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#703 - Brian Redban

2015-10-01 | 🔗
Brian Redban is a comedian and the founder of the Deathsquad podcast network. http://deathsquad.tv
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call tony or many of the other podcast the ice house chronicles that we used to do back in the day is one of my great friends here in los angelus very funny little fucker and knows a lot of weird shit about what's going on in the world so we're going to talk about things no broadcast the joe rogan experience trying my day joe rogan podcast my name all day yes positive energy yes you got it delilah's gentleman we're live on a day where i saw fucking mount line on top of a telephone pole today not in real life somebody sent it to me on twitter but it felt like i was there if you can seen it look at my twitter jamie there amount line it stayed up on a telephone pole all day on wednesday and then this more
it came down but some some screaming school kids friends of all school kids the idea that little kids could be so god damn close to a murderous monstrous one hundred and fifty pound cat that has to run up a pole and then the fact that up on that pole for an hour and a half and people didn't have the good sense to shoot it where was this at is in california jesus what part of california victorville yeah you know that's like people live there fuck that bing oh my god look at it's hanging on top of a poll like no big deal and i guess it's just going to climb down with its claws imagined that's one hundred and fifty animal that can climb trees with its claws just runs up the top of that poll and sits up there it's totally chill just hang in there is no way for it to be electrocuted also 'cause there's no gray
is that why i don't know why that works yeah i don't know how that works either is like magic books on the ground but yet that pulls on the ground it's always like don't touch the third rail how does that work is that just say that's just a rumor about the third rail on the railroad tracks i used to live on a railroad track pretty much i as a kid we just played all day on railroad tracks put things in pennies got shot by the guys on the train this shot insult pellet guns really yeah because you're not supposed to be on the train track and they like would put things on so they would just sit there and think it was more just to scare you but they were like shoot salt bullets at you or something like well a lot of people die by committing suicide there train tracks but train tracks it's that's not the third rail the third rails like subway stations it's not electrical
the tracks just piece of metal right the real ones or the ones that are in subway somehow or another i don't know like which ones are yes that's actually electric people have definitely died from that though they've definitely died from that i think did you live by a train track growing up close enough i used to take the tea into boston when i was a kid like when i was in high school only had to walk like like a mile or so it sucked fucking hardcore in the winter though god damn when i think about winter today i think about the fact that uh people in bar sister just about to go through it like right now today is october first that means it's just going to start chilling out right now now it's just going start getting little uncomfortable but not bad a little brisk not bad a little morning brisk gay a cup of coffee but there's a month or for a month or two away from experiencing that bone jarring cold that you only get in the ne that wet wet ocean water cold
their world is different in our world men the world different in our world when you go down there when you go to boston you do gigs up their new hampshire those are harder people they're just there have to overcome way more shit like the stereotype of the before nya person like the slacker like you know never do this new big deal dude like that's what people think of when they think of california it's because we know how to deal with that winter shit yeah well it's one or we might be dealing with on union super out nino is what they're saying that we're going to get yeah i mean it has been human as out here lately i hope to write we need it yeah i mean i think is now it always works in less things i say always works but unless things to turn into deserts because deserts didn't always used to be deserts like i even the sahara at one point time was like lush and that was that's the whole take on the sphinx like the guys who want to backdate the sphinx they've done these dumb broad in these geologist specifically this guide
doctor roberts shock from boston university and he thinks at the water rozier in on the the the the container or the the chamber or the the the temple the sphinx i think for calling it's where the car of the sphinx out of the ground the whole temple area where the sphinx is that these stones that are carved we have all these water erosion marks all over them like the deep fissures where water cuts through a crack in the rock and does so for thousands of here's so like this is like thousands of years of rainfall that's cause this water erosion and the problem with that is the last who is rainfall in the nile valley was like nine thousand bc or nine thousand years ago i think it is so it's like seven thousand b so that was like the last time there was rainfall there so it had been set
four thousand years before that of it raining on those rocks to create that kind of erosion before that place became a desert so that's the thing california man it could easily be comma desert well there was a your link i there is a cow a lake in california it's really popular i in westwood california walter lake the other day i just overnight the whole lake drained out into out there is that that is true that's been proven yeah yeah it's it's a saw that article i thought more i don't know about this is real is like one of those we know bob's new news reviews something yet a website ktvn actually went in there and a reply you demand thousands of fish and if you saw the photos just photo of tons of dead fish so what do they think happened they they pretty much to say we're out of water california lake disappears overnight leaves behind thousands of fish well that's like some marky mark movie apocalypse shit
like this and there's a video right here just that's fucked and this was like i mean not this is not a small thing one hundred and seventy acres reservoir wow one hundred and seventy acre reservoir niches overnight and where the water go just went in the whole it i think it i think it went down but how really go down that low that quick i don't understand i think that's pretty much reservoir runs dry wow there's nothing there look at all those fish that's fucked god this smell terrell would die for them yeah and i guess they could have it they said if they had a note it like a two week notice they could you know take all the fish and save them and moved them to another lake or something like that but well the day during this on purpose now they just it's just pretty much emptied out it's at night it's a kind of him using how they pretty much just say that just say they just we just it's just out of water in a drought
just how fast it happens so it literally can happen like that overnight i understand that then why doesn't understand that it doesn't make any sense to me but it's a shallow ass fucking lake though he believes that may have occured when a clog outlet valve was cleared so little are the drain was stuck they opened up the drain now here's your reservoir going to a creek that's what's that's what's going on right there's a lot of lakes like that in california they could easily run dry that lake castaic that fucker is why hey smaller than it used to be you've been there is there places to stay there that's like because i had shared by it recently and i think people ought to camp there there's parts where you're allowed to camp good fucking luck with that let's sketches fuck dude there's a lot of like there's places around lake castaic lake a steak is really weird like you get there and you know like a we in guatemala is this like a mad some sort of a food fair civil in guatemala like this these people there that are just they you know for
how is it like living apartments specially they fuckin love parks map they get those parks and they just take over they bring their fan only the layout of giant blanket they start barbecue and it's fucking great man it's really it's actually kind of a cool environment to for kids all these different kids with different families they all get together and his muse plan and people are cooking and people from other country they have more of for whatever reason they have more of this sort of inclination to have these gatherings in these park gatherings is pretty bad man sometimes it's it's a bad as other times it's like it's it's nonsense it's just like hey it's a four forty people to all get together wasted in a park where there's kids too yeah that can happen to yeah especially if in a hard road getting over here in america you're fucking struggling and some sort of a shitty job doing
construction work under the table for cash and now here at the party finally you just get lit screaming and yelling dancing did you see that concrete on the opposite side of droughts that concrete that absorbs eight hundred gallons of water in a minute it's this concrete they can now put on roads and delights in parks you so so like places like like houston our taxes that you know and you know this flash floods this is actually just a zorbs water this is insane and we're looking at a video now for folks listening to this where giant water truck in the water truck is pouring water on to this parking lot in the water just disappearing this is crazy tom tech insider dot com and i guess this technology has been around for a while they just got it that enough to actually use as conquer
four cars that works rather than you sand bass concrete tarmac uses something called no fines car concrete it's made of tiny pieces of crushed granite packed together while burgess says the mixture is extremely dry the pieces are packed loosely enough to allow water to pass through the system can accommodate three designs full infiltration partial infiltration full attenuation while as an interesting man on that's smart yeah because like place like used to like you said member we were there at this we used to work at this club there we do put us up in this who's the al hometown in what the fuck was the name allentown parkway right yeah and it was like really fucking sketchy sketchy hotel they would put you up in where people would like knock on your door and ask for crack like literally there was this dude he was walking down the upper it wasn't a hallway
it was outside and it was like a balcony before you get to the stairs 'cause it was a motel you know and the guys walking yeah time goes man hughes was that dude and i go i was like what is where is dead man and i don't know where it is i come home and you know where it is where is adam my dude i don't fucking know where it is but it was just sharon's in and he just looked at me like this to junkie he knows where the guy is yeah been running into a lot of these junkies lately these meth heads that they're just so out of it they don't they're not real people when they are these drugs it's you're pretty fucked up yeah there was an article in one of the l magazines about forget what which magazine but it was out how a lot of these poor communities in like south central la cocaine he's like stupid expensive right now apparently but math is like way more common and so they bring in and because
everybody already has we'd like the people that we're bringing weed before they can't make any money off of weed so now they switched it to math and all these people are fucked up on meth in these like really shitty areas in shady communities yeah cutting coke with math i guess is a thing also now that people are doing because coke so expensive so it's like you're buying coke but that next thing you know your method you figure doing coke and get in math i mean that anybody could think that somehow or another we wouldn't at least be helping people actually get whatever they they think they're getting by make this legal like the idea that a grown adult tells another grown adult that to cocaine to me is mind boggling the fact that we all this other stuff you can do and you just arbitrarily no cocaine do you think he echo came ever become legal it should totally be legal it should be legal yeah i think less people would it i really do i think more people would be aware looked out one of my
destructive to your body destructive to society destructive to behavior in the kind of kind tiffany's you engage and drunk driving violent altercation strong being drunk can be horrible to wind up terrible and it's completely pervasive it's everywhere it's so prevalent it's in you can get booze in family restaurants you go to a family restaurant and get fucked up you know you can you can get fucked up to the point where you fall asleep driving to kill a bunch of people hundred percent you could do that you could get the drug choice the most destructive drug at every cvs every pharmacy every supermarket every super you go you can get fucked up you go down liquor i'll just grab bottles thrown in your cart you could bring them in the car and you would never be able to drive home like instantly you'd be fucked and it's legal
the idea the cocaine is not legal is silly i wouldn't do it i'll try it i think we definitely try i would try it if i knew it absolute cocaine because like tom sawyer from the punch line in senses go from cobbs member tom he was talk about rockstar cocaine like i did rockstar cooking with kennison and like what's rocks are cooking a duty he was talking about it like it was like someone talking about the days back when jesus was around we would do it you be great and after it open was over you just go to sleep and i was like why he's like yeah i would wear off it wouldn't give you a hangover you just like he was talking about fantasyland cocaine sound like non destructive not bad for you like get a lot done i want to know how what rockstar could exist because cocaine just makes you look more awake i mean so rockstar cocaine does make you even more
baker like i think the idea is that the cocaine you're getting when you go to a regular place is is half speed or twenty percent speed or five percent speed or whatever the fuck it is sick it's stomped on it's cut up but the rockstar cocaine is pure cocaine and pure cocaine this idea is that it's a better experience yeah and most cocaine just immediately or shiting every ten minutes do it 'cause it's cut laxatives or will you smoke crack i found out i did smoke crack just the other day that's so funny you said that because i found out that what it was somebody was talking about free freebasing cocaine which is where you cook with baking soda and you get the pure what you're doing is extracting the purity of the cocaine you're extracting the cocaine that's what i did it's the same thing yeah that's what i said but i guess crack is a little bit more mixed with chemical some kind of hardening came
or something like that i don't know i'm pretty sure it's the same thing and here's the here's the real deal according to doctor carl heart one of the guys that i have talked to on occasion who is a is a drug expertise on bill o'reilly so the other day that's one of the reasons why i got in touch them again i saw on the bill o'reilly show my two how do you do that he was on it for like he may he said like thirty seconds where the in the entire time maybe talk for like fifteen seconds for someone interrupted him it's like one of those stupid shows which jesus when he was talking about how crazy it is that you get sentence far more brutally if you get caught with crack and like what kind of jail time you're looking at whether versus getting caught with cocaine and he's like it's totally asus because it's the same drug its exact same drug he's like there's there's no de rinse whatsoever between the two like the the experience the high like if you if you do one you do the others the same thing so the fact that one of
you like ten year mandatory minimum and the other one you're out in like six months or whatever the it would be you're selling one of the other and i wonder why it is good that you prepare or something you black people in jail it's because they want to black people in jail wait it's just because they're selling it in these crime filled environments you know so whether or not it's racist or it's a response to the environment in which there selling crack the idea is if you go into the country club in your teeing off with you know brad at four hundred pm you guys going to do a little bump before your not the guy who is selling crack out of the back of is hopped up nissan and you know shooting at people and who knows what the fuck else he's doing kind of stupid shit this guys involved and he's creating a nuisance for the neighborhood
that's the idea right i just wondered if like legally how that that they can make a difference it was like at all well it weighs more or some united this make their own rules to the legal well the idea of what they can do and not do legally so fucked up because one of the ways they bust pot dealers is they way not just the pot but they way the dirt in the pot the pot is planted at the way the whole thing they don't cut your trees down and say well how much of the effective drug do we have here 'cause once you pull the buds out you're dealing with a fraction of the weight of the tree but these assholes they they way the pebbles that are in the soil that way everything the water that you know you water those plants there in the pot the pots heavy tough she for you looks like you gotta fuckin fifty pound pot plant you like what is i'm going to pound of weed on that stupid plan but they'll they'll hit you for fifty and then they'll get you fart major possession major distribution so god damn travesty the fact this been going on for so
long to it's it's an into into our middle ages mean you and i are both in our forties now and still living in this ridiculous society that thinks it's ok to lock people in a cage because they do they want to do this i want to smoke this or i want to so that i want to sell that you could sell tomatoes we don't sell weed fuck you it's stupid we're grown adults you know the idea that we're going to go to the grave and the world that we leave behind is going to be just as fucking stupid as it wasn't were in high school that's infuriating to maine you know and i don't think that making cocaine legal or bunch of people doing cocaine is going to help anything i certainly don't think that but if it does help one thing it will help people recognize what coke really is like if you see someone who's fucked up that's a drunk like you judge like i've seen people of bars on my i am not fucking drinking
want to be that guy you know like i think that's a big part of how people learn is watching people around us five cup and when no one around you fuck up fucks up that's when you have this like sort of really distorted perception of what's going on having you know no real understanding of what the effects of cocaine and uh on a one to one basis if you saw it if you say someone that you know doing it or if you did it you would know like right now it's it's got too much myth behind it you know it's part of the fucking scarface thing you know like your fucking i don't give a shit bro i'm doing coke where you know it's not just that you're doing this speedy drug it's also that you're being a bad boy or a bad girl tune that coke what is a lot of undressing all the shit we grew up on and feared
we wouldn't we grew up thinking we'd was the worst thing ever you with you know the same thing with the you know cocaine and it is now that we have the internet and how apps everything we right at our fingertips that we're learning like oh wait a second cocaine it's not even a schedule three drug or whatever it is scheduled to it is yeah because those medical uses right here's a fun fact about cocaine coca cola is made with cocaine coca cola was always made with cocaine back in the day and it had actual cocaine in the coke now part of the flavor in coca cola comes from the cocoa leaves so they take cocoa leaves they extract the cocaine and they use that cocaine from medical cocaine and then the rest like the flavoring some process goes in the coca cola that's why coke rules of pepsi drew 'cause 'cause 'cause it's got coke in it plus they have
coke their name pepsi can't take they can take you know coke coke is like is universal like you can't own co look like if someone like if cocaine became legal and coca cola was we're making our own cocaine coke coke like you couldn't static and stop anybody else from calling a coke 'cause it's coke like a stab lish name for it so if somebody tried to pat in the word pot you know we believe get the fuck outta here you can't patton pot stupid i just found there was another thing that was really it was like mountain dew or another soda that was also had like a weird history secret like a if it was mountain dew or it was a mountain dew yeah it's founders like moonshine yeah it wasn't me it was moonshine made to mix with moonshine was designed to mix with moonshine nickname mountain dew's nickname in the hello my god that makes sense and that's why pdc drinks it every day with
and that makes help it's run here's how fucked up i am that makes me want to mountain dew makes me wanna mountain deal with some moonshine all sudden it's like what i want to drink right now worth real sugar it's not too bad it tastes a little bit different don't we have mountain dew here and have to throw back we need to get it now let's get mountain dew so we have some moonshine already right get this rigid mountains we have some fake ass moonshine no hillbilly made our moonshine we have the moonshine featured on the history channel was fucking dudes but if they sell the same moonshine at applebee's you know it's not the real moonshine it's like this absence that we got it's not even absence we got like grape cider or something the applebee's but we had real absence once remember that cooper was fucked up that was weird i described it like a cousin to drunk it wasn't quite like being drunk it was like being drunk scuzz and creepy truck is very strange it didn't fuck me up i was it was it was
uncomfortable because it was definitely different and i wasn't sure what to expect but it wasn't bad it is definitely like drunk like i would never drive on it you could definitely tell that you're hindered physics like you like a little like you make bad decisions but it wasn't it was it was definitely different though wonder if i'm right i'm one of you know if you talk to like a doctor carl hart type guys like naps on your head it was basically just like being dropped just wanted to check flavor yeah i wonder half of it might be just letting your myth that where you think it is 'cause i mean back in the day they used to say used to trip from drinking absence but now it is you don't hear that anymore but maybe the getting the good stuff right what the fuck is wormwood right that's what they use to make absinthe right i don't know why were other form paul this up j it's fine i had to put it over sugar cubes or something activate some there's something like that but the stuff that we had yeah they did do it sugar didn't it yeah i forgot
how they did it and it tastes like licorice is a long time ago where is that seattle no i believe that was vancouver because it's legal up there that was the deal that it was up in canada it's confer you're twenty one years old enter liquor dot com nice the file i've biggest absent myths yeah so they're pouring it over this sugar cube what's the myths turning yellow absinthe is hallucinate ing that's a myth marketers love to capitalize on the product's illicit reputation but the fact is it's no more likely to make you see things than vodka whiskey or tequila absence was banned because it's a lucyna genic that's also another meth if absence isn't loosen genic why was it banned in most european can breeze end in the us in the early 20th century absence became a victim of
don't popularity when the french wine industry and temperance movement targeted a common scapegoat to promote their respective agendas those cunts they did it those fox the wine industry went after an absinthe oh my god you cunt we're in reality stop moving reality according to bruise whatever his name is it was a cheap adulterated verse things of the drink it was cheap adulterated where is the drink sold by unscrupulous manufacturers not unlike bathtub gin during prohibition that caused the problems ok so they just decided to capitalize on it's sort of the same way a partnership for a drug free america like if you if you don't know why i should do a bit about the dog the lady with the talking dog as many comedians did but there was a stupid show where the girl would come home from school and the dog would be like he i miss my friend
i wish you wouldn't get high all the time it's the stupidest fucking commercial lending but can you find out is stupid that commercial is that it was made there's something called a partnership for a drug free america will then you go into that that's where it gets hilarious a partnership for a drug free amare so was financed in part at least buy alcohol tobacco and pharmaceutical companies so i'm like alcohol companies talking shit about pot is like hookers doing commercials again strippers i'm like that's literally what it's like this just cutting out the competition that's all it was so we we're watching these stupid fucking commercials going who is making these like what is this what's the agenda with the agenda was to stifle competition which is mind boggling when you really find out that drug companies that may trillions of dollars selling drugs if you combine the alcohol that
pharmaceutical industry and the tobacco industry worldwide that is trillions of dollars trillions the amount of money staggering and those folks were financing a partnership for a drug free america and they let him fucking let 'em it's hilarious it's like a group of murderers banning together to stop the ufc it's it's so stupid it's so fucking stupid absence in the us isn't real absinthe in the us a few weeks options aside the quality and authenticity of the absent found in the us market huh the quantity and authenticity is very good he says who was i mean we've seen that it's good i don't get it in contrast the eu market remains heavily contaminated with offerings that amount to flavored vodka
in green dye posing his absence did they reverse it yeah it seems like they fuck that paragraph these are missed so he's saying that the us oh right of course right right right that's the myth ok so the us absence is good i forgot that it was all myths absences from the czech republic not true huh that's a myth too huh sugar cube it shouldn't be a classic method serving absence involved slowly dripping water over into the spirit often over a sugar cube held on buy a special perforated spoon but in and uh tradition that magically appeared in the 1900s who says one thousand nine hundred and ninety or 1990s this
the sugars first soaked with alcohol and lit with a match though impressive the fire ritual is really designed to distract from the fact that a cheap and artificial product will not loose what's that word or it cloudy with the addition of water like it should it's not necessary and cry whatever but that should be illegal to course it was kind of legal i guess it is legal now all of it should be legal man we're we're babies were babies over here it's ridiculous yeah it's interesting chart just going through what what what's going to be next you know with marijuana becoming legal more and more places like what's the next thing that that we've been pussies about it's probably harder drugs it's probably things like joke mean i think they're going to make some sort of an argument for sure that mdma should be legal all the
in studies they're doing down there they're saying that they're gonna you start using cat i mean more and more for depression number neal brennan was talking about that the these does kevin treatments for depression while chain yes sir it's k tranquilizer yeah it's kat i always thought his horse you might be right it's one of those pretty sure they use it on cats i think some veterinary tranquilizer i've done it it's great but this is slow motion well apparently you do and uh but you go into other dimensions and shit like brennan saying one talking about him saying he got an iv dose of it and you essentially like you completely dissolve you trip your fucking balls off you go into some crazy alternative dimension and you do it in a doctors office anesthesiologist is treating you for depression with these insane forty five minute cada mean trips and you know he leaves there is a little foggy comes the comic stories a little whacked out but other nat is like my mind is fine he goes and i feel really good i think it's really working so
start seeing it popping up all over the place skews me sorry where people are talking about using for depression that is being approved for use for depression apparently it's really effective psychedelic trips in particular in general but cada mean in particular it's apparently like really effective for depression what about what do you think about peyote e ceremonies an have you have you ever done paid you know never done it supposed to do it next month in utah should totally do it you know it's some form of its masculine essentially and it's from the san pedro cactus i don't know how distracted i don't know how that works but the it's not a loose the june per se i believe i believe it actually falls into like a stimulant category i want to say what is a barbiturate barbiturates again down a rant yeah yeah it's not that i can
its first make you puke a lot that i was i thought and then you would go in because i mean just watching movies you know but like natural born killers you know i went in that whole like fingers flying horses with if you you're into pyote you're likely to have a dream catcher on your wall you might have one of those feather tattoos goes down your arm like a band like some feathers that was a popular one user actually in the native american culture that they are now why that guy died off of anna anna anna conda whatever and i was gonna go ask which guy there was a second second death recently of a young kid who died and they kept the body for i think four or five weeks for returning it to the united states to the parents and they were going to test it out to fight find out why but you know it could have been he makes it was something else like anti depressant or he that's probably really dangerous because i think i think some medications
if you're taking something that is an antidepressant ssri you're not supposed to do ayawaska certain ssr eyes and i think also if you're taking anything it's really dangerous if you're taking anything that's an maoi mono model only mean monoamine oxidase inhibitor which is we are very common in some forms of medication and it is the reason why you can take ayawaska in an oral form so normally when you ayawaska when you're we are taking what you're doing is essentially it's like a slow release dmt trip right d it's so many different plants in hundreds thousands of even that your body pro this is something to break it down in your gut so like if you were gladys and the letter said dm tina you just trip you balls off right so your body's like well this is rude so we can just keep tripping every time we have a salad so body produces something called a mean oxidase and that maoi
is also a part of the ayawaska missed mixture the the inhibitor is something called i mean so what it is is it inhibits your body's natural production of this stuff that breaks down dmt so it allows it to get your bloodstream and you have this this wild crazy trip but a pair really that same active ingredient in harming also exists in a bunch of prescription medications so if you're on that prescription medication and you go and you take this other stuff as well you get this overdose effect and it could be super dangerous for you apparently super dangerous to fuck with it's tough to prescription ones and try to make like your own version of ayawaska like by taking dm he was an maoi like you got to know what the fuck you're doing it can be real real dangerous it can be super skinny you're fucking with brain chemistry
there's one thing if you're doing something that has like thousands of years of history like if you do mushrooms who the fuck dies from mushrooms you have to do the wrong mushrooms if you're getting mushrooms from a reputable source not like there is one but if you if you know what you're doing and you get mushrooms are grown yourself let's say it's just mushrooms like you know what to expect like your you can get really fucked up but you're going to live right but when you start fucking with like farm google drugs and pills an extraction who knows man who are you you could you could run into some is in and it is part of the problem things being illegal is that we don't know exactly how people don't even know that when you eat weed your trip in your ball is off on this eleven hydroxy metabolite this unit not even getting the thc h many people know that very few people few people do it's white so much stronger people freak out about how strong pot cookies are it's not
and we'd it's in the same drug is smoking it the reason why we don't know is because it's illegal they should be teaching that in school teach you in school like how many ounces of alcohol you could have for pounds of body weight in order to worry you know like if you could drive a you have six ounces of beer then you drive in and make you know but if you get over that like now you start getting into the illegal area with everybody kinda knows right every kind of like two beers are you getting close to the line have yet to beers in the span of a half an hour you might be close to the legal driving line right but what is it with eating weed what is it you know what is it with smoking weed we don't fucking know i mean everybody has their own tolerance for sure but we don't there's no like number that buddy knows such if you eat this you grams you had ten all you're fine isn't because of the fact illegal there's all guessing you got it takes along long time to figure it out you got to talk to a bunch of different people and get answers don't talk to join
yes so throwing off the curve jody authority bought a cock sock to eat one you going gone ice you might as well dance i saw him the other day on periscope just eating is it right here here we take this and he's like they're eating just tons vegetables and then like i rightly you we're done acid well open up your tongue here and they just draw so the acid age goes so deep he's not even experiencing reality as we know it because reality is very different to lead this guy's like o i guess and eating that much as normal he enjoys it is turning him into a joe ideas yeah but listen man think about if you're late right nice kid very smart guy he's a sweetheart funny on the show and this fucker stumbled into a partnership with the funniest man has ever lived so he has this podcast the funniest man server ever lived funniest man is ever lived do he dose ism
every day joey diaz doses that guy would like five hundred milligram cheetah choose he'll take the rapper off of a fucking two hundred milligram cheeba chew put a five hundred milligram in their rapid backup it handsome eat it of the mild amilda line about the fucking two hundred normal the line about the number they say two hundred get the fuck outta here two hundred with you fucking faggy two hundred i had like a forty the other day or something like that i was fucked up out of i can't believe that that lead thinks two hundred is a normal number you know yeah those guys go deep yeah we don't happens they they start doing it on a regular basis and then you get used to that insane experience you know joe is used insane experience he's used to just be in just deep in the hole like that alison song it's like
he's doing it he's getting like a narcotic effect you know i'm gonna say about like joey's history you know joey all life he's done some sort of drugs and now now all he does smoke weed but his whole life he's done like horrible drugs you know like terrible terrible drugs and a lot of coke the coke was i probably the good one you know he did a lot of crazy shit and so for him like he i think he probably misses that complete total escape from reality that you could get when you eat five hundred milligrams achieve issues like you you you going you going down man like the world the world will become paper in walls world crumble in front of you like they're made out of dust and you'll just be just low looking over the landscape that is the the impend
doom of your own body and society and the death of your wife and children and your friends and everyone dying you're going to see that you're going to see on those god damn pot cheeba chew five under milligram deathstars had two death stars the other day two two death stars two i've never even heard of anybody eating two of those things you ever heard of the death star now oh my god is it there's some fucking thing that these guys in northern california main i think the same guys who make the gummy bear just make the death stars and there supposed to be so bad alex jones when i get one of these desktops i'm going to fuck him up last time he had like a loaf of bread gummy where he was cutting slices from easier to make slice you off wanted like you're in a fucking deli with him hey you gotta try so bridge dude i got this
super suit all this fuckin guy knows gonna make a good pursuit a slice and paper thin meat laying it down that stuff is really good you gave me uh some truffle the other day from that company in that box right there and i actually know the people that from that compound bows yeah they live in burbank they make great stuff it's really quality it's real the quality and the stuff that they're making is all organic they don't use corn syrup they don't like it's really used honey when they're making their baked goods so fucking where can you get because like i talked about in the shell off you know break this but this is on the internet and we're talking about things that may or may not be legal federal federale what a creepy situation that is the federal gov still like that's why these these guys are running for president on the republican side some of them are so fucking scary 'cause if they they really do say do what they say they're going to do and get into office and then
sudden go after these pot shop start raining am like you're looking at like some if a war shit they still doing it is it still happening i don't know once a rating anything but they're talking about it this chris christie guy specially no one thinks he can actually become president but if he did become president he one of the things that he said he would do is immediately go into colorado and washington state and shut down all the pot sales see the black guy now he's uh that's ben carson that's a religious one he's fascinating man that guys fascinating i've been paying attention to him a lot lately he's really interesting ben carson is one of the best pediatric brain surgeons in the world like he he is saved conjoined twins when can joy twins were linked together at the head like this is apparently these kids they were sharing one artery that's a very import
and already that i think more than twenty different doctors or a bunch of different doctors at work twenty hours to to try to help these kids and they survived they separated their fucking brains who are conjoined twins meaning there their bodies are connected together at the head and he saved them like he's a brilliant brilliant man whoa it comes to that but then when it comes to like evolution big bang theory yeah he believes the big bang theory is a myth he does even evolution why is it always like that it's like that you know you're you're so smart in one area but then you you completely miss judge everything in the other areas like figure it's like it doesn't make sense at all doesn't make sense it's because you know we all know people that are really good at one thing and they suck and other stuff and the more attention you put to this one thing often times you know
act areas of your life like how many like torture geniuses if that's okay a really common term that people love to use he always is torture g it's like someone is a genius in like their musical life but in their personal life is just constant chaos there an asshole and screaming people and throw things around like what what is that what is that but ultimately you look at if you separate yourself from society's idea of how you should behave or shouldn't behave and society's idea of like what's a statically pleasing about some kinds of music and how difficult it is to do is look at it like a just outside of culture right well you just look at it like a mathematical problem you well this is real simple this guy has a resources right and he's dumped all the resources into this one thing like running he's like using the best runner of all time but
personal life is chaos his family fucking hates him his friends he's a backstabber like like the lance armstrong situation you know guys like the baddest fucking biker of all time meanwhile he's suing people the people their talents saying that he did drugs like i'll fucking sue you i'm suing this person i'm seeing now chaos going on like that it's overwhelming desire for victory sort of takes over pretty much every aspect of the rest of your life like they say michael jordan you can't even play pool with that guy if you beat him in pool he will fucking hate you he hates you because what is his day well his thing is just winning his own for whelming thing is winning and i don't know what he's like in real life but i haven't heard good things over like it doesn't tip i've heard like weird shit like that you know like
not necessarily the nicest guy would could that be well it could be like he had didn't focus on that he focused everything on this one thing everything on this one thing this is what's important i think i think you get a lot of that with people think this ben carson guy is just he probably focus so much on that that he didn't didn't apply that objective reasoning that intellect examining the various aspects of the mythology that is accepted as his reality mean is christianity at the end of the day with no proof everything is mythology everything with no proof with proof then you examine the proof it's super simp anybody that argues against that is just you just biased you have your own ideas if you have some proof that there was a god that this god had one son and he made this son come down and get the fuck
data from a nail to board so that we could all have no sent do you have can you show me some studies can you give me do you get do you have a box of ever so you can pull out and we can examine all the different pieces that points to double conclusion that that's true 'cause if you don't then it's a myth then you're believing mythology doesn't mean it's not real but if you if you put all your fucking eggs in that basket and you don't have any proof at all well you're entering into this weird world where you don't pay attention to shit you're entering it is weird world where you ignore certain aspects of things because you've decided what is and what isn't that's not thinking that's not thinking that's like it's convenient cookie holder placement of ideas it's not thinking 'cause if you're thinking you can't accept it if you're thinking you go wait what he came back from the dead is anybody ever done that three days came back from the dead i don't think you can do that i mean that's what people would do normally but you know you went to my kids
function today don't want to this function and they're all there we're singing god bless america and this was something about having in there and the school prayer we go okay you are you to be teaching people were teaching kids things right with heaven where is this is this a real thing or we just put and in heaven is real so the kids feel good and they can get through 12th grade what we doing here what are we doing you know we have to make shit up about stuff that we don't know instead of just accepting what we do now instead of just celebrating and accepting what we know about life we have pretend there's a heaven and you're going heaven when you die what the fuck are you talking about like you're teaching mikey nonsense why don't you teach him some rubber rumpelstilskin shit once you make some shit up about leprechauns your may please shut up about heaven i'm not saying kevin doesn't exist but you're just
take it up your teaching a school in a class you're making them and then in heaven god in heaven god in heaven where is heaven whose god what are you talking about what are you talking about you making up some shit you making up some shit in a school like and ok okay look at the kid comes to you like we where is heaven on a map can you can you take to have is do google earth we check out heaven can see the can i see the harp i will let you know heaven is his heavenly father there was another thing heavenly father like are heavy my father really this is what we're teaching in school heavenly father's how come he's gotta check you know mom is usually better at like raising you then dad's dad's working all the time it is weird that when you have a kid that you do nothing but lie dome their first ten years of their life like about santa claus bud rabbits jesus monsters well the jesus thing keeps going that's the weirdest part of it again
this is not saying that jesus wasn't real just saying like if you look if that story existed in any other form other than religion you'd be like what if you look at that very outside of religion if it wasn't something that you know you made the sign of the cross every morning and went to school pray if you just the story about a guy who was magic could turn water into wine who could heal people what do you do with fish the fucking give people fish or some shit make some fish the whole thing so stupid you be wait a minute who told you this well it's a long story see it was actually spoken about for bout thous years for anybody bother to write it down you be like wait what shut the fuck up they tell is it for one thousand years the old testament they to the old testament for one thousand years they used spoken for a thousand years
it's so long that's like just stop and think i'll fucking stupid that is literally that would be like going back back to like the julius caesar days in julius caesar like one thousand years ago with it was that the romans were around one thousand years ago right no before that would be like genghis khan it be like gangus khan's life and no one bothers to write it down until now i mean that's so stupid the idea behind that is so stupid that you could tell a story for a thousand years and get it right when you write it down it is intra like you know pope you know he believes in the bang theory an evolutions real so it seems like they kind of have to slowly start accepting everything but when it comes down to it i still believe you a magic man you know jesus
flying around but i tell you what man it always weirds me out when they have that guy on tv it weird's me the fuck out but words me i was watching cole bear it was so strange man it was co bear and gaff again who i love jim gaff again and maria shriver and some other weird dude and they were sitting around talking about what it means to be a catholic almost like watt what are you talking about and they're talking about forgiveness and can our is all about forgiveness and maria shriver is like being all proud to be a cat click on the the mass mike i'm like hit the brakes are you grown up it's like you guys are you're in the nonsense so you're in the nonsense is that what this is because this is but you're showing nonsense you get this guy dressed like in a fucking harry potter movie he stand in front of all these people with a chalice he's where cold outfit he literally is wearing a call outfit from
thousand years ago you're all sitting there listening to this nonsense total non can sense it anyway you can in english in here there you like yes we're here we're here to west it is the holy father like what the fuck are you talking to you there to witness a guy who works for an organization that owns a building that houses the largest gay bathhouse in europe that's the vatican owns i mean did the whole thing is so fucking ridiculous and that this guy is meeting with all these people all across america and they're all so happy to meet the pope this is so amazing and he listens to peoples stories he decides whether or not people should be able to get married if they're gay the whole is whole hilarious the support that kim davis lady the lady went to the vatican
they they had a meeting with her she got an audience at the vatican it the data he was saying that people shouldn't have to violate their beliefs so is sensually he was supporting her who spoke her decision not to marry gay people when i first heard that i wonder if he just pulled her side like look man it's two thousand and fifteen just let it go i don't think so i think it's probably like listen bitch keep that shit up and i want to marry any dude that's probably just like i would keep my honey look money will my gold take it to a fucking like chamber from a hobby just gold everywhere stacked up the ceiling have you seen the footage of him smell the footage of him
sucking on toes the you know that's a thing him yeah it's a thing that he does it goes around and sucks on guys to come on so i swear to god i dare you come on when i'm talking about on the news like pope visited in blessed all these people and it's just him like kissing towsen like well he shows humility by kissing your feet yeah yeah it was very growth that dudes feet yeah it's kind of the foot if they are not part totally depends what part the foot like if you kids like my shin instep my instep i consider a weapon so kiss an uncle but if you suck on my little pinky toe right of a problem with that yeah i i mean i just board pope kisses feet in the first thing is humbling moment pope for this is washes broom prisoners said just him washing a bunch of guys he washes them why can't they wash themselves going on here i'm washing them for the lord first i will start with their balls then i
lost taint hopeful this is kisses and wash his feet of young offenders at rome prison after mass god damn it i remember it's one of the things that jesus did as either bring up one how convenient then so they wrote it not look hold on it's right here it says right here jesus said that must suck the toes he's getting fucked up in there it's like that so cute is deep in their new while it's an addendum on my here it goes is kissing the girls feet always washington girls feet those are hot feet though just got cute little feet that's different stuff for fetish people mostly love how they must be whacking off like crazy to this hope pope pope pope play i get introduced to this girl by chris ryan the author of sexist and i he he's friends with this girl who she's like a dog
nature matrix in a humiliatrix she humiliates dude and uh she sells her socks and she's got all these pictures on our twitter of her like dirty socks with their foot like up to you like one back off one sock on which is like three hundred buy my socks with pigs yeah i know a couple of those girls dunkin do a barrel and that for a lot of money she stands first and she mail for whatever her name was she just she came to my house at two a party at one time for his birthday the fuck was her name and she mass yeah there was like some crazy name and she had her under where it was just like hi this is like you know all day long yeah it's around yeah well she would have deals where she would have to wear her socks like many days in a row so they would really stink and then she would sell them duncan's girl did she like have deals like i gotta wear arm for three days like should be like come going to walk my dog i would get
socks license start walk around in socks it's you know it's here here's something weird socks like cotton socks stink so fucking bad the worst though is like plastic you we have like some sort of nylon material in the sox i've had athletic socks that were go bad like i'd wear for a couple hours and they would just fucking reek where i'd have to throw my sneaky in the washing machine like what's that smell but doesn't smell is war when i go hunting we can wear the same socks i wear the same socks for like days in a row days in a row they don't stink it's weird 'cause it's full somehow or another way here's another thing about wool marine no will especially i guess maybe all wall but when it gets wet you stay warm whereas like of cotton gets wet you're fucked like so when you huh and a lot of times it's cold as shit out but you're dressed heavily
be an you're walking like up hills and you heat up and you start sweating well if you weren't cotton it's really fucking dangerous 'cause that's how people get hypothermia they start walking the walk up hills and then they sit down and they fucking freeze to death because your whole body is like soaking wet from walking and then use it and you're like oh jesus like you get tired and you can't go on anymore what you got close on man you gotta make a fire to dry your clothes you could take your clothes off and dry them by the fire or you're not going to make it but if you have wool on it's crazy you could be wet and you're still warm it's really weird yes it's a non synthetic it's a it's a biological hair because of this war was a lamb's wool because it's coming in as lambs hair it it it serves he'd better in it it it it's like the the root reaction that it has to more stirs completely different like retains heat it's real weird thing would make it stank here this year
i think so would single it smell like a dead sheep or something like sheep funk but it doesn't man it's like the one of the best way ways to prevent your body from really stinking when you go on these trips 'cause like we are montana the first time when when i got that deer right there we were outside for five days six days without a shower and i'm sure i didn't smoke great for sure you know specially my butt i was just shitting in a hole in the ground and taking the paper and they would like the toilet paper on fire to burn it off that's what you would do so my asshole must have just been a disaster lucky i don't have to look at it though buttom five days of you know being in the in the woods like that like i had the same clothes on for five days and was it wasn't that hard weren't like i did have to pry them
with my skin you know that gets like your socks sometimes the other day we have to like buy them away from the bottom of your skin like they stick in the poor and then they become hard like like like crunchy where's the crunchy come from that was in your foot it's toxins man it's toxins is foot toxins so i was trying to tell me that they like they go to someplace i might have been joey they go to some place they put you in this bath yet still toxins come out and it's black is black in the bombing of woah woah woah woah woah what fucking talk sensory your butt what do you eat in charcoal i could to fucking talk to you i've always wanted to see if that's real he always talks about that it's not real i think it's a trick someone told me about the trick to summon explained but the trick is is like some sort of a chemical that they put in the water and there's a chemical reaction your skin and it makes us like black color and you start thinking oh my god that talks and you're coming out
kera santa maria is pretty funny about that shit man you know she so smart to science she was she goes it's one of the surefire ways tell someone that's bullshit they start talking about cleansing the star talking about toxins and cleansing and she was like wait wait wait what what is going on here with your toxins yeah the brown water is probably dirty feet just wash you probably washed her feet for you know i think there's an actual black like something yeah there's like something that they put in the water and when your feet react to it it just makes this black liquid which it's not talks and so you mentioned that's all it took you soak your feet in the blackness comes out of you see like little demons fucking swirling around the water spirit still leaving your feet they hide out your feet swell you feed her the day it's ghosts
i had a weird thing happened near down if i told you about my my vision i just started tripping out of no where like my my yeah i did hear about that my eyes sting weren't route at night the light hitting my eyes right like my eyes want adjusting to light right so if i looked at my arm and i wave my arms look like there was like a blue line around it at points like very neon trippy like laser kind of like if you see like a film with low exposure rate you know where you see like the weird trippy stuff and if i linked my eyes everything got really bright for a second and then it went dark like darker so it's like i was seeing through a filter and somebody said i think it's an ocular migraine which is a migraine that you don't have a headache but your eyes from stressing out looking computers or lack of sleep that that happened but had it happen twice in a month right it makes
if it happens once it means you know your way your eyes are weak by whatever you do i think i think looking its monitors terrible you know i did a podcast last week why i didn't bring the laptop we do the fight to manny podcast my eyes feel better by the end of the day was like at the end it like i think this serenata screen like that my screen is too bright but i think staring at a screen like that all the time i just it's real bad for you still the unnatural to external light source like that six you know a foot two feet from your face this is a phone were usually squinting it's not like a green phones are terrible it's great they do is amazing i would never give him back it would not a man rather go big foot can smoke signals you know i love phones but the doing is not good just not good this is not we stare at my eyes are significantly worse than they were three or four years ago yeah it goes fast interesting ones doing it right now yeah it's not good i bought a book on
that steve steve maxwell recommended but i haven't gotten to it i think there's have the irony is not lost on me that when i'm reading glasses reading a book about how to not read with glasses wearing reading glasses and when i'm reading a book about how to not use reading glasses while i'm reading with glasses it's a book about not reading like throw away your glasses and see i think is the name of the book and like the selaras i'm reading this book while i'm wearing glasses that's in that book makes sense it to it in that it is it's like i think it's called the bates method for during in your eyes the idea is that your eyes are
like any other part of your body you if you use them properly you can strengthen them but if you don't use them properly you can weaken them you know like if you breathe in coal fumes all day going to fuck up your lungs so the idea is if you're staring at a computer screen all day ok you're fucking up your eyes and there may be ways to sort of at least partially mitigate the damage that you're doing to your eyes play some quake yeah that's supposed to be good for your eyes right god can't get can't get me in there man i know i know what's wrong with you that's one that's one that i can't go back to it's just too much i liked it much i just i'm doing too well without it it's really one of your eyes and help your eyes more than a book maybe not only get well i just think it be one hour and there will be two hours and then it'll be four hours a day and then
so you know i'm not writing any new jokes i'm not you know going the improv at the comedy store i'm not sitting in front of the computer or pena paper and getting shit done now my jones and jones and the frag people to go fuc chain gun someone and railgun gunman fun if you twitch for three hours and so on and then you got some common yeah you can make it a podcast hot would comedy would i get out of it bullshit with people i don't know about all that i eyeball kiss somebody like touched my it's how old are you again do it's cool i have is weird you're like touching
move to a girl yeah i love it so it's weird touching something that somebody sees through there was a story about a dude who died i don't know if it's true so i should probably look it up he got staph infection in his eyeball because during a wrestling matches contact lens came out fell on a mat took it put it back in his eye and got a staph infection as i want up dying that could be one of those fucking leprechaun story it makes sense i mean i herpes is a real thing and that's actually pretty common in you get outbreaks on your eyes is i heard these are real thing yeah really i herpes i heard my balls you can get herpes in your eyeballs yeah i heard rules an on ocular hercules ocular herpes so like when you go
close your eyelid like as you blinking it's going over that giant zit popping my pain oh my god how old are you how old you have to be to pop and eyeballs it imagine if you popped it and you felt the ooze yeah you probably can't popping eyeballs it if it gets infected god i fucked this night good don't google image search i herpes either stop and think about some of the fucked up diseases that people can get you don't even know about it until they happen and then you go what do i have i have all her peers philip surfers i one time and you're seeing that move no only that's real brown yeah okay i don't yeah look at what is surfers i over exposure to sun it's called protect tier guy am i can't say that right but oh wow look ocular mucus
extension i don't know i sunburn my what it just starts taking over i think it's more like i cancer oh my god and what do they do about it oh my god really i mean i don't think it will come what's that one guy this is a woman the black one god this is too horrible oh my god look at that look how it's overcoming her vision what's going on with this guy same thing surfer now he's got it he's a victim of surf rage okay as as lit up does he have it kelly slater hasn't the ceiling really slow just coming up wow this is it this is crazy i know the get out your thing to surfers get sir for
here where the inside of their ear they developed like these nodes like these big bony protrusions scary shit man yeah i had everything can't be that good i had a sunburn in my eye once because i was sitting at a table after a rain storm in the sun had reflected off the table into my eyes for two hours you know while you're just sitting there drinking or whatever and the next like a couple hours later i couldn't see out of my eyes for like two days was it was just burnt my eyes number you have no idea no idea it was going on is so bright so at least i'm not looking at the sun myrtle beach again booze yeah that was if you were here i would be like i need some sunglasses man this bullshit man it sucks had to go out in public and like i remember i went to read law steering couldn't see and my dad had to like walk me through red lobster god
did you hear that ed snowden got joined twitter yeah you got like one million followers in an hour he's at one nineteen billion interesting and he didn't all the grass tyson's podcast neil degrasse tyson such a bad mother fucker he wrote this on twitter he would ed student after discussing everything from chemistry to constitution on star trek star talk you're a patriot to me say stay safe poor fucking guy you see who is following he's only five one one account yeah the nsa hilarious that is that is fucking hilarious that's high comedy poor bastard that's one of those things mentally where is that going to be two thousand and thirty years from now
is like living in russia we just speculating but i would imagine that this well you know what though man if anybody would not i was going to say it's probably terrifying you're living under this dictatorship but if anybody we feel that it's not like that it's him because he knows what americans like mean they're trying to put that fucking guy in jail and why they try to put him in jail for exposing crime that's why they're trying to put him in jail they're trying to put him in jail for the very thing that obama used to have on his hope and change campaign website on his hope it change campaign website before obama became elected he had this whole thing about whistleblowers that they would support whistleblowers people that were exposing crime and that they wouldn't punish these people they would help them but meanwhile he's been the worst for whistleblowers it's it was
shit you know he didn't really have the power that he claimed to have or would have when he got in and then when he it get in he didn't do any of the things you said he would do when it comes to whistleblowers in order to support them publicly he kept his fucking mouth shot or he spoke disparagingly about stone meanwhile you ask the american people if you gave like a poll like if everybody on twitter had a vote how many people are happy with what ed snowden did and how many people think that what he did was dangerous in each be in jail i guarantee you most people especially people that know what the case actually about they would do it support am he he went way out of his way to make sure that no one got in trouble or that no one was doxed that their information wasn't released in that critical operations weren't compromised he went way out of his way and he brought that shit to a bunch of different sources before he brought it to glenn greenwald
there's a bunch of different people who brought it to that they didn't want to have anything to do with it the whole thing is just so strange it's terrifying you think obama might help mount for he gets out of help him out like maybe like not excommunicating 'cause he's not in prison right now but should totally do that back you should do that right now he should do that right now he should have a speech and he should tell the american public that what the nsa did cross the line and that the average american person is not a criminal and we shouldn't be treated is a criminal until proven differently it's not less not how democracy works and that kind of pressure here living life under that kind of pressure is awful nobody wants to live that worrying that people looking over your shoulder because it effects your freedom it effects the way think and behave you feel like you're being observed and watched and that that has a b impact and how you behave and think of you
constantly like if you ever what worked in a place for your boss like i thought you were untrustworthy or thought you were sneaky and there you know or you know and like you in anyway and they're always like checking in on your work and there was following you around like it makes working in that off is a fucking nightmare you're spending eight hours a day with some fucking guy was con we're looking at you sideways turn it twenty four hours a day and that's what the cia or the nsa is doing i mean there are your boss there dick checking can you let me look at your google search what do you give a shit about torture how are you in what if want to find out how they torture people you're allowed to as an adult ok as a fucking grown up and you you say torture tactics of isis like i want to know what they do let's see what they do okay let's see what they do china let's see what they do why why you you know that woul d've fucker you i'm looking because it's a possible search result i want to ask a question i want to know why is that bad what's not
bad but if you start googling weird shit about islam or isis or you know how do you can what if i want to know how you convert how's that work when have i what's the protocol how do i join well if i want to know i'm going visited 'cause i i'm having fun not joining isis god but if i want to have some information like maybe i'm want to be able to you know answer that question how they join isis that i was a research that actually the this what they do what if you start look and all that shit they will put you want to fucking list and well there putting on that list for your own good are you really how about you catch people need do crime how much is just prevent crime from happening and not by making everyone a criminal when you start looking at everybody's email you start recording everybody's phone calls you start taking everybody's text messages and putting in a database fall q you know and we all agree with that he will this poor guy he's in russia could put
i think over there it's funny how facebook does that legally hot once right you know russia well how many a do you have connected to facebook you know how it's like log in with facebook you know if you forget how many times you do and then there's a there's a setting someone facebook where you can see everything you've done and like the other day i looked at it was like we listen to this song at three hundred o'clock then you ordered food from this place then you took an uber to this and then it's like all these shit so you so much yeah so book can anybody else okay no but but facebook has all that and i i g eve and i've been doing it for years you just forget when you log in with facebook how much you actually use that use facebook or you're telling facebook what doing but you forget that you're logged into e twenty four with facebook a lot yeah this book you in it see i don't do that i don't use facebook to log in anything yeah i do because it's easy so i can tell
sign up there but to me like that's not good how i got especially a database like facebook where they sell your shit this your like they're they're they're all coming up with new and better ways to profit off of the list that they can generate but we are buying habits arm the you know how when is his words me out like you google something the other day i was googling a specific type of binocular swarovski they look very famous binoculars so i'm googling i'm looking at the different types of red then i go to some website and is a fucking swarovski ad the google ad thanks to they know i've been looking like what about this want to buy that and are you thinking about it man and was like wow that's kind of fucked up it's kind of weird they tailor the ads to you because i never saw hunting binocular ads and you know some fucking speed website like all the sudden i see it look mom i seen that there cuz it's tailored to my search for
and and you know just saying all of guarding right now will make all of garden play on you too you know because a they go through the idea of you two videos and if it there sir so yeah olive garden right now it will make there will be an all garden add beginning in the pocket a lot of times yeah if it's it if the current site paid sponsor from youtube does that mean that they do a transcript of the show yeah they all everything is transcript now any video you put out nowadays there's a transcript of imagine transcribe one of our stros oh it's done but i mean imagine if you try to look if you took parts of it that's like one of that i have with will taking a little snippets of the podcast and then having making whole articles about a conversation that was said you you're taking something completely out of context and all the humor and irony and sarcasm knowledge it's completely missing you just get a sentence
you know like me telling milo yesterday you're gay as fuck dude like but what was buzzfeed news or was it raw story they make it you know you look at it you know what is he saying here like why is he saying that they don't like it looks so much different you see something like described like transcription is not necessarily a a really good eight it's it's not the full capturing of a conversation it's just not and try to pretend it is like when someone if you someone like put something in quotes and says that you know hillary clinton said this can i see how she said it can i see who she was talking to can you show me a video of what they were talking about before then 'cause then i'll only understand what she's really saying and that's how emojis were born that's the purpose of so you could have a girl going like the hand of the side where oh she's been can t
is that what your walk lucky gyptian i didn't know that i don't use emojis you don't i'm so deep in emojis and the new ones are about to come out like we got taco in the ways taco tacos on the way and i already have piles of shit any guns you have gun emojis sometimes people say yeah tax something like i don't know what you're saying but i think you're going to shoot the shit shoot shit i over is a plant egg plant yeah what is that one for okay deck and excellent that's the international deck if you do it looks like that but that's probably dying probably have a horrible infection need to go get your dick drained eggplant sushi squirt the three drops of water so that's one way to say a sentence like that woman you know it's a funny thing about the way
we do language that we think of that is like the only way to do language but if you look at like hieroglyphs that's kind of what they did they just to talk in emojis i mean the egyptians they drew all their shit like they would oh here we are pushing a rock here we are with the boat you know this guy is or do they know if the hieroglyphs written by smart people or not is that ever come up they were the smartest people around otherwise would be people that had a higher english or making fun of hieroglyphs he know fire he smart what is that we know there is smart like that could have the hieroglyphs that are found could have been a dumb kids or whatever they were just right and emojis to each other that's the only ones that got found or yeah you know what i mean it used to be a thing called the library of alexandria but it was burned burned the ground more than once i think i think the muslims burned it down and i think about i think someone else brought it down to i want to say i forget who it is but they they lost all their records they lie
install their people used to go to egypt from all over the world to learn these to have so connect studies there they trip balls used to fucking learn about mathematics and construction techniques and i don't know what the fuck they taught him we don't know what the fuck they knew we don't know anything we just see amazing amazing shit they left behind and go fuck how the hell they do this you know we just guess just a bunch of guesswork scientists that every now and then someone will put together a paper we have solved the riddle of how they made the pyramids it's quite simple actually no it's not no it's not it's not carved out of a mountain it's not even a little simple it's crazy those things are giant and they're perfect the great pyramid is two million six hundred thousand stones there are cut so perfectly that you
can't even like wedges sheet of paper you can't get a razor blade in between the stones in most cases that the ones that you see on the outside that are rough and horrible the reason why they rough is because the pyramid used to be covered in smooth limestone it used to be this beautiful smooth flat surface but but when they were building cairo those fucking apes like th one thousand years later two thousand years later whatever it was they stole all the limestone from the pyramids they shipped it chipped it away pulled it off and built their streets with it fucking dummies it's so imagine a fucking stupid they had to be to chip play at the outside of the pyramid take the turn stone off fucking morons you think maybe the we were just amount and then they just carve the pyramid out of the mountain i think you need to read i need to read books makes sense that was one of the explanations for what the sphinx was the sphinx was with
call a yard dang what a yard dang is when you say like you've ever seen like they always have these like mountains with a side of the mount looks like an indians head while the ideas you take some like that and then you start actually carving away at it until it really looks like a sphinx and the idea was that there was rock that look similar to that of like some standout rock and then they did all this stuff to it the pro i that is there's just a lot of evidence for how they built that thing they know how they carved it out the temple that the sphinx is in area that shows all the water erosion like they know where the blocks are like they take him from here and they moved into their blocks are missing so they're pretty sure that that's another weird one 'cause there sphinx like their reconstructing in and when their reconstructing it there building on the outside of it like to do in such a shitty job like if you ever i mean like the reconstruction photos this thing like they just making like concrete but they are there making like there doing their own art and there
hovering over the old shit like i guess they have to preserve it 'cause i guess it's crumbling and falling apart so a lot of it is just to try to preserve it but like jamie receiving you pull ups pictures of the restoration of the sphinx because it's it's real controversial beak when you look at it like you're not really looking at the sphinx anymore you're looking at a modern interpretation of covering the outside of the feet in parts of the base it's not really the sphinx anymore like watch the they show the feet i see that the upper right hand the middle the middle sorry where the middle you can see why really oh yeah go to go to view image and spread out it looks like they just got well we'll just patch it up find out a look what they're doing they just have modern bricks and there's losing it all out so i mean yeah i guess if it looks good like in terms of
you know it's smooth stone and everything but what they're doing is not the original sphinx you seeing those people make the sidewalks where it looks like there's a bunch of rocks but it's not it's just i urge is an illusion where they take i like this thing they put it down and make like lines to make it look like rocks and then they wash it a certain way no jamie that's i'm sorry jamie's ass out real right the nose thing that's not real looks like they're building a fake nose in the sphinx like what no so i'm sorry so say it again they have this way to to make like where if they're making like a sidewalk they put down this all this concrete then they put like a pattern that looks like cut out rocks over it and they kind of like step
they take it off and then they wash like if a fake wash on in order to them the final product looks like they have individual stones in the sidewalk when really it's just like l in illusion it's kind of like what what what it looks like they're doing to this things were there are almost making it look like it's like they're putting new rocks and it works by just lines paint airbrush yes it's not it's really weird man it's really weird you know we have ideas about what what but the thing is and other countries have different ideas like say like like we would look at that and would go ok that's not a restoration that shit on the outside is different but like in japan in japan they have buildings like houses that exist that are one thousand years old and why i have done is restored everything everything your stored all the floorboards are new or the walls are new everything but the shape is the same
so like we look at it will go well hey that's not the same building and they go well to them it is 'cause that them it's the regional location they've restored what it looks like and this is the original building to them but like in europe like if you go to a pub in london you'll go to a pub that's hundreds of years old and that fucking pub is the same you walk down those stairs that is all worn out where the people's feet have been he looked the walls you look at the fucking railings on the bar and it's all worn down look at that look at that place jesus christ is great fuck where is that gets him absence that's in london london has some cool old craftsmanship man when i go there there been you never been to london now only be canada and japan that's right now colombian will be interesting if you go to 'cause you could do some stand up there sweetie going to sweden in london did you
do you do stand up at sweden yeah lot of sweden for some reason just looking at numbers and stuff like that sweetens like with number one almost it's the right behind canada and australia well they do speak english that's the cool thing about being american were so fucking badass other countries speak our language i'm trying actually it's like european english thing but if you if you go to almost all those countries like they speak english like i did up in norway oregon sweden rather then don't stock home yet stock yeah is there is there a certain countries that you have to know certain rules like whatever you did not talk about you know yeah i would imagine like in the middle east especially can't talk show about the royal family thai plans the same way if you talk shit about the king in thailand and lock your ass up have you following what's going on with the black cabs versus uber that shits interesting what's going on i guess from i understand is you know the guys that
still have the horses back in the days they used to be like you know drive on the course carriages and knowing our commune now in you in the u k one yeah okay and then they moved on their cabs and like that and i guess uber's trying to come over there and so like this is like a family you know my father i used to ride horses and stuff and so they are like pretty much fighting with the uh drivers and they're stopping traffic there's ice do something that recently like the black cabs are protesting where there just bring the central london to a standstill well over this is so just shut down the streets yeah and park their car and shut down the street and the black cab drivers are doing like that kind of like the beating up the for drivers and like like old school gangs in new york type shit but we were side past in vegas don't
oh my god double charged in la though so it's twice as much as la but still cheaper than a taxi you gotta be in a group to or something like three or five six people something like that like a cab there's some weird rules about it so they're trying to slowly boxem out thinking about it last time i was in vegas it would be really hard to if there's a giant cab line anything ask i'm going to new but instead you just go off to the side of the street like and just stop in a captain a picture over isn't a stop on the strip and pick you up chaos you're right it would be complete chaos it would be yeah people getting mad beeping horns people going to shoot people it's going to be crazy but have to hoover ports at the hotels or something like that that's a crazy picture though that london picture put that up again janet look at that photo look how many calves are they've completely shut the street down the folks who are at home
we're looking at this on dailymail dot com so you wonder read something on the daily mail that kind of full of shit but the picture is incredible they just have all these hundreds and hundreds of cabs shut down the streets and they're all just so around talking well you know i i kind of see where they're coming from but they don't want to get boxed out buy some new competitor but huh i kinda see where uber is coming from two i took a tax id be home from the comedy store on what's usually a thirteen dollars cap cab ride cost me thirty eight dollars and twenty nine cents notice on uber usually it's thirteen dollars an uber usually yes and it was thirty eight dollars on it in a taxi thirteen bucks is super reasonable yeah yeah you no way to burbank from the comedy store yeah nice because if you think about a parking is usually twenty dollars you have halo extra you don't have to drive to get fucked up and drive home and that that parking lot next door is always a nightmare the
mix the not the sunset strip rather just it's so so crowded such a crazy place that they're when they they've got la cienega shutdown still right now construction i think it's open now who's shut down forever yeah like how many months is shut down for two maybe while they built something there it's amazing that you can build something you could have so much juice while you're building you can shut down the whole street in la on sunset mean quiet you have that much juice you could shut the street down and build my house here i just like you stop stop driving cars ok for how long couple months was if they if you said that like i want to build my house here but whatever reason because they have more money than you they can do that like they're building some stupid ass fucking building that it's more important build a stupid ass fucking building than it is for you to drive on the street that you pay taxes to maintain goddamnit i'm getting mad
or whenever like close down streets for like other filming the kardashians up ahead so they closed down sunset that makes me violent these two they'll shut him down for movies like fuck you that's not how it works like you don't each year can't just sell the street you can't say how much money are you getting where is that money going it's inconveniencing all the rest of us and you're talking about a yes it's already massively overpopulated elese kicks tremely overpopulated i my friends that work in downtown and they go downtown all the time and they'll tell you like it's a two hour drive the two one slash two hour drive it's thirty miles and it'll take you two one slash two hours at two hundred in the afternoon three in the afternoon you might not get there till five fuck that a crazy place to live going to be where we going
wish we go if we bail organism but i'm back to thinking denver recreational pot becomes eagle thursday what poop you sit back to think in des here's why i like denver over oregon it doesn't fucking rain every day right ok look at that guy that's a guy who's been rained on every day since he was three he's tired his bones hurts he just looks worn out look worn out get worn out yeah i think i think amber or even maybe i was whole ya ways although portland has some hot checks this hot girls in portland it's weird he wouldn't take to be up there this planning yeah i know it's raining all the time i cry a lot you probably cry aloud to we'd all cry just call each other oh i don't know man i'm thinking to go back to burbank i guess
like the wind uh i can take the rain you see the new tesla yes what do you think why do they have a fucking space door on why is it lambeau doors it's cool man is that why or is it a functional thing i don't know i think it looks neat you don't like it i don't know see if it's i want i just want to know why they're they're doing that that thing that door thing they are opening the door sideways did there open the doors like the lambeau lamborghini doors like why would you want that doesn't make any sense to me it's pretty cool look at him he's always got that weird look on his face ok you know like he's doing something with his lips like alright well i'm just going to get out of the model x here
b m w winds those look cool i like that at the look of the v intellectual and yet i had the blue in the white or whatever it looks really neat it's a try in car some guy in front of me this morning had one those are expensive right shoe yeah there really expensive there like one hundred and twenty thousand dollars feet that super expensive this fucking thing he's got is even more than that this fucker is like one hundred and forty it's soup expensive and it's stupid fast supposed to go zero to sixty in like three seconds with the battery on this one probably get you around the block a couple times ships out on you explode then if i don't know man this is what i think about these things i'd love the fact that someone's making him i love the fact that they are available and if you live in a place like la and you have electrical power you could drive this everyday plug it in night you'd be fine but i would always want to have a real car by i would always want to have a real car standing by in case shit hit the fan had to get out of town and you need
something that works on just gasoline you know because i just think if you needed to i've a long distance like from new york california you can't fucking do it in that thing you can't do it it goes two hundred and fifty miles and that's it and you got fucking charge it and if you don't charge it's going to leave you somewhere but if you trying to get around town it's great it's probably the way to go like i should probably get one i should probably get a tesla for like a drive around town car it's kind of the per get solar power and a tesla is like the perfect set up for drive around i sent you a i sent a link of six cars that are taking on tesla like the put you know the porsche mission e which looks pretty sweet off slower than a tesla believe it or not but i i think was because the sunder power evey have you seen this this looks like a bat mobile well the previous one was the fisker karma do you remember the fisker karma the company went under but they
it this amazingly beautiful car that even had solar panel on the roof that powered the radio mud but when they had that big storm pacific north a few years back they left the fisker on the dock and log washed away by the ocean exploded they get the water came out of the ocean and and filled up the parking lot in the the water level raised up to where the batteries were and they all exploded their legs sixteen was the one i'm talking about whole that's the hold power ev who that it is a taiwan based maker you know that looks like they got a nissan gt r your your boat volkswagen bug yeah that's what it looks like because sixty two miles an hour in five seconds ago and as it goes top speed of
one hundred and fifty five that can be right sixty two miles an hour in five seconds is so slow is it yeah that's stupid slow that can't be right it says what does it say that siri a salary to sixty two miles per hour in less than five seconds yeah slow as shit man like the modern cars of today like you even gets s u visa do that easy like that's what i think the range rover does thank you do a range rover in five seconds those are range rover turbocharged charge as shit like to make a dope look in really flashy in your face car like that i like the porsche the porsche mission is in martin see that looks like a ford fusion or something to main thing it's because they own them is that way look forward owns aston martin oh yeah same front as there are four fusion order sure ford owns am doesn't ford own jaguar yeah do that
someone owns jack mercury no way mark is mercury real reels still thing mercury was the same like it was like the ford taurus but they just change the name it was so weird who owns jaguar i'll tell you what jaguars today are fucking slick yeah like it have you you seen the new one the the new jaguar coop engine we pull out a photo of the new jaguar coop trying to find continue to site one of the two that yeah i'm still trying to figure out what i might do with my car want to sell it that's what i need to learn a thing yeah that looks sweet that is a fucking dope car and is that one of those three hundred and sixty degree see just go to regular site instead of the car sites you can get like some good images of it it's nasty car there super fast too
the f type i think they called it is like five hundred and sixty horsepower something ridiculous really fast really loud code like boisture is born dude that they nailed it look at that come on it's perfect they nailed it i mean that is a fucking beautiful piece of automotive engineering and artwork that is they nailed that that is a futuristic looking car right there this starts off at sixty three thousand they're not expensive for what they are i mean three sixty one thousand you're not going to get this stupid super powerful one but you still get that same beautiful shape i with their maintenance is like because you know car and driver did this thing on the new corvette like i was like all gung ho for the new corvette and like that car sick i think i might might interested drive one of those go america all that good
but their repair record at least for car and driver road and track garden driver one of those are i don't know which one it was but their repair record was so true osha things falling apart they replace the engine already it's thousand miles they replace entire engine maybe they just add lemon that they had so i had that happen with my old car and then everything went wrong code dope that cockpit looks like the f type interior go full screen on that jamie let me see that few image look at that that is fucking that's a spaceship man god i just love what they doing these days i just love the fact that everything continues to improve like whatever you buy your bind to sisters or whether you're buying televisions or cars they just keep making shit better and better and better and now you can get like really good shit fairly reasonably for fair
fairly reasonable money like i saw some review they were doing about this new jeep that they have it's like a jeep but it's based on the fiat platform it's like a tiny jeep thirty thousand bucks yes and your you let you know the guys like looking around is like this is a nice car and it's thirty thousand dollars a small look smosh jeep it's but you're you looking at like the car like this you could get this for thirty grand right this is pretty nice you know it's like you drive it it's respectable it's a decent vehicle do you think volkswagen is going to survive this her right fucked hi they get money now yeah i went trying to figure let me i do with mine and dean del rey's also think about buying a volkswagen his as owners the other day and they were like convertible it's almost like a motorcycle they were talking about like
now and this is a rare one images at three thousand dollars extra bonus for this car and i'm like wait are there about the fucked right yeah they're doing alright i gotta get out of the gene cell to he doesn't want a beetle doesn't we you want some gangsters g paper well those are those are fast little cars as i used to have karato volkswagen corado's front wheel drive car but those gt eyes are very fast ave linus error well because as the engineering gets better the cars get better like even a car that used to be kind of quick like back in the day when i had a volkswagen there fast now give you compared like a volkswagen when i had my volkswagen which is one thousand nine hundred and ninety three i think i bought it the corvette from that day is probably slower than a g from today because they're just better now everything's better braking is better handling spent
if it went around a slalom i bet the gt i'd probably beat it yeah it goes it's the one he's looking at it so talk to you talk to you into your car should be saying this on two hundred and ninety two horsepower it's nice car as super light to two hundred and ninety two that's pretty respectable for a light car those are fun man little light fun car like that to drive how much those go for like thirty i think once you tell those dummies to hook you up so listen i could just listen i could just get on a podcast and talk man and shit about you all the time but i don't want to do that and say french he's just always want to talk about folks wagon i discourage a lot of the conversations but anyway that's beside the point i'm interested in the g t eyes to make something happen off our whatever it is that what is a gaffe are yeah that's slick cool car and then i be fun i just don't know whether to stay with volkswagen or not and they're good engineering
german engineering to make they've always made great cars what they've done is horrible though mean you would have to wonder like whether or not that's reflected in the rest of what they're doing because that what they did terrible i mean they've zero allied they now lots to write what's up is now he's too i think was it i don't think so i think i know what you're talking about i think audi was talking about how many different ours it was because they were part of the thing but it don't leave it was their cars as well i'm pretty sure it had to do with diesels for the most part which is what callin has that far and i was always telling my this thing stinks how can this be good for the what does it smell 'cause i almost bought ideas all one they plug instinct and that was always telling him i was like how can this be good for the environment is it's amazing it's really good it's made for the virus yeah had it's german engineering built in mexico now you know what i would get
i you honestly if we don't spend too much money i would get a volkswagen not volkswagen i mustang get one of the new mustang sing the new mustang gts that's another car that's like thirty something and there are really fucking good they're really good they did a review of one of them recently this this guy took it for a test drive and he's driving around is like this is a hell of a car for thirty five thousand dollars he's like it's fast handles good it looks great like this is like the bar in of all american cars 'cause like this is the mustang ever by far like by far it's fully independent suspension the the the form is beautiful the interior is really nice like you get the interior like these seats and the steering wheel like it's a solid car and then you go it's only three grand like you can get mustang gt i think it's thirty five or thirty nine thousand dollars and that thing has four hundred and twenty horsepower fat
stay she shit handles really good i mean it's a great car but you having such a small fast the card the last three years there's a big difference between having like almost like a go kart and then having like a a big muscle car like a mustang me at right but they're so fast you would notice a difference and you have you have more space inside of it i do the handle so good new ones like they don't feel like big you know like my barracuda was big lumbering fucking shitty to drive carver they don't feel like that i feel like connected to the road modern shit manager just so good at it there's so good at figuring out suspension the the makes of having like each individual we'll respond to different bumps in the road like they have these magnetic ride control so mentions they do in these gm cars and they're all working on computers and and they know when certain we
you're spending spinning certain wheels are true like to understand the terrain of course you can reach the road and prepare for the bumps want to fuck i do see the road in front of a bugs come in which is going to loosen this up and make this lighten and tighten this up in two credible this the missing like when you drive them they feel numb you know like you you know experiencing feel of the road but god their capabilities are just amazing meanwhile we're probably ten years away from having most of the cars on the road automated maybe ten years away you're going to get you or in the morning so if you had a regular job you would get your car in the morning and you would press you know office boom whatever it is and you just sit down sit down you're reading newspaper you look
your laptop and that asshole that's not automated he's going to be the problem like i drove to work days this fucking guy in old volkswagen totally not automated just running red lights he hit this lady who is automated yeah i think that an uber drones like you know being picked up by a drone is going to be another thing future that is way more problematic 'cause you going to have to get something that's big enough fly people around in which means before uber ever uses it people are going to be flying around in them and if once people who can fly around in room you know they're not going to trust other people to drive him around in it they have to be a way that you know what they have to do they have to have those things have them completely magnetized on the outside so they could collide with each other so the something keeps them from each other and then would have to have some some some
swear that overrode the ability to direct it into buildings because otherwise people just you fucking cunt i'm coming you work right now i'm going to the floor you never get through the lobby fuck you and they just fly through the building killer i mean people would do that the people that they just decide i'm going take the us open is playing i'm going do the ninth hole then i'm going to my car right into everybody people can decide to go places where ordinarily this is where there until now have you been tempted i journey at like i was at fry's the other day they have like a really nice around but you know it's like six hundred bucks but really nice one i know a guy has one it was cool he brought it to is place where at in alberta we're all hanging out in this field and he sent it up in the air and it's circled circled us all we're all sitting around looking up encircled us and he showed us the video and i was like wow this is
nuts like it's high speed hd video from a laptop or from a cellphone rather like you could you could attach like an iphone to it but this is crazy go pros yeah it's crazy and they're doing it now where you you could sets up with virtual reality so put those vr goggles on and then you look through the eyes of the drone the drone flies over trees i've done that that's nuts it's weird they're big and weddings now like that huge sting photographers for weddings and i now have like big drone fly throughs of that wedding and stuff like that what a strange world we live in bryan here by saudi prince what got away how get right the guy was accused of rape and they got it they arrest them for bailing out a three hundred thousand dollars bail now he's gone whoa he took off out of the country neighbors city is probably moving they saw some cars come in on like
tuesday night wednesday monday night something like that the next day is gone wow back to saudi arabia huh wow saudi royal drama the prince has flown the the seven million dollar sold his bail was thirty seven million that's his house that's how much is but i heard he was renting are is renting the house we were just talking about this woman like couple but we were talking about these guys is it come over and they have a shit ton of money and they buy all this expensive real estate and then there was the people that were racing you saw that brian right racers three hundred thousand dollar bill yeah how the did they think that that might have been a bullshit la county thing they're just taken three in a thousand bucks to pay for something and then while he's out here anyway neighbors say that believe the prince is already fled the country in a private jet leaving his rented house behind one woman who don't give her name is isabel said numerous cars were coming in and out of the property late thursday and it looked like the prince is moving out
meanwhile another member imagine living next to a prince another neighbor eric's still skin rumpelstiltskin but i am sure he has taken off on his private jet by now i don't think he even needs a patch sport to get out of here quote me on that yeah those kinds of money it's amazing that this is what you can get away with in twenty fifteen that you only a couple one hundred thousand dollars for bailey even though they know your worth trillions mean how much is that guy worth and he just bails and there's nothing negative about it he's twenty nine years old huh wow it's amazing and his name is so confusing he gave no one is going to remember it shouldn't come back here in a couple of weeks well he's a prince dude he can't come back but unless somehow or another they forget sally
prince accused of sex crimes could face legal lasso and flight what legal lasso just doesn't come back to america what legal s oh hey don't go there they will rest you ok i stay here ok less saudi arabia gets bombed that's not going to happen for so much money there it's really interesting watching periscope over there because they just you know they want to show off everything they have all the time and i'll just sit there at periscope's really changed me lately i'll just sit in bed and just go on the map and go let's see who's periscoping in japan right now you know yeah it's just go to saudi arabia yeah just go to salary which usually guy just sitting there and like a back of a limo you know this with his stuff on and just like a lot of brother like they go in between english no english like i'll just go home and go yo what's up man how you doing anything they talk to you he yeah it's so weird they go in between languages oh wow
it's very interesting so you like send a little text message yeah i just trolled people so like i'll start drawing i'm like where's your tiger you guys every bacon when you go to their page how many people are viewing it's easy like one thousand and fourteen oh wow you know just you know it's not many people you're so weird the things that you do it's really interesting watching people in paris go with the map feature it's really cool 'cause you could just go let's see what's going on in a random town in mexico and it's just some little mexican woman just didn't go you know it's weird megan tagro so they can talk dogs shit getting the pope cleaner feet yeah and there's a lot of weird motivational like speakers and yeah a lot of scam artist guys from in beverly hills like yeah i created this company if anyone wants to meet here and talk about periscope and and you know just
random women showing up like oh you're a millionaire i saw you on periscope well it's creepy that is croup yeah i don't use it anymore i used it a couple times at the store like she can't be fucking bothered and also i think there's just got too much going on as it is this stuff is already spread me thin whether it's facebook or twitter or instagram sounds like it's enough i go long periods of time without using any of it speaking of which will take an instagram of you right now i'm thinking i think my latest thing is facebook thinking about getting rid of facebook bot i completely i mean i just smile why would so you get rid of facebook you know when they when they do that shit it's like six years ago today you did this and you're like oh my god i completely
forgot i had that on their small parts in work smile again it's not like you're happy now i can i get my teeth fixed what you doing your tooth tooth is just i have a tooth that was supposed to be replaced twenty five years ago i have a two that was was it's like twenty five years ago it's just a temporary tooth and i haven't fix now recently it's just like stained it won't stop molds obtaining now i think i wonder why cigarette coughing weird it's supposed to be it's supposed to be my mouth though or like oh you know you could wear this for like a couple of months but you should come in and probably replace this is just a temporary twenty years later guys guys i hate the dentist and that's one of the most illogical fear spheres the dentist i had a lot of trauma as a kid is in a dentist though so it wasn't a happy place for me
what about that guy that was a dentist or doctor in san diego he raped eight different women eight and they gave him a year of house arrest he raped ape different women while they were unconscious put them under an fucked them and this guy about a year of house arrest why is that rich culture repons that's one of the times why i aside with the social justice warriors i work well maybe it's right and you see things like that i mean obviously you're dealing with three one hundred and fifty million people in this country the number of human beings in this country is fucking staggering in that staggering number you're going to have cunts there's absolute going to be a certain amount of people that are just horrible and this is one of 'em in the less did not fun don't know he fucked up he fuck then he penetrated them when they were unconscious i look at him he doesn't seem like very dangerous
i mean i'm not lying right didn't they say he had sex with them i'm pretty sure bill cosby three new women came out today three new ones jesus one it was only eight years old fuck this guy g jesus christ though there's twelve victims ha my god he suffers from kidney cancer quickly pleaded guilty sparing his victims for testifying about his crimes don't want to hear this man i want this guy to just be dead focke and see ideas someone could do that to you or your unconscious just you such was the creepiest things manually standing over someone whether unconscious stinking always
going to do to them looking them ahead call you dick out rescue on their nose taking pictures i had that once and it freaked i woke up in another room it was dark and like where i totally forgot where i was counting backwards did you really like you thought you were unconscious no no they get like learning where they make you count backwards and then you wake up and you're in another room like wait what the fuck happened where i'm so what is what is your fear about the dentist like did you did you experience pain when your kid yeah when i was young i was in a car accident and my teeth my two front teeth got knocked in half that cut in half in this car axle and i had to have a lot of different surgeries and i mean i'm i'm like six years old getting drills and shit in my mouth and then i've had them knocked out before and after that and they put him in just like my growing up i had a lot of teeth problems just like surgical stuff and
separate wisdom tooth compact to implant into my skull teeth are kind of annoying stop thinking but you only get one pair of 'em they're not even anchored in now they come out get punched they fall out and then they're gone forever like what like i've seen a lot of people get their teeth knocked out super common in mma it happens all it's it happens in fights all the time while i'll be talking to guys even post fighting like my feet teeth are knocked out man my teeth are like really loose right now like you see the blood and they have to go and get everything wired in its real comma it's a shitty design yeah well nowadays with implants and you know those fake teeth everyone it's really nice teeth stem cell dental implants grow new teeth right in your mouth jesus christ from twenty ten but i heard about recently it still sounds pretty cool specialist the stem cell stuff we've been talking about dude i am a big fan i need to stem cell with my knee you probably do i'm a big fan of the stem cells
wouldn't say my excuse me i wouldn't say that my shoulder is one hundred percent after a stem cell because i still kind of feel it i don't have any pain and i'm not i'm not doing any sing heavy as far as like bench pressing but i'm doing a lot of crazy rowing like heavyweights like huh dumbbells one hundred and ten pound dumbbells no problem i'm doing chinups no problem i'm doing hard sets of chin ups you know like like where i'm pulling to fatigue nope problem i'm doing pushups i haven't done any bench press but i've been doing like a lot of sets of pushups 'cause i don't want to tax the area too much 'cause it's only been two months i keep waiting for it to hurt the next day no problems no pain one fucking injection of them cells wow and it seems like every day like the easter like click and crunch a lot every day the clicking across
and gets lighter and lighter it's like it's less and less it's only been eight weeks it'll be eight weeks on friday that's great nuts nuts man it's weird can you just go get another one or do you have to wait a certain amount of time before does debatable you know it depends on who you talking to like doctor gordon says i could do it all the time is it going again he's like it's just healing you is like they just what it is is just the stem cells will find the area your body that's having an issue and they go in and heal it but the other doctors more cautious they like you know but he's dealing with football players at brain injuries and soldiers of brain injuries and fighters that brain so he's like well your pussy yes i'm wrong you show shoot it up do they know what happens if there's if they inject too much of a dick gross huge grows a second head and they fight to the death the first head in the second fight to the death then you have to kill the dead head you have to get chopped off what if you put stem cells in sperm and then it makes it or put it in
stem cells pro taste different you probably wouldn't enjoy it my my friend who works at to hone ranch my friend brian sent me a photograph when people get mad at people that hunt knee to understand that one of the biggest things kills animals like deer and elk is they kill each other this big giant elk got killed by another elk they stabbed him to death with its antlers so the size of that fucker is huge huge it looks like it as twelve thousand three hundred and forty five six seven eight points on one side and seven points on another so it's uh enormous enormous elk and and uh elks stabbed to death with its antlers and they found it rotten with holes in its sides nuts damn right now at ten killed up to ten killed
in shooter in oregon college right now today right now fuck twenty injured shooter open fired you know what if they had guns on schools here's what's fucked up that wouldn't happen if people allowed to have guns on campus if they were armed guards on campus if teachers were allowed to carry guns of students were allowed to carry guns if the enthusia sts like everybody's worried that gun enthusiest would be shooting more people i don't think that's the problem i think if people want to shoot people they can get guns pretty easy like this guy but i think regular people if they had guns more often this is a very controversial stance because a lot of people think get more guns is more problems but i i think that a lot of reasons why these people that are horrible horrible people to go and do these things and shoot up schools's 'cause they schools are not going to be armed to same reason why they don't want to go and shoot up a military base and less they're trying to suicide you know i mean like sick
the guards are like security guards as teachers i think teachers should be able to have guns police said a lot of coffee reading i had an unknowable this fully fell out of colleges some colleges yeah but this is a community college seven about they didn't yeah i've just and you know how armed are they you know how well prepared for something like this is terrible man this fucking shit drives me nuts just in again if you look at the numbers like everybody is like terrified and when things like this happen people call for gun control i totally understand that way of thinking i understand that you're saying the problem is that guns we have to take the guns away from all these people we definitely have to keep guns out the hands of irresponsible people we definitely have to keep gun out of the hands of insane people definitely that's one hundred percent but idea that somehow or another crazy person doing something bad should prevent a
rational sane person from having a gun that doesn't make any sense to me it just doesn't make any sense it's not logical thinking the problem is guns the problem is insane people and if they didn't have ones but they had bombs you don't think they'd be setting bombs off all over the school so what are we going to get rid of explosives and then we're going to get rid of sharp objects going to get rid of everything people are the problem people their access to weapons is certainly a problem when their nuts but the no problem is that they're nuts the vast majority of people that i know that own guns and this is where it gets crazy this is when i go to the gun range there some of the nicest most polite fucking people the people that i know from the world of hunt sing some of the nicest most polite people they're they're really friendly folks they're not bad people like this idea that you're going to keep some psychopath from guns by taking the
sounds away from everybody that's not not smart thinking we have to figure out why the fuck people want to shoot people we to figure out what the hell makes someone want to go to a school and start opening fire and killing a bunch of students that so we have to figure out 'cause they're the problem it's not the actual weapon that they're using is not the problem it's the actions of the human being in their mind fucked you know people are you taking you more guns but why are you taking away their guns they didn't shoot anybody like it's not they're not the problem the problem is that but that would be willing to do something like this not keeping the actual the actual objects away from people it's keeping figuring out what the fuck makes people want to use those objects you don't have a gun now an now not real one a lot of fake ones oh that's good what do you do with them sticking out your ass play cops and
hours on losing again shit don't rape me with this gun tim i can't believe you do it again pretty much what do you fake guns i need to go i need to get a real gun i mean i have no problem having a gun i just i only have fake guns because i was for costume but it's not like i'm trying to really well shot of real rifles with being made video that's fun i gotta go next week if you want to go yeah i'd love to go going to go on monday or tuesday i'll let you know it's fun it is fine long as you have proper ear protection fun makes it goes fun to shoot those hard drives that was fun this is a small target yet to really concentrate yeah i might have we should try to bring some other coolest to shoot yeah they don't want us to though create some ass you know we didn't even ask we just brought him out there were kind of thinking about it blew those hard drives to shit though it's kind of fun
it's uh it's fun to shoot things like people don't like to admit that for whatever reason but it's fun guns interesting thing about the new iphone i found out that they actually have water seals inside of it did you see that video this woman put her phone in there for like i think was like an hour or something like that underwater no problem still work but everything works the power port were works everything works yeah they tore it down they found there there's rubber washers around almost everything now that it didn't used to be there and the reason why they're saying that is apple has that new trade in program every year where you can upgrade to a new on and so now there's going to be so many people returning their phones they don't want to have a bunch of ruin phones you know so it's up to them thanks apple i haven't got a new one yet you get new in it it's bad
ordered right now but yeah i'm on that program where you can get a new phone every year so back ordered already yeah it was backordered immediately so when you go to the apple store there backordered sons of bitches thirteen million or something in the first couple of days people love him you know when louis was here from unbox therapy i'm telling you that that active galaxy that i think i like that better than all of them in fact that's waterproof as that shock resistant case really really tough screen i liked on the best it makes sense yeah what is an apple going to apple sport you know make make a phone like that like a little bit smaller screen like super rugged make it super waterproof hard on the outside camp break it make it up make amends von braun amanda fun i gotta get out here it's very one thousand two hundred and fifteen i got shit do anything else going on i'll be in fresno tomorrow is sam tripoli oh that sounds like a day and night trip drive home son
they just added a second show i'm gonna be at the club one casino you can go to tickets i just got a death squad dot tv and click on toward its powerful sam tripoli i ran into him last night he was telling me that he's a he's auditioning for the tonight show got something going on oh really yeah it would be awesome to see sam do four minutes on it tonight share could you do like four one slash two minutes but there there having comics on that's interesting yeah it's in new york they ask we do it but i don't think i can do it i don't think i could do a foreign half minute set i wouldn't i wouldn't even know what to talk about like i don't have that kind of an act when story is she even then it would be like god i have to really know how to get out of the gate fast to do four one slash two minutes we have fun writing exercise files motivated but i'm not now fresno so desk
tv for that and commitment and every wednesday next wednesday comedy store have a secret show oh next wednesday to see it was a secret you just told everybody your secret cast secret gas shock can talk about she's ass it's getting out alright folks that's it for this week you got four outkast why you complaining you fucks you two two and a bonus three in a bonus but will be back next week lots of uh alonzo bodden will be here next week to breakside alonzo podcast some yeah i can't believe it and that's it's so enjoy your weekend fuck yourself here's kiss for you here for your mom alright much love see soon bye bye thank everybody for going into the podcast and thank you thank you brian redband go to death squad dot before any of his upcoming gigs and
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