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#510 - Tony Hinchcliffe

2014-06-10 | 🔗
Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. Tony also hosts his own podcasts called "Kill Tony" with Redban, and it's available on iTunes and at http://Deathsquad.tv
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we're getting a little weird or get me a little where we go days in and you know it talks a sichuan just text all your friends i mean maybe there's some benefits of that sometimes when you want to decompress but i think for the most part we should probably talk to each other every now and again it is interesting it's like we're going backwards i'm gonna try to slip it and just go carry or pigeon or raise them like in game of thrones that's gonna be that's gonna be the coolest guy in the neighborhood the guy that has the first raven that's trained to drop stuff off somewhere ours is a train of fuckin raven didn't want it was new it act it could go anywhere that can do anything can fly and the fuckin small and it's not like this no food right you know they can find food the only to lose your bullshit and animal so smart to travel long distances you think they'd be smart enough to realise they don't have to take that shit you know they could discuss do whatever they want you know it's a really fucked up feeling or a thought rather what if
that's how ravens evolve their intelligence because ravens are so smart they do all these multi step process tests where raven has to get a stick and use the stick to get a bigger stick and use that beggars take to get an even larger stick their old down these long tubes so the raven keeps figuring out that as he gets longer sticks he can reach scoop the stick that's longer than that and pull it out and then drop it and then use that one to get a piece of meat and they do it looks like seven or eight steps watch it negro dies freaking me to fuck out that thing is smartest shit there probably smart that they figured out how to nod have to be the male guy anymore ravens froze the same that's a very good question i think not it seems like fish should be right now ravens croesus shame both blackbirds that's just it we're just being racist arteries of knowledge and in question are we
are odyssey ravens and kroes the same differences train crows in ravens there was a crow my backyard a couple weeks ago and crow was injured and it landed my backyard i couldn't get out kind of fly anymore so i just wanted to go out you know take my dog out to go to the bathroom and the second i would come out all the crows in the neighborhood would just start going crazy and swooping down like trying to protect the injured one they're smartest shit yeah yeah yeah weird was weird like we think of just birds but birds but a little gang little gang their gang flying monkeys the explanation a raven a bigger version of a crow although they are the same species array as common name given too large a species of birds in the genus core of us corbett kids are commonly referred to as crows and
species in the same genus you say genus or genus just a genus that's why i only read though i never say like genus it doesn't really come up if you use genus at a conversation you're a due total unless you're a biologist and you're using genius you're like what are you doing you stop it you cut your file fancy this year from the genus corbett's okay so that's what it is and the same genes as jackdaws and rooks why those birds are they go so now you know go to wikipedia dot org and look up ravens and that's it ting rogan tank dotcom ass himself on company twenty five bucks boom sherlock lock boom in edwards has a new cd that's out right now and it's on the team cocoa label team cocoa meaning of course the great conan o brien has his own record label i guess
and he's putting out this is the first want yeah anita it's our friend fucking hundred percent awesome he calls it is is it is called a hundred percent half ass and it's easy and sitting on the edge of his bed to stand up because that's where you'd like to be able to reduce debt he's a super funny dude and one of the nicest guys i know and known in ian forever and he's cool coolest shit so support support support and he's really funny man really fire guarantee you enjoy the shit out of it so go to records dot team cocoa dot com you see ian edwards hundred percent half assed i will be with the great tony hinge cliff and the great brian cowen we're going to be we're in lloydminster on on thursday and then we are in vancouver on friday vancouver is the orpheum i'm not sure was think one of em sold out i think it's though the lloyd minster one or really close
if you want my getting africa with us jump on beaches are dead boom sherlock like bowman only neither for goddamn advertisements kidneys good job will gain experience glee tony hinge glib googly movie fresh back from indiana lead those middle america people know what the fuck is up mental america's like middle earth in some ways you know you know me earth like where the hobbits lived the good folk weren't wasn't middle earth like the the cool people that's where the habits were and are not about that but i do know that indianapolis i learned something that's speaking about indianapolis that it's like the south of the midwest very southern a lot of ways it's amazing though because it's pretty much straight was
of columbus but they're like an they were laughing about it its i'm not insulting and that there a lot more like like a bad city's around that like me just go a few miles down the road and all of a sudden it's all about racing and it's all about dancing camo shorts i saw because it's starting to be summer there yeah there's a lot of country music lovers there it's like kentucky like you never think that kentucky is right next to cincinnati yeah you know i you think of you think of like cincinnati wkr remember that show with that show you anderson i since in areas like a city anything can talk is man what's goin on down there on a banjo picketing moonshine making barbecue and you don't think it's like right next cincinnati yeah cincinnati airports in kentucky ill it is you land in kentucky
all the cincinnati airport because they're ashamed they're in kentucky that's so sad and i'm like you know kentucky people kentucky's awesome lou ville is awesome you know kentucky fried chicken all right you guys are known for bourbon like you guys make some great shit kentucky's corvettes are made they make all their corvettes in kentucky mr clarkson the guy from top gear was driving corvette and he likes yelled out likewise drive it well done fat man from kentucky you created a masterpiece that that users gonna yell out the n word or no he did that later he did that that poor bastard people have hubris man they think they can say things like that i read something cool about kentucky fried chicken since you brought it up but let us say it it's the colonel however the actual kfc guy was his protege or like the person who he trained underneath him his favorite guy coming up the ranks of like fast food
helped him on a lot like change it's a major decisions was the guy they told him put the chicken in a bucket instead of a box sky was dave thomas who then went on to make all the wendy who powerful fast food conspiracy theory like some shit that your friends told you when you're in high school it turned out to be totally false but you repeated it forever nabisco is owned by the same people who make missiles they're trying to kill you one way or another bro it's either with cupcakes or with missiles well it is the same company that makes cigarettes nabisco is rj reynolds and rjr nabisco rr is r j reynolds impossible the people feeding you twinkies would not hate you want you dead is that nabisco with a twinkies is
twinkies no who had twinkie post is it's not the same but it could be under the same i'm so i'm so dumb it's painful nabisco is known as being like you know if you think of like snacks right you think of like something that's yummy but not necessarily good for you i picture the nella wafers remember the what do they have that's like real bullshit nabisco they have some good child your cookies yeah yeah the biscuits some good god they could learn elves on their side i do believe check this out dave thomas and colonel sanders both guy they both one first place they tied for whose split you could best fried chicken wild dave thomas's chicken why doesn't dave thomas just means
had now but when he was alive what are you shall chicken i wonder he did there was a test market would they do such ignorant when he's but there was a collision sandwich said i can get legal bucket of chicken there was a test market company that windy started that i only think stating columbus all rightly so high o called sisters chicken and another thing no moment in a they actually were way petr than kentucky fried chicken they have these little chicken levels in and out mammas chicken little league lagoon i'll get it was it was like white castles but with chicken feed each arm is like the steve jobs as he figured out a lot of shit with wendy's yeah like you really did like one of the things was that the food is never frozen like if you you get a steak or a hamburger patty stake get a hamburger from any other place it's usually frozen and they just sort of like give you get some of a minute i mean look like me like why castle it doesn't even regard me right so confusing you'll get what alike ass berger is a solution
but you're like what the fuck am i eating but if you look at wendy's like they get their paddies a big thick patties and they get up and they just didn't than i ever freedom they thrown went unto the grill it's gotta be better you you can free shit got to think like when you're eating things kind of taking in like live cultures like if you eat yogurt you take in live bacteria you know and when you eat like anything whether it's whether it's i mean any kind of foods sort of have like some sort of bacteria fungus on it just a slight amount and so on taken the men you taken in like living things whenever you just totally freeze the fuck out of living things you never good you know just can't be good there's something something he's got to be missing there i don't i mean i'm no scientist but when you freeze it till like literally doesn't rot it's like to happen that support
be fact i'll give you of crops and your crops freeze you're supposed to be fucked you know that's what it's about it's not supposed to be free shit and you're eating like frozen peas like what is what is even in those things at a regular p that's gotta cost something right in that the thing i would like to see a scientific analysis maybe i'm totally wrong but i would from my wow bro wow factor how i would describe it i would say you're losing the essence of the life form of plant freezing kill it everything's dead like that's the reason why not rotting is all that bacteria that would normally breakdown anything that you leave out and starts to decay that's all surface of that anyway right
just takes time to rot that's what it is this out you have some dead bacteria instead of live bacteria on the surface of your thing yeah that's got to be part of it i mean isn't that that is what like taking live cultures is all about like everybody wants to eat probiotic stuff like probiotic i have some probiotic sauerkraut man it was amazing is probiotic mean it means it's rotting probiotic sauerkraut is it's like it's almost like carbonated you ever have that stuff like for oh i've had it yeah it's really good i love it it's delicious and super good for you it's like a lot of people don't know like ross sauerkraut is fucking really good for you oh yeah it's it's got a live thing you're taking into your body and that love cultures very good for fighting off diseases and for balancing your stomach and for there's a lot of people like they're connecting it with autism in a lot of ways because a lot of people with autism also have bowel issues and gut issues and they say
tat it could possibly be connected to a wrong balance of back here in your body an imbalance which is fascinating man yes cross one of the few things that is good for you and completely wishes that crazy is that like you makes a hot dog fifty percent better area easily sausage eco put it he just tony you're making so he can smell it in picture it with a good like brown seedy mustard on whoever figured that out like all the other vegetables most to be so jealous they don't get to be on hot dogs you get like pickles you know it's like cucumbers and sauerkraut those the happy once in every edison tomatoes compulsion i'm totally the fuckers
that all those cool vegetables hate on the lettuce and tomatoes why should lettuce and tomato be allowed to be on a cheeseburger let's pretend this is healthy lettuce is less than nothing yeah what's the difference between our brought worse in a sausage that's a good question then maybe it's a it must be the preparation in ohio rot worse were everywhere like there was renaissance that specialise in brought where's here i'm always looking for a brought words and i can only find sausages or hotdogs there's gotta be applied i know you can get them at the store i think brought worse might be a little bit of a smoky or flavored my guess going into it i have no idea let's talk sausage well we're talking we're talking raisins and okay the same difference is this between a square and a rectangle what just broke out worse brought worse okay this is the weirdest example ever the guys so the square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square oh i see
so is it brought worst sausage but any sauce word is not a bro worse or our pork sausage with a medium grind spiced mainly with pepper is any ground meat in casing it seems like it's a sausage it's just a different type sausage it is it's a pork sausage can call them brought we're so you want that's a creepy were to steer whose is that german brought wars brad myself would you think caused certain parts of the world to develop that sound like that you need me for my group like when you get like weird sounds brought worst we second language sounds does sound people in that region made like worker will cause them to do the ex crazy like that they think the opposite
like oh i'm in american i unknown see ate my what do you know a yeah that's crazy we look at them like their weird enabling imagine how weird we sound like if you think of what they sound like and what we sound like their perspective must be like i bet they must we're like singing things because it so pure were fastened an example for the rest the world because if you look at all the other english languages in the world they are a pretty similar australia and new zealand the main i've got a good day they got a little bit of a difference but still sounds like an english access as i can are english accent whereas we got over here and went nah not so much now we're gonna say in our way fuck face and we're gonna make more bombs and we're gonna make it tell everybody talks your ways weird now you're gonna have to learn our way the english language is quite weird is you somewhere and you took it to a man he's still talking about this you're like i i'm having a hard time understanding you right now that's not
look this is english fucker here that nice and clean no fucking words slurring into the next word like word soup you're a goddamn word food train damn word food train were perfect over here america we not a rocket we'd fuckin got took your language and men seed it it better we even see you language bitch this is our shooter of the day i haven't heard yet today i don't know i hope they catch him for man it's getting ugly dude that north hollywood shit was crazy so did that dude the north hollywood thing for folks who don't know there was a man on a roof and i saw i saw it from elijah slingers twitter eliza slashing journey to was torturing her ex boyfriend on twitter david a guy semester that made up a com fleet total history he said his mom was dying his mom was fine there's nothing wrong with mom said he went to the yale he never went to yale he said
starting up all these businesses the guy was like one hundred thousand dollars in debt like he was like living with roommates like he was just he totally fabricated and super successful eliza schlesinger got sarah tiana she got sara tiana she got sarah tian and hardcore but she was going off on her twitter and then i saw something about shoot the guy on the roof and i'm like what kind of the roof like you know she was saying kill that fucking guy she's so crazy then i went and then i started looking looking up stories what exactly is the full well we're pretty much it started off as a police chase and then went on like goes was one those ones i just went on every single highway and the guy i only got out in north hollywood and he's out of his car and when he was driving he was holding out a big rifle a automated rifle just like hanging out the window and so he pauses car over in north hollywood and he gets out of his car and he pulls out this huge gun
walking down north hollywood with his gun and then he gets on top of roof of a house and then at that time that's when i tunes because i saw eliza tweed also and then i thought you were gonna shoot himself but you just what is it for about twenty minutes is on top of a roof with a gun and then a heap comes down off the roof and makes into this house luckily there was nobody home and he just sat in the house for about four hours that's when that like that in the movie confirming that the real life is completely became boring would like those that news for like three hours or whatever along it was just repeating the same thing over and over if they are finally at the swat team all around the house and they are shot in a bunch of containers of smoke or whatever and the guy just walks out but what was the coolest thing is that the two police dogs just came running up to them sniffed his leg and then sat down right next to my just like hey we're
for a whistle before we just chew your dick apart you know in the guy just surrendered so it was a really crazy beginning part of the movie irving thing in and it is so at the end well it seems more hours each other problem weird we have a short attention span we want all live all these live altercations to go down as if they're a ninety minute movie that we can pay attention to yeah i mean just yesterday there was somebody in vegas i don't know if you would sell the walmart incident that happened or the day before and do you think this is copy cat shit think something's going on magazines eyes i was talking about it for days ago like how we ve been having a shooter every day there was a guy in canada that aren't even if they ever caught in canada
the guy that was just had like three guns and he was going through neighborhoods shooting cops and stuff yeah he was shooting those guys who look like bow winkles buddy yeah they dressed like bowing to canadian royal mounties yeah it's a horrible story shot like three of them up there and some i met someone who knew that guy i can't remember the exact thing but they they weren't surprised it seems like it is kind of like a weird copycat thing because i mean we ve been having it everything the santa barbara douche bag well a lot of people out there that are probably on the edge just takes one thing like that to push them yeah the school things with these that you know like i saw party like kids video i have them all and it's like terrifying he was talking like he was doing something much bigger then shooting few people he was saying things like oh your
are going to be you know ominous showed america the world like his talk at such a grand scale and i think that they really think that its bigger than it is and that they're like a hero or something like they're gonna be remembered for that well they know that that's the thing that people are most afraid of so you can cause that thing to happen you become famous i mean it's that simple and they they equate in their head being famous in that way is having an impact and others the guy had a huge impact with other people's family that he killed that guy just drove around and killed his three roommates what was fascinating that became this like a woman's rights the hashtag yes all women you know or what i would say once a woman rights like awareness awareness of violence that women face and i got to admit it makes you think about it in a different way that hashtags a great hashtag yes all women because all men
have to worry about the things that women have to worry about like enough to worry about being raped by checks have to worry about you know like women beating you up or women stealing things from your women trying to rape you you don't have to worry about it but when have to worry about it for men hold different world they live in you know it's it's hard to say about when you live in your world you know your world's pretty easy you're super twink right well yeah i'm about a hundred and thirty pounds so i'm pretty sure i can be raped i i know a little the hashtag should be yes all women antony in i know what it's like to be a woman do you remember when someone said that from the who pete towns and said that so you know it's like to be a woman it has been a woman really some crazy claim or some crazy a statement about new have
tell i sexual experience you townsend's one of those guys like if you do a little research has some crazy stuff about him but he can get away with anything he's that we'd guitars from the who and he does that windmill thing and you know when you're that cool you couldn't be crazy but he s like some cream history he got investigated for child pornography and he said that he was doing it for some sort of a research project or something like was researching child pornography so doing so he's searching for it yeah i don't remember what the project was that he was involved with that he was saying he was involved with but that's kind of fucked there's one woman that could beat up need your talk my there's no you guys can get raped by women and stuff like that did you see that woman that beat up at low seventeen year old kid and he filled the whole thing the connecticut beach there's chicks like that out he filmed it while she was beating him up yeah there's this woman in connecticut he was flying with those little toy drones on the beach and it has little cameras in it and she thought she
of crazy woman like all he's recording us like it's a legal or something to do that and started like the police and he started filming it on his eye from which he was doing and right we ve got the former depleted she's like you better get here i am gone right now because of our industry beating this kid up and he's filming the whole thing like that after i saw this video i actually had to go in the other room just sit down up my heart was racing so far i just wanted to kill somebody after walking issue would you like to look at it it's really you you fuck i had this woman lived i run and one a fine this woman i want to find this woman businessmen dr ukraine ok let's check with love and make me mad you're the ghost that in another wreathe heart was beating ok biologist
engineers twenty four did not appreciate and flying is drawn on the beat our shoes under their priority airport adoption about piracy are taking pictures and trying to upload them come from a camera can you guys get here here manassa that no real issues video recording her he's taking pictures of people on the beach with all the help after playing yeah can you guys hurry kept him from getting arrested because she said that just come they release them after they show the video from the the start that sap
little bug gets so fucked up some people right now all you're seeing is this kid holding on to his equipment the woman is using him he's trying to put his equipment away you're somewhat yeah i think this is fake no it's not the woman was arrested
is it on the news what is this guy doing that's a weird half guard you want take the hands are ripping it there at mouth yeah she's put their hands in his mouth and he's filming at the entire time like a selfie at it's hilarious he hath my god this girl's crazy she had terrible half but what got me if you weren't assaulting me i wouldn't be touching you should be taking up on the you want to stop salting me get off of me in and sell all the cops i mean it's so bad how
this is totally plainer is now really scared these filmy yeah please get all for me that commitment makes me crazy this is photography is not a crime it's amazing that he got why do i make it so mad to me it's funny because i've been in situ ways psych yeah it's funny is he was in danger he was doing this the whole time he wasn't like proto he was like making sure we filmed this being the shit out of em right you didn't even like stopper defend himself he was
scared i've been in domestic violence played things before though and that shit where she could have just said yeah he attacked me and stuff like he did right no she did say that that's why i know that situation drives me nut right the back where it makes me want to have a gopro on the recording all day yeah no yeah solved by chicks all day long because primes upload and all day be like chicks punching them holding of down the parts in law and fucking he just wasn't telling us about these scared over here he was just keeping all these from us can see what i'm talking about it on the show it's like every day another one i'm gonna bring it up no fucker they gonna make fun of me all day is just checks beat in his house yeah i don't know man i mean she's obviously ass all but he was like letting her get away with it on purpose it is that he is a man it is amazing five ten years ago that same thing
happens that seventeen year old who is just flying is plain on a beach ends up going to jail because if young woman does say this guy salted me yeah well in the cops come there and they see his shirt half wrapped as she was in a defensive position you know what i mean it's amazing yeah there's no doubt doubtless she said that she that he was assaulted or that he assaulted or rather they the video and that's what got him off so i think that this is obviously a crazy person would lie but i think that's normal for people to be your ass likely the beat your ass like that like physically beat your ass to fucking crazy the crazy corsica lie the truth is fucked up their mess gets gotta be a route the hardest thing about being a cop you show up two people in beating the fuck out of each other you gotta figure out who did what always get aside with the woman otto simpson their law within a green and the reason why you get a site with the woman is cause like let's reverse that scenario if that guy
been beating that girl i wouldn't be funny it all right but it's funny to me or watch neck i thought i may we used this how can we while you sell means have come on we're i think that's funny i would not it's funny if it was a man doing it to a woman because i would worry the woman's gonna really get hurt i wasn't worried about him getting hurt there right i mean she wasn't even strong enough to hurt him you never know man he was only seventeen and i was like grown at he was selfieing himself probably and him if she wanted to no i think that kid is smart that he didn't fight back he's very smart that all he did was defend himself very smart he's a smart kid obviously
i can't just go around doing that like yeah you probably shouldn't fucking fly your drone into people's houses and film them you shouldn't hover over their backyard we they're trying to suntan and film them i don't know what he was doing it's a weird thing this idea that you could put a camera on top of a little robot and fly it around because when we were filming that sci fi show we had some dudes that were really good at it they had like these high tech drones and we were fuckin around with them and put on these goggles to reality goggles you put him on any feel like you're fly like this drone you going over the tree tops this is gonna get real weird this isn't the super expensive stuff like you this is like i mean a couple thousand bucks or something like that to get a rig like this i don't know how many thousand i'm just guessing but it didn't look to be like prohibitively expensive it's not like something that costs fifty grand or something like that i think you could get it for the price
like some toys that people save up and buy there's a lot of people that can have a fucking flying robot that films everything now they have it at fries for like thirty bucks i their bucks are really cheap i don't know technology is crazy when that's like in the on the checkout area on their way out or i don't think it's the same level of sophistication that these guys have these guys had like i said virtual reality cameras attached to them and they're pretty sophisticated but they have a real problem with how long they can stay up in the air he can't stand the very long they just they just can't do it they just run of gas and they fall you can you can load them up with batteries but then batteries as weight and it makes it harder for them to fly sleep they need to work around now thinking i stand for thirty minutes or something like that made the sum that can do it better but you watch in one fly over the tree tops anywhere those goggles it's a trip did it freaky feeling wow this is nuts this is like it what it's like to be an eagle you know they get that
really really good it's gonna be nuts as again philip some super clear like get some something that wraps around your head right like this like your entire field division out like this it's all this you know the screen and then figure out some way to film something and not have a make any noise so you don't hear you somehow another they can make something that doesn't make noise drones there's a really cool music video or if not music video but just video of a guy throwing doing a drone over los angeles and he goes like on top of the capital records building you can see like the roof and stuff like that he goes over like the hollywood hills parties like that house that's above the comedy store and there's people having a party up there and he's just going right over people with beach balls those
there's jim hansen's studios he just flew over yes he that's gonna when we're sure that's kind of weird especially like say if you have like an ex boyfriend or an ex girlfriend they decide the fuckin fly drone around your house and fill me why fuckin the next person you know get mad at you you fucking piece of shit you didn't even wait a month you need even wait a month we were almost married well you've got that horror in your band i wasn't expecting you to be watching me with your drone my drones introduced me to the truth you're a piece of shit you're fucking deflecting when i bought you that drone i didn't think you were gonna be spying on me i thought you trust me like the arguments of the future do you think this has to be used by like perverts and paparazzis nowadays like just going up in hotels with little cameras and your home thrones and stuff because look at this this is like hd look at this part
that's on top of this hotel these people are designed to having a party and in undesirable in its drones flying over people start noticing the journey start throwing like beach balls at it and stuff but he made in certain places or as legal shoot them colorado there is a town in colorado passed some sort of a resolution that allow you to shoot at drones well it's a year it's gonna be like a video game we're gonna be like shooting drones everyday no oh here's comic sir look above going above the comedy store has been there yeah on top of the this colorado town apparently there considering it they they haven't done it totally as of march thirty first but it's
your trail colorado and is five sixty dr evil that sound the worried about jura hook its peace to be worried about gettin up to six hundred people you're fucking down his tiny shit shit in town isn't even a small theatre that's ridiculous how do you guys have your own laws that seems preposterous that
town that little like driving through in the large ages and you go the other side the laws different get the fuck out of here the laws different in five and sixty three people that's a cult ok that's a cult you gotta cult you do not have a town you fucking weirdos they probably just made it legal for which is lacking in our i will allow witchcraft for now but those bitter animal robot throw my range those flying robot wages robot brooms with as these two towns in colorado one is greeley and one is right next to a kind of cameroon were the name of the one next to it dear value some shit whenever it is the one next to it it braced we'd like in a big way where there just got fuckin dispensaries opening up everywhere in china warehouses have right now to this greeley colorado they have the cnbc show and it was hilarious because they have this guy was like the sheriff of greeley who wouldn't allow it and it was
you know it has been a lot of things associated with my morning air like we're noticing long term the energy issues and you listen to this guy talking like some old cowboy right some crazy old cowboy who doesn't realize the war is over yeah the fucking the guys like stand in well you don't know psyc psychiatric issues and what about bus you fuck what about cigarettes and the beatings you took in the boxing gym should all that be illegal you fucking crazy asshole look at these people they're having a black asked the next door go over to that place go go check out what they're doing the fucking dance in the street and hugging each other everybody's highs fuck that making millions them king millions in you like www alone psychological issues new do marrow there's no psychological issues due to fucking cards a gay people
that's why don't wanna perfect right of the idea that we'd is the want what's the fuckin sending these psychological issues people over the top how dare you dare you make that association especially since you know stress is such a huge issue that i'm gonna shit the number it has to be the number one cause you like logical issues stress not dimension physical people really realise the reason why hearts give out is because stress that's all the years of stress mania you get old but it's still stress they drank alert and stresses dress so itself funny that that's it dance like marijuana cause
psychological issues when well the problem tony hinchcliffe if you're kind of thinking is we have data to back up our assertions it shows a clear change in the human brain we here is a development the area that accepts bullshit shrinks okay we need that plump and fat but that area is not like folk wa we need it like like a filled sponge that's we need that the area that allows bullshit and the marijuana shrinking this area that allows you to tolerate bullshit and i don't like it at all i do not like it we need people out there that can do sucking our bullshit and it's like a bullshit liver that's what it is you have a bullshit liver you have a liver for booze you also have a bullshit liver in your brain and marijuana apparently makes that thing shrink that's what i heard wow everything i've tried they try everything the scare marijuana smokers why is that they should just smoke waiting get at dick sucked they were change the way they feel about all this they blacker complete perchance feel soccer
do you do do do doo doo from someone who loves you did too who tickles your balls when you come in their mouth hey while you're high jesus louise's they don't know about that they know about that because if they do i would imagine if you're a way to sherifat greenley knows about that if you're a girl and you smoke a couple of ads weed and then get your pussy elect that i feel so good could you imagine but a shower feels goodbye measure good fills forget delete your ass licked do like my athlete listen you and i are never gonna have this conversation right now it ends here it ends here with you i'm not opening those doors what kind of a man asks another man this is like a fill out form for a fucking gangbang video okay now do you like eating your athlete because if you
i checked the box to the right that should never come up you should go on you cradle to the grave without anybody ever asking you do you like it in your athlete or maybe that should be that should be a fun thing about a funeral do you have to write the answer yes or no on a piece of paper and then have it in your hand like when you're dead in the open love i secretly love it did you check his note it was a yes with two exclamation points you really see the problem with the question like do you like your slect is that's not how anybody ever asks it if they're gonna lick your ass right they don't go do you like to get your ass let they don't say that they would say do you want to lick your ass you do they would have a lot of hugs in there like want me to lick your ass you do
like they're already affirming it because it's a risky thing to say like you want me like your ass let me try it again you there's an affirmation in it you know it's like you want you want that person to have an easy time saying yes no it's like yeah because someone says you want me to look your ass and you go well that would be cool you you fucking sick fuck fuck you a trick you right right the bedroom opens up the crew comes in you've been on the new show do you want your asset and then it becomes like a big court case where they try to figure out what means when you add on to it and the lawyer tries to defend it clearly if she used the word she it was she was trying to get a positive information out of him she was manipulating his emotional response is the natural responses of a person who is going to be polite didn't really want is ass licked ok he didn't want her to feel bad she said how already is it worth as
happening he was realizing the mistake you know to be like winning an army that things are going to five bigfoot like you get out fucking gear and you really go the mountains like we are the sasquatch and he'd be like oh what have i done what i done i can't believe i'm gonna go it's an army of people i've joint fuck i made a mistake shit yeah you can't pull out of it that's what it's got to be like it's crazy poor guy really colorado poor bastard right next door get with the other cities name it's out of that is that the same place that shit's down the drones there is that that it allows different place but the other place the name that those people are so high that i forgot their name that's how high they were the mayor of the town was joking around about they had the mayor of the town and sylvia stock joking around above towns always been like that i greatly
drive town back in the day you couldn't get booze we don't want no booze because what we see you and we have booze is less attendant to the church that's a bunch of crazy people that's what that is a lot of hooting and the hollering the reason why they're afraid of boos and pot if they're that afraid of it is because they're afraid what they'll
do if they have a drink or smoke they're afraid that that inner most or whatever their fears and whatever crazy stuff's going on that's about it well no no no tony inch cliff i'm worried about your inner monster because my inner monsters save under the guidance of the lord so you're heading out there running around with your own ideas and i got children okay tony in here if i have that news for you you're going and praying to an imaginary creature one you fucking communist lesbian asshole listen you can't say that it's imaginary you don't know your son of a bitch i go to church i feel the holy spirit inside me all the time i moved to tongues you haven't moved to tongues tone hinch left then your priest he drinks wine i mean jesus turned water into wine but you don't want this i'm a baptist baptist we don't we don't fuck around with wine you can't have wine in the church that's true they don't drink wine i don't believe so i think the wine is a catholic thing is let's find out was the google there do baptist
use wine who i know the catholics love line age try any excuse like egg and we get the will you know it's really funny mormons knots was drink coffee but
constraint those energy drinks due to deal with issues of mormon will you sell those fuckin giant monster energy drinks and the duty of each ethics over the time it was just jack to the teeth all day just just red line it all day this gives me the idea of innumerable copy wooden drink the coffee but yet is pounded the evil being there is an evil bringing out there and its corrupt and the souls of our model you fritto gives me wings just like the angels of more exactly mormon relate to drink a monster energy to be a monster against satan's urges monstrously attack you satan nothing funding morphinism other as you know the wind the they think that when you die you get your own planet you know that right how do you know you don't toys growth ok why so judgmental torreons cliff and that everybody lives on their own different plan ended i hope i will you dog will yet be told but that's submitted its leaves its only delbert wicked visit each other like you i'm sorry it's like you were on the moon and i was on mars but i couldn't get you billy tony where are you
in this world like the travelling is so fast probably pretty quick if you can get to a place where you have your own planet i assume you just be where you want when are you gonna be there like instantaneous right that'll happen one day will figure that we figure out how to try support ourselves i think it's human beings live for another million years if we live to were supposedly like this close to like this this frame that we're in right now the homo sapiens the way we look is suppose we pretty similar to what a million years ago looked like like a million years ago there were some ape like man the kind of stood up but fairly similar you know and then maybe in this form a few hundred thousand years three or four hundred thousand years like there's lot o guesswork involved and figuring it out but if we could keep going another million we would be hairless for sure would lose our hair we would probably
be really slight and very tony hinge cliff like like a dancers physique an alien dancer and our heads would grow we would look like fucking aliens and then we hit our point if we can you if we don't blow each other up have we continue and we'll get hit by an asteroid we continue to improve our ability to do things will it be not a million years from now you probably will be able to transport any or tell for what you want anywhere in the world i wanna be i'll bet a hundred thousand a shitty rate flies tony hinge clear at this rate that were growing with technology i think worry in close i would almost say ten thousand stable waves and if you think about ten thousand years ago that sounds really dumb but if it thousand years ago doesn't seem like that longer but that's a really long time ten thousand years ago we find these like stone buildings they may in a bunch really cool shit that they left behind but
not much else ten thousand years ago i don't even think people are on boats they didn't even figure that out yeah no they did they're they're finding out that people figured out a lot of shit a lot earlier than we thought in fact forty thousand years ago they were hunting there were a fishing for tuna in boats which is a pretty pretty sure those the number that they came up with because they found these these deep sea rigs they use these long lines and these big hooks and they were catching tuna they found tuna dna which is you're crazy tuner deep water fish so these fuckers let me find out what year it was they figured out let me see would have google there ancient people fish were tuned re sitting on a yoga ball now now where's that sheriff interesting you're right back support who needs it now this is this is the best that support for meeting it forces you to stand sit straight like see how i'm setting yeah this is how you're supposed to sit right you're supposed to sit like this like your head is not supposed to be for
and when you most times you sit in a chair you wind up slumping sitting like that and then it makes your back really tight since i've been using this my back never fucks with me when we do podcasts awesome yeah you you said i and new needs are in it and the northern com ni chairs on my like that but you just you're carrying your own weight and then once you do it for a while if you get used with any sardine and everywhere like i do it all on planes are doing you should sit up straight like all this and when you don't you have bad posture i should think said i should do no watcher posture because it like that one look and lazy protesting good for you discs like you should get him pressed that's where we do have a fat wallet they say never the fat while you back pocket of you want those guys it keeps every goddamn business card the ever yet or protein towards our us ten hours off fool you give these big
fat crazy thick wallets if you sit on that shit all the time you can get disk problems like a lot of cab drivers get sciatic nerve problems because they get a a pinch disk because your biologists got an uneven distribution of weight and that's what it kind of when you're slumped through sitting weird you know it's an uneven distribution of weight i have that one hundred percent anytime i go on a road trip now after like two hours my right side get start getting numb and i start i start having like a little do you sit on your wallet no i don't it's like how i and also i'm a luncher i'm a turtle yeah you shouldn't do that man i used to think that it was just that slouching eyes i have real problems slouching i slouch all the time and i think i thought it was just like the way it looks is not what people are right the way it looks like it so my attitude was fucked down that's still so stupid but it's just not you when you back a straight like that's like this is the way it was to stand your your calm your core
carrying your weight very evenly stacked up but when your head goes forward and you sorted relax you put a great deal of pressure on other parts he put like there's like a peak area of your spine that has edition pressure it seems like nothing and it is nothing for a long time and then it becomes something and if you sit like i see a real bad back and neck pains from writing and i think i might fuck my of doing that as much as i fuck myself up from doing jujitsu goes out for a long period of time and i was sit in a chair like this with my head forward and then when i was all done i'd be like oh my neck would be fucking killing me i just don't
sitting like this because i feel like i'm like posing like a woman and i'm sure like my point of my button boobs out i feel like i have to look back at it like i hated or something so you're afraid of what the way it looks you'd rather just have a back ache right you know a back ache is just easier to deal with does look really silly for me to sit like hey because i mean my butt sticking out my food sticking out like i feel like you need reduce both those that would help tremendously and leave right to look at the bright red beard lodge one right away i don't want to lose my dear i boobs than my but i've been working i next he lost a lot of we got real slows makes my head look too big for free sexist like spent all his work to get down like a hundred and sixty seven pounds you like super skinny
for me and you together i look like a fuckin lego boy she don't matvey lego boy do you just you look healthy aids remember everyone called me a face you did it so quick you did it not everyone you're at the post office like a job off of some baggages okay aids face are you aids face there our box we know vendee mocha latte aids face its vague they waited on your cup it didn't legal yet aids dude what it looks like to me was a guy who lost why you looked healthy that's when we i'm at rogan that's right we did the high dams music awards what is hi times wards hydrant i presented him with stoner of the year and there is her are jack hair her what he's alive back then those things are interesting those fuckin high times words you meet all the fellows donors maybe the nicest people on the planet like solar stars i be real is there
her person to be real guzzler nice people on the planet and others every stoner alec supercool doug vincent sweetheart of this order for every stoner just supervise people why nobody would want to stop a drug like that while we i'll tell you ll run that will you know taking into account as a lack of ambition he nurse they d take up you know a lot of room when they don't do anything they don't they and they keep it sheriff what about all the artists and the musicians that have come from a pot that smoke pot you mean queers like steve jobs is that what you're trying to say yeah jesus took him from us let me tell you something jesus impressed do you know what look like aids face there you look good no you're just not used to it because you're used to this backup you sell the support you got your head and then you got some back up when you your party shrinks up you felt like now in the back of your head just did
seymour ryan do you don't look bad there at all you great human health but facts and i've told you before why does everything guinea with david so weird now this is getting help as this look like aids you don't look like you have a right hiv you don't know who your return you of diarrhoea like a little bit like the other is a terrible blow you come on look at this picture you don't look bad at all city from weeds but looking face you do not look better all i got what was i watch an episode and fuck was on it one of em our friends dead but whose on you haven't kneeling it's bright earns brand earns was on it yes right what did he play like a drug dealer i had drug dealer in i watched it because brett was on it that's it i watched it one of the time and i was like this is fake
this is now rihanna buying you it's fake is that catfish show i heard so many people to say how awesome show as i finally watch it the fake a show of everything i didn't notice faked no i heard on reality tv sometimes village plan that shit out but it's not really reality you hear that tone it almost seems like it would benefit them with so much money spending money i'll wait a minute conspiracy theories so you think they would they would do to just to make money what they re willing to fake id risk their reputations that's a reality show when i turned into reality show i want reality you know that i know that right that's it we're going to fake though you know that it is leading piecemeal best wonderfully well when you feel that way they can really do think we need to figure out how easy it is like what they're doing like people just looking at a camera like i thought for sure that he was you now the man that i thought duty
will do whatever the fuck you ask him to do if you have a camera in front of you i mean there's a certain amount of people that will do it so if you have some sort of reality show manipulate these free born say it i want you to this what you gonna do you can tell us they now that you been texting guy and pretending to be a girl and then you're gonna meet him here and say i busted you dude now i know what's up and the guys are okay okay okay how long have i known him you've been friends for twenty years okay okay okay we've been friends for twenty years man and they'll say shit like that man we've been friends for twenty years i thought i trusted you think of course we got all that maury povich and stuff like that that shows still when i'm on the road and i'm flipping through channels i'll stop for a few minutes and i'll watch more i'll watch the results because no matter what
no matter what happens one of them is going to get up and go oh i told you i told you that that was or wasn't my baby like whichever one one of them is going to flip out because it's just so coach well one of the guys who was a doorman at not east side comedy club governors governors love town in long island one of the door man was a regular on no shows back in a day like this is a nineteen i want to say
nineteen nineteen nineteen ninety one pre internet and he used to get a call and they would say we're looking for a man who has been having sex with his brother's wife and he goes what a coincidence i've been having sex with my brother's wife what do you want me to do and they would literally say that to him see if you can help us out here that was at the conversation they would have what we're trying to find is a guy who got arrested wearing women's clothes and trying to get a job in a woman's office and they go oh what a coincidence you know they'll tell him the exact scenario that he wants so all those people are just they're just good at it like you'll see that mike ricke did it micro did it way back in the day my greco who is a comic at the calmly store in the ninety ninety saved me that shit for money i met mike like michael dude man yeah mike was a funny dude you know i don't know if he's still doing stand up anymore but back in the day when we started out together at the store in the ninety s he was fucking funny man there's a lot those guys
for whatever reason you know people and find out about them is one of those guys that was there the first stuff few months when i started and we like made friends and then i watched him basically quit yeah he i know i think he moved somewhere else but i am i watched him fatal but the store beer but anyone who used to do that shit they would hire him to do like everyone knows that chick jenny jones there the show member and they they did it a thing where they humiliated this guy because there was a guy that he worked with that was in love with them and so the guy comes on and he has no idea that this gig i love them a freaks out it's humiliating to show that it goes and shoots the guy afterwards and they that's a wrap for you and they just cease and desist the entire show yeah but show was there was a turning point in those things they realise that it has some fuckin repercussions to the shit i guess it but an act that's
stuff started getting more produce like they realise that they got to tell the person before saving when did the jenny jones thing tat was a real guy in a real office who was it act into his coworker and when guy was on tv with them this nutty due to one of shooting a guy you know he was just humiliated beyond words but where's like if you were on there and you found out some guy at work thought you were hot you'd be uncomfortable but you would find it hilarious right and you wouldn't it probably have an issue because deeds can get creepy now if you were a girl and you got on a show and you found out that your coworker loves you they'll be a problem you know a girl say if you worked in some office maybe even have a boyfriend or husband some guy who's your co worker who normally professes love to you but does so on national television in a surprise attack
he'd be let go great you know i got a fucking stop working there or he's gonna stop working there something's gonna happen yeah it is a weird approach especially when you factor in that that guy probably told the gay guy probably the guy on jenny jones on the air so that nothing would happen to him you know he didn't tell him at the office like hey man i really like you please don't hit me like right on the air and that backfired yeah i guess she probably saw out look i'm gonna be on tv with the fucking nothing's gonna happen to me all right i'm gonna be on television yeah nothing can happen to me gonna hurt me no one's gonna hurt me on television yeah jenny jones career is just gonna keep going on the show's gonna keep gong everything's gonna be fine jim jones is a talent okay you're not gonna stop her with one little scandal right they're just gonna be back stronger than ever america demands jay jones yeah she's data show that she would do choose comic wide and she's tat yeah she's did do a show back in the day if you gotta jenny jones like the early stuff is crazy share this crazy but bulletproof hairdo his big giant like
huge sprayed up here do and we do these ladys only shows and when i was living in boston there was a club of was the comic inaction or it is either duck soup or the improv because it was the upscale they had an upscale club and she would buy out every seat and there was no men who are allowed in the building the i couldn't worked bar guys can work the door they have like all female employees females in that the whole thing would be filled with females and so they did it s sort of like a gimmick and they have these all female shares will now change on to talk about a period or whatever men stuff for things that anyone here that's but that's the when the guy fucked with her what that's when the guy i fucked with the other guy rather and tell them that he was in love with him but if you go back to her stand up you'll see her crazy air when when they during the talk so she kind of toned down in her hair
became a normal sized yeah but before i was like some tribal thing she had before she was a yeah she has like some trouble he caught single and there's network heads they we're gonna put you in here and make no no stand as i stand up here especially on this here is yours will you that man good lord david boy and then that's like rocks let's hear some of it he's a good eye doctor though a lot of comedy clubs around the country and i feel like kind of a spokesperson for women i think men should listen to me i think you guys can learn something real you want to what i find attractive on a man cash i hate she wear the tight wise where are you she looks like so we can see what clothes look lie in the sixty s or she's moving she at the heels she went out with a little of dinner at the sizzler so
you forgot the cubans we had go back on cd i'd better seizure again guy that's better sees you as a dire wolves and game of thrones that's ridiculous nothing more than a fake applause break like a bad one well i mean they may be really loved her and we're so it appeared get out a joke javert all the movie punchline right when i tried to watch it the other day and just to see if there was like there was parts in it that i remember going that was the that was hilarious but in the wrong reason well that was before you don't stand upright and has also like ten when it came out yeah i was i was doing stand up and there came out logos just starting to stand up and america what the fuck is this is crazy like it's it's weird
watch someone do something that you know they can't do like if i was ever gonna like say if i did a movie i'm never do a movie that i have to play guitar but if i did a movie why i played guitar in and i would learn how to fucking play guitar okay because i i was a guitar player and i was watching some movie about jamie hendrix and the guys just like you know he doesn't know what he's doing he's just moving his fingers around yeah i would be like this is annoying a shit i know he can't really play guitar this guy's faking it like if you watching like some fake kung fu in a movie it's very it ruins the movie for you right that's like like in bill ever see that tino sent out there anybody in that assassination squad to japan like a month or two or three some crazy i'm on a time for tender learn all but they learns the art of the samurai sword they learned kung fu big from the guy's why people from the actual school stuff we know david lee wrought as they are now
david lee roth lives in japan and take samurai lesson is that such a move to japan with its dog by himself gonna apartment and he takes kendo kendo this japanese sort fighting are any practices sort fighting that circle here do the roth zooelogy maniac somewhat he's wild man you know doesn't give a fuck haven't great time player what kinda plain sword fighting one the big rock stars the world's ever now can you do this japanese people lose that if he comes in a like their restaurant that event jump jump go ahead jump i bet not i bet he sleeps slinks right in you know because he dress is very low key like he wears overalls all the time and like one of them boy hats one of those things are so he's just dislikes around got gotta be so beautiful over their japanese japanese culture so smooth and relaxing
cool it's very different that's for sure like it's one of the reasons why japan if you go over there it feels like you're in another world it doesn't just feel like you're in another country it feels like you're another world like the way people behave like everybody's like really polite it's very unusual they don't necessarily like white people especially the old folks that were around like during the pearl harbor days not now big fan of wifi when it comes to that repression the rest of the young kids love american and young p i guess most those prohibit people dead did you expect was not hate on americans they dropped to buy on where the year we must react we did that those sort of an out she ouch that's such a deck move i mean we are the only people in the world to really nuke another place we noted twice to we do at once and they want to make sure i sure they weren't a shitty buildings whose try the other one nothing
the next day or something like all as you know there's one guy because i read a thing here's one that's crazy for i read a thing about the guy that was in both is in hiroshima right and he had done i go to work like he barely survived or whenever more was on a train or something like that to nagasaki he could hear exceeds survive sirop sigma is nagasaki the next day and then forward and the road map and the like god that's crazy that's crazy and just imagine that time of the year over that time of the world when you really could just think that this could continue like bounds could just be drop and now wondering star we're in the middle of a world war and then also cities are gaining level like a whole cities getting levelled amount died those a lot and you know another thing is the one in hiroshima landed next to a hill so like the hill actually saved a lot of people
ok the atomic bomb kill between ninety and a hundred and sixty six thousand within the first the four months roughly half deaths in each city occurred on the first day during the following months large numbers died from the effects of the burns radiation sickness and other injuries compounded by illness both cities most of the dead were civilians although hiroshima had a sizable garrison why crazy oh we gotta shooter the day shooting at organ high school to confirm that as today i just now jesus christ of what the hell is going on do you think it's getting
to become where we all have to have guns we all have to carry guns it's just like star wars where we all have our weapons all the time all of us is going to be one or the other either it's going to be that or it's going to be no gun right august six was hiroshima august nine th was nagasaki so they waited whether a couple days scary yeah yeah but that's what done people are worried about the gun people worried about you know they're just try to our guns away now and people are not going to just give up their guns and they're going to vote for people that they're going to be put in office they're going sure that you don't put up their guns and then the problem is those people also get connected like few if you have a guy like say there's a guy that says i am going to support the second amendment no matter what every american has a right to bear arms everybody was crazy the bear arms people or annette i side now so that guy can attach that guy to a bunch of other shit you might not necessarily believe like you get attached
that guy to a bunch of weird environmental sheer relaxing some of the environmental regulations on certain areas that are bit risky to do certain things in that might kill a bunch of fuckin weird fish but whatever whatever we can make a lot of money these those guys hatched and corrupted after all those things because you know that there's a sizeable chunk of americans that will vote to keep their guns and then there is also the people that are on the other side of it that you know they did look they'd no matter what they're going to vote against guns does no matter what i give you a year we gotta clean up the street and take these guns out of these calls you ass theirs those people and you got those people if you are an anti gun personally we need tighter regulations we need tighter restrictions we need less guns not more guns you have those people so
ad then you can attach that to a bunch of weird shit the weird social shit insurance company scams where everybody has to get certain amounts of insurance and it can become smarter on how about we have everybody has to wear your seat belt because we're paying out so much money so they have regulations to protect you we have to wear a seatbelt we'll have to wear seat but how can this guy is allowed to drive a motorcycle are you crazy he doesn't even have a cage around him like this doesn't make any sense ok you make him we're helma congratulations megan we're home i think it's way safer from me in a car with no see hold on and i'm not trying to argue for no seatbelts zero is where one but i think it's way probably way safer to be in a car with no c belt than it is to be on a motorcycle when there's an accident right and then i'll it states that only men have to wear home no colorado you don't you don't have to in vegas either ohio that's a bit yeah i think this a few is quite a few and i think it's me as the people that ride motorcycles
they love that feeling so much that they like fuck it won't risk might imagine that is like the wearing a condom of the motorcycle why did you do it without one you like of that is absolutely right but nowadays with such great technology with bluetooth and phones and stereos and the helmets and stuff i think more people are actually wearing helmets because it's badass to like take a phone call while it's in your helmet yeah i don't know about that dude because the type of dudes who don't want to wear helmets this like the harley guys to you know what they don't want they just want the bandana float and they're woman they're woman when their arms wrapped around my waist and i'm free i got my a red white and blue and and around around it is that a drone up in the air i'm a true maverick i'm not like those faggots out there pretending okay i'm a true maverick i vote republican and i ride a motorcycle a woman's
it's a long nailed scratched back and i feel them poland a leather mumble a vast motorcycle club making will up inside your mama that brothers my brothers out there on a mental horses rawdon out into the sunset we're together we're a team or by brothers i ride my back and bear arms in the arms of a bear how did you ever read hunted thompson's thing on the motorcycle yams he growth is first book the big book that sort of introduced her thompson to the world was i has taken the hell's angels he was indeed in the health angels like hung around with that went with them and he did it for a long time it was like couple years is like embedded in the hell's angels and go hang out with him a partisan shit but then got into an altercation because a guy was beating up his girlfriend and hunter you said something to him the guy beat the shit out of him to and a couple of other guys beat the show them too and then he wrote the book the book came out and they're
but if i can now went crazy for that this started thompson's gonzo journalism he went from that which is more of its different if you compare it to his other stuff that's it peace which is more it's still got that gonzo edge to it but it's more based in reality than like when fear and loathing in las vegas when you got to fear and loathing in las vegas that was originally supposed to be something you wrote for espn and it was covering like a motorcycle race has so fuckin crazy that they know they were like we can't use this and he turned it until august novel and that sort of kick started his guns career that in kentucky the kentucky derby here peace on the kentucky derby that was pretty fuckin crazy too but he he was embedded with those fuckin angels for two years and as a wild fuckin stories man
jeez in those guys with liberty i kiss each whenever they would have cameras on their kiss each other and tongue each other freaky black sissies marcella alludes crazy beer it out with each other while that was why i m c a word they get actually gay because i saw a video the other day i didn't seem very gay village we believe the village people in its but it seemed like maybe one or two of a more but they do you remember demur jimmy kennedy went to him kennedy had that show the jimmy kennedy experiment was a gimmick any experiment wasn't the experiment here he arm you have this one episode they did and it was about god and talking these guys into being strippers they're gonna be male strippers and then along the line its getting creeper and creepier they're gonna be on a tv show they're gonna be you're gonna be that's like girls gone wild guy's gone nuts okay this this guy's got enough yeah okay okay and then they tell them that it's gonna be a lot of it is for gay guys but
it doesn't matter man you're gonna be a huge star and all the stuff and you know he starts like going over like some of the gay things you might have to do like like my to make out with another man i have and the guy's like well man i don't want to do that but i do want to be on the show town and then at the end of it they reveal but it's real it's not a setup it was a real show i mean the real jamie kennedy's fucking genius and that shit i don't know why he stopped doing that i mean maybe it was like lawsuits maybe they get in trouble for doing it but that was like the best shit he ever did it was really fucking funny but it was all these guys so i would suspect that it's like that kind of situation that if you there's is there's enough guys out there that if you just get t them they're gonna be on television guarantee them we can have some sort of fame they'll disengage it
the reason i ask as i do that song night david eddie or van helen shit daily roth stead majuba low everywhere i didn't know that wines arouse they'll people is one of their songs and if you watch the video it smooth is how like like like he's a pimp really in announcing waiting i thought this was like like some weird like gay ban you know all i do is type in are the village people and then google filled out ok which members the village people were are gay here we go victor willis the policeman and glenn hughes the biker were straight while happy rose or philippe rose the american indian and randy jones the cowboy david oh dough
the construction worker and alex brightly when military man were gay so there's only two straight deeds and the rest of them or just for gay members jerking off on their mother taken not lose us that's it this is just a junior shook out pimp
everywhere i go this is acknowledged that even though it is actually about your kind of clear video like it's got like this opens just changed my idea of what the village people you can really tell which ones are gay since hook up with the czech and medical suddenly i with a black talk pilots monopoly that it's a black eye and a white woman interracial she's really telling me i saw the policeman was not the policeman like street so the guy with the crazy mustache that's the biker write history with that's larry is right now you can't even dance like the plea that three or four makes it possible to move away from this helps us crazy the bikers trade is far like yours like pounds you would be so that there is only one part of me is doing sick man helen here that
mustache tuck out with the mustache we assume he would have to be get it totally nope that's wait that's the biking he's straight yeah no he was in the war totally in denial i don't know what you're talking about man i mean i just fucking just a job bro yeah i'm just playing a biker even if it's not gay his mustache is like that mustache jumps off his face in the middle of the night and goes in bang dude just come back in the morning smelling like liquor and potholes and bacardi village people great i get bro you imagine how insulted the indians like the indian already representative are quite pathetic the cherokee nation voices is disapproval that was an apache don't worry about it bro those are the enemy anyway indians like they didn't all like each other did you guys know that oh yeah it fought the
all the time the idea that the white man came in like this peaceful land they came the white man and kill everyone they eat we're kind of killing each other too the lakota that like so like the sioux indian than the term sue doesn't mean that's their name like that means enemy that's what it means they call themselves lakota people but the word sue is to these so these other native tribes call them enemy obviously the americans or the americans the white people europeans did a way better job of killing people and we're way more fucked up about it and we're way more evil about it and had guns and a lot of the shit but any didn't like each other either that's his people man gonna find like this idea of you find this one peaceful utopia where everyone got along they were one with nature hey rolling and they did a lot of raping and killing to they cut people up they did a lot evil share the aid people so stop every but people are getting
no like one race that you can go back and go those fuckers had it nailed those guys were super cool to each other they had a balanced civilization there was no murder no rape no theft it's never existed yeah definitely not we're a work in progress ladies and gentlemen and should takes time the universe he's been here for ten billion years how many billions fourteen billion supplement that this plan has been here four and a half billion four point six on like that as time okay we ve been here for a million years have that takes time we got figured out no cultures ever got it right the idea that we should have left the american indians alone ia great idea fucking terrific and then what and then what exactly there there all the village p it's just a bunch of indians come on we needed to get some americans yeah anomalies that gun i'm not i'm i'm not like arguing for genocide but that's what happens when but go and they look at history they look at the positive better
heads of like things that have happened that were really ugly like one people talk about the mongols they talk about how the mongols they they they through trade routes they killed millions of people do though i mean they improve trade routes by butchering like entire cities are people yeah they things employees are moving more freely but that but people like like two like look at the positive benefits of like things like that we're horrible genocide took place so if you looked at like americans establishing american europeans coming over and establish american killing all these native americans some people if the looked at it that way would say well if it wasn't for that we would never have atlanta we never have miami we would never have these wonderful cities that we enjoy today so in the long run it worked out and the indians they have their casinos that's true they make a lot of money is a pretty fucked history when you think about the history the united states only a few hundred years ago this is other
lived here i've only a few hundred years ago and as many as like a million there is a lot of them at one point in time there is lot of fucking people living in this country like the idea that this place was wasn't populated right a lot of them they killed a lot of fucking people yeah they killed him in the creek creepiest ways to like putting they put smallpox in their thereof there there their blankets was smallpox they put their blankets and gave these people they put like blue because they had scabs in the blankets of people that had diseases and put it in the blankets and give to the american indians who spreading these evil terminal diseases nobody shots martin sped our friend i just moved into a place and he got his first night there yet again skirt over by these two guys that had a bedroom for rent and he gave him the deposit the first months ran and slept there for one night and everything he owned since moved at all into his new bedroom got infested by bedbugs oh now here and there
like really hard to get rid of you need to wash a steel you need to seal everything and wash it all at a hundred and ten degrees for an hour at least and if to do all this stuff everything is mattresses now garbage and he's like i'm very struggling young come on now so they knew about it before the random the pleasure ass a he's gonna try to that this is something somebody i just came off of living is in his car for a whole year in the last two months he was living in his car after it had been peed on by another comic right this poor guys is not getting any fuck man bedbugs are supposedly like all throughout new york city it's a real issue with big bugs yeah you know because this happened to him over the week and i ended up reading about it yesterday and it's really crazy they were almost extinct complete wheatley and then in ninety five or some like that for no apparent reason there was an explosion of bedbugs i remember
this being i thought i used to think they weren't even real i used to think it was just the thing that my mom said to me before bed like have a good night don't let the bedbugs bite like that whole thing another real dude when i was in high school my dog had fleas and she got the fleas on my carpet and i couldn't get him out man i could not get them out like when i would go from my bedroom like from my carpet to my bed i would get bugs on me and i had to take them off i had that happen once that was awful the scariest one of the worst times of my wife it drove me crazy i feel like they're on you all the time and it was a fucking lazy kid too i wasn't gonna clean my room i wasn't gonna vacuum i just wasn't gonna get it done they jump right on your ankles batshit out of me dude i have little scabs on my ankles yeah so i eventually had to pull everything out of my room and then foam it down we had to get this machine you know the machines of eight they hire people to combine you know you could random and like home depot and
it or wherever it was i thought one of us did you buy one if you ever need it well i think carpets are gross man yeah i would rather have a wood floor that you can clean up really easy he carefully clean carpets good it's like clothes that you never change i couldn't agree with you more i hate carpet if it is up to me i did just be if you have hardwood may be well like a little rug then with when something spells on the rug get a new rug yeah roll that pitch up light on fire absolutely yeah i think that's like a thing that people thought was like a luxury in the eighty s or the seventy s or whatever the fuck it was carpet and they realized this is like a sweater that people walk on it it's like a giant towel it's essentially just like a towel like owls have those little things it's
take out of our move mean mean flesh out the fancy it is the more it in traps bacteria and everything you know what i dont like i dont like towels that are synthetic because you could feel it when their wet when you're wet and you rob like one of those plush synthetic towels and almost like doesn't absorb the water like wipes the water on you a little bit like word absorb some of it but you could feel indifference or like a real a jet cotton towel you feel like dry you off you feel like take the water off the slippery ones make me feel it i'm ruining environment is out of the room i couldn't programme this programme which i knelt william liner firewood melt in i saw you at a three year or heard your voice on e3 when you they announced the new you have see anais i've played some of it made that i guess bruce lee is now in its even fight bruce lee verses like gs p
due to be seen as the grab accidents and their insane it's amazing there so close now they're getting so close to like making it like a real movie like making work of real fight in hd and you're on commentary on that two did i didn't work i was just going to our see you have to say like everything you have to get every possible thing out i mean i'm not complaining but never mind i'm kind of but its it was wasn't like a difficult thing to do it takes a long time it's actually fund how just pretend those watch and fight and you were just do it exerts i wouldn't when i was doing i would just think about moments that things happen like moments like guys landed kick sir no punches or take down or someone catch and choke and i would just remember like historic fight means and this sort of try to recapture that try to pretend that that's happening why was screaming i'm so if you watch
if you play the video it's very close to the way i would do commentary i look at the movement so i but i'll tell you what people take a lot more headache thing like we have to all your friends there you said that about a game as possible he's you can talk like that when it's about you're allowed to isn't that funny like ripped is a thing that people want they want ripped scott i'll
see a six pack while the best fighter possibly ever was it or million anko and he was fat fuck he walked around like a belly area low role i give you giggles around the middle of a bit didn't give a fuck just gone there fuckers anderson silva was never that repped either you know he was more smooth it means to obviously muscular and very strong but he wasn't like bruce lee you know shredded like there's a few guys at it like that fucking shredded this man brutally was like legitimately one of the first guys to figure out that there were certain aspects all the martial arts it we're effective best way to do it was to combine them all before bruce lee nobody combined shit that was the thing that you would have pride in you know i've studied showed a car and i will continue to be a showed a con man to the day i die i am a wing chung man i ve known and people like represent their style like an old kung fu movie you know do they
that there is only one style that was the correct style my master learn from the great masters and he came down from korea and taught me style bruce it was like that's nonsense bruce lee was the guy who invented mme really would you do far covering europa i know i was blowing my brain in my shirts you can't even go an hour without getting a six are you back on the vape pen too did you get off the cigarette no i still stuck cigarette oh tony h what happened bad man what what was the stressful event that caused you to go back to work stuff i didn't get something that i was working for a couple months for really really hard and i mean i'm gonna get back listen don't get off every in the long run it did you good trust me dear ear you shouldn't be on shows did you should do it finds from you stand up i mean get famous just when you stand up get funny just up get famous we stand at the reason why i say this is because no one has ever gonna be able to capture what you do best
place other than on stage where no one stage that's you're a hundred percent control the content the weight set up delivered and it's hilarious like you can't do that if if you when a tv show you gonna do with a bunch of people they're gonna have some fucking wacky ideas about what tony age should wear and tony we salute over to make just a slight base a cookie hooker and next thing you know it is a little bigger than that the draining thing like it was it was something that like i know i know what it was on yeah i know what it was you worked on it for a long time yeah it was really tough law if you're gonna do a show i really think it should be your own show to figure out how do your own thing you're doing something the other thing i think that's funny that's one of the hardest things too to realise it takes a long time to realise but you're better off doing your own thing then you are like if you kids
doc on some show like when i was on fear factor it was a great benefit financially is really good but we do in someone else's thing it's not it's like a job it becomes something that youth you think about like ok now i'm going to work not complaining great job but this huge differences that unlike doing cast or that and do in doing stand up specially doing stanhope that's the freest one june completely in control of how you do it completely so what you write you spare me you can open your own stuff and you wasting any time doing anybody else's thing right and then in exactly i mean i wasn't going to slow down on my stand up or in the meat thing but i really want it i really want it now i'm sure you did i know you did this i mean it's a good thing that you never stop would you say that's some guys do right they start do they get a job writing in they stop performing that's crazy that was that was one of the things when i got another writers room for the first time i was amazed at how funny a lot of
guys were in that they used to do stand up and that once they started the writing job that they stopped goes i hang out with committee and all the time almost every night so when i was in the room i know what's funny and i now who's funny you not i mean so it's amazing to me you know it s scary like one guy in one of the fund sleep i've ever met used to do stand up and he doesn't every this guy opens his mouth it's about to be an explosion i mean he has an amy for writing but is the king of oh striding like he's just an insult gear so if you go hey what about by you know jimi hendrix or whatever and ten seconds later he'll have a a gem that you can't almost on the ground at but yeah i never did the entire time my first a few years writing writing eggs even during the season if it got weight in the office nine ten hey guys gotta go i do my spot sorry
i don't know you might also turn it out so much during the day that they couldn't be like you know i died in an option right hard all day but i never if i did if i mr spotters something for writing egg that would start entire whole another crazy melt and breakdown because i just can't not do stand up crazy well t shirt you're always getting better to look at valle see you i'll see you three months later you're better three months later you'll be better than you were three months ago almost every time that mean i constantly like trying to refine and home and that's gonna becomes a real obsession like folding over your jokes and hammering them down trying to get them to you got to do a lot of sets to do that and if you have another gig that starts preventing you from doing that it can become a real
problem because you could you could just go oh you know what i've got this i'm just gonna like i'm just gonna kick back stop doing stand up for a while i'm gonna just take a few months off and just maybe i'll just i mean i'm not happy with my act right now and you'll come up with excuses and reasons and next thing you know you've got some sort of a job right you're showing up at an office every day and i mean you're writing yeah it's great but it's not it's funny stand up can be exactly but for some dude the stress of the performance is not worth it's like it's not worth the effort psych but an expression use like is it worth the juice to squeeze these berries you now is it worth the effort is it worth it honestly you go through together stage and crack on a joke i'd rather just right for someone else and have them deal with it yeah that's that stress at all i love turn in those bear easy now what i'm saying but that's just you right yeah me for some guys are really is better for them to just be a writer psych this check this
to performance life is too fucked up too hard for them i think there's a lot of guys like i just couldn't get the spots didn't meet the right people at the right time or something i don't know maybe they weren't money of a performer that is the one thing you know i don't know what those writers who i say or hilarious what their stand up they ve been in writer rooms for so long that they know how to be funny i get a table in when you not become do encourage people that you made that are really funny tried to stand up now never never really never they got a wanted there that's one of those things or if you don't want it so bad that you like that you're crazy about it then you're not gonna do anything anyway you never play did that see though endeavours in january each produced anna i you know my whole podcast is pretty much based on helping people that one do stand up get better or group
or give him some ten or in any way shape or form or bring him down a pig if their crazy by i know i'm not and help me i'm not dead telling somebody that they should do something that as extreme as stand up like if that thought if they haven't gone to an open mic and tried it then no i can't say you know why i say i do it is because i this certain people out there that really are funny and just need to hear like i just a voice of encouragement if you go a long way this alignment who's that ice were forgotten private investigator went too far his government my life names dave dolen the gate easily could understand up he was up an investigator and it was really good at reading people so you knew what a person's weakness was it would talk to for couples and just figure out what you think was new play dumb he'd be like this
dumb boston guy okay you know you know was down here with a friend of mine and we were looking for this guy that hit hit our car and took off and he would read a license plate number was very similar their licence point number and that was how we gonna information of people tell them about an accident they weren't involved in and then it would start talking to them and they would start giving information about all kinds of shit about work whether on unemployment on using my maiden name have a job and we call people doing shit like that all the time guy was how larry s he would go the car like after you'd had done that and we would you know it would work together as a team to be laughing his dick off and just saying all kinds of fucking crazy shit you know and he was just one of those guys that was just naturally funny and i told him i was look man you're funny than me and i'm doing stand up like you should really do stand up and is likely to get it
pay the bills okay this is what i do i bust assholes had this sort of way about them just knew how to just say the right thing yeah that's like a craft that some guys have where they know when to say the right thing like is a perfect example right you know and when i bravo fought hole grace we called joey d as we had one speaker phone and the first thing he said is foote child the flags are at half mast he just knows when to say the right shit if joey d is if somebody i guess he probably decided to do it himself but if nobody ever talk joe ideas in it do instead of those have been national tragedy yeah a lot of what we did was in prison yeah he'd make prisoners laugh i know where you are good at it they will argue that they would show movie the movie sacked diego get up cocoa get up their cargo enjoy get up on stage to make everybody laughed and then that while
when they the geology ideas life story and i think somebody will do it some of your fuck it up by regional some of the ideas of care is not even cuban it'll be out of santa with a fat suit a big fan and merely wants your trust in this project i think that we could do it would be like when we were out is that tom cruise was gonna playlist stat an interview with a vampire crazy online petition against tom cruise playing lestat if what is frigate a fucking out that's it to be like jonah hill was play pledge ideas a black encampment how are you cock suckers and they would be someone from like some lunch you know association who would get on tv and say this is another theft from the lot dino community someone has come in and aid and non latino is playing a lot dino on tv in a move about latino star never cuban
it s the best saw sebastian the other day at the ice house sold out the whole weekend i didn't know so many people knew who is bastion was oh yeah he was that big but people were telling me oh dude he's huge sebastian's doing great he had a showtime special we talked about a showtime special in the podcast i watched in my hotel room i was just flipping to the channels and i caught it it was really funny he's fucking good he's doing really well he had always done well in certain spots like where people got to know him he developed a following in dallas years back like you do real well at the ad that addison improv that place is ridiculous that's a great spot that as an impressive that's a great spot that's some wild people there's still a lot of smoke indoors i think we would do like a late show and people would be smoking i was going oh this is crazy you guys can smoke inside like it was and it wasn't like one those vegas showrooms like you can smoke in vegas but if you go to any place in vegas they have those fuckin industrial
cleansing machines that are just sucking cigarette smoke out you walk through the casino you don't even realize that all those people are smoking right i mean how often do you walk through the if it's right on top you smell it and it's kind of gross but for the most part you're surrounded by people smoking cigarettes you could barely tell they're just sucking out that air and cleaning it up and giving you some fresh ambition air some blackjack air that's how i got back on the smokes we were in vegas just a couple weeks ago and you see these people smoking in the casino and this you know it was just weird i wasn't really there wasn't really planning on smoking but we got there and you just see these people smoking but you don't smell it but it's indoor so it seems clear
in again like trickery work among my brain next thing you know and when we met after we checked in your hotel rooms i had a pack of cigarettes what are we gonna is timeless let's find out how do casinos chill the smoke cigarettes does they must they must do something we steer the golden nugget and we are guided the smoking room and the room smelled like the most cigarette i have ever spoke only nuggets like the staple of vague as it has hundreds of years of cigarettes sinatra smoking when you know they say this third hand smoke do you ever hear about third hand smoke yeah they think that you into a place like that that has been cigarette smokes people have been smoking in every years and years and years it's actually in the walls itself like you're actually breeding in carcinogens where that building especially if anything catches fire or get wet or has some sort of a chemical reactions to things that are in the room house cleaners and shit like that it seems like some that you would have said like three years ago gave you get cancer from thirty
and smoke europe positive not saying anything you should worry about casinos thing in a room for a night but it's not good for the other shore if they find out that's true or if it gives you autism from smoke like thirty and smoke as it seems like it would if it's like if you go to that golden nugget that we were at that shit was disturbingly cigarette so that we did have like old school filters odds wasn't rooms felt like you are in an ashtray they now there's a thing called the ok is a thing called air fantastic and they that they have a solution for these kind of things reduce ninety nine percent of airborne particles particulates does pollen machines this is of interesting so i guess it just sucks all the air out of the room and cleans it while you're in there that's pretty impressive ninety nine percent of airborne particulates j z
a study from west texas aunt em her taking the cigarette smoke are positively charged which keeps them airborne the ion produced are negatively charge and so the particular the particles are true lized and fall to the ground woe that's crazy so this shit does something to the very air around you that causes the particles from cigarettes to fall so they don't stay in the air and linger that's what's goin on what fuck is that about that's weird man chris experiment was proven ostend yellow rose gentleman's club in two thousand and three which installed eight of our fourteen inch probes that's hilarious their first fuckin customer finally we got on board the tool bar taking asean will revolutionise this game the boy i would be packed with many smokers in the air was crystal clear and why
could not even see on particle they should say one particle buses on on particle you fuckin know spell check motherfuckers redrawn shit how can someone has a website that you don't read your own shit that makes me if the product in there that's one particle you folks in the bright spot well that's just one campaign itself something but obviously there something like that so there have some way to remove this stuff there's more than one companies and other called error roma air zone so yes they do something her one if as badly that whatever the fuck they're doing the air it seems like it would be like it's good right i yeah i don't know what the fuck do i got to do something if it's to the air all you have to be to smoke eighteen percent york just passed twenty one which is super smart
yeah should be forgotten anyone does not stop in august people think if you want to figure out a way to keep people from smoking cigarettes you gonna have to find some sort of a pill than that allows them to quit really easily budgets the addiction no withdrawal symptoms go though there was the magician people love pleasure and they hate discomfort so much that the idea of being without a cigarette and having a pang and a craving it's too much and i just gave in it's amazing the goes down with that of the people sell us those fine cookies and crackers they also for cigarettes concrete he you have to be fucks monument from the crackers so much on me enough money when you have so cigarette fall that stuff you know there's little sticks with a little he's or those handy snacks coming before little white acts with the cheese same people how weird cry
that is in the best go company that cheese orioles or use a big one how we're does that dane age with all the information we have now we don't hold someone accountable for something like that we don't we don't say why are you selling that like i mean well people have right to choose what they want to do a lot of americans enjoy a cigarette amazing the scariest me honestly is really mcdonald's because why because everybody so taught that its mcdonald its america this is it this is good you can you can even if this is fine it's was coca cola fries whatever this burgers made up yeah but that doesn't make you well i guess it does give you a certain amount of addiction right yeah it teaches you to eat whatever preservative they're fine it teaches you that e e garbage if it tastes good that's all that matters and lebanon
but is it is it doing that it is giving it just giving you that as an option to advise any different than a donut shop i like donuts i don't eat em all the time but i like the fact there's a donut shop where five poland duncan doughnuts and i say i have a cup of coffee and a boston cream turn up please excited not have about fifteen twenty seconds of mouth pleasure in a few hours of regret but i like it available it isn't that mcdonald i think i don't it's a special treat i think you gotta do you get a donut that's like i'm gonna pick up my down at this was big today mcdonald's is like a that's really the commercial you know the commercials between everything it sort of like eight in it there the number one toy producer in the country other highly meal all those happy male scores were teaching kids a eat this it doesn't matter with this burger actually made out of you know san francisco outlawed toys and happy meals that smart visit yeah
telling you man you can't just eat whatever you want you can but you can sometimes look i make you depressed it's gonna make you angry you're gonna wonder why you feel crappy i mean at least that's how it was it's me that's why i had to get off that's mcdonald's yeah i at last night a quarter pounder it was delicious like we are we know it tasted good that's that's part of prize that fries yep nowadays they think they're being sued by so many people that like you know the oil slick cook it in our lot healthier than they used to be the end of the day
quarter pounds psychiatric care that they took their purred loudest any food you make it is gonna have oil the area if bite but made because a lot of evil when they see their salary or very narrow is worried about that goddamn oil that comes with it and welcome the greenly when i ain't my salary i know there's gonna be ok i'm just except when anything with that needs away like fries or some like that or you could try something you can cook him in duck fat member that one place in vegas what we're gonna do a crap stake us it's got down son they bring all these doc fat fries good good mogly are they are they bring them over with three three different types of dipping sauce but it's duck duck fat that's what does it those fries those mcdonald's fries that shits wack so delicious they have the best you're crazy
why now majorities mc town in announce already hard born under no it's like a real potato you fuckers though these are they actually tastes like a potato in and out is fuckin fantastic that's good i don't think they beat mcdonald's fries you know it's better than both of them better on five guys fries barry them in the fucking ground how dare you nod your head side to side jamie you son of a bitch you son of a bitch trust me five guys fries fox everybody up plus they have a cage you can get in oh what did i say yes they give it to in a fucking like one of those movie the movie barrels where they give you popcorn that's they give you your fries you never gonna eat all your fries at five guys good fucking luck can seasoning is the best not good makes anything better off riser are all fries are good fries cage but five guys does have great fry i usually don't fuck with caging spices on steak i usually like stake united like pepper and like salt and that's it but i
occasion at that went to the other a lot it was perfect not who overpowering right a maoist spice oh sure you posted the other day that a maze of what a delicious stake your reading or meat which was it them the bear yeah yeah that was not the one i shot that was one that was someone in camp shot it was the first time i ever well i had bear sausage before that i liked but i'd never had like a bare stake like right off the bear was it taste delicious very gamy i it it tastes like a pig fuck a deer and you had cook it well done since gandia too well the problem with bare is the same problem with pork instead they eat animal and when they eat animals you have to worry about them having trichinosis because trichinosis comes from eating an animal that has trichinosis so
they say ninety percent of all the cases of trichinosis according to my friend steve unella not ninety percent occur in the united states from people eating bears whoa yeah that's of ninety percent of our nelson think about how few people in the united states eat bears but ninety percent intriguing those cases it's his bears are there there predator they eat everything they eat berries but they also eat animals they're responsible for like half of the moose population when you are in alberta where i was at half the babies get eaten by by bears weren't you scared eating that you like turning trick getting turned into a bear turn it getting the thickening no just you have to cook it to one hundred and fifty degrees what's what i think bear meat would probably be super delicious if you were able to cook it medium rare i would like to try that way because its
good comparison to like like bees for something like that has a more robust flavour like if you if you cook it like thin and you have to conquer get well done it is very good but is now as good as dear or elk because dear okey eat like a medium rare almost a rare and it's delicious like a seer like like a deer loin utah a slice of it you'd put like some pepper and maybe some garlic salt on it you would see it on one side seared another sign is fantastic you know you really have to cook it that much because they don't have the same type of parasites that pigs do so when have you always have to like that smoke pig was amazing that hand that i made but you have to cook that for a long time it's got to be cooked all the way through and it really breaks it down and it becomes delicious but it has to hit one hundred and fifty degrees if it doesn't have a hundred fifty degrees that trick analysis if it has it in the may not but if it does have it you could get it so in that sense
and bear are very similar i like them a lot but i prefer deer and elk and animals that you could eat medium rare have you ever done the duck shooting like it seems like you would love that because that seems target practice awake later do yeah the only problem i have with that it's a small moral problem is that a lot of those ducks you just sort of clipping them like tag in their their wings with like pebbles innocuous shooting shot gun pellets and if you are watch those things a lot of those ducks are like still flying after they get hit and then they stumble and they lose a lot of ducks that way like ducks just fly off because it seems kind of not specific like you're shooting at them boom boom but they spread out the pellets spread out and in a lot of ways and this is not a criticism of doc hunting i would totally do it but it just there's a one thing that folks with me and that's that
think that a lot of them are barely going to hit you're going to hit like a wing or a foot blow a foot off and then they're still going to fly away you know you gonna shoot a lot of em and drop em out of the sky but if ike of you could shoot one duck at a time with a rifle you get tuning on that cries here on it boom the docks gone but when you open led into the arch pouch ever watch those duck shows like sometimes they get him dead on but sometimes they like they're spiral and they're you know they're they're fine they just fucked up which happens with hunting too especially with the archery hunting archery hunting super dangerous and its dangers obviously for the animals superman but it's dangerous that you could there's a danger great dangers so that you can wound and animal and not fatally won't see if two fuckin practice like crazy it's really differ ought to to shoot straight i do like you think
like a bow and arrow today's bows and arrows are way easier than the bows and arrows of you know cowboy and indian days of the mongol days they're way better i mean they super high technology of sites on them the arrows fly strader their legs aluminum jacketed arrows the the compound bows allow you to pull like a heavy weight and it is a let off like an he found both like eighty pounds in the beginning but then back here it's only pay but really like twenty percent of that so like what you have it at full draw you can hold on to it a full draw but it's hard to stay steady it's hard to keep that pin lined up on the animal and you got to you're especially a bear when they're coming out hibernation the lungs only that big there their small though it a small volleyball size when those kids volleyball it's not a big long like a deer is a big long and elk has a big long because there in the high mountains their running around la tommy's they woloda but when these bay i come now to hibernation of very small area they have to hit
so it's not easy takes a long fuckin time to get to a point where you you're you trust in your aim enough that you won't take a shot at an animal with a bow and arrow serious shit yeah yeah when you think about that i gotta have we not noise and indians and bears i just keep thinking how blown my mind is that the village people wrote the agreed that can you imagine how many genuine fans would get new an argument not believing that the village people did that firstly an what sounded like a little bit of a catchy or first if you ask me like i sort of liked that pretty good version hoppy beat and to bring it around full circle those guys were kind of bears the barest one was the fucking motorcycle cover or the the biker guy they shot their arrows into each other there's a lot of references yeah
somebody said on line that just a jack just a gigolo actually do it was written by somebody even before that i cant find it now i know i got cares believe that that makes sense a lot of those songs are like old you know it's sucks when you find out that your favorite version a song is like a remake know that they ripped off from somebody like bill burke me up once i cannot even gonna fucking believe this go look up led zeppelin rips off just go go look that up and listen to it there's a compilation where they made a youtube compilation of lead zepplin songs paris into the songs they ripped off soon right now from one guy out exactly alike is devastating its devastating you you i mean i fuckin loves zepplin dude i mean i can't take away it doesn't take away from my love of those creations those songs as the songs are still fucking credible button obviously
obviously any song in a band is a collaboration and it appears to me that it was like an unwilling collaboration that's how it put it was someone else's art that they be appropriate did and made a part of their art and they created something amazing and that is essentially what plagiarism is if those guys been a part of the team and they work together you know this guy like you know you need cool there and baby i'm not food then i'm gonna send you back to school and you know the guy writes all that down like yeah like i like it let's go with it that would be fine but if you hear that somewhere else and then you just stick that in your song it does make your song awesome no doubt whole lot of love it's one of my favorite songs of all time but that shit is almost directly ripped off from some old blue yeah i mean like of the lines like are directly ripped off from an old blue song hard to listen to man if you just type in led zeppelin like plagiarism
tmz there's like one from two thousand and ten there's one from two thousand and fourteen is this just like a whole bunch of different songs and lawsuits that have almost all their songs are rip offs that's crazy i wonder if that's gonna cost them other money they'll be fucking weird if all of a sudden leads up and went broke like all those guys were broke as fuck robert palmer starts going on the road he's doing cover songs because he owes all this money the do you want to hear one of the rip off of the uk this is according to the lawsuit for days and confused i love that so here is one of their big ones here is i guess the rip offers
that was all the way that's the real person it's okay play them both and use it as a hobby and shoes but like no give me a clue as to where i am one this is not bad though play that a little bit more but the only party show okay in here of course the constraining for you lots of people talking few of them know once they they're better i'm sorry i'm gonna do the mexican woman in the crowd but you're just jealous
yo yo yo he did it better and the reason for sure at the very least were influenced but goddamn their lyrics or better the delivery was off the charts that's a ten the studio though i'd like to see that j guy in the same studio the robbery of land was a mother fucker son down is undeniable it was not just the studio it was that fuckin output that guy's voice the output who the fucking hit those notes who can even sing like that you know who i fuck things like that man play that shit again play the robber plant version again just play play that part i'm way past that you can do it fellow you can do it i know you know how to use the internet and find the new the stairway to heaven one because it was way back okay but i just want to hear that real quick right it's going to be a bit producer boy so there was a
every time you talk to joy ds about let's at one if you want to get the if leads up in was smart they would hide or joey das to narrate their life story to this do documentary were joe ideas this explains lids upper limit i sent the money fucking dirty white guys from england swinging dick stage one fuckin tides are tight sancho rogan this giant cock inches away from women's faces and they're fucking losing their minds they never seen nothing like this before he talked you about like the invasion like when leds happened first hit america i'm doing it no justice if to hear him describe it could that song the sound was like i did nobody had assembling that before total new next level shit that just opened up the door to a lot of people's changed a lot of people's idea what song sounded like stare heaven i'm one of those guys i love led zeppelin but i'm one of those guys that puts pink foid ahead of them any david
that's interesting and put up a strong case for i don't i don't think you could oh yeah it's better for you but for me
one better than pink floyd but pink food is a fucking fucking amazing what is this there's a it again this is the whole this is the guy look at the guy above ground sound jack homes is jack on dead to be super right ronnie no doubt and used it says go hitting on its falseness i'm being used but just like no it's pretty god damn good vehicle as to where i am at feel like a mouse like a it's pretty good in red i'm being abused i start comes
bye that's pretty god damn good dude yeah especially because that's the original so you got to think like it's much easier to listen to someone and then add a bunch of shit to something they sort of the foundation then they come up with the original idea totally but that's the joke thief way that's what joke thieves do they'll take your premise and then they change it enough so that they can get away with it because they made it better they just add more to the back end so let's hear the robert plant part hold on a second
i mean that's almost like exactly the shakes version those a court and this he scales not true for you come on open i'm telling you i so enthralled it's a rip off for sure check yeah definitely now rip fucking off here is this one i thought was kind of messed up because this guy even tored with
zat when they are in your opening it's called the freddy soto this is a group called tourists and sunk spirit in it's the one that's their they're saying is from my stairway to heaven so here is spirit first where they were so these are the people who don't make it the ones that look a little weird like given didn't they wanted a pretty boy you ever grumbled fucking rigour montoya becoming my phone to humans this strange looking around like it it's scary he's got a fucking mustache on one side and the other do is bald headed you can be baldheaded in nineteen seventy one what the fuck this was
oh my of the song oh my god where's this song though this is all music right now i'm pretty sure that this song doesn't i think there's a song really they got weird but it's their creation they took it to a weird place it's the spirit of the song yeah right there really absolutely that's the thing yeah i mean that's where it's easy when you hear something like this and you just sort of create and she's buying still see because like you feel how it bugged you or how it hits you rather and then you add your creativity to it right
the writing the it and the lyrics isn't the hardest part of a song the hardest part of a song is that part is that backbone that spinal cord of what's originally what's different i would have assumed that you're right but i don't know jack shit about music how much do you know about music pretty good can you play things i can play a lot of things wow you do piano i have what they call perfect pitch you know what that is your girl no perfect pitch you don't have one or two percent of and they don't know why it's not like genetic or anything but one or two percent of people can hear music like exactly so that it play something or from in front of an instrument i can remember where that sound is and know that it's it's a hard thing to explain but i can hear the exact tone of each how do you know you find out
when if you take a piano lessons or like your real europe people to play by ear often have perfect pitch you ve never heard that term like there's people can read music and play and then there's but they can really like beethoven's flow of pitch is a perception thing it's not like a thing i thought was like a singing thing it's on a sound the you may well let's say that is singing for example like i know if i hit the note exactly or so it has had a lot easier to hit the note if you know that i thought it was an ability the hitting notes i didn't know i was being able to perceive it i thought i just can't make a sound you can learn it and not perfect but you can learn how to make a sound can you
i mean do you have limitations on like i don't think i could ever be a good singer i know i really don't think i have any singing talent like you'd be surprised like vicky lewis who was on news radio has an insane voice like insane like opera level voice like she can and i would i would like like joke joke around try to sing she would get offended is disgusting there because my clunky voice i just i i can't just hit sounds but i've met people that they don't even sing for a live right but they could sound they sound beautiful when they're singing right well it all depends like
should just try to sing like themselves i just learned about this stuff recently the singing part of things for that one thing that i didn't care right anyway but like you have to sing in your singing voice you know how all the singers sound different you know clapped in and tom petty how's everybody doing it there like he doesn't try to sing like la la la la la la la he just goes with it she's a american girl you know what i mean right right that's a good example right so if you sing like how you sound instead of trying to sing like what we think a good singer sounds like then you can kill it everybody sounds different they'll call and sounds different than roger water is crucial for now gilmore right robber plant i knew this dude was in a band was super cocky dude finally listen to his music is cocky bordering duty into his music and the guy sounded exactly like chris cornell and when i say exactly i mean fucking exactly i thought it was
like some lost sound garden song from the early days i was listening to the exact same that same in flag it was like me doing a joe das impression yeah like if i just started talking like joe das or on stage like if i went on stage and just pretend this is me now and what's up suckers what you what you at bitch come on what you would go oh my god he's he's doing a joey dea's impression right that's how much this guy sounded like chris cornell we got we got your voodoo penny how dare different voices are fun that's why i like the crash test dummies you ever heard of them got jokes like this and everything i know the song comes in it's like a totally different you can't fuck with check though six of the best selling voices my opinion means like robert plant is get about ass voice but janice joplin virtues she listened agenda job and sing a song or rather plant that check that things gold finger valued that poland pull up
take another little piece my heart why are you laughing you don't know that janet shopping song to take fuck ingenious army environment magee that's another one states choose a goddamned genius skates is great much got a bamboo that's right where the dreamer saw was a mercedes benz
for when i see it like this when i listen to this i see in my head like a documentary on the sixty s that's what i say like a politician talking about these were innocent times right so people this summer we're embracing yeah this new wave of being that was sweeping the nation and we were a part of it we're a ground zero was berkeley and it was all going on no violence thing so bad when she puts things the pain in her voice the emotions in her voice the chicken experienced a lot of shit it's one of those ones that we get into it too she put her own body yes their eyes really get lost in a sea ugly she was ugly and she hooked up with a lot of rock good for her everybody wear her even though she was ugly every guy wanted a banger there fucking wait she's got no tips no ass in the face of a guitar male charlie brown or female charlie brown yeah he was awesome joey did that is scary oh my god is that her there a good picture find a good picture and i say ugly like a girl she's pretty scary you probably like mass period for a story just real dan kill tony talk about put up a good one so my is it cute if you're on assaute to her soul we'd love her soul her soul is beautiful complex like an old wine he's got that space size in there how dare you her teeth were a little crooked but other than that it's fine looking gal everything is true look at that time inside of her face if i had to choose one woman to listen to sing she's up there amy winehouse she's up there too suzanne santo from honey honey is right at the top of the god damn left she's got some new songs i wish we could play him but she didn't give me permission i play some of her new shade god damn dude black women men i wonder if she'd let us think she'd let us play are we allowed to allowed to black women have this thing where they have the most powerful vocal cords that way
that things gold finger from bond did you ever see that live performance like the oscars or emmys a couple of years ago she got a stand in his afterward potion i can't believe i can't think of her name she's the she's like the most respective grace jones felt like is that her if you look up gold finger grace grace jones that black check with crazy erika ii like that max headroom black mc such max hitter grace jones was she's to date dove lungren shirley was eighty why tat show bassa arise she's a cold blooded keller widow is one where sugar of that she's standing and when she she can clear her arms and it makes the sound come from
i pull it out and then go low to high her range some people can do high some people can do low she's one of those monsters a lot of those guys clapton pink floyd aid only work with black when they needed a female singer that would just go with it this is the thing she's about this house right now and then fifty year bond anniversary they bring her out goddammit knows even himself bottom
a genre in the pierce brosnan bond we come on a bother me so much a new guy brought it back strong yeah i got to set i think daniel is the best ever rocket morning he's the best no roger mo was more humorous than give i don't preparing your ears can you do twenty it is the is
from me i'm not into that i got to be honest yeah this isn't as good as it been high and fuck when you were listening to this half boner or something yeah one that's what it was yeah everything's done better with a half boner yeah pull up honey honey angel of death when they were live on the roof this video they did i wanna play one of the news on collecting information so it took i sent her a text if she texts me back during the show we'll try to play it but video we're in yeah that seems a death but don't play that one play the live one on the roof because the live one on the roof is acoustic so you really get a chance to hear her voice this is a net brian is it okay it's tony chicken it's me
yeah this is how i found out about these guys they're moving back to la they gave up on nashville god they heard a few too many end bombs and they were like oh we're still in tennessee called i married myself deep inside of your heart there's an old village people song you won't see you change will just become the same thing never spend a single day at the best talent yes i guess there have been many others i've treated them the same as you i let them die and i lit salts they cried many went so many to you to see them live again yeah they're moving back here so we'll see them for sure they'll be back yeah she's the best and they have a new tour out and if you go to honey honey band com they have their schedule up there
fucking awesome and ben is the coolest guy he's so nice he's such an interesting funny dude too he's a cool guy to be around it's interesting knowing people that can do shit that you don't have any interest in pursuing get to just watch it like as an observer that's how i feel about about music yeah you know music is not something that i ever wanted to pursue so when i watch people do it and do it really good i find it super inspiring i never would have gotten into it at all however i lived in such a bad neighborhood i grew up in such as the war corner and one of the most dangerous cities in the country for years it's been dangerous but when i was growing up it was the most danger and less houses getting our send everywhere makes detroit look like in a place young stana high yeah that's bad very dangerous the mafia versus the black gangs and the black gangs versus everybody everybody one of the worst cities to live in year after year but anyway we had bars and all of our windows it's just a thing that
every house had during that time we these early nineties because people were just if they saw you leave your house they break in your house and still whatever but the only they didn't have bars and the windows was our dining room window area but so there were bars in the windows we my mom had an old upright piano that leaned against those windows the light wouldn't even come through the windows the only thing that would block those this was an upright piano so there is always an upright piano in the dining room when i was being re side play end as guph around on it as a kid mature enough to show you how bad of a neighbourhood i lived in one time because there are bars on the windows a guy with like an act started breaking through that window and broke all the way through a piano and upright piano if you know anything the guts of a piano i mean first of all the outsides made of crazy old wood and this and that and it's all wood on the inside but there's all these metal strings and everything they broke all the way through the piano that's
sound for adjusting the guy that have started like cotta gotta be close now broke in the middle of an upright piano and what you get inside your house i remember they got inside my house they stole my nintendo and the vcr which now would be i mean the oldest intent the regular nintendo and a vcr probably today's like twenty dollars worth of stuff how after breaking remember pretty specifically i know i was close to probably about the fourth or fifth grade writing i know that because my first grade play christmas play was in the vcr was so funny and we used to watch i i mean everybody in the family used to watch it because it was stupid i was i was a star and i had a giant head and i was so
unacceptable like they didn't want to give me a good role so they just put a star around my neck with a string so we'd always watch it because it'd be funny and that was in the vcr when they stole it and there was no way to get that back you know so that's why it really stuck out yeah really it's got to be a weird feeling to to feel that vulnerable if someone on break in your house every night i was scared every single night every single night i went to bed afraid we caught somebody breaking into my house and was like they weren't none up should be corrected they weren't breaking the house they're breaking in our our car which right right by the window and i'm sure i probably would have broken in our house but we were home probably knew her home i live in jamaica plane which was not nearly as bad as youngstown but it was it was sketchy especially now that now it's all gentrified but back then it was pretty fucked up we caught this dude was right that's my window is breaking your car remember seeing him run whose maya my stepfather the window and yell something or some i forget there was some sort of an altercation like a guy get the fuck out of there
and then i remember like looking down because i had a win my window my bedroom window as above the car looking down seen this guy run off i was like that fucking weird gary yeah really it's really gross when you realize that somebody could mess with your stuff it's that weird feeling too like you don't hear noises and then you think this might really be someone breaking in this time be that's their com is a neighborhood would do it all the time you know he's been a b and e it was normal breaking and entering normal murder lake and in eggs over there are very few murders slot a crime but it was was possible to get murdered when you have a bunch of fucking creepy people that have been jail a jail of times and they a bunch of other could be people who want to poverty in a lot of drugs fuckin shit happens man in all the cleaning it all becomes acceptable and then the little brother is in the end the younger people see their older brother is doing it and they think it's cool and that's a part of life and then you know
crazy it's also guys make money to be honest the summons house stiller tv and i have a thousand box like holy shit this fact that that doesn't happen too much rich neighborhoods rich neighborhoods dues very rarely break into jos houses superior it's something that only happens if one person's got something the other person wants it what you get your own shit shit doesn't mean as much that becomes a different thing become some are you judge other that's worth stupid but not for consent and living in poverty you have is crazy just a lot of boxes come out of their lot of a boom boom unseen kelly van gogh's area like how it yeah until it barrier royal how are you royal while kelly godlike at my favorite fight that i've ever seen in all of boxing major maintain yeah yeah i got my twice they both
one of them had ever been knocked down and their entire professional career not once and they both went down twice was grateful paddock was a beast like the booze though yeah that'll fuck man but again i think a lot of these guys like the booze part of it the pressure the pressure of being a professional fighter is got to be so staggering and in youngstown that's what your taught is i drink the pain away when he every time he would go back home he was the king of down and when you that you're just hang out of bars at their friends anyway in every single person the walks in a let me buy you a drink its munson your next fight you know they don't realize it's a professional athlete and he needs to be come on kelly what are you good for now exactly how everybody talks could too good for a jack come on kelly let me buy you a drink check on the rocks white castle wishing a be it ain't gonna hurt you you know i didn't know that white castle had tiny food the first time i went there
and so i got it to go i got it to go i remember specifically i was at my brother's apartment in columbus visiting and college went to the white castle he was at work across the street got a burger and fries to go went back and i was so disappointed cuz starving in three or four more burgers those are the days had to get away with that little burger super cheap one bite burger he used to be a nickel or something like that like in the day and it was that was the whole thing is i get a nickel burger you know it was a marble how many of those that if a leg was a regular burger quarterback then so much the regularly our problem is probably more expensive it was probably some kind of marketing thing like now we got relic cheap beggars smart sat next beggar knows breaking news georgie selecting a push in the other day did you know the u s ps argued the post office used to deliver kids they used to put the postage on the kid in these carriers would have these babies and they would just like take on a train with them and then it started like like
getting more elite snobs this yeah yeah it's it's totally reassure us on this babies through the male photos what year was this early thirties so people were just worrid their baby's going to get eaten by wolves back then they took a chance for post office yeah but the people that would deliver they're although there may show you think the creeping up all child molesters you really they deal in babies when you couldn't fractured online you know who knows where baby is all right i can just do whatever they want with your baby for a couple of days it takes a while to get your baby over there you sure male babies wasn't spelled male like you weren't looking at wow that's a mail carrier with a fucking kid would have stamps on it what does it say about the text making it illegal nineteen thirteen it was scroll back you won't go
there were thirteen it is legal to male children with stamps attached to their clothing children road trans to their destinations accompanied by lay up letter carriers one newspaper reported it cost fifty three cents for parents to male their daughter to her grandparents for a family visit as news stories and photos popped up around this the country it didn't take law to get a law on the books making illegal assent children the male why that's crazy they shouldn't illegal the us postal service keep them in business yeah postal service not doing so good anymore he imagined you were you your business business sending sending letters look the post office is fucking slow okay i get a letter to your friend of the day if you something to say to him just ladders no packages i can get to him and also the internet comes along and email comes along like fuck my business exactly in the guy just fifteen there's a good that put on money into the mail
that while there is one thing that will definitely network if press and people are always do you mean to send letters in a timely fashion taxes letters and train three things that will never go away and no one saw tax must come in now any of that coming right and the idea that you could get all your email on your phone your phone was a fucking ounce and you keep it in your pocket the fucking anything is coming in the mail is weird everything should be digital well i think that they're going to two forms delivery the unease drones and they're gonna use three printing i think that's what's gonna be a lot of products in the future i think you're gonna have some sort of a box you house but the size of regular home computer printer needed you're one for bigger things but you just to own like you're gonna use like bitcoin to buy the directions or buy the ingredients or buy the the schematic whatever you download the schematic into your your computer press print and that fucker just
develop it right there in your box that's going to happen in the drones will have little every house a little chimney neuron were the drone just a goddamn santa claus say like you after your iphone at home where you phone at home right and it's gonna know your phone and say like hey i need you to print is sent me my phone so you would have to put it in a box because you only have one license for that phone and then it will reprint it in wherever you want and destroy your original to the original one because you only have one license what if it becomes like a clone like remember when you get a vcr tape that somebody made off of a vcr tape and it was kind of wack and like his phone's not so good it's clone it's a clone of your phone a percent did clown better down like black cloud irritably if you like you i just need to send my phone again anger reno reprint
you know you just get a new phone whenever the new ones came out and got one six well you know it'd be really dope if you could take old phones and you throw them into the computer and like they'd eat them up and build a new phone like whenever a new schematic comes up it can actually extract and recycle the the component so the device or car like every day go like i want to drive today i want to drive a porsche tomorrow i want to drive some you know whatever shitty book car you different former by it's we're pretty our cars for not going even have cars anymore we're gonna have little thing that you get in looks like an egg pretty much it is going to set in its destiny today moaning entire anyone know why i'm doing that you already in the thing i wanted to the world coaster park do you want to go to the roller coaster park thirty seven miles away yes and then it
make it so that it won't hit i'll do you one better or i'll do you one better i think we're gonna transcend physical reality that's what i think and they're gonna they're gonna divide up and artificial reality that is more com plex more rewarding than the physical reality and so no one will exist in the physical riad anymore it would all be even maintained from this artificial reality we will maintain this dimension from an alternative dimension that we create and chile will be born instantaneously into this alternative dimension because the fuckin fear upon fears is it your kittle reborn the natural world would get eaten by animals thought that there will be children born we're gonna figure out a way to transcend the physical reality so whatever consciousness is when it's created when a man and a woman have sex and a baby comes out of the woman's body that baby will immediately be transported into an alternate dimension as its being born were already maybe i saw your post the other day and bugs life thing i had just taken on
dvds out and reorganize them and i had just looked at bugs life because i lost the dvd i don't know where it is a dream about day foley i was in one time and bear camp i wasn't bear camp and now i was dreaming today fully was like healthy and he was like a thin and smiling tat was like when i knew him and nineteen eighty four minimum news radio and then i got up in the morning i went upstairs and i sat down in front of the tv and a bug's life came on and there was a day for voice i was like wow this is weird because he did that like around the same time we were doing news radio that guy if i feel bad about any guy getting fucked in a divorce proceedings you want you want to find the way case scenario i mean not worse i guess worse was phil hartman is fucking wife killed him when he's sleeping but close to worst of a guy getting over by divorce now more laws and transport laws look look up dave foley
look look up day fully discusses child support and alimony from our podcast ask it was it was heartbreaking because got him locked into a payment schedule bay some way was making one is on new radio which was a crazy amount of money these on nbc whose on us did com and he was one of the big stars of it coming from kids in the hall he was a well known comedian they gave him this great big deal in the show was for a written around him and for harmony and you can't expect to make that kind of money your whole life it's in it's incredible it's it's an amazing opportunity but the idea of a sitcom is it's a once in a lifetime thing very few people ever get one and one the cost of syndication and what you should do is stockpile as much of that money as possible because the chances of getting another one are quite slim but that's not how the divorced laws look at it they look at it like look this is what you make you oh exe a percentage of that of all of a sudden you make you from a million dollars a year or whatever to a hundred thousand dollars a year you still have to pay
half a million dollars year like you still whatever the fuck it was would have make up an hour so crazy so he developed more than it was more than a half a million dollars in debt that he could not pay i'm gonna know what it was but a one time was half million it was it was compiling and he couldn't get in the country's rwanda canada they would arrest him amines crazy fuck and shit seven means a meetings they refused reduce the amount of money that he had to pay and it's not like a matter of like them getting money for food and money for housing and clothing which totally makes sense it was exorbitant amount of money and she was flying over the country with its money and going to foreign countries and spending all this money on redecorating the house like he would talk about it would drive him crazy it's it's a wild canada doesn't let you get divorced like disease as you do in the united states you have to be separated from each other at least at the time for a year but during that year she gets access to your bank account you
joint towns so during that year she would spend with impunity in she would she would try to break him should try to break him with with third her spending in the eu talk about on the past and see the guy wishes devastated by this devastated that's a real extreme example like one of the most extreme examples most of the time you know it's like losing that video earlier where that kid was getting beat up by that on and he was doing the selfie and he's like stop assaulting me and then when the cops came she said that he assaulted her right thankfully he had that video i think in a lotta cases like when people split up and when people get a people go from love to hate and in pretty dream variation like people who looks like but who love each other when you don't love
that person no more that person doesn't love you it's not just like you don't get along anymore like friends that just don't hang around with them anymore it's like they stole something from you they stole of your happiness they stole a piece of your love and they get fucked angry they'll make shit up they'll say you touch your kids you did a bunch of creepy shit to them you beat them up it'll beat beat them up and blame it on you they'll hit themselves and shit and blame it on you knowing that most of the time cops are going to believe them because guys hit women all the time scared to be stuck in them a situation like that where someone who used to get intimate with now wants to lie and plot and do anything to drag you down you got to have him back and see if he's happier now because that really did make me feel very sad he was here yeah be said to too you i know you got a sit come after that for a bit get a comedy festival with day fully yeah just about two months ago zanna was diana was hilarious
is awesome funny dude manner he could have been still don't stand up the whole time but we had a lot of fun here is done sketch comedy improv and stuff like that but he could have easily been a stand up a very smart guy to show now can john wants to come on the show offso may we have both of them on yeah what's what show is it i don't know i just i've been seeing them on facebooks their fill turn off regiments tenants were rough the judge tony mother fucking time flies by when we the shit we got to get you on kill tony so i would be happy to if you didn't do in the devil's ball sack aka the comedy store welcome to a fuck respectable venue and i'll grace you with my services of course bring that bitch to the ice house i'll do it at the ice house yeah but i can't go back to that place just can't yeah i know too much i know too much the next friday you have open what does make it a clear ok which i would love to do that before
and if you haven't watched or listen to kill tony you can catch it on des squad tv it's on itunes and also on desk quad tv is the other one that we talk about a little time thunder pussy time to push which is a fun time with the right crowd occasionally get the wrong crowd becomes a fuck fest but the right crowd comedians gone stage and just the audience yells out ideas and a comedian start to talk about things it is writ make comedy up on the spot it's very challenging but very fun and its also way that you wind up coming up with a lot of new material because just completely ripping as long as your risk is cool we ve had the boss we ve had when the audience is awesome in the last time was a dark shadow was annoying fun the last time but those guys there was a few pulled that fully that we're out of control we bought a little below the growth that is how it is i went up first mind yes i knew is gonna get out of control as if the three guys or bugging me i'm like off this is a
in time and i tried to acknowledge them in calm them down let em realised that they seemed wasted right from the get the few people than when just out of it like air are totally you know when people you know audience members ways do in their like answering rhetorical question like you know it shows me crazy no i don't know what your eyes you crazy what does me you know it's like they were just trying to get attention that was a problem it wasn't simply a matter of participating or yelling out topics they were dewar they were like training and attention they were trying to be a part of the show of the god of the left whose body kicked out early and then just kept going like dude your buddies already been kicked out like you to drunk like you got to learn how to handle your liquor son do you know people are looking at another thing is that that show is eighteen enough though that's not cool enough now
they need to change this yeah am i allowed to tell yeah i love i love that age group but they just you know i know they're underage drinking going on not there but maybe they came drunk or whatever that's probably they could flasks somebody's checking their bags when they walk through well all these problems that we had at the last thunder pussy was at the beginning of the show so there's no way that they got drunk at the ipad came wrong so i think what's happening is people are just coming like fucking falls wasted and yeah that nineteen year old kid that got kicked out and such so sad he was just sitting there on the bench outside and i'm like what did he suddenly i got kicked out i was like look it's not the end of the world gotta realize like it's part of being young you fuck up you get drunk do retarded shit and then you realize you did retard shit so the next time you think gonna get into that same sort of situation again correct yourself you'll be all right he sold
who so devastated at the beginning of this next thunder post the one that we just did i spent my first three minutes on that guy because i realized that if i didn't acknowledge him right from the get then because jeremih even told me because he hosted jeremy went up first then he brought me up jeremiah goes i purposefully didn't double you know i don't want to seem like the bad guy i knew that you would like to take that science and even acknowledge em cause jeremy and i worked together a lot like at the store and just everywhere were both you don't both grinders so any he he'd you grind you're on grinder no we don't grind metal rider no yeah he's out there on his grind dog no it's out there on the grind you know that's like a rap term yeah it's hot one he's every day every day we have we every every every day we bees hustling yes but the worst is that those guys think that they're helping the show
what are the worst that's why if i'm first or second and i have the chance to help out the shall i go and you're not going to help the shall you might be thinking that you're not you know like i've been over the years of acknowledging this feeble build jokes on me and aren't i mean and you're you're gonna think you killed them with the water cooler but you didn't you know tell him the truth because if they think then that i hope the show you but in the words of butter brown the bible flag a plant in it in the bud that's we supposed to do he actually out by the roots that's the best way the bud would have every rebuffs trail you now about its plants there live donors nip it pull the roots than like that thing on fire that's supposed to be imagine though being nineteen years old and getting drunk come to a common show you're allowed to talk comedians you're allowed the yellow ideas there's no for me it's like part the fun when it works great but part of the
problem with that is if you get the wrong kind of kids in their specially young kids eighteen years old hammered for the first time yellin shit out edibles and weed i couldn't trigger these by the way i reckoning see louis case newt latest episode whereas a catches his daughter smoking marijuana it's like an hour and a half long episode one of the best i've ever seen ever louis okay a maniac man are you are you watching any of his show he watching oh nice really good i almost want to watch it like three more times with the kids they used in it the actors bravo to those guys i mean it's beautiful his daughters are amazed and maze show they steal it a lot or so great i haven't been watching it do you watch game of thrones yeah don't talk about it though a lot of people get mad oh i bet spoiler alert i just caught up on the episode this week last night holy fuck yeah such a good show
after its over you just go holy fuck you wanna watch something great ought to show on netflix called the writers room and just go straight to the game thrones episode it's the two writers they work directly with george martin said george debit though the ones that take georgia's ideas in it with their imagination put it into film its guys and it's been the whole time but they dont work together they sit in opposite rooms and they don't even work on the same episodes wise one they do one after the other so one does one and the one does the next and the reason why it's so great in my opinion if you watch this episode of the writers room called game of thrones with these two guys you figure out that they're just trying to outdo each other these guys are writing partners and they're just trying to be like i'm going to blow your mind this week for great idea exactly that's incredible yeah they paid
we can see each other sack but they're together but their against it it sort of like like pink floyd if you feel that the two main guys roger waters and david goma within a tortoise like when you hear ban breaker like it sort of built of pink floyd state they play together for twenty thirty years a notorious huge break up the massive peak but that's what they would do like roger waters would be like in a body under the creative force and i just wrote this album called the wall it's a shame you didn't get anything in on it and david downward be like our mother fucker only would go in a room and right comfortably nome and come back with that as the two biggest nino it with some of the biggest our solos of all time has witnessed a little pin pre out his voice that david cameron as does that's the same thing those two guys always hated each other but they're a ban and then it helped because wrought waters
go check out these lyrics in this baseline brow and then go more would be like oh you think you're a bad ass will watching this can tar zella he would try to steal the song from why i like laying down or using his voice and why waters with smart enough to let it all happened because that's good for business like every ban that's ever a huge ban don't they always have a problem with the lead singer and someone else like even fucking van hailing than here and broke up david lee roth laugh they brought in so announced about sammy hagar than they brought in that other dude within other dude who's the other day did they brought in was from a good dan but sucked it as the lead singer man ale and just didn't work for whatever reason but think actual rose and guns and roses midge during richards they keep it together totally but apparently like keys rigid talked a gang of shit about mick jagger in his book stephen title those guys hire but they left a while right didn't joe perry leave for a while he did here joe berries
mother fucker unfriended him on twitter really show very easy conspiracy terraces in the latter conspiracy theories man's wacky ones but i found a rock at the beach and i was like what is this rock is this a volcanic rock or media or something like that cause he was holes in it couldn't figure out what it was like that i remember looking at that and it was apparently fish to that it's like a sea stone joke me told me on twitter like what crazy world we live in wood joe parry and give you an explanation of how wrong greatest guitars ever in he knows all about rock and no but shock and roll knows about geology see rocks and shit brian negotiating guidelines we weekend
tonight ontario improv friday ice house pro but we i'm going to florida with sam tripoli in august april eight th nine th and ten th tampa jacksonville in orlando good lord son and like i said this weekend tony and brian colin and i thursday and friday i shouldn't say this weekend thursday night we're in lloydminster and then both of them are in canada so if you're like well fox flood minister it's another cup tibet and the other one is vancouver at the orpheum theatre on friday night camp fuckin way brian cowen tony hinge and was good times you folks thanks hey anytime affront anytime that's it fuckers thanks for the sponsorship mr square space go to square space dot com and though you an awesome website you freaks and use the code word joe and save ten percent off your first purchase square space dot com thanks also to ten gotta rogan dot ting dot com and
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