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#524 - Rickson Gracie & Eddie Bravo

2014-07-21 | 🔗
Rickson Gracie is a Brazilian 8th degree black and red belt in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and a retired mixed martial artist. Eddie Bravo is a jiujitsu black belt, music producer, and author. He also hosts his own podcast called Eddie Bravo Radio.
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you see on the palm gas, so the clouds have parted. The stars have aligned and you're here appreciate very much. I am very thankful to joy in any to be with you guys here and have this conversation, splendid, because less time we talk in my house why or go. Of course you you make me some questions. You curious you. You all about knowing what is what has in my mind and at this point there was the talker and you know the best and the time goes by, and should they I can see after all, this process of evolutionary process in the end they may in. My short word, I mean since then, I've been watching you doing. Your job do come and the fights analyzing other fighters. And should they can see man you read about in the hole in the whole extension of those who were you know everything you men,
I have a question I have you. Could you call you in and ask you what's up, because I am very very I mean impressed with your career, wish your career. My with the way you your position, Europeans are very precise So I am very to be here and discuss them. Dogs and talk with you, Thank you, brother, that that's an honour to me and it was an honour for me to hang out with you that night. It was really cool for We had dinner with your family we, why some fights- and it was really interesting- watching fight with you and watching you break down positions and breakdown mistakes that people are making and I've told a lot of people about that man until a lot of people, but that night. That document three choke. That is one document that I've told people. If you really interested in Digital, you really want to find out. You know what, with the spirit of digits is all about. Was the documentary choke that doctor there so inspirational they followed. You was ninety
four. Ninety five, ninety five going to ninety six, ninety five gonna, ninety six and you are fighting in Japan and the Japan Valley to die in a document to the lot of training and document of your philosophy. It man whenever it needs a motivation else's, lacked a dvd. I get fired up. You want to go subdue some yoga on the beach or something I know. How did that come about what the documentary, always a project with a student of mine who was working with the Bali and also the council. We decide, besides you follow up to the event. So you were, they have a crew following couple fighters and follow myself to see what's gonna happen at the event she was a nice introduction to a preparation to the mindset of a fighter. Either myself for the thought, Haines what's and other animals
The japanese guy was also involve windy and, assuming so was a coup. Brian, more experienced tool to him, and they make I, like I value to the flight, was very eye opening for a lot of fighters who looked at. Mixed martial arts. A lot of them come from a wrestling background and they looked it makes more it's more like as a sport, just be tough. You know gotta get up. You gotta train hard, you gotta, run, aren't gonna live hard and your philosophy was me more like a samurai. Your philosophy was much deeper, much more meditation basin and we got to see you doing yoga You you, I think you opened up a lot of people's eyes two different, set involved in preparation, but also to yoga, was the first time I had ever seen: Marshall Artist that was really into yoga. Yes, I think for the leading general the breeding This, the understanding of the breathing is a big plus because stretcher
yeah, I mean by hyper ventilate you stretch of physical potential by know how to breed properly relax. You can bring your heart beats law. There is a lot elements in the breathing who are involved with control emotions, getting more energy and so on. So as I get it hold your breath to breathing properly. I get addicted in life, like was a huge element of you not to in addition to the techniques, in addition to the heart into the hard training learning the breeding is, is a huge an official thing for the athlete. Now you see athletes like danish players. They owe they play in breeding and the breeding the brow. Is much more ensure they sport today. So is a process of knowing now I see grown my son his. And before he's just like seo that I see a training and in Britain, but now
He's coming to me said that make all the difference in the the. When I really you know it's getting tired to make hyper ventilation and keep my mind like sharply. Sometimes you should get tired That is not enough blow. Oxygen in the blood to fuel. Your your shopping is in your mind, so you become a little to be a little slower and also by having a good enough how to hyper ventilate. You able to maximize this you suck. So even though that's like take over your buddy you're, my Stu Sharp and used to responding accordingly. So is a great thing to do, and you are born into the girl. It is to do to family the greatest martial arts family of all time I mean there's no doubt about there's no, not even a second place, there's the Gracie family and then there's you know, there's a guess: you can have a debate about who comes in second, but it's kind of it give us that that is the number one martial arts family of all time and you obviously learned Jujitsu from a very early age. But how did you?
evolved into the yoga. Always you know I am very happy to tribunal, did with this master call will look honey, which was precursor of vision, ass gonna do it all. I was learning and the same time, although to a man who is the guy, who is now making the tape socially learning together. You know, and at that point I was just proud to see with him like he law. Might my father he's a good guy who's, a very tough athlete and also yoga teacher, so he combine he develop some Keimer style of Yalta, which is not exactly a point. Rob like stirs inbreeding to rely So to achieve meditation was like. I add the active breeding for athletes and in either to jump hire. You have to know how to you have our money between your your jump in your breathing. You wanna keep marsh
for more long time you have journal to breed a chew to promote that so He has always he always in the active active breeding and then we can. We started with private semi was in his place for it now for a couple of months, his guiding me through the moves in front of a mere nice room. One day we bout. You start the class And soon worries about to start here He was calling the phone said, Jimmy Hicks when you keep going I'll, be right back so for the first time I was which breed make my routine without follow him up without having my mind folks, in what he was doing, so but breed and move and breed and move, and then big has some woods on the walls,
We gonna imitate monkeys to climb the wood and staff. So in one point I come back to reality and then I was top of the highest frame in the wall. Sweating like a pig and I look around in statue, back to reality, and I saw him on the corner crying. And then I said what sovereign what's Goin on said: men. You don't have to learn anything else from me. You achieve the highest level of kept get empty mine? and then they gonna said. Why say that said yeah, because you here for an hour, fifteen minutes in completely off I mean you didn't notice anything, because here apply did development. The animal instinct which takes brain off let me you of course, duration and keep your more like an instinctive animal
and that was the division in through the is because, before that I was doing an entire meditation. I did traditional your game and those never did great for me in the medication. I was sleeping and is now by do that kind of routine. I wish I was able to not just breathing properly, but also you ve empty mine and I like him, I state meditation made mid meditation state for a long time like not concentrating in anything like rational, all his there or he's. So I was able to get to achieve like I, I, de mine and after I noticed that I actual practice, my routines, true to get that and feeling of emptiness and that meditation works for me as no no other one and I felt like Vienna empty. Mine Greece may
my I don't know. My smile, you tweet shown increases my my sense of of energy in soul is incredible for me because I could getting through more comfortably with me. I mean my dead vision. I don't know exactly explain, but I could achieve a completely peace of mind in that gonna route so I was stick for life, so you just into this state and you could just exists. No conscious thought. No thinking about anything around you know, pass no future just exist. He's in a moment is no contact. Guess and that's a kind of weird positive feeling because you capable the present in a sense which If you have your mind, said if you have something expectations or what you never there So I was able to choose to be very comforting very easily to getting to that situation where even prior to fight I to sleep.
One day on the locker room making. My we're gout getting a high, very high heart beat and there like five me. Before I make my praise I make my meditation and I kind of cool off my heart beat just sixty sixty heart heartbeats, a minute so I was able to engage very hot. If they had very hard law heartbeat and the fight progress. Pace is very hard, if I'm sixty his eighty when I'm eighty he's a hundred when I'm a hundred he's a hundred toy any. When I'm, the twenty he's a forty feet. So when he's that you really have to regroup, I was still having to go forward so and that point my opponents, always lose a little, be his pay. So at a time we need to make that clear to kill you and also was always working properly. For me, they read the breathing was always working very well.
Empty mind state enhanced year jujitsu this ability to achieve this day on top all the techniques on top of all the training in the instincts this took it to the next. Yes, because you know in one point issue, allow yourself to be present, you not me too, the office or the defence you can meet. You give nothin and take everything so you give me opportunity will be there. You should try to Surprise me, I will be there. Poorly defending myself, so is all, the table is like no surprises because is no expectations so keeping a cool mine, Even when is boiling you somethin, I fell like was always like us, something which give me an edge because I was there just true either catch. It is there are resolved. The problem never did, point or never late. Now,
expectations in the end is always slowly I mean. Sometimes we get late, because you plain something and fight and doesn't happen, sleep well, if you start to be is appointed. So for me, was always like whatever happens, I'm there I'm happy comfortable, fine, comfortable, finding the sharpness shoe to achieve success. You know so much greater. You grew up in this Jujitsu family, but You were always at least from most people's interpretation. You were always the best guy out of the family. How did that have? How did you rise? Above all, the rest, you grew up with a bunch of killer. Yes, everybody's twenty hard everybody was pushing through maximum and for one point I feel like I was dedicated and for perfection EAST, I'm competitive in my heart with some elements I get was more like a good god. Gift is not here like it's something I choose so
we training of the same why my brother, I can play with my boy brothers, and they cannot have a chance with me. So that's gonna high to explain is not me trying. To do this. This just happen is my is myself, of being trained should be my best plus the emotion control the peace of mind, it was all, you know, for example, my love, my my beloved brother Highland he's, red fighter with something you get to emotional. You know That's good times makes him choose to haunt the wrong path, so high he's a you know great fighter, but sometimes hee hee Add a little confuse he's having the sharp offensive attitude. Oars souls. Sometimes something sleep
you know and so on. So I not exactly know why I'm I'm the one I just have to represent and be you know, happy should be the one and I tat a man. The points I have to represent idead already, so I feel like completely comfortable and the end myself saying. Ok, I have nothing to prove to myself. I did all and you know I'm very happy with the result so jujitsu for life. For love it. Your brother, your brother, that is on the sound Jamie Chit Chat, challenge you you, you are a cousin holes. Gracie there legendary. I was great and whose actually halls is in Vienna he's my my cousin. But he was leaving in my house seaside born because my uncle as he his he divorce from his why Highland halls mother,
He give my father was just get Mary, so give hall is due to be care to my father and mother flavors brother. So he's my older brother become harder coming just after. And then how soon and then, when I born like eighty nine years later I was the little one leaving hogs, Hoddan and House, and for you know so he's my brother is no way to see him differently here known as a guy who went all over the world study Sambo studied awesome, catch, rustling disasters and he would bring that back. Race has what you will you credit holes in in bringing leg locks to Brazil and you get to see the one. Yes, I'm in the lead locks specifically, it's not something! I can get the the major information from halls
was finding one day Eric Paulson was it. Student in very good friend for me from Japan. We we should do should the wrestling am I saw did the new locks and showed the reason you know some Those fighting- and I saw him like an interesting and then next day I start to apply it. And then I was funny because you coming to me afterwards said Hickson, you mean I give you the tape. One day next day were submitting everybody on the knee luck. So yeah I was, you would say you learn more like locks from Arab Parsons tape, then holes yet I mean all these was ninety. Specifically, I led luck. Guy, you know, there's a picture with a sambo sure yeah yeah. Lucky study is a master of sambo. No, no we'd. We go in sambo as we go in any other. We going representing jujitsu against symbol.
You know, and in the PAN American games. We went in San Diego, is like a very interesting because it did. Fighters they don't expect so much submissions, and we tat immediately because Duff wrestler stuff Judo players. So we to me that the bringing the fight to the ground ground and go for foot locks in new locks and neither I mean in the first qualification phase. They statute that being a lot and then referees. Stature becomes gonna little scrap by badly statue, become one sole ones: halls grab them in the foot. Luck specially Andy in the final met in his way, division he began to food law could be we did the referee stop the fighting. So now you cannot get it. If good luck on the joint you have to get a like on the chin and then scan we'll you know in cutting the that's why halls lost the finals in this event and this in the seventies?
was, I think, eighties. Eighty one or so they just they were trying to cut em out But yet the referees that getting upset because, like was funny. We suppose you come in for team from Brazil of of twelve guys and we spend, Spectin, like I support from the government, and then they government the very last time, this moment, didn't didn't give choices, so my father each was to come. So just me collars, Gracie, Joiner and house, so we come to compete in this event and how do you at this time, you must have been like a toddler, some gas nineteen August, something like that and then we got me- and I was indeed like my they division, which is one above halls and how's was below me and countless was on top of me. So we gonna having one in each division and as the com. Dish in progress. The reference-
that you see those three guys from Brazil just submitting everybody, because in sambo chokes are not allowed. No head locks, notional collar chokes, he's only new locks foot lux Wash Dunbar's cannot even do damage kindness because goes in so We? We just go in trying to do foot locks because those are the easiest way. So we start to finish the guys in this legislature. Disguised come into full and everybody complain: automotive, but sambo though isn't somewhere what they get. That do is put lives now now then there was in its it's so interesting. How wait a minute? That's change, not was legal. What was not use, especially in December, in an american concepts- Russia, maybe yeah. You know, our concern about focus on what most there are more likely to control the rules you should be in the guy for thirty seconds is, was like resting, not as is longer, but you still we like judo and as you, if attempt
in every time bigeye best the back on the ground, you still making points, So in my final match, I guess a guy from the air force very strong guy. We ve, maybe Razumihin Judo background and he was weeping my ass man he's just like in the future like three rounds. Three minutes in the first round. He stay on top all the time and because being in the guide. You losing points these quarters. What dwell with four points in the first round in the second round is about eighteen or twenty. I tell you in the very final round I was about, twenty six or something points against zero. You know, and I was just trying to do my think and in one would like me, a minute before the very final met round, I see him and mounted and he is at the same time I mounted his try to push me away and I get like a movie arm luck.
And he not even tat, is just yet so, and then I win the fight like in a very finals second than you were down twentysomething. Yes, I was like four points out and I even chance, I'm not I'm not there too. We need by points. I was there just to see. If we can submit, it is fascinating, then the guy tat like fifty seconds before the fight is an and then like this, groundwater and then everything can who and then just few guys you now the horrifying someone Eric Paulson showed you these tapes of shadow in the nineties problem. You already, you already doing. Leg locks a little that Roma retail. I was very like foot locks, I always law straight Footlight, yes, and then what s palace and showed you as I fancy me bars and scarce because from the guard you just spin around and go with the street new law. So I get me I'm gonna make by this kind and I it should develop. You know very quickly was just adapt to my game in was an ant
In addition to this, the arsenal, you know was great. That's funny. When you look back at old, Eric Pulse and fights and Japan you look at the study was Jordan and people today, still I didn't do a man he's way ahead of the game to pulsing with encyclopedia, Mister Damon Man, how those guys back. Then it looked like like advance, jujitsu and, of course, you know any time you got the mound. There is always an arm bar in India abided by the better. You know that time Eric was being trained. Very consistent. Do first, is good good brother and in partner. Who is always being a great, why you have allowed respect for him great guy, very, very oh yeah, fascinating that we ve seen just in the time that I started training from ninety six on this adoption of leg locks in June.
Yes, in the early in the nineties, it used to be that leg locks were frowned upon when someone for lug locks, people get really upset Hickson, were you at the first PAN American Games and ninety ninety six in or ninety ninety, seven here and Elsa Gun, dough and allay, but you must have been the right. Dear Mamma said they. If there was a first PAN, Americans, there is like five hundred Brazilians a ship them all this it was an invasion and there's the crazy thing is. I was a blue boat and you get to- and I saw, can shamrock tape about the tunnel. So I was a boot bluebell doing told John, John Machado Academy and I repeated in the tournament and sorted out pulse it, and when I went through a tall, than the tournament the Brazilian STAR thought there was almost a right that call the cops. Nevertheless, shoes at me and joy
electronic forget him running in slow motion sliding, and I have told Johnny goes you gotta, let it go you gotta, lotta told and I'm looking around, I let it go. People thrown shoes at me and water bottles and stuck it was like a big deal and ended up losing I let it go and afterwards air persons in the come on you're just me and him. He was a blue belt as well, and he was like a kid we would like the same age, but it was like. I was a little kids are limited to King Gos you'd. Let me show couple leg. Landfill showed me a couple things like this weird, its leg, locked, it doesn't work and he admits it now that it was gone. But he showed me a lot you. Surely this leg lock? Would you go like this is weird thing in the parking lot never forget- downside man disguise the only guy who understands it did I like told and and
He was on my ipod cancer to ongoing mass in the bottom of the moment. I move that we asked its garbage its tractors as forget it. We re is that why you forget about a thousand a vast these, these ideas they get innovated and within our lifetime, did they started get implemented and they get weeded out one that work windup staying there? Was it don't work fall by the wayside What do you think about the Ivy J, J F banning seal hooks. That's good! I like I like to first, of course, the pleasure to talk about all this. I can answer that because I feel like the heel works should be implemented, the top level fighters because It is a solid technique, but because did is designed to stretch the ligaments, not the joint use, a different that between
boy mean your finger. This way he's gonna, you gonna, feel pain before Brooks what Will this way. You gonna resistant to pops we just leave em, it's not a joint. This is a joint. This is illegal So when you twist the knee the guidelines bill resist and when you feel is gonna, throw the pop he's, not gonna shoot the pain to tap. So This is in a way. If you don't have the spurious you gonna bust, your knee So we don't want to see guys, we ve busted me just because the tough or just because they don't know so for beet and a whole than did the hue hooks, but and then in the net level like me- the more ease or like premium prose I would have. I think they should back bring back in because in part of the game, and you have to be,
sponsible, you'll or death and elicited a guy like to Kenya. When he's any Paul horrors, he's such a master attitudes exciting to watch that guy fight to see how, are going to deal with that will operate? I we still allows he'll, try. The abalone allows unanimous in my experience. I've been teaching now ten years and we ve I allow he'll hooks from day one we, because I as an instructor. I don't want some leg, guy coming into my school and tap, and everybody outward leg, locks so I want at all my guys to be very well versed in leg locks and in my experience we reap weak, keel, white belt I can't even tell you the last time someone got hurt from a heel hook. I don't even know- maybe Maybe- once in ten years, yet think measure that that kind of indication gonna positive because give the guide the says he has job. If you feel the problem has to tap in advance, you cannot
Allowed to the pipe happened because you gonna bust your knee and naga and grapple quest. They allow he'll hooks and you rarely ever here about anybody getting hurt. I think I think ones You learn how to defend it. It's actually people don't want it. But will tat generally and some people that don't tab. Gary toning was talking about first time is somewhat got him in a heel hook and in his knee popped a few times. He thought well by tat? Now it already popped. Why should I I should just keep going now and it's up when I think of someone, gonna, let their new power or get hurt. I think it's their responsibility to tap and, and if it pops is, is it really a big deal? I mean it's part of the game. People get hurt, people get their knees, blown out in basketball way more than Jujitsu again. I'm given ten years. I I can't even tell you that emit maybe leg compressions a couple times guise of had their knees, Pauperum led compressions and even lockdown. I've had a couple of guys get their new pop, but she'll hooks and weeping
it's not something that I have had to say. We got to slow down, be careful with the knee reaches. No one really good what seems to be a technique that when people were ignorant of it, that's what people really getting hurt me yeah I was sometimes gone when they really want to go for the hard data. One didn't visualize did the possibility to hurt. So they go in and go full power from the beginning to the answer is not even a gesture that guy TAT is already tapping. Late So, that's more like they did the mindset of the dead, the guy who's attacking if he wants to break your knee, is a great chance to do that, and I am only adding wrestling to Argentina to class, are trying to combine it are we separate we're separate russen classes and supper due to its class, but at a time when I was trying to combine it together, we would have a day what we just do rustling and we do live Russen, drills and wall. Stamina, that's where everyone got hurt and they got
what point you are collided with each other. Just trying to take someone down tackling a man that link plant on their leg, wrong. Einstein broke his leg, wrestling interviews, leg broke has planted, Onawandah got picked up then there came a point where I decided. You know what to many guys. Her on wrestling day, so I cut rustling out in if you want a rustle, you gotta, the rustling class in my class, suggest you get too, but we do allow reaping. We do allow he'll hooks and there's no one get hurt from that. More from the rustling does a famous match where you had with mark shorts. Now what was happening because that's very famous encounter and there's a movie come on I'll call Fox catcher, that's based on. Do you know that the story behind this movie. Both the guy's name. That was responsible, Fox catcher that it was based on. There was the two brothers Lee:
Although one now David Shalt name shorts got killed and it's it's bay stand this guy John do pot, who is this crazy, rich guy who was taken these wrestlers and he was announced with some weird day. Shit. There's something weird about it paper. Private. He would well not just daddy, set up a training centre and pay them a lot of money and we get real weird within wrestle with these guys. Like this old dude wasn like he was like you know. A guy was really fit million training. Learning techniques whose is real in your line as shooting they could through having now and then I thought he was a billion era movies or super super rich guy. So this this movies actually about come out now, but his brother mark shorts was fond of sea limp goal. Metal is fantastic, wrestler. All time, great wrestler and you and he had an encounter yeah. I was
in the end. A youth are visiting my my struck, the bedroom. So yes and then we are invited to Why did you are you where he was is coaching did the rest, rest and team? There. And, as I get there, you know look into fortress and his staff in eventually said. Ok, that strategy will be. And then you mean Thirdly, we engage immediately, who went to my God, an almost immediately he stepping out and then he was not happy at all and then to put him in a triangle and arming triangle, first from the guard: yes, and then he becomes a little more smart and economic gum it saw was along. Second, round Eventually, I went to his back and submit him again. And after a few few session I may make him to have some. And he was very press like while nobody
Did this with me? I'm in it's going on ice, I mean he was stronger than me. I mean, of course, warrior. And he was not happy, I'm in somebody said once You show me a good lose it am. I show you a loser, so he was not happy at all, and, of course, and I stood there them, but eventually it either. His saddle, and he understood was a technique, volume and use, who become the training. Federal Emma become passionate about Jujitsu. He trainee allowed any become like supporter of the measures you two causing you Diana and beyond, was a great experience because I can felt like the whole left of training in buddy control? He has but steel like at that point. The rest is has no clue what is you know, submission saw was gamma. You know
surprising thing for them which doesn't happen. Those days do you number specifically what moves holes brought from wrestling and and from sambo do a good way, distribution, a good way to live, if the guy grab you able to choose to make them when you go to these back, like a good turnovers good, excellent sense of no He base control good grebes to charm, dry, yeah thinks, like a very you know he was, training a lot with Bob Bobby on Anderson, yes, yes, he was a good friend of Bob Anderson abutments whence you, Brazil, so was like a here the one who brought the wrestling ideas and concepts because he pushes wants to compete in winning. Grass so was
HANS was always for me, a reference. You know, as I growing up, he was the champion it was just the unbelievable guy. We for good hide them back and pleasure Jitsu loved represent them. He was my eyes. Oh you know as I grew up and try to follow his footsteps and as a growing up. We all hard, The charter we Father saw. My goal was betimes. You know my goal was be better than him in that support. The hour thirty training. Maybe he beat me like in the first two or three and We spent a maybe twenty trainings or maybe twenty five trainees. Still even I like back and forth, is that you get more morning to his game in what's this strategy to to catch me, and I statute, more offered in the surviving and then in
one point: I started getting the advantage in training, because no either you would be better. Not so inconsistent, lest I should become more offered the wind and eventually statue getting the advantage in some positions, and then one day and then the ranch of my father you like, and that we can we all get together has a huge match. So was training with him, and I should meet him first. Then you know: did you get him with? Man was like you know here: Nokia, we, so you're, not even remit I think with some kind of joke or something better What I remember you was deferred I felt by achieve we might go. I was made, Him feel like he was losing his position and I out in the same way, I felt happy I felt said because
was not here anymore. He's myself my responsibility now and we know that in now but he had news I mean nobody knew I mean, of course people saw the training, but at that point I felt like I was there. Due to support him, but I was better than him and Stu competing and events coming and we always closed the bracket because he goes in his way. Division. I go in mind and we together in the open division sword always closed the open. You know I never will fight. I mean up to that day. He always been first and I'm the second the man who is he is even though I knew I could be changed this you know. I never ever will ever he still alive. He will be the number one and I'm not mature, based on respect basin in Europe. He saw once he passed away. I have to take over you know and rip
and fully, but was, I mean he's. My inspiration is a great guy. I miss him dearly. He died in a tragic, hang glaring accident is how do you time? Oh, I was maybe twenty years twenty to something like that, so he was there when you fought Zulu. Yes, you he's my court. You wasn't my corner with my dead from four people out there. They don't know what I'm talking about the Zulu match that you had was. One of the that's like watching An old Ali match. You can you? Can you put that of Jamie? Do actually farmers Zulu yeah I really you known. This conversation goes very well and I I mean I really appreciate your talking about the best, but I like you make a little poison this in an really brink up, do the most
because we have to leave today we have to be motivated. Then I'm very happy today to come here to explain and talk about this new venture I'm involved with, It is the new J, J, J, F Jujitsu Global Federation, because talking about Jujitsu talking about rules talking about the future I'm sure she had so. I think. We having a huge problem to be resolved. You know- and that's is crucial. For the future. I see like this new organization will bring to the table elements to resolve our problem. You know, I think, Our biggest problem today and is used to community is losing effectiveness We be losing effectiveness, drastically,
from the last fifteen years because they were in order for us to restore effectiveness? felt very appealing to me to engage in this venture which this federation, we going try to resolve dream boy, don't I mean we have three pillars of of all of action. To try to resolve them problem. Jujitsu has its effectiveness in what an effective and like a fight nano effectiveness, Iguana splinter. Because is different, efficiency and effectiveness. Today I see the top camp. Appearance, very efficient on getting meadows. But be losing effectiveness in real life and and if you see Jujitsu as I grew up
Poor offshoots was self, defense is prepared, the students to handle situations should they be illusionary process of Jujitsu brought this. Otto Jujitsu in those bones diminishing that effectiveness in this for the metal so in like nothing can be boring for me more boring, then watch some fides injures. You two tenements those names, I believe I'm in baking choose between, say I've been to break beyond the one guess they can't you because the rules favor, if you strategically correct. You may gonna go in the fight to fight. Situation where you can control the base of the fight. Can managing to hold thank and eventually by one or two moves. You get advantage and win the metal. So great you have the metal but sometimes that
chose. I got desire to compete, a lack of desire to engage in a fair fight law lot of times, I see a white bear, a blue belt and purple built fight, which much more Billy has much more open. Situations of growth of change, impositions, Demmed, a black belt who sometimes seat on the floor and staggered can a position who holds stalling the whole action. So by doing that, he's efficient and get the metal? he's losing effectiveness to handle real life. That's why is hard to see as you representative, on the cage, who translates that when I see shows trust me should they sometimes I feel like I never. We will fight like that big eyes, Jujitsu practitioner for life, his group. It is balanced. Stuff is sometimes a champion.
But he don't find the way I believe supposed to be fighting there. You know he has no idea of clinching he has. No idea of sidekick has no idea of a body to they have a sportive guide, all the time trying to Duomo Plath, as you know, instead in the ground up just having them down. So is this kind of weird, because without that efficiency. I'm sorry, effectiveness do Shih losing You know he's losing their integrity. The whole sure the whole concepts, I trust and I believe, all my life so frightened fi you're you're issue is with points and with advantage points. Yes, for example, the new rule, this new situation will be this further action is not dared to compete with other organisations, I'm not there too, I'm doing the job is not done yet. You know based on this platform, this state,
of their platform, we tried should have Three different elements to work with. They formation. I think that division is to perform something good service. Intention with this is to serve the community in this way. Community dish do why Jujitsu community, in this part of Europe, its think in that I have three different elements. The first one is the communication aspect, information to this. You gonna have a listing of all the academies on the planet We have a listing of all at athletes. Profiles. Downloads are fides, so they will have dialogue. The option to request sponsors show themselves, so I got a boost. Slash Facebook for the community also. We gonna have a must
the council, which all the guys who have tradition spend their lives zoom in Andalusia, community to have a voice active voice for the common saw in the photos. Sometimes Somebody makes a question about the opposition, so the message will be involve, yes, as if they want and they be right highlighted because that's he's been that's my opinion. So people there did you want to start to evaluate what's beneficial in what's negative? What's the matter has to say so creates network, which is much needed to unify the community. I cynical minutes, should they completely split. You know that Did some federations have their own circles some other? So is thirty six. Thirty events, one side, another thirty and other side and then has you know Naga seven grab, require ass to have dream. Have I be J J F,
All this is completely disorganized and completely split so my intention is bringing to the community. A sense of of UNICEF Reunification Bay. From this information we go forever like I'm, not important point is have contributors from all over to bringing their reports. Its happenings in this event, was the chaplain, who is that a news and everything so because some magazines should they be completely partial, they just we'll talk. And explain about bear athletes showing their society does not go over there. Hope community so do they see formation. The solid efficient, Generally formation did the general dictating the whole community being formed? Will be content Did we be asking and being listen, so
think that's a very important for the community another. Big pillar of our hour federation is the competition aspect which by changing rules, we restore effectiveness, how do that cutting advantageous because the advantage for me is like up a boy in the ring, just touch the ring doesn't make a point that we want to make a half point or is: is there how to interpret date. What is really real and what is not was almost I mean doesn't matter how many goals try and hit the post, the squire. What matters you know. So I have a point just creates a controversy in the interpretation for the referee, for so becomes a very confuse. We saw. Actually reality. You just go for clear points and also- another important thing is:
give minus points for in what is starting position is a position where you hold weave. In relation to preserve deposition, preserved control off the dynamic of the fight you stalling, because you want to be Control by using what I call untie jujitsu move, which prevents you from keep action Because the idea is good, both engage and see? Who is the best who submit whose passing, who is my de who is getting, and sometimes people to minimize that risk they kind of keeping them the situation under control the position they can control. This leaves putting the lag entangled in so he scorned the virtue to proceed until the point he needs to make a little adventure sword diminish the effective and is because this kind of strategy does work in real life, Zelda. What punished for that? The piazza and grab
yeah, so they grabbing the referee coming, say: hey man, what's your grip after twenty? seconds already get a minor point. After them, they're gonna get mine was again and then eventually you gonna be Dick. You is it subject. Interpretation, whether a guy's stalling or there guys is there cancel each other out. I'm sorry if we is its subject to reputation, whether its stalling or whether or not their cancel each other out. One guys trying to advancing the guy stopping for advantages, both looking for the opening but you can see easily who is wants to progress in whose, once you just control the position For this guy, who don't wanna progress, he will be, I mean you can order, emanates Injurie may bees, but he should see it. You can see who was just trying to minimize the action and try to wait for their opportunity and other one was tried to make it happen. What about submission? Only tournaments ghettos declaration also have this kind of rule. We have two sets of rules. The point,
system for tournaments and we the challenge. Rules for can be give him time, but for mentioned for matchmaking like they met the Mari Skyline or anything modern, who try to do something like that. The best debate purple belt so is no way division is time limit he can approach. The time as you wish, like, ok, we'll be twenty minutes, mats will be fifty minutes match would be half hour match what you think about Gracie Worlds and Gracie nationals they exhaust emission. Only after fifteen minutes, if there's no sub submission they're, both disqualify I disagree with that that meet the disqualification. I spoke with hose she, maybe men we want getting, should better for these sheets. Wait for me The same rules in case of a bracket so I don't feel like boat. Can, I didn't, should meet suppose she should be disqualified because
times in the same bracket should pass guys they fight each other and they could not submit meet each other and then some chew I mean halfway busters, yes, they once should meet the other, so this guy advances in those shoe disqualify. So I don't think this is fair. Somebody has to come from this. So the way I did is the first round boastful force any The twenty minutes and thirty minutes then depends off the arrangement thirty minutes. You ask the guy, you want to fight. Did I say yes and then you ass, the guy. You want to fight yes, always another round. So second round. We still don't have positive points, but every time the guy put himself in a position in here: but to defending himself without attempting to escape or giving the combat just protecting your resting or whatever the referee Wanna say: hey Man keep Goin ACT, Are you gonna be penalised, so we have negative
point four. Diminishing of combat dvd. By the end of the second round, we see like Somebody with mine was points. This one will be the loser. You know, because he'd do the display, lest desire or less gas or less techniques to be on top of that, the comp, the Comte De Competition, so mine was because he's defending all the time he was tired or whatever. So he gets minus points and then the other, I advances for the DE brackets. That's the only change for their submission. Are you familiar with my? I have a submission only turn him in his well known of your aware that in its very similar to Gracie World greatly nationals, but the both fifteen minute matches, but both competitors, art disqualified. We actually have an overtime round and, in the end, the overtime it's kind of like soccer. I dont want over times to be determined by Russia
in the lot of tournaments. It's like you going to overtime and, and whoever is the best wrestler wins, because you get the takedown than they hold and they went so a ladder of wrestlers can go into tournaments. Think I'm just gonna stall for regulation. Taken. Over time and when, with my rustling, so or to eliminate that I did. You know who the best submission artist is not who the best rustlers so my overtime, each person we went into overtime, you get it, we start my back with the leg, cooks and an over under, and then we go. If you submit me, then I get to go on your back. And if you escape you win but of ice, you, we go and not around it. Just it's like an extra endings. And then the next round you take my back, I escape I take you back and I submit you. I win. That's an dreamland of course, but we that way we get there. Find out who the best is that submitting we
finish regulation. Now we go into overtime and we start on each other's back that free kicks yeah. But I think I think this is of is a valid, but you take the element of compunction. The position, I think the fight has should be leaving standing up if the restless statue, avoiding or if that big any avoiding off combat activity supposed to be penalised but allowed. You could take that delegation Look I figured I'd, take shots and one thing is for sure. In this new federation in the same way. We have the Master council we gonna have The development council and you gonna be right that right now to be part because I see People like you guys are not just No the deal noted this sport but also has opinion to make my de as not ride my rules and stone my ideas, you- follow the best bedroom to create more effectiveness and more dynamic aspect for the sport so
the filtration has this open heart in open. I, in open years, shoe kind of may the best conclusions for the sport so all the rules can be changed. Everything can be adapted to a better more define display of effectiveness as a beautiful thing. When will this go into effect? And when will you first, we energy known old, I'm not play only in events, my idea is to serve service, so I gonna service through the information, I want service to give reference in giving guidance for the events even though they don't do my rules. I will legitimize everybody and I will try relate the records of every event. One here who went there and I start putting everybody to become part of the same profile, the same mindset and I will hammer, idea of.
Why we don't do the best rules for Jujitsu because the champions today, many of them they want to say I like I preferred to this or that, but I'm Yet you indicate those champions I'm here to relocate. Eighty five percent of the competitive community today we still white and blue about those Have they been misled? Chew understand the strategy of the game to get the meadows, but they losing effectiveness in real life. So. The change of needs, a site of dedication. Aspect of the federation is very important how I see, the service of the federation and the educational level, because lot of times guys coming from the competitive background and the from white birch moreover, in black, so they become competitors sometimes champions they become famous, then they open the school and as
They opened the school they teach what they know. Their debt techniques make them few champion so great but this is just like a percentage off. What do you suppose you know to teach, because not everybody, wants debt. Go there to compete Not everybody. Has these skills in the toughness to engage in that kind of levels of training few like Jujitsu. Is there to favour the community as a whole? I feel like destructor, he has to be knowledgeable about self defense about of defence for women about programmes. Kids, kids, glass and Molly for cement. So They struck to become certify, I mean I'm not gonna validate ought to audit. Did it did tractors out the black belt today? I'm not gonna, say you don't deserve one by one. Suggest should them too
certified through the federation because they will get elements for days. Goose become more efficient, retain my students had a better teaching programmes which, and I d or off effectiveness the other day I heard some black belt. Being asked for student about Self Defense Head teacher, you did said Nano issuing of self defence. You got your grandmother, you know, and I that this is just something was goes straight on my heart because for me the core of Jujitsu self defence. If you dont know self defense based, you dont know Jujitsu have to be ready to choose to defend yourself from slapping from I heard from a headlong from whatever and you should have those concepts lie map you become sometimes very tough with fears with very good grip inducements forever, but you still counting on your own physicality used to contain you cannot teach them
for children are for women or by heavy differentiation based and in those courses in expressing this all over the world, the teacher will have much more elements to have more students to feed the the more knowledge to feed. You know day students indifferent levels in and make a different job? We Fujitsu, you know, so this beautiful. So your motivation is just to improve digits. Yet ass, you see a bad direction that its own jujitsu losing effectiveness and we have to stop that by you for me very well by Anders and the competition as a progressive things to make you better fight and not to make a better competitor. You know you sure competitor time's up back window. Guy he's a great comp that has nothing to do with real life. I mean you be a fighter jujitsu is something you learn to protect your honour to protect your dignity.
George you represent to fight to make money in the gauge wherever you, your goals are jujitsu. That you support you in a very profound in deep cause, which is effective effectiveness. The tree position between Jujitsu Jitsu to competition and mixed martial arts is very tricky transition for a lot of Jiu fighters, yes especially when they don't have that kind of constant, strong background. You know, I think, if everybody fights like Chrome Weed I have just set up rules because he wants to accelerate. He was much should be progressive, you know, he's not once one by points she wants to go to the queue so, I like him or Bush or some other great, that leads they go and they choose to fight open. You know to see some other fights they d choose a strategy. Is strategic elements
You just give them more chances. Just points just point just advances. Sometimes ten minutes fight then often happened just to advantage that start of women. I don't actual citizen a fight and nobody special a change of rules. We increase effectiveness. We a more dynamic fides more interesting to see. You know nobody wants to see something boring we create this concept. The possibility did you unified the whole community? Not only this I association or this federation, but everybody in the same point and Dan without in anything from no body my vision is to create a award wide Circuit of Jiu. Which represents the same thing. There s before sir for the eighty four Danny's we Brinks major players like big, so
answers in an end and television for sport, so first is unified. Tried to unify the rules straight. You create effect, demonstrate your give a better condition for the teacher for the schooner for the independent promoter, because you're, not thinking about ok, I'm gonna start to make my own circles and I dont validate nobody's just me. Like other people, do So that's it the wrong way to unified and in and educate the community in our culture, for the future, Crown said publicly that he feels a part of the problem. The stalling promised the holding of the sleeves. Do you think it is our Pask. I that's what I think too. I totally agree with, and I think the fact that you have to your sleeve ass you can sleep tight, because then your opponent can grab it. I think, let us show backwards. I think that it should be illegal to grab the sleeve illegal. I think it should be a little. I think I think, is possible, Youtube illegal. What is it,
What is unacceptable is that creep promotes, is only a cool off suit. Wish I can grab anywhere. I want if my intention is to progress I started to say, ok coming to me, come into Papa. I stay here waiting to waste your energy and then, when you make a mistake, I swear you. That's gonna, weak we can. Your mindset weaken Europe. Progressive in is weak in your effective. So what are these they're like he has asleep any stock, as he's trying to pass an appeal go to sleep and you're gonna pass and you're. Coming just start, There are new, like I can't go to sleep, because let him home let it go and go for the restructuring that cause problems with the rough and the roofs interpretation of what stolen, whatever he's holding you feel not moving, is stalling. So you should have them weep movement and the angles, and it too, fast on the news. Whatever you do because if the guy don't make a complete pass, you still like Alan was no advantage.
So it's just keep going. Do things less of an initial would noogie I ask you stories less because you know you you can install in fifty fifty indifferent things will be easier by you, much less element to submit, I feel I dunno. I e is just maybe seventy percent of the submission options still some classic. Why but not many, so I feel like is just last options, but still the same, exactly the same fight when you did the Bhutto challenge, we went to seek out of your great great. That is what what has changed, since you are your ideas when you put that to them. I did the same. Would challenge the great room for I stream event for a prime television event is not enough what competition event because the submission and only brought computing and is good. A premium sensational thing which has no time
install ease or pushing forward so the whole pressure, I think is almost that, but in the tournament, has to be a little more sporty. We have today. Going to have to have a time limit, which is a courtly true that they did the bear. Then so be it idea the concept of progressive concept of going to the submission. Has you be embraced? I mean, has you being the whole mindset for every fighter you know is not does ensure. That's the way you fight has to be focused on submit. The guy could be the best of the best one out there. What is your first big turn? When are you planning on having a? world I wanna have like in October. The first event but I already have, for example, next week second and third, the Vulcan Open. They will apply the new rules. Salt testing, we gonna test the rules to see, because idea- is a positive, beneficial idea for sport and if we need
with just a little more change like, I said nothing in his own stony at and we ve been allowed to think too. If you know Harry people in seeing the conclusions, because The mission is very positive. And the means Ruby adaptable, Yes, there is a beautiful thing, I'm very happy. You ve seen Jujitsu progress from the time. You were a boy to what it is today meets gotta, be an amazing thing and me thing also to have taken part in those first initial invasion moments. When you guys came- and you like this, so many the Gracie inaction. Videos were in a horrendous battle with the karate guys, and you know you are battling what you do guys and the people that had no idea what Jitsu was. Yes, I will, member very clearly when I, for I saw the first ultimate fighting championship that I saw was number two. They had a videotape that was out and I watched and I watched voice win, and I remember thinking myself man,
I didn't even know that there was anything like this out there. I had no idea, I've been martial arts, my whole life. I had no idea that someone could do something I was doing karate and man I watched you have seen two first, as you have seen one dating. Have any highlights to show clearly releasing their idea. Was there were gonna released two first and then they're gonna released one for some number you see one was. They did have paper view, for you see what you have it wasn't available and the h us yes and then so, once I heard that you have see, one was real. My friend said hey that, because I saw a pretty for I thought all that's fake. That's like w You have that Siberia dry ignored it, and then my friend came home one day. My roommate sham ultimate challenge thing. It's real, some guy, Guitar Centre, told me was really said some some Irene
guy was choking people out. He would just grab on by the throat you sent Iranians more wrestlers put is put a spit, the tooth, like green, the allies and my friend the guy, who told me didn't SIRI here that second answer. We said yes, some Iranian. Apparently this grabbing people by the throat and choking everybody. I sit, so my rainy and I go did didn't, find out, don't karate for six months ago. It wasn't karate guy wasn't be karate boxes, you beat, I go by choking amount like this. You have told me, and I go so that second one came out- my friend call them goes deeper than that, the challenge that is coming out of chemical tape. It tape it so got home and I watched it and man. I hated voice Gracie and because I want the crowded guided when, when you Papa Nokia Jar, unlike that, was my hero I didn't know who he was, but he d Garotting, I thought only by Europe and then but on the other side was pats math and I didn't like him.
I didn't like voice either, but then, by the time the finals came, I fell in love with voice by the time the finals here I was in love with them, but I got I gotta find those. I wrestled in high school couple years and I thought either This primitive rustling or its word Vance, rest and I didn't know what it was. I went in a pound John John Machado. I went in there and I got choked out thirty seven times Purple Bell by Dave my Dave, but I've never do, and I remember thinking one I'm gonna be able to do this with someone who just walked in. I was so from that point on. Was obsessed with. This is like a changing life experience. Yes, what was it like for you to be there to do not compete and no that you are better than your brother of this. All this talk about why you didn't compete in I've. Come here support Hoddan and in the cause of being like spreading the art.
And one point. I was heartened soldiers to choose for whatever. And and then another point I d, I choose to follow my own pad in and of course, keeping been the alliance, but going in my own direction, and then hard and call me and asked me to train highs, I didn't know why, and they said and then he said, are planning to do some event said: ok, let's do it So I was he's coach for the first and second event and then somebody asked me to Also, I system of identity. Santos Beauty, MCA mood. Yazzi just listen, sure yes, so he sent me an invitation to participate overture, a shorter dump, competition so and then they sent tape to see what the rules are about.
Am I didn't like the rules, but I like the locks so a training, the logs and said Mama. This remains! No, I don't like it and then what statue immediately say I don't want to do and then Ex wife, much more army stature, negotiate with the guys in stature say, but if we change the Russo, Can I talk and talk and eventually they decide to change the rules for a new open rules like and then I advise the way supposed to be there. Also we create the new night value to them any for and then when I signed the I mean when I about you, signed a contract hard and call me and said Hicks what said. The young man I'd be invited to fighting Jabez had Molly should not go because this goes against the family We seen our game, we being support the family and stay here as high scorch. I said man, that's nice Zactly. What a view For myself, because
I mean I'm here being college, I get in one penny, you you put a lot of dollars in your pocket. You give me enough in I'm in You give me some money too for me to sit on the bench we are in business, but if you give me an option to guys offer me a lot of money to go, you don't even have it. You gave me: why did they offer you just get you give me some said no. No, he should do for the love of diversity, and I love you guys with you love me and you give me enough in how you gonna love you you mean So I went to Japan and dealing my tank and such winning. There. And then I get my my direction towards Japan. Witches was very good for me. You did the community their dedication to culture. There was was very, I mean I feel like home that's pretty much where I direct my son of my career, my end of my career to Japan, but now growing back just What's gonna happen, so will you
read it all with voice. Doing you have see. Did you did you he was the youngest one of the brothers riding deleted heating compete as much in like you, you worried at all that maybe was yes but The idea the primary idea of high single end, because he was not the best one, but he was somethin. I wanna be a good test for him. Is it with? You know to break the ice and stuff, but not exactly if something happened is always a backup. Your back So I was there to adjust jumpy and in case. So, if someone beat hoist, you would have jumped into all illegally mean what about after Chemo incident yeah. But after that, yet after that I was already engaging Japan as our Asian. Yes, you gonna contract with them over there No, not for many flights. I never did many fights contract mean many flights in one contract, but I felt like harder. The very awkward situation you know was, I came, a little didn't deserve
Jane. You know. So I was not appeal. Each go. Deadens show my support your voice and be the edges, So I allowed him to have his own destiny and there was also talk. The voice was a slender guy who is younger. He wasn't as intimidating as you and that it it's sort of accentuated the idea of Jujitsu. The act was technique base where's your euro, scary guy you're, scaring guy. Now, because you were really scary guy that you only you are the only yoke shredded grace now. I really want eighty five rights like tat. The bed. I start Zulu was like I have. Seventy four kilos within that so If Turkey is a baby one, eighty one, eighty, ok, maybe maybe a little less and then my this fight in Japan. I did with we're? Yes, I was one. Ninety five, Yes, he was to twenty radio fanatics should thirty to thirty something and then
You know I was making preparations to go. Heavier than this, sometimes even two hundred and then create good, and for the to get my best shape when we spoke was suits hours in and when we had dinner. Was it two thousand five recently somewhere unnaturally you're still thinking about fighting has a door? Oh yeah, high level, guys? Yes, yes, but none of them ever materialised. Never, yes, because I never have the after. My My son departure on two thousand I was about to make the best contract of my life was. I just finished before Nike and I see proposed were made on airports which fight secular, but he was still on the top, and then my son departure. I have to have like a moment for the family and regroup as a whole by departure. Just passionately specially saw was a more if I could, I could escape by doing
fight silk egg when a focus on the fight, but I felt my family will be completely unfair. Acted in an supported, so I said enough, then I don't get up fight they will be so. I spent mercury is true to make the whole family. She was good again and we all regained strengthen in an happen is again so after that they statue to get em get a free agent for couple years. We try to make. Something. To what I have, but did they did it a whole business in self in Japan, fact secular alba for four one delay and things like that diminished. I'm gonna huge purse and I felt like no, I just want to fight if you feel that much. If so, I start to be, their resistance about my next fide some opportunities, but I cannot push away and to the wait on two thousand eight? I was already move back to Brazil for a while ago.
From taxes invited me to compete in a new event and put me to fight feather and I was. Looking for that, but I was have a little injury on my hip. Ninety way I be able to feel good to train. I could not sign in because he has a deadline in terms of promotion and such I could not we signed without having a hundred percent confidence, because if I sign I will fight I'm not gonna end, I feel the time I wanna get so I said you know what I don't want it. And in my heart I went to the beach and said, thank God for everything I have I'm out, so I stopped competing. Not exactly the way I want, but I felt like I have to respect. That decision and I just on a just jeopardizing my life for the money. You know for your gate and I put my mind at go there, and so I feel like I have
vote represents hugely that I go on two percent or you know I hope some, they'll sky me, and now, let's see what grown does not grant all the great fighters that you saw during that time from the time or horse entity of sea till the time they retired, the guys like Mark comin in boss, ruin fade or in what was there any that you really wish that you could have an opportunity to match up against. I always visualizing myself against the number one. You know I could not even think about soul. One point that was common. Not the point was you know, I mean you name it. The champions And then further get the rise makes it like a big expression. So I could not think of the other guy to drill passengers it's. You know I have always provision that, but set of rules are different. You know at the time we could express DEC, with more because we have time
You know, I never somebody asked me. Oh, you have only who fights and Mme said no, I never Fatima me I always fought well to do because may is a different animal. You will die for three rounds. Five means is better. Have offensive techniques than defensive techniques that the deficient I wanna do good for you he's gonna. No good. If you have any one around ten minutes and then another so, if you have like my fights arouse endless rounds of fifty means is endless rounds of five me. So in That way you can bad yourself for a different strategy. You know you have to follow. The moon mention you cannot. You all the same way division, but a guy who empty again, because you know, if you I'm your guess at the wrong time. You in trouble so all the technique and stretching our gas and be calm and finding comfortable positions. Those eyes
reap right now? Now's becomes a very stream, a very physical you see leads in the same way division, but a guy who fights in the one fifty five walks around with one eighty one. Eighty five, you know so the technology on the sport today is a huge I think the physicality. That's why tagging techniques only a piece of it. You know what grown to us today is not only trainees Eugene soon become offered the boy and the skills he training good dog and all the elements he can do should become athletic, An explosive in physical I'm gonna last wait like everybody else, plus the technique which few and one point will be the edge he needs to to make the difference. So do you there's something missing in today's mix, martial arts that that the original Jujitsu sort of expressed this this idea of having an open round having no limit
fight, is the is there room for that today? Do you think, would you think we're both were hampered by this idea of a three hour pay per view window or two Television window is finally because you know the other day I get caught watching for our match. In tennis, you know The great Madge was along And if you go in one hour, says man, you see, I had no idea that long ago that long noisy the Europe of each in Macao and, if I think Frank, Your last year I was five hours. Five, our five hours, no man and allowed by break and start again and advantage was unbelievable you know. So if you are passionate about Dennis, sometimes they did Game can be like forty five minutes sometimes can be couple hours. Because you dare into action. You know so for me when we talking about engagement. We talking about. I mean the best one of them.
And when I see a fight after fifty minutes because punch once or fallen top or just given the true, both guys and that they both design and then the time is over, who ones the fight in Burnham suppose beer draw, because how did I can Can we just because one more point, because our waters, the guy's a willing to go so, is all like half way to what suppose should be? You know, because ok, you have to decide by points after feud. Okay, so. Is hard because your nose, sometimes they even have the best of it. But Doesn't guarantee defied goes longer. If you do that was daphnis resilience in hard in DEC, They all want to play in one point: gonna be a big. A big situation you know so is for me not
Did you their rules today and you have seen such doesn't translate the best guy out there, translates the most a child, the most tough do one who get connect. First, you know because sometimes the fight can be away. Do reconnects first, whatever makes the foot can win so, he's gonna hard to avoid. But if you put your guys in the cage and ok man, whoever get out. First, is the wind, so and that's a different animal, because you have to be technical, have to be patient. You have to be so You know I can see first these expectations, all in the how growl gonna do, but if confirms what I believe can be done eventually I feel, like Chrome, will be offered the butcher challenge. Anyone for an old time limit fight because I'm in
Gaddafi's Velasquez. I don't gave his John Johns, chrome do what he has to do with, time. He has to do. I believe on him like. I believe myself if I have the held today in the visit, In addition, I liked you have I I don't see a guy just because he's winning on the cage he can win because I don't see the opportunity happen on the gay I'm not gonna give those opportunities, so it's hard to say, but you know the way division doesn't make too much difference for me. If I have the time took to cook and slow burn, but are you thanks gonna if even in my way division. Eighty kilos, for example- we are going to fight that guy. We ve have ninety five kilos and make a technology. So I gonna The different monster in five minutes rounds almost impossible, how I mean-
showing them. That's gonna, unbalanced. Now, based on the stream aspect of sport, the physiology of sport in the technique who has to be applied so the difference between a fight in a match, the difference between a fight sport and in They just two guys go and at each, and I agree that many many many fights where a guy with a ten nine round than another guy when the other ten Rhiannon and then one guy when the final around, maybe just a little yet role or somebody said, draw tablets not done it's like sex without an orgasm completely sees them in and normally happens. I mean sometimes beautiful knockouts, but sometimes you know it's just you know what too much strand too much physicality and everything goes further immediately stand up because if he knows it is to stay on the ground you lose. Time and he's not gonna be able to capitalize, because the time is not as long as enough interest. So that's
you know a grey area is, is neither it doesn't. Have the appeal for me to see a good good What about one voice fought Sakharov and they had their crazy. Ninety minute match yes, about that was an idea of like having these long long for I was in Jujitsu. We need time because we don't have. I mean we give the advantage of weight. We give it and those of you know whatever so, let's at least have the time for us to beat become strategical. Would you have preferred that kind of a fight to be no rounds now, because that fight they broke up into reason rounds. I mean at that point I felt like I was a lack of action. I mean highest supposed. Better. I wasn't, on his side. And I see a pattern on him to sometimes make little mistakes which, when I was there, I focus on making him few sharp. And we find not, dare I felt like a little fuzzy attitude mentally his fault
it was not so as I want a different elements for true true to chew, to justify. You know because I believe ice has elements to beat Sakharov. You know, and but he didn't so it's just. You did the second time, yeah no match for the second time in I'll I write yeah. Well, you there, when he thought of the second time, not match digitally you know you beat him right is really suffered. Araba yeah that'll do rematch real. You are aware that right now, ok, They had a rematch and you beat him here and allay one right whose k one it was. The Colosseum shows the first time Brok Lester fought to yeah. Now, there's a lot of problems. Jujitsu guy
have world class moody, our black belt champions have in May is they get in the cage and it happens. I would say it's a big reason why they end up getting cut from the? U have see, as they end up fighting rustlers like everyone at the top and is really hard to take down the you have just said you just a guy will come in and he a guy Russell, his whole life zero chance that he's gonna be able to take down that Russia, so is forced to kick box ride to the rest. Forcing the kit Box Kickboxing fight because the you just guy can't take down the wrestling in those situations like got I don't know if you remember Nogueira when he fought TIM Sylvia, the big giant guy, he could not take TIM Sylvia down. So here Shelly, shot and serious problem and then no girl old guard, he was on his back. He swept them, he got on top and then he choked him out with the guillotine
So in that situation the guard pool saved Nogueira like as woody Ireland, or sent a hundred percent confident in the guard. Is what I see today in the display of great jujitsu fires. In the age. Is they have the guy but the heavy sportive guard didn't have a volatile. Yes, they not dangers from the bottle, so they become I can from the bottle. I guessed the dangerous ground in pound. So they get all dead they're, getting all that these advantage, so my perspective, for example, he's been training to deal with tough restless, stuffed boxers, but D. Don't try to apply wrestling against wrestling because you're gonna need another life to become like a ship saw alike. Use are, like somebody thought, what is a strategy for chrome when he fights wrestler that it can take down? He brings to the guard so
This is therefore something that he's gonna, be God has no other. Jujitsu has should be happy on top and happier on the bottom. Yes, people frown upon I'm a big. They get appalling garden ever made their fighters that have done it. There's a guiding pulse ass from England. He pulls guard all the time. He's a master of pulling guardy knows exactly how to do. He shoots deep, the guy sprawls and, as he sprawling pulls guard and put people triangles, and yet, when the triangle victories he'd but by the triangle is risky, because once you know how to defend like I'm look you're becoming available for granite ground in pounds. So if the guy is lately save on the not getting caught in the triangle. You're attempts of techniques, I kind of diminishing your capacity to survive and to defend herself. So you are talking Can you from the bottom, but you on the ridge death, so
idea of a perfect valley to guide is save your distance to don't get bounded by those surprising elbows like us, they don't draw inch overgrown on all you cannot gauge, you have the legs, and you have to heaped with the legs so he's always striking from the bottom. You know doesn't have will be with you. Don't believe that you should be clenched and Only if the guy, if the guy promotes that If he wants to space to hit you, you need to be offered doubling hit. Him back soon fight, where imagine a twelve year old kid, Linda the ground was fixed for you if you you're using the foot he's gonna be hard for even you is a big man to reach, so it's no use of the legs. People has, blue how you striking how to use I know in you if she has some illegal he'll for the bar you yeah, but you
You can use different strike, you know you can even have the decency to survive on should be completely protected against elbows in and the issue, though, that is, someone can disengage. If you're on your back and you're, trying to not clench not hold on to a mere jitsu practitioner, the guy can just disengage. You have made they stand up once it is, engage he's escaping from the fight. I can stand up again and when and keep same process of reaching so so now. Approached in a situation where he's fighting a wrestler any can't take him down, then he put guard yes and then he opens up his legs to kick the guy stands up now. He's got a stand up again. Yes, so they could just keep. We're not over and over again and if it were like how does he went chuckle Adele, who is an expert strikers, wells or ass, a very tough to take down, but also an expert striker? When you get that guide to the ground, don't you want to optimize that opportunities much
Osborne hang on no more you're on the bottom. Ets depends depends where the way division, where what is the way distribution is. I have to obey this sense. If he's all me, I will sweep here. My will be on his back in no time If he's away from me, if he wants you looking for distance, I have we understand that and respect that and protect myself to don't get bounded, you know and in that process of ok. I do when engaged he's moving back and then you stand up in all process a lot of things happen. What is important four jujitsu fighter. You know everything, about the anti game of the strike? make grown? I don't try to make grown a good strike I want to make him comfortable, gene and out. I want to make very good First, the butcher fighting side with knees and elbows you know best be dangerous inside be comfortable on top be very comfortable on the bottom.
In the action it because he's a letter, even though, and of those five minutes fight is a lotta act I mean it's a lot I stall use allotted. Studies, a lotta disengage. I mean they engage a little bee and then they separate and ok I'll bet Stieglitz use. Why is Did you see a guy who's just goes like, and I feel like the great element The guilty to strategy of growth is gonna, keep a practical, consistent pressure. That means he's not gonna be studying or in it, since whether they strike a fuse like waiting, He's gonna, be there you out or chewing, and they once in let's fight, fine. Let's fight, like you, know, elbows wherever them immediately. They fight goes to the ground no matter you she's one on top or on the bottom and then Dickens. Distance off this. I feel like opportunity through rise,
watch, it may a lot. Yes did you watch be Japan's last fight? Yes doubt that I was very sad me very sad to watch and I was very frustrated watching it as a dj pen van as a Frankie EDGAR found, there was a great performance, but what once things it? streets me about beef. Is that a very rare the attacks from his back. When he's the bottom, he puts feed on the hips any just can hold on, Yes, maybe he was not exactly, I don't know He bore a poor game from the bottom. In my perspective, you suppose you have a little more elements to Jupiter should not preserve his integrity, but all, ouch, what back you know, and I don't feel that then I feel like I'm in his. Not doing what do you suppose you Eddie? We talked about that. Yet that sort of frustrated you a little bit too right. Yes,
I don't know of your where this can become obsessed with I've been obsessed with developing the best guard for when their striking, I analyze it and to death, and the guard that I comprised a elements, but you know my students help me me. Chambiri help me shopping all these elements get a bit it all started off. When I was on this quest to put together the ultimate guard for, and the naked eye was seen too many guys you get beat up in the garden, I thought we got us like. I felt like you have like. The effectiveness is gone. What is the problem? Why are people getting pounded in the guard? We have to change this. So the first thing I studied was you, and hence this is back in the nineties. Ok, we'll I'm I'm an eminent to improve the guard in so I looked at you and I looked at hands, I got. What are they doing there guard and the whole holding the overlook to prevent the punch like anybody'd try to lunch in the guard with the right arm. You would overlook it and when head, but we legal your
Your love tat was like this. You were like this protecting the head, but but then when they may have had but legal you not to do this in more, so you can hold head now and in this position what the overlook yeah fool, garter holding the others, are clinch. There so to me as trying to be you get to scientist trial, unlike if that Is the stance in Mme that's it you and hands, or that you guys you're doin. If you look at all the old fight for guard, stop the punch whole dad and so to me that was the starting point. Yes, I agree but Jujitsu animal who's never stopped girl. Yet seen you know. And one day I was comfortably in California watching a fight in Brazil. And then I saw, like I admit, tenement, where February. Jail was fighting. I care in my care was the first time he chewed up in the end this time I saw him in fighting his first tournament,
yes, so in he went to the final with five you and I knew fabulously training with him he's a brother. You know we and I saw what he did with five. You like stay on thought I've been found and smashing day. Elbow and athlete fibres getting to his arm was next day. Use all you flame arm in going today, the airplane like this, you made almost lose the arm because then they give went about but anyway, after I saw, That fight in and the lack of options? Fibre was the next day. In the morning I wake up. I call my son hawks on his damn to eleven years old, but hundred ten pounds? said HANS from come here and then I went to the garage, my mats to lay down. Put him lay down, and I tried to represent the same position, because they did different size Wade's. Almost the same from February out you, my kid in me for growth for oxen, so I can't
immediately put him in the fibers position I put myself in an M M market position and then that you will possessor. Hugson do do that move a little more this way so we're not a fighting. When I tried to find him a position for whom should be comfortable and been about forty five. Fifty minutes to study with him, because I like that Ghana and proportional size when I finish that that section, totally like I revient myself in terms of what are you gonna do if I have to fight my catch model, because I was satisfied with the angles I could put oxen. In order to resist my leverage, my angles, what Second, I saw in the day before so that means
from one day to another. I cannot focus my self and fix the problem? I saw a five you in advance. Point, they felt like ok, Unfix. Now I'm ready to fight for news out your model, and what is this? What is the stance? What what did you change? I little that I could not. I could not have him would not have me control, he has a great distance. He has true how Shin across the bell not. He has to use defeat more properly, hips? Yes, he has to use the new on the chest. Sometimes he has to use them. Many of us as approach to getting better position. The bottom guy has to heat, because if you do we strike, you don't make the guy gonna go back. So is a combination between fighting. In Brazil, we have two different names when you bra and when you fight is more like a supportive
and when you brought you like just do it whatever so technically speaking, When somebody wants to cut back me as a brawler, I don't wanna fuck. Brought back. I want to be can we go and survive and be comfortable. In short in stature, safe like him, I have anything here. Let me be tat because you see if I can advance and that the time I ve brought against him and make him gecko few. So I have to change strategies as he come. If you coming to be a fighter, I will be aggressive, I mean if you it should be a brawler. I will be technically and I'll be comfortable. So, That kind of sense of change gives a perspective for the what engage beyond on edge to be on top of the the office now more occur in that fight the autonomy of publishers, your head, but were legal, so that was a huge part of how she was getting.
What's up with head but but since then had but to become illegal war, the head, but a big red, and you decided to change your guard stand also, but they elbows in the reach in the way the guy position himself. You know and the way five, who was always use the red He was follow exactly what he he learn in what he saw in he. He could not have the time. Dream provides, nobody expects more care being tough, as he was Then the most has just happened in front of February. He has to deal with whatever you know. He was crying and throwing up in the locker room before five year. He seems always valued allowing their emotional yeah very nervous, and I mean shows in the little documentary he did. He always has violence by attending. Point he's a potential he was demand should be BT. He was like it was a norm.
Yes in general, a fan as a fan of judges. Phantom makes martial arts and Valley Tudor now just wish you would have those opportunities to face those guys. Only chance of seeing a true now from now on. What I like I said I see when I was trying to figure out the best Emma may God I was looking at you. I was looking at heads and grab and the overall and but the one thing I knew as if that's the defence of pasture this, what I was thinking, I don't know you changed about, but at that point I thought that was it. That's the different of pasture. Someone was in your god. You have to defend verse, so I thought well, ok, that has to be the stance, so we have to create an offence from that stance. The deep and dispersed, and do we have funds from the over and minds Doktor John Job Machado. She is one of the only guys, I know, of out of all the top to get guys that his whole game. Is based on the overlook and not grabbing the sleeves, because his left hand he was born without finger
so, no matter what, whether with gear, no key here did that over hook, he couldn't control the sleeves His overlook game was translated to students me included, so I was always looking for the over, because John Shock was my master and then one when, he got invited to Abu Dhabi before you went to Abu Dhabi. That was a lot of legends there. There a lot of to get to legend ever going to Abu Dhabi and without the game, there was no offense was a lot of boring matches, but Jean Jacques shows up, and he, rises above everybody. If you want What Jean Jacques did a novel, Dhabi, hidden changes left, armed and change without a gives like Nokia, I'm still gonna grab that overlook anyways everybody else was lost because there were used to their fighting stance, a guard biting thousands sleeve collar scholar, sleep so without the Gaeta how to change everything they weren't used to it. They didn't have any offence from their. So to me, I took it
what you, and hence our we're doing, what overcome the controlling, but that's how John John fights with the overlook. So all his we ve on drugs. You just look. Look at all the Swedes and Abu Dhabi is throwing people around here. His first year resubmitted everybody would like the first Marcello Garcia everybody was. Right down. How is this guy doing a thing? They didn't even understand it, but to me it is because it name, didn't change when you training in the key he string for Abu Dhabi that the people, we're training in the key before they weren't train for Abu Dhabi. He was because it was all over every use. We ve been wrestlers on car or no. He was old over these guys, so remain that overlook. Not is not four Jean Jacques got overlook is important, for grappling not even for valid to do so. Did valid due to or someone with that style guard develop due to the over The game automatic We takes away the punch and has often from that style to so. For me that became the the basis and the focus for the ultimate
may God was to master the overlook like John Jock and not just a friend but put those butterflies and try to sweep or so triangles like you, you have been overlooked. You sweet pea basis. You grab that risk bomb triangle show. I thought that was the based on what you and hands or did and John shocks thou, because because of its like a blessing in disguise him boring born bout fingers it. What is it is a blessing in disguise. He's in Abu Dhabi Legend, everybody looks a jungle, Yoda. How did you come into Abu Dhabi and finish everybody to me: It was just that over her game. He didn't really have to change much of his game. So that's how Marcella Garcia that's his philosophy to his philosophy is, and he said this in interviews it. If you can't do it, if you training there's a key technique that you can't do Nokia throw it out only- August on the techniques that are going to do. And lay to know ye so that way, when you're practising the game, you're actually practising Nokias. Well, so genre
our Marcello is very against being released too much on the collar and too much I'm asleep? He stays from that, because even take down, he doesn't want to do judo. Take down because hoagie they're, not gonna work as much he wants to do. Take down in the EU the translate Novi so um doubt that's just this. The conclusions that I came to. That's how I train my fighters in are fighting in May and it all started with watching you and handsome Yes, I I completely, you know few, like that's a good standard position too. Because you have to have a control and stuff but devoted process brought other time as regards you know, and I can also fine. May my comfortable those days in and insurance a more spacey god more like towards. My father's guard was because he is very weak. Guy, always hand
big guys, and he don't have like this kind of restraint or or control over Europe will always opponents so it was more like heap movements in using the ankles using the foot. You know was more like a very little from the bottom allowing the guy to get lost. So combination between the two, I think, Today's is the perfect option. Why do you think Rhonda Rousing is the only fighter in Mme today that when she she's pulling off her arm bar, looks amazing. Have you seen my request? It's why his its tuna she's in the guard. Since he's not gonna, wait, she's gonna go an attack that Armand. She goes right to what she doesn't way and I've train with many times and her arm bar is legitimate. It's it's not a joke it to me. I think she has the best arm bar and eggs she's. No one is pulled it off as much she hadn't. Yes, she hasn't really gone against top level, jujitsu girls, but
based on me training with her. I think the chicken she can about its can be harder of course. But why do you think he's the only one in there's all these black belt and jiu and the man they're. Not don't. Look anything Ronda Rousey. Why is that? she's especial girl, she's, very competitive, she's, she's, very talent person, but side of this, she have a heavy training in Judo, which defines her character. You know defines hair her desire to train hygiene. We need to show being olympic level. Judah player is being a resolute in that level. Bring a different level. You knows being just an athlete she's a super athlete. Is very define and very very much specialise in one think their game.
Her game is always like going towards the same pattern and in Japan she's facing is not exactly prepare for that. I feel like, Nobody has these skills on the ground to took to fight her in Nobody has the be heavy hands in this situation to to beat him standing up, so everything's gonna even up, but one goal should the ground once the appointed gets the first true in faultless without sin and get lost? then shoots. Her movements are very, very effective in in and we'll capitalize on that. But you know maybe five. Five, then flights more be. Before wins, but eventually she gonna have a person who has the same elements and then she gonna statue have competition because so far she was like.
Centuries. You know it's like not even a competition for she's like MIKE Tyson. She when migration, which is just sumptuous, see how to use eventually cyborg wanders can happen, Dana's going to make sure that happens. Eventually, how do you see that going Oh, that's a very interesting because you know she will have operation. Mine, said heavy hands and also did indeed the cue to become like a competitor for four aforehand. I think, and I was unpredictable like any fight You know is the victim of the outer put your money down. Who would you There's no reason for me to put my mind and not at present. Then Honda. I mean All these in a good eye
better to that. Yes, we end up with your last fight. Ashes, improves eastern combinations with the Judo drums and her throes of just out of control, rescue, dynamic, yeah she's, just using the wrong people, and new show once you ve army, should meet the jet wrestler Michigan Russell and shooting make it's a big mistakes, though she was very high upon her above a weight was above the hips think there was a lot of, sure involved, and I find you really must give. You would think that, when used in animal generally, when someone start doing something, that's effective that wasn't a done before. Like the front snap, Travis Brown is doing now. Sir, he's doing it all up. Nobody was stone that we need to see at first work in the European Legal, all man, the front snap kick or the rear leg synaptic to the chest and that's working for that huge now, five years ago you know one through they thought it was a waste of time. It doesn't work that only words in the movies, but there's all these kicks head kicks in
and now that we ve seen Rhonda show the effectiveness of focusing and drilling that our overall when she talks about you, I do you think people aren't. Paying attention to an aren't, going? Look what works! Look, what happens with our bar, when you do it a hundred thousand times. Let's do that. Lets you think they're not because she's a girl. Paying attention really, you think is easy. I'm in here performance is, it reflects, reflects a life. Even have parents are involving Judo yeah, So is a lifetime of achievements. It with a subconscious. Reflex is not something which you educate people like, you think you could learn it if you practised hard enough have to be like at least a classic EMA classification fees to go to the top. Then in Judo is not just learn he's dead.
Get yourself your sweat and tears and blood intensity to get. You know it's like being as champion is one thing who and what grandeurs today's another think he's not only fighting hard, but he go in train hard and run hard and lift waits whatever he does? He does with the compromise to excel and that's a mindset does not exactly you teach you somethin I believe, holidays especial girl, because she put herself in that kind of level of stress and she handle in she. I mean the train is hard becomes. The focus is hard. She serious endeavour. Formula. Is there to to support here, have victories Business is not a flake or does not look. Here is not all you learn come here. Let me show how different the analogue invaluable you ready to fight is not like that. You, noise, anyone in the in the Meeks Marshall Ives, coming from a background
as they say, makes martial arts I as a good exposure as a good situation. Like mine age me so come in. We fight average background to try You know their best, sometimes having from did Ashley family me family, learn the sandbox somebody some jujitsu, some defence and go they in the judicial and go digger from the issues you soon go in a little be here and there, but very few our like, like Reindeer to which is already established champion like like common you know guys will have define their life's in in one thing and then they breed to another, but they have already descent of You know they believe in themselves they can capitalize on the mistakes. The forward, forever so do
thanks. You know you don't buy on the on the warring at the supermarket. You know those thinks his lifetime experiencing is high, chew. Yet the intense that Rhonda Rousing brings a training just to life itself is very difficult to replicate and that it has. It resonates throughout everything. She does yes, she's crazy. Now, when in the best we crone went against junior, ok, I'm assuming that you studied loutish Kenya, silky tapes. What do I personally think he's one of the best jujitsu? in May. As far as he's gone, so many submissions you'll get you would locks, he is. He has a great. Make a joke his guards really good. We impressed by watching table virtue. Junior is not only I impressed by tapes. The first would challenge I did he win with honours. You know you. He wounded the Buddha challenge in submitting everybody, he won your Yet the bureau has different way divisions
in his way division he make sure flights and submit both in who were guys do. You remember up call for two. You guys to. I don't even really know he wasn't two thousand via the total than you already know. So anyway, I felt how time how tight how died to help precision who submission he get. Flying army like in the first guy in the food lugging, the second guy. So I felt like he's very verse, versatile He has a highlight really judo, where he would do flying arm bars and judo just one after another, and that's was something I observed in DNA. We in our training we ve grown. I said, and we're gonna decide to does. He was very comfortable window, engage on the grip. So from your green picking, go for a flying triangle flying on locks and such so was brushing whom we Dalton engage using too
who had been trying to make him feel like he has to engage, not grown grabbing So that's gonna give the first the first way for him to feel like lost. He was expecting crunch what damped will grow was brushing without grabbing. If you see the fight again, you see so I'm point being gauge grown poacher. The guard. And he was gonna, try to stay and crumble, to the head once he can escape and then grant finish with them. Lock, Easy Wendy rule, but the guy's very tight we're, not worry about the issues you to back and forth, like that them. Came to submit grown. Those are hard to catch because growing, very scheme. Defence related. Is he going to fighting like locks? Chrome? Yes, but ice still. The opportunity was raised base on. He is his desire to act. So We force him to act. He gave What we want and couldn't care
precisely in sharp dinner was over every every morning, one every time I work out and go to the gym. My warm up on the stairs. Ass and I just go ABC, see Marcel of or whoever and I just I just want to warm up and watch people do Jiu Jitsu at a high level, and that just gets my blood boil and I just want to go lift weights right so in Marcello Uncrown and met risk only an unwanted last one, and I haven't watched it in a while, but man. I'm show used Marcello just going through everybody, Marcello, just Russia's. He is unbelievable. What he does people got his Jim is. I gave you. My Jim arose with you, but we're gonna, video tapes we're gonna put it on the internet deal. Everyone goes there's like all matters like the walking into the slaughterhouse ride. He puts on everyone's gonna, see the role, so that's in peace here. Russia's everybody, big dude and then for him went well.
When against crone he passed on guard for a couple seconds, but then, after that initial. He was a double leg, dragon he jumped and then Roans ability to recover full guard. Is unlike anybody, I've ever seen rarely see fool guard in Abu Dhabi peoples. They away from full guard, but Rome will force unique force at Marcel Garcia and crawled into full garden Marcel having a hard time, and then he broke it finally broke open is full garden. You try to pass again and then he's back and full guard again and then give it to me Chrome put him in a guillotine, and the word is Marceau. I think admits this year. When we went out, like you went to any said, was the funeral I almost Bess out and then but Chrome here, as was going into hand off the map, did the first like the round He was trying to save himself for for the next. Around so hee hee pressure and any kind of said Dan. I gonna
try to hold instead keeping putting all my pilar so, and then I mean nothing happened, and the guy survive, and you can they want to take down. Could have tat, he could have put him to sleep if it s possible. I man heads in all, but that's always the thing with the guilty, knowing whether or not to exert all your energy Yanks ass, your yes but grown specialise in the guillotine. I'm in coming in the necks for the next four, the less Abu Dhabi prepare to to face Marcel again, I'm here Scully, whose progress is be very, very you know, progressive and and he was ready, but- fourthly, Mysel didn't didn't come in. He made great fights and he display, like specially, routine aghast until I knew what I've you what's grating Finally, the guy, just when he
jobs, and I feel like you guys talking about us about the chicken and even at first I don't believe it. I'm like someone sent to explain to people didn't hear other part well well grown when in two thousand thirteen Abu Dhabi grown showed up and did with, which would only, I think, maybe Jack dog, did it Marcello? Did it and I think maybe Hodgen yes, you did it. I'm not sure that he went in and submitted Offworlders opponents and in the he he submitted returning in an amazing match, would guess who s fight they saw in or out of the house and credible? I was losing my mind watch and I want an anti semitic J T Torres whose a b J D doors so good and he got him from the already got a few just have the overhook and he just flipped his leg over his face and just held onto the over. It feels kind of like one of those over the car Mars and be done? Who did he beat? First, I don't know
The first one was like I'm not sure his name. I would go to sleep and then get this Gary guy. In the first day and then just one danger to undemocratic and then tell me finals. Well, the match, we're talking about me and Joe talked about this, and they made a store Cooper made a film on it, but Oh tell your Sousa. His strategy was to not be honest, back stay on top and just kind of maybe get a take down Lee you know cause that's enough that rule for or that it points format in Abu Dhabi, that that happens. A lot people will just Ruslan Ruslan Russell and he wasn't engaging and Chrome is like, like just like kicks and say he's Marcello his eye. He goes after it he's gonna go hundred percent. All we want. Is this commission, that's cronies, especial grapple or special fire. All we want to see is the submission an automobile wasn't, really engaging and as father name, I know not. As far as a coach I saw,
he's coach as fight progress the guy sensual dive in Portuguese. Ok man, that's it! That's all! You want, ok, give guidance, perfect, perfect, perfect, and I see a guy just running from the fight in making a strategy which Ghana upset me please let me and has not perfect on dead in my sense, a dim. These strategic aspect of his is the he's doing so. I, but you counter in somehow and then try to make sure try to suggest the referee, he was he's tried to avoid the fight because he's not positive points in the first ten minutes, but is negative point slight. I was before a negative point. Do we ve got followed. This is stalling, so ended such they have through the guy starts. Moving, like you know, you don't want, engage, use just moving back like a chicken, let alone and the thinks thatch wily. I
I just mountains. Guy, like a jig and Bob and the holy stage was this quiet watching the fight these distance noise, Ghana overwhelming slide Gloria incited and therefore a competitor. First of all I mean I know you're you're right here, but I just have to be honest. Everybody says you're the greatest ever you're, the greatest you do too competitor of all time, so you're here the greater digital representative. All time your son is competing. This guy has to respect you and admire you and you are but the whole crowd is listen to this I mean there's a lot of pressure on how to get into his head because it is going to work because I was suggesting the referee he needs should be punished. And eventually we ve ninety minutes or so he get minus points, and So what exactly? What generates him to say? Ok, I'm honeybee run running behind, so I have
make it happen and, as dog and afterwards we ve grown girl, said dead when I start you're talking like a chicken, I felt like you want to blow them. I dont want make a mistake wasting we're doing. But I know you ve got me, so I was just ready for you. So Gonna working together. You know like a father and son who was perfect, shot right in and then anxiety waited if one always over home ass ice cream. That's one thing: that's the one thing John Jock Atomic is Jean Jacques Finally format of Morrison. We would talk about crown and enjoy Jack said, I shall jock what is groans best technique egos man that guillotine he wraps his arms round here. He's got an incredible squeeze years that, in the guillotine, used to be a strong man moved like I used to think I can even the ormond guillotine. That's a strong, I never got into guillotined, but over the last ten fifteen years they ve
so tell me when I say tat, I tell you I'm always being trained. Specialized myself and all the submissions. And I have my did routine, which in all give me some victories, but you know and then one one time I was talking to grow and that does not even one day on the mat was in the locker room, and then I said yeah, but you don T grow. You have the second escapes an older dosage gave us a nice gave us a loan said known. If I get it, said I'll come on grabbed me. Man you have to rethink my who is drudges area this guy. Have you know you already have something to tell me: the levels of squeeze right is a level grip level grab. The way you hold is all technical and the regular escape, doesn't work anymore. We saw Of course, we have escape for grounds
guillotine but is a different. Then I was visualizing, so I have two real on how to escape from ever. You should get a dunes and groans guillotine, so it has to be specially defence, those levels that technical levels are lost on a lot of people in it. Just watching the deaf gentle very yes, that is the essence of Jujitsu. Yes, I believe the beast, the big This aspect of Jews, Yew trees, invisible my If I mean I my my my I preach the invisible jujitsu because easy feasible, because you see it but you don't see it. You see the same God position. You see the same Mount what you have to feel it. You know I I base my regime swim, how you feel not what you see and that's it totally different. When I go into seminars and stuff, the guy feel different. They say while man I've been doing this all my life, and I never felt this way till so good Thou gave so much leverage. So so
based on the way distribution based on their own on their sense of of leverage in all this can change. The same position has seen a picture cannot be worded or can be very much effective depending on how the group the angle Dale boarded the weight. So is amazing how the invisible jujitsu is. What really so ports. Do you know it's not what you learn superficially? What do you think about Zella Garcia variation of the guillotine. He that some people caught a high elbow guillotine. You called them, Marcella teamwork, he doesn't believe like this, with a view of is that part of some you ve totter? Is that new you know is not new is not which developed by him like he he's the mastodon there's not saw you see. Different solutions from the brag readmission saw is adapt. You know if you was an you know. What's coming in, you have defenses I dont believe Again-
routine is effective, regardless? No yeah, all the things you can defend, but you have to be precise. If you make one mistake, thinking about defence one and they come in for little twist, the different ones, not gonna work, and if you think about change for the second, you already tapping all your sleepy so you have to be precise on on the adaptation of each So now we ve grown gets me. I know exactly what I have to go. If I delete five to set then go to the eyes over. So and that's is goes for any any technique there. So many different to squeeze a neck out off the top of my head. Including all the Ahriman chokes, like the doors in the japanese necktie, didn't Armand Gear Teen, the different grips all these different net, ranks, there's gotta be just those nosey very swans logo. How you called the neck breaks from like
one, the twisted heatherstone, but that was not really a chop down. Magistrate neck graves. Yeah well ask, but there are so many ways just know ye there. So many ways to put some went to sleep. I would say: there's fifteen to twenty different ways: no key to squeeze the neck. Everyone's got their own different styles. Did you get in? shooters when the most popular chokes over the last ten fifteen years and in no grappling scene is the doors. Are you familiar with? What is the best? Bravo choke. It's a Bravo joke squeeze, but it's the armed attack known overcome, topside. All like yes, like half I'm half guard, I can have you. Come in ITALY have an overlooking you come and that one that's become just the one of the most basic standard chokes and it came sort of from IRAN between three quarter. Nelson technique. That was
used to flip people over and then I think it was Dave too showed it to Joe Darcy and then every mark Layman started, calling it Joe doors because he learned from Joe Doors, but he he acts John Ghana, there's that the whole story, but the name stock to Darth, was that something you guys we're doing back in the seventies and eighties. It's more of a newer Traviata and the people, s name, the oars, genes of the triangle, like just the leg triangle there. So many different theories on where it, how that got injected in to help your style and do you know them origins of DR or is it just now you should go in old book techniques. You want to see all the submissions you know like deprecate, of triangles in my life style. You got me by Spain, Bye standing the concept and, seeing that longer guys like
like a home, guys we ve long legs like Macao we have not heard you monsieur Macau is like guy old school. I saga doing this and I start to apply you noise tat, you you, my legs are not too long, so I have to pick the perfect pussy You should do, but I see that you get you know familiar with, and a man is just you know, How do you say why come from bodies, I have. I have made my open mind like did Eric? some situation if they didn't, you always have been mine to a sap choose to embrace thinks are functional. You know, and discard everything which I don't like it. You know it's not about theory is not about, is about effective and is about results is about Fuchs offered about there. So any think I see no Mary fees from Bruce Lee or from any rest or a catch gauge gun or if I see- and I like and I wanna be going experiment immediately, because I just My arsenal knows that's the concept which,
leads shoe to development to two two progression into success. So are the beautiful things about legitimacy constantly growing avoid new techniques. The idea that you know the darts joke wasn't around when you were competing and now it's a staple mainstay fascinating I'd have to bring the sucks and bring this up. Everybody online would go crazy, there's a videotape. When Yogi ve Angelo showed up your dough Joe yes, and you you, you know, you saw it now. I have no idea how loud edens, let's Anita next barbecue in my house. Definitely one is this planet. The worrying the world wants to see the world. What we usually you, will you release it to the world? Probably eventually you gotta, that's one of them. For one thing: the people. When I hear a couple of million people on my site, I may do there was a free on this. I make that happen. Have I got up and tell us that story? How did that story come about
oh just when I finish devoted to the ninety. Five Was it's legit? Eight men turned, and then I won a static that them like the W W F in like that, you were full in Japan, was very strong with proper Progress leaned, like big magazines, like a huge japanese love progressing showing them based on that gun exposure of this new events, the champ off the wrestling issues, one of the champions of the: U S full quota, they said You talk electrified here they ask him and they start you're talking like all the progress nostoc. I gonna kick his ass. This that's that's talking. A lot of gossip and point them back to allay, maybe ask two or three months of this Ghana talking around my name forever: some guy, some, some one friends I having Japan economy, said Mister grace they talking. About you
pain, you should have official answer for that. You know you can adjust because people start thinking, you afraid, because so have to have official s, so I said. Ok, make a lettuce stating I was never we fight on their rearing because they knowledge they fix fight. So that's against my youth if you want to come in fighting my event like he did not mind but the event I find them, Japan or and he will welcome to calm and we want to face each other for sure if ink, other gaze. We can fight even on the street, but I'm not there to fight on his event, because that's what they produce my real fight status, real fighter stems. So Will this be said? What my maybe a few weeks later, tat God, I went out of the the the gossip and then only show up in the magazine, static stature saying he will mutual lage beat me. He would do this
because he said I you gonna fight for free, so I dare to fight to get. So in this guy coming TAT, Mister Niger say he's got me said this So then I cannot lost my sleep based on its own, unjustly speculations. You know you said: wanna come no, he didn't say okay, so I gonna keep my life. And if you show up ok show up, maybe a couple of weeks or so even more one day I was in home in the morning. My assistant at the scoop Mamma said he some guys, yes and japanese Gaza here waiting for you wanna talk to you any more ITALY, I figure out coop super, could be situation, so I when my camera my hand hawks unless you coming with me, he was about eleven years old I was going back driver, my god they be my hands because I know wanna be so I was pretty
they ve, been my hands as driving the freeway. When I arrive, I saw like Van full up with photographers outside you know, like the passing through my parking lot than I suck it, for Apple NEWS with Cameroon. Full report is inside, so I coming went through When I get into school, I saw huge, like all japanese guy, very well dress it and the lady I mean that the hey. How are you well, MR grace? I'm the president. Are you a full association? I come here to officially invited you to participate on fighting Japan, innocent man. You crazy. I told you, I don't want to in Japan in under your association and they the answer. When I come in the flesh, the direction set yet, but you also said you fight for free for your honour in she said. Yes, I'm here, to fight they spect fight you, but you coming to an English known all by the fight that he's outside gain. He coming said. Yes, he can call me. So I tell my student
You say you stand a door, let the lady with the fighter come in, but don't let the reporters come in like everybody outside, I didn't What's gonna happen, I do in a press so. As I look, I mean we ve blanket, we face an attitude and stuff I ITALY ask my structures and limo grabbed the wavering, tell him to sign, if I get hurt whenever it goes way, was so look. The waiver we find face and then he spoke before we freeze guy in Japanese and the japanese guy said Mister Gracie. You mean If he don't sign, you don't fight mediately I felt like if I say yet, he has to sign they may leave and they the coming we followed excuse. I chicken out whenever I immediately said now forget that But if you want me to fight, let's fight, forget them,
accuracy. Let's, let's make something he had more simple. So we then he said coming to the map. Should they ring, I, you know we enemies that you're fighting immediately felt his invitation to hit me immediately a put him on the ground in the statute book, She turned back different them a normal event, where put him to sleep or whatever in that particular gaze. I have to display showcase his punishment. So I was not happy just put him to sleep. That you hit him with the elbow respect him to turn eventually turn an eye, but human, the face and you broke his nose and make our bleed all cut cut up, and at that point When he felt like I felt like he was just smash enough, it done again backwards and I put him to sleep and they
I let him sleep on his own blood and then I said to the press: it ok, now let them in so window Rest come in William Bessie out waking up with the guy trying to hide his face from the pictures. And the guys all Deasey waking up all blood. You know big big mass of blood in the flawed and stuff the crowd. My students gonna leave me out by can I make my t. Shirt is all bloody and Ghana hang on. On the wall like staff and we all yell eased so the guy stood up and left. And then like? three or four days later and you come back to me, my school. I was teaching gummy with baggage and said. Oh I like to talk. He was do like or bruising stuff it s like to apologise and an actual This is a gift and he gave me a somewhat. I helmet and and then he laughed Japan. And when you get there, he said
through the crowd, he was jump you know I was John think I jump me out because the precedents store and then get my my assistant, my job guy, whose working with me in the valley to the ninety five and I said, listen to woody. You take this tape. You go to Japan make a press conference. Despite don't make one copy, nothing make sure now, please, go there make shoulder the press and come back and brings back ok, so he went make the press conference. And my reputation when they saw was like a free for a fair fight in what happened. Reputation? Went to this to the roof as you know, is just a big step for me and a liking the publicity because, capitalism, all the wrestling publicity witches national in Japan,
so in the end in my next fight eventually, was we stuck out that he has set the flight and make a future fight, and then we create the pride I help. The formulation of the rules, not a fox. I know that you are a big part of the original pride, yet they ask me if I want to fight that guy and for that they want to create a new event. I said here they fight him and then discuss numbers, and in an hour it should make a good rule, I opened the rules because you know can cannot be so. I introduced the gloves and am in May, and it makes much lights in the first. By said that we have to put gloves, because without love can beach bloody? We shook her head, but since that so I make like I draw off, they did the backbone of what good b and then from that they start deprived, What the pride won the pride for and then the pride becomes like huge in Japan and because they have a little involvement with the accuser definitively.
Forces. They have Fuji TV like pull it off in their getting problems too. Bay role, which you seem to have maybe fifty thought for tat making a lot of money, sir, they could not handling down. You have to come and take over and get all the food asian fighters in now I recall the next level they took a huge bath because you have simply sit Five million dollars for pride in all all the contracts were fake, yet they're all avoid there. There are invalid, rather than from where legal, so I did know that you're. So you see at the worst of it they away the worst of it. They try to sue Japan. The trotted sue, the organization, why it's kind of fun this is our crafty. They were well the? U have see purchased bride, the people that were running pride, we're starting another organisation, while there were working for the you, so they were
the Yossi running the pride offices for the. U have see in Japan, but then they were running their overly. The interests is without no disregard of everything. In others there isn't a japanese style, there's a classic, there's a classic match or not a match fight. They got that on. Video might be on Youtube with you and you go to or to leave her down the beach with you guys are fighting. What is it You do oh yeah yeah parts of its hard to see the whole bans are very necessary and I find on the beat you know who is holding than did the camera tat day was high and doesn't with twelve years old and hawks and was seven John John was their tears. Georgia run and so was what what? What? What was the reasoning behind that five hundred that goaded ok Let's make this the last day, all right guys guys have not they're gonna talk forever here about things from the best love to talk about. But anyway was a great because at this point
macro who were was finishing fight. Fernando fan doping, Duca. In any event after me, second fight of Zulu in me, real but this Jujitsu Gorman it has a little friction with De Luca lyrical minute they set up a fight between was my cell bearing against five, you Molina, Emma against agenda deal then been do, I guess, Michael horror, and they draw after that, draw mark would create Good status, often been a great fighter as it is, is a good. You know tough guy and a substantial become like mall? You then people may ask him what about he explicit add so, in the case of small word, is position where market who is as willing to fight me.
And I also of course, we need to fight him But I don't want to wait give him the reputation where I challenge him. Is it not the case He was just the first. I was already famous establish. He was already a coming up like just make. It fight. So to make things more simple, my my father myself my salary in sexual. My best friend we were to his school. Day and night time he have The fifty guy straining out without gave the all tat. They all have a lot of. Behold, I shall deal big guys. You know I went to his place said who is elected, so I come from a man. I heard you use, but you u to showing desire to fight me. Electrified like to anytime you want regardless, let's do it If you want to do now, you can do tomorrow. Whenever any Look at me. I said yeah, it's not like that,
We challenge me I may accept, but I have a need for much to train a sudden. Then you crazy, you think, like I use other names, but I, like you, think because we challenge a college, sk at both team. From from from cook among then? What are you talking about you coming at you Charlie? I'm not! I come here too because I heard you planning to fight and if you find here you want to fight or not so this conversation. Stature become a little more coming as I do in a mediator Sunday, guys don't don't want to discuss, let's make a list. If somebody wants to fight he's, let's make a list and then eventually you guys can can fight. And then all will from the back I can pull my name on that list. First time I saw you in my life and I look at him and said many of them
This is not because has a game, a gambling, Brazil like a popular game, not official but an unofficial game, called jobs are to be sure, means game the animals put a name: I'm number like twenty four is there is the dear? So a guy put one dollar and if he wins again, maybe fifty dollars something very popular. Every in every corner. Has this gun underground game and I said to him: this is not a game of animals man. This is just the cedars business. You don't you put your name in the least. If you want to fight let's fight right now, I'm gonna get me beautiful fuels so's enough, happen and then we decide to leave. So we left after that, whole gosh every corner I heard Google was to fight you Wu Wu, Wu Wu, sacrificed talking and I felt like has to have an end. You know another guy could not challenge officially because he's a nobody.
What is a guy if I just disregard something we're gonna be again mutual, because I know he has the potential he's a fighter. He just have the name when he's didn't tough guy so based on that? I could not just ignore I could not challenged him officially, so I have to do something and between which at him on the street so we decided to find a fine, Okay, let's make a profile when he goes. What did you go when he walks about so we decided he goes into this beach was a very popular Beecham in real every Sunday every Saturday Sunday as they are with the okay. So next Sunday we want to be there sat on it so I at this point in separate,
from my my relationship, I was living like a single in Rio and that's very hard to do because a lot of options away. So I was not concern about the fight at all. I was no sleep on the Monday Tuesday, like just going piety a lot on Wednesday afternoon on the street, closed my neighborhood, and then I saw a friend of mine was always in the gossip said: hey as they leaving home, I said I think I'm gonna postpone who was fight for the following week. I don't explain it be a good idea, because man I'm just too much body when I get on the street men first, I must first guy I saw you was this. My friend bout who was just Gandhi said and you should see die every biased prepared. Everybody is talking about. The fight will be greatly all waiting. There will be there.
And I see all my guys know postponement anyone. What have you will, regardless soul at? That so as a approach at the weekend I tried to just recover clover sleepy dwell but still like not enough. Anyway, Saturday morning we all Gary ended in the greasy bar, academy which is close to the neighbor who them and We Gary like these students, because we have to have a team chew. To be there. You know to hold in whatever so so about food. Teacher sixty guys there, and we all can strategizing. Ok guys make this and that and and then my son was seven years old, all bumping up and down and one point everybody quiet he's just jumping the meanness again any fees sun will be dead. I gonna kick his ass, so he's already with the dna of the Barroso was funny
and then eventually about ten o clock, or so he arrived on the beach the guide, the message: a gun is AIDS there there. So so you went to the beach and we approach the beach. I have the camera. Nobody wants to hold the can. No, no, no, not me so I guess the camera too high in which twelve years old at the time- and he could get through is just yelling everybody you couldn't get through to talk to film. The fight with the funeral was not even import and so we engage was at the moment. The first engage after slap him we engage very quickly and then we'd Statue house on the sand. He fall on top of me. I he's gonna having a hard time from from the beginning and unable to sweep mounted and he's gay from Mount one more time, because with the sand. Give me no bays solely guy panic, Mass mainly on the sandy soil. Come up here, sweep him again mount. Again at that time much more concern of keeping the position
I grab his hand like like from the back, and I said to bind him like to knock give areas like flag existential punchy him punching able bunch banish bunch pointed them. In one point, I was dead dead, tired. Ask him you want to give up. He said you to kill me. I said: oh came up with a binding by Jim Bunch and then immediately afterwards, he's ok, stop stop! Stop! So immediately. Stop we went to the water dive on the war? Come back as we come back said he I am. I happy said: ok, let's do it again said no, no, not today that's, ok, man. That's ok and then has restart your fighting myself mandate at the beach they said, you get a damn. It doesnt have this, then just gonna mess it up. It'll, be has come from who's, the guy, but was not a hand fight anyway, I put two stages on my hands and,
back, like all swallow my hands all swallow, so I went back home trainee resting giving my life. What week later,. You know, I wasn't a part, a friend of mine apartment. You know lasting, tired from some little fun. I was. Lay down you know In my under where's, my hair, I have long had at the time when all messy a guy buy student of mine just stopping depending on the on the street on the I can send Exxon Hague Sunday, invitingly schooldays invading so big invasion said. I cannot gap in the run down and when he saw me running Nanda where's, you call it at the same time and I jump in the bag. Let's go so I went to the to my school in euros where my underwear with Hail crazy animated by the way I am I gonna do and as our roads these school b.
As they come from a different neighbourhood, walking and one of the guys like using the deal was a black guy who lives in the ghetto. The approach becoming walk, if maybe five three or four miles, you know something like that: different neighbourhood becoming like from the street. Let's break it also they coming like not only fighters in bed, guys guys we flake all the ice. In only to uncover eyes. We were, guys with knives. We bottle break. So a lot of perversions managed better energy not coming from the real fight situation, but is more like a street dangers swear I approach and I coming through the crowd, which is already controlling, maybe two thirds of the street, which paper in cars. Just could not passing cars anymore, just like just like our best, very finalize a big crowding from the school sway. It through with the bike. When I come
up to the school he's. Coming down with my father. They knew sown, which his shrugged or other guys they coming down and we we cannot crash each other, and if, in the middle of this the stairs I said, ok, let's go down at stocks, so weak. You went down to the parking lot and like grounded, Maybe twenty guys from my school One guy has a weapon, but the other guys, maybe five or six stem guns and knife. I mean it's a bit. Bed, whether you know So before I start the fight, I said I would like to talk to you come over. Let's talk, let's walk to the backyard here So my father myself, the new, soon highlighted in the agenda the deal we kind of move away from the crowd tool like backyard, and I said men, I wanna talk to something very important. Listen I fart to you. Last week as a man.
And I come here. I respect you as a fighter challenge me to rematch swallow this school regardless win who lost but if somebody touched the fight The fight is over. Because you bring key a lot of people without no martial arts code. So if somebody picture fight before is over. I guarantee you, men, you wake up on the beach. And he said no knowledge of men, men, tremendous spies as honour things. Ok, let's go back, let's talk so we went back to the crowd they make. Real, like people make a rule circle and was on the concrete and I felt when we start, I felt like his meant or whatever, both to say to him a man, fight last week, you engaged we can you give the grappling took, you should find you mean. If so, I felt. Fifty different animal because he was already trying to buy his
Oh geez position heed the way he moves I felt like he wants to punch me. Different then was before can I make myself like available. I gonna play dummy. You know like play kind of such an. He come in punch me right, daddy, deflected, very quick, grab him in around the waist like high. Make you movement them put him more result and throw him on the concrete. So he fell flat. On the concrete. I try to mount each scape move like should other site and mount again and on that mountain on him, like we fifteen, maybe twenty seconds, I use mounted on him, I'm buying. We call them up and I not bunch anymore, so I get his everything and bang his head against the concrete few times. You know Ghana, bang the head on the floor and then he's after it up a little bee. I give more couple binds. He kind of quit immediately, stop stop stop
for me was not exactly the well done job because was just too quick and he could he quick he quit very quickly. So I want to do that something else, but the crowd was already trying to too much. You fighting sees the year after his art ask for mercy, conjecture the whole thing. So, even though I am not happy, I stood up and stood up in the city. I mean I'm happy, I'm satisfied now you would really the man shake hands, said em and you have a very valuable guy, chew, very strong, keep training. You can be good, so We can. I am that both our our differences. So once we out of debt highly statue pilot thought you fight the illusion that deal in the same because they already having a little so they but you're fighting at that point the police come in a guy. Forego machine just because nobody would listen to put these nothing, so he gonna make it
a shooting they did the roof, the boy it's come up and bring you some some recourse shit down and somebody get hit and they come, is very small guy for cigarettes, and I wanna see who is the tough guy now now, as those are very small guy who forego machine? So you everybody, I quite so Endemic with the new said: hey man, the fight is just stay here. If I d has you go next week, we gonna set up something That's not Andy Ass Adele, and so we we set up for a different day, Where then is over four million in Google we gonna end up with a respectful Honourable way, that's pretty much it. The great star, no, no more old stories. That's because those all night, we can hope for ever hear what that guy. You know, that's not a biggest response ever on twitter for a gas like, I don't know about your twitter, but my twitter people going nuts that you're doing the pod. Can people
who's in their minds and every going nuts? Ever since the Yogi Angel TB, there's screamin, please release the t. Please really! Well you release it. Let's do that's. Ok, bye, Netscape there there there the couple million people in the sites- ok we'll do our best to get it merely on the site. Is yours what what are you where you sending people what's the site? What's the advanced J, J G S cause you shoot through global federation that got so just the initial J J G have dot com yet also burnout beautiful. So I want to ask Some about, what's goin on today in in Mme there's like Nick DS and there's been a bunch of guys that have been suspended in fine for having a cannabis in their system and there's big controversy, because in a lot of states now twenty three states in the United States, where its legal now. So how do you feel about banning cannabis as performance enhance, or do you think I mean
What would you think of my man? I think you know we are, I mean since the beginning of the Times drug. Are always involve, refers, not dress drugs for body, drugs or buts, before talking about bank you talking about coffee, we talking about alcohol. Are we talking about? I mean, keys and herbs, and so we all wish to meet. You use medicines and drugs, tween haze to diminish to a com which we took so this This is, is, is there you know, I think gonna judgment goes from person to person from view, nor so People can have a little be of some drug and get it our reaction, which can make him crazy, can make him addicted organ? hey came so did nickel in the brain can respond differently for some people. Can I possess a medicine as they play for this can be a stimulant or can be a bit
Oh yeah, I mean low yourself steam becomes by ball or if you ve smoke you can be. I mean I mean you, don't know, ever admixture more of what you are kind of right apparent is hard to say what is so and that point I feel like we have may the law you know and if, if I'm kind of drugs are forbidding by law for Youtube. Come up, relax athlete you have. Be that if you enough that Korea and what you do in your life. You know it has to be respected. Has should be you know whatever, but what are the rules? For me, I mean try to input into Judea. Don't I dont you know because You see guys in the same way division, but one day has times more enduring still times more power than ten or so the guys that you know has addictive like you has an extra. I act in Haseman, so
we have to abolish this in arm in order to make a fair sport how much the canaries affect the athlete? I'm not sure you know but I know others like steroids or hormones. Those are proving so Whatever he's been proved against use the carnatic for fighting for sports activities, if it proves this guy support of that I, the drug use, can be enhancing sent. Maybe we could add on always up to the real problems of its there. There testing people for something that stays in your body for a long time after psychoactive. So if you took cannabis like a week before your fight, you're not gonna, be high when you're fighting, but it's still gonna be in your system, so we still have to be paid. As for something that has not what's what's the reason, with the reason why they ok, yeah, because you can have caffeine in your blood. You can have like another can why
the cannabis has to be because I think is enhancement of performance. I think solely control, your emotional, give you kind of some kind of feeling of happiness, sometimes Give you like a little laziness. You know I don't that's real help, you, as a matter of fact, I think you should get if you got get high before the event you want to lose your sharply as you want it's, so I don't think that's will support. So I don't see. Why did they have to bother in and legalizing or for beating? I don't know- maybe I just because the long because it's illegal and the reason why is illegal, has nothing to do with whether or not save ordained dress. It does nothing, it's all political so, but they did lower right now it used to be a few of you.
We're in Colorado, let's say words totally legal, it's it's not illegal. Anybody can smoke in Colorado, you could buy. You combine vending machines. You had to stop a month before your fight, because it's still gonna show up in the test and you could lose the fight. The fight to no contest you ve get fine. So now that the kind of changing and in adapting Now- I guess, according to the numbers, I think you can go. You have to stop two weeks before by or such like that, so maybe eventually, depending on the car, they have to Jane the fight for equal yeah. That's all! determining champion in Colorado, so everything there is legal but that there definitely will. How do you say? Relaxing the rules, you and say that, though, What's the word limited from it used to be fifty nanograms permit leader, two hundred and fifty so changed quite a bit. Three hundred percent increase
fifty three percent more marijuana in your system or there's that the step in the right direction. I think now, I'm as far as performance, enhancing surfing is a serious sport that requires serious technique, lots of ours and generally you you, you hear that surfers what will be under the influence of cannabis while their surfing it, wouldn't it if it, if it make sure reflexes, some people believe that it makes its adults your reflexes. How can surfers be under the influence of cannabis and ride at twenty five foot wave, no did we wish the ocean is using animal you know is alive, is in movement, is can be dangerous. Has this kind that you have to have the perfect latch lemon? You have
You have to Beth Mapping the way out. Do we and so is a lot of strategies technique it is also a lot of Armani between. You as a surfer in the ocean, so You have to find yourself comfortable. You have to find yourself his spirit to connect to day the force, and sometimes some guys who my friends, who cannot normally smoke some they few peaceful. And they get in the arm when the Euro is not about Stan Use physical well, if you get caught in the bed situation, I guess the bed report. You have to seem like a dog, your guts For you should get a hold of my life. What's the biggest way, you'd ever serve third vote no man, my my about twelve feet, Solid waste is dangerous, long or short or short word on camera short borders and crown serves to grocer
but he's just he's more passion about Jujitsu, then, Sir, all I can do serve still depends a swell. I have two checks are flying today. Of arrest very might serve everyday yeah, the loud amateur, oh yeah, what is it about surfing is about for me. But the water, the ocean, because I believe in energy, I believe in and the ocean being the most that most, the hugest electromagnetic pole in earth, all electricity coming from so, as I go in the ocean, if I'm stress I get energy you find, you know, lazy I get Did you to dance? I got relax. So is equal for me, because I feel like the contact with the ocean. Keep me imbalance. Keep me So for me, is not about. They did perfect. We, is about going to the ocean, make my routine make my access
I read you know, I'm a tropical. Read them born and raised in real. So I cannot away from the water and is just You know somehow Dan You flaw in the house spiritually, that's that's gonna. Have you followed me and that you would say that physically surfing does translated to Jiu. Jitsu is far as the balance rikers. You need incredible balance, No really! I think it is. Of course you? U stimulates. Your yard your noto muscular activity in surface in in an and use it, but I think the most important thing in surface is as you become under pressure. You have two strategies who have to be in control of your emotions. You have to be a focus in an everything do right and if things go wrong, you have to be find your car that goes on in hell and The mindset similar because
The motion is not your enemy but, is there to do his. Thank him. He's very powerful saw you if you find that your mantles your mind said to find comfortable in this. Their more you know is, all you know is, should get quite enough position. Any sugar panic he's gone, so you have to become something than fight You have to have like the folk was this strategy and Even when things with a problem arises, you have to be in control. What do you do with your time? These days, like, what's a typical day for Hickson Gracie, right now I got back to and gross place, because I wanted you to have him more distress with the did academy go so I pick two times a week to teach their giving self defense glasses. At this point before that I was doing seminars. Once a month at the most ones,
wise. Every couple months too, to make my living and also because I feel like the best things in life money cannot by, and I feel like the quality of my my my meals. The way I eat the way, my relationship, my sleep, those are very valuable assets. You know, plus the time I have the things I love to, do that gonna when this is fuel like when I feel like I'm everything. So I feel, like I'm, happy enough to be my best service, because I always try to be a service. I'll be somebody with huge. We ve knowledge, nutrition with breathing You know he's not about the prices about the service, Then I put my head and said: yeah have a nice day. I make a good speech. We ve Jehovah Ipad, vulgarized we ve had brabble was great day so somehow in the purpose for the federation. So I
try to be positive do, but I have no schedule fix like I have actually got Butch what now? Because at this point I could the lifestyle which make if you good, to engage in different elements like this federation. Now in having don't grounds and be here to be followed. Of energy. You know because sometimes you don't notice but based on your Europe, Europe meet me, general obligation, you'll become more like a rabbit and you you'd, you lose the perspective of what you need to be at your best and if you lose, perspective, even though you still do in your routine Sometimes you just minus you just eighty seven, sixty percent of what you should be. So you're not going to be the best husband, you're, not gonna, be the best father, the best employer, the best employee you just you know it's just so
point I feel like I have to be at my best physically do my if I feel like I have to stretch a going to stretch breed joke Fine listened but whatever you know and then, when I feel like, man, I'm so happy. I could not eat so endemic go and do my service. You know in now because the wind of life smaller now for me becomes. I don't have too much time. Don't waste time should do what people expect from me. I tried to do things I read a relevant my soul, like federation. Now I is, I act when dream. I don't dream small. I dream, like I make like a very space for a huge, the biggest remaking dream? And I see that mom no, that level of of need for the community, and the level of the position. I have to be the reference for that
in the direction of our culture and our knowledge I feel like I could not be more motivated my happy to engage on this. So that's always life is about just do your best in in and be excited to be motivated to chew. Tonight You're such a refreshing attitude, you're your attitude you're your philosophy on life, because I think it's very easy and I've been I've trapped myself in it. Sometimes where you concentrate too much, I'm making money concentrate too much on being ambitious and you forgot. The quality of life is. Your focus is almost entire on your quality of life. Yes, you know because you like, I said man how which cost your motivation, how much cost your friends? How much course your help, how much cost your those thinks is priceless. Man he should take. Those of your life you take and motivation of your life can be bugle This can be the biggest, so you should give
Ask me if I want to have bill gates life. I don't know, I don't know him. So it's not a basin. These bank account based on how happy years, how warning is how you know how How more readily used to wake up into his think he'd Allah to horny so so That's it that's a very special think: we'd, sometimes sleep to be fingers in and the it is in the daily. You know in there. The payments in put in a room where I feel like if you tell me and Bess, what's the quorum You watch the opposite of porridge. I want to see cowardliness because it tough enough to challenge into flight or Jew, or indeed you cower than you she can out so that in the past was like they do the opposite of of orange. Is very hard to measure this in those days, and I believe
if the opposite of kurdish today is conformity, you know people get conform I don't like my wife, the way I used to like but I'm never going to divorce because I'm afraid choose my house or situation so established. I gonna keep slay them. This job, but I gonna keep here because better the his soul in In other words, if you see, if you get caught on that kind of compromise to to maintain because you afraid you risk that Keep you like one step behind form. You follow your height for ambition, eighteen years old. You don't think twice that I say here: let's go to think: ok, let's go poor, but when you we have to see Australia what're, you gonna do there. May they saw this? You know me, I'm gonna hate or yes, so dense gonna, pretty much where keep you from be at your best because
you're willing to sacrifice if you're willing to chew, broke new new challenges, if you really true, you in the stage of liveliness and excitement in unpredictability who make you feel like you in Heaven. You know. Every time I was engaging in a compromise on a fight was something I thank you like my routines prior flight. One of them is at the day off my Might I wake up and I thank you glad to be alive and I acknowledge how perfect will be that day? If I nature they say fuck. My was a baby perfect day by day, because I have you not accomplish, might think. I mean my mission, I representing my family, so I dont know that your back. I go there to die they got here to kill me is not I never not at them. So by that's, not a sport like orientation. This is a philosophical, honour, representation.
He's not up something, I teach my knowledge not that now not like that how a few, how I feed my kids, how it follow my tradition- so an engagement, I'm not going be the one who want to quit did I have to kill me brother who controlled it thou, but for me, is unacceptable. You know I do give up from my life. So based on that Ghana, spirit or guidance. My life is, Intense my life is very I mean directed to accomplish. Give up is not an option. You know I can do can direct my my my focus. I can give up from something to go somewhere else. But I never will give up from something because I feel like I can reach there. I mean say: okay, that's not! For me. I go someone else, but if I still focus I will take falls, I will take those obstacles as a motivation to just set up a new strategy to try again. You know, I'm very.
Better Divina says I like the perfection of thing, so he's like up. Situation. Where put you in a situation where you have note either you go for What are you dont? Let no standing near the don't change just waiting for people waiting for those are kind of things going to stack you back in in life and and just make you feel like passing through life. As you know, if you haven't, you know you ain't relevant. You know this is very weak. That's a beautiful with endless! Thank you very much for that will eventually of leisure. Let's make this sometime again and have you about moving more things. We can do this for ever. I'm sure anything. We could do to help your cessation of one hundred percent committed to making the state of Judea to better in improving on what What's goin on that's what I'm also J J G F dire, so we are sure that them definitely you wanna be vital for the Development Council. Thank you
much, my pleasure brought down so why go there J J G, F, dot com enjoy it Hickson Gracie. Thank you very much. Tankerville giant, you tore sponsors thanks to square space. Dot com go to court squares based outcome, use the code word Joe and save ten percent off your first purchase. Thanks also two on dotcom. Go to an end. I t you the code word Rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements we'll, be I can look. Why would Bert Crusher much love my friends
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