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#627 - Joey Diaz

2015-03-18 | 🔗
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now”
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therefore while i go there you motherfucker and gay cells inclusion used to go to a broken unsafe ten percent off any and all supplements are rightly german his guest needs no introduction he is the funny fuckin human being of ever met my life when my favorite people ever of all time please welcome the great joey ideas the job will gain experience any problem is the one we call me a return to the term paddy tom petty was about modifying that's fucking that something saw was on the way up here must grasp of broken he doesn't get much respect i don't know why people when they talk about like a rock stars they really love you don't hear a lot of people like people go off about a guy was gloved hendricks her people go off that certain artists be not hear them like an anti that that is what you live like generally saint
all right i'll fucking crazy leaving should drive me crazy i sing from orioles been wagon would enable shoulders memorials bit which live out we were kids i was mad ass our fuckin will come back the road again given that with time leave and now there were fuck him bad aspirate the problem with tom patties was a rat but if you know anything about tom parry he's deep in thought he's like a gracie yeah took a tar lessons from the guitar player from the eagles in high school tell them from that area where white people i trash white trash but they know how to fucking plan instrument like their jacksonville that area is my jacksonville pay so jacksonville is like them ah you know not that let us get it but the other ban that was
their jackson the arm and brothers language i like you could see all i get it now i get all the online brothers from floor to today s brow that neighbourhood is lethal like if you go on line that neighbourhood like i want one day i know that it's either or either tom parry just think about it the guitar player from eagles the one that wrote hotel california only throughout their lives right on preparing a gang it that dude do the powerhouse all that defining a man and an hour now all that was him joe join later but the we powerhouse was that do when he has rings around his nose on hotel california would blow that does a savage and he in high school he gave tom petty guitar lessons on people i make no man in those like last night you know that's like that it's like that more chattels graces like they were just hang in the basement of cousins that's what they did life from the arm and brothers is
be somebody else that i don't know who it is that from that fucken area that's a weird from that area and we think it bothers tom betty i know for a fact i guess i can't lose this argument tom pet he's got songs that we will soon at one time he had shown from a guy's dancing naked in silence the lands with his dick between his legs american girl that's autonomy are you guys that's all tat body the one would brok to do the good looking guy the pirates of the caribbean when we hear that video the do from the pirates of the caribbean with stance of mary jane yelling about that does not the one stevie mitchell we were kids stop brag my love for you i forgot about me i'm gettin goose i forgot about things like mohammed ali just stuck around with one that's eighty three its two thousand and fifty that seven that seventeen
thirty two fucking is i know he's until around any studies dollar around you know you forget about those fucking guys like but that area which is the one it's gonna be sunday just had some at that time you know what that was there are growing up in the seventies and the culture was probably exploding from the whole although crazy shit from the sixties alot of people from the east coast escaped and they went down the florida you know that's what happened a lot of people not a mob guys went down a florida people went on for two to go and a lamb lotta people went down the floor to get away from debts to get away from the east coast like the floor it is a big part of florida is like escapes averages from jersey and new york that's it that's the dirty see about florida this is made new york accents and some parts of florida is there anywhere tamper they have yank hot dogs and that's a yankee spring train listen i rather jewelry store with the service alone the landlady three there was not enough to have you watch the road warrior everyday for a month
as the really bad idea about floor i think it's too hot i think that's what people are so doping on there i think it's too hot i think even if you take those animals from new jersey in new york two thousand if i could just got there they just got there they their personnel these were developed in the cold weather their personality with developed we gotta get shit down it's cold gonna fuckin shovel your car out and then you go down florida and it's just swat and bugs and sweat and just such deep deep fog a hot day in miami fog thus far of the moisture in the air what about arizona though
that's it aside for i know that my aunt variety of florida morning you know when you there you wake up with is due on the window open up the smells tremendous of a flight of mourning smells tremendous that grass with that moisture but now talk to me about this thing outside of fort lotta do you tellin me wants and somebody was taller means for love at one time which happening that ocean it's gonna think there's this an area around miami by god around southern florida which the ground is very porous it's not like louisiana we you can like put up a levy and you can keep the water from come in you can't stop it it's gonna come through the fact that through the ground though the ground is not this little rock hard firm ground we get up here while we're right now the water it's not like that is the water level rises going to be no way to stop it it's going to come right through the ground so i'll be when it comes to the ground that's the everglades
and that's you know any any swampy siberia and when it comes to the i was going to eat up miami just going to eat it up slacken alas my aim is not to be here in hundred year you say that the railways who my motives as washing my arms smart she left cuba kept ass what are you ever lower manuals cuban shields and like this because they position those missiles from there to shoot a son she was town outward crossing our fuck em you made some about mammy the land the lads not going to be right there she hate it she fucking hate in miami with a passion especially in her era unit that was when the cuban crisis was going on and everybody thought the russians are gonna launch nukes from cuba is right there i mean a lady swam it she swam it mean what the fuck man demean you could probably
i mean it ran high everyday raft it away with members of young way down a raft of everyday would you go to cuba right now you put on the street i'm taking gone out this basin guides maggie and break it down you don't leave a six because the height idea already haven't they ve done it they ve done it may become back who got arrested in cuba and the united states and come back you know they said there's a point when you're out that you just see all the wraps of people that have failed and that's why you know there's like us already forty miles out of my army you know fifty miles the united states they say a crack and that's where you really tat that's the brown and this is always on top be aground and pound and encourage you know if you just look at into the abyss there's nothing and once it gets dark they say you just hear some fuckin
noise about working while noise are now you know you can't drink the salt water so you bring the water what you gotta keep the wrath light she gonna bring my soul crackers it's only deserting it's all depending on the type you know i don't really know i've spoken to people who have done a cubans that you up like still isn't like your conversation about the fucking show last my listen to this my tab yet and all the fucking documentaries they do and i sat down like a family like that came of six and they lost three you don't those another thought and you have not like the pitcher from the yankees ate his hand he started cannibalized is our second hand but because he broke down i get a motion
think of it just like psychological your actual large english nodded his head no food also what is the first time the yankees gave ten million he went to the club house and he saw the coal cuts and he broke down he had a nervous breakdown he had never seen that much food fruit and and godson bread and you know so does he had never seen that that's just the intensity of it but there's nobody yet this is a document which will interest and called by said a by size that that's that generation acute haven't mario escape lama the illegal what was i came in semi nine and then you have the nine these ones and they called the cubans looked down on them the morally those like fuck you punks your bicycles they're the ones that come in truck ties tease a rash blockage how many days is it take normally three to at all you know i'm notice be alone
people want to show less in their own jellia it all depends on you the count the days eat it wherever the tide takes you you know i was going to be my questions do people have amiss why do you ever go does it take you out to sea ever some people the thai goes to a different direction yet uk i am sure when they have the jets rooms i mean not the jets dreams like pretty predictable like that's how they have those garbage patches rank some people get caught knows islands by the bahamas you have to look at a map and we could do we were actually landed in the islands in the harbor mass pub nablus still ban all because you still dig it still arrest you surf joke fidel has flights gone throughout their looking for people ozma the fuck did you learn to cuba and arrest you so until you touch the united states will be written map there such things as tied maps forebodings that that would show the tides of the dead i unless you touch the say
so you had also forget clause that those i was right there from where we see the tipp you pay we have to leave from the north west die i grant under key west you have to leave but guarantee there's a problem again anti there's some type of problem so you have to edit the penny on what's goin on some people lives lately from the southern point and make it's something at the bahamas those little i was the bahamas as over a hundred little island over eight hundred and one by the bottom is all the while it used to be drug smuggling out be that's the midway point so that that that's it right there but think about that that's ninety miles from here the san diego that's legit so the first thirty miles is pretty easy than that sturdy other real fucking deal and then i imagine you start seeing lab when you want out of water you start illuminating you can drink the salt water correctly used on a loosening i mean i've heard different things let us put our back up again
very interesting document through just see somebody take law from cuba and flock and just like a survivor thing but that's easy you yet sir look at that fucking look at a distance it so small schubert looks better than i thought it looked but these maps are really like distorted it's very difficult to gauge the the perspective look how big cuba actually is i got when you look at like africa in the united states on a map like times doesn't living africa's out much bigger within it so you see how big africa is of your seeing that africa fits like almost all the other countries fifthly jury it fits everything like pull up a map of how many different countries fit inside africa because it's it's pretty crazy to look it's it's so big look at that that's all africa so look at all the different focus solely the united states like a little piece of it it's like maybe a quarter of it
all of eastern europe china china fits and i'm in in africa that's a big africa's spain france but she's me france germany italy eastern europe and fuck in india good lord an end says india part too so i guess it's another segment of india they just stuffed in their regular map of fuckin africa imagine you just get petrified when all the uk the whole you lay down when you see what's in africa is when you really fucking to shut the map like you like i could say why the excesses was dead because my nose there that's those guys look at the fucking countries i e everywhere there's always a fuck and fattened elena always some gonna miraculous morgan has tunisia who flock unknown libya a fuck up you know sudan they thought up egypt a fuckin that ethiopia is therefore cannot look all fuckin reads in rwanda is a war always i mean
always sighing goal a zombie i mean there's always sentinels zimbabwe africa's pine where you know those amelia the most corrupt city in the world supposed to be nigeria out jerry isn't nigeria one where they have all the other scams on emails william monies in africa bank that's the most corrupt see the cops everything everything goes down african look at that time were liberia he or she is a vice specials on liberia and fuck in the summer and pirates come fucking crazy motherfuckers other out there now while the scene of the somali pirates you know how they all got started there were fishermen and down the europeans kept a dump and shit into their ocean new kill all fish are thrown back nuclear waste overboard and shit all kinds of fuckin chemical pollutants this would dump their waste out outside the shore of somalia and it was kill and all their fish and these people starman so they started kidnap and these boat guys and hold them for ransom
saying hey you or worse you been fucked up our ocean you know we want money and making so much money doing that this fuck fission and they just a robin people and they d take this stuff called cat it's like it's like an amphetamine it supplant that they too and that it has like an amphetamine effects so they're they're fucking cheese up on speed all day long running around guns and they're just fuck they give a zero fox don't give a fraction of a fuck when they get on those speedboats and head toward your to oil tanker they start throwing anchors up their ground bring hooks and shit pull themselves up there just not scared of you at all the crazy fox those guys are re i've ever seen videos are those guys are scary scary don't wild man they come after people of color ship from anyone with those month
in a lot of ways it's very lord of the rings ask you know it's like its kind unbelievable when you seek these groups of do goods that are all skinny incarnate cracked out a machine guns and then or two with a fuckin engine attached to it and there shoot methods giant boat and they throne ex up and climbing up getting inside how is that it is different in some scenes from the lord of the rings crazy that's like the elles versus the trolls and shit you know i mean these guys are a madman demand madman and most likely all that shit started out because people were can what their livelihood and like a peaceful fishing village and people were losing their water and they didn't emily food so they started getting dangerous they started getting desperate that's why call themselves the volunteer coastguard of somalia that's what they started off as make sense fuckin totally makes
why are you would be so angry with me how come you never did it before how come somalia doesn't know what your deep history of pirating it does not like we know you know it's not like we think of them is like vikings viking started i've been people again we d like it's in their blood video i seen there was a little unfair somalian there ah fuck him bony jesus this guineas flock and they move jack they pull up next to a ship and they move it's like flux white flour one of these guys don't give a fuck and therefore always shit i don't they lock up these guys don't give up i believe it was a jimi hendrix goggles now about fashion not yet sir it's fuckin scary different world yet a different you grow up in that world stay rally a man tat was mother fucker savages like new living fuckin savages in its current interesting joy if you really think about it like we don't have to be like that but here
yeah it's two thousand fifteen and the same time and you and i are alive and very peaceful and get along with everybody this he's gonna another part of the world that's that's the weird things like this one what's different in them we just with brazil super lucky we super lucky we are born into a better situation in them these p are there right now in a war zone that's like a mad max movie i mean their life a lot of parts of africa their life might as well be some crazy and of the world apocalypse movie you now if you go to watch them to watch the vice pieces on liberia and it is this like somebody cannibals fuck yet what kind of illicit ok right a cannibal is selling he said this guy was selling me like human meat on the street in co bob's and he said he recognized it because he knows what human meet tastes like cause used to kill babies is used to fight naked this catacomb general but naked he would take off always working class
and going doc into combat with a machine gun naked kill and everybody killed thousands of people thousands of people eight babies to cut their heart out could find an innocent child of of the enemy killed them their hard out and eat pieces of their heart and they were immune to two to being damaged in battle they couldn't die that's what they felt so they would do that he's admitting this on this fuckin special now here's where gets really crazy he became religious afterwards and now he's like a minister any eighteen april his christianity and because of that there absolve him from some of the people is killed who feel the same about the country would whatever countries in liberia they absolve him delay let em off the hook because he's a good christian help it's like
like this is going on right now mean that i killed thousands of people thousands and admits on camera that debt part of their ritual was to eat babies and people like well sir he's different now mouse surround jesus nice gonna pay for their somewhere before the next its what did but my point was like this is a very different world how pleased not just a little limits its another day jack it's another day traffic the us is another day people some rather understands these motherfuckers eight and kids heart baby suggs donnelly daily coming atheists do thinker and africa about a lot less about a lot less than here so when a guy says something like i've found god now now i found jesus that actually mean something to them whether go wow he's found go like this is you talkin about a world that looks like a movie that's what africa is merely a world that looks like
like a crazy chaotic movie like an asteroid hits china and kill almost everyone outside the united states and kills thirty forty percent of the united states and then at that's africa the highly populated areas black africa we'll strychnine now that we ve just took my very very similar yeah that's part i mean the loss of johannesburg else have like real speaks means weird just so it's so fuckin giant the craziest thing i ever saw the lion was like the bronx in the eighties by certain parts of rocks i would leave their like goin become an arrogant delicacy should ever hear again yet lifelike at night one that i made a mistake like in nineteen eighty and went through a brass again drugs i thought i was cool with some friends and we fuck and went to a war zone like there was an awful with five i have no idea but it was just
are again weapons like regular things need to be in this fuckin that's the worst i saw what a building on fire the matter when there was a building on five people young defied upon women go it because they know that the fuck and people would rob it was like that movie i told you to watch rob about cannot mohammed ali that it wasn't that that mohammed ali lost cannot amend the decision it was what was going on outside in new york city how people getting rather the streets elephant cabinet how to turn their backs because they will overwhelm it was like a one they couldn't get all the cops are blocked they did a perfectly they black cars and shit or no horses could get him ain't nothin i'm telling you watch this you will be like whacked how did this happen
in nineteen seventeen that people from man rich or get mugged and they yellowfin cops out when the council walking away like that's how crazy the branch was at one time when i was a kid letting go up that live up that i wanted to get drunk steichen you know coke away the some stupid that's the worst will this so many people the bronx is so huge that so many people like bad neighborhoods like or corn quote bad neighborhood you knowledge lower class poor neighborhoods in new york disappears big areas big giant areas that have like a lot of what's the port correct answer lower class what he wants a people live in poverty but there's there's some spots you know i yeah when the first one the first things i did when i moved to new york i drove to harlem i'm not going to be with us like a mike i got here is my first day here let me go see what harlem like fuckin drove all the way up and as you
town things get weirder in weirder and this is ninety eighteen ninety and as before they cleaned up times square too was still come for free spot and as i'm driving up there it just started telling crazier and crazier and then also near and neighbourhoods real like i have to get the fuck out of here like this is this is not safe this dangerous i was driven to a spot that had herbage that was stacked seven eight feet high five feet wide stacked down blocks i mean blocks there was like long blocks of garbage hill does he like what the fuck is going on with some sort of a garbage strike from i don't know what the details were but there was rats one in back and forward you could see him running back and forth and you know i grew up in a us like when i lived in boston i lived in a suburb in newton that's where went to high school
the sector com is six quietus plays very nice play so here i am just a couple years remove from that and i'm workin on harlem watch these rats start back and forth and people are stepped out a lick restores hold and forty ounces like it's a movie unlike what s place is this place is quite usual from sixteen from fifteen to twenty two i was my backyard real in my back yard was from a hundred and thirteen fifth which is right by the park two hundred and seventy eight by port authorities geraldo em i knew every nook and granted in the world a weed was the coke was the pill
were the weapons were i had been pretty much the i had been pretty much my mom's best friend eleven thirteen and a fifth and that was terrible but at night that turn into something else and then with a being in the numbers thing when i was a kid my parents were the cubans have their main numbers my place called lemme get that there's a train and they have all these little markets and its on a hundred nineteenth and i used to be spanish back and then in the seventies sixties and early eighties and what you do is my mom would have a bodega as soldiers and cigars and maybe books are dreams and people can and they said i had a dream about a truck getting hit by a fucking monkey i truck this 50in among these three so they put five dollars on three hundred and fifty you know i was a pays you twenty five hours that night cash no fucking drum and all the banks should be upstairs so but you that both the egg is all around harlem but the bank would be sent
lies don't one building and the summer's i we have i will have a couple different job in the sum is the help and the boy in us shells of iranian money up the stairs or i answer the phone and had a yelled in numbers to the dude and they would flip it showed you get to such action like sand of six or for after you get fifty i was in that number you gotta let's say you get eighty two dollars on that number you have to take thirty two thousand dump it off to a different back because you can only get killed if you give away fifty dollars that major lose twenty five thousand dollars for the day so was always have it's a very interesting fuckin racket it's not huge anymore because the picket came it so the lot the one of the biggest lotteries atom of they still do as the porter realigning you by the sheets you by the sheets and that's big in that part of the country but the italian it was invented by strap sad though traffic aren't they are my aunt em he brought her from cuba
and it's called policy for the italians took it they were a big thing of it but the ethnic swill where the money that they are the ones that have the dreams and their poor so that what the ethnic took that markets from the mafia is ironic they did the lottery is coming for the all that money is coming from the poor people planet people that have a job next time you go to seven eleven and you'll get where you want rolling papers and your fucking thirsty look who's in front of your son fucking guy i make a fictional for which scratches he's seven eleven this locker ices sub station would have weapon dream he's going to win the lottery you know it's a fucked up dream i see people in my seven eleven all the time vine twenty five thirty tickets but i also part of it makes me giggle part of my reminds me of being a kid my mom my mom's number
hurried play the numbers constantly if she walked in here and you had like what's he sat kronk thirty want gimme the number before thirty one joe five bland call new york five thirty one it always bad so anyway she where she saw a number that was weird she blasted mother fucker many times i had a number one i was a kid just fucking around with him i will join like a football team and i will come home she was a number on your shirt fifty seven point number five she called the book five fifty seven ten dollar five thousand allows for dinner mother time may allow my birthday to nineteen aims to hit that motherfucker constantly on my birthday but that was my mother's fuckin main thing was this number is in harlem so i got to walk around there as a child there is i got older my first arrest was now i got caught smoking weed on a hundred and sixty first
might be made through the first day after this one eight hundred hours the when the triple the what's the miami these did the sleeping the bees where the fuck they were when they beat the red kids and i wanted to have food stores in those days we'd stores were health food stores right in harlem so what is the health foods dorcas complain of you whose protein drinks in those days you loomis protein powder vitamins and then if you the right people you and they uniting the glasses while bulletproof mile and you went in and they you'd say what he have when they get trays and they should use may put the weeding the glassy taken with thirty hours and you ask permission to my role in the corn and you roll the joint accordingly the glass i smoke i rolled
in the corner at one corner because it was windy was january and when i went to put the light up to the joint fucking mailman for the doctor manhattan eagles get on the floor cuz if you got more than twenty singles on you i'm going to beat the fog adi i got on the flight eight hundred and one eight hundred probably at seven hundred and forty and it is what you get this money from nordstrom kop started pulling up and they were looking for people who is selling join the kids two blocks away so they realize i lived in jersey and i had no idea in those days work already done my word was my shit no idea in those that is i throw away the idea fact had no idea you are you're a cop figure you'll figure it out bridge and the captain tell me the truth and i am i told the truth they put my finger on those things i was the early technology new york outlay three vance that shit
fingerprint thing after him he came back jose ds blast they let me go a fact that cop to weed out my bag pull on the floor he said now it's nine grams i urge you to keep it and i'll give you a ticket and that was my first legitimate arrest i got arrested for that and man at night in six months sentence the colorado and add a break the guy a letter on the first and call on the fifth and they let me go so the did looked at you fingerprints and they found your name for their quick quick and i was now you ve never been arrested before i ever saw how your fingerprints in the record of ideas in the hospital may have no idea at a national level that's interesting i wonder if everybody's fingerprint mean especially with like apple those one of the big things
worried about what the i found illegal ready i gave up that animal brands of may be an apple thing is fuckin up already one i'm sorry about that i'm just talking about the ability to use your fingerprint because you didn't get your fingerprints from this i guess you're u pressing right it's it's leaving you fingerprint and that's how i recognize you fingerprint new ideas that dal gozo data as you know we want no joy ideas touch anything with his finger bullets leg of the database look this we had to say grant is right here run it and so they have you fingerprint at my school they did it in middle school year we all hungarian thumbprint down on both sides and was kind of like we did we learned about footprints and we're like where did that go with it i don't remember what i did but i probably when i was a kid piano i was a big piano guy we weren't should we either have them lisa flatly yuri shit really yemen the kid tool we wanna came from cuba there was they taught gonna play pool table fucking thing was never just right or a calf and this was the devil
their job to get away from their wise with a pale rise a bunch of puerto rican kids lou irish dirty kids and what's a great way to make our relationship with the cops i really want brothers tonight's a fuckin precinct emily issued a gun they kept you kept the target you kept a bullet they fingerprinting they take a picture of you and you did it was they took us on fuckin basket a gypsy took if the yankee stadium rate relationship but then am i seventh gray lays great mr moreno took us to fuckin the choice for a little betty basketball autonomy we fastened down the street the basic casey be it and it is our that mother thought is that it's all without even playing a game each over is right back home with him yet the blanket we drove get a case of beer we drove right back eight hours right back the fucking there is an item i am appear out i always maybe that's i've got my fingerprint say that was was at the end of the relationship
we'd be out no i think i use still go for it wasn't why grew up in jersey the p out was geared more towards boxing when i was in new york city it was it was a place at they have like a box and they had a pool table dad i soldiers i then activities and humanely ceramics issue depending on your age in jersey was more mister gamble mr gamete was a cuban dude he ran the box and programme and i stole his two sons julio and season they got me a job at putnam fuel and then like listen when you get the job you got to rob putnam feels right by secaucus off of route three hundred and eighty truck people go and lastly by three months before they fired me but i left out of the three we still guy at night was a half a moment his name was freddy messiah this so we robbed the one listen what is gonna be friday will i sat wasn't icicle will put mask on me indeed he could terror
it was because in jersey you pay the gas guy you don't go into a story you know they pompey gas serve you the guy you basically rob the joint do you follow me only or again in new jersey is whether people bump your gas we ask you walking when a kite so we were kids willingly ripe fucked up ready i worked to know freddy freddy's wife look like honey boo mother he was a little guy but anybody rifles like four hundred lb in the only way she would let him fuck it is if he brought blowhole and he was a skinny tiny guy like eddie bravo she was like three hundred and ninety and she would actually put the bikini on and they with such white trash they lived in the studio parma they were rent is accusing him put in the liberal group are people with fucking i live on the third studio japan on my guard adjective enemies words building they have black mauler she was the only black girl and able to blame model i don't know a black malo is today but she's the real money luther king she was the only
later on a white male bulletin jersey though you ve got the torture she got tortured i always love blackmore another malo was tightened a mother was white summit happened a few houses fucked up that building was fuck that shit to go with asylum blowin i'm afraid he opened the door and they were like a robot and he has his fat wife level with heels in kenya is i think if a bread to me like he really was the blow he was fuckin thankful that you fucking like i heard them i lay she would not give me my job if either have blocked so finally finally one day we indeed i can tell you this i let's go down a rob this mother fucker on a saturday night less weight about midnight when he's got a grand down because you dropped you get two thousand to two thousand you make a drop in the floor safe and you can get back in there some indeed you have behind a building by seek organisers right nexus had though place that be nappies
the room was less worthy iceman kill somebody input of an attack by snap that is not is a real fucking area jersey decision across the street was one of the biggest trip loves and these costs not when i was there robin freddy cup we is f than i thought ebay so you remember if you the new york they call this the air force base some basis some ship but when we were kids went till i get twelve we took freddy than we do tat with mr like i'm like they kicked his name is there a movie in the bar we took his look personally ran away and he gets it like it took them away you guys rob me last night we had met shit like freddy wasn't ass he said yes it was i heard your voices that he came back to us is like this knowledge robbie once a month but yeah split the money we celebrate wanna fuck my wife so what's a much bigger gathering of steady friday we keep
she's gone for ever let you do you really want to know where the jobs you know that's the only way i ups and we didn't like eight times jim black eyes bloody knows it takes them in the stomach coupled to have is that we need em the umbrella any known it was now video back then leave marks on yet you have laid kick them a future that i had too much of a hurry to like it had a brilliant my crazy fries that was ever like a bad we visit cuba miami today every time i place so flawed he shows up with his girlfriend and he gets flunked out many thousand story one not from his door would die grandma how we gonna rob friday and he asked i know that you a fuckin for real he was i was eating down on my family you knock on the door and had a sketch like the deal how you gonna kick them
running to the weeds and go right to the cubs be in this house i got a plan we had done it so many times but i had to keep getting different partners because i couldn't hit freddy all i can do is i was going to tackle that we want to go down my frank kick him feel this fuckin horrible but when sixteen jail what the fuck you have a good time the text that friday we gonna kick cries you so right about the numbers my group other loved yeah that's big italian bag and this a silly and then they have dreams and airlines the vast but came but i'm in the middle night my grandma told them to place six forty four the up my grandmother would now not shut the fuck up about they give you a little note my fuckin than the sicilians almost or as bad as the cubans the old school sicilians are very stupid stitches with the eyes they make those fuckin soups with the eye you shit
fucking sicilians and enable the still very tight would i still talk to her a lot but even the way they spoke a time schedule like the way they did ferociously fucking language because they got beat up for years the three assists lisa very fuckin sad one but if so you know that this expression never fear roam the snakes lot of the snake lies coiled and no buckle under dome the snake lives all the naples nobody ever gave cecily respect them like the bastard fuckin child in the kids i grew up with a blonde hair blue eyes which really puts an end up in other people say that the moors conquered cecily raped them is shit and we discuss its of a mile of vespers when all the men got up and cut their dicks off his shit that's why it's right happen if you look it up on wikipedia might have a thousand vespers was
look it up guys let's get this facts right of a thousand vespers samir was with torturing the sicilians in the fourteen hundred fortunam fifteen hundred and they were fuckin rape in their women and one night the sicilians got together fuck you couldn't take him home when they got my mama and they killed these more fuckers but they cut their dicks lobby showed them in a fucking mouth and that's why sicilians are very sensitive when it comes to the issue of rape date they can they can't because it's in their dna like they can't they got rape they got slotted it's in their fuckin thing these moors the moors although like crazy black people mac forget that fuckin laptitza think they often yet as from africa the moors gaia with me now is that the whole premises that seen in numb true romance the sicilian vespers the name given to successful rebellion on the island of sicily the broken the easter of twelve eighty two against the rule the french capacious king charles the first of these women who had rule the king of sicily since twelve sixty six within six weeks
three thousand french men and women were slain by the rebels the rebels and the government of king charles lost control of the island it is the beginning of the war of the sicilian vespers gets go down but i guess he was the moors once you get a noise sicilian rest that's fucked up country at a cube so they fuckin sank their belief in fallacies and religion what a little more like most people that's my people i know a little more than most people they really believe they put the moluccas and i hope you fuckin thine they sped on themselves you know my mom i couldn't say cancer where spitten would have something to say answer my mobile does undisguised teaspoon life i was gonna do it all the time because i myself eyes but i myself in a word tat was my grandmother my grandmother was so crazy man my grandmother went to jail because she wouldn't run out the mob could she was running numbers
my grandmother was rowing numbers we shortage every six months we do is built where's grandma ashes with annie where's grand she's with emory she will amory burning me sense one day when i was like twenty they told me craig yogurt i in jail right flats you're crazy shit a monkey named chee chee the monkey lived in the attic my grandmother was off the charts crazy very artist and yet the gay agenda chee chee fuckin hated everybody except my grandma my grandma with feed this monkey gum d gotten the monkey would take a stick and gum unwrapped the gum start chewing gum in front of you with the monkey news it was gum it didn't try to eat it but just shoot it like you would chew gum the monkey was sit there and to fucking gum do what he would peel bananas in front of you but you have come near him when he was with her he would bite your fucking face like no one could come there to jit she was the only one
so there's like crazy lady had a monkey and her base our inner attic so we would come over to hang on my grandmother should make homemade pasta they would make homemade sauce from the tomatoes and my grandfather grew those mercy beef steak tomatoes he always had a guard my grandfather always had the always had a big fuckin fenced in garden in his back like he was grown all kinds of things he would tell you how to grow it was very meticulous about it he was really invested in this garden and they would take the tomatoes they make fresh tomato sauce my grandmother would make fresh homemade pasta was fuckin sensational the food was sensational my grandmother's homemade pasta has a taste that like to this day i don't i don't think i've ever experienced in anywhere else before because you can get really good homemade pasta at a restaurant in you're really good homemade pasta you know it's a nice place or some some folks how to make it but when you it from someone who's like literally making
in the same way that the original immigrants is very different in the way italians make italians in north america have a very different style of a food of cooking with red sauce does not as does not as popular in italy is it wasn't miracle all this past and me ball spaghetti in me balls these are american merit of how you use the dishes and my grandmother was a master at those all my god should make these fuck meatballs you'd walk in the house and it be cooking you did a crackling and the media i could welcome lord she would cut them on a frying pan just get these motherfuckers perfect and crackling and then she would come in this house for hours had sausages but just simmering four hours she would check it stick wooden spoon them put that fuckin led right back walk away she knew it was done and knew it
this fact in italian food which is so ridiculous so ridiculous but they ve been americanized but if you go to us i'm home i got there was a hole in my neighbors very nice people and the grandmother always cook and her dishes were never read so ass they were always based with so with beans which i love i loved you to pass i love pacifism spanish listen there's no better mail for you as a health outcomes people say positive fossil and some are already alas a bizarre because they will allow of god what is the right way to say oh no i don't mind my family we say past of passive was all but what has passed a visually does the same thing i know how it breaks it a dialect that's got that stuff in its not spinach if something else is the different dishes it's the same danny it's gyro euro honest
a year everybody has it somebody's passive role is completely differently about like if you got all foods is completely different then when i go to my friends and jerseys it's a thicker stock it's got to spanish with with the beans and little fuckin past is in it and they freeze and that's where the strength comes second at get stronger and stronger garlic and in the winter that's what they offer you bet poured map see italians are very poor yes all the dishes based around really potato beans and passed and bread bread bread was i beg my grandfather used to go to this bread store that was a bakery that was down the block we walked on the block on north nice train we'd go about two blocks down and we walk into this old school italian bakery that we know since one thousand nine hundred and twenty six i'm shocked that on the sign and you would get the best of the same kind of bread every day in it sensational had fuck
real italian bread from new york new jersey like that area from the immigrants holy shit was and using just their bread said you round cross that motherfucker with associated knife and it's so it's delicious like you don't get bread like that out here for some reason and if it was a good data motherfucker was making zeppoles you what kind of them in the would leak want the sugar away the way home you be inhaling bread and fuck zeppelins nobody gained a pound nobly was i was not there people rubber earlier on their fuckin faces because i was one of them and we care was what meal i discovered like twelve and italian ass fucking canale book from hoboken cormorant got all bergmann pickup anomalies a guy would only make sixteen of them on fridays so you had another guy only guy for that type of shit i dare family was that type of shit hoboken very italian would have the whole bobbing was anywhere out with in about an hour mulder moves you know jersey city
so all those areas gal taste the whole balkan but all nor the new jersey shit that's all hoboken at the end that a fucking those are using years of ties that warrant all balkan war on the trains and all that shit hoboken we will you ever saw how bubble in the eightys it was a fuckin guy you gotta forty three all that shit you get mugged than it ever fucking around when bob dubois all those guys armando are rebus were run and fuck basketball that you want i still take a bus to hoboken to play basketball for you had a guide that fuckin ball watch you but it's why they would jackie shit but i knew bending down and i used to go down in a similar way down there then add the bread would appoint oh yeah because its
around that's what's the shit you see now sometimes he would get round loves to all my god sums have those were my luggage at the top of which is half that mother fuck off and put a polar ice a hotel bob bottom in that motherfucker and let it about good globally through your heart beaten now in this please not you'll never see that again i think that is still by to the city and somebody one was gazing at me boy day when the brooklyn a few weeks ago any winter while those places zimbabwe somebody a boarding went into this one the dislike italian daily that serves lunch does serve like pasta with red sauce and of people and the play
it has been on the same families ownership since the eighteen hundreds some crazy like that and this guy who's running it was a little boy he's agrees to old man who was a little boy when you started work in there and so bored danish is showing these pictures it how he's old school black and white pictures of him in this place and now harry is running it it's crazy like those that that's like a direct connection to the people who came over on those boats that's that's why what shit man i don't think about it too much but when i do my grandparents were both born in other countries there both born italy grandfather my father's i was born in ireland a grandmother my father's side was born in italy there all immigrants all of them they all came over in a wave in the twenties and thirties and aid survived the fucking great depression there were a different kind of human being their different kinds of human beings than we are so much so that
the metamorphosis of the human race from the time that people came over on boats to what we are today it's it's bananas i mean it's it's almost like one of the biggest leaps of of like a like a culture changing gonna rapid way the human beings of today in comparison to the human beings of naming mega number a hundred years ago in my grandparents but it's basically almost a hundred years for they came over to create that a quick world they lived in jelly they didn't even have a video with the united states are applied and they had a balls to get a boat with kids and come across the ocean was supposed to be a better life it was you know and what people are nos never saw the sopranos when he explains how they all came to a neighborhood member there's a beautiful episode
all when they tried to buy the eggs member they tried to buy the store where they had eggs on the corner and he goes on his own and goes we came in my family came in eighty years ago and we all move to a label that's a family is dead all the romans live on third every rogan cousin you know them organs ever they wrote regular hours they will all know might my grandfather's name was wrote rogan so they all moved into an area and then when i leave setting goals then they went up the guinea gulch because they are the broad field and he goes the only place on neighbor that you can still go and get chicken eggs not those fucking supermarket lexi cuz i can't sell it to you at the end say that all those neighbours with its hoboken brooklyn although i cannot see those italian people came over they look ninety one appointment you know and you know what really sad view that
of people that came over never get to see the fruits of their labour they never get to see what a great grants and dead or what was i am i in a way yeah but they did mean did i think that they got to see the world change you know i know but it came over from the nineteen twenty and went through world war to see some goddamn crazy change in the world you know and i think back down to a greater sense that good guys one right now the lines cannot blurry united states back in the nineteen forties after we were more bore tuna is over and that they show people at kissing the streets you're not gonna see that shit again that's we don't have the same enthusiasm about war as they did then because back then they really thought there was good guys and bad guys was real simple those nazis back then there was common cause he's back down there was crazy met the japanese due to fly in planes in the fuckin boats they attack per harbour they gave didn't give a fuck this dangerous time so when doing
japan want when japan signed and after the bombed hiroshima and nagasaki when they are eliminated those fuckin cities and japan signed the truce agreement or whatever the fuck was that was everybody was it was over like we had one eye people were happy as fought back then so they went through that which is a pretty crazy tie they went from the time of no movies to movies that's crazy tat they want to see movies they were one of the first he would their generation was the first to have televisions they saw tv for the first time and was no tv before them no one had ever had tv the people returned were would too will they treated away when people came in vietnam now i told him to spit on total fuckin baby taylor when the debt for instance sky was fucking with the golden airport after a war and spilett people went over there you have a second opinion
if somebody went over there and actually put his life up whether he knew not what the fuck no one on your way to you fucking years old i think when we were too late give you thirty four confinement and give a fuck right away while one fuckin was i don't know of any are they really did spit on anybody com baby tell yes day to day its andy's although it is made love now there was there was a part of the thing that someone refuted about chris kyle story crisscross if that happened him some call a baby killer you saying that this is all like it what he's doing repeating something that someone else at me i need to look into it more but for short they were treated like a lot of people thought the vietnam war was a bad idea if they didn't think it was the same as the way they thought of world war two we're we're too was like a war that everybody can agreed how to happen there was a crazy in germany there was taken
with a world there is killing jews they killed millions of working people and there was a japanese that were in on it together somehow mean didn t make any sense they speak the same language there in cahoots says the japanese and then there was the fuckin americans and the russians were involved like fuckin christ so when i was over those people experience of gigantic change they they felt like probably made sense if they came over here the came over bad is fuckin team ever you know and everybody was like a part of it when when you see that celebration arrays kissing in the streets in everything after the japanese surrendered that's that's a powerful iconic slice of like that embodies like what that time meant to a lot of people that shit doesn't happen now they think they experienced a lot of pretty cool shit they experienced a lotta goddamn change and the what we're living right now mean is an amazing is this world is right now if we keep
at the same rate i think a hundred years now people gonna look back at this time of these silly fucks god damn these people are suffering they still got killed holds they still have to worry about losing way they still have to worry about you know get enough sleep i don't worry their health like these poor fuckers if they got the flu they had to stay home we're just gonna be some shit a hundred years now that's gonna just fix everything anita may things wrong he's not gonna be designed to mean more health concerns our concern is going in making sure that we don't have to many people on the earth that's gonna be our number one concern and like a hundred years but the things that we look at now and we thank god i couldn't imagine living like they lived in nineteen twenties farc the little stupid ass tv little tiny ass black and white tv those the size of a laptop who's in a cabinet that live like a fuckin gun safe remember those stupid things giant ass cabinet with as little stupid screen that was black and white and record player on
meaning we live the whole thing will lift up on top and speakers ireland the tv with the controls over here that with that over here was erected player so we had a swift tv the stereo speakers rover here they both came in that's when i watch superman on for my first time as a kid i remember watching it on tv when as i was a lot of fucking yankee games mcgann fathers nor do we do when the tv will go bad they had put a smaller tv on top didn't want to get rid of the cabinet so is the key but it was so nice and then tv started becoming smaller they became like a plastic box like a shitty kind of plastic boxer take that shitty plastic box put it right on top of the other fourteen nobody did that everybody had a tv on top of the broken tv my mom put a tv
the answer is as you can see the mass in the egg is at the same time as our my mind you love their base by sea love love like well plain the yankees or whatever so she was the original sport bar after you have to choose their results by euro sports bar you overwhelmed by the amount of different games they go on at once but i also remember the fights i solana bar like at her bar i saw it i got an education that i dont remember la those fights you have to tell me but i saw all the great fight i wanna be cease plaza at that bar when they find the afternoons one lonely athens on site i still remember this is how fuckin old i am i do a scan for women jews with silence is fuckin zoo in jersey where he four years used to bought listen if you ever need any money will food somebody and what he would do is in the tat he go around and look for holes and incomes
cs suva like it's a shit and he saw the whole thing for europe there was for her crazy the guy was a genius they pay them the major colleges some pro football teams pay them and he would fly out and scout teams that's how much genius he was why was he was at what he calls people not dance at he always says of people they good are the only good at one an idiot savant eddie it's over you emma he was missing a tooth is shorts had piano a garage ok because every dollar he spent was it the general gamma but that's what he did he went around in the daytime look of holes is shit is thy way way what do you mean twenty jeez i'll make it twenty listen we got a supermarket knock over the applesauce you fall down stay down for i give you the moderate diana screaming than you pass out
and when the lady comes over he had the whole scare the next they pick you up here the attorney's office he took her to the hospital chiropractors office to everywhere you had a bit of his philosophy is he got you many doctors is equally adequate your job yet equity because he did was make appointments for you and everybody was in on the scan so in his world the more the high adaptability you get ten times that should we adopt the bills are like fucking sunlight i have you doctor bills were half a million he can get you a thousand two hundred thousand you don't like if you lost a finger he had the whole menu all you need sixty thousand give me a finger you know fucking let's lose a finger on the top of the shit like that he was i praise wow so either go though chiropractor tell them that's how he sold it you want to make money out of pension so you wanna go to all those that is every day and take the treatment and adopt this happening
the treatment even though they know it's a scam therein on why so that damagon that through the chiropractor he would put those laser beams army pads on my back and walk out the roman and come back but though i went up to the day oh mamsie killed the carrying it was our why world sports on a saturday afternoon and i remember that it was high time start like the fund was re elected chiropractors offers and nobody was answer that's how much it will intensify this was like the people came out from behind the counter and whose on regular leaving i think fox had just come in fact was install around it was around you those are the abc while those for three eighty three what you'd fox camera it was high school so now lady ingram say had the simpsons and america's most wanted so eighty years six no shit ok i was out of high school while so must build
delivered in home this remember the sentence that mean that was when didn't fuck start with the simpsons i'm the homage show whether this and since nineteen million trees you all men had the citizens are in it it was like really horrible animation in the trees almond show member the simpsons looked all weird and they all looked messed up i dont really remember my ears among them i met that is foggy ship i do remember washington fights and abc well sports rihanna nbc had boxing on a friday night recently the world champion maybe sounded by adrian brunner versus john molina and then they had five key sermon verses robber guerrero good fight but they went the distance but
what a distance when you watch in boxing and regular tv it feels where'd quo box anti vague it's been off a regular tv for a long time i think that that's going to show they should bring back i think that was my first discovery channel was wide world of sport that was one of interesting shows when i was growing up because you didn't know you know why right sometimes i think why world sports at last in a bar tat i like even then because i was allotted time like ballet from china hong kong people await shit i still remember watching banks karate championships on large world of sport as a kid i used to go to the garden to watch this but his big closer was the guy who they put a mirror in front of an they shoot at amount to twenty two and he'd put a mouth
some is massively catch the bullet come on you guys have you i've heard a guys doing here is that the trick the right i listen i loved the fuckin tell you know i think i'm pretty further to heart is jack i think i'd act is spits the bullet i'm here i'm ban as small comes out of luck and bullet i dont know you know but that was his may van right it sums how do you ve practice i mean that now allows one is and what the fuck do i have practice here it bulletins i'll let you come over and you sure adamant at twenty to start by thrown grapes and his mouth are you crazy he's a great willingness to different by loving starts love my love your writings day that's how i used to have your that nobody can just do at one time you had a practice judges and tell the timing and fucking pam and knowing tat waste as a colony trick and if they did
do it there's gotta be somebody's volley we had to a document reality where a lot of people tried to catch bullets with their teething let's not try to shock and this time mrs try regular i really would be begun listen to what they definitely have kill people accidentally in those like stupid like magic trick stance and severally happened deadly happened i know i read it read stories about people dying going crazy magic experiments when you try to really push the limits you get a lot of variables involved one go wrong actually now your fate gun like like when brandon lee died he died on a set of a movie in a special effects scene they shot him with a fake gun a gun with blanks but there was some p so i shall or something that was still in the chamber the gun and that shot anyone you know that was what the triads giving you really
in all those people who sicilian don't listen you know why i'm would kill you in your fuckin son we lay dead that's what it is cuz i had heard that he died the bruce lee died from some sort of an allergic reaction to a drug or listen he he was doing he did three or four movies with these fucking and sucking sale they invest is six thousand allows and they fucking went back and said they made millions albinos on which ended drag me nobody not its forty two years it right right eighty ninety eight forty two years it see what that means worldwide the first week i'm a fucking copies enter the dragon about that that's raymond chap after fuck and raymond shower the business which with the studio a may enter the dragon had enough it was raymond chow the other guy darling silhouette among those fucking eyes after birth we dinosaur raymond chow really fuckin blew up and he was a heroine fuckin guy to me in them he random william
ciao charles towards them run run job run luncheon studios anna don't charles branton movies and plenty said movies is shit they get color the action somewhere another wow this is this is it says he died from a cerebral agleam right some chinese guy could tell you anything listen my father died of cocaine our with over those a heroine over those they probably died of a heart attack and they never signed the desert difficult where's that doctor today i guarantee got hit by a bus two weeks later at this time that's a rebel habitable guide died two weeks later i thought in building via he could fuckin elevator says you're right timing obviously what someone's right in something and wikipedia decades after the fact who knows who knows what much of what the subjects ass or society was adultery they paid that check to bring a mobile and that's where they fuckin latin it says around the time of these death numerous rumours appeared in the media liese iconic status and unlikely demise fed many
wild rumours and theories these include murder involving the triads and supposes a curse on him and his family they czar most alongside toggery flock leaving it usually used electrical muscular stimulation that may have exacerbated or altered in his condition that doesn't make any sense so what they're saying is his conclusion david terror a forensic scientist recommend scotland yard who'd overseeing a thousand autopsies was assigned to the case his conclusion was death by misadventure caused by an acute cerebral edina to array action to compounds present in the combination medication equip jessica that she is leave room for a headache assent my thanks for this kicks he took to the fuckin head and all the when she took in china never affected until i fuckin night when he went them adam choose fuckin house i may die
the stand because he was actually i in bed with her he was in her bed i mean a bunch of stories chains to make em look bad at the end when he left those people to enter the dragon he pissed off allow people man he was making them a lot of fucking money well you know what apparently he was already haven't seizures there was a after a neurosurgeon who treated bruce lee during his first seizure in may of nineteen seventy three he was eaten hash two fucking come now from the pain he was one of the first people have figured out that has she was what's at whatever when you take it with your advil ibuprofen what you what's really duty kill painless yes i call announced a royal anti inflammatory hash isn't it yet as i wanted so brutally fear that first bruce lee used ie hash after fucking working out to reduce the thing would it died alongside our brain what a swell long time ago that guide died in the height guys nobody right now right now
there's not too many people are remember the day he died of a first or not even heard today died because news in travel efforts ass there was no we got it like two days later that he died on behalf of america's walkin around fucking that was one of those people and i believe it does he was can help ease should he was flying through the air he was making fuck it happened but he went the child and god knows what they did to mobilise dollar will never know his upper limit appearance this is really interesting of doktor preliminary opinion of doktor peter would neurosurgeon treated lee during its first seizure us was that the cause of that should have been attributed to either reaction to cannabis or equal jessica cannabis like his fucking desire you know it's bullshit doktor is telling them that it might have been we'd very potent nepali hash killed bruce i thought he was a larrea he discovered at first listen they should be cookies cache mark
that whatever you wait whatever you way during the week was good but when the used to have these cookies that were all meal future hash or an guys that was when i first started my die when i was fourteen eighteen pounds i could walk i saw him my ankles and i would eat the willows hash cookies and the next day my ankles be like a fuckin to pick the fuckin hash will reduce everything a winning zeal bent over rose not think my back ash is the best it's amazing as he was fucked up joey ok this is this fact he had a rupture disk in his back that nobody is someone had given him yeah but this is one of the reasons why he was taken all kinds of different shit to try to deal with the with pain and had already had seizures so he had seizures he had a rupture diskin his back and he was getting medicated the seemingly shave decision that talking about is the ship they tried to throw up the major and no and the biography of bottom that he would go away like he would go
way like he would go away you have to say joe joe joe sorry but the doctors say see you're it says neurosurgeon treated him for first seizure the same guy that says that part might kill them to nothing to china i love chinese people love their fisheries minister who just think they killed her they killed they killed chuck norris said that death was a reaction between the muscle relax it medication had been taken since nineteen sixty eight for ruptured des he was taken that the rupture disk shit for a long time as he died and seventy three heath regions still alive but is not getting kicked in the heady rigidly terms thank you fell downstairs arrive register stairs you look like that because it seems like that
images of would be able to figure out a way to land correctly this fucking guy why don't you listen joe rogan when you fucking with that type of environment you fuck with them you could kill that mother day don't give a fuk when you hit that pocket they don't deal with that shit the chinese listen that the mafia concept was stolen from the triad this still dense minus guys know world they still move their properly at war with the government from whose brenda roar the heroin they brought heroin in fee is not one d case not one be a case of hung moulding the heroin has ever been called on smuggling they geniuses they pay everybody these guys when it comes to their paper they don't around a nineteen eighty five they are sick and tired of giving the mafia pounds a hell of a fifty thousand flower the mafia was cut at ten times make an a half a million fifty thousand investment second tie the chinese god it's gonna fucking gonna fuckin
the now see how small italy is leaving took from the chinese don't fuck around don't fuck around i don't like della there still out there is not a fucking when you gonna wyoming whereas there are chinese restaurant that you think chinese people like my roaming all this data for the fucking at the railroads and then they got caught him on the phone i went to enable the harrowing gets the wyoming who fuckin why people envelopes blackmail is those chinese people we believe that but i was a kid i did a lot of stuff about why dont want to believe crazy conspiracy theories but if i was gonna leave anyone i would believe that the chinese mob would kill you if you somehow another fact amount of money i mean dad's does seems like then let's call an already made him famous randomly wasn't famous but you are those movies it was finally is always dogged by the tybee it chinese connection
i still remember the to hand punch the two have punching a school was done the fuckin commercial we'll watch and happy days bitch was sitting around twenty fuckin puerto rican kids robes at a catholic school pajamas on ready to go to bed and also they go this friday come into the movie to the play the trail the chinese connection jamie posts can trail trailer complain of blockage let me try and israelis act and yes you gotta see the one from the french connection you watching them a cat at times has a phenomenal trailer had times a day but it was the voice of his voice it was the voice before this voice it was little maid or get type a guy said and play the children's i was but i still remember the best trail of war time is the french connection why is there shoot em in the bath as he's gone up to train and jean act will freeze its bob i shoot him in the back and locked it and it's a film didn't do you
where it happened look at the fuckin leave a trail of a chinese collection is shit what environments to see this presentation bruce lee is the real superstar in the week is what do you do if you excite right now what's this one the issue of you're a big bang nobody here what doing you're right you're fucked buffy what's this are you fucking my five zero employees would this was the please would you they learn roland people through the air with each other this is was the trailer who killed this teacher look it up that's the opening looking young this is a movie you have to watch this is the greatest movies of all he advocates
look we in his ear fall down look what they do i'll dubbed it wasn't even his voice is they didn't like the we talked look at this guy does this mother fucker that's how angry wasn't this movie image wings so i bought what's that this does not mean that meet the glad this tremendous attack them everybody wanted to be bruce he burst out the new jobs in this movie embossed emma and faced a fury which became chinese collection he busted the mountain this one that's when he made them eat the fucking glass that's when he hung through the people that's when he killed the first russian come on now what's the big deal with as a move in that movie dog varies so sensational his anger you know he's
hang you motherfuckers obiang this clearly type shit am i have we gotta check that date maybe police were robbed of cosy did this is the harm that embodies that was hanging people back and even the chinese flock and people had had a chick that a fuckin drama to see the other three soothing up the other really get trail a notice how he has to make out what the chinese check to would they do have if he's back then we're chinese guy would make out with a white girl on film there around movies like that back then entered a dragon jimmy leaf of the chinese she cried jane clearly what was his name jim colleague jim telling jim kelly fucked remember you yelling eightam sent to his room junk saxon egg is there another do you remember chuck norris versus brutally yeah that's what's that real quick that's that's sensation saving a fine chuck norris versus bruce lack came on hbo
adam was i made my mother get me age be element came because the chicks ran through the jungle with did not want to impose cousins with kentucky fried movie what is it i've never heard like a fragmented now the group the groove tube is resolved to prove to be silent lie before us i lie they made to movies called the groove to kentucky fried chicken by moving kentucky fried socking doug if i'm oh shit looking like this this is the game that's a game god damn chuck norris taken off his black belt look how young is finally the gay porn look how slowly unrolling others is the game and look at how we look at charles nor chuck norris chest charles nor is it a chest saharan sheds before dude figured out shaven you just me see this and then you don't like wrestling with i think the big differences like movie mother father sets it play this was you
brian this logan account brian listen exciting that you cannot imagine this was every and had a hero every emigrant now era everybody had a hero to live again but the fucking get everybody had that place has a the roman policy look at his look warming up they're both warming up doing cod to warm up for their failures and is looking at each other this is crazy fundraising ever tremendous shit man in america has to put these form will resign and realize why stop brutally changed my life you always while one fuckin movie you gotta see all four forget the game at that would karim a blow job that's a harbor show just was this one look at this that's what he does when he ours is one the fight starts look at him dog he only like six percent body fat at this time this guy wasn't gonna die jerome i just don't die don't fuckin insult me even die they killed this poor little kid
this is really fascinating i've never seen a movie that where two guys warmed up like this before a fight that is this is fascinating how they just don't even look at each other they move away they go in their own little fuckin world for awhile and they the senator like teaser this is a different thing than a fight in a movie you know this is two guys agreeing we have to find out who's about his mother fucker alive you know they agree to do it right way every worms are brutally catches a good sweat so's chalk this is crazy shit man forgot how crazy this is this is the beginning guys magellan the by the movies and nineteen seventy three really want to watch this shit tat i had but this is where it starts this is where all these movies a stolen from an i can't even still they don't know why they even did this briskly getting those fighting stance
the cap n bill the ball thrown front legs around house kicks to open up with in front lakeside kicks no one said anybody that block everything out nora scores of the wheel kicked the face and smiles it does not follow up is a gentleman no ground of radio oh shit chuck is put in a beating on em my goodness briskly grab that goddamned chest here route as is also a beginning attacks trudeau when chuck norris split from tang type one darwin every created this it really yeah he's a tank citadel guy yemeni boss pose the yet it's a start i mean it was deadliest starboard existed before so they did two different tanks will doubtless right this tax should those shoe bogged down and i think he went the other way there's a sou bogged down at the all they all started again but he went the other way thanks you don't have a little bit grappling yes they are
grappling it and take window do they had like some risk locks and joint locks and stuff here we go get out i mean he starts fuckin jumping up and down and it's all fuckin lights out mother fucker but the beauty of this is going to remind you romania's some just keep watching him isn't it desirable to grab somebody's chest hair and ripping off them they'll know when you're in this reality and whether that china has always you don't lie but watch all these watch all of this is still slow mall nobody knows why don't i hold up how fake is this rumour colosseum their funding and look up thinking on the wall is behind they keep shone like a picture of the colosseum and then a brick wall this is crazy shit chuck norris and brutally they slow everything down larry is
the sound it makes every time they throw kicks this whereas too it does it's four years ago at the camel worth a guy's try and man is i kick the fucking camp is try you others are poster the roman calcium behind a hosting they probably shut this amoral king s laurel king this is why is feebly to examine the vase chuck hands what why shook it off beautiful hair back then oh the oblique king look john john style son
was the first oh front legs round cake to the face chuck norris goes down nobody nobody ever seen anything like this before back then this didn't exist never saw fight move with eleven insignia had almost blew up you left there looking for someone say something you have the money including a dad you don't give a fuck you left these movie whether or not bruce lee ever competed in that was like the big thing about him so you never fought like chuck norris was like world midway kickboxing champion it one point time brutally definitely did allow spawn sure there's no way to get a good the ways timing innocent movement like his understanding of what wouldn't wouldn't work like that in a lot of ways even though some of that is ridiculous some of his the are more realistic than shit you see in the movies today the way he checks with that'll bleak
the way counters when you move in and it's very realistic like these scenes like the ways falconers dude up is lot like the way someone who's at a really high levels fuckin somebody up and then you see it's really kind of ironic like the way he's this is already does there's no bow to move and i told you in the seventies everybody swept job well everybody you you had a watch that front legs you will get the sweat once you get the rage neutral to watch is no doubt that you will get wet dog everybody swept the sweeping disappeared from our side we broke his farm produce lag do you go what are you thinking dealing with cohesion armors leg zionism that's my hand when i was out eyeballs that's how you did he broke his arm and his long legs job to fuck them up
he's gotta listen what these tremendous movie this is tremendous guys like some easy check mark is not looking on what the whig thinking about this move looked all he gets up oh it's a movie bruce was very slightly was let this is a great saint can stand but he gets up this is a good fucking singly gets this is tremendous guys leather look at stride throw kicks can get up i forget out anthony com the boiler beautiful it's a beautiful ending even got up correctly with a fucking damage leg a cat
oh yeah mother flock diseases cinematography when i want maggie eighteen o oh my guy tell them the gazing for some ever he's upset that eta kill em might have been the first guilty never in a movie i believe back at us i believe there was an arm in gear teams particularly difficult polar think agree this technique here and you say back it up just so here that arm in sea can't see as other arm i feel like that's an army gideon which compulsion nods on our man isn't it looks like it is hard to finish our european the neck or you gotta have an unbelievable squeeze but simply do not know and tough to terrorism was
is if chuck norris had under their very hard it why don't i wrong what we does since this is this is tremendous guys really was a fuckin soldier and he rode all these he wrote these now watch on the music plays does off kung fu jagger by the way how many black eyes dressed like that i'd like to see the seventys and it has a full alpha my mom was an assembly gradually they sent messages sent the reappraisal know what was wrong with me here we go guys i don't know what happened as a youtube movie goes and gets is geared towards integrating be back on his belt and makes it look nice very nice agrees like unseen that's two guys come i think this is good this is our does not this is garbage how dare you you know what
pull up the trailer too hard times pull up the trail ad hoc term secretary watching trail was a mechanic was it let us hear trail is to those good bad the ugly all movies it was a different type of editing why there was a different type of very impressive no it was a different world back down different world our believable back that charles bronson james was sir charles persons people you mean occupies pick up the monies made on but what does it feel like not somebody down it makes me feel a hell of a lot better than it does in nineteen thirty three america had hit the skids people were out of work
look regional customs life was as tough as a cheap stake was hard i gotta husband jail no job and no prospects of birth the next bending over a man had lived by his wits you he was fifty only made this movie good what long out what to do by his colombia is all due back that's great shape restoring as animals do daddy flight was a gas station that can really get it on my rose across from parents we got that you got that no longer really yeah sort would you like and hit hard james cover a speed of born con man difficulty and also at best inexpensive outside bet i keep everyone who can make a fortune
day i propose the toast through the best man i know me and my broke i need the money back doors one no trouble you pay your debts speak was the hustler broke his car with a sledgehammer when you in running about that japan with you to get scared vigour that together they just couldn't be beat you can i saw their money now you're that money take your money you charles brought james colbert jill
ireland and stronger market there are out and hard times god re punch has the exact same sound affect every punches its weird artificial sound like one name like have someone actually punch and unlike get the sound from that did somebody once make that sounded then everyone just accepted that because why wouldn't you just sit there and its scope that instead we you know that those foley artists those guys it makes sound for movies and they just decided on a sound it's it's like good would clapping together at my that now you're a real trailer you're real trail this is what the trail is to the next level shaft place we all know hunky dory music shaft to get the next level shaff woke up and will we do without thanking it thought i remember this mode yes
this is a data documentary on john fitch and it was a really good document a horse and but one part of it was like it was all but the greedy real life further contender guy like fighting gnp for the title they showed some of this fight footage they had sound effects over the punches and also what what what what what what are you doing you guys like the real is shit on earth you shown fighting in a cage and you're having sound effects over over punches i don't know if they kept it in i didn't get it see it again i was like what i think it's called such great heights so documented they made a way back what use is right let us fight the gnp shouted documentary with beaten gs paid they thought it was obliged as usual is based it was it was a good i was very documentary wives let me i don't think they ve shot it thinking he was gonna beat him do they deserve shot it hoping you gonna beat
but knowing that this is a really tough fight and but i was i why they have sound effects help pulled it out because other now's great documentary it some just we're when you get like you start mixing things like year your adding sound effects take an actual fight like thus imagine i you have to start doing that i get time somebody hit some of the additives how affect like you wouldn't know what what's real what's not the lines super blurry they have a guy in a truck that's gonna button they presses erudite funds worry is that three different sounds spume push its possible one day someone gonna do some gonna doll absent gosh it only when they do withstand up it's bad when they do with tv shows like when they do they just something let's
nea medics you out of it makes me want to watch you laugh traction sitcoms very confusing very freezing they use these laptops laughed tracks on sitcom sometimes when the sick comes on even shot in front of an audience or they did at one point i did it wasn't just do they added last juice up a joke which they definitely do but it was also that they did it like the they weren't even in front of an audience of time and they added delay some glass where they thought it should be funding which is so weird because you watch in home you're supposed to lego isabel i go along with it but it's so inorganic it's almost like a light goes off that tells you time to now time to laugh now of color has the same effect is so weird watching lucky lulli which was louis case first show because it was in front of us
he laughed track or a studio audiences to the audience and if so where cause you don't get something out the frigid like oh no hedge of norton and with their awkward well yeah that didn't work out that show but he figured out you figure do it just do it all yourself it's really crazy that someone does that he does the whole thing himself pretty amazing you know a lot of the writing produces it himself that's it used to edit on my laptop madonna how is doing it now back in the day was talking about everything is shown at twelve inch macbook you still always do his own for his website easy always do his own stuff like videos and about he had like podcast long time ago that used to do him saga is like little you to be yet you too videos podcast some kind while he had a video podcast so if you if you on itunes right now look up i louis uk podcast it actually still up there really weird how many times did not minutes
six or seven times but i remember back in the day before heard that gain cook lucy k audio thing i always try to help a man like in the hay which like any help doing videos music i got it and i did and how to edit video and economic growth in space yeah he always edited and who when he was a director to indirectly putty tang back in the dizzy i hear he's he's done a bunch of different things one is a creative dude scows guys we weird now take on things to very uniquely him this is either on the show to the show lui doesn't remind you of any other show it's weird it's like very uniquely him now his idea what's funny watch all the show successful because he doesn't crazy what a shame he asked the wherewithal for a year but she is but that's how it becomes a good i think that's the only way to make anything and not like you you're gonna have a different idea of how to do something than brian is in brised can have a different idea than sam tripoli insist down the road is the new money
what is real hard to get it but a degree on shit and real hard to one of the things that make someone really funding is their own unique like sense of humour and one in adding a bunch of other people's sense of humour sometimes original whatever would be funny about the original things it doesn't come out it's not the same anymore cuz there's so many different like things you've added to it like changing watered down it doesn't feel like joey ideas his words like if i saw sitcom somebody put a sick come around you but yet a bunch other guys writing for you man i'm pretty sure i'd be able to tell appreciated but tat s not the guy's writing for me it's what a network does to that that louis controls the thing a disease because we all know that you do table read on tuesday you rehearse fucking wednesday you rehearse thursday morning and thursday afternoon you do a run through in the fucking network comes in the producers and then that night before you leave they give you note then you do it again the next day in front of those
from people again you know then you shouldn't finally live audience or whatever the fuck you don't frightened i advise a clock show it's really we may sometimes you may have a great line and the audience laughs but i'll come back and say take that liner because it offends somebody i next episode you know and you like the fuck you talking about this a great learning i gathered them with this shit but that's why louis success comes that he whether networks and does not do this update this money but this in mind i am in this for me this is the first time some twenty five year old we comes in with a suit just graduated from syracuse tommy i do my tommy the deal is over his that's what ruins all yeah that's a tough point of the comic in you when you're doing a tv show it beyond the weekends out there again stabbed and even some of these assholes and they don't disney shelf tuesday the fuckin friday you can't say how you gotta say
something else and that even in the show sucks one of the great successes that you have to take it off arose and by was now roseanne by went for it she went for it when they told him they want her not cause beata box she went for it but you know what she did she went back to the communist or as she hide all those guys that she thought to a quirky you should get one line person lot of em they will work to five thousand dollars and guess what sometimes you know those riders they give yet network ten times didn't know how to write a fucking colombia or will it fuck and failure i e diversity houston wherever they went the fucking do you know what we we went on a drop of a dime i like when you get couple comics what a couple people know how to write and put that together battle want for guys they just specifically writers for atomic like myself right i'll work for a comic like the bacon guy
wade was clean a result my dad but four guys like jim jeffrey you're not gonna get network fuck arises to write with his fucking craziness in his mind you guys with similar dam and make some with two guys that no formats and yeah i think i think he's got a right is on stuff ok you come in there not listen they give you a why and how many times have been given you're fuckin line and why you look at it after rehearse it i go want my gut tells me would you say a lie to me i'm rehearsal and i spent a back at you i say may i say is what my gut tells me then they'll come send the bitch with the glasses and say the line is that you're gonna kill the cat all right what's this barren and it works again the line the line is the one i just said the killer cutting get no fucking funny respond but the network always a kill the cattle say right because the writers will tell your riders to tell you i have seen that many may so if the comic says fuck you also do this line view makes that what the two
you got an that because millions of coming from a different school of thought the guy's a writers they know how to structure and although my structure what's gonna work yoga for communities together yes explosion and we'll have helicopters and a chick flies out that caused a million dollars they didn't know that now they gotta rewrite it all over again you get two guys i know what the fuck there right now destruction yet too crazy fuckin comedians to write for you and then you add to the fuckin makes but guess what your road and even then it's hard to do ass a lot of
it's hard to do try to pull off yet another many of you know i'm gonna write do evident what you do is get listen with ten years ago i would watch chris raw always admired that and then i found that the real story when credit rotten chris rock we use specials he would hire neck louie and refugee richer j he had that much faith they all came up together and if you watch two of especially in those days you see all three of them in the special you could see what this and make the apollo joke in there you know i'm not saying i will tell the joke that geraldo game add my flavour to you know you never gonna you know have somebody come up dingle joe duties lie wednesday you'll never that type a guy but somebody might give you a good idea premises party will give us some good program if you watch you know even this that the fat over the heel that's unlike the parlor type
nobody says that gelatine you saw it rang solid development of especially you saw that maybe it's an hour special he put thirty minutes in nick put tan richard jerry put three and lower put twenty he had enough trust him those guys that's the specialist good when you have guys are really know you guys that gotta you know what i have some really that wrote right summoning of you know what i wrote some go to wild for me joey maybe a work for you and you hear it on your like maybe it was i'm not going to use it because wrote it but you understand me sometimes when you have that type of trust and level and you could see you could see it increases specials it's it's a comedy collaboration and it works but somebody in there has to be structured i'm funny not to say should after kick but i'm not structured you don't say on restructuring
this this because the beauty of what you do is not a structured thing you know when you neuron stage is thus wild loose thing that's part of the fun of it that's the vibe that's part of the fun of like how you prefer form so like when you try to turn that into a sick com you can capture and lightning in a bottle lightly or exists for a brief moment of time flash through the sky italy of your but to make uncle buck again with a black eye wearing black who is my gun hu i like ups yahoo i looked all our shared he's doing prior to prior to the prom with opel buck as anybody big uncle but when they write it they rather as a crazy guy the guy has to be naturally crazy the sellers do you know any time though will sell it now saw the guy smokes essay wrangles the gym wool is edgy yet
who is plainly volleyball would a beer in his hand you know something stupid where that's what they're sounded as does the attitude right that's what i thought that's what you want to see is the attitude it's not what the right as you know his words i just don't want to see another uncle bach guided the kids to the track that's been done that's been living alone you know but that's were attacked my blog there we make all that shit but they don't put on why well this what's a real education you understand now we got grew got real sports and hbo who they tackle those subjects india and wants the young kids at the camels and i'll fucking deal last night i was talking about than those of the people in the pond sherpas the telling us people at the top of mount everest holy shit they made like five thousand dollars a year like twenty four of them twenty five a m out of the last couple years scary scary should include a hundred of them and these people in all this shit up to the top of mount everest day
day out in all the they spend long forgotten our sleeping on the side of a glacier scary shit wild shell man they did a really good java capture and why well sport was i mean i'm real sport wrangle lily sombre i've using the new nirvana documentary that was this announce its i it's actually court courtney has lent her personal movies for four ones like her home movies and stuff and has also thirteen minutes song that kurt never released welled up and its heartbreaking of you watch it it's really well done and it's coming out a month or so but its check it out here they mix animation and allied different media with it and it's pretty depressing movie it's hard to believe that our killed himself even everyone i ve been killed them do you killed them she boys triads tell them adam she put the gun does this hope conspiracy theory yeah deeply yes knees
i don't know i used to believe it but the more i watch and learn about kurdish seems like he was a tortured saw seems like he was a mean heroin especially look severe heroin addictions very depressing very depressed you know it's beautiful what guy america gets always whenever they find recordings and safe legal recorded it since last thirteen minutes on listen if it's any good he would have really yeah america loved by shit that somebody found in a bucket safe it's fuckin a maid american laws that are these the re released on release to pay the idea that shit that i was flock and terrible he's tupac if you wanted it release he would a fuckin released and around the reason its unreleased because he listened to and said this fuckin blows i think this movie devil
he's going to make a huge new surge of nirvana fans that it may be having really fallen into the whole yet you know there's allow young kids anyone no one neuron is still me doing nothing what is wrong with you what has had out you you you'd the park as you do too what's happening now you guys now have hd cameras in the ear doing i do you do it how many times a week you doing twice twice energy waste it from the six in the morning shit that used to do now is normal times what i this is a fabulous different tomorrow's two o clock which stephen bow reduced if we did mondays and wednesdays but i have some shit going on today i could only do this with joe so you have to be flexible molding that's always so i can do whatever fucking dad wants him great are usually always do one monday monday you have one did the weak ways they had thirty two
did you see our boy are issue fear this friday he not only had is a special but there is also followed by his new tv show out in at the storytelling shall come on yeah it is great and this was but may not like the couple days after the howard stern mrs like who is as our guy meanwhile he has like two shows on a friday night at midnight on comedy central and his billboards everywhere boys yet one billboard on sunset now but it's beautiful haven't it right in front of us you know how it does a pretence he doesn't know what you're doing pretends he doesn't know like that the kid is successful comic you just ox people you know who i mean someone's talk and shit about areas gonna markham isn't going to bother google search them well do that whatever he says his is in his reach its gospel so are becomes a loser holdings kind of funny i can't believe you talked about twenty five minutes
don't understand that any backtrack so many times that we listen to exist said that he never i'm here we literally said podcast are for losers and he kind of backtrack that whole sang and and just not paying tension to what everyone else is talking about is kind of like no no no no no if you want to be in radio rick we're not trying to be in radio he's is think he's just texting his value the first series radio says he's talking and when you talk show people so talk about him i think he's us is a smart guy he knows what he's doing he's like by by saying things that he saying that are as i do and stand up into a podcast in just a guess by which you won't be by self and no one's listening and i'll get a job and terrestrial radio does jobs only exist anymore
we tried target and not only that that's not what a podcast is what a comic is doing it apart gases is having a good time to sit around talking shit you're not trying to like good like the idea of like having the pressure of being hired someone that's good that's what's good what good is the creative process what comes out podcast when you put it together and the conversations flower neutron figure which storytelling has say and it comes out and people listening the entertainment value that's undeniable that's not what that's what's important if you wanted to talk about how much money is being made and where is the missing the entire point the amazing the entire point if that's what you talk about would stand up if you were saying you know will you stand up here you shut up you're not making any money you don't even know doing you know i've sold out arenas but your stand up is not imagine a comic saying that to another comic restraint god i do it what's woods which good about stand up and what's good about podcast is that people enjoy that's it that's what's good
not everything everything you make whether it's a movie or song do people enjoy if they enjoy it then you're successful then successful the idea that you can't make any money on it is just not true so if he says that i feel is trolling i feel it is trying to get people to talk about em if that's what you're he's dead man you gotta understand how clever that dude was he going to markets and you can don't just compete with a guy in a market ok you going to mark and you own him you're going to market you put up fuckin posters so each stage of fake funeral for market brian you see give my funeral man you you you mock people to the end of you spend hours talking shit about them on the radio it's a gangster shit and that's what he always did its straight gangster it would go and just jacket town stand what you're doing with this guy's not stupid man if he's talking should it wants people to talk shit back he know does a shitload of broadcasts and when you start talking should back then
you know you're comparing your accomplishments with his accomplishments and is in his mind he can't lose but here i think he trolls i'm just too smart it's not just that he doesn't believe that it keeps saying to get a job and terrestrial radio he has even have a job and terrestrial radio you mean he's on serious and you cages in writing the serious obviously but for comic like this not smart move you wanna be nation wide upon cast he's gotta know that guy's use podcast to sell tickets and people at most people i've never heard of you know side of the standard calmly and podcast world like tom secure is not a household names but their mother fucker is selling out places all over the country where a small theatres yeah everywhere he goes he seminar clubs and its directly because was podcast to say that that's not good idea that he should be on a radio in connecticut somewhere is that's not true so he simply out of you believe that i think you should talk and she and i think our issue fear
podcast probably has led him to a lot of it is a success in comedy central is tv show and though that the storytelling show in like there's a path you know from starting that podcast do you know and and keeping up with and of comedy that he can't deny has helped his career ana percent everybody that does a podcast is benefited from their park ass if they do stand up every single person though guy named h diesel he does a pike s out of austin he's the when it first turn me onto this whole howard stern podcasting he made a great point is if you look online if you go to youtube and find some low in recent years our recent shows of howard stern on there and then at recent shows of you it's amazing the difference of the numbers it's like there was one that he brought up that was like hundreds of thousands of somebody just you know you know put up an episode or you put up an episode on youtube hundreds thousands then there was one and the same time period of howard stern two thousand but this
like the main guide puts up howard stern show every day on the euro zone interesting what is his numbers because none of us no serious probably doesn't even know you know why they know they now he's huge don't get twisted howitzer instructor i got a message is not gigantic but what is his numbers will who cares you're doing this you play the same game is he's plan you you can't win he's he's our turn like you i don't like what is his numbers jesus christ public twenty million people living with a fuck knows what it is i don't know how many people have serious satellite radio why do you have people have serious satellite radio there listen in the morning howard stern number one thing to listen to a guarantee you again i know it's why a lot of people i know bought serious in the first place on two percent this is not a small number i mean the reason why is already got so huge lot of your mind i listened on youtube but lots of people definite listening on satellite a hundred percent
like on xm and sirius whatever it is that hundred percent there's a lot of people listening is not a flop by an imagination so it just because as things don't get traction on youtube you know people are that show in your car that's what the stern shows always been listen in your car use none away the work when you communing you listen home and now because serious has two channels if howard one hundred and howard one hundred one you get his show they get replace throughout the day and then on one hundred and one you get all these old shows that he did like you will hear every bon jovi in the fuckin nineties or something if you have an iphone you have every single tv show in its frequency of youtube and you could just algeria morocco on maximum you want to talk about syria satellite radio in your browser that's we're talking about here and i'm just saying how pointless it is kind of for that kind of now that we all have youtube or cell phones and bluetooth because like we can get howard stern show right now that he did today honour phone level can't listen to live like a leg
this morning i was listening to us serious the open jimmy shell and they had some guy on from boardwalk empire and listen to it life mean he's i can live your hearing it live like when that do something about that that's always gonna be appealing people loved i hear a show that's going on live and you love the fact he's getting your car and you press xm and you find out what the fuck is on it or serious you know you press it what's on you don't have to go searching through your podcast you just hit your view rich you got one i want your tune into the channel there's always gonna be a benefit in that but they're probably gonna wind up doing both that's what it's probably gonna bet it's from going to be sort of assyria show but also have to be a party to this that the networks like the idea that you then be able to keep like a locked down on tv car radios with satellite like that's not happening anymore they're starting now everybody knows that he doesn't like that the idea that howard stern does know that is ridiculous he knows about stitches in cars and that is very savvy so he know
that they're gonna have without a doubt the gonna have internet access in ninety percent of cars in just a few years everybody that has a new car like you get a cadillac now davis goin i rented one when i was in utah fuckin incredible first while their amazing so smooth that is on our side gauge anymore and on a gauge cluster it's an elsie de screen with an artificial gave cause huge fuckin map the navigation systems giant super comfortable ride magnetic suspension it's got a built in internet connection it's a fucking driving internet connection so you have like built in internet like you use it as a wifi hub and you can have your laptop you get down i too you get fuckin stream different things on the screens it's crazy that's this is you're gonna have podcast apps were all there thanks and you get to be able to say where's the church what's happening now and you gonna put you gotta bail press but you're stealing will go to church of what's happening now
you know and then like you would you like to play an episode yes episode for with you now fill in the black however fuck it is big john mccarthy bam and then it should starts play welcome to the church what's happening at least side starts talking and then you're driving on the road that's that's in demand and that's inevitable but right now we're not there yet and i think guys like howard stern are very very clear he's smart shit you know the idea that he doesn't know that all this stuff is going on that's preposterous his troll he trawled ari and he got he talked shit about when he talks about our and now it's it's his crazy thing that's what he does this right thing i also think he you're right because he's such a pewter nerd and but i also think that maybe with like all these tv shows and flying from allay to your whatever he does whatever his schedule is maybe he doesn't maybe he's completely indifferent person he goes home takes low nappy poon wakes up and i doubt if you know it all
thank you also in negotiations with serious like there's some sort of contracting so what he's going to hit belittles the competition mocks them and then it becomes gospel not a lot of people what he says is gospel starts talking about pod caspian for losers and people comparative podcasting his show owns point two points go what how many millions of fuckin cars of serious built into them you know my my car's built in when i bought it its end it was on a stern watch its right away i don't even have to order an especial package i get oh how it used to have to pay for like howard one or one hundred one hundred like especial package to get open anthony whose especial package minimal know it's all the same i just want to get your car soon as you get it it's on there i think everyone has i think everyone has it in their cars but like like my having to cars and they both expired and i think a lot you like myself cod and go like
how much is in there like oh two hundred fifty four year in no white one hundred fifty dollars to think about how much booze you buy in a week i mean that's like argentina why can we not without some serious would you oh yeah frank florentine goes out of line off do your fifty four classic vinyl lithium that get whereby sound garden heads dog i get all that that's that's star whatever this like a tent fuckin thing is on em one one hundred i'll live serious radio mecca i like i like it i like the yes i might if i hold up now i had a phone brian you gotta use your phone to get that i have how many of you lost
if in their car but very tiny number of any right anything i think everybody either has bluetooth or the plug into their phone where they were they they do everything up resign or does the abbot think about your crowd you're you're hanging out bunch young comics you know a lot of people don't use blue tooth yet with their stereo they just don't don't use your phone too and if you do use it you gonna fuck with your father why you drive in and go look through things and try to search for something with ex amateurs press the button it's right there you driving serious risks right german pronouns i'm saying like that the things you are saying that the seventies radio station eighties racism they have you some pandora they had this spotify it's free several steps i'm not listening this is what we saw several slackened cause you just leave it there you pay the vague and you move on what your life and he sprang up bucket but programming it you pull got ten stationed in there all a throne fuck and eat at every move day
appreciate i don't mean to spot of family law this shit i got it all in that it comes at a flat got into demand say it is undeniable that it's a good value if you're someone who sits in traffic in its entertainment need entertainment is undeniable does hundreds of radio stations there's a bunch of different toxic is bbc station to tune into at any time to talk about diamond mining in africa you flip to the next wonder interview in someone bangladesh is dealing with some isis attack it's fuckin again there was a good just because there's spotify and just because there's the just one extra steps involved in all those things if you're gonna want like said you going to do pandora you're not going to listen to the bbc you're not going to listen to howard stern and i got to listen to opie and jimmy wanna hear those things in those things are good do sure is the idea that a hundred fifty bucks a years a lot of money come on man bucks a month dunbar's mother shit ten bucks month for every single day you get somethin it seems to me like it's a value it just
it's not a bad thing it's the everything everybody the idea that those that has to be one or the other things that they cannot coexist something wrong with have in satellite radio in your car i get my wife's core issue this is all that shit the gentiles listen to the gets get russia limbo all with all that fox you know my wife is as white as they fucking come i get in the car i got to give her look what is this she got three stations program to white people maria whirls guy savage obama's in japan mrs of bygone the causes more where he alive and japan mrs obama i also listened old couple of those guys on serious too there's a few of those guys you can get those guys awesome they get areas you dry i can the only guy got it comes on one's touch steve are we dog for yellow the bus steve are we in the mountains colorado lifetime everything ends in colorado stephen the alps are empty so late
somebody you listen to steve harvey radio show that what it is what i want every time i listed nonviolent like two years now i'm stuck out let the classic fucking via on the way up here they had out john from feed or from a friend that our meeting with international is established this will he was bernie top we don't like john don't you know elton john is he's got this dolce ngo banipal mangold dossiers on the matter is because this something about a gay people adopting kids or haven't kids i forget what the fuck brought has got glistened limitation dodging banner done well and ellen john speaks people listen faulty evident that's the gay community deep deep pockets gay merely not these little guys jumping up and down at that place in santa monica this is the deep peep money gazed at him for a while
anybody do that don't shit out and what is tat you know about eight people how does this little fuck without jargon of bibles trays and is a couple people you just leave the fuck alone let's find out what it is dodging urbana band was sobbing has it places means firms bottle fire ringwood would have low but no my point is i gotta go on never fallen and crash that more options for me to take this fuckin car off a cliff tat you give him no emphasising that the future i think of that is suspect because i think phones or cars are now having spotify automatically in there and pandemic just like satellite radio and i just think the future of that is is you know i don't know i just doesn't seem very good the future what's a scenario satellite or its programme the idea that its everything is programme for you the difference between that and some like spotify or pandora is you're gonna go searching for stuff went on they are getting it is what you mean
in spite of my has radio stations and so does pandora has radio stations if you want to seventies radio station they have that in it just random seventies you know it's been programme so it'll be star base then than the people it'll be subscribing thou the people that specifically want to see listened to its turn illicit opium jimmy so kayser makes him even more important because this is a fuckin giant malta billion dollar company does not small endeavour if howard stern laughed one talk about like the power of podcast here's the power podcast if howard stern said fuck you too siri satellite radio the end and started his own podcast give any fuckin people would jumped ship and leave it would be enormous it would crashed accompany pry wouldn't do it because the on stock think it does at least that's what i've read was not part of the thing that he own stock in the company
if he wanted to give if he bailed and started his own like podcast show instead boy they i guarantee their fuckin numbers would drop off so strangely because as time goes on wanting you do have a point i told you about that escalate that rented it has internet built into it so in order for two away from something awesome being developed for cadillacs and the idea also if you have full time all the time internet connection like that in a car or you lose set up apps like an apple system or you have just like you have on your phone and that could easily be the future of a car to be just like a phone man it's going to be nuts there cuz you'll be able to download apps in your fucking car but then people going to hack your car that's going to issue to people then you can have a twenty four hour internet connection in new cars people start hack and people's cars together disabled people's breaks some guys gonna fuckin kills wife by disabled or breaks with that's like that confuse things
one day you fucking driving your windows open up a storm alone you can't closer because the stats wound like it's like when you were a kid you bought you first area and you want to do are you gonna two hours what stereo when i buy you wanted the fisher because had the eight track to set the record plain the four speakers and professional would say don't do that by component because of track works and the whole thing is damaged do member one that that controversial hell you like a big deal with photos fuckin novice used to buy component why didn't like the radio when i was growing up i never bought a fucking radio i bought an amplifier i collect i connect to the cassette through it and i had a record player with two of those fucking killer speakers that i always seem to get off trunk whatever the fuck my bose this is
before bows this is fucking lamps yes sire pines and there was a guy who die reporter what the fuck is his name he died on sunset he crashed his car and that's one of the things that they were saying they are saying that they think the disguised card been hacked the deadlock is his name mine has that shit that freaks me out like it's connected to the internet like wasting yes michael hastings thank you this guy was like super critical of some of the military super critical of some do some generals in particular and the guide died is car like a fuckin kid the gas and never let up and drove right into a tree is car exploded should electrocuted right from norway who doesn't they send the fucking signal rifle nor read they fuck you shit right up yeah allegations have found
please we're getting to government in the loop everything was were against would just give him so you want the gub now we know of the fuckin cars with where we're at night eyes every lower phones did they say to any died found methana system i'm pretty sure that's what have i always find methods system has welcomed this gallon it says that he was very agitated state in quotes the sounds like a hippies saying he was in credit tents and worried that his materials being surveys by the government friends believe that michael's line of work led to a paranoid state usa today reported that in the days before his death hastings believed his car was being tampered with that he was scared why leave town you know is one thing kill herself but the one thing to hit the gas full clip and drive straight
into a tree how many guys have done that i think of your own math that would probably like i'm doing i'm gonna die when it maybe maybe maybe that's exactly right think about it you on matthew do make some shitty choices here specifically about to kill yourself on math i feel like most people would want to be like a hundred percent like hitting a tree with carmack just fuck you up i don't know how hard you gotta be going to hit a true and live so the same it's fuckin foul play correct now they're saying they sell tickets found black people think use bananas and drove over contrary i think
even his own family said that but they might just be protect themselves they might just be saying that publicly because they don't they're scared mean this guy was fuckin with generals generals or professional killers me that's what they are that's what they do they kill people overseas they kill people have problems and in a guy who's trying to take down general two generals done really good work for the united states as far as like military work and you know been a part of some important mission he's got more clout and they think this gastro taken down what that guy might well be the enemy you trying to remove one of the most important components of the military you try to remove a general a general that's not been very successful at war you can easily see why some people would step in and say you know what we gotta take his final report are out for the country and then that's how they would believe that they were doing the right thing that could happen man i don't know i just don't think that it's a matter of fact i don't think it's a matter of impossibility it's not impossible
to control a car in fact has been some cia guys say you can do it it can be done but google that jamie pull up can you like michael hastings death can you remote control a car michael hastings debts if there's like there's a consensus on that because i think you could do it it's a computer it's a fucking kill you i don't think there's anything that shows that you could steer the car unless it's one of those cars as automatic steering like michael hastings per se things he had a mercedes the loom mercedes you could drive those motherfuckers around town like thirty miles an hour they will dry themselves ok you set it there i got a laser the detects cars in front you they slow down there's cameras the detect were the lanes are they turn for you my my bug my book wagon i can unlock my car's through an app my car doors through an app loses
what has been revealed as a result of some research at universities that its relatively easy to hack your way into the control system of a car and do such things as oz acceleration of the driver doesn't want acceleration or to throw on them from the driver doesn't want the brakes on to launch an airbag while can do some really highly destructive things now through hacking a car and it's not that hard well while so if there was a cyber attack on a car and i'm not saying there was clark added i think whoever did it would probably get away with it all good lord my sink my ford sink sense reports to some office once a month and it tells you my break breaks like how good my break paths are like everything about my cars that it knows the thing about my car and has connections to every part of my car lose a machine since fuckin signals to the hold front we sixty days they sent me reports to without make sense though you sleep
she's not drive around town into a for controlling is breathing refer yeah you could go on report at the end of the month but the car thing what they're gonna have computers deck and control like taken virtually control one of our sponsors as smart apps or smart things and smart things is in the you can control your alarm system electricity shot you per year lights off and on these these these things there like a little like a mother your love what have you to do them is somebody else came to the house can so we don't open the fuck em out mine you fuckin big business because meet somebody else good too for one night you at home get you dig up some thirteen year old doesn't want us why you he wants the fuckin lights on like working paper guys have you know you need does she know flatly don't open a door if you
let me know if you answer the email back that says you have relatively left your five million guess what he had done you could put just delete that motherfucker even open it wants to go back to a flat phone for were busy void all this the unitary idle areas already gone to four legged confession clay allowed people to know what the fuck happened my fucking for noticing lab on your phone number i checked wavin hotmail that's all i want that shows perhaps that's it everything else gamma i got allowed precious thing are you out of my distress when i was out of war the put my finger prints on there stress three ass ever but my buddy john cutler per san francisco semi it than you connect the iphone checking by pressure i take them on the road has generally do sit up for my had blown out of that as an app
but i don't know nothin about i told you i give it to my wife and what he put the sun had known that people forget i got it so easy man i got my fingers power that common erika moves protein ownership but i'll do some incredible shit with these things from my phone i do from the house there's no misunderstandings none of the tunnel my glasses among the fuckin phone if you email me for certain now get back the attack the fact that i have my glasses forget it thy sight is complete got almost got me i'm almost fuckin gun back to that's like two weeks how matters your eyesight the fucking left listen you see me in my car just go on the left check on the right cuz i might jack your fucking with that thing i mean
close an far is that everything or his word two questions i will soon look that's what the fuckin closer i lunacy tweets yeah i can see tweets on my phone less as a lotta white yellow now those days a dungeon relayed sylvia side is really the right i could see a coke rock under a fuckin carpet look i mean look at me fuckin nothing nothing guys it's a real fucking shit what disappoints me just as you do for you i steve maxwell was tell me about it excludes a book i'll throw away your glasses and see and this woman on em katy bowman and swans is she was saying is that when you your eyes like when you looking at things
everything in the same distance like you casa laguna screen it's like having a cast on like it it make sure your eyes atrophy it's not good for it like you suppose we look at things all different distances looking at things for far away the good things from close up and a new look at things all different distances your eyes stay pretty good but when you just constantly sternness green a reg
basis your i start to get our divisions definitely that believe me i could tell when i started really sit in front of a computer my eyesight it just demolished out of forty four system eighty eight eighty lay out a fuck some people just cost little about their found that does it too but if you can just incorporate a lot of distance looking in your life i go outside look at things far away like your eyes will have like a better medium like lead them focus on shit that's really far away and focus on some things that are close when you do to be yet about out dislike anything else i guess i'm sure i don't use my phone to the abilities i understand where i went back to them put far too much of your time consuming yeah that's what he felt but i feel now that you know fight you get an email how i could get my email you know that's very important to me my main email i together you gotta have discipline
text don't look at your fucking phone all the time i'm not going to go on there and read what's capital on yahoo that's never the fuck around the they do at me i should gonna do what's important you send me an email or call me that's all i fuck it when i'm allows your dead i'll take pricked nothin not thing i'm done about their living on peer pressure the tension though not in ceramic no life is to the events where i have no idea no fucking idea does it there's a certain aspects that i think is pretty cool pretty cool the idea the indian alert and you're following go check about some breaking news it's happening right now and find out about certain you would never found out about i got friends illegal this is a further tv wait for some get it and hugging the fire hose again i gotta go see that i could see that unharmed back into the message
ps as when you're somewhere you dont not and you're like where's the closest starbucks are where something like our he says it's is now on the phone as much now that he has his phone bullshit cause he's spinning times longer trying to type a sentence to me like the other day we're going back and for them to say what is the eyes on a flip found in a cycle yeah takes longer make it's my law would have you believe this house tat i just call you look at its core forget this and if we re not guess what i'm saying you don't make tax anyone wanting to analyse and nobly pictures no some nothin i must simply does an infinite infamous video that brine made a long time ago the central idea texts that like all used unless there was for yeah what year is that from jail
he is ready to die for quality five and it was yeah around that as ten years ago now crazing two thousand five pete still had that club you believe why that's crazy it's sad that club as it exists today more there was one of the all time great clubs its clad the clubs don't fuckin we're not glad that said clubs colleagues is there a lot of new ones of open i've gone to a lot of good clubs the last three years i didn't even know existed cleveland too good club indianapolis rocky little city i had never been problem is always rocks allies helium portland been around seven is me seven years really no way now it's three or four maybe i know about portland is portland his houston texas in ninety ninety comedy has become the thing to do and it feels good when you there is a come oh yeah and used in all the bartenders didn't know your name just some hip guy was there
let's go down and have a beer that's it that's what it's become important for i feel that i like when i go up to the afterwards the food in those trucks that the weather for three days that's probably one of the best in coming right now portland but all the helium smike motherfuckers all those helium say fuck and our requirement of first money goes you write about women the cuban sandwiches welcome primo fucking around the hoary livid portland as the other placed where have the ring dressing the other place we do however have spicy red dressing over potato tots may i ask what is the novel who actually like some ranch dressing doesn't rapidly if not the lady told me after i ate it it's like me like an ordered it it came its paint its red psych fuego what's probably
like rome made right it's not really like the ranch you motherfuckers either idea ranch mixed with red hot malaria now there's a lot of like crafts restaurants up there that are making their own here the shoemaker old songs there's a fuckin place i install rammed it there was a truck that we want to tie cheeseburger holy shit it was good what was on oh my god that not saute sauce hot peppers like grew old hollow pianos autonomy cheese it was as much other should honour i had two of em i gotta go back cunning fitted in my stomach by such a crime that fucker down my throat does though it was so delicious i mean is about the most delicious cheeseburger river out of my life that's right there it's called the brunch box you know even tell by that picture that picture it's got bacon on it it a cheeseburger see those fuckin grilled how opinions and good guy was good fuckin amen i was like i can't believe how delicious says i was
oh unique it was such a bunch of different flavors in your mouth but eric into shit like that down illegal small businesses do a great job and make really good food it's like it's an art form to allow these people and that's why they i think that's why stand up sorted thrives in that city to its very creative city stanhope is amazing there that fuckin helium whisper would you like you spoke passes all follow the fucking staff to the people we refer to the food to the weather is in our view here for a month and spoken sonny you go up dennis got like that batman my got them sit lou lucky you appreciate eleven come home why yes you do you know when i went to cleave of its life cycle batman limbs eyes the town the relentless ear i regret this place will from the plane you leave no fuck around looking you will you got politically then that lies at when that's clun indians oh shit looking almost automatically that's hilarious the the other two
portland it's its everything's ring me so it's all like the green is like a different green grass unilaterally dry grass of their that grasses wing glow you believed that raw for some pieces of grass you test the fuckin xyz you take your vitamin d you not getting a lot of sunshine the winner but if you take your vitamin d and deal with that this it's a relax place too is another many people up there they pour lonely ass half a million a jump right how many people google that shit i bet on many guess humming yet pbs i guess in somewhere between five and six are not dealt with in portland yeah i'd say one point two million now two point one million the wikipedia official pot listen six and nine thousand done thank you while driving all small i belong appurtenances ninety eight at a friend floyd the kidney east
dialysis like a kid who think icicles floyd the kid flunkey philips he's my brother differ my listen rare rapids michigan and fly jake foolish my friend importance for madame de seattle common competition he said listen if you want to come to parliament gets into harvey's that was debate club for years that club five days day you want to shoot you so sadly might be grand finale the club owner rights his mother i wish she sits and refer the issue the thumbs up like fucking gladiator others thumbs down now why yes she d his mother how my god they attract a different type they attract like committee is magicians and abilities someone helium went to portland just knocked the mother fucking raises two different world helium bring his killers they stood a guy's play the trump onstage jump up and down they establish them once they rarely club that one see if they work the dirty weak and it was either
dare hope and ingram or stand open me that's why i'm here a place in seattle that was like super squeaky clean want what was a giggles eagles is that still known on a terry went back to utilise a moment he had a club and fuckin whatever that was populist he bore giggles from this dude that was a fuckin pilot in vietnam and he was laughing bought and used to drive a jaguar aided dirty calmly but he hired me ice to put together i am but the beauty is i got him what the wages they did drugs
i made the one wages his party and with luck in the sing of a mouse and change the tomlins daily accommodation our with us all my guy you sitting on oh my god i'm the last and jane one like a light on it at the time i had no idea and i used to tell the wages to go in the room and she will feature act was for the following week this is our fucked up this guy was so they say this feature wrestler month so after i'd work on sadly first thing monday morning minor one common whatever his name was age ideas he can i features we went to see if it open
yes it's open my marriage when was the last time the club eight years ago he was so but he was gone like his mind this guy he's the betterment thursday night was olympia c drive to olympia your one night and on friday and saturday night he had four shows at the club giggles olympia was one fifty four the feature and a hundred a show for five fifty i gotta do olympia and then go there friday night and take a draft to fifty and sad and i still the five fifty thousand i got that guy refined week when i was there so i was too old is to know it wasn't that all he was just to buy was gone anyway ask me on monday when was the last time you their six years ago thursday night it was fucking crazy idea crazy he was so you are stays and there was a window next to the state
so that's how you knew what he pulled up travelled were dirty glop their debts fuck you and this was i see is light i count the five at the door and he walked we walk into the back i do not my jobs a girl on fire we walk through the jungle and then and he'd lee watch you for a minute emit oughta be clean for one minute disappear then you are right back retain that way is we're gets better i worked with this guy of day i came his name is fucking great guy at seattle he's a telescope at the university of washington disguised bad ass on the road for years draw the tv shows he's a gentleman and the cleanest comic work and we ve was on stage one night i was feature for him and that on a walked in and confused me for him when he got off stages like what the hell's the matter with you workin dynamic as i i don't even say occurs bob bob that was it
bob i guess you're i just want you been dirty it was me he sat down in vietnam minded god they gave me check them in them up in seattle and he bought it make love you wouldn't even iraqi just locked himself in this work in office he sold it to tarry and terry want clean and then i went on and that was the eu district that club if you'd just once the u district the club and sits on across the street from our combined with your own customs are you district what are universally washington is ah i was of couple fritz away from the main strip where everything crack a lax at a great interesting strip that's a briefly opened his first fuckin school really rather day yet rosy out of bristly walked around seattle dog that's why he opened his first school up there in that way yeah man with those black guys at last i was as a large chinese immigrants yeah right then they came to open you know that
up there was war the rumours came the mafia when i told them that the teach white people thought to suck is dead than his than they are the dragon over there said the dragon kicking the spine he went to the hospital and that's when he wrote the tower gq window that's a story a day in the movie that's not what they did some people over there you're a fucking killin those try it will you think they did act ultimately ten years later you know this man you gotta put money in their pocket when she put money in their body they keep you alive once he wanted to deal with and for the dragon that's all american deal that's what happened he caught amount of where we find out the truth about now these adobe unbelievably fascinated s ever uncovered document really kill arguments but then thirty years later they kill us and nobly went to jail a stunt man put a bullet in the fucking done what were you without losing a piece of bullet or something i don't feel so we shall we went to jail for that there was no trial not linda linda lee went up there i mean
my son they must be given how fuckin check to she'd worth gazillion slenderly yeah think about who gets the estate is two kids like that the daughter and linda lee that soon left you may then in a sample of welcome pacing yeah the there's a lot of ferries rather skies death it's really interesting i was listen guys i'm fifty two years old not only was isaiah i mean i wasn't in china when he died but i was there guys i was in the middle of this this guy was my everything joe rogan i had been hit in the head with a lunchbox i was a quite getting it was like that girl that fell off the bike she had no titties she wouldn't give me pussy but after she got hit in the head
everybody's dick my dream i beg you to tell me how they had asylum lump headway they continue through which you got very what's the worst actual sexual you know i got crazy so what field my craziness was batman but one bad men fought to reinforce that took me to different levels of craziness my father had just died i was beaten everything up i used to have a french pool raised a kick my mother told me in a yellow and fuelled killed once loosely came along he introduce martial arts country a different way that was it those priorities who filled up my first experience of karate was more shots father jenny brambles brown bout together plays the brazilians yes i thought it was my first karate teacher the history of amsterdam up on the west side up there and that was all a blacks
hu jia railway you had to carry a heavy it was a black ye with a white bow and you had a welcoming mcbride none the clyde was a gold you fist i'll never forget them had monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday and they would work when they come in they give me to call you couldn't talk you couldn't fuckin talk you had a good back there were signs father which agree on inadequate affront stand like this they like clap he added a cat stance from here from my age a rug got to do the whole cats dancing don't remember all that shit i still remember first form they were shots father was white yellow green belt purple bout i stayed were machines father russia recite
we're just those famous from the time i was maybe six and a half that may be nine i went to that karate school religiously when they sent me the catholic school during the week i would go and sadly noise he would be pistol by one vote you been always guy rosado father he foresaw restaurants father used to make you run with your visa in the street would nor shoes weather no we're not this was the real this is the butte that was a different karate in those days that didn't just give you about but you had to get beat up and then beat motherfukers up but here's the beauty of it you had to run in front of the kids that you went to school with debbie at the playground hear you over the wife fucking g sudan abalone shit so the next day you go to school like a fucking janni kung fu it's a fire fighting because dates
this is a different type firefox you don't know what we're talking about we're song is not or larger that's his character to preserve all fuckin peacefully i would have you know brazilian not our guy my friend he's not they brazilian there said it is like they try to keep this goddamn secret so ridiculous not a brazilian he's an american actor slashed comedian very funny man is on offer in so doing less nicky swanton shall but he is would kill that exports in that articles like you he asked but here's what we've been silhouette so i'm involved in all this joe rogan at the time i moved to jersey and on saturdays i have to go to the bar in jersey or have to go to the bronx and do the numbers when i went to catholic school on sun saturday whenever i my fault my stepfather pick me up they might friday was movie right are you gonna route three fuckin driving that's why so
go to drag it no i saw chinese connection and five thing is death i'm a drop in on you motherfuckers that's a guy's hand would turn purple because he do i am palm technique i was just on array fucking you gotta give a shot at the robber reduces he put it on me in all diane full i heads of fuckin blew up that's all that was the first marshall let's move it was released in the united states when his hand turned red and at the end he puts it through the guy but i saw those too here's another fact membership is the fact that really kills american this is what really elite closer twisted it what's a young man came jamie put on the data bruces death and put data of the release of into the dragon wise and say let me go look just telling us one of the other who happen one week a pipe that's too kinky thing this is the biggest movie and cut down the fuckin stand me didn't movie came
fuck em friday by saturday you were the the phone everybody uncle uncle you gotta see bruce lee he fucked everything up when the bruce we die august nineteen nineteen seventy three two one july twentieth nineteen seventy three whether the movie get released that was the we applaud and this guy was a fucking genre and all of us but look at his face look on his face got back those fuckin face chinese are the best blood embalming socket face in the light of this fuckin phrase i've got to get beaten dog don't even look like it that's what they were selling chinatown a week later those pictures are brutally guide click that click that fuckin video field italian the fuckin true story
we would eat are you crazy versus video the true story ritual what kind of movies online as lots you'll come food the ape man they parent deadly weapons ever develop bear as is fuckin around man is always is this woman is linda these billions lilies i'll just a t shirt weeping it doesn't yeah i got
you have on the roots of funds the others is a bolshevik of the likely box always a challenge champion leading to share it with nature the groundwork now hold on one sec went to affect comes up and dragon how many this guy was a bad shape oh yeah some him a fuckin problem we give this little data we need to look up the deaf instead of having to watch this horrible movie viable because this horrible what use for of original wife beat aware who wore a wife here before brutally nobody did who the fuck more those there was in common use of now the six pack
calcium vienna six back who in a movie which others expert what guarana move even chuck norris when you some use can a smooth like no one ever looked like this before work i took it officer flexing mrs six back sinew and muscles tarzan now tarzan was smooth tarzan was like a fit do but he was smooth and was evident tarzan right that's a movie that no one ever really nailed nobody ever really you really believe some deeds are they live what monkeys completely and that death wasn't even in it yeah that's really confused huh
they don't know how much of an impact personally have no idea when i was a great job kills you icy document there is and i talk of like john john i love john john be twenty doll you see the impact of the black is chinatown on salaries will be pack like its eat everything isolate chinatown eat the stick was a cat elizabeth didn't have a one would be like grossly row matter i had to choose the thing had incense about me my mom's santa maria checks commonly what the fuck is this since it get this are you fucking crazy i be for a long time rice diet darwin flogging nuts eaten china each eye niece who to billy briskly everything i did everything i had the palm that you rubbing his hands i am palm i fucked was trying to get a plane ticket down com i was crazy i was nuts what's his tufty rubbing their hands well mamma china have than they had this or that you put
like a liquid if i change entire bomb its aloof it's a little figuring use for the iron palm take me for europe but on your hands and you get back up before you strike something my worry is that important elbows joints member these tether stores you should by biden injure stars this time in chinatown you can go and would have to shy throwing start yet but there whenever sharp you i'm really gonna walk force does my bag how many a threat a mother fucker rather than only was taken out of the wood than ever told you gotta take them all machine was always the fuckin by the way the ones then we're gonna boston they said they saw ones and sharp edges tomb isolate black belt man in greece and italy my magazine we oughta ones and there were sharp carrying out a few those we like throwing its walls every century martial arts catalogue you get that cataloguing order all kinds of shit cocoa bolo noon chucks say incumbents will buy i used to get my shift from hand
it was the kind of martial arts and they had a storm broadway fifth avenue when you go in there martial arts kid you you'd come your head would blow up when i was tired i would save all my money we have a golden sallies of six i've a gorilla is this way before wheat this is what you lotta people on this now i stated martial arts and the reason why quit was because those kissing get out i couldn't i'd have no no my life guys you nice to go to class in those days i went to my mother's bar i didn't i went to karate these days you were a kid but you went to the kids classing you stay for the immense class and the men fucked you up and that's the guys and held the boy speeded up about fucking i will leave their at nine nine thirty and walk home after two i was that shit and sometimes we go i gotta not bergen but my ass i'm gonna marry ideas ass he was a chinese cuban get yet a basement and that's where everybody met like in those days
he's not brazilian jujitsu musketeer adornments your fight between air but i fought semi contact my legs would always slip and i'd hit in the head and i get this qualified but i always will in first place before so my goal was february of nineteen seventy nine i had a goal on my birthday to ninety i some go this taught him it was a regional new jersey time my goal was to take first place in the form first place and fighting and i was gonna quit jerome that's it i was gonna let tournament that sunday quit and never go back the corrado focus on basketball i went to the tournament disqualified kicking but i took first before the way i get forms yeah now weaving and this is
i was issued rue karate this was on twenty second the guy's name was nelson nor land away nor land it was another vietnam that boat he why do like chuck norris and he looked at your report card he was he was a little bit more serious really was a nice guy but he had good for he had good karate thought and that was the last tat was the way so what about you when i left at and i was a green bottles so that's when you were doing these forms year deepen you remember those like when you did that karate thing we run around thrown kicks in my language part of it those little move i still remember one form that you will you put the elbow you let him go and then pies it was like i really need be no because i used to hang out with food job pie come for guys i used to hang out with have kido mother fucker his eyes to hang out with a couple cubans that worry to judo one time a union sit at a huge shhh and school there was also william ball
dear i see though do oh shit totally my home in this video have big baking what do you think's thousand they keep redo innovation elles is this you ever you two page as somebody else's had it all my god you should have a youtube page with this shit is all up and they will have a thing david has the originals an issue that this approach dames will you is that his u to channel always joy
raymond raymond's we're here for that you have submitted a lot of people seem in the medical time a lot of people seem in this project was but nobody really knows i'm a train fuckin assassin i lost my fucking ride over knocked me down a rainbow finally get it back stabbing packets my ship fucking jungle china hong kong bolivia that's why train with fucking savages guys flying through the air but you're lucky you caught me to this joint rather than to give you a lot for you have seen and it's all about fucking brazil this weekend you understand me
man anderson silver isn't a fuck people up this week in the same he went through kissed leavin the forest where farmers griffin who could show you what this motherfucker first obviously get it maclean that's a boy tat i really dont tell whether tie rested bucking validate clenched companies that these communist psychic regional judgment to some fuckin samurai was upon barbarism that is a job that simple once you do these again why don't you do you joey karate predictions gonna move on to get a move on should these are amazing now i can't do this into old people will say who's this fuckin federal baby don't listen to them yet i hang up just do me while i was
one of the gate though they can't be national torone ups for i think you should do i love it i love all that that's my love for it i had it so i know how much it affected me half of that my light went down over the next six months and my life where disaster after martial arts i hit the number i quit that was it that was to be a six monthly than my mom died there was all but when i got my life back together till it was i got back into its great the people you need do predictions for fights two out of it but you gotta know even if you're wrong it's hilarious this night i felt in my heart those values but i couldn't say don't you see the fight for a credible pet his verses los angeles pettus i thought pettus at an edge and stand up for them was a great car the girl joanna she had tied over her be jumping up and down the road not get you fucking side it was pre prepared for this present like to come back
what it does back as they are it before you guys don't jump up and down beat up right now some poor renouncing alive said that after the fight about the sign as they please don't ask please resolve ripped unbelievable performance like this is guy he's gotta be like somehow knows gas carried through this tat was incredible that i thought died really did think that pedestal and have an edge to stand up and doesn't just was just just attacking from the very big the fight in a stand up a little more man straight left hands play i am super fast like faster than i ve ever seen him fight before prisoners to fight these look sensational he looked a level above his game so i just didn't knows that i really want to be more were but he took away took him down now abreast of that
find things sometimes just then take down she has paid at are in jail son that take down slow you down and those rate fight you know what else was there too it wasn't just take down it was the fucking kicked the body that left power takes the body he was smash animal thing every time you get away with it like that that should takes hold while your movement away takes a lot of your breath away takes a lot of your energy away dose judge smashed and what that kick over and over again smash demonstrate left i think parliament has taken aback has dealt the expected it i think he felt like that goes on would be probably slower than i am and grew more hesitant on their feet but doesn't just just just attacked i am a big fan of fights this particular fights at my dick gets i was a big one for me i was a baby me but what's coming because well whatever happened with serenity and look vacchi the russians
have you never go met all that bad mother fucker was aware mother for whatever happens then i came and pick a winner lake which too much from my fuckin scalped even think about so whatever but is that fight the whither gets this fuckin savage so that's who fights i get to see that mean that gets highlights bills all over its i love this type of shit my original fight with job array yellow romero that went down a fuckin let's see you get that name right every time which was come those cuban names florida i well remember rosy zanger day is you nobody flux object raise name you beat an emigrant off that's too much from this crazy because you know what gets it ten years ago you guys were told me about jobs the eyes macedonia's when you harry and tat will get no one knows cause i would do it our by jack rayless i nobody talks about many yossi and he's more dangerous than ever they just don't fight that motherfucker
what has been injured he's gotta get some great i'd never against shoulder injury i believe he s elbow injury pierre did something but know that that guy's fireworks at that wait level suiting really useful commie is probably imagine you should know commie usin was yeah but still stood his his attack this is a monster is put together you know it's very nice to see guys like nobody nobody nobody first or nobody would call ten years ago that the usa would be as big as it is today but nobody really thought robbie law would put the pieces together it happens to comics you see him ten years ago they gotta much you're gonna get low success the dealers are forced through instead of putting a tail between member states complex they keep worker and you see him ten years later another fuckin powerhouses powerhouses will the same thing happens and fight i believe you know this guy
this he takes couple losses he gets better and better and better and next thing in all his ground game now is par with a striking is striking is par with his wrestling and i just all fit and once it all fit you lack of a stop somebody you not stop me for a while to the oversight themselves sale within themselves that's a comedy of over things of you up the get the reaction you're heap of fuckin simple bitch fuck you you over thing things once we start think of his only kill ourselves but i see i see a robbie law the guys like robbie lala have to really make you believe in any other fields may do with you tonight is the singer that you know what you took your love for a few years you really dead man but something you did whatever you're doin now stick to what you said it was because he was an aspiring anymore he just when we got some time after that yeah you know that its people put the pieces together that's not what he did though he got better ones it starts barney and really but not only put the pieces together after tat
is was a good friday was a slug what is his american tat team that's a big one huge he went to big germany get really dedicated and you know he became more mature man be knows in its thirty's now he's a real mature professional athletes now insist it was a wild mother fucker when he was young but now is a real champion of me robbie trains like a fuckin champion in the always had the ability it was at the mindset for sure and now you see in the fruits of his labor it just is grown up his wife and kid now it's a different animal is a totally different animal and he's is always come out for blood man he's come enough blood johnny and just look good look real good dynamited mighta fight but that's looked we're gonna do that matt brown holding down like that beat him up like that like i was impressed i was impressed that's that's supposed to fight when you can wrestle that way why would you still mean everybody wants what it had to fight and await its not smart i forgot johnny hendricks it's a smart way to fight you throw some
she's on your feet take that motherfucker down anytime you want beat him up when he can and when you got a guy like that brown you better do that she has presented a very heated yeah but use people free you gotta do that with a guy got round you would stand up with them that's that's crazy like you have a huge advantage take him to the ground on your feet you pretty much debt even if you just decided slug it out with em magi my have more one punch knock out power because johnny is a pretty crazy one punch knock out with people go fly and like magic in his hand with that hand from kung fu lucky he sends guys flying like doesn't do as much anymore but are you we go back to some was highlight real knock out like the john fitch one or the martin cap and one they go flying blandly just crack somewhat that left hand so you add that and then the boy tie of map brown map miles d you know johnny might be able to hit harder with one shot but my browser knox motherfuckers dead too
after you man enough you just can't stand with him and just trade with them bobby lower did it but rather lowers the fuckin chap i went five rounds of my brown and he's gonna do robbie lawyers gonna fight roaring mcdowell again that's before concluding was that i think that he proved where one is that i'm not sure i want to say who i don't know what shall i ok jesus crisis today one in vegas what shall i love ass a big vegas which was that was done whose eye prominent rana was icon jemmy internet
some vague one do so dog way out some big ones i love it that is a giant card that's the july car com a great rivers josie aldo who jesus fucking christ that's right oh good lord that's a pocketful of announcing that's all you have before you leave so you need is for that will put desire he sold out as soon as it gets unsealed sold out its they're gonna the amount of people that are to come over ireland there's gonna be people watch that should unclose circuit gonna be altered the vaguest living ireland it's gonna be madness madness nobody brings motherfuckers like that guy
that guy brings a lot of work in people to the fight for the same values there while robbie lawlor and roy mcdonald and josie all don't conor macgregor on one car good lord god keep together please please please you know renounced march april may june three months for some bad shit to happen a summons knee three months or someone we get when we adopted a national assembly but the kiss of death is put myself you said in your speech itself its interest
when this is happening to like what time in their career you know macgregor on the rise and all those been a chance for a long time at a good time if bulgaria was gonna fight him now is a good time to fight him he's had somebody really tough fight really wars spoken interesting fine really interesting fight and then robin and roar he's gonna be interesting to me five rounds you know who knows what the fuck happened that fire who knows what like strategy roars can employ roy apparently had some wrong when his ankle loose talk about when i came in here for that fight could move around as much as you'd like to stood right front robbie when one always gonna how is gonna fight him when they fight in july because you know he got a lot better since then rory got a lot better robbie got better since then they both got better robbie being the champ now he's gonna
really have like he's gonna have a pretty significant advantage as far as like confidence in mindset like haven't already beaten once biederman heard em and are now also being the champ but that doesn't mean anything then royce talented shit he's a really fun got to watch roy because he's such a student of fighting you know does not like ridiculous athleticism ridiculous knock out power just has everything great everything he does great knows what to do fort works excellent real smart it is interesting dude on apart gas to listen to the one that i did with them one of my favorite ones with fighters he's a real down are reduced to totally honest about it too like the way stairs down guys like you like it looks like dead in the eyes and shit he's like well do staring at me in turn away like a bitch is because they sound like some sort of a psycho it's like well i guess that makes sense what's an extra ideas when you don't go on we can we
were you guys don't you out here we can he be idle all its rivals on abs sunday yeah eddie bravo invitation to use a tournament the sunday we'll go check that out at the orpheum and allay and then sunday night i'm at the place where joe is not allowed to work calmly logical over the paper view for heavy there will be out of a pay view friday look into economic management gonna cost or whatever but please so by it's gonna be great they have a fucking young guys on this yeah he's got it all in doing again yes to flock and animals casa mesa lotta get fired yes eliza gets arise if you into jujitsu this is the one for you cocksucker zelie brow was really working on this and as a brother only last time i fucked up this summer the other coming into gary and you're gonna come and hopefully on saturday you gonna do about just talk about it pump pump it up so you and after a few weeks time san diego by law really gonna fuckin ten p m i gonna east fearful
where were you dates up they up a joy he has done and i put him up today because i finally got everything together but i'm still him through affording pop and soldiers were work was on workers you're mad flavour on twitter the only person i know it doesn't have an actual name as is twitter very important very important regional i came i only wish to promote the last not happening what are we sure free it's me in irish your fear i tell a story mom's friend who took care of me after my mom died that i never gave any props and that's it he's just desdemona dvr year eleven o clock it was favorites the last one of the season one thousand two hundred and thirty right is it different time one thousand two hundred one thousand two hundred and thirty eastern tomorrow weekend please watch and just kick on the dvr tell your neighbor
if you have directv it'll be on east coast time so if your on comedy central directv to be nine hundred and thirty p dot m if you have a lot of different cable companies will have it on regular west coast time which means it'll be one thousand two hundred and thirty and one thousand two hundred and thirty in the east coast that's it can i love you i love you pay back later right daddy friends clean ones as well thanks for tunisia podcast and thank you to our sponsors thanks to stamps dot com go to stamp dot com entering the code word j r e for your one hundred and ten dollar bill offer which include a free digital scale and fifty five dollars a free postage up to fifty five dollars a free postage that's code word j r e thanks also to the national academy of sports medicine go to my u s a trainer dot com for a free fourteen day trial of their fast easy online programme that's my u s a trainer dot com thanks also to
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