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#640 - Charles C. Johnson

2015-04-28 | 🔗
Charles C. Johnson is an investigative journalist, author, and is the editor-in-chief and founder of GotNews.com. He was a contributor to the Daily Caller and the Blaze, and his work is frequently featured on Drudge Report.
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operation with motivation and with information, so go check that shit out on it dot com Onn, it use the code, Word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements alright. My guest today is a young man and very Intel young man, and his name is Charles Johnson and call Johnson very controversial. When I said that I was, going to have him on, but my god I gotta fucking hate from people, but that's just a part of the program of law he is journalist and he is a seeker of truth and he's trying to expose things in a way that make some folks on come. Able, whether they're, right or whether they're wrong you're, going to figure that out for yourself, but I enjoyed talking to him so with further Ado? Please welcome Mister, Charles Johnson Hotel
Logan experience join my day, Joe Rogan Podcast, my name all day boom and we live hello, Charles or Chuck, which one So Chuck is my internet name. Charles is like my real person name only one of those do you got a dual personality thing going. Somebody took trouble some at some dude in Like Michigan, took at Charles C Johnson, so I was like all right check. It is, then, did anybody actually call you chuck yeah like my grandma and like if you go from Boston, but not that many folks chuck what part of Boston from I'm from unit seven he'll stop like on the red line. Like that, like the Dorchester S, Caroline, from there then we moved to Milton when I went to went to school and, this is a rough neighborhood It was more rough back in the day. Now it's become kind of a vietnamese kind of you know, there's lots of games that have moved in it's kind of moved, a little upscale interest.
Like the gays, are very good at making things up scale. It's gentrification. Let's say the gay still, but you can't say the blacks if you notice that Gays have notice that my rule is that if it's one syllable, if it's like fewer syllables, you should be allowed to say it like But, like you know, like African American, it's really like a long word like blacks. It's just simple! It's like quick, you can tweet it faster right. Caucasians too much should be white, the whites, but you could say the whites because uh there, you know the preferred. What is it would you say the privileged class you're allowed to say the whites, but if you say the blacks, it sounds like derogatory. It is. It depends on the tone too, like I think juice is one of those words to or if you say, the wrong tone. That's true yeah, if you say The Jews have one more Nobel prizes than any other people that then you're alright, P and Jews, which is true, they have one. More Nobel prizes for science that I think than any other
race, gender or religion is not really a race or you could use, are very confusing, but it gives us you would call it a race, but it's not necessarily it's based on a religion. You know like they don't prioritize. So it's like kind of its own thing and then you just look at like how wealthy they are and how successful they are. It's kind of interesting the grind to get into like if you want comma due my uncle Salvatore Deidre Lando became a Jew. Meyer is a jewish woman and I had to through the whole grind, but that MOD Walker how to work? you gotta, learn bunch of shit. You gotta go to Hebrew school, it's not it's pretty legit likes, so Legit, it's not like you know, I I became a Catholic, it was kind of easy, just kind of show up for a few things. You know yeah you could be born again christian tomorrow. You can walk into any church and say I want to be a Christian like come audience on the Lord. It touched you or you just have to say what is the shahada for Muslims right like that we have to do it. You just have to say that and you're good like that's all that's all. It is not the Jews.
Jump through hoops to work. They got. They got to look at you, cider vetting you. I don't know about this mother, When did they start using the term youths for blacks, because that great question that is, they never say, youth's, stealing and rioting when dealing with white people, they will say White T majors cause. Violence, you know when they don't say use. We remember like two years ago there was like this Huntington Beach. You know riot or likes doing bicycles of I was there like with my wife. I we were just like chilling on the beach content. You know like we start seeing like all these cop shopping like tells going unlike. Is it martial law like what's happening? You know, 'cause, you know like in the movies. You know like some stuff starts to happen and then, like all the cops show up, and it's like why it's so it's like. We were just kind of can or whatever and the whole like riot, took place in like an hour and people like turned over portapotties and so everyone's been like tweeting,
pictures of that is like white people riot to no no like this is not. This is not comparible like I was there for that. I didn't even know it was going on. The only way you could compare it is: are there pockets of white people that experience such absolute poverty like pockets of black people? and until you have that it's really difficult to make that sort of a comparison like there's, no giant ghettos of white people, the way they are giant get up. I don't know what that would even look like I'm sure, like the depression like back in the old yeah, like maybe trailer, Parishan Italians back in the day, but yeah back in the early nineteen. Hundreds I'm sure there were places like that. We also used to be like a much more violent. Like white people used to be much more violent, I think to like, if you just think about, like the index of like bar room fights, all that stuff. It's all been like plummeting, and I don't know if,
because we're becoming like pussies or like what that's about but like, if you just think about it like when was the last time you heard of like a legit bar fight recently, like Canada, fucking throw down in Canada there, Canadians kind of like a different thing, there are different kind of white people there more polite to which is odd, but they will fuck you up in a bar like Jacqueline, Hyde, the booze flows. Yeah, it comes out. Well, it's also. They have a long tradition of hockey fights, so they have like this sport. You could use as like an analogy to society and in that spot occasionally shit goes wrong and they just start duking it out, but you know like a second ago Mckinnon they like they like. Don't have black people there. It's like the strangest thing too yeah, but uh I mean they have them, but they were like not on our like scale like they don't have like urban ghettos. Right that is true, like There is sort of know Baltimore Equivalent Rank in Canada. Well, they didn't have the
level of slavery, I'm sure there was some slavery in Canada, but the level of slavery in comparison to United States mean we, but conveniently people always want to go. Oh that was so long ago. Not really! No! No, I mean I mean fifty years reading I mean Ben Affleck's. Ancestors senseless right is not a funny that he was trying to cover that up. How the I want to know what that conversation was like, like a skip skip gates like comes in he's like yeah or something you should now. I don't know what that was like like right, How would you break that to somebody? I guess you would call them well, but I don't understand why anybody would want to cover up the fact that someone in there, I guess because he's benefited from that he's call for reparations in the past. He yeah yeah, it's interesting I wonder if he's like, should I pay up now like? How does that? How does that work? Fucking fix shit? It's that's like reparations is like giving people. Build the lottery money lottery winners. They all go broke. You could just
give people reparation money, this I'm going to make them feel better. The only way reparations are really going to work as if you look at, if you look at ok say you got teen. Sixty five was women. Slavery was bossed right, yeah in this country, yeah, look at the areas where people had slaves. Look at the ghettos. Look at these entire, almost entirely black communities that are ridiculously impoverished and then look at the cycle and say alright, there's gotta way this can be fixed. There's got to be way. This can be mitigated. There's got to be a way you can. I mean a lot of people say that that sounds like socialism and that's all well and good, but in in to kill someone steps in and does something with these incredibly impoverished areas. You're going to have this repeating cycle over and over again of people who were born in PA, everybody in crime ridden streets that have children that were born in poverty in car ministries and occasionally an athlete breaks through and occasionally, a comedian,
breakthrough or a rapper or musician or someone escapes cycle. But most people do not. And that is a symptomatic problem with these air Yes, I mean it is. Did you have a a symptom and needs to be addressed? You have a rush, Yuji issue that needs to be addressed and that's, if wanted to say that there should be reparations for slavery. That should reparations not like in the jewels getting a check. That's not going to fix shit, you gotta in and figure out how to make these areas say for how to make communities safer, how to make like community centers and and can give people counseling and and and and yeah, better education think that would actually work like so like there's. This thing called like the Shaker Heights, a fact right. Where found that, like even like wealthy black suburbs, like you know, in Shaker heights. Oh, I don't really do all that. Well, like the asian kids still do better academically I don't know, I mean I used to
like one of these guys that things that like we could just like, solve the problems of the ghetto and like move everyone out and everything would work out, but I think there's something to be said that some people like like living there. You know, like there's kind of like an undercurrent of our society, that they like takes the poverty stuff that like takes the thanks your style, I think a lot of the people that do it's, because it's familiar yeah, that's how they grew up. I mean if you took that same child from Birth- and you know I mean if you, if you could obviously couldn't do it, but if you could, have two completely separate lives if you could have two of the eggs back same people and one of the I was born to a really happy educated black couple and they live in a nice suburb of Atlanta where they go to great school. And the other one is in Baltimore and you use need to see the same child develop with different stimuli in different environment and one of them is like fuck. I like the ghetto either one is like man, I'm glad I don't live in Baltimore I mean you,
yeah? But you know I gotta say like I was talking to my cousin, my cousin likes an employer in Baltimore. Like I know, a number of people in Baltimore number of black people and there's so many people, are just sick of this shit. Oh yeah, like so many black for like we never hear from from them like we never hear like AFLAC link riots. Like imagine like we're just like chilling here and there like a riot breaks out, I mean that's like similar jet thing that you have. Worry about when you live in some of these communities yeah it is it. Absolutely is. But again I don't think it's the fucked up thing to say, but I don't think it's the fault of the people that live there. I think the people that live there, if you those kids at Rob that RT reported, you see there yeah those wild wild It was like something out of like a movie. I love the purge. You know what I loved about it. They got saved by the cops the art, reporter gets a better cops. The cops came in and tackled the guy that stole the person argument like there you go, you need cops so for all these fucking, crazy, ultra progressive fuck, the police, people. It's not fuck the police,
imagine doing the fucking job of the police, it's an impossible job. You know it is. You know I saw so I mean I was the guy who sued to get Michael Browns Juvenile wreck, it's like we sued, unsuccessfully, I think we went, went all the way to the Supreme Court of Missouri, like I like, fought this one really hard, because like people should know like what these communities are actually like, like Canfield Apartments, where Brown was from is like a fucked up hell hole and like the more we're just we got to be honest about these places and, need people to actually see them. So whenever we get these riots like, on the one hand like sad, it's sad like you know, mostly worried about my family, that's there, but like on the other hand, it's like it's such a great illustration of. Like reality, you know like of like forget all of your progressive social justice nonsense and like in the final analysis. When the shit goes down, you either one
have a gun. You want to know. Korean who's got a gun like here in LA right, or you want to like take care of. Take care of business and people, don't people don't get that this whole, like fuck, the police mentality is really causing some serious stuff to go wrong in our society right now, because people are starting to have this like mindset that, like cops, are evil that their predatory that they're dangerous, and it's obvious like why the Obama administration is pushing it because they get these consent decrees in where they can basically re write the policing rules in a sexually take over the policing departments. It's obvious, like it's a power grab for like the control of the city's That's why I like. I think we should be very, very cautious about how far we push it, because I mean you There are some messed up. Cops and I think, but you have to walk a day in these p- issues like I did a ride along with the LAPD to hide. Recommend and there's some stuff that they have to deal with just like on a routine basis. That's pretty wild, like even here in LA
Certainly do I think the issue is not that cops bad and that you know we need to clean up the. Department. The issue is: we need to figure out a way to make society safer for everybody involved, including people that are stuck in those places like like browns apart. In complex and the neighborhood that he lived in when you know growing up in the neighborhood man, you're going to be fucked, you're fucked your growing up around, dogs every want your friends are all criminals every just that you people imitate their atmosphere. We always have, but you know like if you take bra an example right with a bunch of research on him and he hadn't, so he went to the second most violent public school and, like all of Missouri and he actually chose to stay there like he could have moved, but I think he was a giant dude, yeah yeah. So that's. What I'm saying, though, is that like to people like living in these environments, can actually be kind of reward if you're, big dude- and you don't have a lot of skills, you can be big.
I can be an enforcer in now right, but it's big MIKE was living, and you know San Francisco on a really nice neighborhood progress of parents and you're going to good schools from time he was a baby. Would it be a different human being so yeah, I think you're right but like even if you look at like I just look like the numbers for black on white crime, violence and all that stuff, it's like it's pretty it's pretty shocking, even relatively like affluent areas. Now it's I mean you know, there's been a lot of discussion like is this in a is this like just something we have to deal with like there's this whole debate, E M, a a gene which is like this gene that Black America, young, blacks out. You know Africans have like much like a proclivity to violence. At half MA a gene Recommend people, Google and do their own research- is like a big debate about whether or not but basically like what it is is it's you know if you think about, like you, know, kind of white european asian ancestors, as we kind of moved out of Africa like a grass
and in violence, was kind of less necessary 'cause. We were like farmers and stuff God. Is that really true, though I mean, if you look at all the violence and murder and death, that's been done by the military and you think about how many people involved in the military or white and how many people making decisions are white mean. Ultimately, that's why people causing violence true, but unlike hard side yeah, I mean I totally agree with you right, like the industrialized kind of like not suffocation or like of like the industrial size. The military industrial complex is like a serious threat, no doubt about it. But if you like, there's a book by this guy, Steve finger about violence and he's basically like look. If you just look throughout human history, violence is actually going down. Like back in the day, we'd be like in tribal societies and we would go in, beat the shit out of this drive and take their stuff. You know. Most of the violence was like would spring up on people than then just butcher them and the other women or whatever, and
that was like the way that was like the way politics was back in that whole area. That was like a big thing. They would go and steal women where the women yeah going to come to Salem. It's kind of it's kind of weird like to think about like that rape, culture versus like this is fake rape, culture that they're trying to promote yeah. Well, I think that, If you looked at these people I mean, if you're saying that as a whole, that white folks are really slowly becoming less and less violent, whereas there's a certain percentage whatever it is of black people that contain this gene. Look at what black people have to deal with as opposed to white. What like talking about talking about with Canada. It has no no black ghetto. If you growing up in a ghetto is the mean you're from birth? I mean you really are. There's really not much as far as options to get out sure and the constant in Dacian of negative influences is is is
no doubt I mean we always talk about people like getting out of the ghetto and thriving right like we always like. That's always like the thing you hear like when you hear about like successful black Americans right, it's like the one tuna that gets through the net whole. We never hear about people being like. I started a great smile it's in the ghetto in the ghetto is corner of the ghetto is now got Starbucks right corner. That was one of the saddest things about Ferguson. Was they were robbing black owned businesses smashing down the windows, burning them down? I mean this is like people were freaking out the way God damn it. I'm apart is fucking community. I didn't shoot that kid. I didn't do anything wrong you're using this as an opportunity to better yourself use this as an opportunity to steal and just take things, and I mean that is because this one guy got shot down. You look at like you know, MIKE my in laws, family, there Yushin immigrants, you know my wife's, an immigrant from you. You look at like the kind of an emergency they move into to kind of, like you know, run the corner store, run like the quicky Mart or whatever terribly racist to say that, but nonetheless, it's like there's some truth in the stereo type
And then you look at like welcome to America with you, the Democratic Party, we love immigrants and yet, if you build little corner of the american dream, we're not going to protect you when the riots start and we look at a lot of businesses that were like burned out in Ferguson and they were, like. You know, nice guy, from India coming to this country, putting away some money for his family and yet like his property, was destroyed. A whole bunch or in a right wing, you know people on and go find me trying to raise money to basically make these people all kind of like it's kind of wild. But I think I think the technology plus the the history of violence plus like the ghetto politics and urban Policy- all that's like combining right now to create this like massive craziness everyone's got iphones everyone's like like flash mobs, meets the real mob everyone does have this unique ability to organize riots or protests or meet at this place meet at that place, and I have friends that were involved in the black lives matter thing they would organize.
He's saying that most of the things I disagreed with, like especially the blocking the highway shit. I was like that's why you causing death you're, going cause death going to someone's loved ones to die cuz they can't get to the hospital. That's a fucken fact yeah! No, it actually happened. I think in a few occasions yeah I mean and then you're doing it to because lives matter. Okay, look! This is a transportation system. This way we get through through when we people to the hospital. That's where we get in things happen on these roads and what being insanely insanely. If you want to you, want to, something find out where make the laws and don't let anybody leave blocked. You know you want to get arrested somewhere. You want to make a big stink, go to the fucking, Capitol building block that fucking thing storm the lawn you know, but you can't block the God. Damn high because that's just too random, I mean you, you you're from the Boston area too yeah. Yes, so you member, when there was the Boston thing like it was like a black lives matter, protests in Boston and like shut down the freeway and like the guy,
it's like running that was exists. Hedge fund. You know he's like the son of some wealthy family and it's like it's always like the super at, like you know, kind of silly, a liberal white people who are like trying to like you know, strike back at the system and you look at all those people who are like human being. I mean it sounds like kind of cut kind of silly to say this, but like your delayed from work for like thirty minutes or our like, that, has like a serious impact on your whole day. It has a impact on your your job. I mean, let's see, you're trying to have it to get to work with him and I protested not supposed to be convenient. Man yeah, but it's like such a dick thing to do. Well, it's it's a bit short sighted. I think the idea that these hedge fund guys realize they were born into this privileged life and they want to somehow another give back or make an impact. I love that. I think that's great. I just don't think that's the way to do it and I
I think they get organized like you, fuck the system, fucked yeah and everybody want to put a backpack on and run through street. That is not how you change things. It's just not it's, certainly how you make a little bit of a stink you make ripple. You get some cameras on you and I would hope that some of this stuff will stop some cops from shooting kids when they don't have. To I mean I, there are times where police officer is saving one else's, is life or trying to protect their own life and they have to use violent force. That's a fact, but there a lot of times were cops, shoot people when they shouldn't fucking, shoot people, and you know it, and I know of all seen the videos and there's denying and I think but their humans, no like when you're doing that such I mean I guess I only made a point is like you: you've got a look at the whole thing, yeah like what we're talking about with the ghettos and why white people and violence you got look at the whole thing and the nothing is determinism is a bunch of different variables are taking place, causing certain causing certain, and if
you just say you know we going to block the highway to make black lives matter. What about a black guy that dies 'cause his fucking wife wants to get into the hospital 'cause. He hasn't got damn heart attack. What about that black life? You don't get mark. But you know a lot of it, though, is just like it's like vanity it's like posturing. It's like it's like advertise, your virtuousness by how much you hate this rite. You hate that and what's kind of. Weird to me is that, like we've got created a culture right now, where the people who can basically like be professional, fuck the system, people and it's like it's wild that these people exist like in our society like that they wake up every day and they money, they have enough, like donations, whatever to basically just you system professionally, and it's like to a certain extent. The system probably has accounted for these people. You know to a certain extent, they buy them off by giving them like what we are working on Wall Street or giving them young procedures internships, but like to a certain extent. These people end up becoming tools of the very
that they're trying to so you one way like think about, what are they actually like, they're, not really a, publishing anything and who are these. That is like your social justice warrior types. There are basically reflecting the establishment view of the call which is? What are these colleges there? Basically, like giant money, pits with large endowments who then invest and all kinds of things like I mean in If you look at like all the investments are doing like fossil fuels, you're looking at all the investments they doing. Like I mean colleges are so much a part of the system right and what they who is the social justice warrior, taking their crazy nonsense, that they're learning in schools and they're trying to imply it to like the rest of society? But if we did, laugh like right away. What we did was, we said, look any of these, in college endowments they have to payout, like five percent of their of their tuition, like we do with foundations,
immediately colleges free for a lot of people. People aren't aren't making massive student debt, but inside the colleges like fight their fight for their privilege. So, like I think, what I'm trying to say is that basically, like the beast, people are bad. The shock troops for the elite but even knowing that their shock troops for the elite, like, if you think about like if we talk like the rape culture stuff right, it's like a perfect exam of this people are trying to advance and air. With about women in about society, and it's a power, I mean it's really as simple as that, like they're, trying to end process rights for young men on campus they're, trying to basically give if you don't create, a title ix, compliant college, you know what we're gonna do is we're gonna, we're gonna, Sekar, trial lawyers on you and sue you. What is title nine? So basically what the feminists say right. This is how they get in to like the whole college racket. We really can't talk about that. If you want the basically what they do is they say alright, you're, not creating a college campus environment, because you allow too many rapes on campus you're not
being college environment, that's conducive to men and women. So, like which are doing is essentially because you have all these piss running around what it's harder for girls to get good education. So you have to create these like special courts and, if you don't create them in are liking, we're going to sue you and you have a lot of money 'cause. You know these endowments. We just talked about, and so it's basically like trial law, first combining with Sj Ws to basically JW being social Justice warriors for folks who have a life, it's funny how, like all this stuff, has been like reduced to like three or four care you know, it's like like the p o wcs twitter thing. That's like infecting your brain right, also, military military ieds, a low yeah when that stuff. You know you talk to guys that have been the military. They love using those this, I'm not an acronym Ryan Acronyms like NASA right, if you say NASA like, I don't know if it's in no second abbreviation whatever it is yeah. I should know what that is, but
yes, ok, so so what you're saying is that these people, it almost becomes like a gig, today like never, they like never mentally, live they never mentally leave college. It's a real problem with academics in general, because a lot of people who are academics, they went to college, they went to graduate school, they got their doctorate, got her phd. Whatever they got and then they started teaching and they never entered the real world and they live in this world of extreme liberal values, extreme liberal bias and right and and who pays for that, like the tuition of the kids right, yeah and then endowments of these, like massively rich schools, which are all invested in like horribly anti social justice, warrior causes. But Is it about colleges? This is where it gets fascinating with me. What is about college is that almost in probably lean left bye, there's very few. I mean it wasn't always this way right I mean if you look back historically like in the 20s and stuff they were kind of right wing place, I've kind of hate.
Left and right. I really made me too. I kinda hate, saying it. I really mad at myself that I just said it because I am g. Right as I am as I am, I am pro who writes pro gay marriage, pro Chans, transgender rights, transgender marriage. Pro abortion, I'm pro choice on pro I'm I'm left in so many ways, I'm again The drug, warm against privatized prisons, I'm against up pro legalization of drugs, I'm against police violence, sure, but I'm also in the NRA. Yeah sure. I also, I think that militaries important, I think. If you go to parts of the world and see how fucked up it is, and you don't think you need to have a military or you're being a child because we don't live in utopia, yeah we're not we're not in a in a time in the world where it's safe Not we haven't reached some age of enlightenment. Were on strange, gradual progression pace to one day be free of all ape violence that lives in our genetics,
until I hope you're right, I don't. I don't see it happening anytime soon. I mean, if you look at what's happening in Baltimore, it seems like it seems, like a lot of times are kind of primal. Instincts in our kind of violent stuff seems like it's: lurking, just beneath that thin veneer of civilization, but that's Baltimore and here's the other problem. We're talking a country of three hundred fifty million people sure. Yet here we are in woodland, hills, go outside Williams, hear birds, chirping, ensure you to full. It's sunny out. People are nice, go to Starbucks down the street, they'll say hi. Can I help you everybody's friendly? You know this is barbarian culture of maybe talked about age and race matters or something right malarious when they to do that is that the quickest, a company who's ever abandoned an idea start, let's explain to people who a lot of people again have lives. Unlike us, they We might have missed this? I thought it was ridiculous. I thought it was just seems, like my shadow was the onion and then
I don't like the corporate leadership of it and they're. Like all white dudes there, like all white dudes in white, chicks, hey, I got an idea. This is the way that we can make things different. Let's encourage our baristas to talk about race. Hey, want to a cappuccino. How do you so black people? I wonder what that I would so I I wanted to go in so I quit my body and I went into the Compton. You know Starbucks like right when they were doing this, I was wearing like a suit. Like you know, expensive tie like all that stuff will come in there like, where the only white dudes in there like where the, where the dot in domino. You know what I mean and were like walking up, and I was so they had the race matters things out and I was like reading it. I was like really. I try to get an ice hockey every night and I like it like behind me as like a nation of Islam, like you know, copy meet up, because apparently they have this like there too. Yes, Sir SAM I'm not making this up bean pies on off and there's like a picture of me like yeah, I put up on my twitter me like reading the the the Rio race
matters thing, while they're behind me discussing all that you have done on Twitter Twitter, find the photo find that twitter and, let's put it out of reach, we did that's fucking hilarious, but so explain. Campaign, because a lot of people yeah no, I said it was so basically this this idea that Starbucks had, which was that, like the future of the country, there use it like we're, going to be much more racial society, which is probably true diversity and all that people moving in immigration and so forth. And so there so is that like we need to get ahead of it and we need to talk about race because, like that's like a big issue and their attitude, like if we get people together talking about stuff and coffee shops and will be like you know, it's like the old salon stuff like the 1850s or something people are going to be like debating issues and politics and all and it just totally backfired because the moment people were not having it, they were just making fun of it. They were making fun of the guy. Who was the head of it unbelievably stupid and poorly planned out to the idea that you're just going to put that on like,
but when they writing it on cups or something they're going to right, yeah they're going to read it on cups, they're, going to basically like hashtag race together this the guy. This is a guy. I swear to God. I thought this was an onion thing like 'cause, you know just saying this stuff on the internet. Now I made it so preposterous raced together what the fuck does that even mean? That's a terrible hashtag like something for the marathon race together,
you know. Maybe if you were running a marathon and everybody donated and the charities went towards the human race or it's like, if you read it, the non non pc, it's raced to get her. That was a friend of mine was feeling like. Is this? Is this a subtle rape? Culture thing? Oh, no, what a backfire! Well, that's why they capitalize the t in the our server? No, but you can't you cannot see at once. You see that you cannot take a picture of the chick, so true, that's so fun she's got her hands up. Like don't rape me fins, I don't even have hands no fuck, that's hilarious, but Starbucks, I think stop being cool when they changed. The chick. Like remember way like way back in the day she had like, you could like see her boobs and everything. That's right, those cowards and they changed it. So she's like now, some androgynous. What's wrong with boobs come on relax,
relax. It's kind of nuts. The race together, though, mean digit race to get her. We should just say it was just that so this race to get her idea, was they would they would put a hashtag on the cup and what would pick up a conversation that would lead to fucking line. The lines are long enough and Starbucks. Those slow poke, ass, mother fuckers need drink their own coffee they're, always real, slow, we'll mention if you're like a mess, if you like, actually a barista right so you're like there you're, probably a very stuff like nobody like sets out MIKE yeah, I'm gonna be a Starbucks free stuff like this is not like something you set out like wanting to do with your life. I mean I'm sure it's a perfectly good job, but like nobody's nobody dreams about this when they're little kid and so working there you know you're having to deal with all these like bitchy caffeinated people right and like you're supposed to just like you take in time out to go and discuss, raise with some custom, something like stranger. I mean it's kind of like it's kind of like a very nt employee mindset like and their timing them. They time them on their drink orders, so
a kind of a really they're, really big house, so they so like to tape. It know what they'll do is they'll time people on like how long does it take you to do this coffee, like when they're doing the training? You know the training stuff they want you to. Basically, you know do it faster, but apparently your experiences that hasn't worked out well, they're, not that bad, I'm around joking around but you know I have been a Starbucks with their slow as shit real life, there's no double cappuccino and that guys diet. You kick it up a little son I gotta get out. I wish you could I wish you could pay to get faster in line like you, TSA. You know how I feel like this. You know like I know, that's a terribly privileging, the sorry thing, but sometimes you're, like you, know, trying to get to work or whatever or trying to get to somewhere right near like it I need to like. I need my coffee lines get out here. Yeah I mean, and there should be some way you can be like nope like I know what
I don't know what you have to pay a year to get like the expedited service or something but yeah. I don't know either I've gotten that accidentally before, but I never. I never. I always say I'm gonna sign up for it, but I never signed up for it already tried to sign up for it and they denied him really he's Asalta TSA. So he's an asshole too he. He got screen once this guy. He farted in front of this guy and go go head. Yes, my my far now he like farted, like really loud because his his idea is that this is not protecting anybody. This absolutely a violation of our rights and if you don't step in protest in Alaska My buddy Neil, who said he's a TSA agent. He couldn't get a job anywhere else and he hates it like it's like the most. So worst job ever and he was saying, God bless you to people like right before they're getting on their flights and the TSA people. No. You can't say that anymore to people and he's like well, you made me swear an oath to like under God to like you know like why
he's only like a super christian guy he's just like you know, God bless you. I have a nice day. It's got his way of doing it. Just trying to manage just try to be nice and they're like they're. Yes, the nation of Islam. People in the back is one where the nation of Islam there back like the dude behind the chick? Is there and then there's some other folks in front of me too? That's so funny, so my I was all black people working behind the counter and everything yeah yeah yeah. Did you ask anybody G interview? Anybody like I was like well what's going on with this and they're like we are now. I think they just put the things here, they're just trying to get paid one of the fact they have to deal with this stupid shit. Could you imagine if, like you, you're supposed to be some social justice engineer while administering cappuccinos. This is so goofy such a weird thing to ask your employees to do terrable idea like nobody's doing this at home depot, but I mean what kind of what kind of education in the subtle nuances of race relations. Are you giving these people before you have them communicate publicly on behalf of your company while,
like while an employee like, I couldn't think of a more poorly thought out idea, executed by a giant corporation, totally agree with you, and the fact that it was like designed to all by white people like is like the weirdest part, is that I have girlfriend older dude? That was in the race to get her? It's a good question. He might have a hot black girlfriend she's, trying to like the bill. Maher things like criticize black people, because he's dated I'm kind of thing. Is that what he does yeah? That's what he does. Do you think you it feels like he can criticize that he said, as he said, like I've had black caramel pillow like it's, our God he's like. I could say that way said. Stop That's so gross creepy black hair on my pillow. So you,
the weird thing to do weird, is fucking statement. I've had black hair on my pillow. Why? I think he said it on some like marriage, counseling thing to you know how they have like guest judges or whatever I remember watching that was like yeah. That is crazy. I just think that if you just oh you if you're capable of saying something like that, I think is probably just trying to be like you know: 'cause he's a Jew. Writer and he's a a like a one word one line and you know, impacts sort of a guy at shirt. That's a kind of sit. The I've had black hair on my pillow, the Let's say things like that's like something that you see on his show would be a line that, like it's, concise, it's Qu it is a period at the end of it, but it Pullman as an sure yeah. I mean you can see on the shell, but it didn't quite work yeah. You can't fault him too much for it because of the way communicates like four
living, but as a person they give your hanging out with them. You know in fairness, like I get some on twitter because, like so I I keep getting stuff. Like your anti immigrant, your other stuff 'cause, I was like tweeting out stuff like hey. We should be kind of careful with this amnesty stuff and, yeah, I hate immigrants so much. I married one and all the People were like all these people, like you're, using your asian wife. You know like protect you or whatever, and I just hatched, get my asian wife and I was like my asian yeah like I was just like making fun of it, and then people thought out, like the social justice were thought. I was serious. So I called like the asian Social Justice warrior started being like you know, my asian. What wife is like a cultural appropriation? You know whatever non spewing ever just sit exiting back like yes, my as my wife and I were like having like a girl having like a homeless or something the morning like just sitting on, you know, I can, when you you know, when you wake up on a Sunday and you're still in your pajamas or whatever the collegiate high, I think I actually start a movement. That's that is a very funny line, though we said I I I
immigrants so much. I married one, that's very funny, I mean but culture. The amnesty thing would be the people that have been in this country for a certain amount of time be allowed to be. You know its citizens. Yeah I mean here's, basically, the the the so like people, like my wife, came to this kind from Indonesia can't really swim from there. It's come a long way. Like? They waited in line? They like follow all the rules and all this stuff, and then we got all these people come to this country illegal from like Mexico, south of the border, could just because easier to get here and allow Folks you want to make them citizens. The Democrats want to do it. They get get lots of voters that Republicans want to do it. 'cause I get cheap, labor, basically drive down, wages are some republicans want do it and I'm just like you know it's not a good idea to, like you know, give away citizenship like this 'cause. We have a lot of people who, desperately want to get in here and it's kind of like it's kind of racist in a way, it's kind of like pro Mexican in a way, if you think about it, just like logically, because
people from Africa from Europe, whatever will give a much harder time yeah and it's just like it's a much kind of unfair process. You know I have a very unrealistic or utopian view of this whole thing I would feel like. So I'm not a fan of nationalism, I'm not I'm not a big fan borders, but I'm also not a big fan of it. Where people figured out how to get it right, not necessarily the United States got it right, but the real solution is not to like make it easier for people to, and the real solution is to make it easier for Mexicans to live in. Mexico totally agree like Mexico, so I think it was amazing. Yeah go there on vacation, it's beautiful, it should be like, but they're all these anti white people lost their their all these and you can go laws like you can own beach front property if,
like either you can't you can't you have to, because I just haven't: have some crazy beach front. Probably has some like Ali Baba dude. You know I, like no sir said I like that you know they have like some mexican guy who's like the front man for him. That runs his thing but think they're, all these anti gringo rules down there. It's kind of like my attitude, is like everything we allow Mexicans to do in the states. We should be allowed to do in their country right. I get a driver's license. Mexico, Mexico. You should be able to do all this stuff, and not like, I think, the real tragedy about the Mexico. First, like the drug war like stupid policy, we gotta get rid of it 'cause. It's like clearly fucking up Mexico but we got a just like make Mexico like a good place to live, because maybe that way they won't all move here. You know but let's not blame like if you, if you live down there like in your liking, cartel land and you go to the US and you get paid like one thousand five hundred and fifteen times more money than you would otherwise I mean the real question I have is like how shitty things are Mexico. Why are so many of them still there? You know, like you, have like a great country. Well, there's a fucking wall,
first of all sort of but like people are breaking in all the time. But it's not easy, especially if you have children, you have a baby with sure sure yeah yeah. I have a friend who came over here illegally and she came over here with her baby man. She had a fucking two year old baby. She made it to the United States. How did you do it he got in the van or some crazy. You know I mean is all decades ago, but it's yeah yeah like back in the day, I think was a lot easier to it's. Also terrifying, shit, man. If you really stop and think about the idea of going in, van illegally across our border. That's got a fence and you have a baby with you and you just hoping for a better life, but you know I've been so my uncle lives in Guatemala of all places believe it or not, white guy living Guatemala, as he just banging young guatemalan chicks. I don't really know we don't talk about talk about it. Man I would want to know. I know he likes to draw yeah. That's what I'm talking about, go down there with fucking fat bottle of tequila and ask him some. Quite I mean you can get beer there like sixteen cents, like I mean it's just it's out of control,
but I've been to the Guatemala Mexico Border and it's like it's like machine gun, turrets and like so like is criticizing our border build up, and yet, if you go to their border with their southern neighbor, because I don't want the Guatemalans breaking into their country, that's a layer. So it's like you know there are criticizing the US for being racist and everything, and yet there you know. Well, that's one of the things about. If you talk to Latinos like fellows joke around about, did the racism inside latino call yeah white dudes, like don't have any idea about the Mexicans. I have always had a problem. Porter Ricans and it's the way that's been establishes in boxing in the boxing world mexican voice at Porter. Ricans are lazy, like does mexican fighters versus porter rican fighters, but a long term rivalry, and then there's the Cubans and Cubans have a problem with the Porter Ricans and then this a quarter mile on everybody, my newly hondurans who get no respect and it goes like lower and lower the further south. You go the more they with them, not totally
right I mean- and you look at like here with the salvadorans in the salvadoran gangs versus the mexican Ones- and it's like you know to to the social justice warriors- are all hispanic or latino, but then you actually like these are like legit countries that have like legit histories and you, real problem. Things with even the term social justice warrior. Is that their aggressive, like the thing about social justice is like what do it. Would you really want you want peace, guess where it guess? What worst way to get pieces being an asshole to being an will. Almost a kind of anti social yeah, there's a sense in a lot of ways, because there it looks like they're about Doc, seen people and aggressively, pursuing actions against them trying to get people fired because they don't share their ideology? The weird testing, the totally great, like the weirdest thing to me, I think, like people are started becoming more like I've certainly become more aggressive, just dealing with their
you know, I mean like become less aggressive, believe or not about them like I, don't I don't want to with that kind of shit at all, because I it's because just creates a dust cloud of confuses, counterproductive, totally counterproductive and I share their beliefs on a lot of things. I just don't. I don't share their their methodology, the I don't share the aggressive tactics. I just think what they're doing is like an insanely, short sighted. They think that they're Malcolm X, or something they think that they're like going to fight your system by screaming yelling capitalism, and it's kind of like the people who are born like after the 60s like they were born after the party. You know what I mean like and then you could tell there kind of pissed about it right. My friend my friend Andy's arabian- and I were talking about this- an we're talking a lot about like how basically they target you like art, two gay guys who, like had TED Cruz over just like chat with him right he's like running for president. You know whatever, and these guys were targeted by all these-
get a social justice, warrior types being like this for talk just like your mainstreaming his and he gave you and like how, which was to persuade people of our views. If we can't even like talk to them, you know me like. I was I supposed to work, I'm on a bunch of block I'm on Blockless. It's social job yeah. This would done. Going to figure out what I did there all watching your stuff. This is the weirdest thing like they block you and then they all like freak out. If you say something like consider, but like you and Cindy Airy stuff, I'm primarily supportive, almost all the things that they are supportive of which I think is funny. I mock male feminists. The same way, I'm Mark, like like social justice, words 'cause. I know what you're doing like terms it's a play for exactly yeah, it's it's! It's a power grab for social brownie points. That's what it is! Yeah, that's primary! I I will win this. Guys, twitter page, and it said of the quote- was something like aggressive
Only feminists are fiercely feminist God, Damn it son, you need to lift weights, you need to fucking eat some meat, You need to do some squats, you need to be. If you need to go run a marathon, he did do something difficult, it's depressing how beta so many of them are a man up. You know you don't you know. By the way you don't have to be alpha. You want to be beta there's nothing wrong with that friends that are beta Bryan Redpath. Ten beta and he's one of my best friends sure I have a lot of friends that are like feminine or like less there's. Nothing will just go. Do shit so just go. Do shit does not. It is wrong with that. But what I'm saying is like this attitude. Aggression that they have towards things masculine, they're sexist will like it for me that the line was crossed like all right. So I knew the rolling stone thing was a hoax. Like I was
first explain to people might not be aware of what this was. So you were one of the first people that did that. I was calling bullshit like this one. The reasons why I want in on this and then one of the things that I did was. I called up some people to for turning into seem like an obvious thing to do, and it's like it was their party. Let's explain there is a metal right, so there's the story that runs in rolling Stone magazine and What happens is that it's basically this? This story is written by this woman, Sabrina Rubin Erdely stories about a gang rape like a brutal gang rape that occurs at? U Va University Virginia and Basically, the story is an anecdote in there about this girl, Jackie who is like apparently raped by like it was either like five guys or seven guys, and this anecdote was like such big deal among like the rape activist types that was actually used by this chick Emily Renda who's, a uv, a former. U Va student and was like used but was testified before Congress. I was like you under oath, like brought into the congressional record and which is the gang rape was so ridiculous to me, because
it was apparently like over hours, and I was like what college dude has like the stamina for hours, so that was like the first. No, I mean like legit that, like that was like the first tip off to Maine and then the uh into is it was like so graphic so violent. It was like, apparently at a party, so it's like, right. There's a lot of stuff here that you can just kind of like tease apart and then what happened was I figured out the girls name like I went through in research like you talk to some people at? U Va got like list of all the kind of campus, feminist and kind of just cross referenced it its been along finding it anyways founder name, Jackie Coakley and I was like. I publish the name of her and I knew that all these, like people, would freak out on Twitter about it and like for you. We got in the media, but something like a hundred and fifty to two hundred newspapers so that I added a rape victim and, like my own mother called me up like complaining about it, and- and I was like mom like trust me like this- is not what it appears to be
and by the way the newspaper still haven't like done retractions or anything, and these are like us news and World Report and all these things, and they all got me thrown off Twitter for like outing, this rape victim and she wasn't a victim. You know it's like the weirdest, like posts didn't totally know, though no I did. I did. You know that she wasn't of it, because I called up enough people, and I knew enough enough of the details that the whole story was like just falling apart like there was no party that night there was, I mean she had a hit. We're making up other stuff in the past. Like I talked to somebody she's like who is like kind of close with her, I looked into the people who are quoted in the article who are kind of like anonymously quoted, and I looking into more and more on Sabrina Rubin Erdely, discovering that she'd gotten in trouble for like faking stuff. In the past and I was like alright. This is not. This is not legit like this is fake. What kind of stuff is she fixed She I mean I put up some videos on my side. It got news, but basically she her very, story, she ever did for rolling stone was
was an interview of some profile, the country singer, where she got a lot of facts just basically wrong and then she started. Fabricating and she's actually talked about it on video about how she's got a nice, strong, and so she, like she's, wow she fabric. Even ship and she still got published in rolling stone for after this was been correct, and this was when she was in college and so her entire career basic starts? Is winning the college Journalism award from rolling stone while shoes at? U Penn, working with with glass, you know Stephen Glass, the guy who was famous fabricate the New republic and she basically her college career. Her career, her entire life is, is at rolling stone and she was talking about things like how she likes to shop around for victims, I mean these are like verbatim quotes how she is a good, bs detector, I mean go and watch the videos I mean I put 'em all online on Youtube and they're kind of wild. It's such a fucking explosive subject. It's so dangerous
because real gang rapes, real rapes, excuse me, are horrific. They are terrifying. Disgusting totally agree. D humanization should be eradicated from society in many of the women who helped me on this stuff, like are victims of sexual assault, because there are so disgusted with this bullshit I mean imagine like actually being a rape victim, right and then like having to deal with all these bullshit posers pretending to be rape, victims and imagine how like infuriating that is infuriating just hearing about this, that rolling stone, failed every single check, point of journalism they do did no background check on this whatsoever. They did no vetting of the source they did whatever was like. It violates journal. Did you see the movie almost famous and how they have like the famous rolling stone fact checkers I kept wondering like when? Are they going to show up when are they going to like right?
But it makes you wonder about like the whole publication. Other shit, like I mean I know, Michael Hastings was a great reporter and everything, but people call bullshit on some of his stuff too, and obviously we can't check now 'cause he's dead, but like it makes you wonder about all the other reports that they do there, because if there there falling down on this one story, apparently like yeah she's got other stuff wrong and other other stories as well. Not just the one I mentioned, but like I wonder what, if there inner soul acts for her. What the sentence are like for the other writers too. Well, it's always a problem when, because of a salacious story, because of anything, that's big and juicy, you can become a star and Greenwald is a star and he's a star. Fair digit reason what he did was a legit store totally agree totally, but he's a star. Now, so there's a lot of people that may be less scrupulous that are looking at that and they're saying if I can get some of that juice
if I can find a juicy story that I can cling to, I can also become a star. You know, what's weird to me so like I like taboos like for me, like the whole point of being a journalism. Are you being in journalism is to be so basically tell stories that no one gives you monopoly right. If no talking about topic, then you like topic Right: and, second of all, like there, a lot of taboos in our society like race, rape military industrial, complex drug drugs, I mean you could basically figure them a genetic differences in intelligence. I mean that's a big one that we're not supposed to talk about for me what's weird about this. Is that journalism increasingly is used to like justify this state. Justify power justify like basically to push agendas that then become law, and for me, that's like kind of like not the point point is to give the give the finger to the man. The point is to basically like against the system so like I might fight is being on the right and I have some right wing views. I have some left wing views, but no one seems like asking about those, but
blue stories going after like corrupt Republicans, like I did a story, voter fraud within a republican primary in Mississippi. There was like ugly, but the thing is is that people want what they want they want you to reflect their tribal views and their political views, and they don't really want the truth so like they will fucking hate you, even especially when you're right so like For years I was talking about this guy Menendez US senator who's, going down for corruption for years. I talking about him, and I had all Other journalists make fun of me like you're. Just a blogger, you don't know what you're talking about, even though I won awards at these guys competed for back in the day. I just didn't want to be in corpus. Journalism anymore 'cause. I thought it was too restrictive and these guys are assholes like you're, so much of the culture. Now they just go after anyone, that's new and different, and it's creating a narrower and narrower and narrower space for people to let their freak flag fly, and I think this is really really dangerous for our society.
And we used to be a society that was like you know this guy, you know he's, you know, he's crazy, blacks premises, but you know he makes really good bagels and go and hang out with him like we used to be a society that was okay with a little freakiness among people and now it's like you all, have to think a certain way. You have to behave in a certain way and it's like what could be like it could be more like Anti liberal, like what could be more like wrong than that, it's very good way of putting it yeah. I I think that that tribalism things a real issue. You know the with us or against us how, but I'm just a fucking person. I don't want to join your team. I don't want to be in anybody's team. How 'bout can we just nineteen human race, yes, and we all have our own unique view points, because we have a unique lives. Where will we? We grew up in different environments? We have different points of view. Different genetics, different life experiences, you the thing that makes me the most excited is when I meet somebody who, like think something totally outlandish that I don't know- and I start reading it and likely shit this guys right. Like that's cool, I get six
writing to change your mind like when you don't know something. It's exciting I always look for the people who are like courageous enough to be like the Galileo's of art. No you're wrong about this and who are like sticking now. I think people have a real issue with admitting that they don't know something in a real issue in meeting that they were incorrect in their assumptions and some well don't ever really right. They don't have a dme, They don't ever say. I think I fucked up there. They don't they don't do that they just because they like somehow another that makes them less they make like sounds like. Are you were wrong? I think it's actually a backtrack. Would you dick tuck over there Chuck yet did tucked on that subject? No! No and I've seen this like what I say stuff on Twitter, like I guess I was wrong on that. Like I guess I was mistaken whatever I think it gives you credibility, but all these people are like freak out and, like you were wrong about this, like fuck, you like it was like dude like you're on twitter right now, like at your mom's house. Like are you on twitter right now like at work when you're working and you're like bitching at me, like?
Have you done today like what what you submit leads that that's a good thing that this twitter thing? I I've I'm up, I'm I'm the like too optimistic, but I've been accused of that, but I think that this the ability to complain about everything the ability to interact with people in Saint Einius? Lee is ultimately a good thing because awesome because people like anybody, let's start like like you or not you, but like anybody today, like some kid today, can just fuck and fire up a blog, some seventeen year old girl and just say I am going to be a fucking journalism. Journalist major and I'm going to be I'm going to be a journalist, I'm going to be I'm going make my own website, that's dedicated to news that people don't want to talk about, and I'm going to try to uncover things, and you could do that yeah, it's fucking awesome! It's like the coolest thing ever and I mean like I was at the Wall Street Journal tutorial page I like was in the NEWS Corp Fox NEWS, evil empire thing I
for all these different publications. My basic attitude is like I knew like I started. My career like nobody knows anything about journalism going right for many publications. I can I'm going to go out just like how all sorts of crazy wild experiences and then it including me like holy like I could run my own website. I can hire people, I could like pay for information. I could basically like do what I want to do I could have more impact than if I did like the corporate the corporate route, where basically have to pay your dues and get coffee, and you know basically be like a cog in the machine and yeah this like Revolutionary, the fact that one hundred and forty characters you can sickly yeah, I mean I posted document that showed the people are lying in real time, while they're talking on Fox NEWS, I posted stuff like expose this pick Elizabeth O Bagy, who was like the base of going to war in Syria. She, like wrote a Wall Street Journal, OP, Ed column saying that you know they're all these moderates there we should arm them in Syria. I prove that she was being made by the syrian rebels, and she faked her phd and like we came
all the stuff, and I didn't like with twitter like found on the internet and like that is so cool and so red. The scary thing to me, though, right, like the combination of like using twitter and use the mob. The flash mob stuff like in Baltimore that to me is like the real question is like is the crowd like on yeah? I was a crowd. Gonna do good things like? Are we gonna use crowds to like you know so? all major social problems, or we're going to use them as terrorist operations that basically spill out into the world, and I think it's probably both. This is definitely both, but I think Ultimately, information and the access to it? Nation is what kind of sets everything free because you you get a an accurate, clear understanding. What's going on, there's going to be some deception is going to be some some, confusion initially, but I think we're right. We're in this trend
as a society is a race, the human race, we're in this trend of expressing ourselves in a much easier way and much. More instantaneous way than anybody's ever had the ability to do ever by far it's one thing: We can pretty much say for a fact. As long as we've known about people and the things that peep have written down, no one's been able to communicate the way they're able to today and if you the slow progression of culture from dark ages today. Well, what is accentuated that progression? What does it been about? It's been about information. It's been about education and reach information free, yes, free information expressing yourself and and people debating these we have expression with now with facts. So, like someone could say you know you you could say something on a podcast someone say: well, you know what actually that's not true. Here's a link and you go to that link and you go whoa, oh shit. I didn't know that that's happened on this podcast one hundred times did I love that
like to me like to me. The most exciting thing is when I get a reader who comes forward and like has information that nobody else has had right who's like a you know, stockbroker like I have a lot of like stay at home. Moms who work with me on stuff because, like you know, their kids are sleeping in like fuck. It like, let's cause a revolution on twitter that is so exciting to me. When I learn stuff that, like totally upends how I thought about x or Y, it's like it's cool like the web. Well, I thought about this there's this essay. I can highly recommend called what you can't say by this guy Paul. Graham, he talks about like more ideal. How like, if we think about, like fashion, ring fashion,
in and out. We have a moral fashions to write and what he says is like anytime, something says so he says: that's races that sex or something yes right, capitalist whatever they're, just reflecting the taboo of their time. You know that's Mccarthy, s or whatever, and it's like the most powerful argument against you know again. Something is that it's false, it's bullshit and if you can figure out like you, can basically check yourself like eye believe axe about something you can check yourself and you'll. Be like. Is this true or not? And if it's not true, then, like you, gotta have some soul searching you gotta, be honest not to be like hey. I might be wrong about this, or may there's not enough information. Maybe I'm just going to have to like keep studying on this, I mean- and I think a lot of people just want to join their gang on Twitter or in like real real world like in Baltimore, and they want to go in. Like you know, basic will be led by somebody and to me that's like illiberal thing is such a dangerous thing, but I think it's ultimately
human thing, that it's kind of it's kind of probably why it takes off. Well, it's also exciting yeah, you know I mean if you want to go to Ferguson and that's a lot of things. One of the things that I that was hilarious. Was black eye on Twitter wrote that thing that scares me more than the cops in Ferguson is all these white dudes that don't live here that come down here that are yelling fuck the police, and that Trying to get like you know what we're going like a rock concert, though, that there's a certain sense of like how fun it is to be a part of something crazy, yeah right like, but we've all met those dudes to those those dudes that try so Hard and you know that there's some insincerity that's attached to her and they know that if they go there and they put that backpack on, they put the Consac beanie on and they you know, yell out all the right things and get the right fucking Youtube videos up. It will make it look like there so progressive and there are part of the solution now chill
so it. But you know we have that sort of on our side, like we've, been to you, probably in sporting events or fights or whatever, where you like. You feel yourself like overcome by you know like how violent it is or how exciting it is, or whatever and like you part of the human nature to like want to belong to something and- I don't blame them for that. I just think they're like stupid. You know like just need to be called out on it and that's what's going on with this this this this age of occasion that we're in right now there you can expose the hypocrisy's, you can expose any any time you run into someone is never wrong when you're running into a liar. Is it like? People are wrong; they make mistakes. They are incorrect in their assumptions is just a part of being a person to me. That's like the most fun, though it's like when you're like when you think something so profound to me, to be a writer to be a journalist. It's like it's like an adventure. It's like a quest. You know like yeah. I don't need to be like two nerdy on this, but, like you go, in this adventure, where you like, arrive at something approaching
truth, and you arrive at like not knowing shit that you didn't know before, and some of that stuff can like topple governments. Causal I mean it can like you, can be pretty revolutionary. Now. Let me bring you back to this. U Va so you were the first guy calling bullshit on this or one of the first people, I'm sure, there's probably there's probably like two others yeah and then the sudden you get kicked off. Twitter people are super angry at you. Your own mother is saying: what do you do in outing, rape, victims and did you question your conviction: did you question whether or not you are correct about to see the thing is? Is that, like? I know enough about how the media works, that I know that, like they need villains like all of the media, basically their heroes and villains, just like total morality play even though my boys are the ultimate video. So, like frat boys, the military I mean depending on which
the store you're writing the military's you today, hello here are the villain right depending right, so I think human nature like far more complicated, I think we're both like hero and villain like this is part of like what makes us that's what makes us cool like a species so like I knew I knew that the whole thing was bullshit. I for like three hundred bucks to somebody else 'cause. I want to go and hire other researchers and I for people who, like flout taboos like to me that one things, he it makes me an interested in people is like when they're like hey. Everyone believes this. I believe this and I'm right and they're so confident of it so anyways, so I knew so. This was all bullshit and I knew was bullshit some reporting. I've done some other research. I've done it took me awhile like find the name. It took me awhile to find out more stuff, but I just poking around more and the thing like if you've seen enough of these fake rape, oaks is or enough of these fake race hate crimes or whatever you develop this like weird, I don't know how to describe it. It's like I used to play chess all the time you see in chess. You see all these games enough times that you're, not even thinking you're, just moving the pieces
I've seen this orientation before it's like the same thing with these fake crimes, so enough information. I had enough To have my intuition was like you know, my spidey sense was going crazy and it came clear to me that, like they need a villain in this story, so they're going to look for me, but what it's going to do is going to amp. By the reach of my website, have gotten news and it's going to make it so they're, going to make me the story big. They have to just the way the media work, and so I realize it's a great promotion tool like if you have no I think it. What also do is. It will also bring people to me so, like there's a case right now, this kid Tyler Coast in Arizona who's, like wrongly accused of rape and it's like a whole scandal. It's going to break up it's going to blow up like probably over the summer and going to happen is all these weird people are going to come out of the woodwork and they're going to start helping me on other projects and that's exactly what happened: now. How do you know that this kid is not guilty of rape, because they're all
text, messages and imessages, showing that the girls conspired to set him up, and it's like it's like pretty sick. What was the one recently where a girl sent a guy, a message asking him to her in the yeah. This is the the mattress girl in in a Columbia yeah. What a great kid she is she is she said text messages as he I saved asking them, and that's just basically asked his. So the big- I guess you can't say them, but you could someone else, could have said them. Someone else could have gotten our on our computer and type. I am right now, but I mean like there were so many of these messages like in the deposition of the filing that they that they get to sue Columbia, that it's like it's kind of like a radius. You you'd like some of the stuff that was described like the sex acts like stuff that gives pretty like nasty just to stir stuff, like I might like judging people, sex lives or whatever, but like it's kind of kind of thing that you would expect from somebody who was like raped,
wants to go and fuck her rapist. Here's later the problem with the word: rape, okay, rape itself, the idea when you say the word rape, we think of it as holding someone down or forcing someone to have sex with sure we think of it as a violent act, but there's a lot of progressives and what I don't want: compress blues com, social, just warriors that are making these really ridiculous connections between other acts and calling them right. One of is having sex while drunk where to people consenting people who are both the same fucking age have sex while drinking and the man is a rapist in California, Occidental University acid. That is Russell on the podcast that guys fucking love that guy too and no. He was a part of this whole thing. What was going down is like this is insane with that ruin. The kids life room, the kids' academic career kid gets kicked out of school girls so in school, and they just had sex
that's it. I was at college. I was at Claremont Mckenna out here in Eastern La County and I wrote something on my website and the school brought me up before as a sexual harasser, even I didn't even name my ex girlfriend by name. I just had my ex girlfriends a liar like on my website on my blog, and they brought me up for the sexual harassment code. The Claremont Mckenna. How is that sexual harassment, if you accused a person of being aligned, anyone username now and so what they did is so what I do is I just I just said I wrote like I cheating lying Ex girlfriend is reliable source and she's a girlfriend, which is to say not very, and then they brought me up. You know I was taught as actual harassers yeah, and so they did was they wanted to basically investigate my sex life, and so what I did was I had I had every guy she cheated on me with, and I had them go in like testify on my behalf. So light while it worked out in you know, like my girlfriend at the time is now my wife was like this is crazy.
Like this stuff. That's that's bananas, though, like this was happening all the time like on my cases like by no means I mean I read about on my website, everything it's by no means unique like. I can't even tell you how many, since I did the Jackie Coakley UV a thing. I've got like hundreds, Hundreds of emails from people all around the country that have similar situation have similar like crazy. I could, I could basically dedicate I actually bought fake rape registry dot com because I figure like it might come in handy later on tonight. The Abu is, is this is a sexist thing. The men are always the purpose shares the men are always guilty. The men are always the ones that need to be removed, locked up there, the rapists and when you start saying that he was another one in New Jersey trying to pass a law saying that if a man- an and a woman, have sex
and it turns out that the man deceive the woman raped by having sex what they call it yeah, I mean they're trying to make that rape when they woman dating, is well how about men, rape themselves, then 'cause we lie to ourselves. Men will lie themselves about wanting to be monogomous with the girl. Just so they can get get her in bed will How do I to settle down with her and then, if you decide, you know a man, this is she's too much work early and then you're a rapist. He lives, He knew he didn't want to be monogamous. What about like fat, chicks that look for guys were drunk and passed out? Are they rapists? Writes like a? What is that right? They are. They certainly are. I mean there's a lot of like you. Can you can start playing this game like if you like, my in California right now? We have affirmative consent, like that's flawed rates, right, my. Why? Yes means? Yes, yes, if my wife and I get drunk right and then go in, like you know like a bottle wine or whatever, and I don't get I'm technically rake my wife like that's how like,
while the wild this right, I use you guys, even if you have sex with her and she's willing, she's not able to consent. You know the whole thing. The Michael Shermer case. Do you know that whole Casey was accused of rape because of him and a girl and had sex when they were drunk and and she did the language, its use. He got me drunk to a point where I couldn't consent, and then you know there was a guy wrote a book Talk about it. This ask all Social Justice Warrior guy, the is a professor and they, you know the guys name got pushed out. The rapist, mean they're, essentially saying consenting adults, having sex is rape because both of them had been drinking, but the man was the rapist, because men are evil because it's sex It's pure total, clear! That's why this is the guy who's suing in the mattress girl case Paul, like nuns burger, and by the way, this guys, like he's like a social justice warrior
like his mothers like yes, some leading feminists and he's the one I mean he's the one get it now he's the one wanting to give users right and so he's like. You, read the messages and he's like the most like passive it I mean he's like the liberal, yeah, I don't have acid, yet passive, aggressive yeah, and so you know he's like. Oh I'm, so sorry that I don't like you kind of seven she's trying to horcher him using system, and so what he did was he Columbia and was like? Look, you know title nine. You know you can't discriminate against when you're creating an unsafe environment for me here your you're, allowing my rapist the of this woman because of me being a rapist to wander around yeah defaming me even that you found me guilty in your bullshit kangaroo. I mean, if I mean not guilty in your bullshit kangaroo court. So they found not guilty of rape like under their administrative policies which, by the things are like they must always convict you right. So he's found like now guilty and he's Is them- and I hope he wins like he's going after you know, Bollinger the guy's a president there he's going after the this check.
Yes he's she's running around with her mattress saying that her rapist was on campus and he's dangerous. It's just run mattress to her back right issues are caring and stuff yeah she's, trying to like this or like in performance art piece, what a crazy bitch I really do think. I really do think that by the way like I think, like legitimately, I think like Lucien, some of those like men's rights. People like amount of Mens Rights guy, like you people's rights guy but like I think there right, like if you don't go to the police and you go to like college administrator like issues yeah check student accused of rape by mattress girl, suing Columbia University reveals her damning Texan. That's her yeah, it's wild wow, where This, like weird states it kinda cute, though like go back to that picture again. She's wearing sexy shorts, showing her legs she's got heels on. Are those heels it's hard to tell? I think there like clogs or something
she's, got all leg. You know if a guy was walking around like that with with cut off shorts shorts like like that guys. Look her her jeans are cut so low that are pockets are hanging out underneath the gene which is always adorable ha and yeah she's hot it's kind of off it's kind of awkward, as I hope we didn't freeze, so we didn't mentally right. Those are those aren't heels at all, they're, like Birkenstocks, which is even more appropriate, it's kind of weird Well, I can imagine like. Can you imagine being like a student and being like accused of this, though, like it's pretty wild, like it's pretty scary, stuff, well it's terrifying. We live in a terrifying age and look kids. When they go away to college they get drunk and they fuck and they make steaks, and they have sex with they? Don't wanna have sex with like the point, but here's the number one thing: that's up about this idea of people drinking alcohol having sex and have being raped or people being deceptive,
then calling that rape, your jet just talking about sex, you're, talking, consensual sex and you fill consensual sex to your these parameters and now you're, calling it rape an it's people fuck, yup people lie people do and that's can you find out who to hang out with and who did not hang out with, but the worst case scenario that's happening to these people as they had sex with someone. They regret. That's part of being a person. You find me someone who's, never had sex with someone, they regret and I'll find you a person, who's, never taken a fucking chance. You've never had any fun. We have ex girlfriends and ex wives for reason. People out there in the world like this is like part of life ex boyfriends, ex boyfriends or ex whatever's yeah people fuck up man, you make dumb decisions and you're like oh, my bad. Have you ever talk to a girl ever that said, every guy that I used to date was amazing, the best person ever I'm so happy. I fuck them everything. I've ever blown was the best dude of all time. Now
let's not go nearly every conversation with a friend who just broke up with his girlfriend's band. That bitch is crazy. I mean how about this. Every girl that ever broke up with me was right. She was right at the time because I'm a different person than it was twenty years old or eighteen years old or thirty years old you fucking grow. You evolve total app things change. So This idea that that's rape, that, if someone's diss, eh divorce, someone the one that drives me. The most bananas is the two people drunk together, two consent. Being adult, and then there was a whole feminine blog that I wrote about that that if two people having sex while they're drinking Even if a man is drunk in the Womans sober, the woman raped, the man. Which is just adorable, it's a dora. It's adorable! First of all, it's not possible,
not a fucking guy on earth. That's going to say that if a woman had sex with him because he was drunk that he got raped, it's like all those high school kids, the where they were at the kid is like one thousand six hundred and seventy Denny's like screwing the twenty four year old teacher or something. So I guess that really rape, like I mean I know we're supposed to say it is but like is it really? I hope that did you Dick get hard, yeah he's alright emotion, yeah he got raped, but guess what I don't think she'll get over it who deal with Zach. Califa Nacas has a great joke about that about a young man who died because he had sex with his teacher and his friends high fived him to death, there's a case recently of that guy who he got two teachers or whatever, and they say I'm bragging about it, that's how they like caught the two teachers, because he was just bragging. It be hard not to like. Imagine your seventeen year old self and you got two teachers at a party. It would be hard now brag about find me a fifteen year old kid who got blown by
teacher was good at keeping a fuckin secret you're dealing with crazy people, you're dealing with a woman who's, so crazy, she's, blowing high school kids she's having sex parties and drinking with high school kids and having sex them and by the way, the ones they get caught. How many of them don't it caught total? How many hundreds of them are out there running are below in high school kids right now and how many people are really smart and just shut the fuck up about it when they're young, how many boys yeah? How many boys we had this case. So I went down secret. I went to this prep school masters in Academy, probably probably Macmillan MAPS yeah Milton Mass Scholarship winner there, and we had this like crazy case where we had this chick, who, like willingly fifteen years old, gave to this guy his 18th birthday and five other guy? Yes, I think there are four other guys and the school just spelled all of them because of the Romeo and Juliet laws like if you're fifteen April. Sixteen it's like rape automatically, so they just spelled all five of these guys.
No trial. No anything just expel them. That was That was an issue when I was in high school man. I was when I was eighteen years old when I turned eighteen. My girlfriend at the time was seventeen and her. Mother was worried that, like what we doing was illegal and she brought it up to me that my mom thinks that you could go to jail for having sex men like well. Well. Well, like we've been having sex for like seven months or something like that like almost a year, it was ok. Ok, then it's not ok! Today, because I turned eighteen like I was nervous. I was like who I had a conversation with my parents, but it was like. Can I go to jail I because it is not like an inherently terrifying thought. You know what I mean like right. It's like there aren't. We know this like genetically rightly some like one in ten people are genetic cockles right, meaning like your dad, is not who your mom says. It is right because, like Xander come I thought a cock hold is like you want to watch. Dude, bang, your wife! I don't know what that I think that's kind. Now
cuckold is somebody who doesn't want that to happen. Who is a dude? Who has his wife go shag? Another man? That's different situation, maybe maybe like I don't know, I mean that weather cold, that I'm talking about, might be another second definition of your. I think I've ever by the way. Only I've ever said that word I've only experiencing yeah I've only read cock hold. I don't think I've ever set it till this podcast, but so anyway. Appointment so like one in ten people, their moms dad's are not her. Mom says it is right because from humans we know that, like women prefer the alpha male sperm, but the beta male to raise the kids 'cause. The alpha male will run away. So a lot of women we've seen like in fake rape cases, they'll go and they'll have an affair and they'll say: oh that guy raped me. We've seen this like happened time and time again and that kind of stuff, like people lie about stuff that but the people piss me off the most about the feminists or like the social justice Warriors is what woman would lie about. Rape like as if it's like some
general thing, like people lie about all kinds of shit, all the time for indicted. No apparent reason, you can't say things like that: what woman to a crazy person, but when would lie about Bigfoot. What one would lie about ufos with one woman would lie about anything. Sometimes a crazy was sometimes as a tactical advantage. Right like there was a case we did at the University of Hawaii. There was this check met, Mckenna, facto, surname and Sheila. There are two guys like one who live in one room, one who lived in the other dorm situation and she like You know the hot football player guy didn't like her anymore. He was like banging some other chick right and the guy next door was like she fucked him to get him jealous and then said this guy next door, like the nerdy guy, next door raped her and he was found innocent. He was likely, but he's like expelled from school at the University of Hawaii. He had to like spend this money to defend himself and he was found like not guilty. You like one and everything, but imagine how I mean that's like a
really human thing like who, who I mean, who hasn't seen creations, where somebody will sleep with somebody else to get them jealous right like this is like how humans behave like this. Is people love to do things to get reactions pro or con totaly or can they love to do wonderful things like bring you flowers to get a reaction or they liked who accused you of things. You didn't actually do in order to get a negative reaction or fuck your friends, I mean how many girls have done that fuck their their boyfriends friends when they break up and that's super common thing. I've had fucking girlfriends of x. You know guys who are still good friends like girlfriends when they break up. Come after me? I feel like to get the fuck outta here and I immediately will call them and tell them dude your ex girlfriend tries to fuck. If you know your friends like, I had a situation where a friend too, like I dated a girl before hand, and I was like go, you know my friend is actually better and I am you know what I mean like so I was just like. Alright, these people,
right and then there's very healthy of you. That's very smart. I think people, I think that happens. A lot more like sometimes you realize like this is not right for me it certainly should it may be cool if that's how it works. If, but you know, the only way that does work because of the person is help mentally healthy and not lonely. You know the problem. Is people get lonely and they get sad and they get super depressed. That person does want to be with him anymore and that some and that sense of LOS and it ingrained in our dna, because it's how people stay together, which is how people procreate- which is how the human race expands, because if it didn't, if you I have that sense of LOS when someone no longer wants to be with you anymore than you, I have no incentive to improve your personality have no incentive to get your shit together, no incentive to be a good mate, known, simply nest to hold the reason why people have that feeling when someone wants deleted that feeling of rejection is terrible because your body in your dna. Tell me hey fuck face you got to learn how to be a more attractive person. You have to learn
how to be more accepted. You have to learn how to figure out a way to be more valuable to mates, and that is one of the problems with social justice warriors. That say, instinct, to be more valuable and better who is leading these people too loudly proclaim that their fiercely feminist, the after men, exclusively, not be objective about the situation, not saying hey. Maybe these two people got drunk, and maybe This girl had sex with a guy and kind of regrets it, but, and then the guy didn't regret it, and now, let's just accuse this guy of rape, because that's what they're doing and stepping forward and proclaiming that this guys a rapist and writing blog entries about it all you. You're doing is trying to set yourself aside as being the moral high. Could you know, there's a biological reason for this. So like there's this great documentary series from Norway, I notice like kind of random, but there's this document, Click Vernasca translates to rain, washes all free online, highly recommend it, and you spell it
h: J E R, N, a d o g school brainwashing, a region, documentary, you'll, find kind and what he does is he interviews all these people like or spa scientists and specialists on, like all these taboo subject. It's really like it's a kind of up your alley. I mean, I think you do you take it, but basically there's a section in where he talks about how men and women behave after they have casual sex. Both groups, both parties, want it right because of how we're wired genetically, but women regret it far more often than men to the social consequences for women right, not just not just like the social watchable pressures, but I'm talking about like biological things, because women when you we have sex with them. They you know they get they get oxy tell us, then they get all the kinds of like basically chemical, their brains. Danny, then I'm catch to either come to get. I don't know if it was on a major. Maybe I don't know the good doctor told maybe I don't know but yeah this show. I highly recommend it brain washed, the gentler ten parts of paradox, yeah, it's pretty good, so anyways interesting about it, is this-
like kind of like brain washed kind of this kind of like Brainwash culture? There's like a biological reason and if you're a woman and you have sex with a guy- and you regret it and the campus Dennis come in there. The social justice warriors come in there and say your regret is actually rape home, very God, it's a very like biological thing that produces this and then uh other side of it to you've got this other biological problem, which is that in all animal species right like rape, I mean animals, don't rape each other. I mean I mean they do. I guess basically, like the whole point of the animal kingdom right so like you've got cases where males among primate this will go and they'll just Dell keep some desirable female, because there like the lonely animal in the tribe, you know what I'm saying so. It's like it's like in our society we had some loser dude. As a last each meeting strategy date go and rape, and I think that's like that x planes an awful lot of like the actual, violent, predatory rape that we see now that kind of acquaintance rape. I'm writing this down gender equality,
and certainly you love. I they're all ten of the the parts I think they're, like thirty minutes, a piece or something Derren somewhat in English, somebody in a region. He interviews all these people, but are there subtitles, is pretty good since the idea that someone could go to jail for something like this or get their lives ruined for something like this is just so creepy to me. It's it's so creepy that sexual attraction and then regret could lead to someone being accused of a crime, especially heinous crime. Like speak about how much money you have to spend so like Alan Dershowitz, so I actually look for back in the day was accused of rape by this like crazy, Chick Virginia Roberts and he's been only totally innocent and everything, but he's a lawyer. You know like one of the best lawyers in the country. He spent all this by attention and money, basically defending himself and that's like terrible situation because, even though he's found innocent even when people are found, innocent people still kind of wonder right, 'cause you, never know what happens with two people. You can never kind of get that back
you know what I'm saying like that's what makes it so hellish, but once your cues or something is as disgusting as rape, I mean it's very difficult to shake that moniker I gotta tell you, there's a case right now in LA that's kind of like getting some attention. I wrote about it a lot, but there's this actress, Pauley Perette, you know like the NCIS chick. I don't know if you've seen that show but NCIS she's, like accusing husband, it's like this long drawn out, custody, long, drawn like divorce thing and he's been using the state and restraining orders to go and hire people to follow her husband around and basically show up so that he gets thrown in jail yeah. It's like this whole thing. If you, Google, Coyote Shivers when Molly Paret she hold on, let me explain: yeah many so our father, so they had a divorce right, so it goes like ten years ago. He married this. Like hotter check, I think she's, like a result, brazilian journalist or something and he's like moved on with his life, he's this musician type. He lives here in LA and what happened? Was she
created this whole elaborate story like as a tactical maneuver in the divorce right that he like beat her in, like created this whole like a lab or think she hired this pi foods like famous for basically lying and getting the evidence to help his clients right, nothing wrong with that in a sense, but in a moral sense, it's kind of messed up and coyote shivers, I'm a bunch of posted some stuff and we had nine one one calls that basically proved his innocence and you what she did was she hired all these people to go and say to follow him around and when he goes anywhere, Sheldon show up because they'll to and then he'll be within you know, within the vicinity or whatever and and Hill then have vielle face a chance over violating there were training order, so she got bullshit restraining order. She hired people to basically track the around in LA and she's a star like she's on the top show on television I've written about this. I got news other people written about this too, but it's like one.
The greatest like lawsuit restraining order. Abuse is against a guy out there, and this guy is facing. Like thirty, I think sing like I think you say like a year in prison. Are you a year in jail for violating restraining order. That was like Bullshit Lee obtained, and you know you could interview this guy, like I've added him. I've had all these people look into him like everything, said to me is checked out right? But how do you know her? Do you have an interview her? So so I got so. I got a lot of the documents that confirm what he's saying and no one's really dug into it. So what she's done a she's used the threat assessment Office of the LAPD, which is like basically a bunch of star, like they love celebrities, and so they try to make it like this guy there's also kind of like a minor celebrity. They tried to use him and he's a stalker or whatever, to advance their power and interest when it's really just a dispute that they had and they got into an argument because couples do he divorced her. You know then married somebody else. She was all think upset about this and she hired people to basically torment this guy,
and so you know that he wasn't addicted, he wasn't being or whatever. So there was no like record of that. There's the no record of anything. There was no little record as far as her going to the hospital, no record of abuse, record of like of him hurting her in court. Actually, suggested that he sat on her. You know, but that the other than the lawyer kind of retracted that I mean there's no evidence physical evidence whatsoever that he was like beating her there's no problem I have with that. Is the there's a lot of women that don't want to admit that their man beats them. They they were very kind about it or there's a mutual the abusive relationship and the man takes it too far, and they don't don't ever go to the hospital about it. I think that's the case here I mean you would have to well done on the particular driver in about there's a bunch already it's been, I don't feel like you have to communicate with her. I have a three shot to her. I've got, I mean all of the documentation. That's in the case supports this guy side of it and she has said things that contradict the documentation. That's out there like what like she
said that she like feared for her life and she called the nine hundred and eleven nine hundred and call and so the audio of that and it showed like she wasn't. You know, freaking out or any thank you very calm. She was like trying to get her husband right. I mean there's a lot. Physical evidence in the case I mean you. Could you should yeah? I mean not to tell you what to do your podcast with somebody you should have on it. 'cause he's kind of kind of an interesting guy he's been. He was like a toad liberal kind of guy and he's been like dealing with the trauma of this. I mean If you go to God NEWS, I could have written it out and kind of more detail, but there's a lot of evidence to kind of point me. I tend to be very so as a men who are like accused of accused of beating in general because, like yeah, like I com, has its common like people do it, you know like a friend of mine. Actually I'm not a friend of mine, but you know, like a twitter friend of mine. Todd can cannon, is a famous kind of republican guy wailing on his for a long time and you know was apparently arrested for it. It's like I, I I don't discount that that that happens, but it does
the evidence is going on here. The number of people different civil rights groups that involved a number of researchers, got involved there. A lot of people like this guy could go to jail for a year on trumped up charges an it's kind of wild, but again you know you never really know like this gets. What we're saying earlier right. You never really know what goes on with two people: Frank right when the You go to the girl with the mattress on her back. It's obvious that it does happen. She's, obviously, there's some people that are fucking crazy, there's also some peep that want to do that. Glenn, close thing, I'm not going ignore, ignored. I will not. He ignored a key. They don't someone doesn't want you to do. Is move all your life now, some men and women. Yes, ma'am, he saw a dog women after they just go crazy, yeah you're, certain people that that feeling that they get that we we discussed before when someone rejects you that horrible fee of loss and dislike God, which is nature trying to get you to do some deep fucking soul, searching and figure out how to
better mate, also drug thing, to write when you're getting your fucking on the regular. You know you get certain brain Chem was released. You know you feel good about yourself right like me, that's what the whole like. First fall in love, you're getting all that oxytocin in your brain, which is like a narcotic like it's a an actual like and then when stop getting that you go through withdrawals, yes and that's what year! That's why you feel like physically, like your body, hurts yeah right like that's what that is and you, gotta go and build yourself up to be a better mate, but a lot of people, unfortunately don't and then then the sad thing is then they start using the legal system or their power or their money or whatever to then fuck with the other person yeah, it's dark. It's dark with people are capable of doing and deception and the fact that they can plot and conspired to have someone locked up for something just to sort of have an impact on your life? And I don't think it's like a. I don't think it's all isn't everywhere, malicious thing, because I think sometimes you go. You just go crazy. Nine and we, bad bad breakups, where we are like. We don't recognize ourselves like the actions that were doing like
rational will also there's some people that have some sort of crazy aspects of the personality their attractive, because there was I'll do impulsive and you love it when you first start dating him. You know like if you're dating our own sure pulls are turn down the parking lot and commands, do it you're glad this is crazy people going to because I don't care fuck me. Well, that's the singer. Crazy bitch is going to walk around campus with a mattress on her back like that Kind- and you don't really think about it. You know Jackie right, like sometimes the things that draw you to them of the things and ultimately repel you from them right, like yeah yeah. I have my friend Tony Zero says that that psychotic erotic are basically the same thing express themselves and just different ways than like the girls were the most erotic and crazy in bed or all their fucking bananas like he. Only dates crazy girls because they're fun, I mean I to tell you like this. I'm coming out with my two year anniversary of being married. I gotta tell you like the faster.
The crazy in my life, the happier I was for sure will just special when you recognize the consequences of that crazy, so financially like debilitating when you're when you're dating crazy people, so you can, it can be certainly can just drive you. It can be pretty bad. Well, he's got to be aware of the consequences, not just jump to the deep in the poll. Yes, sir. Yes, sir, since this thread like dancing on dynamite, though like it really is, and a lot of guys think like no, no, I can control the like men and I like as a legal system, that's gonna get you it. Certainly, if someone's inclined to sue- and my god I mean anybody that finds out about mattress girl and and and still decides to date or after that boy, what a glutton for punishment you must pay. I would. I would be fascinated interview that guy like if this I would wouldn't, wouldn't you be like now? What would you I mean? What what about the girl? You VA. Girls go back to the role yeah sure this, because never really completely completed it completely completed this
You were the guy who were one of the people that call bullshit on this yeah and when it all fell apart, which took a long time yeah. It was delayed reaction well like three four months: what yeah that's a long time, yeah letters, I mean they're. This whole thing was a huge story and you know a yes all women, all that went down the that that that that bothered me a lot too. That was very tall women, but you know what bothered me about that that guy killed more men than he did. Women and everybody was like. Yes, all women like what are the new you're dealing with a psycho, whatever happened to just play, playing crazy people. There are just nuts like it's not even a political thing like whatever happened, just like this guy's nuts yeah, but this the whole for the for This became instead of his mental health issues. There's a guy in Santa Barbara, the first the focus became, that this whole thing was about men's rights activist and pick up artists who have fucked with this guys. Add and gotten him to objectify women, and
Women have to deal with this got kind of person on a regular basis. It's just nonsense will completely ignoring the fact this guy murdered. Four men and two women then have more people than he is guns to people are trying to ban guns still on the, but the whole thing was just so completely up, but how can you get- and I saw this there's so many social justice where it could be one gotta respect wrote this article is hashed. Bag. Yesallwomen article on my Jesus fucking Christ, dude you're, dealing with a person with obvious mental illness problems and the fact that you're writing yesallwomen when he murdered men as well. This is Craig sexist, it's fucked six, it is- and it's sad too, because, like there's so many out there who have like legit mental health issues that, like we should maybe putting them into a blank until like a political or social or religious lens, exactly should just be like we should just get these people help. Right. We should try and identify them, not give them guns right, like I think we you know, does us off pro guns. We should recognize that like there people who shouldn't have guns
not that we should be yes like overly restrictive about gun ROZ, because I think a lot of people and Meryl, right now. Kinda wish I could have concealed carry. You know, yeah Baltimore whatnot, but we should be like we should stop trying to politicize everything and try to like help people, and the thing is when you start like free These things is political discussions rather than like hey like this guys, crazy, like we should help him. It's a power grab for Social brownie points it this. That I know that I respect that wrote this article he's a dork he's a day, work. I've seen I I've. You know I mean I. I say that with all love but he's this is super nerdy guy who's, very weak and and is this site's signaling thing this also doing things all honest, peacock, feathers, yeah, it's all I mean this is we're we're monkeys right like or were like you know we are primates or whatever we want to say, put you in the pc version of it all monkeys signal like all of them. Socially, they. You know that's, but the gorilla. Does this more like? This is what this is, what this is and what doing is they're using the tab
use of the society to show to women that their virtuous and that day before they are deserving of female attention? And you know they don't know that they're doing that, I'm sure they see like a political lens to it, but that's what they do Gladys I mean this is also by the way, while heinous horrific acts going on all throughout the world that these people are conveniently ignoring. My I did not focusing on the Congo they're, not focusing on there's like a real rape culture, yeah yeah, I was a real rate. Call total not focusing on Afghanistan, the writing articles and some of the most heinous activities of the human race? There are writing articles about this one thing that's in the news and then they're using it to focus on one very specific aspect: that thing, not mental illness, because it's the gender, because it's easy man like I mean all these videos. I read every article Sabrina, Rubin Erdely wrote, like I watch all the videos that I could find of her. I like your paycheck. It was hard to do this shit like
you know I mean, and it's easy just to be like yes, all within a you know, a hundred and it's hard to go to like see the rape rooms in, like you, know any shitty countries right it's hard to get access to it and in people who do get access to it doesn't twitter and who he really sees it. You know the sad side side of like our media landscape. What is the consequences for the woman who is a false rape, accuser? Well, there's no victim because there's no. Build. I should point it to write them in a friend in the fraternity was vandalized. I think something like one hundred thousand dollars worth of damage was done, like people saw that as an excuse, This is the thing that scares me right. This is like I don't like the Hitler Reductive added hit thing but, like you know, like the crystal knock thing, more like targeting Jews right like there's a certain aspect of this, where, like it becomes okay to hate certain people, and we can have because it's okay to hate them so could harm them, and we are seeing this with, like your attacks on the police in Baltimore right now, we're seeing this with attacks on fraternity. Is I mean if you the so
just justice warriors are honest about this. They say like we want to destroy. Fraternities in this country is like fashions of male power right, like that's. What they're trying to do that's why you saw you, member that Drake Video, while back in Oklahoma, where the you know the frat boys were saying some racist shit like which was You know, we've all been in environments where people have said shit that, like probably, should be broadcast to the entire world right, like we've all been we've all been Like I'm not saying you know, the Donald Sterling thing is is a good example of this. Like a private conversation, I mean you can have a private conversation with your mistress, who can have a private conversation with not only the Donald Sterling things Jesus Christ. I mean I had a bit about it in my acct 'cause. It was so ridiculous. He's asking her to not take pictures with black guys in the same sentence. He said I don't care if you fuck them not much joke I had my act was: could you as it was the opposite way? If he said I don't mind take pictures of black guys, but I don't want you to fucking people be like that's pretty reasonable.
You know, I think it's kind of how another it's racist, because it doesn't want to taking pictures with them. Like the whole thing is nuts, the whole thing was nuts: they took that guys, fucking team away. I think he did it deliberately. I have this whole theory about how it's like it was like a elaborate play to like sell the team. I he is that really, if you look at like when he bought it, he's not that bad right. If you ever heard the topic he's a fucking billion is a financial genius, but not socially, I'm sure sure indicate. I think he got back with the chick to. I could be wrong on that, but I think he got back he should you know why 'cause she getting sued by his fucking wife she's, losing everything that bitch is going to be broke as a joke. His wife is going after money that she donated to charity like when she bought things with a credit card and, like you, give away five dollars for breast cancer. She wants that money too. Divorce is ugly. Wife is just going after this comment. I mean This check, like the wife, is going after her because she can and because she can
in breaker. She can show her yeah. You might be able to fuck my husband because you're young and pretty, but guess what I can. New lawyerly in dollars, and I'm going to sue you into the ground and if I lose I'm going to sue you for something else, I'm going to keep going until you got no fucking money, yeah, it's kind of wild and crazy. I mean this is our legal system right now, Let me in some ways the legal system is super important to have it's important. If somebody victimizes you you have, you have recourse sure that you could get that money, but you can get it back, but those shouldn't get victimized. She she had a husband that was fucking a hot young girl in buying or condos in buying her Mercedes or whatever the fuck nyboder of Jaguars or Dentleys, or whatever the fuck. It was The whole thing is kind of hilarious. When it's all played out in front of you yeah, you would think it would be like that. You yeah you would think it was like a like a Tom Wolfe novel. Thank you would think it's like some kind of fun play or something, but I mean like with the Jackie Coakley situation,
the University of Virginia right. I thought it was. Racist that we all like no Tawana Brawley's name, but not Jackie Coakley, like people, didn't want to name her well. Tawana Brawley, though, came out publicly sure, but this is a big difference in there. She did too, like she participated in a story like a lot of the times that you know if it was so or to keep going on a bit reluctant. I mean she wasn't nowhere told so we're told now right, like I mean I'm sure, there's some power that comes with being I mean it was brought up before Congress like they tried to pass like laws based upon this based on Emily Renda. Who was her friend who apparently has a whole other problem with her own rape story, where she was, you know, allegedly raped, but they're like conflicting accounts on that. But, like the thing that bothers me about this is not is not the girls, because I do I, I think, there's something like mentally ill with Jackie, like Jackie's. Clearly, bi polar like lot of people talked to who know her says she's, just not well. The thing that bothers me is there's this, fire by a lot of like journalist
now to go in shock as as Sabrina Rubin Erdely put it to shop around looking for victims right rather than to like tell the complexity of like you know, an actual fight to go I mean what they do. Is they reduce people to like characters in there like agitprop play? right rather than like get into like the motivations in the psychology, and They don't really like they don't really do the actual work. They basically use the gang rapes or the montage sensationalist things to basically push people emotionally manipulate them to like advance and interest or an agenda, and what's happening right now in college campuses. Is there eliminate due process rights for men and, like I was a nerd in college like I'm a nerd now right like nobody was asking me to join the fraternity like I live with football players, and I, like you know, I saw that russian aggression, the procession of hot women that came in and tried to fuck him right, yeah yeah. I saw all this, but this not like
like defend some of the boorish behavior that, like football players in front guys, have like we all know, there's some stuff that goes on there. That's probably like, probably not all the stuff in the world right absolutely, but we also know that some women are attracted divorced men, of course, because those that man yeah just go to war and those of the man that defend them and those of yes, the violence out restive manner attractive to their genes. Look you can't have a society. You can't, on the one hand, have a society that like tries turn us all into basically feminize men and then hope that things will workout. You need Burley, disturbed man to go and break stuff. You know like this. It's like what you need in a society and if you're, just constant putting pulling up on them and constantly it's not going to workout well, this movie does not does not not go well. This uv, a thing, so rolling stone publishes this story with very little vetting in the facts and just violated all the laws of journalism, which is so
disturbing because rolling stone is this iconic magazine that, in my mind, is ultimately connected, unrest, Thompson, Matt I eat Totale too, they piss me. They piss me off when they put the cover that fucking terrorist to cover, like my sister, my sister was there twenty minutes before hand and when they did, it was like fuck them. I'm done with this place, while didn't just put him on the cover if they put him on the cover hand, coughed being you know, covered in blood like they found him under that boat, tarp yeah. That would be one thing. They put a glamour shot of them he's a cute kid. Now in the eighties yeah, and then you had all these fellow. This is what we're getting at the like women like Boris men right so like they were going all these checks like the free jazz. Your free Dzhokhar tsarnaev brigade on Twitter were like oh he's, so hot, like they're. All these and all these chicks, like high school checks on twitter, were like oh he's, so hot he's, so dreamy he's all this. Oh yeah, it was like deprave stuff, like goes to show you that women have the yes, some women have no taste also they're just around you know, so I
don't know that some of them were fucking around, though like there was some stuff that was done. You know like this is what happens attractive kind of guy, but that pissed me off and then then, with the rolling stones stuff. What I discovered about a lot of journalism out there that you see all the time is that it goes do very little fact. Checking and the Sabrina in early is like a prime example of this, but we've got there many examples of this. You could You can shoot down a lot of articles. These days yeah, well, you certainly can shoot down that one. You know that articles a rough one and that that article being in rolling stone was so disappointing to a lot of people that has a lot of people cancel the wrong stone subscriptions, I'm sure because of it, and it means it's it's one of those things where you you're always going to have to wonder about any saving report they published in that magazine now. But you know, there's no story, there's no story without Jackie Coakley, talking to Sabrina Rubin Erdely So why did she go and talk to her because Emily Renda who's like trying to push this campus rape again?
the story. You know this kind of rape, culture fantasy. She she was shopping around for victims and there's without Jackie Coakley and note, and she lied and she lied repeatedly. She lied about the guy even existing. She hadn't talked to the photo of the guy that she'd seen in all these years. Like there's just I mean you have to vet. Your sources. You have to vet people that you talk to and none that was done because the story was too good. It was too sexy. Well, it's one, those things! This story, you you can't. You can't question a woman who says that she was involved in a rape, because if you do you become a rebel Paula, just to become a part of the problem, you become use all it means you could have a lunch. Different negative markers to it and that sort of that hands off non objective approach to one very specific thing: if you about a man, who's been beaten up, you know and uh,
and who is a bit of violence, has been perpetrated on him. You you, you can ask all sorts of questions, but if it's a one, woman and it's sexual. What do you think so? I've been think about this. I've been having this debate with a friend of mine about the rape shield law, because you know like in a lot of newspapers. Alot newspapers do this like by design. They said, like they don't mention the name of the woman right whenever there's a rape allegation. So you know this woman was raped, she's, trying, nineteen, whatever they never tell. You like her name- and I always feel really uncomfortable with this, because it provides a great shield to do damage to somebody right like if you, if you don't identify the name of the victim victim's supposed victim, is alleged victim, we haven't had a trial, yet we haven't had fiction. Yet we haven't had anything right and people we know are doing powerplays to kind of likes for people over. I mean post an article. Thirteen women who lied about rape. Are you on my twitter page and, like? I think, the rape shield idea existed like in a time before
four kind of sexual revolution, so it made a lot of sense, then like when a woman's virtuous this or not having sex was prized but like we're in two thousand and fifteen. Like most, having sex before marriage right like a you know what I mean like it seems kind of weird that we still have this thing. Where we keep the name of the victim of the alleged victim, but they always pretend like it's a real victim- and we don't know that yet like there hasn't been- and it's if we named, if we name the women you know like so and so's accusing such and such of this crime- and we just name them like we do for attempted murder like we do for all kinds of cases. I think we would get fewer of these fake rape incidents, But I also think, though, that we would get few real rape accusation the actual rate, because women don't want to be shamed. There's someone so a shame of coming out. Publicly about an actual real rape it. Actually
prevents them from going after real rapist? That's a fact, so we're told yeah I mean that's not so we're told this. I mean this is people that have actually been raped, or it's proven. They've been raped, have said that they were reluctant to talk about it. Because of the shame that comes on them, the shape it gets put on them because of situation where a woman gets raped, it's very different than a woman getting beat up or a man getting beat up or any other situation when a person is rate. It's a shameful horrible feeling that this person to deal with publicly they have to be publicly humiliated by the fact this guy sexually use them held them down. It's not just about a woman, was assaulted of a Womans assaulted. That's one thing and it is does it have to do with our unusual connection with sexuality. We have this thing about sexuality. Is this sort of demonization this right. Women either are whores or you know, or nuns right or
saints? You know like that. There's kind of like this kind of like in the post sexual revolution era, where, like not sure world. Women should be virtuous if they should be the same as men. We're not really sure what to what to make of so like I would never shame a woman like if somebody came to me and they were like you know I was raped or, like you know, my sister or friend or whatever I wouldn't be like shaming them. I don't know that, like I don't know that the shame thing really is it is true. Is it once once? Maybe it's still there and maybe you're right about that, but, like you wouldn't shame a girl right like who came to you and said that she was raised, you pick, oh my god, like I'm sorry like you, of course not what kind of man would do that I mean not to? Is it not just say that that wouldn't happen, but there's a lot of shit heads out there, though, whenever you go public, you expose yourself to all people and out of all people, there's going to be a certain percentage of 'em
I love to use this term, the one percent. You know the one percent everyone always wants to use the one percent in terms of like the judges in the bankers, but one percent of people are just fucking, cunt and one percent of men. One percent of women is one percent one out of one hundred magnified on twitter. Aren't they they're magnified when you get a public exposure to millions of your deal three hundred million people in the United States population whenever the fuck it is you're dealing with three, million cuts yeah and if there's and if there's one in a million there still three hundred tons yeah. That's a lot sure it's a lot. I mean one in a million is a ridiculously optimistic outlook. Of course, it's way more than that, it's probably one hundred. If you get to be together one hundred people, especially when you add anonymity at the antonym, either the internet provider, you don't have the social consequences of being questioned.
Your behavior, your tweets, are being out of its but being on the freeway and being a shitty driver ran because nobody can identify it's the same kind of thing, there's a lot of that, but at least they can see you the and look in your eyes and see your car right, your plate down. You have to some but jumbled, series of numbers and letters, it's your twitter account you're an asshole on it. You know, and you can do it anonymously and you can get away with it. So if you find out that someone has been accused or something or some woman is some crime like rape, perpetrated against her. What's the stops anonymous, fuckhead from just harassing them and going after them, and a lot of people have like made of yeah. You know that they've made a a strong habit of doing that to people yeah. Well, let's take a look. Let's take a good example like so I I was reading John Crack Hours Book Missoula, which is like about this camp straight phenomenon in Montana. University of Montana is a phenomenon
he says: there's a phenomenon going on, but he's at the University of Montana. He lives in Montana. So I assume he was just interviewing people, but there like five or six anecdotes of like rapes and one of the cases this guy, who is a football player who, in two thousand and twelve, was found not guilty of rape. It was like brought before the courts and everything he was. He was exonerated and crackers once it's got to be expelled, even though the court system found him innocent and he's created this like anonymous identity for this chick Hearn. He calls her Washburn like her. I forgot her first name in the book, but like there's this case, you know University of Montana, where the guys found innocent and even after he's, found isn't he still being tortured with being called a rapist, he still being tortured with being called, and I think I got to say like managing accusations of rape, r e a rape is like a serious, terrible crime. It's like as as Dershowitz is, but it's the most falsely reported crime. It's also, he was under reported crime that we sort of have in our society,
but, on the other hand like it, should be a big deal to accuse somebody publicly. You should mean under. Some of the United States constitution. You have a right to confront your accusers. How can you confront them if trials occurring in the media without your ability to even respond to the anonymous allegations? So it's kind of like it's like a trade off? I it's really difficult to make the the balance. Anyone who says definitively like I have the answer for you on this stuff. She totally full of shit because it's really hard to know what to do. You know Should we not right about the University of Montana case for this guy was found you not guilty because he's not been found not guilty, even though he may have raped her right. We don't know where I am because the court system decide something. We know there are many cases where courts get things wrong. Somebody on Twitter pointed out something really good that I need to adjust the white people that ride in the hockey riots of Vancouver. I was be there for that. I was there right before that went down. I love you just before the rights, and there was an
why didn't see the riots, but I had been in the town. I was like there's so nice up here how the fuck are there riding? So somebody had a good point why people do right, but it's all over sporting events and it's over relatively quickly. Well, not only that people that riot were so fucking stupid, they were doing it while everyone was taking pictures and posting on social media and a giant chunk of them went to jail like a giant chunk of got arrested. What would it take for you to actually write it? I've always I, like always. I asked my wife to see their desk. What would you like Why would we write it honey? I can't scenario in which I'm like burning things down to drawing people's property. Well, you're, not poor, true poor and desperate, and you don't. You hope, and you have poor people that don't try future like right now. Definitely, but I think that's a big part,
I mean the the writing, the hockey riots, those are fucking retards. I think it's a young man thing to them for sure yeah. It's not a whole lot of young turned out there. Writing we do that video, which is making the rounds called good morning good morning, Baltimore like that old, we did a video where we took all of the show. Lots of the rioters and put it to like this music and it's like It's really like it's fucking worse, but it kind of funny, but I think I don't know man like there's something I think there's something tribal about us as people that, like I've had this experience at triadic sporting events or like a political events, where you feel some overcome you and like national. You know, nerdy guy, you know hi. I q in the Bell curve kind of thing, but like there's something if, if I'm drawn and we're all drawn to it, like and the people who are really like dumb and poor Anne, don't have a lot of options, and yet they all have smartphones like it.
It's really scary. It's certainly done it can be done well, there is, without a doubt, there's a certain aspect of human beings that allows us to go with the flow of big movements. When there's big things that are happening, is horrific things that happen in large groups in mass groups. It just wouldn't happen when there's one person is a weird thing and I think the sporting events, like think of the white people to try it. I think that that is like what I'm talking like yeah part of this tribe, and it just like boils over because when you have a whole lot of like shit heads together, we're talking about earlier, like one percent of them are going to be assholes or whatever, and I'm sure it starts really you know. Slowly, like one guy breaks, something and then everyone else starts breaking shit. Well, think that's also speaks to what we're talking about the incredible difficulty of a scaping from ghetto, because imitate our atmospheres and we haven't had our atmosphere. Atmosphere is boiling over into mad violence and rioting and looting. There's a lot of but just succumb to that influence and just give in and be over. I don't think we are near,
He is autonomous as we like to think we are. I think we are giant super organism and we have our own individual identities inside the super regional jail? Wilson says that he says we're like ants like as a species be other great biologist, evolutionary biologist. He says that were basically a super organized. It's not just us. It's pretty much every organism. How do you think those birds fly together in these giant flocks and go left and right and move around like like, like, like there all being controlled. How does happened with fish? How does it happen with all sorts of animals that exist in pass? Staying, wolves, only yeah we have? We have groups and these groups act as a unit and when the group riots, I think people become incredibly compelled to become a part of that, and it takes amazing resolve an intelligence if you're trapped in that to avoid the influence of that sure. But, like so like take the case like there was a famous sociological experiment where we took we gave
blacks in the ghetto we gave them like section, eight vouchers to like get the hell out of the ghetto and we started just like in Atlantic article on this, like maybe four or five years ago, but what happened was that we gave all these section eight vouchers to get out of the ghetto right and what Happ like people got out of the ghetto, and then they started committing crimes like there are new areas. So like we gave everyone like whatever the rental equivalent is and then you could move into like a nicer area and they brought the crime with them. So that just goes to show like how much it's like a part of you once you grow up in it or how much is a part of like your brain. You know like so this book, Marina right now. This is like the best book I've read in like ten years. It's called sapiens and it's about basically what makes humans like what made us different from all the other Homos or, I guess, animal, almost homo erectus homo. Neanderthal or whatever, and what he says is there's this thing: that we have as humans, where we take on fictions like we, leave certain isms and that becomes like most primate species. It's like you know if you
two people are in your tribe and are in your group. You know like humans, I think it's like three hundred and fifty maximum. That's like the max size of a of a of a tribe. But what happens is that we all start to like leave certain narratives about the world in our brains. We could kind of brainwashed or whatever, and then we start to act on our commitment to that fiction that we've created, and it's kind of wild like when you think about it there, so many fictions in your society, so many things you unconsciously believe somebody is you know this, but also like things like joint stock companies or like legal documents, I mean all of law if you think about it, just a fiction. We all agree on governments, it's the same kind of thing, and this movie kinda like challenge a lot. A lot of my thinking on this because, like if you're in the, if your Creating this mindset that, like people are so put upon so put upon so put upon the start, to act like they're so put upon, because it's like they're they get infected their brains, get infected. Becomes really hard to persuade people particular like it's pretty self serving. If you just say
here in the ghetto and you're fucked, because, like you know, there are many examples of people like surviving out of the ghetto people moving out of the ghetto there are many human beings are much more malleable. I think, then, of like ya escaping from terrible circumstances, and yet what we do is a society. As we say like now, you're fucked, like you're, done, you know, you're, never going to end it like. We should be like thinking that way, so we could orient the society, so there are more options, but like it's really, creative people are more malleable, but I disagree that people are more malleable when it comes to the ability to escape a ghetto. I think there's every thing, is stacked against you, if you're in that environment, financially stacked against you as far as the behavior that you imitate the atmosphere around all those few thanks to like yeah, your friends and stuff. It's not like you live in Irvine and you know your families of moderate income and you figure out a way to make it knowing. What was that, when you really weird to me like, I did a lot of reporting on the Ferguson stuff in the thing it was really weird in there like, where the affluent black kids, who are like coming in, like plumbing in the ghettos of Ferguson and like I never
anything like that with a man so like there were a number like black radical activist type sick in Chicago and like the suburbs they're. Basically, like you know, black guys, whose you know parents are like doctors lawyers, whatever you know like people who, like you know, I mean not. Obviously not every black person is kind of like living in the ghetto I mean there, lots of them live right. So what was interesting about this? Is there all these cases of like to be like authentically? Black these kids, who are like you know when to fancy schools went to good schools or whatever they felt they had to go and participate in, like you know the anti cop protests are needing, and you know what I mean like, but it's not also, possibly because they recognize they were lucky and they want to help maybe yeah could be right, my god, I hadn't thought of it. That way, I think you may be right, but I maybe, on the other hand, I mean yeah, you probably all right about that to a certain extent, I'm sure there's a motivation of that, but I also think it's kind of weird to the your parents give you all these options right to escape together. Get you turn to the ghetto as like a you know, till like cause trouble like
it's a bit in their mind, they're not causing trouble Duke been there. My trying to enact some sort of change. True, true, to a certain extent, yeah, what's one Aaron Green Baltimore, not mom beats. This is her mom who rescue to she saw her on the tv and went after him she beating the out of them? I like I like that. I mean I think it's good. I think if people took responsibility for their own for their family members. You know I give you saw. You saw your friend on tv riding you'll be like like don't right, yeah, I know Bush. I don't like the beating thing, though, yeah, I'm a cool on that. Probably only get this he's got a mask on kids. Who are? I mean I don't agree with the beating either but fuck. The whole thing is a wreck. What do you think's going to happen in Baltimore yeah well Ultimately, I mean I'm sure they wouldn't have the national guards down there now and there was probably going to plow until escalate and then like Ferguson,
eventually calm down, but you don't really pisses me off that on this whole thing, they're all these people who are like trying to spin it politically. How so, like all these people, like it's true like there hasn't been a republican mayor of Baltimore since, like the sixties or whatever, but they're, like liberals, did this liberalism did this like there lots of places that are run by liberals that are like perfectly fine places to let that go to Boulder Colorado, yeah liberals. Nobody gives a. Why is nice for West West Side La Seattle or Boston? You know like Asheville, North Carolina yeah, the lady of liberal places that are great yeah yeah. It's, not a liberal republican thing, it's a poor people thing it's a lack of hope thing. It's a crime thing people to use, and I meant to move the environment thing. We have a whole lot of poor us asian people. Like you know, in the San Gabriel Valley, we have a whole lot of poor us Mexicans. We have a poor life. Also. I was getting to the heart of what happened in the first place. So police brutality assure me we don't know what the happened. We don't have a video in this one but
We do have a video that guy running from the cops get shot from the behind sure. You know we we have that one from South Carolina, yeah Walter, Scott yeah. We assume you know we have a series of of the we have the the twelve year old kid that had the toy gun with the cops pulled the car over engine on I'm sure, We have a lot you sometimes yourself in that case, right in that example, the to me arise situation right, okay, with a fake, I think so that area is like known for having people with with those types of guns robbing people known as like a really shitty part of town you're, getting reports of somebody. It's like running around in a park with the gun right, the conical known for being an over bearing overture island cop who was released from another police force and they didn't want to have to re train him says art. Another car is a bad cop. No doubt about it, but yet, but in any population of anything you're gonna get should be teachers, good teachers, bad cop, good cops. You know the system that you build, she should be built towards like try
to assess the worst case scenario and like in some of these cases like know Darren Wilson, is a good example. By the way people should go, see that Ferguson the play like it's getting all this attention, the guy yeah. This is guy Filem, not clear he's a friend of mine, he's irish guys, journalists and he did for Bay in theater of of the Ferguson stuff. Where read the grand jury trans and it's because, like all this controversy and craziness here in LA and it's like totally not even political there, like reading this, but it's political because they're reading the script you know I mean it's like one of those kind of situations and it's really fascinating. I read the grand jury transcripts and everything. Does he like actual actors in human beings like talk about the? What actually happened like then? Obviously, the actors are making choices and what not like that stress certain words we just have a transcript, but it pretty riveting stuff kind of crazy but like if you look at like the Darren Wilson things like a perfect example, it's like. We don't really know what happened. We definitely know that kid.
Punched him, the kids dead, the kid punched him and the kid was shot at close range. While I was trying to get the guys gun yeah, we know we know, we know the autopsy. All that's true We don't know what was said. We don't know what they had for is that where you want to be like we are, we don't know, and the thing is like we as humans. Like been ghazi- is another example. This, like all these events, happen and people just go in like project their views, their experiences there life there, whatever among them and they come kind Roar shock texts are like inkblots and we should be really like, hesitant like it's true, that that blacks are disproportionately killed by cops. It's also true that blacks disproportionately commit a lot of crime like if you, if you look at like the asian stats right, if you compare the Asian to the black stats in terms of crime, it's like night and day right, but you're also dealing with people that again grew up and uh sup their product of these environments, sure and disproportionately blacksher disproportionately black. In these crime, ridden hurry,
You can learn. I mean like, if you have all these housing projects in the hell hole of like not having fathers run, I'm with you on all this writing, but I think we need to be like. I think these these communities are so intractable and the solutions that we've offered for many many years of like they are not solving the problem, and I don't know we can ever really solve them and that's kind of that's the to me. That's the most terrifying thing about this is just a permanent feature of. I certainly don't think, there's enough effort to put to try to solve the problem, and I think the the clear route of that problem is that I I describe, yesterday in terms of if we are super organism, we look at art and look at our country as a microcosm of the world Superorganism, what's the issue with this organism. Will the issue is the organism has some six spots: it's not dealing with bad described yesterday's if you have a staph infection and you're angry at the staff infection for not healing sure right mean, like fucking, stupid, staph infection. Once you pull yourself up by your bootstraps, I like, but if you look at like say like a staph infection
like, if you're a super organism or whatever we're all going to die like at some point like we're going to get. You know we're going to get inoperable brain cancer, whatever something's going to happen to us. Like that's part of life like I think we undersell how much of life is just plain shitty, like we're, always like, as like Americans like we're, always trying to like solve these problems right but like sometimes things are just not solvable right like sometime, so this is certainly solvable. This is not your more optimistic, far more honest mistake when you're talking about like we've, you have a broken arm and then we'll I'm gonna die anyway. Why go to the doctor and that's essentially what you're saying? Oh, no, not exactly, though, I'm saying like you there's certain things you, let's take a cancer right in operable cancer rate and we're. There are services and inoperable, but there are certain things but ghettos aren't inoperable. I mean how would you How would how would we saw that we go? How about my mate out? It should make an effort how about some effort, there's
almost nothing being done. If you look at Like Dorchester, I used to live right and how shitty and rundown it was. You know, they're putting in all these new schools they're putting in school choice things charter, schools- all the I mean some people get upset at that location, right yeah and they then they get pissed off, because the real estate prices go up right now, so it's like and then yeah poor people have always gotten throughout human history like it's just a shitty part of existence. You know, like I don't know so the solutions we offered, we build housing projects to help people to affordable housing right then they became like Denzel behind me. You know enough- is affordable housing. It just makes it cheaper for people to live in a up place, sure it doesn't change the up place. You have to figure out a way somehow or another, and I'm not a social engineer yeah, but I think there has to be some sort of a way to look at these communities and that their six spots. These are the areas where there's a disease and that disease, crime and poverty, and you have to figure
a way to make it better and one of the ways to make it better. Is you got to shine a light on it? You got to pay attention to it. You got to put a lot of money into it. You got it put a lot of money into it in terms of trying to build up the community trying to help those people? But if you look at like the LA public schools or you look at some of the public school systems out there, we Porsche loads of money into them when they're awful. So we get nothing for the money see to me. What's scary about this, like I talk to my phone, Baltimore, like if scary, to me about this? Is that, like what happens is that they get political leadership not a democrat republican thing. People are trying to put it in that lens. It's they get. Political leadership mean the mayor before this last one like went to jail, was like indicted for corruption like they get these really corrupt, thuggish bad people and amounts in that Doug because they're black, you know I'm saying they're thugs, 'cause they're thugs right: they they prey on their own people and they pray in their own communities, and it's really like sick, and I don't know how you solve that. If we're going to have like
of a society where people can vote and elect people like I mean so much of the political some is bullshit. Even in like the wealthier parts of the country, we still have to deal with assholes, who, like pretend to represent us who are whatever party and yet like these people, have no choice. There, often like You know the people who get elected are like corrupt there, bad people and yet like they're supposed to I mean you can't get a good system out of a corrupt. Yeah group of people. You just not going to happen. I see what you're saying and I think the ultimately correct, and I think that I mean what do you do? Did you do you send in like the National Guard dollar? Might martial law now because it's a militia, the way there's got to be some way to enhance the community's has got to be some way to enhance the education is going to be somewhat. There's got to be someone, I'm not the guy yeah. I don't have any time, and I think this is something that needs to be looked at objectively over long term. It's gotta be a project where you, he somehow or another half to revitalize and re energize these areas and then deal with the fact that the Moma
phantom of the past is so God damn strong in these places and they've been fucked for decade after decade after decade, you get generation after generation after generation of people born into this thing. Very little record, and I think I think Obama is right. I mean I don't grow the bomb on a lot of stuff, but I think Obama is right when he says that he quotes Faulkner saying that the passes and pass it's not the pass is not finished. It's not even past. Right, like I mean there, is something to be said this being a legacy of slavery, is a legacy of like failed urban policies of the sixties is a legacy of like we're, always like kind of depended on history like history is still very much alive in some of these places. You know. Well, the so recent as we're talking about slavery being one thousand eight hundred and sixty five. That's not that long ago. In fifty years. It's nothing. It's a blip. The University of Virginia case is any repercussion against the girl who dialed the fate of nine charges, she's she's kind of dropped out of school. I think she works as a subject. She works at hair salon.
And it's just sad like the whole thing, is sad. Like a lot of people. Think I take like joy and I take joy in like exposing the truth always, but I Take joy in, like you know, these people's property was destroyed. The most life is ruined. I mean to a certain extent, that's like the social cost like I had it had a responsibility like make it public who this person was, I think, but sad like the whole situation is kind of- and I know there's like some people right now who want to do like a more comprehensive report and I'm probably gonna help with that going in a more stuff on bring a ribbon early, but they're I mean they're for journeys there, football teams there's all the stuff is under attack all throughout the country. Right now by the social justice Warriors and it it's gonna be quite frightening. I think it's going to be, I think, going to intensify before it gets and it what we have right now is we have a war, and I I and I hate the word war because, like I hate even the warriors thing to social justice thing, I prefer, like social justice activists, 'cause they're active,
son of WAR like we're, shooting each other like thank God right, but I think there really is like a political ill chronic civil war, going on right now between people who have narrative based views of the universe and people who are fact based and and they're. Big excuse me there, basically at loggerheads man, I don't know how long that this can in sure you know like you talk about slavery and civil war, like Lincoln said, like house divided against itself cannot stand. I don't know how have journalists on the one hand, who present facts and figures and try, I understand the world and then others who try and basically preach and sell like crazy area of the world. I don't know how this coexists well, I think coexist in that this conflict in the debate in the discussion. People like you or people like Many of the people that are listening to this now or watching this or people that are discussing is right now on twitter and arguing pro and con these
objects get vetted out? They get discussed, they get debated they get about. You know bounced back and forth, and so people, will change their minds and some people wear will be by this conversation and some people be angered by this conversation. Some people are angry that I have you on yeah nice well. It's kind of. Why do you think so put that the rape, uh outing people, I think people need saying their names. I think that's a bad thing, that's part of it, but I think I, and also they have said some stuff. You know I've. I've had some that were change, my mind on it and I'm also said stuff on Twitter. Twitter is a way of sparking conversations like a lot of the stuff that I put on Twitter. I don't know I agree with, and I'm not trying to be a troll like necessarily right. I'm trying to like force Converse since that I want to have that. No one else is well. You will was one you had like name the names of celebrities that are support the Baltimore Riots yeah. I know what I want to do with that is. I want people to understand. Like you know, there are people out there who there should be a consequence for like supporting it.
Well, I'm not say how could any support any right there answer like Sally Kohn, I mean there are people out there who are saying them, Sally Kohn, I'm sure I think she's msnbc or she's on CNN or something she says right so yeah there are people who are saying that the riots, the resp one of the riots are a political thing. It's an uprising. It's an insurrection, same people who defended the Ferg and stuff is a uprising against him, the police against the system. Don't you think, though, in some ways, the the what the benefit of it is. Is that we're all forced to discuss this now we're all forced to look at the of Baltimore this horrible area, my friend John Rollo, lives in Baltimore knee so fucking and he says: there's parts of Baltimore that just god damn crazy and we're seeing it right now, I'm in a lot of people were exposed to it from the wire and they and we have the problem of the wires I tweeted the other day is that they're far too many white people on it? I mean that's with us, so this is just going to. I mean yeah. There's there's some truth to that, but you know and like if your MIKE my cousin
to say if you're, if you're show, if your city is known for the wire and homicide in homes, other stuff, like it's, probably not good. Well, it's definitely a up part of the country. It's and there's many areas that are like it. Detroit is pretty God, damn fucked up tons of Philly Chicago I mean we could hang out there, there's some places that could blow and there's some places now because of Youtube, and all these videos that everyone has a rather out phones that can take videos. You can expose who was all sorts of shit that shouldn't be happening, but police brutality and then there's a reaction to it? Do you know like so I've been thing about this? I totally agree with you, but then the nature, like our everyone, has these right now awesome. That is how powerful it is. Enterprise brothers, of talk about how awesome this technology is, but, to a certain extent, when I turn on the camera, you're turning on the camera on me. You know: we've got this audio equipment, people change right
to a certain extent. When I'm real you're running around filming stuff, some people are performing for the camera, no doubt at night. Violence escalates because of that Cheryl, and I don't know what you do, but I because you can't you can't, on the one hand, sensor it because if you censor it like that's evil and wicked, like we're against that, we have a first amendment for a reason we want to. But, on the other hand, like you know it's like the: what is it that parade is effect the fact we're, basically you watching something causes people to their behavior like if you watch your employees searching gonna change their behavior. Well, it just is, I don't think there yeah, I mean it just as it is a friend of solving and there's it doesn't seem it see to be a new reality, just like how to get away from the fact that everyone has a cell you, you don't unless an asteroid hits and we have a massive cataclysmic disaster that shuts down the power grid and there's no more, no more modern science or whatever, unless that walking dead style, yeah, there's not really much you're going to be able to do. This is our new reality. Just like the people that lived before cars could
never have imagined being able to drive across the country in four days, just like that existed before planes could never imagine it doing it in six hours, you're, just not going to change that and less you change the entire service Sunday something exhaustion. This is going to have to happen for the ransoming new, yet totally agree, so I don't think we should necessarily concentrate on that as much as we should concentrate on one of the lessons we can learn from all and what I think. Ultimately, we we have to concentrate on these areas weather there. Ferguson, which is a very high crime area, has been for a long time or whether it's Baltimore. There's there's areas of the country that need help and the people that grew up grow up in, it's horrible crime, ridden environment that really don't have any other recourse or a lot of recourse. I should say yeah, I don't know what but I mean like one of the things that one of Things that I kind of feel bad about this, you know, like everyone is going after this. You know this woman, Stephanie Rawlings Blake, for saying we need a space today.
Roy I went after I know a lot of people are going after based to destroy you see this, so she did a video where she said. Actually the video that we did a good morning Baltimore, with the bias. We started with this opening thing where she said you know we need a safe space to for people to destroy for writers to destroy, and people are going after. She said she misspoke I don't know I'd give her the benefit of the doubt. 'cause she's been kind of like reluctant and bring in the police to basically solve the riots, but basically I feel really bad for her because, like this is a really tough job to be mayor, like you know, like to be a journalist, you know we get to basically just like bloviating bullshit about this right, like we're, not the ones like in these cities like making these decisions, like, I always try to put myself the position of people you I'm saying like. I was trying to put myself in their chair and like it's a The situation and I don't see any situation short of like bring in the military which I not a big fan of military industrial complex, but that's what they're going to have.
They said the same thing with the LA riots here. Right, like you know, the Koreans were defending themselves and their real property, and they can't really do that in Maryland, because they don't have concealed carry and they have a lot of restrictions and people who the kind of areas Dario Saric, liberal someone have guns. Anyways, but what and really interesting with this and like- is that how quick people are to judge our elected leaders and we should judge them, but like it's a hard life like it's a shitty situation that these people are Anne, I guarantee you like Stephanie, Rawlings Blake, you know the mayor there. She never thought she'd have to deal with this shit. You know like it's tough thing. It's a tough gig. While we try to make sure that we are protected from the cars and other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished. What is that the space to destroy yeah there's the space right there, huh.
Wow, there's not saying that she has people to give space to people who sought to create violence any suggestion. Otherwise we misinterpretation of her statement or statements. Sucks she's, not a good state. Which is saying within the statement in the video itself. Like people should watch it, people should make up their own, I think, would a lot of these situations is that the police is the activist there's like a view among the sort of like you know, municipality run system, there's a view that, like hey, we can't bring can't bring the cops in 'cause if we bring the comps and it'll just inflamed people, because, like you know same thing with it, camera. If you would put a cop and ghetto environment, people hate the cops like they're going to react right like, and so their view is like we should bring the police, but then you don't bring in the police and the riots get even more out of hand, and it's like it's like you can't win situation I'm of the opinion that when we look at these these uh, slated instances any of them? We look let me say wow. This is horrible. The world is fucked, but I think that
what's going on with all these incidences were reacting to problems that we have in our our society. We have we're reacting to these these area. Does it need attention and these close if events that cause, whether it's riots or protests or marches or all these things are ultimately good 'cause? I think they cause people to focus on in these areas that are convenient to ignore. I mean I agree with you that it does spotlight this I'm just not. I hope, you're right at midnight go pray. Correct that we can solve a lot of this stuff, but We've been dealing like not free, society gets a do over right, like so societies are rumble, are fucked from the beginning, just a question about playing out like you could wear. Also the first society. That's had this kind of access to information ever that
history that I mean if you're, if you're there two ways to bet right, there's the pessimistic kind of like shit is going to go down all that kind of thing which, like temper meant I'm probably more that way, but you could be right like I'm, not I don't dispute you like their shit that we, like and the fact that I have this effect, that I have a career, because this exists in the fact that I'm able to disrupt bad stuff on the internet and cause things to change Saul awesome Salgood like I'm all for it, but I think there's a the same technology that allows us to spotlight. Government abuses can often hands can be used to basically promote and do riots mean like, this is not going to be image ultimately like the solution, but I think that if you look at the, course of human history, there's no denying that this is the safest time to live ever yeah. It's awesome and it's also very difficult to do. I that the United States is one of the most innovative governments, the most innovative countries. Ever it's only been around a couple one hundred years and look at all the crazy shit. That's happened here.
I mean this is. This is awesome. This is so cool for front of the world when it comes to culture. Man I feel like I, I feel like every day with all the new technology. Everything when I grew up with the internet, like I remember, waking up one day and thought it was Wikipedia like You know like where I remember like I remember my first Google search like I grew up like basically with the internet. My point was that I'm with you Baltimore itself is fucked as it is as Fox's. As that you know it's just be these people, the grub generation generation after generation living in poverty. It's only been around a couple hundred years total. This is a new situation, a completely new country. Ultimately, when you look at the with the history of the world yeah, you look at like shit like crack. Babies, which we thought was going to be huge problem, turns out to not have been a big, a problem like there's a lot of stuff, there's a lot of room for optimism and even things like social justice warriors or people that are going after college campus scenarios where they believe that there's men that are committing rape. Ultimately, what they're doing?
If I disagree with their methodology or disagree with their ideology that they're pushing forth in favor of objective truth, Ultime Lee it's to try to stop crime, stop yeah! I mean look very much it's a trend with that's a good trend. Yeah total I'm! Even if it's done in the wrong, I mean look the, but the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Right home. Like you, you, son of a I mainly through it, is you know, nobody says like you on the villain right. Nobody ever says there are few guys to pro wrestlers, yet there yeah and they do it as a branding thing. Yeah! Listen! I got to get out here, but I really I really enjoy this conversation and I appreciated and all the people that judge you coming in. I hope they gave me a shot and let you keep him happy to come back anytime. Let's do it again. Do it again? Definitely thank you. You can get ahold of him and send all your mean shit or nice things to chuck seed Johnson on
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