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#674 - Brian Redban

2015-07-27 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. http://deathsquad.tv
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my friend brian red banned the job will gain experience we got snowflakes open this motherfucker jamming we are like we are live have now years ago today snowflakes were in the house so we think it brian i were talking here today and i was thinking that like one things that we always like me
we are waiting time others we didn't talk about that as always episodes where whatever's subject we get into the guest like doesn't it we don't we sometimes remiss like crazy fucking stories that we if we had more time we talked about so we decided to do show just dedicated only too crazy shit that we see i'm i would know yes old school what school snowflake style sometimes you wave from what guy you to the doubts and there is like a thing that happened like that we didn't talk about the paris hilton video where she was on a plane he asked if we just brought that upside at this the theory where that was not real why was her face not up blurred and brian vast person i know about con bullshit above videos online hands down no one comes close you ve evening held so many falcon people
bullshitting online to larry as everybody buys a new at me included i've i know a lot of and then you like i think it's bullshit my car man you're ok forget skeptical turns out to be bullshit it sucks to be made because i see it on facebook and i see opposed like things posted for years like and i have to go to each one like fig did you see i wanna recently with a guy cat runs out in traffic so the guy runs after the cat and does flips over cars now but i'm sure that is so vague have you seen jamie no saving you find it is preposterous that the people were actually believing to guide jumps oh a speeding car in the highway and does a flip over another car but it doesn't geigy misses the car it's like really shitty though it's done is like that he fucked up with the flip like if we just did the jump maybe people to believe because a jump luck looks almost real that he actually might
jumped over the roof of a fuckin car is anybody's thumbnails if i can get us maybe the work and it is now knows that note how catalytic s run over by a car just a lot a horrible videos we can run it it said do jumps over car about dude john over a car to save tat cat over card that save tat kid cardona that's it lawful kitticut card jump that's a tough one watch this guy what's a shit dangerous the public's boycotts three
what do you get the address is a straight youtube video i know exactly how they did so i can recreate that is dangerous austria is amazing that something like is another that something that would have been like an insane movie special effect just twenty years ago now eagerly on your laptop and aside will you do if you just like itself you know you're you're a special effects guy areas technology is available to the average person today's just off the charts crazy one of my first affects i learned how to do is recording something you could just record yourself sir down like a table and then you can just sit there may they like act like you're talking to somebody to the right of you and then you get and then you just sit on the other side the table oh thank you very much
ha ha ha ha ha in a split in the middle and impunity together and with this being that there's like moving can go out with this what they probably do it does they prior to cameras pride go prose or such like that sitting right next to each other in their recorded it at that same time by so they put him on like iraq or so maybe in it so that their both on the same plain what or what they probably did as they filmed it as if why the cars were going the card or just driving by and then they kind of like put him into at using i say okay so they film the cars are driving by and then when there's no cars danny run i'm just the camera never move yeah yeah that's a care but does move while he's running shake shaken camera shag yeah yeah that's a weird the global it's it's i mean i'm not doubting at all but have you seen it so where they could do it so well the eleven if that really fucked it up is way does the flip the flemish
your retarded inachus readjust use uses peeing on my face back you know it's like before then when he jumps over the car if you just did that and grabbed the cat and there was holy shit then state in the medium for a second you might almost believe that he did that why wouldn't just have it be something's amazing and simple instead of like because everyone can see that that famous for you know not everyone man there's there's some fucking people out there guy jumping over the labour mean a couple years ago and then kobe bryant did it and then everybody recreated it how kobe bryant but he do it for now i think anybody really did it for real so they have the car coming at elinor genital over an asteroid martin are somewhat com or the baby they got picked up by the bird that's another five one a lot of people i still see on facebook all the time words like some babies outside and the huge like bird comes over and picks up the baby and drops
but have you seen i know haven't that's that's all that's one that everyone still thinks did it today that is real but it ended up being a college and i was like one that are finally that to make that video like me have a virus you're crazy they may go to school for make a viral video a bullshit viral video eagle picks up babies who the eagle swooping n and snatches is real like here's the thing though dude an eagle would definitely i mean that's just it doesn't happen very often cuz eagles are probably scared of people and they stay clear but it's not like we have some fucking secret friendship with the eagles i had a this weekend kind of a fucked up story but my kids found a wounded hawk
and so they are they found his wounded hawk in the yard and said they brought the the hawk to this like wild life rescue center but before they had a feed it and the harkin fly so where they fed it mice and they got mice from the pistol and dumb they got these little the thing they call pinkies thrilling fucked up did it's it's a baby how's it was really the whole thing was a very created a little pink once yeah and soils are okay so they they face them a certain amount they had one of em that was still alive said one of them that was left civic terror movie rights i come home after this week in on the road and discovered have this little baby mouse that they haven't fed the hawk yet because they brought the hawk to a veterinarian veterinarian takes it to some you know place where they take care of wounded animal but now we have this this baby pinky that will die yeah it'll dive starvation if you don't do anything you can feed it
turn up two milk i don't know what the fuck you would do it so small it needs its mother or you bring it back to the pet store where they just going to feed it to snake so i said i'll just give you the check that's hard to watch right that's a baby alone veal to life is fucked crazy how ruthless life is you know i didn't have like did decision was is this this thing's gonna die or it's gonna die so i'm gonna take the responsibility if my hands and then bring it to a place where it's going to die it's probably starving to death cuz they had it for like over a day with no food like this is hope easy but it's like we decide that there's like an overall meritocracy what would you call that there's a hierarchy of animals there's a high your archeo value and we value you the life of this wounded hawk more than this baby mouse and when affinity chickens all came in to play such a weird avi
sway there this is life like that will thing was cute and my chickens are enough iq do not acute i mean they're beautiful their interesting animals but they don't have a sense of vulnerability like this little tiny little thing did but i fed that tiny little thing to those chair and it was like ireland on affected the right thing i gotta know they and first of all the chickens that thing was but on the ground for a second and i mean a second before they mauled it it was it they are damn raptors their dinosaurs that there is chickens are goddamn giraffes park we're just really big so chickens don't do anything but they ve packed my daughter's before the health check to see they can t you in how they see might be vulnerable you might be solved oh she thought your it was a warm no sheep i was wondering whether not chickadee you that's really what the fuck was going on she brought it wasn't thinking you were a bug
you're fuckin monsters they're just little monsters seeking grabbed those little fuckers and now i was hanging out with the sphinx cat all or weaken was babysitting my friend sphinx and it's amazing how different that kind of breed of cat is to a normal cat this cat is like a real cat that's almost pharaoh animal like it would come come up to me just grab a bagel off my plate and go is mine and they run away and this is just a kitten unlike what the fuck are you to steal from yeah and edit it's their snare hotter than a normal cat so they're like really hot and so you wake up in the morning and you think i'm about whom i sleeping up next to and it's a cat its low there huh their hotter and they have they like the snow books have no fur so it's like if any one step that's why when he's catchable you get the kid a few of them you can line them all up you feel like they're just sleeping with a person and it's it's a crazy
though it it's it's interesting catching a cat without any hair and singer wrinkles in their their face i guess it's almost like a little thing it's not like a cat like what you think of any mammal innkeepers a pet would have fur right when you have a path does not further when she gets real you got this weird rat cat thing that needs to cut away we will look at his face or her face it'll come we ll go right up to my dog is bite in the ass and then run it away it's a big animal tests you know it's really crazy as those services the cereal have service that they have the bengals the ones that people have as pets i dunno john jones as a couple of them they tear shit i don't believe in decline your cabinet i think we have one of those you have to re or that's a real cat that losing their
egg i don't know if it's a servile feels like that's too big i think that might be one of those ones that they have an africa but you know i get us pay here but as ones you can get as pets in america there are just fuckin it might be called a servile but their dirty giant ass fuckin things man and the look in his eyes that thing with that little girl and by the way like if you have food and you give them food they growl and hiss while their eaten a food i give you give them like a chicken and some do that a video of him on line feeding is milo's kind of cat sound like when he's feeding the chicken wings was just sits so like clothes they're so close to like a wild cat like even a regular cat is pretty fucking wild they can get pretty wild in our regular cats all kill every regular tat you have you leave him outside with vigour
or some my dad's gonna fuck that bird up they just kill aircraft fights and how they would all time our dude private in a cat fights prior girl getting your cat vagina ripped open by this fangs did you see this this is a lie a guy a couple guys have a tough tiger that just living at their house and you thought it was funding because oh jesus christ what they were watching their watching some clarification on the tv these guys you have a tiger for this is the most retarded shit ever look at its adorable where is this does saying that description
for folks who watching listening now watching this is a probability it's on a huge cat there's probably like pounds right yet how takes about the size of a master thief yeah mom the really big mastiff its it seems like let's say at least two hundred plus pounds to have the more that probably ok that's called whatever what am i doing what just can i get bigger and if it is to tell you it is does surprisingly it surprising how often people can have those can it be safe the i'll tell you that it is surprising to think about we knucklehead african pet tigers in lyons gregor wants to get ones personally please don't do that please don't make me talk about you and actually get eaten i will have you sir i love a nurse thank you but you get eaten by a lion i'm going to talk about you in a podcast just hanging out like bored as fuck with you run outside and killing
you know that's the thing about those animals as they have these built in things like a man has or woman has a good woman has a built in desire at least most of em and i assume that you don't fall wanting some sort of sexual contact almost everyone does right and almost everyone has this this desire to be a part of the same sort of social groups of always existed with our species in towns and groups these animals have always hunted that's been a part of their life for though as long as you're been tigers how how long it's been mean i don't have no idea it's gotta be thousands and thousands of generations who knows how many fucking years tigers have been around the form there now and all that time had been kill kill kill kill kill eat eat it so arrogant to think that you can just take them and turn them into golden lags used that so that's
raising thinking it's so silly and it's not healthy for the animal that would be like taking a person who grew up in like rural ohio and making them live as a bushmen in africa just in them to some place where guys have spears and they have to lions to become a man and you you wouldn't be prepared for that shit neither these people prepared to our neither this tiger rather prepared to live with people its whole its design its whole existence has been to kill until this moment this is big cat derek which about a few times on knowing you together do not he trains these yeah he was in texas next time we go taxes do you know i mean this is there's this thousands of tigers in texas tigers in texas or like super com is because of the weather is
things can texas is crazy wildlife laws i have a little bit about it it's great they have weird laws i will i wouldn't mind having a lama are you live in a long legged doesn't malign stephen his brother has lamas that he takes to hunt with him and he passed along zat because lama zero like more durable and horses they don't get cold they just stay outside in the snow and give a fuck are you doesn't even bother them you're free shivering the lama doesn't give a shit have you ever thought upgrading your eyes of pet farm you know you got chickens i ll give him a baby goats baby goats would be amazing maybe go to be too i think gum it's really really hard to have a baby goat if you ate goats out you know but if you your baby sheep and then you ate lamby boy ok what do we do in her time man i've been hunting i've been fishing i've seen animals killed that
yesterday with a little pinky mouse disturbed me as much as eighty i've ever seen well maybe space to save it maybe that's the whole thing nor think he's had a raise it eat it no one had a ring of acts of pets door and then i would affect its snakes that's what they sound for they sell em tee to feed snakes with snakes first of all i'm not saying you shouldn't have a snake don't get me wrong if you love snakes i'm not saying you wrong if you love whatever you love you love as long as you have a pet snake net snake does need a baby you're allowed to love that pats neck but the reality their pets neck that fuckin thing would eat a baby any chance of you left baby along with a giant anaconda it's gonna eat that baby a hundred percent time a hundred percent were zero zebra fuckin evil they don't give a fuck they don't care didn't have a deep attachment to you because you feed them their snake
as it is a very insane animal to keep as a pat i but i understand a totally understand it the beautiful their amazing fascinating and you do get like an electrical feeling when you watch snakes move around this because there's like this primal fear that you have of snakes and when you have a snake as a pet it's like it ignites these low primal triggers your body your bodies not hereby why would we friend making an alliance with the enemy he friends snake and wraps his arms fuckin body rather around your neck in your arms and you know you know i'm afraid why are you not afraid i wonder vegetarian snake the one snake that we try to be a good do early did you see video the only daughter are vegetarian snakes uses but of a dog trying to save a few his life though it really mean only how is this possible that this dog knows
try to save this vicious likes you sitting here like just putting like water on on the fish and then he goes dot is it is on live week we gotta anew to add its from lively gap but it says dog tries to save a fish yeah he's literally trying to get water and waste goes to another and actually save this fisk the fist comes back to life a little and crazy how does he know to do is fuckin his nose up to that's gonna sire check to see if it still lives that giving cpr to a fish and is that odin lab it looks like no second war was a point eight year term type of animal whose japanese mix without because she billina mixed with a retreat remove like maybe she billina yeah that's why man this there's an intelligence that animals have a a bizarre so i mean like we kind of think that the only way to know things is so ass to teach you them that's kind of how human beings have we ve we sort of
accepted that it's just a fact the only way i know something is it someone teaches you but that's a lot of shit you know that you know like or a lot of reactions that you have that are that are built in like for sheldrake is guys been on the podcast before he had this excellent analogy about what children in the big cities are afraid of and that therefore scary monsters even though they have a reference point that it never really seen a monster but they're afraid of scary monsters and up believe i might be butcher in this but i think his supposition was that what's going on is that they have this for you that's built in from back when they were little monkeys from when they are hiding from like leopards and jaguars these these beast set would have dark teeth are a bright white teeth and he would be dark and he would hide the night and try to catch you cause i'm probably really happened
point there was probably this animal that hunted in the darkness right and it killed a lot of the ancestors of all the people and some or another that's in our system somehow another its built in animals know that they should be breastfeeding but that's all built in all these reward systems in his eye does all these things built in to make sure that you continue the same behaviour the release man of oxytocin though the love feeling you have with comrades friends and family likewise all that stuff there it's all that is built and to make sure that we keep moving forward so we think that this that's that's where all our information comes from our information comes from human knowledge our information caution things it we ve written down the things that we ve learned about the way we behave i think some of it is in the bones i think some of it is deep in the bones like it's almost like you're born with a certain amount of information cat cat letterbox me
your baby of cat letterbox we're cats pretty much know what a cat letter boxes from being a kitten and it's like why you're such a baby but somehow we put a box down with some weird shit in it you know to go in that box and cover it it's weird yeah that's a good point that's rugged point the bill it's built into them and that is the case with lot of different behaviour that we see in nature right almost all of it instinctive there's a few learned moments like one of things that i saw that was fast meaning was orchids trying to teach their young had a hunt their teaching there you how to turn over ice islands so that they would make the seals slipped down into their mouths and they would these seals back up and i do it all over again i was well this is fucked seals are penguins one of those
but when they did it it was so obvious that they were teaching their teaching their little babies are all their teaching of tactics but that's just like people you have the learned like hunting tactics you have to learn to stay away though you know you can't have the wind in your face i mean the animals you're looking or the wind behind you muse animals you will be looking at going to be in their face so they can smell you cuz all these things that you may have to learn okay i got a teacher but how much of an how much do you have to tell them hunt i come much is that is in like us some sort of a memory system that there's reward for doing that i give her go fishing you like locally as i feel and toss migrate except for taking that thing out of the fish its grass tonight we but you know that feeling that you get when you catch a big fish like a good fish that you can eat like a real one you well a ride to look for can eat this fish now so this weird prime all sort of response thing that we don't for whatever reason don't talk about it but that's whites
on two even catch and release fish ari and i were in the alaska and they were there was like a point in time while we were there where you can only catch and release because they had this they have this like cut off point or that if you have a certain amount of salmon gone through the weird they worry that the money numbers might be low right then which is so crucial because they may you catch and release like the chances of you harming the animal is like pretty fuckin hi it's like the chances of the animal actually living is probably people want to say it but i researched after we did the trip and there thinking that publish a researcher before you the trip but there are thinking that like maybe as many as twenty percent of all the fish that you catch on release wind up dying they get fucked up from those hopes which totally makes sense right but if you just make them if they could keep one fish which like they usually do and king salmon fishing you would catch one and you would keep that one and that
one would die and that's all you would be fish for you to stop unless you keep even keep one in do catch release which is catch releases compulsion it back is pretty much reduced getting a shotgun to the face and hopefully you live because they are a giant ass barb hooked into your face you catch her release is kind of bullshit it's the only way of actually fish i've never actually fish right or was allowed to eat the fish discuss having a hammer had shark hammered sharks ok here's another hierarchy example hammer hardship a cooler than regular sharks way more likely to save a hammerhead shark then a great white the space is already sad enough was kind of cool alien that's crazy why turn over and put it back in the water oh it's gotta hook in it oh someone caught it why so did they catch it acts in italy but that's just part of fishing should accelerate chargers
but but it's weird that we have this like response that we want this thing to live this murderous fuckin feed machine does as feed and we wanted to live it's been super bizarre super bizarre that we want that thing to live i had a fuckin point what was my point about fish that eve this reward this instinct thing that we have built in it even when you like catching release is triggered evil is like yours trigger if you want to do that in its built i think it some information that people are born with or lisa response to reality that you're born with no in a very weird way because it used to be that x amount of years ago and for who knows how many thousands durations that's how you major state alive when you got a fish so i gave you reward we got one some fucking god type shit when he finds the ring
and even though all these generations later we're still getting our fish on styrofoam containers when you catch of fish weird release maybe you man maybe there's something wrong with you maybe you just fucking asshole in europe i think it's amazing in ohio they have fishing but they have ponds at the work like the workplaces my mommy look at this place they had it she mongers ponds at lunch you can just go in fish and you know and just chill out not think about work but yet i throw it back in and then go to work and they don't really see shit like that it agrees big corporations that like a fishing ponds right based stock up with interesting fish will they do i think in like when people have like a lot of money or down south still have like a lake stocked with bass and shit like that and i'll take clients to it and stuff
i know they do that like people that have a lot of money that have big corporations a lot of time still they'll have like a box at like say let's stay centre so aiding this plan there they get to go see which is critical oh man you man if you own like some network or something like that and you can just go take your friends to abide whatever it is lakers game you have sea fight kevin hearts play in there you go see it does can bawler that might be like ultimate oh shit to have like a box then our box works my misrepresenting i as corporate that's how they sell the stadium stuff you have to buy that they sell all those pretty much do you need tickets as well in some cases you do but depending on who you are and how big and how much money you spend your box give what if you like one of those duties from like microsoft like view one of those bruce bomber guys and i think i ll go crazy bomber owns the staple almeria owns the clever yeah so he owns part of their unity or such like that's that's high level shit might once again
dad you say about box columbus by was columbus clippers but his clippers box and abilities we had a really by you'd go there ray clothes like this really nice little they had it was catered they had waiters i just came in at everything was free you just had a stock fridge the hot dogs you wanted it is while scope bravo went to the u have see at one of those he has a friend who has won those are the stable centre and i was i what is like he's like dude it's crazy it's all upholstered leather and order herbs in fact
the best beer on ice and wine and one for a month and that rather than one night and we ve got free tickets because my boss at the time as for is one of his good friend as managers are he's the manager of john siena so we got access to the event but there was a calves basketball game gone the same night so me my friend to stay in the box watch the tv the basketball game listen to the raw going on outside and then when something cool came out with like took to step in and washed it came back and watch basketball game i needs a gold watch i don't give a shit enough about sports to till i go live the one but i will i need to go to an event i need to go to like one like real good basketball games maybe maybe i'll get it i was open the calves we're gonna play clippers and talking to see in the brown play the sheer by that date god damn it if you wanna go see leubronn platelets pick a spot and we'll find out where they are going to being will book a show in that town who august seal abroad cleveland
he legacy like the guy like that jordan of our generation space geometry right maybe kennedy i say that because as a running joke you have saved because mike goldberg one time asked me if travis looter was the michael jordan of brazilian jujitsu and i would say that when you want to feel abroad if you get a chance to say but that one of the few just finished my sentence travis looters like this bad ass brazilian jiu jitsu black belt he's like like looking for super super high level like when he was in the ufc i'm super excited cuz i was like this guy submit a lot of fuckin people you haven't seen submitted before he left his level jujitsu for high level but when goldberg was like the michael jordan what else like that's like so cliche that people do that they always have to say like he's either tiger woods of pool michael jordan a resilient just now he's fucking travis looter like that is bad ass that's who is in
michael jordan has presented its his marcella garcia without just cause he's at the time at least four shore the best and most spectacular guy but he's not the mai with jordan he's like these marcello garcia his own dude he doesn't have to be the mai jordan of something he fucks it's like when when anybody tries say it's like our version of nigger i know it's not now you got your own fucking insult you can't say it's your version of the end word you just do not allowed to know you did it means something bad to you ok i get it i get it see i'm frightened no talent for that what do i mean by this hawk hugging pirating some eggs verona makes me sad that talks like that me sad how could set a bunch a shit about his daughter dayton black eyes like man come on in two thousand fifteen whatever the fuck this video was years ago wasn't enough sex tape
it's from man it's sad to me that he thinks like that it's sad that shit's it just sad says it's his people man that guided ass to be born black it and ass be borne why is cool people cool fuck and people there are black i'm some my favorite people have met of time has been black the idea that you would be upset the dotted with date someone just cause a black to me makes me sad don't make me mad at him maybe i'll be modified black it makes me sad makes you say that thinks that way you know and it wasn't him funny it was like you say some funny in our view saints on funding cut him a break in may was trying to be funny he's like well good news and bad news the good is valued your daughter's dating a strapping six foot for super athlete the bad his name is tyrone wipe and what color think tyrone did you wanna be a white he's chinese
lacking is always shiny he's like oily he's oily his whole body he is like slippery and muscular and oily he's gotta dig that looks like an eel an evil ii and the end your daughter loves it love super happy about it ok i just don't i don't know this makes you feel sad i don't think he's races though i think maybe that is us know what he said was racist anybody he's not a racist maybe he says in private thinks of them as being in private and he wants some sort of escape pc world he finds himself in where ease public worries public he asked to have these can statements you never i swear you never hear him talk about anything like controversy he's a businessman he selling hull coke and its even his name is brand ok
maybe when you live a life like that or you're this fuckin american superpower use all yours or euro julian act you know he's always hong kong made his eyebrows and i interviewed him by the enemy the usa is one my all time favorite in use man put pull that shit up till he was awesome despite tv it was an honour it really was an honour is to be built of interviewed where i felt like what is a bunch obviously near the grass thyssen and brian hogs is a lot of people that i met where it was an honour but how cocoanuts like this guy this is fucking whole coke in man i can't believe that somehow another have a job of entertainment huge personality the one and only hall collagen
boards are how i beg you my brother you know two gentlemen it does it get any better than this brother these guys are going to war out here it's unbelievable you played its anatomy lies before you are you are you have safe ample on a huge barrier my brother should now i understand and that you have recently announced a partnership with tee and wrestling and its president dixie carter you gotta be moving this actually sat behind went to see some hot on supply tb tell us more about that here today i gotta atomic energy partners was by our partners with dixie car on partners with teenage we just got the green right brother oh my god i should watch myself more because i'm annoying annoying me right now maybe less annoying i watch manner why eight lifeless continuity
when after everybody here from ever everybody's now stand at you knew recently released a book if you have done rustling foreign australia when are we going to see hall pool game wrestle in vienna will brother i'm goin january but like i said modernizing we're goin georgina impact but you never know i'm going over there to take over maniacs or common it is where they who uses the word brother you're never gonna love for racist might have in common bad ladies gentlemen dna wrestling live on supplying tv pugsy finds you know you want to watch some months ebay what you're gonna do brother how long you what are you gonna do that's a good question thank you very much sir are you rather rather become a brother at least a dozen times tat s a lot of brother die happy i sat behind and that that i was there that that that day
i sat behind him and i remember the whole time yet this little comb and images combing his hair slowly while watching the u s is put on a show man he's smart look hulk here's the deal whole cogent still talked about today its two thousand and five when i was in high school i was in high school in the eightys the hawk was the fucking man ok he was a fucking man back then he was in forty three men or for three four three three which was russian much once was for them for russia was a russia that using for right now three was mister t and cocoa generate four ways the russian or you're right you're right you're right it was three fibres shedding so three i was totally in high school cuz i went with this saw this chick that i was dating on for remember very well all time all time
our member a member that movie based on the check that i want with let her where is he do that the electors highschool moments we dislike hyaena thank gives a great so how cocaine thrice a shit you not part part of me is like it it's sad that it thinks that we again if if you are black and you're angry at it i understand i don't get married sad but without one especially but i just it makes me wonder how many people talk like that one around how many people say like racist shyly on me every to talk about this all the time is my favorite thing to do to animals like by no one could be around unless updating them and i use i may i use f word dead and where it like i just an f for gay though the ghastly because i think sing it i regard his words but you're too for amusement enemies
funny because you don't get to say it anymore you're a similar high though see this thing your silly wanna things about you excuse me apartment one things about you is it's funny is where you automatically like gravitate towards the inappropriate should save ungraciously sexually you automatically to look you can't help yourself but you're not a mean person you certainly are racist like i know you you never very system racism to some mildly joking it's just hilarious what it's fun it says long share that's why a comic right but that's different like if someone somewhere another legs stucco microphone you're cats asked what those jewels that you have put on fostering a hat jewel but yours i can't believe those are real first warheads embryo of things the camp we demand castle just gonna walk around the diamonds
it's a sticker i was thinking that sticker my work but any homer the bought what would be greatly can clean there ass with her tongue they would feel it and clean it right now if it's like really strong sticker they wouldn't died from impacted shed shit i don't know what data had a point for all this got started what was the beginning of it all racism saying roses shit because we don't get to you now it's it's fun say shit races not this is about shit we're not posted voodoo shape is different anything that will give you were saying anything that was racist it would be in jest and just doesn't bother people you might have to apologize i look i didn't mean for this to get paid like but i certainly said ingest just fucking around my friends i love everybody then you probably could you know people would accept your policy they be mad at you but they accept your pa but what he was saying was not really and chest in our lives
didn't seem like it it was just i just an uncomfortable thing that you know and i don't think that guy it would however all the is sixty seven years old i think he's done learning enow soggy she's right him off could you just talk about why set it and what he what he felt and you know many sorry i think people can accept i don't think i'll go in the bad guy i think sometimes we'll do things like that and everybody else centres his madame the him forever fucked up you know that's what i think i think you fuck nobody fucked up thinking like that they pay you realize you fucked up when he feels it i think it's there's something though that a lot of people have to like take their own i could have once it's so is it a blame or say hey that guy said that but if you were to take your whole life and not knowing your parts were recorded you're fucked everyone's fuck we're all out asked her father
but it's really easy to point like all this guy's races blah blah he's a horrible person but like any of us you could take it like you said put a microphone to my cats by her like that and in and record me and take ten seconds offer my life in that area and put their online and i'm fucked with us recent man everything i mean anything you do if you doing and all the time you're gonna make mistakes whether its walking if someone just wanna take clips eu walkie and shit they followed you around all day how many times you walk into things i walk into things plant chechen talk in i accidently bob into a war or i hit a door what i mean hit a door it happens right which followed you all the time and took though snippets and spliced them together and go here
jamie vernon look this clumsy plot just walk in a walls everywhere he cut but most of the time the vast majority of the time you elegantly navigate your way through the universe but the times will you now your card door offs that look i now if you get upset if somebody dings your car door but who the fuck ding someone's car door please step up and raise your hand because i've never met this person i've thing people car doors okay and i've been car doors and left a note and told them emma email me or whatever and i'll give you money it's been a long i'm so they did but i did it again sancho i didn't digging their car door accidently hitler bumper and i left a small mark gay i have painted i store not live deftly d you guys torn not thinking about it the only times i've ever left a note of left to know at least sounds like you remember that's not foggy now because i think a ding their bumper yeah i've dinged
but i didn't leave a martyr door dinger trying to man it's been a long time on super careful of it now but back before i was a car not especially on no of dinged a few doors i'm guilty charge two hundred percent that's a fact bad feeling you don't think about it you look you're in your own had i get this done i gotta pay their bills fuck and then dunk can always be responsible for paying attention you gonna make mistakes what you are responsible i don't mean that what i mean is i can't be held accountable for ever you got to let it go at a certain point in time so i think even with this hulk hogan guy he fucked you fucked up he it shouldn't yeah you're right deftly shouldn't think like that but we follow you around stupid make fuckin clip of all your life all the blunder you're doing creepy shit you saying a weird falcon stuff you google guess what you're a mess to hear
your way more of a mess vice place it altogether and some sort of a crazy hit real now and that's it's easy to do for a guy like a hawk logan in owns it do is publicly so public is there all the time and i thought it pretty much what mozilla does what damage money for their ok you know what we're gonna go after lindsey lowland every single thing lindsey land or justin bieber does we're gonna make sure everyone knows about it here's my feeling about timidly and i'm a being completely ass about it most of what they're doing as far as like doing this stuff and this guy get arrested for drunk driving in mosul they're doing is making fun of preposterous shit that we actually probably would make fun of to buy goods beyond every time something happens like lindsey glow and we can say like all they report unless you owe him but meanwhile we fuck and talk about it we'll talk about on this podcast if something comes up on this park as it's crazy in the news that someone is done should runs over somebody with his truck
we're gonna fuck and talk about it and where we gonna get our video from we're going video from tansy everybody wants to pretend that what they're doing is inherently evil man i'm not sure currency like the only care about stuff that's happening you don't have to go after people on peer into their lives and find out extra bonds and using the watch weird shit you know you didn't have to do that because there is so much content just to put people being ridiculous that i don't necessarily see them as evil eye see them as just its of its new segment of entertainment well there's a lot of brian and standard economy was house taking pictures of dementia there's a lot of stuff goes on but that's just that's happening he's crazy the whole thing is crazy it's crazy circus put on in all they did a reality shows you do a crazy sexty but like all this stuff generating all this attention and so
comes in and looks at all the attention you look at this crazy shit it's pretty much what we do right i mean you don't we we might not like break the news we mine i'm when we're not journalists but we are i mean what is reporting what does that mean nobody would it would mean are you talking about stuff for you just simply reporting the facts because my those shows lay a heavy bit of editing and a tutorial review and ideas into their pieces in even dmz when they're they're making fun of something it's pretty obvious or making fun of it than ever porters what are they doing to doing like some new form of entertainment bad everybody pretends that pad what's just as bad as all the people like we need special you cover reality stars and an end like real housewives type shit like it would not have its bad but vain things bad as would you please put not on tv like what are you doing like what
and if they do something crazy someone fowls them the people that follow them a ban but you're not bad for putting these wacky fuckers on tv in full not to kill all day impotent cameras in the face and getting them in a position where they hope that maybe they'll be able to shoot you there fifty thousand dollars in fuckin student dead by being an asshole on tv and generating a following right and becoming some fucking crazy fan favorite on the show because of the oyster throw drinks in people's face fucking get gang do you know what lose force them to do that we lose it but it's not the whole thing is a zoo the whole things a circus soda too on anybody who is like looking at the circus counting on the circus as being the problem that seems to me to be essential disingenuous it's the circus is fine there's nothing wrong with a real housewives show it's nothing wrong with it and for the people that that can make money by being observed does nothing with them either their providing entertain whether we want to take it is traditional entertainment like a guy who writes a book of cartoons or are
or music or anything like that it's still entertainment it might not be good in your sense but neither burger can we not put burking on trial physician berger suck compared in and out now it's it's we should we should find a fascinating and caught and it's weird that people who focus on the circus are the people are somehow low lives it's weird is now weird hunger jamie by what has been talked about rob snake getting burger lies all morning burglary five hundred and seventy five thousand dollar willie mays baseball cards with stone so what they did they say he was in montreal whoever did it even after the comedy fast volleys down they just robin blind socks and that's it that's a big baseball cards like an baseball car world that's almost and they were specifically targeted at baseball prop that are they just targeted him because a new here is in montreal why drop camp here
one needs your fuckin baseball cards things weird that a piece of paper from nineteen fifth could be worth so much is said strange to me because i understand savior big willie mays fan i understand that you have liked some you two clips that you like to watch are you know you watch a documentary on or something it's amazing for you because your fan but i can't imagine giving a fuck about his baseball covered i mean we can imagine i can't imagine buying a baseball cards for a guy was alive for you but a guy like i get is appreciably small history broke but the videos in baseball history fucking idiot you don't have to have baseball cards anymore the baseball cards were only cool when people didn't have me these ok that's him please what would our principles it was like hard to get one you couldn't you scan the image and make your own baseball cards you asshole now you owners day of peace a history if i go out from this house and they point to a comic book no this is the original of spiderman one spiderman one of
one it's worth fifty thousand all we're retarded because of you open at magazine up it looks like shit deckard drawings that like shit to our sucks so that good like and you can get online ewing it our line watch on your ipad you fucking idiot get a second print i go i have to have it in your hand and ask me oldest fuck ray it's the it's a better version of it and you can get in europe are thinking it on your problem shriek and age i get on your iphone it doesn't smell like an antique bookstore grandma clause zero smell that's actually better than smell grandma's closet look in their fuckin plastic back me while i do miss my colleague will collection at it of these i sold when i was poor that i do regret and i can never get it back fine just hung in there for just a little bit more ambitious early on homepage now monies have their role pennies for food i fuckin didn't have to sell that i can make much i saved those common books i saw them when i was twenty one and i save them
from the time i was pricing i started when i was like seven or eight meter maybe sad dude to go through them like you rita no i wouldn't why would you want to show greater kidding me i'm going out and like its debts memory sitting on my back i forgot about new moves really wasted time put up on an ipad yeah you're right it's really kind of waste time in a lot of ways you know a really maybe super happy creepy first of all this is how cool david show is ok david show when he did the pike ass the first time in heard about from bourdain bourdain told me gotta have minds ass crazy and i said i would love to a medium unbridled edges this warmth like this i love this guy like being right away up come on let's talk and he gave me a foot he we ve talked about like like her comics and hard illustrations aware wilson stuff and he got
give me a series of either i had dad didn't have of these old school like nineteen fifties and sixtys and seventys comic books from like that era that they had printed they'd recreative didn't book foreign hard backbone is amazing and he drew that picture outside in the front and my coups who's that who does that for you suit who gives you a gift and a piece of art you know i mean david show is the course mother fucker ever love but the fact that this book was printed i love i love that i can go through this hard back book look at these comic books i i shall love those when i was a kid i got creepy an ear ie and all those black and white illustrated horror comic books they are awesome i can wait for the new ones to come out man they they were everything when i was a kid those you're amazing so the fact even get those today ipad on and off he can get those but
you know you're not getting the advertisements you not getting you make that the spanish fly advertisements in the comic books they still have where they re x ray glasses or cause we specials you couldn't get anything you could only get you you couldn't get in the knowledge that the thing was actually from that time like that corvette that i have one thing i love other car that car that's a nineteen sixty five car across from nineteen sixty five has been a bunch of stuff has been done to it to make it like handle better present one thousand nine hundred and sixty five is a car is years older than me is weird it's weird it's weird have his time capsule something and to think this thing was designed and implemented and created in seoul before you or even a thought your dad and had been fucked in by other people in the past goes fuckers pan
you don't thirty seven many people thirty seven million people used ashley madison and heard about i added to it it's got hacked they tried to advertise the pod castles i think you're on your own like i think this is the way to go and what s interesting about the whole thing is that people are freaking out already a you know people they have used the sites there haven't fake lists go out of like ready at a fake list the other day of supposedly that the list has been released and so what which is a great idea because then you don't really know which is the real list which is the fake list just stolen credit cards from target lorries and this information disinformation funny that you brought them because i was his document around playing the other day i tweeted about it it was fuckin amazing and it was a documented than ever
that believes in like really wacky shit about the ufo world and art bell type shit yeah barrage man you gotta watch that you have to watch them and it doesnt conclusively prove in any way that ufos aren't real but it's it sheds a lot little light on a lot of ridiculous ideas that people have about ufos that they have accepted as fact and documents that they point you as fact it's amazing it's a good doctor every man i wash it twice already i watched it in it may it literally made me watch it again so i could get a better just of exactly what was going on the documentary but is about this guiding richard dodi and this richard dodi was a he was a disinformation agent for the for the government so when someone would take a photo of some experimental craft they work and on this guy would
find out about it new contact them from the government and provide and tell them that we want to see the photos and that because that they were aware he would introduce them to some other information but on the grounds that they keep your mouth shut about this and so he would tell them that human beings are engineered from monkeys and aliens came down and we have the evidence and there the reason why we created the transistor and all these different crazy shit and and he would talk about roswell airplanes crash and show them fake pictures of otto
she's i'd say i will show you this data but under two for two there's gonna be to rules one you can't tell anyone and to you can't record any this south he would give them this stuff and show them and say we u we need you to fight against this incoming invasion of aliens in whatever disinformation he felt like doing at the time whatever wacky shit this dude felt like make it up and it was totally into his his discretion so this guy would do this and then one of things he would do is go to these ufo conferences with we repeat the shit that he made up at ease in the back room like this during the video needs in the back room is you have a conference at the full mingle in vegas like this and is clapping while these people these poor fox who have dedicated their entire lives to prove
thing they know you understand that they know they have been in contact with an official united states government agent who is told them there's an eminent invasion and these people fucking believe so the travel of the country they live in the back seat of their car and there there are basically these people that are pushed to bring a suicide that believe without a doubt that they are in contact with a fuckin government agent and one against ones of doing that ones of he killed himself i gotta go fuck i can't remember he was a guy that was that they were bringing him to bring them to psychiatric clinics they thought it was please we lose in his mind and he was a guy who's gonna fuckin died he was a guy that was absolutely convinced that the united states government was provided
and with real information and that no one was aware of this thing that he had tell them about the we are being monitored they're they're coming they're gonna take us back we are androids about wacky shit this did was tom and this guy would sit in the back room the guy who told them was the ultimate puppet master it's amazing man than the duc de commanders amazing guy has a smirk on his face the entire time is talk about it and you realize this crazy fucker this created thought like a jew a percentage of the whole you are full folk lore it all came from this one crazy fuck as one organization and there's another guy auditors younger guys like since he's gonna shit together and he's talking about in this alien being from a thousand light years aware whatever the fuck he's talking about he's another admitted government agent i'm talking about
we are doing it now you do now right you do it now because you must be doing enough united have some pictures and videos and some stuff to show us are you saying that this how do you know that there is some you don't just say he's a fucking planet i know because i have access to very secretive government information that lets me no you catch is due to know you have to that's how the whole signed thing works as far as has been explained to me you have to exactly show you have to bring data you have to have this that's me something before you say that otherwise people are gonna listen you who told you all that i told usernames richard we owe that guy i will show you a video about that guy that talking about what he did use goofy fuck wit psychotic it's called mirage men arrangement mirage man it's it's it's amazing it's amazing its it's it's really almost a psychological documentary then it is a about ufos causes the thing that i am wrecking
in myself when i had wacky beliefs i started watch wacky police nuts animal meal to both the word i recognised in myself in why i believed in like those things that were raw arise maybe those rod things oh my god i watch the videos eddie bravo here with that in mind that member that alien fish bong a happier i still have it but we feel that alien fishbone up with god's creation and we watch this stupid fuckin vhf tape of an artifact the artifact is when bugs fly really close to a camera their wings move so fast the video cameras lands can't quite capture it correctly jamie or professional photographer he could explain was going on that aperture like the frames per second what the videos ass the movement too fast
actually light so what it does in the images sylvia pull video outcomes is glorious what it does images i was fucking convinced ok i will convey to the dna i knew these things were around us we just couldn't precision it remains what was the other thing that lanes flare one we're like you take a picture in their economic others a ghost in orbs do orbs orbs but no one ever captured until they figured out digital cameras any stood at easter believes that or he's got some proof gets improve their backs up his cause eddie was when it was really into the orbs well like like eddie i didn't have the best childhood but mine i think was better than his until i i believe i want to believe in mystical bullshit magic things i think there's a big part of us think that the reason why people like thinking about big foot
over a killer whales is only because we don't know for sure bigfoot existed bigfoot definitely existed he's way closer to us the killer whale is killer whales be amazing exist we if there's someone told you that there was some intelligent life form that was like a fish but it was also is also a mammal in some way this is those stupid things the sky the current sky fish fly rods and adjust the young is an artifact of these and was not being able to pick up on the bug correctly so as the bug moves across the screen it looks like an elongated rod was released what about it now and think about it at the time is that if it really was moving that fast because you see it in this video you'd be able to see it like you i see it z peer to peer meaning when they do it in high speed some of we can see and when they saw down and they become these rods that's the
only time where are they look like a rod is when it slowed down any speeded up electing a bug because it is a fuckin bug goddammit good almost figured it out watching him but one dude got really nutty an attack the idea produces documentaries about an artifact in there ceiling it that one fly across the fucking does a hole in the ground in mexico and as he's got the sky diamond in this holds hold those like a mile into the ground it's like an underground cave this dude filmed people died this horrible and these rights it's all around them but there's if you put it on i speak camera camera the captures many many frames per second does red cameras writing those like digital broadcast quality care then you don't see it you to see bugs so they you did not allow show monster quest like they showed back to back footage they have to cameras over
fire how a campfire and that the two canada foot camphire attracted bugs so the two cameras filmed it one of them was high speed when it was standard genuine should always fucking high speed one showed bugs sir i've blackened believed it man do not believe for months might have been a year minded and a year and a half you see the video giant squid that the russian sailors found like this rare but that's real i know i don't know they got that each man now absolutely enormous we're here fascinating about the giant squid is that until like a decade ago it was just a legend no one at any idea i dont know be dick and stuff was about re likely well not exactly but it's about a verse as a matter of fact they found these fossil remains
not remains but these are fossils of imprints from a dead being suction cups and they believe evidence of something that would have been referred to as the crack and say a thing about the ocean one of these about these ocean animals as far as banks as has been explained to me is there the issue with trying to figure out how long things been around us first of all it's too big to explore you're dealing with its enormous enormous enormous enormous cities several bodies of water but all of the merger sway too big for you to come a hundred percent the water then you can think about the fact that all these beings this crazy giant squid singers beg you see the one pull the one that was taken by a believers and exxon oil rig it was a cry alien looking thing but my point being all these beings there made other bodies are made out of flesh
bones are made out of like a cartilage except for their skulls and their spines but only have as late as these you know these you ve fishbones before we ve all got like fish now we ve forgotten like fish i'll give it a salmon fillet you get a rib in your mouth it's like a delicate little thing it's not like you reading a bone you mean collarbone but it's like a different thing everything at the bottom of the ocean each that shit out that's gone so to know how you that's the thing as the this is didn't know they have never seen this thing before until two thousand seven they didn't daddy noticing existed its galaxies bendy grab arms come off the back of a giant squid thicket dolly painting rate is its ali it's so great to the beginning again just pause it nay when they zoom out you like why this is common pasok father if they found that flying space you'd be shitting your pants they took the space shuttle up and
the atmosphere and they found that hovering above the earth we would shedding are fucking pants but the fact that this creepy thing is creepy bat wing lookin your crab thing as live in the ocean we don't care it so where does this bizarre people go in the ocean go in the ocean but an alien movie right at an alien movie a hundred percent things crazy but the point that those things are all they draw flesh sums are flashing several beak octopus is there are flesh except for there so when you get down to it when they die they just they're gone they didn t get eaten by though it's really is an efficient way need bones like we need bones in the water you need to be strong and pliable and be able to regenerate your limbs like that's you
the way better idea than pounds so octopus connect puss regenerative limbs my talk a ship can i had no idea how to find that out but the point is that we don't know how big day used to get and so they found this fossil that indicates that there is a huge fuckin such and cups enormous so i think this is crazy fuck octopus them out of it a hundred feet long how octopus hours reject bam see with ease pitch trust in your thoughts not the weed i bet it stood on end with your memory they do grow back pull up that thing it could exist they don't know pull up that thing real life cracking discovered pull up the the images that they found of sir these enormous suction cups that were fossil suction cups and thinking about the growth of this because ain't they figured out i forget what year was at all
it was much earlier than like two thousand where they found the giant squids were real amount effect on being conservative i think but i dad up until then it was just a mystery like a myth like the idea of a giant squid and they once they found him when oh shit these are real ok so this two recent while this fossil that fossil up there above the top that the top one there that's tentacles and there fucking enormous therein normous this shitty formatted website and it gets to beg your facebook stupid buttons and pinterest twitter i'll get in the way of the images the new discovery fossils including the shell like fossil believed belong to an ancient octopus type creature above about
it supported the two thousand eleven theory about the existence of the crack he manage if they did said whilst fucking little james cameron type individual billionaire dude sub remains down any discovered a fuckin nine hundred foot long the bush just decided they eat that stupid all capsule sized personal water craft that mr cameron folks around and finally that he finally he's the fucking guy was gone deeper than any human its ever lived do you understand us that's how what a bad motherfucker james cameras he's the
why isn't there a nasa for our own earth like worse why don't we just go down and is owed oddly cheaper than i did say we are going to space and will probably figure out that like there's something that's down there ok you guys we know that they can communicate with us and tell us everything we want to know and like opening underwater door see that's that's gettin cushioning pinafore here's my terrifying fear here's my terrify fear but knowledge it my terrifying fears that human beings are the small things in the universe thank the pressure on now no definite out for sure i don't even know for sure from real i don't even know for sure if this is in some crazy dreamer video game world bra plan is i'm not sure i am not sure but i'm not sure i just think that if you
look it life from from outside perspective we try to pay attention what this is what this is what is life what you did to find to me what life to you briarwood ban what my life to me i would his life i think it's so thing that we're all programme to do and it's not gonna make it until it's over but i think it's definitely something that that's that's the word doing because based off and something else i myself something that i think like i was born did you know like like you said earlier we are time after i like a cat finding the cat letter box in for some reason it knows i think every single person is born to do like their oars born in programmed in a way to make it sound like i'd of something we can relate to like like a phone or some like an operating system we are programmed
so to do to live a certain way to do a certain way to think a certain way to have a certain islands or something that your drawn to but i think that we're all it's already been mapped out for the most part to to appoint jamie do yeah to a certain extent and i think you're drawn places for sure but i don't know that i don't know cuz i've had certain things pop up my my life drive like i thought that's what i'm going to do implant sports forever but no it is not just something that's cool the comes in your life and interests maybe a higher certainly gives you a new buzz i guess if i look at it back there are kind all similar the creating stuff has been here marge drawn towards the arts and creating were other people talk you know john towards numbers of people are drawn to dancing in i i i think it's what i think i
when you die it's definitely going to be like tat kind of thing double that's what psychedelic cyrillic right when you have a good crazy breakthrough psychedelic moment were no right the fuckin universe fades on you one of the things you things like all this has always been here i remember this yeah yeah this is here this is over here i think that's gonna happen again and then our souls going to under the ocean where organ become dolphins i find it amazing how little we know about shit that just happened amazing that they're always find it is these new pieces of information to change things like this crack and thing or about like this they found some new evidence of agriculture this twenty three thousand years old twenty three thousand years old weak growing and then if their pushes civilization back like some insane
number on an old original number was but i don't think it was less than ten or more than ten thousand years ago so it went thirteen thousand years further at least at least where they found evidence of it you know who knows how much evidence there is of shit this is gone it doesn't exist in order that battery from iran or i it's like insane there do you think there is anything in the future that's controlling us now anything what i was saying earlier that i think that my fear is and is not really a fear i think we're pretty awesome i'm a burma unabashed enthusiast of human beings other human beings pretty fuckin cool i think for sure there's some ones that are a mess and those consider a mass they can get can get into some positions within cause trouble for everybody else and part of its our fault because we allowed them to have the responsibility of managing certain areas like if you look at
the human race as a whole and then you look at some insane pollution like you go to you ever been in detroit there this year where did you go to the river area i'd issued its depressing is it my god we filmed there for that cipher show that i did and worthwhile me my friend todd were drive around this river will in fact dude this is awful that that goddamn river has been poisoned and everybody china knows it as one of the most polluted areas in the war i mean collectively i think we all know that right is it as it is a raise but we don't feel were now responsible we didn't do it i didn't do it you didn't do it so some did it will what percentage of the people that did it did it at three and fifty million but what percentage that population polluted the detroit river its small super small but a small percentage can start a nuclear war a small percentage can cause genocide a small is small but if you
let him get away with it they can do some fucked up shit it small but i think over all and this is when i understand people that say all people suck i get it i know you're trying to say i know we trying to say we can definitely suck in comparison to the potential that we show as well but here's the thing about the people that tell people suck they usually don't suck i like em like like say people suck man people fuckin zaga fuckin hey people and then i go but you and your person i like you you're telling me that people suck a you're nice you're nice and i'm nice so people out of people suck how is that possible some people suck some people so that's what percentages that could you imagine if like food if like why one millionth of a per cent of food would give you fuckin ridiculous diarrhoea but you are like fought food man foods bullshit
food causes diarrhoea food cholera most food nourishes you most food care view without most food you'd die dude foods bullshit broke you don't bangladesh you're old boy died from bad food seven billion people that eight food take state alive that's to me the same sort of philosophy when people so that people suck i don't think she was i think people can saga thing i've sector than you suck you suck all the time dammit jamie these are mean dissected i've gotta meanness what i mean like as a potential like as a pact as a potential the human race is insane most amazing thing ever we might be the tipp of the fuckin spear we might be it might be that it takes some weird collection of carbon based life and on the environment and biological entities that need the stone to stay warm it takes a lot
fucking weird shit to create a person they navigate siberia come across the bearing street make it in amerika make fuckin edges stones and attached and sticks and shooting with bows and arrows at buffalo mere to your with a mad creative what a weird animal its not that easy to get to that point why not just stay a squid why not score have been squids for two hundred fifty million years why not stay a stupid fourg enamored shark one must stay of fish that needs a dog to go up to it and winds splash one on because it is never legs like an asshole just walk away you fuck they can't they can't walk away you can't breathe underwater why does it create a human being might be a bullet in the system it might be the chimps are as good as it gets anywhere and that's all sudden some weird thing happen and we
came along and where the fuckin top of the intelligent ladder but we suck we don't always suck but we seconds on occasions on a lot of occasions on memorable men of old measurable occasions we suck now we're speech it'll drop bombs on countries indiscriminately to prove a point like we did and worldwide one or two they were what you're rather they they ended the war by dropping nuclear bombs on a whole city that sucks re everybody would say that sucks would also we don't know i really think that we're in the in the very end of a strange process on this planet idols were more than a decade away from being something completely different and we are now i really think that its falling apart fast faster and faster asa weird way man and weird our heroes are now you now both cosby that cover of new york i guess we're has all the victims of all lined up
would you say five years ago you said that bill cosby was all this was gonna happier i you're crazy shut the fuck up never believed in no one hears a sad thing and this is on me i think polly five years ago it probably heard something crazy that he did really i don't member i remember was five years ago or but there was a trial that it was in the news ten years ago apparently was the one that he settled out of court that they took their opposition from the used it in this this new thing it's just sad as fuck man it's sad as fuck it says fuck that a person's been doing that their whole life trying to find and look at all the girls at around that they will see it man i want you to see they had just type doesn't really look like it just is sad do it set ways out or for them that it is for him for sure but it still sad it sat all around fucked up it's wrong just wrong we all know it's wrong is no one defending that he can't defender
you know what's really interesting man i've been talk about the sun stage about animal have seen but the devil in the angel member with the devil's like fucker firebrands out soccer debts that you could never do that today you could never that today you can never have a scene in a comedy where a little tiny cute little minute devil was tell your rape right there there's that other one though oughta happening hot stuff what's that movie she's passed out and we said lily cod remember jamie whom there is a lot there's a lot of movies that have weird drunk rape type scenes were there passed down her life beyond their tits up like hot dog probably has a future and meatballs and were all those other eighties prove movies that involved
porky portuguese that do not have any type of hot dogs skiing no hot dogs pork he's a real moving there is a gang of those woogie ass many hours was another one rude i totally forgot about those movies i forgot about turkey's until right now until you just right that up i probably and thought about more than ten years ten thousand hours scene when they're looking through the shower two parties was hot each never do those total creeper rapist shit that's what's wild that's pretty much what the south rogan movies are now you know that's their version like there the super bad yeah taking it away with some stuff they get away with some as far as like like the drawing the decks where similar but ass isabel close to home so ridiculous they get away with some stuff that they could have never gotten away with back then but back then they can get away with the insensitive stuff but you never have drawing dixon animals movie where you'd show
god drawing all the decks people were ready for that doesn't like to me in a strange way sums the evidence of evolution is like imprint in our media that seems to me to be the biggest evidence that human being things are moving towards something better than we are now which is one of the reasons why i think that like why there's so much criticism and so much like this so much anger and people mad at people today like we're even what we're talking about people mad at celebrities and people mad at him see for follow and celebrities and people manage levy shows his son i thank those guns be it least somewhere in that anger miss misguided as it may be this desire for all of us to do better egg it sort of manifests itself in some kind of a weird distort bia
it's weird vibration of anger that runs through a culture but but it's not like an answer mounted a problem i think people look at it like it's an insurmountable problem i think like human beings overall i think i can say the word like too much about that i like don't even like what the fuck i'm like talking about i think beings overall are getting way better i think we're getting way better so when's unlike the whole coke and things like that happens pivoted superbum doubt because life coogan knothole cog in it's like the dude wisely believe silly shit like legit does believe so it should maybe doesn't believe it anymore with michael jackson things totally different does this not just us thought it's an action allegedly
right what's lawfully reminiscent assertions to the point where we know we grew up michael jackson amnesty the king now there was the best course personnel and watch him deteriorate over the last years and in all tat with all this cosby shit in all the kid stuff it michael and still alive he would be the next cosby we would find out that all these kids like even you know corey would come out and say you fuck me good and shit like that right don't you think so i don't know i mean if they could take down clause be they can definitely get to michael could be or could be stopped austria is still get etiquette still tagamet aluminium that's all wrong he lets me the neverland but like i don't remember who said this first does definitely is it my dear i just kept member who said it someone was saying that like all the
all all the evidence was there like what kind of a grown ass man has a goddamn amusement park at his house they were just saying like this is like this is most ridiculous thing ever that this guy is accused of pedophilia and he has an amusement park for children in his house and he talks like a child we were not always fine don't leave your kids with them he'll be fine it's it's a crane see insane aberration that somehow another child who grows up with this dominant father and his family of me actions and there are singing and dancing and travel in the country and he's love by everybody from the time he was a little kid dude if you watch the jackson five think about this thing about
if you were tita or germane or any other people that were jackson's think about who they are okay these are grown ass men and an older children of this sort we're nova here your parents had a bunch of kids and they had one supernova they had janet access and they had tito germane they had the toya at all these jackson and then they had michael this nucleus this fuckin just why ah thing so much that everybody goes he's gonna say he's insane he and dance and he does it on tv any hits it perfectly he is a perfectly
for anybody to ever try to figure out what it would like to be would it be like to be michael jackson you're gonna watch michael jackson when he was on tv when he was a little kid would pull pull somebody up jamie because i think we can all like we could all agree let's disagree and some stuff for talk about this pedophilias when the worst things you could ever do for sure we all look great right we all agree that anyway that harms a child is a terrible fucking person and we don't want that in our world we all look great but let's look at this life let's look at his life was try to look at it outside of that judgment which we all agree on and say this is these this life this choice the situation is scenario that he was born into is not his idea it is not his idea to be this little tiny person who is exposed to millions of people on television it's not his idea
and so you lookin out right now play this man what is is looking look how could he has to turn up entirely adorable oh my god he was amazing look at his brothers background how much they hate life you ve got a bunch of due to are already getting laid one on doesn't do anything but dance it seems the middle guy and then there's another little guy who's like like my will now that's my southern sudan manner first of all the excellent musicians listen to this practice should have jimmy
goddamn as such have been pointed out by many drum what's up a drummer now is rather you're lying jamie's rotunda jamie just spend it my fucking love for this on its about still mass look it up let them go man he's got a leather vestiaire tassels like he's the outlaw jason oh my god is incredible which ones tita isolated tito that i don't know i don't know anybody is no michael jackson is casual fan bad for that right now
ours is grave god damn this is good i got news for you man of this ship was on o brien tomorrow these guys are below there hello up miles saint alan's they would blow up this is just good this is and entertaining type performance of a bad ass bare legged dress the same way they dress right now think addressing that same way do this exact same show that's coming we're all going to have richard hologram we get to go see them and by an hall graham format it s a place i know what i mean that place
a hologram that when chicago ban that looked real like they have a try you go no no my friend produce it was one of producers of it and then this is the one the chief keith that got the sketch shut down right yeah the mayor chef key for chiefly thank you i get it squash but do not suit i get really i'm very white i get so could if you so far so he got shut down he was doing did is hologram and got shut down but i know we set a mer the mare pretty much just came on and stepped in and said hey i dont like this guy because he has some warrants with colleagues this is in chicago those have been well indiana two how to move in indiana ok but day they pretty much time to adjust pull the plug on after the first songs of the first saw verse song hologram chief keith came out everything was going fine the mare than toilet turn off all the electricity there and important as you know the freedom of speech for wine and
there is also a lot of weird laws about because this was broadcast live and the marriage came it was like a like this guy and i put it alive performance just cause has there been any sort of an examination of what the mayor's allowed to do here what it what is legally allowed to do i don't know but it seems like i mean when i first heard about i immediately is like this does not seem legal you know what if this was you know and on top of this this was to raise money for you know the people that were affected by that huge all these people got shot in chicago only recently like a ton of people and neighbours was a child that and this was to raise money for them hold on a second lou i know nothing about chief keith mayor mcdermott he's only forty six the mare said all i'd heard is that he has a lot of songs about gangs and shooting people a history that's anti cop pro gang and pro drug use he's been
basically outlawed in chicago or we're not going to let you circumvent may a manual by going next door the cargo mayors office did not immediately respond to requests for comment hilarious so he's i quote from the didn't comment the mayor the mares did indiana mare where this manual chicago mayor different dude ok so the indiana mayors only forty six of the chicago mare so this cargo mayor contacted the indiana mare and said that should shut it down which another judges do there it's a hologram and hey guys us it lets type of ice cube let's talk about jocker dray let's talk about any these other fucking people they did the exact same thing in double away all talked about killing cops shooting cops fuck the police and other stuff and you guys are celebrating want you pull on the beat headphones out of all this
stores mayor of india and effort saying you know all this shit you said in your pass music that now we're all gonna see in the new interviewing maybe and its we're all gonna be singing it again so at a time right now having in w the movie come out is so strong and powerful but this guy trying to raise some money no not even him a whole graham version of him trying to raise money and they shut it down after the first so i just don't think if no one's do crime you should be allowed to say that saying words unless your likes organizing some sort of attack on someone but the eye you're saying words what does every move that we go to say i just what is what does every gangster movie but should we stop the death creation of through a relaxed bunny books bunny had dynamite tons of explode on trying to kill a lot of violence and that more widely coyote vary but i'm sure both when it was involves many housing or two
every fucking movie we love has destruction everybody says that murders bad everybody says it but how many fuck movies of murdering jesus christ right what percentage of will just gambino murder and we don't get we don't know ok this is a beautiful subject right here don't do it gotta jamie and wants to guess what percent of move these have murder in them guess jamie first murder allow all movie that's a big thanks a forty percent forty percent murder sort of murder sobriety would i think loves gonna go higher but since you went so lower cells lower all movies i'd probably say murder or violence are just murder price say thirty two percent thirty two percent was find out jane want to go with china figured i'd just too difficult
we do i'm doing the show still exist too many statistics you have to go through this like alive that a service found eighty two percent of american believe that movies have too much violence ass well ass for you fuck different people how many times they have died in movies if i had to guess i'd say ten percent what did you say thirty two percent too which is a german forty forty a thing ass a tent grant ten i don't think think in real life if ten percent of people got murdered you before you tear vines obey a horrible we're liver him and that's a gang is candies ten percent of people die right you have a short lifespan if you like short cycles of human beings just keep babies and keep dying off quick unknown figure anything what percentage you think every year
oceans are no more precise i mean you're ready at ninety five i actually found this empty you just found we'll figure it out but i think that its i think the numbers thing is like very deceptive lotta deceptive numbers how many deceptive numbers of people at a fucking up the world what were the deceptive numbers of dummies out there i think is nearly as many everything's hers allow the dummies are unhappy being dummies was keep them dummies forever would never allow them not be dummies anymore you know figure trapped dummy world dummy friends it was i also in i saw their house blues the other day they they had this free concert on sunset and they originally went to the roxy an area like this guy name with justice was his name future future shouldn't be your name sir sidney you have a name just like i can't have met
as an aim to check you can't he's a future this is ridiculous that's like i've known word it's like i'm tripod so use beholder bechamel stopped all from trot hog tripod i like i tried hard supply the large penis but he shut down he shut down the rock they they had a free show roxy so many people showed up like a thousand people someone had to shut down sunset boulevard at the roxy so then they moved it to the house a blue and the same should happen like it was allocated to go on stage in the hot their swat team guys with guns on the side of the comedy store there was helicopters in then buddy something happened where people are expressing like extinguishers are smoke bombs and had to shut the whole thing down before pharaoh s and there is amazing how fast that could have turned into a riot situation and stuff like that so when the this concept was shut down it you would think that they were too
to control a riot of some kind or what would be the reason other than taking money out of an event that was for a toddler that died due to violence do you think that would be a waste that would have violence is a benefit show for a toddler because of violence here's the thing it shouldn't be the mayor's arbitrary decision to decide shut down a show like that especially to do it while you gotta think he's problem we grandstanding right you know what he's doing is making a big stand stop gang violence and we all agree this it's better to have less violence in the world's better have less what were you can't just decide in the middle of a show to shut down that stupid and that's not thinking about the future because you're gonna have a whole what many people are at a show of ten thousand fuckin people's i'm crazy as a huge festival some kind of festival right so let's less essays ten thousand people coming to me
were there to see him there or is there to see him you shut it down their mad so now you gotta have a group of people that are you're going to get entertained their mad if criminals were criminals the farc in time twenty four hours a day seven days a week what kind of a would it be would be crazy it would be like criminals of billig zombies which is we just ride around grabber things are not so good to be in a situation where crime could erupt most time criminals aren't committing crimes even the most hardened criminals out other waking day what what percentage actually dedicated to crime it's probably pretty fuckin small right but now if you set them up in a situation where you take away their money and used their show and used but because you don't like with this person on stage and now there in a position where they feel wronged they feel like you owe them you have you you ve created a feeling of debt
yeah you ve created a feeling of anger i parked i had to cough work i had it did this angle like now you ve just created a mob of people against the system does not smart there's a lot of cool videos of that night where you know the show is going on everything is going great need to see in the background like one hundred and eighty fifty two lights coming closer and closer all the cop cars is coming from the distance because indiana flies fuck so you can see just how true think it yeah it's that's all you're thing again with crime and in the end i look around i need is like tower thirty seconds the cover six miles away again the fuckin garlic do this drives love drives three great thing like these acts like periscope
like that that are really using it as for the news and for kind of like crime checking you know like i got a video of you what you think about these drones like that the fact that there is a will to use when i was up in canada couple months ago was one of those guys in front friend of a friend had a drone and was hooked up to his eye phone like this is crazy what is this he's showing the video from his iphone on his iphone of this fuckin robot this is flying around my dad in saying i can't believe you can actually do this have you heard of lily now i can't wait comes out very soon lily is this like a sector that it looks it's gonna be than like the first iphone drones like it's gonna be one of the ones it's like your own personal drone shanghai check this video it's pretty sweet all this shit can do well here's a com also i think back maybe jamie deport i'll probably be better
so what is the idea that its white what is at our droids it's it's just like here you're you're holding it you ve just throw it in the air and it turns on automatically you can have it either fall you directly behind you side sideways so it is a thing and its adorable looking and the violence got eyes she looks like a blue little see how this room at an end follow yelling come on it so it's the track you this is just showing if you're going to be as my god we hd we have robot falcons yeah the robot falcon falconer follows europe comes to you and it comes shoddy i fancy i and a twenty minute flight time all my leg musicians throat over brain like gods the crazy shit i've ever seen in my life is just one like grand theft auto style just walk behind you mike
one of the course things is going to minute high i can just goes fat how fast and it goes i don't know what happened years ago bites pay much if i were you trying to dot ized oh my god oh my god look at that you were a tracking device around your risk yeah to look maturity they're going to run in view and lead or follow norton sixty frames second voyage de fits in your backpack oh my god grandma could use it to make sure follows her oh my god dude how long before people give up their bodies whom i had the top of the day you know this become a point in time or human beings have like a biological meeting decide now that we have genetic engineering should we decide to continue with this shape should we decided continued the shape what is
what disputing the add the beholder could we all be better off if we're flying jellyfish his they come up with his proposition to be able to replace it with a simple prescriptions any fear things of love or sex or affection bola need or want it's all satiate you you never have to worry about reclaiming that again and that the most harmonious shape for the universe the more tar mony a shape to coexist forever with an infinite lifespan is flying jellyfish along the food be i'll be fine jellyfish seven years to wither thing just flew i wanted to be that thing it's five through it off bridge which someone could throw just throw you ever bread you just shoot this in this thing imagined that technology many years were that things falling around all day long all night long imagine that in the shape of dicks
imagine once they figure out that the shape of a dick is really not perfect then i just like this other ship is wrong with people like the fact so easy to knock us out at the big flaw pursuing the chin they gone conscious as stupid flaw what are they realize like dicks are good but how's it going to show you the way they show the next level the next level sort of new thing gets in silence expands spans like affairs soon if your little decks alura tube i visited the main dec two minutes spreads out like corn and i was a little decks inside humanity if your dick was splendor the dumbest thing there's a man of your dick was like an ear of corn and each one of those little colonels was another deck and once you
they got a narrowly decorous hardy dick out and that all those little dixon pop out all like they were playing music inside the girls vagina dante i don't doubt and that would be the saying the girls could come the hardest if made the best music and so the vagina chow that's on sand right listen that's it very important point and we just assuming that the dick shape that we have currently is the best but if you add the dictionary we had currently and the ability to make music with your deck right jimmy look at me like music you may have done some beethoven shit vienna or a violin mostly like drums i guess it depends on what you trying to accomplish more like your bongo player based europe could see chamber playing upon guys had affinity play agenda
if you were a sex acts which we if your sex act and also musical instrument sex yeah i was asking zuzu bongos refuse the base drum definitely would you be the trumpet yeah i would be the trombone tata photon there's a phone every man what's been lurch guitar was the play for if you are a big boy but the best sound assigned the best sound all music to me i think i like the sound makes me go the most gulf is like awesome guitar like someone who really need it like that the solo in some leonard scattered the solo and bird in other sallow when they get there there's like a two and a half minute long soul or such like that my purse
so opinion i think it's the greatest solo and all of music i these grace guitar solo ever this meant that fuckin thing like once a month like a little like a guy equinox or something like tat of a full moon once a month i have to hear that guitar saw so god it's this is i think i've ever thought that we were drums crimes never one time that i had to listen to a drum sola over and over and over again at it doesn't matter appreciate drums i love drums and it for the drums the whole song wouldn't be a say but no sound and be the same but about it like one sound it was the one sounded enjoy most for whatever reason instead the guitar and out and i don't think it's the electric qatar or the acoustic at all this is my favorite guitar moments have been my people we ve had in the studio like everlasting everlasting guitar or like ben in suzanne from honey honey playing guitar like in studio or banjo there's something about someone touching somewhat their fingers
whether it's a banjo or whether it's a guitar i know you're creating with your fingers and it's got this crazy mental sound is why error this fuck and echo we sound and that's my favorite sound of i've come to that conclusion those are my that's my favorite musical i like germs align their there's a few songs like you're right that for the most part guitar but there's a few drums follows that any piggy by nine snails back in the day chris verona used to have one of my favorite discuss when a guitar dropped as i phoned inside his guitar and put the camera so you're seeing like each the wave forms on each during that is playing and i had sufficient will visit camera can't keep up with the vibrations reckless i do not believe this at all no that's it that's what it looks like now but this has been re done this is not try whether cameramen
he's an iphone force a shitty camera i think it's a similar to what we were talking about the rods it system artifact were the lens of the camera can't keep up with it but it has its can this changing image of the running when you look at it with your eyes you here too in this when i get home i will please so actually is one thing that i wish that i did that i dont really wish they did but i think would be criminal to know so do it and there are no time you learn how to manage son bows roquelaire know you could learn saw no pool game needs work genera jokes an hour i wanna be social will hang out my family by the sun not interest you know already did i get here aristotle songs the bears how my songs with switches like a drop for road i'm stuck with em but if you two kids out how could a happy they can they do
let us down who wanted to that was my kids airways gravitate towards the saying ridiculous stuff always become symbolic ah holes and this is because they know it's hilarious kids figured out early enough to try to tell them the sand penis in potholes hilarious go to it and then when you laugh they go all out for you now it's funny little cute people san ridiculous shit the door i think i knew it but i was allowed to say i would say i got in a tiny trouble isn't aware though that we try to prevent kids were so ridiculous shit like penis in but whole like that is your body this is a penis like what are we doing we're gonna raise robots delia kits catholic do now this is what i tell kids and i ve casa very rarely i swear to god across very rarely roma kids but i do occasionally slips and my wife goes like you should provisions on the kids i got a guess you're right but all my favorite
like why do we have to wait until they're old enough to do they swear it because we're worried about how they're going to appear to other people will look if everybody talked away the three of us talk is that a bad thing have kids talk like there's a bad thing and what do we do and we're not mean we're not worry we're we're not cousin about ridiculous shit you know oh you it dr outside in your tyres fly eagle fuck that's so bad i feel it kids know there is no they learn quickly you not say in front of like you say that do they think it's slips out it's a part of your vernacular if you live thirty years your life and then you have a kid thirty years of saying fuck most of us have said fuck since we figured it out soon as you realize what an impact fuck as such servitors of the like that substances
fuck roundish get your children spin hence the children of idea soon as you realize it is like to vote a word right start using it i just think that the most important thing is like its outline which its intent equity trying to project by what you're saying because all we're saying one when we get it set about language being ridiculous about it when you saying that there's no way a person nevertheless say these noises with her mouth what are those noises to you what those noises and where those nice to me because what it really is i was about intent and ensues and it is not about intent then emu this weird world of like switches it's on and on its yes or no and that's not that's not how people operating in a people or we're their fuckin pliable now people are strange
jamie ass you see this drone shooting a gun that's what we have to look forward to saw that too i don't know that's real one ask you it looks bakers fuck but why wouldn't it be real it's one of them thank you now why wouldn't it be something to go backwards and forwards what you can't get it to pull a switch and if you had a crosshairs on it somehow so this guy has a gun its flying around the same guy made this video there get off a member that guy the guy that showed him beer taffir according video from under age at why don't believe that is it the same guy now i think this is a push exposure why why then i think that might be real and i think i don't i don't think you're connected if that's connect that's crazy because
are you so what's the deal with drones anybody can have what you may have you i wasn't gonna know laws you can't what i got unwanted made some real weird laws phase had to make some regulations on where you can in camp fire and whatnot how high they can counting the rover police departments can do to plan parenthood is this like the fuckin trojan horse is the drone the trojan horse look at its core by the government for military reasons and now they are selling it where we can keep it in her book bag and mom and dad can have their own drone following him around the whole entire time in ten years we'll all have a drone that follows us around and record this an hd sixty frames a second everyday weed they found a way to put a drone in her hand with periscope and all these other things they're going to have baby sitting skills ever in our government would about this what about the crazy idea of all time what about they figure out a way to have cameras and were recording devices that are so small today literally invisible and they put them every
and they work is a matrix so as your walking down the hall this thing can recapture the images of the seas in front of it recorded on real time and broadcast to anybody anyone anywhere does the future their flies well that's that's the future man it's not just flies i think it's molecules they the cameras become a part of the air i think the idea of having wireless internet to a fuckin cave man is so ridiculous i don't think it's ridiculous to think of some sort of a device other than a lens and a glass thing in the front and the aperture and all words that i don't really understand that involve making a photograph those those words raw alien to me you if you if i didn't know there was a camera way to fuckin stupid to have ever thought of a camera i would have to live a billion lives
by myself on island to figure out a fuckin camera approach it would never figure out a good camera somebody figured out that shit think about when there's need will be created in the future in a need to create force fields get these drones out of our faces and there's microchips i think there's i think there's a crazy possibility for technological innovation i think as i keep getting more and more sophisticated i think it's going to reach a level that we could not imagine writing just like a cave person can never magic wireless video i think is going to reach some bizarre molecule with some some some some such as difficult we small thing that it would be like mist and instead of cameras it would like transmit a three dimensional image of all the air around and all the time and then you could look inside that three dimensional image people could
live your life and you wouldn't even know they were there and they would be there all the time i think we'll get to some silver fuck sash and about two hundred years i think about two hundred fucking years of this keeping up wherein he gets his some strange place that's remarkably similar to what happens when you take too much mushrooms some are entered twining law electronically crew aided psychedelic dimension that
the list share information with each other all the time everywhere see china there and it says the few fuckin decades away it's gonna start little creeps and pops in which it can he do with working at weirder and weird and we're weirder and more these fuckin weird fuckin smiley face drones was a thing called lily tat getting smaller than a me bugs enemy birds are gonna be little tiny things fly everywhere and everyone is gonna have to concede we're gonna have to concede there's no privacy every time you get a scratch ticket they give you five drones you walk say forget throw me the air is ridiculous things ridiculous we only eat gluten would you want to do to follow your own fuck no i would like why would why i'm it's hard enough the process information i'm getting by walking around right torn up
process that the with all the things you do your life how hard is it to process the information that you get why walker spoken hard that's why we can watch and replay from our drone video that's ridiculous what's that too oh my god is what it looks like that's why we're here to start talking with their faced man you know people i'm doing crazy shit plastic surgery they're trying to look lass at themselves as bizarre that seems you know it's a little e the the idea of look you looking at yourself like rationally you want to look less at yourself you want to get more wrapped up in some crazy little tiny aspect of who you are fix that and everything will be good you don't want to look at yourself like as a whole has an entity you just doing crazy mickey rourke style
don't follow you how long till they couldn't you can make it follow someone else and like someone you just have a thousand already now we're going to get some ten thousand jimsie guys we're gonna get to some point man it's not that far away with the idea of privacy is gonna be preposterous its we have i think it's not that far away and i know how many decades it is away what it seems to me that if i looked at what of cell phone looks like in two thousand fifteen and it what it looked like a nineteen eighty nine or whatever it wasn't people's first organ car phones irma these conqueror phones that is not that long man that's not long in the world just not in terms of like paradox rules and snails and brazil shit it's not that long as a little tiny moment in time is something changed radically it's like everything is
words slowly slowly slowly slowly slowly slow change over a genetic and biological level until this one crazy fuckin monkey figured out how to make its own life had decided to make on technological life has technological life changes are rapidly rapidly to changes other times silently and it has no regard whatsoever fur little tiny mice you have to feed the chickens doesn't give a fuck about them it's just trying to change and get faster and quicker and better all the time and that's what the internet is an that's what s eyes and that's what these fuckin flying things toss off a cliff are and what we are is the apes clinging to the violence of the ship
slinking jungle worried oh god forgive roas editing over how horrible would be we didn't take over from the monkeys could you imagine massive every time you you wanted to go out to west hollywood yet a deal with guerrillas kicking your as a fucking you grown from guerrilla racist how commanded guerrillas hated people people eighty guerrillas they were everywhere and some sort of protection we try to figure out how to work this out commitments on we're lucky that lucky lucky we get to this point in my original point was sure had one you said you get when it is yet i ve seen as in person yet we were smart scooters router these links
are those i saw a guy walk down the street with one of those either the yeah thing i might get one by its it's it's pretty much a very inexpensive scooter that works like us subway to the point where you don't just balance use a remarkable
oh no no i see here it is one hears it inaction it pretty much just this thing charges fast only takes a couple hours to fully chuck so learning to ride the scooters actually really easy you just hit the power button gently step on the platform one put at a time these black rubber paths are like touch send somebody turning on the motors when enough pressures apply only dollar person for support and practice standing up straight the key is to just stay relax protein push your feet to the edges against the red which seems to help me out then you can start leaning forward or backwards to move around and that's really it it's so quick and easy learn its very into it you just let your brain kind i think about moving around and i'll automatically do it for you
even had my little nine year old niece learning to write it in just a few minutes in about twenty minutes my first time practising i felt very comfortable whites going up and down i say so you can go uphill so you can feel the general underneath your in some areas and a lot of when a hollywood our overriding around on these and in it looks so guffey when he first see it and because people like going in stores with i saw somebody every other day at para bridge is ordering was standing on one is amazing elusive little porsche wielding fuchs folks we'll see what's goin reverse fuchs there seems to be one manufacture a generic manufacture in there these people are rebranding selling under different names but there is also a few that have better wheels and go faster on it but it's it's cs all having these very soon like what that kind of how we all thought that though the subway was gonna take kind of they made sidewalks for sideways this intolerable
our dual as you can get when it is four three hundred forty dollars on amazon we had escaped board and escape board size so that bounces brilliant yeah that's a perfect example of life the demonstrators cell phone from eighty eight and what were putting in her pocket today everybody visa thing we did some hack that they can do on android phones did you have to send you a text what is yeah did she the hack that dead cheap how do we call all their cars because people can control the brags controlled a fucking car and shouted off like we used always talk about now it's actually happening article three year rip ports for real how long does it take before unrecognizable how long does it take before human beings become some super bizarre robot hybrid that drives cars with his brain how long is it a week
is it a year the decade here it is this is there the hack that lead to dodge huge cheap ivory saying well all these cars every car that has anti lock breaks and every car that has all this traction control out of that stuff is electronically managed traction control is a big issue with cars they they wanna make cars safer and easier to handle if one of the wheel starts getting there comes in and motor enthusiasts like guys who like race car drivers like a chris harris or something like that they they they would call it like nanny devices like like like nanny controls they don't want that cuz they know how to drive really good but most of us me included don't drive fuckin go near we'll start skip out from back behind you i don't know exactly what to do i know a little bit from driving snow but not like
fairer one is fuckin due to drive cars like professionally that's where that kind of electronic shit comes in that's what this thing is one to one point four million fewer yachts they that during the day hackers were able to explain to kill the engine disabled makes an track location of it so they could track you know when you when a the corner on a bridge and take off your break certainly makes sense because if you have a car in that car has like satellite g he ass large ass you you have to understand that that that car is being somehow or another connected from a computer with it net connection or some sort of a gps connection that goes up to a satellite and its following that's how i know where you are one your you know it's is tell u turn right in two hundred yards its telling you that because it's connected to something it's it's something knows where it is right figuring this out it's getting it from the gps
there's a satellite is tracking you so strange when you think about what that is check this out like i was driving seventy miles per hour out what the fuck happened here i was writing seventy miles per hour on the edge of downtown saint louis though i didn't touch the dashboard events in the jeep cherokee start blasting courtier at maximum showing well my back through the sea climate control net switch the radio station to the local hip hop station and blessings ski low at full volume you don't touch anything so some hackers we're taking over his car weiwei's in it and then killed it on the middle east we're going seventy miles an hour a residency reloaded this just like a task like a special test they had date installed some special inside of it so they could connect to it also wasn't like a random avow waiting so this couldn't happen with a jeep that's a regular g if one eye off a lot unless someone went to that cheap installed the sexual
what is that actual saith thumb dr probably know you'd just plug into the usb port you know that i am from drives them all my stuff they know what the fuck does things to the thumb drives rosen that council see them ass dick in there and in appraisal uploading to it so the thumb drive but but is sound and noble anything i was gonna say enough about computers thing about computers but if you stuck as a thumb drive in a car he couldn't could it automatically access to computer your car here's might what mine doesn't life my edge i plug it in and then it goes would you like to software update and i'm a guess in ages hit yes than updates my software that using something i downloaded off the internet until i found drive so
so these are the guy's mrs actually them showing him how it's done the audio supper whites not playing the audio boat stems from charlie's house miles away they wouldn't tell me what they had plans but they assured me that it will be anything life threatening remember andy no matter what happens don't panic if not the first time a driven a car while its being attacked by these two hackers but in twenty three key in the back seat the laptops wired is equal to or other sending the same sort of attacks remotely have no idea what they might do his go in his vassals santos so first for turned the fan oughta yet let's run a fancy even notices i'll do something has turned i'll the fact
i didn't do that the trick started small from a figurehead there's a picture of charlie ingress craxi because they drew the interstate things started getting unpleasant and very loud ah my dear rain is windshield wiser fluid labour government and so was telling engine right now oh my god they killed it on the highway i stand on a gas but the jeep slowed two across
what if the car behind and just rearing those with a turn on my hazard lights but i would still stuck in the rightly with no shoulder to escape onto prague is panicking he's out of your harrison already affects l required in order to gauge the accelerator war it won't work back you're doing badly we gotta turn the car ok now you should be good to go with that man would have you behind them was at hand i know what if that's what does it say that seems very dangerous for them to do real you liar dotcom yellow you're the best for you that's totally real gear jamie james category b maker
amy scabs wired would not put it on their wives they can live here duped wires legit when here tomorrow no no it's cool i get it i believe it is just how the fuck scary it shouldn't do that now definition do that if you going to do that you should do that on a track you shouldn't do that if you want to prove it prove it on a track download prove it like that that's crazy i don't know if they really do if they really did that that seems to me to be unnecessary all you'd have to do is take people on track and haven't driver our control environment do the same thing in their body would freak out you wouldn't have to do this on the highway
where there's no shorter i think it was the people not knowing that there was an shoulder and yet you now will also look look would if it was in the left lamb maybe the men agreement only obtain the right line but if you're stuck out there and someone didn't pay attention are coming up behind you fast they couldn't hit the bronx fuck general fuck yeah yeah back when caitlin was bruce sounds like an hour but back backward caitlin still identified as bruce she slammed into a car and push that card on coming traffic apparently it's to ease again car accidents the idea that any person just not paying attention for brief moment did accidentally hit something you know like what we're talking
if you just took your whole life of you accidentally bumping into shit and he added it all up to give anybody the ability to drive at whatever speed they would like based on how hard they pushed the right pedal and make sure they hit the brakes on time it is remarkable how few ashes there are it's fucking remarkable two remarkable how well people keep it together we see one accident on a highway out of twenty million people and elsewhere we go fuckin idiot wanna one should be accidents all day long everyday jimmy ganz area with fire and then if we we're really the ogre is that we would like to perceive ourselves as being phuket smash and knew each other well jerking off until these happen yemen i'm fuckin on past jeered at twitters erasing stolen jokes yes at those
steam because some how do they determine is publishing who publishes first who put onto yes it just twitter doing it on its own system as the twitter is erasing stolen jokes in their putting up actual you know this tweet has been copy written nor well here's the thing man i i totally support if it was accurate all the time as far as a cosy original creator of it but sometimes it seems like the history that stuff is too hard to track down the article says they have team people inside their acts inside twitter looking at each case boca so they look at it and they make a determination similar i guess what happened on youtube or anywhere else you might have copyright issues them sense have you ever thought of something and you thought man's is awesome but you realize somebody else it already thought of it a hundred times tightening i did the thing is it that what makes me mad as this this one person whose saying that she writes jokes for a living she feel too
since jokes on twitter and stuff but you know that so she says a joke that she thinks that she wrote you know you see like lethal weapon to and they use the same jochen and lethal weapon to go fuck but here you know who says is who i mean that seems like i don't know but it is twitter who gives a fuck they didn't want it is annoying like a few but something that was really hilarious about something that was a particular red bad asked take on some and it was hilarious and you put on twitter and got like all these retweet and people were ella welling o o o o o o o o o o o o and with any saw a bunch of other people read like just took it didn't retweeted they just took it and put it on twitter feed he'd belike why'd you do that but sometimes you both think of the same shit that's possible to happens more and more it's special watching old movies i grew up with you know i'm going oh my god
joke that i thought of the other day which just because there was this one part in this one obscure steve martin movie from the seventies that i liked and if a weird variation of that yeah i didn't realize it as a college shit out there at the forum on their website it's very similar how happens on youtube really other saying is like if you're willing to say that this is a copyright infringement you have to be willing to go to court for it and there in twitter is getting their hands out of the out of the honeys others say like here's so someone's willing to go to court for it then they put yet said by like when you thought thing you have to i understand and under seventeen u s c section five twelve i'm liable for any damages including costs an attorney fees if i'd knowingly materially rip misrepresent that i reported material tyranny those infringing see the problem is parallel thinking so common monks especially amongst like current events subjects
like there was a funny story that are used to tell talks at the time this is like nineteen it was even to my mind the nineteen ninety nine or two thousand when chinese aircraft with there was a gay a college intersection something between american chinese aircraft and the chinese aircraft was by a guy named long way yet have every five years the problem now it was it was it was two thousand because it was and i did my belly from the beast dvd from texas and i remember like i talked about it like my mother had it on that or my on that special if not using that time it was around that time but i was working the cover the time and i was like the audience after like five hours a communities like wizzes a fucking joke you just all did this aim job over and over and over yet era and the
his name was wrong when he does it all shell up like five or six guys deep store works nobody presidents anyway some form you in the back hang out laughs and the guys stage in his hand the same forget jones did you just say to mrs goshawk and sometimes you can figure it out also because you'll be on stage like i know that's easy at least gets a reaction and then you ll find out they are yet to you now to other people talked about boner pills at least either sir subjects will that was what we're talking about before about a stepping on stuff legal and therefore on the outcome could have a wilful stepping on something one of our friends have an issue with that recently or so two friends to different friends at two different occasions worked a comedy clubs and they work with these local guys and like sedated thursday friday saturday sunlight that they do the thursday with the local
guy and then once on friday when they would come in they would do all the local guy would while their jokes but a version of them so i said if you jug about rita i fuckin le burritos posing a big party acts what i'm jamie verne fuckin le burritos he's kept going on about that right they would just circumvent that and they would they would make it so that they would do some sort of a weak ass joke about burritos so then what you will go up and do your joke about burritos too percent of the air would be left out of the sails as a shitty example cause burritos is very rare for i just had to happen to me joe i haven't i had it where the guy with even said i'm just forty one man i like eating ass now i tell em like i'm about to go on stage and that's the first thing i m saying is about
hurry hurry catwalk drones of jesus christ listen put you have forced us to use this as a matter of general ideas have until two happens band fuckin stupid the young guys do at another deal and that she is trying to get ahead that trying to do well but when the worst ways you could ever work with somebody says it's such a short cited way of thinking about things to circumvent and sabotaged there that is why you do it right joe you always bring everybody you know on the road in seed i'll have to deal with that shit ever well dude i dare to because also i know that's going to be an awesome show like we got a show in austin texas on august two thousand and nineteen edwards joey diaz in may at the house even if i suck in other words and joe ideas
to mother fuckers that is insane show those gathered man in his fucking funny i love you and his great i just watch them the other days it's i never watched comedy but i would have sat down and watched his said the other day i laughed harder than i after a while he's a good due to man they were in his a really good dude you just like common smooth friendly now great stage presence oh my god dude he murders it i don't want to do any of his bits cuz i don't want it ruined for you but some of his bits slowly just like half way into the close your eyes like as a punch line hitch like a wave oh shit oh shit oh no he did he's so different why i've known him forever i've been friends with it's like i start and eighty i think are came to new york and ninety one
somewhere on there and that's a met in somewhere around then these always been same dude husband be cool just like somewhere online i figured i just become so funny he doesn't started nail in it and now like especially in allay he's while those dues like if he's on stage i make a point to go sam always make a point you see he's always go some new shit and halfway do is new you got no no no no no you didn't his funny gino a guy named dan saint germain have you ever heard of him no i ain't so it was from things from here are you lived here among known by face when not knows nay i do my secret accommodation the other day and he destroyed life i've never seen somebody destroy he seems like one of those guys it was hot and he had a jacket on and has a full beard and gentle and and he destroyed
i'd like any he would rightly was closing the whole time i did before therefore we should get him on the shoulder hilarious guys listen man that's beautiful beautiful loving we're always going to have these guy there was going to deny not stop stop be more now there's gotta be more than i think there's more today like ours have this conversation with ideas and with adam from the colony store well i i go when i look around guys like bur and chris raw and dave chapelle lucy k and just de as and duncan r e and jim jeffreys and i am like fuck man this is my favorite comedy era ever is my favorite as far as the shit that i like like this is my favorite i could list these guys forever as a comic you work part of this weird
new sort of next level of comedy there's a lot like maybe using artists that are popping up now man is on a really fucking funny people that are popping up now tom said gore is funny as fuck dude i had him on the ice how show two weeks ago and he was dish tome law yang in the back of the room one point i was like i remember meaning tom eddie she's be charlie murphy john have front gig that i did in phoenix and you sell composed and so smoothly the roman accommodate or so smooth and i'm everything it wholly this guy's fucking funny but that was like two thousand and five something like that would have there was six when you you look at this like what who he is now damned dude his he's he's a machine his other killing the other night i was like holy fuck thomson girls on another level
what what what is it because it seems like he really found he really found his voice quick like i it seems like i've known him you know maybe eight years nine years or whatever amendment san francisco or accepted among the tour also by it seems like recently he's just a whole different level it's so interesting seen comics code like up a level in front of your eyes that are worrying i saw ari special in its proudly one in the eye i was amazed like i can't believe you did that that was perfect haven't seen him in two years ago you got that different and two years you just can't work and kept pushing its yes it's amazing to watch you know even though you know what's gonna happen again every time it happened so i gave you watching a flower and you watch it every day in new slowly get used to the fact that it slowly opening up its yet at a certain point time you walk by that same spot is here
flower nigger oh shit meanwhile am icon aria flower yes my beautiful jus flower he just figured it up and he's smart dude always got this way of looking at the criticism and the praise and figure out which ones are right and just fuckin ploughing ahead they just figured it out his figure how get better figured out how to be stronger for you to write better for you to kill on stage and just get this crazy point where is that now do you know about me most happy set producer i think it's cod its causes if plant is really trippy plant that when you touch it it like moves and opens a kind of like like of your scratching the back of a cat or something like that it's really trippy its since it might look he just you know touching moons air and in their z
parts where like ill curl up his boots so easy hunting it in these these leaves are actually retracting like this sad closing up here and then you can also rub it in a week the move towards the way of your hand in like me god damn dude it's and brazil priscilla gower all the crazy shit that's better that gives you a bioenergy die brazilian wandering spider you know that one that's all you a boner and it makes it if you survive the poison which probably won't it'll destroy your dick said dicks blown out that's ridiculous like a hot dog and when they can deluded have already talked about this what are we did they they already know they're trying to their certainly working on it but believe me they thought about it too like
idiot if i know that it makes you get hard on women have as i ain't as no do anything now when they buy aggravating without regular viagra where they museum women than they these women now this one vibrates us all see some sort of epilepsy yeah yeah i think tat gonna be a lot of different drugs they get from stuff like that i just can't wait to have something where women take to get more i think that's gonna change it the games dry and solutions like i'm not get more attractive so listen to figure out how to work at the other way because we could not have waited the fact that they're going to do it to themselves would have been free and clear no no hard feelings at all do you see the snoop dogg show yeah it's fucked up he's gonna sweden again decide that zone where you could you gotta sweden alive now i've been there once i thought you were there but i enjoyed it
now server jesus but he was driving at we're that he was actually driving out another story is that what happened here driving jamie said he was he's accusing the swedish police of racially profiling after he was detained in the town of uppsala racially is i think there are a little bit different with race i wonder how much so in sweden than they are in america some anonymous snoop to articulate flora texas they pull over to our buses knowing who was khalifa willie nelson brown and arrests in the same area right
an idea maybe it is negro a bad word still isn't reside stone offence spin question maybe i just fucked up i sang it so i think it's bad but its distasteful distasteful you know it's weird is like the difference train coloured and people of color site it's such a small difference between those two phrases colored is offensive colored people defensively say people of color not fats is coloured people really offensive that you call to mexicans asians us anyone because they don't they don't like it doesn't know it's like the idea is this regular people is coloured people so it may it's like a distinction
el mexicans own the word brown now like a brown and likely while they are allowed to get away with brown pride that psycho big source of contention in the mixed martial arts to me came the last as were the you have so heavily champ until i just lost two or four receiver doom he has brown pride tattooed on it chess and his widely recognised if not the all time great one of the autumn great heavily fighters ever ass brown pride
in some of those that bunch people said what would happen if a guy was the heavyweight champion like brok listener and he had white pride on his chest like woe you're not allowed to have white pride like that's you have to have only like it s me minorities of its spirits i get it because it's like the dominant white pride has been sort of work automatically attached in our are ideal that kkk or like some crazy fox i hate black people whereas like with brown part brown pride we sought to have this idea like automatically they just are happy and proud their proud people the proud to be makin it's ok squared ryan is very weird it's weird but its understandable made totally make sense to me i'm not as when we really clear both arguing against at all i get it i wouldn't i oughta i wouldn't hesitate for a second to think that someone with a white pride tat too in the chest my peep racist i would i would
i would immediately got out jesus if i was walking down the beach and some do not coming towards me and white pride tattooed on traceability confederate flag same thing only difference in the confederate flag is it the confederate flag for a lot of people as ridiculous as it is represented their love of the south i think that the idea of having this rabble flag that also represented people that wanted to keep slavery regardless of all the economic arguments from two fuckin stupid stand but you know and i know everybody knows you taught you start talking about the generally in the introduce a hazard and that fuckin that rebel flag on the roof of it everybody connects that with the south civil war the war against the north that they loss and that's what created all of us all americans now ok this idea
you're still the south and you have done this fuck indifferent flag and i get that it would be fascinating but the idea that it's cool just fly that fuckin thing in the state houses crazy crazy it's bananas and even though i joked around about on instagram about do the whole post about it about the the idea is ridiculous because the real flag on a show at the daisy duke so like the daisy duke representing the flag was like the first time there was a piece of clothing that led the world now that you're hungry for dick it's a gay man if you were in cut off shorts but then my only reason for doing what i don't really have a political statement in defence of keeping the flag and generally i think if you can have a fuck endued with a laptop that can pretend that jumping over cars in the middle of st turn a stupid are you an american flag as jug around about it in i want
one time that flag used to be the rebel flag of the rebel army find the civil war against the north and lofty believe that shit now look at it oh glory hold glory i never ever thought anything about racism growing up with that as i was a cool looking for lag i thought it was their flag from the jigsaw hazard i went to williamsburg you would see that flag everywhere as a kid you were taught that flag like whenever the flag nor south flag you'd sat by the souvenir shop i don't think it was ever talk to us has any connections to racism i think that's a sewer to you yes to space with but you're right man i love the fuckin do hazard everybody i know love the deuce hazard that shows the shit just good old boy and you know that will be back there it's gonna take the heavenly come owner who wants to track the american flag on it in early repayment cgi style i hope
i do if i mean i don't know man so obviously i have a point of view of a white guy point of view of a white guy when it comes to shit like stool ray is always i say i say what you feel but recognises now but your people and it was a really that fuckin laura eighteen sixty five what does that mean shit you know when you now you know you have a birthday show august fifth howard unity forty one thing about that shit one thousand eight hundred and sixty five it ain't shit it ain't shit that shit was yesterday they had slaves do nine hundred and forty seven i'm going to be forty eight in august the slaves were like a day before i was born at stupid man it was too literally two hundred years before i was born that is nothing that's nothing that's not how much time a hundred years before i was born crazy had fucking
lay very two years before that that's real right eighteen sixty five osborne nineteen sixty seven so literally hundred years two years a hundred years ago two hundred years ago there is slavery everywhere right was commonplace three five years ago forty years ago what is four hundred years if you live to be a hundred that's that's you know that's awesome the best you get so your life in his life back to back is slavery everywhere if you live the full potential of jamie and the full potential of red ban back to back birth to death in that slavery everywhere not even an argument against it richest fucking apart of doing business that's not long ago at all think about the idea of eighteen sixty five that's bananas the beatles were less than a hundred years later less than a hundred years after the beatles
she's made before the beatles there were slavery less than a hundred years after slavery of the beatles how honeys at eighty sixty five think about that right was it seventy six for years and will use a civil war with you it is as you forget what he was ford will yours at nineteen twenty one not like now where that is like sixties sixties are seventys we reject ford jail for none another cars before development gerald will its nixon ok nixon was the seventies right think what that guy sixtys and seventys what was your kennedy died in sixty three correct somewhere on ok many than johnson then nixon after him so what happened carter yeah darien does other loyal to measure of richard nixon rather present today
tv show thirty something i used to think that those people are old and my head and high schools because poor folks around i'm already you forty one and a couple of weeks thirty something that is global challenges pressing ginger boy thought it simply saying forty five older fifty one why not crazy what happened there life it waits for no man primer then wait for no man how bizarre that weird a year is in our eyes a long time they use to me i don't think of any more this non long may i checked my mail four times a year
sets its border mail services for me the idea of ten years used to be so big happens quick i would do i would definitely she's beautiful beautiful don't that what you would do or socially sets cross means essay she's beautiful hiding your man here that she's out of your hands i might be a magazine might have in the middle of some sort of a dance wishes it's your hands out why but the start from behind her women get weird hands owner the first to go as their hands yet neither gets to wear gloves fetishist is weird checks like harnessing shit she's still
beautiful but it is weird that you realise as you get older how quick a year is then how quick ten years is an ten twenty thirty fourth age the differences were able to access more information and age patient before us so i think because that overload we're looking at all is different shit like people that we knew and loved grown up that are dying and we got all this is a weird little fuckin crazy i that everyone is on here nobody really we pay attention exactly how this thing works and no one's even been
billy totally completely aware of it until like fairly recently within the last few hundred years of life i saw this thing yesterday when other can on line it's a visual assertion of why time seems to be faster as you get older and it's it's based on math like as when you're two year reference of a year rang lot and actually get order should not only makes sense of seen that before but yeah pathetic trigger for life and a timeline ok i make sense so you're all the way at seven
there is a small child fractal scary shit yeah i mean i guess it is but if you said earlier like you said earlier in other you think that when he dies gonna be like oh yeah i'm ok i'm here i am again thus case what are we worried about but we are we don't know we deathly dont know the interesting thing is that for some people just like not knowing so it is too much to fucked up you know that's where i think things like that mirage mention other we're talking about earlier i think that that is the same thing that's like some ridiculous hard core cult kind of religion the need to believe in something bigger and better need to believe in something that's above all of this that you see in front of you something bigger and crazier is sort of like legitimizes existence in our but if there really are
aliens whether they really were really answer come in here for another planet they weren't you been talking to us how needy areaway wiki reach out these fuckers it anyway talk to us will probably not learn it won't stop calling me like listen i picked up one of them and nineteen fifty to this it's a fucking industry ok everywhere you look there's websites dedicated they make documentaries and books and all eyes except one guy held one fucking guy keep his mouth shut i couldn't do it i touched his but so what now it's a part of the fuckin folk lore there was touch your button is doing things your asshole right that's the whole thing they say they do anal probes as the whole thing i was drunk one dude who flew here from another planet found that we're a fuckin country fill with rats or a civilization i can't keep our mouths shut it was an x since we shared together a man
you want a cold steel table a bright light a wide in your ass all around this or downward checking allow out who we are made out of what he alike haven't became all thing don't you think it's weird when birds do this the shit where they also like flock together in this huge crazy like rob circle in the sky this seems like to me something that's like like a mistake like a glitch in our universe where you birds can do these weird figure all following the same programme like their power now in their resetting or something like that with a crazy thing it exists in our nature we reject fish is a beautiful way fish do it just like this and the difference between the birds the fish outside the birds can land the fish have to count keep moving but some of the fish videos of these giant schools of fish they look exactly like this
of the four the audio listeners where what were actually watching where you see a humongous amount of birds this case it's i think starlit setting for cod what's the name of this video jamie bridesmaid is called watch starlings form spectacular murmur nigger cod mermaids moravians when murmuring voracious murmured nation as you google that you can see a logical photos and stuff like that member nations murmuring actions and now it's weird syndic the birds are all doing it like that almost a program like they doesn't seem like it's like like they're just kind of following a pattern that their spouse to follow them relieving the answer to that too and with ants when one of their members dies i think it's queen producers the queen they have an ant death spiral
not long ago yes it is ants poor aunt death spiral jerry that has the most bizarre should ever because their somehow another five following each other there's a cent or something that they're looking for and they can't find and when they can't find it they i'll just keep walk in a circle until a fuckin shit about others explain this explanation there's another video we play the explanation or will it be like harbour hush hush give him credit for whatever it is what is this from the sky discovery channel are its original it says aunt death circles explained in this james williams the huge number of discovery news in a spiral it's bizarre and we wanted to find out exactly what annoying i should
and out we went well you d research as a hurricane sand pose a different than a hurricane what's going on in this video as we have an unlimited that's a hurricane yet she is tony whether time in oregon its grey lou each amp is following the trail pheromone the trail chemical sets a smart they ve got the round so that their following endlessly their neighbors now the problem we have that army answer blind and they are very dependent on following trails and so we want sureness spin around lay starved to death is why do we believe these people there he knows what i wasn't thinking likely this thing you can't even see in so small but this guy's a can now i got a nose the smell it's the smell world de la studies on don't make no mistake about it kid sitting there doing a questionnaire yes or no answer
you know what i just said that the devil s study lions and i'm assuming is unable or disbelieving these guys it smoke a lotta we'd that they have not been addressed make it a smell thing now i have you no success all these studies you look at some of these studies in your like you that must be the truth and find out they forgot to do this now that makes that study a one hundred percent fake in you know like there's a lot of studies where just don't test the right thing and i you know a later in life they find like we should be tested for this other chemical and that makes that whole study vat void you know i definitely does happen all the time i don't know of any good it was like i do when i bring it up i know innovative teaches college the way of explaining things is yeah now you gotta get point though never they they learn new shit all the time
like some new stuff that invalidates all the stuff face a faint for great lot of wacky shit these to believe and not that long ago and find out about medicine although the weird shit please do just not that long ago i didn't see like i think didn't they say something recently where they thought vitamin c who is there that number one go to like you too your immune system in and so i got for your yet but i thought there was also days ago but not where we thought that's not completely right or like drinking wine every day i think there's there's somebody like these studies that are like that we're like no one glass of wine is really good for your heart and then they find out like like two years later no way around my are badly it's actually really i thought of the respiratory from the glass and one was actually prevent teamwork am tissues and eyes and generating maple megan one yeah yeah well they they deftly learn should all time made when you look at all the medical breakthroughs that making at a deal you ve seen the new in this thing they're gonna build build you a new peace in five years i'm good
can you imagine that get my peat has taken out ok five years a star with regular says decks how long for this target and crazy if they can actually make you a dick i get in the ideas that you have injured your dick and some sort of a mechanical accident mouth server industry job we're gonna machines and whatever but if you hang in there for five years they can actually make your new deck print printed deck i'm sure i don't know what you're gonna do how they're gonna do about it within five years it will make you a deck so there will be no more micro penises saw those poor fuckers that got just really gotta be a giant bummer man be born of the tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny dick in a lot of people are badge diana deck like thor how big do think source take as the dupe restore thick set it up
and ten euro weightlifter legs oh yeah i'm supposed people small jigsaw more child molesters re write that down right child molesters a ten year old withdrew slow charred model do you think would be all about like that small dick people would all be about child molesters i guess you re like if you had a really small dec and that you're you're only thing with the asian girls and children are somehow i don't know what the fuck i'm trying to get you to have it all i write down thrown in the fucking ocean the p added five hundred and fifty thousand old need newsreel clips to youtube so all these school news clips i've just been added to you too like old school stuff which is kind of cool they have a voice
you're right now showing all the different stuff and we're talkin like like that you're allowed to use in an post up on things can you as open its open now that video archive so you have all these old school raw uncut videos that are now just off throne on youtube now so it's kind of cool that you could just see some some old shit that's incredible elvis stuff and he said and your website that's insane what's it say really is we think about how much access to visual history we have compared to any any race ever or any civilization ever the difference being different she writings stuff down on parchment or that they have that marco polo show from my netflix marco polo skid fuckin show did swallows
flicks originals that take place in a poor place immediately the gang is candies kings kinds i think his grandson kublai khan thing is is centres grandson but it's all about the mongols and marco polo do it's crazy wild so amazing really fucked mitchell fund fund a watch what we talked about it may bring us video visualized like think about like there when they would read their history may be their history to how these fuckin scrolls they pull out it says the pond the seventh day of the ninth month you know sir he's a walk torres the water drank upon it and found the fish that contain the disease and killed the city i mean that the eu had a phone
consider the camp fire and guess what the fuck happened you had a guess what the fuck happened just two three generations ago we can look back a video from world war one we can watch film footage from world war fucking one we can watch world war to vietnam we can watch i smoke pot a shot guns we can watch shit from iraq we could see night vision footage from iraq and afghanistan we have seen more shit visually than any raised its ever existed ever than any any civilization ever and not by small amount by an enormous amount wasn't it is this a nine year old smoking tobacco and going off cursing and stuff like that in iraq really do you know what you
and this is unlikely great now and i think they had some people translated in the comments she might be just talking about how mickey mouse anyway after we don't even know what have she's if it's a nine year old arab smokes and curses nonstop so that in the people in a common to some people have actually translated worried guess killed right she soon a fervent believer of something look at these photos those employees birds making different shapes and stuff like that their it's beautiful it's almost like an art peace in its citizens it makes me wonder what if there is something more to that
well it also looks like certain wavelengths attila capture radio wavelengths yossi like like images or interpretations wavelength yes wavelengths and fish schools of fish in schools of birds isaac cropper certainly discovered no flock it's kind of natural crap circles at the fate of mine legates think that here's the thing why who the fuck is making crop circles and look stopped being a dick come out and let down is now do you made a size do it again i think they have i think we just haven't cod i noted that they have some right to have some they definitely have some but there's some of them that they don't want to give up how they made him that's my interpretation i mean there's some fuckin people at a dedicated life towards the mystery of the crop circle have you ever seen in secret in the field many industries in the fields which did it he did it would have been drawn up bigfoot did it even
even if they do do it imagine if like that's the cooler shit you could show us who knows bon grass each other the planet you fuckin step up our food you dick did i do tree circles you know we can eat trees fuck you see if so we have enough houses do a tree sir adobe fuckin step in our food crush our we douche bag our corn some fuckin picture of you you dick right right build build a house for homeless person then at instead come on asshole help the community out here what do you want here show me some cryptic fuckin stupid message by legal too dumb to send me a text hey dude he read bandits bob the alien he listened have you thought about moving alaska you might take it easy or messages like that fuckin
talk about impending doom righted downside we what then we don't worry we're gonna find out that we ve been talking the aliens for the whole time and they're just like the evil people on youtube night that bad commoners in the negative he poured there actually the aliens like fuck like the herd chaz trawling i could be net what we think like how mrs is this person wisest person so meanwhile that person so yeah it's fucking alien somewhere this might not even be the trolling us it might be that they were created by the alien they had this order other scare components in a mathematical equation disorder push life along and the components are billy fuckin annoying stupid people and their regions give you moving forward to try to get out of the way these retards and that's why further and that's why we have like those hannay tvs and shit that's what people have chainsaws you want to hear the push for
into the woods way from his fuck heads subtler could be possible right thinking man to laughing and lately collop shall i thought mixer right tell it makes sense what else what else we got here that i wanted to talk about the annual funding of sea world has orca weak deceit sewer let me suggest stop to start talking you know like it every time they open their mouth about stuff like that every time they say something like you know where i went to work a week or something that you was open yourself out for this wave of negative have you seen the commercials lately where there are like we have not captured a way all in twenty eight years we talked about its who talked about i want to show those like me who imagines that was slow very magic said i we haven't slave the high handed over thirty five years of slaves we have here are all all fucked up slaves that we won a card game and wild
haycock saloon its rude through prudence fucked up we just don't understand them but it's amazing that they don't realize i think they should be trying to get out i does a toxic business here and if you figure it out be the head of sea world he could figure out a better way to handle it there's another waited do is another way to help those things and conserve and and make it so that it some sort of wildlife attraction maybe perhaps work engineer and ecosphere where these animals are very comfortable and do trips out there today when making a big deal jurassic park type yet when did they create the formula of sea wrote how long a sea road benign with women allowed to work yet like what how i would like the sex sixty where they ran a people slavery so they went right to say world
i don't know if it was a connection it's it's gonna be like amber lion says they're gonna end up on the wrong side of history as a great expression she loved to use the wrong side of histories a perfect way to describe this like i you know just abandoning all guilt in blame and all that was his forget it just forget it let those fucking things go just figure out a way to let him go figure out a way engineer and enormous bay where you can sort of keep near by figure out a way to supply them with food on a regular basis figure out a way to communicate with that would damn forgot away how to educate them to get strong enough so they can start hunting in their own figure out a way how to make it work because the idea that you can take this superpower urgent being there might be a smart as a person and the only way we can enjoy their here is to put him in a fuckin swimming pool or the fact that the people there
leave em also love the ones that are free he can't do i get it you're stuck i get your stock you back into a corner by the arguments have made before he can keep doing it can keep do it's too fucked up those things are smart share these donna fingers they don't have pens they don't they dont print newspapers there leave behind a record their smart ash as we know they are the idea that we are more important than them to the point that we could put him in a fuckin fish tank or a swimming pool or whatever the hell you wanna call those things it's crazy it does make any sense they gonna stop the idea that they can keep doing this and that we don't you know when i get completely outrage on a regular basis the people still want to go there stop gona camper dolphins
jeff no fucking reason says wrong i think it's coming to the point where it can be illegal namely that we start with trains genders and then we went into dolphins and my ten years where it apparent transgender people to dolphins i'm just saying that in ten years it's gonna arguments wasn't points to a veto polly tune he either when it always makes all the the cartoons based on the show he just risen realign the ranch wine jesus christ eyes talented is fuck man if we want to show a little bit of that yeah bullets and what do we have enough time to democrats about bits budgets and after an hour i can everybody red band thanks to us is not a moment we must analyse anal tonight san jose admirably their thursday nineteen to array and cooler myself to san jose improv so come out to rio and on these forever now why does my life was old school we're gonna play polly tune and then go fuck yourself back tomorrow
with chris and correct from mix martial arts dot com the guys you created in run mix marsh our stockholm exciting shit huge reebok and bulgaria and we're going to right now play this and get out of here thank you everybody thinks nobody came up cargo we had time thank you see guys must love bug and a ranch one random every ill used we saw in the air but i guess you fuck and we still on the air on right before the way really heavy work rather was in his mouth just just look for blue trees with wings go fuck your mother let's go grab does china that's our in china this is
here is gone off yesterday i was saying how joy deals would get mad about catch up because everyone is kind of villages are blocking hides ketchup we're rance have your rooms and ran up and hatred people not that i don't know how could he ran like when i go to a place and i say you or you have wings and they say comes at which i get up and we even if i don't get the wings because of eubulus wings ranch i want do business which local business which varies i'm very for anything so leave you fucked up point fried rise will we have to talk about wings must be dealt with boots mood like the where they met in buffalo me your original shop what that ran most somebody's ass it was now ranch you start starting to replace ketchup gather your fuckin hillbilly and you want to taste ass
i hate that brought the reds go pulling closed the maid i'll pull around and see the blue jeez what wings go fuck that's the next year or replaced you gonna give me a fucking rats would fuck and when i say that if you like you go buggy fucking gimme branch mildly you that's only one o clock elapsed all seasons wigs your mother gary alibi people around rats i go alone i sit around the table labour rights ladys germans for compliance is over
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