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#564 - Sturgill Simpson

2014-10-20 | 🔗
Sturgill Simpson is an American country music singer-songwriter. He has released two albums independently, "High Top Mountain" & "Metamodern Sounds in Country Music" https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/metamodern-sounds-in-country/id865795112
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as a part of this new wave of conscious artists and guys who've experimenting with psychedelics and guys who have the sort of psychedelic perspective, but the first that I've ever seen where attaching this order psychedelic perspective to country, music, really fucking cool guy, I love it music, it's fantastic and I really enjoyed having a conversation with him and I think you're going enjoy the shit out of podcast. So without further ado, please welcome. Georgia Simpson will gain experience rush off the road sturgeon simply Ladies and gentlemen, thank you this man a really appreciated in turn me yeah, here you're here, You know I had heard about your music from several people online. I
Remember who made me take the plunge and down would you shit like bunch of people recommended view? I had shooter, things on and along those lines like people say: ok, man, if you really dig shoot Jennings gotta check out startle Simpson, it's a somewhere along online? I download I think, It was I downloaded to cds, but the turtles. All the way down song TAT was the first time I heard I was like oh shit, this guy doing something unusual. You do in some psychedelic country, music, man, you You mix and shut up in a very bizarre way, as that of our group. Listen everything so, but for a reason for good writer sing a song, I can only do one of two things: that's either Yassin culture or bluegrass, as will primarily grew up
So I don't know. The first was a very traditional country record in terms of fanatical lyrical elements. Says before was true. I reached a point where, as I am a very happily married, I'm sober for the longest period, an interest drinking songs and heart ache, and all that wasn't something I was particularly very excited about, tackling bright search. If you like it I to get certain themes. If you dont country, music, has just sort of falls into that its, it seems to be somewhat self restricting, and always it hasn't of all very much even since Sixty seven ride over those periods are very dated. Now, like seventies and eighties country, you can hear the production values and just. Nothing timing or even some of the Thomas, timely singers lever, never replace me.
The requisite they maize gas subjected to these really bad taste choices right, just as a stand up I don't know date. My producers really close for Monday car who actually did shooters first couple wreckers, shears body, do love our duty, every verse, Such a cool got. Hang our two yes they were not just come. You know. I came to national were four years ago. Almost five. Now, yes I just a new, more everything. What I didn't want to do.
I met with Dave, Shooter, actually think told him one night. We were all villages shaver concert out. It know any those guys they were sitting up. Stairs was like shooter, Jamie Johnson's molecules and David Peerless. Surely heresy again, there s the fuckin cutter singer national. So the next day, somehow a man's regatta emerge from Dayton. We had launch an ugly are he's from Georgia. We both low the same wreckers grown over carefully. I know this dude I work with his right hand. There was nobody in there, as I pay for both thousands entirely by myself, really dug a big Jai whole debt while and then how much does it cost to put a novel? The first one, I thought when I was doing it, this may very well be the only time I ever get to do this. You know right and I wanted something that I can be proud of something my family, could be proud of for once. You know what I a new just. I knew it had to be right. I couldn't compromise anyway, and
certain sound source of Dave he's. So let's just get the guys that played on those old records and we have a fucking what to do that. I don't know how the game works So they're looking up and they say no more studios like this gas pig Robins who. Pretty much invented country piano played on sex for sessions with George Jones on white lightning in what fucking Ten years on, we play a blog on blogger, is all blind. Pig robins, take harvest pig, Robin Uranium named car. That's an American deprived, the English to English. We are a little vague z. Tour with everybody plays on Patsy Clown, wreckers, birds and wow, so I knew when those sessions ended. I knew that I had absolutely no my basket. I had to use gas, we just posture balls in the second, and so we I feel we sort of cleared my throat with down and then
holy year. Later later, I found myself a position. I was going to make another record I will. Maybe all this would be a little bit more selfish herself was order for me, so we David incorporate a lot other elements of, I guess Sonic Templin's, you don't normally hear in most country music and they gave me the freedom to kind of go out there with the themes as well. That's what I was doing a lot of reading at the time always have a weird shit, the new new. Allow me as most the most truly inspirational group of songs. I feel like I've ever in cuz from such a fresh place. Maybe that's why the records done. Was very unique. You know it's very unique in that it has a lot of countries sound to it, but, like the turtles other way
down saw me who the fuck is doing songs about mind, expanding consciousness, expanding drugs in country, music, and it s just not being done, but it still like really good country music, like I'd like a lot of country music, you know that in even songs that are even like a song that sort of a car six song with others deems it. You talked about before like drinking, and hardy fits well done still really like it. You know absolutely if its if it, if its power Yet an honest today has grave easy. I just didn't feel like I had anything, offer the right right right, yeah, The sound know is, I think people are starting that monotony I'm starting to accept, but certainly for a long time coming got classified amongst young people is being like a dumb kind of music. You know an ant, fairly. So dead, as some young people started getting in this and many other countries like getting into some
cash songs, for instance. Do you know he's this? Is country to okay? Well, you can't say, The catch sounds a dumb you just can't. I mean they're just had too much crazy shit. Science is undeniable. He knows a lot going on in between learns how you there's a lock on our boy named. So let me just think about that song. He had some great fuckin songs and then needed the highwayman, and that was an interesting song to like that. He did with willing, Nelson and who it hurts, was a tough, so yeah there's a whale india, and they did this. This crazy song about reincarnation. That to this day, if you never heard it go, go find that song highwaymen and its really wild sauntered, it's all different inverse sung by different guy like www thing, one verse and then Johnny comes in why a starship, my god, it's good for concern!
well, you know weirdly, I need it. So it's find me the country. Has this really rigid? perception by opponents in all. If you look back If any of the really good great, the things they were all that shit man. It was ass, they saw colorful, weird characters, their walk through American, his Reno saving it for he's, not really roads will stretch. I didn't feel like. I was really gone. Arthur too far. You know it is man, it's south ism. Like racism towards this. It's like thinking, Anybody who has a southern accents gotta be a moron think it anybody. Whose singing country songs live they gotta suck. That's it's what it is it in urban form of classicism like we, you look at that style of music, and they automatically some. Some people did for a while, but I think like shooter, guys like you, you guys are opening up in honey, honey band as well country type sound. I think a lot of you
or oak people's ideas of what that sound really is, and you hear a great song, its academic. That's a great song, doesn't matter a banjo play the background, can't tell me that song didn't fuck. You up. You know, I think, some people start to realize. I twisted just good man. There's a scottish good disco, songs, man, ok, even here Yes, I was made for love and you too good God, damned disco song. I don't give a fuck. I saw a molecule Sailorman above the monkeys, dude, the monkeys had some good pockets. I don't care. If the real deal at an ill diamond wrote half that should do you really want to solve so fucking great man wow. That makes a lot of sense. Wow! That's incredible! I like me, diamond songs. I log incited fuck. It said it, I don't care what he's doing here. I'd like a goddamn Neil Dimes goes genius. Theirs. I think, when you expand your horizon sort of open up your ideas of musical prison,
I've tried really hard a lot of stuff and just can't catch like every few months, or so I try with jazz I'll throw some call train on another, purely we believe the breathing of my car five minutes and overcome snap I'd scant taken in more trust me. Rock are subjected to turn the other way. I can't do it polio in music. I never got into early hillbilly jazz, Charles Ming isn't gonna get? Maybe I can listen, but even in brief doses, cause I'd prefer Melina Leah, allowing a song song. I think one then it's good for, like jazz at a bar or give you haven't a couple of drinks and some jazz. Play in the background, its Malaga, very recognisable song, it just interesting music. It's interesting like background music but as far as it being my main focal points, not really Maybe I'm wrong. We may need to find the right. What are you listen to? I tried a bunch of different.
Shit. Polonius monk I've tried some cold train. I've tried. Obviously, the their great musicians means no denying they have skill, but it just says in grip me in any way to know what it is. Europe bitches brew. The milder yes, yes, that's airy killer, ready killer can do again yeah, ammunition, rifts that I really enjoy for a lumber. I can't likes it. I can sit in this. The same, learn Skinner Yom, maybe like three times in a row? You know, but it very hard for me to listen to the same jazz stuff over and over and over again However, it is an omission and woody I've got it now message at others. There is a saying that you gonna go pleasures until my runs out yeah, I'm sure.
What we were in just in Philadelphia. I was in Philly on Friday night and we passed by the jazz bar and we thought Mexico after the Shoko Fucking piece of jazz. Never did it know about it, who sings. I wish that I've never said that. I don't know what's wrong with him, some jazz. So how did you get into Is that what you ve always saying, or did you you fuck around with other forms? Music? First year, why should so? I don't have a choice. Both my grandfather's played will. Actually we were in issue till you originally from everybody's, really play music minutes. That's what you do after working. Ramon's brother, brotherly, all his friends. They had this house and he is he's two twin brothers. Both of never married, so turn their house and into a fuckin practice basis. So this Pierre lights, and should the state set up all time? Why am I swear? I was really a kidney. Go there always play guitar.
Yeah. I'm really knew anything about music or sauntering or anything learning how to play in a band just from hanging out with those guys, awhile, but tat was never encouraged user. You don't think I can do this for living. They make sense right. You just do it because everybody is doing it right and nobody thinks they're gonna leave that situation. Lord or for many other reasons, yeah yeah yeah, it's. It is what it is, but so your dad's dad was a big blue grass guy play mandolin, just shove that shit down my throat, I mean repeatedly until I accepted it and then mom's my other grandfather. He was like a big merle. Haggard Marty Hart robbed in the car, and I don't give him a very beautiful voice. She probably won't anybody. We watch ehall and shit when I was a kid and CNN and he's going to tell me which of the guys were actually playing and the ones that were just holding a guitar as a prop. You know
votes. Us, finally, are you fuck, but anything else ever school are gonna drive to school. Third grave that that's interest so you can agreed. You know in the music sense, but not maybe in becoming a professional right, yeah without knowing it maybe cuz, never really played minivans yeah, older cousin might to use like six or seven years older me. So you noticed older teenage neighbours with Chevy Novo's in shit. Listen the guns and roses iron fifth grade and might really I remember vividly one we can we go to visit their former, oh, how I was following fourth or fifth grade, and he I am a review- is really an amusing ass playing authorities. I will you listen to our normal problem. Was the monkeys or something he too he's better. We have others like Tower stereo systems with glass door.
Super headphones and he sent in cities are just come out uselessly. Eighty seven, eighty, eight owner and These is headed already has a fuckin mountain of cities. These late here, whose like Zepplin certain cream and Hendricks and humble pie and traffic and always spend moves. A fuckin bombs went off. My head, why was it was done? My what my life was ruined? Irene very clearly remember the transition between records and cds. I remember the fur very first cds shown up the record store because kids today, probably even appreciated, because in the last ten years of the internet is dominated digital downloads. Ever since now, there came along and then I tunes and everybody knows how It should online and there's no record stores and obvious. It is a few, but I mean they used to be like a local commute.
Spot where I lived in Newton Massachusetts ways to go down this place. That was right across the street from a place that I worked at a worked at this ice cream place called Newport cream. Made hamburgers or washing dishes, adult shit and across the street Newport. Creaming was a record store. All kids would go to have two schools. Our own cultural was the only like output to like that. Control of the world where you want to every week in new record, came Yazzi, idiotic and our marijuana sees came out every. What is this room walked off? I look. It's got a rainbow in it if you wigglin, it makes rainbows while the digital thing a thing And waterways is gravely, I blame it almost entirely through the downward spiral of inequality. Of music in the 70s man. If you, if you got a record deal, you had to be bad, the fuck ass, when I could there was no slop right pro tools shit together, make everybody yeah right. I suppose a quote pig,
so this really nowadays before protocol fuckin prose. That's how I have a guy named piglets. That's awesome. You used to have to No, the sound was a different sound to write, mean the people that are real vinyl heads they'll tell you, I'm don't recognize it knowledge kid. If a man on the pretty locomotive fucking values Super geek about it never gotten into what I should should really get get a record platinum Aaron's really into that shity, keep stats them at home and listen to tell me meticulously clean them and put them down if they're, the right ear phones- and I guess it's got like what is the sound of different cuz- I know I think this is a warning to of warmth down
everything just sounds really settled and cohesive, Breznican Digital. I hear the separation specialist area. You can just hear it's almost like you're sitting at the mixing board and just like some asshole decided that guitar needed to be like a heart. Clark right there by the a vinyl, just kind of seems more three dimensional like it's coming from around. You officially feel Oh, you can sort of here the different tracks. Oh yeah, you know, maybe I don't have a fucking ear for music member. That makes sense some. My majority gonna know you're, listen for that. What it is Would you weren't here when we had Russell Peters on Russia? Peters is stand of comic friend of mine. Very funny. Guy is also a dj and we were plan some songs and he could pick out was a rap song and he could pick out with the samples were from why why? How do you hear the guarded giving here are taken here ready? I did it to do that. Did it like that would be
Papa from you know, nineteen, eighty four, how the fuck you just did that. I trust you how the fuck you just did that separate knowledge base of old music to yeah reference from his his all old hip hop stuff, easily loves like old, hip, hop stuff. So what did thing about the record stores that people loved was that it was like like a sort of like because we need them. The internet you'd go there. And was like you would see why these there was another big piece of paper. I holy Shit hears, you know: here's the new, Bruce Springsteen Album. I gets right there and you see wow. It's like this is what he made as we ve been doing for the last year. Bruce has been in a right, songs and PAM. Here we go, we going for you to think. I think that's the
worst thing ever happened, is now everything so accessible and the kids attention span so short will never know that experience to sit down and listen to album all the way through, and it just fucking obsess about it and then in a hole. The call for that yet sleeve, in your hand, is like what the fuck are. These guys doing like they got a sitter laboratory losing our southern know about and mystery, I guess, was the most important element or are not just fucking gone Do you remember when the war came out, no, I wasn't born seventy eight murmur watching it wait two young butter, I was in high school and I found out about the wall, so it's after the wall come out, but I remember sitting there with my friend we had like a like the headphone jack thing plugged in so you have two headphones, both listening to it and You'd like how everything like ties in together, it seemed so beyond human reach that these guys figured out how to do all this
Put these amazing songs they just sort of fellow in new each other, like some wild riding on a dark side of the moon. Very similar, like that, the sun, There is linked with our nose link up to the wizard of OZ, the mean that album. Just everything just flows, togetherness, crazy way. It did feel out. There were no lab What my Marvin Gaye would do that a lot too or Y Willie Nelson De La concert, regular, the color song cycle, where you just you, don't ever feel like there's an actual. Anywhere in the end. Is just as one cohesive work? Why then does take time? play, we did a little bit of a nonmetal modern. What kind of in a pink Floyd and some other albums were? Definitely reference while we were cutting that shitt towards the end When you first decided that you are going to be a professional country, music sang it. Did you decide slowly and gradually, or did you just fuck and die, then I started my career by attempting to have clear about four years ago really, I never would have done it to be completely honest,
my wife's idea to she's wanting really kind of encouraged me to go for it and let you know I just there's always something I did it. Lobbyist right and plain, I get a lot agree from friends person. My torrent is really weren't you out in man's. You should be doing something We gotta shows at clubs and they really Sancho wages we rather we are homeless, and you play you I just I don't know. I never thought. Was: it was the limitations of your environment. Maybe the people that you were at the Emerald national once in two thousand six hundred down, could you know you can play in cool bans and you can have it what you want out of this great and has allowed people to do that on a hot is level into a like. I said it's what you do after work and for me, It is never felt rewarding enough. You know I never felt like. I was giving everything I could to it rang and it is very frustrating plays an up,
putting it down a lot of times because of that disfigures, bringing me more heartache than it was right. So you took jobs and work normal jobs, and I was out working a railroad job in Utah for almost four years and my wife was out there with me I guess, for whatever reason from deal with the stress of there and I didn't the time. I wasn't. Fulfilling my fucking purpose, Joe Rogan. She, recognize that, and I started writing a lot as a as a result of deal with the stress from from my job and playing at home, and she just kind of told me one just so you know you don't suck at this and when you going to wake up at forty and no you never fucking tried them what's your miserable ass, so we sold everything and and literally means she, and I are dog in Ford, Bronco Drive, Nashville and wow. That's like four years ago.
You know now is older- owes cleanest our focus to Hell ahead purpose, so I the first year. You know you gonna go to get the lay of the land to hustle. It's a total starting out. Arousing, have anything to do with that shit, I social forgot bars and clubs, and things like that, and so what is it like? A man, it's There are so many facets to it, depending on what the industry or somebody size of the industry and that people fall into and most and not say that a majority of it is, is complete and total shameless opportunists whom physicians, common everybody? No inner thing about musicians relays you fuck and thereby really was the work So you get all these guys side players or look for songwriters to give gig supporting a back up than they want like half the door. What you get paid for their services- They don't want away tables chairs as a really good and earn that money, and then there's the sight of it, but you really feels like to me the first,
everybody. I met what it's like literally hey man how's it going. What can you do for me and, while they're talking to their looking over your shoulder to see who else they should probably talk to him, Hollywood like it's getting more and more so, because you money think cause there's money in country. Well, there's a lot of fucking, my larger! Let's were really it's. The only thing still selling see these. That's why the labels are still three old glass at last night doesn't mean no platinum albums this year the night for the first time I mean now. If you ever hear record you driver now Mona major label. If you sell two hundred thousand copies and weak, that's a success to ten years. Who have you sold to earn a dozen coverage for submitted, dropped your ass, an incredible new so that the whole thing just it really is the wild worse when internet in social media it It affords guys. Like me, in a lot of other people. I me doing what I'm doing the opportunity to reach people without having to go down certain avenues agus and country. Didn't you,
be like that, like Nashville used to be like what what was it like, gatekeepers and. But when he wouldn't, when exactly do I mean before it became more Hollywood, ask the way it is now it always have an element of show business to know for sure, do Jackie real will. But I won't say how there's a certain element to national is this kind of come on the last two or three years? More, so is very hip. I blame that hooting above his car when he crossed over areas. Yeah when dairies got in a black eyed since good country, Charlie price by now, but it's been awhile Darius. Snuck right in there and all those why people came running with em. That's what I said.
Does it have any broader man? It's a very interesting situation. It does. It was a vagueness too. It is very true, studied vs studying the fact is preferable to describe it. Faintness me falling short, and I just our inner alot of journalists have been baited. I can't tell you how much They want me to get by pulling this negative conversations bash and talk shit on it in I can t I could do but in others there so much negativity. Already on like this, whenever this up Security is unwilling to use it for that right book. You know what quite honestly, that than the negative aspects of anything when it show business or wood caught, Stanhope, comedy or music. I don't think, there's nothing. Negative about talking about him? I think the positive effect of talking about it is that young people recognise that they're not crazy that they
they sent something goofy about this and that it becomes a more clearly defined. What's goofy about and it gives them high standard did not set a trap for themselves. Like in comedy, there's a thing they ve guys do they first start out which really fucked you up. Just trying to get laughs like you saying things, you only would believe, because you just hoping work is used, terrified has run stage and I think Similarly, in music, you could just start make, stuff that you think, like you know like one of those prose there, so's pop songs. You know those guys was weird I just know how to like make something that clicks and but there's no fumed to an early certain cubicles lamps of foreign fire. I'm not kidding, that's a reality. You're gonna work, this big goddamn difference in that, unlike some of his right and shit like you're writing, someone is
writing shit that resonates it's like. I, you tell no matter what your influences are in this. I've musically or even while, creating a song? It's all filtering through your unique, individual vision and that entirely missing from all these like poppy things and that's like something people connect with some mean, look there, there's something personal about songs that you know the dude wrote. You know the guy saying that, like like my friends in honey, honey ban, they write, their shit so when their sing and in their there sitting here in the studio saying in it or you seen a month's days like that's their creation, it's a hundred per cent and there's like a uniqueness to that that your music, as that a lot of like music tat its. It hits like a different frequency as opposed like a poppy frequency now these people that are comedy and that are just turn exploitive monetize it they probably that doesn't register with them or
but does it don't give? A shit is ass now that their just worry about quarterly report are the very seldom the eighty people running labels actually know. Anything I give a shit about. Music is just really more, not no more reason. Film. A lot of them are run by very young guy now taken their thirties, because the old he'll. Ruse color went out. It can turn over a loud is that Renault in the eighties make an all those awful hair metal ban, those producers and engineers ones that industry dried up, love, move National Mps Tunnel Radio day you'll find a lot of that shit sounds exactly like a poison record. There is real For the rest, I why that's interesting that formulaic way of creating it making heads yeah, you know- and I think, to three kids ago. They deserve the label still offered up the other. They had all these great bans that were making art because they knew they were gonna, sell a fact copies and making
money back to their will and take the risk analysis really no risk takers, others because of it Maybe there's a lack of visionaries just because the monies dried up, just they don't think they're. Just there Also in their corner offices, looking looking out the window wishing, it would go back to nineteen six and internal in their thumbs and pray into a dime business model as they did. Completely dependent on radio for sales of singles and cables and Clear Channel's pretty much all of it completely, lock that out to a very politically selected group of songs with somebody pay probably at least a million dollars just to get it in rotation. You will pay to to endorse and make a hit. That's so crazy that sat out of here it's business. It is a business, but it said here to sleep. The real estate yeah. There's no art is development anymore. So in own. Luckily, I didn't Try to do this, a twenty two, twenty six zero
real jobs was able to understand that the mechanical aspect of it all and you know, there's It's not the only way to do it anymore. You can just kind of bypass around there too much longer harder road, but but then gets but then it is if you catch fire right, you know just to spread across. So much more rewarding road. Tell you that our fuck yeah it's gotta, be, I can only imagine I would imagine that being stuck singing songs. Don't believe in and that that are not really but everybody in I was really responding to, and you have something inside you that you wish you could a got out. But now you trapped in our that's, got to suck our emerging men. One Garth Brooks came back in the different character. Chris Gaines me to put the wiggle on. There was nobody there to say: hey. Maybe you shouldn't do this, but he was surrounded by yes people. You just know
the summit like yeah, that's fucked, l, we call someone didn't say, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! What you gonna hurt you will you do We do and you can change now, but every notes you. So what do you do you play in character? You plan to correct our room: you're you're, a goddamn superstar, shows these on some I got friends low places, so the lot of fucking copies and what you gonna do not perfect and look at him he's here, process face Momo that shit growth, patch like what the fuck is going on there. Is its is filtered interpret. The key was goin for like, aroun atoms, sort of thing, and I think he just straight went crazy. I believed I worry we'll fucking nuts, that everything possible. He blew a rod right there he's red lining his aunt Jane, look at those eyes can think tank tight
that was low on Iraq in the engine and then from then on code disappeared. You never yearbook, artworks anymore. I just came back well he's gonna I mean he's still do well, is gonna loud fuckin hits, but it's been a long time we're Garth it is in the public consciousness. But meanwhile, in the ninety nine, these whatever was eighty August nineties like early nineties. When did he was just Jai? Can't I early night. He just came out of nowhere. Chinatown locked knock right. I really think a lot stuff going on today is an absolute direct bar product, as there were still get the ripples of the eggs at some point country, music, turned into a really shitty van ale in concert. My man would not daily raw no Sammy, yeah Hagar New. I knew you gonna me come on. That's it ignored ass, this first to religion, the dude that I think that the original?
Van with David Lee was the greatest bands of all time, without a doubt, one of the devil to this day, take him up on the treadmill. That's running run with the devil, cranked up, bitch up an extra couple miles an hour fuck it. You know just one of those songs man, but they did just as well as Semi Hagar. They really what did it tight? It doesn't matter, they get more soccer, moms commercializing. It took him. Even more made. A more accessible part is that How does areas as my first concert Irma Debtors to MRS Green Hills with green? Really fucking anyone Helen for for a fifth greater, that's that's raising Mary had a fifth grade. I think my. Was the ninth grade see J Guiles band check out I wish you d in ages. Centerfold love stinks
they were giant manual of deep cuts, yeah giant in my high school giant and nineteen. Eighty one would have, though it was River Newton. Well, that's right! That's what the high school has borne New Jersey, Grub, colonel of the country that deserve Cisco from seven to eleven lived in Florida from eleven thirteen Boston. From thirteen to point twenty, three: twenty: four, then New York for a couple years and California, some of California. Now, I'm more confident of anything I've ever been in my life, but splice a mess mess is it not the worst place, though it's just too many people. If you could widdle California, if you could widow LOS Angeles down to like one tenth of its size. As far as I population was Jesse. You know, we're going to Seattle about it was the shit. I'm better word, Asia. If these members is that he was the absolute shit
it's just a matter of like inconvenient. Andover population. Seattle has lived, is here for very few people, its own kick my ass. Did it oh yeah? What was it the rain among other things around did get. The rain is, I think, is a direct contributor to allow the other problems people acquire while they lose yell rankings. Before moving. There, too, is a good thing about that. Guy degradation. Viewed. It really is our view that Serbia's firstly, the summer's its mean it's really hard to beat Seattle summit. It's that one of the most dismal, I never really happened. Metallic to drive taking a shower- and you come there, two days later be like fucking lichen growing on it's just a petri dish, you know so much precipitation that you just people jacked up on coffee, when all the time, but I have friends who live in Seattle, the fuckin defended to death like right now, the voodoo chicken is raising its fist and anger. You waiting I get a holy fuck and move
they're from Indiana, my friend voodoo chicken. That's what is official stage name is when he did that man he likes the way better than Indiana, and I'm like that's good, that's good. But if you lived in LOS Angeles. Have you ever live where it doesn't fuckin rain? We're babies were used The second aim that, every day, every day, Twenty days a year, three hundred seventy thrilling. We have extra tickets hit that extra Sunday that tells you fuckin rain. Its objective drought. Still in water from the Colorado River, some shit and how we keep everything hydrated until some, Virginia guy fix US A quarter of the ocean, the do you to get some ocean front property about like seven hundred yards in because within like everyone is worried about the sea level rising I to do. This figure out how to desalinate blue ocean water will drink. That shit will use that our toils we're just start extra golf courses with delicate OSHA that'll get. You won't be nothing. Don't worry about that thing right
oh you're worried about their beauty. Much water don't sweat it. We got that it doesn't rain and we're abusive finally resource if we could actually tap into the ocean. Beachfront people be fucking pissed, because the beach would be like a couple hundred yards away, a mile and a half to the shoreline we'd sucked out bid dry. Make it might it really might Very well, I don't know you know me, I'm only every time I come, the California thought it's always now. Yank whaler tourist up We were here we did Conan and play at the troubadour a month or two back and we're here for about four days and it's the most time I've ever spent consecutively in a laser, but I've never been able to really get. The land is final Ella, Unwarlike, Redondo, yeah Redondo, nice very chill. William, can that's what Tommy buns lives? Tom's girl? Isn't Redondo fuckin loves it it's
It's very chill like any those beach communities. Rachel allies- gripe, it's great. I talk shit about it sometimes, but it just amount of people I just don't think people value things that they have in too much abundance, and I think issue with people when you get over certain population. I think we just naturally get a little more. Callous or you just don't give a fuck about each other like if you like a really small town and you go store people say each other. Because there's not a metaphor, can people borne solely a few thousand people in the town mean yeah, that's gonna, get small minded gossipy bullshit to, but necessarily think that has to be the case in a small town, but I think the benefit of being smaller populations, people just like a little less intruded up on by sensory input, Wearers Lula's on edge, yeah, California, just theirs, one million people plus Mexicans in the city plus malleson eggs, with respect because
in people have come over here from Mexico, which right thank, you suggest be able come over. I don't believe- and I think it's ridiculous that people want to work. They should before to stay in this shitty patchett dirt cause. There has got a bad roar, the dice they were born there. I think scared. The good spots like here were scared. It's gonna bounds out somehow Come over and fuck it up, we ve gotta figure We do not have a fuck it up. Just figure out a way not have crime and poverty and all the different issues that we have just please ignored in poor communities, not have that effect. Everybody's, like level of happiness, that's livin in these big groups, but didn't system in prison, someone in a shit country because they are fact than they were born. There too seems crazy and inhumane to me too seems weird else, pretty eurocentric, but
I think you know the illegals first words another here. The Americans were all immigrants fox, but if you count it now and I think the verdict ever really callin them, how many that is so I said, twenty million plus Mexicans because that's what it is like the greater allay area, which is a huge area like goes the way down and wide and notes that such so spread out in sprawled something around twenty million people which just incredible, had system that allows in Tokyo for awhile woes younger and what we do in their military gestation. Wow. It's like an island roughly the size of care for It was the population in those states, but it was weird I somebody said earlier about people being crowded out, went back last year and visit some friends of mine helped me with video project in it, and I noticed it even more so now that I'm old
by a mean, even on a crowded subway train, were you just jammed like sardines, walkin industry, their souls, aware of yourself self wherein adjust their surroundings. Yo. You could be a consideration and mutual respect that, I think, will you don't really encountered lot of big cities hears justice, get the fuck em away, yeah funding increase Consideration of mutual respect that I think you don't really encounter a lot of big cities here. It's just doesn't get the fuck out of my way and I mean following incredibly polite oh I've only went and want to Tokyo wants, as everybody supervisor friendly. It's amazing that places twenty times, certainly or so you could pass out, in the darkest hour, even with a hundred dollar bills, economic each year nobody's gonna fuck with you, but there's a lot.
African due to move in and there from Africa right straight from Afghanis. Hustler guys was repugnant in some of the ILO districts. Yes, and he walked down the street, and I try to drag you in some massage, Does this and look about them like sinister shit? We're Wolf got in the chicken coop. Well, it does have. There is a very dark underbelly side, too, tired to Tokyo for sure the It's hard for guys, like you, meet, meet a really good fun that I've had in anyway way the podcast several times he's an enemy fighter who was originally from Hawaii but lives in Japan and he's Japanese and his friends with all these. He fought for pride, which is the biggest Mme Organization in the world, and one point they were there your aunt Kate, who nano that's. That's k, one glaring like kickboxing. Now that's a big event to they had some Emma may events as well, but pride had these
Norma shows what they were doing. Ninety thousand see arenas, music, gigantic and ensign was one of the big stars over there he's down with you accuse us. We had all these crazy. You coups stories like loads- are hung out with a couple years ago- ones, thereby ones looking the one. I guess you just like that eat you sit in bars and be drinking and they are they all. If there was is especially their learn, your merkin or if you speak, English, the only own talk to you figure out what you're bound in these getting drunk wages ended up kicking for a couple hours than I can put it together realise what they did while in the way they asked me in front of mine. It was with me ruling out another cloven garlic. This bad asked maybe blue? Sixty seven corvette real in areas where there is young guys like Flash in our inner leads one to impress us why. I get it was we're executive you're, really talk about being friends with us. They just want to delay, show us what they were all about the report.
Probably really lower level gas and there's a lot of that. But it is very it's free, There is one specific part of the city, mostly insecure olive of parlours, and organise gambling takes place in the red light. They make it very obvious who they are. Wow, it's an accepted part of the culture more and more so they become less corrupt. The government is kind of realized. We try to fight this world, work with him. They do a lot of things for the communities that therein. Strangely enough, you know to can't keep order, but and at the same time, your stories about.
Some guy might a little too much money and they just literally going to beat him the fuck to death and a train station with baseball bats or whatever in front of people, and they don't do shit about it, though, he's got to get to the club owner funny that got murdered a couple years ago and I'll take anything came of that. It's just like just that's what happened? That's? What happens? Well, they have mma fights between gang members. They have like yakuza, MMA fights, What the fuck do. You think that's a crazy warrior society, although they adhere to their so kind those here too Bhutto, mainly that's that's their whole travers is maintaining samurai culture. Despite all the western that happen, postwar tune, yeah, it's all about codes and honor and Buddha.
Way the ants in any way his nickname is young motto, Tamassia just Warrior Spirit and that this summer I spare that everything has to be done with the Amato democracy like when he would go into a fight. He would write and notes dollars, friends and his family because he thought he would die. Write, write, a goodbye note, I'll, let big heart and she is ready to go to war. Now that guy was his fights were so fucking siding because of that cuz like he literally never worried about his own safety, he would just go in there and just try to test himself swing. You were the jury, you're really ever Maria you Chaba, or we I've gotta, founded IQ down now now, since the EU is more of a philosopher really them Then a Marshall Ernest well. Is it absolutely marsh lorries but love his writings, always some more interesting, so no more,
than the actual art. What that was really strange. Part of semi culture, not knots oceans, a strange but unexpected when I start investigating it or reading about it rather was that they were required to be balanced, and that was encouraged to be a very balanced person balanced like in your discipline,. In your artistic expression, bounds in your understanding of emotions and fears. It was a very different than one Think of us like a warrior. We think of like stone cold, colony the barbarian mother fucker. Just think it was just that doesn't pure absolute Buddhism likely just live completely in that moment, all the time whatever they do. They there so intensely focus, and you know
anything with his trimmer flower or its there's, a very certain elements that culture that I've never seen anywhere else in the world. You wonder how that happens. I'd like to talk so as an expert in japanese culture to explain how one society does not fit into a very unusual pattern. One Much of it had to do with sword fighting that's what we usually talk very existence that he can't. Second guess a fuckin swordfish in every Sandro Movie, that's all bullshit eggs. These things were one stroke, you known as yet to choose their first throat and then cut men have So there is an aim with any kind of society like that kinda, wherever there is a lot mutual respect. I would imagine you know come back in the day, if you like,
hasn't or somebody going in the falcon market taken their fruit to self, they passed the Samara Industry Street and they didn't bow accordingly. Urges bay, They say good morning cutter Fuckin, head off man like right. There, no questions Surrey You know imaginatively walking down the street on Santa Monica was like that today, people's behaviour would be very different towards one another yeah, it's, I don't think it. Good. Now people are saying that, and I do think I know you're saying I do think that when people are scared of people in that way or when they respect that there, the Has that ability to do that? Then the carrying fuckin sword like that well, armed society, is a polite society argument I don't necessarily think that's the way to go, but I do think there is an element of people that need to know they get punching they're fucking face. I just a bunch of people had said
rude shit to people and they say it only because they think they can because their protected by society, and because of that, their oftentimes less respect for then someone who would be like a physically dominant personal conversation like I've. Seen, Marshall artists have conversations with people where yeah they're way way way. Or kind or way, more considerate and the weight of the voice, their concerns, our opinions about something versus people that have never been in a fight, no life. We'll get people's face and scream and yellow, and you mother, Fucker inside Europe, doing that is this guy's, not gonna, punch you. You know, you're having this conversation is around public, and you know this guy's, not just gonna pay, you have been dropped on your hat, but if you wanted to, he could, like you shouldn't talk to me: like there was there are any repercussions to be less all exactly. It's only three
precautions are only verbal you now they feel like if they keep it on that ground like they can believe the bully. Even they go after them. If they keep it completely verbal to know the guy's, not doing things you big, fuckin, stupid piece of shit. You say it and they know it's not gonna smash your headache as it as long as you are protected I society, you can get away with being pre shitty to some people, so I don't think it's good to treat people an athlete swords, but I do think it might have something to do with the reason why their consent I only know it's weird: how cultures develop in these unusual ways when just separated like that. Japan is an island and they're separated from other people so that they have developed their do. The similarities to other each eastern cultures. In their approach to things, but their different,
Now they have their own thing going on everybody. Every place has its own thing going on. I don't know I was in our lives DC. I guess back in April and I was trying to catch a train to go to show cameras. New is New York, abortion in order to address station in DC southern having those downed power line, but way up north and taking out a lot of routes, and then they basically canceled or delayed all the all the trains going out of the station and when they put the announcement up it just the place talking erupted, I mean I've. Never witnessed such as self important display of human behaviour in all my life, as in Washington DC that they interact. Stationary was this line. Of suited brief cased,
You know a guy that they all just got right and in the track employs time like trying to explain to them how much more important their life wasn't. Everyone else's who had just been inconvenienced, innocence, play right, and I mean it was like I had a retreat into myself, surrounded by it. Those of us all pregnant Lady Vulcan. Tat the way, while some do not always disgusting man and wife, You would never see that in Japan right people just deal Have you ever see that in England is to say, is out that just the over six as for hyper focused shithead thing that we have that other countries just don't have they have the discipline Then I'll have this marauding focus,
that a lot of like american businessmen sort of embody. This idea Kogi get Universe, Wall Street Fuckin, Gordon Gecko, greenish good. Now that kind of Yet. I was also Wall Street in DC places like this tat and cultivate a bit more intense version. I'll, just you're sorry not had a great fucking. Time goes a great party too. What we all know what happened. I just couldn't believe what I've seen it seems like an effective. Replace really did it's weird place mean that's the deal. Star. It's right. There you mean all the world's wars or all cancer are organised and it's weird geometrical. Building there that's the thing there that does the house which has just outside of air and then there's the White House, which is weird fuckin building in a park where the commander, in chief, of the number one conquering army the world has ever known. That's where he sleeps and everybody passes by the cap.
Some very strange formation. Big search you drive around every points at it and weird place to be. Yours is read like the the history. The lay of the city. Why was laid with is the Do you remember the general sense of does not masonic is yes, some weird masonic implications and it's all very specific dynamic. This may not be truth. I think their rights on the part of it linked while streets are all one way and why so fuckin confusing railroad. He sees it in case it was ever invaded. They want to make it difficult for whoever was coming to get from the shore into the capital that makes sense tell him. I sense. Why me? Why would you like to have it likes? You could do it easy driveway
given the highway go really you're out of you want to make a reg super complicated, like I'm like alcohol. What does that street Lombard Street in San Francisco thats, which do have that should set up two closely to yell it? What's its guy lot of weird history too, site, if you stop thing about yet is a website on the sacred geometry and symbols of Washington D C, O explains sacred usury. The whole thing, but it mimics in the different all the different dimensions, free stuff freaky, because you know these guys, they really were like into ancient cultures. They really were into these weird groups that they would form, I mean, does that's Alan Bone Shit. That's not face the others. It's real fucking, weird, that's eleven there really are a part of all list of within the pine cones. I don't
they're in the pine cones unless there was a big thing in a lot of ancient catholic art route, giant pipelines. Also, the Vatican yeah thorbiorn The pine cones supposedly represents the pineal gland, which is the seat of the soul in ancient Egypt and which is where now they ve actually prove in a damn tee is made, is pre speculative to real recently. Listen rodents rain. Yes, such demands are mammals. Yeah you, the bricks, draftsman in that group, that is involved with the Cottonwood research funding. They put it together and just getting a lie, rodent being able to prove that this third, I in the middle of your head, actually is producing psychedelic chemicals, pretty fuckin crazy people knew that they designed the White Scientology some sort of We liberals copy and people who knew it, but I didn't even know why they had buckets of this. Do you think they had them?
back when they are building like the White House, it was here, but was it. You know they didn't want one element. I offer synthesize, that's a good question. I think I was scared. Discovered by western civilization eighteen fifties, and I think it was. I think they figured out what was in when they were isolating the alkaloids in it and they'd, they originally wanted to call it telepathy alkaloid the isolated, but then they found now that it was our already isolated as the compound harming and that since that's in the plant that is connected, I want you to have the embryo inhibitor. So this is like Zol like the early. Hundreds, eight lady to eighteen hundred figures that show how do they know what plans to boil together in order to deactivate and how they yells and south how they know the how they figure It's not an easy process and how many species of plants can there be in Amazon? Haven't they found the right to what what's fucked up
the others, hundreds of thousands of different plants they found not just the right to, but there they ve how to do it in this weird way? We you have to mash up the vines and you add in the leaves- and you boil it down and it's it's a very involved process takes ours too. True, I was gone, but nobody knows how they did it. They say that the plants told them how to do it. Which is just a good explanation, is suffer if your highness mushrooms plants will tell you some shit. I've had conversations with traffic simple signals: yeah imagine. If everything really was alive, we just couldn't tune into it. You know I mean if your beauty,
really was alive? You tables really had consciousness is justice. It just sits there. It's Constance's very different than ours is not it's not important for it to move it just is where it is. If you chop it up, doesn't freak it out, but it has some sort of a field to it. That's interesting, We obviously not prove or no but their Rupert Shelter, a guy who's on before. Robert, who is on a couple weeks ago. He thinks it ever. As a memory. He things that objects contain a memory that that's. Why, like people dont want to live in a house where someone's been killed like you walking, have a worry on of railway, say what were the more common side effects of high doses, silence, inanimate objects, tended develop personalities or can perceive them
much more characterized. Normally, it's all condemn matter in Rio, hoo hoo fuck knows man right yeah, but who does that's? That's another part of the home, what is what is a thing? What is an object that really fucked? You had me start thinking about the fact that most atoms guitar, it's mostly space, exists it's dark space is all the stuff, in their words undefined, like there's a lot a lot of lot of nothing. It's all just Sort of somehow another cohesive and becomes a table energy condensed very slow vibration. Yeah, that's the Hicks Loggia here is Tom, with whether all the sound bizarre they ve just the idea that Adams we were trying to figure out what subatomic particles are this. These particles inside Adams agree. We know,
Fuck is going on all those things that what our all have evolved- hydrogen collider thing, which won the the Higgs bosun yes just fat- mean that that's the kind of stuff I was driven our own, the rudder urine so you know I don't pretend understand it. I'm definitely obvious, but it is a fascinated by ex string theory in yeah you, the concept of independent, freestanding dimensional rooms of energy that all can hold one together. I am fascinated someone's mind is so did not just so tuned in to how the nature of the universe works, but so tuned in that they ve taken this theoretical particle made the subject of this gigantic science project involves hundreds of different fuck in those countries like, I think, like a hundred different countries are over ten thousand different scientists, something like that.
Photo gallery of the actual facility, most insane things. I've ever seen like that, some the amount of time in years it took them to build. This thing is just it's incredible Don't want to know what the price tag look, it's billions billions of dollars and it's all too collide. Article so they can find new. Odd part gathers Higgs Paulsen, Potter, that's amazing! Origin We also found that work glue on plasma. I think it is which is like supposedly the heaviest matter that they ve ever discovered, We will pull out up some insane amount of weight. These things have that that's something that was figured out yet cork. One plasma way. It's just insanely dance. The densest matter created ever that they did figure this out that it is actually a real thing. When they were doing when the experiments the exotic meet here, is more than a hundred thousand times hotter than the insight the sun and is denser than
neutron, star, wrap your foot. Can head around that it acts like a perfect liquid. Can we see it? I think they can, but very Britain out, like a year, you seen and almost a calculation dark, yeah by triggering hundreds at least. I think it's so heavy that if you had a piece of it like like that, you could look at a marble, it would probably sink through the center of the universe. I mean just go right, fuckin breakthrough, that I made out of alien spit of propaganda, the center of the planet, I'm just saying out there, alien spare burns, Fucking Korg yeah, that's insane! He had supposed be unbelievably heavy like more like I could give you the numbers if I could find it, but I think it's one of those things we can. Even you can't even imagine it doesn't make any sense and that someone
they figured out he's real, among others, is theirs they're. Looking for the point of origin, rightly Gilligan for the God, Particler aware, whatever cause the big bang with theirs is Jason priest, Beard, Taylor, dish or Danny wrote a lot of really weird controversial things, but the actually blackball by the Vatican early Twentyth century B, Erasmus book, the phenomenon of man. We talked about the omega point now the origin, like that, the first point of all complex consciousness, the source of the universe that emanated everything that we know that ever has been into existence and he he was made return is to establish a symbiotic relationship between science and religion and evolution, spirituality, which was a very popular opinion and in the Vatican in lighting toys,
He had this theory that is all eliminated from this one point of the omega point and then eventually consciousness will reach a state of complexity that so advanced that will no longer require a physical v. Were or a human body or anything to inhabit itself and then it'll, it will keep evolving until returns. Back The highest state of complexity, which can would be the same place. It came from because whatever started it had to be the source of true divine whatever. Well. What's it goes back, you know, but basically, you know the realities we perceive it, and this is accordant luck, modern quantum physics it's just manifestation. We sort of project out to convince yourself that were not actually consciousness experiencing itself. That makes sense. Laguna we're. Not all special flowers and individuals were all literally the same people.
The Cairo inside the road right now jump out run into the woods than these. The shit out of people, it's on my it. If the universe is forty, in point whenever billion years old, like they say I didn't I is now. I Didn'T- is a my idea. Now, it's great idea. What I'm saying is what why, wouldn't it be, you know who knows what they might be. Fuckin. A hundred bucks in times older than we might know not have any age it might just be. A constant cycle of that happening down to compressed tie spot smaller than the head of a pin, the entire universe and then boom big bang over and over and over again it might just happen. It might just compressed midges over the course of knows how many billions of years, and just continually do that if it happened once why. Why would we think that it's only like it's a one time sale no they don't sell, sell the Big bang right. Your worship is one little big. Bang insists pockets of infinity step,
funny celery, no listen to this shit. I found a fellow with the way the stuff is. This is gonna fuck your head up one. Big centimeter of this cork glue on plasma ways. Forty billion tonnes wide spread than what the fuck. How much is that? What is forty billion tonnes to fork out both times a ton is too fast towns rebellion tends to thousands. What is that? What is a skyscraper way, forty billion tonnes, and does it what the fuck with forty billion tonnes? I don't know what only giving a skyscraper, always forty billion tonnes, that's insane and that's a cubic centimeter of you like through that somebody, then I catch in it. If you reckon house, move he puts go right through your right to send you a fucking
the figure was enemy weapon as it is, and centimetres tiny We know users will bitchy ass. I met you measurement and my America, but this little tiny, fuckin thanks, but that beggar styling cubic centimeter forty billion tonnes. If, if there was a big bang, why wouldn't we think that there could be an infinite number of big bang an infinite number of expansion and contractions and may be what we are. Currently we like to think of as the highest state of life available where we are Just this is what exists when you have this state of the universe and is a type of consciousness that exists when the universe becomes no longer physical and that might be what Europe, period saying when he smoked anti. You might be experiencing these other forms of reality that are there. You just don't tune into him. While you're in this state, only you can accept some through these chemical doorways. Why you're sleeping
while you're meditating when you you reach these different tunes of mind that people have been exe sizing in having these discipline practices to try to reach these frequencies, they ve been doing it forever ever not doing it because their work well, I know I'm starving to death, but I want to try to figure out a way to reach some shit. It's real now they were dirty. Because they had success in it. In some way or another change in the chain or possibly you know, possibly I've. Never I've never will my experience is very limited, with Evelyn Carrot twice and have never had a guess what you call a breakthrough Have you had when you ve done? It was like all first first somewhere, I didn't know what I was doing and the bubbling uses of the weird everything's, weird associations. That kind me out. There's no reason to be healthy within seconds. How I got like this extreme.
Describe what other Susan intense downward shift and gravity Gravity really know the crest of the top of the first pillar, rollercoaster of these kind of a felt something was he pushing me down. Read so much and research, so much most of my understanding came from reading and then how that tied, together with other experiences that I've had or how that related to things, that I've always been fascinated with her or subscribe to, maybe on a personal notion but it. It felt like something putting you almost in it we're gonna trance here, but I was much aware. I think I got a very strong those we we're taking regular DM three or five Emmy out the empty in an industry, didn't have any visuals did I had some visuals, but it will. I wouldn't say that it was. It was probably intensify. The strongest source
in terms of a rebel still very much and are lost cognitive thought as where's. My body of my eyes are still. I knew I was in the room right right, I saw almost like. Easter, island, head sort of thing, sort of conduct- man out of our way with chasers in like something one alleged was like the cusp of something in it. Just was can over there, the room. Definitely look there isn't a weird energy like everything, had this crystalline sort of multi effect, but I wasn't. Overwhelming, certainly not anything like what would they describe links with research. Volunteers talked about the voluntary you don't slightly differently because they were doing the intravenous was to be a more go for Google. I set out to get to visit with our distress from five days ago. The hour is a lot of questions and went mourned detail the other except massive doses, man, yeah, informally, foreigner road before
Eighty two hundred twenty milligram doses all in one morning back to back yeah there hidden heart, just the others, no resisting it at that point. Much like my knowledge from a purely immature academia in court. Bring that into certain other things would like to know how it may or may not resemble elements of Tibetan Buddhism and what people describe like this, like the Bartos and independent roles of energy and where your souls face with these It's a deal that test you in ways and how you react to those determine how you might trains migrate, reincarnate into another life and I didn't even know about it. Until a year ago, man I was sitting on, I was visiting a buddy of mine. It was in town and which is really strange- that listen, you're, Parkhurst oftener for awhile baseless, allow tears lectures and for whatever reason it is never a never
heard about it or maybe it pass for me when I was younger. I don't know what it was and you said no related. It's like a pc Pearson rat fish. It away we also serve for animals house and is his father came over. His father had already passed refuses it got very ill thermal cancer three distraught about just hanging out he's gonna tell me everything had been deal with, and I didn't know what to really say to really say to comfort you find out your dad is dying,
yeah. I just as they were. You know man. Some people think that there's no such thing as death and you you lived die with ass. We can really live and, like the Buddhist think that there's this other realm, you go to the system of pure bliss. They like this ocean of love, and you in you feel that joy in euphoria, neither gaunt and revise our you go back into another life depending on how you like this one and he's like man. That sounds a lot like.
M t what the fuck is, he D and is they really were used masterly obviously, and I looked at never net dynamic Clun, he pay played an export wit right there on the porch from one year, podcast reckoning on this ran about it and they are. I needed dig in here exam seen a lot of similarities and symbiotic touch stones, and I went home. Man probably spent the next three months, just reading everything I could finally scaring forms and then and then going back and reading metaphysical publications and allow theology and balancing the shit around I found my wife was gonna, have a child and just like my last great existentialist dilemma. Young means as and where our record about all this shit
record it like? It was an outer space and then David, I just kind of wanted to tackle it from the standpoint in terms of the mix of I wanted it to sound, like a lot of my favorite records did that I used to listen to us how my fuckin motto, mushrooms or dextra, with orphaned or anything else. You know you can do all that with tape, I think, but unlike retirement vinyl or even settled solely for the headphones on, you wanted to color figure disfiguring around your head and you could do that would take you can digitally. A lot of people will say no, but I think it's the the end result is a much better texture for lack of better term. You know, I don't know, it's hard to explain that the digital manipulation, computers or you can do with music. Now it's pretty incredible. What is it so easy to overdo it right?
and then you lose that human quality of the at sound of the instrument. You want everything think to a certain degree has to be understated. Isn't there like something really cool about hearing the pic moving cross. A guitar when you know that that's what your hearing it gives you this certain strange connection, and instead of that was like cleaned up, and this perfect sound is perfect. Synthesize summits still a cool thing, but its missing out on whatever, whatever makes, whatever their unique feeling that you get from sums art is, you know When you see someone like David shows you the other day he had some paintings and just seeing his pain. Knowing Hamleys amazing yeah. It's like you getting his unique art, its very uniquely his, and he that's. What's missin with all this protocol. Shit right we'll get perspective,
I mean with any real or think he just come. It's some it's what you do. You observe in Yosemite eight, and then you put out your perception of this thing and hopefully away that everybody can relate to union kind of putting the unspeakable in into a visual nano mean that makes sense, swords and would ease Will you think about people that make like electronic music like their cash? What may I love a lot of that shit? I think I think anything Any good music, a soul, music and the put soul in anything like somebody really put a lot of time in the sequencing. All that shit there's a lot of crap, just like anything else, you just like any, but I dare anybody to go still further. The scripts concert and tell me that does not bad the fuck ass right there. Exactly I can. I can listen and appreciate. Anything's laws is done from
you could tell when it's not like it's nothing good thing about today. We were we're talking earlier about how, if you had a record deal, nineteen seventy's you how to be a bad one had to be happy, but isn't it better that it's more excess well today, will you get more quantity and you get a lot of shit heads, but you also the quality was slip through too. No, I don't think it's a good thing. In August now people have to sift through law, mediocre bullshit to fund the real stuff, but they found you so someone finds you you could get spread pretty quick now evident it became became at some point. It became this thing we're You everybody was supposed to be a ban at some point. We re in words seizing lot of people. Now, hey coffee man, bulletproof used to me like there's a there's. An element of it were a lot of people think that playing music for a living is is a right. It's just something you can decide to go. Do right here, merely unreported kickstarter came
not because we need a new vein. The Turin so give me some money, so I can go to her and play music fuck, you mean right, you know, gather, earned right. There were, even though I mean I got a wife, and I love one month old sign that I've seen exactly like twelve days of his life and asked all the time in Van with through force, dinky other dude Goin out, Plano Bunch a drunk strangers, and it still greater fucking job on planet. You know in if it never went anywhere beyond. Word is right now for me. I have a feeling of his basely called my way to the beginning, as it were in replying clubs, the three or five her people I can make a living at some point doing that in its I'm not compromising in any way, and we have to wake up and like report. Anybody not setting fuck me for weak about what my hair cut should look like, and I just feel like a lot of people like.
You see used to you back and club dates, and you just in telling the blatant, blinding narcissism permeates this industry where, people literally always come the falcon fistfight over who's gonna play what set spot at this Rinkitink dink club. Nobody gives a shit about. You, cuz. Think who's, gonna be somebody there. That's gonna recognize my genius and this gonna change everything anything. Lot of entitlement. Because of that and that to me probably the worst aspect of of working in in music businesses entitled musicians, yeah about everybody comes at it from a different place and everybody Second, about sir, all aspects a show business and everybody handles their own needs in a different way. There's something go in less needy. Some people are just completely obsessed with the idea success and it's like permeates
every cell there botsey Ingle posed to the actual or yeah yeah. You can hear that ship really pretty easy, but what it that's why people go crazy when that shit slips through the right? That's tough work! well. It's always words: Amazon, on a new concept of pop music, been around since the the very first day, is a business as what it was all about, but there's good partners to absolutely yeah. That's what we're about it just a good sized good sire, I don't know it's a can go crazy, he's taken by us. I try not to do so. Necessary that you live in Nashville now is not at all. I thought it would be anyone in the beginning. It was because you have to be playing in those clubs which are some of the most thing
clubs in the entire national? You can't make money playing in Nashville. This is kind of it's where you go to find people that can help. You realize I've been very fortunate in that regard that I was found sort of by the maybe the handful of actually trustworthy folks in town. I'm in my manager never took a dollar from you for the first three years. He was just kind of like a friend that gave me some advice and told me what to do cuz. He watched guys like me, get chewed up spit out for twenty years in risk. He was almost retired. Basically, he just said our help if it turns into a gig. I want the gig when deal just kind of like put wall between a lot of that shit that tap that happens to a lot of people, and you know you take advantage of a unit whereas result and creativity suffers rang such decided, Wolf. I just don't have anything to do with any of that, and that cannot happen. So now, four years later, you know how great book an agent
the manager and and these people, that kind of help facilitate us getting on plane shows on the road and then I could start at or from anywhere. So my wife and I talked about that and I was like- why do we even still live here? So we don't go out yeah. It's like the Hollywood thing to right, there's a lot of people that are complex and are on the road or time they still live here. But you practice here. We need to place a practice. How can you be good practice in a do you really mean we rehearsal? Yea Boden, whenever hers, you never hurts my every small compact ban. We, we ve, been doing this in the beginning we were Hurst everyday for like six months to get the chemistry there now the shows are basically never shows difference very dynamic and hopefully like to keep it lean. Because of that he keeps the freedom. You can just go here there and everything is just weird extension of my acoustic guitar. So you
I just wanna write such lists real yeah. You can fill the oriental room and try to maintain focus on dynamics when you create new songs. Do you write together to write em yourself and then bring into them I myself and typically I'd like to play songs, unrecorded side in the studio formulated and then get it, I'm committed, and then they they kind of tend to come to life all around over the course of a year and a half. You end up at the end of a tour that song sounds nothing like the one you put down at eight you just you get bored, so you push things and go to different places and try. You know I try to just keep it exciting and take risks and it makes you a better musician you know. Obviously, in eight months later, from the time you report, That's all. If you ve been playin every night for two hours, if you ever become a better musician by that time than you do this for the wrong reasons. So,
aren't you going to make your next record. Ideally, you know you ve, train, harder, right right, so you will change like the rhythm. Are you what we add lines songs yet the other that happen, but not like, really understand I'm saying anyway, so I can take my white slur through it and they don't do none the wiser in doing like a residency somewhere like a Vegas type thing for people always came to you, though, we may think that you always have to tour The kind of thing you do in your careers over knows how it s just getting started. I know about- We wondered like and the tree we're talking when you got here near beat because Travelin and I'm b, because a dry,
My sister and I wasn't- I travelled for two days in just a flying back and forth from Philly Diesel oil fairly filleted, Dc Dc. There lay dead then two days, and you say if you just stay put, they get all coming, idea by new or as part of the gig The travel and the stuff. The socks and been ways is your family. Let's that's what that's where you musicians play music and that's where you become a musician rule, ten, thousands and all. It's so truthfully for memory really bitter sweet. Everything is happening right now, because I've been like, I said for often on for a lot of, Different reasons that I put it down over the years, but I've been doing this a long time and a very thankless capacities- it's all just been very passion rhythm and then now
got a new born son in law, everything's happening on just I'm just slammed so much that I'm exhausted a lot of times It's really weird slime out here and all the stuff we work so hard for us finally happened with a lot of things. I just really want to be at home right That's ok! I you to to cast to us what I get for restarting thirty. Four, as we get for being successful, do now you're busy with you weren't you If she were busy, I wish it were chosen. Emphasis on the couch wish managing Yeahs damned. If you do that, U way better off with this damned. Yes, today, If you do is way better than down, if you doubt I just I just miss my family, of course, you take them on the road you, ideally that's the goal rule in certain other things, here the ban against criminal law? That was a lot of Europe. Making money touring announced as hell, you build awareness wow, what a pain ass.
So if you don't make monitoring, how do you make money? That's good questions, because album sales relation is so funny his people that your back home with them talk to you, since I was in high school in the universe, These target start tax from unknown numbers and shit people even talk to man. You fuck me The man is a landmark love. It's like they think, because you get some press in India twelve media outlets that you just Reagan in the doughnuts does not react. Making records is fuckin. Expensive packaging records is external experts who are vinyl, barely pay for itself, yet we never got into how much the first one cost we sort of started. Oh yeah, never the first one because it those are some of the gas we use on the session for doing a pig The pig and the guy retirees place, the overwhelming really serious, lay steel for wailing Lamb so that they have a drink with yet
there is this dream come true scenario? Is investor came into the picture was gonna help out in blah blah blah, In the last minute it all did, you know, went away. Why didn't you go she agents of an. I got stuck with the bill on the record that I thought I was gonna have helped making. It was all, but also done about twenty seven, Brian that I didn't have, while also spent that year on the road plan and in trying to pay that debt off
about a year later we were coming back off. Tour were about five green in the black just spent all this time on the road with us, with his young bandit, put together, Workin out all the songs and decide. I will also go make that make a record why it has to be quick, because we will have the cash you pay the gas and ban a thousand bucks and then the other thousand. What's worse, pan the engineers and my buddy Dave's producers candidate for free on speck to help out, while, as of all, I think the whole thing cost above forty,
a hundred bucks was which was very, very inexpensive to make an out and out, and now this record, that sort of started. I guess what we call the beginning of a career if I'd had taken it in and tried to shop it to anybody. You know any any major, lay or music row entity or even a lotta Indy labels and laid that down one. It's a country, reference of talking about reptile aliens, unfortunate hurdles and shit man. You know exactly I do how that will govern yeah. You know, what's the turtle thing? What's that's, that's a jocular freshly gets rusty and hockin book. It's it's! It's like an old comedic reference to the infinite regress problem and cause miles. You would show.
Miss all the shit we talked about earlier and there's a story. I guess there was some professor Oxford summer giving a speech and explaining how the universe works in in in in in everything else, and some little lady stood up and said. You know, that's really clever and I think you're smart, but you're wrong and I was like I'll be able what's what's what's the truth is she's like? Will the earth sits on the back of this giant cosmic turtle through space and he said will was carrying the turtle and she said I was pretty clever. You Thomas turtles, all the way down, and so hawking references and brief history a time and is weird because you can look back Hindu, cosmology and lot of Sunday contrives ill held these leg earthly turtles and how reverence the symbolic given
and they found that story and different cultures throughout his facebook. Thousands of years of this is weird weird. References is cosmic turtle and none of the Indians of the induced. Is for elephant standing on the back of the turtle in the earth was a flat. Distress comes back and just cruise through space as a lot of artwork. You can find associated to this. I just thought that it was really Look up. The record of the score is about love. You know being like this one universal truth and you get a lot of people at religion allowed. If you'll look to drugs, I'm not saying you can't get really spiritual experiences from all those things, but I love at the end of the day is the one thing that really I've ever found force me to want to wake up and really try to be a better human being everyday. You know that was the main point of the of the album in the turtle sings just kind of its it's a way of saying. If you get into an argument with somebody, and you realize it's just If you go back and forth turtles all the way down
Nobody really know shit. You know we're all this time and not kill each other. So I don't know I've decided to make a good countries what that's a fascinating. Theory on her part of me. What did you mean like you, that as a picture of the earth with turns blood huge? Who did that jamming idea hollings worth. Even when an bidders are I'd, anyone's really really cool visual, what others are, ideally? Why why That is why I was well who they are trying to say. Turtles are the oldest noon living species on the planet, are they really everyday crocodiles and really are the reptile species and ate the thirteen symmetrical
The design of the shells lot of, like the ancient indian tribes thought that was in connection with thirteen lunar cycles, and it's just the ancient creatures that live along time, they're very independent self, sufficient the care their homes on their back. So I thought it was really like wise, old and plus the pineal gland cut that shit open with a little third eyeball sit in there. Some of them even have like a translucent layer top of their skull or the pineal gland sets. I said turtles for pets,
really how get rid of my wife got pregnant, seminal, well, they're, just dangerous the dirty think you little fuckers. You know that they will give off some fuckin series. Pooped is easier, really still very messy. Now it feed them goldfish, but not really meant for domestication for their sure cool there. The why I had to I have brought us and one point, I'm allegedly since their legal, say allegedly and Watson pariahs eat is not nearly as calls watch. Internal sea turtles are mother, Fucker dude, really Funchal. They grab goldfish unjust. Vitamin half just grab pause. It's like watching dying, Saoirse and they swim after the goldfish. The fuckin, predatory man I was out of turtles, is being like the sort of slow moving thing. Really didn't fuck with anybody now need the hungry turtles and fish tank, and some goldfish You just have an orgy of slaughter. I mean there I'll, be back and back in the only turtles says, a fuckin school buses yeah.
Where the hell, how big an hour s and everything else was huge, mean yeah. I've had that adequately explained to me why everything was so fucking big and why the species that lasted diminished through evolution, the crocodiles, Billy, seventy four crocodiles there was a difference reaches a crocodile, but the ones that around now, though they ve been around for hundreds of millions of years. That means the ones around now survived the thing that hit the Yucatan, which is like what sharks did to write. Sharks have been around this state for more than a hundred million years yeah, I don't get it its may amazing that those things are around. Now we get a chance to look at, and animal that would have walked freely. Amongst the dinosaurs. We see a crocodile you, centrally seeing a prehistoric, beast, crazy prehistoric and covered in armour wattles around
gazelles out just lookin for shoot to kill for suggesting Fuckin monsters mega held a parachute, though they suffer. A blue nice crock. She paused ambitious at nice, gaiters. Alligators mean at one point time they were really extinct or on the verge of EC stationed. There were really endangered, as when I lived in Florida ways to feed him. We sit through marshmallows into this place. Called Lake Alice New, come up and snatched up the Marsh mouse, and I never would have thought that they would get so plentiful that they will start hunting them, but now they turn their try kills many I'll get is the? Can but you can't keep up with them. I took her those found boat tours down in New Orleans. One time go out with, like some do three teeth on the lower part of stars smack in these alligators in the head shit, but at the end of it he had little baby alligator in a cooler on the boat, just torch from the shit out of this poor animal. You known ever passing around there's like fourteen people,
part out to her the swamp. Nobody gets a chance to hold this little baby I'll year, so you met these I was scared. Shitless always will, your hormones and so on them fuckin very last person to get this thing. Duna swear to God, gotta Susie, my wife hands it to me just pissed all over me. Behold him by the tailors this this fire hydrant of of urine just missing out all over me, man, I'm. This was not meant to have now you wasn't meant to have you the chosen one right, it was holding its pay, it's gonna get dischargeable I went home with Mama annoyed him. Let him know he's the chosen one. It trusted you cause you're, the only one that would smash skull open. If a pistol over and there was nothing, do I can add to hold it? Let me finish: was its mouth taped up yea earlier be rubber band? we had an alligator on fear factor once a mouth taped up to forget me.
Yet this guy, he jumps out on the sole grass panel. You just see they ate of. In succession come out of nowhere and start towards in the eleventh up Siri understands behaviors and the site learn, but I'm just these glad massive score on his bald. In literally three teeth in his head, he like never nope you am only to watch this goddamn we're having at the scarlet I hereby well known. Had you not ass man added, I wanted to engage as little as possible. I would have to ask Thank you, I would have asked fucks without Peters he's, gonna, alligator, size, bylaws, Ed I've been like a veteran almost had to do was like a giants score of the one in the back of neck over skull. I don't want to. Bright where'd, you scar, man, you lost all my friends
go on about robes, have shaken members of nine million. I e the guns. Explosions They have what I just want people they make a living to join our yellow Retirement, Honda of hundreds of alligator tags, they'll get like a hundred tags and after they can kill hundreds values season assuming finale These are the sullen skins really do tat. Now they sell askance and the meat to the meat is delicious paralyse the highest portmanteau protein. It's got more protein her out of of alligator meeting, and I think our guinea on maternity cobblestones is really chewy. They'll tell you behave, prepare it. I'd like to try fresh, avoid, tried it deep, fried like in batter. There was no, it was. Forgettable, but apparently, if you get a fresh alligator and someone's a good chef, and they understand how to cook it, they can it's really delicious
It's one of those things like a lot of wild game gets real tricky cause. There's no fat, I think alligators, partly very similar rattlesnake. You have arouses rewarded, weird GSM cords, like those there flashed in some butter near HTTP, South no uncle took the awhile The pilgrim motherfuckers it is that's actually cheers for you were really distinct. Flavour held wild game tends to be very difficult to cook right if you could get too much you fuck it up, and I have to like really be careful. I bet values price. That way. I tell you I work for the guy in the yard for he's a big hunter and he would in bowhunting he moved up to Wyoming, so you could get like for six more tags a year. Then he couldn't use hall and he drive that we half every day, you like ya, through the Winter Blizzard
to counter this job. Just so, he gave the kid was eat up with a man, but he barely. He said I think the longest distance shot, rewarming it twenty three and then in hot moose and Elk. Everything else will bow. He would cuttin he bringing these venison like filet, cutlet medallions of elk meat. We had a grill down switch hacking cook that she has the best fucking thing. I've ever tasted in my life. Houck is hard to go back to eating ground beef after tasted, you yeah I'll, get us a good for man just tat, stood in the meat that it's good for you and Woe apparently mousses that too, and a rate moose before its most be unbelievably good. But you, my god, I'm sort of an all those people that that warning it forty feet from moose will boner as pretty Fuckin Harcourt forty yards forty feet is fuckin pushing it when the EU be be better hit it
I'd be willing, I'm sure it's happened. I'm sure someone's been forty feet, but you know close horizontal heavenly idea. Forty feet is where the bath does says the picture you can do it could happen, but God damn the fact moose hasn't, run away or charge to, or you have to call the men if to continue your pussy, oh so Try get some more so they come. Booth comes waddling, threw off Fifteen hundred pounds of avoidable giant animal women in your meal. Shit right, I mean like dollar there. I once had a mean they're, defensive and aggressive mother, and can you gonna ruin wrong? I was with a mother and a calf on island. We took a boat out to an island me and Aryan this guy matters died. Unalaska took a salmon Fishing Valley, river jars. We pulled up on this. Island and there was a moose imala moose there with her calf, and we were no more than thirty yards away from her. It was real
you touch and go like. I was looking at this moves and and choose listening I offer real, like you motherfuckers you just go pull up on this island among the island. With my baby, big island either, but his dad, owns the island and it has like a resort like a camp set up like four. Fishermen and hunters on this island in science, like these cabins, shed their generators and stuff and moose just hang out. Just keep a good eye on us, but it's such a big fuckin animal to horse was worse rise, animal just thinking about something mother fucker? They just want to make sure you don't make any weird movements, nothing crazy, nothin, predatory, but we saw several moose over there. There are enormous, but big animals since his man, Ursus Island, neutral. State park Antelope Island, it was a buffalo reserve, but they're always his hiking trails and she could go out. There was Buffalo's wood and sometimes could be roaming freely,
in front of my regards rags. Pete were coming back down and you can look We see like five or six hundred yards down. The trailers is to Buffalo Stannin, so you think we'll faculty. You go about how we get down there, though we guy gives you the herd off in the distance We come around the bend as clear as big rock in there they're standing, I didn't know man. I grew out of farmers and cows and shit, and you just walk right through me we have. No, I don't know anything about Buffalo my buddy joyously, Amelia scared, shitless brethren got up on this rock is cannot know. What's I don't know what taking that has kept walking? I get literally ten feet away from the standard sideways brought across the trail and all Sunday just stops. Inga turns and looks at me. I realize his head is the size of a fuckin Volkswagen beetle enemies. This was not close for you all ten fifteen feet. Oh my god
and ended it dawned on me. How incredibly stupid I got this thing brother, forty miles narrow. The am I going to do, and I took I don't know, what else to do so? I took one more step too towards it and it just like kicked out encounter ran off with the falcon ground. Shook He knows the been understood it was and is bad now, good songs, Of course, I'm rush to stand on the rock like laughing. What's this, shit a wild heard of Buffalo in Mexico were supposed to go hunting there sometime this winter, for other, show media to renew the buffalo hunting, we're mosquito mash them for the guy, the producer, the show media now somewhere. Mexico is a giant wild heard of Buffalo. They brought their unlike team fifties most bison today like when you know you buy bison stakes. Most of its form. Rain
is very little wild buffalo left in this country, a law, big percentage of his own property people, have these big giant game preserves and they their buffalo on them. There you can hunt and they have buffalo in these livestock places where you I like farm, raised Buffalo, that's what buffaloes come down to TED Turner's yeah he's got a bunch of places itself right now, isn't it just called TED's something that's gotta, big by Buffalo logo. Apparently there's a guy that I'm want to have on the podcast that Stephen our recommended to mean that can tell the explain in great detail what actually happened the buffalo, but there's a lot of misconceptions about why the Buffalo population was so high and he as is a direct correlation between smallpox that when this, the French and the Spaniards and they brought over smallpox or where butter August was a french it. Why?
doubt like ninety percent of the native american population and during that time the Buffalo population just explosive urged. So well, We came along and slaughtering these buffalo en masse. When I say we white people, I see what you mean as long camera, but those big piles of Buffalo bill of guilt. Here with you strong, the reason why those guys were able to find these animals and such giant numbers was because the native Americans had experiences massive loss of cattle in the massive ninety percent casualty rate because a smallpox because they were apparently at least in this guy's book- is he's gonna come on the package soon would work out the dates the eat. They were on the verge extra guess extra patients, what they call it in when its local extinction, because the the native Americans had figured out horseback riding and once they figured on horseback riding over the course of a couple hundred years, whatever
ass. They had almost completely abandoned agriculture there just just down the bison and killing them like fuckin crazy, evolved hunters. Yes, so the idea was that they were on the verge of killing off the buffalo. Even before those crazy ass. I came in and did it later on, hundreds of years later it just a small box, got em and then just or would it will inevitably won't? Even if we had an of they will it continued procreate even more Indians, more Indians. Probably right native Americans of Native Americans. It is kind of crazy, so calm, Indians, one fuck you should Ve Columbus, except his arm ass, reciprocated down to me sitting here on your part, gas and unjust perpetuated, five hundred plus years. He thought he was in India. I wasn t good enough Chris Good enough request, it never made and login Indians look good, and they were. There are some brutal bastards, mealy rumour and crack, and babies heads on rocks yeah, just U serial killers. Basically, while the accounts,
of the missionaries that talked about what Columbus's people did there, the horrific we never that shit when they had Colombia, they want to know why they celebrated at its very strange freight trains. We celebrate that guy seems like a bunch of people. We missed. A hacker has no Gandhi day with we celebrate Columbus. We don't sell regard Gandhi day. You know I was held Jimmy Carter Day right over Christopher Columbus hers, a good man he does it deserves a day. Jimmy Carter should ever agree and still to this day is a very good man. Very moral and ethical and is very different than what you perceive to be a guy would be the present United States.
Thompson wrote a really great piece about Carter. I can't remember which book it was in, but it just kind of sound that he was probably like the last real great politician. If you witness some speech somewhere, I can't remember now the details that just so you felt for the first time like he actually heard a politician, be a human being. Harder than you little approval heavy impression with him. But I keep wonder if that's possible again, if somewhere in the future, because of the transparency that were experiencing now with the social media with the internet, with the access to information we have today. I wonder if, like eventually, the bullshit artist wall be exposed to the point where they won't, they won't be viable anymore, so viable business model,
the accountability of corporations and financing these body politicians at all times those vulnerable shoulders. That, I wonder, I wonder if he's gonna come appoint. Time will start seeing the emergence of people that are talking in a real sense like like to talk about real music. Well there's gotta be real politicians to that. Aren't hacks and others a bunch, a shitty pops in politicians that get pretty far, but we re nice, I'm. We know their bullshit artists. We hear speeches, these can fuckin who we raw Sarah pale instead speeches. We go let's a pop star. Such a shitty wanted that is, maybe some real leader out there. You know send someone who is not following the mould, but speaking from the heart, so truly doesn't give a fuck, they must exist, and if they don't it's possible, the Gunnar your loathing and the campaign trail semi too. That's the book, the great fuck, a bug, a red part of it,
parliament was again yet his arm. Intrusive documentary explains like the creation, while the stuff like how he became imbedded reporter was so vast. That is like one guy at all these guys that had nothing to lose because he knew you'd. Never do this again, so he just was fuckin gone past pity born a little more. Talked football and got his weight and Nixon's car dares not crazy sitting. Nixon the right of the airport, a hundred thousand talk at football major you're gonna talk football non unearthly at NOM stuff. They just talk Football Tapie, bazaars fuck be sitting. There will next with me just the biggest
the gender ever yes snowball in the present in the fucking those days, nor even a rip. His asshole lot apart in a book the array complete until the carriages, or he was one of the most incredibly bizarre former presidents, he's a very odd guy. Does your book there's written out? It still believe was gay and then is this. Guy is with hard, sometimes boyfriend said something but leaking today. Like sleep with men, stay warm his bodyguard, so his body. Dinosaurs asian, assured, abandon its now speculated. They had relationship Buddhism, some journalists where's the founders, how dangerous investors anything. Where's who wish it we could do. We did where will the gay president? You know
or maybe even better could be now. The recent empathy there, maybe maybe not now Julius Caesar, was gay names and housing and the great was gay lotta fuckin gay warriors lets people. I sleep on capable fuck you up to our own affiliated with your ass man. I mean Nixon's darkest secrets: do biography digs of rumours, Richard Gifts, Nixon's gay affair with mafia banker? Oh, that's! A guy get bigger
I'm using answer. Yes, I'm like a turban together Fischer, who knows maybe Nixon unlike the fuck anybody, but America, where I was one of those things who wasn't it didn't have a gender sexual. He was nation, sexual small, fuck, Merycotherium Liquor, Kindle he just didn't, have any yeah nothing's, just evil thoughts, proper use, a different, it's different breed back then the different breed of politician and post mean he's coming along post, Kennedys, assassination and bizarre. Dark time in America that was Willits, that's when they can lock it all down. That's when the all the schedule one list started popping up everything kind of Again, that's a valley, you know mean there is a great hill. The great hill was like the nineteen and then the came along now is the big valley, and that's where disco came from
that's what happened have had nobody had acid mushrooms, cocaine, cocaine, dance bad judgment to slink eighties country bad judgment, but so good for music was a four disco. You know cooling gang right, that's why I came from a sob. Dancin music can be yeah they go. Do they had some good jams seriously goods? They do right, People don't want to admit that a little more than a woman to my goddamn song. Jamie's gonna. Disagree, the thing that this issue is going to nurse and have a move in the stones structure for the disco war Yeah for sure there was some funk to allow their songs didn't exist in the earlier music. They were creating prior to the times me yeah. What's It is time we would when you, when you see this new door, opening up for you in only
like all. Like all the sudden, your your career, like you, said you ve, called you waited beginning you're. Obviously this some shit go on. Man mean I told you my four just told me about you right when I like man This is due to startle Sampson and as soon as he said, that I go to having listened and nothing but him for two fuckin weeks, and we were laugh and joking around is something going on man, my friend just fine. Out about shit. I was pay. Attention could get fantastic tasted music, but I had already found out ideas. Through some going on you, you ve hit this sort of frequency where people check it out your ship to be over tomorrow. Meals yeah, but it's not gonna me. Let's be honest. The stitches can ride. Just hang in there fella wealth of get a clear plan d, no matter what I'm gonna his to it. So we know tat. The plan
or is it secret shit? It's not really a secret. Now I just I'm going to make I'm going to make a total of five records and then that's it be done why I feel like Well I want. I want him, there's there's a certain methodology to the entire thing: butter I don't know what else I would have to say beyond that any each one successfully can incorporate other elements of music. I love and give more progress We opened up, and so you ve got. This mapped up like a form away. Roughly you, you haven't written down somewhere, various forms. Voicemail. Those things, but the idea had just the lay out in the side execution. But then, beyond that
A lot. A lot of artists keep recording in order to maintain some sense of relevance of you or you know, or just because well it's been a year's time to make a record. I just never want to find myself in that position. Where I'm I don't know. I think I would keep Keep it more, concise and focused Bryant, and just try to get to know that I absolutely did my best every time and then I think after five albums on all probably I already feel somewhat limited on turn the songwriting and how much freedom there to really get out what you want to say. So I might try something else at some point. I just writing out like writing a book or yeah, so just lookin as another. One of expression, but I think it's a weird that you like think that you're gonna run dry like what makes you think you're gonna want than a wanderer ozone issue running drivers.
Certain things that I want to say or do to make a statement with and use the opportunity to hopefully make it other than something. Just about me even try to promote a bigger message. I guess so in at some point. You just end up repeating yourself I hope, that's wrong. I hope you just keep bearing an amount in having a good time. You're the only one who knows what scorn on your head: you they want. Ever gonna know your vision room, so the real jobs just keep myself our situation a number of compromises as fascinating, though that you ve done that that you have this idea of these stages that you can put out to your own put out three more arms or five more through more. That's it. But you been doing music for how many years now the whole life, but I mean professionally
fell from smaller. Only world will professionally really just like the last two years of research work out and were thirteen I'll get so two years. For two hours, certain that also now mere so you We got three more years ago and then what are you and I have no idea- come on key Megan, neither evenhanded Toucan in the jungle or something do you. Do an ever expanding new horizons in some sort of great in unforeseen way of a minute by not doing this. When I was younger, I was out doing a lot of other things. They kind of culminated into whoever the hell. I think I'm trying to be the right so incorporating those experiences and wireless tourism people have known and characters and then, maybe even embellishing upon that, in a somewhat our biographical sense was still tilney stores and with other people say. I feel that way.
You know you don't want to say hey. This is what the world looks like it's just. This is what it looks like to me, and hopefully other people can can resonate with them, but it's an interesting. There's a line, you have to really kind of travel between commercial, commercial viability and making art is this a rigid idea that you have or do you think that is possible? You get to that three albums from now and then go. You know what I'm enjoying the fucking shit out of this I'm not going to stop. I'm just going to figure out a new concept. I'm going to go! I'm going to go Chris Games First character, maybe that's what he was doing well made outside of that. I think
I've already lost a that's, because I have those albums pretty clearly and in my head and I do with the sound like I'm with Abby about and someday you did everybody that ever knew you was dead inside whenever here, but that little thing I don't know what else I would really have to say about my version of the human experience passed a certain point unless I go, turn it off and do another thirty or forty years of living and then make five moron any real artists are best. Work is always and in their pinnacle peak in the right before they die. Then you get this. This ocean and mediocrity of this kind of formal and through existence, their citizens is very repeated element and that's an interesting perspective, because you really think that when a guy puts out now or this parallel to authors to a lot of different.
You spend your entire life thinking and then express yourself like this. The combination of this life in your first few pieces of work. There is a religion. Singer of somebody think Jake. My buddy Jason Isbell, put of it in retweeted talk about you takes twenty years to write your first record. You get a year to write your second record really does matter what you do, because musics Adele's were in fact anyway, but yeah. It's like you know you squeeze all this. I had good thirty years of a fucking up and mistakes and lessons and in our personal. Yeah you're development, certain experiences that I had that led me to come canals and look at things that caused me to live their way and then to come we sorry that, like really supporters and understood by someone
meet me at my absolute worst and then help me to get right here is to say of all his clarity known in all. I think the only way To ever really grab that feed prodigal me some great wreckers, my twenty, so so fucked up I'll, never know, but I'm just trying to like reference those feelings, as I remember them the best I can write in peace say made this record disco just sit around fuckin smoking, deity and he's on drugs, and we didn't there were no drugs involve making this record. It's been in. I really don't even smoke dope that much anymore, especially with with the song, certainly not when I'm home, usually on the road and something within anymore to cure boredom. So it is really weird to find myself, but I still had to tell that part of my life restoring when you were when you are in your twenties, your party a lot- I wouldn't you say pardon it was always more exploratory from me. An addictive personality, but whenever I don't
I just read- allow the wrong books way too young and had this weird romantic, riots, asian everything was encapsulate under the umbrella of experience. I wanted experience everything something's egyptian experience and like what whatever moon it. Whatever is in front of me or I, fire I just never always for the know enough Said when I get out the Navy lunacy arrow out, those are some darker days. We are saying that earlier about Seattle, not just being the weather but the what the weather does people here at some point, I just became very disenchanted disillusioned with military, so I got out and stuck around there like a year. So there's that disenchantment, disillusionment and then there's living in Seattle. We re able to dreariness at the same time, yeah middle. A really kind of medium is excited.
This young relationship- and I was going all these parties and meeting people and and expose the things I probably never would have been. Otherwise, I'm just kind of you know took it at face value for experience and jumped in, and then there was a lot of you know, there's a hard narcotics in that area, and I realize that those were will for me and Heroin Heroin methamphetamine everything you looking for Alika whatever you can grab her for it, and I couldn't I was it twenty one. I couldn't go out and drink. So there's all these other methods of escapism that I kind of fell into and I got really bad off for a while and actually, as a result, ended up missing my grandfather's funeral. If I came home like my family would come my daddy the coroner carthorse or sleep here, there is some weird la shame thereafter that you mean right. Eventually ended up back in Kentucky and got away from that, and it was just religious
I don't know this guy just sort of drifted and existed a lot, and I don't know if something has more exploratory just because I knew there was something else beyond whatever this is. Maybe that's what I was trying to find out. How did you get involved? with extra Osman how'd you find out about a man. Had you were well meet him like a somebody played retarget on the fortunate. Sure, and then he played your little exert. I went home and I just can't first care on the internet on the subject and a lot of things related to it and left found darkhorizons book download it read it probably three times and it just like you just absolutely blew my mind. All the correlating aspects of this course of that conversation and I think what might have led him to it or what he was looking for in terms of its relation to.
You should have. Him was a is now beyond socio monsoon promote the new work. What would they? Jim twelve, twelve year we had a great conversations kitchen about five days. Go me. It was very gracious, not invite me out because a red herring, very nice, extremely is a cool. Do is, so sweet probably would never think that insalubrious leg in so many ways of it was a glass of wine It is a lot of questions and, and even questions are you know, Head interesting to find out why he approached him and what he got. You probably knows more than anybody else on the subject at this point, but he's he's like her like a musician that has been torn director for years. So tired of talking about loses all twenty five years right, he's moved on, but people are still find out about the people who know very obscure, although his for his did the existence in Spain, it's sort of
overwhelmed is data existence for the past twenty plus here right for a lot of fun, the judges learning to read his work in the email there were days, so I want to finish the record in makes a master of sore like looking back through all everything. This would have led to this happening and I knew went into before we put the element of our really did think it was, is gun within Much INA Bueller things, nuts rural her in, but you know but hit the works at the door. Your stress one day and I guess the bravery it took on his part to open their conversation back up in a field, especially in the professions medical world, so stigmatized yeah. I can't imagine like the balls. It must have taken yeah after spending years of your life following this, this professional Scully underwear
So I wrote him an email and I got the I got his contact off caught when I just wrote him back to say. Thank you. I wrote a share the record with him through a file just like I just want to thanks for your work and inspiration that I got from the book and it along with some other things, and he wrote back and sort of you know, email, buddies, sort of thing, and then I was going out to Phoenix, and so I just stop by and have a cup of coffee and it's like anybody else. You know You guys are just a regular guy. Please he's got some really fascinating stories of his explorations in this realm, not just physically, but just dealing with the red tape that was required to do a real FDA studies, two years and the tragic irony to do on the first psychedelic studies that you know have a real scholar involved in testing people on serious schedule, one hallucinogens
that the army research labs, where they were. They were aware that shit and sixtys absolute they had that's how Mckenna found out about it turns Mckenna, got ahold of d t through a friend who is a chemist at the army, research lap and apparently this guy had they had like a barrel oh yeah, if you know about the effective dose of dm tease about like a pinky nail, is a lot. I give you a pinky Neil sized piece of empty or pile units Lever football stadium. We use you're getting blasted mean you're going the center of the fucking universe with a pinky size. So imagine these guys had barrel stouter and dumb mechanisms still. I found out about Mckenna because Hicks Hicks Brett ribbon mentioned Mckenna Onst one of his bits. What Terence may be taught you talk about taping mushrooms under the chair of everybody, the room like he would like something and then he would be dragged them into this. I've tape
hush rooms under all your chairs reached down it's what Terence mechanical call a heroic dose five dry grams. You know- and I will accuse us mechanic guy, and so I started looking in the Mckenna reading now. Some of the things that I could find about, em, online and listening some audio recordings, but he was you dead by item I found out about em. Unfortunately, but his you know his discovery. Of the empty. In the way described in one of his audio recordings, us is one of the most amazing thing than ever heard. This guy had already done like less d in mourning. Glory seeds needs experience so aside, and he thought he had really travelled Cotonou. What was they all Bonn Alley dividend as they develop travel yes, but merely the bogan. Like I said the anti. I want really have any experience to speak of first answer: I try not to talk about
change that we are hearing allegedly were united, dark distraction, said that, and I am inclined to agree, although at this point like after I should have a fucking Phd, read about it, you know what the first aspect is, but he said for my life. Now that all these things are formulating. My careers burning avenue born son. It there's a high potentially could make for pre unsettling experience, because it's all the stuff it's finally happening in my life is so positive, like the idea of thinking, you're dying and have no let go that could be made from an unsettling you'll, be fine, yeah yeah, I believe, yeah, we'll before we have had some some, I would say, heroic as a foolish doses. The member states the first area, your buyer mushrooms and what is there- tell you it will. This is how much it takes. You know I think I've got quarter and just ate the whole bag man's, and it was my I mean what is an seven success.
Graham slow. I was add those great ermine You know, I've never never got a freak out. Except will that's good. You have a good soul. You fellows the earlier victims, a trial, as do those adding really enjoy because it all every time it seem like on the tale into the troop there's. There's this. It takes his turn and there's almost us. Almost a sinister underlying energy about it. I don't know that I never experience will suicide. So Simons, very giggly universities will seriously it's the starting date for psychedelic, similar to that I say: go eat twelve or fifteen grams and tell me that you, starting gate is only if you have a small it's over its complete the over and also very, very visionary, Like you, I remember to seeing withstand hoping. I did mushrooms the day. The war started the day, the Iraq war we, the first one, the first one,
not only to one after nine eleven and we were blitzed As there are announcing on television, the war was starting and I'll. Never forget, Stanhope, like oh, my god, he's gonna kick off till it war coverage begins. Five, these like war, has a kick off and we just fell to the ground were laughing, and this Walls around this were all made of like these honeycomb geometric patterns, like everything was basically God I go China still have conversations with him, but he was justice, see patterns. You know that, like but Buller really represented what his physical form was, but it was all just like really, tiny flower of loves. You know that little flower of life thing like so many noses is entire body was made out. As was all the walls around notion, is like? It's almost identical to the message has been working for per rights are very close to take a high those four fox.
We're locked, see, an tripped means has been explained. I think what Benzes extra oxygen dollars were Augustine, autonomous here. We are not leaving studying the periodic table if you read strands accounts of it, there's there's when they talk about how it synthesized in the body it's very soon. More: it's got a lot of the same elements as real natural human neurotransmitter, so very easily accepted into the mind. The blood brain barrier accepts that appraisal. While the Abbe leads a beat them other chapters, For sure. We know that we know that it's within all its created in the liver, its creating the lungs, it's not just creating the pineal glanced, create another parts whereby they also unlike who knows how many fuckin plants like a shitload of plants, judges out there, it's all over the place of others
guys like him are out there. So I know I've had some unbelievably profound introspective, like healing experiences, especially for mushrooms on the high doses and yeah. It really forces you did to look at a lot of things. Maybe you don't want to hear unable to and just. Can pull apart the defense mechanism. You know you had destroying the ego, the one thing that allows people to push forward and spite of war because of everything that they've learned their whole life. This to fill tub defense mechanisms build up definitions of yourself and then you know you're pushing forward with our stuff attached to you like it. So I can armor, but really you find out if that's really the shit, that's kind of holding your perspective, and if you release all that armor and just look around
release this idea of you and then just experience. It's a very different world you're living in that that different worlds rarely tapped in tune in regular life, but that different world resets your entire perspective of your existence, and if that's not good for you, what the because everybody doing meditating wiser, but I'm going to church wise everybody going, workshops and try to. They were trying to get better at once, trying to get better seen a single thing in life that has the same effects that psychedelic drugs do and yet there are illegal that is one of the weirdest aspects of our time that these things have the unbelievably profound effects, but their illegal, whereas theirs number of sanction drugs that don't have these effects that are deadly man
hopefully their loves us, so that should all the while that mean they're trying to crack down now prescriptions on pain, pain, medication could prescriptions, because so many people are addicted to realize what be mutilation of junkies? It's me I'll. Tell you. The party of country or from man mean that that is fuckin that is prescription. Drug central right, hillbilly, heroin, unbelievable its rays, red meat the town that I'm originally from CALL Jackson inside Right Miller, Southeast can talk you Kentucky horrible later. In a member is a small shouted. It was very much. It was a wonderful community. There are small business mainstream was Thriven, everybody knew everybody and then but all the major industry was based on coal which slowly evolved from Strip Mine Earth, deep mining. I'm sorry industry money was they figured out. I could get the coal with less bodies and to lead his kennel levelled that support.
Coffee, but then, even when that industry sort of dried up and they moved on, will the coal pulled out and then Walmart and cotton moved in and it may with a merry years. It has completely changed the entire face of other region, while announced only people say poor, you may all fuckin poor is man, you know, and this is its there's theirs it's sad because there's no there's not any ideas like the possibility of opportunity coming to that region. You know nothing, no industries going to come in there and, let's start building car manufacturing plants cuz, they have to train the shit out of there. This is not legit, the very sound for any type of industry other than grown dope Megan Mass ear. You dig it unless they really put to him. Legislation through the need for a lot of money and food on people's tables down there, but I doubt being grandma
in vogue, weirdly talk either there really finally put and tore down there. I thought I'd say this withers again image Mcconnell for once did something. I agree with the now he's really trying to get that Kentucky was at one time the late. The nations leading him manufacturing point the hemp museums and we'll town car sales. Did you a interesting things in Kentucky reintroduced Elk yeah and they have a giant successful herds of Elk. I mean there hunting them now they re introduce them. They ve done it over a period of a few decades. These have elk all crime. The country, was illegal for a long time. The huddled in Kentucky than the figures are get the population. The kind of There was not there were none yeah, so they d Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation brought Elk in and day they they sort of seated the area. Now it's become very successful. Another have hunts. There used to be a lot elk, yes, let racking down booty days, Davy Crockett days,
the shit out of the shit out of them, its, but it's interesting. The Kentucky on the ball with hampers well right. Well, the tobacco industry took a big hit that really heard the state economy, and then to that you have to do some I hope he doesn't really that's what becomes than the next obvious farmer It will change the consciousness to what are you. You know how there's gonna go and do Pall mall petroleum industries are real start, throwing more money making it not have that's. Why that's why I was alive. I wonder going to be at yeah. That is why I was made illegal in the first place, but I wonder if they're going to be able to do that because I feel like they, even they don't have enough resources to stop that kind of truth forever Sorry can, and will you seen, would with words when on Colorado is even Warren, Buffett companies are getting it warns. Buff Warren Buffett has a company that
leases giant, warehouses specifically to weed growers. They have commercials. Whether there there showing how they have these tiered systems where there's like second floor and first floor illegal fit in more we'd plants than a single for warehouse? worn mother, fucking buffet in his company, Is involved in actively pursuing? marijuana growers, to least their warehouses, to grow marijuana because its legal there, so it becomes a part of yet is going to be big corporations that are profiting on it. Maybe but guess what started grow. You know it's not hard. I mean it's: what's this not creating oxy cons and some sort of like a laboratory, we have to wear a space suit. You you're you're talking about a plant, the gross like that. You need to do anything to it. Just stick the ground and come back in a month. He had some Well, there is super easy.
It is a hard hard to fuck up really guitar to fuck up. You can do it better. You can make the kind of we did these botanist motherfuckers in California in Colorado and wash state or more whatever's, when it does eventually, would you like everything else it at some point? It is gonna, go mainstream and then they're gonna come modify the hell out it and everywhere everywhere you gonna, look like a fourteen year old bedroom, and this is the warm buffets company. Lose keyboard is it's called use, crisscross. We could see it so we can see the name of the coming. Cubic designs. So this is. Let's see how to get these tiered systems. That is entirely for fuckin grown weed, we're going to go to or a big girl off in Washington state. We play. I love it. I love it it's amazing. I think the court you're gonna get it on it, but I don't think you're gonna be able to control it. I just think suddenly weed
Two easy to grow. You give deafening there definitely not to make a lot of money. They could definitely exclusive deals, a certain providers and stores. Maybe they can make a difference, they have a licence to own a store. We could sell Shit load of it, but it legal people grow it rather own they're gonna grown neighbourhood, the growing we'd operations and if they do allows our businesses to grow, to think the laws it stated today. Is that you have to grow the marijuana and then sell it. You can't buy, but you couldn't but grow it and then sell it to me and then I buy it and sell it to I couldn't I couldn't do that I would have to grow my own and sell my own, so you have to be RO, as well as a dealer which is fine. I mean it's a small group of people, could you now called them
A large amount of marijuana and make a shitload of money- that's good, so is really not observe vice where they were looking at. The industry is yes, realities. Banks there are other shown is based on a change black water gas escorting pay out. There today shows the holy real. Consider. There asked by how much money they probably took out the cartels hands the first few years a mean oh yeah, fuck, yeah, it'll be interesting to see what this all really turns into wonderful. All our own positive, you know, was too much money right. Who was money yeah? It is it's a curious thing, because its extremely profitable and its current and people are aware of the profitability of a people aware of the fact that there are where that traffic incidents,
point, people overdue eyes an all time. Low murder is dropped, everything's dropped, violent crime dropped I mean you showing a huge increase in the amount of money that's being generated as far as take for state revenue. With a hundred million dollars in taxes. Is here and then you showing these drop. And crime drops in DE wise drop in murder like there's nothing, he could say a than what's: let's try to somewhere else any state that struggling any state that doesn't have some sort of a massive resource pool like natural oil or gas, or some other relying on. If they are in need of an industry for that's a fuckin, pretty easy one tried. Therefore, you dive on indigenous makes money. Three months from now, It's going to make you some more money all over again. I wonder how many states are going to adopt at this adopt a distant does next upcoming election, I would imagine, can be another couple. At least I would like to see for six, more just jump in and start just wildly.
You would be the shit if Texas jumped in Utah Authority. Are they You know, because the Mormons figured out what we can make a fact how many of these tools I mean, if you are talking about them,. I can't take. The south will still be the last part of the country where it ever materializes, because a lot of fuckin stones, Newton Man's elastomers I was in Utah did SALT Lake City. I did SALT Lake City there, really liberal town, we, it is she's a weird, the the think they all kind of moved out to the outskirts of no. You got this little hotbed of review. Billion right there in the middle of it all. You know: Wiseguy Comic Club places the shit, sought leg and all my friends who work there they come back. Go do give you been a salt lake. Is the best kept secret It's fuckin, bang in its they're nice p call to man.
Nice town and we thought you'd die if they grow up to their it starts. Massive amounts of profit and ecstasy is shift in consciousness. That's the big thing, the shift in consciousness. Might take a few? More years to recognise that and the effects of that, the people are just gonna be nicer. This is gonna happen, You can't smoke a tunnel weed and keep the entire population with the same anger level. That's that's gonna change, change the way people interact with each other and now maintain that will in turn chasing entire culture. Is the dunes out about early, suffice, Bragelonne coffee shops and the answer is very rare. Where're yeah, but oddly enough, a lotta jujitsu guys white smoke we'd really go digital bristles big five years to eat hash yeah? I thought that killed him. A Monos is bullshit. They said he swelled hash.
He apparently had a head injury and there is, I think he also at some sort of a reaction to the drugs he was taking for it. We should probably google that I think your writing Linda gave you somethin furs, anyone they get used to get stones. Work at all. There rose, yet he loved Tash. Apparently, apparently, he was really into it man, but if you were eaten hash, what kind get it. Is it. The eating of marijuana is one of the least respected, but most ass kicking of all the psychedelic experience has no prefer edibles. The shit that thrown around today. Theirs is Dude called LOS whore models. They Gumi is out there that the name of them the gloomy brothers. These motherfuckers for an hour. He had this calmly central taping. These guys showed up these gummy bears. Ago more than the gummy bear to bear. I know how much they the guy goes no more than the head
unlike why you monsieur so big. Why we mean no more than their head. What happens or more in the head. Is I don't do it? Don't why you made it? You made it Joe ideas itself, a good thing man is a hero. The hero, some animal man we're out your months ago for this play with Gregg Omen down at the very centre in some guy came or somebody gave us he's a little if manner time either relate these little tiny little cupcake willing, Pisan Tom, no bigger than a nickel in it, is Absolut destroyed me. I wasn't. I had I d like somehow find my way back to my hotel. Cruise to lay down, and just I was there was nothing fun about it. I was completely non functional the Saturday night at eight p, DOT M when I was done,
Yeah they're saying that Bruces brain had been swollen. Do when checked his autopsy, they said there was no visible. External injury. However, according to autopsy reports, his brain is swollen considerably from one thousand four hundred to one thousand five hundred and seventy five g, which is a thirteen percent increase, was pretty big who's. Only thirty. The only substance found during his autopsy was equally just sick. A good. It's ok, the only subsidy. Ok there after said in an interview that he died from an allergic reaction to the muscle relax sent in equal jesting whenever it is which describe
Does a common ingredient in pain killers, doctors announced need less death? Officially, it was ruled death by misadventure. Wow, that's interesting, but a guarantee he had some head injuries does he was sparring if you're, if you're doing the kind that he was doing, he was experimenting a lot with various martial arts and had a most. Why Clearly he got hit. I mean that's just a part of the game and if he was doing really experimental wild stuff like I know he was most involved in a lot of different sort of assimilating. A lot of different martial arts. Styles assured of shared done in Santo, get a shudder to satisfy all of them. You know, there's a decent recent video recently released video of him sparring at summer, some karate tournament Fanny
Headgear on his full body, armor on and this dude going at it, so he was involved in stuff like that he's most likely he's getting hit in the heads just the way. It is work with a lot of boxers. I know he worked with Gene Lebell. I did some judo with gene and just the nature of martial arts, especially when you're involved in striking sport so, who knows? Who knows what it was caused his head to bleed by wasn't even hash now this issue Have you got a hold of some of the lake edibles way here this trip? No, yes, you have to know lemon. Alas, experience can put me off my kindling all gas real estate that fucking coquet you all three of us were done. I mean they. They don't gotta. Put a dosage that shit they do now the dosage numbers on
is not cool man. I mean this is not not night. My night was over. Will they have this? They have these things called Cheeba chews and some of them. I think we'll go up to two hundred and fifty mg, which is effective dose. Insane like twenty. Twenty is not bad for, like a mellow, easy go and body high thirty you're, pushing them she's a paranoia forty fifty you're in a cold, sweat to fifty two years. I killed them, Barter I go to its forty dose came forty doses and one progress on all Barton. What's up fuck me, How big is small, small, not a big, worry, no earthly five pieces bright and a little like how many inches wise sneaker size, forty to forty people why, when we were magic later my authority hits sleep, is you wanna see Buddha right one way to see analyses
Close your eyes, shut the lights out and watch the dance lose so at some point, while by guerrillas. We owe this to our villages getting anxiety from smoking it in a definite carcinogen, who is the singer. Now I got to do not really got to be cautious about so I just kind of quit smoke, Edibles. It's all right. It's entirely different feeling is war when its anxiety and will signal robotic hours. If you try to go out on stage, I can't I can't smoke and performed you get so internalized. I feel like. I can't connect with the crowd at all, so I just learned a long time ago, not to do that, but with the edibles manatees almost just opens you out opens you up in its most war expressive? Do you know about the conversion in your body like no eleven hydroxide metabolites people who have heard this and the pike ass? Please bear with me and occurs
when you eat marijuana produces something called eleven Hydroxyl metabolites. It passes through your liver and apparently it's forty five times more psychoactive in teaching us that's. Why such an intensely different experience is because it is a totally different, Roseman slightest trophic yeah rebel in this in the sensory dep tank sensory deprivation tank, it's very psychedelic when you eat it. Because you you just beer in that the experience which is so bizarre as it is, really really need drugs in those things, No, you don't need anything or Zella. You haven't yeah here what you're telling here for file tomorrow, new civil you do You should try, though, some point your life ashore on another have want to Nashville, but there, but their popping up all over the country they had won in Dc. One thousand deceive that people from all the shown Philly they have won and fairly like there's their showing all over the country, those it has opened up these trenck tank centres. This is another thing that didn't didn't,
exist in mean more cities, early heart imo. If you have your own, we gotta maintain, appears levels and mine as a full. Filtrate have a commercial level, one national floating feel bound urine. Hoo hoo hoo organ buying a car first sight. Expensive me you to have one right: you go and rent went out, just go and you know so low should definitely try it. It's the one most profound Feelings of relaxation in Algeria Fleet. All disassociation experience we get Yogi balloon feeling of your body you don't think you're there anymore. You think your mind has been released from your body in your minds flying through space lately, untutored from the body you you'll feel the water, the only time I've ever experienced. That even on had any type of complete. This association experts zoonotic on really high doses of suicide,
The one summer ever of the outer world class was the most psychedelic experience of ever had was from a drug. It's not even normally associated with psychedelic families dextra with orphan. When is that the exam, its logic Is like pound bottles, a robots, Hasn t get what you mean by that you can soon of the acceptance the Rose house, nude, you're, doing so much horrible shit. Your body but while we only carry one time where this festival Shaw, North Cologne for unwanted somehow got hold of. This is pure medical grade. Dextra thorfinn we're digital scale chilcats weighing nouns, but for her milligrams. Just the most amazing, completely inexplicable experience of ever have why my buddy brownies, like you, certainly you need her music on this
This is good. Is it forget so, first off the weirdest. Partly experiences were what we're around this Cayley Campground North Carolina just surrounded hippies nurse night tanks go and often shit. My very my thing, but tanks diagnose your things. Look who's here before for you met like now known our stand. He observed tat we had get back down. The parking lot where is truck was part through that, through this trail can see shit music, the most complete flatterers ever someone not walking in the trees and embraced the army, disclosure ass. We retire retirement closed. Dave's, closure, astronomy and close my eyes. I swear I'm sitting here, it was all suddenly. I could see the trail plainest day, for me, and I was like the entire canopy had this. This moon lamp just turned on and flooded with white and everything was so clear. And we walked all the way back down his truck with your eyes grass closed. What
swear? Do you mean I'll? Never this day, I'm not even you. It was it was an insane and we Do it wants wanter idle? I've never even met anybody. It's even heard ever newer where to find it sense, Butter Bryce. Yet This shit needs legislators, headphones article, eight hours and lunar mills and amusing you're completely. Is ITALY Oh woman, did to possess it in that kind. What you have to have permits- and things like that, but are we got to the truck attitude to come you the bucket seats A really nice cereal is booming hysteria, always putting the bandit gypsies or something and allay that bucket seat. Batman and close. My and within a matter of certain half a metre minute, I wasn't in it Rocky were wasn't in this book at sea. I felt a year floated their rewrote hitherto. Yeah he's a safe feeling so soon after two hours in this little among personal cloud is kind of like and is it, his I'm sitting you're talking you. I was in this cloud cruising through this guy,
Odin, Sierra Purple, sunrise sky, just like the most booming blissful euphoria ever felt, listening, Jimi Hendrix in this last, like six hours, may use leg cruising through the sky WA. I've never had that for many of you what people commonly associated hallucinogens or that's tough, sounds in tat yet sorted deduction. Somebody said: there's no alone, mountain dinner, really very studies known you're, getting external Samson human. But this is all years and years ago you do check report on air would really yeah. The forum on Maritime yeah yeah you That's one of the most important resources arrow. It is for people understanding what would they get in?
there's a lot of really educated, very, very, like well thought out reviews of the various compounds and different different facts. They hang us have. Never I poured out, I didn't know anything about it until their them never seen sense but of a river of the gas and that the difference in three or four two hundred milligrams is a thousand times stronger. Trip nobody's ever really document, ladders thousand times stronger trip for five milligrams. You eating. Wow. Is there any negative downside? The only thing I remember is, I might have had a like a slight allergic reactions. I remember feeling like I had sun poisoning and I was like really scratch my back kind of tripping out on this four seconds on the early onset in the gas. What what
soon as it may. I think I got to Sunday when my bachelor region in Chad, as I knows, not define the Susie said that, like the whole sensation Roy, I didn't mean it wasn't. There was nothing negative about the experience and when it's over the come down just like just goes away back. Baselines can wears off. Why, at so weird You, you will always wonder like if there was it was easy he'll do research on psychedelic and there it was respected and it was something that people pursued as opposed to being like enough. You do research on uncertain things, you could be thought of as a pariah, you can write, could fuck with you. You know you could you could be ostracised. People could say all this guy just want to get high. He's is trying to get people. He's. I use deterrents, experimental drugs, not doing serious research or they think they're, some hidden agenda, ers, oh yeah, yeah could be
There's a massive hospital, unlike sending in Turkey that cause call the narcotics form and it was that it was a criminal institution for for drugs. William boroughs was there for a while, I added they need. They did a lot of light, highly barbaric, experimental addiction, treatments, they're back in the forties and fifties, and just speak of all things: the early dropped, people, genitals and ice water or somethin. Like thus Afghans bigger right, I got a account ridiculous approaches to deal with and heroin methadone ray of addiction under they did some psychedelic studies, I'm sure back there. But you is the hospital sustained It is just the most ominous creepy building methadone as a weird one. Unless horrible shit, they use it to go people of heroin biggest worse for you than here withdrawals or wayward help
this makes them well to write, doesn't get them high. Is that the deal it it whatever? The genetic attachment attachment? you're going to hear one is like one of those drugs that actually modifies your body's. You know biochemistry in a way that you become physically dependent on it, so they're kind of, facilitating that whatever it is, it causes the sickness when you withdraw but the shit it's it's way worse for you and it doesn't get nobody talks about a really good method on music. Zero people did Heroin made some fuckin incredible music. Nobody did methadone made some awesome shit there guys they used to come to the poor holidays, hang out in white plains and they were called the Macedonians. That's what we call them. They would do. The came out from the methods clinic and then come over and play pool and images zombie, fides just dead in the eyes of assistance as well as Macedonians. Those four guys come out for the mess
on. We had already, as do you gotta, take a massively intensely painful pissed do. I know you run take office where almost done anyway, you run in I'll. Tell everybody how to get your website sturgeon. Simpson S. He takes his little girls ladder to the bathroom, and everyone can deal with a bullet proof, coffee and all that stuff water just sitting there its ways ways, and you have it you'll have that sometimes not you occasionally yeah third person, but I Did occasionally to man, the doubling does happen. Sturgis website is Twitter is Sturgeon Simpson, and if you go to it. It's actually that image that they, the the image of the earth sands, the turtles underneath it similar but startles this
these that I have just said- I am a big fan, he's gotta several songs and I'm really into that. I'm listening to right now on Itunes, but the cds one moment please dear madam modern, sounds and country. That's that's the name of one of the latest one, that's the one! That's the most psychedelic and then the other one is high top mountain which is fuckin fantastic. I really really dig it they're very different, but both of em are equally eagerly unique and kick ass above all that. I'm sure that a website, too, must be external Simpson. Dot com right check this out. His website now Colorado officials, when a ban, almost all recreational edibles, proposes Vigo really have foe.
Wow, Sturgeon, Simpson, Dotcom, MRS website. That's ridiculous! We just, eating something on having imposed that they health effects Colorado want to ban all edibles kids are getting into a shit. Sturgis Nerf in from the world, that's other do on their just nerve and the socially really sensationalist piece about this on some National news NEWS for removing night, because following hold of him and haven't overdoses, there's no, that's scarcely a usually outlaws clorox to cause you kids under the slogan saying your door. Abed parent clauses we wish first of all break is the kids are to have an overdose unpardoned undying they might freak out, but they're not gonna die. Doesn't nontoxic bright it doesn't mean anything. In fact, your kids are just the way I get to it in a yet dont. Let you can play hammers shouldn't. Second, go home depot and shut it down. So you better take away spoons. Had the idea
all that a groan. Adults should not be able to buy and animal that has clearly marked label. All these, nor is it we're talking relegate. This whole thing is the size and naturally I fucked up you learn. You learn yes, you're here, everyone's fine, the lowest worry version of overdose ever because overdose just well ass. They overdose it still millimetres. I'm gonna go lay in bed and have a good time instead of walkin around her and really good time, but there's no ill effects of these bodies and break you mind as knelt. You gonna be fine at the end of the day. You might just get a really great nicely yeah, I'm not really
recommended you give it to you, kids, but get ahold of adjust. They will keep stay. The room with them is gonna, be ok linked to deaths due to them. When somebody ate one and fell over off hotel and other guy, it says Richard Kirk may have been on payments and apply it about when he killed us pain. Meds. I guarantee I'd. Go with that. The pot out about a product is, it was possible, was probably wrestling. The pain beds as you grab and hold the trigger for fuck. All that you can't blame a guy fallen off the roof on pot, you do on the roof. Stupid part entirely get up on roof. Why'd. You fall off roof in protest Some of that rule them are what he was on a chant fuck around on roofs dummy specially when you blitzed that's a silly idea who knows what he was doing, but the blame than on pot is fuckin
stupid instead of blame and hamper how bout you think about how many folk in people don't jump off the roof in IRAN pot like a lot more. It also says that the cookie he didn't give em the recommended immediate effect that he wanted. So then he ate six times the recommended. Silly birch you in the rest of the year, a single foreign cornering rested peacefully. Bitch people make mistakes. Man, you can't blame the substance, I mean it What are we going to? Do? We going to outlaw cars to people get an accident so we're going to outlaw knives people stab people the idea that adults can't make their own decision it's been the folly of man's and civilization was created. We have to figure out what decisions are the right ones, educate each other and then move forward from there but to tell someone that they can't handle it because Jim Overhear jumped up.
I can roof everybody while those positive experiences they had eaten, bought, we're gonna flush, slows down the toilet because we lost Jim ok. Jim is a wild man, Gmos, fucking, crazy Jimmy's to work a tight robe and he to do fuckin back flips off the garage, but whatever we loved remedies so, no more part for everybody, big! We talking about we gotta, outlaw guns. Every time someone commit suicide or we will we gonna do what kind of a goofy all that we can create, because if you just make, everything illegal everything that kills, going gonna be illegal. You have nothing, you can have no electricity, Philby, no water, because people can fuckin drown. There will be no fool, because sometimes who goes bad and people die. Food poisoning they'll, be everything you'll, take away everything you you literally. If you won't take away things that kill people, you literally have to remove life itself. No more dogs, cats, dogs by people,
No more spiders Gratis De Porres. You will have to poison all the spiders to take the poison people, so we can a spider poison cuz that kills babies if they get out of them to the sink. So we have no life, there would be no life. It's is preposterous, The idea that our Colorado was going to step in and legislate that we need to do is get all those fuckin people, hi where's, that coming from me, what some Tommy's, So what was the issue like their worried about me? freak out on. That's all it is so strong yeah, but What county is much lower? The dose you know. What's really on alcohol. It's everywhere. I go to the store drink, a bottle of Jack Daniels, you're dead, you're, dead, three hours or whatever tat now maybe get a better towers and may. But if you eat a fuckin, you know you drink a gallon jug of Jack Daniels,
most likely you're a goner. It's it's really yeah. That's some truth are really drink at all anymore. To take, most of that is probably related to my job. Cuz you spend night after night, looking at it room full of people that are very drunk right and it is gives you a certain plus looking back on my life, all the dumbest shit. I ever did alcohol as pre most directly related all of it. The worst decisions ever made a well because I wasn't hard drugs is go figure. Now it's it's the number one sanctions and it's what everybody does have a good time after work carve a drink, posed to have a drink. I like having a drink. A really do I like drinking and I'll drink too much. I don't get fucked up, but I've been fucked up and I've had a great time yeah, it's bad for you, but social languages, rheumatism authority, worse than a drunk, very few things,
very of not as draftsman of National strong, especially a violent and noxious truck the worst, the worst. You're, going day with a girl on your sober and she's drunk that's disaster. Really drunk girls are the worst the joint guy as the worst, though the worst, I think, really drunk eyes. The worst is there more violent and really drunk girls? yeah. Those religious protest at the shows are the there's. Only ones ever want to talk to me like that. Other gas in the Van were young and they get hit on all the girls. Girls ever want to talk to me. That's always like the really big, like large, Frank guy, and they all give me the bear her. I get the wailing and then there's just like hug me in a mom, I'm levitating off the ground. There give me like this thing. I parking my shit. I want song man down dude and those well, if you thought very, like the really hugely wilderness, beast drunk, really redneck guys this matters
Therefore, the talk is therefore very have a good time talking allow those dude. I do think this is a romance and fund involved in alcohol consumption that I am brace it's not that I'll, be all, but it's not bad is some funds. I'll call. You know it's an heiress possible, oftentimes reckless stupid impulsive feeling eight of mine, but with the right people that shit works. You know just its. For your health, as I know a lot of new religion, they shouldn't smoke on vat gathering his people differently, yeah. I know a lot of people it shouldn't drink, though a lot more people it shouldn't drink into new. Anything else wrote. I know, friends that have friends at small papa can drink it, they're alcoholics, but there still small part. So they don't want both sides so, but they can, they can smoke pot and their fine, but if they drank they're off the rails, the Jesus yeah that weird, what Irishman, lotta that weird dream, Jean just hit is hit some like
truck, they can't do it can regulate. It, takes over what woe, We were in Ireland a couple weeks ago. You talk about some thoughts average great people, though me oh yeah, just If all the places in great Britain Rear of the replaited that it feels the most like, the states cause they're, just like you know and love, british and the scottish audiences are so it's intensely attentive and appreciated. It's almost disconcerting the quiet, will you get heirlooms yeah. Ok done this before they like american countries, they fucking love. That's a scottish and irish, especially a little came from there. Really. Our country will aggressively they. It's all just derivative of of Scotch Irish Fold, music that came over with with the settlers. We just gonna
no sharing, whiskey and so forth four hundred years and he's got faster and faster now, surely a vague spects, traditional irish music in a lot of scottish fiddle two's like them and all his tune in D, like just like a bagpipe, because when the pious got law. They started playing, Lorella songs and string instruments. Why why the git? Why did the pipes get outlaw anointed? No four? Basically it was there. The rushing is the british one of the law is inciting a riot. Somebody pulled out some fuckin bagpipe back in the day. Links is gonna go down. Is why they made a law against bagpipe them alone, how long years for Jimmy lived That does not that tradition can came over and that allowed through a lot of country, music, the the melodies and themes and the elements of the first pillar.
Is that why, like the Lord of the dance shit like when they wrote, says Lanceor, like line dancing, will there's an atlas? Little questionable will go. What Michael The fact was his name, the Lord of the dance flat, Lee fell short lived people. Let's go irish dance no was not now I did it for little. Thank you still us. Actually, I think I saw a fuckin billboard for is a few suckers left in town man, because most people getting that, where a way way way what the fuck are. We watch it. What does it do doing up there? Man, that's weird their beds, all it all. That's amazing. I really really do release a mere man, especially in Glasgow, and I wanna we shall we almost been adopted at this point. Really they just there so appreciative. How often you over there have been over five or six times,
sheer no shit, yeah, actually weren't. We haven't really started our: U S. Torone the army, I'll come back, and maybe us with majority the year in Europe. Why, Why is that? Just Important is always important me like two to go. There and play for those people and why I don't know free travel, really man and plus you get. The fuck can play music overnight and see Europe and right. I think, honestly were here. Can be such a role it- has the potential to be a little bit more flash in the pan base over here. People get bored quicker, but I've just had friends, are musicians and said: if you make the effort you go over and they see you, they see you taking the trouble and time to come over, like they're they're loyal as fans for life I'll, probably he'll be touring over their long after any career. I have here try to help here. That's all What about is that England, as well or use eyeing, were not so much a mean that there is a market, but it appears to be sincerely
The genuinely appreciated in in the chaotic areas, Dublin Belfast in Glasgow and Barone mom, these this? These are really very musical cities at their core, but they just a thing: poetry, related or Ino storytelling. They just really loved. How upset whether that you to put their songs on every I found when they bombed out o, was when first they ve gone soft I go out of my way to stay as much the fuck out of their business as possible and on their right to shorten. Do my job. It's always you do. You know the story about you to putting near you to put their new come on. Every Iphone to them my car starts plain random,
now son, I get some utitsa ops, I'm sorry bottle apologises for you to that will be a magnet added to apple that citizens live or now you say that we- and I was backstage yesterday, seeking my phone up to two new left of our own road was getting Klaus shouldna look down as a fucking you to our exact ok. I was wondering why is this here the wise out there? I don't want that. I want that amendment are there the dynamic car plugged. Then they got the thing plugs into the store system, its plain random. I just do that. Sometimes so they monopolized eyes whose very well they figure away to launch their album on Itunes. But the problem is a lot of people that by an Iphone, aren't you two fans. It's a fucking presumptuous thing and you dealing with billions of these fuckin things being sold. How many of them have you two songs on all of them mean how many other there, so they might a hundred million iphones right, that's all are you to our mind? That's stupid, that's done
You too would sell. You choose a very popular bantam, sure lobby, would be super happy to get you to song for free with a new Iphone but allowed even what sort of Muslim they pushed him under the existing funds. Yes, five us so unwilling data to shut. Oh. No, so when you up the operating was not even that now showed up whites Itunes now showed up those thirty, that's even dirtier repurchased in unison download, on my own account. That's that's actually discussed there. That's a disaster have twice had sorry Let us go irresolute every also, so that is where the fucking glasses for twenty years, but he's got glaucoma yeah D. By that you would incredulous. Yet the area juries juries out wonder yeah probably got called on it. You know people came moment.
Why is it just now? Coming up there, I mean people been wondering what the family member had like the fly, these big, the big black ones back in the day like but that shit slightly nobody's hearing what the fuck is. One of you. We can view have glaucoma you're allowed to it reduces innocuous pressure is one of the legitimate reasons. Yet a medical marijuana prescription Father has really bad luck, who now but he's never. I would never know how reproach that, conversely, given we'd earlier such an old school like hillbilly, you know right just never never know how I woods convince him that this actually will make you feel better. To set him down. You know, set him down can drop first. The injuries is pre freeze,
again, you will need to sit down there. I just don't tell him to give him the breweries ivory Ghana hardtack and die. Well. That would be very bad. Yes set him down Cindy your grown men now give my love to go home would actually see where this and but little man, where our time, which did ran through three hours, really the police shit crazy right. That's nuts time flies eldest. Way. Tell people you, websites, turtle, Simpson, DOT, com, you're a year to albums, you get them on Itunes and I listed em off. While you were taken a leak, if anybody's interested you gotta mean my favorite songs, I a bunch of them. You can have the crown a fucking love that of your first one. That's a great fuckin! Why laugh is is nothing worth it it's, that is it is that song
He's got this only worsen the road tat. Your says my song deal that sounds great fuck him love that it was a lot of fun. I had a road in about twenty minutes like seven thirty in the morning, and we did have recording that day. Haven't go no studio, actually wailings all studio NASH, for whom alone shall we get the up to your accordingly Davis, I would you got this new written that saw no song literally that morning before I knew we were gonna be in there, as I wanna plus, I played it for him, and russian gas coursers laugh in their ass all right, and I we gotta cut that so we cut it in the end of the day. I heard the play back like I'm going to be singing that fucking thing. When I'm sixty years old, that's going to do that. That's going to be the one and sure shit man every show. Every fucking show never fails, or that one guy between every saw came tire mother, tired
in others is like it follows asked me the same God where we start out was on seeing the spend. Our money are Weedin pills text, that's that's our largest. You got you gotta, get that both albums folks to devolve very different, which I was really fascinated. Toopoor got to meet you and understand what it's from, what would caused it? and then the other one met a modern, Madame sounds and country music. Another two men like you, do you shit. Thank you very much for being you thanks for being here and please Please consider- or I will tell you about it- that's the internet, man, the internet, Mozart's fuckin scary. Are you dirty bit? we'll see you soon this week, lotta a lot of our gas, including that Lady Sue from life below zero, very excited, Doktor Cameron. Hazy. However, I too thank you, everybody and So our sponsors thank you to the culture high go to, video dot com, slash
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