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#549 - Big Jay Oakerson

2014-09-15 | 🔗
Big Jay Oakerson is a stand up comedian and he also hosts his own show "Legion of Skanks Podcast" available on iTunes.
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Gary, let us get married. Why would be let us get married to begin with fucking fights we can't be marrying each other anyway, go to Legalzoom dot com dad. Why are you marrying him and uh see if you can get divorced from your boyfriend? Is it about your husband, whatever yeah my dad? Whenever gay dude says my husband, I was just go I got it takes a second, I'm saying prove you're! Ok with it, I'm not! Judging but, like you said husband right, your guy, alright, alright, but don't you believe it's possible, I'm not homophobic at all. But if I see and I live in New York, where, if you see two guys making out you're still like weird yeah word little still. Well, it's always going to be if you're heterosexual, 'cause for the most part, you don't see it until you reach an adult, age and then you're out in the wild, with the wild homosexuals that just frequently thoroughfares and
avenues and then just like breed wrong spot like if you going down Santa Monica blvd- and it's probably we should probably start the podcast right here with Joe is. Is there different levels of that where you look at the C2 people, kissing and you're? Just like you know what I'm a little hungry for that or like all, my god, that's how you like, is it at all like on and off you think, like just do some people look at you know to what are you saying like if you're walking down the street and see, if you can anybody anybody thanks you guys kiss each other. Do I ever say is that hot? Is it completely? Huh various in like weird or is it like Miley like oh, I see what they're doing there or is it like? Does it seem should be done in person outweigh the way before you try to express yourself is such a complex man. It just seems very like I wonder if there's different levels, because I'm I'm what I'm like that's hilarious and creepy and weird so what's the plan and with the guys look like 'cause he's a broad spectrum of masculine to feminine homosexuals. Just like there are, you know, like women look different, you know I mean
If you run into two of a certain type of women making out, it's not fun, but if you know it's uncomfortable, but if you run into women that are just whatever, whatever reason they flow together, well visually, but if two Brad Pitts were kissing or Brad Pitt and George Clooney can never be hot to me, 'cause, I'm straight male with it would be. I would sympathize, I would say you know, what's weird, that I would judge and then I would hope that they don't run into anybody. That's mean I do that, would you take a photo? now, that's what I have to have the stones make. Why like against that about that telephone pole depends if someone they start taking the. Pants off, I probably start filming startle and after, but then you get caught with gay porn on your phone and then legally acquired gay porn you're, a bad person. Then you're creepy yeah you're not supposed to just filling people. I don't think you're supposed to just film people
You know, I don't know what the rules are like about. I guess, if you do something publicly should be assumed that you're filming it, but if you just took film some guys make it out, put it on you too yeah, but if you call to make a website called Joe NEWS existing on it, You just hang one of the signs around your neck, like when they do for tv shows like filming in progress. If you walk through assume that you will be show yeah, Legalzoom DOT, magazine code word. Rogan Legalzoom could help you out with all these questions. I don't think they can. You can hire an attorney. Legalzoom was developed by top attorneys to provide self help services at your specific direction. They're, not a law firm, they will provide you with a third party tourney, though, if the shit hits the fan, I have to say all this before we get done with this. Otherwise, those of stuck in this commercial for an hour anyway, we we've use Legalzoom Brian used it to form death squads, Aubrey used it did to make on it. It's it's an awesome service, so you go to Legalzoom
com ten years ago were broken and last but not least, were brought to you by on it dot com that is in, and I t human optimization website and on. It is right now releasing the newest of our artistic kettle bells the werewolf kettlebell the legend bells, but we have the zombie bells, of course, which I think we're out of. I think that's what's going on the website here I don't see the zombie bells were out of am instead of the great apes. We still have some of those and we will, I'm sure, will have the zombie bells back 'cause. They were fucking awesome. We got some other ones that are coming out to got some new ones. That's nice, man, yeah, the werewolf dope. It's heavy as fuck to the werewolf is a big one. It's some sixty five pounds, twenty kilograms sixty to sixty two pounds, so it's a good one to work out with it was so cool they hurt. They hurt do any kind of like we flip the flip it over in your wrists, like do one with the skull and yeah. We just crack my wrist. Well, you gotta do is. First of all, you got to make sure that the faces outside facing the opposite direction.
That's a simple solution. I guess that that's what you do, but that's how you know tired, but the uh thing is you gotta learn the technique of like punching through like when do you swing a kettlebell there's a certain amount of control that you develop with it, where it doesn't ever hurt your arm because, like a lot of times, people want to start now, especially they'll put wrist things on like they're, trying to get an eagle to land on their arm, cushion things so that when the kettle bell flips and hits it it doesn't hurt. But you get you get to know what move ' especially twisted sort of yeah yeah you you twisted toward you first and then, as you're going to be sort of punch through it and you got it. It's a first if you do the smooth motion every slams in your arm, but the thing is you're, una right. You gonna get tired when you're tired this new techniques of first that's when you can, you can yourself up technique suffering is that's I've done some doing cross fit. I did so much back damage because I just never. We worked hard on good form. It's so important. Yeah welcome to the club there's so many people that I've heard of
I was doing that kind of stuff fills up power. Lifting exercises you know, especially on Steve Maxwell, whose a real expert in fitness and the guy, whose he's an incredible, should be sixty two years old, guys are just an animal and just a wealth of knowledge he's not a fan of those type of workouts, because he said that those Powerlifting workouts should all be done with very strict form and very heavy weights very wraps he's like so they're. Essentially taking these. These workouts are all about this one big explosion in the most you can get up and they're doing them over and over and over and over and over and over, and some people get away with that. But some people get really fuck well. They also have the element of like competition to it, which I never really bought into it. I was just doing it's like trying to lose a lot of weight and get in shape, so I just looked at, like whatever was on the board with my work out, but there is a competition element, so it is funny they spend, but the first fifteen minutes of any cross class I've done
is showing you the former today's work as the proper dead live. This is a proper. You know yeah, I cloud clean power clean and then they do that for fifty minutes, then they go all as fast as you can people they want to win. So gosh is, like you, just see how they're bent over the wrong way and just like ten, so much interesting facts for anybody. That's about doing any kind of work out with either kettlebells or even just regular weights. Just dumbbells or barbells police start off slow if you've never done any work out before working out. Is all about, is tearing down your muscle, fiber and then it heals and when it heals it get stronger. You have to tear it down and then you have to recover. The recovery is one of the most important parts and that's one
things that fucks up a lot of athletes. One of the number one issues when it comes to wrestlers like a lot of wrestlers, because they're so mentally tough, the over train, the to hold their body up, is their bodies, never getting the proper rest. You know if you're, not a competitive athletes in some sort of a program. We can't you can't decide how much work You have to do because you have to follow a team if you're not in that kind of a an athletic program, and you can do it yourself be fucking smart about it. It's hard to do because everybody wants a just God. Damn it a fat ass. I've been eating donuts and drinking cokes. I need it just clean up my diet on a work out like an animal. If you do it too hard to quit, you rip things apart, you will your your body's not develop for it. You're a build up to those kind of workouts That's why it's nuts, while like steroids, that's what they do is I can help you heal fast. You can work out harder, exactly that's a funny, missed inception noise, but steroids were even who is there to make it like? You know it's like they stick steroids and drogos arm, and he could just win fights and everything. You know I mean people always treated with Barry bonds like that they were like he takes steroids like he
acted as arms. We can crack home runs ago, still requires a ton of exercise and work. Work out he's got work harder still than anybody else, she's. Definitely, but you definitely have an advantage over everybody else to work on it with that in our yeah I mean none of these guys are taken it and then just being world beaters are taken it working out like demons and then being world leaders yeah, there's a lot a lot going on with that stuff, but the real problem with it is that crashes, their endocrine systems of fucks up there, but I was watching this. This thing on bodybuilders builders. Videos watch this online. What this guy was interviewing a bodybuilder. I responded to him it to my timeline. Yesterday. It's the crazy shit ever is dude. Who was a big time? Competitive bodybuilder talked about how we got into it and talked about all the stuff that he was dumped into his body and it's like
What pain pills every day via get in steroids? This that is is kid it was like. Thirty is. Kidney was like ready to go like they're like dude you're gonna, be on dialysis in the year like it's over. What you gonna have to need. New kidneys are yours, you just but crashing the whole party just take a giant purple great monster. Needle marks and fucking veins everywhere, and they just get addicted addicted to that addicted. To that thing, in sticking chemicals in making your body big and bigger training like a month. You call him a junkie too if it was like, as if you saw what they did like that they, like you, know a plate. I mean I grew up with my stepfather was a competitive powerlifter, so he was a new. A lot of friends were bodybuilders and stuff, and you see these guys have like a plate of and for us every day- oh my god, my god wow, that's so crazy, junkie, behavior not yet that's not healthy folks, but yeah junkie, behavior
It exists in a lot of forms existing gambling. You know the gambling is the big one, uh I'm around, so many people. I know so many people that have really crazy gambling problems that video they just put up key is going to be on the podcast, we're working it out right now, it looks like he'll, be on October, tenth, really looking forward to having him and talk to him that the video is the best work, video I've ever had the extreme kettlebell cardio workout series there so brutal. That's all you need folks, you don't need a gym membership. You a dvd cost. Thirty dollars, you take one cattle ballot, thirty five pound kettlebell any it will fuck you I mean literally, don't need any more equipment and that kettlebell will be around to the end of time. It's solid metal. Those things are so fuckin durable? You never have to worry about him. Breaking me by one. You have that for life. You could pass those things, including the artistic ones, the well from the chimpanzee. Those are solid, cast steel we their iron kettle bells. These are like, like the old russian metal. I guess I guess it's. I guess
iron, but the Russians were the ones to develop these things. This design and there's some of 'em. They make some of them that are like aluminum on the outside of the kind of waited on the inside. These are not, though, these are solid, solid metal and their awesome. You can't get like any better quality kettle bells. We found the best ones get online and there are little more awkward in some ways to lift with than some of the like what they call competition kettle bells that are larger, kettle bells but lighter. But that awkwardness, I think, is good everybody's trying to be do fucking comfortable with these God. Damn things they're difficult to use, and I do I do my squats now I put a seventy in each hand and do those things it's awesome. Go all the way down to your ass touches your cat and just think you're fucking fighting for your life think that, where wolves are chasing you and shit when you're holding on to it, I do. I think that my life is in danger. I think I'm like I'm on a hunting trip and I'm trying to get up a tree in a bears chasing or something. Do you have think that way?
roof ones like like right here going its way someone referred. The currently trading is like a like apocalypse: training yeah. You know because all functional movement yeah. What could you do it? The functional movement is like it's hugely. Like pull ups and stuff, like that, even those basic movements like it's amazing how I can't do a pull up still like if I was, if I remember, always feel that feeling, if you were like falling from a building movies, will catch them selves in alleging there like I just going to delay me dying for a couple more seconds like I couldn't possibly pull my bot maybe may, with an adrenaline shot. I shoot up, but something tells me if I had to call my own body weight up a building I'd be gone. If you had to catch yourself by hand, you would have to be like one of those parkour dudes share, super gymnos dudes. Most of us would just spazz off the building and fucking crashed or death, and we add coke nails. They would prob like like werewolf coke nails. Have you ever seen those rushing guys who go out on like the cranes and election up
so I can watch this that it makes my legs feel weird on it: dot: com Onn. Tonight we have to end this. We can end this. Rather, we don't have to do anything. Fuck it we're just talking user code, word, Rogan, save ten percent off any and all supplements lot of new shit in in clue, if you haven't had it yet, though the warrior bars which of the most awesome thing ever. This is a thing that we had made. That's an engine Lakota Recipe, it's organic, Buffalo meat I'll bring in stacks of these groups, Alaska, no antibiotics, no added hormones, and it's got fourteen grams of protein in one hundred and forty calories, four grams of fat for every two out serving very healthy for you all kinds of cool shit on it and again use forward. Rogan save ten percent off any and all supplements Brian to the music daughter. Toddle is fucking up again
No, you said you didn't want to music, so I can blow the early unplugged it that's. How wonky are fucking system is need a better system. We can just plug, oh no, I mean I play, I usually unplug it just some nothing bad happens like in the middle of it. I get like an instant message or something and you're like what the fuck was, that you get instant message on your Ipad. No, but I'm saying it's something like that were to happen. You know big J. What up dog buddy thanks for coming in man? Thank you for having me is very exciting, but is that is an e cigarette you get on? You know. Congress is trying to fucking ban those. Finally, let's find the step in and governments stepping up and ending, these evil evil e cigarettes that are stealing money from the mouths of the babies of the families that own the tobacco companies, which is Marlboro. Who makes your preferred brand logic, and I deal with the logic: zero. No, nicotine,
This is a no no no action yeah. All I see so it's like a just a habit thing crutch yet, but I haven't, I that's actual guesstimate twenty nine days from a year that's interesting that that's interesting like a zero tobacco thing that just fills the habit 'cause, it doesn't, but your wall, pier water, vapor here wow and there's no feeling whatsoever. Do you get like a little mental thing? That happens? Mental thing yeah? When I get the itch to go with things, I've always wanted to do what do you put in up? They just need you. It just said that now e cigarettes are allowed to have paid commercials during movies. Now- and this has not you know, they haven't had that for sixteen years since cigarettes, women, women, women- you mean before the movie yeah like pay product placement, but women. That's not a product placement that before then on the movie or in the movie hate product placement in films has been off limits for tobacco companies for sixteen years and now they're allowed to have paid, I get movies, there's they're allowed to be paid,
so what you're saying is like, if you watch the incredibles or whatever, and they all pulled out most in e cigarettes are getting paid for that. You know why setting crops could say it was way story. Pictures have thrown it's white story. Well, I was going to say November man, what's the new one, with the peace process and fellow so, if he's smoking in e cigarette, it's one of those things right if he gets paid to do it, that's so weird that they do that on television, You know, like you, only be able to use like MAC computers on some show that so weirdly obvious two hours number american Idol, like every judge, happen to be drinking. A coke turned out to the right yeah. Well, there's that two and there's just there's also like gun- certain shows like you'll, see everything even movies. You'll see like every product is a Sony and they'll still close up on the Sony phone. When someone gets a phone call, so you see the Sony logo and will be on a vaio laptop, go Sony as a deal in this movie. Actually, when it's not so
and it seems like it's always not like they always use apple computers and they always have this sticker over the apple logo or iphones, but they have the apple logo covered up for some reason, like every single tv show. So it's almost like apples like no, obviously enough, so you have to pay us so that no, no, no, you got it totally wrong to be opposite yeah, it's they don't get paid by apple, so they cover it up. That's what it is, if Apple paid them- then they would have yeah. They were not going to advertise your thing yeah, but isn't it weird that it seems like every show does use apple products and all their shows they want to. You know: there's like a cult of apple in Hollywood for sure I'm not sucking my own dick, but I did a show called P Diddy's, bad boy. Comedy on HBO, and that way it turns out. That was just an entire c. Is another tv show to promote Sean John Clothing? Really they made you, you had to wear Sean John clothing. Yeah, you say dresser when you did say, dress me up in my hip, hop clothes. It's great! It's really meant you had to wear their clothes to do stand up.
Yeah, all they could find my size was a short sleeve, like zip up sweater. That said, right across the front lawn, my god, I was about seventy pounds heavier than I am now you did. You did stand up with the Sean John Shirt on because they made you wear it yeah. I think I mean I did bet's comic view of my pant leg rolled up in my first year of comedy, I think one pant leg rolled up like a local j, I but I did full wigger. I went hard on. Did you for how long just you know what it was uh figured out. I started out in a black comedy room and I just found out I can fucking destroy if I just went right to, right on that level? Now I actually load that kind of comedy and it's fun to expose that, like the so who goes into a black room and just like come on ya, you know when you buy a bitch or drank and then that bitch walk away, I'm going to go dancing with that drank bitch. I bought it but yeah yeah yeah every joke set you up in a club, there's a few white guys who take on that role with zealous intention, yeah
there's a few those white guys, there's always like one or two of those out there that like get known as a white guy who does Black Tom and why yeah Gary Owen, nice watch him is blow God. Damn I have no idea to elicit listening to what's funny. Is that when you, if they turn the mic the phones off on the audience you'd be like so there's all black people in the audience would be like well, they're, probably furious right, what's happening like basically being called clowns like they won't understand a white guy and LE. He does this, and then you turn on the volume, the audience and they're just roaring high five and just losing their shit in the audience like really it's like a it's such a gr and scheme pander, it's blows. My mom you're allowed to do that panda, though, as long as it's like positive you're allowed to do that pander, if you do it good,
seems only it seems so phone, it seems really phony, because guys I work with in the black circuit when I started that, like fantastic comics, black and white, I'm Bill Burr used to do some of those rooms. You know, but isn't it weird like no one has any issue whatsoever with a black guy who does like alternative comedy like that really dead. You know no one's going to run with, like nerdy comedy, no one would say he's taking on the affectation of the white nerds, but I'll tell you what that guy eats shit in a real black comedy room. Black nerd right, the black, the black nerd, is not accepted by it. Now the White Guy, who acts like a black eye, each shit in a lot of white, comedy clubs, yeah, that's what happened the first king in New York, and I would do ridiculous wow intimate it's so crazy that they make you wear their clothes. This lady would Stop hunting, you couldn't or say no
the part of the part of the deal yeah. There is also some contract where in that or if he was your manager for like three years beyond that show or something like you got a managerial cut of anything, because assuming anything you got moving forward from p these bad boys comedy somehow was because, because of p Diddy, that's no joke I've seen that in reality show contracts, I've seen that we're friends were thinking about going on a reality show and they brought the contract to someone, and it turns I'd say if you're like comma, you know if they created some new show like a real housewives type show, and then you became like the breakout star and took off and had like books and shit like a lot of these chicks, do and started making bank they could get a big fat piece of that and that's not all yours on some of these contracts because you'll be it'll even be called like oxygen networks. Whatever chick presents yeah it could I mean you're allowed to use that in your credit, you know like, as seen on you know, Sean Diddy's bad,
boys common. You allowed to use that. You know I'm saying but like still own you, they are saying that you have no value of the value that they gave you they own it like they don't just they don't benefit from having a talented person on the show that rewards them and gives them ratings, which in turn gives them more advertising know know, know, know know they want a piece of your future prosperity. Your future prosperity based on you being an entertaining person that they put on television, so not Do they want to pay people just to show tiny amount of money? Then they want to script. What they're doing but and treat him like they're, not even actors they treat him like is weird slaves. Are these robots about mode at in the world? Yeah yeah, because a an act? No actors, let anybody do that, you can you do you'll, get a sit com, they say: okay, we own all your book sales and you and you know anything you do in the movies anything from here on the reality stars. So are you totally against it because there's some issue of the reality stars? They are completely made by the network. They are
that's important though, but yeah, but how is it any different than actors, because at is are better at it because they're the because there's a crack there's there is a skill that you either something it's like. What are the ones that suck? But I mean like do you think like like shit like Snooki, should always keep some kick back to MTV to some degree? No, I don't. I just have Gordon Ramsay I think those are his shows. I don't know he's on like four different shows yeah, but I think those are his show yeah, he creates you know, I'm saying, like he's a pretty famous dude. That's not a good example, and he also, skill. It's like he's a world renowned chef. It's not like Snooki, I'm saying you know this already famous. If it depends on what you do, though, if you're like the guy was on the bachelorette, he owns like a horse stable if, after that show so the horse, stables business picks up huge. I don't think there should be any kickback from like that, but if there's something moving on like another reality, show bachelor all stars whatever
make sure I think to some degree dude. I think that's crazy talk, I think a person who is working for you when they're doing something like that, if you're a producer of a television show or an executive in a network, or what have you who I know who's getting the money been, you hire someone you're hiring someone, because you think that they're going to be the best performer in this production that you're putting on now, let's stop pretending their reality, sure, ok, the only reality show is fucking cops. You know, I know it's a reality show because one of the got shot and killed the other day 'cause. It's real, really really hard. Yeah wanna sound guys and they filmed the whole thing like regular cops style. He got shot and killed the fuckin sound, guided, that's uh the only real reality videos out there now it hasn't been released yet really recent thing, but when you're watching a lot of these shows whether it's about selling cars or you know whether it's about being in a pawn shop. It's all rigged, everybody knows what the subjects going to be beforehand. They know what the scenario is there painting so you're, basically an actor you
quasi actor. They can't put you on the show say: if we do fuckin big, get big J's GO house and decided I'm going whole hog in the c, like a hog, spinning around big Jay, I do stand up comedy, but I also love cooking, so I decided to open up and then they they what they own knew they own you, they own a piece of you forever that our shit, the reason why they want you want to show in the first place whether some crazy housewives, that fucking get spilled up and start screaming at people or whether you're Charlie Sheen uh. If he ever does a reality show the reason why they want you is because they think people are going to tune in to you and they're going to benefit from that. They can't when you, because they made you all no you're right- and I guess we don't is talking about originally- I can remember you're talking about not talking to anybody specific I'm talking about these reality shows is reality shows where they take people, and you know we're we're talking about him being forced to wear their shirts, I'm so these these shows that, like, like him, say
he was going to be managing him for three years afterwards. They they connect people these weird wager will only you for a look a long time after your single get a kick back, but I guess you're, even the example that I use. I guess like smokey really like she was cast to do some research in some. In essence, he is an actor when the cameras on you, man, let's be real, it's very difficult for people to be themselves. It's just very difficult when the cameras on you and you say, ready, go you're performing when you perform in some weird. So a sitcom reality show that's just not it's not based on re. I know what the fuck is really going on, but you see Alan Thicke show what no Alan Thicke had. This reality show he watching you. Why don't you just do a sitcom like it was just so setup so set up. Everything is a gene Simmons things like that to exactly it's sad and I love Jenny Simmons, I love gene Simmons. You have a kiss shirt on yeah. I love kiss. I found a
I did the other day that I'm Paul Stanley's coming in. I found a letter the other day that I read. I wrote rather to some magazine when I was eleven years old like a kiss letter yeah my mom saved it, so I'm gonna bring it in and read it to Paul family. What is unusual yet don't they have a new surgeon? Some inside yeah show him a Bostonian some arena. Football show I don't know what he is as soon hello, but the the reality show that reality show those are hard to watch you. She was ones like. Why is Mark Wahlberg, doing a reality like going in life but yeah, but he's getting exposed as being a doofus reality show that show I mean it makes him like. It just looks good move when he it's not well he's not he's a narcissistic move. I don't even think it's that I think you probably want to help all the people out as healthy as brothers. Yeah he's helping his other than his family out, it's exactly helping them like actually helping like giving the money. So it's like come earn a little bit. I think having him apart of it. Without it
out me he's a mega movie star having him out a part of it ensures its success. People want to see. Mark Wahlberg, hang around this family period, I'll watch all show show the show that I find interesting to some degree at least give a couple chances. I couldn't very much Mark Wahlberg yeah, but I couldn't even drum up a reason to give it a shot to watch other than other than other than to for the wrong reasons. If he's welcoming that that's kind of weird we were saying earlier, I think, is really true about these reality shows being completely scripted the reason why is because these of shows, can happen where they're just boring nothing happening, you The Kardashians are fight with their mom, a fight with her boyfriend, this guy's out of rehab, but that girls pregnant. It's always like something you're tuning into there's, always some chaos, so they know how to hook, you up. This one is the best show by far, and I recommended actually like watch it's it's great know. If you
Kim, threw it on dvr the bad girls club I've heard of it, I can watch it over, not just throw us myself pieces a I mean these checks are like garbage. And every they fight it online they fight over just immediately after the gates. It's like this bitch think she's cute and like would you say, bitch and then the hospital fights fights again there at the hospital will that's how they stay. Some yeah, the the producers come out and they say like look. We let you guys right. You know happens, but you did you hit in in the I ball with a high heel, so we're gonna, we're gonna have to ask you to leave to get teary like you know. I'm gonna miss my girls. This book is ridiculous. Hi ball with a high heel, yeah man and then people will take things to the next level, because that's how you get noticed, if you don't take things to the very next level, you don't get notice yeah I mean that's, why I mean the UFC's great example that buried boxing. You know I mean like
sort of has well. The problem with boxing is there's only like a few big stars. That is like a few fights that you want to see, and it's there just going to punch like the flag waver weather. My Donna fight is past weekend. Maybe there's a master he's a master boxer. It's beautiful to watch mean he really knows how to fight. I mean he's just one of the rare like him and Bernard Hopkins. James Toney is a good example, is the real but uh, Andre Ward. Just boxing masters like if you understand how difficult it is, what they're doing it's Mazen watching a guy pain, really beautiful picture where in MMA you get that to and you get to satisfy that gladiator hers. You want to see two guys fight. I get my ears perk up on anytime. I see people fighting on the street or anything it's like yeah, that's who is being there yeah this the added elements of takedowns and chokes and slams, and it makes it more crazy, kick and if your guy was a fighter, if you're a young man who can box the reason why
stars, I think, is you're almost like. I could probably learn some spin kicks and really that's such a much more glue, this way. To win this. You know, if you know the cage, like you know, Anthony Pedis cage, Kicks wins are like the prettiest thing you better than any or or at least tied with great Tyson knockout, and I love there's that fight that we were talking about earlier, where a student at a black girl, attacks, girl, a teacher and concerts, don't don't say, would be a good show. We can get in trouble for this now this world star hip, hop. No, I think it's. The news was on the this test? This is like someone film it with their phone. Yes would happen. Knowing that shit shit attacking the teacher. Whoa, this is crazy. Who should just swinging at the teacher,
oh, he Judo hip tossed her and held it down Wow, that's crazy! That's cool needs, crazy, Joe Clark Whole. Normally, normally they need to lean on me principle. I think I would have went more. AZ. He handed that way better than if I chick started slapping me well, this is this is gets into the subject of what we're talking about the other day with Anthony Cumia getting hit on the street. While he's taking photographs, people don't back well deck, I reacted very well to getting hit. He didn't hit back. A lot of people would just hit back when they when they get hit and if S, especially if you're a man you're hitting a woman any time people are hitting people leave a woman. It's you it's dangerous man. Getting punched in the face is not like everybody thinks that a woman could punch in the face and your be fine like it now, there's a lot of women in a knock. You, the out man, if they especially the connecting your jaw, you can't get in people, and if you can't, you know, if you do hit, people
man. You got to be really careful who you're hitting because if they hit you back like that, guy just decided tee off. On that check, I mean start her to the ground. That's a guy knows martial arts for sure avoiding all of hitting him, but he wasn't back, but if you did man, you've won flailing your arms and some guy uncorks one your face. You fall back your unconscious you're, going to your head off the ground. It sometimes people die from that shit. That's a real problem. When people get knocked out fall down and they hit their head on the ground and die. It's like you're, pretty much, maybe a really bad car accident, with your face, which one yeah it's just like that, it's it's the ground is completely like. There's there's resists hundred percent like there's no give to it. I give you fall and dirt you're gonna be probably okay, your default grassy a grassy area get a concussion, but you might crack your head wide open. If you fall in concrete
I've seen it make a bowling ball. You ever doubt a bowling ball that sound. Imagine that your head and the amount of distance at your head travels. If you're a six, the tall man and someone knocks you out, you're, probably going to travel a good five and a half six feet. I mean, depending on how you're standing you go unconscious, that's a lot of distant, probably more than six feet. 'cause! It's you know, you're going to fall back, first two I mean it's probably gonna, be a lot of momentum connected to your head, bouncing off that concrete, awful awful those fucking videos freak me Batman was a fight, videos actually create like face kicks and stuff. I can't believe, I'm almost like so shocked. The mentality of someone that can inflict that kind of harm on somebody. I always think that there's a lot of them out The people are aware of so
not shocked when I see it, I'm always like fucking knew it. I know. There's people like that out there I know there's people that have experience just awful shit from the time they were born. If you grow up in a household where everybody is beating the fuck out of everybody and you go to school and people beat the fuck out of everybody, you see abuse and you see people are going to jail left and right and life has no value and you seen people die. That's what you're, seeing when It says Worldstar, hip, hop, tapes worth a deuce out cold and guys are running by just pointing him in the head. Yeah I've seen a bunch of those yeah me too. As always, it's a bit shocking. It's we can do it to somebody else. That's a wake up call for people if your life was directly threatened. And your neck have a rage may, but I may once somebody's down. Like I don't know, I've been in a lot. I've been in but say for a for a guy, my age of DC amount of street fights in my life, but I've. Never I've never kill urge. Ever you know, law drive one, but even when I win like when so it's kind of over. You know I mean I've. Never like try to put
you like that, you know why you're fighting right. Yes, because of signs was my point, but even if, like I don't know, if it was a guy beating the out of your girlfriend, you know I'm saying she sure you know I'm saying like what, if you pulled up somewhere and just got there right, The guy was being a shit of your girl. I must say not to knock him out, but I mean like to punch somebody bed, like I don't know, is I just don't know where my killer rage kicks in, like actual murderous rage. I don't know where that level is in Maine yeah. I think it's pretty deep. Pretty mellow dude idea, but I think if you are confronted mean you might be, I don't know, I don't know you, but if you're confronted by someone that you were trying to protect someone that you cared about very much and you're trying to protect them, Some people get murdered when they feel like someone is being like someone's, trying to murder someone you love, that's when people get murderous, sure yeah common one, but I'm saying my point is being like a street. I promise, whatever the situations were on the world star hip guys getting punted. I promise they weren't
in calling for that yeah you most likely punching a guy who's already unconscious. I've seen a few of them, whereas people just being drunk idiots laughing or talking shit or starting to fight when they were too drunk and they got knocked out and then once they were out, everybody just started taking free shots at him. Did you ever see that literally? the worst people in the world quite possibly, and I think I would agree, especially someone who's trained in martial arts, what you have and you ever seen the video of the guy, the weird homeless, black guy who's, Craig. He goes into the karate studio yeah and they kill and they I don't know if he's dead, but I was supposedly what happened. Was he died? That's I mean the noise he's making after that excess and and what's what's ridiculous about it, It was such a cock wagging, because the isn't that guy went so far is because when he was trying to like do a show off like let me stand fight this guy and like you know, shut him up. He wasn't doing very good. The Koran
I was not like beating his in this fight, like that was weird. I was actually like giving him a hard time to some degree. We are guy, knew how to fight a little bit. You know the the guy knew how to fight a little bit got killed, yeah. He, I think so really yeah enough that he had been in fights before you know. He wasn't totally helpless. The guy beat the shit out of him, but you are right in the beginning. He wasn't getting the best out of it yeah. I think the guy had probably mean he must have had some street fighting. It was also crazy, is crazy, the traffic I thought, but the guy thought yeah the guy throwing to catalyze like naka more out of it and make him look stupid, but it was taking him long. We should Snopes that 'cause, I don't even know. If that's true, you know, man kills man in homeless, man in Karate Academy,.
Now I feel racist for assuming he's homeless. I don't know if this is the story. All is well you guys black and crazies, probably homeless and Karate Academy Snopes. Let's see karate instructorunofficial dot, com, murder of mentally challenged, man. Yeah. It seems like a really happened man, but I mean those face stops like what kind of human being does that But I mean the kind of guy who gets a buzz cut and grows a mustache and works in a karate cool school. But you know I mean like that. Guy seems like not that you can't be crazy and be all those things but doesn't seem like a guy was a little put together. Well, the guy who was the main guy was a marine he's, a karate instructor, and he let his his student, who fought this guy and the student allegedly
actually killed this guy. Basically, like the real life COBRA Kai's defender, real evil, karate teacher yeah, but there nothing man, that people do there's a video Brian. If you want to pull it up. Well, actually we probably shouldn't see someone getting killed right, yeah, it screwed it up. I mean it's online, but it's really it's a tough one to watch even well. That's he was up for assault in the 18th of the month on an unregulated charge. Wow So I don't know what the fuck you think, if it's true you think with that kind of evidence should that guy die. Ok, this is stupid man, they don't know what the fuck they're talking about hold on. This is one of the things that says: sources in the medical and law enforcement community community tell us that indeed the victim must have died. The snoring at the end is so called agony, agonal breathing in a sign,
have massive brain damage, an impending death. That's just not true! Is it true? When you get knocked out, you snore, that's whoever said that is never seen. Someone get knocked the fuck out when people get knocked out. They have that horrible snoring. It happens all the time. That's really scary, scary, shit, scary, shit. The first time I saw to sixteen so many laid out just it doesn't mean they're going to die. True at all, so whoever wrote this store, I don't believe in this. Guy should come out and do I sure hope you guys you before it just comes as a diagonal face his face. Just look at the foot guys footprints. Still, it's all there's a video of it. There's all these stories of it, but none of them substantiate any like legal stuff. I guess you have to look into it deep enough, but apparently this shit was along time ago. Yeah. It looked like a long time, but I mean based on the theory that if he did die, do you think that guy deserves to die the guy. Did it the guy who died deserves it done early got killed, got killed him well with
kind of evidence like it's clearly from that, it's clear that where they were when they were fighting, I don't know what the conversation was that lead that guy to be fighting that guy, I don't know if he said but I'm going to come in and fight to the death. I don't know yet. I'm saying you know what I'm saying it didn't seem like that kind of a dark underground like Kuma taste situations like some place in DES Moines IA right, it was thing was in somewhere in Georgia, but anyway the guy. He was a schizophrenic, so it it doesn't matter what he said he's crazy. I mean that's what happened in Virginia December 13th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty four she's. Obviously crazy too. That's the thing he walks in you like this guys, and you could have that guy, literally also could have hugged him and that
when did the situation there I mean there's a thing that happens in martial arts schools, though, where, if you're running a martial arts school crazy people will show up and they'll start they'll start shit. I've seen it I've seen it first hand, I've seen it at my taekwondo school. He would. My instructor would take guys like that. That would come into schools and he would make them spar with back belts and put them just like you know he go ok, so you know how to fight you pretty good guy right we're going to do some spiring here. Ok, you have your gear, we have gear for you, do you have your gear and we would like lure these guys, and because they would come to school and they would go. You are false, master afars master, you don't truly know martial arts and They try to reason with them. Listen, sir. You know you can That was the Wu Tang Clan class, but you can't yell things out like people there's nutty people that will come in that
like real mental issues, and they could be dangerous. You know they also could be martial arts trained to there's a lot of people that just learned how to throw kicks and punches from friends like if you teach an athletic person how to deliver a good straight punch and just show them the mechanics of it and they practice on a heavy bag that can fuck you up. If they hit you, really have to be like really well trained and disciplined, and so there's a lot of people that have martial arts abilities like the ability to punch you really hard in the face, but they don't really know how to fight they. Don't they have never been formally trained, but they might charge you and punch you in the face and they could be really date. So, if you're, in a sort of a scenario like that, a lot of times, these martial arts instructors are forced to defend themselves against these crazy people. Sure It didn't seem like there didn't seem like that in this video in this video, it seemed like they lowered the guy in set him up, beat the shit out of him to the saddest part is at one point during like when they just kind of it almost seems like boxing the homeless guy stops goes you're good.
Pretty awesome like a compliment: you're good yeah, it's kind of a fuck video and he starts a does. He start saying: don't stop at one point. Does Thomas stop and then it just gets so author anonymous down. It's it's gross, I don't know if the guy died, but if the guy did die. Yeah. That's that's basically, murder. I mean this like perfect What we said is: where would that murderous rage come out? Would it come out? If someone was trying to kill your mom, you probably would sure how we would come out, but this guy, Wasn't! In that scenario, this guy was like the guy was saying: don't like you know, he was saying: stop he had given up like a healthy person backs away at that. Yeah. It's like it's merciless right. It's just complete!
I think I was so offended somehow. I wonder if they just got away with shit like that, and this is the only one that people saw like a wonder if this had happened more than once 'cause like, if a guys willing to beat a guy to death like that and then dispose of a body- and this is the only piece of evidence in some schizophrenic guy- was murdered like that mother. Fuckers probably killed a bunch of people, but four and he's a marine as the other thing, so we don't know what kind of action he saw. You know if you're serving your country and you're used to killing people on a regular basis, then you come back home and some fucking crazy, schizo guy wants to come in your karate school and talk shit, yeah you'll get a guy, kill him like why not even killing people for years in the 80s that was like how they Yelp reviewed, like already scores of how many homeless guys have you killed three homeless guys in counting. I was apart of many challenge matches where people showed up at the school and I got to watch them fight friends. I fought dudes that just showed up at the school. That was a super common thing, but you can
more or less with that. Well, we took him to deliver a couple really. Oh yeah. We took a lot of those guys to the hospital after we beat them up. We bring them to the hospital after they spotted but easily could have happened. To me I mean I was good, but there's a lot of good guys that came into there were yeah guys that they had talent, there's a lot of money. They want to fight where you put on gloves dependes dipen. Signs like I was what they said. A lot of it was bare knuckle really yeah yeah, because you never know like what they want to prove. You know what is what I've? Never and I've never been good at even back in school when it was meet me at library, I'd throw a punch then see where the guy was there, because I was like I say if I got to think about so three, I probably won't show they got probably chicken out like later, like I'm angry now, let's just do it, let's get into it. That's probably the best way. To get everything broken up and keep it from being like something that no teachers or adults know about. The problem is: if you go in a field meet me in the field and then it's like chill.
In the corner. So if you get killed yeah because Lord of the flies I had to do that a few times with bullies and it always sucked- but always it turned out me beating them up, so it was great kind of bullies. Did you beat up? One was girl, one is now one is now a cop and the other guy, I think, is dead. The most most of the guys most has never had to really beat. In front of somebody like stepping up to it. You know when you're kid everyone I mean I bought into it So that's why I said, but whatever was in build me by my dad and step up was like very much like get it going. Wild you know I mean I don't don't wait for it and that's why uh what I was going to ask when they would come. I'd say, like you know, Rogan go teach this punk a lesson. What is going on? We need your heart conversation about yeah you'd, get nervous as fuck, but the idea behind it was my instructor was training a bunch of people for national tournaments. So the idea was like these guys can hang
do your national level competitor end. This is a good thing to experience. 'cause, it's very dangerous, so you're going to be able to going to have to perform at a song very real pressure, like people just swinging at your face- and you know you're dancing around inside this closed area, looking to knock each other out and it happened a lot it. I mean I'm not a lot, but it happened every three four months over the course like seven years, that I was there. Every three or four months, some guy from another school, would come into town and would want to show people up would like you want to show everybody how much better his style was, and people would duke it out it was. It was crazy when you stop and think about This is all pre UFC and there was a lot of delusional people too. There was a lot of people that thought there. Martial art literally could not be beaten, they did a certain type of wing Chung and if they go to a Thai Kwando school and spar, they would just run through people. There would be no way they. Stop them, did you get half off your monthly dues? If you won the fight, I didn't I didn't pay at that. After a certain amount of time I talk So if you kill three homeless people who want to play when I was a kid
I started out when I was really young. I was like when I was fifteen. I was completely dedicated and I was there every day, so they would give me things to do. They would give me like clean things. Are what teach classes are taught a lot of private lessons like the people that are for starting out you've to learn in you know again private lessons and since I advance really quickly- and I would spend so much time there- I was pretty good at breaking down the technical aspects of like certain moves. You know it's funny and pardon the hand job here, but I think you're, a fantastic comedian super funny and you, your sissy origin story, origin story of a guy who would not be mean I bet, but yet I know a few people like that to a people that are very like strict in life about certain things, MIKE Vecchione, hilarious comedian, saying comedian like very, like regimented guy, grew up football. He was good at it. He excel wrestling, went to Penn State wrestling there. You know and then hilarious comedian, but usually it doesn't breed funny, guy, yeah,
the introvert or or the weird kind of like socially awkward guy or the class clown type, goes on That is not usually a strict. Like you know. Usually that story becomes like you know I have four kids, they all work, dockers and fucking sweaters, no one says fucking Bob. Not like I'm, not strict. I just get into things I'm just very motivated. Like a more like, I wouldn't disciplined as much as I get the more obsessed. You know, I'm disappointed things I'm obsessed about, but I'm not like the a strict person and then the other way like I'm not, social, usually the comics like a guy who's in shape and doing comedy, and like cares about that in Kerr's best healthy, just pretends to not always be it usually guides like you know, some fucking pig the other day. You know this fat broad because you know at a hundred sixty five
and you slob. You know just being like that. You're like who's relating to this right right and it could. You definitely transcend that. But I mean like that's that's, but I'm saying it's weird that a I don't think that always happens. I think it's more of an odd thing. I think more. The gods, like you know so I was getting open all of your like flaws. To become your virtues in comedy. You know so the narrow who got beat up now he's telling us stories about getting beaten up and now girls will fuck him 'cause. He knows how to tell it funny. You know I mean that's, usually the origin story yeah, but it doesn't have to be so that's the cool thing about comedy is there's so many versions, like black guys, have always had that thing, where they're allowed to dress up really cool on stage, wear gold chains and crazy leather outfits like Eddie Murphy and delirious are leary, but it's the entire difference of black comedy and white comedy if you're going to buy their circuits, I said: there's definitely comics that bridge both worlds, but the difference is black white mainstream comedy is very like self deprecating. You know my little dick fat guy.
Called whatever it is, and black is so I'm slang in the Dick Right- and it's just like I mean the fucking. A stool at a black comedy club is probably owed a lot of money in civil court to just like it's been fucked yet just like off the side stages in a bunch of broken up. Stools like from Gang it brings me there so like, but when I would watch I grew up in a big fan of comedy in watching like Everyone in the 80s that I would watch to to getting to where Def JAM became the thing I loved the two and I just didn't even know I almost didn't even notice a difference that company taken a turn, so like you know how good yard fucking, how bigger a dick well, it's comedy can be anything man. It's just got to be funny, that's what people don't understand, like if anybody wants to say that, like I've heard people say this is like a social justice warrior thing, they say that real comedy always punches up, meaning like get get at the bad.
Person. That's above you dominating you. The boss, the president, real and you don't you don't pick on any people there below you but the reality is sometimes punching down is fucking hilarious. Sure it's not it's not always, but it's about what what is the subject matter like what it like Kid like, like I remember Louis CK, doing a bit about how his kid is a fucking asshole sure, and it was really fucking funny. All first of all, you knew he wasn't serious me. He was talking about is key. Building a frustrated way about kids? Being kid, I'm sure he loves his kid like he loves life itself, but because he he's punching down is, is making like on this kid yeah for being an asshole sure and and it's hilarious you can there's no rules There's no rules like a guy has to be self deprecating, the guys saying some swinging that dick right, I'm giving that good dick. You know when you, given that good tick and you feel that
S, whole reverberate. Now few ball sack time you come down home, blues loop, you could be lying laughing crying laughing or you could be crying laughing, listened to a guys, talk about it. We could never get laid the bill. Does the variable in those things is just is it funny or is it not fight? That's the important very well me and my body washed Nick Cannon special. You would have fun. Men get still just watching Nick Cannon Special, it's just if you like, I love watching just ridiculously horrible, because it's my favorite thing in the world. Do it and just watching the Canon died by an hour of television, so he can slowly but surely peel down from a tuxedo to a tank. Top is one of the first week as a backdrop. That's just a million light bulbs. So when he moves it's going to give you a fucking seizure and his jokes are all like- you know he grew up in a club and you're all likes splo douche, just noises and
fairly brought Gary was texting that night like live tweeting or whatever, but you guys I My baby is fun. Oh my god. She said but if you want to watch a show, they'll just bring joy to your life. Have you ever heard of Bill Bellamy's? Who got jokes now? Wow? just take a weekend and really dig into it, because it's uh, I don't have it in me, It's a comedy yeah! You don't like watching bad company home. This is it's on tv one which is a black tv network. I didn't know they existed. Yeah, it's called tv one and Bill Bellamy hosted, is it on the show top now it's done now. I think too Tommy from Martin it It airs on marathons on this network. Tommy from Martin is the call Pope of comedy. He sits in a throne and judges as three comics come out and they do. The first round is just there set
in front of an audience and there's three people in the audience picked at random to be the judges for the give a score from one thousand two hundred and fifty five being the best one being the worst. Everyone gets a and, if you give, for the audience loses their ship to get very mad at you. That's round one the comedy always got awful and then it unprepared, usually it looks like these guys and they were going to do a tv show that day an and around two they come out and they do some kind of like challenge that you don't under which they have a heckler in the audience or somebody come not like we're actively producer and hit you in the face with a pie, and you got to keep going and then they judge you score from one to five and it's just whore horrible comedy, but it makes me laugh. Why does that make you laugh just like because it works. I'm amazed by I'm very interested and
there's, actually a science to comedy. Don't you find that interesting? There's, like actual science, you just say the right words. Have you ever seen a comedy hypnotist, no, never seen one those guys dude, you gotta see a comedy hypnotist. If you, a chance, a real one specialist soon as fate is fake. You knew no not fake at all. This is something that really stupid. People are susceptible to the you're, not susceptible to There's a someone can like say some things to you on stage snap their finger and some people literally going into a trance sure they can do it. Those people will laugh at anything to their dumbass fuck. I think what the reality of this world is that there's people that are their brains, don't work, good. They just don't and there's not a god. Damn thing you can do about it: it's not about education, it's not about how which information we give him. It's not about the environment there in they have nine volt brains. No, I know
like that's funny is to get the audience. The audience is never communale stood up to someone like that's hacky, like the audience, never says that it's always being judged by other common sense in general, like when is a hacky comic. Stage usually he's destroying it depends on where you're at write me if you're in LA or New York, those guys could be beaten, shit, possibly but forums like this were com some people get to talk and like there's so much inside information out now, I think it kind of weeds through that happening now. I think the audiences are a little smarter in some circles, but they have to be fans like if you do you remember like going to see comedy when you first started to like go to open mic nights? You see guys that you thought were really funny and then, like a year later, you fucking could even be in the room. In the run stage, amazing people- I mean the people, I worship when I started, I was it just the way he kills. You know like I gotta do a joke. Why open Even say DJ. Put that shit on one more time and I gotta 'cause. Everyone had to have one of those I used to get down to underwear on stage
get down to my underwear, posing to the two thousand and one theme: oh god, and then one day. No one left and didn't do it ever again. I want to see this guy when I was in when I was in Boston before I did stand up, I want to see this comedy at play. It again SAM's. It was like this, like movie house that had stand up in the basement, and this guy did these like fake, libs and I knew they were fake walls happen. I didn't understand comedy be, but he pointed to me cousin. This guys over here saying this, but I didn't say anything, I remember what it was. But I remember like he's like what I couldn't believe that he was proud pending that there was some sort of a weird interaction between ask for the so the audience, and so I realized that this guy, just bullshitting and is, is acts kind of this fake dance and then, as I to know him. I kept seeing him over and over and over again he was doing the same thing every time he would. He would set this bit up.
He would point to a guy in the audience and he's like this. He would say the same thing like he never hid his fake ad libs with the crowd. There's no variation, so if you saw more than once, they act was done like the veil had been left. It doesn't bring any joy to watch like that level of shitty comedy like happen now. It makes me sad. I makes me less so I I used to any show when a car. I just can't believe nothing when you are somebody there on television in their first joke is now. I know, If you guys are thinking the other guy open for me one time on the road where he had a joke, I forget was even was it about, but Whatever it was, the crowd never laughed in the middle of it, and he goes so. My family use, the you know, run a funeral home with us. Now you guys laughed but she's been there. He goes no was Joe, but no one. Let no one laughed at that, but every time Migos now you guys laugh, but I never that's always find the.
Now. I know what you're thinking you see me and I'm like it happens. A lot like people like I feel you should never in a lot of us do, but you should never get on television with your first ever set you when you go on when you're on the road and meal, you know as a I when I go on the road and someone opens for me, I'm generally getting somebody doing their first set. You remember that, like when, every time you on stage it was the introduction like so my name is Jay and I blah blah blah. You know it's like. First, girl Comedy, so I'm so and so and I'm a total slut and had sex with my friends, and it's just like that that first It makes it on tv a lot now, there's so many forms yeah, but that's just life this kind of move on just deal with it, it's probably not good to have your first set, but if you been doing stand up for ten years or whatever it is, when you get your first set on tv six years, just fuck, except it sucks, yeah accepted it sucks and move on. You know, and you won't know it sucks until you see it, you gotta watch it on tv like later in your career, when you're, better
Can you go, but I'm almost saying I'm surprised that the behind the scenes don't catch up to like, but this there's no like they don't take cues from the actual community of comedy itself. Do I mean they're, like this guys been doing comedy for five? Of course he should be on Letterman you know I mean all the behind the scenes. People know they're always looking for someone to come along. It's a prodigy that figures it out after four months. So here, but I don't know if they do that person any favors, though they definitely don't they don't give a fuck, though all they care about is what can they sell? just like the reality show uh. If you've noticed. If you watch the video I've moved into a new chair. Ladies and gentlemen, I don't know if this one is going to make it. I don't know I think, but the other thing is better than no back things better, but just just to sell you sure if they can sell the hook is the only doing stand for five months. They're not going to protect you they're not going to
well that big Jay he's got potential for the future. Let's not put its five month old comedy set. No, let's talk to you get on tv who gives a shit sink or swim as many more people have to pay attention to They know, I look, I'm sure the fucking. What's it the hunger games, people are pretty thrilled that J, LO snatches out there, that's huge for the F sister, a whole new audience. That's your house! I don't know how those two are connected, but we talk about so I'm being hacked now someone was talking about, but they say about selling things like that. Come out saying the companies that don't care like the movie come, don't care that yeah how she gets like expose the army, as it does get, does them a good job. They don't protect her they don't, they don't come out, they would have protected, I'm sure they wouldn't have let it be released, but it it is to their benefit. Now that it is, I kind of get so yeah, but it's a different thing They want to put it in my mouth like did it had nothing to do with it now there was a connection in my mind. There is something there. I guess I guess I've. Never I've only seen the
first one now I want to watch more after singer. Naked right, which is good for the so the movie company, even though it's like they pay her and she's like you know she has a relationship with them. They don't give a fuck if something to her detriment, builds up their movie yeah. I could see that probably yeah, probably after it's over there like they probably would have protected her from it getting out, but once it's out like hey, look in the long run, we're going to break. She looks great yes at around the office and yeah. That's true, but the only way you're ever gonna get protected, as a comic is, if you have a manager and the manager Psilocin chain, you know, let's keep hitting the clubs and in a way the year you know wait, we does it with a couple. Here's his work. Where is that right, Mon Jeff Sussman yeah, my guy yeah it I said so it's are you going to develop comedians like you got to treat him as like a long term project. You can't like move people in the house before you put a roof on it H.
Can't pretend it's done was not done and when you see a like a young guy, that's got potential, mean everybody that we've ever met. They go through periods like you were talking about your black comedy period, You know people go through these weird phases where they're trying to find themselves, as I hate to use the word but artists, and I find myself as an artist man and but the thing is there's a video view of five months in and then it's terriblr, but there's a way better video two years later. Well, if someone watch is bolt, I go OJ got back you know it's just nothing wrong! Yeah! I did Bts Comicview thrice. Free time really yeah, so I mean like who is hosting the first one ever was Lester Barry. Who was a black circuit comic, it's very religious nice. The second time I did it was Arnez J in Miami and the third time. Third, it's funny 'cause! I said by this point: I go. I'm not doing comic view ever again, like I just I've written that went off, I'm not doing it. It's always '
awkward situation when I go there too, why 'cause, I'm the only white guy, the production is white and they put some weird responsibility on me to be like the den mother of the comics. No, so I'd like to smoke cigarettes not go outside my I'ma go outside and smoke. A cigarette is ok, wait. A second was everyone. Jay is going to smoke. If you want to smoke, go out with him and everyone's going to be back in here in fifteen minutes, and then she try to give me all of their food tickets, so I'll be responsible for them. It was very busy just because you're white yeah, I assume so that said, a lot of the black comics will do things like go out and smoke and then go like you know: fucking chick for five hours try to come back fifteen minutes for the show star that did happen. What they want. You just hang out all day waiting for the show to start they put you there at nine hundred in the morning until I went on at midnight, Watt yeah, We just don't want this wrangle, everybody, they don't believe any possible Asterix. We have. No, no beliefs are going to stay there. They've done entire shows about how happy they are,
will do a show where the same joke gets repeated by different comedians. Well, yeah, and so I went and did it Kevin Hart ended up posting. I think one of the last ever sees but it was called one mic stand an or something like that. I think it's called one night stand, but it wasn't called comic view and kept called me and asked me if I wanted to do it or if I would do it, and I say, yeah, but I don't want to comic view anymore, because it's not comic view. It's different. There are flying people out now, they're doing it all right and set it up good and it When I signed the contract, it's comic view presents one mic stand. They gave us a big speech before we taped anything and the guy was a great change in comic view, it's going to be different and the specifically said no more. Stool, humping and dj, hit it and pulling out fake teeth, and I mean we weren't three comics in before a guy was wearing fake teeth and fucking a stool. I mean not even antique and by the way, when he's giving this speech,
but these same guys who are getting ready to fuck stools and put in fake teeth or do Thank you know they staring at him. Give this speech tonight nodding their heads like like Pacino speech in any given Sunday. I think it's a good motional, powerful speech, how we're changing comic view now, and then they would put the U eighties and they're like yeah. Let's go out there and show the world something, and then two minutes later you're like DJ, put that ship back on. This was a key to this one. Those black circuits made for some great great great stories I'd a guy one time. This is true story. Cab used to host a club in Atlantic City, Kevin Hart, called sweet, cheeks sweet via, it was like a pimps and players ball, no bullsh. It was. Everyone was wearing like Zuit, suits and shit and bringing like three chicks apiece and they were all dressed up fancy, but they do rub dancing to do a comedy, show in the middle of the fucking night. Like there's like two three clock in the morning.
And I was hosting at one time for CAV. You couldn't do it and they hated me. They absolutely didn't like me at all, and I was going to bring a comic on stage and I go. I got it, but I'ma bring it next to go. What's your name and he goes ignant nigga and I was like how do you don't make me say that please and he's like that's my name as my stage name and I kept I begged him to. Let me call him by his regular name. I know it's not going to go. If I said, goes, it's fine I'll, explain it's my name. You know he set you up when you're you want to say to guys you can let that white boy call me, and I left, I just left the show. I drove home yeah. That was like it was a dangerous placement. The bouncer outside was about monitor also, so he would. I dis. Rebodied walked in, like you get five people and night on warrants. Why? How crazy he
a bounty hunter in an id checker yeah. That's like fishing in a fucking swimming pool, really yeah. That's so not fair! It seems like you shooting deer in a stock pond. Yes, you know what I mean This is really up as a night club yeah and it was just like and a pimp some players night club yeah. They threw for the chicken wings at me, one time while it was- and I think yeah I think as though, Joe Kraus getting down to my underwear who the fuck wants them to do comedy at two hundred o'clock in the morning in a place where they have dance They do I used to do the ski trip shows that were like black. Ski trips and buy fuel even ski at all. Don't they go and they took a bus thing to go to this hotel and they all just like each other, and there was green alcohol and there was green alcohol just like whatever like Tanga Ray's and something the drinks like thug, streaks yeah, I
up there and open floor some of the headline for these, like black ski trips and they just I it but they had wanted. No parts of the comedy show. Sam was a force comedy into places. Where does it need to be at all? Well, people make money No, I'm sure Kevin Hart got a nice piece by maybe I mean well. Was very young. We were like brand comedy if somebody offers at near you like yeah, we do a show there fuck it yeah. The bar shows, not New York, that's become such as saying bar shows are shows yeah. I don't and I go to warm with this. You know this expectation blows my mind about. I think bar shows are a cool thing to have. As far as I open mikes, basically little produce shows you can get people on but, like I'll hear my friends, you know our younger comics, who I know and I'll be like where yet tonight and I go someone, so I go all will do this other thing with me. I don't go to that. Bullshit bar show. It's like I've been this for three months like yeah. They call if you wanna, do my bar show it's but twenty feet by twenty
people. You know like a drink ticket or half price off drinks and it's on Tuesday at eight hundred nine m somewhere in no fucking Brooklyn, and then it's like. Oh yeah, you can do it. It's like. You know, okay, so I'm looking at like I my book, open here in December, if you think may like they really put this things far is that just because there's so many comics in New York, it is I think it's a lot of it becomes like people just getting their friends on a ship, probably fi the gas right, because he's a lot of the shows have become likely jet to some degree. Well, if it's a good show over the well run, it's very valuable to comedians sure. You know you go to Wednesday night comedy juice, the improv. It's always going to be packed a great place to work out material, yeah, because now you're also yeah, but you know I'm saying so shows like that. Valuable and then little side. Gigs like was a pleasure talking about three clubs and what is three clubs yeah I mean they all these. We would there's tons of bar says, but that, like with the old red rocks, has one now. That's it. That's like in the corner, but the problem is: is New York is like a billion times.
Bar show, yet in LA so, like all the local comics in LA they'll get that one should be bar show, but it's like yeah. It's like a month ago away get how many rooms are there all told in New York? If you had to guess you live in and yeah. How many brooms do you think how many stand up rooms are in in this actual clubs yeah? We could run through him really a stay at New York, comic Strip, seller, seller, Gotham, Gotham, the stand, stand, Caroline's, Caroline, then there's a Greenwich village, Comedy Club New York, comedy Club, Broadway, Comedy Club New York Comic of surround just your field. Under God, your fields were ten. There is lol, comedy club in Times Square lol, yeah. Then there's like places like
and then like some rooms to be there every week times Square lol, lol, chicks, love, 'em lol. She could do it, I'm not fucking with them eleven. Where at eleven and then there's well and then there's like oh Eastville, comedy club, thirteen, I think yeah I mean it's really it's You know it's like this yeah, so that's the major clubs that So that's that's the major clubs yeah and then on top of that, you got how many bar shows you think in the city or around the even the borough. Just in the city, just in the city, just in Manhattan I mean there's gotta be fucking ten night fight again at least and why that's crazy, it's also like people that live in New York and go to New York they're more into like, plays and live performances that I think, like the West Coast is well if,
of the young person or any person? Who's got free time at night and you're. Looking for some entertainment, it's one of the best place the world go. You can go to the or you can go to Carolina. You can see live comedy in New York. Every night of the week. You can see killers, you can see, you know a tau and seek, and all these different people show up at clubs mean it's one of the best places in the world to go out and see live Comedy New York, yes, sick, the like just don't go out, I mean that's what people do if never been in New York before they're like there's so restaurants and somebody. This is somebody that it's I had seen, I drove by the affect the last night out here, and it was like the line was wrapped around the building, because Jamie doesn't let people in he wants that line to be wrapped around the building. If it doesn't just like let people in he makes you stay outside, so it looks outline out and they were signing up for tomorrow
There's a lot of rooms like the open MIKE nights like they have the the open MIKE nights they make. People sit out there from nine o'clock in the morning. Would refer to sign up. Time is and have to wait in line until they get picked, and then they go on next week. Hearing go that week, the wait in line all day, and they go on the next week. Why exactly, but we've been against us next time. Is it just like a control thing exactly it's a ridiculous idea that he has in doing so, he makes the club look more special because it's always a big line. It's tough to get in! Why put you someone, people that could Actually, like you know like say like this is my home. This is the club that showed me. The love like why I never got that that same evil. Shit that makes producers put someone on a reality, show and then try to own everything about them for the next ten years, whatever the fuck, it is. It's the same thing. It's like greedy thing that people do out here this weird creepy fucking, behavior, where the people that are coming up are not respected as potential equals
if they do somehow another make it through, it's never through their own merit. It's because of the the the good nature and and your you know your generosity- that's led them to this position of being over a good show, biz person. I find it weird with any comedy club that doesn't have comics hanging out at it and like like it that they want people to hang out like comp comedians to hang out like that, lays the laugh factory. That's the one thing that I've always heard is like: no, they don't let you hang out there there's one thing out there, so I mean it's there. I know I think, but that's only to like a certain group of like faith. You know the big guys, but didn't, though, that the average comic is what they all that always tells me that are the club on the road one time, where there was a young comics hang out, so I was like I them for little, and I was you know if you guys want to go on like you know it, you guys on each one, you like seven minutes or something go for it and they told me- and I confirmed with the club they go now. The club doesn't do guest spots at all.
And all your thoughts kind of up to it up to the headliner? If you like, doesn't care like if I think this? Is their policy? Don't do I go, and I told my talk to the manager guy was like. Why would you disk average comics from hanging out? It's very like you know, I mean it doesn't mean it's not a friendly environment, right, Wendy, Chris, you know what kind of things you work. Those shitty open mic shows so eventually, maybe they'll give you a shot at like host. The weekend or doing something that guest spots. Do you know when from comedy works in Denver. I know she is yeah. She had a great way of describing it. She goes. Why would you who sell widgets and not have like a widget development team like I wouldn't? If you want to sell other people's widgets, you can make your own in house widgets like if you, what are you doing when you're on it won't running a comedy club, you're not develop any local talent, you don't develop any of it. I guess one of the things that they were moving, improves in a town and choose it saying like what do you guys going to do for like developing local talent there like nothing? She was like what like that's alien,
he's developed a bunch comedians out of that club and she has like a whole system of taking people from Mcs to middle MAX to headliners it's it's. This really well thought out really like conscientious system of helping these artists. You know some of the other babies of when people come in New York yeah. It's always like to coin flip of something what city from, and you know that with Miami what was your home club, the owner. There was a piece of shit treated like an asshole, so would you say about babies? Some of them are babies. No, would you say, do I say babies, but I don't know because you saying that people complain about the horse say when someone comes to the move to New York. From their home club, you know where they stop. It's a coin flip, whether they're going to say it was a grey experience. You know they're very supportive of them. They get behind some people that the local clubs and then some they just like hear such shitty people who buy never understand being shitty to like local town. This crazy people, own clubs, crazy people, don't dance
Crazy people tend to be a certain personality. Type yeah, you gotta be a hardcore mode fuck it on a bar. You know and comedy club. We just want to deal with comedians all the time you gotta be either someone who loves comedy or an insane person. Do you get fresh when people that are down comedy enough, even if it does makes sense in their life there, like I'm, going to try and they start doing open mic's or do you like go for it? What do you mean? Do you get like? I do? there's club owners in New York, even that just fucking start doing comedy after owning the club for like three years, like I'm deal I'm gonna give it a shot boom, so maybe they'll be good. The higher bookers in the Booker start trying to do it's like very weird. Well, Eleanor Eleanor Kerrigan was she was a waitress at the comedy store forever. I knew her as a waitress for more than ten years now, she's a real professional comic. She started. Many many years in jail, no around common, no thought about doing it ever nope nope just go. I just got a job window, actress she's, an actress she did a lot of acting. She was in wrestling. She did some pro wrestling and
and then somewhere along the line, she just decided fuck it I'm going to go on stage and she started doing stand up yeah I mean now she's a pro she's I mean it's crazy. I mean she's smart, so she understands like what's funny: what's not funny, she knows what's hack and what's not incision phone any pitfalls. Maybe I feel the ego strike because I feel like when it's done. Look like the current massacre. You know Kurt yet all Kurt's never had a girlfriend that hasn't eventually been like well. If this shit head can do it, I can do it and they've never vocalize that, but in my mind like if my chick was like, I want to do comedy. I think it's like looks like super simple. You think it's that easy just goes like. You know what I'm going to do your stupid thing. It looks a lot more fun than my stupid thing. Well, it's also when they're around comics, they see how fun it is, and they see like how comic think and then they start thinking like comics and saying ridiculous shit. Or, if you're, around chick, like long enough, like she'll start like seeing how you pick things apart and make sure
like if you around. Someone is really funny at work. You know- and this like I just have this boss, who is a private investigator dude, was hilarious He was just instantly hilarious, just fine, things that were goofy about people and start a knew just how with this guy- and I I learned a lot like being around him- I started doing that too, like you like, seeing how you would find these patterns like he was very predatory, like the patterns that we find that were fucked up and people are just attack those patterns, and it like teach pick it up in relationships. People pick it up in friendships, so it's a funny dude I get. These checks were probably around. I'm working like a fucking. Do this yeah, I see what's going on here. I guess that means you can make it look effortless, maybe, but like sort of not also fun. You know I mean if you really fun sure, not enjoying your life and not enjoying your job, but you saw a guy like you have in the fucking time of his life, crackin jokes, making shit god damn it. I think I could do that. He looks looks a way better than a regular job if
person in his regular job and and someone like big Jay, comes along you're hanging out with them, and you watching how he does it like this fucking guys, barely working here, sure he just laughing about shit in writing it down and then figuring out a way to say it on stage in a funny way, fuck only insurance. How many people did you grow up with before somebody there genuinely are, are happy for you like really feel it. What do you mean like? Do you have like friends, some from for comedy still yeah, yeah yeah and there I genuinely happy for your success and like Dick, we do is like if the if I have one friend from my growing up, that I'm still friends because he's the only one of my friends that is doing what wanted to also, but you have to have that self security before you can like really CHI, I go back to we constantly barely any I mean I, I hung out with a lot of people want it growing up. No one comes out. No one gives a shit really not really other than give a shit all come to your shows. You mean
once in a while, one of them will pop up but a lot of times, they'll say their coming and they don't show up. I mean I stopped giving a shit years ago. I realized, I thought one time there's a bunch of them did come out once and afterwards they were like good job men, so we're all going over. It's like dollar beer night to so, and so you want to hang. I'm like well, hang here for a few minutes catch up on whatever they go, the place and closes in like an hour and like alright bye. Rock faces. I guess like so what did you want them to like spend more time at any of the Dover, but I haven't seen these people in awhile and I was genuinely curious about what's going on with them, but you didn't want to go to their spot, but I just also they were very dismissive of the whole thing. They're doing thanks do pretty good job. It just seemed it seemed very like if they would have been like wow dude, is a pretty extraordinary thing. You're doing yeah at any point, immensely had to say those words, but they showed that at all it makes them have to face the fact that, like You know he said he was going to be a pilot but he's working out of fucking gas station. Do you attribute it to jealousy or do you just disinterest? Or what do you attribute in a stew? It might be
a little bit of both. Who knows, I know when I first start doing it again. Like you, said, the way that I qua No, it's a heavy commitment, especially because I started going after the first year of just doing it in Philly Keith Robin, and grab me Kurt Metzger and Kevin Hart and start taking up to New York, and why do I started not being able to do all the bullshit with my friends we were doing. I wasn't like dollar beer night. You know I mean that shit, so they feel like you, kinda left them, and but I would come back and be like hey guys. I'm doing it's cool thing like come check this out there, but just very like I don't care No, I don't think so. Now I'm going to go to this neat show in Atlantic City or in the case always went life when you growing up there, certain people that you grow up with because they went to school with you and they were your friends and some folks evolve and develop and change and grow and some stagnate and actually develop problems from the cells to distract themselves like I grew up with some kids that were really
friends and then they became like one of them, became a pill that he's gone. I got all talk to me more. If you call me, I wouldn't call back yeah, I'd probably get a hold of me, but I'm sure he's too up too up. I know it's family. I know all the disasters he's been through this and I'm not interesting communicating. So there's going to be people like that in your life. Have you had circumstantial friendships in comedy? Do you know me like that? Just like or you like. You hung with someone for a little while and then I guess it really like the rose that did. He live with me for a while when he first moved to New York when he moved out and we were tight. We were together everyday. You know like we drove in together to the city and from all the time being Joes, like friends like he's my buddy for sure, but I mean I'm probably the 30th person he would call if he had good news in his life. You know I mean right. I probably hear it third hand first and we have no be if at all, when I see him, we love to catch up and bullshit and have a good time but you know I'm saying like out the issue just need more from him. I'm just saying
more memories to call me too, I think, he's I think, he's angry at my race systems also that Anthony Cumia thing the other day was just so ridiculous. He did our show and on the show running this long thing that was very jilted lover in a lot of ways about Cumia, not calling I'm like bunches column, because I mean it also recognize that the guys busy now he defend it. All these other people, but he didn't defend, mean like oh, come on man because he didn't like, talk about you online, like you're you're upset at them, and then there was this accusations of racism that they also didn't discuss. No it's like it was. It was so all of it could have been handled better, go on the Anthony share. Yeah, I listen to it mean. Look how that end. He should have never. You should never just written him off the guys, your friend and he's in
all the in some sort of a public crisis like Anthony. Was you know? First of all, you have to recognize there's a tremendous amount of stress involved in any sort of physical altercation. So don't expect people to behave rationally after someone punched. That's why one and then two don't expect people to behave rationally after, like gigantic groups of people. So calling you you know a racist and saying you know, you're you what you do and by writing all the stickers are consensually hate crime. He got fired from a job people rally for you to get fired from a job. Other people rally for you to get re hire. They want other people to boycott the show and cancel Siriusxm. Because of that there was a lot of stress going on the idea that he ignoring Joe's tweets like like what do you version of the did you see, the job is a little bit selfish, sure yeah. Love, Joe he's, a great guy? It's a single! That's. What makes Joe a really funny comic is that he obsesses on things thinks about things until he finds out what you funny about them and out a way to do it on and figure out a way to
it down to like a really funny. Joke is a great comic, same sort of jury, city sensibility obsession all those. The combination of things mixed together in a stew, is sometimes a good with your personal life. You know, I think, that's probably what would happen there if you, if it was a more rational circumstance for Anthony more rational response by Joe, I think they could have had a conversation about it and work through. I think they did kind of just understand how joke in any way, shape perform I had a feeling was like this affect to him in some way. I don't know I mean I I had tweets that were, like you know, cancel Siriusxm stand by and I just you know I just didn't and that's I don't I did I did Anthony Kunis podcasts have to talk to I I am Stan why he did what he did. I think you should have done the way you did it. I think there's a better way to handle it. I think just to the. Of course he does, but I'm saying, but I just think like I don't know, but it was just. I agree that
fired him. I wish she didn't get fired. Drive is I I don't know, I would have done it myself, but I'm blown up when fired. I wasn't like wait. What I completely understand that they find this shit though they will rain down on them. It wasn't worth it to them, so they fired him yeah. I understand it in a school, but it is kind of a business call, but it's also a business call to not do it like you have to decide like what helps your business, giving that guy an opportune you express himself on the show would have a tremendous amount of ratings. You know absolutely, and I think if he done it eloquently, which I'm sure he would've have, there would have been a tremendous amount of support for keeping them on the show. I think that his argument and his assertion about the black community has always been there's a of violence problem in the black community. It's not that he's racist against all black people. What his point is always been is that there's a lot of folks or not
to concede that there's a violence issue and he thinks there is an issue. You know where he and I I don't know what his take on the social ramifications or the reasons for this racial issue or this violence issue in the black community, and I think it's an economic thing and the whatever was pointed to as the gypsies Gypsies in England and Ireland who, who are constantly getting involved in crime and fighting they're, not wild, mother and they're white. You know those type of people, people that live is economically challenging situations where there's a lot of bad people around in a lot of crime and violence. That's the atmosphere! You live in, that's the soup, you for and were born into this shit, how to deal with for everybody, and I think that what what he did is also that it's a function of that form. Media like doing things in one hundred and forty characters. You can express yourself very good, one hundred and forty characters and if you take
If you take something from something you said in this podcast and put it in one hundred and forty characters in quotes and put it on a tweet, they could make it a real piece of shit well, but what did really was like what he just get out out what he a just said, exact he a piece of plywood where right. We should have said it on the radio. I don't know absolutely, but but by then he could have and a way to say it yes eloquently I'm talking to in that moment of fury, you need to a friend who's gonna you. I know dude right. I know you're so right and then fifteen minutes later, when you calm down you go. Of course I don't! Every black person he vented- and I such a guy who used to preaching to the choir- and he forgot that there's a regular behind the choir, the only like one way that we can hear Canseco. Actually it's way easier to take your tweet and retweet. It, then, is to say: hey you got to listen to Anthony on Sirius Xm this morning when he was going off about how there's a violence problem in the black community and
the crazy shit that he screamed and yelled about that's one thing, but to someone to just take those tweets and retweet 'em or take him a cut and paste him and put him in a blog clearly outside of the context of who you are what what your style communicating with, has always been on the show, the style of unikitty on the show is always been him screaming. She's always done that, so when he does, that in a twitter form, it's par for the course mean that's what he does it's just when he does it on the radio, the people that are going to be upset that they would have to listen to the whole thing to get to that. They would have to listen to chunked. Someone would have to alert them to it. They would have to like listen will play out all they is just see it retweeted see it retweeted it on a blog and then a bunch of outrage attached to it and all these accusations now now? What do you do at that point I mean on in your opinion, do you come out and my defense of yourself or do you just go sit back and go look
resume kind of speaks for itself like you can just look at his body of work and know that he's clearly not a outwardly racist? I mean like a lot of people, want those people to his world or, like a lot of people, disagree with you there. A lot of people disagree with you. That's a fact. A lot of people will a lot of things he said on. You know. The radio show cut him out of context and put it up and say that these are more piece of evidence. It is racist. I don't think he's races. I think he's frustrated. I think that he like a lot of people that have been involved in these type of scenarios. You only see the person's attacking you and you only see the group that they're they're attached to and if I lived your gonna have to deal with a lot of bullshit on a regular basis. I know how much bill she deals with, but it whether it's bullshit coming from irish people. Well, it's bill should come in from you know it was asian people to with all the time I mean, if you're living in a group where there's a certain number of people from X community
causing a lot of crimes. You're always going to have some frustration and you're going to be upset about that. I don't know where he's head's at I. Don't I've never had like long like uncensored conversations with him about this. I've talked to on the radio and I love to until so I I would, if I had to guess I would say no, I don't think he's a racist. I think he's just not scared of speaking his mind about very controversial issues that could very easily come court cross, as racism when he is describing things like very real statistics like crime statistics later on tonight, will make you look at statistics, ensure amount of young people injecting Mandarin jail. It's bananas, it's bananas, representative of population is a hole like this small amount of people that are black. Black, guys that are in jail, you would go okay. Is that evidence of racism that that's, why they're being prosecuted or is it evidence that they are far more crimes? Is it a combination of both
Is it a lack of social awareness that is allowed these internet to get completely out of hand? These impoverished neighborhoods the yeah? I think that, but all just going be that he was like you know some black. Basically, you know it's has to be so dismiss. There's no one's caring about the statistically of out. There only focus it, but my point is: you: can get those facts out if it had been a bunch of irish people- and he was like you know this- this Mick ginger fuck just punch me a con just punch in the face, because he's white, he could do it, but he he'll do it. We go out and they would but but then his tweets would resonate more. It wouldn't make any kind of news but still resonate more. If you have some kind of facts and figures to support, you know, over there, you're fucking them exchanger funk violence problem. So don't you find it interesting, though, that after all, this recent shit about him being races that he doesn't just kind of back off and just for like a year talk about cupcakes or something like why? Wouldn't he actually pushing it almost to the point of like
thank you not quite what yeah like he's, really proving freedom of speech and and and and everything like that, he's almost try to make a point about you know in What are the examples you're talking about? Well, you know after for this thing of him being Asus on Twitter. Then he start going off on Ferguson, you no, no, no, no, all the other, forgets and stuff, and then what eggs you see when you talk about things like that, like do you know specifically, he said about Ferguson. You know I could put up with that memory. Well, we know but with Joe Derosa talked about the other day, but he didn't sign the specifics either. So I don't know what Anthony said about Ferguson. If I knew that I can comment on it specifically warming up in five min. I follow him on Twitter and he he's still doing silly things that you think about Ferguson,
yeah yeah, I just I just they're selling stuff up, but I have you know what I really want to go that deep into that point. What I'm saying is you can go on his twitter and see what I'm what I'm talking about? He doesn't back off, but he has a half K. Does the that doesn't back off for a reason it seems like yeah, I think most people have you got that much like you lost your job. You got in trouble on twitter about a certain subject than like art, not we talk about pie for awhile, definitely because he because he immediately show he immediately made like a chunk. You know it's like a Netflix subscription type thing, so he immediately made like, Ganga, money off that I assume. So I don't know. I don't know how well he's doing, but I I hope he does well. I I thought that would be probably smarter if you did it through subscription. Way more through throughout ties, yrs 'cause, if your advertisers that way you're going to get a large number of people that are going to listen to it, 'cause if it's free, you know like, but he's
like hamstring himself by making a subscription service, but they get stuff to make it cost money as you're definitely cutting people out of it yeah. But I think they'll be an initial thing, but you have to get people to catch latch on board. It's really hard to get people to pay for shit on the internet, the this day and age. Twenty hour start some stuff. Howard Stern gives you like you know. I mean you basically are paying for Sirius for, like that or oh and a and you can argue that likes turn channel that gives you like tons of you know for what you're paying like he gives you a lot of different stuff. It's like him all day, an other shows and his old content and just like fun productions or so yeah, best online. That's not serious. It's like if you grab a series that we're sending it. They don't want to give up, save a ton of for making people pay for something, but he, but he did twenty some years of giving it for free, so nine hundred fails to use, but it we're talking about two different things. We talk about satellite radio, we're talking my internet subscription. Does he have an internet search difference? Is that the same thing I mean it is like you could watch it online Stearns thing will see
order, but it's satellite radio you're working for a company. I mean it's not like what Anthony's doing Anthony's doing and completely dependent internet subscription thing. I was confused all right now before it has hurt how it went from being for free to ask for for basic cost money to listen to him. If you want to I'm saying op going from like you know, he did year free and then years of he would they. You know he was MR civic charge for SIRI sex me, even though he was like yeah, he wasn't, but now he's asking for a net x amount of money for one show. That's what I'm saying! There's no there's! No like he's, not really giving you anything besides what very two hour- show it's very different because, first of all, serious is in so many cars when you buy it sure when you buy it, you get a ninety day subscription and it plays and you get to listen to stern. You get addicted to it and listen different music channels get addicted to it, but you're paying for sale
play radio you're not paying for a specific show on internet that there's a complete total difference in what you're getting like to get something on the internet is what I'm saying it's very difficult to pay for, get people to pay for something. That's on the internet. It's not difficult to get people subscribe to satellite radio, specially satellite radios in their car, but zillions people like Netflix and that's all internet based yeah How to put Netflix, gives you thousands of options. That's the point I'm making. I think it's hard to pay for like one two hour show Iday Forty N flexes movies and television shows me if you're paying for Netflix you're paying for something that you could watch on television, and I guess you could watch and they show on tv, but that's not how most people are probably watching it about the majority of people that listen to his show or getting it yeah they're, getting it on like as an audio thing they listen to in the subway or something or in the car. That's what most people do with these things? It's just it's hard to get people to pay for it, online. You know I mean people are trying to do it like drive plus is drive, is a
channel that I really love it's it's all about very sports cars and the inner workings of them, and they do all these really cool in depth pieces. They just changed their format and it became drive plus and they made people subscribe to it and the very video they did it to the first. One was one that I was a part of this shark works company that make these cars and the comments were just filled with pissed off people. People were so fucking mad I mean they were so mad that all the sudden they were going to be forced to have to pay. I forget what the amount of month is. I don't think it was a lot like five dollars or something I don't remember, though, and people. The entire comments for the video was all about people being angry that they had to pay for it. The only one lose thing was there their fall off or whatever, when they went from, may have it all for free to like now we charge turn off that they lost a lot of people. I mean that's just what happens? People don't want to pay for shit, but Netflix is so good, there's so much stuff and they have
Their own independent programming like that house. Hard show they're doing a Chelsea handler going to do a show on it like their there really becoming like a network. So if you pay x, amount of month for it the amount of content that they have access to is fucking incredible. I like that plan to they just released the season as a whole right away. That really does make for like with his also some weird shit that goes on with them. With like cable, internet providers in different internet providers like now they're going to have to pay more because they use up more like they have to cut deals. Otherwise they throttle back Netflix users is a lot of like weird shady shit when it comes to like bandwidth and how much bandwidth is worth and how much bandwidth gets soaked up by different applications. Which should he Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake moving to make about that guys. Fighting for bandwidth, the behind the scenes, war band with wars. Yeah, it's tricky man.
If you're trying to sell shit online unless you're a Netflix give HBO became an online thing only and with all their awesome shows that they have. That would be tough, although so that said, the hips have dominated that world and a lot of them don't do cable at all and just get like a subscription to h, B, o go and showtime dot com and all that stuff, They watch all their shit like that. Well, there's a lot of people to do it through Itunes, yeah! You do like Apple, you get Apple tv thing, yeah, I get a script and all those things it's probably cost somewhere like fifty bucks a month and you could pretty much have access to everything like the next day. Pretty close, I mean there's a lot of shit. You get, I mean use Itunes for use the apple tv to watch that show the strain and I try to watch it on regular tv. Oh my god. The fucking commercials make you image. You can't believe how often the fucking commercials come on. It's like a cup minutes in another commercial and then a couple
it's after that Bam, is another commercial like, oh my god, like they just assault you with commercials. I keep cable Directv for a few run. The football package is huge, two there's also something that makes me feel like an adult having having having cable. Do you know what I mean like you're supposed to have cable? I don't know why, but it really does it just like a either not now, but for a long time well beyond needing one. I always had a house phone, the landlines I was like you said. Must have a landline just in case, but it's just going all above the cell phone now after awhile Well, it's also like you don't ever want to have something that you can't just turn off. Yeah the beautiful thing about cell phone is just shy that bitch off and nobody can put their yeah but yeah like
those a lot of people. Do that Netflix thing now, where they don't have cable. I just have netflix and this use like their computer for shit and then hook up one of those. I do it right now. I just went and it's great 'cause. You could just target what you want. Instead of listening to background noise, pretty much yeah. It's probably smart, keep you from watching as much stuff to you not just flipping through the channels, and then you, you know sometimes a search process though like. Why do I want to see here? Then you go and sometimes I'll take a half now we're just looking for a good movie to watch like it's just wasted half hour here, but having cable like I'll, never seek out the movie breakin ever again, but I'll watch. The last forty five minutes of it three times a week if it pops off yeah farm flippancy, channels in roadhouse comes on. It's like two hundred o'clock and you're not going to stop watching Roseanne, where I'm going to watch that shit. It's like a gift of the universe. If you alone in a hotel room flipping through the channels and roadhouse comes on here on the road. You'll start laugh and you gotta watch it. You know into the Jeff Healey Band to do it. I want you to be nice till it's time. Didn't
Be nice. How I know when that is, I will tell you my mom used to come home from work in the middle the night and feed my little brother and we didn't have cable. VCR a vcr and and had watch, and she every night. My mother knows every little roadhouse ridiculous, yeah DHS Hs, oh my god. I had that hard to kill on the same tape, and we watched it constantly. You know what to make. If you go back in time to when those video stores were out like the local videos, is like every community had a like a local video store like mom and pop video sure, and then the blockbuster came in and fucking. Oh, my god, blockbusters going to show down on his mom and pop video stores in a lot of ways they did except blockbuster, didn't, have porn,
but we kept them along. If you wanted to get the porn, you'd have to go to the mom and pop video stores we had. He came back to that day when those things were all everywhere and you said within a couple decades, won't even exist anymore. You don't have gone going to get everything out of the air people be like Watt, you're, just going to press a button on me. Teen and you're going to get it out of the air, specifically four porn. What you had to go through to like our franchise in Filiated place called West Coast video, The event is not at all and there's the red boxes. Everything was a can of Red Box. There was no like cut the covers, were up on the wall. Yeah you got a Red Box and the view if that was I would try to just like find like my mom and step but rent porno movies. When I was younger, I guess for the themselves and I would they leave in the vcr. We only have one vcr, so they I guess they watch it. When I stay at my grandma was an outcome. I'd see the title of it and how they always find title we weren't very porn sounding and then I would go what state my grams, the next night- and I would tell
okay if I reserve movies, go pick them up and I would reserve it's little grandma, I'm going to go pick up porn movies. For me. It's you know, my god. You want to make popcorn and watch it together. I'm going I'm going to probably watch you later ever. Call you want. It now one time. I never returned one and they ended up calling in I just try to keep. It was a terrible. It wasn't. Even when I rented it was like skinemax e type thing. I had a friend that if videos were really good, he would not bring them back because he was like I'll take the penalty. I need to keep this one once. Oh, I had a guy take me to court for that for now, turning and then eventually like the only reason I the hook of actually that was a mom and pop place that went under score. While video there was a mom and pop place. When I used to hang out this pool all my plains new York- and it was a mom and pop place across the street that they found out had Traci lords videos that were illegal wow and the guys at the pool.
I found out about it, and so they took a mall and they they pay the penalty on all of them. They just that, like the like. These are valuable because he's under age, and I'm like Bro that shits illegal, like what the fuck you doing, there is a value to it. She means she looked like she was of age. She had large breasts diss and she was you know she looked, yeah. She was enjoying it sexually. This big banana chips, yeah they were weird tits, but beautiful but anyway she was fucking like seventeen years old or sixteen years old at the time when they were when she was making these takes off these surround out about it, yeah well the whole deal. She was. A woman yeah I mean she looked like a woman, she's, obviously little girl. But if you looked at her like what is that you would say: well, that's a naked woman. You know she's sixteen piece. Sixteen you piece of fuck. How do you? How would I know you naked. How much documentaries like her boyfriends were like in their did 20s early 30s and shit with none of them idea? You mean the guy on the show were actual boyfriend, still appreciate
boyfriend show porn on the push out the porn video this? The guy on the show she porn stars for awhile? Oh, she dated, Tom Byron. Remember, there's only four! do porn pornstars, yet as a Peer North Tom the first one 'cause he shot the biggest loads. Isn't it weirdly gays? That's the reason it's gayer than he did gay porn, did he before that he did gay porn waste in those big loads on dude butts. About wasted on you not be enjoying it, and this is PRI Vi Aggre. So he was really getting hard for gay, He stayed in there like he stayed I a really long time, simply because of those loads, they're ridiculous. The fact that I what you're talking about like, if you brought it up about any other performer you'd, be like I'm calling former we call them. What do you call a guy, this artist, adult artists, Peter Norris powerhouse? What's everybody know those are things you knew RON, Jeremy can countdown from ten and income and
Peter N shoots fighting covering loading. Everybody knows that I fucking know that you guys. I know that you guys never hooked up with RON Jeremy. How do you know that almost which is what he would do he's going down from ten or has the girl count down and then, when she says one, he pulls out and blows a load, no kidding really yeah. I had no, I had no idea about that either. Yeah, that's a weird thing in house on sugar take a little time, but you know the Hedgehog watch it. How many points have you watched tongue? I had stack collection, Yeah, all the tapes were. The tapes were red rose, a shitty colors to read videotapes yeah right, the cheapest, Rick and stuff, the kind of friend side I defer. Two v r's black dude named Frank. He would just make compilation of like his favorite like come share a They were great to borrow no, because whatever it was, it was like fat, ass, white bitches and then it just be like all so he was like the compilation guy because they have compilations now the way before the internet, but I think if I was
your problem. If I grew up with like the internet, it was good that I was it that I had like really work to get my porn. You don't have your problem if you had instead access absolutely, I think a lot have a problem and I think it's some, the daughter. I I fucking hate that you know facial shots is part of the common day. You know I mean like that's what you do right out of the gate. Sexually also acts to the gate, sexual. You know one. A girls like I said I'm not going back to that. Well, I'm thirty six years old, but I do remember in school, like the girls who fuck their was kinda quiet and the ones who everybody knew folks were, and they were kind of shitty to him they kind of got like you know. Lego she's, a slight which we just all the guys wishing they were fucking. You know which but still fucking bill, but still like know, and the internet just like made that completely like sixty girls, talk about who sucks dick better. That's crazy is that
he was gonna you there when this is happening or you just a tad hearing rumors. No, it's not! Okay. I sure I have siblings were very younger than me, because the father in so I have sister, is still in high school, so I mean, like she's, got the best of my knowledge not doing this stuff, they were doing a a few years ago, where the kids would wear the colors you snap off the color. That means, like you, know, finger your asshole in the locker room and then you go do it and the girl always good someone fair walk when they would just go. Do it? Could you go so yeah was the rule of bracelet rules. They were doing bad. If, if that was going on, I was I don't know, I would never be a comic. That's for sure we got nothing done. Do you really believe that, though yeah now you have actually become a comic just get bored of it. Maybe maybe, but I mean I've even now. I I had one point: I live with the guy who works for the case, company, so we got unblocked just the shitty Playboy channel. We how but Playboy Channel is and if I was playing mad
on the loading screens on Playstation two. I would constantly flip back like back and forth at least see whatever it was, there be a girl with her pussy, and that would just for some reason. I, like I'm, going to watch that for a minute and then go back to the loading screen remember when they had fake porn like Emmanuelle series on like you would watch these weird movies? It was like kind of it wasn't. It was romance that wasn't designed for women whose like romance that was find for like couples or men to watch, so it eventually got two people having sex, but all you really saw was like you saw bread it's and he saw the man like fake humping, the girl, but you know, no penetration, but you could tell that their organs were like their sexual organs were not lined up correctly, you is blowing, but usually head butting him in the like the chest, yeah and if he was banging her like where's opposing it's in their belly buttons. Weird some strange place. None of it made any sense you know, and but they were, you know they would like fake mall
and they were always on late at night. They still have that crap man. I couldn't jerk off that now tried for a long there's no way, I'm too far gone yeah. You can't go back, but you could. If you were like trap, though like. If you were like in the Amazon Jungle for like six months and then all the sudden, you got to a hotel room like oh, my God, TV and you flip channels and carry on Emmanuel was on and I was like well, she the filter, because their those that the kayak camera these back then were dog. So it's like there is no age De Leon really low over doing kind of fuzzy and I used to be able to jerk off collect the girls gone wild like promo video on like the channel tonight night, but I mean it's just like it's just the thing of the past. I couldn't even everyone was like why you couldn't get so excited to the fappening thing. All this celebrity nudes that came out is because still images. I can't check
still images anymore, yeah and the only thing that's hot about it. Well, there hot, but it's just that their famous like and you know do something else. That's a weird thing about porn stars, just like it's p used to have this idea at least that the really beautiful women wearing porn stars are really beautiful and relax Cindy Crawford or you know, whoever fill in the blank Farrah Fawcett. Those are really beautiful ones and the porn stars really a couple notches behind, but there's pornstars today that are fucking tends. There are unbelievably beautiful, like you look at me like that, girl could be Lindsay Lohan, she could be a supermodel. She could be anything and she's, just getting Bloud old yeah flying in that good dick. You don't talk about, but they've uh like removed, like the
it makes it so out there like there's still something more exciting. If you saw a girl that was hot at the gas station and somehow you were able to see her ten minutes later like do something where you open the door by accident, she was naked, that's way more exciting. Did I mean I guess, because you're seeing them it's from a different Intex like porn star. You know you're going to see if that same pornstar happened to be the star of a sitcom, and you saw naked that would make so much more exciting, but the fact that she's, you know are from sucking Dick, like seeing your pussy. Isn't that exciting again, so what you're saying yeah in less you were being inundated with porn. So if you, being inundated with poor. I think that's the real issues you get numb to the porn and then the the real excitement is like. Oh I'm not supposed to be seeing this porn, so it makes it exciting my favorite kind you wearing green video shit. If you weren't getting inundated with porn, and then you saw some porn. Some naked sexy be like wow. This is great. You get excited
yeah numbness thing it is yeah. Well, you also get like. I think I also used to be able to jerk off and fucking three minutes. Now like uh, it's a whole process. Could you like? I could find a better video, take a challenge to yourself and then the head shake you make it yourself when you're just jerking off to that third one. You found like forty minutes later, you're like come on man I could've made phone calls. I got emails to send a lot, a lot of shit done yeah, and here I am right back into the same stupid Bachelor party, Gangbang, well those monkey tests. They do with cocaine and heroin to give the monkeys heroin. They take their own once a day and their straight. They give the monkeys coke and they just keep hitting that coke button until their fucking hearts explode. You know, there's something about giving guys access just constant twenty four hour porn mean that's where all that guiding shit and gaping and fucking all the abuse porn Scott become violent. Well, it comes out of like what's next, we've done all this. What's next so they're going to fuckin peeing girls butts; ok, ok,
sleeping girls butts, and we touched Astrada that p and we make you drink it out of their own, but folk yeah that guys in jail. I think yeah he is in jail, is out now you ever see that we are human again MAX heart max hardcore. You will see a documentary called hardcore with a girl comes over from England. It's it'll make you like furious of that God gives him for. I think I saw clips of it on if it's a girl who comes from you know porn producers like you're, beautiful baby, going to base start over going to take pictures and lesbian porn and then before you know it they get to sets and it's like. Well, I thought you said we were going to watch today. It's like now baby come on, like I told him, you're doing this anal porn today, she's like. Why said? No anal and he's like wow it's more money. If you do it, and it's really watching him break a girl down to at one point map, hardcore. I believe it is getting ready to do something terrible to when she finally, after crying he she we don't want to do it. The first thing he does is
walks, no room when she's going to meet MAX hardcore for the first time, a bunch of people in this room, the and the documentary crew. He walks in he shakes everyone's hand, goes over to her it seems. Very real polls are Denny's down and stuff his dick in her asshole, and she makes a face like it's pretty real. She gets weirded out and then he goes. Let's go upstairs. He started talking into his scene. She says she doesn't want to do it. He gets really. First, he tries to do is like hitter, with the baby you're beautiful, you're going to make a lot of money. This is a great thing. People want to see your beautiful body, he does it for about five minutes and then kicks right into you, stupid bitch. It would have go back to England, tell your kids, you can't take care of her and you fucking go to waste. My fuck, time and then she agrees to do it and the documentary guys step in and they turn the cam. Profit just says like at this point. We thought she was responsive for something when they pulled her out of it It's one hundred percent confirmed you sure that this wasn't in any way set up that. That's. Why
you know like there's. A lot of these porn scenarios where they do a casting couch is no no really are, but there's a documentary which is now. I know that there's other ones that they do where it's totally rigged. I think most of them are always rigged. This is not. This is a full length like two hour documentary it's about this girl. That was just and seeing right, but they showed him fucking her in the ass. She doesn't she's, not opposed, but like she goes Yes, yes, they say: well, they don't showing his dick going in because it's just not the way it's a documentary guy. So it's like if it happened in the corner. Over there, so they not showing the actual sex. Yes they, so they just don't show the penetration, but you see him put his dick in a sheet in her make a face and get weird. I don't know. If that's I don't know, if that's shut up. You know I'm saying like do you know that that's not a setup. Obviously I can't confirm it to uh what would you list as soon as you know so, weird thing in this document? It sounds like a real documentary. I mean if it was a porn doc Menard, they would show like real porn yeah. No, they don't show. There's no penetration doesn't necessarily mean it's true. That does not necessarily I mean I don't know.
I see what you're saying like it sounds like it could be real, but it also could be something that they said. I don't know or so anything could be. You know I mean it's the same that same world. You know I'm saying that world of the fake auditions that turn, but this isn't this, isn't this isn't a jerk off rible thing anyway. This whole thing is terribly like what the fuck is, this guy doing. Girls like, is he really doing that? It's not ok, it's not! It's not! There's no fans. He said around, like you see the documentary guys like like the like, the you know, the the guys talking to each other like like. Should we do something so he's just an evil? Guy, that's out of control for abusing the shit out of checks and put it on video. I've heard him on Howard Stern seemed to go pretty horrible dude, but I'm having a little bit of here. We seem like a horrible dude yeah. This is a road document. Second, would you hear that it seemed like he was a horrible there's on Howard Stern is the way he talked it. You know girls cumming, wannabe pornstars, and he just like each of them your little fat? But you know I can work with that. You know right. In your face and he just looked really good. Think of gruff like shit,
I said, maybe the character for all. I know you know me, but I go, but I heard the wide the villain I mean the guy to get a job I get. I don't know you know that was four, so I shall I'll show you exactly what it is. He went to jail tax sanity. No, no, yeah a obscenity laws. It's a very scary thing. Look I don't think they would heat with it see it's a tricky situation, because I think anybody with any ethics or morals. It looks that guy and what is the the kind of videos he did. You don't want to be attached to that. It's disgusting I mean if even if it is faith, it's still like man. What why does is get you off like you're, just yeah, you're being horrible to these people. If that's really, what gets you off on? What kind of a human being? Are you and what? What kind of a? What kind of a product you sell one, but the way they got him? Is there certain places that have like really strict obscenity laws and
They prosecuted him in Florida in this one area that had these like, really brutally strict obscenity laws, so they went after this guy they targeted him. I think you know they saw the videos they decided. This is a piece of shit and we need to put this find jail and they in their eyes the prosecutors eyes. I think if I had to guess that they found guy who had made this sort of evil business off of a loophole, and that loophole was the freedom of expression, sure that he's allowed to have his own artistic interpretation of what sport. And what's not porn? But anybody like you, that's a normal guy who wants that. You like this car, is a piece of shit like he's making movies for fucking evil people yeah to want to get off to. That is a very bizarre thing. It is it's definitely very bizarre. But it's also like at what point in time? Is it censorship it wouldn't in times like who's, to say that you can't
if you made a movie. Ok, this is a totally unrelated thing, but if you made a movie about a guy was a horrible serial killer right and these very sadistic and it's part of the entertainment, this guys very sadistic and then as long as someone catches that guy and kills him most of us are like wow. That was a fucked up movie, but they got him in the end The problem with this is nobody gets it in the end, except the girl girl gets it in the end, you mean, like the girl, gets abused and it's about abuse, and that's it. There's no narrative, there's no like story arch are where someone comes along and they fuckin find this guy and they lock him up in jail at the end, and then everybody feels safe. Now, it's just awful from the beginning to the end it's awful and then it ends no plot. It's just him violating somebody yeah and this and this, but I mean it rolls on without him, though I mean there's like one thousand max hard, I'm sure right, those guys they'll put on a on fucked see them. Do those the compilations of
just not even the sex part, just the guys being mean to the church, like the data bring in like all full like on attractive women, and they should on them and then them it's very clears yeah. This is my back on their way. They sign up for those is like physical abuse that the illegal and you would actually go to jail for, like you can't smack a chick in the face, but yeah you can't you can't really send a waiver to say that's. Ok, I guess thank you sort of. Can I mean like wrestling right uh, but it's in a different. If it's a guy smacking a woman, I mean, let's be honest, isn't it I'm morally if a guy saw them about a legal wrestling, if they're doing a pro wrestling match and a guy smacks these guys. Are there agreeing to this they're both guys if two girls are doing it there, both girls, but if a guy doesn't do a girl, but I mean there's been there, has to have been progress, storylines where the guy accidentally swings and smacks the girl that that's part of the storyline I mean I I mean I just watched the other day triple h, put Stephanie Mcmane in the pedigree
or in movies for sure there's been domestic violence in movies without a doubt, but they're? Not No, no! No but they're not really hitting this national contact number in pro wrestling. There is contest, that's the difference and pro wrestling there there actually hitting. So if you've, there's apps totally tv shows and movies that they hit each other? So you see a woman had a man, you never see a man actually had a woman in a move out of recent movie. Why that year there there it is then last year some show that you as a one, a man had a woman and it's a now. They can make the whole New Jersey Shore, I don't know, but that was set up. You can make it look like it's a really there. You could make it look like it, but I've never seen. I have never seen a woman cough. A man or a man cough a woman in the face where I thought it was a real that Jersey Shore, the Snooki, got punched in the face by dude yeah. That was real, I percent there honey, I got daughter, she got blasted and that's the type of thing you can't fake mean she just got popped. That guy was a fucking, savage think I was a ski church. I know in an MMA fighter.
Was he really yeah yeah? I mean he just uncorked on her face I guess MA's been around long enough now, there's just the finally there's some guys coming out and disgracing sport a little bit, but there's always going to be crazy. People in everything that supports ears fucking, whatever competition aggressive Jolo, athletes shows people that are nuts you're going to run in. People I mean in the most unlikely scenario: if it's a competition, You know you're going to run into not even if it's not a competition, there's, probably asshole dentists, that will punch you in the face if they're doing shots and then sometimes it works out. There's anime guys that works out great well member. That was at a Worldstarhiphop video with was it DC unassuming white Dude Ryan Hall dropped black. I write the guy did a lot of yeah that I she was my partner with black boots later yeah, they mounted on the check is asked just held him down, outgrappled, let him know yeah. Let him know that it's going to get worse. That's so awesome yeah! Well, especially if you haven't grappled before you get tired, so quick, you like, ok, ok,
love me, like you, don't have enough energy left to attack him like there's, nothing left, I love. I love bullies, get knocked out video. I do love those those make me happy. Nice when you see that as comics, I think when you see the thing about punching up earlier, it really is like we do seek justice to some degree for sure I just have a problem with the statement that all good comedy is punching that's just not true. It's not a lot of good comedy, that's punching side and a lot of good comedy is punching down. But there's but but Louis CK shooting on his daughter, there's no like lack of justice there. You know I mean in that regard, because you said you kind of know: it's not only applied, it's very obvious, he's kidding. He loves kid. Nobody makes an outward and it's funny, It does make it our thing that the that the fights people choose to pick what I did a recently enough with the daughter thing I did Fallon I talk shit about my daughter for the first two minutes of it, and then I did Michael Vick jokes and
thousands of hate mails annexed a port ported over these Michael Vick jokes over a man. Do I say that he was on my team. I have to love him 'cause on my team. That he's was on the eagle still, and I say. You know, I know, he's a terrible dude and did some terrible things, but why is on my team? Just win like I'll, throw my dog. Let him tear it apart, like a werewolf in the end zone, if he scores- and I said, I'd mail Mab, the puppies with a photograph of me Shashin if he wins the super bowl and it killed in the room at but then all the hate mail came in for that and it was such a weird thing is like not one person was like it. How do you shit talk? Your daughter like that? You know you're telling talk about shooting on her father's day present or something she got for you. It's like. No one cares that there petitions online for a public apology for me
imaginary dogs, dogs, that don't exist, but once things happen, people get excited and they want action. They want. They want you to apologize. If they can force you an action that they've won some sort of an online contest, you know they've decided they've written a blog about it. They start the hash tag you make. A grusin hash make J apologize yeah, it's so bizarre to get that wound up about com However, I don't get about everything man I mean every Fucking Youtube video that comes out as one thousand comments. People are duking it out in the comment section and people get fired up about almost everything in anything and if they have the license to be offended, if people have the license to be offended like they could think that what you said is not funny. You know they can think that it is cruel, but this a license to be offended alone way. Ever on my show again, this is my show I like this show I should blow where the hell like offended. People get us, but I feel comedy should be void of that course,
I guess I it was some treated like were speaking to Fucking Congress like given, Davidson was a laughing microphone behind me on a sign to know like what do you you see, what's going on people just getting attention, means talk about it, you engage them and they get to be upset about and find other folks are upset about it as well. Everybody gets to be the gavel of attention. That's why, and you know it's obviously, when famous moments in the show. But that's why I was always I was. I was very tight with Kilstein steam Jamie Kilstein. One point for as a comic coming out against comedy that blew my mind so much that happened yeah. This about still once in yeah, I will still once in go back and watch that whole thing 'cause, I'm trying to get. Where he was coming from with that, where he's coming is a very rigid ideology. There's a very rigid ideology of you know what, with the the down the people are talking down, I would call the social justice warriors. They did they talk about in a mocking sense.
Social justice warriors, but social justice warriors like the idea behind, like the super male feminists, very liberal, very He, you know a lot of envy vegan like this. This whole idea of Do the least amount of harm possible, the very rich the when it comes to certain things? They don't they don't leave any room for certain things to be discussed in a mocking matter. You know, and I think that you get stuck in that world if you're in that world, like they have very rigid rules, they don't think you should ever say joke about. Rape was really fucked up. Is Jamie had one about rape, it was about men getting raped and it was okay. That's like you can't you can you just can't have any mocking joke any woman getting raped even if the Daniel Tosh situations like such an obvious line, the you know what she yells out during is beset if in no one knows the scenario tosses on stage and he was asking the audience what they were.
To talk about because, like you can usually someone to yell out a subject and be pretty funny, you know, and then you may be, may be able to come up with a bit from and who knows have a good time of the crowd being loose ad libbing, some guy. Let's talk about rape and he goes and starts listing off all the thing. That's not funny about rape, but what are you talking about? it's. What is it the the humiliation, the physical violence like what party thing is funny, and this woman, like self righteously, yells out, actually there's nothing funny about race, is. If you didn't know that, is he wasn't saying that exact same thing and he goes when it be funny five guys right to right now like and then everybody starts howling laughing. Why? Because it's a funny thing to say in that moment sure then, to argue against that B. As saying like that promotes a culture that accepts rape is completely ridiculous. When it promotes is, is a rally against people that are stating the obvious they're, stating the obvious to take a moral high ground. Actually, there's nothing funny about rape.
He was saying that very thing with humor that there is nothing funny about rape when she chimed in The person that wanted attention is the same person that wrote that blog she. Blog about it. That very person was like the nightmare person to say that to you, she went and she wrote this blog and he wound up giving us like fake APOLLO. She was pretty hilarious, did show yet. Did you see a what law rest for you did with that story, but they made it into. They did well yeah. You know you the polls in the headline, so they had the got. First of all, they could refer to him as, like the like. Were you going like we're going on to the Aj Campus to watch that that new Rape, comic is in town and they call him a rape. Comma no Jonathan Silverman plays am that Solaire who the new rape coming in town. So he goes up there in his jokes, are all about. You know like fucking
against her will health system? Everyone loves them, he's the he's, getting huge applause and cheers? Oh, my God, the S v, the anti what's funny about that, is that one scene after they, they suspect. He goes on trial because a girl almost got raped after his show a as a fan of his, and they try to make the argument that these guys wouldn't have tried to rape her if they weren't all goosed up from comedy show. When that was the actual argument and what they end up doing with the story was for they do make me laugh was the whole Svu team goes and sits. Front row comedy show is what they do. First and they're just sit there staring and shaking their heads, and you always want to go you guys being a pretty shitty audience at the end of the day, it's like, if you're, going to sit there and stare like at least sit in the back like that seems like a kind of a weird like you're, making the go, get weird and rapey by staring staring at him, but then, when they do, the big payoff the end of the whole episode they make. That was also a rapist.
I I actually tweet it out. I was like pretty fucking irresponsible, like it's a really irresponsible thing that, for that for sure we got to do. You would think that by the way, the kind of people that actually would be rapist, they would be talking about how rape is awful, because they would probably probably be trying to throw p. Yes, they wouldn't be like rape and all the time and then joking about raping all the time like. That sounds like the exact opposite of what you would do. If you were trying not to get busted being a fucking rapist crack joke, but he would try to loosen peoples expected actions. There was a comedian rapists, member that oh yeah. I would back of schools, he would go to colleges. You need rape, girls at colleges and ask them to pray for him. Really Vince Champ if they do, things didn't go out in the vintage amp, but any deal he would go like those block bookings like he would go to one school pick up. The check go to the next school and then double back. So it's like, I think he off for a I didn't know he had a strategy to be a strategy.
When I understand that I could be wrong with that. Obviously, but I yeah that's right. I've I've heard that from several sources it was a good doubling back thing. He wants star search in nineteen ninety two and is serving a fifty five. Seventy year sentence for rape, she committed a college campuses on a stand up circuit. How many did they say how many rapes there's a bunch on uh The store I'm looking for has been removed from the internet. How many rapes were there? While there was so many rapes in the late 90s race, it was in the late 90s yeah. I don't know how many how many girls you raped, but he would ask them to pray for him, which is really fucked, raise the last thing it shake wants to hear when you raped him. So even you feel bad about the rape. I think rates are always has to be like it seems to me: there's got to be a shut up or I'll Do this the element to it, because I feel, like you just couldn't say, professional wrestling like how you couldn't suplex somebody like a a vertical soup.
Works. It doesn't want to be suplex that you couldn't possibly get someone I feel like. How could you fuck someone who's really mapping the election fighting. It almost seems like it's an impossible task. Are you serious? It's got physically for real. Yeah? I mean to something degree that All the time obviously can happen know by SAM. I think there's always an element. I think, eventually the girls kind of has to do like some kind of like just get this fucking over. If you fight physically fight the entire time, I thought you almost couldn't pull it off. I don't know man, I think a guy could probably pull it off. I think they do. I don't even know what you're saying like guys. Definitely rape I know girls night to Jesus Christ. Does it make a sound? I say guys, don't know God girls, but girls fight them off and they still rape him. Happens all the time. I think random managers bigger you, know big, strong men and small women. It's probably they hold you down.
The Lexington? I think, though, if you just lose it honors, and no I mean I give you like: she's, not gonna, be wet. You know, I'm I'm talking about that. I'm talking about the of it of someone like nonstop like physically flailing around like to to come completely. Subdue someone's have you ever did Playfully wrestled with a girl with your girl for something like uh my chick. If I try to hold arms in a tickle, her and she's flailing like I don't think I can control her phone she's, not a big girl at all. I can show my growers. She can't move, Brian kicks ass on bullies, controlled thrilled, he's a fucking, savage dude. You could stop around, and rape don't even made to get all personal parents is put that aside, he's a savage Jesus, Christ Control, my girl, yeah. You could look man if you know how to wrestle could hold a check down. Pretty God, damn easy, it's not hard could hold you down, but you have to hold her down an accomplish something. That's like so
of intricate to some degree. I don't know I don't know. This is weird things speculate. Let's break down. How would around the horn it? Don't you just so we yeah classroom Judo, throw Ju Jitsu inspecting to it probably be it's it's like especially there's a lot of violence involved right like hitting choking. I don't think it would be hard. I mean it would. Obviously it wouldn't be as easy as like Normal sex, no I'm at my mom's making the point of saying by the time. Actually the sex part happens. I feel like there's just a give up to some degree: sh man yeah. I guess you see me, appearing at the Tomahawk University College, announced my college tour. It's called the don't worry. I don't believe I could possibly rape. You tour,
hey everybody has their own confidence level with what they could pull off the cam pull off in his life. If you, like you're limited in that regard, I can never Duncan basketball and I could never rape. Those are two things that physically gampel off. It is a fucked up thing: man, that's like so common in the animal community like violence and sex like if you ever watched like I was watching this documentary or is listening to this podcast rather about Tasmanian devil. And how vicious tasmanian devils are with each other and that, while they're having sex like they always bite each other that constantly biting each other and they fuck each others faces up like when they have sex and they fuck each other This is up when they're fighting over a meal that constantly going at it, but there was a a disease that was spreading. Amongst them it was actually a type of cancer and the type of cancer. It was actually proving to be something that's contagious by some strange manner of evolution. These cancer cells would burst and in
affect the cells around them, and so they all these Tasmanian devil, started dying off because they started developing these cancerous contagious tumors and they were constantly biting each other in the face, so they would be biting into these tumors and the tumors would like literally make tumors on the other animals Jesus yeah, but these constantly attacking fucking mangling each other like that's what they did. They were just constantly like biting when they fucked make these crazy noises man, this guy, who is a your listen radio lab? You know, I'm talking here, are some amazing podcast. It's an amazing podcast in the podcast is all you know. It's all like really interesting. Things that are like it was one of only had about are the problems of trying to communicate with dolphins, and this will really fascinating, fascinating stuff. One of was on the apocalypse like how would the asteroid impact did and how many animals were killed off and
the original humans, probably looked like the thing that became a human that was alive back then this fucking burrowing underground mammal, rodent type thing, but they were doing this. This radio lab one on these Tasmanian Devils in this cancer that was spreading was madness man going to dig in this stuff like that too much of it gives me a genuine anxiety, especially apocalypse stuff. Like you know, it's like that was always just a chance of meteor size, Texas, could destroy the earth, but just weird that that became like a thing with these animals that they would bite and fuck, while their bite wow, wow, you're biting each other in the face, and and that's not a disk and that's just nature. This was the nature of it yeah, it's not like constantly do it. Apparently this bite they just always fighting over meat and fucking biting each other in the crazy, train, mantis, fucks and kills it immediately. So yeah saying you know it's like so: does black widow right, yep, that's real common insect community ice on aunt wants this weird fucking aunt that
takes there, almost all females and there's occasional emails and find a male. They bite his legs off, they bite his legs off and they bring the males like slightly larger, bite his legs off and they carry 'em into the hive to breed, and then they will end up killing him. They make him write a book they just to cripple. Am here like wings. I think to put the story of misery, you make him the book with your favorite character we covered so weak for such pussies, you know we have a conversation about how difficult it would be to rape somebody and it's like dangerous subject to tread. You look into the the nature world is like sex without raped, like what are you talking about, and it doesn't even happen. I wanted. I take it, yeah, there's that how you make sure that the line is welcome, Sir fucking yeah and the lion has to get through the male lions, here's to prove his worth and that event he's going to get pushed out by some new young lions you because he wants to keep like a few chicks around and some new young lines again and then he's going to be out there on his own. They say: that's like the biggest problem in Africa.
A metaphor for snl the past year, cementos everyone's attention, but like with eight african villages, that the real problem that they have is when a lion gets cast out and the the females don't get the food anymore than the lines have to go, get their own food. A lot of those old males to start to get, crippled and slow, and the chipped teeth often shed and they become super dangerous because they can't get the the normal game: animal they used to getting so then they start snatching people just oh yeah, this lucky proving themselves. Well, there was a leopard riding. There was a story about uh. It was in the news yesterday about a leopard in India that they dignus responsible one individual leopard responsible for fifteen deaths, fifteen different people that it targets drunk people and that it waits
yeah. How fucked is that to grow? Yes, leopard way to spot yeah? Well, people, you know they go out and they start partying in this leopard is apparently developed. This taste for drunk people like he knows that when people come out of these bars there slow and they don't know the fucks going on there not on there, not on the ball and they get Brown was almost to walk out of anywhere in the world of a bar and there's a leopard with waiting for you, even in India. India very would in fact, in India. I find it more weird, there's a bar than a leopard waiting to kill you. I feel like the bombing there's bars in India, but it's interesting like India, everybody always thinks of as being like this place of peaceful meditation and yoga right right. A lot of people. Think of you in the desert. Can I help, but you, you sure, put all these goddam gang rapes like India, chess these horrible stories of people getting like gang raped on bus isn't women dying. I don't hear about those quite sure yeah I wouldn't have normally associated that with India. You know we don't we don't! Think of that, but it's like
we have a billion people. You get a lot of crazy shit going on. You got a billion people stuff done in the continent imagine. I mean the young people anywhere picking up all my especially with internet everything, picking up on like the culture of all that stuff. So if you go to South Africa there ST gangs and they think their bloods and crips, because that's what they see really sure yeah I mean it's not. I don't think there affiliated, but there's like there's ST gangs. You know like that kind of thing in South Africa, but weird place like that. Do you remember when there was ice cube song about moving the Crips and the bloods to the Midwest? Now what song yeah, steady mobbin. I think it was road trip. It was yeah. It was something like that where these gang bangers it got too hot in LA, so they set up gang affiliates in the middle of country. Oh those are those like southern ones, like those documentaries, HBO would do about the white boy gangs like just a bunch of dudes. Where
bandannas over the facing Karen Hey circles, what a terrifying thing coming your way as a the children of the corn with do rags on what was that show is like banging in the subway in little rock banging in little. Rock news right here wow? That's like music white trash guys that get him Geary that scared a lot of people- oh yeah, banging in little rock type shit scares a lot of people. The idea that this gang violence that you see in like Englewood, in Compton on the television shows that that somehow another boys in the hood shit could somehow another make it yeah. It's like terrifying aspect. When you see in the s it's because it's already kind of scary area of like so Pompey, overgrown, hedges and stuff, and then there's like yeah, is it going to do with the newsy Worringer, red, flannel and it won't be Louisiana Weather and yeah fuck. But if you're scared about your races,
just don't hit back. You know I tell you. I've talked about some on this podcast and gotten. You know a lot of people's reactions about it, but one of the biggest reactions I ever got about anything I said was that I was talking about John Jones, and I said I wonder how much of like wise, not popular is racism. One of racist. You can say you wonder that someone might be racist like if, if someone's reaction is something is probably like flipping of me to say like that's, I guess that is specially. Not considering it before saying that you just discussing a subject as you do is interesting. It's such a charge. Subject. You got to have like a fully formed idea before you say it, but just to me mere possibility that some people could be racist was like such at. Like people are so anglican, not even saying you're racist, not saying the anyway that you couldn't like the guy was 'cause of racism. I said I wonder how much of it is racism. I wonder if it's a factor 'cause, I always
under about racism. I think he gives reasons beyond that. I think it's a fair question. He gives reasons to dislike him easy on race, but you know same time why? Yes, some people will just just the notion that people will just blindly like just you know. I mean, like I don't know, leave in a world. Apologies, don't apologize for asking. Well it's it's! It's just such a highly charged subjects. It's a fascinating thing that is so highly charged that even a mere suggestion, and if, if people but in some way that I meant, if you don't like him, it's 'cause, you're racist, then that's my shitty job of communicating an idea 'cause. It certainly was never what I was thinking, but what I was thinking was, I think I know for a fact when I was a kid I used to root for white guys. I just did like when George Gerry Cooney Larry Holmes. I remember very clearly being embarrassed that I rooted for Gerry Cooney because he was a white guy 'cause. I remember Larry Holmes Box the shit
at him and you just pick them apart and before that me Gerry Cooney was a really good fighter. He was, he beat KEN Nordine knocked amount, devastating knock out. It was like it was the he was a good fighter, but Larry Holmes was a master at the time it was a just I should have been appreciating what Larry Holmes was able to do to this. Guy had been able to knockout some really good fighters that Larry Holmes was just using his skill and there was, but I had been rooting for Gerry Cooney. So when he lost, I was like damn it was it was, but my avengers he was the underdog to. I was a kid dumb. I know I was rooting for 'cause. He was white. I know I was just probably I was a senior or a junior, maybe a junior in high school. So I guess I was like sixteen and yeah. I was just dumb. I mean it wasn't that I was racist,
but how does it relate? It is been going what you would like what we, what you attach to the most like what you related to the most most right. I could be that guy yeah, most certainly most certainly yeah, but I did it a little bit when I was two not, but not nearly as enthusiastically with Tommy Morrison screaming. I love you. White boxer. No Tommy Mars and I was like I just you know I was keeping an eye on him. How did you feel after rock of the Ray Mercer? Actually after that? That was the worst thing? I've ever seen in my life, check out was so good that my friend Kevin, who is like a huge fan of Tommy Morrison, was like he wasn't even bombed out he's like damn that dude's awesome, just saying that you know Ray Mercer was so awesome. Even though he's rooting for Tommy Jefferson. Such a brutal knockout. They just want to see remarks or fight again. It was so good cut the Ray Mercer whispering in the guys here, a few years later, like please take a dive I'll give you half the money. Who did he say that too? I forget, but it was like a court tv case. That's right Oh my when they're in the clinch she take a dialogue,
we have the money, was that was a Bobby chairs. No, who was it that he had a fight with? He had a fight with someone, and it was an important. If you lost the fight, he was not going the title shot yeah, so he was right or a leg. Adlai E S monogatari, I don't know you ever been proven, was ever proven. You can look it up. I think he may have been found guilty of that. Maybe I don't know: did you ever watch that documentary speaking boxing about the guy? Well, it was name where they made his inside of his gloves. Only rest, oh yeah yeah they fucked was Billy, Billy, Collins Junior. Thank you. You didn't know he claims he did now yeah. That was Panama, Lewis. That was the same guy who doctored up turn priors drink. He said don't give me that water give me the other one, the one that I fixed and then he gives it to Aaron, Pryor and Aaron. Pryor goes out there like a fucking bat out of hell and knocks out Alexis Argui on the next round, and they said it was some sort of a stimulant
an problem: Aaron Pryor, rather wind up having a bit of a drug problem, so relevant could have been related in that way. But it's just weird how the fuck and ferocity of the reactions when I brought up this racism thing- maybe it was like responsible on my part, but I'm I'm sort of happy that I brought it up anyway, just because I'm fascinated by the response- and I'm fascinated by no black people disagreed with me. That's what the weird The weird thing is the guys who disagreement. I don't know everybody who disagree with me on Twitter, so I'm kinda talking out of my ass here, but the people that I interact with on a regular basis, weather comics or whatever date all thought it was the black guys all thought it very valid that there's certain mount of like extra judgment, that you give a cocky young black athlete, and I was like that's fascinating, like I wonder, if that's true, even just paying attention that's something I wonder you know that's, I wonder what about factor it is, and it's not it's not the only factor.
Is three hundred and fifty million people on this planet in this country. Rather, and if you know, if billion people like you in a million people hate you. This will fucking wide variety of reasons, but to say that out of all the millions of people who know you are there on a certain percentage of them. That are racist, seems disingenuous mean seems like there's a certain amount of people across the board. Going to be racist. If you have three hundred and fifty million people, I don't know how many people are going to get their racist, but there's got to be a certain percentage. That has to be fact in there you know, saying you wonder how much It is yeah, I think the thing is that I think Floyd Mayweather people that hate him. I bet there's a lot more racism involved in that then John Jo John Jones gives you pretty valid reasons to be like Scott sort of a dick, publicly from what you see you know I don't know anything of 'em are what I see in the in the press and on the shows, but I mean like Mayweather's a guy. You know you see, like you know the presses
going to music, throwing one hundred dollar bills in the great you know, just like a like a he's, our laster showman that, though, but that personality feeds into someone who's got racism in their heart. That's really that set fires them up. Well, I've read some horrific about what I've read. I've read some braces about both guys about Jon Jones and about Floyd Mayweather, but this movie recent barrage of shit about people like how much hate they have from after he fought Maidan and lossed, I don't know if they were betting on my dumb, I don't know what it is but It's also how he sells tickets. I mean he sells tickets by people wanting him to lose sure pretty so fucking good. You could barely hit him, maybe if, if he gets tagged once or twice hard in a fight, it's shocking and rare, but there's a lot of fights where he'll go like the entire fight just be it's in someones face off and not get hit at all. So for every sugar, Shane Mosley who connects or ever my Donna right hand that lands there's like a lot of rounds. Where he's not even getting hit, he slipping out of things move in and doing thing
do you the you didn't expect and moving in a way that you didn't anticipate and be? And no, where near you when you're looking at him, you know he's a master but is also a master of manipulation, mean he's playing the heel. Where I think John is just a young guy figuring it out on his own, while he's one of the baddest man on the planet at twenty five years of age and he's had this ridiculous rise to success that happening there really short period of time like from the time he was like twenty one years old to the time that is twenty five starts. Martial arts and becomes the light heavyweight champion mean that's fucking crazy mean he, a martial art background, because he was a really good wrestler and did know some kicking and punching and stuff before he start to Mmm, but he got into mma because he got his girlfriend pregnant and he he couldn't go to college. You wanted to do the right thing and said: alright, fuck it I'll start and then got into it and a crazy road for anybody to take and to be that popular in that famous at twenty five you're going to fuck up man
there is a, but you gotta make mistake you got to watch. Can you Pinpoint. Where is when the switch flipped on him? I I remember like I saw went to? I went to UFC one hundred one in Philly Forrest, Griffin, vs Silva and there he was walking around John Jones and I remember my buddy Davis with me. There's Jon Jones made that guys bad he's going to be the next. He was really pumping up so like saying how great he was and have fun, and then I started paying attention to more, he was amazing and then just one day just seems like people were like what a dick some people yeah yeah. When people want you to be perfect, then they're looking for laws to limit cheetah. The Machida thing was the first thing I saw didn't do anything wrong in that what you mean? I told her that after afterwards. I know it's an aggressive situation, but I think dropping a guy that he said he knew was unconscious, was kind of it was just kinda. The first sport, where I thought this is all supposed to be hand shakes at the end. So I see what you're saying I see what you say.
Another combat mode. Oh yeah sure means you could hear, but when he walks over it's funny projection that you can hear it only goes. Jungles go when these people back and go check on. If he's ok, she says he was go check. If he's ok fan yeah go get some fans yeah. No, that's true, I think, but also, I think, to be a bad mother fucker at that high level like a lot of times. These guys are so intense that they get completely caught up in it and they just trapped in the moment. I think I know the dude. I know him from backstage. I know him from when he's not fighting he's really friendly is right, but I wouldn't want to fight them. I think, if you're competing against them, I think he's the all those dudes that are at the top of the heap, the pretty ferocious and some guys are better at keeping it together in some areas like that, you know where they don't drop. The guy some guys aren't no me Dan Henderson is one the greatest of all times. One of the most famous moments in his career as he knocked out Michael Bisping, with this vicious right hand and
This went soaring, I mean he was out cold in Henderson dropped one on him afterwards. I remember that talked about it in the post fight interview how we dropped one on it, I mean that's common. It was like running his mouth kind of things that so who's another famous mixed martial arts fighter great fighter who fought in a bunch of different organizations. He lost his gig with the UFC partially because he held on to this guy after it was done, choking him and then talked about it in the Post Fight president interview with me, you know, and that guy was I mean not doing anything that Bj Penn hadn't done. Bj Penn did the same thing that Gens Pulver like Polar, was tap and he still fucking hung on to it 'cause they were angry at each other, but uh. I didn't go out you know and for whatever reason, holding that choke for an extra couple seconds was: okay, ok, whereas Baba Lose guy went out and he talked about Everybody knows why they do it sure they do it. 'cause they're, fucking, caught up in all the trash talking and the bull and you know it
is important, Derek fighter, let go and referee tell him not to, but it's understandable how these guys get caught up in that to understandable it's got. The got to stop doing it, but with John did technically is not there's nothing wrong with it, because when the referee came over and we didn't keep hanging on to it, that would be a more egregious example. More more, you know, but it is one of those things where appreciate Nate Marquardt fought this guy Damian Maia knocked him out with one punch. Damian was like dazed, but still conscious and Marquardt hovered over him and old back realized. He was out of it. The referee stepped in stopped it, but Nate easily could have dropped a bomb on. I and it was a really classy move and people really respected that that he did that, and I made sure I talked about it in the commentary. That is a very classy move, Joe just to do that. Would which is like homeless. Look at the ref like stop that did that would Vinnie Pazzi Enza you looked over the Rev and he's like come on. Man stop find the referee said no, he said okay and then we'll bump and dropped him again. You know and yeah,
That means. There's moments interesting thing went once you lose your Joe Mensah me is an amazing Roy Jones overnight. My from like still doing amazing things that he lost the lost again any lost it check. It can go it's a once, you stop believing in yourself as an athlete a it. You believe it is a lot to do with you believing her indestructible. Once you see that check in your own armament. Getting that get that energy back up to do it again. Must really really hard yeah a guarantee, and there's a lot of other factors involved in Roy too, because he went up to heavyweight and then really had a dehydrate himself and we can have a cell very badly getting back down the light heavyweight again and then he got knocked out. I mean he fought Alan Johnson right now Glenn Johnson, knocked him out after God, damn it. I can't believe Harver, yes, Antonio Tarver Tarver knocked him out. Tarver was the first to stop him and he did it in a fight. Where was a rematch
if I did, they had, it was very close yeah and then Roy went up to heavy weight. He Box John Ruiz and beat him for the title then came down the light heavyweight and in losing that twenty five, he really d hide this shit out of himself. He looked terrible. He looked like he had starved his. He lost all of his like his his like hardness to his muscles. He looked terrible yeah, it was a really ugly weight cut and you might have been on some shit to get up to heavyweight too that's possible, and then you get it that shit. Your hormone levels crash. That's a speculation, but the bottom line was Tarver knocked him out when Tarver connected in car voters, a big puncher and we connected knock AC tomorrow is never the same then the Glen Johnson, if was scary, that's it never the same. Just one day to happens, it's MIKE Tyson's, never to say you Lennox Lewis, yeah he was never the same Miceli after Japanese still pretty ferocious after shale oil. He Tyson went to jail after you lost the title, lost and then went to jail came back was still fucking ferocious yeah, the difference in like what,
happen with Roy's at Roy fought again like within a certain amount of time. It got knocked out really bad an when you get knocked out by a guy when you get your brain scrambled like it takes a long time for t, it looks like Freddie. Roach is a genius and one of the things that he did brilliantly with Manny Pacquiao's after Pacquiao got knocked out. He told like you're, not going to fight for a year. He's like take your head out of this like there's. No more we're going to that was a bad knock out, and Freddy is a guy who suffers from my trauma. Related Parkinson's himself. He's got the shakes from his career in boxing. And so because of that he super super aware of damage in these. Like look, you could be okay. What you got to heal up, like you, use no contact for a long time, you're gonna not fight for a year and then came back a year later. You look great yeah. He looked like many package and it's, I think that rest time is like super poor, never corporation times very important guy gets knocked out, and so we saw Roy get beat by that
hi or get beat by Tarver and then beat again by Johnson in a really scary way: yeah yeah into the ropes. Well, he went down and back to C banks head off the ground yeah he was stiff at the end of the fight like he was like stay If, in this weird scary way and it well, it didn't look like the kind of punch that would do that to you. They didn't look like the kind of punch that would really put you in a in a catatonic state like that skip. That was scary. I was also scared. Is Roy Jones. You know he used to be invincible. Yes, sir, I mean watching that happen. The people is very, you know watching, like you know, Michael Jordan, four Five come back on the Washington wizards, who know you like was like watching Michael Jordan Play baseball yeah. That was the first thing in the exam room yeah. That was the first thing, but I mean but to come back because he came back and it was pretty great again, but them by time we came over the wizards that one time I was like why even like you
believe it wouldn't be good anymore. I never saw that. I saw him come come back. That was watch, I that was being from Philly Iverson when he came back, sixteen games before left again. Is an Iverson have some weird situation where like when he gets to be? Fifty gets like some giant chunk of money, apparently, as of it, was Reebok yes and kinda like the like this place, my trust or something weird, but he's broke now right, that's what they say they said was begging for money, it turned out, it was bullshit right was not a bullshit story about bags he's retired his number. He looks fine, you know, like you know, somebody was somebody saying that he was outside of a mall asking for money, but then I think that turned out to be like a bull rumor that someone started yeah that that's at I heard Marilyn Manson lives above a out of a and liquor store. He might. He might do that. Just be a crazy person. Maryland is the real deal. Do talk to stand. You know Stanhope now he's but but minimize my favorite rock star of all time. Do you know stand out yeah, do you need to talk to Stanhope romance and
they hung out? Oh good, lordy? Really, oh, I don't want to say anything on the air. It's not my place. Let go ask he's not play. Game sounds like an story. Now involves a lot of different things to here often stand out. I will look into that for Marilyn Manson or talk to Tate Fletcher takes such as one of the two. I never met Marilyn Manson because for the same reason, every time I see Dyson really talk to hunks of like if this guy's a douche bag. For me, it's going to just destroy my thing that should be cool. You of your comic yeah. You borrow our man on Bobbi Kelly's podcasting, maybe read. I wrote him stones one night and just this is this should have happened. Fifteen years ago, not a year and a I forgot. I brought him some facebook, you love Letter and the RA the was like this. She does assistant he doesn't really check of her birth. Yes, I given references to who to ask about me. No, I yeah. How long have you been doing comedy when you do that
fourteen years it was a year and a half ago, as I'm saying like I got stoned and I was like you know what it was still that I was listening to dice man, Cometh enticement come with look as a as adult comic now doing it? Many years, like I see the holes in everyone's game. Always you know, I mean there's no pettus all that I have mom, except for the fact that dice when I was younger loved him, my favorite thing. It was part of the reason I would be funny like I would go to school and rich. A dice lines. It was also a bond thing that me and my step pop my step pop started dating my mom and and over and over that that he would let me h di Slike. He brought that in my life. Those are like a bonding thing to be both just love dice. So now I see him as one of those guys just like you that I, somehow we haven't crossed paths and I've seen it more. What's once in a go talk to me, I just don't if I'm ever around when you're around the mall introducer he's great he's fun he's been the pod
a bunch of times he's been great on the yeah. I hung out with him in a Norton. An Anthony and was caught is a bunch of us and uh Brian and who else is with us, was Bobby Kelly. No, it wasn't Bobby Kelly. It was probably Kelly yeah Bobby yeah, and we all saw him. We went to a show and in Vegas at the Riviera which is the color Riviera Classic venue every place. I've ever played hasn't changed since one thousand nine hundred and seventy I mean they haven't done a god. Damn thing they've washed the floor, that's actually the comedy club yeah, the upstairs Ross MEG dancing. Girls, she was at the above things up here: okay used to have the Frank Marino drag show drag queen show. Did you ever see now? I was great he's like the lady is a queen. I think like he has like a like a book out about being a crossdresser he's. Do. The whole show where he would like cross, dress this guy and he's like a famous cross dresser for Vegas, like one of those guys were like you really and see him or your bottom anywhere else, but if you're in Vegas, like Frank Marino
see his name on these cabs like the little Triangle that sits on top of the cab, you know I'm talking about the little billboard for sure we have that they rent out and so dice had that room was like the upstairs room to larger room and we went to see it were howling like little school children and then, after it it's over. We were hanging out backstage and I was like holy shit on backstage with dice like I was thinking about like being a kid and listening, his. It was a cassette tapes, dice rules yeah, it was just dice. I think the first one was just dice. You know when I was listening to it, this groves, I mean we were crying laughing. We thought it was so funny 'cause back then it was it's so shocking what he was saying, anytime, someone DIS this is dice. I always go. He goes having a hard time making friends, so I go to see the psychotherapist and I'm like a duck. I'm having a hard time making friends you fucking cock,
if you me, that's not funny funny, that's funny! Well, he you know, do you know his story that that dice part was a character yep now I know I know I mean just from being a fan, but I heard him on your thing to tell the whole story and everything, but it's weird that is it weird that he acknowledges it being a character and still no, we we choose to live as the character you like city legs, being that guy looks where and wrestling but sort of a joke. Joey Buttafuoco, sweat shirts and he was the cut weight. Lifting gloves are usually flashdance requesting insurance. He used to wear the gold's gym jacket everywhere. It's great the way he came out on that. The one he didn't around the special yeah was what is holy the the headband with the big feather. Staying alive her. Will you ever hear him talk about how we tried to move back to Brooklyn to uh? Oh, it's hilarious! Yeah! You just try move back with those animals they like like after he became the dice man, I'm going to go
back to the neighborhood nice, completely hills! Put up a fence hide behind hidebehind is the same hanging around those people. It's interesting I'd be curious to find out if LA the cable guy. Like he's a guy, hey Babe, I gotta run to the hardware store or whatever you know. I'm sure doesn't do that, but whatever I have to go out for if he has to go only a sleeveless flannel shirt. He can go back. I mean he's like a tucked in shirt guy. Well, he that the complete and total trivia Dan Whitney, but does he I mean is committed to living his life? Now is Larry the cable guy me sort of has a chance to I mean if you ever went out as Dan, when your did an interview like on the view he's one of the few real characters in stand up was, like if he went on the view going to keep saying the view if went on, the Jimmy Fallon Show tonight show an and he went on his Dan Whitney it'll, probably blow his whole fucking thing. Well, is now what you can almost pinpoint the chain in Dices career trajectory
is when he cried on Arsenio Hall, he humanized himself too much which some people probably thought was it thing when he cried about it. Thank you. No dice man supposed to come out and be a you know. They were taking his movie at the theater. That was as beef and got teary eyed, but if, before you know I suppose come out and be like fuck. You don't see my movie, you twats, but he cried or anywhere on. It was real the genuine moment, and that's just you know, that's not who disses well. I think he was also under some insane pressure like if you don't remember what it was like back then like there were so many people that were angry to me. I mean he had like some hateful comedy yeah. The things that he was making like the way he was making fun of it. It's like You go back and listen to like Eddie Murphy Raw. If you go back and see some of the gay stuff like he was like really aggressively anti gay, like what I was told that the comic Strip in New York. I told us on so many radio shows, but it does make me laugh that how things have changed? No one comes down,
Murphy ever for this stuff, but they have two of his gold albums on the wall and the first one track. Four. It just called faggots and then track one on the next album cause it. This is, and in parentheses, has revisited we didn't cover it all. On the first go round that way like social Justice warriors as it were, are kind of important. That's the only reason why a lot of this change has taken place is 'cause of how outraged people got. I give people just kept quiet, got it back, then. So, in a way like a lot of the the like taking it too far, it sort of balances back and has a healthy mid. You know I mean like in some ways like there's always going to be like the far left but in a lot of ways, the far left tempers the far right, it's like because, like
standard it changes it moves back and forth like if you let people go, and you know be as racist and his homophobic and his hateful as they want and don't do anything about it, the kind of never realize it with a doing it shitty, but because of the blow back like twice all that crying and everything they did. That's probably a direct result of blowback, like he's probably like he was constantly experiencing people that were protesting. Remember got kicked off of entries, your life for life, and I remember Kurt load or saying about how unfunny it was and this unfunny to who do you? Ok, I guarantee, if we did that late night at the comedy store, would fucking crush oh yeah, so like are you recognizing? This is a character or do you think this is a real person who saying these real things, and you don't think there's any comedy in this play that he's putting on, which is essentially he's pretend to be this awful guy? Oh you cock! Sucker like this thing is going to fuck. You guys check in front of
it's obvious that he doesn't really need it. I mean it's like five minutes left, so he's doing is some craziness to it is I mean it's a character mean. Is that is there difference between that character in the bad guy character, in a movie where the guy is going to run it killing people or raping people, or is there a difference? I mean it is just fiction like how come we don't hold the actor responsible, because the actor didn't write it. If you wrote it and you want to be the bad guy would be, it would be upset, and now it's like for the for that kind. For that kind of comedy no, I mean, but there's also you don't do a character to say. I think I think the entire disclaimer? But everything go like. I said earlier to a laughing microphone behind you in a wall like we're. Not you know, I mean I'm not addressing yeah the you know the state of the in the in the state of the union. You know I mean like yeah, I'm up here. Tell it's a it's clearly that that All my thing about with the Tosh, the lady getting so mad. It's like do you believe for one split second, that Daniel Tosh is pro rape,
is slip through the cracks to find himself massive televisions. Do you believe that that doesn't happen? It doesn't happen that would have reared its head before it's, not what they're saying what they're saying is. They found a green light. They found a green light to be outraged. An you know. Also some people way more sensitive than others. You know being called out in front of all those people. Have everybody laugh at what he said to her, probably sucked, for sure she decided that she was for whatever reason you know she was justified in proving our point are making her point or expressing herself Which is why you should be allowed to express yourself, but the idea that he supposed to apologize for that like if you look at what it was on paper and then the here comics agreeing with them. That was just disappoint we were outrageous supposed to come at like oppression enjoy, so there are supposedly rage against the art. You know I mean like in a clear, Creative's fucking around situation, where someone is just fucking around it's clear means adlibbing. This is not a thought out piece. You know where he's
advocating a woman, a random woman getting raped for no reason other My Klan rallies. What I'm saying you're in an environment of this is what it is: well, you know one man, some people be really happy if everybody was exactly like them. If everybody had the same sensibility Sensibile these sensitivities, everybody had the same. He is about what's important, to talk about what you can't talk about. What's taboo. What's, ok, you know, there's plenty of p. Well there that will agree and disagree and their fucking going at it back and forth. That's what's fascinating, that's with fascinating about trying to find out. Where is the middle ground like how much of it with me being crazy? How much of it is me just tapping into one mindset with whatever thing you support or disagree with anything, whether it's the style of comedy that people do ' the kind of music that people are into some fucking kid got arrested because he took some lyrics to a song and put it up, put the lyrics up as a tweet and they arrested him, 'cause? It was like some fucking crazy right, some song about school shootings, or
was this a wasn't for like the actual copyright of the song, saying? No? No, no! He they they came. They arrested him because he he tweeted some in the band. I forget what the show's almost over. I forget what the band's name was that came to his defense with a like. This is the lyrics or song. It's like an anti school shooting song. You know, but it's like talking about like where this all comes from the rayen off its anti schools, shooting top, but it's just a song. It's coming from, like the rage of like where, where where is this guy feeling we Is this guy doing and start we did this these lyrics like it? Could you tweet something from a movie about like Killa Mall, let God sort about like? Does that mean I'm going to go out? don't be mean Gus Van Sant made a whole, basically a Columbine movie, yeah right there. I already did that movie though it is city. Will you add it in, for some reason was before they went to do the murder they just got in there. We were together and made out elephant.
He just added that in there before they went to go shoot. It was all standing there filming themselves and planning the whole thing for weeks and getting the guns together and then right, but for school that morning. They just hop in the shower Decatur, making out the two dudes, nothing about that ever in the real story. That was how we made it. Like you know. Oh this isn't! Columbine story. These kids were making out in the shower first wow, that's pretty clever, and on that note, big J Augesen. Thank you very much brother there's. A lot of this is amazing. Thank you so much. I think we could do it one hundred degrees anytime. I come out at all I'm trying to come more check about three times a year, lease beautiful and you're on. Are she fears? Storytellers show that's on line, and you do- and I don't know what's right and the one for tv tonight so I think, is frozen tickets available ARI was upset that the they were in moving we're gonna people just didn't know about it, but they're available for free contact or should fear on twitter, and he will respond to you and get you tickets for for a yeah. Thank you. Jane was a christen on Twitter, which website a big J Comedy Big J
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