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#558 - Honey Honey

2014-10-10 | 🔗
Honey Honey is a band, featuring members Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe, from Los Angeles, CA. They are currently recording a new album and can be seen touring all over the world.
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german broadcaster joe rogan experience join my day joe rogan podcast my name all day ladies and gentlemen my friends honey honey pen suzanne your back what's up with some guys and it's so weird without the ads it's better that way we be smoked salmon later
we are boring people have to sit there and listen to five minutes of fucking like hearing about the reward him but we don't have any filters and no no no no flashlights it's been awhile horse show our first podcast with you you had dick pills and pretty sure and roll band took one or you were talking about having a boner for like six hours those told he was getting some shit gas station we were telling that that was the beginning of a band addiction now i went deep ship involved for that no it's just mexican viag are where they take like by algorithmics with acorns and call it a supplement and it just isn't you're not suppose you don't know what you're eating to support right but it is like if you would buy a aubrey explained it to us the hustle if you would buy like you know super rocket pills at the gas station and it says guaranteed erection all this jazz they're just so but it without a prescription so they're just putting viagra in these pills and then saying oh this is our super secret supplement
find out it works they buy this shit out of it it's a way to buy viagra without a prescription exactly how does it it's not but the fines are very low and all these yeah and who's regulating that donor question after your boner policing they regulated if they find out that it's actually vi agora but a lot of times they don't find out there's a million different names and apparently they get a small fine would all be said is other companies will change their name and then restart up under a different name and this same fucking shit you know and what are we doing pop shooting would be getting boners against brian i'm questions just change your name do you just take it and then no some of them times it doesn't work it's kind of like mushrooms where it really it's based on what you eat i found it instead of us never good though that seems like a normal grading motion enough loglo up you guys don't do that just doesn't work like that mind is not now i'm
and sad i wish i had those extra effects go to the gas station convenience store will come back apparently some of them at the gas station or just bullshit you know some of them are just like some scooby herbs but how great it was jeb bush is that maybe just works anyway it could i think you got the super hard on pills the super chinese viagra well you just went global with it and i was about to ask isn't there a chinese supplement with a using rhinoceros horn ground at the airport the other day and they had this big rhino that said i am not medicine and it was talking about the use of a rhino horns and some eastern medecins yeah there people that really believe they believe it can bring good luck it can kill or things that can cure cancer it's kind of amazing how you can set a trend you know i mean
i came home obviously like it that's a terrible terrible trans terrible trend right you know it takes you know one person to be like i ground up this rock in my backyard and i'll give you some for fifty dollars one at the best that was my childhood i celebri knows seven it's the best one shot let's call bridal seven look at the explosion way better this running through fire how bad with your life stock if you saw a rhino running through fire but could you imagine if you like in a forest fire in your trapped last night and i'll run up what do you have cleats on the rhino is running through like this burst of fire that would be the thing you could one of the worst things on earth that you could ever see that's kind of how i imagine your life honestly we talk they had their talk earlier with joe
i got more questions man what kind of questions well uh so you are telling us that it's a a predator yeah so it's in a ditch species of reaction in sense of its perceiving everything around bears are omnivores sometimes they'll ignore any like any game because they find like a big patch of blueberries and they'll even ignore meat that's being left out there find the a patch blueberries on a hill and they'll just just go to that i dare say smells incredible so they are super sensitive like if you're over there they know you're there oh yeah they know you there in less you are really far away you could be like one hundred yards away or two hundred yards away with the right wind they might not know you're there but with their near you and there's no wind so they know you're there if the wind is blowing towards them they definitely know you're there they can just smell you and crazy there
their sense of smell is way better than a dogs in a dogs sense of smell is insanely better than a person's you know this like it's the hard for them to measure like what animals the best sense of smell it's very difficult to really kind of quantify it but what's even more difficult is us even imagining like how good a dogs sense of smell's 'cause it's uh really different perception at that point right they might be able to smell like fear forty eight total e and it's like seeing an infrared or something like that the well just opens up in a couple isn't is there like a fear pheromone that you emit i guess there's gotta be yeah i think this weird shit you smell when you're around people that you don't like you know or the people that freak out or people that might have bad intentions they have a we smell and oh absolutely he knows like a bloodhound yeah it's really weird contract bad guys i really can i swear to god so far
for this room is ok half is clear everybody's doing great did you give jamie a good sniff i did jamie smoker you passed the test yeah i could imagine like smelling everybody's farts like in a city like if you're at a mall alot i give your dog in your i can imagine it go see a fart but if you're a dog you're eating shit so you're in detroit you don't i don't mind at all don't have any cultural context i have faith that they will we will see it really look like
look at your door jumpy the dog i mean he is way ahead of schedule do you think dogs of today look back at the dogs of like five hundred years ago and what about you fucking idiots tree entails freaking out when they heard the first siren like they had their heroes you don't even know about remember that one dog the dog to save the guy the first one to bury the bone but you know my friend steven l was telling me that they used to do shows where they would take like a raft filled animals and they would push them off of the the big water what is it niagara falls jesus it would tear people would pay to watch it it's down the sidelines and they would push a raft of animals off niagara falls to their death what some early one thousand nine hundred shit why because people you know as a show like people could see the show like to pay to see so they would load this raft up with
exotic animals that were freaking out trying to figure out how to get off the raft and then they send him over the top six hundred bitches wow how weird not does sound and even entertaining depressed now ok it's definitely not entertaining it's roughly disgusting definitely should be illegal definitely should be punished but if you were there that raft is headed towards the apex do you keep but energy go i don't want no part of that was like this too late here that was like the primitive form of all the fucking facebook shit of like distract if i it was like let's just watch something absolutely asinine or horrifying because it's there's that shock factor you know but i feel like that's not too far from watching dog fighting even though there's gambling and betting involved but like people that can hang that kind of thing i think there's just like i think there's some sort of i can't relate to this but i that there's some sort of like in eight
primal instinct to want to see something terrible so it's like portable than what you can experience in your everyday maybe feel better about it or something or people are just sick and disgusting either war right it doesn't have to be one of the other when you could have been could be both are you sure you wanna be like people actually really did that like oh yeah knows real like a show oh my god pay to see it yeah we were just talking about this earlier actually what you pulled over just trying to find pictures of it we were talking about this earlier about being sensitive and i was telling joe that you guys were talking about being sensitive being said oh i brought the i run the feminine energies today god damn it she does and whiskey filion energean the killer of the feminine energy it's true but you know we were talking about tv and there's certain
i am witnessing whether it's in tv show or movie or real life some people really losing or people just being app totally terrible to one another especially when some and is trying their best and they just get kicked when they're down that just guts me that i just do a genuinely nice person is my soul you genuinely nice person who would never do that so you see and it drives you crazy one of the things that this is the horrible things hope we never seen ourselves like when we see something really pathetic there's horrible or mean or vicious there's part of us that like nose evil and knows it's bad and people being hurt and that that part of us without a doubt is angry or upset at that situation but there's a so part of us had hopes that were never like that you know i think that part of like what you see when you see like a murderer
or we see like someone whose life is gone totally out of control and off the rails and into the woods you just go god could that have been made you know like this one of the things that freaks you out the most it opens up to spectrum what we're capable you see some person who shows up their job and just started shooting people and you go what brought her to do that what it's usually not her one of my son is it ever been her if i really women mass shooter that's a really good question there was just talking to him and maybe one or two i was yeah there's this as well it's a very good question about how she was doing even it's not even at all yeah there is the esquire article is not get any ideas out there ladies but let's just keep it cool keep it everybody's take home it was really interesting 'cause half the article was just like a a history of maybe
the last ten years of mass shooting there's been ridiculous amount of them in the same shootings aurors mail it's in time magazine except there's a big fucking stupid pull down menu that we can't get out of the way way to so how about you use square space you fuck yourself a really is that when was that just happened now we just going to send a message to use this website to do it without failure rhino horn we didn't keep score spaces and even on today's ads so stop it just stop it but the other hand make an excellent website so i'm saying the other half the esquire article was about this dude who was foiled in his mass shooting attempt and he went to prison but they do it was like a frank abagnale you know how he was this world traveling a counterfeiter and eventually they caught him and he started working for the fbi i'm not aware of that is that catch me if you can movie already caprio
about that guy that's about that dude and this was a similar situation where they found this mass shooter who didn't actually get to carry out his plan and it started to use him to get into the psyche of these dudes oh and he talks about the process like you know it starts with isolation for the turning point was him starting to feel like he was he he was better than everybody it was loneliness and alienation and then like way but the reason is on the best and the worst you know and he created his plant so all these guys but we try and tell us your serial killer is this your soul wait three hours of challenge to slip for a mass shooter in wade made it pop are you ready to pop bro come on quest you can fucking find out well mental illness is a terrifying thing because i don't know what's going on in your brain what's going on in your brain i can only guess based on all the time we've hung out together that it's nothing scary
you know what i mean i'm telling everybody smells good in here ok i agree it's ok crazies when you postal shooting had history of bizarre behavior how did she shoot six do you know that the woman who there was a woman secret service agent that got overpowered by that guy that ran into the white house the woman there was a woman secret service agent that was on the first line of fire like she was on the frontline the guy got in and got ahold of her and overpowered are that's no good let's tear fire blowing it left in master here past her like that with that recently yeah ok i know what you're talking about is skin this shit man that is scary shit well they just got outed for all this stuff man did you hear about all the shots fired on i can't remember what part of the west excuse me the white house seven shots into the white house was the secret service didn't know about it for a couple days watch was it like sniper just virus
my card yeah and that was did the woman the woman who ran she just resigned i mean it's a whole fucking thing and then there was a one woman who got shot who is outside in her car and she did something in her car remember she'd river carter drove her car on the lawn so it was we there we were in dc we were we were the at the nine thirty club i've done that this is known for its five that's a great spot called the size of the cut thanks to also i got into we got to tell the story just because it's so good so we like one of honey honey's favorite i've show activities is putting spirit animals on our stage preferably birds of prey underneath yeah i like it i like it i like it i think inappropriate so we used to have this mascot who is ceramic rooster it was fucking great and we if we took this rooster everywhere i got it it's on our instagram page i can show a ceramic rooster yeah anet large is this rooster
it was really sure but yeah that was that was so so to scale how do i like show this to you i'm not really good at this stuff anyway we get you the we get to the venue and the rooster gets shattered by one of the employees by accident and r our tour manager at the time sam sam really attachment to this rooster we heard him upstairs we were downstairs and we just heard no i would like three balconies up and we knew that what's so great about nine hundred and thirty club is that there really incredible team like the whole establishment there's a real family vibe and one of the employees illustrative artist draws up a card
with his beautiful photo like a drawing of a rooster with a big tear coming down his face as a sorry about your and the whole time you signed it all the employees in the menu sign it and we still have it it was just one of the coolest things ever and you know it's it's that actually legendary venue like the people there are just phenomenal the sound qualities is one of the best sounding rooms we disagree yeah i did that place years ago it's a great spot i'm going to dc soon doing the warner theater on the 18th of this month yeah this weekend i use it all the time now what are you doing man i'm just telling jokes i just did my comedy central special in denver in november so what i'm doing right now is write new jokes new jokes how do you how do you approach that you right and then you take those ideas an you fuck with them on stage
we don't know like last time i did a bunch of new shit i didn't know where it was going you know but i kind of had ideas where it would probably go and then there were some things you you change when you're on the fly 'cause you kind of realize like on the fly and would be better if i said it like this or the make more sense if i like that or i can also say this and you know you can under the picture of like trying to forge the idea on stage you come up with some dude do you ever like bounce it off anybody like a teammate you just go for it yeah i don't want to do that iphone if you just sit in your car you come up with both iphone and i also a lot of times i i phone it into a print form i use that saying that so pad you know the notion that you use the the little press the microphone talk into it it's unbelievable have you ever tried it no but
do you have a droid the last time i saw yeah i got rid of it so you switch that shit up no but then i got a new one so i will read band has the man who knew almost nothing compared to your phone but then i got intimidated i got one of those galaxy note fives or galaxy galaxy yes fives i fucking love it yeah it's great can i ask you a writing question i don't really know i don't really know how to check this out watch why put in talking this honey honey band is fucking badass sweet guy watch this i love this positive reinforcement me honey band fucking that's amazing i mean it just mine doesn't work like that it worked exactly i mean got all the words jesus and you just talk into it and it prints it up and so like doing that when i'm driving 'cause i have idea like i just i could record it and maybe that's the way to go sometimes later make sure you say that'll work within the sculpture you should be a sculpture i know it's going to be
who is pants off anna fuckin texas belt buckle no that that new series now does xixam so you could just do the act that what song is that also your never large red band does that even thing you put in the front is not a learned on in your pocket or a room in the front so accepting of the once you get off that rule is some shrinkage which i had it off the writing question but i don't know sorry for being demanded if i can play the band okay well i see i don't know if this truly plied the like a lot of people who write stuff song comedy whatever we are young it come or maybe not young there's a certain point point like an initial point where comes very unconsciously you know just close out and send like ok i'm just expressing myself and then
later on down the road there's this conscious element that you have to like retrain yourself to do something consciously that you may be used to do subconsciously i might presuming too much well i with comedy it might be the exact opposite interest because in comedy in the beginning you suck so hard that your tear inside of every stupid fucking word you're writing down you have very little confidence in anything that you thinking but then it get older you kind of understand what you think is funny about something and it also becomes different but so that's that's more of a conscious the right side as well not not not not not show it is more of a conscious act to put the you you understand what you're trying to do now because when when you're young what you're trying to do is you're trying to kick ass like i'm going to get this job and it's going to be so awesome like i was trying to explain to a friend like if you made an album like if you guys decide to make an album like honey honey band is going to make an album and our goal is to sell the most fucking records of all time that we
look at this album we're going to make the fucking album that sells more fucking records were going to make a million dollars or billion one million dollars because i want to fucking yacht and i want to jet and a bentley's reading my mind so if you approached writing your songs and that's all you were thinking about it would fuck you up hard yeah he would somehow or another lose your connection that have to happen to me when i was an actor what did you want fucking much i want to survive and i worked for a little while and i had like a good two years and it was like once i moved to la from i was i was living in new york and i moved to la and i stopped working and and then every time i went to an audition i was just so desperate like i couldn't focus on what was right in front of me had to focus on what was what would happen if i got the job i think people can smell that i'm not kidding yeah but also you know in
as a side note like that's how i started playing music 'cause i sort of got you know through of course i was totally lost who is la i don't have any friends when i got here like a boyfriend and we broke up an yeah super said and then and then i wrote these terrible sad songs stuff i know so pathetic but it's true like that end result it's totally you're absolutely right as far as like creativity goes it's kind of like not up to you to yeah i think like i really love being friends with guys like you guys because i don't know anything about music so i get appreciate it from this like really innocent pov like ooh that sounds awesome like i don't know anything about chords i don't know how you do shit with your voice i don't know anything about chords either and that's kind of what i'm talking about the sense of like so we go
at this point and this happens to a lot of people who go to conservatory's or like really study this shit is that they have this technical understanding all of a sudden and now they have to spend the rest of their career figuring out how to forget about that stuff and just like how do i come at this like you're talking about like someone who doesn't really understand it coming from an emotional place we're actually using it for what it's supposed to be used yeah i think maybe it's just like exercising too much focus on one area like i think it's probably that like technical proficiencies we very important in music but it's also nurturing a creative viewpoint where if you're doing something let's put it this way if doing something and you just studying this is not the knock studying music and practicing but if you're practicing say a very particular song you're doing that song over and over and over again like i'm sure you're gaining technical proficiency but should there be like and equal amount of time where you just explore making your own sounds in your own using your lyrics
having your own thoughts or should you do the classical music version of music which is consistently performing bach bach beethoven like songs that have been done there in the can already mentally you just recreating them i think it's a little bit everything did you want to say something it is kind of a little bit of everything right you beat me too you got it like the flow well it's yeah it is a little bit of everything because you know obviously like there's muscle memory when you're so if you're in shape it's just like working out you know i'll do exercises of classical music just like what do you do i have my chops up i do it for us not no no no juice i'll do some i mean me mama llama lilies on green you do martial arts form can you keep going to stretch
this move around press we work on this new please just a warm up please yeah it's cool it's like a keith jarrett it's very almost let's aplin like i can i can hear like robert plant they were like a we just don't bands i feel it may be holding his army from non wear big sunglasses where large hats only tension we want to be able to what your day easier your pants you can what do you want to or not it's big enough angry it's alright to place on the move angry angry constantly that's foundries of cloth to disregard it got a machine to everybody yeah honey badger bad disk rogan rockets and even that big just crazy big big if you had like a drunk hang a rule or a wild vicious rat i'd be more scared of the rat you know the kangaroos like wobbling did look spoke out on well you could get the plate from
rat scared the fuck outta me he talked about on the podcast before i had a bad situation with the rat once in a pool hall in new jersey me and my friend john went to this place to play pool and there's just fucking huge rat never forget this big giant fucking crazy hello t to scare you because that's all you think about is like getting written by the rat i have a great rat story and i really want is a good one so back back in the dizzy no would you ask her to play music play music on she's not interested in like this let me let me this well it's pretty dark so like you know whatever move let me paint this punk with my two dark dark dark so i used to work in retail that in this story yeah let's call it red blood ok actually really loud ok i'll stop i'm sorry you get to rat rat blood so
was working in retail and it was a horrible job it was like totally degrading as a human and all you would do is close all day it was really expensive in these he would come in and spend ridiculous amounts of money on clothes and they were just shitty and mean and rude and rich whatever not that all constant but it was just an unpleasant experience write an from it was a customer or the staff that you know my employers were just not kind and they didn't give a shit about you so was already i knew i was kind of walking on thin ice because i i i wasn't like in through the ask about being there was just a job and one day before the biggest sale of the year where people like late ladies freak out i came into the store and that weekend there had been like there had been indications and evidence that there were rodents because i
you know what i knew or were rats 'cause i could smell them i swear to god i could smell literally when someone says i can smell a rat there's a musty smell to them you can fucking smell them i never said oh it's totally 'cause my first house in la i moved into half of a craigslist ad had rats and i knew i was like that smell i i know that smell that was from my old that's a so long story short uh the exterminator is coming and set traps the night before so saturday morning when like this big sale starts every all the i was like oh my god they call it something i don't know we walk the store and there's like there's one dead rat upstairs there's one in the trap there's another one downstairs and then there was another there was a trap that had been deployed and there was a piece of uh a big large piece of a tail and blood fucking blood all over the clothes all over the wall but no rat and
one of the girls had walked into the front of the of the store and also you should know there was a line forming outside of people that wanted to get in to get this end of the year sale the girls walk then she'll go with that and it was the size of a cat and it was the rat that got that got out of the trash that like lost its tail was in the middle of the store bleeding and it was like this big everybody freaking out one of the girl his balls enough to throw trash can over it so it's like you know it's like screaming in this so at this point at this point it's time it is time to open the store and all the people are knocking on the window and we were able to like we were able to sort of create
the version and put some clothes rack so you couldn't see the trash can believe you let people in while there was a rat in a trash can in the window nobody was letting this was like it was screaming like you couldn't know one so they exterminate so we call the exterminator get so much better the exterminator comes back we like to there's a fucking live right in the store we can't open the doors we have a sale there's a line around the block like you know the owner everybody on the phone everybody's freaking out exterminator shows up and he he walks in he's like oh yeah that's that's a problem and he's like well i don't know my pellet gun so and the next thing i know he walks out to his truck and he comes back with a two by four and he's like like you ladies might want to step back kicks trash can open and just
fucking splat like it was in the middle and throw lawful watching you terminating blowup of watermelon in the middle of historical so so then all we get so much better so after he kills the rat and it's like go epson entrails are all over the place the store manager is like ladies we need to clean this up and open the store i was like are you fucking serious so like buckets of blue each and whatever clothing as the blood on it just take it out will cancel it out later so we're cleaning we're running around and i i'm not kidding you the doors open five minutes and the manager who's my age calls me upstairs and she's like suzanne can i have a word with you and i'm like yeah yeah sure whatever go upstairs i get fucking fired she
it's like look you know we've been wanting to talk to you about your performance here and like i don't feel i know that you want to be a musician just wanted to fucking god but anyway i was like you couldn't fire me before you made me clean up the rats blood i had to clean up the blood and then get fired are you fucking kidding me like it was one of those moments where i literally i lost my shit did you tell it is like did you let it happen but the rest of the day if you want i want you think i want to stay here and look at you i hate you horrible but it's such a good story going through it was all worth it at the time well it was just i'd never like i never experience like any it's such a fan
story yeah that's a very good story it's crazy isn't it funny how story that is absolutely horrible at the time becomes awesome yeah we got a pass it was a low point though because it was so and so like when someone in in like digg like just do grades you like that like she said i know you're trying to be a musician but like your hearts on it and i was like of course i don't want to go out and celebrate yeah i don't feel like cleaning up rat enter your rights mashantucket rats are two by force you need to examine your priorities my friends devanal was explaining this to me this weekend about struggle and it's a very important interesting point and he was talking about working like struggling really hard doing something that sucks is not fun at the time but
it's fun later on for a long time whereas something that comes really easy like fun like roller coaster writing is fun at the time but after it's over has no fun attached to anymore i was like wow that is crazy so if you think about it that way there's fun stored i don't know he's obviously never been roller coaster high yeah but even if you have it still dirty segments woo we did it was crazy and then you kind of tell it but you just told the fucking harrowing story of a rat trapped under trash cans shrieking by a bunch of chicks or banging on the window trying to save some money and fucking rest and the guy comes in and smashed it that is a great fucking story that at the time you must have been like fuck this job and you fucking fired me fucking kind of that day like immediately afterwards look how great it is now it's like this energy stored up in that moment that's come through a big way
ok i think we're witnessing amazing crazy like acts of nature like that in any respect i'm sure you've seen crazy things out in the wilderness you know it's just like oh my god i've been talking about this that like the last few days i've been really happy like if i'm always pretty happy but really fucking happy because i'm not in the the fucking rain forest in prince edward prince of wales island in alaska sleeping in a wet tent and i'm like dude houses are awesome plumbing electric my sleeping bag was wet my clothes are wet i turn my light on i had a minors light on when those little things you put on like a little headband sits over there i had like a third i picture your i turn this thing on in my in my tent and i just saw like it was raining dewdrops drops like literally everywhere you looked like the entire air all the air was filled with moisture there's
nothing stays dry we danceable we just ate like freeze dried foods take what was drinking right out of the way there five days not drinking right out of the lake you just dip your cancer in the lakers and shit there's no jordy because there's no beavers up that high not like that it's a lake that's made entirely rainwater is not fed by a river or anything it just rained so much it's just pure rainwater what do you know tributaries are nothing it's one hundred and sixty inches of rain a year it's the rainy a spot in north america so you just sweetie raising huge oh my god i'll show you some pictures after the after the podcasts over so this is amazing it's so humbling but for amazing you know sala terry like really wild but when you get back home you feel great so i think that's the balance i don't think
balance is living by yourself i don't think the balance is going all ted kaczynski i think the balance is going out to nature i'm going out little him but i think the this is going out into nature and being around people it's like both definitely it's like well it's like a nice well we need we need the exchange that enerji whether it's like contact or just you know attention active in be it seeing the stars at the huge huge you know we'll giant we we just got to go to hawaii fairly recently and you look at the stars observatory now we did you gotta go it would once in your life it's in hawaii it's on the big island no that's where we were shit maybe we'll go back i'm scheduling my next trip i'm going make sure if i go there that i go there when it when there's no moon out 'cause the last time i went it was fucking amazing but the moon was out so you don't see any but the moon a few stars but that uh before i went it was also
there was no moon it's insane can't believe you almost get angry that you can't see that everyday everybody should see it on a regular and if you can't do it every night it should happen regular weekly monthly whatever 'cause it just sets you back to the point of understanding what is actually going to where you are yeah i yeah yeah i think were blocked off winter car like super tinted windows yeah we look so we can't see we're obviously success dark out we can see she probably successful or being abducted is one of the other maybe porn being filled one of one of the other but when we flying around through the galaxy don't realize it we can get cocky but when you stand it you stand on that check observatory and look it up and you see the very defined milky way galaxy it's so it's so crazy it's like you're you're literally on some sort of a spaceship fly
and with no roof and you're flying through the galaxy and that's what it feels like it's everything you just feel so so i like well this is fucking he thought was deal great feeling of small yes because it's not really that you feel small it's but you realize the enormity of it yeah everything the whole package but not even that you feel small it's it's like it's humbling i think that's one of the reasons why people are so god damn cocky i think we fucked up by making lights every way night you know why put no i think it's well you said it's a balance it's like people need to remember to get away and reflect in be out just shut it down turn the fucking phone off don't don't look at your facebook page go be outside just take it in i kind of felt like that when i ask summer surfing i'm not a good server but i used to live by the beach and i diligently would go with a friend of mine who's teaching me how to surf and
i had so many moments where like i was getting tossed around and you where i was scared and you just feel like this is this is the ocean this is this is huge this is so much bigger than than me you know and i had so much respect for you know great mother nature i did i really did like i would have these moments where i would i would but like six in the morning with my friend and go surfing and then have this just away furnace for the rest of my day and it's pretty fucking cool i would imagine that the people that that you know frequently that that's their hobby have have a real essence about them this definitely spiritual connection to do with alignment enerji that so much more powerful than you when you riding that way even people that just like go to the beach every yeah or all all the time like this one the reasons why beach towns are so chill isn't the salt basalt
alkalizing or something then it does yeah it's very cleansing i would imagine like if go by like santa monica and you watch the waves like kill he see the missed you can see them it like people are breathing that the air is clean as shit we weren't there fucking hundred million cars in the air is clean there 'cause it's all coming off the ocean it's just totally different sort of vibe it's a totally different life i mean when are we living by the beach guys so we had both of those are during the beach and the stars but the stars i think that motherfucker of all mother fuckers it's like the blind forest too though that's been well may where i mean yeah hawaii is amazing too that i was in hilo and went hilo and he drove like with the canyon mountain hilo is just one of the cities in hawaii i kona no that's not good it's not because on the we're telling my wife who we were just we were there there's this can you is that we're with the by the water yes there is
literally one thousand foot waterfall running right off the nw coast of the island i think yeah yeah look like jurassic park like it was legitimately like did they film that there probably i would imagine they did they did on oahu or they don't lossed yeah they film ok it was amazing it was so we went in july with some really good friends of ours and i've we never get anywhere tropical so that was my first time why was your first tropical trip yeah there's like two months ago and it's the best but it's just a crazy one too because it's not just tropical you know there's for every like the volcanic fields and peep cool as shit i love wine people people always say like you you'll you'll hear that local wines like negative towards white people in or negative chords mainlanders but i just think there's too many of us that are due
bags come over there and you know how much my airplane ticket costs to get over here you're stupid island man and these people are lying and my ancestors came over here in a canoe once it's if off people man who is what will this guy name kavika and he was helping we were sing a place that was literally right on the beach so we could walk out twenty yards and be snorkeling and he was just instructing us about the the wildlife don't touch you learn to eight though he got what we had learned in in in in in a way that he would just shrugged off or you know you just brush it off his shoulders this dude got an urgent kerr's some sort despite i wish i knew spider urchin the black spiky ones you gotta find it in put me too man this dude head impaled through his wrist and you can't take it out it's too brittle he had it in his wrist for a year just before your body pushes it out you know it's like ok that's
and like what is it that you have one on your thumb and i had one of my foot in like i felt it for like three months like it was i'd have these moments from you know it for a jog or whatever and i'm like my fucking pinky toe it's all swollen but it's a great reminder to it's just like that's like the stars i honestly think so when you have that kind of interaction with nature and it's still there anything fuck that hurts but it's because i did this is because i was in environment and i need to be exposed to that shit how to get some of them scuba shoes girl by i had him on it was just that one little spot where you could get right through it but you know it's ok i'm over it totally barefoot like a retard jesus with a four year old step on it the guys at the hotel they knew some shit and they had like some sort of vinegar solution yes and they put it on it i put it on it for like twenty minutes and it was pretty good now i worked out that night and it felt better like i felt like if i worked moment to electronics of smash it all up when i was in there they would slowly make its way out
make it urgent make it really clear they're not like surprise i got you the fucking thing before i keep trying to land mine before i kicked it i saw it and i reached for it and then i was like suzanne maybe don't do that i was going to pick one up like you fucking idiot how you do that 'cause i was fascinated i've never been anywhere tropical i know but it's like you see like a rusty bladen you like that everyone knows even look that up my child was amazing though the sea turd oh yeah it it look into your soul like angels i swear to god they looked into my soul i totally it was just they were just right there yeah i guess one of drinking this was yeah yeah the i'm a i'm a big fan of all those animals we went on a swimming with dolphins with all my and my four year old with me in the water was holding on to her and she's snorkeling with me
i figured like i want to like exposure to as much really crazy shit early so it seems normal to her you know like i've already started teaching her martial arts really yeah oh my god in the six year olds pretty good you know like an like probably take that stuff really naturally i think it's i think there's certain aspects of like certain movement that are just normal and natural for people who teach you how to do it but i think there's also like learned experience in dna anyway the point is like she was scared of going in the ocean and being with the dolphins should know any better for yeah if i waited until she was nine i said it's my go what only one of there's a shortcut but she's for i'm like it will be fine it's like okay reasons women around i wasn't cool why yeah i've i've been to i twice the time that we're talking about and this are the times on kauai and i saw a family and we were on the dock and the doctor probably ten feet off the water right and there's a bunch of new members in the water and then a do dangling a little kid off the side and the kids like outback and then they just drop it screws
and then they save it and it's fine but that's that's how they get used to it i just don't know either in either you're traumatized or your michael phelps that that's how that works i think it might how michael phelps learned to swim i don't why would you ask me like i know that because you just reference table then you know but the point is that dated to back up your claims in that creative michael felt i was taking a little poetic license and pointed phelps got a second dui give that manage weed back given miss weed back you tested him for weed all the time that's the problem now anyways truck is different we got plenty more with their limo just to defend my michael phelps statement one more time we're talking earlier shitty stories creating hold on i'm not really big
ben is slow with the cheer i'm really sorry for serving you guys your drink so slow yeah we turns it around on us i'm supposed to drive down you just poured me a bucket of whiskey would you would i ever show number service we have a car survive to be called uber no no we have a real car service unstamped did you hear about the uber driver who hit the guy in the face with a hammer hit the guy in the back seat the passenger with a hammer i thought there in front seat i don't know but the passenger and i'm sure these stories are going to keep coming out but first kind of uber freak out that i'd heard god damn it is unregulated was in a seat was like really bad he could been a dick maybe we start with a hammer by brian to my crazy you know what i'm talking about the guy was trying to bite his dick uber hammer attack may clarify firms responsibilities while well definitely been is that the guy again with a hammer wow oh my god
so for getting hit with a hammer that's too bad can i tell you something i felt i don't know they've been expanding at a pretty miraculous rate like uber and lyft or just growing and growing like more and more so if you're getting you know their volume of employees coming and you're going to get crazy in there every now and again right good point rational suzanne crough around me another one i feel ready what can we do about peace in the middle east suzanne net paths know what you know thank you know that you don't know what you don't know who fucking person on earth should say you know what i don't i don't feel equipped or comfortable to get into that conversation but i did tell you you know i'm reading a lot of chomsky lately and it's such an argumentative subject that like i'd rather just talk about you know
reading the wilderness and rats michel skirts would calls let's say you know what like but also i feel like a fucking pansy at the same time i was think about this this morning like what do you stay for like do you sit on the sidelines and let it you know like you have your relationship with it and you let it sort of trance where are the weights going to or deserted too many players on the field you know what i'm saying like that there's there's already like teen is right and they don't need more people be like it is what you did but without like book but without like to dinner horn year ban we have a platform that is continuing to grow and i'm saying that that's not what we're here for we're here to play music in our platform and spread love an you know be you know what we are but at the same time we also have the two if there's something really important that we believe in to talk about it
now i'm not saying i want to talk about peace in the middle east because i again i don't feel qualified for that but i had this this reckoning this morning i was like what are you going to do suzanne like how are you going to handle this kind of energy if that's the you i'm saying one no no no it's that that angst of not really being able to fix some of the prime concerns of what it's like doing our part thank you just said the perfect answer was yeah we don't know and and it it doesn't help this is to just introduce enerji into it to be like wow that's fucked up it's like yeah we all know it's fucked up i think there's people that are compelled to fix the system this people do compelled to point out the flaws in a system there's people that are compelled to fire others maybe that's where you guys are you inspire others with your words or your music or your you know your combination of your talent and your point of view might influence people's ideas and then in turn that sets
like i think whenever it like someone like me who makes all the sense or someone who speaks in a way that makes you relying your perceptions of the world when they communicate with folks and they put something in their head those people may spread those ideas out and add to them and and and and goes further and further and further and eventually all of that influences the culture in a more positive way then most protests or most i mean there's very few like really like angry violent the actions what they do is they cause people to come defensive they cause people to re examine the situation but what causes people to really change themselves it's almost always inspiration it's almost always wanted to be inspired like if you see someone like have you ever gone to see like someone performed live and you just go lock and you just want to go home and play and just want to go home right like that fuel
yeah like sometimes you go see a movie and it's just it's so good you just want to go to the gym you know i mean like sometimes these things happen you know talking about sometimes you're in your car in a fucking song comes on it just changes your state you know you just all of a sudden you just feed you get that feeling washes over you focke yeah you know those things for you and you and suzanne for you you do this is your this is your avenue this is your albany and change it really set me and i honestly i i i've been like thinking about there's a lot i really appreciate that you don't need to everybody doesn't need to like try to fix the world everybody we were talking about this on the drive over here a little bit yeah and if not about fixing the world is just about making sure that i'm doing what i'm supposed to but like doing your car not not sitting out when i should should be you know
we should be you know i'm kind of like but i think the point what he's saying is by following through on something you're passionate about you are that is that is yeah the best thing you can do because it creates those environments for other people yeah and having opinions yeah and you know in in the leg expressing yourself once you've a state like like when you go you doing your establishing your music establishing your art and then you have opinions and then people look at this guy seems so cool and it makes sense that doesn't make sense at all the time you know it's crazy though becoming more and more comfortable with opinions changing in my own opinion is changing because i think i i've actually been which i didn't understand it is this the conservative mindset to be like no this is my opinion i'm sticking i've been reading this dylan book in the bring it up fascinating is marinas all these interviews with him throughout his career and i just got to nineteen eighty right and he
this is him like counterculture figure like that you get in and doing it during my when i went in from nineteen eighty he's a born again christian like the gee i didn't know that until the driver crisis what crisis the way and the light this is what i was a born again christian hundred ten percent honestly and it's amazing to see this dude who so comfortable and just like in happening what he's experiencing at that time you know let's look at now this is what i'm doing he wants to double check no is not a double checking from the mouth wow now listen but but it's it's a shocker to see these words because this is just my upbringing it when someone talks about jesus that ope only i get kind of freaked out 'cause of my yeah i guess yeah but to hear him talk about this
it just like realize we like people fucking changes a bob dylan jesus dot com page my god the details how fascinating owns jesus years he was so much fun don't produce which is so many different people verizon artist yeah you know takes chance when you really see in this doesn't read these things this dude was using a persona and still is like bob dylan is something he sets it aside from himself and he's a caricature of himself yeah you know i mean he's like that's bob dylan he's i can kind of remove myself and do whatever the fuck want now i'm kind of not blameless but like dis associated almost wow i don't know about that i guess you do that i miss smith documentary is a film this is a film
well inside bob dylan's jesus here's a film then who is the guy from who which guy from town oh see the one that he was the one that got caught looking at child porn no he got cleared he got cleared man baba o'riley what's that yeah that's right he got cleared masturbation he got weird but what does that mean that means like he was this is a dude who's been sexually molested as a child's life when he was doing like a project trying to expose shit you know being like this is fucked up you know he got outed for and look i mean i'm not an expert on it so hope this doesn't right now i hope you're right situation i hope you're right i definitely don't want him to be a child molester healthy viewpoint look towards the positive at all he's our guy like he admit while he made a statement about homosexuality or about being a woman about he had been a woman in his life
it was it was very strange because it was like this he had been a woman like in a past life now is sexual sense like he had been on the receiving end of male sex so he had like played also that like line yeah we don't know but i just don't i know what you have to talk did burn just go pete townsend creeper here i'll i'll read you the quote i'm so seven protein powder gel i'm glad you're happy ladies and gentlemen welcome ben jaffe is maybe bulk and welcome what are you doing to bulk up well first of all my back is hooked so i'm doing a lot of core shit is this is quote i know feels to be a woman because i am a woman find i'm just telling you just showing unsuccessfully what's more important your back is temporarily bird or time where freak out since engendered being gay
ok so did you talk about being gay talk about gender spectrum when he had his first period or i don't know if you call it a period when it's a man's but it's not like an egg god drop checking you are not a woman for having but sex yeah you're not right you're not do you accept a woman who is like a trans gender woman except that as a pure woman absolutely mean pleasurable read and you like bitch i know you ain't got no period you need to stop attending every month you're freaking out he will have my period she's going to pluck it period you used to have a penis call you dolores but you stop bitching about your fucking period who's what trans gender was vision about her period that you been hanging out with think there's some trans gender woman out there bitching about her period so this is not no imagination i can see you of our trans gender friends out there listening fucking i'll bet you wait first of all let's let's backtrack so you had
dark angel in the show yes but angel you're everything we talked about it we talked about looking i always wanted to have him on the show cool is fast making us he's a really nice guy he's a really nice guy and it's you know i'm very flexible with my ideas about like gender i don't really i don't begrudge anybody their own sexual proclivities their own ideas about gender conformity and about gender identity i have been in this like battle with a lot of transgender people over the last year or so but it's purely because of one individual this because of a woman who used to be a man she's a man for thirty years and started mma fighting well against women and i was like yeah i was like i know i said i'd like to route what does some things i know that you know that i you know i mean i'm not okay with i said a bunch of rude mean you know that if i like thought about the
ability that would make other trans gender people feel bad i probably wouldn't set again but the reality is that it's something to say that you're a woman but it's another thing to say that there's not some crazy mechanical advantages to the mail frame that you don't lose the transition to being a woman it's not there's one there's a ten percent increase reaction time of men have a quick reaction time i was ten percent accepted order the buy in some states is that all you need is i see that's the other thing i don't even have a problem with a man like having fight with a woman like a national man having a fight with women if they both agree on it the woman know she's fighting a man and the man knows he's fighting a woman they both agree if you could how can ride bulls ok watch we came which you can why can't you fight why can't a woman decides she wants to beat the shit out of them and see if she could do it if they both weigh the same no reason why not hate you hey man how's the record high agenda how's record did she win a lot
oh yeah that's like every time it's not just win win in like really quick violent way that's horrible ok yeah well she lost once though she lost once to some bad ass bitch think she lost once but it was just like you know all due respect not trying to be mean her skill level is very rudimentary i watched her move and there's nothing substantial about it there's like there mma fighters it well now users of it definitely technique involves definitely knows a lot of technique she deftly trains hard there's no doubt about it because he's fighting five minute rounds or i don't know if they fight famine around a lot of these female organization sometimes they lower the number of minutes but she's definitely talented she definitely can fight there's no doubt about it it's not i she's some horrible amateur that has no idea what she's doing she's knocking people out whether or not she's knocking you know what the
called cisgender that's what they like to call trans gender people like to call people that were born a certain gender called cisgender what is i know it's dance where no one knows me knows it just it's popcorn while you call popcorn you just do ok it's ok pass translated pretty straightforward as kool aid kool aid i don't know 'cause it's fucking still wanna help you out that cool it'll give you diabetes sorry oh yeah even that she lives in the first few fights she did admit that she used to be a man who sells lottery and she said that they did it it wasn't something they required ever and she thought it was a mental someone else medical yes or i don't know i don't know i shouldn't i shouldn't say i don't know exactly how it came out but the people that father that no the cheese to be man we're pretty fucking upset i honest this is so interesting like this is fascinating that at this day and age this is an argument that we have is like you know you have to you have to label something and then it's like
this or is it that and it's both things you know it's like if like is is buck angel the bushes of lesbians or is buck angel a man right you know to mean like first of all i respect buck an i think that he's great we we met him he's great but like at the same time i'm kind of like just kind of fascinated by the whole conversation to begin with one i think most sorry go ahead i was just going to say i i think it doesn't to most rash people doesn't really make a difference in a difference it's like self definition you can call yourself whatever you want i think is when people start proselytizing about and that's a problem because then i don't know it's in face in this issue my only concern is it it's a personal safety issue sure and there's there's sort of like i don't know fuck i don't get involved in an argument but you know with anyone the internet but it almost sort of move like a unfair advantage no it's an unfair image it is an unfair advantage it doesn't mean that the woman isn't going to win but the uh
the other woman is going to win well but it doesn't mean it's just that the physical advantage it's often like you overcome physical advantage with technique but you shouldn't have to there's certain amount of physical advantage where i don't know i don't think the studies have really been done on like fighters i think there's been some studies on athletes and athletes reaction but i think the difference between being a man who transitions into being a woman and competing in olympic volleyball then being a man who used to be a woman you transition to combat sports because you're essentially dealing with bing advantage in dealing out concussions and that's that's a fucking it's a big deal this is a day from the way we're shaped you know and the broader shoulders of the mail the larger hands this the more narrow hips the different geometer the body
little curve of the brown pending morgan switch cheap enough but uh so larger jars so why are you running here without his age my cock and balls careful he's gotten angry text sue that is fucking transcend gender talk is making a joke i have a question have you ever thought a woman no a sparred with them way way way back in the day in taekwondo and never in kickboxing but in taekwondo class sometimes you have so far with them but i never heard one playing basketball with women yeah but you don't know i really did everybody get sweaty people doesn't know the user buffaloes neutral right on the ok not sure you make your jokes i got a valid point here that's ok again
never got a boner while playing basketball and given up 'cause we ever got this me what did that come out so but honestly everybody chills out everyone just plays i think it's kind of more in your volleyball to in the sense that people are playing the game then it's not about like i'm going to fucking elbow this gun face i'm going to play physical like people actually applying techniques there's some serious basketball drama it's it's almost like it's like when dudes well in general like extracurricular an i'm not talking about marshall it's in like actual training that that you're involved with my ex is with extracurriculars sporting activities are kickball in basketball one thousand huge my world it's amazing because people right so into it and the ones that like angry and you're like we're here to have fun but same time that kind of sometimes also makes it more fun because then there's that guy that everybody would be like wow look it fucking i don't know ted when we were in boston we used to have a comedian softball game
okay every monday i think it was comics together and fucking yell at each other it was fucking safe with criminal it's so funny that the jam ps honey honey is very athletic we love all sports so if you guys wanna get down yes alright looking throwing the gauntlet leasing chevy bat you know i'm saying yeah fucking road road kill most choir right now you know will kill ghost choir you've been going back and forth on twitter really need a bunch of this stuff is going to show for us all the better really looking at them and thank you guys you gotta really best there everybody can be the bit i really like those guys down a lot they're awesome they fucking badass they sent me one of those cds it seems cool i love it this is a dick on it this is a
okay are you is that a suggestion product is yeah he's so dark you know what i mean in the you know we shouldn't be we should be she had a really really first of all i do not mean i think you do so how much twenty percent twenty percent sexy percents confusing i would say i say i'd say i'm thirty five like every few years good number heavy cinema give a chica drunken sloppy kiss nothing wrong with that no man or not get granted those kind gestures
jed asked have you because to me never do you want to i did allow myself to ponder we've got wondering about this mick jagger david bowie and i was thinking ok ok maybe in my like really wrapped up tight and connected this idea not just of heterosexuality but uh lifelong heterosexual practices exclusively like if i so wrapped up in that that i couldn't like give a man a kiss and then i was like you better shut the fuck up homo stuff i said that to myself trying to plant these thoughts in my head you gave last yourself yes i gave that 'cause i was trying to i was wondering i was like ok look at these guys like i always nude little things where will try to idk period things are go places or put my
my mind or my consciousness in an unusual situation because i think that when you have unusual experiences whether it's even even if you like watch unusual dv ds or go to a strange place you take in new information that new information interacts with all the other information in your head and you form a new creative ideas so i think like as a person who tries to be creative it's to have as many experiences but hey how certain line that i go i just don't think i could do that when i look at like mick jagger and david bowie i'm like a wonder if there were like fuck it fuck everything man fuck homophobia fuck i'm a man you're a man fuck i'm only attracted to women quintessential rockstar though i like those reduced with a different spectrum then you may be not not to i don't know your function but it's drug induced delirious and going through you know i i think those do
at that time had i have probably been through enough to say i i've seen i've been to the limit you know i've seen the edge of the cliff that but that's normal damage like if you suck enough dicks one day you're going to want to have sex with a woman like if a gay guy we get to some breaking only like that one hundred million dicks in his ass and mouth is likely not blizzard enough i wanna woman well doesn't happen but what does it happen the other way we're doing this treatment is so many different male partners that one day he needs they they fucked so smoothly the guide says it is the little spoon until something if you're lying on someone shoulder and they put their arm around like that what you do is you reach up with the left arm you protect the neck is very important that's probably weighs about you choose to thumb like this you want you want to do like this you want to cop it and don't let go that risk pin it down to your chest dead you gotta you gotta show
about i know you guys know restroom at hashtag hashtag shrimp out oh man everybody is so great looking so great at the show sometimes people will just be like then shrimp that it's like yeah so funny too that the only podcast beautiful part of our history here joe that's lou reed was not lou reed custom looks like new read on the left is lou reed david boys god net worth steve gutenberg david bowies god damn free flight my
just slinging these mother fucking man he is the man do you know what though i think control major tom i think that is the optimum format but it's great song step shit doesn't matter control major time with her eyes are just adorable it's fucking so cute like the pond with john why aren't you wearing matching t shirts that say give it to i didn't get my penguin package down when your kids and people would have like fake alligator shirts they would take like we would give you some of our stuff but your muscles are too big i wear your shit you won't fit book mission abroad we have new shirts will hold on connecting them is very relevant important to this podcast you have listener who made us a piece of art careful what you say well look do we've treated him with almost legal respect i'm not even kidding he did he made two bills and his bill patterson and he
put two dollars bills and put are there one dollar bills in that we made shirts out of that dude that's like our merch that it's him we have to get you guys t shirts we should've brought you bring those published the boys do you live in the same town now and it's going to be fun you guys aren't leaving until we don't have apartments do you have spare biden will show when are we going hunting when you want to all the time you want to shoot now what do you want to eat here in november i might ok honey honey honey honey who is pig hunting i'm down with the wild pig hunting going if we have the most likelihood of success like if anything that we could do you know like a close rate but we have to take you guys have you shot rifles before you get there
the same trigger brother some just getting that never half its own band yeah music team no but i was you i was hoping and i i mistakenly thought it was you the my friend hammond haynes drawing a bow down and out but it really made me think the caption underneath it because it was talking about the practice and the discipline that to be able to make that shot and not and hit the deer in the fucking paunch so it's crippled for the rest of his life but not dead and that gave me a new respect for hunting honestly because like i don't want to go out there and shoot something and it won't do no it's not about trophy hunting it's about doing not be a good enough shot or not being skilled enough to be able to kill the animal in humane way well it is possible if you go out hunting that you could miss ann you cam his missed cameron hanes is minnis steven rinella's my friend who's a master hunter he is missed and i have all woon did animals it is a part of the process
if you deny that part of the process you're being dishonest sure but not see it you need to practice due diligence to make sure that you minimize that in his monthly test is possible and what campaigns post was about my friend cameron hates is a world famous bow hunter mean there's very few hundreds of world famous but he's a maniac he run ultra marathons regular runs marathons run two marathons in a weekend he's run like a friday marathon is at the end of the world could be here with the fuck is that i'm glad to be with you again holy shit happy to be with you guys and so really loud in the bunker is that the ebola lane what the was that so we're we're we should i thought red man was doing something weird and it is almost sound it's it's so loud like a jet it sounded like
that was right for fucking jet was going to crash in canoga park hey if this is it right now like i love you guys too i love you i mean that this is ok we've been talking about meteor impacts on the show lately yeah bryan callen i got obsessed with meteor impacts we're in prince of wales we started talking about all the various meteor impacts super volcanoes that have happened over the past you know x amount of years brians back anything you get any info with the intel we should probably like start checking what do you think top gun jets flying in obama's in town still it's mayhem they came to get mayhem was here yes so busy here today as well 'cause he was here yesterday i don't know maybe he left today and he's on one of those fuckin jets i don't know find out
i'm sad now is it gonna be like this is the end here at the podcast election do you have enough snacks protein fibers were almost at a whiskey oh my god if we can get the fucking taliban in the same room and give him some hash we all eat it together we could work this mother fucker out you know working with empty will bring the entertainment musical part with little entertainment was gonna happen is that we're going to read like it's going to be the end of the world and we only have like five minutes left and then you two are going to kiss and it's going to be me and then army ensues yeah this is very important trip since this is it this is it this is our last time here on earth prime please say world wor thank you this is debbie rlld world world world world peas like if it's the end you could say world once i know you know how to say you crazy yeah that wasn't good that was weird it was so loud were inside of a building
pretty thick ass fucking regular ones that were going to be ok are people saying outside yeah that's why we should really yeah ok what is it what anybody catch anything i guarantee each some people fucking showing off oh my god i probably jerking off while they're flying really low quit quit this fucking job what's the best way od jerk jerk off while you're flying to one thousand miles an hour fifteen feet off the ground go do it man too much pressure i could do it even if you don't come now it's like at least you could say what's the point i was jerking did you really do it then most people won't even question any further i was jerking off in a jet fifteen feet off the ground going into one thousand miles an hour was your dick hard why you ask me that we want all you have to do is you start pulling on your dick and
clinically speaking you were jerking off flash you don't know i would enjoy it you don't have to enjoy it have to be out an really really going to town to be jerking off that's just farm dogs you know what penis that's a man can be three slash four hard half hard and still have the satis orgasm of the year you know bob jerk of shame i know what you're talking about girls can have many orgasms too and it's like a simulation shame guilt man here's the difference if a girl calls up a friend that's a guy say of girl calls up a boyfriend and says just masturbating i had like one slash two an organism the guy will go
i'll come over take care that everybody sounds like a vocal fry but if a guy calls up a girl you have sex with because i couldn't even totally get it up i just came all over myself the girl be like in gross the girl be like click no like do you wanna watch a movie yeah she's like do you want to just spoon do you want to watch breaking bad yeah what that's so hot say it again up done see you yeah do you guys think we're ok outside like should we know should i call my mom the world were just talking about non voting we were definitely wear pink beaten down by this fucking stupid system that's been in place since we were babies we didn't after this stupid system were born into it this goofy
system but how do we how do we work our way out of it without being involved with get bench the question world hold on i have a yellow notepad and i'm going to take notes i honestly think i think it's happening whether we like it or not it just takes a lot of time and it's very confusing it's very confusing along the way and we're in the middle of it it's a hurricane when the middle storeman we've taken this crazy weather fucking cow in semis flying through the air was taken as being normal just quote the movie twister no a sort of individual is visually in my mind i was thinking about it news footage of acts and things well in hand my university of news videos i ever saw was is dallas video we we put in the process of the semi trailers and a tornado they were flying through the air taste is sustaining around here like they were like paper cups and they were semis like just just
that's another like another scene stores seamster aculus thing that notion i got you dunk nature gives zero fucks so i have an idea i have an idea please about already done about the subs letter writing it down so i think the world is in a crazy place as discussing and yes you know there are people that are really really really fucking smart intellectually can analyze and overanalyze and just inside out benz right there an like well just call it what it is and say it you know charms ben no then you're freaking brilliant mother fucker and i love you and i'm so glad your partner shut down love you too ok alright we're having a good time but
but you know he's got his issues let's be honest not a good listener what are you talking about previous great great you say marco penis micro micro precision precision guess what it is not a lot of precision involved when you're caught in a sleeve part of this land instead of sources that enforcing joke's benz jewish no vagina being very musical sleeves word with the difference that envelops the penis and something hold on now we really do need to write this down the penis goes into the germans will you can go outside when does the slapping is really good at this laughing in the crying you can't spit in everyone's mouth you can't try it on everyone you got and i'm going to need to be proven wrong like a terrible joke
you know when you can get away with it and you don't know why you know but you do know you know mom about this podcast when a girl sticks her tongue out and you just spit on it and she swallows them you know this party is about to get fucking serious which doesn't even flinch i just got intimidated gram in the back where you spit in her mouth and she just each is their head up and tongues yuen wo and then she's like i know i'm about to get some double penetration from believe you spit in her mouth and you can't even believe that she just swallowed it to let you know how gangster she know there's a camera in that room no no no i don't know it's all i need to do is you have to take the beauty out of it
i would just want to capture it in rtd and spit in peoples mouths on tates bitten someone tomorrow will you there remember that john barrus gets it on this once a week really deep insensitive when i take is a complete and total savage og savage original deathsquad crew takes an animal and he was making out with this girl once and she goes spit in my mouth pull their hair back and fucking spits right now are we talking new deal buddy i did look around again it's happening again do we run outside then we just ran outside jamie bringing camera brian outside what the fuck is going on is it going to be reading close to enable base i don't think this is that big of a deal i'm not being so insensitive here's a problem white privilege we're sitting here in fucking canoga park thinking about white privilege on me too me too
this fighter jets going over that doesn't have anything to do with race row i'm kind of keeping its russia and it's all going to what i'm saying is we look at war as something that happens in another place and we support war if we do support war now than asking think nothing to get past anywhere near us we never think that best come anywhere near us we just don't we think it's happening in iraq it's happened in afghanis and it's been happening there for twelve fucking years more than that thousands of years sure but with us yeah i get what you see jamie make sure it's ok he is one of the best investigative reporter in los angeles area so pride in the world in the world world if brian redban is on the case he's out there smoking a cigarette is going to come back inside you smoking cigarette isn't even of course he is mother fucking of course yes he can't help himself junkie poor bastard
need to do that with a pen don't work do you want to go out there with them and smoke cigarette holder drunk anymore can i quit my vape pens i found out there is from aldehyde and then drink and it's really creepy fucking rj reynolds propaganda whatever i feel fine i don't smoke anymore i have more energy before no i did we felt more like tension like you 'cause i would you know what i the yoga the yoga i feel so good i feel so at peace and i'm so happy i'm serious yoga so good so good whenever i do what i got god damn i should do this more often what kind of yogurt do any i do a bunch of different kinds but i like fucking people actually got people talking shit about becomes well i like conan hide yoga because apparently i don't even feel bad saying this b crumb the guy who developed this this brand which is a series of poses any kind of took for him
self is his own is a douche like legitly allegedly i don't know i don't know you just gotta give you enlightenment through the head of the penis everybody has a different method some have koans like what is the sound of one hand clapping anymore offensive than him trying to fuck you speaking up in latency yes go ahead and answer that confidently but you just said yes you sure you said it's more offence it's more the sound of one hand clapping is more of a misspoke i'm sorry i blew it sound like a rape apologist right there you asshole everyone's got their opinion drape apologists men asshole i'm part s american oh ok well at least you reckon banyard native yeah little bit i'm driving joey diaz always says that about powell eddie bravo me bravo will get a couple of
we get a little funny propose great i love love that guy my brother but eddie eddie bravo even adopt the phrase joey diaz call it when the indian comes out because s south americans are essentially like mexicans and especially are indians mixed with spaniards name like i didn't originally apparently speak yes yeah spaniards the is in the spaniards i mean that is like that's the root of a lot of people from mexico that's why there's like spaniard oscar de la hoya looking mexicans and then there's a hawkins that's more of a well there's some mexicans that look very native american right now yeah but that's what joey diaz the indians coming out gravel that fucking indians coming out it's indians in their notorious issues with alcohol dude my raise your hand well i'm i'm
my grandmother is half ojibwa chippewa indian to get money from the casino i know not the casino but like if i wanted to go to school unlike live on a reservation i could receive the benefit i know i'm why does goat cheese but it's true grandma my grammy you must have some moms one slash four yeah so i'm pretty much drunk after like to drink some fucking waste your name how many yeah do you get money up to you like a 16th right nobody getting money that's it's very complicated like you have to be sort of you have to live on a reservation you have to be willing no at one point i thought about it i'm in los angelus exact initial motivation you gotta choose not that i lived in minnesota ever but that's where a lot of the reservation oh there's a couple of reservations near here well yeah so she knows are owned by native americans
you know yeah i know that but i didn't realize the fun is a vision is here's an awful you got a contract i got a phone back to you exactly in on the fun factor in the state of california because he knows why do i know this 'cause i like to gamble you can't throw dice mitch illegal to the third dice in the state of california so if you want to play craps which i love to play they they have a deck of cards and they flip two cards and then you attribute that too yeah it's gross things you have to use cards instead of fucking dice red band what's going on are we going to live there's there's just fighter jets everywhere i'm telling you it's red dog did you lock the door on your way back in fighter jets there's a lot of those people are like hey we're hearing all these fighter jets and then there in san francisco there was a couple at a couple of hours we have to accept the fact that we're doing some creepy shit in other countries and if it comes back to haunt us like these people are shit slowly showing up with a bola the guy in dallas died
oz someone is a nurse in spain someone fluent mean but in this country i'm not gonna spain sorry my fault some woman just came here from uh i think it was liberia or something like that and she has in los angeles lease advise motorists to avoid portions of west side due to obama visit so it might be that easier still so is raising money for the power that that dude travels around well did that position sure was mitt romney by the same power sure i know i'm not i'm not attributing it to him but we were talking about friends met robbie what's he been doing about it is reading the mormon bible let's talk about that fine
you know what i think you do know what you think you know what he thinks you don't 'cause he didn't say most of the time i do to be honest but if you had to guess what you said you were saying god damn bring if you had to think what you think you'd be thinking right now he's like want to play guitar no i know for sure my talking about obama wheeling power we're going to say no i was just you know that no big deal i was talking to him and i want to talk and you interrupted mission it's you guys are just both polite that's why this is awkward were nice one of you is a bulldog control this conversation this mean kid in junior high you still need one song that fucking motherfucker crush and of course he did but he was bad game what did you develop sooner well history you don't need to learn about a lot of dudes nobody teaches us how to talk to girls
we just have to figure it out more thirteen and we do a terrible job for the first seven or fourteen years of our lives and then somewhere around thirty which slowly so it was better then that's why a lot of girls date older guys and then you get into trouble while you better then you make some money approach when i was talking about was writing before earlier things it let it flow you it was a little worried about it now you calculated not you number mrs band not being i i'm i'm getting better better how about where you at your worst when you like hit rock bottom will probably two thousand four hundred and twenty five we doing this kind of like an air of desperation and everything i said you know yeah sure i think about this weird because i've never had like the single years you know i mean i've always been gone girl friends girlfriend yeah yeah so single years are great if you're successful but if you unsuccessful it's horrible and lonely
it can be very sad well and there's also that sort of like stigma of like i'm the man i need to take the lady out and impress are but it's like i'm been sleeping on my friends couch for two months do you want to go out yeah there's that also that thing that you realize like when you're really struggling as an art so i guess is a musician definitely as a comedian it's very similar but you know you know you know she's going to know whether you have nothing yeah right yes your wits i don't know that should i go a long way i think that if if wherever you're rat and who you are and where you're going is up to you where you're going is up to whatever i don't know falah but the ether can we say yeah sure but but you know when you meet somebody that's like i think you're fucking awesome i don't i don't care that you not where you want to be financially
the or professionally i think you're awesome what you need to do is run a background check on that mother fucker and find out he's just using you for your apartment definitely when was the last time go home man was your clothes only best price you fucking weirdo and my deodorant sorry man i dated two guys that were women's deodorant i like it so much beaches but i wear mens deodorant so take that for once without what kind of men's deodorant do you wear dove actually it's in my purse bryan callen just told me about some natural clean bryan callen just told me about some natural deodorant that i have to try he said it's like a aloe vera based deodorant that really works so naturally he and he's first i want to tell you that natural deodorants most most of the time they're bullshit yeah long usually it's usually they last a couple hours but depends how smelly are i'm just thinking do you want some deodorant i've got some right here
strong enough for a man made for men yeah i'm not talking about dry straw from but made for a woman now now i put it on this going to be problems ok what type of problems too like your pit here is going to get stuck in my war that wimpy ass fucking flower if you t free bullshit deodorant noise to understand but strong enough for a man but made for a woman was that like sure secret secret secret c jonathan and it's made for women anyhow like one advertising slogan like that can just fucking give a hoot don't put that's stuck taste the rainbow it's the real thing coke the real trying desperately to think of one it'll clean your car battery that's for sure coca cola yesterday was had you
and i had the other future rain the whole thing that you weren't there if i had it but you are working on false information and kind of bed honestly i wasn't into it when we find out that some people drink like eight or nine of those in a deck that is horrifying like you know when we're on the road you see you see truckers come in with like a fucking big gulps like the whole thing and then fill the whole thing up with mountain dew in the whole time i'm like oh my god cancer like i just think about that going across the country recently i looked at some trucks some truckers i love everybody don't drink that shit just just drink water and then beer later the good stuff i've been saying that for years i was looking at the back of some truckers truck in advertising for more drivers and said zero dollars and fifty cents a mile or something an average is six thousand can't exceed a certain mileage limit and i realize what these do the doing because sometimes actually think about this because we drive so much some like if this doesn't work out one of my qualified to do music the it's what i meant i could be a truck driver on as a
no you did not so fucking much does sometimes i think about this a people that come into my head and why do you why do i think about that you know i don't know just like a residual hey man you got like fear residual fear from saying ok you're confronting something like posey amassing yeah no i think it's a very natural thing you know what i mean i'm going into a risky thing and know what you could always work for my we could we sell pizza together think about that like it honestly think about that sometime soon cleveland work at santos pizza that's part of the reason i've invested in you so much because i know this is a backup contingent too honey honey band followed them on twitter and instagram honey honey band don't stop talking me they want they want you to love them
speaking of advertisements look to start on which you want to talk about it but we should talk about art or you guys battling it out right now this is it dude if this were like your cornell jojo you don't even know how does it get fucking real maybe i don't want to hear that but that's natural but i want to think that you guys are the way you are when you hear all the time i want i think that you are the way the way everybody was on cheers and they sat around the bar i don't think anybody wears are tiny danny devito depresses taxi what you talking like this fucking go watch the jets outside like i want to girl sandwich in cheers work in nineteen eighty five wait i thought he was choice wife was in god damn it thank you you're born one thousand nine hundred and eighty five yes sir that's when i graduated from high school i was seventeen you were a baby oh my god i was like hi baby in january little baby oh my god yeah we're pretty thirty now i'm excited you both beautiful hey thanks babe
looking good i think you do too honestly sweet darling very symmetrical thank you i feel symmetrical yeah an odd way by geometry is off though what do you mean can i ask you can i complain full specimen i completely buck in take a left hand turn here this is this is something 'cause i think of questions in my life and honestly they do they can think of that might answer them here comes some gay shit again you know what now you made me timid i'm going to take a second to do with marijuana twenty minute you know a lot about this well we have enough weed if it ends in the next twenty minutes if it goes more than an hour we're going to have to go outside to call gino brogans character we're going to have to call speed and this is the end movie god damn that will respond in delighted when the demons come fucking with his name
eastbound and down damn damn right he's the man he's american ship is the man in some areas where my favorite people ever love that guy gotta get him on the podcast would love to you probably wouldn't do it but if you did you would do it but album would you kiss him on the mouth fuck yeah fuck yeah that's all turned white god cast this a status thing so it began love him i kiss you on the market if you want to do it i believe in them out to get you back on the podcast i kiss you on the mouth glass my fucking question just have a weird question i saw your lower lip just have a week question become derailed what's your question already empty raise a little you guys argue before you got here is there was a really good day like ice cube good today wasn't very good didn't even have to use our king on celexa oh my god
i think we care about your question so so i used to smoke a ton of week just too much would happen tonight seven hundred and thirty i don't feel like this is a safe space this doesn't feel like a safe space anymore i'm confused my outer planet hey guys families in a safe space stick up for me you know it's sort of in a safe place you know werewolf right out that door you know it doesn't help suzanne i love you so much that werewolf i love you so much you know it doesn't help a lot when i've got him i'm being misogynistic when i'm struggling uh in you come up and save me you know it's kind of like oh yeah you are being massage well well well no no no no that's a little massage with gender was a man if you were were sam instead of suzanne and a man had to save you every time you fucking hit the wall in the dream would have come doubt he'd be like what the fuck first of all first of all i think i think you need to let go of that were partners so we take care of each other question
and i know you answer when you are being massage mystic if i were doing i was like yo broke my fucking dudes got something to say you don't know it would be cool with that either brody stevens is eighty four percent gang who is brody stevens i don't know what that is it does is fuck up with that dear both of you is that your dad inside joke who's running steven might as well be i love him like a father what's your question what's your question we've for awhile and i do every once in awhile and i feel like i get a cognitive boost when i do it and my crazy no what is at what element of marijuana slash dh he is doing that well it's cocaine ps shot that there's a rule then can't smoke we were more working because he's like do you want to do this yeah i don't think we're going to get it just just of just three frame the situation i if we have to do it all night drive i'll smoke because i can't fall asleep literally if i smoke be about five hours before i go well i would imagine it's because
the way your body reacts to cannabis is that your body more creativity starts to fire up and your your your mind starts to embrace different disabilities then you would do if you were sober it real max is your inhibitions a little unless you pursue ideas that may be because of the fact that you're in this precarious position in your career in your life and that you're constantly but with thanks like most thirty year old men twenty nine easy fuck four thousand seven hundred and forty seven i'm filled no you're not in some forty seven you guys fucking red band sporty because some youthful motherfucker but we don't work alright have real jobs it's a tough i'm telling you i don't what's a real this is eating so much and this is what a real job living no no trust me trust me trust me a real job
even something you don't want to do but you do it anyway we don't have a job that's fine do you really i was getting literals in real job i know real job there's no real jobs here there's no real job so that's a big part of aging is to regret despair not in the weeds anymore you're smoking weeds perfectly said perfectly fair enough it's the perfect way to say it my point being everybody who who smokes weed who doesn't smoke it very often has a big it has a big impact on you marijuana is one of those things where it hits you when you don't do it a lot it hits you harder faster and more profound because you have these things in your brain allegedly apparently from what i've read called cannabinoids receptors that are literally designed to accept the influence of cannabis and that's what they're there for an it comes from just gigantic history of
human beings consuming cannabis if these cannabinoids receptors are also fired they believe when people do like long distance running like jogging like people sitting at that runners high it is a similar sort of enough it can ave endorphins well there's a bunch of different things that happen inside the mind there's different neurotransmitters get activated there's dope mean and serotonin a lot of those are exercise related but a lot of they are also related to the consumption of psychedelic plants and marijuana is a big one it's a giant part c we i have this fucking idea that everything that is the way it is from the time that we've been alive and our parents had been alive in the fucking just say no to drugs from the reagan administration was there that this is the way the world is always been it's not the world's been found consuming cannabis for thousands and thousands and thousands of years but we're good i'm up in a society where fucking financial into to figure out a way to control the consumption of gigantic amounts of people
consumption of one of the most fantastic plants the world has ever known so when you do you get ahold of one and it fires you up and you start thinking about shit and you're flying speech you have all these ideas what it is is because it's awesome that's why that's the only reason why you smoke it and you just can't shut the fuck up 'cause you driving across country those are thoughts that you're caging up in your mind like your fucking like you got a pinata of ideas and you come along with a hatchet in the hatchet and it's in the shape of a joint and you fire up that joint in just shop away that stupid fucking fake elephant and candy it's pouring out and that candy is these ideas have been sort of containing in your mind and storing up and processing with no outlet and just battle which is chemically chemically what's doing that like what you have to obviously not a neuroscientist
ok probably have brain damage to what you should do i would suggest if i wasn't me i would say don't listen to that dude he's probably got a couple good ideas he memorized some website but everything else is most likely nonsense so we should do is google google that marijuana is affecting the mountain just there's a audible out there there's a lot of one i i mean ps i think it affects everyone very different yes so you know which is the same way that we could set up together hi is it don't is it's everything it's peanuts saw people some people itself it shot but i did but i think that's a minority that's a tiny my oh no no no it's not no it's not a minority it's a minority in terms of it's less than one hundred percent of the population is less than fifty percent is probably less than ten percent of people who are allergic to like whoa
forecast people that will die in a room filled with cats yeah you know it's universities real well it's like it's like you could drink a glass of wine and be fine you could drink a glass of vodka and be fucking lunatic every it's you know but your body receives these things is complex and you know that's just alcohol by volume you know with glass of wine or a certain amount less vodka has much more just basically talking about what you were just saying is that every person is different everything effects them differently i'm really sensitive to weed do you get just be in this room i'm fucking off my rocker right now also i'm coming drunk so it's hard to tell by my little drunk she just wanna hear my stone court yes yeah but i have to pee go pee ok whenever i talk about being stoned i go like this
do do do do do do do do do to bum bum bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb is that the vans back together pom pom pom pom in the sunshine of your law is beautiful man that is beautiful yeah but i think it effects you to answer question in all earnestness i think it's just you don't do it a lot ok i can accept that but i just got curious about i take time off does that okay i'm just curious about what specific processes happening to make me feel like holy shit i actually have access to all these different thought patterns now you know i don't let me give you
device where friend yes yes please turn hard on comes don't question how i got my dick so hard just accept effect i got the pills your penis is in fact ready don't think of pills lick your body is learning so much is flowing in a wash of chemicals is it your fault that the bay we jesus did not bless you with the proper dick chemicals no it is not i just got accepted i gotta live with what i got i don't have to live with what you got what do you just want my choice are smarter than the creator people have figured by ghagra the creator said listen i want you to hit about five thousand two hundred and fifty three an you dicks jenna punch out disc that's why i just gotta say is my dad sixty three when he had me do you watch him fuck i was every time every time takes every single time probably takes bamboo and ties it to his dick stretches it out to keep it hard tapes it in place
thank you for saying that that beautiful thing and you just look back at it it's kind of like i'm seeing my own future you don't sleep in kite string he just keeps his cock no but i'm serious i'm proud of my dad about dishonesty 'cause i have a very old dad my dad super fucking old how old you know guess ad nope one thousand almost nine thousand two hundred and ninety three oh my god he's doing well you know he just broke his hip but okay he's doing great man because he's keeping here's a seriously he is all the way there is with you you don't mean an he's keeping the attitude he recognizes that if he gets depressed which is totally reasonable the fact that if he falls how much is what happened he tripped fell down to fucking broke the ball off of his head just by falling down his bones are that brittle but he knows that if he accepts that as i don't know a series of things as some people might he's done he's literally done
you know so he's with man he's he's positive he's feeling good that's our all of our future mean we're all going to be ninety three if we don't get hit in the head by a fucking meteor or if those jets don't mean business as it could be that this could be the last day i would have enjoyed it that's one of the big problems being a person is that we all have the ability to understand that were finite we all know it we rationalize it we have in our head but it now we're sort of reaches are me get consciousness it always sort of sits in the periphery is some future possibility well you know what i think is the the trickling down of that mindset is us looking at our times as specific as unique in terms of how desperate things are how close we are to the edge of something you know the idea that like ok we're at the this is it you know there look at all this chaos in the world i think it's always been like that but our way of
indicating with mortality is saying no this time is unique well this time is unique though of course it's unique in the sense that the answer happening now i've never happened before is that i think that's the number one draw it i mean it's nice to be missed ologists and nest algic and look did it in like in in relationship to times that were unique in the 70s in the 60s and the 40s there every time has been the pinnacle of human interaction exact like at this moment right now a twenty fourteen we are at the front of the line of it is to be a person we really are we were at the front where at the front with phones where the front with so yeah where the front involved with this this he's fucking crazy microsoft podcast what we're doing right now the ability to talk to people do you really be banned you really be suzanne be really be me brian
is sort of him but even he is confused as to what the fuck is going on why you look fucking amazing food out of her stuff so we just learned that brians forty years old skin like a newborn honestly got all his hair keeping the weight off gotta good woman's life should go to dinner he doesn't have a job i have a show after this i'm doing the ice house in pasadena and i'm doing the improv this is me we're not hanging out after we just gotta get my one second what you just said ben calm down sorry we're coming the same town what i just what you were just saying about like where we're at right now baltimore on this podcast we're talking we're speaking in our truth you know in our way right that gives me hope because you know all of the sort of like sanitize media and the things that you are are given on a regular basis and the information that's come through i'm always doubtful i'm always
we re and nervous and you know i just don't believe it i mean i'm sure there's some actual you know reality to it but i think there's always an agenda with major media market in whatever way we talked about different things here know know know know know know know know know know know know know know you talking about like current state of our mortality and you know are our visual of like oh it's really bad or it's how how it is i think that do the way that we perceive the world now you have options and options like podcasts or really learning about someone else is viewpoint from there right out of the horses mouth on a pod yes that's not funded by you know major oil company or something that
where i feel a little more comfort i'm my confusing anybody no we're having this conversation we're friends and it doesn't matter if we're doing a different thing that we would be doing if we were just hanging out so as we know that people are listening so we're doing this different we're trying to be like really clear we're trying not you're doing a great job trying to talk overseas in i'm not good at that okay i'm not going to wear out but but what we're doing there's no other influences of the nuts we know what we're doing we have this idea that they were putting out something that people are going to receive and it's going to entertaining what's the and we we have a minor biases you know when we we we are one of the hand yep yeah we get what we signed a record deal i'll write but we're not i understand you say i think i'm just trying to be super little this time so no i don't even think it sounds like we do this all the time so it's a weird form of expression rights where former expression we
talking but you also know that people are listening you know but the beautiful thing is there's no interruptions and no and is telling you yes or no like there's no publicist to standing over your shoulder saying this is bad for your career there's no bean counter who sang listen ben if you admit to gay thoughts and wanting to kiss brian redban on the mouth because is beautiful mustache i think fourteen records an hour worth it worth every penny baby look at that mouse goes downloads i mean they might fucking bring and see that as a bad thing it's not even touch fourteen people are coming so there's no free lunch defunding thank you don't ever lose that let that can teach you never lose in my country charm or my fucking fanny pack both those things stay to the grave you have
many pictures do i sell them yes i do have i run out of them yes are you selling higherprimate dot com are you selling coffee no this is my buddy this is because last time no interest in this business i mean other than friendship interest no phone but we talked last time about bulletproof coffee so yeah caveman coffee is my friend tate and my friend keith jardine they have this company that they sell single source coffee from this farm columbia nicaragua i think it's let's say colombia but it's just fucking salt of the earth those dudes are i keith and aunt eight is my brother so i wear this shirt it's a good look at respect
get wired loyal thanks wait where is your show can we go to your show later yeah you want to come yeah i got the ice house pasadena at eight and then i'm at the improv one thousand o'clock show exchange holy shit you work that's awesome organized new shit so i gotta bang out some new jokes my comedy central special airs november 21st thing this weird scramble try to reconstruct the scaffolding of my next hour right now it's like the way to say it thank you so much man thank you for you put our song in it how did you know that you know yeah of course they did i picked it love that song yeah yeah the beginning trailer is me asleep in a field in the mountains of colorado and your song is playing in the background and i run to the thank you so we're going to be in denver next week oh snap a
tired it where you guys were going to be in athens or place we're going to play in the laro douchin denver sheehan in beavercreek which is oh shit beavercreek the texas were going to new mexico darling louisiana fucking around the bottom row we end up the end indiana in cal morning here in los angelas on november first what is it california what is it come from here hold on november first you be really careful day after i know so you have to take your monkey suit what time is it my monkey i would think that you mean my chest air you tell me shave never verse second want subtlety no i want directly in november
we want yeah what we want plates are nine hundred and thirty ten you oh sorry i'm going to be in stop it you're british columbia breaking our hearts we should move biscuits we should we should go hunting not hunting we should also do another show together 'cause that would be really fun fuck yeah i mean we did the one december 21st two thousand and twelve that was like awhile almost two years ago i was so excited because bill burr rose backstage and i just love him so much i love him so much too came down to hang out with us he's great he's awesome he's's sweet guy too he's a really really well genuinely good guy like you know for thanks like to see other comics that are like really supportive and friendly is it is so important so he just showed up to hang out with me and joey and uh fucking awesome and you guys do people even wanna hang out with you like him i don't know personally i like this broadcast man yeah i think i hear good things but i don't know him too much don't hang out with them maybe do a double
whatever whatever whatever whatever if you want to do it two years after the end of the world show that would be fucking pretty bad bring it on which to prove that we're still on for two years like mayans were wrong twenty four months in there still here although we don't know because those fucking fighter jets that just went overhead what's going to happen somebody is going about that i i'm actually going to run out of gas after the land people overwhelm them with slingshots yeah i know the world ended and we were right here be cool gel with all of your adventures that you go on space well is that on the docket put some fucking ice and we in a class and we talk about the show this is what i think is what i think i'm a i'm available for space travel about a decade in to successful space travel for civilians meaning once richard branson has
at the twenty twenty million marks and like pretty much no ones dying in a singularity would have come at that point what i'm get all the kinks out you know what i mean iron that shootout let those overeager mother fuckers you don't want to blame bad some of insync remember that plan training remember that about now so yeah well how 'bout people is over one hundred thousand people that have signed up as potential people to live live on mars be the first people to move to mars growl knows that's fucking weird how do you do that you just breathe and give you an alien so handsome male face and it makes different noises that will do it please stop scared who needs pills brian did you mad and if you move to mars and you found a fucking sign you're digging like trying
plant tomatoes i think about the time that said get the fuck out of here work you guys remember that human history doing that with ice cube and it was about like mars fuck what was it called right and it was like it was a horror film and people close john carpenter movie yeah i remember i remember seeing that when i was young you know ti god i don't remember too much about abbott is some mars movie yeah it kind of like a zombie will do it yeah i just don't like well it's just the idea of mars to me is like living in the shittiest neighborhood of all time yeah there's no plants there's no law air quality can't go outside of the note read the air are you relying on human invention is where the star search for two weeks for a couple the rest your life okay fine i don't know you the lakers and the person on the on the line mars itself
you know the really scary thing about mars is when they keep finding all this water on it that find all these like former rivers and former lakes and it makes you really cements in your head that like earth could be just like that one day like we could get hit with not like what killed all the dinosaurs but something fucking crazy are you can get hit with instead of five dollars was well yeah that can happen in a nearby galaxy just cooks everything and something times asteroidal impacts planets collide and the fucking entire atmosphere of the planet changes that's now it's just common it's the standard every fuck planet if you look at the moon if you look at earth everything is littered with oh yeah impacts every planet we've already found littered with astro beauty people actually robots do you think that we have protected
a technological capacity to prevent that kind of thing 'cause 'cause we know it was coming at this point at least there's a good chance of it this is what i think everything other than what is absolutely positive that we can deal with its air travel whether it's travel into space space stations is essentially theoretical sure and less we've done it they don't know we can do it they assume that we can get away with going to mars but it could very well be that they get out in deep space and they find out note that the magnetosphere and the fucking the atmosphere of the earth is protecting us is way in ways from like long trips that we just don't understand the possible risks so radiation asteroids micrometers but your hands up yes yes and what ended from honey honey what is the magnetism the the well there's there's a surface okay of the earth right your your dirt you got your water
you know you got you what you can touch and then above it you have variously layers of gases you have oxygen you have the magnetosphere you have you have an ozone there's a bunch of things that surround the earth the magnetosphere is one of the layers of the earth made of i would do a piss poor job of describing exam is in my education is paid for but essentially what's going on is you have the atmosphere of the planet and it goes from say like one inch you know like the the touching the ground to you know x amount of miles up in this the sky into we essentially star calling its base and then from there on you have the van allen radiation belts which in golf the earth these radiation belts which you know or like donut shaped like end of radiation that encircles the earth and then outside of that you have deep space and there's no protection out there all that other stuff the atmosphere all the other stuff protects us from like gamma rays solar flares from
as supernovas if like there was some sort of a supernova in a nearby galaxy and gamma rays when flying to the galaxy note is this a step that's unique to earth search's no planets in general neither do i mean at spheres we know for a fact is atmospheres in many planets in many different solar systems that we found throughout the universe including binary solar systems which mean they have two different stars and there's we've also detected simple gases like different gases that that that the exists on earth whether it's hydrogen or oxygen with they've affected those on a lot of planets now it was just a dick a decade ago when they didn't know how many planets there were out there which is guessing but now they're just spot them left and right and lot of at this spot a star the wobble of the star and they recognize is that something is spinning around the star and that's something most likely as a planet and then they can determine the mass of the planet and then they can zoom in on that spot and find out if it's got
jurjen or oxygen or whatever the fuck is on how do you feel about the likelihood that there are other planets like ours and there it's one hundred percent yeah not crazy it's this is what's really fucked up it's not only is there most likely other planets like us but from the way it's been explained to me the universe is so big that if in fact the israel and there's no reason to believe that it's not what infinity means universe truly has no boundaries and if there's infinite numbers of universes like the same the same idea exist an infinite number of times you can unmeasurable impossible number there's another suzanne another band out there sitting right but what these shitty officemax leather shoe companies and is like ac cup uhm comfy nipple rings and a dick no no well maybe very cool why not just switch it up guarantee there's another suzanne out there with a dick that has eyeballs
it's a big dick possibility you could think of exists this is what's really fucked up in this concept of infinity affinity literally means there's no boundaries there's no end so it's not you get to a certain amount of time the raw carbon building blocks for life we've run out we've made all the giraffes and the fucking cactuses and the palm trees we don't have any room for us who's hand with a giant dick an incorrect we have another fucking infinite number of universes with infinite solar systems infinite alexis and inside one of those some where a billion trillion zillion miles away there's another suzanne but this is coming from a point of complete it not complete both like of a decent amount of ignorance but but i can speak english i was under the impression that there is still the understanding of the universe is attracting the same degree well it's supposed to be
only expanding but will eventually contract but that speaks to a perimeters well the problem is when you talk about this kind of stuff especially if it's a guy like you was a musician or god means an idiot we don't know if a person wants yeah we don't know what you're saying so we're just basically parroting like legit and that's the truth and the apps degrasse tyson michio kokko astrophysicist type dudes actually do the calculations out and i think that there's a lot of debate about what we know and what we're sure of an sometimes those things come into question like lately there's a guy there's a new guy who is claiming that black holes don't exist and this is like a really recent study that a lot of people are taking very seriously and this guy has said that black rules as we know them do not exist in this room though there's five turn the five black holes my holes not black it's not even brown it's like uh
said you should get that looked at here is it here it is this is the theory black holes do not exist think about like the big bang this did not the big bang not exist one hundred years ago one hundred years ago and people riding around on horses and fucking doing annie oakley oregon shooting gallery's with the uh looking at a fucking mirror and shooting over their shoulder is the greatest thing you could ever do that no one with the fuck the pig when was no one had any idea why the stars are in the sky and now we know but this guy in this recent guy excuse me it's a woman what then of course i will be wrong would try to take away the big bang you fucking bitch i'm sorry ma'am i was only kidding her name is professor laura mersini h o u g h t o n how can a house phone how to say she is still in shock from the fine
previously scientists thought the stars were much larger than the sun collapsed under their own sons collapse under their own gravity informed black holes when they died and during this process they release a type of radiation called hawking radiation but new research claims the star would lose too much mass and wouldn't be able to form a black hole and if this is true the theory that the universe began as a singularity followed by a big bank could also be wrong i don't understand a word i just said quite interesting but you're saying by the dissolution of the star can't have this ultimately dense ultima a small infinitely dense infinitely small ball of matter which creates the big bang i don't know
i don't i don't either is this a state we're we're done and even bothering to have this conversation because i think it should if this is beyond like the the great minds of our time this is one of those things where there's no conclusion go just about time to move in there you guys because you guys want to set up the microphone give her a get top you exceptional start saying it like an angel i was worried the whole time yeah yeah yeah okay i'm not even with me which is happened i'm not even with me i don't understand it i'll do my question is what it says to me please when a huge star many times the mass of the sun comes to the end of its life it collapses in on itself and forms a singularity creating a black hole we're good gravity is so strong that not even light itself can escape at least that's what we thought
a scientist has sensationally said it is impossible for a black holes to exist and she even has the mathematical proof to back up her claims i need this i should work for tmz if true our research could force physicist to scrap their theories of how the universe began the research was conducted by pie a fair sarah laura mars eenie hilton from the university of north carolina open i lost interest did you say harvard you didn't you say mit i didn't hear that i heard the university of north carolina again snobby honest yet i'll do that come on for what i did you go to school umass boston barely barely ten what do umass boston for three years holy shit my time i only went went went like to can
annoying education program i didn't take my essay tees the only reason thank you hello i did if you get bed nine one fucking ok yeah even low lives oh damn pro living your life without proving yourself at eighteen driving that's true so true not doing that no false not uber it's here it's really but we have a struggle is also we have a car number we have moved out what do you think we're talking about pro terry at umass boston yeah i went i only went because i was worried that people thought i was a loser you got out of high school had no idea what is going to do and i kept telling him but i'm just going to take a year off and when i would tell girl that they would look at me with such disdain buck that's what i did and i didn't say any girl who absolutely you had to go to college because that's what everybody in your class did and if you said you weren't going or did
nobody graduated high school people were like a shit i didn't go i didn't experience that kind of discrimination well it's not discrimination it's wanting you to live up to a quality of work ethic and standard where i grew up i live in newton ma and noone norton norton mush newton north they call each other mush it's one of the only places on earth where mush like what up mush mush you seen his fucking broad mush she the big ass bush girls didn't have big asses without in schools mean it doesn't mean anything ok but there's an area of new is that like called the lake the audible comma no
no to their version of who's checking their version of due to do so okay okay one it was much okay when i grew up in i grew up in newton south and i didn't get much but my good friend kevin chase on and my good friends need to tell you so they both went to newton north okay okay a newton n was different in newton s jimmy lawless was newton s results my good friend and we his name is lawless jimmy motherfucking lawler still my friends with this command you show he changed his name michael law changes go that's his name sign just like any bravo that's another one of my friends are really more proof we're living in a simulation do you guys are each into rock's not sure that's not your work patient know you are you say what you need to say i need to say anymore names bush wasn't cool they were trapped they were living in a place
with snow six months out of the year you got lived in memphis there was a prince song called sometimes it snows in april yes very sad song sometimes it's no sin a poo ok sometimes it feels so bad i was in my audi fox was coming home from my gig where was dry driving a private investigator that lost his job he lost his drivers license 'cause he was dui and he needed someone to drive him around so he put it out an ad in the want ads for an assistant for a private investigator his name was dynamite dickless dave dolan comma he's also still my good friend way away from boston look i wouldn't go back to possible that mother fucker shaped me ok anyway driving back in april snow and listen to prince
sometimes it snows and i was like i gotta get the fuck out of boston can't deal with snow in april winter blues like would you get bummed and so i got blues all the time i was a loser i think that that's fair everybody does that you know well if you're super desperate and you trying to your path in this world with a rabbit desperation like i was your always always feeling like shit 'cause if you not feeling like shit you feeling complacent feel complacent nothing gets done well you know the blues come and go like that that's just inevitable i think at this point and when you accept it and you you're out what it is and what it means and you just keep you know having an understanding with yourself and it's important that a certain certain type of people like pee do you listen to like someone like you or like you or like you guys name their their reality like talk about the reality and talk about the blues and then everybody oh i get it is just struggling
juggling is but i i think you guys are super talented we've been for years now and i've always thought you guys are super talented from the moment i saw that one song we guys were on top of the roof and you have you seen an angel of death i love you guys so much too i think you guys are amazing but when when you when you when you connect with something like that and you see someone is doing something that like makes you like it makes you feel good when you see it you want to spread it to these other people it's like what it what it what is that i mean that what what that is if it is a it's best is like this this is weird light that you can find the deep dark tunnels of human creativity that makes you feel better about the struggle i like the fact that you guys
i haven't made it i'm really sorry i'm not i'm not i wish you had made it i wish you were multi multi multi millionaires i think that i know this i know it is going to do and i know you're not going to change pre she ate you say that that i met you guys when you were in the fucking you were in the god damn root of it all you were swinging you know you guys are sleeping on couches and in jamming out you guys did that december 21st show that we did at the wiltern yeah that kept us two thousand and twelve saver thank you thank you forgot you guys fucking crushed it i forget how you measure ideas thank you bye eddie bravo came backstage after you guys got off stage before duncan went up joey went up and he stage or was it yeah it was joey and then doug stanhope so for joey went up you guys on stage you were fucking killing it and joey came back
page with eddie bravo and they're both shaking her head back and forth and they just go that's a bad ass bitch that is a bad aspects they kept saying that and then joey goes god damn those mother fuckers are talented and a bravo was just shaking his head got damn those mother fuckers italian and then they both go how are they not famous as fuck how are they not famous as fuck like it became like conversation before the rest of show went on like you we're just fucking crush sing it i don't even remember what song it was but they were just eddie bravo was holding his hands on his head like the fucking home alone kid he was god damn there really good and i go i to did you do there really good he's such a nice day they're both nice dudes samantha for saying all that really sweet stuff i'd like the fact that i knew you guys when you weren't shit we still there when you were you were but you weren't it's like i love the fact that there's something out there that it's as good or better than anything else but people don't know yet
not yet and you guys are out they just fucking chipping away at it and slowly people are going holy fuck and that's what happens in this world and it makes it better honestly i feel good about it you know what i mean i feel i feel all this all this time put it in now and who cares what happened mutation ben i don't picture you in bed with david bowie is going to happen that shit happens he's not manifesting that for years taking a longer stronger room you get to know who you are by the time you get in bed with david bowie and you going to go like homie i love music i love i love you music fucking give you a hug and then let go home to express ourselves differently mutual respect node touch and i think it's super important to go through that struggle i think that if you guys had somehow or another started out together
and then a week later someone came along and went holy shit you guys are fucking great well you know we've had we've had that but it didn't you know if it did but that's what's so cool like everyone has a different different you get there you know different vehicle and i think about that a lot because we've been through so much shit together we've been through so much in our personal lives in in the career and i feel lucky for that because i i have so much information in it it's an understanding of what this business in tales we've we've booked our own shows we'd better on manager times we've done all the all the you know and if if we had like blown up when we were young i don't know what would have happened that's terrifying thought because you know we what does a lot but essentially like being good people and and having
reason for doing this not like some we're sorry you know all i just want to be the best that's not what we play music and that's stupid and you know narcissistic we've had all these crazy experiences and and difficult times in and this that is that mean woman close to our goal gardens i told you was the end of the world those fighter jets you doing it out do you snore jail call my god i have to wear a mouthpiece do you really what does that even mean what do you mean my neck is not a normal neck they see that mac teaches alias not supposed to be with uh wrestlers and people who do a lot of like moving their head around you
the only one to many muscles in your neck and your your tongue will fall over your your your your whole log that bishop so where a mouth piece damn yeah keep bite my tongue from falling back into my air hole in keep your lady oh yeah we know what that no i don't want to either should have died i know valentine's joke in your sleep a few times give up like a bitch are you still my sister has sleep apnea and i used to live with her talk about her she's great hey you know what she's opening a juice shop in cleveland and leanne i support that what's it called i love juice shops with the call daily press juice when is it up it's going to be up allegedly allegedly dreams have failed in the past i know shit shit out of her all tweet to show over let me know let me know what's up i will print i wouldn't we we we paladin
fine you shut up you i meant what is i've only been even once i'll go back hey next time you're there you should be a family allegedly cleveland will be there will make are going to be there the other more about the party let's do this how bout we book a show okay with you guys in me in cleveland and we'll see if joe you can do it too i love that so much i need a nine by my parents jesus christ keep in france at home when a we're gonna get let me tell you this through the state the would you going to aim for the stars would you guys do what do you think about yourself would you guys do this would you guys do your set and then playing background while joeys on stage and i'm on stage just fuck around and play music fluid we scored that shit dance have fun yeah it's done do you like jazz jazz poetry like the gay guy from star trek make it so which one zach
into contemporary or the new one vintage not even the new new new new one the fuckin semi new one with those names if we've been trying for three hours 'cause it feels like a car no picard it's only six hundred and thirty is gay this is amazing he's gay jesus christ you your gaydar is like from the 1950s and it runs on coal are you talking about me no brian just asked me if the fucking guy from star trek is gay bald guy like do not even pay attention you don't understand your surroundings with president your stories if you do and then do it to him and gand office get together they probably have i think that yeah i think the exes about that's good for them god bless some some give jennifer lawrence a hug if you near her want to tell is going to be ok you're beautiful don't worry about this assholes they've seen you naked you're beautiful
don't worry about it what's happened is patch to a gay the guardian falsely out captain picard after he can ellen page on coming out what years is though yesterday two thousand and eleven february 20th well you might not be getting out this year cares i hope i hope he's happy who gives a fuck if he's gay who gives a fuck can you it is get you know what i'm a gay friendly person i'm also trans friendly person i really am even though i don't want transmitting beat the out of six women how much trans friendly person i'm a i'm need door friendly person little bit whatever it is i'm black friendly
filipino friendly asian friendly white friendly mail your lover i'm a lot i love everybody really a lot of positive they were all locked up in conflict man and i think there could be a lot less of it and if there was we'd figure a lot more out and we get a lot more done to be nicer to each other make the hawks it's just a little bit easier a little more well lou well you know what we're all in this together no matter who the fuck you are bottom middle buttermilk i've been watching a lot of twenty ten feels so good sometimes touches it just one even paying attention to a lot of people this is over the life there's a process what happens when i put out a special and the big things that happens after specials out i scramble i go in this mad pan
state we have to come up with a bunch of new material and it's good and it's bad and the next record yeah and i had some sometimes i have some rough sets hope you come to see me when i'm right working out new shit come a year later you'll be so happy it'll workout but along the lines of like doing all that i start exposing myself to a bunch of different things and try to expose myself to as many things as possible and it's really scary you know it's k to try to come up with new material it's scary to tread down new pad not have like formulated bits you can call upon the absolutely no they're going to be effective but that's what life is about but we'll just use various just to be supportive friends here you're so fucking bro like your your brain capacity just got gay so we're under that i thought was gay friendly hours ago we talked about the guy ghey like protein like whey protein g
the gay leg way what suzanne is trying to say is we believe in you we believe guys two sound port you believe it means it's important that we believe in each other i believe i can fly my god space jams i'm sorry i'm not good with compliments try to shut them off whenever we feel secure with complementing you and you not accepting them at this time but we're fucked me in the past i don't trust him anymore now come on but will snuggle you afterwards assumed that was a part of our package deal and getting you guys on the podcast you know what i just realized i'm going to play this acoustic guitar i don't know if it's going to hit this microphone should i do you want to eat chain two microphones are you cool with that ok i'm going to aim it at the 12th fret it's worth loading his piece of shit i think i met jaimee and no no it's not jamie will fix it no no no but it's a fake god dammit amy no jamie are so great
and this is drunk talk i'm a little tammy i might go i'm glad enough to drive for other who we might not make it through this one will be fine and we love you it looked twitters lighting up by your car god damn christmas tree right now there's so happy this is authentic people love it brian loves it look down on the table he loves it hard on no someone meant is hard minutes feet with happen fuck when are you doing headphones i'm doing one in one out okay i might be wanting to i'm not we shut the up six right about that i gave okay ready are we doing this now 'cause this one kid i mean
she when you were young up and when you were young she it takes one
no no son yeah i'll bet you worked on
you do consumer alamal at somebody gave it to you on the right side of the rock side no matter how you do i feel for you i feel for you how about an app for you oh yeah
that was beautiful beautiful damn i love that song shine fantastic you don't need that shit i love that song i love fucking love that song i've heard that song one hundred times but i'm easily easily without a doubt that's why i picked it that's the song that i had this like cool cool fucking fun like rift to it i just had to hear that song over and over and over again play the song i'm not bullshitting i play that song close one hundred times if i had to stop and guess i played one time of the gym i put it on repeat and i got on the air climber and i went to half an hour and i listen your fucking song for half an hour because i was trying to figure out what song did you use for the beginning of the special had a bunch of your songs your old songs new songs and so many new songs matthew do
and i listen that song over and over again for one slash two an hour is at is the elliptical i misspoke downstairs steven remember joints better on the joints allegedly i don't think stair climbers bad for the joints just gives a joint some work bitch ass joints 'cause of work stop being scared i've been scared all elliptical and shit what else yeah speaking i got electrocuted that i don't know if it's what what plugged into something or not i'm sorry brian that's the game coming out of sleep so badly it happens all the time does it really happen like i said so badly not so bad badly you get those ads working with you i know you feel so bored head i'm working on it you know are you a programmer correct i actually really care about that stuff ok do you accidentally right why
you are when you met y o u apostrophe r e y okay read it and you go for no no i'm that's worth trash in a tweet and helping you know i really care about that i'm not kidding choose and choose there's there's mirrors oh i know is all i care about don't write you are to me you are are you lazy you can't why are you are free are you scared the you don't know which one is why oh you apostrophe are taken care of while you are i think you still can use is in i think it's kind of to a larger audience take it to a rhetorical question thank you for used to be so high you see you know what do you think about emojis joe you'll be fine ok everybody's going to be fine this is like the cheshire cat that's a lot is like we're like allison this is the wonderland of podcast weed smoke you and i are both hours forty seven smoking weed for awhile joe we really want to talk about dmt or not it too but
okay i need to see on a high and let them know that i'm on the same page all i know it listen bro i'm not anti american i used to own a mustang i need you people to know you did not show regarding gt five hundred i'm there you have it a bunch of american cars right now i don't have currently any american cars jesus what are you working with right now but don't you but when we did this video for your song the punk kid song we use your if i was i've been a new shell one of those new it was a dodge challenger's yeah alger s r t hell cancer victim how did you know was done separate tension pictures of watch that you were email every incentive to make an email it was it was a tweet or uh it was an instagram i was there
yeah guys am i allowed to do smoke in the marijuana party oh i didn't know ben wants to be a part of it but i am driving that we talked about this we talked about for the record we talked about the pressure would you talk about specifically just now each other like married chicks that don't fuck pretty much danger zone look you know what though we got kenny loggins up in this mother fuck girl is way to the danger zone i think you should sing the next song no then oh my god you're going musical take i know that's the point hey once you not make a big deal of it that's going to help us grow bones friends just let friends be i love ben ok i don't
anything invested in ben not fucking up his words no no no i'm great i feel ultimately supportive and loving towards him which is actually the weirdest non sexual couples sex yeah so much sexual tension i think i think you guys need to figure one day you guys were going to this look you guys my perspective is that possible one day you guys get super famous comment flail away and the weeds everywhere in our 70s maybe sixty no forties 40s so we still have some action under our belt is a certain number of years you can put on your body when no one wants to fuck you anymore we're going to less you like your class we're going to check in with you to make sure you're cool with it and then will try to take it for a spin you want to take this shit to the next level which would be the efficient will you fucking marry i've married people for who you really are ordained mister dam
who are danger not kidding like windows online churches www i'm not kidding they sent me emails all the time i'm good i literally did marry a couple that one fear factor together oh she married them in vegas with the nicest cool are they still married divorced i hope so i ran into someone along time ago that new them just a little bit i drive slow down a bit homeboy uber yes now i can argue when we got a later don't worry don't worry we're good we're good i'll do after we sing in saloons you know no one called to a push this and i'm trying to make something happen here lesions on this is my second person i've convinced into smoking weed this month number
who is graham hancock two graham hancock with a friend of mine his name is bc is going on friend name beastie at business bc and he's gone he's going on want to graham hancock stores in egypt many super fucking punk i love the shit out of that guy and he was on the podcast and he had taken a three year break from marijuana and he was talking about how you missed it when you realize who's kind of abusing it who's giving it all day and it was used again as a crutch and we did ayawaska and he recognized the fact that he was using it as a crutch and then on the podcast he was talking about how he missed it and so he one maybe two heads and then just open up like a flower be
turn you can use any sniped you snip is a reason why the table so why don't trust my instincts and love him so much he started talking about it like to make sure you start talking in like with these great passion about these ancient civilizations that probably existed in egypt and the resistance to accepting them and he has his office this fucking beautiful rap it's like a song like a song when we really locks into it when really box into this discussion of these ancient civilizations is such a passion for him that he's construct the narrative in like this really be beautiful melodic sort of like like a play so when he tells it to you its hypnotic you it has gone so deep in and so dean that's incredible and every year some new shit comes out that makes him where is that shit coming from what do you mean with
which so this new shit is that archaeology or yeah well there's every year a gram you don't know graham hancock graham wrote an amazing book called the fingerprints of the gods and fingerprints are there difference of the graph who fingerprints i think it's for me make sure i think it is but it's princes the two feet in the beach and stuff per foot prints of the girls fingerprints thing of an fingerprints of the gods okay fingerprints anyway sorry i forget i read it and i forget this is the title just a word noise you make with your mouth but the idea behind it was that is that there are a stab liszt areas of the world where there's uh geology that they can't quite explain massive stones cut
the extreme precision move was it manages it like stonehenge is nothing there's a play really now back in lebanon something greater than stonehenge holy and and and there's a variety of on this not just one there's a bunch of on the street with like the the oldest pyramid survive much longer than the newer pyramid there was a certain i don't know about all that so that's in the book it isn't going hancock's book but the peer to peer made thing is really in dispute between people that are really chit egyptologists and people like joe john anthony w chooses brilliant alternative egyptology thinker and gram talk in a lot of these revisionist guys there's still some debate as to what's correct it's not correct but there been a lot of evidence that that dates the great pyramids like the pyramid of giza to two thousand five hundred bc and that does
jive with this guy robert schoch who's a geologist at boston university and this guy john anthony wesson graham hancock who believe that there's also of evidence that there was massive erosion that probably came from rainfall and if it was on the inside the enclosure of where the sphinx was built so with the sphinx was built sort of cut out of this you know big stone quarry and the stones that were cut out where presumably smooth but over thousands and thousands of years have become like com in toured and the debate is whether or not that contour is because of erosion with sand and wind or because of water and a bunch of geologists have got behind the water and they're saying this is water erosion this is consistent with water erosion the number one being the most prominent robert shock who is a geologist boston university he's done a bunch of papers on this and explained that we're probably looking thousands of years of rainfall that's a road of these things which would predate the can
struction of this area that cut out the so the the flat wall this area like nine thousand bc which they don't have any civilizations that they knew of before like that age making that kind of shit but then they found some stuff in turkey called go beckley tempe they found this like big structure that's like this there in covering it now i think there's only like ten percent of it uncovered so every in this is fifteen thousand years old between twelve and fourteen thousand years old so every year like they find more shed that makes graham hancocks theories like look more and more plausable and then he's got together with a bunch of other people that know about like asteroidal impacts is guy randall carlson whose and he's an expert on extinction events like asteroidal impact
it's an extinction events what is there been besides the dinosaur thing what has been a faculty cube bring it there's been a fuck load of the talking they think they happen all the time and they think they happen like every twelve thirteen thousand years so ok so twelve thirteen thousand years ago what went extinct as a result of an asteroid explosion i don't even know if they believe like this is there's a lot of guesswork when it comes to anything that's like twelve thousand years ago and there's a lot of like what the hell happened who knows we like to think of twelve thousand is like look if you have twelve thousand dollars you can't buy house i really want twelve thousand if you fire car if you buy a car for twelve thousand dollars don't expect to impress anybody right you know twelve thousand dollars is not much so too two thousand years and what is that it doesn't seem like that much but it's
fucking long time years twelve thousand years ago it's very possible that earth was smashed all over the place with these asteroidal impacts they key finding all this stuff like they found recently found these micro diamonds that in create some sort of impact and they found this stuff called nuclear glass it's like cold right night or something like that and it comes from impacts from these jai rocks just slamming into the earth and it's all all over like europe in asia it's all around twelve thousand years ago does that speak to any extinction that happened was the kind of thing we're like okay these these headers denver's hang it in a different part of the world who didn't of the environment like the dinosaur meteor i don't know what the fuck i'm talking about i've no scholar lead degree on any of these very convincing but the way it's been
splain to me is there's a great mystery involving what happens when you have like what happens when you have like some big extinction event like where you like have no paper tigers left you have no will tooth mammals what happened how they all die and they've pinpointed a very specific time and it correspond the same time they're finding this stuff all over the place this stuff when they do the core samples so some it's very likely is somewhere around twelve thousand years ago we got fucked up giant rocks from the sky just came down and fucked everything up and if you few people made it you know who knows how many so the the hume these were actually present then mostly yeah one hundred percent one thousand years not long yeah we probably looked exactly like us oh totally tattoos i don't like that but i mean like our structure like if you took a
they probably didn't get as much food so look smaller but if you same brain am very similar right if you could take a person you know a regular person from twelve thousand years ago and put him in a movie theater and walked buy them while you're sitting here see you you have no idea it looked like you mean it was us those people probably have to start all over but but depending on where this is what i'm trying to understand is depending on where the asteroid or that would make me smoke with it's going to go great this is going to get better and lost my sparkle it's there what sparkle did you lose please continue what you were saying i'm just going to going to hand why did you lose your sparkle i don't know see this is what i'm saying i'm not a good heat smoker
fine i think you're killing it i think you guys should talk and i should not put this on the internet please no i think that would be awesome maybe in a second fingerprints of the gods by graham hancock definition fingerprints of the gods available is amazon taking too much is amazon super fucked up to no no if it did
there have missiles tanks definitely not super up i think i'll be a little different so if you're looking at like a scale of up amazon's nowhere near like super up there super convenient get on that one you know i i do you run and shouldn't chasing people out of the business in my home and crushing things is that what they're doing i don't know i don't know how to be a general amazon dot com yeah man they make life so convenience of put it in writing and pale that's because i don't know i don't know that depends i mean like that the people that they're sort of affecting our like the big business like target you know or or it whatever like you can buy your toilet paper your dish soap your your laundry detergent the truth on amazon what about two days what about the small internet vendors you know it's like you're talking out of you know that it's not that dillard like it doesn't it doesn't have like if you once thought sometimes there's
intricate i don't know can vitamin supplements or whatever but for the most part it's the very ok no no no i massage my dishes out of fucking control but this is kind of a weird type of people i don't know if i don't know if you got honey honey i we don't know what's going to happen we're falling how are you home where amongst friends we got this christ i don't know maybe was too much of a question wait can i go back to amazon i think amazon is amazing effects it kind of takes a little you know dig at the big business for can new purposes if you have prime you know you can get all the shit in two days but it's not it's not like you can get like an intricate tailored item that you need for the most part sure i guess that may
i don't necessarily think it cuts out business no like it rose their business and they're very efficient and it's convenient for people but they kind of have a monopoly on the like we're going to ship for you to do anything well do they have a monopoly on it i don't think they do everything a lot of people sell things over here just having internet here's what i really good at figuring out that you can make it soon for convenient in one click i mean what they're one of the few companies that started that i think its monopoly though and this is just for me can you think of one other company that does the same thing you're on amazon they sell your shit
for they just drop the price great service i think hey ps okay to them i love amazon kind of i get like if i get dry get night like friends not a big discount just asking questions just tell sure what are you asking do you have a question no i did i already asked anyway it's nothing wrong with it they just the best at it they're great order they send you shit she sorry if you keep up here but there's so that might change ali baba is like
the amazon don't know if this is ok let's do this how do i not know something that you know what i've heard about alli bomb because i was passing this is how much i think life is a simulation i was passing by there newspaper rack and is this dude names like alibaba now worth more than google facebook page publicly traded company in the world or or what what i think and and i was walking by i was like what the my doing one of my own what is this the militant what the is ali baba it's like in townsend's my project what is ali baba as far as i understand it's a movie aladdin do you know alibaba it's like sorry shut up that made like it's like an asian equivalent of amazon you know they sillett eight business
trading with could see i know what it is so it's like amazon for china what you do is you it's like a day it's like you're hiring companies to do things for you so like if you want like a like a thousand like wallets with your face on it you can contact can well i think it's a manufacturer no no they they they just the second for directory of manufacture it was like a distribution network middle man okay yeah and it and its base it's similar to amazon but it's just gotten how big is because china is such a huge market place that just went global and it's at least at the time that it was going out the biggest globally traded car was going to be on the precipice of that wow when you think about the numbers of people to the asian market is like think about how many people are in china it's like a big one million plus right one dot six billion so my god is it that high is that real
probably more than probably more than so like uh close to a million like say two hunt like one point billion two million one thousand million plus another six hundred million six hundred thousand to more than what we are yeah that's insane because we have is worth three hundred and fifty million right yeah oh my god just think about how many god damn people had this yo what's bad right we haven't even with jamie think about how many more about being a dick no no she's fine or both everybody's good think about the numbers think about how chinese folks are and then add that to asian folks that's another billion yeah sure think about that is your mouth with going on priscilla asian folks like china india
india is another billion right close to it yeah i can do that japan you know that whole language tired muscles it's amazing though it's really made it exciting have you been when was the last time you were in japan we are a swarm we're a swarm on this planet you have swarmed this billions of us you were like this computer i was trying to be like wonder woman was trying realized i was thinking i was thinking strong lynda carter together we're all fuckin swarm bees beehive were a swarm american honey where there's a lot of us i know you knew that was coming i did not come on so as the low hanging fruit i mean that was obvious there is a fucking lot of us are people you know i mean there's still plenty of space don't get me wrong some of us as good the good
should band together which called alt already i'm saying that starts out you call to calm you and your chickens annuar hunting excursion the police call it cult chickens tell this chick in conversation my god farm fresh eggs every morning at low i think would be like one of the best things you can do other than plant vegetables plant vegetables is equally satisfying it's a beautiful you play your own vegetables yeah that's cool be able to pay vegetables out of the ground i mean i don't do enough of it i would like to do all of my vegetables like planted garden vegetables i just think that be like the coolest thing to be have like a complete direct rely ship with all the food you eat you know it would be amazing what what are the missing right so if you eat a chicken are you like thank you harriet for your faithful duty of fulfilling turn the other dietary needs no i just go lizard
you eat lizards no i just go lizard lizard part of the brain was that like shrimping out mentally know if you're going to kill a you just go lizard you can have a lot of passion i see as a soul you know you know what i can honestly is as far as like the the spirit animal connections go chickens don't feel can them cows pigs goats it's a different thing with mammal i don't i don't want it oh yeah you know chickens are weird there dinosaurs or strange bird that probably doesn't make sense they don't look into my soul they don't fucking fly keeping him around where the reason there around yeah what are we looking at just blinking why you put in the picture i was just looking you're looking at the time why you doing that so if you wanted to play anymore another song we don't have to play another song we could just type right can i check in which is having fun and their souls
this is what happens after we light up a joint chickens cows and goats there's there's so many differences and their spiritual connectivity going now you got it you painted the picture you dared me to smoke the gunge this is what you see is susie change tap this is bad isn't no no it's fine we're talking about virtual farms good joke to have a question ben yes please yes your hand up you guys are in class today thank you for calling me your hand this is like lord of the flies and he had to do something to pass the bone lord of the flies violent to it sorry i think that that's not the whole world was about man eventually is a lot of ok that's that story we're making are also dark getting dark flies
my questions are lord of the rings reference i would've been more excited but you had to go with flies sorry vegeta what you growing new garden is it native to here good questions very good questions such a thinker bitch yeah that's a good question it is right like like what is if you're going to grow lettuce what's lettuce this like a regular romaine lettuce what's that native sue i have no idea america romania we grow in ohio right regular north american plans are i don't think that you don't have the weather doesn't have to be you know it could just be
you just need to have sunlight guys we got google there's some other sensors that need more sunlight or b or another surgery and that is there could be another for you stanley like this i want to align myself to that brand that's a meme bro that's a mean search engine to mean we have certain she's getting fuck you came back up like that you are mean you mean the fuck on here so so very important you get me 'cause you're saying that it's not going to happen so that's not how it works i don't know however there's no one knows how it works we don't know i figured out how it worked but are my scone okay only one it won't joe please do you want us to play song anything bad yes what should we play we were trying to find a job before land or like non ballad
i want whatever you guys want to play fuck fuckity fuck you wanna paper rock scissors and for what what's the choices i'll be valid and you be the what do you know what are the song oh burned me out and bad people i think should you burn me out i think it's a beautiful song is it possible to make a request for anytime in the future yes sir could you do let's get wrecked oh shit we could do that oh shit shit shit dick double oh shit i mean i mean holy shit can we put that on ice for a second for a second because we don't have the necessary instruments like we could do like an acoustic version of sound talking about i'm not asking to bring in a band after we have oil should i think we could do cool alright i'm playing guitar that alone other okay
i have no idea what you guys are arguing over that's what i love about being musically find it you don't listen if you guys are more comfortable doing something else please don't listen to maine let's do burn me out well now like a dick but you still have to do that no no don't i don't want to put you on the spot that's not famous joe we just want you to be happy i'm happy or any you got me stoned we could stop to see we're not put my glasses on this shit before it gets ugly will all be happy ok ok so fuck judges we want please whatever you guys want go ahead any song that's in your head right now ben what's in your head with your husband ring me out do we have for it now bring me out bro me a song don't worry about this fucking stupid i can see your ankles that's what they look like ride that is a heartbreaking right into the rocks
ride this boat into the rocks kids ok this is burn me out wjre tonight you create seven hundred and ten pacific if i have a boner honey honey yeah your girl with the fuck you want joe just got with mrs crisis an jesus let's check that out might use a tuner on that ample excavated look guys don't say good idea nonsense bullshit i pick an opportunity to say that we're going on tour and we really really want to see you guys whoever is listening if you're in the cities on our website yes their post on our website and what's that website suzannehoneyband dot com honey honey band are gonna be in texas and colorado new mexico on twitter indiana california honey
her mom says dot com we're gonna be in the state of your mom's house the u changing video might i just so the id listeners a beat you stream yeah i used yeah you stream if you give out on me i understand you weak ass bitch can only three hours have we been sing a podcast for three hours jesus mary and joseph with you stream is strong they're going to hang in there i feel this this is a new ballot hopefully will be it will be in record if not you'll have it here forever ok called burn meow yeah
oh babe i gotta say i learn the hard way with you your words like books hanny hook like summer time again a mom and all the way through i guess i held on to tie i brew my fingers on your floor then any i lost my faith in mountain bread who knew that i love to feel like this it's nice your concert
all we learn is all you all man they burn me out saying that god knows away standing so do you only
i all you around the roundabout amman they burn me out
put it up on you i will wear call the struggle to our back on you with anger know how long eating it you say rip you doe oh it's not young conson know i really there is all you found about oman the burden me they just
yeah cool you guys are awesome you're awesome jail so cool to be friends with you guys for real i'm so god damn impressed i just love when i see someone like when i see like a band that like taps into this weird like very consistent kind of special energy comes from like songs it just flow hear songs like his sons are so like representative of you guys you know it's we knowing you guys as friends
i like seeing your writing and seeing the music in the saying together and seeing like the new songs being created it's really fast ending so weird i have no skill musically or talent or knowledge or nothing so when i see the truth until absent true no i'm telling you so when i see like someone who can saying and people can put music together and fascinating shit man that was awesome thanks man thanks for having us anytime anytime you guys this shit this is this day only band i've ever worked with kevin ever would never work with anybody else well everlast but now like on the road never for a show we've talked about doing that help with this shit you guys ever last joey diaz we left to go with a roach i feel like this is a lot like comedies are stand up at least though i don't know i've never done stand up but i just feel like performing it is kind of the same
energee roar idea you know i mean i think it's all like whatever the fuck you're trying to get out of you through whatever medium whether it's playing the violin or or doing and up in its all trying to get out of you whether it's you know building mouse whether it's fucking put in the car together when people do things they did the trying to express like some about their own curiosity and creativity is trying to put something together they could show it to other people and go looked look whether it's you know creating a book or creating an idea that turns into a song that turns into it hit it turns it's like we try get something where we could look at that level in blood work again i found it i found this in the other dimension dimension of creativity have brought it back looked look look look look i have to do is you sit down by yourself and you tunein he just gotta tunein and you write everything down and you figure it out and then you practice it and look what look what i got now i mean that's what that's what you're doing
this is what anybody was creating anything when they're creating a movie there are figuring out kind of like go deep in the imagination like pull something out of their fucking head and hold it up for you yeah what i want i was to my last words i'm with you i'm not too but i don't know why unity stay together and let's do it in the road stay off the moors sailors they live susan center where did you call me i said stay alert and stay loud did you call me season know that suzanne all the way but we don't have to that's my new tattoo issues at all the way it should be a trend that should be trendy cross country hashtag if you're thinking about doing that i'm fucking kidding don't get that tattoo jesus christ
if you do you and i are going to spend some time together jeez just kidding so why not too big of a gap between what you said in the words just kidding giant so it was too big to great maybe we should we should what is fine we're together we're all friends whatever i'm just going to keep forging ahead with this i don't know where when we start i think we're supposed to start talking about all this this is the internet what you just said about the well of creativity the exciting point to me about that is it's all the same thing it's the same well and the only difference then is just some sort of technical aspect did you learn to do stand up did you learn to play the guitar did you make movies it doesn't make a difference you know that that's just like what the path of your creativity flows through yeah other it's your painting or whether it's
your music or whether it's you or whatever it is the path of your creativity whatever it flows through yeah and it's like a raw technical element and that's it so what really matters is where you coming from from that well perspective you know maybe but it mean that the other thing is that like i feel like certain people are just drawn to certain certain type of activities certain disciplines certain things and when they resist that there's like huge use with human creates but i totale that's exactly what we were talking about earlier and it's like a huge loss of confidence for people creative suppression will just feel bad you feel like it's almost like there's uh just grey and puzzle going on and you know you just kind of like going towards what's pulling you and is it healthy that it's poo in this direction like examine it figure out what it is missed it 'cause you're well it's not a sure thing or
it's not how do you feel about conformity then in that respect like like you being joe you know and then you're in certain so settings or whatever do you you know u malleable can you change into a way that like you're like yeah with this crowd or our control talk to anybody i mean you sit in a room full of born again christians and have a friendly conversation with them i prob you couldn't have a decade ago yeah but somewhere along the line i realized it doesn't matter if you're right orom right uh it's not a fucking game ok and so instead of quantum buying it as a game which is like a thing that guys love to do we love to could we want to be right people love to do people love to do it but guys specifically 'cause guys makes me feel better guys like the fucking win arguments you know it's a barbarian thing in some fucking weird you know
pub swordfights shit leftover from the fuck it dark ages i don't know if i am so sorry you know i don't know if it's a gender specific thing i think sometimes you just want to connect with people it's not so much about dudes or ladies you know i think i used to feel really good see about being able to can form so easily cuz i love everybody cuz i would i can hang out all the time and then and then i was like why did i just like exploit myself or exploit parts of myself to fit in here you know what i mean at the same time i think it's okay to just be have accessible aspects of your to connect with people yeah i mean absolutely i mean you're going to occasionally run but i don't think that's like a male i think that's across the board across the board i agree we just set it i think i don't know the being argumentative
more like me women driving towards conflict men are women are we all are right it's just it's not really gender dependent but i think there's a extra like sort of dominator tree that a lot of men tend to have you know that want them to in arguments look i'm going to win this podcast how do you win it and i'm the i'm trying galing i'm feeling like the dominant one guys someone will allow that i feel think will win in his pocket i like the way you talk about it like a fucking politician drive your sister peaceful lover i got a new name for you i got a new name for this is what you just did it's cheesus cheese and cheese in case of emergencies in case of emergencies crazier cheesy savior you're cheeses properties is
do you know who does that joke in queso mark ben's mother swear to go jesus vivian gentleman she told you the cheeses joke she told me i swear to god i thought i was making that up turn that before is there a jesus joke the cheesy jesus yes ben benson tells you right now basically amount from wisconsin to the cheese is show in queso emergency in case emergency pray for cheese oh my god come on my god i'm sorry but that is an acceptable racial not racist she should go out with that i don't feel like there was any anger involved machoke ugh it was all done in the spirit of love and the reality of the way some mother fuckers talk not bad the way they speak english is better than the way i would speak spanish and my mom is half ecuadorian so she can be even safer or even safer now joe
guys that was a mega safe you guys think branching promoted the next level on this podcast disease really how do it know it would how dare you know i wasn't doubting i was just like this is the least musical and most silly of all the pod do you her friends also like us when we leave here if they don't it's on them when did we do this so horrible we had some fun what did we do we had right the few good friends had a bunch of laughs together what do we do we have a potential air raid you know there were some silly i googled it there was a jet that invaded the airspace no shit i don't know russian planes he could have a plane that was tim should i stop acting like everyone to bomb isn't they can incorrect i just googled it looked at the first one i didn't even look at the date i was trying
beyonc is going to be smoldering two thousand and thirteen that's what happens when you want to find that out about the twenty thirteen event which i was accidentally referencing so why do you have to do shows after this with this doubling game keeps rolling ha ho hey ok you gotta you gotta keep rolling so there's still not ok if you don't snooze lose that's brian dj red berries spin in some shit over the world sorry floridasword0honeyhoneyband dot com is that where they should go yes sir honey honey honey honey i compare also teller in faith any any dot com twitter facebook or is the point so i used to
my god which we also operated or like a beekeeper fetish i would call it a beekeeper fell out of the fucking rudimentary level kaden grabbing go choke speech but hold on that site they were using this fucking choke each other what auto erotic asphyxiation due to guy chokes on beekeepers outfits collar choke strip still choke pinky playlist podcast we can end this right now honey honey band on twitter honey honey band on instagram and of course facebook you guys this shit this is why i said thank you so much this is a lot of fun always as always awesome brian redban ladies and gentlemen des squad dot tv go there by some tea
shirt support support the death squad empire and that's it you fuck so uh next weekend i will be in philadelphia and i will be in washington dc philadelphia on the 17th i'll be at tower theater and then the warner theater in washington dc turning dirty dirty freaks so i'll see you guys soon and a lot more podcast this week ladies and gentlemen keith webber anthony cumia's going to get crazy so we'll see soon much love thanks for listening to the podcast is podcast today was bracci by nature box dot com for a free trial that's right free go to naturebox dot com slash rogan to get free trial box of delicia's knacks were also bro so you buy stamps dot com go to stamps dot com entering the code word jre and you'll get a one hundred and ten dollars bonus offer which in
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