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hello my friends it's too again this episode podcast this is july fourth weekend so i know you're going to be out there at the lake or the beach taking your clothes off trying to look sexy and your swimsuit and it's probably a disaster we can help you ways german this episodes brought you buy on it dot com it's o and and i t i've always been a big proponent of kettlebells cause it's one of the first weightlifting things that i've ever done that allows me to kind of get like the whole work out in at times when i used to live weight regardless weights in another dare do cardio i do one day wade's one day a cardio but with a really good about work out i get a brutal cardio work out and allows me to get it all on one shot fan of em they just it's fun to do and it makes you feel like some russians average living in siberia beckoned t thirties we're fucked invented these things what they are
let's cannonball with a big metal handle on any swing around in doing so in all these various exercises you develop what they called functional strength meaning strength for entire body not isolate individual movements but your entire body and i did no chimp where's the channel say something missing the motherfuckers ran a chance ran away now we must run out those fuckin thing like crazy that's the primal bells the primal bells of these new kettlebells it we had this is a most important they look cool shit there they're dead we have chimpanzees and then we also have zombies we have eight rather we also zombies the most important things they ain't just look good but that there are three d mapped what we have them as we made sure that all of the kettlebells you're getting there do not imbalance i did you make a cool face but if the cool face and balanced it would come to defeat the purpose of a kettle bell the hygiene
kettlebells it's got to be balanced when you move it so it looks badass but you get i use the gorilla and you get a really good work out with it it doesn't feel like a gimmick even when it slams into your arm with guerrilla face first if you're an idiot do not pay attention to how you swing into detail about one thing that i can really not stress enough when it comes to the stuff if you're thinking doing any kind of physical activity if you ve never worked out before you ve gotta do two things if you can the one thing the if you can part is higher personal trainer show you how to do the movements correctly just you know find out if someone will do it for you probably let you i found video it and let's let some i'll show you how to do like a queen in press how did you windmill how did you research correctly then video tape and then you can do it on your own and you can literally never have to go to a gym again with a chin up bar and a couple general bells are you can get for she worked out in on a daily basis but still
slow its if you're mean i'd like me in europe a dummy and you if they got someone says take three vitamins concept forget fire and see what's up you can hurt yourself these things starts law we have if i pounders we have eighteen pounders the howler monkeys eighteen pounds and we go all the way up to seventy pounds with the primal bells but if you're a real savage one those bona fide fitness freaks like perhaps one of those crossfit dudes who enter into those championships that bitch ass seventy pounds going to be enough for you if that's case we saw me heavier the heaviest ones we sell the german kilograms i guess it's out of respect mother russia or some shit a kilogram of extensive foods any
whatever yeah we got rid of food but now it's still in kilogram okay what the fuck is forty kilograms let's find out let's tell i think it's eighty eight pounds that's weird that they would do that yeah it seems odd what is forty kilograms in yes it's eighty eight pounds so that's the heaviest when we have a few could throw round and eighty eight pounds tat about you are sunk fair body else starts be healthy and like i said it's my favorite all time method of just physical exercise just you know martial arts being the obvious number one but just regular exercise cannibals shit it feels good fills goodman doom just it's a guy it's it's you stretching out a lot a lot of the moment so it's got almost like a yoga sort of a vibe to it like windmills windmills are some of my favorite things to do super good for your core and your back and but again do them slow and
if your internet the on it supplements use a code word rogan eu will save ten percent of any and all supplements or crash from the float lavishly german so without further ado and no more thuggery afoot let's get the joe rogan experience showing my age rogan podcast by night all day she ladies for many of you have heard this pocket before you aware of our thing that i'm really into called the sensory deprivation tank in separate sensory deprivation tank was invented by guy named john lily who is a scientist in a real freak like a guy who just really out there really fast any guy and he wrote a book i picked it up and i think like
amazon com to used books thus all young people sellers individual soldiers out and they saw the deep self and in it he talk about the benefits of the tank detailed construction on how to make your own tank he's got like diagrams in it and just really really fastening guy and he was into all sorts of weird altered states of consciousness and one of the things that he wanted to figure out was how to separate the body from the senses and he came up with a bunch of different designs there's a movie altered states that's kind of very loosely based on the idea of a guy like him going completely haywire and becoming like among just that's how i got into central approbation tanks i saw altered states and the big deal historically fairly accurate in the design of the tanks the initial one that you saw two states showed what lily at first came up with which is like a glass scuba helmet that's
of suspended em in regular water and he would actually poop it p into it he had like some crazy filtration system so we could stay in there and not have to defecate or urinate so it would go through some system that he had created i mean this dude was gone he was off a deep end i mean he's as off a deep as ever but his his big thing was to try to figure out how you can get the mind free of the influence of the body and the best method he came up to was this idea of the tank and he figured out eventually to put salt water in and then if you put enough absent salts you bought would float and then he could maintain day they heating temperature to essentially but the same temperature is to surface your skin and you wouldn't be able to recognize where the water was and it would give you the sensation of complete sensory deprivation and he figure this out and from
that point on till like god i don't mean met you in what was like how many years gaza six profit i was six years before that i had that other gentlemen who used to repair tanks for somatic was a great guy and he he told me about you and the guy fixing my somali tank much smaller tank in fact something so it wasn't tank i fucked up was the heater burnt through the the lining of the water bed and it's around the whole thing is a disaster like sometimes he d ya messages the pop for whatever reason is the cook and it just melted a hole through the things he had a repair hitter here the lining and while he's repairing the lining he goes you know there's sky in venice that makes these like really high tech too thanks and he goes you should contact him his name is crash he's kind of an interesting guy
and so i asked him about it and he went into depth about all the crazy shit that you had done to these tanks and what they looked like and he sent me to your website i saw that saying this is pre the stand up tanks theirs still lags smaller like me like somebody put way better constructed you you had figured out how to do it where was just like this it looks like a meat locker i'm it's so solid and well built and all you're crazy filtration system and everything and i realise that you this one loan dude out there who is in eating in a sort of forgotten business this forgotten of forgotten of of modern day understanding of the mind i mean it's really was ignored somehow or another i don't know what happened i dont know how these scientists and geniuses mister on the sensory deprivation tank promotion they should have
in talking about it everywhere it is mine blowing evolution in in meditation tomorrow blowing next step and meditation where you instantaneously go if you can it and you do it long enough you instantaneously can go to psychedelic states intense introspective objective psychedelic states that are they change your life they fundamentally change the way you think about life and the fact that these people aren't promoting this because it's not a drug it's it's totally safe its total easy to acquire its totally it it ends anytime you want you open the door to get out and it's over there's no repercussions is no weird to it you instantaneously drift back in a normal consciousness known socket no one is doing and i found you and brian crowley this video brian was the guy who made that video where we
went down to the basement in a videotape thea the tank and die from that video on we started hearing more more people opening up the centres they start going crazy they start opening up all over the place and you continue to innovate and young said a word yet by the way well now i don't have to i'm just not in my head i mean you're doing such a good job that the appraisal the situation that i don't want to dilute it no i just feel like i'm a really much not at all no i'm really enjoying this because you are the guy that six years ago whatever it was it first understood that too not only was i out are you no kind of stone and around by myself but you know that it will when i found you then that really escalated the exposure in general not just and for me it has to do with industry overall once that you know you became
because you're you're an honest sky and your opinion people trust it and when you say something then that it has value it there's other people's this that whatever in on it have that that sincerity true enough from from what you believe type it's a lot of times influenced by this or that but once you you know in any event like us even with the device thing was a big thing with us in the old hamilton morrises great gravel and without you that what happened you now is just in that these things help out everybody right now because the industry deserves maternity too to expand and become available to people in general like as it has an impact saying to a person is in the process of considering what it is that they're doing with themselves when which i think is very important for people to take her
possibility for their actions and what what what what they do and what they say because you know you you can not you're freedom do that you're here you're allowed to be different you're allowed to go ahead and say you know i don't think this is quite the way you know in this becoming actually more popular now this is frequently or even better able to go out there maybe that nagorno you didn't all kinds of weird stuff i don't even know what a plate is it's catching on you right i don't know if it's just our neighborhood or it is a labor there is different you spinning all the different activities that that that that people do a lot of the cross over to currently is based on these athletes net that you have contact with that risk your perspective perspective or whatever they they show that guy are stevens windsor another day again yeah and and i watched him on
click did i don't know when that is again it was this pass without when you re a guy known fight kick them in their known that was a knock out that he had previously may i just saw that the other day he he here that was in brazil yeah incredible such a nice guy great guy all those very smart too oh yeah a lot of those guys are surprisingly nice and surprisingly smart i think a lot of people have this idea about people that are involved in combat sports that they're mean or their assholes quite the contrary yeah i find to be some of the most level well adjusted people will it come in contact with their not trying to prove anything khazar secure withdrew they are either more level that's the best way of putting it like because you're are forced to get your ego checked a super
basis and when that happens you just have a better view of things you know you people are constantly afraid of losing and when you're a fighter you losing the gym all the time and you kind of mellow that out you get it under standing of who you are you and also the blowing off of the energy in the gym you just see feel so much better more you're more relaxed about stuff like a lot of people a lot of what their stresses is that their bodies a battery their bodies building up energy and it never gets exerted to taken in all this food you're doing so in a cuba goal you're sitting in your car you're sitting at the movies europe constantly sitting and not do anything ages irritable your boy i'm just trying to do fucking move get something going come on we've got all this shit pent up and then someone get in front of our traffic fuck you oh yeah you know and people wonder where that's coming from well that's coming from you you're all backed up you know you war backed up i know there's nothing scientific whatsoever
a trader is short on some of us who know yeah yeah it's also you know you're not getting your endorphins a kind of calm you down and i think that the tank represents a level of that in some way that i think that it's a thing that peat should not just be something that people but it becomes popular but something that big it becomes popular in a way where people get a chance to do a new thing that they get exe did about which is one thinks of people like with like pilates yoga a new thing they could be excited about that could benefit them mental which is where i think we're missing out on a lot of stuff i think yoga does benefit you mentally they occur you down it's very good for you physically but the physical aspect the metal aspect coincide with the tank it's a hundred percent mental it's a weird weird experience plus its available to four
for a human being to actually participate in this meditation where you sit in a room with your legs crossed and you're supposed to check out somehow i can't do that but i go sit in a box work up a few hours and not go all kinds of different things well you know the the meditation is possible i know there's people do that currently neo they have these intend psychedelic visions and i believe that one hundred percent because you you you do have an endogenous chemicals that the brain produces that can give you psychedelic experiences like we know about domestic trip to mean we know about five foxy dimas was dropped me being produced by the human body so are being produced by the body this could easily be some ancient method of stimulating that production of releasing some sort of a burst of their production and these super kundalini masters which seems like it would be something you'd to for whatever reason not compelled de madam president i have to learn it but they can exe
natural dmt trips at the highest levels of their art form which i believe thank you just gotta get really good at sitting there really good at yoga positions you got to get really good at meditating you got to get really good at just getting good enough at yoga physical way that you could just sort of fallen into these forms and then when you found these form supporting yourself in some way by by making your body work like that you like heighten your expression whatever it is that europe is trying to tap into this very psychedelic but still not the tank in its recalls for me onto to wound up to i can't sit somewhere to sit there but but if she tried maybe them you could force yourself the average have to force me in on it says i could do you think they'll be good for you to force yourself yes i like that i don't have the sis not admire the way that i great you know what i mean have it when i'm awake i'm looking at like even when i'm out
no boarding are ready my body i dont where the airplane earphones whenever if i'm right i need a list ripening man's all like all the time so destructive in general and in their hats everything off straight into my head and there's nothing else there i that suicide too about the physical for some folks they just had not interested in doing anything that's really physically strenuous i totally understand and that energy wines are being they distribute that energy to their work like you do like your kind of just a mad fiend with your work and your constant improvements in innovation stalled stuff like in a year goes where your energy is probably best suited it's not the same for everybody it's what i'm trying to say some people have extra time or they're in the process or pursuit and that's a of
a method of expression plus it's a good way to meet chicks with nice legs that's what i think the probably the most advantageous otherwise well why are they going where's a beaker of yoga or sweat either and there's a four hundred degrees and you go oh wow this is a lot of fun you're basically having sex with a room full of people you know it's like strength just thing ever see with all these things in mind that the chamber doesn't sound so bad do not have their the fires this in this thing and lay down there and all of a sudden you have the ability to tap into yourself i like both i really do like doing yoga we're losing your pump i'm gonna get me one of those guerrilla couple those carers yeah i like all what you decide to say about that start small yeah yeah yeah baby guerrilla subdue do any exercises now nothing nope i go up and down the stairs that works that somethin
and i walk that is a decision that people don't realize if you get to the airport and every time is a stairway he force selfstick stairway every time there is no the later you avoid that and get the stairs that just that alone will make your trip just slightly better dallas getaway blood flow in your body like that circle sonic too you ever get on there yeah yeah i got it from you it's fun i get on that once in a while because i don't like that that donut top the muffin muffin top i don't like to have that thanks i i guess we helped to lose weight i'll get i don't do it you know so much for my stomach set ups or something minors to try to get that from collecting down there but standing on nothing it kind of helps i think at least psychologically believe something undoing for exercise was nothing invented for russian cosmonauts to keep them in orbit yeah i think that they were having issues with a must
deterioration in atrophy or whatever so they i guess incorporated this system of vibration into the strengthening of their muscle apparently but i don't really know it well where did they take it did they take it up in the ship with them or yeah that's a good question stop off somewhere at the place you know because you would have to have gravity to use it right where's it at you know is there electricity seems like a bulky piece to bring up with you if your a limited amount of space doesn't it all also seen that you want if you did use it up in space it wouldn't work i can shoot you right up maybe who knows you don't have any resistance yeah the gravity is like half the thing right i think that's the principle that it's working with what kind of those areas that we worked fine you took a chamber at their disposal methods is much salt there's something i think it feels good that's why i like it
the vibrating on it yeah i don't know i don't know if it's doing anything for me i think i feel it's like a little body massage when i get on there and for folks who don't know what it is it's some sort of a giant speaker but it does make sound it just sends its such so where describe it said exotic waves right that it moves europe dollars a voice coil which like us but i speaker has a voice call and has a cone on it then the voice call the up and down that creates a sound wave this does have a cone has platform so moves up and down a variety of frequency sought kind of a pattern and yeah then you could dial it up and say i want this is supposed to do this or that you know i thought it was going to be a big hit you know because i think it has some of you that fat assed syndrome no other people they have that going on from too much of the stopping offer wrong places you know and i i don't know if the turbo sign i can fix that so i think they should you know eat less of that shit and work out a little bit but what
do you know about it is whatever it does it feels good i don't i don't know why feels good i'm not sure i felt like a little getting vibrator filling low massage like can believe something's happening you know i don't know exactly what's going on but it seems to be something in the variations too it's really cool is it a cycle where it'll go really fast and really slow so it keeps you kind of interested in it and it's supposed to doing that it supports to be stimulating individual glass and get your flow going you know you're like you were saying about that working up like that and you got to get your body in motion you know i think people they sit too long on a chair all day long without moving around i don't think it's probably not that good yeah we've talked about it a million times the whole thing is just so sitting in an office it's a fucking terrible way to live your life it's supposed to be super bad for you as i sit in an office well you know we only do do like three hours at a pop and even the get up and among ivan off
so i set my office every day all day long then i get out of it and go back to an office as i said it up i think so this is ok to sit around here is a fine certain eyes is that they get that horrible light and then there's this there's the there's the rules and you got a suit on you know yeah you're sitting in the office the whole thing represents a bummer do you think you have to do that to people to get them to work do you have to make a mood a suit to get them to work on the issue if you let people wear t shirts and jeans and would they take insurance as seriously as they do if there were that goofy monkey soup what they stick the company line when they're on the phone giving those pep speaks you wonder what he's image they're trying to project what is it you're trying to you know i'm a no nonsense guy mr crash yeah i look at my tie and i never swear why when i'm at the for some completely appropriate i'm leaving these guys every time because i just don't think that that's who i wanna be doing anything worth is these characters that are working on their own in our there the other
are these guys or those who are you what are you want what's your story well guys or those guys you workin for somebody in it that's why shown up in a tiny suit for years we have bunch be working for you and you want to look the role and ideology or ass anthony i am i'm going to sell insurance has to crash i'm on no nonsense guy look at my cuff their perfect it does it will you guys that do those commercials on the tv rich person or whatever it is i look at my boat all right for these houses everywhere and i got a yacht look at online yeah i'm living just inner meanwhile i'm standing here in this terrible auditorium with a bunch of you and this is what i'm begging for you maybe to give me some of your money so i can continue on with my maybe maybe not lifestyle that you know it s a lot of those where guys that are like motivational speakers and they motivate you to come to their seminars and they make a fuck load
from your from your money like wait a minute you had a boat you on what's going on it seems like you're still hanging out here at this place this is a bummer in here i can hardly wait to leave this is your day you know you're getting yeah it's not the best way to live life for me now i'm glad someone's doing it there was a do it we would not have apple computers you would not have samsung phones you would not have audi cars you wouldn't have these things if somebody wasn't out there busting their ass every day in and offer people like it some people are suited for that type of a lifestyle so maybe if we reach too many people with this message of get your shit together it'd be terrible for civilization as a whole over maybe this would weaken us and like the chinese would take over all
we will you be it s just like the servitude fact over that we're fucked up we're fucked up of these goddamn isolation tanks these medical marijuana dispensaries others are able to reopening that's what he's so much hampshire i want to live our unnatural life how you gonna contained bill these buildings and launch these metals if we don't continue to live our natural life the more we too into the natural life than what we see how ridiculous it is more we wake up it's coming our way i think that people are coming around right now as is happening i think it is i think you're right that we should look at america important you know even though i have a few you're nothing like that but that is where we live this kind like we're we're fromme and as you know sort of like what we're supposed to be a proud about there's buses here and i'm really glad about that because where did as in the way they operate i'm i'm pie i go along with that but it it's gotten to
now in my opinion which as you know everybody it needs to get together people actually get an overview again where their start to evaluate situations and then make correct decisions based on now instead of like this prehistoric versions of what's guy as here her need to be know hopefully at some point let go with and get a new evaluation that's that's pertains to wear right now in the world what what can we do how to get along with people how can we work together this even these military see i think that we sell lotta guns in this country are not in pharmaceutical so i don't think gonna get out of the bomb business because it's our business you know so we have to figure out how to these guys workin doing something you know you're like say ah you jobs are gone now figure out how could go in and do stuff together use our money and our resources to create situations that are beneficial for people the knock we're not gonna make friends
by shooting at people we all know that i mean this is you know this is some kind of fictitious a concept that we can go over and make people happy by by killing on uniting weathercock the war being financial financial benefit is still pre alien to lot folks i don't believe it i believe that that's why wars stars our money at yeah well but you'd have to consider is how much benefit there could have been done to america made really a pro america person person and re really are a patriot think about what a but a benefit it would have been to america to take a lot of that money that went to this crazy war that no one believes in anymore and try to clean up inner cities try to fix chicago try to fix fix border towns try to help mexico how we all have a dangerous if a danger situation like a hundred miles from us i mean what what the fuck is that you gotta would it would how long how far is it
two hours so what is a hundred twenty miles some others to forty eight years in our neighbourhood how fancies ellen bitch you're not gonna hundred away we thirty miles an hour i fuckin retirement what for two hundred and forty miles okay so seventy miles an hour for two hours that's mexico that's crazy it's a two hour drive to a third world country that's in turmoil and we don't do a goddamn thing about and we're send people to some place it's so far removed from us that just coincidentally happens have oil that's not why we're here then is not why we're here mr crash we're here to fix things with the oil is a funny y gotta mess over here we have all these people that killed me new york city from saudi arabia but we need over here over here didn't i don't believe that oil is fossil fuel these out from a fossil if the fossils the rocks in time it is
pressure under the ground to us another is used to be the same dinosaurs out the mill the ocean but i'm using alas anymore i think they think it's rotten plankton yeah over the top of the free and alps and at the bottom of the ocean and over here in the desert and everywhere one time there was plankton oliver now or whatever to make these gigantic puddles of this stuff pumping out for some reason and then is that other stepped back and say what from asia it looks guys doing down there while you know there their they're pumping the stuff out of there the oil they call it in turn it into a plastic material that litters the planet they can't get rid of it i take it and then they burn it the atmosphere and and poison themselves and then and then what they they spend all their money to fight among each other to see who gets control of it and you're thinking this whole stuff isn't really that necessary could be done without back to the hemp again look at that hemp what it has to offer computer
well it's just too too difficult to control and others a book on the process of or of of oil being developed that they were trying to speculate somehow another that it was that it was developed through a natural assessing the earth and they were saying that our ideas of it were incorrect but i don't think it was well received i have the first ever at it i bought it and i was like i'm gonna read that one day and i just sat there i never fucking read it i just couldn't get behind it it just seemed it seemed kind of goofy that anybody wouldn't have figured that by now we got wow that's thing about the planet's to others research lies in the earth what the sun the say this it's moving right it's going this way so now they have us believe planets are circling the sun is i think that this makes since the made in theirs in on this isn't my thought but somebody showed vote the armies say this sun is going this way well what makes us think we're not in rotation in a vortex being pulled by the sun going somewhere i think we're
we're on a trip man we're going some were started off where whereas the sun a hundred years ago where's it out now and then where can to be later i believe the sun is pulling us through space and where in that's not a believe that's a fact that's absolutely is happening the whole galaxies are moving this is something that astro this is so figured out a while ago that the whole universe is kind of moving zat expansion thing i don't know we're going galaxies moving moving i think we're going in a direction somewhere i think that if we figured out the sun sun where is it off to i think we're behind it i think that we're following following it this is the way rotation guide over which weighs up or down in here where's that that is exactly how it's supposed to be described i think as it goes we're circling around it i think we're going around this way i don't know
through fucking stupid i don't know i don't understand it at all i mean when i watch those scientific documentaries on space it's one of the most fascinating things ever and most fascinating so that it's so rarely brought up in regular conversation there were some of this money should go into our yeah expansion of the of the reality situation were entirely too late we have this and that we can think about now get these scientists to get them to put the phone down first off put this on enough on the phone is the tiger counter it's a win designer tells you the name of the stone that's on you know what i they all kids a fall in the woods nobody answers which is what really freaks may out man i got x i gotta collar knights air don't forget to come down to morrow i know an appointment but i am convinced that can it be able to remember it's i'm calling you now say hey don't forget and i get twenty percent people to the phone say oh yeah no problem got it the other eighty percent is made leaving a message which
can stand leaving a message but i'm figure it in their hand they got it right here they got how are they answering the phone it's a foul allow yeah but don't you think it's good that is always came this is our smartphones legged ever people other people have em bitcoin on uk check out an email link that somebody sends you you don't think that's good i think it's good for you know you know people that want to do that oh i think it's good i think it's good i just think the problem is over use promise over use of anything now it's over you of softball view just became a fucking softball junkie and you're out there the field everyday throw a ball in the air hit them by yourself into a tree and people i won t do it can wait fucking game on sunday like jesus christ time you got a family you know if i don't get home you know you're obsessing you're freaking people out man i think that's bad too but i think the phone in moderation is a beautiful is an amazing how much scientifically advancements they ve done a phone
that's how many years they put that kind of brain power into anything were driving the same car almost according to send us less gotta freak new things some kind of motorized it's pretty similar to the cars that we had i was just talking with a friend last night about how like the cars of ten years ago when i was a kid when i was in school i was in high school i was fourteen in nineteen eighty four that's when i was a night or nineteen one when i was in high school and there was a a nineteen seventy shell that this kid had there was in my school and i guess it was like maybe two years all emesa he might have been like sixteen the this night ten seventy shell and everybody was our holy shit look there was a classic seventy chauvelin s ass i said before you know it s always that's only eleven years old that's only eleven years old by cow a car eleven years old like a classic back then but at eleven year old car today it's like you know
the big of a deal you know you got a hold of would that be a two thousand and three the two thousand three car that's like it's a modern car like what happened how that others have dropped the ball something happened then they might have hit like some sort of technological they're constantly pushing the boundaries as far as like the the speed that cars can go and the g forces that they can handle and like they get like the track time get a little bit better every year the sports cars but for the average regular carling a certain point time what else can you improve gladys mirage locks were up there those people they get their road they made those tiles that light up oh yeah yeah the solely road panel credit incredible credibly eliza city up like trod and in their collecting energy in the car and they get that can totally be implemented apparently that's completely realistic crazy
where there are already we this half they get get get somebody to say you know a hike to know how do you know weird city streets look to you if you lived in it the time before electricity and then someone brought you to new york city times square saturday night and you walk and you see alleys lights alice craziness and cars with the lights you like holy shit i can't believe this that would be like really intense sort of a change but i wonder it would be as intense as all the roads being with all the roads being linked to us right now that might be like we might not be able to we might have to address the fact that we live in the future of all fuckin review we might at all collectively just go fuck your we do and look what we do and will do so you're powered roads that's progress
oh yeah i see that they not breaking down or they have alternative purposes the knowledge to drive on but they have other information they change would be so strange though the way would alter our world like our vision of the world would look totally different hong kong was lit up with can i wonder what the effect would be i would feel if you would people more festive it's you know more aware i mean you're driving out on this road already these cars are just trying to tune yourself out because it's such a tedious process to get from point a to point b in a car yeah it's gray and there's other people jammed up in there and the speed is not what you like or whatever you know so it's kind of the transportation i think they got some room to improve on that for us you nothin if they put the found out yeah if they put the phone down there one is helping them communicate though maybe they don't use the phone to make the car yeah this is the roadways these are the soul roadways is that guy zach he was over there the day so we so we looked at
this year is that he's on the silicon valley showers so he wants you he's funny guy became i wanted to see what the show silicon i never seen the show funny show it's on hbo i only watched one episode it was really fun we brought it up and there he was and he's getting the car came to pick him up and he looks in there and like you got in the car art is nobody in there and he says i am going to wherever it was in the car took off all by itself driving yeah well they're gonna have that they make sense have there now the google cars where there are many with it and they out of the accidents that now the accidents that they ve been involved with a bit the glucose fault i think a few people bumped into one job outfit marie now now they haven't hit anything but do they early of radar digging sense when things are in front of you mean you seen that in cars we get close
the car in front of you to make the bp b b b i rented a crisis we gonna does it they park themselves now some cars yes it is parallel park them sorry ass off which yeah radon kill us they just decided you motherfuckers her too stupid to do this we have to help you actually this is where i want the money for my car that i'm gonna buy to be invested in the ability of it too park itself there's a thing that's going on right now where people are trying to go retro with a lot of shit because like there's a lot of people that like old cars now there's a lot of people that like like refurbish things because they don't want they don't want all of that interference they don't want all that disconnect seeing them and an actual machine we can work on it but you're a cargo
if you look under a car lid now you're looking under there you go what is under here is this a trunk or is the motor in here i don't even know which side it's on this thing yet you know if you can pop the hood of a nineteen seventy chavel there in that work on you got a wrench attributor cap it's right there you can grab it with your hand there's your oil filters you could hold on to it there's a dipstick you could see how much oil is in there with a stick you got computers you have to run it on you guy you have to have a guy you have to have and the thing computer can go wacky on you too that also can happen that that happens occasionally obviously there's a mechanical breakdown too but computers that's your guys guy after you a guy then he has to have a guy's my stuff isn't rightly whereby on the plate flip side you have navigation screens you have backup cameras while this cool shit shared electronics provide to its eyes both sides of it but i i do see like the appeal
like dr and an old visa be a bug argovie w bug from ninety seven now much horsepower anything but man what what connection you have to the road with that piece of shit good handling it does no good brace but you know when you see one there was like a little bit and driving it yeah i wish i could drive or participating in the project my friend jimmy had one when we were in high school i was an idiot i always had muscle cars and my friend jimmy had this vw bug and it was like you know we like i said this is right at a high your site i graduated eighty five and jimmy was ahead of me and so i think that is right in nineteen o six or something along those lines and he had this nineteen sixty somethin burglary sixty nine bug ugly light blue but it was great something something cool about it was like we had smile on her face were driving around in it in others something about first what he's like a pretty
macho guy and a construction worker it's really smart due to those who got himself a fuckin viii w bush is it's great gas mild like the wine would blow in the car would move the car moving if a good breeze hit it like your fucking car is moving from the wind man like what are we doing we're a go cart yeah they do handle better now cars one time dance that's the understanding of the ear snowball rate reverie artemis amazing prize by break i'd stop for mike sixty five zero like like a free where the other day and it just was like that my automatic and i know you sweet new volkswagen yeah that's it that's like or it's perfect i forgot you had that private contracts so the volkswagen than we were talking to me because my friend jimmy william was like super old school like that
lawn mower engine like a lawn mower or sewing machine yeah yeah yeah you'd have to drop the price but it was like a really light tiny car whereas the new one like we're saying looks like like a fat porcha yeah it looks like like some sort of a space hit like an audi or something like that the new vw bug is pretty dope looking yeah they pretty much redesigned it for guys and i got rid of all the girls shit in it like that the flower pods and shit like that that used to be in the old ones that more ones that look like bubbles and it's a perfect ample of a car that like shows the improvement of today's cars because the performance and handling of a vw bug is better than like a nineteen seventy porsche if you got a porsche from seventy those bitches had skinny ass steering wheels that were big like hulu basin shitty as skinny tires like they didn't handle that well they just weren't that good in comparison to like what your car could do if you brought your car back into
i'm like when they had the nineteen sixty nine porsche knee show them your car they'd be fuck blowing you then you're a wizard from the future addresses two thousand fourteen turbo have this carbon doesnt have like two hundred fifty horse power supply things but a new engine in africa with exactly the same that was a great deal to help me now would be a little bit heavier than an old portion for sure but if you could get that kind of horse power in an old communists ridiculous they have these new mustangs the most i e g t the new one that's out of just a straight mustang gdp has like four hundred and fifty fuckin horsepower something crazy like that selling that to people oh yeah but that's like their basic car then they have a shelby that comes out later that's gonna have more than six hundred horse power that wasn't it
accessible back in nineteen seventy place to go drive these things say hey look yeah we got a place you can go drive it to get something even remotely as fast in like nineteen seventy you had a special order shit you had to go to a mechanic you had to find something due to knows how to put nitrous on a car but now you get his boy weird how they allow people to have something like that well it's just a faction of what we're doing a fact this can continual improvement this is a process and its a product of those things is a product of this continual improvement as a product of our constant desire for new shit we want that that does your decision three point four because the key the zero to sixty and three point six is outdated you look at the specs this car went around the nerve ring in seven minutes and twenty five seconds people freak out they go
believe that my car does it in seven hundred and forty my car is a piece of shit you have like asshole you're not going around the nerve green like what are you doing man like if you drove my friend jimmy's vw bug that might make you feel better than driving some ridiculous car that goes zero to sixty in two seconds and corners it geez drive it at though well it's a certain a certain part of that you lose the fun there's like a fun and driving you know there's a guy named dario french media thank you say his name is a race car driver and dumb he drives his is is cardio is fun car drive nineteen seventy three porsche with like a big engine and but like a more modern engine and ninety seven three boys i can you get like a vague or any these like super complicated cars that are making today but a guy's an actual race car driver decided to go for like the gritty feel
of an old car combined with modern technologies very smart guy you know is like all these zero to sixty times goes yes it's important importantly you're raised car driving but not for the pleasure or of driving that's the guy listen to yeah that's the guy he does it for a living so if he chooses to drive like an old car that you really feel everything that's probably we the most plague a lot of merit like pass the pleasurable point and went to some weird numb point with cars where the stealings like this in it feel any the bumps enounce weird guys it's not janet is kind of not it's savary mumford sons it's not very that that's the trend today the trend today days to go like a handmade clock you know i can see that it was handmade and people who are something cool about that as opposed to like if you live in nineteen seventy and you got a digital clock you with a pimp the year i disguise it
oh yeah you go over a dude's house and he had digital alarm clock you like this motherfuckers got a digital alarm clock it was a microwave ever had lights yeah yeah man i remember going over people's houses and they had that i was i couldn't believe i was looking at it then it came in to watch yeah first i got the clock in your house and put it on your hand pam six four already doesn't papers at what time is it you know remember the batteries were such dog shit that you you had to press it find the time and you'd
it go and so time would go by rit didn't just stay on because it was the batteries were dog shit back then you know if it was gonna stay on it would have to be like a foot the battery for that back then yeah i mean the batteries were just dog shit i never thought about that i mean those were it's remember the calculator watch for some reason that whenever took off it took off guys to a certain point people like wait wait wait wait what the how often am i counting shit they got the calculator phone yeah but that's a your phone is kind of a computer that's a one device on yeah i mean you better off for the compass what if you get lost all you guys are fucking yeah calculator something yeah you have something that makes them fire you know why do you got to pull can calculate or not that is our first development here and it's also the calculator watch was invented would calculated roman like that big with
fuck you how often is coming up except the one thing that i know people probably yelena me right now so people cheating in school i bet there was a window where there was a small window were teachers still fuckin all people who were there there out of touch with modern technology in a lot of ways so probably a window with his young little rascals went in there with their technological wizard phones with calculators on and they problem de i remember doing i totally diana do what how long was it before they were made illegal do remember me i don't think they ever really where i don't think i've ever actually caught on because you were always use like calculators to cheat and school there is as big t eighty one texas instrument ones that you had to buy member this huge calculators needs to be there no field kind of we can just sit there and write all these like brought like answers to questions in the calculator the teachers
the cut on for us on that which is open up all ever would open up the calculators and look at our note some calculate oh no that's hilarious so's like gum my good a note functional smartphone yeah yeah hilario it was it was like the beginning of that but i remember calculator watches like we had them and i don't ever remember being told not to wear it like i don't think that even the math teachers even figured it out well let's let's google that to find out because i would think that the only way to get to math if you're gonna really get good at math is you have to actually do it mean methods that's fun to do i mean i think english is terrible you just lost all credibility they don't like i don't know who you are what you just said i like it because it's like always the same way as always watch this spelling yeah but then you start getting into triangles and shit he needs that well that specialized math medical that's all that i think is like addition care about a man and it's like harry potter science like those guys the quantum the quantum deep into the quantum consciousness i like those
that say shit that i can't understand it all i love when they're talking that kind of math when they show me those mathematical computations and you just go what is that an alien language like what is that i have no idea what that is those guys fast mean me they there's a cartoon where they're all looking at that there's a big formula on the chalk border over there and they're going a cause it's a humor somewhere in the normal there was the joke in the formula that a formula person's not gonna it's not funny do you remember glace i think called glacier glasses they can't there were out around the same time there are like like circle glasses but they had this leather piece that went on the side and then like the arms were like made out of rubber and there really popular feeling two years in the early eighties and they were like a dumb ass the i didn't hang out those people look at book google calculator watchman it's actually pretty trippy
it came out was one in nineteen seventy five man they're nuts i wanted the one really eighties calculated watch were first it were first introduced in the nineties seventies and despite enjoying hey day during the nineteen eighties continue to be produced the most notable brands casio data bank series the watches were by timex were also wikipedia bribes wikipedia we could see all the old ones there that's a trip man it's really fascinating like i forgot how silly these things were look at those will look at the one down look at the one even further down look at that same how do you your finger on one occasion them not yet a little memory out and all that with that is the few you're mad if you had one of those you could totally get star wars checks i had this chicken really in star wars there would think you were so cool he's calf fuckin calculator on his breast
it's so future it so space yeah that didn't work out we didn't you a fuck anymore now people went back to dial you know i give your car is fancy your car has an old school clock on it like you buy excess or something like that to have like a nice clock without an actual erika mann erotic yet to show you this is a luxury item sir there's no digital clocks in her sir this is a luxury item much would do isn't it is it just the thing that tells the time like what the fuck is going on here something's going on here if you have a tick tock tick tock tick tock it's fancy see this this is fancy lessons fancy can't hear this i know a time where look at my computer go away with a computer is a digital numbers your exact numbers look it isn't gonna court centrifugal lie or to our what's in there i got that shit target still go on what it is it just a clock but i live
looking at the clock for whatever reason it gives me a better sense of what time is then when i look at a number when i look at numbers and it's totally illogical but i look at this number on my computer the upper left hand or operating corner my computer and then look at that that's more pleasurable to me for whatever reason that's it interesting evaluation you know i think i have a more natural sense of an analog thing yeah you know the way analog is better in tape to you you listen into recordings and so forth like that a lot of times it used to record you know analog them in the digital came out kennedy then there what they would do is go digital analog digital and then back to analog to try to mix the stuff up to where it sounds and i fully understand for some folks is the opposite some folks they don't like that that's not pleasing to them but they love the numbers some amidst all different just me
personally that i always feel when i i would weigh rather looked like i think clocks are kind of cool whenever i look at a watch pardon me goes are that's cool watch the other part of me instantaneously goes it is so good a fascinating there's a bunch of moving parts in there amazing that spin and like i'm not a fan of expensive watches i mean i think some of em look really cool but it's not something that i am not really into because they seem to me like peacock feathers little bit but what i am of is the engineering behind those watches i'm a fan of my watch is done it's it's not too expensive watch it all that it can nighttime qana glows i can see that the the hand very clearly at night that's it good for you it's a fantastic feature and doesn't require battery do that either it doesn't run on any extra in asylum thing you have to do press a button or anything and i see it but i'm fast
by i am fascinated by the engineering involved in it but i think for a lot of guys they were not did criticising they look cool fuck but it seems very caught p cocky ou know when dudes have like diamonds all over their watch and you know diamonds on the thing and my buddy alex watches he just he show me a watch cool thirty six thousand dollars for it to watch i was looking at going oh man you know i'm a guy to have one in toronto his i think it was like more than a hundred thousand i'm trying to marry you own like a company that imports them very very guy was he loves watch yeah there's people that are into collecting watch on their very matter of fact about their watches all this is a hamilton from noon theirs it they have a car yeah in watches or another quality in like a good watch you like you said swiss engine it's it's a piece of staff that that that lasts it's not a piece of junk that's disposable you get a piece of quality you know it's watch
it's got a lot of work put into it in a sudden have forever you know i like that and stuff i as electra i probably have the quickest turnaround as far as when they kind of go on you like i've never had a computer last more than five years but i've had watches that last like twenty years thrive washes twenty years old twenty twenty years old other grounds zadig expensive yards is irregular watch it dies i just buy a new watch yeah i mean you totally do that you can put another battery in that one you buy do watch you said yeah every time there's a battery dies in is the one that did that to us they started the lighter you throw it out and then they got the shaver you throw it out then what was the pin you throw it out remember that was all the big started with a throwaway staff and now it's like their phone goes down you throw it out the tv goes out you throw it out anything
you throw it out yeah we should really reevaluate that whole throwing out plastic shit you see all the plastic that's in the ocean and all these photographs of these birds have been feeding plastics that their babies their babies die and you see that their bellies are filled with plastics you know what's fucking shit up lately is these those facial cleaners that have the little beads in them these tiny little plastic beads i guess they're fucking up the water and they're not biodegradable these things the scrubs and you know what they don't need to use those scrubs you can use seeds there's seeds that you can get like apricot facial facial scrub like an apricot seed and it's just as good as biodegrade i've always little plastic things like son can a man but a lot of that all those was gone and british glasses there you know i'm ever having my cochlear watching these glasses were really popular their cut your call something also like douche bag google glasses whether there was a guy war than start start start date or something like that de maybe did they have
and they had leather on the glasses it was like and then your cars had braws on them it's just like we had this weird leathers yeah you remember the bra we should bring that back but i think some people still do it as a guy on a corvette the other day at a bra on the corvette i was like wow you're rocking a bra on your corvette i was an old corvette wasn't real leather though was it i don't know i didn't ask a stimulated stuff that's a can of worms you don't really want to open up as a real leather supra brahma super course not that was the shit you i think i have broad once but i think i got rid of it pretty quickly i was like what is this stupid fucking thing doing that's one thing there was a weird time in the eighties that that that that the leather like there is no reason to have leather aren't like that patients a leather on your glasses schwaiger i guess the ideas that you want something soft that does that doesn't take leyden from the sides that also fuck up your peripheral may you very susceptible to hook
yeah they should bring a plastic covering for the couches that was a dream that was a dream when people you go over their house that was covered with clear plastic to sit down it to grandma's house how ridiculous is that everyone wanted to keep things saving them for so long they never enjoyed them when they had them it wasn't that's amazing you come in there the mom's telling you hey you can't walk in that room it's all this war that people some people still have towels like that you're not supposed to use those towels so then get them out of here with those little soaps in the towel oh you didn't use the use the hamble soap they do there the little frog that is there could you do that you guys are free the for free i say from doctor you know it's a pro you've been messing with the bathroom props in here you know yeah they're trying to paint some sort of a crazy
we favour the cleaver john was an aim joan clear was miss then much clearer i don't remember i believe it to war what was it june was it june was it was mrs flavors was she the best barber billings billingsley i think okay june however i think it was i think you're right never any house i remember any have yeah june cleaver she was wonderful what a crazy fuck it oh you imagine that there's a show that they made in its called leave it to beaver and it was actual show in the kids name was beaver and will at what one time they realise that means pussy was it like started the nineteen fifties right so what you know first
appearance it was a pilot that they made in nineteen fifty seven so when did beaver become when did it become a vagina was that the seventies you think i don't know maybe because everyone thought beaver was just a pussy and so they just put it together because he played it like a pussy character a while he was always getting beat out there wasn't a savage my boss those of his teeth or something i thought i'd like a beaver facial look or some maybe i'd really this thing they did like they named it after this it or something a beaver i don't know i don't think so the beaver they call the beef that i think that this is nickname but everyone will how did you get it what do they say oh yeah you smell bad or what well they lived in a time before the internet looks like it was a slang term from the nineteen ten england have you ever try to watch that here which are too leave leave it to ever grew up on it
we can get back to isolation tank talk in a couple of minutes plenty timely lace gentlemen but seeing as how the flow of this i would like to watch a little quick leave it to be represent just to see how ridiculous the world was nineteen fifty seven even the opening when they have their house in its own eyes what have i began the man s remember mr welles here is over there and it was like all janice new manner surrender its chief mister wilson the leg talk to each other was so alien people have figured out television there that's what they hadn't now how other people gonna perceived in those areas slow change were people recognise bullshit and they were allowed to do less and less of it and if you go back and watch father knows dressed harris yes mam obey versus your home here this is me the time how is the movie i didn't go to the movie you didn't go to the movies
no sir i went yesterday when i wasn't supposed to what is that sal yessir and i want a race him by school to guarantee the other seat and i hate it larry and i was gonna make believe like i wanted today but i couldn't so that's why i'm telling you what happened well when did you decide to tell us about it when i was walking the bacon from larry yeah dad it's too big for him to ride hilarious bever i'm she decided to tell us the truth
of course you realize you can't keep a bicycle you on while you were being disobedient won't have to find something to do with the bike i that's i i that's a kid came clean let's keep the bike down the bike kind of fucking lessons you teach in a bullshit he didn't do anything illegal i no i came forward and told him what the story was that's the kind of stuff that the kids now is i'm afraid to go tell pop because you're gonna take my bike away see that's a nineteen fifty seven type of psychology in two thousand and fourteen i think they would say the best way to make this go away or to make it never happen again is to reward him with the bike to reward them and say look you did a good job i telling me in the future you'd benefit much more from just do what i tell you in the beginning dumpy lion rag bag and then thanks dad school not dad some dick is gonna take my
lawfully one bike yeah he won the bike i mean that was a bad damage yeah i thought this was gonna be good stuff yeah well that was that was a bummer man i love the word but while yeah it is a bummer yeah well it's you know it's ninety fifty seven logic they just weren't that good a tv they didn't understand that i didn't understand how it was coming off to the people like we just watched that it looks so ridiculous right what does not real it or i d got out where or start somebody more which go back this isolation terrorist freshly time television but it's it's indicative of this thing that i think we're experiencing this thing that everything is constantly improving and when the best ways to see that improvement like you have if you determine the age of a tree you chop the tree down you look at the rings of the tree if you wanted to determine the progress of our culture in terms
like the rings on a tree like in that sort of a way there's no better way to do it than to go back and look at the sections of our media go back and look at like the six minutes in our man go back and look at the fall guy go back and look at the incredible hulk go back and look at evolution a tv out dallas you know watch old television last dukes of hazard watch television shows and then go back to leave it to be go back to this shit go back to this craziness it we're watching and then realize well like this weird steady progression up to files and then you know game of throwing the media has improved like it's a totally different organism the type of shows you see if you watch a modern day episode of game thrones there's not a film that was made in the sixties that could compare to that i think stanley kubrick was a genius
i think two thousand west base odyssey was a marvel of of cinema for the time but it can't fuck with what they have now on tv each people game it thrones is one of the best movies of all time and it's like ten hours every season is madness thirty seven no it was a four million was the cost on that i don't know it's like an amazing correct so it's perfect innocent of any it's a perfect show and my point being if you try compare game thrones too other knows best it's insane it's hard to believe these are made for the same organism and yet it occupied the same amount of time of a person's interest yes how hard it's gotten to hold somebody's interest now i don't think it's that you don't think it's a continual improvement in the understanding of human beings and i think it takes something really intense to rattle us now it takes like a detective it takes like you cannot have a normal relationship like bridges amount
can't get the fuck out of here client what are you doing what we're doing hainault should you guys drama queens you know you know have much time left why crying get out of there go go have a drink get out of here this is nothing meanwhile you watch game of thrones there's can dragons ok there's the white walkers people are sword fighting in the middle of the night i love this white walker oh it's at the fucking how about the giants yeah are great it's a madness show i love the crazy shit is happening and crazy stuff what the humans do to each other is so shocking and you if the rash if you try to watch magnum pie after that you bill i come on man it's world has changed we've gotten got deeper understanding of what really freaks people out require that to get freaked out are today's youtube trolls could youtube wars in the wars in if you could send
guys back in time like the really sophisticated trolls the ones where you read their twitter account you can barely tell if they're trolling they're just so and then you watch like some of the arguments they get into as an artist i don't know what that is trolling is say if somebody wanted to reach out i should probably not tell you trolls get mad we got a fresh one get on with their bare i call me isn't it call you out thing they would contact you in some sort of way either insulting you trying to respond to them or in love in love with try to get you to spotter them and then turn on you they would try to pretend they were outraged about certain specific issues just to get arise out of you try to engage you interest and as a game theirs now that have there's a group of folks area that kind of stuff it's a sport sport it is kind of a sport in our view get a good one on the line there now
my definitely gotten on line before me it's hilarious did they get you yeah i get i've been gotten arguments for people before and you realize like what am i i don't even know you and you it takes a lot of time to realize that because the internet is a new thing in the interacting people on the internet is what's been around ten years if i start your buttons to say something like that you see what he does when you say that the longest people interacting any internet like this like in this sort of like instantaneous like twitter type comments or youtube type comments that hasn't it hasn't been more than a decade a new thing it's a new thing for people people who were who like to arise out of people you can't do it at work especially you stuck in a job socks and you have no outlines of expression of the evil inside you go on those that i why does do people watch videos and then say that like with hamilton there watch the video there and then their have much morris yeah
what's more we owe him when apology men when that podcast was made we both go way too brian i got him we took him to the centre of the earth has wants this morning we took him to more door we have this that was grown on pluto and came over here in a time capsule i don't know we got that shit from whose was that i don't remember i don't even well you didn't have to twist his arm the thing is we're there with hamilton morris who is the psychedelic so we went to the bottom of the swimming pool and fucking set up a picnic table i mean we went deep it was rough man i don't know what the fuck we're talking about half the time we were in a conversation we were like seven eight hits in of some insane sativa and there was no way we should have been having a conversation in a podcast we were way too barbecued i turned
ok it was not bad now nobody around him in the tank was better than the whole thing you know that but where the comments know even you some of these other ones you read and they say oh you know this or that this guy they're trying to make an assumption in evaluation about somebody they don't know anything about and the fact that you to spend your time reviewing what it is they just dead and i to be mean spirited about it right don't you just don't do it just don't look yeah you know but you find i don't know these are these kind of cats that that's what they're up to these trawls at a late stage joy making you know getting a rise out of people which is a bummer when you don't have a lot of time to get her because you're trying to get through life without is little of these you now actions as possible could keep your mind in a positive you know format
somebody saying something mean or ugly about you and you're reading it you're going us and i wish that that didn't get said about me you know right i think there's a benefit to it though i think there's a big for two interacting with negative people as a whole stand that there are negative people out there because if you if you don't interact with them on a regular basis i don't think you'll appreciate the positive people as much i think that's just the weird aspect human beings we get accustomed to whatever we get accustomed all sorts of things it seem unacceptable like if you look the things in customs it people carry on and other countries is certain rights message from manhood that if you try to implement today in the united states like the weird shit that they do in africa their circumcised each other with sharp sticks and they have to go crawl through thorn bushes naked like one crazy shit they make these guys do and if you try to implement that seven america today would laugh at you but to them like this is how they ve done it this is how they ve done it
a long time and people get used to all sorts of weird shit so they i think people gotten used to something that just re it is against their sensibilities and it rages against their body rage against her sensibilities because they ve some hunter another committed themselves to a safe job there is not inspiring and they think that maybe if they waited a little while or thought about it better they could have eventually figured out how to do what they actually want to do and when you run into someone who who has done that then you see the benefit of it and it fucks with people's heads in i think there's a lot of people that live a life of regret and bitter superman fortunate me now and i think the way our society structured currently i don't don't see that changing anytime soon adjust like so many people are rushing out to enter into the workforce because the economy is not so good so everybody scrap and for jobs in their willing to take jobs
might not of ordinary ordinarily taken because they want security of it so very true time for a lot of people but if you can figure way to separate on your own selling coffee mugs serve fuckin figure something out you'll be much better off it allows you to be more independent in your ability to provide for yourself if you could figure out something you can do what fine to be a little bit urging is the lack of interest manufacturing products and in sheer we like a discussion used to be like they really have a lot of pride and nine crafts see we still have a talent pool here we had a lot of creative people we have a lot of you know intelligent people and we need to pull these people to get other in and get back into manufacturing our own products here yeah that's what i believe would be a good thing to get kids
they took auto shop out of the school i think i don't think they do the welding anymore in school would shop i don't know what they do in school a lot of schools don't a lot of schools don't have anymore there's a lot of liability issues those things too yeah i don't think it's common not something they teach how to use use a hammer know you you go to school should should teach how work a hammer saw why do this elder eldest ebb and flow the we're talking about what technology and people some some folks kano like bouncing back the other way and looking towards mechanical things and being in love with me i things i think then also is going to be said about working for big companies that i think that a lot of these people are going to get this feeling of you know like man i'm just lost in the sea of people whereas i can make kitchen knives economic and made kitchen knives in my garage over the weekend
selling them and then one day or another eventually break through i got a website from square space and i put together this fucking knife collection and now i'm selling them online and now i'm independent and this is using it on tv yeah jeff luigi's endorsed my mind no you don't want that shit you want some handmade like there's a company there's a couple companies that have sent me crest trail knives estra knives and vomit knives and there are companies that did the exact same thing they just started making knives and started selling them they were into knives they love the beauty of the construction of the knives vm at night they made me this fucking big crazy cool thing all the handles all handmade and when when you know you see that someone can make a living doing that and like when you're chopping onions with something like that or are you doing something on a kitchen or you're you know using it for camping or hunting or something like that it's like you're feeling like you have a piece of craftsmanship with awesome i like that what is that what is that is it like a connection to the person who made it right yeah like a more obvious connection absolutely
i give you a hand may look up my front orient to china handmade suit fuckin handmaids soon it's perfect so that's me and a guy mine irrigate like that's there's something extra jazzy about the fact that you know that a guy made this for you got feels good that's right it took here you're proportions into consideration yeah there's six feet or does it mean that europe your knees or bending here or even stride as this or that end is he's an artisan when he's artisan he creates beautiful its work of it's a pleasure out of that do not that that that feeling of accomplishment you can feel like making stuff i feel good about that like we do with the chambers we we really put a lot of effort into the the manufacturing of em and the products that we use the the parts all of em now is anything wrong with you now whatever we is no cheat parts nothing made in china not that there is anything wrong with men china but we don't buy
anything that's used in china for our stuff at all it's either made here or north north america somewhere to we have a few european parts from germany and switzerland but the rest of its all made here in amerika because the quality we insist upon getting the best p this is now there's a guy you spoke about lily john loaded inventor these chambers in the beginning he his doc written ten the doctrine or wherever this is his his perspective was that it was always better to buy or to you'd implement or use the better quality peace equipment than to create this what it is that it is and that you know so i agree with that so much that the better it is the better it is this saying get away with it or we could do it this way it's cheaper you i find it if you could figure out the best way to do that's the way to do it first class he had first class or no
you know these people come up this or that this is to make sound right on the new monitors mixed those from the stage on the way the system how is as oil it's ok i pretty good not without do pretty good we don't do ok we it's just the way you want i'm going to have that in a second for you just communicate with me but just exactly the way you want that not a problem right will that like many aspects alive to some people that are happily half ass in things the artist into the end of the day and it slunk over know lumped over and just tie and then there's other folks that like you who are crazy figure out a way to invest an incredible amount of time to try to renovate and re vigorous this this business that had kind of been forgotten about when you came along there was somali tanks and then there were a couple other ones you can kind of find online that were made in europe europe cut it hadn't
a little bit more popularity in that finder and and then they had see oasis has has been around from the beginning why was it more popular in europe than it was in america you now and it is you know that and i really don't know to be honoured you it still wasn't popular i mean it's still way more popular even now overseas like i get letters all the time from there's a new place that opened up in london i believe this one in manchester that opened up and i get yeah messages from those guys all the time i know it's there bring up new ones the it's not like it's there and established with as well we're talking about earlier a little bit know on the way over here we had a chance to have little brief discussion about the you know that the future in an industry there that i got a chance to show you some of these rules and regulations now that had been kindled by you know the various health agencies it s ass
national sanitization foundation well just explain that to people there's this home tags and then this commercial tanks and people always when i tell them hey so go to the float lab getting a tank they go emma somebody been that tank for me that is a very good question and that is a question that until now hasn't been like completely thoroughly examined and your tanks like when people come over my house one of the things they always look at is like the back of the tank where all the equipment is set up and they go what the fuck is always that and i go without one does ozone these ones are filters and like zat that overkill mike i don't know what overtook us i don't know i'm not i'm not all i know is a tag is awesome crash makes the best tax if he said as it should be like this than approach be like this but when you talk to people that have attacks they got it i got like a little fucking spar pump spar pamphlets but size basketball and that's it and you got j p l fuckin set up back there with digital this
and i just keep on more complicated as we get more and more involved with the authorities like ul yes and ul is what underwriters laboratory they do all electrical certification for any kind of stuff like this these people that what had happened to mine were mine shorted out is fairly common i showed you the email to about this and these electrical issues there's civil you got an email without note named anybody there was another manufacturer that makes pods and his pod melted into oblivion he it you know made i'm sort of a thing and adjusted of fuckin fell apart this autumn ones out there we don't for slingo or anything but that home you want a different thing and a lot of these people are taking these home use ones and they're using them for these commercial places and all these different people are going in there and who knows if they're jerking off some of them probably let's be honest and where is that going you know
it's like how are you going through your little spa filter that's not enough for me man yeah there's a video this is the video that brian made here is where the water it doesn't be yeah was all shit that i've already said before this it earlier in this podcast your voice sounds so different that was before i don't even know i fixed why and then on top of that you can't hear anything your face is floating above the water but your ears are such ass we were innocent but egon watched it and you can kind of see it yeah my nose when i got my nose opened up change my voice a little bit that's crazy i can breathe out of my nose now yeah all right all my life i have no nose i know that was a useless piece of shit this is bad cartilage and scar tissue in there but now now i can smell and brian smoking cigarette
busted mile a motherfucker so that is that's the tank from what is a video from brian to quit while two thousand nine maybe they're really that recent i but it's been more than that maybe i don't know this was tank number one yeah that's a it's facing this is another so we're like twelve from my eyes are in order we want to get over switch it out for him because he sir deserves to have more updated version as is ok with every but well crossing gives you ok is that good i don't want to hear okay it s not ok with may even if its own a year you still not ok with manner so that we are so happy to be able to get you up just be we still have steps to go for your thou to like to one of the steps well you know that this is the version version of what we have also as
and goes by what the one i have now is even bigger than the one in the video the one i have as this weird fuckin meat locker beautiful it's the organised at our feet tall and this insult net means more than others and how many feet wide was is an ex six seven and eight i think is what it is in that that's that's great were there it's what you desire using at say people that's the first thing that you know it is joined the gym you know what is that you got to go to the gym you know what i mean yeah i get a membership oh whoa you know somebody of these people a sit in their house and they don't use it you know people need yeah this is it's hard but people need something to like jolt them out of their normal everyday routine they need something to jolt them to get and they'll try one day like today i'm going to go to the gym and they work out in the next day it's like that fuck it they just for whatever reason didn't catch fire but they want to improve you know and as a first step but the there
doing things people a lot of folks they discuss a lot of stuff they read about other people yep all these things in his stead of like actually down surrounds it ok can i actually do today to get to make may do something that is of value in our rather than criticizing of other people is really it doesn't really help so much well it's fun though it's fun i love to do it criticizing whether be bos oftentimes a good sense of a source of entertainment it's an output chill salman you have to be careful of criticizing too much or getting only into the vein of criticism like consistently constantly like i people that are smart can oftentimes make poor choices are dumb choices one of the choices that a lot of smart people make is to like consistent we constantly look for the negative in things consistently and constantly does allow things to focus
the negatives of things are always going to exist you're not stupid you see them constantly inconsistently like rally against dumb things in pop culture over and over again a certain point in time i have to go listen what you know we see it we see it too like what you angry about it that doesn't help anybody like what is either neither be funny urge shut the fuck up because we see it's done too and it's not you know the funny far best if someone instead just sort of added to the good part our culture you know added dynamic come up with something that's entertaining come up with something that tab into what people would like to be getting here this morning this one if that one's empty oh all right i don't know either way thank you my friend you're welcome i i think one of the things as a tank provides is the sort of introspective moment then i think a lot of folks are missing
and sometimes people get caught in patterns and you can get caught up in a pattern of negativity you can get caught up in a pattern of depression you can get caught up in a pattern of regret you can get caught up in a pattern of friendships of kindness you can get i've been a pattern of affection you can give you get into good patterns to you just have to reject the bad ones when they come don't indulge and be ready for those challenges make sure that needs with a chain self aware the go in there and you gotta look at yourself iron when i first started doing it i got it i didn't even know what it was or whatever but i've been for an hour every day i would go in there and is beat myself up his eyes the damaged goods you not away crash and not by an once upon a young officer why would anyone like that but getting in there every day for me for one hour in the beginning and shouted even audit was but i knew that does what does about so i'm in there and i like a beat myself
i'd come out of there i'd be like beaten up and i'd get out and i go wow i feel pretty good i could sit down an ace have appear there there isn't a ranch i rather than a big screen everything but it go in there and i always needs people around me and stimulation and stuff i get out of that chamber i come in all by myself and sit down turn nothing on just sit there he'll actually relax without use of drugs you non yeah i'm rely and are not in a certain things in the past it made me feel different ways you now but chamber now it it was able to affect the way i felt as a matter of fact way without the use of any kind of additives and when i learned about that that's quite let's go impressive that got a game changer you know you now have a window and you yourself you can i'll go in and look at you and see what that is and then say hey wooed look
that without is over same think as you are aware what you are and who you are what you did and where you been and whatnot like that but you have to be willing to you know admit all that surrender whatever and then get picked yourself up start to use what it is that you are able to figure out about what to do from here examined and stand by it doesn't compromise and the tank tells you that giving they experience sort of images is your tear yourself and there you are in this box in you realized is two parts to me there thing inside of me that that apparently has better information and in theirs thing outside in order to get high or gotta go see chair so do it ever going to want to do is go blah blah blah you eat too much people do different things you know in the gamble gambling this is all kinds of sultan cigarettes and we get a hit from that you now you boot there now and that but the effect that these things have so what they do
you also the alter your perspective of yourself sometimes you have is this what is your people are rock in there all i allow you know and the really china gives them oppression that their more happy to be around or something right yet they have drunk or they get the stupid or they seem to be but they don't seem to evaluate themselves from that perspective they think they're more fun or something yourself evaluation is one of the hardest things to do right it's one of the hardest things a person to do the to step away from their whatever in you're sees they ve been telling themselves to make themselves feel better about their life for the situation force yourself to go you know this is not right this is this is a society has an influence on you as well because you don't want to look too like you say you know i can remember certain wanting into this safe start talking about certain things and then people go oh i don't want to talk about that or what everything that you got to have a
it's good to work on yourself this on big on the selfish ism i think everybody would he say though about people not one you talk about certain things like we'll cover well a conspiracy theories yeah stuff like that kind of a negative thing is when i was you now and vegas the same place and the guy loading a show and ryan iraq driver goes others the complaints i go why because here look at that in a guy i couldn't believe it whose aeroplanes in this matter under way so i was damaged goods from that that mess me up for years and he said he quit telling people about it because there are these i try to go oh yeah take another hit on the crack pipe meanwhile there it is right in front of you yeah he should stop telling people about it and he should just go into google and find out what it actually ends there was nothing this was like fifteen years ago well it's not chem trail see this is where people are really confused it's just airplanes create artificial clouds and hazy environment
if an airplane is going through the atmosphere and is a certain amount of compensation it creates an artificial club they just does the jet in that you mean you should look into this war than anybody because you ve talked to me about this before and i that you probably have these idea in your head about the government sprang in the sky and i'm sure whoever it is airplanes someone may have done that at some point time most likely has done that some point but that's not what you said seeing those clouds that go across those are actual clouds the clouds that being made by jet engines like this has all been proven this is all scientific that everyone agrees on it's not there's no controversy about this at all when it comes to people understand jet propellant engine a jet engines and airplanes and aeroplanes in an atmospheric conditions like there's been articles about this since the nineteen eightys i mean this all it is when in two thousand and one when september
happened there was an article that was on cnn dot com like a couple of days afterwards that talking about the changes in the temperature because there weren't the artificial loud that were used to having overhead on a daily basis that are created when planes fly through the atmosphere says not something that they were being like secretive about this is just an effect of aeroplanes the real sam trails one things i said on my television show we cover this message did that her knowledge jet fuel in the sky that's the real cam trail you we're polluting sky and we just love it because we can get it across the country in in five hours and that's where guys like elon musk and these geniuses they want to create these incredible high be trains to these guys are so amazing because can figure out how to do that and used the same sort of technology that keeps google car safe and if anybody can together and make these we might be able to change the environment like the amount of jet fuel we burn this like thousand
and thousands of flights every hour all across the country constantly going back and for another rocket ships apparently take a lot of propulsion to get out there is a credible and work on the rocket ships i talked to him in there this area that the though the bigger thing is the pollution is created when the eggs blast off the amount of ever goes course fair lady look you see fire with a lot of economic ceasefire unless something that's not good is on fire coming out of a metal tube that's never good it's now good now is that people have that opportunity to investigate information that's why right now i think that you know ignorance and negligence the same thing their peoples i didn't know what it is you don't care enough to look into it and that is true but sometimes we get caught in a situation where you don't you know it is still not understand even after all the facts are well you you also have contrary opinions vary
fourthly it is legitimate that are varied specimen comes alex an historical events i dislike people that want to talk about like jfk is a good example so a lot of people that love talking about conspiracies they like to wrap that when uptight and when you have these conversations with them you look at the contrary evidence all sides pro and com it's like why there's a lot of like massive amounts confusion as to what the actual events were but ashley so many people wanted him dad that you can't even pit a pit you couldn't pin the tail on that donkey no matter what there was he had multiple people that were up with his action boy would they be so lucky if it was just a low none these are so lucky all those other people we may well be so lucky because then this situation have perpetuated to this point now it was a lone nut back then and the system was actually fail safe from situations like this i think what the nineteen sixties and the death of kennedy and you know they can't stay shootings and all that stuff i mean as tragic as it is for then and for those times i think that ultimately
that kind of stuff is sort of a reminder in a lot of ways to the people of today about how bad it can get get out of hand so many states are creeping up on these in front vents on civil liberties i can people start rising up that's he's things like us going to syria gets shot down i mean you see the entire country both had a republican that a first time that ever happened where they had made a plan to go in and invade something and they did not do it because of the voice of the of the public the voice of the whole public you know it's like how many republicans at this point in time or time i don't care if you got a blue suit a green suit a purpose it people on thank you we're broke and we're not invading other count what for what exactly so we're not fixing the problems that we have at home how about there's no no and but the fact that access it hasn't raising taxes and fucking years show california had like one rain like over the past four months it's true
i mean that's something to consider is something to think about where the fuck we're gonna get our water from desalination plants maybe drain out that fucking goofy ocean tire those fish suck all the good water what's happening with the fish all dead off of there too everywhere what's going on a lot of times is a side effect of pollution too or could be a side effect of certain types of like fish need a certain oxygen level and things can happen and they develop dead in the water and there's no oxygen and all the fish just drowned you've seen that on the yeah gazillions of them the hundreds of thousands here there we looked all over the world it seems like there's problems but it could be just you know whatever i don't know it well i think it's always eventually but it happens certainly because of pollution is wabbling absolute pollution is bad we don't need to say oh look yeah it's okay because it's only this amount or we got a we got a can we're containing it see this the continue
systems so what do they do with that stuff stuff in the ground from wait for god zillow to come what is that all about we're gonna collect this garbage and then plant it in the ground over here well that's what a little kid does you know when you sweep it up you just it's a cartoon you pick up the carpet and you sweep it under the carpet and put that carpet down no one no shit you know yeah it's very childish way but it's also the people that world i've been implemented these systems they're not alive anymore and they were the ones were our age it was a completely if an era and then when you go back and look at their you know the difference between us and the nineteen forties go back and look at the nineteen forties and the distance in them and the same amount of time and you're in the eighteen hundreds ok in the like the times of your writing horses and they had a paint their pictures that's that's how much distances travelled me we really is go back to nineteen forty and you look at those
guys that are running the space or look at those guys are involved in nuclear program how old they they in their forties let's say they're in their forties let's say that they were born in the year nineteen hundred and they were designing and work on all these these crazy technological innovations from the time if you went back from them two as far as us looking at the nineteen forties you'd be what sixty seventy four years is that go to nine to seventy four years before the seventy four years before that is eighteen fucking twenty six amazing crazy they got a horse that stop and think about that their nineteen forty like world like when we consider the nineteen forty world is early eighteen hundreds to them it's essentially two decades or to censure on the adjusted in order
the regular ratio when you start to consider that what in other exponential type situate oh yeah how their growth is magnified as it goes on continues to expand it out no doubt often change between eighteen twenty and nineteen forty was nothing compared to nineteen forty two two thousand and ten minutes just this his manner then look ahead miss hale boy yeah it's gonna be really weird but it's so strange that we are still running on the momentum of these peoples ideas where's like storage of nuclear weapons we ve storage of nuclear waste reset yeah reset but ass nearly no real them kids in i agree wholeheartedly but also as a person whose not involved in creating new technology involved in that i find it fascinating just as an observer looking at it like while this is really an interesting scenario because it was created by this incredible geniuses that live
as long ago as eighteen twenty something to them i mean that really hard to believe is real hard to believe we hard to believe as it were so operating on that same mechanism exactly it's really hard to believe it's hard to believe that we still have like garbage dumps we have like dumps like what like we have dumps we take all the garbage we throw it over there and then those dump it fucking disaster we went to a garbage dump we film something for the man show at a garbage dump once it was it was horrible it was horrible fucking what are they dig a hole and dump the throw all the shit there and just keep digging holes it fucking stinks dude they just cover it up with dirt and it's discussed doesn't like the film methane or whatever build up if you put it under the ground that's a good question i don't know i don't know i mean methane comes from biological later has shown us that this guy took a rat a mouse
and he made an art thing and he covered up the mouse with the with the resin right and then the mouse was is it the running through the resin apparently until i couldn't go the rise yours like stuck in the rise in the mouse what that's an hour that's an asshole i glued a mouse so it's inside of this thing now and then they're in one day that was up on it exploded that was made out of a plastic stuff splendid from the gatt they get the mouse was gassing from inside of it then the mouse created so much gas it blew this whole thing up all over the place they guy told me woe from the mouse stuck in the gas there was off gas as it died you know you know the smelly smell he said the house smelled like that too was you there for that i forget who was telling me now but somebody they had to come and do the mop down on the house and everything
that seems like an unnecessary experiment wherever that negatively affect messing around so my stones documents and plastic as that don't do well well this plastics if they can make from plant material something a lot of people you can make plastic from him yeah it's degradable plastic he can make from hemp that's forgery right ford made the first car the meda happen you can hit with a hammer hampers plan ever i know i know a solid when i start talking great about marijuana but forget about marijuana the psychoactive if it's marijuana i've gone to in depth i think this is a real benefit to people and i hear people saying all you know kids and what about the kids whereby the kids what about the kids with fucking anything can die from aspirin kids can die if they have a test to see who eats more salt kids can do i doing a lot of fucking shit you know it's not about kids it's about
possible use of adults if it's your kid you have obligation to educate your children do the best you can to protect them from the dangers of this world all drugs are a part of that including hundreds of legal ones that are available right now that can kill your children so that's not the issue marijuana is a minor minor minor issue when it comes to health and safety it's a major issue when it comes to consciousness and me maybe even more so when it comes to the implementation of hemp as a commodity hemp for paper hemp for building materials hemp for automobile panels that are lighter and more durable henry ford figured that shit out at the turn of the nineteenth are the twentieth century mean who whose doing now
early nineteen hundreds this guy had figured that out we see that the past they make out of it serves in everything and their durable thoroughly leaving more robust than caught and now that it also has one of the best route system so they did what they did to do it what would it be good i do is where you have these erosion problems if they plant we here the routing system you got to say when i say we i think you're hipping you want to get high oh you know that's just you know you could do that i'm just kidding in your own safety of your house yeah there's other stuff you could put outside and let it grow well hemp is a very strange plan there's really no plant like it on earth and it's incredibly hard and dense but very light as well seeds they make that that omega three and omega six well the protein to hemp protein is the most easily digestible protein
we sell it on it we sell heaven protein supplements we bought the best hemp you can get it's really fine it's very high in protein it's the most expensive but it's the best and of people don't like the taste i think it tastes delicious but i always fix it up with coconut water i just throw a banana coconut water and hemp force into a blender and that's how i do it yeah you're after the races it digests easy the thing about like i like a lot of different protein powders but i feel like the vegetable proteins i like pea protein there's a vega that is a i think it's an all vegan based protein powder all plant based protein powder that i like too i like that i like those because they digest very easily you're getting the impact from the i think it's it's also it's very easy on the body whereas i feel like way protein which is also very effective but it's made from me in a way which is made from milk products its doesn't that doesn't quite d just as easily feel philip makes my farts think here too
they have to take sides there everybody has learned easy my body has no problem digesting it you know and its illegal america is unbelievable so stupid when i was a kid i used to say i'm gonna say my mom it what is wrong with this stuff and she said oh wow it's illegal and that was the best thing could come up with that's not even well that doesn't even work with him because he can't get you high i was worried about the other growing but growing hemp is like grown pine trees it's like what if someone came along the city can't row girl pine trees no more pine trees you can't make pine tables you can't make pine stands you know no more pine you be like what are you talking about i can't grow pine or rose i wasn't crazy grow any rose bush kind of stuff out but the preposterousness of pine is a good one because it's so readily available well if marijuana was legal it could be is readily available as pine trees the shit grows everywhere it fucking grows everywhere and for the past
hundred years almost there's been this ridiculous boycott on this magical plan to magical plan that didn't exist can someone told you about it from another planet we would be sending spaceships out to get it if there we found that there was pot growing on the moon and they found if the astronauts went to the moon and they came back with a plant and over the next decade they analyzes plan and found it to have a merely indifferent uses psycho actively medically tree p d s de interlocutor pressure from four glaucoma to give people their appetite back of the gods are came out they got you go through a laundry list of benefits of this fuckin alien plant had they do that fucking what's that virgin guy rich brands needs be scented spaceships out to the moon with farmers did have next in space flying to the moon to harvest the marijuana and bring it back home that's why we got here yeah we got it here and these kinds of trying to keep it illegal it's amazing these dummies like that chris christie dummy i don't understand it well i unders
i don't dummies they they rail against it they railed these corporate guys corporate guys we need to do is have them on the right side you need to get high they need to just chill down and say listen hey okay we're we can do to make things better yes and get on board and then people to air and the best way for you to get high grab em sell that stand our ground eric at say listen we use it in our product now we use stuff because we found it's better than what we use two years well i did lot of things that could be done to make people overall just overall in this country just a wee bit healthier just a little bit of a change in the dial in the direction that we're all going i remember anthony robbins who although i've made fun of inspirational guys i think is actually a very inspirational guy i think antony robin has some really good advice and i've read a bunch of different things that he said and back when i was competing in my martial arts days actually benefited very
much from a lot of his head audio books i listened to by the pool when i lived in a city apartment and one thing he said was that if you had taken it i should like to cars that are in a certain direction if one of em just as a very slight variation off the line just a slight over the course of time the distance that it goes from the original direction it was going to is vast just a small change is a small adjustment and i think that could be said not just of cars that are driving parallel to each other but of a culture and i think that if something like the tank came along and attack in conjunction with this new found useful to accept the marijuana laws there's a new found refusal colorado there was an article that was written that came out today i think it came out today i found about it today i retweeted today from my reset me which is our friend amber lions website and
essentially its talking about how colorado made more money and had crime and the tax or six months read about the school they give a point nine million or something for the school system the woman who wrote it her name is laura pedram and yeah it came out on the twenty seven th so there is less money as a school yeah can you imagine they're doing something on the planet putting money into schools and had ever how're images and its empowering people start their own business the right people who are into weed they're gonna start their own businesses and get rich that'd be a weird thing when weed farmers are like a bunch of rich people around funding schools we'd farmers are paying for the police to have better facilities we farmers are paying for the fire department to be better equipped we
farmers are paying for the teachers to make more money like this is all it's not just a pipe tree every power with the community and the officials in the community to create a situation these guys a major influences on it not only this report right nepal cast people to listen and who are not into we'd like that's it that's fucking hang it up that steps are following doctrine nation that while it is excellent and if you don't want to smoke we'd how could you ever say that three million dollars in cash revenue hundred million dollars is not a good thing that you get that kind of taxes from your first year and who knows where is gonna go can easily double by the second year so then you got two hundred million dollars in tax revenue good they focus where it went how much how much facts that you paid last month went to the school system who knows how much
the school get to iran and we are about to iran has not that big now i mean it's it's pig but it does not limit the amount of people as california right now even closer spread that money out if you got it we also there's eight hundred kids and they made a thousand dollars or what do you know how much money merrill on would make in california engages sent it loose to set it just only still fully eagle let's go i mean just the medical industry here is so gigantic that dares to businesses doctors just give people weed prescriptions that's all they do that's all they do they have a line of people with headaches out the doors that's their business everybody's paying forty bucks and they're keeping it moving and that's legal i mean it's what they've done legally is crazy if they made it fully legal if they just said release the hounds it would change the culture it really would and it would it would help a lot of people
it up a lot of people that are resisting it it would help a lotta athletes and the big one help alot athletes is edible double marijuana for for inflammation for injuries for real accession for stretching just for your body forget about the you know psychoactive effects of introspection and you know self analysis and all that other stuff that comes with the eating it the really there's a physical benefit so it'd be pretty substantial nutritional benefits there's the nutrition you already talked about that you can eat it it's really good for super healthy great for your skin hemp oils good for your skin i cook with it it's crazy so with it you run a car on it you could run a car the whole thing is so ridiculous that if you looked at it on paper and it wasn't the case as hey we have this stuff we just figured it out today it's called a slippery whatever and we have it would be it would be a great plot for a book if there was a company that somehow another managed to plot against one most beneficial plants on earth and suppress the
the development and use of it for almost a century if that that was a book that would like be like captive it is by this plot like could this happen because this point but the one the most beneficial plants ever known to man could be stifled they might have known about it in the beginning and then cut it off like the stuff could catch on i think that what happens is one things that happens is when anything is illegal and then start arresting people that thing you make a business arresting people for their thank you make a business out of that thing being illegal and then like we're talking about before when guys we're out of a job like digits out of jobs they'll fight to keep their fucking job and one of the best ways to keep your job keep more things elite if your guy who arrest people for shit you want make sure that more things like marijuana stay illegal because firstly the what what would they could do if me wanna became legal and then we started to you'd have to start considering
all sorts of other drugs becoming legal as well maybe they can figure out how to direct like the business aspects of it is ready to take this money now and will have a yeah agency let's say that works directly with these people that then you know maybe they could have a place in and being helpful yeah i mean folks we're not this is not something that we thought on in advance china to work the shit out on the fly the best way to design a government but it might be better than what's already in place you know what's already in place it's just fucking silly you can't tell people they can't have weed stop it you can't you can't tell these very nice to resolve yourself and other people's business like that are not involved in your especially if are ignorant you know i when i was first starting to work for the ufc i would offer encounter these articles that were written that were critical of mixed martial arts and i could tell
by reading the article that the person was writing it had no idea what they are talking about they didn't understand the sport like fundamental level they were incorrect about the rules they were incorrect about what was allowed they were incorrect about the size of the participants that were one size against all you know they didn't know they were early robed acting on really old information a really bad information but yet here they are writing for some living on opinion both in writing it in a publish form where they spreading it out to the world that's what they're doing when it comes to psychic no appreciation is like having a guide you a wine a wine review this never had any wine yeah well i'll do you one better anybody that is trying to get anything like me marijuana or mushrooms or any of these things removed from the culture and has no experience in them whatsoever it's like a guy who's never had sex trying to make sex illegal it's mean it's while its incendiaries it's insane and anybody allows it
if someone who has never had sex before tried to make sex illegal to all of us that enjoy sex be like are you crazy it's like one of my favorite things why would you but the sex out because i dont sexually you don't get sex i don't like it i don't appreciate it rots your brain weakens your knees and someone could just somehow or another trick people in another obviously sex is a natural urge marijuana is something that you learn about but they're both show an enjoyable aspects of this beautiful thing called life and for what for fucking reason we've allowed these dummies that are obviously like you look at a guy like nuke english to look you don't you get to tell me anything you don't it to tell me what to do or how to live at all you don't get to i don't believe in you you know i think you're corporate puppet you don't get to tell me that parts bad while you chris christie your three
pounds you don't get to give advice you don't get to give advice oh marijuana rots the brain and this what about your fucking brain it's allowed you to balloon up like another animal you don't even look like a human you look like some sloth some some walrus type creature that's waddled out of the ocean put on big pants you're ridiculous person you can't talk about marijuana you don't experience it if you don't experience it on a regular basis you don't know what the fuck you're talking about and that's the problem that we have in our culture we have these that are giving advice on something that they have no experience other countries we're over fixed up in other civilizations these people they are operating for thousands or hundreds or whatever it is exactly and we're going to come over they say hey here we are now we're going to tell you guys what we need utility from people that are leading that's a very important thing so when someone takes a big strong stance on something that they don't have experience with or they don't have full knowledge of to see who was talking about the study
they ve come out with a mere one affects the brain it affects the brain but they don't know if it's good or bad did you re read that part of it they don't understand what the effects are what the negative effects are but here's other than short term memory loss no one's demonstrated anything really bad but a lot of positive shit tumor shrinkage all sorts of medical benefits to do with deal with inflammation and relieving of pressure and for a lot of people it's so short memory not so held up on your oh i hate that forget it it's over let it go short memory i like that i got some details there later they come up with me when i need them but it's a car garbage around your in some father knows best shit is what it is i mean we're watching leave it to ever we just watching of less less like ridiculous
form of modern person incorrect moral value on you there they have decided what is right months without having enough information to even have a valid use little man to say that another man should not be able to legally by something is innocuous as marijuana is so enraging who the are you can't smoke a joint somewhere by yourself especially impersonal placate eight themselves obviously you're not you not some militant fuckin like that the gunny and full metal i don't know that word well what's the best way to describe kate to make someone believe it acid pretend like you that way now try to here i would give you a perfect to make someone less angry i think it's based on placid to try to
calm you down right right right right right sorry i lost my train of thought no no i'm sorry i have a limited vocabulary in certain areas but you don't though you you have a very high technological vocabulary i like to ask questions so now i have that word in my repertoire as well so placate placate the masses you know that expression you've heard that expression a calm on as i think i've heard the word yeah never really understood what what was i saying though what was i saying about the people that he placates his body he obviously he obviously in to his urges in order in order to be that big you have to be indulgent there's no way so he's got issues so anybody got like some obvious issue like dialect man you're not allowed to dictate health and an end in like can she polly hey very there it's it's your gate areas is poor yeah it's ridiculous control on yourself it's also against the current data like theirs and there's there's no like real consensus that shows any sort of significant dangers involved in the consumption of that plan certain
not like some of these other ones that have how many dead this year from but you know what those other ones are fine too i don't have a problem either friend being around but as will fuck you up and you get crazy with it you know you're your own architect you know a lot of people die every year from aspirin aspirin kills people you know nobody wants to think about that but can die from a lot of dumb shit that does make any sense its available everywhere sought our issue is education and honesty and if you're not honest about something as innocuous as marijuana then why am i gonna trust you about about anything else like what where's the dangerous shit were keeping that legal because it's always been legal while not saying you should make that illegal but you gotta let the less dangerous shit into yeah one of the less dangerous shit changes the way people look at everything including the dangerous shit right and that's that's a real possibility that psychedelic offered to a lot of people are addicted to diseases a lot of people that have pity
de there addicted to diseases have extreme benefits from psychedelic theirs legal crash you know see that's what i told you that together so my mom is also what is now i don't even understand what that i'm renting too much again i just get upset and i apologize anybody's heard this before but i can't help it at certain point in time just it it hits me in so confused by it i feel like i need to repeat it because it's the worst part of where we're at it's a bottleneck one of the worst parts is this lack of understanding about what should and shouldn't be happening to us whether it's our government committing to wars or whether it's the people's emails spite upon or whether its people being forced not consume certain things that would offer different perspectives or people being morality people people telling you what can and cannot do this not hurting anybody else and i think
two things and i'm attracted to is altering the current way that i think and altering the way that other people think and giving you a perspective of of the past we just get on we get stuck in these fucking grooves it so easy to keep making those same turns over and over again whenever you hit these very similar mom it's in your life and that's where something the isolation tank so good so good that groove i think long see when i met you and everything like that i think i went i don't know if i'd just gotten back from costa rica or somewhere i thought i know this is gonna happen this is people are never gonna get with us and then because it would just you could try and now now it seems as if these people in general have gotten up place where there are more willing to experience himself
and then make action on that yeah i think i think are people are waking up lot of things i mean than what you were talking about earlier about pilates and yoga i think people are just waking up about their body people they concern about where their food coming from now this is something that hadn't really existed decades ago no one concern about organic sorry one was colonel concerned about gmos product in general is the fact that i don't and i'm not necessarily saying that gmos are all bad because i don't think they are i think there's definitely some benefits to to some genetically modified organisms but i think it's important that we have the conversation that people who are really intelligent start daddy gaining time and effort to researching jobs and our pros and cons and then ruling that information back to the people or at least a relay it back to the public so we know what we're in four but then money gets involved thanks that's what people are concerned it is the outcome and then what you see you don't even know if it was the yap it better
so snaps people back and makes them more involved and growing their own food and more interested in organic gardens and using a lot of farmers markets that are popping up left and right i think farmers markets are amazing you go there get a direct connection with the guy who actually grows the food this is the woman who actually milks these cows this is the guy that actually is celery he's right there this is their their special tomatoes they have heirloom tomatoes you get to meet these people and i think that is that that sort of connection is exciting to people and that's the blowback away from a lot of the other stuff but it's all because we're getting this information we get there and we're able to make our decisions kind of appealing yeah maybe years ago you really don't want to meet the farmer you don't really don't care here is tomato came from yeah now it's kind of like more interesting to us stand you know the the orientation you know how it's happening or you know what's going on people more more like
spray on a new round up lisa radiometer people back there's stuff just happened and they really weren't you now i don't know they were they were just caught up in whatever was because they didn't have a way of communicating about it like we have to the internet really so yeah someone could put up a blog about here's the dangers of this particular pesticide on your tomatoes and then you hear about that and you go wow that is not good and that's real pesticides kill bugs mode they kill kill because fuckin poison why why there's plants not getting poisoned well they are but just not enough to kill them they figured out a way to me the whole us one day and i'm in there and this guy was in there spray and the stuff you know i i said hey what's this ten intentional grown or organically grown what does that mean he goes well he goes i guess if it's organic it's done without poison i said alright
so the conventional means is you're with a poisonous substance in order to okay let's find out about that one wanted to know what is the official do description what is the official definition of organic it is from the clean up and i thought i didn't seem to be a scientist but that seems to make a lot of sense let's looking to wikipedia this is organic foods are produced using methods of organic farming currently dab above above requires countries require producers to sit obtained special certification order to market food as organic within their bought a borders the kind text of these regulations organic food is food produced in a way that complies with or annex standards that you say nothing here what's organic there we go back with organic while the organic standards defined differently indifferent jurisdictions ok in general organic farming responds to cite specifics farming and crop condition
by integrating cultural biological and mechanical practices that fosters cycling of resources promote ecological balance and concerned biodiversity i didn't know that ok synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not allowed all those certain organically approve pesticides may be used under limited conditions in general organic foods are not pressed using irradiation industrial solvents or chemical food additives i didn't know that sport thou i didn't know who is defined by cycling the conditions cycle of release resources as what they need to do more to shame nutrients in the soil there yeah that's that's one of the most difficult things around rotation i guess is crap rotation and also you know when you have enormous chunks of land that are just dead entirely to or entirely to this or entire to that you that a lot of times those
lands become minerally deficient and they have to actually add minerals to the ground in order to i think they would use in the old like they would use like fish and stuff like that to try to replenish their garden fish is apparently really good for that but yeah the idea that that's a weird thing to want something to be organic you got to ask for that it's like how did you allow people to pour poison on food how'd you allow people to grow is there another way to deal with those bugs can you like hire someone clean the bugs off and you have to spray death from the sky it sounds ridiculous like my my version of it sounds ridiculous birds and animals do birds eat all the corn to don't they i don't know animal covering on it well don't know well you know i was watching some show the other on the history channel it was actually about history hilarious because you watch the fucking history channel was last you saw some shit about history
it's always like alligator farmers or something like that but it was about locus it was all the early eighteen hundreds and these people were like traveling the united states setting up farms and stuff and the locusts hit these people's farm and they had ascended the army to bring these people food means these these grasshoppers he's locus were just they filled the sky four hours like four hours and hours they filled the sky and just flew by just destroyed everything just tore through people's crops they were talking about how big it must have been the millions and millions of of bugs what must have been in the air the lisbon strategy the corn they went straight for crops they just buzz through and killed everything they said we see it as a storm cloud coming at you and then
and as you look down or looked up rather you would realize somewhere along the line that wasn't a cloud that was a storm or bugs do they make a sound or something pull a video locus pull up some locust video from the you know what are you looking on like is it got a clicky sound when it's flying i don't know i never been around locus i've been around grasshoppers apparently there in the grasshopper fair wages locus shallows that's disgusting you just likes go outside you to see this empty shell of what looks exactly like a locust bow just like the shell outside of those things but a few votes if you ever heard of like biblical predictions locus wasn't involved in biblical predictions of apocalyptic conditions they always talked about locus in the sky yeah when you think about like old horror movies you know like the demonic possession things a plague of locusts hit egypt this weekend causing some citizens to burn tires and attempt to ward them off
that's when you know shit gets ugly birds hires burn tired swarm of locusts was about in several districts of cairo on saturday as the invaded the is area of the middle eastern nation oh let's see this shit shit i can't it's like previous what is it star wars bitch thirty million insect once by the time in a galaxy far far away let's see this shit i want to see them invade i don't see shit here they are that's it oh they're coming it's not going to be pretty
not good film this is terrible i guess we're not seeing it in good hd that's what it is we're seeing it this shitty youtube thing via our television but yeah wow wow that's a lot of goddamn bugs there's the noise too whoa that's so weird they're like the ultimate gang and they fly in this huge formation and just cause man massive destruction and apparently they've done it since the beginning of time easily get together was devised and i say that others are although case they they that's one of the things when i signed today people been fuckin each other well look at this is in the congo that what it said the queen why just now look at that oh my god
that's are freaking the fuck shut your mouth jesus christ how was a kid backing she's over a total shuttle god this kid down a lot of bug oh my god that is incredible you know what i mean like a fish all right i'll be right there with the kids is being on a motorcycle just trying to get home and you're just like spot spots and this said the congo this is in the congo so many of them this mom
on helping you do what's she gonna do goddamn storm you should be so psyched that people invented cars that's how you should feel right now you should be like people are awesome the cars we invented to protect us from locus oh that's you should be thinking should be like oh that's amazing thank god they invented pesticides to spray to the sky knock those fuckers dead to me i'm do anything when when locust come to think can throw nets up really well how do they stop locus you know you do you like a windmill with very large paddle put in the center of the town just just smack them right in the face as they come in just kill them all
put sheet down below so when you chop them up that's a good protein powder there it's very good for you right good protein powder a protein powder people eat bugs and theother parts of the world where they have to and the case is they crunchy you know you actually them now what are you saying crash thick various has all gone right let cook candies yeah marietta charter and gravel grass offers island them now i'd never i believe so that shit at urban outfitters actual urban i finished sells local yeah they said like these weird bugs i can just get chocolate the chocolate and chatted fillers the thing about chocolate ances they're actually good for you like ants are actually good for you as long as you're not poison ants when you're eating ants it's actually a good source of protein so it was a good source of protein covered in chocolate you kind of feel like man i'm not really and candy but he's still eating candy i think we put the windmill up after they hit the the corn field then after all
of corn then we make them into the powder and then they have more nutritional value well i think even if you put the windmill up you'd only kill the ones that are near the windmill the ones underneath the windmill that are like your height and my height they fly like an inch off the ground those fuckers like they're everywhere kamikazes yeah there's so many of them there's no room they can't all just be in the sun does that happen how do they all get born that's a good question i think they fuck just so i of those at one time it's like i do not know clusterfuck it's the biblical cluster yeah wow what lucky we're very lucky especially here in california we don't need to have mosquitoes dude you know i thought about that when i up in canada we have to they have a thing called thermo cell you ever heard of a thermo cell it's weird it's like got a compartment in it that you put like a chemical an eternity suckers on and then put it down in this light missed comes out and you can smell it at all but the mosquitoes avoid you like the plague so we would say
outside in the woods and it was real mosquito written like immediately the mosquitoes come you're like holy shit think i could do this this is rough were all you put this thermo cell thing down boom ten minutes later they're gone before that i got like a mask on ski mask and the hat and i got fucking gloves on i'm like cheese and they're trying to bite me through my gloves like you fuckers they're everywhere is thermos al you keep it for ten minutes there's no mosquitoes bob is those i don't know if they haven't been in los angeles is the japanese beetles that in the midwest we used to get so many japanese that would have to have these bags that you put in your front and back yard where the beatles will come in and get collected in there just like every week you just have this humongous bag just sweaty bugs mariners rapidly to hammer out oh yeah sector beetle hotels advocate beetle trap just wax noodles wow i saw some video the other day of another thing we don't have to deal with there was a hailstorm somewhere that fuck this guy's car up
entire car was like covered in like where as if it had like a really bad case of chicken pox and script off all of its scabs like the whole car was just pocked in windows are broken the hail the was so big it shatter the windshield of and had defined as your dad memory people die from hell area more than has any lot ten more than cocoanuts for real why don't i know some people they say they die from cocoanuts outside it again fifty people die every year from covenants really a family the four year when about hale i would say to hundred before i left california my house guide the gulf size a whole columbus area in everybody's car got ruined everybody's house was ruined people would moved to columbus just to be insurance agents for like a year because everyone's house we're fucked ad so everyone got new cars i get so weird that like the whole city almost got new cars at the same time oh my god
there's a hail storm hailstone in nineteen twenty eight that weighed one point five pounds what how big is that it is seven inches why in a weighed one point five pounds and it came from the fuckin sky its believed to be the largest known in the u s at the time man capture that bad boy seven inches okay there's another one that in nineteen that was was one point seven seven so so was even bigger jesus christ per day thunderstorm costs three hundred and forty two million dollars worth of insurance damage in calgary
why are these out there like look it for the bigger one year on theirs was eight to twelve hours over there are not our here's where one united so these are running around in the there's this as i suppose flying around the block every now and then gaiters in economic on kansas this one in nineteen he too to batches of severe thunderstorms for six wars are within six of either dumped here stones up to four and a half inches across this area including the city of wichita surrounding counties of south central kansas and over ten thousand homes were damaged the hail left fields in a near total loss property damage told five hundred million dollars with crop damn at a hundred million know how many people died i can't find it can't find that you'd be the first dummy to die from hail stay in when that they say nobody dies no fucking you're fine you got a stock a wheat doesn't hurt that bad let's
hail to try to get hailstorm fred fatalities many people die each year from hale twenty seven people died from tomato tornadoes hail storms in the two thousand what's that says here nine hundred people a year what how many from the cocoanut again but one fifty hundred and fifty where does it say that nine hundred a year we say that it just came up how many people die from here on a year it can be very dangerous thing instances of death does one here that says they know of of in the united states one thousand nine hundred and thirty nine in lubbock texas a farmer got caught an open field and died from hell and my son death fort collins and in its mother's arms was killed by hale nineteen seventy nine can you make
doesn't seem right around the lottery do man of your kind open field and its are coming down hard he kills your kid just get it there's not many people man i don't believe it's nine hundred a year yeah this actually says the last known death was caused by hail in the us was in the year two thousand yeah that makes sense it was nine hundred total well you know what today people know so much about storms and if you live in an area where you live in some kansas type area where they have hailstorms on a regular basis we get in yeah look at the car is getting pummeled you know hurricanes are waste carrier hurricanes and most scary you ever your yoshida showed this old house biarmia gaia above the elements are they have that show and i watched it some pbs this weekend and they were rebuilding the jersey shore and they were showing how a man destroyed it's destroyed but so what they've had to do it will go under all these houses and like lift him up all ten feet so all the houses are going up ten feet to me
tolerance on top of the water comes only in their own right and they have to take these take like like like these like holes like telephone calls and their legs push him into the ground like twenty feet or sunlight not just made such a pain in the ass it's not it's a jersey shore we're not gonna come back for another seven to ten years can put in until it's back to normal that's incredible can't believe they're gonna do that make these pause then just sit there the waters on actually if i could sit to your house and the water comes up to the top of the pole yeah and you're like oh my god why don't i build a house here again what am i crazy yeah i got the nerve put the boat on the roof see the ocean like slowly coming up closer and closer to the bottom of your house why would you just go twenty feet why would you not twenty feet all the way up there and the shit would be swaying in the breeze you'd have to dig deeper holes for the columns you'd have to worry about me i don't know how
how strong the ground is there we had a house in hawaii it was on a pulse it was there right at the beach i got washed away in sixty nine three houses the waves came up so high is it between i blindly why maybe those sunset there was it there three houses there on poles cosette been washed up on the camp highway when they brought down they put him up on these poles and we lived in one wow it's pretty cool but the waves never came up that high i mean i think they're only counting on tsunamis and she i think that's what that pole thing but a tsunami the thing is if the water here comes in our common aim by itself jim was too soon army that hit inject japan as it bring it in this house has voted in by a how is your house can give hit by a boat you don't work that to happen we want to get out of there just a fucking count on that ten foot ball that fucking yeah there's people that stayed in many
i remember gloria when i was a kid when i was a kid lived in boston is when the hurricane gloria hit i want to say boy fight a guess out of sales and high school south of sales in the eightys it but it was a huge one hit way the fuck up the east coast and it put not power out in a lot of places okay do it was five so was when i was in high school and i was graduating those like the my senior year high schools eighty five and that's when this fucker hit in hit the first major storm to effect new york and long island directly since hurricane donna nineteen sixty so people well law time they went twenty five years when they hadn't had a hurricane hit em and this motherfucker came down wiped out every thing
and power was out and i lived in boston which is pretty far away from the epicenter the storm but i remember being utterly humbling armor we will in my house where look out the window and the trees were just fuckin like there were like like leaves they were blowing back and forth like they were just leaves out there was no way to them and you it's you go out afterwards industries would be falling everywhere just collapsed over streets collapsed on houses collapse on cars is broken trees everywhere and just feeling like woe like united in storms storms before i've been thunderstorms before i've been snow storms before but there was in about a hurricane and even a hurricane that why is way away from the center i lived in boston i lived in newton massachusetts actually so that was like you now sub of boston man we didn't know reading the residual just the residual of incredible i mean it was i couldn't
imagine what it would be like to be in one of those katrina one's own it is so powerful that that water rich when i was is trying to learn how to surf to about the same time near death i don't know how many you hit by one of those waves the water possesses so much power you really have to have a respect for it once it gets riled up like that coming at there's not a whole lot gonna had begun to slow it down i don't think why think were basing our ideas about what the atmosphere is like like what the weather's like what d you know the safety of being on volcanoes safety being around the ocean or basing it on the few hundred years of people from paying attention and taking notes in our how many people have been here before that the native americans only really what happened to them yeah well that was us most of it but a tsunami
but there were certainly people that died in that way as well now we just didn't hear about it means had to be people if people have lived in north america for the past you know x amount of thousands of years ago have evidence it goes way back to ten thousand years ago of people living in north america so that's the case for sure something during that time like there had been a bunch of events but things happening we just we're not aware so when someone katrina comes or some gloria comes and i i was in high school like you go with this this can happen to like this can fuckin happen action we be preparing for this how often has this happened the last time it has nineteen sixty so just relax ok but it can happen right this can happen you should prepare for this now that you know that this can happen there should be no houses that are built from here on out they can't deal with this because it might not happen but it could fucking happen it has happened if you
got two of them on record you got one from nineteen sixty you got one from nineteen eighty five do what the fuck do i have to tell you we waited for that these bitches are happening they're coming let's get ready you're know what could happen you can get three of a year like the ones that existed before people measured things they still existed the giant and storms that killed people before meteorologist were invented we're still valid in idea that were basing it off on this tiny little window that we been alive in africa i would in no way since ninety four c a single fork and significant earthquake does not worry about ways of pussy you crazy this fucking things on a piece of moving ground if you don't live long enough for it to move that money because the perspective that is ahead of us if you look at it in terms of a human life perspective you gotta look at in the fractal sense we note that the earth it also guarantees yeah this four hundred years is nothing it could be right now
time could be up what do you think about what we're talking about before the difference between us and the people the nineteen forties the difference in the people in eighteen forty in the difference between them and the people in eighteen twenty at all stuff up together look at it just go back a few times like that a few generations like that that's what we have that's the amount the information we have an end not that time in those time periods we bunch of arm we have the earthquake in fire in san francisco we have floods we have king could treat you know we have gloria we have the most recent ones the tornadoes that that one that can town in what was a town joplin mississippi like almost complete wiped off the map i believe job when i should prefer ear mississippi germany missouri yeah you're right you're right you're right joscelyn missouri and i'm never places are you hang out joplin tornado they deserve
he joking bro two thousand and eleven in joplin a twenty struck joplin missouri it was a large larger late may tornado outbreak and it reached a maximum with ready for this of one my all away of a my tornado by my eye no no no no no no no that's the devastation path mile wide when it comes through the terror five days and i dont know what in our philosophy i don't know what that means no it means death what's reached a maximum with of nearly one mile during its path through the southern part of the city it rapidly intensified and tracked eastward through across and then continued eastward across interstate forty four the rural sections of jasper county and newton county it was the third tornado destroyed
joplin since may of nineteen seventy one the tornado kid a hundred and fifty eight people with the additional four or indirect des injured some one thousand one hundred fifty others and cause damages amounted to two point eight billion dollars is the deadliest tornado to strike the united states and some nineteen for seven tornadoes since then in forty seven there was multiple yeah we're there was already understated as leisure hit the glacier higgins woodward tornadoes in nineteen forty seven yeah and these they travelled a hundred and twenty five miles from texas to oklahoma destroy everything in its path because it was originally thought to have left a two hundred and twenty mile path but it's now believed to have been a part of a family of eight or nine or nato's fog
family of tornadoes these tornadoes although deadly did not match the astounding death toll of the earlier event nor did they match the record speed of that tornado or the although at over forty miles per hour they qualified as a fast tracking storm wow no could you fucking a match looking out your window and seeing nine tornadoes coming at you i just thinking about all the times you jerked off and what the bible told you and you like thinking it was you you know if you lived in nineteen forty seven burn the locust are coming on top of it you know it's over if you were in texas and it was nineteen forty seven you could convince yourself that those tornadoes were coming for you because he jerked off of your sixty if you're some kid who resisting church so bad but you couldn't you couldn't stop beaten i've still got a church doubts premature and you're in beaten off and you look out the window and you see nine and you're fucking convinced it was you convince
it was you that killed everybody fire and brimstone brand ban masturbate and the devil is sent his aunt men to take you out of the path and out of the path of righteousness and you have to become a priest because there were in the town died cause you you and beaten off you fuck family nato's that's a terrifying idea as a lot of revives on that man you know you're buying some miles wide tornado but nine of them one little patch i wonder tornadoes i'm wondering from correct saying the mile of destruction because it sounded so much better than just the actual width of the storm i'm so happy we don't have to deal with tornadoes man that i saw one the other duck i saw one the other day where i our tornado leaves out of nowhere tornadoes weirdest shit ever i mean it wasn't tornado kills i was i driving and i start my car to watch it you're crazy you ever gone through like the desert like it looked like driving like vegas for some
you'll see inside a relic of sand tornado you're like what the fuck is that it's not gonna hurt me here yeah right like gum they can get em they have gotten i'm in california before we looked at up one day what he died or anyway some sort of weather conditions something rather have seen it starts suspending i believe a slight cold weather mixing with warmly it's like an old friends and warm warm weather this is spent just i don't know i don't know what's up cause you don't know there's a tornado this is like we're going to die interior recycler learn today lower learning every guy hopefully plus while not gonna go along with that i'm still holding the fan of course you are it's more sexy black helicopters a tornado is a violently rotating column of air that is in contact with both the surface of the earth n a okay ready for this one how do you say this to see you m you l oh and i m be u s key
come you law bus come yolanda mum bus come cumulative cumulonimbus cloud coom you'll remember whom you loan nimbus cloud or in our cases the base the cumulative clouds there often come cumulative there referred refer to as twister's recycling although the word psychology is using meteorology in a wider sense to name any those low pressure circulation tornadoes come in many shapes and sizes but their typically in the form of a condensation funnel whose narrow and touches the earth and it's often encircled by a cloud of debris and dust have you ever seen a video from alice texas from two years ago where semis were flying through the air serenity twister pull that up put semis fly through the air in dallas twister it was the crazy shit i was watch
on tv i was in texas have the time to us in another part of taxes and the essential i was in texas during another one but it wasn't this one one where they had it on the news i think i was in another state but i could have been texas i was like i was on the road and i was like i could have been texas right now i've been to texas anyway point being i'm watching the news and here it is this is exactly the footage and there's a twit twisted is on the fucking news and the guy's talking you see actual semi like tractor trailers flying through the fuckin air like paper cops man as your seeing this this funnel spinning look at see that those are true two trailers man and look they get what we login look at you see that things crackles you all electrical fires because they were there there removing them their remote moving electrical cables and shit from the ground and shore
things out and eventually it picks up these tractor trailers and is their flying through the fuckin air is this the same video i believe it is hey there there's one flying through the fuckin air look at that that's tractor trailer bro its flying what is it what does that way what is it it's got away a few thousand pounds well it depends if it's got anything in it too yeah but if it does even if it doesn't have anything in way there's one yeah that's flying through the air and landing on shit poem its throwing it through the air does like cargo boxes and tractor trailers quite literally try trailers act pits tossed and twisted around like like an aluminum foil amazing they landed the highway fucking crazy other natures that bitch doesn't play
it's on her terms it is on our terms especially when work falconer lighten shit on fire and send an rocket ships in space fuckin with the air and air lanes burn in few scoured airborne fuel and add into the pollution yeah it's weird but even if we did even if we had never even if we did in the place a goddamn horrifying mass even we didn't do a goddamn thing if we lived our lives completely egocentric if we lived our lives that organic farming we lived our lives in a completely harmonious we would nature we gets pushed by big robert base kilometers boom not to say that we shouldn't be me no law thing to our mother earth and we absolutely should absolutely honeybees without a doubt no argument for me but it's possible for us you fucked up by super volcano even if we did even if we did an ice age can come even
did the best we could do well the dinosaurs are all died yeah he hit it with the meter no they were using their cell phones too much shoot myself cellphone cellphone drew in imagine they found old cell phones that dinosaurs used and we realized dinosaurs were super fucking smart that cell phones they had a picture of that guy on that line he was in the beginning of a movie and he was walking by the phone on his ear therefore demands theater what was that movie i was at a loss cliff and off of an old movie charlie chaplin oh no no no no they are here to day at will ever thought he saw that guy walker by with a thing like tat sound it was there was it in mentioned that they had come up with for people that were hard of hearing before they had hearing age and you hold it up to your ear and it would magnify the sound that's what it was and so in a blurry image when you looking at it in a desert
future guys is on a cell phone you know to this day people have ear problems and they get hearing aids they see them a lot they stick out of their ear well back in those days they just held it up to their ear right that was the sound i'm sort of a sound amplifier yeah you're wondering yeah if someone's going to do time travel i don't think they would go to the charlie chaplin days already going to hang around here and do that for do you imagine if we did find out that some dudes been fucking traveling back in time from the future and we get up to the future one day we meet them you're like wait a minute dick i've seen you before find out he's jimmy hendrick he's fucking he's been a bunch of different people he has been gone back in time and being a bad mother fucker but really just some guy from the future you know
no united now you do now that's ridiculous stone dare you know you never know i'm open hendrick shows back then i think you and your ex here listen he was already here i gotta hendrick shirt on man which violate human rights and has lost her here that's a cat left there you know something behind that he was awesome but he doesn't need to come back he did his time yeah now you got gary clark jr and i'm not saying gary clark jr is equivalent to hendrix but i'm saying look there's always gonna to be honey honey there's always going to be you know new bands that come out there's always going to be like cool let's now sounds is the black keys there's always gonna be you know is always cool shit man it's always coming out i'm glad yeah the best time ever i agree those i suppose you think this is the best time ever on earth is silly not taking advantage of the situation then here's what we have we're here all this stuff to keep us happy and keep us
calculator watches you know cell phones tons of things that are by our time in getting there are things at occupier time in a negative way they can they can take your time away but they also give you the opportunity to do thinks it's up to you to decide what you do your time exactly that's a thing again is it so this oh it's bad to be selfish and it's not because if you can with yourself and what you're up to you turn out to be a better product for the other around you is allowed this skies actually spend some time with himself our wish is a weird word though because i when i think of myself ass i think like you know i really like you those movies where like people are trapped somewhere and it turns out one dude's be hogging all the food and lying about it that's guys a selfish fuck that's the way they present right yeah so you know what i mean you hear about that guy you liked it you dick or one guy like shuts the door you know like stop don't shut the door that guy self right that's a selfish person then you hear the people
kill the master and then you find out that he shut the door you like you dick that's a selfish guy but there is also self aware and self awareness and concentrating on yourself in somebody bore uncomfortable with other people contrary on herself so he bore their uncomfortable with people that are like really into their bodies that are uncomfortable the people at a really into fitness are people that are really in the healthy get they get upset at them they don't like it makes them feel bad wherever they should look at the label must store and you look at the cape honest in shopping started looking at the label for they were there these are words you don't even know what they mean in the many years ago now everybody's now looking at it by fructose corn here look at that times have changed i can tell you how many times i or an ingredient in i can't say it i'm not going to eat it i can't even read what this stuff is i'm not going to put it my mouth i kidding me you know i started looking at recently i neve looked at before grams of sugar and drinks the grams of sugar
in like like a sports drink well though sports drinks type things it's crazy it's like more sugar these posts are having to day is sugar even now this once you have from the beads and there's the stuff from the corner the beach ugly another issue that has some good well you know you have always good i think that this supposed to be modified or to iron out once can jails i've tried not to get you upset this but try to get when you buy the sugar cane sugar organic cage is at the very least with the labels thou the stand that i don't really live your body doesn't want sugar like that you can have it and cookies and you can have any cakes and you can have it in moderation and you'll be fine but your boss he doesn't want it like that your body wants sugar that's attached to foods yeah there's a lotta yummy stuff that road since let off i love is oranges didn't exist
if they didn't exist and you had to go to some play crazy exotic location to find an orange like a real good ripe florida orange one of those big pump ones but it's easy to peel and you pipe into that fucker and you're like oh it's so delicious it would be stream luxury it so much better than caviar caviar is hard to get the caviar tastes like dog shit it's go it's an acquired taste no needs to for ages oranges are delicious oranges you like are delicious you're one of those or the fuck i used to live with some russian people and i got you acquire the taste i did acquire the taste but i can shared the nothing wrong but my point is the why i am range is right there effectually delicious different i get it it's over kid pilot recompenses recognises the subtleties of our caviar her caviars from a very particular type of sturgeon yeah
even tell it's greed i mean if it's with black black or the red whatever whatever is tastes kind of like the same to me stock it was like wine nasty i never used to i can't really tell the difference this is a taste like a wine you know taste good wine like want to taste good i just don't it's a good day a somalia that is a real job summit actually understand that while at the guys are really good they really is really is an art limited out and stuff they don't even swallow it they otherwise they give they could tell it is by swirling it or somehow their mouth yeah well that you still get drunk but you get drunk less quick than if you drink at all you know it tastes good and you're hung is unregulated again some of my drink it fell the gold school and get that fuckin orson hotspot billion keep rocket written sonoma hard every year fuckin pound that sammy and as wine you're gonna want those does why tasting going guessing rights whereas gray spun and won't be around much stinky drugs
thereby sending cultured where'd you fuckin boat shoes get away from me deeds with those moccasins forget those weird yellow shoelaces and their moccasins of your man yeah exactly those weird things i know you're doing get to do gigs down there winery the you winery you heard of that gigs a band about shows there are gaining winery gigs at a wine or india outside was reformed like a party or we're running out of time so let's talk about you you tank centre and the new place that you guys doing and what's the difference between what you're doing and what the allow these commercial places that are using these home tanks we have this problem with that right as far as like infections and as safety and as far as the everything needs to be moved to a higher standard adds certainly
opinion at the situation you know we ve been working with only within isaf and the other state and local authorities than to get in tune with what's required as far as rules and regulations as far as testing the water and that's that's our certification we ve been certified for the whichever three log kill what they call which had ninety nine point nine of all the mike organisms that are in fact they in fact the water then they see how long it takes to eradicate this infection and obviously this is a big difference between someone who just has one that's only for them only for their own personal use which is like a lot these more low end ones and someone who is running a commercial business sort of like the difference be you home pool and your swimming pool it i always like to say it's like opening a restaurant with an easy bake oven it isn't appropriate right for appropriate this not up to us to decide anyway all we ve got to do is adhere to these stay standards and codes that have been set up by realistic people that
understand and you've helped with these these setting up these standards of com so lose a very important thing for you super important it's more important to us than anything else is this disinfection this ability to disinfect this this solution correctly between usages because we don't use chemicals and we're all tasked that in order to do this three log we actually two to seven log in a vessel the vessel itself we contaminates specimen but we have such a small body of water in such an intense system there of claiming that they tested the mature in the vessel and we still got the three log and then surpass that but that's within one cleaning like without in these chemicals the problem with chemicals now is what everybody else has to do due to the fact that they don't are own willing to spend the money on the disinfection process which is this i told you about the you ve lights ike nine granted if seventy five hundred for the generators and there is a lot of bread to get it right now in on it electrical stops here you l listing as well underwriters laboratory
electricity and people water and electricity you can't you see router magee set its own care shifty williams over here we were able to see williams yeah where these people aware what it makes them unlocking shifty phuket shift he's got us before you now referred is a story but the facts are the facts need to go into a laboratory and evaluate the the situation correctly we utilizing methods of their ethical not not pouring this chemicals chlorine and bromine and products whatever it is it your point is breaking down now this this material creating a by product is byproduct then you know
getting in there with it and you're sweating or pissing or spitting or whatever and then you're mixing you with this you know the ammonia nitrogen that's what a lot of people have an issue with we i talked to him but the tank the away say that like i'm gonna get in the water that someone else has been in the thank you and weird it should have an issue with it there is an issue with it it is like you know if these things are not dealt with properly their united station in as the popularity these things grows this is something we really need to consider because this is something that could become an issue for some folks and i know that you're conscientious about this is very important this is like where the main focuses of conversation that we ve had over the years is about this this need to make sure that everything is like the same standards the tanks you have is support for the people there doing search i have a product that is credible that has been designed correctly the had a lot of time and effort spent to verify how it act
works on what it does you know and then does all the all the good one of the harm right and that's all the potential harm out all checked out you know and documented and and and then like i said that's no u else of to the amount of adjust whence it we ve got to do with the electrical aspects of this thing are tremendous you know of it but it is by the time we we've been working with him what not for years with nsf to try to establish the saw guidelines then for you no effective purification yes for people to to do that because if you don't have it and people come away from it with a bad how long has it been alas the industry you know it needs to have guidelines and standards set up to adhere to them to become a credible
you know industry well i commend the fact also that you're you're you're meeting it head on before it becomes a big issue like there's not a lot of people that are reporting like infections a lot a lot of people that have become sick because of it no but is if this industry continues to grow the potential instances of people not taken care the water can rise and that could potentially damage their them reputation that you fought so hard to try to let people know about the positive benefits of i know you you've been working on this for a long time man it's catching on now right yeah it's been something i've been dedicated to with you know meyer everything i have you it's been involved in trying to get this right does it's it's important you know that this technology is not overlooked right now we need to get a whole you see if it set up with these little mickey mouse second rate rags
the authorities are not going to okay and they're not going to allow it we've already been but they allow it right now now it's unregulated okay so it's going to eventually be regular so that's what we showed you this right now but you should that to people in is listening this ongoing take place it's happening now we're on we have a task group that's been formed with both the canadian ministry of health and several healthy and if the officials here in this country state why local wise and nsf national sanitization foundation to set up these guidelines so their realizing that this industry our growing the inner stepping in absolutely absolutely we were at a task group what was then called the to a thing and they had come calling in it was the most asked about subject the top that they had conversated about at this it was called a task what was that meeting called do you think that it's possible for you to make two different tanks to make a commercial fully sanita
as you know and make a unit for the home that's less complex and more for it we see we were thinking about that because naturally that would be a good business sense but we got back to the point again is like order to do it right this is what it costs i mean we could make mickey mouse or whatever but is it mickey mouse for the consumer like say if it's just you crash lives by of crash loves to do the isolation that jerk off or p in his tank or if i do i'll be in there with myself yeah i mean it's like but if you're going into some place and it's used people in those it's it's you know right but and then people happening than what we were doing was trying to you know people their cheap so there first of all people are broke too so it's fucking super expensive to buy one of that that's correct i know that the equipment is really costly and it's really high end but i'm trying to say is that last five minutes time for her into a pumpkin i'm trying to say is
is it possible that its it could be made who consumer unit yes it would be but is fact the liability see an order yet this right and not harm anybody by this can you know different things it's it's it's not easy like is telling you how much more do you have to say about this stuff do you want to do another hour want to shut this off and do another hour you know cool to talk about this are you run out of gas i'm not running out of gas i don't run out of gas okay let's just wrap this up because we're running out of time we'll wrap this i'll be right back in about ten minutes the minute i have nine minutes i will give you an answer that's an extra five mine we'll wrap it up we'll wrap it up and right back so thanks to on it dot com gotta to on it i t use the code word rogan save ten percent of any nor supplements i want to go give you a chance to go to a lot of these issues that we talked about before so we'll be right back
would crash it probably won't be a full podcast it would probably be like forty nine that's what i recommend i recommend another forty minutes i'll be right back
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