Institute of Medicine that are conducting these surveys every five years. They column the nutrition and examination health surveys and enhance its very notorious undernutrition field. There we consider and hence ways to be pretty accurate and determine what people are getting from their diet. And you know these are the time is people are not getting what they need from their diet. The majority of Americans are not getting what they eat. In terms of you know, my
four nutrients yeah. It's really hard to do so and to do so on a daily basis requires you to really a clean and healthy mean you can get what you need from your die, but boy. You have to really mind what you're eating the after really work at it, and now it's the eyes a lot of effort to now it's also, the difference between the idea of you just surviving and not getting a disease and you being an optimal health, absolutely absolutely that something that our lab works on Ino Bit, where we ve got this sort of theory that it it's hard to to do aging studies in people and looking at different. You know vitamins and minerals and what effects they have long term. But that's that's one of the theories in our lab that there's we ve shown some evidence of it is that you know that a lot of vitamins and minerals that their co factors for
many different biochemical pathways in your body like if you just Google Bio biochemical pathways, you'll, see, there's like massive image, come up, and it's just like wholly crab like and by means and minerals are co factors for enzymes, meaning they need to be. You know there for the enzyme to work optimally in enzymes in proteins in your body are doing everything I mean. That's, what's right, what's doing everything our bodies doing and so, if you don't have in other certain proteins that are important to survive or right now, like you're sodium potassium, eighty As you know, you want to make your hearts getting the right signals you want. I mean that down and you're dead. You know a so somebody's somebody's. Genes are worried that yeah, so that's about it We go pathways, I'm talking about these and not just a nap shot. That's just a snapshot, so I mean all these different pathways. They require vitamin and minerals, fatty acids I mean these things. It's complicated
so so cheeseburgers dump dont give. Everything it needs. No, they don't What do you know? What is it? What is that someone should absolutely supple met with on a daily basis I would say definitely most people we are not getting enough vitamin d, and that is its steroids hormone. Ok, it's a hormone, that controls the expression of over a thousand different genes and our body, which has literally like one towards twenty fourth of our human genome, many of them in our brain. So what means is without right indeed, so vitamin d is so important that we can make it from the sun problem. Is we're not we're not doing that anymore? I most of us aren't, the sun allow. You know. I know I'm not I'm always on my computer and side and when I'm out and in what way, about skin aging fear, female or skin cancer you now and so on
bring sunscreen, of course, and as a majority. People from the surveys. You know if you look at people that supplement and don't supplement and United States about, seventy percent dont get adequate levels of vitamin d, and actually the way we determine what's adequate is based on vitamin d classical function of bone homeostasis Siena's that we know vitamin d is important to make sure bones turned don't start breaking down, but in fact there is a thousand other things it's doing, and we know how much vitamin d we need to do those other things, but least maintain that that's considered adequate and that's like thirty anagrams, propeller, leader of the precursor vitamin d, called at twenty five hydroxide, which is what most people. When you get your levels, measured, that's what they so what should you take on a daily basis? I would say you know death You should probably you taking a vitamin d supplement when what or what does he think he s a here's, this we know a lot of different things. Regulate
vitamin d, absorption, bio availability, body fat for one, it is a fact soluble vitamin, so the more body fat have the more it stored in that fat and the less of it can be released in to the bloodstream to be then circulated and brought to different organs in your body and then get into the cells. To do it's thing, I'm so people letter o bees actually require much higher levels of vitamin d because, albeit in a it's, been shown that vitamin d bioethics melodies reduced by up to fifty percent and like severely obese people. So that's one thing they consider is how much per body body fat, I think, generally a good marker is like a thousand. I use per twenty five pounds but, like I said twenty five pounds, you could be twenty five of like muscle, and so you know, I think, the best way to really gauge how much vitamin d you need is to just get a test, just go. You know. If you have, you have health insurance health insurance pays for it,
other new places that you can get vitamin d levels tested cheaply very cheaply, she's so worth it like. I get mine tested routinely because I just want to make sure that my dotings is pretty good. Like I personally take four thousand I use a day. Is that a lot I think that's pretty pretty standard for an adult that you know normal waiting in pretty good shape. Yeah, I think that's pretty standard, but I can't say that everyone should go out and take four thousand iu I can say that you should definitely make sure that you have levels in your blood tyre than thirty nanograms from elevator, which is that's above the adequate status, Actually, if we look at studies, were they looked at? For example, all cause mortality, lower lowering all cause mortality. They shown that huge, like large covert studies, they ve done. They
they looked at the levels of vitamin d and then looked at mortality dying of different diseases. People with levels of vitamin d between forty and sixty nanograms, promote leader in their blood had the least amount of all cars cause mortality, so basically they were living. Longest, so you know. Maybe you want to have between forty and sixty nanograms permitted. Based on that study? You know it's. It's it's important to get the levels tested. That's that's kind of what I like to advocate because too cheap and easy. Is it so easy when you're very few people ever get their body tested for their vitamin levels? It's it's This kind of unusual that we think about it, of nutrition, but how few people actually get the blood tested. It's the future. Really I mean we're going to stop to do that. It preventive medicine being able to know if we have adequate amounts of these vitamins. Minerals is gonna, get easier and easier, the next couple of decades, knowing
you reach out to me because of people on the part, tat things that you didn't think we're accurate and you got upset and semi. Some videos raises some different things that sort of describe what disinformation. These people were releasing or Erroneous information right like give us some specific, somewhat thing. Will, let's just talk? What would bug to one of the iranian facts were that most people most american get off my constituents indeed from their diet, that was Brian Dunning that was silly man and not is not based on you know. The National Institute of Medicine. Doing these surveys, we know that's not correct and in fact they ve been done service where they ve, you know, looked at people that supplement first people that don't supplement and people that supplement have much more adequate levels of these certain vitamins and minerals. So you know that's that's that's already. The first thing, that's not true.
And there you know that this recent editorial that came out in the annals of internal medicine was really upsetting, because there are basically saying multi. Vitamins. Do nothing, and not only to be nothing, do nothing their bad for you and you mentioned you actually mention that on that podcast that you had with Dunning year. That's dead research at the First of all, I think it's one most irresponsible studies or the most irresponsible press really right I've ever because if you actually read what the studies were in comparison to what they're saying, they're saying vitamins, don't work case closed, but the studies that they did were on Alzheimer's patients. Now showing any sort of improvement. People over sixty five that had heart attacks, showing any improvement. I mean just those two things were two out of the three tasks if they did their say. Vitamins, don't work when you're talking a generic mall.
Environment to synthetic multivitamin when those central one somewhere, ngos ones that they find in the bottom of porter parties by the way when they clean out they find? they find those little blue pills still like intact, like they pass through peoples by allegedly for minor patrol I've. Never worked What do I know if I even looked online to research? Now, I'm just just parroting it like a little mynah bird but the studies themselves where we're really shocking me now you these three things male physicians. Over sixty five showed no improvement in cognitive decline, using a generic multivitamin segmentation like their dying. Can I please these guys, six, okay, this is positive. Infuriating, because they were giving these these guys, six this must be a high dose multivitamin and they were giving I'm six poles a day, six pills I take a high dose multivitamin to one pillar day: okay and they're there. Formal, vitamin d levels were were like hundred. I use
like a hundred, I use a vitamin d, won't do anything and that was you're, too high dose and there you know clients, meaning, ok, you're, asking someone to take six pills a day for like ten years, and then you, you call em up every three months, and did you take your six pills, I took it yesterday, so you know yeah took it for the last three months. Didn't measure any. There is no quantitative, like biochemical analysis, meaning that in measure any Any vitamins like choose, one vitamin, that's and then you're you're multivitamin auctioning Steve. What giving them actually raises the level of the union to show that there are compliant, be that you are giving them a dose. That's actually doing something. So you're, leaving it up to the person to take it as well, and especially when you do not know that he did it yeah, that's that seems pretty faulty, and also you say that you take four thousand units and they had a hundred. That's not so good. The their aspect. The study was that
those multivitamin had no effect on the progression of heart disease in heart attack survivors again their dying right. These are dying. People you mean: there's not people who prevent Madison medicine is one what things you talked about earlier about testing blood, and I really think that that is the key. It's not catching you when you're falling apart. It's about making sure you don't fall apart, exiles in your body than natural building blocks to repair cells, to keep your body healthy from the jump. That's. So we should be doing, we should be doing in intelligently Thinking ahead, while you're the more young it It's so true I mean I ll, give you an example. So forty five percent of the Population doesn't have adequate levels of magnesium and uniting. I think most on the fitness community are concerned with magnesium because they're always like. Oh my god. Sweat it out. I got a replacement magnesium. I think. That's there,
major concern or muscle grabbing, and things like that, but Nisi is in its essential co factor for dna repair enzymes. So let me explain that is his violent want dinner parents, I'm so you know every day, just normal metabolism sore mitochondria there their means taking food that we eat in what its carbohydrates or protein or fat and generating, what's called electron, reducing equivalence through this whole Krebs cycle. If you ever learned in biochemistry and there's electron. Reducing wetlands are really important because they have hydrogen we're type. Hasn't electronic proton and these electrons get, asked along inside your mitochondria, these various proteins and they shoot out protons. At the same, and this is basically the way it general generates end. To then take the oxygen you breathe, n and wood, its water and coupled to making ATP anyways. So these election
get passed around and what happens if they often because you're taking oxygen you breathe in and making water to generate the energy to make ATP. You start making Super oxide Anon, you start making racked box and species in your might every day. We're doing in so doing it right now. The major source of reactor box and species. I'm sure you ve heard of that in your body I mean active oxen species. They react at what they do. They react with your dna. They react with lipids your cell membrane, directed proteins and the damage Madame and what happens when you're done It's called dna damage when it reacts with your dna. It sometimes you get like an auction. You know okey Attic, that's attached on, or sometimes you get like an ox aid of product which then can cause but break your dear, in a double track and cause a break happens. As you know, the cells in your indifferent organs liking your kidneys and deliver these cells, have a limited lifespan, and so they have to replicate you know and have to centre
as their dna replicate in order to replace their limited lifespan. So when- well then tries replicates. Dna in theirs is like funny stuff there. It doesn't. What is this and then sometimes it puts another nucleotides we're not supposed to be there and it causes a mutation and then, had this mutation, it's ok, we can't go back when you have a mutation, it's there, so you never to meeting in a coating region of a gene that does something important than you could really screwed stuff up and said in order to prevent them happening. We have what called dna repair enzymes and they basically take this damage its there and they repair it and does Diener per enzymes require magnesium without magnesium. They do not work, they did not work. Well, there very inefficient and so, if you're, not getting enough magnesium, your dna repair is going well and you're, probably getting more damage, but the thing is this: is this is a decade it takes decker? for this to rare tat. You know you ve got a bunch of you
we ve got dna damage, but you look in the mirror and be like. Oh, I have dna damage today. You know it's likely look in the mirror and but like oh, my gums are falling apart, probably have scurvy. So it's like you, something you can't see and what happen is over. You have over decades of gain this dna damage because happens at random places in your genes. Eventually we get it in the place that you don't want you: get it in a gene, that's important for controlling self cycle or stopping bad cells from you know, divide and proliferating. These are called tumor suppressor genes one of those you screwed because now you got some funky so that doesn't pass those checks since that, usually our genes and making sure they they dont pass the checkpoint. If there are funny- and then there they pass it and they start dividing liberating and now you ve got this colonel population of cancer cells, but you know that takes decades to happen.
So if you're walking around with not you know not on sub adequate levels of magnesium you're, not gonna, We thing until you're, new factories are sixties and we now come down cancer. So its intense. So now, when you read something like this, you know vitamins don't work case closed and you find out. This is the research that they did and this is the conclusion that came to from the research that's so irresponsible and so infuriating. I agree it. You know There's a lot of studies out there that I've done many analyses and shown just the opposite. You know it's not like this is the the research that spending on vitamin and mineral supplements station the thing to really infuriating, as the big over generalizations. They did hear you now, for example, there then is an important case where taking some vitamins and minerals can be bad and that is when you have cancer- and you know it
people have the opportunity to point that out I'm just saying: oh vitamins or bad meaning. Everyone should take vitamins and they have my opinion they have they. Should they be educating people on ok. Well, if you ve already have cancer. This can happen to you. So you know the perfect example is full eight full eight Isn't it essential be vitamin and it's mostly what a fine in a lot of her breads and even junk food like chips and I've, seen it and chips and crackers and stuff, so not that many people in the United States are deficient in a more think like fourteen percent of the population. So it's not a huge huge problem like it was, however, fall Eight is its essential to make one of your nucleotides in your dna timing, which means without fully you're, not making timing, and you have to. U need folly to basically make new dna for these new cells that you're making your body everyday. Ok. So when you dont have fully that cannot
sleep, cause a single strand, breaking your dna and can do stuff. I was telling you about cut by causing mutations in leading to cancer. Eventually However, if we already have cancer everything, that's good you cancer, let it like cancers on crag men they take good for yet gimme. Some of that you know it's it's like they. They just it over everything, that's good and because, well you know they want to keep that's that's their goal propagate I wanna propagate and take over so with full because cancer cells are there dividing they're trying to replicate themselves, they loved folly, they love it because that what they need to make more dna to make more of their cancer cells system, that already has cancer should be taking high levels of fully and really. I think these people that wrote this editorial had an hour legation to educate them and specifically point this out, there's a mechanism: why? Let's talk about it, of making this huge over generalizations in Malta, vitamins or bad woody
six, the motivation behind a study where valid or the conclusion like that, since it seems kind of unscientific it yet its confusing, like. I don't understand why they would be motivated to say that, based on the findings that they got in less poor, that sort of salacious headline would get people thinking or get people responding and cause attention to their work, obsolete its attention grabbing. Negative, negative things like that get press, they get attention, I don't know what they're motive was honestly I've. I've kind I feel, like that's part, I think another part of it is that a lot of medical doctors. They aren't train in nutrition, they aren't trained and preventive medicine. They are train to understand the importance of all these vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids and how their co factors for these protein and what they're doing long term verses short term there? Not that's. You know when train their there actually train to understand how different pharmacological drugs act on it
receptors. How it you know it's it's kind of a different train. So I think in some This is when you start talking, nutrition and preventive medicine- a lot of people, if you don't know about it. You get kind of threatened and you feel like. Oh, it must be I don't know about this. You know like one of those responses, and I think that may also have something to do with this a lot of the empty physicians, are, were involved in this I don't wanna be theirs is this is need to be like a no nonsense. Person ha come on all that hoop. A bunch of hooey you don't need, saw complicated, ozanna response to not wanting to delve in the incredibly deep waters of nutrition and figure. What all these mechanisms are envisaged is just the sort of a knee jerk reaction to oh, it's a bunch of bs, there's two. I think
there's two reasons, I think one is absolutely it's a visceral response, because there is a load of crap out there in his heart. It is hard to differentiate between. What's the noise in the signal and so some people like, oh, it's all crap, mean out but there is also people that just it's just too much work like me now I want to keep eating when I'm meeting and I want to believe it's fine and that's what I want to believe in some gonna believe it. I think, that's another. We need a mindset that needs to be changed and I think you know purse, I would love to see people eating more more greens me no more more of these dark green leafy vegetables, which are rich in many different micro regions. Like vitamin Kay ass it magnesium. I can talk about a minute, but I think you never people that are just that. Aren't gonna. Do that. You know at least for them a vitamin, that's going to give them some of these trace elements and minerals and by indeed in some of these important micro nutrients, that they
really do need magnesium, You know. So, at the very least, such an easy way to do it. You know it's an easy way to do it. Yeah. It's some It seems to me that, in order to really get a grasp on what is required, what is necessary for your body- it takes an incredible amount of study, mean there's so much information that you have to get not just as far as dietary and for me but supplemental information is. This is so much it's it's over almost feels you feel a little why hopeless trying to absorb it all and figure out what what you actually need and what you dont need, and when Rita study like that vitamins, don't work case closed good now, enough, saying re Mish pushed aside and just fuckin have an apple and sorghum doing my job. You now the reasons why I made a video to this. Rina responds to this editorial was because you know a because
I could have done some scientific paper and gone through peer review, but, but you know I want to get to the people in its wake. Some level. You know this other scientists that only care. I want the people too why's that you know these people, like my dad made out, take some multivitamin and he to the news. He gets his information from the tv like that generate. Does, and you know it is it's so upsetting that, like all of a sudden, my dad could stop taking his vitamin, and I dont want to just taking environment because, as you know, it important that he does take his multivitamin. There there are certain. You know things components, and that multivitamin that I know is not getting from his dog it. So you know least let him get it from his multivitamin. So I this. This study a meadow analysis that included like thirty different studies, and I really read through them all, and there were a lot of methods. Where's my point them out in the video where people were just there. Measuring levels of
vitamins and minerals and saying there. There are measuring some outcome, like cardiovascular disease or cotton to function without any biomarkers like there was no biomarkers saying a look. We gave him this this changed. You know that's important when you're doing nutrition, research and that's a really important thing, and if you look at some of the studies that did do that, for example, when they were giving them vitamin d, They gave him vitamin d to a severely deficient population which is like twelve nanograms prevail without severely deficient. We're talking like rickets deficient and then ask There's implementation there were still deficient. There is still less than twenty nanograms promote, which is considered deficient. Like okay, well you're trying to look at this outcome and yet the the vitamin supple, and you know that the dose that you gave these people was inadequate. They didn't you didn't raise their levels to anything. You know that was considered adequate by by the nationalist, your medicine know when
when people take vitamin d which what is the exact vitamin d this was taken. This was take like d to DE three, I d three teeth, or you can t de too, but it is less efficient to get converted into the active hormone. So Deathrays do three is optimal. Reality, threes, optimum and you know that I personally cannot tell people home to take. I can tell them what I take we're just for and I use a day on a second tell them: they have levels of vitamin d in your blood greater than thirteen anagrams prevail, and we should also tell them if you're not familiar, we're taking vitamins and most vitamins need to be taken with food. I mean you can deafening get nauseous. If you're taking your vitamins on an empty stomach, plus some vitamins, like vitamin, be twelve. If you're, if you have a you don't have an aesthetic environment, your stomach, you know you, you basically image
have to aesthetic of environment and you can absorb it. So it's like there's. There is factors that come into play in minutes, complicated and also your gut bacteria also play a role in what you're absorbing particularly in minerals and and so when you take vitamins on an empty stomach, they its if they're not attached to fats and proteins and carbohydrates today absorbers easily mean seems that what was I There's been research done. That shows that your your your body doesn't really exactly know what to do with vitamins and vitamin form. If you take them on an empty stomach with no food to them. I I mean, I think it depends on what? If it's a mineral vitamin, I mean, I'm not exactly sure, but something's it was to take on an empty stomach like amino acids, amino acid to take on an empty stomach. Accept
sure about that sorry soon complicated? Even for right, I'm saying that's what I'm saying is like there's so much to no avail to take away. My friend doktor Mark Gordon everytime. I talked to fells my head up a shit that I'm never going to remember the newest information glued asylum in this. Just it's hot it's hard to keep up with a yard is hard things. Do you get caught? get in, and you know it I don't have all the answers, but I do I do dig pretty deep and try to get some information entered a pitiful. That's why these folks, who are inclined to be of the no nonsense group they find it so easy to dismiss this. I have a friend who is one of those. You know I hate he and I were talking and he go he was like here. This smug look on his face, see that thing they set about vitamins. They don't work did you read it and he said, look yeah glossed over and I go. Did you fuck and read it man?
I will they say vitamins aren't work. I go to know what they say and then I showed him what they actually said. He was I get the fuck out. That was the test. I go yeah. That was the test old people with heart attacks again. A pill, they didn't fuck and die any longer and that in live any longer crazy. And how do you even measure cognitive decline in people over sixty five with cognitive declined by a phone call by the way, is a railways by a phone call, but by a phone call. So they call him up. I feel and large shirt right. Ok, no, improvement, no improvement by around that was. That was the only got me this specific. You are reacting to brine Dunning who what what specific things was he saying that you got so far it up about you? How to contact me or one was that that everyone, just as there and the other thing was
he was saying that dumb, the vitamin c thing that was getting to me, too is he was going on about not needing found out the vitamin c and and- and I looked up of his Stephanie was also talking about vitamin c, not being important or not doing anything for immune function, and then he starts talking about some malign is callings. I can tell you what's wrong with that guy, and it is a bunch of things, but the one of the main reasons it does. What it does is it. He grew up Mormon, a very strict Mormon background and then refuted it and now he's an adult and he's just not going to take any nonsense. He grew up with all nonsense and now he's no nonsense and I unique consigned to this, because I have some friends that grew up Mormon and now they are they abandon it actually, in their forties and it's really interesting because they're like children and a lot of ways they really
the fundamentalists lifestyle are growing up in a fundamentalist religion where everything is spelled out for you and everything is preposterous. But you have accepted that your whole life, you ve, accept didn't you you're told not to question. You were told to you know, follow the rules of this. This ideology. When you get away from that, I need to try to figure the world out on your own. Your thinking developed, incredibly fucked up way. The way you make your connections to things like you have this and white sort of connection thing going on your head in that's his fun mental ism translated to a fundamental scepticism. So his scepticism is fundamentalism. Now huh automatically is sceptical, of anything that might require additional thinking or curiosity or or something that going to counter what like
a lot of people face. Like intuitively, think to be true anything that is bizarre or weird anything that like doesn't seem to think about someone and then the phone rings at them. Nonsense nonsense immediately. Try to stop that. You know he doesn't want anything to be wondered at black and why it from ensue, from a scientific, preset perspective, Science is so often often gray, so often not like why I mean there are so many There are so many grey areas and assume tradeoffs trade, Sir really another thing you know where you're you're doing something you're too. You have certain diet and you think it's like gonna give me best performance. It's gonna, get me best com to function and make me live longer, and it's like, while there's some trade offs here for getting all these things, and I think actually, that's a really important.
Not black and white, and so people that have that type of thinking that have been trained that way and in just like you were saying you know if they ve built up these connections, were you know it is its black and white and if its not blackened deafening, why this is not how it works, their religion becomes just the scepticism and, instead of being an open minded, objective analysis of what's at hand and instead to just watch stuff it into the scepticism box. You know immediately debunk things, people love to debunk things. It becomes like a badge of honor, it becomes they get a Czech Margaret Carlo. They do well I mean, and when you talk about science being grey of course, oftentimes, it's not then, but often times it is, but The reality of the science of biology is what's really important. Drive home shoe beings vary so much if you phone ok, this phone than I have here. I have good one. It works great, but you can
at a same manufacturer, the same Samsung Galaxy. No three Unita from somebody else are for from a provider, it's the same components, its built, the same way, ways the same thing on a scale and your socks, it fuckin brain right. It fails to. Let me give you a perfect example says talking about folly rate. No, it's important to make Thymy Thymy at near nuclear is also important to when you eat protein You know the Athenians enemy, alas, in protein, gets converted Mahomet assisting and you need free need. Folliot, a metal donor, the then gets methylated and reconverted back and finally, because you don't want too much homeless sitting around in your body, because it does bad things. We now basically exporting third aggregating and it causes vascular diseases. Cognitive Klein, Annie, anyways, percent, no actually template forty poorest. Of north americans- have a pole
more for them in a gene called the Methelage Tetra Hydrate, fully reductive, also known as the M teacher em, take tea F, r or the motherfucker Jean basically, but forty percent of North Americans have polymorphism in this gene that doesn't make it work quickly, and so it s a patenting. They can't rematch away. This almost sixteen to convert it back into my finding so and having elevated their home, assisting blood animal. They take more. Like acid to sort of and safe from that they're gonna have higher levels of homes sitting in your blood and we know which will lead to vascular problems and cognitive decline, so yeah exact. What's up the thing is how much will it take for just how much you take refrain from Canada? You know who knows I mean you may have polymorphism, and you have to take. You know five times more fully than I do What is also the variables like how many people grow up?
you're you're in an environment that your biology is not accustomed to like people come from other countries and then there in a specific country, that's you need to Their biology like give their like what What in the native Americans experienced when they were introduced to alcohol like this is not something that their biology was accustomed to, and they really didn't have the ability the deal with it where's the Europeans who had been drinking alcohol? For you know until years, they were accustomed to it. It was a normal part of their existence. That Bodies have adapted to it, where's that of Americans just hand your body a day ass, to what it needs to adapt to your body, adapts to its environment. Your body adapts to its diet. Your body adapts to the genes that have been passed down from your answer the answers to the Abbey genetic heritage, its is so much so. For someone to say you know, you don't need this and you do or it's it's like its there's. So much
somewhat there's so many variables. There's somebody components, there's some it's so complicated. Absolutely I mean even your guy microbe I am like. Adapts like within twenty four hours like infuriating, you know mostly Eighteen diet, the different like interior typeset are in your guy, you know, or are there there. They ve shown that people that it mostly me in their their bacteria right here, that's like geared towards king down amino acids. Breaking down, lipids metabolizing Gloody mean because you're, given it a ton of it, but people eat mostly. You know vegetable fibre, carbohydrates. There a lot of bacteria that is involved in medium acid synthesis. Synthesizing. These things are not getting as much but you, can take that personal tat, this long term diet and give them. You know me,
and within twenty four hours. I start to get that bacteria that starts to break down the amino acid, so you're, your body is very plastic and it does adapt to you no different. Terry changes. Do you take probiotics? I do so. Yeah I do take probiotics there does the whole gut is so it's so fascinating. My work with them on that during all research on the garden. So you and I got to learn just just from me now. There surgeon and reading of my own about the complexities of it. But it's it's ass, like how important input that bacteria is in our gotten? How important certain types are? How that affects the way we respond to disease, though it be age, so it you know it's it's complicated, it's very complicated. It is It is complicated in the that the environment, that's inside your gut inaction,
can contribute to your mood and can contribute to depression. The act tributor all also to various aspects of your immune system- absolutely infinite like if you're so enough. Here, if your guide is, you know, if you basically and your innate immune systems being active down there because its unhappy causing inflammation things like now having high sea reactor protein has been correlated to depression, like that's actually, biomarker that you know, I think, could be used with. Depression is actually see. Reactor proteins just this vague kind of okay. I feel this. I feel that will let's measure your see reactor protein levels, ok, yeah thou there really high. They ve been there Some studies were they ve. They found they ve gotten depressed patients found that they had highest erect a protein gave em like too.
Rams if a Phd Phd omega three fatty acid, that's important for its like anti inflammatory it as opposed to data which is most, must your brain limiter, data buddy two rounds of E day, I forgot for how long, but lower. There see reactor protein and an helped with their depression. So that's pretty profound. That is very profound. They, the connection between the human body and depression, is such a weird one because for so many folks, they go to a dark, sure they don't feel good. The doktor gives them an antidepressants, they feel better and then that in that set, but there there We have been so many other factors that could have been manipulated, either their diet. Their exercise. Routine hide reading mean how many people fuckin just dehydrate new, feel like shit rate and many people get out of a bad relationship and they feel like shit. How many people have a bad job? I mean consider what people considered to be in a depression.
You know you're you're, moody, you're down the dumps, you're, not you're, not you not feeling good year. You have bad thoughts Alla time, and consider what the stimulation that your brain is receiving everyday, while you're driving traffic in fuckin pollution to a cubicle re sitting do shit that you don't want to do all day. You get home, and then you forced feed yourself. You know some terrible foods your depressed and you you know, just serve indulging giving your, of some pleasure in fuckin shit, macaroni and cheese or whatever you're stuffing down your face. And then you wonder why you depressed bright absolute is, and we have a study where there there you into a mere length. So Tell em. Errors are like caps at the end of your chromosomes that prevent your dna. From degrading and from getting damage on people, often refer to like the tipps of shoelaces like tailors cause, they prevent your shoelaces from frame.
And these till at length the really there there when you're young their long, but each times you each unresolved by did they get shorter and shorter like with each year. In short, I think you lose like twentyth to nucleotides ear off your killers, and it's a biological marker for aging, so the Shorty or tailors. Are you know the short your life is. Basically, if you look at you, I must react person verses in old person. You can see the dramatic difference, and stress stress has been correlated with taking like five years off your tumor length, and the opposite been premeditation have shown that meditation actually enzyme they can rebuild your tail Amira, but what we don't express it in high levels- it's called tomorrow's, but meditation can actually boost the expression of telomerase cause you're telling me to get longer. So there's really Something to that. You know having a more relaxed being able to me. Take not having a lot of stress. You known
The way you age literally, we have a biological marker for it. Yet really interesting. It's another thing: vitamin d: I wanted a vitamin d to tell length, also on a few. If you, Google, fighting de receptor mice and pull up this image with theirs mice on asian mice. So Vitamin d actually does affect the way we age and they did this study and twins where they looked at their vital. DE levels they measure their vitamin d levels and they looked at their tell length and they found it twins with the highest levels of vitamin D. Also, the longest human errors on that, corresponded to actually five years being five years younger, even though they were twins their same chronological age, their tea lammers. Look that there are five yours younger if they had higher levels of vitamin d y yeah, so What would you know anything about tee? A sixty five
this is sort of a supplement. That's supposed to enhance you tell a mere length. Haven't heard of that now but vitamin d exercises another one that does they ve done studies showing again twins are those exercise the most. Actually, to them are linked that corresponded to being ten years younger. And those that exercise sort of like average compared to those it didn't have an average of like I think for years, so others there is there things that affect the way you agent. We have. We know markers for that biological mark. Rejecting them are links that that proves your lifestyle is indeed you know, affecting the way you age yard, This till study and I had seen this sad that the acts for the supplement, ok, so legs mine check this out so as to my son and deserve the same age mouse at the top panel on these mice, about four and a half months old,
and the one on the left is vitamin d receptor knocked at knock out mass, which means it can't responded. Vitamin d sets like it's like not having any vitamin d. If you look at lower panel, does the same age. Four months later, look rapidly, that mouse aging without having vitamin d I mean there's lots of things going wrong and I told you that vitamin d regulating over a thousand different genes in your body, so inflammation. I mean cognitive functions. I mean there's, there's a lot of things, but look at that point. Striking. Have you ever thought about going into business like where you will provide sort of a service where people get tested and then they develop a specific vitamin prone calls for each individual person. Ya know where, like mine, my boss, and I we talk about that all the time why Do the saucer I've I've got this ass, a where I can actually measure DNA. Image in your body from your blood
it's also a marker for age has been the older. You are the more dna damage you have and I can measure that clinically. So Our thinking is like giving people magnesium and see. If we can. You know lesson damage, because their dna repairs working better, but that would be really cool another thing would be vitamin d measuring during the vitamin d magnesium yeah, I think, there's there there's a few. Migrants means that we know of that are really important for long term effects. Unit lake- Like I was saying there's, it is often this trade off where let's say you, you ve got your getting some vitamin k, but you don't have enough, in fact, thirty five percent of the? U S, population doesn't get enough vitamin Kay case found in plants because it's a part of their they need it for photosynthesis. So you're not eating the logic lot of green plants. Then you know you're not be getting enough vitamin k, but
vitamin case, often known for being part of a coordination being important to make your blood clots right an essential function. So I'm sure any vitamin k you're getting is going towards that because you want your blood to cloth right, you don't bleed out and have a hammer drape, but there's important functions of Ottoman cave item K also prevents the cow suffocation of arteries, and so, if you all your body case going towards the proteins that are important for clotting. Then the proteins are important for not having classification in your arteries aren't getting any, and then you know to three decade: later, and you start to see this classification card arteries and fire people are given warfare and which is a really common drug for inhibiting vitamin k, they end up having problems with classification for two reasons so you know it there's. I think there is a lot to
understanding how these micro nutrients work that we don't know yet and media were starting to try to be able to do some experiments to understand them but the bottom line. Is that you know your body, art, and if you don't have enough of a certain vitamin and mineral, it's gonna, it's gonna shit. Did to the one: that's gonna help you survive now and help you reproduce, because that's the one, that's that's what he wants to do and these other things, like you know, in green of dna repairing damage dna or you know how your brain work optimally. You have to be that smart to survive these things they probably get the short end. So it's it's kind of like it vitamins and my sort of like a long, long term, thinking rethinking long term. So yeah
Ok. Well, I'm not walking around with the acute deficiencies, which is what most people think when you are thinking. I have enough fireman's and minerals cause. I dont have very very have you know these these problems that are severe deficiencies that like, if you're severely deficient you're gonna, have some symptoms that you'll notice, but most of these symptoms, you're, not gonna notice, nay, their insidious damage. I mean you know little, but at a time over decades. It's amazing to me that there is not a lot of these like us the way you could go and get a full work up done and they provide you with like a recipe for your vitamin supplementing the that's the future. That is what we want like. We want to get it to where we can just get a fingerprint blood and will know different proteins. Measure that we know are involved and long term functions versus the short term functions at environments, and we can say,
based on you know having looking at these proteins, we can say: ok, you need more of this new business, vitamin like that that's gonna be the future. It would seem. Like you mean you go to the dentist in the dentist as a normal common thing there and I were to repair your teeth right and that such as its basic thing, you know, but the idea going to someone who measures your blood and finds out you're lacking in your diet. That's not normal now. I think, instead of going to a doctor, to try to find a quick fix to get some. You know you're press to they gave you and assist our I well You know we don't know what these, what the long term effects of some of these pharmaceutical drugs are in our brain, like they just had the study that came out couple months ago on anti psychotic eggs, which they give your team. We give people get to frontier They found that these anti psychotic in a dependent manner, cause brain atrophy so and they ve
these people for fifteen years is the first time this is the first long term effect of anti colleagues that came out and that it was a really big study and they showed that these states schizophrenia, prick patients like the higher the dose demanded that caught the more brain atrophy. Now it's like so here while giving these people anti psychotic eggs- and you know fifteen years from now, their brain is like literally its atrophied at a rapid rate, so that is a classic example of us not know with some of these long term effects of some of these farmers logical drugs that especially when it comes to the brain. There are so many feedback, like, if you're, if you're, inhibiting serotonin for being metabolize to re uptake, I mean, that's your tone in sitting around your body starts to die. Unregulated serotonin receptors, which is how your body, responds to serotonin know it's like there's feedback things go on that, I dont think we even understand- and you know One out of ten Americans is taking as our I suppose, it's crazy, an eye
I know that they have benefited some people. I know p that they, however, fitted sure, but it's it's. Have they exhausted all the other possible options. I have a friend whose on Nessus our eye- and he recently found out that he had been taking a propitious, and he read We found out that propitious actually cause depression in some people it can cause depression and some people and He quit he quit taken propitious and he started to feel you know like. Maybe that was the cause of his depression. The first place but he's unnecessary. I now scenarios to figure out what to do. You know is: it was added the propitious caused his depression. Was it in our guy. Happen anyway? Is it the ssri that? But he also while candy and doesn't take care of his body and doesn't doesn't really exercise, and he has a shitty diet. Although things can factor into a low production of serotonin mine. All those things can
during too you know to stir up a clogging up the pathways of neurotransmitter deafening tee. I mean omega three fatty acids. In a thirty percent of here, your brain is made of deejay, which is endemic three fatty acid and they ve shown that actually Deejay affects the weight dopamine settling in your brain. So you know, and in terms of like back to this, gets a fair people with schizophrenia you how you make dopamine in this frontal Cartier Cortex and the Dublin make their negatively feedback on understood, to mean that you make in the back part of your brain, and if you don't have that negative feedback, what happens is there you are making, or does it mean that back part of your brain used to have like negative things like hallucinations and paranoia, and things like that Yeah and they they ve shown that are three though they have actually given omega three fatty acids. Deejay two peaks gets friend and shown that it actually elevates the dopamine and the frontal part of the brain and hops regulates from that negative feedback. You know so it's like
How many people are guarded, getting there eating fish every single day or getting their omega three fatty acids for the rain every single day? I know I am, but I'm pretty much exception in a lot of people that are depressed, like I said, the EPA another big thing, because information has been shown to be correlated with depression I'm a huge fan of omega three fatty acids, especially in fish oil form. They make such a huge difference in how my joints feel the The inflammation information qualities are really incredible. Its a few things that I always recommend anybody photometer have no pain or elbow painters, its knives they wandered out either. On on how EPA like giving you mean, like higher doses of EPA to people like our arthritis, you know they're they're, inhibiting some of the production of like or economic ass, in some these pasta, glands and things that are involved in inflammation, which a lot of people are getting concerning. You know, they're getting a lot of magus expanding
said to you. So yeah did I've. Seen studies where it like it's been shown to improve it, you know now you were looking at this embassy t oil over here and you're saying that lacking something. Oh yes, it's interesting, has you knew I actually cook coconut oil and I at something periods of my life had put in my coffee and but cocoanut all has lower gas into its. It's got medium chain. Trackless riots, which basically is twelve carbons or less lipids, urges like long trains of carbons. Now that are bound together with hydrogens so the way, your body processes, long chain fatty acids, is very different from short chain fatty acids. The way a process launched in fatty acids for one by its abandonment. Ok, let me start with the physical agents, your paper internally, the shit's, coming confusing it's it's pretty awesome. You know a year the way you digestion,
different, go straight, your portal, vain, and it goes at your liver. And then it gets goes into I conjure without having to go through this like transport system, and it sort of you know slightly Couples are mitochondrial thermal genetic and has always great if it's for mitochondria? But an interesting thing with Lord ass. It is it's also been shown to be an appetite suppressant. It's you know through a couple of these different appetite, suppressing hormones. I think Cecy Kase one caring for that answer. And is also anti microbial, so it has been shown to kill like Candida Alba can, which is like a east yes, says twelve carbons and its with an empty toils don't have work acid and they don't. I just can't. Now why they want one work ass. It because, when I take coconut I'm like Lord acids, like the thing that I'm really excited about so
not naturally, and cocoanut oil or nobody. Eighteen cocoanut oil, but these empty t oils that people put together is sums I don't have lower acid in it because they will have like less than twelve carbon, so long ass. It is a twelve hour, medium chain. Katy s and medium change. Regulus rides. How are they exactly extracted from cocoanut? Or do you understand the frosty, knowing how they do that, and I haven't read about it there, but there is some process that allows it to have this. Lord, who spoke L? A? U r. I see Lord ACID make sure the recast its awesome to make sure that, on it starts making empty toil. M city oil with Lord yeah. And what are the benefits? of work ass it again specifically for for combining it with them city or making sure the ladys and bad it's the benefits is one is the APS. Her appetite suppressing
and to its very strong anti microbial. So it's like good for your guy. It's it's killing off, like EAST. It's been shown to kill off, we know Alba can can do to EL begins. It also has the same thermodynamic property is all that. Does that the eighteen fatty acid now. Do some empty tools? Have it if you see a lot embassy to aiming haven't survey? I I just look at this one. I see it it says on this is a a carbon, medium, changeless rights from coconut and or palm colonel to me that says it's not having the twelve carbon, which is more gas at button. You know I don't write Another thing that someone said to me that they are concerned about was that it stored in plastic. Is there an issue with plastic leaching chemicals in things like empty to you, I mean
they have shown that certain chemicals, you know, especially in presence of he- can reach chemicals into whatever is in the ass the container? So if, like that plastic containers, in the back seat of your car yeah roll down or someone lilies try to keep oils it for four degrees in the fridge redder, because it slows that, obviously that oxidation process in others, the heat, slow down so, ideally, though, which should that be stored and it should ideally be stored in an amount in plastic should be in a metal, should have been killed, ass. You know it's not aerobics, turn a blind eye when he thought into so as long as it's just not allowed to be exposed to heed and long as you're, reasonably sure that the process from the storage in the plant in the press, the canning, the bottling whatever it is, to store to store that you ve, no, not that's not sitting the Allison yeah! I mean just the people really concerned with Riley TAT was like a lot of people which
legion too, to water and stuff. Your friend is: is government to drink a bottle water there was in the car should sit in the back. It is. I don't like it, it's. A fucking bomb demanded that to me once really for the same reason, I but there has to timing. Is that something you and I mean if you have a bottle warrant sitting in your car and it's a hot day should you not during their bottled water, because it's been sitting in your car. It's fine can I tell you to drink a you know once, but you know I wouldn't do it all the time. So what happens to the mean the bottle like and in the plastics leech out into the water, and then it affects hormones in some sort of aware, and they ve shown that that mean I'm not expert on I've done a little better rating on us, though I cannot claim to be an expert here, but yeah. They ve shown that you know BP it can have some estrogen mimicking effects, and you know that's particularly, I think turn especially in developing males and
email, you, this t a sixty five stuff. Could someone check it out? Please yeah, but it's about the tell tale me so I'm emailing you that right now cuz I I I had a friend who asked me about it and I didn't know- and I felt like you were the perfect person to throw this box and then Laura. Said Lord ass. Again, I too would like I said I I don't ever buy em somebody. I myself, like I just How can it allow so the zero benefit and using cocoanut overcomes heating oil while if their Lord, I think Lord acids and benefit, but if the empty oil has Lord accident What's the benefit of empty to your overcoat Manuel, I think they just not having the other long term fatty acids and there that's also in hope not oil would be, but others. Train fatty acids beneficial it's just that.
It means that our little lad, so you know bad fat good for the innovative, alright, it's debatable yet. I think So when it comes down to eating a lot of fat, you obviously need that that's important in clusters. For your brain, sixty percent a year brain dry, ways that your cell member me. I hear that you re visions out there. You need cholesterol, you do need cluster. I say that in my act like as a joke the ends that they say now things you don't get close Ronnie have steered. This is what I'm talking about, so I've a little better research and I plan on doing more and actually coming out with like a report on this. But I'll. Just talk about what I have done so like plant, I like to dig really dig. It makes from comprehensive, but some of them when you die just you know, that's you. To make bile assets and in order to make by two to basically it be able to absorb them and
Some of these bile assets that you make when you digest fat are carcinogenic, so dear diet, Oxy colleague, acid dossier is, is one that I'm talking biological So that's kind of liking, everytime you getting fat you're, your bodies, making this dossier which damages dna damaged in Europe through your appeal, also lining you're intestine, so that sort of a drawback, but it doesn't mean, Should stopping fascist means. You should be aware of your eating six Seventy percent fat diet that you might want to consider some of these long term effect. Second, rare had later in life. Also eating fat increases. I do have one because I Jeff I Jeff one is a growth actor. You probably have heard of it, because in the finnish communicates it sort of like a downstream meteor growth hormone Timor always really excited about having why'd you if one, because it helps you Vulcan,
muscle in iron and things like that, but also its. If you have too much of it that you're making over a lifetime, it can into growth signal that a bit cells to overcome the checkpoint talking about earlier worth, where you have these checkpoints, where, if you have some damage, that has a mutation than the cell goes. Time to die, but lots of idea. If one there Oh, I don't have to diamond keep going, so you know it's Kiley correlated with cancer. If one eye Jeff one being in doses is Jeff, one being like where it like what doses are correlated with cancer yeah. That's a good question! so basically people with cancer. They have lake, it's just out of control, so people of gigantic them. They must have an issue with this right. That's that have like they have to mention pituitary clash with we are we, but a few of those guys in mixed martial arts that had cancer, the pituitary gland, and then they had the tumor removed so that they can compete the United States, the
peering overseas and other and or their organizations. I can pride least allow these guys to fight and they would be fuckin these in literally giants. We a guy in them in the sea right now, his name's Bigfoot Silver Antonio big foots over his. He has that disease and he had the tumor, from his pituitary glad, and now he functions on an all basis, but has a supplement is hormones because of that and is a similar thing? I mean we talking about like high idea. One is that yeah well, if you're a lot of growth hormone from year. Pituitary I mean, are they make these periods, people making a lot of growth hormone. Yes, oh yeah, I would assume that I mean that's why their heads or so big and their their bodies are so distorted that yeah, yes, what he looks like now, that's after the tumor removed it's. You know it's really fascinating. Situation cause you look at. The guy is quite obvious that his bodies gone haywire minutes,
skulls enormous! His hands are enormous minutes you to see what it looks like mean here, are the classic very good fighter that actually some people that are making when you're, when you're cute Harry, makes growth hormone and then stimulates deliver to make. I do have one that idea one negatively feedback on the pituitary to shut off the people that have that sort of problem. Don't have that negative feedback and they end up having all sorts of problems for unlike even though I do have. One can actually make your muscles into one sensitive, which has good growth hormone, can cause insulin in insensitivity in, like your liver so they end up getting you now having you know, insensible into an insensitive liver cells, and that's it that's a major problem with and that without an aren't, there are certain amino acids that you could take before you go to sleep that will stimulate your bodies, production of growth hormone. I know now
no, that take protein and fat stimulate the production of. I do have one, but I don't know about certain amino acids. You can take to stimulate growth, whom I do know so there's You know the growth hormone can be increased from exercise and also from the sauna. Oh yeah, the sauna others can increase growth hormone like ass above all, the song yeah yeah. So like it's a good thing to go and also have to work out, it's a great thing to go and the sun after you are really good thing to go in this honour when you're not working out. If your must, if you're injured, because that prevents atrophy of muscles yeah Why that's incredible, and I never heard that before my husband, I we did some experience. I have report coming out on this, and probably in a couple of weeks I can a friend of yours. I think it's might published. On their site, so my yeah somewhat give him an army is TIM Tim?
yeah they're, not I don't let the cat out of the bag, but ere. I did my husband and I did a lot of experimentation with with this on because we used to live next door to wines yea, which had a sauna and so we just go use the sauna, like all the time and from all the research that I that I did to write this article to talk about my experience and an like when I injured. Had some injuries and they can work out. Like a month, and I would do the sauna everyday, and I did not I was not losing my muscle mass like a word of mouth. I wasn't injured, also. It helped me to stress now just no Kelly and stress and being able to focus here. That's incredible, I'm so glad to talk to you today, because I thought the sun was nonsense. Now I was the other day I went to a spot, I got a little massage and then they had a jacuzzi and saw now like goes not stupid. Fuck inside I should I do enough in a hot and there it still
so much wiser doing something. I was just getting you hot and understand what high yeah there's a lot of things going on, but, like all all out either. The link, please do yeah, because low email to mean an altruistic. As we all know, humility could go right to the debate this to my people doing right. Sometimes I refresh my feed and I can't find something somebody sent me because it is too much, but but this its that's a fascinating thing to me that Khazars in the red saunas as well nigh? What's the benefits of that? Yes, we haven't done a ton of research on like the differences between just a normal dry sauna, which most of the studies that I read their meeting normal. Scientists are dry ass, honest awesome, yeah, s honor, I'm just elevating your core body temperature. Basically, I think you know infrared is somehow. Can he you up without some of the damaging effects of the heat I mean I'm not exactly sure. Others say that I haven't done a lot of research on that, but my? U can get infrared sauna
Just like put him in your garage, my inward one, in their garage yeah. Well, we have one that my wife loves and she climbed into it. It's like a bag, it's like it's out. If you wanted, those bags deserve worthwhile. She also stupid. I dont care whether she's gutter, Ipad and she's watching break bad when she's in this fuckin sleeping bag. It's so ridiculous! I'm not sure! If that I think to get seventy benefits. You have to keep pushing a little bit mature if you're, gonna she's push ass she actually gets out of their it's like she's swam in the ocean. She's. Ok, I've seen those on Amazon, but I was, I was, carry the that's a different one. That is, the image shows a different one, the one long while she how she should actually lies down, and it's so silly looking which is ice. It was horseshit. Voodoo had has benefits on the brain, like think about when they exercise you guys, like you, elevating your corbeille handouts, which has its exact, which he has goofy. Comparing our gaze, our has not expose our yeah she's,
Let's get her head and their right to tell her bag overhead. Lady yeah. I think that the head Well, I mean it sounds like there's a great benefit to having one those things, your house, if you have room yeah, totally f you gotta garage, I mean there, they don't take up a lot of space. I did not know. That's incredible. I am so glad to talk to you. I I mean I just went last week to get a massage into looked at that stupid things like that hot would go I wish my Jim had one leg. My Jim now doesn't have one and I miss it Why? So? How does it stimulate human growth hormone? What does it do? You know? I don't know how it does, but they ve measured it. You know they ve measured growth hormone after people of then in the sauna at and is it a temporary benefit of an he s a couple hours after it is like a few what'd you known Jackson, growth hormone. I don't think it last more than a couple of hours either is
unbelievably fascinating it is fascinating, but there is an interesting and I did write a post on this. This trade off on growth hormone. I do have one trade off and that is You know growth hormone and I just want- or in other considered really good anabolic there. You don't help you both muscle. There also good it's good for your brain. You know it helps with no genesis in your brain but there's a trade off. They ve shown that that reducing I, one signalling and lower organisms like worms and flies and also in mice, extends span so few take a mouse and you knock out growth hormone receptor. It can live fifty percent longer. At fifty percent longer like huge increase in lifespan, that doesn't make any sense, because you think the growth hormone would be repairing the muscle issue, and would you would end, and so people actually in people, people that have polymorphism comes in the idea of one receptor. The
Associated with Lake centenarians like living to be I urge you in a hundred gas so and that's all that's mostly mediated through I'm not getting cancer, but there there there is an interesting trade off and I think that in we're organisms, the reason is that, having that used insulin, signalling, helps them deal with stress like there. They have an increase in its Jean expression for various different genes at her. You know anti, in genes like June's meat, glue, defiant reductive and things like that. Also in genes that help them take care of protein and increasing their traffic factors not sure if the same benefits are true in humans and humans. Mostly, I think it's there not getting cancer, because because of having the right to have one well, here's the answered about amino acids and growth hormone. Apparently there was there's a pub bed study on it and
They they're saying that specific amino acids, such as argentine lysine in or a theme missing, orthodox ordinary consumers growth hormone release when infused intravenous ITALY or administered orally many individuals consume amino acids before strength, training, work out believing this practice accentuates the exercise induce growth hormone release, thereby promoting greater gains and muscle mass and strength the growth growth, hormone response to Amino ACID administration is has a high degree of inter individual variability encouragement? That's the first time ever read that forty six I've never read that word inter individual. That's a great word, though, into in India your individual router individual variability and may be altered by training status, age, sex and diet. Although
Parental administration consistently leads to know not parental Perron Terrell parental parental. What is outward p r e en e r L. What is outward parental role? administration considerably Mauritania in particular that it is. It is apparent in you a r e n t e r l in Oh! No! It's out per in all, what's Google, that motherfucker, This is this an age of information, how look up and dictionary? it is administered by or occurring elsewhere in the body than the mouth and alimentary canal. What's the elementary corral can't dammit Their coats fucking, confusing shit
guy anyway blah blah blah blah blah leads to increased, circulating growth, hormone core concentration, oral doses that our great enough to induced significant, growth hormone release are likely to cause stomach discomfort and Diarrhoea Boeing son doing Exercise. Intensity is also a major to determinant of growth hormone release. Although one study showed that argentine infusion can heighten the growth hormone response to exercise, no studies found that pre exercise oral amino acid supplement nation augments growth hormone release. Further. Now, probably appropriately conducted scientific studies, found that oral supplement nation with amino acids which are capable of inducing growth hormone release before strength, training, increases, muscle, mass and strength to a greater extent than the strength, training alone. Who that's interesting. How does that to be contradictory? Doesn't that little bit yeah I'd have to take a look at the study.
It says that the administration consistently leads to increasing circulation of growth, hormone concentration, old doses that our great enough to induce significant growth hormone released are likely to cause stomach discomfort and areas. So that means that if you do that will get more growth hormone. You also get diarrhoea, but doesn't mean it. Works sounds like it means works if you're looking at growth hormones circulating growth hormone as an end point. So how would they know that's where it gets confusing, whether they know that it increases strength or muscle mass to a greater extent in strengthening alone, because a lot of that is variable individual Billy individually as well. Yeah, like one have to do a base that you have to do with the person itself and do their do their bit fine and then what they would do without the amino acid and then there what they do with it? So you'd have to compare each person to their own self. That's the only way to do it right. Yes, I've had friends that can jump.
No, I have a friend who just can't fucking back on muscle. The guy will live with all the time. He lives heavy drowsily. He can't gangway, he gets a little stronger, but he can't pack, our muscle, then I have other friends they just look at ways and biggest grow? It's crazy, like some people did have that metamorphic body structure and they start lifting weights in their muscles just start, expanding and growing, and they start getting bigger and other people that it had. They have that Acta Norfolk thing going on. They just king can't package on so Would you what those factors mean? How you'd have to know exactly who you're doing you'd have really have to judge it increase tensely by the individual right yeah, that's the best way to do it is comparing each person to them their baseline self,
yeah. So that's crazy, though, that growth hormones in mice allow them to live longer, and the Congress is true also if you overcome, if you make a trench ethnic mouse in over, expressed the growth hormone like their expressing lots of it, they live fifty percent shorter. Why so? It's on? It's it's an interesting! It's interesting trade off. You know because often times, growth hormones, except I mean associated with where you want more of it, because you're a growth hormone levels go down as you Asian caused. Much muscle atrophy in your brain me, no brain atrophy ins and intends to so it's I think it it has to do with more of supra physiological levels of growth hormone like people better, and growth like people, that body elders their adapting like ten units, diarrhoea trader and they get those big bellies from so you know, like I said if your, if your, when you make come on, come Harry and then that stimulates
Jeff one to be two men lever that then inhibits production of more growth hormones that feedbacks air for a reason and so if you just keep injecting you sort of overcoming that feedback, because well your body is you're you're, giving at growth hormones not making more even others idea if one interesting shut it off. You're saying no. I want more one of his everyone. Any studies on people like body builders that are taking massive amounts of growth hormone were long periods of time. Because read this thing: would Doreen regular guy, all my god. That's guys and monster there's not what's his name, the right woman Ronnie common yeah he's for Mr Olympia, and I think he probably takes a truck load of pharmaceutical drugs every day in order to achieve that physique, but stomach? That's like apparently want to things. It happens when you take massive amounts of growth hormone. Is they they literally bulge out like their pregnant wow,
love to see someone study that see what happens. Those guys when they do that overlong tat would be a really interesting study, while the boy the building industry or the body building as sport is so fascinating to me, because essentially you're dealing with these chemical projects, because that's what they are, their chemical objects. They're, not humans mean when you look at a guy like Ronnie comment! You don't get that big a normal guy doesn't get that big mean you can get big. I had a friend who was a total natural bodybuilder, this photos of him and his got that's crazy, it's so bizarre and I used to think that that was just big stomach muscles. I think They did a abso stomach muscles are huge and tie actually read that Organs grow because of all the the hormones at their own fucking, Greece, hillocks pregnant. Looking how pregnancy That's so strange, like I said
I know it can cause. I insulin resistance, never yeah! people get diabetes from the over use of growth hormones. Now the the idea that there is a hostile a dedicated to shoot in as many chemicals into your body. In turn, you into some freak a science. That's a strange sports strange, but you know this is there's a bit of a trade off. His people are broken up in there, it left in Lhasa, weighed and other than that the trader at the expense of you know a few years of my life I think the so far gonna rather be huge, Blagonravov huge. What do you You think about that. This well desktop Bible What do you think about the studies that have been done on? What is that did the thing that happens to cows, God, I'm tryin, to remember the exact function. There's something that happens websites and it happens to cows
say, an accidental aspect of of breeding that causes two miles down. Inhibitors he didn t know about now oh great damage to you, the fantastic something. Happens. Pull up, my Staten Inhibitor dog, it's a whip Apparently, it occurs like quite frequently these dogs and they don't look real. They look like incredible hulk dogs and what it is or something I don't mind. Standing I'll tell you right now miles. Staten inhibitor dogs tore look at a dark, that's real! We crap wholly crap. Indeed, yeah, double muscled cattle? It happens in cows, all the time, miles tat misfortunes? It actually occasionally takes place in human beings. There was a boy in Germany that An issue with
I'll stand, inhibitors pulled up boy in Germany, boy, Germany and he that that's a cow that as and dumb there done it in mice, fascinating thing about their mom inducing this in Mises at the mice lived longer, they didn't just live longer. There were fucking huge. There were like super mice, yeah look at this boy. This is a baby look at the fuckin muscles and this kid look at his legs were He looks like an affluent you pulled up and now study was that with your eyes, look at them ice Double must have announced that lives choices on that fascinating yeah, I'm unbuckling out look into the habit. I still don't know exactly what my own standards airport the thing about the mice yeah, I'm pretty sure they live longer.
This is hard to do. Why are actually trying to do apologize. Say may have this how we rocket? Here, though we do, it live casually in it being barking up like that is associated Lemming, yet order gas life. Yes, that's fascinating, yeah here is a mile Staten. Yeah there's some apparently this quite a few. Studies that have been done, Just on the mice, but also on dogs and cattle, to try to figure this stuff out. This is fascinating. Yeah if you D, like a pdf, just like what is. The man Stan walk at unwitting areas here, ok, abbreviated, stand also known as growth growth differentiation factor. Eight abbreviated, JD, F, eight Protein than in humans is included by the M S, tea
Jeanne MILES Tat is a secreted growth differentiation factor. That is a man. Of the tv F beta protein family that inhibits muscle differentiation and growth in the press this known as mild Genesis Mile Staten is pretty is primarily in skeletal muscle. Cells circulates in the blood and acts on muscle tissue by binding ACE bound receptor called the active in type two receptor and Anna lacking milestone or animals treated with substances that block the activity of milestone, have significantly larger muscles, and this could be of economic. Benefit to livestock industry. However, these animals require special care and feeding with offs which offsets the potential omg. Eventually that boy since anything about their lifespan. Look at that boys body! What the Work is going on there. That boy is yoked. I do now want to go to school decade command,
bombed out, you'd be fewer. Both ten in Europe why is Billy? Have a fuckin, twelve pack can I look like a girl, as ridiculous. I mean. What is it I mean I wonder if they can allow him to write Russell and do athletics. That seems fair we'll play take other kids and hurled them across the room. He's gonna be the arc of life that has fastening I'm gonna dig. Yeah really interesting understand some of the mechanisms so the gene encoded milestones discovered in ninety. Ninety seven by geneticists doctors say gin, Lee and Alexander Mcferrin, who also produce a strain of Newton mice that lack the gene and that these mice of approximately twice as much muscle as normal mice. Incredible.
About, but I don't know why it happens all the time and whip. It's the dog that one whip it, but it does happen in humans really really amazing. Stuff very interesting, yeah. But these these sort of things it made. It makes you wonder what is that the mouse body? Would they killed it? they killed. It just shows its muscle, but how can I get off the skin a rude college, is taking a picture of your fuckin crazy. These are the ones who are the mile Staten dogs. Apparently they socked as runners, their appearance, significantly more muscular, it's the working classes, about muscle and as an issue that comes up and mixed martial arts all the time and I talk about all time in commentary. Is that you can't just pack
all that muscle and not have sort of there's a point of diminishing returns. It's good have some muscle, but the normal so have the more. You have muscle, that's demanding fuel and you have the same here: in the same longs, its pumping out two more tissue, and it just it's just matter of resources, may you have only finite amount of auction, they can taken the single breath and is distributed. Through all this tissue, all his extra muscle and had it real has a significant factor on peoples and endurance, especially now flags Ariel too is our real human. That's all! shop at all. Now it may not be man what there am I not be Photoshop man what they can do? Today's is really really really bizarre artist. I don't think they live longer, but they don't work. That's not a mile stallion guy, that's just a guy
taking drugs. I don't think that's the last I'm going to write. I don't think it has ever been a human. That's lived. I think it's a really recent thing. Distribution to see what their might account you're doing you know you're mitochondria, when you're exe, sizing when you're barking up must holier inducing A kind of Bio Genesis does not ready. We will do this better both cases where they ve documented children have it in two thousand for german boy was diagnosed with a mutation in both copies of the milestone and producing Jean making him. Considerably stronger than his peers, as mother has a mutation in one copy of the gene and a Two thousand five and american boy was diagnosed with clinically similar vision, but with somewhat different cause, his it produces a normal level of functional milestone, but because he is stronger and more muscular than most others. His age. The doctors believe that a defeat in his milestone. Receptors prevents is
muscle cells, from a spy responding normally to milestone, and that is what I have heard, that they are trying to develop a more stand. Inhibitor- and that I'll stand and producing I'll stand and regulating the size we muscle tissue. If they can come up with a milestone inhibitor, it would increase the the size of your muscles. I don't know if that's a good thing I mean doesnt seem much yeah. Well, it seems like it would help some people there enough they have like wasting disease or something along those lines by re. It's gonna be really interesting, though, that when they start coming up with like Jean doping for that- and they said giving its wrestlers or football players long longnose. Why? Because it seems like anything that the body so significantly as he snapped rose mice or those Dogs someone's gonna, take that There are some online, absolutely there's a guy lining up right now, we really in his pants and is ready to adjust,
shoot at in there and make up for every day they can have a try it out you now. Is who well do you follow genetic manipulation or studies on genetic manipulation in the potential for what their, whether figuring out these days as it seems incredible, and it seems that the The future is going to be so Bizarre when you deal with the the idea that the experts No in the ability to adapt to change things into alter the human body is just going to get. New is honest. Society allows this research to continue as on society allows. You know, Lisbon on Belarus What's that this work is going to continue to go on just gonna, be more breakthroughs, is gonna, be more significant, increases in their the capacity for change and leaned. Who knows what the Fuck is going to be like just a decade. Two decades from now yeah I'd like to see some, we ve already made some major advances.
The stem cell research, which to me is one of the most important you now, because if you can, if we can get to the point, where we can replace, are damaged. Motor neurons are, you know, makes we're, not getting Parkinson's disease? I mean, I think, that's a huge. That's that's a huge thing and in helping sixteen to extend the quality of our life yeah, you know cause you don't want to nurture disease known. That that's suddenly down in a minute discern things you can do in your near lifestyle to try to not get one, but it be. It be pretty sweet to have some genetic breakthroughs in these stem cell therapies and we're making progress. We just were not there I would like to see a study on someone who follows the exact protocol that science that someone like you would prescribed to him or her and that they do it over a long period of time and they have a twin that doesn't do right. You know why
they do, and they do some of those studies where they looking at specific. You know things like specific vitamins or exercise or things like that, but long term study where you're looking at multiple changes, I would love to see that as well. They are one Emerson drinks. One person doesn't want personalities, they did this study. I didn't monkeys now enables like it twenty seven year experiment I think, where they so called restriction is known to extend lifespan in lower organisms and also in this monkey monkeys. They did where. If you give em, I gave a monkey thirty percent less food than it would normally eat. So you basically let the monkey decide what it would eat and then you say a camera. I want to give them thirty percent. Less of that. You know every day and they did this for like twenty seven years, can you pull it? Can you do it
search on. Caloric restriction, monkeys and dislike pull up the image that compares them. That has a big impact that it has a huge impact on the way they age these monkeys. Are they get age, related diseases, less cardiovascular disease? Last cancer brain atrophy nurture of disease is less, would significantly smaller, monkeys were not significantly smaller, but they looked significantly better so that's crazy. They weren't smaller, worrying. Look better. There's one picture I think: there's one were there like four pale with seems like the right on one on the right is obese, though ok yeah there picked that they want to or panel that one so These monkeys are actually image here and that monkey on the left did that's monkeys in its old age? Twenty seven have here, and had a normal by, like it's just eaten what its normal amount of food. And unlike the right has been given thirty percent less food every day. For, like its twenty seven point five,
That's incredible! I think right away better way. That are I mean you can just how by the way, looks he's aging matter, but he has to say body it's actually. He looks more muscular yeah. So it's didn't. He looks like he's, lost, less muscle, less much muscle atrophy, I mean so what they found. They ve done like these, Jean profiling expression areas where they can measure like thousands of different genes at once, and they ve seen that color restricting action change. The expression in like thousands of genes out like you know, genes are involved in you know Protein degradation protein synthesis, like all these things are changed in these colored restriction. Monkeys genes that are involved in like growth factors in the brain does are brain or climate origins are down regulated so like twenty seven, years left less of constant inflammation going on, and so there's it's. It's very interesting:
how and there's a couple of theories as to why these monkeys age, better? Why colored restriction you know is, can can help the way you age in one of the big theories out there? Is that this their sort of like a hermetic respond? So for me, This is basically, we have a low level of stress like a little bit of stress and that less than hopes you. I changes expression of genes that are involved and stress until you basically can then deal with stress that so it's kind of like conditioning your body to deal with stress by giving it a little bit of stress This kind of the same thing with a lot of legs, Zena Bioethics, like plant, Polly, phenol catkins, these sorts of things- that's how they work they. Actually, you know they induces hermetic response for the increased expression of stress resistant genes that we have in our body that help us deal with protein stress with no react vocs.
Species rests with all these different types of stress and because we are increasing the expression of those genes, we're dealing with stress, better every single you know every single day and that in that case you know for twenty seven years and so it's very whole idea of. For me, this is very interesting, where you're sort of giving your body a little but distress like exercise stresses little bit stressing it does the same thing, but that whole field of epic genetics is just so fascinating. How you know things that you eat what you do can actually change the expression of genes in this actually affects the way you age. And really what's interesting now, and does it affect the way you age and affects the way your children that you haven't had yet h? You know so Are you familiar with what epigenetic said? Yes, I am able to please explain for people might not be so. You know, Abbe. Genetics is basically causing a change in your
Jeanne their factors that sit on top of your genes. Basically, to give you a very simplistic, topical view: they sit on top your genes and like methyl groups or assimilation groups, and they turn they act. Debate your genes and when they activate your genes, they turn em on, and so the genes become what's called express their expressing the genes when their expressing genes they're doing with respect to do and other, there's can sit on top of them internum off and even though the still there it's like it's not there, because it's it's not being expressed, but these factors don't actually altered. The DNA nucleotides sequence like a mutation one, so that's France, a mutation, changes the dna, nucleotides sequence, epigenetic factor this thing:
be modulated and its. It doesn't change the sequence adjust to changes, how much that gene is being active or not active and Andy's. These epigenetic marks are regulated by what we eat by stress by exercise by all these. You know various factors, our environment, and so that's that's one study or they ve changed in June expression from kullak restriction they ve done I heard some on your podcast talk about this study. The swiss swedish study, that was, there's been a few that has been done where in in Sweden, they keep like extensive records of peoples. You know their theirs records of what they eat. What disease they ve had throughout their life when they were born, if they would deprive what they died of, I mean they're, very extensively records on people and also they have extensive like agricultural records, so they can say like during this part of you know the country at the time of the year. There was a lot of famine or there is a lot of you know, there's a great
crop harvest, and so particularly the northern part of Sweden, called nor button. Sweden back in my fingers, like the eighteen hundreds they they look back there during this period of time. For whatever reason it was hard to get out there, and so people really dependent on the crops that were there. So if there was a good, a lot of crops and was good harvest, people really gorge themselves, they ate the over eight and if people, if the harvest was bad, there is a famine and people really the sort of her color glare, restricted, they'd they basically didn't get to eat. Is much and so out of his sweeter sciences, have looked scientist side to look back and see what what effects that have on future generations. So it's kind of like is there trans Generational in Abidjan Netteke effect on long jeopardy. So let's look at these people that grew up during the famine versus feast years and let's look at their children. Their grandchildren see what diseases they had or what how long they lived
and you know it's not like. Incredibly, it's not like a controlled study. I mean it's very correlative and there's a lot of factors missing, but it still very interesting. What they found is that males that were between the ages of nine and twelve, and if they live during the, if they were nine and twelve during the famine years, they had shown run and grandchildren that lived on average about seven years longer than the grandchildren of those I grew up during the abundance years and when they, acted for socio economic status, meaning okay, rich people, kind of eight. Well, no matter what, when you correct for that, when you have people from the same socio economic status, those her grandchildren of the men that were between the ages of nine twelve during famine years, lip thirty two years longer, which is like crazy increase in life Ben, and they also they had more studies coming out where those grandchildren had were one fourth, less likely to get type two diabetes and also cardiovascular diseases, so like why? Why do you have a baby?
between the age of nine and twelve and a male tat. You know why growing up during that part of the famine. How does that affect your your grandchildren's lifespan and we can't? We can't really tell you why. But there is some sort of theories as to wine during that time. Here, there's something you know: you're prepare Saint re read before you actually get get that growth spurt and they think there's something to do with the sperm dna. That gets changed a little bit of stress that little bit of poor me says pop. Possibly a little bit stress changes the Expression in your genes, sperm genes and I could passed on so it's fascinating, so much to learn still about the human body. I feel like we're in great time in comparison to other, civilizations and you look back and what they use do for medicine what were aware of now, but I feel like a hundred yours now they re laughing at us right, yeah know it's some. You know I think the future is prevented,
listen. You know and there's gonna be some breakthroughs eventually in things like stem cell therapy, but I think diet attrition. These things are what we can do now, that's what we can do now we have control over and an absolute Lee has been shown to affect the way we age period. So we know this. So, let's, let's implemented must educate people. Let's do it. You know as a two waiting around for some scientific breakthrough. That may or may not happen in your child's during your child lifetime. So there there's just no telling you know going to happen, but we do know right now that we can control certain things. You know in the way we age through through our diet and lifestyle, and and that's that's what we need to start going on. I want to mention another really cool thing about its epigenetic think its internal market for a little bit more towards Europe. So this them back to the EP. Genetics study, something even as complex is like learning in memory can be modulated by
your environment. This was a mouse study where they took minds. That word trench cynically a modular, to get neurodegenerative disease and so but these mice, usually when we work with my eyes there in his cage that it's like, has bedding and has some food and water. That's about it. Lot of stimulation, alot of exercise, control events. I bet they took these mines and they put him in what we call and enriched environments. They give Molly's toys that stimulate at various regions in their brain, like the cognitive region, motor region. The matter sensory regions and what they found. That is my scored better on learning memory test and another one today score better and moaning memory task? They they increase expression of a gene, that's involved a long term temptation long term Jason's signal that making when you're learning you need to remember things, you know, but the really interesting, about this study was that these mines that were genetically engineered, Neurodegenerative disease had offspring mice that were also genetically engineered,
an urgent or disease, but were not put and enriched environments. They were put in that boring cage or they had no stimulation, but they had still increase that long term pronunciation. Gene that epigenetic factor was passed on. In this case it was for the egg to the female line to the offspring, mice, we had the same learning memory benefits, even though they didn't really want expose our environment, something just just having cognitive stimulation. Just using your brain, worn, exercising more, can affect the expression of your dream and not can actually get passed on that so far ass, it is fascinating so like it is that one of the reasons why athletes tend to develop athletes for children is that one of the reasons why really intelligent people tend to have intelligent children like is possibly it now just environmental and educational, but epigenetic says well right I mean Certainly, in other environment plays a component in those things, but you know the Abbe Genetics were just we're, just sort of syrup starting to understand epidemics and how it works, and it's complicated.
It's not easy to study, but you know it's yeah There is certainly a role for four epidemics and that so it's it's fascinating, so fascinating guys, it's very fast it's so fastening when you stop and think about how much we're going to learn. You know what we know now and what we're going to learn. It's incredible! It's it's incredible juice think about the potential for Ray engineering. The human body mean that's it like we're going to be able to do all these things were doing the mice, give them double muscles and re Megan, fuckin smarter, where we're gonna be, will do that people. I make a doctor Manhattan hammer from the movie. The watchman we're gonna, make a doktor manette gonna happen. There's gonna be a guy one day. That's the omnipresent super being that becomes a god. We're gonna fuck up make God,
you know I'm I'm trying to. I try to do what I can to make myself work better and you know cognitive, wise and you know, and also tried to basically age better. So you know it certainly like we can do things like now. Budgets reality. Using genetically changing someone's, like literally leg genome, making give making someone's muscle I like that by giving them inhibitor under certain milestone, receptor man, that's like hard core stuff that yeah You know we don't really know what the effects are. Gonna be doing things like that long term, Samson Army of Super beings, so it's gonna be theirs Doktor Manhattan, that's we're going to have Can we run and shit in a hundred years? That's our new president. As long as this really intelligent. Let's make his brain like super awesome from document was really intelligent, unfortunately, to intelligent so intelligent. This sort of like factored in a lot of things like well. You know people, a people die now
remorse and guilt and all these things are really just by products of here. Culture and correlation to you. Cause and effect in our reactions to each other. They mean it took away all the joy and fund the zest of life. We got a low but to intelligent rate that Brown The problem slowly. I remain people just smart enough, but not too smart, whether they realize what the fuck and point you live. Die you're, just a finite organism. Unusual live forever, the planet doesn't forever rights and what he would do here. Many have conversations really intelligent people, they talk about the futility of life and, unlike your problem, might be to focus more than you think large or maybe not even to smart, but your thing too much about stuff that really you can't control, and maybe the other smart enough to realise that the Zol silly yeah thinking about you can't control sometimes that that over, like That is what I call oecd spikes, whereas if I'm sure
I've on the highway I started. Imagine all the possibilities that can happen like all the things that can happen with all the cars and it like those theirs whence, where it's so overwhelming rights can't dear, I can't drive like it's too though in it like likes, my husband ends up driving me around a lot to stir it arrived true story. It is like the either that what I often do as I like to live five minutes from where I work that way, don't ever after yet on the highway, because have to think about all the things that can happen when I'm on the highway you now it's wow smart to draft and of its that I sometimes obsess over what I can't control and the value of theirs like all these people and make their during all these things. And all this could happen all these possibilities- and you know when it's like ok it took overload. I had a moment when my first daughter was born where
when I was in the hospital in the the moment she came out of the box. I was thinking like how many different people are being born right now, simultaneously all around the world and if could see that a giant screen I mean it would look like invasion of babies. If you could see the millions of people no doubt being born all over the world at the same moment just blow to shoot not of a giant as bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. My may just would be so and then I got over it. I got over I'm glad we have that ability to get out some of that staff, because its overwhelming children moment it's gang fairy overwhelming. Isn't there sort of the issue with what what what one of the main issues with pink. Tension too much too bad things in the news, and I've talked about
many times I think we have a real problem with digesting seven billion people's worth of problems, because any I'm something spectacular or horrific comes up all over the world we get it and we absorbing, and it's sort of alters our idea of what the world is. All the world is a scary place and fill with evil the really the numbers are pretty against that. The numbers like, throughout your day you parents very little violent re. Throughout your day, you experienced very little horrific crime, it's very, very rare in most parts of America, unless you live in a terrible neighbourhood to experience the kind shit, you see on your news, feed or twitter feed all day, every day it's not an accurate expression, because its He's done such an insane number that you're not supposed to be Coralie, and you not supposed to be looking at a seven billion people number so ass. We looking at a tribe of a hundred fifty people mean that's what
brain. That's that's with the Dunbar's number is that's we don't. We don't really know what the fuck did. You do with seven billion people's worth of information, so we become these paranoid masses when we start thinking about all this horrible share this happening, but you're talking about a fucking, planet worth new, literally a plan worth of information. Now it's like that's the same sort of thing. This just freaking out think about all the variables they can control it. We're not designed for that May is it possible that we will get the Genetics of living in this life will alter our genes and our expression of our genes, so that we can accept. This kind of information is that something we're gonna like will start to. Absolutely stress, does epigenetically change expression of our genes, so you know it's. Your tabloids are fucking as of right right,
you know, I don't listen the tabloids, but I am sure there or even just fearmongering you know just going on at the Alex Jones website, just paying attention to all these people, our doom and gloom new world order their fuckin Come trails of puttin, casket So in the famous camps and getting ready to mass kill people, it is it's definitely changing. The expression of your genes, shared stresses, distresses, doing some sheds. It's also shortening your team mayors level need that biogas I want to. I fucking eat like a pig hats, a problem on a diet? I e enough for like two or three people like what? de, I did everything I need whatever is in front of whenever you mobs out a problem. I work out a lot and because of that I am always hungry, but I a lot. I so much sometimes wages. Don't believe me. I can we go after shows like we'll. Do I two or three shows a night I'll, two like entrees and then a bunch advertising and I've had
people say that's too much all that the wager soul say that's too much like key becoming, don't worry about it and put it down that's a lot of food to entrees jolly regularly to countries and that after having to other meals usually yeah, but it's better if I'm working out, if I'm working out and our work at the same time, two things happened the day, my appetite, he's just insane adjust its of a pit that this can't be filled Well I mean your body needs the and we know how long does Europe die younger? I'm not gonna be like to cool older mouse re cool, older monkey. That's gonna, shit together, re back, you know it. Take it down not there They're trying to do some of these colored restriction studies in humans to see you know what gave its if it's the same, and you know, of course doing the longevity studies genetic can forever. So that's the tardy they're doing kind. A year long study and looking at specific and points and in their funding. Some things- are a little different actually from from from the Mason and from the monk.
Yes, I'm sure and there's gotta, be a difference between monkeys in human beings, a pretty profound differences forest. What our needs are nutritionally and also they wouldn t. The idea of stress, because we can but a conception of stress, in a way that they can mean that their dealing with the media threats only right there, not conceptualize man about over the forever man. Looking duration, is we man? That's not that's, not their re. Anyone it I've Keynesian heard shit man with my wife, cheat mommy than it did not think it about any these they would have fired, did not think it of any. These have anything other than a media concerns which is kind of what we're designed for right. I mean when you look the genes of human beings and the of time that we ve been in this particular type of society and the IMF, of time that we ve been essentially hunter. Gatherer is in its favour, no comparison. We have just long stretch of time where we
just living a very specific way, and then, over the last couple, a hundred years, things radically shift very strange, a new direction, and then we find cells, where we are now from the invention of the printing press to the Fucking Twitter feeds and owners of three printers freaked me out, man we're just gonna start making guns they are actually and ass. I was funding and steady they're trying to three d print non living Bio molecules like woodchips, unlike dental on Amazon oh, it's kind of cool vertical yeah. So so that's that's gonna. Now its funding, some really cool stuff and other illegal study I saw recently they took a cancer cells and they culture them in space, They wanted to see if space Abby, genetically change, the expression. Jeez and that this will have any effect they found it did that gravity did effect actually genes that are involved in metastasis and when you can
culturally cells in space. It down, regulates genes involved metastasis than this cancer cells become less aggressive. So then they took these cells like ok, well, there's a million different things that we get could be happening in space. Is it the gravity years at that Cosmo raise or something, and so they culture them than in and they centrifuge them they spent and they spend on certain rotation per minute too late copy. Your mimic, this microgravity, and they had this. They found the same effects will literally you like gravity change the expression of these genes, Walton Metastasis, so yeah, cancer. Maybe you know correspondence base. Wow. Ours is very letting the top of the mountain. I'm just wondering where they're gonna go with that. Next I mean it's like ok. Well, that's interesting finding, but are we really going to rotate, for you? Have cancer skit? It's it's system! some interesting stuff with them is also the issue. Worry. You can't really go to space for very long anyway, because We do, though, to space body, isn't really biased.
Not designed to being a zero gravity environment. We Doktor Chris Commander Chris Hatfield on the podcast. When the guy's haven't egos These were higher sixty six days, some crazy, like that, and he came back and he was describing the the horrific moment moments. Where he first stepped out of the the the potter whenever it is that you landed and was walking on the ground for the first time, getting nauseous and throwing up in your body just so not used to being in, gravity and standing on the ground. You been floating around for so long. Your bodies is totally baffled and he said it was. Rick, I thought had been a wonderful experience. What was it like when you finally touch them? The ground you been up in space were so. Why is it is unbelievably awful la you ass? You, your body, just in chaos, doesn't know what you ve been doing this whole time.
The crazy, the bodies crazy, he's, very crazy and its fair it. It does adapter mean there's things at her. Does adapt its so endlessly fascinating it, so Emma fascinating. When you find out what has been learned about the body, how many studies have been done, what what information is out there and then yet? How much? We need to learn how much There is to know how much there is discovered. This we're not even Klaus we're not even close we're just learning, which is again and white, so infuriating when you read vitamins, don't work case closed right, fuck, you round. Now, it's not it's not that simple lot of item do work and there's been a law studies showing that they work, whilst not an accident that we ve isolated vitamin c it's on the accident that we know that violence be twelve, gives your energy mean. These is science that created all this. So all these no nonsense, people there is a lot of fuckers when it comes to vitamins. There's a lot of fucker you when it comes to nutrition. You you you're always reading about some. You know four,
claims that that you know this company has that company has these pills, however, though you here you we hear about things all the time and it comes nutrition supplement Haitian, especial when it comes to athletics, implementation, things that are purported to deliver You know amazing muscle growth or you know they found that a lot of those things that are poor did give Moscow growth or erection pills, a perfect example. You know what those things arm and you mean There's a sea Alison Viagra. They just sell that they sell it at some herbal supplement, but they put in pharmacies, gold, drugs they get there by that, should in bulk and they sell it actually does work. But their former suitable drugs, but because of the fact that the restrictions are so small and the bear or the other punishment of doing that is so small. We add a hobby Marcus in from my on it, who is, grabbing the whole process of one on one of these companies gets caught selling Viagra as one of these herbal sex stimulants yeah. They just
get a like a little fine, so they change the name. They open up under different companies go right back at it and they just have the rocket deck or whenever the frank I mean there was a study they came out not long ago. They showed that legs. Seventy percent of like herbal supplement on the market are aren't actually what you think they are. So other cases, people just putting some other plain in their. It's, like you, think, you're getting. You know I can assure you know when it's it's like some other crap, and so that's like as a whole an opening for people to actually do like some dna bar coating, where you can actually test what's in a supple man and insert accompany words like I've, I've, chastity supplement and there actually, what there's thing they're supposed to be. You know because it's like you, ve got a huge problem when people are trying to buy certain supplements and then not even getting what they think they're biting regard this of whether or not does any signs to back up with what they think, thereby using doing anything. The point is they should be getting what they think they're getting in there.
Course, is a huge issue of homeopathic cures, which are mostly nonsense. There's a huge which homeopathic industry this essentially selling you sugar, Ray or sell. You total bullshit there is a recent study on homeopathic. The actual ingredients in some homeopathic cures and a lot of it was, sugar, there are literally selling sugar pills, yeah there's a difference, between. You know not having vitamins and minerals and fatty acids, and your day and things that can you know it fix your immune system and affects cognitive flung. It affects all these different things, and then Taking all this other crap that I don't know you, people like the egg. The idea of some exotic thing isolated from somewhere in its like. Oh it does this, because the exotic and you know the reality is people they should be. Focusing what they're not getting that essential for things that we know that essential for the inner proteins. By work and so that the latter that homeopathic stuff it
its mixed in with the vitamins and minerals to, and that's really irritating cause. It's really. There are two different things, yeah there's russian nutrition and, like this homeopathic, yeah There's a lot of nonsense. If your interested, not just Google homeopathic medicine, sugar pills and all other studies, or is this a lot of different stuff on on sugar pill? Actually, they ve shown they ve done its placebo effect. That is using sugar fell pills where they publish Like you, I ve, given someone a placebo, I mean that's. The whole point of the study was not for the person can do it did not know who had to perceive. It was ok, let's see if the placebo fact is real, absolutely Israel. I mean there people people if they think you're going something they will experience, something you know it's real to them in and actually they they dont get sick as much as they feel better. So there's
definitely something to be said for a sugar pale and maybe that's part of the success of things like homeopathy, yeah. That's really confusing! Isn't the possible fact is absolutely fascinating, that you can send the mind a signal or or instilled in mind by taking a pill and then the mind, believes that medicine is there and then conducts business as if this new found healing property exists, ya know and its Israel perceive effect is ray, and we don't know why. Right I mean I and really done a ton of research into understanding. Why, but yeah it is it's interesting, how you're your brain, can you know make here make yourself think that something's working in you, you actually can force yourself too. To be healthier, I mean so it's fast It is very, very, very fast, standing endlessly endlessly. So we in the EU, and being a site in body, is to me essentially like the most incredibly complex computer ever and we don't have a guide, but for right now in this
we're just talking about the physical aspects of forget about managing your mind raging you thought process which also can lead to a lot of ailments and income. Thinking and thinking we absolutely apps, I mean when I started getting when I started researching these Studies on the effects of you know depleting tripped. From your brain and how, like normal people, all the a sudden become like impulsive, repulsive leg. You know, violence and impulsive neighbours in recidivism. So they like they'll, do these ass, for they are punished for doing something wrong and now and I'll keep repeating the same thing I mean I was like I can't believe you can change someone's behaviour by depleting tripped a fat like that's that was really no amazing to me and and You know the way that nutrition affects your brain function. Genuine behaviour is really interesting to me because me. It suggests that we have to some degree some control over our cognitive functions behaviour, and I think that we should be optimizing that as much as we can to you know, perform better to have
at our continent skills and to also better society by behaving better. You know so you today they ve done studies with like schoolchildren without giving them like omega three fatty acids and Malta vitamins and its absolutely no affected there if their iq scores in some cases by legs. Magic bags and even affected juvenile delinquency and juvenile guides. Its defected affected juvenile delinquency. There's been studies showing that giving these these people multivitamin and omega three fatty acid. So it's hard to pinpoint what specifically in it, but I think it's a combination of everything, because these we are all working together but its affecting their. What I think happening, as you know, is also affecting their serotonin, and so there you know they're, not. There are not, as in serve their there. You know it's more long term thinking. There is its its aims really fascinating that you can actually through nutrition effect. Someone's behaviour there's enough study where they had given prisoners are made,
three fatty acids and it affected their aggressive outbursts. You know because that's enough, that's other topic you know you ve got: a population of well that's incarcerated and knows what they are getting fat probably deficient in me. For micro nutrients, including omega three fatty acids, invite him. Unquestionably, we had a guy on recently This kid warm issue of memory fighter John Coping avers, his real name. Warm machines is fighting name prickly, and he was talking about a year that he did in prison where they they gave him fifteen hundred hours a day, and it was horrible nutrition and just how's bodies, it was wasting away because of it. Yeah see this is like to see you know were spending money to keep people in prison. No, Why not give them give bringing the proper nutrients. They need to try to heal itself to try to make it work better. You know you're talking silly, because you're talking about a person wants a fixed people that is trying to make money. They don't the care when you're dealing with private
prisons are also dealing with our present. Guard unions and are trying to keep people in presence of the have prison guards that have jobs in the EU, not dealing with a whole system where the entire system is dedicated to actually rehabilitating people that sort of bullshit. They pretend it is that's just a system with someone someone can start accompany. You know that that that donate, that base is a charity that we give em to these people donate money and we give people these by men's he's a mega three and vitamin d and multiplied amends imprison. People are not going to buy they're gonna, say: listen if you want to give people nutrients and vitamins give it the poor people give it the poor people that having committed crimes stunted, give it the prisoners, don't try to fix prisoners. I see what you're saying I see your point of view, but I I see how we're going to say if you're gonna start somewhere, don't start with people at a very fact that we should definitely star with we should deafening, given the poor people. Also, I mean you know need to make sure that that, despite these people that can afford to you know ye
these greens and fish every day. They we can at least give them me no official pill, and you know about it Deep Helen multivitamin to help give given some of those micro nutrients shakily, the children that are not doing well and on their cognitive tests and having behavioral problems and in take people don't want to Think about the fact that nutrition plays a role in that it's not just all genetics, it's not all environment, and you know in terms of being like. Abused, or I mean that definitely plays a role for sure. Or is there is a component of nutrition that we can me no control to some degree and it's a cheap. It's a cheap solution. Vitamins aren't that expensive I mean, Relatively speaking, you can. You can get and omega three power, Vitamin depot multivitamin, and it's not that much money amount now there was something else you so that you wanted to talk about the Dave Aspirate, so that was incorrect of genetic tests that swedish daddy. I listen to the people, cast
you had some time ago and if he's got get information on owner in us say otherwise, but I M just that, wanted to correct that, because he had said that the the children from the well FED the ones were gradual, the welfare of children lived lot got tapped United. These last. That was completely wrong. It was the up Yeah he's a collector of interesting ideas and although I like the guy, he gets shit wrong and I dont know If he's always that good about recognising when he has done that and correcting himself We we ve, got a real issue with him, as of lately because of micro toxins. Are you aware the whole issue of Michael Times a little bit about it, I am not concerned about Michael toxins in coffee, I'm workin turned about not getting my or three in all the other micro nutrients and involved in and I mean asked
talks and certainly something I don't want, but that's the yeah so Micro, taxes and in peanuts are a real issue as well and corn. That's that's another real issue here, The issue This guy is selling coffee and now we're selling this coffee through on it. That was supposed to be the cure. To this issue as the carve micro toxins know, you're, actually drinking Hawaiian, Corona Coffee, then I started drinking. I, sir drinking right after we got our results back on the micro toxin tests set his his tension was that seventy plus percent, whatever it was of all coffee, is infected with Michael toxins, and they make you sick and make the coffee tastes better. Them it is bad enough to make you feel bad. I took too much of this face value in Paradise. The things that he said and then We decided to start looking into it ourselves while they ve,
about migratory birds and coffee for a long time. There's a pub med study from nineteen eighty amount, Michael toxins in coffee. It's always been an issue, but they ve been able to resolve that issue with wet processing the wet processing the they know how good coffee providers know how to eliminate this from coughing. We too did for random coffees will to random one Starbucks one random bag from whole foods, one coffee that we sell, which is the upgrade. Coffee the Dave produces, which is good good, single source, coffee and another one called caveman coffee. None of them tested positive for micro toxins. And so you have. Seventy percent of our car coffee is Michael toxins and we had three bags other than the upgraded coffee none of them are taking is upgraded quote on call bulletproof process which result. You know he won't reveal what this process as publicly, and so I kind of feel like it might theirs. Some bullshit there for sure it's, not
it's an there's no way we're just gonna have funds for bags of coffee intestine, so our front, Tate runs bullet coffee. He tested two bags and his coffee And this upgraded coughing, allegedly he found below threshold levels of Michael toxins in Dave's coffee, so didn't you know, I didn't conduct our task now is an apartheid, as I don't know, if it's right, but what the fuck like. I feel like when, you're a guy who's running on and doing these kind of interviews and spewing out all these facts. You have to be really. Fucking careful you now you have to be we fuck and care for the way saying is true, and if what yours turns out to not be accurate, and I find that your profiting from what you're saying it becomes. It becomes bad. Comes a real problem and that's where we are with this upgraded coffee thing
still sell it at on it because it is really good coffee, but we removed all of are all the literature on the micro toxin issue, all the literature on that, because when you talked The people that are in the no in the coffee, industry, coffee growers, people who coffee and re coffee, they actually have a rating system. Is you know, like you, get a ninety four, ninety five excellent coffee will your coffee loses points of a test positive for micro toxins they tested in our he's he sort of created this issue You know and made this issue out to be like there's a reason. Why have bitter coffees Michael taxes will know it's? Not it's fuckin, coffee man stepped in are better and coffee If you leave it on the pot and it stays heated it gets, is gets bitter man. That's I ve known that for years is there's no studies out there that show that coffee with micro toxins in test bitter- and they also like this shit of him, saying that all these different copies of tested positive for micro, toxin, there's no test.
He's, got no results, but you can't just go around saying now without producing the data publicly half do yeah. Do it some never. I mean. I certainly guess it athlete one thing where you know that certainly can cause cancer I've never really been that concerned about micro toxins in my coffee, being a carcinogen more concerned about my own metabolism generating Rio box and species, because that's generating more, you know, react vocs in species than in some micro toxins in the coffee, and that's that you know what Michael toxins most certainly exist. They existed human breast milk out that they exist. Yes, sure they exist. I mean I've gone. Michael, Oxen Lupi, after all, their starting to read in the different areas where micro toxins have been found or aspects of Michael toxins that can affect human health, but
the coffee one. They seem to have licked, they know what the fuck it is. They know what causes and they know how to deal with its call when processing they know how does not store beans where they can get mouldy. They know how to prevent these. Things are happening. So this they have to do that exact glue. So this guy is sort of you know he used my platform in a way that I don't think is totally ethical. He claims that he's telling the truth and he claims it. In our view, sign a non disclosure agreement. He'll show you all was always testing methods like, but it's all it seems to be bullshit and feel bad, because I like the guy- and I think that for us it is not mean he's a collector of ideas. He doesn't have a formal education in education rang in nutrition. This is not something that he's got a phd right is not you essentially arms. So we don't want to talk to you about it, I'm getting it from someone who went to really good schools, and you do research
every day for a fuckin living less. What do I do and in like I said I not an expert in micro toxin, but I've sort of really been worried about costs just based on the little bit of reading that I've done. Haven't seems like it can be an issue if you have Margo toxin, infest infected coffee, but if they d take its really infected we're talking like enough, it's like a trace amount of it. You know, I don't really think it's. That's the that's what we felt well, that's not what we found. What we found is zero, but what take my friend taken, Caveman coffee found in his is below threshold levels of two different types of micro diamonds, which is not good effect. You at all will not only that they say that anything. It's can increase. The expression of genes that are involved and stress resistance can have a little bit of automatic effect. Possibly that's interesting. Yet
while the other thing was that the actual process of roasting the beans destroys a huge amount of the micro talks and a huge amount of the mould gets its gets kill. You know another seventy to eighty percent. In some cases. This reminds me there's this whole lectern thing is: another thing you're saying here that some destroys the resting it destroys the micro toxin. Well, this is holding with light dinner to that's a big. I don't know, you know who started disliked and thing may recall a mark recall, but I think he he talks about it. Also and it's like. Oh, you can beings, because beans have liked and enlightened cause an immune response in your guy, and this is going to cause. We got an that's, that's not the whole story. It's it's. A little more complicated for one lectins are activated by he so monsieur chewing raw kidney, raw or raw lentils, you're, probably not activating in a meanness Senor, guy and actually beans are really high and fibre and fibre gets broken down into short, Jean Valjean Ass, would actually directly prevent.
The commission's response in your guys, actually doing the opposite. You know others, there's p Some people have good information, but they also have some bad information and yeah. I agree with you, you do gotta, be careful, mean anyone. That's offering you like a magic bullet leg detail. This is it. This is the cure. This is theirs, it's complicated in their straight up, and I should be clear when I say that might not roasting the roasting process supposedly eliminates Michael toxins, its destroys the mould that causes the microphones we ve allowed to be created, but I dont know drinking and anymore because of that just add, a general principle will probably eventually stop selling, and it is good coffee, it's good, sir, Maybe it's another one of those cases where there's too much to know. There's too much to learn- and I have a guy on he says- is an expert in some of the things that he says seem to be bullshit and that's the big one. That everyone has mold in their coffee except me. I know how my supersecret way of getting them, but I fuckin bought it. So here we have
a problem that we have allowed to be created. But I don't I'm drinking and anymore because of that just add a general principle will pay eventually stop selling it. It is good coffee, it's good single source, carver, there's nothing wrong with the coffee. Just for me. I pray further coffee from Hawaii. I love cornucopia, has a really great taste to its lotta drinking that this upgraded coffee. I love. It is well known that a lot of you buy it based on this premise that has been proven that most coffee has moulding with no fucking whatsoever to back them. Up I haven't seen any evidence that most coffee has Microsoft's and I haven't seen evidence that it has levels of Michael toxins that are harmful, so You know I right. There was one test. It showed that the in the bitter area. Those want it showed that mice, when they were given saccharine infused with Michael toxins, tended to avoid that saccharine with with micro toxins, but
Akron's sweet thing means a sweet product. Who knows why their avoiding the taste of the micro toxins who knows of their bodies have figured out that it's fuckin poison. I don't know but the good running around saying the reason why coffees bitter is because a microchip since just starting in Atlanta vast tenants the sentiments antique tenants outward. That's that's why it's the better part and but heat causes that no they're, naturally, in and in those plants, Morgana gives burnt that take me now. I don't know that cases of research to know what the hell does to. That process is possible. Well, that's what they say in the coffee expert saying when it's fuckin read more about coffee over the last three weeks, then I've ever wanted to read or thought I would ever have to, but coffee experts years work, it's pretty clear, airport bullshit all of em?
call bullshit and we say they what club bullshit across the board, not just coffee providers, not just coffee growers for coffee, taste, there's coffee experts across the board. Thinking we sang worship and that's you a good sign this one guy who's, not even a fuckin nutrition expert and was not it doesn't have a phd in nutrition. He comes with these incredible claims and also has this incredible met. Said to alleviate this ailment. I mean it's one, us the class, examples. You know cause a problem and then offer a solution. Profit. You know and that's that's. It seems to be what's been done here, whether or not its intention or not. I don't even think it was intentional, but I think that here those guys that once he goes down a path, to say, he was wrong or two to try to whence he had a product on thumbing its larger than say around sunken profiting from this situation, where it's the ads in
because it's not bad coffee, it's good coffee, it tastes good. It's you know from our testing its micro toxin, free its single source, coffee, if you just sold it as that, it would be a really good product. Is nothing wrong with it. The thing about coffee exports, as they want to know when it was brewer when it was roasted they want to know they want to know like, is like there's a tie between when the covers roasted and how long you should keep it whilst still fresh that he doesn't. That doesn't having that so they're calling bullshit on that too few really cared about you'd. Let let us know when it's roasted should have an on a roasted by date. In roasted on date, be I sell tickets, pretty frickin complex, it's too complicated I've, children and jobs and gas to do. I have time to deal with this shit, but I've, that guy can fuck with people's heads because he's not an expert raised it's nice to talk to someone like you too, to clear up some of
misconceptions of health and nutrition and to find out what's real. What's not what what our issues, I talked to a guy like Brian Dunning, those like you don't need vitamin c, you don't need this, you don't need a, but look at em. It's fucking totally shade ass fat and does not take care of his bodies and no nonsense guy who got fucked because he was a kid news raised a Mormon and I was trying to counteract that. By being a sceptic mean, that's really essentially what's going on, but that guy can fuck with people's heads because he's not an expert raised clearly not an expert in a lot of things. So he really. Shouldn't, be reviewing scientific literature, in my opinion, like he'd needs. Get some people that, like really know how to do that. If he's gonna start trying to critically analyze science, that's my opinion, because I've read some of his son, for his trying to critically analyze it. For example, this this line is Paul he's got something on his website. Talking about how vital
see can has no effect on cancer incidence or can help if you only have cancer, can help in killing yourselves and he puts up these studies by the my clinic, though you know, decline repeat these early studies that we're done by a line is pulling and dodging camera. I forget his name anyways. The late seventies. But you know anyway, that's the scientists, will look at that and go oh paulie. Cameron gave their patients your cancer patients, vitamin c intervening honestly and they did for a reason, because can only orally absorb so much vitamin c and again to your bloodstream, but intervening asleep. You can, like you know, raise it to like minimal or concentrations, and so the two mile clinic studies that repeated it repeated it. Quotations gave him orally and so You know you can't you. Can repeated study and change. Method of administration from oral to intervene
and say: oh yeah. We repeated the study, aunt and work, so you when you're crazy. Critically analyzing data. You need to focus on those sort of details here, actually really important, and a recent study just came out like two weeks ago there, where they took patients female patient ahead ovarian cancer and they gave him bite the intervening costly and their during their standard chemo. It's really hard nowadays to do any sort of unconventional cancer treatment. That's not you know, because you don't want to kill someone it's it's hard so anyway, it did it with the chemotherapy and it actually killed bit. They killed the cancer, those better and it also alleviated a lot of the negative assumed symptoms associated Chemo and this to study published in science, translational medicine, which is a pretty good journal for translation research. In fact,
o o Brien Brian has several problems with some of the things he puts out. You know he's accuse me of being a pseudo science shill and even after the pod cast, even after the pod cast where he came on and had all these really ridiculous Accusations that he, he threw at me. Website and we talked about them one by one one. I believe what I actually didn't believe what I said: didn't, say anything after basically just. Tapping amount mentally for three hours just over and over and over again you're wrong here, you're wrong there. This is silly. This is dumb. This is poor thinking. He went and wrote this really distorted thing on his website. This, like really bizarre account mean he was very kind to me, said he was. I was nice and funny, but here's. Why thinks I still promote dangerous pseudoscience? Well, if you re
look at the videos at that. Guy puts out himself he's got this video on fracturing and how safe fracturing is and how not no need to worry about fracturing and he's got this really hilarious. Smug, video on the reality of fracturing or hydraulic fracturing, a king, Fox environments, permanently. All threat has been over a thousand instances of poison wells in this country, but because a fraction documented document. It instances of poisoned wells mean they fucked up huge parts of this country pretty much forever because a fracture. So what is fracking day like how, today very complicated process of getting getting this stuff. The ground getting oil and natural gas out of the ground. Mostly oil right and that's involves water, hydraulic fracturing and they they
pump water and I'm not the guy to be describing. This is, is thing on fracturing here liable and box blind to the fact that packing was used in the area and invest nation into this families, Bartholomew Music, makes me want to kill. Babies discovered that there are well had been Brill's directly into a shallow natural gas deposits. This is common Not a problem with the well is properly Vincent Theirs was so gas got into their water. How do we know it had nothing to do with fracking water wells ranging death from a few metres to a few hundred at the very deepest with fracking, takes place, kilometers deeper, ass. Numerous layers of bedroom years of study of proven, but geologists have always known. There's just much distance of solid rock between the two regions for any seepage to take place stopped at the scary, such total horseshit disease parroting the words of the people that have been paid by these.
Companies that are making fucking trillions of dollars to say I mean that's what he's doing these these piss poor studies, these, these people that have been documented on all these various documentaries like there's, there's there the two ones on the gas Lenoir Gas land to, but in this also people that have done interviews and showing how they can light their fuckin water on fire now and showing how they're, they're wells or poison people who ve been really deathly ill by drinking what they thought was filtered water, but it's not filtered enough, because so many chemicals from fracturing got into the water proven that those of this specific chemicals that are in their water that got there from fracturing this. It is just one of those fuckin geysers. No nonsense, guys! Don't worry the government says it so far, but even is told that such an affected tone. That's like us, way of talking used logging like this, like reassuring you that's nonsense. Fuckin talk down
You know I don't know much about racking, but I can tell you just from reading like his trying, you criticise science like he's, got a very topical understanding of it in a when I was reading some of his stuff like I was just like this guy shouldn't be doing this, like you know, it's very, very naive understanding, and so, if you're gonna try to criticise, criticised coming in and say it's not true. Really need to know what you're talking about or get some friggin experts are really do. He's got some real problems with its thinking and I think he knows he he's semi an email asking about psychedelic asking me about. Like in mind expanding. I think he knows you fucked up. I really do he's also indicted by me he's A jail is easy, involve An Ebay, scam, scam them from million dollars you didn't want to talk about the pod cast, but after talks about making a fuck himself while he is, he was involved in this debate: scam where they were, they were cookie stuffing Lira, INA stuffing cookies, you you'd!
to use an application and on another full details of it, but means, and real troubling, you pleaded guilty and is Phelan serious asking about psychedelic. That's very well. I think you also charter figure out. What the fuck's wrong this thinking, you may only lozenges. I really think that it has to do with growing Mormon. I really think that there's this it's, not a small amount that it fox your head up when you grow up in a fundamentalist mindset when you were told that there's a man in the sky that Joseph Psmith, it told his disciples about and that this golden tablets at the loss, work of Jesus in this guy found a man whose fourteen may all this shit have to believe to be a mormon this guy. Bought in that who have gone singer and that's how grew up. That's how he grew up as a child. That's a group a teenager. That's we grew up as a mandatory refuted and in Europe
not process just doesn't believe like ok, well. Everything that I was told throughout my life is wrong. Then everything else must be wrong. If you just google dangers of fracturing, there is a tremendous amount of information out there about fracturing about what's bad about racking about the dangers and went wild Peter from the part gases, economic genius very smart guy, but all you owns it companies? talking about it, and when I brought it up to him, he didn't deny the dangers of what he said was look. Those people got money and they got millions of dollars. Because of that, I attach a great thing for them like in his mine, millions of dollars is ok to poison places forever. I mean it's no for acting expert. I dont claimed to be a ranking expert, but If one fraction of what is said about fracturing the negative aspects of tracking is true, it's a tricky thing, it's a very tricky saying. Yes, we could you
the natural resources. Yes, you know it would be nice to not be dependent on foreign oil, however, if you really are destroying thousands of wells, if that's really is documented, really p, We are getting sick from drinking warranted its contaminated with the very chemicals that they use for franking. You know that doesn't seem like it's good. That seems like that's something that most people are not aware of, and will you find out? Who are the people that are that are funding? These studies are saying it say from where's the money coming from one of its. From these oil companies. A lot of it is coming from these companies and the reason why these these these laws are in place. In the first place, a lot of us as people been greased lot of his people been paid off. They understand that there's a lot of money to be made in this and they have allowed the doors to be open for these company, come in and fuck up giant parts of the country forever. Not according to Brian Dawning, don't worry, hydraulic fracturing, takes place kilo meters into the earth
concern sleep tight don't worry about Ebay, poor bastard, poor bastard I argued zone a bad guy too, but you know he said after the podcast he said he would remove me from his list. He said you ve, convinced me remove you for my less than from getting crushed by people online. The poor, poor guy got destroyed. Winter, because people listen to the park ass were so frustrated by and the ridiculous way thinks in the ridiculous things that he was saying just the same pike and must have the same one. That has only been online yeah. Ok, I was so infuriating yet that is You know I I I haven't seen all your podcast, but I can tell that you're, you don't seem to be motor of pseudoscience. He seemed to be an inquisitive person that likes to critically think about things, and Europe are also very open minded to its people. What if this, isn't it lets think about
think about how this could be working in what? If it is true, it's not you know it. There's, there's a difference between thinking like that and and suited science, where you're just like you, know It is crazy in like you're thinking now that you know it there's did he. I don't think he can see a threatening Now the differentiate between someone, that's actually just inquisitive and open minded- and you know doesn't see things is ok. It's either this or that in may be theirs you don't understand. You know that there is a lot that we don't understand like it's, even even for just nutrition, and you know like taking eating a plate full of green vegetables organ. We think we're getting vitamin k and folic acid and magnesium, but there's a whole bunch of crap in there. We don't know what it's doing. We are now what what's in there and what its doing and how its affecting you know. You know It is in our body, and we do know that there is stuff going on in there and things that we dont even understand so yeah, there's a lot of stuff that we just we can explain yet we're trying to I'm not
bastard, I just I'll, have to say to him in some tiresome people they like know. How did you know red science and critically analyze it if you're gonna call yourself a science writer for God's sake, you know yes well using to see. I really did kill Kennedy. Let's think about you, think it's possible economic you'll get to the bottom with a whole. Come on now. Look Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone case closed done. Here they were be that no nonsense, guy, that doesn't look like a fool, but the problem is there is a lot of nonsense in the world and if you really look into things open minded, you find that there's theirs gray and everything in almost every subject, there's some fuckin weirdness. I agree one hundred percent in horror, Brian Dunning Bastard. I just all I have to say to him in some there's some people that, like know how do you know reads
and critically analyze it. If you're gonna call yourself a science writer for sake, you know yes well in the people like that, along with people like Dave Aspirate, who got the information on the study that the dieters study incorrect. There is real problem with those guys because they are not a guy like me who is not a fucking export. Anything look. If you ask me questions about martial arts. If you ask me questions about Stanhope Comedy, I can give you the opinion of an expert, I'm a true expert in those very small areas. That's it meter. We bailing out I'll, go off and read some shit online. I read a book, I'm not an expert, but when people start spouting shit out, as fact, I'm learning spot gas that there's a big responsibility that I'm learning how how the pitfalls of having people spouting things, as fact that necessarily factual, and you know what I know a lot about nutrition,
and science, and there is a hell of a lot that I do not know where I work you're, honest like when I asked you about amino acids and India taking them without water here right away. I don't know, I don't know it, but that's great! That's how the world should be the guys Data esprit ask him: they come up with a fucking answer, because you don't want to look stupid and then answer my be wise words, coffee, bitter Michael toxins, you fuckin shore, where's. Your task that show Michael toxins make coffee bitter. You don't have anything man, you gotta, stop doing that. You gotta stop You are confusing the fuck out of me and then I parent, what you're saying I confused the fuck out of a bunch of an happens a lot like I said you know he. He also talks about the elections in The beings, as I recall it, does the same thing words like you know these days, some good information. You know these people have. There are some good things that they say There is also some information that is totally wrong and the problem is people think because they have good piece of information that everything they say is right and it's not you know, and that's where you know it's. You get this
reading recycled as a mean now, it's I don't know who started it. Someone started it and it's not accurate right. They didn't dig deep enough. They don't understand enough of the science behind it, and so then you everyone following this is big following and its leg of you know how do you come in and say, ok, look! This is how it's really happening, and that's all what I'm trying to do. In some degree, it's not easy. I M doing it in my spare time, because I'm also still during research. So I'm like weekends, I'm, like writing articles and making videos instead of going out and join the barrier. You know, but I've written Doing so will listen. I've really enjoy this conversation. I think you ve opened the Ballade people's eyes and leave educated alot of people and provide a lot information. Almost too much information is I'm definitely seeing p in writing down all these different things in googly, always different things that you ve said, but I think
to have this conversation. A hundred times are really do and if you wanna come on again, I would love to have and yet and tell people what do you know your videos work and they find them the right to so get out. I'm if you go to my my page, found life and start com and really just kind of ski down the social media slopes. You know I've got really there's three way. People can help me one bye, bye, subscribing to my podcast or my Itunes and my Youtube channel to really help me, keep them in fact found my fitness podcasting aimed at that point. That enable might that's my twitter name. That's my podcast males have a patron campaign. They could help me with, that's kind of like a kickstarter, but it's? U can contribute like twenty five cents a month and that's to help me pay for my part casting like to devote my podcasting and it's Just to help me continue doing what I'm doing like on weekends and in and make my free time and lastly, is signing up for my needs. No, that's not that call these days, but I actually put a lot
information my newsletter. I'm gonna put this linked to this new study on on the sun, that I was talking about a common out a couple of weeks. That's also yeah, so I'd love to combat talk about in absolutely everything and my this paper on Sierra Leone and now to cut out exactly six days so Look for that in all our progress annual income and send me anything I would be happy to tweet. It is so important to me to have people like yourself that our actual experts with legitimate credentials seconds separate in clear the fog on a lot of these issues and I'm I'm fuckin not tolerate this anymore. If someone comes in and they have all these clams don't have information to back up the clients. Undiscovered fuckin. Keep their game at any time will have a question I will. I will dig into like I'm gonna look into some of the stuff you talk about it. I didn't know that beautiful. So. Thank you very much. It's really is it so important to have someone like yourself, who is an expert, that's willing to take the time to come on upon, cast an educator, so I've really priests,
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