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#485 - Amy Schumer

2014-04-15 | 🔗
Amy Schumer is a stand-up comedian, actress, and writer. She currently stars on "Inside Amy Schumer" on Comedy Central.
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perhaps our wine which i time to hide for me unless i ask by pay a white sneak it says she do that clean i need to have nothing whether some artists the dew demand things like that they demand like every summer go to want these places always asked the guy's backstage like what's a crazy shit voting because a lot of these duties that are like working in these comedy observe these especially these theatres have seem like rock n roll bans come through you always wanted i quit common oyster crazy shit you seem just broken coke stories most part of their body has manawyddan repeat the stories care when one again remain trouble but their moses coke and naked people still face why on earth was t j miller by coming home he asked for either an actual or picture of opinion ata the green so like sometimes a promoter atheling draw the picture of india i wish i ve nothing exciting on there but in
recently there was some mistake were told drivers not to look at me or not to talk to me like something was in there and in december heard that i my god that's not supposed to be our please take that out and they haven't just they did so it's amazing eyes are such horrible tension in this on this and then there like they're like an old talked him you know it says not gonna like oh my god that's so embarrassing like me being like knowed don't talk i've had that in my rider accidentally as well not even accidentally like it was a conversation and somebody must have an asylum like you shouldn't talk to him would you talkin about that that's ridiculous yeah i used to be really pained by small talk actually like on the road cause you so many little interactions button but calling quinn like really turned me on to some talk here he goes so hard in a small tiger that lay p poland go the other way is like an art form ma am he won driver at a time one person
metallic he just how small targeted death and it and it really has it really is sort of change that are owed for me i've had some great drivers i had some really really hilarious do the held in new orleans that guy a once and they had no idea how crazy new orleans was in relate myself in ghana in comparison to the rest the country like the certain things you just get away with a new ones i walk announced she was an open beer like he was cops for them over he was and he was only like in a couple hours outside in new orleans you said he drove a couple hours and he's out there the beer like sitting there by his car drinkin his beer and a cop pulls over and the cut start asking questions and while the cops talk internally puts the one beer down cracks open another one it got atlanta like nuthin starts drink in the second beer and the cops i got you out of your fucking mind like what are you doing just wait a minute where you from the guy goes norms and he's like oh ok vs and you can't do that here i can't do that anywhere else yeah you
a crazy place such a culture i love it that's my vessels in my favorite place i've seen i've seen the worst stuff there the worst worst vile unless it did the nation of everything bad and i went to college in baltimore like not a coincidence that they found the wire there but in new orleans i was like seventeen has earned a viable torment and i was in a hog dazs and i saw these like two guys stray from the value and they were talking they were both like on this girl and they didn't know that it was a hooker and they didn't know there was a guy you know i'll extension of its dark in there don't like celebrating that this hot girl was talking to them and i was like one of them is about to catch a dick that's all areas ass it happened i love it's in front of my wants california and my friend eddie wherein we economy store and hotel where the car restore that ramp it's gone up here and there was driving up the up the hill and my friend areas check so far
my car go how tat girl at year end she was a transvestite who transsexual headed a peace on the man show with us i said oh i know her and my she's a he is like no fuckin way augur well not anymore she's not issues to be i guess she still kind of is cashier subpoenas still always lighted what what was it is a chance i search for any this actual is someone who has gotten their sex change transvestite is someone rats rest as a woman you know equally across dresser too is can we heard when you define you know like what they like what it would have what is a person who dresses low in german orton fuck them but it may not even if they were a mean not even like a sexual things over the address like i think you can be a transvestite and be completely heterosexual like eddie isn't i think just cross dresses or he did any but doesn't like very straight i think i don't know you know i i don't know why you did
but it worked whatever it is announced and it's obviously those got talent outside of that but whatever it is it worked here he didn't amazing thing once we ran around europe de jirsa documentary now my respect for him shot through the see that annoyed me i don't even know anything about it but him doing that link and makes me feel is in rainbow em like you don't seem to understand what he did because was incredibly impressive it was i guess it was on the uk on tv and didn't get on tv numerically gotta watch on the internet but he ran like every day run a marathon and they ran all around europe its saying what he did was insane he also does is i think an arab ages is acting like a bunch of differently urges yeas arabic i maybe whatever does it and he's a bad mother fucker that guy's maize is like the answer he ran around the fucking a means not an athlete there's the thank you didn't do it when he was he did it when it was fat he just did it
he just forced his body to do it he finished one thousand one hundred mile marathon around britain only allow me just fake headline i carefully exactly but so right away you like just respect back is right away my god are you running from what you trying to escape from and maybe that's my defence making but no i don't think he's too escaping or running from anything he he did it all for charity and he was out a goal of milan set this goal in his mind and he just decided to try to complete this goal booze charity jamie design i think sport areas finishing i don't know he looks great that i might just be a website sponsored it there was some some aspect of it was related to charity body transform durned time you did it ran a hundred thousand fucking miles but a key hadley most great horrendous blisters on his feet i his skin was torn apart on his feet to sweden his body was so unused to this not some you
trot just trying to build up to running a marrow just a marathon is that's a fuckin series whose undertaking i tuna higher now i'd be like whatever the charity i can do it this guy did off hundreds of home jesus christ meantime homely did you it's already or such like we're three and forty three marathons it didn't internet not we're all standard marathon rate of twenty six miles is that what it is marathon wednesday twenty six miles that's incredible is that the youtube video like a website nome onto there is a youtube video you can watch the whole thing every step of the way and there is poor where he was running really really really really slow but he did not fucking quit this incredible like you you know you just look at this guy pushing himself is neither fallen apart its feet fallen apart and he just gets up there and it's fucking keeps run i just think i can't i can't help it unlike what here from the wise you running from something you he's trying to accomplish something
calm rejecting an idea that right like you do date anybody that shows over the gym at six a m come on now i wouldn't winding reading motivated in wanting to take care of yourself is one thing but then i think something insane in fisheries money for charity like i want you to stand up and up down tv in america cuz you are so go to pull it off i think we have to agree is it because i like him i like i think he's really funny and so i feel about now look you ve got a point you ve got a point meanwhile just ass people died the money or died the money or sell for your point and nobody i mean but not like me of course they might even have a fundraiser but i'm just saying to do that i know zero about except what you just told me but but it right away that i think that i am also accused here's another optimistic we're looking or positive way look now he's also on top of it
he's doing he's inspiring people because me what did scheme is an incredible accomplishment running eleven hundred miles we're going to fire you to do what did you do inspire me do anyway inspired and dynamic dealing in me really want to fuck him no the you just you just alexander meat will you just appreciate humans doing amazing niger someone every year the marathon no but i really like going down the marathon new organ link router it's all everyone so like really emotional but i'm like you know do you shit about the olympics when the olympics from rome i i'm not the winter olympics i just cannot give a shit winter expire like that i like gymnastics i get into some some olympics the biggest tragedy in all sorts is at the olympics to do not pay the athletes that is like but a million loan arrogant now this professional athletes you know the idea
that their amateur athletes is fuckin preposterous the amount of revenue that gets generated by their athletic performances fuckin staggering weight because it's so my chest it's incredible amount of a couple of them right an incredible amount of money that the limits itself eugene when people are watching the olympic truce millions of around the world untold millions watching at the same time and the retiring residue revenue is stupendous when they must unbelievable amounts of money re tucked costs a lot of money to put it on its not a free event but the amount of profit that generated by the olympics must be fucking phenomenal yeah it's an excellent opportunity for young athletes you know beam excellent pay em such agreements in parking money he's a little not a little money either a shit tunnel money they have they throw away their entire child heads and then like one of them makes a lot of money in like a bearded there's like a dozen girls never getting there
this should be so you could hardly have our allowing this should be some sort of scale you know were a certain amount of accomplishment leads to a certain amount of revenue yeah yeah that's the thing when you are young you like you make it to the olympics yours is rich like i thought of the hunger games that and you are like a victory just like a wind so much money a really it's like were even ballerinas unlike i got only like a handful of you may get where you can make a bunch of money and still yours being your body to to pump but then a lot of them ever even get there and make no money a lot of em right what's the number i dont know i talked to ballerina last season my show and she said like if your starring in a ballet if you're like the new york ballerina you may like i think under five hundred a year how much too low duenna last salary and that's but this i don't know how much do
and began feeds actually make some money ok does duke this is that the actual numbers committee awards cash prizes to olympians who in a metal twice a thousand dollars for a gold fifteenth not for a silver and ten thousand dollars for a bronze but them is considered earned income abroad and subject to irish taxation so when you win an olympic gold medal you in twenty five thousand dollars which day so depressing that's it that's lino hey let's it good wage if you're a fucking burgess boy leah that's horrible and i believe also what's the hope that you do you're like on farmers and that their like uk now like nike air somebody once exactly just sponsored you'll be sponsored by several different companies you make some money for that and you know maybe you'll be it would do seminars and shirt twenty five years the gold i touch model offers like as it wouldn't models make these but the ones at the very top of the game of course or are making tons of money but
the really beautiful checks that working models make around that like they make like maybe fifty and a year from sleep now what i've heard real gm by buddies day this chick who is moral and legal noddle includes she's been no she's like real marilla s advertising campaigns and she makes some touch me six thousand hours a day fifteen thousand hours and dashes made as much as twenty five thousand hours on a day to day imposing she's not famous she's young yeah stupid amounts of money i think it varies so what but even like china campaign i think it very but i know only like three models but they they work and they they ve gone again hey near there they are on the runway and it sounds like once it's ok we're brett like once in awhile they'll make love a pretty good payday but it's not consistent and and it's not
i didn't say that much to me for being that hungary olive oil some of them as is the didn't do it naturally autumnal don't have to struggle as much away my browser bobby shaped and act more fact bodies like the honestly i've always liked the three models causes not fond of being around the whom but button day i'm even if they're like naturally pretty thin they still before doing that stuff had to do liquid stuff in one thing we shoot sailing
in your near battle she'd sailing oh that thing when you fuck you're talking and well in hand but they do you like something like an i thought i was like a treatment or so that link you deal before even where they show in this place is that clean that's clean the trust me just it looks rushed there now i love doing is packages that he's always giving the animals aired i just want you to have to share the neo liberal international ruin when i know it's gonna be the birth mercurous ever orang as europe with pull through the same europe animals where we are models would it what fuck said about anybody why would anybody get really hung up on the idea of incredibly skinny people were in their clothes and are now but scared but what i've heard is that it's like a hanger as the are the animals built like a hanger while i just had a fitting today and it was like
with someone you know what they're doing which i haven't heard that much of ignorance and she told me that's all about proportion cause like a lot of people they think that i'm like bigger than i am like people i'm a size six and people are not a means like bigger than a for small voter anyway but but then unlike the wooden leg but only there's an webs so whatever it is you can like big serbia size or what's her silent real emulate yeah by thinking i am sorry say i'm like a twelve or something but whatever but anyway it's all about proportion and now and not really about how big or small somebody actually as but these models that link do the best at the close of us it is like a hanger there like basically frail appear and it looks but close look all closely dope on them but there's only like a very on behalf of checks you can you can work i think there's also a very different feeling a woman has when she
looks at another woman than a man has one looks at a woman as far as like what looks good and what does it look good he has a lot of things are girls do that their girls think look good like the certain ways that they'll dress or certain things that lie person should especially those really to impress the other girl trail but you cannot impress a guy with a purse but women are like real is of a moral really in the purses temper each other yeah shine light on like shoes this jewellery i know nothing i don't have that like i'm missing that you throw away from it i'm just like no it i mean by tat i could be like other girl like looks great but i don't even aspire to try it because it seems so out of my out of my range but i can learn get a girl and be like wow she's beautiful but i'm not like oh like fleming i wonder what she looks like naked be now obviously cousin that attracted the girl s elegantly defending myself but but it's so weird to me
but i understand it as i felt when someone's really thin like all the things that we wanted naturally like ie fuck and everything we like celebrate people that are able to abstain the most from that lake normally like all god the is she really but a starve resolve legality she saw just weeks it is like celebrate people just keeping themselves from biology that's a big one for women too right the ability to abstain very it's like it's a badge of courage or something so now i can't added slowly wrought much ado out of my will as i do that first it was so crazy the problem with women is of course of so many guys at a piece of shit are more dangerous in their f physically in the piece of shit that you run into whereas women are more dangerous may financially in the pieces of share they run into what do you mean
you know the guy gets fucked over usually guys get fucked or in a financial way like divorces are they get set i gotta see isinglass get set up in its very disturbing when i don't everything i with any money i am here is even everyone data the guy i've made i have met guys where watched them go down my saw it happening there were not attractive there are uncomfortable with women and they had also this really hot girl with them who slowly but surely stocks are way in this position and then bales with then how like isn't a transparent don't these guys are eighty aren't they aren't they curious like why this beautiful decayed upton look alike like is in love with them because i am suspicious of any guys better looking than me that wants to sleep with me i'm like what why what do you think my girl you show
ok i'm hume dont you but don't you wonder and i know a lot of i know not a lot but i know a handful of women that had guys take their money because i think women are going from even more susceptible to like just wanting that and being sure joint checking i'll buy a house in our name well its mutually exclusive many can get ripped off tomorrow what you're sex is whether what we are sexual preference i'm sure guys rib each other off and gay women rape each other iceman effect i know they do and sell lake i know a gay women ass pale ammonium nitrate grandma was the letter and she was that yeah liquor store is still unfair to forestry tumors liquors why should he or she were in between part lax or or merely yeah it's really crusher monkey bar is fuckin nausea what a great store yeah but she she was all she is putting it in my head like it because she i think her husband tried to steer money but you put it away should always like savior money for her yeah you know can aben
needed with the wrong person wrong god wrong girl whatever deck never happen but i think dominance is like that happens more with men men tend to be the ones who have more money in the relationships that women have an what do they make seventy at what it is whatever it is i'm not saying that women can make money on don't jump down my throat him just now i'm not saying you people their amira i wish that i wish that i've ever data that many they really does deal yeah i'm i make i make a good amount of money now you now and we are now so it's weird like jack has geyser just link or do now for it ass padlock wants to first of all i need not pretend to be interested in what basque or in any i like going to gain but i can't like i don't ever want to be like wearing a jersey unmeaningly they're gonna
i just don't want to slip through the giant athlete united on and there in the back i at once rightly lounging aired i'll be under the chair you well you'll be dancin you'll your chain on they are not endure weren't beads our jersey as it has now been going bearing the hard core we're gonna be two unreality shall like fighting with other now you avoid that you'll be fine i don't think you are going to change your personality barely just gonna crave the borg dick now are you i had one encounter the huge dagonite hung about it on my own mail especial i'd die tat ours like no way well maybe dinner you the news assaulting you with it i mean how many ways are there to use you just go he really bring about really when it's done bagley what are you supposed to do you just have to like structure you return oh yeah i was like i'm not we're not going
life together i'm not gonna to through this how about our power and through our you change your shape about you now just like when a woman as children cheek to her brow stretch out then deflate imagine no research they're gonna regular plus the superfluous for costly horny god how are they are actually was known as worthy oh yeah for sure you for real economy any i would imagine i'm never our relationship words lake i the same sexual appetite is that i am dating it's either like they are like wanting a too much or it's me wanting to much like its i've never really had it even out you know yeah well it's been like yeah that's good letting her mean deftly happens it's high it's way harder for check this guideline now it obviously i throw out
if if what are now if like if your girl is like now not tonight dizzily hurt your feelings are you like what's wrong with me or your dislike now we're we're summit or he doesn't want to or whatever you know give it also even if europe me for a long time it's different i don't think there's any reason why you know to people can't figure out that they're not sexually compatible and if you start data each other you get to the point where you like spending a lot of time together and then you hit those that look i don't want to look at and want it well we'll figure out what's important here because he's a book should this important near the bigger one is caring about each other inhabiting time together the number one anybody that's number one but number two is you liked it fuck each other and if you
put it in number two what are you put a number two yeah what is there no one has ever do violence or security mean what is it the coexisting interest now i have almost nothing co interest with my wife is one thing he likes a few tv shows and some art thing in sum but her offer hobbes like things that she enjoys judges just her things and then you know we we hang out we are funding i like you don't have to have the same the mutual desires or the same economic me into the same sports like i've actually heard guys say that they would never data girl that doesn't want sports lastly wants her complain when you walks in sports fuck that she's watch sports we'll here i was seen on me on my show tomorrow night about
i am not trying to work and i also it's called chick you can hang you about ability adds guy sitting around the wreckage whirling this girl is she'd like a lantern jaw and like you really does my fantasy pigs and then you realize that they're just describing do legacy but i mean i know i know girls at her are real and sports but an eye but the differences i'm i don't i don't care about sports at all but i'm not like and won't you do like i'm busy and i'm sides to do my thing and i have my interests and like please do you are tweet once were a girl so the girls who were into football get bigger diamonds i was like twitter pictures and like a bunch of people like retreat
didn't nothing it was like a girl like a sexy football outfit on or something you know that's so often i think that's like the image of god they will girl c and even i've been going is done the nba part of this movie them and do and say yes we lag dig for a first time i don't even know of outlets they're gonna say it didn't happen betty nobody remembers in the arena but anyway like you know seeing these just seeing the way women are represented on tv like all these real housewives like no one's doing even if they're all we have linked this once and for all for charity like whatever the thing that getting added it and what we are seeing is you guys being monsters and like this is this shows this is all a girls are seeing like i don't know i'm a jewelry like i don't know the girls it i'm close to no one cares about a handbag no one no one gives us
but the girl early on the television there aren't humming gerald sooner or later be online site making plays a year ago euro a bunch of artists your ultra comedians if you ever comic like all of a sudden became incredibly obsessed with keeping like an upstanding or attractive appearance that we like a merely include a lot of the comedy you know because you when you wouldn't be relaxed at all you'd be like such a behaviour inciting like a look aware of someone looking at you like we can have their bag when it you're right leave them people care about that stuff and it's not i think i'm better than that its honestly and seen to meet it it's insane to me that anybody would put value on like this that's a transparent like look this is pensive like i just think that something that is hardly right but let's play devils advocate yeah what
you're just really into beautifully crafted things whether its or watch or whether its car whether it's a purse is an impact the ball that i couldn't get it i see that a lot of people i believe you write a lot of people there watching that stuff in there looking at different people have different things and they they want to show off they went shall or whether they ve got the person cost acts of shoes that cause why are all my god look at the size the rocks he's got there certainly people that won't do that but isn't it some of these other people they could just to enjoy a beautiful percy our enjoy beautiful hall i haven't i haven't like see i don't know anyone with really extends assess if someone like look at this watch across twenty grand like i've never seen that a media big well it's amazing i'm about comfort and like i like travelling you know i like my bed is expensive like i like you know thing right sort of themselves experience but i haven't seen but you if you so much money and you're like oh i want to get this boy
one thing i understand that but i do i do know a lotta dude that are like posting pictures of their possessions they got on its room and i come on like you don't have to do that without the some do have to but why would it mean well they don't have to of course anybody's wrappers it's like wrappers really i got them you know the obviously i actually love her but that was the lyric i just want to i've got this like i don't that's obviously not what they say but it you know it's like a lot of it is like about about how much exactions showing you should have gone on the magazine cover with six cars and here of course that's culture so i think that's why that's where the consumer that you think the hatch teaches ego and dislike alpha well it's also a culture that rebounding from periods of extreme slit alike slavery extreme poverty like there's generation after generation of of
of things the racism the riots the civil rights movement i got those things are so recent it's hard for us even a rap our hands how it sorry citizen is humility we're so white to know no we don't feel a bribe flat friendly half black halfway to friends of black of i've seen the differences and how people react to them and his fascinating to watch you know like big dark black deeds castrated with fear everywhere they go it's hilarious them that really is upsetting i i i never really pay much attention to cause like a couple of my best friends my amp or black now there what note that they were black and like i never really thought about until like going additions because a sign and she had a big further whatever susan and nice sign in and then it's like dirt dealer and then it just like these black they're coming in their like signing in and i'm like a man like this is what what society is down there like
this is how we see you like these guys were great actors it's like these innocent amy someone's gonna play the drug dealer would you want to be a great actor you are to be some real drug dealer deformity trying to say you liberal bitch no we last isn't on the show we had a guy he was a mug and then in the scene was called skip therapy and it's a really funny seen like in kyle down again the calm gazelle and and this guy like steals my bag and we needed to be a stunt guy and so but by forgot that's the guy came he was a great stunk eyes aims she mohammed ali well actually want an amber that's his name any came in i was i was a we cast these black eye as the mob like we are you serious there are a really great martial arts and stuff the best is when you have a white mugger that doesn't mugger at all he annual oh oh god i hate when shows do that then side felt like there's some shows that the guy steals the person you're like oh my god never has given run before i'm sure
i don't think we get every wrapper heads around it would be like to be discriminated against solely basic it's completely based on the way you look and have it feel like insurmountable and then once you do make it an you you know me you get big i could see all the the breakdown this behaviour being like exuberant exuberant i say to send our committee little bit me right either do people people with me i was just getting stage a you know just like my first whatever like ten years i feel like it was like it's like those birch why do i look like i'm gonna be a dumb bitch like crazy do not by looking i'm gonna be there yes idea you say you dumb bitch meaning just a woman or you dumb way you think you'd look i think i look like i like
if i saw me and like a mall i be like will mean that like www people no no you are for so long but you were like how do people i wouldn't go meet for sure drowning last year i believe but i have a lot of media tendencies it's a rational prejudiced to think of me as immediate i mean i'm fucking cage fighting commentator forgot so right and i am a dove dunkards too i consider myself a silly rich but i mean there's but the problem is that we have this idea that everyone so different and then these people that are so different can be friends like i have friends it don't work i'll ever brian is my friend brett as i just started working out a feeling for years is hard work it out smoke cigarettes kindly hardly unhealthy meanness shops like he's not like that
my point is like i'm not guy it's i can't hang out with other people who don't forget move words towards waiting i do my friends are all over you like that i mean like i know you're in shape and whatever but that's not what i mean i have also spoken you better now if i just like walk past you don't think it systems easy the pigeon hole people me and i think there's a lot of us that or a combination of things and ass the people that are most fascinating to me when i meet someone and i think that there are pre judge for whatever reason and think others persons probably this and it turns out that their order combination of things that i have never even met tat those are too great just when you meet someone who doesn't fallen any category yeah and you get to go have misconceptions and then like this person just a unique individual blue lianour shrimp and call the sea and then the at that runs in your database and now your spectrum sort of broadens little beggar ideas that's one things it i think one of the reasons why people getting some shit relationships is theirs
spectrum is like super narrow they have only had like a narrow band of people in the type of experiences have been like really similar and negative over and over again but other just being a specific type you know socio economic that kind of stuff it don't you think it's just like those patterns that were set up just real early on just from young shed the deadly tenby for sure you also get it from your parents are thank plus an end minus i think i'm people see their parents involved in like really negative relationships and they have completely changed their gears and they just rejected like from the jump and they don't take any shit from anybody than anybody fuckin term into a doormat holiday either either or sometimes yeah yeah i do that i see the end
i see the farm he whores that's when i'm on my i do you can give me the lithuanian and yearners is unlike commuter comrades that's that's part of whole reason why became comics is because we had a whole retrenchment shove some funny and their stuff up at home and then he doesn't have that whole guess what that's why you're not funny around on the numeric keypad so just getting this getting secular you did at it usually forty six i give em work rather than anybody before six yeah i think you can't you can be a comic unless your unbalanced but think somewhere along the line you can be balanced so hard to believe so that you can it out new hand oh yeah you're right the ship he's gotta figure out like what is what are your needs like as far as like you're psychological needs and how to meet those how are you how do you in taking a good psychological existence
we i feel like i'm going healthier yo i hope but i feel it because you more successful so more relaxed too that's gotta benefit you bit i'm i am more relaxed but i don't but it just be i'm just like less stressed by some things but i am having like sort of more pressure on me but i get your shoulders pressure yet and i think this is like taking a step back and keeping the people close to you that will tell you like that was to better like you write dog shit just people give a real cyclic feel i trust and you keep a rover yourself term in need tell you things are constantly questioning things in t worry about that though because that is an issue with a lot of people people worry about it coming famous than awesome i could go because we ve kind of siena yeah definitely i've do worry about cause i'm you get so like every day i think you somebody like perhaps you in the face the way started going on on the road was on the last comic standing tour and we had to do meetin greets after every
and sometimes it was like an arena big three thousand people however many would wait and then they voted for some people so we come over to me and be like my husband length here but i do so i just like got used to it was like forty cities or something and i just got used like this fans it's just like built into me now so i might i've been like trying to break down forget my childhood insecurities like what happened is the first times i went out on the road so i'm afraid my defenses got so built up that i had to really like break down so then i heard sort of let the right ones but i am afraid that might defenses will get too strong because you'll see like really famous people there like your idols or comics you love and you meet them and their so disappointing because they're so withholding and it's like yearly gets pride they ve been wronged by so many interactions but you still and let that happen you mean and so on that is something that i am aware of and i dont want to lead and because i am i am like you know afraid of of some
saying something or like hurting you're trying to teach you much and you know what i think about it with louis louis uk when i when i first words are acting with him he was a kind of stand office with me and end he should have been because i much i'm sure i wanted something from him you know just a new comic you see someone and you know the clubs like they like there's like you just have this urgency as economically and you don't know to do like no one can tell you this is you do it be a barrier comic as we do to get work even if they tell you just get on stage as much as possible eager can hear it so long being so like sorted guard with me he should have now like we ve very nice report it's good to see and we talk and i and i kind of presented him a little bit for being being called me first but i think he should have been because i'm sure i don't even know what i wanted from him but i'm sure i wanted something from it get it but what else
like you're saying before on the early just you know somebody people projects andy you if they like an interaction that less than satisfactory it's not about you you can't change anybody feels about you so but i'm where my long ramp my point is just like i'm trying not to become an asshole and to give rifle the benefit of the doubt at least like are going every interaction like high and then they say something to me that shuts me down than that's you know at least i went into it open right i feel the same and i think that concern is a good thing to have and school year think thinking like that because we all need to learn from the people that we see that have disappointed us yeah the answer we seem you now just for whatever reason someone became a prick because of care famous yeah that's happened to a lotta comedians i've seen it i've seen it and they stubby and fund till there's another weird thing that happens the guys who famous too much
adulation too much they have a sitcom or something like that and then one they won't credit for like their new arthur doing link look i know i was funny one point but now i play the sea ending base and like if you wanna come see me clerk that's what you're gonna get and it's like mood that i mean like it's not the stanley based but i'm just saying i think because i even those impulse i don't want to be funny renown just and you know you're like and then upload dunham like bitch that's how people know you but women why don't you need a podcast you always say that civilian assuming you need a goddamn part just because you can first what you really good out you're very smart you very articulate you'd be fats meaning a break things down but all those misconceptions would go away if people got to listen to you talk then you in and worry about with people knew you cause you you would put her out there so times there would be like real clear but i'm not there
worried about if people know me right but well ok your point you're not really worried that people know you but your interactions late you ever about your interactions people yeah yeah okra you want to make sure there is good as possible i want to know that i did my my best and that i was open having a nice interaction and an end makings i'll talk and whatever i don't i don't know what about what you know we're talking about like you you were saying you worry about getting attached to worry about becoming more like people that's going to the gets goofy what are you getting anything ever even like grounded a hundred percent because your feedback all its yeah constantly get updated in check to concentrate on but but what what what's the feedback for i mean that i'm on twitter i'm sorry i know i'm on twitter and i do think you're right though but but then i like don't think it's good to reinforce pause i'm next
feedback like someone will you know right now le geared disgusting we look and it's like oh they re too famous people use bottom you know i'm afraid i don't think i would never reward linked what's need on this i want to talk about i mean sometimes people have valid opinions about what you're doing ass stand up or whether its podcast with array the fuckin upright too were what a red everybody ever it is really that everybody has you know they're gonna have opinions have opinions and everything you do yeah but some sometimes having those opinions like it is mostly swinging to the right side there are mostly swing to the good side it gives you sort of frequency you're you you know they appreciate it if you like tapped into acting like people love the emission worship boom inside amy humor com essential now amy has a blog hey watch amy do videos who do laundry
you you're u turn into you tap into a certain vibe when you you get a certain amount of feedback i and i feel like as a comic in others that urge to communicate which i have but then there's also i think also is a girl but six and i and i talk like very openly and then some of that back it makes you like a should i not be sharing this much of myself because but then you like i'm like no i've made a decision like i'm going to live my life way and try me people laugh and maybe feel better road but then like that sometimes that's met with where europe is it worth is it is so hard sometimes and and i'm not sure scared somebody's answering mean to me like it's also people not respecting your boundaries in any way you know it's it's like us drug on it is like do you know i do have to kind of work and be aware of not becoming like real stand off
right well you're you're not really capable of filter and who knows you want to become famous and that's a big differ such marine that an just be an ordinary person going about your day comes up two girls and hits on them women are just as aggressive i find so many men like with women take on an aggressive approach it's almost like it's it's almost commonplace right the guy just aggressively comes up two girls and hits on them women are just as aggressive i find so tyres with it doesn't come with the physical threat vehicles like with a man like a chicks aggressor with me i'm always look ok it's crazy bitch i gotta get out of here but i dont go oh my god you're actually allows me to my car china there is there is the added fine bonus of like this guy
try and my turn around you mean that less fearful with when your man mean euros can worry about someone doing something positive it's real vampire to know that you can be of sexually assaulted i can you i mean i can imagine but i couldn't you know it's like i could imagine also could imagine being pregnant his lodgings i could pretend to imagine but i really can't imagine i can't imagine not changing for amendment that's my ideas are marathon i can you just have at present over the river country you know people drag worthy opponent for years and then ass the greatest people there were ever created were created by viewed always says that she drank their offer pregnancies bio wasn t allowed to have a little wine i think we'll go small glass of wine good for your body in a relaxes you ring that i hear you and then i would delay
i one way to get a fuck yeah hi baron i don't even know i beg you not fun when than blackguard leads me do no show its were you have twins are even now what if a year for now come back and i'm like i've got twins tat little half like baby the crazy thing is art was turned off that no sir not
he came over me tuesday undergoing a nose pregnant i mean meant i don't want kids i think you'd acquired refer alimony they fought and you need money they ran through the lines new crops like like fire is spurred just let it is every move they swim these women land they are going to get it out on it lobbying around like those fish the snake fish that come out with us making fish that come out of water and they walk on land until they funds new water ursula from the lumber mean no a real fear goddamn area if you ever seen i saw the movie parana three days did you know is going to be three days i was like so site when they gave us the glasses as a what one of the best surprises and my home i used to have parents allegedly words yeah had bunch of em myself freedom goldfish allegedly zack i gave it s real many
aids go why gonna desired when it was really answer why the the you could send them into if you're an asshole you could put them in a lake somewhere and they go in them non native waters and they would wreck havoc and that's happened to a bunch of different fish species think this snake had was one of them actually if not the stake in its different fish there's a walking fish you only i dont need simply adds new york people say maria so through these fish in the pond that's in central park as they thought it was funny and so now these things are living in the pond and just durst roaring everything when i was there i saw some fish some big giant fish attack something else in the world this big froth of water and then whatever it happened dino happened was wrong honor was theirs upon in central park big pontiac in that water there's some crazy ass fish isn't citizens monster fish in central park
does it attack anything please see it see much see there you see barely could see it yeah that's a snake the snake had fish these goals things he ducks bellied anything there they're like super hardy to like you want to get him in an ecosystem after essentially kill em thing in that leg to get em all out what did they do travis eat everything they become panama like i'm afraid it says if you see this visions like this see a terrifying fish with teeth in such a par kill it immediately that's too late the problem is he sings just shoot now eggs and sperm and breeding like crazy this is like predator ignore that movie predator yeah i give predator landed and all the p is what it's like for that thing thing going into the pot at central park so that the party began the such a ban
it is the lions lying just got led into the fuckin zebra cage the zoo that's what it's like i was like tat have been developed could happen that's what's happening with this fish its that's what it's like a suit four predator diskette introduce until his humble go systems relating to our about a phenomenon that while that you my watch murder behind you fish murder but the young the fishes like the word thing you could ever see for creation nest the fish walking on the ground and walking to the next pond because of your creation me see the other i mean don't creations all day looking at everything yes with denial yeah you with this is that the more one of the most preposterous things are of yours you never seen when these things walk no i'm so grow stout till then its manage come here i leave upset because the videos regimented hunger together for the worse yes
gear about coming allow this is nothing nearly as disturbing but there's a video in the congo where i think it's prehistoric fish eaten by dinosaur bird that's what it says this is crazy bird called a shoe bill and this bill is like five feet tall with an enormous beak its big yeah it's beaches like his its beak rather is litter like an ax on its face huge beak and this bird is something out of another era but these to be birds like that like seven feet tall that lived in north america and they re not fly they disorder run around an attack things the predatory birds and lies at a bird the penguin going when you don't lie in their like look we're birds were buried which do not fight with as did you see a dinosaur three movie that's avail lorry now and if i did not it's really good of my eye we now
it's not it's not animated and there aren't domini dinosaurs in it but it's really worked with a thing tat this is not the dining lovingly on old sutherland that's the dad he nereids at and it's like it's really good three i obviously like they thirty or so it's it's a recreation of like what they look like yeah and kneeling water not rather hostile yet and it ends like spoiler with a vague bit its eyes heroditus by consequent ostrich like it just looks like some certainly prehistoric serve solving bird that's like so ass use another good example birth does really fly right they fly down to shit fuck you kicked the chevalier they found you did i saw that video photographer remind have talked up isn't here before i real traumatized by seeing a guy laying their blindfolded and he doesn't know it's fucking him and it's an ostrich
well that's not me you never saw now who died by time that happened earlier to give up a much bigger folk by animals there is a certain time that job tyrant now i've done there is a certain time you years back where are you said hey here's a link a guy get fucked by austria like an outlook but not today today i wait and again when i want to call your bluff so bad you wouldn't call my beloved because honestly i don't know where it i dont know if it was something absolutely fantastic were no one had ever seen anything like it then click but i want some do give by done pass d you an try when you somethin like that starts up fuckin pin wheel in your head spinning around this guy i get to the point where do we start out ass he used to be a baby one time but it is parents due to him did you lawyers that's me watching any porn well this problem mean our power there
why we were getting go out how universal now yeah to us with some dick god as planned you can't we can fix them unfortunately put that is exactly how you should feel if you're sort of main person thank you see them and of poor people probably the victim many holding them in his poor again these components column these poetic those people you know them and gave it back for many who were far from it weird thing that everybody watches that but nobody nobody admits to it irremediable admit to die to admit a porn getting down that really watching it anyone in my life but that doesn't watch porn different people than me really i don't know it's single dude who doesn't watch porn oh yeah girls rose watchword all my friends watch porn friends
but you know when i was younger i was like i was i did not like porn like at all i remember i too boyfriend as twenty three or four and i was like i thought was cheating and then grew up in the nearly always does is awesome for law guys twenty three is when does the age cut off so that get to that new mature woman that is fine and other girls porn no i really i know i really like it i have friends at are like that only get loon girl gets like twenty three the completely lose interest yeah and they move on no you don't live that you don't know cuz ya all my girlfriends again they're gone comedians but i think the girl comedians probably just completely different animal try to guess you know idea i've i thought i think rulers are often pressure thanks i'll i don't think so i don't think i'm any wilder crazier i think i'm probably pretty boring but i do not like having sex
yes not wrong saying on the radio for pocket i don't know why it's like so wise families everybody feels good likewise it we can assume you massages people always ask me like an economic local press no like why do you talk about sex so much like it's the most interesting thing we do is people i think like why wouldn't i want to talk about i think it's really funny why you know and it's not that i think i think i'm driving a pretty monday insects and bird everybody else pretty basic but just like that just hearing a girl i mention it just kind of may seem like why i dont this is just judging by doing like local press i gotta think about different peoples like the jobs they have
the amount of restraint that required keep a job at an office where you know a lot of talk about anything freaky rattling eight hours a day right i haven't i like an office even the forest and as it is a part with regard to fear by a woman yeah you're comic you're you're perceptions like why they would be upset at you for for talking about sex a liking sex custody let's take a mine blower let's talk about six times just torture away but you better not at all my oh my god i can't believe is not something in my body right now i feel like i've a totally normal sexual appetite totally normal i think i pray watch porn like twice a week the controversies just talking about it cocking about sexual appetite wrong that's the controversy but that's so weird i think even i just you know did some some shows on and pr like there they act like they ve never experienced penetration
before you never would have my sarah silver moments that ted talk and they completely sensor they pulled down but that was about like a kid being retired in the right on the ted talk was not asked a thought it was her act i thought it was like the joke and i'm i don't remember what the the gentlemen let find out we should finance argument in sir so ted talk k i don't think it with sexual i think it was making she saw sexual i don't think of cyrus hubert sexual oh my god are you kidding me her air does verse actual theory ready to larry oh she's larry isn't that right ted versus sarah sober and fight turns really retarded heads ok known for her shock and insult humour was invited to give a ted talk she subsequently trash ted organizer chris andrew anderson who tweeted i know it
shouldn't say this about one of my own speakers but i thought sarasota was god awful human if he wrote that he's a bitch i'm round the problem was that silverman capped using the word retarded too i'd say europeans recent ran about the word the whole flew right over the ted crowd so wow hilarious anderson deleted as tweed but silverman hit back today with our own saying that kudos to ted chris for move ted an unsafe for making tat an unsafe haven for all you're a barn of media gates asshole that's island my god she crushed him yeah you're a barn of mediocrity on bill gates asshole so god oh my god that at shakespeare alma what's so funny and then steve case waited aol founder steve case weight into the fight to defend anderson he tweeted shame on you too silverman
the sad thing is you're not that funny you lose you lose your saying that stupid if south they shame on you you lose unless you're selling rate areas like you say up to them i say shame on you shame on you and me sumer or how dare you amy humor that's i'm joking this guy's shame on you for real so when you say she when you for real you're out the year out of the game is over this i've seen you you're not that funny all know what the ok you explain to me the whole barnacle on bill gates asshole line then that is at issue is homer align the fuck out of here and why that's not funny and suleiman spots was you should be nicer to the last person on earth with a account she got em to bomb bitch
fiber cheese silverman in case continued but you get the picture that's be only too well that happen when like they went after salon dot com when after patent oswald and crush them it's just so arbitrary there's just no you have control over what somebody picks up on what happens like that i mean of course have you gone some ran regulating raises shed like that's ridiculous but but for comic it's you sorry it's just a slow newsday and there like this was approved and people to choose norton after i but were getting really mad at me about a joke amy about civil and sheen roast and norton he he's like stood up for me it was like your select if our age was even steve or the girl died milk was saying that i e that we all i shouldn't let it yeah that was a joke save me the same joke about about geraldo with with anthony cognac but but it's a comic yola do that comics i'll on there
the common laws and with me i know it's me it's well things were your unites that with come it's always who's going to be the first person to make the ike you know and a lot of times when a sweet looking girl like you does it it's like it's an extra impact and i realize where i was really surprised because it was a big deal in the room it was like we're all hidden we uniting all right i just didn't even think those in me a big deal on it you think that's comics i think that i'm used to sitting around those guys the seller yeah you know it's fun it's how we communicate try like i can't tell you where half of these guys were my best friends grew
but i am ready with so many insults for that one of the most backward stupid jack wanes weight norton is awesome either to analyze asked norton his crew me so many times nor talked about this funny story you talk but where he was he had a slice of peter lucy case all industry it is to slash of pizza the ground cholera faggot she's faget and he starts laughingly telling the story massage i was a juicy peter peter susan nice one so that is what it says and do that through another person you know they wouldn't appreciated the humour in the inappropriate nurse makes us so happy the other night we were just plain keith robinson when he got eliminated from star search were playing it over and over again in front of him and by the way so i don't think he interrupted amy schuman slammer pizza down
that's now we're sand yet to be a community of threatened know each other s friend but that so familiar tat is the best i tell did you see a special road i had thought itself finding it so you can money so happy that he's doing well again his shoulders dope he's fucking malaria skew idolize aligning our tyler's i don't think there is a funny guy lie but he's one of my favorites that's for sure yeah they he am i was saying the table with my decision of bench female comics and we were like eating lake desert it was like a really like sad moment he dislikes away hey davies's already as having no boyfriend alamode boyfriend boy forever remain valid here museum oiling that so hung base is like the word is doing right haiti if you don't even see us till he turned and then just boom fired on canada is blatant
right off the cuff boom he's everywhere the best joke riders out yeah he's got so much of his act is chokichi juncture joke chokichi choked structure you know how funny he's awareness that strength for the memories one of my favorites ever so dead yeah it's some nice time becoming fan yeah well you can x out there now is totally different experience than it twenty years ago i think i think finger it is probably because the internet more people avenue is more demand for common and i even think i'm saying it i'm comedy candles on the roads of the age as is old specials here and a lot of pretty shitty i get everything gone and there is that like off the catholic that movie punchline haven't i'd sally field come at the end kind of dislike winging at unlike at working out as a comic that it then this set up a whole i think wave of people being like maybe an amazing
and i don't know it was a movie was so bad stand of anomalies who serve the so obviously not real stand up a recital your faking in the audience reaction was frank you can't do that it doesnt work withstand up like you can fake in a union boss scream at the fuckin people in the yard but if there is an artificial feeling too that its not nearly as offensive as the artificial feeling of watching tom hanks kill it with nonsense sobered like just eat just talking you can see how you could see like he probably could be a comic he ain't he had good delivery good set ups or is it was during the prior movie and enough they cast he's gonna play and your area i was i was going to be any griffin at one point in time i dont know by hope it's a comic it has to be i don't know i would have three armenia you'd have to but even then stuck in a worrying one guy pulled it off ever dying hoffman dustin hoffman
there are so now fog and brilliant yeah it's fuckin brilliant yeah how can you get for that reason did he gone there that's a really good question i dont know what he did but what he did do when he did the movie is get lenny bruce down your fuckin t he has incredible is one of the best performances of his career and very few people know about it here people outside of stand up even though lenny bruce was lenny recently bela hicks its politics more more people know billion says yeah but lenny bruce's just sort of a name like a fuckin said seas i mean the arrows names you don't really are likely now you ve heard up red buttons all that guy i heard them we sit around unless you're a real yeah i like about something i did on the road is gone record stores and listen to what our common albums as really find him it like the first words like sad that i like and then i'll
this today when i've city like there's a sound monsieur but but that that too it keeps me out because i feel bad like was at home i just think i think stand up such again isolating life and so but i like will be like i'm look look forward to like my couple things owing to do in cities and i think i think everything up send it thinks that real i think so you go on the road with other friends on what i i mark normand whose hilarious opens for me or i have my and brigitte ever it actually now sheila closes for me she's hilarious she's a cabaret singer take a glowing anger you yeah i know one can follow her what does she do she so she doesn't andrea she does she does i should the nasty shall be telling the closer because she's not stand up she's a she's a singer she's going to make the singer but she the one who doesn't hannibal brochure changes did hannibal show with method man a keepsake breast
i fear i always do i've known every year i wish i'd labelling as a friend yeah average money did so i've seen her i saw her he showed me a video in chronic killer so at first i just think want people to see her she does she's the only like i do stand upon my and i d like an interview and the only time i dont want interviews if she's performing his enemy with ad rock legs a bad ass both disney people see her bridget i read and so is so she came up the road with me ass a man she's such a closer but then as i still wonder to come out me so i just like would do an hour and then i believe that the show and i have a special guest and i have her come out because she jai fiction just people's lives when how the performer why you laugh so hard and it's just i don't know it just like changes yeah i praise the oh my
that's all some anybody's in real life yeah so that likes it out ass for me yeah like along the road always always travelled my from military use of one person open for you or something i don't use i've done three before well yeah i've done three abbe really fun we we got to go on a bus this time think my mark norman has been opening for me and he's he's hilarious link but bridget which he does she goes out into the crowd did such a view means for the radio of adam she sits on dude labs and sing sure she shall motorboat any but she airport illegal her her act is so killer but its bit but it's been like so cool because i'm yet marks opening for me like four or five years ago so the answer is yes you like to go on the road your friends on the road you friends as they make it less sad because europe is happening atomic rather not yeah totally tuttle yet i sent an arena and ears a long time ago a figure that should our way orally i took a pay cut way early to do that
can i just tear in i would even get grief by the sailor you know across you this much to funds was now at much higher man you know you making this much less than we might so what will now i got i got my sister travelling with me my brother in law like we have the camp the little cabin and that's why the road been really sweet lately that's nice that's definitely good vernier it also fine like i feel funnier when i'm hanging out with all my friends is world laughing at each other and it keeps you down you don't like what i say i gotta do in orlando on thursday with joy ideas nay friday actually this friday we leave early but let's at what it should be some theatre we're just gonna have so much fun yeah means like i can't imagine at not having fun hanging out with dsl by tone and then we're gonna have a great time laugh feel that day so the road is like home now cause joey's family and we ve been together we ve been friends for fuckin forever and then you have a dinner there would have been more unity joel
the german telling about the judges who class jones gland jujitsu now really landing at about swings in shit now just doing try beheld the here to exercise so yeah he's is the most here we have done the road the first i did our lando martin mark open for me and we said so tell and had a waterside we're lucky i was like oh my god and and it made me go do a club again because i think they ve got that waterside that hotel do what slide there was a place in phoenix we used to do the tempi improv that our water slide it was fuckin awesome so much ass an comics you know you got a guy that club super weird but those tells good like they do a free our of drinks urine you know what else has the waters line is the hard rock in florence in florida yeah how before that mean take my friend tat we went there would we have
like a couple hours to kill for flight we found out about the water supply to the energy we worse lifelike two hours before we utterly valueless so much fun there only like tunnels and shit you're shootin at the bottom of the town and we were there though the second him back and there is a family and i guess there muslin they were wearing bikinis my god have you as you know this that's real yeah they were all all the girls were in burkina just get the key it's a burka ok waterproof so their vase is covered or their whole bodies covered it was there there eyes were out occur their fears that everything else is covered jimmy poor burkina jesus christ see this that and i was like mama i want that like why can't she's i would again the waters i tend to our times and that the real literally freaked me out why that chick look so first of all that chick does not look like the people that were at the water back with us
but the freaks and it seems like kelly come on this is the answer for that is insane it's insane that they look so happy but you're being killed what is its hand culture like it forces that that's one of the most insane things in two thousand fourteen here i am using nudges fear it's also a pattern it's a religious pattern that religious one left power power to one of the right now jesus create friction that poor girl i went to do by lends who stand up in it was a real bummer it's a bummer yeah it's a bummer seeing people and you know they don't think it's a bummer cuz they used to it it's a bummer for you though if you have freedom to dress however you want you see something like that and just go what's going on why
the women like how can the men can wear shorts and he going to fuck you why like the lie ray can they though i don't know i'm in your mother men where religious garbs is whether immoralities issue it whatever they want what ever even some iconic says working life like some of them could savings in some couldn't i feel terrible whenever i see any form of suppression when i see that now is the most is that was the worst thing was seeing the way that they dealt with like the filipino wait staff just the people because it such a caste system there in laying forget about the the women being that she'll did it was like that was that was a bummer movie ever seen this there were some pieces of wood on some unscrupulous employees or employer yours rather that were taking these people from other countries they were getting up from like a guy who'd be like a wrangle
and he would go to these other countries and tell these people that they were going to get a lot of money and tell these people that always good things are going to happen and then he would bring em over here to start working for these companies and then they would take their passports away and leave them these like sub human condition ass is horrible condition sleeping like the tone a room with twenty with dirt floors in holes in the ground to shit in my advice to the peace on the menu like this is incredible many if not all establishments there but the fact that it does happen and that the way is set up in other i dont know who's responsible enough it's the people the top or the people at the bottom that are hiring these people whose made the decision to forces people in this situation take their passports where i don't owe who made this decision and like i know that's all you are far but like honestly today i asked for decaf unlike check i know there was laughing in that had been forget
no i just like it makes it when i hear things like that i think of like what's the dumbest thing today twenty i thought was important as you know what i mean like i e another thing then i'll be like this is found this farm berries batting traffic on santa monica again yet in here like my leading lady of art is paul sheldon whether man didn't say was gunnar rain and then you're like oh you add to sleep had to tell with people that dont bay than you haven't seen your family and where's the stoplight is down we have to figure out this intersection on our own when i called they said they had my size what it really may feel like a monster what's terrible when really stop and consider how uneven playing field is from from birth from birth to death in this in this world we live in like you indeed the most awesome spot ever like amy humor and be borne nicety on i had i had a bad child nothing
i know you're iron actually around durango i didn't like i was born to a rape camp here you weren't born to some people in india that sole due to some government because they need your money that they're gonna send back so you're working kitchen somewhere near some other country they have your pay for you can never get home she's a smile i was complaining about having to learn how to make signature cocktails why bartender it is a real issue the passport thing they they take their passport go back which is dark as far as i know that is really dark mean that's that slavery that's essentially like you're not me no dogs or snow gates there's no guys were gone there's no getting modalities in the london you get like they let you send ear the saddest amount of money home leah apparently but who knows a man who knows of them uneven gets there if you can communicate with your friends back home or you family back home in how are you communicating with them if you're not if you are
the uk with them in its free and uncensored you'd be saint get me the fuck out of here i have been there holding me hostage that's just the people that get taken but there's also that's going on where they didn't it passport but it's the only way that they can send money home and voluntary but it's all know that no doubt there's a bunch of different variables the bunch of different variables when it comes to people that live in our view are born in a third world country are really poor you're really poor neighbourhood somewhere it's a fuckin huge handicap star from there is incredibly difficult here i have a friend is news just and ran and he's been a pocket for he used to be you have see fighter and then he went to the congo and matthies pygmies and is becoming sast with helping them and saving them he takes donations and it goes over there and builds wells for them and helps them and endorse
it's a personal tragedies with them these patents is get some horrible like dingey feel very almost died when he was over there i mean they really horrible horrible shit just to go over there and try to help these people because he was over there needed to recognise here this feeling like i'm a god like this you are so unhealthy and i can help i know i can help them so you just felt incredibly compelled to make like his life's mission to try to help these people it's really is there some right now that's the pictures of him with all these pygmy people is unbelievably touching stories like the sweetest guy ever used to be a tonic with fighter fun you have caesar very tough guy and really was on the ultimate fighter and now he's gone through all this shit like bullshit depression and you know it alcoholism and in all problems there a lot of people go through in this life and found a new purpose lenny whenever met these people don't you feel susceptible to that yeah
he a definite susceptible with which part i mean you personally i could see you getting real into a specific cause and let me know what you think your family why would definitely i absolutely could see myself getting into a certain cause something along those lines but i just don't have the time to dedicate go over to the congo and i think you know but i appreciate respect that he does you know and i donate and i think that donated to anything is a good cause dawning to anything where you can you no change people's lives like directly i think that's a good thing for you do with your time think no matter what if you can find something in life that enhances your perspective on the world because you ve done something positive that's a good thing
think that's really what i got what he did the most is that a really truly enhanced his perspective of the world he became legs really happy guy with a real mission and he sees a tangible result and although the care and help than aid that he gives these people just cause foxier could it so selfless and it so it is beautiful now regard you know i think any time we see some like that it elevates all of us as a species you know me anytime you see someone is so selfless like that doesn't like super super positive just it elevates us as a species near the mechanism to stir awesome example of what are human beings cable school and its also fascinating thing that this guy was like in the dumps and his life was terrible until you start doing this and now he's like this really driven happy person sales pitch pretty smiling and loves us people so much why was as even the dumps
just you a hard time for so being of fighters unbelievably difficult very strenuous very nerve racking there nervous there always see now forcing themselves to get into unbelievable shape your constantly discipline could you do strength existing work then you go into a spar later that night when you wake up in the morning in a hit mits than lay that night gonna live weights and then stay you going and then at night time you gonna kick box needs it never ends just keeps gonna keep gone there never enough fuckin hurdles to jump over the zambian of kettlebells to live is never enough midst paunch is never bodies spar worthy go on go on go on go on go and grow and go in and you redline your body and a lot of ways a lot of guys get depressed just natural over training they get sick alot their exhausted but if you don't yourself do that then you get your ass kicked and that's even worse
the law should involve and being a fighter we think being a comic his heart choke no i mean i don't know any of that money we have seafarers but even this what wrestlers go through just like man that's unbelievably hard for your body to because without even higher accident all over and over and over again yeah over an open overhead some sites that i felt like that actually in our land well you know there's a lot of fun for sure this lot of bad feelings that come from bombing and it's not good for you it's it's damaging the issue about words though or wrestling or anything animals lines is that it's sort of breaks body down yeah then you live the last third of your life for half of your life for the body this essentially racked from the first half isn't the scene with belarus some of them here you know i don't love all of em get fucked up they all your factor
now what is it what goes wrong you're just murdering your body like just the arthritis that sentiment its dinner toes yeah and if you dont if you don't actually ever get injured which they all do it still just so on your body like you you can't walk you know what i heard i heard they just fuck along they blame injuries on balance i loved endless valerie that's it i heard these get alot of ballot dick like parisian acrostic analysing these like crazy from who that guy from their move out ones i an ox all of those girls i the guy that rapporteur guys always the guy he makes ease aloof with them just cannons two member member he was like really mean and he got them reliance cure land it holzmann closed and he pushes and away he places crape creepy game yeah i guess you re back i did fuck everybody fund or a late night
visa heterosexuals runaways insecure women and he has a power over them like he gets it he's the director the duchess bang and left and right that dirty bastard is horrible is a terrible person might as well be dragging them my opinion it seems like what i should do guys become comics to hook up of girls it's stupid as well the one guy and ballet deployment of guys become comics to hook up with girls realize they deafened become funny to make girls laughed at them and then along the way they look at the career options and usually are border work and form and stand up looks credibly attractive and along the way they realize from doing show that you can hook up with girls very few comics get into comedy going i'm going to be really funny so i can hook up with girls ass they serve a consequence of like you know they just realized as they were after they started nodding guys it i'm friends with her at a yeah i guess the they just make it sound like that was a part of why they got into it
wasn't prior part of what makes him funding for sure yeah whose problem one of the only time sums ever funny before his companion was like and girls in our what u turn in person was pray when the only terms as ever funny like making fun things are marking things it was there or locker room stuff with my friends is alot of that monolithic just like me why are you not came from weird placed his i came from my prefer like i was a martial arts instructors knows a competitor and they did dad was like the main focus on my life growing up some i didn't have a normal upbringing in that sense was very abbot while there is no partying there no very little do you know how to couple girlfriends i'll me for small periods of time and then they eventually get being crazy or girls just like going dearly martial arts shows like getting
i don't think i've ever brought one to a fight in actual fight now too much pressure when wanna watch him sit there and the army watch me me thing about them watch me like my sister came to see me fight once and i remembered being a wreck as when they are we appreciated by my parents they narrower they never like for the never said i am going to your fight like you know they do say you asked god like that like now don't go really now i don't want and i want them to see me hurt anybody and be upset at me and i didn't want to see anybody hurting me and then being upset and then the idea that i could get hurt from my mother was like extra pressure the idea that i would lose and for my mother those also extra pressure the very solitary pursuit martial arts ever actually stand up yet they seemed to stand a bunch times complete now not at all totally different then you know because stand up is just fun you know it's here it was bad beginning when i wasn't very good right
area but what's a good it was some it was pretty easy to have narras funds one have their fighting is a totally different thing noticed more more creepy system i think some manage in your morning you had so i wasn't really fun i was rarely funny with girls even which is rarely funny i wasn't funny at all so i decided to become a comedian i was me or of light gay questioning person than funny but you seem like like i think you'll be fine just by accident like didn't you just made people laugh will that's what happened was the reason i could talk to do stand up in the first place was guys and walk room i would be doing impressions of each other like i've been doing persons of my instructor haven't sacks of students or other friends i would make fun of things but it was really rare
it now but every now and then i would do a buzzing like something i did every day but when you did every music every now and then i would have wait until they were good now and have something actually funny i wasn't leg was quiet thing like marshall everybody was very friendly and everyone going to loughran what's up what's up with it but we knew what we're going to do we're going to go out there and we're going to kick each other punch each other's very nerve racking think to be very close with people that beat you hook up but the like i know that that fighting is totally from what i do see a lot of parallels with withstand up you with that because it's like getting the people your most threatened by el the closest to unaware yeah yeah is it similarities for sure i think there's some yeah i've been thinking badges and even like i like watching
wrap battles irene growing up i just like with interest in them i still like them in and i i never made the connection that those were kind of like rose a kind of comics to me but it's like of course like even the looting album in at the beginning of a method man of science like they're just trashing each other's right there i do and unlike i loved and i loved that the growing up and then unlike by net revenue that connection telling real recently about a rap is all about you know like coming out on top and everybody would come up with the most vicious scathing shit say about attitudes mother that's we really young bride but at times you seem bout a rapid ends fisticuffs the full budget videos online then only mostly thereabouts yeah some fair are you know that this is a really nasty shit to each other
in a way i think that's probably a lot like stand up but stanhope it's rare that we go head to head with each other like that like that's doesn't it's only roasts where that gonna happens and even then that even that guy sit and can respond for awhile yeah but even if it's not like but even i know you you and i both of heckler people put videos of us when dealing with hecklers online and tat feels like you're fighting training i think that stuff plays a part in just in dislike your defence mechanisms how you're set up how you ve been preparing further these moments you didn't even know you're gonna have sort of its also you recognising have to handle something in real time and you have to also be completely in the moment why you handling it isn t your ear directing a moment work eczema
people in the audience they are paid to see you in some shits going down a real time any they control and sometimes a slip and you say something awkward are you just say something that still ached forced or stupid or too much and accordingly me he's just a drunk made i've had some people swear that things were planted fiscal p asked so ridiculous night i had a guy goddamn it i can remember i we say was milwaukee but the guy that was so drunk that he came to the side of stage and he was literally falling over any reached up his hand to shake my hand and then i was like blacking out and i caught his hand those holding onto his wrists i was literally keeping this guy standing i give is that fucked up and the audience was how will in lower like this is i've never had to hold a guy up like how
that is a colleague he stumbled out of his chair came like lunching towards the that the stage to the point where i was wondering if he was handicapped as one of the add like an issue with his muscles or something some physical issue and that's really hard that's one of the hardest video link if you like we yes this guy might have had something wrong with my top of being fucked up here but the fucked up thing there's a video of its somewhere video me holding this guy up by ozone illegally to show that it really is real beloved there like his it's like this real moment i was ridiculous but those moments like amy issuers responsible furred you're responsible for in real time here's the guy staring there
things will get another one insurance providers is represents the whirl he's the wounds of your three is ever survive just need a rustling just close your eyes and think about the seven breezes no stairs days you still seven years is are you will you give me some success or failure so far has been traveling solo somebody's wholly on the white was still more comes back soon i think there's somebody is so the person i completely forgot about that dude i totally forgot about the whole exchange or how long it went on but the guy was
so drunk that i was holding him up and he didn't even look up at me he was so drunk users like letting me hold them up sir looking around the crowd trying to figure out why that's when you're like what we're the security of his venue like whose serving this anomaly handled it right away you could see right here while while this guy's stumbling this guy comes over the security comes over and grab some card him off and then i started talking about their guys like the roots of your tree he represents life hold you up and think i walked the dude towards a tourist back of the room and then they might you talked of thorough like yeah why had to minimise how to talk about it was so ridiculous i'd never seen a guy that drunk he would i mean he was in there was no way he was talking he could barely body right he was making noises with his mouth that didn't represent words that you can see that he's trying to speak english but he was so drunk he couldn't talk at all businesses in baghdad storm wonderin strong wonder what happened
how to go round re that's it i wasn't me too and sometimes like you know if people keep keep firing at me only dont because i will i will in point what happened persian argued for either one of her now the grandly even if you weren't you gonna feel bad later the on going with her go too far i believe you learn that less and now you learned our lesson than you like i know if i say one more thing i will regret it for the rest of my life so well then sometimes it's funny when you go too far and the girl went too far sighted everybody here it's all i do you if you actually get angry that's the deal that's the thing yeah you actually get angry but i'll need because nobody wants to see that by learn from when i was opening for norton in detail on the road because people would yell show them and they wouldn't they wouldn't fire back it was never like they were being attacked they would just diffuse right so i try to do that now but then if somebody keeps cut but then have also seen if somebody keeps coming at them they will go to tat
yeah there's a difference it she's someone having fun and someone that's like fucking it all up you know at the risk of encouraging this turned on encouraging those thousand new york s courage when i was in new york this guy yelled out something that was fucking malaria is i was outside how about the money those triumphing over the most famous woman in the world was setting up his bed and the guy your mom wrong reasons just heard childish twelve reasons i saw a laugh and it was just a perfect timing really yeah cause it's like virtual that is not true your mom is not the most famous woman but it doesn't matter and i know that your model i mean who may is a big burst cheeseburgers maybe your mom me but whose sort is most probably your mom like somewhere along the line throughout history there's gotta be a woman who is sucked domestics ever there's a world record holler the private on ebay and efficiently
videos probably done are probably on a cave somewhere carved into the rocks and is growing old record that nobody ever even clean clothes has i should like the little dick charge marks of high like good lad you're kettlebells and be like wow what was going on in this society for the prisoners calculating how many days so this get out to the release that makes those files on the wall more straight lines and unwanted ass you go over there i heard a door of death she's is dead x is endless tax in the cave and right by the cave door brighton emily dixie sucks so hard to get enough of a limp tough to get some buffalo do do hu we remind my point as he has a finnish mom that i mean i've never had too many heckled i get yeah that's what does a good hackle hidden but it was only in the moment it was good it was another moment it could be bad anything out it says counts
it's just a work that time i like tonker science again then let's talk i love tat you wake up giving you a culinary yeah you know you should these are things that are doing and allies podcast called thunder pussy under pussy is you gone stage with any matter at all zero material and the audience yells out suggestions whose choice either eyes now it's rebound red ban in germany jeremiah blackened germ i walked in sarge emma space name german wagons very funny young kid he and brian have this podcast where they have guys go up there and they do that they do everything is completely off the cuff during which the audience but isn't it better to do this that you know where i will in no way sometimes botanizing artistic it's like exercise its a great exercising creativity islands you come up with bits and then they become actual bids you come up
that's when somebody else out something in your suggestion and then try to work it out like because our times notes get several times a moment with the actual real bids from now that have become real bids i tried i make myself to at least a couple new things and every night onstage that's good me yeah but it's it's hired out like they consensus but that's one of the things it's amazing about decide this thunder pussy ideas because you're doing an hour our yeah what many i don't our hour of completely but only one hour once in an hour ten no time how much time did you get out of that in the long and failure ten minutes to set that's amazing that's his ten minutes yellow you know a lot of it gets tossed out a lot of its in the moment a lot of it is not applicable maybe it is some day when a cash it down with a massive on scotland
moreover tat people do that they say like you know you're there for a month and you have to do different our every night why that's that's what some comic say that go and they do thou my driver you get so much time out of it didn't mariners in melbourne one of those with marin has a fantastic story about going over his intended festival and bombing horrifically has found a ban i think it's about a great story the really go to china is a really early on in his career to halting wishes you're wrong vibe saying words get caught up in the wrong and if you start coming totally brings that so many failings never recover now that feeling when you start on thursday night eating shit onstage all the letters
your head like how my even still standing air when all the blood supply chain believing what europe on friday but it's just because they couldn't find a substitute for you in your my god he would go seeing spots like you hit spencer bad feeling i had two sets this one place in connection with the first that i had was great really fun it was easy was fund the second said i had it was for i was terrible hartford icebox no it was even hard for those like some bar gig in connecticut but i was just barely on my career and it was just i had another one after that that went well but the game stink guy now enter illegally staying guy that failure there for couldn't believe that i did well this time compared to the last time they want to keep bring up the last even i had a good set the cab want to bring up
last time i ate shit up there like i know i am per playlists dylan feeling it time bomb so bad i dont think i ever tell us air but at the schomburgh improv which they call the chicago and private aren't always apply ludicrous in some our away from our already miles rebecca was an hour of your lucky but anyway went there and i was opening for retiring perfectly and i went out there and look did this and i was used to it i was like in the mildew last comic so i've been dealing with all paid audiences so i was like i think i'm a killer now and i went i mean bomb like twenty it's of just zero like where i was like i almost had his ass thing on like it was that bad and so it's my who's my second night and i'm just like ten minutes in my twenty and i'm dying
and tammy comes on stage and takes the mike out of my hand and and unlike what you know i'm always ready to say something like i m eliza i couldn't believe it she was amy and she's a aroun i'm really sorry but there's been a bomb threat not like this is what she says when someone's bombing like this bitch i cannot believe is but there was its strip monetarism bomb died in the motto we ought to evacuate and she wanted to be the one to tell them and so were all like and i was like fine thank you you know who i live your provider for all filing held together filing out with the crowd and they're all talking about like how about you honourable i was my eye ninjas night after night just taking it to the chant just go out there's so awful yeah a bomb threat while you're bombing is never never good though now with an app on my phone the calling of friendly just
buffalo allow five minutes ok what what was wrong with you it was no audience i will name you turned the corner as a comic just bombing so many times that you just don't care air and then once you don't care you with a name the because they're not worry they trust you and i could i might think my jokes were funny i wasn't that my material tat much better you just nervous up there i was is it ok it's ok it's funny or that wasn't funny ok really quickly make it to the other thing is this hunt you now just tap dancing through my side and then and then it was like oh that means you have said will let me say this thing that's ten times worse than that last thing you got mad at and i don't care and then yeah just and asia being solely out of her child care is more because as woman to do stand up now you don't i've had a very sweet path
like i am i think i've worked really hard and i think and i note the quotas but like opportunity pause preparation equals something else next i don't know but it's like i have worked really hard right but but i am think it's annoying i think it's hard to be a woman being in czech sucks and i wouldn't wishes on anybody really for real s really the awful what's awful by everything your blood borne with this invisible calendar counting down your last valuable day your ear to ear valued by your appearance above all else but at the same ebay glass siri you taught that there's no there's no ceiling to what you can do no women than you learn yes there is in society wants only a specific from you and even though your programme differently
but don't you know the railways as it does now agrees that that's always gonna be the catering brought you propose if there is no ceiling and that you can be successful with hard work and talent i mean that's what you ve done right i think you we more talented than a lot of men are no way way more successful as well but the people that have seen those men and me perform woodston tell me that i was their favorite female comedian they ve ever seen for like it's a handicap like when you say that like air my favorite black comedian over its i think it's really weird the will for them for that but i said before the finest girls over yeah all time yet roseanne bar was on and i'm that went like super i was super conscious do not say this is wonderful women of all times i think she's one of the great ones yeah they have yet to piglike inelegant have fifty greatest comedian list ever roseanne bar in my opinion is like she's a real
she was a real pioneer because she had a very specific unique style when she came out she was hard hitting and aggressive and she didn't give a fuck if you like dirt wasn't trying to look pretty shall be notions and she shut down your throat knowing it was good and well written stuff and performance livery so yeah i by mid but i wish i could see how that would be a north and in the foot then also like than just numbers like how many how many female coming are headline in theatres on the road wrong how many of them are unsuccessful relation ships how many of them this gets it yeah these are the rule the boss i mean a vote somebody here we and others like there's a couple of rapture arena statistically it's not working cared for in the lane is impossible solaris took his body to smart one and foster the deleted
conversely the berlin vices there he's the butter the jokes laid out of the park cast sham pershing oliver dummy yeah but then it's like you know it's like i i am successful as a comic right now but then it's like but that there is also a price to be paid for that truth for being a girl ok but is it with everybody or is it with idiots you know and is then the price that you pay way in a railway idiots nineteen good people nicely but i think i think it's the most people still want a kind of i think i think some people are grateful fur further female colleagues that they they'll at love love like night like i was grateful for the my favorite comics were were girls growing up and and those who committed actresses and has really grateful for them and so i though and i hope that people will feel that way by me one day but
what the fuck am i talking about i was talking about the differences we were discussing the differences between men and female comics and few female comics there are about you good though in number females at her headline in theatres and that they were your biggest influences in euros big fans of these female comedians cuts we essentially good listener is well i'm very fascinated by the subject because you know i had a conversation once with judy gold about an interview that i did where were we talking about she so funny she's very funny said she's she's an animal to each month and she's a killer god she so good but she is also in our smart quick here if you fuck with our support you know she knows how shut things down like especially heckler yeah shuts down but i remember in the same boat please do so then i say but i think a lot of people are probably pretty relieved when duty and i the room had come on no one whose worth fuck me
no i think you're right and the people on close to and the people that i love and then i care about we are in our into it but you know what i think i still there's a lot of work to be done in the world with like the perception of what we want from from women maybe i see what you say and i am sure i would see it from a completely different perspective if i was you lived your experiences my experts instead with friends and people that i care about is our ways agree with jerry seinfeld but one the jury seinfeld so that a really do agree with her son was talking about diversity and comedy and he was like look i desire speak is funny i guess i'd no it's funny like what i think is our people are funny if their men if their women if their black their white he was i dislike funny and that's true because chris rock is one of his best friends or was it
at least a hostess mtv half hour kommeni our mario joiner is a guy who's been is our friend forever but i think he's i think that the conversation was with collen quinn when he was talking about why he had no women or or black people on the first season of his riding in in cars of communion and and it's funny is funny but are you infer was fun are you i don't think of you do you have your hand on the pulse of our eu whose whose stand up are you going down to watch who jerry seinfeld i'm just when we met in general like you know who you know what's and i think that's true what's funny is funny and like i don't i don't i would never specify like this is my favorite female cuz my favorite black ugly that's insane to me but i think people what they are looking for us are like i'm going to google
mediums inquired in there give their yeah yeah yes there is it's a talk show and i dont say is show does it heat interviews people like larry dave raise an ivy valley has already hazard was a human talking on stern about carrying while its heat interviews people that he thinks are interesting it is we who just gets like david letterman goes for a drive and his volvo gap and then the second season he had sarah he had he had you know he had women conversely you're gonna get a lot of shit for this because some way did it i think that's what are you saying when he said the interview is like i dont care goes i care about is funny i think you're like that i think i'm like that you don't think i know i don't know i have no idea i have no idea what i'm saying is i think that that's what what he was talking about was column
i'm telling him like any you can't just like have no is actually an interview whose an interview and eastern interview with owners here it is this guy aeroplanes that most of the guests are mostly white males of two episode lag in but you look over here peter what do you see why what's going on here but this really pisses me off i want this is me that's ok i'm going you made a comment on the tina faye episode that it was interesting that i'd like to get your thoughts on a little bit more you said you were talking are there and you said something about the female mediums its struggle for them to balance their feminine projections with their communicable and in this context of comedy not gender diverse i just wanna know what you meant by that well i was kind of curious what it's like to be a woman and calmly
as opposed to a man there is a little bit of a difference and i thought that might be an interesting thing to discuss from our perspective she's so successful at it and wondering how she looked at and if she even thought about it you're gonna get me the answer which is you do to think about that but you know it's just another thing to think about there are a lot of things about the committee's occurs in the beginning the first ten i did i think we're all white males people writing all about that which i find the reason i ask people i tweeted at me when i sentiment of viewing we jerry's i've asked about the agenda diversity i mean people think it's the census or something i mean that represent the actual pie chart of america who cares it's just funny funny is that is the is the world that i live in funny i'm interested you not funny i'm not interested i have no interest in gender race or anything like that but everyone else is kind
with their little calculating is this the exact right mix you know i think that's to me it's anti comedy anti comedy its what about you know pc nonsense then are you making us laugh or not right right he definitely also talked about that when you just sat on stern benjamin and reference collins saying that he was gonna get get a bunch of unchecked about the house's cocked about it a few times we yeah yeah but i think i don't know i mean you disagree with them i think i'm not going disagree with the same it what's funny is funny i i think what would somebody things i dont think you should just have a woman or of the person wait on two not me people upset right i don't think that's you know
i have my own feelings about like i have my stuff my old stuff with triggers for me is going back to when i was young like really young in school and and and being funny and and having but but knowing and getting a reaction from people like just try to be like nice and pretty like that's what we want from you like being a girl shut up the boys are talking we're funny and knowing i was funnier we do it why does that him saying that he doesn't believe anything but funny trigger that an eu because i believe that that he's aware or looking i think i think that on i think
maybe he would be more likely to dismiss someone or not really pay that much attention to to something other than what he's used to thinking is is funny like it like it being like a white if if your favorite comedians the people you want to have on the first season of your show your first and besides are all one type then then that's your type and i don't think that you can say what i don't think you can say what's funny is funny because there are plenty of comedians go up there and kill and i'm like nothing you know and like chris rock i think i said this on here last time but he told me like how was how was fat and public he killed i'm a given how was it and he's in no respect the kill and law
i was just time others with wanda sykes she was a yes sometimes you can't and unlike yeah sometimes cancelled like ok what money is funny what what makes what makes a man for people didn't tears laughing you can say well that they're laughing it's funny but to you it's not it's not funny but it's not tea but i'm i can't tell you what's funny and what's not like i don't think one can say what's funny is funny actually fisheries subject right but you say what's funny do and that is what's funny when he was to him is is who he did to chose to have an issue i told you understand now but i understand why you connect to your personal feelings and don't you and every year personal feelings saying that you weren't funny and you were a girl and you are i feel as if they were saying like what will they wanted you wonder why they want you to be quiet and one of the guys to be talking and you were funding than the guy right like me like as a person
the personality was dismissed like you're right we will come get the girls like i understand you from you but why did hersant but him what is that his statement had z what to do with gender or race wasn't any decision is the deal with gender is because he was saying very clearly he doesn't care as long as your fiance saying what hair you can make a statement what's funny is fun i mean think that so easy to say like you just that such a like i don't where did you can just say i don't care what what's funny is funny so you accusing you moving this almost no i think that that is lacking the losing what he means them so confused i love you i don't want to get into an argument with you about i don't love you like we're in an argument ok good i want i want you to understand too what i'm saying is i believe that he believes what is so
being an you're saying he discriminates in some way because of his choices and that his choices should reflect a broader range of human beings just too i don't think i would never use like the words should with what jerry sign you shouldn't be watching so tell me how his choices bring been you this idea that santa you personally discriminated against because i think to say what's funny is funny is like i don't think that's true because because comedy is so subjective rippling somebody this to him right away let me let me like work through this but it but that's it all right what's funny is funding to me in think so but but even i don't think he said that i think he said what's funny is funny now what we are interested where this is he said the language i speak as funny i'm interested in is if you're funny that's what he said
right so saying that but then also choosing ten white male comics for the first season of his show he's saying like sorry if you guys were funnier other races and wait and and women then would have been the first reason my show and i'm saying i don't think scene don't think that uses open to seeing people other than that the prototype and that is where connects me too my childhood stuff because bar news too this is who i'm used to being funny people who look like this people to do this and so that's that's why i'm connecting it i understand we you're saying i think you're having a lot of extra stuff to what he said and i think you're also not take into consideration the idea that this is his individual creation this
a web show and that he has probably dozens and dozens of friends if he's doing episodes and he has dozens of the greatest comedians in the world i dont think that it should be up to him to diversify his is can neither do i so then what he said is essentially i'm interested in our people funny if you're funny that's what i'm interested to him that true statement it may be very well subject subjective you might think that some those people are not funny whereas you now people that think that perfect example is gilbert godfrey this people that thing to do recovery is the funding is due to every treaty and not every comedian i know come you know what i'm saying is ever to mediate and you can say skies larry as an instrument also saying and i dont like it once when i would never say any comedians not funny illegally because he's not funny it's like no you don't think rise funny actually it's like everything else music it's like movies like anything else i dont want i dont think seinfeld should have done anything different
and i don't i don't i don't think that he should have to i think he wants to make the show we should make it with the people he wants just like that like girls that show got a bunch of shed for just having way people like let them make the show they want but i am allowed to that's aloud trigger something in me that i can feel like his choice to not do that even though he has every right and i think you should make the show you want to make that does trigger something in me i know it's not the only one in a larger so do you feel it's fair doesn't make sense objectively when you analyze your feelings inside of you know that i see that you didn't allocate them you don't try to justify them they just in there i understand i have arranged my feelings about it but i dont think they're writer or wrong okra and i think all day long we're triggered by by people or interactions why you yellow the bank teller
its legally why did i told you i don't go back over this is about you know what i mean is like you know somebody triggers something in you and it brings up old stuff and i think so i felt so funny i really like him i see him one about the seller and i but but seeing that hearing in on stern it it brings up it does bring for me and i don't i don't think data and i understand why does it make sense to you why out at its meeting in them not saying that doesn't make sense your feelings absolutely make sense you know why he might do i agree with whether or not its valid but you seem to think that it's not even valid that assist reality and just these are feelings that are brought up in these your feelings and need our u dont justify them more rationalize them in any way i think didn't wanna spout i think it makes perfect sense for why that would trigger that in me right
as long as you don't hold them responsible for i don't i don't think you do anything different some people do though is a lot of that's good healthy attitude opinion i really don't i think but i think what saying like funny is funny is i think that's dimension and maybe you didn't i didn't catch it but it should include what what's funny it's funny to me because because saying i was unable to make those implied you know he's saying my i'm interested in what now some people speak with like a lot of authority about a lot of things and i i don't know i've never heard him say this but i think i think some people can act like they aren t decide
or of what's funny in what's not and i don't think i've you know i've been a group a very great reaction like i feel very lucky unlike work has paid off and people come to see me and i make people laugh i think but on someone's lake and only your stand up only sure if they're like you're not funny no that's not true right ok i get all that personal shit but i think you might be applying it in this situation in a way that like your adding a bunch of stuff to what he said in our really think you have learned what he said well this this the feelings like this connecting it to him saying that you know him being some sort of an arbiter of what's final one i should add into the mix here you pms em now now but again that is something that nature it's not my fault were punished for like why are you
in crazy like do you think i want to feel crazy i am i like can i please billina once a month and feel insane cause that's what i want now and i think i may be pms no but i also know i've impasse it i've been working at the comedy seller fur seven there is now and been a stand of return and i also i've interactions with with seinfeld once in a while and so this isn't just me seeing the committee in jerry seinfeld has a television as a i've series and he didn't use its i'm not this reading these headlines i also have lake you know personal experiences with him that lead you to believe you thanks in a certain way just like and you know these are i'm
their unfounded what they they trigger and in me but you you can help us off people do to me all day i know i look like i look like when somebody you went to high school with that that like was annoying or a better something and then and peoples and you're like that's not it's on my but you're not wrong you know so yes so when i see the video and what's funny is funny i do feel that kind of like he's dismissing not by the not by the choice to just use white male comics in the first season of your shower like do your thing do whatever you want of course but but it do you know it does it does bring up feelings in me which that's ok yeah i mean as long as you're not blaming him and you are you just do as being honest about your feelings and sometimes people trigger feelings in
bill unintentionally i'm not going very employees are going well like i have of course unanimously and it doesn't mean those feelings are in valid if something triggers those feelings it doesn't mean that this look if triggers should in people now you watch an eagle snatch a fawn and and fly off with it you might free gap but guess what that's tough shit that yap people will like lash out at me like a girl when as open for a towel she would write to me like i know you're in sex them because he's my friend and i opened a girl that itself was dating crazy to tell the man and it was like i know like she created this whole thing i people reach out those made by the way under leslie now but i try and sell fucking but when people like are mad about something like that you know i would lay great like moreover you think i hope she's ok you know like this is good for you but it's not me i hope she gets it led by a fuckin meteor people but i'm just like you know people
who feel real strong about things that make no sense or they have sort of no business like does it yeah just like doesn't make any sense but it's like so do you feel that way and that's ok i think i think he's obviously is an amazing comic and made one of my favorite television shows ever and ended it does and allowed to its allowed to trigger something in me that means i understand what you're doing a mean your ear also turn a dancer on your words and be you know very fair about all this is a very tricky subjects is a bold one sort of take on i work with these people here now i know it's san annoy sam i'm glad you don't think that i think in that way i try to ll show you something you because you're mad the people were we had a hard time yes away away was that because i don't think that you should be forced to hang around with anybody other than the people that you choose to hang around with whether its cast them on your own television show or whether its put them on your
our task or whether its go with on the road with what are we doing its duty i don't think you should have to you but i don't love that he didn't naturally want to do that and i'm very naturally wanting to do something you doesn't mean only thinking of choices would say well then that i mean that's different conversation i think i like the whole conversation because only ten spots mean how many but does he love that are in those ten spots and why do we or do we have to learn who is on foresees that i dont know can you i don't know can you like me i have no idea i d we have only watch two of em i watched him one with not eddie is dialogue lazy canada was what's homeboy eddie the other eddie other english eddie goddammit famous guy not areas or dillon any move now of course humus jar fuck is narrowing down english guy he's not who's that other families and those that fucking other comedian that's on all the time you must be
a ten funny it anymore i me was the other the guy was on opium anthony with em jesus fucking christ i can't believe it can't rumours name any armor god companies one of the ten funniest people alive thank you did your being a man is so funny right you knew thank you very much sister comes in the class or complete sorry wicked you re luggage desire interpreter out i was so blown away by eddie hazards accomplishment of running a thousand miles what's the name of rain within this doff is now that his his then comedians i was getting coffees and we're ok so he the ten funniest read you re the only one i saw i saw ricky derivation i saw letterman those are the two that i've seen we get he's had a bunch of whom our ball larry david brine reagan he had a bunch of his friends that's really essentially what he had to ten of his friends happily we all like eyes yeah i think
triggers cross rockers on there too there are usually season one yeah season to chris represents he's into season and then there's lucy k and there sir salesman's embarrassing i guess he's in one these are the did what's funny he returned from uncle roger is colorado mel brooks argue that whenever conklin quinn joiner there's a black eyes bar card by the way mario joiners now good friend of ours is larry's media like i don't think he's having meetings i just he's probably bond anything is funding and those of the people we got very i can see what you're saying and i but i i don't think you do with an eye we orange and i will never put somebody on my show because i thought they filled like course some diversity count you know like i think everybody should be able to do have whatever if you if you never had girls on your podcast that's your choice
and i would have feelings about it and because you should have to have them because i like i that you love women and think women are funny that's not all of em now i like money once i know what i'm saying that that man you know why because because there are there are still many who are than women but i swear that still that still there boy i don't think that seinfeld even feels that way come back to what i invite you to go with the comments that we had about this interview that i did was what i was trying to say in the interview was it i think it's it's way more difficult proposition i'd say that women can't be funny or or better or you no more clever but i think that starting out there's actions and a lot of people have that a prejudice against women they don't necessarily have against meant when a woman goes on stage i feel it she's appoint behind at least one
the way especially if she goes on stage and she has any sort of opinions about politics sexuality or anything i mean a lot of times women are forced a lot of ways to be self deprecating at a level that a man isn't just sort of get in the door will again as i want to listen the unless he thinks he could definitely fuck you there's may be for some people i don't i don't even believe that but guys yeah but i think i think judy's hilarious i think you know it you know i'm not like i'm looking i'm looking at you know where i mean this conversation and i think like men are are all triggered by women in general cuz like who's the one as long as your mom and i know you would toggery my women in general i think when women taught
yet when win win like a woman is taking longer than you think it can it can just i think it i think every moment of my answer me what are you gonna beat the shit out of amounts are completely different reaction really when men are targeted law you like dude shut the fuck up it's it's a girl fifthly assaulting on your senses sort of thing when a guys like overbearing talks too much men get angry men my dear border forewarned everybody gets bored of any body has shitty social queues and if their boring a monotonous and self obsessed they don't understand the ins and the outs of conversation the ebb and flow of two people enjoy each company one prestigious yapping out you like i'm doing right now just yap and i am not let you talk no you many times and i mean i write angling honest stage as a woman restart out you have a strike against you yes ma
i think i have enjoyed that strike a kind of miss it because it was really fun to go up there and surprise everybody sellers ride sword you first joke you get off boom they start laugh and analyzing eight men attention leave the room and then airline kenya then they have other com when i got up emanated from lascaux expanding cause i i just dumb they're bringing that show back how dearly agenda and then she austria to be smooth oh really yet and he was the last ones now jamie this fund is irony i got a great story about him but they showed me a clip one worse bombings ever so that farming now i went on a forum my god he was was to go on first and i was postponed second we're working together in new jersey and he got lost i got lost it was really hard place to find some weird fuckin college in new jersey so
the show was already like twenty minutes late and their jamie's not here and i got let there lay and they said we're gonna wait for him to come months have seen them sit down the requirements are watching his documentary on the malibu fires oh my god is a depressing people who ass their homes in this kid was calling out for their dog they are hoping their dog made it and they walk i smouldering fuckin embers of their house and there rusty where i rushed the call for a this guy comes down and he was a fireman he didn't even lose his house they say his house but his neighbors lost her house and this guy was we being i mean openly
weeping you talkin about how this house is all he has and then he saved for forty years to build this house and this was his house and he was so worried it was going to lose his house and he feels bad that he's happy that he kept his house cuz his neighbors lost their house and he's fucking crying and weeping and then go kgb smooth is still not here so we're gonna have you gone stage so can you gone stage now and as yeah ok ok let me just get a water now go on stage and i just went on stage him just i the shit buffy of my life and my girlfriend was with me you know i try to explain it to her why she had seen we do well before the chart explained to her like there's no i was just not going to do good there's no way i do good it was horrible horrible experience so i went up to in just a lady of in an j b shows up after me and destroys just level
the place here and they were so happy to see him because i was so terrible yeah awful and they were like he was really funny i swear he's funny i get here them talking when i gonna stage about how bad i was the people that book did they will try to say at the convention he was very funding we named commissioning only funny that's why we bought him and i go i'm sorry i watch that thing on the fires they go why'd you do that yeah that's like you fuckin sat me in the room of the tv that was on it and then flip the chair that shit that's just was on i learned a lesson now is valuable what you have in your mind right before you go on stage very very important i've done it more than one times of growing stage after an awful crashes on that's just catch this while their introducing you write a book about the kennedy assassination wants all day read this book all day for ten hours and i want to say it is deck just tom tom tom tom
couldn't we find us i think fuckin killed kennedy they fuckin contaminate the tasks it was empty is different in the autumn report for ran to anybody want to listen to me now useless and i retire hunting home alone know now i just try to be relaxed and helpful to have a bunch of different songs or like to listen to like the list and the like fun music you know how my friends around but no negativity interest even if something negative abbots martyrdom everybody answer get energy i in there i got to see you go all the way out of there s my rocks and fucking tortures of being thrown away you got know what's a letter n and what not to let in right before you go on stage super important we'll pay to see you yeah you now summers out there see amy humor jack glaringly and i try to do the best i have ever done i resign that's you that's everything i that's what endears you too fast
there is no other way around new member what it was like when you are fanned yeah no bill bird was on part ass he said it best and you and sort of his own bill bird type language is our kid i go see a ban and you go see him a year later and they fuckin phone and in may just stay i never forgot make a deal with people not gonna fuck you if i'm not i'm not gonna fuck yeah yeah right new jokes i'm not gonna fuck him and work on air that's what he's a real artists me highly that guy he's he's really a great comic me that's what he's supposed to when this life he found the perfect occupation is fantastic data and he's got a real ethic for it is a gang of em right now there's you know there's guys people a people haven't heard of like christine opposites key in thompson garage gaining steam those guys a gang saying that had cast his game
steam and then this people the people forgot about like a tell words italian belburg armeth i think i would pay to see them above everybody else now made stanhope de i stand up over everybody he's my boy he so funny yeah well there's a great a bunch great once right now signed a parody i think is lake i need you have to see her and see her joy ideas is my all time fair with though if i had to choose one comic the last set that i ever get to see my life before the fuckin great meteor lands yeah it's diaz athens out for me d as smoke image went on stage talkin about his balls heaven plain right down are you doing you show is stressful yeah it's a lot of work but it's worth it no but it's a lot of work but the result you enjoying the process you enjoying i enjoy the process of making it yassum yeah and great reviews
is it as yeah we're saying like you know i was coming to make the show that i think is really funny and i didn't know if people we're gonna be it was a lot of darkness unusual have you not only the ads will you're happy dark persons in unusual type of darkness is overwhelming overbearing is the better word yeah you notes i'm here that's fine but i do believe my mangas dark but it's not yeah i'm not like do face any resistance like subject matter wiser like the things you want to cover no no i don't think so not really now let's awesome but then it's like a lot of pressure you can click ok the net where you link no notes letting us like this season we were like we don't think you should be leaving the word pussy and they were like we're like what i don't be a pussy or my percy either woe
the canopy sexual although it's never my buzzy no it is my pussy my preserved that sexual the demands and i use a woman i am a poor man right my pc hurts then it's just like she's assignment episode they said yes nuisance not believed him we were like it working to the internet the internet exists you can't just fuckin pretend those words are being bad around what i know is real cool badminton birds brink tossing pussy around these days you different world and i am today world right now it's all self imposed other restrictions on i am completely somewhere being the right i mean people either scared than one was a job i really appreciate them what's not they lose their job it's losing advertising revenue and near the revenues are getting from use your already controversial comedian already tackling you tackling a dangerous
jack matter since out your throat it i'm all share and i saw you don't please heating funny when our economies so what about shit shit get flies to write you could say bullshit right there's a higher the phrase tonnage issue i think you can say shit like a couple times yeah if your show airs late at night certain time is it do they have a difference in what they believe in what they know and other do would stand up on yeah totally you can it there's a lot less billy after their subject matter restrictions or even in the unbelief one but interesting like they buy keep some shit out when i heard my stand of special allow special they buy some issues as the earlier stuff like sheep they bleep some shit other earlier stuff that they left that day additive out of the unemployed stuff here they decided like without the bleeding it's just its
this gay marriage time machine bit have we were love that you did it you did land area why did she isn't lan love allow eleven i love it to some awesome city there so one of those cities are people don't they sleep on it the ass lebanon that allows a great city and those people are ready to go now the very it's a very diverse city to its is a law of diversity in atlantic there's a lot of like there's a lot alternative people smuggling tattoo and piercings is a lotta like real southern people there's a lot of black people a lot of black like people that are fashionables that a lot of black lawyers run into a lot of black like look more so i thank you see more integration of black and white folks yak hanging out party and together and i see that more in atlanta than i do almost anywhere and i'm sure racism still exists i'm not naive but i think that i'd i enjoy it diversity when i go out in atlanta i think it's
so much so that i've thought about living there there is a lot of nonsense in atlanta these elements of people like newsreel analytics libraries as there is a new orleans i've yeah the same guy there look at em remedy age raise in nothing matters everybody's like just hang in what think would have you have people that are more inclined to be partying you're now people are more inclined to be fun yes just the reality of the world we live in an could pretend be noble like what you are talking about earlier by abstaining from sacks or abstaining from things that you enjoy you pretend to be no boy but let's get the fuck over that this is not as some drinks and have fun right and who's gonna be more inclined to do that is people that are more comfortable with it yeah you know i love that place one click the less restrictions people have the more i think you know people can come to like a comfortable stayed on their own without being oppressed is at a price
it is always gonna make people spring back in the other web tell people they can't drank they wanna drink more people the camp fire think they fuck behind every goddamn has that all your line i know into catholic school i data at this ro encounters gonna talk about her this poor girl could she could not help yourself you rolled addict at a ball yarn in front of a kid issue just dive on a show you know she was doing she would dive on it like a crazy person she literally like it's unfair for guy pulleys cartography because for her i was just like a fuckin leprechaun showed up at the bottom of the rainbows like look i've got to go it's in suppressions suppression cap like suppression that self went crazy you human beings only to be told what i have children and i have daughters and i see it very clearly when you tell them what to do i want to do it anyway but if you rationalize with them have conversations with them you say listen
can't do it because it's raining outside and it gets dangerous in its electricity and electricity causes sparks you can't do it came outside with us oh ok i want to i know it looks like violence garee right now i gotta go to bed but i wanna stay away but you gotta be up in eight hours and you and we really tired i know you are yet but listen just relax we're since the car i have these leg rationalization conversations with them to try to avoid that backlash the council being overbearing parent or overbearing teacher yeah those that people like that shit now nobody likes you tell them what to do you know where it is right that's why suppression isn't working any form whether its sexual suppression are super making you no alcohol difficult to get a hold of people want they want even more look what the fuck is going on in portugal do you know that the decriminalize all drugs and they have way lower case of of hiv way lower cases of addiction they there there
all these numbers drop their society like levelled out because there was this massive stigma attached all the stuff anymore i didn't know that nets are really only last night you wanna shaken vacation i dont mean one on one on ports are budgetary pro i think if you go somewhere the country and illness i go for work i would at least acquire a rudimentary grasp of the language yeah just out of respect yeah that's tough legs very portuguese even in spain like you think you speak spanish in their like now badge act well in france apparently you nobody like talk shit about the french but from my experience or my friends experiences that i've talked to them this is long as you try as long as you like gang some effort to communicate with them their very polite they don't like is america's like how much is there a lot and i give you an american money like shaken from their faith in spain the lake say some spanish in the ante in english
oh really other idea but he ever growing like didn't like yeah sorry i still there like twenty dollar latham did you explain during that my party chris with for a few years now he lived in barcelona yeah brother going i because he he used the castilian less than it was just the two of us i you re what is the castilian still list barcelona as i have said life alone are not a view from jersey wait a minute over there they say barcelona you really did him there i mean oliver spain but if here in barcelona they do it yeah bartholemy it's called the castilian lisp that's fascinating that's all a new safer mamie humor i had no idea that was a case like we are probably thirty hours total and
far less newest absolute i'm sure avalanche of things the past when we review them don't you talk to me we re more he said that he ever learned anything from main hughes implying that i was a dumb girl anathema to me in that me i'm just drew my friends and i learned barcelona with barcelona the castilian lisp do my gear just talking to your girlfriend gmos if new jersey and all of a sudden just the two of you and your like oh barcelona near like barcelona say it right it a bitch you know who we are i believe a yeah a like when the next time we go to a spaniard wait what what what you mean spain fucker you you're from trend i believe when you're over there in the culture issued a mere through self unlike wherein and tolerant and it's just the two of us a lot of annoying fuckin people out there a machine were but if it wasn't for then we would have less to talk about
very true we wouldn't have as much fun doing comedy we have two air grievances and a microphone advantage on people i will not that there's a given to the universe and if everything was our blissful we would have literally nothing to talk about or talk shit about onstage think at its far from if what without chaos we will exist amy humor we would not exist as comedians it be known do no need for us if everyone achieve enlightenment we're dinosaur we just don't know as soon as a fact the machine plugs and and everybody becomes one the transcendental mine universal mine mesh happens due to technology were at a business get stuck up this insight amy humor money now i can ok because once the fuckin singularity hits you and our fact is lenses singularity any dana probably twenty forty nine but any day now kanab and get some sleep these ones dude from silicon valley or one cow or one guy other country is gonna come up with something some
balkan invention is going to change the whole game flip it right on its head and we're all gonna build reaches minds and there will be no more jokes i am worried that i forgot to tv davis uneasily i think you could probably get that on demand we live in a new era you can get a lot on demand lot of shows are shows are going on demand the future comedy is now a word daily ethic were good at it inside amy schumer tour tomorrow night right more like an interview than any conversation i've ever had with you now old seizure link a bunch of the animals and here we know just the the the breaking down the mindset you know like him i'm talking about your answers i love talking to go we do more often still when you back your gun i'm here in the next few weeks and then go back to new york escaping with the money
leaving without milk and honey going back to your dirty city areas i back the god it's not called there anymore you can return to your left right hanging they say joy out what you're hedging your breast cancer of course but living here a few months of the earth do you meet i just want me first one was not funny thing my pools open an autocratic oh my god i'm fine really gets very late live the money they earn i bingley pools broke i don't know i'm gonna yasmine antiques i noticed a crack in on quick governments bitches he's motherfuckers nerves quick the really crazy things you're crazy assholes that live on those hills like when you go laurel and drive the cannon indices feeble that are literally pete perched on on these these still what're you gonna do look it's crazy i watch one house far apart
when i was when i first moved here and wasn't a really big earthquake it was a small you know actually i won't say may not have even been an earthquake it was a landslide and it was a landslide on laurel canyon i guess you're going but few headed towards the improv going up the valley right hand side of this house that the back of it just came down just crushed the house it was only that house in the streets i'm pretty sure just a local landslide just destroy this entire house pushed it off its foundation haven't really recently malibu like will of the last couple years there's a neighborhood where these people got woken up in the middle the nineties bang noises and it was their house breaking poor falling down the hill and they escape they ran out a house just in time or half their house when tumbling into the canyon how do you sleep
maybe you do you really do bigger bare legged carbonated bare legged barely a shallow tranquilizer darts guy get i thought you might like i just gases i guess i'm innocent states decide we're gonna get out of here i work out at midnight and then a work out for an hour or so and then i'll be exhausted by time to carbon morning rules up and now yo howling they say when you ate hours actually paid hours tomorrow to get a balloon bitter elixir do some yes paean type shit unease go talk about fights of current fights and foxes weaken i'm also among a fox annulled you know sports analysed ike no i i can't believe like the ear you why you're like european say and i said i shall win her or users runs marathon some stop
so hard to run the marathon i wouldn't do that you use your mind like like the you know but i get airplane chests like i if if somebody like oh this sub with the the plane like i just my mind shuts off is just too much for me to process and our desire is easy but you don't guitar we working i shall write me now but you're so enthusiastic about right yeah i think not yeah ok surely something it's completely exogamy since i think it differently well just what are you you're not passion about chess if your plants as like our own investing too much angriness fuck this but if you on your show trying to put us get i'm like a very meticulous and serious about it is the same thing with me i'm just lucky that is like more than one thing that i do know between the calmly in the podcasting in the eu have ceased to throw just fun things to me he s wishes to to function to do so and tucked up my friend amy it's a fucking mean you can kill you thank you have fun orlando we're gonna get time mean mad flavour a gauge ideas
inside amy humor is on tuesdays at eight p m ten thirty ten thirty what time delay tom is it east coast was costing they arundel twice a year at east gross hand thirty and i got the directv and also sometimes sweet as on other things will some things air unease coastal area one i'm trying to say is check yellow go listings laid out i'm an insider monsieur tent who else is on them that line up on tuesday night i'll come such it follows tat all that's beautiful yeah oh what a great wave sweet spot that's this but that is the spot that's like the spot after friends is to be on like thirty nine on envy see my show is that the budget shitty ones what city is terrible omega caroline in the city and the shooting at call she was nice to picture so so who's bed in a single guy there remember that one yeah harmony
we thus member governments had i love member pointed out really like a finger brain catholic school you either your binding and i didn't but are blocked it out with no problem good charms talk and shudder member at all berlin tuesday night ten thirty we're done can i give you your awesome monsieur de comes at your website yeah ok beautiful go there everybody and follow her on twitter s c h you our amy issue and the fuckin house beautiful those fine thank you and takes our sponsors thanks to god tat on a dark and i d go to i can use the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements thanks also to stamps dot com go to stamps dot com and you the code word j r e four
beautiful one hundred and ten dollar bonus offer delicious and nutritious stamps thanks also to square space go to square space dot com and enter the code word joe for a free trial and ten percent off your first purchase of the most awesome website building website known to man where we back tomorrow gotta love should go on this week ladies and gentlemen tomorrow is the fighter in the kid with brennan shop and and and
and talent and then on wednesday david seamen returns and we can have a lot of fun so much love their very is wednesday night ice house i would do at ten p m showed the ice thousand so far its army should fear duncan trustful tony hinge cliff and me i'm sure more people will be added ten p m show fifty bucks can go wrong in your life if you live and you love comedy you must go to the ice house even if i'm not there anyway there one time the oldest calmly in the country in pasadena sixty one hour i go fuck yourself
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