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#709 - Steven Rinella

2015-10-15 | 🔗
Steven Rinella is an outdoorsman, author, and television host. He currently hosts MeatEater on the Sportsman Channel.
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Austin Texas. You are in luck that go and check out all the cool, strengthen conditioning man supplements foods are consecrate, shed good on dot com au an end. I t use. The code word Rogan, save ten percent off any and all supplements yesterday is the wonderful and Did Mr Steve Stevens, LSD, Renault is an author. He is a professional hunter. He host a television show, meat eater and the meat eater Podcast, which is fantastic. Podcast me, has a new book out called the complete guide to hunting butchering and cooking wild. Aim, which is so detailed and so filled with information. It's interesting, even if you have no desire whatsoever to haunt you should you should check it box? It's it's
really really well done book and it's just a fucking fast any guy that has a tremendous amount of life experience. We talked a lot about hunting. We talked a lot about his travels, hang out with the indigenous people of Bolivia and eating monkeys all kinds of crazy shit. It's just always love talking this guy and he's just awesome and fascinating human being so further. Do please welcome Stephen. Our agenda will gain experience. So tell me how the fuck do you have the time to do this? A moment ago, this book, the complete guide, hunting which ring and cooking Wild game Steve analyses German, lays down the steep or now put on my fucking me. Well, I like that sporting. How do you have the time to do this book Y got into doing the book.
Does great opening to the show by the way. Thank you very much want. I want to start your that book outvoted take eight months, man we're just gonna idea? You know I want to do as I want to do a book about field care butchering and stop within some essentially bigger speed like the complete God, We are using. The word complete and, like you say now, is how should it for a long time I really regretted, including the word complete in the Also because, as we sat down gee. I would sit down with work, don't you know all day and already and we would just start map, and now we have a board and sticky notes. We start map an outlet. What were complete, look like and it grew and grew and do what you did work on show and moved on to some other things still was involved in other guys came in and yeah As you know, is that work and honour, and just
trying to manage the idea and pretty soon I mean a lot of people worked on that boat, yeah I mean I was in there on the writing process. It turned into several. It took several years to do him. Don't I took it to my publisher. She had me in with my Spiegel and growled ran a mouse. An inch at me into the office and in it we had turned in is gonna, be Seven hundred some pages long and said I it just Books- Are- But you just don't really know yet our stand, like that's a big book, weren't you yeah it only Dube illustrated books that big, so, we were in a hack a bunch out, but that we gotta hit on this idea is the polish two things, as vice. Mornin via to but is it just a simple is split down the middle. So the it's probably not an almost a year, maybe two to turn.
In volume, one big game by two small game: big effort, I know how much you work and how much you travel and how many hunts you go on and I don't saw how the fuck you. I've ever being down we're down and on a fan, my family does vacation in Bonn and members sit Nan, we're fish stocks. We had to babies with us and I'm sitting there trying to like work on that boat s. Work all time, but but the thing is, I don't like I'd, allow work on it, but everybody loves guys. You know work down it baton to no it all that raspy stuff in own dough You like, we did a big shoe. Doughty, cannot organise issue with some other folks and in like we organised a week, just cooking and photographs thing, but the thing is a lot of the stuff in there to the end. Is it kind of look at the image Blake we're? How would you go and get all these images? Are you never been justified getting those images to make a book, but we had
Access to so many hours of hunting footage of all the stuff. So we re able to do something called screen grab. So in there's a lot of stuff where we are able to pull images to illustrate all these different procedures and stuff did that you just never go out and get those kind of photographs. You'd have kill a ton of animal years. Data really expensive, but we are able to draw back and the advantage of fear and has for so many years now. Is it. Anything. You wander, splain we'd said their black or you know what be perfect and we just go in and pull stills out of images and in permanent votes. We have is like, as you look at his have ill. It's beautiful not got it that lot of tyre verdict stuff on the covers by this guy John Hafter, whose a hunter
died over. We became friends of John working up and he opened up his vast library of wildlife. Imagery just gave us collect keys to his or catalogue, and so we had just pick some the best stuff out there, but we're admiral happy with it. Ma am proud of it and in ourselves like, if you get it, doesn't there's no way or me Disappoint no, it's its excellent, it's so comprehensive and it's the I'll know of any other book like it. I mean me there's one out there- that's like it, but it's there's so much involved and even if you're not into hunting, it's really fascinating. The tactics strategies and why you have to do certain things and and what's involved and in the pursuit and track the habitat of these animals, why they live in certain places. It's a lot. We put lot illegal stuff and there the next one ones out the next one very small game. One comes out in December, but the other they ve been.
Even do well. Maneuvered great things about him what you ve done! and it's so much you know, and when I first started talking, you is right after you, I've done doing the while within the new starting mediator at the time, and now you know. I really think that the show is hit it stride in a crazy way like this. The first episode that I saw this season was the one when you went hunting for coups d and you didn't even kill anything, and it is why you best episodes just because it was so much involved it just it's not just a hunting show, you know, like you were talking about your relationship with your father and how you would love to bring your father to this play. You know your father's dead, you're talkin about how this tumultuous relationship with him and how you'd want to bring him to this place, to see what this is like that, so beautiful and it there's no music and you just out their talk, and there was a man. This is some really deep
piling shit. We had no. We had no intention that show that way. Until later, when the editor looked at and you're doing it, there's no music is like the sound of the wind was honest. Is my favorite up zone. His mind is here, is my fair when we ve ever done- and I was nervous at first- has to do- hunt shamming You work in a really traditional genre that does in many ways as an invite a lot of innovation or one might think it doesn't invite allowed innovation. You know yeah, you could do we think that, but by any time we ve done some. That really goes against the grain of what you pictures gonna happen. Hunting show it's like with people like to shelve always, Liked it like we can run, shows or no one gets anything you no more out if we're outfit no I'd give anything. We could we comes conquers. I get real nervous me like I start get real nervous from up from production standpoint right, but
in the end- and I think that people on that fans of willing to go along with you on that. If your given them something else, instead yeah, you know a wee deftly dead, We are like we disowned a dove hunt down and Virginia with my body. Ronnie baby you met, in an ill used daily bag limit on dogs is fifteen right. So me, Ronnie, no guy. We all limit out. That's a tremendous mana shoot, you know so then Uganda to kill first ass, a sort of naked, either five hours birds but and then you sort of fake id like man is coming great show, but it doesn't. It I hope that it will be, but it doesn't necessarily mean that Europe is like it haven't like getting. Of those necessarily me it's gonna be great because the kind of desire is like us, there's always a story hiding around down in there
begin ready to go somewhere to film. Am I getting pressure in a friendly way from Yanina, sir? From Eddie poorly. What's the story, you know like what's the and I just figured, I understand what a common framework as their jobs to wonder about that stuff, but I always feel you're. Just gonna want responding to something that happens. We. What I think is important about your show. The things laughing supporting about you and what you represent in this world. But one of things I think is important year shows if there's a lot out of these shows is honey shows without em marking Mercedes bad about them, but they did their very simple. They they appeal. Does simple people. They have like this simple ideology that goes through them and I think you get caught. In that John and everybody sort of starts thinking. Well, this is what these shells are about. These shows
about like go sit in a tree stand and you know and went when you, you shoot this animal that you named early and spraying yet trail camp pictures of me alive show the same. Goddamn show every week idea and it gets you you get in your Oh, this is what a hunting show is, and is what hunting is, and I think that's up it's a problem with the stereotype that people have with hunting they connect hunting too sort of like a low vibration of thinking, you know that You know, I mean I'm serious and I don't know if it's you you being a comedian knows you guys, I say comic, you being a comic ilo, I'm guessing! You watch other guys. Yes, I guess I could see in that world deprive would really wanna watch other guys. I've found a helpful watch on shows. I gently don't watch on his shoulder. Because I don't want to wind up. I don't want a wind of having this that I do be a response to that right.
You know, I'm always afraid I was afraid it s like feel like something get in your head and even if you didn't intend to that you'd wind up responding to it, you know so I have a watch the whole- and I don't like to hack on heck. Only people often invite me like hack on hunting, shows in indicted, don't theirs things I see a little bit did trouble me like some other ways, female hunters are portrayed as electoral sex dolls. You know with the Mass care, and it just doesn't feel like when I think about my daughter grown up going hunting? I just don't feel that that will I don't want that to be She finds her way into it. S, sort of like every man's fantasy. That stuff bugs me little bit, but I haven't found Help with a watch, so I don't think of I don't do like a reaction to what's goin on, I just try to make things there too, to showed us like the complex relationship.
I had with hunting before I start doing this phenomenon staff. We changed the way I think, about hunting and in in a way? I try to react against that. I try to re casually how I used to feel about it we hunting when I wasn't having this production thing in my head, but like in a shop around word, while Megan Show. Why think that it's it's it's the elephant in the room, and how are do you avoid thinking about it? Volume out there and you're doing it. You have to consider is one of the episodes. You did your podcast recently re talking about with Casey Caseload area where you were too about all the different aspects of putting together a show that you kind of thing. Like, sometimes that filming a show in a way it kind of it. It's almost like prostituting there. It makes me feel Luba, evil if you're evil for being involved in, I feel a little bit evil for being bowed and tv
a partially that's also because your wife is in the publishing and she wanted you to stay within the world of book. Publishing is very respected thing, whereas tv, especially like hunting shows the or even reality shows reduce your first thing. It's filled with, bullshit in the aisles yeah air, so yeah. When I feel a little bit embarrassed. Not So what are we actually do it? And I love doing and I fight to try to keep a durable, eggs on the bag by hand. I got you do carried out with me. You know I do that I think of the ethic of tv as just like it is it just. Some biofuels can at bay this man in a room. Why think a lot of them? I have to do with your experience on your first show tat. They were trying to like let a fuckin moose out of a case Can you shoot it with a musket? I mean that they were trying to pressure you into lot of really stupid, fake shit because they were
operating under the guidelines of you. No quorum quote reality, yet how they do it what's what's important them is getting shot. Not whether or not the shot actually happened. I've ever wanted. Being in a meeting early. An we're starting work on that show. A guy later became friends with diesel. Does that those Canada Reality TV shows that come out of Alaska, but here. He return, but how much time you know that I was Arthur anymore time anymore time because it fine and animals and he in early on first, metaphysical, that's why they have wranglers. You know now store like where thousands where we began with that I like to do I would note I about it doing why, within some years ago now we did aid of em. I liked I fell in love with the guys that I travelled with bad
I mean like more. We could do an ant, show Madonna get renewed. I mean they knew we're still feel when the last that software knows Goin down hill right. This is the It was there the wrong your ship, and you know like division where's weren't there, the numbers that were there weren't the right numbers like not the demographic thereafter right, then you can fix that. But I had fallen in love so bad with the guys I worked with that it was like it was getting broken up with by a girl We were going to hang out together anymore and travel together anymore. I mean it was bad. You know these guys know which gas Have you a man more knowledge? has run the show Nemo near you took him over not all oh, I still associate with them, but at the time like now,
try to wander when I look at that show Henderson goods of a botanist la best of about it, embarrassing stuff about when I look at it now and I try to go it. Why did I want that? Why did. I so badly want that to continue- and I did at the time- and I really want to keep doing not. Knowing that I would find such happiness do what I'm doing no doubt find such a black o o o sense of peace. Doing what I'm doing now that I'm being constructive and work with good people do good work at the time I was devastated, we were meant to go now Why do I feel that way? And I think in some ways risks are like run round those guys? Well, it's fun. Man! Look! really lot of want when we have created a monastery and enemies that we could like there was a good, all of us and we had and we felt like surrounded by enemies are the enemies, meaner, Jack Aerial, all these people around and we're like man. If we go no seas and we're gonna clean house right,
turn us into this perfect thing and it was like yeah we're like Oh man, regulatory of every television, we're like warriors man, What does it all of those get this fund bonding thing goes with those shows its different than any other. Show you d film, a normal shall say if you do like a television show either There it's on a Saturday on location, you go, you fell met and then you go to your hotel or you go back to your house and you shall back on in the morning and there's a bonding involved in that. But there's a totally dear. Gonna bonding when you're in say, like will, when you took us to the the Missouri Breaks down the Missouri River. You know in Montana, and you're you're you're in the wilderness, together you know you're you're, only source of entertainment is Around a campfire at night, shootin shit laughing, and this is crazy bond that you have.
People when you do something like that and when you're doing it over and over and over and over again, like you, don't like the regular, of civilization seem so stupid. The red lights in the Fuckin telephone calls you just wanted? Is when I get back you wanna go back to the fun stuff when you're out there in the woods lookin for a backer. Trying to find a ram or whatever the fuck you trying to do. It's like theirs is crazy, heightened reality to that life that Firstly, when you have a bunch of men together and you have the opportunity to just do it's almost like playtime, like you have this. Does why old existence in now and then it gets taken away now. We're clansmen. Allow me now to care clan see in it there I do feel like like after grown up. I had it like a book. I
my I still consider. I still regard my two brothers, like the main people that I hang out with you know. Even in a tie since that's not true like, and it is more like you know days per year. That's not true, but they're like the main thing I thought of my immediate, my wife and kids like, but My two browsers, like this main thing in, but we are these guys are. We hung out with grown up the same As we saw hang out. But just a summer we had people out to our shack. Are our fish areas like also gas, Michigan that we ve known long time. You know- and I do not feel that the debt hunting and fishing for me. Do for those kind of relationships known travelled together. Forms was correlations, actually got been good, military. Maybe because you get too like have this law core guys. You know in air travel with those guys I worked with travel. New knowledge is like revolving cast a members like faces chain,
We're still feel the same as ass like this. A little like a local and in order click fell Ally. I do about how to slay. I like that. I like hanging out three or four people out of the woods It's fine even mean Callum, avoid on a few episodes worthy of accounts, but pestering me, the other night. When are we going again when you don't honey, I gotta get out of here get a carrier cocked Steve. We were just of this summer. Fifteen were prince of Wales, island sunburnt sunburn, That's a larrea. Steel box got saw a mean. It was like you wouldn't believe I believe that the police, and then One of the things I took from those who own eyes hours it by out have done anything to swap the weather is gone out there like I get like I got day and already mentioned. I just right now, fidelity had said he What I'm never go back this island you know, unlike were stupid, Iphone after our trip in Rio,
There was very like you know: he had a very tentative feeling about the weather. We get wise forecast, no one will be a nice there. Like sunshine. Do everywhere it was private, not even believe its August, you gotta go in August of yadda. Scott yeah he's got a book like doing after hours, during the early hours out you're filming now, I took in a way very important from that show and something that you said I think he said we're in the ten or doing your podcast talking about the different kinds of fun there's fund, that's fine, what you're doing it like a roller coaster, but it's not fun after it's over, but the other things that are fun way after you doing. While you're doing its miserable there. They stole that theory from two guys Ganem hard, cordial and again, in that regard, I may arrive from places they marred cord Genovese hard core of the hard core you have your merit. Rafferty
in recently, someone sent me a link where I think that it had. I feel it was like add of some sort that alluded to that, like an advertising, deluded but it was like a mountaineering thanks. I don't know air, but I just want to add on. I want to take claim for that theory, but this thing like the four levels of the other four five levels of fund. These guys are anchorage. You know, and Anna S profound, but it's it is profound, and I never thought about it until that trip there, like roast posters, aren't fund after doom at all, like I was on a roller coaster last week, the right there, What brought Anna last week, local carnival local, is fuckin. Terrifying rorschach took photos of the debate, of it and put it on my entire ramps is so fuckin ridiculous. They the set up. And when you look at the center like why the fuck did I because it so
bad- is like pictures of him shall put up, there's these bricks that they have or blocks that they have that's holding up the the base of this thing going theme yeah, though you can see on the screen limited better, but They have the foundation, so they have. These posts assumes held that fuckin blocks would mean just not nailed down minutes. It's so fuckin ridiculous that you get in that thing that spending people around de miles around us for an authority they just whatever they could find cup bricks itself for Long Carney calling on cotton borchert. But after it's over near one thing, this fund is looking at this picture, but after it's over, Now you know what I said at first Would it not be that their roller coaster phone in the more Not fun later yeah and those things that are terrifying wired experiencing it, but after you survive it
that will that was crazy. That was awesome that trip was a miserable for five days, fuck. It wasn't that island, but afterwards, four com. I laugh about a trip all the time we just got back. We got back from the British Columbia and it was, it was just my feet are still, of course, They were so uphold for so long to my feet are still weird like my land, but at night they feel numb really an issue I may just generally socked fog, snow spy, whole days sit under tar because you can't see anything in the fog. This thought I I plan on its seeming fallen later, but right now is not the right now. I still think it son did I'd like a cop. Months. I won't think it's didn't. I call you when I got back to allay. They tell you how I can also felt you did. I there's a quick turn around. I was
driving around I lay in the sun was shining like it always is that was warm like it always is, but I approve created at it on a level that I had never appreciated it before it is being rain soaked in that island huh. Huddling up and that tend to turn around. Turning on that little headlamp, seeing missed everywhere. Inside the tent. Like I thought my stupid head. There was going pleasure, I own. A dry you'd go inside the tent. Anyone get dry while yea it's raining outside, but that's ok, you get the tat. You know there's no dry. There was no doubt. The air was wet. The actual air everywhere around? You was fill with moisture. So everything was What no matter what! And so, when I got back to allay, I felt fuckin fantastic. Yeah has like this is amazing, and it gave me an appreciation for delay that would have had. If I didn't go through that, we had to go home from sunlight.
And be in bed. All warm, but like your wife on that you, I've talked about Borg. Danver noise was a Navy seal off CERN, ran at buds programme, which is like this whole thing. He basic others suffer and used eyebrow You think, like you go into a seals, homey things can be all spartan. You know, like you, sleep, not a stack car border, something he goes. Those guys have leg in areas like the egyptian cotton. The nicest most comfortable homes, man, because you wind up after, like the suffering you so bad, I wanna go be comfortable that they go. There is like they go out of the way Have a comfortable house. You know like more than normal peoples, because you wonders soak up comfort when you get that, yeah I'd make sense, didn't want a log cabin sleep futon? Yes, you are given lay on a really nice you because it might be two nights man, you know you want to get your fill. It totally make sense. I think
Haven't. These conversations and What you do on your show is its very it's very important, because it's giving people a different sense of hunting. It's one of the things that I get all the time from tweets and Facebook messages and that people change their perspective because of your show and because of these conversations that you ve had on my podcast and because your podcast people change their perceptions of it, because people who don't periods hunting personally and they there I'd. Is it a lot of times are shaped by the portrayals of hunters and movies, which are almost always negative. Miss Budget, animated ones, Kalmar Foot now my kids My kids like this show about animals. Then it's like there's a bad guys. It's it's These two brothers, as that Airbus cartoon show, while crap yeah yeah, so does take tat his love that show
this there's like some recurring bad guys, The chef, the chef resolving Words exiles, trying to hunt right is to make food and ones like maybe like, like a gay seeming, urbanize guy yeah he's like a bad evil. I know your guy. You have a real like real it I'll decide. Kind of You know it's like you you're one hand tell you there is to be other bad kids gig as an inch have to hide yeah. I want to watch it show you won't. Let him watch emanated. They learn. Some good wildlife stuff Burma got out. Is the want of mackerel, noddle item that try to explaining? Why, like the dinner stamina, like I'm watching to show that's a Larry's, because I, like the way later there like, this can have a show whether the bad guy is like guided Keshaf who
eyes out trying to hunt legs, how China Hunt endangered species, but that show like he's one of its Chris or Martin, one of whom is fat. I want to. I took my kid alive show them alive, show in Hollywood, terrible, but for a five year old awesome in a really bad of cost. On the other, to go into their superpowers. Have liked, the animal powers activate. They have these like things like they can assume the attributes of whatever animal their talk and media, but in the show on the television show its cartoons, so they can duels crazed up a large it I'm going somewhere. Yes like the to browse Jovial there and Jerry yeah. They go smart and then and then the show starts yeah the live show, though they don't go anywhere, and so live, show these put on these outfits and it's so fuckin stupid they put on my big rubber feet. They pretend to be a far
like this ridiculous, not enough on earth. They jump round a trampoline and ate the day. They jump on trampoline to print and they have like servile cat powers, it's in the trampling hidden behind a rock, but you can fuck and see it if I those guys are big vegetarians. Maybe they don't get high school now they probably aren't, but I don't get their idea. In paid attention to the fact that that that one guys like sort of a hunter, a chef and that's what he's the bad guy dear, I never embedded engine Europe more sensitive, that I'll super overly sensitive. When I hear people delay their kids, why certain shells, because what our only the god I don't like unwatched stuffed- has a negative trail. Turks! That's why brightness right now. There are put out probably tomorrow, about out all the people that got mad at me. So I put up a picture that elk last week.
That got mad at me, then I wouldn't want to their twitter pages or their instagram pages, and I saw pictures of their cats now, like we feed in TAT way, you senior cowed cat food and where's that cathode come from some killing animals sums count. Chickens, do not rise. Some guy is price of guy run in high seas. Drift nets that our international waters- yeah. That's it rape and those that that's one of the things that it so If all the trap of Tom ourselves that annoys you button. That's one thing is like people, You can have this holier than thou attitude like a lot of catch her these fishermen have. You know that vision, they'll, let their trout go, and you know the sons of bitches go to a restaurant. That night will not ordered ash like they don't like whose fishes that yeah, like a crew, the fairy favoured areas that has come from
you know probably some places a lot more imperilled and where you live, will not only that the cat, the reality of cancer releases, what ten percent of them die. Twenty nine of them die sometimes much higher, but yet, that thing that you like use the lobby, you don't want to look at in. Oh yeah, you got a cat, your feet and stuff like that, is probably your problems port in some? some ma you probably some important some fish. These practices that you'd that year glad you don't know about a year and not just fish chick and Lamb or whatever the fuck your feet in your cat, you buying cat food and cat foods. Animals cats need protein, they dare not omnivores their predators. You can't mean there's very few very make any sense make any sensing Fugitive Egon Diet pale. And get away with it. With some dogs they can feed. Some dogs are primarily vegetable. Based The diet, the dogs or our? I knew not it's not optimum, but for cats. Thicket organ
failure, cardiovascular failure, they go blind. It's a big issue with cats. When you freedom, try to freedom of vision, diet, Tiggle, blocking wide, also invite those people, your critics, to understand that those out wouldn't be here. If it were not for Hunter interest, That's an interesting conversation. They just would not be here. Did you If you listen to the radio lab podcast on that guy, no, I didn't the lie. Now I want you, I've gone when I happened to so many people, semi links to bus lab, listen to it is about the guy that Bulgaria can play about some of the complexities of the Gatt to pay dollar. Three point: fifty and on a black rhino. Here I have gone podcast and he discussed it and we talked about in it. But what was interesting is
they had on another guy who was in the radio lab show? That was a forget his position, but he's a bubble. Someone who works too, to help life news. He was saying that it's written the ideas, ridiculous that you could he'll these animals and He would say that you working as a conservation is, but you still kill these animals and that you're trying to protect them and make more of them, and I let them breed Let them re populate so that you can kill them like that's preposterous, but the it the real problem with any these arguments, is you gotta? I also want to know, is what are you doing me d, we're leather like how have you in this argument against the hunting of these animals like where do you get your protein? from you getting your protein from all plant sources because neck maybe we can have this conversation about that, but if you're not me,
if your choosing animals that you think are okay and not ok, to kill and its based on which ones are captive, that seems to me more fucked up you. It's it's way more cruel, in my opinion, to put an animal in a cage and and make that animal earmarked for deaf and you just stuff it in and keep fattening it up until you kill it. And to think that somehow that's that's a better more decision and going out and killing something in the wild, but then there's the trophy hunting thing and that's where it gets weird when you, you say will believe. Are animals happy born even eating? Now, like the lion thing, which a guy that I was just a clear, apparently Any wrongdoing never able so hard to figure out what exactly was going on there. I would I know some of the somewhat was really gone out with the with the lion and because her so many claims that are being made that this in
wait and add up like that, he had that they had lured it out of the park. I don't know what that means. Now, if you cause, because prices in people how bad that was the he'd lured out of the park. But in the? U S An animal can move across borders freely You know jelly illegal, the fence in wildlife and somebody to can't get away and can move across borders freely in its own is public owner it doesn't change, when it moves around. There's something I've tried explained of a thousand ties with you. Let's take a like some iconic park, like you also national park, if you have it out, and India also National Park jumps a border, on a private land and jumps border on the Federal National Forest land jumps, border, state, land, jumps, border, new subdivision, jumps, border and county part. Three.
All his little journey. There has always been the property of the state when migrate ADI also national part. They get hunted. You know many many that many animals are behind in allowing a Montana animals that, as part of the year, spend time and he also national park. My brother once drew a bighorn sheep tag for the Opera Yellowstone Valley and does its peak near the guy, nor entrance. He also national Park on Electric Pekin Lotta Bighorn sheep spend their summer on electric peak when he had that tag. Two thousand five or things quite aloud. When you that tag, we're does waitin for snow to pile up on electric peak in the sheep would begin migrating and they would my. Lay down and spend three in and spend the in her down in some grass? Grange land up and down the Yellowstone, so we go there, we It was on our third trip to the area when we finally found sheep
were migraine down out of my country are also national part. We killed it She was in a couple miles. He also national park. So when puritan by all though how the lion belong. The park was of the park was lured off the park. If, if you condemn their in and of itself, then you really talking about something very resolute. There would have very revolutionary implications. Here in the: U S that animals are, older freely move that an animal becomes the possession of whatever land at the whatever Land administration abzug. Whether there is a big difference, Chin Animal moving freely but, as I say when I say it lured all right, I don't know. That's what this was our love, the no animal the ashes vague the day, visibly walk into the park know what they do as they drove around the area outside the park with bait, and they drag carcass. They drive carcass pilot.
That address standard, but not within the part. No, not within the park. New standard practice anomaly that lions have the huge area that they travelling and they killed too. The eight other lions with tags with collars, and It was never an issue, and this I that is. One lion was like: cherished beloved lion, that there was only by westerners, warlike outside or to the people that live. In Zimbabwe, their fuckin, all, monsters they're all terrify near some three, they gather Odette he's in the artisans written we do know about their lie- is grateful that when in Zimbabwe we don't cry for lions the name of the piece it was dull, talked about his family members that were terrified. Were these people go outside and aid, they have very real fear. There are gonna, be killed by monsters, giant cats that will kill everything, anything kill people all the time you Jim Shockey, has this great. Show called uncharted if you watch it on about that show rate fuckin show, and I was
watching last night show he was in Mozambique and there is villagers in Mozambique that are just hunted by crocodiles and they showed dozens of people. There were missing arms missing feet had giant holes in their head were crocodile knowledge is barely grab them, and these are the But it's arrived and they they all had stores while they were there, was taken into the wind, the water, while they were in camp, One of these women was washing clothes or gathering water and a crocodile came in Gaza and theirs and there's nothing you can do traffic. They try to kills many as they can. They bring in hunters to kills many. As they can, but to these poor people, these people just horrified, we Look at that the way we look at lions because their cold, India, reptiles and but there is this wild life. What I think
got to the point where you are facing. Were you might be looking at a genetic extinction of the crocodile right? It would change. Yes, my my Think my interest in the though, the lion controversy, the came out, I africa my interests, and that is provincial in that I was concerned about I'm interests in the way that that's gonna impact things here. You know I'm not that interested in nothing, not that I have antipathy turban does not that that that vested in what might happen with african big game hunting outside of how people's how the american imagination Earth the way there
the average American perceives hunting in his own country it here in the? U S would be coloured by the actions of people and Afghan in the circumstances the go on Africa. That's my interest in that landscape. Is far worries about the crocodile thing. I think that one of the reasons it is so complicated with the LAW Science is on one hand we're talking about the threat of genetic extinction of a species and am sensitive to that here. Well, because we right now have weren't. Aids and our own thing right were engaged in a wolf debate right now but in some way, mirrors that the kind of language were were here in Africa. Where You have animal. You have a species, its absent from much of its range guys these be walls. You know everywhere
everywhere, but let us say in the most recent past yet wolves in New Mexico in Colorado, in Arizona. They're they're all replace walls here, California and now they're gone from much that landscape. But there are some areas like the greater Yellowstone your system area around glacier in the EU they have one I would say, is on the verge of too many wolves as people could look enabling How can there be too many of their extinct across ninety seven percent of their range in the lower forty eight in a big while it is very complicated there overabundance here and missing from there, and I see, Both sides this debate, because a lot of people who might come from, I said a man, understanding about wildlife who, like dont dear lightning, I would like not moose do want us, the wolves always gone and what they would point to the effect that wars have on livestock right people's way of making a living
their safety applications or not. But some people say that there are safety implications moles being around and when I look at them, Ok I'll, take all that, but I don't think that means we don't want wolves. I think we do our walls. Do we want the cow? Many do we want. You know I don't deserve. I do. I agree that we want em around. I agree that there is a limit to how many we want and what we want agreement. There is agreement when they re introduce him that, though, when the population less desirable that opens far passed, there would open up hunting and then they reneged on it now, so I dont think most people, the edges, like sensitive. The thing were is much else bath by the Cecil wine thing I'll also look like when they. When there was the backlash the backlash and people said, I oh yeah, but you know people live in fear, lions and lions kill people. I don't know that that doesn't the change anything for me like. I dont think that that then means that all you're right. We should
kill all the lions because they kill people are treated the wrong. When I was in a new link. Oh it's a different link every time. What's the twitter leather Youtube link, as you too, that cut back on flashy, slash, powerful, Jerry, Slash, live numerous, a copy and paste it ass. It is all right. Alright, tweet there right now Jesus Christ Jimmy, but it was different about yesterday's I've. U copied from the same place, it was out yesterday it it our ok, I'm sorry keep Goin Steve allows the train of thought. Wolves blah blah blah yeah why keep wolves alive of that argument that, like oh yeah man, it's ok to wipe something not because they hurt people
only by into that either you don't know. I think tat. Striving for what, with wildlife issues are striving for a happy medium, where you can have many different stakeholders at the table, talkin about it, is more constructive and so on as well with what the Cecil the Lion deal. I really like clouded and views tons of that shit here in the? U S and made it harder for people do imagine the role of what outcome, and Wildlife management game management? You know, because it's not like we no longer live in this Eden environment. Where you can, you can act somehow like that hand of man is not at play and we ve. We ve cook that world.
Is that the issue that a lot of people have a big part of it is this, this term trophy hunting, yeah trophy hunting is deemed to be evil. People have respect for people that hot. If you hunt for your food aid in, I can appreciate that. But what I dont like is this idea of trophy hunting, that is, it that's a giant issue with people. Yes, it's it's a semantics issue in some way. I see it as MRS Lulling. I spend a lot of time. Thinking about and talking about recent years is. There's there's what trophy hunting means to someone who's on failure of hunting when they hear the term trophy I think what that what they see in their mine, see the want and slaughter of an animal just in order to take a
these are the animal its head or its hide and have it as as bragging rights thing to dislike, dislike, callous, Slaughter of animals too, to take part of it and take possession of part They use it as an emblem earlier to prove your manhood right, like that's their seeing it so pervasive. Now that that meaning of the word. That I think that it might almost be time for people who do engage in trophy hunting to think about a new term. If I go out and and and I and get something I do retains parts of the animal that might be that there would be trophy the same way. You have that school right there and that school right their rent, but it was a portion of of what you retained, but you eat the animal yeah.
So I think the difference being that in a lion is you not eating a lion and I think that freaks people As I have just killing something just for its head stuff it and put it on the wall, when it's not something you can eat, they get free gap. Are they give free people out, the d gotten Edith. I will he should in the damn line. I think you should have eaten today. Therefore, I want you to end in apparently shouldn't abandoned dentist, because people love the dog. I was a dentist why I dont understand: why does know their occupation where he would be? Aim, the dentist: do you if he was a welder, the whether they kill the lion air, would just be that he is the guy with a name was a public practice, hats, hard Anastasia target earlier now. It's like does a thing about PETE S. Don't want, there's something
don't like about Dennis, are somehow that it said something the people whose Dennis I dont fully understand it. People loved pointing out the dead man was a dentist, Somehow it does made, it seem just really egregious or what guys it's like one of the big game hunters that he's gotta supersedes got like this, Islam, in the grand slam he's always are. Tom Miranda show he's a surgeon. Now he's a surgeon. One of the more famous guys it's involved in the world of both hunting yeah skilled everything that walks with a bow near they re my it might be that they have the disposable income and flexible schedule. In order to do that, sort, awning, maybe Brian counts. Dentist is apparently some crazy became hunter to common thing amongst dusts, but yeah. I think if they got as it does a handful of things that I think could again
if only if they d day online here, but you wouldn't go kindly. I lie to yeah without a doubt, our deadline, we think it s like shit, now, there's a taste for ever. Even if I had taken a ha take the holding grind it up and make pepperoni sticks out of it, walk round come into a party can be like a man brought you thirty pepperoni sticks bra like you shut up, will you ate coyote on you? She knew tat if he had known. I think that here, if he had known what was gonna wind up, he will never shot it. That's what he said. If he had known it, he said it. I think he said if you'd know had a name, you wouldn't shot yeah, while the craziest was I don't know what they're on their. So I don't know them. You do know. The brother Jericho has in Hanover Cecil had a brother named Jericho and they said the Jericho is now going to take care, Cecil's young, bull shit. First of all, that does not real and second of all.
They thought Jericho had gotten killed because another line gotten tilney attributed they. They thought it was Jericho and then they found out great, really if the lion was killed was not Jericho, who just No name is a name that now the current line, but it's the idea of giving a lion a name like your dog. It's not like some wild animal, all the sudden. It's a pat, it's a pet, that's an a park, and that's a lot of people that don't go to Africa. Don't have anything invested in keeping the people. Round their say for any they. They have this idea that it's like the lion king, this, evil hunter is gonna, go over there and steal decapitated, like, though the language with these fragile, they said he shot it with a cross bow. I saw then reputable newspeak
but now you didn't use across bow, that's not true decapitated, it well yeah! That's what you do. If you want to take the hide, you have to cut the head off the rest, the body it man. It's like such their issues such a black hole, but I think the people It just like has his way, and it was common ways was most of setting to me when I was gonna nightmares gone for a lot of it, but it has had its way of acting like a boy. I call like we envisioned black obeying orders socks. Everything around it into this thing were became like the dominant discussion. Bout hunting. I think that one of the most telling things about it is the people who seem to be most of sat by or the people who at least nuanced understanding of wildlife management, wildlife, politics and wildlife in general, and
just the least understanding of what it means to eat meat in the first place. I looked at all these people that work testing in front of his is dental practice. Unlike you can't tell me, you fuckers are vegetarians. Your big fat slot, faces this is, these are not vague and zeal. These are not healthy people. I mean this is not people that are eaten a bunch of salads these people, the probably got burgers on the way to. Those fuckin signs up. I had a F b I'd want Amanda FBI, look into a guy who is masses a little bit and this It came out of my house and he is he's can t that guy's not a vague and there's, not a vegetarian, the guy, tomorrow, the guy disorder pepperoni pizza, which my mom, like dude, Why you have such a problem with me, what the hell you think that is because it's a target your target. These people aren't looking at things rationally
I think they're finding green light. The green Lamb frustrated by my life, I dont like my job, like my social position, I dont, like my my whole, the whole life that have carved out for myself and I find green lights, and I see those green light and I could just point my anger in that direction. Set of focusing inwardly said looking at what ASP my life tat. I should change. Maybe I'll have a more harmonious exists. Since maybe I'd be happier, maybe I'd be more fulfilled nope. His find some other this fuckin guy. What are you fucking, your hunter good, little dick you get your little dick, you gonna fix it. Would a rifle there's like these clear. Chaise they always throw about and then they'll go eat. A pepperoni pizza. It's like all my do you know what's involved in making pepperoni? Do you, if you're no slaughterhouse. Do you know what what what existence these animals have before they get snuffed out. It's a horrific existence.
The existence of a wild animals infinitely better and the distance between time between the wild animal, even knowing that you're alive and being dead is like that can be, to tell the difference We know that in an animal that lives in captivity and gets turned in the sausage or pepperoni or whatever the fuck, it is that's horrific and the idea that Someone who buys cat food, someone buys chicken cat food can get. Add at someone who goes out and HANS a grouse or hunts doc. Its madness is just madness. I wrote this thing about the hierarchy of of debt animals on social media, and I showed what and get away with what you can get away with. Unlike caught up fish, nobody really gives a fuck. You could show it fish Zulu Sketch Year like, but you can show a stake that you ve cooked, very
Few people get upset near. You show an actual animal. That's dead people get really Why do people get pissed about further? Don't get pissed about leather couches, its good points scraped all the fur off exactly Susie's greater. You're like that's awesome now by a parachute and I'll take that jacket as well. You can get a bell if you leave the hair out, they they just do not like it will cause we're MA. Am it's really disturbing to only the hair out there. Much prefer you to take that stuff and thought to trash the end and use it as leather, but if it doesn't have hair, like God, snakeskin belt, that's cool now. Another thing that really balmy out about are in our our dentist friend is that what one item about Honeywell when these are like to try to promote or try to explain, is in a term I use a lot.
Trying to form a context with the land where you want in establishing a context with with the animals you hunt meaning that you understand your place. In the world you understand the world, the you're walking into have you the writer all Leopold: Rural Sand, county almanac. You have heard them There is only one hears riding in the forties and he was he even Canada is like the Grand Papua Hunter conservationists obviously had occasion to reread is, but because I went to, but I gave a talk at the university gods and response from Barbara the, although Leopold foundations, I re, read: orderly
Wholesale County, all MAC, and he was a hunter in the forties and relative the forties we live in the good old days. We have phenomenal phenomenal hunting and fishing here in this country in the forties sort guy in the thirties really sucked. There was yelled the very few hunting season. Framing most things were, does gone. Habitat destruction was off the charts he couldn't you can, legally hunt Turkey's almost nowhere. Waterfall was just about wiped out dear just about wiped out. So now is evolving. Could be alive. Now you see a lot of making very very happy because we done such a good job on this continent with wildlife management, but in his book He pushes as ideal he's talking hunting. But he's using the metaphor of other of a forester cake ass. He had been trained in forestry, worked in forestry and talked about
a forester or, you might say, a hunter, Goes out on the land in with each stroke of his acts is writing his signature on the land with each swing of an axe, in my city, a hunting he's gonna talk about this in conversation with honey, meaning you go out on the land you are like. Writing your signature out there. You know your ear building a legacy, your ear making decisions and in having imp implications for the landscape, impacting it. What it seemed to be with that guy? I think one of these is upset me about that guy might of upset other people out. I got the shot, the line did he seem to claim he
He seemed to be claiming in some way that he just had no idea. Dinnerware was didn't know what was up with the lion. Didn't know the lion, collar and Billy. I didn't know you know, I think that in some Is the Irish you're in another country it's hard to follow. What's going on, you rely on other people's judgment, but in some way that is upsetting to people that he wasn't doing like he wasn't follow on their thing. The Leopold set out about right new signature on the land because I was sort of like he does had no idea where he was what he was doing, and I think that when you hunt you do have an obligation to stay in your role in your place and understand the context that year working it What are the limits in the knee of the resource you're trying to exploit can the resource withstand exploitation
Are you generally behaving as a forced, its ultimately for are ultimately against, while you have an obligation answer all these questions. You can go suasion like that and rely on the judgment of some one else, but that judgment can get really can used, I think when money enters the picture, you know, but the money things forty two, because people were very upset, I was joking early about them, beat him them. I was joking about the Dennis things. It's funny to how often it was pointed out his occupations pointed out, but I'm not joking about is people were very very upset about the amount of money the traded hands which puzzled me, because the old narrative from a century ago was that people of european descent going to Africa and take resources and pay for nothing. Go there and just rob the place of its resources
and we take what we want and we leave, we don't pay a dime for it. That was upsetting and is upsetting to me. Now. It's like he's being criticised for paying too much for resource is like Annie paid or like the guy, he paid three hundred fifty thousand for rhino. It would be better to you if you paid five dollars. It would seem to me that him Having expressed the van You of the animal in some way is almost a compliment to the pursuit, rather than just going in there robbing what you want never paying for anything that makes sense, but I think a lot of people have. I do a real problem with the idea of putting a value on life at all like saying that its three hundred fifty thousand dollars you go, kill an endangered animal instead of the real issue? Is they that a hand all, was killing of that. When we talk about the Rhine near the Indiana Black landing on due to brine lands on contemplating the data real problem with that right, they had a real power.
What these older non viable rhinos, because there are killing young rhinos, they kill this rhino, it killed a female and, in the end pr p, he's Theosophies medium radio peace, they actually found the dead bodies of this female and male that this rhino it killed like the he took them to these spots. The guy was the professional hunter was so in Africa. They have these things called professional hunters where you would think com a guide in America, but they took him to the spot where this, the bones were of this female ministers. This rhino really fuck, this young female, the death, like he kept mounting her and fucking, earn any in Horning her hitting a loaded with his hands and one of killing and killed a male who had you know in the area and wanted to breed with the female too, so you killed too the rhinos their target him anyway, because he
dangerous to the population as he was killing breeding males. The money that had come in from that three hundred fifty thousand dollars that guy gave was going to stop. Poaching was going to protect the environment, animal lived in was gonna protect habitat. So the argument is real, real weird, because on one hand it doesn't strange that you were talking about value for life, yank, that this life would be valuable, but another here the real value is like you, ve gotta kill this thing anyway, because as a non breeding mail you to kill it or you have to capture it. And take it somewhere and make it live in a cage. But if you kill it disguise want to pay you three. Fifty thousand dollars and he was saying that that was undervalued and then, if there wasn't so much bad press theatre probably been over half a million yeah. If they had had a park, Ranger go out or some kind of landmines you go out and shoot it and act like you know something had to be done. No out there would be no product, I would have been applauded, but they would lose all the money
and although that would go to wildlife further to preserve of the land and protecting of the but tat all that money we gone protecting against poaching, it's it's one of those. Things in life. It's it's! It's not clean now reading this morning, this article in the New York by Adam Goblet and he was right about he's, actually rang a piece about books about the Holocaust, but and there he had this line, that the stock of me release a start with the last few hours when he said that I submitted to the effect of The only way to simplify history is to make a complex. You know it's like any time. Any real explanation of something particular with wildlife. You don't any real aha moments, unto you get into the deep complexity surrounding the issue. I think that's how we
stay here and all these whatever number months after that- and I can say here and still. Hold in my hand, in my hand, simultaneously a disdain for the sky in an immortal stood for It's on the wine like some kind of disdain, for it did something about it. I dislike visceral reaction about some. The things I know about what went on and what might happen if it was mine and at the same time disdain for the general public for feeling the disdain that they It's like. I just see that such a big thing, haven't really made that much sense out of it and whenever I get that conflicted about an issue, I start to feel it I'm getting somewhere fascinating. You know why do you feel like you're getting somewhere when you get conflicted because then Irene I am probably seen from the necessary number of angles.
Is one of those things where they are a bunch of different angles. To look at it. It is complex because This guy, whether or not the Zimbabwe government cleared him of any wrongdoing which they did. He still tampered with the collar which is illegal. He still was a poacher. He had been convicted approach already he killed a bare forty miles outside the area that nuclear, until it tried to bribe the people that he was with two who claim that he killed it in a legal area. So this guy was already unethical so use. He was perfect a pin. All this are you But you want to say, like ok, yeah, this guy was, ass or do some asshole stuff right? But does that mean that we're not gonna manage large predators, but want a deal I don't have to manage. Lions amuse is a critical issue like it is with wolves like you're talking about the Wolf population getting out control, and this from above
a biological wildlife, judgment standpoint like the guys who or wildlife by I'll just gave a number that they think a wolf population should reach before it should start being managed their numbers been far, Seated and when that number was exceeded, that's when all the blow I came by where there was a no no wait. We ve changed our mind. We do not want to open up season, and that became a really because then the output relation dropped radically than the dear population drop radically, and then there was all these positive spends on it. Like did you. There's this one guy who is another re radial dial the guy that time, the guy that, like the how wool saving and River Rimmer yeah pack ice? Fascinating, because that guy's I saw that peace and I thought well- maybe this guy he's making some interesting points entail I'll, listen to this TED podcast about him recent
what he's talking about reintroducing wool or what reintroducing lions and even hippos to England Was he thinks that at one point in time- and you know they found in london- they found like ancient bones of ions things bringing mega fauna two areas of the UK would be beneficial to this area. Of the UK and millions of Hector's act. Harry, say, hectares hectares, hectares, that are not being used and utilise and they could turn into a wild life park with. Working lions? And this is all the result of as a self admitted mid life crisis, this guy so he got interested in the concept of re wilding, I'm inner I'm interests in the cause of the Rwandan and I'm in or us in the council. The reworking in that, if you can correct mistakes, if, if you can correct extra patients,
Real estate scientific, you had to do to correct extinction as much as you can. So we won't talk about that right now. If you could correct expert x, like regional extinctions of animals. There brought on by human causes. Then I think we have a moral obligation to remedy those mistakes Elk guiding American Elk only occupies ten percent of native range out live and ten percent of the land in the? U s that they live in a time european contact, no one talks about Elk being endangered or near extinction, even though their absent from ninety percent of the range. Why is Because we cause there are many areas where they abound, so we ve come able to go yes elk or missing from areas Anderson number groups,
state aid. Is these most, notably the Rocky Mountains foundation. Work to wear plausible bring elk back, new areas in the east, that used to have the no longer do in my lifetime elk of combat to Michigan Pennsylvania Kentucky and I'm not gonna through reintroduction efforts case were working to report, they are the biggest peace resistance you get on repopulating out is public approval Deuteronomy inconvenience, but big ass animals that they're going to have with their cars, and they don't want the inconvenience by animals eat crops. So that's the resistance, the resistance is it it just did it. We don't have the technology for it's just happy. We got to get public approval, so we're trying to. But meanwhile we have hunted seasons for Elk all over the place. Right I mean just down line. You got Elk Seasons, Montana Wyoming,
Colorado, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, California, Nevada, while they're gone from other places. You know why is it that we can extend the same logic to a wolf and sate via the Wolf absent from much of its range? most of it in some of its range, its thriving we're gonna, manage the areas that are thriving. And we're gonna work towards bringing goes back to the areas. Were there not the same way that hunters, by large nodding by large solely hunters, are responsible for bringing them out back Oliver Place, but I think the way the general public so things is very different from the way that you're looking at things you're. Looking at these animals as a renewable resource, the general public looks at them as magical creatures that live in the forest that we need to bring back, because we made them extinct because we're greedy and vicious and fight
what could be more fundamentally flawed, and on top of that we talk about animals, you ye verse, Elk, verses animals, you don't eat wolves. Why would you want to kill these walls? You must be a cruel person who wants to go on until something tat looks like a dog is tat, people wolves. Are these magical creatures you? How here, while I hear Wolf LA that's cool This called here warrior, but I like wolves more than those people do. Do you think? So? Why are you you like the more I just have we're familiarity with em. I got more places where they might be found. I like spend more Look, I do my binoculars trying to find them just a more interest in them. I like a more. It means more to me not every one of them, but your average guys never laid eyes on one. I have more of an appreciation for the animal than eighty and I'm sorry that sounds like a bold offensive statement, but I just do back you up on that. I think you do, but I think I grizzly bears a whole bunch, a whole bunch of
four grizzly bears a lot, never shouted Greensborough, never found the one I wanna get now will get one in my life, I turned to pepperoni sticks no long straight. Well? I do get one I've spent twelve days progressive. Why would you decide to eat it straight up and not turn into pepperoni sticks? Isn't it s like shit now, because I heard him in the interior. The areas where I go and look The time I've gone out with the intention of getting a grizzly bear. I got here so you don't have access to fish purposely yet so that you can get a bit I want a big one day I want. I want him mature male, preferably one who tomorrow will die of old age. And I will not be a lot of dead fish so that you can eat him. Yeah. Panes, I chose the pictures to grizzlies a he shot he's eating them when his way through and I go, how do they tasty sector fuck? awful they're gonna just eat em, and am I grant see I'm not interested in that?
unless it was for a legitimate wildlife concert. Patient reason, and I were eat it. I dont think I would be inch and hunting something like that. I mean I'd, even if it was If I were to spend my time hunting some. I want an eight percent. That's it, then that that's that's my connection. The hunting who I grew up of artillery bothers the handle tie them. I feel I but I'll say again I grew up always nonsense before I remember, but for a long time I got an arrest and trapping and that's all you can do for living thousand before trap. As I caught my first muskrat, I was ten years old, not trot thought show me to buy trap for twelve years and the latter part of that. I was trying to do it where I was going to be professional trapper all right. I bet you put rap cuz fur markets got solo,
and moved away from got more serious about college and start to see norm mean friends, my brothers but point time. We're feed ourselves. I wild game by a note, Fourteen besides, we hunted for an A boy was: am I really liked sort of found my my place in the natural world. You know those like the relationship with an more than the relationship of the natural, the relationship of hunting. That really, He spoke to me and made me feel very good, but my decisions very good, but my lifestyle and live at lifestyle now, twenty, I'm all ears, but I did at the time I did trap. You know and I were trap. The cell guides. So When I now talk about why I like.
Hot onawandah, Horizontal Marconi cassettes. Is that that's what I've done for some hunters will look at that and act like you're being divisive. You know the European that you have this holier than thou attitude or somehow condemning other practices understood about what I like my approach. Would I like to do you know? What to me is the? What to me is the value of an animal, I think in many many cases when it comes to. Predator management ain't. There are many cases where Your poor you're gonna, have harvest of predators, Where does not gonna there's not going to be a food driven harvest not we're lookin right now in the same areas that were in the greater yo. So an ecosystem around wage national park? You're looking at come up on a where to say they may have of wolves. Gonna probably have to have with Grizzly bears there
may. These areas there getting way above objective guy is starting have negative implications for pray animals. A negative implications for people who use the land. These bears have their just, not afraid of anything. You know you go up in Alaska, were grizzlies, get haunted, you can jelly git up windows thing. Get a smell of you. It's gonna take off oftentimes. Typically, the case there is their drawn the smell humans. No one can touch him there s a protection. You know we had drawn out decades ago. What recovery would look like we fire surpass what recovery looks like it's gonna happen. It's gonna be ugly, but they're gonna DE list bears they're gonna put their dealers. Grizzly bears. There put grizzly bears under state management. This is inevitable to put them under state management in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. If you were going to be killing, Grizzly bears
some some limited amount in their progress in their private he's not gonna, be a meat salvage requirement on those bear What am I gonna now condemn? I hunt no way now. Will you wouldn't because I understand it and you know about it and you understand importance of it, but to the average person that the which poses a very cursory knowledge very, very peripheral when it comes to wildlife management that we consider it they think of trophy hunting is just being some evil person wants. It killed things again to make their Deckard right. That's what it now it Jimmy. Well said on tv will start crying. We shall talk. Bout. Cecil trial cried in Eastern did the whole cliche we talked about. Is that what you need to get your? I like to look at. Why I do too. I like him a lot, but I just don't think you understand. I don't think understands it on tv educates himself about and I think work sixteen hours a day on a show, and I thank you. Very little knowledge about what it takes to manage wildlife. Now this is coming from
Someone who doesn't agree with the line hunting dire- I like, I, don't think the lion, populations are low or high rather think it's anything we have to manage. I mean, I think, that's the she did their having in Zimbabwe. I think this is just a it's a way that they make money and there you can look at it that way like it, sustainable and if it is sustainable and these people use it to to make money and they they benefit from the resource of people coming over there in hunting. Am, I guess you could see a positive benefit of it do you ever see a Louis, thorough documentary on those hunting camps, the high fence honey camps in South Africa? No, it's pretty good It's a razor. I states years only about it and I really old, ever watch nominal redo its rewrite the down. My notes, its excellent but why are you know panorama know very well? the craziest parts of it was the lions. They had this then stand area and its small area with Have these lions and they
throwing these cows literally over the fence there in the back of a truck, and they have this high fan and these lions are staring at them with any luck in ruthless kill eyes mean they're right. Dad is two sets offences in Kenya and others like going to one who fails then offence behind ITALY Chuck these lions, cow this calf. They throw it over the top like Fuckin Jurassic park, and they just tear, thing apart? They look at em all of them. Some guy goes in anybody's Hutton Alliance, exactly the gonna, let one of those loose they let him advocate and lions are used their territory right so when they let him. The cage alliance are gonna, get out of that cage and going away the fuck am. I must go sit down here. Try to figure out where the hell they are right, so they're gonna sit. And then they send this hunter out. The hunter finds Align shoots. It poses. Does the whole picture with it and in that Guy PIG man did that they had already Assad and he's he's going you can tell these lions, have
been relieved by he doesn't? Does he show what he was doing does not die, They had always to have high events. Descent I stand by guys like Tom, I fence. Why do they? so why are they love the trappings of hunting, the appearance of hunting, the methods of hunting, the tools of hunting, the clothes of hunting, the foe the grass to come from morning. Why do they like that? So much, but they just don't like hunting the doing Is that what it is or they want guaranteed success, and they want to hide the fact that its in a high fence environment because are doing on television and dont things like the outdoor channel? Don't they have rules. Rules, are you can't show high fences? You can't show fences on television where there now could you feel like they would show it, because I feel that people are often doing unfair Chase HANS, but me
Ask rating yes, that it was a fair chase hunt if you like to Dune HANS at our fair chase. If you like do Why do you? Why do they have such a hard time to sing? That's what I'd like to do well I would then I spent an enormous amount of time explaining. Why I like to do what I do. You know why don't I would love for more them to explain to me what they like about. Instead of doing it and acting like they did something different. Both the parent part of it is the network themselves right, the outdoor channel in the sports and channeled. They don't allow you to show how offences that support their violence. Rival, they say: don't show high fence, they might not want this, come from Ben O, Brien yeah, so they might out they might I guess it, they say: don't show up there saying, don't do it. I think they say: dont show it dont show it don't because I can't Nugent is on that programme,
right he's on those networks. He's got a huge show and that network Hudson's Fuckin yard, I mean he's not he's our babies property. I think he's lesson three hundred acres, or maybe three hundred acres- that's not that much and in the three rakers. It's all high fancies got the african animals got all kinds of shit in their white tales pigs all in this one area and he hunts high fence almost exclusively And when his hunting on that, you know it says, like Spirit Wild, ranch here. That's is yard, I mean is essentially hunting as pets. If you really want to that way now his house GO sits in his favour Tristan programme. Bunch of amalric property, but I don't think he's a rattlesnake in and of itself I'll feel does any wrong, because my brother raises sheep right and when he got out to get the sheep. He goes of the twenty two he's got you David pasture. He runs lambs when he goes out to get a lamb.
Gives locked away it some of herself shoes lamp on the twenty two. However, he doesn't. Dressed up like he's haunting the lambs out on his pasture, gets a wild animal is gonna sneak up on not me here I his leg put. He doesn't like put a picture him. It is twenty two on in a dead lamb on face because, like heart, mean either he's very avid hunter and never once in his life. I wish she was here I'd like to ask this question. Never his life. Has he confused the act of farming organic sheep with the act of hunting, Wild elk is not confusing to him. No, but is it from what you said. I wonder how you have a good heart near ride like so far he got out what is both a national forest land He got an animal, but his bow. Young man lay Ard, and you know how I got
Ten lamb in my yard, yeah legislate at all. He did it so weird to me that I feel it There's a doctor to duck Dern has to go on and then kill cattle on his farm. He doesn't they get the gun it up and camel, and giving a bunch of pink accidents put pink accents. Oliver is gonna go Hague. Accidents are all like shoot. The cows ends proper right, not one shot. My cow right here A tv show reads like acting like he's: hunting is cow slit, his fence is only you know: twenty yards where as TED Nugent fancies, three hundred acres Jack airily speak to exercise, additives go see, it right I haven't seen you know, you'll see it on the show. You see him. Takes around while those little atv vehicles of all things. Drives, as is beautiful piece of property.
It's kind of a cool way to acquire you meet yeah all his enemy. A hundred percent guarantee those animals there. Now you know it's not like there's a big search in. Oh you like fuck. Will it serves, keep Ike. You know about it, so works of my brother also told me the one who raises she also keep. I will explain the sheet thing over better some ip address near view. Your listeners. He has pack lamas. Ok, he uses lamas. He like HANS Bat country for Elk, for HANS Variable areas and elk big enhanced by himself, so he keys lamas. To carry his help me so he'll go in the mountains. What his bow! And he going for a long time sometimes and when he kills and out, he can put the whole bull on three lamas unpack. The out of the mouth, see handsome areas Rees nine miles from a trail it, and he do that because he fucked
backup carrying now, I'm suffocating help me. That's when I first got motivated by lamas now cause as long as he bought irrigated pasture to keep the lambs, are flawed irrigated but he's gone so to incentivize. His bodies to come over and check on Islam is make sure everything's cool. He let them run sheep with the Lamb, so they come over to want to check on their sheep, thereby checking on his lamas now, if he told me one day, if all the sunny said, hey man, let's get all done up in our camel and I'm gonna, put a blind out, put a blind out what the sheep and, let's sit near. Enshiu arrows at the sheep right out just figures, weird yeah, it's not like it's not like the others, a moral stuff right. You we have things in our lives,
The moral obligation actually give a moral obligation to take her children review not take care of your children. I think you're, like that's an immoral move. From a broader, go out and late decide. He wants to shew. His bow at the sheep on in his pasture would just strike me as just strange bs deftly strange. But is it strange to stock upon with fish nervous Malta, no, in fact, in fact, his neighbor just darted big fish, pond right it is necessary on the hierarchy. The hierarchy of animals yeah. Now it's just its. I can't explain it get you entire Posada NIMBY. That still troubles me now we're tumbled Baden. When I was a kid we baited dear
now realise that we are gonna have a lot better dear. I have not got involved in that, but, as is how, when I was a kid, would go to this town Grant Michigan they raise lotta carrots and grant machine. You could buy they'd size, the carrots and sort that it's an you could fill the back, we'll pick up short scenes outlandish now, Bum forty years old- and this is miles twelve, you could fill. They would fill your truck with carrots for five dollars, while the bed of a pickup as amazing, near the bed of a pickup, would be full of cares for five bucks In fact a carrot. Farmers make any money, never understood the time when they were harvest and go down and they were just eat. Pull up under a green hopper tight thing to fill your truck with carrots Asano wanna care. We sit back to weed Senator Baggy carrots man you'd find care. Is that all that look like you could find cares. Look like humans
you find care suggested daily I mean just parents are crazy and act like I have cares. My guard now Newport characterized expecting a pull up a thing. It looks like a care from the store one in ten year. One in ten most them are like a three legged carrots, so they had a download better. I do, and I had better care- is bad. We could always reject carrots, we have snow shovel and we would go out to areas behind it and we have put down a canvas tarp. I can picture the top right now it on a canvas. Tarp need snow, shovel carrots out of the back of the truck onto the tart or into what is known as a Duluth pack. Big canvas leather strap backpack, and we would hike. Neither dragged the cares on top if possible, or laudanum backpacks in high combat into the intersections of deer trails. Typically, were too big, dear trails had come together and you dont care it's out in any
this week forces and in an you'd hunt in Sydney, trees, eligible you're, picking area, the dear frequent anyways. You pick it like a yearly typically like confluence of. Apple good, dear trails or pay. Airy were dear, might stay job in the evening before gone out into egg feels to feed you're. The cannibal mill around lobby, often has a for committing to a field at night time. Its set him up these errors. The problem is the suits you put down the carrots you'd be creating problems. Fears because they would start to associate the carrots with her others like they knew troubles, Bruin your smell look around you got dear yo. Dough can be they can get really all. But let us be realistic in gaol kinds dear dulls around their five,
seven years old, you cumuli out a lot of knowledge. Net type c, put the care, astounded, kindest, screwing yourself, but you would get shot young dear. They would come in to hit the carrots, so I grew up Hutton bait now. Look. I got a man. I will learn a hell of a lot more about dear in a lot about deer hunting early on. If I hadn't gotten, if I had been involved in that practice, I now look back on a man. I miss la chances to get educated about. What do you need not to actually find dear that are trying to manipulate their movement patterns. You know So now I dont want, but I dont want bait anymore, and kind interested in hunting bake, now explain this to you, the law. Story of explaining this to you, because you are like a wise, ok to use bait when efficient yeah. I don't know
That is why, as I said earlier, I wish I could explain it. I don't know it's more sporting. In my mind, to use- and I hate that word thought- I hate that it's more sporting in my mind to catch officials bait than a distant catch menace. Aim. Will each same dont. You hate that argument, though the p for saving your real man weren't. You go fuck and fight that Anna one on one: won't you with a snipe rifle. Yes, around with a rifle Shensi really want. You hid it with a rock worry bare hands crazy horse at a rifle Denny Boys in Indian, saying like firmly so whatever people have yeah I'd say like if
was posing their arguments. We I would point out how people that hunt for their food have always gravitated toward technology, and, if you look at our progression from rocks to half did rocks to annul annals to bow, we quit meant to flint locks, two percussion cab to paper cartridge to rifling on down the line, I'm not doing anything that revolutionary by using what an effective me. The kind of you I ve, elevating it's a new idea. You ever does not interesting to me rise. I thought my interest, alert known about animals right, I'm not interested in there, let's take very right to hunt, bears I'll bears and coastal area guy. Is that a northern latitude
lotta snow there, but because of maritime influences it's warm enough down around the water where it snows, melted, often waters when I go to hunt bears and sprang now Eighty percent of the land mass. Is covered in snow and is of little use to a bare. Can we come on hibernation they're, going down to the waterfront, because on the waterfront throwing a fine beach rye and some other grass they like to eat their fine blue muscles and they like the crabs under rocks and logs. Now, so I know about muscle beds and grasped That's where bears are going to go to all the time. I can tell you and we go out at night. I can tell you black will see more the one, probably less than five and I know where- and I know some muscle beds were summit
and show up. I like that, I dont, like I've, never done abated baron I have no desire debated baron. Is it does that mean at super hard to hunt bears where I hunt bears can't tell you that super hard not bears there, because once you learned the rhythms of the land, what they want. Why they're coming there, whether coming to get It becomes easier and easier. The more you understand bears in the morning your stand. Why bears do what they do, but I like having that knowledge, but I can't say it's like super hearts, not super hard. Once you know it is pretty easy when I say I don't wanna go hunt bears over bait personally, I'm nothing or because it so easy to say, because just not of interest to me. This is not interesting to me personally as a hunter that bears were com to doughnuts. If you put him out of the woods
the interesting phenomenon what's interests me they like muzzle beds like for whatever is life, On their interests, rather than Michigan, my brother's each drew a blackbird tag. Michigan, you could leave your whole life in Michigan, which had a lot of errors in the north and never laid eyes on a bare because the landscapes flat And it stick: if you want a junta, bear their you're gonna either at ease dogs, you're gonna have to use bait because that's the way the landscape is so when aid your bare tags, I helped them run Bates out and collect bait. We shot carp and all kinds of stuff and froze bait and trap. Beavers and baited bears for zone way to do it. I had a blast doing it, but right now no ice and snow. Interestingly well in Alberta, they have two places that they they hunt bears. They hunt bears over bait in the spring and then the fall. They go to these open fields where they find blueberries and
the open fields, is rifle hunting most time and then in the Bates. They most time he's archer yeah and you bring him in his losses and figure out what size they are not kill. Caught, not kill south or Cobb's. Otter stand here now, but I understand what you're saying to it makes total sense, because what you are doing is you're going to play is where they would be no matter what, without human influence whatsoever, they would be there for those muscles. They be there for those grasses and you are, you are experiencing the actual natural progressed. Of them waking up from their hibernation and heading down to feed. You're, just going where you know there will be the end, There's no doughnuts, there's no cookies is no bullshit, no fuckin, big blue eggs that are set out for them. Nepal target their oats out of yeah, there's somethin less cool about that like like, like Elk, sitting on Elk hunting in Colorado word over here and to hone ranch when you're you're out
those animals would be there whether you exist it or not. There are doing stuff there they're out breeding. Eating and you just you're just trying to find them, locate them and then put a stock on Wanna get one. That's a pure we are doing for sure, but then this people. There would argue minority of the argument of while you're using a rifle. How hard can it be? You know and then other, although also people would say well, you know I prefer to hunt with a bow, because it's more difficult like what you're talking about us more difficult. But in this so people that were say well, if you hot weather, You have more of a chance of winning an animal and not killing you should you should use a rifle mean you're, not gonna, make everybody. Happy, no matter what you know, the difficult argument is, it gets really. Circular in hard to pin down, because if you say you know idle, I hope with the compound bowl collect the more hotbeds harder than Hunton with arrive,
when he had to go out with a weaker than by extension, on the rigour and if you can't do that, you should. With long bow, and then, if you don't do that, You should hunt with an at a level which is certainly more difficult than logs and annual maketh. The throwing board the dark, oh geez, predated the predict the bow. The balls only like here on this continent. They both only been around for people, debate it somewhere between four and six thousand years. So yet ten thousand years, the human history, or more here or there, honey with at levels. I bet there were skinny his fork, guys want newly mammoths. They were hunt will emails the boughs. Why what I learned. So that's that that thing where you put spirit on in and you know it's gotta go club in the exact role When I got my fingers narrow, some kind of holding born you fling a spear, others is inaccurate. Yeah is again being all it just makes it
Extension of your our makes your arm essentially longer hounding Orioles when you go to people to a dog park in their contents, balls at little yeah that ain't there Second, add a little principle ride, so there there's fer. You know ten thousand years people hunted here that a levels how accurate of those things Good man railing Yassin Gasket go much distance. He yet an eighteen, twenty yards tops, tops I'm sure some guy who did it but yeah guys a kill. Some allows kills off also presented at the things go on right now. My people do analogy about them round. Ms there's, that's why guys, hunt with ad lad also tend to haunt wild pigs or other things like tat, because most places can't use em. See you do we, while pace of their considered a nuisance and some areas you can use other means account, but most states they don't. All states has somewhere these spell out legal method of take it is we looked into this once I think that it like,
in Alaska aim for the most part I get. You cannot care booth and add a little be Randal nor go out and do it because I remember looking at the way it's worded and I think you could haunt care with an add a little but stay spell out legal method of take an exquisite detail. For instance, awning waterfowl wishes waters. Federally regulated and state regulation cause their migratory move cross state lines. So the FED step in to try to make sure the states aren't taken more than an equal share. The resource now they'll spell out the diameter or bore of the shot you're allowed to use. You can't you, is an eight gauge. You know and some in and then they'll start you can't use you can't use aiming bigger than a ten and you can use smaller than or whatever else for ten or somethin lesson. Matter, not lobbies aforetime, so I'll spend a squid detail. What you can do for legal method to take so long
I'm saying about. If you want to go back back by back in time to have them get more and more and more difficult, its hypothetical because guy. That is doing as far as weapon choice, the most difficult thing you can legally due for general big game hunting in the? U S for a weapon. Choice would be that you taught with laudable. Could you still illegal? Is still legal method take from most artery seasons, the hollow the longboat? So if you want a cripple yourself or handicap, they crept. We're gonna handicap yourself, equipment, wise. The guy who use the longbow is going. Back now, I recently looked at an ad. Where a guy is getting out of a helicopter in space age dress with a longbow. So we all running close that gap. So we
Fine are little ways of mental masturbation. This isn't a sum that happened. This is like an image. They thought is cool or hell, I guess so cool it'll, be the front of the catalogue is climb out of a hat. Carter, the longbow, so we occupy the end in the? U S, for the most part like in Alaska, France's you can't hunt with a helicopter kings, the helicopter to supply a hunting, can't can't scowl for animals from helicopter. We decided it's just not fair to use helicopters. Because the land him anywhere you want any can't hunt for the most part you can't, hunt and fly on the same day. Just not fair, but there's like a long bow and a chopper. So oh come up with our ways of of finding comfort yeah. You know our ways of finding that right mix
a challenge, not challenge. I heard a guy say: people have really struggled to define fair chase Nyjord someone recently elegance new thing, but I heard recently where with sand in fair chase, animal has a better than fifty percent chance of escape or something to that effect. My brother's statistician he's an ecologist, but he does a specialised like statistical modelling, and I assume what he thought of a statement like that, and he couldn't even find the language to begin telling me how stupid that was that it has a fifty percent chance escape like under what requirements. Or like like made his head like smoke, come out of his ears when he heard that what the guy's trying to get at his side, that you haven't on that. An unknown element there's an anomaly guaranteed. Success does not guarantee when my brother
the suit his sheep. Somebody knows that it's time to shoot the sheep now. This is the same guy that recently spent twenty one days: hunting elk wood is both a national forest land before on the global and he's a very good he's a recurved, HANS Combo, which brother man so does Danny use three curve, Or did he Matthew it's a weaker, but mainly on the rifle? Did Matt design at one point timed he was gonna use. Only a recurring brother was the one that Danny is more more interest in Hollywood is recurved. He does Heavens recovery. All I mean Edith. He drew the same. Copper ever Buffalo tag that I drew. In two thousand for two days ago, yet above up there and shouted with gatherers rise so dearly by himself for twenty one days, my brother mare yeah, while in cotton, is a couple different trips
up twenty one. This was just trying to locate the rightful or trying to locate enable just huntin Bull there before once in a very hot. An area orders about? Is that their herd? when we start to hunt in that area. This is an yellowstone. It's kind of funny now look back at the return of this whole thing like Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Mackay, the G, why ye ll say that the areas surrounding Yellowstone allowing Montana restock hot matter in ninety seven. Now it seems like dislike prophetic, rightward I think this watershed moment is right when wolves right, that's right round the reduction, the Wolf There is now less than half as many Elk Annetta There were the time we started Huntin but he's way more than twice is good on them now so how he is grown in developed as an l Conor. He has a high our success rate now hunt half as many because we used on that's fastening, so
Your answer is knowledge. Taxi just learned he's one of the great he's one of the best haunters that I no. It is not because of any particular like thing, which is the tenacity thing he's tenacious well speaking, tenacity the you! That's one of the EU, qualities as well, and one of things are found fuck an unbelievably ridiculous, but your show was when you made a decoy of a grouse yeah. And he tried to figure out whether not you could you you had so and make a Reed Meda grouse for Will it down those very small bird, a blue rouse, though Bluegrass big small bird will big like what is it has found? Does it even now I mean doves almost I have found no almost away a few pounds outdoes where, if you can't stop ok, so a football size, how big is it yet already, but I mean that by the end of the decent sides, big in order to be, if you plucked one hour it be like and not fat cornish game in ok, so
very small check out, WWW even see my chickens, I got some really Someone we ve got a couple, really tiny chickens We have underlined, as I sinewy bluegrass sinewy bird. Ok, no at that Are there not as having pheasant? Let's say: ok, though, not as having a cock present, but meanwhile you spent fuckin days trying to figure out how to more effectively hot this one little thing, yeah, I argued, became obsessed with. I use it were such hesitation, man that's out of the air, but they also good word because it we stood fully concentrate upon, yeah. So there's this bird who hold a bluegrass now Ross used to be people use the nobler grasses, dusky, grouse and city grouse, and is the Ets the violent and a blunt them together is blue Grouse and an in depth it ago or some time, maybe nineties
sometime around her norms, Two thousand seven, the ornithological society realise that there is a difference between the different species, different types of blue grouse and they re split M or they suggested that they be re, split into Saudis and dusky. So you dusky grouse, in the interior, mountain ranges and city growl from the calls arranged and there is a normal bird people, com fools hands, nay, com like dumb birds and all his cast off, because they don't when they think of the things that they're afraid of their does not afraid of people. They have exposure people that live in pay. It places where most people don't go. So when a predator approaches, when human approach with a typically wanders jump into a tree, they want to get off the ground, so they can't get nabbed by about cat her Fox or Kyle, and they get under some limbs in a tree. So this of the avian predators can't smack
and people walk up and theirs is birds in the tree and issued to burn it. I got Ebert stupid when, in fact, the birds, not the has his way of surviving, is typical threats and it has haven't adjusted to human per day because there is so little of it on the restaurant bears black bears in the spring on avalanche slides begun when the mountains are all snowy, you get avalanche size at their swept clean of snow in those areas are the first to up because the snow slid off and it doesnt melt off its own bears com, hibernation, common finals, avalanche shoots in feed, and we used to sit at the base of an avalanche slide all day waiting for bears
in doing this now and in the spring. You'd here does noise. That would go. Who- and I can therefore the hell. It was just Bravo Michigan, where there are these grouse live venture realize it. It's it's a blue grouse and Esther mating. Call in the spring is that who its haunting what's haughty about you can't tell what direction it really came from a couple years ago is out on reveal I'll, regular Godot Island in Insanities Alaska, messing around her one day we got up on this I Ridge, Knocker here five or six many things go one off your home and out may we come back here and pound because ask your place. You can hunt these birds in the spring. They called spring hooter season. I thought you'd be matter, go up there and here in it and walking down and get it.
Oh, we ve talked about doing episode. Was twenty two minutes long with no take no cuts? It would just play straight time. From the time you heard one to the time you shot at I'm out, so we would run a continuous loop of film. Now we want and start looking for the first bird and about like ten hours. And to try to find the first barely realize you we're not gonna. Do that can't find him, but you can I learn how then she very difficult Firefox is a ventriloquist sounded since, like you can't locate the sound a guy. Does their game called com, me where I knew some guys called down, endured game pals and I sent them a bunch of sound recordings that are on the Coronel University website, This is my IRAN, Mc Caully Library of Bird sounds. I sent them some of the sounds. The females making the females make a noise soundly
It's almost like a commitment and they made me call. It sounds like that and I played the other, the male sound, the sound to music. In France and people have been what in the world would make that sound? And people talked about this australian instrument that might It isn't that what you could maybe use. We try beer bottles. All kinds of stuff like blowing over the top yeah could never make us this factory sound, but I got to where I was making a female sound. This guy now then Utah names add Bronson got me a female bluegrass and I had to go to a tax nervous named coltan in Montana, and he stuff that blue grouse for me, does the real rudimentary stuff job, and I took that thing out and I would say out here I could hear bird
can't tell, whereas here from blood, get where I kind of new rules in the area he was in and set that decoy out the hand and then make the call like attending call they make their young and nothin not letting your ship can can comment yeah I've enough Minos is really frustrating, and then I wound up finding out so pissed about how this was gone so like baffle that I can find these birds. I called my brother who put me in touch of the body of his who put me in touch with a body his who knew a guy who knew lady, who was very very good at finding bluebells. And she's out, Juno Alaska and I went on with her and
We were stand under girls in a tree by nine thirty in the morning, the first day, as has been four days and found a bird one bird. She and I we were to go through data that we found fifteen of them. She knew how to find him when she hears that noise she's here and something that I dont here with us, tenacity. I'm talking about now, she's got a bad. Barb is tenacious, tenacious honey. My older brother, Macatawa he's got this term on his ox, but people haven't girl. Her girlish error and, like he's, got a lot of girls when it comes to hunt I love this mildly, actually like a lot of bad honneur, indifferent to the good.
But what I have gone for me, you're, very good hundred what I always like to stick with it yeah. What will? How could you possibly say you gotta get Hunter because under that global guys, who just so good. The Spirit, but other good in a specific tire. Hunting again yours of your a broad spectrum. Ghana major I'm, a good generalist, I'm a good generalist, but then I'll go guys. You just know their staff man. You know, and I am a little bit- that's all little bit shocking when it, when I'm with someone who really knows what they're doing aegis yeah. What doesn't it make hence Tom. If you ever gone, if you went out with a guy who only Huntsville dear in Utah and this guy just pack. Me, oh dear every year, he knows all the trails spend time the spring like searching for them. He spy keep an eye on them. He's watching them he's get ready
the season to open up a mean that guy is obviously going to have a greater database of information about mule. Dear then, a guy like you just got back from Bolivia, Monkey and then you, you know you arrive in. You did eat a monkey ass. I want to talk about that two thousand. That was a crazy fuck. An episode does a fascinating episode to because you talk about like ancient staff and ancient methods and ended the difference between people that are eating herbal existing, primarily just this assisting high, I mean they're, not there's. No sport involve what they're doing it all there just trying to survive. Yeah mandate, they love the all. This was. I want to point out a quick one gathered. I one guy that I, along with this like good, and you known, Remy Yeah Remy warns very like like I
you gonna uses were very often to describe hearts. You usually have a call talented hunter. The cask talent like it just he gets it so We are down and Bolivia haven't. Had we not. I haven't been on your part s arm of this company, so I don't think you bid on the partner since you got back from Bolivia, have you the main thing so so Madonna Bolivia, we went down there to go up. A river. Sorry river! With these in travel with the Romani, which is an autonomous indigenous group in Bolivia, the you might get away to approach, Thinkin about Edward think about the reservation system that we have here in the: U S, where there's a fair bit of autonomy and reservations like they. My bill have a casino in other soft. It violates state law because her thorough
like a sort, a nation with innovation, in Bolivia, these huge areas, jungle, that are our time zones and we would like the german area, so they they are self governing. We went in traveled up Arabia's tunic Basic River trip at the surface level we're going down there to fish a type of fish. El Dorado, but the main thing I was interrupted. Him was his traveling with them and hot with these guys and nay Hunt with bows for Most part firearms are starting to come in their area, but they hunt fish with bows, homemade boughs and they hunt birds those- and I do some big game hunting of bows but there, but ninety percent of their protein comes out of the river in the form of fish in a poison fish with of plant. So we,
now we wanted a village neighbour their cultivating one of these plants is a handful plans down. There does like we use a fish poison in the? U S or we're trying to get it invasive or ever called wrote. Non Road Nanda Route is derived from a route of a south american plan, and this has had leaf tat of a tree that bore Just like a green waxy leave, you'd Palma into a pulp and you ve gone and they go out Reverend try to find a little channel like an ice waited channel or river pool doesn't have a lot of current come into it and now pull that plant put it into a woven bag And ass you go out in the water and stir the popped up leaves in their increase in all the fish come up. The fish are suffocating. It somehow affects officious ability to pull oxygen from the water, so the fish come up there. Gasping for air at the surface is shoot
their bows: did you some netting for fish, but most of its both on an eye then, with a cup older guys, there we its morning- and one of these guys had only ever Hano with a bow, but a year earlier. He had gone into some town and somehow got a russian made six. Engage single, shot, shot gun? That was It was held together with wire. I was nervous, being around him when his government- and they like the Han at night, because now they have flashlights, so they got flashlights in they got a shot. Gonna dig out their bows and we would they would wait till dusk, and then we would head off in the jungle in these guys only see they speak there. Now language. They know teeny bid a Spanish, but they speak Germany. Go out with him, and I would have no idea what you're talking about.
And we would leave at dusk in disguise of the jungle and the noise of the jungle at deafening Finnair experience I mean it's like is the point where, have you ever been Ike out no windy area for long time, restart figures like affecting your Sandia fact near billion to think clearly you know I wonder. I like small aircraft engine noise. You know realize how agitated it's making you until you get away from it and also it feels like the relax. In some way the norm? so the jungle. So loud, it's almost like that at night, with the bugs and stuff goin off, go out into the jungle enough, I knew from going and that their favorite food, you know they drive Ninety percent of the protein from the river, their favorite food, is a spider monkey, their second favorite foods, holler monkey.
Before it gets dark out. We go down this trail for, while through the jungle- and they come due date tree and dates or fruit periodically throughout the year and of course, you're getting closer the the equator. Now there are soldiers, not like you, not seasonality. Is Marshall plans or fruit all the time rather than just in the summer time, and they get this date. Trains date trees, rooting and he's looking at dates on the ground and he find some shit done now. Results must be monkey shit and they got real interregnum in what was going on up above us and pretty soon He sees this how're monkey starts going. Do the tree tops he shoots, Down out of the tree, where the with that shot gun, he had with him, and firstly, does he takes the hail, caused tail off the monkey, the Tipp, the monkeys, tail berries it in the ground. Ask him why he was doing his blade. Our learn as you do that so the next monkey you kill, he doesn't
hung up in the tree by his tail. Then just like Jessica now believe you know, then he caught some bar. Golf a tree and makes little harness so inquiry monkey over is crossed his chest. So you just monkey slung item like a baby carrier. We his had off in the jungle and hunt for several hours at night in the next day, we got back and I got the monkey out and care all the intestines. Everything out monkey, eventually burned, hair off it entrusted the Kite trust to Turkey. Smoked over fire. And I did not want to eat a monkey like it did not want to eat a primate dinner, but that's what I've been with them an outgoing eatables, very difficult for me to enjoy psychologically the same problem being in Vietnam,
And being served domestic dog where I aid aid dog, seven It's in a row and just was near people, but they want to take other king even tell you is something I would get so hot like my how do you feel so hot met, just like it's just like wrongness, was like of nerves, yeah man, I so tat would seem logical. He yet very hard eat the monkey. If I could say what tastes like eaten that monkey tastes like if you took steel, cable and put liquid small granite. They loved it. Why what will they of us specific preference they'll howler over spider or spider over. How would you like a spiders than my own heart now? Why a couple nights later we're coming back for efficient one night and we had we had a giant catfish
with us and harmful other fish with us and come back to the jungle is just gettin starting to come on the door in us and they see another kind of monkeys. I came Erlich paycheck Peach air, some that that that what they called their land but another guy monkey. Now MIKE Shirley they're gonna go out this monkey no interest net monkey nodded when the same night, they got the Red Holler monkey we go down. The trail is just gettin darkness. He opossum same MA Serbia's same pass me up here like surely these guys gonna want that failure to damp monkey there? Don't wanna possum people, the? U S, possums, they look at that thing in his walk, I like, it doesn't even exists and law. I was able to ask enthuse like bite asking them by ass, his own beaks and spanish. He was able to do so is like a three a translation of it widens you guys, want possum
He explained to me that you'd only eat a path of your real hungry, but meanwhile thereafter monk and when they get a monkey, it's a party, a party yeah, every body, arms in their real excited. Anything I say in the show we did a whole three part serious about Bolivia and Germany, but. Think I say in the show when we're done with this is think of that There are two things I know about. The did get the kind of enthusiasm from a coronary per. Active in the? U S to get the kind of enthusiasm you guys had four monkeys, it be so who has homegrown tomatoes in Morel mushrooms, are the only things I know about that. People have that level of love, for they were more excited about, eaten that Red Holler monkey. Then you ve ever been about eating can you ever a? I promise you.
And made him on a regular basis. No, no dad got rid. They had they rarely go up to this area. And as one of the resale right to go up this areas because you can get monkeys, they had had a monkey for eight months. I think a member, I think those eight months there at those last and they had gone into an area where they would where they would find the monkeys. So did you specific We ask them to go to this area where the monkeys were, was nowhere to go and do in areas like the happy hunting grounds lot of day. Very excited to go, and is several days up river, like apocalypse now they're very excited to go up this extra. They like to go to, hunt and fish. So this monkey thing tastes like steel, cable. I go just My only regret is showing a smoke. Turkey drumstick, yes, can imagine the lowest par Annette Smoky Turkey drumstick we're getting closer the joint Poland so that more leather browser, opened its like now
had a baby monkey. At one point k a very young baby monkey at one point and NATO's cooked it in a walk, and I was even offered any that food is safe for them. Couple the guys had marijuana matter like ahead Annabelle Loan What's going on. Do you do it was funny about them ever be? An underlying theme is now I did I hunted with another like indigenous grouping in Guyana. And remember this guy had a shirt when Mohammed Ali on an arm of China. Ask about he didn't. He had no idea, another one? Had a shirt from a pizza place, he had naughty repeats. Was why not today have a responsibility: nobody, mild Ali Pizza, but to Saint like for them to hear the for them to hear from Austria Dude is very rare to eat a monkey. You know
it was just to them, it was just baffling. Ears like they were like I know some people don't like it. You go down and someone get you squirrel brains are like a Basque. I've got we'd squirrel brains like no. There was, in their minds, like their fathers grant. Bob's great grandfathers, grey, green, but grandfathers like holler monkey. How would you not be excited about this would like no idea of it being like globally fringe its so strange that we don't of their language available, so it's You can have a real conversation about like what is it about this that you enjoy more cause. You got shouted dear to the out, but they wanted the monkey more than the dna like the dear mornin monkey net, dearest finance. They want the dear more than the monopoly, like the monkey more than a dear dear, is very good they're, very glad about the dear, but they like the monkey more than the deer What do they think about your bow cause? You you bear alone without or they were going away by compound bow there I had
sure you wanted to leave it with them. You know but Did they wouldn't we'll get arrows for anyone yeah, there's that you have all these weird. Hang our people like with people. There you have all these. We hang ups, or at least I do like all the slick, colonial type, something where you don't wanna operates in this way I was bombed. The dog I had that Shaka really he's as hell seriously, never happen whom God Damn sharrkan right. He could be happier because, like man, you know I just wish you didn't, have a shock and you start to hold your boat. So, like me, you're here exercising some kind of weird? I don't recall, like raises is that racism at some thing it like some kind of like the new colonial is a puritan aspect of it or pure pure, like for instance, there is
guys down there. The disease Bolivians here from the urban area, down their lack of Europe like of mixed european indigenous Lastly, there is there very like in Bolivia, the ruling class. The urban people are very different than the indigenous people got there. Is they have it? and I must say categorically- but there is a view of the indigenous well that what is seen more like the eighteen sovereignties here in the? U S in some circles where they view the backwardness of the indigenous people in trying to bring missionaries to help them religion and get them to settle down and stop you nomadic anneal. There's always has We were having that that conversation hundred fifty years ago here. Does he gathered duties trip so who we orchestrate our trip through? Who are trying to introduce these guys tit they're, trying to get these guys hip to the idea of not eaten one, their favorite fish, which is the Dorado? Because
white guys will pay allowed me to come down and catch Dorado. Those kind of our in to go down here was to go up to this area. They catch Dorado. So they're trying to sell these duties on not Massimo Dorado. I was bombed about that, like I hated seeing that precise as their favorite fish man, why don't you try? tell them that they now Tell him the not either fair fish is guys like me. You want to come down and catch the thing in this. Nothing that may have a negative implications. Ramification aim is unique and like over harvesting with bows and arrows right, but just like this we are doing so yeah. I didn't like the guy at the shock and even though he was glad about the shock- and I had my bow but my bow down the Mai in gold have about the lack of Firearms really give. They can't have firearms, that's bullshit firearms, so holding a big fire and would never get it in their anyways private, very bad, bring it back to bring a bow, no problem.
My main goal, bringing the ball was it. I would have liked some without establishing credibility with them in it did When I we got up- I was shooting their bows and do some fishing at their equipment stuff. When I got out my bow, they were, like very, very surprised by a combo ownership, the Irish. They believe they want a moment later, one shoot someone shoot it Lattimer like just deeply that I'm me with suppressed by the technology. Did you let them shoot yell at a column, shoe delays, arrest, release you yeah, but there was just like that. You know it's hard to keep from dry fire and images. I can't tell I can't explain to rise, demonstrate things is someone's gonna get hurt, shootin about right in this like- and it was funny- is he's gonna, be my ass
All over town lot of current come close upon the Bobo vespers of how hurries were seventy. They couldn't pullback Knox's. You develop a model for book, porno, bold that need to be my ass. They complete our hard at bores pull back, and it is my belief is that complex, I pull bows. You know it's hot air, dad, I'm sure if they are to spend a day. I d gotten the pull damages different there like going about how they pull their longbows right ravages, a difficult thing. You know each other. Both didn't seem very strong on along along, so about, and they had really long arrows to its Georgiana Super long arrows, never carry three kinds of tipsy: carry a big game, Tipp a bird tip and fish tips. Every guys get three areas which is both, but they loved that both, but I wanna be in I would add, is we want to build a hang out with them and have em like stop like when I would walk up in them, whether they be stand around, eaten some fish rather fire. I would walk up made equity and eventual rear comfortable too
like they were kind of showing me stuff in the kind of you know. I don't want them to like me, but they accepted me and I eventually got it's plain to them, and otherwise it. I was very interested in their food as variant now they hunted I would go out in the EU bill at night with down. You got stung by both aunt in unknown that's excruciating and they watch me colleagues offer through that come out of that eventually became friendly. You know, and I had to or do so. Could I want to go out in hot with them and so had the bow they were impressed by the bow and their images better does work better me haven't above so they took you in yeah once they saw that they were like air. They felt that you put your way there what kind of like an hour you know and the guys that we're trapped with those down there with you This is their day was there no Ganem Phil was downer, camera operating fills downer and we all want to be in the cool. These guys
we we along well, but it took a law. It took a long time to get caught in them a ham start sort of showing you their world la bet, because you You realise that their use to being viewed them there, There has been enough exposure to outside to the house. Role, to realise that the outside world usually carried, certain amount of disapproval fur there food and dress and other things. Now I gathered those my impression blaster wildly guys guys coup and we would hang out, did you guys have pay them like how today's except you into their we paid. The guys are trot. These gather trying to develop a recreational fishery in this area, but they're gone into play no one, goes into and they're trying to establish. They were in the process. And to establish
thing where they would have paying clients come down and the paying clients would go on these river trip stopped to fish in these areas The only way you can do it because it's true my nail and then we can do- is buy going through the Tremont and the only people you're going to hired to get the boats up the rivers and paddle the ball to run the ball to run the end, and get him stuck out of the rapids and all the difficult travelling balls, you too harsh Monet guys, do it so we hired the guys the higher the Germany with the sole goal. Our interests and travel with its money. How'd, you get this in your head like what, there's something research to advance ring the? How does how do you make a decision to go to one particular indigenous tribes? I did a similar thing, others, we're thing for tv down in in Guyana was is blown away by just travel of guys. In the gas and got it in the old. They were still actively hotly
I was in some ways they were more modernized people, but they were still avid bow fishermen, hundreds of both I took my bow down there and haunted chamber our shadow of big game bird, big Turkey, game, birds of a true, my both about forty yards near blown away, a man who's this just it's like fun. I learn more about hunting in about looking at the landscape and about indigenous food paths. In those weeks that I've been fortunate to do that. Cantrip, Then then, I would learn in years of hunting with american hunters. He's got our stand. Guys on the sea where someone is whose thirty, five years old forty years old, he's, haunted. Prime five six days a week- For his entire life within a
hundred mile radius of his home. The level of understanding that you get but its it. But it's raw jungle like undeveloped junk the level of understanding you get about what's going on around. You is different than what were able to achieve today, but suddenly mutual. I travel around lot inexperienced lot of things, but what I am what I lack what I miss out on from the way I do things I miss out on that level of detailed local understanding that I had as a kid France for the lake, where I grew up Blake, I grew up on a new well right, better. Nobody is good as anybody they have that about the jungle so to go out with guys like TAT, this watch, how they interact and what noises makes sense them interest it's really informative and as such cannot understand, he managed better, I'm ever goin on the jungle with them one night it smell some old nowadays, you can't believe allows in all these noisy like what is all this stuff, I must be whatever.
I want my hearing. Noises sounds like this off in the jungle everything they just stopped, as I also that noise of the thousands of noise is going on. This is very interesting that what was it you didn't go after the just now, but their real interested in that noise like something made that noise there, like of all stick snap in things, drop in birds, gone off and in saxon organ bit by bit ants. They hear what sounds like a stick way than aloft. It just means something to was the bullet, and is bad every says it enjoyed yet years, yet Schmidt Pain index? Yes, the Schmidt Pain Index he scores. All insect bites and the bull Anthea. Only one gets four plus rating fights.
O Dell has the highest rate it doesn't. He has found and he's a heat studies, insect toxins and insects thinks he's found nothing else. It is painful to was a feeling, feels at first like you got zap by a wasp horn, and maybe ten its into it minute into it. It becomes something very different than that ten minutes into it. You feel it Something really wrong, like arthritic pain, robbing throbbing pain. That goes way away from the source and we could speak around the jungle at night and first they go and find out of vine and pulp up some of the vine
put the vine where I got hit the violent had I couldn't tell it added indifference then mean indifferent, but Elsbeth, oh my ankle and want the camera, got Phil Barbarous bid on its hands same time, and he kept point though fills hand but then running his finger. The germanic point fills hand running his finger up his arm like to his heart, he's doing that to fill, and it has taken me and pointless finger to his ankle than a running his finger on the inside of his leg to his groin, and I thought that means at the top poison toxin, or some hours can travel up and get you. I couldn't tell what he was talking to and I knew it was bad- get bit by a bullet in prison. So back when we were new nailed, walk I want you to walk outside. Lay there and just lay arrive in a long while
it is an hour and forty five minutes later. I can remember how ankle it was real, no mark no mark, and you couldn't. Figure which ankle I was walking under two hours. Later I remember thinking like I realized. I couldn't think of what ankle had been on. You think, that's because the medication they use because the plans I read, that from a lot older people really- I thought it lasted for twenty four hours for me now they do a thing were to take. I got some kind of meat and milk full of yeah and he put the minutes ago racially ashes and you get better and then it's a whole. I guess it's a whole other world, but for me I think it was. I could be wrong. No, I don't think I am, and I think that it was the the peak was thirty, forty minutes into it on and in it, then it just taper, Taber, typewritten and gone
Now, if I got hit by one now, nor what I know now, I don't want to say that I would enjoy but I would be more interested. I would be interested in what was going on and watching the progression but I was so scared. I didn't know what it meant. I dunno tools are getting hit by a rattlesnake right where you need to go and get your shit out or what they were able to tell me. What was hassle used treasure in June, I dared yeah what I later learned. They were saying, was make sure they don't have any in your sleeves and make You don't have any, because our come up and get down the chest which might be back. I'll, get you on the balls, which is bad oh yeah and imagine so she's saying like not that it's travel up to you're. Not that is I'm not your grandmother, don't let it get up your pants and get you the Schmidt, others Psmith Pain index. Three, hundred and my ends three hundred amendments. Three minutes. Ok, while
But he's really suit that index. Up recently, I got stung by a wasp, recently in Colorado and it the most fuckin painful, staying I've ever felt in my life and I don't know what happened I was walking in also go like it was like unusual didn't make any sense of what the fuck just bit me like. I've been stung by bees before you I don't think I've been stung by hornets. I think it was a wasp is a wasp horn. It didn't see what the bug was, because I was going through this heavy Bush and my fucking arm swore like pop. I it was so weird I get. It was hard like the out of my form, turned right bam got. By some might get down and Virginia. The next eight turn a new big hard knob like he had thus softball stuck under scale, and it lasted for five or six days, and it was it was so itchy like I had to do everything I could
two key from climb my arm apart, while it under the shower, and I turn a shower of really hot to the point will be paying for with any other part of my body and jewish. Of that arm honouring this Perhaps one that goes scratching it with this since insanely hot water, yeah, I was burning my arm, but nothing. Oh I got hit by a lion. Fish have seen those in that again scared that should always hadn't really know what all man we're spear fish, and I hereby line fish, and the thing you do is you he water up to boiling and let it cool and the minute you can even kind stand to put your watch, your hand and ere. You dip your hand in there and it takes the pain away while.
That wasn't. That was, nothing is just like my hand, swelled up like like not really usable, like an old Mickey mouse hand for how long couple hours again We are all. I had gone down, we're spear fish in the Bahamas and I had gone down: and shot lion fish cancer good to eat, em we're doing likes of each a very good real white flesh Get me real careful with him. I'd gone down, shot lion fish, but also without careful? How so you have to avoid the status of what we would do is when you get a lion fish we'd, take lavishly round the spear and an open, a cooler up in Stick the spear and land fish into the cooler and shot the lid and pull so that your spear would come out and the lion fish would fall of cotton alive is justified for your listeners. It's it's! A non native did
has been introduced into the Caribbean, is wreaking much havoc from Florida. Southward nerd they're doing a lot to try to get rid of him. You see waxed or so just like territorial and out there in the Bahamas? Yet these small little coral ads and a couple efficient move in there and they were just move out other fish, There is no regulations alive. It's you loud kills maze. You want to encourage you to kills major wants with their people Let him loose from acquiring Yachting Somalia escaped through the authority entering or an aquarium, Deanna Catalyze, Aber sure, maybe you're out here. Internet with over here Jane, will build tiny answer to that, but up how they out again in the first place, but anyhow. Then later would take poultry shares and get big rubber, gloves one sufficient dead and take poultry, shears and cut all the thorns off it then flat, so the thorns and where the talks and stored not in a glance they got injected Anuath with those
the thought enter. The spines you know right in these spines is the talks in in the spine itself, whereas there are going on and if, in all its on it, that's my understanding. Now I'd gone, I ran out of breath and left my spear stuck in a lion fish down. The bottom camp gotta breath went down and as I'm trying to get my lion fish out of this air use in without poem off spirit, I noticed a group and in a hole, so I went up like a lion fish on my spear and wave and my brother to come. Works out of walking into landfill off my spirit, wavered him come over about the Gruber and he comes he's, got a snap around the end of his spear. So I take the snapper off his spear and I'm Holden, but am snapper in my right hand, and I lie and fish on my spear and my left hand
go and under water trying to point to the whole that has a group or in it and somehow swung net lion fish into my hand in it got all weird and puffing. I crawled up into the boat and was just coming riding in the bar the boat and I start getting really scared my hands on your heart. Now bloated and ah. Then she waved my brother in our body Eric over We went aiming at forty five minutes and the shore and went in by then I was really scared. My body Ebay, Mazarine he's like saying Ashputtel cold water and I went and typed in the internet, as I do not put it in cold dear dear Sultan man, you have here goes speculator route problem was only six lion: fish accidently released from an acquirement aquarium during the her can't Andrew ninety. Ninety two wow, that's crazy genetic. Research supports his finger, pointing, but it's
Finally, many more have been intentionally released by retired aquarium enthusiasts. We're tired, acquirement thesis. That's funny way, look at it before it has a gigantic issue. Patients. Rights requires amazing, other its python. You know they found NEO cracks in the round the m of a regional article, how they have suggested, kill on site for NEO Crocs urges terrified these fuckin giant, crocs gonna grow to be these twenty foot long killers are they have in Mozambique Anchor wherever the fuck? It is flawed as the floor does the future of wilderness? How so because As we move, species around with reckless abandon, intentionally or unintentionally,. And we eliminate bout of.
In some areas through habitat destruction, and if current trends continue in their earth continues the git hotter and we lose a lot of the climatic diversity different climate. So we have different places that continues. I think that you will have, will continue to see that the great mixing you know and you and wonders why, with a situation where there are certain. Every animals, gonna get a shot at every biome and you're. Just gonna have been certain ones that can thrive are going to thrive. And you're not going to have the levels of endemic them that we have now and I think that they are in the future. You know just look at what the wild pig is managed to do here. You ass, you know it's the dominant large animal on some landscapes. So it's a non native,
in my lifetime in the great lakes, the round go: go lobbies zebra muscles. If go now drop abated hook down in places that I grew efficient. The first thing you pull up as a goby: they were not there, Just certain things are winners and certain things are losers, not the winners are gonna be non Etas, because white tailed, dear do well around people crossing do well around people. Canada, geese very well around people I just gotta be It just can be more and more and more aquarium. Like I said it, weird how people have this desire to manipulate and manage all the other wildlife strange when you think about the evidence, points to the contrary. The evidence points to mean there are like, like you, said, more white tailed
here in the United States, now the one Columbus landed, so they ve done a great job and in bringing back healthy populations to certain animals. But then you see like the shit I've done in Florida were the python. Eating. Alligators mainly, have you seen that image of now that's so famous element. That is a crazy image of twenty foot, long python that eight, a fucking alligator I mean they visit. Could, easy system going on down there were these non indigenous animals are just crushing all these other animals and in surviving and thriving in an environment. That's pretty compatible for them. As far as Tropic oh yeah, I'm it moist plenty of things to eat plenty, a life out there then the snuff out in some areas there finding a friend of mine, Robert Abernathy, use a biologist and in conservationist behind her here he was with some guys we're going down there and there's a whole class of
its size animal. This is missing from those python areas. Now basic possum, raccoon sized critters are just gone. You know you will see like that's. Why This brings full circle back sudanese we're Talkin bout. Allow the conservation groups that I get involved in things like National Wild Turkey, Federation Rocky Mountain out foundation. They pick their there. Powered by hunters and powered by Hunter money in the in the effort to preserve habitat for certain species, but like native animals, did wind up by helping knows you know you're, helping all other creatures cuz, you can't fix felt like if you fix elk habitat you're fixing everyone's habitat. You know it's a good keystone thing. If you help out,
by salvaging ripe mariners, ear, helping all critters across the board in all european enhancing wildlife and a big risk. The have a then. If you look at native wildlife and chairs native wild life, when I do, one of the big risk We have come down once the non native stuff. You know I mean as far as even just vegetation We have a lotta areas that were seeing those high quality plan being displaced by the plants that make native wildlife sick that they can live on its a bit big problem in and in some ways you I'll look at floored and it's almost like the wild situation of Florence is almost can become a joke. Words. So outlandish dislike dislike, Jurassic Park, environment but say TAT was you look like guy, goes like this wild place in its
It was the new wilderness in some ways when somebody's just like it's really sad what that's gonna mean for the endemic won't floor, sort of attracts that even with human being and those are non native human beings that went down there and took over to its own people that escape from Your and weird people from Cuba, rabbits avoid Carl eyes and then the cocaine thing that's on non native plant it it's. You know its main byproduct entered used to that area that change the entire ecosystem financially in others more banks. Per capita in Miami, nor are the rest, the country and the reason being as cassettes where they fuckin laundered money amidst really clear. I grow, but this is a tremendous. Indeed, for floored occurs in Michigan bats. In my area, Michigan like when you went on vacation month floor shore, just like you didn't goes where you weigh placed a vacation but an hour
many other parts of the country. People like you were gonna Florida like causes or a man. It's amazing yields a great fish but love you, where is this like? We associated souls strongly with Florida in the fishing in Lord that I do. I have a saucepan AUS downer and assigned Skater likes a hunt down there not long ago, and you tell me this is the hunting fishing capital and the World Florida. Will they have a lot of game down the other do they're about here? The use of wild piglets lot awhile pigs, rent? he's, not where you shot the while pig with the brine gamble. That episode hell, if It is a knotty spot in. You know, they're saying that it's not even gonna to be there. If the water rises, the weights rising right now, in Miami won't even exist in thirty or forty years that, because it saw like very Horace Forest Limes Yan the waters. It's not gonna, be like New Orleans with a God. Damn it up, it's like it's just gonna, come right through the ground and there's gonna be a rap,
it's coming more there's a thing I like to fish called flats. This can be a lot more flat, We fly near the Miami needy water, how strange it it's gonna, be like a lotta redfish, all taken a fuckin boat ride for fish around the Miami Hotel, What time is Europe Flight but time I gotta get gone right now? I gotta think Hugh Saint I'd be stupid. Leave out three. Thirty. Ok! Well with three charting, don't be stupid, kitchen in a few minutes. But I also want to ask you about oh the, but that one of the things about Bolivia that I found fastening was that the people seem to have adapted physically to then, what you are saying that you are travel, what those people and they didn't sweat here, but you're sweating like crazy. It's Pour Of course, we would go out at night and
where are these guys chew? Coca leaves, which we all got into big damp? I could tell what is actually doing yes, so they may cocaine from they take the coca leaf and put her. Why I'm on the liar lot, no bacon solid if they put on their lives, the that's what the use that battle. Now they take a leaf and you pack your cheap. They called bowl a ball. I mean to the point of your cheek, looks seriously popped out inflamed with full of leaves, and then you put baked so it s because it somehow act. Debates to alkaloids is forced to give you a boost and keep going at night so I'll be out. There not have come. Water bottles and I'll just be slain warrant. Is poor and swear not like a sweaty, Dude Bobby, sweat, so bad out, general drinking water, and these guys each gotta of bag they worthies will shoulder. Earth is almost like a woman's purse, bazooka handmaid bag, they carry and it would have kitchen knife in it, repairing knife which
at night, or they have at their back pocket unaware shoes did at the back. There were shoe yeah, you know what one of the guy put shoes on we're goin out. He couldn't you simply never wore shoes, but you want to try it out. They got barefoot so and they got this leave their coca leaves they got a bag of bacon soda and in They had just like one of these water bottles and that they were somehow able to get through all night two of them with one water bottle of water, and I was impressed by But later someone told me that is distilled spirit, so sign, and why not take back, but now so the drink involve getting high Craig. Call the police drink and others it's like a it's like a rice, stick of some kind of thing I can take rice wine and some out to steal it. I don't understand how it is,
the guy's with remember what it was as real strong and a move yeah and they would be out there with a mouth pack for coca leaves, stick and vague and sort of their drinking, of our water bottle and they wouldn't drink water. All night I was dying yeah there are costs into, but that you think when you want to get into that. If you took those boys, they ve never experienced did their experiences at a temperature below forty degrees Fahrenheit, you know, and their life right, so if you took those boys and in our hey man, we're gonna, go hunt in the Arctic for Caribou in a semi snow on the ground. You know they would go home and talk how we are some kind of Superman Heroes, sleep out of snow
right. You do hemorrhoid blow their mind. Will you took him to New Novak blow their mind taken too that you just get really. You get sat in year, nor We also make that big deal about how, in the again the anywhere language Everett, when you forwards for snow. I just don't think that we have a difficult time describing people who, like the ski, have many ways of describe snow is kind of a it's like a little bit is most dishonest we have like here we have like light potter, heavy potter, slushy snow, in a way. We have ways describing snow, it's easy to sort of mythology, eyes, p, or they go down, he had the feeling that there is like these super. I do these super human beings, but then I look just like they just used to a landscape, is baffling to me now like look, there's four of us out to us got hit by a bullet ants
Who got hit by board ants many other white guy right, those guys hit my boy and their barefoot yeah? How they work. They might get hit by border because they walk they didn't know the risks the same way, if I took him in we're walking around. Somewhere on some urban environment. They might not know when it's a good time to cross Street walk of the other side. The other one is absolute, what you dumb now you just doesn't know. I don't know like I wasn't tuned in to the threat of bullet ants they would notice snakes it. I didn't they would see negative. No sad that I didn't notice. They would always when they got to log. You would inspect the log very carefully if I had a boat on it, they would kill it very delicately with the tip of a bow, but just had a way they like to like Preston till the bullet and dainty fashion.
Wiser, and I can their figures out, manages headache a little way. They would crush bullet answers. Interestingly, banana go in these large groups are made it and wanted to stir, because a fair moans other bullet an exciting new. Instead, I get you gotta bunch, What's wrong, you start flailing, while the I don't know doesn't know that they will do it. They just one through in a new their errand yeah? I was tempted to black man he's like gods there so aware, but then I feel it. Had I been brought up their hanging out, I might have not got hit by but in order by boarding or they probably arbed, hit ray. I ask them and they couldn't. I later is able to ask him in one guy with sand. He had probably been hit- maybe Emma, I thought you'd said somehow around nine times another guy Saint, he had no way of your recollecting hematology, been hit by a bullet out while crazy they walk round barefoot year. They do things barefooted. What are their feet? Look like not lawyers
the flat now the guy and I get rear figure, real, flattened out your toe, your thumb, toe will say our move away like a monkey, Sars move wave other toes initiating so like a quite as much as thousand in the Philippines and the highlands and the gas there there they're in the mountain like in serious mountains, barefoot grown opponent, who lives in the mountains barefoot on just bad rock and everything all time and in their feet you and have been ever put that foot and shoe no way now, while their tools at their tolls or so spread. You five pictures stuff online to accommodate a famous sort of thing that happens to those guys in this. The central highlands and lose on island there feeder just incredible but I think it's just like your feet at your toes or held you know it side. Your shoes, you
those are held, the way that they, just if you walk and on Iraq and mountainous landscapes. All time your features fan out Y know like hands. The man like creepy, creepy animosity creeping outweigh the closest I gotta creepy to you when I was there, I spent more time looking ip, speed. I gather phrase that decision. Figure it out. So he's old guys had these tattoos, the rule count and one is the head hunt for the Japanese after World war, two guys were, they were pretty hard core fellows. Because, after you know, one when they took the Philippines, omitted avenues went up in just hit out, you know, and it would make a big spore out a final, because the Americans want em in on aid to get these tattoos it or exploit
queen that old people- and they were introduced to as such, but who'd been head on or smell, and they would have their tail narrated on on their thing and they were to go out in the jungle. Maddie souped up hair. And go out in the jungle, hot air rifles, and then they had these. You ever look alike true shocking for fish there they would have homemade electoral shocking kits will have a car battery in a battle has got at a big huge detergent bottle they turn into a backpack in Detergent bottle yet a stack of batteries and he had a negative and positive wand he would stand out on rocks and the river we're doing a rear float, not river. These guys, you stand on Iraq and a river and put those under foot he wants under rocks and under logs electro shock and fission shrimp freshwater shrimp, and how is he grounded huge stand on Iraq and stay
in the same way when you electoral fish for Serbia and huge shock than rundown river? The net and net abolish subsidies shocked and you get a log burning role. The log overlay the Shepherd crabs on the log into they turn red Needham. Why? My brother was shock and fish one time and got on shock and fish for fish survey was walking back from having shocked fish any deficient gunnysack in a bowl. The lightning came out of the sky, hit the ground next to him in a shadow that electricity shot up into the sack efficient, shocked him. Well, I'd like to end on that. Some kind of cosmic retribution yeah. I would imagine holy shit. We're Remy got hit
lighten who know that story right arose. Yes, good stores gets roads to he's, got a story about that. They were burned ambrosch, one time some unburned big brush pile in his dry conditions and they burned big brush pile and all kinds of rodents started running the brush pile on fire starting little fires all over the place as they ran away. No so horrific store, oh my god, but I want to end our man. It's another will there's this book is fuckin excellent the complete they won't. Let you turn off the fade. Music. Guess Afghanistan. I got. Well get seven women. This is important because. If you ever eyes and files? Oh yeah now you're listeners, yeah rise and files and some kind of theirs kind of peace and match our and understand it, but they ve old, for now, they ve pulled outdoor channels
boredom channel after lineup. Suggesting that you go and watch that they're like suggesting alternative content there pointing people to live. Like like reality is shows that deal in hunting in some way. It be like, if you tell people that You know that you and I cannot see any lasting age when viewed in into turnover watch W w out fresh did like that like. So, if you have variety, use, rise in any way, shape or form. Do me a favor and lot just do people a favor and make sure to go and complain about that and what is that because what we are trying to contract to speak out some sort so or the way was. Plain to me: was that there's something of an agenda to push out outdoor programming. You don't believe us. I don't know that sure you
he's just a contract want you ever hear the reason I do wonder if there is some I like that is it could be that deftly came about seas, have deaf come about at the time of the seas of wine, deal for sure they and they all settled viewer shit, but they carry networks that are lower view, worship, Al Jazeera, that they carry on networks that are lower either with the right out. It was some pressure. It'll get this pressure from viewers. HU, I explained they want to show what the show I mean. I think that if someone, if they are get some kind of stand in it. Like all we all approve awning, I would say, look at. My shown ash selves. My show a negative or positive fur, wildlife and conservation of the answers pretty clear. I would like to see them really changed her mind about that. And how to people get in touch there is that there is a website right There is a website. Also go and let, if you use any kind of
eyes and product man. Your phone I've used Verizon from my phone, I've, deaf and let him know ye. I do as well people can get in there and in demand access back. I'm trying to find a website, I think it was explained to me, did sir, someone send it to me, you don't you get all asian. There is here. It is right here You can also see or hear it is I'm sorry I'll keep its keep my outdoor tv dot com so good to keep my out door, tv dot com, one word tv tee. The letter to levy keep my outdoor tv dot com and a link. There is a link to call and write their representatives in Washington. And there it is right there, but that is does the issue and this is a way to want to voice your disapproval- this issue in his handsome Steve or now right there. Now you can. I
get my show that meat eater die, the HIV Aids down tv, but it's important man. It's like the network sport Channel has been so good to work. Over the years because they never ever mass with us about content, we do the cash show. We why we put out the kind of message we want. It's like it, just the more edges so nice in the end they just allied do authentic stuff, you think is best. Is they ve been great great work or night seem crippled anyway, What are the reason will put the word out are put this out on twitter and Facebook to night and Hopefully we can make some sort of an impact. In time go check out the mediator pod task as it's fuckin, excellent binge listening this week. No joke experience. How dare you is actually very good
and, if you're interested in hunting, it's very good. If you're not interested in hunting, you might get interested in hunting from listening to it, but its excellent and then the book. The book is the complete guide to hunting butchering cooking wild game it's available. As of August rights of all right, I'm one big game is out now volume two priorities right: that's it where we going hunting yeah man, we gotta figure one do it for you. We only want to go out. There were figured out. I want do pandas bad patent Jesus Christ. I will not that later folks. Thank you, everybody for tuna into the pod cast and thank you to our sponsors. Thank you for fuckin sponsoring us. Are you people Caveman coffee, seo, dotcom, go there, get yourself some delicious, fantastic, wonderful, coffee and
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get your mind out of gutter. So that's it primarily mostly for this week so and until then I'll see you guys next week much love. Thank you very much and big kiss.
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