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#466 - Greg Fitzsimmons

2014-03-10 | 🔗
Greg Fitzsimmons is an American stand-up comedian. He also hosts his own podcast "FitzDog Radio" available on iTunes and every Monday on Sirius Howard 101.
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who cleans before performed thought, Rostov and he's fucking power cleans in the parking lot with a thirty five hour caravel, and it is they that it may see the feature additive again, don't be. This is bag when people didn't you know, Brodie was this a long time ago Brody's to carry kettlebells around in his trunk. Like this is like what year is as broad as like two thousand six or five, maybe even seven years ago. So long time ago, when we were at the Tempi Improv before closed down and reopening and didn't even close down, they re open it up and we did it make remodel, didn't everything's, really nice, so other grace clubs of all time they fucked up the man. They closed that little room that little room that type glass you should perform right rise. The best room was the best room I got jealous. I was doing a foreigner. Fifty room and Todd was doing the other one right next to it, and I want to show in between that's the perfect this is a perfect little comedy room like four guys how's the little room of the exercise
incredible them. There's Brodie his ruddy work of cattle he's. Budget to that's a hard thing to do. The overhead press, like that yeah Brody's and real good shape man. He's a silly guy, but he eyes get good form to that's his hand round to tempt easy what he'd through baseball. Yes, yes, it is voted on state they didn't to take him? He you just broke his foot on learning off stage II like like, landed on it wrong or whatever racket you see a shell uncommonly central? I haven't seen as second wasted as well as I do see a production of Brodie. I've always had a not its follow around documentary, but then it's got it's got little stunts built into it,
golf and act as produced my buddy, you know my given my psychic irish. Our efforts they dare to gather Zack loves is too. He loves him like we do. He loves my guy. Do he sent me a letter when, when Brodie wasn't doing so well, he sent me a thank you. Email, Zack, Alfin actors is cause. Fuck he's a real It was such a legit letter that I feel bad talking about it on the air, but it was so earnest the kind about that guy about broad how awesome Grotius Brody's, just I condemn I'd love that guy every time I see him it's like I got hit with a drug of happiness. I gravity he eats up buddy you get that you're pumped up to see him
so happy and doing well, yeah so happy the world could seem you gotta see him live, though folks gas in love have sue Brodie love. His shows great him live is insane him in the main room, Kennison spot last, to kill a man because he did when we were doing the Manto withstand hope, and I he did the monologue unless we would go out and watch him perform every night. I don't usually don't watch to warm up guy right. You thinkin about your Sats thing about the Betsy you're gonna do, but we want to go out there and see Brody because, as you so Brodie so ridiculous, so often Can we put him in a sketch? At one point, I believe so dude we did a lot of fun should Annette show. I just found out that I guess I suppose my now we were put me. I had put a bunch shit. I'm all hard drive and I came across some sketches that we did on it, and what am I found out about this was called
ill suitors and it was for a dating service for when you didn't want a long term relationship you're, afraid of intimacy. So women that had terminal illness it. So you go to the website. You could pick a disease based on how long you out of date to woman, I that as you probably know, unemployed commercials anymore. Just keep Talkin forget about the honor calm musical we're broke. I want to talk about this. You know you had so sir. This gets through his leg. It was stand up and like he's he's after the end of bed side of a woman in the I see you and he's like holding her hand and she's dying and he's like sad and then as soon as she goes, it goes flat line turn any guess: he's got his phone and just that's clicking back to pack to get the ill suited to get another date for the week. I remember that a who came up with a sketch about people, men who were scared to were hip bags and fanny packs, so they have a dick
a sack! It's a fucking now stated head. I think that you are right in saying that it was a bright and their use in that is as a bag, is that it was it was it is. I'm areas per SE is Is it s always get staff man? It was fun fuckin. We just got hoodwinked. You know how many people have said to me after that show a guy that show suck and I've freely say that it wasn't what we wanted it to be but whenever I have been a man shall never fails yo and dogs shall we it. Then they move and we still had troubles he. I learned a lot about. How shows are made that, like you, can't just cooperate with a lot of people that have ridiculous ideas and when you get involved with shown, you have an idea of what you wanted to be, and then you run into people that have a fucking perpendicular idea just crashing into you. Gotta go. We should be doing this
right. We shouldn't be doing you gotta, be re to walk away what you can't walk away, though that's the problem, getting you locked into a show you locked into its shell, but you're fighting with producers, and now I remember someone crying because we wanted to have Joe ideas come out naked and introduce us she crying. She was clenching her face and crying I mean going. How is that funny like? How do you think it's not funny? How could you I think the first thing you don't think Joe ideas knows how to be funny. Your age ideas he's while the funniest gets its ever walked the face of the planet and he thinks it's gonna be hilarious and I think it's gonna be hilarious in your fucking. Why Yang and it's a state about the shower defines what the show is that don't give a fuck exactly here. Just kind of what the dailies you with it with the man. She was supposed to be in a way, but I don't there was so much baggage with people thanking they're going to reboot a show. That's been on for years that the whole
Are you know very individual guys? You guys are individual doubt guys and adjusted makes sense like terrible on its it. It was a terrible idea also because they don't get along with the producers when they left, which was not really explain to me when I was going through the whole process, I should probably chased them down and ask them what they felt about it. But the time. I think I just wanted to do it so bad and do would stand out that I didn't just chase down right and then I feel bad about a guy. Had a conversation key moment came onto shown, I even apologized slick we shouldn't we should have done, shall show, but these guys had a franchise and they thought the best where the maximizes franchise just carry on with new host subtle People are really the daily show did write. The daily show wasn't always John Stuart, and it was such a different. Chow, totally different show was way more like tongue in cheek and snark IE. There was a stray parity of the news. Yes, and it was really just him throwing to pieces, and he did very little time at the desk yeah. I was a different.
Periods, you know and dumb when John Stewart took it over, he just redefined. I mean that's happened a bunch times, as happened with tonight, shows its programme happening I was found. We'll talk. Soup was one of the ones they didn't. They really did you bring in a new guy and do the exact same shall in its work. They ve gone through three or four hosts and it seems to be Joe, Mikhail disk. The girls don't write, arise, fucking funny man he's fucking funny is either he's good at a really good hosts of that shit yeah and he he picked up stand up oust. I talk about this he's. He was due in talk soup here He had come out of nowhere and he had no he'd. Never done stand up, so he just started going the clubs locally and you go out in feed four guys on the road and then within. A year and a half of starting the guy was headline in fucking. Theatres show was so big, all my, and so what I did was smartly, as he showed clips of the show, and he may more like a presentation than a banana power that smart, and I think I don't know if he is still not enough-
he crossed over more into pure stand up now, but he's what guys it's just naturally gifted performer yeah he's a good due to again random. He gives you a good via a nice guy, like when he's on its satin he's doing as monologue he's a nice guy right. I think outcomes that just work, you know and when he, when he does stand up in know, just the fact that he's got a book to do that to do theatres after due and stand up for a year and a half, my god, that's crazy. I now to headline put before you: do you know how to do comedy at all, because they do you mighty fuckin plate of dicks up there. I ve ever seen this very few things more like disturbing than watching someone who is only been in common a year try to go on after, like a joke Diaz recently that when Juggling Joey slain some like Michael Richards Type dude, whose used to have tv show and everyone thinks of who is being funny, which is actually kind of a handicap. Awry, position if you're not good. It's a handicap,
You like a really big name from like Seinfeld, but you're fucking, open maker- that's crazy place to be because they want you to fail. You get my for being funny, and this is what you are presenting to us did not accept the fact that you're learning nobody wants to see a famous periodic shit. I was the last factory this weekend and it was. It was a killer line up. It was good fuck and acts, and there was a kid for whose on a sit come they cleared has been doing stand up of that. As long as we do and said come on, he went up there all hockey. He spent five minutes, give me a financial and he went up there and his dick was back and forth like a pendulum people were sitting there like dogs just watching him like why. Why would you beyond this shell? I've been that guy worst beyond the world. Man there's no feeling. When are you going? I ate it before of eaten effort for four shore hunted precise many times to fuckin flat lines, mere just missed it.
Does it s the entry fucked up the approach? girlfriend problems, you know in a whatever it is leading onto that, show: ok, You go all in tat, live! Even when I'm saying you. If you put a bit, I mean: there's comic sick, go up and there like a ball number one before their funny, so they can't bomb which is the saddest thing in the world, because the audience does anyone get that they're, not even that funny because their likeable first year, likeable, if you do well, it's just funny. I care you argue with what you said
I always said that. If I didn't know me, I swear. I was a douche bag, video gnomon, vital new someone who had my characteristics in my jobs, I live thought can most loathsome human another aligning voice, and second, I think, I'd better than people how you think you're smarter than me. Am. I really don't think I'm a fucking media, but I seem to have that air about may play its part of. What's funny, though you'd know. Did the you're real comic like if you and I are talking and we just happy burn airplane together, it's really dark shit was going on right. We could start cracking each other on re doesn't mean we mean it doesn't mean you, but you goin. For the last four years one of the first guys to go for the fucked up. Laugh like in the person of countries like I just hanging out runs lead. You did you go further, but you don't mean that Europe really nice guy like that, but I don't think people who are either immersed in the world the standard Kommeni or no allow Stanhope, comics and one thing
I appreciate the right now he I did to me it's about it's a gear, your commenting on normal conversation area, your view are making fun of what a racist would say it in a truly exactly and you're being races to re. Also being racist and most was. We are racist areaway. This is what we are. Ok, we judge. It's part of evolution, constantly assessing our sir environment. Times. We know this shit, you're not supposed to say so. We say it because it's funny It's also funny because her some truth to it. It's fucked up, there's some truth to it, and guy wish it was wasn't true. I wish stereotypes weren't true. I wish Italians. I wish my own relatives weren't apes, really wish they weren't savage untrustworthy apes
what they are. That's what they watch funded a real housewives of New Jersey and will use the Italians. What do you say my people, people savage, is right. I wish that wasn't true, but it's fuckin, true yeah, it's hard to its hard to fight against the italian stereotype, because here's a problem of Italians that there's many is that your enamoured with the fact that you're italian, so you won't evolve like retiring? I you could meet some guy from Fuckin, the Prairie Prairie Land MID West and if he's a tallying, he'll go against the past, physique wants father and they ve watched around us and they want to sound like then because they want to be entirely and whereas we
supposed to be our growing away from like you're, saying, barbaric versions of ourselves should be in the past, not perpetuated for generation. I have friends back east friends, I love and the death, and I dont mind when they put it on and all mine when they d I do. The italian talk put a little piece of meat diagram right when an Irish Mahmoud gotta go without, although still men go, she shall be some of them. I'm Giuseppe, that's a big one. Just said be very rare that my jewish friends call me Giuseppe if it might be our union's high, but I've never seen a tank. I have a solo fight. It's always a fucking group jumps in well this a bird mentality involved in being proud of what Patchett Dirt your honor. I lend itself to courage. Yes, that's not this, not the right mentality, Ziyadi, the rugged individual that takes on the group and wind
Now, that's those fog, it probably what this guy Saint Ives Bobby, where Europe, by what it bodies already Brabant, we're in a wire maritime bodies in the Black Sea, the patrol car. I waited testify what the fuck are. We will finally, over a year now, at this blockage shake up between us doing. I was wondering why we call you to read it: he was with Bobby Erech, Fucking Cox. Oh no. He used to sit on my mama's Daily Gaga, Lucia think about it. What is, who is the number one? Most famous gangsters of all time, they're all telling us they'll, braggadocio gaudy types uptown got born of Jimmy Hoffa, savages my people or criminal savages or make awesome food nor fuck. That's it
Girls- oh my god, and you ll allowing a hot italian hata who can make really good food and eyes to photos. She might beat you to death and usually right, and they don't get talent check. I gave up our last see the gray the sale of a tight. I grew up around dark tat. Dark italian check I gave up arm was turned sugar, deeds are swimming rarely the bag in the Boston days like that's it. I'm good hands Anybody like me, fuckin animals. That's two units was today within your own, raise that's proven. I married you, she's half, irish half Jewish, but you daddy, you gotta, get a little way from mom. You will most likely have to adjust, but its debts not just the Italians into like that just two and by the way courses lot or some shit about times. Don't get me wrong in the quarter. Irish, I am I dont identify with as much sending grow up with
I resign my family, I we do on Sunday night a year and I'm doing a saint Patrick stay improbably welcome to do terms at times in eight o clock. Ok, among others, are beautiful, I'll, be flying back from motor Jimmy Schubert stolen it Jimmy Schubert yeah, I'm a little irish one quarter earth while the Irish were the most racist of all people because Arthur Ferris skin we looked down on everybody, I don't think so, Ah fuck man thinks I really do think we came to America at the time of the Italians came a basically the same time. So when you go to the Bronx or Boston for some reason. We fuck and hate each other and they hate everybody else because we're the last wants to come over to everybody hated us. We re the last wants to get jobs, so we ask, for the Irish were the last to the Indians, where we were is that first, the immigrants, English, the dutch innings, Watch D, Scandinavians, I know so little about the immigration of different colors.
This country always know about my own family. Her was the great depression. My grandparents came over during the depression here. There's a great book. Cornelius, Vanderbilt and economy, acts, New York and the eighteen hundreds and as the waves of people came over, it's really Faye one, the Pulitzer Prize from all day of defeat tycoon grandma and elastic, and my grandmother grew up in a depression. She was kind of insane because of it and she's still like hide things all around the house, actually hide money and various now's lit in fine until after she died, they went shit. That year She had thousands of dollars to walls, but it is but the idea not just that she had money. Mean she they were very poor here, but that she had money that she had squirreled away into these weird spots. All over the house is really weird. I did. You must not find it before you. Why didn't have anything to do with it? His is children, did they they
my mother, my grandfather died. I was over here and I think that's when they they start searching the house, the people they were living in New Jersey they had it. They have, some idea that she was sure to well. No, no, they didn't know monsieur she had this. She had had an aneurysm and she for a long time because of it and during that time a grandfather took care of my grandpa took care of her. That's when I was staying with him and is very fascinating time. My life, because I had left Boston, and I moved to New York, but I couldn't really afford to live in New York. I didn't I had hardly any money, so I stated my grants, who is living on north ninth street, which was a really bad neighborhood in Europe. The next door neighbor, they got a battering ram broke down, it's fucking door because he's crack and he had like analogy like store like this is fucking North New Jersey, it's a shitty spot shit in my grandfather was taken care, my grandmother,
and it was just me and my grandfather and my grandmother, it was like one of the lowest point in my life I just broken up in my girlfriend. I had torn my ACL new, need surgery I just moved to New York. I was completely totally broke, and I is in out taken his big risk moving to York. I sign with such men. I want. I remember that trying to get my shit together and my grandmother like moans, I'd? She's she's hurt so bad. She can't move should enter. Twelve years ago. So she's line and belike aneurysm on she was in just paid on time. She done is done for many years and they gave her seventy two our solution for twelve years dear and a good twelve years. It was twelve years? That's your gettin zero action!
produced every wanted to see exactly what I was saying earlier, a candle to jump in past you can, you can hide the work, can always NED Plugin Gonna, be here we go, who shares that Fuckin got those good saying you get a big for kanjuji. Go you saying what I little the individual market already yachts when you know you're done when you hit the target is broad: one Do you wish insider Brenda. I don't know she is more closely algorithm because it goes.
Often poor lady I was breath it was rough man, I don't know I guess what I allergens, this is laughing, come cried through in such a do. She met a tiny things, so do she and I move more offended- because I know some of those people are more thousand thousand some guy and I grew up in Phoenix. I wouldn't really be concentrating on its people, nor I way, but it's like being around like and no once you ve escaped like, and then you watch real housewives New Jersey like I was wrong. I wasn't. I didn't miss this right to see you could you? People are fucking savages their savages and I grew up around. I grew up in New York. I was my town, a lot of Italians,
and they were fuckin. They were just mean to you like this one guy, George Spagnola in every worker g, the GM plant in town- and he was just like a disk, had big chest in his fucking negro mustache, like eleven Chinese, just breed us up for no reason well there's a lot of that is nurture too There is a lot of savagery within the italian community. In other, I saw a lot of violence as a kid, a lot of like, unlike Father and mother violent ride around that's when you're like a really little kid, and you see that kind of violence, that stuff fucks with your head. It's not good for you. It's real Bad ceiling, hard core like mail on female violence or even can mail. I somehow dead, beat him cousin who is like at the time I cannot. I was five or six and
couldn't imagine him being more than like. Maybe eleven, I'm thinkin, twelve thirteen, the most any other voting now my cousin and my dad beat him up in front of me, Oh, my god, it was hard to watch a picked him by his hair. I'll never forget that he grabbed kid by his hair, any picked him up and threw him grounded by his hair. It was a little kid. And it was over the kid accidentally hurting me- ok like he was later, he was like whatever at eleven something around those run. A were totally because was so dramatic, but he was my my cousin that I didn't hang out with my cousin Mikey, then my gear. Older brother and the the brothers somehow another hurt my hand and I was crying, and so my came in and saw that he- and I don't know I don't remember being on purpose and I think it was, but I can't remember anything other than my dad grabbing.
Kid a little kid by the hair and picking him up and throwing him. I remember some hitting. I don't remember exactly what happened. I don't know man had a reaction, probably because it what he'd seen grown up, because it was just it was dark. We know it is when you see a child being hurt you. I know if I see a child being heard even from another kid I get, get a little wrapped up, but if it's your own kid and you grow up watching violence and your dad was probably hit by his dad most likely. So he was reacting to that. My dad's dad tried to fuck. My mom yeah. He like made moves on my mom. That's and mousie, and my miles I trying to fuckin scramble to get away from the kitchen. He was crazy. All irish savage morale. She had savage, you couldn't be alone with him,
viewer womanly alone. The matter give a fuck of your married to my son re write. He didn't give it. She was it tat. He thought he could put a move honour or that humans, just gonna physically takers, Trafalgar Animal strand somewhere in the middle of my mom, was my mom. I get we already. Did she tell you add oh yeah, they do, mother falconers. What you know I mean really was a good whatever was it wasn't good? So that's like environment when using get onto fork and gives under four can table. She don't think he really had an irish accents. He was from Ireland, though I don't remember, haven't, and I remember me, I'm wrong. Sunny irish. I was so young when he died out. Very territorial is in order about my grandfather, my virus. I deserve a member that we would go to his house and he would sit in a dark room
He would sit in a room like in front of the television and you never go blank another somewhere. There just sit in that room and it now. I remember that room being dark does when he was old. All this far That's our member blogger com, I came along about tunnels, penitential Mozart, five or something like that. He was already like it in the wall. Here I just probably gettin hammered every night. Redlined is liver around Tiktok tiktok boom. So he dies yeah. That's how the Irish do it like that and it's like the Iranians and you just. How do you know when you red it? I need to know some close, your clothes close now, good girls, no good. So I wonder if I wonder if you mom saw him sit in that room for the blanket quietest walked up slackened smacked and remember that time. You put your hand. I may ass. Well now my mom's, the police, violent person ever seen. So you know what happens to those tat. Were women they get involved those type of men but for some reason like they do, they assume that people ever gonna be mean.
You now, and so, when they get involved with someone, that's mean raising its violent, though it where it is coming from, my mom's family care. Yes, they were, they were really nice to each other. Right like MIKE. My grandfather was great with his kids. Just loved his kids, my grandmother, they weren't great with each other, but there are great with everybody out there wasn't any violence grown up my mom's house, where they had never had any, but my dad grandfather, my daddy's hit my cousins and my my brother. I remember one time my uncle s, his name walked in and he was a fuckin. He helped build the empire state building such a bad as construction? Did I'm used to drink like too fax shea forbear every night at this boat out long island, and he take it out and you just fuckin crews around It came into the kitchen one time and my enders all of us cousins and we're like Vienna, private, eleven twelve and he comes in any goes. He goes to get it get another beer Anna I'll say his name is Uncle Jeff. Am I the Gaza Hey Uncle Jeff.
Another beer ha and Uncle Jeff. Just I even look at just fuckin smacks: Macrocosm dogs or dad gets beer and walks out, and we laughed like fuckin Elsa real consequences. You can't smack kids today. No, it's not good thing. It's good to give a guy, like my dad, the ability to smack kids you just wasn't a good guy brain didn't use it right. You know me, I mean that's. It is it's a shame that dead, healthy violence is gone because there is definitely a place for it. I really believe that if people knew they could get punch in the face, without consequences People talk about stand your ground in carrying guns and all that shit, I think, punch people now faces a safer version of you will behave badly. If does it you're gonna get smacked around a little bit. Definitely deterrent it's a deterrent to douche bag. Harry
I may just is if you, if you think that that's on the menu you'll be nicer right, we really should just be nicer. Large man. It's a gets really almost like the gun control argument. It's like our We need to get the guns off our streets no means We need to do. We need to make it so people don't ever want to shew people, that's way more possible than guy guns are the only way you can get. The guns off. The street is some totalitarian thing when you come to people's homes and you take their possessions violate the constitution or you can tell them that they have to give their guns away or there will be a criminal. Those are the two options, but you really what we have to make an issue of is not the guns to so many of Mount there. It's too late for that you're gonna have people are resisting gonna have people they're, gonna have guns, no matter what, but we gotta figure out. Why would anybody want to just shoot people, because this too many dish bags and I think like like with drugs if we got rid of peoples, need to take drugs? You know people that art
Hooked on heroin are cracker whenever what is that's missing what trauma happened to them in childhood, or what the Uno Self Esteem issues they having that they're getting hooked on drugs causes always gonna, be another type of drug that they can make and its time until they come up with a gun. That's a laser! You don't need fucking gunpowder for you right or something Better than that you know who know some Fuckin energy weapon. Who knows what the Gonna come up in the future? You can have a cell phone out that can kill people I can be anywhere, I feel, will stop right mean I'm actually surprise there isn't, isn't it amazing? There is not an alternative to a gun at this point that can kill my meaning got taser, but I guess you could set those high enough to kill. Somebody get a few babet if you like, all of you have asked for people knew all take some of the same. Might overdose em on taser. Behind area. It's nearly everybody. They gets hit with those things goes out to you. Don't really see to any videos of people to shaken that off no like you with that
No I've seen it I've seen it in today they have those. You know the cop, the mounted cameras inside cop cars and when they got a guy who's jacked up on matthies PC, pay, Lucan TAT, you they take it they get out. They can't find them whether via now, we need to put the icelandic commentary on videos, dude, Didn t. I saw this fat black lady and they could not take. This will debased down she kept coming. Will you know that was the run king argument give you why you run a king fight when their beat the shit out of him. I shouldn t the running fight. As you know, it wasn't a fight they. They beat the fucker this guy with clubs gray, but when you watch it on television like you go and what would you do if your comp and Jack I kept trying to get up now, Finally, it that would be if you some scrawny ass, fuckin whitecap with shit, genetics and Roddy the fucking king is high, is a kite on whatever we. What was he high on? Probably pc pay now look at this fat white guy with dumpy legs, and this
like I just punches, Monogram takes the shared. Often he's got another shared, a hope of. What's he doing taken closer, Ass! Crags! Hang out here, do a view. This guy- and you get to deal with this- is God whose way bigger than you used to goofy caps. Lock a fat as there is in front of us look how fat guy is out there on the yellow line of roads, everybody's watch- you that's the worst part as a car, but although second look at the size of that kind, copies morbidly obese, I mean I'm not saying the same thing. We ve been a big fat person. If you join it, we'll do it if we want to do, but if you're gonna be a fuckin police officer, TAT guy can't go for five seconds. Look at the size of em! Look at
curse on their guard. You should be given a suspension until you can get to wait five gear. That guy is a cop. I mean these point, got alternatives, which frightened he loves it he's actually enjoying it. Get out. Back he's on his back again, Probably would they be running, seven cop surrounding that did they could keeping down that one doubts that so preposterous that guy's alone force enough. Sir, what do you think that I'm egg, but about women being caps, women can? Finally, women who know martial arts can protect themselves indignant at least defensively tank themselves knew what about bringing a guy like that down have without weapons Is the threat of violence monopolise the guy's gonna? Listen to you because you get a gun pointed out. It is not going to do it right,
too many crazy? We vote that. I mean, I guess upsides, the female cops in terms of how they relate to the community, but it is. It is interesting to think about. If she was out alone dealing with a do like that, it's just It forces are to be in a position where she has to shoot somebody. What happens? There was a video of a guy who got indicted for us being a police officer was fuckin horrifying to watch, because woman and she pulls the sky over for something speeding. One area and she's in she's in front of the camera ownership care on the carp ends on film of Sheep talking to the guy in town. Until I put his hands behind his back guy just Wales or in the race, drops the ground she's out called and punching the shit out of her while she's out cold. It's so hard wired, because this woman- she just was you know,
I don't. I don't know how much martial arts training she had. I dont know what she knew about fighting, but she was clearly wrong about assessing the danger level of dealing with the sky and she got so close to him that he decided just uncorked closely here kid screaming daddy, stop Hitler Daddy, stop pillar, because the guy who was getting pulled over his kid in the car, so kid screaming noise, beating the fuck out of this cop, it is worth seeing. Someone get punched wilder unconscious is one of the previous things. It certainly I've. I've seen a lot of arms of cinnamon terms. I've seen it sooner real life in street violence, which is really scared and have seen it in how many you have C4. Now is the thing with the raft. They are really amazing about getting in their the second to persons. Act as the fighter doesn't really know where their sea in red and the fighter will almost always protest it after it stopped broke. I was fine, you know the sales far because you
You are finally a second later right. You know, but right then, when the eyes rollback inside your head, it's over! It's really over like if you get hit several more times. He just compare they damage your body might be moving all right, but you ve been indeed the game's over. Like you got you lights, shut off. You get your light shut off and then in come back in a safe way, or you may have a concussion that most psychiatric concussion, but the thing is guys have fought with concussions and one such it's crazy guys, I'm concussions in the first round and don't remember the fight and then after the fight in I'm talking, I'm interviewing them and little room with a fight and they won. Well sometimes if it's really bad, there's even a period where you feel really fine, day later you you just go and die oh yeah. Well then, the Dac indefinite happen any time you have a serious concussion. They want to watch you. They will keep you awake, that it Don't worry, falsely that's one thing: they say people need it knocked out, so try to keep awake for a little bit which they used to
of the Chilean now, as medical science advantage sister changing a lot of different approaches that they have to had travel. But what is here, is it that your brain moves? Yes Does that for sure it's the impact, the impact of something on your skull and it doesn't have to be on the skull data thing? Is you can get a concussion from your chest in a week about this was big. John Mccarthy's. Explain this to me. I might be wrong we are talking about is I think it was big John, whose, like the gold standard for May referees, I was talking about legality concussions and they get hit in the chest. No, she does you get hit in the chest and you bring its jostled and you can get a concussion from them. What's wrong with oxygen to around impact, this impact as well all players like the building to run at each other with no pads, it's so dangerous to the brain, because the impact have to be on the head. Any impact shakes
body violently and the brain is barely held in there with, like string, the brain is the most precious part of your fucking body and its surrounded by liquid and it's to the walls with fuckin string, and it's like this serious design ever for a power plant for the most complex neural, next sessions that known known to earth right move. We are as complex as a gets. Weird we're the things that are creating spaceships and making satellites is the naughty? Is fuckin organ ever created and it early hang in there, it's floating around in this Louis attached.
Porn. If we're gonna finish bones, I think about how big your elbow bone is. Why is it your skull? That's that's why you're fucking super fat and everywhere else in the temperature you think about it. If your brain temperature goes up five degrees, your five degrees is not your fuckin brain dead. You'd are whatever may six or seven degrees if you're fucked, if you have the fairy, get fucked, if you go out in the desert fucked. You we're so fragile, their unbelievably franjo. But it's almost like that part of the design because we become so powerful ability to manipulate the very earth itself, and we will not make an bird nests we're not make an beaver dams or making nuclear weapons can satellites we're making space ships that have already passed PLUTO around, and yet he black face ran ass, written about how they detected they made it
active dark matter in the universe. Finally, as red eyes, what the fuck is dark matter. Dark matter is basically an unknown entity that lives in the universe. That has enough gravitational pull that use it to base ITALY is solve different physics, issues in how how there's gravity on different planets and how the how Interpol monetary movement happens is based on dark matter that we never fucking sea like oh figure, that shit out hoof. Figured out that there is a galaxy. That's a thousand light years away when we ve never seen like I don't here's. What I understand is we talk. That shit. That's a thousand light years away if it's a thousand, then we haven't seen the light from something that's a thousand. Now we have it. Just might not be there This is what it is. If a star of you looking to star what you're, seeing when you look, I'm the night sky is what star looked like this,
tens of years ago, Milly maybe even billions of years, because that's how long it takes for the light from those stars, especially can constellations, that's how it takes for. The light of those stars to reach. So when you look it out into the milky way, you know and you, looking at in a who knows how many hundreds of billions of galaxies, you'd literally seeing them the further they are apart. They might be a million light years away. They might be a billion light years where you're seeing the light that came from a million. So all the theory about the universe now is not based on the present well it's not entirely based on the present, but it's based on what we know we can see so far of the present right aims and light. They know that the like, when you fine, like a supernova someplace when they try to measure these things in a way that these big burst in the sky. But how long for the burst hit us. It could take me tens of years like it's really
for us to wrap. Are our head around the idea of millions of light years? Being really close, because that's what it is in the universe, millions of light years is really close, because the universe is probably some some, untold billions and billions of light years across, and it's probably one of until billions and billions and billions of other alternative universes that exist inside of these black holes, that their findings in the centre of all these galaxies. That's one of the biggest theories that the inside a black hole is a supermassive or inside a galaxies, supermassive black hole? That's one! Half of one percent: of the mass of the galaxy onto an outbreak, that's for the black matter is concentrated hullo. Hoping gravitational pull. That did that, that's what it is, and they disk this brought matters must be all over the place like a zombie constellations of dark matter right, but I think the black holes are made up at the bottom of them of that which causes, but they discovered all this because they put a new in
She lay at the highest point, which is always where they ve with telescopes, because for whatever reason they altitudes thinner, there's liar you get less refraction exactly, and so they basically look out and they started, they started perceiving thinks not just with the telescopes, but it's it's an audio telescope. So they can now make our colours because of the spectrum that they pick and all suddenly looking at galaxies. That date seen before justice shape are seeing the color so they know the gases that are within these galaxy. Oh, my god, so unkind, and someone figures that shit out a welcome us baked and setting out and go away or hearing this easier that noise man, that's color in a different galaxy. He looked the new cosmos last. Yes, I did it. It was awesome with me
whose hosting nailed grass Thyssen fry can incredible. So good at you make your toes girl. The end he's got a speech at the end. Where it talks about. When you seventeen years old Carl Sagan, picking him up and taking them his office in showing around Talkin Bout being astronomer and a book form to future astronomer. These can serve as you and he tells the story about Carl Sagan kindness in his welcoming him to the you know, the brotherhood of scientists like essentially like in firing him to be who he is today. The mother is one of our greatest problem. Speakers about signs ever Neil digress. Thyssen meets its tough to get a more passionate gauging, guy speaking with a sense of humour, with a great sense of Syria. So anxious super
brilliant guy to his story about Carl Sagan meeting him in sort of mentoring, em and tat given to his home phone number bombs, manages flat goosebumps amaze, it's amazing Sagan wasn't just the scientists who was political. He was very much about world peace he was about stopping nuclear proliferation whose about marijuana ones, Carl Sagan smoke. Marijuana virtually every day was life. Why cross taken. You don't know what you're sure despair is seeking to create work of a good man. No look I will tell you a quote that I have on my message board that I use this is by Carl Sagan. I am convinced that there are genuine and valid levels of perception avail with cannabis, and probably their drugs, which are through the defects of our society and our educational system on a veil to us. Without such drugs boom, It's a very well measured way of Saint wheat is awesome. That's a very well Malaysia, media and others. Psychedelic dropped by LSD, they're, bringing back exact
These tests see now this recent amendments in Germany or some well. There was a recent study here, LSD Study, the maps put up. You know who else is producing? The cosmos is Seth Macfarlane he's examining producer he's a guy who's. The guy reintroduced good for the night because he doesn't have enough to do he. Just did a movie that he roads and while he was doing that, he wrote a novel based on the movie he's making, as he was executive, producing the new cosmos overseeing family guy cooking, you gotta be kidding me march for three thousand fourteen. The results of the first study of the therapeutic use of lie, surging acid die So let me read for need, as I say, tragic acid diaspora need, lsd or anybody else, lsd in humans over forty years, published on mine in Peer Review Journal of nervous and mental disease, sponsored by the
profit multi disciplinary association for psychedelic studies. We had rigged goblin from there and on the park ass, he was awesome, really really interesting. Dying there. Trying to people know from all these different psychedelic studies, but this double blind placebo, controlled pilot study. Twelve subject shows to statistically significant reductions and anxiety following two where's the assisted psychotherapy sessions. Here they touch specifically fear of mortality, LSD, helping you with what did you ever see? Larry Hagman, when, where I've been talked about that forty I'd marry men, use on CNN, I think was was one of those major network. New shows me said that doing ass. It was one of the changing of his life because it removed his fear of dying said he no longer is afraid to die said he became completely at peace with, because he understands what it really is. Now an that's. That's what Buddha
Ms based on I mean they're book is, if you know what is it something about die? The book of death, because once you accept death, then you can start to live. That's a good way of learning. It certainly not good to be a fearful person of something that's inevitable. I think about it too much its end. It's hard to not. We also have kids we also don't have a good system. System is like we ve inherited. A broken system of culture. Are our sister, in the way we sort of communities our system and law enforcement are system in prisons are system in June. Enforcement. All that shit is poorly form to manage its. We, where we have been born into the momentum of the shitty ideas and we're stuck with his two parts system were stuck with corruption. We're stuck with all this We should p it's like had he been, should he knew each other, because everybody else being shifted to each other and no one knows how to stop it. No one knows
stop it. One knows. No one knows how to stop being shared. Your kids see raise monsters these release out of the world, you fuck their fuckin brain up when they were little babies. We gonna, if we can figure out a way to stop all that internal security. Two to a more logical way of communicating in dealing with each other. We have massive potential like this so much potential for the human race right now. This is one of the crew he's times ever as far as the ability to pass ideas around has never been a time like this beautiful The time we're Russia, is in the middle of a fuckin war. What are they gonna? Do they get their invading Ukraine is going to take over the United States. Are Dick Cheney with fake heart is saying that we should go? Consider military at all or he's talking about military shrinkage of farmers, any version the call at the chance to call Obama Pussy, which is all they want, and if you look at three thing about which conflicts
we decided were moral to get involved in whether you're talkin about Bosnia or Rwanda, or I rack you know we are all over the place and when we think it's ok to jump in country is invading another country. Kuwait yeah. That's fine Rwanda! No, Sub Saharan Africa, where the fuckin janjaweed are cutting people's fuckin arms off from raping women. Systemic Nope We now sign causes no fuckin oil. North Korea is the best example. Ever North Korea now horrific place with nuclear weapons. Not only that you talk about human rights, abuse and people are living in fucking. Prison camps were born in the prison Board native element in camps because of the fucking fought crimes of their parents and their being raised to turn their parents in it because they saw their parents like take a piece of bread. It's fuckin knots the sum drew a guy who was a prison guard he drew
who are the various stages of a prisoner saving, a finer he North Korea in prison guard or the prisoner escaped prisoner, a prisoner yeah. It was escaped prisoner. Any had drawn all these various stages of might have been the guard of think what, but whatever it is these images of like how they would decide like when a person was when you could kill them when you beat them up when you dark them like it, was a pretty broken down into categories like this is a person's basically dead disaster in its like less like drawing by north reason, countries campaign escaped prisoner, Ok was a prisoner, but he's talking about people just essentially starving to death the guards. Just randomly be people to death This is how they kept people. This is like talking about the different weights, that the people would be at how they would stand like theirs,
Irving. They would make them stand in front of the all. The different generals and soldiers make, stand there all day there is like cabbage soup twice a day over to this problem. They're, all hungry, all the time the sagoths get tied up in the school curriculum and other people want wait. A minute ago. Your legs, they fed people of dogs, the Alec regularly do it. If we were able to dogs s room your head around that Radiohead around starving some one to the point where they risk literally can defend themselves, then pushing them into a bunch. Dogs, adages, tear them apart, and then then think about the fact that these people are live into fourteen and we know about it now and doing nothing about it. I mean our know how much going on over there. I don't know if it's an isolated camp, were they no? No, they had a lot of escape people, and they all corroborate they get them to describe it separately and stories are consistent. Did my live in fucking barracks? Just a gulag and they work sites
two sundown Barely an arab and dear dear, killed in front of the rest of the community, where you have to watch a few avert your gaze, you could be killed. I'm, I'm I'm sure it takes place when I say that I don't know what's really going on, because I am an experienced it personally, but these these stories that we're getting back when I say is there the if if they are through their one of the scariest things ever that country with nuclear weapons, but the fact that just kills his uncle and then killed his uncles family. He can his uncles twenty year old, kids, because he didn't want growing up to kill him someday, killed everybody and he took the wife. Gave her a raise. Nice too, I mean this is twenty fourteen zoo, crazy shit, and you know what the economy of North Korea's amphetamine, its idea, theft, nine. Thing they do. Is legal tat everything they do? Is they ve got fucking computers, hacking all over the place, their cell?
drugs to China and Russia screw, you don't have a fucking crops, they don't have shit, but then look South Korea, that's his boots economy. They make the best cell phones in the world, they have awesome televisions, their electronics divisions or off the hook mean they have like some the fastest speeds in the world does not have five years come over here and they kick ass. They start where the fruit cart, Nanda, Fuckin factory, while the work ethic- educational community believes and my friend juncture. I will when I was a kid when I was doing type one day there was a friend of mine who is somewhere around my age, maybe a little bit older. He might have been a couple years older me who he knew he was a national type when no champion it was also a doctor. He was a trained to be a doctor, so is going to medical school and he was still training and it was on the. U S: Olympic Team Museum.
National type. One note right wasn't olympic Timothy Times like things, eighty six and he could play the shit out of a shallow I don't know Vienna musical town, but I never met a dude in my life who worked harder than this guy. This guy would fuckin study. All day, then you run upstairs upstairs again the dormitory and he was like he glasses, and he was very slight and he wasn't it physically, very strong man at all. He was just really fuckin smart and really hard working and his father really wanted him to be like a national type, one no champion as well as being a doctor. So you you want to fuck a national Sousa gotta train with a super regular basis being around our kid. And seeing him go through medical school scheme seen him concept. I, when I knew that I would fuck off like I just I wouldn't be able to do it we need some some some blow off. I would need something, but with him it was not.
There was no girlfriend three had girlfriends like out at the time like you know in time rather, but at the time when I when I first met a man whose training for the national team to Nothing going on in that guy's life except work here there is barely enough time to sleep here. We here but the more like my daughter, plays the flute. She just said this: they have to get certified at a certain level. You know a new task to get certified did did helps you. Get to the next level in your school ban. I don't know what the fuck was I've taken or to test, and I just sit there and I care she goes in and she comes out and I go Jeff Fun and she's like yeah. I think I screwed up a few times, unlike as Starbucks, I get one of those frozen thanks cheer up, I'm watching this fuckin korean mom and I'm read in the paper hanging out front. She sitting on a chair waiting and the south and the kid comes out. How did you do? How and the kid is not a scary way but like concerned and the kid
it was in a suit daughters wearing shorts and a t shirt like you just saw the France's culturally and how they have expectations for the kids. And it's not like authoritarian it really is just like they all over. You well day or unbelievable hard workers and very proud of the hard work that they have done, and they want to children to be hard work to my friends wasn't it didn't, beat a mob indicating horrible to amuse rude loved him rat. He expected a lie, knew his kid was exceptional tool. Kit is exceptionally smart, exceptionally tough, physically gifted guy anyone the nationals whose is amazing, but I just Amber being like very influenced by him by his work ethic about so impressed with
that's it's amazing, when you think about the alleged anti immigration shit is like without these people coming in with that spirit and that that edge and that desire? It helps our kids. You weren't very for seminars on our government agency work for more talk, their communist bullshit, but you obviously never worked at the mines. Are our work that could Sousa Mexicans came over here and start taken our land. Ok, you couldn't get a fucking job there and everything with that shit then math came in so you go talk. Therefore, can these calls liberal bull shit all day, but in all I wanna do is sit the hammock any Fuckin Mango one disease in gear welfare, its debt sample come in San trap, a baby go back, get fucked again by some drug. Lord come out power. Bad another little migs again,
yeah. How many? How many jobs in Jamaica need seriously? You can take all the jobs, mother fucker, making up a union hours, because you saw these union rules. You know, like, like unions, like you get time off during the day, get coffee breaks they this they every Good union contract. We had its scheduled in the Non union jobs. What what did you like tv shows the stuff like the supermarket and we used to get Craig slag you work in our you got vague and twelve minutes every three hours you get a forty five minute lunch break. It was sweet, although it set up nice. Now you know there's nobody who worked at a automotive factory in using the Automotive Workers Union and they had a two jobs that really could be on easily by one person, but they had to people assigned to those jobs just of the insured. There was more jobs man, so they created like a big job and what these
What do they would do for on four off? So I give you and I were partners we would we be working in a factory but really we could do the job easy by yourself and I can agenda job easy by myself. But this way you work for hours a day and then come in and I take over there the four hours and you could to fuck off for the rest the day. So you have a job for eight hours. You pay for eight hours, so the job gets done, no matter what because someone's always there, the year they're on their we're a team and work pretending that we're congratulate our, but you know you're going to jail. If I go to the post office buddies ago, saying I grew up in a town ahead, GM plan and so a lot of the people there and it was like the drug use- was rampant. These dudes, if they had a if they had a noon, shift their all the fuck do drop ban having a couple shots before they went on all sides. Can pod and you know and here's the thing, I'm very pro union, in the sense that we have big business
We have multinational corporations getting bigger and bigger beating down minimum wage healthcare benefits. So there have we to fix the fuckin unions, their fucked up their bloated and you know they ceased. Function, but we got Stan because without them there is no push back against the corporations yeah. Why? I agree. I think that, things get out of hand. They go back and forth. That's what it is it's like is it important to have them tat is but important, not let them get out of control and give fuckin crazy agreed a year. That is to act as a sort of anti competitive. I dont think that you should be able to pay person a nickel day to have working you factory, but if it is legal to pay, person a nickel a day just because they live on this fact. Sideline that's. That's fucked like what? What is it company. What do you sell and would you are ok, there's only one way to sell things. Let's just be real clear. You have to pay people,
you have to pay them like an actual good amount of money that they can live on, can haven't living in fuckin dormitories. We put nets up everywhere because they want to jump off the roof of you're. Really an american company, yourselves shit, you didn't you fuckin rowing sweatshops. You shouldn't be having places in Mexico or someone's making a dollar a day. You know that's just it lets you sing on the other side of the line you re able to do that. Europe has to be accountability. For I mean you hear about these cambodian Fuckin sweatshops, where the with the building goes on. Fire at two hundred people die at its barely and our newspaper. If that shit, if one person gets a hang now at a place in Michigan, where we all know about it, but meanwhile there not human beings over their exactly exactly if that was over here it would be horrendous if you had seen any the things that you seeing and fox com with trying to make adjustments and alterations to their fuckin. There Workers lives to make it easier to live in the factory work.
Deal you're living in the factory. Will you work is like there's this new thing. They see worlds. Putting out the same black fish is propaganda by the activists like these tweets and they're. Getting assaulted online is people reading these event of tweets like because don't understand it is not worth it Black fish was somehow another edited to make you guys look more evil than you actually are. What you do is inherently evil. Now we know right. That's! What's going on with your job should exist anymore because you're trying to save slavery, you're trying to save orchids, these super intelligent things that kill the kid. On a regular basis to life in the ocean, killing fish in surviving you're removed. All of that, you put him in a fish tank and they can think in there accents. They have different areas where they talk differently. They have a full, complex language that we don't understand, and yet you motherfuckers think that black fish is wrong because they exist
Curated. Some certain points there are you crazy he had spent on both sides. Will it that's? The problem is like we need some kind of aid, it use to be the New York Times and that kind of got mode. But what is the news agency that both sides, the reasonable part of both its can go are, let's just say, New York Times is not too far neither direction and and pull. If they do a story, you can't fuck and spend it I think there's some people today that are coming up now that are involved in internet media that are going to have a way better chance appointed off than anybody the policy on energy but as part of but there's it. God. You brought that because there is a thing in the news yesterday about pussy riot getting attacked pussy I got attacked in Mcdonald's, another saint, just the other seated staged the same
the attack that pussy right getting attacked by these men like randomly and Mcdonald's stage and is a video of its o Brien pull up the video did their staging themselves, yeah that ASEAN ache. I could say that, well, I mean it performance, artists, that's what they do. I know, but there, but they're making themselves out to be victims like that's their message. They want. They want to stage someone persecuting them and being them up. His has an air, their lives and our heat a little of that they're, not the hot they're, not the hard item the people are talking about, so they gotta get back in there, but they just gonna horsewhip. Third couple weeks ago, it's almost like their addicted to the attention here. Definitely that one is self blocking HA due order which holy shit and she didn't horn. You can you can see or doing porn or postpone the of the video she's, got the most beautiful face. Nice rag, excitedly you're, moving your hands neo, I am gas close, but how gangster are those girls? They go to Fuckin Siberia, they locked them up in cages in Siberia and then throughout protesting for gay people at the Olympic Games,
they could have got out if all they had to do was signed some waiver, that they were enemies of the state they could walks and they like now will do our time. So how do you feel about them? I am very impressive them for that. But how do you feel about them if they really did fake this, their music sarvant, China where's? They get it and one on the right. Her on the left, but there's a video Braun there's a video of them getting beat up, that's not it don't you think. Did there performance art as I think that by staging that it's the same way that you know when we sent when we sent students would protesters to sell my Alabama. We knew there were gonna, get beat up the Mississippi, they were gonna get beat up and we were gonna, get it on camera and it was can approve. Point rat was all staged. What is in a sense, if you know it's gonna com right, eager cameras, there is staged, that's out Jones technique. Is this actually them the covered with That's a little too conveniently getting Saint Patrick. You know she's fake the
no paint your hair chicks. The European their hair, the girls, So, com if we do, that MR had hidden the pretty well Yeah ok so for folks, you just listening you what the fuck is going on. These girls are sitting there eating and then some I'll come over and they start talking with them, and everybody says it's fake, it seems very thick seems fag, the guys are like kind of half smiling the ones that attacked in will. You know, though, if you really understand Russians, I don't
not convinced. This is wrong. Guys irksome tough motherfuckers there. There are different breed and think they're used a conflict on a regular basis, so I think the way they interact with each other like like, so close to violence and you'll, smiling and shit like that. I think that's legitimate rights, physical violence over there is necessarily commonplace. It's the same thing, but I watch allotted like found. It's on the internet and the russian ones are just. There are totally different level This is why I think it's fake or the thing stage. At least the girls are just sitting there like they're waiting for it to happen here and there to calm that nothing bad is going to happen while they're getting yelled out by these fuckin hooligans and there's a lot of cameras. That's a big one, glaring opening before they even got attacked here. This is the line that more of the hot want entente. Don't don't you don't put that on your now? We can use in port off, but dont do it, because I don't want you to get obsessed with it. Face it doesn't take away from the good things they do. It's disappointing right. Doesn't it
I feel about seen. So much is fake. Now I think it's about taking a theme and China illustrated through in Iraq actions in the inner? That's. That's cause your goddamn liberal, Polish S, tragic problem. Well, maybe warm and where's the fucking pants and arrows bit sermons. Ever since zebra capitalism in Russia, they ruin the whole goddamn thing. They had a good thing: gallant socialism. These tricks are standing on the edge of a dark. Is that what it is? The young man, that's a wall behind them. I thought that was where thou that's real yeah they weapon with with horses. Stage hashtags and they whip the photographer to other real. That's real should now that I think this Israel, but it might you might be bushes well before if it was, if they just keep doing these things over and over again, staging these things to make to show assholes the The soviet cops are, but it really our God of the Olympics was so fuckin what it is ass to the money they spent and the fact
Putin a whole time. He knew what was going on in the Ukraine and he was gonna sporting events and you get to you look at his face. He was not enjoying himself. Very preoccupied with the Ukraine, the bull its it doesn't? tenth thing man, you imagine being that guy, the guy essentially taken over a country. Right I mean they his photos, it you see other different people who took photos of the photos, a potent journalists and in their hotel rooms when stand over there. No shit, yeah shitless Putin's fly fishing framed on the wall, which dictator air pollutants addicted of a giant country with a fuckin. A space program and the only way to get people down from the space station by the way We now have a space shuttle anymore gravity they had to go to examine Russian when to get home exactly why. Have you the Russians or would have to go to another country that Scotch Space programme that's got of a working shuttle. They they took the space a lot of commission. Can we get a
do you know how nuts that is man mean, and if people would move fucking money when we fucking, we need a fucking fix this and fix that we don't need money fucking force, but I've seen that argument for such a stupid argument The dumbest arguments ever Amber alert you just get an amber alert where the dumbest arguments ever because We are our highest level, capable. Of doing shit that no racist done before we still have all these social issues. But our capabilities technological capabilities are our abilities to affair. Our environment or abilities, to create these intervene pieces of electronics machinery and never existed for networks, as this is as high as it gets. Should continue to pursue the highest of that at whenever past because at some point time we're going to reach a point where we have such control over our environment that we
eliminate all the bullshit that we go through with pollution and overpopulation all these different aspects. We can probably end literally engineer the world, food is that fees. Everybody has no shall flight that as shelf life of a hundred years might not be ass. It might not our grandchildren. If, but, if we They live one today we will reach peak efficiency, will reach some sort of a technological singularity where we figure out a way to control everything to live in harmony. We figure out a way to eliminate violence through technology itself preposterous, but why Would we assume that emotions? You know I can't be eventually managed. Why would quite wouldn't we assume that we couldn't programme mines to be healthier and more more aggressively Glenn? I don't know with all the technological advancement we make have we come across Annie any means of improving people's, not emotional spiritual, will boil
yeah, but yes, the war. That allows the vehicle of human interaction too much larger channels. That's the internet The issue of allows people like there's a lot back doping that still cerebral I'm talking about. I mean there's that is affecting people, it's a rebel for sure, but saree bull changes, mindsets, mindsets, change, culture mean it's, it's the most impact for thing the human race has ever seen. I think it's just happened right in front of our face and it's like a firecracker went off and everyone's like trying to figure out what happened. It's going on. What happened so me through an immediate garbage, can write their own for the first couple seconds like what the fuck is going on. I really think that's human beings with the invention of the internet, we? Don't? You can understand that the bomb just went off we're just shaken our heads or go what the fuck is happening here and we're off. This is the beginning of the weirdest connection, but an organism is ever made. The whole organism is going to become one mind at that.
He's gonna happen, if you look at what is that the trend, really clearly is that individuals are going to some sort of ceased to be individual. The trend seems to be that we're getting close do each other. We can communicate with each other better. We can share information with each other better. We could spy on each other. We can get into each other's laws. We can allow each other to know where each other is all day every day with a gps tracker and your phone. We can figure out a way to study everybody's email and study. Everybody's phone calls. What we already have it and the USA is doing that right now, what's going on we're getting closer and closer and closer to some sort of a weird connection with each other and we're fuckin partners, but holding out the access to it, see access to a because they corporations, have already got it. You know they they ve already catalogue and are taking every time you collect. There is there's like five major private information gathered, Is that are out there, but
we don't have access. If you want to ask one of those companies, I want to see my patterns of spending out to see my patterns of shopping. I want to see where I go. They ve got it. You can get it yards. Will that's that get that from credit card information ray. I get all that and I get noisier Google and through that they give it all up. But what I'm saying is that we're gonna come appoint, there's going to be appointed time where there no Google. There is not mean. There's gonna, be so much connection that in the EU. Really be able to have any money money right now is ones and zeros. Its monies is numbers and its on an account somewhere and numbers that are, you know there are there in banks, I've got another amber alert not numbers are in banks, numbers are being traded back Fourth, on credit cards and they're going to let you know, good paper notes for some of it, but it's all bullshit right, sir. Point time more. He's gonna be just information and If we have complete,
total access to information right now? What sort of what were we towards the gonna hit, abound we're gonna, say: ok, here's what we're gonna have to figure out. We can either pay forward with civilization and abandoned money or we're gonna stick with money and we're gonna have to stop innovation right here, because any thing any thought about that any further we can control is not as it's kind of a joke as it is you it's all it's a concept. We have credit cards we have student loans, we have stocks that are going up in price that we don't even know what the fuck they are. It's a number here and its edge. Absent flows, neither direction and the government and the corporations goal is to just Keep you a little bit behind and scared, so you keep working with her you're organisms operations are organisms and they try to keep themselves alive and if they spend money to influence laws to make sure they can keep moving. They gonna keep moving but
Certain point time isn't money just information and, if all- information is free, but we're gonna get to this week. Sort of area with it keeps travelling in the area that it's it's going where innovation in money come to crosswords a crossroads we're gonna, be so advanced that we're gonna have to culturally, whether or not we have to develop some sort of a different reward system than money. Instead of, thinking like this is what it is, and this is how it's always been. That sounds always gonna be doesn't mean that you shouldn't get reward systems for behaviour. Reward systems for putting an effort should be They get more things for your efforts. If you show like, if we have free will and a person can't tell you what to do, you should be rewarded for putting in a lot of energy is irregular later, not that's. Creative, innovative energy or rise. Also gotta, be task. Tat response
abilities in others also responsibilities to your community responsibilities for your own waste in your own environment. I there's a lot of things that we we're gonna have to take into account carbon footprint yeah, but at the end, the day we have idea that money is the way to do it, because it's the way we ve always done it, but it doesn't take. To account, possibility and there's theirs other possibilities of a way that we can manage a bunch of organisms like humans. Human beings interact with each other, doesn't have to be credit card. So it's almost in my view to be paper, so we would have sort of a digital identity. They don't know, I'm just talking, I'm just, but what I'm saying is if I pay attention to what's happening with with information, what's happening acknowledge if you try to put it into. If you weren't person, you were some being for, the planet and you're looking at what we're doing like other building, something that keeps better and better every year in a building, something known, you know what the fuck their building, they don't even know what their building there has been.
Something along the lines. Are getting themselves addicted to making new things, but why the fuck would you be so a did to making new things. This laptop think it keep it like this for ever and I don't need a new laptop re. This laptops perfect right now why we, making new models like expected to make them every fucking year, they have do. They have to do have to develop programmes that are so complex that utilise the processors in these things is to make it does. He makes wave three gigahertz laptop like what are you? What are you make it? Would you don't you unless your crushing video we're doing audio editing what you're doing a lot like really have not ass. Rather, you don't need that it only that's like era addicted we're gonna make it smaller and smaller every year. I can carry that thing around easily. Do we're we're
where we are, and we don't realize how where we are like, while we're being weird, we don't realize voebel. Well, it's you know you gonna work on this life to make money. What the fuck is money. Who are you? What is this? What are we doing here, whereas in a giant factory that it just doesn't, it doesnt have real walls. So we don't. We forget that it's a factory but were a part of this, and if you look at the resources that you have available to you being twenty four hours a day and a certain amount of health, I think about what you did Kate most of that resources to and what you reward. We gotta house, the box weakened. Pass out every night from the television. So what you do on your part of a fuckin factory, part of a dog at night, and I look in people's windows in you- see that blue lipping thing and people sitting what to do. I work all Fuckin day most. We will go to a job, they do not like, they sit in traffic and they have a miserable eight hours, if not fourteen come home after all that work and pay off is this.
And watch an episode of modern family- and this is now taking anything away from people find themselves in their position. Could Gregg and I have both been there and it's not take anything away from people that it actually enjoy their jobs, there's other with working. If you enjoy your job like we're working right now about This is our job sharing China Right rights, whereas Bay right now, you're doing part gas or don't stand up when you do a stand up. Your work on your writing work when you fucking around joking around and you come up with ideas that work for you right, but it doesn't feel like work as its awesome. Colenso fun. There's, nothing wrong with finding a way to make Mongolian, boughs and sell them online line. Does nothing wrong with that If you have a problem with what you're doing and continue to do it, you're gonna be miserable doesn't mean you, you know you have to do one thing you have to find out where you dont like and don't do that. First, final
you do like- and I bet there's more than one option- man- you might finally options in one direction because you think it's your best chance of success, but most people that enjoy anything they were pretty nuanced view of the world. Like you, I know you, like you like to play off you. To play. Pool you like to write. You like to produce shows you like. Do stand up com if you like a lot of different things and you do a lot of different things and if one of those different things open up some strange path and you decided to go down it and and inform this excellent career. What what is it is it by chance? It back as you have more than one option. Is it because one thing resonates a few more that it's, because you have options, you could do it over the fuck. You want yet a combination of options and ability will obstinately abilities. Then you feel more excited about this thing. So I think it also, I think about this. The other day I can't wait the change jobs. I don't know what the next thing is, but I know that I'm going to follow it. I'm podcasting, I start
it was a fuckin lark. Then I started doing podcast shows us, and now I look at it like mad. I get a fuckin excited every day. Thinking about what the next podcast is, gonna be what guest I come up and you know something happens in my life and unlike oh, this is a great fuckin narrative peace. I can bring onto the podcast and I need to have more understanding of it by the end of the pot gas, because I've I'm going to think about in a concentrated way for, like I, don't know what ex thing is, but there's gonna be a next thing. Energy and you just gotta, say I'm gonna go with it whatever it is you well, it's you also don't have to stop doing stand up which with no and I as always been the main engine behind the machine right you when you took time off, doing stand up. You're still
stand up now. I never took time off mean if you'd never taken a week off with the launch of urban off stage, probably a month which is rare by death remarks. Once did you guys I do when he came back, I got injury to forget what it with the injury was. My husband was not always knows. We carved out your nose me now not and take them as time off. Then I was on stage like a thing or two, after that, here we are worried wearing he's, gonna hear plugs and click the the bleeding the knows where the people can. If it goes a coconut right. I were really shows that wasn't my number one thing I didn't want to have to explain my nose fix. I wasn't. Actually, cocaine is like last year, like your falling apart, Hollywood mom you're bleeding at no stage and if your bombing, as well as applaud shit, you're you're act goes into the toiling. I can I plug my stand: updates punchline San Francisco, large twelve, through the fifteenth Greek and in the sea,
state that will be with the great Joe Rogan at the Hollywood Improv targets that night in enforcing Patrick stay, we're gonna, do some fuckin. So, under the irish jokes, when you talk about the rage and the violence and the pride that comes with the irish people, and then I got a bunch, dates and Ghana, I don't know good fits dog dot com. I Denver for longer dal bunch places good times my friend, it's best times in its hard because with kids you know how it is you fuckin its bitter sweet. You walk out that door and it's like I'm going to miss you, and it's also like it to be loan and hotel. Here has not a bad its, whilst it's good to have little breaks, you know and as a reach charge, but I definitely like doing more gigs near home. Then I used to
I'd like to travel, less I'd like I'll survive in place. Like Diarrhoea Irvine grade. Let go in Ontario, it's fun. I say I shall do all the time I go into comedy magic club on there and the thorough yeah yeah, I'm doing a lot. O J Leno spots cause jail. As every Sunday night or at most, a beach common magical, while he's now targets on the road so magazine undeniable MIKE is, can I owe you know, start handing amounts a bunch, so I've done two of em so far, but I did one and I'm doing another. One of the thirtieth coming magic clubs of Fuckin General club dude, I come down into a guess la next value, their do it. I knew I will love that place out there you want to work with me was eagerly gentleman with Sunday, the thirtieth March Thirtieth, Greg Summers, and I we can have some fun their life is beautiful. The ads beautiful set out this is it's so good. It's so good at such a good club Scott such a great air, and it is my dislike. The nicest person that's ever walked the face. The earth, like the whole staff,
like friendly in nice trickled down from him course. They like that's, like the nicest most laid back staff ever mention that guy's, your boss, he's just the sweetest of sweetie pie. Ever I dont trust them He made him nice. I'm always like that. I'm gonna see some angry dared pop out, but I never have me cry ones. Tell em Brian, that he's gonna die of cancer and hears about his bride. Smokes news. Tell them is like I, my wife works with people that are dying of lung cancer. Death is horrible, they have the strap. U n you literally drowning on your own fluid that fills your lungs up. Its unbelief thirdly, horrible and its avoid of and its avoidable, you caused it and that's your thing is like you're, not to get as much sympathy if you'd die of that people are gonna, be like well, so good luck and for us this is illegal for me to smokers in here right away now, did you know that you're a fucking criminal? What is a kind of cigarette inside of a word is the deal on those guy, I'm totally uneducated about that. Is it bad? You were good for you,
it's not nearly as bad for you as cigarettes. That's a fact. But the issue is: should you be able to do it in public and I just passed a law in la because you can't do the public, but it's ridiculous, because you can just do it and no one even knows you're doing like it and smell at anything. You want to smoke, but its vapor sorrowing smoke. You know well those blue cigarettes when you buy those things that you have, that commercial with Jenny, Mccarthy and she's, looking about being sexy, sellen blue cigarettes. Second EU success, just gonna jolt of nicotine, but that means that a second hand smoke that no non zero. So I can inhale his. U inhale shit, you just getting vapor! That's all it is it's like the like little electronic vaporize cook. You don't smell, see that was little different Brian I gotta tell you. Is that looks a lot like more like smoking lingers in the air? Ok, whenever that, we're breathing it and so we're getting some nicotine we're getting something it's vapours
but they're right, ok, but hold? I want some talk, shed know whose measure that stuff now I'm saying that there is actually no tests, they dont relocate now smelling man. Maybe I might be onto this law I am. I am. I doubt this law waits is Nicholson's filling the air way to meet your blowing convention, be loaded, arts or legal, and they smell like shit. We only talk about the other progress against too much of a bit but make it in any prejudice. But that is not a bad for you. Nicotine is not good for you, but it's now. It's really the tar from smoking. Nicotine can be good for you in certain situations and it's a good cognitive enhancing and actually can give you a little boost cognitive, really little speed in ours. You accelerant twice crazy people smoke and all the people who are very creative, like a lot of writers, lover cigarettes and they get it like from the smoking you get like a little burst of creativity is a lot of people to believe that the bottom line is theirs
five hundred something chemicals cigarettes, not just nicotine! I give you just smoked. A cigar. I guarantee you it's gonna be healthy, it's probably not healthy with anybody. What chemicals into their cigarette too, in order to make it more addicted the documentary movie on it called the the inside, is an insider awry right. Yet, where he's a chemist he's talking about all the different things that are done to sing, is to make them more addictive and how they act as a fucking terror, fine sea, because it's just a movie, this shit isn't fiction. Man, ok, This is a recreation of a real case, and so, when he's describing the effects of the good in the audience they put in their five hundred plus whatever their ways ascribing that he has to be accurate, because this is a movie shitting on one of the biggest companies corporations on earth tobacco corporations.
Back of corporations, make untold trillions of dollars every year worldwide, you're dealing with one of them. Biggest monsters ever ass just out of Acta, they they. Versify and they get into buying food groups, and so you can't yeah and this think of how much money they have when you make a movie shitting on them, you gonna be either across your fuckin turns out your eyes. So You know that what you hearing is accurate. You know that what you hear, although incredibly terrifying, is fuckin legit. Second, they prefer me, cigarettes contains nicotine, but not other toxins. Well, that's not cool if it contains nicotine, you can't be blown that you shouldn't be able to affect people with your shit. Yeah, shouldn't be able to so I agree with it I agree with those you greedy bitches, what you're fuckin wheelbarrows for you, you get Damn oil can over there that your second Addis size that thing come on. Let's go horse dick, but if people did
use the smoke cigarettes now. Suddenly there they're doing this vapor stuff right. There seems to be like a real attraction, and then I heard that they or their China market its kids. This, like a watermelon bubble, gum flavour, oh yeah. This is cotton, candy, yeah yeah. It I've been saying that, wherever the only reason I'm smoking this now because it is a lot healthier than smoking a cigar and now is that improving you? Well I mean imagine so her. I would want to know that, just while this is just a: u imagining Sylvia sit back, imagining boy that your hiking everybody. Everybody agrees that this is no mere than a cigarette, though I dont know. If everybody agrees on our Brian, I think that it's probably healthy than a cigarette, but I'm an idiot
don't you understand how the body works from our stand with fry in anything lot of complex functions going on right now in my body that are critical, that I have no knowledge of their. You know. That's that's what I know about me. I don't know shit. So when I talk to you, I know you know less than me, unlike what you're fucked you're fucked for more than I'm fucked and I'm fucked your fear, your we're all thought and everything they find out in these studies seems to reverse itself afterwhile anyway, so the rules should probably be less shit in your body? drink. Anything except for water and carve mother sat down is a thing, but there's also that the body adapts and the body changes. So we We are dealing with a by those dealing with this current environment, but Our environment starts to showed changes. We're gonna, show expressions of those changes and genetics which is really fucking, weird and others a duck, a peace that was done recently on melanin and skin, and people getting nod
our car in dark climates like Africa, to avoid skin cancer. That was a natural selection issue and deal with the radiation that there was extremely minor radiator coming down them. So there's an extreme solution by nature. The turn out to be the most successful thing. So it's not that people started black and the became why it said people were growing up all over the planet and wildly different climates and as there evolving in these widely different climates. Different things happened to them. They might have all had an original source monkey or whatever the fuck. We were back then hominid, but as we spread out. Please do we just it. We just adapted to our environment is one reason why the chinese people have always skinny eyes. I don't know what it is: whatever the reason is what I like to develop that that thin slit where you you know, you don't have like his big why'd I and develop like a less harry body. Whatever those reasons are ever know what they are, but that
How do we, thank God for them, move it? How do I mean when I look at it allows in woman like every one of those attributes the little the little slidy eyes she can't she could see that I have no hair, because she can only see the middle part of my face and she's got no hair. So that's really nice, you load of four feet of blood from do does the sum in those women the Giver feet bound. That's an asian thing to look at how they got his own eyes. They were. They were bred to have little tiny sweet feet there, not an outlying big american women feet with the Fuckin Bunyan enlightening and less of it like one toe that's longer than the other. One doesn't bother me now. There's a monumental, but the crooked tells bother you shouldn't Should I care I'm all broken up by what our years must be offered to another fine from kicking me? Yeah, it's weird yeah or have any raising zero feet smelt go. I will definitely whose don't
have you. If you don't smell me Jane, I work and they're gonna get anything done. My smell bad, like I used put spray everything in it still comes back next, maybe it's a health issue and we should understand all ye stagnant. Well, you know when you feel feeders to sit in these like polyester cotton socks right, and you're sweating inside is brewing function there when you plastic sock. Ok, that's what an island Sarkozy plastic socks on its anyone, island socks- I guess they d write the kind of guy lingerie you re on what it would have focused socks made out of its not made out of wool. Ok in anything other than war is not can accept. All that moisture and dried up very well, so things get in there like a special plastic: cottons pretty good about unity around a library where exactly do those things agrees, ACT, Armando hearing, all smell Brian, nope of antiquity showers a day, but I was thinking I should have liked ball. Hats like where you put your balls and like a little low sock. Would
We call on the work done by your way. Doesn't my fucking talking, like others, anywhere migration? Thank you quit their life's a smaller than pants and you put them under like shorted out insurance. We live in a way. I feel that this would you call Gregg there under you close under the now. It's all sock, far socks, and then they have like an opening would if there was an open for your penis. The combative like it's their technically, but the flap is so big that you actually can't I'm down do this, invest money It's an interesting thing that certain parts of nature we can't recreate like war war, like one of the best things if Europe outside in the cold and you close on you sweat and dry off when you wearing Wall it wicks the water, where I body you dont get cold, it's amazing delivers lottery incoming it yeah the difference between wool socks and wool like undergarments and cotton is astounding. You were caught you
sweaty she gets wet. Did. You eat, freeze your fuckin, Dick off, it's the worst in the world. If you hike somewhere and then you sit down like you, you know you hurt yourself. Maybe you sit down, you will get so fucking cold. Very we get so called if you weren't cotton, khazar wet but not war was amazing. We can figure out a way to recreate that whatever and silk same thing silk as that property arms. Yes, silk has property as well, since actually keeps you warmer than most other materials, even though its thin, what's very, like tight, knit now eating retain your heat very well. I, like a wet sooner simplicity, were well socks. Yeah, I'm especially when I got cold places, are always wear. Warsaw shit yeah. She prior wanderer too, that I'm worried they might colony, might fester near my ass off the market. How there was a video or a guy was that nag this weekend and
reduce nag is the north American Grappling association. They were doing a match and they were in the middle of it in the guy forwarded. The guy threw up he down through a pull me o Brien its online. Its had had as they get ruled cares. If that all he tapped, Zoo, tapped, look as far as our guy long, not shower, so that they have all Yankee Pets Roy regarding might be the next areas. The guy's Kazan Guard, try pass guard and the guy on the bottom look starts tapping tapping and then he throws up. He really did throw up man, I mean look the guy who's tappin for no reason. First of all, and then he threw up Let me use all my time.
Here's my profitable ask. I fired I'm looking at the technique, guys technique unless he gave up right away God with actually beginning I'm interested in. What's going on here is a guy in the bottom. Is this like bluebells, unanimously Bluebells Ghip Ghisizzle space here as a way of life for it, the other guy and a way forward in the UK the black to its face, and
is he just said the major part in my face, but he really did throw up man. He really did throw up in the guys. Like I'm sorry, amounts are fired, you face you hear people laugh and look it's. It happens in class all the time, but just to be before you face all so, don't you think people for managers- I guess thirty? Second, let daily have there- is real people. People have gone into matches like especially gaed key guys, they'll, not wash their game for like fuckin days as smell, like death to smuggle rotten animal, and he got this covering your body smothering people with his rotten animal. Like give you mount a guy, and you know I give unity match you kid press your d up against the guy's face, and they can't get away from it to putting stinky s millions, rag,
think about other ring worm, he's gettin, right, strap and inaction, so nasty this dude. You like we ve had a yellow light man. You gotta watch you fuckin shit. You can't come in. You smell like that, because it also how bacteria gets bread tell people start getting things would bring worm these on those lines. A lot of times its people feel develop colonies in their fuckin clothes. I mean that vehicles smell bad. It's gotten. Ammonia are ammonia rather from your body from your side other stinky, sweat, fermenting, gray and sit in the trunk. Your car and you pull you down wearing it and shoved in someone's face fuckin gross. When I play hockey, they everybody nobody wash their fuckin gear and it's all like you know, the paths are all absorbing a whole fuckin seas and not only the sweat of any stick it in a bag and zip it till the next practice. I know go get a staff infection from tie pads locally, their pants like they were so dirty. His
kicking the weather passages. Horrible Inflexional, shins Maya friend just went to Israel and you know a lot of the Orthodox Jews. Don't really shower very much, and apparently you shouldn't fly. I think it's allow, and I should be careful. What I'm saying is this really does not answer so that this is a jewish family. My friends very good years woman and her fairly said now, you don't fly allow because it's got a lot of the outer acidic or at the guesses hasidic Jews and play you could Can you imagine a sitting next to somebody for ten hours has then rank rare guy hours? Now I come home I do I mean it must happen all the time, the ral yeah. As I guess there's other airlines fly, though there's not is concentrated to town
what it will cover wacky religion would tell you just smell is horrible, as you can just let yourself just funk of fine balls cheesy, and we know that you supposed to be clean. You drag right, you know they say, though they say you're, actually, probably better off, washing yourself no soap, just washing our father, dirt and stuff. Now and like letting the funk smell little that grow on, you know you'll develop like if you're eating healthy, you develop some sort of Healthy marine flora, The problem that I have returned, his man, you can look, you can be gross like if you wash yourself you. Still, like your yorkie scrubbing off a lot of the bad stuff, better and he can interact with people better. That's gotta count for something it does.
Bill gates, apparently, was disgusting like up no seriously like I've read Dorette, his biography and nobody wanted to work with them. Nobody could stand next Tuesday. He was like a real hippy Anita, he didn't wear shoes and he just you, know He had long hair when he was younger and he was just like this disgusting arose. Be optimum Where did I know you said Bill gates of fact? Did you mean Steve Jobs, Steve Jobs, their different guy knows that bill Gates goes to his feet and the toilet or something. I can't remember why weren't in low iniquitous feet, the toilet to wash Latian yeah, he was rose, but I dont use deodorant. I've never used the oder really You don't have that my pet smelled, like just a little bit but proper, about the same as somebody who use because the more you use deodorant clogs up the poor is in your pits and it actually makes it worse and it can cause cancer. We always felt. People who think they don't smell, usually probably smell.
You wanna see only Brian, don't do it, don't do it. I want to lie to derail. That's gonna run the show a throw up and Ethically, now I guarantee get in there Is it bad yourself you're, it's actually pretty nice, three nice sheriff. We came here in a couple days in traffic chaos at the four or five to the one I want and that an open gas, if I get a steak I would stay now would be the time they are true, the shrew simply every energy summit. If I guess you see there s wedding and you like laugh, you will get nervous on these fuckin thanks. They do now. That used to be nothing we're. I used to be just go on talk no noise, but should now show that their publicists alot of people with a lot of your shovel it was under the purposes. Ask me questions. Would you guess?
We're talking about you know, sir, your your client, firstly, clients smoke, part. There is not going to happen and we're not gonna. Take direction from you re forgotten here with the it is nice, though I fucking hate, booking, guess I love it when a policy like I get a relationship with a couple of that have cool clients, oh yeah, no diversion Jeffreys publicist. This gap a bunch of really cool people that he sends me not is definitely cool publishes. The problem is when they want to start like detail. What the, Why will you I won't be willing to do like, like I don't ever want to talk about something as person doesn't want talk about one week, ploy Durden anybody? I want you to have a conversation. I want to find out what's going on inside your head and said I want so, don't worry about it and if you I want them saying, was go inside of you guys need to talk You know you guys should talk amongst yourselves to figure out the fuck. You doing pretend to be somebody else
problem are what you do Spear Selfie Anna good publicist will only put you on a show. That is a good master. You work with Michael O, Brien rang the Mattel Gregor he's the greatest guy in the world, and he he is all about matches. So then, when he approaches like the avian club or the New York Times or whatever he wouldn't we're bring them a client is not appropriate for them and vice versa, and that's why he's got such a great reputation while he also you what he enjoys. What he's doing enjoys comedians enjoys the world a stand, comedies very bright guys, so he's got all these good things go and form. A great aroused are all is lost our interesting people that are kind of independent thinking and yeah. I saw some dude man is awesome and you know deftly does help if you want to get on to mean if you wanted just get on a letter mention or you want to do all these different things like every fuckin apamia ass, for you to organise that she herself and go chase all that shit down yourself, reopen
he's doing it. They do all the leg work for you. They have direct connections with all these people a book. These shows it makes more convenient night. You know, I think that in today's day and age. You know it's All about finding someone who's gonna? Let you express yourself with his little sort of push as possible as far as a policy area before any things for us a manager as far as an agent, because all we have a situation where he dumped manager, because managers agent, whoever was because The guy was telling not do poop joke cuz. It was a share of its illegal, it's a shit joke, it's she shit it's a joke, you are the bit destroys, and ours you don't get it gets which is what I would typically do. You know, but is right. You can have a guy like that. You in your line up you: can you can
the guy who thinks that why you're best bits ever is not good, because it's about shitting years, our aid, especially when it actually did happen. I mean he's telling the real story, but something happened to that bridge. As a bridge in Sydney they walk cross. It's crazy. Can bridge and wants are committed to walking across our thing so fuckin to have an hour journey you now in the middle of the ship. Bad, any shit himself? And it's it's fucking, hilarious, Asturias, hilarious in this dummy was saying you shouldn't tell, because Shit store, snarling, he's gotta history. Shit stories get a history stories. You know they are toxic. Whatever it is it he thinks it's funny so when his iron ore, Louis e K, had an agent and he lose gonna, go out to pitch sitcom idea and the okay, so well we're going to set a meeting on Tuesday and there was like okay great visit with his like, with us, he could come in and pitch to us and we can now give you notes and lose like here's. Your job,
you call the network and you set up a meeting and I go pets to them. I don't pitch to you. I don't fuck and take notes from you and so there are of course, went out sold fuckin shelve the wild. That's because they want to be a part of the creative. Unless you asked to see some people feel like hey. You know, I'm not sure about this page. Maybe you guys know what people buy in, but you don't tell them. I'd come in and do what yeah you're right expressing the guy's Lucy K, but I know of an agent that has one particular needy client, where they go over. There sat list, they go over every bit, they do they go. Over like any idea that they're gonna pitch they have like mock pitch meeting and he makes the agents like be a part of all this and he calls him up all day every day. Cosmo constantly many. I realized I talk to my agent. I have a couple months. And I just say you you're working for me. I you know I get shit and I go but like then, I think about the clients that are every time I call the
their guys on the other fuckin line I realize he's, and more for his ten percent. Then I get for my task, but do you know the guy who Woody Allen? First, work with job John you, this mandatory like three fuckin clients, and it was like Steve, Martin, Woody Allen and somebody else. Guy would go to every fucking set this early on. He go to the comedy seller with CAFE. Why are Woody Allen was first Workin out before you at any success. While he knew this guy was brilliant and he sat with go to coffee shop with them afterwards and they talk about his cell and you know how he should maybe right of short stories about that those he's gone Iq Madge I mean you have that you have that relationship. I think which have such when were you? You trust him creatively and you can have talks about on tat? Definitely Jeff is the funniest manager ever he could have been a com no desire to be a comic, but he easily could have in common rice funny it's funny shit and he doesn't
The a nonsense. Nonsense, like he's like the first gotta call bullshit on something I wanted to mention particular names, but the guys that he was right about you know. I think, as an east there's nothing happening there, stop it, stop it like somebody would try to say that this guy's funny this guy is like this is not going to work, is he's like last legs. Don't bullshit up there, and then everything I thought he was doing really well thought. He had a good said tonight and then a year later, sentiments right, he's, he's gonna, weird sense of comedy easy we're guy, but he's also like he's like a real old school manager. You know, like he's, like involved, in full career. It's a project for him like Heaven, James. It's me with its illegality. He handles accuse, involve like it's project. You really are working with them. It's it's easy, we're dude, but he also like trusts everybody. He works with he knows it enough, Kevin's gonna do his. Thank heavens gonna do the best you can do in those vomited do somethin. I may do the best, and he knows it will bring a main and ask questions to him, because I respect him as a person, but he'd never
I guess is- is job to like tat come in and you're gonna pitch to him and then we're gonna go out and all sectors your clients, I know a lot of managers, big managers, they clients in our respect. They talk shit about them and you scenario like ok, I get that were T Eureka funny Guy, but you presented that that means he's should be an extension of you yeah, well that this very few people that are like that. That's one of things about when the makes him so amazing is so lucky. I met I'm an amendment. I was an open micro. You now exists I would say manager for twenty second three years. Something grace like that when I was a scrub, Wanna dude found. That's amazing is the best just a great guy too. With the more great people that you have that around you that you really love being around like you seem like whether we're talkin Brody we see Brody of his big eyes. I have a lot of people. I got my life like suspends, one of em. I see him. I just get this big burst of happiness. You know like that: guy represents, like a long term. Friendship a great guy just it is
more people like that you can have in your life to bury your life, obey yeah. I think that you know my my circle get smaller and smaller and its- and it's just feels good because because I just realized like? I can't possibly like you and I we don't spend enough time together? Shooting pool just you know as I want second goal, be. I will go on the road to go, and I realize that so many people that I I have to cause like they're, my kids friends parents with leading it. It's like our man this time. For my life, I could be fuckin with Rogan. Where do we have in fun just laughingly ridiculous, Ray it's right, yeah there's this deftly that This I mean it's nice we run into like we have some friends that we are kids are friends with and the really interesting people really you gotta find friends, you have kids and let your kids come France. Yes, the order, that's a good order. Tie of that with Callin. His kids are friends of my kids right, but
It's fuckin, like the random, chance of meeting like the parents of one of your daughter's friends and you being forced. You like have conversations in those people and have to be enjoyable. God may have to listen to some first. Well, you see people disrespect each other dates. You see, I try the husband disrespect away for the wife would respect the husband do in front of you like to lecture each other war and you're. Just around this, you know: there's some darkness assumes they get in that car users door shut. They know their. Allow you fucking kindly fuckin, ruining turgenev tat your account. Why did you ask him about being a pod castor? You know, if you know he's, does his own saying he's ipod, you know he's on pat other ship. I bet yeah. I think that this is certain yours. You expect. If I go out to dinner with another couple me and my wife we're going to talk
about them as soon as the door closed when it's gonna be fine, is not going to be lying. Art galleries. Can we did you see when he said that right you now you see that an Eu Canada like have you no door close about that, but it's not mean spirited, but with those people. Just sometimes with the wrong couple. You feel, like man they're gone to dinner with us for the wrong reasons. My deal, breaker number one deal beggar. If someone is rooted help gal, I've had it and a few times we go out with folks and in a like the husbands, rude to the waiter like for no reason I ordered them around or somethin onto does something that's gross or hips really shitty. I I should say, limited bail, and then you can see how much each is paying the bill. Did the tipping cities fuckin? That's a sign of really bad character right right. You know that the whole that's a very bad exchange, because the person is sort of like acquiescing
their serving you, nobody wants to serve you man someone's serving knew there there there Dube at your Beck and call try do a good job and you know reward them for that. You're, ruining the whole relationship right all relationships, artificial. They dont want to serve. You dummy her serving you because that's how they make a living and used most reward them for it. I can it's a good system. I give you a waiter, another country, you don't make as much money as a waiter in America, you're a good waiter. You know, because you don't have a tipping, you get paid, you get paid, you work for the business and maybe they get me it is usually white, which is how it should be by the way I dont get wise and twenty percent just added into the bill and you as it is, but here's the thing a lotta people get mad when they see it, We will a mile. How can we ask the eighteen percent Woolfolk settlement of eighteen percent, which I assume will this guy was just fuckin late with water and nobody wants what they want in our new. Why won't control? They want ye age men. If a plumber comes over my house and he there are laid, and maybe he makes a mass I dont get
to pay him less right. You know he's giving me a service he's doing his best. I can choose somebody else. Next time. You know ideas that did you when you go to a restaurant. It's not it's! Now I got you gonna pick the same waiter and you know you don't wanna. You know what I have to like. Take a chance on someone knowing that you're going Well, you know what you wanna do is go to a place and assume that everyone's gonna Tipp well, Fiona work that place. You should assume that everyone comes, and it's gonna be nice. Now, in a perfect world it would all be the guy's gonna get pay the same amount, no matter what, but then would be the motivation to be really nice part of what you getting when you go to a restaurant deal with a waiter is fake, bullshit yeah paying for that shit. Sir, would you like the Oregon Pino New war? I recommend its fruity notes. Who are you man, who why interaction happening outrageous way. Notes you why you calling me mister Rogan way. Call me, sir. This shit man years do not reduce. What do you mean? What's good,
Indeed, here, why did you ask me free time and how things are going out in the middle of a sentence I knew broke up with? Is everything ok, what do you forget interrupted? Maybe I'll give you twenty percent back off. The problem is also is left wing. If you get that service, it's just as likely that it's because the matter major understaffed or that these cook is a fuckin drunk. So the foods are coming on time so year, waiter is bearing the brunt of a bunch of things that could be going wrong right right, right, yeah, the waiter is definitely the guy who's taken. He, but you know, they're, not all innocent either in a sometimes you to shit, waiter, cryin, that's you should pay them last. You should Tipp them less for sure, but if you get a really good one, she took the more. I think it's a good system. I think it's a good system of songs. People are cool while they wish extended to other jobs? We should, it gets weird. I was talking to Girls Starbucks and, at Starbucks at the airport. Normally didn't have a tip. Tipp thing
Ago I got you guys, have a tip thing now and she was yeah we're not supposed to you before I gotta go yeah fuck. You should have a tip thing. I go. How come you guys have a tip thing and other people do that? What it is that other people don't ever Tipp thing so they get upset. It was always the bookstore. That's what was and she was like that's exactly what it is like. The people that work like selling books that they don't get taps upset that we get tabs retail, coughing overdue and a servant coughing right. They have a jar that they loved Bilbil. I fuck it we're just put the Tipp out the monk who love it. Voluntarism, Batman, Mcdonald's, they're, making minimum fucking weighed and we repeat our up we're just running around Greece all day there dealing with you know. I may thus be honest people are Mcdonald's, are not tree. Are not the same customer base, Starbuck Starbucks, you got a bunch of
you know well, you know well paid people well mannered and the coming in, and then you get tips, Mcdonald's, you're, getting fat, stupid people of any Mcdonald's food or deal with them. You're dealing with, I got kitchen, that's fill with minimum wage cook, so they fuckin sock and you're, not getting a tip. How does that make sense? Doesn't make any sense? what this way worse jobs in this world. This, like all was not created equal by any stretch of the imagination bad ones almost exist. To, let you know like as an individual? Of course exist in a system of society system, but as an individual, those jobs almost exist to let you know that you for sure don't want to do that, the feeling of being it's like being a real bad relationship? Right like what would could see out of a relationship it he fucked, slow. That's what happens to a certain point. We like we, you just shut the fuck up and leave me alone. I can't taken is negativity anymore. We're done
we're done here, ok boom, but you have to hit this well. The bottom in order to change and you're gonna, have that Mcdonald job to appreciate a really good job. You re to talk about later, like you and I we talk first jobs. Gave you the motivation to get out, get on your fuckin horse and get out of there. You have. You didn't have that motivation and that's where, when we're talking about money about our society designed to sort of encourage motivation which encourages success, which encourages financial rewards, encourages more attractive to the opposite sex. When you driving a ferrari to allotted that's a fact. Loud people you're really mad at that, but that's a fact it's just a fact is just too many due to her ugly, an old who have really high wives. Are I mean it's fact guys get billions there's a giant yards and they're fucking these hot checks and doesn't make any sense. But that's a fact knows you can't deny that fact. Wiser factories,
What exists, because we got a weird system that a weird system and that's why the holes in the system, when the halls and system as it achievement as as superseded actual physical desire for allow these poor gold diggers and they, let us frankly old cocksucker shewed his dry loads into an end. You gotta pretend you loved oraibi, oh yeah, baby. Why I like that guy who got is faced foisted on threw up at night? That's one thing: has old man, Fleda, Sardinia, and he doesn't she our purpose, just to degrade. You frogeity like its. If it's all the money, you know what he's a second now very well, there's a lot of guys. It definitely have a resentment towards these goals earlier for sure, especially once the woman's the fund has worn off of the game of pretending. Your attracted to the man which you know if Europe, guy who's not attractive and you're successful, and you believe in your head that you're some cool with some special, but you look out
well I've done- and this defines me, this watch series watch two. Fifty thousand dollar watch and it's the twenty million dollar state that you get that in your head and you a girl and she tricks you with your own ego, should get baby uses amazingly be around so lucky. We major meanwhile she's perfect her tat searches,
Melons bobbing gently, and this really strains thin material clothes that she wears the clings over hips and just inch is lower than her vagina. Just hanging inches lower than average honour Babo ass in Perfect Clegg gap underline what is his hose. Yo ass Jesus Christ and she just strokes. Your cock kisses you and your marrying this bitch wait. I'm really aghast ties attire, she's, gonna, shoulder wrong. That's the thing is you realise with her? Not only am I getting the fuckin body I'm getting shoulder runs, I'm getting subservient. Debates can cook concrete. How well she gets it and you can go out with her nose out of three ran. She knows how to carry one freudenberg you and you sleep, because she realizes that she's tricked you into having a shitty will where she get, because your kids are that Europe should convince you that kid you're better off. If you didn't give them a safety net because that would make them successful, like use, should play to your ego and you cut, the kids are the will and gave all the money is crazy, tie bitch whose thus low
poisoning your drink and she one she earned it. That's the thing about like analytical Psmith, when his fuckin stupid kids, one is a state now and call was stuck in, is didn't, think you do a bit about the Africa closures and then, when I was a whole thing about them, saying like. Oh, my God, she's, taking advantage of him she's only being she's only within four as my unlike don't you think he fucking know right, but I made a billion dollars from scratch. Chances are he's a tad crafty. This whole thing about how you want to die. You d want to does shaking it alone, you're hospital bed, surrounded by love ones, or do you want to get up
big fat, Kentucky Fried Hooker and just blow it out, and it was all him die and tell her. The leg is therefore shitty did her right before he died and the kids tat, nothing enabling faint is. Are you were raised with all that fuckin money? You went to private schools, you had tennis coaches, he proudly bought you houses. Why do you need more? What the fuck did you? Do you didn't suck his dagger? You need to get your own money. Stupid right, erode the rod and not over I think also in this. Sounds fucked up, but add exists because it's a predatory situation, Europe, you pray of your vulnerable all week, emotional guy, who also has a billion dollars women a prey on you pretend to be something there not, and they money will convince themselves that they are that something that their pretending to be because their instinct to try to acquire your wealth and your social status is so strong that they want to be. The Trump girl
wanna, be that new girl, the Trump leaves his wife for you. I dont think its black and white. I mean, if you're a woman. I grew up in that paradigm. Maybe your dad had money in your mother was a stay at home mom, and maybe she had a hint of that and then all sudden you're involved and charitable organizations in your taking his wealth and you're you're channeling into positive things so use ie. Starts and not necessarily be about is the one I would have married just based on his look, Sarah charisma, but it starts to become about like what life is pairing up, somebody and being powerful? You much house of cards no and don't don't you fuckin spoiler me is to say the relationship is about power. I know they're movie. That show rather is supposed to be amazing. Its maintenance shopping onto it next, but it's basically about how a couple can be together, because there are power couple and it's interesting, Billon Hilary most likely right right, most likely absolutely mom. Most president's, I think,
Probably you have to be. I don't think you can do that thing on your own. I think that's not fucking job in the first lady has a prominent role in our culture, which is constantly speaking and doing these things, and I Thank you dead right. I think you're dead right about that and I think the it's also that were also in about just stops on a broad range of possibilities from ultimately totally evil rush in hot pot, The two to steal your organs when your sleep to someone who just doesn't want to work and the guy's kind of cool, any treaty good, and so she stays of them. You know I've seen both I seen both I've seen. I seen people get victimize and I've seen people that are just sort of this relationship where I wouldn't want it, but it works for them
at times there are the other. With the woman, tease and B. I had a sad. You know I wouldn't be with you. It wasn't for the fuckin money, how it's not even a teenage as, of course I now that's a movie. That's in a movie. What was the movie that was? There was a movie that was in where the tune were no. There is less terms of India get it would have you. Do it right away that each year to go right to fucking, platoon picture and organs? Hang him out on a beach. I forget the movie man, but it was about a guy who lost everything, in the scene, like his wife, was like laughing about it when everything was going great and then, when those are the money she did. Valiantly them will actually was in the Wolf Wall Street to the common theme in the war. For whilst we obviously was a crazy, cooked up, fucking maniac piece of shit, but when he going under Business going on. It has on the wife left him when he was great, the wife wanted him when he was married to another woman, I mean like it, it was
it was a classic story. So it's not like that's an unfamiliar paradigm to us its nature. It's a wounded. Antelope gets taken out by the deadline. Its and she needs to provide
for he or she doesn't, but in that role she does. If sheep chooses that role, if she chooses the role of fucking, the old greedily shaky man with his fuckin pale translucent dick did, he sticks inside. We could see, as he's coming seated veins like pub, whatever blood and guided and its ago the highway going down. It's fuckin, saran, wrapped skin, filled with Viagra here and is shooting heaved dust bubbles into her pussy yeah man mean that somehow renewables you can take that choice or you know you can start in art gallery and become multimillionaire on your own. I mean you can do that to pay its, but when you are that girl? Okay, if you are that twenty five year old girl than after all problem that looking to try to hook up with some old billionaire dude and marry him, so they be taken care for life. You're that that's your role, that's what you ve chosen. You might have more potential than that, but it doesn't
That's not what you chose. Oh you don't even know baby. She so slick she so smart. I mean that is on Us Mars. Girls. I've ever met my life when she met him and she put out doesn't matter you talking nonsense. She still that girl, she's price, that you can't say. No, no listen! You can't say she supposed to know her and she is powerful and what she did was yeah she's, really clever and she figured. I would immediately guys know enough. The press to re missing all point right. It doesn't matter if she has other than she reads. A hundred and fifty bucks a week again don't tell me that what is so God, I'm sorry you're, saying she's, not smart, go sink, she's, a hooker she's playing the role of a hooker. That's no way will the opposite in terms of a female and male, because sometimes women are so hot tat, the guy is getting something out of her and he's putting up with now not having love not having respect for her, but wanting pussy bad or that status of being with somebody this that hot, that in the same way he's a prostitute for what
he's getting from her. Ok There- certainly eggs- mean this exchanges of than money that are unfair. The reason the old may give the girl in the first place, is because of his pocket money that it so when you of all people, know what they're getting sort of, but it's not because they're playing a game called love in the game was baby. I love you too so happy to be with you or you love me. Who are you what dick? I thought you to the latter What are the gay somebody will show is a winner, although he gets pussy, unless you are driving policy issue, drugs and its prime. What's the matter about maintaining their relationship and thus allowing her fucker personal trainer rash is going to share ok she's going to look out hot shit is still too little. Waste is dynamic. Bodies is twenty five years old here. Ninety she's, going
hocker trainer just except it be happening. You can fuckin, don't ask questions. Pre, anger, cities, postal outer open, do with justice ritual man. She will have to worry fucking great Eagle ceremony ass. One can argue, lionize meant Fuckin, Jan GM, so hard for you, because when you met your wife, you are already very successful. You had money. May I add my a girl I fucked up, because I was single when I met my girl. My were now why, I ain't even MTV game Shell and I was like I met at the wrong fuckin time. I couldn't lined up so much, but that is not true, because you you enjoyed it, see everybody's worried about it, but you still do but everybody's worried about what they didn't do, nor I should have done this. No you shouldn't have I've had people
in my life, to tell me the most important thing that ever happened to them was fucking up, because if you fuck up, then you realize you fucked up, and that motivates you to get away. I fucked me down just ass. She had never done that. Of course you should have done it. I lost everything. I've fucked up, given that marriage, you fucking, got married. You should have lost everything now. You know you win now you when you're, not the knowledge, don't ever let it happen again, don't use it as an excuse to do while the one your own says nothing worse than the wallowing fucking horse guy, you know, is living in a condo, enamored array and he's fucking gonna save a bar of reuniting the same stock is one of those guys were like the woman at Starbucks knows his name is his life has become so. Blue five, dumb down because he's afraid to move forward after divorce. Any Bravo used to be a Dj Strip club. We first met and Eddie entered used me to the game of how these girls would go about getting men to buy them. Thanks now think I'd be friends and his girl unknown to him, so they
though a nice people them other than you know, and I never relationships were themselves is talking to them. They would tell me about these guys that they were looking up with that way I then cars and shit and how they would do it. So I visited him at work I'm like what's going on man, it is like nothing do check this out. You gonna do this girl and then her one of her clients when she comes in like you got, you gotta see like this guy just bought a truck, but you continuity and the girls hanging out- and you know it friends in this guy comes in. Who was there's a classic story, is a wounded gazelle. Fifty five divorce guy? Where should the post office coming in with his postal jack and on haze norm from cheer? He bought a thirty five thousand dollar Carmen this guy. He butterfly you Condon Ali in, I was a nice car made. Thirty. Five, noise around number obstructed, other whatever he bought a new car. So She sees him and she goes Oh my god,
runs over like little baby steps like a girl spoken naked man, she's naked she's, inner underwear, she had bikini and she goes and gives us guy hugged, and you can see it tough fenceless, there's no way in the world that a girl that looks like that would ever have that kind of reaction to him. So he's gotta pay for that you gotta pay for that for by buying a car or taken care of refund the credit problem, that she's got or you know do whatever you gotta figure out how to pay for that shit. Because there's no other way that you're gonna get that relationship, but what I watched it was like. I looked at any news like this shit straight mercenary. Right like this is crazy, like they just think can't game on these guys slide. I get a friend whose, like he seems to like make friends with rich people, and I hear good guy, but it's weird, and he says that few these guys they really do take care. Girls. They ve got like an apartment in New York. It she lives in. She gets a check. Every month I mean figure. It costs them fit grand a year and these
guys that have fuckin thirty million dollars so to have a relationship set up when they come to town. There have to call it port service and they don't have to go out and try to make a straight relationship where they have to send flowers and call every day they come at TAT, she's, fucking gorgeous pay. A powerful confident? It's all? on the table, and I ve got like three city set up and its and when, when he comes a town she is a valuable tool. Money for seven, whatever the fuck you wants- and I bet some kind of friendship underneath it all, maybe not well. That would be great if it all worked out like that right if that was the arrangement and all worked out like that, but the problem with people is theirs well if you're some static state maintains itself running long periods of time sketch out across the country would chicks living. I'm gonna maintain
in and out of each other or she finds another guy. I mean people weird, they did it's very difficult to make. So how are you gonna maintain a long term prostitution relationships here, not more loudly people that begin what year most likely mean you're painted out to be also in beautiful, but the reality is that so the girl wants. You want to find a guy either. If you want someone to take care of her, she wants to find a guide to take care of her in her lover in her boyfriend, her husband or whatever, and for this guy that thinks it is going maintained. You gonna have to manage each one of these situations. If you're, some crazy, ceo of some giant corporation, you got it for apartment scattered out across the country, with checks live in Vienna,
contain these positions, goose, those fucking her. Will you not there what's happening? Is anybody ploughing your death? You better be sure. Do what did you sign you, sorry, the increasing dishevelled photographs, your dick, like would give her a credit card. You are critical, but it's like you. Do you have to monitor these situations is sinking to be a normal persons. Can we a person's wanna fuck? You because you pay for that, and you know they might be crazy easily might be crazy. I heard this dude. I was at the w and sit in the lobby waiting and this is to sit next. Venus got an accent, sound scandinavian going out I'll fire get your on the funding of it so hard to reach. Lady baby, you know you know, I'm so crazy about you, so beautiful. I can't wait to get you out. You need to stop going too You come I take care of you, never matter, and he was talking on. The phone clearly met on some kind of high and dating service where you get women that you take care of you and she was flirting back and they were making plans for her to fly out for a week. He was gonna, take best restaurants and allay bogus
I was telling or other things is gonna bribery worth right and ensures on line. They had talk on the phone clearly a few times and he was close it he was making the arrangements to fly out. Ok, why do we have a problem? What does anybody have upright or they can and should have they had been right? I arose in ruins, eyes or human. Don't think I think all prostitution should be legalised. I think that whorehouse should be legalised. I think that having Having horizontal street are having to go through Craigslist. Is it but the reality is people going to use whores and put it on the table, legalise it make them get it further fur stds make sure that keeping their money they're, not getting fucking beaten up and an relationships like this should be five yeah. What's its unbelievably fascinating that we have something that everybody wants and everybody gets for free but soon you touch money to it. It has its massive state to re write like you know, saying that these prostitution relationships aren't stable. What british czar
In our view, you hook up a someone's gonna be stable. If you meet people randomly and have sexually agreed have sex each other is economic stable. You sure it might not be stable either you might run in the instability everywhere. You turn, but the main reason why we, how will these negativity, negative ideas attached to the idea prostitution is because its illegal? What? If you hook up all night with a check, you bought dinner, you bought drinks you paid for the care back to the apartment. You spent all the money. You guys fuck, that different and how many are all money and having sex with her about all those things are just you dating and there's nothing wrong, being nice and being nice to sew and taken a friend out or to drive in the morale taken into a nice rest or another wrong with that but then, when she says I got the situation, I'm through months hurt ran towards doing you a good I'll, just take care of it and you your checking that you succeed deck? What happened there? What happened there? Did you pay for it, is likely that we don't know she met a surgeon dick anyway? You know right. I've been like listen baby. You know you don't get my from me, but you do get dick
we d gotten into blows- you that's different right, but most guys Campo. What about at a marriage where the life does not work has earned a dime she's having sex with you? That's prostitution, according to some people acquire some people certainly is required to a lot of male feminists. It would be my right there. I mean it's it's my coordinator within sex go out. I mean that's what you want to look at, but it's a girl immense. It's no problem as the idea of money. It's agreements will you That's where the idea, prostitution, soda it comes down to what it comes down to our people, having sex with people that they might not necessarily have been. We too without any benefit, but that benefit exists or they are willing to do it. Is that institution, because if it that benefit is only money. Then here. You defining sex for something as sex for money, that's prostitution, but everything is sex or something if you see it like. You were talking about the Ferrari thing before. If Europe,
club and you see guy pull up a ferrari and you go home with that. Part of the reason you went home with him. Is you saw the ferrari? There's not dollars exchanged, but there is an imp Is it understanding this dude? money and he spends it like a I can lunatic and you want to be around that. That's a good point that he spends it like a fuckin lunatic. That's a great point, because that's really what it is, a guy who so flashes driving a tutor. Fifty thousand our car he's not gonna, has
to give you a couple grand here and there you know you want to buy new pair shows is like here fuckin peels off. Some hundreds gives you a kiss on a cheek and goes back to doing business by Sal buys working some crazy, multibillion air maniac banker do right power in its a party. I need to get invited to you're gonna be around that's why I can already this guy who doesn't give a shit about money. He knows he's gonna die soon, because these are, after all, these chain smoke and he's drunk and wherever you go, you read in the best stakes you're getting the best clubs. Life is fucking. Oh yeah, oh yeah. I don't fuck They are you do on the internet. I Evans, wife and everyone shop. The country club elements in the eleven please come on in and you ve got. A poor. Always you forget
lucky you three thousand dollars shoes and while in there and take a tennis lessening tennis player, blackened bonds, you in the lock around knows it, then the husband says: bring em over. I wanna watch Jesus thanked its ongoing. Biogas. Won't do that, but I don't think that's a normal. Thank now. I think that's watching lot lot, that's weird thing and then the cuckoo old Porn such you know couple poor where'd, you find that ivory on skid taping cuckoo old port don't do abroad. But if it can you tell if it's real or not no course not, but casting couches fucking real. Currently, don't sometimes it's real, sometimes not them
thing is before they do any. They may have to sign like agreements, s happy tat s it get tested. So there is a reason. Why is legally? They have to give it a task within thirty days gave the by reason that just in California and are in a lot of these done in other states, wriggling honour in Arizona, Lazo different all over the country. All I know is on. Does one sort this one certain guy, the famous guys get the black leather cow she, but he blonde zone is under his command and its one shot. There is, and you can tell by the way it's cut together, conversation that whole sequence of events is not Eddie there's no fuckin missing right minutes there and and I'll tell you right now you could not getting any harder. What's with you get away. I watched him back and let you could not get Kate Blanchett to come in and perform in a way that says hello and nervous way gets brought through the various steps. If I've take my clothes off, I've suck your dick
I'm telling you these women do you no porn action. Can act, right is sheet, is real and it's all I watch will maybe I pack and love it, because it's real man when you see that when you see the confusion in the slave fear and her eyes when she gets on her knees in this guy's office. I dont know why. But that appeals to me while appeals you, because you're a nice guy and because you respect women that's what it is. You know that experience is never gonna happen. You in your life. I wish that at one point time you could be that animal the pulls out a giant. Did anyone socket socket? Where would you show me a sucker Dick I like you. I wish I could do that. But where did you go easy on ass? You wouldn't do that if the girl came in your office should be like ok, you're, very beautiful, but look if you really we're gonna do pointy know how bad out fuck up your life, and I with your parents we so disappointed. If I was your father, I'd be a subset. Please get out here, don't you for Doesn't you do you wouldn't be that animal? Not only that this guy I had it.
I'm rented an office bought vis, oh cameras, says up yacht Diana Guy, and you know it it wasn't like it's over. I dont dont show twitting idea if it's like a girl, we're gonna moderately euros in hoary way and you took advantage of it. That's fucking bad. But this is it's like the difference with murder and premeditated murder. Well, you know what it's just more wounded, antelopes man or another wrong I mean- is only wrong with if you're a guy- and you have an office in you- get some adult female to come over and blow you on film, because she wants
Importantly, you're lying and you're telling me that you're gonna get her work with they that's the whole caviar as loading them work and he's not that's, do show you should the jargon off to the right back the high it. Now I swear to you, try other ones. I try going to try this coupled porn or you don't want a friend who was out. He went to this club and or party rather, and he met this guy and his wife and the guy Blake pushed the wife towards him and said you know, he's your type My friend was like what fuck like thinking Who's gonna be just, and she now you actually to hook up of guys, and he was I why, she is a guy who likes me too, like ill he'll. Let me blow you in front of him and so on outside sitting on a porch and his wife starts sucking his dick and he telling his wife. I do like rubbers boss, where was probably go deeper, go deeper baby There is no girls mouth and I was right here
couldn't have run away, because I was just so horrified after it was over- is the creeping is of it all wasn't. Even it wasn't even available to him until he nodded in this woman's mouth while husband, saying you know, like, I think the husband might even said to him coming around corner mouth anyways. I waited at what you could tell like it was weird. I guess when he was telling the woman what to do to him, but when he told him what to do with the woman commoner mouth and it was like. Oh my god, this is the craziest fucking experience era and he said like one those things where a browser expression post, not syndrome after you it's almost like pose pardon my women get depressed. Sometimes after they give babies. I guess he's gotta get depressed after they come, they realize, like what did I let my dick talk me into? Oh, my God get out of here. He goes up ever had a worse express expression of that post, nuts, indoor air. He the good the do just ran away from here really good. Looking young guy's an actor
guess I guess it was probably one of those things where he'd never like been around these like that before and he didn't even know it was real and I look like before he knows it. This woman, who's, really hot and a guy, seems really. Nice is blowing him in front of her husband on a porch party in the dark. Into a corner. Chair turn sideways their husbands. Looking out, make sure nobody walks down the hallway and she's suckin is dead. Can it comes at a rather than the girls given instructions from her mouth to minimise? These were waiting so as he's nothing singular guy time the com- and it was like the forgot here. I remember my worse one. My work with post part, I'm not posters, strangerhood my words about Trade MAC trademarked word, my worst personal syndrome does David tell should be taken powerful, take it till you put it up to the speaker phone hella, such data
I hung up the girl he's the only guy that I'll try, yet that's it yeah no wise, like the only unknown, give all, I guess, form block their pleas grace, but my words thousand Spain. I was eighteen years old, I was in May orca by myself and it was can snowing and may arc, or for the first time in forty years, and so on, staying in this shitty hood, I wish I had been in Denmark as travel around Europe. Like six months by myself- and I they was fuckin freezing in Denmark and there were these tore package. As you know, I can't you can go to the Bahamas for like no money and includes a hotel room like one This deals rose like two hundred fifty bucks. You gotta may orkan second hotel, so I go any like the sleazy is cockroach Roy. Run down, mouldy hotel and I've seen the bar and I just drinking away the sadness, because I thought I was escaping Denmark Two gets eyes, lay out the sign in and I snowing, and so I get drunk
bar tender? Is this nasty old spanish wench and I get so drunk that I go she's got a room in the hotel and I go in there and it's like this sad sheet. Mattress and I have just Our will sex and I that not that- starts in hers, not syndrome real, because any wake up hung over and you Did you ever disease? and the next night. I walk past her room and I hear her go on at it with another guy and I brought the nut syndrome back again. My job did you wash Dick scrub, whose catch anything now wow maison the vat girls clean, but now twenty or college girl digital media right, my present now, while the US have you, watch porn with a girl with another girl. What the other girl has a dick. So instead of a guy fucking a girl, it's the add on enjoy that transgender woman? Nor would now that's pretty.
That doesn't sound like a woman who had a penis added onto our no woman was drowned man whose becoming a woman, yes, sceptic tits, yes, a man with faked, it's, how guy looks like a woman really, but with a dick you liked. It What's better than guy girl because he could see boobs and its looks like two girls, you keep saying this and still not really don't look at me. I know you said this more than once so disagrees. You would rather see a guide ridiculous idea. You need you, you know, I don't u trend. Stop Brian Ryan. What is here's the thing about Brian is you're. Fucked up did You put out you put out a lot of effective self about yourselves, like you say things like that, we know your sex life and they get you Nick
in thing and smoke. Pardon and your fill your a filthy, deviant right on paper. You put that out. I think this weird or guy, underneath it they Urien, hiding with this persona, would you talkin more cost I think, he's a really dark, dark dude. I pretty much all the dark. Should I do yeah women? Why say that is not dark here? Thinking sweetheart brides sweetheart, you mean sexual. It now known I don't know who I am glad he likes porno likes girls here. Why? The easy is going guys error, Brian has there's nothing like dark in there. Nice try to kill anybody. Oh no! No! No! No! No matter how new cry he's a crier yeah, Sweden cried the other day, the communist or use we die. See here. You can't think over my way. People get look, look here's what he is he's weirdo
and when you meet a weirdo there what they are is something that doesn't fit into your box. You go out. I bet there's something going on there that I'm missing. I know they do pretty well two weirdo but we're all weirdos, but his weirdos, like it's very difficult to categorize, very difficult to put into a box. What is Brian, will here's a crazy thing about Brian? Is, I dont know if your future holds because I know you spend all your fuckin money and I think you're making decent money are working with rogue, and this is a Bloating medium that you guys are involved in it. It's not a big crew, and I know Jos generous. So I know your can decent cash, and you see none of it and I think about your future summits, I'm Squire was way whereby we saw this negativity think about future. Stop and think about this way. Without blown up anybody spot he does very well. They like with girls. He live, ridiculous leisure life of Kommeni and podcast and laughing and being stoned all time he's having sex what he wants it like,
you can't buy that right, like if you wanted to like pay for that subscription and like you, wanted to fill to fill that lifestyle like how is Eve worth it out would be really hard to engineer. That's a fuck, very difficult job too poor and be silly like he's been zone wrong. They're just is not fitting into one or stand when you stand a paradigm tat puzzled by Brian. Have you shouldn't be Brian, easy is silly is we is, but does not wrong? They m jealous. That's exactly what it is you can imagine jealous of Malta here, like the essential they don't have a lot of boxing here in parliament, but wiser bad because everyone's gonna die due to its one of things we talked about earlier. Why is it bad for him to be live in this way are things that voice said real issue. Would people that want to tell me or anybody to have it before our kids and I still haven't now. They want to tell you that you need to do something again to grow up or you need kids, young kids you'd understand you don't need to have kids guess what you can be a great purse with our kids. I
enjoy having kids. I love my kids. I love having a family, I love the whole process, but if you don't want to do it, there's nothing wrong with that. Anybody who doesn't want to? U can absolutely contribute to society. Just as much of you not apparent you can put out as much energy use. You want put as much good in love and foreign and enriching anything from badness by not having a kid. When you should or not or not. You know, maybe you'd have a kid in your life. Would change around. You would be a better person, you be more giving because you really love this kid and opens up the sort of door of compassion inside your soul. That the possibility to have seen both, but idea that you need to do anything stupid and peoples do tell me that you go. You need to grow up. You need to grow up when it. What would you do want to die? to fall into line the fucking follower pattern, you don't need to do anything nobody's do anything. You need to breathe, food. The residences structure that we serve invented disorder give ourselves in a dual wake up in the morning. Whilst I am trying to go to work works out, real the cars
real lives? I feel this is what's real heart beats and when those bitches stop all that shit that you created in stockpiled and worked for means not paying these objects attentive, it exists when you're dead when you're dead you gonna go to another dimension. We can't take this shit with you or not or do I shall. This is why you took LSD and I did not have an accepted death, even brace death, well, are you willing to humans? Are you willing to do psychedelic? I think I am would you be willing to do? I think I would do anything. Would you do something under like a clinical setting, or would you be willing to get dirty, gaunt, Joshua Tree and take mushroom? I would need to be led by a sham, and I'd have to be with somebody like you or chairman. I got a few people that I would think it worth. So if things go wrong, they can get me back. I could take one person through some experiences it, but it would have to really know that you wanted to do it and have to really trust you? You are really trust, and I know you can handle shit you now
I trust you implicitly would never worry about you freaking out, but you after to be real, careful. You introduce these things too, because I think without doubt, psych experiences should be something someone is chasing. You certainly shouldn't promoted to some one who isn't chasing it and try to push on them if they're not chasing after we going towards a joke around about that all the time. It's why I never tell me a joke around about you. You know what you need to do. He didn't do mushrooms, mother Fucker joke around about that. But the reality is you shouldn't do mushrooms unless you wanna do mushrooms. If you have this desire to try to experience, you have this intense desire to find out. What's on the other side than you do but if you dont want, is a guy who person I'm always looking for a way. I mean it's like Jim Morrison. The doors recall the door is because it was based on a poem by Blake. That is, they did Joe can be the door to knowledge
the understanding which we said earlier about Carl Sagan Carl Sagan quote right mean that's what crossly would say he found beneficial drugs. It don't impede your health, that's what he found in marijuana was a big one. Guy he's a smoke pon fuckin looked telescopes was one of the most influential scientific minds of our generation or any generation mean he he was the voice of science in the twentyth century and means of fuckin incredible human being, and it was upon it he added. Cocaine is also something that can be a part like. I think it's not as its eyes. Addictive is a lot of other drugs and I think for young people to really go out and really have the night of their life. They should and like said, should be forced on them, but a few brace coke on your prom night and salmon FUCK Administration and of an amazing night anywhere, not or you're, in jail for fuckin murder. You know that's a possibility to I've been around people that are on coke and I've never done it myself, but I don't I dont like
crazy, speedy up thing word their dangerous and there is a lot of Hauser. Your snorting speed is a problem because it stepped on so many times. When you know you're getting real coke, I mean how many cultures does she want? Cocalus. That's true! That's true! That's very different psychoactive experience in the process. Cocaine though we should be really clear on that rumours thing to try. My Congolese are safe and they're, not addictive. My the most immediate addicted to be nothing in addicted anything of psychological diction, but as far as physical addiction, I dont believe it. Those coca leaves are addictive. I think they have a better health profile. Then a lot of things that we take on a regular basis we gotta think anything. This growing naturally, is better than like. You know, methamphetamine, even that they say the what's the active dry. Can it which I guess is confirming method venom, minutes. Is it
me, I guess I'm a thin feminism rights and its methyl something right meth. So it's like, after all, is basically not it's a part of it. I mean it's a part of the families and amphetamine yeah It is most certainly related right in our ok let's go out and find out related to at all, but I oh, that whatever it uses of Verona media that when you that's, you know, David, a Google search. It immediately knows what you gonna say: methamphetamine related to add door all now share. It knows: Apparently it is heavy on whatever whatever the selling as math. Now, I guess is not is not I read the same thing that ecstasy, ecstasy is completely change. Remember when used to go to a pharmacy is still as when you have to suffer you buy cough Sirop like certain medicines protein we pills and shit, you have to assign things give them address and give them your name. I give D.
Register that you bought this cough medicine, so you don't make methods that are you talking about over the counter Ojeda Benda Drill, I think, is one of different near the apparently that solar they're making math, though it hard, I got a giant shipment of the shit. You imagine if you're a person who would like as a truck driver and he's drive around benadryl anything. Hey man, you know no big deal just drive around sums pharmacy Mugabe, Amazon, have tyres back there I got benadryl. Meanwhile, is people looking at you, you're fucking target mandates for trying to figure out how to hijack you Pull you over a profound, Gunnar, your mouth and force you to get the current duct tape you cause, you got cough drops in their own right and you realize you get the gold wagon. You have one of the key ingredient like one of the biggest illegal drugs in the country when the most addictive illegal drugs and one of them, if you had I mean I'm just guessing but sold by the is counts. You know me
the whole thing about breaking bad everybody's, a fuckin savage their animals, and that's also what comes out of North Korea tomorrow, the fucking, factory. The single country. We'd is legal either is it needs for good, That's what you're trying to give shape to how I'm down what with chewing and did you see the tarmac? Have we what the pirates called cat its roots, it's as some sort of a stimulant it? Some avail? one in Africa, the true it alot worthless. Sir, it's called K. Hiv and it stands for the term is edible cat. That's the the actual alarm The pronunciation among communities in these areas are not the pressure that the definition of it called cathartic kit, Cassa Cassa Julius. Or edible cat, its flowering plants, its native to the Horn of Africa. And and amphetamines, said the cost.
Site meant loss of appetite in euphoria session, straight. The drain of amphetamines, Chouan isn't amphetamine. Ninety needed the World Health Organization classified as a drug of choice that can produce mild, moderate, moderate cycle. You'll dependence less than tobacco alcohol stick out hurrah for years. Yeah. I remember you: are you you're, the first Gaza we got me? It should, I know still yet to experiment with animal, but I've heard amazing things about gas cleaning up their office office with a thought I mean a Israel. Like my my socks error, I get crazy with that german as you stop. Why switch to path that has a different type of the outer all makes it spike and You know- and again I say this by always saying if you think it might be right, for you go to a psycho pharmacologists get evaluating, get proscribed. Don't don't try shit from your friends? Don't self medicate, especially you know no dosages origin new start with five milligrams. You move up, so I
quickly. I was writing a book and I realize my whole life. I mean you go back and look at my report cards. Everything in my life. I couldn't stick with one thing and I was dying. With ADHD and it was a perfect fit. I took this shit in my life change. All of a sudden. I finished the book is right. Now a tv show and I've been struggling. Also mouths get scripts done my purse. Life. It helped. I was, I was more present and it was for me. I don't. I don't think it's right for everybody, because if you take it and get jittery excited. You don't have ADHD shouldn't. Take. It If you calm down, then Dennis I've known more than one person has an issue with, though I'm sure a lot of people in the it will. I know more than one person has had an issue with overdosing, not we're dosing by having an overdose, but taking more nationals, take the useful state one pillar take two or whatever, whatever it is it doing, but I have a more one person who have then set an issue in her heart on quitting it, and
Think it has a lot of the addictive semitic, depressed properties of math. So in Europe, parents what was it like getting off it? Why try this should be done to this other thing. Also, no, there was no come down now I mean every day I felt a crash, that's from without a role as you go and when it's over man it's a bad, our and go to sleep, and then no, you just three just kind of crash. You feel low blood sugary and you know you You lose your momentum complaint and how to get it back recently, an hour I used to Take another one? He eyes take a half a one in the late afternoon. Ah, what the while she had stayed dosed but yeah but you know what I never felt that way it didn't, I didn't feel joist you didn't. Fellow dozed bow
oh cast me you balanced out here. I got the energy that you needed to do the things that your curious about things, your ambitious, but I saw it, gave you didn't, give you a bishop as much as election pursue your ambitions gives managing it. Let me follow through because I think with eighty hd, you had a wall and you don't have what it does. Is it centrally people of ADHD their dare there describe distracted easily the distracted because there there now, stimulate in the same way. Other people are, they need to jack it up, so they can then sank. They're mine can get in sync with them physically, so physically, you have to be brought up a little bed. That's interesting, wonder what the fuck in what is the origin of all that stuff? I disorder. Is it just the fact that this is my question on. All of these things is its is just the way were programmed and going to school in the resistance of that programming. Do people get a dna the hd. If they're just allowed to do whatever the fuck, they want to do that
I thought you liked. Let us do it depression with. May we have a lot of depression of my family, so it's also a biological issue. Yeah. I think that our base line is extremely low and this was able to bring mine up a little bit so that I could not with depression if it, when you face any kind of push back or resistance, you tend to give in to it and then let me push right through it. No, where I dare barely noticed a lot of things. It would stop me down before, but that's interesting long glad. We talked about this because I think it is good to have a new wants to point of view on these things, and so often We talk about any sort of a drug that anyone has had a problem with you associate the drug with problems may like, and not with lino the full bounds spectre of look, you know it's also good fighting Frankie. You said before self medication dance. The problem is that piano, but you gotta trust your doctor and you gotta go to a good doctor. You know
I knew a guy who was his family, had mental illness issues and he would self medicate. Because of that, you would always just get fucked up because of that, but it was almost like he was trying to his current. Is his status? was aware, you didn't, enjoy Sundays, isolated, huge incidents of ADHD with creative people with writers, and that and most them do smoke, because some, king is essentially what you're doing with Ankara give you those bolts, those jobs. Energy and focus yet. That is what it is right. That's what Stephen King talked about when you quit smoking is book on writing. So one the most profound changes in his writing was when he stopped smoking. Just wasn't getting that seem neural, synaptic response that it was getting lose, can on those cigarettes all time uniting people also creative people live dangerous lives there trying to shock themselves into a higher state, because that's when the juices starting to flow,
Sometimes you fire up the furnace of the imagination, fire it up with emotions or fear whatever it is, you know fired up, sometimes on the most creative. After, like of of eaten so much pot than tat, father, I'm going to die, I break down my whole life and then, when I come out of it, I just I'm just running from the devil. I can't believe I'm still alive and have to write things down. You know Anglia, because no health detract did detraction nothing goes wrong with it. They know. Like said you consciously do that. I'm gonna take a lot right now. You think of my early in the day now depend allowed to ever do in my kids are home to it either on the road or do it when I know that I have time or do it because it's not functional state, whenever one to sleep, you know that's a good time to do it, take because even no, it's only an hour to and like it, Your adrenalin gets shocked into it. Like a fire. Alarm goes off. You can function if you're really high, it's not like functioning on acid iraqi, empty or something like that again.
It's going on. You can actually deities pretty quick, but you were you out of it out of being so terrified when you get out of it about the deep psychological journey in this weird. Opening of all these different portals of the imagination which get out of it is a direct result. Of the fear that it puts into you while you're on it a direct result, The awareness of all the things you are avoiding, like especially your own mortality, your temper, Every time on this life, your finite existence, the finance existence of the earth itself to fine existence of the sun. The fact of the sun didn't you. Get born to ten billion years into the universe and we go. This is all going to end. It doesn't matter what you you could live forever. It still gonna end. Yet that's infinity to me. As always the one word. It's the show stopper every time I talked like irish fear, somebody who is a complete atheists and they wanted the gate. Any sense you have in in the This is a any possibility. I was just go case. What's infinity, they was
I scientists are eventually going to figure this shit out. It's like many AIDS is used to think the world was flat and it made perfect fucking sense with the with the with the amount of information they had right by eight made fucking sense and right now, all this stuff. I so well. I dark matter and all Stuff is its the best we can do with what we got the more. We can perceive the more questions is going to be you're, never gonna get to infinity most like or maybe they will. I mean who knows if human beings can keep going it's exponential, increasing pace if we going for a million years. Who knows what we can do amazingly represent around. When you stop, you could literally think about infinity Four infinity, you can't you gonna get there. You can't, wrap your head around the fact that something can not, and we no what's even weirder, it's not just cannot end but there's infinite versions of it right
and somehow or another. The universe is supposed to be a closed system like not not, and I should say close system but its. It has a shape. And you you go like as you. You know you go out there like deep, deep deep into the universe, is eventually turns around, and you know you you you get too, then someone will they say the galaxy has a movement, its sphere, a goal and it actually moves up and down what's even more bazaars when we start talking about the black holes in the centre, the galaxies beating other universes. If you go inside of them seminars hundred billions of new galaxies with black holes and hundreds of millions in the universe is like that's. The real infinity thrill infinity. Isn't that what you look out into space? It goes on forever. It doesnt just go on forever. Each one of those lights that you see most lie? play is a part of another group. That's also a portal to another place that has fuck and untold the hundreds of billions of other portals and you go through them
untold hundreds of billions of other and each one of them, is a universe. Each one of them is almost essentially infinite and within the realm of those things that we can perceive and those universes there are ways lanes and energy levels and spectrums of light tat, vibrate at a different level. So that's infinity! There is no, the lowest wavelength our highest wavelength. They continue either direction within those states and by the way it also does the same thing inward, What is even more if it goes inward in an infinite direction to tour the lowest measurable point, we're everything axes if it's on magic, the lowest, measurable point being quantum physics when we start talking about particle theory and they start observe, being atoms in superposition, subatomic particles and super positions, which means they're moving and still at the same time, the link in an out of existence at the lowest measurable point of reality itself. Its magic thing I disappear, and I appeal to you by
within that Lightwood Einstein was trying to prove a unified field. Theory is that with the and all all of those systems. There is consistency that there are fears go laws that from what we can tell He could never really put it together, but that is from a muscle can tell the move within Europe? Molecular the molecular level is the same as the macro chasm. Of the way the planet's have gravitational force in each of its all unified told them accents It makes sense that inward is outward and then, as you look out into the universe, essentially you looking as subatomic particles of Fuckin Adam that exists in another human being. Human beings, that's really what infinity is infinity as that human being is a part of a galaxy in our galaxy is part of more substance. Particles in the sale of another being was another galaxy and never ends, and that's why, when you get high freak out,
is it so I did that use of seriously. You aren't shit man, no one's shit, we're all in we'll get it in his pocket. I another one coming up. You have to get out here to forty five carefully you you know another three hour when I am absolutely rockets on any lunch on anything powerful exerts a means. The your special it's available, Netflix life on stage by one hour, especially those that can be centrally share, check that out glory ass. This fits dog radio on Itunes and Gregg fits show. F, tv show is, is twitter.
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