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#609 - Tom Papa

2015-02-04 | 🔗
Tom Papa is a comedian, actor, writer and television/radio host. Tom has a great story premiering on "This Is Not Happening" February 5 at 12:30am on Comedy Central. http://www.tompapa.com/ http://podcasts.joerogan.net
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fucking hilarious stand up comedy he's a great guy he's gonna show right now i really enjoyed talkin term is really cold to hang out with please welcome mr tom papa logan experience you want some coffee looking at a top of yeah what's over this year you know this is bulletproof coughing throughout the idea behind it is at this early in their view the so called it's not just its coffee that's blended with grass fed butter and empty t oil what's its action three i conjure looks milky it's delicious the guy who invented it was a guy named rob wolf but the guy popular eyes it is kind of a nutty dude that had a lot of false claims about the the benefits of it if you want some of the stevia stuff this is actually pretty pretty yummy but yet he's very low
that's very sweet but it has no sugar ants unnatural sweetener is their milk in this its butter butter butter grattan led butter blended in with em see tee oil city oil is medium chain try glycerine oil oil is the most the healthiest aspects of cocoanut oil spawning centrifuge in its extracted and then they take that and they blended in with that with the coffee is vital major urban why because as is widely this kind of stuff you have just done but when a railway something even when i listen to you know more about this kind of stuff you like when i listen to you say stuff like only when i do with my time didn't i need to read more so as this is black coffee no well was black
then it's blended in with this medium treat it mean that no one in europe there are bullet rewrote none of its part it tastes good jemmy button i meet into coffee me too when i go to sleep at night i get so excited like someone close my eyes now and when i open a myth the coffee tat we can really become fully that's bizarre do look into that up ever take time off work having now not interested man i know i'm not fighting it i guess i was like maybe i shouldn't have it in the afternoon now what's there's a lot of like false like false ideas people have about the negative aspects of covering somebody about where it's not right now it's it's dehydrating element kid has a direct effect but you just drink water we are i need energy i need to get through
all day and night but the problem some people it stresses their adrenal drink too much coffee yeah it's like many things you know you can't even go overboard yeah if you have too much salt little fucking kill you may like to eat a pound of salt you're a dead man right round yeah that's how i feel i feel it were grown ups now and there are things that are kind of bases in europe manage them like good would shrinking acknowledgement drink like i did when i was twenty five i drink like like a grown up like a gentleman like a gentleman five o clock comes martini shaker one cocktail that's it whose getting no one's getting her matter effective shown them ass a wine days actually as healthy as exercise for some people really some people adding some more you probably know i think the idea behind glass of wine is first of all these resveratrol in it which is a natural
antioxidant that comes from grapes and exists in wine and it's actually very good for i actually take it as a supplement resveratrol is very good for you but then on top of that a certain amount of benefit in a stress relieving i see that the the wine here to night and that out calmness and struck this very hard to achieve our over emphasise how important that is huge massive huge i've ah i do yoga and its primarily because of that when i'm not doing it my stress levels so much higher excite the stress levels the stress is always the same my life is my life but it just
the roles off yeah when i'm really active with it he asked his rosa manageable right yeah exists mcqueen yeah nato for you in his good for you i'm i've kind of weapon of cut back i know why not coming back coming back to weed yeah i customer and everyone fire one is ban was now gonna drive scared to drive this is u i'm scared i am scare you know what it is i have a friend whose other guy comedian talk about me no longer young man this guy he's gay and as defiling i'm ibrahim up he came up during the during the time when people weren't out right and now everybody's out but because he grew up during that time and he's pretty much out he still like shaky like he doesn't he
the scale of the eel speaking hush tones stout yeah that's how he grew up that's how i feel with weed i came up with this legal and you're paranoid all the time and turn a sneak at home you i'm forty six so your year younger than me that's ridiculous yeah i'm forty seven are you smoke it son don't be scared of history but said he i smoked you know up and so i guess like maybe five years after college six years maybe suddenly going pretty good tenure block of all the time and then i wasn't his funny i wasn't really wasn't i would stay was taking away my funny and so i put it down and stayed away from a pretty long time and i ve been a competing for twenty years so at ten years of it i was doing it and then last ten i have been doing it and just in the last year to i'm like bring it back into the old
been last year to yeah what in it was was it a pragmatic decision like a funny decision yet yachts pre thought yeah it's very thoughtful like i i stopped because there was this kid that i used to in high school i used to rip with all the time we would like get together he was increases that irish naturally funny you know like naturally irish guys like it just curse like nobody could just hilarious and the two of us would always get together at these parties we ve just screw around and their own willoughby laughing in vienna we rifkin together and it was great and so i went away came back one time in college and i was high and we met up at a party any just rents circles around me i completely didn't have it i was like tat cause you're to us too high and i always thought about that then as i was going along with like i wasn't is produced
if it wasn't his funny it just wasn't wasn't working for me so i just completely put it down and then worked my comedy and did everything that it wants to do as a comedian and now the same thing as the alcohol like a gentleman i know how to i know how to drink but you know i mean they're so i kind of bring it back and especially a really use especially when i'm writing leah when yeah i always at least have a notebook around me you know i don't like some smoke socially no now you get hired yeah i get a little we're we're ready i'm always specifically because i don't you feel tat i always ran and had a great quote they asked her about she's gonna culture yes there are you gonna get hires when our seas i do this i do that we get high there i don't know because i have a rule i never get high if i have to
hand that i'm not agree that really be home for me humbug with so many to i don't want to be like no i'm not for homework should never lie about being high but people do it's like people lie about three things on a regular basis they lie about being hi there about whether or not there are awake when you call them and they lie whether or not they forwarded cutting super com and the people live i was just with a friend of mine say his name planning the guy runs largo and though we just having coffee this morning and we're the only two people started anymore fucker i mean like a big cabbage for planning is into yes you did you did was even if it was mine snuck am i wasn't aware my never smell like scottish ass
if you can play we lied rights my face and then we're we're saying goodbye at their at the parking meters the smell came up again just let it go and when he's like somebody would fort all over you jointly smile whole time these smoke all the way through did you pick up we later i picked up we when i was thirty when you were thirty years old seventeen years see that's healthy your brain was already you were already joe rogan i had a bad idea of it though my idea we'd was a weed was bad for you my idea was a weed was just now was it was a crouching nos four we minded people you know i had this i had a lot of misconceptions about pop yeah i picked it up i guess at once and with ear was it it was yasser somewhere around two thousand first time was it a big deal it was your first time
you have it i guess he's probably before two thousand and other think about it because whose before white to take those high when why to do is happening tear of trade has its ongoing downs really happening my ideas were about were all wrong and they are all based on people being losers so based on just the idea of drugs themselves my head grown up around quite a few people that had drug problem yeah and especially with coke which has never done yeah and it's because of that is because the seeing these people like their lives i get devastated by this draft so i was i was terrified of all drugs i felt like made you a loser yeah well that's not yeah let me know if you're around and you see it i didn't think that it was so much as loser thing and i don't know at this point i do think you can start too early i do think as a parent i'm saying this in case my
children's friends listen to the showman tell my daughter but i do think that give us certainly give you can start to early everyone i know who started to early got a little weird tat is one out a little bit but your brain s too kind a year become you you're so just to figure out who you are and what you know your brain is really hyper developing them like i met with it d i think you're taken like a real big like you take our big leap from your normal consciousness getting high and we just sort of getting the feel of your normal consciousness if you're getting high all that i'm right miss out on a developmental period completely very confusing period and lend why throw that into it yeah no i completely agree that there certain amount of people especially that should never try we did it is not for them not at all did you feel like by the time thirty when you started like you kind of were done with all
figuring out who you were kind of weirdness or were you oh no no frills figure now who i am i think we euro we think if you really are not growing any more as a person your basically dead in the water right man it's a cause i'm not perfect no one's perfect so if you're not perfect consular train improve on various aspects of europe clear and as a comic especially when you abandon your material like new have an act you put our special and the new toss all you material out you're starting fresh gotta gonna reinvent like what your thoughts aria reinvent ass you deftly reinventing what would your presenting on stage yeah so there's a constant sort of cycle or developmental period where you you go through you you you put out the special new you you you you
only two as is fine and age as you think that you can and then you release area and then you ok let's start all over again right and we started all over again there's a lot of thinking involve that's why those old guys that never wrote there was a period now we ve all seen those guys it at the same act from twenty years ago scary does poor bastards they become irrelevant they rarely quack depicted die yeah die in their mind their mind is dead dead like you see them on stage telling those old jokes like fuckin christ man yeah there was a guy came into the improbable logos doing oj jokes if less is a really good j joke me never know it wasn't my on that iran has a new take on an old story that all the arm of his leg so because heard about oj right look behind you was guilty
but we're so self aware as comedians you're always looking yourself analyzing yourself you know to me were were kind of hyper aware we kind of how to otherwise you can bomb you're rather like a big thing happened in your life and you go back on stage in you like oh i'm a different guy them wrote this stuff definitely notably with as a beautiful thing about getting ready your act every couple urea or at least to doing any special starting from scratch every couple years yes even cannot represent who you are right now right in our go back and listened like my first seedy from ninety ninety nine forget it it's hard in italy's and i was like a c d on warner brothers of your real c d like i can go back unless the recordings before that and they're fucking god awful but you have to go back and do your own act from your first couple year oh god it's amazing to me and i always think about is people were hiring
when i was telling decent books and by making money with this act so bad above you went any comedy club across the country you see various stages development nea and euro is going to see that mean i remember really clearly like struggling in trying to put it together and then going to see someone really good and be like fuck i'll never getting their yeah this is never happening i now make she's almost want to quit i know you know has been doing that to me lately is maria ban foreign i watched her man to a couple times and she was just in so prolific and writing so much in such good stuff and i was just like it's good it's like you
all right let me look at my material what am i cheating on ragged last week s whole act but why am i really what what am i mugging what am i whereas there not really solid idea now in yoke and you start looking at a late hour i am cheating here good line hears i'm gonna why they're laughing at this maybe it's my funny face when i say not arrive it's like to really kind of got it nationalize it's like this is kind of cheating eighty percent of the time well that's why like you know being inspired by your peers i've been so one of the good things about being a big common community like new york or is it you get to be around like all these high level comics on a regular basis in a sort of can compare yourself to them completely is why am i to be here and i really am very happy to be here because i
fanny has for a long long time and we never really narrow hung out never really is that that's a big sea of comedy if we could both vienna for that long and not really see each other i mean it's a big pool a lot of places to go you know i mean how many how many women having this discussion lately how many comics do think there are in this country like working professional committee and who actually that's what they do that's their only gig if it's not our only gig d like or real headliners like made a tv show some with that but there are legit rhino or you know a middle act to make their living they make their living off comedy i meant to say a real pro a real pro thousand i'm gonna go little higher really
good for you is allowed gigs but it's a really bad men but there's laid him and how many is a thousand had my figures here because you think about every single night there is ex there's gigs happening everywhere every stupid town there's some bar some corporate gig some day show some something going on a lot of those i wouldn't think are real comics they're just like the best that that city has you know they're not really that like tat worrying like that makes pride not going like indiana next week and i like you now that does have but they are pro comics like this i ve always talk about austin having all those local professional communities and never laughed at our were undeniably prose yeah i guess you don't think it's maybe a thousand that's a lot
so lot thousands of law and out of that thousand ok let's call it a thousand out of that thousand how many a two hundred two hundred a good two hundred yeah yeah it's about right now and then gotta add this you know variability based on taste and subjective thanking sure but you know you know in someone's good near me but what you know what i might think is good my i might have a higher standard in some some have been people tell me this guy's funny you should see him and i've got black for fucking dog shit well i can't watch this yeah yeah there's other guys you see and you like i get it it's not for me but i can get that he's raw turning a lot of people on year he's not horrible i just don't want to
into some people that illegal really good performers and they just fuckin dial up something that's really not there right now and i thank you tonight it's called cheap laughs built on fake energy yeah what is it there's something to be learned even from that mean out that's one thing that i always used to say about carl's muncie isn't i never understood what people are left but was amazing that the energy that he put out yeah get i'd never got it like roads scintilla dead face what the fuck is happening here right but there they were all the often these energy and momentum of the movement of among others the shit that was going on ass like wows is crazy like there are guys that have that sort of like big loud fake thing were they yeah you don't really give a fuck about what they're talking about new but the kind of its the closer to politicians and they are comedians yeah they know how to turn on the crowding know how to work it
there are about about a clause for the ladys ladys are working hard out their gentlemen command about a round of applause for those ladys and one for the troops can we get these that's those those like really a strategic now things people will say the same thing we go all you whore yeah you fuckin whore the ladys really haven't hard mri ladys be thinking where's deserve special figured showcase clubs you're one of like a guys that names like the tell me i gotta go i gotta go gimme the latin please stay there tell me i gotta go up you further really politician there is a lot of air became a slick but you can't gotta be a little bit right you gonna get people like you a little especially if you want to push fourth any really controversial idea
sneaking in autumn somehow yeah yeah like what talking about earlier foolish sugar we're talking to really what we were saying that because its so easy to criticise comedians these days in so many people go after people for controversial jokes you're talkin about all these like young as your same on stage young girls as well saying jokes but there still like before they say that they had to say look you know i am not racist yeah yeah i wanted i watch five guys in front of me the improv nl i go up and is all young guys in the raw come up they don't really him much credit but their work in another way that spotted the improvin the everything anything they came up with the views about race or religion or gender
they would apologise before the joke and to this level everyone's now scared area wherein wherein the improv this probably fifty people in the audience tops right no it you know i mean it's nothing you should have if you're not free now when when what artists one blogger tom what is this thing at the commonest whether they do every tuesday night called roast battle we are seeing it i haven't i've heard about it's really funny really fun they do the belly rooms is tiny little round the packet with people and its an insult competitions are right joke riding competition between two comics and they salt each other and the audience and the judges sort of get to decide who who wrote the better stuff and they go hard at each other they ve they fucking go hard it but somebody wrote an article because someone white dropped in end bomb during
the show like you know are why people getting the inward pass at the comedy store ro this are you fucking pieces you know what they're doing exactly you know what they're doing they weren't first while they work calling someone saying like guys a nigger they weren't doing that there using the word in the context of some sort of a joke and even if right here just like the idea that it can't be done like this is fucking right now this its comedy like there are thing that are set and calmly look get in real life in real speech here when you're talking to people it's probably not best thing to say right probably a rude thing to say you are of course but as a comedian in a club julia doing the only way
going to go away is if you don't fight it if you don't resist it which is difficult but if they come at you and say you you're racist for saying this you just the only common is i'm a comedian and then that's it it's end of story it's when you fight back and you give them you take the bait and it becomes fuels it and that's what's been happening now people think oh i can get this famous sky to oppose you apologize make news when the yard of it not really fight back but really like sort of defend it may not even defend it apart i mean it is fighting back is important i think or at least stating you're you're mine speaking your opinion but this is the idea of apologizing for jokes fuck off by those people the people who write about it who are in the audience and taking offence in writing that they to me are much more offensive than a comedian the comedian is he's is this met his job is to make a joke that's his job is to
light of things and if you're in the audience and you're calling someone a racist or your calling someone was sergeants whatever label you are much more violent then the clown up on stage much more violent more violent women by much more about your your provoking much more fencing much more offensive right but i am i am violence is close to the term because i did a show for our good friend grateful simmons was like a fundraiser thing for the schooling and i was talking about i was joking my act where i say i live and allay it's horrible school district that work that we live in and either had to pay for school or pay for guns and ammo and my kids have no skills so i pay for school and the only rule i have school if i'm gonna pay for school is it cannot be right
millie asian why why would i pay all that money for my kids to be last in everything and then i talk about these families another just superior asia and these are superior that work harder they want their kids to when they play five different instruments mike is by the toilet paper on it and this woman yells out from the crowd get some new material in the middle of it i want us laughing get some new material as i'm sorry what because its racist you're racist i've never been called a racist in my life and it was like well it was kind of like being punished
ace and i said i'm sorry d ye are you not listening the guy extra goes were wondering where you're going with this the guy you as a friend is you with her similar must be whether some leaning on the site is stop i lean on the stool and i said where my going with us i am pointing out that asia families work harder than traditional american white families they work harder and hold the keys to a higher standard and that therefore there excelling more in sports and selling more in schools because of how the raising of how do these high standards and that they are actually doing better for their families and we are by giving our kids free pass and making sure that they have a good time but of course this all would have been done through jokes and with much more enjoyable experience for the rest of the audience if you had shut up i since i'm so what part
just so i understand what ray sir you what what part juve are you white are you asian she goes i mexican i can't help you you're wrong and everybody apply the wrestling place applauded but i mean her calling me a racist i'm telling you joe i was i went up into the new brennan shall after that in santa monica and then drove home to my place in the valley after that and i was buzzing the hall they buy time i got it's like i was angry angry and ended in kind of hurt when you went to a moron i ran into a more but just harm of having someone say races but there's a lot of people that are recreate finally offended the looking to be offended whether it makes sense or not you know it's like saying black eyes have bigger
ex racist ratings thousand reasons to be awesome racist abuse better reza races to be better at math asians are better at school how as racist it's it's real system mark their eyes are right to say there are inferior raise that's races ratan racist a compliment erase it expedient sid of racist what sort of racist against your own kid sir so there was so much fun in a time when you could just talk about each other here and enjoy it like really be like you know you'd be like we are telling my memory irishman everybody had their things in your celebrating yeah celebrating its of my parents generation really celebrated it now you ve you can't even say what they are i would ask that it be preceded awful i have this vaccine lady me once had his joke about the other the ufo that supposedly crashed and roswell next come in nineteen
seven there is the cover of the roswell times or whatever the newspaper was i actually have framed in my house that the cover this newspaper it said you know that there is a headline that was like flying disk recovered like the day of flying saucer many wrote about it in the paper they had these statements from military people that they had found crashed ufo and then the next day they came out and said oh sorry others it the joke was they said they had a crash ufo ever an alien bodies and then next day they came out and they printed in the paper or they'd they came on had a press release and said i remember how the struggles was locked and they said now we saw it was just a weather blown right and i said well what about the aliens those are max apparently they were they were on the balloon they thought it was upon the ata they drank some should act against a place in this lady was yelling at me i got what did i say that because i because i said the word
mexican right you're like alien like another country aliens for another country illegal aliens that's what are called i know you re words mexican right exactly what you say you shouldn't be fucking to make your photo mexicans and those like well why not like what you are saying like what did i say bad right is fuckin talking shit you shouldn't be here too dumb to be here today to make you fill out a form for you walk through the door you fucking pigs ethically if they were to describe what was happening in this club is a series of people getting on stage and talking shit that's that it's all so we went to hold back and forth think that what does it make sense do mexicans drink yes they do right nobody to a lot of people drink that are mexicans nothing wrong with drink to do ex skins have a history a long history of the periodic yesterday do they do they beat those fucking things candy comes out it's well documented i love you just talking about magnetic why you're talking
where do you think it's gonna swing back giving the hope so dumb rickles juniors going show up and people are just getting martyr overall more edged anything i think there's always gonna be there's no doubt about it that there are people theirs they're mine does not work as well rise like there's kids that are fuckin too and they got big glasses paper what is that with their eyes work so fuckin good zombie were born deaf friend who was born death dishes in reality the world is some people's minds are just not that good yeah yeah does there no doubt about it physical its reality somebody a big noses something bigger dick some people a fuckin brains why you sharing our man there's no way around it man you always gonna get dumb people i am adieus joke in into
make from italians which i am rhetoric the time and i had this guy yellow middle folk and we should all do tones mike i'm shooting at my own people fuck you re agree talking about my talking about you yes i am you know why because you doing exactly what i was saying energy island i forget it we totally it's just that does real people it's all italians goddamn is millions of oh yeah but this whole thing like their intelligent people though that kind of provoke this don't you like there's a writing editorials and educated people who want to control and behaviour by semantics by him by kind of their goal set up their own rules and you're gonna have to abide by them well there's a lot of people that are unhappy and they have a green light to start talking shit is also people that are bloggers there are looking for a subject that they can lodge
it immediately find a reason to attack and they might not if we weren't bloggers they might not have even focused on it rang or because the fact that its subjects like like do i really give a fuck about kim kardashian no i do not really dont care but if i'm looking for a joke and she does not stupid my hour i bitch i sit down from the computer and act by concoct a bit renault running this is it is life right this culture it that's impulse i mean you can't fault them in some ways because it has yet to do but there's a really asinine viewpoint yeah you know you're you're looking at jokes and you trying to pretend that this person is in court giving an affidavit needs their actual thoughts on these subjects right yeah how to be and i think it's i think that there is the responsibility of the comedians at the end of the day you just gotta stick to yeah what do you mean one patrice o neill he was on this i think was a fox new show and it was back where open anthony got fired they get suspended i guess
he said in it was a really important point is a jokes that you are a fan good bye and jokes that you love all come from the same place someone's just trying to be funny like runner stand back as funding there just try make you laugh in some some of em hit and some whom yeah that's just the way it goes and that's a scary part is that you're in a club trying to make it hit as your working out material you'll say stuff just your work and it's gonna take six months before this joke is even ready and people are taping you two weeks in when it's ugly and you don't really know it's learning stuff that's dangerous well you know chris rock as that world famous job one of his best shows however that i love black people but i hate nigger reign was alive bit were apparently lui told me that that bit took a year to work oh yeah and he used a bomb it just wasn't working and
some have been the audience you to be not the beginning when it was eating dick grant aid here to look like an asshole right now yeah and tell people know today stick with me he's gonna be fine one point belong about it and not only that but there gets released it gets on line and its which is really kind of a violation of what a comic is doing by working out a set rather you see someone at the seller if you see someone my door the improv most of the time the time you see a comedian like you are like me we're working out yeah that's what we're doing when this is our jam rights our workshop it's how these things when you when you see it on comedy central or if you see it in a headline club the irvine improv on a week and then using essentially a finished product right but all the other tough is like that's how bids get work dire they we need an audience and i've done a lot from the don't fuck man and then one day they do have you ever you just been onstage and doing stupid set in town and just say something completely just come to you like
that retard nobody i said something horrible about my life's hits or something it s kind of learning it out i dont think that out i just just trying to be funny if begs ear use spitballs you trying to re and people will get angry you but the contents of your imagination is like you don't stand this is not yet this is a performance rest is not me as a human being given you my well thought out and clearly analyzed views on life right i'm look if you're a writer any great writer the greatest of the great take updike whoever you when you read their stuff you're not reading a first draft not you're reading the fiftieth draft yet i'm going to work on this thing and a comedian is showing you was first draft have every time every time he's up there like until you go see those big shows our issues has this quote that he has taped above is keyboard from hemingway says the first draft of everything is shit
it's great knows everything it means everyone already language in trouble recently under a few began attention do we pay attention that yeah i saw em episode rate after he had this they do on stage the seller where he said that others fergus and stuff is really start fuck with my arm my personal life they said no all these protests really starting to fuck with my personal life and also the other day i'm haven't sexes is black check and she goes i can't breathe and he goes hey let's not bring politics into the bedroom and fits piss fucking funny funny mad but it was too soon and some woman got up and yelled out had shed funny and he started tweeting about it and i went to twitter page in interest fuck and followed it like a hawk that i was fascinating and she was getting all these people are you know so justice warrior activists that we're gonna there we're gonna protest
the comedy seller show up at his clubs yeah i'm around hilarious oh my god we have at the seller we're sitting at the table upstairs what did he say he was talking it was before that he was talking about the isp anyone out there was another idea about our age we read on line a red on air it was some larry areas and then he's going on about that and then two days later the other one here and then i was just like looking i thought i was looking up the yes pianos so confusing wait this is a totally new when it was celebrating you didn't stop just put it out it just get out of the eight while he's doing it knew me that's what he's doing i mean taught us like i'm good bodies with daniel tosh and he he does less stuff on a show that people would be like that's racist or you're talking about black people just as easily and black audiences love him black comedians of another
will come up mexicans assemblage why don't you ever met with us as they know it's a joke in its role as yourself and its style radio you it's once people sort of except that that's your stuff you're an insult comedian right the guys aren't you know they're not a bad guy like sort of like what people want jeff ross to roast them they re view ass jeff roster rosier you're asking him to stir insulting you boys that's we d everyone knows that's what he does i worked with the rickles the summer oh so great when you work with them i went to a material he was doing like when the big gala shows tonight's so he is doing stand up student stand why how much time did you do it did about public forty oh yeah well it was like i know you through a couple songs in and stuff like that he susan's it was the greatest yea things a song in the end was saying it's like this one's of its i've thanks for the memory
when something like eighty million so little you know a little like killer heartfelt them a real to try to warm europe after his shooting at me have you haven't exactly all over and i i you know i i didn't get me dangerfield and i miss carlin and i was like i just want to work with rickles at some point ryan and it came up that i can work with em in montreal and this was gone vacation with my family and i literally sent my kids am i going to me to be three days later failing the occasion why go work with rickles i had two is like this year's comic that's paternity hard to pass so i went up in and worked with them and it was so great to see i'm his references are so day it's like looking to a written guys
come away with a switchblade fitness like switch waves woody what does a switch what people are threatened by what are we gonna like what does a switchblade switchblade yeah we're porter we can do is like it used to be like almost like a negative term but it does not need more you know it's like you can't call someone a porter weaken anymore is rather like you know it's like consequent french woody from france what is i mean you from england i don't get it but he was so he's such a history of it the arabic noses what he does radon does this kind of thing we work in the crowd the entire time yeah those kind of a it was kind of a mix like he brought people up definitely people on state random people and two guys on stage that walking very well he doesn't work very well now battlements happened in the years
and the way they have all the girls go up on stage well they do this big dance and the beginning of the show and i do like the feather thing and they all stand of the feathers like a big scream and then they will him out put him up on a stool then they all part and there's don rickles he just appeared so i assume walking and then he gonna look at the black eye or they look at me look at you over there i mean doing it learn it was great but he's just you know you know the guy so well radio who he is so you know it's coming from hate the ass playful kind of guy and it was like i hope that there's somebody that's gonna be like that for our generation should be somebody i think so i think like what you are saying about tosh war san about jeff ross like once you know what they do yeah if he aegis have to know what they do and then others gonna be building complained but it doesn't matter they get yeah they get ignore
they get marginalized it's in your allowed not like somebody manage don't like all sorts of folks that i enjoy my whole objective those two days i just want to be shit on by him what i was just stuff like done so by working together to night selling you know after that we know each other pretty well you think we got back to hell i can hang out
don't push it again and then i'm waiting form is totally like time we're gonna watch my act and i really appreciate if you watch my act i am a little busy at the fact that many others i go back those dressing room when the cool thing was you'd love it he just it's like old school show business just walked into the building it's like you know even montreal is kind of thing there was doing shows all week when hit when it was his time for the show guys and taxi those are walking around security geyser hanging out old school guys would like you know gel in their hair and like show business is happening this is the whole halls cleared and it's like this is limited music classy music playing and signal we're doing to show not walkin in dispute guideline that binds no this is it
show so great so at the end i go to his dressing room he's in his dressing room in a silver like silk robe these little slippers posting is slipper has added gold stuff on the toes and he's got all the makings were martinis got the ice scatter the ilo skype glass the shape they just shoves it on his glass he puts it i dont even shake it puts ice olives and bodies that may drinking and i go back to see him he's like tom coming he holds my ultimate doesn't like oh man is the greatest is linked i watch you show tonight i watch the whole thing out thank you don't think you have you considered a career in grocery delivery
around the deliver food you make people happy throwing a joke once in a while we keep yourself and killing is right this is better than the whole vacation i'm about to go on family so much better that did you put pictures is take pictures i got a couple shots its huge just the best you best skies been added for ever yeah i never madam i would love to meet a guy is a good one got a chance to meet dangerfield but i stood next time a couple times sudan yeah yeah he was doing some sets at the young at the laugh factory before he died like i mean he performed up until i just a few years before it ass in the nineties 90s semi the mid too late nineties he was doing sets occasionally would drop in and laugh and i was really fortune to be their couple times did do you live out here i don't know i bet he probably lived a couple places is pretty wealthy the
he went out you meet him though your sent an extra houses young stupid i wasn't enough i didn't really was good enough to introduce myself term likely get out next to hicks once when i was an open maker i just didn't do i can introduce myself to just wasn't good enough is crazy to think there's some kids standing next to you now like i just can't i just can't believe that i can say i your comic i'll talk to you but there was this a couple moments where yeah like i saw hicks live really when two three three or four times protein three or four times at least three times and by austin three and i was a raw open meagre like i had been doing comedy maybe six months and i got a chance to see ex a bunch times she last time it was awesome how was he was amazing yams amazing yes like the ladys come he was probably is prime died in that want ninety three ninety four
so i saw him when he was hop in armenia was just he was on fire man he was so good a member signalling and a result lima summit caroline comedy our and to see how easily get up at the edge of the state cigarette in his hand in some guy's face like what the hell this is have been interesting to see how he evolved and grow because he was dead young whose like thirty two or something like that when he died really he would have gotten a lot better dilates you seem so much older what makes you seem so much more legendary to yeah a sailor thing when someone dies like everything that they did become so much more important than when it if they had stayed alive absolutely elvis who still live today ready yeah you wrap it up the rain i mean like john lennon is so much more valued by most people than paul macartney yeah you know cause ball shown up it will ward shows eyes
i am still i get it when you're dead we're gonna fuckin love you do a completely i saw dangerfield when i was working actually before i was ever comic ago chessy i worked at a concert place earlier and i was backstage is a security guard and i was working in this backstage area where i got to see dangerfield walkin around behind stage with his bath eurobond slippers and that's where he was performing he would perform in a bathroom in the bathrobe gaunt heartily naked which throw a bathroom just go on europe day went through a period of time a fifth that's how he was performing that's yeah when some of the laugh actor he was fully dressed but doing this place called great woods it's its answer placing an mansfield massachusetts and this was like the height of his popularity this is like back to school ro during those days huge because this is like the eighties i wanna say like eighty six or something
where did comedy of probably nineteen so must have been about eighty six and he was just walk around with ass eurobond it would shut shuffle on stage would slippers get no respect or spectre all my way photo sharing a drink now remember those area draggers remembering this bad mother fucker where bathroom it's crazy and everybody wanted to talk about the fact that had nothing on under the bathrobe under the bathroom is totally naked i saw his balls like you we just walk around that yeah there's that that there is a lot of photos and we get ecstasies dick because he's sitting weird and is getting out of here he give zero vocs that's like you know it's so we'd bring up his name's context we are never cause we went through you just come out in like swept handsomer thing and with socks socks really yet come out with a broken stock
take them off and last year while he wears off early age narrow were they sweatshirt on it says hello friends or hello friend really city whereas we goes on stage now he's got this like sweatshirt on hello friend yeah i guess you just do it so long you dislike i get right i mean the all of that guide still do shows wall is going down i now do you think it goes on line no no i think people rikers remember name that means they were like yeah up in his face see i have my own theories about that me man i think that somebody who works for him they knew what the fuck was gonna happen a rather yeah that's my my feeling a hundred percent just did it get him yeah i think anybody who works
in tech anybody who designed websites your savvy right your internet savvy and if your wireless internet savvy people you know what the fuck is gonna happen you say mean me take a picture of him had on you know just let the rape jokes fly do you believe in any of this stuff like like the illumine night is our friend hollywood illuminati like might uber driver was completely he thought for sure that like oh no highway once some out now like he did something he fucked piss somebody often there going after me like this whole theory it gets you now might be powerful enough about you know what i mean we make them go away what he is an old t2 that sentences my google there's dragged about it when i was now making the best fucking decision is picking up a random strangers based on an app
my car man let me tell you what i think about hollywood and the elite what do you do in that situation is kind of agree with such as deck and get a free ride yeah he just had this whole theory any connected with other celebrities that where he thinks like hollywood she's done with them so they grow under the bus instead charlie sheen hamas and everyone should eighty partly was on tv talk about smoking rocks and then from then he went to get a deal with effects that needed him somewhere in the neighbourhood of five hundred million dollars and they made some are saying amount of money i'm out and let him have you how much did he make off that ethics and some are saying about amongst indication is more europe is more than a hundred million dollars he made off that stupid effects thing here the terrible show anger management as a goddamn known even knows it's on slap together by monkeys with head injuries it's awful i mean it's so bad you watch the punchline like what too
million dollar charlie sheen experiment yeah come on what they were riding on the waves of him leaving two and a half man what look where the other tuna half men very some fuckin executives and want to be seen look at me i'm a big shot i may look charlie we're gonna do blowing and workers rights are you what are you gonna make a fortune meanwhile you guys fucked up the tv business you dumb ass if they did they try to do that with a bunch of other shows that china do with george lopez in it it fizzled out right will they what they did is if you get pass a certain episodes that automatically pick it up for a hundred in arising set it at ten if you pass ten right it pay they automatically big enough for the back ninety yes insane insane but some dumb agreed that based on the hype behind charlie jeanne the fact that he was doing live show with no material i forgot about the life how could you fires on one of i was hearing all my god i can work badgered at stake
had not but then our boy russell saved it russell peters started doing shows with them and saved it is rustles awesome comedian started interviewing charlie and being fought while he was interviewing answer russell cracks and jokes asked questions cracks more jokes and everybody was entertained by an entirely could tell his crazy hookers raise on tax of like us they show biz sat back you do i have russell knows how to do theatre around he knows how to entertain these people is acutely aware that all these folks are watching whereas charley was just like i'm gonna go out there be charlie she might give us our monies i've already got your money i remember that all those were awful use that word the devastating i mean he evening he was in a panic and that's when they brought in comics a sobering comics on the road with them and yeah but that
riding the wave of that they did this anger management thing right and you are the first couple episodes probably weren't so bad yeah but it's fucking terrible yes i'll take that illuminati why are they not hundred episode and its eyes and therefore the running a hundred actual shows who will we get so how how much time do they put in these fucking joke right you cabals none almost no time is hardly any time if you do want a week here it's fucking hard working sitcom is fucking ard on it i get it for five years it is not easy it's it because easier once things get jailing but even then man writers fuckin head blocks they don't know what you mean do days like we were a news radio season for there was days with scriptures didn't fuck and work these granting these writers had passed there ass in benghazi keyboard and they just couldn't find a way to make this scene work on me of wood abandons a whole scenes and what a new ones and reared
things the next day we used i'm writing at all at that point now writing but i wrote a lot of the jokes that i sat on the show why didn't ad lib on sea we do is on sat the way the way work with news radio paul sims that was a creator is a genius yes a really really smart guy but also i can't really healthy ego i get didn't have to be his words that read write so he would write things and then dave foley was really like an uncreated producer of that show is dead if rewrote entire scenes he rewrote jokes wrote jokes for me and for vicki louis four andy differ everybody he rewrote stuff and then would present this new version of it in david i greatly respect rules that we have this idea with joy to see it and policy let's see what you got in probably like i like yours better let's go with that that's great and so like literally forty percent of that show maybe even more was ad libbed on the set by by the foley
andy ad lib the loudest of i am a blast of we wrote for each other here now sometimes you know you'd see and doing something and i would go running say there seemed like all as you know ervic here what you know whoever it's got sort environment where you can all contribute to make it just makes a better show you know it's not always you get a cast that can do that and think about that just those names are you using just as great everyone's killer yeah and that's how difficult it is to pull up a shell use having all those killer all their talent film man stephen route and even
but no one of the few that didn't write he didn't ad lib anything yes even route would get the script and he would use a character like if you talk to him if you see him a news radio you assume that he's that guy he's nothing like that she's a swedish guy everybody so nice and normal when you meet him here but you know he'd had this jimmy james character was a character that eu like developed he was the heaven phil armand were the ones who are like there will a character tat they had developed a character now imagine doing too a week yes impossible i don't know how to fuck anybody would do it right now my dad but doing two of em a week without day fully and without paulson rather i mean maybe the people in writing that show a good i don't know i don't know but also what does not fucking incentive when you got ninety episodes picked up it's like those organs smell is then go we're stuck here it's you ve got the gig already gigs not going to go away rail it's hard to put those things off the area where that is
illuminati i don't think they illuminati that organise irving you know what illuminati is i just consider it like the hollywood is where is your bridge rivalries talking like that big what exactly but people always want to think that when it doesn't work out for them that's the thing about hollywood whenever they all want to think that the some sort of grand can spirit see a hundred percent now but you know i think that with that whenever you talk to unite around comedians items depending on who you're talking to they'll say well i want though not in another white guys other bodies like the outlook for black eyes these black he's got an arab asians and only one aging and gave it everybody however you are you think they don't want if you create something in that something is popular and that something is celebrating and then people buying it nobody loves it they are one of the beautiful things about being a comic is that you can prove it on your own view develop a file
when you go on stage you start killin and on the road to everybody wants come see you there i do a show a tom papa tom would we gonna do how do we get upon how do we get a piece this money on time trying to figure out how to profit off doing right exactly and others i did it there's some sort of a grand conspiracy know what you're selling sucks professed what you're set you're selling is nothing yeah right exactly no one's interested that's it's a conspiracy gets bearded see as people can aspiring to only put things and they like on tv sorry perfect hurried off it into that play now build costs be is a part of a grand conspiracy that's a larry stay the ties all these different women and they got them to say the exact same thing and arranged
quaid you see that video right he's crazy is far exceeds crazies fuck what happened he released a new video today where a new one today water enough it's the same one will not crazy white beard and he puts a mask on year though then you have about his girlfriend wife simulates it easier that acting but yeah he's gonna nazi went crazy will you went crazy couple years ago he owed a lot of money and there was a house that it was live and they take the mountains run from hotels cedar ranch yeah yeah yeah real railways are in their beautiful place right you can crank up a real big bill in a couple days and hysteria six days in a split in tat he did that a couple place man got weird how it's no one people get old some people they have like a tendency for centrist city and as they get all that morphs into full blown craig
right you know it's like you got a little bit of a cold and the next thing you that aids and what we are offering a horizontal eager control as it his wife is on this on board those it almost seems like maybe they're just drug addicts together instead of being a crazy thing because the family she's not like my husband's going crazy they might just in essence the arts both get on the same tailored with my report we might be yeah they're not using their drugs i wait for another actors is actually to drugs such periods sally sheen in this conspiracy flogged guys billy abc target about doing rawness bessie smokin rocks and murmured the that's our role arise actually might get off the enemy couple arose have signed the papers were there not allowed to talk about the stuff that happened with charlie sheen greetings he makes them sign confidence
company in a chinese you give money useless thing and i was shit loads are money retarded amounts of money or doing now that girls just to come here tat is to say that for my he's a big fan of prostitutes and i think when you ve got the kind of money that guy's got he's been on several big time series a bunch of movies probably worth close to a billion dollars at this point right so when you ve got that like puddings a hundred grand for some little did i say rita nothin listen senorita we had some strange times lotta people wouldn't understand what our between you and me and a glass table because you and i love it but as is they wouldn't you ve got a transmission issue and you need to get you tyres change and i'm going to do it for you nevertheless sugar in your bank account decides the sugar in a bank account yeah
this girl once at the yahoo com restore back in the day with her new boyfriend was one of the play boy bunnies that lived on the at the house right she was apparently gonna write some tell all bilateral share one of doing you know those those stories were people have that sort of a situation where you know you getting paid by some guy and there's like some money jane yeah semi prostitution or type situations like this gets weird you know you with some over wealthy cat ma you know old and fucked up in it like some crazy king yeah when he was like a but if you have this kind of like a crazy kenya he's is weird harem of gals and year walkin around in his robe i think not heroic another broke smoky jacket though we gotta get robes bleed
that's what you do a whole show in robes down and until later that ladies making us those astronaut shirts i can't wait at the sort of those remember that there is a scientist the gotten trouble they landed and a comment they landed a robot on a calm area and the guy who was celebrating it war assure that his friend designed it was his friend whose into like rocket lee sort a pin up girl types die and she is she that that picture there that there was like you in homage to his friend rank is this friend made him that skirt and that's what she does so artists were always shared on tv and then all these people gets so mad like look at those against with scroll ups girl i look at the actual title is i don't care if you landed a spacecraft comment you're sure sexist and
your sizing in tommy yeah i'm not always its is sexy women i mean if he was wearing a shirt with a bunch of he men masters of the universe on and recognise the tarzan with his long flowing locks swing for anybody complained re like negative ursula could be on the back right is that the girl interviewing him for whatever reason if does brawls reversed if he was interviewer and she was the scientists and she had assured on like a bowling shirt with a bunch of like sadly bodybuilder do that it would be fun erecting airily here just have a good time enjoy your lives while this these are just pinup girls they're just girls in like swine p s sort of like he invented fuckin asshole so unlike some fun anymore setting up a business was good time who
are you so upsetting to you what's wrong with you is to huddle shirt but we want to use a bunch of chicks gettin fuckin double penetrated of like a punch chicks like it again you know what our airtight is yes i had a friend and his friend was dating a porn star and it was cool with it for a while it is like gods ok you know which brings home girls mothers to ingest and you know what you think about just sex and then day he got a hold of her contract and the contract said air tight it was like in the contract in whose like what's airtight she's like a dick in every hole is like a mouth time might all at this not my special lady there's no especially just that was that was breaking point i can't explain that went to my mom is just sitting there going aired airtight
and now is it i'm sorry what what does that mean i q school he was cool there were two guys he was cool with her but three was it a great was aware is about air tight it's like it's a sure sign is too much porn being may re gonna plug every hole has it been done no plug in my pocket up we're innovators get that little guy two years to fill a lawyer and jests rafting that contract to imagine a squirt move in your ear graham and atomic parliament just and then the two major are making out their gay if they're making with each other whether skull fucker ears and another guys back in her mouth but that ardashir has probably been done report we're raw it's probably been done i haven't you can think up anything that hasn't probably this point bright spry asian made in the core what
what year was the first asked to mouth done i mean that had to be in the two thousands right that didn't exist if you go back to or a days of like ginger lynn and run jeremy and read or north there's no asked her mouth it in half do because it is a people having sex vashem like when done rickles does show afterwards he's got a silver robot and slippers that's opposition members that we don't have to do it you do we don't have a clue as to mouth our air tight arenas fuckin midgets back in your ear nonsense this gimmicks its way rely on when you got no talent pug unites do video video today even make films anymore with film they dont use anymore someday
do they hardly do for movies but you could bring them there's some act there's some directors i only want to shoot families they don't believe in the whole digital sectarian radioactivity wacko wild i think documentaries lot of documentaries may be still be on film photographers to believe in photography like them has to elect digital photography like some something's missing right now elsie's it's like when people are now you know how to use this gold able for you you're not you know you can use an instagram filter to achieve all that you far cut rate because that worry i dont think innocent hours maybe they're not using like procedure this time around or their using like old school like you know puppets in like how they used to do it i mean really i don't know man there is actively and overload of sea gee i where you're just like them i am watching a video game at this point the guy
who directed my last colony special in wanting to do in black and white is leaving here we'll burn did his in black and white but i think actually feldman but maybe didn't but this before that before bear even very brave and new built perversely when his black white and but it's early in color go out that like what i go it s like i just why not just draw take all the phrase draw everything i'm doing
do your best seller i have an option to make a black and white by turning around off on your tv you can make any special blackened why didn't you fuck with contracts and the color color so we're this desire for the archaic to go back to the absolute jaime camera i'm gonna put two fuckin needle on by the way that turntable that you got me likud still does not work and why do we or do anything about the really what's wrong with it jamie given the balsam here that's the plot wasn't work i've got my daughter turntable didn't work to bring it back than the other thing that such skipping it's like yet this is why we stuff secrecy behind a shitty reply ethical it is undeniable that the sound is a little different that's undeniable apparently there's a new walk man that's expensive as fuck it's a new sony walk ban and it's an mp3 recorder that support
to have like the most incredible premium sound right and so we just released this at the latest of video show that what is called consumer electronics and vague in vegas and it's a big gamble cause it's like more a thousand bucks a serious yeah hira pull it up and we'll try this marina neil jung's booker rita millions book he has this so he wants you to buy one thousand two hundred our mp3 player ok what's that sound hearing sambo stop town is on the table the kyoto ironic as you're talking about better sound
iraq last one showing filing avail new walkman mp3 player which many been expected for some time people first go to look at device at sea as two thousand fifteen was asleep design or excellent ergonomics a copy was as was the price tag the z acts to priced at just under one thousand two hundred dollars for that's more than a phone which already has an mp3 player yeah why because renowned sobered as the audio files choice a new focus of the music and an embassy i think that this kind of this kind technology will exist in phones soon right but to buy it as a hand held out i don't have a fucking thing outside my phone ok i have found my phone has hundred and twenty eight fuckin gigabytes of this point
goddamn songs and this thing and i'm not buying up to now and if i took a mp3 file that was satan recorded one twenty eight kill bits per second or whatever or you know twice that play both of em i really doubt most of us would even hair or be here the difference in it at all you know it does matter though is really good headphone really good headphones maria my kids can play like their phones though play song just in that speaker and just leave it in gaza and they love it and it really drive me crazy i just came here that late and quality it just drives me i have these ear buds from shore like steel braided cables that are covered with plastic and very expensive i was like our limit is just for a good by these thing jesse if it makes a difference it makes a big fucking it does yeah they have like drivers inside the ears the little but they feel weird play video on yeah plug it into my phone it's fuckin fence
and they blower wailing with regular oh yeah it's quite ipad it's quite a bit better you know is it i remember how much it costs a lot of money but yes is it like a thousand dollars better no ray it's interesting the driver thing because beats when they were still together with doktor drain beats you know they used their own special driver allowed people complain that it was really bc into too much base now that they broke up i just got a new parents completely different it's it's like it it doesn't seem like the same headphones even knows if it was exactly the same headphones i used to have a look the same it doesn't sound right rather andor bluetooth now see just have these like awesome headphone you can answer cause ottoman it's great its own animals hands you guys are tech savvy visa lebrun use he's doing like the beats why miss bingley workin out so you're running though that means you're like i run with a shovel even accidents but might that's not blue to now you can do with a shovel
but you do you mean you come running through the street an ipod shuffle yesterday there's a little tiny ones at the club bundled up just put around in your ways you can't use the wireless now for that and see what you need is a fuckin phone and fanny pack everyone scared of god damn fanny packs is the way to go you slipped out sucker right in their clip at them and go run it do they really have run with your phone around my phone makes me nervous at all really run now they had a good use from like running type stuff i do everything treadmill or rather not a treadmill usually elliptical machine you not run it through the streets i do plenty a pounding would my joints hitting things like to do extra pounding for aid i think our taking chances of my joints from kickboxing arrive up with it with all other stuff yeah i just let me get nerves are running with my phone they have this case as everyone that you know your phone goes in any just goes on your own in those are good and you don't have yet to have it on a really
now that you don't have the plaster you of the sick and i went back down to their sex you last year you i get lower i feel like i got the six and i feel like i should have done you know it's better the batter life is tremendous it's so rarely the batteries good for like a couple of days it's really good no like i can listen to music i believe a brand to work when i do shows i have a blue tooth hooked up to this little speaker i set the speaker up in the green room i play music with it then and state a record on my sets with an agony shows with that plane the music all that taking pictures no brayley no problems the battery does go in the six when you listen to us of her watching stuff goes mainly the six is essentially the same batteries of five five ass the same battery it is this year this being based on the same battery life but a large
green so sort of counters maybe a slightly larger batter build large screen whose by the wrong stuff too you can keep new one given away give its assent to somebody like you kid nea i guess first we're always rob louise but things twice i'm like think things through i had another making the right purpose i have noticed a pod cast phone for the studio that say a samson galaxy s five and there's parts of them that i like better than the iphone really little bit smaller it's five inches instead of this just as your friends will preside five point five i want to say anything it's in your brain troubled body not always use a phone all the time i don't know what you're talking about child so what i like about this the the samsung sisler bad boy right here this thing would clips and place your phone you drop in the toilet it's fun
waterproof really call water resistant but rather a fuckin thinking go under water and be fine shores of this bitch goes underwater two dead man yeah there's nothing scary than having a glass water next your phone on the counter and it's got a heartbeat detector right there you put your finger over there and it shows your heart beat saviour and love yes it's very important a mood ring with you can do with apps and how they are perhaps though you put your finger over the it actually measures they have an app on the on where it measures the uses the flash from the camera and apply losses on your finger actually measures that the the heartbeats from meeting with the camera lands and reading your ear though the light on your finger fatima crazy rise a great worldwide but i like about this those two things that are like about the sounds on first the big one is you could take the fucking batter
out and put a new one in so if your battery last rites extra in your bank you put a supper battery in and you have a full charge instantly then also i like you can add memory needs to memory card in there and you get an extra hundred twenty gigs yeah but you don't you don't seem is cool to retrain impressed on bob i dont know everybody there's no perfect phone what i'm saying others parts of this that i love you you are all numbers yes this is the year the studio phone gotcha gotcha but this this is this is better than a lot this is uh yeah this is a better operating system the iphone operating system is clearly better than the iphone camera is a little better too but that's pretty goddamn good i mean the difference between the galaxy operating system
and though i phone and the camera the camera this is so it's very clothes you kind of splitting hairs yeah yeah feels the same brian disagree have you thought the escarole apple of effect with the gown she has found no but i've heard a lot of complaints but the us via especially with the thumb print sensors and he added abbess sensor is dog she loved i do love that about its great on iphone door shit ganglia like i'll show you watch i have to do like four times a shit what shall we go solicitous swipe entire pad why you have to tell me that ok elsewhere but oh no match you fuckin car no match again you fuck head but see warrant no mastery tyrant it's my thumb i have one of em you fuck out of here five unsuccessful attempts to unlock your device try again turn assessor you said just now you can go through the really good fucking
p s really good son of a bitch you george you're getting chase down an alley trying to call nine when one why you're doing nice cracked in or you know that might anything that the best thing is this going to road trip both phones try to use that on the way to somewhere chinese the iphone on the way back you know what i'm talking about lay this crap ok closed one second let's see one second civilian white faster semi any being recognised all you recognize me how do you love me you love me so cute we like joe it's disgusting did you ever doing only answer what did you do funds are using like the wrong thelma you only did one farm enough the other found maybe i'm not man now
i mean i'm a yeah mary i use one dumb alleys one thumb on outcome piece of shit i opened my laptop and home and it there's my wifi and then there's the printer wifi and it just goes to the printer wifi i open it up and then i go to ethnic just that having go and change it from the prince to the thing it every time forget that many new i might move she kills him i've literally physically with the table in anger but am the idea of having a fingerprint sense when your phone was so sexy just a little while ago and they came without the was this was the first one another fingerprint centrally iphone with alive i've i've asked five ass like the upgraded fire had it yeah i'd love the fingerprint sense all yeah did you know the cops can force you to use the fingerprint sensor but they can't force you to enter in your your code while
have you ever get undressed arrested delete all your fingerprints i have a great tip i just found out it's really scary is that turn off turn off this thing you know like what if you have like your phone up and you go up like that you don't have that quick menu rat civic you lose your phone so may pick it up they put an airplane months you can't find your phone they steal your phone so there's no way for the deaf to find your phone up to align you may need to turn off this wipe up menu because it that's what i do like me leave a phone in a taxi taxes guy got no now now he knows now you share just in limbo in with the terrorists jesus christ that doesn't make sense
so the great use the fine your phone people got their asses kick from that find your phone where you you know someone stole your phone you ding dong skis we of my phone no you talk about rich i gotta find your phone app fuck head figure we finally address they can't finally what room it's in re into tears once goddamn house cover the whole hotel how is it s not like one of those like knowing ready on homing devices are motivated by believe we would have an apartment building in manhattan pretty you're a joke is on my house i can see exactly what room i mean if myself how does it but does it show you it shows me the line of my house in google maps and it shows me what room in the room your phone is india where our values that it like if i can find my phone i'll go my laptop and make it play a sound and i'll find my phone like it you know underneath the counters starts incredible so are you didn't make it play a sound and if it's off right even if the us the sound ringers off yeah yeah really
there is also another out my recommend called secret which is another one that i put on all my phones in my laptops and stuff and what is its programme that's always running that does the same kind of thing but could also turn on your webcam and take photos if somebody stole your top they won't even know that city filming now getting their gps get every single key type that they type in more years girlfriend can put that shown you funny catch you pete not always comes back to bite you like i did the find your phone like my friends or something to see where my daughter was and it's not that accurate is like it said she was a black neighbourhood now i can't be right that's just bad signal made most nights you let's go it's way more accurate if you're connected to a wi fi network at the unite like she's not connected to wi fi network it has to try to gas
it's where it but it doesn't work on airplane moon her that's weak they need to change that or they need to make it easier thumbprint if it's locked access that many unloved that swiping up thing though to use the flashlight i use a flashlight all the time was no way i'm turning off that up swiping swipe up things greed though i just wonder if you could turn it off you now from the locks screen like it's on a lock screen but i like to use a camp or just could have on the news alarm how these things i can't do two steps god dammit handle that because it gave a little they take a little back all these things are constantly improving their constantly innovate adding to them and yeah that sound thing that you see on that walkman you'd be a silly person by that stupid twelve on our walkman oh yeah that's gonna be in your phone soon die out of
i know they're working on that their work not improvements i read something about the digital cell phones working on improvements a sound quality in anticipation of these type of devices ran you know what i want them to do use apple paid you use the phone wave on a page i want them to fix the toll system at el x you never get the car after gig whatever than you like is that line and nobody has the thing and moving find the card and it just trying to get out of there you can't tell me there's not gonna be an app and waving of the phones is going to solve this rhyme we'd be out of here media remembering the fast pass in new york ass through and you could just drive through you didn't have to pay the tolls amazing poor so excited you just had to drive the light went on you went right through it so
if so much fuckin time in traffic so much because traffic in new york on toll booths used to be insanity how you wanted to fucking eat a shot gun have you ever rented a car in new york in britain you didn't have the fastest through anyway it's written that i was always call i must now you will make a choice did they put him move like me you'd have a rental car enemies of what tat meant dry right by heavy social care and that so i don't give a fuck you get up mammalian pay a grassy should pay my bill somebody else place among the fuck you feel it business guy now take it was is a great just waiting i yesterday well my guys a good friend and events for a long time you want to know the deuce guy knows like he's worked with good friends that helps but it does it make your life that much better or more certainly dahlia what's for everything to
the guy if you want to buy a house if you want to buy a car if you need to take care your bills they took care of everything they give you and itemised monthly report every week on you fight or every month finances and you don't have to worry you have to think about anything screen we just sounds there's a lot of time involved in being a human being that takes away from work that you could be done the egg actually makes you more money rational he will say on budgets you given away x amount of percent of your income yeah but i'm making more money because i'm thinking more and i'm doing more i sit for my fucking computer paying bills for hours every names writing checks jackie tracking member balancing check book what kind of your little ledger i'm so i feel like so tat out for time no i need a staff and in this seems like the first part
well you're comic any of the family to a vision a lot of stuff i have to things going on behalf of the committee broke well isn't all that has happened to you know there have been guys had been unscrupulous i remember there was a an issue way back in the day where there was an agent that was stealing money from a bunch of like big name clients like lenny clark got hit stolen hundreds thousands dies from him and jerry seinfeld it was like really gather was an agency that was going or on that was doing that for p i forget how to add lenny next time i see him but was devastating allow these guys had lost his hundreds thousands docile major cooks brother those bad that was really bring jane yeah maybe your brother is in jail for robin you end they
never recovered millions of that money or there is a lot that was owed the arrested lot of the arrests but has also there's missing honey array yeah the geese other stole money from him and went on to drive a car the country and they don't know what the fuck he did when he was dr and he got a stopped at banks i'm gonna security boxes under assume names i mean i don't know how much is involved in getting a security box at a bank but dimly josh i think it's very deep i mean there might be fuckin no coffee ganz somewhere on defence policy with a million dollars rolled up in it gonna find it with me have you ever seen what a million dollars looks like in a bag of one hundred dollar bills it's not as much as you would is you ve seen it took a suitcase small bag reduce jesse dig a fuckin here it throw that should in their rather it's gonna be the triangulated on gps and oh shit has again magical get there is an apartment building where the spot was
i just did twenty years the big house not a big house calls as it where's my money that's if all the story what's fucked up is it was his brother too and was any found out after his parents patenting was brutally also things half brother which is purely care for those who fought yes have for others ro the tribe ten may brother what's the other ways year they have you fucker his brother apparently you know dane was like you know i'm gonna start investing my money i was different things i talked this guy and his brothers like now told you that i don't do that look i got to sort out the door am tinker reverie think mega plenty monies like what would you mean to me what they start asking questions well i want to get somebody just go with finance got everything nowhere but what then
getting like super nervous like what are you talkin many and then he started to get it investigated and we're gonna investigated relies brother just fuckin dealing they went to his house had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his bank like yet a safe rather after all that success he had learned work he had money that was in plastic bags that was frozen in tomato sauce like he had frozen it and put the freezer stuffed it in like these these plastic bags and police phrase like you is hiding money all over the past my god was dark eyed is raising nooses is own blood you know he trusted his brother s brother no fuck me but i guess his brother was like use for good as need all this money for gesine you're funny but it's like it's over
man it's dark that is really dark me i'll do my own got em up we gotta get out its man it's real tricky when you trying to save money like that and china yeah but that's the thing i mean if i wouldn't stopping on top of it you gotta me right right we're all my say you'd cannot monitor that stuff all the time you should most certainly share there you know you know it's all so suffered the kids system like song setting them up meaning you know to mean bright and the like that i'm doesn't everybody has a little like all this for the future small uniting the out it's crazy accounts where some good luck mess with me ya know people who don't even their managers they just have an agent and they just do everything through their asian have agents take care of them like but
like ebola gum saving money my gear you are worthy of the think about more stuff that way right now that i now that's really that's it sucks up so much of your brain just have to go and do that also i think that if you too much in a financial sense like how much am i making how much more can i make i can get this out of them while i'm going to ask for that and hopefully i'll get like less you know all overshoot but of youth if you have all that thinking on your head i think that's like contrary creative thinking creative thinking is like non selfish non aware like when when i think creatively empty
when i think of myself and my computer i'm nothing remind myself at all on about the idea i'm not thinking whom how much money can this idea make me right now right exactly it's that's back to leave the wheat thing yes because i really start feeling like i'm ober responsible and i'm running this company right running this com papa incorporating pop incorporate doing the radio showed the tv stuff doing stand up stuff do all this managing all the step taken care of the family taking care of everybody dolly human beings doing all this might i if i start smoking weed i'm gonna literally internal seriously i needed not all the time but i need to add like riding high i write my best offer them high original stuff punches
both of i'll i've made up right without it to the end is a lot of times i right i just sit down right right and sometimes those ideas are great junks or great ideas are great bits by a but there's stuff that comes he went on the high where am i this is just a gift by the universe right there's just something just came to my other i would i don't think i want to come up with without the we now know kicks open these doors yeah i mean those like that's like a famous quote by carl sagan carl sagan a famous quote about about what i want it does to you oh yeah yeah dislike here i find it bizarre a famous coming i say again it was like oh unknown potted i am convinced there are genuine and valid levels of perception available with cannabis and probably with other drugs which are through the deep
ex of our society and our educational system unavailable to us without such drugs carl mother fuckin saying where smoking weed using the telescope lightened vicious brains on fire millions and billions and billions and billions of star lose you like the new cosmo yeah lovers he's amazing and they got into these and other one the other girls thyssen like in making that that show is taken much shit from creation is sent from fuckin people that you should show the other side as well how about having a creation is debate you upon your programme they wouldn't run in kansas re state laws they literally the first week it was like they said it was just didn't happen real in that second week
oh no this is there not learn not running it is that true yes a station yeah it was gonna go glows like the premier cosmos did not run an intense yeah it's a true yes idiots you didn't run the the premier episode there like they said like it was a problem with something like the broadcast or something and then what is that false far saw so you fucking purveyor of bad inflation tom papa it's an interview dare you guys i saw it online now what's whose has asked talking about south rogan now the others seth macfarlane dancing one who's that seventy four i why we fully share is probably high pending a bill it would force vocs television
too many words what's it say because down about that's about a law i'm not wrong i thank you you the crack staff here when he gets a lot of shit though for sure he has allowed shit from creation nests man people are upset with them because these illuminating people on the actual facts and measured reality of the internet the end of the year as the universe rather jurists ireland so that he woods milk doing he would come up with ideas straight but then make it off funnier and punch it up yeah i mean it what is got the wrong method that's not a bad method me i like to write high as fuck sometimes when i ride high as fuck like sometimes i'll get high as fuck and i think i'm going to go in isolation tank and my computer skills commitment can sit down written i just down i start writing on the computer and i never make it into the tank realist yeah justly an idea comes to adjust
gets out of my head i can these big bursts an affiliate young fellow gotta g capture those moments in i gotta figure that's why i think it's very important for comics build type well there's a lot of colleagues can they pack in power indignant that you'd miss out on their ideas cause you can't right can grab him out of the air quick and yeah do you ever right long him no mean i do when i write like it's like all this years later during shows and stuff i have an idea that i don't want to forget yeah there most what it is issues just like really quick cliff notes right or when i have a my notebook that i use her shows i just write the same things down over and over again like if you look at my notebook oliver crazy police because i'm i'm just trying to remember the order and make sure that i get the key punchline especially on new stuff like the shining page after page apes only use notes on you
yes you do that or do a lie miles the coal mines called bunny now just this is just notes you know just this'll no bad thing i got one here that i had a right yesterday yeah racial profiling and here i have a lot of them these are all things that is written down other all ran young on one file odium put em all under funny and i are very low percentage of what actually gets turn to a general right away i e through a lot of shit up against the wall de record you sets i do yeah i used to use this voice memos thing comes at the iphone i found that it crashed a couple times fuck me and it's not good when you're so you listen to go over is this one it's way more dynamic recorder now it's it's a pay one you have to pay for our called v v r p s full the r p sevenfold
what does your jokes and funny why just i worked for the one who got the best use of all the people that are like like serious fuckin audio files this one they think it's the most flexible has the most shit doing i record online through asia twelve the dollar sony walkman may move yes again high quality and said really i call you and audio fire i'm a phooey at no point when the debt when i tell you there are fully any of my life including but she is the fact that you have food joyce hurts like the most sexiest stakes in my gun love food who does not accord including not a fuckin own it's like baby pajamas well it's it's people rely kirsch snobbish about road i was too or that's what they
long for more than anything you rascal this up an element of life and not a y know either array but i like wine you now i'm an oxygen air and china we nets we need in this studio man we some wine anomaly wine why do i get a big one yeah why india some even wine list that it would be good if you re nice wine rack when these wall you always an alarming here the harder to throw the usa would we should get one of those wine cooler little fridge greater things and put some wine there i enjoy it will glass one wipe while you do in a pot gas like some podcast sets a good idea little whisky on ice thought it was an honour and here was i don't i was watching home and i was trying to size of matrimony exit his hide it sometimes sometimes
can i come to places at its core while you noted as we have a lot of electronic equipment running yeah you have all that shit over there the try here letter i mean cool enough right it's not like eighty in here it's like seventy five percent it's like three degrees above perfect readiness where legs and to get at seeing nice people in new york or eating hale those that were far guy again them again right now i know i was just in dc him man fuck all that i now i can't go back of his booking shows what am i doing now and i want to go to ohio right now so unlike just west now i don't mind visiting vehicles in visiting the cold like like thousand fuckin sweet in january do well and is called a shit but it was fun it i'll stay
dropping you have a good time get the fuck out of dodge couple jokes about their when dummies didn't stop gonna judea nice name is like i just got back from a higher the sun doesnt work there it was daylight that sunday nothing in this world macaques that's we're so spoiled now like mean i've talked and one point time about living in seattle we had a real discussion we even looked at a house we in this house we really like but unlike you gonna tell me you can deal with this shit cause the act deal with a lot of shit you can't deal here i don't know if you can deal with this are you gonna be able to deal with clouds nothin but clouds and ran away here and cry and it breaks strong people
where do you back i'm just sad and i dont know why i'd take vitamin d get a son in bed shire oh yeah the last couple trips i've had up to seattle i just have hit beautiful weather it's been disk sunny and great at last three weakens us up there i'm in portland a couple weeks yeah another right and i'm town people like it's really great i mean it's a seems like sand and they like it this deadlock in their eyes it's not like this all the time you get but as you sorry i'll just quit the important lately yeah great only whether that rely this chief ceo and i still want to quit when you were gonna because the weather he said
yeah that's like a big man i gotta they make it a lot of money and that's not like your tom papa related here of europe's economic leg if you're talking about there's only one tampa above some the tampa offended you ve gotta do it read like you gotta do their job it's it but if you're fuckin the ceo of a company like guess what fuck face gets up there's a bunch of those do is wait for that gig that's got its run and foot lockerbie happy to come over and run and i gave you know together nike store the factory yes live into the nike that celebrity centre thing where they take it to the place i give you the free sneakers that is the bane of mice liberty existence what is the ninety strain can't givens of an ip story no i i don't go anywhere i wanted to go since the beginning of my career i just heard about you go and get always free stuff the out i've done shows i've been an ip i just shot a nike commercial i cannot
i can't wait to something which also part i can never go you know and i stopped when i felt guilty about where another sneakers might this is bullshit lesson i didn't give me money and i feel bad somewhere in a deed us might this is stupid side stop go into my gun i broke i can afford to guide the impairs negress exactly place ninety i buy everything mine love buying should online comes do you have to go anywhere and i have to show that's more time out a day you don't have to dedicate i love sitting at amazon like my ipad at night and gone oh i'm out of those i dropped spink am we need more toothpaste bam and just ass i bought athletic tape today well rules of athletic tape
data stored in helping to set up a kind of litter going to restore work at a cat litter leaders a pop anything that's heavy there my why my carrying it is rather waste gas will you know there's a pellet girls that we got from mountain girl i just bought a flock loaded pellets note a pellet guerrillas glorious there's a couple buddies trigger e yoda green mountain girls on what we have and what they are as these they take these hardwood pellets no one you like if you say you buy like this table is made an oak and someone had a saw this table down and when you saw it creates a lot of sawdust they take that sawdust and they can press it the natural sugars just in compressing it these things stick together and independence and you could take the palace you gonna break em in your and then not regret its now i got a hard piece of wood but it is a hard wood right and so you take these pelagia poor mental back in its super efficient just
a small box you know like maybe two foot square of these people for fucking hours and hours of cooking real and it regulates the temperature perfectly and you can grill on you it works as a smoker you can slow cook food on and i every time you know it's loaded just loves noted for like out it's loaded for hours and hours of cooking and then when you want moods ports more in the box so he put a single currency you heating up shut it off and you didn't back on again and fuckin really takes a couple minutes kicks on and heats up really quickly taste delicious as god crime even app now that you can just tell you how many members here his eye ass do it from your phone yes they also have other thing that you plug into europe into the me like a meat thermometer and registers on the things you tell exactly a temperature of food is when it's done awesome clean out girls is the best i love it saw gas the barber house use gas girls have benefits in cases
i generally i like to grill on lump charcoal but i like the slow cook things and like smoke things on the on the green mongrel what's really not good is the the lid of my grill is the pain of my time has anything just happened to me you can't do that you coming off recovery that need to be included in a black stuff would fall on your chicken and you don't know of its is grind or your moments jacketed i would like to years been worry mongrel sent me what do you need to get it russia has get new ground that's bullshit yes he grows together yeah but does i have you know what a big green egg is now that's like it's a ceramic grill it's got legates heavy and ceramic the fact its many ceramic it keeps in the heat and a lot of people smoke things things i use it mostly a girl but i'll have a big green i have a better
it's called a commodity which really beautiful ass big beautiful japanese thing a blue tiles on it but i use after grilling real stakes on it but anything that i want to slow kirk like the other day i did a roast on the green mongrel lovely that's why you're here there's nothing as you and eating lean pocket yeah i haven't i did my first moose roast the other those we get the shot that bitch where right in a fucking eyes mr van eyes got it and studio city was talking to shit shit about max came nigh i shouted in canada yeah i want something like like the top of the hunting delicious me and you can get a moose and at last you i mean i have four hundred pounds of moose me in my freezer my god ever give or take a yesterday's right there oh yeah that's it
right there and i was the moose regarding iphone youngsters really talking about guys really leaner it now looks four hundred pounds so it was a nine hundred pound animal and after you d bonus skin and cut all meat out it's a lot of meat do so that's like four hundred meals is it really gain no not at all noses and even now to hear me now mousses like a very unique flavour it's like in even dear good percentage of like dear like what makes a gamey is preparation areas it's how p take care the meat adds the goal lanza really important you avoid like they have these things called tarsal glands like a down near their legs and when they're in heat which is most the time when people hunt them with this called the rut and it's like that's when hunting season is legal in a lot of states if you get that stuff on the meat it'll it'll fuck with the tape
me i get strong if it were evade some if it decomposes or if you let it sickness son too long right while you're getting it s not good the meek and go bad if the organs get too hot lawyer why you're taking care of era is a bunch of different variables like fat its savio trim the fat half of the dearest misery died through all this has again steve ramallah he as a show called meter poisons channel it has taken me he took me i first hunt in and i started going hunting with a bunch of different people ever since that afflict for the last two years which get excited about time when i was looking up because of fog raw while europe has been the ban has been overturned here and why angeles i was just looking to see what restaurants haven't when my fear restaurants maiden they announced a day period to animal this short there's a place right down the street here right like next out over it's called brandywine
in amazing its inventory boulevard they have the best fog why it's amazed and people dont like fog what you mean asshole why would you read duck liver what why would you a duck and ass all the either here or there over feeding those dogs is that worst and shoot him in the fucking face as that's what's gonna happen to countenance had often pluck and alice feathers out what stay humane way that day i guess now are doing is it just like there's a lot of debate about whether or not it she made to create fog and in all objectively speaking it is kind of fucked up that you take this dock any stick his mouth into a tube in india force freedom and that's what makes their liver swell however the ray quality is when you go to these fog while places where they have these farms when it's time for the ducks to feed they all get close to that feeder
want that food in other probably don't want you to grab him roughly instinct and neck on relate the best way to do it is to not force feed them the best way to do it is to give them in abundance food but you're gonna get a smaller liver then if you just pour it down their throats i've never had it they just don't have the same didn't have gag reflexes like we do then now me i'm sure they don't like being grabbed and have their mouse doc into a too but they also i didn't kill you mean very nice way to kill him what is a humane way to treat them while they're alive and that's where the debate last at the bit but when the animal rights people passed that legislation we got to realize like the agenda of peter and animal rights but they don't even want you eating eggs do no peed on website has eggs listed as a chickens pier
do you really want to eat a chicken jane i pointed out because this area oh my oh my god it's aired us now listen i am telling you this from personal experience because i have chickens i have twenty two fuckin chickens okay and i eat eggs from my chickens every day they are delicious and there and it's not a chickens period ok this if it's an unfettered eliza movie that which you eat chickens period dumb heads are eggs from shakily menstruation yeah so they re that today our plan but other ready underwear that's why a bloody underwear what kind of lazy bitch can put a fuckin tampon in a cage where under they all do every chicken does and i noticed any protectors there where there were maxie pads so stupid you ever cracked open an egg found blood inside it's like a skin carry moment that's sure to make anybody gag clean up and i'll sick fuck wrote this universe dances
look the pull up the name of these funds we are learning moderating do they have a name on this thing go all the way out doesn't say coward eroded add song plea to clean up and i'll six four fuck you die it's like a halloween pray gone wrong what is a tricky periods are what you're eating every time you fry scramble or bake with eggs you're getting delicious cruelty free protein ok my chickens are completely free range they wandered around my yard i eat their eggs nobody gets hurt i didn't it my fuckin four year old picks chickens up ok these chickens are fine earns getting her they're gonna make eggs either way there's nothing wrong girls period anyway this girl's does not having any fun at all i mean that's not gross jesse blood is blood then my stake is dry being a blood i know you don't know that fuckin beer vienna hope is mostly states you to actually males pluto their steers there there
above the cutter balls off of you can eat four hundred pounds moose eventual yeah yeah i give us some away have given some why have given some to my friends actually run a restaurant of two in some ways and most of them told them the cook it tunnel tastes like tommy there is a link she's a chef yeah microcredit preparations which uses like anything about this and i gotta get totally undo what i've done it bunch ways of grilled it like i said i marinated it and grilled it and i marinated made a roast the other day that was kind of interesting it was delicious you like sphere it on a frying pan and then use cook it over like foreigner degree temperature verbose like about half an hour of making now moose while the good thing about it california to appeal ruling overturning
for one band we we're cleaner yet spock plenary regulations and i am said what are they say the rest they say i little scroll up was as dummies california's attorney general on wednesday filed notice that her office twice we're appeal a federal judge decision that returned the states two year ban on sales of fog la dogs made from fatty ducks and geese liver california lord fog la sales and production in two thousand for but for four really but but the bandage place take take place until two thousand twelve proponents of the ban say force feeding of ducks and geese to enlarge delivers amount to animal cruelty critics of the band saint infringes bond columnar freedom effectively turning chefs into criminals
silly silly silly silly frida moon is questionable ruling california has the right to prevent the commerce in such a case an inhumane products all meat products are cruel inhumane you're gonna have to go through every fuckin single taco bell and take out all their beef alder pork all their chicken every bird a king every mcdonald's every k of sea that is all animals that are treated far more cruel and these expensive ducks and geese mean they they treat those batteries factory other doing feeding them a lot of a lot of green it's all there doing it's not like you know this idea that this is a go uniquely cruel thing and then if you ban this all the other things that you see are not as bad know all these things you see your way worse than tat they cut chickens beaks off when their babies so that they do
package others eyeballs officer in such quote close quarters stuffed into these little cages that's all legal if we want to make something what they should do is have everything free range everything should be free range porch me free range chicken should be free range beef should be for your age you should have a lot it amount of land that you have to own for a certain amount of chickens a certain amount of cows a certain amount of b but then you can have problems with kyle's because i have i am coats i've had to chickens get killed by kyle to one my dog raise again fuckin man indeed look didn't did you find a way to get to them and if you have a big farm you're gonna have to sheep dogs that run around or some sort of dog that keeps the car oh it's away i mean you're gonna have to change agriculture change lives they do it at that level that mass does the only way to stop animal cruelty when it comes to livestock and if they don't
that than their hypocritical this silliness right this so we food exact only force feeding them in such a small scale compared to and it's delicious haven't thought while solo lottery going tonight now the restroom yummy go use restroom tom papa did go to the door and deal with business capital i just yet here we have ever using a shit i wanna keep the fan on one guy i never met four intensity i didn't know you as in so many movies he's been in a movie with matt damon before with the name of it was but he's been allotted tv shows and stuff data here did you hear that that was a good movie he had that show though the wedding counselor the marriage counselor something that worries is that com
the marriage marriage wrath where he was like that's a job you dont want trying to get people to fuck and worked or marriage fund and break up try again you're a new post now try mortar though is the quickest tingle every we doom blow annette is due blown now but i wash my hands in everything why that's incredible fuck how the fuck did you do says reappear should appeal is an initiative we offered her ever i'm gonna go get outside of my own house wooden twice in my life are you serious in the parking lot if i it very infrequently that show the marriage ref that you did yes was at a nightmare like talking to people but the relationship troubles now that part was ok talking with a real people was fine it was trying to do a comedy show with celeb
these that weren't funny well leering into the eyes donald trump word gloria stefan trying to get funny conversation going that was i could talk to regular people about their relationships all night and what was showing upon an interesting
the bay i didn't i never saw it was it was it was a good core idea of seinfeld that when married couples gettin fights these rights will last for ever because you know you both knew not really giving in solving the problem is kind of you hungry now but if you have a friend cabin with him you hemingway we're in a fight and had a friend over and they said jerry said to him will you please listen above us i then you tell us whose right and whose wrong and friendless and two innocent your right and she's wrong whenever any that this is a funny thing for a show for married couples are there have these fights alas their whole marriage have a marriage ref way in and say whether it's right or wrong and it's that at its core it's like a pretty good idea but then so many movie it was like part react
it s part talk shouting had three celebrities wang in giving their opinion on it and then it just became timothy like moving parts the celebrities or goofy idea yeah because especially like a lot of celebrities will pretend they have an opinion is different than they really have just in order to be like yet social brownie points are to sound like it's the right thing to say right or just to make noise on tv doesn't mean saying something and then it became of booking nightmare goes the it went through jerry's rolodex at first it was like all these really famous fun people that he knew about baldwin larry david and madonna all these crazy people and then they was it using wasn't just keep asking friends and stuff and then the next year it was like the level of went way down it looks like you know you can't get those kind of the network wanted madonna every week and you know
getting some road comic something i think i'm in that part became can a wig yeah you're calling on celebrity guests it's rough like select the apprentice how long can i do that may dared to call the odyssey will aberdeen right celebrity apprentices and i let my way to the store the other nato with the billboard on lawrence and any others yeah well you they offered that shit to me when i was when we're rebuilding fear factor and i was like y know now and then they like guy you gotta live in new york for two months i will get the fuck outta my i talk to my wife and like my be fond beanie are true largest active fuckin just go to new york the right gonna be on this stupid fuck and show have him say yeah fire is is the money so good that's where they get these people they offer good one it is gay i was a u s good chunky change year it was real money outcast prize arrival it had the it's been for ever and ever too
and they were gonna give you like a real fucking cash a big slice a nice slice had that's the only way but it see now still my word cause you gonna stop they're gonna have to do that but for me well that are trying to build really like i know pendulum that he found that when he did it like all these points like what they got more people to show at the rio really you know they have a week show their there every week pen teller at the rio invest every week every week and he kind of how to do things outside of that nor alert people they are there and he said it was very effective for that yeah i guess i guess it's just a personal thing like i couldn't sit and look at donald trump and then you're fired
i just you know get fired jetson that big businesses likely i couldn't but the marriage of was it was it was ok it was just chaos was crazy producer uneasily crazy producer those are years a great producers or grain aren't sanguine not so stupid ideas that you have to listen to
it was a hurry i find out that since one of the network it was supposed to be like this nice little quite show during one of those little cut who's gonna be like a sunday night show in just kind of like slowly bring it out just for married people its author was grey and then let us primetime tanks and they called jerry there like we want you to save those they nights report on thursday at ten seinfeld returns to thursday night and on another member watching the olympics that year they were every they were just kept pumping it and pumping it the greatest show jerry's back biggest comedies every break of the of peeling pics to the point where when they
i have a final sam is for the olympics they cut it off some one was unlike mid singing maids canadian song and there like the marriage town and now we're like this is not what you told this is not the best comedy thing of all time and they really came after it to my tribe to my way we don't even know we're doing even though it was yet diego let those things grow and their looks like we're talking about with jokes during the first draft on nbc pumped up by the olympics early was so annoying like i would watch the olympics and be like i right with i can't watch enough these promos i don't letterman did a thing and one of his top ten but that was a year like someone went off and not the toboggan with the loser something went flying off the side of something there was like the top ten things that he thought right before he crashed or something
and one was no more marriage or perhaps someone die yeah nothing it was the dead guy hulu and identity he might have a baby depend on whereas life was out that my good point study was you know you just gotta get swept into those things and it was fun have a chauffeur years do you want do something else now what are you doing here for sure for sure i am i am acting on the neck have a couple episodes coming what's the nick nick a soda burg's new show with clive owen it's about a hospital in in new york in like nineteen ten
and i it's really good clive owns amazing isn't a common area of droughts drama and ease cartoons and make its great it's really really well done this is it well yeah it's so good modern medicine and start somewhere and soda work does it mean i do love stuff a soda word that were looks to me like that seen in that that movie the wolf man the most recent one with what the fuck his name what's it beneath your daughter s yoda toro was the wolf oh yeah i lay there did experiment otto many fuckin turning wolf man the middle of the that's like one i'm old school e auditorium yeah where they were operating medical school where they do operations are so like any like addicted to cocoa at the end of the nineties they treat him for cocaine madness because it's all legal back then the dreamer comb came
they give him heroin this has on cinematic cinema x i didn't even know cinematic still existed i now this is like this is like the only i'm not sure i could be really goes from this enlightened on our having been quiet but i only did a couple episodes and i'm another couple coming up the next season but a cinema is alive and kicking mandatory closure showtime was dead the fuckin water until shit like dexter yeah now and now they have won my favorite shows ever the fucked in the show about the cia homeland yeah that's right exactly two fuckin great show yeah i know it's good why not send a measure mean this is all they need to do all any was cut over a paying what egg populism analysing to ease these there's like some is inaccurate or any yet season at the four seasons are in recent days and air there's ten of them to so many channel
now it is i'm raising but all you have to do like any ok like what is what is even worse what is the fuckin walking dead on a may i say what the fuck is that who the hell ever watched am see before the walking dead was an madman madman's on their tin breaking bad to write me at a nowhere where are you have to do is put out amazing shows and people flocked you're stupid network it's crazy you can do it on that flax or aims oh yeah networks is just a house of cards is giant i'm writing for a show on amazon now really yeah what is it it's called it's called red oaks it's about you'd like it it's about its coming of age commits read over the country club nor the new jersey and its by the young kid
like working at the country club he's get laid is kind of like caddy shack kind of ways scarlet are you a comedy and my friend created it has a going in somewhat to write a couple hours that's incredible yeah why known matters like seventy learn a lot of original starve yeah let us build bird has his new animated show that out stay road it already you could make somethin man don't be jealous make something adam day they had they wrote it and it's gonna be like a year until it's on the air i because they have to anna the shit out of it and it takes a long fuckin time man i didn't leads in the sweat shop to do it that's what happened yeah that'll really does reorient that's all we did mean robs army did an animated feature called a super bestow do you hang out robs zombie yeah what's out like he's a good guy isn't really good guy
hard worker mobility aid of moroccan horror movies now how weird is at its good really works gets up early and just go swelling goes talk about like make something he just like where those guys i now we're doing this and the eu to going to do it well and when we did this animated it took us like i've years literally while doing it and animated re cutting i mean just whenever a five fucking years down effort how many harm movies zack i directed now quite it flew four or five he didn't to hollow wins has with thousands corpses the other one how devils rejects yeah devils rejects it's crazy they just its elam lords of sounds like i'm remain some fucked up horror movies as they get arc dark violet really ladder films they use like he's he's gonna using out his wife
my kids and totally normal so strangely rags of my stand up specials did you really rob zombie directed to stand up task here that's pretty fuckin dope yeah was pretty cool that's pretty dope the last on we just we're like you know people given us money look let's let's make it lets let's use it let's make elect show business like that we made it lou the whole thing he does because this is a really is about the jokes but we just made it like a game show call freaked out it's a netflix yet and it looks like literally like a bright nightly six white mike and it's like yeah it's maybe i did make em like films are being created with netflix is amazing now i did my a special and netflix in two thousand and five oh yeah those my first video special railing now and tat was the beginning of like the whole internet rang for doubt like nobody nobody really have
and a broad band to get shit like instantaneously back then it was really laudable is still a dial up two thousand and five or they had really shitty table or something like but now netflix as something like seventy ilene download or seventy million customers yeah it's big something but that seventy million people's being spent in seven bucks a month that's it that's why they're making shows because they ve so much fucking insane money in saying about that every month yeah that's their there leave a lotta that's a lot of ongoing issues how much can that be a million jobs are not a big deal they have to have deals though to with like cable writers and shit remember they were like throttling down their early netflix takes on four hundred million dollars in new debt to fund original content and european expansion wa you're back you oh yeah in a minor they'll make that shit back in a month of a great idea for a netflix
special or movie don't say it some hostility can't save rita s like american others it's not like i'm never going to be what is it'll dont give it up with someone else undue it'll just tell us when parliament shut this motherfucker down right from the notice you you have a lot of great ideas do you're just lays is a funny idea really gonna buy here's my don't tell anybody man assess what are you crazy since ok good ok so most people have got their cable ray and most people that's not true there's a lot of newton every year more and more people that are getting rid of their cable lot of my friends and i care i don't buy yea and one of the biggest things i'm familiar likes to watch tv when i go to bed i like to have the tv arm when i'm sleeping with netflix every time you want you want something it's like this window pops up after the shows like are you
watching and it just turns off and halfway through year for the wake up turn on the tv again or hit play i just want to make a video or a movie that's like twelve hours long so you don't for people that just want to sleep and have their tv are annual you know they started halted good and the good news is no one's gonna send hilda s bag and that's a good idea to you haven't you ever did you watch tv when you get a better off angular barely a normal broken inhuman alot of people there what's wrong with you brian but you know a lot of people i do that re use low immunity grow to a doctor on like brain salmon and there's something wrong you know there's something wrong you she probably got a mouse size to live alone you level i think there's a lot of people that watch tv with like have to have the tv harmony sleep and they wanted to world our netflix showed a jack odin waistband suggest a great ideal leaping not watching it won't she pitch that we should set up a meeting
there you go they even that thing an ethics where it just goes to the next step was soon after why is it has its window pops up psych are you still watching as it doesn't want you to do that i don't want to get away family so maybe have a really small low red video that just like a no movie soundtrack now do you think there is a need to watch what you formally and then the watch of other halfway awake and it's you and your underwear play with your feet i shut this mandates the biggest head for people who are asleep you know y know i'm an old man tell you no one thinks that's a good idea to say now and i'll show you guys know number one watch let's just for people who want to criticise it will be the number one wash for idiots people had wounds people
their missing so i bought a serious range regional deficiencies that can't see straight on how to work or remote can't find their glasses it streams and more exhilaration idea sucks brow and we have to plug our issue yet yes this is not happening it's on thursday night at twelve thirty and you are on this thursday i don't know maybe that's why we're here this week i believe this thursday is a creative nigh on one of these is better keep watching what did you talk about can you give us a preview without giving away the story yeah he was upset about i don't know there's a theme i don't know no my story though ago was about when i was in high school how i would die i would sneak out of my house to go to my girlfriends house or come in for curfew sneak out and i and this whole system and i would sneak out and then get wish my and then yeah
should car into the woods and thence now and then hyde park in the woods by her house and a clear arrive it out to her house and then pushed into the woods no account here and now in the woods on i'm like the bushes it was all those saying good night my family and then go and i guess go out and yeah due to its funnier storing them at the previous plenary has great show that point after at midnight hour he was on conan last night killed it oh yeah killed it it's did you stand up yet nobody gives a shit about currency vs our tv s whatever the fuck now what is it you're a good place to go do stand sets the audiences a great they do good show it's weird it's just kiss norman's watchin issues right one of them members lights better they george lopez like eight hundred thousand charge lopez's show was on after right
these two conan first and george lopez accurately links below a million needed try to do that thing that that do you know that late night thing on tv ass they try to do it but so people addicted to that end b c c b s sort of back and forth do you know it tb s is on your not tv and even i've only that never see i cannot tell you with a number cycle said comrades man that's what i thought of an authority bs vegas baby i guess they have their own chose to cougar down yet dubious returned tell yeah yeah but that was an abc show it was coover towers you the problem as you like whenever i like baseball whenever there's the play off so we go on tv s where is it you know it you gotta look it up and find it in you not doing that it remains there so many fuck channels now it's amazing and with things like netflix essentially with netflix is is it is like a production company that's
a bridge to the internet right in the internet is worth that it's like that is the future for all this stuff yeah yeah probably netflix as though this is a problem you can download and keep it on your computer you can't watch netflix wayne i now that stupid that is a bummer because they don't want you stealing and then take nearly hired in my language stream why not do it like i'm when you rent a movie on i'm not i tunes like you get once you play terminates and twenty four hour easing why do they do that netflix mothers should but i think and when you download something on itunes you don't have a physical copy that you could copy and play like it only appears in the app right it's not like in a file somewhere we could find it now rang it comes up on your ipad now get out netflix yeah they should do that because it's annoying they can't get something and watch plain i think that's why
his whack anthony go back in the piracy naval they're gonna arrest people may put those pirate big eyes and they just spoken the some new ruwenga pass on the pirate bay guys are fucked earlier they just actually release pirate bay today i believe no a pirate bay version of paragraph pirate bay is a site that allows you to find an access bit torrent files pretty easily so like of tom papa is selling his his special online like we did that louis ck five dollars thing right they would just bittorrent the shit out of it people just you know somebody would be for five bucks throw it up on bittorrent and then punch people down for free movies a lotta movies like the sony hack they released it out of movie
really some movies at all even done yet they guessed files and fuck and through online man it's awful eyes for legal books pdf and there's legal reasons for pirate bay awesome yeah no definite get some stuff that's legal like if you wanted to share things like say if you had a book and he decided their release it for free at pdf with a lot of people do you just upload it and then people can get at any time they want and that's like one of them arguments about what file sharing actually is everyone says is just piracy and rang like guys like you know why kim dot com that dude from new he lives in new zealand now mean that they gave their fucking neck i har they took all of his money he's gone bankrupt it is incredible and its because he created mega upload an egg upload was a place where a lot of people downloaded in court on quota stolen or illegal files was his son
nah trickling why do you want you can or should we read by all these criminal swedish alert stay away from the pirate the website is we ve gone reports it has been seized indirectly by the fbi and his logging p why are the legally use it for pdf you're gonna the pilot phase and fbi honeypot a disconcerting we plausible conspiracy theory yet us totally plausible from motherboard dot com you can he taken me that motherboard dot livestock comrade have you any money hole you listen i gotta get the fuck out of here so it's wrap this bitch up tight this was great tom papa on twitter tee o m p a p p or p he ate ba ba papa has no papa dad's italian greek is owed it to peace if it was gregor pii pii pii pii pii pii pii pii s
one p pollio m p a p a tom papa and he will be very soon on this is not happening do we get confirmation as this week it's probably the later this week i believe it's a sweeter i'm touring all over the place gonna fucker tore at all girls from other eu florida you could see among the nick cinema acts without anything else people i'm obviously florida way and will be an airline that for valentines weak oh shit oh shit breaking the lovers laugh when one in florida is a unity of florida torn yams is good at that i'm all over the good guys we must leave town papa day combine you anything go around avenue t shirt for pre order to shop squad dot tv and then i south thursday and friday and companies
there's booming euro sherlock logbook are at least gentlemen that's it for the week we'll be back next week i got a lot of good guess next week brian talks the astrophysicist it's gonna be on we ve got other people too and i want to tell you but but i got some shit gone josh mcdermott from the walking dad's gonna be on that's a good one billy core been the director of cooking cowboys wanted to get a new new piece of work on he'll be in actually to our until then fuck you sell voted up your fuckin thing we love we love you will come on we can see soon thank you sweet bitches thanks for being there when i needed you thanks which unite the pod cast and thanks to the mother fucking thanks to one eight hundred flowers doctor oh shit one eight hundred flowers dotcom go there today wednesday february fourth order twice
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the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements thank you so much for tune and into the podcast thank you so much for being cause fuck all the positive feedback that i get from all you freaks i appreciated to no end so see you soon much love vicars
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