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#653 - Natasha Leggero

2015-05-27 | 🔗
Natasha Leggero is a comedian, known for her appearances on the Comedy Central Roasts of James Franco & Justin Bieber. Her new show "Another Period" premieres on Comedy Central June 23rd.
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this sub deceptive the podcast is with natasha ligero natasha is a good friend a hilarious stand up comedian we've been pals for many many a year she's absolutely fucking hilarious and you might have seen her on comedy central you might have seen her on the roast she's been on several rows that james franco roshi martyred it she just she is awesome so without any you're welcome my friend natasha ligero boom experience during my day joe rogan podcast by night all day natasha leggero drinking healthy green juice eleven dollars look at you oh i drink that stuff that stuff is yummy it's good for you look at you all healthy and shit i mean when yoga drinking juice i mean i also smoke pot and drink those are good things at yeah it's like
all over wild all things in moderation including moderation oscar wilde was it yes right that's all over wild early to one thousand one hundred and thirty my brain is useless till about three hundred pm i made you come earlier saying over well yeah well i've been up i've been up got up early today you got kids yeah kids but i went to yoga class today today yeah yeah once a week from eight o'clock class they have am classes i'm like who is taking a five and become class psychos i know i kind of want to go just glass parking weirdos it's so intense at eleven then i'm like who is getting up at five hundred am for ninety minutes class and where i live they pump up the heat too much they had this like they have this sort of vibe of like they want to torture you yeah you know well it's it's an ordeal you're getting
do an ordeal it's way more difficult than anybody thinks it is like you drive by these little fucking boxes these rooms and now he knows that kind of punishment that's going on those places everybody thinks it's like a bunch of wives like stretching and holding toes the only thing is it do they know that be crammed chaudhary's raping his and they're all getting twelve dollars an hour to like teach us that they get like nothing to teach us and he's like been i think accused of rape seventeen times bullets good google it i think it's it's more than one certainly that's an issue right whenever i mean if one person says hey jamie you know this the sexual encounter we had was unpleasant for me i think you may be rapist i'm calling the fucking cops that's you know there's some wiggle room there when you more line numbers yeah big numbers
big numbers so hard to get thirty people to agree to a unless they're working for the cia or something how many people has he six that's not bad a new cases filed february 13th bringing total number of civil lawsuits civil lawsuits what does that mean what about criminal okay it says claims he raped her during two thousand ten teacher training five other allegations spent over two years including another rape charge from you now it's always depressing when it's the people who are like the spiritual leaders super common i know i know what when it anytime you try to repress things mmhm but i mean i don't even i mean he's allowed to have sex right now allowed to like i don't like it when men use their dicks as weapons what about pat benatar what is she is a west axes weapon that i'd say i think it's different woman when
i'm sorry i really do trooper body strength and they have this thing have provided strike specifically of upper body strength look at you and then you have this thing that gets hard right and then you insert right into the woman an act of violence rude hey mike lenient in golfing and penetrating into two completely different things right right golf but she can't she's not the aggressor she's receptive i'm grabs your finger and start sucking it it's like come on man even my finger it's not that big a deal right but if someone grabs their finger and stuffs it in your mouth you're like wow that's kind of unfair it's different though there is female rape i watch commentary on it yeah there is it's like women who were you know they do though the rape other women and they get on there face so one
all set on other women so face i can't breathe and like get off and i think that's what i thought on netflix well female ray i think we would have to look at each of those and uh visual bass i mean i would want some woman forced her on my face that's what i'm saying but not one aggressive the problem is i think there's probably some women that like a little of that like this probably some like look there's all sorts of sexual appetites and i know there's guys i know guys that like to smacked around tide up i know i have a friend who likes doing that fucking weird shit oh yeah i used to work for a dominatrix i wasn't like working for her as a dominatrix but she i worked in her clothing store and she was also a dominatrix it's and you would go his son peter she would just like it was funny and she had this crazy accent you answer we know one line she was ordering you know fabric and on the other line she's like what do you into you want me to jog around
block you on my feet smelly she always like we had a guy who had like his thing she would tell me about it all she had a guy who all he wanted to do she had to wear white underwear and he just wanted to use a flashlight and look up her skirt for like an hour she would get paid so much a one time i went over to the house to get paid and she had a man blindfolded on the floor crawling and he was just smelling her boots while she was writing me a check i mean it was it never ended it was so funny but that's all voluntary so that's where it gets weird it's like your pain yeah they're paying and they want to do it it's like that's their thing it's like i just did girls who like to get choked that was her thing she i didn't i don't like doing that i don't want because you're so strong it's one thing when you ask them imo guided chunky or some like hipster dude but when you ask some guy who like clearly could strangle you
well that's why i shoot me with ten percent of your strength only that i use good technique i know what i'm doing but i didn't i don't i don't i don't want to connect i never wanted to connect those two things together like i'm not in this sex violence but it's not and i don't i think you could get into anything when i was in high school i've talked about this before i had this girl that used to like rub my dick with her feet when i had a foot fetish for a little bit as for a little bit like not nothing crazy but it lasted for awhile 'cause i think like i connected feet with sexuality for while because of this one girl i think if you start choking people like that i could have you date someone who really likes that and this girl is to say choke me like i'm not going to talk and like i'm not going to do this i can't do it i'm not going to do it a little which is like choking her i'm not going to do it we will never like you know in the wrestling match choker like you know just enough just enough
so even though i don't even teach you but i'm just saying some girls like it too much but my point being is but if you got into that and then you dated a girl who is not into it at all then you start choking her she be like i can't be comfortable with you now 'cause i'm thinking you're going to fucking choke me you know right that's a good point do you know that guy that's getting accused of beating up women who was the host of the cbc radio show's name is john ghomeshi yes i read about it yeah he's so it's amazing is this guy was like a feminist allegedly you know mister social justice warrior type guy talked calmly like this he was one of those guys who talk about women's issues let's talk about women's issues and just beat the fuck out of girls in his spare time like allegedly i should say alleged
but there's multiple counts you want to believe it jimi hendrix hit some girl with the telephone we said we were talking about that before the show she was telling me that jimi hendrix his wife and i see first of all never heard never married and the only time mister hendrix was ever in trouble it wasn't god dam canada and i told us fucking canadians if you want the good music you gotta let me bring the heroine in can't be arrested and with the board or hot yeah i mean he's just so cool and unique i've never been anyone else like him since then either there's been a few guys have kind of taken that vibe a little bit he was the lenny kravitz leaving now oliver while i was gonna gary clark junior is alright i don't know who how dare you he's amazing he's actually really good but he doesn't have he's got his own vibe but he's a really good guitarist and he happens to be black since you know wait so what was jimmy's shelf life like with here
for five years he wasn't around very long died at twenty seven it was one of those twenty seven guys yeah you know there's a lot lot of weird shit that's been going on lately it was people have come out and said that he was killed him girlfriend at the time who is with him when he died she jumped off of a building and soho and this guy who wrote it look who's like a bodyguard or worked for jimi hendrix manager said that jim hendricks was killed by his manager and so was the girlfriend 'cause she knew too much and it sounds like bullshit but he was actually kidnapped jimi hendrix was kidnapped for a couple days and his manager is the one who got him free and they said that what happened was jimmy was thinking about leaving his manager so azure had jimmy kidnapped and then made it look like he was rescuing him do you believe that yeah i mean i don't can i do killed who was like such an industry making you so much money i think i was going to leave you and you had a life insurance policy against it
if you i mean it is possible evil well that's what everybody said that should night did i don't think that's beyond the realm of possibility that people who are mean evil crazy fox who make a lot of money off artists like jimi hendrix manager allegedly did would be willing to do that but there's always been there's always been organized crime ties to music and and to our this this is so much money involved in having a guy like hendrix with you if he's going to leave you what gets phil spector that guy who shot that fucking woman he was always in like he was the guy that like produced the beatles songs and that guy was and we always into putting guns in peoples mouths like that was his things like a power thing that maybe he was like he just got too powerful as opposed to being evil i think it's evil to shoot some of the mouth yeah that's true i see your point i could see it both ways i could see it being a bullshit
story that someone wrote long after jimi hendrix was dead this guy decides cash in i'll just make some dick ulous claims and i'll make some money it's possible you know no one knows no one else other than the people involved even people are evil things so people are evil what do you think i don't know i just thinking like yeah i was thinking of like tony soprano he's someone who you have seen depicted like he would kill someone right but then he like they justified all 'cause they love their family and they pay for their family so i'm just thinking like they must they must defend their ives i wonder how evil people defend their lives i don't think they have to i mean how about king john themselves yeah i know the guy who just he he shot someone with an anti aircraft gun the story is that someone was he was making a speech some guy fell asleep during a speech so he shot him with the anti aircraft gun really story i mean obviously no one knows but he definitely killed his uncle
build is uncle and his uncle sons so that his sons couldn't avenged his uncle 'cause they were planning on some sort of acous so it's like a mobster vibe like there's like i'll kill people for my betterment well i mean it's a dictator vibe but some game of throne i mean that is exactly what's going on over there minus the dragons and the white walkers i can't watch that show i'm sorry i'm the only one that would be like a group for us which matter uh well like how kramer he calls him make him ups and that's kind of how i feel like i'm not i can't can't hold my attention what do you mean by making moves like fantasy right it's like it doesn't appeal to me what do you like i like documentaries i like things based in reality character driven dramas i like funny comedies ok i don't like dragons and people who
she hands become machine guns i just can't get into it it did speaks nothing to me of my life i can appreciate that but but you but you question whether or not people are are evil will tell i mean yeah it was i guess i can't i'd like to question that in things that i can and and you know things that i can get with i'm sure that game of thrones addresses these deeper issues if i were to be able to get past all the names and the you know the fantasies and the the nonsense nonsense winter lasting ten years i'd love it winter lasts ten years yeah they don't know how many years it last maybe it's 'cause i didn't have a childhood i can't get into fantasy didn't have a childhood i mean i was just always like this the mom you know what i mean so maybe i can't like wait well i don't know if there's older sisters so i like to carry my brothers and my parents you know it was like not a fun
childhood or maybe like i don't feel like my imagination or my ability to lose myself in fantasies has been like it's been stunted or something who are your parents not paying attention or they just needed your help or they were just working and so then i was like the mom how much older you than your siblings like five years old i say so you were the one who's kind of responsible for keeping them in line kind of i guess i mean it wasn't a terrible childhood but this wasn't fund wasn't fun it's like i was like looking at the clock like wrap this up so you a babysitter cleaning in line for getting in trouble like you know getting in trouble well like not being in the yeah like being ground i was grounded alive for what climbing out the window trying to get some action and get i'd be juicing you know i need to get my climb out a window buxom dude
climb bag in line back in mom's waiting for you should know chair at the core of the bed i'm so disappointed in you natasha i mean i had a bad childhood though pretty much anyone funny like i remember listening to some deepak chopra thing and he was like imagine yourself as a child by the beach with the family and it was just like one of the one of the good times in your life and i was like oh like to some people like their childhood was this dream land of like where they're safe and beautiful and everything you know right i and i find that people like that like that that have these ideas of like childhood there the rare ones yeah it's a gift i mean i i'll help if i have a child i'm sure your children have this experience when your children grow up they're gonna be like remember when they took us to this amazing for as to that you know i'm sure you take your kids to like beautiful places right and where they have experiences yeah i worry about that well there they're come along great so far but i worry that like that might like they're not encountering any adversity
like really well i mean they are i guess socially at school is always like you know debbie so mean and read and since a but you know there's there's that kind of you know when i have one problem with kids you have two daughters yeah my friend has two daughters and one's really good at the piano and one can't play it and she is and i was saying good the one less because you need to see the other ones just as good and i was like but she's not i mean i didn't say this but it was like well one of 'em has talent and one of them doesn't but we tell all the kids that they all have the same amount of talent like i specifically remember an art teacher telling me maybe art isn't my thing and it made me like try harder and be more of an artist you get fired now yeah the current i know but it helped it helped create like driving me well that's done a good way to do it like it worked with useful yeah she worked with you but it
is an unusual set of circumstances you're independent you already had a lot of responsibility you realized you had to kind of pull yourself up by your bootstraps so when dented with criticism like that you kind of kind of like oh yeah i'll fall can show you bit and then you went out and got good at art whereas some people just forget it really discouraged whereas someone could come along and say you could be good at art but this is we're going to have to do if you really want to be good at it they could recognize that and then move forward in a positive way that might work on me right it would work on more people would work on more people bc it's like the things that work on some people don't work on other people i had a shady art teacher and i was really good artist when i was a kid in my art teacher in high school is just so negative mind yeah they're jealous sometimes or something a lot of my job you of use and also natural town natural talent
yeah my gun was not very talented like he would draw he would draw things like in class you know it would all work fun stuff and he would work on stuff and i remember looking at him through this my class was wonder what happened because he was the most talented he was more town to the me as kidney things name is jon devore and i always hope that he had gone to become a famous artist but i never heard of them spy look mom but uhm it was him that i always admired and his kid kevin who's in this class was really good too and then i felt like i was like the third most talented we were together was bad but i was pretty good i do i drew i was like and it's common book stuff but we overall better than the teacher and i'm not bullshitting i'm being totally honest you are like a public school teacher for art i mean that's like it seems like that would be a pretty i think either of us could go get that job right now
well i stopped when i was fifteen or sixteen other in the last like my parents were really freaked out by two couldn't take art anymore i was like i don't want to do anymore i kept drawing on my own but i completely stopped taking art classes like this guy is just a fucking idiot it just the classes were just it was tedious and me the energy was like he was just a really his probably depressed you know we had a pot belly a member of this like this got it was a depressing got like you know those are the worst a jury being cut you know they like protrude like they don't belong on the person it's just gross she said no energy had no life and if you have life in you he wanted to squash it he wanted to throw a wet blankets on whatever fire you had inside of
this is who is really weird like i talk to the other two guys about it remember specifically like this guy and the guy john who is the most talented guys wouldn't that was his attitude this guy who cares is it you know kind of like raises eyebrows whatever said you worry that your children will encounter people like that at school yeah i'm sure they will i'm sure they will you know and i think that there's a day i think as growing older you run into like a database of people you know you run it you have like a whole gamut a wide spectrum along that way you kind of get to learn lessons from the negative wants to you learn like how never to talk to other people because you talk too someone talks to you in a way that like effects you i remember like negative things that people said to me when i was a little kid that stuck with me then i remember thinking i'll never talk to a little kid like this
never say that kind of shift to a little could yeah and even as an adult i remember i was i was in college and my friend i want to be an actress so bad and my friend sat me down this guy and he was like i have to talk to you and i was like yeah this happened to me couple times with men he was like i just don't think you're going to be as successful as you want and i think you need to think about that a guy seventy the guy you're dating no just a friend and then some another guy so i was like i would never tell someone that i would never sit someone down and say i'm afraid your dreams aren't going to happen well can you imagine saying that to someone no i couldn't but i can imagine why a guy would say that to you and the reason why probably is like you're very independent and strong like you're very smart an i think that's intimidating to a lot of guys guys need a girl that needs them and if a guy is around a and the girl seems like she could be fine without you like you know
little too much too much power in this one i must i must sap it interesting i think even think of demanded that other men to men that other men you know uh you know in the open mic day i remember there was a lot of that there was a lot of guys david taylor but it's just an you know it would do everything is just you know showing work through his own stuff like a lot of folks are you know it's like working through your own stuff at the expense of other people is a sport that we could see if i could diminish this person but do it a lot to women i think someone do it to men too you know someone will try to i got to get a regular job because uh it's never going to we're going to make it look i'm not going to make it either well that's you so you're independent you raised your test your brothers you know
you have to do your own thing child is a drag and you'll like get me the fuck away from all these people i got this right that's your attitude you know like i'm going to be a fucking comedian and they're like listen natasha i think you need to come to grips with you that might not happen i took an acting class and it was really gross i had to take it because i got a development deal i had this crazy develop deal with disney in they right in the sitcom i had the zero acting experience i was twenty five right so it's like all of a sudden i have this whole fucking thing handed to me it's just completely ridiculous and they give me this acting coach and this lady is so name she's so negative and she's fat and she's tired and one of the things she asked is if the show goes she she wants me to have them pitch her as my mom
she's like if this show if the show goes i want you to pitch them that i could play your mom and i remember being like what like she was terrible we would have read and when we had read should be like so fake you know like when you know if you learn as a comic that if you're saying something that someone doesn't connect with the ship does it doesn't work you know so like when you're doing when you're reading something like you you got to try to make that thing as real as this conversation is and she was not like that she was like natasha i'm telling you right now this is not going to work looks like so corny and clunky and it was for the disney channel it was for my dentures for fox it was for fox but it was disney had the development deal so she if one day she had to meet like during let's go i'm worried that you're going to go out there and you're going to fail and sushi
to me and i go why are you worried about that because i'm not worried about that i go i'm not worried about that at all let's just do this and like i like turned around the class you know i go look i'm not worried about this at all you had that much strength at twenty five to say that i want to started bawling i came from a different world i came from the world of fighting you know so i had been competing in martial arts tournaments my whole life so like this lady tell me i'm going to fail at what acting put them in a freak out and they say actions the fuck out of your bitch everything was so ridiculous to make but it was so obvious to me that she was trying to intimidate me and it was that she did like those too confident she didn't like that i was cocky it was bothering us like where is he going to go out there and you fail mike at acting this this ship that i'm already better at you better at than you listen i'm not even good at it in your fucking teaching it
terrible at it and i'm better than you and you teach it so off but it was the it was a clear feeling that she was trying to diminish me and i'm i'm a scary i was like well so scared if i had kids that that was gonna happen the temperature it's like you may be scared because you did i have a lot of time with your parents where they were encouraging you and helping you i'm around my kids all the time i spend like i spend full day like every tuesdays daddy daughter day we do share the yeah yeah yeah duncan said once and i thought this was so smart he said the best karma you can have is being born into a good family yeah and i thought that was like really interesting 'cause it's like that is just a lucky lucky person 'cause you're going to get all of the you know your kids are like my friend ricky and i figured this out it's like your kids are like a second generation success like you did
yourself and now your kids are benefiting you know there at the level that like lena dunham's going to you know like her parents were successful in got themselves out of it and you know like you people who like you're the first generation of someone who who climbed out of the mud or you're like the fourth generation like your grandma was working for civil rights and then your parents were successful artists and then now you're an artist it's like it's a generation thing where i think benefit and you can get success earlier yeah maybe but i think it's also difficult because they didn't earn it themselves like i have a friend and his parents were very successful and he worked for his family business for awhile but he it always bothered him even though he's doing well he's like i didn't earn any of this like this is kind of freaks me out yeah but but look i mean there's so many famous people who have kids who are losers it does take something i mean just with them it's neglect but they're just might not have the drive or the ambition
a little bit of that but it's a lot of like if there is a lot of it happens with actors because there working and they go away for months at a time yes yes yes i think i think there's a lot of actors that are like really fucking self obsessed end end singers and celebrities were there just you know if you going be fuckin' share or something like that like good luck taken vacations good luck having fun with your kids you're you're the ceo of an empire that is you know whoever the fuck you are you know fill in the blank with whatever superstar that died ours everything you have nine i knew someone who knew like barbra streisand son and he wouldn't you know he had hit he double play and she would wouldn't show up that you know it's like how but i'm sure you can make it happen somehow right yeah i mean it's requires a lot of communication you know i have a stepdaughter that eighteen really yeah i've been with her for
since she was little that's so funny you have all daughters yeah it is funny because you're so like masculine you know that happens a lot a lot of fighters have daughters like really really common i like that you consider yourself a fighter no i don't and i don't feel like you're needing more than a fighter no i'm a human being i think but i do a lot of different stuff but i'm just saying a lot of like ufc fighters a lot of them have daughters like it's like like they joke around about it but it's like fighters curse but a lot of them have daughters for some reason god blessing they don't grow that bloody field wretched i think it's a balance thing i think the universe gives you like this gift of of a different type human being to raise and also the different perspective raising daughters to me been very educational because raising them and
being around the mall time you understand first of all that you're dealing with a completely different kind of human being whereas worse when i was a kid daughters will org rather we're always like it was us and them it was like boys and then there was girls now little fucktoy wearing makeup and shoes and worship get it you know you didn't get it i mean i had a but i didn't i didn't understand them the way i understand them like having a wife and how many daughters like i i kind of i'm way way more tuned in to that style of human being that i was when i was a young man that style of him that's what it is it's a different kind of human being you know your different kind of human being than me you i don't like make him up i don't like blood when it come up well you're unique in your own femininity but a woman
different kind of human it takes a long time to sort of figure out the ins and the outs of that i think it's probably really difficult you do understand what goes on in a man's mind just like it's really go for a man to understand what goes on in a woman's mind and when you see it from the time they were infants when time with their little babies it gives you more insight than growing up your sister com i love my sister she's awesome and i love her to death but she's my sister you know she's not like a baby that i saw grow and so like raising daughters has been insanely educational for me you know and care about them so much it's a weird thing you care about them do you don't care about them like you love them he about them like you love them more than you love your own life a weird more than you love your chihuahuas but if i did yes yeah my friend eddie he had rabbits
that is different than in wala well yes i guess but he had add sony loves these animals he'd love to shoot out of a man his wife is pregnant and i said listen dude once your babies born you're going to want to kill those fucking cats transferring just shoot he's like no way that i know where i'm telling you i'm telling you you're not going to give a fuck about those animals anymore you're going to love your kids so much gonna laugh at the idea of how much you love these animals me not really gonna kill the animals but is that true yes yeah you're the the does shift is substantial though with the level of love like you could leave your kid in the channel for a weekend right here i mean your dog you could leave a dog in a kennel for we can go somewhere you can't leave your kid can that you can't leave a kid for an hour you freak out it's one
yeah the dog just had this consistent thing they give back you know like they're cute they lay with you but they don't really talk they don't grow it's just kind of like they just do their thing for twelve years and then they die they don't have questions like my three year old well she's she's five now but when she turned three she started crying and i go what's matter she goes i'm still little can i go did you think that when you turn three that you would be bigger she goes yeah i don't know it's a gradual process she's the youngest such as this is going to get all talk like all the sudden should be bigger yeah i mean it's like but it's not that kind of thinking mind expanding too it's like fascinating it's unbelievably fascinating it's like you know i i really like it's not a chore like if i had a baby sit someone's kid it would be kind of a chore but hanging my kids is not a chore at all it's like i love it it's really fun like it doesn't seem like something like a man would love to do is hang out with little girls but
i love hanging out we play all kinds of silly games and play kitchen they have little fake kitchen shut and they make me fake food and pretend to eat it and we ground but stuff is very very different way of living life you discipline them i don't discipline like i don't beat him is that what you're asking me or beat my kids wondering like how yeah like how do they get i mean you have to explain to them what they're doing wrong yeah well that's mean that's sort of educational and they do something wrong i have to explain that they can't do that but you have to do it in one of the things that i always do is i always let them know that any fa cup that they've had any mistake they make i've already done it i've already fuckedup i fuckedup way then you like if there's a fuc no i try not to i swear every now and then but most of the time now once one time when my my daughter was three two i've been taking him skiing it's a really little um choose three we were at the ski place and she forgot to pack her helmet in her suitcase and
you know we're we're getting ready to leave and i go out with him back home and she looks our luggage yes she had and everyone laughs and then my wife turned and looked at me like oh no but like don't say anything 'cause if you laugh then they think it's hilarious right and then i'll keep doing it that's what sarah silverman said in her book that she would get so much positive she is she would swear like that does create a comedian but see that created a comedian in a lot of ways yeah i mean so it's interesting what's going to happen i mean i'm i'm sure you're doing an amazing job with your kids but from what i've seen it with my friend there's so much positive encouragement happening in this generation where it's like i was talking my friends kids and i was time out new york she was can you not
can you not say anything negative about new york i really want them to think of it as a vibrant city and like every park are you talking about every single thing and like i was like swimming with her and she's like make sure she does the breaststroke the right way i don't want to learning the wrong way and it's just i mean this might be an extreme example but at the same time i think like wow like this is just and then those kids are going to give birth to cyborg who are those people what is your what is your three year old or five year old child going to be like yeah we're going to have implants in their brains well i think that's going to happen already have you seen that implant that they came out with don't even know life though like how we know they won't i mean even kids that are teenage today don't know life the way we know life because we grew up with on the internet i mean i used to check my internet at the video store my email at the video store when i moved to la i like didn't want to get a cell phone i'd go to the video store how come you don't wanna well it was like twelve years ago 'cause i've always been kind of anti technology i've never wanted tv's around
maps i'll make him up i like i mean i'm you know i like i like really i used to like reading more and they have this new lens that they're going to insert into people's eyes that will give you three times the vision of twenty twenty it's insane what is that cnn jim you pull the fire away thing you're gonna be able to see in so like when a clear way further way more detail than any human being can right away but what does that do by the way 'cause everyone's like hd it's so great and it makes women look like ship thinking in men or men but like what's going to do for our skin is that going make us look less attractive but i wonder yes we'll we'll just wanting that will will only meet in the work of my husband's pours you know please give the pores no but i just mean like you know you know there's going to be a bit like little cartoon mask is something that we good on our faces so that you can't even age right like instead of uh instead of like make up your just wear a mask maybe well there
another study recently that they found a way to like reverse aging and certain cells this is the optometry claims to invent lens three times better than two thousand and twenty vision i wonder what it looks like in that so that's yeah who the fuck knows device call doc you metics argument x bionic lens he claims it allows you to see three times better than two thousand and twenty vision without wearing contacts or glasses at all so they think that like macular degeneration is thing of the past in about second solange unravels over your eye in your site is immediately corrected i understand that if you've got bad eyesight but just putting that into like try to i be a super superhero this is what it's going to be so implanted in your eye during an eight minute painless procedure similar to catelyn cataract surgery it's folded like a
taco and placed in the eye using a syringe filled with saline solution wow but here's the thing that's going to happen there's going to be an anti technology movement and then there's going to be the people who want to do this and then it's going to be the people who are like already i see it in new york they're like advertise get these like cool hipster bars like no tv in here you know like it's like people want to go to these havens of like just socializing people in and and eating farm to table and and you know that there's all these like farm movements and i think there's going to be this kind of hopefully like a new sixties that's like another hippie movement against all of this technology well a lot of them i'm going to start it you'll be a part of it but there's a lot of bars and restaurants are into like metal and wood and it makes it like real rustic like all like like the tables like this table you know like brick wall
'cause like people into like real things is supposed to like plastics you know and and shiny you like a little like different colored lights like the inside of a virgin mobile paul i mean you know yeah i mean it's like that but some people are super into that way let me will just want to they like they want they cannot wait like someone like read back or like someone you know it's like he probably like i feel like every technology he's like absorbing and trying and i mean there's like that extreme kind of person right but looking at me so mass that's that's why i picked him no i'm just kidding but he's funny and silly but he said he loves technology lot of people like that they get inspired by it i was like well i'm not like that in a lot of ways i love technology yeah most people around me are like that i just find human innovation fascinating i think the idea of human innovation i just think it's a it's an unstoppable process i think i think unless we
wiped out in less something horrible happens to the human race it's inevitable we're just going to continue to innovate and you know extrapolated i take it like really far i think about it all the time like what exactly is happening i think we're giving birth to a new type of life we are but here's the thing i was just reading this really interesting article in the week and they were saying innovation has stopped in the sense of like they used to be like more money put towards cancer research and going to space and now everyone the only innovations that are happening or with the phone all about the phone but it is in a way like all we care about is our phones and and how fast they are moving and what they can get us in the gps and what they're going to project into our brains our lives will be like on as an intimate attachment for sure but it's absolutely not true that that's the only innovation have you seen okja
rift your we're still has to do yes i've had i've tried it it's amazing but it still has to do with like it's like a video game basically right does not do the phone well it's it's a part it's it's part of that realm well that's that's the realm of artificial reality simulated reality is the future but what about curing cancer and there's a lot of work being done on that a lot of innovation being done on curing cancer a lot of innovation all sorts of diseases i mean medical innovations probably never been higher i think throughout the the the the the whole full range things that people are interested in innovation is accelerating i just don't agree with that at all and people are always looking to get negative and poo poo and try to define and where things are growing and not growing 'cause it makes them look like they're smart for pointing it out but i don't buy it i think it's human characteristic of human trait that's inherent to the monkey mind that they want to figure things out and they build
on all the things that have been figured out before them and it's in bullet just continues and goes and moves forward i mean sky and aubrey de grey recently who is this life extension guy from who's originally where was he is columbia and now he's he runs a separate oxford one of one major university now he runs this some this organization that is dedicated to finding the best and brightest lines that are involved in life extension technology the way jeans expressed themselves i mean there's all concerts of crazy work is being done right now on artificial intelligence was funding that different people i mean they're they're they're actively trying to recruit people to to do money i mean that's one of the reasons why i came on this podcast to promote his who
cause and try to get people to donate money to this want these things i i'm not you might know more about this than i do want these didn't these things used to be funded by like institutions like wasn't apple funded by some call it like college known was a private institution meaning that they probably gotten some money we've gotten some money from some people but now it's a privately funded institution but you know what there's a lot of money in the private sector like that's one of the criticisms about like the space program in the space program was kind of fallen off because the government doesn't want and it so then elon musk comes along in this spacex thing and there's all sorts of there was something that just came today about elon musk in space access explain what spacex is i don't know well they're trying to develop privately funded space exploration yeah and the idea being is that you look at all the innovation that's gone in this country whether it's the
invention of airplanes in know the better other thing they mention they said airplanes you to be able to go in three hours and then what happened to that that was twenty five years ago why haven't we haven't we built on that technology what do you mean like supersonic jet the concorde go to like three hours you could be in new york or rich people died people were dying from that yeah that's one of the reasons that shut down really rich people fuckin' got got toasted on the runway like they they didn't continue the innovation i would love to get somewhere in two hours and not have to have it take to get to rome it's like eighteen hours it's walking dangerous really you're going fast as shit and you're dealing with the same kind of metals i mean unless they innovate and come up with different metals and and make things much more difficult you on myspace x is about to tap ship huge march a new
speech that does that go back are you such a fucking freak imagine being around him who is he i don't even understand he's like so many him so he did he come from mars she mostly mars like something like that they must come from family money and he said no because he was broke just a few years back yeah they were i mean he was trying to get funding for spacex at the same time he was working on tesla and he was trying to we are whether or not he should have been one of the projects but so he just did investment huh you know i don't know i'll be talking on my ask but i don't i don't believe he came from money did he come from old is this dude he's not that old i think he's like forty or something and so he is so it didn't isn't richard branson trying to do that too yeah virgin yeah i mean he's finding a lot of different things but they're one of their jets just blew up they one that they were the like prototype they were using and it just crashed in
people died in there would you go and one of the i'm not going to be an early adopter that's for fucking sure no i mean i read badly get into a no he wouldn't he'll be for the first to try on the virtual space helmet now he'll be the first to get one of the implants but i don't i don't have any desire to leave this planet i just think that's foolhardy he made his money with paypal paypal that's right that's right you create a paypal wow yeah just invite how old is he forty three oh we just guessed who seven thousand one hundred and seventy one there you go this is just a fucking genius his iron man is basically tony stark but not quite as conte yeah i mean that's funny that desire to go to mars taken socket those people read
it's going to happen up there it would be terribly have a whole bit about it in my acct i don't want to start spewing out my jokes i do like your stuff about aliens and life on other planets i feel like you always kind of can connect on these larger topics in a way that i don't think i've ever seen anyone do really i mean have you ever seen people captivate an audience talking like where you have silence for a while you're explaining and everyone is listening and in labs yeah it's really cool well thanks i mean i've never seen anyone do that let's just things that i'm interested in if yeah it's not something i think especially with stand up you have to really care about what you're talking about it's the number one thing and when you start going through the motions like what is sadder if anything then an old comic that's
doing the same material for fifteen years you know those guys that you'll occasionally see at the store you know they get that one thousand two hundred and fifteen spot and you watch that same that you've seen like maybe you saw on mtv half hour comedy hours twenty years ago or something i mean i'm not joking there's a lot of those guys each and they don't care about the material anymore there's no attachment to it anymore this is like this they just came out that sixteen dollars they're making it at least while he's doing that they just want to keep doing it because they don't want to admit they don't do it anymore but that happens too a lot of guys they just stop they just stopped being relevant they stop caring and that's the worst aspect but the best as active comedy is when someone is talking about some shit that they really think about really means something to them an that's when the audience connects with it 'cause i think stand up inside weird form in some weird way is kind like a form of mass hypnosis thing operates on the a very similar level because you know this
like i seen you on stage when you're killing right and when you're killing right locked in everyone's laughing and you're hitting every because right and you have ever endured you're locked in everyone's response those people all are thinking the way you're thinking like your guiding them like i've watched you on stage specifically do this like when you're no you tonight the store you are but but you know what i'm saying like when you're in that mode thing idea that there now with you yeah they agree with you or there in your mind well ok the other night when you are at the store ann you're talking about the armenian genocide and that fucking find the audience oh right yeah he was like you're racist it was just huber joe
yeah it was a joke about learning about the armenian genocide because you got an uber driver with an armenian he was fucking lecturing you exact yes it was funny but it was the way you handled it the way eat like you lead the whole audience along like everybody was with you the everybody is with you is 'cause you were locked into this subject you were locked into this idea and i knew it was yeah but so but you know what i'm saying like this isn't this isn't anything casual this wasn't anything you really didn't give a fuck about like in that moment i was with you the whole audience was with you were like locked into your mind like i think that's what when someone's killing on stage they might you might as well be getting them to quit smoking you might i'll be getting that audience to lose weight or just stop beating their dog what are you trying to get hypnotised how do you get into that hit hit nose like how do you how do you like i didn't chris rock say you have to be like part
preacher a little bit well his style is very much preacher you know sam kennison obviously other preacher he was less or you didn't know license plate on his hbo special said x rev his corvette yeah yeah and that was his you know his thing i wonder if there's tricks for sure go to to lock in to get into that much well one thing i think you can do is really try to feel it like i've i've definitely felt how i can turn around a set where i'm like this is going to the motions they're not acting and it's a long set on the road some like i have forty more minutes life food you know so that it's like oh well maybe i can in the middle of this try to start feeling what i'm saying for the first time i think that can maybe help a little bit to really like almost like an acting exercise like sometimes they'll say the words and you're not even think
but what they mean you can't do that it happened i mean on a saturday and two shows on a friday it's like i don't even know what's coming out of my mouth half the time and i can't tell you how many times on my second show i'm like i'm talking and while i'm talking i'm looking i'm looking at people's faces to see if i've done this joke in this set 'cause i'm all over the place and i don't have an order sometimes right so then how can you i just can't keep track of it i always write setlists even if even if i don't use the set list at least i write it out so that you know give me like an order like this doesn't go up top i don't around sometimes it'll just decided to my closing bit first then how do you know the clothes yeah got to be careful yeah i just think that at least my style of comedy is i like to just go with wherever my brain wants to go and if my brain like give us start
talking about something and something comes up and then my closing bit is appropriate at that moment yeah i just go with it and then hiding in a clothes shop don't die because another bit you know the idea is to get a bit that so see get any bit that's so strong in close with it and if not all your bits to be like that now are you bit should be like to a point where they aren't always like you gotta build them like there's a lot of like i abandoned my act in in november because that's when my new comedy central special came out so i passed november yes so all stuff from november to now is all completely no so don't even pick one of those things the clothes on at a club the dead the dead to me all man a band fresher what is the one one comedy special crystal is on a second comedy special this year too much too much for me to like keep up with
well he said he did his last one over a year ago i'm just saying it's i'm i'm filming mine in three weeks and some of the jokes are like you know two years but i'm like so sick of them now i don't see how to get avoid i know i'm like how am i going to find in one week nine days how am i going to find this enerji to make it feel fresh for my taping it so hard smokes no i'm not going to smoke pot but i'm definitely not going to know if i've done it before that helps you is that one of the tricks
and that doesn't yeah yeah it gets you in the groove it makes me very sensitive like almost paranoid but very sincere year of the mind of doing it before you got you got it not after both i like both i like pot it works great for my personality yeah that's my therapist said 'cause i was like i think i might smoke maybe i shouldn't smoke pot and he was like no you're chill it makes you more chill it's totally fine like you have the right vibe for it if you enjoy it i just think it's so it can be tricky you can definitely with you and if you're one of those people that's like really impulsive or really e have addictive in season you like to do things a little bit too much yeah could be it could be a problem i i know people that smoke pot all day every day which i don't recommend i take big long break
you know i like to say breaks you mean breaks in the day no i mean like weeks i like to take like a week off two weeks off and then when i go back to it i appreciate it more i don't like doing anything all the time like i take i'll take breaks off work now i'll take breaks off of everything i think it's important to take i take breaks off stand up like sometimes i'm like i need a fuggin week off in week off not doing this week my call and response i'm not doing i want what about your phone has the constant information coming through we need you in this that respond to emails it's just getting like more and more i'm notoriously difficult to get a hold of like my manager there was laughing about i'm the one client that will just about our band and my phone like big like most people are constantly calling constant look what's going on with this with along with that i'm the total opposite like they can't even find me i got vanish i shut my phone off and i just don't i don't respond 'cause i feel like if you
fuck you money and you don't say fuck you you don't deserve fuck you money what are you doing with that money you freaking out all the time while you say fuck you or just chill just chill how to get that money yeah you gotta enjoy the whole process part of enjoying the whole process is enjoying the whole the moment like all the moments like i like doing like a word about yoga i'm like doing yoga i like i like to an archery i like i'm shooting arrows at targets it's exciting it's fun i like doing different ship that's why i like doing jujitsu that's why i like doing i like doing moitie like doing weird i like doing things and i think that you get locked into one sing for too long i think it limits you what limits your your point of reference limits your mind like there's people that like all they give a fuck about it like say golf that's all they care about that like you'll see them like fake golf swimming
swinging during the day like i don't think that's as an artist especially i hate golf i think it's like a problem i think it's the worst athletic i think it ruins hotels i think its ruins hotels it's just like if whenever i go to a hotel is like golf sent like centered around golf i don't want to be there it's like old white republicans walking around the old crusty and their pastels and they just seem like they drink too much and have bad sense of humor i just think it's an ugly aesthetic and it's terrible for the environment to keep those golf courses green it is in california in seattle it's really not that big a deal right but in california yeah it's not cool they're still conservative i just there's a lot of conservative people play golf it's a it's a business thing a lot guys who play golf they do a lot of business meetings on the golf course and it gets them away from women because they get out there by themselves all bunch of guys they drink beer and they talk shit and they walk balls around cuz i think a lot of people in like massively suppress
my office environments and they just seek out any possible way they can be themselves yeah it's just it's a valve you know for a lot of men know i was thinking about like some so stressed out about my special which i'm taping in a week and i'm like all i care about is it being over i just wanted to be over i want to get over it and then i'm like as soon as the special is done i'm going to something else i have to focus on so if my whole life is like god i hope this is over soon and it's like that's no way to live yeah but the pressure is overwhelming like comic especially because you are the writer the producer the creator and the performance a lot of shit going on when get on that stage nine days from now and do it just the weight of your world is completely on your shoulders it's different than any of the style performing it's current than music 'cause you have a backup band it's different than sitcom because there's right
there's directors is a lot of shift going on you're you're responsible for it totally totaly that wears on people and a lot of times where's on people is the way you look at it in the way you approach it and i've been on both sides i've been where i felt great and i felt like loose and comfortable and not worried about it at all and then i've also in in a place where i was like really fucking stressed out about it i've been i've been in both places and i think a lot of it is my appreciation for the process i think when i appreciate the process and when i look at it the right way which is kind of like cultivated over the last decade or so of my life that when i really really appreciate it then it's all fun and even though there's like pressure and stress it's fun and i enjoy it when you say process what do you mean exactly like just the fact that you've been able to like think of these jokes and write them and
form them and people love them well the whole process of creating set i mean creating a bit it's cool how it works because it's like you'll see this bit and it's like wait did this really going to be like wait this did happen like this this this girl is a bit and then i thought of this idea and then it turned into this and then i added this to it and then yeah i made it connect with this bit is like yeah so it is it is collaborative in you know you you're collaborating with your life to like make these kind of free fuckin' nightmare last night that i'm just now remembering and the nightmare i woke up in the morning take a leak and as i woke up i woke up like with it like i woke up at like five hundred and thirty and what this nightmare in my head it was like weird nightmare where i could not remember whether or not i had committed a crime and i was trying to remember whether or not it was a dream or it was an actual crime that i had committed and that was the nightmare the nightmare was that i had like i was really confused like did i do something fuckedup
or is this bullshit is this a dream and then i woke up and i was like wait this is a dream that i dreamed that i did something fuckedup up or i was it was really weird so scary yeah it was really weird but the but i don't know how it relates but the idea that i think one of the ways it relates is like when you're putting together bit it's almost like it's not even you doing it it's almost like when i'm stage and i'm i'm real in the groove and the sometimes i'll line like a tag will come out of nowhere and it's the perfect tag and then i just write that is that yeah yeah and the the way that works is if you allow yourself to go into these fucking weird places while you're on stage and you go down dark out and sometimes there's no fucking way out and it doesn't work and you gotta you gotta
talk your way out of that allie going to figure out how to put it back together again but that's what i'm talking like that's the process the process is uncertainty it's confusion it's like and then finally a finished and you can only hold on to that finish thing it's like a sandcastle like you build it it's beautiful but the fucking water is common the water's coming and you got accept that and people like i want to turn into cement forever and i want to live in it you can't live in it can't live in it but you be afraid of like what if i bring a whole bunch of people to see you and i love when you're alien bits and i'm like yeah weighty does this part then you're doing all new stuff it's like why can't you bring a few people like that idea that like nobody wants anything that has already been pre released or rick did it not over thing must be new all the time well i don't think everything it needs to be new all time but my stuff has a cycle at least for me the i do my best work when it has a cycle because i feel
like if i'm working on a if i'm doing an old bit that's already done nothing wrong with that there's nothing wrong with it but i feel like at a certain point in time that's taking away from creating a new bit take you away from making a new as good as those old bits and that nrg that i'll put into that old bit it's you know specially if i'm doing it all the time or even adding new tags to it like i could be added new stuff to a new bit i could make be making a new bit as good as one of my old bits so that's just my the only way the way it's good for me is if i'm constantly updating i give myself like a year and a half and then i'm
moving on like a year and a half and then i have to film it how many specials have you done let me see twelve thousand three hundred and forty five damn sixty seven your prolific you have a lot of energy eight seven or eight i'm trying to figure out i was watching this documentary like folk music and but someone was saying don't laugh folk music filler isn't that far from folks a yes he is i mean he's rock and roll but like he came from that era of like hippies anyway yeah it definitely came from hippies some like you know why 'cause he likes white pussey that's what was up with that there's only one way to find the hippies and he's like he's a whole album of like loki now it definitely well yeah sure
st not all like electronic electric inanity no you definitely right but anyway so i'm watching this documentary and it was some bogardus was saying like your first albums you know easy but your second album that's how they can tell your made up because your first album is like ten years of struggle yeah this is what i've had to say for the last decade and now it's finally coming out where is like it's a hit your second album here's a year here's what i can come up with you know it's it's not is it's it's like it's it's it's harder yeah my first cd i did was in ninety ninety nine and i started commenting eighty eight right so that's oh yeah yeah so much of you that you've been you know and i did my next one a year later now it's kind of weird and it's also hard to stay funny a year later today his good arm i don't know i'm not sure i think they all suck now
i go back and listen to my old stuff i hate it yeah i can't listen my old stuff until about two thousand like shiny happy jihad that was my two thousand and six comedy central special or comedy central cd i still like that is that around the rem shiny happy people time uhm no that was earlier than that shiny happy jihad was right around it was after september 11th was a couple years later there's the suicide bomber talk and i had all this islamic radical material about them blowing themselves up for pushy in another dimension it was very political comedian not really no no not really political at all but i think it's a bad hustle like to like like i have friends that are democrats and i'll talk about like we also like you know we gotta win this election because we are what we would what what is the talking about was as we what man you know it's it doesn't make any sense to me like i think the pop the politics in
country are so corrupt so stupid it's so unfixable fixable what about them now you're going to play toro come on you have to play that will will do it right now i don't believe in politics i mean i don't believe in republican democrat made it seem silly i would say that i would rather vote for a female criminal than a male criminal so i would probably vote for hillary really bars on it just because i think that women want i would like women have power it was a pretty one of them 'cause i'm a woman and i feel like you know we still can't get abortions like all these new abortion restrictions have just been introduced are brand new they are in effect in november and i just feel like this is already been taken care of and the men are bringing it back up in it we are women bring that back up to unfortunately it's a religious thing yeah there's a lot of i mean go to this pro choice rose child i mean i just don't even understand well now
you know okay well whatever like that embryo let the second the sperm hits me in line i i just don't understand how that is a life that we need to worry about well no i may mean i completely agree with you it does not make any sense the day and it's in my body yeah so it's like if it was in a man's it would be totally different i've i think yeah i would joke about that i don't tell me if baby came out dudes dicks there before people on the planet in abortion would be an app on your phone right really probably would be right i think that's political without being like wido mcree although we republicans well it's just the nature of what it is is people worried about babies right and then like worried about life and worried about like the religious idea of procreating and and yeah but as soon
comes out of our bodies they can like pay minimum wage or take with health insurance or send it off to war it's like they just care about as an embryo it it's it makes no sense and the fact that that women have to wait seventy two hours to have an abortion in oklahoma now and and zero hours to buy a gun and the fact that like women have to go to i'll cross the state lines what is a federal thing for seven days for firearms alright can't just buy a gun there's a federal second evan days versus alright well that's actually longer but still i think there's uh there's a real problem with anybody telling someone what they can and can't do with their body but there's also a real problem when abortions get later like when you're talking about like late term abortions things get really weird when you're talking about like four or five six months
i know a woman who got abortion at six months share a childhood like some secret was in new york she had a there's very few doctors that were willing to do it her and her boyfriend were fighting over they were poor and she was pregnant she wanted to keep the baby and i mean it was like more than five months so she wanted to keep it he didn't yeah but see the thing is giving birth to a child like that in that circumstance that is not the kind of child that you're raising right now your kid is being infused with love and attention and positive iti an it's like already fighting before the kid is like born like that is not going to be a positive environment many were over populated no you you make some good points and i think the good point the count to play devil's advocate would be the org god's advocate would be that you know that kid could go to a happy family that is looking to adopt and have a wonderful
or maybe at lower maybe it'll end up you know addicted to drugs it's like it's not alive yet you're right well it's just not but it can exist outside the womb and that's when things get weird late term abortions are really weird but she got it yes she did she didn't want to get it no she didn't know and she didn't actually wound up having kids after that which is really weird and he loves his kids he didn't have kids before then and then he loves his kids now it's very strange it's very dark but that is the gray area that is life life is weird it's not as simple cut and dry when people argue side or the other you know if they ignore the positives or the negatives that the other side is presenting people love to have absolute i love to have i'm right you're wrong they love to have this is the right way this is the wrong way this is what god wants i mean i guess that's what i'm saying that i'm right
like i i feel like i'm right in the sense that it's up to people to choose what they want to do with their bodies and sells and if they want to get on drugs or if they want to have an abortion like don't make people raise children which is probably one of the hardest things to do i've never done it but it must be so challenging and you have money i have money like a magic doing it with no money it just seems like to force someone to do that and make it almost impossible for them to get rid of their when a man has been the one who like did it to them anyway it's just crazy to me well they did together hopefully no i know i know but anyway i would rather have a female in charge because i feel right now if you do not believe that women are equal to men which a lot of a lot of these middle eastern countries don't believe that it's like that is part you're part of the problem of key bing people back well there's certainly should be equality when it comes to laws and this should certainly should be equality when it comes to the way we treat each other but we also should accept the fact that we're just fucking completely different
you know and just leave people alone let him do whatever the we want to do and anybody that thinks that a woman who's pregnant for forty hours how you find out you know i'm saying you just find out your pregnant and got pregnant two days ago and that you shouldn't be able to stop that oakley utah we talked about like three cells and what are we talking about we're talking about a cluster that fits in the the end of the stir i mean
i mean what will right there's a lot i don't know everyone specific believes i just know that a lot of new restrictions in the new york times last sunday they had a map full of all the new restrictions and like now in five states you have to wait seventy two hours and ten more states there is to follow up visits the before you can get the abortion yet to start doing counseling you know you have to go drive two hours to do counseling appointments like if you know you don't want the baby why do you have to go to counseling it's it's just i think you're looking at it and this is obviously it's got to be there's got to be a religious perspective yeah right it has to be but i think they're looking at and not looking at like a person like you they're looking at a person that is lost and confused and they're going to give them guidance and that's all the way
sort of like really fundamental religious people specially christians and that's the way a lot of people feel like like this person just needs to be taken in if we just take them into the lords arms and show them what they're doing is wrong you have a baby inside your body is most precious gift well can kill you and you just go ahead with that baby killed with you want what if you want to run to everyone you saw you were like you gotta but you gotta do jujitsu you gotta do everything i do just do it will make you feel better do it do it but it's posing the secret you don't stand outside sports locker or no i broadcasted the fourteen million people a month you don't like passionately feel that everyone has to do what you do no really place it's like it doesn't do it for you but yeah i'm a big believer in let people do whatever the fuck they want to do as long as it doesn't hurt anybody else and i think you are too and i think that the real
the people have with abortion is they think there's another person involved and it's not as simple as like i should be able to smoke pot or i should be able to that think who standing up for that little baby inside your body do these people care about people so much it's like you have that much compassion for a cluster of cells that can fit on a fuckin' coffee stirrer but you don't give a fuck about or war or or or at the minimum wage or making sure that the kids get a great education and are these people just like donating all their time and money to help living people it it's it's it's so stupid how many of these people that are anti are pro let's go to baltimore and clean up the city exactly let's help people that are in like really low income environments that are filled with crime and with the way out yeah
like all these people have such overactive empathy they just they just want to help everything even the clusters of cells that are living inside of poor strangers bodies it's it's it's such a stupid way to direct their religious for but isn't it fascinating because isn't that part of what a person is we just a bundle of contradictions where it's so hard to be objective and logical about every single aspect of your life and that people sometimes think that they're doing good and at the same time promote ship that's terrible and awful you know there's a lot of people that are like i'm sure that were like pro life and anti abortion that didn't give a fuck about that guy that got shot in ferguson you know there's a lot of people that think that you should execute prisoners for uh variety of different things they believe in the three strikes law how easy would be to commit three felonies if you lived in compton you know if you
born in englewood to a fat family filled with violence you want to that person for the rest your life by the time you're eighteen 'cause i already have three felonies yeah they didn't get the opportunities that is so fuckedup but i would love to see a pro life movement that just started like really to help lives that are already like function saying it why not that be the pro life movement yeah the real pro life unborn babies in people who don't want them them's stomach them's yeah the the pro life movement is like helping the lives that are they're not turn into murders are not turn into a disaster yeah i mean hoop we're up are all these republicans that are running do they all believe in abortion or they all believe that there should be no blanket through you can't get through pro life there's no way oh really yeah you can't get through the maze i've never even heard of a successful republican that gets to the end of the line it gets them
back the religious right now there might be one people could prove me wrong but that's much arnold schwarzenegger or something but probably like libertarian libertarian yeah there's probably a few rare like maybe that rand paul guy believes in pro choice but yeah it's it's a religious thing for a lot of mean it happened with reagan i mean that's really reagan was the first republican to court those like really radical religious people because they realized back then that there's a lot of power in that movement the political power that you get from having the christian right on your side you know there's so much this organizing and there's so much power behind that people that are just like i don't give a fuck those people do organize those people don't get together the people that i don't like people along time do whatever they want to do a lot of those folks don't have the drive to get off the couch and go out and organize and make sure
so that their views are expressed evenly across the board but like people when people get really religious and they think that god's involved in their choices there's a lot of people that especially christianity there is this recruiting aspect that religion that you don't see in buddhism you don't see in judaism you don't see really any where was christianity or maybe you'd see it in some of the middle eastern religions i don't know well islam doesn't recruit but they promote the fact that they are the perfect religion they let people join but judaism's fucking hard to join you know you kind of like asked three times you got to like take like my uncle did it yeah yeah my uncle married a jewish woman and had to go through the whole deal had to hebrew school and the whole time was like why are you doing man i like judaism why because it's more was raised catholic and judaism is more open to like intellectual discourse and asking questions and having the questions
thought about and talked about and when it's not as like absolute is like adam and eve go sit in the hall like i was always just put in the hallway for asking questions and this is how it is and it's how could that be how it is and then you just get in trouble yeah but doesn't bizarre have to be a religion i mean isn't open discourse is not just part of being a curious human beings and tells yes and i was able to be attached to an ideology well i think that the ideologies can teach you things like tradition and and you know there's beautiful things and probably all religions and i think that the future will be not just like picking a religion i'm the religion that my dad was in
the job that my dad was my dad was a cobbler formal call blur my parents were catholic so i'm a catholic it's such a out mo it's it's so outdated i think as an adult you you sample lots of religions and you you learn about as many as you can and you form your own philosophies and pull from their there for us to pull from you know they're they're all windows on the same thing so it's like why not learn i mean i i'm i want to learn more about jediism i'm dating a jew i want to learn more about buddhism i meditate and and do buddhist chants like i love it all and i think it's like definitely a positive thing for your life i definitely think that looking into ancient traditions and philosophies is the definitely something to be learned from what i have a problem with his attack pushing yourself to any rigid ideology yes i grew up catholic too for a very short period time my parents like didn't they stop me from doing it when i was in first grade
oh really well i was in first grade i told him i would run away from home i'm like you send me back to this shit i'm going to i'm not doing it were lapsed catholic so bad it was just rough but before that my parents are getting divorced so before first grade i was like i was thinking that god was like the answer to all this 'cause i was like really scared confused and you know this is like so much turmoil going on i really thought that like that was the answer like religion was the answer and 'cause i was just terrified but then going to catholic school cured me of that shit oh so rude and mean and nasty so mean i had not grab me i was you know what do you do when you think you're so cute take those socks off like any time i try to like it like the individual anytime i ask a question they were assholes doesn't like your shocks yeah that's a dark
legend is a is a very depressing religion in now i'd like to go to the vatican when i was in rome last week and i did communion no not coming in confession because it like through the rope they're like you want to do confession i was like well yeah i'm at the vatican would you talk about well i just sat down and he asked me if i believed in jesus and i was like oh no first it goes have you ever made abortion wow that was he asked you i thought he goes you have any sins like well what did i say i was like oh oh i i was like not really you know i'm i don't really believe in this religion or something like that is like have you ever made abortion and i was like now and then as i could and i see and i said well i do smoke pot and it helps with my creativity and he was like i go that baddies like i can say i don't like he was kind of see more jewish actually and then i told him i was going to get married to a jew and he's like what can you do and then he
these are pretty it was pretty cool and then he was like can you go to can you go to mass once a year he's like i'm sure that and then go to temple once a year he's like that he goes what did he say he was like i think you can handle that wow sounds pretty progressive but i think they're trying to be more like that you know this is coming from the vatican right and i think that that was definitely an offspring an offshoot of that new pope he's he's dope the pope yeah i mean i'm not a fan of popes but that guy is like the way he speaks about gay people the way he abandoned the judge throne and he's got like a regular chair that he sits in he doesn't live in their apartment either they have like a gold plated apartment or something he got rid of the pope mobile two
is like if they're going to shoot me they're going to fucking shoot maine oh wow yeah everything i read about him i'm so inspired bulletproof popemobile my brother dumb asfuck had pigs i mean just stop and think about that i'm going to go to heaven if they shoot me but don't shoot me now bitch i said to do i mean that thing was so crazy this fucking aquarium you're driving this paper with this i have to look this up you've never seen the pope mobile oh my god that's what they tell me when i was in rome there like look at it all my god that is a bulletproof mercedes is so funny would drive around that thing so you didn't get j f kaid well they told me that when i was in route they were like the pope is doing a waving at one thousand one hundred o'clock my god so he don't want god that looks so i've never
he never heard of that before i gotta get a photo shoot in one of those like asap and drive around my hometown and do a waving i could see you in there for like vanity fair magazine or something like that god you getting driven around la how do you get to share of the field catholic in the pope mobile what is that one that's not a pope mobile is that real oh my goodness god is more than one i guess they've made a few of them over the years but always be mercedes only the best for the pontiff wait will you please play he's really a song you have to hear that yes okay even talking about this is take america back from ricksantorum day this is at least this is by the way like this is just the beginning of this wave of fucking stupid that we're going to get it's all it's thinly veiled racism in a lot of ways because it's taking it back taking america back you take america
from these liberals is obama barack obama they're saying in a way they didn't say when clinton was in office you know when they were trying to when they were trying to elect a republican post clinton they didn't have this sort of take you get back sort of mentality this isn't this is weird little play this the pride like the prize of pitbull him singing yes i think so
oh my god gave it the lyrics that were not hearing it like that for the man work in the factory make and drive train this is for the farmer work in the wheat fields grow in the long grain seems like they're pandering there it's just like when you get those ads like you start looking up a hotel and then like google starts any of those ads constantly it's like they've just like done a demographic search and they're like these are the only hope these people who are farmable and garbage garbage truck drivers and like whoever the yeah the laborers there like this is no smart person will vote so we must the in the stupidest possible way this is for the preachers the teachers here we go the blue new collar warriors warriors there blue color and their warriors this is not for the teachers anyone who's gone to college would not this is for believers whose dreams are on the line oh my god now is this centaurium actually singing his baby okay
gun toting pro life homophobic former united states senator will reportedly announce his run for presidency today after being edged out by men two thousand twelve exam is throwing his hat in the ring once again this time campaign is on point judging by this official sand torn for president campaign song okay might not be his song find out the idea that also the idea that there's like a bush and clinton running again to is saying is mind boggling i mean even though it's a dynasty there there royalty but we don't we haven't figured i mean it's kind of good that there's other people trying well we tried with obama and it didn't workout so good did it i don't even know if it did nobody is a good fucking president there's no one's ever where everybody loved them not a single one ever because the ambition involved it just excludes anyone cool well especially today with the intrusion the amount of privacy investigation to your past and
a i mean you can't be a human you can't be here when you can have an ex girlfriend or an ex boyfriend he can of can i puffed marijuana i mean i think would be great with a gay president i think we need a guy or gay a girl how about a lesbo be good you go like melissa etheridge she would take this fucking place in a good direction i think hillary would huh do think hillary is neo con a lot of people think mean exactly someone who is in bed with the military industrial complex someone who profits from war someone who is not like that totally certainly is certainly is a guy who's not what everybody was hoping for like everybody hope
it's close down guantanamo bay pull everybody out of the war street number america's inner city there's a same they're the same brand of person aren't they hillary and obama i think everyone that gets into that office has to be in bed with these monsters corporations that need to make a massive amounts of money in the way they make massive amounts of money is they bribe politicians they pay massive amounts of money like when this court pass laws that say that these corporation are allowed to donate money like as if they were an individual entity like if you're a person like save natasha jerry has one million dollars in the bank and you like fuckit i'm donating my million dollars to hillary clinton you can do that you can donate much money as you want well used to be restrictions on corporations especially corporations that would benefit from political influence and you know those are really those that's recently rights within the i think it was during the bush administration i think it was it was either bush
or a but it's fairly recent that they did that and as you do that you you when you open the floodgates for corruption and influence lobbyists local that low the idea of i got i became educated about lobbyists because of the you see the ufc had to hire a bunch of lobbyists in to get mixed martial arts past and all these different states because when we first started it was only legal in a few states and lot of states like it right now it's legal setting up new york and the only reason why it's not legal in new york is 'cause of corruption and it's almost done is not legal no no one of the politicians have kept it from being legal was just arrested for corruption so is hilarious when that guy went down corruption everybody like god like it's the culinary union is a big part of it but there's do a lot of union influence because
long story short the ufc is owned by this company that also owns station casinos they own twenty plus casinos and their non union casinos and they the culinary union wants them to be union because they were union they would make some somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen million dollars a year i don't quote me on that the dues so they're they've they've had this active smear campaign against usc and i spent a lot of money to try to get the u f c to leverage them to get the ufc to turn those casinos into union casinos so there's a lot of fuckin' it involved in politics and that's the kind of things were involved in passing laws it's a lot of money a lot of influence a lot of people bribing people so to get to be president you have to play that fucking game and there's not going to be any white knights in that game going to be wider nights you know like there's going darker nights in white or nights and this is fine balance between public acceptance in public
port and the support of the corporations like the corporate you can't have you can have that the other you got to kind of like walk this fine line that's why i keep getting pushed the makes no difference i don't think it makes a difference i don't think it makes a difference i mean she's she's already been criticized for being unduly influenced by i mean that whole thing with her email she deleted all her falcon emails and is getting emails from a private server instead of the way you're supposed to do it where it's in the can easily investigate all the transactions that have gone back and forth or the communications that have gone back and forth i try not to look at it too deeply because it's so fresh waiting so i can only give you like a cursory understanding of how the whole system works but at the end of the day it's much i mean it's all about money an these huge fucking corporations the difference between having someone in there that supports them and having someone in there that's against them especially when it comes
environmental regulations and how difficult they make it to do things fracking and all that kind of shit it's bill we're talking about billions and billions of dollars so i don't think anybody gets there and they play that game that's why the commission for presidential debates is a privately funded institute and when you see those people debating on tv like what's up you have to leave but you still have to write it out a piece of paper why are you laughing wish i didn't have to go but i have to let's do it again listen you and i've been threatening to do a podcast forever and we finally did it i got here because there's sometimes for hours no and i was like why have it till one define one is good when is good natasha you don't have to worry listen let's do more often come back i'm so depressed now why 'cause
thinking that heller is gonna be the rock obama for women that country western was the commander i mean other just like purposely just dumb it down dumbing it down for a lake well it's a so it's like a guy wants a rape you but he shows up with flowers he's trying to i think he's a good guy who is the best person to be like do you think like if you had to pick a bush or a clinton for comedy it would be a bush right yes we'll have like a glory to glory period right yeah yeah 'cause people want to go out to the clubs and talk about it you know i don't think we're supposed to think that is plenty of dumb going on the world without having it be the press i'm not saying i i know i know i'm just i'm just thinking like here's my hope i have a hope my hope is that the internet is so pervasive it's so deeply in in everyone's life and the internet is all about
the exchange of information and information is being exchanged new information yes and it's exchange right away and words new new and not just that but fax knowing the reality of climate change of of of war of prof that's the reality that we have when it comes to like understanding what's going on in the world is is is unprecedented it's instantaneous you have questions but then you can't be lied like you know ronald reagan on tv lying about the new who studies are coming out that says that marijuana is one of the most dangerous drugs ever known that was a largo and he was a liar he was lying to people and because they were paying a lot if uh you should try to do that today the internet would fucking explode everyone would go nuts remember when obama wanted to go into syria and i was saying that we had to go in this area and literally the entire internet went fucking crazy the entire country was like fuck this
involved in two fucking wars and you want to go to syria what's the big deal about syria what exactly the is happening in syria everybody started is going to think the internet would and it represents is the exchange of information i don't think the voice of the internet i think it's human beings having the truth where they've never had it before and having the ability to express themselves in a way that they've never had before and all we have to do to change all this shit really change it is a band in this fuckin' antiquated bullshit corrupt system and half will vote online you can have people have people trying to make transactions you can do your banking online line apple pam my phone i could bishit online everyone's doing things online but you can't vote online that's ridiculous with the reason being if you make it really easy to vote then really but he has a say instead having the way they have it now where it's this you know the electoral college you don't really vote you vote for representative that representative represents your state or district it's all cockpit
it's nonsense what they need to do is at the system and revamp the system in a way that reflects the actual will of the people and now will radically change the world because the will of the people is educated now in a way that it's never been before how to to make that happen how do we raise money for a revamping electoral college i think slowly but surely the system that's in place is more and more ridiculous every year it seems like that song yeah that is an actual not snl sketch that's an actual you and i are laughing do you know anything people were crying when they heard that we do need to take back america and stopping abortions are killing babies and tasha general by the way i'm not having a lot of a bore and i'm just saying how many of you out zero but i would love to have one i have i can't wait
i'll i'll periscope it yeah another thing that's another another new internet thing getting people closer and closer to each other we live in a weird to i'm natasha going to tweet the non paris coping my abortion intent well i'm going to i'm going periscope you you ending this test right now okay periscope iran so many more questions but well we'll talk next time you have questions well no i just want to get your thoughts on the you know whatever there's a lot of things happening i'm not i'm all in let's do this again soon but we do this again more often you should have your own because two by the way you know duncan i had like the first podcast yes you did but why is hardwood came over to our house and was like wait so you just like record into the microphone and release it every week you first guess now he's got a network created nartis yeah in some sort of way who's your first guess yeah that's hilarious that is really yeah you guys were doing one like we can just under
did it i don't know like along time ago maybe seven years ago or something shut down long ago is six years ago before i was doing it probably wow that's we know that no one had one no i mean it doesn't really have one he did his was always more of a radio show right lowe's natasha ligero are people can get you online natasha leggero on twitter what else oh our new show another period comes out on comedy central june 23rd it's a it's like if it takes place in one thousand nine hundred and two it's like imagine if the kardashians moved into downton abbey that's my new show and it's a reality show it is after amy schumer so consumers like a fake reality so ok ok ok now fake reality show ok alright thank you so much thank you may not have any on fun let's do it again all right all right see soon you fox all right friends thanks for tuning into the pod k
asked a lot of comedy dates coming up in june the first weekend in june going to be at the irvine improv that's the fifth and the sixth and the seventh in irvine california so awesome spot i was just there the other day bryan callen's comedy special taping it was fantastic you nailed it so look forward to that and i'll have brian on will talk about it when it's edited and the rock and roll hoochie coo what else should we gotta bunch it going on chicago in july meant the chicago theater on july 24th i'm doing something in vegas on the tent it will either be at the meraj or at the coffee the mgm the place where i was yesterday or this weekend rather i will know within a day or two they're sue my talking brain dogshite today
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