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#474 - Hannibal Buress

2014-03-25 | 🔗
Hannibal Buress is a stand-up comedian, actor and television writer currently living in New York City. His latest special "Live from Chicago"airs March 29th on Comedy Central.
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Ninety will gain experience. People live it. Shit is on. The list will gain experience. Gentlemen, have abreast seriously. Was I like, like meeting a dude? I only know you by your comedy actually bought you comedy. I listen to the way home from urban laughed my ass off and then meeting you in just within minutes. What on the air like that, that has been done. Thanks man made thanks, should do it now. I'm excited. Did you
products is ass. Good a branch do was, or should that I'm interested gears tried again. I try to keep myself interested. I think that the eye by feel different when I get excited about something like a new exercise or a new hobby, I'm tryin or anything I get excited when I'm in, and so I try to spread that there is much that can cause that's the apple I wanna get into other aspects of business called it. You don't stop that that you're interested in cuz, I like I thought about this. It might look like comedy the stance that is fleeting. So If everything in company went away, every you get supplements, is it yeah but I'll take comedies fleeting moralities? I think it's, the least fleeting, have leading by understand maintenance that in these maiden but changes in a business out about where you know stuff, maybe go away with it.
Our work and as much anymore. I got a theory, but that was that I think that ships in the past- and this can happen anymore- I think Guys- would go away because it wouldn't gigs anymore. They wouldn't get television shows that would get all these things. Now everybody promotes themselves, they are already has a twitter account. Everybody has a website, everybody when you get fans. Now they know they can find. You used to be if you weren't on television way. Where do we go whereas this guy wordy go vanished? You can't just go to his facebook page and read a blog that Iraq today that's fucking hilarious year. You know you can't go watch a u to clip tat. He may when he's fucking around his back yard with his dog Solaris. All that shit is new. I am confident totally honourable either confidence, you're, goin anywhere animal caress, but the top someday you'll never get it. You by me to give my tiny bottles of losin for hotels. Go! That's what I'm passionate about a peasant about tidy bottles allows it and ass these
stable business people use it. I want to get in the year. People do use it someone's got to South America yeah good point I want to get in, and I have some better smell and stop at a smaller stuff, and maybe some Joe on the notion. Tat gives us an average now we're lotion idea, monotonous who? Finally, though you don't want to do jargon over the illusion and crag, and yet not that I wish those yet to discuss the matter with you lose your stroke. You're gonna do loses stroke when you go. Let while jerking off man does a tough times again and up again you jerk off what s? A lot of words is that, but that is if you ve focused. If it really is really about making it too you go, then you power through. That's really what it is it s frivolous, but it's really just an exercise and achieve you go yes, father how nine times get out
they say they say, get obtain designated. What the fuck are you, some of their body, its hold out for India and satellite. You know I just thought I'd like to have you gonna fucked up little kids fall down there. It's observes way or grown man you're a foreigner nine times uniting the brakes on. Why you flowers, there was also a balance. Are you did? I call you to state of violent. You gotta bomb knees ankle week, you're a week for young people get it together, fall down, lied, tons
get up tat. What are you saying? How does anyone work? Does it get up in the morning counting on how they can't get enough anymore doesn't count, but he can count there, because I'm going to count line now lead to that's followed down here they gave a bit. You went to sleep, so basically, what I'm saying is is for their own way way. Commercial! That's why I came here to help you and I'm glad. You're here promote nature box. It's a fact that stupid commercial congrats, the Native box there congrats didn't cause. Is this is pretty new company right oils? It yeah, I think so. We don't know too much about him than the stuff. Tat is good, but I mean I know it's cheesy, an eel o Neill, philosophical courtship, this was an idea and is now in goodness here yeah. I, like. Anybody comes up with anything. That's a good idea to interesting since sing to see new company spread out because the internet to like this business is now. You could never had like today,
if you ever want an excuse to start your own business, today's the fucking here's company vehement knives, they may make homemade knives. They sent me they made me a knife, beautiful handcrafted knife like they sent me a video of how they made it right. That's like beautiful handcrafted, artisan ship. You know I didn't really need a knife, but its cause work that somebody would do that and is cool fucked it these guys. Who are listening to the podcast, their podcast listeners. They came up with an idea, a company and they started doing it now, still that's their job, that's the business and have to work for anybody as us making your own shit Megan many lives or whatever making all record players. Who knows the fuck you wanna man waited I'll, do it at night, tat? Night ass? I said it's gonna sit around the house and local run out so you're a trophy? If you never fact to sit around the exporting I'll, take it somewhere, maybe take it Said things go horribly wrong? Am I need it now? You get attacked by something out, there
the defenders of plans strategies, a man like what I would do, if a mountain jump me swag MA am I have, an idea. I had our fight it with a knife. Billy like yet where'd you hinted at where'd. You hid it with my errors, which you get in the face and a good you gotta, give the animal something to bite onto that's gonna put something in front of the animal so that it bites that, before my ass, you said bites the first, things can get instinctively. That's when you started the neck that's what I'm saying ass a grey strategy and then ass the only strategy you gotta. We want to sacrifice one in your arms, though you're on the mall mush attitude, because less cause I'll look pretty last,
who were at times I'm a rational inclusion. So I think that I could knock out of Madame LA were to come to a head com. My lad, I hit it. What the right, with eleven stepping back to man, confidence in punching power play house cat, this house care could take a fuckin tremendous punch, really very rare. They go out. You know, that's why I never punchy cat. Would I watch a cat jump from a tree and they are stuck in a tree. I mean this fucking cat must phone, like thirty feet, hit the ground. And sir Runnin I mean was unbelief. I thought a cat was dead for sure you lost the cat first started running around. It bears a videos, videos on Youtube us on online, the cat, The ground fuckin takes off at a full Clare. Doesn't go whoa hold out what the fuck does happen, cat self if ye, which is approximately like what would that be. For a person, six would tat person fond thirty feet,
Gunnar is a terrible compared to a cat. Cadis forages, I fell down, it was fine, that's crazy cause. I can't walked right away like a huge part together. I can't get shaky. You can save ii, have no confidence so good for a cat food. Is I think they ever really flexible bones. Nothing. Cats, cats, like they know their built, differ than us yeah. Then they can digging deftly take impacts. We can't My point is, I don't think the left rights gonna work, I'll take you were you manage to get the clash of our knees year nowadays and techniques the areas, was his fucking tat is kept. All those forget trimmer, you like tat cats, dead right, ok, first vice had thirty feet that shit's way her and thirty Threerd eighty feet like that boom and then see a cat runs off his feet. The cat fell. Eighty feet are thus is a different thing
they're just way different than honestly that cats, fine near a cat, is broken up, but is a shack. Maybe right I mean look that shit, the man who did it followed is it so It's back it s. A shooting. A cat is broken up. That's a shitty care for cancer, Foma Yanks DEC, had human bags. Of course it is where you know how we father I'm cool of cool. That's it that cat was, though, that cat is not bad. I think you're, probably right. You notice it hit the branches in the way down. I better get knocked the fuck out. That's what happened! I better get dazed approach. Crack as branches and then maybe there That's what helped to survive. Maybe gave chaos The branch like Wash S lap. Did it had a branch yeah. I wondered what part hit the branch and then they ran on that a car yeah weltered, ok
yeah yeah, I see a ban, the deadly hit, the tree LISA, looks like in that perspective, poor cat anyways I am now lines like that, but bigger they see the lighthouse camps. Amount lines are very similar in their amount of power, no liked what they can generate pound of body weight is pretty fuckin crazy. When you think that amount line out their runnin around fifty pound Mamma would fucking, kill you easy, then that would be daddy oh and words and hunt stuff like that. You have been doing that recently pointed out in the woods hunting, your armed yeah, you know worried nearly as much as if your hiking you going Finally, the now I have a wife and pig hunting. California went wild pig hunting did once. But a banner Wisconsin in Montana. The two places and montanans vanilla puts camped out in the ever HUN crews, comics or as you get well Brian Cowen, yeah yeah. I won't
twice. We didn't go pig hunting together. I went out with another guy went with his there's. A guy named Steve Ramallah and he's got this tv show called meat. Eater is a hunter near. It took us hunting and I got hooked on it do Name shit. Do you eat the stuff? You gonna try and I'm trying to tell me that That's what I'm trying to dress and on process I mean it's: it's a hundred percent organic and let you have to teach on that pig Let us follow the pig murdered it say: murder, khazar person was say harvest hardly makes it sound better still like killing an animal every time. You too have same harvests. Tomato yeah, but they think of it as crops, not as crime but, as you know, something you're you're getting out of the earth and harvesting and animal, the earth, bring it home in eating it. I'm trying only that at home just think, there's a lot of bad cop,
attached to factory farming. I just think I'd like me. Want to give up the idea, eat meat, but the idea watch us Peter videos and people get sale. They want about. That's you know us a fraction of those of those animals get treated like most animals get treated ethically and humanely. I drive a friend who has a farm and he raises grass FED beef raises these be for slaughter, they have a full pass through the grace and they there are other eating grass, Norman, no, no antibiotics, donors and thus cats. Those they're scared, as far Are you you anywhere near those cows? This tells freak out. You know because you know we're killers and we're going them eventually and trapped in this case. The idea that its way better is better deadly. Better. Most time is better, but still, freak out, trapped. Well, just a lot in life data of given they were given a lot in life, better Saki, long life. It is.
But so you so uses, though, because partners is doing they would honour on a more base languages smaller level. In a way tat. You just You could not the middle man and you could now you can now the middlemen animals living completely. While this, like a concept, hunting that certain types of people do. It's called fair chase. What that means. Is that you're not dealing with an offence in environment there you're only hunting in an animal is truly wild, wild animal that can go wherever it wants. So in order harvest this animal, you have to figure out how to get close enough to you. Gotta stop it. You got you know, you gotta understand where the winds blow and I just a lot of factors, love and when you take that animal most likely that animal would not have even known you existed until it died out of nowhere just dies right as the most ethical way, but It will still scares pharmacies a person here. The reason banks is people like me, they'll shoot it right now
see that, whereas now beer, you noticed children outweighed answer and has seen as just seen as France be slaughtered and hung up yes, not trapped. You know it's a wild animal you're gonna get a wild animal, but it's also wild animal. That's mostly time there where people, then they don't want to be anywhere near us here, the rhythm Real Trevor is when you go and you can see a wild animal they're probably never saw fuckin human being. I go up to the Yukon or some shit. Yeah in a freak out. What I don't even know, the fuck. You are a caribou terrible, just lucky acquit the fuckers sometimes antelopes, will come towards people who the fuck there what the fuck I don't see why you prefer point blank logic, close down tat class but Well, look at you, but sometimes antelopes have encountered people and sometimes caribou encounter people and once have encountered people they get a touch here. Do you
of a catch raise when you hunt when you hit one I shall need one that we set a black black. We even that's also need against raising the perfect one for big one, I'm actually in the process of brining, a ham right now that I'm gonna smoke about a smile and means so good in it. So salt and brown sugar, ok, and it's been spoken in this. This brine for, like five days while I am on the smoke it tomorrow, Yeah ass, a man, this new thing, I'm into tears, pray do eat almost exclusively delivery, so we live happily lags slowly. Priscilla lie. Love delivery, don't get me wrong!
deliveries like one of the great things ever they sit in your house, it so bringing delicious food there, but yea with at the office Speciale of Eden were not only as a middle man, but there's somebody is a lot on the stairs with somebody's bring it to me to your house to the restaurant, using it have to do it, I'm using seamless web to do it and ass going at a restaurant, the restaurants getting food for somewhere than this, making a food in spring, and it's a me too and youth actually gone and shoot. Eggs and a face. You know I'll shoot him in the face and I like the way you do, but you know what a mess M enough shoot him in the head that we I deal the phases, the yeah you're right, but you may sided ahead now. You really want to go for the heart, the lungs you have for the body. You that's usually stop them. Please the head and Grazer knows bowler face off that happen? Sometimes the idea get their face: blown off some and transfer headshot they mess in an animal still running around half a face. Well, I was just trying to be
you need me to my part veil teasing you could ever do you. You thought about going home. I think a lot of another patient person, I'm very. Needs, dab, dab and right away run. So here are not actually only time of ever was in Mississippi when I was a kid, I stayed in the country and is as follows. As it was, a small towns is very consciously they'll wild hogs around nine hours. I had a shack and I was able to shew one shot off it pig and mists aroused my only asthma, the experience with honey. I'm fish once and caught a fish and now is pretty cool but yeah. Maybe I could do it will be a different experience just to be a net just that life. It is known that universe is people. They do that,
largest sea and that their typewriter were lie for my pilot locality. Central I worked on a goat farm acts. Oh what a milk the goals you know they. They sale, goat, milk and everything there. They gather Billy, goats and in Ilsa, Israel is really difference as being a net. In that in that environment, where this is these people, this, what they do for a living and ages live off. Gulped state unit milk goes, they get gold, cheese, again, goat lit bomb and this crazy. They you know zone hours? There was real close. I am interested in how well I don't know. If I could, I could probably visited your urbanized Amor Vanessa court. They maybe oh, that you know maybe WWW Oda. What you know, try some Davis diving into of when extent monitor, but right now, I'm pretty comfortable you're, not look that cities are. Definitely
some invention, what a great idea to cut all that nonsense out there, but the thing the thing I found about that and a nonsense or the hunting and fishing to their fun yet funded some weird visceral level. You followed by a feel for I feel good go to that. Were you killed animal? You do editing and you you make it yeah. Do you did it out? as I feel real fulfil it in, and you know that I mean that's what we used to do as as humans. Do you think you'd be interested and go and hung on a tv show. Would you be? sit down it, probably yeah. Let's say that is a great idea for a show. I think that at the next show you mean, like Steve, renewal of this guy from the host of media and arbitrary to think of it. So I think the show is take comedians hunting, I think, does look, that's something that is a very controversial thing to really I mean how funny
I think you're a mediator. You carefully find it. If your mediator controversy, which is our vegetarian vegetarians have an issue with it, but really dummy. It's very controversial dummies dummies loved her knee jerk on that, like you want to shoot an animal, why do you kill animals? You bad ass, really about Ass Han Chinese and knife, like I say something once she's your bare hands here as you'd fuck and lose bitch. What team you on its people, Firefly adjusted in that's you know display of peat like do not a vegetarian debate, but my girlfriend is, is vegetarian, in Kosovo EAST fish her, but and I chose it s not true vegetarian is eat salmon in the only certain types of fish stocks.
Forty closer fish only kosher fish. She areas you gotta, get away from now. Seize these that's voodoo kosovars. Who s? Who do I gotta say: that's all rules they owed down. They update it. Well They use that as like in certain slaughterhouses. They have to have a rabbi come and there is a knife like the slaughterhouse and we were there. We from fear I turn a slaughterhouse Does the first time in my life that I recognized very clearly that places contain memories they contain sometimes I'm feeling of some shit. They went down their cause the moment I walked into that slaughterhouse. Like the moment like as you get or to every park your car get. Our cars are walking towards the door. You feel heavy you feel it. You could feel it. You feel we weird shit in that place? You walk and run. It might be psychological, but it might
a b that places still buzzing with a million Fuckin slaughtered cows freak out because it feels like it. It feels like a spot where, if you came around, that's part of you were in the old school game runs days and he came over hill and you might stop water. It was placed feel fuckin shitty. With happened here. What Joe to fill in as a bit of a man about to make straight ass. A bird whose now hearing bar was a simple task ahead in Nevada blood and pull out cow hearts with their teeth. But you The vat I place, my probably fulla shit are NOS highs, fuck that that might have been a trick. It myself in a thing in your life we'll get mad. Sometimes in what I say you know you forgot to, does you maybe sense, shit doesn't make sense to me. Relax people get upset about is as easy to Ya Canada. People take it
about yourself, some thousand member are the bars sands that, like yours, to build a puff. In your own, do you have to like right there, I'm telling you. I felt this weird crazy thing, but the route, the reality as I was highly highly lit up on marijuana, lit a user should, as to every episode, highs, fuck, so high, sometimes forget talk right, no I mean I work do enjoy it. Yes, so preposterous, actually, like eight or nine episodes, that while this is the most and I was like down with this, shows gonna. It's gonna stay anti. Why and I definitely warranted Santee Vague, so you know that it was great great job lot. A nice people I worked with the money was great embassy was great banana MIKE Oh my god. How can I keep this doing this year? Our innovation can join us, so I get a beautiful job but a job. Get a job, and I could do high rise then became fund. What do you do it? I that yes vote?
ATO and never smugly before tv appearances, they are tv but to take I'm high on tv auditor worth you got tested, you'd be high. I think The way you talk about is like intoxicated or affected this two different legal norms, and now I'm always affected by we. Always they basically medicated by we'd be I'm not always high right, but I'm affected maybe because you might smoked a couple days ago, some eggs or even a day ago. What do lays a southern I went out. Career was pure white relating to smoke. We for a few years and even the peoples. Are you high on our right now will you have a stone or style comedy in a lot of ways? Will I mean it's it's it's. It sounds like a negative, but it's a positive you're thinking, comedian. You you're, really funny writer like you'd, take like like
really hilarious absurd turns in your comedy as its fun to listen to it so like when you hear that you guys guys highs fork is coming to this. I guess I get annoyed if you, if I was how do you know how bad this'll be? If I was, I was somewhat always lights at. What are you looking at me, but why these data me wasn't out the camera stared at me or you get used to it in the added value they like everything else. I guess the first time ever get high on stage. It was like skiing down here we gotta stop. It works to the bottom running crash. It was like where my best sets ever, but I didn't do it again for like ten years I was terrified. I was too fine got high with some friends and never quite sobered up and then on my shit. I only do comedy and I went on just acts gently high. It was great, but I was terrified.
On its slightly higher. Recently I can, but I can't be blitz. I can't be blazed if I'm gonna go to blaze, address gotta, leave public players, mother people if out to buy I see our late I'm going home. He's definitely times when you can fuck up you just get. I want his. There was a professional jiu, Jitsu tournament that I want to let a friend of mine was competing in and we want to watch him and support him and after the the Jiu Jitsu went back stage and we were We were all on these pot edibles that this friend had given us and they were pills. And my friend said only take one don't take two, I listen to him. I took one my friend Eddie took to anybody, I took two- and I was talking to this dude and I was just way too high to talk to anybody and they do targeted is straight killer, he's a weird killer,
he's a guy had a reputation in Ghana, street fight and actually killed a guy. With a triangle: they had to revive the guy he held onto the triangle. They got an altercation inside of a highway got out I think he his friend fought the guy first then he fought the guy. I don't know the wholesalers when it owes regular fight where the guy was a regular, was one person was in Trans Guerra, Black, a regular parasitic, any other friends like I fight for live exactly and now I want to say that do its name, because he wound up actually going to jail for rape, you he raped. Some chick Allegedly, I'm ya know what happens arrested for knowledge. Ali affairs means that this guy- don't I don't know what happened Emily Irene Now- that the guy he actually had to like skipped town here he took
off, and then they caught him because he was doing Jiu Jitsu didn't stop doing Jiu Jitsu. He loves you so much that he was. You went to a gym and he was strangling motherfukers in the new people. Couldn't believe how good it was and there's a certain level we're like you get to like a brown level or blackmail of some. Some guy can manhandled you you like what who's this guy. This is this some crazy? What have you can? you did before like who are like. Why so good? This guy was just that good. Strang lowest people soda rose above suspicion. Well, that's a good one for re their soup. I spoke for the rape charge supervised, talking this guy in a nightmare. Some is wrong with this motherfucker. Unlike pick pick it up a vibration, a vibration in his soul, he's going to go to dark places if you fuck with them. This is the wrong due to fuck with and then couple months later he run from the police.
Don't you jitsu in and as a norm deplore asked Whereas I love you so much now do it which, like it once a really good at it, as it becomes like a video game Imagine if you could play a video game in real life, were you actually get to do all the killing? And here the guy We don't know how good shot a killing? You agree, Are you gonna, try tried showed me, you know, that's how The sky was scarce, so he was world class, so he would just he couldn't resist he wanted to go there and strangle a bunch of men I don't know what he wants me. Somebody might have fuck with him when he was young and he never forgot it, and you know that happens a lot of guys data. They have like childhood abuse on the chicks, are asked when our kid great and they just become this fuckin savage, because the air develop that defensive mechanism, no angel fine, but when I watch it I got live come now enjoy watching Angel Watch Angel Watson, fight in mail box, but just causes
fascinated Gillies dues attack each other for live roof. I guess I got it. Is there a way to make money? Why didn t you say I'm a big does crazy. Doesn't my dream is what I want to do. I wanna bite people in unwilling that says that I might get MAC thou in front of thousands of people and millions watch it at all? Our own often recommend People get high before sporting events, but it is sporting events should definitely highly once in their lives. It's a! U have say yeah I've. Might my friends: do it all the time in space in places like California, where its legal, yet Then our relation breakneck laws right Colorado where its legal, wash and state words legal Matias day last on one at that you could smell we'd all throughout the place, really walked out stuck in industry, Vancouver till you have developed you go. What where there's a you see Vancouver the whole place smells like. We appeal to light up there
below and light up right now stands fuck. It manages to mean watch in prospect. Was somebody get knocked out I'll, be crazy to me I've choked out lives crazy, but it's also watching how God damn could they are? You know when you super tune in four people, don't get high. The idea behind is like war. You have something you should get drunk and go do go, get drunk watch Superbowl the thing to say, but what I'm saying get high and watch makes Marshall. Aren't you gonna watch? You see Watson Kickboxing when you watch they gaining high level. Athletics were to do have a lot at stake, which is what it is you're so to know what they're doing you. So the whole thing is like a lecture far right before used to work for the? U S and never I never do the of sea high ever but before you to work, the sea ice, don't love to get barbecued wants to fight was awesome. So the whole thing in such and such
wild experience like primal experience. You know that when you're baked you just into it- oh yes, sir, may I couldn't hasn't, hinges, last see some of the highlights of fire. Where is this crate like a guy's skin his as worked and all of a sudden ease whoop? what the heck is it like begin destroy like like the guy get a cup of budgetary like this? Do this bloody uses given destroy like eyes about them? and then all of a sudden he stood in Irving rear neck. Joker sudden and due to stamp it out. That was how's able to take fifteen partisan face time is India when fight their certain. Do it's just take it, that's one of the things that you learn when you watch him a man all that All men are created, equal bullshit, that's of dirty.
Thank you lie that fuck you over everybody. All men are not created equal, no, not even a little bit theirs, Do they can do shit? You can do there. Are you can move like Anderson Silver Period? if you're some do two things at all: men are created equal and you get any with Anderson Silver. Therefore, guy moves like he moves like he's in another dimension, yeah most, I can handle ok but I understand that you exaggerate body legs back arms Right, ebbs chess, equal work that, but how do you make your face? It's a lot of genetics is genetically happy. You just take floods interface. Why now ass? I can't may not
I can you know. I've been hidden face many times, but I know I don't like it and I know about it. I don't like it. Maybe if you really want to do I gotta like it there's some do you forget, followed up by a but there's some guys that take a shot way better in order to have an extraordinary billiard take a shot, but an hour, I don't have a weak chin either some guys, it's really weird like gum. Could be passed. Trauma could be that they ve been hidden ahead too many times, but some guys just can't take a shot at all the edges. It's weird they just they get hit like half decent, and They get wobbly whereas likes the sum dues like this. Islanders. Like some moments damn those due to known for me. I will take a shot like David to oversee David to a fight. Now he's a heavy boxer fought like here like I'm crazy potential, he lost a Lennox Louis when Lennox Louis's, I'm a tap but David procure was calm. Russian people, he not
John Ruiz pull up David to a verse, John Ruiz This was when they were gone. Contenders before Ruiz won the title and David knocked him out. One round native tools: verify collegiate hit. A train and his head was fire hydrant sized and he just paying you just take him in the face there is, which is scary right, as do many see their limping Braun medalist. Ninety two mean he was a serious, serious athlete. So and just that he could take a great punch. He was also in a league boxer me, David too, in his prime. These the Gaza gets looked passed like on any given night David to might have been able to beat everyone in the world. It just together those nights over and over and over again look at this poem Ruiz is hurt, look at this Matter- Farm son, how good data to a terrifying? That's it!
The more than most embarrassing when you have a outside of a written is worse than this sudden, more demoralized, and about that and your wife is their shit to heed the kids, a cry and the war. You seem denied David to a verse MIKE Tyson. It's a denial like the one. Lost, something because those two never thought. You know I mean God Damn David tool was good luck Tatars invitation was already you not wicked disease out old but Thyssen was already in know, passes is, and he chemical problems than he was doing. Coke, apparently so do you think will say Even so I was probably heavily favor for that fight. Right, I don't know who was favorite John Ruiz stud Man trying Ruiz is you know he he won the title here. Some really high level guys, like John John, a real good, boxer, ok, but said
just caught em but, as we say of finally with tourism, get somebody to highly favour, but there's guy has is team there. You know to everybody's height, I gotta get up, but do you think people in a tailor made about to get his S core area, those team that will say that man don't fight that. Do the fuck man can't say that shit. You do need to hear that, though you know you do. Did you hear that You get our that you need it. I mean, but it also is. It is our job to worry. Primer were my ears, but mortgages. Do this certain dude like when did like here's a perfect example when We pass. Yanza fought Jones Junior, some, should uphold Vinnie aside and went: listen dude, don't fight this guy. Yet this is not the guy fear. Now, right now,
the biggest first round, some hidden? He was the only guy ever Veni Persians was to never score a single punch around ever Roy and him at will, and he literally couldn't hit Roy Jones was one. John, was in the matrix. It was dancing in restaurants where just went through like a series of of of years, where everybody was likewise got. No he's got no competition. You know it's too bad is not another really good fighter Does I really get fighter? Is he's so fucking good? He makes everybody else, look like they don't belong in there with him guys who, in any other era, were bad motherfuckers right. His Roy Jones when he was, he was the best However, in my opinion, He was the most impressive fighter ever for a period of you know you measures through his wraps all you must forget. This is when he's when he finished positions at the end of a fight God, damn he was good or is this? The first round
is the first round. This was Jones Junior was. He was literally perfect. He had reflexes that no one can fuck with completely unorthodox style. Very rarely used. Jab use keeping left hooks as much as you use the job. And was just so fuckin fast man. It is Couldn't catch up with that rhythm, his rhythm was so fast. It was just a wood fire with guys because they get in there and got a certain expectation of how long can take forego hits. You write so like if you're here and he's here, maybe something could come here. Maybe we're withdraw Johns. Oh shit, I can't get away from those. I don't even know one. Those are common I saw, I words, may whether Canelo there was a masterful work here.
Therefore, I never see may lead alive and news great. Obviously, but we see him love, you see how fast he is so much faster than canals. I twenty one, a sound mailer authority, seventh yeah and he was way Bastard Evans's, dodged everyday. He anticipated every move crazy to see how fast exist scale were you know it? It also. Is it's not just fast he's really good he's, really good technically embodied by that. What I mean is that for folks who just one much like a guy box. You seen a guy move around. You go well. This guy's trying to hit this guy in that area is trying to avoid it, but There's a language going on just like when you speak in a conversation, is likely to people are speaking like if you we're talking and we're having a good conversation. It's because I'm ready rising. What you're saying India recognize? What I'm saying combining our thoughts together would laugh at and haven't some fun there's like a flow to it, but you can.
A conversation with some other person who just gets. Aggressive with you and tell you don't want to talk because you are intimidated. Are you? You start stutter on your word jack. As you know, this think this guy's gonna bark at you or your you were that you're saying something wrong, because their being very mental towards you and so the conversation takes on a completely different flat, get well where fighting is fighting is like that. It's like this, like this, like movements in theirs movements, it get you to react and then there's recognising your movements in your patterns and playing off them interrupting those patterns. Just like one someone's argumentative in they interrupt you and bid conversation to refute the first couple things and it throws you off. You can't keep you keep you try to finish your thought, but it is not the same thought as it was blocked you right. It's like a guy gets hit.
Tries to punch the guy in the guys out a range knowing the guys out, arranged to let em it's really essentially the same thing. So what may weather is in his his mastery is like a masterful physical conversational. He knows how to control the action. That's that's a week thing. This, like over there's a voodoo. Do that when a guys at its best, like a Roy Jones in his prime or may, whether right now there's a voodoo the way they move right, they may, whether you he won't, he won't give be before retires, eating I worry about him beaten himself, about him doing something crazy, like you heard and with those guys are workin form jewelry. When missing you have these guys allegedly, allegedly, they the sugar, the sharing out of it, but now it's all city itself seems to go. Where did no charges have been filed, which is the right way to handle it? Just
sorry guys weren't the people stole the jewelry, but look what I'm here and you know eighteenth and stories. I dunno what the fuck really happened. Yet, let's and nothing ever happened was told of his understanding. So little What I worry is certainly that would happen and that he would want to going to jail again. You know I mean I just think the guy, if you're a boxing I think he's one of the best ever nothing is, is I got as far as I can athlete I think, may what is like a national hero? I mean I'm national here like a national treasure. You know it's like you should really pay attention to this disease is very rare that guy's this much better that everybody around him. Nobody could touch him. He stand in front of a murder. Countries can also offer as in canals all frustrated and flustered he's can The dude says
our peoples, they re weathers, arrogant, yeas, arrogantly Pontus people, Interface for living and has never lost and he's not pleasant. Regular people have a punch and other people phase that also plus people interface for yes, he's arrogant and exerted over and over and over four million dollars in a solid that you can't be not arrogant and b that good you can not display it. Yeah. You do better at hiding it, but that's tough, with him. The thing is about hiding. It wouldn't been necessarily beneficial. Financially, we, if it's better to create episodic people, want see him loose. I think twenty thirty percent people by May with a ticket or trying to see him loose. I will say more Thirdly, it depends on how we live Louise Fightin yeah. Where does
but I mean like no matter who always fight and a lot of mexican flags in in in the stadium. When I was there, that's true, but I think that some people that pay to see him loose to anybody, whether its can, however, as was Filipinos, what are you I mean? You know anybody they want to see this motherfucker lose Ricky I go, there would so disappointed things. People thought this is the guy. If I come over her feet for Meda touch that dude hasn't he added thou aspire, hadn't handed knocked out by pack ale, really bad after me. Whether knocked amount may with MT, but may whether, like he hit the left took eight buddy. It's just a boxer, masterfully and then caught him on the chin, wobble them and then finished him off, but many people. Yeah slept em. He caught em after that fight, so too bad knock out and I took a lifetime officer hit in the White Dear Ribby had need to get in. The supplements
business diverse. While he came back, he got a political problem for awhile. Go crazy, no deal a party and now got depressed and then got, back in new and got back and shape and how to fight and lost the fight I think he decided after that I couldn't reform at the same level. Anymore. News can retire beach. I realize for him. If you listen Ricky, you can't expect you bought it about completely back with one fight. Empty, did cope for five years I know I mean I don't know what they told you Coke does, but need to give yourself some recovery time. Coke set in this, though I know Who did cog in the seventies, have like serious neuro muscular problems so sit there. Like a lot of old people that did a lot of coke like way back when they develop, like all sorts of like weird nervous, problems, weird weird issues of controlling their bodies like theirs it.
Direct connection. A lot of people have with with richer prior, went through when he was older with all the code. He did when I was younger. Yes, I don't do that much coke culture, moderation. Everybody call in light moderation, if you have to. If that dont do it. I also think it really is a real problem of copying illegals. You don't own fuck again, I hope, mix with some speed. Could you not. A government can get gotta in legal. Coke, Do you not think so do what about decriminalizing? It is thus possible, that's possible they're still make it is still be. I think it was to have the same problem. But what did it mean? How much much worse, I've never done coke? How much worse is coke, then I'll call when you see someone is really fucked up drunk violent. I've seen people the dude become totally Raby when they get drunk
his grabbing girls outside of clubs, gay bitch, I've ever seen. People get crazy come on what the fuck you too good for me is a tough compares it s because of how people You gonna meet my people, you might have eight shots of work, but for them party when, as I mean there's somebody will doubly that's on extreme savage net. Gonna keep odd split, hidden right cope. That is a problem right that once you feed that monkey wanna keep feeding their does a difference right, good use and you can also get kind of crazy. Apparently, when you ve been doing coke all night, like you what the fuck you doing, you know that energy and just feel smarter than you are that's how you are when you drunk to reign drunk, half retorted need help. You find it was. You know, slurs, much Sancho rails. Eager Lee talk more talk more there That is one of the most brutal things ever talking to a drunk.
First, more sober or talking to a coke had when he shot, which would you rather tat our rather sought to fight. A cold, because our values have some ideas, even if they are even if the idea is that great would be I sober mind so I'll be able to get it to my advantage. Yeah counteragents like actually Canna GAD Conversational of my you know my gun. You know my young media. I know that. Is he had a great joke about cockades that there was one star businesses with so true man, we'll come up to you with a grand plan. Dear to me, I have he d? but I do have an outer opposition, but I get it sometimes I get out aroused some time when I take it out about Beginner a day majesty crush life to book a book on
flights for the next month and a half of tat she had done right. I make list. I understand my apartment in this just handled stuff, Atta Amazon Abd AL. Do you dad. Ok, when it? When someone says I'm knowledge it a day, I believe you and I'm not question you, but isn't your you talking about the effects of a stimulant where anyone people do stimulants. That's what happens gear, but I think that get to the point. Like like somebody will take out around and they are going to be really I For me, you wouldn't be a detail that I am right there. Do you not agree that we should have much more energy? I have much more added into focus and ass his hand of stuff where's. Normally you now get on the internet and just go. You know on my computer plans. It is in
digging around, I swear I look at it I'll get caught up in a: U two whereabouts: unanimous rise. You two were more knows man, it's a waste whoever tried my daffodil, do you know what that is other supplement. No! No! No! No! That's a pharmaceutical! Some smart drug! This new Virgil in Provo Jill Protogaea, was the original one. I think a new vehicles, the newer version. Anyway, We touch tried new video, but apparently this their effects are very similar. Its is so weird, smart drug rat. And what it does. Is it just give you energy, where you're exhausted like say if you worm eye glasses These are my sleep six hours, I've, kids just six hours pretty good. Now I feel pretty good, but if you three hours and you like fuck, I gotta, do want shit today. You can take one of these new jails and it's not like coffee. It's not like that. Weird. When I when I'm like
really tired, but I drink coffee. I get that buzzy, but dull, I got caught stupid, but I'm moving around normal. This is not like that. This is like alleviates the sleepiness RON Slogan, and now you have energy, and so it's amazing yeah yeah needs. Like that, can I get you know, stand up and work and I'll show you pressed of energy yeah need, especially for president, if I have to do more impress on a road man just to get justice Toodles interviews insisted be beyond point at ass. Folks I realise in we, you know Woolfolk whereby wait here, you gotta, be there like sex the morning and you work till at ten o clock night most most nights, even later. Yet it's not even it is this that they were just to be on point. It is not an inaccurate tried to complain about just causes. Potter is part of the job and add, rather do it then work construction any day, but
Sometimes mentally is tat to do a morning entity, but if I have survived putting out a robber for dynamic Maybe I like I added, goes in and I can count on. No sometimes now learn how to you gotta. Take it of you over sometimes arise on Nagorno ran, but you have to not let them you just They can get into it, cut off your jokes and funny man. I am aware that it is cut soldiers learning how to do that and to have an energy it. If I was to be able to choose, is real help. Yeah the morning. Radio thing, if like they're good rate, is real five, that real role is supported and set you up it Sometimes they do say so what funny in the world right now, you ask, I is inviting the data. Could I ask that we know exactly what
making. You were right now Hannibal what're, you Talkin about onstage, that's another when they do get some. Somebody asked me that before show I was doing what you talk of ant is cable light. So what are we talking about it like you now you there's some dude that would go well. Here's my new peace, it's all about how man is constricted lie. First, his mom and his wife and then, ultimately his lawyer, I guess the thing is just I try to remember that people are coming from a shady place. Normally right, I just don't know how to communicate to me in a way that will make me feel cynical and ate them. You don't owe me. I gotta keep that in mind, but in a moment I whether further just ask me what's funny in a world right now,
for someone is not a comic. They wouldn't understand how awkward that would be like what you like when you can go on a radio show, and they just let you talk right, hang out with which I am presenting outside about stop years, ice back and forth from each other, yeah yeah. So loud new! That knows that Robin D ever do those radio tours. We have to call work ten different people, and then you realize, like eight of them, have the same voice almost exactly what is just a radio vote out in a word when it was tested, LINEAR loses. It was a study that people at people idealism it s right here will have you Nashville began Hannibal, whereas in Estonia we live in is an anti. We go ahead of. What is a couple versions of couple versus? Was this dino and enters the sports guy as well? Class Janshah near first showed time is the news is The same is rapid no to lay reveries rat boys, you'd Salts Rabelais, my sound like me, but then
in a rabbit. You know what it is. Persona? Is this the precise at it? You know works for that situation. I like it, though I like the Gus Johnson type voice like over the guys like when I say about Gus Anthony, and I put it down like like that professional here we are Madison Square Garden. Onawandah guile whose like hey, is our only way above. Like me like I, when I do the you have see, there's a reason why I'm the color guy and I'm not a play by plague. I don't do that. The big here we are, you actually want. Fifty two, like those guys are important Maya. I, like that. I like a mated pageantry years package, is a reason why Michael Buff works boy yeah, that's even more so because he's announcer using now, let's get rumble this pageantry passes it I'm not put it down, but We have a radio its winners because you don't have to talk like radios. Difficulties was of a year
person now you gotta make reports thousand spores guided news is the news, but radios was to be yours But then you sound like to do is say Louis. Also you sound the dude, whose all over the place every guy you know another place where that exists, that still club dj is adventure and analyze this for many years. I think, was chip Club Dejesus like no one wants to hear a dude Talkin, while girls are dancing naked. You do not want to hear that guy who's gonna make it like a song. Like all right. Come to this day is its amber. Remember everybody, forty dollar com, because, like theirs, an entertainment aspect to the what doing psyches almost you sing a song, but have you been to a black stroke club in though now lsd? Jays know those dj is most amazing. Detainees vocally have really because they drive the tippit. You know how I could they crack jokes,
ass when I was, is the sole pointed like where you need to pay the pleasant like day about whether they re always better money. They drop Jack Company, cut to check whether spreads amount of by the mighty look. What are you doin up that these out there that the latter day days is stripped club, amazingly rallies as other black black stroke club? like the DJ dry, that shit the driving force and is an Italian in a distant he to it see now I'm way and the potential dangers of going to a black Strip club in Atlanta with the
entertainment aspect of how amazing days is not like me. Like myself around. There was some honest answer. I need to go further with you. You are going to U August loud right in that even now play they come up with an idea that black, in a black stroke loved the DE days, the right famous ones is bottle no names of Gaza a bit, but you gotta someway magic city. Magic said a few other was in Atlanta, The day is, is is important and eggs to Strip was more money and a strip was probably end up tip and out to do Yet in shore they have a ranger. I did my friend eddies orchestra club. I scan visit him at work, the otter whose dj so I got. I got sick,
the craft I gotta, see her way. Does it is interesting that relationship there have becomes just like Mademoiselle, we working at a restaurant, everybody decent develops, the same sort of lies is entitled lies. Where is acting class of people get naked and that's it it's weird because its poor and port is like that to those people get used to each other and just like any other nor I'll, see you later good Jason. I Cecil, Finally, where's the summer he fucked two years Good to see you dig, I think they have. Definitely a more relaxed attitude about it. If you run into somebody, needs to fuck. You know where you live this is me n me seeing you take care, don't mind that more. It's weird when you see someone at twenty years needed to see like whoa. This weird Well, hello, Nina hardly, are met
very nice lady shoes. Heaven Prayers Podcast sat silent when there and talk to her for strengthening the gloves on man says like successions people's puts like surgical, gloves, yes, she does corporates right. Does she I think a lot whom year latitude to Angela CORE brigades, corporates includes equal this sort of way. Its neck corporates, privates private, Providence, louder privates, like you, know, very few comics do private. What would you do if someone said hey man Hannibal Grass and wants you to come over and just a comedy just for me. Miss a big my family. I like China, calmly clubs, because it's fuckin like after the people, so that just do your act for me and I'll pay you what you get paid for regular show for a packed house for not there
size of my MA corporate college rate, ok because now now what I wouldn't want to do, that bring some. My with me. Why now you're worried about you? Saving, don't worry the guy's only get to masturbate Brahms ass. Nothing really crazy. He just wants watch, you just gonna keep his pants bodily Cuba towel on doing good cause. I don't need the money that, back as I got my supplement businesses, some that you know I could do stuff as I want to do it. You know. I'd have out of the dude, whereas spacesuit a space air justices, aerospace. You don't know how long I was that fucking
certain headlines, Dude one do bring open to warm up. He's gonna watch you pass specials, so I can't even get leave a drop of nets that I gotta do our knew. What I feel is a fat man, you you already area yet imagine you pay a due to a one on one showed it does bids. You really know, does a shift from the last crowd work? So look at this rate. It refugees, asthma rate for their weird as it is. They do their thinking about some fucking tech guy with a super rich American Hannibal breast used to stay where they will be less waited with him in his body.
Be way less. Where did you do to be? Is an interesting like each instilling becomes less gay because this is also lab? a comedy so with some is about like looking over the person. You don't like the way do an elbow so don't stand of one person it is weird, is how did you find it's weird, even the watch it on television in Lille. It. The vat is so much different, so much tat phrases, the different energy and as it is it is, is now we're, but it is where people who say they saw must have our land resource stuff on tv whither. They saw me Lavater, like oh shit, live he was crazy, so it is, is hard that translate The true energy, as in the room and says that that's I would think yet.
A tune? India, when they're watching videos to just get in the words and the performance and laughing but they're, not to India, that this sum dudes, I you'll see them on stage like Brian Cowen- is a perfect example. Brian Cowen like if you watch Montevideo hilarious, but if you watch him live that dude like too You too an indoor yards infinitely better. Why? Because the bids us all you may see a minute set out of somebody's outside our then in some areas. Our clubs. At the same meeting. Did you see how they ants and had a command at the room at the bank? and now what they did at the beginning to allow them to be able to go to a weird place later, when Artes already has that trust? So as there is a lot of different elements, tat last end up dead, get lost in internet tv, that's a great point, the the building up like like other. My friends. We're just start now and they'll do somethin like they have a bit and do this bit like right away.
You know a man, the audience appropriate to know you better before you do that better than let em gain your trust first to an undue that bit because of the opening part of it. Like your immediately, you have to know you're a good person for that to be funny, know you're kidding right, otherwise, this gross yet again its help over how movie I spit on your grave magazine that yeah is aware: movie do a bit about it, but I will never open with it that Zog is covered in these twenty five. Thirty minutes it yeah touchy subject in that weird they have to have trust in you yet have their trust and let you can't yet. You have established you're funny full of it yeah. That's really hard, especially when you start now, people don't know you you know They cannot have browser. They know you are there. They got their here to see you, but if you If you start now, man, if you just a first first your guy here man, you gotta, really get these
was attention. Lay I gotta figure out a way to get em and trust you he's going to make a judgment colony within a couple minutes was the edge outfit smell of black crowd line, while another is sills, so your laws on his last his sorrow of sand and weird FED and as the art gallery work time. That's Larry US. A wire black clubs. So much more judgmental is I mean. Is this a level of performance in this? You know demand more men more just. You know that the vast black comic suggests been great perform its. So you talk about is still rare. Fox rigid burning like these? As we are now, only a great joke right is still, but they performed and able rush, and so is this: the higher standard for food also in black clubs or black,
showcase nights, the host is usually the star of the show allowed it. You, anywhere on a row in Vienna, Improv a funny ball Dempsey as local. Sometimes these girls are, for the most part, the house. Don't be too great, which is not cool because there, Second, the town, but so yeah that's the first person audio see and you know that they go baby citizen not at night there. If the house, the first personal state as well, the host at a blacklist. Usually you know as a local following is great cry: she's. Does twenty authority up top some tat fire? So is this the devil days it in? The next check has to be able to follow this amazing house with a great file, so will allow caught committees be large. Black means be real. Strong performers, early on taxation,
As you know, Chris Rocks had that about his career that, like one time he had gone after Mart Lawrence yeah, and he really was a turning point careers. He realized tat. He had performed twenty white crowds dear like white crowds, meaning lazy, like any realize he had gotten into this sort. Sort of like lower energy. Soda mode of performing yeah yeah I was I may I would say it was black brows game. You sit bow, I'm alone at high. It is now then I was in my first city, but That's just from play. An ocean Just some plan, big of and learning the space yacht icicles coffee scanned, my fucking computers. I feel this is unbelievable, but man I've done this like four times in the last month. You know it is when I keep this coffee cup right here and I talk of my fuckin hands because you have peasant routes,
it is, they have theirs. The habitat media socratic, the computers, very fine, ok closest Meyer applicant. Much, but it was no one don't be like prejudices. Timely to America to work out here, but there's a twenty four hour apostolic man, that's gotta, be interesting, is interesting cause I needed to get new Iphone lazily. I went in a faded, The worst person in the world is a drunk when a customer service issue. I was the worst how drug where you I was drunk.
Of two, where I'm worried that they happened to my ship as Larry, I was brought up your bad about it as they could do. They weren't help of miss my appointment at its worth. Thirty appointment opt in to give me, I knew the worse day was hey like come on visas. We go about. Wasn't he in great to me, but he also was ours bearded dick to you don't owe me in house I was drunk, I feel bad about. It fell back, but the next moment apple starving, drunk. There must be a strong people, all the time and apple stores.
I mean when I wanted, for our story used last year, come on man. If you get your Iphone fix a fork in the morning, we fucked up you. Can you get an activated Iphone for carbon? Wanted me activated Iphone at four o clock. I wanna do yes, one only one cause years, a twenty four hour apples. Glad to get a new laptop last. Makes a twenty four hour. Appstore twenty four hour bears were so they must happen. Late wooden, gotta, computer winter, best Biograph Xbox. One lay night. It was great yeah yeah. I heard about the best part. A twenty four hour best buy. That's like near college. Right its desire- and now you ve, got me why you? Yes, it is a union square that one thing that Manhattan has its this twenty four hour thing. Are you almost? You know they don't have any more. Those poor seems to have a twenty four hour poor. I don't think they have that anymore. Having these Davis is Chelsea Billiards. What there was a few places, but Chelsea it was the big one that was open twenty four hours a day. Go therefore,
in the morning. You big pull that yeah airports without lay do our tricks. Apple, stupid really is pointless. Tricks of hooker pool is like tying a duck to stick and shooting out of sky. That's what it's like the difference between you get to choose you shots, that's ridiculous. Whole idea pool is figured out the patterns and move. The ball around control in the queue bar making shots and any running out to the table presents us with a problem of the figure of that problem and get out. This is some stupid thing. The practice over and over again right, I have to do, is just poke at stake in the balls go in the right direction. Could he set em up? That's dumb man. I guess it is- is irritated tv. You know what I asked. You know what I understand. Tat theres bind it for you, but you oh, I don't get the serum practice Scottish Mozilla's go, it does in IRAN as a trick. Shouted look cool, but I've been plain
over twenty years, I've gotta do one. I can do one trick shot like I play pretty decent, but I can't I don't know any of em. I have no desire to learn them either does not make any sense to me like who care. You said you would be do that might save up, but professional came to pull off was doing a demonstration. People see trick shouts, polygamy, higher organic Earl, Stricklin Earl stricken comes you pay. Ha he's gonna he'll do some trick shouts for you, because you have let you know, pool celebrities. No, I know, let's look names, I get it shit, what Madam Minister, I get into it, you get you should get, pull kills meant. I workers not me. Yeah business dialogue around the clock is not as now try now pull accuse you wanna buy from Adieu to actually make support. You there's a feeling about pool q artisans. They make pool queues and like when you buy em from a guy's ago, like a zamboni, or
SK umbrella. Like do you have these names like they make these exotic pool queues at a wooden, their craftsmanship and cut em places. Finally, in the big, like art form, to see when one by my father, but I don't want to fuck em down camp fire, pulled you my name, stupid indian area. You want to buy a south. As you know, you wanna buyer Aegina Q, you wanna bike queues at ever name term. Ok, This is a longstanding art form of it's almost like a samurai sword, type of thing with us, like certain areas that are preferred over other artists. Certain artisans there, like a law History passed down from Father son, it's very common. Well, actually I mean I'd be pissed. Why
I don't want to be a poor, you better. Let pass it on his poor q bill. I don't even like poor that well, if you did like poor than it would be good, but I wanted to be a comedian. I could see a point long hours and a sharp breathing in fuckin sawdust and glue fumes and share their working in a paint. Booth. One was gas mass on it. I will be slightly Hannibal breath. Snaffle is enough: may not for a lot of people before it owes father certainty they minor like this may be. I would have to talk to them and work is worth individually, but I'm gonna hangers worried from the South West pull up, I'm sure you would I'm sure they passed yeah, there's quite a few people. Take it very seriously Where are you into anything de playing games? I think you doing on the road. You bore gonna mark
collection. I don't have a marble collection at play, video games bit but take em. I started I do I'm a pretty pretty or undue man, I've play video games to Carmody, go to concerts and that's pretty much it. Track of my frequent flyer miles very heavily now Boris, how hard cord you get with the video games. You actually bring council with you on the road and one of those goods akin to a lot of music. Easy with that year, snark as it makes it more, it makes it more exciting for when I get back home, cause that Canada is how, You know I'm really at home. If I'm sitting at home play video games. If I've been gone for ten days, I relax I'm home rightly I sold ass, tested to allay the game at home. It s a good move, but I get into only plague two games. Gta
an mba to Kay forty? That's it s pretty much it s. Not US I'm always Gaza autonomy. Switching two years to get some skills, learn the game and then enjoy in order to get our new year's is learn in newgate. Am I try this tide far? I get that for an xbox. Why have played a yet I keep hearing incredible things. People like emailed me if you're thinking about getting back in a video games, despite a video game, we get back to earth and we get the fuck away from me yeah. I must the text. Will you file? You don't have time. If we were, you got kids a lot of work now everything that too clinical. I can't play for three or four hours straight. I should be planned is, or should I be rightness script,
that's it I really be planned against. Is thirteen Yo Lake talking Shit to outsource it? Now I myself, if I may, if they target glottal, I can have a strange. I cannot put it on a headset. When is a stranger is a stranger cabin them much access to my brain like that are to do that would switch. I can have the voice right, the ecumenical that's the new twitter. If people just Seville anonymously, talk shit to rattle, doesn't know where you're, just like it get. Your aunt mentions on twitter idea of AEGIS Gale. I want have rather a bunch of people talking area. You glasses were smashed on tv. You stupid. Certainly I would you that jacket. I was a certain man. You know what I delete. My twitter have sometimes discos out. I too much time on it. If I didn't, I end up put it back on two days later, but I do but the tiles of China have lay and tried
two hours a day, wisest unplug to awaken was a day. Why blood, no computer, no foul, so re write, a work out just talk lodged but no living at the fire, email, no tax fault, none of that. So that's what I'm trying to do just cause. I found what my far worse, broken. I am a fall for a day. It is what was broken. Found that I was a little bit more When I read, I ran a load of a book. Aerobics its jobs, a son, and I was Phil away. A clear headed up, because I wasn't just check and peoples. You weren't tethered wasn't tethered. I wasn't second sweater presently compulsively yes or no Sweden S, one, no shit, yeah, I get tethered to their fuckin phone man, it's weird
tough, it's weird when you're out and you just have a desire to check your even when no reason what the fuck is not an that employment in the emu as if it was your Falco Yasmine sleep. Well you know you're, not in the middle of doing anything. It's not like you're, like a deal's about to go down layer Hannibal stay near the phone. We're gonna call you in that words go down is now go away. Is that got away again? Deals will go down, but you didn't you. Access to give back since twenty minutes. Without you, one, though also areas guise of our time in a future superstar but time is of the essence, is that, as is we just called some other dude actor you guys day to make sex phone audits. It does get like that. No one is casting when they get casting. Down the casting clear. Whether not you agreed to take a show like to give you
offer, is counter offer. They have offers on someone else in the nose like a backup offer. Wild animal gets crazy with the money we got. This dude weight in the way is there is that they did the battle that definitely keeping your phone, but that's not a beautiful thing about the internet. So that We're talking about, like EAST need a show guys used to go away. If they didn't have a show, they don't have something put them out there to the crowd That's all gone away! Now you get your own show! If you want to do your greater pie, gassing, you could just star fuckin podcast that all of us, fuck. You totally should do apart cast you'd. Have a hilarious pot cast the new package. I would for sure download that shit. Thank you subscribe to a hundred, isolated actually recorded example South Park as it was talk to strangers in others, talk to legit people that people had never met before but at the warning comedy at all, that's a great idea, but
now I mean it. Thou be me, drive in the listeners if ever yeah, which, as you know, but still dilbert does podcast, where he just house by himself. He has his him ran. So does great proofs? Gregg providers does alive one. It does a so called the smartest man the world. Yet it's hilarious, Eleazer ran disseminated questions, not classes, tat, mother, The correct, like no one great proved kin. He just go and he's smart. As Fox has like ours of information, has had the dude has so much information is like he wouldn't ran about Columbus. Like I've read a bunch shit about Columbus. I knew quite a bit about Columbus, but great proves what this mad rat, explaining what a cup Columbus really was a broken evil in all those people were back then here you could be
go back there. There was no twitter, you could be evil and unchecked negotiations work. Nobody yet evil Emma EVIL, shet oxygen. Columbus's, holding a baby money and a sordid put, you gotta be evil, cosy desire, you evil you edge for friends who are evil. Enablers live, evil isn't funny That is the case that, especially when you get to a new land like you get in wooden boat, they travel, This half of the world, where its new in your eyes, completely wild. You know and dig come up with all sorts justifications, whether to start murdering people and then, if these people have gold. Shit yeah It must been so easy to be evil back then you're actually right, twitter keys people from being zeal to it were in a tightness.
You know I can't go Columbus, entertainer Narva, that's what I'm saying it wouldn't. Let me I know if you would have been effective at liberty is some funding to think of it would get. It is crazy, just just to be just that type were that mine state that so long we're going to this place and we're gonna do some shit. I don't know where do notorious when someone shows up on a boat like this is probably the only time in human history that when a boat for strangers, shows up a store. People are going to die. Every other time in human history, ones that, showed up. Most likely people were Fuckin Dian, most likely I'm terrible she's gonna get down some crazy, sparrows or starving to death, going to hop off that boat and they gonna have swords. Bows and arrows and cannons, and because a hungry I gather Hungary, is their scurvy. There's no pussy varied in rats and fuckin old rice. We were
what are they gonna do when they get after they gonna they're gonna, take whatever they want. They gonna you're crazy, especially when there is no twitter notes. Let us say: man sail on a chill out on the firm I get. The last hundred years is probably the only time where it's not a terrifying moment when a boat pulls up every other time before that the seventeen hundreds or whatever was fourteen. Ninety two Columbus EL, the ocean, blue. All that shit those terrible time someone pulled up about terrible time, both light tanks there, then thanks now, when tanks pull up some bad is happening was happening, was about to happen exactly a battleship that's a long: do you think they noticed something terrible is gonna happen right away. I was they were. They were opened at first right. Whichever see that movie there's a movie, I think it's what the bleak do. We know the tried a thing it's this movie tries to present this argument. They think that the native american
might not have even been able to see the boat because they had no point of reference being, which is stupid tomato make. No sense of unique events that you only see for the first time at the idea of the wouldn't be able to see. It is, I think, it's just some WU bullshit, They had some non scientific bullshit that some people to pass off that's might take on it as a non scientific, bullshit artist, but they would know now what the fucker was if they had never seen a boat before and then all sudden like when the car, he's. Adores landed the the the people who live like to ask text thought that they were gods is endeavouring to personal horse before They never seen that they didn't know what the fuck was going on. They saw these people horses they for the horses, a part of them. They thought they were gods, they didn't receiving before a scrape. Think it one point time most of North America did not have horses and horses were brought here from somewhere else, so the native American Indians didn't used at horses knowing what way so
brought horses armies modes. Horses came from somewhere out. Why so who is ours, horrible boatwright, Greta about days and days there were the horse with a horse weeks in Feedin weeks. Probably hit me, it's right. I mean how long did it safer Columbus to get from Spain to the Bahamas know how to be months, our demand it be months months of travel, monster, channel makes sense. When you're in a boat then has to give blood, around by the wind you try to get across the big body of water known to man. This is ridiculous. Ocean you gotta get across the ocean floating piece of a tree. That's stupid can thing I've ever heard, so You do with horses. So the get to take everything. Was it you think it is felt inside of this man of law? This fuck, I think people back then were ruthless nothing? There were the deal with completely different times. People died younger. Neither the By the time you on this planet was very short. The which person didn't get the should together, like thirty thirty something
I mean it was. A few p live longer, but most people probably died authority will and also the infant mortality rate was so I did. It lowers the the average age of death and lower, because of that the answer Mortality was through. The roof was at fifty percent of kids dieback down like during the roman times of believers, fifty percent child mortal- they re yet two kids, I wanna be dead for sure, he's yeah, that's normal. There was normal, So I think there the whole idea of like what what's violent, evil. What's good, what's bad was completely different there these two way more barbarism way. More murder. Wait! Wait! You know me, the Antoinette there would they would fuckin that think about when they would have those gigantic town, executions they would use the guillotine cut. Someone's fuckin head off in the town square was thinking. He wished to do that. We have is that is that is pretty good.
Like navigating his cannot, you know, use as a joke in movies start again guilty, but the edifice that was rail is insane real Annie removed your head and you are conscious for a few minutes for you, for you die wet year. Your head would be separated for your body, your body be dying, but as the suggesting your brain is slowly leaking out like here for your conscious for pointing out a few minutes, but probably lisa few seconds will use as fucked up. An opera basket. You gotta be fucking kidding armies. I didn't do anything that bad. We are you who was pressed the wrong person off that had power, and they would just be off with her just offered. That was our common sense. Now, ok, we target. Can we target rule of it? You need only work done. No off with your head, If I too, that they would do that, should publicly that's what we avoid
We don't want the public even seen coffins yeah you're not allowed to take photographs of coffins of veterans we're coming back yet the Bush Administration. May then illegal, which count fuckin, crazy, allowed see a picture of someone who dies at war forget about c, like a prisoner, getting executed, see any that shit. I don't want to see that presently getting executed. If I sent you a link, you click it. If I send you a link in this says you now, ok, let's think of someone undeniably evil Hitler, Oh yeah! I sent you a link and do you want to watch this? Video Hitler get next year has again execute school years, had cut off with sword, word
man sustain a my salvage high depends on when you get home, saying the email Sevenpm. What are the emails do ahead? As you add, some new information about you stand up calmly, special, be out on comedy central years out on comedy, says a direct right now and comes out midnight Saturday Uncle recent years, some information about that they hit the thing click. This click click to have clicked on some shit. I shouldn't clicked most reason. Why was some mexican dude cotton is girlfriends head off cheating? one of the drug lords like this in its so obviously reels fuck so obviously really his idolize, whose famine it as friends of mine tell guys
crazy, other some crazy, cartel videos, cartel videos and amusing chain saws and cut induce heads off, but I mean I know it. I fucked up is cut your girlfriend's head off, achieving we're in what you almost understand, I'm talkin about in their world, where he's about latin machismo, also being a cartel leader and you and everybody known as you did it yeah to maintain his cartels? It that's true. We're gonna be awful, is awful nobody's plugin, say: Annabelle condones beheading of jaded unduly, not the rightness salon back on our right now. We're part of rape culture, but that is that is, is say. Did you hear that? Damn glad and look we didn't have a man when I want to see that you have what s this heed to the knife at risk. Oh yeah, it's hard to watch.
It's really hard to watch the older add up. The reason she was Jane is because he was busy Vernon carts now what their history words, but I've shown assuming he's in the wrong sir Red cards here is very time deserve it. Ass, you do. Some did you still it doesn't mean that she didn't love him I would say the same if I was there. While this argument has gone down, is gonna cut a fuckin enough, like dude relaxed, would you she's Appreciation to suggest was. She just needed some attention, a little, the illicit look at it. This way you got a fucking green light. Cheat, however, you they actually have the green light and a cartel did to her. The fact they want at this point in time mean how much money, those guys of their degree of cartels, The head Gaza, like a billion dollars, there's a slight make Al Capone. Look ridiculous. Are we Are we in danger of being a tiger cartel. No, I don't think so.
They ve ever developed like real, legitimate military power, but where they have developed as local power like it, then on have not as as individual snow events, anything bad. Ok, what do we have that they make a lot of my they dont tower. Cheating, so are. We our two propaganda? That's interesting if we were probably if we're cartel sympathisers, but I think we are doing so think what we are is the whole reason why cartels accessible we're talking about earlier should cocaine be legal work. Ok, it's not legal who's. Gonna sell it because people going to smoke snorted small, get whatever they do with it shoot it. Somebody will shoot it. I knew it. Big who's got profit Grandcourt. Is it better to have Pfizer cell Coke, or is it better to have the mafia down and now Pfizer. I say: Visor Gillette, Pfizer profit off. So is that if, Ok was legal, this woman,
They'll be alive. You know What you might have a point there. I think I mean it's a long way to go, but this you know, I think, that's what it is. Well, I definitely egg? Some people would be alive, there would be less vile, is less violent, simply less money spent in jails, jails what they ve done. In Portugal is a clear indicator that we are on the wrong path with. Even everything, illegal and locking people up private prisons thrown people in their profiting off to factor in their ports. They lowered everything their lower. The rates of addiction have lowered violent crime. They lower the amount of money they have to spend on, go fees and reports in prisons. They load all that shit just by decriminalizing all drugs. They just made it so that people are fuck and locked up as criminals anymore, their fur boys like issues, alcohol which will fuck you man, you and I
Listen! I was an apple store last week expressly, but we could give fucked up. In my twenty minutes, Jamie could go back break out some whiskey and we need to start doing shots within Fifteen minutes. We would be unrecognisable, sure you could get fucked in, like a short amount of time, without dialogue or really short amount of time, why's that legal and coke stop by arbitrary, completely arbitrary, doesn't make. No logical sense has known, does make sense, same type. A person who had gone to cope bench will all you're gonna drunken rampage. Yet we can go on a cop rampage. You Ok, you gonna drunken binge ere. You can go on a drunken rampage cook Coke binge or a coke rampage near I agree with yet another beer on again Coke. So they have learned? How are you gonna, drunk in out of drug problem, America's gonna giant drug problem? We had alcohol everywhere.
People die out all year for the hundreds of thousands of drivers flesh it what's been the coach drivers are drunk drivers? I think No! I don't notice tat man it is about the gas. Would you rather be in a car with a duty cooked up or do is drunk and he's drive, and I think the cult of do will be driving. Faz were here, make those lays just like a mother the cuban he'll be. You are allowed to do so, nor Norman I gotta go. We open our business undertaking to drivers. Go here be pulling right parkers. Why did you normally have two parallel and say it is quite right in which side spots do tat slide is around Jerusalem.
The drive business and economic times we have do cool drivers go man, one cannot pass it. The first time I try to the written shit drivers shit. I got all the information of the knowledge my books A thousand come on man. Studious make money, that's big money behaviour come on, we'll get some bitches be great. Here they? Definitely I will talk to the co guy first and I would drive at the cook. I first look at that philosophy. Eyelid what it my prodded try to draw two but tat looks up everything devils Dr they had. The option now would be the guy driving over the drunk driver or coke driver definitely but if you couldn't drive for some strange reason like I'm, I'm injured and unease about it to take me to the hospital we only four as it is called for an order during friend, cope verandah taken to hospital, yeah or you're walking dead, get picked up on the side of the road, and you just have a zombie dues on coke
I would definitely if I had a fight zombies. We want this now What do they call gloomy fight zombies? I would want to be on pcb Vienna, thus account not some other fuck. You want yes, but he would make irrational choices about they do what they do. Shit baby. He have a stretch of Mass Amadeo mats, fighting zombies. That's a good move to we should not get Excel version of admiral yeah? yeah somehow and other related after I wanted to see the teeth part, as did the real accelerated the teeth. Far the teeth thing when you receive thing the destroying your face thing. How we would math with math, yeah, yeah Roger Ratchet, see those any form speed. Once you start doing speed, I think they forget the brush to part of that fight of red eye
s mouth this is a real Ivan. Ivan Dynamic resides our mouth because it has an effect on my life. Them does not mess that. Allow me sometimes our research dubbed. It has now to deal me but Madame this is a real is a real issue. Dude it's in computer you're a hundred percent right met. Mouth is a term by itself, it is loaded with passion and working methods. I will go to mess mouth on. Wikipedia sign it take. Does anything comrade around mouth that is driving out you doing. A lot of water is high drain yourself, you're, better help. This isn't saying: oh, my God, In addition, characterized by severe decay and loss of teeth, as well as fracture enamel erosion and other oral problems symptomatic of standard use of the drug methamphetamine. The specific as the condition is unknown, although drug induced zeros zero stole my zero
Stomata, zero stormier dry mouth want just call drama why you dig crafty something I came out here. As well as Brock's ISM, which is grinding of the teeth. I thought involved wow. This is the grand your own fuckin teeth off. That picture is a classic meth mouth. You can tell by looking the other teeth a person is anyone that fucking old they just did some crazy. Shit to their teeth? Have departed was awesome. Poor nutrition eating too much sugar lack of dental hygiene common among long term use of the drugs at another Matthew? eat. Allow shorter sugar with Attali, totally makes sense. The legitimacy of math mouse as a unique condition has been question because of this, similar effects of some other drugs on the teeth, treating math mouth is difficult, Yeah cause your teeth, a guy. You that's the best treatment. My mouth is Vermeer's
You have to just to a mall down and get some dental and lands teeth. Some bulletproof teeth, Yemen, yeah yeah. A person as to where they do the route they the gentle implant. Now that. Doesn't crazy I'd have a nearby I got tv teeth, you got some they will do the scrape the outside often put a beautiful shell. Unease brought these from fires. Tv treatments are beautiful emphasis, while others are pretty young man. Did it make imperfect that? What it is that I got em you, because I had a chip to then a gap in other man, I'm fine! I don't be on tv allowed the next few years. Let me fix this real quick, guided, fixed twentieth, Levin I fix, does something sexually about a really hot girl, with gap in. Suddenly it S. Actually, Nigeria girls were gaps used to connect. Call me when you get a cab, I gotta get enough
it doesn't bother me there's a body of a pretty girl. Has a government is not at all, not even a little. There are now nodded. I was his Mount day. Well, I am a b on tv and I want to have crack teeth on tv, but a gap different scenario teeth. Yet it's all. There are snuggled Lego, my bottom tee. The curse Nagel has shown that it is one that goes back so fucked up, I'm gonna, get it fixed, A man ok, my top ones, a fine, and I give a shit. But if I was a girl there, nobody wants a liquor, snugly tooth mouth, Europe is just a yes. Naturally is yes, Agatha is now a good looks, not good when you get to extra teeth. Does where people that have expertise pop out the gums near its part S assistant? Oh man, I created a. Why do we give a fuck? Why? Why does anyone who care about if someone's teeth are not perfectly in line like what is what part of our brain is being bothered by
lack of symmetry is just ass. What is a cemetery? Animal fodder is, but people like cemetery for the same reason in my wooden angry, but This painting and was a little bit off, is love it off. The other ones, look down point, but it was a little bit off. I would I would notice in fuck with you, I should like till Jimi, Hendrix noticeably just a fuck with the next gas do just leave Their connachar guy, not say shit about it. Do that don't don't tell Adam Carolla, I'm going to fuck twisted shut up yes, soldiers at the gears is the human brain likes. You know too much cemetery vertical out Europe yeah, but why? Why I don't know at a certain point time. Logic should take over, but it doesn't theirs. And she is looks good man right, I mean. Does you'd like of domestic gotta wear is to say reason why you know
your car get your car guy hidden in an affront, headlight and smashed in a little bit, the costume Roswell, but you oughta she fixed cause. It looks dumb. I grew. You're hot of sound is trying to figure out. Why? Why sit we like looks good. Now we do well in I. Why we're right like the idea, your car God, you like cars, I do like like. What's your favorite car, I had a few fair. Actually. If they're listening, I like the Lincoln m k S beautiful car year like that cuts the spaceship like that. And where are we like, some bends is yet it was. It is workable. Pull up. Two thousand fourteen Mercedes Benz S class poor picture this. This is like you know. If about the cream of the crop of like a luxury, automobiles, like a mirage. These bans. They there's no ugly Mercedes Benz their bunch of german scientists. Try
figure out what the symmetry is. Little kid pagoda. Do a Google search of silver, two thousand, fourteen Mercedes Benz S class. Look at this. There's something beautiful about inescapably beautiful one. You look at the picture like why, like what the fuck is, that what is it about us in his ear? Look slickest foggy that the grill that's rousing bit, part of it. You can't say, there are. No one could tell us on a good looking car, that's a masterpiece right. They they desire make it smooth and pull you get in the car and drive off your mother. Fucker was gone. Someone someone sits, car and their traffic? That's a guys doing or a gal is doing well, have a beautiful car many, a Mercedes, Benz small car right, rides fires. Why is it that? Why does he look at why
Something's look good to you and they don't look at me like here, something I have a friend who loves those. Fuckin stupid, Mercedes, those bread, truck, look and things old school one zero square ass blends when they conference or the only a jeep duty, a jeep, but this debate. I think it's our modest for answer is something this is a most of us are no doubt when there are twenty five that's the one. I take it back. Mercedes does make one ugly carts this one. Does Oh dear, I wouldn't like the biogas exist, but sometimes the brand can take over. It is they take over wretched squares, fuck. What people love it I mean. Don't get me wrong. Some gave me one hour drive up shirts lovely to draw. Mercedes! Is there two pieces of engineering. Yet, but you know, look and then like look at a new range rover, you want to look like a beautiful suv poor image of the new ranger over and see like, futuristic beauty.
Looking Ass Suv, but it's why? What is it a? What Why do I like one or the other of of a narrow, can figure out what it is appeals who know what it is it is, it is varies by person. I got these shoes accompany cemetery shoes and they sent me some Susan, the great, and they sent me some Susan. What the fuck I wouldn't have awareness and so Milo causes he was visited me from college. You visit me in New York last week. Now they look at these ugly for consumers. They look like of Chester Cheetah WAR powerful, as he's like those of the great does. What I want to get us my boy, all shoes arsenals it what the fuck is so just subject: the tsunami, Pierre people, you know peoples is subject. Some people's eyes like different day. Some people have different as aesthetic in this case in that's what did it clapped out? Those shoes were grows and I will never we're still won't ever wear them, but some people him like those shoot a thought
I'm totally with you. I always wondered. I wanted said new. Look at the difference between us to visit. This is a box. You look bread truck and that's a spaceship. That's a beautiful spaceship, I've always wanted to know what you see. I would like anybody any other person. I've always assumed that everybody sees what I say. I assume that you know when you're looking at meth mouth, you see the same thing, I'm looking at when you're looking at these pictures, but I don't know We don't know, I'm just guess: I mean imagine if you use somebody's eyes at sea through somebody's and guys completely different totally different via was Jimmy's see, as far as the visual or see as far as happy will process things off with a bright without a totally different.
That's crazy, or do you you'd probably use you smoking? If I like, how do I look what I move around our see yourself on video new like those that oh shit, I was mad, the FED they manage to get a good man. I passed a hacker. Actually you because the Roma I did. I did Letterman a couple years ago: it got. My suit is horrible, but now is my soon horrible, but entrance is sucks. I walk out on Madame, I am bound to now adopted, although door, I guess the words is no key areas. What is that I had a look. I thought I'd look when I was economic and walk out anatomy, Mama, Video gave her to her a video. My leg is now it's like: Real heavy look Maybe up overhead allows you to do it as soon as horrible good, either
Our view is that why would they sell their suit? Is garbage looks garbage about it? Bit of it is tight is weird. I think burden around burden, so we Fit thing is fine. You fucking, when you so did you did you get crazy when you high, when you looked at this and get freaked out by now, is just what I like if I may meet my girlfriend gives me shit about it. Some sound like she gives a shit about that video to suit the sushi like that's. It was or was another hour horrible suit. Could I get better suits now. So I see a man s sucks, and he was soon God you get like suits tailored. Did I got my first tell a suit a few weeks ago. For this event, idea for bulls in Chicago saw needed a Sou last minute. Sigh ass blurs soon got a nice one, and it was it was killin and make sure that our as many events as I can just to give on mondays work for that
being a grown up. Man yet- and I soon Yale, if a man here to tell you that there is fell, slick, enables Ilsa small suit in it. That's what made me realize the mild assumes were garbage when I put, a good suit. Our late in an area like this is this. Is our suited looked and looked at other shouting. Fuck. I was on tv like that's my every tvs person. I've ever done has been like a t shirt. In a lively teach. Our genes usually dressed in a way that I don't normally dress when comfortable right. You know that for, while for tv, a transistor myself, I don't set up put on a Sou just to respect for the show. You don't owe me right right reward for Mass Basle, my first wise words but not ended. My late is wise. If I were a jacket over our nice jacket over Tita What is this is amazing, because people
like. This is reason to start what you put a jacket: people holy shit. You look great, isn't this? What at over my regular a jacket Mesa your profession, but also it is makes people you lay is they are closed, will determine how people just approach you it is people treat you and how people talk to you and how people respond to the you had to say. I can call That could also loses Sainz, especially if you're a young man in a whisper If you like, a man and his twenty year, the kindest twenties with Sue is totally different. Guys twins were teacher, is dead, it is just you would lose them. Is it saves more intelligent, all of a sudden, therefore the most dreadful aid? That is, where data that the tests I counted them think about that too? How did suits become had it advocates the way to address it was one. Do I am well aware this inner people Othello school- where do I get Asher yeah, do
who has like a certain tie on is holding the clipboard automatically Take them seriously. You take them seriously. You defer to him. I gotta ask himself than they would be respectful. He might shut me down my ruined my life, my room and night. This came with flit flaps on t shirt pair shorts, Pisa ship. How do you get this job? Who is a legend if you went to a Mercedes dealership, anyone to biofuels, beautiful cars, guy worker, Myna counters, wherein fuckin flit flops in short, what's a size, Tellin YA, this crazy shit about Mercedes. What you're saying that the engineering is the finest in all european what they do, and I believe that, MRS fortunately it was stupid feet and what he could get his failure. That tells you sounded in pursuing this, tells you know I don't like is. Sometimes people will use that gives you were ass, they had a nice hotel and a person does z, since our people the hotel addressed nice and ill they'll take on a vice like that,
oh, no tail relax, relax low We do not allow that in in this to a mom whoosh MA am, I want to say, sir. I think you make thirty to fifty thousand a year the cause of death, like debates like this way, like I think, like hot relax. A little bit is though, like Maybe- and maybe, if I had on a sort of like sir you shut the fuck up I am also a suit right now. That's true right. If you were flit flops, a dude is wearing a suit. He automatically is one up and you, and if you You could be a rich fuckin dude unless you got a crazy fat watch. If you show up, Have you checked in a fancy hotel and you want to fly flaws, but at some stupid fuck and gigantic twenty thousand? Our watch on your and people know it.
Yes, during the handle this big viking chunky diamond crusted watch like we're gonna, listen now talk low base. But you I mean, I think, that's how I actually dress in horribly and in a high level situations. I love. I get. I've got do. I fly first a lot and I love bearded jargon pants. I love a young black. Do Jack impairs it first class, people would we have had on my headphones and people want to fund it what is it he Emma Ray, what they ought to know what it is. It is my demeanor out what I like it, because I like my must, but nobody ever talks of your first job, nobody, nobody, I am always reach rich nobody ever talks to me,
in first where's, my my girl was she'll flat for it, like I hereby are she had Sabbath outside this business? Guy was lab out in that I met this however, it was on play with me in this hurts, like these people would babble miles to her bow masses of time. My cousin may lives of people to talk to you. You know what are the top. They are people, Apple, our housing Babylon was people was too. Opposite disease girl, but is a funny they were, people won't even engage you we will be on a flight. I got an ear b, being from me and Thomas a girl, Dino Thomson area Mean Thomas girl, one flight wants and this woman Who was the attendant flight? She gave the most unbelievable ear, beating I've ever experienced in my life and was just dagger and her stamina her her ability to not recognise clues her breath. We will draw the whole thing, we actually asked as we would like some wine
we sit on shore and I forget what Tommy ass well ass for Rene or penal unwarlike. Do you have you ever whatever he asked for a typical and she started cracked some joke about the movies I'd way, Stevenson moving ever so the about its with the dude from wings, so fuckin cool, ass, guy's, name, fuckin shit, what's name that do church Thomas Hayden Church, whose very cool galaxy. And you know it's all about wine, which is so she starts reciting. This seems like that seen in Burma, and then she was wide, never really been into. Why about say why there's a guy wants that he had the bottle of wine and raise the rest, and she just go
on and on and on and on not exaggerate. Like fifteen minutes, she won't shut the fuck up just hovering over the chair. We're panicking descended on applying for complaint was a slight. It's an honor for complaint is leaning over the sea, just being us into submission, stupid ass story and size. In writing de I am in the windows IE and he's an island of our land in him and just start looking out the window. I'd like that, do this anymore- have start looking at the window. She won't stop. She's worked away from the
for the movie sideways to a story about a do with wine story about her ex husband and it's a fucking murderous assault on the ear drawn Sally time was finally cell punts drunk at the time. We couldn't think way. Citizens at a batter will Tommy had a really interesting point is Tommy. I abandon him and I left him too to be slaughtered by air and he he developed psychological profile ever say he said I think, we're on a small plain small flight knows. I think the reason why this Ladys are small flight because other Ladys don't want to work with her. Their growing small flights where she works by our because she's clueless She has no one to shut the fuck up and everybody to get away from our stick. Rounding up when I went out and have type played assembly that wasn't a very long fly Africa where we're gone, but the beating, the just Pierre
brutal. Your beating broad, gave some, and is this. You don't want to feel like a bad practice, even though in your brain is tough, socially, were Hain T shut of other, but as this is tough to do at present, can fire sprays like that and I M an airplane and we in the social situation is easier for you to say about go, go to go to the bar. You need anything. An aid usually don't need a drink, that's toward a copy for I'm. Here, I'm going to get a drink. Or you say, he's narghilehs restroom Haiti robots used restaurant and then I would just drop my phone Look before entering the sea, and hopefully will just she would find a reasonably block, and yet, but she what she would do not just ass, she did to everybody. She decided stop with. We watched her. She wants. You got that beaten us up. She went over Sony. Also beat them up, seems a social terror shoes terrorist. Why do the terrorists want on that night? I added value, click the bad guys, guys don't worry about it. I tell everybody about my show. I got
went up some people folks day. They can't handle these three. Our conversations they'd developed, the bladder control than a man like me, ass. You know it's a man like me, sittin here two hours plus and I'm not feeling it I'm fine. Two hours in ten minutes, but have you ever watching you have this is inside joke and you hear me talkin only need talk, and while the fires walking from the room to the cage. That means my Oh Burg went to pee because my government, like crazy, I don't know, What's going on my Goldberg, he tells me everything's fine. I believe give em, but I have a hard time, believing a man can p as much as my peace. Idle I don't even understand it. It doesn't makes sense to me like out. Go to we don't get me wrong- is a lot of time to have a cup of coffee. There I'll have a couple of miles water. You wanna, keep hydrated way screaming and yell, and so I would get up and go to take a leak, but
I'll, do it and then, an hour later, like he'll, do another one like we'll go p together and this mother Fucker again inside of an hour, and I don't know how he does it, but here the mostly ever did so far and in a Europe see event is six. He peed six times my co host. You have seen MIKE over we're a guy but, like the p, currently enjoys run out to the bathroom and taken Lakes the drinking a lot of water, as he just a lot of water drinks, red balls and Chile that our doing broadcast say six thousand hours now in a show in a hole you have seashell which, like six hours with a fight us, I mean, if easier, Lord of ridiculous man who knows what you don't sit down you have you know it. I guess if you do a tv right, ear, strength, EPA then, but for you now just for most
people as they get older. Apparently that becomes an issue due to develop prostate problems and you you're you're prostate enlarges. I know this because I had to get my dog fixed my dogs, prostate large, so much that it was constipated. Gotcha dog fixes a metaphor, prostate notice, Zagat. My we all sit. Is this? What happens after for my dog with six in these the he's he developed enlarge prostate, again, fixed Johnny Cash, no longer as balls, he seems happier and it was easy actually getting constipated, because it is really interesting. Like it was blocking up was pinching, worse colonies, the poor dog day when I was on that, go far work with a day at the atmosphere was milk negotiated? brought one vote in the abbey bring. This does one male go and they like
you want a name and yeah named Naval Hannibal. Are you sure, an in a bad, they like we're, gonna band and they put a band around his balls and so Ebay. They dude. Delay castration mad like they cut it off, they they put the and of the bars his fall off yeahs? Who weeks later, but I didn't like they told me didn't think they said we have to name, and then they like, in that year now have bars and allow it s pretty shitty Whether we can do that anyway, they would not do it anyway. What data now to have me hold him as they did it s car, the damn normal? But it is not what I was Amelia. I guess it be. I tv, but that made me feel weird you know, when beings do that's themselves. Sometimes too, that's like one of the ways of men castrate themselves is they they use a rubber band. Tightening all up and I'll just goes dead. Then they saw it off way who? What I would
Castro who says is a lot of crazy fuck people out there. Man there is there is when a website called be Emmy Extreme, that's from the face of it. Called the Bee pain Olympics. The sea that accurately, I all now apparently there's no real union olympics. It's not real, but they call this video. The b. I mean: don't pull that up but deserve a video of butter, dues hacking, their dicks off and cutting balls out and people have done it. Its deadly happened. I've done on video, this people cut their fingers off on video and put the video online cut the tip their finger off with the sword. People have, elsewhere, because those are writing one off activities carried out in a repeat last gesture. We know you does a one off. Was it worth it? Some weird thing where some people like to do that, for whatever reason they want They wandered cast
They themselves like they were like it's it's more common than not. Maybe you know that's worth damn chance, a yellow, These themselves from this ban is one sex so much ache. Do you know the way I deleted months were at exactly but then I realized they wanted it afterwards, but you know I carry his whether we do not Firstly, I read this about Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor, get that he did something you didn't accent explained what he did, but end quote destroyed his sexuality. They had some really confusing. The situation with some woman apparently, and it's got it just ruined everything ruined his live ruined. His work just got messed up with some check and then side too, and quotes destroys sexuality, and I don't know if that's true or not, but you and what a guy Nikola Tesla, whose crazy
genius inventor also was in love with a pigeon. This pigeon he was in love with his pigeon. Have this weird romantic interests in a pigeon, for he died, he's completely off the rails, so does deserve to have a car batteries on that he's, bad mother. Fucker was, you know, you're crazy humans and never perfect. No one, no one retires within undefeated record. Not even Floyd may whether along the way, take some losses yet mean losses and make out a pigeon. But I made out with it. I think you just was in love with appears. I would visit and destroyed his own again. That's what I rather couldn't propaganda right, I'm exposing propaganda left him rights might be moderate. Propaganda might not periodic no holy you know Napoleon was in short, wow, that's mine, fuck.
In fact he was taller than average for the time. Please I five eight five, six five six for France. Let's find out Napoleon what will Poland's real height? But I mean that's a standard right going Napoleon Complex entered five or six year. So down when people are no fucking nutrition whatsoever? That was actually taller than average? Ok, so so the polio complexes means you honor. Take overs depends on this arch. This one actually says five point: seven, five, five foot, seven inches this once whenever was for then back then that wasn't nearly short as it is now. I'm five eight numb short for today for two thousand and fourteen when people of good nutrition, but back down
that was actually a tall guy, those irregular size guy. Just like a guy like five eleven like normal, maybe not even five of its five eleven five ten was average five nine. Some. I might add five ever overpower about five. Ten, let's find I got a napoleon complex, what's the average height, what's the average american height? What's the average male american height, I'm saying five slash: nine, the average? U dot. S is five hundred and ten. The average yeah yeah, that's yeah, so as an average, so they're saying that done taller than average. What do you think the average of the baby Well, this one thing says: five: ten average male american height
female male? U S is five or ten inches hooker yes as there's another one: U S, mail, five or ten inches I'll. Take it done as much research as there is an obvious for me and my friend. I think it goes up. I think it's gone up deafening. Since I was born- and I think part of his nutrition people- understood and things and they also most and not smoke when you're in the womb. I think this advocates of women is a smoke whenever there are pray. My mom smoked she spoke for me and my sister followed ass. You know when I bring it up, will she'll do apologize but I guess rightly an ogre farrago. Ok, now it's basically. Basically, every one of these studies shows its about five or ten from foreign for now, looking in the U S, which is interesting, because it's definitely gone up
overall, see what is that average. This is the Netherlands, the USA, France in Japan, average man Japan is the shortest, with b a mine, a butcher, Japan changing to the man there's a lot of much bigger, Dude Japan now than there was like during world war two days there way bigger, so What is the worst. Everyone, japanese having a short as it is because they don't mix what other races as much, and so is this They believe that it could be a lot of factors, could be a could. We also that it's an island, you know it's not the biggest place in the world. A tiny island, it's not like Ray unreal islands like real small places. They have a thing called island, dwarfism or things on an island like that's viewer seen that the little creature that they found homo Florian says he's the high
man that they found that lived like fourteen thousand years ago. No, never Siena, fastening shit man for ten thousand years ago there was little people that live alongside human beings. It looks like your eye and there were these little tiny, like Hobbit, like creatures who, like three feet tall and they were a type of human being not human. Not like neanderthal pull up the the images like there's an it there's. An image of Homo Florian says that they made the habit. Man in this in this I under Flores they found one and they thought it was like. Maybe child bone or something like that than they realise that it was structurally different than a human beings I thought it might have been just an aberration like someone who had some sort of a disorder, and then they serve finding more alone. They found out, they bury their young. They would find like little graveyards and shit. They found stuff tools they realize they use tools and evidence of use of fire pre printed. Insane shares as crazy. That's on their long Roman, fourteen thousand years ago and which
really crazy is there's people that think that there's something like that that still alive today, just a small detail: small islands- yes, he that's! That gives you an idea of it, but there's some some good images of those things. But then you see like with the and a tall Marilla as human beings like look a little, those fucking things were Edward to a type of people right? That's friends, shit man and real thing in a really existed. Was the big guy in the far right not in the end it all, but the garden where this thing was that dude jeez, that's a big fuckin. Do that looks very I like to look look how long his arms are Jesus. What's it say, carried metal whatever it is. We gladly move ask that those days we run into shared they are still around. That looks like a combination of homo sapiens end like almost like a gorilla extra long arms are, I mean, they just the artist depiction, Alex
scary cat to run into the Savanna FUCK. All that, We apparently there was a bunch of people that lived in Russia too, as recently as I think it was forty thousand years ago, there were completely different than than homeless. Being still another different twenty thousand forty thousand years ago- dimension answer some slight. Then he followed up russian, new type of person type of human. Forty thousand years ago, have you been in Japan before yeah, amazing it's incredible, it's a really interesting place because its its first for incredibly clean. Unbelievably polite and like really Almost crime free committally, look when you walked industries. Your worry about shit area, you're in a major metropolitan area like Tokyo and it seems like the most peaceful place on earth very little, aggression, everyone's very polite people?
like a like whether its shopkeepers or restaurant owners are like when you I can assure you, don't have any sense of chaos like you have a New York City, great Israel, orderly audits, Colbert, louder, five years, is it's in a national geographic. Dna reveals lost relatives from forty thousand years ago, russian research is dug up a slip of human finger bone from an isolated Siberian cave the teams where did away, for later testing, assuming the nondescript fragment came from one of those neanderthals who left do a well. Of tools and unknown Walter, isn't even her that expression well. Two elder of tools snobby well well of your her that what's w e elsie Walter tools and a key between thirty and forty eight thousand years ago. Nothing.
The bond seemed extraordinary, but the genetic material told a different story and the german researchers extracted a sequence of dna from fossil. They found it did not match that of need. Tools or of modern human beings, which were also living nearby the time. So new genetic data reveal that the ball may belong to a previously unrecognized extinct human species them, a graded out of Africa. Long before are known relatives that's forty thousand years ago, man there is a different type of fuckin human. They went to Russia that was in Russian Siberia, Africa. Europe, Africa served back then, while people always see block endued, they just keep going as this one and as we can't go on, I guess maybe California than the disorder moved Maui Legacy for years on again direct flights to back is rather they have raised list. Is that wasn't? Was that begged? There was this forty thousand years ago, most likely now
both the strait of walking and walking the walk it their started, a fuckin backdate boats, though they via their backdated boats quite a bit. I think they found evidence of two not like oldest evidence of tuna like way earlier than they ever thought all this known tuna boats, tuna boats met. The first due to make a boat was like me. I gotta get the fuck out of here already even know where they had it, while dude sweat this. They had boats with our fishing and three ten, a d, the earth is known. Boat was made its assent. Thousand year old, both found Kuwait as early as non boat, but now they found evidence of deep sea fishing for, two thousand years old about since the newest shit that while they found evidence of of of tuna bones and
our deep sea fish. So someone had to go out there and get these motherfuckers the earliest. Now both founded France near our only ten thousand Euro years old but archaeology, You know that they dont tell the whole story, would in other common boat building materials, dont preserve well and the archaeological record and the cause vision of Australia and the near by islands of Southeast Asia, which began at least forty five thousand years ago required so crossings of at least thirty kilometers. So they know that forty five thousand years ago, someone had a boat that could go about sixty miles right is nowadays kilometers, Why don't we laminate sixty two miles? the opposite sides, less kilometer. Less than a mile correct, so little little bit more miles than that like double year. Hundreds here, why sixty so that's crazy. Yet whether now these migrants put it is How goes because
kilometer kilometers again coming. I was wondering kilometers Clotho requires as twenty mile. Ok, ok, so it's less how's your lesson kilometers right right. Kilometers and our is sixty two miles an hour, I guess so thirty kilometers, probably twenty bullshit one issue miles in a boat. Forty five thousand years ago. Yet whether these early migrants put out to sea, deliberately and boats or simply drifted from the top in rafts, meant for near shore exploration as a matter of fierce debate, so they at least had that this crazy man, that's that I think people are deep sea fish in forty five thousand years ago. People at eight but I mean it's amazing, found half of the fish in these areas that these people lived in awful Australia. Forty two thousand years ago have for the fish they found. Tuna and sharks that live in
water? They also found a fisher from a mile shell mollusk shell and dated it to twenty three thousand years ago. That's incredible people, fuckin do in some crazy shit back then man where people are hungry and they were tired of deer well cows and like we're sane man, they also keep Goin people. You go on the gaming vogue in Africa, even if they ve this. This. These deeds that went from Africa all the way to Siberia yeah and then they died. There was it that hot there was the heat. The daily right could be a millionaire no fool competition! No fool driven away by Rapporteur, driven away by other humans who knows but german away tat. Fine gotta keep isn't it. In between Africa and Russia and They were doing it on foot and a man.
Forty thousand years ago, they might have been doing on foot it's very valuable. They problem might not have even had horses just walk endless shoes, they try fade out, choose right or demand uneasy leaf fourthly, feet thick, it have you ever seen that show. I forget what it was dual survivors, something like that and theirs to do. And they would go wandering around surviving in the woods The whole thing would survive and light. They would do a thing like survive. Remember those two of competition. Now they would just survive. Ok, there were just show you how you would create a house in the zayigo fish, and this is how you protect yourself from rainstorms, but one you'd everywhere he went, he would go barefoot. His name was Cody. They Coty seven ass. His feet of all time is like sick houses else all the bottom of the air like a shoe, because he'd never takes his fuckin They never put the shoes on who walks everywhere, the skin on his feet is hard. A rock
gusted trees grass during prowler when it comes to people's plays, they ask him to put shoes on they call the code is coming over, has given you slip and I gave em green and yellow cover those fucking is eaten. His house was flying off your fee or you're wandering around nasty. Does something particularly offensive about feet. Excellent garrisoned, you know you can ass dry scanning reform. It doesn't bother people, but if you get some that's his, but these are problems arise. Why is he rubbing it with exotic callous or like some cipher fungus, their white thing? Odessa? What about a foot? NOS two of things. That's a big toe. Ok, he's gonna find out what is that his toe wrapped. Here. I think
he's doing as poor as time is robbing it with a rock to make darted out, as I thought, the way part ass dollar dazzled was too much for get hard. It scared Why made that choice. I'm sure he knows about shoes. It's gotta be a more effective strategy. Marketing and wanted to stay and Andrew. I want to stand out from the other Gabby more memorable government committed on a job over pocket. That's a good point. It did work as the other dude was. Nobody knows who the fuck is near, so true marketing is so important good. It was thereby nobody, Einstein, cats, fuckin, crazy. Here, man not just egos empty square, they. Nobody looked like all wild cherry, The tests are no one knows that dude looks like know why cause he was a slick, glow, Croatian, dude, very slim or worse suit in time, look normal mode. It gives a fuck about that guy vertical. Nobody plays Niccolo Tesla for Halloween for people
boy Einstein thereby knows you're Einstein exactly gotta get to look you ever thought about a look like perhaps like, maybe something that people were marry. You me you talk about a case catchphrase for pig hunting, I mean, maybe need I you know so really cipher outfit or some the same outfit? Every time Nobody ever done the same. It Bruce Leak outfit like a bridge. We are now obviously were that game, a death outfit and if you see anybody in a yellow track suit, with relax tribes, you automatically finger brutally member way fought cream Abdul Jabbar the tracks. I'll, remember, I don't remember, ass, is unnecessary. Anthrax come on I've, seen a lot of the essential movies or television. I know I've seen Bruce Lee movies. I see it a couple. Gabriel glaziers accommodate. Does it with his shorts? That's a good point.
As early as the pain and silhouette of a ban as part of a state set, or does he always yeah? I always choice the Hawaiian, sorry to some and always a silhouette, even when these clubs, not a silhouette, but I like the logo will be behind and announced are worthless. Battles allow for a special and properly if he plant plays they get huge waste so probably have sometimes type of he does. It places. Any does clubs to Gabriel do like he'll do like nine shows in a week six p M show how doing P M show a ten p m show and a midnight show. Yeah he's crazy, like that. He doesn't early shows for kids, like families can come. Look at five p M show when its light out loud, I think he holds the record for the most consecutive sell out at the Eyes House sold out like Some insane amount show that around like he was ever to reach a relic everyday. Yet does Monday
I chose and shit I've seen a lot of scene is a brain. Alot of people would bring like the loudest standards sporty. Yeah, just like you know, suppose there and only good guy, like Firelight Trevor Noah used whatever many travel anything Gabriel's like you, gotta get March, man and self rule gave some sites made up and they travel said he was killed at our march after so young people. To buy shit. If you get a catchphrase, Somethin Ban Ban were either jawbone United, make one man commanded do it. It will get, will take you, pig hunting and when you kill a pig, you gotta say that now shit now Mostar Magnesia Have we didn't get? I you know
I mean. I know people who do. I know I do dear aunt. I likes it. He's an old hippy smoke, solar weed and cause I'll turn mean, don't look you're happy, but there's a lot a hippie Adam. He loves to take a one, hinder. Take a blast go out and wanting There are more in tune with nature year after outside of animal high freak out now, just taken life, it was was alive because of my actions. It is alive anymore, but you wouldn't. Bombed out. If you went on board a cheeseburger foot went in and out you so disconnected from the process. Tat s just deliciousness. It is real fast to do things, as a part of human evolution that there's a reason why we're moving pass this whole hunting gathering thing and that in the future that now We will not be necessary, but, like we want We have those desires anymore, I think, as is, is convey.
Yes, my people got issue can be shooting shore for bustle unit Starck sustain that that you go out there and waiting for two hours then taken a sad is get at it and then God and put it on a grill and do not at that is called do you know the reason food France's out is because people don't have time to be further with absolutely people with regular jobs. Absolutely don't have time, but this also people don't want to be a part of it. Yet when people are moving away from her- and I wonder if that is The part of the process, that's gonna, lead people to develop artificial food is just like food. You get from animals because they ve already figured out. I do that have already made science. They they figured out how to make some sort of an artificial stake. It was unbelievable, expensive, like two and fifty thousand dollars sites like that create this meat that they
ruin a test. Tube or in a laboratory somewhere, but that I think that maybe leg, that's like the fur echoes of the sort of cultural shift from from being onto gatherers to being but a grocery store to there's. No, need Killin animal because we're gonna make artificial meat and everybody would just eat scientists We created me, that's totally nutritious unhealthy, don't fuck it up! a couple years and a you know, some people get like some weird Crohn's disease and shit like that from the artificial me, but then, eventually the it'd downsides even more nutritious than like a wild game. No, if our good ever out, I don't know, about a thing is inevitable: yeah yeah, I think so
I think, there's a reason why I think it's the transition to the reason why people find hunting distasteful, even people, some people it eat meat. They don't want to know how the animal dies. You don't wanna, be a part of it. They don't want. This certainly want to see a video and they deftly don't wanna go shootin animal cry so why'd they like meat why this is a good man delicious, but why the ok with that, because I think there's like that's like the bridge between and then the new us we're figure out how to do everything synthetically recreated just like they require every I mean taking to recreate people for sure if we stay alive for thousand years, if you Beings are still on this planet a thousand years from now We will have artificial humans. Indistinguishable it'll be some a hundred percent. They run a shit about you. Feel like a thousand years, is gonna get weird. I sometimes I think about the future and give bombed out that I won't get to see how crazy it is. You might just on how it is to shift is
under my life's alyosha my you might might be so crazy. You might actually get to see five years, not bullshitting man, though, if you pay attention to Gaza Ray Kurzweil anomalies, futurists that are at the costs technology that really understand the. What innovations are being created in law. The different things they have on the pipeline. Yet they're, getting pretty close to in particular, they say that the person That's alive today is gonna, be the first part live to be a hundred fifty years old, and they think that that's just today that that person, will probably be alive to meet. A person was to be a thousand dismay that up You said it was dozing off. It is where I met the element of the part about bad per thousand Ruby yeah, but two hundred
You think that's pretty much concern how to fit the area, but ass a lad will yet at it feels more fees, because what is the latest banana seventeen on its one? Is that, like that, it's hard to tell because it's hard to find out who's told the truth when they get to be that all those on Sunday and FUCK, a Paypal, argue funding, but not the little lose. Why does got channels in that year? You do look oldest. We believe you what's the point, society needs this story anyway. Yahoo is, let's take a guess, I'm gonna say a hundred and twenty two years old, although it is- and I think I think, is what seventy one eighteen is, the oldest person, let's find out right now, all this person ever was a hundred and sixteen years old. All this, having person that all this ever was a hundred and twenty two allow yeah she's from France about them. But what about those Bible Fox
six hundred year old. Now, what about those folks? Well, I think their counters with dog shit back then about weeks, had written in stone, GI, happy birthday is Monday the idea that those people lived sexuality as awareness, but what if one back then, what go and eyes. They were super. How can a largely advanced in flood came along a star and would have really was six years old because no is part of an ancient civilization that was far more advanced. That's why Gaga pissed these mother because he's dummies are living to be six hundred years old, are fuck this stuff with Noah. No know you like a good guy, but what's ridiculous it also ridiculous that we are the children of Noah's incest.
Was, it knows it says. Who else is who hoo fox and how many people are left is knowing how many people's family right You mean you a his ancestor. Yeah I mean you didn't bring wrong. A bunch of swedish checks for excellent genetic material, gonna shoot loads and all they needed if he did just that's gene pool of no abroad- for fifty people and just fuck those fifty checks just Hammond, if he checks the whole human rights. Should be a mess, the whole human rights at all. Interbreeding than what you take generations to fuckin fix all that shit. Now not stuff is stuff. Goofy, thickest, goofy, is actually goofy, but there they still the speed. To this day. I still believe it giant giant percentage. As I emphasised very passionate about it, too is China Inter with those types widow Aviano oblivion situations when talking with a religious faith
not a vein! I talk about. It must stand up, love it and pretty must have but it is, does baffles me, a little bit of people get man on Twitter, who, after the Muslims, you're going after Christians first wall, because Muslims are more dangerous target. Dummy pretending second of because you're right here, you right here Ray and America Lanfrey Hamas leaving zombie must family ass, crystals It has more reliable of Christian. So this is a different. Yeah this is. This is also a much more ridiculous place to get hoodwinked. You know we're not living in some backwards: fucking crazy! culture. That's run by some well sort of our, but now as much so as these ancient cultures, cultures at a bin. There are a lot of their ideas about what people shouldn't shouldn't do or thousands of years old is stuck em.
Yeah assist, is really where did talk about forgotten Holy ghost sometimes allow the council's opinion sooner back. This will mean was really is that you do, and that is that it makes you feel like that. Lord makes you. Their speaking in tongues. Beacon in tax is that you did you did you just want to do that and users had to say use using religious excuse. I speak in what is Is this the as desk refusal witnesses? when a religion size in the upper reason for people. It is act out and beware publicly. I like, when they do not even years tell them. You know that guy is probably the face of these events. Religious do he's one of the most remote ridiculous, all time deeds he he would like in the middle of his brow this whole soul, soul, America, see Martha you just
totally completely. Obviously, fake language news Megan up on this by very repetitive, very unlike a real language, varies in town and in sounds uncreative with some alarming Gama. How am I like Gallagher like allow keeps repeating the same sounds over and over stinks. I can understand. I understand the structure of it does yeah. It's here is: is this big it in turns ear and bread for eating also provide and multiply at the opening of the one is an island this is about. Is that farming patriot, video yelling I wanted I am talking about. Nine Scotty's putty invites putting fart sounds wisest is very juvenile Youtube's fruity there is year. I would take this preacher far South guns, that noise and you know what these needs. I'm until a super cut of this problem,
this song overzealous ip. Since it is, you know what see over the internet figured out that up people outside the never figured out means yet Those means yell pictures? We wear a picture, a picture of you ban. We now have a good, that's without a doubt. Someone has made that is already evident for without a doubt, I'll go to my message board right now and I guarantee for can t you. There is a photo up all my message board that says: Bam Bam were eaten ham and it shows you and if now you, because your eyes phrase now you're gonna, do as you you said it man,
but I'm not a high, now need man. I'm gonna try to go straight. Sometimes you set it. You said you said it it's up there, man without a doubt, I guarantee you it's out there. It was out of thereby the editors broadcast so on it least, be working on. The internet is greatly the greatest thing ever man we're so lucky as comics due to to be able to release specialists in shit in this time of year, special is gonna, be on calmly central air Saturday night yet, but it also you can get it on line right now, right right for their people. Meadow and away. They went too far away go get that by Laden, yet it and he played on ipads and every that's everyday painting you phone everything I take phone. Also, yes beautiful! Yes, he look at that. This is a beautiful time for four stand up Tribune instant access or We could say: hey man, animals are funny. Mother fucker, you need to go, see lie from Chicago boom.
Let's go online and at the end of my sentence there already in the very click in Why is it is a good site? Yeah pay pal boom and investor? That's what the Amazon One click the beautiful could shoot me. The beauty is twitter, and things like that. I find out about new music. I found out about news, indifferent things. Fabienne York, you know the search search, Oda. Seated Armenia decides star this city events in our found out this person anti cancer out, even though the Atlantic cancer, but I found out about it, twitter or just say, hey, was the best restaurant here in Denver. He will give you restaurants, successes and then you go and in its great. So that's the last. Ray of Twitter and the immediacy of the internet. It is that access interests have that information and be unable to you fuck you.
I use because I'm a use, an Android phone, I use Amazon, and so I use Amazon for for music for common for anything, and I was coming home from the Improv and Irvine, and I said I need here for canoe comedy of my everybody keeps this animal brass, while farmers funding check it out. This I got animal furnace dude combat ass and I got it within ten minutes here within ten minutes. I have it on my oh, my not me not even I was driving and I was playing it within like thirty seconds and the whole thing was downloader within a couple of minutes just once I only reggie. At the time I can't even get for g and boom following your listening, why you're driving delays and it is good to dig the issue, This refers, I, why were my spare cargo, some others may yet, when I saw the special the two
prize, was Carlo, so aghast scout. Canada have you guess countenance gap? Was warlike, Amelia People Right Museum I want to come to. You saw what a fog in advance who doubts with his scalper like fuck, that don't pay towards of bugs you can donated is charity, mercy, home and screen screen cap, a screen capture receipt shown as you donated in our pajama guest list. You only with dust just routes winner as we do that angry fans rise gap was probably still is sound, Agrafena basque outtakes, but I was able to release in a cup situations with shells of his sword out or shows scout about put somebody, I guess, there's just say: if they donated at charity, that's beautiful waste. The charity was mercy home and what is mercy home dementia is. The cargoes is, helps you young black, is Chicago to say, programmes and says education after school programmes.
Things like that? That's amazing man! That's a great idea! That's a really great idea! You are you from Chicago Fresh, because our should fear when we were in Chicago are and I we were yellow and it's the same year, but you you see was half yeah. We do the Chicago Theatre Friday night and in an already went and goat when checked you out was a frontrunner Saturday night. It was Saturday S. So he went checked you, I think, after the fights were over yeah, I think he he went there right after the fighter over wind and checked out your special that's cool, what words Planche cargo to VIC. So was this show that was this? although this is fresh man is fresh in the box. A couple months are handed over, we turned it over vast ass was when was it s You are some film January, twenty fifth. Why? yeah. That's perfect, though, that will you get there
approach to some jokes on tv if their topical, like the everything topical that like is still applicable today, nothing really tackle that talk about musical over current music and they like that, would not in political. What's up The beach boys would something that has been reached boys out on these fuckin monkeys. Derision Deronda ran away, they always durrant around and still do sexy that, who did something about a symmetrical there. Always appreciated about Keith Riches and Mick Jagger, the kind ugly to count fucked up Logan. I like my music to come out of some people who have the experience of pain ban. We can have classical gives no first, the right pits afore. It's a great picture, is derived periods before you're smiling with tv T easy take
so besides especial. Where else can people find you tore dates? It's a thirty summer. Websites Hannibal bears that cause the year. Yet only got a few days come and I will try to get this new sit together. That's right, my thing right, yeah got abandon the old and come up with me in an hour ago have and have a sound some work on it, but yeah animal, whereas that communism in at the maiden factory in Brooklyn on Sundays, ivory summer, every Sunday is less a minor role, but this Sunday common up, I'm Holstein that's cool! So you host air, like like you were talking about doing, shows where the you bring em friends that we do not bring a friends and musical guess like we ever. If we have a register for a body, we had a May Rome Naples about three hundred rascal couple musical guess that's also Macedonia idea. So, yes, this egg Bridget ever it is on this amazing. Have you seen Bridget ever? No? No! No! You dislike discourse soda comedy
Have you re, seeing and add, but leg is crazy reaction from the ground people. When I see it one What's a unique about it, ago, really good she's, a good she's great singer, but is he also interacts with the crowd in a way which yields is put a random crowd? Members face Sir heard cities was in the middle of a saw this year. I welcome what is a success this is perfect. Live egg? Is one of those acts to wear it's a at. Will you go watch it on you, videos, you can watch it. Oh, but you see her alive- is only share. I gotta watch and people watch is I like to watch out of use. Cb reacts, analyses gets there common usually see stand over my shoulder they watch her flock is gone, That seems real good. They got Michael China Show, etc there. Yes, I right there and we have some of this
an anti mangaboos. Like other speakers, I assumed lavish apathetic sweats. That's so you do this. Every Sunday shows every Sunday without that year would what made you decide to start doing something tat. Had you get that started? It was worth it was an old man. I just started right if a Saturday night lab- and I did the opening night at the native fractal- used to be in downtown ahead and moved to lose by Brooklyn to open night opening night there opening
ban savvy five and then they, the management. There said we wanted to a comedy night is so at the time I was rightness added my laughed so my only overnight was a Sunday night sawdust I it at it and his bill over time? Well? naughty as they used to be. You know. Patsy eyes gets twenty point thirty, but is now a pact audits. I'm a lot of people drop Eric, Louise been through Chris Rock comes beard suppose been through was Amy Shoe because, like a lot of people, count due to work out is a savvy crap, this high energy and it's a lot of fun What's wrong? My new sickness Canada is two blocks. My place was his very convey our. Whilst we can walk to work. I walked out at nine. O clock sell some thousand sour a fifty. Now you told people over this. The problem now freaks are gonna, get near that area and scan out to blog grid and try to
figure out where we're Hannibal lives, thou move it in a system of the star De Gaulle Hunt germs, I'm I like the idea you hosting. I showed you, that's a great idea, man, that's what in Boston! That's these to do. These two have like the Steve Sweeney, Show Boston, headliners, guy would host. He would bring up all these other comedians. It's a lot of fun is away from me that can stay either, because if you once you headline in just gone on, a road is easy to cannot get out of touch with who you known so out. You'll be comics debt, I'm doin a four year on the same show real Chris Rock Assembly. So as good this sea. Everybody, is, as you know, and as you are still like, the the structure of putting together a show just knowing, person our earlier, not a flow goods. It is in this partnership or second have caused it. So I still got a book it myself and everyday soil
This is not a furnace. This bottle. Just always. Always try new stuff every week in is a funds yet we do that out here. The ice house, Ass Edina, if you ever around man, we do a lot like Wednesday night shows River here on article nine and the same thing, I'll it'll be me and I'll bring along Brian Cowen. Irish afeared Duncan Judea dealer. All these different guys do it and in that same sort of situation. We try figure, he should go after him and watch him here and it's fun. Yet especially when it works out the right way out. I feel it just feels good cannot produce some I'm interested in all figured out what who was like what common what is worse by what I e commerce daddy's corresponds with anything through yellow you're. Doing too, though your add another musical element to two: that's a great idea:
years ago is just go for energy and is just as this makes it had ever makes it more of our schools. Lately I've been having can arrive. At present musicians, open, open me on a row. In addition to having a comedian, we won the yeah. We're doing Largo tonight is Canada's got done. The cat is amazing. Single basis, tease, performance and sources? The real is is a different. Violent is as another to do so outside is what I like giving people. I guess I did this caused. My ticket prices just started to go up, so I feel nurse I want to give peace was whether the so as possible. So I gotta have a musician a dj with me, and I guess I do music stop doing my. Sadly, I talk about different websites. Deasey acute up I do a saw that the ballerinas come out ass outside of that. Do only may appeal paid thirty bucks on China. Do it up so Yeah I enjoy the strata you introduced
we will introduce audiences to new people and also this freak out. Just how to put our just a real a show that people want to come back to lag, is all about making people want to talk about it and when I come back to the city one to come again. Why you doing it, because I keep hearing great thanks? Man are keeping our great thanks. Thanks man, I've I've only got one shall everywhere had music. There was a job DE as me, and dug stand, hope and honey honey is banned. There actually gonna, be here tomorrow, and we we all did this show at the will, turn and allay on December. Twenty first, two thousand twelve Zeus was within the world, and that was when the minds- and although it freak EPA, rethinking the nose, it was also night. It was announced and now, but it was only ten hours. Fuckin beautiful share our suit, never thing I never worse and worse and worse, slick lousy allowed, but I liked it, but if you're good
and ass it was fun to do like a big show to musical gas demoralize. This is as acid. Another energy too, especially in the crowd, is, is that thing Our duty is to make sure the music comic work. As long as people, I love it echoes it's a surprise, but will people build it makes about? It specified. A comedian open. If we ban yeah look out. Media and for a ban and NATO, no education. That is the word over for this ban remedies, and we will take the gig. Wasn't a cow Illinois was about outside Chicago's one nor the Illinois, universities with one Ben. I saw me as in Chicago in eight days we to open up and so I think they want and nine anew at a forty five. They tell me to go and the lights go out and so there's, been no announcement that
I'm Goin or is it lies, went down and walk out. And a crowd is thy right away like they did you study. That is where it is not even real Schulte area about fifteen minutes before the actual Arthur outsail the over by people were just so agitated because they don't want. We are committed they they do. You know about these figures proudly months ago. And then some committee they never heard of, is walking out so, but it is helps win. Just the audience to Allah the they ve created no either. The bears. China put me in a goodbye We like to do is: go to show and love of doors shows that they are situation like that, other taxes that for survival ants evils such days on a Michael, even come out, say Beyond a little bit we got is commedia. We like check them out with
he's funny and they, in their saddles everything that we credibility does, though, is just about the audience knowing was gone out in that makes everyday work as well. Bring people in the row with me. I always introduce him from this ass. It s always say thank you for coming out near yell out and just get everybody hyped up and let him know, like I'm sure, I'm bringing this comedian, because I think he's a Larry. I want you to see good shit, yeah Okay, so the people have over four have done at four besides days of Dyke Demetrius Dad as ease Louis is his house. The ass, gave regulated this, helps it expresses a mean crowds might be living more aggressive some others. Rather nice, nice, very nice, but we shall sums our man shows that do so. Let's do it shows us yeah I for about Jovi once yeah where I was in a theater in the round in something was in queens, and it was a long time ago, those do it was rejected,
I would first of all I was no good. I don't have it, county for four years and second in a second of all state didn't want to seek media is now it was a terrible idea. The whole idea was awful stand on this fuckin stage, surrounded by like a drum, sat and guitar can't move unaware stand. It was there was the was there were people the rodeo eighty, but was moved around behind you honey hand. Mrs Zaza music is what a comedian data respect that is still eggs and a sound a mighty with bang on drugs a little bit and check the guitar. I am not a czech things check the dramas don't give a fuck man, they don't care about. You is that I am trying to do my dad s way possible. Bethulia stand yeah. Bizarre man was this bizarre, being asked
age when nobody wants you to be doing comedy idea. I want you to go out there and do comedy for people didn't wanna come see, comedies totally different mindset going to see Jovi there and some unknown shithead town, bad jokes here, waiting for bunch They also want to be like work. The crowd like this, led me to bring women up towards the front. They wanted me to grab the most attractive women and asked them to come towards the frightening. Large, sorted engineer, meddled in the middle of your bomb and exactly mellowed Dick, and There wasn't amity attractive women. In the first place, it was like picking the ones who were attracted was wasn't. The best jobs. Are you able to do that? I did something I mean it was a long time ago that disaster was get out again. Ok do now, what site open up for a ban on that. It when I was a nice crowd? As far as like bands girl, that's a nice crown I just was terrible,
adoption of unknown it, I've had gig. Where does not have done gigs recently over the past year, would have been horrible gave music, but at his bell, early faggot fill it in the first couple jokes, I This is a one year ago we still do not like someone called here today and I should open up for a ban. Would you still do it appears on the ban. If I won't do it, it had to be they words as some. If there's a chair retaining the monies right I got, but I'm I'm that does not turn out a gig because of a beer for a ban as we address question is what can also the point where people know who you are too so that you see you and the ban expect you and the ban is the heart of the whole programme that it makes I'm more sense and yet is me counter floundering in front of a bit, but I think it is it's been two or three gigs words is it? You know what
I'm out of here ya, like my nails, Hannibal Burress seek our late and I would even think of you guys, like you know, at the gate, Wasn't it wasn't right, but also a nose is no bearing on what I can do is just wasn't right situation degeneracy than one would surely Murphy toward the check up their sedated really set at second reading. He didn't out take either as you know, for sure I think River, look it up more, take care Parker. Thank you very much plans. It is Israel cold and enjoy very much man. Ok, Hannibal Brcko but should explicitly that money and he's got money chair project until you go fuck yourself, Scarlatti Character, well, balls of steel man. I'm do that's for Czech and have my age and ask what a wire on second thought case in answer this route number, please
That's probably more intelligent way, fades therapies, paper, fuck, checks to think about your money at a symbolic check, the Hannibal you're funny motherfucker. Thank you very much plans. It is real cool and enjoy very much man. Ok a bird go to have burst out calmly to file Hannibal on Twitter indefinitely, either download it from calmly central or why this Saturday night? What times round again so at midnight midnight eastern and middle, Pacific eleven central and down Now, if you want, I like the name to live from Chicago catalyzing around what fuck around what others have kept sap remove neighbourhood Aurelia hubcaps, I'm still around here, have calves, sovereign or not Avenue Chicago, I that's it.
Slowly back tomorrow. We have two podcast tomorrow, Adam Corolla and honey honey and then Friday, its debt Dennis Mckenna on Friday, so we gotta. We allow crazy shit this week, x to Nature box, thanks in Nature box, but a nature box, dot com, Slash, Rogan and get
deeper, sent off your first box thanks also to honour God, Dotcom, gotta. Oh an end, I t used to code, Word Rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements. I will see dirty freaks tomorrow, O April. Third, I will be at the Filmore in Miami Beach with Tony hinged cliff and then some I ate role where land a year, a related them in Orlando handed twenty Eve was the other one year, twenty fifth uninvolved more, both of those with joy, DSL. Orlando is the eighty geronium dot net for tickets, Thea Orlando's almost sold out and Baltimores almost sold out as well, but still seen tickets left. For my party freaks. We love you assume our biggest.
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