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#611 - Josh McDermitt

2015-02-10 | 🔗
Josh McDermitt is an actor and comedian. He is best known for playing Eugene Porter on AMC's The Walking Dead.
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season one if you haven't watched the walking dead and you're planning on watching it skip this episode i'm telling you right now spoilers will be dropping ok like panties show without any further ado my friend josh mcdermitt the joe rogan experience train by day joe rogan podcast by night all day once upon a time we were in phoenix az and there was like an open mic competition was that what it was no i think it was a contest for the las vegas comedy festival i was the las vegas comedy festival contest and one young man stood out and uh not working with us that weekend and it's this guy josh mcdermitt was on the fucking walking dead now yeah man how's that app i don't know man i was just talking to brian about it like i'm i've hit the jackpot
dude you gotta lottery ticket you get the willy wonka golden ticket one of the greatest shows ever it was my favorite show before i came in so literally like i hit the fan lottery and i'm just like i don't know man it's it's really surreal to think about like 'cause that show i don't know man that show in phoenix that we did like you were doing a weekend there and then then they ask the audience after your show to stick around so that they could do this little it was like a contest or some sort of show he's to select someone to go to this festival and they let me last and the first comic goes up in half of your crowd like a mostly your crowd stuck around half the crowd walks after the first comic and i was i got and and i'm sitting in the back next to you and i hadn't met you i mean i met you like as a work to that radio station but like we you know we didn't each other you're just eating your meal in your watching this and i'm looking at you and you're not laughing at anybody 'cause it wasn't funny
this sucks man like rogan's just going to be like man these guys fucking suck like he's going to talk trash about us or whatever more and more people people leaving through the show's going on too to the point it's like a five hundred seat theater and there's like thirty people left by the time i get up and i didn't give a at that point in literally i heard you laughing allowed us in the back and i sat and i'm like well that's a victory i guess and then i got to go to the festival and that was fun and everything but like you literally you ask me you're like hey would you know you want to open for me the rest of the weekend and that just kind of set me on this path you come to la and pursue acting and to continue to do stand up and all that dude like i don't know how much you realize like how important you've been to me man seriously that's ridiculous wouldn't be here i literally wouldn't be here wow well that's amazing because you're you're fantastic on that show did so it's all meant to be this is one of those things yeah i don't believe in fate but if i did believe in fate
is a plenty of evidence there's plenty of evidence yeah and if there's a bill hicks bio dude you're playing your not the first person to tell me this is crystal crows got got the rights to some bill store yeah well they'll probably ruin it it's it's probably not something you want to be involved with anyway and so it seems like every time they do a story about a guy is there the real person they just butchered the reality and fuck with it and doing something with kennis awhile ago supposedly i saw some trailer come out with some guy i don't remember who it like i recognize him from different movies but like he was on stage just being sam and i was like oh my god this is amazing but it was like five years ago and i haven't heard anything about that i haven't seen that i never saw try now who was it was in that movie take me home tonight with topher grace he played one of the got a like his friend in it dan josh would add wasn't he was a josh gad type says josh
add to play now when placing this was a while i do that this in mind walked in and now because of projects probably been on the shelf for so long now well fuck it up they will they always was that 'cause they're doing that pryor movie too aren't they fucked that up too i think that already came out yeah no no you thing a jimi hendrix movie that came out that was dog a day ruin the man i mean you know there this guy mark schultz and he was the olympic wrestler that his brother dave show got killed by that guy john dupont that crazy millionaire billionaire guy in connecticut it get they up man i want to see that movie and you know he was he mark shields made a bunch of tweets about it about how pissed off he was yeah about the they with his story talk to this timeline they with how much success actually had as a wrestler before he went he was already
gold medalists in a world champion they made out he was struggling and sure they added a bunch we are gay shed they they they they change the timeline of when he fought the ufc in the ufc fight a white guy instead of a black guy no g change the timeline of the ufc they made the usc one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven didn't even exist until one thousand nine hundred and ninety three like hollywood is filled with assholes just filled with that think they can all to reality we talking no real life story guys real fucking story yeah they do seem to screw up a lot but i don't really know is there anyone that they've done that have been a movie that we kind of go yeah that's pretty great you never lenny dustin hoffman played lenny bruce and you fucking know yeah i was in it was a really good movie i give you
that movie lenny you really feel like you kind of understand what lenny bruce is going through his back when he was being tried for censorship you would you would you would go and from these core they would make they would do his act they would read his act out loud like the words that he said yeah can victim for these these profanity charges i mean that guy really pave the path if it wasn't for him you and i wouldn't be here uhhuh i mean if it wasn't for the the guys that you like him and george carlin guys actually went to jail first is saying we were words that we say on a regular basis right there's a fifty fucking years ago wasn't that long ago i know it's crazy if you really stop and think it's insanity man you see that preview new i nw a movie that looks pretty legit i mean great trailer nice a documentary no no it's actually it's just about growing like a biopic it's like and they have a guy that
it's kind of like ice cube and a cot i mean he sounds just like ice cube it's really neat who's in it odd bunch and no names mostly but i guess that's why the whole thing happened with the the big guy tmz josh mcdermitt tweeting while he's on a podcast can't do it put it down i'm trying i'm trying to find that guy with what's guide here is innocent guy here he found it with the picture up on him yeah check here it how dare you you're making such a big deal over there they there yeah this when i was screen test dan fogler screen tony winners at who the guy is well that's a screen hold on stop that's the screen test that's not a trailer yeah i didn't i didn't does the screen test when i watched it i mean i would have known if it said screen test but wherever
yeah i mean i saw that might not be him i mean either way they'll ruin it probably but i do a bill hicks one and they're going to ruin it and give you a lot of money i if if we're going to ruin it would rather it be me ruining it than someone else you know let's let's have some respect for the guy do that karah do you the walking dead is very unusual that's a weird character like a strange sort of pseudo autistic really intelligent but i fucked up dude involved in like one of the like the shows not even about the monsters anymore now it's about the humans and their interactions with each other and just them surviving you know the the apart i mean the biggest threat isn't yeah isn't as he's it's you know the guy with the catch the governor or it's like someone else going like you got food and water i want that you know that's what's really scary but this character you know it's kind of funny when people like really simplify him and go he's just weird and i'm like
it's a lot more than that is a lot more to him he's very complex and you know it's fun to play a different character on in this world where like you know it of obviously got guys like you know darryl machon we're just like epic bad and not obviously those people are probably going to rise to the top in this world you know just people who are physically fit and could just you know do whatever they have to do to survive this guy is like completely opposite and that's what becomes fun about playing him is that you know you just wouldn't expect that i think i have a theory that if most be if the populace have most people would be more like eugene right would like daryl yeah most likely did you know the the whole character arc like what was going to happen to him like i mean i give away too much if you if you're those people that binge watches stopper now 'cause we're probably going talk too much about the show will it for if spoiler alert i well i'll
the show is based on a comic so you know the information is out there from there but on the show they like to do it they like to deviate the storylines on the comics and how much they deviate i mean they just brand new storylines for people again if haven't watched this last weekend's episode there was a major character death but his dad you know he dies in the comics but the death in on the show was not how they did it in the comics there was another character that that guy's death was this guy from last weekend's death in the comics and it so it just gets mix around but with that so i knew that you know when i took the job i knew that the big reveals that my character would have in this is we're be talking about it in vague terms i feel like if you haven't seen it by now yeah you yeah i would say yeah so when you find out it was so we find it turn it off now eugene was lying about knowing the cure but the moment 'cause i came out in season four i knew that
he was lying the whole time okay but you know i don't think some of the other actors knew it was i don't read the comics in a really tell us what's going on with other people story lines right and you don't know necessarily whether they're going to stick with that story line this in the comic or they're going to deviate right and so that's where it like you know i knew that i was lying in that once i once i was revealed like all bets are off like i don't know how much longer i have right you know how much longer i'll be on the show because they like to kill off her main character sounds like us yet all right either way man d this is gonna launch you dude i mean you're you're on one of the best shows ever dude same it's an dick it's so good i watched last night's and squeezing my wife's hand while this i watched it i didn't know this weeks episode i didn't watch it until last night i'm just like oh man like oh man you get fucking crazy it's such a good show and it wasn't for awhile it was real
the beginning and then it was like a little dip was like oh don't dexter on me you fucks don't don't fail but then it pulled out like a phoenix rose from the ashes even greater than before no man it's it's insanity because like so the guy runs our show now scott kimball he and i don't really pay ten who writes episodes like i just like us my favorite episode but i'm not like looking up who wrote it so i started going back looking at my favorite episodes and i found out who wrote it was scott gimple so my favorite episodes from season three was the episode clear whether in that do department he's got the writing on the wall like he's gone absolutely crazy remember this yeah and so scott campbell wrote that episode was like oh this awesome is one of my favorite episodes and then the other favorite episode of mine was when sophia the little girl came out of the barn she was a zombie and they had a killer and it's like he wrote
that episode and i'm like okay so this guy running the show now is written my favorite episodes all along and it's like the he's like the best guy to be running the show because you're right i think you know it did kind of take a dip it was a good show but it's just like it just kind of like plateaued for a moment this is just me observing as a fan you know what it felt like it felt like a regular show it's like it was so extraordinary in the beginning like the character arc between rick and his buddy who was banging his wife because they thought rick was dead like all that crazy it was so much nobody ten images like it left you in this weird space while you're watching now were you didn't know what to expect and then the zombies were new at that point news is there's so much going on i was like whoa every time the of that you know they would fade to black at the end of the episode be like you know you just have to catch your breath and then it got to be take a lazy hollywood show and i was like what happened is some fuckhead producer weasel his way into a position of power and start menu
latent shit and trying to turn it into another episode of coach or something like that yeah you know something else and shows felt like something happened like that like it just became like a red your show i don't know the specifics but frank darabont you know shawshank redemption is great hollywood screenwriter interactor develop the show from the comics and then he was in charge of it the first two seasons but then he left after the second season and so is about the third season that they kind of went over some rocky terrain like you know they did it there were some great episodes of my for my favorite episodes in season three but there they just didn't really just hit the is very inconsistent and so then once got cable to go overseas and for it just took right off to write off it's amazing now god damn it's a glitch he's the vet you know because i think just as when i'm watching it as a fan i would it would kind of get boring at times read be like okay like iran a supply
so i'm going to run it so it's not be pops out kill it and then rinse repeat whatever so but now other like really developing the characters and like bringing them you know we're learning so much more about them this is like freaking great well it's it makes me nervous every time is a new scene it's like it's it's so good right now every time is a new scene like let me entered into that community where the the the kid who played to chris rock grew pin yeah and as soon as you enter in the community of my girl fuck yeah you know like what's happening here like you fucking paul starts racing start getting sweaty hands like a little nonchalant about it like they're just coming in just maybe checking around you're like oh no you gotta be looking everywhere at this point it's so good man when he got bit like you see just a shadow behind him just brief shadow before it comes up it's like it's not enough you see it clearly coming it's like a fuck what is that what is that is that is that the kids he's with or is that someone else who is the
fucking shadow man who's the fucking chinese getting better shut the fuck the great thing about that bite was that it happened like twenty minutes into the episode is supposed to like sometimes they'll wait till the very end and it's like oh no and then they just in the episode ends like he get bit he gets bitten then as he's you know hallucinogenic dreams and all this about these past characters are come back and all this time i mean it was like a very robert kirkman the guy who created the comics was saying like it's going to be a fan favorite episode and it's going to be a fan hated episode because it's like it's a very poetic type of episode that they wrote love that too i'm gonna miss him he sucks he's so funny busy you gotta a alive he's like the funniest guys very subtle and then you just get him on a roll and he's just like large and gregarious like he mispronounces every and i don't know if he's doing it as a bit i joined years like he goes something
with some i guess he went to like university of virginia or something and there are some cool in virginia and in there like doing away with sat scores are only going to focus on the gpa now and then he retweets it and puts it the oh hell yeah my alma marta eva marta mardi now he's like kidding or not but like we were at the table where they keep all the food one day when filming and he's just going yeah yeah i know you see something you like he's like yeah i'm out some beef jersey and i look at i don't know i don't laugh mike is he just like dom or is he doing this on purpose like he's the funniest guy he's no funny larius i'll hook it up i'll get i'll get him in here and he's great 'cause he's off doing another show now i guess yeah i mean it's gotta be weird when you're on like a tomato king show and then also in your debt it ends
yeah it ends for you and you sit back and you're watching it as it's still on television you watch on the guys you worked with you know an occasionally they bring you back for some dream sequence in your yeah and you think it you know it's very cliche to say but it's so real like what we're just a major like a big family there was one in the woods in georgia the worst time of year to be there it's hot and humid fighting of ticks and bugs and these things called chiggers that like borough into your skin and everything and then you're just out there like with your friends and family and it's right now all of a sudden now you die and you can't come to work anymore you can't come this horrible environment anymore and you just want it so bad but you know we go around and we do all these like comic con conventions and stuff which is like doodad is trippy but like we get to hang out then everything so you never really fully you know disappear that dude who was ricks buddy what was his name shane shane yeah that guy
is in a lot of shit like he's in a lot of movies he's really good alone up he's really juicy fury no fury was great don't know if it was based on a true story or not the brad pitt tank movie but jon bernthal that's the the actors name phenomena like i was surprised he didn't get nominated for an oscar he was great in the wolf of wall street two oh yeah yeah he's really good he's he's like a xbox or something so like everything he ever does is very physical all these roles he wants to just be i mean he treats it like he's in the boxing ring you get in trouble for beating somebody up something happened yeah i think well he he has pit bulls i think he rescues pit balls and then you know lives in la and some douche bag was complaining about his pit bulls or whatever and then is pitbull started getting a little feisty and angry and then i think i think he just popped him in the face
how rude i don't know there's probably stories about online but i think the guy was just like a bit bowls whatever the you boom in awhile like one of those things but he's a great guy is really cool yeah he's a really good actor too yeah that's the that the whole arc that story arc between him and rick was a sock well i've done just as many episodes as him now granted like he was at the forefront with you know all his storylines and with but i've done just as many episodes but like he is just like this other level i can't ever compare with you know what do you mean well i mean he's just like it was such an iconic character in this huge storyline within that show so the first season was only six episodes and then i did four episodes my first season so like and then he dies the next season and i did just as many episodes as him does that make sense like sort of together we spend the same amount of episodes but he's just like at this other level in terms of like how people
remember him and like the care during all that such a classic scenario too like coveting thy neighbors wife you know that's that's the big thing with men like one of men's biggest fear is that their best friend ends up fucking their girlfriend yeah i mean i mean that is a pig or their wife or the mother of their children and becomes a father to their son you know that's like and he wanted to take over and he tried to kill him i mean that whole that whole thing like so intense is such a crazy dynamic in the kid yeah the kids are the kids going to to shane for advice you know like rick's getting pissed i mean it was awesome it was intense it was intense and it brought you into this this chain using dynamic of the zombies not being the problem the people being the problem and how the people react when they have to formulate their own rules everybody that says like like preppers everywhere yes i'm ready you know i got my fucking cans like you ain't ready for shit nude 'cause the name of
not that it's it's about how you react all these thinking animals that are trying to get what you have now because they're starving to death right 'cause that's what the fuck happens when they put if the apocalypse happens like if the big one hits you want to be right where it hits you want the earth to open up suck you in and close shut don't die of starvation don't die people are eating you like in terminus you you wanted you know you don't want to be the guy gets baseball bat and then get your fucking throat cut into that off yeah you know you want to be the guy who the meteor hits right on your face yeah you know the media that wipes out the power grid you want to learn writing interface you know i mean really if you're going to go fuck fuck going a year later or ten years later or well i mean i think about it i mean obviously my character was saying that he had a cure and everything there's probably going to be no cure if everything starts getting overrun at that point right there now
to figure out how to reverse it or how to fix it so yeah you want to go first well not only not only is there no cure but everyone's infected yeah that's what's the most fucked up thing when you find out that everyone who dies becomes a zombie like chain died and they became a zombie and you're like ok this is nuts like there's no way out your way out is gone because everyone's a fucking zombie so if you make a kid the kid is just born into your family and no one that could dies it's a fucking zombie everyone zombie somehow somehow is i don't know if that does that ever get explained don't tell me no i think there's i don't think they're just going to they don't have time to sit around and figure that out i think is like we gotta find a can of beans man we're gonna find a fish right now guys hold on we need to talk about this he had to what it's a weird weird said
mario the idea of being the last remaining survivors yeah like did you see the road who was that was that very bleak post apocalyptic movie with the fuck that dudes name victor morganson with his name vigo morton's ego morganson feel like i did i watched it for five minutes he's teaching his son how to shoot himself in the mouth this is what you do if you know it's all over you stick that i wake up we're good i don't need to see this shit i just don't i just don't need to see this i mean what am i going to get out of this i'm going to feel depressed yeah there's not even any monsters at least the walking dead gives me monsters yeah right well the thing the cool think about the walking dead two is there always trying to maintain some sort of humanity some sort of like you know some city yeah some rules and everything in there constantly like even this last weeks episode there just like yeah i've given up screw it like i want to kill that person not because of what they did but just fucked
you know you're like oh geez like it's all falling away and that's kind of where the seasons going it's just going to get crazier i wasn't a big fan of that hospital the check wearing makeup and all that in my come on get the fuck outta here with all this that was i thought that was a little ridiculous like she's way too groomed she's under fucking bicycle everyday working out everyone scared to her like i didn't buy that all i felt like that she would have lasted about an hour or somebody punched the face took her gun shot her in the head fucked dead body through off the top of the roof like she's evil get outta here you fucking crazy lipstick wearing cunt
there's a few guys into the guy with the eyepatch get the fuck outta here that guys dead he's dead he's not going to live even see shit that's coming from the right side dude you're not going to survive that is not you're not running anything i don't buy it always extra evil he doesn't have superpowers like i'm going to run shit manipulative how he's not even a manipulative he's not even demand you'd manipulative you know it's like what is he doing just fucking it's weak weak weak game it's got a week hope game damn it stand on my left i can't see god man yeah there was like so there is a few bad guys in a few moments that i just thought were ridiculous but it's the overall quality of the show that just it keeps it keeps surprising you and it keeps drawing you in and it just keeps making think what would you do if you were stuck in that kind of a scenario would you would just
time to the highest building and just close your eyes and fucking jump off like what would you do yeah i don't know i would i would try and survive and i would probably one of the first to go is what i would do personally i would i would be like ok i got this and then i get bit like what about you zach what i would do it you don't even maxed out with hayden sleep now i started watching it but i got to the season three and i stop i just haven't gone back but i've read the comics a lot most of 'em oh wow five which i i enjoy in in in looking at the comics and there's there should be like what eleven or twelve seasons up to already written they got so many storylines it's not even well it's it's a money machine yeah i mean it's it makes so much money it's so good one of the things is i watch it on the on apple tv which is the only way to watch it watch
on amc it's like you just want to fucking drive to wherever the people are who who put the commercials in and go hey fucking stop fucking stop come on man this is not cool you gotta hardee's commercial or a fucking you know carl's june we are jammed in the middle of murder and mayhem all the sudden people are driving the newest toyota truck thing and we had a party we it's fucking so distracting and so uncomfortable when you real is there shoving in eighteen minutes of fucking commercials in a one hour show that's obscene yeah it's rough it's obs seen it really is obscene but when you watch it on itunes it's fucking awesome because you get the whole show no interruption watch i tried watching it one time and we pause then we just left room with who's going to come back in an hour and fast forward through this bullshit like we try to just watch the commercials for awhile and you real
what in the salt that is on your attention span i just it's an assault on you on your your your reality like are you what you want me to dip in and out of this world like that yeah it up the whole viewing aspect of the show well i mean i want to validate your opinion there but you gotta get paid could be killed off next season if you say something wrong commercials man commercials are amazing i wish she was half an hour would you rather prefer like commercials built into the show like the driving a toyota car instead of having a toyota commercial it would have to is the only way it would have to be non intrusive there's no way that it would work if it was not really you know see some people that are fucking starving to death and they find a can of coke and they drink it in sharing it back and forth it's not going to make you don't buy a coke you know that coke is fucking warm
georgia trying to get in someone's garage covered in fucking body three years expired yeah i mean it's just it wouldn't work then when they do do that they do it like this hey man do you think we're going to get out of here there holding i don't know but this fucking good tell you what i mean there's no way they had to do it did you ever see like the honest trailers that you youtube channel where they do honest trailers of movies and tv shows and they did one for the walking dead where they just like pick it apart it's hilarious but one of the things they were talking about was like they were driving around like a hyundai tucson for awhile and it was always like this is the apocalypse everything's filthy there's like gross film on things but the hun day too son was like immaculate i cruising through the woods in this thing in it and like me personally thought about it i was never like oh i should go buy a tucson or something but not until i saw that trail
oh i guess it was product placement you know had to be if they're making it clean there was one episode i remember where we were talking about it really quite why are these cars clean i mean even when it rains it doesn't really clean your car that good you know mean you have to fucking have a torrential downpour to do a half ass job a clean your car 'cause bird shit dirt it just kind of gets like moved around on it right you know well people still have to find their place in apocalypse and maybe some people like a man i'm just here to wash cars listen were alive we go cars paul shama let me wash him yeah i don't think that there's is be ever a show like that that has product placement as opposed to advertising but i think it's probably likely another show unlike many you know they do that like when you watch iron man you seem driving an audi yeah you know right i would be paid to get that car in the movie i mean it's it's appropriate for him it doesn't
stick out like a sore thumb is driving this cool car he's a rich dude it all makes sense but when you look at something like admin two which is like centered on the world of advertising but i think that catch twenty two of that is like like they can't really do any current advertising they're doing all like old like lucky strike cigarettes and this and that this is like well i don't think those are around anymore are they are they around but it's just everything they do is like from the 60s and whatnot so unless it's like general electric which is so vague you know still like people are like yeah that's right general trick i should go buy a stove i've never watched that show is that a good show mad men good but it is it's a little slow it's me i think it's more geared towards women may be because it's very drama kind of it's not that guy h like i just watched it because my girlfriend wanted to watch it in that's the only reason i watched it and i kind of got addicted to it kind of like going to
more girls kind of way where you're like oh i know the characters so it's still fun to watch gilmore you're adorable and i watched all the gilmore girls 'cause of the girl i was dating i got into it was a great show the girl from the gilmore girls old lauren from the gilmore girls who was on the season of news radio yeah yeah yeah i work with it she's very cool she's fun chick mad men was a good show i guess it's coming back for their final season i did a couple episodes of that and like it was kind of neat to be in that world and everything but it was one of those shows were like kind of hated a bunch of the characters at first and you like some others and then like by season three that reverse the people you like to you know hated and people you know real well i can the kind of went through these crazy evolutions and you know i i kind of like any show i mean it has its moments where you like came in i'll skip this episode is kinda boring me or whatever but you know for the most part it was pretty interesting the the girl the for
very voluptuous red headed girl that's like the big deal on that show seen hundreds of general who has body fat you know but it's still sexy she's a and a show too how dare she is she yeah i think she's a little a bit promiscuous abit yeah it's not slut shaming the 50s brian she's awesome she says she's a very issues a strong character though she's a strong woman but she i mean they passed around kind of on carrying around all that weight right big bear yes i'm saying those breasts of course you gotta you gotta have some fucking backbone internet photos no but i mean for i think for women like to have breasts that are that large is probably i know it gets a difficult on your back i did the girl had a breast reduction because her boobs are so but she was born just like with a really large breasts on her back always hurt and then she got her breasts reduce and she was like it's like the world took a weight off her shoulders not think about it like that but if you have like double e tests
mean this like those are fucking probably like twenty pounds or something yeah hang around a lot of god damn meat that's a lot i'd saw or in person at a table reading her boobs foreign as big as they appear to be on tv or in pictures and stuff so i think she just kind of looked like a normal person but they just maybe push him up a bit you know what i mean oh well maybe they cgi are spread around a little right but i've seen her in photos she looks very voluptuous but sexy like she doesn't look very not likely just look like listen no yeah get off that craft service table it doesn't look like that she looks like a normal healthy curvy girl yes she just looks normal in real life but you know what this checks bodies could probably imagine if you her listen to this i love how that that she's like the number one photoshopped girl on the internet there's like thousands of are so many fans that that are in love with her boobs so they over
yeah we showing porn dummy huh porn there yeah but i mean i'm talking about i don't know i'm not a nun in the song yeah yeah yeah i'm just going to but she was but she was a part of the fappening are the for whatever it was clapping yeah where people so they got the cloud photos people in their goddam cloud photos so she had a lot of naked ones i think she had three if i remembered for her yeah let it shine girl should the those shows about alternative times are always odd to you know those shows that they're doing like in from the nineteen fifties or nineteen sixties i yes sir shows are is very strange i think you got to have someone who's like autistic running that show you know some who just like can consume all the knowledge from within that time that error so they can just like you know do that because for me if i were like riding on a show that took place in the sixties i would be put in an they grab his iphone when it like i went i think like i got run the sixties like you just need
is this super nerd who just knows everything about the 60s and that's it well that's what we're talking about with that movie foxcatcher that they fuck with timelines like when you're doing something that's historical it's very important that you stick to the timeline line otherwise why are you even doing in historical movie raises do a movie that's completely fictional that's like influence by or inspired by a true story you're trying to an actual real story though yeah that whole story was messed up though i mean the the the true actual story the fox catcher things growing beyond good grief lana i ii and mark ruffalo is great
an amazing yeah and then and i eve carell steve carell was awesome didn't seem like the same guy no not at all no and he he played that that role so perfect the role of this eccentric nobody like really up coke head multi millionaire real you know whatever was he played so well if you really believe that he was this guy with no character that had been handed everything to in this life he just didn't understand yeah yeah that was a good movie and channing tatum i mean i'm not like the biggest fan of why because please because my wife likes immense she he's good looking of course she wishes i had his body but no he you know i don't know i'm just not like magic mike i just was wasn't your favorite movie now but they were naked and dancing i don't get i don't understand you but he was great in box he was really good he was just walking right look like a giant ape yeah he stuck his
lower jaw yeah because that's what like when you look at mark schultz in real life he has is very prominent you know fucking ape like jaw mark shields of peace to he it was really weird the the way they did the movie because they could have easily had him fight the guy that he fought in the ufc in the movie but instead they made up some guy made him fight a white guy who's really weary fought before gerry goodrich is it happened in nineteen ninety six it's a historical fact but in this stupid movie it was a different guy and the the the ufc took place like when he was why it's gonna television was in like eighty seven or eighty eight yeah they with everything in that movie said they with his accomplishments like when he went to fox catcher farms or whatever the the the guy called it he
already world champion multiple times he's one of the best wrestlers on earth and they made it look like he was living in his brother's shadow like he wasn't you know it's just not true and they did that just to add drama to the story sign like this guy needed his brother there in order to rise to case he's the big dumb ape in his brother's really intelligent and a really good wrestler as your mother was really good he was really good too yeah and then they just they always do that they'll do the kinison movie they'll do what the heck's movie i get trying to spin it a little bit to give you know for some dramatic effect or whatever but you can't say
that it's a true story at that point you don't have to spin it when the stories so crazy mean steve carell's character that guy john dupont was in real life to the things he did were so up and so crazy yeah he really did shoot mark schultz marshall's brother dave in front of his family he jeff flock and pulled out a gun and shot him in a cocaine psychosis yeah that was real you know so it's you don't have to you don't have to monkey with that man right weird enough but maybe i mean i'm i'm not like justifying it but maybe
when there's just millions and millions and millions of dollars on the line and we'll start over thinking that there's too many cooks in the kitchen and now we got a haven't fight a white guy we can you know yeah the changes through and that is true that's not to say it's okay it's just good grief the but it's weird to do while a guy still live in in young i mean designed for i don't think it's fifty he's you know he's alive and well and doing a story on his life and they've changed everything around monkey in reality this is crazy yeah it's just something that just happens there's so much money involved in hollywood this is why when went to show like like game of thrones when show like that comes off it's almost like like how did this happen like how did they make such a perfect show right in spite of all the madness that's involved in hollywood like how figure they figure out how to do something so good i don't know i mean look at even recently i was reading the thing about all these like that movie jupiter ascending another dogpile and channing tatum today but
that movie just became a it it came out it was something like eighty or a hundred million dollars i don't know if if we know the the actual budget and it's like it's open we can be like ten million and it's like why are you spending that much money like what was some sci fi i don't know if what if based on something it probably was since everything is nowadays but you know it to for something the cost that much i mean that the raises the expectation so much but it is
probably because everyone's go we got all this money invested we got to with this we got to do this and change that and you know whatever whatever so it's kind of sad that then you know you get a small thing i wanna say game of thrones a small but it's like you know how is it that that's like you said is able to be something so perfect be something of a high quality it's get it can be done but they just with it too much well i think game of thrones also hbo and hbo seems to be i mean this is to from an outside perspective on our work for them they just seem smarter they seem smarter with their choices i mean they put on the sopranos back when it was nothing like that yeah you know they their choices of been like they they very rarely have a dud on hbo i mean like when was the last dud show that hbo put out i don't know yeah see it's like you can think of a million shitbag sitcoms and nbc fucking dire get out onto america right you know you could literally you could just sit down with a pen and paper
and write down how many cbs shows made you want to open up a fucking vein if somebody made you watch you know mike and molly every day for the rest of your life or jump off a bridge you have to go all right how many how long is an episode thirty sorry to watch it billy gardell it's funny that is funny a great guy well the girls funny too but it's it's one of those shows it's they make these mass produced white bread in a sandwich shows well in doing twenty six episodes so five isns into it that's well over a hundred episodes that they've done it's like what more do to see are these characters when you look at game of thrones so what what season are we about to start season four five and they've only done ten episodes of season right so it's so epic though they have so many c c g i thing
things in the city it's a great show from top to bottom it's of you must be an insanely expensive show to make time that a double bed the war with the giants in their define my shod giant arrows at these things that are coming through the walls and chasing people areas man out and it's it's a god damn good show but like it's interesting like a show like my god mike molly like billy gardell was a very funny stand up comic in a great guy nobody knows who is right but everyone knows who that melissa mccarthy girlish yes is on the cover rolling tone she's in every other sandra bullock movie yeah you know and it's it's well it's weird how that happens like one character from one of those shows take off and the other one is oh that's that chicks husband yeah you know it is weird it's hollywood i mean how do you explain it how do you explain it josh
tournament you're in hollywood i learn inside i don't know i don't know the end of with me on this hollywood insider to like do you get like what what it would do you do you people are coming up to now because you're on the walking dead to go hey man i got the script i mean if you could just give it to those guys arus back yeah to a point i mean i get the get hit up for things a lot like i was telling brian i was doing a show tonight and i haven't done stand up in a it's been a long time but the reason i agreed to do this show is because he's like but i'm not going to promote you i'm not going to say you're on the show whatever you know we won't put you on the flyers like cool low expectations but i'm getting hit up to do shows with these guys they want to make me the headliner they want me to do you want to use me to promote their i get it but like i'm going to go up there and shit the bed if you put me headline and perform in a year
you haven't gone up for a year did you don't miss that you didn't miss it at all you said mrs that is that's where you been where you like i mean 'cause comedy was your thing be or this yeah i mean it it scares me a little bit but i i mean i just was getting so burned out on it about doing end up in la in like i go on the road and i would love being on the road and you get to do a real show and you get to work on new material and you get to like you know have fun and then you come back to la and i was just like wanna kill myself my shows i he doing stand up in la i don't know what it was i would never good show i can never work on material really what i would do the ice house shows those were like the the best of the shows that i would do but then i'm like you know i love it i live on one side of the town and it's the who's on the other end like had on a friday night or a drive out there but you know just and it wasn't what i wanted to be doing ultimately want to be acting so just so you kind of
in the standup to act for once you start acting you you realize you liked it better a little of both i think you know i i love doing stand up you know i did it for twelve years and then i was like you know they do want to eventually be acting you know so it wasn't like oh i'm going to use this to get in the door that's just like i'm going to do stand up i also want to act but then i started kind of dislike stand up at least in la i started love acting what's what was your issue with stand up in la like we said you can't do new material like what do you worry about for watching and they're worried that you're going to fuck up now it was a weird i don't know i would like i would just who is show and i'd run new material i mean i don't know what your success rate is i mean you've been doing stand up for what twenty six years twenty six years so i don't know where your success rate is on a new bit that you right if you're going up and it's like let's
we're going to try out ten new minutes you know to seven minutes of it usually work or it is three minutes of it usually work off the bat like what is completely variance mean one week it could be one minute and the next week it could be all ten at week to week it varies topic to topic it varies to me it's all about how inspired i am by what i'm talking about and if very inspired then i'll find what the energy is in whatever the subject is and if i'm not inspired but i know what you're saying about there's a there's a sort of over it that the hollywood sounds have yeah we want to see celebrity let's see louise or their over it over kr i mean a million of them before they're not they don't laugh as much i mean i've seen
like the comedy store literally a whole table full of people like you know especially you watch in the back that are just sitting there like this with their arms crossed yeah like a whole table full like not having fun not enthusia stick but you go to pasadena just only half hour away and everybody's having a great time when you go to irvine it's only forty minutes away everybody going great time it's just this this one center the la center the tmz the third miles on it's also like these people a good percentage of them want to be in show business themselves yeah and people like this for again friend who's an actor and it's impossible to watch movies with this fog because he was like whatever happened to that guy's career like jesus christ you watch the fucking movie man what about your career shithead don't even have open career and you shit on this guy was in jurassic park to stop you
they are so self obsessed that they can't even just enjoy a show enjoy a movie right has to be something about careers or the arc of their lives history i mean it can't just be human nature thing that we want to like pick apart other people in their successes but it's like heightens when you're in los angeles and you're just constantly bombarded with people doing what you're setting out to do and maybe you know you're reminded of your failures and that sort of thing i mean it could be that too for sure i mean i look at you in like she got lucky on that show dude i could have done that what do you do when you're playing fucking weird guy yeah i could do that bro if i was there i guess what if i was in the fucking audition room before you do it i probably got that so fuck off
now you hear that take your order yeah you hear that we definitely do you you know you get definitely get people that for some reason resent you for you know you're going to the audition getting on the show on there watching on television they seen you in real life and they're like man had been the perfect show for me for the most part though the fans have been great but there are those guys those those people just at least centered in los angeles where you're just like you know you encounter them and they are completely negative and i could have done that you know whatever whatever but you know when i say i didn't miss it it's not that you know it's not like i was just sitting on my couch i was doing something really fun right you know so i was like it's not like i had this thing talking i had like a an open invitation to go do the clubs in lana when i was living there and i just never was able to make it i was exhausted all the time yeah when you were a what
the long hours like you guys are working on set i mean i'm i'm usually up like three hundred and thirty in the morning and i joined if an hour s to where we shou because we live in atlanta but we we shoot an hour south mean i could live down where we shoot but there's like literally nothing to do i would go crazy okay so you know i just do a quick little drive back up to a it land but you're up at three hundred and thirty in the movie thirty in the morning get down there five or five one of the first guys on set 'cause yeah they gotta put my mullet in you know literally they need time to put the mullet in think man if i just grow out a mullet for real i fucking save alot of time i want to have a social life but do you can be rocking that mullet out and people be like fucking god man you know i throw a hat on and then no one knows but if i walk around with that guy who plays abraham like cutlets he's got that handled mustang oh yeah like he can't get away from it all
put a hat on no one knows but he he can't get away from that must naturally has orange i have to wear that mustache all year round yeah oh yeah so right now he's grown it out like in a beard so when you get to when you get to the end of the season how much time do you guys have between your app for this reason and how much down time do you know we wrapped in like the week before thanksgiving so member and then the show doesn't come back until late april and so do you have like a contract clause like you can't gain weight you can shave your head you can't yeah some stuff i mean i think i don't know specifically those sorts of things i think it's just all common sense right now yeah i don't gain weight don't lose weight don't you know cut your
air you don't get crazy this is a show looking for people to kill off i want to give them i look at chris pratt i'm ripped all of a sudden they're like i'm in that lets it would probably work that in the storyline maybe he could be dancin i would match my style yeah i would i mean i i find a believable if someone's going to lose weight like i don't know if you watched lossed but that guy hurley never lost weight gained weight actually yeah well it's 'cause he got money and he started eating good yeah that's what happened but you know it's like they're on a desert island like you would lose weight allow fucking way yeah you're just eating pineapple all the time or whatever like just lose the weight gluten on an island right every island is gluten free keys to bring your own gluten are you get none it's sad when you see a guy like that because you know like that guy so typecast and so so morbidly obese
yeah it's like you were you were on a huge show lost giant show and then nothing nothing on his wifi though him and the asian guy was on both on that show it's weird it's like low but now the cops like recalling probably kept him in a while ago look you're in hawaii or any yeah i want to work here yeah exactly what's that song in burbank the other day and i think it was on a date or something like that in here he's the girl is with like literally came up to his belt in just this little small girl in these is huge joey has added so he's way bigger than joe yeah yeah he's waited like twice the size like ralphie may style more than choice how tall is easy to talk to is taller that were taller than me i was way taller than i thought it was and how much he weighs five hundred you think five hundred is big bore four hundred at least joe we got so like four hundred and fifty you know the when joey was at his largest he was people get big there's a lot of god damn wait i used to wait three hundred did you really
right yeah holy shit and then i went down to two hundred and twenty i mean i dropped like eighty pounds what did you do in just you know it's this fad called eating right and exercising people should try it but got a problem with eating mexican food and over eating and all that stuff so then just being lazy so then i yo yo i get back up to two hundred and sixty and then i go to two hundred and forty and i'm just all over the place but my dad's a huge guy i got big guys in my family i'm just afraid that i'm kind of innocence priddis disposition to do that unless i work my ass off yeah jeans or a mother fucker dude you see some people like you see their kids or kids or three and they have these gigantic michelin tire arms like fun i mean a lot of it has to be diet but it's very clear that some people can eat anything they fucking one yeah i never gain any weight at all well the show these kids on maury povich where the the like he's like trying to confront the parents of these obese children and then they just like have the did in the green room and they're just they say
the camera on him and there's this giant bowl of cheetos and the kids two years old and weighs eighty pounds and he's just like wolfing down cheetos and it's like that's like every day for them that shit is so bad for you most of the american snacks that you buy like most like cheetos and doritos and all that stuff just there filled with hydrogenated oils and fucking fats that your body has a really hard time digesting artificial colors you guys like what the fuck is the diary of your body has no idea what to do with it all but sometimes it's so so good dude spicy doritos or or dude forget about it specially if you're high if you're high and you're hungry and you open the cabinet there you'll yes you don't even think you just give it to me i know i never buy that stuff but if i see it out like if if there was a bag of doritos here i'd eat the whole thing the crafts
stable at the walking dead worse man do you how to craft service table out in the sun make how does that work yeah it's well they put a tent over it but yeah they just have and you can order anything you want you can say give me a grilled cheese sandwich or quesadilla they'll go make it for you right and so i always try to have someone else order for me so that they order something healthy other i'm ordering i'm ordering chicken quesadillas and then i order something else but so then of course like the actor thing is to get like turkey wrapped in lettuce does the access to cut all the accuracy that really yeah that's all areas they try to pretend they're eating healthy yeah i'm healthy i'm not like you i'm so superior i have all these healthy fats omega threes bro i gray is though that's the problem we had with the fucking craft service tables i would just graze that'd be upset at myself like why did i just eat a dmm's
'cause that's what that's what they put out there there and you're just like you get a hand like alright you'd like justify it just gonna have a handful then you're like shit another hand so you out some more you know it's i have the i have the biggest problem with all that stuff kevin james brought a trailer on his when he one of his movies and the trailer it was like you know like a regular big moving trailer and was filled with exercise equipment oh i thought you were going to say just jojo's ring dings fucking don't i've heard they do that like the rock does that he's got a whole trailer or will smith might have like a big bus full like that's great i think that's where kevin got it i think he got it from will smith when he did that movie with them you did will smith and he was pretty inspired by that guy but i think that's a common thing they have these true
is it a rant and you get in and they have everything and had a tanning booths in it too home my god that's that's if you go live now to get it down but you can you know you can get a like a full work out and right there on the set so like he was doing that here comes the boom movie where you had to play a fighter oh yeah he lost a shit load of gained it way back like double i don't have a preview for that for some reason they made a sequel to paul black male mall cop sequel holy cow he's big yeah you have big again is but i mean why did he lose weight was because of our gain the weight back with the because of habits or is it because maybe he thought he's not that funny if he's skinny or like you know what i mean like that's the kind of mentality that people have at least in this industry sometimes like i'm a
the fat guy i'm not going to be a funny skinny guy when you know kevin and i when we were young when we first moved to la in like the 1990s he had an agent at the time that i talked him into firing but that's one of the things that his agent said to him when you're losing weight you're losing rolls he told him not to be healthy because it's bad for your career in in you and i was saying do you look around look at all these people on tv yeah how are they all fat is it only way to be on tv do you have to be fat you're not going to be funny if you get skinny you're funny you're funny 'cause your brain dude your brain going to work better if you're skinnier it's for him kevin doesn't have any real vices like he doesn't drink he doesn't smoke weed doesn't like to do drugs he's his thing is food he fucking loves food when he talks about food is like the way a guy who is getting out of twenty years in prison talks about the first sexy is going to have right he talks about it like this fucking chicken parm sandwich
i got this this crust they have on them it's fucking just golden brown toast it not burnt but just slightly slow brown and this is the sauce in the moon the melted mozzarella cheese and move we'll talk about it like you just he told me about the best cheese burger place in encino it is apparently there's donath place in encino lucky's or something like that and they also have cheese burgers i never went there because you know the fox just cheese i'm not traveling for a cheeseburger i mean how good could it be but listening to him describe it almost got me to drive there is like is like porn to him it's like porn it's clear the advice well that was a problem john candy had you know it's common problem i was i was talking to there was that movie did summer rental and like one thousand nine hundred and eighty four thing and he was literally at his skinniest he's like ever been in any of his movies
when he was doing that movie i was talking to the guy who wrote that and was like one of the producers and he said every day they would go into break this hotel room while he's on set and steal all the like food that he had taken from the said yeah and like he had like he showed up with suitcases full of junk food like it several suitcases and there and they had it literally take that stuff away from him so that he wouldn't eat it and like yo yo is wait while they were shooting the sequence or whatever like and he was at his skinniest any we've still a big guy but some people have a problem that i got a problem with the man and he still eat himself to death yeah well mean john candy died pretty young i mean i don't think it was fifty wasn't he was like forty four or something that's all from fat i'll just eating himself to death he was so funny though god damn that was funny planes trains and automobiles like he was hilarious my buddies and i will do a john candy movie
every once in awhile just watching john candy movie great outdoors i mean everything home alone home alone the poker the poker yeah so good man uncle buck is great they're doing and uncle buck show now they did an uncle buck show way back in the day yeah with somebody else that's weird well maybe they feel like enough times yes now just remember i think it was jim bulushi or something like that oh really yeah i don't know that that would have worked well obviously it did hold on a second uncle buck tv show oh was kevin meaney oh poor kevin christ yeah that was one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine all african american uncle buck show coming soon no african american yeah yeah they're doing any that's anything christ that's hilarious that's weird that's hilarious how they do that not that i mean not that you know it needs to be a white show but it's like it
calculate it is make another shoes make a show and if i hire the best actors meanwhile salon dot com will praise it for its diversity it's amazing what they've done better than original because everyone's a minority yeah that showed blackish is pretty funny that's a funny show yeah that show would be funny i mean it's original it's a for you know it's a first round and no one's ever done it before yes there show they create all the characters ian edwards writes on it you know yeah in learns laurence fishburne's on these films it right next to my house that good show but it's like the good good writers yeah i know it's just well done to it would be well done if they were chinese people would be well done if they were polish right it's just a good show i can't wait until racism stops and dies down to the point where it's no longer addressed 'cause it's so fucking annoying watching shows that are so clearly in response to like the the brownie points
going to get the social brownie points are going to get for showing diversity it's not that diversity was like was important because it needs to be done it's almost like it's done just to kind of like score you know it's done to like look what we've done like we've got up a woman and she's asian and she runs the show well there's a blue woman president are shell the woman there but in the present united states is black and it's a woman are trails like i see what you doing ok you're doing like card tricks ok let's stop calling tension is who is making those great point yeah to make it good it's dot yeah you know though like racism is bad da i can't wait until it's done you know like a bee who the do you know that's racist in this day and age if i was hanging out with some anthony cumia might be a little a little bit little bit
snow school comics his experience there because experience a lot of you know why because i live in new york and looking like him things get rough but i think that in the end hopefully in our lifetime it'll get to a point will people will find other reasons to separate you know that the the idea of like right now you've got people that separate because of conservative and liberal you got people that separate because of religious and atheist you got people celebrate because separate rather because of vegan and mediator you know you've got all these little factions and groups that separate from each other
seattle fans versus patriots i mean this is essentially we like to be in these weird little groups yeah and the group of white people just just white people that don't like minorities like god damn that's a stupid group like in a group of black people that don't like white people like that's a dumb group too yeah these these groups are dumb like that that the idea of your it just one aspect of your parents or one aspect of your your ethnic origin is one of the dumbest things to like associate with and it's it's tiresome in the response to it did the the opposite response to is almost justice tiresome it's almost like just we need to get to a point where it's not an issue anymore so that these did like doug making a black uncle buck is going to you know people google why would you do that why not just make uncle frank you know make a new for
i can show right you know yeah it doesn't have to be uncle buck it's not john candy side even kevin meaney stop stop kevin meaney gets gets inserted into this argument against his will leave me out of it find me a black guy name book right are there black guy's name book okay let's let's google black guy's name but i'm never met a white guy i mean it all the boxes in like buck rogers uncle buck like yeah it's like from the fucking 50s when i worked at the radio state and in phoenix uh it was owned by buck owens the legendary country star wow images for black guys named buckets quite a few this is fucking ridiculous images of black gentleman named buck now it's a lot of white people the jack johnson's in there is names not buck fuck you this is ridiculous that's a google image search
black guys name buck and then pictures of christina hendricks boobs come up and then buck angel do you know buck angel i don't know about the angel buck angel was on the pod just used to be a woman is now man oh wow transgender porn star all yoked and shit pretty really good guy to fungi to hang out with talk to name buck black white as fuck google black eyes named buck nope there's so few black guys named buck you don't even get past the first page you get one row of black people before you get white folks and couple of them look close images yeah there might not even be really named buck just black
guys like i want to save a true state two of them are ohio state and two of them are like pictures from back when they were you know one of them sit what one of them is is a whole website on black face the history of black face that's where the image comes from which is god okay so the okay so that guy bark was not even a he was a black man our black face is weird thing like you can't do blackface today like someone was playing a character like at a party like a holiday party and they put a black face on and they got fired from their job because you you can't pretend to be a black person thank you cannot have black person make up on if you are a white person i successfully did it because
the black wizard though now you didn't successfully do it nobody knew about it nobody knew about it when you can't get fired from your job you work for me now i mean i mean i went to parties and never want no one ever said thing because i was playing almost like a super hero kind of character you know but it was a black face what parties did you go to the south park party and then i went to uh bar more great see you hear what i'm saying like you're not working for a company what i'm saying is that there was a company and they had a party and they had a halloween party and this guy showed up and black face and they fired him and it was this issue like like come on man he's playing like mister t here we have like gold chains on everything everything put black put black skin colored makeup on you cannot you literally cannot do that you can pretend to be from avatar you can pretend to be a lot of things which you can't pretend to be as a black person you cannot darken your skin color
that's a weird that's a weird fucking rule and all you can be you know when you say this and i've said this before on the podcast people fucking freak out and the ultra sensitive search social just warrior type to start treating you do not understand you sit ignition internist and the context where black face came from a fence of it is to people of color fuck off fuck off with fake sensitivity i know what you doing you brownie points searching for assholes it's just skin it's just the color of skin it's preposterous the idea that you can't play denzel washington you can't you can't do it you can't good you have to be the white denzel washington like what if i want play denzel washington for halloween i can't do another huge denzel washington fan i loved all his mother girl could well we can talk about where we could get away with doing blackface with as a guy as denzel washington i doubt it it was mister t who is that actress that just got in trouble this year for
when she did blackface yeah julianne yeah yeah she did she was someone from orange is the new black but she didn't did she get in trouble or yeah she was on tmz about it it was all over the place about it have you been following the jenner thing at all joe of course at this some white teens in black face yeah there's a bunch of these missouri high school girls wear blackface outrage outrage does white high school seniors in missouri show up for girls powderpuff football game in black face like this that's people in missouri that think they can they just big fucking do anything and i will shit where missouri we don't to follow your liberal rules anywhere near ferguson i mean they do they not watch the news do they not know the non interest
the racial tensions that are taking place within their state there like i'm staying in this town i ain't moving from this town this is where i live they're all wearing black face and they have teachers around them that are all smiling the images of white girls with their faces painted black was posted on social media sparking outrage this is like some serious black face though they didn't even bother doing the neck no they're just black face not pretend it's not called black mass not black arrest they said they had their arms egg everything is whiting's why everything is white are there some of them have like a black long sleeve shirt on yeah but what they don't have gloves that's a plan ahead two of them did this function i don't know man i mean look racism is absolutely this does gusting but you give a lot of people a lot of power when you allow them you know when you get so upset principal said nothing racial
this is hilarious this is it from the fucking principle nothing racial about the powder puff team wearing blackface oh really this is nothing racial there pretend we have different reason they are is very racial that's inherently racial there's no way getting around its racial but here's the thing it's not bad to be black so why would take make up and turning your skin black be bad i get this is a racist context to it but it is that resolve i mean at one point in time do we culturally just step back and say look this ridiculous somebody wants to be fucking mister t if you're black and you're hanging around with a bunch of white people and there are legit with your friends and you love them and one of them decides to be mister t for halloween and shows up with a bunch of gold and he's going to mohawk on and he's got black face alright are you going to beat him up are going to beat your face not for being racially insensitive we really live in that fucking retarded a world where that such
huge issue it just seems racism is disgusting racism is evil but someone playing another race by putting makeup on their skin that would be negative at all the only way is if there was something wrong with being that race this clearly nothing wrong with being a black person so someone who's white putting black make up on it's not like there is it's not like they're doing al joe send and they put in white around their lips and black in there man man doing the they're they're doing some sort of a and horrible re racing around say more mass exactly of obviously yes exactly do this this person who got fired he was playing a famous black person but it's it's out of bounds but you cannot do it you can't do it there's a witch hunt going on in this
entry you know just like the moment someone mentions any sort of racist now you're racist yeah well you know it's such a great way to diffuse someone and take all the onus off them take all of the possible scrutiny or criticism that might come their way and point it all you it's also a great way to defuse your argument just call you a racist you know like if you if you have a different opinion about ferguson or about you know economics or al sharpton or anything that involves a black person instant seriously your arguments diffused if they call you racist well josh mcdermitt you're racist right we are from phoenix az one of most racist states come on man you're a racist launch his own up to your racism man yeah there's no way around that you can sit there and are do it and then just keep throwing that back at you and you should read it you could get black
lives matter tattooed on your forearm people inside till they would still go after they would still it's 'cause it's it's a way that people in set of it being a rational thing who is that ted danson oh that's right ted danson did blackface when he was dating whoopi goldberg it on tv disney well you had a pass he thought because he was dating whoopi he's like look at her i'm fucking her i should be able to do something about this i forgot about that kind of started at all i feel like that start ted danson's fault well the meaning fans of the one point time especially because at one point in time that was the only way you saw black people represented on tv it was a white person playing a black person or in movies or they were slaves you know i mean and you had go back like other races and go back and watch john wayne played gangus khan you tell me that's not fucking offensive he
playing among goal and he's clearly this fucking corn fed white guy from america and he's playing like one of the most important historical conquerors ever and he's playing him out of the race he doesn't have make up on same fucking pretending at least the guy who played jackie or charlie chan like they did something to him to make him look more china yeah you know but john when he said it is john john wayne he's genghis khan that too yeah see i mean have you ever watch now i haven't ought to glory i think i've seen pictures but yeah i haven't seen it is glorious in its stupidity it's so fucking bad it's so bad and you realize is one of those elvis movies where they would just fucking slapped again
there's a point in time where they would slap together movie have elvis in it and just you know elvis is a football star and we are when the scream well in this case and i was to start dancing they would do that with john wayne i mean they would they would let john wayne plaguing this con when the is movies of all time they just didn't they didn't do any make up that in like dark skinned once once yeah jerry pull it up and put on the screen so we only we see it so that the folks in it so we don't get pulled from youtube if you have videos that people have copyright on them and you play them and then you upload it even from podcast re talking about it he played on you too they put socks arcs yeah but we'll we'll put it up on here just just for that he he's in the haas because you get to see how bad it is usa logo that's crazy it takes me back that's the usa logo
usa movie oh uss graphics present in a bar of those who oppose driving yeah he just had to chew the only manchu dementia this is so stupid banging white super white look how hot she god damn women that were not backed into they were hot in a different way and they were they were hot in this like super natural like when you say hourglass re he was like an hour glass because they had about an hour until they turn to old ladies did it last like i was at a four in restaurant the other day and cindy crawford and i don't know how old cindy crawford is i want to
google right now i'm going to fifty i guess forty no she's at least fifty she is hot as fuck she's forty eight do cheese hot as fuck like she's hot like twenty five year old hot because that bitch probably running stairs every doing yoga getafe sand blasted sandblasted getting stem cells from aborted fetuses sprayed all over cheek i mean i don't know what she's doing whatever she's doing she needs to write a book because it forty eight she's small dining she's running she's a year older than me and i look like shit
she looks familiar joe come on you look stop it stop it i mean i don't look totally shitty but i just don't look as good as i looked last year that's all i'm saying for compliments that was the whole point going to make up a story about seeing her at the restaurant so they tell me i look at her body or bodies and check or faces and check like there's nothing sadder than you run into i won't say the name but i ran into this woman who was a major movie star in the 90s and now she's enormous i mean she's probably five thousand and sixty pounds overweight or face looked all fucked up and she looks like she smokes cigarettes and just and i was like no that's not no 'cause before she was just stunning you would see here and just go good lord and now it's just same thing just happened to me with the girl from wayne's world yeah all really see and they're all white i want to know who it is that you're talking about police did big wide wasted blazey
who is this just say you it was say who it is i can't the she lives in my neighborhood do you still talk to betty white betty white you nobody white to be on the show with her no i was in i was on the net i was in the same network parties but with the show that used to do that the retired thirty five in she was on was retired at thirty five it was a comma i was on we got two seasons with george segal on that show just shoot me and then i can't think of the woman's name jessica walter who is a from archer and arrested development she wants a model that she was red but betty i don't know betty yeah i just saw that betty white nudes somebody sent me the other day her naked when she was younger beautify she's beautiful it had nudes which is a lot of them and there's like it's really those are real yeah yeah is really just a beautiful person casting couch was of the real thing back then it really was
still real right yeah it still is it must be i mean i probably not for like big budget movies probably so everything this stuff like the conqueror it's kind of implied though right isn't that think about the casting couch just not as simple as liking liking on that couch and and chuck mystic new right i think bryan singer's penis and put you next bend five no it doesn't is he gay i don't know i mean i think you just like parties with naked boys young boys in a tub filled with blood you see there the pool is like red lights in the pool is like hundred running around bang each other why not i say why not and we're still asking if he's gay he's gay as fuck these gays fuck 'cause i thought there was i mean i don't know there was i mean this is a stupid in out of the loop i am but i thought there was something that like i just assumed he was
based on these allegations and all the things he went through and then there was something was like oh my god why not all blood blood blood that's what i'm saying that's crazy red lights just red lights well they probably put fucking die in there too you know they probably put in the pool looks like fun guys having a good fucking time man i see a couple gals there too not enough well couple gals who want to have be able to have fun and not have people try to think this guy in the foreground with his hair that's a bad cut if you had only so over trust me when it's over it's over i think you know like these guys that he you know he banged the that he brought to this part they would get upset but i think the thing was that they were under age they were like younger than eighteen that was like the the real issue but you know that's one thing about underage sex people give zero fox
if you're an under aged gay boy if you like seventeen year old gay guy likes to blow hollywood dudes right but if you were like a girl and shake some mel gibson type guy some big hollywood celebrity guy had parties and add up pool filled with sixteen year old girls he was banging i mean that would be the end yeah i would be the end absolutely but if it's boys like him at one their boners they have boners at seventeen are they all gave their all get right is not knowing that no one got roofied yeah we're done here get outta here get outta here yet text me i was eighteen did you have sex junior nineteen and twenty and twenty one yeah okay we're good it's the same thing same thing happened he didn't know what was going on was it the first time you ever had sex no did he did he give you some drugs the roof for you to do something to do that do you wanna have sex sells obvious when when someone trying to get a payday you know
that i mean i don't know the details of this case but it's like this guy like sat on this for like fifteen years or something like that did any yeah well it's just like come yeah well definitely i mean they feel like they're entitled you know it's like the they could sue they might be able to get money so go for it i don't have any money i'm broke hey hi bryan singer and all of his friends in a pool six years ago and i was only seventeen you go to a lawyer and is like do you have gotten any photographs mister singer in you in this poll and said pull with no clothes on as a matter of fact i do yeah all those photos out and they say listen let's go to this guy and it's essentially it's a money grab your trying to get money and like you say listen mister singer it's going to cost you about five million dollars to fight off this lawsuit you know we are bringing in the big guns here at sherman and a level and associates
no we have a long history of extorting money from a large rich celebrities like yourself so let's just let's let's call it three million and let's wrap this up tight right now yeah and they make these
she asians and then and give them some model it out and there you go they signed some sort of a disclosure and encourages people to continue to do that well do you have season the middle of thanks three or four class action lawsuits now sizes some of them which i just don't understand what they're doing are you like guys that had no chance of ever winning a belt ever they were they were not that good they were you know marginal fighters at best and i don't know what they're suing over i don't understand that they they soon over i think the idea is that somehow another ufc stifled competition but according to the people that and obviously more hearing one side of it but that is going to cost him twenty five million dollars to fight it and they get approached by these lawyers and and while they're going through the you know the whole legal issue of what you know what could be considered anti competition and what couldn't be they they start
accumulating legal bills and then once the bills start getting high and then they they pull them together they have a meeting and i said look here's the deal and i will settle for ten million will settle for you know nine million right we want to we want to do and they make a few million and then the high five each other to go get some hookers that they some wine and they go we got another one i mean there's some legit class action lawsuits most certainly when a products fail and people die like there's a there's one recently with chevrolet where it turned out that they they hid the fact that they're ignition switches were up in a bunch of people to die because of this yeah and so there's like some widget class action lawsuits when it comes to certain companies but a when you sign up bryan singer type thing and like okay women your gang right your date he's gay okay you showed us house and there's a bunch of gay dudes and you're all doing gay stuff okay and you want the money like you look you get dick that's what you get
the party you want to get to the deck i've got some dick you probably got some ecstasy to bonus okay probably give you some food you probably had stacks sandwich is burger from this donut shop in encino it's phenomenal your mouth you got to party in the red pool you don't the clean up after he's fine man you are the guy scrub the the red stain the side of the pool it was probably easter egg you know it for that you know we do with kids dunk eggs hello yeah yeah yeah drop those will pellets into the water it turns red food dye they get out of the pool and there's it's all red you can't get away with that kind of shit anymore but back in the day like who could you imagine if you could go back to like the 1950s and nineteen click the humphrey bogart days what kind of fucking chaos
those parties must have been like when no there was no accountability the studios totally protected people i you have to have a dead body before got weird you would literally have to have some someone have to be dead and even then and even then so you would know about it so i mean refer sure there must have been some stars that had to call like what is that show that's on show time that ray donovan radar yeah you call the ray donovan guy and ray donovan comes she finished second that wraps the the kid up in a of of of some sort of a carpet like big cleaner yeah they they take it downstairs in the throw the furnace not set that's such a good show is it a good show it's a great show i watched a couple episodes i see what is on the first episode yeah he he goes to the girl stock and he said no you want to bet what's in the bag or the bat the guy goes all take the bag and then you make some getting a bath full of
like you know green die or whatever and then the guys just like his skin is green it's not going to watch out for a while he's just humiliated and everything is probably what happened the bryan singer's party to be agro celebrity i think would be really scary because there are dudes that fixate on female celebrities in a really fucking creepy way and today they can find where they live oh yeah very easy i was drugged the other day joe i told you about and that scared the fuck outta me 'cause that was the first time where i actually felt like something's not right with me i don't know what's going on and then wake up an hour later and like what the happened like like where and it and it was so scary man and i talk to girls about when guy i've had that happen a couple times girls who party they had that happen all the time they have this nail polish note memory start wearing though i could just get my finger in it changes color if there's any roofie in there though i think it only works for some drugs or does it work for ghb like if you dip your finger in its roof and all maybe it'll work but it will do it for every
i think what maybe each nail has a different have a drink hold on i was just my roofie now let me check my ghb nail alpha males are alpha nails now have the roofie for guys they turned they turn heart pink heart shows up on your nails if it's negative but it's weird i told you this already but i got roofied the bar and it was the i you know everything just went spenny what bar where you at i was at jumbo's clown room well that's a rufi hot yeah yeah i mean it's it's it's a nice but i was looking at him selves a jumbo yeah just because one of my job my life people end up there they've been refuted your shots of roofies what's over something different we wake up but we got on the top shelf top shelf rupees yeah they do actually take people take rupees on purpose but this was complete
different well who the fuck takes roofies on perfect it's seriously so do it as a drug they take cap you know those little a five hour energy drinks or whatever they're called for our energies they feel that thing up with roofie shit and then they take their called caps and they take a little cap and they put it in and makes you feel really like like body buzzy bohemian g hhb yeah which is on as one of the date rape drug right there's not yeah right not rufi like roof and all that's that's a bad yeah i don't i don't know which one mine was mine since this was i was i was on my second or i just had second drink and ordered a new drink took like one step at my third drink and then everything started getting spinning like like my vision it's almost like trippy like like i couldn't i was like why is the room spoke with your drink what were you drinking just sit low jack and cokes and
because you were saying that someone take they take like visine bottles and squirt it into peoples bouncer told me what they do is they take advising bottle they fill it with whatever the crap they're using and they'll just like literally keep it in their hand walkthrough and drop it like why they walk by some of these drink just drop it in there and he said that roofing how is roofing guys actually he's seen it before where there's a guy talking to a girl they want to talk to so they will repeat the guy to get him out of the way he'll start getting sick or whatever and then go to the bathroom and pass out take drink some people i don't know unless i see it come from the bar you know into there and into my hand it is just too many weirdos if you don't know them some people like aggressive do shot yes that shot come from come from mars i see it in your hand i have no idea where it was before it was in your hand it's and it's not just being roofied or you know like you could grab a guys drinking like
maybe he was the other night i did i saw guy and he recognized me and i just as a joke i grab just drinking you're drinking it and i got mad i'm like i could he be like having the flu yeah i'm still out you know it's good to just do your own x it was really weird though because i i i look we got to my car and i passed out and i it because i couldn't see my for my vision was gone didn't feel drunk and info sick i just couldn't see my eyes were working site close my eyes in the next thing i know i woke up an hour later in your car in my car and i felt much so relax when you're going to be really careful about that because of a cop knocked on your window you're going to jail i send my backseat yeah i know even if you're in your backseat if you're in your car i think if you keep your keys and put on the front he's on the result like that yeah yeah i mean something completely ridiculous but look it is essentially they have the opportunity to arrest you for right it's a technicality
yeah you can tell him look i'm not driving i just i sat here because i knew i can't drive that i get outta car they're resting you which is fucking really sprays you're doing the right thing you realize you can't drive you just locking your door and letting yourself so rob but there's certain conte head cops that will drag you into jail for that yeah it's ridiculous yeah in the next day the whole day i just felt like i was like a muscle relaxers it was up that's probably ghb yeah somebody probably whacked you out because i have friends have done ghb before and they've done too much and then they just go limp like they'll be at a bar and then like eddie eddie did it once and he did too much wow and he just like like couldn't walk or his body to stop working yeah was bodies went limp yeah like my mind was normal but my body was drunk in my eyes were drunk that's so weird man do you have any idea who might have done it no i mean there is a lot of david arquette was there and so i said hi to
gave it but there was also some people that i knew there and i talked to them for a bit but then i and replaying it over my head over and over again and i can't think of me like i i can almost think that maybe what if i drop it just grabbed the wrong drink like i grabbed this strippers during by mistake or something or someone trying to roofie them yeah who knows you might have been annoying i was only there for an hour though i like literally how to spot and i was driving home and i was driving by it and i haven't been there in awhile just go in there have a drink or two stopping by yourself yeah that's a really remote drinks and i know my friend my friend my friends a dancer there and contortionists that's a real alcoholic move pull into a couple hours
form three drinks in an hour that could be it too no no no he does that every day and these are like the small little rock last drinks you know i mean i drink seven or eight of those data you don't know who you're dealing with here dude i don't i really don't you never drank with brian now are you big drinker yeah you want a little drunk right now thank you poo scared yeah what's matter i'm sitting next to bryant right so much which you had in there i didn't it didn't entice me nothing makers we got some some way we put talked about in the park as somebody contacted me about giving us a wine cooler for for wine the could not like a wine cooler i would drink that because of a man country wine coolers now but i don't think they're great are you talking about the drink zima they don't have the many more do not they they have they have so they had it it's called something else but it's the exact same thing
give me a hard time back in the day for drinking gmail my email was great taste good drunken taste nice did you remember tequiza yes what is that yeah what was it was like a tequila beer gap or something yeah it was like it was in it like bud light made it also it was why yeah it was just it was it was a beer but it it had like a lime flavoring in it as well and it had but and those kind of like a hint of a tequila i don't know if they were actually mixing the two but unlike some of the worst hangover ever had came off two keys a key to kiesza yeah it's so weird to keys up there it is what is this beer with agavi nectar in a natural flavor of imported to keep
and what is so no actual tequila but this flavors right well agave nectar is just sweet you know agave is it's actually not good for you known people like they they don't use honey like i when i'm mock vegans one of the things i mock my my old special was about how they don't you just like true vegans don't use honey because i don't think it's cool to make this peace work for people that i have is not good for you know i instructor absolutely sugar but it's better than like splenda or something would you say no no no in figuring it away splenda is probably better for you 'cause splendid dozen give you the reaction that you're going to get like the you know the glucose reaction stevia is the best sweetener as far as like health it's like it's just a plan extract like stevia taste sweet but it doesn't have any sugar in it at all it doesn't taste that sweet it really doesn't taste as good
stevia is it's like it's like i got be sweet you know it's not a sweet like right i heard that there was even a new reports that that that stevie others not good there's bad things about stevia now well that is really recent reports and research was probably done by you know the other companies that are getting their ass kicked yeah come on man stevie's and for you like every other week something else that was good for you is now bad for you i mean it's it is a real problem with these people that create these tests hold on a second that we find out that the read the results were skewed just because someone funded dumb and some company that has a vested interest why i quit stevia okay let's say right as a like for
for the reasons and number four will blow your mind stevia taxes the adrenals our bond is not designed or evolved to handle calorie free sweeteners be it natural or artificial experience a sweet taste from food that is not going to provide glucose con found certain our body sugar handling process this i think i think it's like your brain pretty much goes hey you know this is sugar we need to work off this sugar but then when you go there there is
which is not sugar so it fucks up yeah that's what they're saying i read it wrong it's sweet taste it comes from food that's not going to provide glue glucose confounds our bodies sugar handling process whatever pussy i just switch back to normal raw sugar stevia all often contains other ingredients there's an issue of purity we use process devia not pure stevia leaves obviously you apata stevia leaves growing in your garden you can ignore this point but there's a bunch of other shit xylitol that's another one right yeah popular sweetener made with stevia and xylitol although proponents bestow the title natural to this suitner i've never i've never eaten trivia because i'm not a fan of this uber processed ingredients trivia trivia trivia
xylitol and stevia stevia has an aftertaste and stevia diabetes yeah i ask for thames not good for you too but you know when i think about all this stuff including diet coke it's all in moderation like you know you can have a real coke if you want to just don't drink i'm all day every day you know i'm i'm a big fan of cheat days man i'm a big fan of just eating really healthy and then one day going off the most welcome rails you know and then bring in all back to give you shuffle day we don't give a fuck it's hard for me to do that man only good for a week and then my cheat day turns into a chi month ok let me ask you this spiral you say that but you're so happy right now you're so successful right now you got so much cool shit going on your on your favorite show mean like couldn't be better if you knew but the only way to keep this running
only way was if you ate healthy by some strange metaphysical mirror cold fucking magic thing whereas like if you ate healthy food your luck would continue to be fucking amazing but if you got lazy has nothing to do with your parents or your talent or your mind but if you got lazy and deviated from the path your luck would change it would be even fucking let it be in great lettuce wraps and raw fruit yeah you wouldn't fuck around at all sure but i love mexican food i love salsa you put down a basket of chips and i'll bring a second like that's what i want i've never been one in a sweet it's always like this starchy carbohydrates stuff but do you ever have queso in texas i've had it i'm not the big in texas i think i just haven't had great ships in queso in texas is dom totally different level before the mexican food even comes your full order
chips in case so would you like some chips in case how yes ma'am they bring over some fucking case meat in it they got retarded so there's like a cow in it yeah grind up a cow i got a i got a moose roast cooking at home right now very excited in a press release where do you get in the moose shot the shit out that most oh really this is some right here no shit that's it yeah that's it man that's pretty ranch delicious but i'm today over ten hours this moose roast in one of those pressure cookers so delicious man how many pounds of meat you get in at four hundred she had crazy did you have to buy new freezer and if you have it no i i bought a separate fee i had one commercial freezer but after i shot the moves i bought another one just to just to have the room for you should experiment with making jerky dude i'm making all kinds of things yeah yeah i've been making been doing roasts roast of the new thing
do it in the green mountain grill i serum on the outside on a mike out of cast iron frying pan and then i slowly cook it in the green mountain grow for like forty forty five minutes because you know it's not not that big a roast is only for like four people and then this one i'm doing a pressure cooker but i'm also i got a bunch of recipes from steve right now so i'm gonna do meatloaf i'm gonna make ground meat loaf with spinach and cheese inside of it i don't i'm enjoying cooking man cooking is fun and if you have the time and you know you're so inclined it's a cool little art project like i don't i don't never think of cooking is like art but when it comes out it's good to get this little kind of arty says excited you made something like i mean this and now we're going to eat it this is kind of cool there is this video i recently saw showing you how to cook the best steak and you need to use a grill what you do is you take this big piece of meat you put it in the oven you slow cook it in the oven for like an hour or something and then
put it on the i really hot skillet for like two minutes just as easily outside of the outside and then the perfect temperature it's like red throughout the whole thing not like you know right because when you cook on the grill it's usually read in the middle and then it slowly goes out you know where it's like less red you know the closer it is this is like right when you cut it into all the exact color throughout the whole sing the way you do it who's got an hour mean i don't like it that way i've seen that way too i've seen also there's a lot going around with a boil it in water when those plastic bags they boil it like not even boil it's like hot water like one hundred and twenty five degree water which is below boiling but it's like they keep it in there for several hours and then you take it out and see is it a lot of times people they cook the outside actually with a flame they take a little propane torch and they'll they'll char the outside to get like that chris
the outer edge i've tried every single method to cook like a regular beef that my favorite by far is lump charcoal on a regular grill do you get that smoky real wood taste to the steak and you just got to know how it is it's like a trial and error thing you got to know how i am for me i guess i i take like a two inch steak you need three minutes on each side and then i put it on the upper level of the grill i close the lid and i cook it for another five minutes that's it and that kind of gets the inside pam i've been doing that sounds good so bad for people who don't eat meat
i understand i get it i get the morals in the ethics but those cows are going to him i want you do my cousins have cows and they just they just sent him out to get butchered something like one thousand seven hundred pounds of meat my buddy doug does it himself sanity does he my friend doug has grass fed cows and his farm in wisconsin and fucking pick him out that's where i started getting bummed out about grass fed cows 'cause everybody has this idea oh crossword cows it's so ethical my cows are only grass fed you going now these counts and they panic and run they know exactly what you write for make no mistake about this isn't like hunting this isn't like you know you see dear the deer mind i've ever even seen a person before pulling the gun goes off the deer's down that's old that's like old an ethical life these fucking cows that are living in this guise bonds smell it dude we went near them and they fucking ran like we were demons like were deemed is it if corral them up for slaughter because
that we are to them you saw the cows being released from the milk barn for the first time there that and where they're all jumping around like dogs and having like there was so happy that you just sat there and go wow they are so happy right now that there could tell that they were just like crying with happiness yeah they were trapped in those stalls for their whole life and then they release mount this field and it just dance in a row wow having a good old time with grief i think it's a fucking it's a real shame that somehow another factory farming is become a real accepted part of the way we get food in this country but that said i like maine mean is so good i just tried goat for the first time i had go before had tacos in houston yeah we did right it in arizona my family yeah but why you say new to that like you know like ninety percent of the world eats goat i don't like go go taste good
have you had it you know i mean i just don't like goats so i don't think i want to eat it's on your head i'm telling you you wouldn't like a lot of things you know if you hang out with chickens you realize their assholes you know i told you chickens bite my daughters face like you fucking cunt i'll kill chickens are dinosaurs man there dinosaurs i mean plus three dollars my chickens are sweet you know 'cause they get pat and they get picked up and then still bite your fucking face their stoop this shit their brains your thumbnail and they literally side they don't know what's going on they're not doing it on but they're just trying to survive you have a problem with coyotes getting your chickens all coyote get my check
and how really yeah yeah i know my god i have to get i've been slacking on this but i have to get i have to hire someone who they have this urban coyote captured thing because the thing about we have twenty five well east of twenty four chickens my dog killed one the coyote tell another one but i saw the coyote road for jump my fence with the chicken as mouse i realized okay now i see how the coyotes i had a fountain that was near the fence in the car you would jump to the top of fountain and jump over the fence yeah you son of a so i took the fountain down and reinforced the areas where the coyote was getting in but they know this food there and they they know there's a lot of food there this twenty four or twenty two now yeah yeah twenty two
do chickens so i have to hire somebody they do these urban traps and they set him up all over i don't even live in an urban area but they set him up around your house and they capture these coyotes in their fucking bang bang and they kill him wow my cousins live urban traps like a swap meet or something entraps traps it's a gold chain next walker jordan is a next to a one of tesla news on ankle news is kanye's new shoe is announcing is no and i don't want to talk about it you know like no i'm a fucking grown man i'm not you and jamie need to call each other on the phone and talk about shit that nobody else gives a fuck it's male uggs stop just don't just dump run we have fucking josh mcdermitt from the walking dead you want to talk about
you're forty years old in my talk about connie i've been telling him that for years he's a fucking grown man he's a grown man but he's not somehow or another when we sucked him out of thomas and brought him to los angeles we've stifled his growth actually went back he went back he was thirty then these twelve that's completely opposite of what i've been figuring out lately video out so do you remember when when when when when i first moved here i like it like i didn't have any friends like we would just like once in awhile like hang outs up there was like videos of me just sitting in my computer room like my first week here and i was like mentally challenger retard i don't even know why you would talk to me back then i mean it's good videos problem is the thing that you do really well you don't even do come back into it as you please go back and i need to go on the road with you sometimes they do something so very talented like his video editing skills are amazing it's what i initially hired him for 'cause he's
really good and then he became a podcaster which he's challenged at he's challenged at communicating he's challenged it thinking about things that chat is often his strength but his video skills i think no bullshit no but i'm not saying this just because you're here you're one of the best video editors i've ever seen like your like your sense of like tiny meaning and like you're editing in the way you splice things together you create something that doesn't exist like you you're capable of like you put these weird touches on things in the weird sounds and music and edit you have a real fuel for it man but you have a real talent if you really pursued that you will you could be rich i mean you really could be i mean you should you should you should be like a guy that people seek out to make their music frozen share like you have a weird sense of how to put things together it's a real talent man
who edited your last special i did could have been comedy central ave brian shows having to do it himself how much editing it's just like camera cuts what i'm talking about like he did some stuff like look at the austin v is my favorite one great yeah you know that little austin yeah with the dude that had the that was born with no or no no no don't talk about the job ideas it was me you little s you with your idea yeah and just because the editing the audio editing much remix music to go with everything and it was it was really talented with that really think it's your calling in life you know it's like as joey diaz is meant to be a stand up comic you're meant to be a video more fun doing standard comma i know you do its immediate gratification but you do shit we can do i don't have that mind my mind is not work that way i'm trying to get
into a in in in in this new computer it's finally getting to the point where it's so much the rendering thing was the thing that i hate it and i'm the reason that made me stop and we're just sitting there waiting for of ours ours is about those what about those new max those tubes those superman tower well it's funny because you would think that would be the best computer 'cause i almost 'cause i mean i just bought a new computer and re searching those you realize that they're using a different processor that isn't really that good for video editing as compared to the seven processor that the imax you so if you look at rendering times on one of those machines versus a mac the imac even comes across being faster and a lot of the test because those you zian processors which there aren't really i don't know why they use the opposite did because the software is optimized for that certain processors i think so yeah this is
really boring no wonder you like video editing well he would call me like you know after you edited for like twelve hours ago i'm going fucking crazy i don't think do this anymore i'm almost done but i'm going fucking crazy like but the process the result was a man i just think you got a very unique talent for that was also back in the days when when we are using mini dv tapes yeah so in order to add it i had the chance for every single tape on my computer then look at it and then go through the fifty hours now i mean you just pull a cart have slip it in no way you should do while you're single you should you should do some sort of brian reviews massage parlors i'm scared of that place at this place this now yeah 'cause my favorite place got busted and now they're all fake cops work there and yeah but would you go to jail do you go to jail for going you just gotta play dumb oh yeah you go to jail now you just gotta play dumb
he's going to get my feet rubbed rub my feet you know i'm going to get a foot massage true now do you want anything else hey whatever you want to do i'm just here i'm going to close my eyes you do what you want to do and if you want to bucks you know you just do what you want to do and i just lay back except good i tip good yeah i mean i'm a good tipper i just like massages i'm just going to sit here and you know maine where you going there because you got a little something extra or was it hello busted after that captain you're like wait i didn't even know he doesn't know you don't know about rub maps it is my fair website that i read every single day you do know that judge me during you've come a long way since phoenix no i mean it's it's it's it's great but it's it's it is something that also you have to think about like that this segment sex slave and street bang you will run into places where you're just like this person does not want to be here
like right now where i live this is one of the craziest things i found there's this apartment or this old house next to me and they have like a garage a separate garage outback just this little small garage and i saw somebody come out of it the other day and i'm like what the fuck why is there some asian girl in there then like a couple days later somebody opened up the door and there's like four people living in this little garage about the size of my car like i mean it's ridiculous and they're just living there and that's the kind of shit freaks me out but his ashes people that like you know some people come here from another country and their poor and they have a relative here or the relatives looked you could sleep in my garage until you get on your feet will set up some beds it's warm where in burbank you have to worry about it doesn't cold at night or are they sex slaves i don't know because they looked they looked like they were just miss that's the reality of prostitution being illegal that's a big part of the problem if prostitute
she was completely legal an like a massage i mean which it should be i mean i don't want to give people massages ok and i also don't want to give anybody any blow jobs but there's some people that don't care where they don't they like giving massages they don't mind giving blowjobs for three hundred dollars instead of working at denny's for three days for him box in i and then when we get three in a bus to work there for three days take a blow you for five minutes make three in a box some people would do that and that's their prerogative as adult human beings our issue is legality and these weird ethics that we attack have to sexuality over everything else we do like everything else do where people serve you well people will serve you drinks there serve you food they don't fucking want to nobody to bring you your meat nobody wants to miss him dermot would you like some cracked pepper on that salad he doesn't want to put fucking pepper on your salad that guys only doing it because you want your money i mean he's
pouring himself out in and i mean this in the nicest way possible i ease not really but it means doing it for money you know it's a job it's a great job is nothing wrong with being a waiter don't don't get but it's also having sex i mean we have this crazy idea in our head that sex is evil and nasty and old paying for sex you get money for sex you fucking whore somebody pays you and then they touch you you fucking bitch it's craziness work we have these weird attachments there are completely socially constructed we've decided that these things are bad the real issue is that stuff sex slave that we're not talking about a woman is like just grown woman a mature woman who decides on her own you know it's a sexy gives a shit it's fine wait pay my bills i can go travel and i'll do whatever the fuck i want with my life and i'll be independent it's not those not the comes the real issue is when you have things
legal the everything then to be to be hidden in a but you know in the dark listen underground and then you get things like sex slavery and it's very analogous to the drug war one of the real reasons why the drug war exists is because drugs illegal one of the real reasons why there's so much crime in mexico that's related to the drug trade is directly because drugs aren't legal if drugs were legal you wouldn't have criminals that are selling drugs and have criminals weren't selling drugs you'd be able to buy drugs the same way you gotta fucking cvs and buy liquor there's no fucking gang wars over whiskey it's not happening whiskey is sold and it's taxed and somebody says you would find other than the fact that people drink it and do stupid shit weather on it there's no violence and no murder and no crime attached to the production of fine whiskey it's just in that's how it should be with sex and that's how it should be with everything we are adult human beings
if you want to pay someone to rub your feet you should be able to do it could you imagine if like back massage is were somehow another deemed morally outrageous and you couldn't go and get a massage like you know those is it the airport will use it now put your face in that chair and they come over and rub your back what they suck your dick after and i put a blanket over us nobody needs to know but i mean if you went to a place like that and they gave you a hand jobs it would be the this glorious thing ever if you went to that and there was a beautiful russian lady and she took into this quiet room and she just cut your balls with one hand and jerked for the other well we had ipad you watching porn the greatest thing ever i know what consent like what's the difference between like if you go on backpage and you see they have escorts then they have lit
jet massages where they bring a table over to your house and they massage you then they have the same category yeah then they have body sliders where it's like they bring like a big inflatable raft that you have like in a swimming pool and then you get naked and then they put oil over yet need to slide their naked body on you and that you're not fucking is that a or like what makes it you have to have insertion i mean it just doesn't seem like escorting can be you can be caught for it because like if you really want an it just seems like what's the law without much for a body slider though a hundred fifty bucks usually our did do they define what a body slider is there's videos that you can there's actually views on youtube well it's it's it's it's it's i'm it sounds great but you sound like that system see that's one of those things where it's like it's again it's like a cultural thing like what what is a body slider you know like you have to define it because like you know what to
in which everybody knows the sandwiches some shit that's in between two slices of bread if you order a sandwich summer brings your pizza you like what the fuck is this is because call sandwich you know what do you call body slider in in northern california is the same as a buddy slider in chicago with a body slide a man never solve a round sneaky yeah body sides in in in in you just sit there with like a boner out and they they just pretty much rub their whole body on your your boner body boobs like it's just no insertion but it's pretty much everything else is that illegal i've i say no if no answer i don't think it's illegal so it's just insertion but i think if you call it's probably illegal that's where all the fucking that's where the hullabaloo is it's it's about orgasming
well it's all a bunch of haters and only to come is there like a five second rule like if you company put in your mouth real quick and that doesn't count because it's going back in your body that's disgusting is a disgusting it came out of your body to second you know shut the on sir so just think before you say someone imagine that undercover cop who got a some the bodies how about the undercover cop the watches in medizone com what's a good rule do you want to i always find it weird though like if you have you bring your mouth and you can view it one of the big ones and then he spit on a piece of paper if the idea of you'd now licking that back up is the most grossest thing in the real but just a second ago you were in your mouth just tasting true wishing internet because you don't think about it he it's out of sight out of mind you don't have to look at it it's when you look at it and you know well it's like if you had to take a shit you know that's one thing you like oh i can't wait to take a shit and you get on that toy
but it uh comes up but if you had a stuff that shit back in your asshole if you had a reach in there with rubber gloves on and just pack your own ass repack it that might be one of the worst things you could ever do like taking a shit is amazing the when you hold it in for just a little bit not a long time who would two twenty minutes and you get that's all just ah you feel those logs just barrel and down the river bom bom bom bom i went to i took a dump all the other day i've been trying to eat healthier eating more greens and stuff so it came out like very earthy right it was anything horrible just smelled and i flushed and then the guy came in to clean the restroom and looking so good and he just hear him like trying to clean up and then he just at the end he just goes he's in there about two minutes ago it smells like fucking
oh yeah like i said i was like a highlight of my life like you scored on him i scored autumn fucking in a bathroom the guys gotta go in there right after you you should go code yeah i had flood so it wasn't like it was still sitting there stewing like it was post flush but there's nothing worse than when you have to shit really bad and the only option is a port a potty and you're at a concert and there's two people behind you and there's a long ass line and you go and then you plop down in your shitting on other peoples shit that is on top of other people's shit which is on uh people shitt which is all in smurf juice just logs on top of existing logs and just gagging nor meanwhile the playing your favorite song paper was here did you
saw this online they had a thing about the porta potties like the whole point of them is supposed to close the lid and then that will take the sent out up through this like funnel like this tube and releases sent up there but the in port a potty smell so bad it's because everyone just leaves lit up i don't want to touch it yeah the deal is this is all bullshit it stinks to fucking confined space you're shitting in a phone booth it's not going anywhere that smells everywhere i think as a society we could try it if it's still going to stink we could at least give it a shot on the walking dead do you guys shit out in the woods do you drip drop aug we got trailers out there that have like like their air cynder down like fifty degrees like ninety degrees outside and we i mean i'm finding excuses to take a dump do you sometimes have like long downtime in between scenes you could take a nice fat nap yeah still love those if you can i mean well because a lot of time we should on location so everything it takes awhile to get back to you like your
delaware like i'm out your something i could sleep on and so there is there's it's rare that they would make you sit for that long how far away are you from like the set like if your trailer is one place how far away is the set we feel it's usually so is less than ten minutes you were telling us before the you get the five o'clock in the morning when you've done you didn't say when you well we'll use all the sunshine so like it the sunsets about nine p dot and georgia nine p m in the summer so your work and loan yeah will convey so they try to schedule because i think you know and there's like with the actors you have like a turnaround like you key twelve twelve hours and if they make you come back with the shorter than the twelve hour turn around they have to pay you and so i don't know yeah
and actually it's because i'm a i'm considered a local actor become a local higher because i live in atlanta then they there's like some rules around that where they don't have to pay me all the time did you get apartment in atlanta or did your you rent a house or an apartment and when you when you come back to la do you keep an apartment l a or do you stay here for a little bit i kept one here and then i and i i'm going to have that as long as lawns show because i don't know when i'll get killed off and i'm not gonna wanna go find a new place hello where i live now do you ever go to the producer and go listen i'm about to re sign my lease is there anything question handily that happens with one of the actors are like at the start of the season because they're secretive to us course you know but they were like hey so i have a feeling i'm being so set up to be killed at should i don't i don't want to sign the lease in my you're fine and they went and signed the lease and then they get killed wow
what the fuck yeah do they go to them and go hey what the yeah they're pretty upset but was another guy who who literally got it out of lawrence gilliard who plays by the guy got his leg chopped off yeah in in my the cannibals he didn't want to sign a lease because he had a feeling he was about to go and so he actually got the producers that to mike he'd like sat in a meeting with them until he wouldn't leave until they told him yeah you're going die in episode three or whatever i don't get it was because he was about to sign a lease that's it yeah it's like this is going to cost me ten thousand bucks or twelve days so he didn't want it you know i mean obviously you can break a lease and you know but you're still paying for that but he got it out of them and then of course like you know they didn't tell us that he was dying and i'm sitting there like texting him like a man where you live in the season this and he's like radio silent and then i figured out that they were killing my why would he be avoiding me right now
uh tell me where he's living it was just weird you know whatever when you shop when you had that scene we showed that one scene where you you shot up the truck and like shut the gas tank all that stuff like what what how much that was real like did you you were shooting a gun was it blanks were you actually shooting at that car because it seems like you're actually hitting that car yeah i was half and half so they did so they give you blanks but then they tell you once you're out you know just keep firing mimicking like your firing the weapon and then you know consult cut in around everything only like twenty rounds in that clip you know and i think if you really look at it i was probably fired over one hundred that's a problem with revolvers but it's easy movies it costs like five
to put in a muzzle flash in like post production you know so they're like you know so just keep jerking the gun like you're firing away and so i did that and but then what they do is they had these guys because we're right next to a corn field they had or special effects guys like perched on some ladders with these like paintball guns with these exploding the pallets that make you know kind of spark off so like when i going to shoot up the truck there find actually wants firing the truck and be be be be be be in it just hits on so that was really cool because used to have to like run this line of charges or whatever and have those explode at one time well when you when you kill a zombie like what is actually happening like it because some of it is obviously so c g i e right like the blood looks fake it looks you know yeah so it's almost like they do it so it's not too realistic so they they could show it almost like the craziness of the blood is almost
yeah you it varies because the one seen in terminus when they beat the people over the head and cut their throat that led to real they had super disturbing with that they had like these tubes that were just tide around their neck and even everyone on set was going like oh this looks totally fake and they're like will color that out later and the tubes were actually like gushing out the blood and so when they cut so they do the motion to cut and i think that either like a rubber knife or a lot of times they have a knife that's just the handle with some like green tape on the end in it so it's not a full knife or machete sort of thing and then they paint that in enter the knife is cgi yeah so that like if i got this water bottle and there's no blade on the end of it i just use that and then they just paint that in and make it look like a knife as a cut my throat so cool they just painted out the the tube so that all that was left was just blood gushing out into the trough
it looks so real it looked awful i was brutal man well that whole scene was like it was so it was hard to see how these people could com those people it was so hard especially when they would show the background on them yeah because they were they were when the the the whole out break first happened like they were normal and then they became cannibals yeah and they're just treating them marking down on clipboard weather beaten people over the head with a bat article yeah it was really weird it was almost two over the top because it was like god i can't see anybody that i know getting to that point with a club someone and turn him into a steak yeah but but this point you gotta survive you gotta eat terrifying though but all that siege i stuff machon though the girl with the sword laying her sword is fake usually and that's all painted in after the fact so what is your sword look like which you swing in and around seattle it's just the handle is it just the handle just to handle
sword so they have a real sword rarely ever had it out and use it you know like they might use it if she's just like presenting it to someone or whatever but then they have like a rubber sword that looks exactly like it or plastic so that you know for safety reasons but then they just have a lot of him that are either like one slash two nob or just know sort at all just the handle she has the best weapon you sure that was one thing that i learned if the zombies are coming and then not those twenty eight days later zombies that fucking sprint at you if those slow ass zombies you want to have a samurai sword yeah i would have a great old fucking time that's one of the things that i didn't understand about the prison when everybody was like you know all these zombies are pushing up against that wall might there's not that many give me a sword let me let me go out there and so fucking smart popping em yeah but great time just want you just start fucking hacking heads kind of the sad thing is that will never really get to experience that you say that
never know with all these liberals today in their denying of the lord demons may rise all this gay marriage trans gender mayors and all kinds of shit going on the world i would take that sam i soared over basically any weapon because it's not too heavy like if i'd like conan sword like a big broadsword may be tough that's heavy you'd have to be a real test i'm built like the ride like an aluminum bat yeah but they don't always die you know the two key to a dozen of the confusing thing about the zombies you just poke him in the eye and their dead like it seems like just gay into their had their brain and it's super easy to stab someone in a temple apparently and the knife just goes right in there like it's butter zombie blood that makes you a zombie or is there any secretions zombie in the button would you get become a zombie reflectors army in the boat and think
yeah but you are already infected so who cares yeah you already infected which is weird because like when the guy got bit last night that episode he got bit but if he carter eyes that wound does he become a zombie um ah fight them up well i'm i'm not the expert you should through i don't think they thought they should do yeah actually the whole show sucks i think if the if the effect you know because you already infected or your are you already have with since you know that's inside you you if you die you're gonna turn but if you get bit then that infections going to come in and trigger whatever's inside of you so if you cut off your arm like they did and cauterize then you're probably okay because they did that with her soul in right leg yeah you know yeah that was weird you know that was like okay you just guys just with the rules because it used to be
something bites you and then it gets in your bloodstream and like you know well they've been fucking with the rule since the beginning even in the pilot 'cause zombies aren't supposed to have any sort of like recollection of them being normal humans and there was like a little girl at that gas station who walks by and just bends down it picks up her little teddy bear that was hers and tucks it up and walks away but her face is all mangled cheese zombie at that point just frank darabont was like fuck the rules i'm going to do my own thing i like that guy just go to medieval times to get some chainmail right when it you just wear like a night dress up but yeah yeah we're do that to a riot police like they have that the kevlar you can't buy two that right through that sooner teeth would bring yeah you can't even fucking stab so there's a guy who made like the shark bite suit did you see this yeah and so i did some shark after dark during shark week discharge
yeah you have you heard of this show is with you know josh wolff right the comic yeah so he hosts it and they just talk all about sharks and all this stuff and this guy comes on he had this chainmail suit that is supposedly supposedly bite proof and they were stabbing josh was wearing it they were stabbing him with a knife and the knife was bending and they were trying to stab him in the chest the guy was showing us how you know you can just taken out if we had the glove on any was slicing like the webbing in between his fingers and everyone's like oh my god or whatever and then they gave me an ice pick and he put his hand out kind of like that movie alien i had to go in between his fingers and do that and they told me be for hand they go go ahead and like pop in the hand a few times because he's not going to it's not going to hurt him or anything and so i did that and then i just just jamming the icepick into his hand and apparently he broke his hand
oh my god broke his hand broke his hand job hardly that jam and it all dude it was but i'm like the produce he told me that it was ok but he's like he was like oh ok and these people that were with me were like i'll do it i think you heard of a mike nice plane it up they said he couldn't get hurt but then josh tells me like a month later is like a you brought that hand wow that's whole feel good i'm stronger than a shark that's the something that would freak out like a shark got ahold of your arms just snap your fucking arm a twig it's just like swimming like i've seen a lot of guys get their arms broken in fights where they get kicked in there blocking the kick in the shin hits there i saw one just last night i was watching access tv legacy kickboxing this guy got kicked blocked it in his arm
just went limp in the middle to start dangling locos crate he still fighting he's trying to feed through and ian he sees alarm like flopping around to hear about hector lombard yes another one test positive you have see an mma in general is a steroid epidemic started this like really stringent testing and everybody's getting popped just getting popped left and right it's one of the things that fighters have been saying for a long time that everyone's on steroids that a huge percentage give him five thousand and sixty whatever the fuck it is that are on steroids look apparent your your body just can't the idea of a normal training normal training camp which is fighters will workout sometimes three times a day they'll do maybe they'll run and do like spa
it's in the morning then they'll do some kind of strength and conditioning in the afternoon they'll do wrestling or ju jitsu at night and they're very like with build the next day the do kick boxing in the morning and running in the afternoon and weightlifting at night and they mix it up but you're talking about working out three times in a day because you have all these different skills you have to work on you have to work on your wrestling you have to work on kickboxing jujitsu and it's just not enough time in the day and there's not enough time for your body to heal so that's where it comes in dr feelgood comes a line one what do you think with like the you know silver was injured and they're saying that maybe the doctor that he was working with had that has had a past of you know over prescribing you know and mounts of steroids are legal still means you're saying maybe or he has no he has there i saw something the other day where at a with his doctor's name is a brazilian doctor
that is okay whatever his name and i i guess in the past this other fighters like yeah he i i was little was approved to get to to use this kind steroid or something like that for an injury and he gave me too much and then i you know which caused me to be like seven months of being penalized you know out of the ufc and odds i forget this fighter's name but he says the neck that's what's happened silva so but he's like been fighting since seventeen he's never touched steroids you know he's been working this injury and it might just be that right it could be there's a lot of it could be that but more another issue is there is a a tv show they did a long time ago back from anderson's house and one of the things they saw on the background was
ten tips for nor trel been it was on the shelf very specific box that as pen tips nor to trope in is a type of human growth hormone pen and you take this human growth hormone injected in someone's body and so that might not have been his so who knows ufc fighter claim some doctors jobs t r t has now victimize innocent so yeah yeah yeah listen you can't listen to these guys though because there's a lot yeah see big foot you know he
he's blaming a doctor for him taking an abnormally high dose of testosterone may be true may not be true but it's within his best interest to say that the doctors at fault and it's not his fault the doctor said he was going to sue him because the doctors like you're lying i didn't do anything unethical or outrageous to you and everything you wanted me to do i did for you who the fuck knows is down the truth is it's totally a he said she same thing it turns into a game but anderson was coming back from a broken leg and he tested positive for the way i understand it metabolites which means it was leaving his system is a very trace amount if that is the case it could very well be that he got on some steroids so that he could heal up quicker because what steroids do is they allow you to recover quicker so if he's thirty nine years old and he broke his fucking leg you're talking about a long ass period of recovery or you take steroids and you recover in nine months
instead of fifteen months or you know fill in the blank with whatever the real numbers so that could be what was going on but the reality is it's illegal you can't do it if you takes you fifteen months the excuse cannot be oh i'm going to give you some illegal drugs so that you heal quicker this is the only reason why you take these drugs don't worry about it you'll be fine you're never allowed to take steroids because one of the things that happens when you take steroids is it had it creates permanent changes in your muscles depending upon the steroid permanent changes per like you're you and your muscle density and your tenant strength and and various attributes of your muscles it's been proven that some of the benefits of steroids continue permanently so it's not just when you're on on your and the hulk because a lot of these guys special
back in the day when they were fighting in pride like date i had ants in any way he was on the podcast it was a fighter from pride was totally clean he said it was on his fucking contract that they said on the contract we will not test you for steroids they set on the contract encourage guys take steroids so a lot of guys took it but you you get stronger than your sh supposed to be you're not really a person anymore it's like if your person okay like let's imagine you know they're doing all these weird things now with genetics where they're they're taking like of of a mouse negroni human ear on its back and then you know is taken and human right and sorting in a purse which always weird with people if they take josh retirement
and they add one tenth of one percent rhino jeans and all the sudden you're running through brick walls and are you even a person anymore if you get off the drugs but you retain a fraction of that ability whatever the fraction as you mature it's it's arguable that person take steroids especially pro long steroid use over a long career fighting you know you know you've fought for fifteen years been taken starts fifteen years you might not really technically the same as you would ever be without those steroids like your another category you're coca cola has a certain amount of ingredients ok this is a battle challenging i know but if you look at the ingredients of coca cola and you add tequila that is not fucking coca cola anymore now you have a new thing and shit sandwich should be able to should you be able to serve that that coca cola tequila out of a coat machine no you should not because people are looking for coke now
and beings very widely biologically so it's not the best analogy but the reality is especially as this is call steroid alkyd epidemic is one thing we have to recognize the use of steroids is less than one hundred years old less than one hundred years old in steroids in athletics i mean i don't know what the fuck they were taking the 1940s if they had any cocaine go but they did they did came back then i mean they did they most certainly did and fed a means of always been an issue with baseball and feta means and stimulants and things that you you increase your ability to concentrate and your you know your bill to stay awake he's always been substances that people to we can but the actual use of anabolic steroids in human beings is relatively recent in human history and i think that as time goes on they're going to create more and more powerful and crazier shit and it's going to get to the point where you're going to test negative because
not on it anymore but your body will forever be changed like girls would be in denial about having a fake button oh my god it's totally my butt will because they can take the fat suck it out of your thighs pack it in your ass and stays in your now you know it stays forever when gain weight your ass gains weight when you lose weight your ass loses weight but your yes it will always have more fat than it ever did before 'cause you've literally pack fat in there and people can lie about it i got that scar i fell in a swing when i was little you're going to have men are like that you're going to take a guy and you're going to give him a shot and he's going to turn into the fucking hulk and then that's now it's going to wear off and his body is going to stay the same and it's going to happen it's going to happen they're on their way there there's all sorts of like this thing that hector lombard got popped for today i've never even heard of this before they call a d m t which is obviously not dimethyl tryptamine but it
sh i'm a try this what if it was just so math sold testosterone desto desks whoa the sox c d e s o x y to sock c messel testosterone met this stock to succeed this oxy messy testosterone i don't know whatever the fuck that is i never heard of it before and so it's apparently a designer anabolic steroid so what i think that means is that these these steroids has been concocted to get around the rules like you know they had that shit the clear that barry bonds was on the balco scandal that was all about the divine is the steroid that was very similar in efficacy and the way it worked but not the same exact molecular structure as like anabolic steroids that are common so they were able to put it on these guys like it was like a lotion you would rub it on your body would fucking get true crazy
and they would pass these tests you know this the tests are getting way way more sophisticated so who knows lombarde must have i mean must have thought that he couldn't get in trouble for this shit i don't know i don't understand it have you ever tried steroids josh know i mean i've had like steroid shots cortisone shots yeah it's like that but now do they used to have this shit you could buy the strongest shit that i ever took you could buy you could buy it in you could buy it in like gnc and it was called mag ten it was ridiculous you take like ten pills a day an you would gain like i gained like ten pounds of muscle in like six weeks of doing it and this is this is how i know that it was a total steroid 'cause that first of all now it's illegal you can't sell anymore but when i got off at my dick took a vacation so like see ya dude like my testosterone just shut down
it just stopped working and i was like wow this is crazy like i couldn't get it up like my dick was broken for like two weeks fucked up craveman but some shit you could just buy the to be all these loopholes you could buy stuff at gnc you could just buy these things tribulus still see those are very mild tribulus i think it's still fucked with me i remember taking that and then after a couple of weeks getting kind of like angry doctor makes sense now now that's why were you taking it mile is i hang out with joe boogeyman tribulus is just a route and it does it very mildly enhances your body's production of testosterone
is another one called tom got i'll leave that has a similar effect it's also like a a plant based substance that mildly enhances your body's ability to but it doesn't with the production of it the thing about steroids is what happens is like you you you take something and it just jack's your body's levels of testosterone so then your body's natural production of testosterone shuts down and that's why like when i took that mag ten stuff like after i got off of it my body was like yeah dude i'm not really feeling like fucking we're just going to take a little break here i mean it took two weeks to get your winter back but did i mean two weeks it was really you know i'm i'm hello yeah i don't like you were maybe i mean did you feel any other side effects after going off of it or telling me how long did so physically weaker and then i lost some weight like a loss like muscle mass like you gain a certain amount of miles but there's like a lot of these things you could just buy
these shoes buy them at stores 'cause they were like these loopholes like like you know how bath salts exist you know do you know the whole story behind it it exists for folks who don't know because you would take something like crystal meth which is an absolutely illegal drug but if you change just one compound one molecule of that compound just alter it slightly and then sell it no one can say it's illegal 'cause it's not illegal it's not the same thing anymore if math is illegal and then you just tweak it a little bit like dimethyltryptamine was turned this is the psychedelic was made illegal in nineteen seventy by the sweeping psychedelic act of nineteen seventy but they missed five methoxy dimethyltryptamine which is actually stronger this n n dimethyl tryptamine and five methoxide dimethyl tryptamine five methoxy dimethyl tryptamine is like it did time of the trip to mean like an oxygen molecule attached to or something like that so it's just slightly different but legal but if you
smoked it you would go to the center of the fucking universe and converge with god in them epic journey of your life i mean it's like way stronger than mushrooms i mean uh you took a good breakthrough dose of five me o dmt it will change you for the rest your fucking life and that was google and it was only legal because it wasn't technically dimethyltryptamine which was illegal so that's with his bath salts thing is they alter the compound slightly and then they sell it not for human consumption i save basalts and then they sell it at grocery stores or i mean you know seven hundred and eleven or whether they want to send gas stations mostly i think and then and get away with doing that because it's not technically the same drug and they just keep altering it keep tweaking it a little bit here and tweaking it a little bit there with varying results too which is really weird spike the difference in d m t and five m e o d m t is profound and the effects if
five me o is stronger but there's no visual experience the visual is just pure white and it's like white molecules like fractal white around you it doesn't have the visual active n n dimethyl tryptamine and and dimethyl tryptamine which is what you know this the the what i watched is based on and that's all it's very hallucinogenic like the things you see the visuals are spectacular the call these are amazing all those things are missing from five me o which is like kissing cousins to the same drug so it's so that's i think one of the things that's wrong with basalts is like some of them you know you tweak it one way or another and and especially on different individuals of different but they have via bio diversity in the way they responded different drugs you have varying effects like that due to a dead due to face off grief like zombies will bring it back to zombies how do you remember all that shit man draw
help me remember it i take alpha brain that helps me remember you had to have been really good in school it's probably school that that makes no sense because you you you capture so much information your an encyclopedia you know it's like i mean i was talking to someone the other day i don't member who but i was just like yeah he like it'll start saying something and just like ten minutes later years i don't i don't even remember what you said there was so much information you just threw at me and it's not like you're like because for me i'm always like yeah so then this one drug and it's like five i've been in and says how something but anyway no you like no when you learned about all this but i guarantee it was awhile ago and like you still can recall it like that and that's that's only certain mayer that it's only things that i'm interested in see i have a photographic memory for some things sure but for thing
i don't give a fuck about there's no matter that's why it wasn't good in school he just didn't give one hundred percent i remember like teacher they were annoying yeah i remember funny things that happen in school yeah i remember things that i learned that i thought we was fascinating but if i didn't care like i i my brain only works for should i care about if i'm like completely reckless in that regard like i didn't plan for the future at all never graduated college never thought about and never like man i need to figure out a way to get a real job right nope not gonna do it i further from that jump like i went to college for three years like compare pleat lee just so that people didn't think i was a loser is the only reason why we barely paid attention i went to umass boston and just fucking half assed it didn't even take my ase tease because i went to college i took a year off and i was like well eventually i'll take my essay tees i'll go to school you know get a degree but i was bullshit myself
yeah and then a year later was like i gotta do something i can't keep telling people that i'm going to eventually going to go back to college so i started going umass boston had this like continuing education program where you don't even have to have to have sat scores and you just have not failed high school i guess i don't remember how exactly went but i was wasting my time i just said it was just going and half assing it and then three years in they i think they told me i couldn't come back to my grades are really bad so where i bullshitted anne and wrote this really eloquent response and i wrote it all out i was going to send it in and then i read it and i was like if i put half as much effort into school cool as i did the bullshitting them with this really eloquent letter that i'm writing about i wanna go to school then i feel like i got stop just stop i am now going to get a fucking normal job i need to my parents are
really disappointed me but it's okay i'm already out of the house so it's just you know just run with this no they didn't want me doing anything that i ever did so just let me just keep going so the things that i'm interested in like back then if you ask me questions about thai kwando which is what i was obsessed with back then i would be able to tell you everything where it started who created who in and this technique whose first successful with his technique when they changed the variability of the how you use your hips one there's one style it this way another style doesn't that way this is the benefits of this is the benefits of that and i would able to rattle off anything about things that i was interested in but it was it's like i have like a oc d like obsessive weird brain but it's not a good brain for like lawn care you know it's not it's not a good brain for remembering to pay your bills is not a good brain for like
had a job and you know you got to show effort to be a part of this company this company is all about co operation see that board we've got our tenants that we invite binds kind of and checked out gonna second paragraph i'm already trying to figure out how to make a living delivering newspapers right on have a boss or something hilarious i was horrible in school man of course you are that's how you funny but i would i would ace all my tests without studying just 'cause i i i learned by listening and so i just keep my mouth shut a lot of times and i just have that way and then so i'd listen to lectures or whatever and then in high school you most of your grade is your homework but i'm like fuck the homework and i'd come in an ace my test so just barely pass with a c you know because i would at least get a little bit and so there in college was you know they don't care if you do your homework you don't get graded on that so i was like getting great grades in college i just barely get by by just doing the homework
based on the test you just have a really good brain i mean that's what it is your brain works i slept all day i would stay up tonight show with jay leno johnny carson die watch letterman and then i would watch whatever was after that and then go to bed like four in the morning wake up at six go to school for sleeping every single cloud that's why we're having it gonna be like this you know and then somehow got a seat like that yeah just gotsis gotsis all through high school the problem with high school is that it's being taught by people that are not making any money nobody gives a fuck about them you only hear about with them when they make mistakes nobody's praising teachers would be an amazing and being inspirational it's so rare that teachers get any props they did they not financially compensated even though they they have won the most important roles and a child's development they're not considered significant yep it's just
good fucking thing that we've done we've created these really arcane shitty ineffective systems for education and it's rare that you get one that's great mean when you find a good school district man people to sell their house we moved these neighborhoods they do whatever they sign on their kid up right when they're born to get into kindergarten yeah do whatever they can to get their kids into a good school system and then the argument of like you know not paying the teachers well we don't want to pay him a lot of money and then attract the wrong kind of people are are you kidding me that that mean man is is so stupid that's what it's yeah aggravating yeah several teachers in my family is very frustrating to see the struggles that they go through and not having enough money in the budget to buy the fricking materials they need to teach the kids the curriculum you know it's in and that's not just like
centralized to that school district it is like nationwide but you know it's it's going to be fun because kids like to play like here's the thing one other thing that drives me fucking bananas is this idea that kids that are bored in class have a disease he's god her adhd ocd he's got something so he's not sit and you're not supposed to set ok little kids are supposed to be playing and there have energi dude i have little kids in my six year old is she's a fucking bundle of energy they literally will run around the house screaming six in the four they get to then they go and they just run it's like they have a flame inside then they need to burn off and you make a little kids did the class and pay attention pay attention joshuah joshuah up here on the board i want your eyes up here and you're like oh my god i gotta get outta here
now he's freaking out your body is literally freaking out you just you just want to get the fuck out meanwhile you got a video game in your pocket you want to play or you gotta fucking comic book you want to read it right way more stimulating and interesting this whore horse shit this fucking late talking to in spanish we're in america okay almost in your no no no no i want to hear it i want to hear it i got here and that's that's most kids through high school your your whether it's math or english are fucking history you don't want to be doing that right then an you know the idea is that they're going to teach you discipline you're going to sit there now they're going to turn you in all god damn it zombie that we're going to do going to turn you into a cubicle zombie and if you let them they will do it or if you resist you can find your way out of the system but the idea that you're not intelligent and less you you follow this ridiculous curriculum that turns you into a worker bee fucking
stupid it's a stupid shitty plan that they've been follow sing for a long fucking time and it does work on everybody you are different than me i'm different than you were all were fucking different and every kid needs a different approach to absorbing information and you're going to have interest that i don't have you were talking about video editing if i had to go to fucking school or i had to become a video editor i'm not interested in it it's not i have fascination like if you had to become a professional pool player you've no fascination with it it's like we all very our personality in our life experiences and in what we're attracted to and some people are going to be attracted to different things i believe the children should absolutely learn the basic building blocks every kitchen how to write should learn how to read you should learn how to count you should learn about the important facets of history agreed everyone but the idea that every
did should follow the same curriculum the same way and how come nobody ever takes kids they're ansi or the crack jokes all the time no we impose inside goes hey man your comic yeah like you know you could be a comic there's thousands of them yeah like is is that we're not talking about the the president going to be a poser when i grew up this bitch is one fucking president won three hundred and fifty million people one guy gets to be president good luck that's a shitty fucking job proposition your odds suck but the odds of being a comedian put in a pad if you're actually funny you know you're at listen johnny sit down you're a fuck up here's the good news so it was bill cosby so with sam in a sense richard pryor so is eddie murphy there murphy all ups okay with the ups are comics that's not all comics you know i'm sure there's probably comics are really really studios and did great
good grades a lot of us were fuckups that's right that's right god damn it brian he's right i i guess funny how many like i always see the speeches people put with your from this part yes and mike inspirational videos and stuff like that you just have one of the other day on break dot com i don't know if you know that that where they somebody took you doing a like kind of like a what you just did but put it together with like videos and stuff it's amazing how many people listen to those and and they're all over my facebook nowadays you're a well i hope they help they do i don't mean it i don't do it 'cause i hope someone going to make a video out of it i do it because i'm frustrated i'm frustrated by people that i know that are just living in hell i know too many people that just date there been lied to
they don't have anybody around them that tells the many different yeah i'm anybody around them tells them to some men there's a lot of past in this life there's a lot of people to start their own businesses there's a lot of people that sell art or you know or or or become landscapers or do things they enjoy or you know become hunting guides or become someone who takes people in high mentors there's different things to do in this life and everyone it's lumped into these same paths and they're just shoving us in like fucking cattle into these packed in path where everybody wants to put that stoop adam on with the tassels yet made gate thank god right please read it says i'm not retarded it's it's crazy
the man in the u die just like everybody else dies you living you die all you're supposed to be trying to do is make enough money to get by and be happy with what you're doing your content like different you're gonna like different yeah it's ridiculous i'd with the who what are they called the counselors or whatever the woman told me i was too stupid to go to college and i think about going into the military this morning which pissed me off because they're you know the stupid but the military or learning a trade that's told me and i learn a trade learn learn trade trade will neither of those interests me you should learn how to kill people john term stupid to go to because you can't all sell insurance you should be out shoot and strangers yeah for uncle sam thanks that's been told me man i had a horrible conversations with high school guidance counselors they just would date no hope
there's no hope you will you don't pay attention school anansi glessner that was her name is killing me nancy class inner wolf tell me about misaligned or she was a large one i don't know when you're a kid i don't think you really know how old people are but she was probably mid to late forties at the time so i buried right next to john candy home and went to that fuck it in the casket they put a suit full snacks with extra support she you know yeah it's like but you so does that to me who else did she tell that to you know and it's like i i i kind of figured it out on my own but how many people don't really figure it out that they just take that advising oh shit well i guess i guess i should go learn to be a mechanic look the world needs mechanics i get that you can't just tell someone that's their lot in life because you know they're too stupid or something i mean there's some mechanics are very brilliant i'm sure there's some stupid
once too yeah there's some mechanics that wanted to be mechanics they cars they enjoy it they get the thrill out revving engines and figure out how to make things run better and thinking and i like working on cars but i don't want to do that for a living you know right dizzy i this woman can do that to you it's so disappointing that that person see if if that was my fucking kid i would scream at that yeah if you came home and you know you told me that some lady told you're too stupid to go to college and you had to be a mechanic or of a and soldier i would scream at that late yeah i would wonder fired a make you monster like you know you're planting seeds these kids are your telling a child they're too dumb how smart are you that you got fat and you're working as a guidance counselor you you ain't thinking i know if i if i came home and told my dad that he you know i didn't but i know if i did he probably just what it meant well what bring do you want to go into like that was here that would have been his response you know
i didn't say anything yeah my stepfather's thought for sure i was going to be like fucking construction worker or something they didn't have a lot of but when you're coming home with all should grades they knew i was a drawing like there's thoughts to be an artist but then when i wasn't even in art and once i started into martial arts i wasn't even in our anymore so this is like this is transitionary period between the age of fifteen to like seven teen where there wasn't a lot of shit going on in my life where they were really worried about me then i started winning all these taekwondo tournaments and i'm like ok he's doing something good you know but even then they were worried about that and they didn't want there was totally discouraging and they never saw me fight once i probably thought i probably had one hundred amateur fights and my parents never saw one of 'em now one yeah i'm surprised you got out of the art so good at it that is at such a young age that i mean like way better than most people
what happened i had a really shitty art teacher in high school an is just a really angry bitter guys just this potbelly dummy that had given up life yeah this is this guy is my impression of my art teacher in high school that was his enerji and he didn't like me he didn't like me because i was i had i had a lot of energy i was dynamic i wanted to just fucking run through walls i mean i was wired when i was a kid right and everything i would draw was like dragons eating villages and it was all like fucking people running for their lives getting hacked to death by swords i was angry kid i drew a lot of crazy shit where wolves tearing apart rib cage is you know is that was what i drew you know and that's what interested you these are you got to stop doing that by doing this when i like i like that kind of stuff i remember him saying this to me well what if you get a job as an illustrator you're going to perhaps after draw something that you don't enjoy drawing like maybe a love to do a diaper at okay so you're gonna have to learn it on him and everything i'm out that's it i'm not doing diaper ads and so
stop drawn yeah i remember this guy was so it's just so negative and influential because enthusiasm is very influential but negativity also influential and where i was connecting this world of failure to this guy's path and i was like well i don't want to be an art teacher like this fucking shit head just working with people in squashing their dreams cuz it wasn't like i wasn't talented like i still have those images and i put some of them up on instagram and i just should i drew in nineteen eighty three okay i was in high school was in in these pictures so i know i was talented and this guy just was a douche bag and he just didn't just gave me negative energy and so i was very insecure and very young and just dumb and you know i just i just
big stayed away as i don't even take art my senior year in high school and that was my whole past my whole path in life as i was gonna be a comic book illustrator you know it's gonna be like those guys did like the x men are the only color hawk that was my idea like i could do that i can i really could have done it but i was just so turned off by shitty teachers can squash kids terrible can't do it the worst thing ever man and so calm and it's happens all the time its image our ship your as a joke about it he's a joke about it's a new one of his new bits about the notorious b i g you know when big he was young like he had this rap to all the teachers that told me i going to grow appreciate you know i don't want to say any more because it's a really funny joke and i want to give any of those the joke way but he has his whole bit about these teachers telling him that he wasn't going to be shit notorious big was was going to be shit
it's ridiculous it's common man because people don't have vision and they don't have how could we have known josh mcdermitt on that one day in phoenix you would grow up to be the man who's on my favorite show with my second favorite child to be honest with you game can run on yeah one but you guys are so strong it's like one a and one b it's like right up there a man that i've talked to a couple other actors and their fans far show just much as we're fans so like you know it's ok look you're on one of the best shows ever in my opinion if there's a top ten of my favorite shows of all time you're on it who could have ever predicted top five how do you
top five so i'm not gonna make you name ten sopranos game of thrones walking dead dexter first season south park always yeah what else and again i have to go back i would if i was five yeah that was five i have to go i have to go back to my entire viewing history and think homelands pretty god damn good even good even that even that show took and dip i don't know i don't want season were now but as i action on amazon i don't know laceration glass is good i don't know i'm not current how dare you have watched like two or three seasons but i feel like like part of the sex season i'm going like i don't share what's going on like i care about saul yeah but i don't care about harry carey and and
and brody but she fucks are going wild animal was crazy ones you know the crazy wednesday they nona throw yeah they trick yeah that's a good show though it's not as good as the walking dead and it's not is definitely not good the it's good it's great in moments in moments it's fantastic but i call shows man it's hard keeping it show will so solid episode after episode season after season is gonna be one of the most difficult things to do stuff like lossed like i remember like the last season of los i was totally done i was so done even watch the final episode yeah i was like fuck you checked out i was angry at it that's what i did with dexter at the last i said i didn't watch until recently but and it watch the whole series and then watch the last episode
i so loud it ended better than you would imagine but lost if you re really real watch lost and pay attention to what you know you're supposed to pay attention to him it really changes the show it really makes it a lot better yeah that makes it kind of makes sense i just read something online about one of the one of the writers was at a dinner party and they were talking to him about like all the crazy shit that was inserted into the show the polar bears or whatever like there's so many things that didn't tie up at the end and he say yeah we never had any intention of ever since i can chose defying and it was just meters throat literally throwing in whatever is free give me bill out yeah smoke monsters jay i love that absolutely love the there were some great moments in that show there were some great moments in that show but it was rapidly inconsistent as was dactylic dexter first season no one dexter went down hill went down hill and i do stop lived in way
cuz the first season he look like a killer he looks like a guy for grab people and strangle them and beat their asses and stabbing in the start again like scrawny was that cuz he had cancer though whatever excuses excuses you you get leukemia walk it off pussy i don't mean this ladies and gentlemen alright we should probably wrap this bitch up i think we have time mother fucking mcdermand do thanks for having me an extra thanks for being and don't quit comedy you're too fucking funny i'm not i know it's easy go nice cushy gig on the walking dead you gotta show tonight where people see you doctor not promoting it actually right i don't know where it is it's in long beach yeah long beach just google it you'll find them it's probably at the laugh factory in long beach is that where it is or isn't it's not that it's like a one night shows some weirdo spot all right my friend you can see
follow josh and anna founded on road maps you can follow josh on twitter sure it is josh mcdermitt d e r m i t t all you and your website i do joshmcdermitt dot com shazam instagram and facebook it's all just joshing and watch him on the mother fucking walking dead god damn son congratulations man it is really fucking cool to see on tv separate you from the character though i'm enjoying your character which i thought was weird 'cause i know you as a human being but you know i'm like talking josh but it's alright you know it's i still like it doesn't take away from the enjoyment at all i got a good except you as this wacky fake sign this dude but i still know what you it's awesome brian anything coming up friday ice house friday at the icehouse you fucked at judah freelander i think might be doing it so there be a part of that get some
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see you soon tune will see it how do i talk for a living will see you soon much love big kiss back
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