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#630 - Duncan Trussell

2015-03-25 | 🔗
Duncan Trussell is a stand-up comedian, and host of his own podcast “The Duncan Trussell Family Hour”.
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He's one of the most amazing cool, fascinating, articulate, just beautiful, beautiful people, just love that share, not trust so that further, do please welcome my very good friend, dont trust. The milk and Regions around the block ass, my own journal, motherfucking trousseau, allow a k, a super hippy, how a row of what's going on. What's Goin on my friend, whatever the commercials fact those things dude and those bitches, and later I realize somewhere along the line that it's all about the flow of conversation. That's what makes a park as interesting to me if I'm listening to a cool pie and want the flow of the conversation,
is natural's pause. Yes, I think even starting with the music post. Stop do that will add that shit post right now the flow of the conversations what's up and the best way to get the floor. The conversation bright is just kind. I didn't do it right yeah. I think that's why I do my commercials later I sit down with the people and start talking. If you do commercial first, you ve killed a vibe like for like five minutes. More, even you I've been guess on people shows where they do it too, and I won't do it in a moment. There are signs Reed, NAFTA commercials, you're really good. Also yeah, I mean that's kind of the problem is that it forces you to do like a red reed when someone's there, because you want to get a downwards in this not makes you sound like a robot and its much more interesting to talk about it, you're using it are not like what is. It is a lot of this tat, a lot of people advertising on podcast at some weird stuff, man brand new, strange technologies that are new, and you know it
it's all internet based business. This law and a lot of those are cool, is worse, bays, second, yet its disrupted. In this very mild way, like you, find that this stuff is disrupting the Most annoying technologies like taxis, got disrupted by Hubert and if you consider like the experience of a taxi verses, Neuber no offence, the taxi drivers I'm sorry, you guys are when anybody to be out of work or anything, but man the day France is so profound that there's no competition like tat Caesar like you know, they ve got that far TV in the backward commercials are like blaring, India or face the whole time and in your just sort of like its, if you feel like you're in a traveling prison. They ve got a black sea glass in between you and the driver because we live in such a crazy dimension, where people who drive other people around after treat them like I thought, or something and put him behind glass, just
that one guy with with the ice pick will do you know how many piece on that one guy the iceberg Do you know what happened in New York City one year now they killed Sir, insane number of Gypsy cab drivers. I think what a gypsy cab driver would they call Gypsy cab driver as someone who's working kind of without who's like Prix, yeah, like your working without a license or their working with some, some shenanigans were involved, and they would take these guys too bad neighbourhoods and shoot them in the back of the head and they shot a bunch of em there's a little bunch of unpaid Kronos whose like something they did to rob people They take these gypsy cab drivers deepen in New York City somewhere, like Brownsville or Sunlight ash, shoot them in the back of the head and then dump their cap It was crazy. I get happen a lot. There was. I forget what year was, but they had no
idea how many like people were involved, they didn't know who was gained is pre internet did ever catch the guy I dont know. I wish I knew that answer. I don't got a serial killer, some kind of whose a serial killer or a practice of robbing people and shooting them in the head, how Hungary are you like it, have to be so hungry to decide that you're gonna get in a cab and go the travel of black. Seeing someone in the back of the head to get how much money or they can have maximum in a cab. How much would in few hundred bucks knows a thousand maximum. Knows man, Sis hard to believe that it could be a million and some owing to shoot him in the fuckin head in insisting that when it's weird when you get to a certain number of people go I got it. You know someone kill someone from million bucks. I welcome million dollars is really tempting in zombie, probably I dont, but it's ridiculous trade. You shouldn't be able chill. Seventy four hundred, you shouldn't, really kill someone for a million,
for whatever reason, if you say it, was only four hundred poxy kill yeah. Somehow another makes a leg more pointless. The attitude four million bucks. Why I mean a really where's? It's like a Brinks truck, for example. I could bring struck. You can get your thinking like ok, desperate, Krim, I'll need some cash, if only kill somebody, and I think it's obviously a terrible thing to do. I want to have of money to live on it for at least a couple of months enough till I go bowling that night and like that's it Another cab. Is. If you one of those over drivers, though, mean how much protection today have the overdrive area from again raw well nigh along those lines, the order, because a phone right, yeah well, I guess, He bore being tracked by. I mean, obviously, the ultimate fright scenario is something like steel, someone's found uses there.
Goober, app and summons that burn and then there completely untraceable. So I think that probably a danger that the average. Just think about I'm sure they teach them. You know what to do so they ve been like Tudor. They there's gotta, be safety courses they're taking for the inevitable situation where somebody gets in there and thinks there that reincarnation of Christ and wants to taste blood, full moon. Well, it's that I think the harder situation would be for the young women who are by them known young women. Women who are by themselves who get a car with I don't know, I don't know whether not he's been screen properly. I got, would dare that's right faking being an over driver. I mean how hard would that be up in front of any club and look out and be like Goober Buber easy to should ease so I'm sure they thought of that year. Yeah. Why
had people try to get in my car accidentally cause. They thought it was the over we rented escalate. Open the door will allow we're we're here if over like now, man does not larry as yet and you can get a lot of trouble you get a lot of travel out there in the world, man and so strange to think that in this beautiful time or living in- and it really is a beautiful time as an incredible time, either it was so strange to think of how there are still predators existing in ecosystem, even I think it's much less than it used to be it just fascinating thing to think. There's people out there whose heads are filled with psychic bees and for whatever reason there being driven out into the street. AIDS and they do awful. Fucking shit still becomes more shocking, the more time Ology accelerates those acts of violence they stand, out more? They seem more. You hot barber,
Eric. They seem more horrific. I mean that's really what's fuelling like the furthest most fringe left wing ideas What am I am number one problem that I have with like super progressive people that I agree with him on almost every thing as is so ridiculously over the top the day become annoying. How do you know you if they become bad further cause or bad wherever I d they have, but ultimately, what are they trying to do? They just try to have But ultimately, what are they trying to do they just trying to write it all out. They go and so far and is so ridiculous with some of the ideas that it just like. Why? Where would I began The with the use of language to really important one, you know like the people to get like super upset at rape scenes in a movie or, scenes on television show people that think that man
and women don't have to adhere to gender specific roles, which I agree. You know you don't have to, but to think that that's not the norm in other think that I'm way gender specific roles for people aren't sort of carved out in some ways by biology man. I gotta tell you, though, that is. That is a thing that that that that idea is will be an antiquated idea within two hundred years? I think that will be the idea that your do your job netteke gender assignment is a gender you, stick with will be like thinking the avatar that you pick and GTA is the avatar you ve gotta run around with permanently because it's going to get. Fear and easier to modify the body we don't. We have now idea. What's coming down the tubes and it comes to this, new staff stuff that their learning about how to alter dna. We have no idea. What's coming. Sonotubes tubes when it comes to like futuristic plastic surgery in the isa.
We did. We just don't know how no doubt man no doubt so in that Happens it's his is kind of like the reason this stuff seems really weird too is because mostly we ve grown up in a time where you and I specially have grown up in a time where you, usually there is no words they're using right now is not the words they used to use. The word show any was not an offensive. Word people just use it. They didn't know you know, so you what they did. General idea was of your growing up back in the seventies or that early eighties. It's not like area It is a complete, her heart, horrible big it by it. We I grew up on North Carolina. So the opinion on train sexual people is not what you consider to be rosy. It's not like people like they deserve right. They should get married delivering a topic of discussion in one. Even a tab the risk of discussion, but the one now
you know: people are realising a shit man. I don't know if I have to be physically what my genetics or saying I have to be- and I so they go through this- that fit what thing Bruce Generous going through. They take hormone replacement therapy. I guess they get there. There is cut off and they get a vagina, don't think you're too heavy for his open, Hetty phrase it they get reconstructed while that yeah, ok, that's scary, imagine sitting in when you're on your uber in the guy in the backseat says: do you want to get reconstructed tonight? I honestly think that there's going to come a point time was over there going to be able to change you into anything male female. You will go back and forth from male or female yeah mean it might be a thousand years now, but most common It's coming sooner than that, at least in the outer space. Because of that you know the am. I was just at this fuckin crazy. Virtual reality, gathering downtown examples of this guy Johnny
ass. You put him on. They had everything. There thing there are the new high tech stuff was there? They are the new valve vs prototype, which is this makes my argues, reflect like shit, but one of the things they add, which is so incredible, was some where that scans your face and then turn that into the mask of some other thing? So, if you're playing of Yo Game, you're theoretical your face would be sort of being scanned and in what ye would look completely different expressions you are making in the real world would translate into the avatar and that's pretty bad. Ass man to be able to play online roleplaying game with cars that are making real human facial expressions. Not just one function of it, but it doesn't Africa. I love it. Try to give you any pause. It usually just go. What fuck
I used to really not anymore man. I'd happens I lifted my took Timothy Lerius advice was a lift up your legs and feet downstream Laurie, regain out, don't theirs the number one you're not stop in it! Now Doesn't matter who you are, it doesn't matter plan. You have is desert you, stop in it. He wants musk, could take his clothes off course on the top of the empire state building and hold a banner that says I'm going to destroy all humanity and nobody would pay attention because you're talking but something that seems to be more of a something deeper than just human innovation? It seems to be something like, moreover, Momentum and inexorable mom- aunt em in the direction of us having one hundred percent control over the way express ourselves and the things we create
and not being limited by our current meet bodies in any way at all? That's where attended and not just one little piece of it. It's not going to stop In fact this is the last age. Everyone should just it go outside and look around joy, a world where p, well wearing visor is in a world where the clouds of dad. I surrounding you, are being visualized in a variety of ways that have been created by programmers That's what we're looking at just the entire our universe, animated with information, and time and people in people's faces being ever they wanted to be people's bodies being whatever they wanted to be. I think it goes past. I think ever. You are as a human being. You're gonna eventually accept as being a digital form, because it's gonna be exciting than the flesh gonna get to apply words gonna be better. He the idea you downloading your brain to computer right now, terrific
oh my god. Why would I want to do right, but the ideas aching get your and then biologist say it's impossible, but I just think it's impossible now, but a vacant get whatever your consciousness is digging it a digital that absolute three d, every molecule in exactly the right place, digital image of you, and they can convert this into an artificial body in instantaneously you'll, be conscious unaware, yet that one's gonna shut off. Distance gonna, shoot on click, click here, Duncan. How are you great? Oh, my god, I'm immortal yeah, you be a digital voice. Yeah you'll be a grateful, it'll, be a great voice. You'll have it yeah it'll be great, like it's why it's wonderful? What what's happening is wonderful, but it's It is scary for a lot of people, but man just just the, we have so many restrictions on us that are based.
On our biology. We humanity is grown to accept you. If you use- Abt growing old you accept. Whatever your party You are physical, disability he's or talents have to be the idea that these can be enhanced. Such profound ways with exit skeletons or way some kind of new cybernetic red blood cells. It's it's crazy It really does mirror video game. You know it a video game when at the character levels up and it becomes all new game became, gets interesting again. I right that's what about avenue our species like our species, is about a level up it's about two, but common entirely new thing and it's it's a fuse civic technologies that are converging that are for this thing and in those technologies are three printing robot. Dixon ay I,
the legalization of psychic Alex in farms. No pharmacology, that's happening right now. The exploration and sank. It Alex and all forms of life if extension therapy in all these things are, are their meeting there. We're gonna meet their all grow together there. All appendages that are growing out of this cinching life form seems to be that we seem to be headed towards on our temporal spaceship, though we call planet earth appendages are sort of right. Now. Beginning to see the first budding growths of them in the rudimentary v are the rudimentary I or the router very thrifty printing, but the I'd that you go into an artificial, and I know a virtual space created an artificial intelligence that is a replication of something that you have stored in your memory. That's been downloaded and scan so that you could go in
live inside a memory and three space and then with That memory have some p. Seven printed out an authority printer in autumn, my colleague shit, I'm hanging out at my grandmother's house when I was six, because they were able scan my memories Tran digitizing put inv in space? Oh look! There's that given that my grandmother liked computer print that out in now you ve got a three day representation of something your memories hunger that where we can put it all no just fill the world up with three d images. The YAP their memories will reach its clutter, dealt with a new clutter three- the images of your past junkyards filled with all grandma appended go out to a field. What is this? What is this about? and doing here this. The apartment where I grew up, reveals it out here in the field. See them
I came on that matter, that's my come a representative of the three deepened yeah yeah you're, looking at man, that's what you're looking at you are looking at. I'd I'd now the memory downloading stuff- I don't know of any kind of I dont- that's that, I think that's a little bit of a stretch I don't know actually where we're headed without without staff, but I do know that their learning a lot about memory. I just heard that day if they think that they figured out a way to you. Store memory and people with Alzheimer's disease, using some kind of like sonic technology to TED, to remove the plaque It's in there in the memories come back. So our learning about memories and the more learn about memories in the more we learn about what you, talking about, which is this per realistic, detailed super ultra hd. And of the human brain. Then, if that is possible to recreate consciousness. Then it makes sense that you would also able to recreate the memories incur
it inside? The neurology that you're duplicating, I think that's I was getting out when I was talking about this idea. That we are where we are in this weird space. Writing or this is all happening. We were like caterpillars that are giving birth to a butterfly or big, transforming. You know a butterfly, yet it's all happening right now That's why these violent acts are so repulsive today, yet I mean I think they were always repulsive, but now, seem particularly repulsive because you like TAT, look what's going on, look how much greater it has gone on for still haven't religion. Murders. Yet all this is going on at so it's theirs is weird sort of disruption in the potential of of the situation at and this weird disruption is being met with more and more people are looking at these disruptions now than ever before. Extremes on that an haven't you,
I caught a moderate and our progressive this right, we're both like totally RO gay marriage totally pro abortion rights, pre do whatever the fuck you want to do as long as you are harming other people right will be responsible for actions too, and I think we are more and more people are at least opinion. What I'm running into kind and aware that think ever in my eyes, more people kind. It aware People are also aware of, like the benefit of being kind. That's right, along. The way you can have extremes on both sides are gonna, have extreme religious, crazy, fuckin people. You can native stream left wing lunatics. You can have all sorts of people like Chris Ryan sit at best. He was like there fascist wearing Hippy close right, the ring hippy outfit gap and there's there's that too, but what it what were learning from all this is and we know more about, what's going on
we know more about where we're headed, then we ve ever known before, but yet we're still completely in the dark as to where the thank God, that's right. We don't know where to go, but we are the midwives of the thing and that's that a is here: we are Of ESA air either via our attention are some people I Gregg Dublin and now the work there actually doing or occurs. Weiler. Mice are any of them. Luminaries who are actively transforming society with their technology, innovation, these are middle, lives in their their blue. Drawing this thing out, they're letting this thing be born, and why, their wedding, this thing be born in what is being born? Is you called every what you call it a renaissance, you can call it that tat, no Messiah, you got whatever you want to call it, but this thing born has not existed as far as we are aware on planet if it did, it was before one of those media
impacts. You talk about some time, but here we are delivering this thing and in the fucking delivery room in this increase bull period in human history? Where looking at complete control, our genetics solving the world's greatest problems, solving like during diseases we thought we never could cure theirs. Assholes, throwing firecrackers the fucking delivery room, yapping out some invisible, angry guy, that the AIDS, gay people, and that's really frustrating because your? U yours witnessing them the most radical form of violence which is not just violence. Human to human, but violence in the sense of trying to destroy, potentiality of our species by clean. Into an antiquated and dig yours notion of what God looks like an that's If there is anything more VI
in that I can imagine what it could be not stood. It's the most archaic evolve beliefs, the most arcade, of our beliefs. Is this magic man that you ve never met? Wants you to kill people who don't believe in him? Yes, that that's been and this is this is one of those things that just been around for long enough to get traction and it's become a normal part of life. You try to introduce it today. If most people lived a secular life and he tried to introduce radical Christianity work today, Yes, there would be one of the most ridiculous conversations you could ever have with people. They would be that the news would report on it, for I would violate they would talk about the effort. This strange new halt, has come to town the ants. You believe that You were born from original sin and that there is a man who die. They had a hammer him because he was the son of God had a hammer him to some would otherwise they could
fix the whole thing. There's no other way to do it and did they wrote to step down back then, and we just passed down from generation to generation, and then this is God's word and that's that sounds like some If it didn't exist like if you're on the bus with someone and they started saying it, you'd switch seats can like shit man. I sat next to fuckin crazy, but what was it? Why would you think, the original by sea regional Bible man, I think it was a transmission that was prepping the way for this thing, that's coming out It was one of the many in the same way are you on mosque in the same way you ve got, luminous is now, I think back then you had women who are looking around in a world where people were barbaric, barbaric getting crucified and they were like. Ok, you know look to work with man, you have to start with like hold on, maybe look, of your enemy, as you love yourself, roar these ideas there unifying these ideas, He create real peace because you need the peace. If you look,
yeah. What's coming is the formation of a baby, then what early religion is propagating any kind of diminishment in war, any kind, If even the attempt to reduce violence, then your look, This is kind of like trying to create the pod within which his thinking grow because we need yes, we need stability and every way we can get gets you now, I'm not saying that the creators of the by of the new testament beg the gospels where shit. Man we better come up with is ridiculous idea so that there can be robots in the future, but I think that was but that is all the process for part of the process which is white. So ironic, people saying, there's an invisible gaudy wasn't a kill other people that their are there doing all this, the axe, oh God is in the birthing process in the law. Ever Tories in universities and think tanks of of the planet, it
losing through the human imagination and manifesting. Is that all these high. Tech technologies that are that have as one of them products the tendency to heal you're, talking about people three printing, they're fucking artificial whims, now think about that man that used to be so hard to get artificial and is so expensive. Like now, you could just printed out. That's what would Jesus do? He went on hearing people and you're, seeing the very same thing cancer is like, though, the silver Prague. Cancer prognosis, at least in a lotta gazes, is much better an ever has been not to mention that treatment of all the varieties of maladies that we have not like saying why? Your medicine is the ultimate thing, but it is we helping. The live longer and hearing people and its in it can be very beautiful force. It also is incredibly destructive force to, but
a lot of wonderful byproducts. So I think that its incredibly ironic that those folks can't see that they are looking for a god that was invented when the actual God is in front of them, in all the high tech shit we see scattered around this planet. Well, Yes in the universe, warning us to create it whatever the fuck is inside a people that makes us want a breed and make buildings and keep pushing forward its also the same thing that gives us almost universally a desire for better shit all the time. Yet almost universally people are starting to be so entrenched into this idea of technological innovation that all the new shit there are there upon it. They're talking about a year, what's goin on yeah masters are creating a new laptop masters. Gonna get us a few teenage, were they
Visual optical driving reads your written in ways that we're we're all My master has US masters. The machine that make stuff master yeah, that's ass their masters, the machine that make stuff and the more the ball. You are the more store, master forgot all those two in this idea. Dad success, and that's all stop not happiness. No, not the amount of positive interactions. You have between a loved one nope, not that know what we're here Shit. You got how Mirage arose in ones how much of a boost Are you giving to this system is trying to give birth to an artificial intelligence yeah. That's how much, how much money, how much money I much houses, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, bye, dear demand, the best you demand the best we can reengineer it. We can make it better with me. A better model for Mister Jones. Mister Jones was that the model that floats, let's make them with her board and before you know it it's going further and further and further for almost always fuelled.
By this desire for shit materialism, market pressures as its cod. And in its cooled, and know that that's what's manifesting. The thing is that it's cool, recognize that the whatever the womb of technology is it's it's using everything its using greed, its using altruism its using creative its using every little bit of nutrients. That's floating around our paradigm is being absorbed into this being, and you know sometimes like bees right bees. There were in fact, in hard right, they're out there get pollen. Not as dumb as I don't know how be might think, but I bet that the bee isn't thinking. Fuck man, I've gotta, get more power for the fucking I've gotta. Do this and work, really, I think, its thinking, God flowers feel so good or all around inside out. I just love rolling around inside of flowers
I think, in the same way, humans. When they're doing all these things that seem like recreation and leisure and hedonism. They don't realize it, but there are building the machine to their building the machine by their desire for more heighten the levels of hedonism for her levels of since gratification for the ability to express themselves or to bring It's in their mind out into the world. There ah worker bees that are helping to push forward the birth of of. Whatever this thing is that is currently for meaning in the womb of time, were given birth to and a new thing I think it's gonna be a life form system can be a life form like the waste. We see life forms. We would we, we're very rigid idea, lifeforms life, have to be alive. They have to have sex, they have to breed somehow another. They have to replicate genetics through biological methods. Only that's s and that's it
and you have to have blood and bone or something really similar that we can map out until the difference it a slug like what exactly is sluggish. Let's get some weird skin danish, no bones! Ok, ok battle I have to get it, and This is going to be a new thing. There's gonna be a new thing and along the way we can have. Buck and bumps in the road gonna be real, weird, there's gonna be some, man, there's gonna, be some serious fucking bombs, no around at you ever you knocked wanted Terrance. I saw this great Mckenna, you tv, forgive me every time I come on you're, Sharm Blab Ambit. The guide many gives this great description of what is happening as we approach this event. He compared it too. I got an air plain accelerating and the more you accelerate the more turbulence you get, and so that's the that as we like sort of exit, the whatever the atmosphere is at the current time
and period that were existing in a move into this next place. That they're calling the singularity there's gonna, be some time the there's going to be some boy, some serious fuckin bumps member. Can be bumps no matter what, if we don't do this there's gonna be bumps. If Every scientist on earth was, like you know what, let's not work on a I, let's not try to harness this power. Let's keep technology exactly where it is right, now we're fucked we're fucked them were super fact. Then we're just like if our technology stopped advancing right now coming before, because the problem that are emerging right now are so fuckin severe that the idea that human, a human being or human intelligence is going to be able to solve a lot of them. Is I that's an optimist. Idea, we're looking ice caps, fucking melting, we're looking at people
all over the world just how to control humping like people they're. Just there is fair there there filling up policies with babies left and right. It's happening everywhere. No one's thinking about him, a new one. Of water in California One of Water in California, apparently one year of whatever. That means, guaranteed right now, there's fifty thousand b born California, whether sprinklers on full blast watch, you're sweet green yard. They know one year water left in California that, whatever what here's a big one golf courses Yeah, that's fucking! Golf cart plague off. If I did should be sympathetic, Click on pay him I'm on our modern water. That's right! Can they water the golf with the ocean now to salt
now, they can use reclaimed water out of the Gulf somewhat Adele bug our wider. The golf course course can they do with salt water, I think saltwater, strong is he's gonna fuck up grass. I think need some nice pew. Or clean water, but I think that can use reclaimed. Water me, I'm sure, there's solutions, but you know that model is. We got some serious defects, these facing us and allow of this stuff that we need to fix some of these problems is that technology doesn't quite exist yet but we do know that it's coming based on That's very predict Oh acceleration, that's happening that they call amours law. So we know okay well, when we can kind of guesstimate how fast Peters are gonna, be in ten years. Based on that concept, and we can look at the poor means that simulators currently are capable of solving what what
problems can a simulated as the power of every human brain on the planet solve. If you ask that had to deal with the eye, apps melting or overpopulation population, disease running rampant. What would you do could be moved number one which gives you if you wanted deal with any those issues. I would think clean up. The ocean is probably one of the first ones right chart stop talking on the phone. Clean up the ocean, yeah closer to huge fuegians. That's like a kid who, like wants to go play outside Jeff Shit, all over your bedroom walls, just shit on your walls like what are you doing? You got no, yet a clean. This up, you fuck, you can't just keep going right. We ve this big mess the ocean and the final result do it. I didn't do it, but wants it. They did it like. Nobody wants to look at that huge fuckin patch of garbage, its floating around the place,
big ocean that all scientists, terrified of bright and nobody wants to. Like look dangle. Hey, hey, hey, hey, ok, we did a little, You did a little bit with chip and we gotta do this. We have to fix this first Nobody wants do nobody wants stemming the palm as nobody wants to do. I mean just say nobody. I want to say: no governments want to do. Well, no, I mean fuck that they have. Noble one. What I mean I think people want to live with this, a lot of people that are super concerned. It is, I don't think they have the funds or the maybe the means at enough there's a physical capability. That's what we need that see. That's part of what technology can do is a can connect people, look like it. How great it is it raising money? Look it out, our full, it is when it comes to any kind of all that you want as a society. Just what you are saying is like a lot of us are so brainwashed that we think I hope the government handles this problem. Governments are the ones you are gonna, be transforming the earth
It's going to be the super connected. Citizens who are using technology to manifest their will and hopefully positive ways, yeah, others canopy it this going to be no way in the next five years to put a lid on this thing. Oh and under on the on the spread of technology I'll fuck. Now you can't stop it, I mean that's Riddick I mean there's everyone. Minors are just give up the idea that the ins why this thing is is being stopped, and everyone just has to accept the fact that this stuff is coming and also accept the fact that the world is a fuck load better than a lot of people. Think and that's been in that's a big big If the needs to happen, I mean, I think you know, as we figure out if deal with the oceans, are any great problem facing us. There also
needs to be a deep and prolonged inner work that people need to be having. Themselves because we are Migdol lesser going, fuckin nut. Right now. Have you seen this allowed We see this now has a new robot look, that's you gonna shit, you're prancing shape ass. How I've seen Ike I go I've seen that looks like a japanese, new robot They create a woman and it will blow you fuckin, my yankee being taken do more than blow your mind. You know. Is it some the craziest looking robot I have ever seen in my life? It's very realise that so real life more realistic than the Youtube videos, titled, very real, looking robot and its one of those it's one of those breakthroughs. When you look at it in your skull at another,
far right? What do you know they got that far and in you know man, it's like that. That's that's! Fucking cool and that that That's an amazing amazing thing and that's nuthin compare you know that humanoid robots thing that everyone sort of we ve envision is what it is. That's really like just one little piece of what we ve got coming down: the pipes and its Adele, interesting thing to think about is those being. Things the robots are going to be vessels within which the a will exist because the air is going do exist in the cloud so what's really curious is that we will have this new kind of wind blew going through the world, the wind of the cloud of all the other data that has now become personify or personalized by some artificial intelligence in that data whenever wants to will be able to pop in open portal,
which will be robots, so robots are car for artificial intelligence and artificial into genes isn't gonna, be localised inside the robot? That's what we all Thank you know you you go to the road. You like ask the right question its eyes: bulge out and smoke comes out, you'll be there are over as now works it up. There are the length of Bulgaria image the image of bugs Bodyguard Tunisia. It's from STAR Trek, you're, like a God maker, rock so big. He can't move it in their robot like pal it explicitly. That was started well that that wasn't the question, but there are days you cannot function, and I, if you ask the right questions, that's a perfect one of God. Could God make Iraq so big did even couldn't movie? That's a good one! Yeah! It's it's! the robot can who can handle again a path that we think that's how you fight these things but the riddles rid
fight the Roma with a real yo by right, but it there's the issue you're you're. Talking about this, it's very similar to a lot of mystical conceptualisation away. Why human life, which is that human beings, our antennas for each. And send and intelligence tunes into the specific genetic code, that is inside of every person. Not unique code is like a radio. Station that the vast supernatural I'm discovered, transcending cloud of consciousness that they used to call God tunes endures channel through its the same you with robots idea will be. There will be this aid assisting in the cloud that, whenever it wants to will be pop into a machine. Was that sounds car alarm.
We're coming through the year mad funds. It sounds year, freaking out she's Jane. What can it be? Maybe it's a toilet overflying the car long gone off, hopefully not yours. I dont think like the government. They don't want to talk about this. They love it. The government was, as you know, they do. The military loves this shit, that's one of the that's one of it in in pushing this thing next door I'm gonna. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen,. We are getting diseases are really a conscious effort, like people love, what's going on my actually enjoy, or do you think that it's just that inevitable thing that people trying to profit off in one way or another, be a part of it benefit from just ride waves stay on the board. As long as you can do you think it's more that, then it is like they love it cause it's good for business like that's how we will
look, it's gotta, they love chaos, stay love, profit off of it in God, if only orally that easy, it's not that easy man there, and you know when I I just interviewed on these talking about going into. Pentagon to talk about using India made a treat ptsd with these high level. People you're not like you'd, be dead rocky there like ok, I think I understand what you say and that kind of stunning, when you realise that this that that that you can't deal, eyes all facets of the government. There are people in part to the government. It must being four nefarious, greedy fucks, but also in their there's grey. People, we really want the world to be better and to think that, just as you and but with a government job, therefore means your evil is the most ridiculous. Stupid idea
time. It doesn't it's a lot of people, man they actually wanna they're, not like us, like comedians. We enjoy telling jokes, we have a park asked, and I think we both our own desire to like help the world, but some people they were help the world so fucking bad that it through high school. They volunteer. They get go go to fucking college. Peace corps and they give their entire lives up in very little money to try to help people and those people, sometimes they get into the military and sometimes they get into the government because they see that is the most efficient obvious way of helping the world and so yeah. We can't do, though, a black and white thing anymore, but some of those people are not Let's hurry, I some of those people are just like thus there, like home shit. This is credible. Let's fund and see where we can take it. Let's see We can do with it everyone's life
That is my best case scenario. Is that our government actually becomes cool as at the internet sort of. Horses, only cool people into office and our government becomes something we can all tolerate, yeah and accelerate. The ultimate thing mean this: the structure itself is really only a problem when enough corruption exists to come, but allies on the holes in the system yet liked of being influenced by big money corporations a twist policy too their needs, they could profit all that stuff. The problem yes, but this system itself is not the worst system in the world. Know it's not it's. Not all of everybody was cool enough. You have entire system. You know, I think, a very nice person who's your friend version has like when the sweetest most intelligent. How dj dugout, Dj Deadpan Dj Doug pounds clause,
Box, Mars, one of course people on or if he was in a position of mayor or governor, or you know senator if the whole system was built of guys like that it be the coolest. Would be the greatest thing ever weirdest Bilbil in times of the whole world, ever every congressmen, Dj Doug Pound have amazing that kind of guy that a guy kind of is not trying to fuck you over. Just want to have fun with his friends is very creative, very intelligent and very considerate yeah
that's possible man, that's fucking possible. We just don't think it's possible because these wolves have been in office for so long. I snap and age others heals all the competitors at Bay, woven it out rapid corporations stuff in their wolf, assholes, picking up their wolf tail and adjust pack and money in their wolf assholes and sending out there to do their bidding yet so they become that become these fucking door. These monsters that are just at the very Tipp of this hill that would change and the mafia with sticks, pointy, sticks and realize, if the guy, like all that criminal corrupt bullshit, that we think of when we think of the worst aspects of gum, Father she goes away, they know were left with Dj Doug pounds. To school. Smart people gotta make rational choices and our given the agreed police and use the other thing that shouldn't be full time job
should be something that you contribute to every now and again, people try to do our best like we all take turns, running the government? Everybody gets a week. You know so fuckin very it up. But this is a very stages job. Everybody gets very excited about the possibility of representing our country for a week and you go there and you do you best to do the will of the people, you make rational choices. You all try to talk a true and everybody knows it's very possible one day, you're gonna get called man, you're gonna work! Can I ask you to be the president per week and you get a step in cause. You're a fucking American and that's we do you wanna go Duncan trestle. You are president for the weak and you'll go on tv scenario. I am so not prepare, buys I promise as an American. I'm gonna do my best to do its right to do its ethical and do a benefit
the greater humanity of the world, and I would initiate day after to Morrow I procrastinate my trainers coming over would have TAT was like what happened like everybody got to be the president for a week earlier maybe amazing you duty, it is ill. What you're talking about is a beautiful idea, and I think that its possible. I think it that's other crazy, thing about this time round is it's possible. People hear that Obviously you your ear we're, not talk about that literally. But with ideas like it would do people you're, you're, saying any kind of optimism right now in general, in the world, is met with a pretty soon here I come on, get really think can clear out those wolves who talking about a fucking government. That is bought and sold. It is controlled by the an industrial complex, it is controlled by big farmer, is controlled by military industrial, complex these people there.
Targets are loaded with so much fuckin dough and been so conditioned by a game that d humanizes people to the point. Where they no longer see John swaths of humans and other countries as people It is important to realise that these wolves that you're talking about we're talking about a different species. Here friend, if you look at like what's going on in the UK with these organised. Had a file rings. It seemed a consist of people in the highest level of governments. I can remember it was one of the investigator said it seems to be built into the system, and so Well, yeah! Look it up! It's scary, fuckin shit, that's insane! So when you look I'd avoided that suffers bombed me out when I saw those those stores with that's what they're saying that's what they're saying, but here's the difference here is that it has an that's horrifying to imagine casino this. We hear it so funny deal with here with you. A government people are like wide. But now
you hear about a priest, doing it and be where I gather that just happens. It's like you're, looking it on. An organized? system that has as part of the destructive result that it reaps on the planet, also psychically wounding children in the worst way possible. So this is a it. I think that the though, the reason that that is grim and horrible, as it sounds, because the difference today is opposed to thirty. Years ago, is that It does say it in front of However many zillions of people was near Pike asked and it that info instant. Travels around the world, thirty years ago. If you think that, if their truly is an organised group of pet files that have as their membership high linking government, officials, not just probably in the UK but in the United States, to it that way. We does exist. It didn't just start today,
last week or two years ago, that's been around for a long long time, so the different, between back then and now is that shit is getting everywhere its everyone on planet earth is aware of this investigation. You can't get that any back in the bottle. Even though I think a lot of people are trying their say, there, whistleblowers to be for this are not gonna have immunity. That's one thing the government is that of Euro whistleblower. For this weird ring of pedophiles, no immunity you're going to jail too so they're like squelching there seems to be an element that is trying to this shit down, of course, because of its true that there is some space Lay that even members of the royal family could be it. In this shit. So look it up. Are you sure it's a deep dark, David Wench level, twin peaks, shit coaster, but the the there
that, I believe, are the best reactions ever say that again, a deep dark, David wage levels, shit coastal swinging the worms dealing and ground. This is by, but the positive is there getting exposed in a way that they could never been exposed before so yeah? I think that that did anything and of darkness that is existing on the world. It's very good use the example of wolves being drill, Nobel with torches it just in this case, Torches are Edwards torchbearers, Edward Snowden. Julian Assange. All the way oh blowers, who have the fucking guts to veal and eliminate this probably pretty built in. Old system of humans that have victimised victimized children in the world and the planet and seemed to take a lot of pleasure from victimizing other human being.
It's. There might be a secret religion who knows. Do you think that the reason why this stuff exists more in the older countries, the reason why this this system might be in place and somewhere like the Uk May. This is horrible reality like Jimmy Seville guy that guy, that was the presenter on television, as that turned out, was some crazy, petrified. Yes to these guys that are in this country in England, is an amazing cut right London's fantastic born of the weirdest things about London when you walk around, as you see the age of things, and it makes you an american filling candidate countries, a baby, this country's been around for a thousand buccaneers but does not have the echoes of those old people s we talked about before the echoes of savage earlier? Does it not have that sure, and don't you think that the best case of escaping that is almost weekly literally escaping the physical space of that Jobs are waiting in the people that are tramp their am. I take them longer to shake that shit out
yeah! Well you're, especially like. If you look at the average attic research coming out idea that phobias get passed down, genetic way from one generation to the next. Then euro. Us Kyle looking it. It's a really cool is thing in this, is pure whew hippy ramble. So I get it everybody out. There is going to tweet some thing how wrong this is, but that, if like it, thinking like these countries, where war has been going on for ever if ever genetics. If whether thing about ever genetics is correct in that Obeys get passed down through some chrome is only then will there a place where war has been happening long enough, then there is the potential that encoded genetically end. The people have been living. There is like all the phobias and fears in terror that comes from living in a war zone for hundreds and hundreds of years they like it's, it's inside of them. Somehow it's like me It's way inside of them. It's a really
scary thing to think it, and in that they are the problem. That we are experiencing is not just our own inner turmoil that comes from all the laws and catastrophe that is inevitable in human life, but there are. Their dealing with all the turmoil and catastrophe of our ancestors and that you know the United States. It's been You know our wars are happening elsewhere, that's one of the spoiled brat specks of our warlike country is that we don't experience. What it's like to hear the hum of Drown and suddenly had the incineration of a landmark that we give grown up around what we have an experience that that's why the motto of the weather underground, that terrorist organization that was trying to Homeland AIR Organisation, those trying to protest Vietnam there motto, was bring the war back home. They wanted to blow what buildings in the United States to demonstrate to people is what it looks like when bombs go off.
Doing that they're. So if the epigenetic should is correct. A lot people living the United States they're not gonna, have same kind of phobias in their chromosome that people living in countries had been exposed. A war for hundreds of years would have yeah. There's no going around. No good, if you let it like bees, argue again be that makes a beehive move talking about bees earlier today like what it would be like to be being that it might be some beautiful that yeah we're supposed to be getting the information to build a hive? Why they all doing these acts same thing? How do they figure out that they're supposed to go get? an actor and then they covered with power than these fly over the flower. Is that who did in them somehow it must be if they can communicate. I think it is of doing it, I think it's it's it's over. It's a frequency did their struck yours tuning anti, like if you saw a remote control car tiny little remote control car zipping. On the table- and it was
avoiding obstacles and going to exactly how it ago, if you like, let me work inside the car to find the way that its well to figure out this shit out you would be, missing what was really happening, which is it the cars tuning into a frequency that is, you know that directing it. So you place in Amman again. Nor does a totally fascinating concept in my totally be right, mean think about how many different bugs exhibit the exact same behaviour, all of them all over the world. They have their own little groups. They exhibit the same behaviour not to build these. These leaf cut her aunts. They build a gigantic comp yeah dig holes. They create little areas were black leaves ferment. You know like it's the bizarre complicated thing they figured out how to all new gets. Not so out of the question I think they're getting from the sky or they're getting that from some
frequency they have a channel. They can turn it in. We can't and you get into like you know them. Dimensional staff were it's like: ok, if its Abbe Genetics and if in nation is being trance furred, not just in writing, just in the teachings of the parents to the kids, but Chrome is only then that means that every living entity is the very tip of a temporal appendage that stretches the way back to the big bang, so it's not just in an it's. The The genetic line of that particular ants We tree. That goes all the way back through time and its transfer information via so this is a creature you're looking at it s the very Tipp of its like what Douglas Adam said about me, in, I just got the galaxy that mice actually the very Tipp over
appendages super intelligent creature that likes to study scientists. It's beautiful, it still go. Man but but in the same way it's like every single one of us is just as the tip of this temporal appendage erupting into fucking dimension in it? Can to do us fear By the way, don't ever fucking show of some, stoner one internet, Article on epigenetic, sorry won't suddenly become a doctor. The genetic, some old shut up matter. I'm sorry! But if that's it's true. Man and memories are transferred chromosomes. Only then that me that we are at the very end of a telephone wire that goes back through all our ancestors. All the way down to proto harmony before that, whatever fucking shit we or in the beginning, in that information is like
zinging up through through time and is determining possibly determining what we like we don't. I told you make sense. I mean this is the most recent civilization in modern, modern world is America, and this the most recent version of California is, like everybody got They land on the EAST coast and I want fuck this and they kept going and the really crazy fuckers made it all the way over here. This is like the latest version. If you go back, the farthest go back the farthest you're in Africa. Right here in Iraq. Yeah! No, that's that's the big that so my ass, She was always at that. Those are the towns of the world right, that's it! That is this. Where the tears where the people started, everybody is left, is believing shit? There was written down on tablets, never gonna fresh influx of dna, there's still dealing with the old operating system, the windows, ninety five and the machines, and they never got out, never got out there still there and are we that their dealing with loss to deal with massive loss left and right
a mass of more than a million people dead over there, so they did me there there. The need for revenge is through the roof. Man. This is through the roof, the loss of loved ones as all the chaos that comes along with that through the roof, which almost reinforces the old ways of thinking that's it man less it's less than new DNA, its rekindling the most primal of delay, the animal that wants to kill the other attacking animal yeah that yeah, you got a limitless Emmanuel. If you live in a country where wars happening all the time, you got a lot to work quit man there's a lot of bull shit that you ve seen a lot of fear that you see they ve witnessed in and in this is like and are you I did with Dobbin was really cool? Is talking about one of the folks Data sound it maps is, is like one of the Rockefeller descendants you- and I remember his name now, but who are. I recognise that in these war, torn parts of the world
If you really want at heel, the psychic damage has been under these people, its Gunnar Acquire India may assisted psychotherapy or some kind of psychic tropic substance where you get in there, and I help deal with these these magic memories that people have over there. That has to be a part of regions. Your auction is not just going and build not just blowing a place up and then flying enemy. Unlike our I beheld, a back up guys are, we were fine. Now right arise, cool. We major water treatment, plant Ngos. We do as we did know it's like you to get in there and like and not just their everywhere we gotta get in there? We have to start. You know doings out of inner work away with ourselves, so that we can see that we're not fuck up once this once we had a certain mph when it comes to technological acceleration. You know, that's that's the there's two jobs on the south, and then I do is my
you can help in the world wanna, be the force of kindness, you wanna be that wave of power the dignity that you're talking about, because I hope is that the more that there there is the mortal trickle, nickel and ended as I'm sorry this, unlike allowing people manage their, how do you fix tat in arduous right? What's this There is one part of me: that's like I know that if I know that the combination of these technologies, along with a shift towards the pot, However, the concerted for by a certain number of people to turn their attention to that, ten reality of our species- can create and and a change in the planet. Another part of me dislike now: no nuclear proliferation biological weapons, theirs fucking Wade alike. There's no way to were to stop. Is that true, though, because if we look, at life right now, no
nuclear war, no biological war, my we think that's inevitable. If we're smart enough to void that right now, with all the conflicts over mineral right and oil in the falconer, Arctic region and the Soviet Union's plant and flies and new spots near Greenland or where the fuck they are yet her stomach blown each other up. Why do we have to think the Dutch, its inevitable if we're all on the same trend. If. Human beings are not tolerating this shit like, overall, that we had before people more aware of what we're talking about before One reason why so horrific when you see acts of violence. Today we see someone blown up a mosque. Today we see someone gunning down people, synagogue, any crazy religious Modi, I things especially innocent people. Are you don't even know where they are the wrong religions, a condom dallied, just a worse representation of the human mind set less when when you see in that and you're. Seeing the potential you're seeing this potential for one is almost like a dm teach.
You're almost seeing like a living, breathing dm T trip that is around it is got ease or Ghana frustrated. Souls trapped in terrible scenarios out any of it being there doing born The Congo born in I rack during the war born in Afghanistan, of all the above boys it now during the Vietnam WAR. All this stuff is go and, at the same time, all this chaos and fucking out day. It's crazy monkey, they murder rampaged egg bodies and all That's going on right when the electronic the empty trip, has happened, yes, all together at once and et in each other's in its in certain ways? That's right all organisms yet but it seems like man and then you mean. Are you getting some really tricky terrain here? Because I you you got alike.
Listen to this race, an organism: oh yeah, I think I think it is, I think, we're looking to super organism all of humanity, super organism as some form of schizophrenia, civil war doesn't like a tree, and every single branch of the tree is a human being, and that tree that is all some of the branches are fighting with each other, it doesn't know it's a tree. Yet, what's in it or another way. To put it might be the trees fighting over what kind of fruit to bear the tree is violated. Part of the tree wants to bear super like I've radical Islamic you know what I mean it wants there to be? You want people to get up early in the morning. Praying once while women to wear burgers- and it wants there to be that now- that's it extreme version, and I dont know how how Norman that population is actually you know when I did. I
one of my life PA gas man we're as there is a Muslim in the audience, and this guy was like TAT. Come on stage anti. By ices music. We fuck, we hate them but that's not what it is. It also that she's the most extreme ridiculous version of it. And he was sweet as could be man. This guy was like the opposite of any. Thing that you would consider to be even mildly: fucked up or dangerous. He like saying this. I beautiful prayer didn't feel like he was Lee anything at all is a beautiful thing. Man really cool, of course, so of course, so, but in others a lot of people who say none and now the whole fucking things fact. Really gonna like make this a better planet, then more and more and more and more and more have abandon these antiquated symbol structures. We have to talk our eyes away from the are a dick in the past,
testing, like focus focus on the now. I don't agree without adding there's a lot of beauty to be harvested, nor that staff, but still man, it's like it's a cop gated problem, because what do we do when three printers meat dna? What do we do and you can three print any ball a virus? What do you do when you can, when that technologies accessible, that anyone who wants it cause? That's a problem as it were, Everybody's gonna have this level of power and you we do just need to people. You wanna, like fuck up guns, you wanna fuck. Up, funds for everybody. What do you do? You start? Shooting people start shooting people you want to fuck Inevitably, what happens? What happens some I'll? Do it few, there is guns. Inevitably some fucking asshole you're gonna hallucinate, a bird talking to him or just have a fuckin. Chip on his shoulder about his boss is we go into a fuckin.
Plays and shoot up a bunch of people in that ruins it for all of us. Now, if you own a gun, some people think you're fucking asshole for no reason just because they don't understand that its funding blow up things at a firing Range it's fun thing I'd nothing else. I rose like watching ski explode from time to time. I have there. That's it doesn't indicate some dark this in my heart, it's fun to be outside its funds shit blow up it's funny here, big booms, it's fun! So anyway, beside the point. The point is that a gun right looking guns that are common man. This shit it's come. Down the pipes, the fair but you're gonna be able to have some wet works by a lab and your basement and Harvard some kind of weird shit that- The weaponry that's gonna, be accessible to people in the future. It's gonna be way more powerful than what we have now and that's the scary part. Don't you think that's kind of built into this system that
in order for us to progress to this next level? The only thing that's holding us back Is that there's gonna be a certain amount of people that are left behind. So the idea, Is this system was almost ensuring providing almost everyone with the same technological capabilities to destroy the world that we all have to get it together, like you have to force people to take care of all the facts, spots yet is literally. We have to literally embrace the idea of us as a super organism, an ape but we see that sick. We have to heal it immediately. We can't look at some answers thing NGO, namely that check that, what's cancerous the worst aspects of skid row skid rose, answers. Side row is a if you haven't been any good ally, really should go. Through downtown and see skid row cuz, it's shocking, it's it's it's one of them. The most densely packed representations
People with mental health issues, people despondent drug attics. All these objects into this area. There are living out of boxes and it's like it's one, those things where each Ok, what is examined anyone gonna do anything. I couldn't get it. It can put up places to freedom. Is there a way to fix this. Is there a way to help these people was or way? Is there a way to get them? the occasion do bigger counselling, as it is our way like. What can we do? I go as ever. You just can ignore that you have a cancer in the middle you city, yeah. I give you drive by that. That's a spot that sick, like that spot sick! That's! That's us! That's not us in our best versions of Duncan Trust, will go and hiking yeah, we're Goin Laurel Canyon together here but in drinking water yeah. I got a new trainer. Yet is that and then there's this? yeah. You know, and you see easy skid row yoga what the fuck is going on there. What are you gonna do with us? Beat the Congo we're gonna do with India. Will you do with all Party Mean India, which part of India most of it. How about this
reed, arms as many people and one third, much room as America ripe and they're gonna keep when two right gonna keep having sex the people, yeah and n n n n. Yes, so that's a prob man's crazy! So but in the, but that neural interesting terrain, which is that ok, what you're talking about, I'm pretty sure stone. Cleaning up the cancer. It's almost totally socialism impact make Alex Jones, but Hall sucks so far and side of him that it would cause the singularity Jerome It would be very clean out the cancer. What are you gonna do put him in camps. What are you got any money at Yale Unipolar, my view, because it is that the opt out. It's not that, though these kind of the opposite, it's gotta, figure out some way to give them, women. We will look at it like if you look at skid row how much money, which caused ex cleanup skid row wonder what it costs to all
a sign, elegant, Swat team of specialists that kinda, like a re, introduced, homeless people back into society and the comfort women get them jobs, train them? Unlike have money expert, but about how much money with that to cost? Would they be even what the rack war costs in a day right may get fed through. You can fix giant spot on earth with with me in areas like you can't just throw money at the problem. The tsar tax dollars is, I'm talking about exact same tax dollars. Redistributed. Let's go if you, if you really don't like the government, take new tax dollars. I completely understand I complete. Understand, but guess what you have any choice now as to what they do with it. I wouldn't you'll, be happy if they took the same amount of money and they just put more of it towards that more of it towards Fixing, oh yeah, all these factors neighborhoods, where everybody is born into severe poverty. It's cool! That's a fucking
I just bought in that. You could call me socialist, because icon em with that it with that kind of stuff, a kind I am, I am with p that are trapped in bad circumstances. I am with babies, I am with children, they grow up and horrible environment. I'm totally socialist yeah I'll. Think those kitchen have to pull themselves up. Other bootstraps now things be away that we prevent these people that live in the worst box in the world. From from Continuing with that horrible, like state of living, that horrible quality of life- where you're, getting sick. All atomic just ran the front mind from the: U Fc used to fight me. I see now you can work with the Congo's and the pygmies and these pygmies in the Congo's, like the swedish people, any help semi gets medication. We helped one wells there and we we get people to donate money on Bitcoin, I match the money and then God Wells dude. It's disguise the coolest, but these did these people
and ass to be born there, man and they have these bulging stomachs, cosy. Little kids have all these parasites inside and they have bad war when the reasons why so many even get sick, this kind, when over there, man- and this guy is hoping these people in a very tangible, very real sense- is right there in that and when, when you- and when you see that someone out there is like that, like it gives everybody like a little more hope. Yes, what we have to do This is what we have to do is make sure that all spots where there's people on the spot was people think it brought to have normal way of living yeah like a normal way of living matter, Sir cage food we can do that? Yeah? We can do that, and all we have to do is just put different people. In charge of getting all the money right would just prop other people brought instead of war profiting you just have like hope, profiting yeah all these different organizations that people are like
on two and they want like you're gonna, just in rent drawn He has to go over there. I ve spent six months over there. He gets malaria, fucking malaria, fuck yeah fuck. These people are out there, maybe they're out there and then ideas instead of those instead of like recognising those pour out their wrecking they're out there and then become one of them. That's the next step, but come one. You know it's like this guy. Cornfield a jack Cornfield this Buddhist. Each tells me about Buddhism. He says we don't want you to be a Buddhist. We want you to be the Buddha, don't You're fucking, don't you you want to become that you? Anyone can that's other thing than you can continuously or now. By calling the number on their screen instantaneously right now, no doubt about it within the next hour, regardless of your economic situation. Give some percentage of what you have in a way. That's probably Are: can affect your life to see cause
en masse, would create what you're talking about the healing beam? The tray? formation, the shift to ease We read out what you could do it right. The second is a good and across done with taxes. It could be that it can meet. It needs to be both its just taxes, because again that goes back to the government. The government government government government government right, but the government at least we could look at the books. Its citizens start open up companies and go over there and do charity work on one up pocketing allowed the money like it still gives us back at the core level we get. Figure out a way to eliminate greed and a way to elevate people up to a normal health status? That's right like modern living, that's right if they want to, but what, if they don't want to, I didn't mean it other people to live in the jungle, Brazil they promise like fuck. This molecular here are like the guy pass next to the seven eleven yesterday I saw shoot up with black tar heroin. He I don't know that I think that's gonna, like I
I can imagine what conversation in, like some nice AIR Cognition dome. I could have with that guy that, but you know what that not fair. Who knows what, if you give my began, what if there is or what, if we developed like an actual you know, Superman or for addiction, and you can like snap em out of it. Will this Amanda how Gama podcast today and he was really interesting, Doktor Andrew Hill and he's ago created this stuff is like a neutral pick blends called true brain uncle. Alec three different ones tries you want. I was I had one of caffeine earlier anyway, very very cool and interesting guy- and he was talking about this very thing while denote the Anita. This very thing is This is a lot you know about Singularity University incurs well and D. I think, is named determined as Europe. This book abundance I can never get his name right, but so basic. Ideas, what world big problems. How do we fix them
using the law of accelerating returns, and it's real the thing you're doing right now is the most is, is almost as important as fixing the problem, the them. It's like what TIM, fair, Told me when he was interviewing like super wealthy people, he said they asked better questions, it's the It's like fearlessly asking the big, fucking questions like what do we do to heal, skid row. How do you find one How do you get fresh water TED? All the parties? world that are currently drinking diseased. Why? How do you do it in How do we use this new text? this new emerging technologies it to get that people will this is this guy s best is one of a special is using Neuro feedback to cure people of ADHD to cure. Peep of all sorts of issues
I figured out a way to give them to empower them, how to manipulate the brainwaves around all done through technology. All legit above board, all know, whew stuff at all are fascinating. Bio feedback stuff super open minded guy, who, like really fascinated about the concept of fish, in certain addictions and weird behaviors, by monitoring Neuro Feedback and figuring out how the mine works, really trusting stuff dude. Really we go that some some stuff. They ve created, they ve been to eliminate seizures and people who are epileptic by giving them the. To manipulate the way them their mind more, like change, gears in your mind, teaching you how to monopoly and move in and train. It really really really fascinating stuff. So when you the guys like that are out there that are doing this kind of shit. You like I will gain is one, but he was talked about a bunch of things whose a bunch of things even sometimes shock therapy. What he said it's what seems didn't need to happen as needs to be.
Complete reset the system- and he said a bunch medical terms- I don't remember- I have to go back over and listened exact how he described it. It happens. Buddy. You said these transfer. We have experiences, are very, very poor, four resetting reshaping, essentially what we ve been science. You operate on momentum, The momentum, the world clip your heels and almost can't get out of your own way to this. Guy is talking about image. A neuroscientist standpoints was really interesting to get like a guy, really knows what the fuck is. He talking about kind of a firm your suspicions might be gained some sort of a vague way. You know you mean your suspicions being like the research that comes from a super duper. Psychedelic trap, very yeah, yeah right, yeah You know what you need to step outside yourself, yes, and
Lena, the reset that comes when you have some tragic event, happened in your life? You, since you know it's only the it's always that moment where you're, like oh shit, cause it's like it's kind of like. A bit, a really intense game, a make believe that's what society is like everybody's playing these roles in everyone's early committed to the game in the most intense way possible, and you get so method to their particular role, that you're playing whatever it may be that you forget that just one Roll out of an infinite number of possible ways that you could be, you could be you? Could you don't have to be stuck in your current see system of predilections or like really like break it down your eat. People are either attracted to certain people tend to be attracted to things are repelled things in the things that you are attracted to. Some people aren't attracted to and the things that you repelled by some
people are not repelled by their attracted to you. So the question is how much. Can you change your life. Of attraction or desire and aversion. How how trapped are you in in whatever your particular modality is. Can you get out and you sure, as far can and these deciding Alec trips. Definitely one way. Meditation is another way to figure it out. It seems like we whoever we are, whoever we are, where we are operating on some sort of an operating system and that operating system is your personality, It's like it allows you to go through this life, with some sort of a weird semblance of how things are gonna, be because you know how they just work yes and it can be empowering or can be extra We disempowering, especially if you like certain aspects of your past, of the Ewe Ewe you frustrated with them? Defining you yeah and that's where things are
I dunno experiences can really come in handy because they Joe you out of this or the death of a love. One could have a similar effect. You now obviously much more tragic and much more difficult get out of. But if you know you talk to someone and they lost a loved one, regular trivia bulshit is really the knocking affect them. The same way, it's going to fix some of his living aboard life, who wants to so about shed some loses. Their man didn't wanna gossip upon, not man, you know it's like there's justice. Reality things. It's totally different people can go and when they go you, you're gonna miss them. You gotta MR loved one yeah. I'm gonna get out of this one time or another while while everybody else is going well, that's where it becomes, simultaneously tragic and then, on top of it, there's that DM t thing that you get tat where it's like right, as your mom died guess was
you're going to die too and everyone's gonna die in everyone's already died. They show me we'll die before you and then somewhere in there. Cause. You know, man, I think you're talking about their there. The waking up it happens from it dad that involves grief? That's like the very beginning, part of the thing that you are given. Apparent dies, but in the next thing you're given is that after that is pretty fuckin incredible which is their you realise that their needs. They all seem to be gone. There you know what I mean that, even though that there physical body isn't here anymore. You really You do feel them in certain ways. Inside of you not a delusional way like this My mom is following me around, but it feels like you can feel your mom in your heart all the time. I'm always there all the love. They give you all this. Behind other bullshit. Everyone's gamble.
Jake, is where human beings, but the thing behind all that that's what sticks around inside the EU and its it's really beautiful and I think you know If I take a dim teach Europe, because my tendency is for my to go to their grief for my attention to go to the archives, don't want to die and I'm gonna lose any body out tonight? I can't believe how many people are gonna die in everyone's gonna that my attention habitually goes to their, but whenever you like, log DM tee one. Thing, I've noticed when I've done it outside whatever the statute of limitations is that. Here immediately, given this view of one of the most. Beautiful things. You ever seen your life and there appear most beautiful. The perhaps most beautiful in the cinders, their sentience to it alive how for whatever reason it does not feel coming from you. If you like itself things alive.
You're, like somebody you're like somebody Is that a hard day at work in just one? into the ultimate surprise party, where everyone's life and it's like- oh god, it's beautiful, but I'm fuckin tired so sad and I feel like shit and it's like the the message it gives you is. I see you are clinging to this identity. Of this sad, tired, I now be person, but if you just let go for a second you're, gonna have a really good time at his party. You know and that's the identity reset that I think that they're talking about and itself possible That's a game, the game of the hunt. Over business man with a brief Kazan, the weary phase in the big size and the depressed tweets and moves Falcon world. That's
wrote you are playing a part. You are, you are like fucking Daniel Day Louis and you committing fully to the part of the moon we depressed businessman business. And that's a par in your winning awards, for it left and right in the form of all the people, is eagerly a you are the people you are, who you may feel sad or on the other you're, having a real effect in the world, will bring you when you try to sell someone something you're in a certain tyrant, you doing a ritual dance. Yes, you are yes, you are. I am not a dance you thrown up those fuckin tail feathers and second in the gullible, yet danced. Inevitably, some arguer make a deal noon when these two thousand for teens F one fifty they changed, structure to alone. I'll. Tell you what I don't like it buddy. I like the old steel, like the good old steel, not wearing a real good deal on that John Hathaway Talk continues at her, that's what salesmanship is to really get acting yeah being a pickup artist is, and that's why It's the same ideas pick out. It's true
its trickery or inside yak yeah, but but a cool thing to realise is in its funding arise and it's a blasphemous thing arising from its plasma, because You want to believe the year. A victim you want believe nice to fuck. You can blame other activists The best echo moments put the fuckin, please gazed down and take the sigh sit down in your couch. Now you got an excuse to slip back that fuckin whisky that you ve been trying to. Poor all over Europe. Happiness its frozen under the fucking eyes of the role. That you're playing fun. It's fun to be like that, but the psychedelic Second, the mushroom decided Alex reminds you it won't you get away with that. It's like nano I'm sorry friend, but you the garden of Eden. It's beautiful here and perfect. I'll get ready for some really bad news. You're perfect
we love you you're, wonderful, your forgiven haven't done anything bad. Everything that you see is bad, is something that you did when you a dream. You sleep walking, we don't care we love you, no matter what are you ready to accept that were right for you and that sucks because if you really hooked I'm being Elliot Smith and you, we get off on that fuckin dark, the you're, it's a little annoying to realize. I cute you fuckin, given away the thing man why people know I'm committed to this, They say Daniel Day Louis he had it carried around during my left foot the crew, because he can did so much to the role of being a pair. Did they added carry him from one place to the next, because the way, the axe its incredibly deserve. Damn. If people talk to you is Dana. They Louis the you wants to be the role that he said so in the same way, when deemed he comes along and is like. Mr
Louis now that is not who I am. I am ass, a man who was middle aged is tat, fine and is trying to control people we weren't acting the way I want them act. I am not Fucking, Mr Trustful, whoever you just called me, I'm not a being of love! I'm being of darkness like now, you just plain make believe man, you don't have to playing that you have shown issues you have ninety slippery issues yeah already over Tycho upon that. Why are you a fuckin, why are you wearing a news? The geometric patterns? You know that's one of the things that the secret services I can and were has to wear on the job. They all have clip clip you, so you, those guys awry guys sense, make sense,
if your business is not being a businessman, is any better or worse than any other. Well, that you're playing its what's bad is when you forget that you're playing the role will the the realisation that you ve come to, while on a psychedelic trip that will have to be almost a realisation that everybody comes to when technology and an information they meet head on when we hit will hit the of the fork in the road, the Tipp of the spear, if you get to the part where both sides are moving in like an unstoppable pace, there's gotta be a way, has gotta be a way to bring everybody into the party. Yes, if you don't, if, if more people don't know about it, if more people dont experienced this, this pause in history, where people across the entire planet are waking up and saying Wayne him in this thing, this whole thing might not be what we think it is. This
whole thing might not be what we think of this crazy desire that we have is finite. Life forms to build a nest egg and put together some fucking structure somewhere that you going to stuff with shit and doing so and doing self feed this weird machine you're throwing money into, and it's chewing the money it's about, the fucking give birth. It's got its robot legs in the air, robot, pussies, quiver India and its induces throwing money into its robot tits. Yet it's just shoe and that robot money up and it's ready to give per it's really they give birth is some sentient, super intelligent thing yeah. That will then give with two other sentient super intelligent things has rat figure out a way to completely rewire the entire earth. All of our waste will then be converted into a pie. If everything that's negative, all pollution will be azure, neared out of commission and into some sort of oxen cleaning machine YAP that fuels its
on pollution to the point where it gets certain pointing when it runs out just spits flowers when it runs out it takes whoever remnants its flowers into the sky as where you walk, have rose. Petals falling from this yak skies can be perfectly clear sure, yeah why not one? Why not it's it? I mean if you look at what's going on now compared to what was going on thousand years ago. This is a wonderful wonderful time and also in this book, abundance highly recommend For anybody using that not feeling like you're in how who wrote it, I can't that is now. Can you will get a look it up demand as he's one of the co founders of Singularity University. Let me look at our peril. Quick one, the guys it thinks it's all very rosy. Well, it's not like, they think everything's thing. They recognise that seat. Dick this thing about the areas, Peter De Amandas. Yet the thing about this
love, accelerating returns. It doesn't just applied a great things. It also applies to care. So so so I these guys it isn't knew there was a these guys understand that the collapse that the collapse is going to have the same kind of velocity is the whatever thing is so that don't think they're so naive about it. There just just recognise this: what Calling out of date be being born. They recognize a thing being born. They can kind of predict what phase of birth its end. Based on that prediction, they can predict. What's come, our next and based on that prediction taking stock working right now to solve some of the big problems out there and one of the things he says, is that in a lot of countries. You know that the mountain Why phones right now, just insane or the amount costs. One example gives is this the amount it would have cost too like your house prior to
Trinity with like lax and all sir turns is so much more expensive than the amount it cause to light your house. Now, it's so much cheaper, the technology of lighting is exe simple to almost almost all levels of economy, except for the Ultra super, very, very, very a very poor and there's a lot of them out there, but Having a light bulb in your shack can still happen, and if you have light bulb in your shack. You're dead hell of a lot better than a lot of people used after tower came what he called it like old school wax and there's a lot other examples which is our part of what I am saying is theirs. If we can there's a few problems, we have to solve right now. One of them is clean water a clean water for the huge, so many turn the world you just don't have at their drinking poison every day, so that's we gotta figure out in theirs.
You other big ease like that and people I came are of the opinion. These are very solvable problems based on current, Predictions having the direction that tack, not technologies going. It incurs wells, fuckin predict you're coming true man there's a lot people who were all their eyes am wasn, I recently came out and said you know I used to think that was crap, but now is realising its true. You know this is happening. It's definitely happening folks, like demand, is or they're trying to say the boat in the direction of utopia, because they know that be done, and while nets COS, I have heard people criticise, occurs. As ideas saying that he doesn't really understand. Human biology doesn't understand the biology of marine, but I think his point his point is, I think, is that it does not matter. You're not gonna have to be will replicate everything. The brain doesn't how it does it in order to recreate consciousness, the consciousness may be independent of that you might be able to literally might
the transfer it. I hope. So that's can be so bizarre that really does happen if they can figure out a way to download your consciousness into a computer. If there really becomes we right now, it's like it's. It's one of those things that are working on, but it seems like a pipe dream right does not do you still what Consciousness challenge rosing consciousness into a computer. They seems like a pipe trade seems like a pipe dream until you ok, so a lot, but I believe we could happen, I'm sorry ability urban. I think you could do man You're an antenna you're they earn Tina, consisting of all the Nan Open, because all the way up to what you are right now- that combination of everything inside the meat by that your currently think it's called Joe Rogue? It in some configuration right now. It's in some exact, figuration or maybe in the deepest levels, it's kind of like harmonic Abrasions are weird residences that are happening in the nanotubes to of your den drives or something, but regardless the place. What
thing in front of me right now. The idea is, if I duplicated exactly it's gonna, be you. Is it gonna, be exactly you as you are right now and if it's there If we really are antenna, then yet the two men, the thing that Europe tuning at an maybe Both of you will be tuning it and, at the same time, maybe be this weird syn of being stretched in the two different forms maybe you will actually have to extinguish one form to here is the other and who the fuck knows, but without be the ultimate pool right if they can prove that that form the form of virtual life is more rewarding, more powerful, more beautiful view went into a virtual life. Is you plugged into the matrix, and you were in avatar and am in love that blue check you just fly around dragons together, you might do it did you might do it? I mean it might feel amazing. It might feel which is wonderful, rye, Emmy. Ok, so if, like ok, let's amount,
but let us imagine that we can do this by just because we ve got to the point in history, where, through some four, of analysis. We can scan the human body and tune consciousness in in virtual land right, but here fill out year. It is temporarily or consciousness has been transferred into avatar world, you fly and dragons making love to these amazonian blueskin women. Imagine like an hour and a half of living in this planet. When you knew you had to come back now, I genome I think I'm gonna come back. I think How do you pay for it? So you'll have to get a job You're in the cloud now do have to get away, You ve been assimilated in the cloud. Literally, your credit card comes up in the cloud Melick. Looking need? You go on missions and your white
yeah, I realize you have to earn your keep even in the virtual world. They don't tell you that to sign up and nobody would sign up if we told him that, but you have to be virtual slave to pay. For your virtual account, you can keep riding your dragon, and here I want to show you some really funny, and then it goes to the web. Came the computer, your body sitting in front of, and it just guys like mouth fucking, your paralyzed meet body. That's it that's the thing too Evans devote our bodies. If we have our consciousness gets transacts a very good point: are they going to do with all these bodies and what, if you want to go back, can you go back and if you go back, what have you you go back and you like, like a personal brain damage. I good. If you go back and I'll get it, it doesnt work anymore. It's all right, it's not quite right or what happens when you're out of it in some other fuckin thing pops in It tends to be you like. What about that? overturning instep, because really arguments. Here is a few doable.
And we ve gone on rail, for I mean adjutant if we did transfer you back and forth, and you went there and you're just a meat box for a while, and then he came back six months later, but your brain damage, but you had fantastic star you just tell me back, but you can't believe but on the other side there there's dragons they pay Dave. The JAG inside people are vaguer, blue. It's me, They thought the tree. They link up the tree, the jury, seizure and try to decide whether or not you tell the truth that we believe is delusional. Something happened did Duncan, we think he had some sort of a seizure when he returned, he thought tat. He had lived for seven years in the clouds giant blue people. Obviously that didn't happen. Ok was only unconscious for half an hour, and you know you know what they don't know. You know you know you,
Rostov, but you run out of money. Well, hell area is taking the right age, but that is part of the state take everything, and then you, you know like six years. Six years ago. Right now right now. I sign up, for all, I'm saying is you're going to your car right now. Is your login to your car? You guys of thousands, biogas. Man is so glad to be Joel. Guy was the sea and like an awesome and opposite? A pop up is like putting your accredited expire, the Joe Rogan experience. If you wish to continue to live and fuck and pay for this, then you deserve it come to your some sweaty or guys sweaty ethiopian and alive care that fuckin that what's a cat, that's of the two caught caught I said I dont cestius casting someone gave me, I'm glad I mean you're, just gonna, weird amphetamine elucidated by you know man.
I think that that price- something that were or that's that's it Anything we are gonna have to deal with. Based on this new VIII. Are I've seen Vieira, action, is gonna, be a very, very real thing. So you called me when I was in front of the improv I picked up. The phone have told about ten people store. And you ll do the changes everything this is bigger than the internet, yeah how's, I why and I was really high and I was about Goin stage and I was listening to what the fuck do like. What? What are you talking about? We have You told me about this. Video that you saw like explained the video of grown ups, piano, the video. This is like. You know, and institutes gotten like fight, pretend times better than that way, but this was the demo of actual seraglio Israel you put design and suddenly you're like an aloft in New York and you're.
Watching this guy's, I'm looking at you like. He knows you smoking a cigar and he starts playing piano and look around you and a fuckin waft man looks like it's like tracked perfectly. It was. It looks your browser suddenly in this other place, and it feels really intimate If you like, you know the guy. This has before it I'd, be our porn who, by the way, which I must have told, namely stumble. I must have told you about. You have to pay I don't have to pay to use our emory going around now. What you I know you, you told what you warned me I warn jovial through two hours like champion. I can't will that's because I squeeze did out right before before I came on squeeze it yeah if you tried, we are porn and I'm scared. I'm scared. Life in that report, have lose your life in Vienna Porn Jesus, Rice, Joe you're, going to try it do you you do too to eat a hash cookie put on
our porn, goggles, slapped warm baby I'll, be a cock gap, no you're, not gonna slab warm baby oil, as you have sex with you but some than his sleeve on your college, that is two perfectly replicate exactly what's happening inside the dvr, you you'd be a one pump chump under those circumstances, the first time I'll be there, you, ve gotta, dug it says, hey man, I haven't seen you for. Whilst I thought I'd just I call on you, you ve lost fifty pounds. Had she she sunk in your eyeballs sitting, diva back your head, like hey man, you can see why liquids where these guarantee period is she's, been rub. It is some kind of like red. You can see. Tangible outer layers of the union have been peel the way first time
it's real one from job his fishery forget pizza Barnes is dead man. Do you just fucking hands of mere? I were evacuated by my chihuahua chewing. Discarded come napkins disguised as today's sewage DR protein from any. I bet you think, and here there are over the crazy loud really poor, coming out of Fuckin sent Iser headphones, your job, ignore it put it god dammit, I can't come with this fucking dog barking. Put it back that's it. But that is something that is it tell me that you're. Looking at my girl that crazy- or I mean yeah, I mean this is terrible. Porn is already for
sure that, from time to time, you occasionally will look upon porn black hair can you do from time to time? And it's already credibly engrossing, just in Tutti space, so when suddenly you find yourself in air in a room. That's nice your room with a girl that you never seen in your life, riding years and looking, you actually really loves you, and then you look down and its not your body anymore, and that's, not your cock and he looked back up. Beautiful girl seems there really like she's known for a long time, seems like a really good party h. Instead, you know what I mean like eighty That's the one that I saw, but it's like for a lot of people I think that's gonna be real hard to come back from its gonna, be real hard appeal. Those goggles off and walk in your living room where your wife is passed out on the honest
van and maybe your blanket falls down and other farts that have been now the marathon, the cannibals chunky super. She earlier come laughing up into your face. You know and you look down at your body and it's you know, adjusted normal body. It's not the ripped tat. Do to is fucking you ever that girl, wise and you're gonna like This strange kind of virtual jet lag or you have to accept that paradigm that your existing in is not If a paradigm, that's can we hard for a lot of people too ought to deal with I think that's going to be a real. A real price that's a real problem. Man. I think it. I think you're right and I think the visual aspect of it just having the robot thing on your dick tat. So crude, that's like one step there going figure out a way to tap those ideas directly into your brain
going to be able to experience it you going to experience it. I think it's probably going to come in the form obviously have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about. But if I had a gas like, if I had a random spec nation on the future. I think we're going to find a way to Poured memories device in hd there there, find a way to either do something the eyes or figure out a way through something you where to tune in to the reality the experiencing from head to toe tuner opportunities, Cythera frequency record it some sort of a hard drive I have a little tiny flash thing. I will have a little flash. In the back of our head or who knows man, maybe even all just being the cloud all around you all the time, that's more likely very likely and will be able to dip into the bank of other peoples, periods, jail, have the antenna, that'll shoot right, into our memory or right
to our mind right into our experience centre and boom omelette? Duncan trestles life, I'm snowboarding as Duncan Trestle and when it right I start with it Jimi Hendrix Manic depression is playing, don't know known, don't you wake up snowboarding in you. Body. Listen the Jimi Hendrix and I'm living your life the annexed our two hours. You recorded this. In put it up on Youtube, that's what you two becomes too becomes nobody gets to live, what you're living it goes. Total next lab it makes you two today look like cave drawings out, awaited tat, deep into the actual memory itself, even missing your dog Then, like thinking when I get home, I'm gonna deftly throw out that toilet yeah. That stuff it's gonna, be in your head, you gonna be all of it recorded you're gonna be in an ocean of memories, digitally recorded in the class and also to forget, possibly maybe
Suddenly graveyards are preserved, brains, become reservoirs of old memories, so you might even be able to harvest the memories of the dead. You know you my who knows. If ebbed genetics, If these memories are being stored or encoded, maybe you could go the dna of a Mummy have Einstein's brain, I hope Dalton I don't know, I feel it is preserved, Einstein's brain. I think they got it s like do an experience aw shit, trying to find out why so wacky strong super powerful? Can you imagine now imagine the lock and waking Einstein up in a computer, and the first thing he's like what way? Where am I? What what have you done What have you fucking asshole? You do this year to shut me off having a great time up in Heaven. I'm not going to show you off. I'm gonna drop you in the world.
Of Warcraft. Now? What are you gonna? Do lines die you better, get some magic at a level, that's gonna, be weird being that we are going to be able to read or to resurrect anyone whose dna still says and dropped them, and video games and torture is her fine, well that when you talking about porn being a real problem, the other thing that can The real problem is that video games- Video games, you gotta, be a crazy problem. Has its awesome as they are now. Did I get jealous this thing on Kim dot com, kinda coms, apparently like the number one call of duty player in the well on point. Here we re, as I hear he's the guy who runs mega upload and aid. They took all the money. Like this crazy thing with America, either Sandy's fly
injustice because he won't come to America's days in New Zealand. Reports are ease the coolest guy ever. He seems very, very, very, very, very cool and for whatever reason anyway, It is they should they had his tour of his house, and I you know I can go into the details of his case, but I was watching video game rooms, gonna like a room way places fucking game, I can watch it for a few minutes. I watch her for a few minutes. Content must be focused on tat unless we saw from the play coming back get anywhere from now. No, I can't let you do, but this it's gonna be nothing is almost like a bit. Tabularly would have to take like do hold you You, this hungry cause in the half an hour, there's a Kentucky Fried chicken, and they got that new. Double double of Yad. That behind us, like you, pass like MIKE burgers. You know Yankee just hang on for another half hour. That's what I feel like it's like. What they're coming out with these goals gathered even am even car MAX had its media day. He asked me if I had been indoctrinated.
Oh, I saw that tweet man. I turn green with jealousy car max tweeting, you that's incredible. May I met him a bunch of times man hole at play: shit, wake against his crew thou as nuts yeah. I saw that yet another coups things ever do he's right about indoctrinated, do because it is an indoctrination it in the people who like indoctrinate you like my pal Johnny or ass, when he brought me to special room to try this XVIII. Our should I use. I get ready, get ready, this will change, This is gonna blow your my he's totally right to manage. It floated Dallas you and me we should film it for the show the word, I don't yes, lighted doubts and hang out with karma. Every awesome he's he's an intimidating intelligent. Definitely need to get you to try out the most amputated It transpired you gotta, try almost air causal tried, but I'm scared
the new magically playing video they put out last week of the disposable. It's gonna. Look like! Ok, let's see what magically books like here. Can the folks at home see some versions of an appeal to make that happen? Tonkin dog is healthy, new healthy fit Duncan keeping together Duncan, oh my god, so this magic leap it lets holograms appeal and appear in front of you and the there spinning. This person and videos spinning these holograms, and moving them around, stretching them and touching them as if their the interface on a computer up again you're, damn right now, so he's about to play a video game right now in his head. This is fuckin insane any as a gun, where'd you get that gun, that's plastic gun or visual virtual they can be virtual disease, hold them in his hand, no chance to China that's what I'm trying to say,
I'd, rather have a real gun. Rogan gun this so he's playing, The games in his house things that are in his house with this might be the end of the world. Ok come on who's, gonna fuckin go outside and play. Stick ball. Tell me that what kids you're wasting following you can do this. This is the dope is shit the world has ever seen. Oh my Well, oh, my god. An attack by robots to terrify the key. Sorry, oh shit, he's good literally out of breath kids, you gotta get in shape, we're going to of super warriors COS, constantly running around playing video James those army, directional treadmills, This is insane monuments in black Maria allows us together. Just talking about they talked about on the new so, not back every little don't spoil earlier, because everybody told me that the new episode-
isn't saying we got you gotta see it does everything you don't just talk about. Of course, of course, have you seen the new episode of what is called again black near US one episode that Show- and I liked it was it was weird- is the PIG Fucking Epps zone? One that's tat! I was gets woe it's like look, I'm crazy for can show this I mean I was a really interesting dilemma that guy was phase. That was a fascinating show, but new one, is possibly awesome and deals with the law of the stuff that we just talked about. Is that there's a bunch of people that are aware that were in some, its base. We just showed the games that you play on magically Gaza. We just shoot the people in your living robots coming after you insane insanely cool yet that's right, man that that stuff is really cool. That's that's the data visualization! That's idea that were surrounded by this mist of data in the technology. He's going to visualize it now these new ways I currently the weights visualizes in 2d on the screen
a packets, but idea like you know, just cool shit like as you're driving. Your tweets are any tweets you come flying in, car or you know, tweets will become three things floating around. People are my foot. From Pemberton says it's gonna be Johnny permanent, funny, guy easier as it it's gonna be like credit is I welcome the new form of a lead as I'm and that you are in your augmented reality land your credit score and flowed around us here that people get. You know that gonna shit like it's gonna be work is the way that the people build them. Elves up. Is augmented reality is gonna, be hilarious like run the trophies you air like little augmented reality, metals, that your work is, you know, like you know, it's a big deal for people, my twitter follow first. You know if you are really ended at the number of twitter followers. You have it. I'm gonna indication of your fame. So DEC
no shit, people going to figure out ways to to wear it and augmented reality, space in kind of subtle ways, but ways that people can see used. If you wanted to brag about your success the way, advise visualize. It was by wearing gold. You know what I mean: it's a feeble still, do it right, they want to show their so they want it sadly say I'm a rich mother fucker. By showing you their cause watcher gold chain like see, I'm actually wearing a rare metal, dad I'm doing good to recognize it when the new way of doing that is going to be. You know this shit. There really is more relevant, which is like you know. What what are you gonna look like in the virtual world? If it's predicated on how much money have what, if you would, if you look like that Persian die from hundred the giant. I was his name Xerxes Xerxes, get about that shit's on average Superbowl you ten feet tall
ten foot tall, Persian do the cool earrings, but you can only look like that if you got a seven hundred credit score and have a city that, but you can look like that, if you have a seven hundred credit score and a city bankcard, look like that yet at something despite two Duncan yet feed the machine, because it's like thinking that, what's that stupid car thing, everybody that people get really into the black American Express the black. But it's like things like that stupid, stupid ways that we try to like this stupid tail, feathers that you try to bed and he's done. Control he's got a black, or that are there like you another just so many ways the people tried to are the new add an apple watch, and if you want you can get one for nineteen thousand dollars with a gold chain and then liking or on a show everybody again loud ed. Ten grand tango, those who were spent one tango somewhat them it's crazy, but still it's very funny, though the way we try to indicate our worth or value is through a rare metal when, when,
What really indicates a person's value these days is not so much like. Can you will well aware Your metal, its other staff that goes into a you know, it's not just the jewels that you are. You know like that's the thing you give your girlfriend a diamond, and then they wear their super. Some women are so you know like the thing it's like it. It's a boring cliche in movies, where it's like. He got you a giant diamond and it's like a big. It's it's a big deal This is so funny the way that we, those things be outdated with augmented reality. It's gonna be certain. Add ons to your physical form that you can only obtain visa shit, tons of money or some other social online standing, which demonstrates your worth in the clouds so for now embrace the physical our enjoy the shit outta cheeseburgers milkshake. He s sex now just have a
to give a lotta hugs out, because it's gonna get real virtual yeah. That's right He'll, Gwig yeah, it's come and get all the reality. Stuff outweigh again. That's right within a hundred years is not going to be here on a ten ten years tenant geez I say tat, I mean ten years and we're all in some were aware, using some form of augmented reality technology, but these people. Now, when you ask them we would really like in the know about, That's when you ask them. What are you predict? in ten years there like they're like forget it man, you Want me to tell you what things are. Oh look like when there are five times as fast as they are now. That's what you me to tell you you will meet to predict, kind of innovations come from. An apple computer five times as fast as the fastest apple computer on planet earth? I can't do it. Possible to guess we don't know it's a big fucking question mark fresh when you start talking about decades.
Can't do it, who decades yet go now, go back in time ten years and predict this, how How accurately would you have predicted some of the things happening right now, and I give you predicted Goober, you would have predicted most things. Who'd have predicted podcast to go there, and there I do, member that Christian Slater Movie where he was the rebel there was broadcasting the irish radio show to members he had a run and hide park, has so far out the words that tried and fucking gonna play the cool songs. Not just girl bullshit. You know I always knew all just a girl is about ass jam. Maybe Chris
and Slater just has obscured, takes, has never shoved Don Throat when you need do is by goddamn radio licence. Like everybody else, I set up a business criteria. Already unrest real ran straight government needs to guess at. Why does we do that. Why does he have to be a pirate? He needs to get licensed, get licence, pay, government. There do yeah criminal broadcasting music through the sky without a license and throw he had a fuckin dangerous situation. He was running from the cops, but it was more important to him to continue Broadcut sitting, shitty music over the forbidden skies to fight found that it was the state free. He was gonna answers it was so beautiful had great bone structure. The acute man with a sort of young Jack Nicholson thing very? As broadcasting from his car pump up the volume dude very guns on the first part, castor, hump, the volume he was the per.
First podcaster, he was driving around Yelena people, the skies phone they like goddammit. So glad you look at the real so funny the idea that some young guy too it's always great, like some young guy who gets it and those like these older people that just yet Knowing is due to be in real life, some young guy driving on the government is? Stealing taxes are stealing nobody's protesting about oil producing mount multiply, the Smiths I mean, do you judge, You people on good, fucking, music. Please I do. I remember that I thought that that is the course fucking musical escape girls, love em. I watch and IBM who shows a role god and movies, those guys we be so perfect, a cat. I wish I could be like John Hoosac and say anything
and they were the boom box on my head and get the girl back or what's his name and from what about footloose remember, for whose yes, I wish also free that I could come some small town and dance and still trying to pick up girl. Some tat end that I'm not gay. This shown up dancing. Focus dance, Kevin Bacon, that's too bad shows up, he's, got fuckin moves practice and well well well! Well, how come you doing man type sheets on? How can you show up hanging around Barnes and Shit, but leading panting and they re overthrow the old funny daddy's, that's right. The fuckin preacher the study growth. The daughter member yeah preachers die It was banging our two laughs at Classic Classic, Yes, that's why the singularity is right. It just Kevin Bacon. Coming to our dimension and like aging is IDA, had or come the oppression of old power structures were Justin Footloose, with a fancy to step.
Food fixes everything and Kenny Login songs, gonna hurt song the other day list or how about this organ geniuses that remade that movie, how about that how long you someone sat around they remade it. Oh, they hardly get. Thirty did it. Yes, someone watchful losing goes goddamn. When you do this again How come they ever done? Our roadhouse, ok, They didn't do that dude from the HBO show Danny Mcbride in Denmark, the dude, oh yeah totally. He needs to do roadhouse, daddy to his version of IE needs. Do anything, that's one of monies. If he did, a real if they did the exact same scrap exactly the way it happened. I bet it would be one of the few is what we shall find every incredible it's not you. It's dynamic, bride
and fur. That's the same guy with the thick mustache Danny Trio I'm recasting agent. Yeah you lie. Would why now been amazing, move who wouldn't that's a great goddamn forego the Abbe, incredible Mcbride as Patrick so easy and Danny Trio as that, SAM Xl, fine, SAM. What is new damage? The gout. Does the truck commercial ramp trucks ram turf. Does they do around? I assure you mean you, I'm confused that that you're talking about I used to be in jail yeah, but I'm talking about the guy in the road House move in the road house movie. What is an end, Samuel, That's right! You know SAM Elliot, his son, who, dare you you know, SAM Elliot, is right. Now? I would. I was gonna lie and say I do some work in an hour. An upward for there is oh yes, I am sure you know that guy so in the
and immigrate version deck eyes claimed by Danny Trio. That's your cause, he's gotta get jacked and then- I don't spoil alert roadhouse when he's gotta get jacked and then they Patrick Swayze Guy has to go and kicks mass so who plays the bad ass dude? Who plays this guy? There is there some other guys to backup Roquat going to shut the guys they would fight with there's some other dude as you all pictures of him. That's not necessarily all road house with those who were there was a Who is the number one karate guy, that Patrick Swayze? You had a fight? Excuse me, I've got the end which kills them That, though, is the guiding protein, the fuckin super basque. I I don't know who place him. Yes,
I vote for Mario Lopez, say a perfect. The up handsome beautiful have you seen. Can act, can box ever seen the fist footway? Of course, I also fucking, that goes genius his genius, he just funniest shit all times he is so funny. Did you see that movie the end? This is the end, whatever the one I was with James Franco, and now only now glad you're, my leader shit. Is he funding that movie holy shit? Is he funding that movie link that might be as funny role ever, not bullshitting when people say that to watch it not bullshitting move sometimes bullshit nor I gotta go soon. I do too so that autocrat cravat, in the park, as my arm does no good way. To anything. Excuse me little gem. It's no good wait! Anything's there to run right. We were too high starting
I was at least I was a little on the demos tumbling, because I had a point. The word we're both so energetic and so energized say, but have point about, like super leftwing people at all lost in MID thought our eye unaware went, but that's. How did you get pretty good job talking about rather disguise their aggression and there in the club. Whatever the thing is there doing it. Just Europe. People are use some some before getting these symbols, structures to try to make the world a better place before going you symbol structures to punch you with it somebody use like putting on Mica boxing gloved. It's like, like a velvet glove, someone punching you with velvet its there's still punching me. That's how I feel. Like shit. When you get around people who are inflicting their aggression on you had some kind of. I think it's ultimately a good lesson, though, taught me lesson that there's there's no real one ideology? That's got it nailed and you can have weirdos in every single group and the real thing
We have also to come to some sort of an agreement on is that we are all part of this organism right. That's that's what we keep getting to the way to fix this thing If we are really do have some sort of ultimate power like if, if technology continues to exponentially increase a point where the average person can just the universe reset switch. Is too much power. This is it Come some crazy you already moment where the average person as wait. You mean the power that you have and your phone is so indiscreet how the someone who lives in ancient Rome its describable and if it continues out and somehow another the kids out of the bag in invent some way to literally Everybody has the power to stop life as we know it. Any given time who the honesty way everybody looks at every body as just as important as them It's really almost the only way to cure the disease. That is the craziest of humanity.
The craziness of humanity's. Like this weird thing: where we can, we can be to human beings. Can either be madly in love or the best of friends or so appreciative of each other or each other's throats, trying to kill each other with their fingers. I have. No, you praise. I should like China, each other in the head with rocks fighting it. It can easily in one way or the other and the now at times- and it happens, the right way is incredible. You, look at the numbers that we're dealing with three hundred plus million wrap in this country. The amount of kindness and amount of happiness is off the charts Just not salacious, it doesn't draw us in it. Doesn't scare us? So we don't focused on it and why not? focusing on instead focusing on fear or focusing on hate or for
kissing on blame. We sort of perpetrated and the more people could focus on figuring out a way to just air phase as nicely with all the people around you as possible. As friend we and easily with other people, run your passport? The more you can figure out a way to do that. The better off the whole planet is in a whip, bore it'll There's gonna be people had violated. I didn't need people who don't play along. Can people who try to exploit it and fuck the adjacent manner? Man eventually will figure that eventually will overwhelm that there's a new ethic and the new ethic is brought about. By this way we communicate now. That's right that doesn't it this before, and I think also at it, you have to become you have to become a person action Your friend you are talking about here.
Helping people get water in the Congo to anyone. Listening can become that guy. Anyone listening right now can start taking steps in the direction of doing that, and if you don't have I'm going to fight for the forgotten. Does Google fight for the forgotten, I think its fight for the regatta dot org about pulled up right now, cause he's cause for what I am saying that Jimmy did didn't. I think for the four gotten dotcom. Yes, it is its fight for the vote I'll, come one word. Fight for the forgotten die conscious a genuine real cool guy, a real sweet guy and I mean he kind of throws in the face the idea that a lot of people have about him. I may fighters to they think they're brutes and me people he couldn't be kinder? I mean look at this picture of him hanging out. These pygmies
Do you realize that Israel is become slugger love, the guys like tat exist, which is so we we live in a cool time. Man we live in a cool time, Duncan mother controls and make an announcement aghast. Yes, I'm gonna, be the emperor doing alive part. Gastric on April eighteen impromptu? We're here livestock has endorsed California Eliza Improv controls live package Daniel below my Jesus God working on a third gas that the is the Saturday night Guess it is it my might be off on the day, I think is a deeper. The ninety four you can look up. My website is a Saturday April eighteenth here. Let me two thousand for tell you right now: son, these are my website. I'm I'm doing a lotta lie park ass coming up on. You loves us. It is so fine man, it is so fond. Do it really.
The boy and I can almost as much as you extend yes, yes, I do. I do it well, just because it's like you, it's a lot longer than a stand up show these things always end up being a lot longer, and there is more I know, man you it's like connecting with people out there and it's a new medium. It's like a new medium and its fund, a player. Our then see like the best. To do it and what works Why doesn't work? It is Hollywood is on the on the eighteenth, yeah to eighty four Daniela Hawaii- and I don't know this- I'm workin on the next irc rather guessed right. Now, I'm still putting the show together, but oh yeah Cool Ipod gas coming up. I can Clinton, and Cambridge Philadelphia and the ones in Brooklyn are sold Duncan troubled. Dotcom sold out in Brooklyn son I love you. We love you Dunton outlays, German, that's it for this day of fun,
I'd casting thanks to Doktor Andrew Hill was my first guess, and thanks to Duncan Trestle right back with you don't necessarily have to listen to, but by much love. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for tuna in and thank you to our sponsors thanks a square space, go to square space, dot com and used the code word Joe to save ten percent off your first purchase square space, dot com used, word Joe thanks also to stamps dot. Com gotta stamped out come use. The code word J, r e and get you one hundred and ten dollar bonus offer, which includes a free digital scale and up to fifty five dollars, a free postage, no Mister J, r e and thanks also to honour oh and an eye to use the code, Word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements, and if you are in Austin Texas me
sure. You check out the on it Jim, because it is in fact, though, shit check that are my friends. Much love you soon by big kiss.
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