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#697 - Christopher Ryan

2015-09-17 | 🔗
Christopher Ryan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author of New York Times best seller "Sex At Dawn"
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there's an actual academy link on the website that website that link is for old with inspiration and motivation science like the the science of exercise physiology of nutrition the bodies absorption of nutrients auctions cool shit on a dot com and i d use code word rogan save ten percent off any and all saw blow man's my yesterday is the wonderful doktor chris ryan he's a great guy he's a good friend he's the author of sex at dawn a fantastically popular book sexuality and the origins of human sexuality and why we're such fuckin freaks just a cool book asia cool guy and a good friend i always i've talked on talking to and this particular conversation was jobs just excellent always enjoyed so
any further do pre ease please work my friend doktor chris ryan will gain experience chris right and i have decided that for my and still run is easy who just did that he lied about working in the september eleventh the twin towers during the september eleven that we're just gonna lie all day so this i cast is all bullshit everything we say michael logically if this this is about is a tough one for me because i really like steve he's a good friend i really like that i see the communist or other time of some for years i really like him then see this and i'm just like jesus christ you know what what gets me what gets me when someone does something like this is i
imagine what it would be like to be them too old some sort of a crazy lie and got stuck telling it where europe feeding it over and over again and then he s got its becomes like it's it's locked as i how do you erase it how do you go back and lie away especially if you transition from like a regular guy who just bullshit with his friends to a public figure i guess this guy got famous down right so then you ve got your lies that all your friends think are true and now you do in interviews with a fuckin wall street journal or whatever and if that comes up would you you stick to your guns or you humiliate yourself you know in yours private circle you know cause you gotta there's that the power he did humiliate himself in his private circle he porn ari and a few guys aside years ago
and told them that it wasn't sure no shit yeah that's interesting yeah me i guess it s been fuckin with them forever i was just you know good for you is coming out of the closet although he pulled out of the closet pulled out by the new york times linked in your times ganum they do their research and they found out that he in really work from maryland and i said
work from our wench like a year and a half dozen account manager didn't really work or maryland you as you say before the lights went out like what it what a dumb ass lie like oh marilla lynch account manager wow let me suck your dick i hope he is the only way to work for my eyes to vienna count and very little like i like how lies for chris ryan immediately translate why else why so july nothing is worth it i guess to get a better job or something i don't want a job at my entire life has been about avoiding ever having a job as blowjob writing books even just let me just get is how the way i don't have a job do that don't ever want to write another for my life even that i'm trying to get out of larry s what you're off their here you're listed abolitionist successful arthur and you like i want to do that did i wrote a book and
suddenly was running a business i never wanted to have a business i'm not a business guy what is the business chris ryan ink you know what it's like give like you're in the papers suddenly managers are calling you and lawyers and you ve got account you know you got the sort a parasite infrastructure that gloves on deal like those things on the bottom a boat tina and it's like i know of instant any accountants who wore parasites you know what i mean i mean and in so doing you know joe rogan enterprises is a huge thing you know and you must demonstrate a lot of time a lot of attention and so even in my you know micro scale it's just a giant pain in the ass it certainly can be a force only from me i don't think of anything that i'm doing as like really work work stuff i'll enjoy doing that happens to be in patient rather than ma am
for you know it also i mean what you're doing here at a level where you can afford to hire good people to help you i'm not my wife is useless he's a wonderful woman ogilvy run and she's good at certain things but you know produced papa gassed editing but you know this kind of stuff i need someone to do she i mean have to answer her emails you know she can't be bothered when you when you hear guy like this renovated story when you hear allied gazette does it free you and you know it here's the thing that freaks me out and it freaks matlock even like the shared from subway thing or when i read something some guy was math tat i forget what the arctic was it but i think that the articles about a guy who friends with a guy who turn out to be a murderer bout a guy got math dublin and gotten involved some rough sex with some prostitutes
killed her then sought her up and left her fuckin body in bags and shed could have been an accident which whenever i hear but anybody who just gone completely off the rails like that i owe you say ok if i has that guy if i was born in his shoes if i lived his life what i've been that fuckin guy like how much of what we are is dead as you know how much of what we are is based on the events that took place at have their complete the outside of our control about how much of it is how we were raised me we ve all heard people tell like terrible stories about how their parents raise them terrible stories about the environment their forced into any we wonder like how much of who each one of us is it is based on a bus shit it's completely outside of your control in heaven of these events that take place where's the jared from sir way saying or had my friend bear
criminals on who is this great media and a real icon in boston and bobcat gold wait did a film on him about his horrific childhood sexual abuse he was raped when he was four years old by his babysitters boyfriend and was her horrific horrific story and you know this is something completely outside this guy's control and how much of whom he is now is based and i will he's like in his fifty's and this is like still something is dealing with from when he was for you know it's just you what you are now is like this series of the series of events that have kind of a lot of i'm just laid out in front of you without you having any control over it at all now here we are in i see a guy that does something really crazy man this is like mine early crazy we're not talk
on a horrific crime like a bill cosby thing or something like that we're back to the committee and the other can we thought the chapter press law will mean the state run as easy my friend you know what would it what he did was just doesn't make any sense like you just wondering what it must be like pack to be that guy who's done just like this thing for no fuckin reason that doesn't make any sense and then has to stick with it just i mean that's my angle on these things instead of getting upset about me specially this was a browser relocation which resigned you feel like if you may if you were in the position he was in you might have done something similar i always worry that yeah i was whenever see someone do anything crazily murderer craziness or anything i would say well how much of who you are is because of your life expense it's his feet with a mulatto them outside your control your genetics your parents the work
environment that you were raised up in the people you came in contact with one you are young how much of that is who today in two thousand fifteen i think it's god dammit i think it's a lot and so i see this guy you know my friend and again stephen his easy what he did just dumb it's not evil it's not nobody got hurt you know i mean he might have heard someone's feelings people that actually were survive nine eleven that's pretend that's potentially possible but you know romanian rape anybody'd in murder anybody it's just fuck and what happened that has the brain get so sauce fuckin tweaked so and of the lies he's been busted for though i was in the twin towers and nine eleven is the one that evidence focused on renault and gives a fuck about lying about work from maryland re whether i don't understand why you would write like you said and also lead and also like you know
i would argue that anyone who was a survivor of nine eleven it was actually there has bigger issues about and security issues so i would argue he didn't really hurt anyone acceptance now that he's dino busted rational yeah you re so who gives a shit you know everybody everybody in public life is lying on some level right here you ve got a persona and you have to be true to their persona even but then i remember when i first i sat down with his producer dare to talk about doing a tv show and which also we never got made like most tv shows but when we were like putting together the whole how their summaries of the episodes and other sir he said what's your your honor who you gonna be on the show and i said what do you mean it's like i'm just gonna be me he's an hour you gonna be like the funny guy you gonna be there really smart perfect professorial guy
it's your image your persona gonna be i said i'm just gonna be me he said oh you you're gonna be authentic therefore whatever the authorities like no do you know you can't be a really authentic you the most you can be as quote authentic because you have to be the same every fuckin episode and come in one day and you're feeling pistol because you had a fight with your wife or you know you dire rio whatever that whenever your issue is you can express that you have to be the same guy you were last week but why is the consistency welt end without a medium medium is so limiting in that way that ie eight people expect that every week that's one of the cool things about a podcast is that they cannot do like when you do tangentially speaking you can kind of like all thank you be you nice yeah i try to but but still i am
conscious of the good the distinction between who i really am and who people are getting the impression i am and i too to be like just it'll last episode i did in the inter i did a little thing about just book were writing to me saying like what's it like to go from like some nobody in barcelona to ted talks and broken show and other stuff right what's that like did you like feel it happening did you expected did you is it like being on a river and it was just flowing that way or were use women toward it and so i tried to address it a little bit and what i said was in my very minuscule experience fame is like wine that tastes really good and can only get you drunk well it's in your mouth so you swallow it quickly i know it's not the best thing the other metaphor i thought it was like our care k so
in your mouth gets you john but if you swallow it you know i'm fine right ok so you i mean what i'm talking about someone comes up to you like they're like nervous and like oh my god it's joe rogue and you're like yeah i'm just just me right i mean you know the truth here just a guy but their region to do what they think you are which is so much more than what you actually what anyone you know that's the nature fame it's this bullshit thing that only has the value that people apply to write and their applying more to it than you are because you're u right and you know what it's like behind the curtain so but don't disrespect them either in you don't want in this respect what it is that they are experiencing in that moment even though its complete bullshit bright right i don't know what the fuck talk in a no no you're making sense gazeta if it's very confusing to people who don't know it but it's it's like a magic trick that if it tricks the magician he's
like an idiot like you are mad we bipolar dove out of my new lou now there was no fuckin davenant doves in your sleeve ass all you're hiding the dove i see what you do and you know it you don't but if you say i have this amazing ability to make doves you're out of nowhere and you really believe it will your moron you have a magic trick and being on television or being on the radio or in movies or whatever it is but whatever it is that people get attracted to you by your work by your me by you union author whatever it is they that thing makes you different then person instead of just like i appreciate talent i very much so when i can kind of be like a star struck when i meet someone that i really appreciate that i really admire of their work but i come to know what it is it's like i've seen enough times that
go hey there's a guy that fuckin sings are awesome song hey i love you shit man it's like it's a good thing but it's not i dont think of them is other than a human being but one of the first time ever met a famous person first times i ever met famous heap i couldn't believe i was seeing them realign wonder risk as it ever met i was in harvest in cambridge only remember the deuce name but here a bunch of like television dramatize learning and as like you're that guy from that show and i like you tell me what the show is asking a question you like one another with a t stop was wicked catch public trust data he approached you know he does you just he asked a question asked i don't know if i asked him if he was that guy first if he asked me but he didn't give a fuck is like a guy from that show did you guys know where this thing is we told them where it was like while we just saw that guy i still to this day don't fuck your lies at the very
and when i was little my uncle used to work for howard marks advertising my uncle is an artist and he worked for the company that drew the album covers four kiss so when i was like poor i guess only eight or years old maybe i don't know how somewhere in that age i met a freely who was the league horace to kiss and he always wore makeup and madame with no make up on and you know you combine a key it was a great hustle than they were make up when thereon stage but then offs age no one knew who the fuck there yeah really were huge superstar sell em out arena is wrong stars but they were just complete incognito other so this guy just walks into the office and my good new one keziah friends and these i go hey what's he doing was so confused i like his hat is how would he looks like
because you couldn't even see them like this this is pre internet but there was no photos of them available without their make out because like maybe one photo like a hand in front of them or something like that we really couldn't see clearly but to see in the flesh moving around a walking in talking or what the fuck i thought about that for years it's a pretty we'll thing because they i mean i don't know anything about kiss like if they were in masks from the beginning like with the make up from your way out of ireland be clouds and stop so like where they anticipating like while if we get famous you know we don't want to be recognised that the whole foods like they say they should come in they sought offered trading there i don't think so i think there was a style of i think these two colleagues glam rock is over these cod with david bowe in oh yeah i think that's what it's called but and i think it was just a hook nothing there hook
that they were going worse face paint on have the designs and a face like paul stanley was the star childhood star over his face and genes him and was the demon nieces spit blood and blow fire on stage may have appeared this was the cat and an ace freely use had he was like the space man and they have persona that they had they had adopted legal character and no one knew what they were and other names for fake too and pretty sure so like who they were when they are on stage and it was a sort of taken even further into fancy land by this make up and he's crazy costumes that they wore like they were boots jeanne simmons booted teeth on the bottom of a like you
this also nutty so bring it back to your buddy imagine you know your kiss in trying to pick up a woman in a bar and you like you do i'm jean simmons is right if i gotta hear it really work at marrow fuckin alliance i think they probably had so many girls coming up to them they never went to a barn threatening to meet people never went i mean they're trout poee just trying to say how many can i fuck in a day how many do have say no to this is not going to work out don't get if you do that for you probably they probably had like handlers handlers wrangler i heard an interview the other day with room forget his name but he's one of the main guise of iron maiden and which as a band i don't know but another huge rare and he's jack pilot when he fell commercial airlines for years
so he was like a nobody knew it was me up there you know i could just be fly in london the new yorker with airlines busier pilot were reaching out accusing how did it in any girl they play a gig in new york so here fly as a commercial air pilot and do a gig re mme bought a jet the united seven forty seven or somethin to fly the band around so now he flies the ban to the higgs how far and strain didn't john travolta fly commercially for quantities that things about me i know he's an accomplished pilot area dear friend of mine went flying with tom cruise he's gotta go one of those but biplanes none le loup the loop and she said man i almost puke donner because she was in front in other pylon back and she was like i was this close to two ralph and
over time grosso the pilot goes in back in the passengers in front and re how strange those old plainsman when you come when you see what it is this like wire frame with is like very the flat with handles nor does it make you go up and down and more rudder and they fought with those things remember the king old king kong king kong one with the king kong on top of the world trade center those things remember the king old king kong king kong one with king kong on top of the world trade with the world trade center of the empire state building bank lied about fucking liar these these climate of the empire state building in their shooting out what those planes old ricky world war one pull is pre world war to cause king kong i believe was the thirties the origin can they thoroughly also thirty three or something like that it was a talky right yeah
the timing early talkies we went over that yesterday that the first move these were actually eighteen hundreds for silent movies late eighteen hundred with the horses i want to show that the horses all the horses feet came off the ground at once now and on that story here that i think that was the first motion picture i am french guy yea there was a bat it's a long time since i may be foolish it here but i'm sure people are googling at even as we speak but there were tsar i think as the first motion picture was that they were to determine whether all of the horses feet came off the ground at once he set up it was like a bunch of cameras in a bank that sequentially shot they have available other really gone eighty nine there you go yeah second frame you can see all the horses feeder off the ground what was first movie ever made a first movie
thomas edison in eighteen eighty nine oh really thomas edison so this saying too bad such a prick apparently he was right in store teslas ideas it's hard to tell though that could be like one he said she said thing but obviously test was a super gene is an edison electrocuted a fuckin elephant for fun weren't to show to scare people here against dc riches hilarious while against a cdc against alternating current idea was what was the standard rate and eighty deasey alternating current was what tussle had invented so that you could plugin all sorts different devices their aid less power president anderson already had a business thing yes yes didn't want it and even the tassels idea was better yes more tests lose a weird weird weird guy man but you cannot have to be to be that fuckin
modern and figure out their indifferent things better so that this back a little bit worried talking about before with the you know the person i've i've got this idea that most of the people who rise to positions of prominence in western society are troubled in some way so like you know you try my geniuses like you you have to be a genius is a certain kind of distortion right right i think einstein said that the smart man controls is minded geniuses controlled by it europe's there's an obsessive quality to it right and i wonder if the extent which our euro this this is the sole book i'm writing this it see was that if if you say the underlying structure of civilization is essentially pathological then it makes sense
the leaders the people rise to prominent positions within that society will predominantly be pathological is that necessarily true like zuckerberg like a girl create something like facebook xilai path logical well you know you would i would look at him and say i don't know the guy of course i saw the movie that's as close as i too am but does he seemed like a balanced healthy character to me you know it seems like a lot of a lot of votes which created is created by sexually frustrated adolescent men voice rang and he would probably fit into that area in right i mean that wasn't the whole thing like a dating a way to meet chicks at harvard was in that the that was able to observe and i think it was a dating outgoing now remember i was in the makes sense though yeah
so anyway we'd freud talked about this in civilization its discontents that you know civilization is built on deflected sexual energy and if we were all just getting late as much as we wanted nobody would do anything that's that point and also if you really concentrate on what is healthy in quotes was held these friendship and fire none of those really stack up points you know it's yours like monetary you know if you want but you can we can put you back what you can show as far as like your real estate holdings and right in all that look at i fancy stuff like that that's really what people look to when they look for the gauge of success the gauge of success is almost always attached money right and that's it and if you get to the point where you see through money or fame or power these these burton these metrics are socially accepted van
you become you know what the jesus figure the buddha the user to check out too in turn on drop i'll write you in your loser eleven exit endured for influencing the direction society has weird like it's weird our ideas like knowing the temporary nature of life it's weird that our idea of success is based almost entirely on the possession of things and that of course feeds into the powers that be right the consumerist change the change nature into plastic dinner which seems to be what we're about by have a weird theory about this that have repeated before so in interest of saving the and the attention span of the people it listen i think that the reason why people are hooked materialism the reason why so attractive is because ultimately what its doings propelling technology and innovation and that the more
we become obsessed with acquiring new as late as great as things the more it will put innovation these newest laid his greatest things and the region for that is where ultimately creating an artificial life and i think that we are technological caterpillar that becomes some artificial intelligent butterflies and that what we are doing is creating a new life form we just we're so we're so arrogant that were we think that we are the only light this is the only life it's possible but meanwhile will we're doing is wee wee wee have been born into these inefficient these biology oh entities these shells that how's our imagination and that eventually will escape them or create something that makes us obsolete more likely the ladder yeah i'm i'm grapple
with these very issues right now at the end of this book grier yeah have you ever read a cabin kelly or heard of him now he's very deep thinker and in artificial intelligence and the internet add all gonna start very interesting guy in and systems like how systems self organized and like you know like they take gum high speed film of flocks of birds and they see that the individual birds are reacting to other birds the flock is reacting quicker than individual birds can can react theirs there's what they call phase change where you shift from a group of birds to a flock of birds are a bunch of fish to a school of fish where the where everything starts functioning very differently right and like for example did you know that locusts and grasses
first are the same animal be i did completely crazy reacts as a matter of going well yeah when when it rains and so then there's a lot of food they replicate you know they reproduce really quickly so now you ve got the population density and then the food starts to dissipate because the waters going and now they get very tight poppy nation density and they become locus which brains change their legs change the coloring changes their behaviour changes and they its warming so too with ass food this warm yeah when the while the food is restricted so they get into you know like awaits us or something so they get into smaller areas because the water from the big the right first it right and so you get lots of them then the water starts to disappear right in evaporates of few days or whatever and the food is less and less so their concentrated and its when their pact tightly that they shift
into locusts and that's when they swarm and they go out you know and wipe out anything they can find but then they can shift back to grasshoppers again so i'm sort of arguing in this book that civilization is win our species shifted to locus phase shift into a locust form and we swarmed been swarming ever since but work to run out of material and you know like the fish stocks are down the waters gone like everything's wherein the age of no more time to argue was watching this document and the other day about the nineteen seventys when they're talking about the nineteen seventy three hundred million less people in america in amerika the erika and like the world population resilience yes but that's stunning hundred million me think about if hundred million people died today in america would be a fucking enormous tragedy of epic proportions but that was just the numbers a few decades
for decades ago whatever it was you know whenever you know no pick a number that's fucking crazy that's crazy two hundred million people is a lot to gather in inside of fifty years that's that's really remarkable and yet and we're still talking as if growth is the natural and uruguay it's the weighted that's the only way to be rather we need growth we need growth there there worry that reproduction levels are below zero in japan in spain and some other countries why we worry that right i mean short term it's a problem because you know of young people to work and pay for the old people whatever but long term imagine how great the fucking earthward if there were one billion people on earth that was something that came to mckenna in a mushroom trip hee hee
ass the mushroom how to save the human race and they said every couple reproduce only with one child and the human race we saved that's it we have to do is significantly lower population and you know with mortality and accidents in it now causes an audio the jazz take control actually this is gonna be historic i am a little i met and the book right where i the prompt publisher requires a prescriptive like what's next you know what do we do with all this kind of chapter which i hate doing but i'm definitely have to like having a solution take away their a phrase that they love is what's the takeover takeaway gonna have a final ass mister i gotta yeah it is their guns been on the mantel piece through the whole play somebody's gotta get ya can't and the movie like no country for old men anxious i just wanders off and like the fuck nor is the resolution
but you know i've been reading kevin kelly reading other stuff and i've come around you and duncan and i have always had this sort of three way debate about the future humanity and all that and ice ice three scenarios one of which is the one you just outlined where we are a transitional life form that gives birth to take no intelligence and spreads out into the universe in whatever and the another is sort of apocalyptic collapse and mad men though not madman mad mad mad because advertising executive nearing radiography labelling lot of smoking and but the other one which i'm actually you know if i were a bedding man i probably wouldn't put my money on this but i'm i am encouraged to think about it i read but recently called future perfect
do you remember the off stephen johnson is the author another internet tech web guy right and he makes is a really strong case which i've heard you make you to me actually that the internet is first of all it very very early days for the internet and it opens up revolutionary possibilities like bs on anything that happened or species in the past the fact you and i right now are talking to hundreds of thousands of people with no sponsor telling don't say that don't say this and that i can do no we can talk should about monsanto we can talk shit about the u s government we can do whatever we want that is really revolutionary and the effects of that or impossible for us to really predict and its international re it doesn't respect national borders it anyone anywhere its archived it you noted it functions
critically and horizontally that's really something and you one of the examples he uses in his book is kickstarter in two years after they launched starter was already spending more supporting artist than the national endowment for the arts in two years and now it's like three times that that's amazing right who would that there were so many people who are like i'll give twenty bucks to that guy out support that and you know this just with this technology you are able to do stuff i was reading about his tribe in the amazon the other day who are basically taken over defence of their land because the governments useless and do so they ve got legally there completely justified but the loggers keep come in and you know invading so they ve set up like gps you it's all around and in motion controlled cameras and
they're using technology to trying to defend their land and document in incursions and stuff i was thinking like would it be cool to set up a crowd funded thing where you could send twenty bucks to this tribe in the amazon to help them by a fuckin motion detect a camera tat boy drone why not railing you know about kieva now cuba micro loans in it just a website like kickstarter where you going kieva you put two hundred bucks in and you they ve got all these people who have applied for loans to pick a country el salvador ok you go through you look at all the their pictures like ok i need hundred fifty bucks to buy a goat because i may go yogurt and sell it in the village ok give twenty five bucks she phase of egg there there repayment rate is over ninety nine percent because they ve got people country who verify that everything's cool and this is a real fang in whatever so
then the money gets paid back to your account after they their golden ape sullen of yogurt and then you can take your money out or you can recycling and i go to ugandan let's find somebody in uganda we can help and put in a roof on the sharp rise in it completely you to them and the company just you know is that it's like tinder anything else it's it's just away to connect really cool now in its your money and if you don't want to do it anyway take your money in your out these new sort of non capitalistic ideas or one one of the most beautiful things about the internet like these sort of organs created ideas like kickstarter crowds funding ouch surfing yeah you know like you how the sharing economy he calls it it's his term is pure progressive and so then like what's gonna happen if
you know we can get the oligarchs out of the way and make internet direct voting that's ultimate future right internet direct voting where it's not no longer electoral college we don't look at things in terms of states but we look at her of the mass of the race or the mass of the human organism what what benefit that is it the problem is there's been people urban candy fed they ve been baby fed for so long that it's almost like there it's like taking person who's been in solitary confinement locked up like a veal and forcing them to run an altar marathon it's like you just right you not prepared for this you're not condition for it you don't have the resources to pull off and informed version of the future in our yeah but you know that
and again it's really weird that i'm the i'm arguing the hopeful side here but with a fact we said this is gonna be a bullshit address the fact that i believe that it is one thing i would say about human nature is i get asked a lot what's human nature you know i think strong as they i can say about human nature is humans want to do what everyone else is doing that oh who really good we're not gonna think it through while i go everyone else's killings as well as our kelson jews than everyone else help hates black people than i had by people game just cool boca gay marriage is cool like look how fast that change i was gonna bring that up when you were talking about the birds like the birds
moving in a flock in a way where they're moving in such harmony that they couldn't possibly react into each other is out what happens with mob mentality i guess so yeah and i think you know in humans it's mom mentality its fan lang like that that hysteria beetles lady that's what i was thinking like just insanity yeah i mean with there is you know that greater than the sum of its parts right down that phenomenon like there's no you know in greece or a different thing but most flocks of birds those starlings you seen you in that thing there's no less yeah right there's nobody saint area let's go to the left now we're gonna there's no clarity aggravating mimics in half an hour i sure fish in swarms of locusts and in fact in one of these books by kevin kelly talks about how they were doing the artificial the guys who did them batman one of the batman movies and their due
special effects on august they were bats there were flocks of that they needed to replicate on screen and they ve the to set up a logarithm where each bat would react to the other bats near it in certain according to certain variable calculate calculations and then they just set it loose and it formed a flock of buffer so it's like it doesn't even have to be alive it just has to have certain consistent responses yeah what the fuck are we talking what we're talking about human beings owing a mob integrity or do you think they were ass i think the evidence is there were super organism more than wherein in individual yet we'll see i did him in the book and and do you know i hope this is making people want to read it when it comes out not like i had heard all this shit but
i did was i started by saying your individuality is itself an illusion cause ninety percent of your weight once get the water out is aid of no no not your way ninety percent of your dna of the dna that can constitute your body is not your dna it's the dna of micro organisms that on i mean you right so i got into the hold the the whole lumm because intestinal fauna and on our yeah and its so you couldn't exist without that so each of us is a community right now so and then you go to the the higher level and it's just the same thing the we each of us constitutes an organism right well we are part of this thing that we can really see because you know we're part of it it's it's hard is like fish don't think about
water brien's not considered because we always like to think of ourselves as individuals but the evidence is there that we insanely lonely war by ourselves and we we built eric and finally is the worst thing you can do to someone in jail means really crazy and if you think about human beings like being isolated and being lonely and then the increase but joy that they have when they find civilization or people someone alone on a raft there nothing about well i'm alive lay i'm just think about my life and that no they like got gotta find people have defined people again if you have all the food in the world if you're floating around a boat law did see you're incredibly sad like we have same intense need for each other too to be a knighted bonded with each other and for not we're we're fucked now we're like where was some strange sort of super organism i mean a video when i had
two thousand and five showtime special and i did this video about four hang over the earth and then you fly in los angeles and if you the earth as a host for life and you know our bodies you get we say that our bodies are host for life because of the organisms we just talked about the fact is more equal in your body than there are people that have ever lived ever means it's amazing and all that stuff is important for life knew it but we fly in los angeles new flying over that just gigantic mass of cities like the earth is an organism or what it what our people what's it looks like a growth like los angeles looks like a growth it looks like a growth on the super organism like mould on a sandwich and if you saw more than a sandwich you dont think of individual pieces of mould with individual identities and personalities just c mon now and i think that the same
thing could be said about human beings there we're just so close to it with see the forest for the trees and weed see ourselves objectively we don't go worth were one thing or one big thing that's making technology mean that that's essentially what we are one big thing is willing to sacrifice the very fucking air the very air that we need to stay alive what wooing willing to blacken that shit up in order to produce you know in industrial goods yeah yeah it's interesting i hope that's not the way it's going but it's sort it feels that way that's the trajectory were on at the moment when i'm hoping is that the the internet gambling i look the gay marriage thing and a lot of stuff is big ugly that happens on the internet but the idea that there is for first time ever the potential for an order species mind yeah
species level mind what's the first thing conscious mind becomes aware of its own mortality so me be maybe what's happening is as these synopsis are connected for the first time ever and there's this super and for a super organism becomes aware of what is what it's doing and suddenly it's like stop this crazy this is crazy we're killing ourselves we can understand that at a species level then we can change it right i mean we the passive technologies there we all know how to figure out anal sex is better in our let's make anal sex the waiter now for reproduction that's hugger mecca about this with a great deal with now i know there's that i know what you're saying you i i think
any idea non reproductive say ass yeah yeah sodomy is where it that he sodomize words that big teachers love this law protein income do you then that i only after each and by the way you where i saw your rhonda rousing whenever you yeah and anymore you ve really funny you said the good is it would lipstick you know it's like right here this is where the dick goes right and i was thinking you know that is why and how lipstick was invent yeah egyptian hookers you know that was hookers yes egyptian hookers to advertise that they specialised in blowjobs why so if you saw hooker with a red lips is like she's a cheese blowjob specialist how do we know that was our written somewhere problems i regret fix it i trust that i read it in the history of sex by somebody or other we lost so much of what egypt was all about and they burn the library of alexandria us sinclair edible because if you if you see what they were able to accomplish with so much of what our key
just send historic and do when they go back and they look at what egypt what they accomplish dislike trying to figure out why and how the fuck all this stuff was done for all we have is what's left on the walls so crazy all day have literally they have the rosetta stone and they have the hieroglyphs and that they have the the architecture and then they have to try to like back engineer and decipher does day there's like a dozen dick theories about how they built at the pyramids they didn't really just guesswork son alien suppose aliens i don't think that's true either i think is much more likely the advice civilization rise and decline is much more likely and as we're learning more about geologic catastrophes as were learning more about asteroid impacts and things along those lines it's way more likely that will you
looking at when you're looking at a lot of the ancient structures that existed we can't totally explain was that something happened like a civilization and reach a very high level and then probably were hit by giant rocks from space and very few people survived but the people who did survive sort of re figured out all the things over the course of a few thousand years just like we have i mean you go back a thousand years ago she's got a thousand years ago go back to one thousand fifteen people apes you're talking about like english cause they're riding horses no one's gonna car the shoe arrows at each other no one's got guns i mean this you're talkin about craziness you're talking about a crate he parlor where they have catapults and shit that was what the world was two thousand years ago so in a thousand years we ve gone from genghis khan too four elon musk making teslas gang
kind of eleven thousand year are essentially a thousand years so magic in what we're talking when new like at rand karlsson on my part tat was a fascinating guy who absolutely obsessed with asteroid packs and studied them is entire life and as time has gone on more more of his work has been vindicated especially by core samples here believes that there is enough proof that the stone that the ice age ended because vast rural impacts and he had thought this way before they had figured out stuff collar thing it's called trite night they found evidence of what they call nuclear glass all throughout europe in asia and in all is around twelve thousand years ago it's all around the same time the ice age ended and he thinks it was the cat list for the end of the ice age and probably wiped out a gigantic chunk of humanity there was this massive asteroid impacts all over the planet and that they just fuckin killed
most everybody or a huge percentage and everybody whose left sort i had a re figure out how to make buildings we figure how to engineer society and then they were left with the skeletons the architectural skeletons of the past year they would look at stone and look at it now go back tapie or these giant ancient structures and go through what the fuck was what's this all about who did this how they do this they would try to mimic yet or create their own and that what you're looking out when you look at many these ancient structures is just whatever would be left when a jew chunk of civilizations wipe down people to start all over again ever readable called the world without us i've heard about it isn't right it's a good book it's it's basically taken that same thought pattern in applying it to now so what would happen if people all disappear right now and so he talked to engineers in new york for example like so what would happen
right now nobody there no people what would happen like while the pumps would stop there pumps they keep water out of this the substructure of manhattan right so that fish up with water ok than how long's it take for the vote anchors and skyscrapers to rot arrest away and were you know corrode so this sk i restart following its figures all that out like one animals would go feral and survivors dogs or fuck that all dogs would be eaten like immediately cats would survive the railing i am but about farrell dogs idea this populations affair dogs that exist even in america today oh yeah they killed some old couple said bead night i was that make sense better predator you re a more pro active profits they just don't let that yeah i met a guy in colorado that is april sessional mount mine hunter and they get hired oftentimes like
whether or not you knew it california employees professional mountain line killers because they don't have it hunting season on mountain colorado or edna california rather in colorado they do and so they they they wildlife organization they measure the population the calculated and they decide how many would be viable to take to keep the community of them healthy but to protect the elk popular asian and then dear population and so then they again accordingly only release tags and tags or with the hunters used to go out and legally kill these animals or carefully doesn't have that some california they d have i think he said three different guys that kill an indeterminate amount of mount lines a trouble mount lines they have all throughout california they travel round kill his fucking things because if you don't than they
overpopulated and then they become a problem with dogs and people and joggers and shit like that but there's groups in cash morning particularly like extreme wildlife advocates that want that they want no more hunting what they want to do is reintroduce wolves and grizzly bears to california so that those anna this control all the game populations to a sufficient level where which is really like is not very well thought out because then no one controls their population except assassins they have to hire assassins to go out and kill the grizzly bears that start encroach into civilization and the wolves start moving on people's livestock they have to hire people to kill them its is fascinating idea of animal management that these people are like juggling back and forth with machine people that are pro hunting in the people that are conservationist or the wildlife advocates really fascinating stuff
are you you remind me of something i just read recently about the cobra fact it's called it refer as to the unintended consequences of trying to control wild animals and it started when the british were in india in new delhi the local authorities decided to deal with fact that there all these cobras living in the sewers and you know the causing a big problem so they instituted a price for each day cobra that you would bring in they pay you about it right so that where to really well with arrogant rid of a lotta cobras then people started breeding them to make money so suddenly there are we risk having an end they realize their being play so then there like fact that they stop paying the bounty so
the breeders have thousands of cobras it outlines a just let him loose to say end up with a much bigger problem many thought you resolve austria has done that to austria had a problem with the us trillion didn't really have large mammals or rather a new zealand in really have large mammals but australia introduced certain predators to try to deal with introduced animals like rabbits introduced ravished australia but they didn't have natural predator so they brought over foxes and then the foxes aid two shitload rabbits and then got the controls are leading ground nesting birds and decimating the population of groundless me i can't tell you can't engineer a fox to only eat rabbits but they never did get a hold of the rabbit population the rat they put up fences to try to stop the rabbit from moving into new areas but they weren't quick enough and the rabbits got through the
answers as they are building the fences the rabbits flocked their way through to the other side offences and just fucked and made more and more rabbits are then they want to introduce a fox is over there then they wanted to bring in predators to kill off the foxes gets a clusterfuck of human beings trying to some are another manage nature in every time it gets away predators and pour especially things like like a rabbit that can just breed like crazy in an environment where they now they ve did really didn't have a natural enemy there's a great documentary called cain toads about the same thing australia where they there is some guy that was eating their destroying sugar cane and in hawaii their able to grow sugar and the grub is undercut because they have these big toads they eat the grub so they bought that in toadstool australia and introduce them and he's told your like that big third there
mean they're like the size of sixteen out state can other massive what a fucking that's a frog and they're everywhere odor and they just like gone crazy and the movie is really funny cause it's like me people and their encounters with these kane toads in there strangely in southern just naturally funny i can eat them no no but they do have to fourteen it if you like them you can get really high but if you dogfights wine the ad heal your dog and yeah there so tat the it i don't know man it it makes you think like you know that super organism ideas were a little bigger than a state party right that is so big itself does it looks like i like a large bass movies so funny it opens the scene it's like early morning and the fao
is sort of its foggy hillside in there's a road and you see van coming down the road and serve swerving rare rule swerving era and gradually realise that he's running over as many painters as he can and they're all over the road he thinks he's hid it mixed kate maybe dogs about how if you hit it just right we're like where facing the van and you seal its mouth it pops in whose this pics will arrive so many of them that they just run over i'm in a row they're everywhere man and they did the same thing is you were talking about they don't need that jobs they eat everything else they my stayed rats they'd i'll censorship and they have no natural predators and their boys a poisonous control what the proposal to try manager i don't know what they're doing now i saw this movie like twenty years ago at the margaret mead film festival in new york and i've lost
track of the cane turn issues since then ensure do you know what happens with rabbits at every seven years rabbits have a die off oh really are rabbits apparently all like farmers and ranchers were tell you they go in these grey cycles these seven year cycles and writing the population in a lot areas very high warehousing colorado did that this is where the guy was explain you just their place two days ago the guy who i was with he explained to me but i had heard it from both a few people before that populations get extremely high and then a disease comes along and wipes amount and its clockwork it happens every seven years and then you find very few rabbits and then seven years later it'll be a swarm again it just takes a few years for them to rebuild back up and then thereby and then the same thing happens again a new disease kicks along maybe the same disease on it now but this cycle of or die offs of great population growth in dialogues and
this guy was arguing that i was hanging out with in colorado who sang ill it's quite likely that what we're looking at is a natural cycle and that it could be applied to the human race as well there's a beautiful book which i have recommended many timescale the short history of progress by ronald right canadian scientists and its eight looks at every civilization its existed you know the mayans the sumerians roman easter island always different civilizations any shows that they all follow the same lifecycle i know what you're saying that there is an organic rise and then there are certain conditions that happened just naturally one follows the next and then decline and you know you see it happen again and again and again yeah it's like the tide now its end in its outright it seems
to be like a cycle that exists in almost everything in nature that there's theirs some sort of a balancing factor that occurs with any system where you get accumulation of one particular species or one particular thing and then it dies off when it comes back and i mean it could be argued that that's what the asteroid the fact is that at some sort of an inoculation from space will it also life apparently came from astro yeah dryad sales burma yeah got adelaide airy that even the building blocks of life like simple life like them you know ass its great at all those things came by stars and then when you find out that i human being really essential is made out of start dust in order to have carbon based life you have to have a star explode you gonna start singing in too crazy man star the swiss fuckin shit only mitchell the others a bunch of them
by the way while we're talking about your failure like carbon yeah to get with regard to the guy crosbie still yeahs who's this it's on woodstock we woodstock we go to woodstock we start us we are golden we are billion year old carbon out to get our way back to the garden beautiful it was they were happy days i love there ass a dirty feet love one year with yeah that's a good one do you like that has the theme song decides that i should like you should get a c d with the book or something funny i've met quite a few girls who read your book and when they do read your book is one of two reactions one action is thought that guide the other reaction is it's time to be a whole hundred is gonna get your free god i'll start there's comic a couple weeks ago and she was saying if you read this book us courts
exit dawn echoed yeah go to authorise a good friend of mine and she goes fuckin so right it's so right in our meal of theirs she's a freak like filing seventy gave her a freak licence exaggerated seventy came along with phd next to his name said it's what do you mean it's all right i'll man i've done so many beautiful emails from women yeah again some angry ones too but some really beautiful lines from whether they say you know like and even some of the most moving ones are the ones where they say like i get my mom now you know that's what really touches me like i get it i ride she wasn't bad
like to fuck you know and funny in those days that was a big problem weird thing that we have such a conflicted relationship with on one hand we sell everything with sex we use it to sell cars and fuckin houses and everything is so much so that a normal look for a woman normal in a business environment is exposed legs just think about it what kind of a business environment would be of men walked around with thongs wooden exert heavy and we await the fuck are you doing men had like little short skirts that they would work we was just you can lift up the sure the skirt your cock would be right there dead that's not acceptable but we we women are so desirable and said is so desirable that we accepted this idea that a woman's attire could be like the
easiest possible thing to fuckin like literally panties just pulled it aside and skirt edith lift up and it's on far high heels which looks here you know your entry in an uproar what's a bra you know i mean drought is about why here it is its it shall take shelter is letting everybody now it's right here come and get it yet on the other side you another none of this is to say that women should buy into this if they don't want to or that the avowed objective eyeing i mean about defying is a complicated thing is i think we all objectify constantly right but you know this guy there's a big controversy a week or so ago some guy a woman sat a lawyer in england sent it tried to contact senior lawyer in this firm through linked in to get job and he wrote back and said well
you know that we don't have a job right now but i tell you your photos stunning and i'm sure you'll have lots of success and so then she calls them out for sexual exploitation because he said her photo was stunning that was it this a compliment is that only said lego is not likely to have dinner nothing just like your photo site so became is deal and guy like you know half the people are saying the guy's a creep out an attack creep shaming is an interesting thing you know if you are over fifty you should never be actual you shouldn't be sexual yeah you a thirty year old girl you piece of shit right you're pedophile creep she's twenty two yeah why would you be attracted to her she's a
a view woody allen nudist you disgust me with your sexual irish no fuckin see alice induced high authority of standing up for people i really appreciated the article you wrote recently i was men's men's lifer runaways about handsome maxim that was really nicely done man thanks where seriously as a guy who's not in great shape i appreciate yeah the concept what they wanted me to write something about the human body but getting in shape or whatever and it just occurred to me to make comparison to a human body and sand castle vienna bodies like sand castle that the reason why and causes are kind of cool is because you know that they're not gonna last yeah i was really well done in annex i mean that it called you know them the mandela the idea of building something beautiful there's gonna be away ass he had done with it i often think
life that way not physically so much but like i feel i mean my mid fifties now i feel like i'm starting to figure it out yet as part of the problem right by the time you realize the hustle the foot game is almost like learning how to dance in their turn in the lights on saddam probably also what contributed to all these fucked up civilizations is the people who live to be like thirty of your really lucky so you're just constantly on momentum like running down hill where you couldn't stop by and then the barbarian hordes cut your head off and then hopefully along the way you fucked and left behind some of your genes and then they fought and people just died often these giant shocks when the rats came into your cities are carried fleas at him and then finally we develop the ability to fight off diseases collate ourselves from certain viruses
the walls to keep out the barbarians build up stockpiles of foods they we didn't have to constantly huh and gather and then everybody when i think you make something circular we can roll it call it a wheel and then instead of pushing things long and then they set in the eu could argue that that agriculture and that civilization was the downfall but you could are also argue it was the beginning of real thought the beginning of relax thought because had the opportunity to innovate while you had the surplus of food that you could have people who thought for a living yeah and then the machine slowly starting to plot our demise they started with the get listless and could be a wheel man i can carry out putting on i gave an easier for you hey do you know if you just fuckin make a silo you could put all your grain in the silo yeah exactly have stockpiled in next thing you know you get steve jobs oh yeah lily
i mean i remember in the past when the eighties when my boss gave me a beeper puzzling o cool i get a beeper now and within two days is like you might as well put a fuckin leash around my shadow it's like this isn't helping me this is for you you fuck about people that are required to answer emails over the weekend yeah there's a lot of jobs that you required answer emails at night the weekend you have to constantly be aware you have to have your fathers who certain companies that require people that are employees to have their phone with no vacations are turned on so that an emails come in through for the company instantly answer them even when you're not gonna work you're working you you jobs especially when it comes to silicon valley and these really very competitive tech industries there's a lot of like debate as to when you should not have to answering email when is it ok give boss send you an email at seven o clock at night you don't respond to six clock in the morning when you wake up awayward as you could get in trouble
and therefore can drug testing you petra you know smoke we'd fuckin last we can do come to work and to thank you for you're kidding me this is slavery doubt ones not that s slaves were moving back to spain but indeed oh are you oh yeah really i mean this was always a temporary visit this was a slow nomadic trip through northeast portland and then spain well he was i mean first there was vancouver right canada and then we're in nicaragua for the winter then we went back to incur the we came to allay for the winters when dinner you and i duncan started doing there parade and all that i was living in topanga but it's all right like a slow move and then we went to portland for a year and a half and now we're gonna go back to barcelona what made you decide back here what we are always plan into go back and we we sort of flirted with may be staying for a while but
i was a doctor and for her to get a licence in the u s would mean like going back to medical school essentially what she's not going to do right again she really likes working shazam worked in four years while we ve been traveling so that's an issue like if she's gonna continue practicing but also just we really like spain and i've lived in spain most of my life by in barcelona longer than i have lived anywhere else real about barcelona that more appealing in america you know when i first got to spain felt i i travelled a lot and i was actually on my way somewhere else but i got robbed him united ended up hanging out in the way spanish people see life is much closer to the way i see life and so even though raised in america i never felt like country never really made sense to me how well like
we're just talking about legwork materialism materialism eve you know that's all about money spanish people that the expression is we work to live we don't live to work grey the other now like spanish cars there's no cup holder if you won't do you want during pull over in a cafe and get a drink there no to go cups you wanna call dora cafe they really yeah there's it's like so much to tell them about cups it lives on a first round those helps crazy civilized even fuckin cave people set ups you know even though spain is you know officially a catholic country there's so much more chilled out about sex about sex outside a marriage like whatever just don't tell me about it that's the sort of normal way to deal with it women no you look i've lived in spain twenty three years or something right i get accustomed when i see a beautiful woman i look at her
and she knows i'm looking at her and she appreciates it and she smiles and i smile and everybody's happy come to him take a look at a woman like that you're fuckin rapist right you know i raping me have you heard that micro in rations i mean fuck your micro grazed enough i don't want to hear it you're not a fucking dwarf i don't wanna hear about gimme a break in this country's just knots man and like it in feel bad because there there i love people here a great friends here there a lot of things i love about it like you know work why it's the best place to be by life wise farc i love spain you got to lunch with a friend its problem really gonna go till five or six o clock there always hangs out yeah like restaurants where i am sent in a restaurant and we're talking the waiter first while the waiters gonna come four times and ass you know how is everything our you allow the house you day going fuck you get away
turning to talk to my friend you around there have them those countries that are still working on that this work is fuckin lunch but my work and on that get out a year drive me crazy tat s true percent i go to portland i fuckin bureau by a crisis and a cup of coffee there's a big tipp jar i run my credit card did ten percent fifteen percent you just handed me a fucking bag and our cup on supposed to give you fifteen percent extra would that's cause bosses to fucking cheap to pay you a decent wage that is true that is exactly what it is i like the tipp thing because i like being generous unlikely option to make someone happy by giving them a nice tipp but it is kind of fuck that like waiters in wages is don't even make minimum wage right that's that's true anymore soldier asked her that's crazy to me that that seems rude it seems evil it seems illegal it's humiliating now
because they have to like smile and give you his fate cheerfulness there was an article that was written recently about that about the emotional toll of requiring people to be artificially happy and that its not productive and that like the artificially happy people that answer phones and ask questions and and how are you today sir and how's everything like requiring people to do that work for you not only is it not productive it it it where's the mouth and it makes him less productive at other things that you probably need them too because there's like i'm there's a mental there's an energy that you need do that that you could be doing and direct towards something that's actually productive news like failings one thing you want to be rude but just being efficient is if you dont have to have this like fake sort of smiley bullshit but that fake smiley bullshit people require it like especially people were customers
the customer is always right like that kind of nonsense like this relationship or the customer has to be massaging catered two instead of appreciate is a fellow human beings there's like an established relationship between the customer and employ the er employee is rude sir i'm sorry is there any way we can make it up to you i don't know i might be taken my business outlandish yeah you tell me if that was about friendship you billy curlew go fuck off make a new friend dickhead spain that's the reaction you'll get ass well that's nice you go into a shop bc the in spain i bitch all the time to write so take you will agree to sell but you may each about spain well the way they can waiter the people a rude if exactly that is true that we want the obvious nine service is not as good it's not no because they don't get paid tips and they don't give a fuck we should probably give a fuck like this should be up there
middle ground there somewhere i think that is the middle ground dried i think like in spain you go into a shop to buy whatever and the woman's on the phone with her boyfriend she gonna finish your conversation before she comes to help you right but i mean for example i went to spain a few months ago to renew my residency paperwork and all that anyway a typically spanish experience where this kind of thing in america you would you know go online and fill out this thing and you call the irs and be on hold and then you get some grumpy asshole in philadelphia and buddy would all had done pretty quickly in spain you go to this office and there like any our yonah really friendly a nice at all no its not this office you have to go to this other officer sorry ok here the other is there really nice but ass another right office either they misinformed you and but no got any like mileage as they say in spanish which is like bad milk literally which like bad intentions so
it's three days and its kind of a pain in the ass but it is repainting ass because you're having fun all the time everyone's nice array the roman are beautiful sir nice in spain they're nice guys you can go a cop in spain and be like hey man you know are clear and i remember literally turnip part my motorcycle on the rumble lessened in its no parking but there are motorists because everywhere and there's a cop stand and right there so i go over and i'm like i'm a foreigner aid can i put my bike here or not and he says legally now but nobody will say anything but can you imagine american coms and maybe this sixty when when with that of ever be said in this country after a long time ago and see that the legal system is spain it's a problem if your bothering someone naughty breaking the law if you're making a law and nobody says
thing the cops don't give a shit in america it's the law its did you break the law are you growing we'd on your terror we're flying helicopters with infrared detectors to catch you not did your neighbors complain or did you shoot somebody right in spain like i grew we'd all my tears for twenty years nobody said a fuckin word nobody cared wisely legal and spain like a lot of things in spain its kind not kind is tolerated and this is a really important cognitive difference between spain and the u s is tall it's for ambiguity like like in spain alternative like oh there's a parcel madrid soccer game really big deal right starts at eight o clock turn on the tv at eight o clock and there is still some fuckin sitcom on what's going on well i'm running late in the day start in ten minutes or
it's just can you here were you know there's a lot of acuity and no one really cares if it's not causing a problem whatever tat whatever so we'd for a long time we'd was illegal officially bites the cops didn't care so like if you're smoking a joint on a playground and a complex by he's probably gonna say dude what the fuck us go somewhere else get away from the playground kids here that's what would happen that's it that's it if you give him shit then maybe right it old escalate by have quotas no not have no quotas no property seizures there's none that stuff that's minimum mandatory sentencing property seizures of people know about it that would mean that they ve lesson them considerably those things are horrific and what they ve done the people
in addition they drag people into legal system oftentimes that completely innocent buddy seizures and not necessarily in many aids even a result of them catching you with something illegal it's catching them with too much cash a lot of people have got caught some states having was north carolina or south carolina some states we were really bad with it they would catch people it would be say like say if you were going to buy a car wiki colleagues on the phone how much you out of the car ten grand ok i got it so get your ten and you cash driving over this guy's house by the car and you have this and grand get pulled over the cobbler what you do ten grand i'm gonna buy a car while we don't believe you will take that ten grand and so they would take them ten grand in one case this police department had been a margherita machine with a ten grand that they stole from people that they thought were buying drugs so
a claim to think or by laying did think we stop and think about that they took them a monetary that wish to buy a drug machine which is what a margarita machine is i mean margarita mixer like what the fuck man dec of corruption that kind of sneak yes where you write it down and you make it legal quotes well it's on the books searching owes acid acid forfeiture beer for people that are suspicious serbia suspected for selling drugs you have more an x amount of dollars on you we can pull you up for that and they have to see who's that over and over again that one law to rip off law binding citizens and then drag them through the legal system for years at their own expense so even if they get their money back the amount of time its cost them and no obvious that time a lot of it is you're gonna lose work because at that time and then hiring lawyers legal fees and if you lose they just they robbed you have to i'm in the money if you can't prove where that money came from like maybe your
really shitty with your taxes you don't pay taxes work for cash and you been i work in our judgment hashish she saved up a bunch of money you can't you can't prove that that came from illegal means you're fucked will i everything else in this country is set up to fuck the person who can afford to defend them set up even a creep your way that's anti the way these countries plus we set up where your guilty until proven innocent or have to prove yourself innocent practised by having currency on you i mean and its last then someone makes in a year like the idea that you had savings get the fuck out of here you don't save anything dummy ensure that in some kid who sellen we'd live in whose parents basement if they bust him they take the parents house parents had an ado with they'll take your car they pull you over yet your car they sell your car mean there's been a lot of that going on over the past few decades harrison's just say no shit when we saw on television with nancy reagan that that began the
can hysteria of this stuff and then acid forfeitures is just legal i stealing and it's you now fuckin billion dollar industry in this country league stealing many legalised you know bribery in the political system how can you know area but i lobbyists are the sofia soup max i mean the whole of the whole this country is collapsing right eye you can see it if you start reading these books we're talking about you can see the phase that wherein where phase now where there are all these different industries that are set up to extract the commonwealth literally the wealth of the community is being pulled in a war the wars in the middle east what that serving nearly people who benefited from any of that word you know back tell and great here on and halliburton yet these guys who do this for a living and eisenhower himself said do you know the military industrial complex when you get people who
make a living with bombs and they need to be making bombs welt they're gonna blow those bombs up they find a reason to use as of course tat was one of their creepy speeches ever and the most fascinating thing about it is that it was sure i mean it was it was broadcast on television but if you didn't listen to it that time it was gone he said it then it was gone and it was years and years and years later before people started actually watching that like in the fog of war wasn't in the fog of war and that is that the the mcnamara move yes it might not have been in that but but regardless its death we avail bonn you together and i've watched disorder in the preparation of you seem to have held yes a dance has a great doc very good document as a creepy documentary when you realise that when they compare corporations psychopath and the idea of the infinite growth paradigm is usually make me like if you make up billion dollars a year ago while you're successful woody
next year olds can make a billion again will you fuckin loser you have to make a billion one girl alien to row infinite growth like that is what the stock it's all about right consistent infinite growth apple consists we make more money every year they have to make more money google every year you know every fuckin company they have to make more money you can't chris ryan enter rises is you have to conduct lee being the black chris why then bad news for my shareholder we peak we decided to convert our dollar that whatever the fuck they haven't spain with spain money there in euros now used to be possessed does so you do when you go over there i sit back and let my fuckin wife work i married and doktor dude i thought i made
the doktor and like i am said i am said for life events are you were thinking the mariner while yet a little bit more elaborate obvious of course i like there's also that added benefit the fact that she is in a good business well i mean the thing is doctors in europe don't make the kind of money factors make in the u s right but nor do they get oh go out come out of college with two hundred grand and debt write so but an this insurance is at all is now burden now i mean the whole thing is so apt up in the u s a good doctor like our normal sort of she's a psychiatrist to psychiatry in spain gonna good variants whatever might make seventy grandeur year some like that like it since stable you no good benefits everyone in spain everyone in europe gets at least a month off every year that's cool paid the review you work in a shop you get a month off you what every day of the fao
thirty days offered they get like a week here all thirty days use it when you wanna days in a row most and what you can do if you want most people take august the month of august like nothing is happening in barcelona is empty real month of august yet it's amazing but you don't like it the thing about spain and i love is that life is about pleasure the ep mean if we had a really boil it down there is no shame in pleasure and in a manner the pleasure is shameful party thing that is why was it goes back to the puritan season you know the original sort of influence of the puritans and that it got after up like we're talking about the war on drugs in which i was a cobra factory in these unintended consequences if you look it serve political ends to keep attacking outsiders who did have pleasure black people indians
again see another coming back again into fashion as the victims you know tat these brown skins leisure supplies you're you know he'd interests because their their evil yeah that's all evil she put her dance nobody buys that should in europe footloose spain anyway this is done we are in america we made footloose again he tried to remake footloose bugs that's interesting though with its also when you look it america is so overwhelmingly infatuated with productivity you know i mean probing productive and get efficiency yes sufficiency and in our look at our workforce will work like there's a goddamn commercial i think it's really shall i think it's the shell commercial and there's an old ban and it's a weird is fuckin commercial and its it it's talking
out how hard this guy works and this guy he's a farmer and he's like standing like a field of wheat and he's like you work hard not because you have to but because it's what you do some miles mike what what are you saying that it's almost like you're trying to trick people into working hard so they can tell people there it is almost this is the guy cook we play this despite this consensus go full screen so fuckin bizarre one of the weirdest commercials man i always weird i can cause is they this commercial during hunting shows not because you have to now because some boss but because that but you were born did now access to get closer misguided the best we can
a smiles what you're born to do thank you thank you for working hard from the number one heavy duty engine oil in america what the fuck kind of a commercial is that it's what you were born to do now here's what kills me the person who wrote those words doesn't work for shell here for an advertising agency that they hired to that yeah that old man he's a fucking actor yeahs the noble the who works for shall really had anything to do with that you know so let the classic commercial we here chevron we believe that lambro black and then you see other people with clipboards and hard hats of various racial backwards none of those people work for fuckin chevron of i'm the guy you read the words doesn't work the guy he was reading the words doesn't work there is a note chevron he's like isn't it city that's did that there is no they're they're right is it collection of people designed to collect money
and it's not even the people who matter because the all those people could quit tomorrow and shovel would still exist they just tire more people so chevrons like the whirlpool and the people are the water you know that's it that's part of this whole thing i'm learning but you know did you see that commercial speaking of irritating american commercials there was one nicholson superbowl even where there's like a dude walking through the house and he's like what i'll have the best of the best cause that's what i am and that's what i do and he like high fines is kid cadillac commercial under that it was the year design it was so fuckin annoying glad i have the best because that's what i said i am what we work harder we play harder it is about america row
what happened to browse road use you be cool you know that goes into frat i now bono bazooka someone brow used we was eyebrow issue ok is to be like a black thing in fact it started out and white people ruined it like we re always like guys ruin brow sub broke like that used to ok bravo you called me brow i'm a brother its short for brother but now bro is like to do this thing someone could call you he's or one of the things that people love to throw around is especially in fitness industry is bro science and saying when there's a lot like really wacky ideas when it comes to athletics in some some people that they have ideas it don't necessarily have any scientific background to them and they can bro science is full of bro science burma since europe roma
but romances now you love a guy that's like other guys awesome i gotta romance rebecca and there's a guy is light as there's like this someone was teaching me the what is it a handshake shoulder one arm dedicate their varying yeah yeah there's like a grip i got and manly thumb up grip and then the one and if you really do she give a couple slaps on yeah there's for that too that's like i'm not gay slapped advancing people slab each other pretty goddamn hard doing that where that doesn't feel good here's another thing i love about spain you kiss girls always on the mouth when you know when on the cheeks when uranium pussy you mean a woman you kiss kiss
ok then i'll come to american it's like a hi how are you write like keep four feet away from me maybe a rapist your eye raping the morality of radio and looking at them you fucking crazy over fifty fifty look fuck is wrong with you don't you have grandchildren supple weight on when you think about about donald trump target about how hot his daughter is decent do you think you're so this became a big problem because he said he said no i'd my daughter she's one of the hardest you know most beautiful one alive and he said what if i were thirty years younger and not her dad the fact is that me jesus crane one if he's jerked off to his daughter to say look just a thought no one's gettin heard here alone my dear i made her
i don't know it's weird thing to say is the thing to say but i think it's better to say it van to think it and give it power right right i think saying shit again you know back to the whole spain u s they in erica there is fought crime and spain you think you know maybe i'm romanticizing spinelli there a long time but the thing i really like about living in spain is that i i speak the language well enough to i i'm paying attention i know what everyone saying but if i'm not paying attention it i'll just becomes rhubarb rumbling around in the background nice like jazz yeah sort it led only going to get elevator music when i was in high school there was someone wrote a paper fertile article four the local school paper and our member most things from ice
so long ago but i remember this one article this kid wrote about what they make you do the boy scouts and it was bout the tenants of the boy scouts wherever they were but one of em about keeping your thoughts pure and he wrote something that was really cause you know i was here really smart kid we should remember who it was but he why do i have to keep my thoughts pure because things that i like about my thoughts that they're mine there and i can think whatever i want is ongoing raising that harms anybody why you care what my thoughts are in a reading now thy wow that's so rightly what what does that mean keep your thoughts pure guys in jail now probably maybe george carling did a great thing on that in terms of catholicism and how he said like this is like class clown way back re out i remember i was a little kid my dad got that record i remember the one other bits in there was like you know
catholicism if you think about sitting you ve already sent you think it over feeling up sally at the weekend save your time you're you're already use in new didn't it's done right impure thought yea impure thoughts at straight out and christianity while the also the confession confessionals one of the most bizarre nicholas ideas on the table any redress is it and it was invented to make sure that people weren't do anything wrong i mean that the priest would immediately report to any higher ups of any illegal activity here stealing or reno adultery or fornication whatever the fuck it would be we re about the crazy shit where people were fuckin animals in the middle ages and they would have trials answer times the animals would be executed for being overly seductive you know i'm not you brought this up i read something recently about this guy
now with the story was but it was the animal trials it was about animal tried it might have been a disease are there we frat or anything could be i don't know i ever friend who just wrote a book the boundaries of desire he's a historian whose focuses on now sexuality and his first book was sex and punishment and it was sort of like from the origins of civilization to the end of the nineteenth century and in bound desires a twentieth century so he writes about crazy legal shit and you know the comstock laws they made it illegal to em in early twentyth century america too were to even each sex education to women like you couldn't even teach women how they get pregnant that was illegal because of this crazy for awhile i've always wondered what it is about people that makes them like its oftentimes like some
the earliest imprinting with pleasure that makes people attracted a certain isis work fetish is come from and i always wondered like like some people are like just oh the attracted to extremely overweight women like for whatever reason that just locks in to them that their thing and avoid honor like what is about sexuality sexual equality is like malleable like you can kind kind of adjusts to like what your earliest prussians of i got her stories of guys who caught their mom i'm putting on pantyhose wants when they were like really young for the rest of their life became like fascinated with a fetish of women pantyhose unlike don't jerk off on patios and pantyhose rubbed in their dixon becomes is weird sort of a sexual imprinting thing right
yeah one of the interesting differences between male and female sexual development is that women don't seem to have that women appear it's a goddamn erotic plasticity women our plastic throughout their lives so it's easy for them to adapt to different situations now sometimes that works against them right because they fall in love with a mass all abusive asshole or whatever but men have a dog mental window generally from like five to nine years of age somewhere in there and jack please you described it if there is a particular experience that they have during that time it can resonate with them for the rest of their lives in the once that window clauses that's it it's done so you know as you say it could be pantyhose it could be read high heels it could be you know whatever it is they got that association and they can never not how
they'll have it for the rest of their lives some people argue that pedophilia is a result of the same sort of thing and i have argued not in writing but i've i've mentioned it on the podcast i think than theirs form a manifestation of homosexuality of what we call homosexuality which is really a fetish there is more is better described as a fetish experienced by a straight ma am and i'll tell you what i mean by that let's say you you're bourns there's there is definitely a genetic component to sexual orientation rights guinea back to where we started like how much is genetic how much easier spiritual so just as a seven year old boy
it can have an experience with bs seeing someone with pantyhose or you know whatever is under the table and his moms friend comes and she's got red high yield shoes and he's got a hard on and soda associates the two what if that even your boy has an experience with another boy or within a man or an adolescent or whatever right so this guy taxes decker whatever it is and so he's got this very deep association between have you man sucking his dick and this incredible pleasure even though straight he's got that association so for the rest of his life he could have that association in the same way that another boy has association with pantyhose or tie you choose or whatever it's a fetish not his orientation so then what you ve got is a straight guy who as a fetish for getting a blow job from a man so
once in a while he goes down to the truck stop and you know has this experience he gets caught everyone says oh you're closeted gay man and he's thinking i don't think i am but i dont know what the fuck i am all i know is i love my wife i too have sex with my wife i'd idea i'm not i could never fall in love with a man i never think about having a relationship with a man but man i love it when this guy with a mustache suck my dick so i've never really wanted to write about this and the reason is i think a could play into the hands of christians who are arguing that you can pray the gay away yeah you see right right because in a case like that i think there could be a therapeutic solutions where solution or just a wreath therapeutic treatment they could have some value but
in my case i would never say that there's a sickness there i would you say it's a fetish like some people into latex year into that totally makes sense i mean it's there are weird things that people get sort of bonded too they have their sexuality gives bonded to always men year almost never women you'll never find a woman who can't com you know she's not sniffing later that's a robber renders a dominatrix i dared not she's more than it only she's a humiliate tricks you may humiliate tricks that actually the next level she's specializes in due to get off on being humiliated and i had her on the podcast she's really smart really interesting and it's not her thing she
stumbled into such as to business for her it's a business she's like shell oil of dick slapping we hear it humiliated we suck did not because we want to make as well where which never meets the dude sits all internet one of the best things about it is she's got phone lines dedicated to guys who get off on being ignored pondering you fix it up ok i'll be right back puts the fund ngos per day and long in all areas guys who get off and being ignored by another greek ignored by a profound ignore she sells her socks her panties her old tennis shoes heard toenail clip
her hair her select she away she got into it was she's living in japan and she was like seventeen or something and she was corresponding with some guy online and like he was trying to pick her up and she wasn't into it but he was funny says she corresponded with em one point he said she said i gotta go take a piss and he said i don't throw them put it in a bottle i buy it from you like john come on you foolish he's no seriously trust me i will ourselves dino two hundred bucks or whatever so she puts she pieces in a bottle and she sends it and there's too buck shows up in her couch like this is ensured that there must be we're guys let us out there so she's you know investigating and she finds that the world is full of these duties seriously sierra lent its
i'm a writer nancy wedding day of check out of sight she's beautiful where does she live lives in portland see its but she spoke c e a are a sierra lynch yeah she's got guys but she's been on shoes on show on hbo recently some section i was on it to you profiled she's you know she's a public figure that's hilarious duncan used to no girl who would ashes how can you know a girl humiliate tricks extraordinaire congratulations young lady he found an excellent niece nature as it were duncan knew a girl who had the seller socks and she would wear them for days at a time to get him like really stinging uninsured seldom to deeds and now i come here barks at a time so like that was her thinks you're just we weren't socks all time than sending him to people simply gig cats didn't
for doing what you do and everywhere i guess i don't know something weird about the idea of being connected to these people that are so fucked up they want your stinky socks yeah although as you know as things go getting back to finishes yet cyrillic really harmless this thing you know and the fact that now people can engage these things in a more or less open way what worries me with her she'd she was telling me like their guys really get often being blackmailed so these guys would give her like other bank count numbers passwords and then they would send her photos of like you know like me with a dildo up my ass and now her job is to written to tell the wife
yeah i'm gonna tell your wife if you know my give me five hundred dollars and oh no please don't tell my wife and you gotta help me it's kind of crazy you know it but and i said to her like you know well and she said like i'd never contact wives because they have an agreed to participate in this i'm not gonna do the less well off of her nation has to be professional she's approach but i said to her will like what about the banking house using i would never i don't mind that would be a crime even if the guy gave it to me i said you but what if your email attacked and she's like oh and thought of that there are some russian kid that email that's a lot of stuff there why that's an interesting thing well maybe they you guys a separate humiliation bank account just hopes yeah i mean carbon but to get a real rush you'd have to give her you're real bank cavalier tat the real full like fire
i could be ruining my life i know another woman whose specializes in kicking deeds in the balls i've seen that girl step on them they step on guys balls high he'll shoes stomp bottom you lose a ball like that the way the supervising things down it so terrifying i'm so boring i mean i spend time with all these like really kinky people but like i like acts all sex acts they sick well you know fucked up that's sorry but is it back to or saying about people being sexually malleable like what do you think that is it because people couldn't have like a very rigid or men rather couldn't have a rigid idea what sexually tract of causes that they did if their standards are too high then they wouldn't report and so in times of demanding in a wet work like
john margo allegro who is one of the young led scholars it was deciphering the dead sea squirrels he wrote this book called the sacred mushroom in the cross and it was said that is its great book and it was bought up by the catholic church actually and personally i only find it in it for a while could only find it in used form but now yon urban is republish technique and you can get it again he wrote another one called christian sacred mushroom in the christian sacred mushroom and cross and something debts he said the christian myth and it's essentially about that what the it's his after studying the disease fourteen years it's his interpretation that what the what christianity was really all about was the can option of psychedelic mushrooms and fertility courts and that fertility back there
was extremely important as extreme important breed because we we didn't have this luxury that we have today of like people say sugar on the pill manage our pregnant fuck would ideally people wanting to get people pregnant because the human population was not guaranteed like there was a very real possibility that you would come into a village that was empty exemplary died they died of play or they were invaded or whatever the fuck it was they didn't have enough people and now there's no one and your name doesn't pass on so that this was like a real possibility so people is the idea of being sexually malik malleable that people can adapt to almost any thing to become attracted to just make sure that they are attracted to something that common something and make a person whether its overweight women are skinny women are this or that that it can move around and that occasionally it gets imprinted at this like the thing that you really into and that in times of great access
bore slovenly unlike like today like you like idea that you goggins at a fetish of being blackmailed like what is that let's go to my fuckin free time is clearly much money too much money to its free days are starving to death that's gonna goes out their picking mushrooms trying to find somebody edible to eat us guided like sitting around trying to figure out a way to occupy is fucked up mind because oh it's too easy to just live like he does have real survival concern yeah well we ve ratifies power which which ties into that i've read that one one source of clientele for a lot of these sorts of women is muslim deeds who won be forced to eat pork in an erotic charge her legs
this makes sense right makes sense i mean i often think like you know getting back to like my boring sexuality part of the reason that i am not kinky is that i'm not repressed right you know and in a way it's light is like a steam engine if you don't have that container and build the pressure you don't get that explosive release so if you just kind of like you whatever you know i get laid sometimes in my leg women and like it's great but i mean i wonder if healthy is less exciting then crazy what is crazy exciting to you though because crazies now exciting to me i got five the humility humiliate tricks i absolutely believe her i believe that she has like a series of guys at one or two shit in their face or whatever the hell it is but to me silly i dont get it like you know
well but are those guys haven't stronger orgasms than you and me could be binding cost candidate steal your bank need is come like a lean maybe what i mean is that that fuckin brief experience of coming you know i mean how much it would all you have to do you want to come really hard it's just not come for awhile right really need have soared kick you in the bows shit near ere i think that you can do do it just like go without water tastes amazing when you daddy water for while you know when you haven't had water for awhile guy the greatest thing in the world but when you how time because normally you want you want a diet coke knew but if you're starving or dying of thirst rather you you would just love
yet that water in your mouth i think that's kind of same thing with sex and that's where i think a lot of perverts fuck themselves over because it just jack off data yet blisters on their dick in and they have to find a new way to hold their deck where it doesn't hurt as much and you you when you do come it's your chasing the dragon like doesn't feel good anymore but if you can just take a few weeks off you would be so warning that when you did come into your ears would rang it built but you can't hold it hold off long enough then you get to the promised land which counselor dreams oh yeah i get those after three days seriously three days of no sex man you're just a strong levels must be through the reported in their day hair sure than through the room i added i should probably try that now that i know help i'm a creep with our creed whence you reach creep age what you need is t what while the unilateral us like us
of shame for some people do not want to admit that like testosterone replacement therapies like a shameful thing like people ask me and then i told them i gotta take testosterone and they go like white and like you tell pieces admitting it like might look it's it's a chemical component of your body it's like your body was lacking in blood you just simply add blood to an idea or better wooden wouldn't you do that but for whatever you testosterone is associated with being a man i also have hypo thyroid ism its hush motors disease its genetic my mom has it and other my family of it so i take the stuff called armor roy that is its formulated from pigs thyroid and its great makes me feel way better about heavens from your problem to forests taken i could these crazy headaches at night like my head was pounding that though some really wrong with me out fall asleep like mine out falsely buzz i got shot with tranquilizer darling i get the
the day i saw so wiped out i can figure out what it was and so our wows on fear factor i had some real issue with it like my fuckin headaches would be crazy you so tired at the end of the day and then i got my blood tests done but i too but that i take forward medication and nobody would bad i like oh you replaced our hormonal that's logical you tell people that europe place your testosterone now like war what the fuck you didn't do you have to know deftly dont have to if i take it if i stop doing it will have less testosterone that i have now but i won't feels good than simple its to you to not abuse it though because if you abuse it like their guys especially as a member may fighters have like tested like these hyper human levels that are not even safe like they're really the current dangerous because the ideas that more is better and just keep going harder and harder but you really shouldn't do that because it needed develop anxiety is alot different things have happened when you do illegal or age and stuff i'm u can definitely get right
age you u deftly get more upset at things more easily but a lot of people they develop actual anxiety you you have anxiety attacks from having an excess of test strong start getting paranoid and then get where did out about things it's just a matter going to an ethical doctor that really understands what they're doing and then make sure you're you're not taking too much of it you're doing right you just want to stay within like healthy consistent standard the old sphere your immune system or function better but people don't like to talk about it because it like you have to that somehow another you needed that you have to with your aging after eight years of shameful again it's it's amazing they also you're taking it not to like you know combating disease you're taking it to feel better death which is pleasure
which is shameful pleasure during what are you gonna feel good all the time with along with my issue with marijuana too in i tell people lead people to avoid body need pot it's not that i need it joy i enjoy it and it gives me more pleasure it gives me no pleasure when i watch movies it gives more pleasurable to eat food and it gives me more pleasure have sex zone feels way better when you take marijuana but an embarrassing thing to admit for some people whatever for whatever reason i love how the word needs comes how and why do you need a brow i dont need we too have fun who the fuck anyone needed anything here you now allow unevenly toothpaste moralist if i dont use toothpaste my teeth will be less clean but don't need i think it's weird oil were weird man we're weird and also that we don't want it we don't want a factor in our own mortality we don't want to address it we do not want to admit it saving that you'd going to mitigate that is a weakness
you doing to combat anti aging is just vanity in alec but i aren t you i have more energy because of it again i know i do i know i feel better i can get done i get more things done in my body works more efficiently especially someone like me than enjoys doing things there physically acted like martial arts jujitsu like without the test faster and without growth hormone and thyroid hormone and all these different hormones that are functioning at their optimum levels you bought it it's not gonna work as well it's like having a race car do you don't take care the spark plugs he d you don't you know you don't replaced the oil is let it dry until that fuckin engines seizes up and then you're done that's nature that's nature that but that's not nature because why we getting vaccinated then you know why taking vitamins then why am i going to the doctrine getting checkups why don't i just like cancer eat my body why get chemo while you know ways just natural like that
weird ideas of what you shoot in there all those weird ideas are not based on critical thinking and objective analysis that is based standards at somehow another someone else's as set forth chevron you were born where card did you learn to why we are you the same thing would like these sex pills i now the female viagra and stuff like it's bad near what it doesnt work there because of what we're saying no because the because aware we're time earlier the plasticity that women were and sexuality isn't about blood flow right man if you make your dick hard your horny the as in eating ridden engages nerve endings and you know like that might excited i fuck some in cleveland guys get like a p boner iguana guys like that if women don't notice when men have to urinate and your wake up in the morning and your your dick is high
it's not because your horny a lot of times it's because you have to pay morning would yeah and that's what morning would as but you can use that morning would like you could use like any regular old boner knew so when a guy wakes up and he has a boner jill oftentimes like we're on our way that you know that it becomes a hammer that looks like this looks like a thing to use right here excellent work you have on average three erections per night if you eight hour really so why are sleeping you're getting boner yeah that's one of the ways they test to see if your raw impotence is psychological or physiological they'll put like a little pieces paper tape on year on year and in the morning if the tape is torn and you had an erection at night said means your body your blood for fine it's ahead thing weird you have done higher ribbon run you don t they re routing sarah lonely in the middle of the night for the hostages
strange but a strange thing x is where i mean you you asked a question earlier about this you know what's the purpose of the finnish generation you know module in the mail brain another ass thinking well too things whiny insects it on we talked about animals cause this appears to be not only human thing but com two male mammals as well of other species there was one experiment where the sky things scotland took all the head heard of a sheep and a herd of goats and when you're he took all the baby's any put them with the other busy so now all the baby goats are living with the sheep and other baby sheep are living with the goats and he let them live with that species till they reached sexual maturity point they were having sex with the south
go to having sex with the sheep and the cheaper having sex with a gun i then he takes them and puts them with their own species ok and what happened was the females were like whatever then they were now so now the female sheep are having sex with the male sheep right there were switch back but the males refused the man who came here who had been raised with the other species like now i'm a goat fucker sorry not interested because they had been imprinted why so the females just went with but was there the males are like nana that's not makes are ants really interest air that's really interest in it star strong we also talked about that i remember there were some interviews with thumb a guy there is one there was a guy who had a disease where his body suddenly stopped making testosterone and he described juno eventually he was diagnosed and started taking supplements but he does
how did he would anyone like all it wasn't about sex it was all pleasure stopped he was like i didn't give a shit about music i don't give a shit about food i give a shit about relationships i just was like glass a about everything and then there is another one where we quoted as someone who is going through a sex change from female to mail and she talked up like when she was a woman she was a lesbian and she lived in manhattan and she was talking about like yeah i'd be on the subway and i'd see and attractive woman and i think i wonder what she's like and nor can it food she's into which his reading in there and then when she was transitioning to male she started taking testosterone and she's at once i started taking testosterone i'd be on the subway and i'd see the same kind of woman and i just be like tat cunt
she said it really gave me insight and compassion for adolescent boys chow bono said that yeah she said that when while he said that when he transition from being female mail that he understands it back the longest time like never understood man and is just alien to him and then once you start taken testosterone usually guys so fuckin creepy is overwhelmed by this demon inside we call testosterone that you require in order to be happy to enjoy anything in life i think that happens to men with terms brain injuries is that pituitary gland gets damage to stop producing testosterone they get deeply depressed and one of them ass ways mitigate that or supplementing them with testosterone cures a lot of depression that a lot of these soldiers go through when they come back from a war is traumatic
erratic brain injury just disrupts opportunities ability to function you know one of the weak when sir typical situation get a guy like my dr mid fifties been married along time monogamous typical mid i've crisis has sexual his secretary and then suddenly it's like holy shit you know i'm in love rain why you think he's in love because food tastes better colors are brighter everything's more interesting why's that because his testosterone levels of ghana one of the only things you can do without supplements to increase disaster is have sex with a new woman your body responds to you having sex with a new woman with a spike in testosterone production so he's got this t ellen t levels he thinks he's in love slot in love
just fuckin someone new for the first time in twenty years so he divorces his wife because now he's in love with this woman who seems to have the keys to the fucking universe that wears off a couple of years and now is how even more funds anyone before what that's also the key to this whole mid life crisis thing we're guys by sports cars you know resorts while also sports cars like literally driving a sports car elevates or testosterone especially when you're quota quote p cocking i shall have j leno driving them out even tat was good episodes i believe as go when you're driving around people especially potential young mates females they could see you re testosterone rises when you're in this car and even talking and flirting with but essential young girls that you may one day have sex with just being around them raises your testosterone near just a possibility i wonder getting
this year i wonder if some of those guys were buying her panties if there i'm getting testosterone surges probably they're getting something's happening rioters getting some kind of dopamine honan some sort of a rush definitely panties have you ever heard fecal transplant yes yeah that now i mean exhorted goes back to the word argument awry illogical to really interesting what's fasting how many things at cures and how many people have i rarely thousand die from seed official in infestation every year and with figel transplant ninety eight percent recovery rate within hours knots its crazed within hours yeah yeah the violence go organism the idea of the biological organism being an individual has been completely debunked like that's what probiotics are all about me i am a big fan of probiotics i drink whereas it brain must left in my car
drink computer every day i drink that shit like water i drink two or three of them a day i am a big fan i mean i spent a lot of my younger years travelling in central america and asia and stuff and when i'm in amerika i put on way no part of its that the food and drink beer bubbly more beer that sir here you gotta beer it's a pint spain you get a beer it's about half a pint real yet come yet again spain is the different fibre servings of everything or smaller air quality like really good and tasty but small so u yours are allowed grass fed food too oh yeah you don't get that corn federal deck and monsanto gmos in that whole thing they're they're kicked out of a lot of countries but yeah in pesticides a friend of mine in the wine importation business and he deserves
need some organic wines and he said he was in honour of his spain or france and he is like i should get organ certified you know we can charge more and there like what are you talking about like we would never put pesticides on our grapes you know like the rats crazy like we don't need the say it like nobody would do that road tolls it's a very different culture but i think the because the cheese is in the things are alive there ass neither can import the ham even you can import spanish now they ve changed that you can start but yeah food is alive so the micro rhythm microbiology is very different media i gotta india i lose weight quickly part of its cause i have fuckin dysentery five is because you feel bags nobody else is arriving there was an article recently about grey market foods in new york city
and of get oh something i read on line and might have been from dig saving you find it on digg thing it is from dig so i get a lot of my interesting news stories but they were talking this one particular type of cheese that is very difficult to get and it's it's cured with cheese mites idea these mites in if the miser of a certain number per cheese becomes a legal too important to america like it's a very sketchy like how you do it but over in france or where the fuck they grow this cheese where it's really popular it just gets fuckin lousy with might and that that's you get the real flavour of this cheese and it's like a naughty sort of a sweet taste to this cheese and a lot of is attributed to the fact that first of all they dont use marginalized pasteurized milk is raw milk and they make their choice which is the way to make the best cheese keeps the enzymes in it and then they're not scare
of all these funky organisms yet this is it the grey market foods have you scroll down you'll see that cheese it's a sort of like a orange looking weird fuckin cheese that's a regular dialogue yeah that stuff and if you make that about a large so we can read it it's it's works really weird this guy was talking about how good it tasted they saw the unique way they alter the aging process the presence of mites fda no the cheese out as a potential public health hazard how'd he said me more let me mallette has been banned and made illegal for sale in the u s and indigenous indignant consumers staged protests looks cool electra peace that definitely have the one thing we did on fear factor to make things more disgusting was we
he's really expensive cheese we mixed really expensive cheese and with some of the stuff to give at this horrible fuckin rotting smell expensive cheese what do they call a cheese place name for one of those places and i know it's called but had a cheese place in beverly hills and so we descend these people work for fear factor to beverly hills is super expensive cheese place by this really expensive hard to get cheese and stuff like death and we were poor that onto whatever the fuck they had to eat they would make them more more report still have like french people on ed villa boola well filipinos i've i've bunch of friends or filipino and they would always be like if we serve people balloon and but is a chicken or a duck embryo like the folds will embryos inanity the and they were like that's we love that like lemme get me i'll show you ever made
many were name on the show on this yeah yeah that's cool i'd i'd love to meet him sometimes a great guy he's oh he's interesting care hill it anyway well he's he's gotten like super into jujitsu the pencil arrays reads every day with hansel everyday sometimes twice a day and his wife and his kid who do a job as fifty years already started fifty eight now it just earned his bluebell started recently alec within a year ago i thought years long term thing with no no it's really recent really is and i urge you men like risking getting hurt when you starts on like that old well depends on how you do it and depends on who you do with but absolutely near now you're you mean if you got bad training partners indefinite get her but you can deafening get hurt even with good training partners is weird shit happens now you roll over ankle you your blossom tendons out you need fuck up diskin your back it's all potential its deftly not it's not fuck and video games and adds its real life
deafening dangerous especially for guy who's fifty eight who has no background of athleticism da all starts at a very advanced age and becomes completely obsessed with it at school yet is cool his original show that no reservation show really got me into the idea of food as an art form could i just thought of food is being of s good foods good this is good places good to eat at didn't think of it is like oh this guy's making art the you taste i when someone a great meal like that experts as essential experiences that pleasurable experiences art it's like someone's art giving you pleasure through your taste buds through smells and you know like whenever good mealy smell it you eat it like there's an art too that i never really considered it that way until i want to show and again that's a very european approach to food in america food is fuel
yeah shove that sandwich down your throat get back to work there spain man that's their or france sorry italy for a body whose an athlete and he just he ali thinks about food as fuel use unrequired tastes like those eat it just ask what food as few on my wyatt silent you heard about that well soiling green era that movie they named after that i have what is its these guys in silicon valley who coding area and there like were i just wanna work twenty four hours and want to stop any that waste the time and so they can they like develop this food worse this good gossip the aegis squeeze out of a tube and it's got everything you need and soil there are a gay weren't so it's yea just like very m be good for you to look at it nine bucks a month a jeweler sway protein or that's gonna make it rotates
vitamins and minerals anyway you're bored about it's weird where's the pleasure there's no pleasure that some nasty it's one thing fuck an astronaut yoda surviving the space station with stuffy squirt your mouth but this is like you have the abundance of the earth in you choose to escort paste in your mouth instead we'll see maybe this is part you know this is this movement you were talking about right because getting us to eat shit that doesn't up space and we don't need clean air we don't need healthy oceans you know that's too that's in the interest of the technology right him if if you see that's where we're going if you think that that's where we're going then oh how these things start to fall into place and make sense in a weird way i mean i read the other day that the tuna dogs in the pacific ocean are down like forty percent in the last twenty years that's incredible that
procedural dreams of sushi you know i've got it on someone gave it to me i haven't seen it by resisted for a long time but can we would have tell me i wasn't like one or two fuckin guy macon sushi who grosch it but it's good it's really great and one of the things that they show in this movie is when he was what what it would be like going to the fish market in japan is fuckin stacks of tuna tuna was so abundant and then they overfishing is made a massive impact on the fish supplies literally me look at how god big the ocean is the fact that we put it down in it at all is shocking more than a dense network of in three quarters of the fucking earth said for that is lasting and size attacks is nothing is even bigger than that yeah and this kid is of developed off it's it's an act functional machine but he's develops mr rehder relies decline
the ocean dimmer kind of suck the plastic out we gotta think plastic once it becomes valuable resource of summits figures on how to take it out of the ocean if it was gold floating around out there we would have a meal ships are fighting over this to try to get an egg if russia and the united states found gold gold particles circling around a billions trillions of dollars worth boy they would can wait a planet flag and emily ocean to suck this goal thou the water because its plastic like plastic radio did need in plastic that's why you need the government is the government can create those artificial incentives pay for cobras now pay for plastic i think that through the government being a solution this it's a beautiful idea but is really work yeah yeah well
nice of the government was completely altruistic and enlightened and new s here's the thing ok gone back towards organ about earlier if we had direct voting and rick taxation were can say like oh campaign my taxes is here it's twenty grand i went grand a good education five grander you know helping poor people five grand at whatever level but nothing to the military if you could actually you have some some way of registering what people want their money to go toward you know you'd have a much more responsive representative government if they had and decayed decision making process you really new like why what com a threat are we under how much military do we really need because if we need any military at all if there's no threat whatsoever will then that would be an appropriate way
respond by would if they couldn't tell us how much threat there really was in whatever people had this idealistic idea of how the rest of the world functions but meanwhile there really is a need for the military i think the truth lies somewhere in the middle there i do i dont think that the world is a beautiful place that we need not worry about at all and then we don't did he military that just doesn't i watch those isis videos on youtube i just i'm not believe they're out there this university is alot of people out there that are fucking crazy there's a lot of nutty fuckin people that are killing people and we'd love to kill more there's just always going to be that way and i think that like what we're talking about i think there's a there's a push in a pool life and i think like you know we're talking about ties coming in and tides going out populations dropping in an increasing i there is a need for resistance in some ways there is almost a need for bad things in order
who inspire good things which we have to see the evil of something like i says or something i feel in the blanket joseph coney those early in the congo taters and evil warlords we need to see things like edie i mean we d c horrific things like pol pot we need if we be aware that in order to almost promote the the opposite of it but what i would argue is that every one of those things that you mentioned is a response to something earlier pol pot is a response to the vietnam war rounded destruction of cambodia by nixon in kissinger and coney is a response to the call having been exploited for ivory and then you know boot minerals within our phones indianola is like
every one of these things arises out of a colonial exploitation so you know we're saying pol pot's evil well but pol pot is response to evil that we're not often recognizes as evil because it's coming from us coming from our side so i just feel like everybody who does something really nasty they think they're doing good you know what i mean like this guy's an isis they think they're good bye they're doing for allah yeah or they're doing it for you know in in revenge for all the bombing or right i mean it this process so so i agree with you i mean i'm not i'm not an anarchist and i'm not crazy so i do feel like you know you gotta be ready to fight to defend yourself but on the other hand it ice agree with you know dandies and in the martin luther king than that whole line civil disobedience the rose great essay that
the only way to really and violence is to just not participate in it because the minute you participate in it then it's the cycle and strong is unavoidable ends yet that mean sk sort of in arguable really right but if you do not participate and your loved ones are slaughtered before your eyes then what i should you have acted to stop that from happening in it a certain amount of violence did justify in order to promote a higher ethical and moral standard for the culture to eliminate people who don't abide by those things but you would have to have very strict right interpretations of this and you'd have to have very soon wrecked rules of engagement and we clearly don't have that yeah and i wonder if we ever did it feels like it was better doesn't elegant talks a time of police in the u s like yeah before the war on drugs it seems like cops were cool they weren't the enemy i thought
two but when you talk to cops like it seems like poverty and drugs and crime i'm the kind of always together getting desperate physics a document that i'm watcher right now called thing it's called the seven five nicht apollo told me about it actually talked about on irish fears podcast and then i went and got it what is it called it's called yeah it's called the seven five and it some it's all about this really corrupt precinct and in new york city and the nineteen august things than nineteen seventeen but its fuck that's it right there fuckin incredible seal for it so goddamn crazy sky michael dowd who i dont know his history any two after the documentaries over i'm going to google him and find out what is history was but he's hilarious ace
now i guess he's weren't civilian clothes is not a prisoner and he just he testified about all the corruption that is involved in do you know all this shit that is and then they they start reacting in talking about it in the documentary along with facts and different people in different years involving like just completely out of control is a totally out of control crime and corruption and drugs and been so this is pre war on drugs nineteen seventies and it just a guess com pre war on drugs but nixon sort of instituted a war on drugs they really is the two did a war on drugs essentially one day passes sweeping psychedelic acts of nineteen seventy four they made essentially everything psychoactive illegal all the different mushrooms lsd many people dont even now that the pride and nineteen seventy all that stuff it's legal now there was one the big issues with the term tunisian turn out you know
timothy larry's ideas was it was legal and it was an effective i mean lsd one of my favorite fund ex about lsd is that it was mostly used initially by psychiatrists to get inside into what it was like to be psychotic well it was called i caught her mimetic and in other it mines the effects of psychosis so sick i address who doubt psychotic people as my wife does would take it d to like this is what it must be like to be them missus what it's like to hear voices in d lose touch with reality and to have all this overwhelming input in and then would go back to their patients with a greater compassion and understanding because they were like i get it i know what you mean and what you're going through that fast which is what a showman does rang like in dramatic practice is often it's the shopman who takes the drugs in order to change his or her consciousness to help you with whatever you're dealing with that
two beautiful sort of noble approach to healing i was driving yesterday and i drove past a short bus no little some were kids are troubled and there was this little boy i looked like he was indian new figures prove about nine or ten years old and how was staring at his hands and he was like movie his hands around and nodding and going back and forth here at first i thought it was just playing in our thought it was just in a boss who was bored and then as i stuck there at the red light and looking in this way and he was making noises and louis face and he was moving his mouth around when the news to staring at his fingers i realize like this kid's kind of fucked up there's something wrong with them and then i started thinking males only for you know whatever it takes for a light to change i was thinking like what what what is this guy seeing like what
c is obviously not seeing things at normal people see or experiencing it in the same way that a quantum quote normal person would be was moving is yours around and staring ghana and bouncing back and forth my what is this trip like what is this light for him is it does have some abnormal levels of neural chemicals at what is causing him to have this experience what error in his circuitry like what is it but it was it was was sad but fascinating same time need i dont know what he was suffering from what is clearly something oh my newcastle does hum she's really interesting she she loves psychotic sets are favoured population work with which you know psychotic are the people who have lost touch with reality so that it may have been having a psychotic breaker who knows what he's thing is but the first time i went into her office when i first matter it was like
one flew over the cookies now straight you know like that the double doors the locking doors the great over the windows high security people just like you know completely out of it and she loves those people cause she says they're honest there completely honest and they don't high when she me some and i've seen this happen in the street and countless times at this point she laughs she just laughs and they because they know their crazy there's part of m its observing i may know their acting ridiculous and like shouting it but you know something that they know isn't there but they can't help it so she laughs and is very friendly open way and in they like oh like you get it than theirs they have this week or it's a really beautiful thing i've never seen happen before but it's almost like a shambles kind of connection she has with people
you know she's she sees kids like that she's just like i love those kids love how she not afraid of them and all she's afraid a normal people because we're all lion she's not good at it thing is a psychiatrist she's not good at seeing through bullshit chicken she smells it but she she just like fleas so shooters rather have it were bullshit not even an option so even now she wants honesty and like if that means your drooling imprisoned on your leg that's fine she doesn't care about that lucky for me quite she outlier this she's not gazers you know ass possible way i mean i often think like someone who works in vietnam is psychologist i spent a lot of time thinking about this stuff someone who works in mental health is like a lifeguard you know and ninety nine percent of us are the life he stands on the beach and if you're in trouble the like throw you are a ring and wish you luck
she dives in she goes right into the water which is really dangerous and very rare in one of the reasons honestly she's been on a break for a few years because it was blowing her mind there for a while now so to be able to fuck after a man yeah i would imagine the burden of that we pretty intense when i was fucking my fucking off my way through college since its value i was really really do much fucking college unfortunately better i got it i went to one you mass boss and basically was wasting my time there's only really going because i didn't want to be a loser you now go there i would tell me oh no new mass boston wasting my time when i was trying to think of what would be a career that i would be interested in psychology was the only thing that interest me because i thought well at the very least
at least i kind of understand how they manage my own mind because as they had law allow troubles he was alive going on there that i was trying to always wrestle with inside my head and i felt like its if at least i do that i will have a greater understanding of my own problems but then i thought about an umbrella i will be dealing with other peoples fuckin problems all the time and i just one of the patients i use i admire people who do but i'm not one of them i just i there is i believe that that shit is contagious thing that negative energy laziness slovenly behaviour all that stuff where's on uk i think we we take our atmosphere far more than we want to admit and we become in sync with our atmosphere far more that we care admit and if you're around a lot of really positive really healthy people you tend to gravitate towards positive healthy behaviour
of your around people that are constantly self sabotaging you you that becomes a standard that becomes the norm your culture is yes and it's not it's not good for you and very very frustrating to me when i'm around people that are sabotage themselves i get angry i get one this book and stop do your fuckin shit together just which is not really a healthy way to approach them doesnt work yellow zones i get your shit together but it's almost like impulsive because i know that it's creeping into my brain your spitting on me fuck you're sick sneezing with your mouth verma your ear coughing in my face and that's what someone's doing when their fill their lower sabotaging the life in front of you can still we continually and they drag you into their world before can help me like now you are a groan person help yourself god damn it and you get sucked into it in our view kay i'll call you i'll call you later and you have to college got bottom there cry like what the fuck you take the like that when people
don't get their shit together it becomes contagious and i worry about that when it comes psychology i work like like people that are cut currently dealing with other p these disasters and fuck ups that's your day is it every day you're dealing with someone who can stop beating cake or they can stop jerking off or they can stop whatever it is it there hung up on whatever craziness i always feel like man trying or even making attempt to help those people you're sort of giving a lot of your sovereignty when it comes to your own establish mental state yet which is why you noticed is god extremely firm boundaries and when we were like the uniform hang out with someone be no potential friends or whatever people whatever if she'd tax something that's not right she's just me i'm gonna go home and she's out
she's not gonna she's pitched i think it's what you're describing she feels like if this in a clinical situation where i'm in charge then i feel she feels contaminated by now whereas i feel more like air whatever yenoki everybody's got their weird shit then i find myself developing friendships with people and then a year or two down the road it's like fuck you know that they weird out on me and like i didn't see that comin she'll sir are you kidding i saw them coming the day he might that guy i who would you know i tried to warn you listen people that are undeniably toxic and by toxic it doesn't necessarily even mean they're trying to harm you they might be toxic just by the fact that their fuckin so self indulgent and in their they're they're always like there's a lot of people that constantly one talk about their own problems like their own problems take precedence over everything is going on and its use constant examination of their own fault new and they now
we'll get better those fox those fucker they they they constantly repeat the same problems and i think that a lot of them they have even addictions and then addictions whether its alcohol or drugs or whatever the fuck it is those it actions they have or almost like it's like facilitates this need to talk bout themselves and on problems and create more problems so their content we addressing their problems yet i hear that and that's why she prefers psychotic because they're not doing that make sounds their crazy they have new i really just a pain in the ass but psychotic they can't help it they're just like that the boy in that way while the rapid our lab chris rivalry second doing but when it does but coming out by the way probably next summer you almost done with it as the editorial process now and not yet but within i thought i'd say within a month i'm gonna i'll turn it in and then flee the country and when you turn it end as if a bunch of fuckin b
counters are gone over your shit and is deciding which way to go because you have to give up a lot bit of creative controlled in order published rising works year i mean it depends where you are and that world you know i mean it's probably the same like with a comic gray it's your first special producers are gonna have a lot to say a sum like you you can walk in and say no more to do it this way i think it or leave it but even then like there is embeds that i like calmly central wouldn't put on my last special like you can't do that on such as one we can but that one on the arm yeah yeah go of em i mean you could do a year and a position with your platform where you could you say i got many central you know what i'm gonna pay tapers myself in a small club and allay and then distribute it through my podcast cut you guys out you could do
the year of the earlier regime the regime that they have now is really good but they had an earlier regime in several years ago i had a conversation with them over the phone we're going over material in them the conversation went stop stop stop we're done we're not going to like they were saying like you ve gotta do this instead of that you can't say that to this end you're telling me as if like we're gonna crew some sitcom together you know like in as good this is like no you did that part has to be an that's the whole point the whole point of bout telling the story of no and the art to an eight year old retorted boy you have to have an eight year eight euro retired work because of the eight euro retarded boy goes water the lot holes enough story and they were like i can't do that i'm cycle that it has to be dying you can't tell me when i can again do that's the whole point are you saying that a euro retired boys don't exist or are they just you can't ever discussed them which one is it because i'm not making
the eight euro retarded boy i'm saying the eight euro retard boys too smart to buys a story of noah and the art and damn it was as did the vehicle is unacceptable i go or done we're done here likeable like why don't you have it like an order so that other than that that that that no use that's because you want to save your gig and or gig is to accept a bill to somehow another justify what you put on the heir to the advertisers or where the fuck is above you another like that's you can't do that with comedy if you mean not u homogenized comedy you just to develop unless it's your thing like some people like that are they think which is fine but they should be working comedy molly they could be like jim gaff again he's hilarious guy but his comedy is very like anybody could laugh brain region is the same things hilarious but that is ham the others always gonna be pop music and some pop music is really fuckin good and this
it's gonna be just sit and dirty fuckin nasty like music for street which is also really good if that's what you're into you turn around doug stand hope talking about someone who discuss his test yeah he's free the idea that a letter back into the air he doesn't know you can tell them what to do just that it's not it's never he doesn't care is all doug needs enough money to get by air has done me he lives in this weird fuckin town bisbee arizona seven miles in the border mexico's is weird are communities get a strangely painted house he invites people over his house for super bowl party like literally the the internet he'll like put out his address and people come to his house he said five hundred people of his house for superbowl parties no four hundred and fifty nine of them mean these
that not a lot of being did his girlfriend completely out of your fucking mind like legitimately crazy on pills are names bingo she said shaves or head though here that's laugh should put the blue pain on it they fuckin glass house just where like socks on our hands he's nuts and that is that's it that's in reality these he wears ironic suits and he gets upset because now more people are wearing these ironic suits he's afraid that he's gonna get lucky into these categories of these people that are like try to act as if their arctic laboring ridiculous suits he's he's a bet he's a fucking national treasure he really is hard for some to go road so one hundred percent committed they come out on the other hand a dog stanhope most the time somewhere along the line they sell out you have but i mean as far as the public publishing say i'm because the success of sex at dawn i think i am in a position
the sort of you now i've got leverage and the guy the editor who am who acquired the book is the guy who edited sex at dawn it on site works for a publisher he quit and laughter he's with someone else so he's cute we know we know each other for years that's nice when you develop a relationship i have heard of authors have relationships their editors instantly great now i had a book deal for awhile and it didn't go well sustained things economy central thing i wrote sums and they're like where we wanted to be like your stand we want you to write like i wrote stuff like that maxim p yeah well it's not like stand up it's just my thoughts on things and there are like we wanted to be illegal every minute like that the debt that we're done we're done so i gave him the running back gave advanced back my friend stephen hours writers like do you understand that's like that every writers dream to give them any backing termagant fuck off
okay i wouldn't give you the money back and tell him to go fuck off i think what i'm going to do decide to sit down and finish it and just release it online i think that might be the best way to do leave it as a body a banal naughty about but a pdf or released as a book in a book here more normal now may be fine a public you know what i'm doing i'm i'm and i might begin a little head of myself here but i've been talking to company called misfit very cool guys interesting story there based in fargo soil we had one other at the guy was he quit his job he is working on wall street j d here i can remember his name is but here we're gonna wall street making a bunch of money late twenties gonna marry his high school sweetheart and they're gonna go to the bahamas there's something on their honeymoon and he goes india's target his boss in his boss is all this by the way
congratulations on the wedding this weekend but you gotta be in here monday as we got them some deals common open and he's like my my yemen is i am sorry you to austria you workin for the big boys now and we're going to be a bonus you know bump up here annual salary nodded to fifty instead what our one the eighty or whatever it was right and so he goes back to his office and he's like i just got a seventy thousand dollar rays they can a quarter of a million dollars on twenty eight years old i can't go to the bahamas on my honeymoon fuck this then he says i gotta quit and it was december twenty ninth and if he is till the end of the year he would have had it and of your bonus which is like fifty grand or something but he said if i state more days i won't do it that moment you're on the edge either going to job not anyone any said sorry i'm out quit quit his job
you do balls you do had no money saved because he was you now live in the high life and was actually in debt and he and so they couldn't go the bahamas they got married and he and his sweetheart got on the train and went across amerika on amtrak the train stopped in fargo and he was i love that movie let's let's get off in a check this place how and then to have spent in a few weeks there it fell in love with it while and hard going north dakota margo any said it's a really cool town and there are these great artists there and really creative people and its this because there's nothing for hundreds of miles so like all the interesting people like our in far go and he said it is great town so they they opened his business where they serve i do like the branding for cool companies are the only work with what they want to work with and anyway i'm talking to them about putting together a book of exports
of some of the best episodes of my podcast that's a great and for people who don't listen to podcast and for people do us an apothecary to give us a gift right to their dad or their when a girlfriend or whatever you jimmy you guys can put together a fuckin in cycle he d but where are we like why not you ve got all these great interviews with really interesting people you know why not make any booker are physical bugger whatever you know in santa that idea of people or into reading it instead of listening to me and why not in vienna on there's some forms someplace listening to us not appropriate or not now not action on the toilet but i do not think this is so many different ways again information out such a cool time mom so with between podcasting and blogging and people creating internet videos of their own and in these these you too
content people like i have this guy louis on yesterday from unbox therapy and he like reviews technological things on boxes them is very educated on gnomon will explains the ins and the outs and a really educates you're you're buying options kazi gives you a lot of information it's pretty unique these guys like there was no option like that before there's no like in depth consumer ports it completely uncensored without commercials for ten fifteen whenever minutes he chooses to upload the video completely up to him thing is we are talking about the image the internet has what an amazing thing it is because there's never been something like a podcast like this it's going this progress can reach a million people and it's got me in this this one is gonna get downloaded by a million people plus and over the course of x amount of years who knows how many million it'll be because it's always up available it's always free anybody can do loaded it's available in a bunch of different forms so you can get it from
youtube and get it from video you need a new stream you can get it from two sticker you can get it from itunes get as an mp3 the available always even so i just keep and he'd say whatever you want and no one can stop you that that never existed before there's never been something like that before that's why i hope we're not fucked i dont know if we're fucked but i know this thing that we have right now is fucked like this set up you know that the congress of vienna senate in the fuckin lobbyists in the primary and do you know cooperations corporation driving the trick the movement has been you think about the focus of power right it's been from a hunter gathers dispersed egalitarian under gathers then you get des boats that you know gathered the power in agricultural societies then the desperate get together inform institutions primary the church first then you ve got
political institutions then you ve got corporate instant economic institutions what's next there's gotta be a next year so i'm a hope that the next will be a return to the dispute seized power because of what we're talking about because now we ve got direct connections to everyone it seems entirely possible it seems at least if it's not the only option it'll be an option it'll be like daryl there'll be a corporations that are set up that are more ethical more connected to people and more grounded in their approach to trying to acquire money is opposed to it we ve got now the infinite growth paradigm which has carnatic control its he can't it's not sustainable it doesn't make any sense but yet it's the norm non sustainable idea is the one that everybody pursues as opposed to hey everybody isn't a billion dollars enough a year we're good right we're going right here let's just you know i mean
it's a seems like these of discussions and discussions like this whether its on social media or what have you and the biggest people's ability to google and actually get the raw data and kind of it advocates understanding and in it just changes the way we view it viewing it as this is how it is and that's how you do and you don't work hard because you have do you do it because that's what you were born to do and then his actor smiles who by the way is not fucking working hard he's an actor even talk remain bizarre bizarre and ironic it means what an easy job well when we common and close mike get right here i want you to smile but not up not i have smile like rugged fuckin man with calloused hands smile wherein overalls and me i think we're worries
seeing the bullshit better than we ve ever seen it before and that's it least step one that is my hope right there look at you you're becoming becoming it's like i've grandkids tat i know why that's wrap it up you still do intentionally speaking every week every week get it on itunes everywhere and your finer pod websites chris ryan phd dakar chris ryan phd on twitter asset thanks brothers leisure has always argued by everybody see you next week because like laughin thank you everybody for tunisia podcast thanks to cave man coffee forgetten us through this bitch cave coffee c o dot com go there check it out thanks to draft kings dot com gotta draft kings calm and enter the code word rogan for free entry for this
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