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#684 - Brian Redban

2015-08-17 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. http://deathsquad.tv
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please welcome my little brother, Brian Rent ban. The job will gain experience. He ha freaks and free gets were back back with lots of stories because the internet as fish with pleasurable news items. Finally, we have finally been for you, Brian loves a cause, prime, sometimes a bit aimless. When you find the cause boys, he get excited cause was a gentleman who calls himself the fat, jewish or fat Jim depending on how we ask and I know it's really fucked about telling people to check out as Instagram, because of my guys always get some funny stuff on there. I don't even think about It came from this to me as a comic. I guess there
Self centered thing I can think of steel and jokes is like stealing like someone does stand up and they do jokes. I never thought of like means as Joe but they really are in a lot of them are from like an innovation. Paid at this is a girl that he stole from its really funny her page and all her own shit and she's What's your name which wanted about actually gone through the last twenty four hours and have checked over almost a hundred different people. I've been researching, What does he want ones? You retweeted? What are the ones that I retweeted that you put up? It was a girl, attractive young way, with dark brown, hair finery, but point being these people. They they in all. Four Brian was Stana Comic. When I met Brian Bryce, do I really funny videos and the time we you. What's your name condemn princess of wife, yeah, yeah, yeah, hilarious
yeah and its super funny, because I've never even realize dates, a smart one. Where is she so Bunsen emerges and its is shut up to the snail for facing the other way and cause the one emerging animal. That's not facing the same way as the snail yeah, and so he paid let's just copied every single thing she did and put it on on his thing and didn't credit her yeah it's time stamp. That's another thing nowadays, everything's time stamped, and so when I've been researching all these lobby I've already research this guy because he's been doing for a while just never caught fire so fast as it did this weekend. What we are talking about you, before you format you, you kind of like comedian on the internet before the internet was, the popular what you'd make funny videos and that's how we became friends, but like that thing, people think of that is being a comedian legacy of a committee has to go on stage, not really
because of your this girl or this guy right here, Daban, that's actually nightmare regional person I found out this has been reported as David Maglev being the one that originally wrote. This lion tweet, which is going to start dressing like a lion, said the cops know that if they kill me white people will avenge me. Was actually written by some somebody completely different. And that persons are gay on twitter rocks and Gay Anna. I saw this guy stolen from her former he was complaining that he wasn't getting credit. Yes, we we are in this just happen. We don't know the. We don't know that that what a time Samp true the time stamp on our gay is July. Twenty ninth, two thousand fifteen and David'S- is July. Twenty ninth await nine of Nine hundred and five p dot m is his in one thousand one hundred and forty four, a dot m is hers, so he
on that day, installer, allegedly, unless, although she reads minds, why must I like Tom Travelin nor or So what does it say? Or she like lives in Japan and he lives in Hawaii. Some time stand, work locally that doesn't work locally, doesnt work and yeah does yeah. Doesn't work thanked the armed yeah? Well, that's fucked the people claim and they got stolen from a need help people must know that this is gonna get out of the thing I I've heard affect you for a bit. And he's been thrown on tv a lot you been run on all these show you one of those guys that avoids got a cow. Is this guy here like whose mom and dad is you know this guy, but then I then somebody got signed a sea area which is one of the biggest town agencies here in LOS Angeles, and that, Firstly, all the mediums came out of the woodwork, wait wait a second. I can't and pay. My ran in this guy's just got sign a comedy, censure ordeal, a book,
music deal with apple, he has his own show on Apple beats, one which is their new radio station, so they have a dj. Whose just plagiarists on on their brand new fresh station, so There is actually been so many reports like from, like you know, the New York NEWS, Washington Post. All these places have actually reported about him being plagiarists for a while, but it's it's been when sittings wherever one kind of new, but it never the internet, never caught, aren't, and so this is amazing. So there's one report, which is you have to check out this website, I send it to you: it's store fi, its top fifty jokes, the fat jewish Bogart it from the internet. And this is written- it's just fifty joke again there's this nineteen hours ago. So this is new, So this is our common out. We are going down here and now the first
obviously wrong, that they have on there, and this is one thing that I've been doing the last couple days. I've actually been taking me What if you just put this much energy here all night, you would be so much healthier thing would be great you to be totally off small. Can you go the jam on a regular basis, you're right drinking water, you're right, but you know with the Carlos Monsieur Video, did that overnight when that happened Nan it's it's an obsession when, when it's something that's unique and an end, I feel like people need to know about, and write to me is something I can't believe has been going on for so long and when I went The comedy store last night and airline goes oh yeah. I know about that. Guy, you suck my dick wait. You haven't heard. What's been going on lately Sandy Dando he whose comedian chemistry Comic paid regular. He action, He had a bit of his that his stand up that he had taken in May a meme and then Claude amount on it. In the comments in like a couple hours later, aid he deleted it and the same happen to a mere k. Who is another comedian? I say it
It's a lot of comics know about this. What he does have a bunch in turn, so right or a bunch of employee. Well, that's what he's been claiming for about the last. I think five years I've been claiming that he has employed as an end in all these people working on his website. But you know that's that excuse my happen once or twice, but you know not what look. This is listen here is fifty of them and I learned it could happen. Is really could happen more than that. The thing about say at once twice like the number, Try stick up for this guy, but the reality of like lexicon writers like Seinfeld, stole not Seinfeld the man, but the show so Wanna, Kevin James Bits and did it on their episode. The captain. James was not known. Kevin was a friend of mine still as but was back then, and Kevin had media hidden there wasn't he hadn t queens, he'd one star search. It only been like on a car
different tv shows and he had a big deal with NBC Development Deal. Dues answer Come so I was there, I went with them. He did the showcase for all these NBC writers. So but these oh cases are like they do. These sitcom things will sit down. Would bring. You know, although show runners and from very shows that, have deals with them and they say: hey get this guy's names Kevin James. We just signed and was really funny who want you guys to work Jim do stand ever tell us what you think, so they watched him do and then they stole his bit. And use it as an episode of Seinfeld the bit about muffin, tie like Kevin James. It was one of his signature bits and this is a long ass time ago and as before, the Show- and it's not the first time. It happened not happen a gang. At times it happened a bunch of times a bunch of different complex and a bunch of different shows they would have there. Signature bits turn D two to one big like plot
lines and sitcoms or gags on in living. Color was a big one, like a lot of guys claim that some of the writer, some in living color, would come down to the common store watch guys stand up like handy and someone. Someone said that handyman was something that red stolen from not the demon had stolen it, but some writer had stolen it out enough. That's true or not but there's a lot of those things that happen when they think they can get away with it surely if they go down to the comedy store and open might night yeah? That's why lotta people there. So many random people that come to these open might play they just sit there, but there no patches, writing everything down, also rising masked. Yet you should be smacked. If you want to sit the back of the commissioner may look, they could always record it people do that on their phones. Anyway, there was a record sets, he's gotta in this day and age, you got a sue me when I was first starting out, you have to have a fucking actual tape. Recorder couldn't just sit in your pocket, but you have your phone on you
hip pocket and no one would know, and it could be recorded as long as the mic is off, it comes out crystal clear. I've done it in my back pocket. I got done, sets and just record it and stuff, back pocket, Zulu sound like I could hear everything there. Didn't whenever used to take the old like Radio Shack Box Interview, private investigator red tape require like that, none of the huge microphone than just sitting on the stool by we. I saw people do that. I They used to have one that was a mini disk recorder who the FUCK Tommy. I do that somebody somewhere taught me about ahead clipped his belt. Try. Remember, though, the dude as income credit, but he had many disproportionate. Up to his belt and then he had a line that ran up like a little lapel MIKE, and he would do all sets like that. Store them all and many desks. So I have may this recorder installed in the comic store, cited this record the sets and was due on main desk and there we switched over. To that end, we switched over to see D.
When you burn cds and now I don't know that still heirs of those still have that CD set up will burn your copy of even now anymore, is it even necessary at all any more near now, phones are just as good me unless you want to get it, but something is the quality release as an album, because you can you can get it definitely have it set up. He just have the MIKE. On some points so the audience might like couple spots might but most my point point being had affected. Here at about how Kevin Joms. So they say so if he had employees if the fat jus had, I feel weird com. Actually in Ridgeway in this particular I now hope, because I only time you are allowed to do, but I think I have met some of the institution Carter. It's kind of a hack. There are just going to calm the fat jewish. It seems like less overall statement
it simply a superior the fat jewish, but he could easily have employees, but has even been proven that he hasn't employs. There's this guy, getting the money to hire employees thither looking at US page was he would about how much money he's making off evidence grandma, somewhat Katy Kirk doing this interview and also cuts weird I like, not see like a lot of product placement, so went to his answered trot, try to find product placement, I could tell you everything and it funny that you said how you didn't say: wise, Katy, Kirk interviewing this guy, the fat you how that even have because there are so many and rainfall yeah. That's why? But I was thinking he has his own wanting company. So, like the famous pitcher of him for two bottles of his own wine on his chest. That's his own wine, as is independent of his instagram right, yes, but so what as he mixes all these into it, and in he's also done burger King chicken fries and its adds ads.
And he also has reportedly has done adds where he can delete them within a certain amount of time, so he can as post a pitcher of him. Enjoying a delicious white castle Berger and then they delete it in I twenty minutes. That's pretty smart and most of them to leave those advocate deleting within a week or so and what's in, which really interesting is that his wife slash girlfriend whether she's works at tender as their head of publishes she's like a public for tender when, like stodgy she trained to do when I did it publishes all she did was like tell me all these secrets like no, you can do this and do that and that their whole life is how to make them He offered social media and get notice on something so high. Has not only disable wine company ice Somebody said he has a t, shirt company. I am here a bunch of different little companies that he just intertwined into his instagram to make it look he's just doing so.
The rise in sea crest of like this? oak thievery and getting shit right promoted, hit his ones constantly got a bunch of toes in the game. Yeah, here's another famous picture, which is him lying in a pool drinking out of a poor that has his own wine in a kind of a copy of that stuff As I know, inspection, Ghana kind of a copy of that only get us pull down here right last man on earth is now firmly Shep movies. Even stealing his ideas for pictures, the sellers wine firm tv shows is used read it going on websites. What what his formula is in there's a couple people that actually do that. This he's the only one there's another guy look Jerry FUCK Jerry, who is another This is bad, if not worse, guy at what they do. Is they Go to read it, or do you just go to any these websites? Finally, number one trending thing at that. Second, try to find the meat in it take the meat, throw it on a pitcher of black Cheeseburger, and then you you go
it lacks wasn't as one that promotes what a formula like if there you you'd look for the funniest thing read at different websites, which has most fears most posts that day from italian steal. That idea and then mix it Something else is want what he does the most, where you're just take a photo of a fat check or suchlike, that's by or whatever employer put the two together or, but what he's mostly does? Is somebody else? Does the exact same thing and then takes it word for word and the pitcher crops, the name out, doesn't give any credit, and just thirty Yeah. I've seen that and that's that's like one of those things where you could say, like maybe somebody said did to him and he just didn't know who made it. So I just posted it, but now you, change all the words and put him in your own handwriting or your own fought rather cause he's done that before too long. It's interesting, because what I'll get not Is that I never thought of like an internet comedian whoops spot. I think I never thought of an internet comedian has been the same comedian
but you clearly are like that that young lady, that we talked about functioning union member. What is it It's the same as theirs. What's your audience, I have to go back and we should soon deepen now, so we know but doo doo, Doo, Doo, Doo ones and retreated from you I'll princess wifi, princess of wifi, Daddy in all these people are working there, creating these things like this, and then they get a lot like friends, slash lean from up in Canada, hilarious, and got famous just from writing funny shit on Twitter and then got a gang of like organically gotta go of twitter followers. Just because rights, twenty stuff and I'm sure she's been ripped off again, do you? People have got she's, I think she tried stand up at one point in time, but she didn't for a long time, because a lot of people that would read
shit and go. This could be a really funny bit. I could take this in turn to a bit, so I can t that's happened yet it's happened. The autonomy time with just normal people. I think we probably all done it before. Even my mom's- probably posted a folder that she didn't make of some quote that she didn't array of footsteps from Jesus you're, something by like that that the big difference Nelson US doing it is this he's directly getting paid to do. This he's directly create a business and in an empire based on only plagiarism Well he's what is doing as he's taken, what a lot of us think of as innocent which, as you know, you send me somethin, I retweeted. We all do that, but he's when you like in a creepy way too, because I've user reposted, so it shows I repose things like every time, a repose something it's would agree. Most app. Unless someone send to me, I can't figure or again and then had one of those and I deleted it, delete it recently wow what a black people have been gold. This whole time
That's my mind, that's funny! It's a foreigner! but I like I have to delete it now because we're doing this whole thing like I never strand of profit out of that, but I thought about us. That somebody else's work and I want to get it twisted with maize. I believe that now that he's gone I was like, while I can't be hampered it's. It's interesting how sensitive every single thing is getting their position. Hence I mean it's really are about ten. You mean that It is right, yeah, it's really interesting I've been doing. Which research on this guy that I didn't love. One thing I know it add that episode of work a Holocaust where he's a pdf forward than when they talk about your Rogan Isms. In fact, you as a cameo for no apparent reason at all. They look over and he's like doing. Ships on the ground and that's it so he's been. The work in his way into Hollywood. Yet he has a video on Youtube. It's called fat, Jus, nude, onshore rooms in Mexico, where he's just shooting guns,
and running around naked on mushrooms and then driving at the end, but its there's, a lot of dressing. Videos there's another video this news morning, news. His had upon on the morning news, and he was this is right before his instagram was starting to take off a little and he was with like him, manager and some other person all being interviewed, and I wish I could find I've been looking for it. If I find I can should send it to you, but Think you kind of put it down like yes. No they the secret to what I am doing, is posting a bunch of funny, stuff or buts and then getting tons of money from it and then looking just broke down selectively or make a video this guy, I put that aside at my house, is of so many amazing quotes from they interview in its, really weird. Is his manager Where was sitting next to you, the Gatt, we're gonna make all this money around me. Make all this money and then there's a guy that this black at the NGO where's. So I don't think
This is what it I think. Instagram is good for our health and fitness and a lot of things not just bought one morning. News guy has always wrong. That's where their morning news guys, but interesting interviews so much interesting thing. I've been looking through for the last couple days in the sky, so his calmly central pilot car cancels the data that was announced that coming censure confirmed that they have to. I How do they not to have to them and see a thing tat because they haven't seen on after a show and his ratings drop by more than fifty percent instantly. They, like oh Christ, then also they knew they knew what the fuck you. In Ireland and there they have a show on, and they also knew- and this is a big one- fuckin show was responsible for plagiarism out of it. A lot of it and Louis Black was fuckin furious because Louisbourg was on calmly central. So he was on the John Stewart show Wally's on the John Stewart showed it he's men still,
doing his shit, and now we just do it, but doing it like this with the fingers. The way that Toda bet is to do it, like meaning literally doing it Louis you shit on the same network you lose on, so they they took a flock low to heat. For that plus there's a new regime economy central now on their way, smarter and they're, just there on the ball as far as their choices. That's why seen shows like Amy Humours show a cannibal burst like ours. There you see and good show and will take any chances from real comedians for once its yet scarcely have their online platform, which have been really smart about. Developing too, though, like look, this is not happening. They started out as an online platform than they brought it to television after work it out that way, so, like very little pressure on a smart. The doing everything the right way, so they like fuck this dude you now. This can't do that. You can I don't know if it was him or if it was his employees with really dont know to take responsibility
or especially, if it happened and urge there's a large institutions writing about it. You know I mean look, you know, yeah, no, don't Cuba by a bit like that he has to take responsibility. Because he is the one getting the paychecks for all this. Even if his in terms, which are probably unpaid interns, is what I'm guessing you have to do. No, I thought was interesting, is brine, hanged, Henny, head again wrote something staying because he has a book coming out and in May he goes did fat you son in affidavit for a grand central pub hatchet? U s that his new book is all his own work, wonder why there helping plagiarists. I mean that comes different too, when it comes two authors in books and stuff like that, because you you're selling words for having been on the ball high, that guy's your manager. I know you won't do Elam can only have one client, mostly its Doug, stand up here.
Holes in stomach was intestines poke through he can land is back and forces intestines through holes. In his abdominal wall, tat, I love he's going to make it well, I to actual brine alive means. I was made as a community and bright. I call shotgun here's the thing this valley it was a guy has not posted anything in many hours, which is very rare. I can last one is eighteen hours ago So while this is all going down, he's sworn off, of the the Instagram the thing, is you look at it? The recent post, like one of somebody that he stole from that a princess, wifi or no, that's the other one. This is another girl. Did he whose holier this one I was actually thinking a pistol. Sherman is our name s age. U r m m she's fucking whole areas, her heard all our instant
empty the shit that she's made. I assume I mean I'm not I'm not a hundred percent sure, but I'm pretty sure it's all her work and it's like she's, just a funny comic like or you know funny at writing this stuff. Whatever it is, you know whatever you want to call her so he's got a bit that he took from her the international hand, symbol for what thousands this guy doing. She's got the same thing. We're just trip, so it takes that he puts it up and then just write her name on the bottom. That's it soon You gotta here, that's her, that's her, but if you go to his own, He does is he took it, took it and he put He puts his own bullshit in it, when he put his own bullshit ended. He puts her name at the bottom, he doesn't know created by he just tags or any
supposedly has been adding tags to ours and he's got his last week. It's the fat jewish. There's so much it's not the fact you, as the fat jewish. Yeah see that one down there, the Middle one, yeah ok, see click that's two hundred nine thousand likes by the way, the most forgotten, I think maybe I garlic twenty five thousand likes ever, but he's got or five million on insecure, and I doubt incredible, but look really did there. So he takes this wrote you guys. This is funny because its reliable and we all share these types of human experiences in Sorry, I'm on Molly, no you're not and then Pistol Sherman, so he stole her thing and then the shortages, sort of tags or, but it doesn't say, created by then they say, posting stolen, joke from the person credit, all clearly stole it. What the
listen. You credit also clearly stole it really she s. The problem is its I've been noticed. What I've been doing is as I've taken the photo and cropped it out and then re uploaded it to Google images and and try to find a first timed stamped that you can search by photo. Ten when's trade FBI. Now I am we want. One of these took me over an hour just to find out who really made it, and it turned out that the german Aramis Shrill help with our with me. I need if you do abs, that's funny, though I start, I had a big smile on my face when I started getting a text from you, and then I saw that patent was retweeting your stuff, and I said all right, I'm in now and I started retweeting. It He doesn't even say this would bugs me sorry, I'm on Molly whatever and then at pissed. Sherman, so I don't know whether this girl didn't write it or did But the point is he
think she wrote it and instead of editing her he just, rights, her name, doesn't even I write a region by got this from This is hilarious. I founded on her pay. He just has her name there. That doesn't mean anything like I put people's needs. At the bottom of tat this. So the ills yet or somethin I mean I don't it
love. It gets deepening the Niger. I got deepened as one read, deepen, there's one threat that even had proof of him, making fake twitter accounts and just taking drugs and having Dat fake person tweed on, and then him crediting that faked twitter. Currently he owns. Oh, no, you sure. How do you know the man? It's a lot, it's a whole message board page or read page or something I read it read it's been on this for a while. So that's what s great about that! That is now. Finally, I think the internet now catching onto that this whole thing. While they definitely are today the fact that he has made oppose an eighteen hours and if you live before that he was making like five six, a day the rock rapid fire. There was a thing that was fun: on this page. You would constantly see some pretty holy shit. I gotta following a monster everything I'm still following yes, and they told me that already
yeah that'll tales. Anyone really weird is he. He steals from people that if he had any common sense that you would not steal from my MAC best around, you know Matt Besser from back in a daze he's old school. Here I think, is one of the founders of U C b or if not, the obviously be. I hear from him, he put how many potheads has it taken screwing alight Bob known we're trying to keep it mellow here, funny. Little joked fat, you stole it immensely. Comedy world. That's insane if you steal from mad yeah. Well, there's a lot of people out there. That know who he is, and I think that they can get away with it. That's what he's doing he's doing he got away with up until now, when you get away with something for that long and it step profitable, how many people been Adam for that year, steel and money from people really that's what you're doing here I mean the oars and are they making money? It's weird
jewish, because it's like somebody budgets doing it for fun and then your profiting offer their fun. But that's kind of like there was some. There is an artist. That was taking. Photos of other peoples are and then drawing like pretty much exact do bits of it. It was like a cartoon and it's happened many times, but There was one story that was on this one cartoon that this guy was doing where he had stolen like so many of this guy's images and just put his own. Version of it, but like so similar and some people were trying to figure out how this guy can get away with this for so long, but I think this is too much to pay attention to for you to connect the dots on two different images like that like in these probably was dumb or ridiculous authority can get away with it. This is his last post right here yesterday
actually water marked with that name at birth bonding. It's funny. You say that Jamie's, because this is the one that took me in one and they once it took me over half hour to research that you think is the most original. I was looking at his page to India. It seems like that. The guy has his twitter, James actually in the pitcher Joe, and but he didn't edit the guy, even though his name's actually in their so that's one of the big ones Well, that's one that a research and found out that there is actually somebody before that person, so that person tagged his name in it saying it was his when it was even is, and that be one of the ones where he he ganged. At what this right now? What are you looking at Albert binding from airspace supposedly, but this guy, somebody else had before him. Problem
when it looks like this is where I saw my point I want to bring up on. This is kind of weird, because this is where you get intellect parity long. Copyright like they're taking photographers photos and making money, offer them without paying the photographer data because its parity, your actual out to do that, to write them. So I what point are Yolanda Parity, a joke and. That's ok, yeah. I can't word for word it, but I know you see I'm torn year. Here's war torn, I love means. I think these are fucking hilarious. A guy I enjoy them when, when someone sends me a funny one, I want to funny one on Instagram scroll through it, I laughed at them ass. I like em, that's all I have to but I want people to keep criminal, I don't want to necessarily like I don't want to discredit the fair someone made it, but I don't really give a fuck that someone made it, but I do now even his book cover fat you as a stupid book, even as that,
look covers a copy of the Steve Jobs Book laughing that's upon on per hope. It is this funny robbery thing he dies, is completely unoriginal in fake hairstyle, those her style compel from the check box, removing Tonto member that guy Chocolate, Vandam frightened the end for the crazier. Could I as a kind of a tongue Paul I'm goin on was there so why you're? Not his friend George? I do. You know why I just I I'm just amazed by unjust, shocked by I, don't like it when I see my friends of mine that he's stolen from, and I'm just like. Why am I just finding out about this guy now and then, and I member when I heard his name around on teams. Twitter, I just didn't want to ever. Click on the link is on those I care about this fat jus guy. You know, like I, don't give a shit, but then now I kind of one stop it. So I will have to see more of him. You know in the future,
What did you call me when I saw before thought, while this interesting this guy's figured out how to profit of these means and how Santa one of there's gonna be like something that happens in the future, and then I thought, but what he's doing as you go in finding pictures and then they say Phoenician put on the picture. Whose TAT Ye that's how you describe it, and you say it kitty correct that he has a staff. They go and call me internet for funny things but they're, just go again means and he's doing it as a corporation is doing it like as a business one of the ones but he did. It went too far this back as being the oddest Georgia could find. He found a off above Two thousand one website that still exist in this my name to be the first one, but it was one of those news, male email, newsletters that you would send back here, delicious funny, Joe, in its just a list of like fifty jokes and he just start taking from that list one of them. I can't say I'm shocked right
We now that you know is modus operandi. Tat thing as I've heard him talk and need never seems funny. You know like when I'm here to talk about this guy's doesn't seem like a funny guy like few of Kevin prayer. Autism is an example of Kevin. On some show there. You would to him. Talk and you'd go Even if he wasn't trying to be funny, you would say: well here's a guy that AG. I guess you know everything I could see him have a cover point on something like if someone presented him with an illogical point view he would be like that's doesn't make any sense is making fun of it. He would that's his instinct. That is a you know, your instinct comics instincts aid, anybody have on that's funny. Person would say funny shit. He never seen funny seemed like this, like corporate guy or somethin. You know what those wacky hair cut its like a tall package,
Well, I mean what people are telling me is that EEG is one of those who grew up in a super rich family kind of his throne and given favours in that's one of those guys on those motherfuckers. I guess the problem as I can make an argument about myself not be funny, sometimes too, from doing something serious megabyte your conversation specially it's about anime, but then I would dump doing it about that. I guess But if you listen to a lot of his interviews cause I've watched a lie: he s pretty much repeats the same stuff. I wasn't gonna guacamole in a battle. Wine. Well, let's see what, and see a year the fuck's assignments Delia. After all that shit went down there. They took him from Gerstein thanked him from gush of the worst moment ever while right when the ship was hit, the fan they jumped down with a dick and a hand.
But who knows me they probably out of it. They were aware in the entirety of the year the situation Don't with that, I think they're prizewinner. Where about this guy you take look. I wasn't aware I like to think of it Ignorantly was like I just takes means puts mother. I don't even think about it as plagiarism but when patent wrote it and then when you and then I saw the actual instances outside how I'll catch you what's going on here, yeah is he's deafening and it wasn't just re posting see He could have got the same success by re posting. You know repose stuff. If you post something he and I wanna reposted. I go to the region. Used up. I repose than I do it specifically, so that people know that it came from you and hopefully click on your link and sign up, be one of you, followers or whatever that's what you want, that's kind of spirit of the internet, you no one when says something funny. I always read tweet stuff, I never Cobb.
In pay someone's tweet in I just dont, unless unless you have their name in the tweet as well, you know you put in the quote marks, but other now but then then you know everybody knows it comes from them, but other than that I use a retweet or repost app or quote tweet. You know you quoted if using the app on the phone. This is you know it's just unethical its Another go against the spirit of what the internet must be all about. The free exchange of information somebody comes in and just fuckin stick. A syringe in this pipeline of information, distorts Poland it out and then profiting you know, that's what they're doing, instead of contributing suddenly jumping into this free exchange and an offering up a successful pipeline seekers Guy could have been a successful pipeline for all these people, and I beg you still got nearly the same amount of tweets or near the same amount of likes and followers knowledge ass. If he was just a you know, if you just gave everybody credit and then people would like you
it wouldn't be mad. What's interesting as both Twitter and Instagram, I've heard hired band him in the past and landed with Instagram they, he tied his he tied himself up to their headquarters until they let him back in what yeah, supposedly gag yep Billy by worked and a lot of people have been trying to tell people to twitter. Has that new copyright thing where you? copyright tweets or whatever, but you have to be the originator of that joke in order to do it, so there's only people if the people stood up and go no. I thought that and made that and red wrote that would they have any innovative. You know justice to do that to remember that guy was stealing Patrice on Niels Material and do it as you to ransom and then
trying to say that he did it because it was an homage to purchase China pretend they did it like all angry tools like so gross and fake. The way did it, you know he's like channeling, Patrice or something while he did in trying to be smart and thereby like how you fuck you're a thief. He now you euro wire to like the way you're Dylan you're lying to all these people. The thought you came up with these ideas. These are not your ideas, all it's hard to come back from that that you can come back for that. You can't the only way you can come back from, that is to admit the you did, that talk about how you did and then you gotta reestablish yourself as being completely original good. Fuckin luck. We ve talked about this before with joke thieves, it's like there's a bunch of guys that were joke thieves. And one of things you can clearly see you can see the difference between their material and other people's material, the other people's materials funny and then in between the there like this funny shit, they would have.
Oh shit, unlike his stand, Alec a sore thumb like there's a guy need mention his name urban knows who fuck I'm talking about, who stole out shit from Bill Hicks, and he had one good special. And then his second special was hot dog shit. I'm It was terrible. It was like a parody of his first special because there's no content in it He had burned all these bridges stall is content with scared and say I'll. Do it myself. I make my own shit, but he couldn't make his own shit. His new shit was terrible and theirs really clear difference between the two of us and I maintain because the mindset of creativity is the exact opposite of the mindset of plagiarism, because plagiarism is like. I want to pretend tat. He saw my dear Patel and take this eminent love for it. I'm gonna get whereas, like a comic lego up, hilarious person is like like what's funny where's the funny. When is it
This isn't that what you got you are thinking about you like which all you are is like, drew this vessel, forgetting that idea in its best form you like a boat that carries the joke to the people you gotta figure. Fuck. Do I do this How many times of any of us been sit around gone. I gotta figure out a better way to set this up or is a better way to do. There's gotta figure out this or. Then someone comes along just Yanks that and just doesn't have any the process. They don't know how to do that they don't know how to do it. That way. Says of creating is like learning a language and when those fucking joke these have go out and re route, we learn the land, their essentially like open makers and we ve seen couple guys that we know of that are like that that got hot from steel and stuff, but If you see him now you, why did the fuckin creativity go or they don't stop, like our old HU, I found out the other day that I
still steals a cancer am shocked. And sometimes I don't know my hush yeah. I don't think he knows how to write. I don't think he does it and I think he's scared to bomb as well is it. He had always said is, like you know how much talk about how the bomb on everybody a bomb all the time You know, you know why, because I write stuff, try shit out like the wind, when you're writing all the time. Man, you you're gonna fuck and have some duds You gonna, throw him out there and you gotta go fuck and it might it's. You know it's not Can it be all of em, but it be one of the ten you just gotta cut off and throw into the It is no good it's never working, but People who see you do that bit until he decided it sucks. You don't fuck around It didn't try, because sometimes I don't love you but I do know dear. Does it allow guys do this work kind of like set yourself up an opposition. We really dont know whether spreads gonna go. You know, sir. Funny in it. She hoped it comes on stage and so there's
ways of writing, you sit down so the joint in front of computer you're, no book just fuckin trying to figure out how to do it. I'll I'll play little games, it myself like Brian Red Ban is Jamie, like a walrus is too now peacock us try to fund find ways that the subject interacts with China mind, not yours. He can't really cause beautiful, pretty cock, but you know I'm saying like I'll I'll do little tricks I'll set up lists. This is like that. And I'll. Do it a list of different things, because I was trying to find out what the best bit is, but sometimes you just gotta go on stage, and sometimes you go on stage with this premise and pretty sure that something funny about this premise, but you don't know where it's lead and then boom when you're on stage the jokes, like. The punchline will reveal itself to you or the angle will reveal itself to you and then you record. It's like you, take a little amber
back to the lab and fuckin put some kinda tingling, ADI kindling. Why doesn't kill what's tinder tenders, that up Is it but it's a thing to re: establish strict, doesn't have sought to do a fire tender yeah! That's what it has. Tinder think that tinderbox yet is outright Jesus Christ, don't know shit, I didn't say you are you're talking now. It's for fires, we're talking about far as you fuck, the point being that that's a whole process. You have to learn how to do, and if you don't learn to create Youtube video editing of you? You have to learn how to do that. You have to do some that you didn't like yet to do some like you. If you go look at your earlier videos like they one is good as your later videos. You got better out at a time when our especially when you start doing it, you know all the time you you just get smoother same with everything. Those guys are fucked. Because they're that mind it's a wrong mindset, They become superstars, but they're not good.
Do not real they. They look. It's like being superstar track and field athlete, but you really don't run fast at all, like everybody think like God, damn disguise like defence, this guy ever, but you know you ve been just you been. Tell importing down the fuckin down the path and killing people spots and pretending that you're in first place. You know just through the ribbon I will on, and there was a damage fast you want again. Will you didn't really You can't really run fast. It's almost that same thing with people were plagiarists. They look, they look. We don't have the creativity they ve, never developed. In fact, it's gotta be terrifying. It's gotta be fucking, really terrifying because like Murphy, one balls, these things, a trolley Murphy did was trolling. Murphy was famous for of being the brother of a really fuckin famous comedian and second, for being on the greatest sketch, commie show the world's ever know and being a big part
He was huge on the Chapelle Show Charlie. Murphy stories or stories that he would tell like the Prince story. I do He was famous for whole areas stories and people would like look forward to it. He would beyond the state age or on the screen and injustices waste up, tell store and indeed see like replaying with no Dave, Chapelle being Prince and all the crazy shit that be the those stories and and Charlie started, doing stand up after that, after that, you know, there's some legendary bad, sat city tat. He had some bad sets like that. Captured on video or one of the major causes. Boogeyman heckling, he went bankrupt, check and tore it up and find them and threw it out on the left. You know these. He took fucking crazy chance because he's a famous open biker and you I was well. I know that process, This cannot be duplicated, though the process of becoming
doing stand up going from an open micro to being like an established professional is a fucking bloody grind and its fill with dead bodies, Some people are just don't make. It did not make its rough. It sounds like any kind of boot camp by less even longer than its going to high school like four years than you graduate, but some people don't graduate. They get held back. The hotel and catering killed by terrorists ray and he alone The way the Charlie is famous, so long. This way he's fine famous for being hilarious and is just starting out like just starting out and he's headlines we did that maximum real men, Commodore Dude, he ITALY dont comedy like two or three years. You know he's doing forty five minutes in front of theatres, thousands of people balls man, his eyeballs balls, but that's what it's like. It's like, being a famous open maker,
that's what it's like for these guys are plagiarist and then all the sudden they start trying to write their own material. It's like it's dark man. It's a dark place to be there's a guy named Freddy who current correira he's gonna, be opening up for Joe ideas and later this month in Reno, seven to twenty five and seven twenty six, he posted a video. You sent me a video the other day. Have you seen the heckler? Yes, Spartacus kick! What do you feel about this, because the latter people actually got mad at this video ends, but then- and I think it makes complete sense if you watching guy of Jamesina videos, duties on stage is guy come. Overtook touches Mss untoward pushes Amr touches them physically nieces, don't fuckin touch me, get finance off me. The guy leaves And is a tiny ass. Little crowd is a very small amount of people and somebody apparently like this heckler guy. So they had the guy in this car.
Get into it again and comic, says: don't fuckin come anywhere near issues like Rep Ray its zone was given a warning several times to not his hands illegals running up to the stage in full Stride in this do just front kicks, right in the chassis attic, three hundred style, the guy doesn't run to good technical. This guy's name rate zone. I guess he's a local conic there's this guy has the Newman foil on his head. He's Local comic that just one of those guys that- and you know it doesnt work- is not working out relate forum. And he never gets off stage joys you know does. Is you won't get off stay any hackles the whole time he hackles people on the island, so he's wiles guys. That is like a social retard that wants attention. So he goes these common clubs and becomes a part of the show sizes, guys in a way by the way I'm torn because I love the fat.
The various has a common seen in open might, even though there is no one here that I might call Vegas, Gallo Funky will open my excuse. Vegas is a weird place two years ago, has audio great start making may says: Why cash room he sits down and some woman is like. I love your way, she's trying to get some dick here comes, Why he colony areas. Motion torn areas when a guy goes down like that, you never know he could have hit his head me could die. Mean, I'm not exaggerating. You know servants would say you been melodramatic now when someone front kicks in the chest like that, you fallback easily can hit your head in the audience. Maybe it is better, not we watched again get laid
yeah his helmet well off. So I didn't mean to me than women must not real. What's our Jamie setting, let me say back it up back it up, so I can see take it easy, Well, you know what would play one more time at his legs, though he's balance, as it doesn't mean anything guys. Go unconsciously, looks like that. Who, Derek, fell back like that, it's kind of like he was doing a push up, know Brian! You don't know what you're talkin about that guy got kicked really hard in the chest. He fell back, he's lucky his feet. And there is not unconscious, but he definitely to bank said so. I would not would not say that he's faking it in any stretch of the imagination does a hard kicked his chest and by the way that
It is through. The kick knows how to kick. You go go do or time just take it to the kick the kid who through. The kid just go just going there low motion. I was here, and I see it like this: does kick people before guaranteed. He don't even bother taken his hand off of the MIKE Stand knows that that He knows how to kick he's got some martial arts experience a hundred percent or someone taught him out of throw a nasty front jacket. He knows how to do it, because the Timed, it know we hit that guy. He hadn't fuckin hard, I'm torn because, first of all that guy's the guy in the grounds. Obviously a con. Now he's annoying he's, probably terrible. If your comedian, you gonna, work with this guy and he gets in the way, but ouch. Does it mean that he should have been kicked in the chest like man, I don't know, but the other thing is he was fuckin in full straw to get that guy's face and of the guiding want to go. Apple with EM media. Two options
doc. I ran right up to him. Like you look at him he's he's walking, accusing he got stopped by their kid he was gonna get right to that. Guy look he's in mid. Stride slowing down at all. He could push that guy. He could he's reaching out to look fuck that guy the guy it I see. I you know what I mean I don't like the fact that he bent his head in literally, he could get really Valley, hurt in a situation like that, but tat the beginning on the video. Also, the guy had already grabbed him things I dont grab me and though the beginning to videos him like I'm warning, you do not come up here. Wasn't so it's there's yeah, I'm I'm for it. I'm a definite. The guy's a cunt, but the reality is the clubs should have got rid of that dude kill somebody grab. People like diy cancelling run up the stage like that they, but They provide care, forts, purity, ITALY, five people in the audience we hire some guy, it's gonna eat up your problem
to stand around there, looking big. So it's fucked, your grave fitzsimons, gonna scrap one. Its ditches calmly, glove in Boston. Where I was Mister show which was there some guy was in the audience. Some guys heckling I told them and then the guy I ran up onto the stage and grab Gregg and they like fuckin scuffled like daily. Really gotten fistfight bounces came out dragged guy off stage. Gregg stood up Rushed himself often goes by. Want some of this and then went back Act- he was like who's next it is what it was. I was really funny. He had a fight, Sir interesting, except at ease, the communist or anywhere on sunsets, easily more like who he's got a gun like that
spent. So many of those nights there you ve heard someone have a gun in the audience. Well on a certain knight of the black. Now that has happened. Wasn't there US shots fired once when Tupac was at the common storm, yeah yeah, well woody hoo, hoo figure who saw that common I killed by gunfire had been shot twice somewhere. Other would be involved in some sort of shooting things at me? This crazy story. I let you read, it is about them hanging. The comedy store with Nitze now, japanese boxer, twenty four burst into lawyers office, cuts off the forty two old man's p, this with a garden shears guph flushing. Organ down the toilet after discovering wife's affair Y, all he carried out horrifying attack in Tokyo early this morning he paused the unnamed lawyer repeatedly before setting his generals flush on toil and waited for the police to skilled boxer start to carried out the attack,
The funding of the lawyer had been sleeping in his wife Dan Sign girl. No, I don't What he has to blame the girl? Yes, but you can't blame a girl for this guy coming and cut in other guys deck. No, no, he should have will say what they had. They go after the guy. You should go, the corral, Emily, your wife, well, japanese kind may get a different culture. Maybe in their culture, you attacked a mammoth garden, cheers yeah. That's Remember when there was real Store where a lady did that to her husband, cut his dick off and threw it in garbage disposal Bobby and Nano she do it she threw it out the window Marshall driving a car, and they found in stitches back on this lady threaten the guy MRS Bowles and sharing Osborne Ass, his wife on one of dumb chick shows and was mocking laughing about how it must have looked? spinning around in a circle? You never heard that dude, it's awful its offer
wage and because it is really awful because imaginative, There was a show like a man's show and this is the guy network. You know whatever and that show a guy had cut his wife cleared off, and in a garbage disposal. You know egyptian style. You know they do that that that horrible General meet Mute. Mutilation? I do on our young Ladys. If someone was on tv, martinet demand would decline. Like our own circle. Disguise life has run. I don't know the circumstances. I dont know why he found a divorce. I don't know what was going on between them. However, I do think it's quite fabulous. I mean I think it's quite raising this awful footmen job about them,
as awful. That someone would say sunlight in what is going on here is a mouse. Why she category, I mean it does depend on the reasons why does occur. Porosity maritime monster, that's a terrible thing to think like what. Why would anybody think? Unless You got it done something horrible like that to her and she got a hold of him. You know I keep cut her clit off and she waited till. He went to bed cut his dick off. You know that's an eye for an eye and a bolt blind now, but does not what happened whatever the fuck? He did Jesus Christ, the fact she could mark that my original point What do you think there's explosions in China? Do you think that's just what there is there saying desert, you think, that's like a secret nuclear underground in nuclear, that there ought to be talking about nuclear. Well, it's you know. We recently found out that China, supposedly with China that hacked the Pentagon
It seems like a couple weeks later now. There's nuclear size explosions in their cities there. Confers desiring. China is enormous, ok Saint China, as if it's like this fuckin one block right, we're attacking Compton China is an enormous spot and China big industrial spot. So there's, constantly a bunch of they can go wrong and blow up Manassas. What happens when you building things are using engines and fire and gasoline compression and it easily. What they sat. A chemical plant blew up. They blow up all the time when they blob it's gone damn terrifying. I've never seen it that bad
Do you, like some other no smell, show some I sent one of em. I think this is the same one that I was talking about, where it literally go. There's three explosions, the first ones like wow, that's crazy, they're, saying that looks like a gas station, maybe blew up in a second. She huge and accurate. This starting to look like you know, transformers the movie and then the third ones, like that's the inner world explosion in this video. That, I think, is the right one is literally, it seems like its across the street almost and it's a great angle, We have seen the one where the guy's inside a convenience store and a blast hit some and the walls like zoonotic sitting back the windows knock em back and he looked so he got fucked up. You know what happened in that picture, but the blast from it. Yet is it now. This is cool because the conversation in it, the people talking in it- is us why people Adrian
that sounds: Harlan Williams. What's a second major! oh, my god, oh my god, has now been the worst one willing, guys, amazing How dangerous here like this one
If we look at the fire in the sky, let's go, it went from fun fun times. It's got run nuclear lie, while that looks looks exactly like what they said. It is the, I don't think that's any terrorist shit that looks like a bomb blew up a gigantic chemical fact A bundle of I mean you know whatever an explosion, not a bomb but mean the same thing Obama's is an explosion
have you seen the photos of the cars on the right side of pseudo, this cars that are part there. What is this sodium cyanide on site might have been several times you allowed amount yet who have rules and China to adjust its loved chemicals that should have been? There is what I think they're saying that makes sense. That was amazing, though those beautiful to fucked up a beautiful at the same time like there's, Somethin Coolby, that if they can show, as is the trail, destruction was done to buildings if ye find the one where the guy's inside the store and the blast hit some pleasant ones insane. When you do know their prime, it too now army, I just finding a new video that of a house from arose, and falling into the ocean that it wanted to show you. I was one though still houses yeah gets like in poor countries that they have the right
foundations in a lot of their houses, so they just fall into the ocean meal. Malibu hacks you haven't into there. They have always Chris the walls and stuff, they build up a mobile. His security camera footage. This is the guy, is right for the door. Eyeglasses duty Jack men who knows when I buy that did when he gets knock back he's fact, because everything exploded like look how it goes back, he's looking has fallen to look, homeboys, looking eyes, fuckin phone, he stand by the window. Watch out again, look spitters in touch me back man, I mean literally didn't even see common. Now, let's get hit his head first and guess what the heck in the hollow. How are the side just follows on I like your bad action, we started well, ok,
There was a guy who set up an explosion in his house. He left the gas and set like some sort of a timer and besides some sort of a device to ignite it and it blew the house up who is doing for insurance scam and went to jail for murder, because you want to kill him his neighbour, member that yeah? He said if you find that story, but the fuckin damage that just got done. From a line inside a person's house, and it makes you think it's crazy that you, you could just do like if you were not and you just, to turn your gas on and sit there look look. This is levelled this fuckin two houses on the block- and this was all done with gas This makes sure that is the right one because they have been like explode.
If that were accidentally that did happen, that caused some pretty significant as Ariel Sharon for murder and this year, that's it while in its Indiana two, that's it that's what happened at famous video the house blowing up in that came out a couple years: Go where you. You know one time I Jamie that NICE House will only copper going round. The house was a fire. There was a fire going on right House exploded the Middle S, so this I just left the falcon gas on and then said we we're makes money, but just these three to get a car like the guy in the far right. You almost don't blame him right whenever it says I'll do how hard reseca life the guy in the far right with the glasses. How hard must have his life had been his life? That's it we're looking at this guy who looks like William H, may see, had sex with. Somebody to the left and
to the right now looks like it. When you made some Macy and vandals Selvas knows posts. Surgery with one wonky, I poor bastard, look at em the I think he's just a mess. That guy's just lived a life of miserably misery and very little love just got this feel about him, and they decide to make some money from my insurance money Whenever sideways, I, like that, do you actually have better side vision than preferably at me like, maybe, have way better vision. That way. Think something is actually a fox straight vision, because you're always getting a little bit of the side stuff. In there I mean it's. Probably fucks with your your straight ahead vision. Yeah. I guess it would but if you can move independently like some sort of a chameleon we're supposed to have eyes in front of us right? The idea
It's one of the main indicators were predators. We have eyes in front of us is we're looking forward to things were not looking on our side like dear the reason. Why do have Manas either. Headaches are terrified; they have to look outwards there was over there after they can look, they can begin, sideways like this, there had to be totally facing sideways. Look right at you. We can't do that because we don't need to worry, is much bugging flying we are usually the pursuers another pursuing speed, the pursuers another breweries rang with the bulls particularly successful the season The bulls scored, seven kills as outlets highest rate is a big one so big year for them the very excited. They went back to the the slaughterhouse and were pretty pump for they are killed because they think that kill them I don't know what happens with the bulls, whatever
the balls and run with the bulls. It's not like boy fighting right. I think that this fight and fight in fighting fight, we're gonna, have to talk. We can't just only look at laptops because otherwise I am I talking to you on this thing in Iraq and descending new links. Well, as its title, public ball thinks so ridiculous pull up chemicals, it's incredible that seven people died. Why the fuck do they do it? I just as I guess it's a thrill that the idea behind it, its tradition, it's you now mean slavery should go back to that definition. The inquisition was kind of a traditions. Slavery still exists, the easiest get paid for it and people die ten. Now three more for this week, I had been a really good, weaken the boulder scorn, put up and shut up this for more gourd to death across Spain as Sir and bull run casualties continue. I hope the bulls getting smarter, look I'll, fucking big deal.
And look how many people there are that's what's fucked up, there way too many people to get out of the way you just get out away. She his balls and their real bulls, with full on horns and these real balls are just running. Aunties, packed avenues of people and just moving them over and telling them fuckin ridiculously stupid as Maybe one of the dumbest ways to die. I wrote this fuck an article about this a long time ago, joking around about how Dammit was, and this guy got really mad at me, like my teacher, my professor did dad, and it's all about appreciating the culture and like how can you can just go to the country? But if the one from a fucking animal to appreciate the culture. Did you said that thing Bert was doing this week and I've seen it before the chase cheese down a hill? And these guys rundown Helen, get hurt similar. Damn thing: well, you know, have changed she's, cheeses and tranquil you. This is totally different.
I mean this is so gross man. You sit in Spain, Economic crisis is forced a sharp drop in the number of bullfight in a country with about three hundred fewer bullfight scheduled for this year's compared to the years before the crisis The number of ranchers who are raising fighting Bowles has stayed the same. Only way out for these ranchers would be in the festivals and these municipalities sausages. So many the balls and would have been destined for bullfights or instead running along the streets of the country. That's fucking crazy because Those are really big balls and there really ferocious and they come from a long line of bulls that have been almost bread for that shit, you're doing it in the United States. Now, I'm pretty sure why haven't like levels abortions? And you can go run through these, certainly getting it right there. It says our there. These are bulls with more power, more capacity to charge said law cattle over, that is of the bulls. Being used for small town, bull runs. He said that an encounter with one of those one of these woods,
likely do more harm than the bulls of previous years. Obviously get fuckin Levin DES this year, one clusterfuck in the? U S, the using unto clean out homeless populations by putting downtown at night, and they can imagine they did that that day I'd like a bull run every once a week and they display it was time to behold his leg. Homesick I'll, get this ball with Europe does not the fatalities homeless, people it survive even worse. Take care of careless people. For the rest, I realise this is the whole thing is: fuckin grows the whole things to completely ridiculous, as well as the bullfight bullfighter, fuck ridiculous to, because, first of all that you're not really fighting that bull right, you're stabbing it with spears and you're running around other people get the stab in some of the spears how they have? poison in them, Vanguard, death, filming run in Spain on mobile phone were
so that others are rate video, the guy getting one up the asshole. I don't mean great really, but I mean like woe: We see that one when the guy gets the horns right up. The ass also horrible, take Jesus Christ. He got his his fingers torn open. His rectum was torn apart, rectum nearly killed them map, that was when the first intimated gives I ever saw in it was like what was going on. Horns going I'm about to an inspired from its loading so slow. His ugly do these the guy's gown, and face let's go. Let's go through all these Let's go through! Please please visit visit image. Let's get the first one again closer. First one, Consumers go right through his cheek Zat. What's happening, hide yes, it is look, it's right through his cheek, look at that fuckin impact through the drama
It's going to his eyeballs. Look at that Brian I look at it is through his eyeballs. I can see now that, as they confirmed member of team people Do not say that I'm happy about this, but there are too many people on the four hundred and five, and I think the only way to stop that is to kill off a few retards. You know I chill out to get people and I'm not saying that scares retorted retarded, but his occupation most certainly was, you know. Maybe this is a hard way out man's hard to get out. Get off that photo he's a bull fighters. Was both fighters and the like
your pussy meal, others, the different guy, get one of the face week. There is a different one, though so different dude right, isn't it is it because of the horns? Look different because the other one, the horns were black and this one, their white, see the tips or white and black and there's a blue things taking out his neck or the first William yeah. Maybe some guy might be the same. Guy might just be. The resolution picked up the actual covered color. The horns, better That's dark shit: dude haven't horns, go through your fuckin, I and that's his eyeballs blown out that no shoe either lost a shoe poor bastard. I got something better than that. That will clean. How it of seeing all that disgusting shit everything that little asian girl that can hypnotize animals she puts she puts seven different animals on on this table and at first it's like a lizard, as you say, go back III and then the lizards passes out and if you go to a dog and the dog
this out, and then a frog see this. This involves two things for you. It involves asian girls now and again like an animal baby, so might not be real. Now this is on it. Gameshow. It is definitely real right. Well, I mean it's it's pretty interesting because at one point she's like she has a certain time limit to go down all these animals. At one point, the dog wakes up was fuck, haven't you. I just see you. It is amazing that an doesn't seem like it would make sense. I tell how can summon Hypnotizer dog ok, so here's a girl What is the sky ladder was on the chinese mixed Tokyo sources.
The dog lays down, and then the guy's pretend that he's fall asleep to its out the dog? Just she has a puppy. This lying down ok. So the dog is just good. Laying down the acute lizard at Lisbon is awake by the way I flips the list upside down and infrastructure rubbing the valiant cable. Do you? know that that's actually, where you put lizard asleep, that's why you do that with crocodiles and alligators, put them on their back and rub their belly and they pass out, and I get it cool it like seeing her do this specially sure that that's that's the case. Lizards, too that some of woman you land their back. It's the way their designed like that. I think that's what I
about sharks as well at sharks. If you flip upside down, there's something the waiter designed to wait designed by the big upstairs that when you do that to them, for whatever reason they can't stay conscious, it makes sense and there's so much like push them. If they get stopped like they can't move or something you don't like him out, will you mean they can't move like there? A few like reinserting shark in the wire you can have to give a little school won't be able to swim, that kind of makes sense, because they're always constantly in motion in ways that makes sense if it might not know what to do some bill. Knife factors entered my rain. It tells us that might be true, so I'm not impressed with this, the lizard is figured frog, figured out that it was on its back. You flip back over. Why is it so this interesting to pick? I see this issue. Does it to a bunny rabbit? She does it to a bird. She does it to a dog and Chicago dogs should cover the birds face. That's what you do! He cover the birds face with a
go a blanket like that. The word freaks out this lay there. I was just trying to get off the discussing both wishes to put his truck handling moment about the truck crashing into a highway signed. This truck was driving down the highway in somebody's dashboard. Cam catches, the truck hit, one of those overpass signs at say like up ahead. You know I find it and stuff like that. It was too tall for the over has, in its very sorry, seen yeah. It's a very scary video. That too was scared. I didn't, I just hit its key. Accident. Scary, like we were behind that here. It is oh that's! His dinner took over. That's fucking Preservation so what'd they had the load up and effort
loader was up in there were driving yards like a kind like a dumb China thing in it. It was up, nay, didn't know who is now just like I work for you, like you, fucking dope, you can even just look before you drive on the highway fuckin idiot Jesus Christ. That's probably a big problem with running a company that right there, you have it yet absolute like you, have people drive and shoot around for you like rocks bucket of rocks in the back of that thing or at me, no tractor trailer for rocks whatever, and you have these dumb. Their work in fire dumping. These rocks often with jumped it. Always Dr Single should lower they're fine? I do it all the time I do it all the time just takes on the highway like that destroys outside folks. We gotta pay for that time to show the company has to pay for this on waste. Have employees can you spare manager for for a long time? You stay, like scares, outlays german, a lot and I was an actual job, but we
Brian being your boss, the worst is that when you hire somebody and then you realized of shit now is such a mistake and he can't it's really hard, just a fire. Somebody- They go through like certain laws and stuff, like that, the other, like especially government jobs, gum and jobs, real hot You know. We learn that well, I can always knew about really learn that way came to Nevada and referees and judges for Emma may really hard to get a judge fired really hard. I taken Dick, it proved to be absolutely totally incompetent, but it's like working the DMZ once you have one of those government jobs a year, a government, official official officiate or someone who judges It's like that! You might as well have a job workin for any other government agency. I get super difficult to fire you. Actually with something like like fights, because if you watch a fighting,
in a butterfly China, no one who doesn't want, but its objective, like you might decide that one person one but Jamie might decide that another person one and there are fights where people adamantly like argue one way or the other, but there's There are just undeniable and when you get those undeniable ones or what the fuck were you watching how this guy win and those undeniable ones you gotta step and yet a fire people on their camp is can't. He can't because it's a subjective offspring. How do you say: hey I've, officiated, a hundred shot, a hundred different fighting chosen I was never criticized for any those most time you don't get criticized asked me and completely egregious before you criticise, but it's fuckin hardship far when those people they just they dig their heels in specially if their part of minority group you now than they can be kept people behind dumb and I've of literally heard that conversation before
like someone say well, there would be two different problems, one of firing. Someone is hard and then find someone who might be black or a woman. Vigo is even harder. I wouldn't you gotta, be kidding me like when you fire, a judge, it's not basin, competency like some of it has to be considered like without thereby. Or a woman, and he was absolutely absolutely You might as well be like I said, firing, someone who worked for any other gum govern agency. You have to treat it like that, whereas, like you would just like it will a gross battle. Ok, let's put rosebud contacts, which is an awesome, show that people judge, and it's very rare than by disagrees on who won the roast battle. They can get close right in your clothes. It gets weird It gets weird, sometimes people a biased right, yeah they get by us or they're just doing because they want to see another round like this going Tarsus now, really even real. I sometimes it does happen. The devil happens, but when a guy gets trounced.
It is pretty obvious right, but in fights guys have gotten trounced and still lost or still one. I think I got his aspect has still one a decision that has happened not not just once a gang. At times there was a lady that was doing then Vegas and she was responsible for like two or three really bad decisions, one of almost patchy out. Timothy Bradley and there was another. There was another big fight. I forget what the other one was Africa, like an initial name like a t j, something another growth, this nation, tired blonde o member amendment- Look like, but remember, people saying that it very well could have been that she was paid off by people J, Roth yeah. That was once I think, she's retired, It's too. She took so much heat because people gamble on those fights specially packing our fight.
You're talking about millions of dollars being exchanged millions, I mean how many fucking people bet on a pack, our fight nuggets, pretty nodding. So those who knows who came up to that lady intolerable going on those four can draw. The clothes was a close, its close range course what its draw for judges and like an appointed elected, if not appoint an official yeah. I can't be replaced. It's very harness system, be changed at all like the way very hot, It's happened now very hard change it. You know I got a great. Judging idea is Anthony Hard Donk who used to fight for the you have seen now he's a trainer transit dynamics in Monica trains. Are you have seen fighters? What he's out a great idea for scoring system in his idea? first courting scoring systems totally different, the one they have now what they have now. It's called the ten point must system as what boxing uses everybody starts out with ten points. But if say you knocked me down, then you get like you have ten, and I have eight because you not me
If I lost around than its nine, but tonight can I go either way like ten, I'm like, I might think you wanta nine, but somebody else think Brian one tonight it's s real subjective, but once again its knocked out, it's pretty universally tenet unless a guy was die when aiding the whole round and then got knocked down than have been nine, nine data be a draw, but that's that's usually not what happens usually when it gets knocked out tonight. What harder the saying is it that doesn't make any sense and that all of these scores and those names silly but he's from HOLLAND All of the scores for all the technique should count. So like the first round I'd be six. You may have sex and he might have to because, like you beat him arbiter bunch things too, and all those things counters points and then the next round it might be. You have four in you have three. So, even though There's two rounds in the books and you won the first round and he won the second round killing ones
look around by one point, whereas you on the first by a bunch of points because you're counting up all the different things you did during that round. So it's a cumulative so of this ten nine system. We can have to ten nine rounds, but one ten, nine round you totally Jamie's ass, but then extend on nine round Jamie barely barely squeaks by you. Barely almost like a rose battle situation. Will you give it to him because he came back from the first round? and then you're even going into this, the third and final round but you're, not even the reality. Is you fucked him up way more than he fucked you up and he's got a really good point with that, because the idea of having to ten nine rounds, and one of them is just vastly different. There's ten nine rounds, we're a guy, literally does nothing to the other guy just gets his ass kicked all over the place. Just survives still lose ten, nine and then in the other, one two guys go: hotel and its indecisive, indiscernible, who want- and that's also tend not stupid- he's totally right and what his idea is a score shouldn't be
forty, nine forty, eight forty, nine forty seven and the third George Judge scores it. You know he's like it. Really should be a number like thirty and twelve or thirty, seven and six or food- five in thirteen or forty five and forty like where these big numbers. If the fight has a lot of action, like a lot of shuts shoots going on. So I just ten nine there's head kicks and take down, or there can be a ten nine round were both guys, like Anderson Silver versus talus latest. Is a perfect example: Anderson, Solfaterre latest and neither one exchanged neither one did anything. There is many that fight. It was boring as flock because Anderson's Counterstrike tell us is a digital fighter, so Anderson knew that he could pick em apart on the outside and not do much and tell us but if he ran at Anderson, is like running into a meter, so you're a whichever, so he had to figure out which way to which way to turn
way to fight out. So there was very little action was a really boring fight. Well, that's till ten nine that's a ten nine round. I mean that These are ten nine rounds. How could that be a ten nine round when you know come up with something fuckin? politely, crazy and chaotic. That could also be a ten nine round like show gone versus Dan Henderson. They beat the fuck out of each other it also be ten nine round. You know, that's crazy, doesn't make any sense. It's where there's a lot of action, the score should be higher and I think doubt also it also show like how exciting fighters are. You know you could say, like Michael Jordan, scored fifty points plan for their cargo balls and thereby holy Shit Jordan here escort. Fifty last night of Rond arouses fights Let's go hey again and above pizza, fuckin shit out of her for the first round, but somehow batch makes in the second round and you look at the score her score.
For the first round was a hundred and sixty two cohesion, had. One I give you see something like that. I deathlike holy shit. Think it makes it better. How would you say you do it? Would you just the round up in quarters and each each quarter you get like points are now you and we would have to be just like scoring and Basque, about, have to be the techniques that land so say if you and Jamie or fighting and you hit him with a black five leg takes in a row. You'd have to you, to figure out a way to quantify those leg. Cakes like what is worth more is a leg. Kick worth two points in a job worth. One point: is right hand, the rocks you worth five points and one that grazes off you worth one point: you'd have to figure out. In. It have to be at least partially subjective, because the real quiet, like the real The undeniable measurable thing in a fight is the knock out into submission.
The tea Kayo even is problematic, because this fights are stopped. Like I just the gospel that guy up, but I would like to see the guy had chanced to survive and then there's other referees where the guy could give up way worse and the rest, That's it go on the guy ones of winning the fight Frankie EDGAR, his Grey Maynard one or two and three the first time they fought EDGAR B by decision the second time they fought. Edgar almost knocked him out or Maynard almost knocked at first fight gray, Maynard one decision. Second, fight, almost knocked him out and then Frankie wound up making it to the end, and it was a draw and in the third fight, re, almost knocked him out again in the first round and frank, you wound up, knocking him out later in the fight, so in fights like that, like a worse referee, would have called that fight in the first round and grey matter were knocked amount the title, so it's one those weird things we just gotta there
A certain amount of subjective decision making is going to be involved and fight, but I think if the school, or was based on the actual damage that was done. He'd have to figure out what it's worth, though, what the work they have someone's back. What's it worth to mount someone, but I don't think it's a bad, trying to figure that out. I think it would be worth a lot for sport to get outside of this boxing system isn't damaged, subjective to guess cause totalling one head from you. I mean you can hit me and Brian both the same way and it's gonna hurt us, definitely an absolutist, I'm cool, At the same way, in some guys can take a shot away better than other guys can in the same shot like you hit market nl in smile at you, the same shot. You had another guy with it and his leg go out and he is done the it's hard to say, but
you, U base it on her heart. How hurt the guy was what the impact was, how clear the impact was to be a lot of factors does a lot of factors that would play in when you deal with with scorn fight, but it's got, is gonna be way better than what they're doing right now, what you're doing right now so terrible disease, there's somebody fights I gotta run in a gym digital, he hates my senior Jim, I was fuck it up. Ramsay Nigel Heel, he robbed in his last fight the gentleman who he fought. I forget his name does matter, but rather I thought Ramsay clearly want to fight and they gave it to the other did, and I was like that's bullshit that I did what he was supposed to do. One the fight and he didn't win the fight. Why? Because the judges were incompetent, everybody ringside, that was with May case, on jobs She shall be rather well each other shaken our hair, like what the fuck you know, Dana
shaking his head lobby was shaken ahead like this is ridiculous. How the fuck did this happen? This is true, this goddamn terrible decision there was one recently where data was on record talk about it. There was also a big out Michael Johnson, Michael Johnson and beneath their use a lot of people Michael Johnson. One that's why I thought I was a little closer than a lot of people are thinking. I thought derision last stuff that, for whatever reason, people and give them credit for, but still thought Johnson, it was real fucking, close thought, probably got the not have to go over it again with a sound off. Maybe in really analyze point by point. But you know a lot of you were pissed love. People watched it live were really pissed an because, if the technology, will be there to be able to act to actually find out how strong each Hunch is and like every you know, it's almost a guitar where bracelet that can detect that almost in the future sunrise
like really detect the amount of damage sustained solar videogame rights, like one big punch is worth like through therefore weak ones. You know I've been being being or boom right, yeah! That's all! pressure in and vibration of the actual hit mean, I think also. The idea of having three judges is not necessary. I think they should have more than three judges, because I think they would probably, if you get five experts and it's not hard to find judges, you could go on underground. You go gone, mix, martial arts, dot com and find a hundred people that are way more competent in anybody's workin today or as competent as the best people working in I really stand by that. I really think fans like really big time. Answer late. They probably know more about him and made him most reveries are most judges rather has most judges. I think Good percentage of em they're, really don't even give a fuck about the sport that just they're doing it some of em answer the sport, but some of them deafening aren't. So I think that
having more judges would be good, and I think another thing would be good is allowing the people at home to vote allowing them to vote online, so maybe draws would be broken up by the online score, absolutely son, a battle did they should tell it be more interactive. Why ninety technologies there and that's it thou, make more sense to know how to tell me if they were. Ok, we're gonna go to the internet. You know it's a draw, so I'm gonna go the internet or just have, Gore, basing them on internet an escort based on reality, so the internet score, I won by away slide bite. It gets really biased, Stairway Porthos, specify it all starts games you ruined and some sports because of it
fans can vote stuff among these. Are the whole american one team Europe to take it back to back, plus some fighters of people hate everybody hates the like data to fund the goes to cocky like a lot of people. That would like tried at the vote against Conor Macgregor, just cause he's doing too well, I'm hoping that guy falls. One is very stiff. Europe among the third round in a scenario Regan score that way in Europe, like thirty five to fifteen, and you kind of you stop cuz you're up bright bike. What's how do you prevent that? Or can you not or is that just a pocket deal with me? That's just part of the game, but the guy who's down his job to go after you now and try to score and win trot, knock you out to stop the fight some sometimes were a guy. We No, this we're guys do the third round and he got his ass, kicked the first two rounds in his corner says you ve got to stop him. You have to finish this fight. He knows he knows in the other. Guy knows it is, if,
what is clearly want to round in a row, all you have to do is fucking. Dance around and that third round again I've done that before any wanna the anymore, I think the system sucks the sis was terrible but hard ox ideas. The best I've ever heard doc. What's in, whose very good judge and a long time martial arts practitioner he had a good system. His system was a half points system, his system was instead of ten points. Eager use have points to so I can cases words like real close You could say what I want, but only one by half a point or de won by a point where it's very clear or one by two points if he's really out his aspect like utilised, system and make it a bit more obvious that there is a gap in the Oh, oh cumulative, that will last that'll add up towards the end of a third round. You would be able to add that, like all the first pop Roundy, one by half, open, but the second rally, one by two points and then would all like it would show up better. I just think that too
point system, as the user right now really is lame and it comes from boxing just not a good system for Emma makes it's a good system for boxing right, because boxing is pretty much by seeing Emma had so many different kinds of scoring Knighton Langley get you could be on the ground have been choked out. The haunting around in that has to mean something. Yeah yeah also like who decides like, if you say of you beat guy upstanding. You beat him up like the first minute, hit him with a ton approaches, but then it takes you down and get on are you for four minutes, but doesn't do anything hits you will take a few people punches, but most timely, defend yourself a lot of times. People think that guy who was on the bottom, getting hit with a pity pat punches goes on top of lost around evenly? Neither should guide for the first minute, He did way more damage that first mooted that guy's caught he's beat up his.
I swelling he got hit with bombs, buddy survive enough to take down and then because he was on top for more time. People give him that round. So it's goofy is fuck man. It's really hard to figure out how to do a better job of scoring it, but I think that Doc has the best idea. I've ever heard an ominous on the pot casts some day some day soon. Disease here, he's out near woodland, health, so warm We have him on soon and talk about and talk about, training and stuff like that too, but I think is his system is way better, her something I want to bring up is pretty fuckin crazy, There was a new study that was out in the region, me: oh Amber lions, company she by otherwise become a complete drawn, hey serious she's just a little kid. I mean that the nicest where Ymbercourt she's a young corn stubble shit she's become like a complete psychedelic head, so this
she does she's. Just travel around the world do and psychedelic, but she This sum she's got this new website called reset dot me, obviously to sort of signify that there, the profound effects of psychedelic and that's the name of all they are the website and what many people think psychedelic stew, and so this guy Professor David, not had it is that's his name to not as funny sardonic, but its pre close thickness three throughout a three day conference? It's called breaking convention is held in London and basic with us it's it's dicks to explore the bath its second dogs, but they're, saying that still Simon switches off part of the brain that causes depression. Which is insane? That's that's amazing. I go to that story. It was,
so the other there's all these problems that they have with trying to legalise different things that are beneficial like legal, for soldiers, people PTSD, but they found a lot of different drugs that can help people that they have been through dramatic situations Sir Simon is one of em empty amaze, a big one. Members may apparently has profound effects where people are seeing horrific things and profound in the fact that it lets them change their perspective on it literally change. Their memory changed what it beans to them to have had this experience and allows forgiveness and away that's like really unprecedented. So warm This guy, professor- not it's really interesting article- there's lots of different talk about psychedelic Senate, but about the potential for
It's like a suicide ban, LSD and an cannabis too, and that he's talking about how because he's drugs are illegal. Patients are suffering committing suicide because they're not getting treated for their depressions as pain or their pain? Rather it's interesting because I think more and more as times going on you seeing these things become mainstream these subjects. We come mainstream. The Johns Hopkins suicide and study has been quite a few different studies that have come out that have shown the benefits of a lot of different drugs to dealing with things at conventionally. In what are they give you four depression that give? U s our eyes? Are they give you something else but This is a completely different effect in its actually would already said. Are you said that suicide bombers are really helped his depression halted in a big way century when I was in Toronto? I alleged.
They may be of eight. Some Shermer spoke TAT night. I was there certainly also units rooms, and nowadays they they check your twitter when you're going through they airport slots every time I go. Travel now me and Tony both get put into a room in check. Twitter. To see like where you work in a night area, we go tony uncle Tony actually got caught, allegedly what because I think they recently passed. This law. Worry you. Don't to do this anymore, but when you work in Canada is a comedian, you have to get a work, permit and causes that per year. But if it's like, I'm really small little show it's like a lot of places like I just you know, you're here on vacation or whenever, and I think who said that but a broken? The shell yeah yeah? I know and do we found this out. This is like early aren't Eddie. Bravo to the two year, and so be it Tony said that they just went on his twitter page. Injustice like where were you
made, grounded him and made him fly back. She told me this number twitter was return not data about look out. His name bow, So that's one thing: that's good by having a fake last name via yeah, but we're talking of river for that Mushroom he doesn't want to emerge from. This was the first time where I actually never. I didn't eat, to try to trip hard. I would just like you know what I'm gonna take a little bit warm at this bar answers. Just enough that I immediately felt insane about, like amounts of happiness, I wasn't like seeing anything or or like it, wasn't like, like a tricky experience, but I know a lot of people that do that thing where you eat a little bit of mushrooms every day about that yeah. I- and I wonder if that has there's something to that, because it that could be almost like a imagine being prescribed like a happy pill every day and it was just ground up mushrooms, but it was just a smaller amount
not seeing anything, but you still feel happy. That's how I felt in a cause me to eat more when how's it going. This is great mushroom. So, but then I got out of that. Just happiness and nice touch, being in seeing men's by the small. That originally made me feel really happy. I was bouncing off the walls It's a common thing. The people do they micro doesna, take it all gas gnats real common people. Do that and it deftly has an interesting effect. I've taken small doses before and it makes you feel relax. It also makes the things that you thought were super important seem so silly things that were bothering. You really cares, like whatever, like you feel like. If some was mad at you in my car, as at present, Madame it to take a little micro dose of mushrooms like I feel I must feel bad for them be mad at me. You know, like people talking shit about you, whereas like it would hurt your feelings, he take little mushrooms like feel bad for them likes persons lashing
This ridiculous way, mushrooms, a beautiful man, a sham port, so gross their illegal soap. Bizarre that after all these different years, all these different studies has never been one that shown and kills people never in one that shown causes you lose your brain or even get diarrhoea. I mean this is nothing, does The reason why it should be illegal there's no like glaring health issue, and yet still you could go to jail as much as you go to jail yet, prime, more so than heroin. Right, isn't heroin is good two. We got all this before marijuana and mushrooms the schedule like allow the schedule ones are like super beneficial near the most illegal. If you look at the schedule, one versus schedule to chart, I think schedule two's cocaine, because they have met cocaine, psych schedule the idea of schedule. One is no medical known medical use.
To have marijuana and milk suicide and to the most beneficial plants of all time? in the no known medical use. Category just shows how corrupt these criminals are possessed. A lie like anybody could go to them with a series of links. An email them. Don't tell me who it is: it's a hitherto drug, czar, guy I'll, even you just a gang links? You click on those links and then tell me if you, still schedule one after it's over and if you do think that you're a crook, I think the only difference between like a cocaine psychedelic is they will speed up schizophrenia and crazy people and images have way too much crazy people in this world of mushrooms, where it lay may or maybe they're gonna, be crazy anyway, There is an argument for that. That is a certain amount of people. That was the one that was in now the culture high where they talked about accelerating psychosis and paranoid,
and all the different issues, and they are saying, there's no job, even though more people smoking pot than ever, there's no statistical jump in the amount of people that are psychotic for weed. My shirt but mushrooms, I think, will definitely breaking the mild schizophrenia and you're gonna get it later in life, you'll, probably speeded up by twice. You know. Scientists driver on that. But I do think that part if you eat it is just as likely do you and maybe even more so because pod if you eat. It is not reassuring. There's no sir witness to the to the overdose one year you're eating pot, its fear, fear and death and spiral- and I don't know what trip out about when you were when you take mushrooms, heart or not, mushrooms, edible pot, but for me it's always like mortality and the death of friends and people getting sick around you and the body ceasing to to work properly, especially people. I know like you that smoke cigarettes a shilling I freaked out
you wanna tea eat pot. I do because I feel, like this people around me, that poison in themselves and see it like oh Jesus. What does he do in fact The eating parties, that's them for me, like one of the big paranoia induces of all the different second, dry, Stoa anymore, don't be pussy to back him at the head of the D. Try to highlight the statements like two weeks ago. He said in a report with conference. Call, if you want me to sit at marijuana, not dangerous are not going to say that, because I think it is too. I think it's as dangerous as heroin, probably not an expert where's, the fucking expert, it's hilarious, that's the head of the d aim is not an expert, Annie, sank, stupid share that marijuana dangerous. I think it is you think it's dangerous chuck. Rosenberg, you fuckin dunce, that's so goofy! You know it's not dangerous! You know it's dangerous, Eddie its idiots dangerous, if you give the whiff of all bats, if you give them,
Spoons intellectual sockets, you know, give him a full can a toaster their dangerous people, DOM Man Heroin Clearly, more dangerous marijuana. Ok, he said that hold on then this week, Rosenberg evolved further After a press briefing on Wednesday worthy people shit in his mouth, he told reporters that heroin Clearly more dangerous marijuana. According to Huffington Post Rosenberg said he still considers marijuana to be harmful and dangerous, but willing to make a firm distinction between it and other substances, always a fool. You can't say harmful and dangerous. Unless you have data, you are a d, a agent near the head guy. You should have data you know, that's the whole idea like can you they that aspirin is dangerous. Yes, you can. You know why? Because aspirin regular old aspen kills a fuck load of people every year, a lot thousands they die from it. He overdose from aspirin. You take too much like ok, let's guess less guess. How did you think diarrhea
Now that you know the people die from Azra proudly say: seventy thousand people, thirty thousand people you're really helping us two hundred, while not just thinking that loud people have aspirin and that's probably something that people try to overdose to kill himself on. I know but also save people's lives, because that's what airspace a take right, if you feel like you're gonna, have a heart attack and also they say, is a preventative measure, a little better. Brenda because asked, and is an anti inflammatory and taking anti inflation
the big issue with health or one of the big issues, I should say, is inflammation so big cause or of a lot of different diseases, and that's what they say that if you clean up your diet, you bought it becomes less inflamed. You have that's one of the benefits of cryogenic chamber to. They think that the trial, crile treatments provide those called shock, proteins and anti inflammation responses in a clean up inflammation inside the body leading to less disease. It's one of the theories bind haven't you today. At a time. Three minutes. Is it like the torture? Three main sources like does not foreign, almost too long scalded fog did FDA reverses its position on daily aspirin use this man. These tell you need to take aspirin. If you haven't had a heart attack, step away from the aspirant bottle. If you're one of the forty million Americans take aspirin every day, while forty million the FDA says of sea humming
people have. You got a guest Jamie. How many people, you think, died? Seven hundred fifty ok, I said what forty thousand each year ago, I'm saying two hundred to animal causes: fifteen thousand fifteen thousand! Oh my god! Look at this. Each year, fifteen thousand people die and a hundred thousand people are hospitalized as a result of aspirin and other Anne S. A ideas, none strudel, anti inflammatory. Why that's so you're not supposed to give kids and ever fever was that tunnel? Dude? Listen to this! I don't know, but listen this crazy statistic: aspirin kills four hundred percent more people than the swine flu. Nearly a hundred thousand Americans die every year from MRS adverse reactions to FDA
of prescription drugs. The whites that's insane. Did you know that God damn these numbers are? that's. That's incredible. Man hundred and seven thousand patients are hospitalized annually for now struggle, Anti inflammatory, which also includes by the way I be proof and I'd be proven, is also announced. Royal entire, inflammatory, that's the period on right. No, no, it's I'd be proven, advocate headaches of animals, the better. So best for headaches, and I think the muscle eggs torn mouse has anything the idea, like advance I wasn't I Tyrell Ibuprofen, no sort of like. I think, if I had to guess, I think, does the pain more. Whereas I reproach
gets the source of the pay more, which is information, but most athletes prefer ibuprofen things like less risk factors too, but apparently alot of people get fucked up by Anti Kilometers, I just can't believe that high the numbers and nuts man swore flew a safer than aspirin. Sixteen thousand, five hundred non to royal anti inflammatory deaths occur among patients with rheumatoid, arthritis or Austria arthritis each year, In the United States, wow That's a naughty number man. Sixteen thousand five hundred deaths from from anti inflammatory pills from my view, open an aspirin while so those Those drugs are one thousand percent more deadly than swine flu. This accidental death etc. Does anyone using it to commit suicide?
We will definitely is commit suicide, but it's hard. It's a bad suicide. Apparently it's a rough one or two a long time enter. I headed sky. I feel great, I feel, took what you think is a number one method of suicide over us right, definite or cutting cutting the cutting a dynamic growth in their name in trying to kill himself. So I imagine cutting hey fuck, you like what am I doing something I ve known a lotta cutters. It's weird help make the hunters are out in LOS Angeles, another many cutters, solid girls your day, it's a pool, your drawing most guys like. What the fuck is. He talking back, people listening That's right now going to most people on cut themselves, most people, don't themselves Brian everything. New treaty, this picture, display it's one of the most could change. The subject will die out one before
get into that really monitor. What do you think the number one method for suicide, as if you I guess, cutting cutting the cutting rests, reeling cutting throughout jumping off some jumping off some ominously overdose? I say open up a gunshot gotta be in there somewhere else. What's Google number one method of suicide number one death by chocolate. No it's funny when you write number one method in Google. Homicide comes out. First, that's that what the Google suggestion to fill in a blank number one method of homicide, how he was good because it fucking hate your wife. I hate their husband nights completion. What's the best mother, that's your own personal cash, Joe! Now it's! U haggis ass! I had two different things when I type in stuff it different things, come up at the new
please in google- never Google that before Abner googled up for what you put tyrant, number one method of over one method of say: ass, our ass, did you know that your login to your login and most sometimes a concept efforts like I said something like you were wrong. We're way wrong were really wrong. Number one is firearm, so shooting fifty percent since fifty percent, they shoot themselves twenty four percent, they hang themselves or suffocate. Poisoning which I thought was neurons. Only sixteen percent jumping off Shet Jamie thought two point? Three percent cut one percent or one point one point: eight percent drowning is one point. One percent fire is zero point four percent Lou We do that. That's crazy, transporter related that major jump in front of a truck threats. Poverty
why don't? We are at a euphemism trend, Porter related that zero point four percent and when I die by transporting while weird man, firearms fifty that's America, though Ass Margaret, shall we do when in doubt take it out. We scary waited die, knowing that you pull the trigger and its ongoing a blank. I've known more than one person is done. It in my lifetime have known several people, those kill themselves with guns the eye. The weird article is like: when someone doesn't like tat the go, we need change a gun laws, what I was only kill some or the gun, we change, gun laws or a guess: kind of easier to kill someone if you have a gun, but if someone wants to kill you it's because they want to you it's not as they have a gun. Its I'll give a dying on I'll fucking kill. Somebody now that I got this gun now. Europe only use a gun to kill somebody, because you want to kill them unless it
accidental gun, shooting and then you're dealing with a totally different situation, but the idea that giving someone a gun makes them more likely to kill people, I'm not sure for by that. When the Ellie rights were going on, a lot of people had their own personal firearms, and this guy, I know he said He had to like go on the roof of his apartment, with a gun that they were trying to break into his house and stuff. Like that, any action to shoot somebody shot Somalia and like the arm or something like that. He said. Who is this guy, I don't say maybe a bullshit I can t offer sure now absolutely no casually never know. What's dictates, like popcorn your pic. I think that everybody cover. Then I'm one of his shows the riots in Koreatown, where the Koreans
had to arm themselves get on top of their buildings, because all the cops Beverly Hills, member that shit, Koreatown sorting out ransacked and these guys we're on top of their roofs with I falls and get in trouble for having guns out. But if you look, there was like this giant wall of cod as a guarded Beverly Hills whose really kind of fucked up and racist creepy there was a creeping the way the police, shielded parts of LOS Angeles, for the riots and didn't do anything to protect other parts and obviously there are given mandates. Obviously there was someone that was telling them what their sports do not supposed to do, but the weird choice it was too just so openly and clearly defend wealthy people. There is a lot to lose in the wealthy people's houses and worth millions and billions of dollars in light of em totalled reason yeah. But but
The poor people in their stores are worth as multi ethnic play station to can get replaced easier than like a painting that was made by divine. She can no. No, no, no, no! You not looking at a right their lives there talking about businesses the talk there was this: we were on businesses like these businesses programme, a million dollars worth of merchandise and their their business get broken into it's really, not that much different than a rich persons house. Just the fact that it's a business in Korea, town now that right was die in the new and W Movie was closing them remake that right, yeah now, there's an article about art, thieves about how little d, rather that today, without today about how few works of art ever get recovered when his art theft is
really interesting. There's when I lived in Boston about twenty five years ago, there was this big art, big, stolen art event, where these people broke into the thing was remember, which want to see the Getty, but I'm no more Santa getting museum. There was a certain known, a museum in Boston, and it was a. Big time museum and these guys broke into a twenty five years ago and stole a shitload of Rembrandt's. Unlike here it is what is to suspects, but you're talking, I guess twenty five years ago this guy's dead another. They are one of this come out just recently, this articles, rustling by August, seventh ha the two men suspected masquerading as police officers to rob and ART Museum of five hundred million dollars with masterpieces. Ninety nine are dead. The F b, I say two years ago, investigators announced they knew who stole thirteen works and clean pins by Rembrandt and Vermeer on an over that duties from Bob.
Isabella steward of the Gardener museum authorities, but they were used to elaborate saying only the investigator was Agnes. Vestiges was focused on recovering the our work, so this the suspects are dead, what sports interests and five hundred million dollars worth of art and no one's ever recover the art, so someone's got the getting it just like North Korea, like they just have like. A bunch of galleries like yes, with all the most famous american paintings, you gonna me in my eyes I think its rich people, I think it's really really rich people don't give a fuck we're that art came from. They have a private collection and they walk by. They laugh. You know that they bought a Rembrandt, that they have a Picasso, but I think that it is dangerous for them because they get caught know what that fuckin thing is so give you. If you have a Rembrandt your wall about you buy me, I would have no idea what it is. So I have to tell me you know I would but it's as soon as I got serious, our collector
enough to their willing to spend millions of dollars on a painting there. You're, no exact with that thing is people are creepy man, people that are collectors, collectors of things. People get real creepy about real specifics like they wanted how so they have a Rembrandt. They have this guy that guy and they needed Picasso, Anita Picasso, but nothing is on the market and then some guy comes up to you and says I know something about you on the market and in a right now it is in a collection that is public and it will no longer be public and some are more on it and it could be you would you be interested in this like what What are you talking here like what we said well will show you a photograph and it will show you like what it there's. No, maybe what are you talking to me? I won't talk about two million dollars. I think we were something now and then they have to figure out how to exchange money were doesn't betrays day
and then having looked at upraised measures. Real, I mean that's! That's tough! Guy that whole black market thing what people have been busted doing, that they ve been to do that with statues. There was a Rome step, roman statue, that they brought this guy in brand count on restore. Then I yeah well listen to and on something else where this guy had this statue and all they spent so much money appraising any they bought it and they brought in this expert expert literally looked at her for a few minutes and goes: can you get your money back? There was a great argument is: can you get your money back? This is fake. You need to get you we back so what's, apparently, he had bought it from a legitimate source, but the legitimate source had been swindled site dick and figure out a way to actually more old shit to make it look super old they buried. Underground and add mould to them.
Figure out a way to have fun, because if you can find something like something, that's like really old, like that. Somebody gave me a coin. Mark Gordon, give me a coins and eighteen year old coin from Rome, but it is a fuckload of them. Like you know, they made a bunch of bums this guy, whoever the guy was the time had a shitload of his coins made. You can get ahold of them, they're not cheap, but you can get them, but a statue from back. Then I could just a really complex well worked piece of cultures, Palmy worth's insane about money is only one of em and its eighteen, a hundred years old, two thousand years old spy worth millions of dollars. If someone could sit around and figure out how to fake it, so you make one you make it real closeness. Only lecture
way, I didn't add to it and then figure out a way to simulate a rosian and then figure out a way to get this. This mold in it, and this mold was apparently the right mold for the area. So it had a lot of people fooled, but this one art expert just looked at it's like this is this is not right is not real. I just knew we can just tell you just seen so many of them, whereas most people monsieur guy who's. Your your expertise is in appraising ancient statues. You develop a finely honed sense of what an ancient statue looks like so for him. It was like really obvious like right away like some this. The hue is off something's off. This can't be real. Show you my back quick,
whereas you know you arrived were due to cite three thousand years old. I was five years old we'd, both retarded fuckin staring at the stupid thing, while MIKE from Tell basis made it fact Jimmy than human negating as it is this that movie documented TIM's vermeer, not that from here just came up on here. It made me think of it, someone
number which guess brought it up. This is a really really great documentary pendulum made about earlier now, millionaire guy. He actually runs the company that makes a new text track ass to reuse. Here he figured out this really long process of how to recreate you made a forgery, but no one knew how to make the forgery and he spent years figuring out how this guy Vermeer actually making these photo realistic, paintings and then figured out how to do it himself and was making paintings Ike Ike Factory almost that were indecipherable from actual from indistinguishable here, while maize archives, really cool document really worth checking out. I heard good, about this its awesome. I like I'd like to watch it again disturbed. I get inspired the monarch, the Skype put in a time. Pendulum gets involved. Something so is gonna kick ass. It he's smart Dutilleul, it's weird! Now those lost a lot of weight and never say that's bad summit to be healthy,
who is unhealthy for so long. I kind of recognize me as being as big fat guy and Allison he's like super thin. Norton is like really fen right now, it's right, where's bring your ass out his boss, healthiest each Texan Medio day about Crile chambers must start freezing that could I sent you guys a link, a three new three d display that doesn't require glasses? We ve talked about in the past, allied of what would be so cause, not three tvs, but having a where glass right watch, tv and stuff, and I MOTO actually had a pretty good article ease and carry Santa Maria as an example of the three technology and its using a whole bunch of different projectors greens, but I guess it's really realistic, like if your staring out and you walk around her it's it looks like herve standing in front of you and they have. I wow sets a hologram. It kind of is a hologram, but I think there they'll go offals grandma young Jerry.
So here too, that's a fake, dude or real do now. This is a real did. This is how it's a at their actually showing they make it. Those are all cameras around him. I believe lights. It said thirty care So those are just lights, so the thirty carers are capturing. Thirty different images right and says three rows of ten images, so they require all of him and all the different angles but margins airlock, that's the supersize me guy and so their recording him moving and all sorts of different ways, and then they, what do they do that sea now? This is, I think, showing what their feeling of filming like of your walk around while and then.
So they can take this, though, what we're looking at and somehow another project in front of you like a hologram right yeah, if it's like that magically technology transfer with any kind of Kyoto Z, list, Turnus apples with here. What's going on in everyday life and fifty high definition cameras after they captured always the data they put it together to make a three day model of me, and then they were able to project that onto Screen, as you see me now, while so it looks like it is a screen, but it's a three day screens have you were to stare at a you'd, be able to walk to the side, to the left, to the right to have this guy's, a holocaust survivor. Imagine going through the Holocaust, all the weight of two thousand and fifteen. And they turn to you in a crazy three d: animated thing: what of what a series of generational jobs that guy's pass through justice
cool. It's gonna be when this gets a little bit better in the future, like the hull of President CEPT Disney land. You know and stuff like that were you're actually holy shit. Iran's lincoln seeing right in front of me, yeah you're gonna get real hollow graphs, real holograms, rather than just you probably be shocked when your hand goes through them and they're gonna. To appoint, especially if this magic leap is in any way indicative what it can really look like when it's done when you look at it and it's like how much of that proof of concept. How much that is, the actual video of MAGIC Leap, piano, magically biz. Will it Sir wild new hologram thing that they're doing where they have like? an elephant dancing inside a person's palm a little ballerina that was on a girl's dead whose forage ballerina But I know you know like how much that is real. That was up demo like, I think, that's not real. I think that's the same way
a future and what it will look like. I remember reading some one has tried it, but he had to be very careful about what he was allowed to say actually experienced, and she had a very, very rudimentary very early version of us, a giant for by Us Helmets ice thing. It aware, as projecting things in front of his eyes on it to us screen like thing but they're doing something called light field augmentation. It's four make it's brand new technology that no one Else's use who take part in it, I wonder what how their projecting it might give. So right now he's got where this helmet thing. They eventually break it down like a Google, glass type, size or sunglasses, or something but I wonder how their projecting it in front of you account. Is it just a? Is it a recreate three, when I do everything at the pudding there actually projecting a light into your eye like were or were expect executive. Excuse me excepting led into I right now it through irises, but they're gonna shoot light into your Alec laser.
Type stuff. How one for someone goes blunt, whereas I cancer they're saying now that cell phones absolutely cause cancer. We have seen. I says here there's a study that says that they're pretty positive, the cell phones cause cancer. It's gonna get your most people's health, you're sitting at hand cancer, because that's what would be the most right from texting order, something people get Hank as much as approved durable. But let's see this cell phones cause cancer. Cell phones and the cancer rescue know there's a recent article about it where they were talking about. I'm trying to find a recent version of it not smoke. Your cell phone Berkeley Berkeley says cell phones cause tumors. This is from a couple months ago. Yeah Berkeley is a City demand, Berkeley showed hippies, firstly, demanded itself on carers, inform buyers of potential radiation exposure, a nurse
scientists on why it's premature declaimed, coat phones, causing answer that might have oil at read from the daily beast makes sense, though I think that is probably it's probably not good to have all these wifi signals running through our fuckin houses constantly and how could it be good? The year three, on hundreds of megabytes around the room in the air right mean this phone us having this sum. This laptops downloading shit right now, It's completely unconnected by wires. Yours is as well where there is theirs movies in the error rate. Now around esters addict picks right next searching radios Radio signals near cell phones, signature signals on the air while they say that's fucks, with bees the bees apparently the here it like a jack hammer like the ways the way bees communicate there. I think there
pretty positive, that bees are negatively impacted by the sounds and the signals that are flying around the Molotov Wi Fi I'll phone radio alleges that it's fucking with her peace. So I don't know how much we feel how much it impacts but what I do know is every time I go somewhere where there's no cell phone was like Alaska Monterrey, and I saw tat we were out in the real wilderness- it seems different, like the actual physical environment of the air, seems different like when you're standing out there. You like with this is a different kind of solitude, is a different kind of silence. It's a green silence. It's not like there's there's something missing in the air and it could be just totally bullshit. It could be a placebo. It could be just the fact that you know that you can get
cell phone signal and there's no one four miles. You can't see anybody that it just like gives you this feeling of solitude, that sort of accentuates the quiet of the environment, but it might not be it might be there. There might be an actual physical thing like that, you're feeling in your brain. You can't quite put your finger on birds there all the time it just makes he wondered, though, if we can look at it like something like a nap dough and be like more day would feel at first Stu, neither so small that just a tiny now or what are those little red dots that are insects that are always like walking around on bricks and stuff. He even one time was a bright orange die. They are like I'll just accept that that's a bug that orange dot known or internal monitor this little dots, no you're like these insects. Look like a little red die. It's like a pixel by their super small out. If they haven't been California me
there's two articles in a row here, its official cell phones are killing bees and then right below it, cellphones don't kill bees. One of them as from two thousand eleven may twenty first, the other one is: may twenty may nineteenth two thousand eleven salaries, how the fuck a service was to figure it out squirt. I think they were saying that interferes with them, so it's LISA bees and celebes cell phones interfere. I would say this to her fear. Study links. Bees declined to cell phones, this is on CNN and they're, saying that the cellphone signals somehow another cellphone radiation may be contributing to decline, decline bee populations in some areas of the world. You know
media lab at his interesting story about bees where in China they because of what I would you would you pull in a pigeon says it doesn't. Save us a government. A thousand does criminals. The criminal website city is, my speed, might well be ISIS, who has to tell you the truth, having imposed Bro says Israel was a descent out decline. Bees in China. They did this. Study where they found out there rapidly declining bee populations for whatever reasons pollution, whatever so they decided that they were going to have figure out another way to pollinate some other plants, so that is apple trees, so they hand pollinated the apple trees and their yield went through the. Because, apparently, when you have bees do bees are sloppy fox, didn't even other doing it's like your ask its
do something you don't even know what they're doing and their idiots in obesity killer, robots little insect robots they just run around and they think they get this pollen and they accidentally spread. It did not do it on purpose, but when you happy we'll do it on purpose, they had people doing with paint brushes and when they had the people doing it with paint Russia's like significant increase in yield. But then people wanted more money and then they realise that in China, what the more lucrative. The business became. Or people, organise and said we want more money in the more they decided was cross prohibitive, but they tried. Czar is from a radio lab podcast call. I think it's called worth. Don't call me on that, though, but also about how much are things worth and one of the things they were talking about, we're how much Is it worth to have bees pollinate these plants that you don't think about it? That way? Think about it like? Oh, it's just a part
nature. But if you have to put a monetary value on it, then maybe you would think more carefully about maintaining healthy bee populations, enough- and I think the number they were using was like in the billions that, having healthy b, populations at pollinate plants, is worth x amount of billions of dollars in labour. Whether not extra yet seems like a good eaten like this, robot drone things? We could almost make her own robot bees in the future. We have done that. They have done that Monsanto did that centre has drone bees. Your seen em now pull up Jamie mom aunt em, drone bees way see this. This is the idea I think, as once, we pollute the atmosphere to the poor. Beast can't live anymore. They release these fuckin insect hordes challenge. Fields is horrible. Little monsters, fastened dynamics just released a new robot video running through a forest in its very creepy looking,
the tariff. It looks like it an army soldier, those fuckin things are terrifying man, pausing dynamics. Are they make some scariest shit, defining Monsanto bees drone? Being I sent you to link the other robot whenever one look at that wider enough that France, that only stuff I'm fine on this Monsanto being covered sites that don't work, robotic bees to pollinate Monsanto crops sounds heck, eternal. First news that word press that dude, that's it go to it and I'll show you the be now, but that that fake slopes is at an honored press. It's from ever since the Harvard Monolithic, be hard bird microbes ex lab have been working with its micro air vehicles projects, since two thousand and nine working on its barring from the bottom Canada and Social Organisation of bees. A team of researchers is undergoing
the creation of a tiny winged robot living this fuckin thing. Man burial, seems real size, a penny woe, so they cut that be out of that thing it will circuit Board, published reports in a lab, also describe potential military uses, surveillance and mapping, but the dime size cyber bees have yet to be out fitted with neurotoxic tips, stingers yuk, yuk yuk, this looks real is fucked it. This is fake, is really elaborate, sort of a hoax that words like enough fine oil, some college, some engineers, anguish. That was my fine. You could be- but I don't think it's anything outside of the realm of possibility- PO luminous, israel- oh my god, look at this fuckin thing
this is the little tiny, fake bug so how this thing fly see you. Ah, while this things. Go so fast, genuine see it. So they move just like a real bug. The same sort of thing printed Circuit man is a versatile process for creating the scale they can create. A letter for chemicals system using a variety of and I've seen flying, process well suited to mass production seems like some boy care or manufacture of large numbers of robotic sounds like an idea again yeah they didn't show fly, is so the wings buzzing when she can adjust just hooked up to a battery chilean fire bitch. Why would you but something that flies but not how it fly. Assume silly doesn't seem right, but that were
Boston Dynamics. Robot is real and it looks like a soldier star wars running through a liquid hath, so awful there's a video also of it. This is just an animated give but arms terrifying. It, sir. It's weird because it took up right now, two giant too. In the back of it. But that's it for now is: aren't they on by Google now or something like that. Processing dynamic, Skynet, you mean that their sugar, a different robots renown. This video, my friend, word for ghoul as award for rule anymore. Now I can't find out when they're gonna attack. Now I was hoping that she could at least the bad signal sky, it's gonna go live and these robots are gonna start attacking pathetic, she works, were better like apple or something she moved to another corporate
now today about later, but look at this sum, this thing walk on those uneven rocks. Oh shit, you gets hit lifts leg up a check. The leg kick balance, that's a twenty pounds all that slammed in doing at twenty pound, piece of metal or twenty kilograms. You don't know in these things, during riots, they're, just gonna, throw these robots out than are not have any real judgment skills just grab. You know, keep out is it. This is how we're going to do our wars, these things going to go into cities and just kill people, and this is robot versus robot, until robots get the people and they decimate human populations. And then we that's the wars. We have, we send robots to kill people, and then we tell send robots to kill, robots try to kill people, and then we send our robots to kill people create a robots, killing people. Knowing a robot wars, that's possible man, Hunter percent, it's gotta start off pretty cool.
Like oh, my god, we're getting attacked by its a robot attack and we have robots we're just watching robots on tv years for little bit so Jamie. There is a video of it. Just look up robotic bees can change the world and then go to its pretty far down, like maybe seven ace into the video you'll see this things past four with a very small wire, but it actually is flying it's fucking crazy to look at man. It's really weird good. It's a three minute, video Oscoda by like two hundred and forty, something you can say the actual fake bug flying But it's connected just like that: robot is its cannot in other roas cook, connected with holes in the back with wires. This is connected with a very small wire, but it's real. So it's not just a proof concept. They just have to figure out at a power source. That makes sense.
But they're not is the robot. Bees are fucking crazy, creepy, but what's really creepy is see that thing you nothing fine. Last real meaning mimicking humming bird or a b, but look at it would see this as an actual baby. Look at it right there! That's fine! That's not man!. He's. A scary, though, go to ten incredible Micro robots, this is fucking nuts man. What weighty see this video ten, incredible micro, robots, micro and then dash robots top one yeah. That's it check this shit out this is one style that flies around like little helicopters, legalese fucking things man they come these boxes, so imagine that you're sitting in your office is fake there. I disapprove of contacts here
look at some of these ones at their creating these are all the different this self organizing systems. Research laugh from Harvard these things organise an eight. They can figure out where to go Gallagher. This elapsed time eleven hours elapsed, time five hours and they form shapes They go into certain positions like this one climb up a wall so Some of these are prototype. Some of these approve concept of some of these are just theories, but these there's egghead work on the stuff right now so often did you see the video of the where they downloaded the brain of a worm and put into like a little lego. Robot thing an exit, like running around hang walls and going up. So I thought this I watched it do. I accept, I watched it twice in the first, I thought it was a woman's brain and Isaac and, like I did you that they download a woman's brain into a machine to my friend. Mcnerney did him again and I'd like put em like oasis worm, but
time I thought you said, Larry Woman has not done this. Woman is useless well, she's, a worms can think she's a Lego there think what you think they would do you, your brain Lego, definite Prego Encircle is instead a wall. It would just run over to a laptop and research fat June. Just hang on I've seen your Zalm, bunch more in that that video to one of them is a type her one of my eyes typing with the time ten organizing ones one of them is this little thing that goes over peace. Paper and I, like you know a typewriter, would do but types so, like you put a message in this thing and then you put the sort of thing on a piece of paper and it will print out like
I prayed her would what your messages, which is really weird yeah. He could see that one like see here check it out. Jamie awhile, zoof alarms, however, is its. The same Suva, but it said like twenty five gotta to twenty five legged is forgetting. Braun may not think that typing constant the idea of a typewriters kind of outdated. It is as though you that it just floats across a piece of paper and rights. What you wanted to say was fuckin very strange, the zoo to labs and super believing that Romania, but it seems, like that's, eat old technology that should not even be created that things I've had already been made like they like, since what would be more like having paper that you just take a flash and printed by just two:
like a xerox machine on Hungary's flashing. Some paper like a negative photo or something, but that's a hundred percent gonna happen I think also, but we're looking at earlier, their care Santa Maria thing. The treaty taking two people do that with just gonna, take her videos to your cellphone abuse, Senator Jamie and Jane. You watch like Princess Leia help me I'll, be one. You may only hope. That's going to happen to you It is a matter of us stay alive, long enough to see things that we never thought could be real. It's not that far away. This is people that we don't even know you don't even know their work on these things. Nobody knows of them, but yet there like that close to go on public and their fucking. Everybody has a swipe key cards before they go into building. They check your bag. They make sure you Bring your phone you phone us to go into a bucket when you go into the into laboratory, because as our reply it properly
Terry Shit, to check in there, but they probably of this fuckin fake buttons. It really cameras and shit and a shared glasses. We lose his fuckin glasses glasses. Now they have glasses with little tiny cameras and like so hard to see, if you look at yourself, he camera look a little that goddamn lenses selfie one like the one in the back Tiny rightly my iphone here, but the one front is fuckin stupid tie me it's so little and its good. It's really good look how good a selfie camera is. I mean they, they do a fuckin, incredible job of capturing your image like look at this Look at that! That's a tiny, ass little little pinpoint camera and its everyone in this room to the point where you could broadcast periscope from this thing, that's like a sharp, be if you took a sharply and darted a page with it, just stop. That's how big the cameras a yet its crystal clear.
So that could be in your button that could be in any they're, not physically padding you down. You could easily have something like that going. The one I use in massage parlors looks like a car hire, lousy, urine air kitchen but it's a video films, Tenet film, massage powers! Do you know? I mean the one. I know it's. It's like it actually just looks like relocating, but it does the it has ten. BP, like it either headlong memory card, just put it in your computer and next thing you know it's like you got full video, you just put it on the nightstand next to it pointed towards the Euro. Hats, anything, that's really are you kidding, I dont do it does, but you think about what you could do, that with mere belts would be an easy one right, because It actually hide the battery and everything in the belt You could literally hide the whole thing in a belt. They would have to give
your own outfit, they would have to make you come into the lab. You have to take up all your clothes put him in a locker and then, where some scrub suit that they provide you. Member that movie New Jack City with making cocaine naked cities at that. How do it does it in trust anybody people leave with the product? That's the same, with these these laboratories that are about to go, live with all this crazy technology, they have to take every precaution possible to make sure that people will go public with their stuff, because, for every this one things about big inventions, whether the light bulb or the telephone. When these things are being worked on, does usually about of other people work on the exact same thing like scientific mines. Here's the thing about like innovative minds. Brilliant people didn't work in a vacuum for every Nikola Tesla. Comes up with shit completely independent of other people's thoughts does most people what their idea, These are based on is based on the idea of a bunch of other people that are sort of like extrapolate
did to a point that may be a few people saw coming. You know whether it the idea of a telephone or the idea of her, the grams or three printers. All these different things like people, kindness, common and they're all work on it, and then this one, Thomas Edison, mother Fucker, comes out with a light bulb and everybody's Eyeglass he's a genius, Dama citizen invented the light bulb and Amerika was chained. Where would we be for not the work of this great man? Well, there's probably about five other Those who are working on exactly the same time that sort of what always happens with the stuff, so a lot of it becomes a rush to getting the funding and getting the patents and then figuring out how to get it produced, but usually probable bunch people work on similar shit right now. When you see stuff like these little Michael robots. When you see those big, crazy, Boston, dynamic robots- and you see artificial intelligence in the small stuff that they're going public with
they're, probably so close in so many different labs, developing something that's really gonna make you share your pants right. I got one I thought today. Some researchers have got a pig heart to work inside of a primate for nine hundred and forty five days, and it's something I didn't think was actually possible before they've got a kidney working for one hundred and thirty six days, and it says they're probably geoengineering some of these pigs to be better. Human organ, transplants, woe or hear something that Doctor Gordon more Gordon told me about that I was told him about the success that I had one getting stem cell shadow. My shoulder tat creep in me out, like my shoulder, still makes Carson clicks. It doesn't work clicking stuff and you know, I got a kind of feel it, but I can't say: there's any pain.
Come on practising archery every day, so I'm shooting arrows with its on Poland back this new boy has only seventy pounds when I'm pulling back seventy pounds a hundred times a day every day and it's not during the next day in her early feels like a little like something's going on with it, but it doesn't hurt, whereas it would definitely be hurting before for the yes stem cells and like lift. Waits doesn't bother it like Chin UPS, don't bother, it rose. Bother it always pushups, don't bother all these different the bother it used to bother, and it's only been four weeks which freaking me out is how quick. It is a tactic, Daniel formulae you have seen like every champ same shit with Ask Greece actor Champ, but this shit. He had an empty I'll. Tear got some more stem cell shot their bam. Swelling- feels great. I don't even know how it works, have ideas of how it works, but then I really sure how to work in These are specific cells and these cells.
The injured area and they somehow or another know, what's injured through the immune system or something the utilization of these stem cells, causes injuries to heal way quicker than it ever did before Doktor Gore was telling about this. Guy gonna car accident gets his chest crushed. Ok, steering wheel down to thirty percent. Heart capacity is fucked, can of sex anymore, but can barely walk. He just severely severely diminished. Stem cell shot, do his heart bam back two percent. Just a few months later, what's a few months, a few months and fuck and hard work in a hundred percent. Now- and this is Apparently this is going on all over the world like they're, just gonna. Wait movement pump what like they're just starting to experiment, but that's really what's happening. It's expense. It's because you know exactly know why this shit works. They have some theories. And trying to now. But a lot of people are real, cautious about it, but they're having so
pretty incredible results with stem cells to the point where makes you wonder like what are they gonna have in five years from now? Has it didn't even have Ten years ago, ten years ago, someone you told somebody that stem cell shot an injury they built twenty from the future appetite. Yet I wonder if there is also your adding something new to the body. It's kind of foreign. If that passes on through DNA Ere, you like it in the future that clever question like you, have like a baby that has like an external face or someone to it only works like its history, its their cells, that their natural to your body. They can do it that way or they can do it with placenta. That's how I did it mind miles from human placenta from checks. If that's syrian sections they take their placenta, reaches the girl. Now I did not think they would let you creep, but they also can take it at your feet.
Do you have some line not away you're? My fat ideas, you use your own, would you get labour yeah? would have if a guy was like a life, a surgeon contact the show and said I would like to give brine red bands and free life. While you know, I would tell idea, because I am lazy now, I've noticed order. I yet the more the round, the muffin top. Has nothing to do with you drink in every night now and exotic concentrate solely on sodium fuck, bother me I mean there's something. I know I only eat once a day so weird that I even have any issue at all, but I want a really wonder if I just clean drinking alcohol per cent, what its work as they are only drink. Dight, so does
so. It's like I jack Daniels. Labour Calories is in Jack Daniels I'm having, but if you want to eat when a day you have carried to burn it's not like I'm getting hot dogs. Well, you have it. Sedentary lifestyle. You like sitting and not doing anything Lange. Seen in that it rots too hard to say. I had stayed sit on Friday that negative lay sideways. You went Boone, you broke up with one, your girlfriend's back in the day, the when we went on this rampaging loss. Other wait like you, you were like fuckin determined to look good. You decided like this is that I'm tired of being fat waddling rather whereas ten years, yet it yes gap, while also feel at its heart now because you're forty one year, thirty one guy that change like maybe five years where am I gonna holy shit like the energy was already low to begin with. Now I wake up tired, so that or I have sleep map asleep happier, really do wake up just got like. I just need to stay awake enough to go to Starbucks
start MAX doesn't seem like it works, the pro I find it out. If you have sleep, abbeys go go through and sleep studies and those are annoying ray. I should other picture me. We have all those electrodes stuck to my head. I have it on my blog somewhere. It's probably still up there, but it was I had. This is elected. Stock over my head, like like around my eyes and she and then new. You try to sleep in this fucking weird bed and some weird room have a hard time sleeping, but once I did I was choking like clearly. They could tell that when you are when you there, it is theirs may covered up with you. Did they the home? Your version of that I just put a drop cam next to my bed, and I had it tell me any time it hears noises or, movement and then it would records in the clouds than I can just go back and, like others annoys here out, that's me snoring or that's me moving and I notice, I mean I've been doing it for a couple months. That is that it
mostly I'll snore, on nights that heavily drink or something like that, but always at the beginning of my sleep and then I guess it's only for like a half hour or so it. So it's not the whole night like that or anything like that, but we'll have least when you're, drunk and really exhausted bomb, really exhausted. Snore harbour, like the worst like one, his hind trips that went on me and Stephen Ella had a hall. This pig down the subtle I shot this pig rolled down. The side of a hill really far down the hill and the hill was ridiculously steep like this may, like you couldn't walk up it yet a crawl up the hill. You could, you could crawl but, but you literally couldn't stand up straight mean that was just That's deep, and it was a big pig- is like two hundred plus pound pigs. Does rolling down the side of this hill and we have to figure out how to get it up the hill, so we attached he's cables and we have the this truck, pull it, but the cables were.
Rubbing on the rocks on the hill and the cap. Snapping the cable snap twice in the pig, came rolling back down the man to stop the big from rolling down. So then, the guy I'd from the tone ranch said are this will render we're gonna role, the pig downhill the role, the pig downhill and I think, if you just road downhill, you'll get down to the road at the bottom end up I'll just drive around a picture of the road, so we figured out a priority that far. He totally misjudged so now that I shot is paid with like five minutes left of light so was like. If it gets dark at six o clock, I shot the piglet five. Fifty five, so all the stuff we're doing in dark- and this is a place to hone ranch. That has a they have a trail camera that picks up movement takes photographs, so we have this waterhole They got pictures of sixteen different.
Lions in this one waterhole. And it's me in Ramallah with one gun he doesn't, he mounted even had a gun I think it was just me and him one gun? sixteen outlines in a dead pig, were rolling down this hill, but can only go so far because we got this point we're just like so heavily wooded. We had to cut up the pig and then we have to carry it out, So we have to. We have got this pig. We take out the heart to see either heart and dumb, for the rest, the organs and he put one half on his shoulder. I put one half on my shoulder and then we have to carry this thing. Rest, the or so it from miles through the woods and the woods. Elegant super steep hills. He gets the bottom you trying to climb over logs me this fact and it takes hours so from six p m to midnight. This is what we did. We just Harry this? You each had a hundred pounds on her back,
climate over woods and try to figure out how to get to the fuckin. Where this truck is we finally get to his truck? Is we got back to the cabin and just conked out, and apparently I snored, so that everybody else in the building didn't sleep. I went out, I got shot with Tranquilizer dart even had a mouthpiece and had a shitty one of the time you have a better one. Now you have a future. There's no strips is those worker does not. Thus, how can I help I had already had my nose fixed by then it wasn't that This might when you, It is a big issue with weightlifter your neck gets big. Your whole get smaller. Airhole actually gets more and have a big tongue, and so my tongue, I mean Rang kites you gotta title of a row, a nice fat time and my fat tongue Wood for a firm line on her back, especially for over the whole the Airhole ages. It chokes answers.
The paradox. I sound like whenever listen my snore black Verde start before bad. I remember you word on when we went to Japan that are not to be, someone went to sleep. I remember I remember on the plane, yeah that'll happen, data heal them outlined on the five freeway the other day, good, two or more from the Santa Monica mountains. Can't people too happy about those things being around Yoda, there's cool lookin to just would be around people, Bobby you should, moreover, they are shut up. I hate that fuckin line a thing in that there is an annoying line of thinking their dangerous now lies. Will fuck You ve never seen a picture of someone who got bit by while there are some poor lady Who was on whether new shows, and it was so graphic she'd be attacked by about one on a bike pulled off of her like someone else, try to beat the thing off over the edge
had a hold of her head and just tore face part meaningless is awful. There is a video on half post of It's beautiful lala by to her sick pig in and out of you saw it or not, but it's one of those videos that, under its to impose cute, is like a human looking eyes I've ever seen in my life, but that's it pays mean has come from someone just shot want, or just told you about the time I shot. One pigs really smart man, smart and they kill em like vermin in Texas, mean in Texas? They shoot a man airplanes, their constantly fuck and shoot nomadic airplanes. There's this I mean if you play she d, this poor pig is blind and she rescue this pig, and so it has to stand this hospital
and I go on Jimmy of two things. Plant same time has sustained this hospital, and I guess that one of the things is is that their summit- loud noises at the hospital that it gets scared and and ass. If she comes there when she can and sings to it- and is one of those videos you sitting on out and I dont want to bake in a narrow and, if I may say pagan, but his heart, pagans, good scared, but eggins good. But is this weird man. Looks like an old noise in the background, her yeah. This is at a hospital What's a good humour, is annoying scrapping stop that some sort of joke.
See. If you listen to the song sound of tractors relation and falling off cliffs in the background irish lullaby she singing, but is it's a nine month old, green pound piglet? That's two million views thousand african baby. Fifty views wreck struggle, and they were brutal. There was a picture of this fuckin vulture at someone post. There was a meme. I don't think I wasn't funny so fat George, use it, but it was a meme of a vulture hovering. A black baby in Africa. Waiting for this kid die, and it was about how many people cared about this lion, but how few people care about the amount people starved to death every year in Africa
Justin rams going to be on podcast again soon, he's fighting for Bellator now and he's back on the podcast. I think in a week or so I got to, I got to go check the calendar, but he's he's back soon to talk about his yeah. That's what the toy Fourth weak from today to talk about black widow, babies, fighting for Bela, Tor and bore the reasons why is doing is to try to raise awareness for the pygmies. Such an amazing dude is like the he's. A real deal like. I always look for, like like that? I was think like maybe somewhere along the line. He'll reveal himself and it turns out tat. He was really just doing this for his own profit and Asia, but he not. I dont, think that him, but you think that about someone usually when they have some big critic. Member took Coney two thousand twelve. My favorite time lag and weakening the guy was
explaining Laissez Waggonette because the guy was used putting together this ridiculous thing. After Joseph Coney in a letter, everybody knows what a horrible person Coney was then something happened to Homeboy wanna blues in his mind and was, underwear running around traffic in San Diego beaten off from the people, and that was the colony like you, you can't you have to be a perfect person. You can't have a great cause. And also be a nut Cosette people just immediately dismiss your cause. We never heard a peep at Joseph Coney ever since Who is coined two thousand twelve areas is totally naked: cracked, the Serbs we give this guy
is running around naked clapping. What do you think it is that first, voyage, gayer than the day is long, is no way you can even pretend to be that gaelic faking it They don't know. That seems like alcohol and Molly. Maybe I think, like some serious drugs. I think that's a math move. It's like I'm method, sort of behaviour running our slap in concrete and angry everybody. That's all messy messy it seems a methods is more. Popular than I ever thought it would was it like. I had seen him like. I learn more about people doing method heroin in this city than I've ever thought was actually read life math a super popular math, Israel Popular in an admirable real popular too and detected Actors- and I say this not that much difference
depends on how much are taken but method. We associate meth with addiction, and we saw Math with addiction is surely behaviour like you, gonna take math, you definitely go on, get walked down, do but stupid shit. Does not necessarily the case. Some people do math and their fine, they get cranked up and then the next day they feel like shit. They don't do it every day, whereas we think of masked by the people that court uncle abuse, math a man and if math became something like alcohol, we could just go by, I give you one into someone like you park. The sum duties hammered like all great, a fuckin drunk as annoying Why isn't any different IRAN somebody's meth doubt like there's people that can drink like you Jamie? You can do Lincoln you're. Fine, I've seen you silly, but you don't get crazy,
but we all know someone any balmy. Every group of people knows at least one person that can't drink they dryness gloves, flavoured as they go off the rails. They get crazy and if you read that person in a park and they all fucking beaches are running around drunk book, how great a drunk, maybe that's the same thing with with math Maybe you do math any bill like all fuckin, speedy and clean your house up, but you'd, be the same guy. The next day book had some good math. Last I fucked up, you don't mean like we associate like if you do math you're off the rails, adding fuckin mine done like Cheese Brien's do in math, oh no pointed out, All was illegal, but math was legal. An analogy nor Bryant in less than a trunk no fuckin way he was. An alcohol. What an idiot and you're out there rincon, booze gettin factor, which is totally normal. Do us
only normal society sanction drug would have math is just as good or bad for you or just just as problematic as alcohol is not sanction, so we don't think about that way we only associated with US people, fuckin cloth or face often lose their teeth and shit that people were referring to speed and like the eighties and mean that some there at all in fact means different types and sketch, different classifications of amphetamines, but like that was a big thing in professional pool. Was guys with play on amphetamines. They play for twenty four forty eight hours play until the other guy dropped and would they would gamble the entire time it apparently, when you're on amphetamines, you can see things better. You see you like the path of the balls better is see like where the ball. Gonna go someone described to me that they used to do math and he said
when you play pool and math, you know you look at a ball and the ball looks circular. When I would play on Mathieu said I would see flats, services, so I'd see like a series of flat surface is around the ball, and now I know exactly what flat surface to head. So the ball collisions when you play pool. If you look at a ball and trying to cut a ball in the side, pocket you're, just kind of estimating the balls going to collide with the other Barnett Collision point, you have to assume there's going to be. Like this. A little bit of frictions can remove the ball off the line a little bit, especially your cutting a ball. So you got a kind of compensate dad and he added spin to it to try to compensate for the deflection. So as all these variables, you have to calculate play on feel he said: wasn't on feel he said we was on Matthew, would see like flat surface. We knew this flat surface had to comply with that for its surface. It would make a direct tangent line. It would go into the pocket
How can we can see that when you shoulders like, I can't even described what it's like he's I for one, am when I'm fucked up on math, I would see like flat services instead of a curve, is probably away to mimic that using some kind of I wear yeah, probably, but maybe not, because I think what is seen as a hallucination. What you see like tat, you know, like you, get carpeting, it's all their heads. It's been big and baseball forever. Ever forever makes sense right like be able to see the ball common actually quicker, and you may be able to see the edges of the ball. Better somebody's I did say that when they were on math. I sum was talk bout after all, not on math, but after all that they could see the stick It is of the ball as its common tourism might, but all that stuff was invented to make people better. Weird all all these things that math and amphetamines
They're all designed to give you more energy and make you better at certain tasks, but we just associated with abuse. Does their illegal be weird. Look if, after all and math really are that close No one is really smart enough to understand whether that fair, but if they really hot and no one one's rooms done math right as a true things but you ve done after all right here. You wish it did both way. Matthew, snorted minor, I think I've villages, done it before. While you smoke it needed smoke it you could snored at the ideas to get it directly into your bloodstream right. If your pet, taken the address you takin him as a pill so as to go to your body not those to the earlier they do. But there was one of the things that the biggest stronger faster guide said that when they they changed oxy com, and made them to where you couldn't smoked. Them are snort them when he crushed
and turn them into a pill. Their profit margins jumped or drop by eighty percent, so they could happen after they were here that it's been approved for eleven year olds. However, now actually cottons for eight to eleven don't go. Survey knows that's. Why sesame streets on HBO now manage its changes, quick math he says recounts can have somewhere in marble to find They burn in Ernie are taken aback together very burner differently. How long those guys been hiding their true love totally like lacking those shows that you could have I to do with their obviously adults live together and nobody questions where's the girls there is Gazprom aren't the girls Bernie never talked about checks. It is how, together and at present each I'm surprised you don't like homeless people.
Because we all love to ask the grouch you known, we kind of group is a young kid, brute, loving, Oscar the grounds, but then we got older like its asgard at you, want by the way, this red velvet mites without talking about earlier got that are very small. Yeah you seen oranges get confused are will rapidly we're on time her back tomorrow, a gift of its key definite whiskeys ago, busted, Lance Armstrong and now works for the you have seen the you have see drug guys, gonna clean up the sport went to find out how, generosity here on Wednesday, so be fun, Jeff losses, documentary or his calmly special how many central special, where he roast prisoners us it's amazing and here
We did go right into prison and you know in any wrote a really interesting thing that our retweeted about it that he wrote thing you wrote for half post about like how crazy dick the prison system as and in what will. Let him talk about I want to go into a Wednesday will be at the ice house. Brian red battle, be their Brian Cowen, we'll be there I'll, be there more people to come. I got a few other people, the text, to be doing, to show that this text will be available soon put money on Twitter in about twenty minutes. This next Saturday, I'm in Austin but its soul, the fuck out, so you snooze, you lose freak bitches! Sorry, today's coming up,
it's Wednesday I got a secret, show at the comedy store belly room. It's a good belly room version of the show that we do it's going to be huge, yeah and then Friday, next Friday, August 28th I'll be at the Ventura Comic Con. I'm doing a show there at the Hong Kong Inn in Ventura, California tickets are on sale right now. Death squad, dot TV for all Brian Red Bans, T shirts and shit all sent through stamps dotcom with his own greasy little hands. If you want to frame for murder get some dna after the package's has submitted, he actually licks each everyone. Money. Sometimes I like throw assured in their name. Something else goes in the package by mistake: fuck, you fuck you anything else, right, Amazon and all the people that fetch you get money from and tell them what you think about that you get it together. Fellow, you don't have to live like this. You can come up with their own stuff
that's right and they else we're goin on basically have arrived we'll see guy soon. That's it tonight by big. Is one I think, you're ready turning to the podcast and thank you to cave man, coffee for accelerating my brain processing power, something please make harpies go up and give me delicious taste. My face Caveman coffee C, o dog com, each and every one of these parts gas is fuelled by thanks. So to Nature box, nature, boxy, the official snack provider experience go to Nature box, TAT, Tom Forts, lash, broken and gaze of a free box thanks also stamps, dot, com, stamps, dot com, you fucked, go there and avoid the post office Kurdistan, calm before you do anything, click on the microphone of that but the home page and typing J r e thanks
so to dot com. Gotta, oh and an I t, use it code word Rogan and save ten percent off any and all supplements alright. Folks, my guests, tomorrow against Morrows Jeff fits Jeff. No vis visa blasted glance strong- and he also works with you have seen now, and he is the guy who is in charge of cleaning up the sport. We can learn a lot about what that means and how people are cheating and athletics fast, guy super intelligent at a long conversation with him in Brazil about this- and I was this really borne away by presides very cool, very interesting and is depth of knowledge on the methods that these people are using to win the tour de France and beat drug tests and what they're doing it, I'm a man, all sorts of other sports with this stuff. But trying to work around these new tests and testing procedures will learn about that's my job of it.
Until then enjoy your day, and thank you very much for listening. I appreciate the fuck out of all you people and much love,
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