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2015-04-03 | 🔗
Les Stroud is a Canadian musician, filmmaker, and survival expert best known as the creator, writer, producer, director, cameraman and host of the television series Survivorman. New episodes of Surivorman begin airing on The Science Channel in April.
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the joe rogan experience tweeting stream dot tv forward slash j o d r g and home sweet up fresh from making big for his bitch ladies and gentlemen less trout let somebody at joseph if it's fancy nightmare how do we do it i know i'm like you just got off stage at the comedy store which i couldn't believe you were there and i was here is perfect 'cause i got in a david spade amy schuler it's like it's still a lot and then get like it totally brought your engineers these guys like sleeping no brian was going into the studio store to brian was at the store and jamie i told him today that you were going to come by i'll
did this afternoon we had worked out accommodations and here we are you got energy man i did i lose well you're flying tomorrow morning to do what i like to do okay do would you like to do you got it and i know i'm and both might like my cameraman in my field producer they're completely my is not because they're not here and there like the big this fan of you and i'm like so you're going to bed and there if you're going to bed now they're going to bed at the shared anosike ok well your pussy is i'm going to hang with you sleep is for the weak sometimes sometimes good and it's a good idea to get sleep it's a renewable resource that says you gotta recognize and if you have an opportunity to do some shit that you probably couldn't do accept if you stayed awake you gotta their way if you don't stay away you know well in the software you can for a little if you can't pull an all nighter you don't get all nighter memory sensor that's right i got some all nighter memories when i was in high school band sleep in sleeper meant when you no
i'm sorry but i don't get in for an older and i'm still like okay i wanna sleep less actually do sleep less when you get older the tough to stop not flowing as much and you can't do that like sleep until noon anymore you can't do that as you get older which any it is a cool thing because you can hang out longer you just older you can but you can also get up at eight hundred o'clock in the morning jerk off and go right back to sleep that works too and it doesn't end sleep you just gotta get a fucking make sure you schedule you gotta wake is so this is so long as you wait so long as you wake up hard then you know you're still alive
certainly might mean just have to pay boehner said that's that's that's the owner that he on a useless the barely feel them and closed his dick as he can't really usm actually either can can but you can't you know i know i was not the same now become doesn't want to come through the pieces usually lasts longer yes exactly is very good at telling which way is just take this this i would we started at the bottom of this interview listen we're drinking and we just got back from a comic store it's one o'clock am was always one twelve thirty in the morning slate last time i was with you it was at am but it was all dark inside and we only had it we had a beer and it was only ten am one thousand am in the morning my weird and so but this is way more realistic is better yeah this is what i like doing different times i think is good do during the day sometimes but also good to do it at night sometimes especially like we've never done it like live like leaving the comedy store in coming here but that's
to do so first we own this joint we just come in anytime you want why not it's like it's like cutting an album anuak yeah neil young used to only do everything after midnight of course he did he probably didn't make it to you know back then before tmz probably every is an acid recorded stuff that's throw away i just don't want picture neil young naked at this moment just open up they have strippers going recording studios late at night yeah it's not just all dude why did notice it was aware they know you don't want it fuck up the dining like good set tonight that was awesome i was telling well enjoy i was i texting at one point 'cause i was listening as the on comedy central 'cause i'm just addicted to stand up comedy so tonight for was awesomeness will just going to and seeing all those all those great comedians and i text to and i realize you know how like some comedians have like a stick right like the most
obvious is like jeff foxworthy with izzy might be a redneck stuff and and all that i am with joe you were nailing into this stuff and i was listening he's a riff thing that he does there on analogies as on i called the rogue analogy because it's like you just like well you know like when you get up in the morning and he got it it's like well like an elephant giving you a blowjob through a straw and you shouldn't going actually just kind of like an elephant in your blowjob shoes not have a joke about an elephant and a blowjob and straw this is bad paraphrasing less gentleman from a drunk man dare you how dare you but you got the analogy down you do that i'm not i'm not like that the jordan smoke a blessing as it is like you got that down and you not because i'm a stand up comedian just allow of it 'cause i suck at it i could never do it scares the crap outta me i couldn't tell a joke to see myself but listen you that and listen you go into those analogies and it's like i'm going oh shit man that's right that is like that and it is like an hour
quit giving a blowjob i think pretty much anybody's ever made anybody laugh can do stand up it's just a matter of do you want to do it if you wanted to do it take a long fucking time but we all know guys you suck that in the beginning in but they were just such fans of comedy they just kept chipping away to avenge they figured it out and now like legit standups it just it happens it happens i figure fifteen minutes out there i just did in ninety minutes that's in la and vegas from with my music with my concert right and i did these conscious great we kicked ass i forgot my ninety minutes is barely as tough as you're fifteen minutes insists different it's just different man if you put the kind of time that you've put to searching for bigfoot and the music industry no combating you would be really good at it yeah but i'm not going to i'm not going
dude how many more bigfoot shows are going to do before you catch this mother fucker i need this i don't already have 'em could you any change my basic told maine come on man it's really it's really man nothing to be part of all of that and what's going on and and how i ended up in this position is because there's so much bullshit in the like that the nonsense that gets put out you know you got to show where you're trying to find bigfoot and you got gotta crack about thirteen episode so you need in with these crazy stories and silly stories and stupid stores and nothing much is going on and i'd much nothing nothing nothing nothing and i come along and i'm like ok you know what i'll just talk to these guys these dudes are in the bigfoot and you say is there you got him in a field you do it ok take me there and what leave me there in the field overnight let's just see what happens and so i approach it
i did six shows this year first one premiered last night we were talking about this before the show aired by bears repeating you might have invented the selfie yeah i know i know you remind have the vanguard of it very borderline because you do a lot of shows where which is you alone in the woods with a cam pointed at yourself and you you had the lands you know like if you look at those little video cameras that less used you know they have that viewer the you could look at you or you could turn the camera toward you flip the view around he could see what you're filming when you're filming yourself which is take a selfie so you might not be in the video selfie nobody first guy no we were the first selfie guy the thing that the thing i did with nobody else was doing as i put it on television international broadcast tv that's the whole thing it's one thing to do it so another thing to base a whole freaking show on it way worse than that you did it by yourself in the fucking woods you did it in africa
you did it in the jungle you did it in the swamps you did it in the desert just you not like that fucking english guy sleeping in hotel we don't even say his name on this show that english fuck sleeping pretending to fall down i slides johnny appleseed that guy that johnny appleseed fuck i could go so far in that story that you're right 'cause it gives her ability to shit i heard that that guy only exists because you weren't willing to fake shit that's right you weren't willing to fix it the producers wanted to fake shit ok will get johnny appleseed to fake some shit with an english accent here i am swinging from vine to vine looking for steaks i will eat down bitch we need any snakes are going to eat filet mignon at the four seasons you fuck there's a van waiting to pick you up it's air condition you got off all over you
we've been fine fine linen usac is very pretty though is very pretty still very pure beautiful to character you get a different kind of pretty going on yeah it was it was it was him as it was messed up it was you know i got i got i lost over a cortana i like uh never put it down on the networks i'm still good with the networks and networks are great did not come into my dick about that it comes down to one percent it's all one person all right it's one it's one us that this is like now we need you to crank out a bunch of these i actually got us thanks to get what one producer us and said no one will ever know and i want yeah they will yeah i don't know and that's i said no no no and along comes the ball yeah well it's not their fault it's like that's what they do on every other show what they do is these artificial scenarios even with it pawn wars or fucking storage wars or we got
if the car finished by friday man now you don't you don't you have to get this car you can do whatever the fuck you want to do i thought i remember last the last podcast and marry you said you loved reality tv you thought and i said i fucking hate reality tv that's that's i'm not judging you did man did man yeah totally i have a son it is your he's mocking knows me better than you i don't love shop now i like some shows a like like life below zero that's a dope show that's a legit show that's on that on that show they don't around with i was liking that alaska last frontier show until i saw this fucking they are eating a full laid salmon and like you're baiting the bears you assholes although stuff set up i mean a lot of them
life below zero is not set up i know that for a fact that's not show that this woman sue aikens on the show lives up there two hundred miles above the arctic circle that bitch is gangster as fuck she lives up there by her she got attacked by a bear she got fucked up it broke her hip in your skull fucked are up broker leg she went back and shot that there and ate it a bitch doesn't give a fuck but siri one years old she's a grandmother she smokes cigarettes everyday she drinks whiskey and she lives by herself in a tent because you can permanent structures without ladies under percent legit that shows legit there's a few of those shows where those people live such bizarre life so you don't have to set up some we need to get but we gotta figure out how to make this pump work again that's also jade shit they'll pretend something is broken so they have to fix so they have some solution to some drama that comes up but if you
get a harsh enough environment you don't have to invent the drama and that's what you did what you did you were the first mother fucker who out there you really were starving you would see you on day one and then you would see you five days later you look like shit like you couldn't fake that you are dehydrated you were shrinking you would talk about it you couldn't sleep you have bugs crawling all over you rats running across your fucking sleeping quarters do you really did it and you you did it by yourself there's so much different than what these fucking people are doing with these people are doing is there's babe you fucking us defeating a spoon full of shit they make it out to me they're making a mockery of something johnny appleseed before survivor mander there was no survival genre there wasn't any man was and now the pulled the plethora of of shows as well just one way there there was let's just say dual people
surviving an i'm saying we've seen that show two well i gotta do walking barefoot no one of those guys now that guys long gone he he's gone we see the real guy no he wasn't legit are how long if you're going to go barefoot ok how about this no tools you fuck you won't even wear shoes how 'bout dare you how dare you treat me like fucking ignorance but we have shoes on or what if you don't have shoes but if you have matches you fuck do you have a cell phone or gps what if the direct is not going to say cut and you go back to hotel room after that but you still at two like the one i was watching the other night that lead into my show there was a so like what will they do next they've got us and you look the crawling out of the snow shelter in the morning looking like they just had a shower and just press their clothes it's like you know what i've been there you don't look like that after a night freaking snow you look like how an arrow nice and clean
it's trimmed and everything's curtains like like the walking dead that girl with the dark hair she's hot as fuck no matter what is never never has its i love you i love to do a cameo on that she's like perfectly plays mud we have an end we know josh mcdermitt oh he's the fake scientist he's a good friend i mean dumb dumb i'm kind of now that said the show so great so she's is good i do everything to let my son on his way he was the picture shows like on the walking dead is one of those shows we get this big screen at home on the island and they set down the side of like a moment bodhi watchin like three hours later of binge watching walking down like wash yeah this is awesome binge morgan ism should that just didn't exist in our time now we never binge washington show you couldn't do it this is uh new phenomenon people getting bulging disks and shit in there back there sitting for twenty hours of people go to the hospital if the fucking get me lodges we were jacked up just from binge watching
god bless science shadow there put in survivorman marathons on will be like eight hours of survivorman shows and i'll get postings from peoples that they watched all the second so how did you go from doing survivor man to survive man big foot now you told a story on our show that i've repeated ad nauseum because the fascinating story about your first ex parents with something that you couldn't explain you want alaska you flew in very remote location you heard something that sounded like a primate some by petel primate but the bottom line was i thought ok who the one person that can you could take drop in the middle of nowhere in a middle of a bigfoot spot and leave him alone to see what happens well maybe should laverman has to be you gotta be me not maine so i said fuck that stupid inside i do and then i'll go after like 'cause i know you hate one of the dudes that i went out with outstanding i don't hate him i don't know him but i know i
no bullshit when i see both iraq will listen for the first one on the bullshit let me show an image would show an image jamie pull up this image this is a close up of a big foot and i'm doing air quotes a big foot i got this jamming polish it up show show the player right this is a close out this dude just got a big standstill is the only guy in history gotta bigfoot and he's got weather shots like that so the question i ask you is the cool part is i'm fucking saying look how bad that looks like a perfectly trimmed here now why does it look totally different in that picture than the other picture i get i see what you're doing what is that okay well let me ask just a second look at it okay now what if or whatever
you don't you what if me you for what if what if we're full of and it's real now we're not and that's not no no no no yeah yeah we do you know why because every animal that lives every animal that live yeah looks like that animal no animals look at a person in a animal costume when you see something that looks like a person in an animal costume it's a person in an an more costume it's occam's razor or it's a big is nope it's two thousand and fifteen that is some shitty fucking special effects is a dude in a monkey suit one hundred percent one percent or they're wrong or cg i first of all what animal this hairy ever has its hair matted down like that like it's cold the same thing it asks is that the one that on it yeah it's here great place to stay if you work in a fast food joint too that is so stupid the idea that that could possibly be big foot that's does
one hundred percent human being you know because it is human being dimensions to its face you look at a gorilla you look at a champ you look at a ranga tang they have a different facial structure one hundred percent there that's a human facial structure abs totally the ratio between the nose the eyes the lips in the mouth that's that's one hundred percent of human being that a machete at where this can task doctor scientist okay let me do this alright let me this way okay so she was well i mean i'm i'm account okay so let's call it the the scalable leave ability okay okay and and zero zero so at this point let's forget let's let's forget anybody thinks they don't exist at all let's jamies jump zero what does that is zero zero
i used you know you don't want to say it's a serious like joe's looking at you already want to say it's one hundred percent gets fired man that's one hundred percent bigfoot gamma rays come on come on you left out route if used less try you know that's a big let me go back to what i say let's just let's look at the honest if you had a bat the your beautiful son over there if i had to bet his life is whether or not this big it's not bad except i'm monkey suit that's not tough at all that's not even a little bit why is bigfoot standing still staring at the fucking camera store because that's all that shit leading up to this i saw the other photo this shit stand up to this footage hanging up to this the footage right but you weren't there no courses fucking guy you're hanging
with that night hammond believe me there is a limit let me let me hung out with so many of them now and it's the whole that's what i want to get at okay okay so let's just pretend the the people don't is it is it exists at all let's go to those who thinks that it does this is the biggest problem you get to scale a believability on the left side of the scale you got gigantopithecus it's a big upright walking if it's the missing link how are you managing girl side of the scale your jane go to believe it's real right okay exactly as an eight that's just neander tall maybe slightly humanoid you keep coming towards the center the scales like well it's really stealthy it's got certain abilities it could come close to the middle of the scale it's got tons of incredible intelligence in it okay they had the middle the scale okay on the far right of the scale it's always a far right the folks of i know the far it does because you know the far as gallo's month aliens that's a million aliens so then you go to on the far right it's like
paranormal crank ability fifth dimensional vibrational control also just like that i can write truck camper so the crazy yeah they can control the trucks they can do them for sound and screw you up like a lion or tiger the craziest part is the argument is not between those who i think it's real knows those who do it within the scope of all the people who think it is real that argument is insane like the back having enough fighting is like no and all the a believers don't want any the paranormal believers to say anything because they're all walked in screwed up and we don't want them to and all the paranormal believers don't what they're going to a players and what you're all close minded you're not open to the fact that this does this and does that and it's this big cesspool of argumentative think going on you yeah it you know that's that's w wwf f is like the ninety other stance like what the what the well well well heard over so that
what i did i do right into that scale right and let myself on the land it out in the bush with all these different people he tried to be as objective as well okay yeah what i says don't make me your poster boy that i want to be a poster boy for eight believers i be a poster boy for alien believers just out there and show me what you got liz back this up for people who don't know or do you like put a big foot again apothic is with the focus giant giganto pit this is a real animal that absolutely did exist they only have a few bones and they found an apothecary shop in china and like the nineteen early nineteen some guy sounds and if that he knew were not any known primate and then he said where you get these teeth the people that on the apothecary shop lead him to this area they do dig they find some jawbones that indicate this eh most most likely a by peter primate old that's under some dispute so what this means is there was something that was somehow another related to other primates they think it might have
in the orangutan family but this is a bipap needle no animal that absolutely existed at the very latest one hundred thousand years ago could have been earlier but they know one hundred thousand years ago that thing was alive so hundred thousand year which which were there are a hundred percent human beings the time there was a fucking eight to ten foot tall gigantic by pete ape which is bigfoot foot mean it's it's a real fucking that add one to to that is a fact that if it doesn't it's extinct it's the only primate from that era that is extinct all the rest are still alive that's not totally true yeah because that the that flores man that pop it man the eye on the floor as that little thing is dead and that thing lived closer to today they have and from that little that was like thirteen thousand years ago you know instead i that's true
true mean they'll read pendek that's what and that's what i'm really saying is right you know the extension that us so intelligent they're just hit task force of north america but that's a legit question because if you go out to the forest you know you don't find scientists now fucking fucking find scientists everywhere serving every inch of the land it is quite possible like you know there's always weird animals they find like that vampire deer though lives in vietnam like what the fuck is this they have some saying dear i they talk about it like villagers to talk about in the movie you found a fanged deer ok good luck with that but they really did find this god damn thing see if you pull it up jamie fang dear i think of vietnam this is like there's myth all animal doesn't shot the gigantic japan's chimpanzee they found as well yeah the bondo eight yeah that's a real animal as real right we know now it was you know or logical till they found it the joy squid metal
logicam till they found it just stories and not the whole thing that happens with cryptozoology starts up with just a story it's a deer with fangs what the fuck is that if i said to you before they discovered it you know that there's a with fast vampire deer and you said not a chance man they didn't find one of them now there's a beaut well it's a very densely are densely wooded area but they know there's a family of them living there is not one they have more than one of these weird deer and the are the champs the bondo champs they have photograph of them they have tissue samples they have her they have photographs dead ones that huge the they know for sure that's a real animal it is different it has a crest on its forehead the of scrolls of full in tax goal of a re only dead animal is a crest on forehead like a gorilla which don't have so it's really confusing which takes it out of crypto zoology in into
current size to real animals i mean they have photos over there videos of it they have scientist that have gone down there and seen in carl arm and he's a swiss wildlife photographer he started being obsessed with it i believe in ninety six you started going down there to the congo but it's in this really deep deep deep the congo is giant is like almost is why there's the entire united states and it's just dead it's jungle a good fucking luck finding what's in there i mean and that's what you got with bigfoot yeah is this same difference you no but people aren't going you get and then those who are saying they see them or whatever their doctors are lawyers conservation officers there hunters there anglers there hikers they're not all wack jobs you know they're not all wack jobs and you are the one guy whenever but everyone goes all you know it's all bullshit like damn i think less know some shit you know when you say that you heard something that sound like a gorilla and it's in the it's possible there's like who the fuck sees a wolverine good
look finding a wolverine you could want to run the woods your whole life and never see a wolverine never see a dead one but they're out there we know they're out there will you take whatever that is and lesson population by ninety percent now you have ten percent of that population and it's smart and it's elusive for exactly sixty thousand black bears in ontario i've never seen a black bear skeleton yeah where's the bones about sixty thousand black bears never see a black but you don't have credit her bones bear just don't bear skin so now if you've got let's let's say there's eight thousand sasquatch in ontario an there secret in their their elusive and their intelligent they're smart and they bury their bones stuck i say a lot of different don't say eight thousand if there's any that's why i think it does and it is like there's eight thousand
you really think that i don't think there has to be i think this one dude that was wondering i pointed out on the shows like this 1950s to let her do look at you it's one going through the trees riding lock now that's bullshit though that we saw if there is a bigfoot that's not it that's bullshit no it's one hundred percent bullshit guys a liar and it's unfortunate because people like that these people that want to make shit up they confuse the fuck out of everybody who wants to believe i think it's also confusing that you're using the word bigfoot when that's not really what it is it's more like ending trying you know i know the money they get yeah you know him finding a gigantopithecus hiding on that because i think that the what did the original guy that made the big foot name or whatever this big monster is didn't they already find out that it was
through the whole thing so one not that guy didn't make the name out that's the thing that's the you're talking with the patterson footage righteous no not big foot came from way turning over the construction equipment and all the tracks were found and that there was a fake guy guy who came out as in clint but when you look at what was done there the fake or is it is a problem is when the fakers are faking you don't say all i did that hooks that was all me it's like not wasn't man you were drunk in wisconsin at the time it had nothing to do with you but guys come out and claim to and now that really messes up the water because now you got someone is really really just trying to find out and hoaxers are hoaxing you know themselves and they didn't actually hoax it and that's the stuff that's messed so like the first thing that guy that people point so that i can remember guys name who had the tractor show airs wooden tracks he says i did those tracks on that time in the 50s with actually he didn't and he couldn't have pulled off what they found like you would need
twenty men and major machines and a big conspiracy just to make a bunch of tracks going up into the bush is not really that's what that's what i'm about a lot is is the whole thing is well it's a hoax is a hoax it's a person's hooks hang on second how many people are out in the woods dead getting their life to sticking up african track in the mud in the middle of nowhere in the sierra nevadas or the rocky mountains they're not doing it now what is got time for that shit you know better a better argument i think is that the native americans had over two hundred different names for this thing right that's what's more interesting to me because they don't really have a lot of mythological animals in the native american lore there's not a lot of fake animals i mean there's a few things that they believe in they had some weird gods they worshipped and you know they believe they could do
to make it right on the birds certain try yeah this is but you know the first thing is a weird one two man because the we know that there were certain species of bird that were enormous that went extinct we also know there's a thing called the terror birds that live before the last ice age went away that believe that got him down to ten thousand plus years ago so it's like you're talking the place is seen right you're talking about yeah it seems you tigers existed has lost mowing yeah well you ma'am as well they have this bird this giant seven foot tall bird that was like predator sorry that would run around and is one of 'em called the shoebill that lives in the congo that they think was if you're seeing that thing christ you gotta see this fucking thing this is what a creepy ass bird it's all the shoebill it's a five foot tall prehistoric bird with a jai
face like a a hatchet in its face face it's this giant like like huge bill and it's like it's it catches fish this is crazy bbc documentary they did in the congo look at god think there's a better ones of it done dick there's bet but there's a new poll up but i i'm pretty sure shoe bill shoe bill bird after there is it below that that one right there below yeah that one all the way yeah i see the gorilla middle it's jack in that bird yeah that one that you just click it on that fucking thing look at that thing make that bigger jammies that god damn creepy ass animal yeah it's killing a duck you hate dogs now go back and there's another one in that in that a series of images right below that we see that thing face on look at that where it's looking at you it on when you see it's bill what a creepy fuck that is that's a real bird what a creepy god damn
dinosaur that thing is five feet tall and it walks around like a fucking like a fake animal like dark crystal and it jacks things in the water it's a horrible looking monster you already tapped into something you really super right about the whole native american perspective on bigfoot and all that if you open in winnipeg and i was up there with them up there they've got like their you know their seven teachings and stuff and there are based on the raven and the wolf and the fox and the bear and right in the middle is savvy bigfoot and then the eagle and the it's just like it's like oh yeah and there's a thunderbird there's a mythological this it's just seven n all animals and in the in span of seven normal animals right in the middle is bigfoot what they consider to be a normal species
it's there they don't make the different they don't differentiate right now there's someone on a subway going fuck you joe rogan i'm shutting this podcast listening man we're not saying that bigfoot is real that's not what i'm saying what i'm saying is that animal was definitely we don't know what are you so we know that god damn animal that in which i can tell typicus was real and here's where it's crazy it was real in the exact area we absolutely know the human beings migrated from they my guy different asia across the bering strait when it was a landmass when you can cross it walking in north america and where an animal like that would exist would be in the heavily dense forest of the pacific southwest was exactly where they would come across it would come across through alaska to the pacific northwest and that's where you hear about them it doesn't make sense that you would have a real animal that lived in a real place that uab
cellino existed coexisted with human beings that we're just like you and i we've been in this form essentially the scientists believe for two hundred and fifty thousand plus year so one hundred thousand years ago they know this thing lived and they know it lived where people were walking around and they were walk all the way to america so the question is are they still there that's the question i think the other question i could ask what do you do with someone who's you respect you admire their normal they're saying and then they said he look man i don't care what you think i'm just telling you what i saw and i know what i saw and that happens a thousand freakin dimes people do drugs people are people no mass delusion likes i kind of go yeah right yeah the yeah or not or not or
they want you to love them so they just want to talk about bigfoot really man no there's over mikes house consulting bigfoot these are people with nothing to gain lots to lose no money to make in fact half time you can't even drag story out of them like like ok fine i'm going to ease that's like girls who don't pretend they don't want to fuck invented the ex girlfriends that will tell you something i've never actually done this before you don't believe him i can't believe i'm doing this how do you know how to do that with my ass they know things they've been there there liars that's bigfoot like georgia he's king in the analogy listen man i think it's entirely possible that there is an undiscovered priming it is by this you won't yeah you're supposed to come out with me though good but yeah i'm not posi down so is this one to see give you some time in your own and then if you didn't i confirm my mission in this year
the problem and these guys they go looking for it there almost all full shit and a lot of them are nice guys put their true believers their true new believers in a sense where they're not looking at things rationally they're not looking at things objectively so that's what i do is survivorman bigfoot was called survivor bullshit almost dead that's freud has the guinness chocolate guinness will pull it out in lad pull the truth right out of your bones so that's what i've deal with survivorman bigfoot is i'm okay ok alright ok you got bigfoot and some alien spaceships leave me in that valley overnight couple minutes let's see what you've got giant pithecus anna heard of one thousand two hundred am ok leave me in the valley limousine let's cut to the short and curlies what what have you seen what the crazy shit that you've seen we
the one thing you've seen the you think you could bring up do you get it you got to have to watch the episode do not gonna buy so on on one of the episode so here i am one of the msl is a joint all right i'm going to tell you so you don't have to watch episode ok so spoiler alert on the episode you watch the episode where we go up to top of the mountain radio and not everybody here spoil finding bigfoot i'm shit there's a spoiler if if if i have to be the definitive here it is obviously by now it in a press conference exactly that's why the foot footage is bullshit right eat that that's a take a of that tell you the truth he'll talk you when you're surviving issue spirit animal food in plastic and then eat it and then poop it out and eat it later like i'm take the plastic need it what jesus christ it seems like it could work that's it
thank god never thought i mean if you're going to be like on your own for five days you could eat a bunch of food but rapid up in plastic and then later poop it out then i can take it out but then how would you get the nutrients from the food in the first place will you still get a piece of what is this poop it out understand need it and then you poop it unlike before you leave for your trip go down go get stuffed pasta market or something conversation ruin this we're poorly thought out ideas and it's a bunch don't tell stop can't can't tell yet he has proof no no no i'm saying like eat like a big meal before you're about to leave a job i'll see what he does on foot yeah
it's called the evenings quote second harvest did native americans they maybe take a bunch of like protein bars are wrapping up and plastic eat it and then poop it out in a couple of days and then unwrap the plastic they need what kind of ships are you taking you really think of fucking whole protein bar in plastic and make it through your digestive track like carry the bars in my backpack and just eat him three days that is later porous understanding of the human digestive tract ever exhibited on a podcast i was trying to figure out what you were saying i thought you were saying eating poop you're not talking about it baggy of heroin that a drug mule's right that's what i was thinking like i'm gonna make you survive you'll you'll get another hour's worth of energy from that little heroin back what about petite filets he announces wrapped you're going die people get die take a light is because they get a that what about saudi they reckon word diverticulitis mannings yes i guess i know i sent word that bald brock listener
once you have see god but diverted i'd like i had a serious operation when they remove twelve inches of his colon outbound out about i looked into and i thought it was just because of eating meat but anti dan for me that you can eat a seat like you get like a sunflower seed or something stuck inside your tracked your digestive tract and starts an abscess and you get sick yeah you could you can die from a fucking seed getting stuck he's like all kinds of stuff gets stuck in there so it's not ness we just protein is also intransitive anthony and boring is like a gi tract doctor now you can't eat petite filet mignon shit out in the woods son at tom's and you got to have to have a better strategy than that course with this cheat ever i guess i was thinking survivor island like trying to find a way to cheat you can't can't carry in your background will your pregnant if you had enough food for a day all this food packed up in your body what kind calorie consumption are you think together have you know i'm going to go on a diet
one thing you could do you get fat as fuck and then go out there and just live off your fat for a few days that would actually work a uk it's i never ever on all the survive men shows a never ever prepared for the show by either trying to trim down to make my stomach smaller or by balkan up and have a the extra viggo then that's not even realistic either whenever i start something it's got to be like i just you know i was going somewhere else and got lost you two honest for television which we use you anymore that's we can't use your super pseudo science channel what you just said i mean that is one of my eyes i've been told before now that's a bit too earnest my own country okay now let's get back to the short and curlies but have you seen what have you seen so on the top of the mountain in radium radium wears a raid brings british columbia first time in my life ever that's a big area right big highlight hi it's a small here first time ever first of all now i never claimed this i saw big freak
lights in the sky couldn't explain how much looking out what the i'm still so the whole classic ufo thing was like what the never seen anything like that i don't i don't claim anything like some while we were filming the show this is while i'm on the top of a mountain lion film that i'm looking at the big these big ass lights white a bigger if it was a plane it was bigger than the concorde and they just hovered there it's gone like that gone then that same night and it happened i woke up i swear i was in my mummy sleeping bag and i swear something was sitting on top of me i couldn't move i tried to move it's like you know you wake up in a half half dream army not as like all frozen like i said we'll see tomorrow no this is like the arm on top
fuck ass change that wolves eat in their arms don't change sleep in the woods alone too much man that is possibly dream about we never dreamed about getting you gotta come on do one of the shows with me you'll doing but wolves eating your house to him hopefully no i don't want that dream so i could dream yeah the problem is that actually can happen if things go horribly wrong welcome here i've been surrounded by wolves player out there and i have yes i have yeah yep of that i'm i can see them as one there's another will let you know that they're checking out allowing checking you out of the office as check as a by yourself it's scary did you know what better than that not even a week go today i had to spell the majority of the night in a tree because it was a literally not sensationalizing this is a man eating tiger down below me on the ground in less than a week ago what india mike
i did i did my first survivorman shoot in india fuck are you doing fuck that noise oh my god where would you like in soon i was a up in you know the jim corbett park area northern india north of delhi about five hour drive north delhi hannah into the the the for us there and it was like you know this area is not that bad less when i got there after i was there i was but i was dropped in the densest population of tigers in the world royal bengal tiger dense population world and she says to me this is madame she she goes and then the one tigers we have has killed twenty people this year so far but okay she only recently started eating the corpses i'm like you got to be kidding me and they when is after i got out and then i saw tiger on the first night on the second i heard a growl had to go up into a tree is from jordan knight and i know it's all filmed like i'm still myself for survivor man i got the the whole so
healthy thing going on and i'm like alright and i had like told my camera app with a rope and i'm holding the camera an and i'm like ok slapped in starry night in sleep i just sat and waited and waited and see that to me is so much more interesting than that bullshit monkey face it's real shed and big foot yeah let us that's real i mean that's a real animal i mean if there was a big fire and there was also a tiger okay if these absolutely we're real things that i put that up on my two yeah that's a classic video somebody tweet it to me and it just it's the thing right out of actually is tigers nervous but show that again jamie this is a video we were looking at the post folks who just listen to this all three are easy video of this tiger flying through the air and attacking this guy who's on this elephant he sitting on the top of the elephant and the time figures decides fuck this dude and he jumps
through the air hello hi what you didn't get gored by the by the bull elephant with the task so he gets the ball the elephant d one of nothing that cat but the the guy got up but nothing clauses army for his arm a part does a razor blade and the beach a super hot full predator that's what was basically seventy yards away from what the fellow man i can't believe you didn't like fully research this i thought i did worse fucking camping ideas ever when you go to india you we negotiate everything you do every hour every hour is a new renegotiation really how so we're going to have like this person is going to lead you in hour later so so this person is not here but we're going to my body my cousin is going to lead you in hour later my cousin couldn't make it and when you're not allowed to go in anyway 'cause the government said it every hour was going like that
will get this i go out why we think you're crazy they do think you're nuts so i went out to do my night of survivorman alone i'm out in the jungle i'm out there and i'm like i'm feeling myself alright you know what i'm going to do is i'm probably going to stay here and stay here for the night sort of thing get a fire going i'm doing the whole thing i hear some noise and and i go back about for five hundred yards an and in the middle of the jungle of the fucking forest fifty people show up and have a lord shiva rave and also here screen screen screen so i'm in the middle of the forest surviving right now why it was the most bizarre thing and it turns out this one time of the whole year in this remote little place where this stone in the forest as the lord shiva stone all these people
fifty people on motorcycles showed up and i'm like so i'm going to walk deeper that way 'cause there's tigers and at least there quiet and no it's really bizarre is that there's a big push to save the tiger in india is a big push to make sure that the murders of humans have healthy but since we're scare we don't want to go away now come on he has many years also i'm not saying that we should encourage extinction because they are even though they well terrifying in their predatory in their dangerous their abuse beautiful amazing life form i mean i don't want tigers to extend i don't want to be anywhere near them but i don't want to go extinct because i think there are fascinating degree there fast there you don't go camp in where they eat yeah i see you just now that's a thing it's like you got
that are going to be the tiger if you go and you sleep in an area that's rich with polar bears or tigers and you have a tiger polar bear problem problem right is it why am i having this issue with polar bears because you sleeping in polar bear territory idiot this is their world there's and there's an area in the india called the sundarbans and there's an issue with the water because the water is like got too much salt in it so the animal irritated all the time and there's a lot i funes in that area so the lot of people die in they get washed into the river and the tigers developed a taste for human flesh so that is one of the rare places where they're actively hunting people on a regular basis in the last two months it's not that rare no it's not really at all i just got a sentence got back from india less than five six days ago it's not that uh attacks are normal super their normal their their way of life there thinking about what life is is so different
at any moment they get snatched away by a monster at any moment you walk in from a lake or river to your family in a hot and you hear a twig snap and you turn any cd eight hundred pound thing already in the air on its way to you in no that's a wrap son could it be deep in it that life in the bush in life jungle man you feel that fucking blade slice into your jugular crush down your double a had do a whole reply yeah he said it's a vertebrae splayed brey now not the time for grammar talking time were singing do somewhat correct to grab you slept in a fucking tree and stayed up there in a tree when do you feel confident enough to climb down fuck all so you know i knew that tiger was there at the monkeys started going crazy the peacock started going they all they all real they're all like holy
and then all the monkeys go high and you know and you looking and you know things going on over there there's a there's a tiger slow moving through you don't hear any twig snap for tiger you see it i saw it yeah on the night before i saw it go across the field that night i didn't see it i heard it growl which was even scarier god the monkees also out outside so after how feet up the tree they can they can what kind of reach up to twelve feet oh my yeah there's a video of messed up there's a video of them attacking some meat they uh they hold it up in the air and the tigers leap up to get it and you watch it you like why is that pot the more they really pulled out video up damn it is the most ridiculous video this guy holds us meet up and this tiger just does something that you just go oh i kind
like i never internalised what it looks like when they jump twelve feet in the air like watch this they hold this meet up look at this thing this thing fucking that's bing flies and grab its head is like fourteen feet in the air that's why climbed at least twelve feet up to train my god watch that again that's insane that animals just what it can do with its body to kill things i mean that's what it's designed for but the fact they're sitting there these two jaya accounts are sitting there watching this person feed them like wat bizarre world is that's just habituation defense their fenced in and this guys holding this thing in a crane up in the air and the tiger jump something grabs it since their power from now yeah and you know i don't know i am correct there was an area i was in and out they use the force date of course forces officer
they wouldn't let me go into an area with an armed guard armed guard as like a doodle mixer then i gotta go i gotta do this thing then i gotta be alone we do not let you know i'm not going to do that and i wasn't allowed to be out there but without an armed guard so they atlanta like maybe half a half maybe a quarter mile away was actually pair of armed guards on either side of a mile i nowak's garden bench that would be like three feet exactly i'm thinking this thing seventy five years remaining pounces on me how fast you going to get here water of a miles along time it takes a long time to get and here's on foot from a quart it does yeah how fast can you run a mile like a relief last mile is like a four minute mile right that's like the thing that no one thought you could ever do so one slash four of that is a minute so stop and think about that yeah but but just stop and think about a minute of running that's why if you're the like the fastest guy ever you
and for a minute to get to you what the fuck at tiger can do to you in one five thousand nine hundred and fifty eight five thousand seven hundred and fifty six default your fucking torn too shall reads it like you with a roach like glitter as for roshes you a terror roaches body apart that's what a tiger could do to you it's insane the powerful and you're sleeping about or hanging out tree above it yeah and of course you know i'm going to give a super shot at the fact that they are actually thirty percent increasing in relation in this one area which is phenom 'cause they are beautiful so awesome is in a powerful beautiful now seventy two of 'em and make sure they fuck we need more actually need more of am jesus i fall i went more sure seems like there's more bigfoot than their us then there are tigers oh well i don't know about that i've seen a tiger of
have seen it with my own eyes at the zoo oh you in this bigfoot thing what if they dropped off one tiger year in los angeles but they don't tell you where it's well they're kind of mount lines turn around they usually don't fuck anybody up i gotta get this guy out just like out in the bush so you need to have like some shit that's not fake like that guy with his monkey a small you know much it's not fake so your should not get a you wouldn't fake anything if i wasn't a nine member i i text you said you were on the big for chose you wanna come out i would tell you i did i would i would find this by said this is where they say all the shit happens we go we sit up just by the fire with the case against and we drink and we keep the fire going step all night and in the morning it's like three clock in the morning shit was insane or is not only told a lot of stories anomaly tired yeah i he had it man i just hate feeling like an asshole
and if i was out there wandering around looking for bigfoot and i found a pin i pick i've been at home with my kids i could have been writing jokes so it could have been working out i could have been doing something smart how about like survivorman myrtle beach we're trying to find bikers can we find them survivorman spring break i'd be like in a bar trying to build shelters out of bar stools again what is it that we need to find this fucking thing like if you really stop and think of like how amazing killer whales are and we know so there are real animal that you can go observe they speak in this crazy language they don't understand and that we'd understand rather they have these families and they stay with these pods for life they're very close to each other they have different dialect start observing this sounds that one group makes and it's different from the sounds another group in another part of world makes like amazing like their way more fat
they kill sharks man the kill dolphins they eat dolphins like there ruthless but they're also beautiful and there really fucking smart right there really smart i get a weird crazy way that just doesn't jive with our idea you know like oh he doesn't know how to play poker fuck him you know he doesn't know how to drive a car he's a pussy he's an idiot you know they have some weird crazy life the ocean intelligence they have intelligence where it's applicable in their environment they don't need to know how to type okay don't know how to speak spanish they don't have to know in spanish underwater they speak dolphin they speak well they know all that shit so why bigfoot bigfoot is like it if it is real and what is he doing knocking on wood and shit hanging out there hiding his shit fighting is logs now let's find bigfoot shit you could find bear shit you won't find bare bodies but if you tell me
we know if i bear shit is going to place it doesn't have any bear right where is the bigfoot shit he's burying it man that's this big he doesn't save surfers it doesn't you know chill with either seen like like a killer whale demonstrate to its young how to kill seal they show them how to kill it the up on i've shell i shelves the two shows on july dot in a big let's not taking his don't wanna know that he's not but have any footage we have no evidence do we have all this evidence of these amazing killer whales that not only that they're smart as shit and they don't we kill them they know we killed them they still talk to us they know we kill them they have to know by now if they really communicate and they can express i mean they might not totally get it or their concept of life and death might be really delayed way different than ours is in me it's real but they're so nice to us a killer will
don't kill people they're not attacking surfers they're not fighting back because they found out that how they got this thing and see you know the ones that are in seaworld fight back no no there's billions out in the wild animal attack people has been some rogue stories for sure i'll pawn shop pussies who got bumps got chest bump by a big fucking killer whale nobody get nobody came back with no legs this it's not what they do you know and that's an amazing real life animal and if we found out the bigfoot was we go wow it's like a bigger ranga tang but it walks on two legs compared killer whale it's not shit it's a wooden fucking asshole who hides that's shit that's what it's a good point basically saying is you wasting time up there in the woods no the guys were a rubber mask okay could be i have a girl big foot with like big foot tt's on your season finale match that i owe them that the patterson footage that's what it is female yeah
so real to get that is do you not know about big foot come to me like these these big foot erotica novels that were published on amazon dot com okay come to bigfoot i think it's called come to bigfoot jamie cv could pull up this title became a huge best seller apparently in this pc world we live in in this week food world of sanitized language and social justice warriors they're still women out there that want to get fucked by the biggest monkey they can find her fetish man age is hair fetish is a primate fetish like they want to get gorilla funk by something does you speak their language and there's women that into this idea of erotica obviously totally in the fantasy i'm not saying they really want to get fucked by these guys but i'm saying the most searched on like you're saying the pharisees mean these are these things sell so there's women have a fantasy of actually getting fucked by a sasquatch by giant just
it's overwhelming it just takes you who are these women have this they actually the fantasy of getting fucked by something that can't talk to them it doesn't have any morals it doesn't have any at it's for big come for bigfoot look virginia the author awesome i love i hope it's i hope it's parody but i'm not too i hope i hope his real life stories look life stories don't know what this this should the guys like girls can't figure out why should we be able you're up to women that really want to get fucked by bigfoot and even if ten of them so there's a lot of women that are listening right now you fucking asshole you don't understand women women don't want to get fucked know listens my friend you don't want i all said sweetie you i don't wanna get by big foot some argue a person is lying right i don't want to get by big foot but there's women do or at least they want to read about it might not be look this
some guys that are into dressing like mascots and having sex with other men that's that's real thing okay some people that are going to be into getting fucked by big foot's not a bad thank god damn is from harry and the yeah well that the things live with the family how do you think that thing was going to go down there how how long is he going to tolerate that guy just bang that check when is some going in a female bigfoot the satisfy him where is it do have rub maps for big thing yeah same thing just know yeah if you're going to have a bigfoot you better find a fucking female for for ham because otherwise the reason why he's come down to the village is tired of looking for females hi man you already alluded to the whole native american thing and there are lots of stories and native american lore of the name if women being scooped up picked up a lot of dues don't admit their check ran off with another due to the make up some about big bigfoot stealing on a woman because manlius mann around how could she
look at my work and offensive native american accent she go off with other men must be sasquatch must be bigfoot down fuck my woman cause and no man could compete with my log probably would happen that's probably excuse sounded like a fish story you know i almost had it at the boat it was at least one hundred pounds big in the world record i had her in my tv now seriously and breaks leg foot stole her from the tip of my dick my i touched her click and then she shot out like she was in the matrix like she was attacked with rubber bands she went fly flying through the air only you only you could have taken this to this place it was on this place 'cause this in this place fantasy 'cause it until there's a photo of bigfoot until there's dna that makes sense i had that guy todd desoto
who's a biologist from the and i think and why you say things and what you is in new york city very very really a guy and he was also on that spike show with a win with dean cain went looking for big for i didn't watch us our bounty i can't watch anymore but talking to that dude like usually if no ones brought in anything man there's not one piece of dna and he explained how all this stuff contaminated like when you have someone pick something out and they put it in a bag in the hand to someone with some sort of human dna you can't do that is someone touched it and when people touch things you leave dna on shit you know when you're sweaty ass picks up so tears in the woods and you put them into a but you're not supposed to touch that with your body if you do we've contaminated it you should have rubber gloves on you should have tongues and you should have a direct chain of custody between touching that fucking thing and that being in a lab being analyzed and if you don't your studies are bullshit
this guy explain this to me in no uncertain terms and when you look at it that way you go ok that means none of it's real i not no ones found anything they've never found a bone they never found a piece of hair they never found big foot shit they never and one thing that you could say this makes bigfoot a real animal so all you're going on is stories and all you're going on is the knowledge that an animal like that used to exist and the knowledge that they found another unknown primate and the island of flores that was only ten thousand plus years ago i think like maybe thirteen thousand years ago range which is incredibly recent you're really really really recent for a three foot call little monkey person you know that these tools but had a small brain like you imagine those things are running around today a weird little freaky fucking half monkey people cool be so scary though they probably steal your baby and eat it such a fetish of fuck though you
would fuck it wouldn't you yes comfort tiny sask watch hobbit people him for bring pendek it doesn't have same sort of rhyme to it and then it doesn't have perfect an animal before you easy dude before one before you ate it you didn't the optics that's not listen we're alone in the woods and no ones looking this sounds like a confession is what i'm thinking let's go back to bigfoot what is the one thing you've done the show are you had your experience outside the show and then you went and did the show what is the one thing while you were on the show that really gave you pause it really made you think we were videotaping on trigger motion yeah
motion triggered camera had the all set up put bait out like its type thank you okay but bait out and watched from one clip to the next clip the bait all of it to chuckle bars in an apple in a wild scene for a frame field disappear just disappear it's on the show i have no answer for that whatsoever am aus is really sensitive have second triggers a mouse with that that off and besides it had like many many feet can it be paused or i posit in the show because it can we pause like could someone walk up to it and shut its operation off momentarily go over there grab the candy bar walk out of frame and then turn back on that's not possible that's not possible why is it impossible doesn't work that way 'cause i was alone i was on the top of a mountain
i'm not sand i'm not but i mean is it possible in this circumstance is it possible with the operation of the injury because what happens is no it's not not because to to turn the key the camera off right you have to put up the second you move it you're not being filmed i had another thing where a black bear actually came into my took my camera and it's call on camera you use mouth biting the lens you see him pull pull the camera off the tree is he's walking you kind of see the area of his lemme just moving as he's walking and a lot of those you can set up to send the data to wi fi right you can actually yeah some of them will send you a text messages when they have images when they see something they see movement will send you attack message that alerts you that you have movement on your cameras so you didn't get any of those readings but you did get the candy bars disappearing disappearing do you think the bright light the sky stole your candy i don't know maybe how much what do you think happened for real for real
i can't i haven't got a freaking clue is the infrared camera yes it is it's so it would be a crazy coincidence of the camera malfunctioned at the exact moment that someone came along and stole candy that doesn't that's impossible it's impossible but is there a way it's on the top of a mountain a lot right but if say some hoaxer dude new we're going and was slick about it and was real like stealthy not just most likely not possible most likely but is it possible is there a device that you could use that would freeze the operate no the camera is there some sort of a magnetic field that you could maybe generate something powerful that would cause did to disrupt momentarily enough we could run over and grab the candy if you are bigfoot only if you're bigfoot caccamo you bigfoot not only i didn't say only ok if you're bigfoot said every bigfoot well
it means the end of the show when i rap it up i say i don't have an answer for this the skeptics would say everything fell off the branches and out of the field of view before the could register the falling even they were stuck on things up right like this and it's important to wait a minute wait a minute they were hanging they weren't just sitting down and they were stuck on this branches ok with a camera be sensitive enough to depict you catch that have a candy bar fell off a branch it seems like it's not a large enough object to david ayer fell off on its own i think it could potentially fall out of frame the problem is these things are all stuck in law there was zero wind yeah but isn't it more likely that gravity pulled them down the ground then the big foots invisible knows how to shut off cameras there's a question on my side yes you are doing yes is the answer yes i need a lab coat that's more like actually you can answer that question more likely
probably a scientist more likely someone who's not what are they measure what probability are they measuring what the hell knows what's more likely is what we know exists something called gravity we know that that's where nothing we know some things hanging on a tree look i've set up things i think they're going to be there till the end of time came back a week later they were gone crazy or things like that happen videos when that's boston i works on tents it works on balls it works on can as far off treason nobody wins gravity always wins so i would think that if it's gravity and an unknown monkey when i go in gravity help you watch a show watch it now you got see it it sounds crazy it just like that is crazy but that's another one did you try to recreate did you like try to set some candy bars up and like put a time lapse on a or put the trail cam on rather and see if
i absolutely and weren't because it didn't fall did you try to make it fall like put it up like real flimsy and then knocked down see if the camera picks it up no that's what i would have done because of the camera didn't pick it up i go well there it is it fell right but was it there if he likes you tell me what the odds are of this falling off of this table before tomorrow morning but that's not setting it on a stump right like setting up there prodigy the comparisons the they were firmly put in play as with they wouldn't just fall right so they were put in places where they were hanging put in place okay i'm confused i thought you were hanging from a tree with the which you picked a you said hang on i'm i'm sorry i was i was i thought you said he dropped out of frame we did in the will i was thinking they were you said they were stuck in place i thought you may
you were stuck on a branch or something one one apple i was like like there's the brand doc in the hour is like this okay okay so was but it was stuck inside the branch but it was still like hanging in the air like the branch it was the boys hanging in the air no no no i would say no to that now was on the ground what's a fifteen feet up okay but in the branch de vita but i want to get bogged down semantics people go what's the point if it was in the shares fifteen feet above the ground right now and the apple stock on the branch it could conceivably a falling off it's nothing like being on this table being on this table is a hundred percent likely that if you put this lighter here in twenty four hours as long as we over n quake the larger at least will be higher splitting hairs but i'll give you that that's not splitting hairs at all we're talking about something that could fall from gravity versus something that absolutely cannot move and less some
interfering force comes along well the two channel but ferocious win right hey could juggle bars now this is the same chuck bars were sitting here in the middle of were so so they would that be fair you gotta branch tree branches this bing and chocolate bar sitting right like right nice and like not going anywhere okay so for folks who do he's making his hand like about sixteen inches i was like yeah bryce deck and inside jobs writing a pen which is my dick small baby black this is of happy dick now something to brag about i'm so okay so that little tiny baby dick between his space where you that's we dropped a candy bar so the app full stuck in a tree by fifteen feet off the ground
and then the candy bars the candy bars now what part of the morning i do i live in america along and then friday with us can't wait but are they called yeah exactly well i don't know chocolate no it's a campus trying to confuse us man we gotta money running apples dry out really fast i've never let an apple out like if it has a little cut it turns brown after his logic and you science just stop with almost sound found this mysticism to be uncovered here now now the candy bars you with them on the log so the candy bar is represented by the baby dick and so this is flat it's sitting on a flat surface what kind of an area we looking at we looking at like a heavily wooded area is that what it's like top of the mountain sparse trees rocks rodents got rodent suburbans for sure right
wouldn't be likely that maybe a rodent is small enough that it grab that candy bar and maybe the trail camera setup for like game pro set up for something that triggers it camera sensors no in fact we showed it with the testing that it actually triggers with the dust in the air dustin just always me on right as soon as tomb raider but if it does in there because they are not only not us you memorable scenes in twilight with the the sunlight is cutting through the trees and you see all the dust in the air all the glistening stuff and shit and birds so constant likes slash could be like in a movie basically it was constantly you you could run it together like stop animation it's just nothing would stop would keep moving so get pick up the all right so the build my robot i know where you're going with this no no i agree with my theory is the road in theory does the and that makes sense to maine in less bigfoot can fuck with cameras
make them stop is that what you were implying that's what i was implying really for real for real i was implying ok i did say that's what it was but you will implying the possibility you will put that in your what if folder what if because that's that's what aliens i'm not even i'm sorry i'm sorry not not not not to come got a job game we have a again as little marijuana we're talking bigfoot you can't take this seriously sorry so if it is possible that this animal exhibits some strange power over electronics like that would that would no explain a lot of things right playing a lot of shit like welcome there's no pictures of bigfoot funny thing funny thing we found out
that it knows how to stop cameras it's smart enough to figure out how to stop cam it's not smart enough for pants or shoes or any cool shit no cell phones driving a car no bigfoot tv but they figured out how to stop cameras that fucking camera is a problem soon as man invented cam they saw it and like we gotta gotta figure head mass radioshack and we get a screech so how else the house killer did you do that how old i was a bit of course like they do did the who then how does anybody know what it sounds like that's what i said i don't even know what you're saying you'd be like pissing me say i meant is you guys are ugly what you're saying you calling for some dick that's the worst you get there thinks your dick is this pizza shit a you are horny bigfoot wasting his time it's like you don't want to be a fake bigfoot tender i'm saying tender big because yeah that's what the sentence today the kids today
people from the future fucking with us easily much more likely than big foot yeah i think time travel is more believable what's more believable is that aliens went back in time grabs i get to pay the guys and just drop it off periodically in the woods to with people say that's more likely than a large more than tie hers population of to open running through the woods you're gonna love this when it gets even better another on another occasion it was all about the potential of being the net from the bible genesis chapter six out of rednecks yeah janice he's at home with the chapters again replace the words and sounds authoritative so they that's the stuff you start hearing and seeing ohm and over and over it's bizarre it's a slippery slope easily could have been large people at one point in time mean there's large people today the idea that this
never happened before you never hatch keel kneels before you never had that guy from china was in was the the guy's name gigantour and gigantic bass while pouring yummy thank you tazo giant he's so fucking tall he's taller than shaquille o'neal like seventy ten seven eleven st how tall is jamie seven seven what the so that guy is today is a very likely but at one point in time in history we vary a lot and we're not genetically that much different than people that live fifty thousand plus years ago so you're talking about the bible which was maybe written somewhere around like four or five thousand years ago i think the dead sea scrolls i think they got that to like it was like five thousand years whatever it is so it's anywhere between like what we have today to
one thousand and fifteen in the last like whatever thousand years it's super possible that there was a group of huge fucking yao ming's running around back then totally symbol that's the same june's mean they they probably have access the protein food today but they lived in a really rich source this you so as well as anybody that any bear that lives in an area where there's a lot of salmon look out all that guy is oh my god who our guys are the newest giant seven five is college player now mama do mj oh my god is still growing jesus fucking christ now imagine if you're short as me i'm five eight and i stumbled through them by the way back in the civil war days those guys were smaller than me those guys were tiny the average size of a grown man in the civil war was like one hundred and thirty five pounds there tiny little people that didn't get a lot of boot voyagers sammy's to carry like a hundred pounds in her back and if you found
and a guy like this if you went to some place and you saw people like this you got in a boat and sailed across the sea and the land is an island was filled with legit giants goddamnit have some stories i think that makes more sense of bigfoot the nephilim so best thing you saw was nothing the best thing you saw was shit disappearing best thing i saw yeah with shit to spray shit disappearing but what about sounds did you hear anything did you hear any moans or any gr so same as before the odd what but what the hell is that there could be a bird maybe a raven frog could be front could be as high as a loop frogs make a lot of crazy noises they do they were
poop now they make it sound like that for sure we scream or what was the sound that you heard when you were in your tent you heard a sasquatch sound when you talk about the survivor man in alaska show yes what is the site will sound like well first of all picture the scene i'm i'm there let me take my pants off sorry do you want this should be some hand cream i don't need that shit i dry jack ma man it depended on lotion like some it took so i don't paint like a bus let's second to just go down hills down there just got way better ok sorry so pictures soon middle of nowhere lasken coast by mice what do i smell like lavender ok middle nowhere alaska coast i'm sorry and i'm i'm filming a scene survive meant saying blah blah blah just bacon grass better something
and then all of a sudden trees fifty yards away at about it ten foot twelve foot high to start like shaken's going crazy and then i hear a great who like that only way way way way way louder deeper right goes right through your body when it said the problem is i'm in alaska so unless there's an escape great ape from the zoo what the hell is that 'cause bears don't do that the statics would say that the bear just ran across a bear that made some unusual noises five times in a row and then when he left five times in a row five times in a row and then when he left the whole forest just erupted with breaking trees as it ran away i don't know i don't know many beers would do that hence my quest what was that wish i knew these people think is bigfoot i'm going to go find it
indian rave now there's no way whatsoever that you were asleep before this happened it was two hundred o'clock in afternoon two hundred o'clock in the afternoon roughly so you had more than one experience right there was another one when you went for your camera and it ran off right now that was that one that was that was that was at night did i screw it my midday okay so when you you didn't see anything turn see insurance to this day i haven't seen anything so i can't claim anything i'm seeing it that's why i keep saying showed him so fucked up thing about people telling you stories i had it in my head that this was a story at night time i had it in my head that you were in your tent and that this thing came out at night time and made all this noise and then you went for camera around often so you know you want it to be more like that yeah i wanted to be screwed here i didn't have a tent nighttime scares me and it was midday no tent midday
it was it was a survivor meant that would have use have you ever seen something like that might be big foot never seen anything no nothing so i want to know finding schizophrenia i don't think it's a friend i don't think it's because of rain i think here's a here's a problem heightened states okay right and states of fear heightened states of alien nation unusual states of the mind which would definitely coincide with being alone in a alaska by yourself with like a fucking bottle opener and a roll of duct tape in a condom i mean that's what you have when you go to these fucking places you go and you bring like a bag of shit that you might ordinarily have on you if something went
totally wrong and you found yourself in these places and then you figure out a way to survive the does a heightened state right so anything that happens is going to be suspect yeah there was just some stuff going on in your brain man your brain is protecting you from all sorts of weird possibilities bears and predators who knows the fuck is out there people file working person in the middle of nowhere like that that that might be the most dangerous shit you come across yeah that's freaky i've run across people mother out there and now some crazy unabomber ted kaczynski type care at scarier than the tires way scarier than the tigers a guy living by himself if you went in deep deep deep deep deep into the woods like miles and miles in hours and hours of hiking and you found a cabin you better not knock on that fucking door you just better not who is this guy why is he out here with no one around him that guys crazy you don't that might
the scariest thing you could ever find in the woods a person who lives in the woods yeah i totally agree i've always said that people go on about the romanticism some do living out in the bush by himself for thirty five years is like he's nuts guys an asshole guaranteed live where there's no people what an asshole people are my fave thing i love people why would you live with this no people what kind of a full square piece of shit wants to live in uh shed in the middle of nowhere somebody wants to blow everybody up it's like that ted kaczynski guy that's how we lived there was a professor at berkeley decided to just move to the woods as this house look at that that's scary fuck yeah man you see that thing light it on fire that's scary taking chances to take a chance of a scaping from the flames like that house on fire fuck that guy looks like
yeah by the way i don't mean that if you listen this podcast right now in a tiny little shed in the middle of nowhere there's always been my dream man you're shitting in my dream i don't really mean that i'm just talking relax sweet backpedal going on it but it's true you do live in the woods like that there's a high possibility that you might be fucking crazy or hiding from the law yeah actually when you see people been out there even if they didn't start out crazy you go bush right now tell me this do you take down in consideration when you think about this experience like you like men that i fucked this up in my head did i have no reference point because i was alone for too long out there and i just give myself some sort of jolt like an extra moche will charge to my memory that may have distorted it and as i repeated it over and over again in my memory i might have twisted a little bit and jumped it up or move to the side to side or you rock solid that that's exactly what happened
absolutely option one i haven't got a freaking clue i could've been messed up absolutely agree with you i question all those experiences i have an amount there there ok most of you that's very honest of you i think that was a raven i think that was a squirrel that's a track i can account for branches are just broken 'cause the snow load these ones aren't broke does it snow load i don't have a freaking clue i could be just mumbling with that was probably a freaky experience but what that is freaky as being above the tiger what was more freaky being above the tiger yeah i would imagine right 'cause this is this is it's yeah it firmed animal confirmed kills people yeah i was going to say early but that place the sundarbans they've killed three hundred thousand people in the last two hundred years tigers have responsible for three hundred thousand confirmed desk that's sane july that is a crazy number like you
research that i listen to that in the documentary and like that can't true so then i went and i googled all these different sources and that's essentially the number somewhere around there somewhere between two and three hundred thousand it's fucking insane man that's insane even if it's like two hundred years even as two hundred thousand think about how many fucking people jack by tigers that's a fucking pile of people man if you a pile of two hundred thousand people oh my god this is terrifying i in a year tigers hippos that's three a day water buffalo too that's three a day right one thousand a year is like three a day or close to it in that narrow at two hundred to three hundred a day every fucking day for two one years home oh my god oh my god like fuck the wool
man you know big foot tigers that's real crazy animal crazy animal we're and we're like working really hard to make sure they stay alive can keep eating those indians fuck man it needs have to be the nicest people ever they oh the tigers are going to eat them and they still want to make sure their populations healthy wow the must be the nicest people they must be once i know meaning that's the only one that actually fought very hard to make sure that the tags are kept very safe and swelling what's up that's amazing is that why they worship cows and the cows walk around the streets that they are like bait i couldn't figure out this is mark house are way easier to get than people with guns good away from me the of the whole thing is bananas the the the fact that they star but they will need the cows and then the fact that they want the
how did they develop this on you have you have you been over there the new new no not pot grows in for amounts all over the roads every yeah you can get it down the street a store they way it for you then you have to go to fucking god i'm talking about you pull up into your driveway and on either side of your driveway is like a fuel deposits busy need to grow it indoors and i can't get rid of it and trying to hand it out to people quarter last year were jesus christ you don't need pot to be growing everywhere and come to india avoided tigers but stay for the weed sweet everywhere man this is california the for weed that's ridiculous that's a poor plan go for the people that make sense i would like to go just to treat the i would really love to experience like what it what it's like to talk to a real guru i know i do find a lot of those dues with those your
he's in those what's a real guru i don't know man i think like all things there's got to be someone is doing it right it's probably insanely difficult to be like a real yogi a real master who's really like a side do some dude who just snow national hash all day and meditates and goes into poses with the sadhu in india that's they do right and it was intense went and yeah i would like to talk to one of those real dudes who is really out there doing it he's not doing publicity tours of trying to sell books he doesn't have a podcast he's just out there smoking hash and stretching so what do think about that guy who's living off nothing no food no one bullshit one hundred percent ok this a bullshit artist the guys nuts that's why you know about him the reason why you know about me just tell me i don't dude i don't drink i just take in this on fuck outta here shut up i went to this guys house
when this office to film an episode of the sci fi show and as i walked in did this the thing that he supposedly could do turn out to be bullshit but as we lock he has this picture of this indian guy is from india in the as white paint all over his face in his no shirt on is like that's weird dress the word is we're gonna close is dry and i say who's that guy goes all will he is actually achieved the highest state of enlightenment and he is existed without water or food for the past thirteen years ago no it has no he has a wise the fat he's still fat fat he doesn't need we just get the fuck outta here man and i was like i can't believe about this guys office i'm gonna listen to some bullshit thing can't say a guy's live without food for thirteen years put that mother fucker in one of is david blaine boxes and let's watch him yeah let's watch him for a few years come on let me see how long it takes for you starve to death you fuck head
vintage issues like that did you hear about the glories you're right about the glorious what is that yet these are the high lightens next level from sad do sort of thing and they live off eating the dead people that are in the gangas congo river oh my god they'll go down and then they'll eat the bodies just google liguori in google ago and i think and and and they practice necrophilia oh my god yeah they fucked the dead bodies do and this is part of all the southern states of enlightenment there in the eat excrement they eat the direct here and that is live this way the ability of the rule of the thumb is accept the unacceptable it's insane there right now should those and yeah it's all about connecting machine and if you do this you're denying self and blah blah blah why it's
it's that hannibal monks of of in and try that some freaky place to go drink from skulls and live among the dead well that's not like a fun headline they do it there and they do it did you the counter these people i saw one sort of walking through the street kind of thing i mean what the fuck man they eat the dead and that's a natural practice for them and what's the thought behind it that they're taking in the worst of the sins of all and it's sort of they can connect with she so much stronger because of that because it's not affecting them they're wearing all over them is that white ash ash from the dead bodies oh my god so they take the ash from the dead bodies they smear it all over themselves and that went well they're finishing off a leg bone oh my god
and they just they meditate and they do yoga what in the fuck jesus christ that guys got like blood in his beard is that what that is maybe maybe ah artifact of the camera shitty jet when they ate people in walking dead don't don't like that made you a little hungry for steak though right when he was just chewing that big piece of meat it looked good no like like use eaten something that wasn't a person right maybe it person is good yeah probably specially for people supposedly taste like pig like in cannibals would call them long pig like long pig is expression for human meat apparently we taste a lot like pigs just really weird man it's really weird cannibalism freaks people out rightly so like seeing that that was a very bizarre video or verbs are a series of images looking at those people knowing those people have eaten bodies
yeah me something about looking at someone that you know eat yeah and they don't eat bodies because they are in a plane crash and they have to do it to survive the bodies because that's just what they is that they kill no absolutely not absolutely sort not like in fact there people come to be healed was there breath like insanely bad the brush floss but the flies he's human hair loss with yeah don't these people that they they get from the the river that day there to people it drowned or something like that you know how they always create there down by eleven and they left and then they let them they leave them floating in a burning graph sort of thing to collect these remains use them for spiritual enlightenment wearing costumes where
in the corpses consuming them or building altars from them what the parading up dead bodies in the street oh my god they wear their corpses where them like what tie them to their body what is see if you can find something with dudes wearing one of the corpses that's pretty so that was weird man to see him walk down with that body knowing that they have like little rituals they do with their bodies so what we do is weird to write house embalming any fucking less creepy than that embalming is creepy it's super creepy yeah i'd rather be burned or blown up and will be blown up joey diaz had a friend and they you someone who died like a young lady
parents showed up at the funeral power and the guy came back from doing something with the body and he was sweaty and he was out of breath and they were thinking that this guy might have fucked their dead daughter like this is a possibility appreciate joey told me this story and they saw this guy sweating and heaving and there was this weird feeling in the air and then they fight they found that out a few times there's been quite a few times you guys got busted doing that it happens a lot oh my god it must it must especially with people that are really fucked up in the head and then on top of being fucked up in the head they somehow or another get a job and they have access to dead bodies think it's super comfortable around being around dead bodies and i just look at this warm tit from some
check would have shot in the head five hours ago and this is far yeah you get seen from a tarantino movie god damn that's people man there's a lot of people out there to like that messed up but to see that man to see that there's a whole culture based on some learners that was bizarre and there is a whole culture based on it it's not like there three people there's like lots and they have sex with the corpse and they have sex with the corpses and they consume they where they like they're just trying to break all taboos right so we're trying to accept the unacceptable what does he do and drinking from the skull oh my god jesus christ what is he drinking urine or feces or alternate just fries son was your father it's so weird that was was it's bizarre cultural but it's looking it's like it's so weird like look behind him you have that was at a booter shiva shiva
shiva image behind him so you're you know you're dealing with someone who's practicing but you might go like you might go to cured of something from this guy and he would like they swear they have the cruise news for you that guy with his head filled with shit in your take aspirin go to cvs and take some aspirin we need more tigers definitely yeah tigers to take those assholes out how many those people get killed a year by tigers probably none what we need to do is get bigfoot in a tiger together in the octagon and see who is the king of the god damn forest my money's on tiger yeah i take tiger over bigfoot all day when was the last time bigfoot jumped fourteen feet through the air to bitch slap somebody so that tire can do how many sass watch do you actually estimator up there i don't have anything like that do you think there's any do i think there's any any i think that the pos
ability of something exists what the fuck it is i don't know ok if you had to guess though if you had if i gave you if we said listen this is the lottery right now this is the world lottery you got two choices one side is yes is a real animal exist exists once there is no you gotta push all your chips on one side which way you going to go i'd go yes i'm going now all day all day like that i'll tell you know why even though they did find the hobbit moans they did find this famed vampire deer it just seems like all those things are like way more possible to bigfoot for whatever reason big feels and i know this isn't this is a logical this isn't scientific it feels like bullshit tell so much bullshit as you already though feelings aren't fact in
that's all it was a little defensive because both sides both sides got nothing you're right well that's not totally true because the absence evidence doesn't necessarily mean there's evidence but the fact that there's like these zero evidence probably the not real anecdotal references don't count that doesn't count 'cause people are full of shit and this is the most hilarious one the patterson tree that looks real the fuck out of here that's so dumb the fact that scientists actually examine that thing for decades will i believe the gate perhaps could be
very unusually shaped person but my money's on a sasquatch not a dude with a monkey suit on with football pads on no no no unknown monkey for sure unknown monkey i don't know it could be real i would tell you what i would be most happy most happy if it was real i don't know why but if did find big foot you probably next to my daughter's birth the happiest day of my i went to let's be in big foot i'll tell you why because you because you know what because it means is still freaking magic in the world that's why if that's if it's real has a lot of actually going out with some cool shit going on up there ok narnia you will already got me with the wrong word hang i say magic in epic
seventy eight of come to me bigfoot foot magics to what i meant when was at school his cool still if there's a lot of cool shit that's alive that's one of my main points about all this is your right why do we need something unknown to so excited about biology when these things that shoe build that thing is fucking lee evil looking real giant prehistoric bird it does has bigfoot is closer to us than we that's what the thanks being big of a deal saying look at that must call jesus christ said things evil if you go over for cool factor that thing is so crazy if you like look if i if you didn't know that was a real animal he said look at this evil thing in this new hobbit movie it's one of the things that attacks the hobbit or five foot tall birds that don't fly and their predatory and they have the giant bill that's like the size of what is a thing like
two feet long their bills it looks it looks act like that crystal creature member that creature from the dark crystal yeah in a similar actually like that well you know that's one of the things that they know existed in north america this terror bird that put that to shame that's like a five foot tall version of this terror bird was even bigger with an even bigger beak and i didn't even find out about that thing until i want to say like twenty or thirty years ago they started discovering the fossils i don't i might be but i don't think it was that long ago that's just my search please that's why i said what i did size of that fucking thing on the picture that thing next to a person show that work in a manner that is cool as shit right electrodes next to soldiers fuck is that fucking hunt them plastic army men eyes that god damn thing what the fuck that was that big how tall is i did zimbabwe
how tall is a dixie an army soldier from toy story six foot tall is it doesn't say well represents the average person which i believe the average male in america is like five hundred and ten so think about how god look how big it is next to a full swag and what the fuck man could you imagine you step out of your back porch and you see something bigger than a fucking moose and it's just a giant bird it's predatory and he owns a volkswagen beetle what they eat what the fuck they eat anything they want she would do they eat i must be a fucking hungry bitch with the thing to keep how much mass oh my god he says a hundred and eighty kilograms is what is that four hundred pounds three hundred something pounds twenty kg is two point two pounds per kilogram so for nikhil
this is more than eight hundred so eighty eight right eight thousand pounds one thousand pounds yeah for four hundred kilograms somewhere around in the neighborhood what the fucker a thousand pound bird that just run around biting people and then there's a saying is smaller but it looks bigger why is it look bigger but why is it why do they uh it's taller it's taller taller and thinner but it doesn't have as much mass oh ok well i'm scared the one i left now that fucking ruthless bitch why you so much heavier morning twice as heavy and the other one is taller and one of the right if you look at those you would say which ones heavier probably one on the right right i'm more scared than on the right just because of its beak that we have some pretty damaging or or not a thing from jurassic park that one looks so predatory that the reason why it's so thin is 'cause it eats so much that burns calories while it's eating it's killing
do an burning your cow is that constantly being a state of murder just a fuel that fucking face you then thing growing off of its head imagine going to giant hatchet big bolt cutters that murders that you smell and your nine feet tall anyway whatever it is three hundred pounds three hundred plus pounds three hundred and sixty what is it what's one hundred and eighty what's one hundred and eighty kilograms five hundred what the fuck five hundred fucking pounds bird biting you look in size no mercy another thing no emotions just dead like look into a mirror just dead as it's eating your asshole alerts dillard's baby is that it found one why is it babies come off all over his do animals start asshole first you know that it's as i do right eyes tongue asshole
we start with your asshole it's one of the things that coyotes do that so horrific when you find deer there so half alive their their bottom end is eating away they their asshole in their legs and often times are still alive they think there might be some like advantages too killing animals that way in keeping them alive because it preserves the meat for a little bit longer than if they just went right to the neck 'cause like this guy that i was up in bc with who is a moose hunter so they came across this moose that had been alive for days and these wolves were eating it for days it was still alive and they would just eat its legs there was just tearing at its asshole and they were eating its back legs and the moose couldn't get up you couldn't get away they were here keeping it there but like half of his back end was gone and he was still alive fuck nature you scary bitch scares you scary bitch nature and there you are sleeping in trees sleeping in
i love it and there was a deer that that happened to in india when we were there the local dogs had taken it all they did was they broke its both its hind legs and then they backed off and they let it sit there too broken back legs and we just looked at all man oh man and you know the dogs are going to either rip it apart that night or the tigers were going to come down and take it over the leopards who's yeah still out there doing i'm still out there sleeping in those places you why you still doing this because you don't have to still do so you could do anything you actually in a better mood doing it now than it was a couple of years ago i'm kind of enjoy and i came back on this season like a swan song like let's have some fun enjoy this cool places mongolia survivorman tonga india some beautiful amazing places so if teen that new tribe that they found in mongolia that rides on karabo they have like tame karabo and they ride them around it's crazy they they
animals to hunt they trained wolves and they've trained eagles to hunt for them you know they've known that they've been able to do that for awhile like trained golden eagle it's like take out smaller animals they take out deer but this tribe they they have domesticated karabo they domesticated reindeer and there aren't for awhile it's wild man they ride them around like their horses it's like in that's in mongolia great that's a crazy of the world man yeah so i'm really enjoying this season i'm going to places i've been before but is it like there's a guy look at that and that's our woman i believe that she's riding a karabo like it's up fucking horse is it well
welcome like like you're doing one thing that it's like man am i wasting my time like what is this like i can need to see something but the other hand if you did find something if you were up there and you got great footage of this fucking big monkey bounding between two hundred or three trees just looking at you and saying fuck he got me holy shit if we like we weren't crazy these two hundred different native american names for this animal wasn't crazy people want to know that that things really it isn't really like i fuck around and i joke around about it not being real but the reality is i don't fucking no we really don't know there's there's too many people
they have said that there's something up there doesn't mean that there's something up there it means the woods scary that dense gets dark out people make shit up people know that other people made shit up to hear the story you think would have their real i think i'm i saw it too and then it builds up in your mind that's possible too but it's also impossible there's a giant undiscovered primate if anybody catches it i hope it's you i'll let you know not dean cain bring it hanford bastard let's make some deserve it let's make lock mix loch ness with bigfoot is bigfoot lived under water and that's where he hit out and then he like no water yeah that's a stupid idea shot down in flames that doesn't work it's not like he lives near a lake if they did you know they believe on that uh show river monsters you know that monster show they think they figured out what
the lake champlain monsters they think it's a sturgeon enormous sturgeon 'cause apparently there are sturgeons there and if caught sturgeon soda sturgeons get enormous huge in enormous have you ever seen sturgeon i miss my guy someone in real life the other day i saw one in mexico that someone caught fuck dude that's a big damn fish the one i saw was small but they had on the show that that jeremy whatever his name is with the gentleman runs river monsters that goes a fish thing that guys legit right yeah he doesn't seem to have any fuckery on his shows he was in champlain and they had a photo of this thing from overhead and it looked exactly the giant sturgeon you're talking like a sixteen foot long sturgeon like they really get that big they do stretch and they look like a dinosaur prehistoric animal with that's a sturgeon ok yes that's a pretty
you want see look at that that's a lake champlain sturgeon so someone caught that in lake champlain i believe that's what that's saying that was saying they get way because i was saying ok so these are absolutely real sturgeon they've caught in lake champlain there's one that big and that's probably five feet long something like not that one maybe the other one was a little bit bigger but they believe some enormous ones in there i think that the river monsters guy look at that one guy's got his arm clear that one right there that's not a surgeon that's of that's like the one next to it the one right next to it if you go down there that does take a look at fish man that's a big fish that's like a person's a person fish but the the the really big ones if you take a photo of giant sturgeon or google giant sturgeon and you get a name of what they look like at their very big as he says sixteen feet long the other an enormous prehistoric fish the only like the gar is the only ones creepier the al
gator creepy aren't they they have like armor their body covered look at that look at the fucking size of that thing holy that's a painting painting them a ticket for asleep on these chairs that look real ridiculously checked dude started what you been doing to it it's like we're done doing we're going down next thing we're going to tire not hang our cell were sleeping this is the biggest when you fine mike oh my god oh my god look at that thing only fuck what is that ten feet long that's probably ten feet long right less if he had a gas ninety nine look at these conservative love am
yeah fucking christ was seventy eight years old he catches a huge three hundred and fifty pound sturgeon in british columbia that's where he was look at that god damn thing so have toad both for a half an hour oh my god for the pensioner was able to put is a guy leave me alone cuz he's old got pull out the fact he's on pension fuck off six try to diminish the man's achievement starbuck which is a starbucks that is the last name is that is lovely created starbucks mister starbuck look at size that day so the alligator gars pull up a giant alligator gar i think these are even more creepy i i don't think eat eat much meat you like little fish and let whatever suck off the bottom right isn't the deal with the other bottom feeders bottom feeders painters but
alligator gars did look way more predatory that picture of the mouth down there one arm above that jamie or where was it go back to the those other images there is one now there's a better one a guy had its mouth wide open where you can get a good look at that one right there right there yeah it's actually alligator looking for what the fuck man look at that thing oh my god that's a florida gar how is that a real animal that's thing looks so crazy that's prehistoric let the alligator right next to it the one that we thought was it see right in the images down there on the right lower right hand side related images the were there bam that is a cigar that's what i was thinking it was let me go to that image oh my god look at the size of that thing most people even know what this is no most people no idea what agar is he brought that's a sturgeon if you brought that up to them they be like
let's go back to that one where they see the guys the jaw where we thought it was an alligator the middle of the yeah look at that go to the full image of that let's end with this fucking the world is filled with mystery ladies and gentlemen don't be so quick to say that sasquatch isn't real and that fucking things swimming around have you seen a penis snake yet what is the piece of found this snake that that's called er roth out showing me but if you just type in penis snake it's a snake from brazil i believe it looks like your penis yeah it looks like a big hard long penis how about those fucking things in the amazon where those guys pee in the water they have to cut their hand over their dick because there's fish that will fly right up your urethra catfish check this one right here the subject big black one two it's a nice one yeah to cut cut cord so it's got the helmet cover on it's ready to bust out got a very long for skin
yeah right like it's all tied up in a knot in the in the top look it as wrinkles i mean it looks like it right there that's like that's not what my dick looks like looks like you need to go to a doctor immediately addicts dehydrated it's probably dead i mean like with sick dick when i was sick you have a lot of sites days now once in how many days you allow yourself here i start dictate one everything for months i allow good sick dick we sell and every one of these photos to a gross if she thinks it's a deck like dark blue car chicks you're dating out of bed tell him it was fucking a dick in narnia just make it black and white it's a dick on the moon look we got a picture from the rover to mordor dick come on side did you see that scientology documentary there's people out there that will believe anything you see that go inside of it so that yeah i've read part of the book i didn't see the documentary yet but i heard it's amazing is there any correlation between the
the frenzy new and the belief in sask watch it's going to be very similar there is a little bit of this need for this fall something to be real that clouds the judgment and i applaud the fact that you went into this as objectively as a unique individual as you could it's no you know no one is completely objective i think we all strive to be especially if you're trying to give a good audit of your life and trying to figure out how you run things how objective am i being about this god damn bigfoot thing you know it's tricky use a lot invested in it you know you're out it would suck if it wasn't really you've been out there what how many times now not to meet up at this point this is a eight page shows nine shows i see look at the same way like bring it show me bring it alone did that guy that you're with you said you had issues with him and there's a whole bunch of different people that i go out there with no i don't i don't have any issues with taught everybody else this i don't know everybody else does so is
possible that we're looking at right there actually was a bigfoot i don't know i'm gonna clue if you had to put all your money if you have you got all your cash no matter what and knowing him and knowing that stuff i still sit with five thousand and fifty on it which is cycle could be or lol 'cause you're ninety nine point nine hundred today one hundred percent that's affecting for you know this is just sitting there what everybody what's that even claims to have seen one says they fucking bolt yeah go back to the blink again i see the point that's how person weeks watch that looks so fake my god and what's the smash cut from there to there when i'm there boy group will poop poop there should be music playing when it's on boo boo boo boo have you tried to get that gotta take a polygraph test now it's not better dear what the fuck do what am i have to fix this whole thing out where i need to be a c
i called you many could you would want me on the show it busy shit will go one episode with maine i believe this guys full of shit less were out words with the bullshit artists that we should do there's a deck cigars come on son take this polygraph test you be the skeptic do the open guy i'm ok and you could just do that every show how can we both be the skeptic let's be done with this that's true but i still stand status and this is i watched the show first of all i think that the area where you're at is so remote it's incredible i mean it's an incredible piece of wilderness and one of things that when we went big for hunting for that sci fi show this guide told us is a really cool guy he does look even if there is no big foot we're still camping were still out here camp and we're having a good time i enjoyed its best part and he really did feel that way we got was not bullshit so that area like it's there's nothing lost in exploring that areas on the show i said i said you know what let's look at this way
let's say they don't exist at all worst case scenario i get an awesome night in my tent on the edge of a lake and it's beautiful and yorick sperian sing this intense wild nature which makes you feel like really connected to life that's the thing about when you're in those woods and you're in those remote areas you must feel intensely connected to life do for sure weird way that you don't connected reconnect it is that the way to describe it i would think reconnected in a way you know going to get in a city that's right it's a different experience like you feel different you fielded when you're you're like so attached to the make sure around surround you you're immersed in it you're part of it you're when you're in the woods the woods doesn't give a fuck about your 401k plan doesn't give a talk if you have your insurance card in your glove compartment it doesn't give a fuck if your left tire we're starting to run low it doesn't give a fuck nature doesn't
fuck about any of the variables that you present it's like this is what we have to offer the wild shootout it's a wild shootout watching predators and prey and is limited supply and there's a bunch of animals darting around left and right and shitting in the woods good luck good luck that's that's what you feel when you're out there you feel this like wow maybe the stock market really isn't like the epicenter of the universe maybe it doesn't really matter in the greater scheme of the universe whether or not i owe money student loans maybe doesn't really matter if i'm in credit card debt an my wife is banging her trainer maybe it doesn't matter that's what's going to go out to the bush when you're at yeah when you're out there it puts the whole ball of wax but you might be completely wrapped up in your own weird thing to the point we don't recognize the fact that you're a part of nature you're not you just removed because you have walls you have electricity and you have a hat on but europe are
part of nature and unavoidable part of it you're in their urine it so even if bigfoot bullshit there's still then that may in nature is so wild but the possibility big foot isn't outside of the realm of what you would consider did they have a potential reality to it it's not outside of its in the room bangla to an end if you if you do find something would you please bring it to us immediately computers okay got this for real snapchat he shouldn't we
like what you sent me today you fuck he says you this fucking thing it's great horrible this is the type of person he asked he sends me this text message that isis's closed down the four hundred and five let's see if it effects any of the areas where you live click this link for map of well yeah here's the new right click the link and oh look like that serious april there when i was in the airport in mexico is lucky motherfucker i paid verizon roaming data for that forty dollars season black dick i don't think there's that much and throw you in jail for that mexico mexico there nice people there not so uptight there there that's how fucking great part of the world if it wasn't for all the drug war shit and all the bullshit like mexican people are the nicest fucking people
there's so nice and if i had like one food to choose from to the day i die it would be a tough call but we italian food in mexican food crazy really what do you think italian one hundred percent you're a pasta eater right you know no no i was i i rarely eat pasta but i also know that mexican food is just like three minutes three ingredients no it's just everything's the same it's being or no no no you got here no you did a real mexican joint like you have like they do the best kerr at stake in the world like the the past like sorry yeah and mexican restaurants on with a marinade it and they this god damn and there's a lot of mexican dishes that where they do it correctly like we had some fish in mexico like fresh caught snapper the whole whole they have the best they invented ceviche they invented cooking things in lime juice you have like really good ceviche from fresh fish
hot unbelievably delicious with a little bit of lime and some cilantro in there a little bit onions tomatoes's pizza part of this e cousin pizzas we the problem with me and was invested invented by the chinese anyway whatever it is bro we took mail the bellingham saying so they made the noodle we took a we blow pasta sauce on that now i'm not matter aficionado in the fucking history of gluten but i do know that when i eat too much of it it fucks me up just to convert your body converts to sugar you call that you're eating a bowl of sugar in a bowl of pasta you're eating a bowl of white flour you're eating a bowl sugar i mean that's really what your body thinks it is you get this crazy insulin fucking happen and he buys a war is you don't get that if you see like vegetables and meats and even beans don't give me that spike the same way that the pod that blows pasta dishes and heavy heavy bread dishes this is not good for him and there's not
taste fucking amazing you know like a good lasagna christ the belly stretching feeling when you know you've eaten something virtually into indigestible but it's awesome tour of italy it's great i'm sure i you know i would love to know what possible like before they start to monkey around with wheat because they they think that like somewhere around the early nineteen hundreds they started like doing something to weak to make it more durable to make greater yields and make it a will be a little bit more hardy and they just changed the way we gross they change the actual consistency of the plant and from then on it became like harder and harder for people to digest it apparently that's the idea and then the other idea is that these processed flowers it's just advises not how it supposed to be eaten by didn't know what to do with that it's like what the fuck is this i eat a bowl of sugar like if you had some sugar and you put that doesn't exist in nature and nature sugar
the test of fiber to come with a comes attached to vitamins is like a roll ward for eating fruit are you getting that you eat oranges a taste delicious again that sugar we're also getting vitamin c you're getting all that fiber it's our it's like a trick to get you to eat some delicious so that you will shit out the seeds and fertilizers seats like nature's got a whole system setup doesn't exist well bowl show you pour a bowl of sugar on your fucking frosted flakes like that something that does this the nature tell me you didn't do that did you ever have frosted flakes and you sugar on top on the double crossed them bitches never did that sounds great though delicious you know in darkness and double frost and frosted flakes you fuckin sucked his shower you should spoonfuls of it then you drink the milk and taste like c2l coconut water nope it's better it's better frosted flakes mill
might be the best thing ever for champagne liquid sugar how much you're paying for the cabernet sauvignon he needs us to play god damn frosted flakes milk and put that shit i if you were in the mood for frosted flakes milk at the end of a bowl of frosted flakes that you double triggered and someone already you a glass of cabernet but i get that sloppy nasty bitter shit out of my face about to feast on some frosted flakes milk raisin bran with sugar we sing feliz scally beat a lot he's pretty big if you had to guess elk elk price of mushrooms when they say they say i like mushrooms berries roots to burr shoots crisis deer but it was elk
when you find like a carcass example we found a moose carcass when i was up in b they've been killed by wolves these these researchers say they do find him really these researcher like the ones where what else do you think i got to go and this is people who are into the subject matter i do they take photos of these carcasses they have photos to put him on now they're taking photo in a measuring scientifically now have you found carcass right you would probably be able to get some dna off that if something was pretty prayers and how old is you know you said yourself the dna things pretty unstable right out of all those sources of all the different people that are quote unquote researchers what do you think is the most credit organization les stroud bigfoot staff or crew survivorman bigfoot yeah kredible yeah
fortune fortune i i think i don't read it whoever's got nothing whoever doesn't have a stake in it right but doesn't every honey i was taken if they really start once you you spend a night in the woods you have a stake in it more than the guy who watch is it on tv and goes big church that's it more of a stake that's an emotional financial we have a financial stake two because it's not free to go live in the woods if you do you gotta eat food that you have to buy you have to make sure that you're not working back in the city and earning money so it'll cost you money in that regard you have to have gear witchcraft how are you talking about you have camping gear yeah ok i'm talking about what do you mean what the fucks that got to do with it steak you you spent you spent your time which is money equals money to most people and you put that he's taking that you've invested mean i mean if you're a fan of profit if you're out for profit those guys who suspect right i've gotten they gotta be suspect
right they have to because if you're a normal human being you're going to have a bias if that's like how you feed yourself the finding bigfoot folks like if you really got those dudes high on peyote e told them to tell the real truth about every episodes like what when you were hooting you knew that bobo was hooting back right right but when the camera is on and you had the night vision on like not heard it too i heard it i heard it for sure wow what a night we definitely gotta call back something called us back it knocked would who in v we were knocking who's that fuck i wish i knew we just decided that they knock back right and i came up with a piece of wood does anybody does anybody challenge that is there two schools of thought when it comes to would knocking not just is what it is either do it you don't some do some don't but do you
the sasquatch is wack stick against trees i don't know all i know is they're talking about they hear it sounds of like sticks in lancaster is as well do it in one of the guys when we were in north of pacific northwest he was very skeptical about the wood knocking and i'm not buying it there's like different camps guys like well that's what i said it's at scale of believability and they're all in fighting because everybody wants to be able to say i'm the i figured it out i got the film footage i guess like is from michael jordan of bigfoot researchers is it one dude that everybody bows down to the one hickson gracie of bigfoot researchers it's got to be i don't know are you a knock yeah are you a knocker are you at home or a hooper what do you think about that samurai chatter you ever heard that you never heard so matcha chatter
our chatter with a guy i want to say is like from the 1970s who recorded vocalizations that sound like any claim that these were bigfoot you never looked into this and i want that one yeah we had a sound expert um analyze these for that sci fi so to me it sounds like total horseshit and he's like a human voice can't make that noise i'm like yes i can hear i'll do it i just did it like don't say a person can make that is a recording recordings especially from like 1970s equipment when you're in the woods like field equipment like you're not getting an absolute exact representation of the sound that you're recording your getting i'm sort of whatever the gear is capable of picking up like a really good microphone like these microphones these shores right one of these things that makes sense yeah this is like a really
the microphone this is about as close to when you hear yourself in a podcast you go that's definitely mean that sounds exactly like me but this is a recording of you like it's not you it's taking you and it's recording the best possible version of your voice it can it's not you talking again when you hear machine that is picked some sound that you who made and it's put this down as best it so in nineteen seventy eight or whatever the fuck it is but it's to be exact it's just not so when anybody says a human being can even make that sound you're right it has to be a tape recorder it makes that sound and has to record it from a human being but once you go through that here's some gray area like who knows what it could sound like we want but do you find it did you find it samurai chatter find this sam
right shatter bigfoot sounds you're going to hell so this sound expert with what's that like part time sales at best buy or no no he is an ear bud aficionado he has a arabs headphones he has the beats studio pro the bluetooth once he gets the bluetooth ones where the guy on the man i'm the man that kind is that he's got the and that awkwardly hook around the back of year when the ear buds now user sound expertise and he also lego is in the navy like d deciphered languages in the neighboring way up in the remotest parts of the sierras moving because first of all i don't trust this british rock and reach for my djia johnny c appleseed on johnny apple similar photo it was and so they took a tape recorder one time and this is what the record
it is very bizarre and happy how many rubber band season has around his balls was making that noise so it's like an open mind comic we decided to record the sounds and thank you cd at this make them available people see that it is a part of the problem we're dealing with the big for community right now as much as that kind of yep and when you hear stuff like that you think that is i'm going clue you say i mean they could have been easily recorded by anybody what do you think it was
i am totally somebody just doing those noises i've met and it's these just sounded like an idiot doing it like you could picture that person what they're doing making those noises like what like an idiot i'm offended by skepticism one of its atom what if it wasn't what do you look well listen it wasn't a human then what was it i we're filming the show and i went over this these are some things are considered one time where the ice house we that's so high that i believe the patterson footage was real for a few seconds i was like what if an and would have this the time that is a real bigfoot foot i just been mocking it i was so high i came down i was like this is a guy in a monkey suit the stupid thing it's so obvious it's looks like someone in a monkey suit most likely it's someone in a monkey suit when you look a giraffe you never go that looks like a person in a fucking giraffe outfit no the play giraffes like to have a
very giraffe like way of walking that stupid fucking thing walks like a person but i might be wrong what do you think about that we think about the better side then explored enough i don't know i think that cool i think we could if you were around how could you be possible you don't really have like looked into this you and all the i said i was the guy who was there which got a good game i just didn't smell bullshit on him when he was talking it sounded like he was just i can right from his heart like this is what i saw virtually no damn wonder being a part of it though right big creek accused roger patterson the guy filmed it who went to jail for writing a bad check to pay for the very camera he used to film big foot known con man and then there was ever lose their though and then there was another guy who said he was in the suit what is the name baba
but he was also proven to be a bull no way out i'm sure there's a bull yeah that's the problem parana miss barbara missing yeah i remembered who's a big guy who walked a lot like big foot like this is video footage a montage of bob her on a miss next to the patterson footage and it works just like it now that they're cena no there is a big gangly looking cowboy mother on those dudes as giant belt buckles and looks normal on him you have a certain dudes you see him with a giant like rodeo belt buckle you go to ok that's what he would where you can pull it off yeah look at this look at this guy lariat alright i mean come on that's him ramis me that is bob that is bob that and that is the bigfoot thing behind him i mean jesus christ yeah him he fucking get out of here that's two five whole areas yeah just got done saying that before that's fucking hilarious
some guerrilla arms that are like extra long at the end you know we've got some fake canned had some fake for a thing on or it's a female sasquatch with anything it it is okay if you had a push all your chips you get all your money here who we going to go here last i don't know we going all in on yes it's bigfoot or all in on bob heronemus is telling the truth all in and i don't gamble that's why i'm going out there you don't gamble at all i don't gamble i can't get more shit come on side a little bit of roulette i bet on fights would have george side but was writing and yeah it was a strong canadian there will you bet you bet so this is like educate yes as well okay how about this how about this forget all that let's make it fifty bucks nothing nothing crazy just bragging rights and fifty bucks i'm going with it that there's something there that thing
that video you talk with the video just video video shit i can gamble on that because i don't i just don't know i am closing my eyes and pushing the whole bag of chips towards bull yeah i know they are all the money in their own bullshit wow this is word he even spell word world wrong i don't like gambling again unless it's no condamine are trying to catch a covered look we're not trying to you're not gonna seems like we're ganging up on you know okay i know that's all i take you know that's listen you know i look i want you to be successful with your bets and have all these assholes gotta find this fucking this pretends has bigfoot is cooler that shit head these guys the guy who says he shot bigfoot all these fucking guys their stories are all very fantastical this is why i just look 'em all straight innovation go show me when she got oh i think it's a scary on the mountain over there ok well i'll stay out there tonight and see what happens if one fucking dune had it though imagine
sixteen thousand one hundred and sixty one salt x one dude god damn son that would be the coolest shit ever but why that's what i want so why would there be cooler than a tiger why would there be cooler than a killer whale why would that be more than issue because if it's there we think it's a missing link that well there's no missing link it doesn't really work that way that's like some archaic thinking in nonscientific and there's no archaic thinking going on in north america today now is not the religious freedom is the only cat attacking anything to do with that's not what it's about jesus you don't even fucking know it is it seems to be out of all the things that are like all the mysteries it's one of the most probable which is one of the most exciting things about it like the loch ness monster oman what are the idea that some
long neck dinosaur thing is living in the middle of a lake and a schottland fucking get outta here buying in on that you know but i believe that more than bigfoot do you lock ness one hundred percent more c i don't i think that's way more unlikely it's way more on likely that some sort of a cold blooded reptile it's enormous it lives in a lock is gone undetected for this long with a breeding population that's way to open that's like even if you do see me with his huge it's still just water you can find you you would see more of them you know no i'm saying it did exist i don't think all this anymore exists yes we'll do double gigantopithecus thing that did exist difference the difference between unicorns and leprechauns and the loch ness monster and bigfoot mushrooms bigfoot probably that's bigfoot leaves leaves tracks if you want to meet the leprechauns you can meet him you just gotta take enough mushroom
you can meet leprechauns are you really can if you eat the proper dosage of any really potent psychedelic mushroom psychedelic empty with anything that's really intense transformative psychedelics you can see things that make gremlins seemed totally normal i think that's the rule all that shit that's the root of all those i mean this is all people that were eating plants that they didn't even know what the fuck they did they didn't understand the mechanisms behind them they had the rituals around cultivating him and keeping him that might be a part of the bigfoot thing too man i mean bigfoot might not even be a real thing it might be a real thing that you only can experience when you're having kadillak trip like the idea of bigfoot in a physical sense it not even be real it might be something that when you eat enough psychedelics it tunes into some part of your memory that recreates this thing
that lived along time ago best question ask about bigfoot's not what it is is why white why is it even there now the best questions where is it where the fuck is it where the fuck is it your looking forward you're asking the wrong questions that's what's wrong look at this is like almost two hours i'm taping it it's more than two hours is almost three it's almost three i'm taping it survivorman bigfoot when is it airing when people watch it discovery channel science channel is wednesdays fridays leave if you're a nonbeliever ladies and gentlemen i recommend three bong hits and some good friend and you will enjoy this god damn show les stroud your fuck a man's man i love yeah i'm always happy to talk to you s brand for i really do mean that if there's a sasquatch out there i would sincerely hope that you find it and i sincerely hope to release a sasquatch with a cool shit brian is out now i'm just i don't know i mean if there wasn't such thing as a scratch i don't know if it was cool i
like there's a new monkey i don't think it's nah because another way could but if it talks like a samurai if it's hot like i all right one more time when can people watch it what network do coverage channel discovery science channel wednesdays fridays wednesday and fridays at what time usually ten real just route on twitter real stroud on instagram facebook same thing facebook thank you man this is fine very impromptu did it grabbing from the comedy store yes yes perfect alright united everybody see
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