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#634 - Abby Martin

2015-04-16 | 🔗
Abby Martin is an American journalist and former host of "Breaking the Set" for RT America. Check out her work at http://mediaroots.org
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nine is the one and only abbe martin abbe martin is if she was a mail i would say she has balls since she's a female i would say she's a courageous woman she's so a journalist just a brilliant person and interesting person and she is not afraid grandma i hate when people say that it all for it is bigger more we could the fox afraid to speak their mine unfortunately loud people abbe martin not one you might know from breaking the set which was her show on r t russia today but now free of the russian shackles and hear talk about giving up for having i dont give an apple in may the comedy club chit area
the will gain experience how large martin i feel that you ve done a large ship for value failure you free the russians free taboo informally in russia today but the longstanding voice you will like the person what did we ever say russia today fox gonna watch that that chick seems speak in her mind a lot credibility to the network when you have descent against the thunder yes we are placed a beta harm like that hope crimea thing when you were protests to what you were talking and beating you i guess editorial fashion on your show about what was going on with the russian invasion of ukraine in the crimea situation they were like we should go there yourself and see it and you're like fuck that was that one
we started to think like mammy there should not be here well well the problem was waking up to a press release saying that i was already going to be shipped their without asking so that was shipped shipped so so no i'm not going i didn't want it to be a vet press experience for me you know to make my own contacts on the ground in kiev plus it was like a war zone at the time in maybe not crimea but ukraine even though its part of it yeah so i wanted to get training and also make my contacts instead of just going with like vetted russians just like going around russians therein been like look everything's great they're all happy like we ve everyone already here's your experience it has to be a weird gig workin for russia like the russian sponsored news network in america living in washington dc like what a blocked from white house you it's great in the belly the bees in your also working for the quote enemy right it's amazing whenever i meet guy
it bars and maybe like what you do and like i work for putin's propaganda machine had just shutting down didn't just make everyone really uncomfortable de villiers taxis check list you know i think they would put want some sort of a less trying i'm assuming that everybody whose friends with use on some sort of a list will i think i don't like to live in are the nsa but i think that obviously you know when you have john carry out there all the time fearmongering about russia today and and bringing it up saying that using today is an example why the apparatus needs state department propaganda apparatus dollars tens of millions of dollars more funding which is called the broadcasting board of governors so it's radio free europe and voice of america and its that it's what the u s does to put their propaganda out to the rest of the world and so on carries using russia today is an example of how good russia's at putting these counter talking point there and using it to get more money so you know
that their pain attention and you know that they are really bothered by it but if they did anything like sanction the station are treated shut it down it would look really fucking bad they can't go that far so it's just shows you that the world is really just these odd shades gray it's not really black and white is obviously putin is a dictator there can be no doubt at a certain point after a certain amount of sas nations and certain amount of taking all sharks money and thrown into jail and all the crazy shit that guy's done here essentially some sort of a new and dictator a new style of dictator and yet russia too i reported on some real shit and gave you put a lot of freedom to report on real shit which is weird you know it's it's it gets everybody in this strange predicament like do i cannot
pay attention to russia today do i do i trust it of all prudent not addictive irc as he is elected but no greater buddy but but here is about some weird is that he created this new position so you have magnet of and then you have putin basically re emerging right it's like bush coming back into spain like yoyo mahogany just create this position and just come back into government so he did gave create this caviar to come back have like a giant serve influence tool but i mean he does have a huge but here huge support there and i think in do part to this cold war resurrection going on in the west so when you have run i've been bombarded with attacks constantly a kind of reinforces that homeland field to the people in russia are like fire y'all all you guys are just like constantly attacking us so we're to kind of maintain this strange here and really be nationalistic so it's almost like helping putin what i don't understand about the whole thing is that we're not looking at
communism this is not the cold war so i dont understand what the u s is getting out of it when you have like an oligarchy anna a capitalist nation that's basically in line economically with the u s i mean it's run my order just like the u s is we're not talking about a communism versus capital and they were so what are we getting out of it to kind of continue timpan till i create this doing narrative think first while people are nervous about putin here he's when you look at him anna was at least the image this being betrayed through the media he's is very macho guy he seen with a shirt off riding horse shit and you have one who's the guy recently said putin could be worth as much as two hundred billion dollars look at all the money that is stolen all the different people money that he's taken on these oligarchy thrown in jail takes our companies they think that
worth as much as two hundred billion dollars they know what people have said that about you chavez and maduro too and they take all of the national lies like assets in account they just say that maduro owns like billions of dollars with the wealth because of the national safety of products so i don't necessarily take about at face value and say that like putin has a mass this giant well that he has the problem with the propaganda wars is that you don't know what's fucking true right of course areas investor putin could the world's richest man with two hundred billion stolen whose hermitage cattle management and are now bill peace louder ceo hermitage careful management so so crazy scroll down swell downturn while yeah what i love about about the propaganda were though is that you have all these like establishing journalists who
immediately say that putin and he very melt may well have killed that dude you know i don't know but two mediately come on the median say that prudence politically is as an innovation the street ran from the kremlin but then you can never ever question any sort of political assassinations that have taken place in this country so it's like i waited just project all of these issues when it comes to either false like terrorism or political ass a suspicious debts outwardly and you say like one that's fucking bad should if you ever reply that to our political system here while that would be sort of like if ran paul was assassinated if and paul was running against putin or against obama and was it was like second term he was in campaigning and ryan dance obama and there was murdered in st thou be widow more like it's it's a lot more brutal and open then
the political assassinations that may or may not have taken place under the united states like what can you can you think of it a more political assassination do you get a tribute to the united states like maybe events foster which allegedly yeah was this house and i mean all of the inner of course obviously other than the kennedys i'm ok which of course a court case found that that the government was complicit in his assassination as well a memphis tennessee court jury found that but you i actually there was an embassy row bombing of a fucking just car bomb exploded and old some leader and it came back to some complicity with in the u s government in another government working together so their husband should i got haven't baby i mean nothing just as overt of you know that guy being just
often fail the ground was at that that guy was very vocal support any thought that his fame would protect him though those what he thought that in work now now i don't know what the fuck is going on there man so it so it's hard it's and this is when people would give me should all the time why are you talking about russia every day and it's like look it's exe really hard to talk about any country that you don't understand fully i ve never been there and also looking at a country that you know the soviet union collapsed not that long ago and their figuring shit out and so it of its kind of like our moral and position on the middle east and be my give yourself barbaric and why you why you followed like to where we are and it's like all the personal there so many different factors plain into that on a completely different political evolution so it just like just hold hold your fucking judgment for a second and try to understand how these countries are the way they are course you can
like criminal activity in other countries but it just seems like people have a lot to say without really understanding all of these different dynamics that go into global affairs yehudi myself yeah i do understand rush at all it's it's a fascinating place though it's interesting think that when we were kids when i was a kid we are always worried about going to war with russia that was the big fear that was hanging over everyone's head it was built people we would go to sleep at night terrified of potential nuclear war and we we thought we were one incident away and then long time it went away you know when the soviet union collapsed in russia this news sort of much more peaceful place it it seemed like there was never happen again and now it's all ramping up again and now they just sold miss
to russia or to warm ran rather it was in the news in the last couple weeks they lifted their embargo selling what scares me is our and your proxy war is going on right now between the u s and russia ukraine and syria that is happening that is real and now you know we have ukraine obviously the u s is openly endorsing in funding the ukrainian government with legal aid and the new rush arming these rebels there so basic the u s and rush hour fighting a war in ukraine in then you have the assad factor were russia's funding sod and then you have the u s openly funding these fuckin jihadist islamic terrorism on the ground in syria that scares me because the wars already happening it just through different mediums jews i know so you workin for russia's first what how'd you get that gig how does one get a gig and like working russia day and was there any hesitation on your part so i will act
from anti war activism and long story short realised that media was really the platform that we need to be fighting because i saw both parties selling the iraq war and i like what the fuck is going on so then going back to glenn and the police stage a showed up in my back yard once occupied oakland happened there was like seven police helicopters flying around the city at all times there is ten thousands it felt like storm troopers to respond to like eighty hippies camping out in a park so that this is fucking crazy and then run sure today was the only like jim news organization covering the occupy movement so during time the mainstream media was ridiculing occupies so hard and i just kept seen videos pop up of like russia data the like russian with the green logo and i was like what is this network why is it the only one covering occupy i didn't really give a shit though as i have just like this is great that this network is covering it i dont why but that's amazing so i became kind
the liaison in oakland for our tee in dc in new york and moscow and i just i kind of conveying what i was seen and a lot of my vote i went viral from my website media routes that i was covering the police raids in them tear gas people want to my videos help scuttles and when his court case the guy who got shot with the can assert his face like in point blank range anyway so our tejus really liked the videos that i was doing and asked me to come there for an interview and my there's no way i want to move to dc that sounds horrible but i just couldn't you can pass the opportunity and they said that they want to me to have a show and just do exactly what i was doing and just ran and and have national platform to do so the the hesitating that i had i mean i talk to someone who initially interviewed me for our t and i asked her why do you work here like why is russia today covering things that activists care by like what is what is going on here just like look of after work for the russian government to tell the truth
about what happened in my country that's what i'm going to do because we have to get the information out there at that time the what russia was not in the news like literally or like this crazy cold war rather renaissance and resurrection in terms propaganda words so at that time i was like that's great and i mean the editorial freedom artie gives is completely unmatched and of course we bargaining lovey that that does generalization that everything on the networks propaganda the problem as everything's propaganda every fuckin thing is propaganda tell me one the source that has not used in some way to push a viewpoint or bias everyone has biased there is no such thing as like neutrality you know everyone comes with an opinion everyone comes at the bias and i'd rather know the bias which is russia today you may not get the truth about sure from going to russia watch in russia today but you will get the fucking truth about the
u s government and you will get the truth about corporations because it state funded so you can talk about those things without worrying about advertisers and sponsorship so early tell people navigator on the bias no i'm not gonna tell people that there is no bias it's fucking stupid of course there is its russian it's funny by the russian government so there's a lot of factors that no wonder that but i'd much rather know the biased blatantly inferno my face than not know the tens of thousands of like special interests and complex of injuries going into the entire herbert media apparatus and these other agencies i mean and that's even scarier because you have people on those channels that had been fired for criticising the u s government and its not even state funded media they just corporate media the other thing about what you doing that i thought was really interesting was you weren't like easily definable out there liberals and conservatives and there on television and they they kind of stick to a narrative because that makes it
it makes their career more definable like who they are in a few look like the best examples are the really ridiculous republican guys like the hannity guys like they're there there are putting our show like that the bill riley's those guys are putting our show where they realise that are not like you could you will know opinions like long in advance before you ever hear from their mouth because you know what they're gonna be its real simple cut and dried there's gonna be known prizes no subtlety there's no new wants this consideration of all the objective facts that go and all these different things and of reasoning it is none of that it's just this is a republican this is a democrat this is our coms and he's going to argue this guy because this guy's joe scarborough and he's a no nonsense republican farm on laugh as a dead end turn that has not explained what happened joe scarborough who used to be like a congressmen and one day that is in turn was found dead in his office was now and he was like having an affair
there i don't know where you're going out and every time and it was having an affair with her that they say and heavily that's not havoc and they say they say the experts say that so will you find jamie i find that check as every time just scarborough will like treats them out all those responses erlich what about your dead in turkish know what does let him live it down oh so where does this take place two thousand and one ok so long time ago the other fourteen years now do you know that lorry who is the coach girl had ever on that show morning joe is presumed skis daughter did you know there's a big numbers in his daughter who was isn t he is like a all agree
like neo liberal strategist who wrote a book called the grand chessboard it's like this giant like overlooking policy based i mean obama's read his book it's he's very influential global leader in terms of like policy making in foreign policy and he's kind of like an over sear of a lot of political ideology and thought that has been applied brzezinski daughter it just shows you the in sexual nature of the local media that you have like you know andrea mitchell and all these people have really close connections to the political establishment and very high places the gary konrad thing everybody knew about everybody heard about that that that's and all shoulder levies disappeared found was turned up murdered and he ever charges and resolve very creepy i never heard a word of this policy these twenty eight years old they misuse she's from them no foul play or any outward indication of suicide
well what is on me right will they she uses found on the ground in nice that shook her head on the desk and just died it did makes no sense really really make how convenient she's found slump next to a desk in the floor the republican congressman joe scarlet franz lawton beach offers were laureate serves consult answers so how did they nodded it is there any evidence at all that they had an affair or is it just bullshit ta or just talk rather just lucky what they say jobs will this latter mass well it's just chris india is just a weird right i mean who doesn't dies at twenty eight with like no i mean what a bomber not happen did you have also when when some does die like that it's all like how does the purse and who is guilty or accused rather how do they react right you know they bombed out there persons gone or they immediately like
it wasn't me tell you one evidently wasn't me have a feeling how joe reacted that day this is very strange it is i didn't know that it is time but i think that when you're looking at our tee and and i wasn't easily definable because the off my whole angle was coming outside of party lines because i'm so disgusted with both parties and i think that that's why people are so disillusion because they watching the media and they just think that there are just two camps to parties that you know when it's bullshit and both are perpetuating really austria's policies on domestic and foreign policy front their industry we when it comes to war so but look at this leave this a pass medical history that was significant but it remains to be seen whether that played a role in her death sooner pass medical history that was significant but it remains to be seen whether that played a role in her death soon remember the immediate family reached out reject
out of hand that lorry had any significant medical problems she was in fact quite an athlete having recently run and eight k and a very respectable time and she belonged to the northwest floor to track club as a result of the mandatory topsy however it was deemed inconclusive darker burke land ordered more specific toxicology test the results were expected by the middle the following week and the first or second august at berkeley commented on the time this turns over several puzzle pieces in the case of her death reveals more of the picture now listen this berkeley and that is a very interesting back on himself recently relocate to floor it is a matter of public record the dockworkers medical licence in the state of mississippi missouri revoked and nineteen ninety eight as a result of burkland reporting false information regarding a brain tissue sample
one thousand nine hundred and ninety six autopsy report brooklyn does not deny the charges is also a matter of public record he was suspended from his position as medical examiner in the state of florida in july of nineteen ninety nine motherfuker and then i got down to allow it says it basically that she would have never killed herself i'm i was at a suicide or not like any other they do that well what is good on jesus clearances lorry died as a result of a blow to the head come on i don't i always partition caused to collapse and say that's what i'm saying hitting her head on the desk sounds very sketchy super hardy kill somebody by hidden there in the dusk you got a really good luck and whack your head like a cat happen boy but it's not likely its if you fall just banged your head off the does that's where skulls for right is skulls they can't hear you when you talk you not on a microphone abby france will excited here sheaf fall hits her head dies
these shady falcon medical examiner the whole thing is weird isn't it someone needs to look that so called files those those tv shows they buster were interlaken but does not much you can do after right after all this time humanitarian alec fourteen years later yeah it's still sketch thou i'll bet you ever look into the vince foster and i read a book the strange death events fancier ha ha there was a guy that was involved and what it was called white water was the clinton scandal the real states gambled the clinton's were involved in handsome knowledge that he's found kick it's suicide but still the his hand which never happens the gun flying out of everyone's hand when you shoot yourself by a gun he's got a gun in his hand there
a lot of blood missing from his body but almost none of the sea in the crime there almost absolutely convinced of his body was moved and that somehow another he was moved to the spot where they found him but yet that was it guy killed him shops of that there's is a god good that's insane man why thing your wireless cats that's willing to send people a war and you have to be a president almost every single i guess would say every single present responsible for someone's death even even think of like the most guests jimmy carter would be the most peaceful guy he had to be responsible for someone dying right gerald ford had to be responsible for someone dying reg for sure they're all respond it's not just spoken this guy's gonna sing and he's gonna fuck buried and he's gonna run america once just stag model perfected ample of this is the anthrax attacks have you heard what the fuck is going on
is now oh my god man are eight so far first of all when the anthrax letter you know that the like one will have been right looks right after i don't know so right after nine eleven the nation was in a complete like traumatized state of hysteria and fear right so literally like weeks later i think it was like october maybe even later number i negative october though the first antics letters were sent in the mail and they work said like death to america death to israel like on these letters and they were sent oddly enough to like tom dash on other like people who were opposed to the patriot act at the time and also it killed five postal workers it got centre like reporters and congressman's office and by postal workers ended up dying some of them were fake basically it came out after cheney and rumsfeld and all these assholes when all of the media and touched started tine anthrax to saddam immediately and
it saying that it was all islamic terrorism weeks leader it came out but it wasn't islamic terrorism after you know if colin powell henny holding up the vile of anthrax at the u when like using all of this to connect to saddam hussein ten it there's like relax labs there and you have judith miller than you are time is basically printing like all this bullshit about anthrax and bio terror coming from iraq all the same time then it come out that it would came there was a high read like anthrax strain the aim is strain that came from a u s by weapons lab within our own country within our own government facilities there i blame this guy called stephen hat phil for years they they blame this guy who work within the lab and it was a case clothes they basically ruin the skies fucking life did they
in the person of interests multiple times john ashcroft came out thirty set as the personal interests they never said what evidence they had against him years later after every one like just thinks that this guy it comes out that it's not the sky he had to settle with the u s government taxpayer funded settlement of like an alike six million dollars for being falsely accused the anthrax perpetrator for years and years in other stocks this guy there like threatening his family searching through garbage makes him ruins his life essentially and and then next they blame as other guy neighbours evans once again he had laid like there is no actual evidence that this guy did it so bruce evans is just another guy worked within he was like a specialist in anthrax and they tried to pin it on him tried to threaten hospitalized daughter bribe her searches crash like stopped him for months and months and he was like you is a toxicologists as well he ended up dying
committing suicide by taking an overdose of tylenol which is actually a really insane horrible waited dying owed toxify your liver take three days to die and it would be really awful for someone who's toxicologists unlike knows how to kill yourself quickly why would you kill yourself that way and then so that was case closed right so so here we are with no actual proof that bruce evans really did the index all of his co workers are like he didn't do it there is no point he would never have done this he was helping the garment of the investigation here you have fast what a couple years the fbi agent in charge of the anthrax case this just came out a couple weeks ago the fbi agent is now suing the government he said when the fbi because he saying you purposefully hid evidence that prove that resigns was not the perpetrator there's exculpatory evidence that shows that he was not i am suing you guys for fucking up the investigation you put all like a low level in turns to on this investigation and it was totally bought from the gatt go
obama administration shut this down he shot down the cases that they didn't want to reopen the anthrax case ok best case scenario on the anthrax attacks is that there is still a bio weapons tears running around free that's the best case scenario worst case scenarios that the government is complicit and away the government's complicit because they are not investigating who the actual perpetrate or wanting to find them so ever did is out woe yeah yeah i had not looked into that at all it's almost is too much shit going on do you can't pay attention everything and if you do pay attention you can't keep paying attention to its cause some new shit comes near but i mean it huge this is the u s government being hosted in bio terror attack we went to dot untranslatable duncan trouble now to the centre for disease control in galveston the big lab that they have where they keep all the anthrax
in all the bola locked behind for full sick concrete walls and bulletproof glass and everywhere spacesuits it's fucking creepy it says creepy and their work the stuff and try and find cures for it i did this soda that siphoned you know i did what we talked about whether nice web weapon eyes dumb diseases and viruses i talk to you guys from the soviet union and talk to guys that used to work run the weapons division of the soviet union the weapon eyes tat disease version and they yum they were told me they had trenches of anthrax like trenches they had enough anthrax to kill tar country i did just said why exactly i don't know i understand it i mean i think during the cold war when everything was really crazy i think there were rounded up everybody was preparing for mutual self destruction my biggest question about it is why why
was there no like if the government had nothing to do with it why bother investigation so hard why hide evidence to just try depended on this guy why the bush administration and press people on cyprus which is like a really intends antibiotic for anthrax strain before the attacks even happen they were yeah and why able to them exactly exactly these are all quite that i have that i've never been addressed and also why would the letters be sent to people who are opposing the patriot act and also why would they frame muslims in the letters like a thing about it makes any sense at all very soon in german chairing strange on ashcroft was a coup and still is a co rp mother fucker oliver somebody sent me and a vinyl album of john ashcroft was craft was in some sort of a religious band where they were singing religious music like some christian van back in the day that yeah and he
he had a song degeneracy the let the eagle sore only gun verse here let's watch it up it's alright let's watch it is the idea that this maniac somehow another got into you ve never seen it have you seen the guy sing the bank of america song goes who precisely to work for bank of america commissioner bangemann has its equally maybe more creepy but that the ashcroft leads to bang americanized is working out a bad luck think of america in some strange way out don't one drawn i've come to head the tidies of lady justly purple drape he was a flock and like hayley bob comet style like the called the purple but all that so bizarre let's hear it let's hear him dear you referred cholera wrapping right i'm ends ro renown why yet are we really are now at them but less gonna ashcroft call rove rap debts
same holes like rodeo hagen stage just running around three of the video we need to see this place she's still they get some like farmers suitable like some might think tank whom god you can see it in her who let him do this right and realise that he actually saying this much oh yeah ninety saw above the guard sweet freedoms in the dews the damage that we started his commission torn by she's too young to die you can see it five minutes long
go back to it seems like you must have road it right this is horrible how it should remain a parody or no no no i want to know how are soaring this times different than or other soaring and she saw like she's never sword before it and soaring ok dude it's not like complex math she just flying around she's a fuckin bird me what is she doing so differently far better soil it she's never sword before what did she do getting crazy she flying down like two inches above back up to this and then again she saw unleashes never saw it before this bit crazy look at them that's a mentally ill purse right that's what that is it's a person was a mental illness of all he socially retarded he doesn't realise that this is a ridiculous thing then he's doing it isn't real
eyes how awful it is in terms of like the artistic value right as work right unbelievably bad music and he's a and creep wrap in it at all those things together god damn here's cholera happen what is this radio tells me another started don loris dinner that everyone goes through and it's like a giant circle jerk this will we just want to ask you some hair lots of creepy another these to be on besides fuck do said skin babies what you like to do for fun when you're not working when do you have any hobbies getting hobby like a jerk off just how shrink
the top of its already said tear the tops of small animals that's what i said so but the thing is you ve joking headless ok see like the risk that this isn't like silence other than during the dove that's all i know what you actually have any hobbies that you can you haven't collections i readily admit that i am what does that mean in palermo practicing landless bases so awkward advance gotta hope it stamps who's the dude area countries and migration a journalist is like what's it like the highlight of his life what's really oh yeah you guys from his lines it anyway there to guess who's lines in anyway column mockeries another letter so weird
wow hey you write a book you here goes well they brought a black eye on state what the clerk wage that through its quota c funny thought of a mother and a ball cruelty he's a man he's a treasure but tell me what you feel so bad tat reminded recovery robin oh god i hope movement below this is just the comedian now right this is not even the so i hadn't weird memory of him actually wrapping maybe it does later he's so hideous
there really getting into it that's it the black guy does not want this lay them barely moving this not only made him come up there just like he realizes wise up there is like i know why they abram fox radios my brain was on whose lives than anywhere but the contrast is not so good i hate to be racist adele was lambert knots now ambrady how many chins does our of words is one sloping biscuit answer as a member of my chin painful yeah well he only wait here oh wow cited those press dinners java laurel really weird like the antithesis of what journalists should be doing you know going in and like
i don't even know just going in honouring politicians and and moving with them and rubbing elbows with images strange they had corrupted right now will they must remember dennis miller said that he wouldn't make jokes about george bush athos he's my friend he gets ass i guess a pass you're a comic near comic unease the president you gotta go guph item at all or just like when anne murphy said he wasn't gonna make fun of bill cosby well i think he just didn't want to do a sketch which is kind of understandable if europe murphy especially because he's fucking is is talking about it why he's got his foot pushing against his own closet keep them shot was and fingers poking around that's true mean his is a guy's been arrested with transvestite right maybe might want to shut the fuck up about a scandal i'm just doesn't seem like us
i think that they will have you got in the dirt that you're trying i've read your own something i want to shut the fuck up right the everything was a very dark one now and he's out going on workers place they told me that cause be wanted the first of all they wanted people to watch him eat one we'll sit and watch him eat and he wanted these surely guard to talk him into bed at night like this sure i know not scared the casino they wanted him to talk him into bed at night i guess all these bizarre demands that he wants people to do they they said he was very strange i said he was very strange like you this weird feeling around him like you never really does there was no real connection within those entirely about you being in the presence of bill cosby and a bunch of stuff you have to do in order to may cause we happy and
now he would leave and everybody we're going the thing that so creepy about as it could in fact all these women i'm sure but he instead he wanted to rape their lifeless bodies he wanted a rape like a dead body allege that allegedly sorry well you know when i go when it comes to be thirty women when a hundred and we could say that you are you're reliquaries thereby causing so we interviewed this or this woman from ap interviewed in years ago before hannibal burs resurrected the series rape as shit and the woman said he was super condescending and crazy in fucking nuts because he's bill cosby thinks he's god and after the we was over he was like i'm in a send you fruit to let you know what i thought of the interview he told this woman and she was like our a fuckin weirdo leg just forgot about it so a couple weeks later ap ap gets a box this woman like he sent this to a news organization and it was acted to her and she opened the box and it was just a dead dried up apple and it said like this is what i thought of the interview though cosby
what did she asked him about that was so upsetting i dont now we just didn't dread him with reverent zachary like a king but but so think about how long it takes to get an apple that's rotted he must have like sent an internal news i go digging the dumps are and find me around an apple that should take a monster out you can put it up on your fridge for like six months and i won't rod does a really good point likelihood of fine my view shit incertitude sorry i think those guys that were around a long time ago like that those guys were like today almost anything you do get scrutinised and gets criticized by not just the press but like save your bill cause be type care like say like but kevin heart whose a huge famous comedian if he did bunch of really creepy shit or set a bunch really creepy ship people to talk about an on social media and they would it would start junior chatter wouldn't surrogate but back then you could come
get away with doing anything and then the publicist would just hush it up so i you know at all i not exonerating him unambiguous excuses form but i wonder what the climate was like when he was famous in this these in the seventies and eighties like he was a giant huge fuckin superstar and i wonder like how much tabling was going on how many gorgeous would cover up for anything that happen in re donovan like you know just go in and sweep up all your problems and if you're a creepy guy that's just not connected at all down to regular people miasma regular they re prior him we're like the two most famous black millions in the first famous black comedians in the world and he was he was a god at that time in an indefinite think there's a conspiracy of silence in hollywood when you look at things like jimmy saddle from the bbc he was just like straight up raping little yeah and he was like visiting
i suppose he was like fuckin ordained by the royal family to be like you know a lord or whatever and he's just treated like royalty and then you have gian dementia in on the sea bc in canada that the radio host of q is lighter hunch women randomly yeah what does that guy's deal he would we say it i was like bondage of play yesterday this is i'm super fascinated with this because it just goes back to how these things are able to happen for so long and why there covered up engine russia is a really interesting case cause he's like this attractive like kind of hipster looking guy who's like had like rape culture debates in like is like a feminist and you know like puts himself off as like this guy really cares about women's issues and numerous then said dude so then so then it came out but he just like would coerce these women who we met it book events and unlike makes them feel special of course in the name he would go on a date with them and animals just punishment face
but he saw him in the face or like he would just like be hooking up with someone in the new cycle rape them with his hand like red like an they just be like what the fight like start strangling them and just like rape them i go down there and then raised his hand marine ngo has this bear that he would turn around and be like my bare can't see this y yeah what well when many women have the same story like you would have this stuffed animal baron be like this bet my little bare can't see me why so far we would have the bear a camera dude it's all say an and that's the thing is how did no one know this and the thing is they did you're telling me that people are b c didn't know that jimmy saddle was like why they bring in all these little kids and like you know it i mean it's like don't tell me that you didn't know china sandusky case and sandusky case were i mean every
one kind of new that guy was a child rape everyone knew at yesterday's weird thing where no one was saying anything everybody wanted to keep their job and he reach this prominent position of power where it was almost now then no one knew what exactly do you not fucking crazy gazette measures a coach we do not want to see him reaping the woman than there like oh yeah maybe ten my gun and see that one you know he he reported it and i don't know exactly what happened but that's where they hold paternal joe paternal thing ended so awfully word joe paternal was like a god in state mean he was the man penn state and when it all went down joe paternal got sick like really quickly afterwards and then died of cancer he was within my early meares yeah he was dead quick after that it must have been devastating to him as a person to realize i could how horribly he had fuck down and law
this monster be amongst for so long and not do anything about it i'm just habited because he's alive to see these women coming out because i really do believe that rape them and and its great that unlike jimmy saddle whose dead end like no one you know you're just glorified until he died and then comes out after that is a fuckin pedophile village several things very strange to because there's this thing going on right now in the uk where there are vast gaining all of these royals in these all these politicians all these people that are involved in china pornography and child rape and your whereby all this stuff what exactly is going on with that guy i dont know enough to really down but there is a lot of weird sex ring like child pornography is going on with with british royalty and also politicians really stuck
and i had a really dug into it and clinton's tied to sort out will where different one that was one clinton was tied to this other guy need spent time at this guy's pound here that if the idea this guy was getting child prostitution woodson like under age prostitutes fat fuck insane it just shows you like this all this this culture of suppression like d ashcroft the world lizzie eagle eye tat all that is like your creating a dime and your creating something this this weird culture of suppression that these people operate under by being this fake thing is operating politician is operating president this operating game show host talk show hostess you know whatever
thing is that your pretending to be joe scarborough or all these different care not a murderer area there not themselves bill cosby right because we who was always mr clean my as that famous bit that eddie murphy did about bill cause because tom stops where enriched presented people love do get paid to build have a coconut smouch forgotten in that a real incident that those bill cause used to all comedians utility chris rock he would seldom steiner panza black people what stop radio to stop raby people and drug in them to the tune of a drug don't rape and more dry either or still drug them about it just turn over now that's still kind of written by fuckin asshole psychotic did what it's also it's what kind of a person jets work a person sees a naked person like completely right and just can do that can just one
necrophilia jack i don't know man would it what the fuck man lazo crazy i would love somebody took bill cosby and gave him like i begin or some we know some sort of psychedelic and and made him talk about it i've always said that if someone actually wants to do like functional terrorism they should just dose the punch ball at the white house like correspondence dinner with acid that would be like a really good strategy and murder if you wanted to fuck with establishment not that no longer say that i would ever or suggested i'd even just a theoretical theoretical we lived in a different dimension did the same human beings existed in that dimension it would be interesting to see what would take place but then again
but here's dc which overwhelmingly past marijuana legalization so wise over one such douche bag still run smokes we'd tight ass the people though that's not the politicians who have of his fuckin chris christie fuck this fat slob what happened is it he said that if he becomes president he will actively go after all the states have legalise marijuana and he would put a stop to it site something about the site some nonsense about addiction addiction which it went differences diction mean of neurons dying you dumb ass like you know what people die from being fat is far right ok you're fat is far right three hundred thousand people die in this country as a direct result of obesity every year it's like right below cigarettes and this guy is talking about i mean you want to talk about the kettle calling the pot latin like do look at yourself you're a walking post boy for american access people that
starving in other countries can look upon you and you are a symbol of american greed down and not permit legal marijuana present well guess what fuck that's why you ll never be president we guys giant percentage of america that believes in personal freedom especially when it comes to something as innocuous his marijuana when you can die from falcon tylenol like you just said be a goddamn toxicologist and die from tylenol no ones died from pot did i hear and i and as these people are just going against the current the guy marriage thing and marijuana it's like dude you guys are fighting a losing battle like what are you doing this is not the where the fight easily do look up gerard polis and the d a forget her name but it is one of the best clips i've ever seen it shows you you ve seen i re where she just like he's like his crack were dead
gene and marijuana jeez ike yet as the main thing you play this or a person i believe all all illegal drug is nothing that i mean worse for somebody's health and marijuana i don't think any illegal ways heroin worse for someone again all them either ass our i don't know i mean if you don't know you look this up you should know this is the chief administrator for the drug and horsemen i am asking the very word question is heroin worse for someone on early unbelievable all illegal drugs are our ban does not accept that
michel leonhard drug many enforcement airy administration the administrator either the health impact of heroin is evil it still what you're telling me like i said what of them schedule one young active still schedule on active just looking at the same level of expertise i my labours in that i've read read some of that decision an expert subject area than the subject area is how allows helping marijuana i mean to me as a police officer and as the age that seems like she's known on monday hills rain scrub elbows annex desire to develop the grilling more effective the marathon is is heroin marijuana i yours very truly generally the properties of heroin yes more addictive is met unfettered me more to them are wanna that's not true now well
both are addictive wasted a thing is you can because then she can't justify the classification yeah so she have cortisol bs he's stuck some apple both marijuana no more addictive than playing video games means it's it's an addiction in terms of your view decide that you needed in your life just like you a person is to be indicative right but it says no physical prob that dick unless you have some really weird biology resumed rare person like the type of person be allergic to sunflowers now there's this weird things out there biologically but the average person that shows you this is a criminal organisation that's in charge of pretending to be looking after the people really just enjoy in charge of keeping things as usual just keeping policy as usual moving for the same way and that's what that woman's don't even the deal j liveliness chris christie the dear j as basically gone
odin said that there are still going to prosecute individual marijuana users and you're like dude what are you talking about it aids that have legalised it like there actually say that they're going overstep state law i don't understand why people are focus on something that makes life better but does it get pressure they get pressure from three big factions one prison guards unions privatized prisons and farmers of pharmaceutical companies those are three big pressure organizations the prison guards and in part private prisons there's a lot of money involved in keeping people in jail there's a day a vested interest in continuing to rest the same mona people or more people every year because whenever you make a business businesses don't like to stay static they like growth they like more business then when you have a business sets for profit like a prison business their business like there are involved in is locking people in jail they would like to lock me
where people in jail that's how they make more money you know fuckin chocolate bars with her she sellen chocolate bar didn't want all the same man chalk bars next year they want to sell more who they want to look we got a new ad campaign to get people involved with chocolate some new chocolates we got a little chocolate guy that waves to yeah he's gonna get you to buy more chocolate you know that's what bid so do that's the natural function of a capitalistic business you want to make more money every year would guess why that is same thing when it comes to the industry of locking people up rugs they weren't he blocking people up if they made x amount of money this year they wanna make why next year and that's just what they do just it's a part of it in part of business right anyway you're computer or whether you fuckin new cell legal paper or whether you
whatever you say you want to sell more you want to make more money that's the problem i know that your unit disagree with this but that's the problem of capitalism is this planned obsolescence in order to make more money like for example the fact that one moment i disagree because i because you're all about you i've heard that we talk about how capitals and encourages competition which it does but at the same time if it encouraged inability and competitive advantages in terms of like how to be sustainable which it does not that's the problem i just wish that people gave a shit about making things like harmonious with how the earth functions instead of just likes fucking up all this shit and just like a blowing over the but saying it does not mean is looking at it in a very blanket when captain this is just the way we do business but you can certainly have ethical capitalism capitalism doesn't have to be pushed to the nth agree to where all all output
that is the only motivation at the expense of the environment at the expense of the people of expensive laws doesn't have to be that way believe that i think that we have this it has to be that way because of this competitive nature the people have where they put the nuts the score above and beyond everything else but it doesn't have to be that an marxism doesn't have to turn into the communist structures that we ve seen you know fail i mean that's all phyllis difficult like people who say that voluntary ism is is the ideal society sounds great and conscious capitals and sounds great too i don't see how we can just turn it into a conscious functioning system that works with you like planet people demand it people have to demand it may have to stay have to vote with their dollars they have the demand only ethical companies they have to demand they only support company with their money that are involved in an ethical sustainable business and if you don't do that then were not interested spending money on you and how many people
to die like look at sea ports and cars i mean if ralph nature never tried to never force the government actually make that a mandate how many tens of thousands more people would have died until the market quoting cook corrected itself where people forced pressure and just didn't buy from the cars i weren't putting seat belts and well that's interesting thus in adjusting way to put it because motorcyclist illegal you know there's a lot of stuff it's legal that's way more dangerous if you really think about all the activities of people involved in or they voluntarily put themselves in harm's way seat belts i certainly use them i think there are important i think they're all safety measures whether its air bags or you know they should certainly be encouraged but i think that people were of naturally believe towards them if they found a better there were safer i think the competition involved in eating cars that are more safe and that are billy more more say for the passengers that that would have helped
in the long run themselves more cars and it would have like encourage companies do the same thing then tonnes more people have died ralph nato didn't step up as a consumer advocate not argue against consumer advocacy i think what ralph nato's done not just with seat belts were a lot of things like super important we have to have someone looking out but there is also a different era back then a much less transparent era where the age of information had really been established like it is today but the problem with today's you have such a saturation of information and you have these multi billion dollar companies that aren't conscious cap listen you know that urges all but the bottom line in maximizing that shit chasing you know that the poor in on bangladesh let's say just like chasing wherever the dollar's stronger and bigger for them they sacho the information or word so much to put out some of disinformation and propaganda that it makes it way harder for people to sort through and understand what an ethical company what tomorrow companies and also the monopolization of these
streets makes it that much harder like let's say i comcast like the models that where i live like i don't even have a fucking choice anymore so even though i hate comcast's it's like that's that's your only option because they ve swallowed up all the other up in the area and i think that's another huge problems so even though you might want to be a cop consumer and buy from like ethical companies it's really fuckin ard because every what you can't be a big corporation and not have bloody hands somewhere nothin this is certainly a point that i think the internet is starting to dissolve alive these monopolies and i think things like comcast controlling vast majorities of the the cable business and i think that's only gonna get eaten up by very internet companies and you start seeing things like was hbo go that was called israel now we'll go now those things where you're using these traditional cable channels then and now of
elbow on the internet what netflix is doing what all these there there netflix now has all sorts of new programmes at their creating themselves house of cards bunch of different ones the jail one this new black there's like critically acclaimed shows that creating in house and i think that have just a connection to the internet is gonna be the new cable that's gonna be bout monopolizing internet connections and how longer people go our at that mean that's that's the real the real portal right now i think is the internet i think that's the real portable portal for information as well i think that all he's cable companies that are producing new shows whether it cnn cnbc unlike that antiquated format of delivering the news like that shit is not going to fly you're entering to a new age this this age people aren't gonna tolerate this old school lee bullshit that you're doing this weird wearing a tie talking like a robot i got stuff
out the window i think the age of information that were involved in right now all of us whether we realise that are not what this is the craziest times in human history and people are aware of more things and they have ever been before and i think that the people there involves even in these corporations that are involved these unethical activities and man polarization of resources and just control over foreign governments and all the different shit all that stuff is that's got it's got time to it it doesn't have much i'm left or every empires gonna fall and especially when you have one is arrogant you know as ours it's just a matter of time before that happens so they gotta get their shit together if we want to survive and you what's going on right now i'm in look at the political dynasties that might be running for president george bush and hillary clinton you fucking kidding only are running right they're both right now ran paul the guy who tried to get my presidential stripped while you try to get you
president just drivers moved dc i confronted ran paul with my friend luke and i had a we were going to public press event we had passed since i was in the halls of congress and he just started walking toward me in the hallway and i was like i was shut the task grandpa the question right now since he's right here so i ask them why endorse mitt romney is mitt romney is a psychotic warmonger in this way so i decided to endorse mitt romney alot of people who are followed of years have questions because you know he's the opposite of what you claim to be in terms of foreign policy and man pulled him his head down and kept walking and not was it a week later video goes viral and i walk into our teachers when i first mooted easy walk in art they're like likewise the capital police threatening to come and arrest you and strip you of your prescott entrails and i was like i dont know they're like what did you do ran paul there they're talking about charging youth harassment and stocking
to have them coming arrest me this is great film it like we're at a fucking tv station if ran paul wants to a rest me for asking a question that's than tat stick let's film is doing so it turned out to be all empty threats but the guy who runs the capital like meat a center tat that he wants me to come in for a meeting nothing was in writing because he knew it like that he knew that it was all empty so i was really nervous i was like should i get a lawyer like what's i was like what's come up with the story this is a huge story but saw they were like no just see what he wants to say like don't get a lawyer yeah go and meet the sky so i went and met the sky and like an interrogation room in the capital building with all of the bureau chiefs of all of the major media organisations in this room and i said with them and i was like what in the hell is going on like why am i here but what is happening and the guy was like look
how did you get in here like how to do how did you sneak lucan and i was like weeds and again we have is a public events we have pressed credentials and he was like look we have worked for decades to get the access that we do to these politicians and he was angry not have people like you come in here and fucking up that access in so many words it was very like house of hard style shit for their basically saying we have worked to this special access like this and it's all a pre or do you know it's all pre determined probably have everything vetted you go and they all know you you know and they don't want people coming up in fucking that up they don't want anybody ask your real questions they don't want anybody asking uncomfortable questions that would get the politicians to pull back and restrict act so they're saying you not playing the genuine lots of those you don't know the game weapons we ve sent his game over twenty years abbe martin
they're coming in here ruining our thing by asking them real questions rehab questions that we ve been a brave right off bark was only yeah it was a bizarre like how juliet awakening agenda come alone should not say it was i get it was like a thirty minute conversation and after i left the office i like taped it all on my phone goes i couldn't believe that it actually happened i wanted my old photo the guitar my computer and i should like this to happen because it just seems so fake and i'm offended with a guy i think his name is mike and he was like i'll let you know like what the final charges are going to be for you and i was really for asking for exactly that you didn't touch him now so what where other could they charge you with anything it was totally insane and and and when came up with his lawyer i my coup eggs what is his name i don't know a last name you fucker but
crazy is all the people who will defend rand paul to me still cuz i like ron paul and look i voted for ron paul two thousand and eight i like him i agree with a lot of his stance on foreign policy and civil liberties and i just ran pause not his father right is it possible but he didn't mean that given this particular circumstance is it possible he didn't have anything to do with that same directly from him i got that confirm that he made the complaint and had them come after me book so he said i want you to restrict credentials or something along those lines what a dick rand you'd band it's like didn't out of all people rand really son is is very strange but the hillary clinton thing is just so aka because you have a bush and clinton my god why people supported obama i don't or send anyone can support hilary irene lay down there happen to have a chicken their anderson
next time are we just going to have a gay person because this evil gay people slide and the day he bore super in a war is running out there must be i mean is it just as it has this just term turn into pure symbolism so wrong not only address bar guy and a new woman and then a gay person and then that's it will then we have to back to straight evil right i'm doing it doesn't make any sense at all to have this system that we have implied right doesn't make sense any anyone who is a strict democrat like i had a conversation once with a friend and he was talking about democrats verses republicans in an electron and he kept the term we are we gonna win this we gonna win that unlike we were a great you're you're talking like you too but the red sox man right will you talkin i'm getting ready for the world series of yours you talkin like a team person these policies kinsman man you know who they work for fucking operations in a word for you sir dogging pony show in europe completely committed to it we gotta get
we gotta get rid of that it's gotta be who has the best ideas it can be said that the party system has failed us for so long that we're just in time stayed in having the best stu version of this failed fucked up party govern us i mean it's terrible version of what could be the guy burning principles of the greatest nation the world's ever and i don't like any other country has this kind of absurd show multi billion dollar show worth a hollywood extravaganza you know and it gets worse every year and last year they spent over a billion dollars each and i i can't even a country that has the same last terrain d i m sorry i just can and it is a complete facade and the fact that you need millions of dollars to even get on the ballot on
and maybe not millions but i mean you need a substantial amount of money to get even on the balin every state and then to get the debates is completely impossible because it's all run by like the oil and gas like all these corporations fund the presidential debate systems amount commission for president of the base and their loyalty funded and tear you go and so you got yet on it will they used to use to people to get on with a small percentage of the popular vote in certain certain elections but you you can't do that anymore because of our good friend rasp morale rash pearl flat things back in the old days is this guy if you guys are aware of brower we were alive back when this is going on it was very unique moment in human history because this guy who is worth billions of dollars just said for yet i am this pre internet skies fergit i'm to buy for an hour of time on a b c during primetime nbc ermine what no one knew us and i am we too shall everyone what's fucked up about the tax system and show
everyone was fucked up about the federal reserve and i'm going to talk about the current changes i would make false present and everybody was like look if this guy and he was out he was able to debate with these guys because during primaries he had gotten whatever number of the past miller vote you were in it you need to get in order to be involved so they changed it they jacked up too much we are now forget what the percentages but its virtually impossible for any third party candidate which is why you know everybody looked at braun paul and saying will run pauses wild independent but actually the republican mean i'm a wild independence in terms of a lot of his ideas are very controversial and unique but he's not an independent republican because we wasn't independently would never been in those fucking debates there is no no independence are ever going to get to them
point where they are like there's three candidates being considered for the day the number one position the country and one of them is completely untrue either to the system a song happen and it's all like this article an intellectual bribery on so many levels because first it goes to the supreme court ruby we have a monarchy running this country that our supreme court justices have more power than like the fuckin queen of england so they have the there the final arbiter in so many different things that are really life and death shit here and they it should be turned into like well do you want like freezing neo conduct an ex supreme court judges and it's like that's what we ve come down do like that's what it's called generated down do just who's gonna pick a supreme court as if someone dies i mean no fuck that i'm not gonna capitulating moral compass to vote for a war criminal hillary clinton is or criminal i'm sorry and wise or war criminal because she has voted for first of all that just look at the iraq or vote killed two million people in iraq
figures just came out that said that two million people have died in iraq and afghanistan since two thousand three not even to mention the million betty babies you i'd from sanctions in the nineties from that hillary clinton the gaddafi libya syria she want two balmy run i mean she is the worst of her aunts obama you look someone did a report because in the new york times kind of an embedded report in the national security cabinet and they said that she is on par if not worse than john mccain of all of her war hawkish ideals in terms of foreign policy it is scary shit man so as much as people want to pretend like she's like this liberal do gooder i most concern about any imperialism militarism and u s hegemony so i'm not gonna be voting for hillary clinton because he's a fucking woman i don't give a shit if someone's woman at their black if their gay if they are prepared waiting war crimes and killing innocent people i know going back to what you said
hard to be a president and not have someone's death on your hands but fucking a you dont have to just sign up to kill minds people on a fake war against the non existent bread wonder what motivates someone like hillary clinton this stage of all the money you should look who funds her campaign it is unbelievable the clinton foundation do check this out the clear foundation not only you know like all these giant corporations and banks the real creepy part as well see saudi and gulf states actually giving tens of millions of dollars over the years that should ask a saudi arabia basically as bribed so many politicians harvard oxford like all of these institutions tends to get saudi money and then you started understand the culture of silence around saudi arabia and why we have this double standard this agreed this double standard and the war on terror and this unholy partnership with this country now we're bombed yemen together yemen together saudi arabia in the u s
bombing the shit out of yemen the poorest country in the entire arab world what good is that going to do how is that going to exacerbate the problems there bombing the poor country in the middle east but as the motivation so saudi arabia doesn't want the who the x it rebels because they threaten saudi arabia so are you really like backed a coup and supported it but regime in yemen a while back and yemen is just kind of a thorn in saudi arabia's side what do we get out of bombing in yemen bribery poet oh bribery and had germany and dominant dom asian regional influence and and plus saudi arabia wants is do but when you look at the coalition that actually bombing yemen it's like brutal press of monarchies unlike genocidal dictators sudan dictator and then you have like i think egypt by rain
and saudi arabia and a couple other countries it's like while great job great job why is the you are supporting bombing yemen and on a side note the u s has been bombing yemen with drowns for years anyway you keep hearing on the news that iran is backing the healthy rebels in yemen and that's why we need to go into destroy them but i talk this guy who's like an expert unease and he's saudi and he runs this institute everyone check out the podcast on media routes is really really mine bling shit as you just breaks down really what is happening on the good and he says look iran is not bad in who these anymore than saudi arabia's backing isis like all of these things have influence and gather monies filtered down but it's such a double standard we're gonna say wronged back into the rebels and we need to say that ices is funded by saudi arabian so as all cater because for a large part it is that is
the double standard in saudi arabia is bizarre it's bizarre and creepy its unbelievably insane saudi arabia is orthodox like they are the worst interpretation of islam that exists or hobbism it's the most orthodox oppressive bastardize version islam and they we look at them and say like this is the only good arab state like that is fuck because not only are you telling the rest of the world that that version of islam is somehow good but you're all so making it seem like yeah when it is unbelievable that you should see what kind of rights women has in the country they can exercise they can't the connections in place for why did they want facts you and be able to hide their because their covered and do not allow to actually yeah as it is i was telling me is it not to fight back what will first of all they their proper
so women can't do anything without a male master like approval of a male's that i can't go to school they can't go to work they can't drive they can't do a lot of things about having like a mail permit permitting materials over there i don't know they also like public beheadings and middle of free ways they'll be had don't do public flogging of someone who simply criticizes the king online they'll be how do we for you know adultery sorcery this is the eleanor supervisory sorcery subjects can cast a spell though i gotta be careful don't throw the bay out with the bathwater that mobility sorcery going on they get to put a stop to can't drive can exercise fuck escape either no o n n o king abdullah when he died everyone was saying it was a great reformer the pentagon even like did an essay contest honouring king abdullah giving out prizes for people like that
towns sanely twisted his whole scenario is meanwhile of course a twenty eight pages movement that shows that saudi arabia was involved and nine eleven were actively carrying up that band our bush which was a saudi in the sun government and they actually called him a bush because he was so close to the bush administration and he mean bob gram senator programme has come on said the white band our bush like wire protecting saudis who were involved in the island attacks tax in straight up everyone ask yourself that if if you can give me good answer that would be great if it's not about political bribery what the fuck is it about its own about like pain off these policies the tens of millions of dollars i dont know what else could it be if you really i don't know minute what else could it be about accept having an ally in quotes in the middle east what other the worst ally to have if you really cared about stopping terrorism saudi arabia's the bigger exporter of tear hobby terrorism what do you see
unbelievable european allies added value in bonn while the other is pretty fucked what what i was gang we would start as all off was i was trying to figure out what would be the motivation of hillary clinton at this stage of our lives like what much money to she need how much does she have now how much she need help raise two points five billion dollar seen fund raising go that's her goal and become president burma on article came out that said that her share like a student discount on speaking towards at you giving and i would like to introduce a thousand dollars was like a speaking fee at a university not was the student discount tuna thirty thousand dollars to speak what does she say machine when building block of our modern lewinsky sober bombed out respectively there is a garden but i knew that one day i when we present and so i let it slide what hurry cleanse the worst manages fuckin worse and
the whole the whole saudi arabia thing really grains i give because it's you know here you have saudi arabia be heading people for sorcery exporting terrorism around the world and then you have cuba which today in a year ago fifty six years after the cold war cuba finally got remove from the state sponsored terrorism list the egg barter cigars now for sweet state sponsored terrorism that's what cuba was on for decades and decades for no fucking reason not even north korea's analysed real where weird was so weird i just feel like we do seem to hang in hang in there to all this become so obscene and ridiculous that their forced to change but probably not gonna be in two thousand sixteen point this go around judges now there's no good choice there between job bush who's the caribbean and hilary and then and paul who now i hate reg
it's it's really boyfriend happy even bernie even bernie sanders you know it's bad when a sitting congressmen hours murder had like comes out and his like we need a massive political revolution like a massive grass roots revolution resembling congress certainly does amazing in this case christy type sue i think he realizes you'll never be present anyway which won the reasons why saying those things in order to keep the the coalition or whatever he's established with whatever powers that be that are trying to keep marijuana illegal new jersey he's somehow another in better those fox and that's what he's doing he serving them with that speech he doesn't really think president he knows that the shit that he did by blocking the bridge the very scandals that he's involved with the bridge gate thing those digg is a scumbag new jersey scumbag and plus his fat you can't be that fat repressive
people who your virtually imagine a woman not fat being like in his visit hilarious lindsey whereas the thing you can't looked at the did you're that obese it shows you have no respect for your body can anybody says about metabolism and all is nonsense talk motions stop stop your fuckin grown adult if you want to be a leader you're a leader how can to be a leader when you have such poor respect for your very biology you're very body is a wash in sheep food you have made terrible choices with your diet and with how you set yourself you presenting this disgusting slovenly lazy thing that view that's your meat wagon that's what you're walking around in you went over someone's house there was stacks of old newspapers and catch shit all over the floor below this presents a fuckin nut that's a say
thing when you see and a morbid leo beast personas suit that wants to run america you got other problems do you need to start eaten vegetables you fuck you need drinking water whatever you're doing dear bodies not good again your stomach they pulled whatever the crazy fuckin procedure that just shows me you can't even deal with it on your own you ve gotta do that's not a leader and i'm not talking about the average person news railways whatever that causes you'd already you know i hope everybody we are setting an example on his shoulder and just at under wraps whoever you are right when you we stepping up in saying i want to be a leader i wanna be a leader of the country the entire country you can't be fat just can't you can't be love i mean not saying you have to be like super fit but you can't be morbidly o race that guy's morbidly obese for non violent big waddling fuckin size rubbing together got
flowing overs belt pulling it up and spring model we asshole shaming fat jamie's hilarious thing because you know what we're not talking about shaming someone who as you know a congenital disease or some disfigurement because of an accident you talkin about slovenly behaviour yours a thing your body with way more food that is did you do not have meares scale you fucker animals do not see yourself be a minor problem am unhealthy is fuck right now and i'm still eating what's it all about right sittin there without napkin talk to you britain the big fuckin fat fort folds of food greedy asshole mouth fat shaming no was this a reason to mock fat people like that there's a regulated chris christine when you were you you're trying to be a leader and you have a horrible like real obvious
or judgment and when it comes to your health now i can't no you can't by the way shoot harrowing to be present either asshole right by catch you and your fuckin arrive as with a big rubber band around your buys have you fuckin bank loans issues they say about everything right everything's a goddamn disease right did you see video of the police car does just came out last night just going full speed into a dude like just robbed a store and giant yeah did check this out it is on you re an ira watching it were like what though i've got a zero unbelievable that i've been thrown around a lot lately i don't think anybody should be a cop i don't think it but is qualified i really don't think anyone is qualified to be a cop out again is qualified to be president cop especially though i think that job wires so much self control you mean you always have to be like a monk you almost to be some enlightened being whose separate from the pressure that the average per
since can receive the ptsd by what in a book going into how many domestic violence situations do you have to go into and watch you know men and women who have killed each other in these horrible love triangles or robberies or in a film i grapes or you know times you have to see these horrible things before your brain is broken mean how many times you have to just think everyone is out to get you everywhere you go because you ve had guys you know try to grab your gun or you ve had no prison is try to punch you as you trying to put the handcuffs on them and i think those guys are broken i think i've met a lot of them and i know a lot of em they're good people and i think they do the best job they can i honestly think that it is we are asking for someone to do something that the human body is not designed for to be the professional enemy and also the professional power i
massive power as a cop and i don't think the average person is qualified to wield that kind of power the site the logical ramifications of being a person can end someone's life with your finger any we want by squeezing some small muscles in your finger insane see that guy that guy's running in south carolina cars running and thereby pulls that gun out new shooting them ass he runs what thou forecasts go through your mind where you're seeing a middle aged guy running away from you and your shooting him in the back a lot of people want to kill that's like the military and i talk to this guy re louis were former captain of the philadelphia police force and he said that they purposefully vat zero pathogen and people lacking empathy for the job and if you're too intelligent actually don't want you to be a cop i've seen guys who guys who have actually get actually in turn down the story about this guy had some genius iq
turned him down for the police force may because you you keep needed didn't want you to over thinking they dissuade like react quickly taylor if your brain works too good you're gonna over thing i i think that cop should am i like the idea and i've positive this before of of disarming police not society not taking away gun from people but taking away gun from cops until they can understand how to properly use them there's other countries that have many guns perks but like some european countries and i and i forget which i want on us in norway and they have they were shut or guns but their cops don't iceland for example their police do have guns but they don't ever use them a competent killed one guy in the whole country mourned it was like the first time happened since the existence of iceland like since the rebel ocean who hears a crisis does cops in america have killed more people in march of this year then
since nineteen hundred in england and it should in england there have been like acts wielders like people run another accident it shows how cops can peaceful we disarm them instead of just executing people it's a serious problem here is the definitely a serious problem and is not just a problem with standard police officers its problem with the d a in anybody seen those de raids where they kick in doors and shoot little dogs like fuckin it susan shit throw flashing eye moraine ribs zaire yeah for work someone has some substance in there that's not sanction by attacks damn you know when they met a lot of times not even like the one with the kid with the crib did you ever try living or though there is a famous in the culture high the documentary theirs famous some video where they shoot this guy's dog because they had found like some part in his his trash they had found
a grinder or something in his trash they they did a swap raid on the skies house in front of his family didn't you hear bang the dogs job in the guise cry you show my fucking dog equality issue my dog in other hand confidence in this that power over people in that power without reason without reasonable understanding of the situation in a reasonable conversation just kick down the door bullet first gone down the door don't gunned down the dog did this is what we do swat no knock raids are insane and and there's been instances where they ve done no knock raids like in the middle the fucking night and day and then like a person will shoot them thinking that it's just an armed like robber and then del go to jail for the rest of their lives and their like how is this legal another i think one of the most and the same things that police are doing right now is called civil asset forfeiture in the
this can sees your assets for no reason and i was literally no reason one stages overturn that what was a state that is just i'd heard that i dont know yahoo who that's actually pointing to write about that wolf jimmy find it but there was some states are stepping up and sang look enough already they create a mafia cops can just stop anyone they want take all the money on them in this has happened many times and its tragic its heartbreaking someone will maybe lose thirty thousand dollars people who don't want a bank account per se that they want to keep cash on them because why not why why not legos mean you're fucking drug dealer and so they just dark ash and they just won't get it back and it's if they can afford to hire a lawyer for ten thousand dollars and spend months and let it go to get their money back then maybe they can but really like these people maybe they had a giant pile cash because they wanted to refurbish there like kitchen in the in the restaurant there working in a lot of people had to close down their businesses after the police have stolen there there
and now they are allowed to use them in their allowed to use the can i take that gas and as there is now ripe goes in their contrary its is so weird we ve turned into this really weird time and waste as someone who comes to law enforcement its being exposed now and await it's never been before because of all these youtube clips of cameras you just getting to see cop shooting people and beating people up those guys that they found that by those cops they found that guy who run away from them on horseback so there looking at their head wally's laying face down there is putting them in their head and the guys he's out miranda writing the shit out of em kicking his body like what are you doing you're not a cop you're here fuckin criminal right now also don't you know that people are really filming you they didn't know me they were being filled by cameras above them that was a helicopter news cameras i believe that caught them kicking the guy in the head because it was it was a wild chase the guy was on fuckin horseback and are trying to catch the guy
whatever you don't get a kick a guy in a hydrogen you ran you know you supposed to capture move lazy fuck and then once you capture em you lock em up did you find the video card what's that employers in your city what those mba players the nba players in your city there's this place out pablo cephalopoda there was a really crazy story happened last week this player for the papers and increase copeland stabbed in an instant outside a club and video in a couple hours later to other players must set about cellulose shut up in a video of this guy he's actually black guy he's not america applicant countries from being shown getting beaten in arrested vice like six cops and end up being proclaimed in the incident has ligament damaged offer us the season when i play asked on evidence and right now just a lot of stories coming
right now what actually happened why they were the charge was that there are setting up a crime surrounding the police from the crime scene like right annesley citizens hours after the incident were not in the least and not exactly right now like that is there going to see the please please you haven't really come out exactly like so i'm sorry i'm still confused show today what does it say there that he was provoked by the police before the arrest sources that when a pull up the story this just came out today to lose a certain member at the end like outside of this club filming it people are saying i saw this happened he and i was just reading this just now said that he during this incident they were
him and the other player antiochus his name freed his first name rough article i drank guided and he wasn't wrapped up by the cops and by the way he ran port users sitting there in the video than others and they said he attacked or ran towards a cop and then than other sir said he didn't really do that in a cop was stalking him like a defensive back and when they were walking it towards the car he just simply said to us cry problem with me and that's one and this is just coming out there boy no one should be a cop when rubalcaba earlier all the people are saying where the moderate muslims whenever like there's like some sort of attack where the moderate police coming on speaking hence every guy that's very in point where are the moderately moderate supreme court overturns forfeiture of home says state failed to show la that's tennessee that's one that's one kate that's one statute actions
tennessee civil forfeiture statute state must present evidence ashley area that's good that's very good good for tennessee that's brilliant that's really surprising actually in tennessee good supplying i want someone along the line probably a fact and there's enough already you steal money from p right each stay on one i mean it all the idea behind it probably there some good eye behind did if you deal with organised crime and having massive sums of money they ve got through the fair his ways and then you figure out a way to catch those people and take that money from them but as soon as you allow regular people like the police look here like that fuckin jam old man that shot that guy the other day because he thought he had a taser out and he had a gun out he said i shot him like that's the guy
that's it i believe you have as cops seventy three by the way we fuck why john mccain like why are you in a position of power why you better be bad ass vulcan seventy three guy to be a cop reserve yeah don't donor the directive will have a good time heartening i've even industries bag nose like overly buff up military due to second the marines he came out on the scene like six months ago and in all the sudden is trying to go to war with iran like you know you have bomber you have a my doing these diplomatic negotiations with iran which i completely support diplomacy amazingly you have all these assholes hitting forty seven senators or congressmen sign onto this letter by tom cotton whose basically backed by neo con war hawks in places like the foreign policy initiative and and bill crystal who love war
their their whole problem is that the public is to war weary he's actually written ass so they piglike com cotton to be like their troll like this guy comes out and rights this letter to iran basically same like we dont support these are diplomatic negotiations courage in all of these congressmen to sign on the bus letter to basically steamy the process that is like i've its unflagging heard of it like with since a one does this asshole get to come out like usurp the president unanimity it's unbelievable and all these people sign onto it every time you look like a military intervention the last decade it always stems from these letters from these think tanks that like try to shape policy and here's the here's this semesters guy tom cotton what control so it says here i love this through the red state the idea idle tom cotton rock star
dont garden he also like just as blatantly funded by defence companies hundred percent using the eye well there was just a phone call those recorded by a deutsche bank i think analysed and lockheed martin ceo where the deutsche bank guy saying hey we're really worried that the iran negotiations is going to depress weapons sales what should we do this is how these people talk like this is actually happening that their work that diplomacy with iran is going to u no hurt the bottom line of the military industrial complex that just comforting whenever you have any sort of political environment you ve you gonna have extremes on both sides so what this guy is is the extreme on the right time and these articles about em pro khan i'm seeing right now this two are to highlight
how smarty is the guy small very articulate and very very aware of all the minutiae of the middle east the cars lorries and will you be asshole you just in the military and things that that makes him like an experience and a dozen i was just reading when you say you're here take may vary but this is this is also the people who invited netanyahu to come speak at congress completely bizarre move unheard of to invite a foreign meter to come like try to usurp a diplomatic process that's going on because of netanyahu's insane and wants to bomb iran so that happened there's a lot of these factors bolivia upon bore with this guy i know that there is yeah that's it we gets gary's if a guy like that and we was way all the way up to the job and run for president that's when she gets weird if we ve got a
really hawkish military base president who is totally down to just at bottom especially guys down a piteous drew up we ve been over their little seen some shit all too much did alone much at hong kong is a total deuce oh dear oh dear how dare you but i like these that it's the extreme ideologues because i think that that's the way it is in all of these complex is it's not a fight between islam and the west it's a fight between the most extreme ideologues on all sides and the most militaristic fascistic ideologues sooner that you'll see that take these these to the extreme unfortunately in america these people have suits and they're called politicians a couple of them with this guy this tom cotton gathered the picture in the red state article or its is tom cotton rock star his him in full
fatigues with with a machine gun in his hand the images insane wisely polygon his head is so small tat comes irrational on areas first while neck very narrow shoulders which would lead to a lot over compensation that's not good genetic head state dot com what the hell is this website rockstar rockstar what lu lu can't look there's gonna be like that right is gonna be the crucial role yes the world is going to be the can stars but thirdly the the obama's who you think are so much better but then look at he has what seven countries that is bombing under his belt he's but he's he's so more guns in the first five years of his term than bushed it and the entire eight year term walter those things word you can't be in position unless you're playing the game you aegis
seem like you can get there unless you're playing the game and he got in he showed is playing the game he's doing when everybody else did make everybody money i wonder would love to see rationalization of that enough there comes a time one day when obama's i eighty years old when he gets a sit down explain like the way jimmy carter two speeches today jimmy carter yesterday we talks about their rank crisis the hostage crisis and pretty sobering in you you know you realise that he knows that the republicans were already negotiating the release of the hostages before he was you know i mean he really have chance they kept those people in there up until the moment where reagan one and rain got an office in and they were off magically freed and is really creepy and when you were you hear him talk to a within very measured tones and very measured sentences i would love to see that kind of a conversation with a bomb in the future we can
really tell us like like what was going on during this whole drone thing when you are getting the statistics when you're real and the eight eighty plus percentage of the people that you are killing were innocence ike how's that and you're still using surgeon drone strikes as that was a narrative like how is that possible how are you allowing that to happen what was well going on behind the scenes to learn that going back to that report that so that four million have died iraq afghanistan eighty thousand will have died under the u s is warned her in pakistan alone and we ve never and ground troops and there we ve only been using drones thousand people die sash roans i dont know if it's directly from drowns or if it's a result from whatever the hell the u s has been doing i'm sure there's like a lot of covert operations going on as well but it shows you the number that were being given are completely wrong and this is from one with
this is since two thousand three any house ten thousand people put a lot of other lotta people hopes dreams shattered lives and that's just not damage like your zenith widows it's you know now and have children when you find out about the military suicide rate that's where gets really bizarre more people have actually commit who is either have died in iraq there was every is no sixty five minutes veteran commit suicide every sixty five minutes while was if it's i'm like dogs can someone just get there then that i think is going away from sir ages it does seem like it's a different thing as ever existed before mean smedley butler wrote that famous peace war is a racket back nineteen thirty three you could read that and apply it to day
and speedily brother was what was his position something in the marine corps very highly ranked and marine curl sergeant general or some shit i forget what is actual title was in the marine corps but what he said back then it applies today and if you read it new reading something about the nineteen thirty is this guy thought that it was going over there saving the world and really was making it safer bankers are safer oil people are safe for this are safe for that the same shit that's going on today and when guys are involved in that and they have the going with this ideal they really are in their mind they want to be heroes they want to stand up for their country they believe in it they believe in justice and they want to be a hero and they then they realize oh i'm just a hitman am i hit man for this creepy fuckin corporation that wants to keep the oil out of the ground over here and there a deal with all these people they wanted to stop that's to be a very sobering point of view very sobering perspective now i think that does pay
a lot into it the military is not seen as something that some good anymore to a lot of people and i think a lot of soldiers who get in just out of desperation and then they realise that what the fuck are we doing over here doing what an interesting aspect that statistic though is that the majority is over sixty who are committing suicide oversee reality which means that this is like world war to vietnam and hurry in or era the majority are over sixty why yeah i didn't know then that's interesting and they factor that in when they talk about vat cause when they talk about veterans can't committing suicide i think what they were talking about is currently active veterans there were suicide if you add in that's why we're the sixty five minute thing comes from as it i'll check it out ya think probably makes sense because what they were too about when you're saying that more people have committed suicide think they were talking about active military right now then have died in combat of dying combat which is insane its debts
i do believe right the boat but you might is there any more evidence that you're fuckin system doesn't work then the people that are doing it commit suicide fuck ever see american sniper i did not hear you know everybody was i had friends that lighted and add friends that haiti duncan really funny thing duncan here they are issued fear hated it tom's girl really liked it i didn't say i didn't have a desire to see it the story itself the actual real story is very fascinating i think chris as an individual is a very very complex case is a very complex thing to discuss but if you even talk about him you're a coward and cause hero and you just sit there realizing that you freedom that you have is because of a guy like chris car now i'm sorry
is sniping like heroic to me that's like super fuckin pussy dude parties snipe someone how dare you go with fucking none checks are nice you wanna we want to fuck and fight someone that's dumb nom chucks or a knife is a real economic aid that society where you gotta have em bullshit and combating snipes like a fucking two hundred and fifty people how is that heroic etc if those hundred fifty people were going to kill americans or eagle saying nationalism i'm sorry if they're gonna keep the eagle from soaring like she's never saw before you never know and another problem i mean the people who did saint american sniper coenties but actually inserted things that weren't in the book at all like the human shield myth that we'd talked extensively about before that that they used to justify all these mass casualties and in gaza saying that when jews as a human shield they showed
a human shield myth playing out in the movie that never existed it should like a woman being guarded by her son in the holding like a grenade or whatever in the book when you read excerpts of crystals book he talks about how these people we're barbaric it was almost like christopher columbus inheritance peoples is drifting i'd say you can read christopher columbus is like journal entries when he first came here you're saying that everyone should just be killed raped and they are all like barbaric animals and that's what chris kyle talked about iraqis as he said that he hated them with a vengeance so strong that it was like inhuman i'd better inhuman he didn't kill enough his earlier does it didn't kill more people he said that he would be anna it's just for fun like he's a sick stirred man and you know what he went out and such a perfect way gilbert callin by fellow ptsd
i don't know what happened there i wasn't there nobody is perfect it seems to me that you're fucked up way to go he was working to try to help people with ptsd i don't know the dude in all well there's an issue i have what is it national estimate what is it with you pull on updating the middle the conversation that better was the suicide was a nationalist the basin department veteran affair analysis of death records from twenty one states though it is those really decided under other veterans yeah moses who sides involved older veterans who called for the vast majority the nations twenty two million former service members among veterans current study there's one suicide a day so unkind so there's one suicide a day of active seems soldiers had their size as much three and sixty five year but that's insane so that means that there's many more like twenty three older versions committing suicide of yeah dick iulus that's a lot
we twenty veterans wanting their lives each day twenty every day only one active as bizarre you know what i want things about the chris kyle thing i think if you look at it fairly you have do take into consideration the fact that this guy what yes mean he's navy seal many they are doing this in incredibly difficult very dangerous job that again i don't think any anybody's qualified for just cobb just like it is no perfect i mean another from like five miles away super danger duggar let's not exactly until just check i am unworthy i mean i'm not i'm not taken aside here what i'm saying is you gotta think that this guy gets out he's got virtually no financial future if you look at like
what those guys get paid as far as like what's there what's the sour that they receive when they retire it's nothing he could barely live avi barely survive which is if we're going to have military you ve got a fucking take care of them you know that you have see donates in large way we hold these events every year for the intrepid institute for traumatic brain injuries and and you find out that they would their dependent upon outside sources to fund them and these people that are veterans it get blown up and they have all sorts ahead traumas always injuries they we'll get any help unless someone else donates like the date it's incredible it's incredible the amount of money that is involved in the war as far as the amount of money that they give defence contractors the amount of money that is spent on various operations is staggering the amount of money that is spent on taken care the soldiers once they get out is very small so your left this guy who
a navy sealed who has been involved in a mean what ptsd to the fuckin gills me how could you not shoot and people distance watchin heads explode friends or die and people are dying all around you're in a death business and you come and you ve got this book to write and you know there's a lot of stuff that he said in the book this turned out to not be factual but if i was trying to sell organ book ok and i was in that sort of a desperate situation i would put a bunch of shit nervousness factual to like what i do not want to celebrate gazer that he killed east use killing black in the aftermath of hurricane katrina like killing looters as in silent somehow ass yet jets turned out an arbitrary right that was one of them but again you gotta look at it i mean you don't have to but i try i too whenever i'm looking at any sort of a story like that a very kind black story involving a hired killer he you give someone a licence to kill people here
this is what you're supposed to do this is what you're doing and then you give me much metals for doing that and as we have culture of support you have all these people thank you for it arrests in oh yeah this put people at salute you there's is enabling aspect of this that goes along and then you have this bizarre conundrum where this guy's forced into this life where he's not going to have any fucking money i mean he's going to be this this guy who is struggling to make ends meet with all words of psychological issues i'm sure all sorts of physical health issues as well mean i didn't chris causes gusting scumbag and i hate him but i stand that this is systemic of just like a very large problem like there's a problem of empire and when you have a government whose actual judicially assassinating brown people around the world we should not be surprised that this man tourism believes in and we have like a culture of empire babies where you have cops going on and killing black people you have you no melody people thinking a day of a licence to fucking do whatever they want and people
themselves going and just shooting a bunch of people and in a movie here or you know taking down a bunch of people with them it i really do think it all bleeds from the same problem with american culture when you have like a global empire an issue but a guns and people who have american exceptionalism and think that though the basque country in the world that can do no wrong and that their better than everyone else what is that due to a society definitely gives a society a sense of entitlement and in some sort of a weird bizarre way where you ignore all the faults of the people that are on your team highlight all the faults of the people on the other team even if they are lesser or equal you whenever you have a team on every of this team mentality whether it's the democrats worse the republicans us versus them east coast west coast get this stupid idea that were not all one there were
on all one super organism sharing the earth which is what human beings arm and that tactic that that follow survey that way of viewing the world is exactly what keeps wars going you have to have his team mentality if you have this abundant resource mentality that really hey there's plenty for everybody the problem is vast majority of what we were with taking out it being sucked out by a very limited few people that have control of the overwhelming majority the resources in the world they're the ones were instigating wars they're the ones who are funding and actively campaigning to get these things going and to make sure that just like we're talking about with private prisons they want to keep the business of war booming the business of or does not want to take her off the busy
of war wants to grow like every other business and when you have business and profit involved in going to places and shooting thing and taking their seats i mean the most egregious example was when in alberton which fuckin cheney was the ceo of halliburton he leaves halliburton becomes a vice president and then halliburton gives these no bid contracts to repair places change me as an evolving investigating these emmy walked i'll fuck man i mean it can't get more transparent than that right dad that the business of war inaction the business of this this final that has figured out draw money out of an area and how to filter it into the coffers of all these p all that are responsible for all these companies that sell things to the government that that are involved in war and judges is a lot going on there is a lot of moving pieces and that's where a guy obama steps in you know in to them
in twelve you know those guys the absent or two thousand eight this guy steps in and you get to say this scenario play where this new entity stepson this machine it's already been established he has always ideas in his head about what is good to do and then once he actually gets in asia what is really doing and says very little very little knew very little different it's a lot of it is business as usual and it almost seems like entangling that gigantic prominent machine strangely difficult and whenever ideals that he might have had as a young man or as a guy who's campaign to be president with these unique ideas on a close guantanamo bay out of iraq and afghanistan not happen man and it happened and none of it happened even talking pulling out and not really gonna pull out they pull out lee behind thousands of true mia
canada pulling out right that's not pulling up way out is no troops right zero yeah zero basis zero troops like gone yet ice like saying i'm gonna pull out we aren't sex but still new sound and someone who i pulled out the sort of way has left a little bit you gotta hold all the way the whole idea is ridiculous and another problem with the way are going now is like i think under the bush administration was so bulletin and in your face and abuse and now a bomb i know there's all this covert warfare going on the general of africa com which like who knew that we are war with africa right apparently there's military operations going on every single day across africa i'd stay yes yes and they ve told like a room old defends contractors like we are literally at war with africa this is africa from africa the continent yeah war or the whole continent with the voting on the news that a first that the first we usually just pick your country in this country and amazingly at all like it's all goes to
there too when you look like the global and byron how it all works like the extraction of resources in all these countries working together in terms of saudi arabia in israel and when you look the drone wars cobalt is a mineral that's really essential for the multinational complex to build machinery weaponry and cobalt comes from the congo and when you look at the congo last decade or so or more than that there's been like six million people who have died there there's a basically a genocide going on a congo facilitated and protected by the u s government in state department documents wait nine user or mid two thousands they ve said that they need to keep congo like unstable basically they need to keep the civil war going so that we can secure the cobalt extraction it's all fucked man el stems back from a wanda the genocide there and they re a little it's used i don't i
exactly know but i know primarily something in drowns it's a component in drones but it just shows you how like complicated it is right and how many things are tied together with the military industrial complex and i really do think it's like an autonomous machine that if you know if a bunch of these people i'd the machine would still thrive on it would live on because there are so many components and everyone's compartmentalizing how to keep the machine going no they don't even know it's just weapons and bombing are the only solution that they now because that's all that they do no that's like of course building schools hospitals would actually be way better in the long term for afghans education if we're gonna problem that that girl mullah whatever for the town most killing over wanting to get educated that should be our focus if we really want like an educated world in society and build up pieces to building the middle east schools and hot but also really investing in people instead of just continuously bombing them into this
ages and then being like why are you guys so barbaric we'd abolished not anymore why is isis here i dont know me because you bomb the shit out of all of these religious sects that saddam was actually had a stranglehold on because at that point in time the political evolution in climate of that i they needed a dictator ends in like some sort of dictatorial rule to keep those faction in line that's how the society was functioning so they just bomb them in oblivion and just like we ve democratized you why is ice is here now like any logical human being with but that region and say well of course that's what's gonna happen even cheney back in two thousand and nineteen eighty four he was given his interview about the invasion of iraq because of course bush senior we know he wanted to go into iraq to and he was soon we'd never do that because peace of iraq would fly off and he was i could be total disaster he basically laid out exactly what happened when we did go in there these people aren't dumb
it's almost like ices is just an excuse to keep it going to that's pretty insane ok you're really good and pointing out all these things are fucked up in the world but you have any ideas about how it could be fixed i think that there everything that you said about our one human family living on one organism we have the technological capabilities in front of us that's why i love what peter joseph and as i casement do it because they point out the possibilities in the capabilities that we have the hydroponics the open source of college and all of these different movements you know decentralized tools on line or bit coiner this is all happening people are starting the rebel action on their own but i think that as long as we are ingesting media that makes us scared and keeps pettiness in camps against each other and keeps
enforcing american exceptionalism and also these identities these false identities and nationalistic tendencies that makes us not have empathy not extend our from our brothers and sisters in gaza are brothers is in iraq that needs to be stripped down first and foremost because if we keep reinforcing the fact that were different because we're american and were white and we were born we just how baby born with in this nation we're going to have a really long road ahead of us in terms of how we can really change this because if the system is globalize the struggle needs to be globalize and so does the consciousness there's a good point that's a good way to phrase it i agree i think blind nationalism blind anything right unhealthy it's not right and that's the kite typing that you're going to receive and hate tweets gives all the shit you said about curse kyle i much here last time i came on but work
the people i know that you are done sam harris also who kind of responded to my whole argument about in islam in and how these things have happened and why you why palestine is there isn't sam hers the his whole thing is why he doesn't criticise israel i got a lot of heat from people who said that i just they disagree with me because its controversial but i totally disagree with sam harrison this new atheists movement ryan forcing the american exceptionalism in the empire and imperialism i mean it's unbelief bull that someone like him and richard dawkins get out there and say all matters is your pure moral intentions islam is so fucked up that even if islam kills a million people and the u s government and west imperialism kills a billion is i'm still worse because our intentions were pure we
the moral and position i don't think he's saying i literally heard him say that in response to something about known chomsky maybe he didn't mean it maybe i didn't hear like the full context of what he was saying but it really just completely he's very measured guy and he's afraid and one of his takes on religion is simply that if i could speak form way he looks at islam that the real underlying issue with any over well meaning philosophy or ideology is what what what are their core principles and one of them or principles of islam is if you leave your supposed to be killed in your parties will be killed you you your commit adultery if you commit homosexuality if you look at these things like in the religious doctrine like in the koran how its addressed the fundamental rule all of this ideology it's it's very divisive
very strong and it's very very clear stated and really so many more willing to do or not getting killed women a billion and acting like one sixth or one fifth of the world's population is muslim social we re seeing a lot more just completely like barbarism in terrorism and death and destruction from muslims if that's really what the entire muslim religion is about boys i'm not even saying that he sang the entire religion is about that or denying even though there are some moderate factions of their religion but i think as a neuroscientist his point of view is on ideologies and caught thinking and dangerous philosophical trends like dangerous trends of behave like jihadists like things on isis like things on those lines denying the origins of reason why they're so upset in the first place that the conflict is brought up this position or
because i don't wanna hear but not on that abraham don you'd have to have the obligation to him specifically about it like in a debate which had become an interesting lose your very fiery young lady interesting what he's he's played some pretty fascinating videos he put one of em up on a site about this guy and there they were speaking of his large group of muslims and one of the things he was saying was that everyone wants to say this is radical islam these ideas are radical islam but he said this guy in this video was talking about if someone who says that whatever whatever punishment that should be deemed out for any anything whatever the punishment it is in the koran is the best possible punishment because it is from a law and do you guys agree with this and they would say yes
the way they treat homosexuals is radical islam or is this islam and they would all agree with it like if if this is deemed by a law that you should be stoned to death for adultery there cannot be a better way to deal with this and i think when you get down core philosophy could you imagine if we were seeing that spread across the country with christianity i mean there certainly some radical forms of christianity i mean let's like we're labeling things just ideologies across the board with its catholicism or baptism more scientology or any pattern that you are expected to follow very rigorously and very very strictly when you start applying those patterns the real world and inside those patterns in includes death for things like adultery death things are homosexuality very strict rigid rules you are describing there's been
we'll hobby in so here the missing element of that whole argument is that religions evolve and when you have bombed the should have the middle east into literally like stripped there are ever lucian i mean you can look at the shop iran to the funding of the movie dean in afghanistan and how warped interested in backwards like women's rights let's say had become in the last fifty years in those countries and a lot of it has to do with the stimulant stifling from western intervention really evolve what'd christianity did we use a stone people three burn me this day i mean all of these regions have evolved over the limit millennia and i think looking at islam we have to give it room to grow any evolve without and it's really hard to look with such harsh judge and single out islam long there s the religions when there has been so much turn or mention in this one of the world and that has reinforced religion because a lot
at times people you know people in gaza rocker or syria i mean there where is the only thing that they have to keep them going when you have fucking nothing wrong so it's a little bit hard i didn't mean to come down on sam harris i just disagree with him in and a lot of people for some reason we're like telling me that i needed to gets would you mind worn by sam iris well you know i don't think either one of your wrong i think your european view in his point of view although the very different having a conversation like this in third party form or not even having conversation disagree disagreeing on points like that you really have to sit someone and really there's a lot people have gone too its agreements with whether its online are in reality or in real life where we have time to discuss and sit down and talk about like what do you think about this and about that and it's a lie form conversation that's a long conversation it's not something to be
sniped back and forth from blog entries lawyer or twitter is the worst example of an hundred forty characters are good fuckin locked right i think there a lot of men ground there and a lot of ways to look at his point of view and a lot away certainly look at your point of view which i very much respect its i think gum there's both there is certainly a lot of legitimate arguments to the fact that we have fucked up the middle east almost on fixedly we have like ruined lives too point where you talkin about if the new figures of two million people in iraq and afghanistan that's the new figure that's that's just the people that are dead man what about my family's what about the people that new them and loved them what about their friends what about their neighbors you talkin about just each generation after generation after generation of hate and and pain in and suffering and i don't know how you engineer that away i dont think its power
possible even with philanthropic missions and in building schools and and and and helping people you're not gonna go the sting of someone's baby getting blown up by a fuckin drone i mean i know i just don't know how you re standing uneasy star with stopping stopping the schooner envisaged as that saudi scholar i was like how can we and i always come from this like angle like how can we help the people in there sovereignty without exporting disasters motor prevention is like we don't need your help who's like this is what you guys you understand we do not need your help what we need you to do is stop supporting oppressive monarchies and dictators that's we need you to do we don't need you to help us because freedom cannot be given and liberty cannot be given it can only be one and we need to do that for ourselves but we can't do it with you your backing of these like crazy oppressive system i think it's also there's a philosophy of keep
throwing bombs at the problem until its fixed light like you boy people and then the people at her angry that you bombed and then they come after you goes back more than others more people saw angry board dead so all the p who lost family and because of this as well they're dead tubes there's no one left that has any connection to and those of the people be the new citizens of a new iraq it's like it's really it's state sanctioned genocide in a lot of ways if you look at it that way and this is it's hard to not just it's it's hard to rationalize in any the way the idea of killing a million people how did it get i mean if that's not what you're doing it for you killing the and was there a million army people know so how is a million people getting killed while the you're killing people when you killing
extra people and then there's people it are mad you kill those extra people and their common afternoon killing them too and then his keeps going on and on and on and becomes a vicious cycle especially when you're in the eating your invading foreign countries we imagine that the fuckin shit storm has some tried to park notes off of our shore and invade the mother land the soil that chris kyle protected we could you imagine chris by the way i get ready for some chris carl tweets are inherent they're coming away people got mad at me i say anything about em other than the fact that what he said in his book wasn't truth never said a negative worried about the guy didn't the movie don't know me about a mother than the numbers of people that he killed and people were sound mammy especially in the hut and community the community has black reverend three hours can i do i know i'm not present people who just snipe a bunch of innocent people so well do they might not have been innocent i dont know
i don't have a direct account of all the people that he shot an answer that his eyes he beat word were guilty of something good or bad doors so this data in america dogs yeah you like brags beating animals so we wanted to chris called me that's fine you should just sit and look in the mirror and ask yourself why because you know my aragon that should be assured because america it's just the same people who look at me like you're ration propaganda is it's like i can't even where do we start i mean do we want to really are you sure in time here are you a leftist are you lefty i don't you you're talking about capitalism wearily like i think you said right away you're gonna argue their by not really a railway link caught capitalism has completely failed us and in the corporate corporatism i mean but then you have all this you are like this is not true capitals and right and we can do better walter
me this is what the beast of capitalism turns into this is like the inevitable outcome of capitalism when you leave it on hinge and people say we need less government to mean that doesn't make sense cause that's how we got here in the first place is like letting down all these barriers in and having this in sexual relationship between mystery in and government sector so i don't i don't know endorse any sort of like alternative economic system i just think that we can do a shitload better and we have to otherwise we're going to die i am sorry to sunlight chris hedges here but i mean we need some sort of massive shift i think everyone knows deep down them but unfettered capitalism cannot and will not last and every empire falls and if we don't do something fast to save the it then we're gonna become a scrooge was the alternative to capital as the problem is it like i dont like when people put you in a box and say like you need to explain to me a complete alternative otherwise like we just can't night burden there
no discussion i think that we can do better we have the brains we have the mine power we have the smartest people the world over a fucking like head transplant for so that's where we're out now and ratified you and musk like wants to an internet in space that will provide free internet for everyone on the planet and every remote corner beareth these the things that we can do we can mine mars like we can do these things now so don't tell me that cap was in the form that it is now is like the best that we can i don't know what kind of withdraw man because no one saying no insane the capitalism of their staying power right now is that asked because their saint catherine it was the best and that we just need to fix it but i'm not i'm not argue with you that i'm just saying like what do you think can be i'm not saying that you have to have a solution but i'm saying it
you have an argument that you think capitalism is inherently on fixable broke in evil filling a blank what could be done what could be done i think that we need some sort of actual democratic kind of cooperative governance locally where people are actually invested in like a cooperative level which is actually what democracy should be that is actual democracy to his form and in a lot of what marks road is is like that unfortunately i hate that we're just put in these two camps words like either you're communist your couples night i see good in both and i think that a lot of european countries have done it right where they incorporate a lot of social aspects into their society people who want to shut all over like socialism i mean we have libraries firemen like these are all socialist aspects of our country re now schools public education so i think that it's been a scare
and vilified word for no reason and i think that we need to really grow up in and understand how we can incorporate aspects of both to really benefit society until we can figure out may be what's next but right now we have a country where people plod like politicians who say that we're not gonna give you health care that we want no government that we want to give more power to the market i just see a lot of problems with that because i just feel like that's why we have a lot of the issues that we have today a lot of european countries have free healthcare in college and i totally support that because being unemployed for the little time that i have been i looked into obamacare thinking that it was going to be like really cheap its two hundred and fifty dollars is the cheapest plan i can even afford that right now turn for jobs a month does the cheapest planned that's the cheapest plan so i thought it was we free that's what i know what it was it costs money yes we're fucked right we're fucked without obamacare should ha i don't know
no person that really likes it it's awful it's like that just the insurance company just wrote a bill basically and now we have to buy healthcare that's like instead of giving everyone free healthcare you have to buy healthcare that's it seems is insane that's what it is that exact never let anybody argue success with its a good plan or one hundred people argue that well it needs to evolve and change it so it's good in principle you know it's good in principle socialized medicine at least as a unavailable think for everyone i mean if you want like elective procedures you want to build jabber sunlight yeas bill you should be able to buy that if you have a dark that has some extreme ability of fixed knees or something like and it costs a lot of money to do his staff and insurance cover but he charges more money yeah that makes sense but the idea that we could go into debt because you get hurt or sick
and you might not ever be able to go out of that and then arc our government doesn't look at that as well one of the primary objectives of a government of of leading group of here in beings that are supposed to be in charge of allocating resources taken education and taken care of health those are the two primaries food education health though should be the primaries of course firemen of course all the things that are police all the things that are already established as being things that we for that the state pace war those things should be here as well but the idea that healthcare wouldn't be in that group it seems barbaric it seems it seems rude seems also like incredibly debilitating to poor people no not exactly what effects and i'm not going to sit here and praise cuba but i did go there and did a bunch of reports about cuba and yet its communist yes it has a lot of problems and they don't claimed to be the best system but there
healthcare and their altruism in terms of like fighting like epidemics worldwide cuba was on the front lines of after the haiti earthquake they sent the largest continued of doctors to haiti they sent a large contingent of doctors to liberia to fight a bola they have put their values are different i mean there values are to take care of like health care a human right and shit there is a human right and so that's why you have like such low crime rates in cuba to because when everyone has basic needs shelter healthcare i mean what does that due to a society there's a lot of problems in cuba i'm not saying that the answer i'm just saying it's interesting to see countries do it differently and see how it affects other people and then you have america this agenda this a hegemonic forest that basically thrives on making money off killing people and cuba cells doctor that's that's their biggest export as doctors hours our guns does our biggest export
really i thought it was like corn nope you would think so we said we sell send more guns other places where the biggest exporter of arms in the womb again because america shirt biggest export of arms in the world because it is amazing i mean if cuba can do this being economically crippled under blockade what can we do work in the richest country in the world do not only for our people but for the world instead of just killing people it's unbelievable well talking about it helps right mean doesn't it enlightened young people stimulate ideas get people thinking about the problems in their desires there's a benefit to this type of conversation that people off i'm criticise as we are doing just talk about it won't do some about now not at what you do i'm doing
for media routes which is my website i'm in talks with two different show ideas right now a lot of great things on the horizon by september i should have another show up and running for now but i won't say anything yet given case it doesn't happen i don't wanna you don't make any declarations but then when i'm going away media roots thing what do you do at media rosa media rights was a citizen journalism product that i started and that's what archie found me through occupy open coverage but it just a multimedia forum that i have us hubbub censored information that i have collected over the years and now i am doing podcast on their the abbe martin experience now just kidding when i m most but i knew how much is calling for christmas imagine year far ass you call tat holy shit talk about click bait yes let lend indefinitely leave a comment i reckon right
another guy up his father who won but i've made fun of bill causally people get really pissed on quality uncle cosby chris kyle fans get real upset more as much as chris kyle or less less but still very like that person do you never made via chris colonists podcast before this is gonna get open this can open up that count will be the oldest left girl and let her know what i think i think we need to get rid of these divisive label left right democrat republican do not put yourself in a camp do not capitulate your values to endorse people that you don't don't wholeheartedly agree with we have other parties the local referendums that's where things are happening on a local level so as such as theirs is like fascist take over on the federal level people get it their voting for same sex
their voting for marijuana legalization their voting to repeal shit like civil asset forfeiture all these things will only happen locally and if the deal j but our governments to you know you sir people's rights then at least it will be really obvious where they have to say that we don't care what you voted for we're gonna do this anyway then at least will be like completely obvious there is like a coup that up but right now we can do all these things on a local level and its also the seismic sustainable shifts agriculturally like all of these things the organic resin signs labeling these thing can all be done locally unfortunately if the transpacific partnership passes then corporations will have the right to sue actual nations and overturned laws that we pass did you hear why so there's another trade deal coming and obama's trying to fast track it through congress which is like he's a bypass the congressional vote so we now fucked of nafta taft and although she was like a disaster is right as it is
ass poverty in crime across across the borders so now the transfers of your partnership it's like this asian pacific trade deal between twelve pacific island nations including the united states and what is going to do is create an international court tribunals full of lawyers and corporate ceos and lobbyists the it has not had any sort of like that we have not seen the tax the the text that has been released through working weeks of people begin these documents and it looks really bad and what the court tribunals gonna do is basically give corporations the right to sue governments like so let's say the united states finally passes a label in law and we just like wanna label gmos or something something to do with food or sums are like intellectual property rights law they can just say you know you're hurting our profits monsanto's profits are being hurt by the labeling also we're gonna go at an overturned that and a lot of what kind of corporate coup de la because it's done with completely no oversight there's no public input to this end
obama's trying to pass it through and every time he gives a speech about it you just very briefly sounds like this trade deal on your like this is probably the big thing going on right now that no one is talking about and it goes back to the corporate media structure because i would they want to talk about something that all of their benefactors are involved in its really scary shit that's crazy yeah that's it it's really as simple as that is crazy you had one of the whole chapters and it's gonna be like the sun more american job of resuming medicine cause hired like every single thing is gonna be fucked up through this bill intellectual prob its members so bother up on my piracy activity has huge thing earned sorts before he died was just like this is terribly was on the front by mines defeated teepee p has a whole chapter on intellectual property rights are basically would employ the worst aspects of sofa and just blankly send out hollywood the industries are getting behind tp wanting deposit through because
chapter it's a mess and there's no debate like no one knows about this example when is this posed to be fast tracked thorough when is it's like gonna get fast track through soon transfers of reports the larger hurried agreement in american history jesus christ it's bad o while look at an examples the up that is a crisscross the others had claimed back full circle ronaldo methods is fast track and donors to his fat face yeah look around the public doesn't know what in the tv the text negotiated in secret hasn't been released wikileaks provided a sample achievable eminent just like it it just takes globalization a whole new about damage abbe martin i handed to end on a bummer oh i'm so sorry we over me as any positive we can talk about freely
your art show this friday there we girl our children to urge inventor lotuses example awesome people can get it the zoom in on that occasion where put other so good something that my dear if you like it out it's at a place called the lab jacket on monday i think that the positive take away is that there are so many people were like minded out there and and we did a free our minds open our consciousness do art do music get created put your voice out there don't live in fear of the usa stop getting disillusion and is in part from federal government's ineptitude unlike criminality and just lived true be true finally like minds in your area because they're out there and it empowers unit also motivate you to do shit locally that's italy's how i feel
i feel like we're so detached from each other and are like you know and our technological society bones on their phones no one talk to each other the market but i think that if you did you find out that a lot of people think like you you can get on the same page you can make should have and men i think a lot of us feel like work trapped in this big gigantic system that we don't really have a voice we already have a say but when enough like minded people get together there then you do have a say in that never been more evident than today never been i have it and as far as the impact member we're gonna go into syria and then i had that big speech and in oh god of essentially like it's on and then entire country went fuck that and then its the other rumbling stopped coincidentally that's when they isis activity picked up right afterwards and then a sudden as we have this real issuing isis that does also involved in syria and say we told you these guys are bad i think
what you're sand is like total hippy talk and a lot of people getting really mad at you for what you write in a lot of ways mean this is just life it doesn't matter that longer in where were caught up in the lives of millions people that have been lived before us in the momentum of all these shitty decisions in all these bad choices and and we corrupt ideas that have sort of the facilitated the system is in place right now it's almost like were born into this system that we don't have it control over it has got a home in on your passion what speaks most to you and you can't i'm you can't live in constant misery of just how depressing the world is now fucked up everything is because we are when the information work there is a global consciousness shift going on that is completely obvious and you're either a part of it or not you know i wonder sometimes when i think about america because america has been around for just such a blip when you think about human history humanist
has been around for a blip in terms of world history but the united dates is the real blip i mean seventeen seventy six it's a fucking joke that's a couple hundred years ago ain't shit right i've tonnes from now whenever it is that we find a spot and we all get together and go you time an entirely new nation has arisen and i always wonder like is ever going to come a point in time where people are like fuck this place and they do and mass the same way they came to the new world in i wonder if like my family law came from immigrants my grandparents on both sides came from other countries mostly italy but a little bit ireland to end its because it sucks over there and they just they took a chance in moving another fucking land and i wonder is it is it possible that in our lifetime or several lifetimes from now whenever it is that we find a spot and we all get together go you know what fuck this like you can't keep eleven like this
maybe if we do we are they the people do it's going the same thing that happened when british tried to take back america when we had the revolutionary war mean it almost seems like that the only way things are and a change in terms of like the way amerika was so radically different than the countries that we departed from the put the that people emigrate from and came to america and the founding fathers of our country tied to try to establish this ideal environment wrote the constitution the bill of rights tried to make laws and rules that made sense that load taking too all the errors of the past in all of the ship that they didn't want to deal with with europe and with england some sort of a new establishment some sort of a new nation and i won it's too late to do that again i don't they
is and i think that its unfortunately you have politicians now you know on the backs of the ashes of the model get out we rose out as now you have these politicians protecting the last bastion of absolute monarchy in the world which is these gulf states i think that once we realise that money is not what really makes us happy and unfortunately i just think a lot of people still don't understand that it's really drilled into us with the materials society that we live in but if people would understand that happiness comes from something much deeper and that's why you people on absolute destitute poverty can be happier than the riches and in the world we live in mexico is one of the happiest countries in the world but yet one of the poorest countries in the world and if you go to mexico
such issues are laid back sort of environment everybody has its idea of mexico based on the border states and the border cities in the drug war which speak of america begins when a fuckin fashionable where's our health they already have a sure because america that's why it's amazing the shorter exists of course course exists why would i think it didn't write of absolutely there's plenty one that says because chris kyle america that's the way to well that's common can be here your face i i wanted to talk more about others called worse than the loudly that next time hopefully we can hold off ongoing war with russia in the meantime didn't we will do everything we wish there were in danger of grown war with russia i think that you have a lot of war talks that are on that side of the isle who now want to shift the conversation to really aggressive posturing with russia is very obvious on the middle east sorted
troydan our now russia china the next big prizes i think there very threatened by russia even though i dont know why it is russia is not a really big strong economic force but i think it also perpetuates that enemy right to have an enemy to keep the military industrial complex turning to keep this kind of like cold war bullshit going so people living fear and there's nothing the establishment fears more than a populist not living in fear powerful lefty path left the abbe martin down with war man what do we do our everyone check it out abbe martin dot org and check out my brother's documentary called american anthrax if you want to learn more about the whole anthrax and send all your love not your hate to abbe martin on twitter if you hey just don't don't say families you hate me to scale to ski how dare you
you abbeys always awesome does really appreciated sarajevo to still more often has a free hand in the russian shackled we'll be back at six o clock with jim norton and that's it see assume by peace ready thanks for turning into the show and thanks to our ass far ass i was saying ten gotta rogan dotting dot com and save too twenty five dollars of any new ting device or service sets rogan dotting dotcom thing also to legal zoom go legal zoom dot com used referral code rogan at check out and save yourself some chatter lou thanks also to on it got com got com thanks it doc on oh and an i t used to code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements are my friends thank you so much for everything you do all the inspiration all the love all the above lovey
talk soon biggest
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