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#476 - Honey Honey

2014-03-26 | 🔗
Honey Honey is a band, featuring members Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe, from Los Angeles, CA currently based out of Nashville, TN. They are currently recording a new album and can be seen touring all over the world.
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we're so excited to being california yeah what national laws of charm well knowing when we left let's put it that way was a really i was snowing and it's really interesting because the whole city really shuts down like alex what clothes i'm talking like a mild dusting just things done already well it was like rain out here ryan's here be free but worse than right the freak out you mean like oh yeah joey was thomson urgently was with forget who is with in oregon they were of an organ doing chose a freak snowstorm blank the city and then it got icy rain below it yeah so it was snow on top of icy rain it was just a whole city to shut down i mean if they have the you know the salt trucks in all that stuff and if people dont know how to drive it they really shouldn't you know but it's really interesting when they they close school for like three days and the roads are really fine rashest ism
using what would you guys think about nashville has the charm worn off you're bored with it are now will you just talk we came back the other night we got into ella yesterday and walked into this bar and always people that i knew were there now these friends and it just felt good man there's friend there's really nationals interesting because when you first get there is such an open community and people welcome you in everyone's sweden have friends in all the son whom you got two barn you know people but there's a difference when you see people you been with eight years and use just feels good right right i'll come back i am beautiful wistful do you guys do you miss the like the large near the city or is it the people they attitude like d did you feel different like a different i've never lived in nashville but did you get like tat different via from the people you i mean that the date will first of all i mean you can drive on the whole city and like fifteen minutes i mean it's just you're
the days feel longer because you're not stuck in your car trying to get here too there like you do in allay doesn't it i mean it's too you just sort of like thing is really accessible which is which is great because as far as productivity and working on the record which is kind of why we went there too i have three richard and images we do not do their we keep coming back here worker yeah it's it's true so it s really interesting like out in other theirs number of reasons why you know it's a much more affordable town all that stuff but but when you when i the california now i really feel like like this intense energy labelling vibrating it so exciting i just you know you kind of feel like it's like this shock of you're just a week and there's all this stuff happening there so many so many fuckin people run and nashville great it's just like really chill good
sometimes but sometimes late when you have for a long time you kind of get a little stir crazy i just does not get going crazy eyes the diversity does not end here is a completely different game in terms of that there this is really interesting smash goin on of like bible bell conservatism and frequent but you know this kind of people area but that spreading will people in britain were windows yeah whereas what was when we have more fun to be aware of a vital well shit once you get a few of them fucking kids now weird shit we're supposed to be our high fully that's gonna game over the game over they start losing credibility i definitely feel a little more self aware national as far as like my you know my fucking potty mouth in my just being
loud and allows us and you know because there's a lot more i feel like i'm pretty of not familiar with the liquor to new picked it up i think people are a little more reserve of course yeah you know i generally really enjoy playing there i think it's one my fair places play i love the people there i love the small town thing about it too people are super friendly there but i wonder if i would go crazy if i lived there by the bible voting replied driving but you can avoid it it honours its it seems fairly who gave it's like you don't walk down the street gets away yes he answered amazing people believe in dinosaurs this not so much somebody's waited with others some woman though just talking about the dinosaurs must have probably drown into wasn't trolling that no i didn't have room for them on the arms around that diseases
facebook page in someone someone sent me a tweak equally the silly judge and it was to her face perpetually it was so ridiculous at random people it didn't even know where we're going to her for his boat page like pitch are you fucking crazy sores drowned fuckin russell curls fault he decided do there are no movie and the whole thing had stirred up again russell anything about noah he's dead with its earn our farm lansky when i was in india are foreign ski i've enough scared enough whose parents about mother fucker a lot of pretty bad ass movies area but a little xenon oh god did he do gladiator you know what i don't wanna hear myself as dare to know that there are now you see me as the ads for noah look
which brings them i would love to give him a french brain would you really like roger jamaica style of his children is like the denzil avoid nor can it does very central than ever got that its very now that's muscle villages let's momentarily this work must be destroyed guy came all the understand this as regards you love is like this like you know they had fantasy gonna like lord of the rings i'm so gave furthering god i really enjoyed lord of the rings to fancy murray's their fun yes i was i had high hopes for the new conan movie didn't
where are you now allows terrible mistake but it was good like half way into an us i could still pretty good and then now conan is the guy from game thrones played too our bearings yang in police love that guy and a gradual do good to learn i met their duties are very nice guy too big dry unhandsome bastard and he was the perfect conan urinary d like many cravats daughter something today by the gas team for the work done over the last are we to be optimistic guy a visa is awesome amazed to hear you'd be running around they're here moreover anybody but the movie was like now promise you know like looks like it was going to be good but like colleagues fucker movies and eventually falls apart unfortunately but i gave it up
i remember that coming out did it get good reviews are no not really i wasn't good buddy perfect conan they had a good writer legacy yet james cameron involved any you know put together like some avatar type conan movie it would be the shit is the guys the perfect dark and act zaza is good how he really would have been cournand but the game a dog shit movie that's a bummer it is yeah and you can't turn that role if we get it's a huge are all you can't turn it down and then everything else balls through when nobody remembers anyway you guys in remember nobody remind the idea of making movies must be hard a falconer since i last of all your unit on so many people involved this too many people the out of a thing about you guys do is who do you
good you know you fuckin talk amongst yourselves you know you say you want more this and he says he wants more than and together you find some sort of a happy medium and create you shit produce imagine if you have an unjust money people want nothing at all but everytime last intervention there then you making a movie man you got hundreds of people that other say you have so many people that you have the euro consensus on what kind of moviemaking if you're making independent movie right you have years even then independent s zero router sixteen people so i want to do a fuckin monologue in the middle of the sea i promise not the part the parties not just do a monologue man i'll do it if you do a model arguable to differ movie that add living the guys if you can't talk the ability and soak here's where this is making choices that is the choice is it is when you deal with a lot of people are very difficult to have a creative vision that goes through do you guys have any like do you does your manager ever say look you need more more
or more songs about this or more songs we ve had stuff like that before arrows yeah what i mean that we have at the end of the day like if you re route well we ve you know no one would you difficult work with like that i don't have a manager right now maybe what happened i may your manager and i'll phone or dummy your agent manager you manner he was our manager i mean an agent another thousand amicable thing but just like the idea you don't like me let's get out of here you see a lot of people say amoco divorces like well it's amicable although now not amicable
you got so sick of each other the you went to court ok don't tell me town go i mean like each other still as human beings that shooting amicable you don't live together anymore you don't fuck you guys got divorced able i heard a new term for that today though those reading about the glint of culture and chris martin it came up i was putting up it's a unconscious we live a conscious unpardoningly coming partnering jaguar paltrow split over there man this partnering look romantic by jean louis i believe that the lesson as other moment love but i'm on the site you want to live with when cultural for them or that guy from coal black i'm sure he's
fuck and wine vagina to christ anybody who write and sings those songs beautiful songs as they may be why are you not ninety two years that a single yellows and how come you're songs are about celebrating the fact that you're a fucking rockstar how come you're songs i'd celebrating the fact that is what we should do in happily senator for it it truly is due to bad celebrations are only able to again yet did we want to know how to do most people i bet most the ban decided in the u s right depressing shit around my pretty lot easier if no systems and access that so easier is it easier also to not be like service for official dummy whose
in about happiness i give you sing about moodiness like your automatically in meaningful eyebrow i remember that movie twenty one gram see member that move and i just saw that recently it's so sad it so sad and i made a decision after our southern movie i said never again why go sit in a movie that's trying to make me sad like i don't by means by idea that its deep because it makes you feel like shit i don't buy it everything goes to share the end you feel all this loss and then i leave i know what you did you guys fuck me he pretended that you are doing something deeply you did you guys fuck me you pretend did that you are doing something deeply you just yours i'm depressing yeah depressing and deeper not the same god knows what are you having on on i recently saw that movie is was it the loan rain
wait no one can be met the labyrinth of what the moments mark wahlberg oh my god i'm so sorry soldier loans or oberon survivor cad santa tonight it was but was based off of a true story and actually have some relevance as far as the reality that we live in right now i believe that that is a little bit different that's not necessarily like i am making this movie to fuck you up but it fuck me up i ain't gonna drive around like twenty minutes after i left the movie theater and it was them i mean did you see it are ass part of it movies kind of balmy out yeah as the trail is a guy i've met at the you see a few times how guy who's though this story stores based on his actually in the movie apart he date but he uh you know
the real story even i am here why i have a real hard time watching dramatization with marcie mark someone asked play and he's got i know it was awesome and i'm not putting him i love marshal the outcome of a huge fan great in that movie with iraq is fucking great kids a great actor and sat down it's just i know he's marking work we note dig whether he wouldn't you whoever he is he's mark wahlberg i know is moreover and i know the guy is i know that guy markers charles a real person someone i'm watching a recreation it's it's we weird but i can't separate myself from the aren't i enjoy them much more and works of fiction than i do and break relations i never enjoy recreations because i'm always like tat in fact happen like that that's probably bullshit saying in public titanic is what you're saying titanic is different because it had leonardo and cape
in the universe free there despite great you're going i ran should like a ramp and a young man with passion poetry in his heart to notice i think like recreations you know i just i know it's too much gary involved in the creation of those that are more of a kind of like a frozen guy i love frozen towards latin five year old and i only love your move miles at eight point thirty me back just i'd say you're the drama how they job on the couch institutionally and little girls love princesses man i know you do about that there's this wrapper that it has the second best song he's like me i could have had the number one song of i wasn't because of the frozen sounds it is right that fuckin movie man for a little kids it's not a good move for adults but as an adult
you can enjoy it like i find that there's a lot of these movies that then there made for little kids but they do a really good job and you can actually sit and enjoy the movie with your kids like a lot of molecular p bodies movie the lego movies like really so good if i can really by yourself that do not easy yet it is a good move in a bribe me up i felt like i was walking out with a whole bunch of friend i saw mister pity body the wayback machines we gain whatever the fuck all three first of all the animation is hocking amazingly the dog the dog and made its own ratio combat ass its finding thea david it's interesting it's fun you now and it's it's also like the
what they can do with animation now and they operate in the time of shining like god damn they make shit look beautiful mixed scooby do look like dog shit you stop and unless the kind of like this is mr peabody really this was good now you gotta see the the time machine series when he it uses the time machine you gotta find look for find a video that when when they operate the time machine you see the graphics involve it's like hold my god these kids they're so spoiled yeah it's drilling it's true i liked it was a big fan of puts gray i came out here does depressing as far as that goes essentially suicide or know tat you have to have a little darkness for kids you have to get a little entered i want to know how i am i am because i'll be honest with you i'm not gonna get into details but like i said a real solid shattering of my ideal in my adulthood that was like really intense and it
it's interesting when you sort of i mean as good a prepared for them yeah fuck yeah i'm gonna fuckin rumble on african now but but but i'm serious as far as like you know the prince reality for little kids you know if you if you search had this like fairytale rights just an inordinate an aggressive way so my ex a friend wrote this book that is actually it's just a children's book called cates first mate and it's about relationships but it's written as a children's book and is actually really amazing any sells it like hockey and then all these like kind of little hips or stores in california and its people and it's a really interesting look at two choosing a partner for it you know when you're a kid and sort of rather than like in german comes in on a white horse no it's wrong just sort of has this really great way to kind of give us small introduction to kids about
reality sometimes it doesn't work out you go through the storm and then you come out you know captioning the ship with europe you partner you know it's interesting man man you know now people friends they were friends is now how much they trying to take the when they take old stories and they paul the teeth out of them like kids really kind of fascinating like loaded biggie mad wall for any these stories like that there's this this trend what is us there's like people they think is frozen teaching kids too big a gay like ok he's gay propaganda excellent an idiot why was it with gay about frozen days they said the main character with the other girl i never saw it said i don't know but the main character sister that their gay yeah oh my god
destiny we click analysis more about beast reality too because the animals were her friends teach kids about these what about your pet arguing that very thing i'm podcast i'd like that one not even know what upon gases these farting dummies dammit i remember what we're talking about took the odds are wholly out aids lays take all these stories like the big bad wolf and they would all little red riding hood and they kind of like dress it down
take away all the violence and scaring is out of it and mayors are you not like for frequent here ok like proposal here's perfect example evidence it was scary thing for real really study which she she took proposal now hair off pretended that the guy was climbing your hair then pushed him off and he got blinded as the original story fell into a briar bush and his eyes like and gouged out does the original story you re the original one you i won't let brothers grim beata i wasn't readily are like sticking out did chicken bone they think it's a finger yeah with one and the wolf eight little word riding hood and the grandmother mean she died in their original one in the original issued by the war and then somehow another the hunter cut her out of the wall for some place you know what i do remember that we're am i in her the roth ok caught him out like a thing
real town you know this is it's really whilst this weird out you know they try to like slow but surely overtime take the teeth out of a lot of those things like if you go back cartoons from like when i the kid they were all about violence tunes raw about anvils fallen on people's heads amazon rose and then being a duck speak around a circle then you have some really terrible things that there's never one thing one reason to blame for when there's like a school shooting or something like that but then that is the basis of changing the whole you know viewing democrat fake and watering it down so it's not as violent like you know i don't i don't really have an opinion on it but but that's worth comes from and i dont know if there's a direct correlation between viewing violence and in acting violence i'm really not sure if there is nor my share of its everyone proven could you see more violence now than ever and i would say that's probably the least violet time i've ever existed
on earth i know the kids have done shit they saw commercials or an cartoons rather my cousin mikey his brother where they have a frying pan those have boner cracked him over the have turned to the shape of a frying pan fucking walked up there's little brother and here sk we meaning in knowing dad beat the shit out of unloose creativeness stark who start how to come out to the ok this filed up their kids always been for avoiding them ourselves like seven when i reckon i get out a catholic school i've waited because you too now i kept my not even though my cousin making my maid actually been his neighbor another think about it either way not good had kids head with a frying pan and he learned from a television show avoid some cartoon you in your head as i do that i haven't been shakes it back nobody
four dies but everybody gets blown a fuckin smithereens when all this shit that happened while he and the end you pop his head but fuckin dust would fall off of vermin these fine that fucker but it was all violence there's no that today you will never see kids show today that as violence in it don't have ever these cute i didn't come through panda was pretty hard core asking pussies no one shot the panda initiative been hit with a fucking missile yet there is a lot of their lives and animal manure and one where there are full cannibals building but no under her right now no there is no the answer right now that's important humans were willing i feel his feelings are more valuable sometimes but at the same time you have this whole world of really fucked up abstract cartoons and shit right that is available to kids has not presented to them really but if you google some weird stuff
you can find anything you want you can be a five year old now and proud of your five year old it's in your parents are doing a shitty fucking job was nato's yo leave five year olds in front of a fuckin computer america's i can't i've now it's a lot i was i was really any back in the day you're saying something none other than those that i just feel this is me assuming or guessing that you can get into some weird stuff too you could if you had no oversight you should have oversight five ass it talking about when i was a when i did a magic shown fishermen eight why because nobody was watching me did like anybody tells me i was raised correctly appointed that go if an eight year old should be able just walk down the street not tell anybody worries go on me that's ridiculous that's not a good move that's that's pretty profound now that you are like t take the train duarte you walked by eliminating knows during the live pretty close
wharf warfare notice that people are doing these one person shows infringements warfare like a little box people throw money in it so i did picture give them uneasy and it's almost good that no one stopped right isn't it reciting you figure you shit out maybe something horrible could have was raped by some dude but she did got lucky in lithuanian librarian saw the guy and yelled i was ready to go near your car yeah no way my guide does the same age i was of brilliant monsters like monster books is tough i don t have the library the monster section polio books this guy came up to me and told me that he had monster books in his car and i didn't know any better only eight years old so like your monster books i thought that's just a guy with monster boy like us in your life is a monster but as i was walking as walking towards the car the librarian start screaming you know you get away from here the other is a psychological
a prison really jesus christ apparently like unknown pedal and they to watch him when he would go to the library cozy you go scout around for kids scary shit i ain't some weird stuff when i was a kid you know there was this older boy was in the neighborhood and we'll tomboy had always be like playing in the back yard you know like i don't know like chop and trees whenever we grew up on an acre and this really interesting moment where i was in the backyard in our obsessed with fishing i loved to fish i still do and and i was nine or ten comes out of the one line hayseeds and there's a large mouth bass and crete you gotta come see it right comes out of the wood line so he suzanne there's a lot mouth bath and the creek you gotta come see it right now i gotta come see it and i remember like me ok let me get my shoes like i'm i'm ok i gotta go to the house like i
my parents are out in my sisters and i would always like we're moving everybody be running around like playing baseball if there's a pack of kids and my sisters were home but i didn't know where they were and i ran upstairs get my shoes and then all of a sudden i had this moment of i was told he terrified i was just all of a sudden i felt like really weird and i i went upstairs in my bedroom which overlooked the backyard and i watched him and i didn't leave i got really scared and down and i i watched him and watch some kind of wait around for while leave and lightweight this kid was like years later is like blowing up score was in his tree house and like a guy like you was hurting like the neighbourhood animals and like gotten to some serious trouble he was a violent kid and now a dog like there's there's no
where there is a large man passed me craig it was like those tiny little creek and i really do when i think about it i feel like i avoided constable really weird situation that why you know my father knows when you might have been the first one that killed might have been the circumstance had arrived you never know but i really like it was like it's it's so funny i cannot remember everything but i will never forget that feeling of like us terrified at want to go back they never knowledge certain circumstances like people are really close to doing something fucked up and never do it until a circle as arises that might have been the circumstance that the guy over the edge of the person that blows up animals in their tree house had some serious issues path with equal anybody tortures animals at the time of the first things they look for one when you find out that your son as banana squirrel to aboard and stick and stick up its ass stuff like that like that that is a monster you gotta you got a bunch of bad connections and you should take the little fucker fishing
take a mountain in the middle about the later sorry pal i raised to get out the ocean love fishing that efficiency graham visions i'd say goes back sensitive fine tuned boden in tennessee i was really fun tell us he's going to rebalancing trends didn't catch it no man drink a whole bunch of beer gotta suntan if you can believe that go some way to go cheese it's very rare so are you guys gonna move back will you do we're gonna make some money orders regal places regularly we live in a basement and how a solution tat can do we talk about the thing you didn't toting s and that together we met crash was the experience and we didn't talk about how was it it was
it was also a kind of freaked out at one point did you hear because i started to get really as a common god wherefer would have crashed to close the air open air thing and i certainly like there's a hebrew like every and i was trying to find the door then i get the water in my eyes and i told you it was real cute precious moment fad naked in that where is the next time relax and now well you know start is that a new experience yeah that is not something i am accustomed to that's the thing about it it's like it's not one those things you use the first time better out at the like my body so used to it that i get in there and my body goes how we're in the tank and then i just like our mediately like the first when i first started how this is
god why it's something an invitation some but now you just settle in you can come up with some great ideas and there too you never get a chance to be alone with yourself like you do in the tank really wanna be a moody depressing far rights and it's gonna make people cry no think that spot in a box of lord figure things out you know you think there's no better place for me to figure things out like any time to have real problems in my life any time there's any disputes or any time i'm doing something i don't wanna be doing again that tagging sort of provides me with the resources to come up with the right answers because other than that tank you don't you don't get alone time like that you never get alone and i mean your body that's where he made it in not honour meditate outside the tank except i guess a bit doing yoga against nor the bitter that's meditation but its yoga unites the whole thing the tank is just the mind now i don't fuck around regular meditation
to me it's like psych running when you have a car like to vegas drive lot learn to walk we just doktor vegas his army is walker raised i don't know i'm sorry i'm not lying charm i'm already laid down as an essential you do that if you get the tank in the basement an omen tank it's a told the next level should i am in his hand i opened the tank do these breeding in the tank why have i breathed in for one minute and then i breathed out for one on one slow minute breeding in and ones slow minute breeding britain was discovered that you in fact actually were jason bourne first jason bourne always enjoyed but the new one with that fuckin guy i didn't hear me runner let him
too much walk fake garotting on shit that the body can do now buying it can you let us live in faint guys live in the fuckin frozen northerners underwear they come and get debate i'm nothing's wrong with that guy's going about their area is a further human jumping off buildings landing on people's heads knowing we'll be wound real in athens i'm not mine it and here's they want doesn't have sex with anybody i know that is a bummer that insuperable ridiculous file do that's buys a bone in every that's what we're doing here what about pacification of the american mail is almost complete our superheroes enemy get pussy james bond fucked one ok he was from england goddammit and in fact everyone who ve fucked everyone he drank we even know how he takes his fucking martinis shaken never stirred we'll know how he likes his drugs that's that's that's fucking the murderers drug distribution he got
add pussy fact and he had so much pussy hate a movie called octopus at i mean jesus fucking christ was now he's he was he's a winner meanwhile jeremy runner saves the girl was hot and the surface the fuckin son he's hang out with our all movie long obviously she's in thrall with them and the end of the movie is so symbolic of the the neutering of the american may that even these super bad ass murdering superstars sit there on the boat together in their city of cross from each other why do you think that a table i do you think they didn't want to go out and did you see him have you know how they got out of there there was a very intense intimate decisively from into each other's eyes a barbaric like like once the credits raw we're gonna bone now knowing why couldn't you bound for the credits rolled him at all
i didn't see what you're saying i'll see any bone and going on ever in their future now it was unspoken think is dicks broke in order to be able to fly away jeremy recycling working fine in real life i'm sure works great but that jeremy runner in the movie though the jason bourne guy wasn't jason bourne he was a new guy used then add a note of tat is another warn you yeah whatever it's fuckin name was born with a broken deck the guy's kicking everybody's as this girl clearly wants a throw out is staring out oh my god my god you're the boss you saved my life over and over again and your single and i'm saying like what are we we have witnessed stand there staring at her i guess i'm your robot i will kill you but i can havoc you didn't have any romantic attached to others no kissing there's no hugging and i do think that the way is now on the ex jason bourne guy whatever his name is because it it's not his fault no he's simple is symptomatic of probably haven't society
the sexuality of the american mail is a dangerous thing than neutering of the american mail is is a lot of people's goals ultimately as we move away from our primate warring lifestyle into this transcendental expense yeah well we pass through the next dimension and we exist in a world of information purely without the needs of the flesh that's moving away from way that lie ahead but i wanna be harry that's why i really want to shave your bush share everything back the legislation is making to come back on its like seiners genes soil ass i was going to shove when push comes to shove i think it's all the same thing if they were moving away from a country from animal instincts and so even in our superheroes one no animal instincts he's just a killing martial arts robot who doesn't want to fuck the end of it he sits down there and there no threat whatsoever that he only
saved others people don't you think that's because the people that wrote the movie wanted to widen their audience instead what that's one way of looking at it but why would it doesn't everybody like sex why would i be appealing avenant things more people watch porn and almost anything on the internet it is some insane amount of bandwidth allocated a potent wasn't oil outlets brides dad had sorry gary altogether one two or three you're taking it out of context you always do brian majority your bullshit just cause you're on the internet doesn't mean you have to get back at me for everything that ever happened i don't know i don't know what it is but i think there is a move without a doubt to moving away from animal instincts certainly but i think it is a female impairment thing going on in that's an animal and state right
what female empowerment they think why i'm actually you know i'm just gonna go with it but i was stumble crossing point irene for the first time as i when i was brush my team and i stepped lying forward in my head taser there he living being on a laptop are you too now lowborn i'm just gonna barrow through this because fellows interesting it was purely sociological this there does like this bread they will now protection you being very be verified we don't do you know that big events are crying out for me what i need we as europeans and i was now i realize the path and i'm gonna die if you like as a wheeler no no no no you're getting real knowledge every hook you didn't will this was the first it was like
hasta couch scenario right we can usually have the cask ass it is just an points is just a general right those remain summons favour yeah you bring added she asked any kind of debates in and you know baker do whatever you want to do but this flitted around completely and had this chick cops italy dominating a whole group of there's a whole series of never seen them before that's rare as fuck dude you talkin about its round around them it's coming around this honour phone damn van how'd you get my motto double bookmark saved a cloud at last to be and i you know i don't know i mean for women yeah most certainly made about but it's also like think about the fantasies that exists for men really unrealistic fantasies of you know you order pizza and the pizza girl comes over and she's weren't obtaining an excellent oh she's blown you and your friend and ally
bang it is a realistic gazette coming coming around and it doesnt represent realise represents what people want to take a shower but i if you wanted blanket horns or women porn for women i dont think would even be that i think porn for women with private far more romantic you know i spent also i think the difference between the visual aspects like what men find appealing what women find appealing psych women into like books like fifty shades of gray type pornography don't know but some women are into less visual representing named sexuality they don't watch it as much you know i mean women don't watch it as much as men do our homework stigma is involved in her i can't is this website is we do love and weird so women stay away from it not so you don't want to buy out another having on the actual him warm when there alone you're alone it makes a difference if it's actually like real did i mean it it's not
like if someone's actually if a woman's actually coming that's that's the best one if you ask me as far as like staged porn raw because if it's just for the for the you'd rises a lot of that sierra that plays a more than kind is and if that out i'm not trying to give myself up even if your phone you're pointer exactly how it is really needed either hour by hour got energy like some are yeah i see me i think a lot of women are into porn don't get me wrong not delusional but i think that is there's a lot of a lot more women or into literature porn hunger feed than men are in literature pornography like almost no men or into literature pornography very funny i'm reading this book called one key eighty four murray comic book
and it's really interesting what are you waiting for yeah ways it about it some god it's it's hard to explain its fiction and it's kind of a spin there there's a lot of nineteen eighty four kind of like the the author is truly a orwell fan and there's just kind of a lot of new answers as far as they come this kind of i want to say apocalypse dick but god it's about a lot of confusing things but technically it's a romance but there's all this sort of theirs like kind two worlds colliding their sort of like like theirs to move in the sky and there's kind of this really the sting concept but am i there's a lot of graphic sexual content and ben
i was sitting on a plane he was like cheeses every time i look over matters of owning boner goin on there's like talk nipple like i just catch and that's just read the eight hundred page book every single time i glanced owner it it's really funny because i'm not it's really a great it's a really story and i'll be so i'm not one that's like yeah needed fuckin dirty novel to whatever butter my school but i in italy there is a legit but i definitely like we ve been traveling lie with very few flights only and when i look at it you know what i'm saying reading in public and i'm sitting on an airplane i feel like i pull but closer to me because i'm just like only guide you know what if it's just with such a well it's interesting the books guinea have sexuality like raw sexuality mixed in with the story but they can't him then a movie
movie can never have people live graphically fagging movie you just saw tat just move you people graphically argues called blues a warm it was a friend you know them yes a whim member brown bunny demand that guy's like blackball because that movie is he really here but it's a fucking name then alone yeah he mean i literally saw these these people reviewing that movie you know the time finally they were talking about it never like he's peace shit he'll never work gary and while because he made that chloe's vendors related having earl envy she's sectors dick on screen and he came all over onscreen like you actually see him orgasm in the movie but the movie is before that a real movie this is just a sec seen in a movie where you actually get to see the sex and they decided to just go for it so they decided to make a movie and have wise ok to have sex scene where you don't see sex but
when you have a sexy we see cyclic they were angry at him because he them watch that that was i was into this man and his two women talk about it and their there specific point was that they were angry that he made them watch that he the majority that was gonna i mean if they they were watching the movie everybody i do know that was why everybody this do you know they were one of the first people to see it and i think everybody that went in to see that movie knew there was a controversial thing like that of god now but i don't think they realize you're gonna watch vincent literally put his dick in a now than it was a long amino a scene it wasn't like four briefs like american world monday see the wolf and then a courier to block it wasn't just sized death can you saw her mouth and then cut thou might have been linked to do
that i mean i didn't see the movies i dont really everyone in europe and watch the ones that i mean do you think that that was like hey i want to do this just to do this or do you think it was really a form of artistic expression i purse i think it was a form of artistic expression that he also wanted to do a thing is both and i think that's part of what people got angry about with the idea is like i'm looking when see a guy act really well i'm looking a dick wagging around you know i mean that's what you're doing lie but inured suppression in your expression of you know the powerful anger of your acting i'm looking at your tears you screaming at someone i am also aware that you are aware the erratum i've been doing that and in me being aware that you are aware the eurostat and doing that is a certain amount of inherent dick wagging one of the reasons why people have like an almost automatic distaste for some famous man or some
powerful man or men that are in the public spotlight is because they know that to be really somewhat enamoured of themselves which is a form of dick wagging so when you doing that wagging and then you're also sticking your dick in chloe of agenda susie's mouth like jesus fucking christ man you're double dick wagon that's what you're doing dick wagon cause you're up there in the big screen in your dick wagon literally ending lamb and these ridiculous fuckin give tailored weird closed because you want to be interesting if you fuckin handmaid shoes i wanna hit you want to see the movie saw the scene i don't really want to hit em i probably get along with a good approach like em you know something i can probably a freak you should we bring now i guess that's really interesting but he wasn't around for a while they did vodka commercial there was a vodka commercial that he was a part of some big vodka campaign but i don't know what kind of film
he's been in since then but i do know that there was for my limited amount of experience in show business as a kind of when i started doing fear factor i basically divorced myself almost entirely of the acting world and i was only in it for five years when i was doing news radio and then when i started doing that kind of i would just add that world so i never never hung out those people not around those feeble but when i yeah my limited interaction with people led me to think they are probably like almost universally people wanted in black bald because that moving i was doing my chrysler boundary like you know if you have like people have controversial sexy that come up like a remember eyes wide shut that's just what comes to mind when that movie came out people were logo with god and others some serious shouldn't area and then you know keepers the envelope but i think you know actual sex scene
a non corn and quote pornographic film it's like all the another filmmakers like all what the fuck what you know why you you totally like eating almost you can do that everybody is paying attention to big wages it's not the the formal kind of traditional sense of a so i'm sure filmmakers would be a little bit perturbed but i don't give a shit that's just might take on it apparently homeboys still doing movies for him he did buffalo sixty six was a really interesting movie to brown bunny was in two thousand and four and he did a couple movies since then and you're in there like little parts and we share the judge you ever get movie offers are yeah i that these days not good ones idea of our there never its ever worth it because my even it was it like one of them was a big movie but it wasn't much money and i had to go somewhere fro a couple weeks and i was like
are you going to pay me a lot of money and it's gotta be worth my wilds gotta be interesting for me to want to do it or i gotta know somebody in it that joy hanging out with like otherwise i'd rather just do a free podcast rather do a set of the ice house like at a certain point time it's like what do you want do you wanna much money or do you want to do things that you enjoy doing and the more you say i want a bunch of money the less you going to do things you enjoy doing and the more you say i want do things i enjoy doing some our another the more money start making it does make any sense and that it will do that you're do it again and actually you know what i'll be honest with you please do it spent think i'm always but hey please don't tell me that make it seem like it's a special moment no one is that we have a really great years over these as far as we ve had a really great you're so far is as far as shows
i've been coming in like we ve had a few private gigs where those are are really fruitful you know someone like literally we actually this is amazing the player a gig for a birthday party but it was a very well set up is the twenty first birthday party skills twenty twenty one years old but her her fathers microsoft exec and their fans of our ban and it was such a great opportunity to make new friends but also you know get get paid well is actually really cool because that's helping us finish this record and things like that kind of keep burning we're getting these phone calls of like someone thing we have this festival it's a small town festival but we bring you in and you know it kind of working out you know in a way we're really grateful for because it it's sort of like i've been doing this for eight years you know and it's nice to have those things when they come up and not
to have a sigh job right now you will you guys are really fuckin talented and the world is very strange right now and comes to music it isn't the weighted distribute things is gone topsy turvy red salaries that stuff it it's you just have to figure out what to do on your own and the internet and the internet we we have you can do live shows there's a thing called stage it and we ve done a few of those and actually gonna do and soon but but touring you know tat nothing i just can't sell records anymore it's not your life's not to say it's not the same no it's not like but we actually like when we went to europe we actually just got off the road this pass at the end of last year we open up for a guy named jake bug jake by his poor guy can't right hand man i'm totally killing is exerting now he's he's like a british rock sensations our continent he took us overseas with them and it was amazing it was
really hard but we got our asses handed to us and in the uk that remain howdy crowds and we ride a dual unfriendly six thousand people and i felt like when we made an old man you get like drums bays and it's like you know rowdy crowds man as a lot i always erratic hangin was rough on us that europe was amazing they were probably some of the best crowds with ever had you guys have open for quite a few famous people who are three guys open for what we
would we do as we did show chromium yeah that's soccer my woes our wording it was great man would issue i sang out worse super sweet yes she to link up everything she did she have these little speeches during her set about how you to tell me how to kick start the thai so sweet and thinks you really understand how you get you guys some money you quit started yet but you say things like vote for honey not now it's not a higher than the danger you yeah that's all calls you is amazing she's gonna beautiful voice and she's a beautiful woman like just she's really is like empire builders who that's what it's a cool to see the people in her position i had this i've had a successful music career but i can just branch out now rise whole universe
crow right right right yeah i enjoy her music man i've ice votes and i was in my car and my friend eddie was in the car with me any asked me if i could give his girlfriend arrived somewhere so she hung up in the car and cheryl crow was planned and it is like is this a joke like deep airplane us is a joke and unlike lecture i know you don't like showgirl became like an argument with her and i whether like show call you being ironic like you know my favorite mistake is like a great hawkins i found two beautiful song she's like you know you're year like a monkey like you're like eight what she's like martin we observe in fun was in good fun
she's like she may be listening like death mirage hamper something with a confederate flag attached to re run a machine is not really doing you're so we have all these dudes come out i know we ve told you the idea is did come out tat it up sixty five we playing analogy just scream and before the showed during the balance it's amazing while we have a nice and ever vast there the bass and everyone always asked about you like what's he like and unlike took an awesome wait hugs us really good at pool tell em well when we got it when we guys word we did that show together that the decisions of twelve thousand twelve show that was fun shed tears a first and only time of ever done show like tat were used ducks joe ideas you gotta another one
fuck man let's do it i'm totally down we could totally do that again there was a really fun it was really interesting asheville where people are do the ash failure kind of like i have a friend was club in national when do his club he supports county this is not a small clubs i there's a weird thing with me with certain small clubs i i i have to do on ice have to support them and that's one of this like not a lot of comedy out there i feel like he's an island you know and i know he gets good access on a regular basis but i always feel the need like the ices another one like i would never do a theatre in pasadena it's never gonna happen if i'm right dean i do the ice ass discussed the owners my friend and sports comedy loyalty that was amazing there is something magical happening that nice reform it was i don't need to do anything
you know i mean it's not like a desperate moment or if i don't do the theatre my kids gonna be hungry yours iran fire then under the world shows i think there is something magical happening that nice reform it was written doug stand up what a guy he's also building joe joe ideas that show could have been more foreign was beautiful it was a beautiful shell the audience are so nice to their so fond and so they enjoy it's a martian it was is so cool that's the one most surprising thing about all this is not just a connection to all these people that we sort of like somehow another fostered but how nice they are can we do shows like we do shit i did show the other day in chicago and after the show i took pictures of peace for two hours went outside and i sent anybody wants take a picture i say i'll be here until last when we re i stood behind a table and just as i said this will you do do five minutes on this side five it's in the middle and five years on that sign anymore keeps which in and we just went every five minutes
set my time on my phone and man is about a move in a move and i go to the site that's just a swarm of people run these tables value the verse but my point was was for two hours now body was a dick not one person everyone was cool is far not when we first as is actually dallas didn't scarlet with this the most recent was down there but it was just no one at all like now not one person no one try to cut lie noise should knowing when a dick to you i'm not going to anybody who we are we ve seen a little bit of that you see people not even without necessarily retorted other acts people to merge booth get agree save with were assigning say it as you know this is what i want gibbey basically o this to me that kind of mental it does happen i think it all i mean i don't know i'm trying to figure out how this happened because this never happened me before like before pod gas and before you know
social media essentially when i was deal with people's doing people knew me from something else they knew me from fear actor or the new me from the u have sea or the new me from news radio or they knew me from comedy those with options it wasn't they knew me like this people just all know me it's weird it's totally different they say hi like they know me what's up up what's going on in its very strange but things they do let me they get you get to reveal these really amazing parts of yourself and your and your mind on your podcast and i think that's such a great about what you're doing and what you know most podcast if they're good ones you know you if you create good conversation you create real situations of of commerce in people get to witness that net so cool while they also get to be a part of it you know cause even it see the whole thing like one of things i like about this park as we know we don't like added it goes out live it's all
it is what it is and because of that i get to see who everybody really as it was really produced and there was all these fast at it's and there was all this you know you know really pre planned segments and it would feel less like you were really there you might enjoy it still but you wouldn't feel like you know the people that work and at people that are stuck in some shit spot where the fuck you our view in bangalore main or not another to besmirch bangalore it's fine community but are you anyway i swear if you're in some weird spot in you know you got a lot of cool people around you you can listen honey honey talking this now girl you could you know there's a bunch of people do you gonna let s get to listen the way they think and i know for a fact that i have part hu i am has been formed by listen to people are smarter and more experienced myself talk and that their there thought shaped my reality and so too able to introduce other p
or to the thoughts i d that of shape my reality my thoughts and ideas that i've gotten from those thoughts and ideas and other people's thoughts and ideas that continue shape my reality it's not me pudding i show its be being a part of it in the audience be a party of it to everyone's a part of it it's i'll tell you why i think that it's an incredible thing you're doing that and your continuing to do that because if the majority of peace bore watching bullshit reality shows you know where their scripted instead aged and they're supposed to these candid examples of of really asinine shit it really annoys me you know like real housewives like trying to make something like you're we're wearing the same dresses as me whatever the fuck be important and i'm going to you don't even know even it wants that shit where i think it's bad for you but i think that it is where's your voice
abrasion you don't like an end when you're you're doing what you're doing which is being i think your brilliant muttering weird but here you have this incredible mind and you share it with people and animosity and people and you have these situations it's really great into an you right people learn from it have we not brilliant but what i am is curious and i have a lot of free time and so you are thinking about shit because i have the ability to do so he i mean i don't know of people like born to do anything in life antonov anybody was born to do anything in life but i think for sure if you follow your passion you feel like you were born to do this for sure if you actually do what you enjoy out alive and there was some a week as article is so many posts the other day that i'm sick and tired of rich people saying to follow your passion it was a legacy stupid whoever it would have
dont ass wrote it he actually how to change the title the next day because of a barrage of hate that he got from it was about richard branson and much people saying follow your passion and he was saying essentially that most people shouldn't father passion and in fact she did it really is a hobby yeah you know why because he's a week bitch he's a week is worried that possibly wasted is life writing shitty articles like this in fact he did and it was also talking about how lino fortune he is personally to do what he does but all these self we're throws to poverty in and it was nonsense and setting sent you what he's doing was whose a writing a thing that was done i'm playing greatness an inspiration and when someone says follow your passion you know if anybody that says don't do that is a fucking idiot because here's the thing you love making guitars okay and you just love guitars you have making guitars he's done i would love to make guitars for a living
someone fucking does that ok there's a guy out there and it gets up every morning any makes fuckin guitars and if that's what he loved to do that guy loves life we're not talking about breathing underwater fuck face when i talk about flies the moon with a fuckin rubber band we're talking about making guitars if you're pashas making guitars and you read that assholes article which is don't follow your passion fuck you stupid you u weak dummy you fuck and disease of ideas you're a disease idea that's what you are you're rotten little weak man with poor hormones and you figure out that passion doesn't necessarily mean rich i'm so tired of rich people saying follow your passion shut the fuck up difference does it make if their rich
one should say follow your passion that's how buildings got maybe that's why airplanes were invented that's why you could watch fucking television can someone follow their passion what happens when you read lord of the rings you're reading so much passion you wearing clothes you wearing passion you listening to music your listening to passion i'm reading your stupid fucking article your lack of passion is your passion you following your passion is which are so passionate about portraying
shut up day man shot i hold you down butter your skull you fuck did you do it who is the name isn't easy i go peru for tying powerful diego proof work full time following the passion go again honey honeys fallen about mom and dad i i get the feeling you really mean that really up to point out like a bad guy was since this like two rogan routes we be smoked me i don't really able at all i just would i would advise dense further communications in that sort of don't be a nice ere you don't owe me let let somebody have their fucking moment let somebody fail if they're gonna fail or succeed in italy i didn't know i truly understands point but what will you know
i mean but his office in our starting one of the things that rigid brent said you should have a couch in your kitchen and this goes taking issue with if your kitchen is big enough to have a couch in it stop that doesn't mean you rich part of you but you get a kick fuckin couch in the kitchen she shut the fuck up you know like i hate that real obvious pandering or i can't afford to have a coach in march future market entrants not big enough well fuckin whatever do you now you talking nonsense these gaps a better message than that it's not it's not you know it's not follow your passions it's not you're better off keeping your passions is your hobby tat is absolutely ridiculous and the only heard any choice in life that that does make an early person i would say that as a personal hasn't follow their passions doesn't make a living off because if you can make a living off of it i do not work i don't we i don't have any jobs even jobs are not jobs and are not the only one i know people that me
poor choose my friend eric he makes pool cues makes beautiful pork used his work means makes porches he loves it he makes him for freeing gives amount people sometimes because he loves doing he loves wordy left creating things extra he started doing it while i was in the military who did it as a hobby just for fun because he loves doing it in now and so when he's making money doing it he's not really working what he's doing following his passion you can figure out a way to do that for money do it why would you ever try to encourage someone and not do that so crazy we're talking about before if you just start doing it eventually the monies gonna reveal its hopefully you know the support maybe it's not you know your whole lifestyles be provided for but you can do something with it yeah unless you like make weird shit like
some badminton rackets and i wouldn't want to pick teepees there's some extra fashioned some days gonna catch on so weird shit people do sell it amazing and sometimes which is worth a lot of money like i saw something was a fragile j egg that someone from like a garage owners i might add and they it was worth like ten million bucks you should know pulled out article up fabric j egg found their electronic extra but i looked at my home i gotta wouldn't give you a dollar for that if you have it in my house i fucking push it out the door is a retrial either in the house i would you can't leave as you know in so funny recently i i was there i saw this current beanie babies and it was like worthless ten thousand dollars or another who share like my grandmother fennis all these beanie babies awhile will you that vat regime is now worth of the twenty million found by scrap metal dealer what're you gonna do it
how is that worth twenty million dollars with that in my bathroom that is so down at the idea that that's worth twenty million bucks it's so silly but you know you gotta let somebody have their passion of the fabric jane egg that's what i said but he traps i mean i gathered maybe it's like really beautiful up close so recently i was there i saw this article on babies and there's a collection and my parents basement given to us by my grandparents were kids grandma would send us like the princess diane beanie baby we have like there's like a hundred of them and so i would like us mom you're going to prison i've been going to make some money like looking up all this shit hoping i could sell something on ebay because there are going for fifteen thousand dollars why why why god before but it had be like it was really weird it had to be like there would be like a technical flaw on the and somebody out there would pay fifteen thousand dollars for whatever
it's so workers is really rare i want anything good i was really bombed vows downstairs and basement like an hour and a half to trying to come up with something so the ones you what you think there were hustler the ones that we owe nothing maybe like ten bucks ten bucks of fifteen mental value of my grandmother florence sanderson eyed man is amazing i see i she's great it is weird how things become like super worthwhile money very very expensive and they did it doesn't make sense watch and it was five hundred thousand dollars apparently this amazing hand bill why but it wasn't like covered in diamonds or any further who just this amazing handcrafted watch but still just a watch i just because its handcrafted
if someone gave you a handcrafted spoon with how much more would that be worth and hands like was the handcrafted spoon made by jimi hendrix ok out a good plan fuck yeah i'd be pumped about that spoke i'd pay a few grand for a handcrafted spoon made by jimmy hundred i would never eat soup without that's bone yeah thou be in union leader david used witherspoon around my neck because i don't know like guitars you find guitars for two hundred granted but most of the people to buy them don't plan to adjust its last boxer legendary they very real you can't their irreplaceable there now you know what is it like a fifty five gold top the fifty nine less paul gone her nurse is worth ridiculous amount of money but and i don't know i don't know it depends it always flexes but you could probably someone for like a grant this site that with old cars now you know there's certain like old barracuda that are worth over a million dollars and this system limit a shitty old plymouth
but the ones they want ones that are completely stock no new wheels no new tyres no new interior everything stock everything from the factory little push button radio and people will pay that's your band unimpassioned common values passion you there is a need to find one person oh it's a fifty then thinking fifty nine was cross and you can even one person i d give and i feel that it is a budget that that's worth now as many guys that's true as i just becomes a demand right thing especially is a finite amount like there's a finite amount of nineteen seventy two volkswagen yeah if you find nineteen seventy two volkswagen bug is only a few of those that wherever made you know how many of them are the left you get a pristine one a very valuable thing about that is that some people actually make a business out of just the tastes making trend setting in general like they might
even be like a car maven but they like they can be pretty to the oncoming trend you know me my dear psych tal oversight everybody wants those seventy nine or at every said volkswagen and then you could just be like this trader you know that ebay middle naomi traitor known in trader trader bitter sweet old volkswagen my buddy jimmy lawless used to have one of those who we are eighteen piled around in this little tiny locally wireless at eighteen years names jimmy lost a lot of thirty our core now he was a good dude jimmy bad ass name it is i was i was just recently come across a great name i met somebody in england and he's lessening the dragon shake up every morning this feeling like your charming european we made a vacuum to rocket area there was a rabbi is mamma best friends in him eddie bravo that's ridiculous yeah
the ground was ridiculous name period i believe it's a real man come on sunday you name that's fucking name yeah that's a stock of joe joe rogan very boring something that's all right now mean it's it's a matter able never mind it's easy to spell swartz an egg is the bad as mother fucker volatile because they came up to him and i told them you gonna change that shit as i got on doing so as like it finally last name what is the red regional fantasy so damn us even better man when you go so what's its well you know how to why it is so high supported me about the body was ragged bullshitting bad i can't help instincts lanes comedian instincts and always says i'm fucked up
dr i finally center i day i find em all fucking day you know why we're we're with whether the storms over the years then rough i'm working rough we let's get along remarkably well you know one of the things that really enjoy about hanging out with you guys is how no one gets along a hundred percent time it just doesn't get it we have no valid being set up with his mother and son whether its father and daughter whether its breath and sisters with its friends and neighbors no one gets along a hundred percent at a time is going to be bumps but you guys are you have a great energy about you like you guys and friends you guys co creators you're you're collaborators and you know you have a very unique bond because of that it's interesting to pal around you guys like to go to dinner with you hang out with you because you're bond is is
its unique but it's also very pure and says sounds proud to say that hate in other words fight early on how do you figure how to fire enable each other and not have not heard each other destroy it were but well you don't insult each other that's you i had a friend we're heavens conversation while back houston about his wife and his you know we're everything's fine but man when we fight we both go for the drug right away and i go i wouldn't have yeah i go where do we go for the juggler in it well you know it's we know the one thing that really fox with each other so we automatically go to that goal who's the first person is doing that and once we know why i think gum any situation where ear you're introduced to conflict dependent like sometimes you want to fight you know it's like you can you can
now be quick with your word siena whatever they mean shit but that that's kind of pointless at the end of the day usually fighting depending on you're fighting with bite like it's your loved ones them at least in my disposition and i i love them i don't want to hurt them so you when you approach you know a confrontation and in my opinion this is something actually really learned a lot my relations we ve been in this ban has my other relationships in my life so much better because we had we have to fight so hard for some not all the time for this this union for for our project and what we here about so much and so you have to be a good listener and you have to be humble and you have to like you don't put your fucking your mouth sometimes an and when i approached a confrontation with like my sister my mom and like my family i we love each other we love each other so much we fight hard you know
it sucks in its painful where are you guys are you fight like get angry at each other and there's a lot of stuff i'm not gonna get into it but on that but stuff happens up more drinks relegated labelling watch yourself about the point is that if you approach any comment or confrontation literally and i'm not trying to be we're with love and you're like i love this person and you listen you more often than not you can really come to resolve or just a better understanding of that person you will continue to learn more about people in your life it's not like you this i have this on compressing knowledge of somebody you know a man useful side of fighting took them were hammering shit out that makes us not get along we get along morn feed raw figure out what it's been maybe there's been something unless you don't mind we sucks and i need to get away from those people how to govern once that really liked fight and well you know all i got rid relax their time
the kurdish bitch there was one moment where we were headed out some party and i guess you stressed out of sunlight thats a she yelled at me like out of nowhere and and i just as the first them shiver yielded manner go hey listen we can't talk right to seek you can't you can have a conversation with military you not allowed a yell at me i go none my friends yell at me when yells at me i don't yell demeanor i go you're my friend i go why would you what why would you yell at me you don't yell at me is if you are more concerned with it just explode building by throwing up your own energy then you are the repercussions is gonna haven't people around you that's an ultimately very selfish think do we can't we cannot talk like that she just like me like deflated oliver anger like went away was a very weird moment we sat down and we had a conversation that tone exacting gathered the tone is everybody powerful mattel toning down where i was
many times that you couldn't help yourself shoes she would know what it was it was some something our childhood because we want staying friends but we broke up and then she sardine some new guy and she called me up and she's like really frustrated she's really frustrated because she can't keep yelena does is can keep from yellow this guy's gipsy ellen adam and she knew what to do a yell of emily takes a knife i can keep yellin item and i know what to do i just get ike eight i can't hear you lets me volumes i start fuckin volume and she goes on i cannot stop myself you know if you grow up with that yelling and it's really funny like this is my mom is awesome but like a group with a lotta yelling my mom yelled a lot and i was bad so but this is kind of derek we had a family bird it was a boy but his name's abbey and using fucking grey and there really smart there really fucking smart animals and they repeat other things and literally the
my sisters i grew up with car jody like the bird who go car jody and then you go see tat why don't i get like this like fleur of like screaming words that you couldn't understand but it was pretty accurate whom i am i got yelled out on law and my mom would yell at me and so it was always a reminder like when i walk in the room that sometimes the birds vexed tat my mom never call me a kind of portable really china bingo welder whether we can legitimize concerned things colony and combat it's funny like we love each other so much but we thought o lord that's rough yeah yeah yelling use is a difficult thing to as an adult now it's like it's really fun back then we have the other way my mom did she would just freeze me out i just go like deep silence fell that's worse death sometimes
better if someone has enough caring for you that the yell at you and fight with you i you work it out her body tire line is our near you know but this guy all in all she wasn't a bad person and growing up later and becoming a dad i kind of really feel for her because i think that what happened with this this girl was just she was just programme than a really shitty way by dummies and she grew of florida their bunch dummies around her and cheerio capital of the united states serial killer cover not cereal eleven cook about courage by you know i think that's a lot of who we are so tat word programmed meridian and this girl what she wasn't a bad person chooses battling with it ramming ass she was trying to be an actress which fuckin good luck with all that it's really funny i just gives that is not what the nerve plasticity concept
chance that's you can but you know nora plasticity is a nice girl but if you if you that's fucked up i recommend m dna plasticity is really get fucked you get used to the dance but what is that due to china blast they all macy thrill makes you understand love in a weird pure form no mean and people hey it's a drug but that draw by the way exists in everyone's brain right now as we speak what you you're dealing with with dopamine in an empty amaze elevated dopamine levels elevated feelings of love and passion and connection to each other in summary sent me this video it's really kind of interesting you pray find it brian its joe rogan talks indirectly about rave culture and was me talking about about setting up some sort of psychedelic community in that they would be incredibly beneficial to people to set up communities where will
could figure out how to meet in everybody take something that would tunis all into this sort of frequency of of love and so someone took me talking about that connected its raves where if you look up screen like anytime you seen a rave like this ninety nine point nine percent of those people are on ecstasy you're looking for ten thousand people there in this huge football arena and their their dance around a touching each other and having a great fuckin time why they have such a great time how come they can get together and smashed up like that and no one's a dick i'll tell you why because there are ecstasy and when i say ninety nine point nine i you know i just know that point whatever those people out can i be honest with you i think that also i read this book on collective joy it's really interesting because it like back to our plan if tribal selves like you know when they would be like rain dances and the tribes would dance
and they would all move together you know there would be this collective sort of consciousness that people would coalescing between them and like i recently have reconnected with dancing like i want to i went to a party and there was a dj and now i have a couple drinks whatever but like i was on drugs at the time and rarely but what let's get into that later but that the dance that the movement with with the sound is a powerful thing drugs are no drug and i think there's something really interesting about it as far as a collective in a group of people will in harmony you know a comedian that's worth essentially do for a living as a comedian what you're doing is connecting all these mines together in some sort of a harm mill harmonious tribal function that's why
the smaller the tribe usually generally the better works you know but what the weird things about this connection with internet people getting used to larger and larger numbers we that shows was three thousand plus people feels like its intimate feels intimate like everyone's tuned in three thousand people in there all tune din and may i mean directly tuned in responsible like they feel that they are part of what's going on but one when you really feel it more is when could see every body three hundred people like i think the number i got when you get above people things get scornfully like you can handle it if the people the right people most most better for three and a people boy your son we do in its your conducting like a tribal sort of a bonding moment like everybody's experiencing the same vibe everybody so you know i know and saint paul
playing we show last we could say palm and every once in a while we just get to play to group about three hundred people who is it you know being seated with our music helps one word do it's not really rhythmically heavy sea have a seat a group of people and they're just so willing and kind of vulnerable to us taken charge and there's this entered that goes way beyond what we can do and others you know it's it's a show between us and them in their they're putting in more than we are in experiences there they haven't happened as as as often as we do but the scene we happening more and it's an amazing feeling it's like it's kind of a weightlessness when you performing you not to think about anymore but we all need the audience you know the audiences for you and for comedians i think we needed it in a different way but it similarly important an audience is there i too like let you know that
tuning into all this work that you ve done they get all the things that you said they they understand all the stuff tat you ve labored on and in an informed entities rhythmic sort of these p since which is what the song really is and why four comedians it's not just like we fuckin a hundred percent mandatory you can you are right it without them like either changes when you're around them when they become a part of it in their laughter each crowd you performance of help shape the material changes the material from week to week without without other people without the of the involvement of the other people really doesn't even exist cleared i never about this show but i was just thinking about american idol and we're talking about
i think that at every day punk and why you might think about its two never i'm over the hill man no but i think that such a couple listen college and i think that box it up you fucked it up alive it helps people it make it but it doesn't because then the fuckin just me just lines up what's that may ask pockets what's his name simon simon outlined in our desi but he isn't and we re giant mansion toppling talked about this before in the pot gas but it's important to bring up again and i think things like the american idol microwave mentality is really toxic to people to have like this you know inst integrated all this stuff happening either you won this thing it's a girl on the lottery the lotteries you know
more often than not have really terrible and you know it some people to its tough you know being a musician and then seeing that we know that several it's really funding we ve had several imitations beyond these like competitive show like and people like we really want you to be a part of it and it always feel so wrong to me it always feels like you know you you look you lose a lot to begin with like the people that are involved want to take of europe in publishing stuff like that on you you in a way in that and that does to come back to what you're talking about before his like we want you to sound like this and do this in saying this and in fact but but at the same time not to talk about us but but just the mentality of of the princess like through the fairy tale is is rough on people you know sorry i agree with you a thousand percent but that's our real numbers
i really do i think that i entered a contest once in boston bbc and comedy riot only contest ever entered a law finally as a final amendments lay it now a nice guy one can begrudged the gentleman who one whose very nice guy but it was a site it's there it was so silly say how can you yeah i guess you can judge based on what's best for you like what do you find the best but can have a music contest we have like a rat ban and a country ban in iraq ban and a folk banned you can't because there's no best there is the best for you are right if it's me it's very likely a rat ban has never gonna win theirs it is a few wrappers unless it's like now you're something like that few rapprochement really love killer mike
connect with me you know where i really feel like i appreciate what they're doing as an art form too much of his just ragged doses nonsense you know a lot about stuff to each society the same idea you were here was here what a lot of what our new record is concerned like i like it grew go with it here a year honey you hurry but it could be some deah word songs fuckin proffering thinking here exactly like you a lot of other crazy but what can we do i think you have recently these interviews with because apparently she just reims out everyone in introducing yeah then you crazy ramble asshole you know tough exterior altogether by job his friends with their parents do it make it happen those guys china shirt a t shirt pretty did their best
ass i love we simon agricola rice automaker cello but before we played here that their gangster you're pretty bad ass but i mean unless it's something like really unique like that it's hard for me to get into too much rap cuz it's just not my tune you know whatever it is not my frequency i'm like big fan of the black keys i'm a big fan of a banner because her than the call honey honey and there protein without already lame there now is but a lot of friends around in there like football players some like that i don't play in front of coming to everyone that fuck you where you guys that we're doing a little run in april i would like to offer you something right now cannot we cannot say no i would like to tweet all of your dates let me know eight times your man think i'd be more than happy i do with everybody like you just
do with everybody and no one gets annoyed everybody is happy about it because they find out you know i think you already have soulier get we're about it feel weird out is a shared i don't get annoyed i think there's only drink i appreciate that you guys get feel weird but if it's no work at all for me in i i would probably feel weird files asking you so don't feel dreary you any time haven't i make a deal you fuckin tweet for me too there are two issues tat we make it happen ok we made an agreement so often days so well on your anywhere every time you are anywhere unless i'm hungry in alaska which i will be doing soon i'm going to the brooks range too far
up a moose today my guide deal you know how to put you what happened another moment here what do you do in man i'm doing lies is fuckin every day i do podcast then i get home from park has issued bows and arrows my guy i shot a hundred fifty arrows yesterday with a ninety parent bow following around i want to shoot at low income we gotta think sounds don't scare where the bears hate our shit well stephen ella whose though the host of the show that i do call the mediator i've done it show twice in committing to doing it like four times a year we go on honey it's amazing show the guy's a brilliant author hazing to be well read go register a brilliant guy who also happens to be a real the bad ass hunter who is right into what they call fair chase hunting and fair chase hunting is he won't hunt in case environment is going to hunt even its ten thousand acres if this offence up he's out hunting there
he even hunt wild land in a pub most public land some but it has to be a wild animal and on the things that were trying to figure out of something we can do together my thought of what do together is take people have never hunted before hunting like honey dude i'm down in down we would you like to hunt something ugly and like that people are really into like pigs first like it's a good one while error that there's a crazy we're friends it open in high sir and these do like a culture of foods up there who go out knife hunting boards are not going to force is managed in that either an ice and look at this point but there's a place called to hone ranch and we have a relationship with them and their only an hour and a half north korea is the biggest ranch in california to honour and seventy thousand acres louise and they have fifty thousand pigs like
it's insane their infested with pace so what what is our weapon of choice are we bow and arrow known no known rifle takes a long time to get good with a loner like hundreds and hundreds of don't lie about voluntary houlihan scheduled for owners of the recent food if you kill the fuckin while paying started you'd be my new here i saw would only declared let you lay it on my forehead your picture probably get mad at you must train but it's really hard to fuckin this it's really hard to shoot a pig with a bow and arrow i'm sure it with a throwing knife is virtually impossible with a star god dammit you talkin fantasy but with a rifle we can get the job done with a rifle it's not hard at all we ve shouts and rifles you need a really good hunting rifle and a good guide but this
to hone ranch is like a set an hour and a half north of delay in its enormous and it's all wild there's no fences is just a huge piece of property higher gain now during the day it's illegal to hunt and i always it hardly had he also i just thought i'd wait another challenge acted as aviation has antagonists they do that's crazy i've never actually hunted i've been thinking the ongoing because our eyes i started eating meat again and i just really like if i'm willing to take this shit shrink grabbed from a freezer store i need to be ok with killing or why we speak my i have a hand that's brining that sean couple a monthly raising a pig shit that phasing out to hone ranch wash dear to that that handwritten from earlier this week it's beautiful put that on my was slightly more beautiful ones wander around but way more delicious efforts both now what
you're going to tell me now i brought it to a guy does that professionally and they take the brains out bleach down you don't occasions binkie brains yes that's pretty grow there you know how to do it the use of a type bug that they used to clean off cadaver bones was a super worm i know because we actually fed its people on fear factor deed now that man that's fucked up it's pretty dump it takes while two they leave the skull with super worms for quite a while and they just go to work and they chew off every single out of flesh he'd take the skull you prizes i don't know what it takes a few weeks the worms you know what i mean and then they have this new on an ice it all you that in the next guys gonna photo they hands were warm eight year i've just goes from cadaver to cadaver well there's this thing they do where you can get ahead mounted after you shoot a deer a trophy you get it
mounted and they may take it and they put like glass eyes and they leave the skin and they do a taxidermy thing which is how'd you know where were you when you shot this guy this guy which one the family is now that the predator that's a friend of mine buddy i got em tickets see i wish i could remember his name i taught me and i want to say steve he's a special effects guy and the the guy pat magee did the american werewolf whose that's out frightens me phobias be front area you gotta be goin up against citizens ask no you know what this this show mediator they they know exactly what you're doing and i were to go the euro is going to deal with bears but he does have to make sure that you scare ma and keep an eye on ominous lotta guise of guns and you don't the bears they know it's embarrassing
you caribou be real careful well inside even and what is that twenty worse pieces of terrible taxidermy there's a cross i pay my that puma came near be hulu remain you're the boss taboos now man it is expected that is we're in something and makes them together we get back and menacing some songs i know a guy who shot a front legs out of the forty missile what is too weird i mean it's a weird thing i would never shoot an animal just to make a trophy out of it and never in a million years but a sound and animal in my life back and it was dangerous and i shot at they said we want to make a trophy out of about five other contexts
fifteen offers ridiculous is here for the poor do you know it is a concern right now the wolves might eventually start to re emerge in paris i've that is starting to make their way closer and closer towards paris and there and there really worried right now that there might be a moment and someone near future one wolves once again or in paris halligan alas so crazy thing that they kill people wolves killed like forty people in paris in fourteen hundreds shit theirs yes i got my name is incident where our pulled up now the walls of paris there's a few books about it also yeah it's fuckin scary shadow america i mean is that where america will or from paris comes now that's because it mariner of london neither seek cover that's a behavioral acuity pie
love wolves people i forgive you were to all the wolves i do i love wolves don't get me wrong i love wolves out there being a wealthy my pride as one wolves come anywhere near people i care about i want them dead i want their family dead whose certainly wolves in paris the guy's a tiny ok ok deck is passed off as a walk wolves of paris is that is banned or as book adding it it's a book it's a sequel to fifty is a purple the comes out after fifty shades agreed there i should talk about with color so they go with animals loaves of paris when i was in paris i know he had a wolf amulet on he bore gagged made taxi so will you missed a lot in paris
in fourteen fifty forty human beings were killed by wolves jesus yeah we're talking about our wolves no regular warriors ok there's an issue right now we're wolves are getting closer and closer to paris and worried about wolves re emerging in paris because they are very strict environmental yes you have yeah they are very strict environs internal rules as far as animals you're allowed kill not kill and the warm what kind of wolves like the regular like timber wolves are well there's really only one kind of wolf like got explain that by this guy steve ranald i do this they show with like p eggs there's only one kind of pig like when you talk about wild pigs there literally only one type of pig wild or domestic is the same thing is called sue scrapper ass the type of animal ok i didn't know that but wolves say
thing there's just wolves grey wolf timber wolf its essential difference or train you now human beings human beings live in jamaica this human beings eleven tenancy dollars when but they're just human beings sizes exactly the bigger decks that was one of the issues with wolves brought in from canada brought in wars to canada and they re populated yellowstone yeah really yeah i'm a lot of other places do we play that jamie we did play that wolves change rivers do we play the yeah we did there's a great deal canary for those who have not seen it it's called wolves change the course of rivers in yet stone it's it's amazing and its fascinating how justly reintroduction of wolves to work yellowstone national park has actually changed the way the rivers flow fuckin incredible shit
i'm not anti war amounting in time anything i am not a tie talk shit ok i don't mean when i say people need and i'm really lie on other repopulating come not i hope the line of fire wolves or what am i feared animal can do you will surely dogs or eat babies you say that unless you are alone with a war on other functional you like chuck norris alone more quaid i have an affinity for like birds of prey and wolves and things have you ever met or even while no but i fucking like i would guy i love them so much less so fond of you remit you got your bike we haven't dance with a definite have i sure how i will say no more unequal in the wild is very different than an eagle that's in the zoo that's what i'm saying anything i've seen many like you know fine round and growing up
however i have a lot of family in minnesota we would eagles minnesota are you kidding me though they call themselves again they like a gang members in fucking irvine that might eagle capital have that right i was in alaska with irish fear we when we went salmon fishing we we saw a bunch of eagles it was fuckin freaky did you call your arm your outstretched arm there's not going on do you delete your face then violent in looking at you as i can i carry this guy away too big if you were a baby fucking asshole eels are essentially dinosaurs that made it that's all they are working
the act of this rift that purchase by name is an accurate maison very fucking excited about that actually i'm just excited is more financial resources behind the process of oculist rift or the the rather another processing technology i hope facebook seems cool it's like you know one of the things we are talking about recently was about that one i find very encouraging about this new tech money is that guys where there's the google people or the facebook people they seem ethical you know they seem there may be a shitload of money but there intention seems fairly pure and it's gotten more serious just from this purchase where before it was still kind of like an you know not many people knew about it madame i am a year now it's you know everyone's gonna know about this a couple years sightings couldn't agree more can agree more i love that fuckin zuckerberg fuckin we're
ok he's beautiful game a kiss rent the mouth is in the realm of facebook page i do i have a phantoms can't respond so please don't i can get i can't get had i to your monseigneur please don't ben tart fuck an email me do thirty donor shut up you huntings no way possible let me show you my knife is that a euphemism shame i blame you money heretofore wise shaped like an irrelevance it's down its look at your soul effective vaguely affect winning a simpler oh sorry replace uncle big man my good friend the only ban of ever worked with ever in real life when the emperor big man that's a song in play
yeah real life while it only with hostility put some jobs i feel like you could get him pajamas i wanted to watch due to my thanks play drums super group it means can fly on the pain obvious her this ok headed let it go where these that work
where and there s bill buggy there where you at baby no baby
pull and they came drank baby
yeah you can try baby bad part of man now it s it now barnes
marry me how shall we and he say baby girl
awesome that's a beautiful song share my position on one's in the new special that's the deal for because of a name for the rather no not yet we're up into my ideas but you know the eyes were really am we're working new dude this weekend that's why we're here and a new producer yeah i'm really really honoured and excited that he really wants to work with us and it's kinda like a trial run so fingers crossed he's our guy awesome yeah but it's it's it's working listen i know it is you know it it's easy for me to say i know it's hard you know what i've got you guys you know i know lisa no from observing your struggle and i friends musicians i have friends you know like evelyn ass his made it and
and friends who are still struggling in i know it's over it's crazy business it is you know but you as a talented as fuck now biased it all day you know i am honoured to be friends with you guys but if i wasn't friends with the guys i would by the fuckin shit out of music i love it i be in fact when i saw that angel of death acoustic version that you guys did on a roof somewhere here now in the desert cool that you can fly someone like that i can see you guys on a little gideon yeah and then all sudden were hanging we're friends its awesome we live in awesome times man she's beautiful it's beautiful there and there was no middle man we are made that happened together you know just great fuckin incredible that's what's been happening more more to enable it to talk the people are supporting us why don't we do a honey honey podcast what are you gonna start doing upon cast fuck here talking the monk
yeah i was just wondering eyes are on the road you can just be put to mice and i do know hotel room like susanna saw that little thing you did we interview in the cap i saw wayne cow goes before we ever met and ridiculous we use a decent fun stuff reaches bucking do that again before we ever man i saw that and those like these like some really genuine people you guys are cool because i think there's a thing that everyone does including me whose met i've met a lot of people that are on television or a lot of people that are you
artists surrey musicians or actors are comedians what i meant a lot of people varied responses since like sometimes you meet him night like bombed out the madame and sometimes you meet a manila klaus heiner that way too pretty fuckin bad i get kind of squeamish when there's somebody i really really like and i am going to meet them like with share i was like please drew nigh sucking also means and sometimes you just have to like yeah yeah sorry just accept like sometimes the musicians are actors are whenever you love their work and then they turn out to be a douche you could still of their work it's just you know you have to read it he now yeah it's not saying they have to be that way either it's it's also saying that if you meet a guy in there just extror or girl nudges extraordinarily talented but incredibly troubled you got a rise of this like a balance goin on human beings is weird balance and so it doesn't
is work out right you know it's interesting though i think it's shifting a lot were you know you get people jimmy fallon who are these like i loved you fallon swedish he's creating this realm of like joy comedy brute like brilliant shit yale and unlike he's got this like great child like this great family he loves that will you seem so you're sweet guy to regular in scotland there is room for the ito you not to be fucked up too to be an artist anymore you know and you really do you contrary found an artist yes slow the fuckin currencies in earnest nobody environment better neil young impression jimmy valid why i also think that he's probably mean its programme best talk show seller he really there's you can just tell he is a genuine die like those that this coming off of a monkey seems a good genuinely nice guy and sows jimmy kimmel by the way gimme camels a genuinely nice guy he's a sweetheart like you know hurts
he said something about jimmy camel was whose addict rob ford you know like come on man the guy's fuckin the toronto mayor and he smokes crack like a viewing seven minutes with that guy i'm sorry we gotta get down to business i cannot allow you to fuckin talk about you fair a football team for six minutes and then they would rather cracking too busy right away and if it looks like being a dick i'm so sorry but you smoke crack he'll fuckin mayor of toronto son you gotta give up a certain amount of decorum when your address you besides jimmy came away interviewed j leno after the one way is that those credible while you know once again jimmy camel let jail i don't know what the fuck is up that's what he said in a hand somebody's gonna like have the balls to go to real town you know my only problem that is a j leno was also being sort of in a sense in
bold or thrust into that situation by the network because a network why would the network change everything around if they didn't want i mean like why are you getting up that is if the if conall bride went into their position and also in the fuckin show exploded came as monster mega head that everybody thought it would be then they would no discussion with j letter to go back and take over its nature so there would be no discussion about falling on his word or like green a new what did you see it was our weird it was a little bit of away it's weird that's it's it's tough you're dealing with those fucking weird sort of talk show host situations you know you're dealing with those weird like the bad between the just sky and that guy and they're gonna who's that asked and make that these set actual her war though that talk show war show with letterman in jail in a word shows how letterman and jailing really battle at each other and let him in
we wanted to jackson that show me call my lawyer is called late night and jean little hid in the closet and heard these and we see executives plodding against him while using the closet so you re so they can new like what to say to them we knew that a fuck with them like tat them necessarily did like a bug sweep of the room try to find a bug whose hiding in the closet hilarious really but it doesn't seem like that's the right way to do it you know i like that what jimmy camel was like stand out for another talk show host he like idiots one was faking side i just like it when that happens with as the lovely decided that it was something that he wanted to do i love that you know he so is so strongly like in support of coal
and that he decided to show solidarity and in his interview with jane leno do is this word genuine a bunch of time that's like the second nucleus of all this stuff like of the podcast of your genuine conversations in your genuine you know messages and stuff like that like there's a lot of trusting things happening like jimmy fallon jimmy came on and you get somebody who's not afraid to speak the truth that's that's really powerful shit while jus jimmy jimmy tat both of them to be found and jimmy kimmel both i think the get that you have the sense that they like themselves like there i withdrew they are there not the other than not decided that he should forget everybody should for sure but like jimmy like when i took over the man show with doug stand hope like he could total dick about that easily he could have been rude get a made fun of and it's in turn out well turn out to be a disaster didn't know that he had like a bad relationship with the people there were producing at them real issues
legal issues like issue over content issues over ownership as there is a lot of bullshit and went down apparently i don't know the real it's fine but i didn't know that i thought these guys just in one doing more and now we could do it and i didn't talk to them about it but he was never a dick about it not even a little bit like he's like you send me an email was is very friendly about like i did the possibility to be a douche bag was there and he would have been right and he too not to do with human rights but it wasn't he would even then of douche bag it would just make it something that it wasn't you know and i just i've always respected that guy but are respected and even more because of that because if i was in his position i might make fun of me i might be shitting me and when i did he show he was like super cool like after the fact
apologize him for doing a shitty furs and the mansion and when it was there was no animosity he's just a good guy like you can tell that that somehow another gets through the tv through the wires is reaches you somehow or another it gets in there i don't know how much of that you can fake you can fake something figures smidgen age here or there genuine niceness lighted jimmy found exudes don't know nothin ass well knows how do you know of an asshole knows how to hit that frequency did you go see the video of them with with a view to and jimmy found on the opening night i think i'm gonna listen is one of the most transformative moments of my life over the last year was fallen asleep on the couch
whatever i worked out i had something to eat and i'll sit on the couch and a lot of times i watched like i watch like bow huh shows or a watch i may fights i'm a fucking cave man if you came overlooked my dvr like what the fuck is going on here i just like what i like ok i'm not judging myself but i fell asleep and i woke up and it was premier of the jimmy foulon first season first episode of its nature and as i woke up you too was singing the archipelago version of ordinary love or acoustic version rather of ordinary love and jane poor poor up that's when the frozen jiangsu you too on the no listen it's a brilliant new song from new too but it's not just that it's brilliant it's one of those moments where you're watching in bonn
you watch in like a chest fucking brilliant artist so which one about that guy in us what you want about his political ties in his charitable causes and his sunglasses indoors at night so which one or other guy that guy's a bad mother car and whatever it is out there that makes things great whatever it is where you watching singing while she spiralling around over an audience and never losing tuna knowing that it's completely live or whether his bond sitting on that fucking couch and use behind him playing and guinea fowl and sit in there and will mass is sitting there and it's so undeniably brilliant that i woke up from a nap sitting on it ouch to woke up in time for them to be joking around and and go into that song
the universe wanted me to see this it's fuckin perfect its perfect moment of entertainment it has per music it as a perfectly spawns it has approved moment being the premiere of jimmy founds version of the tonight show it as perfect being one greatest actors ever will smith is sitting there in a huge fucking movie star me people dont think he's a bad ass mother fucker i've never seen him play mohammed ali in our mean if you'd think will is a bad mother fucker it's some weird jealousy he's like one of those times whose type characters
so what you that's what this is all large sitting by mary it's rare that first time bombs all said and done this before we go down there with the beatles on the solvency some scam you did you ten also remember this moment similar surely sores y know version about about expression his mother fucker solid work here is asked to take another level like with them and you can see their level rays raise these things it three times ass craig
fuck and beautiful and when they pull away the audience is standing up and they're all on their feed skin and there's not a guy with a sign stand up stand clap applaud like if you go to those who go to tonight shows shaping this the old ones they said the guy would tell you and to applaud the signs with light up guy we like holler besides beautiful shit right as amazing i love the roots god damn i love them i loved i love the band i love jimmy found by love that moment the moment is that i'll never forget that number myself jim shorts still sweaty like staring comes on and i'm just like god i just saw something some fucking star i saw an asteroid hit some freaky shit in a minute crazier than asteroid that's why haven't once asteroids many times in how many fuck and how many times has there been a big hole slant then two in the earth because iraq fell
in the sky a lot humming turned his u to banana jimmy found she wants you to jimmy found show one time ever and it was the first time there's only one first time ever in the whole universe that you too is going and the jimmy found show that lastly believe in true infinity and then there's the monkey ranch tis true infinity means if there say you that the world is what what you see everything exist in the exact same form not only once but infinitely so not only are there so many possibilities in the concept of infinity infinity meaning infinite possibilities we can't even imagine what that means what that means is that everything that you ve ever experienced everything that i've ever experience you looking exactly like you you look exactly like you you
with the same creepy due to try to sneak you into the woods to see a fuckin large about bass all there exists in the exacting order in the exact same form in an infinite number of times so that's how crazy infinity is right your fuckin head around like that like wait a second so somewhere out there there is going it's not just one right now right it air now that you too is playing in us was a youth it's like you too i say it like you two shouldn't say that what but you two right now is probably playing an infinite amount of times all over the universe and at the exact same moment things actually a moment the exact same words coming the exact same mouth that experience everything that has ever happened the idea of that it never happens again be like you on the other side of the future the non those are the world billions of the universe the idea
of everything that has ever happened being unique in comparison to the creation of the world is so preposterous the dear that were so fuckin important because we are able of saying it capable of talk incapable of explaining how important we are but the idea that we are any weirder than a black hole or a son and he has dickie list so the idea of human civilization pending in the exact same order everywhere would be like how is that possible but how do we but for that it be other planets that's way crazier there's a fucking shit term of those dude how would it be possible that there's water in space is a lot of it in fact that's we see we see a comet stupid seawater flying off the back of that thing it's water it's a fucking earth size chuckle water flying through space holy shit you know tat the whole thing is nuts it's not nuts that you don't exist not just once but indifferent amount times that's more likely than a star that's
more likely than a black hole that's more likely than just the idea people breathing air and staying alive and fish sucking air out of water and some fucking weird contraption called gills that's nuts all of its not the fact exists the same place in the same form all over the the first in an infinite amount of times in exactly the same order that seem likely you think i'm nuts it is that's why when you see a moment like you too the jimmy found show saying that song you witnessing a universal unique moment universal through everything that the whole thing that feeling you gave me a goose bumps the whole universe acupuncture that's why it's interesting that he woke up for it it's like here in tune with that kind of thing
now get lucky fair enough drag a lotta cocoanut mortar drag it's delicious see two cocoanut water pollyanna p most likely but maybe not i mean i'm not convince realities real not convince you guys written here or not we're not youtube internet service conover approximation of it is now we can we just watched it again and were experiencing in a different way but that moment has been captured the moment can now repeat itself in our luck controlled medium right so maybe it is us sing together all these things you talking about i hope as i see it the first time you see it is before i said nothing about it to you the last thing i want to flavour that moment with some my own you know that's i think that was a tremendous for parents somebody sees it and here we talked about it shut off and go out real thing don't enough so but on youtube wisely
even myself the monies will be flavoured by two open these maybe salt will be better saw the little coming through good for you unity inflammatory but you know do you guys feel those moments on stage and realise that the tap into something unique when when that happens when you hit that that we are talking about a we're playing pull like sometimes this weird stride wherever things has fallen in the place and feels like automatic and you know does that moment i'm sure it's it's gotta be very similar to the woods moment like that in comedy with which your music there's gotta be moments where you guys are just flow and you now at this moment i want to feel uncomfortable there was a moment where you are on stage in your sang in and it was at the december twenty first show the toothache twelve enter the world show and bold we d as an eddie bravo
came off stage and they both at the same time we know that bad ass bitch that's bad that's a bad as budgetary rather bad aspects god damn those mother fucker the talented entities does about goddamn those guys you child but there's that moment where you you know you it was we had never done a show with a musical act before and a lot of my friends are sceptical there were like what he gets going to do look how was i worked together has worrisome how do i sync the music probably shouldn't be in the middle cuz it would it would like to interrupt the flow of the comedy but i think you would enhance the beginning of the comedy and i think you know so this way and so when we when we did it and you i got on stage it was the first time that eddie had ever seen you guys live and you know he was like holy shit are good he's like the lyrics stood fuckin the music to the choices they make it was like shaking his head that i'll never forget that moment where they both walked off stage because they are both
take you there because it was going to go on stage next and do some stand up he gets a lucky to be involved with well we're lucky to we're all lucky we're lucky shit i wouldn't be you know this this would do so we completely uninteresting it was just me talking every week i disagree i think you have a lot to say in its various people have they ve heard it already by narrow run i should say i repeat myself i don't even like listening to me any more but we're we're all lucky for eels including people listening we're all in on this in some fucking weird way we're then on the sink together steady folks like you and i and red ban and whoever's on the mike out there you you're you're a part of the lightning rod your party lightning rod it distributes all this shit we're all in its gather we don't even know we're dealing with no why we're do we start in them somewhere along the line we realized we love it next thing you know
it sounds very telling jokes are you fucking making guitars whatever it is you know you find that thing they teepees if you find that weird weird thing out there in the world you know whatever it is and if you don't keep looking keep looking arousing here like i might have a kind of legal billy i don't even know brows and myself have enough i'm honest though quite literature go it's all fiction instrument from the universe plano zone yeah sure i gotta make reactivate myself to three new impetus and a company like recently lifting but now you have clean up programmes if you want to make the folks cry maybe we'll have a little union gang piquant a high and low whenever you want can i make a request we may not be able to fulfil how dare you hasn't not possible
leave what you guys play ellie river entered and yeah that fuckin mothers on shared during every area that's one of the cool things about music you guys can take requests of comedians take requests players in a while i really try anathemas versus thunder pussy that that kind of requests for many years by what we do about it i got this
now and see the banks of the chain johnny man you since you say so that change
being in me down bad that's all
listen to the big city did he say that's down bad faith shit we cannot do that when you love therefore concern ass wholly shares that in those really cool i like the banjos mega comeback i'd like that you know the mantra gets done under the basle would have been the banjo gathered hillbillies
i always motherfuckers you know why it's ok i like being the underdog him from cleveland you know it's like you you got it you gotta come back up in vain deep respect for do carry out man i met drew carry i'm in your head i met him at swingers the day and every day and great god i walked out and as you know i don't normally do this kind of thing but i'm a home hero lover he now and i was like too many aims then i'm i'm from parma high which is what the show we talked about this on the part i do we and he was so fucking nice any actual tweet it out as i like after a tweet adam and eve is super cool really nice guy eyes a sweeter its agenda nice guy area as nice i see run into people that are genuinely nice cool you know and and when they're not fuck em maybe
i'm on a bad day to you can't really mean to being we ve all been there ve been there you gotta move back to hell i come on i want to believe it made us regulate and national issue more no makes nor can i get ray you not i think you know when you were talking about the banjo remember about national southern is made him a natural is it has this real wellspring of music which would just to give us a lot of music and national right but there's a lot of traditional music and like caught you know stuff it's like a hutu merk you know in a bad way luxuriant bluegrass music is i mean it didn't didn't come out of national specifically for that region you have traditional music any you're not really touch with that many other places i feel great music scene but there aren't people keeping a flame alive as far as i that's interesting so they're keeping like a bluegrass flame alive there really are american roots music is is huge
and the people that are dedicated to just like spreading this shit make sure people know about it ha and that's i mean that's that's why the banjo still you know because someone yeah i mean this like this always been a respect that rock and roll guys pay to things like blue grass or the loser did you ever yeah i'm sure you guys know the song one why all time favorite scattered songs the bow of kurdish low do no less on its about him picking up bottles and return i you so give money this guy curtis low so you sing a song because this guy sit down the great given money and by wine within nude sang songs for people and it's just a fuckin beautiful song but it's just a beautiful song it's a beautiful song that skinner did as like just in in
in honour of these like unknown blues guys out of respect for their responsible for all this secular jimi hendrix exist without these guys is written about some guy you know this is like the recording error in the forties and fifty's you'd have digits zone in on these blue skies funding on the street the sky blind willing to tell he was saying and they bring them up to new york they cut songs them given like twenty five bucks i sent back and make amelia noise and twenty years hours put out his record this guy like atlantic requisites gammon earning and finds him on the street stillness does thing that is involved these guys man where there was quite a few the deafening taken advantage of ashore he now and this office weird lower behind it all to like was fastened by robert johnson the whole story crossroads you saw the soul the devil the devil
better songs sounded there really good but the really good for the time i devil would have like mad universal magic through its size that for whatever reason they just don't quite how hang in there they dont quite hole there's some old songs he wasn't under their fascinating but they dont quite touch you you know and then you get to a certain point where they are ok this song will exist for ever and my my register is like songs like whole lot of love evelyn holati love like
give a fuck what happens care if they invent time travel i don't care if you ve got like robots on pluto that put your body and suspended animation and print a threed a copy of it that breeze carbon dioxide and wandered around the surface i don't care you're not gonna make a better song and a whole lot of love you may make it the different songs it might be different but it's not going to be better it's not possible to be better just rather tore down down down don't don't don't don't don't download down now that this is something about the beauty of palmer's voice and the sounds of the guitar and jimmy pages hidden perfect and that at the time time is marijuana smoke in the air and everyone's on lsd is to allow now don't it's a day print time they capture
this rare moment with the universe gave birth to flowers universe gave birth like these artistic flowers in the form of human expression they they were birth out of the human consciousness and imagination rather than pioneers you know they're the they kind of started this thing but it's interesting now juxtaposed like music made today or others so many manufactured sounds and stuff it's not like hey this is what the drum sound like in the basement you know like an awesome does it seem like things that are real i hate the word organic but it seemed like the right word to describe he'd like the black he's like that they were there awesome but there are also still like they didn't come up with that sound well but didn't come over the blues they nicety and really well righted zepplin that's occurred sect among ass thing pioneers like that's a great word and i also think not a fitting one necessarily maybe ever could
he always did it yeah or and there is always sensitive area that is now true is not so true is now its unique about the whole thing is someone else's oh it there is no real pioneers it is everyone a sort of having a torch off and theirs moments where someone comes up a whole lot of love and you know what the fuck is you made a pull a black diamond that weighs a thousand pounds you figured out a way to make some like universal really weird in unusual and end in an important object and they rarely weren't even china just kind of filtering this stuff it's it's like a set of circumstances inexperienced yankee these british dude here this music from this weird working class and when we really pant year long abolishes in there's some of them that you know
sometimes you have to step back away from them to realise there really were like if you don't listen a sweet home alabama for six months and then you have to tell you it's like you don't have sex if ur likes six weeks when you when you do have sex it'll be so amazing because every how much will be like the power the touch will be inflated beyond belief every all did the sparks the energy the butt the only way for that to build up as you gotta take some time off as sweet home alabama overplayed tat they beat a fuck i saw causes so good but sometime you can forget you forget still on the haze what you're saying
all you need is a little time off a little time off and you realize that god trying to speak through some fat long haired florida boys that's gonna be relation between sex not having sex or six weeks enables sneaked it's because you don't like here familiarity brains can tell me where i heard just familiarity breathed in terms you know sweet alabama inside and out you can appreciate what it really is what it really is guys final lightning rod to the universe of constant they just hit that fuckin button sway hall man the burma i am now and this is nineteen whatever seventy who the fuck knows the cars world dog shit fuck and oil crises is fuckin do next jimmy carter everybody's a mess and then also these fat guys out of florida ugly
white trash fat guys sweet but not even fat all the time beginning actually have a happy song minutes a joyful song had moments run day were amazing whatever but they were for that brief moment a time for that planks stay where i may add leonard skin and to this day if i have like a list of shit on my ipod and a mighty near porter sunlight down i'm scroll through and i see my little skinner folder life you gotta scared gonna go to standard man think either appeals and vulgar even every song sounds like an easy disease very at all done matter it's like do like that the chemical raver we'd like what that's the i want they're so unique in that and it's like you know tat i hear that like this that such a marching sort of style that's browsing shit
how many guys come like into the cage intermix martial arts fights and even in fixing fights nameless nay cdc fuck you thunderstruck siberia and we had a really kind of defence moment of our of our lifetime i would say not lifetime but we saw black sabbath we're overseas we're in amsterdam and it was actually happen do then thanksgiving as well and a friend of ours got us tickets see black sabbath and you you ve got a thing like on your desire the you know you don't miss that if you have an opportunity and it was amazing like it was really you really saw his energy was was so genuine it really was you could tell he was having a blast he couldn't for shit i mean he was so off key they was almost back in key like i was so that our often octave that it was almost again but it was so entertaining to see him because he really fella you
his energy was like across the whole life cycle is called the zero dome rose it this huge you no place and it was it was a really crazy experience to see ozzy osborne you know web onstage do two things is like signature moves like that we need song it be like i get back and screaming easy but it was really really great to see you know he's and brandy moon would see rikiu curiously whence he still panthers right yeah vegas we want this is still panthers and various and the dude whose lead singer does the most insane impression of ozzy osborne i mean pitch movement like the waste apples onstage he does crazy train and is holy shit it's so good it makes you wanna go see asia is really essential goods are place that they have right bans ice
ok that's amazing but it makes me want to see some will they have on their not just a plan d like a show in the guise of illegal review it what's its ass almost like a little bit of that it is going to tell but this audio hard to hear you get what we see it live though it's fuckin insane i mean he sounds like ozzy osborne is prime i mean exact it's brilliant yeah maybe you want to go see icy before it's too late however there is another twenty to thirty minute drum so low that went on i would really be transported you you were in the seventies with eric we're back and this is where we very often but i did at in amsterdam and it was it was cruel it was crazy a meteor dislike fuck em get higher
i remember one time i really right at the coming home on a plane those writing in a lot of times and are right i'll united pot edible before get on the plane and this one was particularly strong for whatever reason i decided to play crazy train over and over and over again but i repeat and i'm too play that song for fuckin five hours world right i also think it from all the way from new york bagged ella was five hours of crazy training again it is one of those things like catch a great a groove arising i've never thought about writing to other music because were usually i'm writing music but that be you know what is the sun was shining like like when i was it like i could never like study when i was in school could never really studied there's music in the background they be really distracted by monsters are much the same way but i needed comfort yeah that's really five hours i always do that static earlier comfort bar it's also when you get when you get
super high patterns start to once they become like very recognisable by the mind the mind settles into this idea there's not going to be any interruptions in those patterns so like easy train essentially becomes like a three minutes and thirty five second arm we re helping me because i'm really bad at being high so bad i am not it's not i was you know our millions i can't i can't i'm not sent in i can't really focus on a conversation and i feel very self aware and i won't take a fucking nap are here i totally understand those things are very very logical but i think that what i like about it is that terrible feeling of everything going completely off the rails and then you get back to reality you take your breath these are good because it gives you have gives you search of a bizarre early introspective perspective and such
intensely sensitive view of the world that when the right is over let you get off and we're fine now came to see health like going on a really should have again another word feels so you appreciate your job yeah what's not even that its shitty it's just that in its use equally terrifying moments reveals to you that's the beauty of just placid reality when everything cicero relaxed yes i just get i used smoke all the time and i get this right of massive anxiety and sick leave you don't really remember like was it like you're twenty third in twenty fourth year is now high time you pretty crazy usually it's everywhere but that i love you to do that with those for some to shape he was a man although everyone does cosmic voyage to despair here between de tourney rose into the night we are colonies are i spluttering you're like
it is really yeah that's interesting gets really drives a long time have to hear what is interesting how they were prescribed certain like kind of uppers to people that are hyperactive and balances that are really fun let me tell you i've that from several people this week it feels like your time to have taken after all recreational sorry i felt it goes on mushrooms it was the best thing ever actually we were in paris we were in paris with redoubled and i i took an outer all and we went to the if a tower and i had the time ever fell amazing why a super saying that we really fun show i mean that we do they have to show all no no no it was way earlier in the day i was married to the ottawa was worn off i don't like to be helen whereof six hours
my fucking eyes and it is here that second person hannibal bird said the other day we really fun but you nurse says nimrod malta with birth with thousands perhaps death like that you definitely like you gotta be president you know you don't have to be in control of my faculties while much as possible yeah no i totally understand but something the last for six hours that's like fuck yeah donors that for six hours the problem that we talked about that to all that's my problem problem crazy you wear a fanny pack something like actually just took one last night ammonia right now so i went right i am i feel uncomfortable
an amazing if you're comfortable ever hear no use breathing say you're saying you went out last night or did you just stay home alone sometimes using lives one up selective bono it's gotta massage last night so i just did a massage in quotes air quote creeper isnt better now i listen we will live in trying times when they leave behind you just wanted to fund with the methodology and ass all fuckin snake come out of this place it inside a turtle head would have thankfully magnetizing ashine in any one year well you know what we need to about everything that's the problem you can't just talk only about passion people get bored safeguard their speeches over a number of you
the bone or anywhere listen my life i would bring it up to your welcome founded had been broken bones all day going to my bones do no one economy is doing later if you like is like does it give you local whispered here whistling here you know that the demon boulders eyes waves link between the world's opens up just a creek the bone or spirits confine through your fuckin nervous system only spirit you feel them this is an interesting conversation with this girl once issues talking about like like the difference between a woman getting excited in managing the excited pretty obvious if a man's excited but like a warm and could be a prostitute totally pretend to be excited and not give a fuck but a man has like this one thing that he has to show in itself if
like acting excited but it does have an erection hey something indeed deceptive flyer what's going on here you're full of shit it's like it's interesting nature said that up way easier lighted dude it's also a way easier alighted dude am i disagree that i'm not i mean time worse totally getting down but like if you're you're not where you're not wet and that's that's gotta be disappointing for food but that's emmy lou but there's a decorating we don't know any better know there's primarily now could convince myself otherwise i met a retarded where it's easy for us to hear you know she's not june which was a weapon was wanting between probably made real ill this doesn't he probably get often go organic probably gluten really make a difference
pure birth control and not on birth control what am i saying in line fuck i bet it does insane you have better orgasms like all the whole thing it's like more of it come out from this yeah yeah yeah i'm sure it's it's like a muted sexual side tears no i'm sure get bigger and that's fun it's letting embody think that its pregnant it's really not here there's something about things i am i don't think i would we'll go back on anything like that probably not the smartest thing for your body right but it helps people in some things like girls who have acne alone title get i actually gave me acne well yet was real bummer it's interesting still also that they ve never figured out a solution like that for men a pill solution and i wonder
if it has rather the same sort of compromising aspects will there's aquitaine if you want the hard stuff but that's pretty no telling about me something they keep moving north makes men sterile airlines yeah eleven it's horrible it is like a temporary stare listen what you just said that's horrible thought but the pale i think of our overseas rises above all is it not an apparently it's like a walk in procedure i don't know if it's a hundred percent irreversible i think sometimes taken in a mean you have to go to really good doctor knows there doing but i think there are definitely can be complications when every start cutting its external vondra that all the pressure lies on the woman was is and you are right i tell you this is gonna reveal it like that now have to think about it it is its horrifying to me to think of fuckin with the testicles but the same terms too
routine yeah take that can't you noticed that i'll get you d that should have been locked up current yeah i went into shock like i literally nido had like it's it's called big base so vague the squire i can't run but actually dilation in that way you you your body like it doesn't work repeating words of heard online ate them takes waited idea there's a word for it i know transposing a road to purchase afraid i'm sorry it then she had a robot can occur in here regina heavier with many words sorry what about a decade better knowing with the boys its it certainly is like a rude not just of us but of culture to sort of may a distinction like it discussing for a guy to take up
that makes a sterile like kills euro sperm you'd billig tongue i mean just didn't put it on the market i think there's a certain a valuable asset sort of mindset that goes along with the idea of fertility and i think that virility and fertility a very important to men and the you have killing or use vermes with a pill scary if you really going to totally command you would get an operation if you weren't going to totally comment the idea could them with some sort of evil compound made freeze january you'll be fine yeah but can't come out the same way like vegetable yeah probably would you cook or frozen it's like drinking would you rather cook with frozen this necessarily sums wrong yeah we don't know where this i totally get it
if i was you check i'd be really bomba somebody wanted me to take a pill that made my body think that its pregnant and then all kills you libido which supply what nature would do almost automatically if you're pregnant privilege ok slowdown hooker anymore deck yet a baby on the way down and it sam it's trusting like when you go relationships like obviously if you're dating it's not as much of a problem you know because you use condoms that's fine honestly like but if you're really serious with somebody and then you get to that point really you like love you and i want to use this anymore let's kick it up a notch right now it is then you get to the point where like you you have to figure out well shit how do i want to manipulate my body to have more pleasurable said
or or more intimate connection if you will and or or you know let's just whatever you roy that we're gonna take it may or may not make a baby fuckin terrifying yeah the idea may or may not make a person is fuckin thing especially when you're young musicians trans traveller road and god i wanna get anybody pregnant rather we have as yet a bit visit you baby daddy and that has got some guy pregnant tennessee magic tricks you guys pregnant boy produce it be such prudes where is he you get us pregnant fighting the other guy's bill it would be a total rowers ukraine about jerk off a jerk off i'll fine overrides jerk off only able to get me pregnant we would just get tons of abortions would be like that again everyone beginning every day but what
if you were a dude who had the site weird sort of genetic desire to breed what if you like yet all these male aggressive qualities that we associate with being mail but also the need to get pregnant the universe hit a switch on you researcher producing weirder shit when it comes like can frogs against which saxon we weird fuckin eggs that its interests some people love to get pregnant just to say that their pregnant i'm not kidding it's we fucking weird you meet a lot of people out there you know it's just like do you really mean getting pregnant justice either pregnant you think they dislike to maybe they're not getting pregnant but that they sometimes they enjoy the was like an accomplishment portion right too well a definite yes are you located regulations almost immediately i didn't feel like it it can be excellent let me rephrase that because got you don't go for everybody if you wanna get down procreate like more power to you but you have
admit you ve seen people exploit it yes in a way that its like do you really want to have this this life creating or do you just love like you're facebook updates and kneeling why there's an interesting aspect like i think it's it's some someone in in someone i know posted a photo of the pregnancy test run the facebook it was like you pete on that you know both as i think as a person whose never given birth your perspective would radically change if you that's true i've never been inside you but it's also what people choose to and not to share on facebook right gets real squirrel we like you like sometimes like you go in someone's facebook and especially so in the you know and they write like a bunch like really personal share about a relationship retirement
i only want to walk away from this i certainly a comment you go girl you know good things come to those awaiting some fuckin maxwell house coffee commercial whatever blob sorry to hear you fuckin you're in the dumps like with why where people are gradually had a friend and whose memory the guy who was like he was like like that's it i'm dying i got mine you reach out i am because you're a good man then had somebody that he knew but like it would as man but involves northern rock where norman you're paying seem so cheery america you captured it think people a book and lonely and that that is an outlet everyone has access to you also nobody's gonna and to whom in real life so i can put it out there and maybe someone to listen to digital it's a powerful and yet terrifying things sometimes because then you get paid
well that are fucking annoying and then people that are really serious in a dark way more you know it's such a weird balance i can never tell i feel about it because social media is great for a ban like us because stay afloat you know that i say present burn because we're not assign van were not on the radio at the same time then there's like than your personal circle your personal friends and that some crazy shit you know sometimes you just get these people like they they reveal these really personal things and i never know what to do i you know where that is blocked with it and i think it's it can be off putting what is also important to four people we will get shit out rang out
i was listening to something they are targeted learn all these mental health divine having talked people may talk and people's fully the best there i wouldn't you write iraqis are regular mental health workers in africa right and there they are over there in all these african chives people more native people were kind of rejecting these mental health workers cause they come in and in the these people the more african peoples they will they come in here and they don't say anything about dancing in us anything about put out for the community and say anything about turning these feelings you know d personalized them evil spirits they just tells to come into a room with a stranger a dark room with a stranger talk about their problems you know tat out there today instead of an essay we don't want this kind of western fear we wanted just get it out and do it together in france and hang you know i'm not saved facebook is really
doing that but there's a certain similarity there between like many shared it's alright what is eventually i think there's no right sharing now will this excessive sharing and this also like what it's all about light that though the comfort that people i have in discussing like very personal relationships stuff with very poor no you know mum morbid thought sir worries about your own finite life or whatever you like sometimes you read someone's facebook page and you want to know whether or not you reach out to read some like weird moody thing that they wrote nego whoa what the fuck is he saying here what is some shit that i'm gonna reed and then wish that i called him when i hear something went wrong you know we are worried about the cost of but i think that what we're doing by
on connecting with each other on light things like twitter and then things like facebook and then ultimately whenever the new ones are that keep coming cuz the network and its area stop we're gonna get like deep this oculist rift facebook connection who knows where the hell that's gonna leave but that jack italy some insane place arduous river rift you there never put it on record duncan has one of these things he said the half hour maybe he'll are easy it's amazed and right now it's it's in what is unknown how dare you teach me this really is an engine only version of virtual reality that their developing games for and they have a few demos right now and are making some new games but most of what you're getting when you look at the attack these days is essentially samples of what's potentially possible a door in two whatever this is that so intoxicating facebook how much they pay for it it was three hundred hours three hundred bucks
why does it just mario it's a damn can't right now so like right now it's not an i mean how much it facebook youtube alien i'd know you being silly so my dear i wish i'd now given for but what it two billion hello that's crazy this technology as you put this headset on and you like around and you see the skies he leaves falling from the trees sea birds fly around three d still environment and they have this one you interact with it you can walk around in it right now you can interact with their bill
in question are you can run they want to wear your helmet be we are now one of these past one you like first or whether not together excel be fuckin crazy with the helmet on one of my feeling but what am i see and remedy leaves vying with someone's phenomena ass they really gotta figure it out though because it's it's still makes a lot of people sick and every time i let people use it day there are they got it most of them are like no this is i can't i have to sit down well i tried it it didn't make me sick i think is the universe china ouida weak bitterly i think you did a roller coaster on now the one i did was so mild i'm completely kidding because all i did was walk round backyard didn't make me set him but i have heard i get sick when i read my laptop in the back of a car like a woman accede someone else's drive and to try to have with all yours like call of duty like three like three sixty video games i can't do that shit
watching the blair witch project i don't i don't play them because there is as i have a little seriously piggy pity had a little bit it nothing little crazy we call duty space piercy may use easy super as i say not eighty nine my mind i feel like i hear myself slurring i won't stop talking now so goodbye listen i think we're out of time we're gonna turn towards any second by edward is it's always automatic does i'm all of the yards you the shit here are two positive awesome fund people living around where i can speak for prime were honoured attire speaking for events because of it i love you guys like you said it means to he tells me when you not around thanks to our part cast bonkers thanks to cause damage one on women ass i know what it is i just don't know what you're code is
master to examine all the same old i'll find out the master i won't leave you hang in you freaks cause i love you i think you to say they would have sent you regularly when you sign up there's a place to actually chew now it's wrong again it's lou maasai dot com slash joe so go to blue mossy dot com slash joe and click the start training botany and start playing your first game we mustn t it's a bunch of cool games designed to increase your brains ability to function faster because of exercise the ideas its jim for your mind what i said there your brain spilled function factor faster take
the count that i am certainly now scientists planning church the imagination nor do i know if those games really truly i read studies that they say that games video games especially enhance cognitive functions some strange way what the fuck do i know that a quota of my there but they do in these tests what i'm saying is luminosity fun and which is a lot of the things that they have attributed to video games you can even design game specifically further shit you're interested in giving the mossy a full commercial because i'm not sure if we gave the first time eliminated fire accidental mac explosion anyway luminosity dot com forts lashes i will see you guys on friday with the great dennis but cannot genesis bringing in a good friend of his and will you have a crazy podcast at its most likely gonna blow your fucking mind so too
and then as well and i will see you guys april third in miami at the fillmore theater with the great tony hinchcliffe and the other two dates baltimore on april 25th in orlando on april 18th both those dates are almost sold out so hot by freaks much love to see you soon they kiss honey honey honey honey band
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