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#651 - Jordan Gilbert (c9n0thing)

2015-05-21 | 🔗
Jordan Gilbert is a professional gamer better known as "c9n0thing" on the internet. He is best known for playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive and can be seen streaming his gameplay at http://www.twitch.tv/n0thingTV
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is a serious professional. Gamer like he actually makes a shit load of fucking money playing video games is, really interesting, stuff man. I got indoctrinated into world of online streaming games and video games and competitive gaming, an all that stuff in this episode very interesting you will enjoy it so go check it out and talk to him or listen to me talk to him. What the fuck am. I saying go right now, where you going stay here. What am I saying without any further Ado, Jordan, Gilbert? the Joe Rogan experience trying my day, Joe Rogan podcast by night all day. We our live. That's it hello, Jordan's gone Joe. What's going on professional video game player, you what's up dude living the dream, that sort of every teenage boy who say
in front of his parents. Television is you fucking loser, get some shit done with your life. That's actually how I pick up girls. I go on tinder and I say I'm living the dream, so they don't actually see that I'd say I played professional game. I just had living the dream yeah. But it's like. What's your dream, the childhood dream off your boy. I guess right when you first started playing girl games, was there any profess option? Uhm well kind of there's these teams team 3d. There is the first big team in North America and they, like, I remember, going to local fries and buying a keyboard and seeing like one of their players, quotes on the box that I use this keyboard. 'cause, I'm going to be the fucking best with this keyboard. Sound like awesome like that was actually super big part of my motivation
to be in a box now when you first started playing like how old were you. I think I was nine when my brother and she used to have to order brothers. My oldest brother sh was plain cash. I can, of course I was allowed to place in there watching him play all day. You weren't allowed to play. Now was his computer okay, so you're out here they should be out of his room and I'll tell it crawl on the floor walk. You know. I tried I watching like get in his room watching then, when you leave, you go to school or something I'd get off on his computer, and I play counter strike is a weird one, because that was it was first, it was half life, half lived team, Deathmatch, yeah yeah, and then it like no even talks about half life. That's the engine yeah then became counter strike was like the big game, the pills so death match
when you're playing deathmatch counter strike. You played one on one or team versions of the half life engine, but against other people. That's a lot of people that play competitively used to like warm up death match mode 'cause. You just keep dying in responding Sica quake, instagib or something you know you just keep restarting and just kill each other to kind of warm up your
your hands and whatnot again working well together. Do you do you have like a ritual or anything you do before you you play? Well, I mean it is muscle memory does calisthenics. I at this point, though, like obviously, if you're a golfer, you might not train as hard as you did when you wanted to make the tour, but you start to do maintenance stuff so like when I had a death match or get on. Maybe hundred kills each gun and then I just then obviously have team practice, which is a different set of corn, any strategies and stuff for for personally yeah. I just try to make sure I'm still playing. So if I ever feel off, I can identify what's really off pretty quick and I'll just go on and on that guy, that part of a map or whatever but yeah, it's it's it's a mix of both. Do you think the people don't respect how difficult it is to play competitive video games, 'cause yeah. Definitely I mean it's fucking really difficult, like the level of competence, their level of skill like if you've watched you can watch lot of games online and that's like a big part of all this now, which is really fascinating, is how many people watch
live games or even with quake? The big thing was watching demos, yeah yeah people would watch dead we watch really good players. You do that too yeah. I think I think part of it obvious is people know what the they're looking at right outside perspective. So, like certain games, I can understand Starcraft really legends whatever cash you can always spells flying around yeah, that's ridiculous, and that in those does like action. Key moments normally happen over the course of like ten minutes or something where, as in cash, occur quake. It's like that, guy just got that point he's about to kill this guy. There's this thirty seconds left on the clock right. I think that's actually more intuitively easy for spectators to watch as a spectator sport, but you're right yeah, a lot of people. I don't think comprehend what you go through, that all this could just plays on a for fun and doesn't think about what he's doing you just have to be good yeah. It's always been fascinating to me how
certain games, get they get taken seriously like certain games, garner respect like chess chat. If you are really good chess player, like he's a sophisticated gentamicin Dan he's a chess player yeah. What do you do for a living? I played chess won't interesting. What do you do for a living? All I play video games, all you, fucking door, counter strike right. I've got I've progressed over that and I play counter with the focus counter strike yeah. Well, I do this well, that's extra because you're back in the video where you have to 'cause, you say, play video games. It's like saying you play pro sports to me right right right after awhile, so I try to make that distinction to do justice to my my profession or whatever. So in the future, people start questioning more now. What level is that the mean? Obviously there's half life that came out and then was the game.
Engine continually upgraded yeah like I started playing like beta version, so beta five dot, two beta is basically before the game is full released. For you don't know what it is. There's like alpha and beta right and then the full release, so I played beta before, is even a game. Full version in stores and yeah all the weapons are different and then one dot zero one point: one dot: three, the longest lasting version, one dot six. I went pro in back in like to I went through in two thousand and eight, but it went. How do you Gopro tip to join a lady or you have to pay for anything sign up your stuff? Well, there is a process, it's not a conventional in their sports. You don't go to high school team in college team, there's no coaches in e sports.
Recently there are, but like those coaches recently, and that will get into that. But, like you know how, obviously, if you're going to play in NHL, you try to like go for play for college team or you go to juniors or semi pro age. In this case there is like I finally called the sea. They have the open division. Intermediate main premier invite, if you're an invite your really the only people have a chance that can get paid to play by companies. So when I say I went pro back in two thousand and eight it's because I joined up a contract with organization called evil geniuses, which is like my agency for an actor and they had sponsored from Intel Newegg. A bunch of peripheral companies for my gear and they pay me to fly to the tournaments and I'd market them like I'm, an ass car car. I am their logos all over uhm. I tell people why their gear is good, etc, etc. Wow, ok, so now back to the counter strike the have
engine yeah. So what is the is the is. There are several versions of it that they've come up with like what what version the one now so now it's the most recent call global offensive, and is this a new version of counterstrike itself or new version? There's not a new version of half life right nope. They came out with half life two at one point, but that that was the source engine so counter strike source. It was on that engine, so folks, no, what the fuck were talking about. This is what that means. Like video game engines, they take. The engine light is ics everything that you have, the 3d geometry, the video like the way it looks the graphics and then they that engine and then they can port it over to other games and they can develop games based on the engine, so cuts a lot of the development process out, because a big part of the development process out is coming up with the video game, engine yep, so yeah they have, I think, have left you at. I don't know when exactly came out of his like two thousand four five.
That's kind of old, no. That was that ten years ago I you, like. I said if I went on cash at one point six and I was like everyone loved. It is like the original quake. Like the registry, like my boat shooting on, I had a guy like it, it worked it had in one shot in the head. Like some of these new version, the counters are coming out. It was almost too easy, like you should avoid like right here, because the guy was moving, we're doing still registers a head shot. So I was that something was up with the engine and it it was like they were trying to up the graphics and the fuel and to make it look more realistic, but that took away from I guess how fast the the computer talks to the to the server you know. So then there is a discrepancy between like when I shot when it actually hit the person and I'm so that's why I like. I can't when I practice I can't play against Europeans because of internet lag right right so, like that's, why you would plan a land because that's it's the fastest interaction between the server and yeah if you've played online with the internet lag.
You get used to it, and then you play without the lag. It's like you go to Paradise having to wait on your baseball, bat or something yeah, but some guys got really good at it, like some guys get soup good at timing, their own fuck up their own lag bullshit. Ok, in order to hit some of them are just glitching around it disappear, bullshit you! So that's annoying. So how do I level were really like prima donnas about like what server location, what we planned? 'cause my teammates are spread around the country, so I'll plan, like a Denver, show and you have to make sure that you're paying is very low right, like the ping to the server yeah, I mean like what's good, paying these days well playing in north playing in North America for Counter strike player like forty to fifty is like what we play on but like. If I were to play in the southern in La Los Angeles server from San Diego, I get fifteen come closer, but as a team, since we're all spread out, we're in like Trono and all this stuff and cross country
replay, centralized and that's a milliseconds, so it would be like fifteen milliseconds at again so I do that register in your head. You'd notice, a difference in fifteen and forty yeah. Well, I could feel it it's really. Just like the the the gun itself. I could feel like a very small, a lot of people, don't notice a difference for the first couple years. If I play the game, but once you start realizing the different action the recoil the guns, you could feel it between each bullet. This is super nerdy yeah. We, I know you played class, will talk about that later, but My question is like: how do you decide what game to become super adept at because it seems like there's a lot of them at sport, you become adept at, but I mean will games have a life like where won't play them anymore, like gets to a point,
try playing quake one today, try for that's what happened was kind of a one point. Six is what kind of it was kind of what I was kind of talking about house. New version came out and because one point, six getting stagnant like that, since the developer doesn't give back to the game action, there is an issue coming out. People like well, this gets old because they're, not pro they're playing for the fun of it. That's the people that help me make this. My job is to eighty or ninety percent of the community. Who isn't pro who plays in is my viewership is the people I talk to for my sponsors exaggerate, so that was going down hill out in account checking other games like legal legends, which is not a first person shooter and Doda. These are eight five. Eight five strategy spells in like that's, certainly hold up Jenna does when they lose me yeah. It second spell the end, so yeah I'd say miles. Counterstrike is I just loved the intuitive finesse you can bring to the game. It wasn't just like chess. It was more like a chess to tennis or whatever you say I can actually, if I could just out skill someone simply even if they do a crazy stratagems. Kristin it's a while
shoot you every time, even if you think you're smarter, just your hand, eye coordination and understanding where the mouse is going to move the cursor, and I find a lot of people who play counter strike were more physically fit. People like there's archtype to different pro gamers. A lot of people think everyone's a fat pimply guy. Well, I notice a lot of counter strike players. Like myself group playing sports, I played ice hockey all my youth. A lot of my teammates are team athletes or just was a door that, like Starcraft, I know your ex afrikan got yeah yeah exactly sharks are, and the thing is, I have friends robes too right. So there are those those random people you got in the quake yourself right. There's all sorts of people get into games, but generally yeah the people. It's like chess Starcraft is more cerebral game, you're, you're kind of did premeditate in all your decisions, which are in country too limited in a much more strategic way. You don't need to. You can try plugging any mouse and play Starcraft, whereas when my sponsors has a give me a new
mouse. I like resist a lot because, that's like I don't know, different baseball glove are different pair of different curve of ice hockey. Stick or different set of irons is a golfer like. It really throws me off little bit. Are they all laser mice now yeah, but some obstacles work? Well. If the surface is one color, if the service is a multi colored on a mouse, it actually makes tracking harder, like these people, these crazy designs and their mouse pad. That's actually detrimental to like that backing instead, really, but no one uses a ball anymore. I wanna ball. You open those balls blow it out yeah! I remember you have to I used to have q tips with alcohol use to clean the little rollers because they would gunk up with sweat and funk. I would show as a gamer he was He was addicted to that thing and I have a question if you're so good at counterstrike, can you pick up most first per shooters and be really good at it on pc on pc. So you can go into grant.
Daughter right now and just kill everybody that yeah that's not really compatible yeah? Exactly? I probably do that um quake. I should wake. Wake up time, rocket arena three quick, three and you just have like really good understanding of what movement of your hand corresponds to the movement on the screen. You get kind of a feel of it, yeah just good dexterity, most first person shooters are just like you said I heard your timeout quake and it's really just intuitive, like you play at first and you're like oh, I have to look with my mouse hand in this year. After a while, it's like an extension of your hands. I don't think I do a lot of actions per minute that I don't even comprehend, because uh reacting visually, not mentally yeah. I'd get. There was like there's like gun switches and moves that you would do that literally calm, like tying your shoes yeah, and then you can start playing better players. You manipulate those little things that I think there's is actually called. The meta game is things that liked it changes constantly, because it's all based on intuition right. That's why it's so weird when you switch from game to game. That was why I had that question because, like if you got super into counter strike and
then. You know, like maybe you know, have you seen the teaser for the new doom play it play it Jamie. Yes, there's a new doom, I'm fucking, I worship at the altar of John Carmack, he's the baddest motherfucker ever when it comes to this shit, but this new doom, the graphics, are just so ridiculous. It's just like fucking Christ, while right yeah, it's been awhile, I mean he's been doing a bunch of some kind of video games as well, but remember when he, let's, let's play it real, quick and will show this, because this is really crazy, it'll be to the left of use, but to the right of you as well. Rather, we just played on that that doesn't matter go full screen. Jamie glasses Peggy eighteen clear. That's all you get. June 14th they're, going to show gameplay that June Ford show
June fourteenth to get to see the actual full claim the employer. Yes, we don't switch and things are so quick, hello, yeah right can't hear yeah. We need to do it on the eighteen. Welcome to How does the like, when you play that like if you play that game and you got used to that physics, like I remember going from quake to unreal, it would like Are you up a little, even though it was awesome, it was like it move, just a little different. The mouth. Personal moved, a little different and you know search settings and you try to like fidget with it and try to get it to a place where you kind of understand what was happening intuitively
so that yeah it's always we always right. When we get a new game, that's a first person shooter you go in and see how the game takes your sensitivity. If it's directly from your mouse or from windows, so that's good raw input, so some games have raw input where it takes your mouse sensitivity and I can go and dial it basically into housing. My counter strike feels some, don't so some you have to go in and they of their own? It's like they're on in game, chat in game sensitivity and you have to slide the notch weird and it's got its own extrapolation of what a default sensors in every time. I move one notch. It's one dot, twenty five, the original, another day and then there's mouse acceleration which is fucking winter, the faster, but some guys who really loved it. Like the faster you move the hand it it corresponded to a different type of movement with the mouse, whereas under normal circumstances you move left, you move right in the cursor moves left or right, it's independent on whether or not you move fast, but if you have fast with mouse acceleration, it moves way faster on extra speed. It's like it's almost like
gyroscope or something like that, it's it's got some momentum to it. Yeah when, if you noticed so with it's person shooters a lot of people set their arm differently on the desk, so people some people play with wrist, so they called risk players. So this is like the hinge on the risk level wrist aimer right. There has a risk kind of sat down and when they're, when they're moving, they have limited wrist, Tamar, wrist, wrist aim or to mobile okay, yeah wrist, and then I'm more of an elbow. So my elbow is my hinge, so I have more control, so I use a lower sensitivity. Ok, see you move faster wife, larger swipes, someone playing with their This is doing this, so these are higher sensitivity right. Some of those people mind using a little excel, because they can do these little flick, moves and kind of just really get into the smaller, whereas I have bigger motions that make me more comfortable so I have a little bit of Excel. I just I wanted to be as true as possible. To my actual hand, 'cause I'm doing these bigger movements differ large mouse pad as well
yeah, but I actually have two on top of each other. I'm one of the few people who uses like a hard mouse pad versus just cloth side, like the plastic feel, and I have to like- replaces like every three months 'cause I had grinded down so like my sponsors are like sending meet down how many hours you plan a day Sunday get outside. You know about vitamin d: yeah, that's it! I live in San Diego menu. I'm outside there you go. Like how many hours you have to play a day to stay fit. Now, when I say fit in the Lucius Hitler people I mean, but it this is sort of vicious right, but it is sort of in shape for the game calisthenics just like yeah. When I take a vacation, I come back, I'm like well. This looks weird for really yeah for a couple weeks. Even I just come back but I'll get into a quick. If we have a tournament coming up since
is very team centric, like we dry run, we premeditate a dozen strategies on the counters, then on the terrace I'd like you really try to memorize what you and your team is going to do. So if something is thrown a wrench into your gears, you have to react on the fly somewhat within a certain scale of thought: so when I play fraternal, that's like we get on at three hundred pm. We end at eleven, so whoa Jesus Christ. What about food without water, yeah, well, bathroom breaks. Where is depressing, but yeah? So that's. This is why I expelled the archtype now like, for instance, when we do these boot camps, three out of five of us at least wake up and go to the gym, you wake up with the gym shower we play on her own, like deathmatch, chill eat and then like take out like our before they make when he's playing your own. When you saying you play on your own, does that match? What does that mean? You connect to public server, maybe under an alias, so people don't give a because ever knows our names in the so well I go into deathmatch kind of hidden and will just like you just kill respond,
no respond! That's ranches in like a real know that we don't care about. Stats were just just having fun. We might. Sometimes I purposely look away from a doorway. So when somebody comes through what I practice a ninety degree turn and hit him in the head, so just constantly have my back to a guy. So when he comes, I can hear him a knife look around and that's the thing that A lot of people don't know about video games is that you can hear in three dimensions to like something's. Coming back behind you back to your right. You can actually hear it back into your right, which is really spooky. Yeah yeah. We used sound all the time to manipulate things we make it seem like they didn't hear. We don't know they're behind us all run out. The doorway- and I know a guy is trailing me so when I run to the last, my team is on the right waiting for him to come to you in the last of wiggly, manipulate sound all the time yeah. It's a huge part. So are you guys, when you plan out your strategies? Do you guys like do you have like a video chat? Will you go over like these strategies in physical form,
write it out like how do you so obviously, first of all, when sometimes we boot camp around the same location. So we have a big tournament stock home. We go to stock home ten days in advance and we go to that the best team cash check or in Europe that's just where they are. He was never my team is I've won a couple world champions in the old game, but I've never been a world champion the new game. Yet like we, because it's a team game and like we get we'll get to semis or something but Those guys are the shit and I want friends all of them, but that point aside, wonder why Europe wait. What was the question? Is it you were talking about Jesus? What was the original question getting together strategy so having your strategy so yeah, so on offense, you dry run in a server. We all connect to the same private server and we just basically like ok, we're going to take this bombsight. What number ways can we do it? If we have a full economy, meaning do we have every grenade in arsenal? Do we have no grenades, so we have to dry. A walker
we say dry when we have nothing to really sisters, no smoke grenades in a flash, so we say we're going to three dry walk into this bombsight you to watch our flank, so that means they're not going to throw anything like right. So if we're going to hit this room right here and we're going to come in and kill Joe Rogan, if we wanted to come in here, we have Bing through that door right and then we had some smoke off the kitchen right here. So no one in the kitchen has vision on the people coming through that doorway, and then you know expect the only angle they can holder under that tv and find where yeah, where he Jamie Jamie, I had his name. I want to see Riley for some reason, Jamie, and so yeah so yeah exactly Riley Riley bad with right. So you will, you would have planned out. We have no grenades. I'm super coming into Joe's studio dry, the loop, so these strategies are based upon the g, the geometry of the room. If you on the tip of the map. How fast, if we have things called fakes
well fillers in here and make it look like we're coming to kill you and also the three of us are taking your teammates who were catching on the road. Asian 'cause, we're saying when we throw all this shit in this room, Joes get hey guys are coming in the coming in which is going to cause you guys watching the outback to come towards you and help you and then we're going to going to jump them in the back and so these strategies are all planned out in advance. You have names for them, yeah so will call like Sonic or Gatorade and You can hear each other, but you can hear them yeah. We connect to a third party software like mumble or team, speak it's kind of like Skype, but you mustn't hotkeys like a You talking, and so you will talk to each other, while you're playing the game. Look, look out! He's behind you! Okay! Does anybody hack into your line and they can like find out what you're saying back in the day that was kind of like a thing that would happen between friends like you're playing you do weekly content man's where you pick two captains in Yemen. Does your name in a hat? You play random five or five teams. And you're on the same voice. Server. One guy will you can you can clone the probe?
I haven't opened it again who come in and join your channel wise plane, so will have like one year on what you guys are doing and that's like a scummy Oh, what a dirty person but we're playing at a pro level. It can't happen. 'cause, they're, isolated! Now with online gaming. One of the things that was a real problem with quake was bots was people that would have aiming when it couldn't miss, and get on a server, and some guy would be shooting guys that were like jumping through the air or shooting you in midair couldn't mess and we did kill everybody They have that with counter strike, yep, there's wallhack and aimbot will have walk is just obviously transparent walls. Uh. Those guys are piece of shit and and their offices shit. So we've all like I say a majority of pros. I've messed around with it for fun, with their friends like YO, guys, Ascochyta, verse, each other and see an early. It is an like we used to do that back in old versions in the new game. You can't even screw around with it 'cause they have such a crazy anticheat, which is what I was just going to say. Now it's really hard to do
But you have to literally it's like actually a big: it's a multi million dollar industry cheating in competitive games. It's not like a huge industry, but people sell like they updated every time. The game developer, add, creates a better like firewall or whatever the cheats they like go and look at the code make a find a way around it. To do they mean by Jesus Christ yeah, but obviously, at the pro level item now cheaters, it's actually it wrong, but last year that was the first ever time at a pro level where people found a way to cheat in the I got banned for life from tournaments for life. The life of life, ok, he cheated out like a land qualifier supposed land local area network where we're all they were like the french player, and he literally got caught like this, all is cheat ever found. They found a way to like it's like fifty Kb and I inserted it and like it was like a triggerbot. So it wasn't a full time aim bot. So he could press a button and it would snap the nearest enemy. So even if they are behind a wall, so he could be chilling and just press his butt they would snap to the wall and you knew a guy was about to come around that corridor.
Ah, it was super low key, but super scummy had to catch him. I forget the series of events, but there is some like red flag on his account and then like that. People have the ability to like ghosts like zooming and narrow their scope on the one account and like scan their system, and they did that and they found some shady traces of like cheating and then he admitted it and he's. Like I'm sorry, I can't lie anymore wow and so now he's done for the rest of his life yeah. But if it comes back on a different hello, I mean we'd, see his face. We know what if it gets positive surge, say that baby grows a big beer or something in plastic surgery, I write faster, it's pretty epic. Could I just apologize. I mean that's what he did formally, but the thing is: is it's like pretty scummy like that's like someone? Not only writing. That would be like having jetpacks on your feet
like football, like an almost like poisoning the opponent yeah. It's it's not it's not just writing! That's, like God power. This is like Nancy Kerrigan. I remember Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding for Tonya Harding hired someone to whack Nancy Kerrigan in the legs. Thank you get a chance. Let us come back, that's next level should so so there's very few ways that a person could cheat in the professional realm. There's things I say you have a little mini map radar you can make it to all the other team shows up on the mate radar to so you could find out where so, when you playing. You know where your guys are at any given moment and you could make a hack so that other people you little dots right moving around the rotating map which are usually makes you can make it. So all ten people in the game show up or, however many, but if you tried that professionally you'd get banned for low yeah, like you might be able to have a button that toggles it on and off and like if no admin is watching you, but when you play determines you have like people walking behind you that so
crazy now. What kind of money is involved in this now, like which facet of it right? What can like? Ok, give me the top of the food chain? First, the top of the food chain, video gamer make per year. While so I played she writes remember: League of Legends, cashing league of Legends is huge right now, league of Legends legends, because the game developer themselves without even know what that is like a superhero game. It's yet fibrous five! It's like it's! I don't! I don't know. If you've heard of dough to either it's fibers five overview, you you go from one end of the corner of the map through three different lanes, and that spells in different heroes and I'm only interested in first person, stuff yeah. So that's way more exciting. That overhead view shit or regardless those people yeah. That's like you said: I've always been the first person shooters, but yeah. Those games they are developer, was the first one to really get involved with the competitive community and give a bunch of prize money back like ten million dollars.
It's like and say so, like some of these players in the past couple of years have made like over one million dollars each because of those tournaments. But if you're talking like the average salary of legal, every player, they're all make couple underground ear, no shit, so that's for the top guys yeah so like for me and my teammates. We can all make six figures. Salaries, see your parents Gotta fucking respect that a certain point time. You know go mom. Do you know what a lawyer makes? Ok, I make that so go. Tell your fucking friends: I'm a lawyer put back: cool as parents. Luckily, like my dad, was kind of the reality check, but in a positive way, like you realize that this is kind of a volatile career like probably going to like not, this might not apply to anything after you'd run competing. Luckily, for me, I've done a lot of little things that I kinda have some connections but
yeah after your done competing assuming you're going to be done completely, assuming understand not just addicted like, but no, but that's the thing is yeah. You don't know what it's going to be, but my mom was always like. I credit. Why went pro to kind of her being cool with me like she was driving to LAS Vegas from San go Arizona. Northern California 'cause she saw how into it. I was, and I was not and I included her on it. I think it was a big thing for any of you out there who want to like pursuit game, and you can't just like fucking, ignore everything in your life and get bad grades and do all she in school. You have to like balance stuff right so I was kind of like a nerd in that sense of young age. I played ice hockey came home. Did my schoolwork played counter strike, dress tonight and I told my mom every night who I'm playing with what team would level on that, and so, when I finally said he mom, I can go to the tournament of old enough 'cause. They had an. But like every fifteen I was like. I really want to go, and so she started driving me in like pretty soon after I was making name for myself on the West coast of this little kid sounds like a girl he's fucking, fuck everybody up like little munchkin
and he's just using saying at the game individually, but obviously you need to be a good team player, so everyone kind read my name, but my mom was yeah right there driving. These lands I would play, would get there at like one thousand am in Irvine or something and she would be knitting and hanging out go see a movie come back. Pick me up at two hundred am driving on the San Diego, so crazy, now like star craft, is still a huge dark ass awesome is that the biggest game what's the biggest game right now, it's probably first League of Legends and DOTA and counter strike us three wow, but I start to really hit a plateau. Did twenty What was that about? I think people got bored yeah. I don't know that exactly why just twitch really booed up sort which is streaming right, like you stream twitch blew it up, because twitch is a website where people stream videos yeah. I don't know if you watch the video games being played. It's like web cam models for gamers, These guys are making thousands and thousands of dollars an hour just for playing.
Video games, so that's the other thing on twitch and you get tips and donations and all the hips so sure things at work. Some cases some might work on street There is no squirting man, it's been proven, Spaeth, ok, so circle around all the things you just said: ok, p. First, alright, when I pee on people in our not r Kelly, one squirting is like the sexual chem trails. That's what it is is that we may be able to believe in it. They won't let it go It's real real p, it's got improvement by scientists. Patient might be doing it never existed until a few years ago. After all these years, he let me take women for all these years were holding in their pee, and then someone told them they don't have to anymore, and they start is peeing. All over goes. The baby boom boarding does the baby boom yeah. I mean that's exactly what's going on it's kind of the same thing that shits funny yeah not know that people do a lot of crazy shit for camera.
I started becoming somewhat of a different person when I first started streaming because the chat itself is like, like a comedian right like you get up there, you get high after people, Zenergy of like interacting with you. So why you're playing? Do you have a separate monitor that two monitors two webcams to my stereo mic like this one hanging above me a studio MIKE while you're playing is like. I said I a high voice. I need to like not pierce peoples or something before the show we were saying your voice is so high that if you go what the fuck yeah like, I need Matthews MIKE. Otherwise it freak people out. But so I don't know how we got to twitch, but yeah twitch is huge. They got bought by Amazon for nine hundred and seventy million dollars. What the FUCK Amazon do you do with your money? Yeah? No! It's! It's because it's got so the league of Legends finals last year had more of your ship, I think than the NHL Stanley CUP and the roles will combine and what it's gonna, it's the it's the future yeah, it's cold, so they added to the future and the reason the add value is so
overwhelmingly valuable is because the interaction right everyone is chatting there, though, talking directly to when you're on the couch watching tv, yeah, this commercial, fucking, dumb or oh cool super bowl commercial on twitch. You're like wow, look at this fucking clown in the commercial. Oh, that's awesome or that's a cool product or whatever you're typing right. So the engagement is there, the stats. Are there? You literally, I have on my channel I've one button right click and I have my demographic. What country is watching how many hours they watch. I have all the stats on my page that I can export to my sponsors or whoever support my page whoa. Ok, let's go to this fucking website. We have to investigate check out one of our past ones like we do with Well, let's watch some real players. I want to see some real players no disrespect by, but I like to see guys actually know what the fuck they're doing when you are playing this an you're doing this like. What's an average viewer like how many, how many viewers average do you get? One of these, I got like four five thousand concurrent at a time. Four five
Thousands nor my teammate has private teammate. Who seems a lot more to me. It's like ten to fifteen thousand K. Let's watch your game, let's watch counter strike, so this is all the different games that are available that you can watch. You could actually watch. Pokharan music now hold on a second, but you can watch poker guys play poker from their home. Do you watch people play videos, live the old tournaments or yeah, so when my Buddy Griffin's actually huge at poker somebody shag is his name used to be a pro country player he's up like six million in poker. Click on one of these and, let's see what the goes on the committee viewers are guys this guy's from Poland action item and pull in the last five right now he's with you, every thousand Jesus Christ, that's what's twenty seven million one, that's what is over all of your ship Christ, and so this guy is. This is counter strike for the V. The graphics are crude, so it's yeah, it's a there just make a forty seven.
Well, I crank is volume of what is he saying the phone was going up. That's a no yeah, so this is to polish team he's speaking porsches guys actually portion of met him when I was in a triple and really the team on the right, Vertice Pro is like the best human pool and they're their plane gamers to for an online. So I guess the graphics are not that important 'cause. This is seems really dated order. Yeah older encounter shakes like compared to the other. I got to check. This is like a big upgrade, so that's been, the thing was: that's actually kind of made it cool. Is that because the obviously crazy, the graphics in the physics them to game play itself is last true, like remember playing quake? How that work right like if quake, was super modernized. I have a feeling that the integrity of the physics would go down here, yeah. Well, that was one of the things that people didn't like about. The newer games to the physics change like quick, two changed and then quick, though We became more like quick to see the chat on the right. I was going to have a lot of people like quake three rather became wallet quake one
everyone brings their feedback like all. Quite you did this. I don't like it was slower. The thing about quake two is like the movement was slower, but the graphics are better, but then quake three was like sort of the best I mean if I wanted the hot chicks playing counter strike. That's that's. The new thing is the cam. Girls are now becoming gamer girls and then every time. So that's what I've been training Kim Condom to do in a couple. Other girls is to play games. We know what around ruining the movement Brian there's all these there's. All these girls are like we gotta stop showing her cleavage should be taken seriously and I'm like no show your cleavage. You make money now, but yeah. I will be running the movement. Then now I was joking 'cause like he was like pull up, always up Jamie, ok, so she's cool. She gets shit a lot. This girl she's from Canada, I've met the kitty plays, so she gets shit a lot because she spends a lot of time interacting and not playing so people this yeah. So she said their chat and which is an attention whore she's. No, no friends going yeah right, so I've met her she's, a cool person she's like that.
She knows she probably makes. I don't know what she makes. This is me bullshitting, but she at least makes ten to twenty grand a month. You know so why gods hold the fuck on this guy makes ten to twenty glitch with sister when she has to say Jeremy. If anyone watching Joe Rogan streaming out, can you go in the kiddies chat and say something there is much. I knew they would thanks. If you guys want to play with me. This is the best time to comply with me. I so we can get a Joe Rogan Spam and chat, probably just by saying this, I'm sure we can answer such users can read as powerful job. So that's. Why kind to get addictive. You see like I start streaming and people would be like. So if you scroll down I'll text on the page, can you show me where, where next door, like you know as a human being, could you scroll did she like where it says you can tip so right? You keep going down. It'll, say, like donate somewhere cut, contribute
so right there. If you click click here, to make a donation donation of three dollars or more will pop up is a fan letter on the stream. So what people do is they donate one hundred dollars to say, hey, Katie, Hope Great day or five dollars or three dollars or you have a minimum right scroll back, so we can see the the chat jealousy Joe Rogan are going off: Hey Jordan, Joe Rogan C Evans going off Jojo. I love this is killing it's clear. Let's see here, which you know yeah and people can subscribe, do kind of like you know, and you can have like five dollars for a subscription and if you have like a load of drivers every month. I just bring it in here. Both you guys at the same time turn her off then. So we can hear it. What are you saying so you can sub scribe the channels right. That's one of the things that you can do like her subscription is a five dollars to subscribe to channel so every month that subscription renew, so she has like yummy
scription, ten thousand ten thousand people or whatever that's So it's like imagine thousand a month. She makes fifty one thousand dollars a month. He's doing well, I mean not, hurt you also split the sub with the website, so some people get a better deal with Alot get five thousand and fifty two dollars just figure out what's going on, could go back to her olive. Yeah, let's get in olive garden spam going on. You guys need to tell kitty to do the Flash bang dance. Tell him Jordan says: do the Flash bang dance so here to dance off one land. So try to get this dance, don't mister Red Van. Why am I on it you're going to get? I wasn't. You're going to get a strongly worded message, who's going to strongly worded message me or you hi. We just tell
trying to this lovely young lady that we're just trying to figure things out? What is that? I can see that alright, let's, let's leave her go to someone who's actually playing a game. No offense young lady, but it's real. How that is that's fascinating. What's interesting is that a lot of people like are using your ex boxes for like to watch, netflix and stuff like that and twitches now on. Xbox is playstations it's on a roku now, so people are watching it as tv I'll go home at the end of the night, not turn on. ABC or ABC I'll. Just watch somebody play counter strike fall asleep, 'cause, it's I like watching video games in one of the cool things is like this. You have coaches now like in in these professional things, and these are guys guys that, like to PAC as watch video cams who's funny, which are sort of problem, makes yes guy. So he's kind like a he's. Just not competitive at all you jokes around, but he makes so much money and what is he playing with us or dark after? I think right now see war. The
that's this is the game that Duncan had to throw away three different times. He had deleted, he's broke it. He like took the disks and snap them in half and then went out and bought new ones done. Man click so see. There's three different ways people make money right. There's the sub service, the subscription right ad revenue, so he's got eighteen thousand years. He pry makes like one hundred dollars an hour on that, and then he has donations or whatever. So this guy in particular, had a couple crazy fans from the Middle EAST play prince dudes that gave him like fifty grand each one hundred and thirty five grand. I had one guy from Abu Dhabi. Give me ten grand one time. I do what just to show you dick yeah exactly right, so we had a private myfreecams dot com, Slash Jordan. Now he literally was just like he liked the counter strike scene. He gave he gave a polish counter. Thirty grand you gave one of my teammates twenty grand. Will you mad that you only get ten yeah it's totally based on the fuck fuck? Do Some of that money, though you don't really know what to say right, it's time for you to get back into quake, Joe no
we are not, but about the victims yeah? I have. I have a live addiction issues of my voice dealing with drugs for the most part, although some would disagree, but I do have some hardcore with games. So the point where I have a games, but watching this is. This is a totally different animal, because yesterday these guys are making money. I can't believe you have a subscription link there and you click on that, and you can give this cat five bucks a month. Get a soda pop and I flew out of home options like Christ. He's got ninety three million fucking views on his channel and 18th, people watching right now, that's incredible! I was actually teaching a kid who he's only ten years old, I'm with your friends with ten year olds, but he
she will be one of the same age mentally. He wants to grow up to be you like that's what he wants to do so so I was teaching him how to be a twitch host and and, like me and Jamie, were played grand theft auto with him, and he would practice you know talking and stuff like, and it's amazing that this is now a job that kid pulled. Factor you pull this up on. There was an image you pulled up on the screen was that show that you did a scene in with David Spade Holy cow, just shoot me yeah. I did that. I watched an episode. This is hilarious, hey fella,. This is good for this guy, though so he's making money his museum. What's going who is prince someone else, pulling that up in front of them. Do let's do this all day, go people's room and freak him out
so this guy right now is playing this game cus of volume. So I can hear how this is going on. That's he's not talking, ok, sing, let's do it. So in this game you can kind of like lounge and he loved it. That's were I known from looking five hundred and fifteen now so like did he asked he asked for more? No idea, ok, so this guy is playing these games and he just talking. I guess and that's why people like him yeah, I mean it's like it's like any personality right, like the people like even had Phil Defranco anything yet on Youtube. So, like people follow someone and they wanted to know like right now, I'm doing this podcast right people enjoyed. It is here behind the story so
for him. Sometimes he'll sit there. He does every Saturday night. He does a twenty four hour stream. All day he play twenty four hours at a jerk off, he probably does prior and after I would say, that's stamina was anybody ever off on screen. If they do, they take care of it, which is yes and yes, this happened where she got in trouble. When you double times, I was playing grand theft auto when a girl came over and she just started taking off her top and stuff like that, and I forgot that it was twitching because on Xbox live, you could be twitching and you totally forget it's on, and then you fall asleep when you wake up the next day in your camera. Still on people who watched you, sleep like creepers, yeah, yeah. I've done that a few times also beepers, who a different way. I just go in grand theft, auto kill, hookers and try to take pictures of their underwear sounds like a great Wednesday night have you seen the fucking complaints of people said that there's a hack in grand theft, auto where you could verbally rape, some or you could virtually rape. Someone haven't seen that with their body freezes
and do anything you get behind him. You start pumping him, but people really upset like you know, this girl was talking about how she felt completely violated because her character was trapped. And some guy was like, isn't that a game where they're allowed to kill you with a fucking crowbar like that, Doesn't freak you out, but additional for mobsters in that games like what yeah, but not ok with the sack side, but the cocaine that I'm selling to buy this car is cool right. So how many people are on this twitch thing in any given moment? Go back to that like, let's see with like Swiss, all the rooms are on there. They have like more internet traffic and like most websites like in, like they counted for some huge number, I'm sure you can look it up of streaming service like it's like that. In Youtube and like Netflix God, damn I'm so out of the loop with this shit. Now the I want to see what it's like when you're watching people play poker yeah, so they normally have like sixty it's really down, there's poker right there so go to poker and so
these guys are just playing video poker. So turning out like Little right! Click on that guy right there. I don't know. Every thousand viewer number four thousand viewers on this- it's quite a bit less so quite a bit. Less people are playing. He has a million views, but quite a bit less than the video games so say more people or want to watch people well. This is a game say right? So a lot of people get residual fuse. 'cause people are just looking around for a gamer right. Not a lot of people are just casually looking around for poker player now. Do you think you could play pool on something like this? Like Digital, like no actual pool like? Could you have camera camera set up where you could play actual pool, I don't know their rules like if you're channel, who already does other things, and then one day you just have a Friday night is pool, and I think you could. I think I think you could totally do it. You have to talk to them probably not, but they don't want you to like, say I'm playing counter strike and then you're playing pool seven days a week right. Yeah yeah. You wouldn't work in Flash Bang Dan. Just once
bn word. How dare you sir rv audacity? That's the one up concentrate on you right to it, so this guys play in four different games at a time a lot of those video game, poker dudes the real ace as they do that right and they have a program to keep track of the hands that runs in playing like on their tables. So if you pay for it. 'cause, these guys are playing they're, making good money. You know played poker for table today right and he saw this cat is playing him he's playing for different games. At the same time, where he's making money on these games are losing money. Gambling gambling now is that legal, yen or because at work now, because I know poker like there for a while you get played out of Vegas play people in Vegas online. I think it's a videos like Canada, okay, so this guy wrote it po here's new twitch, but it's growing rapidly with some poker celebrities. Daniel Negron, oh who's, been streaming Jason summer. Some okay. So it's a new thing. Yes, relative
dish outside music recently like Dj Steve Aoki, plays video, he puts a gopro up on stage and then he does is set at a club extremes it from twitch chemical waiting. Does it but that's not a video get added music, so I can say I feel like. I feel that people be stoked to have you on twitch. I could totally connect you with those people to you from doing well, good yeah. Why not I mean we? Do you stream, saying? I know this new. What did you say? You got the new tricaster. You could do extreme We do you stream in twitch. At the same time hold yes, we can folks, alright will do it yeah I'll totally Kinko's people interesting interest, yeah a Kemper has a stage at his new studio and he will have like concert. San he'll be playing the drums and stuff on twitch. Now no Shelley. How many people want a lot you Kevin and has a full studio where he does it gaming and arm one hears podcasts right, but how many people watch when you? Let you know I'm a drum? I haven't watched it. I just you just me about it. Okay,
let's see some other video games see what else we got here. This is fascinating man. This is a completely new world to make me when you see him call of duty, so this some kind of professional, but not really preferred entertainer right, but you're playing and you're making money like I'm a part time, streamer 'cause, I still compete. She, I think the The genius of this is the whole donation thing, the genius. This is getting people to donate and the fact that these guys can so how What can they make money they can make money by donating subscription? That's like that's like you could run your salary if you have two thousand subs consistently influx, it's always four hundred and ninety nine. While some I want to go she ate. I think it's a six, but you split that so, like the average person gets fifty percent, I get seventy percent. The top people get like ninety percent, like there's guys that have a shit load of subs and they play all day wow. So they get ninety percent. So this guy named Lyric or four dollars out of the five item that eighty percent right and
he has like around ten thousand subs as of last month. That's automatically forty grand a month he's making Jesus just from his subs and then donation. That's a half a million dollars a year. Oh yeah! He makes it over half a million dollars. Yes, incredible! he's doing that all on on twitch, while getting his bachelors in computer science, that's amazing. Actually just graduated congratulations. Dude fuck yeah so that guy doesn't even have to be the best of the best and that's the thing is entertainment value interact interactive and get numbers. One million people have watched him he's not even on right now. This people in this chat- oh my god, eighty one million that is fucking incredible. Your chat becomes like a community home for people, so they literally will hang out in there and you could like have all these little emote Acan see how it's got like a little cat face. That's his icon. You could paste all sorts of download
Things comes like a fun way for people to still be in someone elses channel spam, my emote Acan, nothing, that's fucking! credible. I now I'm and now I'm really intrigued it's interesting because they really took the formula from porn. You know porn always starts off. First anyways invent it first and then they moved in to like having that donations in the channel or a man on the line. Every kid my free cams, but the hot girl thing is huge. So that's why I've been trying all the girl was on here to do it playing video you're pimping them out Bro, I like it. It's good moves! Well, it's a career now like these girls like specially porn stars when they get to an end of their porn star live. What am I going to do now? I have no job playing Mario brothers, I'm sure you can fucking make to make. So let's go to another one, Jamie 'cause! This is interesting. This lyric guy. I like that. I love what he's doing So how did that guy get so big? Why is he so big? Some of it's a domino's,
Is he a killer player? He plays all sorts of games. It's got a radio voice. Let me see before you. I'm sorry to interrupt code? I want to see what other games are available. This is grand theft, so he's got a radio voice lyric he actually doesn't even have a webcam. It blows my mind how popular is without even a camera. So nobody knows what he looks like well, because he's shown up in a couple at conventions. So they take pictures and we know him there. They know, I'm not exactly shows up with the fucking one of those guy Fawkes masks. Let's say scroll down, call of duty poker call. It is h1z1 goodbye celani. It's like a survival zombie like city version of grand theft, auto you run around and it's like a mass world this game. I've never heard of how many people watching this cat when he's playing he's a new partner and other thousand, which is pretty good for, like an average person, you're going to be able to turn that into like a moderate all day job and not have to get two hundred and seventy seven thousand views. Instead of working at Starbucks, hear a low level, twitch streamers, yeah,
Ok, this guys, probably making a couple grand a month. Maybe one thousand bucks a month. You gotta subscribe button, so yeah, maybe if he's working hard every so maybe apply it pays for his rent. There you go yeah wow This is a weird game where it's a third person thing and you running around you fighting zombies. Ok, this is a stupid game. Yeah bowl ring all right gotta scroll down, but I want to see what games are available, not just grand theft. Every single game is available every day of quake on here. Yeah. Let me see that go to that. You could pretty much play any single game: people Diablo. Oh jeez Johnny, but only if people are playing the game, will it be here so like quake, I love I could. I should text MIKE wake friends in there. It's uh. Good game, huh yeah I love watching quick. I went to create kind of couple times in Texas. Oh, it's incredible. Half life still available. Now it keeps growing. Let's see it also type quake in the top left and see. If that pops up a lot of we
games and they're in her house I mean how does someone even create a new game now when these people get so addicted to the chess yeah? Yes, this video chess is that what it is like out. Chess is like a wizard. Everyone else is like a young kid member chattel chest travel Channel chest where it was a good box settle show where they were. They were. They were like fighter it Make game that I was for like early computers and was chest, but the guys would be nights and it would be animated and they would cut the other person in how I grab that hot water from you t, oh yeah technology, all over the place playing quake live here. That was it, but can you watch the video team death match yeah. Teen gets mad team death match. So is that what this is we're going to watch
a a stream yeah. Okay, yep! That's it see like this. Use of graphics are quite a bit better in this than they are on the counter strike, but even this is old. This is quick. Three yeah! I love the issue, though my favorite turns to watch regular like the pain killer. Quake unreal tournament. What's interesting to you, know these gay They, it seems, like you, get hooked on one and that one game becomes your shit, but then you run the risk of being left behind does the new games come out, so I think more legitimate thing eastwards gets obviously there's our interest for the game developers to keep their game lasting right, whereas in the past it was like by the new games how we gonna make money, we need to come out of the new games. People buy it, but now there's way more ways for them to make money. So in counter strike, you can change the way. Your a k, forty seven likes now you could put a blue dragon decals on it and you pay five dollars.
D cal thirty dollars or two dollars or depending on how rare the decal is an that is used to crowd fund for them to make money and for us to have tournaments so valve. Now the creative counter strike hosts a quarter million dollar tournament every couple of months from the money they get from the micro economy they created for counter strike, God! This is insane! That's why League of Legends was so big right now. Is they sell these trinkets in garbsen things for your character and they make like fifty million dollars a month or whatever the world of Video game called me on that? But I get your point. The world of video games is so so interesting, so alien to Maine. By had no idea was this deep involved around a lot with websites. Which really combine how many of them are there besides, twitch that no twitch dominates that round. There's I hit box Mlg TV, major game, Tv Zulu TV as a couple, but no one's really has to reach that which has hung. So we just said that Kevin per
or switching right now, while playing a video game. Ok go to Kevinporterhestwitch DOT tv, slash the attack yeah, see if this works. Ok, let's say not a hero and other stuff with Alex. This is Kevin. Yet this cabin right now kid crank up the volume who is Kevin. Sorry- I don't know this Kevin Pereira was the host of attack of the show. The objective is asking he's a very bright man, log in as beautiful complexion and excellent bone structure, the jawline bone with happening that you're, not that's the one cop to the dispatch. I got shot that do the face amount of not got a partner. How you doing one of yours had job. I log always you don't use it on time, but who is a couple of hundred views because he just got on right watching you now Kevin Other saying Joe's watching now, hi can I just
hi fellas in a bright red, and this was the scene, I'm pro gamer guy knows yeah what a weird world we live in. Yes, go communities, funny Those kinds are, so is Kevin Studio that we're looking at in the corner yeah. This is a man cave. This is one part of his studio. This is where he does all his twitch gaming and stop in this podcast, and now that the first thing I mean all these rooms like: where do they rub? One out part of the room? He's gonna have transcript script. Thomas, you, mother, fucker, oh shit, all right! How can we do this? Let's enter the matrix week somehow now we're now we're gonna there's a lag, though unfortunately, fax, seven to ten seconds yeah thirty, that is an open, a floodgate of race,
no everybody, it's always racist stuff. It's all races, stuff for some reason of a subscriber. There again are not logged in I don't. Joe Rogan, the studio yeah. I want to see your studio, how cool This is getting way confuse. This is so bizarre. This is like two mirrors facing each other, nicer, acha, sure, Sir, get that Tahoe Kevin Pereira with that get over studio. We go full screen on the Hey Kevin, we're finally, getting to hear you now, here's a stimulated! Oh, this is dope, cast table own likes and it will be, I don't even know how we get out the band room sprint. So this is a place he's renting. They need like a usb extension. Cord walk me. Look at this. This is hilarious boy. This is
so bizarre watching cowboys doing it hey. I wanna see your dick get out of there, so watching Kevin Pereira in it's the attack on twitch. They see you're hearing too far in LOS with Bros that was brought out wow. This is very strange. Also Joe. This way, I'm gonna give you the things easier. You now. This is interesting, oh so he's had wow
Now it's far more watching us watching them. This is fucking strange. I think we can time travel. Somehow I think we just did look we're doing here was showing his dick again. Jesus back to his table did Joe's got a full head of hair. What's going. This is also bizarre. It's like a mailbox or whatever that movie was my voice, just got deeper, so this is Kevin Studio and plays video games out of here as well yeah. This is his twitch RU minutes podcast room on this side and then, on the other side he has Jesus got word I see which one is real. Now I don't even know, now the one on the lower right hand. Corner is real time. The one of the left is like what he's getting from us on you stream. So the after one is the? U stream one 'cause, it's a delay and the one of the lower right is real time wow. This is crazy. He's got a sweet setup. Man yeah again he's going to show his dick to scrape.
Dicks the same thing, though over and over again now this like the. Why is there three different levels in the bottom? I don't know so, do you have a bunch of employees or something yeah he's got he's got a full staff over there I mean they doing receptionist. They play video games and live the life, but why what's the receptionist there for just to play video games and stuff like that, so here's here's his second room this is like where he plays ball in foosball, it's a bunch of couches. That also has a humongous green screen on the side. Here. Is this kid in area, which is like a bar in the middle here's. This bar here you could just whoa yeah, so this is like now is a pool table like this you this is the best room rate. This is really fascinating as a whole. Recording studio, setup messing around
this place was huge as any Wallace Harjo rolled out so well, because we have issues and then to land use or hang out area. We can also on match that bad on doors here and push them out. Just push out and we have room for like a hundred fifty people. So yes shows there yeah his live, shows, concerts and stuff invites his friends and family manage dicks. We can't allow. This is crazy. Kevin Pereira is taken to the next level Dan. So he has all these people that work for me generating revenue. Doing this twitch baby really switch podcasting. All this some other shows they doing some production to do for other companies. They have a whole production company. Ok, ok, alright, we'll tell KEN
and I said thanks pretty dope wow. This is amazing. He's got like ten fucking people working for him, oh yeah, that This is so strange. Kevin took it to the next level yeah he took what we did and went like five steps beyond once you start your own. That's! The problem, though, is when you start showing where you live yeah I saw another side of things. Mmhm we've had bad experiences that what we had like swatting in what is now is a pretty funny video of action you to them clear in my room with like that, actually happened with you. That was you right. So, while you were playing a game, someone called the Swat team. Well, it started uh fuck. It started something else. I started people kids, people ordering pizzas at first,
and like not paying for him right, so they wouldn't pay. For my getting my speeches, sorry guys, here's a couple bucks you wasted your time. Can I have that pizza, but they would leave firetruck standard next, like oh, they said your house is burning down obvious it's not and then like a like a month later, I'm just chillin- and this is you say yeah I mean my roommate here. I see my dad out front walk down the street as it as heard in a long, but it's not loud now so what's going on, if you guys will be right back, I was playing the game. And this is like twenty minutes later. Oh, my god. So there's a pretty funny edited version. I don't know if this is the one, so they don't know right now, Note that this isn't real, not even told him 'cause they're about to come in with a K9 unit, size, yeah, there's a couple of cats in there. Can you just showing the canine unit were looking for dead bodies? We can adhere to like what you want. I wasn't guys you're getting pranked. You now. Look me Youtube. While you guys are storming the house like you're getting pranked like no, you have tell them that they're getting pretty some causes. Christ they're coming in with
guns and they had me and my dad in handcuffs on the end of no way. So you are install so someone called and said I had murdered my neighbor Anne had someone else hostage and they call through like a proxy dns or whatever, and or what do they call it a vpn. So you can't try sure they call from so? Did you give out your address online or did someone so they? I guess my someone found my skype username and then trace the log for all the calls that are where they've calls most frequently from and if they just like triangle, did my house IP address, and then they did something called doxing where they get everything about my house and my personal info. That's a main using yeah that's a real issue right with the swatting. I've seen that on tv, a bunch of times real celebrities that I suppose, like a big issue 'cause, it happens all the time. Little things like this. I don't even like saying that word for me also I have to do is after I just talked to the police chief as a guys. This happened a couple times like. Please don't respond like this again like here's mine
right, but then what? If somebody wants to murder you so what they do is they said they have to send one guy that had to do so just every time, but someone Just do this all day long, so they put a little asterisk. They said near my house address and they have a message for their crew. Little protocol now wow. That would be scary as fuck man I gotta get out of this. That would be scary. Is fun yeah or to be honest, I actually knew what was happening right away. It wasn't scary, so my dad was kind of terminal, but I walked out to see what's going on and run out my front door uh, as you saw him like a tank top in sure, but if you had uh make it a shot, that's what that's I've! I've talked about the friends I would've been so fucking furious. If Animal of mine was killed, but luckily roulera dirty no dogs, their morale. I wasn't but that's not normal, like so a lot of times, people over the dog inside the house and they come inside they'll just shoot your dog yeah and they'll kick down the door so, like I said, luckily they they were at the end of the block. When I walked out- and I looked and I see all these guys behind Bush isn't really into sixteen point me I was like oh
fuck douchebags guy, damn man great and I don't give a shit- walked on the side of the street, I'm like cool, I'm doing it. Oh my god yeah! but yeah that's. The worry is like what if no one was home, I'm home alone on my dog, I'm chilling at my apartment and they come up and fucking blow my window and kick down the door. They see me Maybe they see my expression, I surprised you're angry 'cause, I just died in the game or I say, bomb down bomb down and then there at there at the door behind me. While I'm communicating that to my team estate bust in the door and fucking club me over the head or something how often this happened? So there is another video actually someone online who got more surprised where he realized he's being sweaty yeah, so she people are in my house, I think I'm getting swatted and they kind of like do that. Female yeah I've seen a few of am now there's no way to get stop down. I mean how could they stop that right now with current technology? Well, like I said only once, it's happened at that address. Have a have a protocol day in about don't have logged in Christ, one of the kids who put supposedly did it to me, got caught,
caught him 'cause. He did eighteen different swatting, this Vegas and nineteen year old kids in Vegas he sentenced to five years. Oh my god, do in jail time. We added nineteen. Oh, my god is the same type of kids, who do those denial of service attacks into big problems. Gaming. You know the d dos, but they they flood your internet. They can, if they drive here and I'm sure they're trying to we've had it before. I try to picture the person that, like kind of like gang initiation of nerds and they're, all like circle jerking in like some kind of lab done. You gonna call their fury right now, you're you're calling yeah. I got a time. Candy man, candy man, it's like talk about for child. Let's talk about forty! What's your favorite favorite beach is fascinating to me that we're in this weird world, where all the stuff is kind of going on at the same time like the entered the the interaction of this twitch stuff, go back to the twitch website. Again, I find this. The most fascinating this, seems to Maine to be almost bet there than professional game.
Like being good at it. It seems what you need to do is be like that lyric guy and just be kind of entertaining like what is that guy skill level is like really keep scrolling down with other games that the decision between being a streamer in a programmer is mostly pride right like you compete and you want to win and run considered good at something, and you- what's created any travel around a lot. What's that what's creative creative people drawing come on. They have video games is someone drawing people drawing and go there? Let's see this mine occupied how many people watched this guy draw thirty people who have 59th game development. One two people watch people. This actually got guys a talented artist. Yeah, so you get to watch him drawing as he drawn in photo shop. Is that what's going on or is it take close to it like? The popularity of periscope is based on the same formula? Also, everyone having their own tv shows, subscribing to his feedback chat rooms
This stuff is the future. Now he's doing this with a weak calm like one of those tablets motor drawn using you can just broadcast anything from your computer. I'm us it's just a matter of if they're going to allow you to put it on their service. Guys chat is bullshit. Let's storms can chat, twenty people, we haven't blocked. Well, they haven't heard us yet there it goes bam. It takes like fifteen seconds. New account updating it out, so you might have five hundred in there, but it won't refresh it ask for permission before posting a link purge race, Oh my God races racism, racism, but that he didn't say the n word because uses the number one instead of an so it's ok yeah! You have to do the filter
wow. This is a this Edward thing is rude: hi can someone? Please call me a spec, or maybe even a in the okay, just tired of the n word. That's one thing: that's weird about the gaming community with like Xbox, live or online chat, or anything it's just a racist at like there's. No there's no like everyone's races on Xbox live, so the because it's forbidden. Right now. Let me ask you this: what was your take on this whole gamergate thing? Did that affect you. Are you like? What are you nerds fighting over and for folks who don't know what gamergate was? You know it's, I kind of started out as some sort of fight. Over online journalism and became something about feminism and social justice warriors and all kinds of craziness yeah. That was Honestly, I don't even know the whole story. I heard I only heard about it partially because people were talking about the female side of things and I remember a lot of the companies I worked with immediately. I saw a change in the direction of marketing there like put females on all of our adwords like big link,
They wanted to be like. We support female gamers. Well. Well, well, well, really yeah! So patronizing yeah! I don't! It is safe to visit companies, but I saw a lot of the each sports companies like instead of having a guy wearing the gaming headset. Isn't the girl now, like far away like we do like gamers or girl gamers? Rather so so their response to, it was to say their support of a female gaming yeah supporting girl, streamers and The whole thing was just so bizarre because it all happened at a one gal was banging some dude with a yeah. I actually don't know the whole story. I never really reality. It's legendary. The story of Jesus is like a bunch of different versions of it. You know some go all the way back to Thor. The whole thing is
very strange: it's very strange when you have these these little satellite communities and they branch off and they do battle with each other yeah. I tried to watch one of those two minute videos that explained everything and I can even figure it out from that I tried I couldn't I just couldn't tolerate. It was just so nonsensical, but it was like a lot of it. Just seemed like you know, it seemed like there was a lot of bullshit on both sides. You know so you didn't even pay attention like the hardcore gamers like you're, like so insulated, deep in the hive that you didn't even it is rumbling outside in my managers, yeah exactly my managers from like I plan on team called Cloud nine. They were talking about it 'cause. It was like their sponsors discussed with them about what it was, but I didn't hear about. Until after it happens, we will Was this thing only when we try to say Jamie Drawing went offline. What everyone in the made him go offline. These angry his minds no longer occupied.
Now is three hundred and nineteen people, watching, though close dream. There's a there's, a cool video on Youtube. I don't know similarity is happening. I can send you this Somebody just sent me of somebody getting robbed while twitching, so there twitching and then in the background you see him getting robbed like someone stealing things from you, yeah here Jamie. I also like that girl right. I just sent it so there being behind the people are stealing things yeah, it's a girl, pretty cute girl looks she doesn't even know he will do stuff like that. How many people are faking things like that, just to get people to watch them? Ok, so we're kind of getting off track so this twitch thing seems like a viable source of revenue. Obviously, but if you bank on that sort of the same thing is like your dad was saying like this. Is
volatile industry that you're entering into the one thing I will give people who go big on twitch, though, is, as you see like lyric, he doesn't necessarily have a marriage to one game. So in a new game comes out is following just like fuck, it go play that game will be entertained. So that's the benefit and that's why I have dabbled in streaming. I'm not a full time streamer, but I could pay my bills with streaming and I go on there and I try to stream when I don't have like a big tournament. You could pay your bills with streaming wow. That is fucking crazy, so you could just for a goof. You could say: oh you know like People have little side job like that. Your side job could be streaming and that could like pay for your rent, yeah. Definitely and the cool thing is obviously it's your own hours being an uber driver or something exactly but way more money than an uber driver, yeah well and the tips? Would drivers don't get donations yeah, you don't get ten grand from some dude in Dubai exactly why
wow. That is amazing, that this is a world that I just was not aware of, and so girls do it and they do it because, like hot girls can do it and they don't even have to be good at games right, but there's all there's a lot of girls who, like 'cause, there's, not a lot of girl programmers they can counter strike. I don't know answer why this is always a discussion like why aren't there more girls at the top, because they're out there looking for Dick, so let's plan for document yeah and we're looking for girls. You could argue that the guys aren't looking for girls right there, Well, they are, but they given up, I mean they are, but they like, let's be real, check get out here and they're fun. So you have the girls that I'm on stream that tried I'm not for trade. That section is because they want to be taken more seriously right. First, I have a hoodie. Yeah there's a lot of that right, and I don't it's one thing that I understand that this is one girl. Her name is Kacey Tron and she makes fun of those things. She's got big boobs as it is, but she pushes him up. Has the camera like angled in on it, and she constantly says like stupid, shit and like makes like sexual innuendos all the time and like just different joke under stream, because she wants to embrace
the chaos, that is the twitch chat and just kind of right and then what kind of like numbers does she get? I mean she definitely definitely full time job for her. If you can make money, now, so you could actually make what a lawyer makes or a doctor makes quarter million. That is so crazy. I I don't know why this is so surprising to me. The tv networks are shitting their pants because of things like this twitch, because the more people watching video games now than they are watching tv. Is that true yeah really yeah, but there's a lot of channels. Man there's two hundred and fifty channels, just on Directv, or something like that. More than that, probably right yeah. But most of these games, like they're getting more viewers per day than episode of gray. Anatomy now it so I saw this thing about the ultimate fighter. You know than the UFC
The reality show where somebody was saying that the I don't know if it's true with the ultimate fighter only had two hundred and forty six thousand people watch one of the episodes, which is just I mean that's way less than we get for a podcast. That's normal, that's normal! Now it is this normal for the twitch we sent it's not my nowadays Ford, the low numbers on tv and cable, but it's not because that that's like way lower than what it's been before, what it looked like. As an example, there's a show that's on one of these like oxygen networks or something that at one thousand pm on on the Tuesday, what would you think the numbers are for that one thousand pm on a Tuesday on oxygen network show, I don't know, how will they even can figure that out man? Can you figure that out you and more so nowadays, I think, then you used to be able to, because nowadays those numbers of the cable companies are sold to yeah. That data is all that's. All. Data is shared in frame, but that's the Good NEWS. The question is how
They know I do what now to be monitored. I don't know it used to be Nielsen ratings used to be. Is you have to have a Nielsen Box on your television, it's old school yeah, and then I think they still use that, though my I don't think there they know when people watch the Dvr show within twenty four hours, like that's added into the dvr, show that have to be want monitoring your dvr box to know. If you have watching my tv are though, but that is: is that watching it live? We can they figure that out as well added into that live number selected by what their hours and but they don't add that into the race. Things like if you watch television ratings, that's not including the ratings like. If you see like big bang theory, if they the number one show they don't factor in tv, I don't believe they do. I think it just depends on which what they're looking at it. They might wait two more days, and I give you the updated fax with yes, the which is. I got a number of hours, which I imagine all these channels had access to.
Well? That was the debate. The debate, though, and television was whether or not to include the Directv numbers. 'cause Directv numbers were different. Then the numbers they were getting off of regular television. Also as many people watching the television together is there five people watching on screen. You gotta talk right into that. Dude, yes, closer is there? Is there five people watch? being one screen right. That's like that's, obviously the variables on on a computer. You have to fill out info and you make a twitch account which makes it that much more valuable. All the info is like age based. They know how old you are Ok here goes Netflix ratings Netflix won't share; they won't tell you, they don't need to tell you they're, like fuck, you were Netflix bitch internally. They obviously have all that. Well, they have. Seventy million people on Netflix now paying seven bucks a month, mother, Fucker, mother, fuck I think it's a seventy million. Will Jamie could find sex? Who live seven of the sure that you know, I think they do. Yeah. How many people are on Netflix
so how many people are watching house of cards? Don't know they don't even tell you they don't know find out how many people are on Netflix. I think it's! Seventy million so yeah this uh MID fighter episode. Four of last week's ultimate fighter only did two hundred and eighty six thousand views hum yeah. It's like a big. That's like a counter strike, turn is that really a counter strike tournament. That's what you would get well, the last major we had over a million concurrent fucking Christ a million watching at the same time. My god that some league of legends in those ones are monstrous too, because they have weekly events. This size, that is unbelievable man, we're living in strange, strange times, awesome forty million domestic subscribers, forty million domestic, but worldwide thing worldwide. They said it was seventy and looking at a Forbes article with it, but even that forty million domestic cats.
Bucks a month who they got cash baby. So the one side, Twitch ads or the one downside to twitch ads that adblock right, my chrome so like some ads, don't get shown so that doesn't go towards the counts per Millenia, the cpm or whatever that rate you get per thousand viewers. So an obviously on a tv show tv box, you can't turn off the commercial you could switch the channel but online. You could literally like disabled bad so that you're always watching the streamer 'cause. I could run it out create minutes. Some people don't want to see the average woman watch Jordan right. So I, when I run a commercial, I try to make an effort to leave the room, so people aren't encouraged to turn off adblock. So there's not going on during my commercial so years commercials are scheduled now, eight minutes, I have a dashboard. I could run three thousand and sixty ninety one, twenty one 52nd timer, and how does that work? You get a piece of the ad. So
three thousand years I get a rate like three to five dollars per commercial rents. Five: four thousand viewers an I run, a commercial at prime hours, that's thirty seconds I'll, be like twenty bucks or something for like couple thousand viewers. So you could run for an hour. That's eighty dollars an hour or whatever, but they have to be. They still have to tune into it. Yeah they have to be tuning. That's that's like live action like sometimes, if I'm having a really funny stream and everything is much cool shit happening. I don't want to interrupt with an advertising commercial right right, but if I'm just in a game like, are you guys going to go? Take a piss get some food snack quick already had a two minute commercial, but I try to never interrupt the action and these two minute commercials. They close from movies like yeah, so it dries from a random rotator that that's, which makes also their money. So these companies paid switch, maybe ten gram, run their ad for this Friday. So you don't get to choose. You couldn't say ok, I would like to have a chevy ad right now, but no What I can do is to have advertisers pay me directly
and run their pre rolls as my stream and never run a commercial through to it or do an internal advertisement inside the show like what we yeah exactly or could you have product placement? Well, yeah, yeah! You know it goes good with gaming, kill, kill, yeah exactly well! That's what I'm doing when I play my stream. I have my sponsors headphones on as a keyboard and they pay you monthly or well. Those are the people who support me to find it like you're up in all over the world. Each right. I just got back from London this weekend. That's you know big event Samsung it waste time. So I have two phones right. I have to dis activate my phone 'cause. I got smashed by HTC recently, oh you had a deal delete your phone because I still have it because I have an unlimited data. Plans have been resisting, but I have the new HTC M9, which I use for every else deciding you know the M nine was out just came out when I go yeah. I think I got a great as before: U M A was pretty dope and it was up so much better is the no honestly I bitch put up you know the family plan
and on T mobile family plan on T Mobile is unlimited Lte Data, my music player Timo music player. My is, I see I understand so this is a a whole new world that I'm being introduced to this world of streaming. I mean the world of competitor hideous games. I'm scared unknown because sweaty on you, the the world of competitive video games. I was kind of aware of- and I knew about these enormous star craft tournaments, where people are watching on television. Yet Korea is still huge right, yeah. That's why STAR Craft one died. It got so big that everyone is throwing matches for money, throwing it tears. Twenty grand lose your next game, no We're betting curious, yeah big, really fast. I hate bad noodle people. Always find a way to fuck things up down kind of what happened to original star craft is that game was bad ass. I don't think they needed to change it too much. They could it updated the graphics little and what happened
that kind of that kind of ruin. Part of the integrity of the korean scene, which was like the dominant. Those guys are like insane like the way they practice. The way that play was like just clear, cut, more fishing, smarter, better than everyone the world. So when they're seeing was- affected. That way, it kind of is that a cultural issue like you were talking about Europe and create. Is there like a stigma on it in America that doesn't exist in Europe and Korea were definitely when I go to sleep and it's like being a pro surfer in California? Not everyone wreck. This is me, but I will be recognized everyday over there, so like getting Mcdonald's in some big. Oh shit would have nothing of value here for Gmat yeah cool, but not everyone in the room will know who I am, but that one guy will like my buddies, In Sweden, the team an IP that the best thing from Sweden when most of those guys walk around in Sweden, there recognized two thousand and thirty times a day, actually it normal at least so, there's fucking their celebrity. Their celebrities in their cities like comperable to Leica Daniel Negron, oh who's? Maybe I'm poker player yeah, something like that or Phil. With people Phil Ivey. Is it
People that are more, I would say more, like just a surfer analogy, is probably better 'cause. I guess those guys are in the region, right wow, that is unbelievable. Kelly Slater, yeah, well he's pretty famous worldwide, so that'd be like fatalities at one guy. Right, yeah dude he's done right, yeah. He just does all sorts of marketing best game in the world. Still it Yeah he's really good at quick, but obviously all the new current players could beat him. You know. So if the raffle is like the best quick player ever, he is yeah Shane Henry well, whatever happened that one dude in what was his name immortal now, the fox is name there's very. Is a guy who was an asian cat who had his bone head like a whole server and hold website rather got damn it. Well. I have a lab test. The best immediately
like in the early days was it quick file feeling feeling his name is immortal, but he stopped playing probably should know this. And he stopped playing and started developing product, any uh, a gaming website and, I think, fall out of those guys, the actual gameplay is so involving, like you, have to practice. Eight hundred and ten hours a day. I have it grants the lethargy of it like 'cause, it's a it's a novelty right, you you do something you're so into it. 'cause it's new and exciting to compete. Well, a lot of show MLB and NFL players probably wouldn't be in, and if they are barely making a wage, they would probably see it as fun. But it's not worth it get my head wishing. Well, I'm not getting ahead bash in, but I am spending a lot of time inside. I am neglecting my hours are odd right. I practice like to little evening. So a lot of my friendship hangouts have to be like weird hours or weekends or when I have no tournament, so there is downsides to eh
right so like for me the novelty has gone away a little bit like I don't play many games anymore, I'm not a video game player, I'm a counter strike player, and so I don't in my free time I'm not trying to flip on my playstation four. It's like now. Let me go outside. Let me go. Do I play ice hockey still once a week I play golf. Sometimes I I try to stay act. 'cause. I would go insane being inside all day. I have one teammate right now, who is very new to the proceed. He plays all day he streams all night he's going to make way more than all of us 'cause. He literally. He won't leave his house for two and he still totally saying, happy like so it possible- he He is just away it'll it'll go away, probably eventually, but he's in that state where his friends are online and it's not like you're by yourself. You're dealing with you played quake right with you right, he's very interactive were all very interactive. He loves gaming. I was at that stage one time where I didn't mind not going out for the whole weekend and I just land with my friends after a while,
depending on how you balance your life. Obviously you want to do other things in your day right you want to feel fulfilled as a human. I I took up golf a couple years ago just to do something else and try to be decently skilled at it, just for fun the kid name is thresh thresh yep here. Unlike what do you mean a ferrari or something? I remember well. He was like one of the Dennis Fong start yeah that started x, fire. I think a big company now yeah thresh, He was like the best player or one of the best players at the time. I remember watching that kind of the first programmer yeah watching him play in demos, you like Jesus Christ, and then he came up. The website, and it had like a gaming news portal. He definitely pave the way. Joanne of all the shows that we've ever done, Joe Rogan Podcast. I don't think we've ever had eight ' some people viewing our show. Right now we have like almost eight thousand people viewing or so we on the main floor, and I was the matter five thousand for a while
gaming community didn't hit it up that I wasn't sure if I can announce this last week I was like that is fascinating. This whole thing is just a gamer world, yeah hate, gamer fuckers. We hit some new plateau. I think with interactivity with this, not b but like the world, but I'm excited for you to connect you to which I think that's going to do some cool shit for you yeah. I think we need to put this thing on twitch for sure now, this is. It seems to me to be there's a whole world out there of people that are in Volved in this that I just had no idea about you know, I had no idea that people making donation money and that someone could make fifty years. We aren't always right. You know how often I mean how new is this? How recent is it private, two thousand and ten, when it we started to last five years, but even open tv Justin yeah we used to do something fast. Fiona we use
to do. Justin TV from the green room at Cobb's, comedy club in San Francisco was old, Joe Rogan experience before it was Joe Rogan experience. We even met with them and they were like here. We want to give you laptops and cameras and stuff yeah exactly that was like when we used to do it in a we did it in my hotel a few times we did any green rooms. I do all kinds of shit. Yeah remember I came the bathrobe on the leopard print bathrobe for you and Joey, and I danced for. Did you remember? Do you remember the time we there was that dude and this was way way back in the day, but he had some sort of a cellular hookup in his backpack. It was attached will laptop, was Justin TV yeah. It only walks around their dorm and and had a webcam webcam. That was like on his chest or a hat or something along those lines, and he he had a list this like set, and they want to give us one of the set up and have us take it around. I think that's for me and Brian, like we just we so we're crossing the line just too
that said next Joe Rogan has a gopro on his head during the UFC Fight night, but that's what periscope is I'm going to periscope from this UFC this weekend, sweet yeah, I'm going to see if I can get a service or a cell phone signal 'cause. I think, there's a I find Heather it you might want. Also, today, in the first, the best not going to show the fight, so I'm not going to show the fights I'm going to periscope I wanted to periscope like me and Goldberg like getting ready and fucking around and let everybody know what it is, and this is what it looks like on each truce, everybody, the people that work behind the scenes and show over the top Sakura and Tony Hinchcliffe Paris is new. After dealing with, I haven't messed with it: oh yeah to Paris. It is a streaming app where you stream from your cell phone using yeah. So we do it all the time at the comedy store the other day, I took people on a tour of the the store. I took him up to the belly room. I took him down to the comics bar. I took him all over the place very cool. I should do that this is like there's go to the beach Connor around or something yeah, you can do whatever you want to meet.
Yeah. I just got back to the poor. You got banned again yeah. Well, I got banned for doing what you do in your free time. I troll with my free cams, but here it take a check it out. So there's people looking at it right now, you have to hold it up and down like for some reason. Ok, so this way very cool, so there's people What's up EDGAR Hearts, the rules of periscope as chippy, know nudie nose like overall sexual content. I can't use it no, no like showing fights 'cause. I got in a huge trouble for a lot of people streaming, the Manny Fight, Mayweather fight yeah. That makes sense, so they how I got beyond no is because of the fights it because of the fights because of the fights they had to incorporate some kind of features that people were showing the fights that people could report on him. So what happened to me is I was there is a bipolar schizophrenic, cam girl, name egyptian Princess
it doesn't just go without saying, is wearing clothes, but she was just like it was so funny, and all these people on Reddit were like trolling her or something. So I was filming what was going on with this Reddit troll, and so many people thought I was doing the troll that they they reported me and I got banned periscope, and they reinstated you periscope and twitter looked at and goes well that's a stupid rule because you probably have a lot of haters. That would just do this every time you get on, I'm like yeah and then exactly so, I think they've kind of relaxed it. For me, at least at least they respect the fact that you would some haters other. They did take your word for it. It sucks goes on twitch. They recently added that, like even as a guy, you can't be seen with your shirt off on the dash and so like, I did not like, I did something funny one time where I killed the whole team and I didn't react at all. I got up went on. I took my shirt off and walked out of the room. Just like you have a funny reaction. If I did that now,
I would get like my channel. You should know that your account New York City has a law that men can take their shirts. Also women take their shirts off because they can't do anything about it. Yeah because, like sorry, should fear, will walk around New York City every day with no shirt on he does it all the time. Don't this beautiful man, our society, is pretty weird about that stuff. Well, if you- you know if you're allowed to show male nipple? I look. I am fully supportive of anybody who wants to be naked if you want to be naked, walk down street? I think close with symmetric. Why do you think the idea of clothes is fucking? Ridiculous is something it's unnatural. You know it's natural being naked. Closer We were imposing this where we're imposing a society, if you're comfortable being naked, walking on the street, what you get to hide it from the kids you're very intimidating when you have no shirt on time, it's too much like a sex and perfect muscles and stuff. So, some of us nervous
you're disgusting, so maybe somebody had just eaten. Then he started so we're all going to burning man and we're doing a Joe Rogan, Podcast Brians gonna be Jorgensen. Has a twitch thing oh no shit, man, Scott has seven hundred and twenty five thousand fucking views. Another position, lesion call of duty. Alright, I'm going to give this back to Brian, just a barker. Also. You should have this little heart things. You should do the UFC, You ever play the UFC game yeah. Well, I have to do some. You know what I'll do I should I should so I have to do some voice over for the newer version of it 'cause they have new up the versions of it every year, so this year I have to go. I have to go in and like a couple weeks I have to go in and to fucking laborious task have to fake fights, fake fights are going on sister ever going to be a playable character of you 'cause. That's what one thing that the internet has been asking for for awhile is having a playable Easter Egg Character overview
I would have to do a lot of work to do that. I'm not really interested you gotta get up to like throw it. Throw a bunch of kicks and get video keep. My body is going to say many of a vicious kick. I saw something on Instagram was like I would've just got broken in half by that kick, oh, my god. You're kicking up! bean bag, but being banks don't hit back but it wasn't. Nice, hacky sack area, all the above, so this is going. This is a this is going towards virtual right. That's oculus! Rift is the next stage for all the I mean what I'm that's all I'm thinking one and that by the way, that's what Carmack believes comic and I were chatting back and forth to the day on Twitter and one of things he was talking about he's obsessed with. I guess, is Oculus Oculus rift and the possibilities that that entails. Have you
talked with Oculus at all. Ice played like some weird, like ocean surfing, simulator thing, but playing counter strike to fill it out, get nauseous. I want to try. It, though, see that's the biggest problem that the biggest obstacle that they have to get over is it a lot of people put it on and get sick immediately, and so it's not going to work for them yeah. That thing. Man, like with motion sickness, like some folks, get motion, sickness and some people, don't like some people can't, like my wife can't get on boat. She gets in a boat. If I have no, problem I can be on waves and doesn't affect me and my kids are the same way. It doesn't bug them. I was worried that it would get them, but it doesn't get them, but some people like if you're in the back seat of a car they get sick, usually have to sit in the front seat if you're going around yeah like what is that what the is that some people just can't take it. I know people that came and watch video games on tv first person shooters or they get sick, some equilibrium shift or something internally. I don't know so that would be a factor with Occulus because I don't think it tracks your eye movement. So if you want to look to the right, I think you have to do this.
Versus like, if you wanted to look to your right with your eyes, you're right, of course, so it'll be very stiff for awhile yeah. That would be odd. They have those Omni directional treadmills that they're using for Aculus. So you would to get some workout in Tahiti. Well now you would be any counter strike. Can you be running? I think, that's when my leg ranking in the world, would really go downhill. Everybody's would dudes to start taking EPO and running on treadmills every day. He would have to do something I mean if you think about like competitive advantages all the sudden started becoming physical if it shifted game started being like super fit. Don't be crazy, but you know humor that dance dance revolution game. That game makes so many people get in shape. I mean it really did there was all these like success stories of people who they want? They got do it just for being silly. You know play a video game, but there's
All that thing around got them in incredible shape, like guys lose like fifty sixty pounds for the hell, yeah, the health apps on the Xbox live or amazing. No, we decided that we in the week my connect track my body. So if you're, if you're doing one of the workout videos like what is that one that that that p F, fifty six f p x, nine innings, but if China Lettuce wraps but yeah that that actually trucks your body. So it knows that you need to bend your arms more things are bending like a new heating you're trying to cheat yeah trying to half wraps right yeah without that's Dammit brand. Well, the the the Oculus thing. I would think that eventually that would be like you could do. You could spar. You could have like a martial arts, simulator weather, like there's a person in front of you and your fucking Duke it out with some person
totally practice your little meta fighting. I don't know a lot of you cutting you wouldn't be able to grab them. That would be an issue like you wouldn't be able to like. There would be no grappling stuff, but you would be able to kick and punch and stuff start 3d printing opponents yeah the thing about grappling is you have to you're interacting with the person's body striking is kind of independent because you could kind of part and you're hitting someone and they react yeah and they don't you. Don't really have to have a uh where jitsu actually manipulating bodies, and it requires correct leverage and you're. Actually, you have weight. You're pushin weight around, but the they could give you like. Now, you didn't have to five you'd, be fighting a robot that wouldn't work. That's your way lighter first, because it's like a two or three pound thing almost, but on your head, what the oculus you can just check to go around yeah the bride, but it's eventually going to be an oral interface and it's eventually going to be some sort of a chip to the stick in the back.
Head, I don't think I don't. I think I don't think were long for this world. I think human beings are going to be some weird fucking computer thing in the next thirty or forty years. I really do I don't I just don't see this last. These are already fucking guys sitting in air base in Nevada, just control drone, There's a lot of mean is small portion, but it's a lot of the technology that working on now is also exoskeletons. Have you seen those I mean? I know and I understand what you're saying right now they have these insane exoskeletons suits that are allowing people to carry hundreds and hundreds of pounds. They you don't get tired. Your body can do all sorts of things that would never be able to do before the game called crisis. That is just like that. Have you seen crisis, you could like slip on your power suit. It's like invisibility super strange. You like jump over a roof and shit. Was that Matt Damon Movie the new call duty here, Matt Damon, was about to hit gaming wait, Remember that movie was it. Yes,
z am ever he has that suit. They screwed into his brain, and he becomes like a super person because he's got this way. Get to like Cholo version. Remember Yes, he he had to go. We had to go to some weird, like alright homes. You want me one hundred thousand greatest yeah. I was like a dystopian version of the future and everything was bad, but the rich people lived in the sky and some beautiful town, where Sigourney Weaver Normal scorning Weaver, who the fuck was it was the king, oh yeah fee interaction that broad Keyword, Glenn, close Glenn, close Glenn Close was the mayor or queen or whatever the fuck. It was. Oh, it's us paralyzed and you got a brain controlled arm. Wow play that please control in this with his brain, and how is he doing that? How is he controlling it? The computer interface? You see the interface on his head up there
wow. It's true. That's awesome. You know having things with his arm, giving disabled people the ability. One of my do there's like incredible story. I'll talk after this, so you can get a whole representation of the grass when another or on your body will produce a different type of grass and be sensitive to a different ecological, all, my god, you know but drink Tricia tv size handy. I exam after this guy yeah he's a friend of mine and all by myself and everything's, going good right. I'm about to. I I'm an I MAC, I'm imagining to picking up the robotic arm a mix extending the robotic arm towards over the. I pick it up us, not the strong to my mouth ready, close rated so extremely. I can practically taste the beer rang and I drop it. I dropped them. I somehow release where and my thought process. I really throw the grip
on the beer and the fonts and their father, my lap, and it's all over me. That was one of the blueprint and now it's funny, but the name at the two guys getting hammered the robot arm out here you are no! So when he gets drunk, can you not control it with his mind anymore, yeah maybes, like drunk robot ing? Well, I mean that's view for, because, but that's again, what we're saying I don't think were long for this world. I mean, I think, eventually that right now is really crude. It's like the model t of these fucking robot things were going to get to the Tesla of these robot things, and that's not that far away, and then people going to go well fuck this shitty body This is flesh bag that I live in. It's always farting and going bad. You know getting sick all the time. Let me just fucking, take my brain and stuff it into this thing that will keep it alive indefinitely and Nando stuff is going to start overwhelming, but so this guy, I know personally he plays with the knobs he was born,
like this he's got no arms or legs, and he plays using his nose in his two knobs and he's fucking good wow like should be better than look better than the average player in the world. What like so he's like a world class players names Mikey. I did a little actually? I can see why I grew up playing this kid. He comes to the tournament I gotta turn around LA when I was younger. He who's there he's in there smoking a cigarette he's got like a little like seeing looking a cigarette. He pulls out his here's. A wiry pulls out of his pocket lights. Up a cigarette yeah, he like has like and a sister the second iron like like a like a hanger, and he likes straightened it out like curved the end. So you could like pick shit up with it. He's really creative with you watch. Play he's amazing. I chair again it's getting the chart room right now. Everyone say hi from Jordan to Mikey, hey, what's up dude he's a bad guide has just stuff like I did a report on the stuff he does like. I was able to do. Drive skateboard surf fish
which drive as you drive. He has like a so that's what he's building a new car now but they're like extended pedals and like these in the tech foot, foot shifters yeah, the guy in Texas is like much longer arms. The nurse This is incredible, so this guy, how does he write like when he's typing? Has he yeah I was in OBS in his nose the types with his nose yeah. I should switch weapons. Oh he's dead, now, wow, so he's fixing his is talking. Hi, Jordan, you say: hi, Jordan, yeah he's a homie. One day in his mind set is insane. You know these guys, just like always just like yeah, you just got to live life and right and I'm just like dude you don't. If you will complain about such menial, combat right, yeah, yeah, no kidding man will perspective as a mother. Do you know if he's taken?
No, I do not know that he was going on there with these guys in the game without money over their head. So that's a so cash. It works off a kind of me. So every you start with a pistol. You have eight hundred dollars around around you in the more money you get in the better guns. You can get oh, how rude and if you lose that's like a big part of the competitive players controlling your money, because if you like, forced by it's, called where you just buy everything every round if you keep losing you're not going to have good inventory, Mwe wow. This is hold another world, you need to tell Mikey Dan heading to death, match stream. Oh he's playing a game, you can't leave. It explain a competitive let's go and check out a different game: grim James yeah buddy. Let's check out grand theft auto and let's see if anybody gets virtually raped, when they do that virtual rape thing that you think you have to hack into the game right now. Yeah I mean every people all the time that you can. You can go into like my when talking when you playing a game with again again in the game. You can go like one of my favorite things
It was good, a Strip club and then block the front door and then throw in a flash bomb or some gas. This can I change it all this trip over each other and they can't get out. You could pretty much like capture girls that guy just went flying through the air and we tuned in. This is one of the most fun games to play and just fuck around with like right now. Yeah. This is what the game that me and Jamie, like twitch, alot together, because we can just hang out, spend three hours fucking stealing cars going through a lot. You can go to the comedy store in this game. Hang out, there's a new hack 'cause, the pc version just came out, there's a new hack that let you go inside the comedy store. Now
you play this Brian. Do you play this from your computer to use Xbox? I use mostly Xbox, but the p c version just came out, so I have an old computer that I'm trying to you. I need Jamie. Just got a brand new computer, so he's playing kick version of grand theft auto, but the the pc versions- amazing, you just have to have a good computer. I have Ok, it's a process. The graphics is that what it is yeah 'cause, these graphics are amazing. There road looks incredible k, broadcast yeah. Ok so why FPS and I just sent out another tweet- yeah. The pc version does 4k, so you have to have even some of the top of the line. Computers won't even barely all the options at high right now they made. They made this game to last, because computer in two years will still have problems, probably putting this on mass
So if you wanted to get like one of those Falcon NW top of the line, Alienware cello video cards yeah and that could play it in full resolution or no especially Falcon Falco or Alienware they're, the best computers average. Oh, they would be perfect at this, We translate I'll, get them with Sandy one. Is that we're doing what what's on four people? the same time Jamie. What what he said. No, I think yeah. Those would be perfect for this game I'd, but you have to have that number one. What graphics card do you have Jamie? You have like that, an okay one. It's like a an Nvidia and Nines Stephen. I think everyone saying like you like a nine eighty yeah. They still allow Sli, where the you know them all together. He knows a lot about that. I just do the back. In the day when I used to make my own computers, I heard that he had thrown away, can take it shot imo. Shut up. That's a double edge. Sword right addiction. You go far and things because you get really immersed in it right
yeah, it's just you gotta, understand limitations to get to know you. If you're crazy person, I know I'm a crazy person, but it it's good. Well, it's Well, because I, my brain, developed, doing competitive, martial arts? So if you don't get obsessed with that, then you get fucked up. Yes, it was gonna. Ask you when you first got really like wrestling and martial arts. What else did you do at that point, your life right now they are on right. When I was fourteen from the time I was fourteen till the time I was twenty one. There was no nothing else in life between fourteen and fifteen. One of your one. So where is on you know, that's not likely gaming. I love it and I always liked it, but, like you start to realize, if you want to do something else, you can't just come one to also so when you're doing this, you don't risk your physical health yeah. Well, though, the martial arts thing, like a lot of guys, have a real problem that UFC fighters and even boxers they have a hard time. And what they're going to do when it's over, because it's so immersive like every day and it's a physically demand
thing so every day when they get up in the morning, they know they have to do their train feed right, physical conditioning. They have to do their. You know all the different skill training, whether it's wrestling or kickboxing, where the fuck they have to do that day when that day is over. They do a lot of this for relaxing they'll play video games to relax and chill out or they watch television, but it's super hard transition from that too, some other life because they have a short life where their vehicle. It's like say if someone gave you a computer in this computer can only handle the graphics that are available today, but the new graphics are coming down the line, but your computer can't handle it anymore can upgrade, and your ha drive only has a certain amount of years on it. You can yeah, you can't change your hard drive and you can't change your memory. You can't change all these different aspects. That's essentially what it's like to be the an mma fighter. There's a v very short window yeah. It is because, like you know,
features of your hard drive goes bad to get a new hard drive. If and then also when the graphics get updated, they also update the graphics processors. Map, which is not so for a fighter. They have this the small window of opportunity and then, when it's over it's fucking over man, I mean there are very few competitive, zero fighters. I mean it's just it is what it is and when it's gone, there's not nothing left, but with gamers. You got to think that there's to be an age on that to where you can't react. Quicken us was the first person shooter type games yeah, but I think that number's been gone because I think of someone like team is on an NHL playing in the Stanley CUP age. Forty and you tell me I can't I can play counter strike at age, thirty like, example. Bernard Hopkins is fifty and he a world championship level boxer. I don't know if he has a title right now. That's my point. He can still do that and still still be into it and train and do everything you need to do like. I know I could play it again, especially now that you can actually
money he's a he's. An outlier, though he's he's a. A rare individual and he is extremely disciplined about his diet and his health and and also his skill. His skill He has a very defensive oriented like Floyd Mayweather flow Mayweather will be able to like he'll, be like five thousand and sixty years old and he's probably going to be fine, and he probably won't be fine bing anymore, but how little he gets hit in face yeah, whereas like Ruslan, provide Nick off or something along. Those lines was like a very face: first, aggressive style. That guy is not. We will do that into his 50s. He's not gonna be able to be Bernard Hopkins unless he changes his style like radically see, obviously, don't comprehend all the nuances of fighting, but I just think of that, like someone playing a video game and I'm sitting here like how can you tell me if I don't balance my Physical Health that I can't play while you're going to worry about your reflexes. I mean whether or not your reflexes are still maintain, because I gotta think with video games
dealing with such a small window of opportunity for like getting a shot off and stuff like that that real in time like do you vitamins and do you you around Nutro fix or anything so on, and so there's this company, they think new troubles recently just came on my radar and I've been trying it for the past couple months, a little bit but not too consistent and will get you some will get you some alpha brain would be awesome to try. I would love to do like a sample month or two or something 'cause. I take multi vitamin vitamin b12 in the day. I try to do that fish oil each day, but Nutro pics I did it was a coils or something I don't know the brand exactly how to spell it, but yeah I've. Always I've always been interested in it ever since on your podcast. First, but I never knew what their own well there's a bunch of different ones from different companies that I'm sure would probably benefit you. Do fuck with caffeine. Do I'm trying not to t here yeah I try not to over one myself like coffee, like I only got a coffee couple years ago. Do you do you
Try to do that on purpose like to preserve your sanity, like. What do you coffee is one of those things like, depending on how little sleep I got an if I'm going to compete right then, knowing I just need energy for an hour I'll, give myself a little coffee, use before so the jitters were down, but I have that little hour of a pettiness, but generally it was competition. I have two rules I like to get sleep and I don't like to be on a full stomach when I might compete so yeah, that's a thing for comedy too. You should never have a full stomach. When you do stand up, it will fuck with your head. It's like. If you have a stomach. Your slow takes out blood out of your brain. Doesn't it might even resource is just is just general resource I don't want to go down outlined here too much, but I wanted to talk to you about that like when you first sparked your mind on getting into comedy 'cause. I was uh like I wanted to try to stand up at like the local camp. How many store in La Jolla in San Diego I was like. I just wanted to do it like. I don't care my sack and just do yes. That is that what you do you just go to an open mic night, everybody sucks in the beginning. There's no worries it's just
to come up with some stuff that you think is funny right down anytime. You have a funny idea: either put it in your phone or write it down on a piece of paper, and then um practices sort of get the idea of how you're going to do it. Do you have your dinner, but not much? Just beer self manage the best. You know like some people like to create a persona or stuff like, but good luck with all that that's a pain in the ass. The secret is just being yourself. Exfoliate exfoliate like who you are just going to be a cloud. I know it could be really good self depreciation, deprecation, deprecation, appreciation, appreciation self deprecation. Is that one yeah I used to say that too it's 'cause you're reading it, instead of saying it yeah, but so self deprecating sound right because you Yeah yeah. It seems like your internal value over the course of the show, but yeah man, to do an open mic night you're, smart guy, he probably be able to pull it off. Just try, I think if you could get really good at video games. I really believe that if you get really good at anything that they most likely
you can get good anything that you direct your mind. I mean you probably would be a good linebacker, because you're not a child, to ignore what I you know. So it's like this, sir and physical limitations, but if you get your really good video game player, if you put that kind of for in becoming stand up, they could do it since nothing prohibitive about at least try and that's the fun part. Well, you you do get better. You know with effort with effort guards are in focus, you get better if you analyze, it did with that's in a sing point: do you watch demos of your game? Do you play in the war xingu. I should have done this differently or I have to work on that yeah. It's definitely that's probably most like tedious part of it. Like you got
make sure sure you're watching from both point of views, your opponents and yours, and you re, watch, oven, yeah and you're right. That's how you get successful in anything. It was counter strike. I think that was one of the difference with me as a young kid is. Everyone was just playing for fun, but when I was like one thousand four hundred and fifteen right away, I started studying the top players. This is what are they doing and I didn't necessarily do they did. It just gave me a lot of confidence to know that there's not there's patterns in some errors in another area, that's open to those variables. You could do whatever you want in this type part of the game. You could be good at this style or that style just like fighting the right, there's a lot of different, right? So I noticed that early on I just by studying so yeah you just kind of immerse yourself and figure out what your natural skill set is for me. Counter strike. I had really good just like shooting abilities but like Leon. I was so aggressive, so hungry to get into the right early that. Obviously, if I'm not communicating with my teammates, are I get over ambitious with the play,
and I'm going to die, even though I just killed two people and it seems like we should win the round, but I killed two and then went died for no reason, whereas I could kill to play passive. Let someone else take the reins. Like those are things I had develop more of the game, and you have you have to have. Because there's a lot of kids who think they can be a appropriately in player 'cause? They just have a good good shot. I'm really good sniper. Well, what kind of person you have to communicate? How do you like your teammates playoff you? How do you play off then yeah, there's a big difference when you talk about team gaming right in gaming versus one, even one, gaming yeah, but even obviously knowing what you're good and bad at right. So you don't just have ignorance when you go play some really good at something like wanting to fuck him up at. This will know, he's really technically good at that you're, technically, not as good as him at that. You should probably shy away from that. Unless you have some way to surprise him, yeah, that's interesting! Now. Are there different schools of thought later that it did? Are there different, like did to people trained people in this like to have like coaches? I give lessons for six Youtube lesson sixty dollars an hour, I'll teach you how to play for real holy shit. How does that work
What do you do you sit down there and watch me? Do the questionnaire beforehand so so that they give. I asked them to assess themselves. Are they answer like ten questions that I ask experience? How long they've played competition wise, what they think their qualities are, that are good bad and then we meet up after they fill that out. We choose its schedule and then we meet up online on the headset I picture in picture with their screen and we gonna server together, and I just talked to them about some things that you need to know just about timings. If they don't have a lot of questions, some kids are shire. They just want to lecture them. So I go off and I say interrupt me when you have a question. Other kids have a lot of specific questions about. Why am I not able to hit these kind of shots? I seem like I can do it in team death match death match practice, but not when I do a competition. I seem to get really rigid and timid. How can I stay loose when I'm, when I really want to win and pressure on the line. You know, how do I so I just weather is a psychological help or literal technical things. I just tried So with this seems to me, it's like from the outside people are looking at this like it.
Frivolous silly thing that people who really need to grow up or involved in but from from an objective perspective without the cultural context of how people lie? Look at video games? It seems to me, like a very complex multi tasked sort of skill based competition. It's it's problem solving at EVA very high level. 'cause you're factoring a bunch of different things. You also have social interaction with all the different peop. In your group, your team and then on top of You have to factor in the playing styles, various different passive or defensive playing styles of the people you're going up against like this is a lot of complexity involved, but I think the average person, probably didn't understand and less maybe they talked to someone like you, yeah, exactly someone on when I said I was doing this podcast- want to try to compare it to like fighting and have you talk to me about the like? The meta
fighting in the small nuances. Like you know, you could tell like you. I stepped a little weird like what does that represent. This is right. Side hurting something like in counter. There's strike those things that I know that the outside has no idea just happened, 'cause I I could see the guys face because you've been there 'cause I've been there and I've watched it happen and the reason that guys, You so aggressive right now is a front like he has no healthy is no grenades, left he's trying to like scare me away from the bomb site. I know that's what he's doing I'm just going to run in and kill him simply that's interesting! So it's what they call information chunking! You know like the scene at all. So many times before- and you know the scenario see like I see what's so- the top people play all of that information right. Like writing. I'm sure that's what they work off all right. Well, yeah doing this. Their scenarios that you like, like sometime, like people say like how did you predict something in a fight and I'm like why, I have seen it so many times before, like this or also certain subtleties like from actually competing like when a guy will turn his hip
there's certain things when I know guys going to spin and I'm like he's going to spend and then they'll throw us and what it is is from fighting from actually fighting. You know his strength, so you know what you want. Yeah city, to do something: yeah, yeah, yeah, more pretty mild, there's very few guys who don't spin anymore, like spinning back fists at the very least, but spinning back. Pics are getting more and more prevalent, like even Frankie. Edgar who's, like primarily known as arrest, was throwing a lot of spinning back kicks it's just a really effective technique, but the point being that it's just I know that's going to happen just because I've seen it so many fucking times of air subtle movement that people make that you have to like your br. Mean goes into that information chunking mode and they go. Oh. This slight shift of his hips equates to that. So if you see a guy who like behaving in a certain way like I fucking seen that before that guy and it's not a commonality, alright, just like you're saying with fighting and it's a combination of thoughts and things you've experienced boom and hits you that's. What's happened
with a chance to like those guys that play chess. They say that when they're playing that speed, chess they've seen this game so many times, I've seen those moves that blows me away when those guys have those clocks and they're slapped in the clock and moving with peace, yeah they're trying to play like seven hundred and ten steps ahead, because they really uh that's three options for options. One option, ten options: eleven: have you ever seen those old school videos of Eddie Fisher the fish, but I wish it was that movie searching for Bobby Fischer yeah. Well, that was about Josh, Waitzkin who's, actually a jujitsu player. Now he, is is something to do with Marcelo Garcia. I simply use a black boner Marcel, but Josh Waitzkin, it was the. I think that was so they were designing the or pattern that movie. I don't know how much of it was based on real life, but the Bobby Fischer, the original videos so really fascinating 'cause. He would I like ten games at a time and he would walk down this like conference table and just move the pieces like see if you can find Bobby
sure playing multiple video games are multiple, multiple chess game that was in the movie right, probably there's one stage were there in like a little hall and he's walking around playing all of 'em, and these guys are like thinking hard. But there one game with him and he just taking their ass. Classes at the same time, yeah yeah! Well, there's just again: it's information. Chunking He he looks down and to me it's since I do play chess. I go well. Ok. I know that a rook can move like that and this can move that way in a pawn. Can only do this, but he's got the whole map set up in his head. He seen it and just a circle's background. I think that is people do have a tough time when they look at counter shaker when they look at quake. Knowing what to look for what are the indicators like? What are the goals here? Like you watch football or ice hockey, say: ok, well, they're, doing a break out this guys floating deep in the neutral zone. He's probably look for a pass like ok, like that's. Why the defender staying
with him it's much more linear on one square field, when you're playing these video games and all these rooms, everyone like what the fuck is going on right there, it's still there! Well, if you watch like Floyd Mayweather fight One of the things that's amazing about Floyd Mayweather is how he's able to kind of dictate opponents move people give him shit two for this there, like he's a pussy. I might do this calling pussy is so ridiculous that probably one of the most delusional things you could ever do- is court call Floyd with their pussies forty eight. I know as a professional boxer in a multiple time, world champion Kind, hearted pussy. You want people to take your opinion seriously yeah they just they get angry 'cause. I spent one hundred dollars like I want blood everywhere, yeah you just don't understand boxing, but MIKE Tyson. His mood, movement, though, what's fascinating about it is he's able to take these
guys that are normally like high volume attackers any slows their movement and their slows their volume output considerably by him dictating how they move. He just is so much better at that they do. They don't get comfortable. They don't know exactly what to do, because every time they go do something to get popped, and so they have to recalculate they don't? He doesn't give them the brakes in the openings that there are accustomed to getting and that's all well, just because of Evan go what's also information chunking? Is better than there is because he's put in more time than they have and thought about it more because he has a really good brother, a really good father. Rather, who was who fought Sugar Ray Leonard, his father trained him fought Sugar Ray Leonard way back in the day, Floyd Mayweather Senior and then his uncle is raw. Roger Mayweather who's a world champion as well and he's got other people in his family. They were really good boxers as well. So this kid was indoctrinated into basically just connected
So his mind is like he's got all these. I'm sure he's a student of the game, so he's probably watched a million fights and he knows what goes wrong when you do this and what this will just try to bring him down for other things not related to all the other things room Fallon. What I I look at it seems like a piece of it is a human yeah. You know I'm just saying that's what they immediately go to, which is like ok, well, we're watching a flight like he's. Fighting right talk about is like reading, proclivity or whatever You know people bring that up right away, uh! This is kind of embarrassing, but he's here to fight. You know it is kind of weird that he can't read, but you know I mean that's a lot of money, That's an unbalanced thing. You know, if you spend that much time boxing and slapping chicks, you know much after reading. You know him counting those bills out. What, if we could count the money? Yes, that's a lot of money probably can count but can't write. Well, he I think you can read is just a struggle is just not very good at it. Isn't it.
We were talking about all this like intuitive genius. He has, and you can't transfer it over. Well, it's probably amount of effort and how much effort is he put into reading? probably very little. When did he? How old is he when he went pro? I don't know, I believe, nineteen he was in the Olympics and he lost a very controversial decision to a guy who's like in destitute poverty. Now it's interesting. They had an article about the last guy to beat Floyd Mayweather. I forget what publication had it, but this guy from some some country, Eastern Bloc country, I think it was it might have been Russia or something like that. Full Gary making shit up China hedge my bets, but this guy was really good boxer and apparently got a gift decision over Floyd Mayweather
and then went on to get involved in a bunch of shady characters, and you know career fell apart, but that was the last time anybody beat Floyd Mayweather and that was again like when Floyd was one thousand nine hundred and thirty. Eight. Now so yeah long ass time ago, good for him. Yeah I mean look, there's lessons to be learned. Even in the shittiest human beings, you could look at what their success and even in the shittiest human beings, there's lessons also learning. What's the price of success, and whether or not you're willing to pay that price is often times the price is foolish and it's like if you have to become a bad person to be really great at something. What are the bed it's being great other than financial success scoring getting those points accumulate, building wealth is that more imp Morton than the way you're treated by your peers, your community, your friends and family. When you said, would you
black, but I remember reading like fifteen or something I think I'll. Sixteen I started training in karate when I was fourteen got super serious about taekwondo. When I was fifteen before I was seventeen, I was a black belt, so I mean it sounds like you. He made a big sacrifice. Early on you've been doing that your whole life right to you. I've been diving in things I didn't have anything else to say most. Your friends are probably in that realm right and well not now that not a lot of more comedians, but at the time it was my whole world, but I didn't have anything else like I was socially retarded. I didn't have anything going on, like I wasn't academically inclined I didn't like school. I just into a new neighborhood when I was fourteen? I felt ostracized didn't feel like I was. I didn't have any friends yeah. Well, I was in Newton so where I was was a suburb of Boston. So it's like you get it. Say like a sacrifice, but it wasn't like. I had all these friends that I couldn't hang out with and I had like this family
It was missing mean I was like you know. My parents were was a latchkey kid, so my parents are working all day and you know I would Didn't I didn't have anything else, so I found this one thing that I felt like could give me some value I could have some I felt like I had some personal worth from this from getting good at something and then once I got good, it is like wow. This is the first thing that I've ever done. That gives me like a good feeling by being good at where is like my life before that was kind of depressing it It's like going from one community to another goal, constantly moving, no friends being bullied. I hated all of that and then the being bullied part is what led me and martial arts and it's very minor bullying like nobody really hurt, but it's more psychological, just being nerve This all the time you scared of people, you know when I, the big guy was little. So this is like so many different things about it that made martial arts appealing, but then the big thing
once I started doing it. It just became my whole. Life became everything and then that's when I realized. Oh I'm kind of a crazy person. You know, and all I have to do is like fine. Things, and then those things become my whole life, and the problem with me was that that, from the time Fifteen till I was twenty one that was sort of my developmental period of becoming an adult, so that is how my brain form in this like really laser beam, focused kind insane way where I don't give a fuck about anything else and that's what my problem was with video game does once I started playing video games. Somebody be talking to me if I didn't like what they were saying. If I was bored I would start playing video games in my head. I'd be like I could pick my own video game. Quaker could be fun. Totale? Is it double edge? Sword, yeah yeah, it's like oftentimes people that are really really good at some. Saying super unbalanced that could resonate with different things, we're saying well, that's why
see with you. I appreciate the fact that you put a lot of thought into like doing things going outside playing hockey getting a real life on top of this video game. Thing, because, obviously, if you're really good at this game, which obviously you are really good at it, you must have a sort of obsessive mind. There's no way, there's no like. I have a note that I use all the time that I came up with a long time ago. Is that greatness an insanity, our next door neighbors, and they borrow each other sugar It really is true greatness and madness are so closely related, there's there's no way around it, because you have to in order achieve for high level of something you have to be able to do it better. And the other people. You have to have more more of an understanding of it, and the only To do that, you have to you have to not pay attention to other shit. You know you can't be learning five different languages and you know
pursuing a degree in complex mathematics and also doing this and also learning how to play guitar and also having a girlfriend who demands all your time. Where are you going? What are you doing? What about me? What about us where we going? Where is it I'm not sure, you're committed, but I really thought about that. Lately, I've been just kick someone in the face and number double black bone broads. They want it all. They want you all the time. Where are you and what about? What about our career as a gamer? That's the best excuse. Sorry, I'm going to play video game for two languages. Checks. Probably don't really get excited about dating a superhighway. No, no! I don't have too many groupies broad or here but abroad, and occasionally there's like girls who it's like they. Have more like, like a respected, could tell there trying to put their best foot forward I mean you because you're just like oh yeah, here, girls when they meet you and their friends like they bought their friends like a by the way. These guys really good video games. They want to kind of have their wall up right away. Like is this kid, like? Oh he's, really good at something. That's fun! That's cute! You have a lot of followers here and I'm just like sweet bitch
wow now, but there's a video game. Group, b cell or there are there, are 'cause there's like pool groupies means to play, pool all the time, the guys who are like really good. They would have girls that would like want to bang 'em yeah, I'm not going to sit here and say we have like gamer orgies everywhere, but there are girls who just but either linger or they come to events or they try to like interact with you in weird ways online so that when they do show up at the event, You like pay attention to them versus right, yeah is that weird, like they're, putting out little seeds little flirtation seeds to try to get attention when they see you in a physical form and that's the best excuse of being a game because you find a video game, no, no honey, I'm practicing really you're actually not doing shade something practicing right. So you have team practice, immerse yourself baby, as you said, don't get anywhere without it is interesting. This is a difference in men and women when it comes to what's attractive to them, because with a man
and it's not attractive, the girls really good at game, but I mean it might be uh on top of them. Watching girls play counter strike to me, I'm always just like. I had to look away this view that are pretty good, but normally it just immediately turned off what God. Well, that's same with stand up comedy one biggest turn offs ever is if you like, a girl and she's a comic and then she's fucking Terrable like silver gotta get outta here nice to meet. You yeah, if your day being a girl and she's a comic and she's bad at it, you might will be dating a dude. You know I mean it's like it's such a turn off and let's look like a deed unless you're, gay and then dating in two days what you're looking for? But you get my point if, if you're dating a girl who sucks at something that you're really good at, for whatever reason, just immediately kills any a track quality assurance. What if she just like with my ass at golf or something that I still feel like, I just some guys I find like pool was a big one for men. They find it Dimora
rising like they get very intimidated by a woman, that's better than amp, like some guys well they're in p, even the professional levels will play like a really good woman, a high level, professional woman and fall apart, because they're nervous to play a woman didn't want to lose to woman. I could say from the past: I've played the best counter strike girl teams in the world for like events 'cause, they just happened. They don't go to all the same ones, but they have separate events. When you play them, it does like a lose lose like you're. Just like I don't know, either crush them or barely beat them, or if I lose, then it's even worse like even if I win, I'm expected to crush them and see you play them and you're. Just I've lost like a couple of rounds like before. I want any versus girl like fuck. Lose to them, and then you have to talk to them. Are you intimidated you like to feel like insecure? I mean at this point my career. I know all the best girls, so they kind of my friends in the game right but yeah, I'm sure at certain points for the guys coming up. They want to be pro male player, I played girls team and lose their product, but I'm going to walk out of the room quietly
yeah, I remember watching, pool tournaments and like say like a Jeanette Lee or someone like that would enter the tournament and someone who would play like really good would fall apart in front of her 'cause. They just couldn't deal. With the possibility of losing to this like really pretty girl like they just wanted to impress her and miss nine balls and just like shit yeah, the perception mens, bigger, stronger, faster. Well, it's not even just that. It's like men have to win. You know they have this. I have to win thing and if you don't win yourself worth like you devalue who you are I've heard you talk about that stuff in the past the caveman mindset right is back in the day you just dominate your cave. You hunt, you gather like you with us. The reason why I mean there's competition over breeding that's really what I mean the competition over breeding is, you know, Hunter gatherer competition and then it's like fighting off. Bring tribes that are trying to come in and take them. It's all like that. So reason why men are such assholes, it's all. It's benefited the jeans. It's me:
That's really what it is. I mean we're moving past, that cousin's tech, knology and society and culture evolves and changes and grows and becomes more and more complex. That stuff becomes less and less necessary, but that Jeanette the proclivity the inclination rather is always still there. The comp patient so when men to lose to women like especially in games like pool it's fucking dry, some clothes, crazy 'cause. They can't just like overwhelm them with strength or anything. We ping pong some chick wax at ball by your ping. Pong fuck fucking fuck, damn yeah ping, pong's intent, pink pumps, very intense, I'm not interested in it whatsoever. You know Aubrey Aubrey place Ping pong really goes like. Let's play ping pong like: let's go fuck yourself stupid. You ever been to those bars, though, that have all sorts of games in him like they have like shuffleboard pool foosball drives me nuts, that's so stupid. So when you're drunk
yeah, but it's just it's just you don't have enough control over that stupid fucking those shifters. They don't have enough movement. You know it's like. Oh yeah, pissing me off. The ball is going through the middle of going to grab this shit and throw it out. You don't even get to it. Sometimes it's like you can't. You don't have like one of the things that I hate about when you play video games like an Xbox. Controller was how, like it This is not nearly as precise. You get used to that double ASD on the keyboard and the mouse, and you know it becomes a part of who you are. I have so many stories are like I go to like a house for a party or something everyone like this fucking pro gamer kid, and then it was like Clippy FIFA right now we're playing this game in Xbox in, like I don't fucking play those games, care to be good at them and they're like oh, so I could beat you I'm looking bad the pro gamer kid, oh, my god, cool did you really sick is an issue, though right. What's that switch
hang from a mouse and yeah, and I have so much, but I could probably in counter strike if you were to pick up all everyone all my friends and play one on ten against kids, probably playing with an Xbox controller one on ten one of five I've done, and I did something for Microsoft along time ago, where they wanted to actually see if the synergy was good to have like. Let Xbox kids play me online and I played these kids one four and I didn't even need sound. I was running around killing everyone, because there's so limited with their range of motion? Yeah that it's not just me. I'm a lot of my friends could do this that I would prove level I'm not just some God, but it's just the difference between isn't that something that they also put into the game engine, to make it easier to aim with those things like auto, aiming and fucks up the precision right, yeah, and then everyone has these things that are extenders for the joystick. So it's like longer, so you have an easier time manipulating the joystick. So you know the little thumb pad basically makes him twice as long, and that gives you more control. I guess how much more control
Is it more like a mouse or is not quite just makes it a little bit? yeah, I'm work to all elected call of duty and halo pros at first person, shooter pros use 'em on console, but None of them are that's. The thing, though, sticks up above it I ten year old uses them so just makes it slightly better, but still not as good as mouse and keyboard. Why don't? They have mouse and keyboard for these fucking things? If you have antibodies plays ons now you can use the tooth right now you to nowadays you can use Bluetooth, keyboards right and there's about there's a there's, a bunch input lag when using but they do make him yeah. That's what I had heard there was a lag between, but they're not allowed in tournaments. So not you have to use those Yeah like I couldn't, show up and just wax like a call of duty turn right, but if I was able- pokmon go where I could. Probably this is make any sense to me that they would even have those fucking stupid things when I just have mouse and keyboards it's less, that's the best input we always jokes. I like pc players, are the master race because we always say that that's like a joke between the communities, where I can let the casual guys play on their xbox and playstation. That's what
Is it just casual game like I'd rather lay back on my couch and play grand theft. Auto then have my keyboard and mouse or sit there and try to twitch and kill people yeah, that's! What's cool about the keyboard or the controller I used to have a thing called fucking. What was it called? I don't remember, the fucking name was, but it had a trackball Anna handle. Yeah. But the joy Stick and you would move around, he would shoot with the trigger, was kind of cool because you could actually shoot with a trigger and he would aim with the track ball and track. Ball was pretty cool yeah, but not quite as good as a mouse and keyboard is like a step below the really good guys, because so far you up with it. But then, once I switched over to a mouse and keyboard then also was moving with my left hand and shooting and aiming with my right as opposed to show.
Even in my right and moving and aiming with my lap Debbie mindfuck. For me. I know people use that for like photo shop. I think balls yeah. They have like they just move it around, but a trackball is not nearly as precise a mouse. Not pregnant nowadays seems like it's weird because like games are really the proving ground for like precision, because it's so critical. Why? So? It's funny when these new, these peripheral companies, like logic, tech or yeah logic tech is one of my sponsors when they make a new mouse, they've they've recently the past couple of years. They have the technology to make amazing stuff, but they always add like little like Jeez or something on the mouse at as programmers like to grip the mouse weird in the sensor. They had these specs that, like don't really apply to our range of motion. They put like a million dpi. You could track. Well. I'm not going to sway my arm across the room. I have Certain range of motion yeah, I don't know the controller- is essentially need counter thoughts.
We, they have those razor mice. Well, exactly I mean when I, when I first plan there were still a ball. Mouse was still ball back down another laser now right, yeah, of course, but they had a weird shape that they had created that some people like to other people hate it. I can never kind of get used to it. It was uh who is way weirder than that back in the day, original Razer mouse. These are those are logic, tech, that's a Microsoft right. There see there's a little like keypad on the top left at this weird yeah, but this is not. None of these are the thing that I was talking about. But this is the new shit that they're doing this is one what's that with that split keyboard down little lower Jamie or there what the fuck is that thing? So, since a lot of people do Wsd. So you get your left hand and then I guess that's the right conversion, this is just an idea. This is a concept, but I played on something like that. Just for one my left hand, only it's just the Wasd Wicher Wicher favorite mouse
is that an attack I use are Logitech G, one hundred s, it's very it's it's ambidextrous! So it's very simple! It's this track! Ball you'll find a lot of the pro gamers. They don't need any more than like three to five buttons on their models like the Warda Warcraft people are call gamers, have all these millions of buttons and lights and switches and that's kind of fun 'cause. You have all these macro binds for the spells, but for our game we just like something you can grip, it's not overwhelming in your hand, or has a weird center of gravity or has all these lights. We just need to grip. It well, and have good tracking it's pretty simple. Now, if a new game came out like say you know, there's call of duty and all these different games and new game came out. It became the shit. Then you started see that trend where everybody was slowly drifting off to that game. What do you do? Do you decide? Ok, I've, gotta fucking, pick this game up and if you do, are you starting from scratch you starting from like halfway uh?
I guess it depends how new the game is like current call of duty. If it was on pc, I be I be above average, I would probably a decent competitive player. You have to learn all the maps and then the metagame is gone. Obviously, 'cause, there's no information chunks that exist at this point. Rockport said literally new sport. Now I don't know it depends. You know like if the game has so much support. How viable is. It is a job. What do I need to do to make money? Do I need to win every tournament? Do I need to just be a top one hundred competitor you dip your toes in like in that. Would you start fucking with it occasionally and then say I gotta figure out what to do here like how do you know where the tides going yeah, you don't always, but you can kind of tell based off like player numbers right like counter strike, grow counter strike, go the game. I played kind of had like an exponential growth to pass a year and a half still
yeah recently I've gotta re insurgents because they took the model of League of Legends where you can customize all the shit in the game. Counter strike got a little bland for people 'cause. It was the same thing always, but now they've made it so you can customize the way your gun looks and all these little gimmicky things that are pretty cool, but they don't really change the game and I brought in new players new money which makes the game, preparing our money into it, keep updating the nuances. Maybe there's a glitch in the old game. They would never fix it 'cause. That's it they're not going to release a new version when the next one comes out have fun with counter strike. They constantly updated and upgraded. So you could tell how popular the game is by just how the community vibe is how many tournaments are happening, but not like DOTA League of Legends. They have turned all time counter strike. We have tournaments all the time quake they've Quakecon. Now they don't really have any more tournaments. It just kind of slowly died down, maybe lack of interest back. Then they didn't have the same model. The game developers that is to make money. They would just release a game. They make money and quick. The players. Don't really have an opportunity to make money, and let's do this, which thing they have to do is twitch thing yeah. So a couple of
like I know the top quick players and if they had twitch now and the game was still big, they would all be in a similar as I am, but unfortunately, the game kind of plateaued in the bubble popped before twitch got big and they just there's tournaments. They just don't have anywhere to compete, yeah. So that's what I'm saying: how do you avoid being one of those guys? It seems to me that it's kind of also you don't really know, especially if you're like a star craft player, those guys play star craft like there's, not many other shooter games or STAR craft style games. You can go play star craft goes your font mobile has the most options. So was multiplayer online battle, arena, DOTA, League of Legends and heroes of Newerth they're. Basically, almost the same game, one guy there There are literally one guy created DOTA through the Warcraft three brand along time ago, and it had like one map and that's it just like three lanes and what not an all these other games. Since there was like the guy in disguise, independently made the map. I think it was mad frog, ice frog or something I forget his name and basically league of Legends
Doda and heroes of Newerth three different game freezer almost the same concept game everything so slightly different heroes and champions and spells but Basically, they normally say like people who can't gopro Indroda Gopro in League of Legends people who can't gopro in League of Legends Gopro in here on new roles, are new worth so, like this succession of almost the same game, but just ignore, more money and more and more tournament. If you in a time machine. From back when I was playing quake and then it's like in the 90s and then jumped me here today, I'd be like what in the actual fuck is going on yeah, I want to see this legal Legend Shit show me some video game. I like dreaming. No, I just want to see what they're doing it looks like an Ipad game, yeah yeah, because it's so popular, it's soup, casual friend. This is it here, so so
It's very caters, a lot. There's a shit ton of girls and kids and got Jorgensen just sent me a text message thanks for that which shout out homie 'cause he's got a giant twitch so this is the game yeah. So this league of legends- I honestly, don't even play the game, so I couldn't tell you what the fuck is going on. I know basically what's going on it's. What is free play through that was one of the first games have made their money model, not off selling a game, but of all the things you could buy in the game. Minecraft actions when you know so that's kind. I guess that would use right term, but that's why we talked about earlier. That's what Cs Go has now microtransaction. Those are. Really problematic for people on phones. That's that's why I quit was never as big though 'cause like. If they had this model of microtransactions, you could change your laser gun work sheet. Rock again that seems like that would have been like. Even though it might be a dollar two dollar transaction is three hundred thousand kids are doing it a week. You're going to see some return, this it seems like they're fucking. You, though,
like I don't know there like. They have a champion. They choose right and they run not in these little. Like minions, I honestly don't really even understand the game too much, so that guy with the Green health bar next to me, is the main one that screw Marvin behind him that have sex so these are superheroes. I guess is that what this is not not necessary. Super but heroes, meaning they're, just like their super strong. Those are you choose 'cause. They have different skill sets right, one might be more, have more defense, so they called like a tank he's really strong with his defense summer, better at attacking Maybe that act better close range, maybe tag better long range. So you it's five hours, five, normally so the approach, teams. Go they they're strategizing a do we need. I don't know, I honestly don't know what they need, like you know, close range attackers, a tank, this guy that guy to play la de. Destiny. No, I would play with his on pc, but I just honestly first person shooters, like I can't spend my free time playing him anymore unless I'm going to casually play it on This is ugly to look at. It looks bad ass and yeah. It seems like a guy.
That you would like. Just like you talk about this look at destiny, the sugar team, the other game. Now I'm just never connected to it. You know stupid and counter strike wake you see it, you feel you haven't flow. Their strategy is very intuitive, just go to go to a counter strike one, let's just just for just for so, let's see it scroll down, so there's not really any pros playing right. Now you can go to the top, though actually showdown. I saw a name Robin Official one more down right in the middle right. There click that guy he's an old swedish pro he hasn't played in awhile. So this is some more interesting to Maine, so he's running out of spawn right now. This is the now he's got forty seven so, but this is like your watching, like the map is sodium, ensuring the left here most likely. I just I couldn't imagine why other games don't do it just like this, like this, so now his teammate trade, the killer, so it's good and then they got another kill so there in advantage. I know forwards. Three knows its levers: three yeah, that's nice! What I'm talking
yeah exactly right now, I'm just pointed at it right to kill Shelly. This is so much more fun to look at it like if you're playing it too. It's like it's so much more immersive like you feel like this is going on when you're low turn down and everyone has bar or the health bar above their head and we're throwing spells really looking down there. So bizarre, looking yeah, as I said earlier, in league of Legends when someone's getting out skilled or they're winning around it's normally like pretty drawn out five ten one thousand five hundred and twenty minutes. What's cool about counter strike and very intuitive for spectators that right there you just running- and I will also it seems that our happens with counter strike. The physics are very similar to real life. Physics, like you can't do any weird shit like you, can do weird shit and quake where you could jump a little higher than you really can't lay down in this game. You can't prone if ducks stand and walk and run you can prone in some games like call of duty. You could do some weird shit, we like jump and then slide. It's got super manning. I think you like jumping
we extend and lay down is weird while, since stadiums that people watching you guys play or final matches like league of Legends, yeah, Korea, yeah the biggest when I was at recently, was in Poland, we filled out get twenty thousand twenty arena person arena any thousand stage- I was in the final for that. But it was awesome to watch so you were watching and these guys are playing in twenty thousand people were there. You have a video on my instagram, where I'm like, shooting it over my shoulder and everyone's like an ip, Vertis Prine ice cream in the team names in his epic, because why the arenas, one thousand people screaming methods and they normally set it up like every player, has a projector to their point of view. So there's like ten projectors and then one giant projector for the commentators, says the color play by play. We Do you think this is going like what, if you had to envision, if you had a prognosticate, you look at where games are right now and he tried to extrapolate look, you know five hundred and ten years in the future. What do you think is going to not rakers well
if you were, if I was, I don't think I don't think its success Basically, I think what we've realized in the community and a lot of these top people who run the companies realizes like tv in the mainstream routes that everyone else to go. Like reality, tv, let's show the gamers behind the scenes that shit just isn't what is necessary for this world, so what they're doing now and when I think it will into is what you're currently seeing now just a lil bit higher production quality more more cater to the play. And they have invented. Maybe players lounge is better warm up areas like I think everything is going to be somewhat similar, but tidied up just enough to make with all the narratives of the proteins more clear to the to the mainstream, to make. When you watch like to to make all the information much more presented, clearly 'cause ob, the not anyone watching would say: oh that's their ammo. How much and that's not really what I was asking: what I'm just saying, I think I think that's, I think it's going to keep growing and I think you're not going to see these astronomical changes where were like every match is in a huge
Madison Square Garden. That's not really what I meant either I met with video games themselves like it seems like the games themselves, are getting more and more complex and more and more immersive like where, where could this possibly should only type stuff yeah? Do you think that that's that's a possibility that the Oculus rift thing that Carmack was talking about? Do you you don't think so Brian? How come? What do you think I think going to be something that's going to trump that I think it's nice, it's a fun, little gimmick type thing but like, finger talk about earlier about people getting sick and how heavy it is and stuff? I think, in ten or fifteen years That's just going to be like a beta test of what we're talking about, and it's probably going to be just like a contact lens that you put in your eye and it turns your living room so that I can't comprehend that technology and, like you, said exponential growth of technology. In the same, we might just have one chip we might not need to oculus. We might just have a little tablet thing. We put buyer Temple
and I'll send your experiencing this with no fatigue and will have you seen those goggles that turn the whole world into a desktop the video games and posted a crazy video. I want to play. It's called the void. It's the hd version. Okay, here we go go full screen, sorry from beginning cool graphics. What if you could explore new dimensions, new world, it's from your bedroom, where dreams become reality and build a space and aware an imagination, has wow now down, okay, so this guy has virtual reality, goggles on Unp,
Harold, visuals and body tracking I'll see in some crazy vest all my God and this guys walking through a warehouse, and things are coming at them? Oh, my god, virtual worlds built over physical, invite hope this. Is it Jamie just answer my question: this is the fucking future. So definitely think- laser tag will get like little laser tag. Things will be different mental effects, and this is for the super casual player. Obviously right super cab, I'm saying like single player, games right, you're playing your own journey story right here, not casual meaning. This is a place where you would rent out like a laser tag and virtual- I I don't ever see this taking over where you sit in your house and is now, but this could be like an arena like where you play football. I mean this could be the future are you watching people play in a warehouse?
testing Rahman Grampa? This is amazing. I don't think this is going to be when your grandpa dude. I think it's going to be a game where you accidentally get your girlfriend pregnant. This exists. Well, look at this super soon. This is nuts man, these guys, all fake swords and there all my God, his various games, that you could play and they're fighting since dragons with swords. This is fucking. This is all concept, though, obviously well, it seems like they were, showing the actual physical environment like they're, creating it. I think it's like a demo cgi on top of well, let's go! avoid common, find out, go to thevoid dot com and see what the fuck? How did they get the void? They must have to pay for that bitch. That is my point. I don't think that'll answer e sports is. I guess why I went down the other path of talking. I don't know how that would under sports something that what's your primarily concerned with the sport profession,
passport aspects, that's my mind attached to Pleasant Grove, Utah huh next summer, so essentially a year from now, I can see how bad it was. A game with the dragons recently came out single player dragon at now haunted cat looking at worlds look with their saying here, screw elder scrolls visions of infinite dimensions. The void is exactly what are virtual entertainment centers will offer experience everything from haunted, castles to dinosaur, Safaris, to futuristic battlefields and with our competitive or cooperative multiplayer modes. You can share these incredible experiences with family and friends, see that might be a weird issue: man, if these gay game started becoming physical. If you you start having these petitions like you're playing one on you know, you're playing rather teams five on five or how many people are in counterstrike, five versus five. Imagine if you're doing five versus five in these things and it becomes about athletics,
is about athletes competing in virtual environments in video games. I mean that really could be possible sort of like just dance revolution? Get you guys in shape. You said that's where I need the super suit, then, after that, so I don't need to get in shape. I just plug in the airplane. That's going to be weird! If people. Resist the getting in shape part. This I mean who knows what this is going to be or whether this is going to catch on, but I think like. Why would you go to the movies when you could live a movie when you could go, I mean imagine if you had like the Hobbit, like that kind of graphics and you're actually in the environment, walk through the battlefield next to Gandalf, fuck dude and they figure out a way to sculpt the ground in way that makes it feel like you're, going uphill and downhill and dirt under your feet and rocks and different terrain. So we know we did figure that out and we're experiencing it in the past of our current development yeah, but the whole virtual reality hologram right now right! Well, that's
that's the the mindfuck of all mind fox. Is that one day there will be an artificial realities indiscernible from this reality, and how do we know we're not already in it or in it DMT? Well, people think so it comes does come up every now and again, and I think we said everything we could say about video gaming. Anything else today out to everyone who shouts all you free to learn a little bit about e sports today, if you haven't got enough info for me, feel free to look around and you could find Jordan, what is your twitter handle C9, nothing so c now and C9. Nothing is your handle on that. Nine is my organization I compete for, and nothing is in zero alright. Well anything else. Now, thanks for everyone for watching friends, Brian Redban, got a anything going on telling people about right. My twitch, as red band, so check with that. Okay, yes, I well, I told my cash a buddies and I'd say I give a shout out: GK's, kids! I.
From catching decks say that at the end I was like. If I can fit it yeah you got in there. What are you saying that which man was Redban me and Jamie play all the time so I'll be in Toronto in July and Death Squad Friday, at Let's do a string together tv you guys are going to do a stream together. Do it going across MS two streams tell us that it was after the real stream will listen man. This is been very limiting this. The world that I got completely was on a what I'm worse peripherally aware of, but you you really gave us a full tour of it. I appreciate it and worries. Congratulations on be able to make a career this. I think it's awesome. Thank you as to you, sir. Everybody else go. Fuck yourself will see you next week. Much love big, kisses, mall Friday night Vegas is still tickets available. That's tomorrow, Tom Segura, Tony Hinchcliffe and me at the Cobb Theater at the MGM challah, see you then peace. Thanks for tuning to the podcast and thanks to our sponsors? Thank you
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