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#690 - Ronda Rousey & Edmond Tarverdyan

2015-08-31 | 🔗
Ronda Rousey is a mixed martial artist, judoka and actress. She is the first and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion,  as well as the last Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. Edmond Tarverdyan is an MMA and boxing coach and is also Ronda's head trainer.
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shit since four thousand b c and ancient egypt that's ropes think this ropes pull dryly battled on a dog com au and an eye to use a code word rogan save ten percent of any now supplements you fucks i guess today is none on other not other boy i'm talkin great talk good on the past way better than on the ads my guest today is none other than the greatest female combat sports athlete of all time she needs no introduction ladies and gentlemen the eu of sea bantam wait women's champion of the mother fuckin world my friend rhonda aroused the job will gain experience and form or law what's up
with only like pressure when you said why should take these off has will you guys on how long journalist now kinnear's so edmund rhonda welcome without work i'm too humble abode i like a new place is very bad yeah it's been awhile near you the last time we did a park as you weren't even in the eu have to now i have even fight for as gonna fight for cyprus title the first time one zero either thou longo yeah that's crazy yeah i got you the cognac margin
that's right that's right armenian cognac got it's fucked up you guys are very interesting combination before this even got started to tell her body edmunds over here run as a real it kid over here get closer gave you that far from the centre and the other ahead of it all time is that what it is like major my distance or they will you want to touch him you want em right there very close you have a very unusual relationship it wasn't always like that no it was very leg clytie stood hilary is regularly and i really status that's a very good together joe it only army engage stay away from me he didn't know i'd love armenians one reasons why i love armenia's cause they're on apologetically masculine is very few unapologetically masculine cultures left in america paper like apologizing for being men
and armenians don't play that shit this it's a fun culture there are undoubtedly masculine but they're not afraid accessories the rate of youth and ever like a shining is always like the guy allowed because designer cologne you now know that violence a thing now they were there she knows i've there very fashionable they they had the gettin me actually start like cleaning up a little bit i was the reverse like they had a leg they had to make me over when i first started coming so what was their advice i used to be that i have this car the fonda was my honda and had one working window no air conditioning so
just sweat all the way home so i'll just put on my same like my clothes i came in with no like no shower i'll just throw it on still sweating jump in my car so i'll just fly away home with the point and advance first word of advice was he made me our laura i got in the car areas i would send although we all wish our again now is like you like i know you know your very good girl and dolly was a dongle has your life like i thought of english for seeking us at all you speak site i graduate ice korea button and during the classes like armenian army and kids have to grow up you know depressed loved because they go to school speak english and french would bring him to the gym after you know school programmes and they would want their kids to speak i mean so they won't forget where you're from you know and so teaching for like ten years every day for the ten i was like only sweden remain and then like can speak while they goes like was avenue here i forgot my anguish something about it
here is an anti after i like wanna couple fights is like and though maybe you should wear linked it gets a little pretty sometime puts will make a bad thing that is all i like him trying to get me outta the girl at a level that concern our lot grandeur whenever soon come to show that such for you're such a fascinating contradiction in that way could clean up you know you're beautiful you clean up your at ten but here you are give a fuck plaguing walk around leg putting i go we're going allow all the time does any can't seven when it's time to step i won't be able to live my she's all that like unveiling moment whenever i feel like i see in so some go the other girls to do it the other way like there oh they they early can not be made up when they leave the house they fuckin panic understand that light i like my face of beautiful vote
thank you i think i should spend my time like you know paranoid to show people my actual face looks like that's a weird thing with women we with our cultures decided that women have to have like unusual unnatural colors over their eyes lip circular this is where our soccer me don't you want to get in there are easy like those contouring videos and stuff like that or language as yet spiny contouring things start to the girl with their face plain and they do us contour stuff them and like there an entirely different person by the end of it that so weird yeah i saw like there's one thing i don't know i was i got instagram for so who knows those even true that some some guys his wife after they more married because he never saw without make up it was totally boasted without it doesn't make any difference there was one about a chinese guy who's suit his wife because she had a gang
our success during the kids came out ugly but i don't think that was really there are things that a lot like whenever i see people like it like a good looking couple but i got buttercup kids that you know anxiously the outward dire need our you can't you can get your genetics lifted yet is a weird thing were d like koreans have like a real issue in their culture where they they get their eyes it's so common that allow the girls like they there's very few natural eyes left has like every and gives their eyes done it's like shooting begging me to gradually for they get their eyes change of koreans naturally like a thin opening for there i will they get there like eyelids they get surgery dine and their eyes and how shocking crazier j we put up their good said she you guys can see very strict but it's story more common it is common is probably more embraces our here like look let's go in
oh that's men well she doesn't it make there was a problem with that ok look at those two while one mode four she's eight that's not fair but it is a very very very common procedure over there to the point where so many other issues in the corners arise and looks like it oh yeah oh that's executors oh jesus extremely extremely common they do sorts of other weird shit to like they put chin implants in them that girl had her chin shape i like ok there's perfect the one on the left that looks like bigfoot silver mr wanna right isn't it so what happened there will they shaved or down there while she was like a nokia sister that's what she looks like
antonio nokia the guy who fought mohammed ali that's issues like not number is a bad thing but they fix it should great now congratulations are better girl went on a dick rampage after should probably because like not really interested in an bam but girl arrive wholly anyway the india probably a swarm you know but that's super common as well it's where because it's it's not and your dna and so like your children who have to deal with the same issues like you whatever weird draw structure thing no structure thing that you're gonna get fix with a doctor you kid snip to announce i'm i'm not like a big cosmetic surgery above person you now nuns her face and like you're cool yeah but what if you like some goofy like theirs
parliament schools in high school show a bit crazy knows so nice girl but it like crazy like wicked witch the west type shirt chillicothe crazy hop and then she got it removed cigarette those facts and also choose hot its fuck in areas like what happened to susan dan we're inside this finally let us not in all of the chicken dirty dancing was absolutely gorgeously guy nosedive his leg no one could recognise there she never could get a part again that's we're because you become famous for that look like the other girl did the recent renee xl worker she didn't recently she's unrecognizable issues gorgeous writing i lay like a lion like you know if you ve got the cleft lip or something like wrong with deal right a goat you go for it by like at table the self conscious a year about something and then maybe she just except it that that's how you look at the stars if they're on tv although time you know already people get used to that looks
they should be that worried about what's up with and also a view on television that's your currency like you currency is your appearance in an anti grass roots relinquishing any aspect of that they think like the whole reason they got there is because their looks like there's a lot of people to believe but i mean like when you can even area high school you're teenager you're gonna hey everything praying launch about yourself for awhile you're like old idea you suddenly supercontinent all that if it's like so common easily accessible people going to end up getting so much work done when their kids in there just being going to that stage when you should at least wait till you're like past thirty you're like you ve had a good three decades of not being happy without that looks then ok fine go for it but if you're in a teenager and you're like oh my god my finance and as big herbs and i wanna get implants like known onto a payer eighteen yo yo over eight yoyo gill except that new innovative activity is pretty cool you you're you're doing something
right now with this whole don't be a do nothin bitch thing doubted you are you aware of like how big this movement like tweeted about the other day that i was out of here where i was but these two girls were arguing about the merits pros and cons of being a do nothing bitch and it was complete really it was all after your fight and it was this completely brought on by you like some we're like will listen you know like animals fuckin work you know i'm gonna wanna you know what's wrong i've been a do nothin bitch and the other girls like now she's fuckin right you know that many girls are always ages contribute nothing to society like you are you like all you do is consumed if you are doing then badge all you do is spend somebody else's money and try to look pretty like that's all you do is you use stuff up you you of resources and you give nothing and sell your how much a drain on society as well i think they i don't think it that way they think what they are is something that all these men want to fuck low so in
working really hard to attain this this apparent all these men one fuck that the what they are they ve created capital this created like a need for there i was just brought up to think that it wasn't your mission life to be happy it was your mission in life to leave the world better than how you found it and by being a humbug you're not gonna do that it's not your mission in life like hundreds but i guess i invented that no i did that's a fascinating things say that it's not your mission in life to be happy but what's the point leaving the world better if no one's happy if everybody files that same principle the world's keeps getting better and better nobody's miserables far even makes i thank you for your happiness this was to be a byproduct of actually living in fulfilling life now instead of just china if i try to get drunk
hardy reading as happy as i possibly could everyday girl of unfulfilling life and die unhappy but we're having his comes from like the reality of happiness is cabinets comes at least in my feeling it from achieving goals conquering whatever weird shit you don't like about yourself like whatever weird discipline issues you might have or behaviour issues might have in accomplishing goal so do something about setting goals working on something in accomplishing those things it creates a real happiness the other the other kind of happiness comes from family and friends and loved ones that's that's the other happiness a man i think it's also about not being selfish thing about your kids to cause we could all be as happy as possible this generation burn every resource we have and oliver gives a going to starve in some post apocalyptic world because but before i was just trying to be happy and does not really a good way to live either
guy i want my i want to know that my kids are gonna be all right in there and livid growing up in a better role than i did that can make me happier than knowing that i had a great time good luck giddies so i do that is by telling checks should not be a good not don't be a do nothin bitch i didn't i don't want my kids be wilder well they will be a real issue grown up and arousing household being your mom wrote a fucking hilarious blog the other day about us offence in our did read that we now am i lamas she's a blog master she character if you know if you like you really know my mother you understand most of me because his leg i need to get her in here s your mom so powerful he's yeah she's this
about your mom just talking to her you know this is a powerful woman like she's got to think like alice illegally back and chill and like my mom is like the really just really intense and then i realized this in comparison to her i was really laid back and showed them a pretty into an enterprise of let yourself contains a great deal about the chill cool it's all relevant the advent of my mom and i don't know how you are his chose you off the standards reset so high in your house that just being like what you thought was chill in your house everybody else like whoa i mean like i was like the black sheep loser in my house like a long time you're a loser yeah everybody else's like bashers and masters degrees and there like now like average was buller like traveling exceptional was average in our family the rules could pick anything you wanted to do in the world but you just had to be the best in the world at it like you dont you don't have to pick one specific day
but you just have to be the best laurel that farc does a lot of pressure yeah yeah well you know it now i'm happy for it cause now i'm in high pressure situations all the time and october deal there i mean i'm liable to joe only experience and i'm sure my heart rate is perfectly fine what does a very low price per that brazil amateur as some people listening right now if they got on you know they'd have a hard time relaxing like my first time that i came on your show i was a little bit like aunt up because i would watch time nails a fan like i would go to training outcome home out make i added a point or i could afford traitor jos point thousand made metabolism indicator jos now like sit and eat my sandwich and listen to you everyday work farmer correctly we might have been medicated as well i've been some plant burning speaking of brazil dyke that experience to me that was one of the strangest experience of my years of calling fights it was one of the strangest experiences because it is
for a transcended just fighting into this weird cultural place when we first what went there the first time i sat in the audience for away in their satiny on its for web form but when we got there they had some do that was a brazilian god i'm going to do the wagons because they wanted it to be what you guys so i sat down the front row and i got to watch one the freakish things about it was it was the first time ever had all the fighting over call them brazil where the brazilian god booed and the mare and got cheered and this is where we ve hit some weird tipping point here was kind of it is strange to observe that when you want on stays there are cheering you and she's got the brazilian flag and she's gettin fuckin crazy just trying to get anybody on her side
and they live doesn't we're here for what we are trying to arouse you should try and really i deplore that angle she bought that brazilian flag everywhere she flew with no planes gotta play are there i'm sure she wanted a bath and one sided never saw her without that lag behind and they threw it on the ground when you're walking in a new tab then her brother leg takes a flag and those at my face when i'm walking in like a guy it's cool freely page you can buy your country but you like you don't throw your flag on the ground is disrespectful to your country at exactly oh my guide cell headwinds backing to say this that like this her brother the guy would like her she had the brother of the blue hair out around the military mission on the ground for like a monkey went to harass edmund oliver is integrate array and causing edmunds like just you wait till i get it nor does when you beat her as i'm going to have it that lowering the telephone like ok that's atavistic like it's rather
now then we get there and she's like we're like these things pink shirts and he was outside we're leaving the bus and being like no fuck you like a picture oh my god a jury that you as a welcome pink so then we are marking out the guy throw the brazilian flag at my face and man like started something very them round about the work of the cage i can tell it he's like restrain himself reads like he's almost like i wanna see later a kind of thing and like cut it off which i appreciate in short the nano figure should be wise in the background i put like that don't cry like cliff on my instagram right if you look in the ground her face hits the man anyone does not celebrate
thing he dies because he turns around and run straight out there with her brother was almost like you said there the whole time way around this though he could give this guy shit he was led me ever wines we can be happy like up not just my job i gotta go get after this like a guy like that for example the watch over and over one object remonstrated the view like nonhuman you didn't even smile therapy is over now remember do you like the little gold lousy like going away like running over the fence brazilian further loves round their whole family use comes to all the fights and he had used literally standing like right behind i do then he has recorded so big mood through his phone you know he gave it i should like to draw my you stupid fuck keep here you know it's yours
why wasn't i do happen afterwards i only saw you running away towards him like one morning i don't want to grab a mature container videoed me back or security as a whole however was so intense when she then when she faced planted right on the straight out a compton of my me i've gotta go about doing lanes afterward indeed this area too we are like hook then you stood over answer instead don't cry that's what she was saying in the way and she's my face glowing don't cry does guy like she's the fortunately suggesting that portuguese at me i'm a guy so the way she was speaking english you she that's there's only things ever said to mean english was don't cry don't cry over and over and over southern like right now i knocked her out and my like near fix my short sounds like oh yeah don't cry what makes you think those things at that moment i don't know i don't like the most like income comprehensible moment ever those
intense moment when when you walked around the cage after you knocked her out it was it was wise i've seen guys win before seen women wind before i've seen people win before but i never saw anybody soak it all in the way you did when you walked around when she faced planted you said don't cry and they were around like you strutted octagon bill extracted and looked around at all those people you like you good i'll let you looked around you ask why this is crazy moment area has ever did that was the first time i did actually i really like received it cause usually just like ok i beat the person and then i did not say anything stupid and then other drug tat do i'm articles and depressed columns don't say anything stupid again and then i can eat something relax and that was the first time i took like a moment like to just like look at it because this programme
i wish i fucked up one more time re own happened the crowd because it was interesting you now cause i was getting buddha little coming in you now and on the right the fuck up when you know or are they cheered when it turn d i like ours without going to like i was this goes to cry i will bigtime geier like ours really really clothes like that i'm gonna rubber forever is definitely rocky for reassure those well it was also those so much emotion attach that because this should that she had said about suicide and connecting to your father and all that shit in an and knowing you as long as i've had an daughters and it was so emotional from those that the closer have ever come to crying whilst am i cry now knows interviews somebody because it was just it was so intense and was also like i really knew that i was like seeing history it's like it
i know it's hard for you to talk about it you're living there right now but leg here in the middle of history like what what happen there what's goin with you right now a gear up of some crazy movement right now it's not it's not just sport it's like you this very unique example for other women like that's never exist before it has never been a female combat sports athlete like you and when you went down the brazil not that girl out like that and then were taken at all in it was it was so great i was so happy for you and it was you're crazy at the same time of course it was not the whole thing was it was such a strange moment there was a feeling in the air and there was a recognition of what was half
that was very different from main than any other fight that ever call before it was writing i think people just are starting to recognise how solid she is as you know human being run then every every opponent she's faced she keeps it very real very intelligent very professional how're at least should carry themselves a person should carried themselves if you watch all the fights you know me should then be aid from the beginning there's a lot of things from the beginning should end to what she was supposed to bring her forehead you know pushing during wagons stuff like that it's great building up in our fight its normal it's the fight business but afterwards coin complaining to the commission to find somebody when you fight for a living its nonsense while she sang the finer took complaint to the commission so they could touch her purse finer so something what did you say that she put her forehead on my
our first way and i pushed her back and she said the commission should find me forehead buddy her so basically they don't they're not real you don't do that you don't touch somebody's finances when you're a fighter yourself you know what i mean not not in that way and every opponent how respectful she was against on cat you know you've been under flooring on this emitters said you know i'll give you another chance you know it was i was too quick and she she's done an amazing joplin everybody i think now after ten fights you know twelve fights thirteen for as their starting to real realise that one think i really like i think i'm gonna really know what is going on right now i realize what is going on right now until afterwards until it's all done and down i can just try and do the best like him in the moment but i don't really think that any of us really carbon and what's going on i now until we're looking at it in hindsight and then set the country i think it's kind of funny is this so people have lived a hate me by
when i'm gone are gonna miss me i realise how are you keep a real and you get everybody's some say how can i ever going to have like like a bad guy better than heath ledger as the joker like you miss some unique like the jokers guy like you you never gonna have joker jogger joker i'm saying that lag i'm not the protagonists of the antagonists because the protagonist just reacts they do nothing at the whole story line the whole everyday and goes on is completely dependent on the antagonists i'm the one that's forcing anybody do thing and so like i like to think of my was more like the he'll like the bad guy that you somehow leg sometimes route for can't help but a little bit sometimes sometimes you hate him but i think that the fact that you nick emotions come out is when the more n
things i'm not trying to have everyone like me i'm trying to have him but he care about what i'm doing when when you beat measure and the audience was booing remember that yeah dash it's all gone nobody nobody nobody remembers that i'll come back i don't got back because because i wouldn't shake your hand yeah because it would it was entirely disan genuine gesture for her offer handshake everyone has offered a handshake if she wasn't being by millions of people and our of sugar hand if we were alone in the room owen millions people watching and the fact that i am not going to play the crowd faith they may have a light you ve been so easy to shake your hand everybody here but i felt but i've been dishonest and so on
de pays but it pays very slowly and it doesn't pay very consistently do you think that she was being honest when she sugar is it possible that she was being honest which to shake your hand is it possible all that all the anxiety and all the all the animosity that she had went away when you guys fought not because she insulted and really did very shady backhanded backstage things but i really love and care about without it arising that i didn't see you i didn't see work what kind of stuff i got one example at ultimate fighter krispijn by got fight and he's all warmed up he's ready to go and literally like two minutes for goes out locks and ngos your sound promotion is he's like what is like you're you're the promoter just called
we're pulling rises fight our stuff to yeah and its close set no one we even know that his announcement fighter and how it is other promoter even know that he was about to fight in two minutes and who would benefit from that kind of timing and things like that he would say it till he said to other people in the house or they knew and the other team nearly it was that a promoter but how are the promoter no to call right before he is about to walk out to mess with them the mouse because because somebody tipped em off because there was time now is down leaving coincidences there's no way that that was a coincidence he was signed with another promoter and eight and i think i like he had a contract by like
and thought and so long use posted does contracts was a default that they hadn't had a fight within that amount of time so he was out of it but it was like some sort of messy contract situation or whatever but he like mentioned it to you to the other kids and it got back to their team and and they called and set this up so that they would call right at the exact time he's got to go out and try to get krispijn pulled out or at least most of them enough to like have em not be fractionally went in and so you're pretty sure that those measures doing who else is gonna be who also from that was all you had access to phone was that the only thing that's true wealth would have access to a phone map that's not the only thing that's one small example out of very many and you know what i just don't even want to like what i like moved out on my life i just not keeping it real you know we had to come in and say just leave you no promise me that everything will be normal and you guys won't be acting up anymore just said that and we said yeah we will let you know
the promises a promise you have to be respect for you know and then the next day and the next day they do the same share next day they put like some count chalk darwin there with them like a certificate i get your eyebrows lacks said edmund on it the thing is i gave and the thing is i could get my number they could always throw me anywhere in the street you know and i told him that others too many cameras don't act like a little bitch in front of cameras you know you guys could do that cause you know you don't run islamic step out of line and kick your fuckin ass right there they're gonna take me out of there and i mean i gotta do this for all those kids you know but they don't understand shit like that so when a person doesn't sometimes you can't fucking thing like if someone is like been purposely like chimed alike backhanded work and you do really really shady shit and then try to like place we hard everybody else and then they try to place we heart again i'm not gonna trust you at all why would you expect that in
it would be an insult to our people that i love that you insult to shake your hand without an apology to them anyway did you like we're not show consumer you hated it it was well aware experiences have ever i get it unless what was a horrible biologist being around me shall time now about being felt like i was trapped in the situation because the kids needed me i couldn't leave ourselves man i was i was contract there like using the fact that i needed to be there for these kids so they were treated us however they want then and i just felt like i've never felt like that disrespected in my whole life and i had to sit and take it every day and they had a watch people that i really love and care about get disrespected every day and i was really hard that they were like putting up with it every day because of me and i just really really responsible for for everything but but i just don't even another even supposed
go on about it anymore again trouble every time that i never thought about that gives you trouble dana then it gets its people get upset i think you probably say whatever the fuck you want right about now avows your manager i d like to let it go you yourself nobody knows how i feel about it but i'm saying that like you now because i i know that all those things happened if you will you know all these things happen and it would be very easy did too to placate whatever everybody else was saying but i was gonna stated now do it i felt was got on his writing to deal with it are we not shake their hand and if i want those very fine and there's gonna be in a situation where you know everybody else seas thing one way but it's really another way and either ties my perception an image above everything and everyone in every moral that i have or i could try and do the right
and be honest and happily before it sometimes because this odors if there's com might as well sure everything what happened and people will understand what really did happen right right just common sense but then whenever i've cameras and sometimes you sure something i don't show the other than name i you know people might think what the hell just happened like my situation would thousand almoner guys looking at me in the parking lot he's looking men looking at him like he's looking at me then he turned zones as i said fuckin by as it may when you say by you don't use the fuckin word fuckin you know have some fuckin manages to reflect in manners you don't you can talk to me there's no way right there's no cameras there's no way you could speak too simple audio and talk about it and then you comes in and when i go out and could you fucking gets on my nerves and there's the cameras cancer
oh shit but those reality shows a very problematic when the edit things and they re also liked to eta things out of context i'll take the reaction is something out and put it on the one thing and that's why we realize it was a lot of reaction shown without cottage what yeah caused them and when you in your eyes i just want to put the whole pirate like i mean we should ignore you can't take six weeks imported into an hour a week you just can't just it won't be real all the different interactions you have they just do their best to make an entertaining
there's just one moment will you guys we monitor coaches challenges where you u beater you're hanging from a rope and eager to keep people like i'd dan girls buyer birds that you while you wanted a win and safe you what i really want to do as i wanted away they fuck you and i wanted my kids are go home a thousand bucks that meant a lot to them in the fact that sheet and give a shit that now monument meant a lot to our kids and they all lost it because she didn't like the fact that it didn't effect or at all as i can go fuck about them i've been cut if i lost over the question of all those kids that really could use a thousand dollars don't go on with a thousand dollars because like
i love those guys ouses i discussed it gonna video illegal including about that shows intelligence we're not going about after the fight when you're getting your fucking ass kicked shake hands what the fuck you're fighting yeah that time her intensity do wish he's fighting you stick in your hand after being like that the point because of that it makes no fucking boo for other dates i saw people be smart people love to boot winners there's something about and people that win and they don't win like that do not good winners like me that still upset at the person they be people have a real problem with all my guy this reminds me of like these stories about my mom and she is conveying back today i can only imagine and lay yeah sues always pissed angry left over that so that there is no use to say about that girl teammates well i guess you would water them at its repressed off and you through a girl to be the crowd aren't bar and then what
still pissed off you angry leftovers you still angrier resolve nothing of a god i'll tell you this i can only imagine if ever mayor was around when my mama how many coming siblings you have you have once after three sets three sisters are they all crazy their own brand ok the who's the creator you the craziest of other scissors well i don't think there's one like the most crazy i think we really have our own different kind of crazy biting julia my little sister if i were the least least she's a most she was very yeah i go in whenever were advised like almost users are alike so i've been like in our way sister maria number one sixty eight and getting a migraine like threw up my mama tobacco cry of a sister jennifer's like i'm never going to a fight again enjoy like a new sheet
in our view was which one was sixty eight was a sermon man now that well and each year while the ad jennifer did end up she said she never countrified again where she came to result cells like i'll take you guys are resorting after you like better like i'm fine does your little sister did she train see soccer she's ike but to go to the college and interestingly soccer scholarship no judo she did you don't you out like one of the principal but now she wasn't really she's u different mentality betweens only does individuals words on does team sports and she is very much like a team sport mentality i've even brought her to come and do our training with us
little bit and whenever we have a good team work out she wears a lot harder than if it's like individual like she really wants to like i don't know she's got on those things were that's that's her environment like i need all the pressure to be on me all the time or is like some kids an urgent attention and pressure for i learn attention will use you seem to be uniquely qualified to handle it and uniquely qualified to handle the the pressure that comes with with being famous it's very weird like how you handle it even your perspire david what you said about like you can't well you know what the fuck's go on our wild happening as is it's gonna take till it over for you to look back and understand it that's a very unique lee honest and perceptive view of what you're going through or a man knows a lot of these girls like these they would like to win a u of sea belt and have that respect
they're not about that life like they don't want that life they don't want dead attention and scrutiny in pressure and constant work and all those things and then they don't want it they they'll they want one thing or the other but young but at all costs together and that i think one thing that's kind of against them is when they actually come in to fight me they get a taste like a small piece of wood that life is gonna be like when there are contender because it is like way more attention we might as well that we are that and one when the bell is just doubled everything as more and more and more and more and they know think anyone would actually be happy with that lifestyle i'll think they really truly want it didn't know everybody wants to win everyone to be a winner nobody wants to be famous but i don't think anybody knows of the new like you have to be air to know what that is i guess from the outside and its civil looks mind boggling pressure the media
obligations of media obligations alone which is something nobody considers but if you go you to bore you go on the internet and look at all the different interviews that you do up to a fight or any the world champions do up to a fight to fuckin staggering me you guys are constantly on the radio constantly sitting down doing tv interviews constantly there's article and rolling stone and in fact and all these different magazines even scheduling today was kind of clusterfuck to beyond so it out and this is just like monday like how come you holly homes not until now it's a very large number card in this can be the biggest audience ever for you have say yes gnp in the earth better than that doesn't be bigger
because this would be oversee renovated there remains a right now it's gonna be over sixty thousand i'll be bigger than rogers arena to be nuts so that as a ramp up yet now merrily so now you're what even regular days like how to factory relax she does every day i have probably actually forced me to relax africa's last campos usually i'm like back and endemic two days after could do it myself dumb forced me to have twenty days off this time twenty whole day and that you have like why twenty one at that
i can answer i loved make it twenty was the problem your hair it's faster than you listen to him had he loses out endeavoured that's that's that's what you're saying that you're saying that belief you know i've we trained victor genuine amazing world champion right from a show you so stop there on this fighting there right now and you know them personality everything she's born a fighter that we know but which she has is that belief that trust into a trainer when i saw something she believes in and she does it that belief i think comes would respecting we're working would the love the passion everything combine but her belief is even if you should wrong to her she will make it right she will make it happen you're not is the first time this last fight i put a chest protect their own in the locker i said champion a one way
just protector i want you to a dead body when you angle off and she did you know she does it she believes it she doesn't question she doesn't out will you guys have a very unique relationship and while they are loves edmund everytime sensory text message he hasn't rhonda because he chant i remind you know shannon briggs is shown the cannon briggs he's going syria able let's go check with that's got jam everything it does every instagram videos that coat champ that's always let's go champ what are you doing champ you can't be triggered i'm sort of chap nobody chance to larry s but he's he's really fun but he can it just remind me magazine cause you champ that's because you to earn title forget that like someone collins on tiger but what am i kind of tramps sometimes champion european it's easy to trust him because i like
he's told you a couple times afore like the fight like all like member what macmonnies had us going bill ever shot the and with davis he's like it's gonna be overhand right at this last it doesn't he added trivia and then like with make em with economies like she's will come out then fine right away in you're gonna like check bearded check laughing you're gonna like this can be quick and then would this fight he said with with batches like she's going to sleep on her face i swear to god is another and she's asleep on her face like it wasn't just that are not job by how alleged there was honoured we do tomorrow maybe you know you know what it s just a local time it's getting closer than those boys it's because the preparation would you see during training camp and what kind of spoiling partners you hire i don't do sparring in my
jim for around thereunder rhonda doesn't have that striking experience meaning competition experience so how could i get that i thought if i should get that in the gym she has competition experience in july competition we can talk about that how high level it is but boxing you don't she doesn't have an amateur boxing fighter amateur kickboxing fight anything like that sought to get it i would get great swaying partners for her in the jim and in the june when i get the great sprang partners i see rhonda knocking out people from the liver shot maybe twenty thirty people for training camp those girls are hired sparring partners they get paid so you know some of them are her spying partners in the gym where i hear no help them and i train them and i you know she knows not charged them i work with them you know so i could build them give them what they need to be a champion and she drops all those
but when the gym of course she's gonna do it during the fight how could she not a champion like her how could she not she gets in there and she does it what are you how as much of a belief in hers she has in your in your training or her you guys so i say you have a very unique relationship which is why you she want you right there when you down heroic can over here getting the touch you can have real we would you not dinner at night when she started my career and you feel at training i will talk about boxing and about what what what are we doing guide her about it you know about the sweet science teacher and let's go to jim and start working would work until one a m on the myriad vs pictures like me you and many around the year that like one o clock in the morning we all want to dinner and we are so like after talking about fighting like bulgarians
let's go idlers though like in dividing immediately you should see him go off on a tangent like minks you wanna bite you now for me in manual like let's go back or load we were turned around which date back to the gym it makes me want to fight within a year ended i just wanna do it could do it why not right he personality and has to work again with the trainer you know it's not only that on the bested it works for her personality you know there's a video you guys that i put up a mainstream rampage retweeted herbs pull that shit up i think from i think three the from dana or the usa but you guys training in brazil on the beach those one does work out days and you fuckin hidden mats and i was like cheese us come rice what the fuck is going on in your jim because your striking has accelerated in these giant jobs like every three your four months when i watch like you hit meds unlike what the fuck
are they do exist not you not see that kind of results from other fighters you he's is there giant leaps from the what if you go back to like i saw you guys hitting met before the list lives cartouche fight and you go back to before the batch cohere fight like fuckin that is why they are so different it's it's shocking about a few years but this difference between like someone is like got a decent understanding for her throw punches to someone who looks like a fuckin world champion kick boxer she cried the borrowing world champion any giving any given day i always say right now you know there's a few females out there you know no disrespect that are in the olympic games that won olympic gold medal i even told rhonda about a girl wrestler you know there's a she she could box you won the olympic boxing gold medal like a lot of respect to her she could definitely box you can punch amazing champion olympic gold medals but professional boxing her weight class one hundred and thirty five lb
she would destroy the head is right here on the base crane see what you guys are hidden metz cancer in my car i had thought an elevator in speeches retarded things with africa like when i won the title of this time it was my fifth profile looking after college and it's not like you stand so much different well you have a lot of striking knowledge is very obvious i've seen the work you don't elam burger with travis elam burger there was a big difference between the way he was thrown punches the way he was moving after started work with you and i can tell the way you u culture and the you coach fighters you you know like shit about box in is a lot going on there with movement but it's also
you're a very unusual athlete rhonda i'm sure you know this but there's a fuckin fire burning inside you that just so much harder than most people the the intensity that you're bringing who is that come from the your mom raised you is that some that's always been in you like i think it's me between hours raised and never won in the olympics that's like the best thing that ever happened to me because it's like now's unlimited motivation for error because it's never gonna be satiated grew up as little kid like you i even before i did you know my dad i convinced me securing olympics in swimming in your lips champion and then a social judo thousand account would be olympic shaping this my whole life that would like my obsession and you know i went when i was seventeen and it didn't go my way and then one hundred and twenty one like was so unhappy doing judo that i felt like that
like my last shot but why are we so unhappy do judah because just got to a point where it is very old school time training or children's your head that you have to make yourself absolutely miserable and or reserve to win answer i was just like i was miserable all the time why do you have make you so pleasurable women like cars lay over trains always origin my i couldn't like my knee i recovered so much sense coming demo may like i was about to retire just because made any was so bad and judo because like i could barely like walk some days they would wake up in the morning it would take me like twenty minutes to manoeuvre by me enough like bended again because it would lock in place in the middle of the night and you know ike does the people that i was around leg there is some of them our cool but mostly i had no control over who i live
with her who i was around all day long themselves around people i don't really like constantly outages kullak always what do you say no is a universal you never really relax and i didn't like i lived and it was just the actual process of training the training itself wasn't fun at all and it wasn't me we find it all and like from when i was a kid from an aim from two thousand and three the two thousand and six two thousand to two thousand sex i cried every single practice and would lock myself a locker room and cry for another half hour afterward while in others only like when i got older those able to shake myself not crying during training cause if it didn't go exactly my way like if i had i got thrown once you know by someone who is fifty pounds hovered me with five years more experience out still cry about it and like i want then i'll be embarrassed that i was crying and thou cry because i was embarrassed because consumers often crying
i will just keep going there thou like many in all them knew me when i was a kid is ours like that laundry in there just to get beat up because there are really tough guys are going to bring me like four or five different times a week to get all the different styles they would beat up on me and i'll get thrown ones first i'll get thrown mediately start crying them get embarrass cry more and then like what they were used to be crying and ellen like i'd be all the finish the whole night and sometimes he i build stop crying one another nine and that was comfortable me in a way because i didn't have to be in bed sk azeri used to me crying all the time and so they like accepted me like that i didn't think i was stupid little girl because outcry during training and in then it really suchlike moving to a different environment and then on all these people don't know that i cry they don't know that it's my thing and the others are again and then use unkivered easier and more gloomy fight with him before it
earthquake which until i like i ran away from home and like goes out of my own i was able to like stop myself unkind every night then it would be like a couple times a week and then i can like got rid of it mostly but legs is doing may i cried during training ones run away from home i'm going after turned eighteen while thus away from almost like moving out why it out it brainwaves needs when you're like thirteen but no one knew i was leaving it was in the middle of the night you just go egg anymore we i wasn't it i felt like everything my day was somebody else's decision also like i mean i'm i am so grateful to my mother she's an amazing person should the perfect job raising i was kind of a stupid short sighted kid i didn't realize how much she was doing for me at the time and now as you know have like we're pencil nick so syndrome
i go woe is me log in the castle and no mamma so mean and now my god my god she's a genius but at the time i was i was recognised as having a lot of potential very very young and wish treated like like that you know that like i was like the prodigy kid very young and got really intends really structured training very early on and like it just became a hawaii like i didn't have i never went to a single like dance or party in school i never went on a single date like i trade all the time and then drop out of school sophomore year so i could train all the time and that was like my life and then i felt like my life was like out of my control and so i left and was like well i'm going to win and imma do stuff on my own show everybody that actually know what i'm talking about and can i felt like my opinion and no one had any
for what i thought and i was always doing when nobody else that i should be doing and so i went off i bounce around a bunch different clubs history crazy time rules move in cities like every couple a couple and then after two thousand six i was like the fur american woman in nine years to win a world cup in judo with no coach kind of my way to get respect from everybody else was and then i did a moving again finland when in american forget their asses kicked they weren't meddling they weren't getting past the first round and so on i was kind of my way to get respect from everybody else was and then ended up canada has like fuck all the years coaches and do this on my own analysis hours like the national trains and are there where they couldn't coach me but i was beating the girls so there like well come here though that used to you in whatever so i was just coming a body for them
and i was like pretty much on my own training on my own no direction no coaching and i was like couldn't coach you because you're a nice to citizen so the ideals yeah yeah and down i was just like so stubborn and not getting enough respects that i felt like i was gonna go when with nobody's help and then end up king asked back toward the gems i was kicked out of announcing while we checked out ass kicked out ass kicked out several times i was kicked lag wants because leg at all my old coaches wife like d my mom around they are handling ahriman like then like the last time i got kicked out was on the german see ray and i lost i am the first round i spiders go from land and i was ahead but i can you go which is like a decent score and there's like forty seconds mr watson analogy guy which you know that is both i pray much fallen to the guard in my arm is out and then
and ended up an hour by hour barred and but my elbows dislocated right away sounds eighteen year old enemy little me my brain is going on live all about twenty thousand nuclear was there and i go home i was already out so i might just try to get out right i try to get out mellow goes again pops out again and thinking like majority popular twice why why i can't just like let us do it twice and getting out and round the clock i won the match but then mealy right after i fight like this chick was it lucid across who is a world olympic champion from france and i couldn't even lift my arm from my side like i had to pick my hand up tight pull at my side like to fight and then that i lost her than i thought this german girl max i still i can't even live my hand round like bring my hand opponent of winning that fight as a german girl and i ended up fighting erskyll near whose olympic bronze molested is a close
fight but i lost and so our bombed out and down i was talking to my first boyfriend at the time which was like you know i never had a date never had apart nothing in high school right and so like i'm as and ten year old girl about to be a team and dumb the sky and his twenties it's like on the national team like has a thing for me you know i mean like i'd i'd die like i was so cool because leg outside of this guy course now my mom and agriculture are totally against it and i cannot after a year of course i'll talk to him anyway and dumb so procedures for why i've seen this guy for two years actually buy i back to the hotel and was like schools need you to do ah so i went back and i was hanging over them and then my coat when down to lobby gothic from my room and came up and walked around me and this guy freaked out
losses mines is you're out you're gone and done what do you're out of the gym you're out by everything on everyone's your facing at all stuff just cause you havin fun with a guy yeah why was this amount because i was told not to an aid obeyed the big tell you who to hang out with tell you who eager deep i told you i had no control over my life that's ridiculous what kind of christ just old school judo mentality yes oh yeah now passing allows hughes's yeah sleazy kind of preying on the young girl that i didn't see that i thought we were of analysis also the issuer coach might have been kind of protecting everybody was an einstein like on my guide told us it was a scar than you five and a half years and you really eighteen not quite what we re talking since i was like about to turn sixteen so it's illegal yeah yeah illegal
there he ok what s different that kind of make sense i guess but still like you or you are a teen at the time when you out intern eighty so we still have still illegal yeah and then i went home and my mom's like in our you're not gonna do judo for a year and knew better forget the name of whatever his name was and you're gonna work and you get a sport yourself in a year pay me this money online to live in my house amount they go like while i won't do jude out if i wanna work i'm gonna go pay for migrant river along the others as well thinking and so that night i so i used to get social security checks because of my dad he died and so i went open to big account and everywhere so scared i snow go into my account and then like i had a good just have done so scheduling dentist things i still be under my mom's insurance and then i got myself plane ticket so scared money to be wrapped him at last and disappointment wow that's intense and the like in the middle of the night like eyes eagerly half my bags and all the stuff i waited until
two clock in the morning or whatever to like walk several blocks away from the house and then call the taxi several locked away from the house than to tax at the airport why and how long did it take for you mom knew what was going on next morning did you call detail we were now when did you let her know but she says i left no i remember if i did to be honest but went to like my best friend lilies house all the way across the country in new york it because i was like our work it's stuarts which like their convenience stores are going to get a job to give its door and when trail my own and i want to do it on my own and show everybody the academia my own now i was just as a young dumb dead ends no like way to rebel i was like little miss perfect and that was like my little i cylinders blew up one day and like took off how long was it before you talk your mom again two years you didn t
do it all for two years like any time we try to talk it would turn to huge up so like yeah it's inland whole family to like there it was terrible thing i did i like took off and i really hurt my mom and my sister julie resented before and there were plenty of thanksgivings out that there are no one would talk to me since like yeah that fucking dead spam really intense found tat many years for them to actually like forgive me for what i then while is crazy the world of judo is a lot like the world wrestling with that over training isn't likewise like so caught lot how come no one could have they caught up to dance and of people figured out allison at such an old sport or it's like bushy o martial arts and there are like thinking like all the way since economic name was still this thing on all of those like wolves and hauled something training that
wooden cotton trains panther that like in the winner will it open all the windows and be frost on the knots and louis purposely making freezing cold train which is terrible for you but it would be like you know until this mentality mental dove news you now that kind of stuff and that they would always do more and more for that more and more and more is more and i was so costly over trained all time and cost the cunning way unlike not having any way to actually make way hopefully no tools no education anything just getting wade every week admin yelled at her being too heavy is so poorly right in our you got yelled out for being too heavy mia yet wade escalate every tuesday and then our i would not drink any water after monday pact is now any dinner and and be lighter announced toby like too heavy and then you know that
eat now having other fuck with you and give you a body image issues when you're young and summons telling you your shoe heavy in the yellow light you about the different i'm sixteen year old girl in being told they area into battery do yeah why should you be eating all the time constantly i thought if unless i wait exactly cctv kilograms ugly for the longest time took allowing it over so i like em so big and like doing body must often like the dew northern bitch like shirts they all went to deeds hirsch witches it's like free like mental like mental health clinic that's like fifty two different schools around allay that helps girls with body image and eating disorders suicidal like always different things take to give pete like those kids tree because i didn't have anyone talk to you i don't even really know that i had that much of a problem but that old school mentality does produce mental toughness
it's like such a catch twenty to its aid to the damas waited train to the train people and to make them fight whether dehydrated or its the issue with wrestlers is the issue with judo people with a lot of like old school martial arts people but torn on it because on the other hand like will focus tougher than wrestlers like getting through that they develop this indomitable determination because they ve they're so used to being uncomfortable disease pushing when their exhausted pushing when their de hard it is pushing when they're not at their optimum i think this is a time for i think when you're in a developmental phases good thing to be due to be over train a little bit and we made uncomfortable and me out to have to run lapse for creating personality my when urinal add push professional level and now this is the timing to perform whatever
now do you develop desire developed by now then has time to train professionally like we ve had situations and spying sessions like if one of my good guys or anybody gets caught would a punch you know they take any real action others always another day you don't need that extra punishment to the head it's not healthy for you right some people don't understand that they pushed their fighters they get dropped and it's happened to you know even with champ opponent get drop and keep on pushing pushing or she's ok go more bomb dropped again for one more does not help do you know you have to know where to push harder push but she's actually write about young gate sometimes you went to create that personality not giving up and the only way to do it as you gotta be a little bit old school and hard on them you know she's had that but now it's she has that you do it more professional more structured better you know sparring the right way swearing partners everything is done for her and she loves it
that's why she loves it that's what she says she didn't like that and now she loves this year that grind the determination that developed from that grain is rick irreplaceable but once you have it for you is it a matter of just like keeping the sword sharp i go at what do keeps you're you're motivation high at this point seems like unfinished unfinished your life your career careers more left deal like i'm done yet and cause with olympics is dislike you wouldn't want gold medal entered on bright with the ceiling i really dont you dont when you say you're done you might be done right now you might walk out of here and go fuck this port but i'm gonna do movies bitches up on the big you can they do whatever you want at this point ray you're rich famous you can do whatever you want you transcended the sport already you can do whatever you want it feels unfinished tell what will make you feel finnish cyborg that definitely when does like she's
you're right you're ivan drug o reilly she never steps up you know like al all all know and i'll probably go a little longer waiting for her but you know if she showed up sooner rather than later you know and i don't know large longer out go after that will she seems to want you to fight her too your way which is very fascinating to me because you know she knows it you're the one who are thirty five pound champ and she once in she knows you fought at one forty five before so she wants you to fight where she is but she's a clearly the thing is someone who uses stairways s got things they need that to mentally think that they have an advantage that they didn't earn big its
search for her she needs to call her feel like she somehow has an advantage for the outside because she doesn't think she's good enough with just what she has that's why that's why you'd open the first place cuz you feel like the best you have isn't good enough she feels like if we fight fair that she has is going to be good enough she wants to be somehow staff in favour will the store that she got caught with his store that allows you to keep size he keep your remit so why you're cutting wait it's on the best ones for that allow so she is obviously not is concerned with making a weight but concern would make me wait being big you know that's the thing like if you can make weight and be on steroids even if it's making wait a relatively making weight friendly steroid you're still alive without a europe capable of moving down you see what happens to people when they stopped when the gaff steroids you see what they look like
it's very easy for them to drop down immediately they immediately shrink up changes everything it changes breathing and it's all i get insecurity thing that's all it is it's a fascinating time when you see these guys that we're onto your tea or the people that were involved in the urine testing which was like i would say is basically an intelligence test if you test after your phone and in your on steroids your fuckin idiot it's that simple but you could cite all the way up until right before your fight of using the right stuff cycle off of it way and fight to get your drug fast and still test queen and so you're not really clean you didn't you were never clean you clean enough to pass that task but your boss he still had all the effects of those steroids you can't do that anymore this jeff levinsky guy is not fuck and playing games and the testing that their implementing on these athletes is no joke mean they're they're gonna show evoking the same than i did go under
we are now it was under who saw addressing pronounced fourteen years old and now i start doing our may i was like really they tell me a cup and go on this other room and come back with something nos fourteen your little girl there like japan plop a shirt spin around the circle okay make sure i can see it while you're pretty being in there like you know it was like the most thorough and i don't know the first time i look at i drink eight bottles of water be able to do it but i was so nervous and i'm like wait a minute to fight for strike force or you ll see title is less strict in no less thorough lasting than a fourteen year old at the junior miami youth and judo think about that's crazy fourteen year old at the junior miami youth international and judo in florida of your stricter testing then the first couple times i won the icy title now
now it's the same testing when they brought was sought in to do the testing i was like thank god you know what's funny is the same chick that like was my out of competition test lady but when i was again she liked me lady again she like showed up to the general like cattle were while i was in our competition testing to do it for so long we're like having to fill those more malta with such pain in the ass and now really really really easy like out of competition testing was i hated it because of the paperwork but i was always so happy that they did it in our now like really confident but the testing is for us now it's pretty intense and it will absolutely weed out all cheaters this is gonna take time but for these guys eyes that rely on it for the longest time you're seeing a difference in the way they look you know there's their bodies are changing radically in may look the difference you ve tore before and after the wives and finds a thing like when you look at these people from before when they're using affluent are not entirely different and
cyber looks and ways exactly the same if she gets off will be very easy for us to make way from what we ve seen from every single person has got so you say she saw honour and now i think that's it's possible replied i can't lifesaver prove anything at all but if you look the exact same as when you are using what changed ever seen a video of her when she had a first fine i am she thanked combating crime are loaded everybody here miss a woman's body i mean there will it come you know was very different man she's so thick now she's so thick muscular and yeah i mean you get second muscular from hard work but boy she's the chain just so radical such edge giant difference to the sea mean men can i kind of size on through power lifting and hard way but see a woman that kind of size ana thickness leaves a size i mean like the shape of your head every shoulders to wither shoulders like the whole deal like when you add too
austria to women's bodies so many things change it's not in its even more radical than adding it to a man's body when the gods on the jews and they get bigger sick or in areas like that but it just bigger and thicker men when a what and goes on the juice its you're taking a woman who your body only has a certain amount of testosterone that's being produced but sets of a small amount and then when you add all this extra test to its misuse as a transgender women when women at her and is it very is very similar to the hormone therapy that more women to man transgender through zactly exact same thing a link and then returning answer me yeah you literally determine everything changes your bones for changes you get thicker the shoulders of the face ever it all it like change your ability to take punishment as well that's what's really weird like the difference between eyes were on and off of it their ability to the shot like you see the difference in
ability to absorb punches they get of it and one portion did their legs go it's crazy it's the confidence to a really is few walk in there with confidence like there's no way this person's gonna touch when they hit you don't care if you walk in there with doubt most those what it is like doping is is a mental handicaps and when they use its good mental crutch like when you take that off it's not just what they physically loses what they mentally lose and ass the hardest thing for them to let go you use once and you're gonna have that forever you're gonna have that mental handicaps forever there's no way i can get you fix it but you always know that you used and you always know that helped you and you're always feel like less without it should because when have a light the got the guys it or to stop they feel like you're fuckin superman in out like when you you go back to the early days the you see when you can do whatever the fuck you wanted i go back to the pride days does
very fucking like i don't know what an van or delay was doing promises everything now i don't know but mean that he was what am i oughta unfair fires washed it wasn't even like watching a human in sum abbott hyena took a human form and learned my tie run across the cage fucking shit you stop your head when you're down it was why crazy shit to watch but it was just it was human than i was just so far gone off the hormone hormone spectrum in this thing is like get into setting or everyone's doing it then you're hitting and punching harder than a person should in your taking more damage in more punishment than a person show and that is how someone's got eventually die well what's the big concerns with me is the lack of that when they're trying to take out the ideas and i stand whether doing it because
they're trying to stop people from masking doping like nevyedovsky came on my part castle plain to me that there has been in this is where people used ivy bags yeah flashes your system out and somehow another can mask and also blood doping and blood doping is totally reject they used in cycling for years we take your blood out your by reproaches the bloody you put that back in right before you fight i know the people of done that before was shot to me is that the you you will see in nevada further commission just like a few years ago wasn't even testing for appeal was now girls like less than a decade apl wasn't something that they tested for it's crazy because its meaning if anything relies on endurance and is a critical factor and endorse its fighting to one of the most critic factors because if if you running into raise in your slower because you're tired you don't get kicked in the face now
the difference is so giant in fact they didn't take that into consideration when all those years all those years they ve been testing cyclist for it and even testing them they're still doing their stillborn off there still cheating and the fact that they can test plan takes in the blood from the ivy baghdad is fascinating to me that's amazing i mean i'm i'm glad to support of ivy like band even even just for four wait cutting did you ever use of wakening once in two thousand five before the world championships in egypt in cairo and it was the worst ever because in judo you have like an hour and a half sometimes when we into when you're going to go in there if i like seven times you know it's crazy and so
i had i got the opportunity to use it because friend of mine had and it wasn't you know it was still legal back then it wasn't you know it was nothing feels like a cheating is just in your other people i just didn't have the means to do what other people dead and so i got them to use it as a guy i'll try it out at a really bad way good i was young come like being a dumb kid it was this after i ran away from home and terrible he cut it is like two thousand viruses like that same year and arm i ended up getting chills the whole body at chills like our whole buy you a small one i've never felt that slow and that terrible like it was the worst thing from the ivy from ivy yeah the demon did you jure redeemer was that an issue that people get when they have idea these for some reason you're what your body does exist acts and some sort of a strange way with the water now
when i got chills i couldn't stop myself from shivering and leg i was really really slow and sluggish and i absolutely heated air i hated it inherited and when she told me she doesn't do it for him they went you're right i love it so great adelina my boxers if if you mean medical attention from cutting wait to hear in the wrong division like yours on arriving why can't you just ring normally you're not sick or you can raise your hand and drink i think the issue is rehydration the brain that's one the big ones behind you the brain to live out the whole day you have twice whereas i mean and economic presented as you know i was i what twenty four hours driving hours and i don't i've been out couldn't you two had though an hour and a half to three hours and out the we
in line four times a month or something like that i mean that's really like we're gonna do that fighting one thirty five now the difference those that involves grappling only and the even though there are some head impacts me it's not the said joe we do training camp before sharp at lakelets aid depending on the fight were sharp add one hundred forty seven pounds one hundred forty eight pounds reggie sharp she's explosive one forty nine would say you drink gradually you make that weight during the fight even heavyweights in boxing look at their weight is not a way you could go up as much as you want you have to know where you're strong get rights during training right right so you just drink you become one forty four nine you're good to go you fight was the problem why would you do i ve to get born right away out bloated most of these guys in em they can't move sometimes there are not a sharp their young and when they move when i look at them online why it is so slow sometimes you you know compared to boxing when you see those guys old school fighters there and therefore these
as a quick and explosive none of them do ivy they don't do ivy so don't use our vision on united but what about radical way cuts we make a re ever like galileo is a chavez young junior he cuts alone we could send a lot of weight probably uses it that way so slow what happens when you seem as being the greatest diseases is younger you sometimes euphrates like a zombie and i think he's too much pussy their work is able and discipline does he have definitely lack of that but it does what it out of that but the answer each time hands international bottled thing you need that that i don't believe in well i think you are correct but i think there are a lot of issues where there is just not enough weight glasses i think there's lot issues where geyser tween nurse you know they're not they ve if they're not wage gap yak and about too much and boxing we have two pounds to work a little ten pounds is so bad but there's there's like eighty five to two hundred and five is crazy that's a giant job tutoring it to two hundred and sixty five is fucking nuts that's a ninety one
i think there should be a to twenty five for showing her saying is they dared it's too much of a difference when they go down so loud ending again it the only way is to stick and i ve in there so you can gain weight quicker but i think twenty four hours is enough for you like if you can raise your hand them drink water writing i these four people that when their sick and you know where to up and they got like move their exhausted you yeah right over there and so they could recovery lessen the purpose of ivory radio i really don't think it helps i i believe and hope that i think is a hindrance by if you're having a terrible and you're really worried about this fight it's really but you're my early is if you think oh no no it's fine i have an ivy and it's like the manifold here and it's like this bad we could never happen well did i do think that is the a way to replenish the fluid in the brain and it still take seventy something hours to full and then the guys that the guys that use it when i notice is when their warming up in the locker room like i see them during training right line
how there's people that's what more than the others so you know the athlete but the guys that use it right in the lock and when they start their warm up do swaying you see that the bodies not crispin sharp you know that it's being led by my normal yeah it's something that i dont see usually during training because if you're drinking your water you're coming training your normal your figure healthy let's add one fifty or whatever it is right i know that at least we're on the paths you sharp you know wrestling this and that looking good sweating normally and then you see during the fight they were dispersed and and even warmed up and soaking wet much of your body can you really about lines as your body only absorb water back as fast as it does why does it expel that much in only keep so much because i that's what's best for it just now i can best for it not because you now it suddenly just it was evolving was like an this is the best i could do for you bought it doesn't understand dehydrating than twenty four hours later going do a hand to hand combat
albert understands that like you're living in africa there's not much water and you know they're good only be one day of ringing in the you know it's all dry out the next day and you didn't drink as much as possible and then you're sure well i've got a water for awhile all these kind of situations happen fur many many many years and why do we only we hydrate as fast as we do nature never developed an ivy that's what i ve trio lang camels the candles can we hydrate faster in us right laid a whole lot more why ask ourselves like its physically possible for you to evolve that way so wide we have all this way while there are people though that are championing like whiteman cuts lot away he's gonna do the ivy ban caused big boy you know why
ends well over two hundred pounds gets done one eighty five eighty need during the training gifted do the training right and they see where he sharp and how they could deal with it you know if your mentally tough you could gradually drained it just drink throughout the day hundred percent you'll be ok i pointed out i was i dont believe ready yet smaller they're gonna have to get physically small and they're gonna have to do something which is not only about being how big you know you see these desert me a noble but they can move i don't want to be that way either speed kills remember we know that everybody knows that at speeds very very the problem is with a lot of people there there worried about being smothered by a bigger guy the word being hailed a learned not to get his muttered d gotten not a fight new bigger learned not to lay down their back and let somebody be on top of that you have that position in established way two things have been for a long time so now at this break up in the established way exactly is going to cause a journalist gay people like i i stopped weightlifting on time
almost to unite our besides wage nor strengthen commitment i worried to get worse and bulky do any strengthen condition on all nuclear power dumbo shadow boxing do you worried all about like injury prevention is one of the benefits of strength conditioning they think is injury prevention that can strengthen up areas joints back everything's wrong you know i can go see like a physical therapist and he cannot give me stuff to do or whatever but i mean i have such a base of doing strength conditioning for so many so many years that's like my by is balanced the weight is in others not like an imbalance i had to make up for through strengthened yeah i don't wanna and now it's like i'm worried about being too bulked up where i can't fight i want to fight you see home rigour hands are explosive combination she's flewed she does a stretching she does to pound dumbo work gouts which in the tent round she's averaging in the shadow boxing when she shadow boxing and we know if round the shadow but she's not gonna be fucking ere i always say she's got just to take a look pretty geez
billy shadow boxing she's right imagines there's an opponent in front of her and dress to kill him throws five hundred domini five seventy five five hundred seventy five punches in three minutes without passing around emma oh that's ridiculous that automatically strengthen conditioning plus it had its plus tat you know you're gonna be fine your hands in the tent rounder ten of the unit their shadow boxing i we say in their shadow boxing this is not show us as aegis loosening of a bright but she does it you're not rose upon is what the weights with you to imagine what intention and then we go to santa monica stairs she gets your legs she does of course she does thousand sit up every day so you are doing condition but not like javier racine emerson pack your leg cleans or an thing right or like the abc like may letter doing anything like that you have all you like those great didn't was
how do i look like a hidden iron or anything like that none of them were in there's a reason for fight physical whatever is fine we and then the time right how much you do and what you do you need to know what you are when you get what you pay levels devils advocate though how failed los angeles and his last fight against anthony paris was that he pushed them all in the most ferocious paces i've ever seen for five round fine he went to an extensive strengthen petitioning programme with nick curse on one of the guys who was a disciple of marbre innovation and i had first on the pike as explained to me all the different stuff they do a lot of pliers lot of explosive drills and different than lifting now oh yeah i read you conditioning we don't do like lifting write you a lot of people think lifting in fact slow you down and provides you with an unknown and unnatural work on your muscles which fox you up and training because you your bench electric do bench press all time your chest is all fucked up and sore so we
your training you're you're gonna like even to have this issue here your sore and euro ripped up your chest as you know zol fill with lacked gaddafi you're right about design is there an absolutely great job he was physically amazingly fit and i know the guy you're talking about a hell of a job but it still training also i fell cordero than amazing janitors practical approach to it and yet there is all of it combined but he knew had he needs to win that fight not only with the technical aspects to it with the physical abuse right out the conditioning so he did job right yeah and you have an athlete you need to know which we need to do right to make that out
and with her ass about securing work faster than the strongest fighter rhonda we're talking about cyber gear run with one hand will cost around cyborg she will know where she is even at one forty five the problem is it has to be fair a fight and we do it pure she's never you not done anything unfair when it comes down to sports and she fought at one forty five like i said before is because she would walk round one forty eight people wouldn't want a fighter so we said she could jump in and fight tomorrow for her to get experience issues always training but nobody would want to fight her so when they call you one day before for a fight would you be willing your fighter to fight at one hundred and thirty five when you're walking around one hundred and forty eight or one hundred and forty five of course one hundred and forty five why would you lose all that weight one day right and when you know your fires amass she'll be anybody curse fight at one forty five
now when you fight at one thirty five how much weight are you coming to get down there fifteen pounds secret fifteen pounds and how long i may i get around ten over like three days before salt and oversights hounds lastly days so is it just watching your die now back on your water dodgy now we re much delighted that i can get without you lose any more fat when i'm like forty three and then like the last like eight pounds has to be water because that's just you know i just can't get any now that's when you get like super lean my group for the lands if you have you ever consuming what do you think about the idea of fighters not cutting anyway there all i mean it's to be almost unnecessary evil at this stage of the game but i really wish at work and i really i would like to see fighters just fight at whatever is there
the way i feel i am actually leg my best shape and the best fighter that i possibly can be if i make thirty five and then go back up to like four thousand seven hundred and forty eight the neck why then build out at an if you fought at one forty eight is fell like you just didn't cut anyway it is so much more disciplined in order to do that to get to the forty five i fear of a whole lot more remain again a cobbler lines of my diet alot more i want to be so despite it would have been so many ounces at this hour for weeks and weeks and weeks ahead of time and so i feel like when i met the point or are about to actually go fight i don't feel the weight from the day before i it's crazy feeling or i feel like i'm inhabiting this like either i only have four like a day like my my my fight night body it's like everything is picked up to that names lamb finally like inhabiting this body that
i feel like a fuckin ninja me right now is not me right as is allowing you to degenerate no start train back those go to show their voters but you know like a hand described you howard feels like after all our work in all that perfect food and perpetrators perfect peeking and then all like done it has all been fine tune so i could be the best that possibly that is physically possible vote human form to be for this twenty four our period that i have like i'm perfectly peaked it feels fucking amazing and i don't think i can get that feeling without cutting if i first wow that's fastened and then when you are hungry you know your opponent you have to punish them for in order to actually get there and he does like his rat leaves the best rap like ever
it's unbelievable but like his invite in day rapid like different than is training rap glass the entire mme ike what was like the first couple of our nations like when she came in i didn't want to trainer because i had my hands full and i had no voice my rose hinder we beseech champion and limp in and vague and i was working with all of them and i was like what is his girl doing you know what is she going to do with this right she seriously she not and i don't like to jump into things i like to wait till us the right time timing i feel like for me is the most important thing that i've learned throughout my career you and i hope in the budget when i was six first coupled army actions like when she came in i don't want a trainer because i had my hands full and i had no voice my rose hinder we bc champion and limp in and vague and i was working with all of them and i was like what is his girl doing you know what are you gonna do
this right is she seriously she not and i don't like to jump into things like to wait till at the right time timing i feel like for me is the most important thing that i've learned throughout my career and i you open the budget when i was sixteen years old and doing all this i learned that patients sometimes and timing is very important because in my if i went through a lot of hard days because i was a kid myself than and understand what i'm getting into one i've been through a lot of tough day so i like to stay patient than just watch and see figure out what the person wants to do with their life and then i could guide him if i can i will if i can't i'll give em a point you know you could do it better with this person i do it this way and some listen and some don't we know that russia is an amazing student i get out right away because within the three four months she was in my gym i will tell her goes down the back and she would go hit the bag and really hit the bag until they paid attention to her again she would have a lot of patience and she would be understanding and she would work very hard but
after like three four months being in a jim i gave her maybe a few pointers and then when they call me said he was d call me literally the day of the day that they got her an amateur fight so they i mean manager call me was like hey we gotta fight for iran then are you an area you did you come true i just on a would hit me but i was like maybe i should spectis girl you know she's olympic medalist and everybody's talking about rhonda's olympic medalist you know she's she's a cool girl this and that manny and i was like maybe i should go check this girl out i want to lock room my raptor and she will i i saw she was excited that i was there you know i wrap their hands and i said hey keep your hands you know and she remember she was so squared instead of being unlike ok yeah like exaggerating the bag of media
and then i was like you know she's going to kick you doesn't matter kick punch whatever comes just keep your hands up high and let's just step forward right away you know break the distance and get inside of clinton do what you're best at and right when i told her that her focus the way she looked at me and you know i know that she was a fighter but i was like let it let it letter yet in their first she helped me till i see this guy s i could see it speed power explosive agnes without even having that top level of training the way she did it i know she was really need real fighter shows i was coming back on a text the matter like gimme them name and lasting of this girl spoke out let me emphasise that i didn't even speak english wilson how could i write like that's a there's that he he'd texted it to me i looked at the next day was like maybe
three p dot m i want online i press their name that it came amateur debut ronda rousey and it had already like a hundred thousand views or like what the hell just happened you know we just fought how's that possible hundred thousand years and i was like okay this girl has a falling then i started looking at her judo fights all their matches and it was interesting i knew that she was a real fighter because of her attitude her approach to fighting and you know i don't understand you know at that point express that and understand much about it but you know i have a vision i've done all kinds of martial arts growing up and i knew what's a technical fighter only what's a fighter that has the attitude to fight what's a fighter that's born to fight you know so
all the places but i knew that it could be way better done why because right away i knew that pay usa judo unites amazing when anna maria did would run their elsie is phenomenal were being in this country would you know juno not being such a strong support in the united states and all the gems she took her to an old at guidance made her into something special it's an amazing job and but i said it could be done you know boxing and it's an u s boxing's huge and i said if we train what that concept and keeper judo disclose can it be unreal start working order was amazing that we sometimes hear you another sunrise since i started working where there are now three provides i remember
going home i'm going home to my axe here's my boyfriend time inches bitching about how and would not spend any time on at all even though even though we are always hearing everybody out irene i oh go everyday billing he saw you now ask bandies dislike you now and again or like a language that is like pay osage people almost intentionally is the roma days that is not my intention we unlike our guy we turned the corner it was before my first profile you started accelerated is how it happened she says it a bit different talking this yes she says it a bit differently but this will happen i was wearing honour what kind of shared was i ran before the first amateur fight we had this like yeah you tell it i was very like a shirt and my father had another pallor two pounds to drop he was fighting on showtime boxer
and he was under elliptical just to break into a quick sweat and she came in front of me when i got out of luck roman him the gun out we will really are usually that morning to albert cranes jam hand spar that it may is buying in the morning right and my eight thirty the leg whenever nine thirty four legs they airline either you ten they had a work out by left early at nine thirty so i could get to the gym in time at ten to be all would be there too to bug admin into his holiness for me because he wouldn't he still had a at my everyday out ass beckoning elements me like non betsy now must be and i got this thing with bayonets and every daylight excuse got like worse and worse and worse and have an excuse and that day i left by early so that be there are marked by my handsome so mohammed s em all like ok neck like privilege but when you get them dorm ask again because it's like my thing now
ran down comes under and mechanically homeless me updating of sweden the shirt locked i do discarded liquor i've got to know everything that nobody ever wider they would like that you pull the record is like those gonna herbert yours is like i guess as i am a man lying i like i walk up and am i going to grab my staff or wherever and i'm walking back across he's like don't ever don't ever swear never speak to me like that in my german i was like like fucker whenever i glad you went out the door i got almost stuff i was ready to never go back and there again like ours like warm welcome back anymore either even said that i could train there then say no you have to leave
state aid is now going environment would have voted the way we also guile off my gloves in our cause i can afford any thing was a gloves are given me having roman gaming gloves and dynamic of whatever kind gloves albino jam our how for any that harmful get home but somehow and then like then he texted me to come back you like i gotta taxes i come back to the gym and i was like well listen given gloves and have excuse grandma gloves signed turn back around you act as you pick it up a marathon i said i need to talk to you could you drop me off at the bank i gotta make some deposits and she said tat she was with the hand and i certainly closely
the fact that i can move in europe because it was almost the other essential leg in chains to make ready habits that closer remind iceland's ok when i recall austria germany and so like outside a dog that like aren't really small part masses documentation awesome but like she's a crate trained for the car pray my she now i gotta bring your everywhere i could but like not at the gym she was mounted the jam arms issue just showing your car the i've i've had it anywhere you know like in that you and i was in a letter like dive each programme thing it feels like the weather was vines come with me everywhere and then like i had a basket system in my car or i'd like just bring my basket of clean clothes and put it next an empty basket and then after training i put all the other clothes and all the dirty clothes in one basket than when the clinical baskets empty wash the only one in like had this rotating basket thing my dog issues obsessed with a small my medina wine a lie but shoe
just go through all of energy or minorities but actually read all of the data that we have a shared rub my old flurry underwear evidence that in their lives oliver base like it was her favorite thing in the world and so it is theirs is this so a pan like underwear abroad the everywhere and dark hair and all stuff edmund is like oecd clean you all know why they penetrate because earlier we already went like that and strengthened it out they realized tat okay so in my car and my car looks like you know it is a peach regis strike trying to find it like the nuclear for like leprosy or something and he like level it behoves us hovering in santa carla your public and by the kurds are really low ride you know you speak like report by degree angle but was not tat as to what you're nuts
i drove into the jiggers resolve and i told her that i was thinking about my fighters sweating right you know but in a great excuse but she the way these days is he explained why he was right the minutes for you to day but i live art was cutting way and this is my way i wonder and implement what i want to draw like dirt i mean i would like there will be a time that you will be in the same position i have to be next to you because i'm a laker we recently found out about it i thought about it that's right texted area so i said come back and then but in my mind when i was when i told you to come back i was like when does girl really wants to fight and this was at a time where the you have seen didn't have women's fights women's fights were an oddity advanced other than a gene corrado cyborg fight there was very little attention what so ever given to women's fighting for you is like this thing that wasn't like
promising proposition exactly but i never never you or i do anything about that i like to keep a real honestly like she sees a lot of that leads come right out of my doom even i try to hope on guide on unanimity think about she knows about finances or will they become some special i went out bali will now you know but at a point in life you know you have to make sacrifices and on this what we do and it's very fascinating position to be a coach because a coach relies a hundred percent on having a quality student of europe if you're a great coach and you around people that don't give a fuck unknown train hard don't care you knowledge is like its it doesnt ever get to them it doesnt ever get out there and no one can ever see what you mean good at you and i had a conversation once after a fight you were saying that all my user training fighters who never thought that it would be this woman that would be
like the greatest stu i was an error and may even stana mainly in line do remember he like train train manages because like many work so hard is already afforded by the round fight i train man me and all those fight but while the my brown i was one knocked me you know i worked with him and then although those huge win for him here but other not only had met armenian boxers and that was like his little like so category how does the relationship work as far as like you're the striking then by her overall code yes and i give the whole programme and i say one were grappling one were doing using her judo know when to use to judo like speed weak to bring in those spying pardners what kind of spying partners how many days we she does a shrinking conditioning were scorings you know but she's boxing and trending can so she's like always
but i see hanner in your corner occasionally heavily ashleigh edmund does like the structure of the camp so what we do what days but when i do like you i did so and you too are wrestling on working with somebody else because like the amount of time you know how like how out lead density or what day it is that what we are working on specific you know what i like her to because you are the closest to her exactly i know your mentally what you need to do to to be dominant no so sometimes people that don't have so much experience day will work on certain things during certain time of the training camps that it's done necessary to work on that you know because you could do that my dad when she's offs of she doesn't have a training camps she doesn't have a fight so i understand that's waste times it was so difficult to teacher everything in boxing into progress earlier reason was rhonda could have done that is because we had fights in front of us
so when we have fights in front of us we specifically work on that opponent emerging used to do or how to draw an overhand right ranging like them until the elections davis fight she knocked around you i told her straight shots those are the best for you to back them up get that clinch you know you don't want those big overhand shots and we could see all of those without what a great job you know you with your way inside what a job in boxing your work your way out if you dont want anybody to come inside you keep that job out there and they can you'll have a hard times that simple concept not a foot working all utilizing the distance right and you see how she gets to clench you know if you watch loses fight short stocky girl doin heart short shots to wish him a new reason you
is that job gets under that elbow it's it's beautiful in a difficult transition becoming an mma coach like being in the situation people don't know i was i did i have like forty professional muay thai fights you know after doing we tied the truth boxing i thought in japan throws so i was used to all of that i did taekwondo matches all those international jimmy kimmel all those fight so i have experience in all kinds of march lights but then fell in love with boxing you know polish my hands and not trained with the best and putting it off gather it's it's not it's a fight is a fight rang out understand what that's not only about the fight you don't understand what you have as a trainer i know what i have i know would ability she has you know i neuron his personality i know what they're gonna be trying to do this last night you know listen
on the way you're punching right now everybody's going to try to push you off them or they're going to be desperate for them to clench before you would want to go clinch but now you're going to clip him so hard to guess what they're going to try to come in and when they're doing that you either counter take down what you can do or you from keep on punching him counter puncher you know push him off knock their ass out what happened she was punching it with that you want to do she can't take those shots she came to grab round and round and push their need her jumped on her again oversaw but dad we understood as were seeing progress has one i'm seeing the spying partners we have a box well champion swaying would run around there's on her hitting here and discuss like holy shit trying to get inside to close tire up i mean it's a big problem now so are you are you analyzing the stuff independently of utopian passionately absolutely sitting down afterwards and you're going over what was wrong with the downright that's like can teach group classes i cant do group aid
like to work on an individual's ability and bring out the best from fighter we gotta look deep in exactly two much to nigeria should i put i pray you know and doing at this level we have to have that fighter to love that fighter you have to care about that fighter you have to understand that fighter personality so you know that's why she puts me to understand she lets me right the whole structure but i'll tell you she's intelligent why because there has been choices she's made or said hake code you know we should go work when hunter and here on you know because just to understand their tactical approach to aiding where down there back i will never right laid down on my back you know because in the beginning it was like he did all the striking and i was all of the the grappling young i didn't have a duty to or resting pseudo coach for years
and then i brought martin barbarian which an olympic three time olympian bronze medalist universal added like i added once she added hunter and your own and she was like just four hundred with estonia to understand the approach to their style and then now when we go she understands that when they're on their back and being passive she judo guys not gonna lie down on it back its weren't you lose that wings but they do who do you know jujitsu doesn't just for her to be aware of that and i said rhonda your brilliant let's go to them and will at once a week twice a week so you could understand their approach tone no grappling and then we'll how to take advantage of what is it ever evolving game grappling unlike anything else is constantly evolving and adding new technique i do it and i have you pay attention armada like the world championships it's all leg locks now raising the sum the leg lock game and grappling has changed so much over the last few years everybody's attacking with
blocks using like locks were sweeps using in learning how to get almost other transitions lay blogs when you bring striking into it is it's very different because it's very risky in that when you go for a lot of doesn't work out you may have been a lot more about about risk and that's why i feel like iron bars works so well is because if it doesn't work out install on stolen top still be somewhere positive in our institutional of day and i call for a leg luck i'm somebody on the bottom that's why i don't do doubles and i'll shoot for devils live it doesn't work then you're on the bottom here in a worse earner worse places is so risky do no eddie commons is top level brazil in georgia to competitor it now trains on john donna her and john down apparently has a very complex and comprehensive system involving attacking legs and leg locks he's gonna handle graces blackbirds really really respected you too
and any was talking about who is just competed abu dhabi news talking about bringing locks to emma may and that you are seeing many more leg locks and emma may now because guys a learning the like at the highest level that the transitions a lot of times we have these looks at things we go well that's not gonna work because of this and people might have said that about all sorts of different aspects of emma meng before someone came along and figured out a way to do it successfully gonna see counting like lake lock now i'm just saying the risky and then again it david areas ability to fighter wouldn't built you have you what you ve done like you know i'm saying like when she does would enter in iran and you know it in training camps she's not gonna one month before defied lie down on her back and try to do triangles right s not her reign over i mean so we need people to be dominant in certain areas do you train those things like like you'll learn like specific skills outside of a training camps like when training camps over you knock out
let's go ahead and go i'd like to learn how to do this or i'd like to add that to my game surely i agencies do you learn stuff for that particular direction when you're outside of camp in camp is what directed towards something specific but as a crazed because i'm a may there so many skills are so many things you get in here to or somebody styles you get it it's like he had caught a kind of figure out where to focus your thing and you're you're focusing using on boxing you're judo arm bar and because of that you ve been so successful because everything is just razor sharp waste adding things times what happens is you're putting too much attention to these other things you can add would know wentworth that's the thing no one now we got just and floor as you know he comes into judo de explosive throws we know that europe is all about timing and explosive and she loves it when she uses that annoying went to do that you know raymond but if she does that right now when we're just starting off and quick explosive throws
bodies not re leg you were saying about trained and conditioning people do that so they could prevent injuries right for you not to have your joint turning this and that was the same thing you have to think of it went to use it it's ok to add but went to use when you're fighting you have to do what best of your ability vienna w it about the w sniper make the mistake of china to memorize certain things like separate things that are completely disjointed and not related as post to memory in concepts like one when i'm grappling i probably make up fifteen different moves and i have never done before just off the top my head because it makes it's right there cause you know the concept and now that you're an unusual position you just applauded comrade the concepts and supplying the concepts to every kind of situation could end up in adult memorize every single individual move it doesn't make sense i'm not going memorize a leg lock and then memorizes spitting back elbow and then memorize push key
and memorize you know something else is completely a punch like that they're coming all over the place and they are nothing to do with each other not connected why am i spending so many hours my dad always different things and that they are not connected to each other enzo i spend a lot of my time connecting things as opposed to trying to learn individual because i don't have any contributing in a ring challenged wears a ring ownership is the most important thing you see around the paths watcher your every time on stepping she's one step ahead she's what is she doing she's controlling me he's in drawing you exactly are we build landing framework in our modern ring violation of the most important thing in boxing in fighting in general you can be in the middle of octagon walk ten steps and hit your back on the cage and then expect to learn ilona superman pungent become something special you got a lingering georgia first there's more to fighting people just you know
no i have an idea and there's coaches out there that think oh they could shore fancy jumping kick whereupon sure what i route is or a thorough and become something special without nano work that way positioning is so critical grappling but it's just as critical and striking is just in critical just critical and movement justice critics and being in a position where the person you literally does have the leverage to hit you correctly that's an art you watch floyd may whether it's one thing he does better than anybody he's always physician exact constantly lay in a good position to avoid down he knows if he goes on the ring ropes calls you ends takes the impact he knows which round he's doing that in your life how's your a huge puncher you won't go there the first two rounds he'll do you not know exactly when he's calling you in to counter those shots you know on the ring ropes on the ropes he knows one to do it to about one to do it i use it when randall then clinched measure in all the second fight round this issue was done
an immediate admitted that she was hurt from their right hand if you watch your interview at the un should like i got it i did those good right hand what makes sense because she was so high shoes so highly when you're helps i'm her watching else why she's she's gonna fly on shore oh yeah but i understood her since she was jane you up high like that i was like majority voting on the sense when rounded says i clinched her she was already out on the passenger and iron bar but why she did that broad areas because she knew she was out radical finished than on wheresoever though as the rigging the third round i she was out on our feet the straight ryan i knew it because the way she was breathing when i put up against the cage i felt use shoes flayed ass she wasn't there anymore i knew i could do whatever cannibal on the world even i could be on the bottom and still gonna windows gonna work i think she's not there and they are
not fight the structure of the fight that he put out is you're going to break her for standing and then this mission will be easier because they can be so focused on the submission you have to get them their mind somewhere else before you go and an inside that point i i knew that she wasn't there because of libya to have a feel for the other party and and know them very well yet the know them so intimately you know that if their breathing differently you know where their mind is at an that's a time i can i can do the this hideous immigration that you ever seen and based on the bottom and know that i'm gonna finish from their because she's not defensively there at all when you're looking at your future right now are you are you planning like where you're gonna bail out of this and what your life is gonna be like after because you you ve hit this crazy peak in your life right now equally never gonna be replicated by anyone else comes after you you and is weird crazy position and account
asked you can't fight like this when you eddie you just you just can't be done so that idea like this one day when her grave measures more closely and i haven't i do understand that there is now no now when you thirty know now i don't wanna be fighting about thirty dana what's gonna call you open the phones ha ha ha ha ha far from what i have to analyze by thirty's i mean like thirty one thirty two years the stacks of thousands gonna rifle it through the fine by me if you actually thirty or so that that thirty's as thirty thirties once you add their whole iron that's thirty's plural polina from twenty eight twenty eight are you really think him like a couple
there's two three year let what do you think i'm not lying i look at it like like exactly like how we're talking about fighting that's how i do everything else i don't look at all is separate disjointed things like i'm not gonna go in there and i'm not gonna try this thing then try this thing and try that thing and then hope something works out it's like i follow like like a path train of thought why i'm i'm i'm in then while doing everything else so it's like this is what i wanted you right now and these are the possible reactions is possible things that could happen and we're going with option three okay this is these are the possible right now and i follow it like like like a path from whatever happened from what i'm doing right now that determines everything else afterward and i just kind of folly
and so it's very everything is very organically done and i'm improvising all the time i've been pricing on a fighting of i'm improvising in my career i just know the concepts of what i want to accomplish in my career i don't know exactly what i'm going to do it now walk in and i'm going to armbar that person you know i don't right now know exactly what i'm going to retire exactly how to do it but i know what's going to happen at some point a nominal vote will no longer be undervalued in an orderly undefeated unknown i'm goin to retire at some point but still i'm still so far away that i can't say exactly how i'm still following the path in the train of thought to get and we know one she wins me i know what so quick no injuries training healthy happy smart intelligent back to back wins wish you good fight threephase ear you know because
well she was in there not over a minute for this last three fight me how you gonna know when to stop and what what do you think you'll be able to just walk away but that's why look failure on doing all others back to this because what else is there for them to do so using the other stuff will be sufficient insufficient really exciting yeah i want to build it but nothing tell but enough where it's ready for me to do full time when i want to switch over you know i i've got a lot going on do you almost have too much going on why does wonder you doing movies right before your training for fights the middle of things and hard leg doing expendable and fast inferiors back to back right before going into account right away went through the third round with journals you know
you know i'd want to their ground and i notice that water only thereby still keep saying is because she had the movies right so first time gonna big movie free career and doing with all those big actors and she kept her weight very low and she i wasn't there because i had known tito's and vicks fight on ares fight and i couldn't go there to help her out during training time when she came back run the union because she always a door and wraps and she you know works on the bag in her hands and are not around him her hands already take that impacts you messed up or knuckles right away during training camp she was in fit you know she was and healthy and it took us she couldn't throw punches that fight still her during the third that's why when i leave the other day when we thought we're going to find misha the next friday so it's not healthy for her it's not going to be home a mission next time provides around
you know you know the scar on up all night i'm stickers or something like that from the lexus davis fight that is injury from that measure fight because i lost my calices while i was forming and so when i came back all the skein given my hands right away like bear like monopolies are gone is why you are failing to do any training at all no train the law by can do any impact on my hands because i push you have my hands out small stands leaves you have tiny fragile little hands like that like math bone lag is like the sahel armilly small and so i can't hit unless he professionally roused my hands on gaza and tape every single training session i can't hear any other way my hands like expire pretty much and so i was training really hard i'll run of mountains announced wrestling and i was doing
these things and everything that i could buy it i was having any impact on my hands i was shadow boxing what the way those doing everything ago but the eye can land thing and so i go home and all the skin comes off my hands then but i'm like a cat leave for fashion for just a few days so forget i'm just gonna score punch like this and so i was just open wounds i was punching open wounds for five days straight entire like a little i had a crater on the one hand and on the like a kite while little he'll live ass various and i'll come back when we find me on the arms again oh she scrapes whatever and then come back and it never heels the whole camp we just keep putting neosporin and peroxide in it and i just have like like a crater in my hand and it keeps falling off in the whole thing falls off and it gets bigger every time every time it falls out it's bigger and it's deeper and i start to see like the little like the fat like beads because it's like that
deep like i would look at it sideways and there would be a dead inside and then it would heal and then i'd be a huge lump and then they would whatever it was inside out first i was getting galen on my apple was and dumb finally like healed up enough where i can fight lena like but sadly not punch on it really at all rosa rip right off and i write verified hold edmund alice like this knuckle my right hand like fuckin while others do not break the wagon that have actually knocking out of the sphere i by then i had i can gating done about it i had to go straight to a man and then women mounted to care back to back now my knee is spoken up because doing to back to back and i can't take that much punishment all the time and my knuckle is leg still like super fucked up and unlike whatever and it keeps ripping off and company out and china he'll it back and ripping off and training of backing ripping off and training on the back and so
we get to the grand fight hand biggest surgery is gonna get my my hand on my knee worked on but then data like listen you could fight gina in february i'm an hundred in february december and like all i don't wait till december i want it butter fighter december if i fight in july and i want to be sitting rigorous that alongside covering rested for the mischief i feel good so i like i want i want to stay active in that time so i give me a fight right away so i was like okay i'm going to fight alexis davis it's just like i don't like that one so i was like alexis davis tina yeah it was gonna be gina cyrano and happening but so there was a big deal yeah so our to fight in the meantime salsa coquet cankered surgery and i can't get all things worked on now i'm the voter this fight and i'll do it afterward
and so when i went into the lex is fine and i remembered looking at this thing in my knuckles i feel like i could pull it out like a billig whatever the fuck is in there like i could get it out and there are times i was trying to surgery on it might put things out and i was point things out of my hand but as always porno their little beads slag little balls of things like i felt like i was vital point out my balls of fat or scar tissue and stuff like out of my hand but i felt like i even bible for the davis i don't feel like i could just rip it off right now pull it out but i couldn't do it because i was about to fight and i can do that to my hand i just wanted i just couldn't wait to get this thing out i felt like it was in there as i can see almost and then he had the first overran hand handwriting ever through in a fight i threw a ryan alex's head and the whole thing exploded down to the bone when life from the inside of a local all about than ever got good footage of it because and while i am on the sea it cause shoes all now you really
arisen worried for me when i'm doing a and sell there's like this tiny bit of footed elliot got round like holding my hand away from my mother and he is like looking around the corner then see it's like you never saw it was down to the bone all the way around my hand and the whole thing blew out we saw the rapper raps covered in blood when it fine but that's how you get rid of a ganglion cyst jeff like first and so it was actually gone ones that much is loaded and then as i was like a fool you know that's it that's what it was tat my hand her and then i realized likeable they lay i broke my thumb like walking around like on my hand out and ended up having to how painful it in and like all of us like a fragile idle hands have great chain but fragile i rather have at that no way round but yeah so that's that's my men knuckle comical and then i ripped open before last camp because this stupid was a commercial the protocol commercial and then i heard my pinky during the budweiser commercial
i didn't hear anything else during the camp at all i got hurt like the two like commercials right beforehand is one they promised people don't think about when they watch fights if their casual observers assort fighters went into camp with a new regulation on the red you know we do it but she punches sits natural i gotta get out here i'll take my kid martial arts class did outlining stairs you ought to know tat was cited three three ten i'm so wait for every three aspects through us thank you thank you enough funding anytime you guys want comeback open invitation being started which we can draw tendons like none other refund all right there give the idea of us because the best thing to do anything we again thank you everybody turning into the pod can just love you fuckers i'm so happy you listen thank you to respond
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