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#545 - Tony Hinchcliffe

2014-09-04 | 🔗
Tony Hinchcliffe is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actor. Tony also hosts his own podcasts called "Kill Tony" with Redban, and it's available on iTunes and at http://Deathsquad.tv
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Tony and I will be at the ice house comical up next week in September, twelfth and thirteenth. That's right, free, bitches, New Material Rowan out preparing the next hour What cute music will gain experience good globally murkily tony hinge. Cliff world tore. We ve been on young man, we ve been everywhere, we ve traveled the globe. We extended. Our reach we ve done, sets throughout the lands we ve gone from the high of the rocky mountains. All the way to a hockey ring the middle of can and we did so much to the gas couple months. We did a hockey rank and we may, in brain count, did a goddamn hockey rank in Canada like what a stereo to weigh up there to man. That's a few hours north of Edmonton,
yeah what was the name of that turn again: Lloyd, minced area, Lloyd, Minster, nice, folks, great people, oh yeah, great people, lotta people talking about how they drove three hours from north and like lime hours and hours? That's what happened when you do those middle. Nowhere shows you get access to a bunch of people that ordinarily, they just can't physically gets you in time. It takes to much time I talked has one due to drove eighteen hours wants to a show, while there, that's gotta goddamn responsibility. We turn jokes Togo drove eighteen hours. That's that's a great army after the show tongue for the shod black FARC. Can you do new shit now give this chasm, for I throw some heat aid aimed at our eighteens along trap itself, a trip but yeah dude. We ve been everywhere man,
Those gigs up in Canada were fucking bad ass. We went from one place, which is in the middle of nowhere, which was a hockey rank to that theatre in Vancouver. That was just fuckin, incredible yeah. So it was like the perfect contrast, yeah like three or four thousand seat crazy theatre with big fancy. Chandelier a game thrones and it was right to do it in the right way to we did the hockey rank first and then the nice theatre. Second, if we did it, the other way be depressing tone like over. Look at us we're gonna fuckin hockey ring now John Rosa Stub. So rough on, so rest in peace Joan Rivers that chick you know agree with her now not agree with her being lobby were matter about. Does her take on Gaza and the whole israeli thing? She's, jewish and she's old? She was, but she was a real fucking comic. Real comic lay remunerative
send know. I was supposed to do her. Show man was supposed to do a show where I lie in bed with her like in bed with Joan yeah. That would have been the first time I met her. She has like a podcast that she does from a bed and you know, got people climb in bed with her You tell you jobs, you might still have a chance if you make it over them and once you start of a good excited and the two sides, Joe clearly argued. I can't believe you did that. I see that you actually newer her daughter pretty well later no, never matter, no known ever merriment I hide hi once at a place. Maybe I'm never talk to her, though it's ruff rough stuff
but you know any one years old. What a lot of career I mean she she was like Carson's favorite sessions have some falling out of Carson Yak as she took a gig goin up against them from Fox. He was on NBC. She took the eleven thirty he built there. He was she was at his guest host and he was really offended when she went against him competing in ratings of Philip. You know, I feel, like that's unfortunate, but the whole paradigm of tat,
mention like having to watch things. At the same time I having an eight o clock, Sharp morkan many competing with you know, blah blah. That's out of another time. Whenever you have that you're gonna have these sort of competitive type issues, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be gross. That's a beautiful thing about the internet. You know like when it comes to like a podcast and shows nobody tries to like compete with anybody. Nobody tries to keep like guests from going to other podcast. No one does any of that woman, Joan with competing with Johnny and pretty sure of his chest. These doubts were just regular flat screen, pretty sure. There was just like three or four channels at the time when those tat were competing, so it's definitely a whole new age. She noting in yeah yeah there's nothing man do you had like you do now fox back, then you did a b c c b S and NBC not said what a fuckin monopoly huh
insane, they had America's minded ears and the Indian America. If you wanted to find out or be entertained by something else, you to go, find a book or make your own movie is not amazing. When you really think about it, the numbers that they must have have like during the happy days like when happy days ahead, they must have like already forty fifty million people watching re dimness like it must be much more than they have today, because the options there such huge yeah, I don't think they can get one person a watch as many as much as much time is they could have it's amazing that you still have network television really, if you really stop and think about it, cuz cable that you kind of do so much more like, even if they don't sweat I think about like the shit they got away with on breaking bad. You could never do that on NBC right. They would never let you you never have like open drugs.
Lying in using and murder, and all that crazy shit. The way they do it when he tried. I do believe he pitched at the summit. I can remember whether of his network or not, but it definitely found its home where it landed yeah right, yeah yeah yeah. Meanwhile, nobody had watch anything on that network before there was no one show that our budget tuned into on that network, that some network did turn him down. For that, imagine being those exact it's like gosh. I wonder, then it's true. I wonder if they did turn now. I know I know for a fact I can't remember which channel, but somebody turned down breaking bad originally than elegant pitched it. I can't remember whether with network or or fox or effects, or something that somebody turn that down breaking that, what a dummy whoops pick ups and wanting to show the strain. Have you seen ancestor beneath your Dell Toro Benito DOT Org, where
Toro production of the book that you wrote in the sky, Chuck Hogan some vampire book, but it's super fucking gory like really fucking gory and when I'm watching it like that, like along with walking dead, which is obviously really gory to could never have those I'm like. They would then they would have a shit fit right, but you still have NBC still of CBS still have ABC. These people are still want to watch those sitcoms. Still hold on a certain type of show, like especially like networks sitcoms, like that's their shit, like those cameras sitcoms where they have an audience. But those are the channels now networks, just the chain on the lake people put on in leave on and fall asleep and walk around the house with that on its really like there's no real passion behind you mean again BC yeah yeah yeah. It's some
and when I wonder what they could do, because it seems like there's just too many options have you had it like a regular? Imagine if you like, ABC before the internet and you watch this thing come along and then you watch on cable companies can one of your Nay BC, nineteen eighty and knew just you know chill and on a fuckin yacht out there in the middle, the Pacific, smokin cigars, and we got it made. This fuckin business is locked down, yeah and then also indiscreetly thing called cable comes around this thing: where and have a gonna take off, they could swear. What can they swear? I think all the empty say yeah, that's what people don't know they could do whatever they want on cable. That's why calmly central has uncensored content,
late at night. If you turn into calmly central late at night, you hear all sorts of terrible language. They can do that shit. If, by terrible you mean us, I mean terrible if you're fuckin square a lot of those out there aren't hats. The other thing with the networks and the sick comes a laugh track. Nothing drives me crazier than hearing, even if it live, studio audience it's just. I don't want to hear people lad. Dont tell me when the laugh. I don't want to leave the big bang without the laughter work. No, This videos on the big bang without will have track, and it could it's fuckin confusing with this, makes more sense, to least when you listen to people not laughing, you, ok, that's much more likely, but it also could be in their defence. Academic. Second and third takes like the second and third take like audiences. Don't fuckin laugh mean they laughed a little like, but sometimes you have to do a line like
or five time to get it right or they might be camera issue or the maybe a sound issue and after a p seen so when you doing a sit common front of alive audience that this oftentimes many takes like we're too fuckin beat the audiences up awful the poor people. They would sit there and in the crowd during the news radio days and if some wasn't working they had to do it a couple times like there's times when an episode didn't go well. Where got like three four takes in IRAN, but when we would get like first take or second take a good always do a second day, but we do first taken second dig, nay, like we got it because those third takes a brutal because he knew the you're wearing on people's patients at the audience had to sit there and, like all my God, ok we're gonna. Do it again, folks, near the honest, go you have been in this video merges horrible riding in horrible jokes? It is pretty bad
you wanna play- is that I think, will your pulled off you too, but I think that's the thing lately so hot again, the big bang, these people- I just got a million bucks, an episode good for them good for them. I have no problem with that. I think it's amazing, but shall sucks yeah powerless. They can't help but suck they're trying to suck they're trying to an amount mean sought for some people say that's a thing about suck would sucks for you is what other people are looking for and that's hard for people to recognise, like everyone wants everyone else to have their own sensibilities when I say that somethin socks, someone else, my come on its head, it's my favorite shit like when I was bare huh bring up in Alaska at a hangout or up in Canada at a hangout with all these people that love country music and they watch the country music channel the rivets the best folks ever the nicest people ever and they play this fucking country music, shit all day
and some of it is just mine numbing. Just it's so it's just so dumb and its staunchest dumb. It's like there are appealing to like the Damas part of your brain, your brain. That wants everything to be a Norman Rockwell, painting, the party or brain that doesn't want subtle. See or new, wants thinking or its introduce at all the concept that you're actually gonna fuckin planet flying through universe. All those concepts like none of that. You know, Well, when we were young and we knew wild and we got married and had a child Jesus is with us all the fuck you I just gotta, They want to make you a hunch I'll, do it I'll do it
A Broadway how good was fuckin DOM arrears music? Yes, that was maize. Dom Ira has good fucking new year dams. To me, the Dama RARE wrote a good fucking song, I'm not portion, I'm gonna get an email me that shit here is that we'll get him to email me, while our sovereignty has an online the big bang. Nothing makes beer tastes better than cool, clear rocky Mountain Spring Water Mountains, anyone Philadelphia early, I thought they were addressed, someplace think about it. Raj. Where did the movie rocky take place here? Ok now get it plan from now on what is going to hide out here to avoid the shooting I very comfortable here Benito. Why don't you shoot another
of a bullet. My way, I one yourself somebody's been taking budget build. This is bad for America have has right here. This is bad for America, that's not just bad vibes. For the world as bad for the country. That's bad! That's bad! For everybody! That's all writing and somebody each thinking, that's funny right that got through every. Gripped supervisor meeting in Paris. I later that's the best of the best. That's all that that ideas, what they got, nothing NBC and all these guys, wanna really survived? They're gonna have to have like an embassy, cable or an app were NBC, can make programming, that's more dull, like they do on cable or that embassies just going to become an app when that does happen, and it's not like cake networks not going to mean the same thing as I think you're saying that, but I think the people that listen to some of that dopey ass country, music, those people- don't have an issue with it,
There's this certain people that will tell you they bang. My favorite show you a good shout majority isn't like that. That now I'd like your, I bet that's why breaking bags in very HBO show timescale better ratings than anyone does not you're wrong. You really yeah you wrong. The numbers, watch breaking bad or not nearly the numbers that watch the big bang so close, really yeah. It's not even in the book park. Street hatred shit like that, did not know what you're talking about it. I did not true, it is getting their getting great very well, because there are some their awesome and people find them, but they're on table its way more difficult to get someone to watch a show say and I m C or a show on any one of those, the history channel. It's it's very difficult! That's why, when the doktor, they show got insane ratings. They got like some crazy number, like nine million or seven million people to watch. It was the high
best cable show ever that's not even close to what those big Bang kids get. That's like an eighteen million people weeks, they went every week. Sometimes the second number two of the week is a re run of that first show that their number one on sometimes a big bang rerun, can Everything I wonder if what's going on is that they are trying to trick Don people. Thinking they're, singular, smarter, watches, nerdy show they made a nerdy show for dumb people active hijacked to markets. They have hijacked the people want to be smart and and the Wanta be nerds, and then they ve also got the dumb people have got both markets. It's really allotted dumb people, mostly dumpy breakin, that breaks more range records yeah, but it dismissal of guarantee that's an old article, is breaking bad cancelled and our scientists do things post that the doktor was sitting at the highest ratings. Our is two dozen thirteen, but yeah I mean unbridled urges the numbers were: what's the numbers, it pull
six point six million that's a stale for if that was that what was happening with Libya, the Big bang, they would be terrified yet crazy what they brain trust me. I know what I'm talking about now is making this understanding that, though the cable channels are getting great rating lie occasionally ever for shows like breaking bad. They do much better than they used to do, but there still they pale in comparison to the major networks shows, for whatever reason, those really dumb show still get. The best ratings like oh yeah, like came a thrones, is a different example, because it's a subscription channel and it's got far less people tune into it. Like you used to be, you got an HBO special. That was the shit. Oh, my god, you know we saw that SAM Kennison HBO, special, the curse Rock HBO special, but now calmly central special, is way better than an HBO special karmic. Central special is gonna, be seen
by way more people, millions, more people and then, on top of that, the gonna replay the shit out of it. That's all they play is comedy and people go. Therefore comedy but the numbers like. If you look at the numbers like you, would think that likes sopranos like what must mynors like unbelievably high rate. It show it was rage, Bio, but not compared. Electric Bang Org, where the french referendum was on top or be all that stuff, It is amazing that those things are still that's. Those things are still viable and I wonder what events are always gonna be the case of those you know people who, like the land like really swallow humor like sit commie humor. I think that generations gonna die out, not that I really do think it is just like a fading thing, and even that thing about, like the network,
I think the people that were re that really really really or end of that type of stuff, though there it's gonna be ten more years before they even know what an app is well known and will Apple tv, I think he's gotten in those kind of network tvs. I think we're gonna really change the thing everything the Iphone if they make it so that some day they can't get directly to one those three channels if they show them other ways than yeah, but these people that watch network tv or probably just always, watch network tv, though used to a laugh track. They need yeah. I think so too. Remember apart a man on the moon, where its Andy Kaufman played by Jim, carry talking to his manager. George Shapiro,
by Danny to veto any and Danny to veto is his manager any goes. I got you the best gig Andy you're, gonna love it, and this is in the seventies whenever an Andy's like great. What is it goes sitcom taxi, it's gonna be huge, you're, gonna love it niggers a set com with a laugh track. All those dead people laughing and others are dead people, that's the worst stuff. That's not funny! It's amazing to me. You know that he was saying that at the end of a seventy his benefits they'll. Two thousand fourteen and people are still watching stuff like that. Will that's funny said because I was watching this sum onerous Thomson documentary near the now. I just put it on whilst clean my office and dumb it's it's from the BBC. The BBC did I M a piece autumn and dumb I'll tell you what it is. Actually dont have run this anyway. It was. It was very popular,
like his take on society and America, where America's headed- and this is in the early seventies. They did this thing. Maybe the late seventies at the very latest was in the eighties, tell em. You know: you're you're, watching this guy who's now committed suicide
he's dead, brilliant writer? Who is seeing the shift from the sixties to the Seventys and saying that America's disk going downhill? We become this fascist, ridiculous state and are our cultures eroding and that you know within you know ten twenty years can be over for us now. Here we are two thousand fourteen. Thirty plus years later and everybody still scanner saying the same shit urban is still concerned. Hey it's all so far apart, hey arc our cultures, disastrous! It's it's doom and gloom. Always I think that what's going on is that there is always going to be a certain amount. What is this fear and loathing in on the road to how it was at the BBC, Docu
I think, there's always going to be a certain amount of people that think that the world is ending sky is falling and it's going to be a certain amount of bulshit that goes on always is always going to be people trying to correct for all the evils of the world, whether it's war or crime, or so that is always gonna. Be that and then there's always gonna be like an adjustment period. Where you know you have like a bunch of police brutality cases, and then someone figure out a way to stop the police are behaving that way and then in I think, you'd better is gonna, be like horrible war, and then people protest, the horrible war and then it gets better assist. It seems like these ideas it's all going to fall apart and societies going to collapse like, I think all that shit happen, the society collapsing back when people didn't understand the society collapse. Now we have so much detailed history, unlike what it takes for Ssi
to become like Rome when Rome fell when it takes for a society to become. You know like one of these archetypal societies. Are people talk about when that you know the ancient Greeks are the Romans were any these? When you talk about, like aside, there was on top of everything, had all of these scholars and all these intelligent people then collapsed. Yeah. It's gonna be interesting to see what the next big one like that is. It's gonna have technology and robots and a whole bunch of crazy stuff like way down the road, but there's gonna be some crazy stop sign far away. I think the technology robots all that shit like we're things are going to be so much weirder than they are today is going to happen so fast. You know if you listen to like Ray Kurzweil and these Futuris guys their take on, is always so enlightening because everybody wants to think of it is like you know. When we were kids, we had viziers, and now we have Netflix what a job, what a leap
but the leap really has been within the past few years. The past few years been your leaps and they were from the vcr to the internet like did that the leech again and crazy there's a fuckin at that they came out with four Google face or Google of Google Asses that recognizes your moods, well yeah, why it You know you're fuckin mood like if I come up to you with. Is Google Google? say: Google Glass, Google glass. They come up to you with this app installed and wearing Google Glass, as it tells me, you're happy tells me you're angry it analyzes your face, trusting that some four previous shit man put it up polar up. Let cameras have something like that already built in with the US smiled detection by reappoint a camera, and it will take a picture when it detects at your smiling.
Ok, but that's not new breeding like mood. I just detecting certain movement of your face. This fuckin stupid things actually trying to like look at summons, face and decide that gross thing that really cheesy dude due to checks, they go. Hey, doesn't the smile. You know it actually more masses are involving frowning there and smiling takes more energy to frown just smile why not smile? You know that thing that gross thing that dude do too, Have you ever seen a guy? Do that sort? It may suit fuckin embarrassed to be a man. That's gonna be way more commonplace. People doing at all times. My Google glass is recognises United, the best murder. He my glasses, says you're depressed. You need a hog some here take a chance. I'm a good guy did. Did you were wearing Google glasses? Are you just happy to see me.
Totally wrong because the wrong one? So what is this video? Google glass door on Google Glass do take the information behind see this for the first time Rachel. I know we're good lass here. The zoom in on from offers proprietary Shore software library. Let's have a look at how it works. Shore processes high resolution, video in real time on the glass cpu. Does it only work on Eddie checks, luncheons dejection, my god. In addition to that it does ages, catchy agenda record mission needs estimation engender recognition. What if your
like a really good. Looking older transsexual man, it I'll get you I put the timid is beta. This has only worked on white people, that is a beautiful old man or is not limited to a single phase. Angry hipster respects other people's privacy. There is no resolution in mountainous and none of the images leaves the device fuck you doesn't, but that's not all our short technology can do even more helpful things not shown in this domain. Racial violence, recognition for very subtle reactions, woe head
those estimation I blinked detection. This was just a demo does not have. This looks like a pirate and his hostage. It's not available in an app store was that man it's now maybe now available. It might be bullshit there might have been just like a like. We might go fuck and fucking you know it's not avail. Would at last, or does it seem so if I say years ago. I would say that total bullshit, because that technology was so alien at the idea of it. But now, after the Google glass thing you mine able to tell by the smile of my face, but I'd be really disappointed? If that's real, that's the thing is like. I can't really it's just seeing if your mouth move side to side and like if its frowning but some people, you know some people cry happy tears and some people,
smile. When their view, I kill you yeah super happy you're. Joking with this guy, looking to TED Bundy, car and organised barred gets happy good, cheekbones guy smile. He's got a clown. Mass customers, door doesn't have an inside handle he's got a knife in his trunk. I'm sure that's for cutting birthday cake he's a happy guy which old, doktor weird but one day the gonna get really good at it to the point where they will be able to detect. It can really be able to show you to be able to detect, but not just the universe, TAT people's thoughts like it's gonna, start out with moods, but eventually you're gonna be able to see like Graph representations, one person's thanking mobility in the double a figure out. I think the way they gonna have to do it is I've been about this lab You know how there was no cameras and then they became cameras
like when we were young. There was no way that you could ever imagine that someone's gonna carry around a camera. All the time like that, you Think of that you saw camera was around someone's waste or a summons neck rather, and they have to hold it up and take that picture It wasn't just simply like this little phone thing that we're going on now. That's a big leap that the big leap of having cameras in your pocket at all times and if you went back before the invention of the camera, if you went way way back to like you know back in the days when, was just paintings and drawings and things almost lines. They could have never imagined that you'd be able to make video from a little Tiny slender devise these taking you're, probably right. If you read the devil, if you show them that and now this phone, that you can
take video with and go online with and take photographs. Now it's become a part of you. It's become a part of who you are it's like it's a symbiotic saying, keep it with you. You never leave the house without it. When you do you freak out you're gonna come up with something that stores your memory better than you do. Are they going to say we have an it'll, probably be like, in addition, like an upgrade to the human memory back I can have like a memory card but Gun That shows you Crystal clear video of what you saw so like in our view. At a pole like yesterday, out of your memory banks, he built a fuck. What an idea! What did I do? What did it do? Ok, I got up by this. What I had for breakfast, but it's all glorious, far grant right. They're gonna be able to get it so that its exact will you be able to re wind and play a back? Go arises.
What did I do yesterday at twelve forty five ending and then you can be sure that with other people, in a bill share your day. What I'm wondering is, is it fiddle ever get to the point where we are paying for our privacy and like once, everything's all wired and in the end, the they did that Vienna once your Google glasses or in a cloud with what you looked up on the internet that day in your walking by somebody with Google glasses, and you know what I mean like they walked by and it's like a bubble pops up over their head in disguise. It gives no yeah double lane all clown porn earlier. That stranger was clown porn, that's crazy, but like if they paid ten dollars a month or something that other people will be able to know what they
No, like I'm wondering how fast and how far it's really going to go. Cuz, I think about it. A lot too cuz. I love pot and I think, there's something about pot that makes you love thinking about the future, especially technology cuz. I mean it's not happening. It's so weird, and privacy and phone calls and things backed up, can know everything you can find out the thing about somebody, their daily habits ever seen this thing about the cellphone towers. That dinner believer believe a really. Now there, Sir their cell phone towers that they ve located? They don't seem to be transmitting cell phone data and they ve gone to him with like these. These devices that try to read and what they think is going on is itself on towers, are actually tapping into phone calls and recording your information like safe. The police want to find out where Tony hinged cliff is right now, and you know you could use the gps and the phone and you know find out that he's on the four or five and he's headed too
San, Diego and you know, and then they go. Ok, we're gonna tap into his phone, so they can tune in through that tower and listen your phone calls you like I got the Falcon heroin, do job duct tape in the trunk. I've got Fifteen different him guns at are all legal, everyone's laugh and on the other, and we want to capture listening to the entire conversation like they can do that terror that just went up in my back yard, the other day like out of nowhere. There is no construction out of nowhere. They just three. I black helicopters, Raven honest brand for a long time that was fun getting to meet him two antennas on the top. Like that look like wifi antennas. You can't seem in this picture, but than theirs. Solar panel and we have our overhead lines power lines in our neighbourhood. So there's, like you, know their above ground and there's no power going to its. That music is whenever this is just running on solar and has in turn,
as in like a weird box on the side of it, which probably nothin yet probably like what you mean you're freaking out about it. Just find out what it is. As a number on a collar. Something now doesn't for real problems go here. Did you try to read that's what it is now. I the lunch take a photo of imported up on Twitter, take that age and what they say. What a people's a p word pointing towards this that article. That's the only thing that people have been saying year, but seeing people, do that when a enough you don't really know what the fuck. It is unlikely that the internet I'm may even saying it's that I'm just saying it was really August. One day it was there one day will it wasn't, and it was just like in my neighbors backyard, a wonderful and do that, can you take a cell phone tower attached to an electrical or does it have to have it on stand alone sort of thing. I would think that I don't know anything about it, but I would think that the electricity would maybe fuck with it all that
that power gone further through those lines. If they don't. Let us turn on if they make us turn off our cell phones when the planes about to take off, and I think they can put a cellphone tower honey. You have done so That's a stupid thing that whole turn off your electronic devices. That's all been disproven! Now, that's why everybody is allowed to use like ipods and shit, and I pads right up until the time you and but you're still not allowed to use Bluetooth. I give you have those Bluetooth headsets like there was doing familiar pointed out here. The Bluetooth headset and they told me, couldn't have it on you couldn't have it on while the plane, because it could interfere with communications. But that's pretty bullshit to shape; they probably just don't know any better. They just say it because they just want obtains shuts up more from. They can't do that anymore thing. It's also for planning things that you can't have like a bluetooth head, peace in your sitting in the front row and I'm in the back row and we're all kind of communicating like hey. You know a terrorist stuff,
ass, they work like that, since that, would it wouldn't you if you had to communicate with somebody else and the plane, Yemen Saluteth headset? As far as I am aware, all it does is communicate with an actual device like a phone would have to be talking on the phone to someone in the back of the plane. I don't think you can communicate through Bluetooth. Can you yeah? I mean you, can connect Bluetooth, Bluetooth and stuff like that, but can you to connect Bluetooth, booted and talk like if you had I'll think some man? I think you need some sort of transmission device. I think like if you had a booty had soda said I had a bluetooth heads around. We couldn't disconnect our headsets and communicate with each other. We would have to do it through a device right. I don't know how that Bluetooth statements and never had one I'm nano There were, even if you couldn't, you probably will be all right,
within a year or so the figure it out. It's all happening so goddamn fast yet earth, but it looks like the others. Bluetooth had headset walkie talkie on Amazon. Oh two walkie talkie any sledges into your piece. It's in your ear. That's it that's a whole device, low wages they! Well that's what that scary check this out of Czech Gonna get your video up like a have smothers wireless, invisible earpiece. Gee Bluetooth, Earpiece Alex like an actual tooth, will that's when someone can talk to you through a walkie talkie, though I use those when I was unfair factor. They ve had those forever these days, radios and now now they use Bluetooth, but all that is allowing you to tell you have to have a walkie talkie talking on you. I knew it connects to the walked. Talkie mine you to connect with a radio frequency where illegal backpack like a battery pack, rather the sole communication.
And they would work that way. But someone else on the other end had to have a communication device. They had a walkie talkie. They were talking through that new go directly to me and I couldn't talk to them, except for the fact that I was hard wired or the microphone that also had a radio frequency that went a box. In the box. There was a guy. There was a sound god, it was there and it would go through them and through their through their speakers, but it was like the entire cast was wired up. So all and you could turn each microphone honorof, but that requires a lot of equipment you, you got a lot of different shit, go on there. What I'm saying is: if someone has a bluetooth headset on just a blue tooth If you don't have a phone? That's on your not talking to somebody, and you can't really talk to somebody on the phone when you're on an airplane, here's a here's, one that looks like you can do it it's. It looks like a walkie talkie thing and it says that it has two way: Walkie talkie wow for eighty four thousand feet wide.
So they're, basically saying that what a dahlia who makes out one bluetooth that calm onyx looks it call pod, onyx the main thing is that under sing that, but that is a walkie talkie, yet that might be something I sought already does exist. While you that's crazy, it's insane, because Bluetooth already makes people a colossal. What secret service you would they have radios? These are walkie talkie. What we are saying is that this little thing that person have no ear that dad itself as a walk die. That's fucking, nuts! That's that little one, our father, transmits, though, because Bluetooth Blue to decay, the community verifies eighth, eighty four thousand feet: that's in the air there, San does that mean distance. Now they don't mean in the air, and planes argued that I that's race. That's like three times what a plain goes square feet. Eighty forethought os
ok, so it transmits eighty four thousand feet. Thirty thousand feet is a flight. So, eighty for that is like more than a mile how many thousand feet a mile five thousand five thousand feet to mile. Damn that's pretty insane so you could be like essentially data Jerry's Delhi a meal- and I can talk to you in real time through these goofy, as we should by these lay that so called What is the company name again call pod? That's where I think that's Edward sold, its onyx O N Y ex O n Y eggs sets like walkie talkie successfully, keep one in your ear, but how does it pick up? What you're saying you just can Rome up to? hundred sixty four feet away. That's not that far when we're not gonna fight, we have miles from your smartphone at four, so it has
have a smartphone. No, no that's his face is that this were smart phones. If you want to use as a heads every summer, the other sort, it says without proprietary, two way: walkie talkie functionality, you can also connect the onyx to any other call, pod blue tooth headset and communicate up to eighty four thousand square feet. While you're still connected to your mobile phone. You have to be connected to move.
But I said waking you split the I'm, not sure what this is saying that you can connect to any other call, pod, Bluetooth, headset and communicate up to eighty four thousand square feet while still connected to your mobile phone. It's a saying that you could still use it and do the walkie talkie. At the same time, like you're still connected to your phone, you can still use it as a walkie talkie right, like you, don't have to disconnect right. We are we gotta find out. This really works, we're gonna have to bodies, but will buy em and will will broadcast like you could do that when we get it so that we could put the earpiece up to the microphone and you ve got the parking lot talk to us put it right up there and see if it works over the sea over though Red Van over reacting smoking in the Bush over,
in America, when everybody was all excited, coolly had spoken, the stupid, walkie, talkie phones and also the dumbest ever knows the ex tell those, but everybody wanted them. They wanted to be like Fuckin, walkie, talkie act. When we were in high school, we didn't have cell phones in our phones, so we all had cb radios. Car, and we all had the humongous antennas on the topic of cars C b: oh yeah, but was cool because we all live within a couple of miles of each other. So we can just like use it as a cell phone before there is cell phones and as we driving around in our car being I were you, I would even go smoking weed at the church You know why you, probably all police frequency Toto year we gave. I think two kids are about a ghost awaited at church yeah. You have others policing energy regard someone's house? They got a police car going on all the time. I got one on my phone. I listen to it all the time you have it. I mean like those real ones that people have in their home. Those are weird just the domestic violence,
network. We have another beating air, just something weird about people who want to constantly being whom, with all the crime that's going on around them. Five guys I want to be in the police force. And passed. The agony. Examination merits our fire truck on by four. I need to figure, namely no, these assholes in my neighborhood, her up to no good son ambulance and I need to know which go now. Do it's about, like. I think it's interesting yeah, I guess so in look voyeurism like in being able rubberneck crimes stuff when things are seen as they're gonna try. In a way they don't try to raise up the walls in between the two lanes, the North and South Badlands. Is people rubberneck so much and causes so much traffic? It's insane yards, it's really free.
Training when you get somewhere, and you realize that the only reason why everyone drove slows some shit when, on the other side, the Falcon high whack you fuckin, selfish, it cannot in the middle of the highway than it should not slow us down that everybody wants to see. Everybody should just get C B radios and keep driving at seventy five miles an hour. Yeah. Don't think that's going to help is going to help out lie. Is it just like multiple layers like need, like several layers of highways like you could drive up to the upper highway? If you really weren't scared of earthquakes or if you wanted to be on the top, so the earthquake happened. You that bitch down the bottom crusher buddy below you. You know Silicon Valley, where that one day it had a really skinny car was like a one person car almost like a sip pieces, Sant like a bread out an already talking about. Yes, I saw it yeah, it's like I imagine. If a car like many Cooper was cut and had he make it himself
now, it is kind of a joke like that, guy, so rich and look at his car. How skinny at nice, like body, but one of this new idea, Armada here and he gets in this time little sea because it filigree valley- and it's all, just a utopian mother tv shows ass, it I'll Jesus, theorized, sire, but yeah debate. What if we all had just one person, cars and a future where his coat because motorcycles get to go in between car. So what if we just had literally skinny card the damage here, that's not good, doesn't allow room for error. So many heads you that's the thing there. What is looking at like when we see a Volvo guaranteed there's a pussy in that car. Someone there's like terrified of crashes. Does it is justice
it isn't involve us gotta, thick stars, the degrading- and I just can't get hit out here. We well joy, deal drugs, wasn't got the best fuckin guy you ve, ever gonna have dictated of over two. So there goes my their sex, but so many people to do DR those things which super safety conscious, because that's one of the things at all their commercials were geared to yeah. There's a boring ass car yea us our fast, but look at absently thrown off a cliff boom nothin. Like date, they build those things like withstand nuclear blast. Like now see if you got one of those you're, not gonna. Let me say that should in future vulgar motorcycle super safe. They only go forty five miles an hour, but it's so saying they go normal speeds. Now they're pretty fast cars. I mean there's not much difference when you get so the high and cars I mean, there's there's a difference as far as like one of em handles more comfortably but dared of modern cars. So goddamn good, there's so much better like that car.
We hadn't Denver that Hell cat. That's a seven hundred and seven horse power. American car, a ridiculous car down was on her. Twenty years ago, I didn't later at least I literally grew chess tear, while setting in that thing, like some people, use that as a figure of speech, I gotta put her on my chest. Like I looked at in the hotel room when I was showering after that, and I had more Chester, it's three times that car I've ever been in that sound from balloon. But the point is like that didn't exist. It wasn't even possible like when you got a really fast car from nineteen. Seventy, it I'd like four hundred horse power and it was just a death trap, terrible breaks, no handling it simple an elephant on roars gates and that's what it was like. Every way was plowing into shit, barely able to stop the cars today are just infinitely better. So if you took a Volvo today, which you consider like a super safe car very
Boring and took it around a race track with nineteen. Seventy challenger would bury that car. It would just fuckin run circles arrived in breaking handling everything Billig well, Volvo's, the greatest Vulcan hot rod ever noticed old car sector fat. One old cars adjust their just clunky ass shitty technology that help how challenger at seven hundred horse power. Seven hundred. That means that, like the equivalent of that back, day would be a carriage being pulled by seven hundred force? Is not just a one guy in this area at the back of color, but not even that, because if you did have a carriage pull by seven hundred horses are right. Next to it yet a challenge for the challenges of global. That is why I would be gone it would you We close it would mean wooden
the race would last is much times it takes for the challenge of Dr Pass, the horses they at once you got the seven hundred horse sky. Yet, at an honest and horse park, some horses, a barrier to some horse, has anything to do with horses. Really. I think originally what's turns out, like I gotta met at imagine a horse is one horse power right yeah, but like some horses, when the Kentucky Derby and other ones fallen or fats stupid faces surprise, they don't have that for other things like home a bicycle. How many cat power is that I was Thinkin man, that's the other place we do apart. Gas will do apart from the Kentucky Derby, in in reference to Honduras, Thompson's one of grace books. The current awards grace pieces with the Kentucky Derby Decadent depraved, fucking, great great peace, or it's like you wanted. The can
lucky derby, and then you know what was essentially there were mocking all the people that were there. You know he was categorizing all the monsters that were there, but by the end of the piece realize he was one of them and now they're all fucked up. The Kentucky Turkey. They realize, like word no better than any of these savages that are here measurements of power horse power. It's a unit of measurement of power, the rate of which work is done. The most common conversion factor, especially for electrical power, is one horse. Power equals seven hundred and forty six watts the term was adopted in late Eighteenth century by scottish engineer, James Watt, to compare the owl put of steam engines with the power of draft horses. Her it was later expanded to include the output power of other types of piston engines as well as turbines. Electric motors and other machinery, the definition of the unit, varied between geographical,
regions that's interesting. Most countries now use the S eye unit WOT for the measurement of power with the implementation of the EU directive, Bub blah ha
interesting in the year in the EU, the European Union, the use of horse power, is only permitted as a supplementary unit like when you look at cars in communion american carved. Seventeen roars bow similar endorse. The truck are under the hood. If you look at european cars like on european websites, they they have. It listed as like, like Watson, kilowatts of power to really kind of weird, like Landrover hears perfect one, because it's an english company, if you go to their their raw thereof website any reed, but they have it's. It's really uninteresting like each. You try to make sense of like what is what how much is in that? What is like,
Amber over defenders like their version of like a jeep like dimensions and capabilities, engine and performance here, yeah engine speed at maximum torque, they ve, Torque Newton meters, doesn't say horse power. The power and kilowatts kilowatt Kay W, Slash p s. I thought kilowatts was just a back to the future thing and others taking the necessary a and Land Rover defender which is like there The jeep has a ninety kilowatt one. Twenty two p s power rating. So that's how they do. In England they ate America, that's what's goin on you know Horsepower- sounds very silly Brits yeah, because whenever you like read about a Ferrari or a Porsche, it's always in horsepower right, silly Fox, the European Union as it is it, what what we go by the way
system, but is a smarter way to do. It really was, of course it is. Why do you think we do it that way, I mean it makes sense what the fuck is a horse Donna being measuring card, so American How many you, how many power a horse is? It? Is it working visas, we really are we're so goofy with inches to like when I was a kid, they legitimately try to introduce the metric system, schools and I remember and people bill I'll fire by throwing the rulers, the teacher, they were just nonviolent man that was in my lifetime. I saw they were trying to introduce the metric system just like they were trying to introduce soccer at the very centre of working people at not having the metric system. Those so much better. It's everything's intends makes sense when we do fights another, countries in England England's the weirdest. They still go by stone dead.
Stone is like yeah, if you were being measured, be stands eleven stone, yeah. How much is stone Why would they do stones and not horse power? I mean the horses are pretty much a lot closer than stone, sometimes there's a huge stone. I think a stone is like forty pounds or thirteen pounds dude, I'm only like sixty in many north western european countries. This and was formerly used for trade with a oh you, ranging from about five to forty local pounds, with the advent of metro for the mid nineteenth century on it was superseded by the kilogram, remained in limited use for trade in the United Kingdom and Ireland until prohibited by the weights and Measures ACT of nineteen, eighty five, but ok at its forty pounds, but they still use it for like wing and fighters when fighters when this Bruce buffer
say that, yes, ah he doesn't say so, he doesn't know said. I actually said the guy says to me: the girl say to me fourteen stone, but when Bruce Buffer, oh ok, That's doing why think Bruce Buffer does say it, though, when they do not sure if he still does, an actual during the actual like fight announcement. But at the way- and I would have said out- say like one stone, ten pounds, you know one. Fifty five in o x amount of stones, but is at ten stone like not quite eleven stone. So strange, ten stone, nigh pounds, it's a shit like that. That is a weird unit stop doing that after a while ago? And they have me just read off the weights are going on.
The kilos anymore, either. Like someone says, one hundred and fifty five, it's one hundred and fifty five like this- is like it's too confusing for America and eighty six kilos shit Gimme get UR computer. You should start guessing the fighters horse power announcing weighing it it's a stone and one hundred and forty horse power. We you know it's interesting- is that it that's gonna silly, but it's true in fact that the guys, with the more horse power they run a gas quicker, because it is very rare. If they, like muscle but yes to get there like, there's a certain amount of horse power? You need, and then, after that, its contradictory us, as I can say, with a race car like if you have a car and it's a g t car like if you're going around like like a nervous ring or something like tat of a real wine decor course lotta handily, you don't necessarily while a thousand horse power, engineer car you want as much engine as your suspension can handle and wait comes to like mine
per hour and miles per gallon. You want like a balance between the two you want. One an engine that produces plenty of horse power, but not so much worse, proud that it burns a ball. You fuel in thirty minutes and you lose the race because every keeps going in your done. Europe, a gas, that's true with a body to see like dude sketches giant fuckin massive muzzle. The reality is that shit is up. That's like a giant engine and a small gas tank, and there's no other way around. That's how the human body is, there's a balancing act going on so that I can get you if he gets you quick, but if the shake its dragged into the third fourth and fifth rounds I got my be toasty might have a goddamn heart attack in there. He ever find out what happened to that guy's ribs from Saturday that pots, I wasn't like seventeen punches in the railway more than that
gotta go. He took sixty seven unanswered body shots, that's what it was all my couch through all through both to two or three rounds. Whatever many rounds it was, the fight were stopped. He kept covering his head, but he left his body open, and I remember that guy just kept hitting that seem spot criminals. I was very sloppy, does not a good fight. I desire you notes unfortunate, but true that the larger guys like alarmed large guarding the skill levels is not does compare and it's not because, like they're, not capable of moving right, like look the way, a guy like a super athlete moves, you know look away like penal pick, pick your favorite basque bottler, whose browsing Lebron James private biggest soup wrath,
in a world where local weather guy moves now that guy was an Mme fighter? Do you think you would move like those guys know? He'd move like he is. He is a super athlete. Those guys, like especially pots, just like, was real, stiff and awkward. If this shitty technique, that's not does not indicative of what you would expect from a high level athlete? I think, those like the real problem with that fight, just the other do good well the way that it would be in the way that it Finnish was what bloom I'm here I mean just watching a man, a heavy weight, take heavyweight shots into the ribs and especially the same spot of his noticing, when the guy's hand would pick up and head wind up her head and that exact same little square diameter that his fist was before.
Of all the stuff I've seen live. I don't think I've seen anything like was just because the guy do shit job of defending but Anthony Hamiltons, a good fire he's very good farther, but it was his first fight whose first you have see bout. He moved so much better, look and see the way he moved. That is just the way he is able to physically move back and forth. That's a big thing with heavyweights. Just how much I think This isn t they have mean how much of his just sheer size in bulk and horse power and how much of it is athleticism. And watch in some pro wrestling? I bet you have he totally predicted. What's going to happen with his John Siena Brok, listener knew the thing out about it. Bronco pleasanter, you put, you played out long advance per Frankly, you know exactly how is gonna go down
you're saying that it sets up something in the future, only acts. They offered me a full time writing job. I can talk about it now, cause I'm not getting it, I'm not doing it, but a couple months ago they offered me a full time job due to Stamford Connecticut after one meeting a meeting like this, that was about an hour and a half at the indigo. How would you feel about moving Stamford Connecticut for one year job with the debit abbe? We writing. Can the creative side nigger, I'm gonna have to think about that and it didn't pan out, because I didn't want to move to Stamford Connecticut Workin. Ninety five, even those really good money and everything, but you do have to go to you- drive to allay our drug to New York right yes to this body, which turns out to forty five minute drive, but are bad, but the
is very growling than debit. Everything out it. It's not like tv comedy writing job. It's like I'd have to answer to evince MC mailing Tony. We would you do get stoned before writing this idea to think that's a loser What would you say to him? Would you idea what yeah yeah yeah I gotta be? I was still when I rode all the great ideas that you like, sir. All you have a point. Events are you on steroids He probably get me trading Maybe I fancy he brought him right, and the sun. From my ranch, a shot. This solve this morning world. It was a good money like serious money, super serious money. Why sanely serious money you can close? I was happy to get the offer I took. It is a victory and I love what I do. I love what I'm doing and it might be correct I'll, never again
in early may on, and I think you regret it right now. Look in your eyes now it's kind of a dream job for you sort of, but then again what I do is sort of dream job too, and giving up this dream job. For that dream. Job would be crazy, but you wouldn't have to you of this dream job. I'm telling yeah, it was gruelling creepy job. Unfortunately, trust me if it was. If, if the word on the streets is man riding for the deputy, believes the coolest you can do anything. I would have taken at Anna what I lived in New York and it would have been amazing. I would I travelled to Stamford forty five minutes every morning on a subway And thirdly, what are dying in Stamford here would have an amazing. I never had any could have its say: but the amount of money you don't want to live in Stamford. You know the problem with Connecticut. Is it's not really a state aid is a state, but let's be honest, ladies and gentlemen, you you live in a hurry way between and out really it's like, they put somehow on the side of the highway and they call it the town, but that is really going on. Does not nuns being done there, nuns remained there when you got
the Glen back shown the doubly Debbie. That's your entire state economy courses, some other things of this fucking around don't get junk, dug it I'll fuckin of Stamford III on me, don't get like attached and proud of Connecticut Connecticut pride. We get it! email, Joe Connecticut, pride, Connecticut sucks. You know it's ox and I know sucks this great houses. There are some nice neighborhoods Chris. HE neighbour, my friend, Tommy Junior, on my best friends, was in Connecticut. He tells me it sucks. I trust them so good spot nice to drive their from Boston to New York. I always think. Likewise. Are people stop in here W w E, but a lot of people like you, David Letterman lived in Connecticut and drove into the city to do is show that's how he did it yet, but he's like reclusive Vienna, helix being he needs to be away from. Everybody is weird like that and you're, not you, MR outgoing.
At City party up at night to blow in the morning, Papua upper Class for sure you know me show up on the campus evinced the paperwork you wrote on the plane over there at this storyline makes zero sense. What kind of storylines Replanet did you? I know you did. I know you thought about it, I'm your Hadley, absolutely Riddick, no road, a great story line where needed Brok lies in Europe and in this past Russell mania. He beat the undertaker in the undertakers had a streak Russell mania. He never loses wrestle mania. He was twenty one in zero. All time, Russell Mania. Twenty one years never lost in this match against Brok Listener, what sort of a sort of set up, so everybody just assume the undertaker would win then in a stunning move brok towards the end of it and the beating the undertaker for the three count. You wanna see something funny work that up reaction shot out of the ADI unknown. Don't do ok, but this
it was stunned. People say no, it Alsace, John, that audience a fuckin simple card trick come targeted by listening to code road, your video, silly shit, ok, planned out. It's obvious. It's not It is definitely not if its plan downward oil is going to happen. I What's gonna happen ass, I'm that's not really valley. That's that they arenas, not everybody in the arena was offered a full time. One year writing to put the day: oh no, can I say, you're an expert and pro wrestling essential my horrible sort of, like my replacement for not having a dad. When I was a kid like, I would just sit there and watch these that these storylines and these guys do now. This crazy and I'm just ass well ass. He was my daddy. Till it Bamell, superfluous Echo is your dad pretty superfly was one of the biggest things I mean, that's what I was doing off of couches and mighty weighty is when I was a tiny little boy back when I remember
back when them the creator of the Cross Face Chicken wing, which is a great movement and like fuckin time you invest in this. You should get paid by this seriously. Consider seriously consider taking their job Now I would say no to anybody else, but you you, like that shit so much. You ve always got those fuckin books She read books on the business of pro wrestling, we're on a fuckin plain and I look over this people reading self help, work. Some folks are reading novels. Tony Fuckin book, the sex and politics of lies and head locks, the area under other eyes, Bio events make man what the fuck are you doing in reading, awesomeness about a guy who took a joke of a ship, and turned it into a billion dollar enterprise
and rode at all himself and is the main. Usually editor. Look on pro rustling. Did you write a book, a love affair, a wrestling with a love affair from Tony his gloves. I was listening to warm to work. The opening of an issue which is no longer the European Anthony Show now it's lobby with Jimmy Norton around while it's called the opium Jimmy Show, but whatever they had this guy on and he's an author he's, he wrote that card movie with Kevin Spacey has written a bunch of, but a different books. His name is Ben man. As rich mass rich and he was talking about russian oligarchy and about what happened. What went down in Russia during like all the Soviet Union, where seven people but soaked up fifty percent of the economy or Russia.
Seven, seventy nine for somewhere and that number like no more than ten people, literally had fifty percent of the russian and they were just killing each other. They would like kill each other. And take over their businesses. I give yet competitor, if, like your coat you'd would send your army over to kill Pepsi, and then you just own Pepsi too, while its there was the total complete while, while west- and I don't know if he's written a book on this or is gonna write. A book on this
but fuck and a man listener that shit whisky. I bet he has written a book on. I should find out what the book has been MA's rich, then measuredly interesting. I wonder what the direction of the economy and the trends in everything were before that exclusive group of people took that over its unite seems like were sort of in a way heading that direction with our stuff. The top. Whatever per cent has such a crazy amount of money compared to the rest of everybody yeah. It's close, you know where we're pretty bad, but apparently it's not like Russia like these russian oligarchs. They just dominated they just figured out a way to completely dominate the entire economy of a giant country made. Is that listening to talk about was fast
even the shows different now that Anthony's not there but Jimmy nor is so fuck. An interesting is sterical in own opus, doing great job, but it is still great show this guy Ben marriage was fascinating, fuck, Russia, man's crazy. We were talking about Putin, but what a gangster Putin had to be too to come back and lead the country after he left. I keep lead the country took off like they. They impose some sort of a term limit came back to ignore term limit in book he's back again, like he's a second time running, the country again stalled some sort of a puppet dictator or a puppet leader when he was gone and then came back and he's a former KGB agent like what the fuck man you know, there's a
I that professional S learning research that actually fusion on down the mega drawn on the titan Tron every time he comes out and really gets the crowd riled up, mother, Russia. I promise a defeat. My victim for you and it gets the whole crowd to hate him, and then I then a guy comes out and he rousseff usually and they want the russian guy. When is it drives the crowd crazy? And then you think anything can happen after that. Work. They buried thing is the words you respond to me. Talk about rest wrong with you. You would love it and wrong with you. I wouldn't loved you'd, be amazed, I'll bet? You're, though I bet you, if I showed you statistic of you, have seen fans being W B events. I bet you'd be shocked because before the See was all over everything, one of the only outlets that and by the way I've been with the. U S see since the beginning,
In my I mean like watching added it since the hoist days since voice and shamrock and all that, and that's because it's even though its too What are we different things you have c is obviously an extremely you know: the crazy Sport and Debbie W E is completely entertainment with some injuries from time to time. That it was an outlet for anybody that wanted some crazy stuff. They believe in you have see fans. I bet there's a lot. I would bet you that, understandably till you don't talk before that, our country has my because my closing statement here it is I'll bet you that We, seventy percent of you, have seen fans have been or are doubly to be found at some point: seventy percent. I love him but rode statistic around where they have done: zero research just
random number, I believe seventy. I do it all time by the way, I'm seventeen eighty nine by ninety percent of aunt. No, I did that. Look it's not the goddamn same. One of them is real one of em? I didn't people that are battling for their life in the most difficult contest and of another wanted some weird fuckin jerk off thing. That stream guys do when they sit in from the tv and pretend they don't know it's fake, it of attending it. No, I know it's, everybody knows its fate. You don't want to know you shut that party brain off when you watch it. You look like lizard, I went to a me I'll, take a full time, writers job. I know it's not, even even if you wrote it still be there. While it happened going I get away. He rode here. They d undertaker you and you would have your fuckin script in your hand, you'd be jumping up and down spinning around in circles. Ike
boldly prank yonder concur radio. Grab of all work oh yeah, I know the Finnish, so I wrote a thing to wear. Came the undertakers brother wrestled Brok listener. This wrestle mania coming up in seven months or so and loses, but undertaker comes back. Tombstone pal France Brok lesson and they walk off together. Amazing swan song. They waved now You come up with a move for a guy to win with. Do you take into consideration at all the health of the person trying to attempt that moon? It's tough, you're, right, yeah, it's tough, because when Brok Lesser did that shooting
press flip through the air and landed on his head. I've seen that I seen that everybody see anybody like who knew about Brock. Lesnar was researching him very likely if you were going through like internet videos and stuff like that, you would run into that video of him flipping off the top rope and landing on his head. Three hundred pounds of em landed on its head bang and kept going crazy. I don't have a fucking lived if you watch that it looks like he's a dead man where those fuckin end there there's some stuff, the just in case that is probably an inch either way in his. He can't move his legs and stuff, but he's divide that I don't know how we did it in and how he went on to fight actually fight fight afterwards was at a big blow to the doubly Debbie when they realise that Brok, lessening I fucked up, I do at brown pride tattooed on his body. Now I don't know
that is what bright, brown or even Glasgow no yeah. I didn't know he had a brown pride tat too. How do you know him in not knowing as brown pride tattooed on trust to big point of contention? I'd I learned a lot of people or white people find it quite offensive. Could you could never fight with white pride tattooed on your chest? That's interesting and now that I'm just hearing about this for the first time, that is, that That's an interesting thing! You're alone only allowed to be proud of your minority in Europe, out in your majority, your mocking everybody else, your gloating or you're a racist trying to hold back the others. If you have black pride, the knowing his yard terminal, you can have a t. Shirt on on television says black pride
no one would have issue with it. But if you went on like see an end with a white pride shirt on, they might fuckin kill you with rocks yeah, that's insane and ever thought of that before white man's banal down for a long time. You want to go to the meeting now. What leading the way pride meeting will you join us in our ranks so you're asking me if I think it must stop the debit. Everyone came Velasquez, beep rock beat him, so I think the entire I think brought going into the you have seen doing anything good whatsoever completely help the doubly w e and doubly Tiberius Brok. I think brag listener, no bullshit of Prague. Lesser did it the right way like give Brok listener, left Dub, w e and dedicated himself to becoming the best fighter in the world. I mean like
best, striking coaches, best, jujitsu coaches and overall coach, like guy like a mad, he met Hume like a John Crouch, like a real Emma may coach he's gonna go over your game, a guy who's well versed in all the variables when it comes to fighting like a Dwayne Ludwig go over your game, inside and out, find out what wedding a fixed and worked on for years, if someone did that with him and then built him up slow, you start out in the hour start on these smaller organisations and then eventually work, your way up to a large organization and eventually fight me. You see when you have you no fifteen twenty fight, instead of your second fuck and pro fight being against a former world champion his second profile in the? U S see was against frank, fuckin, mere that's crazy. He fights Heath Herring. He fights Frank near me. There ridiculous. If not ready, he could have been great right. He could have been all time. Grayer
he's a real free ghastly like no doubt about it when, when he fought he's herring was just running he's airing over Psych Holy Shit the first time I saw him. I saw it. I saw it first fight live. I saw him fight in Hollywood. He fought in l at it was a k, one event, and it was really bizarre man. It's like Dennis Rodman was there and they were talk. Everyone's talk and shit about the USA like they were trying to get. There were trying to get like some sort of publicity by like talking shit about the seas they hired Dennis robbed, and this is like right when dense Robin was come off. Those reality shows, whereas all fucked up on drugs,
and you know metal all over his face and his again, you will see a shoot compared to carry one now. I know they didn't and it was the first time Brok Listener ever fought, and I just from it he took down this guy. I forget the dude name of shirts here on its website somewhere, but he took turns kind smashed M, unlike in no time- and I remember thinking, owed and is a lot to handle. That's a big boy. That's not a year does not like mean his ease. Fuckin enormous is not a small guy is enormous.
Former and see double a rustling champion, a real wrestler yeah, no eyes his unbelievable, and I mean with that bacteria infection in his stomach that really almost killed em I mean really almost killed him didn't happen. I think it could again a few different ways, but I think either way he would have gone back to the debate we have because he can make so much money, they're doing such less work and such less training- and I think, he's sort of into that, because if they don't work him a lot, don't work him like other wrestlers. He has a special deal where he gets paid. Millions in has to show up maybe twenty times a year, a couple Monday nights-
comes out, pops corn jumped up and down goes back into his manager. Does all the talking? You can't beat my client and he's just standing there looking cool and how come as a back. He has a better deal. Nobody else, because he's Brok lesson or he's the he's he's known, as you know a killer, is he the guy that, like the most respected, got him asked you to? questions. Is he the guys the most restrictive around arousing was at raw on Monday with the four horse which he I wonder why she was think news you get paid for that yeah, but that's what they do. That's a detail: yeah yeah! That's all thank two thousand. Seventy five sky toy hung. He was supposed to fight Choi Hung man, but that guy got injured in they were placed him with a guy named men, soon Kim and crushed him in one minute nine seconds the first round and then his second fight was against Frank near so ridiculous.
Oh yeah, I've had waited three hundred and sixty my favorite video ever my favorite internet video ever the buffer three sixty and that's when you interviewed, does he do a between broken listener area shows them right there. Just talking about he made his debut in the UFC, his first fight against Frank Mir, I'm fucking believable yeah, that's that's! That's what that's one of the craziest things I've ever heard in my life and then he fought Heath Herring and his next fight is crazy. Absolutely crazy. The next fight! After that he fought for the title and beat Randy Kotor, Wrap your fuckin head around that these wrap head around the guy fought twice knew of sea. One against France
mere one against he's herring and then his x Y is really good tool for the title. His fourth fucking fight in Emma may. He beats Randy Couture for the heavy way title legitimately knocked him out, dropped him and stop them on the ground mean that Dutch, just fucking crazy, really is fuckin crazy man he's a monster, athlete knave the belt on em right now. It's get scared draws a lot of people. They chose a lot of people and yeah and in it they made their way. They wrote a great one for this last one tit for him to win the championship. He just completely dominated the good guy, normally its back. Fourth battle, woe, but this was completely one sided, something like sixteen german suplexes and by the way that back eyes, leaning on the back of his neck, just like broken that shooting star press. Some of these were sloppy and that Brok Undertaker match he literate gave the undertaker concussion it was bad. It was sloppy, wasn't supposed to go this way, but when Brok hits those german Sue plexus,
even though their Panama, a lot of money, is nowhere near the technical wrestler, like the guys that word been builtin built in the machine. So he had a german soup laxity throws a man over his head he's, not the guys, land on their neck and head and stuff in the undertaker was in bad shape. So Brok sort of one of the guys that sort of a liability like he can take a guy out, even though you don't want him to how many those duties like next surgery, almost all of them, MC fully, who I opened up for a couple weeks ago, known as mankind, do love cactus jack. The multiple personalities, wrestler literally, is having back surgery right now. Really the up and he's had something like forty seven broken bones. All real he's missing is right. Ear is missing his ear. What I'm using it fell off,
a lot of doing a match. This is the guy that took the dive off the hell on the cell versus the undertaker through a two hour that guy nobody Fuckin knows about the very knows this is the guy that did the thing we all talk about telling you it's like they, like the nine eleven of the debate on the earth, so his ear fell but was it a cauliflower ear? Was it that that happens in Mme Fight sometimes causes? So you know cod failure which arouses it it when your blood leaks into Eared, hardens and becomes like calcium and so like when people look at people would like fucked up years from grappling. Those things are hard and sometimes when they get hit, they literally breaks the skin and tears off I've. Of people's ears, a fallen off during fights, unlike landed on the ground and saw the octagon. I wrestled for four years in high school and my senior year. I
but I didn't get cauliflower ear, but some stuff broke up there in the top of my right. Ear was black for like a month, and it really freaked me outline and didn't never look into what was the deuce. My coaches, just like, will put some extra padding in your head gear, and so I had one sided stuck out more than the other side. I always were heard your men and I don't want the problem with cauliflowers. You ever is again makes you too, but it also affects the way your hearing works, like the design of your ear evolution as sort of created. This thing that allows you to best capture the sound around you. It's it's not like a cute look at the reason why your ear shaped like that. I was tell people take your ear and then take the top of your ear and then fold it down and listen how different shit sounds and then let it go like take that and cover it up and then let it go ones but up that's already, couture years, all the time
that's what his hearing is like and his ear hole. Is this tiny little thing like while led Ishmael, is famous to justify to the convent e g. His ears, like he, has too hard Like I like a mouse sized thing stuffed into each year, it's like they open a zero up stuff. This hard mouse thing like so his whole is like so tiny. You know Q tips for that guy's, not using any q tips. Does he is acutely he's got a force that bitch in there and you never gonna, get it out tiny, tiny holes. That's that's bad you're not supposed to do that, but people like it they're like because it makes them look like fucking bad asses. Now, I think, is responsible for a lot of fighters, bad choices and walk and music
walk in music by the way that is, my favorite he'll probably have no idea within limited. I love that part of every thing, especially the you have seen, because if that is so crazy, like the quiet before the storm and some people pick the worst songs, will you know it's fucked up this dude Roy Mcdonald's, when a top fighters and the USA is a top container, northward divisions, bad mother Fucker always had bad walking at one time he came out to can't touch this. I was mocking em. I had to host Guph anonymously. Is this great sign back in the day by the problem? frosty, and I have a thing tyres coming gone, we always talk about. We go. We will make predictions right off of that every single fight. What happened was. Rory wasn't picking his walk in music. He changes phone number. He moved from Vancouver area to Montreal may change. Phone number and the guy who
God is old. Phone number was a fan just a rent. It happened to be a fan because in Vancouver in that area, colonial wars from is fuckin huge huge star like when you foreign Vancouver people went nuts. They were so sight to see in their so this guy happen to get his phone or perhaps be offence when they text them. When you offer you walk out music Rory he's like why, oh my god though he never told anybody- and he had this phone number four, years whose given shitty, walk in music to Roy Mcdonald, That is why Finally, Rory called up the number or something like that they like finally figured out that he wasn't really Rory rate like this Roy you know. We get your text for all your song pictures like what I'm not saying you. Many texts What number you texting and then we re It was his old number of itself
guy must have been in home, just giggling like like a child when can't touch. This came on, he wasn't like came taxes, do Do you have a nice day? Is so powerful keys you like out an opponent with walk in music if it's done properly, if at some, if it some subtle, crazy stuff, you know I can't little bed wrestling with around one table in this way and that is that feel Collins. I can feel it near. You think, I believe, as much you don't think of urine. If you're fighting in the you have seen you come out. First, you. Your song. Let's say your songs. I guess seven on a one to ten and then lights go out and fell? Collins in the air tonight does come in you're, not a little bit like fuck. I wish showed a pick this.
Guys already get is already got one on me, thirty million at one blow and that's the insurer fits you, have no money to carve internet man right and I think, like a fucking progressively, and I say that, with all due respect, I'm not hate non it, but you think, like you, you taken enjoyment in that stupidity. I know I do it's entertaining is how Vince, why you slip, and this is the mass turn you organization around either in they should call you the mastermind and they should make You a characters. Well, I agree anywhere. Let those gold wrestling shoes, that's your whole outfit shiny gold. The mastermind good to be here in Vancouver all what's wrong. You don't like my plans for the future, but I can t
yeah there's an article bloody elbowed dot com? If you got a bloody elbow dot com and read about the viewer, USC fed its by our friend Kirkland Steffy Daniels, who wrote this story about impostor choosing roylake dolls walk up music for years for fucking years. The did. Did it Oh my god! It's so funny man I would even says how I was making one of his, like our man, sucks little bit of reflection on our big Roy. We defend in you, you actually hear his voice during the when you hear Geronium Pica checking out that's Roy, it's him from one and then the other one is Nikki S Goin train by day european project by night or day its greatest quote of all time of my entire career. By the way I distinctive this dude, I want to interview this guy, whoever the guy is
he's hilarious man, whoever that due to his but is like he had Lupi fiasco, light work that was one of em re ANA. We found love, tells us, but he came up, good ones like he had Metallica seeking destroy. That's a good one. And then he had a violin orchestra for one of them ass. The I think that would be asked. Now in our area, just something different, something different made, the opponent wonder: well, what's the psychological plan here. What is it about all that stuff? Even though you know its total one hundred percent horseshit? What is it about that stuff is appealing to you, the entertainment jail, if, You watch one of these things. You would. You would see what you like about it, you would have a few favorites. No, you would know, go fuckin crazy and I'd watch lions, killer, gazelles on television cassettes, real! That's what I'd do it? Grandma
top and I'm you watch is fake, should all day I need real. I need real. I can't get entertained by fake, but that's what he shows and movies, are their fake. No, no! That's not fair. Or are real in that I understand this. Is sports entertainment? It's not! It's we're not nobody. Saying it's really. When you watch game thrones you watch a guy, get his head cut off. You know it looks like yeah looks like a guy. Actually Guineas head cut off. It looks real when I watch wrestling and I see a guy get hit and go in turn to the crowd. No that's bullshit right its offensive to me yeah its offensive, from the island other moves that happened that are lazy. No, no, no you're out there all offensive now I know they take out lettuces laugh, but their offensive cause. I'm so aware it! So in my face this is not really happening. I can't be the guy in the gold suit holding onto screw
jumping around a place going, they undertake lost, that's Drake has bad brow. Can that's what you do? would freak the fuck I wouldn't run around. I wouldn't do that I wish you would have your heart if I had a gold suit. I would do that, but I have had codes doing it. This is fucking up really needs to make you a part of it. I told Tony when immediately should do it and I can't believe you didn't take it toning, as that is like one of the biggest things for you. For you, you are that that I'd like trying to negotiate doing it part time from ally. That would be awesome that where that would be best for both sides, because wouldn't get burned out on it and they would have awesome. Great ideas that are hidden cool and I would have been able to do what I wanted a typical-
whenever guy says my ideas are hidden cool. Are you sure depends what ideas restarting your computer has a scarf headscarf scarlet with little skulls all over it like he's. A pirate is treating a property, saw this one carrying ass Take her has gone metro measure. Sexual undertaker. Maybe if you change it, we also Tony starts work for them. Every character becomes a gay, as it turns out that there's does someone who's, sprinkling gay dust overall other competitors, you room, there's end its is turning. That's that's applauded. Tony comes up. He turns the entire
I rose to gay, it turns out there's an openly gay ressler and he has gave fairy dust. Ok well invested in like a leprechauns ball, SEC re read, kill the leprechaun and in turn, is Balzac into like this. Are you ready for this short if I were to tell you that there is in mainly gay wrestler, but blows dust in people say his name is gold down now. Areas in this is in the doubly tubby and dust in roads, a third generation resolution. What's gonna stick at school hours today we have heard a horse powers as like related the dusty roads yeah. I had it You know, but dusty road we are used to the ape man say. Thank you.
This guy's real. Please I need to see more. I can't believe I invented a guy that already exist here. You can. You should be writing this. That's him only is ensuring South take soccer Wigan Robe and is a my ring in shit. I close and curses and they get all round up and then you can beat him with shit. Is there are like all away from me? It is like. Oh yeah, come your beautiful and linked to the debate. They should higher Michael Samson, as is done with the Dallas cowboys the open, the gay NFL player yeah on early. I didn't have to make the team and bring him for the practice squad. They need to bring that dude in. W w and actually fuck a guy on tv. Well him in gold dust, but gold us is fake it. I could tell look it up. My customary as super
today. It is still the cowardly spur guys the same Acta is the cat whisper with the cat whisperer. The tv show. What's that it's a show where this it's like the dog whisper, but for cats? Oh god really is a fix. A cat rocks yeah dusty road than those dad, and he has a brother. He had odds punk problem solved. We have coyote issue. My neighborhood now, because I have so many chickens is coyotes- are certainly my house basis. Every time I come home code is Roma Gate now, creepy forty chickens ever wake up in the middle of the night and wake you up, no chickens, don't wake up at night. They sleep all night. In fact, you can go in the chicken house at night and just pick them up there just sitting there. Yours grab my pick him up and move on to make a little more in south central. They just
all night long result: roosters, roosters, yeah, yeah, that's mexican, guys, love route, that don't say this, my generalizing generals, Isaacs lies them generalizing, but A lot like my friend my friend and what's his name is older gentlemen that have to be a guy I've known for decades mexican dude. He he keeps roosters in his yard like he has. I want to say, as a hundred chickens is close to a hundred chickens and he uses them for fighting
like they ve gamble why this has been a part of their culture for as long as they can remember, hundreds chicken they have. I got arena has got barn and they take these friends come over the cook, a goat. They could goats and it's really crazy, like its that's, also a normal part of their their culture, and he was renting a house once aims. Tell me the story of how ridiculous was and he was like. They got trouble for butchering of goat someone, someone called it in autumn and in others the landlord said he can't do. They can't butcher, go to say some weekly be left him alone in us, even didn't like cut it open and just leave the guts out. So the neighbourhood smells because it is that we eat it and he goes, but I can cook hamburgers my yard and no one has a problem with it, but
site, but this goat ever like. I know how healthy it is. I know that it's good me. I know how fresh it is like we kill that go and then they roasted they have have like barbecue and a bunch of guys would come over and they would eat goat and get drunk and have rooster fights, wow yeah, it's a tall mean. We think it's fucked up, but it's a total normal part of their culture and they eat the chickens mean after it's all over it's kind of fucked up, because they do make these chickens fight to the death, but after it's over, they tournaments soup. But so it's like I e, no pardon me, says its animal cruelty of the biggest part like mightn't got reaction. I look at that should be legal, less come we're fucked up thing, don't cannibal fucked up thing to put razor play the end of a chicken's foot, sticking in the cage, another check in they fuck each other out. You just do fake chicken fighting city of a gay chicken come out in the blond, wig
I gave my last shown that I've gotta be real chicken. I just can't believe with gold, guys real. I came up with a guy blows dust Everyone knows that you named dusty road Yemen. I gotta know that he exist and he's got a brother named Cody roads who just made the jump to being star dust, which is the he's like the he's. Like another version of gold dust, except up now they rolled together, so he's gay too now star does. It is more like just like about the cosmos and like I just can't believe how the magical thing is. I hear so it's like a stone Stone did the gills, so farming, except it's just you never know. Do you think it is possible to Tony he gave you like personally oh, I know for a fact did I would know. I know the exact matches, the videos, the moves, the everything that would that would interest you too much real there's some crazy submission.
Is that no no, no, no, no died! Last, that's the last thing you wanna show that would get me angry public that wouldn't works right. No defence here ISA, gave him get out there. Nothing drives me crazier than like a fake, submit. You move in a movie that shit drives me nuts. You know I stopped watching Dexter because fuckin? What's his name from rocked John Lift, John, let's go home chicken, her naked joke in a battle in any killed her away? And I was like, oh my god, That's the worst fuckin rue naked choke. I've ever seen that self, fake not even read, I'm done and I shut it off. I walked out the roman disgust, never watched. Another episode Dexter again while I can't show me a big rear naked choking fox that makes me angry, that's like if you will Ouch Jimi, Bio Pick,
You know not buy a pig, but, unlike you, one of those movies words a fake, like an actor, plays Jimi Hendrix. I guess that's a biotech grandma. And some do did know how to play. Guitar is like now you go on it, you're not doing it at all. You not playing guitar does John gauss shitty Fuckin reneged. Choked did for me. The only reason I think you would maybe like it in the future. Is that you, like you know you have see so much in May and Jujitsu. So much and Tony gets it together with a bunch of people and watch. Is it not? watch it as a joke were tony. I think tanks at all of it till you reach. We all want. I can I not by night joke, I just see and recognise what's entertaining about it, and I do like the ideology of stoning and are even of people, Sometimes it can have. This is if you look at the reality, is a three hour like job interview for you
This is like you're audition tape. They should falconer you they should figure. How can we can do the whole there somewhere. Where are you events? Listen take the needle out your ass and higher this God, you crazy, not you should have seen the looks on these people's faces when Brok Listener beat the undertaker. Nobody thought it was gonna happen or God. What did they do? Tony imagine if once had a fuck is wrong with you, a man all, but I thought it was gonna happen. It was amazing. It was fake, a spark dude, but no He thought I was gonna happen. A lot of things are fake that nobody thought was gonna happen toning times, imagine, if that guy, who filled infer that should get around on Saturday and he took on Delta, imagine if, in the miracle he was able to somehow land a punch, Andella Sean beat him. The place would have been. I mean sort of weird that Sacramento and that's Della shouts hometown, but I'm just saying like in a neutral field that would have been standing.
Everybody would have known that they do not witness TED elderly Tony. That would have been real right, really really really knocked out of professional athletes. Two guys have trained fight their entire lives. Right, that's real right right, as stated earlier, you you're so created by the way. This step is not to sell insurance. Here I understand where you concerns are, but let me just show you the details of our policy. You're crazy person. Now and telling on rising millions and millions of W W and I'm tellin you why? Maybe hunters Thompson was just a couple of decades off when he was pretty. Near the world, those guys It's not easy. It. For example, Brok was furious, invents told him that he wanted him to be the undertaker that day like in real life like Betty Was- and you were there see it now, but I talk to somebody who was. I bet he was honest with you tonight they lie all
day every day. Tone is gonna talk to some people. Let me tell you, ll tell you what Brok was actually man. He was really mad. Read the script Paul shirt, I'm not breed not for good undertook some of the guys that work. Unlike the technical side for the? U S, c work for the doubly w e r Brok was crying as broad as winter, the heart with the undertakings, your ride so hearty dehydrated and after that match they had given ivy to replenish, is teaching Saudi killed. The undertaker from that concussion bad bad. It was a real, the concussions or real. You can't externally by that and uneven buyers. Real concussion trifecta, a concussion they're gonna. Take.
And I hospital he's gotta Bobo, and even on that there is a real Bubu folks, if you don't think it's a real boobs show you two fuckin bandaid on You know my more your old boy, you, like your purchase up. My for Europe, is a global issue up. Honey. This note is not even bleeding you don't need a bandit. I want a burned it. Ok then they make feel better. We'll get your band aids if the undertaker and put a band aid well fuck and brandy, zoning and governor gold suit holding this script Ike. I believe, our real problem jumping up and down circles, events which stand there shaking his head call purple I'll fuckin pent up with Asian. That's how I wrote it.
I doubt it a booby, look at the baron date. It's real! It's a real bandy! Ladies and gentlemen, if you doubt it, what else do you like that What a like that slots! Guess I play fantasy for bought on talk about that alot. More fairly, verbal is at least based on Fuckin football right is real game. People really try and ship really happens, but no knows what happened areas for home. My isn't that part of what makes it exciting you fuckin weirdo aims. About the deputy Paul. You don't know, what's gonna happen you for it didn't writer. No, the writer knows it's gonna, the writer knows it's not real. It's like a play. Do. I always like apply oughta musicals. Now I've been there
thing, is gayer than musicals. How about that that don't make sure does due to hug and they get all sweaty the lane on each other, and it's not real, incur I thought I mean after musicals geyser banging, but how do you know I don't know their banging? I don't got that world. You ve seen a musical right in a bunch of musical, not as aiming role of being gay by the way but musicals are gay? Are there really is they really mean unless it's a humorous musical, even then they even then humility, Maidstone, kisses ass, right, someone else, that's a Photoshop. It's the real issues, who's that guy that figure they're. Probably one of you out there just go. Look for it. That's the thing about the internet. Man there's a photo of you out there somewhere someone's Photoshop DEC
Therefore, you kiss it and ass or you doing something ridiculous been over Mustang, but why did he do that What did he do that? Why he pulled his pants down made someone kisses ass on tv? Probably that sounds like something he would do, but he did Why pretend need in March that one spits they think it? They think that was over like twelve thirteen years ago, something weren't area. Now they can't remember, I can't remember, I believe- and I think you better mark- that mail been arguing that made harry amid a bunch of guys just ass. We area fuck your brother backyard, wrestling kind of Gatt. Look how many people in the audience, though, plus plus it's been winning the Monday night cable wars, for I think about that. For a second every Monday night at wins ever Cinema, they pulled dna, though they pulled dna from Maya from MA spiked. Let evinces competition.
What's the problem with TNA to some good now, everything's terrible they're just stick. Ass. Not even now. That's what it should be bride, but it's not it's an event in the same ballpark. What is it with? You have like a lot of ever may guys would do like to mow was in Tiananmen rampage. Isn t- and I now good now now trauma that bad writing that everything could you go over there? Maybe you don't turn down the w w incredulity and listen. You could be a fuckin mobile. They give you please the ashen worth DNA said. Listen. We heard on the georgian park ass we'd, like the way you think about rustling, I think disorganization, is still some life and were willing to were willing to cut you in on us. Give you ten percent reaction. I don't. I intend sanity and I am pretty sure ten percent of the tea, and I wouldn't even get me what I would made with the W W H, son of a bitch there they dislike and they leave their dynamic dvd or other done
then we'll. Maybe they get picked up by like lifetime, then civic man beat TED Turner. What is Tibet on CNN Cnn T Anti TB ass? He threw TED Turner at open checks that he would do it just sign any ressler back and they were having wars on Monday nights. They go against. Each other been studied. A beauty in the USA Network and T Anti had Nightrobe and TED Turner said whatever we need to do to beat mincemeat man. I will write back to whoever they are. They bought hall coconut. Not only this, he believes I was. There was in the room In fact, he is willing to spend whatever it takes. That sounds like a plot. Like a plot in like a visit to different NOME Touch where its real hearts area. That's the problem. You cried Wolf through this whole podcast. I never said it was less about repeating the Nazi, not real funny, I'm agreeing with you and I tried to tell us that the bogeyman real that's what you're doing
Rex Lings realise Skinner, right it. How much to TED Turnus Ben millions and millions to bide gig the guys that were already developed from the doubly w ef. He bought all their biggest skies whereby HAWK Hogan much Henry Andy Savage, but you know much dusty roads. I know my measure has Muslim Jim fan right, dusty road. He bought them all and how did it do they ended up winning the wars Fer a bunch of weeks in a row they did. He had turned out for like a year in a row and but then Venza bought MIKE Tyson and made him refer a match, Russell Mania, Stevenson and Shall Michaels. Than dominating the rest is history. That's it one move! You know, that's all! take sometimes is one move like Hugh glance being on tonight, show was One night show the rating more
this reading more and then J Leno got you grant on after you Grant got busted with us, as Dahmer AIR would say, schedule: prostitute, Dickie, skanky, yeah. Member that chick you could she was advertising online like as a hooker like for the longest time? Antonov still is, but like escort like that this was the girl. Gotta rests with you. Grant that you could fucker TAT was like the selling point And that one thing when J Leno had him on a couch, he was what the hell were. You thinking right here that one on the reins war using haven't happens like that crazy. But here. Because it's amazing that I just like David Butter, meant a lot more than J Leno and to think that you know using some scum buckets scummy life is a launching pad that J can pass up a guy like Letterman by scum.
Good scummy live and violent, Hugh growing awesome do takes crazy chances that are entertaining like you grant. Really, if for that alone We ve got a lot of enjoyment of the fact that he got busted with a hooker. I don't think it's good what he did, but Sorry thing: it's bad either! You know he pondered something dangerous in his life is a movie star he's living this fuckin ridiculous life. Is that beautiful woman for a wife? What was her name, the one that the same chick who was involved? Recent Elizabeth Hurley member God, damn she was hot, let's ridiculously hot. I need something to introduce these numbers
yet a street walker. What it Eddie Murphy do trains is anybody talk about that like? How does that never get brought up everywhere has brought a reason why Eddie Murphy doesn't want stage anymore. I guarantee you that probably connected its Cotta be right that it s got a mess with dude. I was at a common show with Charlie Murphy, and some do was heckling from the audience like heckling, Charlie Murphy and Charley was Charlie, got real with a guy, like the guy said something whom and chose like a year. Listen! That's my brother, not fuck! You have you looked like you really simple, because they call the comedy guy dropped and then who did It was in the audience. He was only about thirty four,
feed between him and Charlie Murphy, like that's a real progress in cages against market guys, brotherly tat, not expect something to go, have go wrong here. You're, my friend I won't say his name, but I was one of the police officers that was involved in one of those obligations with Eddie Murphy, where those with the helping gentlemen, home gentlemen, at least the dresses Ladys in just trying to help We are not a deal's, a regular, yes, big misunderstanding and your friends are caught. My friend Beverly Hills, car. He worked for police force. I dont believe those very lives, but I guess that's. Ok, but in detail by the banana industry,
but really just for me as a common, like as a young comic. I can't imagine how guys we talked with just there would dump her guys just stop like what steed Martin they just stop but too to be a guy like Eddie Murphy and stop. If you ever go back and watch Eddie Murphy it's hard because it's it's difficult for those things to hold up today like they did back then. But when I was a kid in like whatever a year, it was maybe was like eighty six or something like that were Eddie Murphy Delirious came on. He was a destroyer of war.
Odds. He was so funny we're of my friend Jimmy Lawlessness house. You watch now with Jimmy and John Batter ECHO and John Sister and a bunch of people there. We were crying laughing at Eddie Murphy delirious. We couldn't believe out funny. It was was just saying. Oh, my cause of funds is before every thought about two. Instead of coming and the idea that back, I still run by the way, looks fantastic yeah, I was going to say That's the red leather right. You know what I mean today looks Vantyle Eddied. I saw Eddie Murphy in Maui about two years ago, just totally random. I was there with my family and I ran two eddies cousin at the at the desk at the check and ask him ass it. What's up do what you do is like. Oh shit, Charlie's here, you know cause a high. As we want onward said, Andrews Eddie, Murphy,
removal of these thirty years old we now know how will the is now is gonna, be this fifties right, because when I was eighteen years like that, nineteen delirious came out and he was God only twenty four, twenty five back dance, we gotta be innocent. He looks fucking great, so whatever is new and keep it up. Yeah, it's black skin to the black people, have embarked on crack in a strange way, better aging, like really blonde folks, like those really nordic lookin they'd, those motherfuckers wrinkle up like an old catchers, met all turns in on ourselves oily skin, like light and dark skin, to cause that dark skinned doesn't get fucked up by the sun. You now melanin melanin protects you from all the shit that why people I was worried about. You can always put fuckin sunscreen on that
I, like you like, look at Oprah. How old is she shows great with make a bond in real life and on things, and I think that it is if people saw what Oprah looked like in real life she'd be dealing with she being next Stubby W superstar amazing? That opera is one of the few people that gotten by like few people? That's a woman without ever selling herself as sexual object, the out like a barber, Walter's characters. You got your news people and you got out
but she's never had a choice. Right, she's, pretty easy to not be a sex objectively and you can't be a sex out. Just like one of the main points against you know the only way, woman yours on television, just like the biggest fucking of you. If you had a deal you're like look at biggest stars like biggest stars in the country, she's top ten other, one doing everything whether their singers, whether their actors top ten and mean she's done some acting like Susan, the color purple be carefully collar and actor she's, really just a personality, and just from being a personality she's one of the most famous people ever Tony. Would you fuck Oprah Ellen. I am, above all, Vienna choice between either or both. I have to be Alan. I mean that
billing and no brainer either or involve you seen Oprah with no make us now. But if you dont ecstasy of you d ever done ecstasy, I think you'd do both Now I have chosen Loveth operates depends if, like in my eight million- oh Bruce, you know, thirty million dollar compound. I might be more little more easily swayed and you would be like a girl and be if you, whenever guys house, he picked her up in a Lamborghini and drove to his cavity thoroughbreds a billion there with a b man there's something a little bit hot about that very look at that issue is fuck ear for all of you, never wanted a bone rampage jacks
o my son. I can't believe you're terrible person avoids made by people like, like picking on people almost play a character. You play kind of like a evil person, you're almost playing a wrestler in real life I say I like it. I like picking on people, that's my move, that you move your ressler and be the going gets under way. Scandia sticks and stones and break your bones, but my words will you? I won't take you back to remember this high so clearly
this is an interesting time to drop this wow now to most people. This is a shitty for canoes people. Complaints so hard on. My message gets you put it that I love as like I understand the grateful dead now really do get it? I know got what everybody was into the graceful dead until Dmt, with this playing in the background fighter comes out to this music that fighter in the rings like talk man, I don't want to fucking fight this guy. This is some shady guys got extra some extra cash I worked out. We're place man. His eyes.
You can get high and listen to this, and it takes you like really close to that place. That's what's fucked up I have some weird memory like psychedelic trips, But when you have a psychedelic triplets connected to music online, you hear the music again. It recall some of the psychedelic trip. I remember specifically the last time heard this song. I was watching. Seventy Pope's do the robot Pope's Pope hats, while anyway, There goes that Debbie Debbie, rewriting gag right now, you're gonna come in as the wizard now coming as the shaman. You gonna bring in shipments to change change. The course of events does pre dancer. Tawny didn't have any plans undoing dm two either until we went to Texas until forty men.
Before it happen, yeah yeah, you weren't sheriff you gonna do or not. I didn't bring it up, brought it up like right before we do this, we would live work, which is the best way to do it. I don't think I've been specially de empty, but but if you're worried about it dont do it right, but you did it anything that last ten or fear in minutes I can always do yeah, but that ten or fifteen minutes everything yeah so much fun. What was surprising about Just that, just the overall visions and craziness and the mellow shrillness of everything, and it was just a very cosy environment and everything the experience. What did you expect? Verses were actually was
I didn't expect much. I don't know anything about it, so I did. No, I don't know anything about it going into it. That's really crazy. That's probably Frazier, I just knew that aid and mushrooms four days before so. Unlike I write the perfect your primed, it we'd go as a part of our issue fierce room first, which is by the way growing people doing an all over the world like out when he announces that people people get onto rooms all over the world. During that same week, we had so much fun man that night that I went there there was a meteor shower an all out. Your shower, and it was like a plan thing all over the news like media shower tonight. If you just happened to look at the right time and worry out in the middle of the desert, where, if there is a shoot. You said you see a shooting star on a non meteor shower night once every few minutes- and this was just a shower of meteors with a Superman. Woody schedule shrimp around so Superman me, your shower lightning
storm miles away and one patch of the desert just lightning crazy, beautiful bolts and clouds Superman, and dumb and then, when the sun came up, you know it's that we're desert thing we're still dark on one side and there's a moon son coming up on the other. Nice warm shower rain started. We were just like in Heaven. We were just cracking up for seven hours straight. It was insane and I'm done three shrewd fast with our aim- and I have always said you know it's it's better than Christmas. That's the best holiday did something beautiful bugging me either with a bunch of people. Having that common experience together just wish she could do without actually having to take something. Seventy
Mckenna had an interesting take on that he's like unknown people that want to do it. Naturally, people want to do it through yoga meditation he's like I he goes. I don't ever want to be able to access these places accidentally because, like they're so tight technically alien, I
but take something that gets me there and he has taken. It was that everybody has a problem with taking psychedelic that the idea of letting go and taking something is just too scared because we always hear about people overdosing, which certainly can happen with love. Drugs doesn't happen with more psychedelic, but people do have adverse reactions they do. They do like freak out can absolutely happen, but his take on the idea of trying to get there without the drug assists. He was I get so silly. It's you know you can get their instantaneously with the drug, but everybody always want to do it on their own right. There's like can. I can do it. Naturally, I can see those I've ever talk to people that are like a dent against psychedelic, but want to achieve psychedelic states. There's like I can get their natural like. I don't know if you can make me, let it get there, but you can't stay there like I've done,
transcendental meditation, I worked hard. There's been a couple periods of my life. I worked hard at it and just like any mostly get better at it, and yet, if you get good at it in your internet, nearing the right setting twenty thirty minutes in of going over and over again, you you're gone ended that type of state. But your brain immediately goes well. You're in that state, come back in your yeah. Well, I'm just somewhere for two seconds. I didn't you die it there, but you can't really data like you can, with some help rear in it for a few hours right, but is that because you're, not a practice guru or a practice traveller in those mental worlds, isn't it possible that there could be a way? I got the thing that gives me hope Kinda Lamy, because my friend Denny, whose he's a cool Indians, Koona lean
Coon Bellini instructor and he's he's practice for years and has done a bunch of psychedelic says. Well, he told me that he's a bit he's able to achieve those states that he can get to a state of hallucination like psychedelic hallucination. He can literally get to a state where his mind starts. Pumping out. Psychedelic chemicals is as not easy, though, and you know, but he's been doing it every day for years, while he can get their sad thing when, when someone like, you says you know you you get there were, then you go. Oh, my god I can. There? I can totally relate to that because I've been in there in the isolation take before there was one time out and isolation tag where had is crazy. Hallucination that I was in some weird tribe and these people in the tribe were talking in a language that was completely foreign. But I could understand it and I was even thinking in their language and then I realized it. Oh my god, I'm thinking in a language that group was set up. It was over, but I'll never forget that, because that moment,
like it seems so fun like that. I could possibly venture into some completely alien civilization, alien to me, where I didn't know anything about how they were talking at ninety, but I could understand it, and it was almost like this window to what what communication really is that communication, although languages very and although cultures very there's a thing, that's going on when you're communicating like when you- and I are talking right now- is a thing that's going on and you can tap into that thing. Whatever that thing is you can tap into that thing? You do it with language. But in my my crazy hallucination inside the tank I tapped into it with my mind and I was locked in there and although I understood what they were saying I shouldn't have was very. Very strange is a very, very strange wasn't as simple as I was pretending that I could understand with theirs
like in my mind they were noises, we're coming out mouth were. They were fresh reflecting in my mind my eye was giving interpretations on those noises, and those noises were like
They were there, there were normal for like a normal communication, hey we're gonna go down the river, we gotta pick up some water and be careful because a snake that someone saw that's near this log. It was like that kind of shit, but it was in a completely different language. What you know some weird fuckin language right deal, but it's always the same thing like whenever you have something. This really tribute that happens when you meditating are really trippy. That happens when you dreaming very difficult to stay in that state and not go. Oh, my god, I'm having a Lucy dream right when you wake up targeted, do all that stuff, one of the interesting things about shrimp, festering you're, doing it with a bunch of comedians, and you forget that in Europe, in the desert, with seven guys and sometimes you're, all sort of like spread out on a mountain top, you know I mean, and sometimes where to gather laughing
sometimes we would like break apart and then you forget everything, that's happening and then all of a sudden something hilarious happens. You know like at one point one, but guy was like in we're in the middle. The desert, like phones, don't even work out there, but I don't know where you just here cause it's so quiet, it's beautiful, quite desert. You just hear one guy got shit, I just got a tender man. I live in the desert led exactly, and I mean so far away from civilization, so funny like guys in their desire to get laid. Now I wonder, of girls, have the same sort of conversations are constantly trying to figure out how like seeing girls, how they can get some dick. So one of the things that were one of the things that I really really really ways me sometimes if, if a bodies to horny noise, the shit out of me, the worst is, if you have a friend were that supersedes everything yeah you go out with them and they like the legislature.
I'll be hanging out together and they leave they get a booty call D. Leave they get a tax rates. Mccurry outer swiping on tender or their just Jamie. This motherfucker, the entire time in Denver he never put its phone down, but though it I was on currency, my hugging comedy special and he's in the green room, glamorous tinder matches. I was only I've- is guilty of encouraging that, though, because I dont really looks like this, my life right Joe you're, shooting your special in ten nine Joe. What you think of it, this chick she's Vista make up forty arms she's a kindergarten teacher from your freak. What is it tenders like the number one and then this grinder for the gay folk as your oneness, like fur like people, had not sure anything in the middle of Adam just forgot, I know what I'm looking for. What do you got off? What's wrong
I'm not sure what I want for lunch on the menu, you know. Anybody little take any yeah there, but the desperation, the desperation, look up crazy and enabling, as I can tell the comedians that do stand a comedy just to get girls guys didn't get laid in high school in college that figured out later on that need a second. If I make people have gone stage, the people to do just for tax. Is that's anointing guys, I'm trying really hard to be an actual stand right right, exactly those guys, never write exactly. They have the same bids and once they have been at work, they stick those fucking things like glue forever and you like wish. You knew shit man now we can see that's a trap.
Yet whenever you you'd think about other motivations other than the work itself, the work itself suffers here. They said they had. They did this thing. They did this study on me. Innovations and the motivation of doing good work versus the motivation of just trying to make money and they found that the least success was it even when you had a combination of both because then you'd be really distracted. The least results. The worst results word were when someone was like. I want to do good work, but I want to make a lot of money. So how do I do the work make good, but try to make a lot of money.
That is the worst results and the best results were achieved when they didn't think about the money at all, but concentrated entirely on doing good work. Yeah, no doubt about it. I mean I was always in the first three or four years and meet on stand up moving out here. I came out here at the carry on bag and like forty dollars cash rolled into a job at a restaurant. In oh, it's, but I ain't nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing! Nothing and had I when I started, stand up dwelled and thought about the fact that on crashing on my brother's couch and then you know that I was renting out a couch in another. But he's living room. You don't even have I thought about how this is normal and dinner. This sucks, I never would have been able to write another joke, but I had to write everything everything I've written, I mean everything I wrote back, then I wrote while completely broken struggling sites like you gotta just ignore it isn't a fascinating, though, that you can only really
have that kind of position when you're young, when you're young people accept it seems normal. But if you found that adieu was forty and he was living on his brothers, couch tournament, It is a comedian like you, poor, beast, a different situation, you know. I really never found what I was looking for until last year and I decided to quit my job had job at ups as a good job. I was in sales and then boom poor, guys on someone's couch trying to grind it out as a stand up comic can't do it, then, for sure it's hard, even when you're in the later twenties start getting the authorities and people go. Oh come on, man right might be termed a more be done to Baroness ya. Gotta. Do something got us up and then income somehow yeah supplement the income. That's one thing, but the idea of the grand struggle of trying to make it as an actor like say, someone's forty Are they decided not to be an actor good, fuckin, lock, man right, good luck, right! You know cigars at forty five
fucking people out there trying to be actors most forty five year old. Second, to be auditioning. Again, for the same part of a forty five year old have been acting for twenty five years, so you have restored, a teenager and good luck, beating them in your audition One thing that we have were were so fortunate as Stanhope Comic that you create your own stuff. You deliver your own stuff, you design it. You executed you produce it all of it is done by Tony Hinchcliffe when you get up there. It's a hundred percent, a tony hints of production, whereas
if you are even in a band you'd have to deal with all the other. Do it's an abandoned man? When will you do my drum solo, sparking drawing solo having to decide the words of the lyrics and win the all that stuff? That's why bans can't less at all all my bodies that were supposed to be huge rock star? The couple friends that I had that are gurus on an electric Qatar can play in this behind the back everything and they can play anything there. Still in young stone rotating new ban members every one or two years, a tone check out my new ban. This is computer box dreams. Hey check out my new banned. This is a buddhas mystery check out my new ban, brick wall. Extreme, you know it's like: did Brick Wall Street we, like you gotta, go solo, go solo, get rid of these rooms and yeah. It's tough, a bans, crazy, you think of a new.
The people realize all every single credit that they see at the. End of a movie is somebody that could have ruined the movie in almost every, because if they don't pull their weight, if the year, whatever the script supervisor sucks, that could ruin a great It is work, or vice versa, and earning editor can ruin a director direct. Can ruin producer everybody s to pull their weight whereas withstand up it's a one man machine, yeah, it's also like you, you travel light, it don't need a bunch of shit that you have to take me to the airport. You know just it's just so much it's still hard to do, but at least you get like you get undeniable like you, Like those guys are, we know that are totally broke that are open makers that hang around with us, like they're in the same group, sure, but the common clubs, and
their shows and is open shows. My trousers shows is burner, shows everybody interact with each other. We interact with guys that are just starting out. We interact with guys that have been doing it for years. Then, if you fucking good man, if you get three minutes and you ve crush those three minutes. People. Boy you on your show. It might take a few years. But couple years later You know, you're, crushing you do in ten minutes. Your crushing! You do in fifteen minutes your crushing you you're right, you're bombing. I'm back better, you, u crush you write it keep doing. You get undeniable, but if you want a ban, you're, never undeniable, because this some music, that you are not interested in like give. If you are a guy who wants to be a fuckin country, music guy, you can make music all day, but if you're in the wrong place, if they don't like your kind of stuff,
you're. Just not eat you, ve never become undeniable, but if you you can make people laugh, it's pretty universal of your good comic and you have three hundred people there. Those three people might have widely different tastes when it comes to what kind of music they like, what food, they eat, but you can get all three hundred of the laugh was something they ve never heard before. To get off three hundred km to real truly enjoy a song very hard yet Leah. It's it's tough, working with other people too. That's really the thing, but being an abandoned, hard man. I can't even imagine having to put up with somebody's artistic opinion for everything that you're gonna end up representing somebody telling you what they think internal text, the Dama rare to see. If I can get him to send us that Song Sweden close with what did he do, he wrote a song yeah
does he sing in it and it sounds really professional. Like legate leg, it sounds like a real song that you'd here throat we're really here the IRA, good dude, I'm telling you I didn't even know used in that realm whatsoever is right. So a joke he's always been a beetles fan,
he's always been in the music, but it's fuckin good like I was like wow. This is weird, but he's such a good comic. When someone that good, I would imagine that anything that he does essentially could be great. I mean I don't do- is focused on trying to get him to quit. Drinkin he he brought it up. I didn't bring it up. He brought up yesterday's like a drink too much. I wake up everyday drunk, let's get better than when he said the first time you somewhere is talking about pills Alla time and stuff. Remember those annex Xanax stone that, but it takes his antics in the morning and then by Thomas Average, whereas out that's when you hit the boughs these malaria itself on having you and him until Tony together at the ice us
retiring tonight, that retirement half bananas- that's the one. The most beautiful thing also about comedy is camaraderie fucking around with other comedians. You know like we're on the road did mean we do others gates together and it's it's annoying that you gotta go to airports to hotel this, but it's fun were laughing. I click save us Sacramento. We, I said our sacramentos is a puppy mail for porn stars where they re just kick him out, such checks has come out where little sweat, pants say juicy on the back. You little birds and too little the shirt and through the airport, all looking like they're taking the next flight to allay just indirectly in the valley to visit. Certain look when, like you, ve gotta were Burbank. If you leave Burbank to Vegas like when you play that game, which ones or are you play that game which girls are going to the right now, there's a lot of girls,
I live in outlay and go to Vegas and make our shit turn of mind there over the weekend and then fly back to. And I'm on eight and nine, not Madame boats them the big mouth air and it's pretty easy to. There is work to be swept pants like they're playing it down like we're not supposed to notice yeah right, yeah yeah, they don't wear like sexy clodagh. So tired out you'd, fuck and stare, thereby right where are the ugly girls, are the ugly girls they try to dress up those ones try to address down, but it's too army because they try to hard to dress down just where, in an intelligent way,
hurry in Paris where TAT S important for them to give up their hand but swept pants, are hot on a girl supercool used to that little but flap. You know where the cloth like sorting, curls up right, underneath the but cheeks curling swept pants, is so much better than a hot chicken genes. In I mean I mean I'm saying both HA checks, but I'm saying I'd rather I'd prefer Wilma Chickens weapons. Then genes sets out the same. You can't feel what you grab. Girls, ass, swept Frances feels a rabbit. Girls ass, you are if he growled girls, ass and tight genes is like you are holding onto something. That's restrained right. You know it's like. Like a strait jacket, the yesterday Jacqueline you pussy
dick Thick Canvas Strait Jacket, the youth stubbed, your fuckin box into your legs or skin tightly girls. Never wear like like these kind of jingling loose genes, nobody, whereas those they were genes where they can barely walk there, just shoved into them. How often you see a girl with baggy genes, super rare, when is the last time I saw a strip of its I haven't heard a fuckin peep about her. With going a little Lester, I stammered use working up in a cool, Richie she's doing a lot of empty vs. Stop. Isn't I write down? Tony talks are more prone. What are you doing she should have just made a pilot and dumb, she says she's work in it. Stoner thing don't spots store, was the big paused and looked out look up. Big cars. Looked down, look up, just admiring, there's a glowing! Iraq!
this summer, there's a thing right We did earlier today that in one of its and study in international team of neuroscientist, robotic engineers have demonstrated the viability of direct brain to bear. Communication in humans and recently published in some. Some are studied in p, l, oh ass, one. The novel findings describe the successful transmission of information via the internet between the intact scalps of two human subjects located five thousand miles apart: woe they want to find out if one could communicate directly between two people by reading out the brain activity from one person and injecting brain activity into the second person and to do so across great physical distances. By leveraging existing communication pathways, that's fucking nuts man
Oh so what their centrally saying is through the internet, they're sending information directly from brain to brain So what we are talking about earlier, that's real like they are they literally going to be able to directly transmit, like I'm gonna, be able to look at. You send you a message. And whenever we also have to say anything I'll, send you a message and that message going your brain, like I, have an idea like check out this motherfucker as we see in a show in your brain chuck This motherfuking, you like exactly I'm not even to have control over thinking a hundred years from now they're disconnected tools, but who are they, though they are going to be subject to the same shit that were subject to this idea, that is, of a giant cabal of people that it can be able to control this. That might be the most ridiculous aspect.
Conspiracy theories, when the most ridiculous asked apparatus. Gender oligarchy thing really happen. Me said that and that's why I'm one I recently murdered nude they murdered bunch people, that's a lack of communication, they killed people mean business. The nineties is pre internet, while the shipment downright mean circuits the inner It is essentially what's blowing back against them right now, that's more like a fuckin game of Thrones type scenario, right than it is
someone not being able to control information, software or information technology like this. This is a completely different sort of a thing. I just wonder. I wonder what we're gonna be like a thousand years from now we're gonna be completely unrecognizable. The concept of what life is can be unrecognisable and the idea of privacy is gonna, be hilarious, yeah, yeah, yeah, it's enemy, hilarious, flew up, there's, no privacy, stop where the last people experience privacy until the until something happens until there's some sort of a crash like a civilization crash like asteroid impact, super volcano massive earthquake, some power shut down or things go back to normal. We're gonna be the last people that experience privacy, a real, true privacy. There have
we're going somewhere. We got no cell phone signal and like stayed there for days yeah where Joshua Tree, but hang it phones out there get cellphones other, not not with sprint. You can't do that through the eyes they didn t making calls you get to the same thing at something of the comedy store. My phone barely works there yeah. That's because the commerce tourism vortex yeah there's something going on there. You can have full fuckin for bars when you drive up that high parking lot and then You look at your phone wants to step into the fuckin hobbled walls, lesson shrill. It is the paint so true lead breaking out of bed pray. Even though hugging fireplace there's nothing did you know the palestinian people to stop smoking. Other? I heard a rumour of this. I haven't seen it directly actually talk to Paul yesterday for a moment. The parking lot, I'm pretty sure I was smoking. While talking to
Don't you know he's Polly he's he's he's he's a character man indeed Toy Donald darker. Like the undertaker, like the other, really gonna, try to do the job. You people stop smoking, part of the common good Just absolutely impossible is something that could never be done at the comedy store at the last thing. They want is their entire line up out on the sidewalk smoking park. Is there not allowed these to smoke part wherever they want and allows We also have a smoking lounge like they do the airport. They do have a smoking lunch at the comedy store. It swelled everywhere around the comedy store outside of it.
I think maybe they should have like a like. You have never liked a card swipe any of a little membership. You go in to the hot box, but it's in there barbecued go in there and lick your Paso smoking things, especially in Europe like you, don't realize how much people smoke in other countries Holyshit a guy was in Germany. I took these photos of real and it had all these warnings on it and like the smoking station, where you could go into this literally this glass
Fox they created at the airport whose people went in it was filled with smoke. It was so bizarre like we stopped those mean Eddie. Bravo, we stopped and we know that we looked at it real, like look in there. This is crazy, like these fucking people are they're all like the surrounding themselves. Each other smoke I just sitting there. It was a really creepy, I remember, being at the Denver Airport or somewhere at some airport a few years ago and I'm at a layover, and I saw one of those and I went inside and it was exactly like the waiting room from Beetlejuice like all these creepy, like people with like something missing or like something, weird and they're, just slowly, smoking so awful that waiting room from Beetlejuice for the guy sprinkles dust on the guy's head and it shrinks. Beetlejuice holds up by the way
got God Michael Keaton Michael Kittens best work, timberlands best work, perhaps Danny elephants best work. What Michael kittens best work and you ve seen Batman now. That's also timber. And I mean They- went into that post beetle juice to different characters. By the way I mean like that, you know the most. Both amazing works of art in two different takes from micro. Keaton unity was the Michael Keaton Wait play to do there was like there's a hundred of those I politically self funding. Is it so far so good? What about the other one Johnny dangerously Wasn't he and I don't think I've seen that women job has Cabo I've heard good is about about my mother only about a hook once Michael Keaton that your own hands close in you. I read a great interview about him yesterday, He lives in Montana, now HANS every day, Bruin has dogs.
Posted diners, you know just lives a normal cool life and people to strike up nice to meet you, Mr Kane. Whether you live in the neighborhood new lives like this low profile, but he hunts every day and rights and is always on the phone and is looking for the next gag but doesn't want to do any it take in just anything. Does he still act? Oh yeah? How many finds a thing that is interested in? I haven't seen him anything a long time, not where we see a girl exactly the kind of fade out a little, but will he sorted shell and I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure he, sir, I'm pretty sure he likes living the mellow life, but will you Sean's Bron Hoddan Minnesota? What is does Michael Keaton Movie AIR yeah, that's right say human foibles. What human foible escaped bird man at Super human wing levels is a weird word to use here. Anybody use it in a conversation. I know what that means and I'm a wordsmith. Then the right
How to be a word with you. Don't know what foibles has no idea, I'm an honest, wordsmith, Foibles is a minor weakness or eccentricity in someone's character. They have to tolerate each other's foibles Jane. I remember this part in that move. We were just talking about your testicles in you and I don't dangerously that March. It was really can't remember that now that I'm saying it yet that guy's walk about huge balls Oh yeah and things of doctors work around the clock to cure this affliction is gases. Balls, grotius, eggs are the idea. Here is real man near. She knows poor Fox, whether ball swell up size of they. Ve had them on television before worries, gotta, weird nut, yeah we're getting. Our is one ball: zero! Doktor mobile measures of rampant cancers,
ignoring member that videos on the end of June Clammy it showed out and had had like skittles, and it looked like a bunch of weird, not Aveline, intense hackler actions of his balls has a weird time here. You're saying our his balls look like this, scandals in them you ever get jerkily. Did you taste the rainbow in can help himself. Ghana help himself, the others think he's in Michigan yeah, who Michael hidden,
ten a month ago, I read that you give Maison Interview and Ass choir Michael key numbing. It's crazy. I couldn't believe how good it was read. It yesterday ruin soak at the skies live in a cool life. Man then he's just a cool. Do this journalist dino explains at like when I got the assignment. Here's what happened, and I talked at Michael Kittens manager and here's what he told me I should look into before. I meet him next thing. You know. I'm on a plane and Michael Kittens calling me at six thirty. I am like. I hope it's not too early on the. If, for lunch, Bobby Balikh Michael Kittens just the man pretty much you know big fan how come on. If anybody born in nineteen. Eighty four, if you don't like Michael Keaton, then you know what get out of the world go, go go to the ocean and just swim. The direction not of light
just keep swimming until you're. Nothing, if you, if you're anti Michael clean your anti everything, that's good beetle juice, the best Batman, multiplicity the revised or was it the movie played. There was him, and it was a couple that was renting him: an apartment and He didn't wanna leave memory. He was like some crazy scammer. It was like a San Francisco was about San Francisco to San Francisco has like insane real estate. Member that I find it. He was like. I forget the name of it, but I think it was with a dude from vision. Court,
to Jerusalem moves inquest. They originally vision quest the wrestling merely gay Matthew, Modiste at member, should I think he was in that movie night shift know. Now I find it the squeeze like Pacific something or another Pacific heights- yeah! That's it! That's it thousands of a movie he's been allotted been a lot of he Ark the new beginning, he was a voice of Noah. What kind of a piece of shit was of shit? Was that When we watched no, we tried to watch, you should say we tried the wise, the new, no a movie with Russell Crow hole. Was that bad, and here we watched part of what was
you didn't want. You gave up, we all gave up Jamie gave up to, but I hung in there a fucking took more blows to both you, I tap, it was gross, it was so bad and then it got to like so it became the first. It was like there was like monsters stuff, like rock monsters and bad people and was so like predictable and goofy. But then, when I got on the bus, when they were dealing with the flood? Then it became like this weird in all sort of like when walking dad got all about people. You know anybody got bombed out just like interpersonal shit between people? That's what it is on this stupid boat with Noah. You would think this story would have a better arc, you sent,
the hand help yourself. Are you really obviously again so? What's new and tony Hingeless life with crush rigour goes on havin fun? Man still did a lot of talking with you. I'm really excited about the some little things come and but little few writing projects that I already sort of pitched in waiting for the good word for that. But really I most excited about, kill, Tonia care about it. A lot and I love it- should be a tv show real. Should I just love it we're having some fun. Every Monday, the last ten episodes of been our best episodes. It's running like a machine. It's that room is packed every Monday, the there's buzz. I feel like it's just fun and cool and its bring it to come Oh, yes, you do live now.
Do live in these local comics. How many comics you haven't Columbus? How many when I used to do up and make their there was at least fifty comics that would sit there and all we would all have to audition in front of other comics just to do three minutes, no shit, fifty! Yet it was a lie back then, while I had no idea so many people, you know asked tweet a day at least take bring it to Vancouver how you, how do you pick like? Provokes it or not? We shall works. Everybody goes up another minute how many comics you have onshore well, usually about twenty two thirty sign up and usually about twelve to fifteen, get on and you decide how many gone? How just it just depends see the part that that's the part of the format. That's a little bit more. Is how long we spend on each person is totally dependent on how we feel with them up very right. So the brute force and another person as a minute and then the professional colleagues guph on them. We talk to them about, and maybe maybe we try to coax them
the writing a new bit by asking them questions about their life, whether from body bar or or my father or do find em right, yet a guy wearing but look like come stained shorts on first man like I came here all the way from Tesco Loose Alabama. To do my first say to stand up and he's like we're these terrible shorts and, of course, a mental a up, he probably was, Silverlake its character is working on is probably totally fake. Phobia hipster, just fuckin with you just decided like making our peace at doing really bad obvious stand. We used to make fun of people a lot harder, really changed: death threats, no violence itself. Now I think the shell is a little bit cooler and more positive, and I found something that I found out through the show, because you know I like making fun of people and roasting. It's definitely a part of my
whatever toolbox, but I think the shore organically grew. I think it's more satisfying to give for somebody to come up with something the genuinely funny and only they can do and try to figure out what that is in a short allotted amount of time. It's like watching a baby being born like a little comedy baby like if you know whatever the guys in indian guy from whatever, and it turns out to be done now we just had sinbad- also on recently and Jeff Garland, which, when you guys did that at the commonest or yeah nice there, we ve done most of the episodes at their every Monday, eight o clock companies and if anybody wants a sign up how far in advance, if we get that day that debt to show up do, to show up in the same way, without might their right to do so. In a few places like that gum-
love factory, sign up and you have to wait in line and the? U waiting lifelike the next week, the sector's what MRS torture, people we're gonna work for free for yeah yeah, but the idea is to make them work hard for some reason make an early I don't get it. There are just as easily have them go up that day and why do you have to wait and mine. You know make them sign up and then pick from the people inside the same reason, the laugh factory does everything. What they do is they think a line outside of their place makes them look busy. That's how they do it. That's why they don't they rather not sell drinks. On a patio or a back bar and upstairs earn anything made rather make it look like its busy by putting a little lying around the front, that's their whole track. Now, oh yeah. We too suddenly something happening. Look there's people waiting on the sidewalk, those young comic standing in ninety five degree, heat
no reason for five hours a day you literally for hours and hours, people will get there. You have passed by I did DOM Irrera podcast and it was during the day- and there was a bunch of people that were there was actually Eliza's podcast I did out of there easily during the day is a bunch of people are just sitting there for no fucking reason. Have to stay there, which is like ensuring someone that can't make a living. I do not require or anything of them while making them stay there right. How hard Jesus Jamie Messiah does two days in a row. We ve been talking shit about getting well, it's the first fifteen people or whatever they get there. They'll make them wait all day by these very important body. We have to get them to sit in the we have system, we teach, we teach them, they do pay they do it. We ve heard him on the part, CASTOR nope. I did a pocket,
with him and dollar area and listen to love. Jamie Dalia me wrong. I do love the guy in the guy is responsible for keeping open. One of the top clubs in the country in that club is one of the best clubs and allay which makes it when the best cubs the country may make innovation, which has no like I don't. I don't think the color is yellow and blue and orange belong anywhere near cause your dark man with a dark. So damn right, that's why he's redressing old dancing around going. They undertake trick has been proud of that. Have some silly. You right, though this item about Carmody were dark, seems to be Gimme a low ceiling dark just to make my extend a stool. That's all! I'm fuckin want redcoat speaking to us
you're gonna be out. The calmly works. You gonna get a date there. The headline after you are working within their amazing. I was so happy. I picked up last she's, that's a spot. Yeah Wendy's, awesome yeah. She really is, but that that club also like the perfect set up like literally the perfect set up fatality hanging out with her, was really interesting, because you know I I never really got to hang with mid see. And you know I know it's two different people and everything, but the amazing maternal energy that I felt from her and like love of stand up comedy made me feel, like I sort of God it from like being a comedy store guy, but in a post mid sierra like it is amazing to get the hang with a powerful comedy woman like that yeah she's awesome, there's only a few people. Down the country that are responsible for scenes. You know, like the
how many scenes in cities can be directly dependent upon like a single club. Sometimes I cap city is like a big one for Austin. I just another piece of work that recently that that's like the that's the big spot in Austin, that is the big club in Austin, Texas and theirs, a few, those all across the country. It's a kind of amazing that they haven't like tried to move in with an improv and Austin. I, how has the improv missed on Austin Texas? you mean they have won in Houston, but it doesnt it's kind of a sketch neighbourhood, apparently, but there's no more other like there's no more independent club in Houston anymore, these to be the last stop which, like the one of the greatest of all time, that club the last operas responsible for Bill Hicks SAM
Kennison even Janine Garage, awful or think did a lot of her early stuff out of at last. Stop it was just a completely different kind of club and that one club like define that whole towns comedy see used in at one point time was like one of the best comedy scenes in the country like some of the best up and coming young Towels Coronado Euston was weird, but that club goes under that one club goes under and then the whole thing just kind of like drifts off tart try to keep a scene when you find someone like Wendy yet appreciate the forgotten near, and I love that I mean any anybody who had seen me talkin a bunch, a crazy dark, evil stuff before you and go hey you're cool, even until we can hear that
like. While we talk anymore you're funny yeah the inner there, everybody always looking for an excuse wide and not, even though it's funny it's like, if everybody is always like, I know so dark, and I wanted to venture- small, I don T, say so: dont you you're just funny man. You know it's not like it's disgusting or ridiculous. I do you looking down on your own act or somethin like when you don't like so dark, so dark skin, not that dark. Well, I always get told to people's theories on why this is that why things are happening is that recent right we talk to agents managers. Does those people you shouldn't? You should talk to them. You know my manager told me the other day. Please tell me he goes you need to. You need to not be so much of a wrestling villain like at your light you're like a pro wrestling villain, and I don't think that goes well with stand up comedy nobody's ever
Not before I got you hear what you just said. I go nobody's ever done that before you just said it isn't it Yet no one gets can't tell someone or too much of an anything. He doesn't have any idea why you're funny? No one has any idea why you're funny other than you that sounds ridiculous, you're, absolutely right. The only people that can help you other pro comics at work with you, the kind of see things you know, maybe if you this or maybe, if you that and then you taken into consideration and knowing its coming from someone who actually knows there talking about, but someone has never done, stand up, trying to tell you what does or does not make you funny, they can't do it. I can't do it. It's just wasted conversation buddy! You should be Innovation ex guy gone stage. Everything come out of your mouth is about generation ex genuine solidarity. So that's what my four You know what Jamie may have taught us right. Why the best one ever! Please use
To do the oh, you wait for hours to do the open MIKE and then everybody, if you weren't, if you stick around after the open making love to Jane, eaten the owner of the left entry Jamie will keep you his advice on your career. What he said you buddy. Buddy very funny. You wear cowboy. Had you make it to come back with cowboy had they put you on stage so I took I entered the cartoon around me. You're gonna die, if think about it, thinking if you came out our way out of these, you get a spot now. Maybe a funny bet. If you had a fuckin Campbell had the captain, you trunk just mean to the laugh. At any rate, I it's ugly Jamie remember me, it's Tony has clarified. Take your advice got the Heck Campbell have since been Beaumont. Everyday life actually do when I would do DOM show
next Tuesday, before do our is a tv show warm up at the left factory, Tuesday night till my story, I do and then go. Do us early storytelling arrow next, Tuesday. The ninth in Hollywood is TAT, will be in town, you are late, Germans fuck progress over. You could find Tony Hinge cliff on Twitter. His What's her handle is Tony Hinge cliff, it should say super twink in the title, but it nah! I don't understand. I've went looking, but it just doesn't seem to be up there. Super twink come see me read, Ban and Tiffany had it in Michigan Columbus in Vienna, in Phoenix and inaction said. Look for those that yeah go to death squad, dot TV for all that information, Tony Hinge Cliff is tee, o N Y age, I n c h, see I f f e on Twitter and what's your website. Tunisians cliff dot com.
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