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#482 - Rob MacCachren & Bud Brutsman

2014-04-09 | 🔗
Rob MacCachren is an American off-road racer. He raced the Mickey Thompson Stadium Series early in his career and went on to win championships in Championship Off-Road Racing, SCORE International, SODA, and Best in the Desert. Bud Brutsman is a television show creator, executive producer, known for shows such as Overhaulin', Rides, and King of the Cage.
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Legend is here to the music young Jamie, we're gonna talk about credit will gain experience. My neighbour transfer many and many a year more than two decades throat within friends are long. Sixteen seventeen years, some like that long asked time, but every year leaves family and friends behind and travel to Mexico to do this you're, crazy race and every year I talked to his wife shaking my head. I talk to other people shaking my head that Bud Brussels. Is a crazy son of a bitch. What the fuck is he. You went down in Mexico, doing jobs, flying over hills, while he, is brought with him, Rama, Catherine, who is Apparently, the man when it comes by raising stuff and
I mean I m fascinated by it and so on. Real excited did get you guys on the part, cats and talk about it, and I know you ve got something upcoming that you're promoting that people get a chance to check it out. I started racing amid the tv business right, so I think you think I'm crazy, but This raises much like Mt Everest. To me, you just gotta go It start always started a stupid bucket. Listening you gonna go do right, so I that one year robs and doing for twenty five years. Thirty years I I didn't, want you two thousand five and, unlike I gotta, go climb out Everest. I gotta go to do this thing, so I did it through a sponsor might be of courage, and, unlike oh, my God, This is actually leads back to you. This is mixed. Martial arts of racing there's no rules is no class There are their classes, but there's no rules. You can do anything. You want their consequences down there. I mean If you dont train you don't pay attention, you don't sleep. You got part of it before you consequences. We get her get killed. You can record
are you still Miller Desert for twenty hours? You I just went to go, compete. Kullak an iron man I'm gonna go compete. I want to finish it writes. I just said You did a marathon data marathon, I'm a big and little trophy is fine, and now I'm hooked rights within it. Kind of the law. This majestic place rabble talk about, allow this majestic place. Ives, like I finished, I'm happy thirty six hours in a car. I finished it was grey area, happy. I was tired shit. Then the next year came back and I'm gonna do it again, maybe I'll take second or third, get on the podium minutes. I started chasing it started chasing. They took me eight years every day You know, I'm I work out all the time just to go race. I why
raise videos. I take as much detail as I can gladly do the wondrous year idea about two races year, just one the practice in and I go down and raise the thousand and I finally one or two thousand twelve. But then those guys like rob two hundred winds, he's wait, he's one two hundred times and offered racing he's one five. While the stats, five Baha one hunt by bought by went thousands five one five hundred he's either the legend of our sporty races and trophy trucks, which is not Michael. So for folks who don't know way what Baja racing is explained that what Robin and she explained it since you ve done it airs decades. Absolutely by one thousand is bar peninsula basin. We started in Sonata race, lay down in the pause, proximate thousand miles off Ronaldo roads, so a small road, sometimes we can get through dirt. We have to get up on the highway actually raise down the highway with the traffic as but was alluding to. There is no rules, though high
is wide open. The race courses wide open their cattle there's horses. Theirs Are they speed limits on the highway now there, are there needs to be the editing to be now the odes we sanctioning bodies the sport of growing little bit and mixing government does want rob do, and I cant do in thirty miles now and the highway he can. They don't want. The two hundred thirty one. So they they got down the sixty, but they lay it sections. It's really at like it between rounds in a fight. You know you get jump on. The highway gets home to relax a little bit, gets it take a drink of water, your crews and sixty miles an hour in my head about five miles. You dump off in the dirt again, and you just call acid how fast you go in the dirt, the top speed it closely forty Jesus Whitcross, dry lakes, hundred thirty five and forty miles an hour through the works. You know two and three foot works like waves anywhere. You know sixty or two hundred and twenty across them. It's an incredible thing: the wheels,
although these trucks, as over twenty inches in the front over thirty inches in the rear, the tyres that we have thirty nine inches tall. They a lot of money, luckily, both but an irish spot support by Bf Goodridge. It is. Incredible, incredible sport in like but was saying we got involved with it. He fell in love, I did the same thing back in the early eighties and I'm addicted to it. The boy one thousand. It only comes once a year. He try to win If you don't get it done, you gotta wait another three and sixty five days get down there. Do it again and it's an awesome feeling and you can't wait to get down there. Do it so trucks they have like so special suspension on them or we'll is kind of independent and they have a lotta, we'll travel, so they can hit these big crazy bombs, and it still kind of keeps a thing fairly levels at this. The idea behind it absolutely got a great analogy there. The other the front pensions. They are independent, the rear actually straight actual, but with enough shocks that are
four and a half inches in diameter, coil springs after five inches in diameter. The trucks They work really really well over the bombs their amazing. When you watch video, you see the wheels just flop and around like they're, just just super loosen the incredible thing that this Absolutely amazing here they have, I know Dodge, makes a truck. That's just like up a purpose built off road truck that, they sell for, like civilians, Ford Voyages, attract why Ford makes the raptor right will indulge to make so and even more hard core version ever further ram because shaken not other dusty afforded evil We know the truck industry in both rob and I were in an early stage to develop. With the rapporteur, I raised captain away Roy was in the early development and of the other raptor testing, and we just had a conversation test in Bahrain. We we know the truck market pretty well Dodge has nothing, but they ve they ve tried to duplicated,
They ve done. There's there's some something called a ram rendered. Exactly. There's Jamie pulled the video Dodd Raptor verses RAM runner head to head This is what I am referring to. I saw a video online. There was ever driven wonder now given the rapporteur a lot and now there an incredible vehicle. I know the pretty cool goodbye them like early I'm Harlem. It's amazing to be I'll, go to the fort dealer in and get a truck that is capable of doing what the raptor is, I'm I'm blown away. I've been in the offered industry for a long time and It's actually incredible with what the rapporteur can do. Yeah neighbour has one these things you go get groceries. See that's the year that the difference between Them is that the rapporteur, apparently wants the video the raptors more comfortable driving around. You can actually use it as a regular car. Worse the ram runners it's more like you know one of these things. Some
the really wouldn't driver ministry. Yet Ramrod, I don't want it. Isn't: myths probably aftermarket a purpose built by a third party or a second stage, manufacture, it's not the mean, so it's not like as mainstream as the rapporteur. They they run, they run and I've talked to them. I ve been that the plant they run like eight effluent fifties and throw wrapped in a wonderful fifties, put a raptor minutes. It's a real production. Vehicle rye number panache vehicle. That was what the point is going to be like this is become this. This type of racing has become so popular that the Ets a bleeding over into the commercial market, led the regular domesticated human beings buying these trucks that they could just drive into the desert me good. Fucking go crazy. In it bumps with the EU to see we called Nero five dollars. You know me making the offload truck, buying, arrange or put fiberglass spenders on raising up lower in it, and I think you know four, our companies are like eight. We should build something they can by right off the lot and they did that thank tee, Thou
but and I both whence it got invited go to. Do some testing with the rapid and blow we buy it, and then they came the show Romania capable buying those things for you know under bound fifty thousand dollars, it's incredible vehicle. Yeah they're, France's shit, to write six to the sixties, really fast and motor motors incredible. I beat the crap out of our Rais D, two hundred and three hundred I've cross, diabolic, bed it's amazing motor. The stock motor to that's Niven pumped up my trophy trucks got nine hundred horsepower, that's where we can do, when forty nine hundred horse power there there, while there there they, probably a full gas hundred. Five gowns gas gets about two
as a gallon nine hundred horse power, three nine hundred and five gallons of gas. We asked it didn't draining a bomb in order. Getting what you gotta have a much gas, because it you might Galileo give very far in really gets two miles. The gown pretty much that's about the average within Europe, and that is the whole areas. They that's where, if you have a two mile to the gallery car wow, nine hundred horse power? That is a bad. It's about nine hundred horse power, a hundred now Mcgowan, some hundred five gowns wow, that's crazy So how long can I gotcha like when you it's not always two miles right like when you're on the highway going sixty eight it all up to eight years ago to price six crazy? We try to. We try to go anywhere from in one hundred and seventy five miles to two twenty five and I think a gas, horsepower horse power. Tyres can't go home farther out there in the desert spent in just. Tearing the rubber. Often till you have.
Spares in the back or do have pit stops. The gulf both would carry to spare tyres on the back, but we have to just two, but every every hundreds Five to twenty five miles. We have a full on fuel pit. We Poland, stop they'll put you know hundred gowns aghast forget, it fell back up and change tyres on the truck in and if we have never flattened between spots, although, though, rack another tiresome we pretty much of that plan d, pacing up and down the Baha Peninsula about eleven hundred mile race will stop every two miles. If we do the shorter loop races, from two fifty two five hundred miles or the other races go half way, dude fires and fuel and and hid it so, but when we did for functional now, Bud produced is produced, she's crisis hundred shows, Mammy shows you produced used overhaul in and rides and rides.
Did that. Bear Cuba, the silver barricaded we mean. That was why, like two thousand for five or six five, so that was like right around the year that you are you're beginning to re read. It the time and I love, I love Jujitsu and I love all the stuff tat we use to training, and this is kind of my new, my next new passion. I was had to figure out what the new and crazy they're gonna go to an article in a climax Everest. I'm gonna go do some stupid. This is my something stupid is really just a had, so many tv shows on the air at the time my sponsors like. If we want to treat. What you got on doing stupid, celebrity race and then I just haven't written but was also for folks know. No was one of the owners of the king in a cage back in the day, and but an I manage budgets. Are we trained at John Dogma channels? Are both students, John Jocks, damn you are always involved in a bunch of fucking. Ninety shit you're always off doing something: loony tunes, but this one man this one's stuck like glued, is Baja thing boy. You get look in your eye like a fuckin junkie when you'd start
how can you legwork, legged crazed crackheads look is to get that negative things. I am sure, with nine hundred horse power car flying around gonna hundred forty miles our bombs, it is now like you, ve ever seen. No, you you have to like I talk to you. Like a new. A good friend of mine, Andrew hindered he raised as easier for years right so he's please. God is most days gotten out of his recent s, easier in the American Le Monde Series and their fast and he's love in it, he took one right new, trophy truck soul. This stuff and he's got five trophy trucks. Now in his most are racing so flat ground got boring flat. Ground always use boy, go around the fuckin circle. It's stupid. Do you gonna circle? You circle, I laughed I live to add for your brain like bouncing
burn down. I talked to a guy who is an expert in. I know a lot of shit. That's what I'm saying my whole life, I'm looking at my whole law, my choices and MIKE it's amazing. I talk for a living, one less sure. There's anything I don't do it does not bad for my brain but the bouncing around. Apparently he was telling me that even just jet skiing. Why go off water. Skiing like didn't, pull, buying a boat and bound up and down he's, like that's really battery brain argue there's! No, where nature were you, to delete in Eu Waters, Have you had snapped up and now he's like it? major it's like what running? Maybe the occasional jump you jump over things, your avoiding animals that are trying to eat. You gave it to. You, know the human bodies, an amazing thing right, so my very first raised. I don't think I could feel my neck or my head for really has afterwards. My neck was so sore and at the time
I have actually been lots. Modern technologies more. They gave me the heaviest oldest crappy, his helmet. It must await six pounds here, put this on and then I was in the car for thirty six hours with his helmet on, and I thought my head was gonna come on, you get it MIKE Tyson neck from. Yes, you do good work out. What I do I do want for training for thing I put a twenty five pound played on my head and I'm not I'm not kidding. I believe you, you got it you, your body start to evolve in, could absorbed in you. Actually, the in the thing that helps you the most. Is you if you're almost like, like a drunk driving, you just relax, do see both it's fucking relax, You put like Robin, I won't, could take us for a ride. We do an occasion thereof on a holy Shit bar in their tents and they are so tense in her seat belts are struck down, not breathe into their and and the they suck their thereof, and we actually seal team guy was on my team and oh nine. He put his
sleep also tie it likes heart, hurting their gladlier clavichord, crushing down your stern, MR different separated from your chest and, unlike kidding he's like, I think my heart hurts like I suddenly my joke in my heart hurts, I think, a hurt. My heart might know you just what happens you really? You push so much on the classical down. Second down in your just as everything your ribs separating the sending you start amount. So like the area they cut off when they give you open heart surgery, it starts separate, gets dry here and only a hooker you're, not having a heart attack. Let us put your things, become pussy you! No! No! No! I took Josh Barnett did two years ago, yet Y know lot. Mme goes, do it doesn't apple Eric Apple? He goes down their law, no easy, but he's been down their lot. He'd ashore court racing for yet he did shore course because a lotta racing he told me he was involved some horrible horrible wreck. We was bad, yet he did, he didn't know. Did you say I think, and I like Elsinore. He was in the West Coast,
try oh yeah, they went over and over and over, and he here he got blood in his I got monkey. He said I think you're all sorts very leading head bleeding. Yet. And he was and is a novice he's, a great friend of armies and obvious races. Much that was a he's, another fuckin, not right means he started out his career door, Korea. Motorcycle racing on in them a may now another the adrenaline junkie up the yard. The idea behind. This is all based on. Competition is one thinks we're talking about like there's very little money in this year, for It is really it it's a beauty, four, because you don't really have to have a lot of money to get in certain classes and then, if there's the like the upper echelon class like Rob's class and there's not and I'll, stop talking to me, there's not a lot of money into it, but then, How much money is not raising a minute you'd, all the really big sports earth things at her on a bucket list.
Doesn't allow money climbing. I met a Mount Everest sexual cost. You twenty five grand. If you wanna go, do it you, MRS Wallis's you have to go, do rye is passion driven, I mean we get addicted to it like a drug We end up spending everything that we have to do it. All clar small classes, the they run anywhere from twenty to fifty grand trophy trucks I drive there five hundred thousand dollars that five hundred thousand our truck- oh, my God, shovel picture, one those? What? Where would deal a report? Trophy truck No, just a robber can do with duty. I wanted to say yeah Rebecca kinda. Come you pull it up and you know for me too: that there's a mystique around Baja for some reason is all based in Hugo that the essence of cool, I guess you're trying- is you're trying to figure your. Found your twenties, you authorities need look, you look back esteem Mcqueen as sixty Mcqueen and Jane Gardener, and all these ethical Paul movement there Raise the race mean they. They did this race before and they went down there and they raised. They is booming. Mcqueen almost wanted a couple times really Paul
when raised it, when he was eighty I really need these. Cool gangways. They will kill them. Poor bastard these four guys want to go down there and re. So there's a cool mystique to amend the list of celebrity. Some people want to go down. There. Re suggest interesting, yeah I guess it's a very strange thing that this has become so that the truck yeah that's actually image trophy truck, that's actually ashore construct there. That's the shock horse racing to that's approach to why is there a naked grow? Next to your decision rests with you. I would make racing better. Absolutely that's rockstar the image I always have a ladys in the posters rockstar energy during operators, angry Alec, when those do it's like, I'm Iraq's melted, driving around him, rockstar now he's a most huh, Arrival at Lahti was out there. I just want to let people know we're just listening. Lotta people after this more people, listen then watch it so the eye the idea behind it, came when like what year did this this, this race get created Europe,
probably in the in the early sixties, when you're my Virginia girl, don't fix it, I read once now: in sixty to say exactly what the hell happened is similar to the hand, a motor company descent. They're going to take her to put out to Enduro Bikes right, one thousand nine hundred and sixty two Stephen. Stunt guy is named Davy gives body can was his stunt double in the races I'll make the shore they said. We give testes biking market to Americans these guys. You just razors and idiots, and they want to go. Ok, we're gonna, go worry and sorted gathers. What happened? They win in ninety six to they they went the Tijuana they were to western They time step a card and they went down a long pause and they time stamped a card run in the sixties that happen and then all of a sudden, so they did a time its color. Like you know, you know that and then all of a sudden. So they did a time it's kind of like you, know You know the gumbo rally. This is like the gumbo rally, but under with issue
car, so they did their rally and then they posted a times. We did that in thirty five minutes. So then some else came back so or thirty five hours I make some came back some way we can beat ass, though they didn't thirty two hours and if you look at the heritage People going down, there is, and I can beat that an entire started. Go down there and car started going down there and then in sixty seven there is. There is a race sixty sixty seven, whose array Sonora Right was aroused nor and then an icon, my world right, Mickey Thompson, he's an icon and modest ports where everything is done, a land, speed and off road and everything the gather drove the rocket car. Yet he did it He drove he built lions feedback is he did every he's? Let me Mickey Thomson and immodest rituals is just isn't just a genius. Is I used to cover a pioneer in a lot of what he was always like ahead of the game he was always building in play hearing something before its time: human problem.
Got together. Salons do a race, so they they started off in Tijuana and there was a couple hundred guys there. There is for gardener was in their dusty Mcqueen. Isn't there a guys? I'm not kidding, had shoulder paths like football, shoulder pads on a motorcycle, attract the flag and they all got Why? Why so that's what started off it's a wild frontier in its I'm telling you do look, there's! No! someone's in your way. You hawk nicely nicely and if they don't move, you like you put them and I'm gonna buy, you run into cars. Yes, so humans are cars you running into humans. Are you running into cars? Cars car depends on the day. Is cars turnouts run into humans as it, but you? me that there is a lot of shenanigans go on with, like the locals, like the of course know that this event is gonna. Take place lot of what we talked about. We talked about before we went on live on the air, but before
the fact that they try to touch the cars. Are you see the videos like I don't know how much how much of this stuff can we show we can't play them, is that what it is no use play all the other one day, the other videos I say you there here's, a video idea. Let's look Why that fuckin thing is it's about ninety two inches wide, which is about fifteen. It Why did the normal truck and there we are going cost dry lake about one thirty and that's your true feature gets a trophy truck. That's bar that looks fine. It is fun but look how close those people get you down there and Baha. I mean that this is the biggest sport that they have in and they re you around for us to come down there and they they have no such huge passion for, like I do they d at times they want to touch the truck. The we'll go, buying, seem trying to reach out and grabbed the truck. Someone the things that the shenanigans they do is they build jobs we traps, we call him in and they they crashed lot of cars but
they're doing as they want to see the excitement they want to see the truck or the buggy hit the jump and fly through the air. Get pictures want things always funny. Mexico's you see that they have the phone cameras and I think you can peace together your whole race by them with their phone cameras our posted it. You got pretty years ago. Two thousand, so I put a very active. So if, first all the Mexicans, amazing their amazing to us and in its sounds like I'm, making excuses form, but they are innocent enough. Were they decide like they truly, and I had to learn this the hard way I had celebrity my car, I was driving, but us just and random levity not had actually genitally? I a chip, Fleetwood me in my car, ok and we're driving and I'm doing about ninety just a rate random dirt road- and I see a bunch of people over Here- gotta, make sure to watch their makes it than darting out in front of me and then who sees a random people over here with a fire and there's a lot of in its dusk and they both have fires outside the shrewd nor, like sister, whose fuckin people do
inside the road, and I hid telephone Paul buried in middle the room right, and I went up like this? I'm coming down at ninety miles an hour. My this is gonna, be terrible. Luckily, the car absorbed it. We nerved in bounced off and kept gone. I didn't see the telephone, pork is dominating manoeuvre and I'm looking a bunch of mixed there's a bunch of Gaza one with it's really nice. Are these people come in at the ceiling? They thought it was cute to set up this booby trapped just to watch people try to job go flying through the air. While I think you know, I think the redneck should do the same thing. If you, if you like, if you have those fences, they do today twenty five hundred and they could actually fix the outcome like we're. We're gives you a deal junior good job, this car right for sure they would do it, but as well as in Mexico, there's no offences digital that are there
the go wherever they want will end. The capabilities of these trucks are pretty extraordinary. The very different than anything that and ask our car could do they're not necessary. I have a bully some people, throw bottles are showing tat, but there are necessarily out to kill us or hurt us, because actually, after they reckoned they'll help us I've had a wreck rectified. The booby trap and no role car over the help. You fix a car with a welder they'll, get pimp. You change attire and push you're on your way that they not only through bottles.
They throw rock, sometimes they thrown snakes in the cab. The truck makes in the cabinet try to you now didn't happen to me, but my partner and it with master crap racing. He was coming and then Sonata coming to finish at night. They Robbie now you're, Robbie Pierce from Ashcroft, gotta snake thrown in the camp of the truck pole eventually makes. Are I don't really care for what kind of snake I don't? I don't know. I know it or areas really poisonous or non poisoners. Who cares if you're driving eighty miles an hour or two snake? It's only looked out, it could be. It may also be a cobra really hard core. You put in your teeth and keep our daughter returned here. That way you to pull over and get the fuck out of the car. So was now GI developed specifically for this race to figure out how to drive fast and hit those bombs cause this. I mean I'm fairly ignorant dummy I cannot understand suspensions a kind of sea, but but
the obvious when I look at your trophy truck. Did this extraordinary equipment on that yeah absolutes is developed over the years you know like when one, but was telling a story earlier out with a start in the sixties, they were taken stock trucks down their plan, will be bigger tyres on them in the windshield item stuff, like that seat, put some extra seat belts and am in now It's just developed into you know: big all tyres that way and we'll pray ways. A hundred fifty pounds of peace wash thanks ten thousand dollars for cent set of shocks for the truck nine hers. Like. I said some of automatic trainees, some of the manual trainees lights, like a baseball stadium, of Casey Lighted, sponsored runs. Of Mamma Roof and in seven, oh Mamma from bumper, and you can see a mile down the road and light up the whole desert in while over the years it's We keep developing making things better in its the whole evil thing you wanna be the first one to pause and your costly thinking about What can you do? What can you make? What can you build to make it go faster? Well,
now, please, no I mean then there's an entire industry respond offer this. This is a halo right, so trophy trucks and Baja racing is a halo for any brand. Doesn't really matter what it is we we retain brands legally, we set forward be of good or it should case big if they can go down there and Conquer Baja, pro, you name that company and they want to go to bar and they always come to make the media guy and the like. How do we do this work on an ad hoc it with a tool for truck and we'll go beating your product as even works its theirs. Entire industry. If you go to see my wish, is that big? You know aftermarket departs thing: there's entire industry, which has dedicated off road in the halo of off road, is behind one thousand racing. It's there. Does it really did you know how we, when you say, is the halo? What do you mean by that yeah? It's, it's really the pinnacle, a few? If you go to racing like NASCAR, F one, you know the stuff is developed and interests doubts and there is a pass through from everything the robbers complete, because he complains lot ever
the rob. Complaints does not fast enough. It's not good enough that you get a nine hundred horse cabinet, for I am sure that those two miles the girl he'll talk to a shock of thy hit a shock. I had this open time at eighty five, my now I'm fell to want to feel it. I drive. I hit all due respect? He drives a fuckin. Pillow unearthing drives itches its it drives. When you go in all over those crazy bombs and shit you're fairly level. Nothing ADHD feels nothing the eve you knew filled But it's it's incredible to its saw analogy. We have, as is like riding on a marshmallow when you jump in your lan, it's like just fall. Like your landing on a marshmallow raw development over the years and end, and thankfully in the trophy truck class, which is the elite class. I've work my way up from the bottom, driven through a moron. Definitely don't want to go back and think.
Different about the bottom ones like what are their company classes are than others. There's there's more than ten classes, there's there's probably six or eight truck classes in their six or eight buggy classes and there's also motorcycles it was a tvs all these being over twenty classes at the bar one thousand and and they all compete again their own class. They all started thrown time together against the clock. They don't we're, not racing. We were racing altogether track the same time, but were separated by sea times you really race in the clock. You do have traffic. You have to get by the guys in judge to get the win.
Don't worry about it so used about jump in doing so when you, when you're driving these things, it's very different than the cheaper trucks cheaper, more cheap, but the different Clara will have different classes, entry level class. Exactly yet have you any level classes and in their lot more stock, they dont have as much will travel, they got eight or ten inches will travel in the truck smaller tyres. There style restrict a lot more in those car. Or a lot more difficult. They beat up lot more. They take a lot longer to get down the down. The pan yeah, that's what I was gonna get out so like when you first started each of much more of a beating. Absolutely so now like. That's that's why you're into these really cushy rides, like you, ve been there done that in there done that I want to work my way up in and get to the top the sport of doing it for thirty years and I've been there, the class since the mid nineties? So this is a good vehicle for the apocalypse, except for the fact that to use so much fuel I leave you have done, you can get,
we gotta make your own fuel at a certain point. I'm not run diesel Riah, see, that's the point You know Neil Young makes his own diesel Darrell Hannah makes her own diesel vegetable oil and crept like that well. Neil young apparently has his gigantic form. He s like and plus acre ranch in northern California, and he makes his own bio diesel and runs all his vehicles off of his own gasoline, so completely totally off the grid. They like a conversion, then old Mercedes. Yet you could do a conversion on any kind of old car monotony. Even new cars, apparently Mamma do conversions to Bio diesel yeah, where we have to Actually I was gonna run one year I was on his work. Was that show their picture Jane, which put up millions Fifty nine Lincoln runs on Bio diesel and can be plugged in LA like that. That's pretty dope!
I was working on at the oars. Gonna do a truck and all Lecter truck down. There is which gas as a possible that's possible. I mean the LE delivery and better ask as I was involved with US truck company and there they and my answer is very stock like well Could you to market the thing I don't care What did they give here? I can be many bike, my answers race it. We should probably erase it right back. I don't care. Could you do I mean? Is it feasible that you could have an of battery power to do the sure yeah and tore could be amazing. That's why I wanted to talk on those elected motives are amazing. The problem is, I don't think you go, are pitted my pits, not his my picture about a hundred twenty miles apart and then be hard yet there you're, my body, Aubrey, has one of those teslas and they'll pick up is incredible. I was really shocked and how fast those things garlic, zero to sixty four seconds to bananas and it's weird because there's no gears it just me just going it's not did you
very much like a spaceship. You just had the grass completely silent, mean you hear the tires rolling on the robber, the rubber rolling on the concrete and that's it you hear anything, it's a very strange, maybe a little bit scary Baja, because the factors you'd there used to hear in the race vehicle come in electric. They pray wouldn't hear common right. We can make any noise, we could play a poker music or saying on how many you would have to have so many batteries, though, what I'm thinking is like a Tesla. If you go from the beginning fully charged to the end you get like three hundred miles. I think that's all we need to do. We planned it out to be a hundred twenty miles recharge. We do you'd be a bill, a carriage underneath which about seven eight hundred pounds of batteries, and then you get to the next pit. You have fully charged said Rob that carried put the carriage able to back up I'd, be in my class, and I can provide them whatever company was at the time it was a topical phoenix
Furthermore, the Baha one thousand wind as a market has some for injured or any these other country. Any other companies ever thought about doing something for it. Amazing because they do use Baja lot at last year. My way stay Brandt, the brand new effluent, fifty the two thousand fifteen effluent, fifty, which is a twin toolbar, charged v, six and in the start, class at stock suspension, Stockton, everything stock on car twinned overcharge be six and we did the rest. Together. I do the raptor when he was on the testing, and I raised the effluent fifty last dear and when you re in F one fifty, how much of it is different than what you buy off a show room floor, nothing role! Ok, we're we're fuel cell role, cage spare tire that one I had. I had a radio we had cup holders Never look at some of the video there's a couple days. You can look up online effluent if the reason behind thousand there's me and you're in a laugh at me, that's airy there that seems pretty different, no different fenders. That's Now you'll see my yes, it's the year two thousand toolbar and they piss me
because I told them they did this to make me mad. They have they made me where a white driving suit, I thought she don't know bug where's buggy, ear, ear the weirdest workin dude I've ever met when it comes to closely over buds house he's got all black pan all black shirts is whole fucking wardrobe. Isn't closet. Is black shirts, black pants black t shirts black underwear swimming the black socks, black socks, black sneakers? It just doesn't want to think about colors, so when they they hit you with some. Why did you wear it? Or did you just get a marker? Sharp I was, I was pretty. Luckily, I didn't have to get in the car. The beginning, and I am in the rain- was whether was pretty cold. So I had a black slicker output of atossa reigned on you in your old around the dirt. You white drivers, it I've been trying to get but high for so long to get him to smoke pot and The first thing you do throw away those fuckin black clothes he's pretty colors I could choose just. Let me get up
skill and we're gonna rules alone that large supporting pastels, you'll start enjoying different colors started asking how ridiculous we soon any dick, and you can wear pastels, not indeed come saying, you'd ever appreciation for other colors. No, I think a small part which going to be more into the dark, Lord whirl and world, and have maybe skulls, and my teacher wow, you get darker okay. Now, when Dr and F. One fifty do use like regular tyres like you'd, take tyres that are right off of a showroom Florida. They do the where the new bf could achieve chaotic. We re on this on this truck normal reinvention, regular f, one fifty suspension stock. Do we want, hunting to hone ranch up in northern workers near Beggar sphere, tv right. You did that the on another was a recent one: went wild pig hunting to home,
It is this huge ranch. It's up! One million seven hundred thousand acres biggest ranch, California huge place this guy Cody, who is one of the guides, their hunting guides? drove us all around enough. One. Fifty and and talk and horrific terrain and this fucking, is driving over rocks and I was so impressed. I was like this is like one of the best commercials for an F one. Fifty you could ever get just going. If you think, about buying on these things, what what's enough one fifty cable up what can drive around to hone ranch for a couple days when these things and in an think, if you would I do this on anything else. This is this is what I uh that's thereafter. The Rob Robin I am we're involves the development of. So that's it. That's it custom raptor, that's not like tat. We re second class a we built it out, but it is that we still have the stock motor
thought. Motor start dash, we did have does we'd have caused the suspension or actually that's what caused me to raise the effluent. Fifty last year is vague, okay. Well, we built the rapporteur a little bit and you know people start now on line like that, wasn't really stocks. Are they made us raise a stock card? so just not even a raptor, just a regular F one, fifty regular effluent, fifty regular. Now, you bought em out at all that that's probably know. Do you know bottom out with your truck, we but were gone the three times as fast as the stoppage like. So I bought a bizarre you don't feel quite is bad, does do as much damage. So the bar of your f one. Fifty was completely stock as well. No nope, its or anything we had a very it. No, we did. We are that we definitely good played on wreath of the front to honour them to protect the motor underneath eggs. We bottom not a lot That's what you see in the front of the raptor that front piece that comes down. That's a skid plate at so you just installed something along those lines. Yet that's it wow
and after we raised it, and then the car was in such good shape and gaining believe cause. This year was what last year's report their video if one fifty races Baja yards, are too that you you'll see it and we put it up on the forty one, fifty new effluent, fifty races conquers bar day. This was a tough it'll, two thousand twelve two thousand thirteenth. I would these single tough, as by a thousand I've ever seen. I dont know Roger Norman, who own score decided. It was his first bar. One thousand courses is my opinion that Rhonda users first bar one thousand. He wanted to make a statement he's a former racer. He wanted to make it the worst fucking course you ever ever could drive, and it was tough. It was hard and slow and fast narrowly, and how do they change it? He does marks, or she go. This is therefore fifty years earlier. That's it! That's me! That's a stock effluent, fifty eight, which is the lights on it wow. That's you drive a nothing had I have the blue helmets sitting in my two great at once. If Fuckin commercial made Ford's really smart doing this, I'm
fuck, I never thought about raising in my life and now thinking I gotta do. This goes rob running right next to the way the girl go straight to the top trophy truck. They guessed he lives in Vegas, unexciting, Vegas, he'll, take out the prim go for a ride, shit yourself, I'm there! May therein may for the? U have see income you'll become value. I will make a deal. Get you see tickets, you! You take me for a second beat ride in a desert. Love that amber love to go outside of uniform good event to its tv Diller Chavez has had an barone should be fun. Now you got I have been involved in this for a long time. How much is the popularity increased over the last few years? Could it seems like there's a lot of exposure. I come here and about our time. Maybe I'm hearing about this because in friendship bud but I mean I'm seeing an on line unseen like a lot of these crazy ram runner type trucks are being built. Yet popularity it's it's you I've, never thirty, two years in its its,
increased buds deaf help out a lot with score. The sheer you know a television production, goodness on tv put in very good chose to get. I think here at the end of April, in April twentieth embryo either we did it. We just this deal. Cbs in I I told this great story, the one I want my race in two thousand to over my class and then Roger Norman is a new order. Came up to me and I swear to God he's like now. Your champion, you can produce tv for me, was what he said to me too great. An I get too happy to hear. You know me as I do I do tv I do all my stuff, so now I get the kind of merge. I always sooner. This merge my two Hobbes together when I was doing today so we are king of the cage because I write, I gotta have a reason and I really a television vehicle to do something, because then I get to be kind to be cool sport. Will you kind of a work, a holiday in its it helps you when you do and you do too well, yeah hey. I need to know what the fuck is going on when I'm watching fights back there. I so it so it's a way to sort of,
make a hobby a part of your job, but you do my immersion style, gravitated ivories. For ten years now and producing a tv there's, not much Haven't done her experience down there not like Rob has, but he, I know racers feel comfortable. Just like you know, when you're commentating fight the fires well. There you, your accommodating guy, you know what the fuck they're doing the set up. I know what they're doing in the car, I've been on the core ran right, not not enough, not in the super trucks. Bourbon down there are gone. I know that course It is doing. This is what happens at the booby trap somewhere in the show. I could bring my experience into it, yeah, that's gotta help a lot further for the riders for the driver. He absently has is much more more passion than I too just just ride and we're out of them today in talk about our stuff in our jacked up. He gets when you watch the videos and stuff is like a the candy stored yeah buds. Fuckin show rides. Is we got needed? I've never thought about buying a classic car.
What's he shall rise in my car tat I want to carry on those alleged Fuckin core tv shows coming back by the right is coming bang work, it should come back to you has cries Rebecca you get the two more cars space a garage you could put to corrupt thing, expanding thing, eating your place. I put archery range in this with as an archway range year. Will you, whether you know it or not this targets in the back and is a straight shot? Twenty eight yards from the front doors, Patrick. Do you get it tag a werewolf, very good. I've got a compound both site back their normal compound bow target back there. Well, my new thing is hunting and I've been doing that the last couple years, a fuckin bananas, about that the way you're bananas about racing. So I'm trying to incorporate that into my life. They will we, don't do that to them. They would kill animals on the right course every once in a while, you have allowed think that's hunting. I think that's just what I have to say that just life
Giving the racecourse back to work the course getting tougher. How did they make the course tougher lobbying of Roger looks that the maps tries to carry out the roughest worse spots in the whole bar peninsula, then tries to mark the court. Oh goes through all that he wanted to make a statement one to make bar tougher than ever he did at last two thousand thirteen. It was a loop race from enshrouded in Sonata. It wasn't gentlemen run, but he went to all the worst parts of bar and how does through it, so they changed the actual place you go to so there's no real benefit all every year. Every year the course gets different. Yet absolutely every it's different maybe runs around different different areas, because that becomes a big issue with like say, like the Nuremberg ring, which is the benchmark that they use to test performance. Cars the issue becomes when guys have raised the Nuremberg ring so many times they know exactly when the slowdown, exact, went, speed up and that has a bigger
fact on those Nuremberg ring Times because you know everyone's chasing that seven minutes time around the Nuremberg ring and now subs seven million that portion nine eighteen, they ve managed to go sub. Seven ministers fucking insane. But a lot of that is those guys knowing that court. Absolutely that do not have that now are changes every time it's different, even loop, races. Every time you come around, there's already been a hundred other cars. Been there since you had in a completely different silt beds, rocks are moved, so that's part of the thing so interesting about our sport is never the same. Will it's interesting is at its also under the mayhem start to the organizer, so I want to put a perspective for so you know: of motor is right. I've heard the expression, so mother of those. You know those races, they put you optical courses and through mud holes in Erin. Take over here to kill but the wall and go through fire and crawl through barbed wire fence it. This is like it of modern are organizer, which is Roger and in some of the guys who mark the course they want they. They it
start the mayhem start to them because they ll put us through shit and they know we're gonna, get stuck or logo these pay attention is gonna hit. That rock is illegal. Flippin off the internet will be great. These guys are sadistic pricks, so they're saying we're gonna set up a rock. There too eggs or we can set the course by Iraq. So if you know pay attention. You gurgle flying off the edge of a cliff yes, and I've, been I'm not kidding, sometimes lobby. It's really Weird you'll be read the terrain. Arena train you'll, come up over this rise and there's left enter and if you don't pay attention you're off Jesus Christ that starts with a sadistic pricks, threw down their mark in the course of my wrong. Absolutely right, we told me once that you were driving and you came upon a wreck and a guy had Osborne Stick and through his leg, We regard broke his leg right.
An EU flipped off the sight of a clear and you had to get down there and locals restart and a creep in, and it got real sketchy. No, no that wasn't there wasn't dear and mix into story minimise India, the Josh Barnett story. In an hour rack we had my team and oh seven other vehicle to. She must have now one of the worst Rex plan the planet ever He thought the two drivers are dead and I had to go in and get them, and this is part of again. This is adventure race. Car raising this is an adventurous and what happened in ours is as they are. Our basic I went off the Clifford Assent heavier and to go I guess you say he went off the clever son, heavier Spock increase. Because they are far three hundred feet. And there are sections on the course where their inverted, where it's like this and you just hit Leslie the car will drop three hundred feet rolled seven times. Three hundred feet destroyed the car. And I didn't know cuz I went we were just talking about cuz I went I was down in Loretto. We went down to La Paz and I got a call to go back to Loretta cuz our cars in trouble, and we can't find the car
and I d nor that and then the guys in the car call my wife, two o clock in the morning the smoking my wife on the cell phone, even one leg and there they sound all fucked up delay, but their neighbours like what the fuck. There she calls me on my cell phone goes like somebody. Is called here from the house and night. Where would they say they were that acknowledges hung up? So now our car is off the course. We know it moving, because we can track it. We don't know where we could. Tell way they were. They were the last time. So I did again, this is an adventurous. Robs got seven million of these stories. I'll tell you one stupid story and then I'll shoot up because I ve been talking, You keep saying I'm going to shut up. You better start is opposed to shut up. You will be here doing a pirate but not on media deprecating. You fuck, I'm just to show you guys you're, my friend till you goddamn story. So we
we're racing and I remember I was Kenny Barter, my two guys in the car there was Tracy. Jordan is a rock crawler canyon hammered guy, and any Bartram, candy bars, Justino famous guy, who did a cowboy Kenny? Does he does a newcomer, cowboy stuff, Anita FM? Ex guise of motives are more across guy, so I told my get in the car scent of yours validated settle yourself down, get you sign heavier, and then you can haul ass down to La Paz no problem fifty miles from the pit thirty miles. The pit is straight down and knows, I'm not lying. There sets up a twisty road and there's cliffs on one side, you're on the side of the mountain for thirteen miles and click on the side of real, tight twisty. So don't make a mistake, and let me tell you why, because two hundred years ago, some priest- this is actually true. Two hundred ago, some priest on a donkey they used to what they to do the missions these to be two days missions to be two days apart, that set emission here and then him
a donkey in somebody else would go up a road and when, after the second day they land and they build another mission right there in intruders, they do it. So this is donkey trail going up this hill. This guy- and I talked him Thanksgiving dinner with him. He hung a wheel off it off corner? Oh shit, hold on sixty she can't read their revolution going over and over and also there was nothing and then they hit Co. Drivers knocked out. He had a command, Jim bruise from his helmet compression booze like his helmet got hit. They put a bruise skull from the earth from the of raw cage. So I have a my story is I get to Loretto and nobody there we're. So before behind. There was no pit, there's no support. There's one guy picking up cans I made my re suit. I studied so I'm a bad right. Ok, I got this guy and I look at him and he's in all the guys in the sixties. I really didn't feel like talking. I've said Gimme, your keys, he looked me. Excuse me,
gimme your keys. I've been injured driver, I need your truck suit reaches. It is article two b does ass. I declare I could take is really going to take his truck. I've enjoyed your driver on the course, so why, when use asked me help you had with adrenaline crazy, and I was tired headache- you stay for three days and go out some guy from national efforts. You stay for thirty six hours and they go so give me There can only English, so you decided here on your keys. I said Gimme, your keys, you are getting shot, yeah, that's true! he reaches in his pocket and any hands only goes. Can I go with you make sure didn't say Gratis, I gotta have a truck and it was a stock Toyota truck and we go down this river bed under that their riverbed, which is terrible by took me two hours to a thirteen miles and Stock Toyota truck little tiny idiot like a mini truck. We got the same. Javier went up certain forms stopping every time that there was a crest every time that I thought momentum could take a driver off. We stop search, couldn't find him so to our
we finally found em they're still night, while it was still night. I found them My car driver got her, caution. He's vomiting he's paying you peeing pissing himself, you smell, like shit, got picked up my tutor, errors with down there. Scavengers Rodya start taken wheels off the car gps. Anything you can get off. The courtyard Are you doing that? Whether guys we're inside the car and eyes roared very got off the top of it out of the gully and they are already down their pickings. I went back down there to get my sat phone get my other stuff like a fuck away, get it I'm shooting, in the way that already Pickens car apart, wow I get Tracy back in the car and this destroy these happen every that's why it's an adventurous, I'm not like. I went to the drag and open did nine seconds. I got Tracy can a car two and a half. Where's back and we stopped the other vomit every every like every fifteen minutes, a hollow guzzle unevenly: gonna concussion bad concussion. So we get back, he's, ok, we'll get him a little;
or get him. We were in law. Rather we got a national, a pause in by that of seventy two clock in the morning, taken to the emergency room, probably not advisable but took an emergency room I am told that, like the I told, the doktor is spanish. Didier you heard his dick and he's gotta check his dick the dark? So the doktor needs gather that aren't like take your pants secular pirates. As usual, I swear to God. You look at me like wise Guy Tom, you hurt your dear God so how many people have died due in this race, every rear sellers, there's, probably pry one motorcycle biggest things at accidents on the highway. It's not actually race cars that happened butter because array starts in its It was all a little pause. We raise our way through the day through the night and the next day
and I usually loudly accidents happen or on the highway with with the the spectator traffic or the chase traffic race race cars. Not you often to have a motorcycle guys, get hurt a lot. I mean Josh Barnett anymore, Desalvo Guy and in thirteen or and twelve and two thousand Toby anymore cycle. Mostly but have with that It's funny monster energy called me and they said they wanted to. I know any any athletes. Any athletes are superstars, when you come down a race zero out like yes, called Josh. I know he's a gipsy, the ultimate gear head into gear- heads, if you say hey you wanna, come race heat two weeks Otis never raised off room his life. I had him in a car, comes down there like the next week, In my view, some training downtown Dallas sterile Beach shown how work in the garden, I think he's in a race, poor fucker you, like a nineteen nineteen, our legal like took an eighteen hours. You like the first stent like three three hundred miles, he's gone through a sick bed. There's a motorcycle guy clips him and breaks his leg now.
I did what was amazing things and nothing rob wouldn't do this, so Josh Barnett, if you use the youngest ever you have seen everywhere in super great guy. Super Adam on the part cast is probably one of the best plan. Tat. Just excuse me the best part I guess I've ever had. Is super intelligent guy is smart heavyweight fighter amazing. Amazing grapple, amazing fighter and he loves cars, can Shelby he's got, he's got a kind of car, is a fuckin that so goes down there into a silk, so bad. Anyone, he wants to get around to be generally have control so bad. You can hit it. Sometimes even a rotten throws. You write a little bit. He hit this guy broke his leg compound fractured his leg, so he gets through the silk bed. And now a lot of guys do this by the way I'm just telling you dislike for the first time being down their suit. He feels like he'll tell the story, but he pulls after the side of the course goes in the same bed, which is dangerous by the way pull
more important. A guy's, motorcyclists and other cars hid it and in picks the guy up walks him out and put them on. The hood of his car calls in wait for helicopters become helicopter comes Josh, carries this guy with a common fractured leg into the helicopter drops in the helicopter then puts us hella back onto continues: race, many rolled role, this truck after all, there there's Josh, that's the rest, the pitcher at their that's, that's buggy monster energy truck wow, so so you were talking about the dude who raised on flat, services and then just gave it up and started doing only this can a dirt crazy shit. There's, not a lot of these courses, though right it's like did go. There's a lot of re. Courses around the country where the average person Do you know of attract day? put on how men drive faster and of course, We courses. Are there like this? Where a guy can do it sell out in its
Let it bothers there's roads everywhere I go down there and and ACT as IRAN or play you'd have to Mexico. Yeah, there's there's some stuff in the in the states. Well, there's a lot of race, but there's a mean. He d short course you can you can you can get up and approachable pro for pretty easy NGO Shore Court? listen and in long years there's two organisations resolves score and there's a couple other organizations, the doom, the mint, the MID four hundred, which rob races in best suggested robberies and I've done some stuff in India in Arizona Nevada. You does lottery, so there are a few courses. Are their courses or is it just organisations? We build courses they're, all every off road race is unique, so now we would have saved someone's listen to this. You know what I need some goddamn adventure. My life bell induce look up score score schedules
score goat score score on out obscure club in your head. That's an order land another wherever it is. I don't know anything about those places, score international score and actual picked up on the internet. With the schedule find out where the race Argo check went out. There's a lot of other recent organizations that race all over the western United States. There's almost offer race just about every weaken. A more someone, the western you ass. You can and some folks. They just go quorum, quote off rolling Are they just get a truck and fun spot where they are allowed to drive and is done every year. This. Those are jeep adventure, guys to guys go like MOAB to go real, slow and we dad, I don't get crawling. Look I made it up the rocks dude. I could walk wicked nice, stupid, FUCK Rockwell's in your truck that you need to get up to the top of the rock with it. You know that doesn't make any sense to me now. You're gonna get the rock crawling slow speed is pretty incredible. I did a rock crawling is actually rock race. So
with rice. Whether different things through crawling is one thing, racing Sloan, then racing slow, but it's pretty wild that when they do that I think it's the events, hulking hammers and you can. Some rocks that you can't even climb with hands, but you get in this modified. Unlimited vehicle very expensive on top of that same, but even bigger tyres, and we have in the ages, go right up it. Like you, like your ass, the crawling. Look. You can't crop can't climate. No, you can't climb with your your ear. You can't it's very hard for the climate is a human being, but this car will pull up to errors truck kind like a g but its highly modified. Its stiffened screen like a stock. Forty one fifty and a trophy truck like a stock cheap in an unlimited think they call Malter force and their their incredible they'll. Do thou go up incredible, rock climbing events?
straight faces. You see some of the internet stuff here it is fascinating, is crazy, but it is slow, its racing slow. Why guarantees somebody to climate, though dear those free climber? Do you like those Alex, annulled guys that go up the you know they ve got things running flat. Third thrilling leaning toils. You know he said you couldn't climate. I could climb it. Don't asked me about how fuckin clamour I now bitch the The industry, like must be like them. Must be a huge thing like building all these different things and be people must be getting involved in this, creation alien building these like trucks and taking the regular trucks and adding all stuff to it, and it just like our running a mere. Have you ever geyser, eight years, there's two, the guys are brothers bill, trophy trucks, Jim Crow bills. Trophy trucks are probably there's probably fibres ex builders that do trophy trucks. And then you have all your gear guys at work out of their own shop, smaller Del Nero stuff, so that's enough
but eluded earlier. There is really no rules, trophy trucks. The rules are, it can't fly. You can Unlimited the but house have body like a truck body which is fiberglass. It can't fly now stay the ground. So it's a unique thing. You can pretty much rainstorm with. Whatever you can try to go out. There beat your competition on. That's, what's innovative about this boy with you, when you give guys a limit of worth parliament of this, do anything you want. Actually, there is one ruled and I'll tell you that I saw the in your member. This story really what is actually only one rule that I know of actually, but you get get to you get it, especially in competition. You get the breed the best of the human mind because he's trying to beat this other guy, I'm gonna kick his ass or you're. The one rule, eight of seven there is no seven right is gaining Brian comments. Swear to God. This happen, They took a fuelling system, often Apache helicopter right stuck it off. The back of their truck and they had a feeling truck, they will walk up to it while they're moving in jam it in the back of it in refuel at why they're moving and families,
It was that, oh seven away, when was it goes ethical mark, Miller, Ryan, our Sierra holy men. They did on the highway, they D, they developed system on a regular chase truck was following: the re struck down the highway in the fuel is in, out of the chase truck and they had a pressurize system? They pulled out why they're going sixty miles an hour down the highway they pay but behind the re struck and had like, like a nozzle, out the front of it and they stably into the nozzle that was on the re, struck and filled it. Jesus Christ so they could say four minutes they could save two or three minutes in the pay not even supposed to smoke. When you run a gas station gets rules, I know no more fuelling way go number. I supposed lose your cell phone while you're at a gas station, because very rarely a spark and electronic spark can ignite fumes and you can
first in the flames, like that's happened before it and they leave. I can criticise that settles good, sixty miles an hour fill in their car up on the highway I'm or what I was with a hurts team. That year I forget when it was in Europe's hopes, like Herpes terrible hurts like in Vegas Europe's gas station. The hopes hotel. I don't know that they're, pretty big there. Their birthday of the house, cells run a paradise. That's a terrible place to go and stay sorry for the people who own it this does not mean don't be sorry for the name. Yeah we'll stay at the herbs. Good luck! I got. I got the hopes yeah. I got to the herbs, shit, you gonna, be ok, did you take your eradication and use them? bacterial soap. I was then without will have someone say than in me, and I was of them and we saw them we're like we're all gonna, like that's pretty cool and that they do they win that year.
Yet it is one that year because well sometimes Martin there's more to it than just that, but how many minutes you think that saved throughout a thousand mile race, probably ten minutes, some time instead of stopping in the pit in matters absolutely now, no one sleeping you're, just driving that everybody in the restructuring their driving away, some people sallow, they drive the whole thousand mile race without getting out of the truck driver away. On that the past. Do you have a diaper on God? There is catheters. Christ. His kid is a tube in your dick. Now hobby is way out of control. When you about him, then the tubing attaches catheter running my favorite things. I like I, like, I really Cavendish eleven you, but now it's not what it is, but it's the best thing that ever happened for off road. For me, it is amazing, goes over the top like like like a car downright and then a rubber hose connected to the internet, because all the way down the inside your leg and you take the into the host decide your shoe.
So you see in your shoe no negative next to you shoot the best ideas in the truck is somewhat kindly just paean, some people that though they don't get the tube out of their shoe before they are racing and there are actually find other p and that's another great story Ivan stewardess. Hang your foot out the window and use pm at all. If we ll have carpet it's all metal aluminum down, there is a whole on the floor. I just yeah that there's there's leaks, there's little panels and stuff and see this p m the floor in this house because away somewhere it does it does. What did I say you pulled in the pits? You start paying. You tell your dear good you're good mechanical, like I think I've got a leak and he's down this different it better. That's a great that story. Right, there's happened multiple times and the one I was gonna tell you about Even Stuarts icon of sport the start line and warm has got drunk. Be just about ready to go off the startling in all sudden, underneath instructors, there's liquid in one of his mechanics jumps neither I holy shit. What is that goes touch his finger and it comes up, smells it and realizes what it is that Ireland's actually taken up is didn't mean
just now by a freer listeners below I get half and go online, get arrays counter the best things like I'm like in a bar. I did a race or you have sea fight or you see. If I did, I did this after Miss anything. You haven't any in upon the ground you mean the Borneo drain, it's fine, I was I was this blue water. I was at the blue alteration, Arizona. One time idea was with quick breaks out and we got our asking where this partnership we get stuck a couple times stock for so we actually got to the bar and waste we filling a dick. By the way when I had my re suit on, we came in so late, but the bars gone away there and have the celebration. I kept my Catherine instead of some to sit at the barn like next somebody's dirt, peel and you don't do not, and you just pay on the ground, the bar you son of a bitch. I can't believe you think, that's funny, how dare you, whatever the person that that bar is pain in their establishment, rather not relish for a beer anxiety needs to make its somebody has to buy the beer, bring it there. Someone has to pay to be put the
FR generator in turn it on Deauville, a box epochs. Don't buy this it s what it looks like a black cat, that's one of the brands right there. While that is ridiculous, when you're in sport, when you have to have a hose taped over your dick, maybe there's a problem with that sport. You don't Bobby. I don't drink coffee now, never never, I was a kid, my mom drink coffee. I condemn smell, probably got to we twenties are so realise that never had and said you know what I'm gonna do without fur from my life's I'm a soda guy so you drink soda. Yes, that is my fixed in the morning. So is that what you get your caffeine from the mean like when you're doing thirty three hour run like you must do some form a stimulant stay. Awake now did gets going you when you went in the race. You know you get you get into the night. You typical bar one thousand, starts at ten o clock and you finish it
you three in the morning for me. If we're doing well Bob night when you start to get tired, usually realize you're in shit. You got a chance to win this race and adrenaline kicks in, and it takes a right to the finish its when you're having a bad day. Lots of troubles. You pull in our view that you not Paypal, winning the race to drown goes away and they need it throws himself just how to keep it Gunnar or some energy. Brings. You would think that would get they sketchy when you're dealing with like these crazy turned. We really have to be paying attention and even upward five hours that Sierra. The real danger lies now, absolutely that's. You know most likely buds earlier story with the candy bars fishermen and Tracy Jordan. When they went off the cliff I mean I just got in the car but more leave. They were in the car earlier that same day, to date the bar peninsula, Of course, a thousand miles the highways eight hundred miles most likely had got up in the morning and then Sonata did. Since in the race car got out, but they were travelling down the racecourse down the highway and when they go
back in it. It was early hours of the morning and dusty, maybe foggy, there. You can every turn could in your race, maybe maybe in your life of Europe, if you're going too fast, but every turn so for for me, because is obvious. You can tell. I have an issue issued paying attention. I think I can't think of it thing else. That's why always equated the cage fighting if you get in the cage start thinking about your bills in your check, and you know that this happened among all the bull you're gonna get your ass kicked write something down here. The only thing you have to really worry about is you're. Looking at brush looking dust, you looking power lines looking at all that you're reading the terrain and that's all the consumes your mind. You know you're fucked, yeah, that's a thing that people need right like I find that I gravitate words things that require my full completed. Tension in the moment, whether it's going to the I for range and shooting a rifle
my friend Duncan and Chris yesterday was the rifle range and it's one of things at Douglas, saying like when you shooting you, don't think about anything else like the most You pull the trigger your mind is free of all the other nonsense. You got going on your life. Your mind is just concentrating on keeping the radical keeping that cross air on that target, calming you nerves and thence, squeezing that trigger and not moving anything else. What it about us that we need things like that. Is it were complex society that we live in an exciting and others with my business, your business in all elevate, we're doing this text messages and there's like Facebook and Twitter and you got all this bullshit and so much stuff in there. The thing that I think is different. Much evidence rifles, there's consequences of what we do if we don't have you missed the shot, her home and Mister sharp running down, rifle don't shoot me, but now, but
and what we do, if you and I've done it before I'd like I've? U can get into a law like driving this no stormy seas. Snowstorm come when are you gonna get DR? You can drive yourself to Elizabeth Sleep. Turn comes up. You're gonna go off a cliff, you're gonna wreck. Your someone's going to hit you from behind you know it the d, the worst its death. We need the very easy as you broke your car Are you got to get a stout there and fix it, and you just let your team down at their our teams he's got sixty seventy PETE, they're on his team and then they all worked really hard to get him down there the pressures on him, not the fuck up, but he's a weird that we as human beings have. This strange desire chase danger like that that, like that that, and danger become sort of like a drug fix we're getting here la deeper human being than I am this is this goes back to the old primal human we used to go and HANS. I, as is as guys we used to go and hunt wasted, like you stay here,
we're going to hunt down with a chase bare and when it killed a buffalo and gone gonna go to war. I want to do these things and you I don't know what it is you get to a certain part of your life. You gotta start chasen that you have to have it like. I don't need to raise. I'd, have raise. Why think, there's certain human reward systems that are set up in our minds and essentially in our dna, and that we don't fulfil them at all with the bridge the average everyday cubicle life traffic? Cuba come television news bombards, you were talking nonsense from all around the world and you go to sleep and start all over again. You're missing a lot of shit and then said then comes along like this race. Where, like you, or why are you fucking jumping around this crazy fuckin truck you gonna hundred forty miles an hour, an ear bodies like finally something's happening, the election. For me, absolutely I m. When I'm not racing lash I reach thirty. Five weakens erasing.
Implies a vacuum in most of the year arrest. I think that took the green. Flag over eighty times without mean every time Equally, I started a race started, raise they threw a green flags. I raised over eighty times saga last year in thirty I've weakens somebody's times. I take for green flags. Actually, one week in last year I took seven green flags over the weekend. Racing and three front trucks. Discussed her there's multiple classes in the short horse, races, there's multiple classes, so I'm Could it so much? I go get in any vehicle. I can go race sorry, seven times, but when there's one there's one weakened off. I don't want to do with myself, so I think I need that. Adrenaline rush, I need to race, need to get a check or flag. I need to win. That's it's really what my life it is a policeman. It becomes harder than yours me, your system, it originally and part you been, she's been chasing stuff like that as long as I've known you, you're always like trying to
you some crazy, like charged up thing, build your character, I think, is a guy you build a helps. You build your character and I'm I'm I'm addicted to drugs by drug is endorphins and in an adrenalin, and I have to have that. I think it was on Africa who said that we might have been Reese milliner, someone like that, but they said, in a normal life, the other guy in the cubicles in New York City, he he may have like one we call on it in his whole entire life, or maybe one a year, Data Mexico, you have nine or ten in a race yet mean you are close to death a few times. I mean holy shit, all fuckin guy that didn't happen, and you do that for over an ever in its its Scary neo, definite I've inertia did a movie in the Rapporteur S. If you sought, no. I never saw that what you did you did that, like you, you produced a film about the Ford Raptor like right when it was coming out as well as the launch of the launch of that was launched what years away and my wife that there's two movies back to back
did in, and there is one time we got stuck. All the guests- and I got stuck remember the sea that I took a torch, toe, strap pulled up to the front of the thing, walked across and hoped to my friends truck in some eighty and the trophy truck wasn't me ran over. My strap like right, where I was well. Because you know what you're you're in this blinding Silbury Hill TAT. You do not try to kill me he's blinding silk bed. He knows if he slows down, he sees There's a trial is a guy. I'm gonna go right between March that was very close, real close That was a scene in our movie. My wife is like yeah united anymore, quite often she says I, while my wife one last stories of my white light and in two thousand twenty one may raise, I call my wife it I'm excited. I won one race, Roger one, two hundred and twenty raises more than anybody in on the planet,
I won one race, I call my wife at five o clock. I sit honey. We want, I became for nine years. She said good. You can quit. She hung up on me I got no play and I were excited like I can't I wanna call my mom. I want to call my wife, I wouldn't like hey guess but I did this- is I gather, that's nice, you can quit now heads of its hard for some people to relate to that need to be charged up and do nutty things like that right, yeah, I think so I mean for me. That's all when a champion Swindon races- and I can't get enough of it- was some- People tried to they try to live life safe. You know they charge you just the opposite. They like looking further. After cushion to sit on that. For the easiest job. They look for the law. Increased amount of time off to looking for the stood. Did the cushion existence is now living. You gotta get out there and experience life yet alive it
yeah. I agree, but I mean there's that there's like these two schools of thought. When it comes to people this people try to seek out venture and thrills and have all these wild. There is no life and its people. That zero desire did Jonah, have We have a disease, we have like a dinner party disease and that we share. I I I I can't talk to those people I seek out like I do deep sea dies on shipwrecks and I try to go to this now because I think I'm a bad ass. She says I'm pushing myself. I always want to push myself. I have something to do something to train for so want to go and talk to people like regular people or people who are boring shit. I sound like an idiot and this aid along because you you try to do what we just sit here and robbed gonna million of whom you try to tell venture story and Baja like I hit a jump at a hundred twenty and I jumped this- are actually hit this gonna bike and, like they think, you're crazy, yeah this
people that it's just it's too. It's too time consuming trying to explain your motivations behind certain things like I try to think of like what's the least willing thing that I do that. I could sort of like tell people that I do. What are you what he would do for a living? do a radio show on the internet. Like they say that, like us, leave out the you have see, leave out stand of comedy like one desist. This the bridge between us is too far this no there's no room there. Some folks just didn't want any thrills, they want no thrills, they won't know nothin dangerous. They want is everything to be spelled out for them. They want in two weeks time vacation and they want to make sure that they can retire and sixty five and that there already ready to die, I've got it all set up. You betcha virtue. So well, what's it what's the best story for I told my crazy story, but you have you have better story even well.
Actually, I think, I'm I've been honestly fortune enough when I started going to buy high, went with Walker, Evans and and people that have tons of experience down there and they kind of Minimize those stories. For me you know One of the early days racing class, one single buggy single, only one person in their down, after some here we are talking about earlier gotta flat tire and got out to change that tire and had a button? run in the buggy and end. You can't hear anybody around you, there's Tipp, there's! No, I thought was the middle of nowhere. Nonsense, Somebody came up to me on the back shoulder scare, this crap out of me like that. I don't you know crashing. Multiple crashes, all over the place, wasn't stuff up a break in my collarbone. The crazy stories- I guess you know I don't have the wild ones. The reason why I think that I go down the prepared on their to win our choice,
really minimizes stuff and haven't had a hottest crazy stuff happened. Did you get involved in other motor sports? First, we have regular racing first. Yes, on recent motorcycles, though, when I was eight nine ten years old, Jesus, crooked, he's, crazy motorcyclists and eight year got involved in doing that, NATO. My dad, was involved in doing off road racing in their early seventys. When I was a motorcycles and then- and when I got looked Sixteen years old, we got an indication buggies doing the mint four hundred stuff like that, and you know quit my senior year basketballs dumbest thing I ever did. I should have played it through, but I felt I would therefore racing and then you know just made it my hobby there for a few years and then in got lucky enough to get picked up via people like Ford Motor Company B, if could of tyres make an occur out of it. So I do now doing this for a living for over twenty years and end like but said we ve won were two races on be of good, its tiresome actually about to earn eighty total winds and offload since eighty two over twenty chap
ships and if you have to stop and knew how to go and live in office, job like if someone came along and be of good read said, look we're taking it out of the fuckin. He it's just it's too crazy, we're gonna to give you a nice cushy job so so your salary nice house. The at this point, I can't even imagine that you know I think about that. You know everyone's. What what am I gonna do when this is over and I don't I don't even know what I'm gonna do. But you know If we go to work with somebody like be of good richer my family onto an offer, buggy shop in Vegas, doing stuff like that, but on our planet anytime. Soon it's what I know it's. It's alright I know I mean I have it's my hobby my job, it's my life who's that
Scottie do your Senate that Newman did it. When it was eighty he did. He do it'd erase when he was eighty, what a fuckin animal he was an item and stir it did at him. He didn't in his sixty Walker, Evans, Larry RAG and some of the best sport. You know have their most success in their their fifties, which I haven't got there yet slats amnesia, calm down! It's it's you calm down. You did there's a thing in our race in the racing called red, missed, read MR get. You hurt like Jesse James goes down there all the time and the generally wants it up in the first one miles just because you just go crazy. Lock is people misunderstand the race army? He knows more about the reason they misunderstand the race. They they think in the first round of miles. I gotta be everybody. The analogy I have is that when they put their helmet on they throw their brains out the window and and that when I was young crash, a lot of stuff room ruin cars, but we're time you learn, that's not how you, when the race you basically go is slow, as you possibly can to win. You you have to keep an eye on
competition. You go through the pitch, get split time spent an hour you're doing, but as long as you're in your close to two to winning the race you're, doing a good job get down to the end, its typical you in a couple of guys, their race and for the win, all those other. Only thirty guys in your class there there broker there having problems. How many people are racing one when they say ready, said, go how many people fuckin hundred fifty? all the classes. Two hundred and fifty three hundred and fifty depends on which way is like a thousands like three hundred to three hundred and fifty people revealing Sophia. So three hundred fifty vehicles all together how? How does it serve mean coming lanes you're dealing with here when they start the race wonder when they start the race, they send one one track or one buggy at a time, usually every thirty seconds, apart rising the clock, we're out icing on the track. At the same time, you do have to come up but those guys movement your way, if their slower than in front of you, but
we're the clock and, as you get down the course that the I start. Usually the bikes quads, you tvs. They start about three hours in front of the first formal vehicle, but we end catching those guys not we're, becomes really sketchy and sometimes where these you know bud story earlier when, when when charges should the bite guys because the bikes can't do certain things, some of them, I am do yes, some of them can but lot of especially Mexico allowed the bite, geyser or or sportsmen's in. When you're doing along raised like bar one thousand, more the bikers Reno. Get used up quicker and the trucks sit in the sea yeah, you know I have air conditioner, but you got you you can have snatching food. You can have water adjuration down the course the by guy it just him in a small light. You noise, actually about how the lights on our trucks are like a stadium. They have one light. We have fourteen the twilight zone around chemicals are indifferent, have evolved
must be scared, driving a motorcycle family. I think a baseball stadiums behind them. Somehow I hear interrogatory behind some of the guy's, a smaller ones. They freak out there looking like. Oh shit, they get off the road extravagant blown biogas in only given over others, not a lot actions through the bikers and they're they're. Gonna score is doing a lot of things to to mitigate that at this point are starting of later restarted the night before and suchlike For me, there is a natural thing for me. I can tell you that I've known you know me for a long time, unknown country like crazy, Jack ass. It doesn't do this. Go down races! You! You talked about the catheters. Anything how much to me my psyche, weren't fire suit. I have my catheters on either fireproof underwear I put my home in on. I got my knife in my pockets and cut my seat. Belts of anything else happens. I start doing all this stuff. Like Lee Shit, I'm do some pretty serious and I calm down. I have problems my sponsors who,
hang out with me and they're, like you're you're, going to fucking wreck you're a crazy like wacky idiot who's, going to wreck the so they are then than on managing this craziness. Well, like where some people, just don't somebody just can't look at all the different variables, look at all the craziness and just settlement, ok, here's what we're doing now he has something in his hard. The red miss comes in legged, you yourself and I've. Getting I get caught up sometimes to exert a guy pull behind me. One time french. Guy till you gonna kick my ass. If I don't move, I will stop the car I'll. Stop the cottage and care will stop right and will accord you gonna kick my ass fucked in french ranch. They gave us these fries and now they're gonna fuck it out of my way. Out of kick your ass, that's an insane data on the radio like fuck you out of the way I'll kick your and I know what he's doing he's freak and how good reason this race and you just gotta Pacer Sophie Ghana, because it's hard
not to get caught up in the beginning. When God, your bank, like their heating, you don't understand you to some people, hit hard ram and the revenue to try to get you out of the way dead. They don't. We kidding hall, you just drive also, in Lahti, being rewritten the four or five and sixty miles an hour. You like shit you're the offload tracks are one lane. It's not like five lanes on the four or five. It's one mind surpass that guy you come up there, you we moved out of the way typically doesn't really want to see you gotta come up there but sometimes people get out of control in the hit you really hard. They try to move you off the track, especially if it's a joke guess like these guys, who have actually had a bad day. So this is the problem I have legs. They ve had about I'm having a good day rights. I'm in front of my class he's had a bad in a trophy talk. You got nine hundred horse power hunter and five gowns fuel he's fucking pissed off is tired. Not happy anymore and he's trying to make up time, and in and there's me my buggy going to want to deal with the slogan we want to get too that we want to get done. Wanna get to the finish line,
does that he's kicking up makes the trophy to a guy pissed off, and it's like you don't deserve to be here, get out of my way. By the time we get to him in the little love a little adapts the barbarity about ire and how many guys you're fucked up, because of that I mean it seems like. That would be one of the reasons why loggers wreck the lot of cars there there built to take that it's it's in the dna of offer. Oh, that's, that's kind of how we passed she come up there I knew each other to link. That's your! You know! You're I caught you now you move out of the way. Let me go back on what Ambrose you use their Chrome Ali tubing in you to Crow Molly. Set other designed to take a good impact. You you'd polo notified. The engineers exactly like a ninety valued at your decision given you're in the accident, if you're on the four or five someone hit you that hard you pull over and call the cops and grab your neck and go world. I was an impact by right. Yes, partly game, Spargo game
That's crazy, that's! It seems so bizarre, that's it just seems so crazy that part of it is just ramming into you where you goin x amount of miles an hour rate film, it's not normal. It's normal in that world! Now world it's normal. We will find. Human beings, are so crazy in that way we can find normalcy in the fact that world this is what happens when you do this and then all rules, all the core, all normal rules of behaviour. The window when you're racing and by you're pissing through your fuckin shoe, and why I think that there is that there's. If there's a very weird academia took some something in the psychic until you for me, want one you figure this out and you ve done the organization, and you ve gone to your Catherine to your knife. You get your taste team. You got your feel once you ve organised accessories campaign like he has then regular life and business is not that hard You actually get out of a race is like
then actually sometimes get all short was stupid. People you like really, you just had to go to the store and pick up a six pack and come back was at that fuckin hard and guess what we do there. So many consequences could tell a guy, and this is actually how goes to say. I need the p makes station, which the gas station in Mexico be there at one o clock with some extra tyres that made me want to get out and that's what you tell the guy and its hundred miles away- and you don't see that guy until eight home until twelve hours from there and that guy's sitting there. It is logistics raise new, surround yourself or the people who know have a car and goal eulogy six are all put out and if you need anything down there, you know words and you come back to the states and you can't you anyway. He also employees or someone like that- can have a leg to simple instructions. You like the guy who died on Mexico, what it says: The stakes are higher the pressures higher and everyone's tuned in error when's tuned in everyone has a goal.
You want are surrounded over the people have been downloaded Mexico. It's two lane highways very dangerous: there's, not street lights, Very rarely, there's we yellow line dividing the centre lane and you got you gotta the right people, it's it's a very dangerous things trilogy. It is it's a logistics nightmare to to plan out a race. I would say to people if I, if I would spend as much effort that I do offer racing in putting that the team together in the logistics in Your business I'd have a lot of money. Instead, I raise a trophy truck and I don't have much more oh yeah? I know this makes you Pierre look like and alone. This is like real logistics yeah, but would it be any more exciting mean? Will look what your view? The lot of money would it wouldn't be worth it? There's a lot of people have a lot of money that we know there's miserable as factor on antidepressants in their there. Always answer me in and out of relationships and life is a fuckin wholly wreck of failure and catastrophes, but their finance.
The successful because it not challenging times and that it has to do a challenging yourself. The I think you're right, I think, there's something about being uncomfortable, daddy, why'd you with a certain sense of well being I don't know what it is, but I was hunting in Montana last year and we were targeted he's doing things, and this is the show meat eater. Has these guys at work for it and I don't know what they get paid, but I'm sure they don't get paid much and he's gay they're, working, twenty four, hours a day for this six seven days that were there, their sleep on the ground is, can zero degrees outside their home, up and sleeping bag. They get it before anybody else because they have to start the coffee. If the fire up the Camp Fire and in Europe have a job where someone doesn't want to fuck and clean the restroom. Someone does want to take out the garbage normal job, we're you show up at nine in you, leave at five and try getting people to work throughout the day. For what this
I gets paid to be twenty four hours a day in Montana, sleeping on the ground freezing digger. But that's why he's doing. I that's what he's doing and in that world in you know he becomes a part of that production like this is what I am doing now and sky, that your call an insane hey, you know, go. Eight hundred miles gets a fuckin tyres meat as their debts with that guy's dealing, and is there any their use of amendment produce Last year I have a group and we therefore in future they call it my production, guys like you, been around production for, while my guys, what for eighty four hours, and they call of the fifty four our crew rank as they they haven't. They we film this whole special free as paean, and then there are filled my whole special for Ford and their upper fifty four hours, not a complaint. They didn't keep me for overtime there like that was amazing.
And you just gotta surrounding- and I don't care about the overtime because surround yourself. People like I, don't know my reasons. Can it be that F and long may we just happened to be. We took forty two hours to do these guys do in nineteen or something like that but you use rounding up with those people and Cecily about our support staff. As you know, our chase crews are amazing because we have volunteered like. Brother comes out of a year, something my brother and I can do now his cruiser amazing, because most hammer volunteers, they gonna come down there. They drive and dangerous roads. They won't sleep at night and I'll be up for thirty six hours, the eet, beef, Turkey the coldest shit and they are always there it's miserable. They hate it what's happening yet, but in the end you you get home, you get rested up and you all a great stories come out and you love and you want to go back and do it again instead, just that different level of life. It's like when you are. They are doing the race you out there doing some wild crazy shit like that. It's
everything's, elevated, you're, more tuned in year. You more aware of your surroundings, you not in dated by cell phones and text messages and Emily illegal work, actually live one phone and maybe a sad phone. I leave return. Unlike I'm gone, what's gonna Maxie call going to Mexico, you down there see when I get home that's pop the two right part of it to cite the disconnect unplug unplugging, and then you know, recharging your brain and being out there and death. Let's rounding, gonna harm forty miles an hour bumps what gives there's another side of it to the gives? Your precision that I have. I have a kid now, but I know my brother's has to use a year under your souci the people how they live. There are kid: amazing, kids and they live in chicken coop ride the Blue together down by us, They live in chicken coop market. I'm saying the blue Chicken coop, that's what it is there's kids and I actually called up. This is my my little story, but I there's this theirs
is it never grow up, always come out of Ohio. So there's little rode after you turn turned on a blue date. Blue gate the right hand, side, there's a blue chicken coop and looks every year for ten years, the same kids come out, they never get older. They don't have shoes, smile and we hand of stickers. I stop and give him a given candy. I talk to whom the heat autograph! You take pictures. You go back the next year. They look the same age. Then they and they live job. Tell you chicken coop! I can draw for you re it's! It's a fucking chicken coop looks like it's. It's a chicken coop enough honey, but you appreciate you come back and sometimes you look at your kids and other people gives beg you have no idea. How are you you haven't yet it is sometimes a kitten chicken will go to the dump and that's where they they find metal, may find, scrap and take aluminum cans and they get their money in their happy to their happy. They don't do not negative than pissed off there. I have no shoes, and we know the bar races, do a lot for the community down no mean sometimes a bit, though Bell build orphaned,
tourism in light of the Baja guys get touched by what happens down there in the people down there, and they go give back because it you can't help. But you know you can but go to these? It's a third world country annul and a lot of other ways, not carbo and suchlike. Tab in the places where we go in you you get affected by you get to see the other world. You do appreciate what we have our whenever appreciate it casino did the five hundred choose these kids have no shoes series no shoes and live in chicken coop with a a sheet on the front door yeah I've been I've driven in Mexico up our past. He a water into some sketchy areas and eager to see people are living houses that are essentially like cardboard boxes with no windows and you know you see these small villages of places like that and a really puts an end of respect
and even more weird, the dance connected to the United States where the richest countries on earth it just is drive so same landmass gets keep going and you go from something For now, the fucking gradations see a rolls Royce New neighbourhood, and then couple hours drive and then also near and a third world country where no one else, Doesn't vantage point you got you go to the gaiety along. You take her right. You got this hill and it is a marsh you're in Tijuana New right, you have the cardboard boxes and you look after your right and theirs Twenty million dollar beach house sitting there and you can see it modulating. Every day, Europe on this he'll. Do you wanna know running water. Things happen, you look, there's a twenty million dollar beach house, it's mine, bull, who puts it on makin own fragile states. So you can see San Diego. You call upon this you can see, say, look after the right there, Santiago twenty of either it's right there, you have it
can Bananas Loya Jolla, like those houses and lawyer, we do the calmly store we, you know good lawyer I mean if palaces palaces overlooking the ocean and the most incredible affluent community everyone's drive around these expensive european cars in you. Twenty minutes away from two you wanna twenty minutes- that's fucking, crazy, that's from here. Dr an event eyes, and by except your driving to one of the worst spots Wurzburg towns on earth, but the people are amazing. The people know unless they do so What for foods, pre fuck about ass, to mix of light and throw down tacos really loved it, largely because, whereas lusher tackles a lobster, talkers Africa with his Mama's is Mamma. Mom Espinosa, almost Spinoza laughed articles are amazing, now or never stop using a car
Do any Mexicans race. Absolutely there's a lot of people who live in Mexico, the joining on Asia. I ever wanted actually the very top level Adasa one is part of the Red Ball team. On the fifty, then, a written answer was it was the next independence yet now here and his father Gus wanted and their their data there from. Do you want other from that area? And there is also one this Lopez round mexican teams, I mean nephew teams, little resources, Diego race, and by the way they are Dolores. If we, which they do, there's a couple trophy drug deal, but though race for Volkswagen, he's always everything you could possibly get, so you are too but the french guy they wanted. A kick. Your ass is that a guy from France that came over just to raise in this does about there's usually guys from a hundred fifty countries. People all over the world come japanese guys come down. There are, let me does everybody all over the world come the Baha. One thousand is that much of a spectacle you, you have to be at a loss, in a cave for eight hundred years, not to hear the bar one thousand, while and even all over the world come.
Because I've seen like in Europe. I know they do a lot of rally car races and they whose porsches like Porsche, has allowed a rally, cars or they might they drive on dirt roads, but the day this kind of thing as well. They have another country's yeah. No rallies big area like this can rally like this kind of like crazy, modified truck. They dare data that car, which is little little bit different races. Stagers decorously was really from Paris to two cars parry. The car was the name of it and now that the South America, through Brazil and Argentina and Chile of Eurostat, are you know, there's downers famous race It is a very famous racism. We score russian. I've been talking to South EAST try to bring erase over there. We ve met with China Roger met with China to try to bring race over there. We gonna do expand what would scores gonna doing, turning bring it down the country I within European, no brainer fur, like Saudi Arabia, arenas place as well as rich oil. People love to do crazy. Shit
drift cars, like you, ve, seen those videos, drifting videos from Arab countries devised big right now on the sand bodies for you to get them and offered now over. Just talking here we can get. We can get em over there, they have enough one race, you know the obvious, It is getting all get all the trophy truck teams over there, but I'm on a ship. Everybody there and grace, and what's the SAM Buggies, like a lot lighter buggy them what we re sent off road and they basically just gotta Sandy'S- are specific built for sand, they have thousand this power, Lady Willie's up he'll down the hill and over into biogas. It's a big thing going on right now, a lot of recreational care, not mass migration. Others have fun. What is it about people that You know like the moment. Someone invented cars is desert. Drifting, why is that exciting to go sideways by the way? I have no idea the feeling of being out of control we decide in the most people out of
control governance on open freeway almost year. Now, look so you! This is a similar smart move. Wives, he's fucking, terrific crash it's too. I have seen some of those arab drifting crashes or cars are flip and embodies a fly out. But the moment like people invented cars, how long before the moment of car was invented before people decide fuckin racism when the second car was built, probably radio published in the second Cosmo Henry. Wood based a whole industry that are high industry, the first honorary citizen in Chicago, but our whole industries, based on other, raising its there's an it didn't even goes pass. Sixties is back when for reform before that he raced Henry Ford raced Duesenberg raced. All these guys raced approve out. L Brok resume aftermarket go, but he race, they all the thing in our industry, in a race on Sunday cell on Monday, song gonna go out for built, is cars like I'm gonna go out and when this race Indianapolis five always based on manufacturers, racing whose
the fastest Korea had a conversation with someone about that once where they were talking about planned obsolescence like planned, like that there's sir in technology that's available today that you're not going to see in cell phones or televisions because they wanted to be obsolete. A year from Now- and he was too to make the argument about automobiles. They do that they can make the best car rhino MIKE you you. Don't fuck talking about because what their due right now is there racing cars, and then they develop that technology based on those rates, cars and that trick down into the consumer aftermarket cars or consumer cars. The core that programme is the number one to look at ways, of course, as the longest longest running sports corn, America Longest, it's never been out of production and their race programme that the transfer of tat algae. I did hold documentary series on on Corvette, relaunch and see six and the whole was transfer technology if they develope, you know do the r and d which the hard part, which is what robbed us
trucks, and they start looking poking around. You do Nardini race new. Make that see six corvette are which is called causing excrement are see seven sort cordon or they ratios teens Pratt Miller, build them, and then there is it? There is a chevalier engineer, and I know them on His team looking stuff GEO check and care chicken breaks chicken aerodynamic. Check in everything and that technical de transfers to your car, which is why Corvette still one and was dominant cars out their fruit? Seventy grand you can get you because they they invest in new technology and new one is incredible. Sting really pretty bad is an incredible car. It's beautiful! Looking! I someone you today. I thought it was a ferrari same here. That's all my cycle together for our egos corvette rights looks like looks like a like a european like high in top and car and the interiors nice. Now to. Finally, they figured out a way to make car doesn't a piece of shit with a fuckin impala steering wheel, we need to have these doors
interiors same thing, the vibrated, where I did documentaries realm rebuild the viper Ralph deals from from S r t motors. He did the same thing. They in a day the race they learn stuff from racing. They put it in there, but the new vibrate amazing look what's what's a better car new viper, the new corvette depends. A price points are much different for the money. The quartet has to be the price point on the vipers hundred ten thousand hundred fifteen thousand than corvette. You could take the roof off to this pre dope. Corbett's critical. Look at that thing, meant they fuckin nailed it. Man, you're busy oil and all the hood vents all all the brake ducks. All that stuff is all developed, racing tall, functional yeah, it's not that is not just something to look at which you now cars have had. In the past where the weird time by now and automobiles, because there's so much power a great time, but some power in the cars goodbye on the show room floor like when they have the Shell Beach GDP, five hundred six
sixty plus horse power it right at this work from a show room, the guy. Your money get car and you have a six hundred and sixty plus horse power car with a lie, Rear Axel and yours, Start but I'm a higher AIDS is a zero to sixty three seconds in a fuckin car. They just drive off, show room floor and in the sixties, is to be no two hundred eighty horse power, three or and through the boss, clear, easy emails. I got got three hundred twenty horse power, smaller EU and I've Reggie, driven old, three or two, and I actually test drove the new through to an a test tracking at Ford, is on believable John said the same thing you think if I we are raising Laguna sake, Penelon Isaac, if I had that car is easy, while the new on three o to talking about the Laguna sake, one or the one it hasn't come out, you know we're we're departmental and I were test ravening Laguna Sacred, that's incredible! cargo overlooked a lot by people. It did because,
first of all, the stripes and everything were little whack like the way they are painting it, but everybody wants bigger engine. Everybody wants the another. Five hundred fifty horsepower shall be now the six hundred and sixty eight horsepower Shelby, but that for in forty horse power. Laguna sake. It was the perfect balance front end. The rear, and there is right there. You have a suspension. That's Austria, to write yet ass, the master you too now that's the bosses. You and your tongue when the going to say with a red and how the red line red rooms he had the front error. The fronts boiler, the re spoiler pipes come off of it just figured out a way to make cars that have horse power, that would be a fucking. For exotic car just twenty years ago. Just two years ago. If you wanted to buy a car that had full four hundred horse power, a meal spent in a hundred grand spend in a hundred and fifty grand you know, you're buying, you know that
the line Porsche nine eleven turbo or something like that: crazy, Lamborghini, yeah yeah, that's three hundred grand! Now you buy an fuckin Mustang GDP. It means bizarre but bizarre time, it's very good, but the amount of power and responsibility that comes with having one of these is handed out. Some fuckin Seventeen year old kid married. Merry Christmas, you little fuck, here's your key! Well, there so improved. Their improves breaks, breaks, trash control, I have also by big issues of attracts controls of like that, you do hand that guy some her horse power car and then he really, then you just you on the really fuck everything form right if it gets a little squarely. The car fixes the credibility management is actually condensed break and for you you, you don't have product cables anymore. You got dry by wire and you have you can hit wide open throttle, but the dry by wire, the brain cells you none of you dont, want full throttle because you're just gonna spend the tired I was raised
yet the road of land in the quartet see six corvette and they have his turn. Eleven comes off in your car gets airborne. Everytime I get airborne I'd land the card shut off, like ok, What are you doing? You gotta stop, because it's not good, we're not has voted for it would shut off, it would go lit mode, shut off, a murderer go around the world. Have you had a fuckin maneuver away from something more In the end, you were gonna limo when she would give a go, it would shut down I'd nail. The throttle is no throttle, it would go to it. Gonna forced cylinder mode limo until I got half way through the straight away and I couldn't shut the damn thing off. That's retarded! That's: hereupon, but now there their developing and with sport, mood and other modes or you can do it in flip- a switch to a lot of you. So you can well The problem is of this trial. But what people are really worried about. Is that someone is gonna, be able to have kill switches where they could show your car off like remotely like, say You run from the capture, sunlight thereunder do an already have that answer.
Nor does it launched or you can shoot you conflict that Jerome You stole my cadillac, whom DR another, or can you please show up being? Can you pull that shit out as guinea on plurality of probably for me, wired in its debts. Every word in the dust Then you can't retroactively. You can't take like an old corvette sting re like a nineteen, seventy stingray and just all those modern components and how the same sort of experience. It you'd have drive and see seven corvette, but no on star No, not sorry! I'm sure you can you, but you couldn't have attraction, control right. You couldn't Could you figure out a way to put a computer and have all that there's enough? There's enough in Tunisia. Tutor in builders are amazing. They can have attracts controlling sure possess what a lot of people want to do now. Right man, that's another show that you do and write the restroom odds, resting rest model of the thing where you take an old car need to put all new suspension, components that very attractive to people.
I'll go with you gotta sixty sixty nine Camaro ominous got out new sea. Seven corvette suspension, wheels everything in it Campbell at his new green is beautiful. You pop the heard you like some stuff. You in cars you never look at, is unbelievable. Arrives at around ever. You drive it everywhere, Dr Jewish Despotic, corvette you ve started fondling remote, six, very courageous started up it's cool car one, but the interior. Does it look like a new corvette, or is it like an old school and terrorism on old school interior? Why pull them up? Man see this gas bill. My body Straube built it, Ok, I've, the name for aunt bias and I've told you about yeah, This is a video of it here this it yet Emma Jane went all he wow We also urge everybody. Awhile mean it really is a sleeper. Craze adds a core veteran, the volume of when we hear what he says to say about this, and this one here belongs to a real car guy TIM Alan ten km.
Nobody shitty we'll how what international show this year? comedian, actor best selling author and cargo cargo movie star is but most of all cargo. This is a beautiful camaro. You know I've been looking at it when it this parliament, when I was sixty eight commendable, that I look and there's all these subtle little changes just the kind of things I like you. Should we leave we? Why rooms there, the zeal was a kid named Thomas Sherwood, used to raise one of these on Woodward. When I was a kid, green, this card stock, three hundred and twenty seven, it's one of those things that just a great bullet it ran it. It ran circles on any other car. I love that car love racing with no console
low in one. Wasn't it says so I read: did that and always like smoke eunuch, the Trans AM car that he made in every time you I saw one. I think one of the elder brought family has it now, and I see reason is classic car racing and went there's something about that car, not argue, transit, lowered maize and he shaving two inches of the wreck of the hood, took up the drip rail which I don't have on our their natural flares, which they don't have they not our buttoned up a lot of my time at the ball being hammered J, you know, may think, think being right, and then I decided in those days and would reduce aid Koko's right, which is what is it central office production order. You put it on your order. If you did the right sequence, GM would put it Brok, motor and cars, where did that time was a for twenty seven here and they put for twenty seven in very few commercials and other one eight hundred grander survival. What that means is GM did not want their big engine from the corvette in
America, my peeling by, but if you need a wise Opel, losing right is a book or far from these sounds almost production. You I want it was like really believe you could. Special order, a car with the big engine, and that's it these if I change the name to that- that's the name of it to four hundred and twenty seven Copo that you called, and then we did some great little name. All this kind of stuff is details that I like rally wheels that aren't wheels at all there. The inside of we like the old days. This breaks have to fit underneath you gotta make a bigger when they get everything. Yes, I mean that's what I like. You know, I like it. When someone does a period. Car. I hate it when they all of them. They have twenty two inch dubbs on it right it just doesn't look right. You know this tell you have porthole, I'm grown inside the road I gotta have a. I can drive these things right and well, that's a bureau. Look! We I mean, that's a will you by that was made specifically for the number one I really want to black wheels were hubcaps Redtail Koko's can't write that income with rally wheels.
So I have a set of black wheels. I want bumpers, I put back on it all. The trim went back stock nearest riot, gotta, know, council, none of that stuff. Well, that's what I love, but it's really a beautiful, beautiful car, civic idea of the inside of it. I want to see what they did. The inside of it should get images, but that's that's a trend that a lot of people are doing now because they want to have that beautiful old school muscle car look, but they also want to have a car that that's the interior no way that's a real interior, that's Carl Caesium that can't be the interior? The car? That's you through the garden, no lie play press play Amelia, who that, with lower back That can't be the actual interior stunt into I'm a little air fresh. Nor do I was like the great battles as desperate, because that's an image instead of the video wizened and why they did.
But there is a very sad and that's what it looks like it. So he had put like an old stupid look in steering wheel and everything is a stock stereo. Everything will continue, but it's not stock handling, lighted than active, Brower indian knowledge it yet As I see, see, seven corvette wow, that's a trend. Right, that's what everybody wants it in your new show. One is: is that an airing already pilot history channel has an air debt will be applied, shooting the Pilar start doing a bunch different cars like that for them, you know how much would TIM, have to spend it makes on my back three. Without a fuckin, crazy, get a goddamn brand new corvette. Sixty grant talk about the feeding the purpose You get a trophy chuck libel. Spend money? Now you goodbye trophy truck with that's what you're into now you just regular cars on flat grounds, boring shit to it. They are boring. You have a way to go let's go for a ride. Come bribery, his back! When you come back, ok I'll bring you back when I come back, would do Vegas. When can people see your show is until you April
if, on CBS Sports April, twenty CBS boards on Sunday adds an hour long. We do in our due in six one hour's issue, including the bar one thousand. So all the rays of the robbers racing in including simply be to fifties our first raised it he raced in will tell you, would have but he raced in and it's on April twentieth. Chris from overhaul, and he is ass, he went to host sacrosanct from over homes. Are one of our cameras. Steals was another computer if his he's one of our host and he's a trophy razor, also and christian groups, critical guy, ragged dude and a crazy car, not himself Diego there's Chris, while awesome stuff man stuff. So do you have a twitter account areas like that year Rob MAC, twenty one rob back twenty one! Ok, The body of a twitter account now now Nellie system now Where are the last be no twitter? Nora was
contact me and I have twitter days will note, but they will now the french or fuckin mad at you. Should the Victoria pull over- and I took shit about me, Brill twentieth CBS. Thank you guys, like fun, great conversation, thing and rob. Thank you very much for explaining us you're, you're insane world, where we have one more thing for your another. When we raised, especially when I started racing. If you don't win the re. Sometimes you a little bit of money. You get a trophy right, so we would only raise that. I have a collection of my house used to get these little pins right. Little happens like a two dollar hat. Penances finish your honor and that's all you raise for you to spend all this money all this time to kill yourself. You gotta walls form I got like ten prey is, has finished her and sometimes it
We owe this gonna Blacknesses winner, but they will create a little bit, but generally you run Robin. I ran something for you, which is going to be a finishers metal from the Baja five hundred that's what looks like you can have. Why would I have thereby an infinite shit I deserve to have us as you didn't. Do you get to remember our memory in America dude? my neighborhood! This is ridiculous. I can't have this I leave it here, but I won't such it deserve to our good time. Gentleman, Rama, Catherine, but brats been. And April twenty, and you can watch it on CBS Sports watch it tune in enjoys support and the history channeled thing is just a pilot is adhering it'll it'll, be air problem. Fourth quarter from December are let us no one else: can air and below two people into it thanks our sponsor thanks to tango, to Rogan, dotting dot com and enjoy yourself some
delicious cell phone service and thanks to our winner, Holly MAC, Holly MAC, twenty three twitter, I'm sure right now, if we go there, she has more to a twitter followers. Let's see, let's see what MAX got now. I think we ll after she had nineteen still goodnight a popular girl. Now really Maybe she just maybe she can't moment yeah. Maybe nobody gives a fuck anyway and on it on its outcomes, go to an end. I t use the code word, Rogan say ten percent of any and all supplements are we got several podcast going on this week, we'll be back tomorrow, and will back tomorrow, mark from my great white is going be pretty interesting, I'll tell you all about it, but please he's actually really gets pool player peril,
professional level. So, while I fully and there will be back Friday with one of the co founders of red it next week, we ve got David towels coming in and a few other people, an arduous and monopolistic and come back to discuss what the fuck is going on with Bitcoin seems to be the hot tub these days? Ok, we'll be back soon, much loved every thing, much.
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