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#678 - Jonathan Ward

2015-08-06 | 🔗
Jonathan Ward is the owner of ICON and a designer and creator of coach-built premium automobiles.
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jonathan ward and johnson i've been a big fan of what he's doing for a while i am my car in susie is but i'm also an enthusiast of someone whose passion about things and and of craftsmanship and people who build things i just love when people craft stuff and he's got this awesome company called icon and the it's a coach built coach build the building listening hand built they build these incredible cars if you go to i con four x four dot com you can check out their website and see what kind of stuff they have or just to google it and check out some of the you two videos he put together you get a sense of what he does and his passion and his his vision behind it is a really interesting and very very intelligent kind with of very new wants point of view and i was really looking forward to talking to him and it did not to
point so i hope you enjoy it please without any further ado welcome jonathan ward the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name all day boom alright i love when i see something online where i yeah i see someone who takes of the idea of fixing something or reengineering something made it just goes so far out there is something totally irrational go who is this fucking crazy guy yet i think the first thing i saw was your bronco the icon bronco which is just you took a car which is the ford i'll go the 60s and early 70s versions which are you know this kind of but it's a cool car it's a cool old car a lot of people take the tops off of them and they're always kind of rickety and funky looking and you just
engineered this thing to this to the n th degree with these billet door for openers and the way you have the step comes out when he's on like who the fuck is this guy and so then i start going into your website in the two different companies tlc where you take land cruisers and re engineer those and put modern engines and suspensions and i'm like wow love that someone like you is out there sweet thank you yet 'cause i had no investors that we're smarter than me that said you're fucktard don't even do this bad business what they were though they were wrong obviously i mean your shop is enormous a beehive people are constantly buzzing around there working you've got one hundred different projects going concurrently your bra but do you say like a three year wait list right now yeah we've sold sixty two of them so far and delivery dates unfortunately are running like late third quarter two thousand and eighteen which sucks it drives me nuts
is there anything you can do to ramp that up you would have to just have like four or five of those giant warehouse and that's part of the problem so like we're need to move and find a bigger building we're just about fifty thousand square now and it's all ass and elbows like i think we could hire maybe three or more guys before we're out of space but more importantly it's difficult to find those people because kind of the idiocy of what i do is going against modern trends in american design and manufacture so it's really hard to find people that have the crazy skill set that we were wire well that's what really impressed me about what you're doing with what what impressed me about what you're doing is not just that your re engineering things improving and upgrading but there's this this old to craftsmanship there's this passion in what you're doing where might know not necessarily make sense oh everything
we do if you want if you want to bring up that term practicality makes absolutely no sense but to me that's kind of why we do it and why i'm so passionate about every project we do because i've approached it from the obtuse angle of okay that's how it's been done in the past and you know stock restorations are great and they fit a niche and they're right for that guy personally i have no patience for archaic mechanical interface but i love into just static in an resto shops hot rod shops tradition you they buy this piece that peace and kind of cobbled together and that's cool but i always thought well you've got this convergence have you know cad design you know computer aided design and resources anna convergence of reverse engineering and low value manufacturing capabilities that kind of create the perfect storm where the stupid stuff we can dream up and execute and make a relatively
viable business model out of wasn't even possible ten years ago so i've been lucky enough to find enough people that agree with my craziness and let me not compromise and horrid out but to really hold the line and keep pushing the boundaries and keep kicking out further and further well it seems like over the last year or so i've been hearing about you more and more and more and more and then jay leno's garage featured he's featured a few of your cars yeah we've been on jays show i think four times now what a fucking trip that place is off just i was just there on tuesday i oh my god i'm just so geek boner i had walking around that place well in keep your chubby because what's crazy is a lot of people don't realize the depth of that subculture so j is wonderful in that he's almost become sort of a spoke i'm in for the niche is an odd proclivities in mechanical goodness but
justin la alone there's tons of dudes with these ridiculous man caves full of wild mechanical beasts and it is in the end with that's another thing like i never had the intelligence to anticipate when i built the first icon which was based on the fj forty land cruiser i just built a cause is keeping me up at night i have this idea and after doing a design job for toyota i told mr toilet about my stupid idea and he kind of sort of off the record bowed and said go forward full but we won't get in your way ok so i built it to realize that sort of model i had in my head then i went back in set up how much it costs and it's all shit no one's going to go for this this is stupid and i talked some people smarter than me really big brand people and they said no keep it pure keep it what you want and what you're proud of and you'll build a market so they gambled and rolled with them and now like thirty plus percent of our clients have two or more of our projects
i was having a hard time getting my head around people would be able to justify the expense of one of 'em well so well done the things that i was really impressed with was just the fj sixty two land cruiser conversions that you've done like 'cause that for a lot of people that aren't fan tons of that aesthetic or fans of that that's just a regular ford or suburban type suv vehicle they just most people would look at that and you go there it is on the big screen but they we could go that's one of those cars but that's part of the appeal yeah because it's pure utility there's no fluff there's nothing superfluous and people yearn for that do you look at modern cars i don't care what it is long jevity simplice the durability no ones thinking about those things anymore their priorities are to toledo so a lot of guys go hey i used to have one of those land cruisers man i miss that
thing i go to the dealer i look at everything i can buy whatever i want and it sucks everything is plastic has no soul doesn't have that utilitarian route to it so there's kind of a subculture that will gravitate to want to go back to that in summer cool of them talk but more and more people have been perverted by modern vehicles and could we make the pedal on the right actually do something yeah really do something well your bronco was like this beautiful so i mean that that that shape with the icon bumper it's it's it's so sexy to the average person looking at it sexy but did this it's like you kind of have to be a fan of that style of land cruiser that four door with hatch in the back land cruiser but what you've done is like completely bonkers is what what this is an fj62 and you call them a one hundred and forty two right 'cause you take an fj80 and
combine it with the fj sixty two so what he does is he takes this thing stre sit down to nothing i mean you could you could do this been way better than me polyuria coats it media blast said the the you you take this thing and make it a combination of modern depending completely redone as far as like weather action in the moisture protection it's like adam hold that nobody ever engineer before and then he took put a modern corvette engine in it four hundred and fifty horsepower plus me this is bananas and you're taking this car that was like how much was were these new i think they were spencer when they were new but that means what twenty grand probably twenty five grand i think ng engineers and to the point where there are a hundred and sixty plus thousand dollar cars it's a total stealth wealth yeah then there so that's part of the appeal i find like guys will take these on surf trips down through central america and not have to stress out or freak out or worry about
you know the preconceived notions like you know people see rolling in a nice modern supercar sports car and unfortunately in ark there's a lot of guys look at that rich prick in his porsche right it just gets beyond that so either totally invisible or you get kind of warm fuzzy thumbs up smiles and it's just a whole different energy well then i started going into the sub guy was wasn't aware there was a sub culture of people that were a bit obsessed with so i have j crazy tues it's amazing there's so many different little twitter follower pages that you can go to we could see the images they post or instagram the cars have this crate z legendary following where people just are obsessed with these old like what years are these these nineteen eighty nine nineteen yes specifically the ones with the four rectangular headlights the f t six two or eighty eight to ninety and then the preceding models the f j sixty which looks about the same those are from eighty one to eighty seven white would gave
you the motivation to take this particular type of car and engineered to such an incredible degree well we started with the older ones 40s right yeah the 40s which are really sexy user manual talk about some quotes that self cults tremendous it's crazy but over forty and then the forty five pickups and wagons than the fj fifty five wagons so it's just sort of the culture evolved and that those were so archaic because they were earlier stand earlier me jokes yeah choke and one barrel three on the no power yeah so i think as these and older in the average conditions of the ones people could find out there became lesser and lesser that market naturally extended into these models and people said well hey what about a sixty what about a six two or even
when the f c jadis during major rest does the ninety one to ninety seven versions because again there's a certain m attachment that people will have with them that even though the truck is gone it had short comings did still holds a spot in their heart which is kind of a big part of the ninety eight percent of the battle is already won with icon because the majority of arp objects were starting with something that already gives people warm and fuzzies any of these cars have cult followings an shortcomings which is kind of the perfect formula to let me revision am and create something a new option for people that appreciate it well i wasn't even a fan of these but i became a fan from just go all over your website and then watching the vehicles i watched a cup the videos jonathan has these videos that he puts on youtube where he puts sticks a couple of gopro
new cars in you personally take them out which is very videos to suck no they don't know they don't suck at all they're great they're really effective because yeah throw one of those like this second one down that one right there there not even remotely sucky what they are is one hundred percent authentic like when your take and these cars out going over all the different upgrades and different things that you've done to them that's when you we start getting it you go oh this guys fucking crazy yeah this guys crazy we had one hundred and seventy thousand dollar twenty thousand dollars car yeah and and that's been a 'cause i don't have the budget but be because i concur with you that brands like these
if they're not driven out of the vision of a singular lunatic yeah they're they're not worth doing so i wanted to keep that relationship and and personal relationships so although i just knocked the videos out at a real quick but i really want people to understand the level of geekness that we do and what you even leave in when you drop your gopro in one of 'em i love that too up here goes poops but this is the passion comes through and uh i'm a i'm a big fan of contagious passion and i mean there's things that i was never interested in before like i never give a fuck about cooking i love good food but i never give a fuck about cooking until i watched anthony board danes no reservations and i'd see the passion that this guy has about chefs in about preparation in the you know just the amount skill that is involved in creating a perfect meal and then i started to get him all this is an art form is and uh
before that i never understood total this is an art form into meeting is an art form that's the history of the world in a nutshell anyone who's ever done a great thing be it important or not being be a chef a sculptor a seamstress a woodcarver a leader political figure whatever it was that inner passion that drove it and made it to sting and really matter so fortunately i'm feeling like i'm not the only idiot in the last three or four years is kind of like this like like there's a renaissance i think consumers are tired of the big box luxury branded kind of bullshit marketing facade an want like we all have enough crap in the first world right so if you buy another something like you with your pool cues you're going to buy another pool cue there's going to be a store yeah that's right it's going to mean something in someone's going to put their heart and soul net so i'm
starting to see this sort of craftsman collective renaissance of makers of people creating stuff at a passion not out of a spreadsheet and a vc these formula of how well it's going to do on wall street but product first 'cause i think we forgot about that as a country we we walked away from that slowly seeing that come back yeah it seems recently recently that's become like all sorts of things i watched a video on this company called brooklyn cut it was another handmade knives knives yeah and i was like this is fascinating i never give a shit about a guy making dies and i'm watching this guy make these handmade butcher knives and kitchen knives i was like ah but you could see like the sweat and it's uh dirt in his hands and he's going over the edges and making sure everything is nice like ah there's something about that that as an adult just starting to recognize this contagious aspect and how important it is
and how when you when you see people that are passionate about things no matter what it is like you said like you to make making furniture or anything it's there's something about it that gets you excited like you almost you pull think some of their energy from their creation yeah that's me that's the that's the perfect formula because then also even if you don't become a consumer that price point doesn't make sense or whatever just a few respected and understand where they're coming from and you in turn are inspired to do whatever it is that you know you've been staying in your cubicle and earning your good salary but your soul is dead yeah and you start tinkering at night get in the garage on the weekends or whatever it is i think that's key because you know our government for decades nails and telling us just go to target and buy something in will all be fine right which i think is just asinine because there was the country was built on people trying new ideas and taking risk and standing up for what they believe
and if we just turned into a nation of consumers then why should any give a shit about our opinion and are nosing is telling them how to run their country there's no the thing that i was really struck by when i was tooling around your shop which is insanely impressive and sitting in your cars is the build qua quality like you're sitting in everything like this fucking thing is going to last one hundred years like all of your stuff and then we had that conversation about planned obsolescence that companies are actually engineering planned obsolescence into their automobiles which of business a lot of evenly think is like some sort of a conspiracy theory like oh that's nonsense they're just trying to do the best thing they can with modern electronics that some of that briggs but that's not really the case all shit now explain to me what you explain to meet today basically i think in the old days you were dealing with products were designed and manufactured for the sake of the product you know pretty simple linear pure concept
unfortunately i would blame it on wall street more than anything in suddenly the the product in a product company no longer there priority their priority was the margin the scale ability the numbers for the shareholders so the second you take your eye off of the product being what drives the company it's going to go to shit one way or another so like car companies their stories that a certain japanese car company whose name i will not mention actually went and studied paid microsoft and said oh all wait a minute so your consumer buys a laptop when the battery dies you're retaining that client and the vast majority of those clients aren't buying a battery they're buying another laptop oh this could business this very good
so i'll bring litter you by the way very race you know i love the whole world baby but you're not going to do it and i wouldn't i don't to infer that this is an asian differently now corporate priority it's global and what circus is guilty as anyone america's been that's been the one that people two because american cars especially like in the eighty were such shit they would just call aparna regular basis so you know we could have a long bitch fest about what unions have done to impact product and viability of american manufacturing all that's another story but i think on the product level suddenly automotive brands were looking at creating a vehicle that by nature the durability of the components within and the complexity of the architecture to facilitate all the perversions that we've come to expect in modern cars automatically set the obsolescence cycle so it's much
better business although much worse for the future to make a vehicle whizbang nifty groovy designed to survive a life cycle of a lease or warranty cycle and then it's off to the landfill and then what happens repeat consumer you come back and buy another one japan's taken it in other nations to an even crazier level to promote the gdp it's actually hard for you to own your car the older it gets the inspections become more routine they go from yearly to quarterly and on and on and on registration goes up every year insurance goes up does japan it goes yearly to quarterly to what we think it goes i believe its yearly to biannual to quarterly and then if it's a really old vehicle it's like money and then there not too much higher scrutiny like you have one little
all then you can get your red she got a dial that in so it's been great for you know domestic manufacturing numbers and and and keeping industry wrapped up but it's kind of bullshit and short sighted i i think on a cultural level well it's fascinating because they are known for their durability like toyota cars especially honda known for their reliability door like if you own let's say an lx five hundred and seventy which are great trucks and modern suv version of the land cruiser their brilliant there's strong yeah it'll run forever probably and it's super durable but let's talk about your touch screen on the dash when order breaks you can't use your climate controlled a whole bunch of others i already have an lx five seventy and it's the did touch screens dog really is dog now let's flash forward to your you love your truck the warranty has expired and that
screen takes a shit well that the problem is everything is engineered into it like the climate control is in that it's not know knobs for it now that part is available now and it's federally mandated that it must be available for a specific window of time that part today i'm going to make an educated yes it's a nine thousand dollars module for you to buy that stupid touch screen yes sir it's shit though it's not good it's not that responsive the navigation system five years from now it dies it's out of warranty you love the truck it's nine grand if it is still available what do you do you like least they have fuck it and you go get a new one back to their this model yeah it's it's it's disturbing that that's actually an engineered idea that they want stuff to break that's not what we want when we want to start with me people really appreciate his stuff that's durable but your mass consumers to blame also because like how
now i get in a modern car like a nice fancy car and people got it's one hundred and forty grand this you portia blah blah blah but i drive in ago man hell on earth do they get it to do all this need shit for only one hundred and forty grab all the way through to people go into box stores and buying you know a backpack for the kids for school and they wanted one thousand nine hundred and ninety five twelve ninety five backpack now granted they'll replace it four or five times because it's a heartless pile of pooh that no one cared about versus buying one from filson or tanner these are one of these upcoming passion based brands where maybe it's an eighty or one hundred and twenty dollars bag but the kid alone it for twenty years so i think that's par the re education of the consumer that hopefully in turn will insight and motivate menu actor is large and small to reprioritize what drives design
are they mutually exclusive when it comes to options like magnetic ride control and all this crazy shit that they have now these sense is that adjust to the fact that one wheel slipping and they counter all this track control and stability management all this jazz isn't that stuff going break i mean yeah i mean the tradi final answer lancer they'd give you if you asked you top ag engineer he'd say all but it's all computer based there's no varying parts yeah but their circuit boards that take a shit and solders that split in code that becomes corrupted and on and on and i go higher you you can change the side of the road exact shits out your fucked and the biggest issue is trying to get those parts to support that vehicle when you are the last of the mohicans who's trying to keep it on the road and keep it going right most factures could give a damn and as soon as they are federally not required to maintain those parts they want nothing to do with them so it's good still a point
like there's cars that are classic that you're always going to get parts for like you're going to be able to get part so i got a seventy chevy nova people love them and there's a big market for it but i got a ninety one civic it's like ooh what is that dumpster diving and that's yeah you're fucked yeah that's a that's a weird thing that these there's some cars and some vehicle that attain this classic status and then they always be classic but like a two one thousand and ten mercedes like nobody wants that they just i want it i mean you might want it's not it's not a terrible car pretty soon you can resell 'em in cuba for big money pretty much emerging market yes but you know i i think you just got back from there didn't you especially your photo yeah you might have been leaked out all those cars down there stupid i've i'm surprised i didn't get arrested though 'cause we
went there officially is like a guest of the governing family on a arts mission and because we had sort of anticipated less scrutiny at customs carry my backpack had literally about ninety five pounds with a vintage car parts hey i figured out how to ingratiate myself with the motoring locals in our hurry which was amazing because i got taken to some crazy hordes and finds of were really wild early cars because of that but yeah i brought soldering go in soldering wire bulbs relays all sorts of stuff 'cause they the the on the new id the resourcefulness of that country in the spirit of the people is just phenomenal we've talked about it about a dozen times on this podcast 'cause i love the fact that they didn't have access to new cars so what they did is they
is reconditioned and upgraded and fixed all their old cars to the point where those yank tanks is what they call them those 1950s plus chevy's and they just driving them around all over the place the vast majority of the cars on the road or those or a recent import chinese vehicles because the chinese government kind of got in bed with them and partnered on import automotive distribution come users i just wrote about it for the editor for penthouse in the article that comes out in the next issue which i don't think anyone fucking reads but i enjoy writing them someone should read a penthouse but anyway was about that and the change in the culture but it's interesting they've actually recently passed a federal law there that makes it illegal to export any of these vehicles because as they loosen the restrictions on inbound vehicles they in
dissipated potentially there be a reduction in the demand but i don't think it's going to happen from all the people that i talk to from all walks of life there it's become like it's a real icon to them yeah so and and i think it expresses a lot of the human spirit in cuba and how they've preservation and and managed to to make things work with what they have but i mean most of them there that i drove around and like you know you'd be in a fifty seven chevy bel air convertible and it's running a seventies russian volga diesel really that's actually i was in castro's text late 60s limousine we we rented three of his leg does in the fleet originally rent but it was a friendly arrangement to drive about a couple hours out of havana to go look at a very rare aston martin that i knew about that's the only one in the country that had been abandoned their that's a one of one early asked
so we drove these crazy old russian limousines to go for their i ended up on the side of the road twice having to fix them and then again like went out to hear music drunk at like two in the morning and r russian lada taxi cab broke down it was pretty funny so i have some pretty funny pictures of my cabbie looking at me just completely incredulous i'm underneath the car with baling wire setting it up cuban it up so how are they keeping these things running how to get access to parts of the manufacturing their own parts of the yeah i mean it can get anything yeah i mean if for example is a tourist if you forget your toothbrush you have been three days trying to fucking toothbrush so where do you think you're going to get a brake drum for forty eight olds
so do you stay at a hotel and yeah yeah and some people stay in people's homes that yeah that's a big new trend and i'd recommend it same with the home restaurant industry that's growing there back story to that is there was a recent limited allowance that allowed private individuals to create small businesses so people are opening up their homes there re purposing these beautiful derelict old buildings and opening magnificent restaurants in them and magnificent might be a strong word is the food kind of sucks but really yeah well again they can't get anything so like the food that's imported comes from and with the government said they could import from who they could say it imported from so unless the dude has his own
farm and garden and research which a lot of them do it greatly limits what ends up on the plate by selling school they'd just take people and they have like two seats at their kitchen yeah i think of the cult tele daughters i think is the word and some of the best meals in experience and and discussions in human interface we had were in those environments and super cool so are they he man are they do they take like a broken part and re configured to they make a new one or they may i mean it's everything from j b weld chewing gum duct tape and corks and coat hangers through two incredibly gifted resource full generally the older generation
i met one guy in particular in his 80s who's very well known down there there's a big car club called friends of fawn geo so fanja was a great race are back in the 50s who in fact one the first big havana rally and there's this magnificent poster that's like the holy grail of car geek posters i still want one can't find it but anyway the second year he went there to compete again and castro had him kidnapped 'cause they didn't want him winning because he was an argentinian oh no he can't win so they held him captive and apparently treated him quite well and didn't release him until after the race but this friends of fawn geo car club is founded by one of the local guys who was on his mechanic team that first year and he knows everybody with anything that has a motor and wheels and he took me to meet this older gentleman
guy will not only make the part help make the tools needed to make the damn part so their foraging and casting why their own stuff and it's it's phenomenal like we could learn a lot of lessons and the guy ship back to get her from them well that is one thing that we're we're missing and we're losing the the people the skilled craftsman that have the ability to make metal pieces which we used to be a big being mean there are people in the hot rod world it's a big thing fabricators are very high in demand because they do so much custom work but it's such a tiny tiny fraction but again i think if we step back the thing that keeps me from becoming a depressed drunk is the feeling that that's changing it's becoming more imp short and to the greater general population people are more inspired and be it in
that'll be it in leather be it in soup bitten cuttery whatever the hell it is there seems to be a growing trend in people giving a shit and returning back to that and i think also more importantly perhaps feeling how it changes them as an individual so like for me my past life had a completely different karere and i wasn't really i got into it loving it and over the years like i really didn't have the control and creative input that i thought i did disp
putting my heart and soul in it or past a point despite getting this passionate about it and starts to kill your soul yeah when i was young and dumb and we have kids at my wife and i spontaneously basically quit our jobs and started our automotive the first one tlc i mean it could have totally screwed up and not worked i'm lucky that it did but i think most epically important it it it reinvigorated me as an individual so i am i am more proud passionate and content which in turn hopefully makes me less of an the rest of people that i interface with them on this planet so i think big cultural sense that's a wonderful thing that i'm seeing in it's not unique to america the the ripple effect is yeah yeah i think around the world people were wanting to turn to those values well and it's also there's something about like if someone drives like say one of your fj 40s that you re end
here they kind of driving around in a piece of art it's not just a car that like those volcanic black ones that you mean that's so so i mean icons but it's so iconic you know it really is it it's your thing and glass in fj40 now it's art mann's that's my whole approach is like it should be it's a functioning sculpture this art even in the way your doors closed like i shut your door i know if you notice like in your showroom like four or five times it's just so well done it's not there's nothing wonky it's just clink clink it's you could feel that and likes i think when people drive something that or use that guy's knives or you know or you this clock that we have here it's like you feel cement ship any package you are more important level yeah where is like if you have like a cool piece of electronic it's cool you know i'll i'll
cool iphone or a cool laptop but i don't i love this laptop i write all my jokes on it i do it right all emails in jazz but i don't feel anything out of it this isn't like some guys got the tool is not a relationship some woman didn't carve these keys with her skilled hands and i feel it when i'm typing no it's kind of manufactured and it's cool that that can be done two but there's there's another level of stuff there's another level of that you get from functional art yeah totally and you know like of them probably the most sort of obtuse expression of that brand of theology is our derelicts which yes some people like just don't you know i i had ran into a guy came running up at a stop light this morning i was test driving a fifty four desoto explain what a derelict is people think you're talking about bombs kinda so basically a derelict is where will take the car with epic
tina like just time natural decay but not a rust bucket so like a barn find will take that car the laser scan it get it into cad chuck the original chassis and mechanical and everything and uh if all that into a modern highly capable daily driver but the art is trying to make it look like we did nothing so this guy had a light he's like think you're going to make it i'm like yeah i'm good 'cause we're going to fix it up like nope i'm done what color you gonna paint it red nope i'm done what i don't care at cell but to me that's kind of part of the fun well what the not everyone does get it they look like an old car you put this desoto up on a lift and showed it to me and it's got this sane fully independent suspension and this is the the icons but
if you find a like armor elected will come right up yeah or the dark matter a reformer but these cause cars look on the outside as if it's just an old car but then you looked the wheels like hey wait a minute what's going on here and then you that kind of like oh hold up a second you have modern corvette engines and then they're just patch it so it's insane like what is this one right here that's what i was driving this morning yeah powermaster what a great so that car was inspired by the first era like which is mine the fifty two desoto wagon so like in this it has a one off chassis we partner with art morrison on most of our chassis engineering we gave it a gold tooth like a crock 'cause it added cavity which is kind of fun but yeah like five hundred and fifty horse srt8 hammy few li fi speed automatic independent suspension six piston hydroboost brakes modern climate control bluetooth audio blah blah blah but all like packaged and head
and so it's totally under the radar totally under the radar to the point where the nob that controls the old school radio act he controls the volume on this bluetooth enabled system that syncs up with your phone fucking incredible digital bit one audison not digital it to analog but pure digital audio gotta love the cold it's amazing what you're doing is so cool because like someone you know and they looked at on the outside they literally have no idea but then you would look inside and go wow that is a really well preserved interior women it what is that it just looks awfully like onions so like if you start peeling back there's a lot of layers to the absurdities in building these and on that video which gave me a hard time for my hat that's too early cat it's all fucked up i thought was perfect
they're people give you a hard time and everything you could to save babies what i really like hold on we have too many babies a troll trawlers used to just rip me a new one and over the years as it's gotten better this i think people have gotten a more her understanding of what we're doing well also trolls are like snake venom you get a little bit and it fucks you up overtime it becomes you become immune to it and they actually help you people were like overly critical and assholes and they actually help you in the long run they really do because they you understand that there's too many b well you can't just pay attention to everyone's opinion there's just too many fucking peep well just remind you that we could use a little darwinian trimming other hurt there's that but it's also it's really on them what is this fucking thing you've got here this myrtle shut it so my the scene of the interior was just not oh my god that's beautiful so that's a fifty buick roadmaster convertible latch
on the road in one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight we one of our hunters is actually a ups driver saw that in some dude's backyard and had tipped us and we grab back up hold on what is that a ups drivers the best hunters really yeah we pay finders fees to them all the time 'cause they delivering packages they see something covered by leaves guys guys fucking car god those seats are in crew readable that once now running about a six month horse ls7 dry sump that car is apply now who's got that thing that's a la client yeah that remember the superbird the seventy superbird guy former we're building this is the same owner taking a superbird which is one of the iconic american muscle cars and pudding really modern underpinning so we're going to do a hellcat setup right yeah which for folks at don't know what we're talking about is we're geeking out here hell
cat is the chrysler srt version the newest of their badass challenges beast it's what i drove on my comedy special the seven hundred and seven horsepower red challenger it's fucking incredible so after talking to the creative team in the srt division at mopar we actually learned that we're not going to go that route we'd like to but you talk about complexity in modern vehicles without being too much of a geek that runs what's called a can bus network so the electrical network in that car is no longer yes isanos exusia nose it's constant data stream so like even the damn dome light could be talking to the brake pedal that's talking to the tranny so it makes it very difficult to really engineer those right in a non native platform so with srt support we're actually going to the company that builds their race engines
and we're gonna do our own scratch built scat six point four blown so we'll that's our performance target but we originally were just going to buy one and disassemble it and re purpose said and we got to get out of that that's crazy that all that stuff but all that stuff is also enabled them to have two keys correct which is hilarious because one of 'em that you to the valet only gives it five hundred horsepowers like do you have fucking ask that is it's like here take this phone down version and then the other one the red key gives you seven hundred and seven horsepower which is incredible the manager of all it's really where it says all the electronics and all that jazz even ten years ago when they would do a performance model they just shoehorn in the biggest motor they could find that car to me is a great example of change good chain in detroit it is so engineered to be what it is it's not just throw motor in it and sell it no
it's really drivable it's almost like a gt car more than is a sports car even a muscle car it's like it feels like a big battle axes right there but it'll suck it down when you need it when you stop the gas on it's it's going to speaking of hours epic that duality of the two different keys there's an engine builder out near our shop this guy builds motors like his true trainer motor his entry level motors like one thousand horse is that's the alien the alien in may in the intake manifold guy is out yeah the one that nelson raistlin whether legs opened is it nelson alvarez yeah yeah tom is a row of evil genius but august is a sorry should really have dual gas think so yeah you got a toggle switch under the dash there's dole computer networks old tanks dual injectors so you got your low output at a thousand hearts and then a flick of a switch it goes to the jet fuel tank into the other computer network and now it's like two thousand or
yeah that guy built in eighteen hundred horsepower sixty nine chevelle for my friend the white one i know it's like a light blue how he did a white one called on with herbal and that's the machine the badges says unfuckwithable and it's quite true then it's probably going to rip itself in half within five years well it's also you know the first corner in the first four two hundred horsepower porsche is going to be we try and not do so although over the years i've pushing the envelope with more and more and more horsepower and it's hard to return once you've gone there we try and never build what we call cul de sac rides where
it's so into a corner yeah well it's two thousand hours power but it overheats if you stand still there won't idle the ac won't work you know and alright so much power it's not trackable trying to keep everything we do relatively practical so whatever performance we have it's in measure with the refinement the track ability like that three of master pickups were building people keep asking for more power well four hundred and forty seven horsepower is what we have found to be the the maximum amount of power you can put in it without it just being asinine and never hooking up and just spinning tires yeah it seems like they might have painted themselves so a corner with this american horsepower war because when you get things like the seven hundred and seventy seven horsepower challenger and then you've got the mustang shelby that a six hundred and sixty two and what
now five years from now you'll have a million horsepower where we're going to take it too it's going to well kind of like empires i think if you look at the history of automotive does in in trends there's always a kind of a a specific graph of a rise and fall right so i think you know just as emissions laws came in and impacted the first error the muscle cars in the starting in sixty six with dotnepai thi you're going to see the same thing with these where the corporate numbers will never allow that kind of output vehicle to be predominant because it impacts the ratio so i don't know the exact numbers but i would fathom to say that for every three hellcats they sell they would have arguably had better business selling twenty six banger versions and the final corporate fleet admissions of it is such that that thing eats up so much of their allotted emissions they were able to produce that it limits them so i think that should be a great
opportunity i think cadillac is is showing early signs of embracing it correctly which is okay well let's get back to craftsmanship so yeah we can do this motor and it's super sex and all that but what about that plastic ridiculous dash that we've turned into what about all this faux wood and like what would she why don't we start making more quality materials which i think could be really interesting opportunity because on the other side of the coin you look at what the chrysler fiat ownership of ferrari is done for every product you happen and you prairie the nav systems the same thing that's in your kids jeep rubicon are you kidding me and the plastic stuff that oh it well it has sexy porsches welding that looks like aluminum but it's plastic it's just that thing that's in a hyundai or kia or anything else and think they better be careful to hold the line of that quality in that tactile that human interface or what's the point it's just a badge card well they've made
some real errors in navigation systems and not keeping them updated current 'cause if you're going to have all that electronic jazz that benefit the good go there yeah uh i have a friend who's a maserati and this fucking piece of shit oh my god vacation thing is just dog shit but it's just chrysler stuff that some pencil pusher said he already paid for the let's get another no no traffic doesn't know where the traffic is can update can't re route you like with the with my my phone does all this was that's why i like ferrari and and porsche to a certain extent as well i should more respect for them when they were making less money when when like the air of the error the error code is like a nine hundred and ninety seven yeah there's no nav nine hundred and ninety three right yeah now i'm sorry nine hundred and ninety three well i can picture german guy going via knots at drivers caught there's no couple to either fuck you but they had the balls to say this is what we are we're not for everyone we have a backup camera it's a sport
car it is minimalist deal with it dig it great don't go by me what are we don't care we r who we r lotus is kind of doing that they they have a few of their cars need anymore no i mean the little time destroyed i've been hearing is lotus was making so much money off of licensing t shirts in product and crap that the cars are kind of a pain in the mass so the engineering arm is still alive in somewhat well but the cars i mean they had what seven concepts in the last two years and then production viability of any and all of them is all but gone it just takes its deep pockets to get one of those coachbuilt versions of those cars like what singers doing yeah you know sign here for yeah you guys like robin i i think its viable that if if we are the creative sorts
who are smart enough to acknowledge that were dumb enough to not be the numbers sorts but to build our team and add those people to the team i think we can make couple of businesses out of it now the second you want to make fifty thousand one hundred one thousand three hundred half million of 'em a year i think that is the bigger struggle because i think there's there's conflicts at core with the efficiencies that those business models demand in the modern world to be considered competitive it cetera it's like you know with the for are you talking about coming out with an s u v because you know some pencil pusher stockholder of power so much like we need more market share you need to come up with something else i mean even porsche with the kerr i am and stuff like that softcore but i can understand the business numbers made perfect sense to grab atoragon pack
set up ever driven one of those cayenne turbos there a spaceship it's a spaceship zero to sixty in four seconds and it's a fucking truck and it handles like it's on rails doesn't make sense it defies the laws of physics i agree same with the new turbo panamera that so yeah please god that thing since i love that tranny that pda see i want to take a car like that package that fucker into an old create a split window 356a and having all wheel drive like six hundred and sixty horse pdk paddle shift but what is thing way those things didn't wait twenty five one hundred pounds is the same the amount of power for twenty five one hundred pounds i would be so crazy that time you stuff all that crap in there it's you're going to be back up to four thousand but it still be a hell of an e ticket ride be insane is there like
is there a market like everyone loves those old cars that people love like sixty nine camaros and those old school cars do you think there's a market for someone to come along and do with singers doing 'cause what singer is doing is taking your when you by a singer car it's technically nine hundred and sixty four which is like a nineteen eighty nine porsche but it's not really it's a carbon fiber body the drivetrain is totally re engineered he's using z cosworth still i think the cosworth engine so he's got a four hundred plus horsepower bit by air cooled like the pre i mean air cools kinda stupid we to do it but the people love that sound that the air cooled produces and it had such a mechanical sort of engaging field that man you know that there's that feel that those engines have that people fall in love so he's got this kind of like very niche market or niche market if you don't like me reboot re network
is there a market for someone doing that with an american car like building and i one thousand eight hundred and sixty nine camaro today like our re engineered camaro certainly so i think traditionally there's two ways it's bend then there's a pending third way it might be able to soon be done traditionally you got a guy who doesn't give a damn respects quality finds a pro builder and there's plenty of geeks like us out there who do exactly what you're talking about and they build six digit super freak super trick for that dude one car and that's it build one car and all the engineering is applied to that one car then you have the professional quote unquote shops that cn markets so they see that car on barrett jackson in it sells for two hundred and fifty and they go well shit my friends go some sixty nine in the backyard i can put those together make him shine and we get some money you talking about that guy fast and loud aren't you no i have no personal issues with him know but
it's just like that's the shallow people see an op it's it's more the wolves you know people that see an opportunity so then that's like broncos traditionally and then and it's not to say anything negative about that community but the the shop owners go okay what is the perceived tolerance of the guy you might call me and wants a restored bronco and right or wrong that may have been forty grand fifty grand so then what they do they go and they try and make a feasable business model of delivering whatever the hell they can at that perceived market tolerance so either have the guy one off builds for the occasional funded guy you have this slightly more commercial versions of shops which in mass tend to cut corners or make sacrifices to meet a perceived market three you've got the new breed of fools like me and robert singer and more and more guys who throw
caution to the wind ignored the established price tolerance focus on the quality and then try and build a market from scratch in the future there's there's a house bill that just got presented that is been promoted by our our big trade group called seem out which is gonna really work to create a new federal classification for alter low volume vehicular manufacturers will take responsibility for tail pipe submissions but get exemptions from larger impact mass market vehicle crash test certification which makes it ends impossible but don't you know we can only build two hundred a year three hundred a year if that law passes i think people are gonna be shocked how many geeks in the fringes like us
and like us that are not branded yet that have the engineering prowess and resources to do exactly what you're talking about like that body for a sixty nine camero and by that entire body brand new you could almost buy that whole car via mail order in lego together in boston over the winter like companies like year one yeah yeah and then i think there's issues there with quality control license deals making the oems enforce quality with the license so
this emerging market doesn't step on its own deck because nothing fits anything and this planet concerns there but bigger picture the capabilities of the shops in the resources and the tooling and all this stuff coming together if this law comes into play you're going to see it and and an immediate new sub culture and and custom vehicles built to a very high level i had a more and more feasible price point because we'll all get thats that scale and i got as of today for me when i'm these broncos i'm paying triple that day for the old bronco i need to restore and modify into my final equation i'm paying triple what i paid before i open my mouth and we came out with them and there's a shrinking so you have kind of fucked yourself i'll tell you wanna market ruined it so if i'd had the intelligence and finance i would've chipmunk to weigh one hundred you were talking to
this before when we were in your lot when you were talking to me about how you got into business kind of on a bet you chipmunk away a bunch of fj 40s and try to create a market explain that basically i've always been a big kind of getting out of my little box and and the world and respecting different cultures and viewpoints etc so i've done on a lot of traveling i found how it was incredible how often you'd be in a really remote locale where a vehicle is literally life or death how much the people love the land cruisers on a whole different level than what n americans dig about aren't that cute it's kind of like kind of like a safari vehicle like no life of fucking death this is what gets you out of the bush live people have such
deep affinity for them so back here in the states all my cars are over restored i want something for fun dogs surfing beach whatever bought an old fj40 like i'd grown to love i'm on a prior trip kicked out distorted etc so i was at a business class extension class i don't go to college at usc and we got into a debate over supply and demand me another student and the professor my theory was supplying demands bullshit 'cause nowadays if you control the supply you can create the demand they said i was an idiot back and forth turn into a bet and i was given i think it was six months to drive a trackable market up thirty points and i think was like a thousand buck bed or whatever so although i was still active in my prior karere in my spare
time in with spare money i had already invested in a couple automotive shop just 'cause i was already wrenching in restoring stuff in my garage and helping these guys with their business model but using their resources 'cause i didn't have a lift him shop in my house so yeah i went out and bought every fj forty the rats ass that i could find i could find your maps through think about forward thirty probably about thirty of 'em thirty in six months but this is like thrifting oh no that was like in two months really oh yeah i wasn't working on road trips rampage by twelve verse so and then i'd call the transporter and coordinate and send the eighteen wheeler to go pick up those twelve and then keep going call the other transport or pick up the next twelve and then check my come away i didn't kick out at first all i did was fixed the problems they had clean him up really well
and then bring them back to market and this is in the day the recycler and the thrifty nickel and all that and it was like she was shooting ducks in a barrel because a culturally people dot com but there was like a cult around them and nobody was restoring am worth a damn they would like throw leftover v8 in and a twenty dollars paint job and chrome rims from their brothers el camino or what nose treating them like conventional classics so that was just very simple premise have give them more respect represent them better bring him back to the market i bet you there's a bunch of men and women that dig them who aren't engaging because of the quality level what they see and then i'm i was was and went back for them to gaming on the bat and no one would pay me they wouldn't pay you now the best so what did they say it was just a joke dude just a jew
so keep it already fucking car it was fun as all hell i made out like a bandit i've made that well you win in fact those cars the profit from those cars let my wife i piss off and go to south africa for like three months and have a killer vacation when we were young and single and that's the vacation where were lamenting these dudes never pay it up but i'm like but i think there's something there and honey you hate your job i don't really like mine anymore fuck it fuck it fuck it you get a family lovely story are overhead slow we get home let's just quit yes we're like we're in our 20s yes so we quit i took like three credit cards twenty grand my quiver of trucks a wing and a prayer took over my friends because he wanted to move his classic car shop to santa monica and literally like we put a post it note it was like one thousand two hundred square feet i put like i don't know five or six trucks glass window in van i put the trucks in the window put a piece of cardboard on
store my cell number and carry around my old motorola you know tan brick cell phone just go about my life and people started calling it just like third truck we sold we sold to a dude is like hey have you ever heard of the internet or like yeah we heard about that what year what year zombies sixty those bear billy wright yeah well yeah it sounds pretty wild man he's like yeah well i design websites like cool water those so we actually traded the fj forty we sold this for website wow it was just again serendipity has been so good to me that just shows you how insane technology has changed in just a short amount of time we have one of our sponsors's company called square space and you can make a website no bullshit in about ten minutes and it's a bad ass website drag and drop if you have a series of images
so easy to do built in online store but you have to try to fucking car for a website nowadays for like redesign of the icon site it's it's going to go live in a couple weeks being the geek that that i am like like didn't want to redo it our current sites ok no ones bitch and it gets the job done but apparently written in some language of some company that got bought by someone who got bottle got shelled by the last guy who bought them and i got a notice that like you know well you know browsers could be tomorrow could be in a year but literally like a light switch my site won't be decipherable if i'm going to do it i want to do it right so my art director and i spent like eight months kicking out researching all the automotive sites which and you know it's got a lot of ideas of what to do and what not to do and
my programmer i'm like mister america for manufacturing but my programmers in afghanistan so other than my server freaking out and then wanting to bleiler you're getting hacked from afghanistan once we got that cleared up this dude is rockstar from afghanistan he's got like twenty young employees he's fresh out of college all of his employees are college kids were paying them way board then they used to making locally but ten percent what i was paying the fancy pants age in new york that if the old site wow an overnight like i'll give him all the notes and will do the layout and like five hundred pm i come in at work like they'll be an email that comes in at five hundred am boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo everything is done dude get me this guys number rocks the house jesus fucking christ up down with hanging out with afghanis i love that love that kind of strategists love the fact you just went for it i love people go for it
sit around hate your life for the next two decades afghanis just yet again another example of a guy who's like there's no opportunity here life socks i don't like my job wait a minute maybe i could do programming for for you know the guy now is passion in it again he's doing a great job in succeeding commercially and personally because he put his heart and what it does it does a good job yeah there's anywhere it's it's pa all and i'd love i i one of things that's come out of this podcast it's been surprising an amazing is how many people have done the same thing how many people have listened to these podcasts and go listen to people like you talk in and spread their passion go fuck it i'm doing it i just figured out a way to do it on the weekends and and thanks nights after work and put it together and then get a viable business model and i tell you what when you and i are eighty and we're not produce
maybe we can't do anything anymore and we sit back and we think about our lives outside of family and and and the people in our immediate circle i think the thing that we're going to carry the longest term true pride about is having a little ways or big inspired other people and made a positive impact and just like that like the fact that this podcasts you probably need started at yeah whatever ok it'll be a side thing and get relevant but it's turned in its creed an entire community and it's inspired other people like we call are mark my kudos emails so just uber if i'm on a blog or i'm listening to a podcast and i hear of another craftsman don't care what he's doing like that dude with petrified wood i was talking about earlier if i find there's somebody out there following their dream there doing something that i think is killer i'll figure out bigger small who they are where they are get their email and uh send out an email my subject lines always kudos
just do good for you yeah well done bitching go for it that's great and their honest and they have to be or this wouldn't happen but it is turned to so many friendships opportunities in relationships collaborative projects like it's just it's good warm fuzzy karmic and for both of you when the guy received that email that is fuel yeah and the reason i started sending him is because i started getting on and i notice how it impacted and empowered me to stick to what was important and it's everything that thing you were telling me about is that zach i have a website though the stools that he makes in the the the tables in unix only seen him on instagram and this is another one tell me what it is again what is the name on instagram i gotta find it he's using path
fired would write it takes petrified wood and then through the cracks in the petrified wood generally like a trunk hill in bed diodes in the thing so like at night it like believes lights and is like or character there's this other dude who's and or is he he's is he in paraguay i think the guy takes chords any carves them in the most incredible filigree intricate way turns them into ceiling lights so they broadcast this most credible spectrum of shadow and color in like it's it's a court okay turgid in just just like out there there there's the the sanchez brothers our family for three generations okay this mexican dudes and new mexico or arizona i think you mexico
now they have state licenses to pick up firewood so there out in the old growth areas in the desert competing with dudes who are looking for firewood but they're looking for fallen old growth timber or standing dead these guys take these pieces of wood and will pay yep turquoise and metals in that same area they literally take him back to their studio and i don't know about the older generation but i've met the youngest he'll sit back and stare at that would and roll a fatty and burn it and get intimate with the shape of the wood and it can there for an hour or five years until one day he's like oh yeah a chair and he likes is the vision of the shape in it so they do like bowls and trays and staircases and tables and shit trying to pull it would take fletcher
instagram page he put up this insane table that someone did along those lines it looks like it was carved out of a single block of wood and some i had this really unique idea for the side of the table like the front seat when do it what was the guy's name that made those the the table too i don't remember the gourd or the table i suck with names but i'll email it to you i wish we could pimp am on the show but
then in another guy like that there's a a guy on disability in detroit who is the incredible the most gifted wilder i've per i'm a damn good wilder and this guy's a rock star so is names josh welton brown dog welding he no longer can work because if these have these massive surgeries and both arms park but to just to keep himself alive like his spirit alive he started doing artistic efforts with as well so this dude literally takes scrap metal or old shovels hammers them messes with them re purposes them does these incredible sculptures out of scrap metal water nothing dogs and cars and will that table is the table that take ass it doesn't i don't think he put a source now you look at the so it's like it's all one giant blah
arc of wood and uh i think it probably is sectioned off on the left side that we can't see it's hard to tell but on the right side the side that's facing us it's sort of like steps like you it looks like he took he cuts of post beams like for like four buys and sectioned them in to like a butcher block pattern like guys are doing that with walls to from like pay that's exactly what it looks like right it does look like but center hub of the wood that they don't use for the paper pulp and you leave him at dis similar length and you put them at ninety degrees on a wall and you do a whole wall of in cut tree limbs luck super yeah we've been doing more and more hardwood company called urban hardwoods that sells tables like that jamie she pulled out side up and they essentially they take really cool or old hardwood chunks and make
these really unique tables are not perfect smooth a lot of them have a you see if you go to the gallery if they have a could see some other some of the stuff that they do but there they can to do this on a fairly large scale and they go all over the world or all of the country rather to find i am i called chunks of wood there's also like auto eroart i think it's caught or eroart the dude that take airplanes scrap and reap purpose it into furniture and so cool yeah well this yeah there you see these guys actually taking the wood itself they'll have giant cranes carry these logs it's brian my buddy eric is call q manufacturer he's like one of the most sought after in the world he runs a company called sugar tree cues it's all completely handmade all his own and he's one of those guys that will drive around in his truck and if he see he's a log like off the side like he lives in new mexico hill drive
a mile into the desert and figure way to chop this fucking ironwood and get it into the back of his truck and then we'll make these insane pool cues with it with the most detailed fig your total artwork from mother nature he doesn't in later this let the natural he'll he'll do points like he'll cut pieces together but he doesn't mcginlay like some people though this different styles of cues some of the they'll in late abalone a little pieces of bone what mastodon ivory is one that he uses occasionally for the joint like ten housing year old master because apparently that's super prevel
like you can find a lot of that stuff yeah and it's actually been growing because of the crackdown on elephant ivory that is actually created a of a strong market spike i was just learned that in africa last month yeah but i used to do fine furniture as a whole really i used to sculpt pre raphaelite style do what working i i did leather working but these are all hobbies just different things that explore and actually gave a couple minutes thought of making a commercial go of my furniture but they're still sick add up the hours like not not going to happen is like our quarter sawn white okay few meant instead of standing at which is like way old school way of doing it that makes no sense soon what does that mean fuming you basically create like a desiccant chamber like a sealed chamber and you put a desiccant in there that sucks all the oxygen out of the year phone so that in turn surface cures the wood in the longer you leave it in there depending on the type of what in the courses
grant it'll impact and stain the wood so like early stickley gustav stickley furniture arts and crafts are staff most of that a big part of it's durability is not just that it's quarter sawn but that it's few ammonium yeah any drastic antimony as what's traditionally used what is the what is desiccant was i mean i believe it's the process of extracting oxygen and moisture and ammonia does i'll look try and take a breath in your desk and chamber when you're doing something you're so unphu and it looks like maybe like a light oak and it gets down to black thirty two hours yeah and they're dreaming it's not that calculable depends on the size and the grain literally you put it in there and you make it clear so you can just check on the bugger and let it sit in there and darken up until you find that sweet spot then he just take it out and
service wax and oil and you're done why and if you get a gnarly scratch in it that's not just on the top of the grain it permeates and really nice and deep it's like that first master you solve with that's old puget sound sunken largs brought back up cam corder sauna processed and fumed but then we do a marine matt seal for durability because of that you know being a truck bed but so still get a little bit of time to to have fun with hardwoods we integrate him sometimes well if you decide to do that but the same passion that you put into i kind i'm sure will be just as big a success it's just one of those things people i mean i have the market's not as big a guy gas isn't more people probably buy cars that might not doesn't make sense people up by tables chairs couches and just hard for something cool if you want to put like a cool piece of furniture in your house good luck you
you know there's some stuff that you can get it retail store like restoration hardware has some pretty nice stuff but doesn't yeah he raise your like someone just far well that guy is screwed more heritage brands and designers he'll steal your design lock stock and barrel and take it to market wait to you come after a month ago yeah sumi really big they did a horrible thing with the guys that originally designed the famous american navy and i'm tall chairs they just stole it went to market had it made in india or whatever but that's actually very cool story for people that care about these things that it's worth looking into and they're no longer a public league comment on it but there was a settlement and the owner of what is that nature company their southern cal company been around for
i don't know like the forties but anyway he said no no no no no no you're not going to screw me just cuz you're big and i'm little and he leveraged everything he had to do and did a big campaign to be made right and protected so they said the courts upheld his complaint shut down restoration hardware zeffert made them pay damages and they protected guys design and trademark and brand it shouldn't just be damage is when someone plagiarizes like that or steals it don't even get me started trademark infringement copyright violation we go to trade shows and see designs that i penned and developed and did the captive myself in house i've seen the exact product lock stock and barrel on honest suppliers booth at sema for sale yeah there's even know the guy said dude what do you do when you are you going to sell like you can make that so much cheaper than i can that would have given you my files we could work something out yeah that's business
and then so you sue them how do you deal with that now i lick my wounds and walk away fuck i just learned a lesson and go fucking humans and busy a rickshaw driver in havana that i realized after i'd given away on my car parts i had a tire patch kit still my backpack and i remember this kid we had had a conversation i speak spanish we had a conversation early in the trip and like oh he'd appreciate that 'cause he had been telling me like the mafioso that you know runs the rickshaw all rentals just like in the greek new york cab deal if he gets a flat he's got to bring it back there in the charge him some ridiculous rate to fix the flat and it's on him so i all this kettle appreciate my kit so late at night i finally give the kiddies stoke takes me out we just go for a drive in a talk and he knew
nailed it and broken english he was saying the difference between communism socialism and western capitalistic driven things thank you know these values in them all and none of them work independent and perhaps the perfect cultures of the future would be a fusion of socialism in certain respects such as you know education in medicine what have you and but also the free market capitalism he goes but the any was explaining the failures of each and he nailed cat realism has no conscience and to me that that's it that's it if we can figure out a way to still have brands and products and consumerism that has a conche it's both to its consumers its shareholders the environment like just to wake up awareness not this me me mine mine mine then
that'll be cool it isn't the the idea of capitalism is sort of independent of the human being it's like the idea of capitalism this idea of eternal growth that's sort of independence human being with human being practices capitalism so it's up to the human being to have conscience right so i think it's maybe i'd love i'd prefer to hope that what you just described would be corporatism if that was yeah well right like a corporation i can understand having no conscience and then it's up to the individuals to hold them to some level of accountability yeah and i also got please could just money for the sake of money in capitalism is a priority i think if we could put that in check and reset those priorities i think it would serve everyone well on many do also i think that it would i know i'm just some mechanical ya know don't you dare do that you're dead on and i also think that there it's it's it could be taught whether it's a in just primary education or whether it's being taught in it's cool that when you
steel you're not going to be happy you're going to know that what you did is illegitimate you're a fraud total and that there's no there's no getting around really relevant and important back to accountability yeah we do something stupid now i turn around and sue somebody it's like well you did something stupid whatever happened is saying i've fucked up it just being accountable for it look what happens to authors when you do you hear about an author or writer a plagiarizing and they get lot and then there's someone takes their work and shows the regional and mike look there's fifty different examples of this guy taking full pass it is from these books and repackage sing it as his own that has done their fucking done and that's essentially what these people are doing to doing the same thing when they called out they kind of they pay the lawsuits and but they're allowed to keep practicing and if we treat
those companies the same way we treat those writers then things would really change that people looked at restoration hardware and went oh you did what oh let's support ok i'm at it goes yeah i'm going to design within reach yeah it's more expensive but they work with these companies that problem it's a location there's a big building you go there you know what i need to finance account catalog and like those aircraft chairs there does come down to it i am too but i like not once i that story like i can't do it what you need to do is hire someone to rip off their design of their aircraft sharing so there you go meeting at their own game is that real i mean can you do that i can i think you can win top though on education i think that's another thing that is so important and and and misguided you know suddenly a blue collar is a bad thing well i mean i've got a neighbor is a plumber
he's doing fine don't worry about him yeah you can make a lot of money blue collar right and i think that their school system not not only not supporting that but not educating kids on the plethora of opportunities in the world for careers in the importance of loving what you do first i think people to fit in these silos of doctor or lawyer or worse yet the i'm going to take a two second half cooked idea and i'm going to sell it become an internet billionaire with good luck with that but it's like it's like the palaye dreams of the brazilian kids like ok but i hope you got another plan but we're not even not even teaching kids how to
a check and balance personal finances and school not to mention showing in the opportunities the world has and help them identify what they care about and we just can't come off to college where the party for two years and hopefully on their own find something that matters to them word they continued doing whatever they thought they were supposed to be doing and don't discover what they love until it's too late and if they get any inspiration from their teachers or professors going to get these little nuggets that they have to nurture like little embers they're not it's not like a constant apple further education i think it's norway does a kick ass thing where i think it's tenth grade you do an internship with like first they sort of give you the big picture and then you can pick where you want to do an internship and then you do it and then your final year in high school is preparing you for the karere future though
speaks to you that you've already identified so when kids go into business right away or off for further continuing education they care about it and there are already engaged there not just getting kind of churned through this system where they don't even know what the hell they want to do so it's making money charging them for a debt they'll carry through their professional career well it's all hard because the teachers are so unmotivated here so it's so difficult to get people and pay them like a poverty wage and expect them to be enthusia sts about presenting limitless possibilities to these kids they don't even have limitless possibilities in their own life there fucked in some shit bag forty or your job that has uh delete ceiling on it as far as growth potential and as far as the appreciation that people have for what they're doing and that's something i struggle with i mean i pay over market in my world and none of my people make what honestly
they should but if you look at the business model of it in all the ridiculous cost of doing business in scale in america not to mention california it's it's like the business that the them i you know i see guys go to china or wherever they code make something feasible we can about that all we want but if we look at the entitlements in taxes and all the crap that's the helped around it's like i think these guys to make double what they're making show me the business model like literally i searching for i i just finished reading a great book called spark which is about lincoln which is one of the earliest is still one of the predominant welding manufacturers in america and this guy was you know doing revolutionary staff with an employer attentions and like he was paying out such big bonuses that the bonus is generally were a hundred and ten percent
sent of the salary to all employees at all level he would basically at the end of the year look at whatever the whatever the taxable profit of the company was in disperse it is bonuses so i have to pay the tax and the irs got pissed and investigated them several times but it held up but now they have a proud educated healthy workforce some of you've been there for three generations there are multinational company they've managed to stay progressive competitive dominant having this model of this pay structure in this community that goes against every economist said i mean there this book is still one of the it started as a harvard case study and is is become the most common business case study ever and north american in one house from
understanding is it duplicated is anybody tried to replicate what they're doing there's been different efforts but not to the extent that they have and in fact they've failed with it in other nations because their become cultural conflicts with the viability but i'm studying that like what could i do that right we make that work but you know when you're you know california shit were busy we got a one to five year back order on all the different icons if i wanted dudes let's work harder let's come in saturday let's all work saturday one game it's not mandatory it's up to you do it ok overtime is one thing and that's fair and reason but all your workman's comp and all your insurance is in everything rise exponentially based on you doing
so like way to me you're d incentivizing me to give my guys bonus income increase our productivity and therefore the productivity of the nation on a bigger impact company not my little but it makes it disincentivize you to create more it's a little bit more costs on top solera so they were investigated by the irs for generosity yeah basically and it took him years and years but they they want hey look at so grows you have to fight the fucking government like who are you who are you you aren't you guys supposed to be just protecting us from fucking war what are you what doing you doing investigating generosity yeah now nothing but fun it's a bizarre for the car geek cannot hold no no no i think you have a wider reach these these these people or their third eleven this is great stuff this is fuel
do you get a hard time to to bring it back to the car stuff like the desoto that you show me today which is just fabulous do you get a hard time from people that want to keep everything numbers matching those fuckos those nipples god damn crazy whatever it's their world and i'm ok with it i just if they called me i'm first want to go dude you're talking to the wrong guy there's a desoto specialist in kansas that will do it down to the factory imperfections and chalk marks that you love so much enjoy i mean the way i see it henry ford was kind of a prick but he was a genius and he said a couple of clever things my favorite being there is an ass every seat so i don't expect what i do to make sense to everyone nor do they should be a two way so there's a place in that i think that's a dying market i think that guys so one of a dinosaur in our market people expect it to evolve
but if there's a finite number of those desoto's that's the argument against but they can eat me it's a station wagon which traditionally know it's giving a shit about their work the heart this is thrown away wet no one cares right they have the least amount of parts support through the most expensive to restore with the least return if you look at it as a investment well here's a problem here i i have a nineteen sixty five corvette in my neighbor has a nineteen sixty five corvette and neighbor was driving up the hill in his car while my car was being returned to me from steve store bed up your nose chase yeah he's the one to build my car is not i love them he's the best steve my cars and it's not stock at all in this guy's is bone stock this guy just ready looks at you like you're just a moron looked at me like i tried to feed ted nugent a tofu turkey is really the look in his face he goes out what he goes when it is that stock and it comes up is thirty five c
freeze rear tires ruined it he looked at me like i was a total aid simon nothing stock that the only thing that stuck is the panels the knowing steve those hardly stuck anymore either no he actually got it from i got it rk motors in charlotte and then shipped it to him and he did all the extra work to it but the underpinnings and everything was already done he's quite the crafts oh he's a bad mother fucker he's and he's a man man when it comes to that stuff but you know when is this guy for everyone but those cars are sorted precious so sixty five corvettes or precious is fine right number of 'em and he looked at me like what the fuck did you do i've gotten hate mail yeah i've got a couple cars in the line that we're going to do soon that are really going to piss off the purest but i gotta tell you it's part of the fun to me like that sixty three ferrari we're going to build oh my god the ferrari e's just going to lose their shit over it whatever yeah for rei dana
my friend who owns the ufc one of the president of cnn's dana yeah he wanted an fj for awhile but he didn't like the wait time he disappeared on me yeah that's dana he wants things yesterday did you get anything right now let's go with telescope he has a testarossa and always wanted testarossa means kids we got some money gotta tester also but he had the interior compl lately stripped out and he had everything completely redone like modern stereo system totally new upholstery and people have found out about it but just a polling i think even change the wheels just how dare he but you can't do that where you can do it with other cars it's sort of like even with porsches you know the r group porsche well you look how the outlaws have become acceptable like magnus walk i mean yeah i love that guy to his character he's been on here you know what three ridges on verizon
they don't do that with also with rolls royces even land rovers that i've done i've pissed off the rover guys this is the best vehicle ever how you've ruined it well you which you did unfortunately was get peoples dick hard for something but you don't want to do again is one of the things i asked you about right away i was like that defender you like no no no don't do it that's fucking don't don't fucking do it if i cannot speak reason pull i trying time defender video icon defender one hundred and ten one tends color in the nine oh my god is a fucking work of art it's a beautiful beautiful car so they're beautiful but like whoever sketched it was a rockstar whoever execute it was an account everything that could be compromised that was comp but as you said in my opinion deserve says sensually they were they were just utilitarian vehicles or utility vehicles agriculture vehicles and the they they get is great for what they're but they don't line up but it wasn't a priority what do you think about like
this post defender you know what he's doing he's taking these things and kind of rekrei rebuilding them from the bottom up just a different kind of thing totally different thing he's more respect for the original and the the most established company with that approach is called east coast rover e c r they're held in the highest regard with the tradition the west coast dude i haven't met him i've seen him very nice got some media guy yeah but i don't know the depth of their expertise i do know that that car is a disaster because so many people have been importing them an calling it older than it really was and then right there's crazy stories out there i mean the federal government has seized i think six thousand and sixty eight of them and they destroy this right which is fucking crazy if it's past nine five i think they've been in the right but then it turned into a clusterfuck because of the story i heard was that when they were
confirming by vin number with land rover corporate they were only for privacy concerns giving land rover the last six digits of the vin the rovers like oh yeah now that's not an eighty four that's and that's a two thousand and two well they repeated the van the last six digits got repeated through the decades so a lot of these cars were stolen nuts taunt stolen and in some case is erroneously scrapped when they were legal so i don't know ones that i build only use a us model 'cause i don't want anything to do with that shit show but i've have much import she importing a nineteen forty six simca from france this week when is a simca it's uh
well simply got some kerr i believe is owned by ford and they built all sorts of stuff under license the car that we're gonna do is this it's like a funky two door with the version of the fiat topolino that was licensed to the french market to be made by simply so with that thing so all it'll be easy to import this video just totally gives me a boner but what you've done is create like the perfect defender but you don't want to do again i mean this meeting is doing money still wasn't perfect which is what bugged me but it has a design can beautiful look at this spring got but it's not it's like it's got this manly utah you it just it just makes you want to own it makes you want to drive around in it and deal with all of its quirks it's that mean some the shapes that just become so satisfying for what they really nailed it the shape on them is just magic everything the bulge that the hood
has the fender flares i like i haven't in a different color like i like how you re purpose the vents and you know the design that we actually work 'cause they didn't do anything before a whole yeah and their plastic and you use twist parts to yeah that a good worker quality which he did man this is amazing you fucking you need to do this more we do i'm sorry need to make these this would be be as big of a seller's those god damn broncos yeah but i can't get the bodies and the other which is the way the bodies are built their angle iron with aluminum riveted to it so like boat builders have known not to do that since world war one so they rest themselves from the inside out there's nothing i can do about it but can't that be done again like the way you do your fj 40s so let me explain this to folks uh when i got there you have this j forty which is this toyota jeep like vehicle from the 1960s and 70s an what
you've done is or actually they went deep into the 80s right with that shape early 80s early 80s the you've made completely new version of it so it is sort of an fj40 but there's nothing that's really from an fj40 you've just got the shape that you've completely had re manufacturer in abou beautiful new aluminum so we keep some core components so that we can still justify in a league front that it is a resto mod when it has great color red now like we had a locket structural portion the fire wall and she had like basil had about a couple things it's a joke that's what we're hoping to get the slop ask right can you give me her i don't know if the old car we could purpose build it this is so but right away that you know
the fj is traditionally had rust issues so you know we crafted it out of six thousand and sixty one aluminum but the way that body shape we can get away with pretty crude construction techniques with the rover there's things about it that you couldn't so you could reinterpret it and then you're probably up illegal speak with land rover that you'd have to negotiate and come to terms with the other issue is even the tooling as primitive as it might be for the fj if i was the only geek using those bodies i could have never made a business model for the amortization of the development cost of the tools needed to make it so other companies that react the company makes it's called our issue there in canada i see they have a fairly significant market of which i am probably a minority to which guys by and build their own thing
restore this thing is so incredible which is looking at the video this defender one ten with the internal sub the all the frame you're into the everyday video now this after okay is this the fj forty four yep okay this is is a four what four door version which didn't really exist right this is also something you created yeah i just never made sense to us that it didn't back in those days when toyota did do a four door wagon version land cruiser the body style had nothing to do with the forty i always thought the forty because of four door and actually there's a forty that's a two i had a a client on the phone is ready to rock and his wife server shoulder saying you can have it if you can take the kids with you on the weekend you ain't getting it so this is when we were a little bit hungry or earlier on with the brand i did a quick and do you like s park quality photo shop rendering turned one into a four door and punted it to him and she's like you can get one of those so mike right so i winged it on what the costs were going to be law
some money on it but took that design and may did our next new model and then now it's it's it's our most popular six passengers if this sloppy this is an you can sort of just build your own vehicles do you anticipate ever just building something completely from scratch yes yeah i mean part of me is challenging myself because like i mentioned earlier a big part of why what i do now is appealing to people is that people are we have history and story and emotions tide of these vehicles but i have other stoop ideas that are like based on theoretical's of like if the industrial revolution hadn't happened when it happened
streamline art met darren continue to prosper and develop as a design style where what what that final ultimate vision be i want to build that car but much harder to market it because no one has an affinity it's called the helios based on the greek god of the wind and it's i would design it to fit on the new test the platform and it's like if howard hughes drank too many he didn't drink apparently but if he got drunk with buck minister fuel or in court in pure occurred to great designers what what that napkin sketch of look like it's like what would he have taken correlative filled of the country club big and gnarly aircraft inspired burnished aluminum leather strap that's a little bit of steampunk a little bit at aerospace hot rod tesla audacious thing dying to build it dad sounds awesome yeah i'm in i like it i love it these
these these designs you know i think a big part of what you're saying is definitely true that the people have this connection to these particular shape that they fell in love with like the fj forty like the bronco but i think that your company also is developing that on its own you're developing your own sort of following thank you okay so i read out i think you're right i think long term that's better like right now if i did a vehicle holy of our own design the titling process follows that of like a kit car which is not scalable so if if that law vols i'm i'm all and i got tons of stupid ideas yeah that's a weird thing right like the the the kit car thing that's like they they would sell a lot of those like the the noble the noble which i sell what is and it's a in english car right and then they you be just the body and you bring by a roller in the next hour or another due to put the drivetrain in or what's crazier still is
where the laws are currently in this bill we're trying to get past is literally just the combination of existing laws look this is all out there but right now companies can't do it so if some dude in his backyard has some spare two by fours and some corrugated sheeting anna v8 he can hack together a death trap take it down if it has turn signals tail lights and basic stuff he's good to go if a company were to build that same assemblage it's not legal so it's just asinine because the companies are going to have the technical resources the financial wherewithal the accountability etc to create a safer better more conscious product so it makes no sense to me that's why we're hoping it will make sense to congress 'cause we know how good they are sufficiently reviewing and passing things that will further our nations until at least on paper
the companies have enough money to do that there's uh the leap right from the initial investment to put it together and actual car but it's not helping so much cheaper now but he got there that's the helios it's got so much more cost effective and viable to bring out highly engineered no compromise high quality low product is this anywhere online where jamie can pull this up this is one of the coolest things i've ever seen send sturgeon where which where should google icon helios h e l i o s and it'll pop right up this is sick you'd sell million the something giant build that thing and we're trying to get my son's attention his engineering team drafted a letter and send it to me is so sweet the title was like peanut butter for chocolate banking e line to support this not on a branded level but give us a mule tesla and the technological the the engineering support to repurpose the tassel in this
unique plastic but we never got his attention somebody needs to get a hold of them please i don't not saying twitter bomb but twitter bomb i'm just ready for whoever wants to support at this point i'll do it electric gas or diesel i just need to see it fucking built 'cause it's just keeps me awake that's beautiful and again this started with howard's original experimental plane stunt plane that he built one bottom one to a like the original version so that six that the series of panel showing inspiration so we start with a few slides of the plane then we roll it into road going for then we start to do the packaging factors in the kid kept of wow god this is so fucking crazy dill panel sunroof satiran cranks with exposed gear and leather ratchet so this like that somewhat steampunk interface of the mechanical power windows same deal with like brass cures see the gears
wow i love it i love the little leather covered dash to the hand stitched dash and the rivets if i had the cash this thing would already be under construction file this build for myself but you know all these rich dudes it seems someone would have already dove into this totally this is a no lose this is gorgeous but it's expensive oh yeah well you know profit this thing would still cost me probably one dot thirty one point four million just to do it first right now like yeah i can make it look good in every but like engineer word finite analyze like balls out done would be at least one point call your texas friend and wanted to fucking chainsaw deferrari in half but see he only likes ferraris 'cause everybody knows what a frog so that's the other promise some dude look at this ago yeah but it's not the bentley so those people need to eat dick they really do all of 'em why you being like that bro listen to me my friend money is no option and i still
lucy witte had recently in encino i was driving i was driving whatever things in this like stereo typical armenian guy with the you know the big gold in the loafers and the whole night nice he leans over looks in peaks in the window goes through bro i thought that was killer those really cool armenians man i love how they just wear it on their sleeve just sold my favorite people don't fuck with me i am what i am and i'm going to predict my phone baby they're not trying to change it all gold chains fucking flying high go baby yeah is a beautiful thing man creating things like this is beautiful i love it it's a dream i'm stoked i'm glad you doing it i just think it's so important it's so important that someone out there is creating these bizarre creations these but even more important someone is buying them yes you know but there gonna be doing it but i'd be doing in my garage at my house and just kind of wanted
and the fact you put out like we said our let you put out all these videos and you put all these these in these images even if people aren't they don't have the cash to buy them will get inspired by what you're doing it really fucking for sure one hundred percent tell me how much is a good like a defender to re engineer because i your video is very extensive like you have a similar price how much is something like that cost hi the the defense here's the d90 and the one hundred and ten we've done two so far anywhere from two hundred and fifty to low four hundred thousand good i agree coins when i have to tell somebody that but these people that you are building these forests are nuts there just cranked leaks again it goes well yeah i've tried it this way when built by so is a bit but they all they suck i get what you do just do it so most people who would do a matthew perlman's great guy he's got it does west coast defenders madam hung out with them and see
this what he's doing is just rebuilding rebuilding exactly are but branded smarter than me but what year you re engineering everything is anyway how do you re engineering everything is suspension the subframe the way the the floor is sealed and polyuria coated in all you do is you know i think of stupid level yeah i guess singer singer and i'm arch motorcycles in those guys i i'd say are on par with re thinking every little nuance and going balls out on it give her give you met those guys in long beach and kiana reeves and man i can member's name is a sweetheart garnered guard guarding counters company and they're doing a lovely lovely lovely job now is to a guy
q google auto drive cars have to be the devil yes that's a double that is what's going to happen and we gonna we gonna not be able to drive their own cars in the future is that a possibility you know i've been thinking long and hard about that and it's been something that different people and my sub culture have openly been concerned in discussing there's many different takes on it but i think i'm pretty centered on it i think actually it's a positive thing in that cars like the prius and stuff you know started the generation where people don't have an emotional relationship with their vehicle it's a tool it's literally like an app on your phone that gets you from a to b or even more dispassionately screw it you uber around and you don't care you don't have that relationship so i think culturally as autonomous vehicles and all that continue to grow and evolve
you are going to see them eventually become predominant and i think we're going to start to see lobbying an federal support of that direction because there's a lot of rational reasons behind it that being said i think it will further strengthen the demand for the freaks and the geeks the outliers such as my brand because people are going to yearn for that relationship that attachment and i think there's always going to be people even the guy got the economists mercedes that that's his commuter but on the week is like no i mean this thing's got a it's called a manual transmission and there's there's there's petals by the way there's three of those pedals and you have to push that went down to get it to do but you know i think there's that visceral relationship that is always going to be part of mankind and i'm not worried about if i was trying to start a big car company
i would be worried about american muscle cars are one of the only companies that are sticking to that manual transmission model mean some cars like z28 and like up until this version of the corvette you could at the high end corvette in anything but a manual get the zr1 emissions laws are screwed that pooch because it's how much harder for them to certify a manual car than an automatic 'cause the automatic the shift cycles and efficiencies are much easier to track and to regulate and pretense for in the program engineering dynamics of the car so that it's an emissions issue yeah more than anything also nowadays the today's automatics are quicker than of course well that's the poor deal i mean the version of what i clear the public answer as to why yeah but the real answer is based on a mission and efficiency as far as gas and fuel consumption control over efficiency more than honest
you see because your manual driven right right you can make it work i mean cvt trainees constantly everyone said how amazing they were going to be for efficiency and there's you know they work bta train it's automatic but it's like if you picture kona form it spins out so the ratio is constantly changing as you go through your speed cycles but seems like a great idea but the end of the day and true world used they realize oh yeah no it like was incredibly inefficient just to spoil the fuck are you were deficit of ten percent in your fuel economy so i i think it'll it'll hopefully shift back and like how many more gears can they shove in our automatic to trying you to missions as well yeah they're going to be eight now now and they're doing seven with seven with man animals now too which is weird pain in the ass yeah well it's just it's an awkward pattern but again it's a business case
right it's a hell of a lot easier to add sheva couple more gears to keep that motor in a tighter more controlled more predictable rpm band than it is to evolve and keep engineering internal combustion make it better involve your motor run so hesitant to do that until it's regulated or competition forces that transition it's just to me it's a bummer that a lot of these sports cars at the very least are going by newburgh ring times and there will they want zero to sixty times and not how they make you feel but that's sports cards always been most the time is driving you're not you're not counting laps euron little the hunger rather tujunga not looking for lap times you looking for pure enjoyment and if your shit sing the gears you're going to get more enjoyment 'cause you're going to be more connected to the experience totally bhutan more than that to like drove
ninety seven nine hundred and ninety three twin turbo to a friends house to drive his new 50th anniversary nine hundred and eleven sexy car bitch and colors beautiful tactile surface is cool tweed you try it it doesn't feel like a portion to me there's so many distractions and knobs in widgets and gizmos and switches and alarms and babysitters and lawyers on board versus at nine hundred and ninety three iets rattly yet can shake your teeth yes it can blow your eardrums out when you drunk indian nail it whatever it is what it is it had purity of purpose and i many brands but most notably automotive brands have fallen prey to focus groups where they try and create a product that appeals to this mythical large demographic of everyone's going to love it which in turn i think they step on their wee wee because it doesn't speak to anyone
it doesn't have clarity purpose in its engineering and design it doesn't have the balls to say i'm not for everyone this is what i do and i do it damn well not only it doesn't appeal to automotive enthusiasts it appeals to people that might not be the same thing you could say the same thing about sitcoms you could say the same thing about movies when someone creates something off but in unique it's very difficult for other people to agree to it if they give it to a focus group or hard for the poor bastard produce the writer to actually sell it because everyone wants to dumb it down to the largest amanda nominator the formula they were able to sell the ads you know the advertisers last season or what that companies doing whatever catwalks well let's do dog walk you know whatever it is not the case what what or one of the best examples for why a business like yours works is it's you and your wife i mean it's you yes you are in your and i
the singular visuals consumers or ganging up to demand that thank goodness but i mean you take i've always said you take like every modern four door sedan car pain all of 'em black take all the fucking emblems off put him on a big empty airplane hangar bring it thousand of the general public car geeks and not ask him to name all these cars well who make some which brand they are but you know one would get better than a d plus because they all copying each other and all trying to not be two outlandish or two unique are two different other doing is making their bling bigger the grills bigger the emblem larger and it's like there's a loss of i'd of of of individualism what is only a few that you could recognize based on that sort of the iconic grills like bmws they have those to jeep you can kind of recognize those but boy there's a hunt it looks just like a fucking mercedes now i mean i've seen it many times i thought
the mercedes and forwards that look like aston martins in on an oh yeah yeah yeah there's a lot of that going on right now there's a lot of boy if this was the music business you might get sued like you're stealing notes right totally is there anything that excites you about modern automobiles that they're creating now is there anything that you find that it is as a positive hill out of the mechanical engineering is is is mind blowing electromagnetic suspension system i'm finding quite interesting and hoping to start dabbling and you have to constantly what i said to just a lot of it's superfluous and promoting self obsolescent so i'm like always cautious
but i mean i'm not immune to it so like i'll lease a crazy new car once in a while but i'll do a one year two year lease and i'll i'll put it in its place like mmhm it's so complex it's asinine it's going to fall apart right now is really fun you know but usually like within six months i'm bored because it has no soul right and i lose my and move on to not back in my desoto what yeah well there's a total difference in the what you're aware you're doing it whereas like alexis i love my big lexus truck because it's quiet oh yeah each flow it's over everything and it's just bone quiet it's just whoo smooth but you're not
sperian sing it the way you experience say like one of your fj's or something like that and they both have their place them so i mean i've got a lot of clients who maybe daily they're going to hop in that asks for the boring commute then when they really want to engage with themselves the vehicle the family the hobby the locale then they're going to hop and the icon and they're going to be it's more of an experience one of the things that i like about you and what you're doing with your company is you as a person you have this bra and variety of interest and respect for cultures and various things and i notice from following your instagram but you do a lot of trips and you take a lot of trips to these different cultures you doing this because it's something you personally enjoy are you i consciously trying to enrich yourself like yeah it's always been priority number one i think as a as americans we have a bad habit of having blinders on and not understanding there is this should
we get all panties in a knot about mean absolutely nothing on the opposite side of the coin i think progress is of misrepresented benefit to mankind i've been to some remote cultures where i think those people are a hell of a lot more balanced and centered and family focused and healthy then we are in our progress so i'd like to i love traveling it's it's super important to me and as a designer understanding different cultures approaches to solutions complex or simple or use of color and texture and materials it just enriches what i do to to no end but i think it's it's really much bigger picture life saying like it's got more expensive now i've two teenage sons but like will travel last but will will still make sure did to do those trips and bring the
it's at least half the time so you know we we they have that that perspective yes the enrichment is sort of it's not like calculable you can't like put it on a scale okay we should go to africa because it's worth this right now engine changes the way you see the world and how you when you make eye contact with someone what you're expecting out of that person or what you're open to experiencing from that person i think travelers open themselves up to such a crazy greater level to be able to embrace an experience and you just never know what's going to happen and what one trip per hand shaker i contact will turn into i'm i'm on the board at this kickass charity called go campaign you should come when we do a really fun cars and casino night at the shop when you do it joe mchale is our host this year we do it the following week in amazes we love him to one of my favorite humans so
you know we were in africa couple weeks ago and yeah we doing the safari camping clamping thing but we we were in tanzania because we're we're starting a big fund raise this year with go to create a new center like children center because you have physical or mental disabilities and many african cultures it's it's frightening what happens so there is there's ways to impact the world outside of buildings silly cars for rich guys but both experiences you know doing something for a children's skynyrd tanzania those relationships those experiences all helped me gain a
different and better hopefully more valuable perspective on everything down to how i'm going to build a car or what material were going to use i think what we were talking about earlier about teaching inspiration in school and teaching people how to think and how to file passion that it's lacking component i think you could also say these sort of the same thing about traveling and experiencing different cult exchange program yeah it's not richard appreciated or as as as word it's not as encouraged you know it's what it is sadly enough to unfortunately nowadays a lot of your global travels you might as well be at the third st
promenade in santa monica or paris or barcelona or wherever because this big box commoditised tourist experiences become this kind of emala gated experience that's one size fit on its the gap or whatever it's the same box stores and think more and more it's like disneyland travel unless you really work hard at it to find the culture in the people so that's kind of scary yeah you gotta really go looking for it i found olive garden is sao paulo airport so there you go drive paulo brazil olive garden but you see like what
tried doing in the airport no we don't rate example of this hopeful this renaissance i speak of and hope they kicked out all the generic bullshit typical airport concession near food chiles france all that crap right then they invited in local restaurateur local chefs local craft beer makers cam on killer deals said come in rich our airport communicate detroit why people should be in troy the passion the craft of detroit be a part of that which is just killer that my friends restaurant just got put in there and he's super stoked it's it's it's it's a win win detroit was depressing when i was there but one of the things that was kind of cool is that i was seeing like a resurgence of all these very small sort of craft businesses and that will be the only thing that will ever save detroit in my humble opinion and you get past the topical depression it's a very insp
yeah there's there's there's opportunity because the real estate is insanely cheap and there you know there's young people and young people are young people everywhere they hopes and passions and they they of the internet and they look around the girls building right here man let's just do this and boom yeah let me look what shine all is done my i don't know which all done i'll shy nola this is cool brand that does watches and like shit i wish i know i thought it was a term that's where they got that shoe polish it was back pre world war two and that's where they got the name from you don't know shit from shinola there parallel being more product with purpose and story so like you bought that you don't know shit shy this is shinola so it so watch what it started is a watch then they own filson
then a villain of allied medical around wonderful american and northwest cultural icon leather goods style trailers company so yeah they they do bags and watches bicycles and leather goods and they're getting into notebooks and all sorts of stuff but their whole thing is the cultural renaissance of detroit supporting detroit they're opening up facilities an old worn out industrial buildings re purposing am training local kids to build it like their watch is there assembling their own movements in detroit and training people go there wasn't a skill set for it so it's those efforts times a billion at companies large and small that are the future of our country and i think most point with detroit near term well it's one of those things i think that when you
you see like a lack of opportunity you see people sort of try to create their own opportunity cng nudie by either the only the copper out of your building who sell pa style steal your car redistribute wealth problem solved or yeah like stopping and thinking and engaging can't find a job make a job yeah well the joint is a real problem with them stealing pipes and stuff yeah they're doing the from a lot of buildings rain but i just do love the fact that when you find a dip like we were talking about with cuba where they don't have it cars so let's just figure out a way to make these fucking cars work make it work and what you're seeing in a lot of these other places where there's not a lot of great jobs is not a lot so creating their own possibilities and creating and now it's happened for so long that it's become a source of pride for their culture which then makes it that much more important exactly
exactly exactly listen man you got a busy company to run and i really really appreciate your time and i'm sure you have a lot of stuff you have to get done but i think it's important to do and i i really appreciate you taking the time to really come to the shop and kind of really understand our lunacy and it's a awesomely impressive awesomely impressive an inspirational anybody's interested i con four by four four x four dot com i con four x four or on twitter right and dan and t l c which is your toyota land cruiser restoration company is what is at tlc yeah just tlc four x four dot com okay and then the inside scoop on our facebook is just my name 'cause it's totally not corporate and unprofessional but a hell of a lot more fun and i can
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