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#669 - Joey Diaz

2015-07-07 | 🔗
Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor.  Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now” http://www.joeydiaz.net
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piece of actual cast iron artwork i talked too much good on a dot com au an end i t use the code word rogan and save ten percent of any and all supplements one of the people that we sponsor at on it dot com is the great mother fucker of all motherfuckers joe ideas one of my best friends and apply for a couple decades now i love to share this dude he just awesome human being just love being around him and i think personally he's funny as do that's ever lived i've said before i think that this the greatest time ever for stanhope comedy when i look around and i see that comics it are alive today guys like dave chapelle lucy k and bill bur and and all these different context it is so many of the so many car makes it so many calmly clubs so many comedy shows so much on you too what promotions just like this a great time for stanhope i see a lot of really good open my guys come up i see a lot good young guys and young girls that are coming up extinct
best time ever for stand up and i've seen a lot of the great live in tunis enlivened hicks live and i've seen prior bibbs meal passes prime but i gotta see him live i saw george carlin live several times no one makes me laugh harder than joe ideas i really do believe he's a funny scott its ever lived fuckin love this guy like a brother so without further ado please welcome one my favorite people ever joy ideas will gain experience train by day joe rogan podcast by night all day where life abound google is no worries about which i can watch gordon liddy so frequently in this sort of mammy vice was a sergeant in vietnam and right when saigon fell he held on two three hundred kilos of pure heroin to the to the united states and dead bodies this what the episodes about right
eighty six miami vice they bring up the miami they sat on it for twenty years will evaluate all the way up just like an investment and then he it loose but by that time had gone contaminated started killing junkies all up and down these coasts what a brilliant episode why so they have to go in and dig for g gordon liddy and this model fucker shows up right like this boy that's what i had to leave the house he shows up warnings i gather harold was my mama because i guarantee they call them sergeant real estate and the episode does i guess you guys forget how i am he turns around it goes in this brief case and he throws a china is on the table he walks out that's it that's the answer and this is an eighty what this is any sixtus miami this way before american gangster was talking about it this is already at that they will bring in vienna heroin and dead bodies and that's all
episode starts to report it takes don johnson to the morgue and opens up vietnam egos this is your friend sticky and then it was just pure how tat was what they did right that's what they were doing towards the out or the beginning that was but it was really the cia why me along some black guy from ireland will you notice again mr nice i forget his name in something banks famous drug dealer when he said was it wasn't the cia what it was this people in the cia he said at some how boys in the sea and that's what makes more sense to me this idea that the the organization the cia would be involved and drug smuggling seems like residual rogan it's too many but nobody has plenty of people is putting people they did do it locally there's plenty of examples like this example right now this thing called the silk road you know about the silk road the silk road was this underground drug dealing like network that the sky had created
you're just sellen mad money mad mad drugs like underground and they had they created this thing like it's it's a total what it does is it operates like completely under the wire and these do you guys get things to the infiltrated it and they got into the scope of the first things he did so deal in money now these guys are in jail they're going to jail right now learnt during court right now and their wondering whether or not these cases even valid cause these guys for sure had access to this guy's account and part of what we're trying to try this guy on is his complicit in that it did he was complicit the drug selling and there is also some possibility that people were murdered although there is no body his lot kinky should go along with this and the the kinky is party the agents were stealing money bitcoins yes your steel and hundreds of thousands of dollars and bitcoin so there
they realise that there is a lot of value in this like that shit is always gone on i think the reason why you have guys like this there are shown up the silk road case there's always been cowboys but i think there has been good guy to these been guys we're in the cia that really did it for america and this kind michael baker remain unam pretty good at recognise bullshit it is a long time cia operative fuckin craig i me really seem like he loves america like i don't think he's bullshitting i think there's one of those guys they get in those positions and they get a group of them together just like they did with rampart those fucking bad cops they get it grew from beginning to look what happened they get a look all these guys for me money brain fuck damn draw criminals and scumbags and counts which is kits it's my man this is get some of this money come on we're never gonna stop these working people this why do we keep we keep thrown a few from a jail we do it i'll fuck we're gonna do we we were they were the gang here we got the law on our side
its work and make some money when i still see i should have said that you are absolutely right there was fashions like near a brown by like a black bag fashion that went in after the marines would go in and they should everybody i throw cards or whatever the fuck it was when you have when you shipping heroin from wherever the fact that is said it all away the united states through three at two different airports and people have to allow them and you have whatever people walking through your plane when they first comment in other respect them that's a lot of people you can greece has to be somebody huge yeah you know this is me and you get a boat and when a colombian pan some guy would mean red ban and we just across the police scanners and try our best you know that too to make took two info right to bring in that amount of heroin you have to spend a lot of dull that's where you of course come
that's what you set the wholesale in the end the retail prices you know years ago at twenty years ago they were able to smuggle it sixty miles in seventy four thousand five hundred and fifty and from the united states round my amman they would dump at all the boy with weights and twelve hours later the boom would explode and the bales would rise up and you come by of fishermen will come by and put the bell meanwhile the d i was looking for that boat that was speeding across on their reda but they would throw you know that's that takes expensive equipment to devise something to throw you you know fifty pounds a cocaine a hundred feet under water and then twelve hours later while everything blows and you cook rises to the top now some guy comes on just pick up this is brilliance that so called this is what the jailer hands are really what they did that was one plotter things they down my girl after a while to beat the federal government you gotta you got any listen man what what the budget is fighting drugs and what a drug dealers
once a month i'm told i bought a guidance brand in a thousand those who want the powder whether it heroin or fuckin car came at big powder summaries to be turning around and they were flooded the market when how on an island being a little boy no you're going to visit my godmother my mother's france and spain people everywhere nod early new york to me was a fuckin this shit that what's the show now where people dead walkin around atlanta i saw that growing but such ass i saw that growing row where they used to have in harlem spanish harlem skid row scary than all you know they had people not met the lights people wait across the street made not at the fuckin let you know what they don't have no new york they have you no i see new all these cities of buildings is like these these streets have their whether these were these people are these are places where other folks go you got all your homeless people he got you know
you your be a poor people but there's cars go through those area in its you know it's well travelled like new york blends more ella has these blocks that are just homeless people when i'm just homeless people talk in thousand like their literally might be a thousand pounds around this block dude you failed oh yeah you email in turn and you get right in the middle and where it's a michael jackson video there really is it's insane where in downtown weeks by what they call skid row it's actually says if you go on google map and type skid realise angeles you ate it actually says skid row and as a mile me the suitable blocks law she is a little like there's a lot of it this more than one area does one long street between the work we did fear factor ways to work in these buildings and these buildings were a lot of them textile buildings or they were renting amount sorrel mare apparel actually mates really weird
we were in the american apparel factory we had to go through american apparel factory to get to the roof watch some like make their clothes they like they do make him in downtown i lay it's like once things they pride themselves on jesus fucking christ joint yes but we would to the top of these hang upon it jesus christ in check and say that is not the answer sorry we would go to the top of these buildings and you could you could literally areas where you know you could see them like leak into the rest the street and if you drove down there who draw downstream abortion you would see hundreds hundreds of homeless people just swarming streets and there's these areas were they have like gum it's crazy joey they have these areas where they have like they give them through food or they have you no areas where they can get medical assistance stuff like that in those areas are particularly down
now when i shall am i pity blue i shot at downtown location it with poor kind assorted and at times a homeless people i was stand heard people go on in talking about how they had day rentals the government would pay for fifteen and they ve beyond the street for fifteen days look like and i am glad to see that you like tat will this isn't dislike seems mild compared to what i saw one was what years is ok maybe clean it up a little what's out it's on the during the day i've gone through the nite owl united in high risk areas even going to think about what i want to see whether the statistics were settled our homes with people in every city and its out of proportion some cities more than their paws on offer second skid rose in your downtown to dozens has the population the district was seventeen thousand seven hundred forty skid rose defined as is well known god what the fuck does that mean does it defined in a decision by jones versus city of los angeles the airy east of mainstream south of third
in west of al made a street so it's kind of like a block it's like an era but that area has seventeen thousand homeless people is that right that's a goddamn kevin heart concert that's it would have liar and has given cannon art so that mass and square garden three fuckin chosen around these amounts these time he's out of this aid is she's the biggest communion of all time kevin no one's ever bins biggest kevin hearts forest like popularity no one even close i can't take a one person i think this because of the edge by these two taken it to a totally different stratosphere againe got pretty are you gonna edge louise on edge but kevin heart is like routinely doing he's crazy arena shows he's doing forty thousand plus people or sold forty thousand plus tickets are ready for a show and filling where's feminist special dude just in time next level positive energy shit if you go to
kids instagram page as instagram is all about like positive like energy let's get going work i'm doing by love to do i'm workin shows me the jam put in work and it has five gaze with people and neighbourhoods and ship that they were chasing unless we can blossoming flew into the five fucking the burmese reality shows that have applied to these in a universe thanks god alone one underwear during the fuck you wants is now it would suffocating in those concerts though and being like the back that cannot be enjoy able hearing my screens huge screens and the way they see the acoustically surpluses used to be a problem like i told you were right to work a great woods cannot fight story because it was during a bill classify show that there was an issue their bill cox we and down there was a ruddy dangerfield show the same issue issue was the way would you set up you it's an amphitheatre so
you're indoors in part of it and part of it is outdoors in the back of it leads out to this like lawn area at least did when i worked there so you can hear if you're under the canopy there is like an acoustic canopy above all the seats in the front but then the back there was no seats so it's like you monsters behind you see china to show like there was one big fight i think i want to say was judas priest was a judas priest now jethro tall jethro tal there's a jethro tall concert and there was a fuckin mad riot because started lightened fires up in the hood up in the yard the grass area there were just sliding fire and there was not enough of us to sort of like control at all getting really fuckin crazy so i put my security jacket i put a hoodie on over my pretty jacket zipped it up through who are you of my hands had fuck this job and i just quit as you can
maybe nine bucks an hour to get killed because as this is fucking man i saw fit bite my friend larry whose like women lasers guys in the world punch some guy and i was like that is why we certain people letters the sweetest of sweetheart and i'm like a disguise hidden people i am dawned is madness in the air i gotta get the fuck out of here i got pissed off her gentle told constitute does he breaks out the flu you raised like what the fuck is this to people from these goals with a light blue but we don't like flutes by point wasn't back very the green grass area you couldn't the words you'd understand what the fuck it was it was all echoes it was our mobile people were passed on and what the fucking sand and run it was killing two and so was com because we can we would just jamie and i would talk about red rocks if you ve been to red rocks you get some ass with the sound you ip and i went like in eighty something in there
like a ninety something and it was like being indoors that's amazing was green which is a little smaller i think on the other side in denver tat an issue there but now even i would jesus i'm running this is all come out people are there what's a popular that too many tat insane carbureted you stand up their juvenile do it they do there s somebody durante roy do i said yeah some is doing like movie night where you'd like host and do some common yet broken up you wrote you didn't get paid for that one there was one that brodie didn't get paid for it the matter even though it is not enough merely to get his money i think so well we were retweet nadia he's sorry that's round about my money for contact number three when it listen what they did was crazy they do is crazy he had to say one was in a small theater and one was in this big theater was doing
small theoretical would you like to do so in a big theatre so goes yeah sure thinking is going paid they ask do you want to work he put his name on the bill again shelly tweeted pictures of the line up they had his name in a line it wasn't a guess said or anything like that it was a guy had scheduled on the show and no want to go up first you wanna go up firstly from a fuckin fifty thousand people you want to get the crab warmed up first brodie up there and do the hardest part of the night was second hardest by the nine horse by the nice i found someone who crushes when i have today as far as part of the night but any second hot as part of the hardest part and it is the first guy the first guide is first couple minutes is i would like a throwaway you got a kind of their body loose get everybody feeling good and then boom hidden in the material has got have very few bumps in it because you trying to hypnotize his flock so i too early material is gonna be like real smooth the more hershey jerky
earlier stuff is less likely to trust you you mother fucker you can't even get me in a goddamn trance slip and your words you now but if you go they are just smooth style and just walk right into it and really know what the fuck you doing to get things started you you you forget about them i forget about them i opened for callin when he was doing his dvd and i are just opened the first time i have done that in forever as this is interesting is like a different you how can i gotta get everybody feel it you feelings are not quite there yet you gonna cut ice massage you had four and then daniel start a fuckin craig it up make him keep up our budgets did definitely a different thing at a slum down suck them in and then yeah and i did that the storyteller show and you know everybody talks about suicide a kids i grew up with steve mancini one day he just said fuck it he went to
well he walked a suicide bridge he ate the sunday took his glasses avi put him down they jumped and that was it not delay no not that he was always a little fucking crazy everytime you saw this quote now is shit i could well usanga firing range you know he was disturbed somewhere along the line but nobody gave a flashlight even today when i got home like aware misty benches falcon he he committed suicide times have changed people before you kill you sell it was this hurting soul twenty years ago you kill yourself fuck that motherfucker is a member is enough i guess it was more like back then like fuckin you're an idiot back then like gets it you got you in that they have no mass view when you why she said you can't get mast then traveling strategists right you can't get messed up when you die
a barrier you gotta how i haven't euro limbo you floating around what other people carrying a rope we never heard about like mental illness when i was a kid i heard a malignant fleetly crazy but there were locked in asylum but the idea of like you're on taking pills she's bipolar like what are you talking a little because except in one day you know as i go yeah we used to take volume and well i think it's the opposite i think you just get used to people being fuckin crazy you know you did you had a medicaid them and i think people were waymore praising the sixtys and seventys i'd do johnny red tried to kill or simply jumped off a bill they landed the dumbest it right back he broke in fact our practice fucked up throw punches jolly ree was a trivial is inaccurate and you gotta check of the gun and he gave a little hands around the first that's a people
but he live bang designed on the double any velvet bogey lived and give is chiefly from the government on the first the bartender torment the buyer tended to that check diamond they draw my perverse and they will last but the eighteenth nineteen one it carries a torment january he gone through on unease color stave off the bat and from the fuck you you are back on the outside of these coasts when you meet the bar at night when they close up right they lack the bathroom then they put like our lot bought review breakin they can't he would go into johnny really eleven o clock when the pay we lag demand that we leave minetta like six o clock at night we come back the hat we open a bathroom he come i like that i swear to god i'll eat nothing happened he was hilarious someone they put my dick on a chair at next to him he was sitting on a thursday my presence which they see what happens these like while and he just got up
johnny we lived so maybe twelve years ago we began bumps a coke and get him rather but the bodily just leave you motherfuckers our finally is really just lucky leave aries anyway did you are given a growing dated killers are they should fuck it helmet rather indicative activity is not the first time that's the nation once you get up to have forgiven me are all your ex girls still alive but there is well scrubbing i was like one girl and i knew she didn't kill herself what kind of did but as with drugs but she was over a girlfriend choose a girl i knew when i was young i hung out again we're like adults but now
in a word we talk on a foreigner renouncing she was fucked up she was some some form opiates on another whole story but she's sweet girl bummer israel really depressing when you hear about shit like dance like so depressing announce so depressing when someone just can't keep hold on it or just gets caught up in a spell and then the life just slips away i know more than a mean more than i like i want no quite a few people have a real problem with those goddamn pills especially those pills is there some fuckin available only deal stairs so available that give me hurt you're gonna bubu you gotta bubu here man become a fuckin angel take this go often allow where melt into your pillow and float away in a cloud of love god an old guy get off that action what your life
they give these people these pills and you tell a man you got a few weeks off work you know you hurt you back how to get surgery and you'll start pop in these four there's watching tv and next thing you know do doo do do doo doo doo that's your life your life is and job you know shop is goddamn superfluity branded jobs is big giant guerrilla u s fighter pretty straightly edge dude very clean cut dude for months in he's taken these fuckin pills and his friends have to tell him to stop his friends to take his pills from him if i can get you did yeah no girl that's going through it she buys viking unlike like lake i was talking dealers yeah she has did she gets vacant in any downer and then it's weird because then she can't sleep at night so it's her all pillar
just talking like online in comparison to other areas like what the fuck it's weird watching strangers on periscope also just in a late night however for some kills him self imposed for i think it's already probably happened right away i know it's crazy i had a girlfriend and the eighth grade i really done i met if she was a chilly pretty cute so fucked up and irish check
red hair just dug a hole has made a slice of beats apple basketball game what the movies we may be swap spit what they would all my dry hump and what i refer back to our forget this i was data like maybe two or three months just on the weekend walked out of eating city and now when they asked us but time your parents gauchos on my back it's almost five my mom is dead and i was like twelve or thirteen joam i had almost exploded items like what the fuck are you talking about my mom died childbirth is like i could you make out wherever i couldn't well i just i just remember going home and i can't see discover what the fuck how can we consume just like that thought and had never entered my mind soldiers to say and it was to drink it was to mind boggling
not having a mom so i called her up one day i start date i saw a damosel irish chicken i never thought about her again i know she was mad and then my mother died right that's the first person i thought it was his poor girl i knew what she fuck and felt like i never i could never imagined that pain when i was data when she told me what are you talking about your modem and dies who spoke a man dies that's the worst thing i think one of my girlfriends died are the girls i've dated early on died about two years ago i'm still friends with her brother we didn't really think we messed around a little bit she was fucking crazy and she ends up dying from pills and booze nobody really hell
joe we started off with guns lamented tat now he got before my wonder they ask me one of my girlfriend killed themselves about its you know it's weird when people that you really care about aren't there anymore it's weird thing courageous vanish they just don't exist more and its sadness that is just so it's it's so forever you know i mean my friend johnny is who was my best friend a long time to great guy fucking love that dude couldn't
it seems tat we go these coasts we'd hang out flume up here and now and of whom up here who is detoxified same thing pills whose he's an ox ease and he was into one he was in heroin like strong shit you know like strong opiates towards the end and took three days when we get off of it and then they would go round hang out which is that my house to sweating product for five days and when he died man i remember thinking like i can't believe i'm never talk to that dude again i can't believe what he was like this is one of the things about johnny is like he had this psych real clear view what the fuck is going on a key he was hit him his life i d been chaotic as far as drugs but knew exactly what everybody was up to he knew it do you just now
this is a very smart dude very good at reading people and you did so like he's like look around it when i met you there was the first thing that i noticed when i met when i met you psychotherapeutic scare you who is so weird through these people there were like nervous around you in detail i joy days a bad guy like like late nineties whatever was when first met and i was like iranian fucking mind like skies rape you you seem to me to be a lot like him and you the only to you and him of the only oil slick real original humans i've ever met or i can i don't know anybody else like you and i didn't know anybody else like him just completely original characters there was one first things that i really liked about you because we met like whistling ninety five or some shit like when i was seven
was a nice haven't i was still news range radio so was only saw them no spent two years in the news radio and dumb haven't those kind of france was father charlie how dare you it's it's either friends i do so important in your life friends who lead people to clear you up from time to time that's why call home i remarked i got for five different guys that whenever i talk to this i talked to him and everything it's nice and smooth that every more for them to one of the other yeah and right now it's really we're because now have two friends i have spoken to twenty years when i went on the on the lamp sarasota back it hit me up on a monday than hitherto and have an eye when i went back to rejoice evolve scheduled services what there is it was sarasota maintained until nothin so when i went down he was always side is not applied now you know
about him as he was shooting fuckin deck and his biceps i'm in obviously we shoot them on his shoulder caps and it's true graham the ship that just puts not testosterone not let the rapidly was eaten a gorilla shit we're guaranteed the game deck decker but people t bother with annabelle anna draw and i am probably was eaten at guerrillas shit we're guaranteed the game that i'm not decker but people the boy was diana banana draw and ahead of you all this is nineteen eighty two people sword aims in order if you want to look like a fucking so everything item was you he was pop in those diana balls you suppose the three day he was like aided that regime a double prescription bow blasted off the fuckin shit this for i mean huge i love them y gotta so when i left always got madam he climbed man he hit me up army mama website
we all them back i always i've done it took me a couple days alone i don't wanna hear this shit i might add that it was day son i think i'll buy you a ridiculous i can't imagine how you ambitions the milder body that his mom died about a month ago i sent flowers and he keeps colony every morning are not a fucking sixteen at the most respectfully and well it's like now and pay them back while for them taken care of me when i was younger it turned around i miss my dead bodies brow miss regulate that crazy do the bodybuilder that was kinda you that we would take the boys and we say rigour get on top of a second stage and pose a college to abolish google far and i'd taken three you have seen by up there
who's the guy that you told me that was doing a line was mother shots carry any be that this is still a line fervors mother why was on the phone or mother shot steroids in his asked why have you thought about the fallen at the same time really tell me that wouldn't be like one of the most hilarious scenes etc i thought about it he comes from my shows danny comes to my show you still isles into the podcast back i make it he just push picture him on twitter dressed in flock and full army regalia wit like flocked in five generals behind from him my thing is i was a soldier the eu any i mean that's why he was doing this this at the same time as you do that that's how crazy like he was a soldier the they would do exercises in flock in beirut and guys like a rat in the rapture boldly saved off one woman and the soldier the fuck me went but why has two years later they discharge them and he was so
and blow on the craziest this ought to be discharged from any again with operation in the fucking north carolina where were they station but this we ask you also to go on this other gave i showed you crazy one that he one light the new jersey baron i missed maybe more and he was a guy that died young from steroids i died from everything he everything had hepatitis c his chair and needles wallace we will she was already shootin highschool by really by some by march of eighty two he was already come to my house while i talk to you i got to talk to you man like that's the first person who ever ever sat mcdonald's our lives in the material he was coked out revoke your secret inside his heart cuz i got to tell you something that he took off his shirt and start doing
like sincerely this does do a fifty pushups if i like what the fuck is going on i got up and started flax it might well you don't you gotta go to these persons ass they were gay and eighty to these two guys were gay but he grew up with them he remained friendship dominating they were gay nobody knew so they wish and vitamin be shot and there were sharing data no good ever comes out we were sharing need but you don't believe me i am in no way we save twenty nine cents nobody nobody thought that's ellison me when you're at that level of a guy and that type of jim situation think about you and i have never been that guy but that guy's a you know people smoke a joy iraq dad i'm watching beginning a rocky goes to the corners aching guy sharing a wine bottle he takes the wine bali takes a sip of i'm thinking to myself that's fucking the flu
those days do that could be part of a guy you in a jam or yoke that you have five foot ten year two hundred and forty pounds red best shoots deca redman came into force just take it from bones tat is not my game but i could see tat i could see it that's a bar you on the street with thieves we're in lebanon skid row with these you and me everything we fuck and take we split down the middle way this happened after a year this is by could see to guy shootin indeed meaning you were and not in that world and red mail i go you know but just some guy who do you think of my by ship dude what's a guy that said what do the person my favorite of personality do a guy in boston there would he give you a nightmare but to some guy who do you think of my boy subdued what's a guy that said what's didion person my fate impersonation do the guy in boston there would he give you night night time with the job
remember that guy blessed in the south this guy you know joe lake i swear to you my left this might might i know you didn't highschool those doing steroids he was in normal he was so much bigger than anybody else it was crazy he came from school when we're alive i think i was i guess i was like a freshman and it's like he came in a sophomore he's a year old he was a giant with you crazy stretch marks we're talking about a sixteen year old kid seventeen year old kid massive stretch all over his chest with these watermill kids he just said watermelons it's a giant fuckin giant arms mean literally the guy would walk his is arms like you know guides
that this is a really how he stood me beach serbs massively muscular and he went to a party one night in college there was his college kids some college kids mouth after he knocked out three college kids it was like a bull who just charge at people and punched him he was so joost he was always angry like everywhere you you if you like looked at them like you wanted to be like real nice tom being around a crazy like a frothing at the mouth guerrilla then years years later like not that many years like i was like twenty one he was pilot twenty two anyway two hundred sixty pounds outside what the fuck have what happens just got off the stuff he's got off of it in his body became like a normal sizar you lose all your fluid or illusion muscle also but he was never it's a weasel weird guy like you didn't have big hands he wasn't like ernie shavers dude org the oil out you know i just have a big click you wear your big fuckin thick guy
he wasn't the smaller hands it was just it was all steroids he just taken this thing and changed the amount of muscle that his body would carry around us we more it was real weird i didn't know what the fuck it was doing until after i was out of high school no ideals going on i just thought it was just a big strong guy i got wasn't in weightlifting in play football and in taiwan dough we britain do any weightlifting like now would you like some calisthenics but there was no wait lifting at all so i had no idea like what the fuck was gone out this dude body but seeing him when i was twenty one and seen him like dislike this deflate person this is the weirdest should ever seen in my life but back then no one knew what the fuck was we're talking about like nineteen eighty eight was when i was twenty one i didn't know what that men i didn't understand and how he got smaller i get didn't make any sense to me i didn't know anybody that was a bodybuilder ethics was just weird who is weird seems
and then as i got older and start talking to people expect when i was working at there was working at a gold jam aura nautilus plasters with was nautilus plus in revere and a new this dude in their who is he was a bodybuilder and he kind of schooled me on some of it i go because you shields and i go do take steroids used dude fuckin look at me what do you think of course i fuckin take steroids he was a first i ever met those like super open about it here these like he would wear like those as you do short pakistan bibles your where those data do short this kid at these fuckin giant tanned legs they were enormous tanned let he was fuck you i hope that look comes back male basically i would come back for girls so over do you think there is certain clothes like that there will never come back labelling items bail bonds i could see bell body tribe they try but people realised stupid looking rock them
yeah you know what it's worth back when people lead long collars see that's the difference you have those long collars that they have in the sixties you know like those those crazy i could see seal jefferson starship in those many platforms people went platform shoes member those so i those are worked with the bell bottom right but you gets alike flip robson babylon slip pleasure not there it gets annoying step on your bell bottoms to goofy they get in the way you need stilts you're really sad about juicy people had juice for what he who aesthetics because their athletic yes that further work it always ends up there bad because i was around there i grew up around it becomes instead of snoring coca drinking they gotta stairways like tat idea do the rest
and there's one more rationally and he goes to cap did she really cut i didn't see that movie ok this apartment he caught the jet he's carbon fucking shit that they gave nazis like out decker de boer this and you can tell us i two thousand bucks language when he got right now he was five on eu jargon irrational was a bag if you know that world you know they're for him that's six we supply that year supply them when he has a heart attack and the movie the doktor tells me about lucky put my fucking tellin me it's a slow death because becomes an addiction i saw it i saw it go from one every six weeks to force cycles a year to fuck i get off it fuck it i'm an thou superstar they called stacking when they and not stay you know you taken
and for tax can you not competing you're just gonna bar on friday night i never got that my head never got that it always ends bed you see those guys a year later they have a heart attack they get deflated somehow and they go to prison and they can't do in a coma i ask him what the taboos all fucked up now it's always and bad you i know a guy yes it always and people eat i watch that documentary and i can t we contact each other by talking the stairway doesn't harm you i believe strongly that year i believe that but i believe that i saw you know you look at these guys down the jersey shore you look at these guys maternity or get that little bicep we ve got time ago the gym they do six girls they do a man of war the ghost tat they were number four cannot be at number two and that the result you get and they do so that's that's exactly what they do
the diamond push pushups and they blog for the summer and then i could prime time i was part of a group my friends i remember the chad bribery back on the shore on sundays out they couldn't wait to get home because it was the second rest day and play was gonna be the biggest play i'm not gonna go on home taking a shower go out because i am huge viewed it's sunday is my second walk there the sun was getting bigger second lowering day sunday you are the biggest so these guys on the way home to my own family get some pussy the night my veins look at my by simply just driving fucking hilarious come something else i think it's like i think it's like alcohol like you drink i'll call you just have a cap
though a beer a night you can have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner or you could be that mother fucker that just gets hammered all day every day and we all know that person we i've met of a bunch of those people some people just get a dictatorship day drink the old man that's a lot of those out there and especially in the entertainment business now would you do it look you want nobody could tell you what to do let me tell you what to do that's why you're periscope all day it's also people i think that that do cocaine right that that they have an addiction to cocaine drink all day because they can even there their self file supposedly some people that duke i mean i've never done it but people that have done like alive that will tyler do they want to have some tuna com them down afterwards take the edge off at its northern daytime i wasn't a fuckin vampire i started
it was thought my whole day up if even the line sometimes he i wanted to have the coke ready at eight o clock but sometimes i gotta go on and have the sixty bucks early in the day time and i should over our own a fuckin slob i go over there and take the sixty have them is it my jacket have to sit there before i was just joking my jack and calling me in the afternoon so i would do a little bum then get personal journal often but forgot my two timing at night we forgot my whole gang i wouldn't do in the daytime i was always a nighttime guy so if you did killed during the day with fuck up your sat everything it fucked up i reckon the rest of my day my my timing why my my soul wasn't intact with my central nervous system they were apart now it's apart do blowing you goin stage that's why i never understood that cancer it made me laugh when people go you're funny could you two coke and go on state ok ok you're fucking dummy frees up i frees up i can't talk to people
i did blow that's why i went to my fuckin roman head before can turn the phone i think i did that does i couldn't talk the people final what the fuck you talk about isn't could make you talk now it doesn't work that doesn't want to start when it started daddy cat that you want to talk to everybody in shit yet but let me take up my start gaunt coke like in the eighties stage and ninety one for the first time and ninety two stage with the two guys and then rather the saint paddy show and right there was the first time i discovered cocaine stage at the boulder broker i did two bumps and tried to go on stage and be cute that ship didn't work i thought richard pryor that surprised that he did coke and when i say it so i tried it i didn't work the comports zamboni known to do coke and going to fuck you fuck you a lot of people do coke and airlines as am i am i would do the first two shows sob but the third show it takes a bull
that programme my party was enough is enough enough is enough so you deal with thirty because i didn't work because providing care i giving for they knew i was cooked up so they the people who are caught up no one they loved me then i thought it was cute those eyes i went back to my room got fact that but now it doesn't never click to me anxiety about dawned as our mother fucker and go stayed right ban you miss friday night i now i heard you heard friday i fuckin almost out of nervous break any time is not ready to end without an almost no problem when you and your wife my question is about was visually i was having dinner with right now you think i'm flock what you got i don't know me friday night i bomb so hard last week you sometime a transition period all these bits that are ready and you bring up and it's like you have three of them so you bomb for two weeks
while the sudden one night they all come together now you become a force now it's a different game in that process like two we saw was limb by good sets in boston but i i tried out of the ordinary in boston wasn't clicked reform so i just talked to reflect an original and then i came economists like shit somewhere on monday night i went from economies not theirs opened up their suicide jumped did take me very far them this time i told the story but my friend who try to come as suicide she failed as she worked mr ass she bought a grandma from chile and has would do it i said how did you get the crazy has that you ve gotta kill you so three days ago and there was a big gram with one big why she did the whole day she looked at me she goes i crazy they left that was it i told that story got somewhere marijuana nearer and nearer rate and a male and i just died finally i just died i just die the slow death was trying news
i wasn't go nowhere i want to talk about tribe and i just dives or friday i went to the store i swear to god guys at any not among the smoke from pot i work that i want to know why the chest and the other thing i smoke though before i left the house it was a little brownie suddenly milligram brown i like maybe thirteen cards left for the day i was fuckin storm this right away i was a half a pack of it had a key edible they give you two brown each each at each brownie is seventy milligram that so crazy mercury i rub my balls seventy milligrams you understand me suddenly milligrams uncle joe is like a rapid as i'm gonna parities so even for class
to the rest of the world seventy milligrams of put you into a fuckin whole do you do i gave five hundred last night you would use which is five hundred years ago now my lad thousand milligram edible jane song down like a guy listen to me we split at three o clock in the afternoon on my way trying to prove by seven o clock i was flattered by aid and you know it usually when you eat your team animal flocked now this turned on me this animal tat savage he beat me the submissions at one point that had the cheese do those that belongs to the baby pirates booty they want the floor is coming out of my face i was just i was just ass the pirates booty my face in a pair
a bunch of fruit and pirates body i could start a copy peaches apply its body is fully open pirates body was nato obey my wife was because i had my god i'm so they could see me my why do you do it at the moment i gotta go to bed she goes galling that already i was forty five i slept or for i got up and nowhere was like a mad max i just laid there several of you for the more you didn't know we were almost thirty i woke up when it turned out to be tolerated yet one of the shower i watched the car this wash the car my wife had the butler twistings god i was locked up and i kept commonly sally
the cops coy don't answer the following us why the council to call my cell phone you just have to happen to you again no you you ate too much at the comedies last night now last night and having zile guides us from seventy seventy milligrams a dick my world slightly milligrams i gotta laurel canyon i hope you're right i go to the council though i pull out no drum i get in jos upstairs i don't go upstairs and other rooms back i can't go upstairs so i'm alone the calmly so i won't be original ms pack i walk away little black onto a vip patty on i just sit there some due to listen to music some black there was smoking joy i my business i looked straight ahead i'm thinkin about moment allow me to say how i planned it she's whip me now start to get scared of member states jim comes over domenico joey go on stage i walk over i walk up the stairs shoulda megan morning
morgan we're morgan murphy's up our stance flocking i don't know what to do with it and she was excellent right now she was walking killer right she's kill him make a move from whatever funding namely emerge that you brought the dog up she was freak amount then she's killer stage i walk up to the first i've been guys at it hits me it's like oh my god i'm getting anxiety on seventeen milligrams not not this can't be happening to me the same happily it also i'm standing and it's getting worse guys it's getting worse that is one seat opposite the whole calmly store missy's chair so i sit f about a minute she's got the blue light on the pressure i got water in my hand i get back up and its get worse i turn around i looked down too with a pay phone used to be and now the anxiety i get one i'm getting a needle which means i'm goin down
y gotta look for daylight for air this outlook for air but i know if i got down those stairs if she caused my name and come back up the stairs a million anxiety that so i go to the court and i just look at the warm i stop breathing through my knowledge as somebody comes out with a joy i u dont man what's going on i got nothin like people are the warning that he gets the head the walk away that some other guy perhaps i was like a jolly unfriendly not necessarily because you know way as i will give a fuck what just emmy staring at a fuckin walked jack comes up to me and i will do hold on a second gentlemen of faith really bad anxiety attack i'm goin down he had tell polygon stage and jeff also wants to ask me questions he's like do you know paul he's gonna go up thanks i don't give a fuck he's the closest percinet than a button stage she's alive to call my name cycles will let me go ask go ask the fuck up about the fuckin faint let you do this to me
we walked over nepal any start asking paul employees like another gettin filling a conversation about instead of public order he's gonna anxiety attacked when they go up to watch go down i get so i'm gonna go fuck you guys would impose a hutu fuck knows what he said but i can buy instead of going just go if i tell you my wits and go up red bank go up go up ben i gotta anxiety you got ok joey i don't worry about you lady you ok you just go these guys have a conversation bureaucracy i got so what language did you fuck you guys on the go up and i went up dead well set up my life off of fear three myself at the fourteen minutes i judge yell record level and also my locker retired i thought the one up there and his joy and now you know you never hear me talking like this again all unfair walk another man i got mecca
he goes man you should have anxiety attacks more often i was i was five die and you have missy's voice do the impression upon the same voice you do you do mr de gaulle ashore share one joy deals with its joint european where you were looks like either to stone recent you still feel good in your bowed to go on stating almost couldn't almost don't think you could have done it now i know it i know now never gone but i dont know i won't take tat kind of animal before going strange i've fucked up a gun to high before one on stage but never so high where i'm like i can't do this again do them have an anxiety tack but i've been higher i've been higher and that doesn't happen sometimes it's just catches you every time it is grossly they have a rough set viewed a rough said the night before if you workin on some new stuff and doesn't go override you can't recover me we ve all been there if you
i've been there just because you haven't taking chances the narrow everybody there all the time the address bar those moments after that are shaky like you know it's a maybe one or two days in sometimes sometimes not sometimes makes sense and is a reason you can just go right back into it but times there's like all shaky periods or the shaky period that seventy milligrams enough to whack you you did too seventies though i did so once you have assembly was from a couple night just yet further fuckin general public seventy wilful and send you down a tornado of despair to the bottom pity or so just in distant don't try to do what he's doing like i will i don't fuck around man with anything more than like thirty do you think i doubt that even more is what it is though really that do you think it's that accurate where seventy is even bob parkes seventy or maybe he just got something that had six hundred in because it was like the bottom of it
will you shortly can you know that bit i do about it about the guy's america stuff that hasn't gotten any better like colorado they have a download science there doing in colorado the way they would make regular cookies like if you buy like some noble go chips oil or some shit like that they doom like a factory there's not much francine away they make in some of these cookies they haven't like these machines and they have all these people work in their it's pretty fuckin down to size the not just throwing their own ingredients in the home cooking all this stuff there i get a lot of money they have this like one of them news report shows forget which one germany's was it's actually once they they wanted denver andy participate they got high they got hyena fuckin limo these people and they they went around all these different places and watches people make these things that play than theirs revolution going on in denver
it's so off the charts there it's so crazy there though if you watch this thing on television it just starts to sink in like they're changing all culture around the town on the whole culture is gonna slowly chill divine crime rate is so low now they're fucking drunk driving rachel the lowest i've ever had the it's not its changing everything that's only been a year to the coming two years been since it's been legal what's the official between two to jamie fight find out when when the the law went through but oregon they're gonna have led to weed tax free organs taken to a top level washington just i just thought rehder report that washington had like i think seventy million dollars their first year of tax revenue so seems like a lot of money just to let a lot throw away with you i think the tax
that the the colorado imposes which are really high i think those are great agora because it still better than go and drinking if you got drinking if we have a few drinks like if i go and get us around and all four of us went out draken and i loose kitchen it's in a beer and a hundred bucks right altogether then you get a tip the guy that like two hundred bucks for the weak jesus christ we with the four of us with two hundred bucks for the we would be fought for a month and we could take home some yet hours that's a lot of we'd especially if you're buying edibles oh my god you could almost die two hundred hours were the wheat edibles and if you eat em all what's eating austere beginning lasted entitled ok so they point twelve voted it didn't wake up and started at the beginning a twenty forty what oh oh i see as soon as it is that delay that is one of the finest four days you as a comic as that
our dangerous especially if you stayed downtown cause you either sands that motherfucker anciently for breakfast with those two eggs and wheat those bala fruit god he's all right i don't know what the crowds no you got the weeds thought that the family were emily got three if you can't lose the three days ago to jim you cannot lose its a triple fuckin head of the wood little wheat store they got they they go you wanna recreational five they have some stop let me out rates bought at a great little ways one i've ever places i want this one if you please owed lib soldier i'll tell you what we made me laugh because i thought about some red man you know what pill when i was growing up in a lot of mistakes with them what pill like they made a hundred of them tat it would always be dutch quailed will ten of them were always dice with a dense because it was corruption norway with duds because the guy who make an his his floor was lopsided
what about me out with a flop phone socket now he was landslide you am i right now this chemical slowed down for every hundred the most ridiculous pills ever expanding our lab size so let's just say the girls but inside so you need ten biscuits and nothing would happen people go on my gonna gotta does that means the next one is gonna be good that was a philosophy around but philosophy through it would have cost became one of those does the one of his freaks jesse s tat it was a dozen net strawberries big black dick wave on them it was the gallery shit that's a great bet that's what what do you think that dog like he could get laid he can have probably almost any other girls you wanted to drug anyways probably why didn't do you think he did that
its path to certain it's part of his for me we can speculate all day long but obviously he's sick re obviously but we can you knew that anyway it not did you stick to the extent that he is but that he's gathered creepy arrogance about em you know we play that clear points or want sykes whose sweet first in the world was interviewing him and end the she was talking to him i guess like he didn't like it so he lit corrected her he corrected her now her use of antibiotics or what if iran mcqueen kind of just now just not nice guy and he was weren't sunglasses like pieces when you're in doors you weren't sunglasses like unless you're glaucoma what the fuck are you doing a good eda badia sunglass son much black you get away with it
for me whether where sunglass fucking wants far as i'm concerned do you wear sunglasses anywhere you want but you know it's like those anyway it doesn't like german it just where because i can see i would like a normal person would drug addict because just to get laid it just seems like you know what you're built fucking cause me like creep did he like the girl just being now like its dry you dry sex or he might he might like to be the god might like to be told in control their life might like the idea that that he tricked them and they now they have to do is bidding whether completely unconscious unhung unconscious they are maybe they're in like a hand way dream landlady talked him in doing stuff in our like lift your legs out but i'm just you and i don't remember that might just be so fucked i don't understand i talk you john this four of us in this room raw men here how maize have had experience i mean maybe four
read by means of an exponential you bought a woman to your room and nothing happened look me in the item in the church it happened okay so if that's that's what let's just with four gentlemen here let's be honest sore at eighty percent if you bring a woman to you a hotel room aid the ten times you gonna fuck you guys tell me the truth would disguising paul it depends a tan probably red man you're nice guy brigham over to get high and they get naked freedom but build those nip was talking about unum ok you're resize guy some time whatever entirely and individuality and tat when you're a guy like bill cause bees superstar multi multimillion limiting without suck of his dick was beyond now a whole lot of them all i'm gonna go into that room whether they're married or half of those big she's got a different story also ok he drew you because you were along with him in a fuckin room he had plans
my blaming them would he agree with many a woman you know one you go into a man's hotel room while his trail it you know what the fuck so he had time to put a pill into your thing he's a dirty mother fucker let's that out of the way because he enjoys that faint woman woman that's half dead and you that's really enjoy that's his freak some people still bodies from cemetery some people want to get jerk off with their feet was his friend who was at the work is done artisans and he said they would jirga mafias because he was gonna have so he just jack i'm off with his feet murphy with their feet we do that either just as worse hooker feet hooker dirty feet green sperm that should the next but let's face it he'll he took those i'm into his room eddie has a real instinct taken this
we'll get taken this and there was another gotta get charged what was i see little green i was given girls ecstasy and yes you are going to molly and anyway about like what it must be like to be like a really famous guy who's really rich but your also like maybe not most tract of ghana world now so maybe some of only one get to know you but then when you want them to like be sexually attracted to it doesn't happen and so if you're a creep you start drug and that's what what eddie was proposing who sang like maybe like he just got tired of them saying no and he times better than them and just dropped it in i forget exactly the eddies words but i hadn't fitted it like the haven't thought about it like that like maybe maybe they're not all saying yes and they may be it is what i'm weird thing with them we got like really frustrating and then he just decided to do it or is it possible maybe this was like a much more prevalent and accepted thing in the south
was it he was running in and the like the nineteen sixty is is it possible that people like you talk about people giving people a mickey or he did a joke about spanish fly spanish logic is it possible that more people were doing this back then and we're just finding out about now nor is it a mainly slipping the mickey thing was totally i mean in the spanish why thing was almost common like p talked about almost like a link on the tonight show i think will cause we talked look i know you know and it seemed like with more accepted but just was they weren't air was it like but i know i don't know anybody who got like in the sixtys and seventys who gonna mickey slipped into them so why was that such a common expression charles brought never did it james colbert what did it steam mcqueen never did it fuck em but reynolds never did it
you do me a favor i wanted to show you how can you get me the beginning of the longest china wanna show joe rogan homewards times of change you know what it is it's really dark is something real dark about it like you can imagine like what is his just what is what's what's going well his essence what is his soul who is doing with removing freak weather movie that looks sexy back in a delicate james oh i got some spanish fly it seems like i remember the resign if you know what there was movie though animal house where you have to decide whether or not to do the right thing or the wrong thing amber the late i've lackey out the devil with on his shoulders yes said the angel was saying hey use blackmail adele's like fucker sucker tits fucker and in italy can figure out what to do you probably can you do that movie today we should not create but ass a joke you can't mean it's one thing if this was a u can obviously have a horrific
rape scene if it's like a drama right but if it's it's a comedy and you're joking around about right you can have that we know what will accept that just the last rapes in that major uncomfortable it will what movies does always rape scenes it make uncomfortable what i'm saying is that you couldn't have a joke about potentially raping girl like animal house again you we'd have a you could have a horrible seen in a realist show but where the devil's on your shoulder to commie gaunt fucker fucker like low like that i don't think you can do that watch this was second jamie too fine it's in there it's in the open sea the original longest yard isn't watch this you going to die you going to say they could not do this in a fucking movie and to top it off he had a lemon skin does the original lawyers original long is the first in a long john is so fond of color than it could be done today i would we just watch it
stake when they were like cod that fucking bad i never listen i ran in those circles imo look you guys in the face i never heard of people spike in girls that would not be acceptable why came from that would not be fuck unacceptable don't get me wrong i've gotten chief clogged up to the gills to suck my dick but their awakened detention unum saying that there are good or bad the next day but they did the blow you do the devil got a drink decided what is this is this is just crank it
this is our wish was this guy you can't do it today he's going to do this is so this is nineteen seventy three i can't believe how bad it tricking that's a feeble debugger you fucking kidding me are you telling me chewing gum smiling chewing gum on drinking we'll get shipped boxes drive in the document that was already mating seventy three thousand miles rally thank you just said no such my mama's around that's larry's isn't funny that there could be like a cool car and the captured outcome and after him
was drinking he throws into this is barely earl of his life goose he's running the cops with his maserati here let's go race occurrences and look at it again at that that's the new data that being so i think you alone giant big goofy cars chasing it these garza able so bad pray god damn good chasing the get anything
so ridiculous well timed jesus god damn private car the car changed some guys the car chases nosegays was so tat when you that movie mcqueen chase on in san francisco them must thank you for that that was so much tougher to drive that car oh yeah that shit now today it's easy this is when you gotta be a fuckin monster cars or dog shit like looking skinny as tyres seal skinny those tyres are his leg you know traction on those welcome things better the mechanical grip nothing guided us guy my goodness
bad mother fuck that shit up in these countries in this is before cannibal around right yeah this is when he was still a lighthouse savage chicago the trunk magically closer why is this not i must tell us in the same songs don't give me leave he hit region this tragedy cigarettes smoked tillier forever allies this was him this is a different america this was him against clint eastwood against charles branch and against james colbert you how to do this crazy type shit smacked which shipping lines riotous car because he doesn't want them to catch him don't change and brian thereby how did he put the gas then the crows cars were dog shit just fucking currently apply victual water forward by going to the car he goes to the modern coxcomb in these sit there flacket hammett and the like step away
the boy look eggers why'd you tell her car in the ocean jamie put up the chase seen from bullet i watched this year in canada and it was on tv you gotta sit down so fuck what i think i wash it from the beginning to the end it was great minds of alight with steve mcqueen caught movie star disco may have a crazy seemed sixty eight mustang where mcqueen is cheap this guy is gas chasing him dodge charger it's one of the altar great car scenes of the shit the guys get this gigantic dodge charger and he's got this doll sixty eight mustang which for cars back then really goddamn good i mean that was a lightweight car with a good amount of power but in other drum break eggs in shitty suspension and so these
the driver on the corners it's in the stars it is a little spread out huh bad news when you were a stop man now whereas guys in the hospital flop date is the kind of guy got endows ditches shit that's when you for we're a stop mandate had pads and that neither wranglers on how much is it macleans on driving did he do i don't know how much of it movie because obviously doing some of that he could drive is ass jacob drivers ass he ran over you play what does inimitable let lemme lamar to place our great movie that i forgot all about its own korea movie love and it's another movie that their fur like ten minutes notice has a word that's the the about this chasing one of the crew these things about it is how well orchestrated is how cool it is they that skinny ass bitch tumors
this would not work that way people look at his movie they would have no tasmanian not me but today the attention span for a big time movie for sure people used to be smash cops and they used to mtv style editing you know what music video is like the champions of like quick editing eddie bravo again explain that to me he was talking about how they make music videos if you ever notice that constantly switching angles council changing the way it looks because you don't have a static image like sixty seconds you know standing there here that's really rare most time like swiftly pop song consul trying to move the image around keep you interested but this move illegal work since guy load shells new shot gun from twenty seconds they set everything up in a different way is the beginning of a mechanic there's not a word for the first fourteen minutes he just watches the guy and set him up same tat you sit there
what's goin on fuck it up their darts charger between this movie and the dukes a hazard more people fucked up dodge chargers hurts my soul what's it doing so has an wants that fuckin carmaker job and wants a frame bend drive away just took and you know that the car that they jumped whether or not the carter driver with what aid which is put they put a kid on correct well now they just got a bunch of them and they just broke a bunch of them and they but they did have some fake ones too some other cars were like a charge your body shall do is sacrificed i'm a vice all those gaza just kids you out for those ferrari is johnson was a key test arose that wasn't really was a kid it wasn't it he'll test rosa no feeling while i've seen a miata solely turn into a test arose no not me i'm sorry fierro member those few
pontiac fear my sister had was a mixture of the trade in value on those was gottesman you brought it back there like eight hundred people crack right there like a statue i paid shit i forgot about that scene the guy loses the car and goes right into the gas station blows we almost lost kit cars and was getting card they still have did i i was looking back of one of those hot rod magazines and they have this kid car thing was like not there money there for the kit and you you put it together yourself and you have to i think you have to put it engineer it you have to do the whole thing but some people actually do that they build their own cars as much for my first car when i was fifteen that was when my options was to get it army kit car where we build your own are less able to get the juice to fifty bucks and pulled out a different frame crazy i was advertised maybe i can comic
yeah i think there's a car things called a noble i think it's called but its car figures from england and they tippit over here is beautiful crazy look and sports car they ship over here would know engine and you have the engine put in it so it's not really i mean it's they don't consider it a car when you buy it that's how they can sell it to you because it's not you know it's doesn't have all the it doesn't pass all the regulations how to do that amount is ma's rally italian car yes tat when they were ship and cause over the seven these they take the engines that shit so the mafia style cause really yeah they also when they sent italian shoes over after awhile they would just saint cloud was it right shoes and cargo left shoes because i bet they wouldn't get rob that's fucking hell areas they robbed the fund is of course a fucking doctor the italian shoes orthodox have always been known has been like one of the places for organised crime right
on the waterfront with violent brando my buddy joe like to talk about he was teamster it was launched norman and ninip ill along sherman like that that whole world has always been like depraved depicted in movies is being like organised crime headquarters amy down by the docks he now does always like people like that in other like the rough hard tumble arms around the loan sharks everything down you supplied jackets that comes off those for i have a friend to this day i told domestically still drives cause of the ships through those berlin while so come in with iconic jordi to sow twenty two fuckin dollars an hour plus overtime drafts receives in high school this when i was asked earlier but i didn't want to interrupt her story the reason why do they grow heroin in other countries on new knows no yes but they grown and other countries because they can't grow here
or did they grow in other countries because it's not financially viable poppy see well listen i'm a terrorism if any drug dealer could grow poppy seeds here and eliminate the travel they would have done it would they have what i'm saying one thing and is allowing an ogre who could cut that cost the minute that whole walkin journey i dont time i think you need a lot of land it's one of those things that we really hard to do endorse because i think it something that they do like when they make heroin need a lot of land to make smaller amount of heroin then you would think papa she comes from ironical from the poppy yeah right at it i take attire it's like coca leaves weren't they cocoa easier you forget that's exactly the same quinoline world population but i heard now that that's a big market now people important coca leaves people in beverly hills now haven't coca leaves parties
which cigar will you chew those you got your lives there you gotta have a great you smoke a cigar drink wine people get fucked up that's the roma three hundred a leaf with ideas and never eaten unfortunately i would the people in the high altitude out through they they have bags they say they take with them it's really count freaky to watch the pact or mouths within me they have like a squirrel eyes lump on the side of their face and they just to these louis fuckin chewing tobacco only coca leaves subjects actually kind of healthy for yeah it's not bad will act before you add the girl what was i what does a fucking know drugged did you see this this crocodile yeah it's been awhile round for why did you get what the fuck is this they take us down the ladder they process that the sun mouse they put to drugs gasoline and red sulphur that shit you right there that's not the drug for me right we put gasoline and then it needs to skin yeahs causing
croesus this get you i think it starts out when they just like a little bit bruised area are fucked up area and then they re just get her dont shooting it in and they keep shooting in that spotting getting worse and worse as is now getting better and then it starts really going downhill on and they get super depressed and they keep shoot it in there i think it's it's a real bad real danger scary dragon apparently they doing it when they can't get heroin that's that's how they got started where it online but the images of the corrective pose a real images of people's bones poked out that really is true that's that's spooky is fuck going your bones are exposed you got a problem a problem to real problem isis not cope with a guy that while he was talking to he'd have to get the straw and then but like a paperclip in his nose because two skinner collapse we have depicted
put the dollar in there and then snorted oh my god and this is navy five i can now he's missing his nose like you ain't even breathe and that was an eighty in five last time i saw it with that guy they will have to pick up the war from his no jamie find out why they don't grow cocaine united states imagine that share someone on the message works as it takes an acre of coca leaves to make a kilo so they need like slavery to collect process ha what is it that does make some soundless umbrella they could do it here they would have done traditional diet had the financing they ve had the falcon money right and that opting they hid it back down rank no they can't do with is a reason why they can't do it he is about the out the two this something in the soil is some reason both an oath is if not some drugs with a hired a chemist said bring it over chinese guy okay with panza look what i got it
the genius chinese guide thirty years ago and said teachers how to grow this shit in jersey sit it would eliminate every plan but that there is some reason why the hell you just can't vat rates dedicated one year but you need that chinese white shit i'm this coast they have them mexican that taught that shit he just shoot an you smoke by unease cause that that why powders would suburban kids like that at the models get hooked on because it too bumps and he had done he had done his lights out now and make it a purer than ever it's it's because it comes from afghanistan communities this next war this last war started at the nine eleven this picked up how do i get it started coming in here again especially to detroit area detroit is not is fucked up as it is because you know it's fucked up it's because data through heroin in that i could
i can handle it man and the same thing happening newark jersey had happened couple fuckin areas i know about because everyone said super gonna helen and italians and you like that's interesting that this happened after nine eleven well mean did the production heroines heroin has gone through the roof in afghanistan you know there's all sorts of reasons why they have excuses while they let him do it or whites happening or why in other the army helps them so pills were at that time highest and heroines at the wrong time highest foolish where they make in the pills from do they need actual heroin to make those pills do they need poppy seeds then leave something dinner poppies to some of it is probably something its priorities and that a great but what is i mean like
where they get in the compounds to put it together like what is it what is it where they come from and i have to have like a raw version of something that turns in heroin right when you say synthetic it's not like you present three printer and heroin comes out what now after that has to be things that they like a lot of pharmaceuticals we think of this pharmaceuticals but a lot of them there actually getting some of the chemicals from plants you know that one of the reasons why they mine the rain forest are always looking for different plants to exploit and they can make pharmaceutical drugs out of it's not like i remember when i was a hippie like people had synthetic piety and i don't know what that even means but i think they just took the the compounds whatever makes you know real pay odeon just recreate in our lab some nuns like isn't it gradients well there was a store that i read about coca cola whose co the color uses real coca leaves right real coke still today still today these real coca leaves and they don't have cocaine him anymore what they do is
get these coca leaves and they bring em to this medical cocaine supplying clash right they take the coat got so that two new jersey exact accompany new jersey and they split into medicine they put in medicine your right that's all coming from coca leaves which is really crazy like you wouldn't have thought that you would have thought that like synthetic cocaine or light can or whatever the fuck it is their using the which whatever versions of medical grade cocaine is are you you two thoughts amount of those coming from chemicals that's what you think it synthetic we would like to say shit like that but what does that mean like there's gotta be like raw compounds that are used to make this stuff where are those coming from it's coming from the origin i think synthetic means they take some of the origin and they put other shit the matter will it make a cheap before you you know it's like when you go stole out and you go i'm here to pick up my medication to go well we have one ashiel wash and genuine the original huxley gun or do you want mallika
which is the same only maiden switzerland but instead of eighty dollars the prescriptions twenty eight dollars right so i should say synthetic heroin synthetic opiates where do synthetic opiates come from derived from opium was a bunch that are derived from opium while ass a fuckin naughty list morphine coding heroin t being an aura baviaan ha i didn't know coding heroin heroin in morphine how similar they take the same really as i've heard i don't use a modest heard that's true than i've done airline silence i was gay cousin i was on a more fiend drill right when i go to the operating on my first time it was amazing my car tippit now button
but whenever you want is like ninety ninety three they didn't actually is you it sounds like this bed my knee was killing me hit that borrowing just it would be like unequal like taken nightglow klute club it's private heroines it's pretty sweet withstood so i've done it i've done heroin i didn't think i did but then i remembered that that one night that i had a span the hospital and i had my young acl reconstructed that's what they had me there and it was done with a patel attendant graft at so they did a back then there was a good way to do it sometimes still do that we today they are taking to china of bone off my knee chunk of bone off my shin and sliver of my patel attending and then they open you up like a fish screw this piece of meat and use the boy on peace that the cut out the ship and the bone piece of work the new cap and then they reconstruct a knee it hurts like her mother fucker dude whoop it's like like like lightning
shoot and when you whenever you cut in the bone and drills like it the what the other one that i have done i had done what they could ever like way easier i mean i mean like almost nothing like i want to you no matter lichtenberg what his birthday party five days after the operation just walked was fine i guess you know i had a brace on it i don't want to hurt myself but i didn't need crutches i could get around like it's totally different than the brutality and enraptured leg blows up like a fuckin below but i'm lying in bed in they have me on this continuous motion machine for the moment the operating room they put you wanted you know why you like to stiffen opposites really hard to get it to get moving in once you get really rigid you know the trauma sets in its really difficult to straighten illegal so right away they have you wanna stance we brown
so not only you and agony for your leg is on this continual machine by a broom rome more morphine is calling related to is morphine sulphate heroin is die ass a tool morphine that his hair when a simply morphine with an asset all molecule attach a civil settle settle morph molecule attach such basely same show that molecule just is that so it as does it faster yeah in terms of the effects exactly the same and medically interchangeable except for the dosage and factor both converted to the same form of morphine when they get into the body fast now thank you it's all this when will you add surgery i by its autumn when they give you giving a heroine does not amazing giving age a different form it's not the street level but it's a form of what you again i there is tremendous would
i like that hot my friend's mom had cancer you know she went through all the channels and she was on her way out and she decided to go out on their own by taking all of morphine just said let's what a beautiful way to do it still like this just took it all and now they're giving her some for pain and i guess you know enough to stop the ticker and she just has enough funds enough now she's like i'm wasting away you sure there's no hope like it's over like her body is it was over like the last few days but that's how she decided to do it you got to respect that you know like the fact that's illegal you know i know it would be abused i know could be abused by people that want to kill people you know all my mom wanted to go you know they could you could you could run into those type of people that would actually kill family member to get some money from the will kill a wife you know those those hat kind of things but i think that it's still for someone is dying man for you or your mom or something like that once the last days
got to watch her just in agony constantly with no light at the end of the tunnel you know she's ninety years old whatever the hell she is like fuck man like you got to have a heart man that should be legal you should do should be to do that in some places it is rights legal in oregon there was one girl that was trying to do the changes needed oregon did she do it yes unit of delaying and a couple days and then she and she did it crazy shit man we got to be there at a really make a decision on that one you know i got to be there to talk to just some people get tired of fighting and you're tired of the weary from the illness just draining you and then the chemotherapy drains you sometimes even further and it's hard in the last days what's amazing is how many people benefit from
bd's for marijuana and how few people are getting it you know the more i read about this in the more i talk to people that have had it and talk to people that have loved ones that have tried it on cancer and had the incredible results and it just drives me nuts just so hard to believe that that stuff still demonized that people are still pretend that's one of the worst things that society can make legal wear for just if it only did that with cancer forget about the getting high part if it only did that for cancer do you know how magic drug would we like it's it's got this creepy passed its like a strip or that wrote the most amazing bergmann only wants it wasn't her because she used to be a stripper she did not like it's got like i wanna has is like seedy part to it and that city park keeps people for recognising that the textile you who's the uses as a commodity that used for making houses they use for food like if it was just those things and didn't get people high it would be our all time hey replant he'll be the norm on plant the world
be using all the time they say that this hemp crete nearer to him crete concretely make with hemp its was really well some of the most durable lightweight fire resistant insulation it's it's it's it's great insulated properties insulation properties and tomato hemp and you can make it cheap and it doesn't doesn't cost a lot of money to grow happy just can't grow it like any you can you get high from this shit but it's really crazy if you stopped and thought about it was a plot in a movie if there was something that was as powerful as the marijuana plant whose something had so many benefits and it was somehow another kept illegal and somehow the propaganda kept people thinking that it would be the worst things first society if they were to make this legal you'd lose you fuckin mine you would you go this movie stupid like this move is dumb people right they wouldn't they wouldn't come on he had something the cures epilepsy in in kids wheelchairs and have perhaps you ve seen a different fuckin kids have benefited johnny around here are buddy johnny kid was having all sorts of seizures he moves
to seattle get some on the medical marijuana programme boom goes way way gets a hundred times better and the kids are communicating changed his life changing its life fuck man this is we it's one of the weirdest parts about being alive and two thousand fifteen is out there so many improvements going on this summer fascinating should happening in our culture and yet this week one thing is like this hold out this clawing thing clings to the sword come it's not that it's the people's reaction that gets me still like i'm a type a guy that you know what man i don't think so she told nineteen ninety five but i came around you know when i was in new york for your raw fish enzyme raffish you know what the fuck but then one day came around i never said i hated suit i just said it was for me at the time and you isn't to focus more on my government christie who just aggravates algorithms disguise run for president this fucking years president fuckin with his arm
thank god i'm happy i got families these mother flock is from the cuban due to christie with badge the rest is ridiculous bathsheba ridiculous or secular sparse so ridiculous oh my god i cannot find so appiano live in jersey man i'm so fuck it but you know what he's so marked just i can't imagine whomever and he's got that whole bridge thing gonna hold them back there's not going to get enough but what he will do in doing this is raised is public profile and maybe he's pretty good at debating is pretty at a talking and maybe as these conversations in front of america ways when avenue in new jersey maybe like in a big public form like president debates it can become an interesting can be interesting to hear talk because as moronic as is still a very good talker gets i d three with a lot of the shit that he says but i got to respect the fact that the guy knows how to communicate
sometimes that's all you need in this goofy s world simply write you a good juicy script you have a bunch of people behind do they give you a little make over they try to do that with them they got him on that fuckin belly banned but somehow i didn't work like is still big right i mean did get on that right you find out if we did that gives that's ridiculous this the way i look at it i grew up and no new jersey i grab politicians and i know that to be a politician in new jersey somewhere along the line taken evelyn and when you run for president it's pretty tough to take an envelope people have to fuck em raised a hand aside donald trump when he raised his head i couldn't believe it yeah just what he did in new york in the eighties back are you remove what did he do new york in look in the eighties when he was building all those things hold onto it when we do the what's a ransom
gone don't pull out when he went when he's what he was doing all that developing ok he shut up like rogan construction ok rogan construction was started by you i'm just making a name right ok ok he's a rugged destruction was a copy started by your grandpa no work and his two brothers and then he hide their sons and now they have twelve full time boys and they ve been putting losses nineteen forty eight doing new construction and housing and re models but whatever they keep an eye lighter frank unless jesse comes it was a general contract on this job with somebody like fucking tromp any hires people like rogan construction and search electric oh god spoken plumbing oh god suck my dick concrete whatever name in a company is seventy mm a teacher and they would stiffened and all these
these were not a business or that construct neither in new york and new jersey in the eightys was very suspect number two before he raised his hand i hope i hope that he's this intelligent and we get that water my brother inside a fuck up you little i hope that he called the congressmen or a governor was somebody in colorado he said how bury the sami the bull gravano can he get the dmz can he get to a phone because while those deals he had gone on in the eighties he was in bed with the mafia it doesn't take off ingenious to tell you that ok just dump the one a jolly red fell in with each other commit suicide yellows dumpsters jesse a square dumpster to get one in colorado in eighteen eighty seven was to her hours for the debt that same dumpster was in new york and nineteen eighty seven twenty two hundred hours
that's how high the construction costs were some of it with a mafia tax while a law organised crime tangible organised crime so somewhere along the line this tromp was in bed with organised crime had had to be a trumpet lousy atlantic city just look at the locations done and then i thought of this as i always thought of this i always knew this area did not could that raises flocking had and it body is smart gonna sammy the bull book he talks i did not so many ways really so i go in friends have their files and this this guy moves up a little bit that since the salmon that both told us how can we take care of this a donation to the flock and above bull cumbria blankets whatever it takes up because this guy was the major contractor in new york in the eighties all these small businesses he put their life
right now i'll tell you how i know for a fact when i got locked up for the conditions of me getting out was i had to get a job to alleviate the state of colorado my attorney came up with this paper this and if you let him know he'll leave next week not tomorrow we got a plan for him and her gets all your fuckin jail or take a manage looked get him back to the jersey but to do all this i have a promise of employment and i call new jersey and my friends are glad a window door dream sash company in all this shit for your door that's a sash on the bottom by the way and trim around your door in the door and shades and they sold all that stuff i got eleven may accrue like six guys on false so he goes of you want to go
made me they send me the resume the guy's uncle and i call them we spoke on the phone and in fact i wrote the guy while i was imprisoned back and forth because he would tell me keep your head up you got a job when you get up don't be down you so i got out of it and tat s where i call and i saw a man i got us it now we ask reminded days while being jersey by june because they again i will work construction company we got sniffed it was at fucking i trump we lost everything we have the investment in italy the high rises you gonna pay for them windows and he's gonna pay money the path of the sun from the gc but not enough you also whore just put the monday yeah but he would go on to like he would go to her he was the top builder and he would go to european construction they were put under your lamps are you went down to so he did all this he ruined fuckin family businesses and almost
he has a short memory you one for present they look at you and a fucking michael michael you know why on what will happen with the birth certificate obama's burst of asia this also was born in kenya this is some you cannot overlook what this guy this guy's a particular annoy gran contract with this one was he was one of the guys that was going on and on about obama's birth certificate he was one of the main guys like i would first of all that at all look just like them as human beings like when you hear them talk and you you kind of like what they stand for he's my favorite president ever obama buttoning clinton yeah i think clinton you know clearly had a lot of flavour and he did some good stuff too but i think obama is been the moat maybe sisters times there were in he's the most of them all noticeable when it comes to like spreading this
like where things like an improvement in the way people think you know first of all by being why certain while by support of gay rights really like blatant spoiling where they turned the fuckin white house rainbow when it got past and that's crazy shit man i got never existed before we see when i saw the picture of the white house in rainbow coward at night as this is not a man that wouldn't happen next this is some shit that similar to the fuckin abolition of slavery it similar myth noise extreme slavery as soon as he stream a trap that so amazing i mean but it similar in the way that is going to change the way people look at gay people it might not be now it might not be the generation of our parents it might not be the generation of our older brothers and sisters but it's gonna be the generation of our kids the generation work i can understand the gay people just like the matter people ravin red hair just who they are like what you give a fuck and if you give a fuck
bout that what else you gonna come creep around about where you gonna fuck with people about what is it i could people that the way to address the fact that people about the way they like what is it i believe people the fuck alone and the more we do that the more the sword it all out and find out what is really bothering us what's really bother people want what's bothering people's people intruding on other people's lives and it doesn't get more crucial than in the fuckin bedroom you're intruding on people's bed rooms you care of people how to get married if they love each other just because our two guys or two girls who gives a fuck and if you do give a fuck you're a problem a problem in this free world this is just one thing that you ideologically attached yourself too and it might be released is based in my who knows what the fuck other shit you got going on your head you don't want people to do you know who what other we kind of sharia law shit you want to cooperate in this society who knows i don't know you think people should be able to get married
because they're too manner to women that's intolerable in two thousand fifty that's archaic shit and i think that is one of archaic things is gonna slowly but surely start vanishing from our world maybe not now still our homophobia now but you know woman from brazil whose didn't interview things just gone drugs and i'm a fighter and she was talking about how many people in brazil or homophobic in comparison to united states and she's like really nice to see the united states doing this and hopefully more people in brazil think the sweater less than a lot like latin american countries especially like you were talking about cuba you're talking media none of our new russia oh yeah you know i shouldn't have laws they pass laws against gavi bliss man this is something come
we know that some people it does in fact me so it doesn't bother me i've been like i said in my joke on stage i live next to transactions across the street but gave a great the gay girl with a dog i thought from everyday guph foreign fuckin big michael leslie and i love him i don't give a fuck in all but there's some people still live in my plea for can suddenly man yeah and those people stuck in their own lives right just keep working near you just keep what money and every day they watched the longest yard long for the days were smashed chicks phase hence the world is explained to you the other day that you was the foremost community in cuba is the gay community i grew up we gave you he's around me my mamma mamma the fuckin body buckler keeps the lights out why do the daytime those gay fox to comment in spain in those days there would do blood it with solemn blow and i grew up around them i never had any hiv form but my stepfather
he's from the other side of cuba ok we're they can be in a room with a gig no hatred now whatever i just can't the inner room there manhood not be in a room with a guy i get it some latin america countries is just but who are the biggest gay guys know world fuckin lacks the best ones so we think that is you think it's like that's a machine over its when it what is it like an sicily on that island what would it be like a nineteen fifty began sicily to bang each other i don't think so i don't fucking thing so i think well that's where the catholics are but i think that you'd be i think that you would be fuckin totally again it rightly northern italy those hard headed motherfuckers you can't tell those motherfuckers you open up whatever the fuck they call em right but
that's also where the vatican is right i got how ironic as that that doesn't make any sense because that is the biggest gay sex organization but let alone oda sales pedophilia roughly the biggest paramilitary wants another three decrease fuck each other they only fuck it has our bring with them but maybe this curious i didn't i just i was when i was growing up jordan valley can only gain bath house now the building vatican owned was home to the biggest gay bath house in italy that's crazy should go it is our worrisome synthetic heroin we applaud the store abuses fucker ridiculous we gave jamie polish it up put out upon the big screen ridiculous they are doing this are blatant they'd been do as for so long like this this gigantic crazy caught that's runnin the catholic empire
they ve been charge for so long wherein wizard ass tombs sittin on thrones have people so many people have bought into it that we do this that again pays landlord europe's biggest gay battles and by the way i say this i went catholic school i'm allowed citizenship church threes landlord too they play landlord to europe's biggest gay bath house the church paid thirty million dollars to acquire a building that houses a senior car no and a huge gay sauna way a fuckin minute they senior cardinal and a huge gay sauna that's it that's it private gave us out the guy owns about house they pay thirty million first of all how crazy vatican as thirty million bucks to buy houses with but they have so much money will be that the seventy five year old prince the church enjoys a twelve room apartment on the first floor of the imf closing palazzo at too your car dude she just yet
from the ground floor entrance to the steamy flesh pot he's he's above smell yet there eighteen other vatican apartments in the block many of wind which house priests cardinal d who is seen as a social conservative even by current standards of the church hierarchy is no doubt horrified to learn of the activities taking place a floor below my goodness i could not imagine is apartment merely smells like but mildly it's probably a tornado it's you know it's probably like me i want those fucking car those trees you hang over your rearview that's like my house but in this house we bear night feature bruno very overweight pass to resolve dresses and catholic vestments naturally is freedom
music of this clergymen remaining in a thong because i got to do that i'm going to be the new bruno fuck it i'm going to swing some dick with a fucking body and soul according to the independent also features above the hague is exposing ones body and soul works up an appetite hilarious article isn't salon this article neuro wrote this article is very funny you're rogan you read katy mcdonough you really fight you have you gonna catch the school and raise catholic the advocate mind boggling it's fuckin mine by like it just like firecrackers will offer your head for some people psychology that one's cosby was doping bitches it was my bag from they grew up my ass she took it fuckin jar with guy look at us uncle jerry guys ugly looking to iraq and it is one of anxious the fbi
hope this isn't true but eight where they arrested one guy narrows like in the organization right did they just investigate charity they had of us as a bishop cart and he knows his house bessie images turnus separated his the ties with somewhere i want those little while way i didn't hear pout that's what happened to the civilian child porn investing i knew it what the hell losing way on these people gotta creepy fuckin free can it comes out of you just let it out before the fucking gets just let it love a little boys and fuckin became reality the subway sandwich my guy sit there so do you think that like maybe sense should the chair and jeered kept his mouth shut you think chair was censured back would we teams how do we know what happened in seeing is that nobody would somebody else things that yes we fear that if you didn't have a life if you do
i have a life you gonna you want a yell you know when i first started here in this shit about the catholic church i was like this is crazy i've been i was a fucking i was one of those kids with those kids that fucking help the priest you know for the body at six months i did that show i got thrown out of there i believe you know i gotta tell ya man like when i get i get dark thought sometimes i'm about to go to sleep i just get dark fuckin thoughts and just you know i just from being around buddhist in boulder i learned that they chant a lot and in other words a chant is not very different than a prayer in also sometimes i got a bad lord's prayer animal school young's i am so when i hear the shit it just does something just like but it's for some people it's like getting punched in the stomach that you trusted somebody it's like having a babysitter molest your kid if you're numb for a week
you're really you camp but this is our whole fuckin society every three days we get drop with some that we go what the fuck out of this rapid out of this fact happen yeah when things like this happen you you always gotta wonder like what set something like that often someone's brain are they born with them does it happen because someone does it to them does is it a account go imbalance like what the fuck is that make someone sexually attracted the kids when i tsar thing to exist in nature you know maybe mean it's almost like a suicide jean it's almost like like you like in having that like you your body so weak your mind is so weak everything is so off kilter who try get yourself killed and theirs better way to get yourself killed in fuckin someone's kids like johnny people remember that video with the guys walk into the airport and
he had molested karate instructor and he had molested some kids in this guy's this one the kids dad's waited for him in the airport and ass he walked by with the cops walks up to us oh blows his brains out just dropped to go underground think i got off by the way did he got off you gotta get that the facts you lost your mind they adapt views your child got off he eyed and doing time he shot back i write the fuckin head front cops and dropped the gun it was a member at once it was in new york i once it was in new york i forget it might not have might have in some way there's some things that you get there before the cops you win yeah that's it should we zoom share for the cops you fuckin when this guy shut them in front the cops i lost my temporarily inside earlier sound in the cops lights fuckin hank government doin that boy this is it right here father shoot son fathers
and kills sons kidnapper an airport refer revenge so wait they gonna show in shit yo yo now that growth now he was just here couldn't take it man he got this guy awhile you this boom and then he puts the gun away and then they re a crazy had on the cops hold them down there was his son man that's a good i mean is right it's fucked up but it is i mean i'm not re usually for his kind of shit but boom i mean that is about as dumping as far as like what's air import jovial not against that you know you but my friend for a long time i have a horrible vashti it's in my blood no you do when they went down a cuba and they tell the fucking my alaska that they tell the jew that fact
they saw rebels what does he say these motherfuckers savages all their lives there had been savage stay always been sabbath dog revenge at its horrible they did no cop what's that mean you're crazy i wouldn't i would hit somebody would according to the same job i'm one of those motherfuckers i once i have it in my mind you had done it's in my blood that's my whole life and these outward josie whales that wish man on fire man on fly out there how bad is which i missed at saint though a month ago he talks that duty to shoot them so this to mother fucker movies done that what's his name and my boy in silence the lambs he talked the mother fucking to hang himself from the other south that's right member our meg's
magazine twelve migs into fuckin swallowed is all fuckin thought migs was the guys who throw judges and people stadia my friend john tobin he's coming migs zelie that's me high planes drifter was that is painted the town read that was the one with a kill them and he came back and came back they put the shield down there too his mother shooting a body they kept going down i thought he was a ghost will but he was a ghost they beat a guy to death with a whip and then he came back as clint eastwood he came back ghost fuck that town up it was a great movie that was a great movie at the time i've ever seen the first time i saw high planes generals like whole legal yet i was blocked all you have to throw that when you see cheese mumbai rattles it's because that motherfucker just one bullet and eagles witzig yeah i got out do that
i gotta put on this corduroy suit and then roger came along and he's got out do everybody disease ugly look at it he was about his mother fucker ever if i want to watch a movie from that era and dialogue i come home like say if i go to a hotel room the board like what's on tv in turn on and you get this you get excited you go all shit you i thought you just can be by yourself watch some terrible movie and it turns out high planes drifters on hbo or somethin like fuck didn't really show these on hbo can why why can't i they have to show new shit all time right all day there's a channeled about a month ago they shoulda not high place drifted but the other one but you wanna know commercials man yes the way you want you dont want these fuckin things on regular tease can't watch these movies geronium why because it makes me
these movies remind you why you is american these movies or are they made him in italy but we talking about we came in the it's time to put a strap we'll never knew some fucked up times really you your anxious about this lately i've had a wife and that i worry about and i dont know what i do i just shoot the half i'd be john wick i told you i don't you want to john wig face that john wake the first twenty minutes until you look so but the czech once you can put the checks it bothers me for a while but then you can with forty five minutes left that is one of them kick gasses is says brutally and anthony dragged out you but a check your watches that's thirty fucking uneasy he cleans up he's using well it's a strikes and he shoot them close and blow in their fuckin heads is about
and when you see that movie no train with eagerness yeah hagen fuckin the fact though that more anxious to go see him tomorrow to go see here like on the way home on my brother you teach them i'll be there eleven o clock that's it that's always say to each other i see eleven o clock it comes at an indian do that he is your body i laid down all by energy guy lucy ngos you shoulda bobby like got their mother you know every week as a game of chess really a lot your daddy does this cherokee shit how that kind and yet you always picks up the army does the chat ricky thing are you smiling he releases the eagle movement that is easily from your but you gotta see the located at the ego is losing your ear he says an indian i can work i've heard voicing their ass nothing nothing the guys in all rodeo clown dog he breyer rebellion his body macarthur this
adjusted referred i done and at last we from doing what i fucked up if the guy was daily can flow of fucking psychics rodeo clown jesus rice is always the most thankless job maybe one most ankles jobs our nobody is there's no doubt one lance armstrong or the radio clowns is that you can block is like a famous driver right there's like sky borders tony hawk others one guy in each discipline tiger woods in only where the everybody knows tiger woods golfer whose a one rodeo clown name one they get no respect is probably one person and we just done now second mexican superior some like that they don't really use radio clowns they have mean in bullfighting mean that this the rough by bull riding i'm pretty sure is an american tradition is it i think so
i think in mexico obviously they have a lot of bull fighting in spain spain they have a lot of bull fighting i guess that's where they gotta from rightly imported from holding from open because that's what mexican mexico is like the indigenous americans that came up when the spanish came over they they taught them spanish and so fuckin them and that's a maid mexican that's why get like next like oscar della jolla he knows that this beautiful king in our european looking man like kind of fairly pale skin and you get a max can like one man well marquez whose like much more mexican lookin anchorage inga yellowish darker scan and like the darker hair
so interesting man this is the whole north american continent is fuckin fascinating is fascinating to think that if you came to this spot forty two years ago there were very few people here very very very few a few nomadic tribes of native americans no cities know nothin i do you think how interesting is this there was a d as on the boat with colombia about that really has hit the ass on the boat with its reality as has come from had are you say that i didn't jump and expose was censured dad and they spelled z and then one of the biggest lieutenants in sicilian histories ideas with the sea and then we just saw their priests within s ideas will see us as a z and then you have the fuckin lunatics up and stop them and then mexican right and i'm sitting in front of you human rights can be were that makes you think i d as their ideas there
the answer is a lieutenant and d as was on the ship is an italian stallion ds attire the present attire valdez with z my mother's side of families valdez and adopted in debt and my father's side is diaz never come away and they came from spain they fit but that thing that the benefits of either philosophies speak my jaguars like those people so you have to think de as get the mexico added this diaz get here and how to deal with a z de as what it s these very interesting things that i look at you look at evolution we were talking about how they found that fuckin tool of the whale i owe me many years ago we had a discussion on the pot gash desist as i have always baffled me how come they may be
and his brother mexico's if it be not anchor mexico snow right daddy other mexicans right they came from somewhere else and evolve whatever so very interesting you know it's interesting to me but one of the things it's get me lately is water situation in california is pretty bad it's three he has gone on for years now and the drought it's pretty ferocious like thereof em they're saying that california has used twenty i m per cent less water last month so people at work to try to solve it but was a crime me when i was thinking about this as we know for a fact at those areas of the world that used to be lush and then they became desert like that so that we know for a fact about the nile valley like in egypt where the humans is to be where the boy the payments are rather before that like now thousand years ago the another was like it was a rain forest there and slowly over time should just change and then there's not much rainfall i could easily have the california but would we stay
what everybody stay here with you just keep pumping water artificially into the spot or would people go you know what this is working the same we're going on you you fuckin we get a move on like we ve always had to offer human history whenever the climate got bad people to get the fuck out of there when the ice age was happening here no muslim canada no one was living in canada during the ice age because it was two miles thick of ice and allow spots you would you wouldn't you what you're living on ice great you'd find a way to get to a place where it's mine eyes in albany places that recovery nice where there was a massive amount of canada so or when all that ice receded that's what we got the great lakes from the great lakes or fuckin puddles that are melting glaciers we that's fucking crazy place was just ten thousand years ago we had a house and it was the hair you can't be stubborn when the ice its common you can't say we're just gonna keep chip unaware that every year i get a certain one time you gotta relays ok there's two miles of ice and its as big as fucking canada
or half a canada or even a few states where those few states you can't live you gotta get out of there you gotta get out there and if that happens here we're so arrogant our idea that we control nature so arrogant no one can sitters leaving california like everybody talks about lik will california i think we ought to do something about the california water crisis we need never rains again because guess what that could happen if it doesn't but once or twice a year or ten times year or twenty times year there have been way crazier things than a shift in our climate to the point where it rains zero that's totally possible it's totally possible it's possible to win one day here it's possible marine zero it's possible during ten it's possible to reign one it's it could be horrific disastrous it's totally possible and it would be normal it would be something happened all throughout the world then they know that like a lot of deserts used to be like lush area and then somehow another like
for whatever reason things changed vain shifted you can blame people you want i'm sure we have a lot to do with it i'm sure global warming that there's with doubts as some element of human civilization is a part of this twenty scientists that believe it does there's gotta be some factor but even without that factor it super possible that shit would change on its own its it shifts we don't control when it rains it could fuckin shifted easily could shift and if you're a spot that sucks you gotta make a decision jaaffier owed fuck you gonna do it rains morn phoenix it rains year iran's phoenix a lot i didn't know that in a higher and in houston look at galveston it's raining so much that that their ship water everywhere and people are losing their site because it's over filled all the sewage in that you have raised on the site yet decide this girl asked her site just from being in the water because
they tested the water is it's all shit water view galveston in houston they ve had such bad flooding in the past month it's been a horrible horrible guy saw some of the photos i remember now back when we worked laugh star was there they were thinking about that sunday floods it's meant that was two months ago phenomenon of the last stop oh yeah way back in the yeah west time i remember when they had a close that hotel we stand here they floated that was flawed in a form that was a time i was there i am sorry that this outcome i was i was great refrigerated goin down less time fecal matter water advisory my god shit all alone on every than holding legal matter water advisers issued for some galveston county beaches flocked in aim and shit in the water the girl go blind there that's insane
you're fuckin subway already cut jared none came did you ever see waited three days you shit with john joseph banning these motherfucker because they think dana's tough talking we don't play they don't give a fuck when he's guilty or not if even if he is jared didn't do anything but knew about it if he knew the dude had child pointy stores pots already hold what was the saddest the article woman loses sight in one eye after mud run young woman went blind in one eye within twenty four hours after catching a flesh eating bacteria during a mud run in dallas this month because of all the flooding how do you flash back torreon it is all it says woman said the debris caught her eye allowing flesh eating bacteria to destroy her cornea it just completely melted off my eye oh my god fuck that's what
do we just shit into the ocean how does it work oh shit more than thousand runners get diarrhoea after my day of that of course will you deaf again bacteria if you get a mouthful mud that's a hundred percent you're not supposed to do that by the way you not drink still water you know you're lucky if that's all you get in anger i'm way worse than that gent thou shit jumping in a fuckin problem what stale likened the as yet i'm working on live like a jerk laugh at least a polar bears job any osha job at the fucking cold war in a bag and amity you want to jump in mud after you fucker then run it no one whatever the fuck it's been for a month god knows it and that fuckin i used to think this polar bear view were idiots those people that would jump into the water tat you want to freeze ere he said god there ought to submit their homes germany ocean manage call it does on the actual it's like your bones for a minute
you come out here you feel like a fuckin no man i've jumped into the document because that will work and which will call them he was here is called all my globalization jumping on walden again in seattle has spoken language whether it's freezing that's when you feel about in your feet and share when it's probably really good at it is because this cry of therapy shit this stuff is changing my fuckin body changing the way my body feels it's amazing how well it it like cures any would weird shit that's bugging you formation back pains like back pains have been fuck with me that is dissolving he's could do it all the time it's your body produces all these and tight inflammation responses to the cold weather sets pilot we're doing when they were jump in the ocean you get out you guys like you just get this fuckin charge
your dick shrinks and it gets high real fast shrines pops out that motherfucker lay yum yum is being served shit i'll never forget you send an ex girlfriend skills of though they showed a view sunday night in the eighties you should have killed you there's a girl on facebook than i thought i saw one night last time i saw this chick was the knife lulli doug floating through that touch tat this is directive eighty three eighty four maybe and i saw at a bar doubt this this and they called worried a jack match the jack no the jacket these she's got the jack she's got the jack such a disease this chick did have a job she just didn't have a wet pussy
it causes were not call the fair view new jersey coast was a dry hump these motherfuckers us out a sad day will give you nicknames wherewith jersey here and i saw her out man what the fuck i wished i don't blow she was a babysitter for this family lui donato the guy was a freak we went on ass i saw deposit back from the barn i robbed me up while blow and we the hotel toward powder she's i guess what color my underwear on every apaches i give you can guess the column on the well let's take a more mike she's like the green before could take and i saw on facebook and am i do you remember what happened and i should like now i got you wanna fuck it now you would be right now be fuckin killing is disgusting all that shit the scots disgusted
with all his transgender turn i was told these motherfuckers on stays in late that checks there's a pussy in las vegas i was a transgender doing what you called it what i call a set of moving up bat what's up and aid it was pretty i gotta do something skin was tight look like somebody put a boar and whether they call one and clear that gmo in dugan i would do in the man shown we had that really beautiful trent we had two of that were really beautiful that were transgender member the one of that was pre up and she showed his dick to the deck rather to the adi she showed his dick that's what you say but its heart they heard dick in arms and i was treatment correctly by corner she and i got to the deck and like shit is there but she's beautiful so pitiful that she was walking up the hill driving up
oh you know by others who is to be the high it next the communist era she was driving up the hill any browser and i will come down here we were walking and she was coming up and eighty lifted eels god damn like and i go all that's my friend she used to be a dude videos you know you shortly fuck with me fuck with me i go now now she's deftly used to be a dude and you know she said i and i said i would start by doing everything but before we talk and then we went down there eddie goes on the god i can't believe it to be a guy i can't believe it he was now so confused now i don't know i thought i would be able to tell i told you of your spot one might just bought her she's she's it inches dick she's as girly as it gets we should pits that show we'll get a transgender reset like normal guys over them see if they can actually next day guys would get violent that's how jenny jones got council from tv you don't remember my heart jemmy jones had an episode there was like my secret crush in
guy had a secret crush on this this do that he worked with and they do that he worked with had no idea what the fuck was going on he was on a show and now we're here to tell you that someone has a secret crush on you and the guy it's it may arise as i do that he got out the news i really flamboyant and the gaga angry when onerous housing shot him i'll fuckin kill them and they were they just what
point they pull the plug on russia we won't do it showed us an existing woodchuck that's already had the operation has stated that a flock and sub than you break a tour michael guide the guy comes out with a gun now they did it after the show was over the guy went two thousand killed i know kill them coming but that's fine listen that's why i m garlic is for life and somebody tell you and leave the house for a week dog does what you do you from all the upper swords in two days zaki die they die flock a europe made your vague you gonna fuckin hunted episodes in the can follow me part until people half a fuck that you get some downing or how is your data was gray i know about what a woman so magical what do we tell you diane was really dick the jack this is a sling dick mercury is on the sunset strip
and the guy just free i mean what what could you do he's gonna kill somebody someone the wrong guy just now what did they ever happened to you what would you do depends how good the buzzing ill he was really a woman all along here's the deal meant to give our monkey has the tone is the total rub okay this is the hundred percent do are willing to accept artificially hence breasts right no problem means guys don't prefer them but they are willing to accept artificially enhanced breasts breasted change your body and they turn your body in some that's more more womanly or more for whatever reason did activates our party or lizard brain it sees the big fleshy tits and thanks to this this girl we'll take care my babies well she's she's very fertile these are good that's the same jean it gives the big ass big ass the big ted cited sparks theirs flame it's not as a matter of someone given you affection matters
when given you affection of very specific shape that debt rings in your brain while they can do that and do that absolutely perfect and they will be able to eventually if they can already right now and turn a guy it's the exact shape of a woman it's hot as fuck at the end of the day you can search around for some fuckin head crackerjack toy you can live to run up and look around and try to figure out i guess it is this a woman i guess what exactly like a woman it feel like a woman it talks like a woman damages as a woman and you away finally we decide that it's a woman because your brain processes that as female uber processes the words is female the shape is female and if someone cafe do it just perfectly just privilege genetically they figured out to go in there and fuckin tweak to shit there close to doing shit like that you thing that rhonda patrick tweeted
did i retweeted with about the pigs because they don't there don't pay man they figured out a way to delete a gene and pigs and they cannot like incredible hulk pigs she she put up a photo of it today they don't want kinds weird shit with genetics and already doing this on people she says in china she's gonna podcast soon attacked me about it i can't wait to talk about it but because these fuckin pigs man this crazy their hope pigs blue ass in the pig is like a ball of you in a pig but but you may europe same like this is this is a new thing they're they're doing to the bodies of these animals thinking we will do that two men and together we will turn a man and a woman like perfectly they'll be oh the literally get in there and dig around switch turn that often turn this on and you're a woman means gonna happen just a matter of time
i'm not there will be able to turn a dick into her vagina without surgery i can't imagine one day they will one day though to be able to you can go back and forth there's an app or when they do that we ll have a switch and which has decided to today we're gonna be a girl day today everyone is going to learn to be more sensitive to women because we're all gonna be women and just hit a switch an entire city is a woman that's when them mongols invade come of the fog everyone including all the alpha males who does get fucked like checks and here's a secret they like it i like because their checks now jody about take pussy today yeah do replenish read i got a new shouted the doktor i went to the dentist clean my teeth and made my pussy data he has made to get away to do that in home with your own printer
sitting ahead of its printed artificial vagina just wait tighter hit the right keys apple one click on your vaginas guy you're gonna have chips in your body that tell your body what to do that's a hundred percent there's gonna be artificial blood that's a hundred percent national bonds through their devising these tiny little itsy bitsy blood so el sized machines this is what they're going to eventually have some day fatal fight cancer so if you have one a cancerous growth in your body they'll be all excitedly i wasn't cut his dick lafayette for wiser be jumping up and down for well because he is allowed keeps painters instead we want to know our day and a man turning into a woman is like the least of the no shit we could stay alive we draw in this room stay alive to a hundred cease shed but he hasn't cut this dick off your cable which weird
you say that like some was quite a bit of a conversation in your own head and introduce exciting priority above all lose all excitedly i cut his dick lafayette so wisely he jumped up and therefore because he is allowed keeps penises toby orange enough now is that why you're around go work that way we had this deadlock things on a laptop and he's taken pictures or be jumping up and down these donors in gaza reform you going to form and cut that mother fucker than you come see uncle joe it's a true story until then once you gonna farm income back and say miasm guy yet this is a trick by the wife this is a trick this is affected tricked ratings he's gonna some may sonatrach began his face fixed surgery
so you're not on his back and stalin airbag up her face but not like this like he went through feminine zation surgery where they like shortened his jaw change lips and whole deal have you seen a recent photos later oddly enough reinvented might across the street big mine when a pussy in there he hasn't changed his joy these out this second dec two nights away the others pussy in yemen there is a lack of leaving me petty minded here now big michael under construction no i don't really get shot he's got a boss why these wig over it but his room rate leslie did everything she got to the cheeks defined so she was a man yes said this firstly these photos like look at them though these photos like a close up ones of the face like right there he had a shitload of things done as it may seem like a high maintenance oh yeah he's crazy is for one hears a thing man you know
when we were well we're watching that interview when he got interviewed by woozy diane sawyer wasn't interviewed him what he was loving all the attention he was having whose loving the opportunity to talk about himself and talk about having the hold up that pull that image of jesus christmas i love us trying to hide those giant canoe feed forgotten here though size thirty eight flipper i'm not gonna end up skirt thing i'm flock of munich written and mother fucker jumped in munich and shit level it is it's very strange man i mean that that is a very feminine looking man or joy anyone who transition i should say you don't mean in transition she's very feminine look like what they ve done or fair is there if she really looked like that citizens thing when you look at us why does this has been through more fuckin computers mean
our screens and filters and we all know that we all know about the difference between what some would look like in real life and saw him look like in like a super well done photograph like that too big difference but a man good for her if that's what she wants to do now seen thing we're talking about before by gay marriage good fur what she enjoys i'm glad that she can be the cover of magazine in there could be a fun time for everybody you know when we were kids this could have never happened never swear it did happen when we were kids it happened because i watched the report when it happened in happen another country and who we just did know about it happened like in germany a somewhere really somebody like a mighty volume some american did it we just there was no internet right so
we are very happy to a you know when i was in seattle young comment we have read rita had done the operation rita was japanese man that became a japanese woman but that she died because first or she had a lot of psychological problems came after the surgery i love retail rideau what reform ass my first fucker edge i know forgot that man i paid back amerika rita died because i had was too big from being a man why so her balance was off after the fragile balance is already all of those comments on broadway is like if i become a bread becomes a woman is heads be fuckin jain enormous and his bounds gonna be off from time to time something when did the surgery to him to her that her bow it's got taken off she died because she's suffered a forward a disco and bang the head read it all was an open my comic that used to run with us in seattle and she'd come on
she had the nails and monopolies fuck reader our trust me nobody ever thought of fuckin read her hands were fuckin horrid it looked like murmur months than she had the nails and she would get nachos and then she got to get a drink and we they cannot chosen sheet yeah she had a very firm voice yes darling but she looked get matches your put down it was fuckin scare money a government or the doctors gave her a certain among those of market share became a pillar because the pain than the surgery puts all the psychological and everything i should oh she she was raised and like the formula one i met read it and ninety five read it was fifty already on zaire so i was twenty something maybe thirty so she was telling me that was she grown up her mother and father would beat her when she would when that she was really a woman why like it was just
too much abuse now alive and then when she finally became a woman there was so much baggage you know i'm a member don't blow would like and balkan toil i get the comic laminar tellin me creepy as it was that you know she was she would have to go she shrank three times a week now what was wars the big did she talk about will with the biggest was the transition was at the transition transition help achieve a lot she took a lot of powder she had money where she got money from i know she sold drugs she even came down here to see me once when i was now i have become historic and ninety nine and she died shortly after that she fell off his days and went on common died with joking around it was true her head was too big is alarming and had to do their pills factually taken pill is this the more likely
i've been i've been in my life would maybe maybe two or three transgenders man you know like on the street when i was a kid in new york city or something and something was always mister durham sandy would happily did the surgery something is always not right around him pages did something major major it's it's a major step we just drawn in around with these fuckin idiot and they never grown a relic attached to that's the point of it that i dont like that now every time somebody feels feminine they're gonna wanna have this fuckin surgery one day you feel confused or whatever you know the motto but i don't like i get all his gender stuff and i get it man that you're a woman that you were born feeling this today's asylum to my sheep led to many weeks out at all
they still argue about it's not good and knows the people i worry about those people that you know you ever go somewhere and you hear people talk and you know who's that just to try to be there that's like you but i will never forget this i went to a restaurant once mike and there was a guy made him i was eating i said nobody's is gay noble be this get this guy was not born like this this this guy is something that he does to be accepted his name nobody's dollar sixty as you won't be gained six years i have a wife and kid living and i'd be a farm but he she's the one mister finn this is like really i have a lot of that i feel a lot of that with people today in our society a lot i feel people are not completely in this people for does not people end and not in sight yet that's why tell people before you go in there and think it over
whether its hang out with devil worshippers you wanna do because once you ring you re united the kidnap me somebody with a machine gun don't tell me what the fuck i know i know when somebody's vacant the fuck does people that one when i was a kid jimmy bows annul was my brother i knew he was gay i knew he was sling and dick but it took no fuck enjoy yesterday you that my brother i grew up in his house with his other three brothers you couldn't tell he was gay if he came to me today is i'm a transgender i would welcome and go dogs is the great i can tell you what i don't have doubts in my eye that you we're gonna sell them even though you a fucking girls enabled could she was oh good looking you i'm saying you grow but people that you look at it sometimes you go to the store and you see people there you go when you see eddie murphy imposing you'll like it this guy could
go go dance when you see any more i always said eddie murphy sure will academy award because he's a movie he's a man of many men when you see eddie murphy in person you like the rumours be true something about him and i'm a matter that only one of the biggest fans i'm just down the truth that whereas a man you're around other fuckin men now you know why right you know will you might be able to properly to suck my dick at three in the morning we all have that person god we love that post and we accept that person but you know one night if you have a pill and acquired you might be able to close this guy this is increasing guy buggy nights yeah you know there's people like that that they walk around you know those sup addictive they acted began to a tight spot one night ok there's been an that night in hollywood i really felt bad about what i was thinking i felt this guy just do it take a ball with these guys on tuesday nights you know twenty years ago what am i the only retired neuro manhattan when less
in the sheila did she not she was fuck you know what your and alan fan will soon become famous rifle she became a lesbian and she did abraham girls and now what does she got listen europeans ok the husband shall stick i think people a lot of people move no hollywood every society and justified and i'll do shit no do shit and i realise this is where i fucking got there hu it may we live in a sheep in society today we're all true be the same person if you look around all looking the same when you gotta chauvelin and do milo and you get stage look at the people and eighty percent of people look the same they all got the same fucking glow at the same time genes the same tat two of which the chinese side every monday morning made up of that same everybody's you wake up in the morning walk into a studio for an audition what does everybody have in front of a copper what saddam
stop reviewing our star buzz you ain't invited for the fuck imply failing is established raise that price is twenty percent again did they re how much boy you're gonna pay for coffee get you hooked they got you heard they want their money it's it's not coffee everybody got coffee it's the status of going to stop us oh my god oh my god privacy whose impressive gonna start not only the car i gotta coffee been embedding precise does it matter you then our mothers to be having a fatal today's high quality when we were growing up in boston a devil you look at your grandfather's nor people have a little fucking blue cup that's in coffee i don't want to die than you said jimmy was always called de memories have the greek stuff right like lou greek guys once klaus what's it called the quaffed medium what are you how do you want a coffee regular yet regular what's regular magnolia unsure as to coffees rare to regos now look we have but we didn't carry the coffee cups like a budweiser said when you got it you think a picture with somebody
when we always go ahead but the buck and be a doubt but nobody could put the bear down got the big an all party up god forbid that while the hearty our wisdom let's put the boat so they could tell him drink what the fuck but the big down you fuck sanction would you call me aside body wants a fucking drink that button coffee gonna have you ever had someone look at your cup and the words that fucking coffee being what you can't afford starbucks pro step up now
our about what you why would you want doughnuts borough i would reiterate that lie in seven eleven got to say no it notices saint listen that brazilian bolder keeping up a three days that's what i said drinks with the cases drink coffee falk do legit work and you have a drink drift resilient both for conducting though that you don't i replied that pay a tight budget i've got it i guess i can hold a liquid met them locked out doughnuts i agree with sheer bonanza let even like them condolence because two thousand and nine
there's some eleven all brazilian bold now they got it all fucked up on gopher duncan those nor dug it don't you gotta yoke over seventy one other haddock analysis is seen by the time i drive thou craft a fuckin caught sight of him i beg to open the house what he began i tell you about the curate take up what do you think that any young jamie get the manicurist take loudly why do we have them still rightly the car women through i why do you think i led the time these colossal faster i gotta catch my stop by i turn to regulate midnight oh my god you're a flat why the small when i made my son go right down the street to the one that's near mccartney's at eight magnolia no magnolia rivers it's open twelve drive in is open till midnight i got off this morning at four hundred and fifteen i got nothing to do i shoot right through the drive thru open at four hundred and thirty you know one of the things that i would do and i was writing make a fuckin potter we at night you gillig midnight
start writing i'll make a pot of coffee that's y know i'm nato work i'm gonna big fuckin french press you you got the white chocolate mocha i get the flat why laundry known flatly white joplin you gotta get out here right now on fifteen twenty two i love the flat white from its effect take a faker fatal nature drink us inflammable if i'm hobart crop that motherfucker do a double bush stella usually right after that like the cocaine for thirty a cup of coffee don't do that job that's a double stella i think i have eighty days some shit to sometimes i have a cup of coffee and i'll get sleeping do me little mitya was still nothing must come down those must come down as a dumb most condone moss we can do that time you know very well our planet polynesia does
today we want yet you got no home i spent in we'll allow that cargo is now in other words is it to cargo maybe god damn isn't very dark night chicago it's gotta be worth fuckers spinning wheel spinning wheel song you guys i listen to the new apple music radio station is interesting spinning wheel farmers lula hey population to stay away from its logic tears joy was light will feel young blood sweat and tears as crazy what goes out spinning wheel
nineteen seventy let me say we're jimmy wow you know nothing less listen to the voice on this brother listen to long put this back to listen to these words because we didn't we grew up on your time ladies and gentlemen that you fuckin moorland with a dj and they do it low chinese do listen on this that's the whole soul ass gay people up while i hope where are you can manage
guy i haven't heard this story i was but not that bad are you kidding what are really put fuckin jam on don't worry the video once i can show you motherfuckers in the book by aerosmith he discussed when he met his daughter for the first time at a concert he was on stage and his daughter here the chick that's an arm again he demanded for the first time now that the no she didn't know your father was it was between tide brenda glass between todd run grin and stephen steventon remember her mother to lucy i was when she goes that's my dad put up tat run grin
hello it's me listen to his chance lessingham you heard this i haven't heard this and forever listen i don't even know how oh my god this is one thing and is what you have to have a voice just gonna knock kick you offer you to urban areas are you do not like it listen to me my inhabiting editor see the kids but dont want the videos and a lot of work this guy it's not that simple lastly the village really looks like this is em this is suicide music canada is now here's a badge at this time this tremendous there's one size was to have your grandmother's house gotta get outside water is a badge ain't gonna get out of the house as a further words like it's no one out care i gotta give walk firstly an evil things is a bird you have to see this guy now
i always wondered what happens in these guys guys billig rocks hours and then they just stop it stop what does a guarantee this guy had so much town this guy wrote for people of luck if he gets residual from all this door on the radio nor the classic right in all these areas in the same way we get from what's at check which says that the czech once again what if i should on the radio vague and in bold raised to be friends with a guy that was a radio police he was the radio police and what he did was he made sure that you got pay fees stuff the ray yo polly was he worked for the radio police into the average now i m a day he was a wife but i sky by that car wash what's in here cured cake ups hash oil marijuana acacia form its view on this but the first thing i don't doubt swayed enough the universe experience very sweet no ah but we thought empty
is empty returned the liquid stevie ass though we are morbid i guess i would assuredly ya take some sugar liquids diva as dangerous eavesdropper yet second it is true that one or two drops it's so strong stevie could billy fuck up a drink of european attention hallo with me well you know the fuck would you know what's this sugar i'm cuban i got a sweeter to giving any took back like i got diabetes how many cacus populated raw sugar how many visits a half a cup of coffee harmonies sugars would you put in their normal fuckin raw sugar what would you do if i wasn't stubby oh shit now it's broken nor the other shit that's why you are used to sit sweetness that your voice at me steve you fucking sunday you should write off yet you use and for us
you guys on party or you by the former german saying we are party wants you drink that once a jury that i'm gonna get me fuckin y gotta listen i did my first morning join in ninety and did you fuck you oh i want to talk to you about the talked you periscopes your scoop stores for georgia i got a good i'm good these things like dick you know what the fuck you talk is that supposed to be good things like that he agrees that america when i drank the star its working goods gel drink that this is dick known a face like a guy that smoke bottle now use up his dick link us often areas analogous to load and we follow its me what's the story you personal you ever more you do in the joint what does it say it again with all the morning joint when uncle joe you but i do about five after rave the baby let's move
as outer eight in the morning you stand outside for a couple minutes touches territory for both to different weeds maybe a little hasheesh and i await the people up there's a motivational terms i tell the people he grabbed it dick late tonight that the same the day was either they gonna suck it the other night suck my dick either you went well that's really cool it is right that our sure and confucius citizen suck my dick today or you suck my dick the motto suck my dick somewhere along the line dick secondly to address you leave the house and the morn well leave the house i'm scared i gotta get myself up in the shower and let people know that when i'm going out there's somebody suck my dick today whether they wanna join you scared of norm scare the fucker they guys over this straight you ever have them delete any of your stuff i don't know i don't know about periscope i just dormant i fuckin move i want my line of data being shown up it's a man by the sunshine
both sides have to study the suck my dick or the soggy dick that's the eruption so because of this is how you have plenty sexual what's up with the judge you know we ve been waiting for twenty four minutes now you want to show but they lay that thou afflicted short let's get this fuckin party study will open up to date with the with his army by the way how can i know exactly what i'm doing tomorrow set my alarm clock part of this i usually watch you write when i'm going to bed you didn't you you do it really early sometimes sometimes you know i do not want to go on those iphone things for the car we got one legal nine away look grave plans ronald rallied round its illegal to do it on the have when shield mountain in california windshield when she'll be there in front of you or
the thing on inventions so you do learn the window you doing it ashraf y know you could do it i got the vance they haven't wondering what happened events in right now but it's not is on illegal appear schoolboy you drive i think it is definitely think it is really you because you're kind of paying attention to the road you aren't you just turn it on while you dry that if your parked eternal ok it's on here we go work i think that these things are becoming that's fine you can drive like that would dope rose cassettes how those shows get made like dr that door i've channel on youtube i was with those guys the math fairer duties get all these go presence of course you could definitely that i i i i turn on the time they i delete em right after the princes like i don't have a clue clubs should now it's like the forest fire fighting they won't thirty one one
deleted one of my periscopes lie because i've i have this thing where i e shitty food in the shower and mike review it when i was doing talk a bell like i had like a notch well grounded drinking all the water and like it like a super i got some do because was to gross i think what the fuck you eating food i now by women they censoring they i think they might i don't know why i could buy it was available for like an hour and then they just put it and i don't have it was i heard the people so you do your ways of water minute shower and i'm taking a real shower warm eating yeah but you were you with i'm not funding are attacking people at your wastewater y understand those complaints by when i when i do a shower scope i try not to shower for four days straight so it's can argue that lives in german manage it off your fuckin our how many minutes shower can i take five minutes but i don't know who fuckin shuts down the golf course ones that happened and has until then fuck yourself because they use millions gowns water until you shut
on the golf course fuck off these nets a hundred percent for entertainment hundred hundred percent he's a lesson they're gonna convert tory effort of entertainment a shower i taped to every region i was a day and i take my time i get the slew for nice i get as you know the live with a stick that's what made an asshole lou for dog lu lu lu food acute tipp just watch them one of those around the muffled stuck in their annual you know now i did the kind of aspects that my and how they want to go in that area as gypsies are generally motor vehicle ass could be the policeman cocksure i've got a finger my but not the finger when this target jerome they they live around us come to our very uncomfortable earlier make i control these look run your asshole yeah i'm avoidance shoulder surgery i got some tears small tears in my life
from southern gone through rejected keen at physical therapy and honest different shed for it my latest health issue fascinating shit us feel your joint given out and a real if i have to get fixed and i have to get this one fixed not quite at the point where agony it affects everything i could rejuvenated to the point like it's weird is still strong but it just get sore after using this apparently some phone chips in their from jujitsu my manners but what american vessel metallic right we ve hurt again the one i just as you should you should look into that rejecting kinship was rejected cambridge enemies of the blood spilled procedure they take your blood out with a kobe bryant early stage to go to germany for now they have a place in santa monica ended massive was i live where they take out some blood that's where we have a problem
out of these areas and the other two to lose you gotta to get if you do not make endemic to have still not had taken to big tubes and smarter the guests are based from air fucking compressor and they bang donigan led flopped eu wide and got other thing the salvation army sixteen ounces of what are you gonna get only a bloody illegal human do when i try to know what if i try to give blood want some smells like we gotta doktor with some fake flock of excuse because people that's why women don't get hot attacks was they bleed once a month why that's why they were somewhat they change their flesh and blood lack of work that's why wouldn't go get out exactly need i like but we don t like women would make a blood so a body rejuvenates new fuckin blood even if its fourth buck announce a fleet they can deal with is how it should induce you to cook would bleed more than noses so they would pile of honor you talkin about
timely right now that a reason women don't die and many other taxes matters because they believe that the fuckin monkey i think the reason why they probably dont dies much could they don't data's many lives of you over forty go give blood wants a monstrous coupled to play your body stuff from scratch on target your road nothing when women are not dating women it saves lastra get point this gay marriage ignorance rise and heart attacks it is our task as the bill from the lawyer that alimony what fucking out bitch get a job i'm not your mother gonna give you didn't fuck you kids with me god dammit molest averages really funny you're talking about that she gives alimony two different checks i go what happened to those pages are crazy we gave our support illicit etheridge is about ass bitch she's bad lady lady i say that with all due respect i call you about us
that's all anybody i love about aspects lucky badass pitch that's that's gonna percent respectful way yet as we can such data dizzy the car theatre the m gm with tommy secure and tony hinged cliff in vegas night before the big fight a miss you guys to where you i am at the atlanta emperor who i heard that good spot my spot by countless ok he's a king there they don't have the punchline anymore but they did upon like comedy night at a fuckin back yard the other day and some gated community they have some crazy community in norm in we're outside it and land out signals engineer communities and families recreations and two gated community but they have this the punchline had a punchline commie night unless people sitting outside and they decided of a common night a third you said a punch ninety nine open anyone's on open what happened what they did building i think they lost their lease on how i'm assuming but they ve been there for ever for ever
they might have decided it doesn't make sense to keep the lease i don't know exactly what happened we're looking for another spy green room sucked anyway what kind of cool those green room that had a little sign the walls had quit trying to be hicks scotch up there like because he had the only way to inner exit that green room was walking through the hole and gets let's also the green room were south pressures fought kimball slice and i called the fight like right before it happened like us can shamrock at injured warming up for the first fight and then all of a sudden steady can kimball slice ratified self possessed you know why i sort of like oh my god says possessing a fuck him up like this is a terrible fight frahm patches l is a bad mother fucker so i wash out this is a terrible match up and ever is like you're crazy gimbals a world beater unlike dude you wait do you see what happens here it happened within like eight seconds just assume if i start petronelle knocked him out and
you see i called it pet suffrages iceberg mother fucker but like rain and call it you would never see this this would we would hide this it was a crazy green room does good though spot you i mean just walking to set our sights are factors until you're walking socked without farther funded club those come wonky no news that weird wonky upstairs member we're spot not shut the manly beard condemning the krona beard i always done that club was that i always davis you and now guaranteed in people how the fuck you do and when i used to bring people know what to make of you all my terror so confused me you were in his position back then where either they got it or that it now but i was working hard then he was gone up that coke like that i might before not even feel he now will you have coking it blood
four dog is if depress you the next day wasn't depression is like oh you got high like i would get like one days wednesdays then the fuckin we can close come you got a warm and the first night you haven't like a good show does not have a good show with an i got all that shit on friday was rough savvy was rough regime what you're more this communicated more this has learned from disconnected is the word so i would go up dead die and see how people
fuck you hated them and aided me in all was so for the longest time for you that cooking was a real like a real anchor run neck thirty five years old tom i wiped his more the whole night these if the whole mind these how did you how'd you get it i can't hold i just kept falconer i just i just didn't want i didn't want whistle blowing i told you my fucking revenge g ok it you rather fucking get can dig up your ass to have somebody come to say joe ideas diaphragm an overdose i was not a letter that i was not gonna let people come up doing or see i told you and i definitely want my wife to find me on the floor listen you before me on the floor red bank levant redman will never be the same again if he found me on the floor
never read ban would fuckin god does he doesn't have the dna knew this poor guy you do you find anybody on the floor every bit of a deal's a deal you are strong unum saying you would put in perspective a lot quicker than red banquet red bandwidth to you talking about what you are saying something bad redman wetlands got a great so when i first met red ban i would talk the gibbet leave the route we didn't know what the columbus days yet further even now so what i'm saying is as some people could find the guy on the floor live with it and as some people who can digest they can't i didn't want to things i want every find a man of war i definitely wanted dinah hotel room and a fuckin road and that was my main playground embarrassed
we'll get you to hold our making us jumping azure glove juice on your leg hopefully and some chick command at three in the morning and people do this i told you jerome how was never in my life and my lifetime that was not and i was not going to be difficult i couldn't give them the satisfaction even after the fuckin fact that's how deep my revenge gmo runs while that's where i saw you you got clean because you wanted to get back at the people that would be of would have been happy if you die a place would have been happy if i died from that they would love to look at you in the face and i told you so there's people that live for that shit that once have an opinion they live by imitation now i said told you so yet no two times now i get settled so now they told us that a lot of fog in agents i've had some ice
stupid conversations with people back in the day stop when they try to tell me all tat they weren't funny i'm like union said the fuck i was just talking about a man when you're on the drug when you're only drug you get in that emotional state where you started that without drug really became something else we listen we do when i go right when i leave now the pharmacist magadan of our stock of great i want i want three times a day annabelle adviser stairway the life there were they get the brain ok over them when i say that thing then i become some of which have not come up to mingle joey we love your arms and we love you back it becomes an emotional think of ass an arm shootin decker now thought i'm chasen that dragon that feeling well when you start do you do a fuckin line occult with israel emotional flock erect ok when you no you don't even know what at times he become an emotional recommend drug those pills sulphur i still got stuck emotionally the anger was stuck in may you can't move forward we ve had this discussion and move forward will you voices
but i like it shut off your soul showing that story describe it is like you just became a blank should as it was andy was sad i was a man i wasn't any of the above i had no emotions you the five year away in those days you still with joy i could still be well some fuckin he if you caught me after two days if ice now what no book but it wasn't though you know you you still have a lot of talent still something about you that that just was about you catch on it i'm are one time we were worth gather rascals west orange western yeah rascals west orange and it was at that time will you the transition you in a home the coal or caitlin jenner came to those changes there was a transitional regime from joe de as the guy wants to be a comedian to join d as a great canadian and an ice i watched it happen and haven't really quickly that was what was weird as like you
this period time we were real hit and miss you know and you know if you went down you went down hard he would go that sometimes you'd bomb like multiple sets in a row and just wasn't wasn't click click and then boom you you hit on it out what a fuckin what it was and is almost like you release somethin like you have a good demon inside you pulled it out and you have released it then i'll send you are crushing number i think it was tripoli and i were in the back by the back hallway was i wanna towns regions just really started crushing and tripoli was like joe ideas on another level i got like what the fuck you just caught it you like a car wave your servant and then from then on you figure it out it was crazy like you went from being like of really funny guy off stage and in a cage funny guy on stage but often mediocre to a monster just monster
like those knights and or will you destroyed and we have fallen out of the back we would leave laugh and so hard we would go down the back stairs out into the hallway and it billy two or three guys slap in their leg laugh i'd be diamonds i live in the region a room was originally bring something out of it we're out of time zones while we're at a time when i love you malaysia have any time brings assigned an hour for the july barbicane rate the sea young jamie yuk yuk i'm gonna go take a swim in that's always of the edifice is darknesses yuck at everything first time she met me she's yak yes you kiss me unless you kiss citizens yet every they do and have some of this young man but i showed us my strange than i was our best radios ice great man we d as what is it the periscope how do people get to know on twitter followers it violence whether about what i do it's what time in the morning five after eight five after eight years
dad i'll get you get your day start off that a course mad flavour on twitter a ban on twitter shows them announced next week in toronto and this week wednesday comedy stores diva good globally moodily our friends will see soon but i love you guys are right friend thanks for tunisia podcast eyesore sponsors thanks to honour dot com go to oh and and i t you the code word rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements thank two legal zoom gotta legal zoom dot com and use the referral code rogan at check out to sea yourself some cash thanks to dollar shave club swayed by razors stop fucking around with other usual bulls out of going to a drug store and having them open up cabinets for you you can get it the new way dollar shave club dotcom forts lash rogan sign up today
get an awesome handle gets moslem razors and get it at a fraction of the price you pay anywhere else who we are right fuckers we will be back tomorrow i have a podcast and tomorrow should be very interesting because tomorrow i am having michael a wood junior he is that police officer there was a story about a measly former baltimore police officer who speaking out against all the craziness and corruption and all the shit that he saw them when he was on the job brave man we find what's going on tomorrow so that will be tomorrow and until then enjoy your lives much low as four hundred and twenty haha accidentally four hundred and twenty as i'm saying it
i love the ordinary people seizure and about the guests
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