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#492 - Dave Attell

2014-04-29 | 🔗
Dave Attell is a stand-up comedian, writer and actor. Dave's new TV Show "Comedy Underground with Dave Attell" airs Saturday nights on Comedy Central and his latest special called "Road Work" is available at http://daveattell.com
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good good really ladies and gentlemen that's right we're back this episode to buy the dollar shave club dollar shave club has the funniest ads they send you a they have air razor so damn expensive damage spelled d a m and that is highlighted and then above it says no to host priest personalize highlighted areas i wouldn't say day why are races i would say most people would why why are these razors so fucking expensive but they have a good point it's this is uh fuckin' idea this guys a wizard he really he country code to move razors are really expensive we can sell you razors that are just ridic leslie cheap why would when you do it and just have them delivered to you and tell me
the good quality soon you can you can go for a dollar a month or you know the six dollar or a nine dollar the executive guess what folks are grandpa's all got by on that dollar amount type razor they were fine the need for fuckin' blades they didn't need vibrating handles that you stick up your ass why does it need it why is this one called the lovers blade though i don't 'cause he vibrate the handle you stick it up i don't know i lover like it really smooth i don't know that's going to get you in trouble you're going to have to keep that up we up at a check sounds with a dozen roses on the first date you got to maintain that son alright if if you the lovers blade and they're all super smooth with like fifteen blades inches that's the six dollar month whammy but even that think about that folks six dollars a fucking month that's if you use the same razor for a whole month and you shave every day you're a fucking pig alright you're a disgusting person you probably spreading diseases so this
is the way to do it every month you get a new one if you use one so i know dudes that use the same razor for like four months at a time i mean yeah this is this one says that you will love this razor and your girlfriend we can use it to that's the worst when a girl uses a razor how cold water in it and it's got that little water at the cameras have called comes from the parties i use the same razor uh for years i use an electric razor i used it once a week i have a ritual right before i have to go like to the usa if i gotta go work most of the time i hit it on wednesday or thursday and i just bang it out wednesday thursday every week just give it a quick juan do the at the same time i do the head sometimes do the body hair occasionally i trim the proves you have the right kind of her for that 'cause my hair does not work on electric razors it just doesn't get close yeah you gotta have a rugged face on for everybody else dollars this is the way to go though for real if though for if you're thinking about like saving money like how can i if you look at
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i mean so they send you razors is that there's no that's great for a buck that's great boom done he was running you like do i have and then they come in the mail if you're four blade guy let's say you are get six bucks for four pack so one week from month well beautiful for six dollars a dollar one now the one for a buck it says this razor does not front which is that it's a good question what are trying to do no front step on that yeah i were i wrote don't sleep on a tweet and people are debating laws trying to if i meant i meant to piperwai don't sleep on that shit don't sleep son that's what i meant i didn't mean like don't go to sleep i sleep all the time you should sleep till then sleeping so portent i don't front on that razor 'cause that raise it on for a bag that humble twin don't front to humble twin son and you get that shift for a buck a month in my our parents had uh
screw down one oh yeah that razor of death yes people use these commit suicide this is not good that's the green mile razor oh yeah i watch those like lockdown shows like you know i think once we did get to shave and it's like this big like procedure like almost like a japanese tea ceremony the guy like you know you know whatever pop up and they put his hands up they put the lotion you know and then they give him like this lady bic or something you know it's like totally you know generic razor and then the next thing that place is just you know imagine slave life broke down to that your big thrill every week shaving wow you magically lived in the roman times like having a hot shower you would have to be a god have a hot shower you get what everybody gets in a motel six you just turn on that faucet and stand there and just laugh that feels tremendous when you've got a tired day it's amazing
they didn't have granite dad nothing no shaving nothing i think they were pluckers actually i think they like the gladiator they would come over and tweeze something spartacus i forget i'm not surprised yeah i think that's what i if i was living back then i would tweet let's do the commercials oversee a dollar shave club dot com and you have to do renters are less so you have a gig to promote i don't tend not to comic con beautiful this friday night and mental burial theater which ideas but i think it's sold out holla i will shave club dot com dave motherfuck innotab man thanks for having main thanks for being here man please
can i say it like this is the third location that we've done this pocket were sneaky dog itchy moving i'm moving again sign around and playing on monday escape what i'm also doing is i'm slowly building a man cave and the next one is going to have an archery range this one has a pool table but i've decided that i need like a full warehouse and archery yeah go and i'm going to do a carola style like adam corolla has a soundproof podcast studio he's amazing like he's he's a carpenter you know like a really rich it is like a master carpenter he really knows his shit so he builds everything he built his own like the desk that he communicates out of you know their podcast desk he built like the walls where he has like this plexiglass thing that separates them from the reducers it's like really high tech but i was there last week i was there a couple days ago something to and you're absolutely right it's like a building it i've never seen anything like inside the building he built this like if i got it you know i could contain thing
he's a bad mother fucker that guy i think constantly going to he's a renaissance man i mean he's got so many like things that he's really knowledgeable about cars talk to that guy about cars he does a car podcast cars woodcraft yeah boxing he knows a lot about boxing man he's a real did boxer like i saw him teaching guy like a mf guy if i believe it was uriah favor and pretty sure he was holding them it's for him and really dumb instruction yeah he's a fucking really boxer he really knows his well weird very weird do that adam crow i can't think of another adam carola you know you know i'm saying yes i can't think of another david cell either but you're right here and i don't want to be uncomfortable i don't start talking about you like that i've got some big shoes to fill which adam probably could make shoes he makes his own shoes on so following adams credit he probably killed his own couch hammers him up on the barn elect this belt there myself leather tans the highs
yeah he's very fuckin' knowledgeable about houses and he's got that show now on spike where they bust people who are bad contractors to catch a contractor have you seen it that's that's doing like gods work because that is that's a hard deal man i've know that myself he had a guy in he's a bad mother fucker he was on what that show guess it love line he had ty pennington you build those houses and he started out like quizzing him about questions about like how to build houses but the guys like at tv show host yeah he probably knows a little bit about houses 'cause he's around him but he didn't get the gig because he's like a contractor so corollas throwing all these questions i'm freaking didn't know shit he well just the name alone type you know this guy doesn't know his way around drywall or anything like that that's a little too fancy i would say he'd either be an awesome baseball player or maybe a figure skater yeah or butler in between the ty pennington via butler i think we've got a butler service high
if you want to someone's party in had a butler would you just turn around it it really would depend what kind of butler it is if it's the old english type i'd love it but it's like this new kind of like wagar kid hanging out yeah my name is butler i wouldn't like it that could be a new gig great personalities now is a around their party temple butler gig you know i think you know cool thing about out here you know i'm east coast is that like when you come out here everybody has somebody helping him do something and you really do need it 'cause you're all that driving and stuff like that like you know i was in my hotel and like my door wasn't working so the guy came down to help now and then he's like oh man i don't know how to do doors so i had to get the other guy so like even he has like a little assistant i really i really you know i don't know i'm always mystified when i come out here the amount of jobs there are there's a jobs in la that aren't anywhere else you know well
not the numbers of humans here is insane yes like la is not the biggest city per say but it's the biggest area because it's not really one city it's like you never get away you keep going deeper and deeper and deeper as far as like traffic and population do you give your live if you're in new york once you get outside of new york and then you hit can any kit like things lighten up could substantially exactly you know the the the amount of people that you see lightens up it spreads out cities or less populated in the case of the lm not at all i i know that i'm kind of out of la when i see a party store center like a party store center and no ones there then i mike i i must be had to sacramento or i'm in this area california i don't know what it is yeah a dollar store is one of those weird you know
a weird cell phone company that no one understands how they're selling cell phones like cell phone shop or something like that you know they have those weird little ones at those strip malls we like what are they doing there they selling cell phones like cool calling cards like yeah it's you can talk tonight ruby and that's it you know there's well the place where this phone works those those installs that they have at the mall or another one too it's like buy a phone right here a year is going to set it up here like we're out in the middle of everything now yeah how can you fucking you don't even own office just going to turn my phone on here this is crazy i love the kiosk people because you know i'm like i'm kind of russian looking and i always feel like that's my next we're going to be out
you know flying flying remote control helicopter no one needs that would actually be a good show you think yeah if you had a camera on you just set up a camera and leave it there an you sell cell phone covers those glittery cell phone covers unique yes but everybody goes displaced even tell you david tell a gap there's my new show made some made some bad choices here one or not know this is your show i really think that a really funny guy like yourself would be enjoyable if that was the only show you would find the funny in it just by talking to different people if you did it a few hours a day i guarantee you would get more funny out of that than your average sitcom if you four days of just a few hours a day when you yes yeah would be hilarious but like play three you would have an act you would already know like how to things you could say to people that were hilarious on camera but you know here's the rub because you know i'm older now and like i have to go to the bathroom pretty much like every thirty five men so who would watch my kiosk
well you get one of those things that dudes use when they race car drive it's like a condom catheter you baby diaper or something it's a condom it goes it goes over you hack it goes into a bag and you can keep the bag like strap to your side and look like a pistol or you know you can hold on to it like a briefcase or a bowling ball bag or just get a courtesy buck yeah or yeah but then people are going to smell purse what about a good neighbor maybe the guy at the kiosk down but his mouth hey lady who selling moisturizer no one needs can you watch my kiosk don't worry there's no business for either one of us you could definitely do that because it would be a television show is the television show you could actually get people that were like customers watch the kiosk for you
did you totally do it and put a camera on him see if they steal money that's cool yeah that would be good yeah i just hate this is the code that if anybody buys anything you know just you know how to count right so god gives you twenty given back four dollars and sixty three cents right you don't do that you know look at some of those kiosks they really do like they have like these you know things now that really i guess you could say like old school saucery you know like just magic yeah it would be like look at this look at this later saying right now we're going to make it look like you know do you're dead grandma ok now we can put that on a shirt and have her talk i'm like wow this is great where is houdini to debug this yeah they've actually i have sure to talk to you right looking new thing it's a new merch it's a new level of merch will you like run your hand across your chest and to go step pitch yeah it's for the dub step kids keep your mouth shut your shirt talks you know or
red fox any shirt that it goes you big dummy instead i don't know shit about red fox do that dave attell don't they really down so that's one of my favorite albums red fox the hello dummy for dynamical's which is all crowd worked really that groundbreaking with all that crowd work so in your look at mine you have to imagine a crowd wow only heard when i was a little kid the comedy albums i heard for the longest time where i'll just like teaching chong type style really i heard cheech and chong an bill cosby but i can't remember if bill cosby he have done it with an audience right oh yeah yeah he was he was rock hard man he was already doing like those big theater shows and stuff like that maybe there's like one from the 60s the early 60s where it was like you know like he's really super polite and you know like he had a common through the kitchen you know back segregation style
now like one of those kind of things but other than that i remember his stuff and it was always like a big event you know yeah he he's a guy who probably doesn't get enough credit like as a stand up comic yeah you know he's a storyteller comic and i think that's that's kind of cool but i always liked what you said like a red fly like the guys those are like cold party tapes or party albums and like you know if you lose in that that meant that you were cool yeah this is jazz yeah red fox was like jazz company did you ever hear the the red fox comedy club tapes now i i've never heard that dude bread fox at one point in time had a comedy club apparently where an i don't like it's going to be one of those like cool like topeka ks no i think there's probably like peoria il or something like that you know and um we should find out find out where red fox is coming close but he had richard pryor stage all the time and they were aquarium and you'd buy him and cassettes
i've not seen them online i used to own the note said at one point time but they were these great old sets were prior was just a small crowd and pryor was just fucking around like he'd be making shit up like as he was going along you could totally tell he's making sure yeah was the famous than it was not a war i think he was like famous like maybe like us famous like not real famous not like richard pryor fame exactly he was on his way to becoming richard pryor famous and he would fuck around in these these small clubs like red foxes club it was just a man is a comic i remember i was wasn't open my car and i would drive to gigs and listen to them just blah blah blah i'm reading out flip wilson's book flip yeah other guy who like you ask anybody under forty they'll be like oh yeah i remember he
he you know i i'm i'm i'm not through the whole book yet but him and red fox had this kind of like a love hate relationship because red box was like hardcore and flip wilson was like you know the up and coming guy and supposedly like red was really kind of like tough love on flip and now flip was like you know he borrowed money from me he wouldn't even recognize me like you know you walk in a club in like he wouldn't even say hello or anything like that and then he got a call from flip no red foxes on carson and he said who is the funniest guy in the country johnny as we got flip wilson and the next day i got a call to be on the show and i kind of started his whole career so he owes his whole create a red fox that's amazing that's cool that's very cool his fuckin' show was funny man sanford and sons
yeah ok but flip wilson was funny too man i remember flip wilson from back in the day yeah you know like when you read the book can you read like what what he went through and all that kind of stuff it was like you know the trials and tribulations of like the early early road plus the segregation and all this stuff i mean like it really it really is kind of really interesting story almost like a hobbit like journey adventure you know of upson downs and stuff like that but red fox is definitely the guy he was he was hardcore and you gotta love hardcore what are unique american perspective to be a black man who grew up in error and then became a huge celebrity yeah what a shift of things that must have been for him and how strange must have been to go through like when you talk cons be having to go through the kitchen that really rang a bell with me i'm from thinking about they're not as i wasn't saying it to be known and all right and knowing they really have to like you know and this stuff the stuff that they would like you know like traveling you know like think about it back then
aggregation like they couldn't wait in the train station you know randall i catch it on the way out you know what yeah it's it's really a lake and it's incredible that it was in our lifetime lilly yeah it's not just hard to wrap your head on the idea that people were capable of judging bill just by the color of their skin just years and really right so there's plenty of people to do it today they just can't do it as openly as you know whites only faucets and she'll like that well gurling thing i mean everybody's talking about what do you think about this is an old dude man there's a lot of old racists man there's a lot of old guys that grew up in that era i mean think about if you eighty two years old that's how that guy he's been around man you know so forty years ago forty years ago were talking about the 1970s you know the
60s before that when he was like our age yeah that guy was he's old as fuck man i hope it doesn't make everybody think that all eighty two year old jewish jillian marriages of nba teams with a super hot twenty two year old girlfriend are races you know the dude obviously got set up yeah but isn't it weird like what if we find that more people think like that like what if we're purse using this guy now because he said it yeah but if we find out like some the future you know just have i sit down and stare into a screen for a couple of seconds and they read your eyeballs and go up you fucking hate black people and like it turns out that like this should have been in your head the whole time and people been saying things the whole time it starts like reading your memory of all the different times in the past we called someone a nigger like gosh it and it just starts pulling it out of your brain
ok man you did everything you persecuted that guy for i think there's a lot of people doing that and other people that are jumping up to blame the guy yeah he's definitely a racist yeah he definitely shouldn't be working with the nba but he's an old dude it's more sad than anything that's fun bring it up like you know a cow races to somebody like i think if you watch the winter olympics your racist because that is the white if they you i'm saying all that ice skate pensky and that's light is his whiteness that's a very good point yes i was like you know sochi and the on line there you go yeah this probably racist that move far north just to away from black people
they know they're going to be around white people white people are crazy enough to want ski all the time white flight at first i was thinking now what if he has like early signs of lots of some the other one yeah where you can't now i can't think of any je alzheimer's alzheimer's because i know when my great grandmother had alzheimer's she was racist as fuck and she thought it was her husband and like it was just and she sounded normal she's like oh you're brian to come here baby give you know like well that's a good point really because anyone who gets older like that old you brains compromised there's just no doubt about it it's a sad thing to witness you know get dementia they get real wacky it's a sad thing to witness but it's inevitable it seems like and it doesn't seem i've never figure out anything to slow it down either one side should starts it's like you know it's going to keep going bad
it's even scarier also to think that that how horrible that woman wasn't like she just made me mad 'cause you could tell how much she was fishing that poor guy you know but how many girls do that like record like get to the end of a relationship like you know what i'm going to ruin this guy by recording them and posting their text messages he's a multibillionaire who says a lot of races shitan she's half black you know i mean how do you think that feels to her she's half black i think she's half mexican two oh really beautiful girl she you know she probably felt like fuck this old racist asshole that i've been blowing for the past couple of years i really i mean like how old is she she's in her 20s right i don't know but stated in a black cock need to get together with her it's already happened that was one of the things that i thought was hilarious about the recording was that the dude said i don't care if you fuck them yeah yeah maybe maybe now maybe i'll cook holy yeah
dude there purposely targeting her there diction like guided missiles giant fleets larger notion of pulling out also because you know i'm they broke up right where is this going to find another eighty two year old billionaire jewish owner of a nba team i mean if that's style heard heard her guy you know you know it's really hilarious the prostitution is illegal really a seller and because of prostitution wasn't illegal none of this would be a problem that guy looked their relationship mean who knows what it was a one point time but it's safe to say that when it boils down to its dick recording you abating you talk bad about black people that fucking relationship is like she is really like you anymore you know obviously right in fact she's trying to get back come on man so she targeted him for money and everybody yeah for sure but the crazy thing is that like his wife is trying to get the money back now saying that she embezzled it look that's that's how it goes
if you're an old wrinkly dude and you want to bang a hot chick you gotta give her something even if you have grandchildren other than your friend because he has to have grandchildren that are probably does that but that's weird but what do we care you know i don't know if if she what the fuck him and he prom condo i don't give a i think it's a point though too get the guy out of the nba i think that's important point i think it's awesome that they did that they banned him for real quick answer not that guy man fuck that feeling that someone around you who owns the team feels like that about black people it's just full moon damn it how does it get hot beautiful that's ridiculous that's how it works man if you want to get one of those you gotta pay looking through the main it looks funny four good he's looks about as bad as you can look at still be alive but remember he's a billionaire so that's like that's money you know yes i will yes now i guess
buy an island and be a king i mean what is going to do you know when it he did he he up okay because he in some ways didn't recognize the relationship didn't recognize what was going on there in some ways he must have been like roped into the romance of it all what he should have done is he's got so much fucking money an let's be realistic not much fucking time how much time is left i have i don't know i think powerful rich guys for some reason that gives you like another seven years or something like that reverses smoking that's just like that evil power gives you another seven years i don't even need using it he can't be a billion dollars is like a person who's third it would have a really hard time spending a billion dollars when you have to be a real fucking asshole to go through a billion dollars i think this cat if you just it was a little bit more generous with his money recognize situation and said listen you know a billion dollars that's one thousand million how much
couple million year while he should have thrown a gold bar at her head like shut that figure misogynists would be the best lodging in both their wearing crowns like real crowns not like chuck e cheese crowns real crowns i couldn't hear you i'm wearing actual crown he sits around the house in a bathrobe rodney dangerfield style his dick hanging out with chrome and that was the back may god bless yeah and the let the last few years of rodney that was great man he he you know he got to say one thing like there's some guys who get famous and can't handle it he handle it he loved it he loved it you know why he was already an older man he came famous and he had worked like had given up on show business for a long time went back to work right you know someone was on the show he was like aluminum side or something like that so i wanna show was talked about god i wish i could remember who it was they might have been fit
i'll find out he'll be here on thursday but ronnie went back and kept writing so when he went back to call me after all those years off he had like notebook upon notebook upon notebook filled with jokes yeah he was he was hinchcliffe that's it was tony hinchcliffe oh ok 'cause yeah tell me tony actually is a great joke right he's fucking hilarious he was with me in brea this weekend i love that cat he's hilariously i take him with me all the time he kills it on the road that's excellent see that's what i like about you man it's like you know like i'm doing this comedy underground show i don't want to sell for anything but like it's about like getting a new yeah don't really fit yet like anywhere like you know they're like new not there let them do like a raw uncensored set that's really important you been doing that for years i do excellent well thank you thank you well you know what i would i did was when i first started coming i've been doing comedy i had a really hard time getting gigs because i was dirty and i had a lot
people tell me like that i had to clean my act up or clean my act up now and then you know once you we could then you could do whatever you want but until your headliner and people come to see you you can't do that and i never understood then i get it now from their point of view so it makes it really hard for these guys to work you know like a guy like diaz or garlic bari nobody wanted diaz to open for them no one but for i thought like this guy i mean i think how does a guy like that get an outlet in less is the internet mean you can't put that guy on regular shows he doesn't come through and see what he's really does absolutely until he's a header he is he's a he's a headliner yeah both names it just said ari and joe either both headliners so to bring them out on the road it's it's great because you're like up to a whole new audience yeah i'm saying like because i know my audience is very cool with like rough comedy but there's like really good comedy and
you can take a joke they're not like groaners really you know so when i bring out the guys and they do their rough stuff they like it yeah they want to hear it and they know that it's dave attell approved you know that's really kind of kind of what ronnie did you know when ronnie does hbo young comedians specialist lily so really the same thing you know those sticking my hand more than almost any other special is like seeing like the bill x men in the dice man let them do their thing in the short doses because you think about it now it's like used to like a redux of both of them i seen him do like a little short set like you don't see that much you know now you don't because they were like in your mind there like mega stars but back then they were like guys just trying to break in you know and they all broke through me think about those old hbo specials you had don my rare right yeah yeah dahmer dice clay bill hicks
sam kennison in bob nelson member bob nelson bob nelson i'm from long island he was a legend there yeah for twenty years before i even started comics when i first met him i was like oh my god it's bob nelson bob i'd be i got a manager sussman became my manager because of bob nelson really yeah bob nelson decided to go super jesus yes and sober you know with like a a guy who do it be a like a prayer buddy and the prayer but but he became his manager uh i guess i don't know i don't know the exact real he met a woman any any any got rebaptized whatever that you know and he he totally did like a family friendly act and nobody was really dig in and i was like you know bob was never a dirty no i was like i don't know what you know he didn't have to change
anything yeah and for some reason i guess you know i think he wouldn't do certain places because they serve alcohol or so one of those things and maybe i don't really know the whole story but i do know that it was a hard ache when he stopped doing it wow wow that's crazy he was at fun guy man does he was so he jeff jim it's funny bits those are the these were like when you put the balloons to make the shoulder pads and also that was the thing where like you like i feel sorry for the next guy has to follow that because this is going to be like like almost hank beyond jamie can you just a mike so the people could see dave sorry sorry that's okay there's like yeah i tried that camera but it yeah that's good perfect thank you thanks man it's weird when you think back to those guys they sort of just dropped off that were really really funny what grade remember him i do remember back read yeah
i like these names because they're like i always think of them as like long island i'm very like price is not like you know i'm sure you talk about this because you you know you're supporter of of comedy but auto in george yeah you know i called in to open a and i go you know i think i ask norton i go did he ever wore you know did you ever work la and is now i gotta tell you must work vegas and i'm like for those fans listening and all that he was he recently passed away he was great ventriloquist there was no one like him and i wish i had seen one of those vegas shows that must have been awesome 'cause he is not a vague issac no no he's not i did change it feels with him to the prom shows we had like five weeks in a row can you prom shows see now that's the bootleg i want to thought my god we had so much fun it was a crazy do you member dangerfields where do you member the big scottish guy that used to run before the sun took over
no items scottish power lifter he was hole leiria real it was funnier than ninety percent of the comedians there it was it was a a massive massive guy and you do like these the barbarian fuqing power it's in his backyard he had like olympic weights in his backyard he do deadlifts and should all day the guy was enormous but like not like a bodybuilder just like this huge barrel of meat and he would grab kids like i saw him grab a kid by the neck grabbed his back in his pants and lifted him up during the prom shows because our kids kids could those long island bronx kids yes they get crazy aggressive like the i states a kid went on stage took alou bells microphone away from wow and blue smoke in his face wow yeah vallabel had how meltdown and no one no one know what the to do and saturday nobody stopped it was
make it at that point because you know he takes off his clothes at the end of his act stop doing that okay that's when you start doing that okay you know after the guy takes a microphone and just continue what you jokes you can't really with your out then said yeah those i think every comic has to go through those years of the prom shows yeah i like i you know you there's two things that happen in the actually one of them is that you know you're like what the school is this you know these kids like they're already there drink you know like there were two adults yeah you think and then you get really old and you're like wow this is this is weird but now that those kind of kids the fun kids like you know that the bad kids that's that's like over and the kids come out there all rolling on you know after and you know they got their there their it's out there happy in other just glad to be out i had a cheap thing that i would do get him on my side like right away do a shows i don't member the exact wording but it was something along the lines of you know
like what you guys are right now is adults that don't know anything and all these mother fuckers that are adults that are telling you what to do look at their lives look how miserable they are and stop stop the whole thing take it from here it's basically like the foundation of my philosophy that i formed over life but this is when i was twenty one i really was fluctuating stupid way too stupid to have opinions i was an idiot i think probably probably little older than twenty one because i was in new york so i must have been twenty four god those days were crazy they don't even know if they don't they do like promises so different now they're like political men's and stuff so i was like i'm bringing a spotted owl as my day because i believe in you know you didn't shopping anyway we're not even go out if you took the danger fields today and there's someone told a bunch of cut jokes god lord it would be
the front page of salon dot com yeah club will be shut down what's that showed that the improv does once in awhile or they bring all those kids from a camping or like i'm doing it in front of eleven year olds i was right i did that was the dude so we would throw it down in a bid front of me and got crazy dirty it already was just all he wanted to talk about was like who hears heather dick sucked raising hell wow he's like it's awesome right is it awesome it's awesome if you have it you should try it people were going nuts red faced everybody is freaking out or i forget the exact words he was using but it was something along those lines like ask them like
i figured girl yet like people like that young comics were like i'm not changing my material i'm not going to be like so everyone just did it like dirty and the kids love it but was more uncomfortable is watching the chaperones the owner like is there like well what are we supposed to do get fired that's a long bus ride back to camp kids are important ice cream stop shaking who wants ice cream that i would love to see ori in that situation 'cause you know sometimes even or it makes me feel uncomfortable when i'm watching it i'm going to build when we we would do the problem shows they wouldn't rotate out the audience so there's two hundred people in the crowd dan holds about two hundred right not a problem it's not a big room with the dark very cool very cool room anyway they would get most people in then they i would just start having new people in and i need you to do like we would do a rotation you know so i'd be like otto and george me alou bell
couple other guys and they would do a line up and then when the show with the lineup is over they would just reintroduce your first comedian and you were supposed to tell the exact same jokes to the same people really they would leave yeah i like that was their strategy for crowd control so the guy says to me goes i think his name is darren he goes stop telling me jokes like oh what he goes he goes you do like five show the night he not telling jokes trying to get these people out here you go back to the same jobs to my god i'm not you can't tell me what to do you can't tell me what to say i really like this is the we have our job descriptions confused here comedian you know you hire me i did i'm a subcontractor that's why you don't pay the insurance i go on for thirty minutes and you don't tell me what to do you you hire me or get out that danger feels club i'm glad you brought that up because they they have a rules there that like no no other club like did you ever like why is this such a big piano on stage and then they'll be like oh you got to understand that this was the original like they have all these different things like don't like for a fork there it's like we don't allow a since the blob
you know everything is like this long historical story and i just know like book there you have to call in like almost six months in advance it really is like how's your how's your two thousand and fifteen looking it's like i don't know if i'm gonna be doing comedy i don't like that i that's it the last time i called out of like we we try and book like a month in advance and like in comedy you go a week to week you know that you know well in cities yeah in the cities you know when you become like a club headliner club road like using these natural or someone was lines but if it's like new your gorilla yeah for like twenty dollars pottery back then i think it was like fifteen maybe twelve dollars or something like that but they go like what do you do next month and like you know in your mind you're like i know i'm available 'cause i suck but like what if something amazing happens you know yeah you can't book out that far in advance well there's so old school there like from a different they have a different era appeal to them yes the whole place does do you feel like you're in a time capsule when you walk into it that's like the
store in la like that he's the most clubby feel club in this town and never going i always feel like a little bit more relaxed you know yeah and like you know i'm not i'm not putting down the other close by to like that's it's clubby at new york clubby as it as it gets here and now yeah i agree you know that's the the darkest it's also the least intrusive and sometimes it goes back and because it's la and there's a other people in la that want a lot of fucking attention there's a lot of people in a way that don't make good audience members 'cause they want a lot of attention and there's no crowd control the comic store it's all comics working there yeah so you know i mean that's some it's you wanted it's one of the lunatics run the asylum zack thought that would create the most comedy which it probably did but he you know he dealing with so many dick what's there if you put that love another like i was in new york you know same look same feel to it you probably get better audiences there's diffe
there's definitely a difference in the audience out here and i'm not i'm not i'm not saying it's wrong or anything but there's a lot more watchers here than actual you know you feel like they're like you know like you don't know if they have good time 'cause it just kind of sitting and watching whereas in the work is a little bit more interaction there's a little bit more give and take but i would say on uh well i'm sure your audiences live when you go on the road or like you play like the ice house stuff like that they're pumped like i don't feel that like nowadays i feel like they are you know okay let's give this a world let's give it a try you know and you know i you know i i hope it's worth my time because there's a lot of great clips i want to watch you know on my on my feet i don't know it's older brothers right turns i think their audiences are better now than they have been in years because the internet i think people are more comedy fans
i've ever been before i hope you're right i i feel like especially that like that cool that cool audience that really likes you know like the hard dirty like i feel like like an endangered species i feel like where where are these people what happened in less mohegans where are they we we have preserved the of game preserve yeah we keep them we have to if we bring him out for despot shows well that's good that you connect with them like that and i know your fans like like it that way but i'm saying like you know especially when i did the comedy underground you know i was like i was like you know this is this is the last roundup of the rough dirty yeah i really felt that way well it's not that the audience isn't there man it's just the the amount of connection that you have to the audience like i've got a good connection with twitter and a good connection with facebook and social media and podcasting so right i'm i'm always like so they know where to find me graham st where is
there's a lot of those comedy dirty comedy fans they may just might not hear you're in town they might not hear your comment it might not know that people that work in offices people that have jobs and mortgages and kids and their fucking busy they don't have time to even though david tells in town funk we missed him and then happens all the time it's going to happen you know it's funny like you said all those different things which are all like now they're not choices you have to do all those things then i was like i had flashing back to like how and when he was doing those hours specials is like he put on that big and it's like i'm there i'm there get the car ready we're going discuss where you're crazy hand he blow up a balloon with no yeah look at that what is that yeah you do it with his nose right he put it his whole head and blow it up with his nose when i was when i was young and like you know you know like that that like in your 20s when like you got some money but he got no money but like you got money for like something dumb right so it like i was like you know like
michael floyd is in town oh dude i gotta see this guy come collect floyd i hate my student loan that can wait i have to see this guy who is some kind of like weird i'm sorry mass to dive bomb going on after uncle floyd all wow what a cool story to actually go on after him yeah i never heard i had no idea who he was and i was in new jersey and apparently he's a legend yes new jersey in parts of new jersey i thought i thought i was going to kill i was like oh this is going to be great i'm going to go on after this old dude oh my god have dim dumb luck in there screaming out like all these phrases and sayings and i didn't understand i never heard of he is that he's definitely like a local like almost like you know how like there was a million bozos yeah like clowns that will like in your rate on your tv he he's that guy he was like our you know our kids show before you i guess nickelodeon
adult kid show but what was young was on cable access now he was i like channel nine it was like local whatever that i think it was like right before cable it was like right before k yeah there aren't any real local shows anymore are there that's just like local news shows nothing but he would never be like if you ever want stern had that lee yeah local show in new york that was great he was on like a late night channel or something there was a variety show yeah i don't know all the particulars on that because i i just remembered fleetingly but that was great always tunein and like there was some i guess you could say a carnival freak yeah about to do something brought all that like into the show was great and it was just some i don't know what channel it was but it wasn't like nbc or something like it was like local channel nine or channel three or something like that maybe access in new york no no baby yeah i mean there's probably a cable channel was the cable show that
table that might have been cable how 'bout bill boggs rather him bill boggs baseball bill bonds with local another guy in new york there's all these because i apologize because i like he was another guy who was like he was somewhere between regis and maury povich he was like this kind of nice guy but then he did like a how many variety show and that was i think the first show that i bet i met dana gould there what's his name there was like a couple of great comics that were like hanging out there an like dana gould who was like a boy thank you know that ran like seventeen or something like that was it really yeah he he he was on that show and i was like wow man this guy knows what he's doing i met dana way way way back in the day in boston and then there was before he stopped doing comedy like he was just how to do his showtime special here to show on special i believe is just about to do it was great this is the eight years and years yeah years and years ago and then is to stop doing comedy news writing i think for the simpson's writing for the simpsons for a for a like i think over ten years and i some of the comedy downtown i was like wow
go to wherever you been yeah 'cause i always loved his act yeah it's weird guy comes back right well you know you guys are all married with families and stuff like that you know i'm amazed to ever see you guys i got on a tuesday night well look who it is you know i come out and yeah i like to do your time i gotta do time if you know i i feel like if you don't do sets like regular weekends or weekday sets you have to do them and you have to like pop in the improv we have to do spots the ice so we do ice house all the time that is such a cool oh it's the best the ice house the best the vibe of the this is fantastic and the fact we've done how many how many podcasts we done from their share point almost at one hundred and under question now offset yeah and the thunder pushy shows we do there what is that gonna do that oh my god ever do like a question answer would you crowd yeah i saw seinfeld do it once then this is one that i stole the idea from him
seinfeld i saw steinfeld when i was an open mic are uh i was just about to do comedy like i think i was like like a week before a week after whatever it was and i saw him with this chick that east bank from high school is crazy we're back together again at twenty one never do those check your bank when you're seventeen also and bone the both of your twenty one i got to it's driving around you're going to give it to her anyway so to see seinfeld exciting night and it comes out it doesn't set kills gets big round of applause leaves and it comes back out for a question and answer question answer he would people would ask things and he would just start like roofing or telling jokes about like that subject yeah i love that i kind of do that i guess yeah well i'm a lot of coming we all do that yeah i i i've done it but i used to do it a lot after shows but this is the whole show is that from the beginning to the end
oh no material what it is is they yell out you know talk about the fucking clippers owner why this fucking guy and then you know you'd be amazed at how much comedy gets improvise out of that you could actually use i've got to i've got to really good bits from that we had a set that up for this friday yeah well the photos so it's a great he moved to saturday i could say yeah yeah who friday saturday and i'm in portland
where is prima donna move to show jokes for you yes pre tweeting you guys previous bonding excluding perhaps i thought have you done here show no the cars and coffee i call it millionaires wearing seatbelts not putting it went down but i like how in the beginning they will have to look like ok now we're getting our own coffee is that what this is pretend you're not in a helicopter right now he had a million dollar porsche he was driving around for one thousand nine hundred and seventy three one thousand nine hundred and seventy three carrera rs six million dollars i don't have it like that yeah that's crazy i have a couple of cars i have it's cool to have a couple of cars better not like a classic card no i don't like old yeah i like i like the new we really technology like i have a porsche and it has like the all the porches technologies really old this car is a two thousand seven it's a you know seven year old car anyway but there
other navigation systems their dog they don't have updates where they get traffic you need all that i mean it's out there why wouldn't you have it like i have a friend who has with a brand new porsches and it doesn't have traffic updates like oh what is this in two thousand and six shift like why do you have i had like a traffic warning like four years ago or like three or four years ago i want my cars so i always like new in there i think that's you know that it's like when people go like what's the road like i'm like have you ever smelled a road comics car there is no such it's somewhere between a submarine and like i mean it's not like fifteen different types of taco bell from like different states jimmy jobs mixing with dell tie you know it's like the charlie y would give up on that there would be nothing like the guy show
in there you know cried in there you know yeah we see robbie base car no i just it's ruthless it's really almost out of the road car smell there you know it's it's impossible is that stern yeah howard stern's on the latest episode and what it buys this is what i don't like is that these cars are all classic i mean for him it must be like really fun because he's aficionado but i'm i guess i'm not that kind of an aficionado i don't like old cars and is a cool guy he's no but that's a gto he's a porsche guy know that yet he collects porches and i think a lot of these cars that he's on the show he actually just rains for the show because he's had one a couple break down before he's just like they say that that they're going to send us another one so i think maybe he just yeah cars for just the show yeah maybe you're right why no yet letterman's letterman has a souped up volvo they did a show the is volvo would like a fuckin' four hundred and fifty horsepower engine in it and 6p transmission yeah no it's great
i'm going to do said a lot of shitman he took a lot of schiferli having white people on his show they had chris rock only white men were using addition i'm going to do comics walking to pink dot after the so how to go over there i didn't get an alright let's get a snickers bar the walk to pink dot up sunset that is my favorite walk it's great it's saturday night at two hundred o'clock in the morning or norms with don berries that place crackle stood in yet the whole that whole strip from from that we'll trolley cart place that sells cheeseburgers what's separates carnies carnies from carneys on up the place crackle like it's got a feeling it's like there's a vortex that's been created there no 'cause i don't live here like i'll be walking like after the show like i'll just be walking around 'cause i'm new york times you know i want it later and all that and like you know mark if you're up late and somebody comes up to you they usually want money or or they're up to no good you know i might be like a psychotic or something but if you're within
like i say i half a mile of the comedy store on a monday night you're going to walk into a comic like i'll come up with like i'm a huge fan like what it's like wearing a hoodie like i didn't even see him how many guys you get hitting you up to ask to open for you on the road up i get i get a lot of guys that that kind of like i worked with i really kind of like a small pool of dudes that i i to throw work through like this we can embrace is tony as we talked about and sean rouse who i think have you ever had shown no i haven't had a really should have money absolutely let's do it he like an amazing day would you now i sure it's right is so you can't really travel that much but his acting abrupt you'll be i had like he's an amazing joke writer and he also is like he is hardcore he does not give a shit and you know e skype other guys that do that but now they're all like headliners so i feel like i've done my job with them but i like to use guys too because i feel like you know a lot of guys
went to town they bring their own support and then these local guys like i never get on my own state you know it's my home club so i try and use the local guys the middle or at least to guess what it's very cool of you i gave up on that you still like it might be hit on like you know one thousand words well it's not this is dad i just had too many bad experiences with local news that i didn't know like what was wrong their shitey material right there i couldn't believe i had to listen to or just do she guys like remember we did maxim tour with charlie murphy that one guy that we ran into in boston that was so fucking creepy he was like hanging around the green room he was hammered and he was like staring at us sideways and he's like creepy jealous act like a dick we're sharing agreement charlie murphy and john have front two great guys yeah but sharing his green room with this idiot and then they just the kick them out yeah he was comfortable plastered and was he had he was the opener what was he would ever in all in every town we would take a local guy that's time it's a girl sorry
is doing phoenix for me wasn't local but you know for whatever reason they they chose him and maybe he was in the area or some like that and i was like holyshit is this guy funny so then i started taking him on the road to yeah they had local comedy competitions and so i think tom just like applied for that comedy competition one and then got he murdered it he was the number one guy look at all the people that were local guys that open up doors that's right but mcdermitt we met in phoenix that he was he did open mike night that's where we met mcdermott or contest yeah that's the contest well it was a different contests wasn't it i thought it was a man of comedy i don't think it was because it was at the improv and the show was at the phoenix theater and that was right it was just a regular share the celebrity theatre was with the one that's in the round which is a regular show but it was have a contest josh mcdermitt killed it and we like holyshit this guys funny and then i was one of those weekends that joey vanished on us 'cause i was a series of weekends over the years where does do would just vanish and then
you know sometimes you go with fuq did you go that told you dog i couldn't do that gay guy told you i never thought that kills you the classic story but so i used to bring two guys on the road with me then so one guy covered spread joe he would vanish okay guys get back up what is it you want to stop using joey it's like the president he's got those two helicopters snow just in case just in case guide one like you is like i i i feel like i have a an obligation to support these kind of guys yeah i know you you're very good to you dudes and i i would say that like when when i see a guy on the road like i let the club pick the opener a lot of time ago like whoever whoever the guy is that you want to do 'cause i always feel like you know even if the guy is rough that like the lease will get to perform the real crowd which is sometimes difficult to get that one for a lot and my and usually like a lot the cleaner air you know the straight ahead acts don't want to dirty open that i want to dirty opener that is true that's a that's a real issue that was an issue for sure fear for a long time you guys don't want to meddle in you know
yeah exactly as guys don't want ds middle in like diaz middled for a couple people at the miami improv and it was just the the most fixing you could ever win all in there that's his that's his thing well hey we do have his act in spanish and they'll go crazy anne's cuban you know so he's got a cuban spanish accent so they know you know they know he's one of them doing that i never seen anybody murder two hundred people the way joey dheas very to other people in front of what is name that sings care i don't care kevin meaney yeah yeah that's that's like one of those like who made the line up here some asshole decided to have joey diaz in miami open up for kevin meaney the worst thing is like you do like a casino show or something like that and like you're like who can i get to open 'cause it's like a casino town right so then you're like you know
you know like some guys will drive for it of course then there's gotta be like some local guy like you know just degenerate gambler got electronic call up i didn't know you lived in reno or something that you know it's like so yeah that's good that you do it and i think that all the comics like they they know fortin like that i you know they they they they took the respect back up so this guy in the green room with stronger i don't know what that was about he was this is crazy he was older than us too probably was better he's very better really better he wasn't very funny either and he was just whatever the guy was it wasn't boston i feel like it wasn't boston now but wherever the fuck it was the guy was a dick and it was like that's the risk you take we would you know we did twenty two dates everybody was nice and friendly met a lot of cool comics and we got one should have but that one should just turned me off to it so much like earth because it was the worst kind of should have you know that the gelish at the creepy super drunk gelish it had we're gonna do yeah it's it's it's all it's also like
i feel like you get upset if you bring someone you know or you you have someone local open and it doesn't work out and you like i could had told his cliff yeah i get a in october are with me i could have brought dunkin with me it's like this only how much time i mean at brea we had like probably for guest spots plus show plus tony and like it was a long shot but you know the crowd really was digging the fact that like it was like all these like fresh faces coming up and they're like wow somebody else you know like you know it's the door guys and all that kind of stuff and like when i worked at dorothy improv in the 80s whatever that was like a big moment when somebody got like hey you can go on stage you know like you got five minutes clear these people out whatever it is and i was like you know it's cool the clubs are into that some clubs are not they're more like you know one thing like apple b style like all we got to get him out of here right right right so apple least i know like you know that kind of what you're looking at the food coming out of the kitchen you're like this is a food club that does comedy it's not a comedy club with food they definitely
those men it's weird you doing comedy looking down and people are cutting into a state and looking up at you and i go this is barely paying attention they're eating their fucking food there barely paying attention this is such a silly waited to do comedy but it's a good way to max is money and time absolutely for people that want to go on a date and dinner they don't have time to think to complete the club they have good food and i don't want to get a steak but that's funny the state 'cause it's like was that in some guys man fan oh yeah big flank steak and here's some dirty but ereal that i'm going to bang this yet out of my lady if we win the raffle for free tickets to see if you need a steak to like i mean it's going to slow you down a little bit exactly you know watching some comedy
full tummy into san i had to do one of those rooms were half the crowd is standing i was so pissed that they had to do that looks so bad for those people standing what do you think of nothing shows i didn't know how bad it was until we went to see stanhope where we go see him here in los angeles so lucky club or asian i don't remember the name of the place but anyway stanhopes onstage and there's a very small amount of seats and then there's a taqueria near the bar that we were all standing out as me and brian and who else bingo go maybe stan anyway so stanhope and um think reading walshe stanhope and so you know about an hour and a half the whole show total something like that and by the twenty minutes is going on i was like my fucking back hurts my feet hurt this is stupid were just standing here like we're not even moving so when you're standing you know even if it's like a static exercise
but you don't realize it until like twenty minutes in like oh this is uncomfortable like standing in one spot this sucks is trying not to lock my legs that they want to get out and he he can walking out as i i've been trying to talk to doug for like a couple weeks now i know like he he's on the like a super big club tore i mean like bar torque but i there's a show on his you tell you love history stockton called the evolution of of of hitler or the evolution of or something like that and it shows like hitler like the early years kind of like the it you know the what we're gonna save what about the early years and it shows him like young hitler and he's like it's just him and i believe it's not curable's but who is the big fat guy i'm talking about the colonel klink whatever so it just shows him like in these like pubs walking his talk and i these people stand
and they're drinking i'm like that's it doug stanhope show doug stanhope show right there till like into it in their heckling him and he's yelling at him and i'm like that is doug stanhope getting hit times and then you know he worked his way up to munich which i guess was the biggest you know does the biggest stage even bigger deal even had choreographed audiences they would do the boot thing had a whole crowd of 'em he i'm sure he the girls i've just how many cheats are empty how many of those are comps did they pay for the room is it paper out there force these people stand up to standards opener junior stop could you know this guy on the can he's on the on the ground and like you know it was cool because coming center we went back and forth with the less on who's on the show are like and you know i said you got to get this junior guy on and everybody was like super super impressive because he is so different he's doug's opener it's very funny it's just i met him in chicago and i was like he blew me away he's great yeah he's good man
and he's in a really like like you see stanhope together they match very well yes they vibe well it's perfect guy for that crowd he's a funny guy doug the same thing you know i think it's really important but i think we all none of us came without assistance yeah i know all of us in the in comedy like we got to see other people work and we learn from them we talk to them and they gave us advice on who to call and you know we all got help from the other headliners we all did you know as we were becoming professional but i never waited for help i mean i i really was so obsessed with material and like getting on i think that they kind of felt like this guy really wants to do it so you know they kind of you know 'cause i never would get in their face like i remember just now i mean even asking guy like you know i hate to ask you this but you know like do you know like open mikes in like you know they're like yeah no that's that's a good question and and you know i would do it and you know they set me up as my
then i didn't see the next guy again for like five years you know it's i was doing open the open mic's he was like a you know that's very cool when you run into someone like that yeah thank you know whenever whenever they come up you can go like you know i'm thinking of doing comedy and then you go like you know you should try it here and here they always have that look like well i thought that you were going to get me on stage right now well you know exam bagger vance you know like you got to make an effort on your own too i this kid wants i hosted the open mic night once at the comedy store and kid went out for first time and he was funny then and i remember saying to the audience like like that kid has talent if he really wanted to like if you really want to do it man you could really be a comic news thanks so much that means so much in the audience clapped and everybody really happy i was like that's awesome so cool to see like we may one day see that guy might be professional comedian when i run into in england like years later he's on the road doing stand up wish i could remember his name sorry
maybe it wasn't funny enough for me to remember his name now it was i just have too many people i was kind of hoping for the other story then i ran over to pink ten years later there it was sandwiches he's making sandwiches turning we look on his face like you could have saved made the kiosk you could help me out by you saying that that made his like night it made his week it made his month i mean that was cool that you like you know you weren't like you know just like blowing smoke up as you were like you really like them yeah no he was funny you know i've had it happen to me a bunch of times and then open my car with someone gives you a bump you just said says something nice to you i just give you this big marron did as for the longest time and i didn't go after him like he would say stupid about me and i let it slide because he's crazy he gets eccentric negative negative i think he's awesome i love the guy but you know he is what he is he's got his own thing for the longest time we have like this little negative thing back and forth until actually wound up having a conversation women doing the podcast now i love the guy really do i think is awesome but uhm
the reason why i wouldn't go after him is because when i was an open my car he pulled me monday after my set an just said hey you know you're doing the right thing this is great really cool to see you know just keep doing your thing man don't let anybody tell you any differently like you got something cool here and i was like wow that's awesome you know so for me that was like that's great yeah i left i was like whoa i could do this you know like i could be a comedian a real comedian just told me i could be a comedian well i am so mark what we was this analysis was no no no no no this is boston this is one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight mark had come back from the comedy store when he is on our podcast he told some of the craziest fucking kinison stories on the project about uh how many store in the coke days he was left out and come back to boston so he was there for like the the heyday of kim cocaine binges was like this eighty six like in that era and then came back into boston so i met him then
and so he was at established comedian in boston he was like you know you work at the comedy connection or x any these clubs and i was just starting out so well when i was started in new york and then i met mark and tom rose with the two guys that like i always found them incredibly mysterious 'cause they had already lived in other cities for like a few years ago they didn't even know that was possible comedy 'cause i was stuck in this open mic world i was like really yeah no i was in san francisco maybe should check out that town it's great and i'm like what did you do is like now man you just hang out like you know used and friends couch and do all these great sets and all that kind of stuff so i didn't even know that was possible i felt like you know i'm in new york i don't want to i don't want to lose my chance of maybe getting a spot next week you know like it was one of those things like where the spots controlled your life yeah it's like well i can't you know i know it's a holiday and all the real comics will be with their family so it's going to be great for me i'm going to get on twice
true that it's like thanksgiving everybody with their families are you available yes we had a guy came from minneapolis to boston and just immediately was accepted in disguise sonic in minneapolis wow where is hedberg he worked over there yet had burgers minneapolis minneapolis from acme was at acme i assume it was from mack maine and then he went to florida so he was like two comics he was a florida comic he was or whatever and he came up to new york i think we've been here before went to la right i don't know i didn't meet him until so like york i know he was there for a couple years and then he popped out to la and then i think it was just bicoastal i mean they were i didn't get to know that guy really for some reason i thought no i mean we were both good friends with stanhope and i
israel friendly i met him one night at the at the comedy store we we went back to back at the comedy store i would love to have seen now that would be closed out of it cool show because there's only like fifty people in the crowd there like speckled scattered out in those shoes the best shows the fifty people comedy store shows the or you know what's cool about the comedy store it just like when when the crowd is there really to laugh and not just because they made a mistake they went in there because they thought it was a like the parking garage for the hyatt ever feel like these people sitting there going like wait this is in the highest i believe what happened here where's my room yeah like is the elevator but when they're there to really like just hang out and like let the experience watch over me they are the coolest crowd in town you know well it's a great room and the room has energy there's an energy in that room where it's you talking out so many fucking decades of laughter
did the walls the problem is you're just too many douche bags that pass through that whole area on this trip is just filled with phuc ads you know uh the just like people walking well yeah there's that and then there's also like just like la actors like people who are like just like i was saying earlier like a little needy they need attention they don't make the best audience members like i've seen more heck the store the name on the planet right you gotta think about one one club where there's been more heckling doesn't not nothing is maybe something in florida maybe i don't know maybe the place miami thing exist anymore it's gone what about a closer down what about like at every play hermosa beach of course you do it yeah comedy magic club level i think if you heckle there 'cause they're so cool comic they'll pull yahoo st shooting in back of the head yeah they eat they serve you and put you on the spot
i will not accept anything like zero tolerance yeah he doesn't want any hassles there here we won't serve shots either and only you up yeah none of that because it's like a museum that does comedy really is museum of comedy he is what it what are far great guy is he's the best those closed as it had been there for that long and like that clubs been around since the 70s right yeah yeah i think so and that all the guys that like the legends of play there like channeling and land i want some guy i guess i assume they had played there when they were younger and they just like came up through this like amazing system of like you know they already kind of famous or they were like the best comics in town or something like that and they would do the new real there and it's a great place for it too well demos always done that sunday night gig he does it now like a lot of sundays other guys do when i've done a couple of them because he's doing the road now when i he's out there slain i wonder how much tickets are because i really would like to see where he is a lot more common like one hundred dollars hundred wow for like just like a shity see i don't know
hundred but hundred horse to talk to a lot money that is a lot please do that math in my head i'm like you know i was a young guy and like thirty dollars plus you know of course you're going to get drunk i shouldn't say that actually now that i'm thinking about it because someone told me that so let's find out let's find tickets are i would let's take bets on it i would say can get a seventy five but you really looking at one hundred twenty five thousand two hundred and fifty right up front wow okay so i'm going to stick with my guns and say one hundred dollars i said fifty four we got here i'll bet twenty dollars on it right now here we go friday at the silver creek event center in four winds new buffalo all right hello michigan the tickets are ninety eight dollars and fifty cents you're right there's fourteen tickets left twenty of i just want to money but there are other ones that tickets go as high as one hundred and twenty bucks they go one of 'em is tickets
from two hundred and sixteen buck two hundred and forty two two hundred and forty nine wow yeah some of his tickets are two hundred and forty nine dollars in new buffalo you can downtown diggle it that's why the trading for it oh he's at the meraj in vegas the terry fade or theater i do that same theater i think i charge forty have you seen teri heat it up your game up like you i just can't imagine someone charging two hundred and forty eight dollars for a ticket it says priced from let's see what tickets are available but he's got something like stupid ones in the front row other costs like assfucked tons of money terrier for j project yeah the can look at this screen right ok i'm going to give a filter from two hundred and fifty two million dollars sure you guys but had the exact same sure at the same comic about miss may look joke there's there's while we don't
look like the same people at all dude look at you who are you i was also a bollywood actor so you know who you look like you look like dom irara son look at me really trying to come on guys come on oh you remind me of someone else to god build an adams father i'd look like coat coat hanger do look my body looks completely out of proportion lift any weights at all back then i just had this goofy frame you look like your slain dick though with that tony danza style you look sexy as fuck like how much hair i had glorious it's funny how are sure it's twenty dollars shirts are shirts make that sign kind of relevant it's the age where your wacky magnum pi sh it here i guess this is the 90s right i don't think this is going to be the 90s yeah if it was the 80s i would be like rascals was uh
you where is that it's yeah rascals comedy in jersey hour rights comedy hours what it is new york city it's the highest the tickets go is two hundred and fifty that's the highest they go for two hundred and fifty back at that club you could buy pretty much anybody in the room you buy the comics yeah keep us fifty bucks you could have me for a couple of days i know i'm not i i know i'm not worth anything more when i'm getting right now like that these guys are like you know let's push up easy i know it's not gross i get that argument every six months we really should raise our prices yeah nope i can't do it it's a lot of money it's like it's always the venue that like you know well if you want to make something you got a raise and i'm like well what happened from what what you guys put in the pool i mean really what's going on here there's also a problem in that like you know people that are asking to raise the rates they are not
thing with the audience so it just on the outside and elect did you get more out of that i can get more out of that and that's like their objective is to but your object is the maintain like a good relationship and come the club eventually yeah and you were one of the first guys that are talk to long long time ago we're talking about a gig that getting offered to you and you like i can't go back there i was just there six months ago i need to new yeah i got i go back there quick that's like that's an important piece of integrity when it comes to the connection that you have with an audience that a lot of agents i understand that they just understand they see there's money there to be made right dave golden that whole like buckets come on we got buckets yeah it's very hard money and you're like no i know these people i think i i think like for me like a nice a nice resting the field would be fourteen months you know fourteen months and then like maybe give it another six months yeah i'm with you really afraid to go back too soon i really am afraid
like when i have it like it looks like i'm going to do my next comedy special at the comedy works in denver that's what i'm planning on doing tastic yeah big room with a little room the classroom i'm going to figure out how to do it in your idea with go pros in the audience is fucking brilliant it's cool so i think i'm going to stick some stuff on the ceiling and just keep i want to be packed i don't want any seats to be missing because of the cameras you know they could just distract you from the actual show i want it to be as non distracting as possible no writing this any different everything exactly the same the guy who did my scott he's like direct we both like you know we both figuring how to do it like with like i knew i didn't want like a theater show with the pans and the booming all the boom shots so we did all the little cameras and then the gopros which were like kind of cool because we gave it to the audience there right there so it you like the ultimate like eating just by watching it but i'm telling you
it's so cool because it really does make me look like a better comic it really does it's like i'm like whoa dude that's like a lenny bruce move right there and it's really just me doing my shity act but it looks so much better on the gopro you know well the idea of doing it with the audience holding up the cameras is fucking genius that's did you do did you do scans for the memories in denver i just ganks there an i have to tell you that that is one of the best audiences in the country but it's an amazing the that is just great you know now that wheat is like super legal there hi i am dying to go back i just want to see like what it what's happening to you know i want to move there i got i wouldn't i do want to move back to colorado for a long time and i don't know how we would do the show yeah i only live there for a few months to my eyes my super i'm got to me wife saying made a baby it's very high altitude live at high altitude when you pregnant fucking real tough on really on the on the las is very tough but that
this is fantastic when i was living there just for three months four months whatever it was i was there it's fucking great club they have real comics there i like local denver comics that are legit building talent and they have a you know she'd she does it on a regular basis wendy is another is another like i guess you could say unsung hero in comedy because like her club is about the comics and like even though even though like she doesn't get as much attention as like some of these other like bigger who she really is important she's built some but yeah she has man you know she's been around for a long time and she is responsible for the majority of that scene like those clubs her system open mikes and getting open mikes and then determine the features are turning in and sees rather than the features and eventually headliners that's a you know that's an important part of the whole scene there in in the
in denver and now like i was just at wise guys in salt lake city have you been there no i haven't but i know you would love this club it's a great club it was like oh it's mormon now they're drinking it's like the jack mormons are out there it's a great club i told this to chris rock i'm like you know if you guys want to go like work on material like these crowds are fine they get it and it's so cool like when you when you play like a refreshing like every show was cool you know every i was trying to jokes it was gay it used to be that there was real ship parts of the country you would go there and you go oh this spot sucks but that's way less now because the kids that we're dealing with grew up with the internet but everywhere you go you're going to get a certain amount of people to get it it's just i think that's probably the s indication of how much different the world is ours our country is culturally then it was like back in the seventies and the eighties and nineties without the internet it's like you would go to places where people didn't know shit but anyway you go now people have an internet connection kids are sharing information they just more informed they know good comedy to like there
pre she ate good comedy now come out to see you they'll come out to see you everywhere you go well i think you know i think it's so much other stuff now that they're like they're being inundated with just like you know videos and clips apps and all that kind of stuff that like you know really getting him off that is you know i say on every radio thing is like it's amazing when they show up it really is it is it's incredible but it they're just not the same hicks but he's been certified everybody's metro now there's an einstein bagels in alabama i was just saying i got nine cent bagel down here you know and then you know the places that do kind of stink now rla in new york because those are become like they're not like urban anymore they're like international like at the comedy cellar you know you'll be playing people who are from like staten island and also like countries that you've only heard about on game of thrones like just crazy weird you know
as of a stand or something like that you know and you know in a way it's kind of cool but in the way to show you like american comedy you know people want to see it you know yeah i'm all over here i want to see what this is about well it's very different the comedy another places i mean i know so many people yeah english people like to talk about like that guy stewart lee had a funny thing these doing about a american comics and you know that america comics of the sort of be she passed by guys from england and i start away that's hilarious it's really cute good luck with all that get the out of here let's meet let's meet halfway waiter and see how that works well how about just go on after you at the improv they give it a shot you know you know the world doug who is my guy have like you know he goes to england for like i don't know what it is they haven't been a theater there for like eight weeks or something like that and it goes like you know it's amazing 'cause these guys have to have like a whole new hour to tour through england every time and it's really like like there so like their their crowds there are pretty are pretty cool with both political stuff and all that kind of stuff but they're also
credibly judgmental like they see it as like a theater show wasn't right so you know i was like oh who would want to go through that grief funeral just to be playing in piccadilly circus but now it's like you know this french guy that comedian he's like that this kind of like race this guy you know he does the the holocaust jokes no so that's the guy that we have to go like we have to meet at the hague you are to add to it it's my down with him a french guy does holocaust joke yet now in france like i guess in france you not supposed to talk about the holocaust or something like that so he he makes a big deal about it about like freedoms of speech any he's also have have black or something like that he talks about how like the moroccans are not treated well i don't know the whole story but the ideas that like he does these jokes and you know like he's i like their renegade comic so so we need that we need to see i want he's like france russell peters he's kind of like right without the money friends we have battled to ban anti semitic comedian yesterday it's funny well that
the first thing i said yeah i listen to them clips i'm like well it's not good the problem yeah see if it was really funny right out on your side yeah i got it when george yeah like i don't george i did i worked i did jersey shore those bob gonzo gigs with auto in shorts and a call you know also did the i told you did the dean to feel chose them he had a meltdown one night on stage where you know we was going off about oprah and winfrey i forget the fucking joke i've i don't remember it but he went it one is rampage about fucking her with his winning cock no that is hung like a paddle your hunger a kayak paddle and let me just and you just saying some horrible racist but whole areas should i mean black
people in the audience were fucking crying laughing i mean everyone was crying laughing it was really racist but fucking hilarious if it's good it's good he was talking about someone and two other people in a hot tub like a scene from guerrillas in the mist said i know you're going to say what was the joke do you remember the joke it could be it could be because that was like one of those like long island standards you know like i just saw monsters ball it looked like a scene from guerrillas in the mist or you know right at the store name of black movie and he's like i don't know if i was watching that or guerrillas in them it well he told me at one point i was doing a kennedy bit and he told me at one point in time he's trying to rig how to make blood squirt out of georges head 'cause his wig fall back is brain would be exposed to remember that he would do a bit we would throw georges head back that was his closer than you would his brains and like people you could see people like
i'm like why did i eat if i was going to see the brains of what he's saying is the president but i remember coming up to me afterwards i think one of the first time i met him was right after a show and he didn't smooth back the hair so it was like hey the bottle has a government i'm a huge fan button the brains were like right there so it's cool i got to see the whole like the whole pyrotechnic various yeah he goodnight and put it on let's hear some of that some of it this is another one
what did you see brokeback mountain yeah what do you think love hearing the hated it all right the original title of the smaller for me to do i mean is building tomorrow jet battle all right joins the light plane travel man it sucks an airplane another singer so cute girl only saving some all night and wants to talk and i'll my goal and we'll get your tickets i like to sing a song for valentine's day this is a love song from the movie saudi lady half the the right sonny bono was a good skier all right george george was a great movie seen enjoys this drunk girl go swimming
is anybody here from new jersey new jersey israeli thrashing holden he's call pollution it's appalling go ahead i shot an arrow into the air it stuck no no no no it's okay now that i i love those classic set ups like you know do you
i fly much it is like every race it doesn't matter how they have to do that kind of question sometimes we get mad if other comics to jokes about plane travel like all he does a joke about plane travel you father trying to hack what year is this this one's really oughta you play in nineteen eighty eight i minus one wall is i need a ride sally once he had a huge browse on it please i need one it's called in happier days firing squad for a living here in new york any she the been swinging and a great the killing it hips hips never perform their peak in once and said
let me the fuck outta here i just smelled the devil it is a demonic presence in this job told me was on stage guy flashing yeah that was that was brooklyn brooklyn yeah he's on stage as i'm gonna have front row he's going he's going for q four q shows ms gun pulls a shirt children's gun that that was a club that i think i i i got to play one time yeah i was like you know such a long train ride from like where i was living in brooklyn to it is a system which and like i was so bad compared to everybody else there is like and like i thought like they would throw me a beat just i had like the club is that com still around the yard now now it's gone it's all gone what about grandpa's on staten island is that still around i never played there i don't think i did maybe i did i don't know but i'll just say no i don't think that is i did that place a long fucking time ago
god dam there's so many of those little satellite clubs in and around new york that were great commoners austin now got you i just played governor's recent great that's a great club the guys who won governor's you know they really they really are another like you know they really cool about comedy they really want it to be like what it was and like you know the audience has to come down and see it but they really are into they got their own radio thing going there they always trying to give like new guys like a day like which is so cool they give a guy like you coming on wednesday do do whatever you want colin quinn i think worked as one man show out there for a bit is the brokerage still around the brokerage i think it's worth it yeah that's a great club i think are eg did that recently i think it is still around i got to see are you on the road i want to see what that looks he's doing great yeah so now see show just got picked up also yeah he's got to come show yeah in i love how he he did that show he started it out doing comedy nights did nights like at the improv or whatever with the storyteller shows
we do the little room with the improved and he moved to the big room at the improv then he moved to comedy central online and now i mean he likes develop this thing from the seeds so awesome so cool to say man so cool to say yeah story teller thing like his stuff is stuff really rocks are because we talked about it and like you know it definitely is there's an audience for that and it's cool that he's on top of that you know yeah it's like the only guy i can think of that really does like well it's a smart move and it was his sort idea i believe it was like to encourage like that style of common like a storyteller style so it helped his storytelling and also just has like a creative exercise have guys go up and tell stories and tell instead of just telling their act i said you know it's great idea man it's great idea it's some it's just so cool that comedy central's picking up so cool there smart you know like i love that they picked up your show too it's a great idea
doing a new version of the rodney dangerfield show me essentially very similar i like to think it's more caroline's comedy yeah now it's it's like a showcase show an it wasn't my idea but it was definitely something that i thought needed to be done especially if uncensored and thank you what do you call it what do you call it it's called comedy underground it's at the village underground that's where we shoot in new york city's underground comedy it's not like subversive mumblecore anything like that 'cause we had like trouble with like thinking of a good name for it you know oh that's cool the village underground is downstairs to get to this set this is downstairs like around the block from the seller it's also the same people who are involved in it this is a great show the first jail christian have you seen him he is amazing no i haven't had a chance to rain here great thing in jail they really everybody rocked out on the child incredible you see a club that's why they didn't build that club is amazing this looks a lot like my special here which is like me on stage you know in this club
and i have to tell you that like the got it right away and they really stepped up so you know let's hope there is a big crowd for this kind of stuff the uncensored club shut listening there is man they guarantee there is it's not like it stopped being good just people stop having as much access to it when you know and i'd and ice went away for a little while and it's just like you know there's just you know what you get is that j yes it's j is wrong what a great club man i mean this course chris rock's kind of dirty but he's also he's too smart to just be considered just a dirty comedian to he wears the gloves like dice he looks he looks like he's like giving them the like you know you know scared straight in high school yeah i've done time don't mess i'm how to cook meth don't do it but today is a great comic man he really is like one of my favorites and you know i've talked with him a bunch he's just he's just a pleasure over here
what street is this club on this is on third manhattan third between mcdougal how long has been around for this club the village underground yeah they do plenty shows there if you ever want to do when they love to have it it's been around for ever it's the black fat cat is the bar and then they have music there most of time but they start doing comedy a couple years back and while you have i heard about them doing comedy there before all this is all the style like this where you see the audience but you'll see the comma close up there's no there's no like shots for no reason really it's it's like it's all promoting it moving it forward and it just it looks way better and we had tons to counter problems on the show it took me forever to edit this stuff but it looks better than it looks way better that's a perfect stage so perfect i love the sign to that old sign behind them put that in there the underground thing but other than that that's the classic stage efficiently that sign in the i know i told him that too
i'm going to take it down yet they don't like why not that well let's see so cool sign is awesome like at my house you have it in your house that's always the thing like it's like hey you want it then i'm picking up the show so did you guys make that sign for the show are they did oh my god it's perfect it's cool so well but it's fake old so i don't know like i really i didn't know that it fell off the stage of informix mother fockers they fake hold it still looks bad it still does look bad as but now that i know you shouldn't have told me man it's like telling a little kid at santa claus theorizing real this breaks behind area those bricks behind me a real brick spine who shut the fuc up your half break now the real look at your head on it we had a i had this installed hysterics he didn't hear what's going on the curtain over there later don't show you later any that's massage rooms suites or just the one in the oil up right now you know it show the other guy like this week it's on late
like one hundred am saturday you know crime saturday and this week ralphie may who we were talking about earlier april macy now do you know lou now now now was in the borat movie she's some unseen bore movie okay well i live now is right no and the board movie i haven't seen the bruno movie i haven't seen i worked with her a bunch in san francisco she is like so cool man yeah you know like that school they get all those different styles in the because rob rob is a super hardcore headline i mean he's he's rock hard you know and able to work with a bunch there she really knows i thrive joke ellen now like takes in a different direction so it was good to give that balance and how much time is everybody doing about four five minutes that was oh wow i said cut me down so it's a half hour show yeah wow i said cut me down because i want them to do this all attacks four or five minutes and they would roll out one thousand two hundred and fifty and he's out of the shop it well yeah network want to to do and i said like i just let me take a look at it why i think if i will look at it would be a little bit smoother than if the network
yeah did they let you edit it yeah they they eventually i jumped it on it cool there letting you edit it you know the more power they give you the more control over it you up about man i really do i remember when we did that porn show together you you i was couldn't believe how much of sensing right like the various aspects of what worked what didn't work what to what's maxine we should watch yeah yeah notes and notes and notes i figured it was a show you just show up now we really wanted i wanted it to be so like trip each show funny so i get the on the i mean it was unscripted but you're right we were assessing because we did all this press work on like this movie was an important movie for our star and this one was like a movie they directed so we're trying to tell like this have story but you're right i have said i take all the fun out of every fucking thing i do it's not the fun out of it you just have a great
connection to your work you know you really want it to come out good which is thanks for saying that it's so important it's very inspiring because it's very uninspiring when you're around someone who doesn't right there what you're doing doesn't mean sing to them so when i see like you with a big stack of ruffled notes in your funky riding on this and you got producers coming over and give him suggestions you're trying to piece together like wow this is like way more it was not just way more effort but like your intent was kind of noble like you really were trying to respect these people in paid tribute to them like when you have like ginger lynn on there is one of my favorite episodes you in ginger that was fun i really was yeah i've known her from the comic store days from way back in the day she's very nice very nice person so he's been very nice she's a sweetheart and and you know i i i wish that show is still down because i was definitely one of the funniest things i've ever done and i really do feel like you know you say like you're obsessing and stuff like that it's like it usually takes any she
about a season to figure itself out maybe not much now because i i guess like people television is on my that but like you know even when you're the guy who comes up with the idea and like i can't deal with stuart bailey whose great dude and like we even though we thought it out and we got it we got it together and kind of stuff you still don't know you still don't know and that's why i like editing is so important and like learning from your mistakes and like trying make it better every we can i think that a lot of that is that is kind going on the wayside now 'cause people are just pumping up product yeah i think you're right i think it's just well the idea that you came up with just a great idea the floating couch over the decks and stuff so yeah i know and all that stuff was just like added in the editing room hey let's try this let's try you know like whatever like reese's peanut butter cup you try this i'll try you know and i like it just happened that it was so good it was so good that will can we do that again like you can't afford it now
whole thing about editing an do it on your own budget it really is like how much can i afford you know yeah no it's a time for why they start doing the didn't want another season i don't know and i have i have auto in george on there i have doug stanhope i have j more i have like all these great people who like did not get a chance to get on there i david alan grier i have just all these great comics you know i mean you have them on film that you did it with yeah oh my god can you put online yeah like i don't i can't no not i heard that your apartment a broken into and all got online okay this okay i'll thank you yes did you know that i didn't know the suit all your yeah it's not it's going to be a bit torn a couple days i heard okay all right or v mia yeah we can is that how you drop it now that's what i heard no until i own the rights again until i on the rights again it really is you know
it's kind of like one of those things where like i really don't know what to say you know what to say because there are fans of it you know they're like when are we going to see this week and so but now i'm just so glad not to be editing so that's no i'm sure i'm sure yeah i'm sure it's really have you ever like had to like do that kind of thing where you do the post production on the project too yes yeah it's not that fun what prob to be like a special rogan questions everything i did a little bit on that day but never on a common special mean of obviously edited my special see on special which is another form yeah by the way i look at it yourself it's not it's not good for your head it definitely isn't because i don't like watch myself but i'll i i i don't mind listening to myself i'm working on new material yeah but if you watch yourself too much you'll see self to much really ill like us i mean like you don't want to watch yourself anymore you don't like yourself anymore and you don't want to hear the same jokes coming out of your own mouth overnight it's one thing if you tell him but another thing if you watch a majority
like all my bad habits i can see all that like you know like even when you're showing the old clip for me as a boy davey et al i was like oh look at that look at the bad habits their back smoking learn yeah note so true i think that good though it's good those bad things he kinda tightens up your act it turns out my act when i don't like it you know what i don't like to the forces me to like cut out the fat pick up the pace now put a little more juice into this little more writing into that little more you know it's all the whole process i think is uhm the review part of it is a big part of it for creating new stuff yeah and if i don't i mean i don't do it just because i don't like it 'cause it makes you uncomfortable watch myself for listing myself which by the way almost every comic i know feels the same way really ok good 'cause i've seen guys laugh at their own tapes and i'm like how do you do that who are they couldn't raise right that you really love yourself who are those fucking weirdos who did nick i like he's watched himself on tv like that can't be good can't be good
and if he is good he's annoying he's one of those guys that's good on stage but annoying as fuckk off stage he wants to tell you about his new bits all the time those guys who want to try him out on you site tell me do you think there's something in this the other day i see this lady like oh my god you're going to your fucking material on what do we do in awhile you ever have that yeah yeah and they think it's hilarious though this neuron chit yeah give it a long bed it will show you the nodes listeners shouldn't working out look at this oh wow what time i bring up a video like do you do you have look like this or dude it's called jump checking but in that like you know like there's some guys like mike taking on these great i'll writer be like because work on let's work on some jokes you know and then like we'll just go spit ball back and for yeah joke checking is very important because sometimes you go god dam joe seems to you easy yeah so many on you to help me out or on twitter rather i was talking about this new but i'm too i have this new bit in in the bit there's a thing about milk substitutes like almond milk you know
i said that's not milk apparently lewis black it already had almost the same joke with soy that was last time he saw soit it's you know it's not milk it was there i didn't see it quick enough he saw it first so i got checked by so it's nice yes it's very cool and that's cool that the fans helped you out on that because you know i do think that like dude diligence you know you can't you can't like you know sometimes you know whatever well one of those things like that's something that if you gave that object to hundred guys and said hey what think about milk substitutes none of them are going to say you know almonds don't have to it's right there just going to think of what's their milk ok with milk from nipples nipples kind of funny almonds have nipples with the funk you talking about and that's right
it's like follow the normal natural exactly it's like water going it's going to go to with low it's it where it belongs yeah it with a joke along its it's it paralleled thinking it's so it's going to happen with that with something along those lines or you know fill in the there's always remember those medalert i've follow and i can't get up number that they had a commercial commercial there was a medalert was a thing that an old lady they would fall down they would press a button and they would go yell into it was like a walkie talkie help iphone yeah and i can't get up jokes were that was spreading butter that monster you had to have and i can't get up joke like every comic in one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine had a fallen and i can't get up joke became hack within like six months like tender now you know people have tendered jokes everyone has a tender joke everyone has like all these new apps thanks i think i don't even know if i just heard this recently come out of my own mouth now it was the
from the ifan i can't get up was also the woman from the clapper and i think there's some this is darren is like this lady can't get a break but i know somebody said that and i was like i was like wow i didn't know both things play you know clapper it was one of those things where comics would have to they would have to like get on first because they wanted to be there schedule i've fallen and i can't get up joke because you do to be the middle have to open or did that i've fallen and i can't get up joke then he can't do big closer that's the thing headlining when you when you realize that like you know this it's part of the show is always the metal the opener has it rough and you have it rough but the middle guy like he can through the premises and leave you with nothing you know and then like now what is a job got the that's that's something like with the middle states like yeah they were good mike yeah of course they were fishing you know that was
fishing forever up there i mean like you know there was no like you don't need a license you can just put the nets in there jumping in the boat and this is kind of like nothing well the openers actually the hardest spot absolute specially the first ten minutes getting everybody rolling you got to come out of the gate strong he us stan you can't be too needy out of the gate so you like stab control of the stage and then get everybody into the trance get a mall laugh like you know energy open the guy who uses the energy i think that's cool and then you know they should do a couple jokes so that people know it's not a rally you know yeah that would be a nice thing that would be a nice idea a rally is there a i thought we were looking at the clapper commercial i know i know now we could pull it up if you want just looking at pictures of you from back in the day sweetheart it's that get that ugly disgusting get it off please do you like living in new york i hate it do you really
i live in i like dark over lai guess just because i'm not a big driver whatever but you know i can't everywhere he take subways where do i take cab i'd like to rent a bike i don't hi andrea when power right i i feel like yeah i never live anywhere you know i always felt like you know i live in new york you know family stuff and all that kind of stuff there and all that and then i go out play for work but i really do feel that like you know it's cool no because cool to have like the third location like a costa rica i like that you know these comics you have like a two weeks like to go to italy or something like that will yeah i would like to do that too where would you pick cody rosser v alaska riley go to fucking anchorage get a fat spray outside anchorage in below zero yeah but during in the summer well dude
first of all it's light out all day doesn't get dark two hundred o'clock in the morning it's light out you're walking around its light out people are cool as fuck and if you to be a place where you could hang out in the summer like a retreat it's the best spot couldn't with a better spot yeah it's glorious anchorages anchorage i can't wait to get back there i gotta schedule another gig i was in july airbags yeah i'm thinking of doing new years next year there just for future always fly in on january just come in guns blazing funk eighty five degrees below zero gives a no sunlight ever fall blaze and talk like that that that that is a good is archery during the day do shows at night that's the second archery reference you've made for the spheres really second one in the beginning we were talking about arbitrary and i was wondering do you do you do archery yeah yeah but doing it for a little while now for a few months like we
i guess about a year now because i was just at sporting goods store and like i was saying at the club i got like you know they will lock guns like bowing arrow still free range like free rate it's like you know like you know you bring in the daddy bring your daughter in like hey you want to play hunger games yeah get grampa bowing out like digits out there you know i think that's true i've got like some super cool bos now you know that's why earlier was talking the archery range in the studio yeah you go place the place i went to with is a great place in in springfield oregon called the bow rack this guy's got it's insane setup and itunes on my balls he tunes him up and then send them down to me but he's got an indoor range that also has some sort of pull out because it's kind of crazy it's like a 3d range where it's a video the video pops up and you shoot arrows at animal nature iraq in springfield oregon but i buy my arrows from that guy to and from hunches friend dot by am from them they make
arrows for you 'cause you gotta like arrows they get fuckedup up yeah some of them snap i sometimes you shoot a arrow into another arrow and they explode your robin hood am otherwise you know they'll they'll go through the target and hit the metal post behind a target shatter wow yeah if you miss and hit a rock they're doomed uh this is cool is this going on right now is this what is what is this is a fisher says archery three d range no no no go to the bow rack in springfield oregon they have a website and on the website they have a description of this whole thing that they do i don't know how they do as some sort of game you shoot bows and arrows of these moving targets i got a big screen that you would like shoot bows and arrows like a video game i don't know how it works i wonder if like you know everyone of these movies you see the flaming arrow yeah i wonder if that like really like we gotta be some kind of liked or or something they put on it right if you want to be like you know put some red so you have the like yeah like
when you see those like in the movies game of thrones yeah dragon breath what they did do it yeah i mean like you know it seems to work in the movies all the time but i don't remember me my kids my friends his kids like trying to do that so yeah fine the it's in there somewhere find it on the website not don't look under videos look under like whatever the fuck it is you'll find it you're smart i know you you could do a kid but it's so it's a fun way to clear your head here do it phone i'm like in the scouts maybe yeah that's why we did it that would be a cool thing to know how to do really well like bow and arrow like yeah yeah well it's fun it's like while you're doing it you know trying to just locate that target put an arrow when the target is it's really odd could freeze your mind i think it probably connects us with like some fucking ancient kinetic memory of bows and arrows taking out animals what is the yard like yardage of that like a football field can you kill something in if you could but it wouldn't be ethical because
the idea of you hating it is not so good hi sam but i'm saying like what's what's the range on a bone out like you know sling shot they usually say like fifty fee whatever now well okay i know of a guy who killed a deer at one hundred and forty yards with a bow and arrow really yeah he's just this crazy archer it was at this place in i forget forget the name of the the archery pro shop in orange county where this guy works out of i'll find it but yeah yeah he's he's a real professional archer and it's like one of his pet tricks is that he can kill a deer like over yards which is very rare most shots if you're going to shoot a deer is like twenty yards for yards is a fairly long shot like there's a big difference in twenty and forty yards with a rifle it's nothing with a rifle forty yards is an easy shot but with a bow it's very hard i figured and what about that is that one shot you seen every movie where they get it through their calf and other limping
scary movie two the reality is it would blow right through your leg now i can imagine it close through elks like if you my friend cameron hanes he's his famous bow hunter that you saw the picture of him in the front of that outsiders he's pulling up he blows holes through elk like a one thousand two hundred elk what should the arrow goes right through their body they call a pass through and what's what's the what's the i like what is the blade is a boy series of three razor blades like shift three yeah they're called broadhead blades and there's like three of am and they're they're attached this steel tip and they just cut right through the animals that go through like what it go through armor no no no no now it would go through a sheet of metal oh no a thin sheet of metal that it depends on how far away it is yeah
it's a it's a very challenging way to try to acquire your meat if that's what you wanted yeah i want to just be a guy was just so he's like an old school recurve bow these dudes out there that hunt with old school like you know no sign a long bow and they're shooting arrows in the annals and that's where they get all their meat from it's pretty caveman of yeah and that's that's the real deal i mean maybe that's your next show maybe the crossbow that's like the kindness of urban guys you know a little easier there's a lot of complaints about crossposts because they're allowing people to hunt with a crossbow now during archery season in wisconsin it's a big big point of contention because the regular archers know how difficult it is to get good with a bow and arrow with a small i have just pointed bench looked on the site someone around the walking dead thing like revitalized at home love affair fair yeah everybody gets excited about daryl's crossbow yeah yeah walking dead uh i can't believe how good that show got the season i thought it was going to
i thought it was over i was like this show i'm done with it but this he came back so strong it's like we just revitalized it they figured out what they did wrong yeah yeah i i never read the novel the graphic novel or anything like that but it is definitely riveting you know i never really graphic novel 'cause it doesn't exist fuckin' comic book i'm sorry it works i was trying to be a graphic novel i'm tired of people saying the graphic novel you know what the fuck that his son did they talk little bubbles yeah that's called a comic book but it's like it's like it's like a thirty dollars comic book that's a lot of that's a lot of my paper out if you put it in a little kid money that's a lot of saving up at the lemonade stand well i used to of those the old school ones these to be these big ones called creepy and eerie there are those that are really good drawings and black and white and you know they were kind of like graphic novels too that was that was definitely like the heavy metal years yeah i like that kind of
oh yeah heavy metal member the heavy metal comic book was a magazine right yep and it was like it was like it was like porn light because they had all those cool chicks in it and then i had like the cool like you know trip yet have tents the the initial point it would show like those like you know whatever those like you know savage princesses yeah fights and all kinds of those yeah that's right right i remember the movie memory heavy metal the movie yes so remember that yeah my friend worked on it her mom what did did the scene with the corvette read a locks with that the hot chick and some of them i don't even remember that while there was a time where they were making like animated adult movies do you member wizards yeah remember wizards i just saw that reason was great fucking so long this time had a wizards poster that was like a big message you know about well whatever music that's the one where they had like hitler speeches would create evil and then the other
yeah i i i recently just thought i'd probably that was like one of those things and it's like on the you know like weird on demand scrolls i haven't seen in forever but now i want to see yeah that's crazy it's really weird how there's memories that you normally can't access but also when you go down the road and you like oh what is this you find it on the ground or wizard i love it whoa it's like if you had asked maine you know there is an animated film was from the 1970s and it's about a book funk you talking about like normally without going down this road i would never have access that matter we're going down the heavy metal road as soon as you from creepy and eerie to heavy metal heavy metal the movie animated movies for adults and then boom wizards beyond the future
to a universe you've never seen before wow it looks great they use the different kind of form of animation where they actually drew over real stuff so that's why the people that kind of weird it is realistic they just drew over it's ok man if there's one thing i know it's how to drive when i stumble i need to watch movie into let your hands work the controls no i saw wizards movie theater too this is what mister eighty one this was this is my freshman year of high school
they use really this david rouleau that's why you cook the guy they use something called rotoscoping where that's actually a guy underneath there acting wow sexual fantasies for the voice over software that it's good kid everybody is so different those are real son harry now there's like war and that's what it was i was interview they checked it was every guys fantasy justin they ship st it's just enough when you're sixteen yeah wow that simpson said was the working title
great fun i told the song we made this does it okay right universe now i have to must see things now that and where is full of wizards but robert back she is the guy's name was wizard it has a lot of massive
to it yeah i don't really remember the message but that was even before heavy metal i saw wizards of my step dad when i was like that in at six thirty this is south park i ha yeah i i can you get high on on cat yes and then goes is that right into the movie yeah that's the sun wow they uh they sold one of those natural fast and loud tv show fast and loud yes the car show they actually had one like that they sold real old school burt reynolds smoking the bandit trans am not signed it he signed the dash the flu
down to florida and met him at his house and held the dashboard out for me signed it for them it's pretty cool that would be would he be like one of your ultimate guests think burt reynolds yeah he's he's hurting these days man had a lot of physical pain he's like if you see him he's bent over and he walks with a cane is really hunched over you know we could get him like i mean like really if he would want to come in i think that would be like a great guest he would great gas but i feel like i mean it we have to talk to him too dressy these are that out yeah i feel like someone who's i mean he's when i saw him on fast and loud so if you pull it up bright because it's crazy to see yeah we show that we did show that that's right he's so hunched over that it looks like the guys in agony i wouldn't want to have a you know tell me about sally fields pussey story and yet i mean what i liked about programs and not only was he like the ultimate like you know sex god whatever kind of dude like you know whatever that was
he also was like another guy who like he directed like he was like one of those guys like he crossed over to be like the director really early on like i think he was like a franchise guy like you know like smoking the bandit or whatever what he would do he made he made that jump 'cause he i think it starts it was like one of the last big star you could do it every want it who is pretty huge it was an awesome actor man i mean it i'll only known from a small banded days or some of the other crazy the did a book you go way back to to deliverance man yeah number one deliverance he used a bow and arrow to shoot that duty in a concert hall all bring it on back to bows and arrows yeah there he is poor guy this was her i'll look at that man see his posture that's so hard to see he was a football player man yeah guy was a stud and see him this broken down bent he's walking with a cane probably in real agony there that is
look like i would want to be on a fucking podcast if i looked like that and i don't think he leaves florida either i think it just chills right now through see any heroes slowly right away before your eyes david tell exactly is this with yeah this is wizards also film the same way using rotoscoping which is real actors underneath these people so they get real goblins well that
you take care that is you tell emotions this is some scary moments in this one by the way you could fucking move it down it was fun it was very little kid you're like what's happening what's going on once you like one guy who's the good guy and the other guys brother was evil yeah the good wizard and then the band from the day they were born good who rules the peaceful kingdom of madaga with wisdom science and technology were outlawed millions of years ago black wolf the future fear and we discovered the ancient secrets of propaganda technology and sends out his muted armies in a rain of unimaginable terror
i remember that i guess i was ten that's crazy they should be showing it in schools teach kids about proper i know right well it's also teach him about the evolution of of culture and art if you look those movies like the heavy metal movie and that movie like there's much more it was weird like they had to do things like that because they didn't have the kind of cgi we had today so it was almost like they're alternative was to go artistic and make this fantasy world drawing and animation and you know ways where you didn't have to only make it real you can still enjoy it instead of having it be you know like if you went back like really shity like old school king kong king kong from the 30s animation that's yes kind of what they had from those days that i love that really old old animation with like you know the steamboat willie i like words like ink just all black and white i like that i like that it's like amazing drawing you know do you ever see
those guys do those stop motion claymation things that they used to do for that king kong and these do each frame move it a little each frame move it a little was his ray harryhausen's other guys name was did you ever see the wizard wizards but the wizard that's that maybe you should check out here's a one of the best clips from this is service dates in the wizard now here this guy i don't get it is like a poster child for someone for your information butthead he's had the video championships in los angeles with this you know what he's just a really good video games this is one video game series came out guys what years is this is eighty nine begin a game you want you get it all i have ninety seven of them
you know all ninety seven of them remember the power glove had a power glove for video did they actually used to sell this no way it was horrible though it used to be used to be able to control certain video games with it but it was really this design larry and watch he plays a game called i think brad race or something like that what year was this narcotraffic eighty nine
this guy's council of city giant tvs please choose more exciting this can steering wheel is ever seen that's the one how old is he now but back then everyone was themselves in a song yeah this is incredible steering music inspirational music she i love the power glove it's so
well it puts a write up as as you know he does just keep your power clothes off her pants bigger friend wow wow that's gross the guys name was willis o'brien he was the one who did the stop motion animation in nineteen thirty three one thousand nine hundred and thirty three king kong have you seen the trailer for godzilla yeah the new one falcon looks awesome i haven't seen it do you old school movies dave overwatch old school motion imagine trying to live in that time yeah i was like a better do this place sometimes i would never like the colonial times i find it the most boring times ever that movie that new show turn like spies call colonial typing cares what is it i don't know what you're talking ok well it's like revolutionary war era inspiring the americans but they have great dialogue it's like you
i have to leave you have to get to delaware you know it's like all like local stuff that you can get there like on a bus ride now but it's like i don't know it's gonna take three days to get to and then you know like they're colonial spies so it's like born but you know it's like educational so that's the big show now on in between walking dead seasons is on amc yeah go back through time you want to go like cowboys and indians good error time that's a good time way deep you want to go like you know medieval evil times roman times yeah times a lot times i'm much colonial times private talking boring i'm not interested yeah exactly i'm telling you right now i would have bad choice well but it's like you know spy so it's like weird stuff like the right like the guy's name on an egg but its colonial times interesting they'll never have a show on civil war he's talking about i guess civil war show where they show like they follow around the south while the soldiers around make a common people are fighting for slavery
you know they like the old days of hogan heroes days they could make a they had a show about the god dam hall across yeah yeah i mean it was a sitcom about a concentration in germany can soldiers who are always tricking those dumb german but klink was one of the stars you know colonel kurtz he was one of the stars are no colonel klink and what schultz and schultz is want to stars they were stars his german and they were buffoons hitler ever come on the show was he ever a part of the show they would have to drive drive like like if you're is in that car and like you've never seen him or they would zig heil the car and then like oh i thought that was an excellent move like you never really get to see him but hogan was always well fed always find tricking them that was a ridiculous i could you imagine someone pitching a show like that today what's the season finale didn't it in good at it was there
yeah they all got gassed they all got a joke is on you hogan the end of this shows series is thirty years after the fact some guys a holocaust denier and he's mocking at all and then fade to black that's so weird that some weird holocaust deniers that's had some some people send me videos just watch this with open mind uh really going to do that do you think they could ever do a sitcom you know like like like a comedy with hitler like hitler knows best where he's like married or something they try and do that were in england 'cause they usually have cooler up until recently like their tv was way ahead of us but doesn't wear like hitler had retired and he was living in and it's like eighty show i believe yeah you remember mel brooks springtime for hitler was something like that we know sorry what is it he
one of his movies was the moving to member the moving spring to the producers the producers are this is he he had all this money that is trying who's trying to make for whatever reason trying to make this broadway musical fail he was trying like the worst broadway musical ever so you made spray time for hitler ideal is like there will be a musical about hitler but people love that it became a smash hit this is says i think it's card hail honey i'm home hello it's get the ok i gotta say opening things hell hunting under the building not so much a sitcom where hit can't unfortunately here brandon n series were heard of again until now a chance discovery in a burbank back lock eyes via the lost tapes in burbank not my house hi all honey i'm home tapes that we believe indicate brandon's on sun comic vision while okay let's see what the opening i can see the opening show
i know honey i'm telling you this isn't real i don't believe this at all now this is not just disparity honey maine now oh tonight you will make an schnitzel water what a must be real mad at me honey i'm a very very bad hitler don't touch me you've been late for your dinner every night this week busy man i can't just walk off the job at five hundred o'clock monday you had to meet with kerbals on tuesday von ribbentrop ton wednesday klaus katzenjammer who is klaus katzenjammer my taylor you should see the touch honey once more important than a double let me tell you something mister shickel gruber
you may be big stuff in germany but i knew you when you were just a house painter wow oh my god i wish that hitler jokes ohmygod that is awful there almost out of all the hitler jokes is like two minutes in that doesn't even seem real yeah i don't i don't think that's what i think there was something else like the english versions that seems like that was just done a couple years ago that seems like it was just but here's the sketch yes it's uh i am home it is real so did the s seven epistles is what i mean one aired in seven unaired episodes wise but that's hilarious i have an on air it's cool that they gave it a shot it was after one episode aired they cancel it immediately and like that they found the tapes in burbank and some that's funny yeah of course they cancelled it yet who made it what happened to him brandon is jewish ceremony
could you imagine pitching that to the network balls it's just so stupid and then not have any jokes to go with it you know that's i mean you'd have to have some like really good stuff to go with i bet trey parker and matt stone could do it they did it with like member when they did that george bush show that was pretty fun funny that's my bush or would that show thank good i liked it that i didn't think it was that good i didn't know no one i just didn't think it was like i mean i i think their best stuff i mean i i shouldn't say that i was going to say the best stuff doesn't have real p but i like the mormon musical that thing rocks i wish i raining get tickets for that that's like sold out for like a year or so is really it's really that successful yeah yeah i saw it early on it's really funny man somebody said that like that's one of the only adult shows on broadway like broadway used to be like you know you and your mistress you go out and see like you know you know like whatever
davis junior and like you know crazy like adults up then we give all kid a five very disney these these shows now are like all about like just like singing to germany now you know another that's like an original concept and it's really it's really cool it's supposedly really dark and funny so it's probably the first one of those who's phone zone miley it'll go i'm you still have a flip phone oh my god what year did you buy that phone when did heavy metal come out do you print out directions to yeah i do hot while you still have a phone like that when i don't like it i i like having a burner on me i don't know i guess burner you throw in the ocean with should act up when the fuzz closes in it's a great it's it's a conversation starter front they go dave you're so eccentric so eccentric
yeah i was at you guys might have a cigarette yes so you can have a cigarette you can have a cigarette turn the fan on but don't fire one up well brian disgusting for your body you need to quit dave attell you know what i totally agree with you now because i don't know how do you how do you handle like straight let you work out a lot right but like when you search you find that's when you grab for the you know like you know the cigarette or whatever like the drinkers well look everybody parents of it's just a matter of if you can if you have the time exercise this to me is all the best way to manage the whole thing to filter on there hunter s thompson yeah look at you so what's that for it to keep you another couple weeks so you get to see that are coming out like that cool what i'm pulling for no i definitely think that
taking care of your body helps mitigate a lot of the stress that everybody feels especially when you do a lot of things like i i do and travel a lot like i do of all of them a lot of different things a lot of lot of plates or spin and is a lot of us thinking yeah well that's why i feel like right start doing some kettlebells and melinda and i immediately felt horrible but then i started feeling better just because like it's it's it really is like a stress reliever but nothing beats cigarettes i'm sorry i think black man will you blow it on me yeah i know this is a long run here it's just terrible for everybody else in the room but you guys it's gonna be a sacrifice for everybody else in the room all right if you like a deck but it's amazing it's amazing that like cigarette people like that like you love it so much it's so important to you that if you want everybody else to suck in the smoke yeah but come on already muggy air in this twenty foot room all right i mean i give you the for the green light this is no good to get out of the snow is really does operation system well we have a
culture behind you that's what it's for from one dice was e oh i wonder i wonder how much he smokes today and i don't think it works anymore smokes i thought he quit smokes smokes again give it up i gave and then i gave up giving up david be tried doing the electronic cigarettes like the big hookah thing now that it's going to walk around with that wizard want but you can do this like in a hotel room you can do this in a restaurant if you're not going i bet you i bet you know like in a year from now looks like the whole thing you like the smell like the whole deal what do you like about it but like when you light up when you what do you feel like death if like just pee just wait do you worry about your health i could care less no i will could careless is the right you know that no but i'm just saying that like the whole india with the cigarette is that you know they did they'll do these things right the
this thing and then of course somebody won't like that and then it'll be easy to jump on electronics or electronic cigarette you know right but it's like do you do in this in the people doing electronic cigarette because they can't do this thing which is worse so it's like give them a break for at least a year of like let them smoke these electronic cigarettes before you like clamp down again on them for that you know well the problem with electronic cigarettes is not the standard ones like those little blues that push out vapor song push a smell like but there's something distinguishable about it i'm like what am i breathing in here i feel like i'm breathing in some sort of chemicals like brians brians i guess is termasuk it's a big cloud that comes out of it like it's like a mist it's more of a smoke like that it seems like a better mountain cigarettes but still smoke like out let me see what it looks like it's my battery died maine but you know the they have flavored stuff i always like weird
he crunchy flavors you know teddy bear to worry about your health roman these courses those two well we don't address have you ever tried to not do it anymore i quit quit before but now you know at this point like when i was brought up the stresses of like that like i'm out you know like super hardcore promoting an elegance of it's like it's like you know it's just all stress right now so you know the johnny carson story right driver genic now with johnny i'm saving it couldn't talk but says those damn cigarettes had taken his was walking around with an oxygen tank hoses in his nose yeah but what what a life when a life before that i guess that a good at you know is that where you go do the cigarettes really made it juicy right i don't know i guess we live in a culture where we have to live forever now i don't really understand it's not
live in forever it's about maintaining your health yeah you're sarpol it's a horrible and that's for sure mike mike lacey from the coming magical pull brian side once it was explained to him what it was like at the end and made me cry but you know i would have one of the biggest things i miss when i do quit try doing these electronic cigarettes i tried not to smoke is the the smoking got period you know or you're out this site talking other smokers and there's like some too that we come rothery we are telling yourself together yeah there is no i'm i'm gonna quit i'm definitely going to trying quit again but it's it's a lot harder than non quitters thing i mean they're not non smokers thing to quit it's not like it's not like you know whatever you know it really is i uh they there is truth to the cigarettes are hard to quit then like you know heroin or something like that i mean they're really is like it's are so ingrained usually in people that smoke but but for people who don't smoke it must blow you away the fact that like we're doing this like incredibly suicidal thing well i'm
need to buy the really the reason why i ask you is not because i want to pester you but because everybody is right out of the smokes that smart like you i always feel compelled to try to get their point of view and see if they have a point of view if they just deal with it they compartmentalize it they don't think about it fascinated by diction some really fascinated by especially things that i don't do like it's gambling coke in like that i'm fascinated by those things i'm always fascinated by the mindset 'cause i don't totally understand it right so i just we got like use smart guy and i see doing it and love it you can't wait to freaking fire oh sorry i've been here three hours right now i would have smoked half a pack if you were out on the street would you really i could i could tell you like how many cigarettes perfect like if you how much do you smoke probably two bags today yeah wow that's a lot huh yeah every ten minutes
david yeah you made me no it's it's it's less than that because i don't sleep i get up to smoke right do you yeah yeah how much do you sleep maybe now that i'm doing all this crazy stuff three hours through wow what do you normally sleep if you wow four hours us you step on nicotine as i know it has to do with i have to worry about editing like you know like i have to do the notes at night so that they can edit during the day and then i go in and then now like with all these like with radio as you know like radio and stuff it's like there's a weird schedule to all that and then doing shows at night 'cause i never stop doing it right of course but i meant like when you're not doing this and you said five hours five hours maybe is that because you're all juiced up with nicotine all the time i think 'cause i'm old my prostate tells me it's time to get up take a leak five hours and you're good if i'm lucky you know get some pom pom juice
have you tried some of those pills that help what is this doctor oz it's like we were just watching heavy metal and there's like a karabo carcass here it's like have you ever thought of like gives us yet it's part of getting old guys get used to it get used to it enough to start now and not have any probably any problems from ok you'll never get out for a year you would never say anybody who like it was an athlete in their youth or like stole is involved in athletics like smoking isn't my cardio is very important to me yeah yeah i understand that you know i'd never fuck around with that i'd get it i do love like you know smokers do like i'm just talking about like my dad and his friends like amazing like smoker superpowers where it's like they couldn't do anything but like if there was like something like you know hey i need your help what happened my car fell in a ditch
like they were just like come out with the cigarette them out i like lived up to me and that's so cool you know we'll do it always work on cars the cigarette dang another mouth gasoline everywhere oil everything and yet not just like is a smoker do good super proud like i guess i'm mad men you see some of it too where like there constantly smoking all the time doing whatever they do but those are like real cigarettes by the way there's no organic those those are yes like marlboros and camel sweat glands do smoky do they organic i do the organic now sells united better for it i think that they they help me just because they taste horrible like the the you know the reds will like the best tasting say that's like candy does to me resident is good yeah yeah did you feel like with the the america spirit so when you wake up you have more of like that's a thicker smoke you know it doesn't have all those chemicals you're burning the chemicals probably help though yeah cigarettes evaporate better yeah well i'm just saying that like i can usually tell like
three hours that would have been probably coming up on half a pack so it's like ten seconds brian you still smoke newports a newport don't smoke newports that's funny there's a brand that's funny 'cause my point i wanted to make a point there is a brand that if you say it's funny like get outta here what do you drive a yugo watt newports are free agents asians like new forces get out that was delivered to her yeah they would even like they they were like this is like races like the ad was like long beautiful black people smoking in newport now like this of races come up with a race racist newport add google that gotta be one on youtube have a mall cigarette racist quitting add that they're playing right now and people are saying is racist so hold on loosely but i couldn't find it right here yeah here we go all cigarette quitting at all i've seen that yeah that's definitely races but why
is it racist to be accurate are we trying to pretend that black people don't enjoy a menthol occasion i mean how many black people like menthols that's the sound of dave cigarette lighter i am going to need more than that oh no no no no this is the wrong one yeah this is around one eighty at least the new one because the other one what a bunch of yours i think they're right i saw the guy pulls the teeth out yeah but the it's really racist well the fact that he ordered menthols well if you were going to say a pack of cigarettes wouldn't just say a pack of smokes 'cause there was what kind so he goes pack menthol so has too many pulls his once a pack of menthols cost your teeth
smoking mental's a regular cigarettes can cause serious gum disease that makes you more likely to lose them say again and that would apply guys voice the video how do you know know he sounded yeah how do you know i think i work with him at the end now i tried to talk to somebody once and they wouldn't admit that you could tell the difference when a black guys on the phone sometimes this is white liberal woman she's like i'm really don't see that might get the out outta here you're telling me that you you can't talk to someone it shows what are you trying to say like she try to pin it on main trying to say that black people don't talk like no i'm not saying that i'm trying to say that with intelligent articulate person with a law degree that happens to be black times you can tell wow means they're not intelligent but that's no different than you enable tell someone from new york can you be able to tell if someone is from florida or or the south and that's a real thing it doesn't make them less intelligent you don't have to pussyfoot around that black
people sometimes on the phone have a different way of talking is it mostly is a reception you can tell they have a shity phone service a different plan under the table he hid under his under his table in pieces you should teach not are there no that's not what it means at all bryant they have a way of talking you know what i'm talking about brian yeah but i'm sure is that there's people want situation here jurisdiction is in your court you know the way i mean you're not always right but you'd be really freaked out this is how this is a difference if you heard a black guy talkin and you thought that he was a white guy and then you met him and you realize she was black he'd be like wow that's kind of interesting is way worse when you two kind of phone you think it's a black guy you show up it's a white guy and you go oh christ like that guys a fucking idiot there's almost
he's an idiot on the other end if you run into a white guy that's talking like a black guy on the phone like you convinced you're about to meet a black guy and it's a white guy ninety nine percent on the guy's a moron but if you're what talking to a guy on the phone and it's a black eye and you know you don't know it's a black eye because it sounds like a white guy he's usually just a regular guy you know it's like nothing wrong with them you know right i could always tell go within i always sell mexican 'cause i have that little mexican twang to him when a black and white do is raised by black people sequestered like in a scientific experiment they only talk took him home any around black people's whole life then i could understand i'm talking willie hunter don't know if you remember the comedian willie hunter has been on a few death squad shows he's a perfect example if you had him on the phone you would think he's white yeah there's a lot of guys at how 'bout tyler night remember tyler night he i mean in a so smart he sounds like a white guy you know that that's racist
but it's not racist to just make an observation it's like it's saying that's racist is like saying you know hot chicks get more freckles like irish when they're out in the sun that's not true it's not it's not racist to say that irish people have a problem with the sun pale people who have you know really whites can they get burnt really easily that's not racist either it's an observation but i think with accents like when we talk about like you could tell the guys from a certain i'm from long island like we used to have this distinct accent i like boston had just think and they said that like these accents now we're starting to like you know homogeneous homogenize until like i guess this just like you know mulligan stew of like one bad you know whatever it is but it is very few places now where you can actually hear like oh that's kentucky you know whatever you know i'd love i go someplace and i hear a real access like i love going in new york and like the waiters in new york this is the menu can i introduce you to our specials yes that i really that i love hearing accent yeah
love here in an accent that i especially probably i pretty aware that those are going to be around forever in the future one thousand years from now it's not going to be any access well i can gangs of new york you know when they have like the different you know because they were like irish but they were new york so like they had the kind of thing of this kind of turn of the century new york kind of like really really down and dirty accent so it sounded more like it was it was wherever like ireland yes there but it is cool cool here because you think it now when do we really start talking like we talk instead of like the english talky talk you know like in england that's a really good point like when was the crossover yeah what caused the crossover was it just like the all these different languages for learning english when they got to america that like places like probably radio yeah like radio like when everybody started here when everybody else had like that's when they started like probably mimicking it and then that became like 'cause there probably was a technology
you know what you're right that makes a lot of sense like totally makes sense dying down and then like with tv same thing you know yeah no right that's fascinating but i'm no i'm no whatever that's called you know scientist or something yeah i assume it's like when everybody started really hearing each other like a lot well when i heard myself i was nineteen and i heard myself on television for the first time i realized how gross my accent sounded awesome started i started working on rid of it i never said that mine was hard it wasn't good i was i was talking about i was interviewed after a tournament i was talking about putting in hard work rabbit neck listen to myself what all that boston like though hey yeah there's a lot of ease in the end a lot of nicknames is celian fitzy and yeah fuckin' might be over there well it's people suffer places
people suffer the sense of humor are going to be a bit stronger it's going to be a bit more character in the air you know if face adversity in a place like that new york to you know get all this back in the winter you faced a lot of adversity yorkdale like new york now is very free international very you know very metro so you know if you hear an accent like that miss mean you're paying money to see it 'cause i've never heard anybody recently with the brooklyn like i usually go to like restaurant in like a real time restaurant the guy is serving you has a broken accent i i i i really like those kind of classic you know like the westies in iraq which might like that kind of stuff you really don't hear that much anymore you know like a case and you'll see a guy that you knew was like a westie nelly like what's up and a lot of that like you know cool accent
when the alkaline has the great yeah his you know and he's like the most intelligent guy now i mean he's just so smart he he has that cool like that that thing to his voice is like it's very sexy is very it's very good it's charismatic yeah i called the fast any guy he's a he's a very funny on twitter to kat like it's funny people don't know that he just fucking around like you know if you know his sense of humor funny but so if you're some sixteen year old kid in the middle of nowhere and you read it you like lol dumb ass that's not even how it works like he'll say things that are so preposterous look at history show on one show that one man show i his new woman show what what is a call to that is i saw that so that like over july the july we last year it was really good
you know he's really really really intelligent man and like i i thought that would be great that would be great thing for him to do like continuously just like these really cool high end woman shows yeah long story plus now that's that's the that's another thing you did five minute history lesson does he ever do standup specials uh i don't think so i know that like once again like he's i'm working on this like putting away and so together is like endless so i know he was work i'm at work shopping at like it like i said it would do to me to super club but now don and i think he's and hopefully it'll be it'll be all the like you can see it on like hbo or something like i don't even know how that works like a one man how do you sell one man show i'm well it seems like kind of show that you would want to see all of the country like he could torah study for a few months at a time and do it just sort of like like the book of mormon like that kind of a thing we go to see it 'cause it's just different just pure stand up comedy
ultimately like that's like the perfect kind of thing for like and we were talking about like they expect to show right you know that would be like the perfect kind of thing it's the bill of rights and it's about like you know our constitution like i don't want to like i don't i definitely do not want to like you know talk more about 'cause i don't really know exactly you know yeah it really is it's so intricate it's taking something that is really dry an kind of unfunny and really making a funny anna you know he's just that good at this i mean it really is a great show he's going to be in town in california i think for second and third we should where is he at and may first grass valley in santa cruz and may third irvine california we'll we'll try to get him made error or around may third yeah booked up that weeks on the block gun yeah now he is he's a
very underrated stand up to like i've heard people say they don't think he's finding like we've never seen him live if you see him live you would know how far could funny that guy is his three show politically whatever it was last yeah confusing with politically incorrect that was fucking one of the best warmups i ever saw anybody do ever it was him just fucking around the crowd doing stand up and i would go to do the show was like i was watching i was like wow you know what this is the best part the show the best part of the show was him thinking around crowd like that was the funniest part like us down these hurried rush topics we go to you know really quickly on the panel wasn't as good as him doing his little stick and crowd he is so good and like his his you know i i don't even want this march about his crowd work is so like so ahead of i i lied i basically learned how weird rabbi watching him at the comedy cellar in other places that he was
classy and so intelligent that like it would take you a minute to get the reference because he was so it was the easy joke he would never go for the easy joke and like he really take it to a whole new level so he was like he was really especially on that kind of stuff and he also is i really really really like serve timing like he really is good at like crafting a joke and then telling it the right way so george morrison brushing him now it's uncanny no i mean he really yeah uncanny won the best impressions i've ever heard it's amazing jays buddy of mine his impressions are incredible that one at least that com ones amazed i'm not like other ones aren't but i know of the colin quinn one it's pretty amazing it's like it's sounds like colin i mean it's like exact you should when comes in you should ask him the same thing about accents 'cause he has like all the good acts so there's a lot of guys that were doing you for awhile there's a lot of guys that would like i would see guys doing it tell right was that flattering i did that bother you
people would always tell me tell me they were doing me and then i'd be like you know i i kind of like there's really nothing you can do about it i mean like you know it did help move comedy of like you know well i better you know i better do i better get better you know like if somebody soon but i i don't think there's anything like i don't know i was never live that like hey doll you're doing my you know get your hands and finally my and get your hands on my pocket and since says that the people that they're stealing his essence you know it's like you have respect for somebody is doing that you know like you they would say flattery it's like i think it's laziness i mean like do your own thing you know it's going to take ages yeah but you know the thing about it is like when you when you first that you will like mimic the guy that you love the most and then but you supposed to move past that yeah you know and that's all the like you have your own unique thing you do do my own unique thing and that event like when you get strong enough then you got to kind of like say like well that's too much like this guy and that's not like me and i think this but it did make me
like you know i have a lot of bad habits that i really need to drop that people are just mimicking now all they were not bad habits no no i i i do you know like a lot of the turns that i did like other guys would do you know like my arms i would think that there probably everybody's turns you know i'm talking about yeah transit the style of delivery you know that you that are not saying you do aug stanhope does that to me all the time i don't do that anymore but you know what i would do that because like when i first started out doing comedy timing is so sort of like so i was hanging out and now you're going to here comes the joke paul right you know you know i am behind all that energy was also a really horrible crowd like tall k yelling so that's why it's also like bang bang bang like the yeah well that was the great thing about doing club special yeah i love
it's not stress factor yes it's as regulators what a great that's a great just a phone number yeah there's a forty does phone calls from the stage does like these prank phone calls if i was a which i would have one of those in my house i think phone handy would come out you call people right there we dave for a joke yeah there was a the guys that were coming up a few years back they were imitating it was it was kind of annoying because i would hear it all the time at clubs was like oh my god this guy's doing to tell like they would be doing their own material they be doing it like you and you come on man utd build that in the trenches and you figured out a way to get the point across and have like a compelling rhythm that's fun to watch captivates people get some locked in and some
came along and check that i don't think i really do that that much anymore because like i always felt like that was hacked that i was doing that kind of rhythm it was it was great now it's cool that you guys said that but but i i i have walked into like a room and i'll see god doing and i'll be like i'll i guess he's a fan you know there really is no i always feel like i need to get better and that these other people like that they're on their own journey you know like i guess that's the cool is is an way to look at all of this stuff you know there are their journey i'm on my own you know expect yeah through comedy and uh hopefully i'll get better and i'll look back on that and laugh and i kind of do now which is like you know everybody kind of everybody kind of sounds a little bit the same and then you'll like to see that one guy that likes stands out and you're like wow you know we all need step up working you know you i think what you're doing like that that sort i think it is the most empowering way yeah oh yeah you take control of it
let's see you when you see it for what it is and you move forward and use it as inspiration and set a like there's certain guys that like someone will sound like i mean they were talking about dane freaking out at uh he did steve byrne and then he did it for crystallia told him that they're stealing his essence he said that chris to pull some side you stealing my asses really i could really do that to me i know guys who dive take your eyes on the road and they start to start to mimic like me but i understand you know all the time yeah absolutely he's got a very distinctive style generous to yeah yeah i was like oh they had heard the havoc one always bothered me the most when i would hear a guy like me ten years yeah you know it's like you know i have a little respect specially after and then they will always go like yeah but i was doing this before i was like i doubt it i doubt you were doing this before mitch hedberg you know they always like trying to cover with like
as a baby i sounded like that yeah was cool and slow it's like dude like now you know like now like you know wake up and do your own thing but they they always like now and you know like the like now you know stand when i'm doing it's nothing like that and it's like it's exactly like it well to guys who are out there comics i know it's very difficult to let a bit go especially if that bit works right sometimes you'll do come up with a bit on your own horrible and it works then you find another guy's doing it yep you got to drop that and you got a look at you got to be able to look at yourself honestly and if you sound too much like mitch hedberg you got a change that up you can't do that yeah you can people are going to know and then they're going to they're going to always look at you is that guy that used to sound like mitch hedberg yeah you know like they dig in their heels in there and they and it takes about it but and then there's the guys who like fake tribute comics
when they're going to trees and the trees i didn't know i thought it was a treat you the they say this on to the bottom on it but i just like you know dudes all you're talking to the guy on you too yeah that guy that guy's a piece of yeah i was like you know what it's like it's one thing to be a fan it's another thing to it paid tribute to do what you're doing without you know like luckily the how many fans were on a man that was that was really cool that they did that i really made me feel good with his response was ridiculous yes likes over boasts an over bearing yes fan sieve and didn't own it all was trying to pretend that the whole thing was completely innocent and in tribute and you know in all aggressive while he's doing it like this even an artist stop i'm not that good at comic but i'll tell you one thing about patrice if you shut the fuck up about that guy down easy please top five you gotta problem with you man now but i thought i would say this show patrice if he had lived another five years
people would have actually gotten what he was doing i really do think he's the guy who was about to pop i you know i just think i think he was great he got his own way but he still was like yeah you know are you is hilarious he had this great fuckin' joke about if you going to be my girlfriend you applying for job and the position that's available this is well let's see what i got here i got open at two hundred am for an hour you suck my dick and i still your last snapple are you interested will pitch that was the position was available oh my god that bit it's such a funny bit because it could you could almost see patrice actually saying that to a check he he would not back down and every every comic you see now you're like what have into that everybody now is so like it's very like you know non when he got on stage we played it after he died when he
not onstage rather on television defending jokes like who is this woman who's talking about a horrible joke was and he was like 'cause you ain't coming from it from the language of funny thank you don't understand funny like all comes from the same place he was trying to be funny yeah it didn't workout but how come from the same place the ones that are good and that joke all comes from the same place and like she could understand it and then she's like you know and then he did a joke about kicking like a pirate style kicker in a shipment coming in her eye stop it around on one leg when are and the lady like didn't want to laugh but you know he said on tv like kicking her in the shin jack elite in our eye and we're like oh my god who is the perfect example of something that's ridiculous la areas and you know violence against woman it's a violence joke you know that's
joke about kicking a woman cumming in her eye and it's still funny pirate oh he's so fine man he was so funny but yeah i do think that like if he like he was probably one more special away from like people going like man this is crazy 'cause elf in the room is a classic yeah i think elephant in the room i think there's a lot of guys that unfortunately they slipped away with people knowing about him like hicks became much more fame after he died was when alive they used to bother now it doesn't bother me at all because i was like at least at least people you know and his stuff his stuff like this so much raw stuff and then in the actual like great great specials you know so yeah you know like people like have been like you know look they'll talk about the raw stuff and i'm like that's cool even like that you know i guess if you're a super fan you like everything who is the first car that you ever saw that made you go i want to be a comic i want to be a comic
i was listening you know the one you know i i can't think of like the i want to be a comic but the one guy that i did see that did make me think like oh my god that's what a real comic is will be bill hicks really i did see him and i had already been doing it for a little bit where i was like you know i'm doing open mic so i'm trying to get the jokes together but then when i saw him do it 'cause i already was like like one of those fans where you're like no you don't even want to make eye contact with the guy because you like don't get into space you're spending that much and i was like when i saw him live i was like wow that is just it man he was just thrown away jokes that like you would would would fifty four let me just air some stuff out here he is crowd his crowd the way he like handle crowd also maybe like you probably saw him when he was sober right you probably signed the server i never in the texas days yeah number days were when he was really putting in a lot of work and he was he when
i'm a guy who was this wild drug taking maniacal to do his really really focus on leaving body of work he would talk about that it's almost like he knew his time was coming out right so he was constantly writing and he was ahead of the curve with a lot of ideas there's a lot of ideas that he talked about during the bush administration senior yeah during the administration that's totally relevant right as far as like jokes about military and jokes about war and you know cool that he did that but as a comic that was not my favorite my favorite part was when he was like in the evelyn the crowd the jokes his his so it's like the letterman jokes that like you know like his first couple of appearances let him enjoy you like these jokes are just great you know like you're like this is what it's about goes great and then you know you'd listen to uh i remember like somebody
likely we had a tape of his i don't even know what i mean rumor was and i was like wow dude that dennis is like his smoking jokes in those are one i guess what you're still blow everyone else smoking two of those got ripped off too yeah those shows got ripped off and the the whole like you know i like to play tricks you know the whole thing like got i'm in it and the guy hits the pencil you know that joke like the practical joker joker remember that show that's a great one with with the you know no guy pulls out my in high school i was in the class clown the guy pulls up my seat i fall down every laugh so i figured i'd get him back so like you know i whip a pencil goes right in his eye you know he's got an eye patch now and then another then something else happened this guy when he pulls out to see it breaks his back so like the two of them walking around with the eye patch these wheeling because here he goes to funny i butchering the joke that's what it is it's like one of his like you know it's one of his it sounds like a classic like kind of like you know like mundane topic and it's just like seeing that you're like wow this guy really thinks
one of my favorite bits was when clarence thomas was going in front of whatever committee get on the supreme court and they were investigating the but the whole um remember that was that whole thing where you pick rq care on the coke for anita what was your name anita hill z to hell yeah he had a whole bit about just made him realize that he would never run for office you know because all the ship they have on mister hicks yeah i do yeah did you own clam lap as volumes one three nine is like what what what what one to ninety i don't recall thank you you have to listen the bed i'm not doing it doing it sir what went into this whole i about loving it was like this direct and they don't realize like while the misdirect is going on that he is still in front of the committee well thank you for your opinion mister hicks but you have to
not doing a bit just to see got to listen to it i don't know the exact verbiage of it but it was awesome and like his special which is the one where he comes out he's wearing the hat relentless i think it one england there was whatever bay arizona bank arizona bay was a cd is that ok now i'm sorry where remember like when they think goes up against that where that is fire in general i think he's in england i don't remember let's look it up damn it but that was a good one yeah i was like i was like you know this fits him this really does fit him you know that i'm talking about like you know theater versus club 'cause like i also consider him like a whole rock hard club well that was when he went to england he became way more famous in india and then he ever was an american people here could give yeah i know right it was weird well then you know the whole leary thing but also letterman also like his first couple appearances on letterman like you know i was in college or something that i was like wow this is really
mazing yeah and is with dennis leaders in his wikipedia page that's when you know you up and the wind up in the x wikipedia page and not for battering lee but what did daddy i remember that revelations yeah was revelations remember i saw it live you did yeah leary was my favorite comedian for like six months hello thought leary was awesome and i saw hicks and i was like what the fuck is going on here why am i seeing the same jokes and then i got all the information for everybody else and i was like wow wow that was hard that's why specially when i was telling everybody how great leary was and i me larry would murder dude oh my god those days in boston the boss murder yeah yeah the boston boston days it was you know it was just it was a sad thing to see this is sad when finger guys just as genius thinker and then you find out he's a parrot you know it's just taking somebody else
i think it was that torque that yeah it was brutal i mean on this wikipedia page for a fucking reason man you know it's not it's just no cure for cancer or that i don't know i don't even really wanna talk about you have talked about him so many times and he got angry that i did before but hey man it is what it is and he doesn't want to address it but it's a part of comedy history just it's there's no getting around it especially with a guy like hanks was just such an innovator man it was such a unique style and the user a guy who'd changed comedy a lot of ways because you open up a whole new door for people can ascended to can as an open up a whole new door comedy they can this and now is is the guy that i wish i think we talk about the last time was like that's the one guy which is alive i really do like of all the people i never saw him i really wish i'd seen that that just a power like i would i would
i would be the guy like let's call your chair and i mean like i wouldn't be the you know like a but i would want to see the whole the whole like deal like the whole like ralph comedy store show would be the best like before we say yeah that would be the time to see him there probably right before his famous to see him after his famous and just wasn't it was the same as any other right out the whole new act like really quickly after his after his hbo special who's on the road you couldn't do the same jokes everybody knew them so we have come up whole new act and just too much partying and coke and but like i've said it with twins yeah he called the end then call guy's girlfriend you fucking on stage he was the first comic i ever saw to talk about like you know you know i'm partying people vanessa i'm doing that but i'm doing it for the material yeah i'm doing it for you people remember that when i'm balls deep like but i was like
this thing ever heard of comic actually on stage talking about writing material because like none of them ever would talk about that you know and then like finally he was like the guy who would say it even though it was part of his his kind of like drug joke it was so funny to hear like he writes material to so we're out of time that's it going to turn into a pumpkin we've been here for three hours dude because you're awesome now please you're the best then your show comedy underground was called comedy underground saturday one am saturday one hundred am comedy central uncensored just totally wrong right now insulted nonsense they let you do whatever you want after midnight on comedy central which is fucking amazing comedy central is the new hbo comedy hour really in a lot of ways let's hope yeah dude best of luck with it will help
it will pump it up thank you and i'll rate should perform guys remember that and also my special damon tull ladies and gentlemen follow him online a towel on twitter h t t t t d ll yeah two days and improv this weekend with allie all jesus christ son save time save money folks dollar shave club dot com forward slash rogan thank you to them thanks also to on a dot com and and it use the code word rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements dirty bitches at the lobero barrel theater me with mad flavor aka planet rock hey joey diaz julie julie julie huh yeah santa barbara sher i might escape santa barbara someday i can't take los angeles anymore that's the move something alright alright you fox will be back tomorrow brian and i are going to go shoot some shit
we're going to shoot some hard drives and then thursday we're back with greg fitzsimmons and uh after greg fitzsimmons we're doing a bryant counting brendan shop i'm going to do a ufc rap up alright much everybody thanks from positive energy thanks everybody came out of the baltimore we had a great time it was it was amazing show an awesome on it's all right you guys a we love you a big kiss on on on on on
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