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#705 - Tait Fletcher

2015-10-06 | 🔗
Tait Fletcher is an actor, stuntman, entrepreneur, and jiu jitsu black belt.
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in a wild this week focused on wilding my yesterday's one my favorite human beings on the planet earth love him he's my brother you might already know him if you ve heard this podcast before is tat fletcher he's an actor a business man a business man just an all around groovy human being and he is my brother so give it up for take fletcher the job will gain experience my love who is the real captain we're talking about the new star trek work on this issue grown men do in their spare time touch implore the bucket flat cap is that echo mexico yes i know i was new ever cerveza you know that
mexico might be the only shape of a state that sort of makes sense it's fuckin square basically square it's like square but love it looks like the bottom some dues just had some miscommunication like can do you startled me here that's my business communities the lies want that mexico wanted but they must be like a coup l cunning spot probable and new mexico girl was later gotta have a sorry about any this'll area the subtle block oftener corn max you know new ex goes like the one of the premier l coming spots in the area different likewise a kid in michigan we would hunt and maybe the man and when i was like twelve or some stuff changed and cause allergies to be not hunted and then they opened up a season i'm so fuckin elk you can like walk up to a herd of a hundred deep and there are based around remember there be centuries they would posted young bull alex all around the parameter
an arm around it was fuckin while did their almost tame and then the year after they open up permits is skittish his white tailed really crazy when the best hunting express head there ah as in like a pit blind with a bow and their budget our feed pile and then in this big rye field like come through the woods and then and these out matt two balls started smashing horns and not as fuckin blown away the dear didn't give a shit just even whatever not even our species were good and now there was also a news is i love drawn the woods are red men so cool i didn't honey like that in your deep deep deep in arms dealers nothing better ones asked but it's the elk thing so strange though the noises they make like one
we were hunting colorado in the female see their bark but us like buddy no later by now it so open there's all that huge tracking like you gotta be a athlete new mexico and and and colorado it's a different kind of vocabulary where we were was in the mountains or sell trees and stuff and it was all about hiding behind trees and bringing them to you and be it on iran or someone there trying to be near where they are and since the right each to make noises like cow calls trying to bring them in what you're trying to sneak out you put piss all over you the new shit ok i was listening to this part cast its at ted ted talk podcast of yours you know the is a video that got around about when the reintroduce wolves to yellowstone park but do you think you can't hot helstone parks or the animals yellowstone parker the same way that you are talking about those elk elk are the same
they somehow another know that people knock and hunt them that's the weird thing power change like in one season unlike how're all symbiotic in this way where they all communicate because none i've been hunted like all the sudden all the fucking elk knew though while they i mean you know it's like i think you know how i was among the you know what it's like you know how warm you see birds when they fly and those those reg or schools of yes it was a fish when they return iodine the flocks just nowhere but he's goin it's weird some sort of strange communication telepathy make and i think that book the rise of superman heard it's awesome though awesome and they talk about think the movie is transformers that all these dudes in wingsuits one off the is it the sears tower in chicago
yeah and make an almost ninety degree banks and stuff mad if and therefore of em they're following each other and of one guy goes after i see you move i'm too late i have to move as your moving around i run the airflow and all that and i hit the building these guys practice in the alps and they talked about that they need to be in that flow state and that you can you start to work with each other in a way that is supernatural here which is crazy because i felt that flow state as a singular person in different events in my life but like that the thing were their working in tandem with each other and they're all talking until her nothing like that's the way that the fish mover that's where like they know what is it that gives a frog the sense to jump off the lily right as the hawk is diving before the hawks moved or wherever like what like all those fish it's not like on terms than the rest followed they all move uniformly he had the width the schools efficient lots of birds so magical we'll watch em like dancing
sky a giant flocks so how'd how are they not just slime and heads how our that what is going on here really and then that the hawks that birds of prey or so different than that yeah like there are no no flocks at me is a different kind of thing it does our people yeah yeah those seed eating birds the ones that can gather that like we really need each other ones that are me it is like i'm good it's the same ted talk this guy was talking about how humans it was a different guise same podcast i was talking about how humans interrupt the natural symphony of nature and that the symphony does like there's a frequency that's all different animals operator is like a frog has a niche in his frequency and a bird has a national frequency and they were talk about how one frogs when you have
like a whole leg swap filled with fraud upbraiding excursion predators its it would also does it makes it impossible to locate them position much sound coming from so many different places is you can't find them but they have these low flying jets in this area causes place where are they practice were pilots practice fighter fighter piled right and so they fly these jets like six hundred meters above the ground pretty low and there should be no fuckin supersonic speeds fuck and just going crazy over the swamp and disruption of sound is so intense tat everything stops for awhile and then slowly these frogs start to re synchronize so like one what re mumble read it and then they try to find each other and get into that rhythm again but when that happens they're trying to find out rhythm that's when all the hawks all the rules and all the coyotes know exactly when they move in
so they move in then and they start picking apart all these frogs they find the frogs and eat them really interesting like they know that there's like a disruption in the in the frequency and i wonder how the debt like saw those predation animals working on a different frequency than the frogs then or like that their opportunists in this way we would like this is a time that must be our i think mean i think the whole idea of what the way whose describing it though the way the frogs do it where you know like you're in the swamp or sunlight down here frogs eaten away but there are also many of you who what sometimes what it is like they down fuckin crazy so many of them and dumb so when they have to kind of finely chopped and what does this sound is so intense when the jet flies over every stops at their doing so that we do this we know and as we do and what we did was do it but
in ireland is taken recalibrate it wasn't wasn't longs only a few minutes i think i wanna say fifteen minutes where i may be mistaken but wharves lesson and in that time these in other trying to get the shit back together again they just get jacked that's the thing about us humans like being the disruption that even that like what we think of our ever read something somewhere heard podcast whether like there's a kiss somebody that developed a bacteria some kinda biome that that will eat plastic and maybe take care that big island of plausible answer whatever i started about that i'm like we're fuckin idiots like we create plastic but that was our solution than to united mean if we put the reactors are the biggest ah fault line in the world words the most active lagging whose thus that's how smart we are and what are you doing you create a vacuum
you're something then we'll eat but what will happen soon all plastics gone like that i'd like to introducing rabbit problem in australia let's get a and then we have to probably know it's like it's really austria is crazy my body adam will learn from anything now where the most adaptable creature really let's go and get some what we gotta desert get the golf courses out here glad do that but that was what was interesting about this ted podcast as the same guy who was talking about the wolves he's done that video but the walls and yellowstone rather really interesting he's got his car english access lucy asked about the wolves in yellowstone an amazing things have happened this this guy's crazy though because he didn't just want to bring wolves back to yellowstone now is can about bringing mega fauna to england see they did studies where they they dug deep into the ground and they found fossilized remains from ten thousand plus years ago of
lions and elephants this crazy fucker is talking about reintroducing lions to england we need that but was causing interesting about this cat is that he admitted that this off this fascination with wolves and everything came out of a mid life crisis here he went into a mid life crisis and then his his solution was a little bit of a pussy in how my spirit animal wolf this dude got like really super into wolves her into the idea of solid rock nobody calls ree wilding but the thing is we started about how megaphone used to live in england and that human predation and all that stuff wiped them out but that has not been proven that's they don't know that for a fact that it is entirely possible that the climate was just not the best climate with them and then also natural disasters and then i'll
the absolute fact that ninety percent of everything that has ever lived ever is extinct right so this guy idea of your one let really do i don't want to kill nothin though one of that nothing die we are the ultimate pussy arrogant fuckers that are building golf courses in deserts it's crazy with a wolf things so fast lament ok others besides that ever both like its awesome that we have wolves again there and then over people like this is really the desolation of environment like this change the environment and the the topographical make up of yellowstone so much that we were retarding grow then a lot of ways are all that like me anytime you read this then there's an alteration but like is for the good of the bad like well it's good for some species it's really good for some birds it's really good or some a lot of different kinds of plants and trees it's really good for trees because soon had such a huge population of deer and elk and bicycle
these different animals they were just eating their shit out of all the grass and the trees got thicker and there they grew taller like within six years they they grew much much taller as part of the year the ted talk this guy gave and root system got stronger because the root system got stronger the path of the rivers twist was yeah change and it was stressed that it really is really really intense so it is good for some animal it's not good for the elderly and for the dear but but did did they take them anyway would rangers gonna be like we need to take fifty dear out this year like there's no hunting i think there is any hunting but they do in certain circumstances in places where there's no hunting they will bring in people to kill right that the population of the gets to pick what here but the solution to that is allow hunters to go into yellowstone but the problem that of course the yellowstone the national park before their hiking each don't want yahoo
the reason why they just have rangers enabling the salmon is closed and make sure there's no campers go through it all that now it's hard though maintain grandma how many animals and animal can give birth to and if there's no wolves like it's like this thing about hunting one of the things you realize is how much woods there really are how deep though everyone is talking about the each human being absolutely taken over big parts of his country right southern california you go around los angeles area like the wildlife the e3 years all been pushed out but still areas that are insanely wild and yellow stones one of em yeah there's a lot of wilderness out what i fly from hearing in mexico it's like fly over ex go and tell me like there's no and anymore it's like those fuckin people live in anywhere and most of that state like us that is not somehow and there's a fuckin mountain lion that stocks and hunted one of my friends
in hollywood in hollywood hill shoes at a party like fourth of july or something target i will call the sack house the people on vacation some really rich folks up in the hills she walks down she into friends and fucking and there's a fuckin mountain line that there that there are a cul sacked my mind here and it's there is nowhere to go there's a fence into the fucking chris the story so anyway she ends up yelling screw not dropping on top of this audience some car that was there those park there streaming an arm and then that stopped at the start that from advancing but still the actually asked what sounded at making she's always like is like a beast from a move is crazy just talk to her unknown but you would think that it would do that was the case it might have been corner and wit but it wasn't it was cornering them get but why would one of them and judge growl them all nor can we allow stealthy no idea but made itself known she jumped the fence
to break the windows of the house well gotten a nine when one call out it was sketchy service thanks la eighteen de la as i switched resonating through their does not allow outlines hunting rather like we did that when i want to switch to the girl they go were you using a phone in a high in a high traffic zone like i'm like a high traffic islamic w oversold your system and that i can only call at certain times because you charge me every minute of the fucking day anyway and then the phone call drop is also moves in the right instruments like this is a phone call the robbed today twenty eight while you're in the variety asked or norodom agent egos norma bad we went dead oh my mother fucker urine near the ear tag
geek like you know you shit is bunking honestly your friends laboratory all useless that eighty until now that i'm just tell me it's funny you know it's funny that not all our staring means so much i can you talk as baby powdered ok they started a lifeline anyway line was tag that's why shouldn't get charged with like an attempt at breaking and entering and all the ship from security cameras on it because this is where they get align working with and i might see it lines that are high density population like rain downtown how yeah we're sue awesome super arrogant about my mind because again hotmail mount minds they're not hunted rice because of that the populations skyrocketed in this place that i'm going the two whole ranch there's one waterhole that they have where they pictures of sixteen different mountain lines man they have a massive population animals up there because its two and seventy thousand acres whose ranches privately owned really own giant ranch and they
its huge and theirs nothing going on up their other than hunting in some in our date i think they they have a water pipes goes through a bunch of other ways they make money right off the ranch but it's not like a lot of people are right this is very very few people in another ranch so these fuckin so the run of the land and this elk up there and this dear up there and a lot of pigs up there and they just party i wanna put go prose animal thinking about like that i'm setoc like bad ass why do i think someone did something like that recently they put a go province somethin those are those park rangers they're not fulfilling their fuckin needed not that dark those things but go presentiment let's walk out with a battery last that an old man any to predict tesla their figured out that last year on for this world you got a bad it'll never fucking disintegrate never gonna keep around forever that's pollutant environment for sure but you can't get that on a mountain lion
came in i think that there's gonna be in the future there's gonna be batteries its don't run on a jews like what no look back a hundred years from now they're gonna laugh at us piles lotteries and landfills hopefully we get to the place where laughed at hopefully if we that's the thing is i think we get just smart enough amelia said all the time just smart enough to where we can we can hadn't have our own destruction because of our progress stop progress is like as a weird thing like the thing i think duncan was talking about the eu must put ten million dollars towards like yeah this is gonna guard us in the future against the rise of the machines type shit oh yeah he wanted to stop artificial and tat what he wants to protect us but for at least analyze artificial intelligence that's the thing is like any product show me work progress got halted it's like progress for ages
so it's like a we'd know miles up us my hope about progress is they figure out a way to make no residue like they had no footprint well not like there's no waste like the idea like like right now we create pollution right but they had that hot weather did you ever read that goddamn book above food anyway in and talk it surveyed three different meals and one was like a fast food meal and other was i got all organic home cooked meal another was a meal that like you made everything like he made the flower you harvested the yeast you didn't all that kind of stuff and not as the un where's dilemma was the name and unlike farms used to be like that like it s from sheep and some pigs and chicken they would shit all over here and you be grown we or corn or whatever overhear them they'd move over here than in move your crops over here and so he had to continue
fertilisation an arm and self utilised farm and then removed all animals off the farm and put them in feed lots and then now we just grow one crop over and over again so we need to have yeah but even if they're doing that their use still using farm equipment the farm equipment has to be built somewhere the there the construction materials this residue there's there's waste there's this all sorts of pollution that comes out of the machines themselves there there's some people that trying to figure out a way had a take carbon dioxide the atmosphere and utilise it how to take waste like what all the different ways products at people create with all the different things that we do whether it's making computers or whether it's driving buses and figure out a way turn that waste into something profitable or into something useful had beheld a profitable well enough how are you useful to write like that's the idea behind this the plastic island
right in the oj higher utilise their sovereignty in ireland people do you now call amount build a house on exactly here can't sell we're lucky that figure nato's on environment about like what we call it it's of cancer research answer floating she like the size of texas little even know how big it is really that's display like how all the plastic finds each other every day even plastic that's beautiful love story the gloves plastic dilution raspberry one of those little fifty minutes shorts for you what you kids mean oh what do that's right to do that all other shit i need to get a job with ike chevron or something over the plastic companies and i'll be the guy that goes out to i remember we're filming two guns and i was like in louisiana and that fucking they just fucked up the whole gulf say wait ago you and when that happened i was right after that and so it is just ass well it no i didn't go on that day wasn't like
right there i was on the shores but lay how far away we were norland again how far i have no one at all not in the river and out into an already did you didn't smelling crazier bombing no more i mean no one smells fucking weird simultaneous hardliners way i got i want to straight out like this is just like they got everybody at walmart hammered and brought a party bus and dropped them off as burma streets like it's a trap earnest reads awesome is fuckin crazy love it and then it feels like you walk back all through that quarter and you like it misty and shit like this is like we're jack the ripper lives like it's fuckin areas block back there
there's a trainee hookers and fuck in all kinds of darkness all through there it's a trip there is when anywhere it must be as do all this shit undergone look at what we ve done to help and like that and so that i could be one of those spin doctors for the for the plastic i still looking at the love and plaster help his limbs allow some i really believe these guys is of great commercials look however even though we but dumped millions of girls i have learned that could be like look at all dead i look it would have done to help and they catch on baghdad like five years ago in baghdad now and so little different to be new york city but now it's caves will we know why don't we start from scratch and then do it right now and do it right now
that is one of the arguments that historians use like it's in the beginning of dan carlton's hard core history syria the mongols did you listen you always talking about hitler beginning that thing you talkin about how the way people talk about gang is today they say that he opened up the trade rounds with china and all the things they try to put a positive spin on what he did but the reason why do that because it was a thousand years ago right but if they try to do that hitler it's too soon besides it's an interesting thing that people will come as a lottery hashtag d artagnan too soon hashtag blast every revolution starts with the fight yeah island today on the sea a promo for rwanda and holly they even seen the thing that they were actually i can't talk about altogether i cried right and i saw so good is it
the giant rate fuckin promo work for that four holly and ran despite all the women who have chosen this little girl we now see that when an outcry dude why you know broadband is when how is a little girl is sitting in church and all that other people are looking at it cuz she got body i'm fucking and it looks up and she got a black eye into kind of gives that smile and i'm like me cry is like the pride of a black eye like that people don't have you not like there's theirs now a lot of people that would note that is like to be proud like she worked for that black i you know i mean until april looking girl with a black eye and think that sugar beet buyer matterby that's a lot of people i think that we cannot see colored girl that's not a colored i think that's a male female its agenda today we heard about it's not that aggressive it isn't funny way laugh gave me it is a forty they
few of you train a lotta you have a black eye is kind of a badge occur alyosha cauliflowers emasculate among us on them i am like what's yours it's a man when i was at one time i had like a serious black i actually to black eyes and now was on fear factor and i was like look just let me do show with partners who gives a shit right they brought him because i didn't wear make up on fear factor but during that they brought in and make up artist a spray person they so crazy how people don't want to be authentic that we can have this be real we need to have it a certain way the way we think of him to look at how about you does look like me it's great saying all that shit the camera puts on ten pounds would ever mindful makes what exactly are you are you haven't don't be so i don't have the time or understood that camera rounds thing i look in the mirror
amazon camera executives ill similar but what it is that coming from good is the old cameras maybe so limited old with some kind of flax lens maiming like circus lens neighbours i'd before they had hd funny man you know when i was on news radio is as people purposes and i'll make an excuse to not have a burial like it s not my fault i don't need to be accountable for that but i am really good shape ass i was re one time and eighty to have a good when i was a news radio it was right when they were introducing hd cameras and tell you actresses were shit in their pants really it was crazy yeah we're totally did have conversations in the make up room like we need a lot more this was aged cameras come home there are scared because you can have a girl doesn't make up people like to be scared of you created and to make a people's actors that but what they were mozart sign mount sound mind
stable and what they want they knew that they looked at her on the area and they did a real get david caruso and what is our real life it's like wholly far in real life he looks like a zombie duty and a hundred and six least a hundred yes aren't six with he'll die and real trip keeper shit yeah yeah he swings kettlebells does in fact eyes like is yes smoker zone would you look like you must be bodies also red headed red he's got that bill birches but bill parlance gray looks really good he looks healthy as far as yet the funniest thing to about faceless like you he's got rather look like his cigar look like a forty year old guy twenty nine year old lizard shuffler they'll have to worry about what you do on your face like that that is where is awesome business lady at my daughter's gymnastics class got monster face i caught monster face
those poor lady they do their lips i may say shoot rubber into their faced african fill it up and then they pull that bitch back and then she's monster face like you look at it oh jesus you can't light but meanwhile he's right next to a seven year old lady who looks fine you look at you hello i own like you don't where did out at all you just looking at an older woman at age ism is a weird thing and that is the self talked happens around it that people do like it's a fucking trip like what people run from it way it is what is feels like they don't do them admission that would really do it it's like going on well all the time don't you want to fuck him like be around embodied in other none at all but i could get some surgery to do so will they just want to look good right like this some people that look good until their face moves i think convince themselves they look good because they look in the mirror and then everything looks case on this day still gap once you start talking you hey you fucking cheeks our move in man right
time we were in the green racial expression we in the green romany improper and in this member when joan rivers and her daughter had like a reality ghetto and i was high as a new honoured who do i wanna fuck morgiana her daughter none and it's dead it's either one of those or not but i was looking will really really how's my ideas and you know how that goes so were in a green room were looking up at the screen and i couldn't i cubs freaked out i mean just like nervous and terrified at joan over his face because her face like a rubber kabuki man it's absolutely as if the window can any like it looks like some is about to explode like there's an impending something happening not sure what but it's like it so fuckin not write it both just looked frozen it looked like frozen and rubber and weird and she died
having operated on re wasn't pleasure i urge me though i don't think it was plastic surgeon how can you mom died two eggs yes she died from plastic anesthesia gone gone under for ill andrews no bushes where that we live in such an event society but they're like does put people asleep might kill em banal it's so rare though it's you have to be a poor health go gas got under a bunch tonsure surgeries and have had both my knees done one need twice my nose done i've shit fixed and they this put young if i'd never hear of fighter nine when the yonder it's you the older people have been worked out hell maybe what have you done my me my shoulder three times daimyo you showed them three times over achiever they are they sculpture first and then i read that went out and then they did another one rose really address the thing they changed my anatomy around and that shoulder and like i mean they like the
by sub had goes in and they cut off the bone work goes in on one of them and they moved it and screw donor needs to be like a physical blocks one dislocate which then fast forward fifteen years later and our lot ac joint hurt like trouble in and there does does robin together and so this other daughter he goes in and he's gonna clean that up and says of the grey awesome he looks at my ex ratios oh my god who did this to you bearing courage thought because nobody ethically would change your anatomy like that like us and also goes a cutting edge should emission state university fuckin fifteen years ago like normal so but it's been solid since then this is that's my good shoulder so that i do it again just cleaned up my ac joint those for surgery so
they clean it up like what are they d like my friend melissa from the u have lilies had her shoulda done she has i think they shave it that some kind of sick fakes norville fluid maybe back in it they tried early influence carter growth prayers what was bone growth like when you have like any sort of an issue like a lot of our thriving rubbing the easy let alone a lot of time in spinal stenosis around the spinal columns you'll see growth like in the air is of the the spine of the disk here they will now in the disk itself but only the hard pieces the spine you know the disk often between spain and the what they call us links with the spine bone what's a bomb i think we did spying on spinal who they are not just what you talking about i ask is the your back but this chasm between the semi permeable like pumice treat tat that's the machine stuff and that's the stuff the cushions everything right in the
by shot rattler vertebrate thank god examine very much there was word how number that similar that's my lexicon but i of day have been run round but the the edges as you discs get smaller if they give you are losing dis degeneration and by the way a lot of doctors will start to tell people that its disk jenner degenerate disease now let you know that the disease you have to worry about that its use is use it's not a disease for the most part its most of the time when they say that what is as you been abusing your body because i've talked to a bunch of fighters say was degeneration distasted generation disease like what
not to do with you fuckin head budding do two hundred miles an hour rash shootin for doubles right and run into people hips soup lex over and over again regina oscar wherever this isn't this isn't a disease were toys isn't recipes concussion yeah this is your beaten the fucker jani man but the edges the big developing bone spurs the bone tries to grow and almost like your bone is trying to in the area where it knows that the spinal disk there anymore swear diario body fight homeostasis no matter what like going into that like you said my shoulders there's no scar tissue in this one that that pry what keeps it from gettin dislocated the scar tissue keeps it employs yeah while i gotta get on that and that themselves shit dude stem cell shit the vague as he still gotta get me that guy's info our yet well that's a doctor davidson from the u have seized one who were connected me with the people but do they did i ve done a bunch of people
bunch of see people have staggering results here you're saint roy nelson did his knee formulas daniel komio disney stem cells follow those gaza ok out does do every joint addressed there is no problem every the culture begged get in there just do it that's what ludwig did preemptively preemptively tat god multi shoulders done i think he did helps to do it i can imagine that he's such a savage the whole nets for somebody like that like him like winkle juncture do that to me like you beat the corridor yourself branding in all those guys view professional my older unity and that's worse than fighting yeah for your shoulder going health that's horrible especially if you pulled in mid through some fucked for final john joe now come on we'll john johnson our belief imagine like with like morass goes travis wrong alister oyster especially ouster when it was on this i don't know true
i believe it's true i saw that runs i believe was spoon but i'm so saddam that drug shit stupid you know what i was in high school had read the paper in the paper that i wrote was the thirdly guys every drug and i was all but because they are sorting road rail as all hyped up on an end of year engaged her up and how in the fuck did easy eager woozy like peter looked anybody that should have a woozy oil is because you can sell their end the black market is the only thing that makes crime unlike what we have but they wanted but that's the thing is like everybody's all fuckin excited about marijuana being ya'll plots embrace a fuckin pussy there oh look awakened smoking with joy on cnn well guess what you still got fuckin hundred thousand guys that are locked up you should be protests in that every fuckin day of pot really actually legal like in those days
they should just be letting do doubt by the fuckin doesn't every minute tat is true keen edge of europe colorado and you're in shellfish although we are what the fuck what the fuck and then how many of those guys are in there and then they can catch a real case in their because now you gotta fighter you arrive far workable that does happen that does that should be legal the only thing that an mp like what aid if they do just tat everything they just tat the government but that on the idea that the government gives a fuck the government i mean it makes it's money is allocated by contacts you who wants to buy weed i wonder how do i tax everybody i make him scared and then i am prison guys for this illegality and then i can get the public dollars because look it isn't it scared that we got these black and mexican guys that are selling dope and we put them somewhere well that's a business that's a huge business the whole business and that's one without a busy
there's another business the other businesses legal marijuana will you make more money from tax dollars from legal marijuana colorado yes they do in this in colorado they made more money from tax dollars from marijuana they did from alcohol for the first time ever gay but what i would like to very high what i want to see that is those numbers conversely is all the public in federal money that comes from taxpayers that goes into law enforcement whether tat share of drug enforcement levels de levels fbi look like all the different funding which is fuckin huge and all the prisoners like whereas other so all the public tax dollars show me that taxing on part is more than that and i would agree but that was not by right about you with special drug enforcement is weird as you will you you're looking at a blanket now you'll pills you lookin at heroin coke the marrow
draw uniform legal make it i am may well make it our legal and illegal going taxes from stuff it's already been sold anyway and they knew that money for education use at my treatment but people that are in law enforcement the problem with the law in force when it comes to drugs is their fuckin lobbying to keep shit illegal they allowed they don't want at least they now why would you and then when you ve got i believe is the biggest union in maybe in the war but in the country as the correctional raising our yeah so be proud and urge the biggest but they dade lobby their one of the biggest contributors for drug legal ill keeping drugs they lie be hard to make sure the drug stay illegal because it keeps him in jobs but you a one man is figure out alternatives for those people using people that a prison guards wanna be fuckin prison guards of you find some sort of a positive back if you could but i bet allow those guys like i'm in power moreover some fucking bad motherfuckers and they like that move there
consciousness is fucked up there like well you cause europe if you got the job here prisoner you are a prisoner all that i mean you have chosen to be a president you think you're free lock your ahead guy you just don't know it's a guy that's kind of got that kind of car mr where he doesn't even know he's gonna kill magic fucking feeling that you must get like they shut those gates are you working with all those people that are in there for life and you gotta go home at night and then you gonna go home and nine you can quit leave anytime you want your work environment is filled with all these people that are just doomed there and actually they re out that freeware across documentary last week and i thought manner is crazy like you're like you know that more money than if they give you anything you live in a life that is is blood if bill gates its head exciting lifelike type like whatever he wanted to do any any vacations any anything and then you gonna nothing of prison then you come out and he's just
print t shirts or whatever is trying to do in trying to stacy there's transposal does speeches and does bunch different share but he's astronomy wednesday straight is hard man it's also creates because he went in and whose make an all their money millions and millions of dollars and you couldn't red millions a day millions a day couldn't red and figured out how to read then figured out how to fuckin red law books and then figured out that his case was bullshit then got overturned connives innovators who is under the three strikes law yeah but try to try his going criminal enterprise not nada or whatever they like it was one robbing spree did it wasn't second that is how he did it like so there is an all highlight a separate thing and is now on a continuous criminal spree like my whole life the continuous criminal spring when three strike thing they try to they tried him for two things at the same time and its outworks is was to go away and then
right catch you again and you go away and they catch again at three strikes but they tried to do it for him with more than one different thing tat down to one arrests right that's how it works then they pay this is should always wanted and put him in jail win that's the thing it's where did they let him out did that worked like that work has he was right but the problem i am battalion mother's a lot i think the problem with law enforcement in general like one of the big problem people want to win the game should get it whether its jujitsu or it's fuckin ping pong you want to win or lose drug testers like they're not looking then i want you to help me i mean it's not true some guys prior but they're not looking frida free tested like going to catch the sturdy guy middle all the guys is dirty in our media but we need the hut right that's that's what they're trying to do there trying to catch people cheating so they arrived at this motherfucker like every day you playing a game and the guy we'll catch the guy with rubber dick do you think they should otis
there was an eight hour got excited jeff martin that famous during the hearing i must first guy that i know that i heard about it was a nato with those guys are funny i think i'll that should be legal to like when they do in its place in whatever the fuck is next they're gonna do like they're gonna have miles staten inhibitors and all stuff you're going to have a thing if all these fuckin useless fuckin nerds that are regulating the shit are like we want to have clean athletes whatever ok she's gonna have a crowd of can people at the mgm tat are all in a better shape in condition than the actual fuckin fighters that are competing will that is for sure one that you address when that does happen we have to have a totally new conversation because i think right now mcgowan on is there just trying to prevent the first drips of water that now that damn and what my fingers in it it's like started on stopping the rise the machines
you're not gonna do it it's comment its comments would you gonna do an erasmus minuets go at his role baby you're going to ride with the right it out you how do we do this survive will tell me how we do not have a recent case can i hadn't checkup plants can we ve been taught me that for can't do it arrive more men were wearing what state you you'd make it so now i see money law areas i would like a watch it actually movie i see you get shot uninstall your right now are you in that we all and i heard a little spanish motherfuckers really that movie so it can we re speak spanish public radio i looked around there's formalism an electron there's fucking much conall deeds in me and ass i was one of these guys and not unresolved foam and then on my tax to fuck and now the guy that quotas you force a us at ten planet and celebrate and i hate ruben
how through tax i through tax lieutenant c4 can make you do you write it up fanatically real sound right he's gotta get rose rose and then i will impact is over no it was in the moment is like a film twenty minutes later all right then i think we want to address in it is our shares will not secure why not tell anybody too late i love the idea is make shed and you know i mean like that is free stylish hours gonna work is like the la movie thing and gone how did this happen oh god i like other known i got to ask you what do i need to agent walk out on me no wonder as things that i heard about it is fuckin polish and he goes he's at the polish orange elliot eyes now he was given advice to like three other little actors benjy in a couple of people that were comics at the store
and he goes you know that true this is nobody knows how to do it and i did you're gonna be ok fuck everybody every that tell you how to do it they never done it all those people are coaching act they're doing whatever and unlike a machine with this vote can do it now sharp and i see the guys that are there and i got mike bought on other i'm great but i know better than that guy and now will you also have an unusual look i do i do have been told that a lot but it'll europe giant dude you gotta crazy beard you know you're not a fight all these skills handsomeness farming and intelligence well nigh devil new right that a lot going on well all that came and then i just come i just kept you used you live like think another she was about to drop rightly long time and i thought she decided at another good and encourage like i didn't call that my actions were getting my results in a lot of ways you know and i think in
a big part of that is just being accountable free lifelike guy told me he says you know you're fucked up my why he said because you think you're a good guy cause you base yourself on your intentions in the whole world is reacting to your actions and alike though they know that i'm sorry i intended and another step on it do you choose and you didn't you didn't mean to his shoes still fuckin during an answer like this bring in all that shit in my everyday i think the thing more more than i think what is heightened awareness and the more you are aware the less dumb you are unless dumb you are the better off you do that's really so you can rain yourself to be more aware you know yes he can and it happens all the time and you just get it but you get layers of it yeah layers of the hold that's a great way of putting the whole way you just said it is a great way of putting it thou think a lot of people think that there are good person
right i'll do do she shared or they're trying to get away with something because their hustler broke in bangkok and what action is that calls itself reflection and peace why are you successful or whatever and oh my because i'm a loser you know like i remembered i remember talking with you in your like i felt like it these are two like when we go on the road and certainly like me because i'm living life that's different than other people i'm not a ninety five geier or whatever the thing is you know and so you live in this life it's out of the norman it's like and thank god you get on common man in that way the other way would have killed me and you and eddy and hurry in london and i m you look at all that i go that's no fuckin mistake that were all doing while happy positive and i go man i owe everything does to the people that i have chosen to have around me views have been raised about my life huge power your life in you
also you get power when your friends are doing well like when i see and movies i get power you know when i see you john work i gotta get power from those who we all it's like an incurred as like how do you stand you stay iran inspirational people you know i mean and that an that's the thing for me so like weathered the gym work out at her or you know what i'm putting in my body or anything like anyone who i'm living like all it matters man where i'm illumination livin hancock park and then move to vanish somewhat all my people in venice and i wanna be the ocean and like fuckin that's a different vibe down their visit every vote very crowded but it's a great vibe it's so nice man is like more relaxing it's like being a new mexico for me so dodge legs at each other i don't like the the crowded so let us why could never look look at new york fire how i die these jim the place where i work out entering a lot is like a northern outdoors around growth that is their posted up
you podcast their fucker out like its rad it's fuckin nice than everything's walking distance out your friends jammed ia here until you yeah just like that i'd say it's a nice areas like good restaurants great man if he had placed a park your car you don't want no part is better than hollywood yes the shit out of parking and hollywood gesture hollywood is so ridiculous you walk like my favorite restaurants are like lunch unblinking and then oscars down on rose and those are just bullfighting it's from anywhere like it's easy or there is a great italian restaurant in washington to that there's a lot of good places down there like you said and and there's always valued your fucking shows valet if you you're fuckin a year god rather car drive your car goddamn american over have joe money money i had don't you know what who does this is it to mecca my pat like i've got so after breaking bad idea
i got some money i offer that knows and then at the same time might from new mexico this guy rico taylor he calls and the girls hey dude i'm emma and his best friend with my friend marco's who started ever with me so nervous about that so like everybody i fuck with is all people that i love and that i've been tied into for a long time in everybody's doing good it's red but he does picked up a lambeau because he's a any any goes egos hey it realistic that i get put sixty down on it a pay out of know four grandmothers up in an arm chair these will be like five now it on trade thousand thousand apart like my house and that's a mortgage an apartment in new york city that i value thirty three years old and you can fuck can do that and beef fuck yes do that live unreasonable life do that thing we when i when i got that money what will happen with that was it seated these bars
concrete cowboy so we got one in austin got one in houston in five weeks will open we got one in dallas and has paid back six times all invested but i gave that money i have any more money in the world and fuck it i've been built before here's my money and fuck it i knew that we'll take care of it i knew you'd be good steward of it if it didn't work it didn't work in whatever unlike that being free about it and like i did a cup things like it made me go the monies you it doesn't matter like that's a replace the boy commodity that's nothing and also like i've been wrong the dice my whole life so let's roll the dice and then we fuck and just started taken off with that then three years later voters driver lamborghini if israel amber use a ship boxes the term though that nobody says was just reading role it for two years and then you can sell it back make money on it and then and then i said then why is this will then you just in the flip then you get it
virginia really get a new one at all and i tell you tat i wanted to do that like what i want to do i want to get one of those i got afforded by force lorenzo hundred thousand i had this i wanna do yeah but i call that before you on your shoulders and lord yeah i got i e mail them many call me back i hate rad mike s calling me an end he must have thought i had some gelato monies that music all ye i used to work with guys in your field or whatever might what's mine i'm like out what are what is my field i can now said one afternoon ok cool and he's a good to redo you're ready it be like you know four hundred m my you're talking around five hundred for our two thousand and one we do i rosea phrase what are you gonna do no ground up like you know the whole
did you ties in and renew the whole underne carriage and the whole break system in this journey in four hundred thousand known at all because no one has to come in under four hundred college boy ran instagram because those are broncos or two he diagnosed wrong and done to the task there he's got those though and then he's got like you know the reformers and then decide their their different price point and i think if you bring your own in a box of her i too am he pry thinks about it differently who knows what he does a bunch of different kinds of cars but want to cause he doesn't those old toiled on land cruiser tat he takes like those f j sixty to say i did didn't look that cool and then what's up corvette engine adam he put modern ls corvette engine in omen fucking gotta bring into day that one that why one i like that with all that visited fuckin steeled i want stupid expensive do thou in
where way into the two's like high too there's a used when i saw you two were on ebay or somewhere i ask one forty there was really wow that's a bargain but a diesel fuckin diesel awesome a diesel our wagon really see he does raising stuff the deck a real he's around in here and then as do i while you go to take it to his place if you wanna go check it out i call them like one of those that go next week what oh yeah yeah let's go tell me i'll go with you cause he's doing a blaze or now k five blazer those old chevy blazers allow those if he's gonna do it it's gonna be insane archidona do an icon version of the blaze or so he's gonna completely update the suspension or other components but yeah man to his his employer his customers or just riches fuck me as does the count what is the jail honours of the world and all that yeah i mean our outward ammonia shoney's i get dana wanted one but he went away or whatever i'm like holy fuck that's yeah takes over a year mean he has
time employees working on your car for over a year and that's why cost twenty thousand dollars but when you go there you it like when i went to his shop like oh i get it he's is certainly yeah you could cut a lot of corners here there and have a look the same and cost a hundred thousand dollars but this fucking guys doing everything like what is the best bull and i can get what he's setting re by has enough for us like driving off the thing it was close customs or something like that and wherever it is i guess you forget a prom come on back and will certainly like that's a dude is like he cares about every peace that comes through oh no heed knowledge just care that guy if he d and care you won't build it right he won't builder give he decided about it we said no to data how you just say no like being like that
that's what side of my beloved in terms of the rules on us to do is wait around and say contact me whenever you got one for sale and they rank or number one just went up for sale he could throw throw money in account go here are prepared where does hollerin has done here whatever well you still gonna wanna hear impatient you're still gonna wanna next year can i get one now we could have a few give me money last year bananas another year yeah what's more now i think he's in two thousand eighteen that's the thing but here i better at anything it's like you gonna come a day when you wanna get better for can do it now that those want the best like where so many coach like sport is give me so much but on my men are still one time you do that i did meditation sometimes after practice and so there's fuckin for sweaty guys lane on the mat turn lights off in the german jackson's anna
go hey i know you guys we did a lot of technical rustling today and you think i'm young there's a lot of time and i'll be able to get this up put this together apiece together a little bit today it is i just want you to consider that there's a guy that demanding to be better right now guy that knows he needs to get it today and you're gonna have to fight that guy says like fuckin turn your fuckin learning curve up and like you would really speak into that kind of a voice of goin status it not just when it happens it happened it's like demand that you get better now and that's a powerful way to look at stop having some some rest mentality men those rustlers our fuckin that's a different rita guy there like i need to do this while you thank you have that with boxers you have that would kick boxy other with anybody who is just fanatical about em whom you have to have that insane insane just
the drive and italy affection and believe but you gonna be obsessed man if you're not obsessed you're not gonna beat the guy's upset i wrote i saw a fuckin found geology first came down the first time i've ever seen him was when there are new in the bottom until he beat up stuff and banner and i'll live at that fight nose like oh i thought learn and back no and the throws out and steavens is maybe bigger than me his fuckin not not small his good these adapted everything and he's it none with elbows like their jobs and knees and then thrown unlike create unexamined custom throng and i was like holy fuck and then all a month months later he came to jackson's these areas like and i knew irrational like i know but you tough wrestlers from from on new york and i was like we're should enjoy title because i tom watson or were he just got back from a dutch kickboxing camp and do go to thailand what time there's all that and and he goes you tube
the flood like deeds are dined and you're just like is equal and i go home and then i believe my holy fuck like no proper tray he does watches shit on a video like dont want the maid expertise especial town he is a special tantalizingly one of the problems with john is at its he absolutely has worked hard but it has come way easier for him that it has for other people i think part of that is because he grew up with two super athletes for brother can you man it can you asked all the time you house by giant see athletes brothers are nfl fuckin all homies is he's got its super afghan police joke about it is like butter whatever comes out of their just nike should sponsor we're all soup rapidly so true true i mean he his level is just right
right out when i say here today is to beat him up or these like i'm not the toughest one of my family's i personally start and our brothers or beat my younger brother his younger brother ease ass because your brother was talking about it like an interview they ask for dmz it is like our business right now like what the fuck you watched many children the order why he doesn't even really nodded i am looking at or when he felt better auto choke was a great show because he knows how to push he's let us not along carterets cover the hat and offers the head but he also he pushes the arm in arm pushes his palm back tat way of learning and sees that his learning in these moments so strong how scared like better he look great against russia funding you look like a different athletes but he's a different athlete over the last four fights better he's been number like then when you light on rustling that john john fighter
when do you see a sunkist kid wrestler pull half guard like that it's and he was like i don't wanna fuck him i don't want to get a bad position may be can hang onto this year is overwhelmed and i mean that's a kind of power that like he'd never felt as a huge pop food chain ressler like crazy how special john is here like look at how good lower to share has looked everybody else but just love feel davis dead beat his ass but filled davis beat ass when he was fighting out of kinetic it out in his shoulder was all fucked up for the john jones fight and there's a lot of things wrong with this camp glow overhead is as the right mentality to as far as like a stocking and getting really aggressive george lawns and taken the senecas jaundice the sum of the ring and makes nobody run in the circle around them clover was like there was one of the fastening things by their fight wars like loading up on charging john was just aware of everything is like now
finally i didn't guys look and make they want to put him away and it's like it's not here too much you should be able to do that you have the really are you gonna surprised with one shot you know it's incredible though when you think about that it's incredible that that sort of awareness with relatively small amount of time striking you when you consider this entire life and affects only twenty seven wins the title at twenty three you know the growth in twenty two to twenty three they want to china to twenty lisa i mean i what happened with him i hate to see a guy run into that that will last cliche of already in just messing up his life and and then the the hidden runs i don't think that youth stuff you know that's the thing the arm like i would just ask everybody to be gracious looking at it in that way because it shit that maybe not
but he does but a lotta young do you go through that shit he went through it at a little eight or time maybe but away public time like he's in old that's the thing that the when you're so publicized like that period the all your work and there's no way that's walking without words like that's one of problems with the way we view i think politics i think everything it's like you know people the internet like always politicians are pretending that they didn't fuck kids or have a sure do follow suit your buddy you come on as jared army i know you saying oh then that that kind of thing and it's like when when you lose transparency like we have a lot more transparency now it's like everybody seen there no cover ups of scandals accept nine eleven but beyond that they were by french black helicopters yeah i yeah i wonder if that's gonna change politics in the future for going to people can be forced to just be human and in that then grow will be a real person because that speech type style of
livery whether not real in a little they do with you know ladies and gentlemen the president i stated my fellow americans today is a day that will live in him from theirs i got just be traders the template and they want to put that template and it also like the tone of the way they they speak it's all fake and i always wonder like are we going to come to a point in time work i gets on state woman gets on stage as the president and speaks like a human and says here is our situation this is where we're out we have we have a real problem with syria we have what you did you run from we can't you asked i think why don't you get four conjuring up and debates or for sure you'd one trying to another and he ran a train you try to talk over you as a take your time sir i ve also not taylor swift the oars
thirdly i feel like you know we take it for granted from old ideas you know like goes back to polish or doing nobody knows how to do it there is no path make your own path right that's the thing because polly came from stand up and is absolutely no path random ignored because at least like with act in our own interest role one open my eyes were true let's do but i think the same thing i don't want to do it again oh really eyes down again call you know i had eddie do alike we remember he set his days i ate yeah yeah yeah what did he say what you like in other he's like i had this joke that i felt was just ass a minute this is workers and edges come out you know you're the one way but you look at all these all these old ideas that people haven't even like this this whole stigma like when we have more just then we're looking at wherever my phone is we're looking at our phones all the time and were this not but you know you that and ok if our corporate media thing and i
wanted to put out a fuckin new entertainment thing it's gonna be anywhere from our three hours long and you guys talking in a corporation but that's never going to catch on we need sound bite we need em tv news like we need fuck and you look podcast you look at our and people are fuckin more invested in that because its real theirs then take voices to it while you know that was one of the number one things that people said to me when i first started out like you can't do three our part cast right and are you weren't why not and they said well because no one's gonna listen to three hours i wouldn't have to write you could just shut off i gonna get it quite worrying beheld legal argument is long and how does it having fun who gives a fuck army was adamant about it you have to worry about gas i must tell you right now your bike us are your why they do exist long ago was so i was at mean yeah and also more importantly is that a road that you ve worked you have expressed
with yours being too long by everybody was complaining but nobody had various all but they thought about like a comedy so dry like an hour long show which then speaks to the thing about old stuff ideas you gotta put away or old ideas if you want to be on the tipp of this year you think i mean my point of view is like unite long before we ever did podcast we ll have these conversations before a shower after shore hanging out we'll talk for fuckin hours hours and hours and it seems to me like half hour to judge the conversational forty five minutes she just start cook it yeah you know and then you know an hour later will a guy i and the bottom line and then the stories come out i remember this one time and those are the fawn conversation you get to know each other and then and then you may that into an audience in that fuck the negative noise and then there's not like you know that all this these years between us all we're we all see our similarities in theirs less dissension there's less animals
there's more understanding there's more graciousness and generosity and like we can get that way with everybody if everybody like felt that way instead this corporate dominion over here cnn says that we need to know you have direct feedback from other people about what you do and run that feedback has been super valuable to me man even the negative stuff the natives telling you dont nobody likes to hear your criticisms about what they do but if you consider if i'm wars airy truth and then you could find out a lot about your style of you just interviewing people were talking to people where you make mistakes and you're not no ones you're not gonna make mr mean you're not gonna have a podcast that every word comes out per is this not possible cause you're you're very ads fr i watched you stumble on all the time and it doesnt fuckin matter what if what if someone were dragging yeah they would like it matters do it again gonna do it again you have let me sometimes i have to do it and i am sure but
the reality is that this this medium is new and no one had it before and this medium like they gave these kids the controls like the gave these kids the ability to broadcast a radio show and then they just did it there were right and then they go well water one just start talking let's just see what happens if we don't have come around the battle comes the thing is like as long as you're having fun ban as the person involved in it who gives a fuck it does it doesn't matter what the result is in a way it's like it's gonna like it's like a fool it or a comedy stature which when you grow up and you try joke it's like there's not a and you're trying to figure it out and do the best you can in real time ro in real time with no script and know what that's like being a competition its liking competition is where greatness happens people figure should out in a crazy way inside of that kind of pressure ride so if you up on stage you got an increased a month i like your and living room a new frontier mere transfer fucking joke it means something different
grow more in that competition in the second mean more the fuckin moments mean more all that stuff and you don't get that if you not willing to throw and expose yourself live putting this live on then like that's a huge exposure and either authentic person this got something or you don't and it and it becomes like i think it's a super visible and i think it super important yeah i'll get to that instead of all these masks that we were all the time you know it's like and to me it doesn't matter if you like it's like it's like it's like it are you saying that i'm sure you'll annoy feels differently now lapse about about but like if you're
so does that mean that you don't have a conversation is more than fifteen minutes with your friend for a minute thing it's just like he thought it had to be like an hour because a show was an hour but not a real our forty two minutes because we have every commercials is also most people do the commercials in the middle of shit too and i was like man i tried while you were you what's that show why does a new fear the walking dead said knew what now seen add for all really dough puts so good about the walking dad was can be shit and i watched it outside then i watch like six her ten episodes like this is stupid the same episode over again then i watch another twenty episodes i just couldn't stop you know what fear the walking dead is interesting because its less special effects right are less zombies and it's better and the fucking which shot it's shots oh well whoever the director is and whoever cinematography his order diameter bad motherfuckers is eight they dig
done so well it's stumbling a really good movie it's cool and isn't this very cut the shit moments in it it's really good method this new show that criminal wes world this maybe he'll show with anthony hopkins is like like the old movie with your brenner yeah same shit at harrison anthony heartsease hbo what i want to say is i'd watch that show the other day for the first time a usually watch it on i too apple tv but arise apple do the other night i watch it on tv tv and i sat through the fucking commercials i can't do that you can't do commercials its ruthless then that's the thing is tv is gonna ways are gonna go this digital why can't they have like all of the fuck is paying for almost commercials right why don't they have made a big deal out of it say fuckin rams ox ram trucks gonna sponsor the whole fucking episode we can have one commercial in the beginning ram trucks is proud to prison fear of the walking dead just do it as a goddamn
a test and make em dope mega every region the superbowl commercial about make one make one we're gonna fuckin ram truckers run over zombies yeah russian their heads and fuckin headed off into the distance and see this the thing i had my driver is old ideas we need to start a production company that's what i'm saying what else neither do we need to do something else domain name randal fifteen minute kids commercials i guess really that two kids kids short films yeah we need around in new mexico mexico's answers it's a good spot but colorado's good too i mean i was pretty bureau it's a nice and galen rich and not all fucked up with pollution and weeds free and legal it's free legal if that's your thing you know that's my thing three legal no matter what i don't have any way than i love it freedom legal i would like if everything was freely less loss we do we need less laws less people in force those laws and more common sense more common sense more freely
more allowing people to do everything they want is long it doesn't hurt people and then put frictions on should the does her people that's in place right that's not in place right now right financial shit like some of the fact that none of those guys that caused the financial crash with two thousand nato in jail so crowded i think that the whole thing about being accountable guy don't hang out with like if you a cannibal reactions are responsible for can hang out with you it's a is the kind of thing that's why would i accept last for my politicians or from anybody that is that that can be accountable they area can be held accountable and that's the way good shit works if i started on his way to improve why start fuckin whoever cerveza and it's a ship product or weed do due diligence marketing or what at whatever the fuckin thing isn't it fails nobody can barely meal now could put all my money that go broke neglect could be thing but gm thereby failing this model i wanna go ahead write them a check for a trillion like what what the fuck is that
the bail out all that shit like that doesn't make any sense all that too big to fail shit shit shit you may divide i did pay back all those loans though and they are profitable now and they have improved and made incredible vehicles now so i see your point in some way let shit die but god dammit than did have no two thousand sixteen corvette nothing's priests who needs a core value geiger corvette you are due share family now so we now have a perverse stop it does not have real clodagh that's that's old school corvette it's not like one of these grand knew our lot droll years no nineteen eighty seven corvette like an answer that eighty seven when i do it you know i mean that's the dark years they're all dark years after falcon nineteen what seventy two
yeah until about an area thousand thirteen two thousand fort or the newer ones are prey adopted you can't ever your boy with the lamborghini corvette or allow way yes sir you know why would i resale and then i would buy a truck about at a house about america married or the best thing about keeping august realise what they pull the the the mass space shuttle with what did it sandra oh no that's all hunter preserve us my how did that get through to it as a good trucks you know that was clear yet as vital that you're grandma did alaric there nor ever break their coming out with a diesel to her for that everybody foam over those lang cruisers this will sustain africa if you want to get into the bush you bring a ranger over you want to get out you bring a land cruiser and that's why i love that did john because he's like all about making it
last forever instead all these i'd love to have a mercedes or bmw or something like now that i'm able to be ray extended it i'm not i just can't fucking something's gonna crap out and sixty thousand miles they all have the expiration date where there's like now there's real problems forever with the rest you know and i know it doesn't to be that way i don't want to support that kind of culture that rate culture to me how dare you that's why i like those lexus trucks does that's got that lacks an elegant affinities little those aren't open they last forever do not is good they look good i've had their hands i little exist alexis is a better truck i had a letter from looking and then i gotta infinity and then you see my new my new elements in stop sprang outside now show tat they make awesome trucks man they make awesome trucks they so the lexus trucks their actual real four wheel drive truck is based off the land cruiser platform so they raise up they have locking
renshaw like if the shit it's the fan you could actually go off eroding with a land cruiser you gotta go off rolling with alexis alex five seventy its assent car it's the same thing cruiser grab it has a lot of electronic shit that the old ones didn't have the old way with people like the bottoms you could strive as mother fucker through the desert take him over mountain just there so durable and jonathan board what he did to make some way more durable paul you re a coating over the entire floor the car like that shit is never rusting through ever he puts these i'd these rocks lighters on the side of him that also act as side impact being certainly hits you from the side he puts solid steel bumpers i'm american made bumpers these giant fuckin bumpers with a winch worn winch two fuckin pull you at eight thousand pound winch to pull you had a fuckin trouble he's gotta jerry these jerry cannes in the back that carry water ok i like these puts these
roof racks us and what we need for the ramp on the front that like that so that they dont rattle at speed when you're on the highway side of easing of ranch freedom ramshorn scot free reassess so we prior to that text and you know what we do we call in him kennedy to be our engineer for how to how to do the security perimeter and and what we need in their yeah exactly to survive he get bored while he went stay calm visit you guys down again i need adventure he would have some faggot go up do some mouselike let's go shoot pigs were held up that's the big thing on my gloves is that what he died and do that he's crazy that's my extract still got it yeah possible that's the thing about taxes and we want to have a rehash of texas there already exist any have game ranches and you can shoot all the pigs you want when notches pigs you shoot they bring in august
african animals and so there's no regulations deadlines in africa there was it was one of these high fence ranches innate they had a lot of that exotic places you know you're gonna jump over airplane jump out of an area you know that from my that mtv show just died do i don't know who he is but my friend annie stuff here because he does he does wings ok so he was a seal team six i am in fact i am he's fucking whilst that you have not i showed you will suit it i wouldn't wings like you gotta know some shit i'm no jumped over aircraft but he's to teach taught my cousin who he went through buds with andy amy was andy was instructed he lives in san diego bring em up and now not over him together i will and not as you drink oh yeah i know he drinks maybe he will enjoy some new ever cerveza life what he from numerically does this shit to arm
do they are the navy you'll foundation and so all the monies go to that he's trend break fell about just give them all records in the seat single jump yeah they would love just give the money i want i want jumping counters out you i'm gonna jump little plane with them you know it's really thrilling by hunting good that's good too but you know i said you know what i saw another friend of mine he's this army ranger and he's fucking he's retired he's gone from nice and is the only way retired in his twenty six or something but he started he started fuck around with a bow when he got done these real outlay he doesn't talk anybody's real soloists kind i liked to go sit in the woods himself in an he started messed around and i go all you shoot compound bore woody shootin now he makes his own of course and i want it so we went to recurved right first thing making his own and i always articles or because it's like the other one shooting a rifle he's like it's just there's nothing he's as this
so he's like all want to be on horseback and shoot he's a fucking trip and deadlines or those guys are trip doesn't four level shit when you talk to those guys an especial operators like that like amazon andean andy's talked music sites like or there's a swat team guy with a city in his like tongue mise mp five and is that why you have that is like a fucking useless weapon like i had a guy times in the chest with that across the room and he walked in the other room i mean he laid down there but it's like he fucking like with this pocket just use it for for sport for target practice ok then has accurately it is just right under the eyes and above the t you wanna get not always put everybody says above the person above the teeth of god was amazing anywhere like this is what i want the kindest friendliest got and then you hear of holy fuck
some people i know or special operators so the nice boy now i've got don't you like how gum there's gimme real insight into that about how come there's not more like what draw from war from guys at a special operators than regular guys it's like everybody that has ptsd like there's a ton of it and because he does not lie in our community and i go why why is that it goes well because of your regular guy on the ground and victory i you you you can't engage you have to be reached if you have to be fired upon what our there's rules of engagement and he goes for us we're predators and we're going out to engage and saw it's a different mindset you're you're in a place of either being defensive her offensive and and if you defence of your pray in a way and you get to be reactive that but he's like world hunting and he's like also by the time we get to that level you're very dialed in about who you are and what you're doing but on super interesting that doesn't make sound he's like it's very like because he talked attempt to in terms like like that she's not
present to him at all is again on google when he was in the park as we were talking about he's like you know we're talking about people thrown acid on girls that we're going to school is a guy those guys and you say it like that i'm right there with you i was there i get it i get it a hundred percent that's it that's the type a guys you want fuck yes it is not one those guys out there is a reason why itself back hard to come a navy seal is a reason why so heartily arrangements it is not easy now that's the kind of shit like marcus trail talks binding goes you ve gotta be you know if you get there but you ve gotta be willing to die you know my my cousin he just got gonna is insulting to any got no gunfight and then get shot up and recover now and i think you to screen for sixty six and its a year after his injury but through his friends died and now in a pool their inner in training in there i mean it's completely control
firemen and as like what the fuck is i know what a lot about is my friend eric crisp said when he was going through it day they make you drive the rain resuscitate united part of the training and that's it beginning about for everybody disguise already active combat sinister what did and then like a few we should go it dawned on me and i think about like you know get safety and comfort like yours where we live frightened and the like jackson i say you need to be comfortable or other men are uncomfortable like you need to raise your breaking point towards unreachable for them and and you can smash their right and unlike solar six other safety culture and then there's death over here and so if you're china and like a combat marina like for me you it's a certain thing then you get more and more it becomes opaque where death and you did comfort is in those guys are so used to be an uncomfortable and in the worst situation possible that they pray i can't see
so they're underwater to pool their doing whatever their doing and they drank just too late and they don't you know you can get somethin like that probably where they're so fucking path those guys that they they erase all they're out there warning flags whatever our body puts up as a warning like you need to stop this now your danger i think that this goes away for those stated that she doesn't exist for them anymore this levels will people man level level source levels of of competency to levels of excellence and high levels of toughness and then there's is people to put themselves into situations you go you know what man this to the average person you'd go this is not a small place to be but to them it's it's home that's it's where out there were they live now you just very uncomfortable me i don't think there's a nervous feeder kicked up on the couch like this is great my friend cameron haines semi attacks last night did having allah that guy he's got some fuckin what a life easy god love is in colorado right now by hunting you both hans
what i love about what i'm saying he was bo hunting two weeks covers friend roy we who got him in a hunting guy from my oregon is best friend got him in hunting this guy's a guide up in alaska and they a moose really difficult aren't there in the middle of the fuckin snow storm and it was six inches of snow their trudging through they had a fine these moves in the finally got one an exact this big triumphant moment form semi attacks yesterday that roy died yesterday fell off of cliff wall she punting seven hundred foot drop and died and this is the guy that he was just with in this is what was best friends if not his best friend and he he died the day before yesterday fell seven her feet and this is that that's what we're talking about that's like this is there are always that close to that special when your sheep hunting these rocky steep steeps eyes yeah the news gravel loose gravel and and common with
was to be she putting with him on that trip but they had a call it off the snow is too dangerous whose some snow they did snowed for ten days stray they couldn't get to these mountain areas and if their snow also and you're trying to climb up these mountains you don't know what the fuck you step in on your step and some loose rock on anything on our of ass it is i guess no that's cap that company go right through right through and then you're fucked here and now he fell seven hundred free to his death crazy yeah that's how the outer cameron turned a corner to where he was able to monetize his life to lift its only recently he's been doing over everything cool he's been doing it for ever he just hustles mount etna guys were alarmed at all really is a full time job department water empower and organ
i guess all the nine hours and they get homely fuckin runs he lists savage man is it he's just tough shit man guy does ultra marathon energetic as anything will he's just tough mental toughness that's like in the main strength back i has incredible mental toughness he's like a d brother in law lot ways with the enduring own aspect of that kind of thing just determination is hard work it argues works hard it's cool ducas he's not in its zenith like if you're fighter football player europe in the army is that gets directed in a way more that's a real soloists thing that he and there's a lot of guys but there's not a lot of guys it are like that guy who's like i would go ahead strap fuckin buncher plates on my back and run up them this morning we ve got a lot guys that trained haunt like he trains to an ex president but one you hunt with em you realize like he and i were hunting colorado cup which go and we went up this hill and can do runs hill so often i'm in pretty good shape i'm fine
and behind him i'm fuckin how often i mean where i mean i'm try and keep up with them but i'm breathe and heavy the top with m am i here breathing right means not even fuckin breed and i mean he's he's fine he's like you could have a conversation with you whereas unlike my fucking steve like a might this is the difference between a guy runs hills and a guy who doesn't know he'd be prepared for that specific environmental constantly run and hills constantly lifting ways all that and but criticism you don't need to do that if you needed it s because they don't want to do it and they don't like that someone is doing it right but that fuckin guy kills set bull elk every year kills moose every time he goes out his cabin somethin and that's all he he eats high protein in organic me constantly anything operational about a man that guy i can't run into so many people that are inspired by the guy and he forces them by just watching him it forces them to
rather ass it go do stuff and go go live weight go work out in a guy like that you had gone if i do fifteen percent a lot he done and winning any work shoulder you know that i was doing i thought for sure that was his full time should very much way more from boning really does from his work crazy but it keeps a job he doesn't want to anymore get a pension or something at any level that assurance got kids and insurance and lecture and that is a palm kids to the wife kids wholesale big in which i can get the fuck out of here two years later we had a deal more often do we do this is fun loving take lock and fletcher on instagram that's tee i t who the fuck haiti is not meeting the kick rocks new ever surveys caveman coffee c o dot com this it right here caveman nitrogen
this is a shit we're on our society for our concentrate illusion online goodness this stuff right here this is my item favorite get over there now we're welts fucking goes through that little cunt our millennium summit we got we pilots and pass inside our labour jane we just guiles salivating twilight gentlemen thank you much love z soon barbaik guests are legion thank you so much for turning into the podcast and thank you to our sponsors thank you thank you thank you to nature box gotta nature box dot com for slash rogan check the fucking yummy shit they got to offer thanks to legal zoom gotta legal zoom dot com user fur coat rogan at check out the save yourself some cash thanks to dry things kings a draft gangs dot com used a promo code rogue into play for free at draft kings icon restaurant oh boy and light but not least the zipper crew
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