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#486 - Brendan Schaub & Bryan Callen

2014-04-15 | 🔗
Brendan Schaub is a mixed martial artist and also a former college & pro football player. Bryan Callen is an actor and stand-up comedian. Together with Brendan Schaub hosts "The Fighter & The Kid" podcast.
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nitrates no artificial flavors no antibiotics no nonsense aviano i want your anxiety that i ate it and it was so good so i can do i gotta be honest i feel like i'm in the truman joanna was a legacy that would jim to vienna product placement but this is product waste not now really i man you guys love this stuff truck and delicious had it what was it would happen in the truman show with chronic there's room and show where the whole world's watching jim care or i'm out like ours yeah that's what the one worry and she's i'll try the necessary quick i it's delicious and refreshing he's like manner to the store with that like you didn't know right here you have idea he was the show since affirm since a baby see that it's a minefield man it's a mine remember that matthew mokanna hey show it was a move were they followed him around with a camera and he became really famous and was became like this huge disaster is call them closely he's got a tv tb aids tb lobbying that standard operational procedures
on reality shows now those are real and i watch everyone on this was before any of that shit i'm your virtue in order to be right naked alone again afraid let me just give you this aren't thing required i'll decide i'll send you some shit man i'll send you some shells are new and send you some primal bells with a bullet proof after that make it myself you're gonna get yourself now that's what i've been doing here what do you mean like hook up with what with the kind of coffee yes see we found out this is we actually run by the five years on and they are some bullshit well this is the deal i don't know i can never our ongoing speculate anyways intentions so what i'll just tell you is the absolute facts there i've been cases where miko toxins became an issue with coffee though cases most of them have been resolved by going through these micro toxin issues and then rigorous testing and figuring out ways to not prove
environment where micro toxins mozart metoxen is here is no heard that and took it ran with exact for years the issue here believe strawberries it brought me unfordable said no he brought me and unfortunately me because he was eat out saying it on my ipod cats and i repeated it without any research you to be an issue and a key be an issue still if someone is not preparing coffee correctly but it's like when you buy really good coffee there's a company called rusty's hawaiian delicious delicious coffee their bags raided like coffee connoisseurs where professional coffee graders they will take the coffee and check out various various beans and different role and then the great but they also test it for micro talks yes i give you have fungus in your fuckin car see you get a really low scored found or not exact fungus on my rose
they figured out a long time ago first of all this work it's really weird that coffee was originally established in ethiopia which is a dry climate and all these michael toxin issues happened when they start moving out of ethiopia put him in other places where's my letter exactly growing them indifferent play like california wines have very few micro toxins especially okra toxin able to the big one right because it so dry so they action very very little of that very little issues that year is managers they and corn is well corn you know there's there's a bunch of different michael toxins that's the point if you buy really good coffee which is most do you but you by most equally you're not gonna have any issues whatsoever if do have issues according to doktor rhonda patrick she was saying that even like above threshold doses of these micro toxins might even provide a beneficial reaction by your body
your body reacting to these micro toxins that aren't necessarily like really bad for you in small doses though body might actually energize its immune system in response so might have some sort of a corresponding positive effect design they layman's terms i'm a retarded already even know what i just said according to her these things may i say so what i'm saying is you can make that style of coffee or coffee with grass fed butter and empty tea or you can make out with almost any good in your blending it or you yes you do stuff you drink it right here is delicious i don't ever go around and i just black coffee scoop of butter that's cool de minister that i too is little more than jungle steve yeah yeah i'm only used to levy hackett though this bottle oh yeah too much jyar you lay jack you only want like i've missed of this what is the active supplant extract zero zero sugar you don't have to
about it no advantage over our children and i am not at all i mean it's probably like all things not great if you ate it all day even plants i did all day i feel straight nines lancer plants are toxic and enhanced cradle there aren t you going to keep people from eating them discourage predation when people are like using lots and lots of leafy green i also did so do not forget about the wrestling commercial was just keep going we don't have to play music faggot just i like throne when out like that lines over stockholm use covered rogan sitting yeah so this is the point is that this this these toxins may or may not be an issue in some coffee today they were at one point in time but the coffee experts aren't worrying about them and you talk to coffee spurts they're all worried about taste and flavour and whether grown and are also worried about the fact that the climate in ethiopia apparently is deteriorating because of global warming and they
when the next fifty years like a good percentage of these species it only exist and eat the opium will be extinct yeah there's all my my brother told me about this and was ok you realize and in fifty years coffee's can be no longer now freaked out a freaked out of what will be blocked freaked out what will be what i have a short story it'll be in latin america goes to regret the iraqi doesn't also matter like when you the gas verses when you drink that's another thing that issue that people had with this upgraded coffee although its you know he's it's very success sword cells very well for whatever reasons so it's to keep on shelf so costly moving so you getting fresh coughing when you buying caveman coffee rose it when you order it if you order caveman conflict when you're lays i gather that you throw unity fletcher and brilliant
are the end tested micro toxin free anasa they tested it they they went through their getting everything single source from a grower they know the guy the guy's family lives in south america and he lives now mukoki so they travel back and forth to the farm and no exact work comes from its like is legit single source is you can get keith guardians of bad he's a great off sweetie rate and whose alva fighter you know and you still want to go out again i think one time for albuquerque when their of train with him for a long time i ve been on time really good friend he's an some guy just couldn't be a cholera and his you know doing really well with this caveman profit company just they know him and take or big coffee bananas coffee tina was anywhere without a fucking container of coffee like everywhere carries a thorough analysis coffee loves it always has ever since i've known him i had a guy my bokkis without human rights what but white people know and
what why people do certain as i logged in still wondering about why people they are into their coffee like love my coach tony jeffreys as i do the only guy no drinks coffee and between rounds i'll get a big big cup of coffee directly between renate larry's that's why you know tito told me that the coffee fucks with your cardio he says drink eight doesn't take any caffeine security factually cardenio over different affirmative now europe favorite says i'm gonna listen no share rallied ortiz tells you now i was worth tito two days ago in a bar in mumbai accident lorries out and he would it was his cheat day and he was drinking
surely temple like literally in this really girly glass a here's this giant do drinking fairy very paint drink as like that's hilarious he had tremendous cardio tito brake on the listener take abbot strength goats tells me not drink caffeine unlike unless there's their serb people need to listen do you work for you man his cardio is insane crazy that far where who is the fight where the guide gonna backward within like the first minute of the first round like there was like salary i ran i mean i want to say able to hear but that's obviously not been able to hear the bad ass well to wait that name stuck in my head what words just look it up guy got right away ran like this exactly where you re doesn't want at least some time ago so tough he's he's been easily done it right
what did you see that able to heal janey varner fight yes tat was fuckin in one z slugfest slobber darker oh my god i don't know why i thought why able to hear those my name is coming to my mind to pull up the student and find out why that was oh eureka contra so we just another cool name brian cowen isn't really is to it but the the pace that you're riah put on that urea contra guy that's i wish i was a little guy files little i mean i feel like i should be a member of team alpha mill i love long since running i love eating healthy i love dieting i wanna be small guy you're very fit to for a heavyweight yeah like some pretty extreme endurance fora for a heavyweight do you say that like what's going on today like with a guy like travis brown or with guys like john jones or yourself
getting a lot of people that were athletes and other sports that were reich high level athletes and then transitioned over in the fighting so in the getting your seeing like their learning that there really good athlete so they move quicker than most people they usually have a little bit more physical explosion power than most people but then they take a while to get all the techniques down now seem like a lot of those do but this is that we're we're scenes peas and other one i would say a lot i think we're seen a number of them started a transition year with the thing is i not i've gone with tons and i fell guy the nba when someone's trying to hit you in the face and you're just not enough it takes so long to think for these athletes to adapt to fighting because give him the face adjust it just either you are born where you're like alice is cool i can live with this i can learn learn to get the way in you know put my life on the line and then usually dies of that good of athletes like forget this year did this man forget
is it an ending youtube you look like you see and guys trying to come around but people these me you know intent here we have all these freak athletes you're not men because these freak athlete it's very rare you're free ghastly whose like yeah i want to fight another killer in a steel gauge that's a very interesting point the variant in point when there's options to reassess its much when you're that gave an athlete and you're making way more money well known as more airline essentially you know it depends on what level you fighting the you have say you know i mean if you say about this autumn like al you guys don't get paid it i'm great living men it's not true i hardly ever worsening writings efforts whether or hold up your time matter you talked about the exception i make more than a lotta yes we're here did you have to understand when you look at pay ok like there's there's a pay that's listed like as far as like the purse that you commissioner are less downers there sat does not that doesn't take into account a lot of factors does love
they want to remain private so here you know just getting paid that amount some people are people are just getting paid that amount but two guys don't know that i probably should begin pay down around but a guy selling tickets someone is a big name fighter there's a lot of factors in there also in an honest answer shops and what incentives paper view pieces of paper reassure like georgia appears making five million dollars fight that's pretty yeah it's making a lot of fuckin money you know he's got sponsors said gator eight other sort of stuff i was other revenue come in and mature saint pierre made of roma fighting so it made maybe didn't make as much for may weather but guess what i floyd may whether floyd we may weather is one star too a promoter he's a fucking the winning guide and there's that will shows you see now she's pretty worldwide and that i did you could be there could be a spectacular fight in the sea a crazy epic fight but we want to see that could do one and two
million two million paper view guys that's what floyd maybe there's not it is possible that could happen when you think about before play four may whether it was its finally a guy since ask adela jolla maybe many patio a guy can do like does only a few those guys like everyone wants sailed in boxing they make so much more money now that allow five new those guys thought you talk about the exception people always refer to the exception right may whether patio or the exception look at the euro if he walks package by this this last fight with bradley look at the the card it was pure shit it was horrible those guys are scrap and i thought it was a good fight died i thought i d undergardeners scale bradley pack your brother was good how you're really but there are some good fighting undercurrent they were there wasn't bad i enjoyed it would lose your favorite identical look i'll tell you exactly thou art my rios that's my that's my point that's the problem with now no one gives off
who about no i just know it gives a ship is you don't know these guys are cyclical down there and they're not making any maya but an essay on time you ok here it is in point time there's only so many fuckin room room for so many fighters you can keep in your head but by and by saying i mean let's go at heavyweight especially yet click listen put can pride deliver pizza next door knows you ask for an autograph is now aware that's really right lenders so dominant that you're having champ known gives a shit that's so where the sulphur more tweet in about the under underground their tweeting being defensive about the quality of the aid commentators we're being defensive about the quality of the under card maybe you're right just tuned in and i may or may not have been harnessed work so i had a good time i wonder why boxing fall by the wayside as it isn't really has in that that's a misconception it hasn't form
the waste i'd just there's only a few guys they can sell big paper view right like maybe you know there's maybe like four five guys that it knows how they don't tell anyone story likud the you'll see there's a countdown every damn tuesday wednesday on billy million all billy's mom passed away any decided turned to fighting i mean you the usa does the best job markets guys those are one fight that was actually really good vargas versus that russian cat yeah that was a good fight yeah they're both feet in the air that we get that was a very good again though we're time out that dude versus russian do these russian bow mother fucker among us provide off and a lot of beast russians that are making their way and emma may now making their way in a boxing now it's really fascinating how many bad ass iran's just living in siberia animals really what's also near the epoch genetics you know
they're saying that now that people who have had family members this was something passed down through sperm they believe traumatic events through the ancestry are passed down through sperm people who are the children of something people were the children's children and children of people of sir i've traumatic disorders are traumatic incidents were more likely to develop all sorts of mental problems or more likely to be like schizophrenia all these all these issues mental issues that they could directly correlate possibly to the tree that their ancestors of nothing about the house pray rude your if you if your little if your little kenny grown up malibu and you ll be a fighter good luck to you
with those guys over siberia maternal magnolia fog ever get urges hungary or their different jaws they're just just different look and aeroplanes grab ass with friggin bruce generous meanwhile this siberia frigid if we re wrestling is hilarious whose wrestling gloves in cologne can can just triple gi our airlines based on he's in recent weeks to hook and animal he really is does body shot he's no one wants to fight him all day long outside for the sergio martinez and survival margin rca miguel kyoto been looking very good news last you fight thirteen is almost forty pointing with his style very different styles and bernard hopkins you know bernard hopkins forty eight fucking years all crazy still out box in the shit out of jail sergio is all about footwork at some point during footwork goes away he's in trouble and his left he's got a brutal brutal left hand and it's you he comes in with everything he so good
is movement is is internet movement he uses that same now movement to land but ever stating this we're time out our fears so he's almost forty he played soccer most all his life and got into a box and i think it twenty eight twenty i now the multitude world champ no matter when you start with your teeth or or veto balfour starting at eighteen nineteen year old or europe sergio martinez turn at thirty norman when you start your clock is taking you have this amount of fighting you no matter win yeah guys dragging on in our view fade or coca guys are dragging on but you're gonna be in your prime and you can have these many fighting doesn't matter when you see i was gonna leave edwards about that he's very seven out he's is using one of the frustrating things for you're getting at you learn the art you you continue to learn this almost alarmed you continue to learn and you get to be thirty
thirty eight and you may be steps floor but you know so much more so you just want to try it out but the game is also timing and speed and tat s what then why billy rte came about because those thirty seven thirty eight year old right day i know so much man but my bike had the same let me talk this doctor over here now we have a big deal now we have to admit that i am presenting an epoch you right though we only now brazil spreading you can people's faces are in brazil alter tita chill sylvan sent a best he goes like this
i downloaded a type window blackberry certain them throughout wheelchair we'd never never to a wheelchair can they knocked out luca rock hold with a look fucking iraq hold is a pc i mean for him to do it here yes it is an ambitious being what i think you nailed it what you nailed is exactly what it is is that these guys get older and they get so much more experience so much more knowledge but that's the nature balanced nature gives you their experience and knowledge so you can teach it's like the two all birthplace and it's like the two old buffalo bill was the old about alone bonica i don't know this gas both the catacombs ways it buffaloes report is the young the analogue young balmy all born the undertaking above let's go down airline industrial buffalo egg is because let's gonna fuck all those fuck women one of those count on you fucked it ever ready listen there's really says little listen he goes let's run down there and fuck one of those care and the old bosses let's walk down there
fuck them all all right all right this is the other thing now went when these i did a young boy you mean you're still a fuck fuck this is the thing though the doorbell when those guys the sport wasn't as big when they were when they were superstar dry and now they're like woe the sports huge icons it around and take this stuff and make up this money and where the relevant in answer his there's router so again jamie give it all started this link this dense not just doing that's doing at rock hold whose better look that british maybe easy now let me take the muscles on his teeth really does let me do this though luke called flu for seventeen hours from san jose california showed up on a saturday night got we'll kicked in the face and jumped back on a plane i've got a shock
it does so can you dont final durham brazil can you tell your story about the other stuffy allow too about which one well studied money jersey oh yeah the latter telling us how wise words tells her secret really for assure equity knows not but what i want to thank you all game yeah stop all that before we tell any story i want to go back this t our teeth and because you can just gloss over it like that is a huge james i think you nailed it though to and you did to talking about eve edwards feelings of all the knowledge is acquire these and that is that does seem to be like natures balancing act reindeer like nature does we want you to have all tat knowledge and all that and in live forever things like dogs they know you got it cool though your body sucks again do anymore sort of like the beauty of everything is in its temporary like what's what's our favorite thing let's be realistic sacks right most people favorite thing is sex when you really horny and you have sex with someone who you really like having sex with its one of the greatest things on her grace
is about as you know it's our last look for a start i did of your great gdp board of it well that's like our lungs and stuff see this is your proposal he bore freaks and fuck hindered the pupils his bag and they never open the fuckin curtain people takes the same concept with sex is i mean you make this even better if we did molly on this year will those aimed at like but fighting but not be better defined its dearly for this good point because the molly thing if you do not molly went all that stuff wears off which will whereof eventually you're talking rack because you were here in debt you're like a kid with a student loan like you started the gate like you're like you're not alone liaison sesame street a super daily more hazan way more than you have it's like seeing what you see those people who are just like there now they're fifty
three hanging around a coffee shop with ponytail we really have a job in trying to figure things out like oh you in a really good time for fifteen years let's assume with fine i'm just regulation some fighters are meet some fighters who are so punchy and there may be forty morty five for fifteen years this guy was the man i want to be him now look i'm a dude you make me never one fight again what were you doing do you have a number in your head where like you're you're or of a place in your head where you gonna reach we like that's it whether it's in a each number or whether it's a physical number deserve a feeling that you gonna have when you know when to hang and i think you know i think you know but do we do as i say the primal people asking this now people here what you know when do you think you know i'd like to have a good five years left especially the way i train right brian you know i don't have nazis almond shaped you around i train knots
opera you around do you do that to continue your improvement we also do their encase someone calls like in case you get a last minute clause is just to get up just to get better just to get better if we continue to improve the only region you're all our attitudes he's always to blame if you use the right attitude to having to her business you know you can't casual amount there monsters out there and i just can't i just go up market future listen to this he talks to me on twitter at ten o clock at night which is whatever time in new zealand it sank like i read it like out whenever watchin naked fraid routine mom or some bullshit right unlike whatever sitting there is just kill a man like you wanna fuck this guy i thought you d him he bites would go back and forth finally there was almost like you know like butter you just pay em like next thing i know i m agreed a winner takes all five and we're fine in august winner takes all mark
brennan charlemagne event guys haven't aware takes all find it was my idea so how does it work like financially like as far as like what the u see art now that the europe we want sanction it ok so you're saying to him your purse when you pay me his boys purse volga yes what i meant yes now just you know it's like ice like mike and i see a coffer way your hearing taylor is our prayers but the thing is you get all hype w download that sinn embed my it's gone a million miles an hour i just called out the whatever number five six have you in the world the hardest hit her in the division it's a winner takes all fight not how to sleep well same some man went to brag enough pressure now flout that wednesday night you wanna be you'll see fighter fuck years oppression probably alien to must be they fight week what we expression you think about all the other
you could have gone down to avoid jumping decades for sure when you everything goes to yemen in all the other avenues in life again if i should be buried with kids i could be were soon tired i am a double major for mutual colorado could we do a nurse i should it unless i get it in this way what am i a little when as i go where man prior right right why can the cage why hit the crowd i'm cool in the back of my day what are we doing so it's you hit the crowd then you like it's on you and i are loud and your body can relax aliases gonna get a release from others intentionally yeah i know what it is like once the first round starts people would think that guy must be scary to fight but i would imagine that the most brutal thing is just getting the build up this building when you're fighting in old le my last files the common cycles fight in toronto yossi one sixty five means material and we we fight
shoot nine o clock at night you went around all day think about the fire and wendy eat it primitive because my nerves s library i do shops get too to a five with some two hundred fifty two pounds right now the only reason i way and so lies because i can't eat how can we find i can't eat why why that's crazy love rennick is here he gets you so honest about because our alister over in twitter than these like he's like he stops negotiates got told him i gotta get traded on the ground running men while you re that's that he has a good fire how does not propose honesty honest fear all people people time ago menu chuckle adele's not like that brought the hay to tell you my man your favorite fighters just scared admit it i'm not scared admit you real people are terrified you gonna fight another train killer insight doc yon basically in your underwear in front of millions of people millions of people
you can be a little scared but i have to tell you that i hate to tell you that may tyres how could you think do you wouldn't like your fuckin cool hand luke right and they will cause a good active x and gracie said there's a very there's a close relationship between fear and intelligence and said anybody's not who's not i'm afraid it all is i always got shake my hannah gonna cars not very smart too i can't kenny tony this tough fighters don't laughs last smart fighters do and he's right mayor gazette all iran is so is soon our options back to bring our bright forty eight years old in box any talks clear i heard of those national insurance very rarely gets hit clean very rarely you might get hit clean two or three times a day whether samurai area the last gotta hit him clean with sugar mostly what are we seeing mosey rocked with writing covered up recovered them boxes added saran of sugar shame between you and tim tito he looked like you guys want em in something like he's tine at that
what use is a tad punchy and local idea punch floyd now should ashamed oh jesus christ yeah i'm sure she's a little by little bunches wars or at least gonna be punching i've never seen a rally jimmy soon i've never seen you may take their kind of punishment and you think it's worth joad about the prevent knockoff light did you see down i don't think i've ever seen he fought a fuckin gradually mass calumny described that you took a siberian caveman thought a mouth and then put boxing goes on that's what i gotta roundly slur at slurred speech for at least a month after yeah he talked about it after follow you so you guys have kids your kid wants the fight and they in you most likely there should be some trouble down the road with his brain if he's a fire you say call you die you knew what we want to do that one a little you have to be you can't have asked you can have i don't want my kid a lot is a lazy magee here until i mean if you want to do it if that's what you want to do that's what you should do i don't they
anyone should do anything other than that try to get you to a certain point to look that's what i wanted to do when i was young i wanted to fight when i feel figured out at a certain point time whose no future that's when i stop do what are you wearing a jew realises no future nothing in nineteen eighty nine when my my last kickboxing matched there was nothing there was no kickboxing type window i couldn't respect the way i used to respect a killer start kickboxing and i realized we called on him he's not ice diced far above the way piquet style and then i start train and my tie and then i realized like there is even more holes in the above the waste time but by the way piquet style that the real problem was the boxing that had done type window for so long like my my hands were shit in my ability to like move and throw kicks in punches together was all disjoint it wasn't the right way to do things than we were given were when did you get into jitsu nice exe
it was the hours i've got me and so i i went through this period where was training like all the time in a marshall plan at all these holes in it so i wasn't ever gonna go back and compete like trying to make the eu s alembic team areas like that because i didn't feel the same way about type when i didn't want just do it anymore because i knew how easy it is for guy just cover up and war you down and corner you and in a ring and fuck because you don't know how to deal with hands there are so many holes in it some it's so much easier to punch you in the face when you guys were throwing kicks in punches together and you didn't understand like the rhythm and the distance of punches so when i went from that like i had no choice does that there was no options but if there was an option i give kickboxing paid like what boxing does if you know if there was a u s c option at that time we had grappling so approached it wouldn't have competed in the usa or something like that i want i first
die grappling when it first our jitsu ninety six i was amazed at how easy it was four men did just rape me just wrong da me choke me army it will as i had look the same sizes me like they look pretty similar looked at these people like lena bigger than me like if i realise how vulnerable you are disturbing i think fighter like even learn a little bit funny makes you more afraid not less for more humble for sure saucy don't you feel like and all the pro athletes fight probably the most approachable in the most down to earth ease ease i shot there's a reason why when a usc fighter goes into an event weathers espies whatever it is also to stop right there can be mba and a jail and fell the who's who actors the room once talked of the fire guess what no what is wont to do when a fighter does so one off
miss viner walks on room he's the centre of attention every time an that's france in every time when it is michael jordan and like you re famer different star michael jordan is stealing michael jordan with different you talk now my guy verhofstadt now my muhammad ali michael joint i bet you might wanna leave gonna get some short term ali right now is all right whatever when he was young how about ok this permanent mike tyson eighty six mike tyson like john i beg more people gupta mike tyson mike tyson eighty setting taps into the main people call their friends in the fact that there is a man in the room i can kill everybody with his bare hands that that's that's fastening two men as the john ourselves and i don't like any man israel but everyone when the your kid every wants to be a fighter you find your brother united europe rather than ada right what sports boil
down to the ross element and like the game you're playing is let's play kill you try you try to kill me i tell you some of them are again right like football game bass was a game listen if if lebron james mrs a jump shot a listen he's gonna go to morrow i miss the timing of markets left hook listen my jewels and each shattered and thirty different spots about five by a year and a half that is effort as we only the stakes are a lot higher way higher life niven compare not comparable at all you could lose twenty bass ball games in a row and still there the movies imagine you lost twenty fighting around i can have a job to be important you're physically product we try and straining bravo now we're talking about this is a perfectly describe one of the great things about you jitsu is think about many times you ve been tapped in your life introduced at hiven tapped a hundred times now would if i had been head tick knocked out a hundred times yet it would have
at times i got we'll take like loot rock hole you mention a person who has been we'll go ahead harrassing i'd be dead thing you could take folio kicks i doubt a hundred or those in your life would have some problem you'd have nothing left you'd have literally nothing left but you do that union renege choked a hundred times in a month and you're ok true you're gonna be sore you may sore but you're gonna be ok here and there is a big difference what this is what they have moved but this is different in striking if songs about the blasphemy the right hand i can't tap out make now we're good mania you got that you got that that's encourages zoo if if if you're going it's guy who's like if i get a wholesome amateur rip your arm up you can be in trouble some powers type yeah you're not gonna be out a role everyday right the different ass true to then there's a way out you there's a white flag in boxing these others
there's no white flag that's why it's so crazy when someone doesn't use that white flag anymore so she gets an apt like hands i you're out for a law has a crazy watch sakharov a break his arm because while last night was over the hubble tim tim sylvia frank near frankly a snap this forum and happily didn't zillion tim sylvia turned upon him with the left to sleep it really knew something was wrong but he was like you know i've got locket comes going ahead of us and i didn't see that my god it's napped like the four arm with a view to stopping watch pull their rank mere boy its gas desire mirror so the audience it knows go and onto the audience was yelling and i had explained ribby audience yeah i had explaining i go watch it right here in the audience where you seen so much what's this watches watches watches wisely forms yeah that's
a powerful in her dean is a bad mother fucker yell and stop stop stop stop stop he separates it i gotta do your arm is broken this fight is over your home in your reply the audience was booing they were really pissed off i can watch this right here my frank muslim i fear my god that was incredible arm bar he's only guy in the eu have see by the way who is broken two guys arms to high level world champions arms should say no gara anne frank mere he almost rip listeners leg apart legs or lessen our normal size leg you know maza gaudy fucked up man yes now as a bad that less
was tappan tapped again tat some more and then finally the referee stopped it paul high staffordshire oh if paul horace gotta hold that he's he doesn't do the straight leg luxuries cool locks which is way more trouble was due in his eye he looks that's his figure he loves that inside he'll get it again somebody yeah well that he let go he let go you see everybody saying that he doesn't like they're gonna jump out of no matter where does if he its submission of jumping he absolutely is held submissions for too long wish absolute not just once many times this fight of his in brazil where he's got a lock on a guy and he will not let go in the referees pry anatomy he will not let go and adamant it was a joke or was a leg locked but he fuck that guy up i heard in training his exacting where only yield brilliantly trains with his brother other you don't do that with everyone else like nom good many hangs on stuff that's so crazy so scary a guy who does that ridiculous especially guy was like that major it's crazy right here
the biggest hundreds heavy prouder i've ever seen on where it has a smaller foreigner than me have you seen him as we all have to like by like my eyebrows about to run into the site is the very similar chrome magnano yeah yeah yeah he's done that guy has the best leg locked man his leg locks were so finishing he grabs a whole the one it's like nine ten someone's tappin for once he set out on belgian elsewhere beat the brakes peltzer beat the bernardo we didn't do it he d like willingly way below the actions because even worked which ireland then all of it is pushing the face it the right things out on top punch passwords i should ask alan and give props to whoever coached him on his leg locks there but culture is a wizard that shit now because he prepared for that fighting did everything every step of the way like everything blocked everything knew exactly what to expect and
nepal hers is so flustered you really know what to do because allen was like in right where he wanted in the spiderweb defending everything and then a few minutes time as a little bit of issue light deserve nay more court when yeah when they pulled out the legs omission is like were why and then blast in the face while he was accusing native really think you're gonna leave that they got out of his legs lock name was pretty honest about what he did he said are warmed up a law because i knew the guy was is you know it's really good at leg locks and want to be nice and slippery so i sweat alot to do that you're sure there's no issue but he is a gaze like word and as these point nato's group just drove on it was great gmo that fight he fought dan miller jumped up on the edge and the like hit em and rocked him and for whatever reason decided the fight was over so he
third celebrating powers in the cave they pull them down from the gate reveries like defied still on but you have to keep fighting what are you doing today and of winning while he thinking one you weren't soon i think you wanna decision but it was the weirdest things have viruses like he just decided that really about ass a real newcastle jumping up allocate than their lily grab and shorter ok only still go in peace pull up pars versus dan miller well if you could find it find that exchange does it so bizarre sweet he is an issue of so you few here you read about that guy's childhood it was one of the most horrific childhoods all that's right they look like he walks away he's on the cage f the term down look at the finish again why how muscular here we are with their miller going to do it all eyes are on the way back to the beginning so we can see like what happened before so he hits home he had some boom boom
and he just got off to decide what is crucial is that it has decided landing and they look out there most rushing over on the gravel molly cage what was i going to do those are so what does your way and there were eighty five will wait in one eighty five is probably you know two plus is nickname streets dump in our lives are like this one seventy five billion tear hitherto your carl and all his childhood yeah child was unbelievably horrific when he really working days work on a farm when he was a little boy they pigs fly like you literally had a pig slob like to stay alive it no food when he first training he was just dirt poor like s poorest can be is this big score on his chest like no forty taken to hospital so they glued it there like a gas is chest and the glued together when he was a little kid i mean he he lived a hard hard line probably fill with mama that people like us
grew up in a nice neighborhood party never understood again canyon malibu who wants to fight now mac they screwed bug bars is superhuman as your share an echo locking pigs weddings eight years old yellow we're ties and we might have been talking about that was before the podcast towards during the commercial sewers in it but it's that the epidemic extending the scientists are proven that fear and memory can be inherited vs sporadic know that when that attended the when there's been a while but there's there's papers that have been published on and now present easy researches begin testing the pops of traumatized dad's for startle response to different smells the i said oh fino on i ve known stimulus had a big effect which was not seen in the controls emphasise here these pups never actually learned any previous foot shock trials to be a set of phone that the assent of foam was
bad news i guess that was invasions evolutionary though because mobility yeah because deeper now said you started hunting and area the animals like the elk and we yellowstone because the walls are just introduced their generation generations have not had to do with wolves so what happens is they don't really know how to defend against war at all they don't have the built in sorrow responses etc but they start getting killed by wolves more more thereafter will learn and it so it makes total sense so this is what happened they they use the smell of this chemical which has assiduously smell it's called a seed or fee known and it was paid shared with a slightly discomforting electric shock to their feet so that's what they do to the dad's right then they gave the children of the dad this is set to be spray and they panicked this is rats mice myself i mean that's that's an nice you man
those in jobs that whose job as i get the rats rather feet man who doing that exercise given these rather than makes sense evolution from an evolutionary standpoint you know you you if you continue to be hunted by lions the first a gazelle sees align its running it's not does not to say what is that thing middle mc so my kids gonna love coffee in frickin thick chicks are like every do we healthy and healthy boylike thick charity also have this conversation with women about with amy humor about models like the idea of a model no longer no one like it's kind of what i mean is that awful but he's really starting to feel bad now and now our resolve to live like we're not dna but any fair record but its very rare you find a guy like that
i can see every ribs like is its tragic one chair knock knock out i've never met a guy you just saw me up for that skinny ass model the girls have this idea where they need to be that skinny it eyes like that while its gay guys who designers fashion that's industry cars our bilateral margolis be real not wholly to be honest lotta gay guys that detailed obviously then looking for a to wait race ratio asked to waste ratio rikers then i think of a fucking them now the so they like slang was but also but also like other colleagues that dress like school on the code hangar we if we get a chick to be let skinny and thin so look just like dan and the on working on saying that the right solution look the same
yes i'm going to address those women mainly models with blood asses women's aside that women who looked like that look good though that back it's weird you can see that you're other yeah there told culturally you can be told like try now we're gonna go out in burma those women with a really long necks with africa that put the plates in their face here they the bigger wait i'll handle your foot binding in your ear you can learn cultures learn what attract yeah i'm just automatic how weird boots ass yeah it's the normal rules that's their dna but that there's that israel rather what we did is what do you think it is why dies or attracted a bigger births and bigger being or the latter animals that's a fact that they bring better shore larger brass larger ass mean she's gonna more fat on her body should be healthier to take care of the baby the baby is gonna burn a tremendous amount of cowards you want a healthy romeo a sickly person we see
ribs that'll be unattractive cosette mean she starving ready for now i m not saying frickin eating disorders amiable and then thick amy right but there's a reason why like all like those biggest it is that little ass too wise the choir healthy even testimonies male animals fed attracted round surfacing lot well muscular you you're also attracted to like a big ass is like the sign of great genetics sits just of the wooden the reward speak more power everything but then every morning when are we all gets surgery done and gets implants i'm still go i'm game go yeah you're letting your system to check tricked checked out you're letting you system detract like fictitious yeah that's the thing with guys faked it's unfair gases they actually do work out where we're so pathetic
our desire to digital aid to come partner analyze it and just gara loads out i know just like its we're dealing with like like pretend you're a ship and issue only had so much room four bullets on it you know if you too many bullets on it the fuckin ships gonna think we'll every day a new shipment of bullets arrives and you know what are we just going to have to fuck you be a little less with our targets started should you near the water in the sky you gotta get rid of bullets that's what it's like being a man being a man is like being a fuck a battleship that's constantly receiving an unusually bullets and book there looking at the fuckin nope looking like a flock in order to look at all the polish liberty if nobody on digress i've fucked you shoot the ocean we did and everybody all hands on deck all hands on deck with that is why people who don't fire off the rounds on their own or not judicious about that what happened to them
get hoodwinked in some ship bag relationship with some women who controls are they come alive i've had friends with a girlfriend won't let them jerk off are you hear me as crazy as is their right now my friend tells them as they have a good day sir we no longer france later re my number have dies you never call me ever i went to alaska we came across so boring went fishing me am i dead lasted one day by the way fishing why aren't out of fish we lost every lure every law and why our the guy goes it just put an alarm we would have an unworthy you lost him all told this story my partners three to four point to make is that we found a guy who had an arsenal he had an hour is to do with checks and allow the shooting about shooting on same thing when you ever i am he had raising funds of ammo and all kinds of machine guns and emeralds i stay
i couldn't squeeze often a frown day after day go take a gay i became completely desensitize our structured everything as it was in the water is that an otter that's very different what we're talking about but i see what you can i see you say you are taxation and a bad correlation we're talking about come i solemnly i saw report where they say some guy eddie jesus what is that who is that i can most international samia ok at a real ass yet look you're sure ass he showed us has been pumped up now just what i don't care who do not care that's a real ass real tat yes i know this is not so whatever buys welby let's make it yes throwing out of a real life is probably a gigantic hallucination in the first place hologram yes some sort of mathematical programme from space where we're on some computer simulation but if that is the case you creating essentially everything with your imagination than exists all round you so its creator looks like you're gonna be love pull
the point i reckon i saw report where it says contrasted through yahoo some guys are wired where they just can't be faithful they're just not why two been monogamy i wonder if that has anything to do with the same thing that they're talking about in this this story with sperm being transferred from father to son i wonder if that's the case with because there's something that they say like the children of racists are on first inherently racist not inherently racist like unavoidably so they can't learn but they attend to show racist tendencies more likely than someone who is an adopted child if someone it wasn't razors that's gas while i think there's they're trying now to figure
exactly what makes a human being we don't know yet so you see something like this with mice and you gotta think what's more complex a miser person or persons way more fuckin complex but of the underlying mechanisms like this like they're nice man mice does nothing for me but it doesn't because it would if you were a guy and you got mug by a black eye of black i beat the shit out you took your wallet and then a kid and your kid just fuckin shrieks every time it sees black people i mean that is real there the same mechanism that would keep there's a reason why rupert shelter echoed this analogy about our kids and sisters like why is every kid afraid of a monster even a kid grows up in new york city usually car accidents right should be afraid of floods should be further lush that's real but kids afraid of a monster in a dark why because our answer she get eaten by jaguars are we saw way way back in the day for they figure houses and spears all that come
the people of today and all that stuff in that's why some people have a video phobia people have arachnid phobia they're pretty snakes their freedom fighters and in his fucking paralyzing event from an evolutionary point of you to say in this book i why evolution is true why are people afraid of snakes and a lot of people inherently from all all over the place are afraid of snakes you take a fake snake on noise experiments right where people are killed by way more often why well primates when they see snake will climb a tree therefore it is next school i think it's at my memory they think it's that's why you're still here thinks and evolutionary memory that that that here
beings have carried from when you know back back oh really they did a whole fuckin research where a god listen stains artist area as she's a reason no mortal eyes invited me why did you not like you just now he's panic for have now why do you call rex now you're gonna do this thing right where were you trying to anti intellectualize all situation you like this this is your watch
school now not an old man and therefore goods oh no not at all there is a reason to the rebels name will bite you cracked shake it sale bite you how how after seeing arousing rightly once in your life maybe even know the highway saying you know that made they declamatory almost immediately they want they think it's gonna be bite you right but they don't know that we're talking about things i've never been exposed to snakes they don't have a book into relief of videos to watch you see as men and they go euro zizi a snake with these huge fangs hangs in the donor what that thing is looks like a stick that he will have an entirely incinerated or touch a snake com and learn how to monkey of common sense brennan sense rally round likely gimenez common sense was the idea be afraid more afraid of cars could they kill way more people year than do snakes right but p we no longer know cars people snakes really what i'm saying is we were terrified of what are you talking about people on
snakes no they don't wait a man come on man we all know what a snake isn't it got me saw snakes are taken by our two days ago well good for you joe you around rattlesnakes all the time why everyone has an ally if you have a your anonymous every possible the snakes are the way to know they re not me or else thinks are zero such rattlesnake in that same year you of your main arguments are trust me you you might not see a rattlesnake but they're out there but it is probably a very small population in your neighbour did appointed an aluminum you're missing the point evolutionary scientists have to realise that we have a natural and human beings seem to have you firstly of a phobia of snakes if things all eyes hollow wholeheartedly goose all our day by day of unnatural phobia snakes and what that is probably isn't evolutionary memory and i'm i'm talking just talking about how you have you create fear memory through generation
and that is an example of that whether or not you know you're afraid snails what the point is that there other things in life you could be we should be way more afraid of and people are not cause we don't have as long a memory of it and that's the argument from the argument i give both arguments then are people scared of aliens because a scare the unknown we're not just only scared of things that we see that are scary because our grandfathers get bitten by one were also scare the unknown were scared of the dark i think very i think it's a good story for sure and it makes sense i think there's also some things were listen you know if predator walks in my room on came in what's up the tang out now my when children vigo this going to children they start crying little bit there are scared me why them because every item every being so what they found is even infants when you go when you bear your teeth and go like this with your hands you and growl low noise is for infants that's why when men come into a room lots and children when they hear low voice specialists
and talking loud a man they immediate a way more afraid of that then they are of a woman with a high voice why is that they start crying estrangement that is that is according to a lot of evolutionary biologists that is a memory that that debt you're actually born with not an what's it called instinct right it's a type of its hand or the babies are sketches a giant ass do talk and allowed unused chalked up to reality as we always as babies are afraid of allow share their frayed things don't make sense like a lady's hat the fuckin giant further shrink gags appointment i get the point you make it and i think it's true but i also think sometimes you just now i you know i think i think it's not either or both what they're saying in these areas and memory what's been proven in this study though is pretty unavoidable if they're they're detecting the stress response to a very specific smell that they created
the associated with electric shocks and then the children have that same reaction that's pretty bunch proof but then houses go back the guy being faithful what of those is the same thing with racism i was saying that there's things that are even useless things that are passed on from generation to generation and i think at least it will point in time there a time where the human race is probably in jeopardy and it was probably ridiculous for one guy to have sex with one woman and hope that the race was gonna keep going everybody as much as they could because half the baby's get eaten by jaguars i mean what are the odds of a fleshy little fir in shitty design human disease or vice animals wolves fuckin everything you until you figure out weapons any of the band together and that doesn't work out look
it's a hard road for a long time for people to make it this far now it's so out of control that would they were overwhelming the population is overwhelming the resources of the planet and will continue to grow at this rate or of an exponential rate but time ago man was tough to keep people alive during the roman times it was a fifty percent infant mortality rate fifty percent fewer two kids one of whom was gonna die for sure and use that deal with just haven't sector whoever school they were mad dog in it because you are trying to keep the race alive you know one of the thing was tat when they were going over the dead sea scrolls was that they did see scrolls is the most the oldest stories of the bible that are known it's the only form of the bible it's written and aromatic and they founded in these scrolls income wrong it was written on animal skins and left in these caves and these these ceramic pots they found
that a big part of what they were concerned with was fertility rituals concerned with making sure the vague breed making sure that they carry on munitions you know we target like thousands and thousands of years ago we that's nothing though when you think about the fact that humans in this form of essentially been around for close to a million years so for a long time it was a hard scrabble life where we might not might not fuck and make it and the only way we can make it is if we protect our torreon falk every chick we can judge loads and everybody so miguel was like less do than those of a man that made it the men it made it the humans that made it were the ones that had this evolutionary trade and conversely by the way and you say that trades early dawn yes well that trade existing primates but i dont think it'll all i don't think that's all just isn't i'm still have no it's exists in all primates every single primate the only primate that's ever been observed to even try to be monogamous is human bear all the
turkey's though the grid have herons guerrillas have such domination over the females that the females never cheat so because it that's the guerrillas dicks have shrunk back the size of an inch or two guerrillas have tying a weird i know my tiny little by little dicks but chimpanzees are wars chimps are slots so chimps have giant balls and giant aerial but not as big as humans human beings are the most promiscuous and there's a direct correlation between female promiscuity and male testicular sites really yes the bigger the ball is the more likely the male is surrounded by a buncher who dick your body recognizes this and the competition builds up so you you come more you build up more there's a bunch of faulty conclusion reached by a book called sperm wars and this book is basically theirs junk science attached to it and a lot of it was about these killer sperm that attack sperm and kill them but they ve never
enable conclusively prove that sperm have any properties other than trying to get someone pregnant there's never been proven that the spur that are attacking other spur or any mechanism which they kill us from but what it has been proven is your dick is shaped a certain way ok in the big fat head at the end makes us down plunge area and the evolution design a deuce got a little dick ever see a pouring the guy's gonna little head is poor bastard will you do it that thing exactly because evolutionary we look at that is the same way we look at a big ass or big tits like that's not good design regularly that little fat dick with a little hell you're a mess you not plunge later you can buy my mouth my girl i'm not i'm not jealous your plunging you're using this big fat dickhead the bigger the better to scored out all the other dude sperm and then with the hood of hooks in a hooker
pulls out there and then you shoot your own tat is intended for that britain that design of the human resources are plunder and one hundred and nine that's real thirty eight theatres and we will have a hood hanging over me no really there is as well you know why in www tortured but in england england of them have the herds that another while it should be as its genital mutilation and mutilation rioters harm really is because my coach tony jeffreys and santa monica he's a baby i said man the boy you're gonna get the rightly it's weird leaving us no heels who the moon awful everybody georgina they use that you're better at dead nosey daddy is no studies whatsoever all junk science or shares our agenda
you know a lot of religious thing right because it a little bit of religious thing but is also i believe they are preparing for a giant backlash of babies have rather dick sliced because if
circumcision was proven to be genital mutilation and stopped then guess what you open the door for its live every body just decides to go ape shit on the american medical association anybody who allowed essentially a non beneficial genital mutilation money arm to be the norm real do you know what kind of backlash and this is not a propaganda or rather a conspiracy theory sort of an idea this is the reality of what's going on genital mutilation on a wide scale it's completely unnecessary that has no health benefits what's weird is in a locker room anna fell called lock room if you had a hood you're the outcasts made funnier thundered it yeah but tonia say in england if you didn't have a hood you got made fun of i bet it's weird right well ones natural now does not right well it's not you it's just eyes about with the plates and the lamp and all that shit it's whatever the culture decides is the norm in the cultures decide that cutting your dick has of course i do so you have a better chance of not contacting like gonorrhea
things i think that's other as there is no medical society in the world that has recognize any real health benefits to circle ashen it's all bullshit not that the risks include in affection hemorrhage scarring d dear urinating loss of part or all of the penis and even death circumcision applications can also and do occur even if the best in the best clinical settings produces back to smile the other fats yes some hope that more than one line be this decade has more than one baby as it is decade has died in new york because the right bye bye these really heavy religious jewish due to insist on using the moil who uses the traditional method of circumcision were they
their concerns the baby and then sock its penis to stop the bleeding and these rabbis have had her peace and given her bees to the baby's they refuse to stop this because this is a religious procedure there's moilers on line rabbis online doing these videos online the jewish name for what that procedure is and how its written the torah and this is why you should do it that way also and this is why the traditional way you could you imagine here is the task that the universe has given you liked it we're we're all with following different patterns mean brian you ve got a nice golf shirt i have converse all starts work following patterns rhyme here's the pattern is this a fucking ancient religion that was written back when people thought the world was flat all the fuckin rules are written down an animal skins and fuckin chicken scratch but you can't even read today and it says you could suck baby dicks you cut their and then you saw com jane you man
didn't exist and i that it does that true absence loyal i will show you a video you want to see a video is that in the autumn play a video or the more lottery explains about sucking penis after circumcision it's one of the most her usual using the internet this is no no no no no are you told me to i talked to argue about it who was raised incur neighbourly relations are studied the torah twice of hours a day and why he washed all this shit i said yeah what that guy saint peter and i dont know because i bet it happened one on things that that john around who wrote the paleo manifesto to my pack has talked about was the old testament with the obsession of washing cause since the first microbiologists the idea of a guy who they are obsessed with key things clean i don't know if the guy is talking about it being read the descriptions or listen to it we got talking about sucking on a penis
russian circumcision rabbi sucking penis about your doktor autonomy kids if i didn't doktor touch my kids turkey's gettin well actors both jackass dick to minister everything's ok with his mouth sky first by a doctor he's a ferrari religious not he's a cop member so that guy is mean if if there was no religion extreme that's not extreme at all if there was no religion if religion didn't exist and some guy came along and dressed like a fuckin space man and want to suck baby decks you bill likewise in a calm but because its around for a thousand years is not called oh it's a religion needs our fuckin cult anytime you get people to adhere to an ideology that you have to look to the stars to find your fuckin answers in some magical man it was rules like not mixing meet with milk and well that's a lot of those rules and john d rambles it just wrote this book
allows rules were we're very practical back no not even sure was because you know why because it canosa exact sexual laws what do you know that the restrictions on sex we're just because you don't want to catch syphilis things back in the day so there is no hiding and baby dick sense i don't know anything about cutting cutting sucking baby deck all that does i know that cancer moses when he cut his own penis to show his serbians to god in the old testament that's very weird way to show your speaking about your friend break a dick moses i heard that before i've ever rhetoric dick russian emergency room for us alerts does arrogant fix totally or is it always kind of hooked it kind of the actors the left little bit
balls lilies internal bleeding filled up look like purple gecko skin that's why you gotta be kept careful crazy bitches you gotta get double under hooks i'm crazy bitch doom crazy bitches writing you you got it you gotta hold their ass but like a firm my time are you going to pluck up you can just do this because we do this is too much lateral wrong this room to manoeuvre that our down i gotta get started cable grip the lower epps you admire my buddy is huge you ve met this guy says they use these guys six six to seventy shrine ways people gotta figure so please i e tells me goes brought this girl wanted so hard use i don't know what to do i how heartiest film it next time so he films and its one the most disturbing videos i've ever seen i mean he's gettin ere i am why am i doing
a week later calls you do get over here i rushed over it was some he's on the ground but but nature was the values that video told you i back backing up miss my penis hitter baroque is my group so this large roma your problem this is it easy fix right i have no idea and this doctor shop the doktor shop in the house big round eyed shovin ass this easy fix must step up the room you pull porno on you get erect with one right back just like you fix a broken knows create strategy right right may say that's a great room ten minutes later on my goshen so i called my doctor buddy and my german colleagues my body was looking over this girl but
he's taking us why is it like yours testicles bigger yeah man they're pretty big let me see it s goes man shows me these things are the sizeable great fruit and looks like ghetto purple dotted doktor russia merger and cause internal bleeding and people found just to gaze mouth big do not make this up i wish i could make this up here straddle it'll gurney like this right is like this thing's hanging down its fill up arguments this nurse comes in hay boys flaming flaming day guy right would you rather aramco that right leg up installed if this is is broken penis this dude like this yeah yeah this is pretty bad listen what there will be right back is do not do as mike what is going on in the leaves
comes in all due to my god dot comes yeah man is really bad i gather that i was kind be all used grab a man and since in our values will or nurse physically touch ps i you touched bizarrely on our telescope knows deepen it is his dick and he goes well get the name that guy because that is not code that guy is carried it takes care you're tired i haven't provided that the large areas of eu farmers know why you got an app on its foreign and when everybody gets administered hospital broke it did you fuck it shows up puts lab hands is this you are all just comes in i go i gotta be osman how did you get in the basely majoring index like what road to go down and he said in each
someplace in egypt where there's a religion they might be muslim i'm not sure but they get erections they think it's dealt the things work in a break their debts not in that's not the muslim religion that might be nothin extremists muslim really you saying that are most just sounds like dumb person well what a day does it whatever it is it's another crazy you saying then these guys need help so he got into because he was exposed to it so these guys think it things work the devil's work they get erections snap their dear alarm die from internal bleeding yet they brush doctors down so most urologist go down this part of the world that's a fix it that's got anyways or my writing my vote i try here break he's all good now the update my friend all good big impel sickening interaction for six weeks and his dick was in a split really splendor splashed and its finances has a hook
yeah so i'd hook being won a noticeable outs deftly knows what's that operation you can cut the tenant in making but that's a nice florida around you take it hardly go straight down delegation that much longer could make a jerk off downward hundreds how much longer can it make any institutional age as an institution is you can cut the attendant now we create more length your dick but the problem was that the for whatever reason the is one of the instrumental tenants and keeping it very hot erect think they would builds on silicone implants for that by now live in play for everything else people are so fucking weird and so here that we want to cut our dick to stretch it out you know guise of you could get fake taxes they won't get think tits guys we walk around fifty answer now they wouldn't because women when wanted seed is a pig
they just warriors aren't allowed where two pays in guys growth more wigs will give a fine gross faked it's who cares if a guy as fake shoulders measure the guy was walking around for her sake shoulders and you like oh my god i love your chosen scorched like fuckin fictitious like that they so sure it's like they do tat he shall show the motto unity in the world's the artisan i didn't worlds thomas and they had and it was one of the inventions salmon if there's they have pants that women where that like suck everyday tied to their actual banks yeah yeah that's my millions but in their crazily women can have big tits women can have a lot of fake they are extensions does not bother me i don't care because we're trying to fuck as many of them as possible that's what the damn key dna wants to do so when when the monkey has no problem with effective like that's great now let's go in our that i get frightened sticks out the way i get where you know like
your dna so scrambled where's the woman looks at you with your fake shoulders like we now that the longer you can't even growers shallow women you're not common in me i want you to tell anyone you anyway and we get the job done they want utility men likes thinks that are static that look good that we can grab and fuck but women need denouncing evolutionary you i would imagine women need you there is actually hans something one taken care the kids and if you have faced shows how can i help you catch dear one i know you're like a week person is not able to like completely in reality this is going to see a hot chick with a pretty crappy europe's universities regulate look endued with real fat or ugly girl that's true but yet what do you do if he's gay but do see you you also see like these guys that are with them
girls in the girl is like way better looking in the guy younger probably yeah sugar daddy you you see that oh yeah let's as women are attract and i would never data going to something like other guys really good at something and he's not that good lookin women find that very attractive so you guys zone ones older now would you gotta get older now i mean if you like really funny you really get the steel me you can still get those young girls in an arbitrary and eu there are wrong wrong billy who worked at the arcade whose jack has no skill she'll take billy i worked at the arcade over you as a skill david spay with a dime because he's funny right
is also rich fanny red sheena good it's a faint off play famous different aims to very good on origin there like we're taking out there like there's nothing inflammatory what's that mean chicken heads i girls are staying in a girl did lose this bimbos you don't say like chicken how'd you get heads we said that is if we would know what you mean oh yeah i thought you weren't i'll do i say man chicken i've heard of music spread before but it rushed chicken has a female who likes cock a female head bobby this is in the urban dictionary daddy up indelicate chicken and it's a dance with well bred jobs yet its own definition chicken and if i get it i can play the guitar really well and is not that good lookin he's gettin laid amy humor had a strange thing we're talking about last night being a girl like you talking about being a girl sucks because you have an expiration date the time where people want
give assurances running very clock is running from the moment you realize that sex is important till now we want to fuck you anymore ready go tik tok ticket i thought i heard my grandmother talking about but we're how devastating was the first time she realized men stopped looking at she said she she realized is finally old when she walked by a group of construction were none of them looked up when she said that was when she was with we their older women and they all went yeah i remember day to hammer out my heart broken out about fifty or sixty looking man that's a tough that's a tough day my wife i have you ran out some girl tell me still don't waste my time to them in my prime have three more years left that's a smarter shows marty's my time tell me i wasted i wasted a year my life and yet when i want keep dating
ok now you just totally let me know that i made the right when they say that i thought we dated and went to dinner and had a lot of fun and i thought less like all my other friends i enjoyed your company i didn't know the euro like investing we're fucked in our twenty see now like twenty three years like those linger merrily city jesus christ this has created a lot of girls a grub raised to think you know you ve gotta meet my own mother is a really smart woman said to my my sister when she went to get an mba my situate listen you're gonna get mba that's great work emma s as well let's then your mail missus o god why i shall i tell brian all that when we talk about this right i really should all the time i thought the brine my mama little stressed out should i be haven't kid they're doing some here show me comin home no wife make an foodstuff bridles no man this was society wants you dead that's the norm that's what everyone wants
we have this conversation with people who ask me because they know i love em kids and they go dude did everyone should have a kid if i didn't have a kid what still be happy and i set up moving not everybody should never kid i go you can be a great person have a great life in fact a great amount of people around you be a joy to be around contribute every step of the way be a great example inspire people never have kids hundred percent you don't how hundreds of lake you better and but people take this goddamn self righteous attitude when we do have kids and i presented and i have kids and i love i love my kids i would never trade being a father for anything it's a fantastic experience have a kid when you are ready and have a kid if you feel something or middle have our debt or don't order it it doesn't matter like it it's a great thing for me i enjoy but you'll have to i know a lot like my friend chris rhine doktor chris rind rhoda sex it on him
conscious decision we his younger no kids he wandered travel the world he lived in barcelona army wrote books he decided he had a life that he wanted to live for this pisses me off when people don't wanna kids really want my brother like kids and drives me nuts i thought i'd love them give some back man your parents earthly procreate give some back oh i don't know about all that why you put on this earth procreate ok the fray in relates actually rise homeboy before their dying let everybody has i must offer to some people so we will make it like you about somebody who is basically happy with their life would have kids we'll have to drive in addition to what stevie again that's what i do about this is that this that's what i did you there's wore these grave and avoid form how's have another one mechanical drilgoes you didn't you drink it he gave up already fallen asleep over there are more and more like sensitive i have one cup
why do i feel shaking i know you're saying that there is a good thing to do well well i close i like sharma modifications i don't want kids why is that lose my number number four anymore wow how dare you boy is that bad why do you care what i like you i am i don't know doesn't make any satisfactory but close to me you know what drives me nuts man if people hate kids and something about women aiding kids i wrote this on twitter once that i've women who dont like kids same why have you dogs like either on shit this is male feminist guy wrote this huge progress not to say i should have said he i don't like so he connected to the only reason why woman exists in his world is to have children i think
a bunch of stupid shit and i don't believe it i too to reinforces idiotic point you're writing a blog about a tweet you fuckin idiot you now that's it that's what you're doing it by the ways and academic too is in our programme of offer you singles out their red flags if a girl likes cats doesn't like dogs and the like kids yeah read well area in some people's lives and some people's lives is a good thing if you want to check that doesn't like kids like kids kitty spray pretty selfish man could be your right nano thor anonymous most likely most like lord eyes into something or she just into choices two oceans younger and makes a dollars a day i mean who look like everybody has a want children but can't we also learned sort of a really demanding occupation in doktor warren so our general really childhood or china about childhood ok and is an urgent need to time out the exception in general
in my own role but she doesn't wailea someone who has a really good career demanding career today that's not really the exception that much is a lot of women who are very demanding careers today and very full run a norm i do get brandished made us like i just
for it you know in l a yeah there everywhere i meet a model actress i mean i listened to what you will you tell us head right now from women lay man i understand is another i used to say let's brian horizon and try even though with three documents from here on talking from brandon shot marine adele ray i'm a time out for understanding whirl and british armoury indo in relation to the world want to have kids just like you use my number there a british obstacles hey i'm kelly i love cats i've a cat i hate kids and i hate dogs and cool over red flag as little expects that lack not liking dogs things a weird thing because it's like you less you'll learn to turn that understand but higher if it's like like a nurture thing like you you don't like animals like you need you i'm like metaxas pushed away never cries
gleefully events are a personality like i love dogs what somebody once i'm explain to me what to do ugh is never tyrants article about dogs evolve to be really friendly and that's how they manipulate cosmos is cosmo so when i read out and i was like maybe i don't like my dogs much as i used to rice really might be like don't like a human i talked to him now like your dog you're manipulating me alone now very boring why circumstance and why i lost a little of my affection love dogs are never none have dogs my wife's large dogs and like tough shit dogs will have dog tags medication is shot out she doesn't like how them functions and hugging funds not severe really if she hugs interest its red marks an armed common now but some if a man like gary valentine a body mine you know gary comic he couldn't come over the house because i've cats
times i've cats and dogs deigned live animals i do too when i can the icon allergic to nobody cared couldn't even walk in the houses is voice what is is pio dark shrinking up couldn't breathe be quiet archipelago and make him with all the angle with such if i only if i came warehouse can touch my face my eyes swans i'm allergic to nothing how do you think about that when a weird response that is normal shit for other people bag peanuts given to some people well what about i was eaten what a brazil nuts for whatever reason in my mouth now that not me really now i get this the it's out of my mouth would swell up to the point where was i why why in setting out a little over one word and i got worse and worse and i was like what the hell's going on so my mother comes over and she goes those brazil nuts i go yeah she goes you know if i e one i would die and i went what do you mean she does
i can't even eat i said no she she'd half a brazil nuts that was an asylum on time about sharing be rational hospital one is better tell you right so what are you my when i realized that really me i'm clearly allergic to you now to brazil nuts and i was the rule thing down i mean wharf and valleys partially you know you probably don't have it as bad as her now i write but but when you lack gets an enzyme for certain nuts or whatever you brazil nuts are high and think i have you ever read your blood type tested for what you're too onto my genome whole diet where they they touch your blood type to see what your larger similar to yoke and naturally it yeah nuts that's crazy but but brazil nuts actually can increase your testosterone that's why i was eating them my dad train automata take them in my really really brazil known ass a man of amr wow i certainly have an super fuck unhealthy for you says it's selenium apparently also
it helps lower your l de l or bad cholesterol reduces the incident of blood clots and heart disease fight a shitload of brazilian not write a lotta nuts brendan tells apposite for brasiliano says here they actually caution limiting yourself to no more than to brazil nuts per day because they are so loaded and concentrated with selenium that you do wanna overdose copper and selenium are very important minerals but with minerals like balance is really key right it's gotta be real careful would like overdosing uncertain minerals there are five areas surrounding brazilian knots i'll take this into account for adults do those dailies who they were they were selling these mega vitamins these out these discovering my other selling vitamin tablets gel caps and it was we thousand over three thousand programmes and they did the guy said to get you to the fifty hundred almonds to get that much vitamin e demands it's just too much you that's a lot of ideologies cannot you gotta be careful the champion idiot and was pretty bad
i believe it is easy to be an area it's easy to be an idiot that's what's really weird about a minute the supplement business like it it's very tricky like what affects certain people doesn't affect other people like with alpha brain for instance when we first put off a brain out we had said lee different ingredients because some people had an adverse reaction they would get like a headache when they will take it wasn't a dangerous thing but it was enough for work this is we got it back down little bit and you you gotta be careful with like certain reactions that some people have you know like you with it's like you with peanuts like that's the thing it comes to vaccinations like everybody talks about vaccinations like you're either in the camp of you we believe that vaccinations are evenly cause autism or you're in the camp that those people are idiots in their dangerous and then these anti vaccine people are really making all these diseases like measle show up in new york city again but the reality is that roots lie somewhere in the middle because yes
scenes are super important there the reason why we don't have a lot infectious diseases that wrecked havoc and their science behind them in its fascinating the human beings have figured out how to create these things that fight off diseases but some people or go to have adverse reactions to everything that's the real ladys of medication that's the reality of foods that's the reality to environment there's some people various member of a small you right did you write where i want the masses but you're lily already but you're dealing with three hundred million people for sugar we try me only mild people but what i'm saying is when you have those the small amount of people for three hundred million people often get vaccinated you're going to have a hundred people a thousand people can have all these examples of things it went wrong and people look at and go well look there's so we people where things are going wrong but will you not thinking about it
just sheer numbers of people are kept from being diseased sheer numbers of people that week we contain polio we can t i think smallpox pie kills five hundred million people throughout history unbelievable and no longer rask washed it out through vaccination we all put so many children in iron lungs and wheelchairs and not only that they did it our grandparents lifetime dry is incredible incredible discoveries had been made by science but it doesn't mean that some people don't has an adverse rank some people are gonna eat peanuts in they shouldn they're gonna die it's gonna happen every year every year more than a thousand people die from aspirin they take aspirin will you take supplements make sure you you look into the data because not allow this is not regulated so if you're gonna take massive doses of whatever it might be make sure
you take a look at the dad i'll take a look at the double blind studies see if it is they that bears out will not only has this is also when you get when you get a supplement like say if you're running a supplement company in your buying vitamin be twelve ok you got a fuckin task the vitamin be twelve you get from the source whatever it is vitamin d by whatever you're you're getting what you have to test it you have to it independently because without for brain we ve had to make sure we ve had in the past we have problems with manufacturers having like bad mixtures like dollars wrongly out when you so calcium from bone meal has it i feel a lead in it or some something like getting is lead what is there were crazy amounts have led in bone meal for whatever reason i came that's exactly but whose it was like a man it was up ok some a lawsuit and private companies brought upon on charges because the source of where they were getting their calcium was very heavy in leave it was led my
yeah so you gotta know where its source rum you gotta know what your bodies life is so hard to tell what the fuck's going to your body i told you i was having a problem with had arsenic and my blood it turned out it was from sardines billina schiller society is a lasting uneasiness sardine every country every sites i've had like i've talked to cast instead says they always condemn the one thing i know them say meets bad for you to take i took my mother and i take for i'm gonna get you some of the shrimp deck through tax of fascinating shish resumed export yeah it's all quarters epps mushroom it's all oxygen utilization i'll show you all the data behind it and send it to you was all love developed for the chinese olympic team really fascinating stuff they founded in high altitude hurting populations is animals that would eat these these mushrooms would be more active and so the the people started observing it and they started cultivating view sounds from here and you guys talk it sounds like you should how you as my nutritionists i told you
this lady harriet nutritionists no no this is granted this story i was recommended dubiously i make you say your name recommend this lady just gas this what we do is use what are you looking do i go i sleep i loved you clean i feel getting clean mama looking to lose weight in i was still in wages idead healthy perfect ideal i deal with a lot of of athletes i got you making a shut up i showed brian this beer show me chili cheese for breakfast chile fries and rice was for my breakfast i took a picture of it elder i said i think i've i ordered a messed up she's a yacht pickup mills right rag i think he's order got messed up there's cheese chile all over some fries for my breakfast she goes you have a busy of training you're gonna need the calories yeah she lasted for a week
but why did you find refer what another meeting what was a media like a jack all the lily cheese facilities rises crazy bears a mile in the mail my trilogies rise better be fresh a male they don't put it in the mail delivery meals you're very hours earlier and i hope meals delivered sundry until now use a private company a small company the southern woman she runs its use she had a job as a young i forget what it was but she's got fired have you and she's it's her own like food business well you're talking i got your energies fries i fired her in it didn't or what we don't mix right from the start rolling sense years i was in a rush right am i came here to pick up my meals boa shake well can we just sit down for a while make sure so she's like www signs contract i'm goin over it's like i and job for the next thirty seven days well not eat junk food oh my god
ride will not drink soda could exert a third one down will not coffee i woke skip that one keep gone well not will not cool and she's looking at it twenty pages ok oh you missed one right hand i go guide but the coffee won't use yoyo that ain't happening to you skews nato can get into this we want but there's clinical studies that show coffee helps out with worked out and i mean that it is not bad for if you do in moderation just oh man i don't know i go well tell you right now and i can work out i'll walk out right now tools are i'll make one exception and then just right does i got this is not going good i don't work whether anymore long story short she up fire chile cheese for i should have fired or that shit's ridiculous usually in fruit and vegetables that chile famine rise silly deals rightly rice and as you said i worry that salaries oh my god she's a retard
this is pre work out did she ever worked out hearted the inner life you know what kind of throw up and shit would come out your body if you eat chile cheese rise and they did like a strengthened conditioning work out devise jobs and kettlebells in battle my chile running through your bowels you ready for this line are the only hurt me waiting whose on a diet like this it's called the alpha diet and only breakfast i do bulletproof coffee i am sorry to your own i hit the ground running what i don't eat about users are right not to use the morn virtual juicy our that's something to any you'd be amazing how much butter and empty t oil you doing that the reason why this bullet proof blend works is because you have the healthy fats connected to the caffeine it's a slow burn the caffeine you can get over the actual calories meet someone should take one these things and find out how much like a thermos this bitch is caloric lee with much butter and damage embassy to avert it's quite a bit earlier
fuck on hunger butter tissue of while for your body to digest i've that's but burn ezida reality bernd lange is a great way to work out the united states drink that stuff in the morning you feel for you have energy and yet you still got a good work out what about drinking or what about eating sugar source before you work out like my what would be no like they say rude and others rather than for pancakes for now no no no no that's terrible for young chinese on patriotism julie cheese from it if you don't like the endurance ports gluten is a tricky thing man because if you have a bad reaction to gluten you're gonna have all sorts shoes and even if you don't have a bad reaction to gluten there studies are showing pretty clearly that it causes inflammation and you may be fine by a lot of people you get this bloated appearance like i've seen people go from wheat to know wheat and then there are the face shrinks and their body looks different they dislike you bodies inflamed and
it's a lot of weird calories its calories rio bodies breaking down glue now imitation grew meta loveless zonia i love pasta love delicious bread shown its grey go to a restaurant tying restaurant bring over that bring you smell it yes put some butter on that line membrane like a nice cheese blade lotteries please plates nice is the problem as gluten is just not a smart choice if you thinking about what you gonna put your body why fuck around with that we could have lettuce and you can have also it's delicious greens in a fresh meets you can have a good as you your buys gonna give good nutrients guy have what it needs we are gluten are past orange light tat you just giving it a nice delicious taste and if that's you're cool with that you know you just out an end date one avenue delicious meal but if you
performance route for your body you really shouldn't fuck with anything this complicated one clear an exact in ass repetition in breast sweet potatoes hams fish you know if you can get some game on global endear buffer now turn you know also good lamb brian would you would you guys hunt dear dear dear oh good up without good so rich nutrients vitamins and perhaps so low in cholesterol roasted comical roast you tell knows oak stake a twelve hour elk stake has less cholesterol than a twelve hour chicken browse the shit nothing better than elks show good for you to a t so good it's like almost got a sweet taste tunics a dark red meat elk tenderloin using real it's so clear and elsie never meet its by every means including mountain lion and he goes a sexy less and he goes yea said daddy
i mean everyday be out here a lot of people think that an animal never had he should be hunter you'd love economic the hate and i said i sat picture the dear i dont use bow and arrow man weeded out for that oh yeah let's do it i say dear i all hunting to hone ran down for that i bet you would be down for naked in afraid to do in this thing we naked doing this think now we can where i've seen you closed just because i love i think i would run job on that show i think you do fine till you get your dick bit by spider than you cry i'm tunnel and rapprochement to loan ranch hour and a half north of here with we stay
we can with settlement we go pig hunting with bosnia still it i'm so down when we just for two days though today's down seven eight hundred and eighty eight and that we set out to buy on pay and always spot on sunday harbourless spidey to the lifting of the slots papa how sponsor visuals i get confused hearings of private data they'll be like if he vigo the tops gonna get tubs guzman planet he misses a meal it if he's a half hour later on will he's like this light headed man dorothy you to think what he's doing this body all you can't even imagine shelly co uk
firstly may i please have imagined fuckin much he works out i know you don't didn't take that into consideration i dont brian who i work at all at once a week he might get in a world once a weakening probably instagram that has worked out moderately you might work i once a week you might go a month it's gander haze my barely longest day how many days we got the longest without anyone working every single day the fuck away for that question i welcome your house and find you not working out how about that without learning out every blocks twice a week now but i work
how to i you know work out and we re not everywhere in that area nobody works out everyday life thinking sunday i don't sensing anomaly almost now it's almost used to be i work on everyday i'll tell you what they'll brien's footwork is impressive that forward its impressive will solve grass thank your body is a dancer desires digits teacher differ move builders and moves feed around it he's got an alley harmful tony's a good teacher man trying to turn a move around i got my god the best by the way i am you died away and by the win because either way again i have definite not area you get more tired boxing just try to just trying to move around near us i think is right now can we can you play
car no test these tight ass peter pan green genes on peace and is peace is just bulging out what are you doing you shooting haven't amending cockerel nobody around another lecture blood flows and well you know what it is that same thing that causes men chimps to have bigger balls rights like you're you're round off a male and die like all turning competing you dick is like we'd better get bigger for sure yet you dig out my face it s not the way to create or certain very obviously your mixing it up you get confused illegally chimps balls recent marta fucker the muscles on our chance jesus christ good luck with that negotiations are mercer brutality bobby totally different ten structure everything's bigger and thicker through everything documents that thing ways a hundred fifty pounds and against thoreau itself through the air with its arms imagine that they grab a branch and just rolled themselves through the air while there are though unlike its velcro then just hang in fuckin they could be
thousand feet off the ground hanging from around weird do you joe do you think you could tear it up making a red men brought about some time you wouldn't i well know i'm twenty one days no first of all i would do the stupidity of it all went in me as a human being so damn that i was willing to be i'll show has exploiting need to the point of making me naked go through fuckin jungle i'd be like after one day i am i got him and ass all such and this is why i am not spider man i'm not forget inertia talk i do believe this pool with might with dirt on my balls and a mighty so stupid i'm sleep it on dirt whose spiders everywhere besides i just like the challenge on not outdoors die hunting we like you with deerlike join i did with gear with tense that
pakistan super boring war was boring and our very exciting long our briand in montana and how did it it was a scary knows that was fun it was really fun we were drafting forty miles down the missouri river but in a place where there's nobody me miss our five people in five day on down to kill animals with a bow gun does nothing for me a super born guns a great way to do it because you definitely kill them and you also can get him a large distances get my many more shots again up on some animals super problem that problematic with bone marrow like what we need in the highly we did they started a lot too they also do now when they they have been doing very well where did ok pretty what does a lot more buffalo back then they didn't have the long range rifle capabilities approach and we would also wait till they got in the water lots i say when they cross the river and then they don't we could do that could be the three of us we wait till they get the water we stuck
dude vampire when i m going to have a voice it's ninety pound draw its shoots four hundred and seventy five green era which is pretty heavy a three hundred and two feet per second it blows through everything blow through a buffalo and elk air everything bohme right through bone everything poem it's gone right goes through trees i shoot it if i if i miss the target like it hit the i had a target set up on non this like fence post it blew right through the fence post like a big by four of wood blue right through not the other side a two by four things what did it do to a body well and one of those you might i have a gun but you're gonna have to be close enough to hit it and the shooting anything's twenty yards away is tough forty hour where is really tough like the difference between what i shoot a target that's twenty yards
in forty yards away like the amount of movement that you could do before you release the air a twenty you got a little bit of wiggle ruminated release it but you get forty and it's so my new because you looking at something is not magnified your site and you look at a target is so small that so far away and you just keep in that motherfucker right then letting go don't you find that more exciting than happened this year on that basis does it all itself it's like a video games definitely works or animal comes walking through your frick it is a problem of logic that is growing that logic that poor animal will definitely killed if you have a rifle the scope for a ride the scope you're looking at that animal from two hundred yards away that's a dead animals boom you're blown also that thing clean if that dear sittin there it's all i knew not fucking up or your your gear being off you could i fucked up in wisconsin i dropped my rifle i fell on a hill and my rifle scope though stall the scope it changes regarding the content and the guy when
the scope and didn't have a tight and when we felt it was like you could lose it you move it with your fingers and causing animal yet wounded you you don't want that you have a way more of a chance of that with bow and arrow it's not as easy as you think the way hard to shoot animal with a rifle shooting and animal with a arrow is really we have all this technology now that's harmonised video of you the three of you just she'll and like this one sleeping bag tone jokes missile like rain
there came plants and around and rainbow caribou they live in a line you had likeable gun it came a zoo wasn't using cannon later we had a helicopter gunships radio then me while you eat may do when you talk about the just getting something it's tortured all its life and then shoved into a fuckin vice and they put a pistol yo around i'm not against it i'm just saying italy's ex exciting is very exciting when that out of the woods and like looking around when you get an animal on your sites and forceful even tracking it for three days for years you haven't seen when it's a wild animal i'm just saying if you are track in it with with you know with both in our technology would be a lot cool well here's the thing in montana where we were if you were both hunting you're fucked you're not gonna get close enough shot the closest shot i got was two hundred yards those he only shot and i got one dear shouted a two hundred yards is a long way the uk and even see that far with a bow and arrow site mean the idea that you're gonna hold that dear
in its gonna look so small when you look at it with seeming little even harder it's not i mean anything anybody's ever done me maybe a few people have done because we like expert just to shoot a deer two hundred and that's crazy ten to twenty yards but with a rifle that's our common super commoner you know you you lighted up its magnifying rifle you see the dear really clearly a locked across here on his heart and boom it's over i think i think how to be a lot more cooler if if your hunted like some naked you got binding kill you gonna be like the problem here like dear oh no i mrs goes pray it's in a way you don't say like care be cooler if your life was in danger that dear how like solutes coins water buffalo when you when you should water above all a lot of times they disappear into the tallgrass and new school that's all grass and and finish him off now i'm a video camera haines tuna water basler waiters via he's waiting for well by my friend cameron haines who is the guy who he got me hooked up with joy
and he's a guy you got to say the ninety pound bow is the same both he shoots so i shouted at my house and it's so accurate eyeliner gotta get one of these things is incredible it so act it makes me more confident to shoot because i know that if it hit something its cause he's got sites that are really we ass energies so look at this you he's snuck up on this two thousand pound water buffalo in australia they are dangerous thought oh yeah they are would try running out first of all runs fastening you and it weighs two thousand pounds that's crazy so it only sees movement so see how is not moving the reason why is not moving because it stop because it sensed movement so they want to go back to eating he starts prepared a unit in this whole process is taking him along this guy this you will allow me i got money i'm going hunting with shape to he's in very good shape he just twenty eight turnips that's one of the reasons why does it so he could pull back this monster bow cause that bow most human beings me you can pull back brian can't so i'll do twenty itself also saw a pound so how did you get this
so it is a friend of his behind him is filming this sea this guy is holding the camera so he's is is a long slow prosecutor have speeded up leaving all jerry is a long slow process where he has to wait for this animal to give him a broadside shot and when the animals facing him he can't move at all this guy doesn't count with rifles all hunting with bows and arrows depend on this occasion i like this closer sixty pounds born i was really hard europe such butch gonna shoot this they used to steer the data takes a long time but because if you fuck up that thing note you they're nuts running at you essential it can't hurt i lie or a trail he for here just behind the cheerios here goes so now the thing is going to give a broadside shot it's close enough he's down to about thirty yards with a ship with an animal like this you want to ensure that you shoot that thing to the ferocious stealing is its face the wrong way it go sideways totally because right now it's quartering away so you really gonna hit the shoulder and it might not hit a vital organs then you got an angry buffalo with a stick in its arm
it's running out you and it weighs two thousand karen's runs forty miles an hour good luck one on for sure i am behind those trees but look this thing is waiting so he doesn't move man because it's looking at and look at this did so this is a long fuckin stock man is like a twenty minute stock or standing there with his ninety pound fuckin bound hand and he's not moving it goes back to its decided that he's not he's nothing to be ashamed or to be concerned with ashamed of degradation so now look now he sees it pulls it back think runs off it's gonna fuckin arrow through its goes through its side of its arm and right into its heart that's what someone
i'd porn that's why they're yeah well those animals you have two you have to know the anatomy of each individual animal because animal their vitals indifferent area so it's gotta it's gotta neurons heart right now so it's going to sit there a couple seconds they realize it's done only raise that shit unlike the there it is it's gonna figured out any second now it is drops when you're dealing with an animal that's that big any other animal like a north american animal would be dead a bare would be dead dear would be dead anything that's but this is just enormous gigantic animal kid me right now look at this sort of takes a while the sort of bleed out wanders often collapses said he ate it and we eat one piece in his mouth and he chewed it for half an hour before he could swallow it that's that's indent muscle namely that when they were there they didn't bring any food they buy
just enough snacks again i'm through like a day and it didn't bring any water so they had a boil all this water and the water all had buffalo piss in it so every drank receive a war they drank was buffalo pass i think fell down wait this was in strangely yeah i know what a buffalo we're austria while they're not native this is what happened in one of the reasons why they encourage people to go over there and shoot them there are non native invasive species they brought him over there but they don't have any natural predators is something that can eat them like when their babies like how can of that thing man jesus fucking christ some things can eat them when their babies crocodiles motivated by where he's jack he's in shape the eyes in very good show but i like i said he does all this shit just take train for hunting this guy he runs ultra marathon eggs a living hunt days ago he's got a television show the albino by bunch different companies like under armor he's if
amos bar but this guy like you he does ultra marathons ran a fuckin hundred mile marathon beast he's an animal is that's what it does any does it all bow and arrow style as much as is that they often job after you retire you're gonna need an outlet for the savage aggression you got inside your body sunday you are not doing what waiting six thousand shouldn't water but you say you're not man now man thought runs you you like you i bankruptcy on running out with you guys are doing bears and starvation and you'll do allow jujitsu i feel when you retired ever snow retired fighting here tonight we'll do the world's actually may are you really energy now a key woe wow you trying to with the game you do it helps you in would i do because if i ever tuna fifty pounds lock build on top of me and i can escape his sight and drawer control em when you
take off the gate and these ghostwriting country man it's it's easy for me really that's interesting so it's easier to defend because when you are defending with a gdp your mort you have to be more technical yeah what would the key i have so much to worry about under way about each other collar choked the guy can grab me in control me through my gear in i'm saying so you feel its cross training yes it takes away my explosive this math let us assume forces me to use technique i found that with defence for sure i get caught a lot on borders with the key that i would never got closer but also my no i am i defence goes through the roof realer see play different game when you start doing that you just become much more technical much more aware of where the positions are helpful the boy you man in certain areas like my hands really tired but pretty flexible do you have a large and ass yes fight you might try to exploit it why do work your guard
yeah some guys like forget i ain't gonna be on my back that's stupid now listen when why you taken down i ve been taken out twice knocked again but i do not care i give fought get whole game plan retrained it all this wrestling stove a tough time taken down but if we train all this wrestling decide to put me on my back cool let's do it i'm all game for that i don't panic down very comfortable down there i spent because yellow remember my daycare wishing colony taught me i wasn't gonna take down on my back all the time that's crazy we're starting training and it was horrible so crazy like every day beat me up lippman seems like a crazy dude man he's a good do not me i'm gonna go very good due to a guy having been there and year but a maniac ikea edge jeanne car like what they want to have seen carbons bork spar which he has paid and she was like what
why would i swear why would i spar him like what are you talking about you and i think that unlike travers a genius wickham's shine so like thereby think back on it in theirs thing where i've i felt i get approved everyone i could hang with sharing common no matter what spock so my foot were got so good cause i'm i'm used to this giant or buffalo man watermark longer chasing me around the octagon so i was trying to gather wake as he learned the right hand is a short amuse not good man yes probably hit so hard he's got so i got used to that right i'm moving nonstop and then when the bell go dinging with thirty seconds left literally no matter what we're doing mean chamber stop walk to the mill the cage and just outcomes outcome robots dear i laid out for three years and then finally a part of me was like how about no and i shouted double element we ve never done that agenda i think back on my train them like god that was stooping even too and i'm down he's so strong
the big eyes guy ever is a big fuckin guy man strong lot strong than you and your strong shade is one hundred percent sure not even close ridiculous destroy advance gesture is just he's bigger than caught he's bigger than lesson legs a thick thick ass huge shoulders his hands man went before they did they read the yossi glove to fit over his hand changed we change the reason why they changed the glass jane had a five exile glad to cut the glove does to get always has a shower deck yet when you shake him it's like hold an underhand so what was frustrating to me as you know i've always been love with jujitsu i've spent she would get injured or you'd have to work at a regular job how to train full time and i think i'll be so good at jujitsu and shit come in often ninety five you know shift walk in by you do not let's do my gun when a rule this big dude you just shut shut it all down when our training animals he came by and and and trained one day and adding to throw them but
i watched people row with them and it was it was like a child yeah playing with baghdad a bear with a docile i've never really just like role and i find it all with the guy like germany because all the time but none like jane will he doesn't even look real when he walked in the door if i didn't know i was like what's up jane but if i didn't know i would be a p look as mother fucker two guys get leg is grown out of his shoulders this is our happened i was a girl i won't be a fighter i'd new name my car i looked him up online found out catherine was in a roar my hometown i show up their nature guy rise again mammal we idea we can do this we figured out come them all there's another big guy he just he'll has like one fight he just start fighting and he played football to like all cool i should its sparring right a sharp and watching car at the time is three hundred fifteen pounds fight the double see just jack look like a similar back guerrilla that just found the way
when does nothing else to remember our new is really that begged is a picture of him the doesn't even look real it's insane amigos nato's o eight years the guy on the issue to introduce you do and since then mean showing spargo just stood tall tone neither once knew what we're doing blast each other you real world with guy that damn you had the bad biggest in the basic training for forever the best man while he brother i couldn't afford private train whichever women and chain led me so much he paid for my training with travel for your guy like machine haven't a girl like you around invaluable in trying to find a giant pictures men or vienna amelia i think one or to fight the time at zero yeah and he was a really good wrestlers well in his ears issue really he had a lot of issues from football health not always neck injuries and back injuries he had a lot of a lot of problems this back man you know
the bodies is not designed to have three hundred do poundage running out you forklift level is also not designed to be three hundred pounds in shredded muscle it just yeah that's true to anyone i know anyone i know a lot of athletes right i love athletes anyone who's that big that lean and whether natural not there always hurt always heard or they always very sick for this reason they are bad immune systems or their own visor fighting so just now get this does not ass the most ridiculous thing that's when he was at its base saving it find that picture jamie that's ok just a body gold chain car when huge bro born days sparring days isis sit in my car outside the gym i was so nervous man my day i don't want to do this
you that picture again get the fuck out of here for a while does not not look like a gay porn picture can pull out pull out his hairless car insisted on europe will get on with this is no way that guy's not gonna the monster was it it doesn't even agree that looks photoshop he not gable desire i would just just when you are so long with honour is one thing i knows bananas he's got super long arms little news last when he fought frank mere he might hit mits i don't know three times i really really just gadget you what was wrong with them eyes axiom problems we can train a lot that's why went out from so quick maybe underhand got that underhill in those opera lots womb dropped a man and he was hidden with left to right yeah left at year end is known for his right hand meanwhile starch them with the left he was just it's a gorilla
poor you know it's just health probably suavely yeah but it's also just a football all that football meaning at lahti injury borrowed wrestling he's just a rugged do you make a real good point though about geyser that bag is your arrival one i know thou up every one time one best friends are used and then fell not anymore six seven to sixty five shredded right he's always been that way never been on drugs nothing always hurt me to retire disease always hurt had scaring around that kind of weight on your bar in there always sector like chain was always seek is immune system with shit man who shane also worked that's hard fuckin propaganda tool but of the whole time job and be a perfect ashram and make fire fighting for titles fighting jack checklist italian shaven i first started he worked viewed not we both work nine five jobs at the time we river start ninety five jobs both get off we go dr straight jim you would drive an hour drive like fifteen minutes you driving out the jim and we would
at the gym from six to ten thirty at night would do for glasses back back back hate we should do part ass like this like after you have says we should do like one will commit like one month israeli settlers gonna shit man do it this is clearly a figure that we could talk in may for days ass our owen crocodiles into fighting terror bird joint fighter and a kid joint fighter in a case like this will be one of our episodes whatever man what we can do what you know we could recorded in both release them simultaneously we do anything we do what we want we talk about it but it will be really fond of breakdown fight i'm talkin pumped about ten kennedy and michael besprinkling on this thing with this this other thing with cars which weird is there's the days of carbon listener who you just have these tour guerrillas turn from three hundred pounds or to sixty five and not that way anymore the big boys it on guys got light came to forty percent goes to forty brown to forty everyone's cannot worth let it
and i think the disappointed diminishing return right when you get to beg your body just can't keep it up just like when you arcane just running all over brok at a pace that he put on brok first vote when the brok that was sick so it's it's hard to look at that like you one now though we know that the dude had that serious die take your latest issue but it was all so let me now turn away from punches yet only rotarian that's very good point is also the issue of trying to deal with a guy's been striking for a long fuckin time and you are essentially a novice right you know you can't take the guy down if you do take the download it taken i took came down came pops right back up to his feet now have to deal with pace or that both also mentally for him he gets guys down their screwed executive came down thing i will risk and job papa you unless there's a dam the agency in his face i holy shit that's why we fought jane i like this fight over this fight over and then they did
but sick around changes gonna get jails deal some problems ass is out bases body shutdown gets choked out i thought on the same night right fought brok losers best friend trading partner allows a thing right listener corwin training turner's fine each other in spite of the main caroline spike i'm not restructure out and fifty second summit is big fat slob any these twenty one out of dude toilets how not to hard drugs i give you a nice guy mayo you twenty one though twenty one topic ibm but more excited you held there are more excited i come running back i have done i touch and i will come back i come back the locker room and then change turned to get ready he's get ready i thought he is the fight one i was crying i guess i want my fight i've never been so sad my life when shameless that fight greeted training together is like a brother heavyweight champion so called did happen weird
crying right both cried eyes out in lock room daylight comes in kosovo and leave the room i'm all really sure you can stay like thanks data shape our chiefly on the floor with ice on his hire i saw this art is bodies going crazy cheese lay on floor looks like a giant just guerrilla wedding flooding ice on his heart life on his hands all overriding air data makes a real and leave the room a check those it what is it man look like shit why pop up but may let's do this it was a lot of money i stop crying so rich in fact that while the ice bags melted real money well now crazy first round man if he paced himself and pick two shots better
i would though they should have a fight he's abroad in order to stop to fight the frail that's why i've seen fight stopped for lot lan cable would you were that to be stopped that was you and you were ok like brok was brought back to his corner and he was all right i mean he got hit but some big shots i got he defended you know that's when i got a lot of respect for brought after our files eulogy find these little more than ours like now samia he got rocked he got caught he plenty of time to give up plenty of time to give up that's when you are like ideology i just did not deal with keynes hands while came was just too much and also he was very angry he is operating in his his estimation of forty percent what does that mean in the real world only he knows but he definitely had died articulated stem even if you had a hundred percent relations and i agree with a and a plus kane a plus brok horror match up but i think would be a great fight are fun fight while it lasted but i really don't think so i don't know
why because blunders as it has kept keynes alot smarter has more tools his gas thanks so much better i think after while you take it storm brok any t gale time juno it also i ever be the same again i don't think so either now or never ever be the same again though to fight more fucking insane the coroner should throw in the towel yeah well you know when it ended to it's crazy because it ended from him following on its head he you know he's got he got he tried to doing a power guillotine on cain and cane ducked under and junior was so tired and we had taken such a beating that he's holding onto this gayety any literally false ford right onto his head and like stunts himself than they stop the fight but the beating that took up until then there is the recent times were heard dean was like moving to stop the fight and then juniors heart pulled through it was insane
junior dos santos does not fucking give up that's one hires he had as many opportunities to give up as a human being ever gets in life and he will not give up its tough right and i think about this it it's tough because if junior came five ago he's not deal with ease the chance for a long time young but because the others is boy guys and it's about matches ulysses about maxims came velasquez judo santos junior will never be right you got that one lucky shot other that those find a hundred times keynes when a ninety nine usually you just you just wait what do however if junior fights virtue travis brownies pie win it's just me jobs man who is a better match a few vertue more or or ouster overrun randomness hell but or whose education is to its own you see a guy like ouster that was at a very high level kickboxing came up
fought less their looked fantastic but then you see him in the big foot fight post getting popped puff testosterone seem the big foot fight and any seamen the travis brown fight how much do you think he's lost from now having this is the thing though that like he's destroying these guys right and there you don't wanna be that guy in the first two minutes firing astro room it is a nightmare but my advice i way against mere against mere whose very control thanks for that fight they mere what does what do we do and what did you do all training camp we doing out other you did nothing when you say i think he didn't upon my word i dont think you could hit him i mean i think you haven't really problem we gotta do something man what
we're doing plan was i would love to hear about it but the game plan was figure tire mile and get him down the ground i bet that was part of the game plan standing out in our rooms were some be very conservative don't gas out in over who is also control on the ground you know he wasn't afraid of a goin down joining their hacked animal which is pre shock in a random francs helicopter and really good off back together ouster one the abu dhabi european trials dhabi ouster can grab is a nasty gaiety yea submitted veto the estimate of veto over the geese limited market via camera yeah and a weird one too i told hunt he needed out opener budgets a school from new zealand so that nigeria what's goin on on what didn't you guys make some sort of a bet like you which are not command huge submit you wasn't supplying the yeah we win him metallic smack on twitter and then we got into this winner takes all and he started clown i was gonna knock mountain stand on what we should get him on the fire and the kid come
stand on your big letters zero housing while let's rodya live today in your leg varies it gonna stay on your big lips and knock you out did you talk a lot that's probably have big lips so confusing you have i ever get there i say that i really big allow gets so little shit i wouldn't like lot already good leisure i wouldn't describing that way like would describe brennan shop on the lips of these big whereby this crime is big round that's it i mean aimed at added on to try to get his neighbor tigers nickname change from hybrid too big blue this guy sort of big brown big brown he's big brown eyes big brown that's why every causing big brown he's work what nationality religion nationality my mom's full blooded english bush born raising their patchy born resolution rags german liberals town french native american and jewish hundred percent accurate airbases you have suggested the genome tests if anybody line now i need
so finally i know your father you know like me your dad looks exactly like the cry india from ourselves not seventies and even got watery eyes by the way that the only thing is is the braids long hair will you suddenly consider when someone talks about someone being german or someone being italian zone being anything yeah maybe but who knows how they got to germany or italy before exact who knows where an organic people came from doesn't all led back to like some for going right here you d like you to tell what tough tough story about africa can give us like two most livening ultra violet here when you guys we're doing that nobody would show this on air so sky my comment is name on the show he lost indeed recall that i'll call you want the house and there's only at the time is ripe for was less defining roy marcus jones material material
myself that's the for fighting right so you guys do all the other guys hammered hammered he's lost right hammered wasted all son this guy it's super racist in the house and there's a bunch of black eyes and the house starts timeout housewife lesson of the area nation and starch throne racial slurs and thought these in all the hit hey hitler stuff i'll hitler's died his name on this green paper all right do dude soon again out though right need enough my own edification so start doing all this stuff i'm sleeping i have the biggest fire my life the next day data white literally said thus in the cargoes listen if whoever the finale winner not europe superstar its huge biggest season with ever add you guys want when this fight thank you no pressure so i'm sleeping and i'm sleeping and
well i'm sleeping on the ground and i thought it was a dream kimball slicing marcus jones in this and this to make or in the stomach go rogers comes in my room they go yoke shop git up dog git up man alike whether through large black over my best king gos your man this tuesday time other people were about jack em up i looked i thousand and scuse me tom our people dog let's go this dude up like this and it s real i say i'm told emma down the rates thing i'm toy down a focused stood up do you realize that great rose yes dear that's crazy turnaround leave here that's why large shall begin to what the hell you haven't till i got kimball that's right
style years while just because i'm athletic can finally be black yours you could be wow that's interesting that's crazy reared situation to be into why trans seller is also an area nation guy is you might up all this is going on to these might up they therefore allow why didn't he put down on the shelf that's not give her right fuck yeah is now are you kidding me my white don't show any other man i'm gonna fight again dirty doing now twenty two cloves we know people i know this is the figure top shit that's fascinating citizens using new six years ago yet they have to make a decision right whether you put that on the tv or not we want we didn't needed though the ratings were so high and then you won't talk some high ratings ever by the weight of ten whoop wasn't really the high rating ever know
even came a slice that's why slice not crazy i'll never forget man with you when we we walk in the house right walk the jimmy stare like i don't know i don't know any these guys roy nelson honour for youth mammoth young us look at the facts i'm off brunettes roy nelson users are your way of world shit man i affiliates like thirty fights what the fuck enjoy and me it's like that's not the man and then data type in up everyone dawn do you realize that fifteen guys here there's six in total though so we're bring an especial guess they hide this everyone's gonna run i lean over the royal bro you know about bringing in there's big talks at five can emerge if they did this ted fatal but why do that motherfucker rule screwed i have three fights there are three fatal arouse disaster and that you are mad lands why when they reich bruno moon and in what kimball slice of those me fate or that's why look over manual up
kimball sliced and ass the very persuade people saw me on national tv as we say in fucking those lies that's how larrea that doesn't mean fate or animals all nerve i really thought of wider oh my god so it is to talk to you why would fade or do the ultimate fighter i don't know maybe they pay michael gillian dollars in his eye cages tear up these kids with three fights i know it's crazy with really that'll be fine denote crazy though is the kimball size we get more ratings at risk more people knew who kimball slice was back then because a youtube the casual persia than new fate or why are they what kinda one the nicest people have a very nice guy so cool diana with the shank what there are rules it will you leave this i'm so they escape out only arrive in this one man ran dope is by reducing these and i and if he's listening these open up is a barbecue restaurant limbos man i could grill
i know it's business real make disbarred q sauce and make his answer will we put in it honey mustard all sorts stuff sees no one ideals owed new he's doing ok what did barbecue ribs ribs amateurs aches real who is a cast a chemist he was he was so cool you so called good eaten yeah he is he is just a natural athlete i mean jesus big strong guys got some serious new problems ma am i wouldn't common policies and that while he's got a guy got real down new problems onager bonum bone arthritis in his knees why damn it may do try to do so axing any also was running we wasn't winning but lucky made some improvement deftly made some improvement but the knees his knees we're fucked you better get some money lazy my make somebody makes a ton of money was security for i see mike and reality kings porno his best friend is icy mike reality kings haulage a boy
if they make any money more is a tough to make money in the the worrying around like like you youporn why am i gonna paces subscription realities here that's a thing like what you have to be like a real fan pay a premium real psycho i didn't i made it needs money i knew i would say you re real psychogenic about ten times a day your membership but there are due to become like fans of a girl just like they become fans of a ban again if you're my friend and you're a fan of a girl you pay for membership lose my number don't like all my kids or view fan of girls lose my number no if you pay for membership she likes one certain porno start yours i'm gonna throw some guys in a very specific tastes like they own like asian brought that's it asian girl only hoodies like the porno amman opportunity employer meeting hate anchored everybody about guys who say they never jerk off porn never ran blade
why they don't use porn and there if they jerk it's their imagination again lisbon they're lying for sure i don't know i think some people say i do have a problem with poor they don't like it they don't like the fact that they take the people being victimized some way that you know i've never met a giant making a lot of money i have a definite really meant people hate to say this but i was eight days but ass i was to lecture on please dot com called why stop was important and is really really eloquent dude was talking about why it's damaging and emerson i listen it's almost now would i know football causes head injuries its literally i fail to understand each other so well known of the reasonable ass is so good
balance each other out so well sound brian someone needs to be in the room with him to let him be him because if you leave him by himself he goes by the way thoreau once theorize that's the reason why this passion exists because we heard the early they're doing the elliot health they can use highbrow used some of you want to punish people i know
so they should shoe you over misrepresent who you really on your part why you should see this outcome has been body brian i hey when you're serious brian exerting i didn't say hey we series brian i said you're two different people i said there's you who is really you and as you and goes no leisure mode ape like why am i doing area known i why don't i mean i guess probably everybody does it i'm sure i do it to a certain extent you do as is very smart people who delighted about what he did you know he did it on our biggest podcast my recent new yossi contract are your dana and would come inside my contract you mind if you on my part ass you see that within a wider always obvious prices stereos mr white where did you get your inspiration from oil
that's why you call mr gaubert voice i do the best i just didn't know one night but i didn't know it was density story for the story i did but i didn't know i must why didn't know whether he had listened to you with me before you have not really like you know talked over now now i know he loves seized nurseries john it's gone back a porno stars oh i gonna buddies dana parentage nobody did during the part gas made you and you can earn a kid propose you over cock did you ever talk now you just see i cannot like though the reason the reason why the final words now you fuck it up i just a reason wasn't pirated words is because we get serious people right we're clowns when we give them other elements we make things funding details we don't worry my wrought arousing recently we tell stories woolworth dana hughes ike where do you see yourself in ten years nowhere you really i don't know what i saw devices like that what are you a chick we have really good arguments on the package we have serious arguments about like weather
ronnie should take me or him on the zombie apocalypse all kinds of issues during the obvious is that within months of an argument for congresses provide other about broke out take tim kennedys you know the poisonous mushrooms are something i know less if you would take him kennedy i sit in kennedy and i immediately regret saying this was because they gave a scenario where all the zombies everyone's zombie so toy you and one other person so we can have create right you don't wanna take him promise in zaire and pregnant rawness anti ironic goes i'd be a good breeding she said our model where i've got my army breeding that's true you'd be breeding warriors yes that's good move yeah she's only choice there's a couple of choice but for you that silly choice you can take them tat can't get pregnant by away but if you were the only to people on earth and yet a fuckin dying leave your kids to fend for themselves again zombies you might want to nobody on their sleep and then do yourself my wanna fuck it ended the area
if you the last two people on earth in the world who want was resign i agree drown swim out as far as you can go that's it i say skull about factor last personally earth being a human being i don't want not taken up foxhole you too as soon as these get all shady that's a fox or road blocks online gaming shot himself fossils of war we talking about everybody being dead except for you in this one chick working life is that your baby remain a bit i hope you're gonna have to fuck your kids do understand that how procreation works i d someone's gonna fuck your kids you kids going to fuck each other now be the garden i have to try to survive and they still my getting my zombies will you guys are given up are we gonna do you go fuck your kids you don't have to keep the razor not for other people usually further doesn't look further he ok that's what i'm saying if you know for sure how would you know there's no reason to know for sure killing yourself or you this figure out that this is done here for a reason what is it maybe i can think
somebody point though you wouldn't really know for now but you two are given up like i m glad you know i am legend was really like the first walking dead right remember with around the camp at the end of our values safe but though monsters away scaring the walking diana launching data finally i'm gonna run everywhere they walk and run over my mind ongoing discussion around about one seventy five a nice peer kick once can run everyone cardio we all applauded when i was army land that's zambian at hamley hall that shows a little too moody for me it's getting regular screening people now it's like it's so they found a cannibal fuckin colony exit yeah i guess but there's plenty of deer left to live as always written dear they need a few of them they can catch on use honesty
and why everybody gets guns when you can have a sword and it's good to have guns but that should never get fucked with fuck killer jack's everything org you run out of bullets with a sword you just chop and heads off yeah you can get a reload a rifle church it takes a couple of seconds we fuck an hundred zombies come now you takes a long time to put a hundred bullets in the chamber who look if a hundred zombies attempted to take a sword and start to swing it around if you take em couple at a time any due for about an hour and you had a hundred dead until you get into hit the zombie like jane call and who no single legs zombies learn anything didn't you now use doors you don't pay attention must show you please conversations are they know you unless grew doorways emerald wars like any normal rosy yes little different zombies those the scary fast zombie yes that's what we're all screw the scary zombies of all time of the twenty eight days later zombies member that not only tat because that's the most likely scenario it was disease like re monkeys i called it rage genetically created disease modify disease a weapon eyes disease escapes from the champs and gets into people than spread like wildfire when you think about what rabies does too to animals and people and people people if you summit as rabies and you get them near a body of water if they get near a body of water they get so hysterically have to train them now really
they will go why rather i don't know you make it so water water they have you get crazy like you'd relative rural a huge water phobia family get afraid of the waterfront when's the last time sonia rabies when if rabies chinese human animal eva britt for vaccines rabies was you know nontoxic rising oil unknown people got really recently billion bit by animals a wonder of rabies comes from an animal and that animal has memories of drowning look it up imagine that shadow like we're talking about the with the other mice and the mice giving the the remembering the smell with the task of party your brain we you actually go crazy first of all you i'm crazy that's why the animal bite you they go crazy they started rule does it really are also very aggressive not make us about a dog bite me in the ass chicken had rabies when i was a kid real indiana get about shot and get on that's horrible shot ass young ass shocks and you're gonna need right now
it should be scare snaring sierra put up i put a bite suit on in afghanistan and had dogs law earlier in afghanistan i was in afghanistan does to us which is it up to seventy percent so we have these around by the way these around like real military guys he takes that shit down a few go off you then i'll go why realised that ireland's plant they re about data plan i've got to stop now you know you're a plant they think they write a fraud door figure appointed fire they put a plan to match legitimately state years my life don't blame me but i do they they release these hydrophobia fear of water stork name for rabies wow it's there stored name for rabies refers to set a symptoms the later stages of an effect with the victims has difficulty swallowing shows panel when presented with liquids to drink and can't quenched thirst
why so i guess that's what it is like they're scared of water because they know they got their mouth why that's just and drinking may cause excruciating painful spasms other muscles and learn our suggestion of drinking may cause excruciatingly painful spout yeah you're really other state yet you're really thirsty great disease thank you back scenes thank yous accessing the thank you the fact that can shoot you wouldn't get bit the horrible niels our stomach big giant needles in your fuckin stumps happiness is another really bad denotes into the tetanus look those look at the symptoms of tetanus had is the word honourable you're by ceases up and before you you're very acutely aware of all the pain he did you see the shit where john jones is requesting the globe to share get drug tested now that kind of fascinating he says greta lotta testing well this is what he says this is exactly as some fighters you
no they're not anything just by looking at them i can disagree with that because like i like the look of germany horn who doesn't like those on anything have tested positive i just there's a guy has a certain body type does it mean can't be onsartin like got luggage tested positive i guess i think you're talking about the exception there again perhaps but those often the guys that one taken it like ok here's perfect example tim sylvia tim's alot of folks are now liked him sylvia tested hot and before our team sylvia tested hot like look at what he looked like when he fought rico reggie guy i think the tim sylvia they beat rico rodriguez one the scariest heavyweights ever agree tim solely down defence great denies the right hand monster pages in out he couldn't keep that fuckin tyres off the side and peep in criticized for i feel like that's why did stir it could i think you're right
you write to me he had always that you want to sell tonight you want to look the part a little embarrassed of his bottle i heard a little bit but i also think that a ban on feeding him benefited him physically the way you pull up pull up sylvia verses rico rodriguez tim when he was like retired from the sea no that's tim verses rico rodriguez they see that that image the count fuckin lenny wasn't big you is a dangerous mother fucker anyway recalls leg cakes and drop and right hands on assigned to us the videos find the video he's scary guy such amounts do you also struggled to get down to sixty five in that fight he was drawn to get down to suit amos weight in this way the first when i walked around that i don't know but he was so johnson not glitches big like not fat but big shoulders and land such a monster dear john did all exactly lover is on stuff part of
over two shares mystique is his amazing physical strength and i just questioned it i have no reason to think he's on steroids but i do wonder how someone could be so strong he says i'm sure i have fought guys in the past that we're on steroids i think it's pretty well documented a lot of people haven't really argued with it because they know it's true statement i know it's true statement i called dana white and said i want clover to take stairway tests for this fight he asked me what you think he's on steroids and i told him i don't know i have no reason to accuse me of anything but i would like to be sure how can it be mad at that can be met at the fair i'm not mad that at all if he came out like a globally on stuff that was first himsel yoni fought rico suicide around eight look at ag shocked that motherfucker to require a guard to men we raised legitimate shadow black belt reassure himself scary back dead man superstition
and he knocked a lotta guys out man lotta people sleep on tim sylvia he never gets broader because he had sort of a dispute with the u have see butt head kick trade telling knocked him out and tim sylvie was not a natural athlete by the way this is all from toughness in training means pigeon toad in fact is feet like naturally went towards each other and ears steps to take down again rough some on the ground and tim sylvia back then you know i mean you deal with a guy really having this remit is gonna good focus on guard ass the good and its deems like us at a legit brazilian jujitsu blackberry very high level brag but especially at the time the time rico was one of very you brazilian jujitsu black belt and a heavyweight division there wasn't a lot of guys seem signal gears guard risk control yeah yeah yeah tim sylvia at this time i think was scarce guys i agree with you but what you and who knows how much of it was
hard training first of all for sure it was daphne some steroids involved me totally that link that whipped overfishing by those pre fuckin sweet have that was pretty fuckin sweet spike some it's out of it does a goddamn sweet iron bar rico had a nasty arm bar that's what rico had a nice little parents on slurry up to you i watched it all of our now with doktor john doesn't work out what was he doing every day drugs like bullshit i feel i shall get time and you know for party here while you know what he likes extravagant time let him there is already a wicked reggie guesses about matters of fun guy marries forgot hang around with it is that right starts is keeping the fight standing my experience with rico time ever meet madame whose cournand ted or where the same card and he's looking at at the corner and he goes who in the house schwab schwab paint good zaga remind you man
you shall areas could lack man and walks away also well thanks man went in there i beat the brakes often zog three rounds striking clinic walked back damn gray job gimme a deck wouldn't dare to say good a fucking mind fuck former usc heavyweight your fails a squirrel whose did richard that's larry's that's a laborious that's really funny like i'm fucking bad time to feel like shit you see this now what is it doing in tim kennedy fuckin did tim kennedy at the press conference bisbee swear and aunt em fuck you fuck you fuck the chill out i'm alice busying look gently makes a reason to hate you re for the fight earlier this
while you know who the hell he's trying to scare tim kennedy who's been the war now inherit kill of tat guy written man he's killed a lot of bad guys like the difference between the fear that he's experienced and the fear of a fight in the preparation for fight this is like a vacation for really is a rough estimate is raising our messages and he as as tough as a human being in the yard your gracie has backed i was cool he's chill on ass did not care double risk and most importantly i saw a lot combat it's a different world man that world of fire rights in firefights killed bad guys you know that's thing fightin busy probably not that much for life in that yeah dive in death and disorder stories and he towels about his firefights and the things that he can't remember how many firefights he's got that
and then who do you have enough now and in the fight to good fight to invite can businesslike from this being has a fuckin tremendous pace it he can take michael bisbee as a fuckin thirty four hearts beat per minute resting heart rate that's that's incredible like they shed he is fit as fuck gets the office that i can't came last well kane is a freak of nature of man he really is a freak in nature when it comes to cardio you talk to bob cookie says it came will take like a month off get injured com again outwork everybody liked it doesn't make any sense like he doesn't have these like breaking pier it's where to get back and shape it some of that has just been eddic there's just like some people have incredible fast which must viper we ve met guys i've never lifted weight in their fuckin gigantic pia caps and shit like we're gonna zimbabwe but look at came out i would say keynes really explosive uganda has a softer body where's endured is gonna be higher one hundred percent genetic yeah while he deaf we doesn't have the same kind of explained guys like lombard bright whose right jack
the gills his ears african traps in like swore all explosives no more explosive than hector i agree he's a most explosive got its ever fought and emma right up there with melvin manhood these remarks also melvin apply intentional too because of the judicial and they said hector year giant swore muscles let's give you the vague and jake shields other scale as planned five while jacon steerage design act jacob s neck with the last remaining seconds i was hanging on jake's gonna goddamn vice versa grip when he gets out gaiety manny tight shut up on robbie lawlor he tightens up up on everybody and you don't think he's gonna be able to get i usually longer holding things get out of area jake a strong single train with a manfredi and same cisco
hector lombard mother fucker hit some judo throws into this lie jake shield that you're just like a rag doll them if ever there's a reason why hey down why can i believe this poem whitewashed editing saying just backed up again and budgets backed up to that judo task to back it up all the way to do this in a world class grappling like shields is just in saint watch this bones does this will be a perfect technique in speed and he's one of those storms of like athleticism and technique and really started striking once he was already an olympic judar i mean that's when he started striking so e prefer or to keep fight standing just because he's such a fuckin spasm oh you won't be a vague in almost i'm a play that tape for you but here watch this fight like in all fairness we talk about us dialect cheeks users can like what we're talking about a very important matter yeah
we were trying to get rid of why don't think they were trying to give him a fight that was gonna be a really tough fight yeah i mean look just that's like if you want to be in the top ten and he wanted to title shot like if he beat but what if he caught him with that getting the first round and finished it you know is likely in a short list for a title shot if you can finish your base our art that be five and are only see a guy like character lombard that's style of fuckin sprinting you can't do it for three rounds colleagues do it for five ran almost out of my time and woodley i think he's in spite of woodless while he's fighting rory nails roaring oliver's willie's are fantastic fight impunity is actually the rory they beat damien maya shows up if rory is motivated and aggressive shall he's got
get the fuck away from what we in the first round nobody and woodley it's you know woodley can move as fast as any fuckin human being in the u s yankee four hundred thirty five powers at one seventy that fucking do can move like up fast one thirty five is that that exposed he's as big as you can ever get and be a world class hundred seventy pounds and it's interesting situation because you know there's there's a lot of like others debate after i talked about iran the on the broadcast about like this body type it has its that's for sure as far as explosion in speed but it also has a lot of requirements for oxygen and it's like can a guy take it deep into the rounds of what happens if a guy survives fourth and fifth because when nate beat him nate meet him in the fourth round more court stopped him in the strike force welcoming title fight death and that's what happened is nay caught him slowing down innate nate then before he's had a couple of these bad
out the nakata gets hacked lumbar latest halves get anonymous values as mental environment when he fought tyrant wouldn't you terminate mark or who is at its best and with his back against the wall to accede been kicked out you have see finally back in a strike force any gets a shot at the title it strike force it's a big fight anyone it was like primed using his prime but you know look a guy like turn woodley whose a superior athletes is an elite athlete is still low the enemy skills but it's like we're we're talking about before that will you see and now is guys you're on an athletic level like you ve never had the of sea before i go back to you have seen one and you he watched leg you know some of these guys rise did decent athletes good athletes
no tough guys in had in crab balls to get into the sea at that time put tyrant literally in you have see once crazy cranes voice crazy and taken that do down now there's no there's not happening on the tab there's nothing happening evolution of the sport yeah i mean if you watch like when tyrant would leave beat like j iran no one existed that could move that fast until recently were no one existed in the usa like within the last five six years you start to see these guys trickle in that have that kind of explosion of that kind of athleticism that kind of speed doktor is right up there hecht it's like hector in tyrant so it's as someone who analyzes fights into analyzes like there's a point of diminishing returns like what's the best body type is it super circular like hector lombard or is it like a carlos conduct guided super durable and king last round aft around you know would they fight we saw woodley want me eve eve tyrants knee it's a bad luck a flight is like fell on his leg got hurt and they take down and then he heard it again when he leg take it home yes is
the same is him beating em like with no injuries but the bottom line is he winds he wins j mean uk you can't you don't mean like you kid quantify these lands kindly not sound or a scimitar similar came verse brok lesser one guy just swore to the gills the other dive if you saw what should i feel like there's no way you're the best accept the fact that you know what still there in the second round still going out in the second round you know and now you know you're right about them about dead there's gotta be there is a balance like russia muscular has liabilities and it isn't it like there the other debate about what's the perfectly from a heavyweight like a boxer to a certain way you start losing speeding power so it was a tooth these are two forty two thirty five it depends on the body i think both jack i'm so you want another boat jacqueline to forty five that freaky ashley it he would you do if wait you know now what it would have been probably that's thereby the autumn all the often inutility does now both hunt
that's a shit my talk to him about hunting for oh i don't know bout to our head you wear hole when here sort of you saw bow jack's another you talked about a hunting and he talked about five hundred i wanted to talk about the total that's what he wants to tanya keys obsess about why we talked about football baseball tat you better of urine auburn when i set off a bodies that he said he said why did you do it i play for both six sixty two forty five then and and i said what why those ngos he goes distract at all go in there not hear them whispering posing a gay opposing again and he was just i'm through disease a baseball is way artery these thought it was as he thought of it as a very very cerebral game way more here's hunting is bono's hunting in a tree i'm awake like myself but not all enjoys humming big box to shoot a few earls in between
few how arrows how bad of these narrators in these fuckin hunting shows can be a better place no john you now to get a dollar absolute once you get what you pay me i'm flattered sound was we get out there that film of that shit with fuckin handicaps in our way oh my god fast forties we'd have to hear it just get to them we're both shoots at areas one if you can pull back after she items veal hole he's moving nice slow surrender kill both here that's a light bulbs point back myself said that dares about an inch high is treated the yeah hey i got an idea like somebody bring projects not put your some highlight the him destroying guys on the football field when he likes now he likes doing like bow jackson because public action to jackson bo hunts
super boy fires fasting herschel mother fuckin walker almost fifty years until you fifty wire whereas last fight when it was like forty nine it's saying and bio or take a look at his body takes man against the broncos doing work shredded do you want to see him sitting in a truly he's a super athlete using a shooting a deer with approaching auditors ridiculous superman start want to use young we'd all remember we don't know shit right he'd rip people's faces of her the walkers incredible that he had ever may fights in strike force deepened was forty so crazy if you pull over her walker lame i may get crazy they look at that my vote was cycle rise guy you know he's shredded but he's fighting by bill from tee goes who finally led to the arena and tossed animosities and what does every cell large guys in me fight chad griggs who it who did herschel walker fight
did he find out i mean i am most are you saying chad greater role class now that's all i'm saying is a very good fight of the chief fighter chat gregson legit don't you shit on me son of a bitch motion on anybody who is fighting here some of the pre good guard man oh yeah that was the dance it was big forty eight years old here completely shredded just there's a difference in athleticism man when you get to this level when you get to link our shall walk you doing we're gonna lie in a hundred years by us into jitsu there's black belt and then there's the one percent black who like blue shasta jason yes those guys so he was to make banana fell you're the one percent of awful bottlers he was the
ten percent of one per centres and then fell me that's insane sane and one percent of one percent or inherited tie and right now we want to demonstrate for speed up some poor white guys unless they're no business being an scarred cars scott carson and gregg nagy or the eyes and he fought ever he never lot greg summers my passport griggs keep calm down you over there and say now take brighter you're gonna come you didn't you fight like some guys that maybe they never been fifty two now he is a monster don't get me wrong still it's great for now take is bought us airline exercise is every aren t urging you don't take that you sure he also these areas supply also says that he needs a bowl of soup and salad at dinner so well but each other stuff it's already settled exercises are always been a religion to him you know he also had like an issue trauma related issue with like multiple personality disorder
yeah he had something that was going on i heard about it was going on before yet another a career and everybody was like wait a minute if he's had a trauma related me double personality disorder here i pull that up yet amherst multiple personality disorder he start fighting so you know i'm bipolar this is at stake bunches of the face yet cnn way back in one was this article out in two thousand and eight he he put out a book about it and it a book about his multiple personalities and they believe that i believe it's trauma related i should probably google that too i don't think that i'll be all since i've sword fighting i'm a little more serves little little quicker trigger for sure if sums gama nerves amazon on doesn't i'm ice we super more laid back ok says usually has its roots in childhood trauma ok
that might not mean head injury and might mean like abuse choke but trauma or abuse whom i don't know it also has to do with p s ptsd so i guess it is talking about abuse about roma not not visit and i like hey and and traded but i mean just think about the amount of head trauma that you have to get playing football at a high level to unavoidable there's no right you did it it's unavoidable unavoidable it's really its practice is the price does that does it how many times do you think you got concussions while plan for five or six and not that many are smarter for you are you aware of integration in five or six this is like a low and that's it and i played fallback h back where york he has no the position right you're costly running five out it's ridiculous now think about five yards apart you run as first came into thy gather headfirst ominous eyes do not stop jesus christ that's correct
again why would someone sent me i'd run unless a man i don't think it's beneficial for your life but you know that guy but meanwhile you you had success it dad that lead is a success it why sent home i asked him if he would have traded eyes for bulgaria and for training and a man he said no because go to start now not back down there just with the competition levels are saying a targeted euro area something i've dude i was training with healers you know you time has from the very best athletes and the world day in day out competing work wait rooms beating on the field competing just learning about mental toughness you can't pay for that at the time in two thousand when the two thousand wasn't an eminent once in a while one times boys is a fun fuckin podcast and three hours just balloon do i
by people knew why should he says yeah let's do that lets you suppose you see podcast review that lets me in a couple weeks after john jones fights clover april or not we can come up with a week after the down do yeah let's do this to a post you have see rap i will wool will sit down and discuss it and talk about the under card and all the it's coming up let's do it how floyd may whether we get tapped out by run around the hague we didn't talk about that we give international crime we are left to me minutes we can talk about it for a noble how much minutes we have left five if i'm gonna do this year there is safely compeers now it is even a fine if you learned how to have taken on defence he would have to work for a long time but the the people online or freaking out why ports nation today great and they asked me great show max kellerman it's fucking awesome i love mark is such a good is best boxing tunnel usually wrapper yeah in his brother i yes brother was murdered a boxer that they were
he's a roommate with ass tat a story women the words the guy killed them tell them like a hammer yet another full story regret in online starts by rhonda destroying floyd may whether that would one hundred percent up its again like we were talking about like i can't play tennis i don't play tennis by play tennis with someone who knows there doing get slaughtered if you dont know judo and if you don't know how to grapple you don't know takedown defence in you let that grow clinch with you you're going fly out i've seen ronnie get a hold of professional men two hundred fifteen to twenty pounds talks then these guys have a clue what they're doing little alone in arms air floyd meriwether who has no clue in east jaime yeah he's tiny yeah she's a hundred and fifty pound woman or hundred forty five romania while she'd war one thirty five when she finds she walks at heavier than one forty two she walks one fit
she never gets out of shape she just shredded medina she's your mom remarks on it you know she's she's on her he bore all day right jack a form shredded just mama's world champion a judah man dna that's no jane that's also some dna just like we're talking about those mice that she gets transferred but it only got to answer to her sisters do successful nor arenas but their non success like robin combat sports maybe they did at inside them they just chose not to pursue it for whatever through some people they get weird shit where they don't want to do with their parents did they get fuckin penal it's weird like rita jeanne tab on all sorts niggers kids what do they look like
yet after all skin either he's gonna kill all super girls who say you you think me jack why are you doing squads you're not doing anything with your glued your hamstring your bag is very narrow if you want women today was sexually attract a duty on the other come inside them deal you can't live your body is gonna live with strong do live wade's and you gotta do arise is that his daughter scottish q she's a keep looking to try and find the sun's that i think are actors are totally
at shamans portmanteau under part tat s no data what do we have any positive you girls attractive girls attractive hoping to great dont want the the kid who we had with the made little makes keenly just like i'm jacked here who do this you gotta get gi looks iconium combination austrian and mexican survivor dowd what'd i say fuck man hey i'm sure these kids are tat further i could ensure that you don't airports in algeria is fuckin son because as you know i'm sure super town i'm just sir he's like when mr olympia that's all i'm saying maybe what have you start lifting into step with a lot of time and stare yeah because when you mr medina genes well sure is genes are okay but it work out at all he's already jack i'll tell you why
maxine guys can be an excellent being is jack he probably get a chance to hang out with real dad very much either and i don't want to get rid of her mind fuck is in a way room angry doing ed lives you know you can go a long way kettlebells whenever it makes those noises that's good on all of you to live pumping is better than coming here that from pumping iron but he's got club on journeys coming i love them the fighter in the kid working people get it to sound cloud fox sports website where where we website because a when why now to our values are gonna bitches lebanon i know now aware that we had we do have a website but now we were fox one sports we funds for one that right we we do not but i tunes out fires on itunes find the kid fall brian and i
brennan shop at brian cowen we post office we're just going to lots of videos uninstall ram what's up with them censoring your pa cast that's whack as fuck you know this is the internet i gray worsening this support is the big socially how much fun we are today go much fun you guys had been buck wild fox news just put a fuckin warning i ignore names out upon the reins off bride and brendan are fucking awesome deadlines should it be on the internet but they wanted sensor tat is so hilarity likely want to read it ex movie but with no fucking right it's done where where where we're bringing up a lot of these issues to them and their immediate has rob it we're having a serious talk i have real sponsors that a real companies you guys can have real sponsors to does you know you could swear just words come into your mouth you don't stop pornography or anything really ridiculous agri cannot fight spry and over those tyler's genes trousers they got you gone over did i saw mister sharp cut your cat jack to dig boss and what time is it like a gag
didn't number have thanks illegal zoom thank you sponsoring a pot gas go to legal zoom dot com and use the code word rogan in the referral box mars feelings thanks also to nature backs go to nature box dot com slash rogan that's nature box dotcom slash rogan and say fifty percent off your first box thanks so dont dotcom go to o n n i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and our supplements we'll be back tomorrow with david seamen and i'll see you guys in atlanta this we can show sold out me in joe ideas and also be there for the fox night the fights the you see on saturday night travis brown versus fabrizio bert do i want to see donald cowboys a relative versus edson dunbar lives conclusion was that you fuck tomorrow binding kissed lobby
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