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#643 - "Big" Jay Oakerson

2015-05-04 | 🔗
"Big" Jay OakersonĀ is a stand up comedian and he also hosts his own show "Legion of Skanks Podcast" available on iTunes.
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oh curse on the job logan experience and i'm tweeting and i heard your punching white people in baltimore is that true you just ran around just punching random white people said well you gotta get all the things you can get right if you want to be down got one way right now be super upset with white people i had a i had and uh with a comic about baltimore this week i was like he was very pro like the the violent protest of it white dude white like you know like hipster white comic i would say and his eye no i always thought they supposed to be tender guys an his comma
i couldn't believe the coldness and i'm saying is like so big fuckin' deal that you know they tear apart a a cvs goes who gives a shame that people getting killed in that you know the cops are killing people in the streets and it's like who cares like the fucking the cvs like what what does he have to eat for it it's totally unrelated they did in ferguson to businesses that were owned by black people thing there's there were some instances of people burning down businesses that had absolutely nothing to do with any of the pro police you know group there people that just lived in the community and then all the sudden everything got smashed in oakley when some guy the guy got shot in oakland there was a they smashed up bank and someone wrote capitalism on it like okay really like is that what this is about the fucking cops knowing the guy is about campbell is the other one the the accident in the for the encore cord accident the train station yeah that like a fart did you see the movie made of it now they made a movie of it i like when they the
this was a lot of hollywood stuff that's so hilarious phoned in thing was uh if you remember if i could remember the biggie smalls movie ever see that one never saw it it was it did you see it but no all the toria snow yeah yeah yeah so the one club played it actually was pretty good if you look like he did a good job amy pull up a privilege to see this i need another job i guess but what were they just was funny was the night he died in the movie he made phone calls to everyone and his wife like i'm going to be good to you told his mom no other way by money against it always like things that are not true in that fruitvale station movie which is about the oakland guy like they live that day like you know the guy he sold drugs for kemah given drugs he was like nah i want to do this shit no more going to be better than my daughter you can't do it like that again another comedian actually named kristen kelly pointed out 'cause he knew the story is from that area and he said he was like it's already
magic anyway yeah this is a tragic situation that kid got killed whatever was going on here i deserve to get killed by a cop you know so accidentally or otherwise so it's just like what we have to add like he was going to go back you go to university of phoenix online do i guess i can spell it out nice and simple it's a this is exactly what it is there's a very high percentage very high percentage of the movie business that's filled with wonderful creative people fantastic you just want to make good movies like x makina i saw x marking is big holy is that good god damn that really smooth amazing special effects was one of those move one of the best movies i've ever seen in my life and i want to say anything more about it we'll talk we'll talk about little bit but but but but points most of them are trying to do shit like that but there a few out there and those ones will stand out and they will just in case
it will just fuckin' gs or anything switches in every soup you make to add their little fuckin' spooge to all your ideas and they fuck everything up man and especially it's grows especially gross when they do a real life story a lot of times they would do is they were still alive and they put this toilet that fuckin' wrestler movie but the fuck was that we've talked about it before what is it called fox finally a one about john hunts or what is in my heart john more current no no no no markets fighter my kind yeah what is the guy's name or john pharmaceutical company yeah john a dupont thank you dupont was crazy murderous cocaine fiend who shot this wrestler dave schultz the famous wrestler well the movies his brother mark schultz who still alive and it just
a bunch of shittu it make a bunch of shit up change the timeline around change the success story of his life he may also throw some kind of gay undertone for no reason can coke doing coke with a ganglion get frosted tips in like these short shorts the whole thing was like what's going on here what are you doing man you know it's one of them i'm from philly and that story happened in pennsylvania outside of philadelphia the fox make sure things in philly that was a little bit outside foot spa wow confused but i think it was john dupont it was like us multiple day stick also when was initially is that it was a stand off for days with the arabs yeah but they made a he killed the guy and then he walked out of his house and he is arrested on like it was such a guy they speed all the things that are real and interesting to add some weird hollywood but they have to force in
like that maybe he was gay for this guy that had nothing to do with anything just decided to make him gay just to make the story more fun you wanna get married in my helicopter hanging out doing bumps in the helicopter i in each other's wet and it was so fun do they change ship that they didn't have to change like historical shift like the fact that he was already a world champion one of the best wrestler on earth they made him out to be like your guy was failing and falling apart the so i had him fight in the ufc he did fight once in the fc but against a white guy in the real ufc fight against a black guy named big gary goodrich it's a historic match it's a history but if you're if you're a martial arts historian that matches historic match because he was in a limp gold medalist came in just took down one of the best mma fighters is the time at will and show the difference between like world class wrestling and this fucking bullshit you guys were doing in the gym they were they were infants in comparison is like wrestling skill but they
he's a timeline of it they had him watching the ufc in eighty seven the ufc wasn't even made until ninety three so they just do it everything just to get up and add a little of this little computer kick it up just to get their glow fuqing hunched over the scripting yeah yeah that was my idea there is basically said that the script man the story structure just didn't work there was something missing k stuff when they get when they get those actors they don't want to like it to just be in like independent film theaters you know they got a they got a hollywood somewhere should story into it all this is so despite its so depressing that they do that to a movie that's a real story because then you you have in your head oh almost got gay the guy he did coke you have seen 80s haven't you have all things your head and then you start reading and you go well that that's not the case he's like there was like he wrote a list on facebook mark schultz did of all the in accuracies of the foxcatcher movie it's fucking ridiculous it's ridiculous they just fun
everything that i'm using now because he was like a consultant on the movie i believe he probably knew a little bit what the fuck is he going to do they're probably giving him an assload of money right yeah we're going to brunch tips you say he's a wrestler wrestling coach that bring up young i mean he had to stop may fighting because though the school he was teaching wrestling at didn't want to doing it it was a different time you know it's like ninety six or ninety seven or whatever the bucket was when he thought he was right on the end of like usc being like sumo wrestler fights a ninja it was still still that still we still using bare knuckles there was still i think wear shoes when i started used google wear shoes you couldn't this is a pause when i first got there you couldn't punch in the balls and you couldn't i don't think you could pull her anymore they got rid really also forms growing up watch documentaries the documentary twenty eight twenty ufc and like having that goes i like watching that's sport grow in
lifetime for me i mean my stepfather order the first one ever wow when was tournament style you need to go out and fight like three times and we thought it was the greatest thing of all time had to watch it go from like you know no there's no keys no gal jing not all these things that the that it but you have to that has to happen and on the go a now you can't just you kids break you guys finger 'cause you're losing yeah well why can't you if you break guys arm how come you can't bring that guys finger like i really i disagree with like all the it's about like small joint manipulation 'cause the reality is if someone is trying to manipulate your joint like if the only way that would really don't really usually works in defense like say if a guy if you trying are grab a guy and you're trying to choke him and starts pulling on your fingers well you could just pull your fingers away you know it's not like it's automatic going to break your finger sure you just have to be more aware of it like it's realistic like if this guy has to do is pull your finger back stop you from doing a choke will then he did the right thing why you taking that
play from him when it's ok for him to choke you oh yeah after like actually get under the hand itself completely yeah can't wait but why you taking away the guy's ability to pull on your fingers yeah we've fingers you better get your fingers out of there and then try to come again yeah you know it just makes sense to me well i actually thought because it happens that i thought there was a rule of no choking in the ufc like a direct on like choke linkage i'm against the wall but you can do that apparently it's the most on list ic moved it same reason no one headlocks like you did in the schoolyard as a kid where you have the going to dog position right you know i'm is it the more that that never that so rarely ever have indian you are actually i think you i think you're wrong i think it is illegal to grab the neck like that i think it's illegal to straight on yeah i think it used to be legal but now it's illegal i need yeah i need to find out about that there was something about well there's a bunch of weird spots that you can't do like you know you can't hit on the back of the head yeah can't hit a guy about sure but you get kicked in the back of that all the time when you get hit with a head kick one thing
about a head kick is in the shins kind of coming around here and a lot of times like a hard percentage the food in the in step or buying wrapping right around the back your head weigh sucking harder than you can ever punch like so the idea that you don't get hit in the back of the head is crazy because there's a totally legal shot that's basically the back of the head no he ever gets in trouble for kicking somebody in the back of the head and it happens all the time ground and pound when you're grounded in pounding is usually when guys get in trouble for hitting back in the head which is most ridiculous 'cause that's what guys moving around secondly if we could just get to the back of your head but stand up wise a lot of guys get hit in the back of the head they get hit with club punches like when in like in melees they never get in trouble for that and there's a lot of elbows that go to the back of the head 'cause you're up against the cage and in areas where get in trouble hitting him somehow and ground and pound it seems almost like elbows
back then punches the back of the head are really only recognized clearly when it's ground and pound well i mean what was that a diego sanchez elbowing the top of clay guida's head like i like how those weren't like illegally seized by the rules that should have been a legal red shines a top is fine it's the base of the skull it's supposed to be the real danger area is the back of the basis golly get over top of of head yes top of that it's fine the top that's fine the sides they had a fine and there's like a bunch of bait about like what is the most the call the mohawk the mohawk meaning this is the area that can hit mohawk in the back of the head like that strip down with a spine as some people x and it more towards the ears and some people keep it more narrow and some people lower it so it's just the base some people think that like right here what sort of mid back and that is fine so it's it's it's is all that's open to debate but the idea is all to i believe that the base of the spine is very dangerous to hit and then if you
hit someone there really hard you might be able to separate their fucking brain from the spinal column hi yeah yeah who much there was a big move in the old days see in the old days one of the best moves was you would take you guys back and then you would smash the back of his head with elbows like henzel gracie did that to like this judo specialist he fought and god i want to say like i forget the organization it might have been mars i have been like one of those one of those like really really young old school martial arts it never really made it so gets this guy down kisses back and just fuck just smashes the back of his head because it's totally legal back then and realize like that takes away all your rear naked choke all that stuff that's like not even nearly as effective is doing that like dude you gotta guys head fit if you got him
face down in your smashing the back of his head with elbows while you have the back mountain there's very little he can do to defend that it used to be legal it's funny and even just a take away from the sport it still stays i times more interesting than box you see man i everybody says that right but i really found that fight interesting i'm of the minority that thought that was a really interesting fight everybody was mad you know we would for this with that might take to mind you hi as a person who appreciates boxing that fight to me was pretty wild whose intense because you know manny pacquiao is been able to get his gloves on everybody he fights everybody he fights he lights up he gets a whole you eventually any lights you up and you might get him like mark has got him but before mark has got him sound like pacquiao didn't crack him you know they were going back and forth and back just mark has a legendary chin and awesome punching power and eventually knocked pacquiao but pacquiao is
wars with margarita wars with code you know just bashed the shit outta chris algieri who is real slick and moves real well just get you exact pretty boy he's a pretty boy but he's a bad mother fucker yeah but manny pacquiao which could not get to floyd then one but did get almost like nothing you know it's like floyd just covered up uses defense kept shaking his head like nope nothing no nothing like many we just get him to me that was impressive as fuck the way who is moving like every time many would come for that blitz should floyd his gun and he just wasn't there you just suit super slick boxing to man from philly i spent a lifetime with bernard hawk you know just watching him and running for him of these it's really long slow fights they really are like they just take for us i think mayweather is kind of the same thing for me you know i just watched again and that tyson documentary cable in the white shirt when they go to that footage
once in awhile you even watch that fox sports will do the you know that all day just tyson's fights but watching that oh jim training and how fast he was and what he was doing how come there is there hasn't been of the mike tyson since mike tyson there's been arguably six jordans since jordan you know you need a lot of things to come together correctly to make mike tyson you need a lot of things also that town i think in the last cade jumps to mma yeah now i don't know man i don't know i mean there's still a lot of guys who really like boxing you know i a famous argument years back with this guy lou dibella on yes then where i was telling the box was going to get swallowed up by the by the ufc by emma we buy more dynamic sport but i wouldn't i wasn't a dick i like
boxing i've always liked boxing i've been a huge fan since i was a little kid man just always been a fan of it there's something i also am a big fan of kickboxing big fan of glory i'm a big fan of moitie i think that there's things that you pull off in just straight kickboxing or boxing and you just can't do an mma because guys will clinch the three to the ground you just can't get it off you can't do most of this ship floyd mayweather does with leg kicks soon as leg kicks are in the sure you can't do most of it to me what he's doing is incredible i mean it's it's artistic he's beating the game he's going out at 48th and uh with no brain scrambles mean it's only been like tagged i can remember twice three times at maximum never been really fucking battered to the
would you like to fight going to be stopped and he's going to come back like gaudy ward or anything like that none of that ship but if you're going to stay interested in boxing now you have to be a real fan of like the sweet science you know i mean like the quote unquote because like there's just no i mean it's just not people want to see knock out at the end of the day we're all getting something gladiator cage and we don't want to be like you know people get knocked out you wanna see that violence that you like me he's such a scary thing to the layman that things become less character look at those gloves like these guys are going multiple rounds and they're getting hit with you know like a sponge over your fist a little bit you know like yes it was also so much more to it it and they just like draws you can go back to the tension more you can i can i i i really i mean i'm not just saying here's what you'll never you'll never have girl will never go retroactive from ufc
i don't think so but but but you can get a girl i curls very easily i find in the ufc really i think girls get into usc fair very easily what do you think that is that some blue gladiator gene they want to get some glorious berman about i think there's an actual yeah i think there's like the the the i think yeah them pick them chisme over of the whole thing and then also see very specifically but in most of the televised ms actually i mean you have see really does it like the best like if you just give you girl two episodes of like the build up like daniel cormier jon jones like she was in she invested interest in that 'cause we watched i made her go back and watch jon jones like first thing when he came out he was a hero she put her out of course yeah so i just made it watching the half hour thing of him like you know i save the old woman from getting rotten listing in xi'an historian is kind of hard luck story and growing up and
so i really like this guy we can't watch things now like he just his personality is different he just made himself like the villain sort of well i don't think nothing villains i think villains in actual sports so not wrestling what's funny not that any kind of sport actually like even someone who hates yankee like if you meet a rod you're probably still like mister rodriguez is your meeting like a sports celebrity to some degree you know i mean like i always say like fucm jordan like i'm not like the cat a bulls fan ever but it be amazing to me michael jordan you know i mean don't you think like right now is a great time to get checks into it too because a round a rousing like this never about yeah never been a female fighter like ron arousing a hot check to beat the out of her but she so hard because he really is there's a video of her with luke rockhold and she's got luke rockhold in what we call spider web between try to finished are more luke rockhold is a monster okay he's like six three hundred he cut cuts down to one five is usually weigh over two hundred pounds he's a fucking stud at ju jitsu run arm but
it's the arm bar on him like he's defending like he's really defending and she completes iniesta tap that's how bad as she is i do it i don't think you know like if you if no is never an armbar before you don't know how ridiculous that is a good guy grew cotton luke rockhold should have like room retorted defense like he's a an ace level mma block a live look at this this is luke rockhold on the bottom here okay luke rockhold again is world class in the ufc at one hundred and eighty five pounds just beat the fuck out of liotta i mean destroyed him took him to the ground told him smashed him finished out the round and here he is trying to defend against rhonda rowsey's arm bar and she's got a bunch of different techniques she uses to attack the grip that he's using she keeps adjusting and readjusting now see how he stepped over head right there that's like fuckin' defcon four like he knows he's in some serious trouble could have she straightens out his arm he's done and he's gotta tap and she's seconds away from straightening out his arm and he's going to
situations tap tap tap she tapped him dude she fights it one thirty five as a woman he fights fifty pound and heavier as one of the best this man in the world that that's how fucking good her arm bar technique so there's never been a fighter in any fucking sport like her before no that's like a toll pioneer because she's no one before her like her she so impressed me on that last one without catching because i know over fourteen seconds but watch it just in real time i was like that was a series of lucky things that worked out for him in that position and then i would like to now i know and then when she said she said in the interview should have been work on that you know during the transition younger in the transition and she and then when you watch in slow motion you see her make a fucking decision to step over
i was one of the greatest things i've ever seen yes she's she's terrified she's just like fire and she's not like you know cyborg was terrifying but so much because of the size wasn't getting kind of necessary i mean she had a skill set but it wasn't that there was so it was just like times bigger now kind of like a man yeah i mean i mean at her speed way light we want to sign because she was like the side but it was because you getting to see her actually hit people like like china was really impressive 'cause she was big and strong and you like she was on fear factor like china is yoked i mean she's a big girl if you if she you know if you had a wrestle her that's a god damn tussle that's a big gal you know she's stronger so sex tape with it's just rustling stratton its torsional all of your store she did anal yes that was for one more than one users motion tomorrow once did she professional porn
to china did it at i remember it having a little poo like a really famous porn dude went for it poor bastard told them i don't know but but my point was like when you're not supposed to say that cyborg looked like a man but when she was beating the flag out gina carano she was built like a man it wasn't like the classic female body type so when she got busted for male steroids everybody dark horse yeah looks different now them and she's she's become more feminine a lot more feminine but there's there's an honest debate as to what the how much of each what how much of what you do to your body when you alter it that severely how much you change this permanent like they've done studies on athletes that have taken anabolic steroids and they've had permanent effects on the strength permanent like not just temporary but like permanent improvements in strength and so they wonder like how much
you know her getting off the male hormones like how much does she lose did she lose all of it is it still fair i mean what is it why don't you know my my stepfather i think free naturally strong gabi did a bunch of steroids use younger power powerlifting that's what he did and even through his forties and he's in his fifties now like i can still go out there tension on just a day for up like three hundred fifty pounds i mean i would i mean i remember in his thirties and do like four fifty five inch and exactly you know he weighs like you know a buck seventy bucks thirty five yeah those powers of two dudes man it's a totally different type of moving your body that's like some severe strain that's required to do like all of us but i'm saying but it was i i'm on the steroids i believe like definitely do you still you still build a base things were happening raise your base the death face channel it does i mean according to studies but the question is it's it gets more located when it's a woman because it's not it's not even like she took like more
maturity had to actually introduce some stuff that she's not supposed to have i mean you do have a little bit of testosterone when your woman but nothing like the levels that they take when they get into body building a power lifting like to women at a given track and field women did they people get they get caught all the time taking because it works i mean it changes their body ever seen like bodybuilder porn like girl bodybuilder porn i guess you'd pictures like it's to me it's a man's body was once one of those those of my strange addiction shows and the lady that was addicted to bodybuilding her sister was on as a point of reference was really interesting just like you're getting bigger or you going to keep getting bigger i just love it this is what look like now i love it i can't wait how how well how are you do you work out and she's like i can workout like three days a like i workout seven hours a day she working out six seven hours a day her fucking head was as big as t door
pieces in my mood together she's giant fucking neck huge traps look at this broad is that her is that from the show yet look at the size of this lady jesus fucking christ mean on the years ago maybe two thousand and five or so two thousand six me patrice to the nasty show in montreal together and after the show there was a bodybuilder chick who was white girl way into him and really and she was a but she was the same stuff like so sexy to own patricia so go with me and doing whatever you i remember saying is like yours i might just have to wrestle with
big i was with the g one that was very intimidating yeah but that's it she's a regular size gal she's an action on this other one i i don't know if you know about all the different yeah there's and i've been with three ju jitsu checks before and one was definitely bigger than the other ones and she would just had one of those big bodies and i remember her hi like us very clean in like no hair but yet had that explosion of lips like brown lips there was a good mediaeval china in it was weird it was a weird i've never even thought the chick with abs i don't think ever she had project one gal that was a bodybuilder when i was like really young i think it was twenty one and i did this gal from new hampshire with a six pack
weird yeah i said it's rare body though her legs were incredible i mean that we can address those bodies and dresses look great sometime yeah goes just like not not have like body arise but just like a girl who's like what was strong but looks like a girl like there's a difference in a girl strong those who girls wore a gal like no offense the lady in this photograph was most likely on some male hormones i mean you get the fuck outta here that's vitor belford in brazil i mean look at the size of the church she looks like mark coleman when when the heavyweight title to but you see walking when that male hormones why their faces of that wasn't in the she was destined to have now she is a man's face yeah she's very manly i mean like monster like it's some really weird touching a girl also when it's hard as a rock cheese and not like soft in yeah is she in but ok here's the question is that better or worse than someone who eats themselves into a gelatinous wall of meat would take fat over that well it like for a gal
your lady friend forgets her awesome yeah i would hook up with a i mean for the ones for the store i don't go that direction so you think like if you can get her off the sauce she could probably open up a little bit right they do how much would she woman up but she would still retain a bunch of it you know i know 'cause a gal that lives in my friends neighborhood and go to visit him and she was apparently some olympia limping bodybuilder back in the dizzy and now she's like in her 50s and she looks like a monster really she looks like a monster just faces all she looks like a monster i don't mean like the worst monster i mean like uh wouldn't it be kind of scary just what she what she did was turn herself into a semi male semi female thing like she's changed like her appearance has changed and it's
come you know she become more mail than you're supposed to be or than she was in now yes some of the in home you can call back either i don't think you can i think you probably like a dis song gal her chin shaved down she some big bodybuilder lady powerlifter marshall martial china did and shave down searching got too big charlie did all that i used to have that square face and she changed she came much more feminine they start opening your skin grinding down your bones arnold had done to an arnold had developed a very large upper brow area then like there's like before and after like if you look at him and cone and you look at him skull shaving and they shave the skull down to something more reasonable if you ever watch just a rumor that's one of those rumors like the richard gere gerbil one we can never never really know meme about hillary just talk about this those those urban myths like that was actually the gerbil up the ask we have specific filler
newscaster newscasters to say about it in philly that story that urban legend and the other one was pumping going to combat rod stewart yeah you would be you think you know the origin like where it started from the we were talking about earlier was that it's amazing how the that got around so many years before the i guess that you know for ships for rumors happen now is simple person of any kind of like you know any kind of year oh any kind of voice for people you know like says something it becomes gospel to some people yeah we've talked about it a bunch of times that that's the mother of all rumors like that no other rumor came close eddie bravo grew up in la i grew up in boston we both heard about at the same time yeah columbus so it made its way across to extend your rod stewart but the one was nothing compared the roster one was swat his stomach pumped but they just throw don't make any sense i had thrown up in like this is ridiculous how much come to drink come on
i think about it that's ridiculous just compute but you have to go to how much come could have possibly been going to hospital and tommy drank come why they going to test it how the fuck do they know what it is i have to tell him it's come visit ours fuqing milk or glue or something so much that has to come out with blood blowing peter n imagine going to the hospital and just first of all i thought about how much i came at the time i was a young young boy was probably like twelve love when that rumor came out and i was thinking about how much i can come from like how much more grown adult possibly come it does make any sense like how much could be in my body a link going to baby bird come like that how much come can just i'm taking that back is another think about it i think this came out when i was twelve so i we had never come yet just that weird shiver i probably i probably really didn't even know like what the actual volume would be so that doesn't make any sense but i just did like they said it was like quarts or gallon
some flight three twelve unit will come was used new happening to you what is now and you can't really find it back then either wanted pretty woman come out because it came out i was way later those we didn't come out after that that's all what we all know who richard gere will it was now i know who he was before i'm in office yeah american gigolo who's in a lot of big movies do seem like it came out around pretty woman but was i just came up again because i was looking next big big big hit he did it's just amazing that it made it all the way across the country like that yeah the word was that he had left scientology scientology where do i get this word put the most research whatever but this is what i heard and he left scientology and someone in scientology said oh yeah we will fix that fucker and they put out crazy rumor that homeboy had a gerbil up his ass i believe that we've been follow hbo show hbo show going clear yeah yeah there's only one documentary
now they're making a documentary about that guy that made the movie scientology is there also making documentary about louis throw louis theroux documentary i love him he's doing a special on scientology scientology decided to a documentary on him unless it was really good and like geez thanks alot scientology maybe you guys are pretty cool that's a cool documentary don't think it's going to be it's just really well well done everything is great yeah it's all about roses and i think it's a hit piece i think that's what they're doing intimidate people from getting attention to them you know i just this morning i woke up on netflix now watching documentary called tricked about the second how guys pimp girls have a girls like young girls and pick them out and stuff they say in came into them and the girls giving their account of what you know like what the guy said to them and how they were like hey i've got invited to a party and then there was none of the
because once you have some dinner and then like you know two hours later it was like suck this guys dick in a car it's the same when you hear these like adults who were out of scientology talking about and one that was actually laughing a lot in the documentary saying like i know it sounds so stupid telling it to you they were like you know if you don't in this room for the next three months you know you're all going to hell in your urine are aliens are going to funk you up or something weather here teens but they were not you know but you just get like i don't know him talk you into that stupid like i really don't mentality i just i guess i'm not that convincing speaker even think that i could do some shit like that i think you're not a loser and i think there's a lot of people out there that's in that everyone who's a prostitute or a scientologist is a loser insist but let's be honest loser sequoia said the percentage is not so much in your favor but the point being it's like if you're down and out and everybody's been down and out there's certain people that get a
different level of down now than you've ever been or i or you the reality of it it's not necessarily it their fault it's just there's levels of down and out and some people your life is shit the moment you're born you're born into a terrible environment your parents are are up your family life is fuckedup sorts of abuse or sexual abuse there's violence there's chaos is crime there's our vacation you never know your foods coming from and all the sudden some dude comes along and he's giving you love and is reality and there's not pretty and people don't like it but there's levels there's levels of fuct you're talking about some people i'm talking about all of it scientology and prostitution and moonies an you know the on the blank mormon whatever that sell anything extreme recruits even like you get away use religion like white supremacists and recruit that way showing the downtrodden i mean those documents
to be my favorite hymn my favorite not know what i skinheads usa jersey that one that's the one where the guy like you know their leader again you know i leave him alone here i trust him during the day when i go work at the tire shop i mean he works in like a yeah they used tire farm or something did you see what happened yesterday in texas no they had a muhammad contest or draw muhammad art exhibit so some guys came and started shooting at them and they they all these two guys that were shooting at this draw muhammad exhibit shooting a well texas is like mean seriously it's like jumping in the water and try to bite a shark it might be one of the dumbest fucking things everyone around you everyone in texas is armed to that it's you will be shooting people in texas especially at a draw mohammed exhibit they should
draw muhammad exhibits and then just have f like guys with the you know the police surround it just wait for somebody to come it's like a honey pot you know that's a good at that trap there is a good way to shoot like really radical extremists jack but the idea that they think that they could shoot you because i see this argued on twitter all the fucking time they should have been provoking him if all they have to do to provoke you is draw a picture of a guy look what the fuck how could anybody be on there so how could anybody ever form that argument by saying would maybe should be parochial and they knew what they were doing they're doing that to incite violence no drawing that's that's all it is there something designed to pisz off there i just don't think it you don't have it to the point they want to kill you it is not nothing nothing your mother could be sucking guerrillas deck not good enough you know you you you should your mother should be jerking off king kong while godzilla her mouth now probably not enough you can draw
that means i'm going to kill you but i believe in the things like yeah draw mohammed who cares about i think you shouldn't be so we we've already been over the shock that people will murder for this so it's kind of like when when that happens it's not a you know it doesn't blow you away as much and i mean if you hear about cops being things where they killed a black are you blown away anymore like it will desensitize so that story almost at this point yeah well i guess we are to a certain extent you know we're not as surprised it's it's still outrageous to people or not as surprised you know it's just the hear that it's somehow or another excusable in any way shape or form that you would think about that you think about what they did is definitely ridiculous if you don't want violence it's definitely ridiculous but if that's all it takes to incite violence how the fuck do you in that cycle just going to keep perpetuating that to the end time is it perfect it never needs any evolution you tell me the idea at all
that somehow another it's offensive to draw someone is so fucking ridiculous in twenty fifteen in any buddy that defends in any way shape or form even like peripherally you're you're way off from you talk to david i will tell you that the whole world's like more serviceable than ever you know i mean like people more fun than ever all they are they are more fun than ever it's a weird time for comedy you know there's a lot of ship that you're not supposed to make you like people actually saying someone made a mild joke about bruce jenner and people are saying you know hey man it's not cool to make fun of him oh it's not that jamie foxx and was so like but not so benign and then bill maher had one too and everybody was upset at it listen you know what is wrong with him whatever is wrong with bruce jenner cheats to say that you can't make fun of that like the world everything funny is off base you got a guy who is a olympic gold medalist now become a woman and he still to be a he so we still want you to refer to him as bruce until he decides to change that he shooting lips are bees taking hormone
there's no humor not really really that's perfect and by the way you to fill in peaceful technically it's not too soon either because he's been wearing panty since like eighty five or something he said so it isn't taking hormones for like two years right bodies but be to corman's back like in the late eighties also yeah that that interview he says that is the second time he's ever done it so so he took his darlings and an idea like trolls just take off all the hair on his face when he was way younger to seize your beautiful so yeah so you went through all the stuff like way way way younger so yet so it's not even tuesday this is things that i mean people have jokes about him without confirmation from him for years even in the kardashian show will be making the same exact show people are actually getting like like look at this prophecy when you know i don't keep to the throne like you know like dave chappelle made a joke three years ago about yeah he's looked like a woman for the past ten here's someone made a joke about it there was a joke in siren live or something in the 90s yeah yeah about like
finger there was a woman from behind and it's bruce jenner or the or the opposite it was bruce jenner and it's a woman one of those you didn't watch the interview at all i watch very little of it however some really or some really great parking point i can't remember it now she tyra oh this is no i didn't hear anything i thought it was the whole thing was ridiculous and hilarious you're not supposed to make fun of it right because you're supposed to be open minded and you're supposed to be supportive and kind to someone who's obviously transitioning through a very rough and difficult thing that's all well and good and i'm with that i get that but if you're not home or transphobic runny then you really don't have any problem with anybody doing anything they want to do whatever you want to i'll totally accept it the real problem at all but to tell me it's not funny like please get the gotta hear you got a guy who is becoming a woman like there's a guy who's six foot six who's playing college women's basketball he's fifty ok
he was a man most of his life had children just decided at one point in time that he wanted to be a woman and then found out that because he's now a new sex he can re enter college sports so he played college basketball fuckin' man back in the day and now he's playing college basketball as of girl but he's fifty and he's a he's a giant so the full sex change full sex change so he's moving around with and then there's people that are freaking out about it and there's people that are saying you shouldn't make fun of it and you should just let it be like look i say this is not controversial is crazy your crazy easy person to say there's not some controversy in a six foot six hundred and fifty old man playing in sports with girls mean what okay now is woman so we have to call a woman okay we can we i see that he was a man for forty years and has commands fraiman frame and is a normous can we can see that being fifty is probably a little old to playing basketball
against teenagers no because you got protect people's feelings write letters and shoot yeah i mean look at the whole thing is like you also sees me these were even to bruce jenner thing i source thing is it is that i feel like by what let's would say i'd be judged in my life is like transphobic whatever that word means yet i have no problem i think should be able to do every want to do if you want to cut your dick off to get a pushy made by doctor get your dick cut off but i don't think i should be judge 'cause i think that's bonkers you know i mean like if you want to do it do it i don't care i'm not afraid of you i would i would not shake somebody's hand because they were translated any of that ok but it's like i still think it's good looking i think it's a decision that you probably should've been talked out of by somebody somehow maybe and maybe not see i'm still dressing like a woman or being gay or feeling thing but i made an argument many times and i've got
many arguments about this 'cause people just like jump the gun on the words but with gay you know my friend with he's gay here i have tons of gay friend i've no weirdness with gay people at all but i think it's a v8 is something that went kind of wrong almost like you know to the extent fingers or something but there should be a thing wrong with it and people should be or do whatever they want to who gives a you know saying at all but the star if you start marring your body to do thing where even when it's done like no one no one's really happy from the stuff i've read it read and with like their new i don't know you say that you have to i said i i actually route how yeah it was not a gallon i heard some of the stuff that i've you know seen and read things one the the the idea that they're all the same like there's a there's levels of of everything you know and there are certain people that want to be trans gender they still want to keep the deck yeah we just
and to some but i think there's some people that a mental illness and there's some people that really do feel like they were born in the wrong body i agree with you nothing that me why would i i think but i think it's a misfire though that is what i think is very rare and you can cure something mental with surgery it's very rare that like there's something that doesn't feel right to you which i guess is a mental thing or the you know how you view yourself and you could fix that with surgery that gets real strange that gets real strange like as far as like just accepting who you are and what you are and what nature is i would never want to be the to tell someone what to do like you and i would both covered in tattoos you know who would have someone i want to tell us we couldn't do i love tattoos i think they look bad now joe yeah i heard i heard but it's like i don't give a and do whatever you want to do i don't have any problem with it i but i don't know what i don't know what you're feeling so for me to even
comment on it in any way is kind of kind of as for me to assume like i know what's going on with the i know you're crazy or whether i know that you were actually really born a woman or whether you know fill in the blank minimum variety every in society are you're in the wrong gender you get might get bored being a dude you might have a bunch of women around you that you like more than you like men and you wish you were one of them i know what dude who for the longest time was telling my wife he's got no it's ok it's ok it's ok boom he comes out he's like forty six this poor bastard like wasted a whole fucking life pretending he wasn't gay i'd like to do is get a i'm telling you is get but he was always around these women would hang around them and talk with them and like be one of them it's like you where was the energy in the room like there's an energy in a room if there's a dude and like maybe girlfriend or a bunch of their friends there's an energy like well there's guys here and he's not going to talk like us but this dude is in the mix is in the mix with them about everything have you seen the new bag like you would do that hand stuff that girls do you know who
move like them man and if you had gotten a hold that dude and talked him into it he probably would have become a woman really i could i think he could have been if you have tysm made him become a woman but gay man see that's a weird one i think first of all definitely born that way i agree i don't necessarily think it's like a i don't think it's a bad thing they seem to be enjoying it i think we'll be bad is if there wasn't enough people to reproduce i think it's the deviation i think it's a deviation like some people are tall it's important but i think it's tv but i don't think it's a i don't think it's a negative you know it just doesn't seem to be negative the only thing that would be negative is they don't have a correct hold to transgender webcam a webcam room that on chaturbate where you can look at transgenders doing webcam
and you just stumbled upon this and i was just you know know i was with this girl that she's like you gotta check this out and i'm like i know i look at this she's like i want to see a good fake vagina and there was this one guy that was looked like on the top looks just like tom cigarette like a normal guy and on the bottom had a really well done vagina and it was deep it was deep she was jealous because he had like this humongous vibrator in him and i didn't know then you are haunting
i didn't know he was deep though there's something weird throughout the world right now with that image i has a girl with a giant pussy like a deep pushing anishinabi manford on i thought like the fake vagina it wasn't a deep thing i thought was just like kind of like out are you just split dick open it was assumed it was as deep as long as your dick was so they just turned inside out like almost was simple just pushing the dick here like all the way back and they do like real surgery now if i remember i think they can actually construct a tube in there i'm sure yeah so advanced but you know i've interviewed his creamy he was creamy like so what's that green is that come out it has to be like some lube that i mean it has to how much did you watch probably spit do you know that movie ex machina there wasn't there weren't really robots brian
i've seen some fake jizz before for sure i've seen some fake dogs before and this is one guy every porn he does he keeps his pants on and his fake dog just comes through the whole would make him like ridiculously easy to strap it was delicious fake mikey wants see this is grove fuckings guy was a liar i've big rubber fake dick i interviewed twice now the the the trans chick that dated michael phelps born like both sexes she says and then i became a woman well that is that she had a lot of surgery but it's not trans gender then that's like just she just she just did a poor know right porn has and she told me trailer trailer an it's odd looking djaverages a girl's body but it is available online we see that was done on your to right now okay pull it up jimmy as long as in the
doesn't get on the u stream we don't wanna get brown trouble and called going for the gold but if she is of age let me ask you this because it's so important if she was born with both with if okay let me ask you if you were born with both would you make a decision i think in this day and age you you better you'd be better off being that one dude that can do it all good line of placing you if you approach and then yeah i mean unless you're home with him make that decision like i think crazy young i think it's a baby i like siri sometimes i feel like a nut sometimes i don't get gas pumps in your own pushy parents have way too much power to decide which direction a kid would go in that sense you know market same thing with circumcision will be mailed to missiles are circumcisions circumcised and their dick got cut off so the transition them to girls do you know that yeah yeah they
they lost their dick in like intercept surgery mistake what am i going to see here i'm going to see it in this huh this is going to show the box yeah well she looks a lot like a gal also i have a swimmer coming meter through the pool pam how road boat what's that our whole house december he's not gay that's man having sex yeah what he's eating it is so what's going on what's going what is that how you see what is that exactly like regular sex yeah this told me looks like a man having sex with girl mmhm that looks like a total regina like if you enjoy that vagina you're just picky oh wait i thought this was their hermaphrodite okay well we just golf on a former mail or after male female former translated into the box there they showed it i did i'm sure a close up close it looks like that it's like a box with balls
there's a large stitches area above the box holy mary live sir a farmer does almost disturbing has looks like there's balls inside the lips but again i'll give you trapped on a desert island and you get you get mad at this you're picky right bus trip in a hotel lobby for two hours give it a whirl being that we're we're all you know we're living in a world where with there's going to come a time i think of not in our lives and our grandchildren's lives but for sure we're gonna able to change your sex like to be able to see yeah this is going to give you some sort of a genetic alteration you'll be a woman i i don't that's going to be outside the realm of possibility within the next one hundred and fifty two hundred years they just soak we're so close to fixing so many different things about people and then once they fix everything i mean they're going to fix everything we're going to have some diseases and colds and flus and chit but i think going to be able to do some pretty incredible shipped to your body and then i'm going to get to the point where i'll going you know what there's a
in thailand and all you have to do is pay them fifty thousand dollars and you know become a woman like a real woman and you can turn back if you don't like it and they'll show ryan said every six years they go back you know i was a man for five years i went i enjoyed a lot of lovely things that when i was a girl like you appreciate more and then you know its balance my perspective man for thirty years then a woman for five and a man again i just kind of get for you to just took cock left and right maybe not maybe just didn't care if white yoga just live as a girlfriend said just do girl ship also the other thing is going to have to deal with is like you see the perfect gal you see the perfect guy walking down the street just big asaneth in ways and picked it worked is christ your jeans is call out right like your dna just goes all my god like if a group of guys like this were not rude right we're not rude people but if we saw one gallon shoes outside of ear range like shoes walking down the street you know you would like dude look at this you know my god nature is amazing
pictures of the pole were all like this is like a buck a sunset or a fantastic art exhibit you're watching like nature's art walk down the street in the shape of a beautiful girl what if you could just get that you use bing it is go to a doctor and then your body straightens up and get straight here you know if you're big boxy type gal your body roll slips down the waste point your pop south flown you pop and then every body looks hot as fuc content like sexual communism notice some degree like you kind of want to keep it like sexual confidence you would think that you really do want to keep 'cause don't you want to keep the elite because there is something what i find interesting about looking at about looking at like a like chicks in that city is that like a there's some that are just
king undeniable you know i mean yeah that's when our girls i thought were beautiful my buddies like you know but the last night was a that's an l a six and i'm like i thought she was stunning how about beyond say if you don't she's hot you're gay you have to be gay don't beyond saying jesus christ like you that what's that fucking song you liked it then you should've put a ring on there it's very sexy for sure yeah look at that she's bored there's a lot of girls that are undeniable it's like they're attractive and pretty much done with the undeniable where everyone's laughing in her prime general purpose liable salma hayek and her problem is just walking style kate upton for a couple of years
deniable but it is absolute true but there's somebody with you no one could even argue like our their to flatter it's too big so you know yeah if you you know what's amazing is he was hard to get a good email knowledge look you know some people think it's like ideals we work it's retarded looking out to the ridiculous well the the prob and with that is that she always look like that and if she did know it looked like that house around that big am i looking at bags of water what am i looking i just saw her on snl i've seen her her ask looks you know big fat and like good and like the tornesch i guess kind of way myself last time she literally looks like a like a battle droid just like some kind of like just like tank like like like bottoms you know i mean like it's like
like the nineties we never thought that was hot we were like looking at girls at fat and i was just going to bring them not that it was a fast but it wasn't something that everybody aspired to act like i was driving on the street the other day and there's like some add about building a better but you know there classes at the gym just to build better but looking at and we're for real it's going to go by solid board out here and then you see all these girls squatting in the back in like oh jesus christ like what happened what happened that's a major shift you know it was blackmail culture kind of stated the fast in style and stuff for white it's for a long time cut taking over the style of that and now like fog like the black women turn out kind of setting like the tone for like the body shape i think it was the depression i think people were poor and starving they forgot they like big asses and then it took awhile for they woke up and they got through the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and then thanks a lot came along and he
that one song and everybody was like yeah wait a minute why don't why is it so great to me and then you you too yeah what the fuck how can i be ignoring this and it's almost like somewhere in there there's a good research now it's everyone you talk to men like what's the most important thing what's the most attractive thing to grow almost every guy says as almost every god is the cola wars cold war i'm a face guy chorus mean faces important things will do a lot and also as a guy who couldn't be picky when i was younger i was a fat dude
face meant a lot to me i mean if i can grow the pretty face i can look at and issues big like you know maybe she'll say yes maybe it'll go back with me it really sucks too when you get close to a girl and then you notice like the sunlight shines on her face is like oh she's got whiskers or oh she has no chin at all she's like we chat picky no i'm saying that's how important faces because like if it was titzer us and that it's had this humongous brown mole on it you know it's weird for me too if someone said uh or ass i got over both of those i'd rather any girls pussey i don't know why that means the world to me you're a pervert that's my guess is like a meteorite it's not even known that even just like even with just like you know her like it just say hey i'd be you want to see the boob just a little sure just the mound of pubic pubic bone hump i'm being a teenager what bummed me out when girls all started shaving their pussies bald some girl told me she was again let me see your pewbs and she goes i i my my bald i really and then
pull their pants down click the top of her the corpus he slid i guess an eyelash it's amazing though how not exciting it was to see that if there was pushy here there you go i'm not supposed to see that but when there's nothing there you know i mean it takes away like a maybe it's maybe i'm know i'm thirty i was a kid like all like everything porn like hair and pussy hair and if you were so i maybe like what i'm just drawn to in that way but i find it very likely it really takes away the girl wears those bikinis were just comes like you know right above are there plus he starts like you don't feel like you in that weird but if you i so girl laying down an some pewbs were coming out the side of her bathing suit
it's actually feel like you're seeing more than if you saw all the top of our personal rights macros album what's that black crowes or america yeah that's a great album cover from hustler i think that was it that's a great album cover black crowes in the ship that big they were the shitshow yeah it's weird when you i kind of forgot about putting her and then when you see it like you kind of miss it i missed it well it's weird because when were kids it was like iconic it was like that represented like like represented call it they guys call it guys beaver you know beaver i had a little bit of cubes poker number samantha fox member samantha fox in the 80s and then they found out that like over in england she did a bunch of like oh yeah naked naked pictures and like yeah big bush she was at page six girl like they had that they used to have page six of their like newspaper where would show that it's that's why they were so much more advanced than us with their art that's why the beta
isn't it came there was so much more relaxed they would choke deads paper relaxes just ted's everybody so freaked out and there was more of like an eyelash for the vagina for periods and stuff so it wouldn't get everywhere and that's why girls are that's not what is the butt was always disturbing though yeah nobody like the bottle here 'cause some girls just did not know what they were doing when it came to wiping and back then nobody a day and nobody had baby wipes it was toilet paper time some of it stuck around for so you get a little us it was about six joints for a little gi joe figures we rolled up did you know little joint could you know is no no nos trimmers at you buy you use that for your also you can yeah it's aware of the well it's not rocket science it's not like trying to figure out
our power knows their terms on your right it's just me cuts hair cuts here yeah you know it just does and it doesn't like cuts and stuff well good news like one of those face shavers little nice ones yeah i don't know what you're asking your off it oh i just leave my answering girls you know what though you could do a way better job of cleaning it if your asshole is shaved but your asshole will all that hair back like wild bush and then in a couple days you'll be squeezing your asked cheeks everywhere you go to keep from just digging in change just clawing at your asshole like a wolf trying to bury a karabo flicking that stubble stubble anbal stubble also bazaarvoice how come my face double barely bothers me my head stubble does like i got last double up here right now no it doesn't bother me at all but jesus christ my asshole
moving around your chair when you're white they're asking you grab it like a bundle of hair on the way out you know it's best man one wife charlize he would try they want them so bad but it is it's like a big dude wipe like that kind of a thing i used to baby wipe they made for men but don't smell like flowers like you just got assfucked by uh our foremost marginally slower anymore yeah well that japanese thing is the shitman but those like yeah he's in the install one in here yeah i'm going to install it in here eventually what does it shoot like high pressure water come over in ours is a high pressure water pressure water warm air it dries your asshole off there's two different speeds to the water shoots in your asshole to to slow it also cleans your vagina if you're a gal he cleans your vagg area you can back your badge up get a little tingly tingly and if you know
there's a little time in the project we went to join cow we went to japan i just sat there for seriously for one slash two hour with the one shooting in my asshole 'cause it just felt so good it like the back wall of your butt hole that's wrong i have to do to feel like i was like getting i still have to do paper afterwards no you know you didn't workout with worried it was so clean i mean it was like taking a shower for your butt hole pretty much dick ulous you could not doing as good a job you telling you you just smearing even if using baby wipes you just smearing show over your hair ok imagine if i took some shit and i just i lived in the top of your head like i'm good i gotta baby why you would never accept that if i had to get in the shower and you would clean your asshole here fair enough but if you told me i know you told me i seventy baby wipes in a row toilet paper
take a shower shower jesus christ as a choice get kinship all day too don't worry then i rubbed it with seventy baby wipes it's not enough you gotta watch this fucking thing you gotta get it in the washing machine in these hot water and sons but again let's say baby wipes and toilet paper just trying to get my method approved but still pixar after before now were but i also unfair to see i mean i don't like do anything i don't go look out for the day though until i shower after she stand up or to wipe or sit down stay end up sitting at even a possibility
wipes or acid and down you must have really should i cough i know what you're covered i don't do it yes i wanted you to i still find a target and i know there's people most people sit and they really are there are so many that smell or watch tearing who could turn one of my buddies when he goes from the floor right will smell his balls yeah right you don't is an actual damn it is very specific proto call my imagine when people smelled like when they hadn't figured out wiping and then some finally figured out how to just kind of clean the area off little bit and like oh yeah well i mean i would just be covered with it all the time when i used to do this pull on when it had red band comma i did this pull it and i did who stands up who sits down and it was like almost fifty things don't have redband dot com i do it just forwards now but yeah
five thousand and fifty like i i know it's like the dress that the stupid dress any accounts fifty percent of the people that were going your website well yeah it was only like one hundred people free so it's a small switches is weird yeah it's very well you're not going to do a good job already sits in and you can see it in the jew clam 'cause he was right it's dark well he should then if ever there was a fair there was a like a bill word for stand up and wipe your assets and wiping his ascuns wrong with his as well specially that one that video is so ridiculous already had homer simpson's mouth asshole farmer watched it the other day it's still in lively the uncensored version still not everyone watched it well we had we had a whole episode of my podcast legion thanks i do it you can nobody said that one of our but said he had a hemorrhoid
and he showed everyone asshole and it's already set up already said that he was like do a hold whole against lewis lewis's and i mean all will blue everyone i mean it was like uncut i told me i was worried about something's wrong months later still like that oh yeah no yeah that's going away man that's that already is going to have flareups like that the jew clam still alive he never killed the jew clam so and he still has the skittle balls like i swear to god if someone's going to butt fuckery i could pull are his asshole up their dick like a sock well he's in he's in thailand right now he's probably getting his asshole lady boys convenient place to test that i bring up brody stevens special please oh my god that's so ridiculous oh my god why what's wrong with that poor boy we put price of wiping dry wiping i guess his driveway must i mean i couldn't picture what else would make that happen
ask doctors all the sudden i remember i reminded him proc tell her that night that happened i sent a cent dunkin trussell a screenshot and he calls me back in this game and what the hell is that you gotta suck he got he got that's pink sock i don't even know it awkward but that's what it looked like he got turned out yeah yeah it's yeah he's got pro us i'm not good god this is skittle balls i can't believe we were at the comedy and magic club and we're like alright alright show us your butt hole right now show us your balls in his balls had all those little balls in it there's a little tiny skittles remember this no that was the calmly magical okay are you still in sligo autistic kid your vote no end at the end of that you claim it's like six months later you go let's take a look back let's see what is look about whole looks like now and we're
comedy magic club and then argues or don't know this is weird financing get all the test was ball no no like his balls were really like like they they look like they had eggs saxon or some like tons a little malls wrong with them yeah but yeah it ends with you going what you're like a child molestation this was a media comics that we like to like show each other our and show each other i seen when it comes to like my friends decks i've seen so many of my friends dictate chile de is deposed take our time you know it would be hilarious you know duncan's pulled up instructables dot com i've never seen on any any i don't get a voice could you work this could you want to cross all the lines you can but you can then you can cross bike possibly right like you could i mean like i've got some weird ones
party has balls out for like almost an entire episode of opening in things we gave this gal stalker patti we gave her a fake breast it was just a regular listerine breath strips and we told her that it was a psychedelic drug and she took it we told that she's tripping balls off and so she's there and ari pulls a sack out and we like we don't notice it like oh my god is pulls around his girlfriend like what what are you talking about so for this whole episode where pretending that already and she is talking about how bad she's tripping about how she can't believe it was complete power of suggestion and placebo effect like she was tripping her ball
did you ever show your dick and balls everyone at the store early on the early days i don't know bobby lease another one i have many pictures of bobbi talked like a woman every day was pants yeah our area of the comes to so i'm going to ask for i'm going to be like four five times and i see his dick and ask a couple times i think yeah jamie lee says me as genesis so it's kind of hard off i know i don't know guys with real big pieces of pulling out pretty quick to answer because i've never done it i've never tried it i definitely can't say i haven't shown someone might come and pull that out for whatever reason i definitely done at least once but it's not a a mainstay for joey for years it was a mainstay joey would have his 'cause you know joey doesn't really find belt that work he doesn't find pants that fit so he's always in a state always we could just shake
his pants were drop his balls and dick could just hang out in front of everybody joe did that how many times i got a picture of him carrying a weight on his shoulder and his pants were down by his knees and his balls dick is hanging out and he's in the back parking lot of the comedy store and by the way this is back when joey had zero career joe dave no fox even when he was starving hey joey diaz been joey diaz since the jump like he's always been a madman like before or he was killing on the road and making great money he didn't give off ac even back then was barely getting by trying to hustle get gigs together but he it's always been like that's like he's the flag bearer for not giving a fuck on the west coast you say you don't give a fuck but you joey diaz not give a fuck that was who is the flag bearer he was always a standard isn't where the
hold on just show their pussies more often like they don't just go check out my pussy just like guys do there's not a couple of tomatoes but it but how far that's come his way average for pulling pushes out is pretty crazy well i think there's competition now too with all its tender and all these different match dot com and all these different dating sites and should people are just getting laid left and right like you get left out in the cold if you try to hold back i mean that fucking what's that website about like madison yeah websites works like people cheated fuckin' imagine dating like a girl that her job was like a secretary to work for ashley madison she would trust nobody you couldn't trust her no one would trust any puzzles are great yeah it's hilarious i mean what a great idea make a website that helps people cheat i was so smart is in their commercials to they have it be a girl getting caught by her husband and ashley madison and then he goes
she's like you know i don't want to be celibate anymore and he goes yeah i understand he's like she goes you know maybe you should try it too like you know i think they should both just it's like spring probably not halco he's just going to guns going to come out shots fired cop show up no ones going to house domestic violence always scary shin things for police office the only thing on the computer ashleymadison dot com bang bang the shooting back and forth each other ashley madison this is what we do crazy man spike from women the day after mother's day hello lamp that's what they're saying according to its data yes born in forty two percent increase and sign up so we expect i'm always a data structure actually factually medicine math how different was system is a fluff piece you know this ain't
and no scientists are doing studies on whether ashley madison is going to experience an uptake in business they did they did that to make people pay attention i'm not on air what i've never done tinder really you don't need to you sexy well now was my my growing in dec dumb joke my girlfriend she he's on friend are where you try but that doesn't work ever will you become friends no no she's on th renderware you like it's trying to find threesomes like find girls for threesomes yeah but i don't know it hasn't worked yet maybe it's only been a couple weeks ago you need cocaine for that yeah that's the only way now put it all molly are pure yeah you're right it's not it's not it's start fires before they figured out lighters are absolutely wasn't so good sitting there with some fucking mohsen a stick shift selector right i guess coke without god helps for sure
yes that's the chart if you try to get a pull stripper they're already cooked up you have to worry about it lucky you you thinking ahead i love it i love it just go to strip clubs i mean but don't you feel like going with this club once it was her first time and she did polish trip or she was great some guys feel at least their comics that like the lifestyle so ridiculous you're in a nightclub every fucking night you're drinking all by the time you're smoking pot if anybody's got mushrooms you're going to do those two you're eating at three hundred o'clock in the morning you're getting up whenever the fuck you want to you're hanging out with hilarious ridiculous people that want to get high and go to the movies at one in the afternoon you like fuck it let's do it and your laugh all the time we go on the road hanging out and going from airport to rent car to hotel all the crackin jokes like this very people that can relate to that kind of debauchery most people are so tide down to crazy nine to five corporate life job life business life where you've got a fuckin' pretend to be somebody for eight
hours they can't be loose can't be free and everybody's i conform to that in there after work life to everybody's like this weird fucking or knows best type clone figure of what a in adults or in an a and a family is and comics were out there living as weird chaotic life but i've actually very young had really balanced both worlds i did you know it was not the right thing to do i guess in many ways and i was done poorly but when i got right when comedy it was about twenty three have like three four years and i was in the world where now i was like going on the road and like if i was opening for a towel or patrice and getting pushy and stuff like that and kind of living that lifestyle like i also was married with baby you know i mean like my daughter's twelve now thirty so you know i mean so right so some thirteen so it's like a it is weird to identify we both those world so you know i was picking up from school every day and then you know two weeks later
you know in rhode island with my buddies and there's you know some fat girls blowing everybody and should i mean just like weird she like you were saying like just like it was very we're just to straddle those worlds could you also try to instill morals in class and the somebody while you're just like anything it was i mean i did just like like section cool stuff especially man like so much stuff just for like girls i wasn't even attracted to anything i'm just like well she will blow maine you know i haven't opened or with me and she'll suck his dick too and whatever you know just insane behavior that that most people the the average guy even in the world of like you know sexual business that we're in kind of now with that stuff with all social media tly not a ton of guys have had like three comes with its even one of their two buddies fucking a girl or two girls at once let alone like some of the she
that is one way better looking than me has not i've done a lot more stuff and they don't have time right most people going from college she of whatever sex you can get in college and then you know you're working all the time trying to get your degree then you get a degree get a job to get the job working overtime you always exhausted the course of time for three so that's fit in your coke time you know all that all that's but i was going to say is like a lot of com relate to strippers because trip these are also live in this crazy sort of the bockarie filled life as well you know they're making way more money than the average girl there dancing on poles there partying with friends they are totally irresponsible fun to hang around with because they don't judge you for being a fuc up as much as like say now who's a lawyer you know when you're a loser comic and you're dating a girl who is a lawyer smile my daughter's mother is a lawyer it is pretty funny but she went to school she did the whole thing she did the hard work she got her fucking law degree she took the
mean man no and i tried in years the kind of like debbie these flickers where i try to like bring her into the but you know i mean like hey we should do some of this weird shift together and she would but i've like i was corrupting a square that kind of one you know i mean that she's a square i don't want to present like that but just like i felt like i was like this is you wouldn't be involved in this kind of creepy shift if it wasn't for maine this isn't where you want to be i gotta i there's nothing wrong with the times square but i agree with you there's nothing wrong with being a square to right now but if that's what you're into it there's a lot of really just like they like going home having tea and reading a book like that is a nice night for them they could puts why not if it brings you genuine joy and why does it have to go to a rave why don't why do you have to surrender
if you have further lost soul take this damn it put it really lost souls asian lost souls mean every we just do whatever you want to do the more will get over that and i think that's one of the things that i really truly have hope for with this new creation of kids all these people i think growing up excuse me growing up with the internet i think they're just going to have totally different acceptance of people being different i just think that we grew in a weird time man we grew up mean i'm ten years older than you so i grew up actually kind of in the early 80s i went to school in eighty one was my first year of high school so i think that we just grew up in a time where we were just guessing nobody nobody kind of knew how many people were out there that were filled with the same amount of angst you kind of guessed by the movies that we all gravitated towards or you guessed by the songs that we all listen to this fucking coffee with butter in it too i might have to stop i have to go straight black hole back
starbucks problem not going back to starbucks caveman coffee all the way but the butter man is not good pre podcast for the phlegm production point is we didn't know man everybody knows now you know it's like if you're like trans gender is perfect example we're talking about like people who feel they were if you were a fucking kid and you were growing up in nineteen before and you are a woman trapped in a man's body you had no fuckin' friends you had no recourse good luck trying to find other people just like you what you going to join some club somewhere that harbors them where they have to come out and admit their part of this number now you go online you could find a whole community of people sure for anything for anything feel like say but even like you know there's communities of fucking pedophile the final shot which is like you know horrible that is horrible man and that's a real real issue you know there was one of those was that fucking piece there's a big expose a piece about this guy and his boyfriend who raised their son to be like a set
slave and if they were bringing his son to all these other grown men i forget do not talking about have you seen this do know i don't want to talk about cuz it's so disturbing but it was it was it was a crazy expose where they followed these these guys for a while i and they suspected it and apparently they had kept this very close knit relationship with all these rich pedophile over the world and he brought their son all around them and he was really young boy and they were using him as this sex slave and they had figured it out somehow or another they figured out how to crack this group of tight lipped people someone you know email slipped out or something and they figured it out eventually brought these guys to to put this poor kid i mean what the these are the people that love you your your pet and your being paraded around with them like you this is is perfect family and meanwhile you're bringing this kid around to all these pedophiles in their fucking am sociopath or psychopath i think that's both
i mean that's a sociopath in that you have no empathy and a cycle path and that you're doing damage right is that was so do what is the difference between sociopath can i say that all the psychopath can feel emotion final right now psychopath does feel motion really like a flashlight that can do chores is a horribly fantastic way to put it it's like a room but with a butt hole ok here's a difference between a psychopath and a sociopath for ok let's see this societies conspired with hollywood playing two seemingly sexy psychological terms door our collective consciousness psychopath and sociopath psychopath and sociopath our pop call g terms for what psychiatry calls an anti so social personality disorder today though two terms are not really well defined in the psychology research literature none
some general differences between the two types of personality types which will look in this article both types we always have pervasive patterns of disregard for the safety and rights of others and manipulation are central features to both types of personalities and contrary to popular belief a cycle or sociopath is not certainly violent okay so psychopath and sociopath they share a diagnosis antisocial personality is someone who has three or more of the following traits regularly breaks or flaunts the law big j okerson constantly lies and deceives others brian red is impulsive and doesn't plan ahead joe rogan can be pro to fighting and aggressiveness joe rogan a little regard for the safety of others brian redband irresponsible can't meet cancel obligations
it does feel remorse or guilt that's none of us we definitely feel guilt yeah so brian you're most likely to be a psychopath most likely one percent of the general population sociopath four percent both suffer from dumb anti social personality disorder both lack empathy both demonstrate complete disregard for the social rules your standards that's brian both feel to feel any so kill that's not you at all both are violent does not you at all so that's weird what's the difference ok whatever see this is where i zone out pop pop psychology a great word too because when it does get into the newhall becomes part of the collective as it says like people just skate
those things so much how many people you just call themselves bipolar look at this key difference psychopaths are is likely to be educated and have a good karere sociopath is likely to be uneducated and unable to keep a steady job that's fucking interesting is have control behavior where sociopaths have erratic behavior huh that's interesting yeah that's fucking weird man we either way fuckedup both highly manipulative impulsive spa tennis sociopath more sponsors but more spontaneous and psychopath more manipulative man you could find you find yourself in a few of those in and things are definitely not you and all of them so you know i mean i definitely there's the thing there were you know when i'm feeling
downtrodden like oh my god oh my god highly manipulative person it will make me upset at myself feel good but that just the next thing under there is like it's because i have personal tag you know like i don't want to hurt people like that yeah i mean i just feel like when you break variables down like that to like a two columns sorting four or five too much of yourself and none of yourself and all that up yourself your complex man i mean you're a fucking a lot of different things in your a lot of different things from week to week mean you're a different person one and then the next week you know things might be going way better in your life and you just to come in you might interact with the exact same person the exact same moment in a totally different way which may to like pretty much a different person in a lot of ways that you change all the time i think the real thing is empathy people who lack empathy they really really scares us people who will victimize other people grew in other people want to kill other people want to do harm to other people's talking to be recognition that freaks us out and that's what we're really worried
worried about someone who goes after someone like someone who who tries to harm them especially physically that scares the out of us like someone someone could just like you were seen a video of this guy who's into just stabbing people in the now yeah he he stabbed a bunch you need the government security camera this guy was in like it or read tell store just walked us some dude if kap slap down to shanks this guy in the house like five six times before he even doesn't even know what's happening it's a black doing it to white guy too which makes it extra spooky the idea that you just zig when you should have sagged and then you you run into some guy who has a buck knife we just shoving it in your ass in a department store like dax possible like you could run into that guy that kind of freaks out there was in the in the east village maybe a year ago and they've had video of it which is pretty brutal she's a little old asian guy walking home like i think was even that way maybe like ten eleven o'clock at night and i could be wrong about that but there's this video on this black dude
is it behind it it's a little old asian guy and he just starts beating him against the wall he just beat him to death the middle i don't know where unprovoked i mean comes up behind a and taxham the word was he was like you know on drugs the kid like whacked out on something but the police station is on my block and these village so they brought in there so that we saw the news vans everything out there and meet my but he went over and we just kind of watched the i come out and like to be apart like that like his face when they brought him out was like if he definitely felt something good i mean what he what he had a kind of a scare ours face but it didn't seem like remorse just the of a guy who just like was involved is just that violent of an action click there's a death death happened and it was all it wasn't even like a with the idea of you know we fear those things and also i don't see myself too i don't see my i know i know fight or flight obviously but hitting someone
head with the hammer like the thought of what that would just do like this the actual physical action of that is mind blowing i couldn't pass wrap my brain around just being just like how some people are just so smart you could barely understand half the fuckin' should they're saying it's like when you talk to particle physics it's not talking about cern and these do these experiments doing trying to locate the large you know the the the the you in the large hadron collider try to locate the higgs pigs boson particle like what the fuck we really the same thing but this has to do brains go off different direction away that you can't even recommend you could even recognize the thought patterns to someone who just walks into a walmart with an axe and just starts taking people out like those people exist the guy who got on the tower in austin tx one day the schools in in the in the university where i was back in the sixties the seventies you start shooting people from the tower until they finally took him out but man did you know with the
ted bundy charles whitman who you're talking about the tower texas yeah doesn't apparently when he was all see he had a tumor on his temporal lobe took away all of so when it just got big enough it took away all conditions we actually killed everything he saw on his way to the tower he killed his dog at home he killed i think maybe his girl but he few people on the way so it was just actually been found not guilty today i heard it's about the same people so he would not be found not guilty because that was actually a physical problem that go ahead but you know what can you in my sitting right here behaviorally teach someone to become a cycle because you know we're on our way now too which was always home of like the crips blah let's gang wars i mean you just take these kids that they're willing like shoot in the crowds permanently and just kill people and then later
play madden well you can you raise them in a totally up way from the time they're born in the worst possible environment people imitate whatever atmosphere there in have you heard of atmosphere that's filled with violence horrific crime and that becomes the norm and you get your respect by committing more violent and more horrific crime so that everyone's afraid of you and you become this bad mother fucker lollipop would you shoot people in the face there's a lot of dudes like that because that's where they get that good feeling they get their good feeling of accomplishment by being the biggest fucking psychopath around that's just a total failure of the invite the person's being developed in but that's also what they have to do in warm and i'm not sure right yeah you know what was all about as usual the psychopaths do you see the thing opposed open instagram today look at this pull up this uh is there a post on instagram is from world war one now look at this this picture is twenty years before king kong and the picture is propaganda picture depicting the germans as savages this was about
many cities got this club in his hand in the clubs as culture k u l t you are that's like i guess he said in germany maybe i don't know but it's to represent german culture and this was this predated king kong by twenty fucking years but it's uh like with like a crown like a german german helmet with a spike on the top of it and the guerrillas a woman and her tits are out tips are allowed to show it it's back then even in an army propaganda film you gotta protect that it's an this gorilla with this club there's destroy this mad brute and then it says list us army and if you go to joe rogan on instagram you can see it's pretty crazy sanders says america that i wonder if they it's been that they they kind of stole the idea for king kong from that poster one of that was like a pretty well known poster back in the day and that got me the writer got the idea for could have could could could grow
stop saying that you know in twenty years later made a movie like it mean i think but the idea of gorilla you know at the time this is another really interesting point at the time mountain guerrillas were not even known to be real mountain gorillas really only became known for sure in the early 1900s so this is a real relatively recent animal in a lot of like gorillas like there's always been like talk of guerrillas and different types of primates and they've always known that chimpanzees existed in orangutans were very confusing to people in the early 1800s but when they were documenting all the different animals they didn't definitively document the mountain gorilla until the early nineteen hundreds so you're looking at something probably if i guess that's supposed to represent a mountain gorilla or some kind of girl you're looking at something that was like a relatively recent idea to people this picture of
rila and it's also you look here you also looking at something that's only probably fifty years after the invention of photography you know so i mean think about fifty years ago you talking about like one thousand nine hundred and sixty something right think of that figure ninety sixty seven we still driving nineteen sixties cars around there's a lot of those are classic cars that was when the for photograph was invented for them and they're looking at this image of a gorilla carrying a woman like whoa why do you gorilla was pretty recent yeah but that's germany in that crazy like france and we're supposed to be civilization and these were mad barbarians from like the days like that's what the germanic tribes that's what we thought of as germans in the 1900s they connected them to barbarians really yes is not amazing so much so that when we went to war to the kind of been more sleek you know it was it was such a i got i was
you know they were so advanced in so many words so much change in weather weaponry and all right they really pretty you know this is dave the automobile industry there their cars are some of the most advanced cars in the world the germans make mercedes they make bmw an they make portia i mean we're done those are like the three like if you had to pick i got top three most advanced best engineered high end cars those are the three like those are the with like ferraris are bad aspect everybody knows that fucking thing is going to break if you're going to keep bump into someone that you buy a fucking ferrari like bitch you know you can't go to vegas in that thing halfway in the desert in some pain pain pain have you seen that car that goes on air it's called like blow or belief or something like that because one hundred miles on air and it and it the compressor in it that takes four hours to charge you just plug
and one more for you can go to a gas station and if they have like the like the compressor you can fill it up in four minutes do you to be kidding now and what's crazy is it's already big in the u k it's there just now making a plan and hawaii and i it's only cost ten thousand dollars well that's a game dangerous specifically on that yeah it's probably the ceo is on shark tank and they also in if you really really strong along here right that should be like your workout everyday is pumping your cars like in airplane ramp but i mean you're going to that step might see people in smart cars in new york it's terrified that doesn't even have two wheels in the front that's a bike i don't know it's like the same one i bike with a helmet mobile that's what saw the airport was on shark tank yeah i guess that's it let's see a video on this pitch
yeah that looks to me like a bike wearing a helmet that's all it looks like that does not look real and it doesn't definitely doesn't look like something you'd be safe in house that pass all the crash so that was one of the things like all the sharks didn't invest in it because you know they don't they only have three prototypes of this and there it was just about to go into the manufacturing so they haven't done the actual test yet once just google it jamies google airpod video 'cause we can't just go on their facebook page and click on every link you're going to get this dog ship this is how we made the seat well see who is affected by the seat standing travel one hundred miles from the type of foam that's very light so we can drive there out there look at this fucking thing drive around this crazy too that gets no traction it's a scary imagine if you run black eyes in that piece of shit can you imagine taking me to something if you could peddle it you buy pedals yeah right probably pretty good you probably a boost the pedal be a boost it's a moped
look how you get out though this suggestion dick dad at at at at at at at at at at at and you control it using a joystick like a video game well that is trippy that strip but what if you want to text and drive you can't even do that you need two hands to control this pitch i wanted the middle like maverick how much control of the joystick that's probably a good idea to keep people from texting and driving make them uh control car with two superman joysticks yeah one for him one for going straight back but you can't look slick like if you're rolling your six four and you got your hand well in in my six four and all the hookers saintine let me write write that long arm hold on to the top of steering wheel subway it's so you know how this thing with the windows go down the window is blasting yourself with music in the front wheel it's about as big as a tic tac they had a car we'll it's a wag it's a
like child's play wheel back wheel bearings yeah so small i mean look at this weird fucking engine too but hey man if i can study do you think it has heat that's a good question right instead of heat oh yeah 'cause i have anything how weird is this watch that thing fill up air with someone comes along and just shoot a hole in your air tank and fucking explode right oxygen yeah there's this oxygen what's interesting though is that this is even possible can you imagine somebody like porsche or somebody getting behind in this kind of idea of we don't we're not even using fuel we're using air that's fun nuts yeah well you know there's a problem with that and that are you generating that air like what are you doing to get that compressed air and how much fossil tools are involved in making that air compressor that process might require some like that i mean you can do is solar maybe there's a way power some sort
have a generator with solar that pumps air that seems possible if that's true boy that would be like the greenish it of all time but it would also be real well there's a back seat cedar no seems like she climbed in the back or is this a different laws to see those sisters next to each other so there's more more than one model yeah do what's that shark tank show no it's actually pretty decent it's like i i find a lot of things in there that that are it's like this company called bagel bites and work and i'm now addicted to i mean they just send you all these different kinds of bagels and they're just like little bagel balls with cream cheese in the middle and you put in your oven i told him i support that show i'm at support anybody who's encouraging people to come up with a good thing is crazy oga fuck yeah dude oh that's really good
pretty hard he's a bad mother fucker dallas diamond page i interviewed at how we gave me a copy and we've been doing it on the road it's a good thing to do in hotels in the road to yoga hard workout is hard to do i would after yoga three years ago and i'll show you a hickson gracie documentary called choke which those hixson doing yoga and you realize like oh i think i have a weird idea about yoga 'cause i think all these chicks do you know it's hard man yeah it's really good for your body and it's fantastic for your course he does a lot of people that they do and i was guilty of this myself for sure when you work out also it's a different way but what you don't workout in is your body's ability to move as one union and one unit and your flex the and your body's like once and sovereignty like where your body you could do whatever you want to do with your body like stand on one foot and just stick legs straight up in the air there's a lot of people that can lift off lock load a weight is a lot of people that can
run upstairs and do laps on this fucking pool and back and forth back and forth and they're just animals but ask stand on one leg grab their foot and stick their foot straight up here and then bounce they literally can't do it they can't balance there i like that it's because they don't have full control of their body what yoga gives you is this weird control of your body when you get really good at yoga like hicks and did you know one of the reasons why one of the best jujitsu guys in the world it wasn't just that he knew every move there was it wasn't just that his dad was helio gracie's on the jujitsu artist won the most important martial arts ever was also his physical abilities were superior because he was and all that yoga now this body weight stuff like you would do all these crazy exercises man he would do all the balance beam things it's pretty dope there's a video of him on the beach in santa monica and he's doing like these pistol squats on a balance beam holding his foot up and sticks his foot above his head and he said jujitsu master pull the video up
that's crazy it's crazy to see because you think about what you can do with your body and you think about how much effort it would take to be able to do this with this guys doing right so even diamond dallas page in his 50s in the video standing on one leg and hold his leg of the nearest oh yeah when you pull it out to it you can go up in the middle you pull it out it's really impressive i can't get even close to what he's doing well so was done is fix a lot of people's bodies lot of time my back a lot i really annoying lower back problems for about a year and a half and it's made that much much better i bet it was my dad would strengthen your entire core i'll show you machine after we get out of here i've got a thing in the back for lower backs it's called a reverse hyper is made by this guy louie simmons who's this world famous powerlifter guru from columbus oh and uh from westside barbell and westside barbells his organization he came up with this machine that it works like sort of like your legs are hanging like you lean
upper body over like a table and your legs are dang going from the waist down there dangling and they hook up to these rollers like a leg curl machine sort of and with uh great leg you lift your leg all the way up and then you go down as it's going down it it pull tools on your lower back it's like an active decompression so you it up it strengthens you lift it down it decompress is lifted up extract if you want to look at it it's called reverse hyper you can get it online i bought mine from a company called rogue fitness well this is all the crossfit stuff yeah well that cool ship but i'm telling you this reverse hyper is been amazing for my back it's so have you ever done i was at my apartment new york is just too small to store one but i want to get inversion table so there have two back there if one one that you do from the waist down you like lean forward on and i'll show you bought them after yeah puresystems hang upside down like a bat with every day i do it every day every day do it every day for five minutes every day every
every time i work out every time i lift weights especially if i lift anything heavy like i do squats or any like that until you do it i do it right after i'm done and i do it as long as i can until i feel relaxed i just want my back to open up 'cause everything you feel that happened you actually feel it like making noise at all if you actually feel m norway's see there's a that's like that but we are hoping for it to get what you're hoping for a good but there's a magic cure it it's not that's not really that's not nothing is really happening there that's like nitrogen being released it's not really fixing anything it just sounds cool yeah i love the sound like you go to the chiropractor and i get cracked i love the sound but the reality is that's not what's fixing anything what's fixing is the adjustment of the you know the spine what's fixing when you're when doing that that conversion table inversion table it's the decompression of your muscles like your muscles relaxing and stretching be so you be able to actually concentrate on relaxing your lower back and most people can't most people they tense
so even when they lie hanging by their rank it's one of the reasons why some doctors erroneously think it's not affected they go while you're just going to support it with your back anyway um a little but you understand how your body works you can relax that area and i feel a great difference between holding it tense and relaxing in that there feel the stress on that lower back area and it's lengthening the muscles it's it's pulling them stretching them in a way that it's very hard to stretch those muscles it's very hard to stretch them that way you know your body is malleable man like you can the reason why some people are super super flexible there's a little bit of genetics involved there but a lot of it is just pushing just hard work and push bring on the flexibility is everyday making it move a little bit more move a little bit more like when see it do with three holes in their ear that's like a you can do that shit to you you can stretch your things out you put a plate your lip you can you can do also that your neck with those wires
crazy ladies put on but you can also kind of stretch your body out that way to the soft tissue manipulation it's only amount you can get away with but you can if you push it hard enough long if you're really dedicated you can stretch a lot of ship and one of the problems that people have with their lower backs especially is their hamstrings like hamstrings are really tense it's a tremendous amount of pressure on your lower back and it also limits your mobility it limits the way your body can move around and that also puts pressure on your lower back stretch it all with your your hamstrings i do yeah i've been i've taken a lot more to stretching uh i did crossfit for two years and i lost them to wait until it was great in that regard but the damage speed powerlifting is not a good idea fact up your back that's where i think did it
i mean just like you know you would be one of swinging kettlebells some i'm just like a name that i don't even care about from a much of things are for some reasons can able to focus like my step step stance on kettlebells it was never that heavy but things were they you know they want you to you know cleans are like snatch and they show you the form for twenty minutes and then they go now as fast as you can for eight minutes you know and the best guys done this and you don't want to be a loser like that guy so be as good as this you know try to do fast and for mister sacrificed how many people to drop weight in your head all the injuries i saw people missing box jumps will get hurt the most their shins get busted up on those well you know that's the probably the easiest to fix that's just a cut in a bruise the real hard stuff to fix the back stuff when you start doing powerlifting in
large repetition movements and it fast on his family and presses yeah you lose you know you the most important thing we our lives the most important things proper form that's the most important thing by far you should never abandon that ever and that's that's like one of the things that people criticize crossfit it for steve maxwell who's a good friend of mine is fantastic trainer probably one of the most knowledgeable people i've ever met when it comes to like fitness training so it's always on top of the latest modalities different techniques and stuff he hates it he thinks that you actually see that i can see i have given it do because like with minimal right now i die it much harder and i do more yoga that i would say i do like you know heavy weight training i try to do more stuff like that you know i mean like cardio and stuff i six in yeah that's insane watch the video though it's insane watch him watch him on the beach 'cause it's fucking ridiculous pistol squats this is all different things he's doing
you got to see the the gymnastics in santa monica that's a totally different video just like channing tatum and fox catch her who did little to he this is this is from choke this is a diff it's different footage it's him on the balance bar in santa monica beach he's doing that kind of ship he's doing it while he's walking on a balance bar nuts it also does kind of like applied like so skills are y like american ninja war this is cool shows or the original you don't think it's like you don't think any that's neat like the stuff that makes it gracie to american ninja warrior show such a cool show no not just the idea that you could like like the concept of off the side of a building terrifies me because there's no chance of pull myself up well if i if i catch a ledge by my finger tips affect those guys can you know a send on their finger tips is is bonkers addison those free climbers are
boogie the those guys are doing like that do we had on alex honnold the guy who up the side of mountains backwards backwards have you seen the hardcore yeah it's a good way to break your neck did you ever see the russian guys you go on the cranes and just do like we played every one of those makes my legs quiver watching the videos yeah my feet go numb and trying to do that so you put body starts shaking so watching themselves video the other day of this guy that goes out on this ledge of this hotel like like super high up and he just starts jumping from one like patio like had that like this little part just from one to another talking about that new cell phone video is that it yeah it's the samsung galaxy is a galaxy note or galaxy s6 that was neil brand doing the jump parkour master yeah the guy
the straps the video camera straps the camera on him and then turns a video on and then jumps from building to building but it might be bullshit it might be cg i'm not exactly sure 'cause he's doing some fucking insane jumps i'm not exactly if he's really doing those jobs yeah here it is right here stick no you know that's not never seen this you know i've seen this yeah look at this this is the edge camera video look at this fucking guy man i mean it seems real this is the one i'm talking about right here do this takes a photo of their food 'cause jumping off of buildings and ship taken photos of food but would you jump eve you definitely jump you know four feet if i would have run you could definitely jump for fee without a doubt you jump can do the album for free so you can jump you could jumble of a distance of four for you know for a fact yeah we do that right i wouldn't jump four feet from building the building i mean i just guy at the
i mean there's definitely amount an amount of money i guess that will do that for i suppose but i mean like ah i would still be here yet i'd still be emotionally panicked like going to do it even if i know even though i know i can jump you know yeah significantly i'm shocked holding feet how many how many feet wide using the stables three we think this is not mourant non access to our three year what is this four feet wide yes yeah i could definitely jump over that with a run and everything like that of course even just standing broad jump is definitely jump over that but if the so was like one hundred story yeah that's what i mean my hands are sweating dude i just said that in my hand because as i say i have to assume you know it's real i have i have to assume is that this video will make you faint
and i give it to jamie faint not but this is the one time i look at high that is and he just starts jumping from one corner to one corner and at the end he has to stop at do you have that but you could you know have you ever in your i guess probably going really hard drive you fallen off of a chin up bar ever know but you still would not want to like take that so you're confident in your in your in your pull ups and you want to do it over the value just land on your feet sure here it is check all my god no he's not doing this on to this what is he doing all oh wow this is fucked up
all my god but june there dripping my hands are dripping feel my hands the soaking wet right now it's real anxiety but insists her guy you don't know anything is the fact that that comes out of his mind to focus the help bar graph you know how much would someone have to pay you buying to do this never never know i would faint this there's no amount of money for now i would suck dick i don't think i have that much faith in my coordination which is sex before doing that probably yes yeah how many dicks as many as you know
yeah i'm not doing that 'cause you can't die sucking dick you'd have to know halfway through the dick this dick is spoiled the dexcom barry serafin suck this dick do you have expiration date on this dick is i am not going to get trichinosis from your dicks are covered under his nuts for a stamp dates nantucket fuqing guardian from your dick i want to die transgenders i have fake pussies like if they they feel like they can't get a period that they're like oh if i could get it so yeah first always do something else i'm saying i think that super throw that also right is that weird thing is because it doesn't it being made dick was so that it's also on an oddly placed with johnny usually also come like high up is where is the decal do not seen one in real life do you think they put us in terms of packets in there in the squeeze is to make it feel like i think that probably pretend here take out an array that was crazy is that this is crazy sounds good to do that but i mean like they like you know go
does want to meant we're fucking fake dick all yeah look at difference yeah it's true there's a lot of to do that maybe put some may want to put phoenix exploding blood packs in their vagina those things you think she want to be a vampire when you work here look at this fucking balance this guy has he just sat down on it he's put his foot down and watched stand up i think it looking forward to two he's not watch this 'cause he's standing up on one leg from his ask down it's also like a rounded pole looks like no no that's flat on top your balls to watch how he does this this is insane that's crazy he stands up and then once he gets all the way to the top then he doesn't split he grabs his foot it's crazy his fuckin' balance is amazing and that was one of the i mean one of the reasons why he was so good like he had a combination of everything look at that get the fuck outta here man that dudes doing a split look at this shit standing on about
i'm well let me that's like the ultimate control of your body right there if you can do that you can basically do anything he's the greatest ugetsu fighter of all time to like widely recognized for almost everybody ever has been a great extra grazing yeah i don't think it's a coincidence that it's also he can do ridiculous things as body that like it like i bet bron james can't do that i bet kobe bryant can't do that you know about what he can do that's a very unusual i wouldn't bet a gsp could probably do that things to clot close yeah george is a pretty amazing athletes he's i think we're this is short jumps up on those little messages and you're in between i'm used to goes up and i mean that's like yeah well you so he's very flexible too that's a big flexibility move you have to be really flexible just to be able to hold your leg up there like that you know george is pretty flexible do you see the pacquiao mayweather fight watch that yeah would you think we talked about it
just before eight thirty we we talk to you see what you like to hear but i think that most people were disappointed right i i just was bored i just call i called it very easily from the beginning i never leave asked if you're if we're talk and that it see it seems like that the ufc has written mma has really spoiled boxing for me because i i just i mean it's not like mike tyson days it wasn't exciting like that where you know it was but it's not coming yeah right but that was the best of their backs that's the best boxers right now and that's your best why would why we watch a hundred box it's twice as much as you have see on the i think the u of c sixteen hours okay list well i def yeah a million fights yes it all doing tons of over the course of my you get free for heights yeah but don't you think like everybody says a focus on ever watch boxing and i think that's bullshit i think they will still watch it but i'm not gonna pay a hundred bucks ever but who's going to be a lot of deals like who's gonna who's gonna ever who's gonna tear through again like i
tyson that's what you need you need somebody with that kind of vicious like knockout so you need to bring excitement back to it one thing there was excitement on this fight but i never fully understood why i really was like i think i called that from the second day just a thought i go mayweather wins by decision what about canelo alvarez and uh as part of the fokker he's fighting next week is fighting this coming saturday going to show the rematch the floyd mayweather fight on hbo and he's going fight saturday or friday i don't know ufc from australia right glass catalyzing match i watched was at chris jerry beating that the rush and provide a coffee yeah that was a fun fight to watch did you see lucas matisse say versus product off provided confidently mattie say go to war for twelve rounds it's fucking crazy i mean is a razee fight that's like the kind of fight that everybody wanted from a pacquiao and mayweather like just show a cup
acoustic few minutes show highlights of the matisse a providing a cough fight this was like some crazy rock'em sock'em robots rocky five like it was a movie fight and and and and all of a ufc and boxing or mma and boxing for me i say one of my top five fights of all time is boxing odds diego corral is versus now what was his name on it's three zero three names i believe i believe you don't tom charlie taylor right and a home here the world's going to a team he was getting wobbly towards i know you're talking about the i mean they fought in a in a phone booth they say you know for it was yeah and have it was a back and forth knockouts come with that pat barry check congo thing this is this is these two guys fighting i mean this is providing a coffin matisa it was a crazy fight they smashed heads right there but this
this was like who want to if you want to watch like a blood and guts fight like everybody wanted the mayweather fight to be you got to watch this fight because it was incredible she is i mean these guys just back and forth beat the out of each of the vinikov takes a punch better than any living human that's ever walked the face of this falcon plan when he's done he looks like a like asian dry cleaner lady she told that he really does he's all stretched out his face is bizarre he looks like they pulled him out of a woolly mammoth tusk in the middle fucking himalayas or some he's such a stud though so it's like a fucking animal as a fighter and he uh they did uh uh it took photos of his drug test after the fight and his urine was black i mean bowl from hello coke like coca cola that's what is pissed look like from this fight this fight was so crazy i mean it was just like one of the nuttiest fights i've ever seen in my life and that was the kind of fight that hose
louise castillo right wasn't that it was yeah dierker alice yeah i was always casteel yeah that's it and they went back and forth back forth mailing each other are so good damn yeah he had some great vise u corrals died like not crazy long after that he done a motorcycle accident no yeah he's a while do you know while do is just walking man man man but it will make it make a movie of his life and hope you are now was just starting my charity work you know i'm done i'm done with this crazy fight game going to preserve my family stop cheating on my lady i do right now is some help the that little kids coming up and then it'll be some kid drinking laughing it turns a corner and smashes into and there's a lot of people that complain about the end of you know i guys being tricked drug over the coals now that he's dead now but the
chris the american sniper guy chris kyle but like the same thing it was like this i'm going to go help this wacky guy out she's like you shouldn't do it goes hey every one deserves help and then it's like you know he never came home that day i bet even just like you know they probably all his life a qb fuckin' kind well now i have to leave you fuckin' concept that's why i asked for breakfast be done an hour ago when i got in the shower you twatt back at seven you fucking dumb or change your attitude before back dead god you never know man you watch a movie about someone's life the most of the ship they're saying they just did not do try to not look like leave town or or hang up on i i never i i always say with like i think in girlfriend i've ever had or they the
let me not leave town getting on a plane while we're in a fight i've thrown it all away i will absolutely get on a plane and then while i'm on a plan like this plane goes down it's going to fucking ruin the rest of her life sucker that's so crazy so this baltimore thing what was the what did they do this guy because there's a catalyst mean like there was a he died in police van right they injured they hurt his back like his neck like a spinal cord failure right yeah but i had read from a very credible source that he was already injured this is not true it's not true died from an injury sustained in so all the stuff that everybody had said about it being all the fake rumors
those mutherfuckers with their fake stories or sprite dangerous my broken heart the best part of that was hearing other like guys that were in the van to like the uh the criminals or you know the criminals that were in the van with them like giving account of it was always greatly because it goes well come him hurt himself is a weird one nbc of course the cops did he can't hurt himself like that yeah not the guy you want to be here seems himself nbc newscom says disputed report and then freddy they hurt himself in police van question mark that is not journalism you shouldn't be able to do that you shouldn't be able to say disputed report and then the title freddie gray
hurt himself in police van question mark you just getting off the hook you haven't done the fucking work and trying to get the story out you're trying to get clicks before you've done the work you don't know if that story fuck you can't do that like that you should for nbcnews dot com that's really sneaky shit because that's a story you know what that is muted report on a new site how about you do some fucking journalism how much you follow up making an actual report how well you are doing is if you say something like that people like me just read the headline and start repeating it priority himself in the van already tried to hurt someone event the best expecting guy hurt himself in the van burning down the dry cleaners the best people of how easy it goes out or was it was it a comic at one point that was like accuse something everyone just says like he did it with i now guy comic who
i think so yeah yeah but yeah terrible examples yeah let's let's keep moving let's do another one well here's did you hear about having to have to come back to across such a great signal eh that got shot by the cops of thirteen year old it was nineteen year old kid that got shot in for him an armed crying for his mommy before he fucking died unarmed the cops they thought he had a gun shot him through a fucking screen window like this song you know he's standing there staring at burning they just shoot him just wasn't doing anything was a criminal at all total accidental death from some income person that have the police officer and now this you know please complete saucers buzzing at duke lacrosse things exactly is that people still sit use that as an example of like the situation's a televised to cross team didn't happen here didn't have in the in the in any store always kinda like these people still say that what people are to terrified of fraternities actually doing something like that so the duke lacrosse case
is is one of those but like the u va the university of virginia saying the rolling stone printed this huge article about never happened they just did journalism we failed at every level when it comes to this got damn rolling stone but because such a sensitive subject and people are really sensitive about calling now someone that may have actually been a victim like being wrong sure sure sure and saying you were in a victim and it turns out they were people are so verified that they actually skirt away from the real journalism you know that's happened exactly you don't want to get you in trouble 'cause if they're right yeah yeah but you know that that the duke lacrosse case that was one of nancy graces pets those boys noise right that girl they took that girl did terrible things i mean she never apologize them she was a cute flat out accusing them of that on television you know you can that's it's kind of same thing it's not journalism the story's not done did it do you don't know unless you were there
you gotta fucking get all your ducks in a row and even then man people lie there's a lot of weird going on when it whenever there's a story and then there's two different sides that story boy this gets tricky trying to figure who's telling the truth and who's not telling the truth and what is white like man which was like to with it like all the only witness for the or the groups over there you know yeah there's others those behind closed doors accusations or fucking that's so men want to be juries yeah no shut and it's also it's weird the difference in like the stories that catch the stories that catch fire and then everybody wants to walk in the street just like this kid in la this is not catching fire whatever reason you're barely hearing about this baltimore's burning them yeah baltimore is burning down in the guy who was in police custody is it in me the criminal right like everybody's kind of admitting this guy has done crimes before and this is
simply police brutality issue but this who got shot in la isn't even a criminal is just a kid it was just a mistake like this is that's terrifying it just willing to shoot that twelve year old boy in cleveland the guy gets out of car a cop who is taken off of a different police squad because is dangerous because they didn't they just like the out of here often another department hires this guy he gets out of a car in seconds he shooting at a twelve year old with a gun and not say that being a cop is in a fucking insanely difficult job and not saying i've said many times i don't think anybody can do it right i think it's just way too much and way too much pressure but my point is how here is it that some stories catch at some stories don't like stories they just they just reply you hear about the guy getting shot by the cops and there's no protests and everything you just become the story just becomes another statistic and then freddie gray bone or
that kid in ferguson ferguson of michael brown boom which is catches and into the protest it gets crazy and everybody just goes nuts over to cleveland with that kind of town but it is all about the south carolina one with the guy got shot they didn't they didn't drive there going to shot in the back man that got shot in the back of his fucking video of it but there's no crazy it's like there are in baltimore is just yeah a small mentality man if you can get the mob to to i com each other down like it spreads that way yeah i mean look let's take this to the streets peaceful pro it on it but if like if the controlling most people start going out there and just like kicking in cop car windows that's the way it's going to go i've found that like i didn't use any about that matter that was terrifying watching people like again if this was so much wrapped around like we're riding 'cause we're pist off we're not going to take it anymore like high you see people laughing eating cake
in the background while they're stomping on fuckin' cop cars and she's like it's a guy it's it's it's just the price terrified i third world for third world i think the cops leave this because there i really do i think they give leave those cars there is like something to take their anger out on high pot leave them now but you know what i mean like walking in street fighter you give them car to destroy and they have those cars are insured it's a bonus level and they give them something to destroy and i really think that i really think that that's probably a strategy in a lot of ways take a cop car leave it in an area where you know that there's going to be some protests just let him it up you know baltimore mayor gave those who wish to destroy space to do that i got in trouble for saying that but okay but what she said was she was criticized because they thought that
is actually giving the green light to go ahead and riot by a mayor not trying to calm people down but instead by saying something like that the the interpretation was that what she did was almost gave them like a license to go out smash it she's a black lady yeah she's cute even those who wish to destroy space to do that as well she's black right yes you have to bring that up man she asked because i don't see color i feel for i feel bad she has to answer like so funny things also did i mean right back let me read that again yeah i know i hear you look at this quote though because while trying to make sure that we are protected from the cars and other things that were going on we gave those wish to destroy space to do that as well and we work very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to deal escalate that sounds to me that she's very pragmatic so you know what i read it in context would that
once to me like she's a pragmatic woman in which she did was she made a calculation and decided that these there's got i'm going to destroy things and maybe that was admitting that they left some cop cars there too smart move right take a las for the greater good maybe you know but there's greater good i mean they they burnt a lot of they smashed a lot of things a lot of cops get injured being a man this too hard this day and age but that we need him though that's what's crazy you know i'm really i said this one things like well who's gonna do it i am on a certain certain personality is going to go do it yeah and you know actually i mean i guess would multiverse out as can do it but a lot of times i being the same car you know it's it can you know obviously the abusive people or when it becomes a problem but the really calm people there super valuable super valuable asset to the community have a really good com cop who actually can deal with shit look fine one of those good luck being that guy
it's a hard road and you're not going to get nearly the respect that you feel like you deserve for putting your fucking life on the line on a daily basis breaking up family dispute boots stopping crime and break inzon fuckin' carjackings kind of crazy shit you have to deal with every he's lying to you i mean some of the worst things those when it when a cop really does buddy up to you and starts like opening up his weird moral like i'll do like where where where his morals are to you it's it's always blows my mind how to say things like yeah it sucks these homeless around here you know we used to be able to beat their asses but now it's like they're watching us everywhere really i've heard him say i was bragging to me that he's never had i was smoking weed in his presence he was a guy wish i could smoke again man but you know they just test us all time he goes but you could check my arrest records man i've never had a never rest we for we'd never resting for a dui and i was like what
no man we have to address every do you are you exactly to be trying to court make some correlation to me that i that i saw god rock on the road tonight pretty sure drunk sinking and whether or not column in so i beside an alain backed up and stayed behind them and watch them we've weaving well and i couldn't tell if he was drunker is tired 'cause you keep for awhile and then he would drift and then come back in and keep it up and he was good it was hard to tell but as disturbing as fuck it's like all these cars are flying around going seventy miles an hour on this one guy is not fully in control i had a call a few times just 'cause every time i come home it's that time of the bars are closing and so once in awhile you just have to do it 'cause you see how bad it is like alright that's ridiculous i called in once called him it's coming down the one hundred and one so fuckingg i was just taking two three lanes at a time just go straight across and then back on straight for a little bit little bit wiggle who drift to the right back on straight straight
a way i mean he was fogged up and i knew that i was going call should i call the cops i don't know what happened never saw it i did watch a guy i was going seventy miles an hour and this guy falcon fallou by me on the highway the other just one more thing and i was like what the fuck i mean dude is it crowded highway in dude how to be going a buck twenty easy easy buck twenty and then right behind him rip the fucka cotsworth racing him the entire time this asshole like thought he was like being joe slick and driving with a car behind him and that car was a cop car so they hit the lights in the right behind them now oh my god he was driving so fast 'cause i was watching this was like this is not like an empty road on the way to vegas there's no one in front of you and your fucking listening to radar love this is this is the one hundred and one in hollywood at seven hundred and thirty at night very crowded rd in this guy was fall i and it's so weird
the sciences in on that ship you know i mean like those things like that they end bad a lot yeah they do kinda weak pieces car chases are flocking tariff for cops to imagine if you're a cop and you want someone to kill my trying to get some bad guy flow that happens of course it happens going one hundred and fifty miles an hour or whatever the hell you going going around corners and how good exactly is there driving you know did you ever see the video as of cops getting buy cars while they're like checking i ds and so yeah that's awful i mean where they and for that is ridiculous most of them don't do that anymore they stand on their own so they they go on the other side but it is uh major issue you know like when you're approaching cars to see someone's hands got to make sure that they don't have any weapons on them every com pastor approach every car like this is the guy that might keep you from seeing your family again that's just easy job man crazy way to make a living it is a shame those videos
i've actually never had cops be very helpful to me or nice to me ever it's very very very rare yeah it's very weird as a white look at you you look like a monster i mean yeah i guess i gotta fucking torture basement under that car cj nothing it's just carpet just fourteen filipino boys were pulled from a trunk in this man's basement look like they do from pulp fiction the gimp bring out the gimp guys bring out the gimp yeah you're one of the guys right grown man with long hair is like you don't follow the rules do you what else do you i follow the rules on sir usually to bandar said you play by the rules well that's the new rule you get a man thing the top like a pony pony and then i get on top of the girl period we heard the newest trend for women is actually putting it in old lady hair bun an actually dying your hair grays that like people are dying i met a girl down aggrandized
nose rings look weird hi pants mom there's always going to be something people are always exhausted with options that are available and then is likely i just need something do i'm going crazy it i'm going i'm gonna tapping my face with those guys on that a broader somewhere they tend to their eyes yeah i've seen the ten to the or yeah yeah like i mean i their hair grey for the granny hair well if you're hot is shaped like those girls yeah you can do silver it's not even great he's going to get mad like hot those girls are that's ridiculous so who gives a fuck they have gray hair you shave your head you know like say like when someone say do you think of girls attractive there's a lot girls are undeniably attractive but do they pass the shape he had no shirt test and if a girl passes the shaved head no shirt test that's a ridiculously hot girl right
these girls in this in this montage past the shaved head no shirt test like this i can't say i'm surprised can't seems is it granted hairs in they're hot they're hot does a fox have black eyelashes i don't buy points not even granny hair if it's they're that hot yeah it doesn't take on that look at this girls it's like they want until like slow it down a little there too hot you know right to put some roadblocks in the way yeah like it's just too many dudes are hit much take out too much number two thousand all this dick yeah it's enough already i've got too many dicks coming my way did you see that episode of workaholics that they talk about that was so fucking good i've never watched that show before it was hilarious yeah i didn't watch it i saw some of the clips online but i didn't watch it and how much of the show is dedicated to making fun of
a lot about what what happens is they do they eat peyote right and throughout the thing the risk they're quoting you and like okay and then and then there's some like silly quotes were like no joe rogan says we got a trip on acid and do do you i laughed my ass off forward it's me season five episode twelve it i've watched it four times asal there it's a funny show mac i just haven't had a chance to watch all i barely can keep up with game of thrones i don't have time time to do anything now i'm just too fucking busy these days is seth rogen and all the time he did joe rogan at once in awhile that's hilarious that's hilarious that's an honor that's an honor that's really cool so when i saw it online it's like wow that's crazy it's funny when you go either way when your referenced in the show like i was talking i was talking to artie lange like two weeks ago or something he was and he told me that
we thought it was an honor the reference on cleveland show one time but it was the reference was i the mom was buying food one data time he's like nobody buys food one day at a time except for already lying but now it's kinda weird way to have like a punchline coming city the same eat a lot you yeah yeah that chose a good showman to find out i can show it's really well written it was it was a surprising because i i'd never had watched it before now that in broad city have you ever watched that it's you know it's like there's so many good things man i haven't seen amy schumer show either i keep hearing really things about amy schumer show have you seen it i've watched it you know cool thing about broad city it's kind of like sex in the city but our generation and they just smoke weed an like do grossh it but it's is that like sex in the city at all it's a city that is about all show it's about two girls and it's just it's a you know follow
snipping suitable pigs hannibal he plays one of like ryan it's ok to sanity i highly recommend it damn it very good shows now man this is a crazy silicone valley fuckin' grain i missed a bunch of shows and you can't go back there's too many this is new ones coming out yeah if you're behind if you like never watch all the breaking bad you can just start with better call saul i so yeah it's great how is don't know i just don't know i watched the first season and it was really but i just got busy it's just a matter of just totally a matter being busy made through dexter and that got really disappointing at the end i gave up on dexter i finished it and it's disappointing soup we got when i finish i've talked about this one hundred times when john lithgow killed at check in the bathtub gevara shiteiru naked choke if you put it in like a lame rear naked choke on like this you are not showing anybody with that just thought this show and i just i literally
i carried it disappeared legitimacy of mixed martial arts moves so you can't just fake it's like if you were doing a documentary jimi hendrix and you playing a fake guitar and you didn't really know you're doing i could tell you don't know what you're doing i go fuck this documentary you know that's how yeah about john lithgow nashira naked choke plus when you choking ladies fight back like they tried to try to stay alive they're freaking the fuck out you don't just stay in place so you could do it they fight they kicked her leg eggs they thrash around it was like elizabeth berkley and that coke seen the cool which was trying to bang kyle mclaughlan remember she's flying around israeli flag look like if someone if you're trying to choke somebody would start kicking they realized their life is in danger they don't just look good talking with you third rock from the sun he killed me if you hurry the hendersons flying out of here he's not a killer stop too much you know don't typecast the man but outta here you didn't like him in that at all that you know oh wow i really did like him that season
and couldn't get past the shady jujitsu technique i can't believe that i wish they would redo it like greeting card star wars nina who shot first or something just to fix that scene for you nope nope no i mean was it good other than that the show is already going to show got shitte right from there pretty much what happened it was so good at one point in time but something happened and it just got really off the rails go every year they kept exposing like an end of series secret and then and then they get another season they have to in like his sister supposed to find out he did that and then they they like multiple seasons of her knowing he was this guy you know i mean like we got over it very is a cop was killed his army spoiler when killed his wife when it goes wife i was like when i think a lot of people show should have been treated his wife when john lithgow killed his wife really yeah know that
oh yeah the ending of that so i think there's a shity rear naked choke lit pisp or jujitsu techniques sir you're not even flexing he's not even flexing i just had a bathtub that i could do that in the first ladies with bathtub be way easier to get a bathtub to do that and then to do that if you do that you have to kill somebody ok you have a good math yeah i'm sure you do good bathtub yeah get it passed something this is america stepped up games no one's ever said that yes they are notorious freestyle from the movie it now who played biggie and how it was good eleven two thousand and eleven was a four year old moving back for a long time this freestyle no that we hear this the battle to stop running from the office of the ship whoa whoa that angry with each other this is not really well start
connect roku news fires in the streets after this hey dj on the streets just hand a microphone in the middle of the street is not picky for the listeners yes is biggie's friend who is talking shit to him and so this was the little kim she's pretty yeah piggy takes the mike let's hear what he has to say i assume it will be better
i think it's one of the men even the guy who's pretending to be big he is awesome yeah it's just more comfortable to listen to yeah if you listen like big real shit like if you seeing the video of him freestyle and when he was sixteen years old that's what you gotta say so go to this chill that go to the go to biggie when he was sixteen years old that it play this
keep going a little
seventeen how good was he there's something about to some but freestyle know that there's it's not like roast rose jokes but how about the fact for as well as our freestyle that's free stuff rhymes those are written rhymes but all three styles are a lot of mark but it's like being able to for like on the point and then they have the right things to say but that's just just got appreciate what it just did like what he just did a microphone old schooling microphone like chris rock one of those posters you know lenny bruce those old shoot microphone he's got one of those he standing out fucking corner in front of a grocery store on the street and this people all around them and there's an actual rap battle going on on the corner mean that that's like greatest videos of korean guy just loading buckshots into a form of this in bed sty that's one of the greatest videos in the history of pop culture you want to talk about a talented mother fucker in his environment the environment where he developed and grew can you see how good he is and in his hand he's got notes dude and his left
and he's got his fucking lyrics man most likely look at that i mean whatever he's holding in his hand i would assume that that's probably his notes yeah i know you notice that in a second before you cash it could be cash but it's weird shape money it's like bolivian money or some should again yeah it doesn't look like cash right it looks like notes it looks like he's got a notepad or maybe it might be a little towel yeah that's the one thing you always sweaty tis a bad mother fucker dude i mean it's just amazing to see how good is flow was at seventeen he's my all time my all time favorite rapper that's right there him and nas nas is like my all time best lyricist i think nas was like the most complex in the most like i would listen and oz lyrics in real god dam this dude brilliant just brilliant lyrics but a you know a band that doesn't get enough a group rather doesn't get enough credit gang starr no great dude fox they were amazing gang was on there
great step in the arena yeah yeah i like gangstar lock rd worst ever nice and smooth now it's nice and smooth number nice and smooth enough junkies really used the partridge family song oh you've heard that no i haven't apps and they were nice and smooth if you like a butt hole i blocked if you like a gangster play the song might not actually know about this they did the song dwyck do aurora yeah well i don't know go to in times where i'm slow sometimes around quick you remember that's all i do remember that see but it's kind of like what year was the guys are so not in the mix they actually grew old no one killed or nothing look at here they are doing fantastic four one ks yeah what does that say ninety one of the cd's ninety one man i was out of the loop that was like when i was struggling hardcore as a comedian dog
three years into my comedy career i was doing nothing but doing stand up i didn't i didn't go to any clubs or i would ever hear this if you want to chuckle play the first verse of hip hop junkies it's lyrics he said thing is non sequitur is like a cool thing he's he just says words that rhyme that's nothing any sense anyone when i lost my virginity audio for the you tube video so doesn't get us pulled out of this fox the podcast audio should be able to okay teasing nice since move because they do d r m was for us let's hear this no i don't hear anything we don't hear anything let's how this in living color is a wow in living color
i remember this do you remember that yeah down wow see i went for a period of few years where i never wanted to watch very little tv didn't much much culture stuff i don't know this at all work it was a great big whale i knew a fat girl who broke the scale check out the fly girls he it was it was sagging even way back then hello this is ninety one show when it was twenty years into an open market how dare you know he's a nice fellow s w one okay you can stop this before we all die die of a
chili music overload black eyes in orange hats remember those days now compare that to big when he was seventeen play some more of that play this i bet it black people kept dressing like heavy d or like a different world there wouldn't be people getting killed the streets i think he's just playing golf this is just like a little kid blackhead school picture alright alright no come comparison i did not like that other stuff yeah no it's horrible but the worst ever it's probably one of the worst rappers ever i try to concentrate on the best trying to see the best in things exception of like maybe like didn't like dee dee ramone maker app out or something like that who is dee dee ramone from the ramones no way joey ramone dee dee ramone yeah was on heroin made a rap rap video right now i'm pretty sure why
because you've got heroin i need her own money didn't chris cornell from soundgarden make some really bad pop album like really copy britney spears e type music billy i don't know what is this what he playing no way this is dee dee ramone so you're jennings what he called himself stop stop the stop this right now do you think is like he's been selling i mean he got up in its place a mass in this pizza on the floor is living that rock and roll lifestyle hi this is awful okay stop it what was the other one that we just said oh the chris cornell stuff that was now i remember that it was like wild widely decided that that was good but he was so fucking good and sound garden it's hard to imagine he was bad
anything you know listen to blow up the outside world and go look that guy gets a pass forever if he can do that you know you could try all your fucking goofy garth brooks chris gaines type projects sometimes that works i mean no sugar ray was like a speed metal band what yeah they have a song called mean machine is like there was there was there one like you know sort of radio hit and then they were like you're good looking man cut that hair and frost your tips and it still sing songs for my graph yeah that guy wind up on entertainment news reporter i still look at he's beautiful but it was a really good musician account it but i he probably wanted i bet he doesn't believe in it his your hearts probably in the music you don't succeed with if you're that happens to you so teaching at let's start easy i just wanna fly i don't think it's what he wants to do if you here is the original but they haven't videos of like the original with with
band was and he changed completely i heard incubus did that's who i was not i don't know yes very much before the the radio hits but like my body tells me the time that they were like really big into psychedelics secondary metal band yeah thank you for this yeah before they did like you know wish you were here in on stuff like that i used to with korn and deftones they were all it's fast what made them change money the over the records of his coming to go you're really handsome likely because he will get their back to looking guy can now use please a pretty boy hey everyone knows was a pretty boy and an that's weird wow that's great that's that's the the untold stories of the musing music business the manipulation just like we're talking about movies to be a lot of that music business as well because you know i was going to make it work beauty rappers of when they get angry each other start explaining who had the better childhood they started shooting on talking to but what
eyeglasses mutherfucking with the private school like i said go there always expenditure on education yeah and then just remember there's a big thing with i mean eventually got super exposed but doctor dre like right before w a was were like you know glittery there you know it was like whatever they're called i just watched that welcome to death row documentary the other day that is given nwn shug knight is just very dude man was this sugar amy machine sugar with their original thing was yeah let me hear this it's terriblr max gross whoa yeah it looks weird too it's not just this looks it looks like these guys someone needs to take the for a hard night somewhere outside of like orange county is take the metal is going to be each and bring
m2 like a really they need scars and tattoos and some life experience you can't pose a different guys part of that old cadillac just stop that not make you slick your car is it is it not your car for some reason i believe like maroon five was always maroon five though they've actually evolved with the times to go to is more popular music that does look like the comic story jamie oh my god it is comic store isn't it now it's maybe that's the main room stage too small now just with the camera the angle of the camera man always it is also a whole drum kit and it's very possible will find out i know it is that totally isn't it sucks side stairs on each side you mean if it's not it's a very similar design now it's the same dick uh lights inside yeah that's it i just was fooled with the camera in wow that's why i fucking crazy
that comedy store main room stage has seen a lot of shit that's where richard pryor film live at the sunset strip right at that so a pretty sure pull that richard pryor live on the sunset strip i think i'm almost positive it was filmed at the comedy store one of them was filmed at the comedy store right wasn't i say that the rocks well that kinison darwan the hbo special was filmed at the roxy you know for whatever he's probably banned from the comic store when it now she was always like it i mean they fuckin' repaired the bullet hole in the back sign i was like why did you do that why would you do that why would you fix that from kenneson can you shot a gun in the parking lot a scared dice he shot sign and there was always a bullet hole in it why would you fix that like we didn't any of good idea to fix it no all how could you fix
that like well there's still the hole in the back of it i might not good enough not good enough i need to leave the whole whole the whole thing where is it hollywood palladium chocolate in there california wait a minute live on the sunset strip was all i'm in a different place for one part of it it's crazy wasn't on the sunset strip and a year later watt how is that possible too much later wikipedia though so how is that possible i can get awesome on looking at track listing names of comedy albums are always but these aren't so bad but sometimes they are just hilarious you know what is the pull up a video of it you're the one of the funniest track listings are you know in a park at sea is it very fun comic neighbor i he has a special she was on a concert where this this last week but hit his album
tracks are just called it was like alright good start and subtract it was like getting them like two it's like starting to lose him that's all i can see how the crowd was reacting with smoking pretty hard that's a funny thing is like losing him now he's up got him back like truck sounds like got him back you find it it is really weird on the east coast comics in the west coast comics rarely know each other makes us crazy this is he probably wore the same suit everywhere and did it a bunch of locations but decided not to use the ones on the sunset strip for most of the recording that's crazy and you really tell because he's in a dark stage he may just like a regular show that's one thing that was the smart a key didn't make though the audience all lit up like they do in these new comedy central specials those mother are obsessed with the lighting the room up they want a light everybody up like hey fuckhead that's not how it looks at a comedy show and when you do
that the audience gets weird like see yeah you can kind of tell it's not the store yeah yeah i don't know why i didn't think it was i haven't seen this in awhile this is probably one of the all time greatest comedy doc and mean not probably one of the all time greatest comedy specials ever and just documentary as well kind of because you you sort of you're looking back into this time into one thousand nine hundred and eighty two when richard pryor was on fire i mean just literally unfair all right this is after free basics yeah well you know he did really get burnt in freebase accident said he did let himself on fire the reality is he threw some liquor on him and let him
fire that's what actually happened to make a stevo way or like i'm going to end it all right now i'm doing all right now just down in the deepest deepest darkest hole after freebasing that's why he admitted it later later in life you know that he had tried to kill himself that had let himself on fire and then looked just after that here is onstage killing everyone loved him talk about balance think of a i mean that's like the well to be normal and have like those cohesive thoughts and put those things together like that and then see if that one point this year a year or so before this you just in that kind of it down that rabbit hole look it back up a little bit jamie back up to that side view of him again i want to point something out here watch the way he moves like pay attention to his hands as he's talking 'cause we can't hear what he's saying look at the rhythm he's like doing he's putting on a show with his hands like while he's performing his hands are moving in this like delicate control
old way that it's kind of cool to watch accentuates the material itself it accentuates the joke he's moved his hands through the air then it's like it's weird to watch it's like he's doing a little dance while he's also telling the joke his hands going up above his head to emphasize things its coat hands moving around no no no it's not it's performers hands he's just a really great stand up she's moving this is not a guy just standing in front of a microphone talking it's there's uh say that he's moving that was also funny it was like it's cool to watch like there's a rhythm way he would like go and out like he's relaxing you by walking he's in between bits you know and now we start another one of hand start moving again it's like he's doing a puppet show or something you know me look at the way he moves like we're not here sweet we can only see him but we can hear the rhythm in the type of material he wasn't
doing just by the way he's moving his hands and there was like that was part of what his act was it is his actual physical movements were funny there were von trouble they were gentle they were rhythmic and they were hypnotic like you was a hypnotic aspect to the way he actually moved but doesn't i guess i guess not all of them but a lot of good comics have element i think because you have to stay captivating yeah and then there's the people who get called only for you i mean i was like the dig on i came in comedy time were like i did no dane cook enough to be like oh that assholes making it but there's a lot of around me people that you know it's like oh he's just hurricane jerking around on stage and that's all it is and a bunch of nonsense but i was like no i think there's something to it i mean there was definitely element of what he did with that that would
something to what he did you know i mean i i'd be i'd be lying if i said then cook can make me laugh a romance with a bunch of stuff will a bunch of people enjoyed his movements you know but there's a thing about that style of comedy and like okay here's another he's a better example chemo phillips email phillips that should work when you're twenty five that's it works when you're thirty five but when you're forty five people start going hey man why you talking like that you know like you doing that like what is that that i'm prepared especially when you come online now especially you pull curtain yeah and you do interviews and she'd like bobcat bobcat abandon his his early persona he's pretty open about that he talks about it but his you know you know they have this crazy like wild fucking his hair and screen it was cancer really funny shit
at the end you could what that one i don't know was called but i'm a running into these tom's younger it was going to get like a like a sleeveless cal but we sure it almost on the cover of it music super sweaty any you can ab kohl's but he actually stops doing pronounce is it just somewhere in the middle of the set it just fades away that character is doing uh we probably got annoyed with it after awhile and then that is in the middle that actual set as one and he still has a long hair and everything it was like the but he was to get just stops doing in which i thought was was odd when you commit to that character full time and you have to worry about that email phillip is good example i wonder about mitch fatel very you know much right like i mean like working recently it's a when you start to age on your face it's hard to be like the man child i mean we still tiny guy so it works and everything but it's not just like how long will it like right there may be a very definitive
pretty ceiling on that yeah like a bomb shelter type ceiling yeah man like the emo phillips was the big one that was a big one because i remember watching him all the sudden just do regular stand up and i was like but i watched a transitional time we wasn't just do a regular standup is kind of like doing a softer version of his old self the way he used to do comedy oh yeah someone at midnight doing it he's weird he's doing it on that show who's talking right there yeah very very weird i mean you can't fault if it works hi chris hardwick born how do you properly dispose of bacon grease you got to throw in the garbage or you the yeah garbage not in it's don't the pipes it's i come i mean it's like flesh it's like if you want to get rid of fat how would you if at the courses ok throw it out i mean if you agree why would you put it on a tree
under a tree like is like fertilizer turn this ship this soap like fight club tube yeah bro yo bro disease human bodies will fight club or something human fat yeah human fat from woo hoo are they doing a fight club to that comic book what we the book oh he just wrote the book oh is it done i think it just came out or it's about to come out printed the cover artwork really know so are they going to make another movie i hope so best movie ever it was i hope there's a part too that was so not the best movie i love fight have you re watched that course every watch it it's fun i like the movie heat a lot but i don't want to heat too it's fun up until the moment where you find out that he's the same guy and you like get the fuck out of here that's it you watch memento yeah yeah
was good you hated that you hated the switcheroo thing i do stupid like you the same guys this guy that you been falling around and he's been teaching you to fight that you used forgot and now you remember oh great they're going to blow up a building or something stupid like the flock outta here when i watch i've been to enjoy it much more as i saw in the theater the first and that was like one of the first in a theater i saw that was like a little different i mean like i usually just kind of went to like whatever the blockbusters where i was pretty middle of the road on my movie taste at that age but like when i went to go see it was like it was so bizarre at the end and i was like i just kind of i don't even get it i mean i guess i was the same person but it's like there's something weird shift at the end of the movie and also for me falls into the same sort of categories of fake jimi hendrix guitar thing i'm watching beat the shed out of each other like look nobody wants to fuck beat out of them
certainly not going to get a whole basement do is willing to beat the fuck out of each other it's just not going to happen and then like you know you get will die for you let me tell you something you get hit once you get really bare knuckled once in the face very unlikely you're going to keep doing that very unlikely showing up at work black guys all the time like really why would you just learn how to fight it a martial arts school you fucking idiot you're going to meet with some asshole parking lot you guys beat each other's brains out you get yeah you pretty anymore remember that would generally to beat him bloody until his fucking face one camp come on that's a good movie would you feel about it would you feel about i thought one of the dumbest seems to me was uh well edward norton since our june issue at the enemies like i can't go on this pretty so beat me up because you're going to be pretty like a couple weeks matter likely just going by your butt hole like four weeks just going pretty and fight back i liked right guys trying to fuck your butt how stupid is
i can't go in pretty he's that certain he's going to get that's right away i guarantee that some more hollywood fuckery let's success stories is never been punched saying i think you should go in beat up he's going get his buddy to beat him up this is the turn on mercifully by the way i was like a bruise you're crazy behavior you lose your vision from though sometimes sometimes you lose your sense of smell is guys lose their taste they can't taste things have they get punched in the head you literally don't know what things taste like like this idea that someone just going to punch you in just get all bruised up a little it's not a charlie horse ok he's punching your fucking brain punching where you store your brain this is container where your brains in it only has so many times it could even move like that getting bounced off the curb the fuck out of here it's just ridiculous the trivialization of brain hemorrhaging and brain trauma beatdowns like that it's like
you can't go along with that i know too much i've seen too many people get the fucking brains beaten out of them i've seen it too many times so i didn't like fight club but ex machina like didn't like it you like warrior yes but it was bullshit you can't fight two days in a row you just can't maybe so fuckedup from the first fight no one better not really matter to fired back to back yes i would take back actually one day any day over that movie do i think it was a better movie than warrior is deaf better as a move well better much better movie just that that one reveal i took it almost deal with the idea that these guys like were filled with thanks so much they wanted to beat each other up so they could feel alive i could kind of get that for a little bit no no no no had any technique no one that doesn't make any sense to me that guys wouldn't to learn how to fight sweet but uh i was going to say um he bought into the fact that they were just
turn around the flip the reveal that it was the same guy which is so dumb advocates like he's doing that where you can't pretend that he was just a dream who make your home movies based on like a switcheroo like the whole movie big switcheroo do not see that episodes of grey's anatomy then when mister white we don't have to worry about that you know that so switch a roo others that thousand or will switch room and you do not have to worry about me watch and that's what the the the the ending of dexter no just did the shitiest thing of all time don't do it to me so much i can't do it it was hard well that was one of the things that i really appreciate about that ex machina movie is there's none of that every scene in that movie did you see it now i'm sing me you saw tomorrow it's fuckin' badass it's so smart it's so well done that you buy it
step of the way like there's never one part in the movie like it though funk outta here is it dark flick pretty darn it's good it's good it's creepy it's good it's like it puts position like fuck i don't know man it's about a i can tell you bich it's about ai it's pretty it's pretty fucking good man like one of the best movies i've seen in here's abc you one must thing the for the tesla firewall this new very affordable solar power battery that he's invented there's three thousand five hundred dollars they charge a fucking whole house wow total game have you seen this yet jamie it's there's a video if you go on my my twitter feed is a video that i retweeted it somebody sent me video of him explaining it it's a fuckin' complete total game changer when it comes to batteries and wall mounted minutes you could stack as many as nine of these wall mounted units the three thousand five hundred bucks which is like so
power was like really prohibitively expensive for most people like super super expensive those batteries that acts all fuckedup they stink they're all they overheat there danger but apparently this dude is nailed it i don't know i mean obviously not a fucking expert on batteries but people are very very excited this thing that is our area ours will take our air currents to go by yep give us some volume will close out with this really give a out here twenty minutes to give us just a little bit of volume here jamie play a little bit of it samantha do you for ironman type mother recall that has the power wall and if you look back against that wall you'll see a whole bunch of them
as well in different colors pulling for this guy makes an iron man suit you can pick your favorite our and man and it looks like a beautiful sculpture on the wall so that it's very important i want to point out a few things that that are very important about this the fact that is wall mounted is is vital because it means you don't need to have a battery room okay don't have to have some room filled with nasty batteries yeah it means that a normal household can mount this on on their garage or on the outside wall of their house and doesn't take up any room it's it's i mean it's flat against the wall and it has all of the integrated safety systems that they almost incredibles but the city thomas just got fat wife and a mumu this is some of the parts i've just awful like guys like a guy in a move that has it it addresses all the needs its own so we
next folks you want to watch 'cause we're out of time in the future but this guys like a guy in a movie he's like a super billionaire genius inventor from a movie i mean it makes a car are that everybody falls in love with this got damn laptop in the middle of it yeah my friend i haven't driven it hurts amazing yeah there's no there's no feeling of shift at all it's just this acceleration there's a new one that comes out next year though that's going to be a lot better i heard well i don't know if it's next year his a new tesla or at new tesla we had a new model that he gave you that is unbelievably fast zero to sixty in like three something seconds electric train all electric but they still can't go to vegas still can't go to vegas why stop halfway there charge up the middle of desert some creeped looking weirdos stop where
plug in and you gotta wait for half an hour while they circle you like buzzards 'cause they know you can't go anywhere hey man you can't even drive with that right now if you go and drive with that right now how far do you think you get how long it lasts how long it lasts you might get three hundred and fifty miles out of a tank you know a charge rather you might but if you're driving fast you won't we're driving fast is going to eat it using more power to you having a bunch of apps open yeah it's going to eat it up so like start slowing it's a the inside lights does all the should do like barbara as one you almost almost died out his way home one night 'cause he left it at his office and when you leave it somewhere it slowly drains the battery like you can't leave it and just go away for three weeks and come back to full charge that battery it'll be hurting yeah i have your iphone in just leaving it on the kitchen table for a week leaving on yeah yeah yeah it's also
it's also an iphone like i'm not like a cell phones got a three g connection only three j which is what i can but it's constantly connected to the internet so if you could say google flock of seagulls and it'll pull up flock of seagulls and you'll start play flock of seagulls and will give you some options and you just start and i'm a start streaming i don't know where that this week i know that's why i said it what's your what is your ship if you have going to talk to your would are you wear your punisher shirt oh man it depends depends on the mood quite honestly would be metal it could be a you know little river band bunch of goofy like you know soft rock hill if you want to eighties music or rap or whatever yeah i was in a really bad movie see the dolph lundgren version of punisher
sure how horrible movie i went to theatre for that did you ever see the short they did uh with thomas james thomas jane inflatable here's it's even better it's so bad and it's low resolution back then right and so they he couldn't grow beard and the punisher had to have a beard so they smudged makeup on his face to pretend it's a beard sieving and pull it up and will end with this because we get a nice hearty all three of us can grow an actual beard look at this pussy is dolph lundgren bruce jenner i'd chance first members understand yeah with bruce jenner has laser off fog cuts in my pocket
before doing this edition of skanky just cranks and the str shows on all things comedy is seen as ours what is the s t r stroh sex drugs rock and roll interview porn stars and rock stars as a crazy but when if it's already tesla but not that guy the band's test my interviews we do it's fun very fun is it available on itunes all the movie i wanted to involve a when i tunes str shows or is it all is a comedy see if you could go back to see if you find a good picture of his face like a google image because it's so stupid he couldn't oh i guarantee you there's one look at this look at this smudgy there we go right there it's so vague fake beard on it's like a really now that's on it was funny the one we the boats on his chest so you could see when it's too late that he has no beard at all it's it's there you could tell a little bit there the movie pissed me off your twelve cuban kid was so good drago though he was so good
yeah and that's what the punisher would have looked like a brigitte nielsen was so good as mrs drogo and she fucked flavor flave eventually so you know we all have our ups and peaks and valleys y'all were going to end with that such it's real as fuck example members eight meals and remember us in our allies used today smoking and hopeless wednesday night to come the store is ridiculous show got sarah silverman earning you greg fitzsimmons tony hands clamped brody stevens and a bunch of surprise people but i may twelfth san francisco at the punch line with tony and may 13th and sacramento tickets are on sale at punchline comedy and death squad tv for all the dates if you don't remember it and red band on twitter if you want to just give you dates up on your i tune our european gets over yet should gather at the right toward its a despot out to ha our full j holker sun cloud we could do it again and thanks for i'm i'm a man anytime your town let me know we'll hook it up keep doing it always a good time if
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