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#710 - Gavin McInnes

2015-10-19 | 🔗
Gavin McInnes is a writer, creative director, actor, comedian, and co-founder of Vice Media. He also hosts his own show "The Gavin McInnes Show" available here -- https://www.anthonycumia.com/show/the-gavin-mcinnes-show/
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The Joe Rogan experience trying my day Joe Rogan podcast by night all day boom Gavin Mcinnes. You are alive, sir, from Williamsburg, Brooklyn I understand you invented congratulation. Thank you very much and you see all the hipsters walking around just like you and you feel proud sort of you like the beta, daddy yeah, I'm the godfather of Hipsterdom I don't feel I've always been sort of anti follower like there's ways, get followers. Where are you you? don't piss anyone off and I probably could have a big follow with these super far right, dudes, the cock Servat. If guys, Cuckservative yeah, they call you a cuck. If you race makes and stuff. Oh yeah that Jamie you this time, that's the first, but I ostracized them is for being a race mixer, and then I could probably get gamer followers. But I think it's gay to play
video games like the gamergate yeah people, so I lost those gay like homosexual, no gain in the grade cool sense, meaning layer. Why is it? Why is it lame play video games? Video games are fun. Your pretend Batman. Forty years old, you could be eighty years old, still pretend you're, Batman, I remember when we were kids were probably the same age. How old are you I'm four thousand five hundred and forty eight? So you, see those guys playing star wars when with ten, and when they were like thirteen- and you felt bad for those- that's true now those guys the average video game players- thirty one- but why is it ok to play chess yes and it's not exactly like a real online strategy game. I've been thinking about that a lot actually this week and really yeah, and I think it's because as when you play a silly game like poker or chess? There's some social interacting going on like you'll? Go you fuck her right, like you're in the room yet and your talk another guy and you develop a relationship and then
you know later on, you guys are at a bar or something- and it's like you fuck me just like you did you know two months ago with that checkmate move or something right. So it's improving your relationship with the people around you, the interesting. I never really considered that. But video is your shooting monsters it's into the void. It's it's ephemera you're, blowing away time like dust. Well, they found that video games actually do improve cognitive function. Some sort of strange way in even can improve improve your mom, your vision, she great just kind of crazy 'cause. You know your vision, your darting around the screen, especially like first person shooters. You know you're looking for things that they're trying to kill you again. Click those cab drivers in London have that overdevelop part of the brain that does directions really. Yeah physically see that part of the brain is sort of engorged the directions part of the brain if they do like an F mri on them or something like that, yeah, it's like someone just cat scans could probably identify a London cab driver. Well,
oh that's crazy! So that's good working at a muscle, but I witnessed the cab or a screaming an uber driver? Last night you know 'cause he's fucking uber drivers, they look like it's just looks like a normal Camry or something like that right and there is a catch. Driver in the cab driver is pulling up these people that are waiting for something, and I don't know what the deal was with the people had called an uber or called a cab, an an uber. You know. Sometimes people do that people are assholes, will call boo, Let's see, let's see, who shows up first and the uber guy was in front of the capitol was found. Papa talking out his harm screaming at them and were driver that you could always tell the uber driver 'cause. They always have an Iphone in one of those. Little Iphone hold so they could type in the address and just go. It's always like sitting right there. An my buddy see some shit go down 'cause. I was right next to it. I was like this guy is going to get out and kick this guys ass or something's going to happen, but nothing better than seeing a live fight. I've seen a lot of a cup
two male and female couples having fight. If you go to New Orleans during Mardi GRAS, she's wasted and you're, just like I'm going to pull up a chair and grab some popcorn, but I love riffing with people, and I fucking hate cabdrivers 'cause there, another country, and they don't know how to riff like the guy that brought me here, I'm like what some of the traffic going. The other way he goes what this year going that way: yes, dude, what do you think I mean The traffic but we're not in traffic, this traffic right there and he's like oh maybe they're going someplace, maybe. Yeah. I know I'm a I'm trying to get into like. Are they shop being once you want? The small talk I want to small talk, see I don't want to small talk, so when I get the small talk might have to pull me your phone's out what
oh yeah, I guess they're going to given up 'cause. You been abused by immigrants for so long. I want to rip with barmaids. I want to rip with drivers. I want to rip with the woman I'm ordering my coffee from, and I just I just see these immigrants doing this job. When I go the for teens jobs where the teens, oh like driving cars, or means jobs. Yes, really! Well, I actually you know I drove limos for a bit when I was in my twenties my early twenties on bottom? What's my jamie as for me is, let me let me extrapolate a lab a little bit here in twenty fifteen with jet unemployed, teens everyone and college students. They should be driving caps. Now I regression only. I like the idea of Archie Bunker with the stubby cigar in the tweed hat, saying that he saw price. You die right on this corner as we drive that's ideal right. What I'm saying is for fixing the system. Now I want teens doing immigrant jobs. So I want teens driving
yeah. Now today. No, I didn't like the way I drove when I was a teenager. I don't want anybody like me driving me and I don't mind immigrants as long as I can ask him like where they're from and like you can some weird about people, that's that the guy here I go is English. Just massacring the english language and watching someone just murder. It is place company and I go. No. You mean is the place we're going to accompany yes Is please company and no interest in learning the language? I go. How long you been here for any goes. Six year like six year, flies in Armenia for six years. I would be armenian, poet yeah, but he could just go Glendale and fit right in exactly almost asked that I almost said just said: why do you only hang out with Armenians, right if this simulates anymore, I like Armenians, 'cause they're, the last unabashedly masculine like ethnicity.
In this country will make are much Esmo sort, yeah, that's true too, but they've they've integrate more into the american culture, especially in southern California, Armenia, ' They walk around gold chains, wife beaters, on an yeah. Those string bass I have a friend is armenian, is name is Armand, which is where it's at and if you know he was talking about this girl to talk to him in the like you, know what this fucking bitch was armenian, like you, don't know any. Like, like they have like special rules. There was this armenian dude. I knew along time ago is an enforcer for a loan shark yeah he's in jail now for double homicide, but he gave me the best tip about picking up chicks. He goes Wendy. Sorry, I'm burping like some drinking beer when you're with woman, right. You say yes to everything. If she laid you say no problem,
if she don't show up for dead, you say no problem, don't worry about it. You pay for eh everything. You say it's! Ok, if she's route, even if she hit you, you say oops, you know you just let it go so yes, yes, yes, then the second she say I love you. You turn that bitch around and you fuck her in the ass and you punish her father bullshit. She put you through whoa and it's true. I think that guys doing it wrong. Money is in jail, it didn't work person. Actually, oh post the real jail, not just jail jail. What did he do? He murdered two people at once: double homicide, yeah that'll, put you away people from on that it's well. We've noticed a pattern overtime since cave days where, when we allow that it gets worse, it gets worse and worse and worse, and that's one of the most amazing things about human history. How frequently people were just killing each other up until really recently,
yeah. I I was at a place recently um last week. Actually that didn't have, they didn't have cable, they didn't have internet, but they had a stack of dvd and so it's alright. We got here and we watched gangs of New York right and you know opening scene with Liam Neeson Screw versus Daniel Day. Lewis is cooler battling with fucking machetes and taxes and shit like that. That's not that long ago, and that move he was hyperbolic, but It was like a cloud lady who had the claws bill. The butcher it was a guy yeah. He did. He was a butcher. We did have a fucking glass, I yeah and he probably did kill a gang of people. Yeah yeah. Well, you look at life expectancy and you go. People died really young back then, but now I think those stats are skewed by the number of people who died, childbirth, five hundred and ten, ten years old, twenty in a fight? There are guys that lived till seventy five, but
So many of so many people died young that it fucks the stats and you think everyone died at TH. Yeah stats are interesting like that. Right, like you, gotta go. Oh, how is that possible? And then you could look. Oh I see it's because so many people were murdered. Okay, noticing that you look at old photos like you got that old mug shot who's, that Rosa Parks, yeah you're, the first guy to guess that correctly, all right away, yeah and your card they're all cross site in them, and I she's not, but I realize you're going to fucking all out brawl. And your retina got separated from your eye and then it was just oh well, I'm excited from now on. I lost one I this right. I doesn't work, but that's fine yeah, they didn't fix anything back. Then I have a buddy. I put this on. Instagram yesterday is a fucking nasty picture. My buddy got a staph infection and it became Merca. Do you know that medication resistant staph infection? Oh oh, it's disgusting
had that so bad? Oh, my god, that's fucking gross! How deep is at whole? Well, they had to open him up that the big scar up the knee was because the infection was so bad to cut him open like a fish and they had to disinfect the area and rainy area, but it all came about because his knee was swollen so we had a Disney drained and he got need Ranikot Merca at the hospital. He doesn't know. You know you don't know where you ratchet and a lot of guys get it from Jujitsu. 'cause Jitsu uses a lot of scratches and a lot of abrasions, actually a specific soap that they've developed just to keep your your skin flora. Your outsides can do for just talking before the show, but how did you to ruin your back it? Well, that's what Hertz does stop the Jujitsu, it's a lose lose. What's the women home, you learn and show people it's very fun. It's like the most advanced version of chess huh. Every says that about every sport yeah. They do
I know it's like everybody, says chess boxing his chest. It's like the people say. Well, that's our version of the word nigger You know you know they would like to do that. It's like that expression. Gay people like to say that, with the word faggot, I've heard that with tranny like that yeah, I heard that with long hair, these dudes, We did an article about advice long time ago, but guys who are super serious about long hair and getting through that awkward phase. They call it with right here and someone goes get a haircut and they go that's our version of Nigger. That's like our version of being dragged behind a truck. Oh my gosh, Jasper, TX, you dragged behind a truck, is pretty much the worst thing that can happen. You haircuts don't feel like any meeting. Somebody really said that yeah they should be beaten yeah. That person should be thrown. So a maximum security penitentiary subjected hours. Just just have him get their ass kicked. Don't drag a minor chuck. Tilley diet dragged behind a truck for fifteen feet, 'cause that probably
it might kill you, it won't, kill you, but it huh it's like fuck. I did not hit. Your head depends on how you protect your head. You know, 'cause, you might hurt your elbow and then lift your elbow up and then you face plant and then it's uh right 'cause. You know how? How strong are you mentally to let your elbows just go, find down to nothing 'cause once that fifteen feet starts, you don't really know when it's going to end. I mean they might say, they're going to take you for fifteen feet, but you know know you have to have faith that they don't just go. He gas and, oh, my god. I think it might be worse than drowning met fifteen miles. Yes, where Where is being buried alive too buried alive, I don't think would be as painful be horrific and terrifying draw, one thing they say is actually fairly peaceful once you just give right. So like this, the struggle,
you get, let's go. How would they know burns drowned burned alive? Maybe they can test the stress levels like the amount of matter and add on the cadaver something I don't know why you'd want to do that. Let's go burn alive, top drug money, Chuck too rounding three can, can we say buried buried alive for I see buried. Well, you do yeah little people say buried buried. How do you pronounce the space place, NSA buried? How did NASA Nasa? How do you say Nassau, hide a bomb what's 2a's is, is there second a different than your first day NASA? That's true: it's not n a s h, NASA Nasa Nasa NASA, but it is some people say, but American see NASA Nasa Nasa, but
you say, Nassau, there's no w you're right, not stupid, you're right. Why? I learned I'm learning a lot today we fixed it. This is where there is like black people. Love acronyms like like, like fame stands for or you know, forget anything me everyone. You know what I mean: get to sign a little years when you get into the word, rather than go, look it up and then library, where they the lies. No, that's different and you're like. Why? Don't you move just the fucking word library and get into like publishing or what gets published in does, and I don't need you to take apart. The syllables thing my favorite is fear false. Ever it's appearing real. No! No! No! No! You should be fucking scared. There's some shit that will kill you I'll tell you. That is the biggest
way worse and racism and anything else, the biggest albatross on Black America's neck. Is this vision. Is this assumption that the world's out to get you and there's no sense in trying to go to law school? You can graduate Mama come latte or whatever it's called. You won't get a law, job 'cause, you're black, so they go fuck you world like when the Ferguson riots were cops, you're, killing us we're, fine came back and you go cops, aren't killing you stop, assuming that one guy yes sort of, but that this one was the worst example. It's weird how examples get picked up, and then people run with like the worst one. So like Ferguson was, that was a bad guy. There was a guy that had just committed a robbery really just before had punched. The cop was in a fist fight with the cop and shot at close range shot and then then shot him. And then people like hands up, don't shoot.
That became the narative like boy. I don't, Well, there's a lot of evidence that that hands up thing happened at all, not that seems like a thug. I can get you black guys shot by cops. I can get you black guys killed by racists. I can get you black guys who stuck stuck with her families and had kids and got fucked over in jail for no reason, let's do those right exactly not sexy enough yeah, but here's a sexy one that understand didn't take off as much like that to me a rice kid twelve year old. Kid think that guy saw that kid for two fucking seconds and shot him and killed them. Bb gun He had a airsoft gun and the guy who shot him had up. More evaluations on his. His ability to handle stress had a breakdown during one of his training exercises. They they say
He was terrible at communicating to the point where they didn't think that he would be able to fix it. They didn't think they'd be able to make him a good cop. He resigned from that police force was picked up by this police force, goes on to fucking, kill this kid, then, on top of that they do. They have private people invested get it or whatever groups they have investigated, and they decide that what he did seemed normal, like the most recent finding that what he did see was there a bunch of kids shooting people with BB guns in that area and doing robberies with BB guns. It was and they're, not making that area. I do not know that it may be possible, but either way you don't fucking shoot a twelve year old kid within two seconds of saying. Am I mean if he's got a BB gun you just don't you don't do that that the whole to me that one like? Oh, my god, you're dealing with a twelve year old boys playing with a gun, a toy gun. I don't know whether or not there was an epidemic is the first I'm hearing that, but that makes a little more sense, but that seems to me like a way better one to highlight. That's, that's a serious, well,
often in the room with all this stuff is black failure, white guilt, and we need to explain why blacks are in prison. We need to explain why blacks are doing badly and to say: oh cops are fucking horrible, racist pigs and America's racist explained. Way the failure, and then no culpability and you go. Oh that's weather doing bed, it's our fault and then you can get on with your day, but no you're in jail B 'cause you've committed a compliant right, but the problem is like: when crime is all around you, you grow up in this environment. It's the same as it was three thousand and forty years ago I had this. Guy Michael, would who is a Baltimore cop on the show and they, he was a cop. He was talking about this area with used arrest people this the area where the drugs were this area. We have a lot of violent crime in this place. An they've found this mandate from nineteen seventy something right, seventy something
and when they found it, it was the exact same areas with the exact same crime like they were going over. The police reports from the set these and like Jesus Christ. Are we fucking, spinning our wheels or watt like this? Is the back same areas. The exact same kind of crime like it's, never going to change it's just a swarm of bullshit in this one area? These kids grow up in this it becomes their environment, they become institutionalized, it becomes their reality and then they're stuck and it's so hard to get out of that. It's so hard for me to empathize. With that I mean I look. Green point, which is a really poor polish neighborhood and it's crime, free, there's drunks all over the street passed out, but it's crime free. You look at any poor eastern european neighborhood like Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, and I think of my day My dad grew up so poor that his toes make me dry heave. He had his brothers, Hammy can choose and there were two and if you were shoes too small
after an hour you're like I'm, going to kill myself but his huh life was shoes that are too small. It looks like chinese foot binding and he fought every day of his life. You know sup with his brothers, whom he fought every day and he got Scala. It's 'cause. He was smart but mean this go being a student is like the worst thing it can be. So if you have a private school blazer, that's like wearing a Klansman uniform in Harlem, so you have fun in student and then they would be fine, so his nose. He looks like a box or he looks kind of like Krs one. His nose is totally flat. Huge elephant, like enter tire lips. I don't know why I said elephant big elephant lips and he he made tons of money and brought us to Canada raised a middle class. Family from poverty never complained about it once and he would have a million reasons to say. That's why I fucked up and that's why I'm in
when I did go to jail, but don't you think that this is an environment like you're talking about a guy who lived in a certain area and moved to another area like had had the the the courage and had the ambition to get out of that area and it became a thing with Europeans. I mean United States was essentially founded by Europeans who weren't happy with Europe. So these ambitious people that created- this new environment in these new places and these new immigrants who you know all got together and they created these communities. Like you know, my grandparents lived in Newark and you know that was an italian community that all came over here. They all came over from the boat from it, and my grandfather from the other side came over from Ireland, but this is like a group of people that were very ambitious and wanted to do better. So they came to America, where you dealing with the african american community with people who were slaves and then use that word. Do you african American wants a black, so black community you're dealing with people who
ancestors were slaves and then they're released. They live in these environments, then you have in places like Baltimore Institution, is racism where you really not even allowed to sell, but they did they had places where you weren't allowed to sell homes to black people like it was. That was then you okay, with what the Irish went through as well, and that is yeah last name on the card is, is, I don't know, I think, you're in twenty fifteen? Your long life is who you are and you I was actually the about you. I was beating off to the day. Thinking about you and thinking about you, socks on or off. I had to get my socks off 'cause I dagesh in them, but growing up, punk rock. You laugh at Hollywood and you laugh at celebrity and you go there all fucking phony losers, but in my old age I'm starting to think. Maybe these people are talented and you were on that show. Was it radio days, radio news, radio right? Look at all the other people on that show you get. I think you get eleven million listeners is that
it's probably one that now insane episode of Hannity, which is the most successful show in the most successful network. I think it's four million eleven million is fucking insane. I think Anderson Cooper gets one hundred thousand viewers, so I'm starting to think maybe Joe Rogan is just very talented, like Jennifer Aniston she was on that show with friends Right Courtney Cox had her Cougar town thing? No only. I would roll my eyes at this, but I honestly was thinking about this yesterday. I thought wait a minute. She went from friends to Hollywood. Maybe she just a really good actress. Maybe she just really good at her job and if you dropped her out plane in Costa Rica, maybe within a few days should have coconut stand, and you know me She was genetically predisposed to be successful. Why don't necessarily think it's genetically predisposed, but she certainly worked at it yeah, but they all did everyone. Friends worked out. I don't think they did. I mean Matlab,
it's got a show now on Showtime right has some show that yeah like Joe, we, where he's you know, place himself notes. It's some new show us like he. You know he lives here. Pro gray and I don't know what the fuck he's doing, but but the other people in the show they made a shit load of money and that kills ambition right and they kind of stopped, but she was the only one that really developed a film career and obviously she works hard, but that's it faced with almost all those shows. It's like one person goes on to do it. What I'm saying is maybe that person was very talented Phil Hartman was on news, radio, incredibly talented guy. He would be rich and famous if his fucking wife didn't blow his head off, yeah, no doubt unquestionably, but the guy that was on the show from kids in the Hall Dave Foley. Maybe he's not talented. Now he's very tough. But Dave. He went through a fucking horrible divorce. And is still good half the countries divorced. This is what happened I'll explain to he had
He was married while he was on news radio and he was making more money then than ever in his life, and so why, like thirty Grand an episode, probably maybe more than that, I think I was probably making that. So you probably make it more than a fifty yeah, something like that and when they broke up and got divorced judge ordered him to pay a certain amount of child support, but not alimony turn on alimony, but the child child support was based upon the amount of money and he was making at the time and he had are that was unreasonable and the literally said to him your ability to pay is has no relation to your obligation to pay and he's like what the fuck does that mean you have an obligation to pay I don't care what your ability to pay. This might be true. If you remove the amount, if you kid you're obligated to pay, but what you're? Looking at you know he's several one hundred thousand dollars a month and then
all the sudden, he has to pay half of that and he can't so. He was like within a very short order. It was half a million dollars in debt to this woman who is in his words raging cunt. She was always in a crazy person. She just his in high nails but again legend. I'm lacking empathy and Dante. ' No, do you know who he is based? Phillips? Yes, yes, his shit is, and I agree with them. If your marriage failed, you fucked up with a few exceptions like gym, golds life is fucking insane, but if your marriage failed, then your boat sank and you're. The captain of the ship- and why did you have kids like Louis CK, is he's bragging about his divorce and how awesome it was and talk to friends. I know all his friends, I don't know him, but there are well, she was a nut and she was a rich artist type and she was wasn't livable livable with able and and I why did you come in her, then why'd? You come in
crazy bitch. So, even if you exceptions where it's serving people move and change it to ship. You control their change, If you are real man, you that's crucial her, but you get the kids people change like poo men change, women change, you control change together, but you don't always you sometimes you just want your job there. That's like saying you have a operation in your employees. You know you say: oh well, my employees changed no. This now we're running the company. You guys had to show up nine to five and we're going to do it. This way we're making grapple. Well sometimes things. Even though they're successful they fail out overtime like Pontiac. The Gto is an awesome car. The Trans AM
assimilation on Addison, they should have adapted or not. I should meet shitty one or just crawfish, Rodgers R. Look, it did a good job. Look exhausted, Martin Gtos work of art get out of here. Doc Martens were punk, skinhead shoes, then they were nineties, grunge shoes, other lesbian footwear and then they went. Let's be lesbian fought where we got it apple. It's become flu bugs right. Well, this and certainly you can adapt, but you might be happy about that. You might be happier breaking up giving her money and then finding young girls and you can have sex with, like Louis CK's, doing I'm against it. Why that's not the way it goes and it's bad for the kids, that. I agree with you that I agree with you and that's much worse. You need to start interrupting, but you have to have kids, so you don't have kids right. I have three. Oh that's awesome. Are you married yeah, oh great,
the three kids you have are with her yeah? Well, that's fucking! I'm glad I can relax 'cause every time. I talk about divorce and kids, especially with people in the comedy world. I'm talking to someone who is divorced and never had kids. But it's very common, but I am married specifically because I have kids and they see- I mean I've always said. Don't get married, don't get married. Marriage is a contract with the state which I agree with up. Until when I had kids I was like look. Bring a life into the world to me is way more of a commitment than a legal contract that you can get out of with a lawyer right so like that that contract the contract The child was so much bigger and so much more involving and I had so much more commitment to raising kids. I was like ok, let's do it like if you want it. If I get divorced some somewhere down the line, then you up well, maybe not you know. Maybe it's just people want to move now hold while throw in the towel saying is not while the kids are young, I mean I'll, do everything I
tend to not because I just think for kids it well. I say, but God damn it. I know a lot of God. Damn interesting people that became interesting, I'm not going to use this as an excuse, 'cause, I'm actually happily married, but people that became I'm interesting because they went through childhood breakups and they moved around alot sort of I mean MIKE Tyson is a good fighter. 'cause his childhood was held. Didn't she want everyone to have a shitty childhood, so they become good. Now No. I mean it's not necessarily good fighter, but I mean like interesting people like every interesting person that I know overcame adversity. They went through some crazy shit. That's a great point. That's a great point. It's a hard thing. You have children I got three so when you know I'm sure you take care of your kids, but do you think of it like men, some sort of sheltering these children from the very things that made me interesting, a lot of my friends that have kids, we kind of go through that dilemma: yeah, but I got plans for that. I mean I want to send. I want to send in a boarding school for real yeah boarding camp
you'll really like sending away to go to school. Every top producer of Fox NEWS went to boarding school okay. Well, then, don't send your kids, a boy ready go. I got that nailed. I keep thinking you're right wing, but you're, not I'm in some ways. Okay and somewhat I'm I'm I'm a very I'm an out liar, I'm I'm a middle of the road, a lot I come in the n, R, a but as for gay rights and you know, and a million other things that pro choice million other things that people would associate with left wing ob pro marijuana right. Well, your normal basic just I don't believe in right or left. I think most. It is bullshit and these ideologies that used to have to rigidly apply. You know and you originally adhere to the right or the left, and you you know you automatically. I got had a conversation once with this fucking guy had a party and I'll never forget this. He was talking about. Democrats is like well. We got win the Senate 'cause if we win the cycle, we. What is this? We? What sweet. Is you want a team? Are you on a team 'cause? You talk. We like
You are you as well as a lifelong democrat, but you're a lifelong Democrat yeah. That's you know we're clear, yeah, Dallas Cowboys. I just want people to be left alone. I want yes, this tune in politics is to to groups. It's people who want to be left the alone, and people won't leave him the alone and I tend to go right almost things, because the right as as of today seems to want. Our government in the left, but that's not always true, like George W Bush spent way more than Clinton. I don't know if I believe I think they just go where the money is. I think the go with the money is and they go with the influences. You know we were talking before the show about this thing that I'm doing with uh, the New board Dane were were gone of an episode of a show that we're going hunting for birds and we're we're going to talk about a public, planned versus private land and Steve Rinella who's. The host of the show meat eater who's on the podcast early this week had a really good point about about politics. He's like he said, I'm a political eunuch was his words. He goes because you
the left which is trying to take away gun rights. So I can't support that. Then you got the right who supports your gun rights but they're, taking away private land they're, taking away or public land that is used for hunting their salad away to corporations, and so it goes like I'm kind of fucked because goes both hand. 'cause he's a professional huh so on both on both sides. He's like I can't adhere to either. One of these the It is selling land away to corporations right is doing is there are there are many on in the republican administration and many on that side that are supporting the rights of corporations to either sell away or take away some public land iseries right now and I used you know- there's a public park, national parks and public areas when they find these resource rich areas that they can exploit. And make a lot of money. Then they'll, sell contract corporations mean this is what's going on in Alaska. They're talking about drilling, and maybe, if you give it time the free
market will make nature better I mean we saw that in Zimbabwe, Mugabe was starving the fucking wildlife to death, and then he started selling off the land. They realize that it is in there its interest to have lions and fucking zebras and giraffes running around so wildlife started. Coming Back in that Cecil, the lion dude was sort of a result of the free market. Getting involved in sorting, but that a very extreme example of an insanely poor area, and on top of that one of the best version that is a Louis Theroux documentary on these african hunting camps- and you know I hunt so I have these conversations with people all the time the they they did it in Africa, the most of the animals that are haunted on a regular basis now we're on the verge of extinction. All these different like Nealon, elands and different bucks box and different kinds of deer and slope there fucking dying off like crazy right, but now they have them these private hunting camps, so they have one thousand
and they have strep throat but they're thriving so that people can go over there and kill them like this is crazy match twenty two! Now that's fine kill you! It's like the guy found a Greenpeace who's now kind of anti. Greenpeace goes if you want more forests by more would. Because you incentivize trees right, but in order to get a real good hardwood tree, that's one hundred feet tall and as to grow for hundreds of years, and if you up all those fuckers down you're, not going to have any, not only that you change the environment in which these trees grow. All the birds, the song birds, disappear. Their nesting areas, go away, the environment, completely changes there's, a lot of issues you can't just say yeah, but go in there and North America there's more trees now than there ever was before. And that's the truth. Yes, more trees, more trees. Now a lot of them are small and skinny, but that's because we like
trees. We need trees and, as we sell, I look at like ducks. Unlimited right, isn't that run by hunters? Yes, so they are more for marsh lands in the government ever could that's true yeah. That is true. That's because they didn't want those lands. Those are public land so like the the lands of their their preserving these, these habitats public. So what are these corporations doing with this land likes? Well, look. Fracking! Fracking is a huge issue. You know how long is awesome, yeah well, is it yeah? Is it some awesome? If you live down water from it, and it doesn't boil water that there's a possibility, it could pollute. It definitely pollutes water. That does not, but there's definitely wells that have been polluted by fracking. Maybe one I'll come on man, that's not true yes, I did you have a movie, how many vaccinations one movie was, if I could, how many Friday? Well let your tap water and fire. That's that water always flammable. It's naturally occur methane in the water. There's burning brings New York. It's nothing
message: Nassau. They use centrifugal force that that what it was always flammable. That's why the people frac there 'cause there's meh staying in the water. Well, I don't know, if that's the case and it's the it can be that that's the case. That also can be just like air conditioner falling on your head is risky. Everything has an error message and where I am in the Catskills my place, upstate there's tons uh of perfect land for fracking and these people, all the hippies, all the weekenders, the city, it's as they're called I'm one city, it's they banned it. Margaret flow is one of the big guys up where I am the hawk yeah, the hawks bandit and these kids is in my neighborhood up. There are enough Afghanistan, so there, going there risking their lives to get what I call unethical oil oil from people who stone woman to death. Because we've considered natural gas, some sort and fucking eighty
Send your natural gas is already fracked all of Ohio, Texas, that's all fracking! Well, it certainly changed. The price of gas gas is dropped dramatically, since they we're doing that rack it up, but I don't like it, I'm I'm scared of them polluting wells and I'm scared than ruining water supplies and the under underground water supplies there's. This is a lot of I have with you LA in general, where me and la in German, I'm a part of la at jets. A pattern. I've notice here! Ok, where you go like I heard it you with Greg Fitzsimmons, and you were talking about teachers and you're like the children, are our future. They don't get paid enough and it's Mark Meron says that too. I got in a fight with him and he never aired my what the FUCK podcast. What's really why well here My theory he claimed was 'cause. I came out as a Transphobe AN and our interview is now in complete and it would be weird to release it without us. Discussing Trans wait a moment you
came out post post interview as a Transphobe. Yes, having an opinion on something whether it's a negative or positive, penny wise at a phobia exactly- and I that was my point- I said you're dad cutting- is caught off. You're scared that that scared like that would be scary. You wouldn't be like good morning, I guess mom, you would be freaked the fuck out, then that's a phobia so we're all transphobic. So I said, Transphobia is perfectly natural. Well I think I have you got shit for, for we talked the mma fight fights, but it's only because this this guy was a guy for thirty years, became a woman. We literally twenty four months started: beating the fuck out of women. If you watch the fights you not talking about, skillful person a just like it's it's it's someone who just got a completely different frame. I mean waste, throwing these these girls around. But that's I support your right to become a woman. If you want
Give a fuck. If you wanna do it want, I obviously supported a but here's a bit misnomer with this whole living lately thing like Anthony Kumia, always says: hey you want to you want to get married. You want to be gay. Go I don't give a fuck fuck fuck you now now we've legalized gay marriage? People are getting fined like a couple of upstate New York, find thirteen thousand dollars for not having a gay marriage in their living room. Why are now with that mean well, they usually host marriage. No, they said no. We don't want to do this here, 'cause, it's our living room, so I'm a live and let live dude, and now that gay marriage is a thing, people are being forced to go against their religious beliefs. So it looks like the marriages, let everyone be, but actually fucking with Christians. It's a very rare cases, and that is not a pretty rare case for someone's having these marriages in their living room totally suing them yeah. I don't think you should I don't.
Contreras says wanting to get married is rare, let's go! Where is it? They don't want to get one on my block now My neighbors are getting married, these two fags upstate and, and they they use that word pejorative term. They go yeah just and I'm like, oh, eight and then one of our mutual friends, because in this exciting and I go no, they have eight late, some state since, like I brag before, I had a bunch of three since the I've in the head sure where that's hot yeah, but to them I'm a because you've only had three something only three. We have eight since all the time I'm like I can't even picture like where are your legs go what is the name I like mine, but with calm. She must have been how it was a trick that just holding it in yeah, I was sucking toes I mean even a foursome is kind if you ever had a threesome. Yes, it's hard to maneuver to it you for
after work around the clipboard? Let's over, are you how are doing over here? It's it's! It's missing the critical aspect that makes sex. When you're really into someone and they're, really in the? U, like that's the perfect example when you can't get that prostitution is nice. Second yeah, when you we can you get what to people, are really into each other, like you're, sharing a moment together and then there's this other person. Without me, yeah yeah yeah. I guess I'm not over you. What should I do over here? So even a trip t on, even if you go on a trip with three people, it's kind of weird it can be, but it could be awesome. It depends on how they gel I mean I know I have. I have friends that their wife is a freak and they have threesomes other girlfriends of free can have threesomes and they go out and hunt for girls and they they do it on purpose and and they enjoy it. That must be fun and believe me, I would not work for my wife brought. A chick Houma would not be kicking her out of bed for eating crackers, but I've never experienced that, but I think that my wife fucking lied to me by the way. When I was courting her she goes. I might be a lesbian,
don't be surprised if I bring checks home uh, one of those who deals an were ten years in where the checks, whether Fucking threesomes yeah, that's a crock of shit, but the reason you have three sims and I guys, if you're listening, never turn it down struggle work hard. There really hard to set up sounds like a pop yeah, I would say, have probably had about four five, an good two slash three of them. I was like a tour. Measure like? When? Are you in town, ok, setting it up? Well, maybe at eight hundred and thirty one of them I had to fake look, you go to the bar, You pretend that I know you from high school and you go. Oh, my god and then we'll go upstairs to your hotel. You had to fake it yeah, so you got do those though cuz you beat off about them in your 60s. I see so building it with your eyeballs taking it all in, but the actual act itself is kind of annoying. It can, and that's why I was saying in the gays they don't they're. Never going to have kids are fucking. My age, you have eight sims,
take kids and monogamy at a marriage. What's left, they I think they want to be able to visit each other when they're in the hospital? So that old thing that's like with abortion, where they go. What if you're dead Yes, you can you get an abortion then, and you go. You mean all one times that happened. Why are we dictating policy based on this crazy scenario, now that I think you should be able to whatever the fuck you want and don't you yeah, I shouldn't have to have lesbians married in your living room, but if you're gay, you should be able to get married right, I don't think you should have to go to a play totally by my place. Had my shit, is there bullshitting? What do you mean We want to get married, it's just as something to fuck with us. Don't you think someone do three, and their legs is like you're fracking number one. Well, I really have a real statistics: Geiser one percent of the population say half of them is it really one? It's one percent, so it's one out of one hundred is gay yeah like thinking your classrooms. How many are lying, though, how much
you're gay and they just they just never commit. So maybe it's two out of one hundred. We all know well you're gay you're gay, like suck a dick yeah, but we all know one closet guy. He's, a fag, but this whole thing like Oh, we like the far right religious guys going. We need to get our kids away from gayness we're going to go gay suck a million dicks Margaret Cho says she goes. If you think gay is a something something you can learn, then I got some bad news for you, you're gay. I could suck Nick right now I'll suck a dick right now, you're right, oh, oh, there's a gun to my head. All right! I'm sorry almost done. Ok, you just suck dick right now. Here's my nine hundred and 99th cock. This guys. I've been a hostage for two months. I think you get way better at it. I think would be more. Because you realize, if you're more efficient and you pretended you were into it- will go by quicker. Maybe It's like when your wife, a small city, come quicker.
I think this, I think, that's a that. I don't give a if my wife come. So how dare you so? But you know if she's turned on to get more excited right. That's the idea. Yeah baby. You know people talk about women who are bad in bed. That's like a painter saying that canvas is bad she's. Just your canvas! You have to maneuver and that's not that's another reason why gays and rock in mind gave some cape may have bad in bed. Male and female Women can't sing bad in bed. That's not true. Girls are awkward, they get. They grind on you, we're they tape. Thank you slant. Purring. You say, don't do that here. We go turn over here. Talking real here. So like this mark Marant thing tell me what happened? Ok, so we were in, we did the podcast and he Scott that la fucking thing where I tell a fucking thing where it's like, I'm not going to look at up I'm just going to go by my emotions. Woman politics, basically just even sure, is like this too he's like. I say
you and Jesse Ventura, the one when you had your shirt off and he was all I say: yeah yeah your site, and that is yeah people in other countries. Charters go yeah people in America. I say similar Mexico any because I go to Mexico, it's a night for you. So you are one hundred and I go just see, that's cool! That's your experience is anecdotal evidence of time of millions of people. I met a boy black guy who had a Nobel Peace Prize in physics. Ok, black people are awesome in physics, So he was doing this LA thing and he will say anything with the problem of education. Is I don't think people get paid enough to teach I think it should be a more procedures position. They get paid sixty dollars an hour who does New Jersey teachers? Ok, one state no California, they get paid shit. They probably go down to, let's say forty dollars an hour yeah. Per hour? Worked per hour? Worked you get imagine every year, summers off the would be nice
I am bored him, but I don't know if that's true like so like, while there in school they're getting sixty dollars an hour so overworked so how many hours they work today, Jack shit well, but we have to do a lesson plans now you fucking, don't you been teaching the same class for three years, but they still have to do lesson plans. Don't did they are just in autopilot it's karaoke at this? So what are you saying? They should get some sort of an alternative monetize it and they should be. It should be possible to fire them and that's what I said to Mary Gokey goes. I agree with you said that whole systemic thing I fucking hate that word. It's a stomach and there's not just one thing that, to nail it and I go yet there is it's called getting fired and in Harlem they have charter schools. Now and teachers can be fired. They're, fucking, thriving blacks in Harlem are getting educated and it's kicking ass and the left is full.
Drink because they they hate, they like blacks as their little pet victims, and I went in the free market- helps them they go. Wait, don't help my victims, that's mine, and I saw the New York Times headline. It said a vulture schools thrive in Harlem, it's not a fix all and the article was basically saying not all bad kids can go to charter schools in Harlem, so they're, not that great. Oh, that's, hilarious, open up more charter. Schools have more them, so I said get married, I go. There is one thing: it's called getting them fired and then it got weird after that it was just reading. My Wika Pedia page and talking about shit and or was it trying to find things that you do wrong? No, it was just he didn't want to be there, so he was like what do I ask this guy about it didn't want to be there, so he had shut down after that use it yes. So what do you think was the trigger just the phone? that you weren't willing to think I nailed him on education and he didn't like it. He probably thought we're not releasing this. And he went through Wikipedia like hey. I saw that you did this a power trip. That's a power there! Well that
Is it doing that not releasing it like? I have conversations where I don't agree with people all the time, and I I it's good radio. Well, I don't mind and disagreeing with somebody. You know what This is funny man, the common people say like you in that fucking guy fought like cats and dogs. No, no. We just didn't agree on things like right. Take their hand afterwards, have one guy one guy in the history that Brian Dunning Guy was probably the one guy, because he was so fucking dead in his head. Brain was so rotten. He just couldn't couldn't under He couldn't grasp simple concepts. I don't believe in disagreements. I think that that one guy has more information than the other guy and I would just want to get there. The right answer, but I also want to see how you got to your answer and there's some It is not a right answer wrong answer, because this is how you look at it and even if some I play Devil's app get sometimes too much, because I want to see what your org
since our to the contrary. I want to see what the thought processes every time I fight with someone they can we leave and we're not agreeing they're wrong, and the one they don't know they have less information, and it's happened to me once David Cross tonight we were doing coke and we argued for eight hours about David crosses a coke user. I think, okay, White House. I think he added it is really explains a lot there This is a letter to the cable guy ope. Letter to Larry the cable guy, oh yeah, yeah from the desk of I think it was. I don't think just cook anymore, he's old and married, but this is a long time ago and I wasn't free lunch programs and I go it's fucking stupid. You don't lunch. Is a ham sandwich the I I did the math and it's like a buck. Eighty, why? I go bombs, get ten bucks a day to do vodka. You can't you had a Then you can scrape together one dollar and eighty cents for ham sandwich 'cause the liquid is just water found yeah, but it's not the kids fault.
I understand what this state can't be supply. I think people with one dollar and eighty cents sandwich the case in the state can supply kids with a little bit of food at dollar 80s, where the food use the argument, the opposite way to the state can't come up with a dollar eight for a kid for a sandwich. Then the states fucked up. No, I'm saying it's as crazy as the state going are going to come in and Your teeth, like we have to give you some basic things that you're expected to do. That's like helping kids go poo poo, a dollar. Eighty, the mom you got, doesn't cost money to brush your teeth, doesn't cost money to wash your hands, it cost money to feed, where do we draw the line, at least it? But that's where you draw the line with kids. They can't fucking support themselves, their little kids. They don't have jobs, so the key is hungry, like it all costs, one dollar and eighty cents to make about the same flight. I had with this on a bad fight because I just feel like look. I was a kid I was poor you know we were on welfare and we drank powdered milk in the whole deal and I was hungry,
remember being hungry, and I didn't rare in twenty fifteen, a kid may hungry I mean I was, is in the seventy can't be saying, and I know the way it works in school. Like me, even my own kids, they go. Do you want lunch or do you want to school lunch today? It just became a thing that was expected and the state has go at some point. All right we got draw line here. No kids are like have hunger pains 'cause their mommy? You have to be uh. Can crack head? Well, there's a lot of the blind crack heads that have kids. Ok. Well, then, that's a bigger fish to fry. Now we have to deal with but it's not having kids there's a lot of people that are responsible that have children. I don't think if you're going to have a state school or a state sponsored school of states going to pay for everything. Think about all this shit So what does that get out for dinner? That night? I don't know, but while you're in school, while the kids in school, you are responsible for that kid, for whatever Eight hundred and seventy eight hours whatever it is, a key go to school. This mother is so useless. She can't scrape together a ham sand
an now we let the kid go at three hundred and twenty should services to take this kid away. You could argue semantics about this competent. She can't we have to check that. The way it's level- that's what I was saying if your kid, if you can't supply ham sandwich your kid, I have to take it away well level you gotta figure out like when is someone completely incompetent right? It's a scale it's one dollar and eighty cents a day for lunch is in comp. I don't think, there's anything wrong with supplying kids with food at school for free, and I think that if you look at what What needs society should cover like which society cover? Should they cover the police? Should the police be private, should they cover the fire department? the private, I mean there's a lot a bunch of arguments for what your taxes should and should not pay for. It's on restarts eighty percent of public schools in public schools. I don't think it's unreal. Able to say you should provide the kids of food. No, it's not unreasonable to say you should provide kids with shit, their pants with underwear, but if a kid is
his pants. We have an issue here. So if a mother can't afford lunch, sorry that kids out anyway, ok, so I would have the same, but that was the only time that David, and I we both had one hundred percent of the facts and after eight hours and probably a gram of coke, we were like, let's agree to disagree, that's the only time you ever only down my life, everyone had all the facts and we still disagreed at the end. Otherwise disagreements are some then who doesn't understand what's happening in Mark Marron. Was just saying: oh, they need a it's not one thing? It's systemic and it was you don't he personifies this sort of fake beta male comedian, with the cardigan and oh I'm such a massive, so fucked up and these guys fuck twenty year old girls, wild
planning and scratching their heads and, like I am a mass and I realize like this year, we have this narrative of the jock with the lettermen shirt right, the uv, a frat boy date raping chicks. I'm going to my own rolodex and icy, most guys, cleaning up a drunk, chicks, barf Can I see the beta male comedians, fucking, chicks, fucking, passed out chicks. What beta male comedians are fucking pass checks, all of them, and you know whatever you immediately without gonzo journalist thing here. You like him serious half reality partially fiction, and it makes your argument is very difficult to go in history and think of every time, you have a guy who fucked a passed out check. I don't know: if he's not a job he's like he runs it, he doesn't Indiana fucking show You know a guy fuck the passed out chick. He didn't tell me about it. I don't know
anybody that fucked passed out check. Well, it's usually and just like the guy I am thinking of she was sort of like. I don't remember him and I've never speak to him again, but it was kind of wishy washy and he's not a flick. I know he's. Super handsome dude she's, two guys one of them used to be a male model and this chick invited them over and she was she got two ways I think we want to get gangbanged and she fucking drank a bunch of actually showing the more pussy at this part of the story by the way is mad at him for not fucking her. But then she said projectile vomiting 'cause. She overdid it write an I've heard this story a few times, especially with threesomes girls get nervous and they over drink. An what are these disgusting frat boy jocks? Do they wash your sheets they've put the towels in the fucking washing machine. And they make sure she was ok and then they went home these beta male, I, like the kind of guys are on the Nerdist, these guys, who everyone thinks is cool. Uh
see those guys fucking her skull, fucking her or beating off Tom Shillue said this to me once he goes, he goes. Jerky in front of a woman is obviously pretty rare, but it's not that rare in the comedy world. Well that I do know a few comics have done some inappropriate, jerking off yeah, their mentally ill narcissists for the most point, and they wear this wolf and clothing of I'm a beta male, I'm a loser, I'm a nut and they just use it to fuck, chicks over and dump brods, and there the jocks there are the date raping jocks that everyone scared of but you're talking about, like very specific guys that are famous and wealthy and also are playing that role of being the failure. Yay. I'm talking about young community like Jane more but there's two types of comedians: there's Jay Mohr with a dress shirt in the blazer as that generation don't know those guys. They seem like pretty good guys. Then there's the apparel, sweatshirt, dudes,
the millennial up to maybe thirty five. Those are the guys I'm talking about. Ok, aren't you doing exactly the same thing as someone saying that black eyes a great science, because one guy knows a guy who know something of your eye. In this. Your theory, first of all, yeah, I'm basing it on a lot of guys what guys well well, you would have the name names, but I don't know anybody who's doing what you're saying I don't know: anybody's skull, fucking passed out, girls other than Bill Cosby, how many young communities you know this flu data girl? It's a twenty six, a lot, then they dump are at twenty nine. Her ovaries are dried up. Twenty nine yeah. I don't think they dry up at young yeah they do now? You can have kids, here's your ovaries for the most part right. This is your brain on drugs, at thirty the hourglass turns upside down, and the sand is draining from thirty to thirty five snow sand and over five you're fucked. Does the pelican bring your
these words in a knowledge Giorgio for two lily is draining from thirty to thirty five. My wife had our first kid at thirty six or something They will go through a door that said geriatric mother. Now it's over well, there's nothing! anecdotal evidence. They die young Kennedy November in New York, since I polar bear since ninety nine no Of course, there's exceptions. My mother had my brother at forty one, but generally your brother's oft. We joke about weak sperm, but I mean we save these bread with old ovaries, but I realize my youngest son was born much with them. Much older than my mom, so we don't do that joke anymore, but and with my youngest son, I was watching him like a hawk at the beginning, worried about uh autism. So anyway, if you date a check at twelve Six and you dump it thirty she's, going to take her a couple years to get over it right to the point. She's ready to have kids. No, no! I mean
over, like finally Diane marry him and may be ready for kids, who knows man. I know a girl who, whatever anecdotal evidence, go ahead. If you kill a woman's ovaries like that, you are kill you raise ovaries yeah, you were taken, there's that's Hitler, because you would have cast years those kids, what had kids those could. So if you did you're getting when he saw her during a very difficult time or a lottery, you have killed a million people you if commit a war crime you're Hitler. It's very hard to take your argument seriously and you're funny guy, which part is bullshit. All that you would get your Hitler. You you'd you'd killed, raise all the the above. You arguably have denied the world millions of people, but
no you're having because a woman can give birth to millions of people. That's already heard great kids can and I was like Hank Hank ranking. Why did you sleep you could be making? We can look at it till the Hon. I think he's responsible for like three million people in hopefully like physically yeah, now yeah he didn't fuck, three million girls know he fucked a bunch, it probably fucked. You don't have one thousand chicks. You have enough time to come. I'm talking about kids and grandkids and great we're talking bullshit, that's what you're doing I'm not we're both talking bullshit were not look up come on. Are you a nerd? Look up how many children? Dare you how many children came from Attila the HUN? Quite a few, not as many as gang is con. King is cons responsible for some, like one out of five hundred dudes in Asia or some crazy number, so so what I'm saying we wondered. So when you take up a woman's fertile years, you've done the op sort of a tumor taking up her years. Her years are going on there going you happen to be around around while that
Thirty two up, it's very hard to have around her during the time where she's twenty six to toy but it doesn't mean you're responsible for her anymore than she's response. You should be conscious. Both she and you should be conscious of this is our prime time. It's like football players. I think women are that's why they get like super series on those times amongst my media, hipster kind of entertainment, people that whole can't it is gone and one generation ago it was, you know you gotta go, Well she's young- and this is her big year in blah blah blah. There was some value on those formative over years. Today, it's nothing and these woman that jumped at thirty and then they swim and get dumped at thirty. Well can get. I know New York got down to thirty. Wow. Are your your you? That's a super and daughter, but I think a lot of my friends when they talk about women. They talk if they date, girls that are like up to two thousand five hundred and twenty six there more like they don't care they're having fun they're, doing their thing, with their career and they're doing their thing going on dates and stuff, but
they always say that when they get to be around three thousand and thirty one thirty two to like: where is this going? It's like this is heading. They should be saying that twenty seven is all I'm saying in your world. No in world world, I had some chick friend of mine, thirty nine, her her physician said who thirty five getting kind of late, and she said it to me like. Can you believe sexist pig and go he's a nerd? He has asked he doesn't have? Is not sexist telling you about your visualize, a sexist pig to say you're you're doing just kinda ate for thirty thousand, I'm trying to say today in twenty fifteen to speak normal biological facts. I call them hate, fax, is sexist, it's sexist to say that it's hard to have kids after thirty and nearly after thirty five. Well, I don't know what this has to do with comedians, that are fake, beta male gold, because it could mean don't recognize that well, then, they have to you're not responsible for that anymore than they're responsible for recognizing the
for a forty five year old guy who's going through some mid life crisis, some Scotia Lancs. This goes back to what I'm saying about the ones responsible for controlling the relationship and if you a lot of these guys, will fuck over this girl and sort of imply that he's going to put a ring on it and then two thousand nine hundred and thirty I'm New York, has a very disproportionate number of total, though you're saying a lot of these guys fuck over relationships. Work out a lot of times. People pretend to be one thing: when you first start date, name like you're saying your wife is saying you know I might be a lesbian and then, as you get deep in you, that was just like a shiny, little spinner and behind it was a hook. You know that you best route to try so you're. You can play it on both sides. People are full of shit and their full shit themselves. People pretend to themselves that they are this. One type of person is that person appears to be more attractive. So when you're talking about these hipster guys that are pretending these beta males that are super sensitive and male feminists. In their mind they have
convince themselves that they are this thing, because this thing would be more attractive to the type of women they're trying to attract so there, just as confused. I agree there not like this wallet, so willful self suck there. Not. This mastermind is trying to engineer this false narrative story trap with negligence when you're just young they're living their life. Now, there's yourself either fucking a twenty six year old five. Then they dry up your ovaries and they dumper. Let's I'm talking too many different things at once. Here, ok, you're right, we want to play menu. I wanna stab lish that woman from twenty five to thirty should start getting serious and they have a certain currency 'cause their ovaries. Two or not there's a Venn diagram where they overlap, but if they do never fucking ninety five percent of population once kids, I don't know about that. One! I don't want kids a lot of girls, don't words they're extinct, we've been
over one slash four of a million years they just we've developed. This need to one kid like well, the kid is substitute that dog is a substance and they call themselves mommy. But when you get on the four hundred and five at three hundred o'clock in the afternoon, you can't fucking move 'cause, there's no room. 'cause. All the cars have blocked up all the road you go. Do we need more girls with little dogs? Maybe need more gay guys who want to get married yeah? Well, maybe these people who are having kids is, is self selection, and you know we're gonna have a mom and annoying feminists. The good of my kid is gonna have to deal with them was not because they're going to die off either dying off right now. I wonder: Jezebel won't be around in one generation my bad kids. They don't have kids, no Jezebel, kids, maybe one or two. It's like fracking wells, no really Actually, no, I used to be friends with the chicken Jezebel and she told me that that's not true yeah, who, which one Tracy Egan she's a writer,
yeah she's advice. Now she told me that that I'm spilling the beans here, but I don't care. She told me the managing editor, who looks kind of like Jimi Hendrix, but it's a woman. She would cry yourself to sleep at night because she waited too long in her ovaries, dried up and I feel like screaming at her. Your whole agenda is telling women that their men and they don't need kids and they'll, be fine without kids and you do even believe that fucking shit, but is that their agenda 'cause? I don't think it is. I think their agenda is saying that women could be empowered and women can not have to live so the predetermined directives that men of say, fourth for them and they can do their own shit. That was the beginning of the impetus the pendulum swing so far, and now it's, if you do that, you're a sellout in a loser in your fucking stepford wife right. So if you have a relationship and you have a family and modern feminism verifies the midwestern housewife, Qamar
lives are losers according to Jezebel. Really. I've never heard that I've never seen that written down, so you so you could tell when you read the articles. It's like she's badass she's kick ass, like in deliberating empowered women there celebrate. Do you believe that I think in some ways that's what they want. They want to sell. Great, empowered women kick ass. Two is a movie that sums up modern feminism and it is women or men. Women kick ass. Women are Marines, like feminism, is female superheroes, I don't know 'cause it's not a feminine thing to fly to a bang, robber and punch him in the face, and I actually have a theory about this. The I of heard anybody, never heard anybody saying that they want more female superheroes. So that's a big thing is it?
women feminist of what the women feminists they're, the real feminist. I mean if there are real feminist, it's only women, feminists, men, feminists are just that they are as they are extinct of beta. You got, you got it. I got all the same rights were done. Humanists is really what we should all be, that I don't think they have the same rights using to have exactly the same rights. What rights do they have? What rights does do men have that women don't have what's not a matter of rights, it's a matter of rights for sure like as far as legally any metric, and all matter were not of rights as far as like Luke, but as far as like the there are appreciated in cultures in society, certainly not worldwide through showed. No, no. No, I'm the only talk about North America or the W fucking Middle EAST. All Dennis should move to the Middle EAST and get to work. Why don't feminists embrace Rhonda Rowsey? She seems like the ultimate feminist she's, like of like a feminist, the movie. They don't embrace her know 'cause! That's my beef with feminism is that there are two Rhonda Rowsey. Well, she is she's hot
and she kicks ass like she would literally is great. Like two major I see Allara craft, I don't get a boner, I get it when a woman is feminism like southern belles. Make me hard. I someone does a back flip and shoots a monster in the face. I go. Oh some MIKE has short shorts on and knows how to do back, and I think nerds like it, because they want to see action right and they want to see pretty girls, so there they'd to save time they make it to writer right. So it's like a what's that thing. We take a turkey and you cook a dock in it yeah exactly Tyr Doc in I was watching the movie support your local sheriff. You know that movies. Now, what is your local sheriff? It's like. What's his name from James Caan, James COM, no put your local sheriff, the guy was in Hawaii five o forever, oh Jesus with, because the guy Nirvana nurse on and
result Jeremy is not a nerd. I mean he's, apparently you can't look asian dirt in the sense that I'm a nerd but ours. What is this so anyway in the movie there and who's the main guy? What's his name again? No James, Garner, Oj Karns anyway in the movie there's this scene, where they're in a courtroom and they're having in trial and this woman comes out and she's got on. Like you know, that's wild West dress in the fucking her up in little blouse quite attractive. Anyway, she gets up in the court and she goes here. You listen to me and you listen well partner. I've had enough of this, and I want you and then they go border into court can sit her down she's. No, I will not sit down We demand that you listen to me and I'm watching it. I just had this fucking epiphany wash over me. I realize men invented this bitch, like men, invented Jezebel, feminism, lair craft. This whole thing because she's not being feminine like that movie was cast by a dude,
that movie was written by a dude there, making her get up there and I think the suffragette movement. The whole like women should vote was guys going like you, fucking say that you should vote and the that is what I was making a lasagna now get up. There say I need to vote, I'm a lady and they go. Ok, I'm a lady! Well, you know they the biological reality for women have to take care of themselves. Women who work actually develop more to stop women who are in the workforce and have to compete. They actually develop more testosterone and they become more aggressive like because of that testosterone an I think that and women are forced into that sort of a position like is it? Is it a coincidence? Now, saying that all feminists are unattractive, but a lot of like really vocal ones are unattractive, and so therefore there forced take care of themselves. They are forced to be on their own, so they are forced to compete in the force and you have to in order to survive, you have to become more aggressive and so big in become
more aggressive and then in standing up for themselves and their own gender. They become like an antagonist or they become rather uh an opponent of the men that they are competing with. They don't belong they don't belong in a in the work environment, but that's what are the most, but with sons, okay, so you're worker in Maggie Thatcher. You know this tons of alpha females who provoke in Rock Oprah she's great, but my experience has been uh when the woman contributes to the workforce, I'm going to say eighty percent of the time it's just and like my teacher. What does that mean? Ok, I'll give an exam in the forehead and let's, let's ride this out until we can get back to creating stuff like for example, when I ran an ad agency, we were doing a commercial for converse and the bit was this guys standing over here and then this guy walks over and and
this high and then he leaves and he's a hunk and she's a girl and then later she talks to her friends and goes: oh, my god he talked about so ok got. It will do that. And then the woman goes and then she comes up to her friends and she's like do you believe what happened or friends like? I can't believe it and I go wait a minute. These are people and she goes yeah and I go, but I thought these were the people of this world and she who cares? It's just and then she also said that you do some weird things with your hands here for the people that designed to this you're walking your fingers along the table, and I don't even know what the fuck you're doing, I'm in the room with him getting drunk actually, but I got another schedule for this Is the world? Ok, the people who think with the fingers, but you can't just flip it and make some people fingers and some fingers or legs. I didn't know. Is going to be taking. Audio wise. Let me give you a better example: my brother, ninety percent, my brother designs, video games and he said when we do a thing with men, though go ok,
Ok, it's a squirrel, he's on a skateboard, a nap right and he gets a bunch of nuts and then you win a prize got it, and here we made ok looks good, but it goes well. If they do something like that. For female client, though, we had a thought: what about changing the color scheme from sort of autumn to more of a summary thing and he'll go ok? Well, that's not a button I'll have to go back and change, all the code. So it's essentially making a whole new video game from scratch. Ok, fine and then he'll go but will have to build you the same amount again and then he goes there get indignant like they go well. Fine, like you're not going to quit. Watching me what 'cause I'm a woman, I'm going to have a problem. That and then they go ok, so my brother will have to redo the video game in a different colour, whereas men would go. Oh it's a whole other thing: alright, fuck it some men.
Again, this is anecdotal. I'm talking about my personal experience, but so much like just the other day. This woman, I have a meeting on Wednesday and this woman set it up. But I've talked to this other woman in this other woman. I know this is sexist, but I go. I have a thing at two and she goes ok I'll just move, and I don't know this is an important meeting. I don't want these women to think I'm a flake, so don't change it. That makes me look like I'm hard to work with. She goes. Oh ok. I was going to move it around. I go this meeting is huge, don't be fucking with the times and I'm just like. Why am I dealing with these chicks when I could be dealing with a dude? who would just go? Ok! Well, the meeting is only going to be an hour, so I think you'll make it. Fine, ok, handshake well, isn't
Don't you think, there's some women that can handle that it sounds like this is an incompetent person. You could run into incompetent dude to speaking generally right about millions. Women are good at micro management, at line producing, for example, they're great at that. As far as big decisions, an handshake deals manner tend to be much better at it, and my entire career has been almost exclusively woman. Wasn't beak ' 'cause, I'm selling shit. So when I ran the magazine, the marketing people marketing people tend to be women, the ones by The ads are women advertising, the ones who aren't you know bequeathing the budgets, come to the set women. Women women bequeath is great work. I don't. I don't know how we got from beta comedian skull fucking passed out. Girls to this, Truman and men are different uh. That's the big picture and feminine
it's something: that's created by men as a false narrative. Women have bought it hook, line and sinker, where there really should be at home, protecting those very, very valuable. Three years from twenty six to twenty nine before their ovaries turned to sand. There's something funny that you're being sarcastic 'cause, I'm listening, you're going yes, That is exactly so. I'm trying to figure out what went wrong with you and Mark Merrin that you became transphobic or you transphobic. After the internal I've wrote an article called Trans, phobias perfectly natural and it should hit the fan. I read that and I I saw the video that you put up about these people regretting their transition right. There this is definitely there can be that right? That goes back to what we're seeing with gay marriage on the surface. It's just leave him, be there get married and I go no. Actually people are getting fined for not having gay marriage in the living room. So sounds simple, just leave him, be your actually antagonizing Chris yeah but
don't know. That's just one you were talking about out there, the ones in the bill that you have to bake the well. You know the whole story about the pizza like in the wedding cake, like they sought out someone who would say now that was fake right, that's my whole beef. What that was all that was that was it was a daughter's, but they were trying to create a story. We want the right to go camping and you go ok, but I've never seen you camp before, but they don't not have the I'd? Go camp no but you're like Camp blacks, camping rights, camp and you go. Ok! Stop no one! Suing black people for camping, like this is a non black camping ground right. But if I heard about a campground getting suit, oh wait a minute. Ok, but if a campground did kick black people out there, that would be should be fucking stupid. My point is that game, just. They don't really want to get married and what they do. Have a gay couple lives down the street from me. There, good friends of mine, the thing with train have a kid with the Trans. Was
when you normalize it and say it's perfectly healthy right, then your eight year old son, who's gay by the way says I'm a woman. You go we're going to ride this out and when you come, and you're, going to move to the W village and wear red leather short shorts and suck a bunch of dicks and realize. Oh I'm a fag, I'm not a woman but now that we've normalized Trans, what what these Mamzer doing 'cause they love having a Trans kid, it's like a status symbol. What moms love having a Trans kid yeah! You want to talk about outliers, but that's the real outlier, not even the people getting sued for marriage, the mamzer super status, symbol now yeah. What? Where are you hanging out? Look it up anyway, these trans moms are giving their kids hormones right to delay puberty. I did see a video of hormones really young kid that was getting their first hormone dose
it's like wow. That Kim was getting into be joking with because he's a chick, but what I'm talking to different there given hormone blockers. So puberty won't be disturbing because she wanted cubes in your dick, get bigger or whatever happens, yeah, so kids are getting hormone blockers cause. We've accepted this, as fact that Trans is normal, then we're also normalizing operation and their suicide rate is brutal now I'm not denying. There are a few dudes who are happier with a cunt like Zoey, TUR who's, that I've talked to him a few times, he's got a cunt. He used to be to be a helicopter news. Guy he's a guy who saw OJ in the bronco. He shot that and he she created a vagina and she seems to be happy.
But it but she's pretty conservative and doesn't think that operation should be normalized 'cause, it's fucking, weird, you know it's adorable is that Caitlin Jenner doesn't believe in gay marriage yeah. Well, that's common with trends. They tend to be conservative. Really because I think they have this view of women that is very, traditional, like Caitlyn Jenner, didn't turn into a bull dyke and did sweatshirt with a nose ring. She turned into in 1950s lady. So she has this very traditional with a very rigid of woman. Yeah like doesn't move very, not very pliable cut your cock off by the way Bruce know he's going to keep it. Well then he's a poser. He is a poser, but doesn't barely you still have his dick her dick. Can you say her? Dick How can you say hi see that's the problem with this mess. It come with these new terms like that hi Bailey. It is a mess Bailey won't speak to anymore 'cause. I called him he
and I'm like so you're a woman, and he goes well. I'm not a woman, but I'm not a he like fuck wow. Could I could take a night course to talk to you. Fucking people. Have you seen Harvard new rules, yeah z and far away, and what is a year of five new pronoun, you again to worry, among so Z, walks into the bar slammed face, and you like. Was it a check or a do like? I don't know the race I wanna know how tall and here right, h, e r e h e r right is not one of them is like a bunch of them x e is like their didn't just making up see. This is the key to political correctness. It's not about justice. It's about me telling you how to speak. It's about the upper classes telling the lower class Oh, you don't say: blackening use a person of color. It's also about calling people out it's called
people out on their transgressions, calling people out on using the wrong gender pronoun, calling people out on being insensitive? It's like looking for green lights, so they could say you're wrong. It's looking for the moral high ground, that's a real issue with it, because it's a game it's a social brownie point collecting game like you want to be the most progressive person. Do you want to be the person that is the most aggressive about calling out other people used to the production open minded Progressive was like about like sensitive, an loving and trying to be accepting of all people. Now it's become about finding people who aren't aggressive and calling them out an outing them and shitting on their life. I think it's people that just get a green light to be a can and one of the classes yeah it's the best green light is finding people that you think have violated someone else's. Civil liberties are civil rights or, or you know, sensitivities and you just aggressively go after them last
look at how they act. When an old person like a war vet says negro, they have sort of giggling like negro. That's all that's like four names ago, they're not up to date with the names we've been telling them and they negro than its black. That was out when it connotes person of Color United Negro College Fund. Still, how do you have and doubly see right still? Do you have mission for levels of cattle and keep up they go well like, like? I was on Fox once in this woman said that Hillary said a colored person than what Hillary actually said was personal color, and she was mortified in the green room going. Oh my god, I said color person, I meant to say that Hillary said person of comma. Well, that's what I'm like? Why don't you apologize to him right now? There's some black guy sound guy over there in like go apologize to him. Maybe he'll for If you well, isn't it hilarious, though, think about what you just said? I mean if you didn't know this language and if you didn't know human beings, how ridiculous is it that it's ok say a person of color but is not ok to say, colored person that
is the same group fucking that this is all bullshit and gravy and then like at my boxing gym all the black dudes are in the Puerto Rican's in the hispanic. There are really good Bing there are white people, get brain damage, but they're all riffing on each other's ethnicity, Puerto rican, what would you know you can go back on welfare? It's a fun way Griffin, it was the way it was a generation ago with the Archie bunkers on the dogs are look at this fucking Polak and I believe that we were closer when we could make jokes like that and relax and be like. Oh, it is an island time. Look at the black! I love about New York. Disagree. I disagree with that. 'cause. I don't think we're not. I think we are closer now than we ever been before, but I think these issues we're dealing with these are like transitionary issues and I think that as people be more and more aware of each other, those who start Tyrod and be outed as being preposterous, and I think these kind of conversations where were
talk in this like National, like the colored people or purse colour. These conversations are important and I think ultimately, people will come to their senses or at least come to their senses. So, but I disagree that I think scared of women at work. Period- I don't I don't riff at work- turn this and they fucking hate this and was an analogy to describe ovaries being less for the way you fuck with people and you can take it. However, I want to be clear. I understand I got it the whole way: black woman at work. We had some black women at work and I was scared have them because I thought this would be under a woman. Yet I am yes and the blue women right at work. They don't like that they're a pariah now you're in the lunchroom riffing and going look fag, you like hot dogs, 'cause their cocks and then a black woman walks in and they go hi Sheniqua you and everyone is walking on black woman egg shells and that's not fun, and I don't black women like it either so everyone's having
until I walked into the lunch room. It's hard for me to get into this 'cause the black women that I know are all black comedians black women comedians or the black women that I know from work. Rather, I should say: that's so they're fun, you know so it's Tiffany. When I say we were better off when you could rip I'm talking about Middle America sometime when Archie Bunker, I'm talking about cubicle and the lunch room and the water cooler, and I believe that all this political correctness is just made. White p will say I'm getting away from them, they're not worth the trouble they could ruin. My career, if I say the wrong joke. Well, that is a real issue. I mean, if you, if you're dealing with a super super fucking, sensitive people, and you have them in the workforce. You do you know if you, if you have a company, sorry for doing that over and over again will who's that woman, that sued famous tech woman, whose did some company, and they said she was really hard to work with and she loste she lost the lawsuit 'cause. She said it was about. Actual discrimination
all women in company Miss when she went on to work for Google or Reddit. Rather, she wanna work for red. Well, the asian one. Yes yeah yeah, didn't she own yeah she she ran, read it or something she shouldn't run, read it, but she was one of the ceos right right right. I guess that is run, read it right, but she she sued for Ellen PAO, I think she's, a black husband go from there wanted for all kinds of fraud. I think she learned the hustle from the black husband- and he said- oh just bitch- about grace and tons of money. She was bitching about race, I think she's bitching about sexual discrimination, but you know they're trying to say that this is not a good person. She is not a good person and that was like the whole, argument behind like having someone like that is inherently dangerous. If you had not her in specific but having someone who's like looking for those
green lights, like we were talking about, like with progressive people looking to find something some made, transgression that they can call you out on a lot of that, I'm sorry from interrupting, but a lot of the time these women in the workforce sub. Only recognize that shouldn't be there and then generate income, so they come up with some sort of grievance and it's the grievance industry and I was watching tv in the hotel with my wife this morning we don't get to watch tv 'cause, we have kids and I don't like the tv being at home. So I'm just fucking bingeing on reality shows and hot rod shows and everything and she got Jordan, went to see your friends and I thought the reason she he's bored with all this reality show like. I was watching food factories when I watch food for reason of showing how you make jam, I can- Oh, I see what they did there and I can imagine even the truck that harvests. The berries and I can imagine, inventing the machine and I can see the screen- the screen is probably best way to get out of that eggs and shit, and I'm watching, like
My guys do my shit and I see when I look at a building, I'm like. Oh, you had, I beams there and you built a strong foundation. Obviously it's eighty four, so I'm an, I think. Women don't see the world the way we do and it's the same with kids like I'll, take my kids to the park and uh sing with them and I'm chasing my son around and as a monster, but a lot of the times after maybe twenty minutes, then I go. This is getting fucking tedious, I'm sick of being a monster, but my wife has unlimited patience when it comes to being with the kids. So generally, overall, I'm not obviously there's exceptions, but I think men are better at creating soci 80s and women are better at nurturing and I just keep seeing these soccer right. So what about these angry woman? You know an feminists or, if you don't want them, raising kids right, you don't want fucked up kids raised by these angles if you're talking about a handful of cunts, but what's happening is these, unlike my wife, instead of meeting me and having three kids they're going, I guess
this should be in the workforce. 'cause men are women and women are men, so she goes in. I think they should really commend some stupid, converse idea and every and it's just sitting pinching the bridge of her nose going yeah, that's not going to work. We can't use rolling stones music in a commercial, it be like three million dollars. You know what I mean so. What are you saying that women should totally rely on men? They should another thing. Relying on men. Look you fucking. Page. Three human beings come out of your cunt, but if they didn't what, if they didn't they, I have to find a man in order to get by. Well, I see it well. First of all, I would never say women aren't allowed in the workforce. I'm talking about this huge contingent of women who forced themselves into the workforce and don't like it, Anna Speci even mom's with kids. I keep seeing my friends who have working moms,
getting messages text. I've even seen emails where they go, I'm fuck miserable I hate it like Nina Simone this is Simone Documentary and they talked about how late out well, the ok she was. She was lazy, but how little? She was with her career and I'm watching going she's depressed 'cause she's tour in Europe and she's, not with her fucking kids. It's unnatural! Well, not in that sense yeah. If you do have children and you're not with them in you. Touring somewhere that, especially if you're, a woman that should be really depressing. It's impressive, for mens. Room, though, is depressing for me. If I go on the road for a weekend- and I don't have my kids- I get bummed out first two days are pretty good. Third day you start day sex with women. Like my wife, we're been gone for twenty four hours. My phone, let me say things my son, says 'cause. It will reminder wow, like he says, put down me if I said put down me right now to her she'd be mad right. I understand what you're saying I don't.
It's. It's it's real hard when you get into these generalizations like this, because women, if they don't enter the workforce, then, what do they do? They wait around for some gotta pay the bills and when the problem with like the idea of saying that, like working moms, I agree that a lot of women wish they didn't have to work, so they could take care of their kids. But then there looked in despair, Jim ways by him, and that and- and you know, let's talk about Spurgeon ways by men are like well, you know contribute to the household with those guys are fucking, assholes and fuck them an I don't understand this whole. I need to work. I don't. I can't afford it when I the kid we were middle class and if you had that my childhood today, you would be below the poverty line like we had one car. My mom would get the groceries on Wednesday, after my dad got home, we don't go in vain asian March. We didn't have babysitters sitters, I didn't have a car and it was a perfectly happy life, but this I need to get in the workforce. You need to get the workforce to pay for the nanny.
You bought yourself into a higher tax bracket. You need a car to commute from work. I think this Does it's a zero sum game? You probably bring seven grand a year to the family where you live in Williams Burg, is not like super expensive. It's reckon insane. Like how much does an apartment cost this in the past, Two months I run the numbers. I've been spending seven hundred and eighty dollars a day. We blew fifty grand since March on what there is culprit. I like booze, I'm an alcoholic. That's forty dollars a day. The babysitters and are you need a holiday yeah, definitely yep. How many days you try to take off. I quit boost for lent. I didn't have drinks on Thursday click. I just became catholic. I would grow up atheist. How old do you? Forty five, what the fucks wrong with you? Why becoming catholic? Now, kids, I was, I believe I realized that there's something else going on. That's why I wanted one having it going on what a cult of child kid fuckers. What's going on, I was raised Catholic,
oh really, yeah! I banned in that shit. When I see those child fuckers are called gays, yeah they're called priests and they're running the catholic church. By the way you know about that right that kid fuckers run the catholic church. I think there is a problem in the catholic Church with Pedofilia. Janet comes from gains, a giant problem. A massive, probably literally, is a cult of kid fuckers NASCAR had as many drivers, fucking kids, it would have been closed down in the 60s yeah. Well, the whole Middle EAST should be shut down yeah, but you're joining in on this. Why you join in? Why you giving the money? Then they pass the tray around. Do you throw twenty dollars in there thinking? I hope this goes to kid fuckers! No! But to be totally frank, I realize there is that there is a god and cast all schism. Was the nearest thing to grab. I mean I really want Amy, there's a god. How did you realize this uh? Well? First of all, I think
Religion should be a little more private. Like my wife, I don't know what her religion is. Well, it's very convenient when people want to talk about religion and say religion should be private, because then they don't have to defend ridiculous ideas. Legion, Israel Regulus idea, I'll bite, I'm like a legend but distillers idea. That makes no sense. No one. Ever like my wife's american Indian right, no one every American yeah, you mean indigenous. Now they did Jim. This is an indian feather, not die, and I don't know what her religion is. She never talks about if someone dies taken, they do shrooms insanity plea for three days: that's Michael. She doesn't talk about it and no one ever Chris it like with Indians. You can't going to if you're menstruating right. No one ever talks about that there 'cause they don't want, there's coming to kill everybody else. They don't have to justify their their spirituality. But some reason Christianity is, is like on the chopping block every day. What about this? On page three, I don't understand.
Why do we have to defend every there's a book? You just said it yourself, you don't know what they believe him 'cause, I don't even have it doesn't get this kind of this kind of inter in the garage and get this kind of internet or is not filled with things that you would say are magic. What what is Magina Torah? What's magic terrorist or just the Jew Bible, but they don't. They don't believe the Jesus walked on water, came back from the dead or healed sick. I'm not that well versed with that or a boy. As soon as a religious tract, it's full of whimsical, superhero e sounding style. You have to be able to defend. The nose is in the Tora. That was magic is but the seat. Well, I don't know if that is the the parting of the sea was in the Tora. Isn't. Yeah we'll do the the thing about the noise sticks when was fascinating because it kind of brings it all full circle. The mainstream Jerusalem scholars now believe that Moses was on drugs. They believe that my
this was it was taking psychedelic drugs and that's what the whole burning Bush was. The burning bush represent the Acacia Bush which is a very common plant in that area, and it's rich with DMT. So they think that burning Bush was them smoking, DMT wow, which is the most psychedelic drug known to man, and it also gives you do all of these experiences where you feel like you're, in contact with some sort of a higher power. So they think that's. What my use of hallucinogenics also helped get me here in my teenage years, but why did you join the catholic church? it was the nearest one. I'd like the Knights of Columbus. I joined the night sky, the third degree night. But what made me really believe in a deity? And I don't know why I'm telling But I was coming home once and my kid was in her crib, my first kid and I was looking at her heel and you know
babies heal and I'm like that thing. Fucking works there's a bone. There there's the tissue, it's got padded tissue below the bone and I'd always suspected there was a god deep down and then I just sort of washed over me and I went oh, I get it now The big bang was some sort of omnipotent force that created the first domino and that domino fell and everything followed after that, so Dodo. Bird is not like. God went and killed the Dodo bird. He set up this almost like that movie, where the food drinks the drink and turns into sand and goes into the waterfall oh yeah, yeah yeah uhm fuck the prequel to alien. Yes, what the hell is that Prometheus, almost like the beginning of Prometheus that massive incredibly complex, domino's was set off boom with the big bang and that made my daughters, heal wow. That's convenient thinking,
it's. It seems like a guy who calls out bullshit all the time, but then just buys the into that like no, it's not about evolution is not about random. You know, evolution is got successful. Okay, evolution! Is God? Well you when you say God, so do you mean like a guy who created everything? A specific that is a journal, are shitty little teeny brains. Trying to remember minds around this. Incredible think your approval got exists. Okay, don't you think that Rob have sauces and represents our shitty little brains that create these? our pathetic attempt to grasp the infinite right, but why join into that like I become a cousin of life like I go to and I'm in this unbelievable church? I don't understand what they're saying this be latin and it's kind of cool. It's just recognizing the miracle that is birth, and I'm just so thankful that I'm here and the infant simile small odds that I was created and I'm sort of saying wow. Thanks. Do you do
same thing with science? Do you go to like the Hayden Planetarium and do the same thing that you study consolations? Sure I, because that you think I think the earth is flat, because no, I pro science, what Catholicism is Galileo? What the fuck you talking all Galileo Galilee! so just kept poking the church until they eventually said fuck off you're under house arrest, they They never really denied that the universal calls on this side. This is not true at all. They fucking put him under house arrest 'cause. He was insisting that the earth was not the center of the universe right, but he wouldn't shut up about it and they've actually says he was right. Yes, he was right, so they learned to find the catholic church in follies. One thousand five hundred and two well don't even defend up today how about Ratzinger? How about the fact that they own the fucking biggest gay by the owner building that houses the biggest gay bathhouse in Europe? So you would be ok if I was a member of a diff christian religion. All religions are ridiculous. I think ideologies are ridiculous. Daddy is against data.
Here again, I am against free. Did common patterns of behavior that you subscribe to, that are thousands of years old that were written by people who are extremely ignorant to the facts that we know now is to how the universe was formed and how biological life has evolved in all of the work that science has done, that doesn't mean I don't, even God it doesn't I don't believe in the possibility of there being some grand order to this, but the idea that the the church of the guy who dress like a wizard and sits on a fucking golden throne, and you have to call him father that that's the guy that this is This is the same as trying to refuse service that says trying to we're doing a really shitty job. I mean this we're really really ancient shit that didn't make any since back then, and they were that's all they had, but now that we do have science and we do have so much more knowledge than the people who were writing this shit down in Qumran and fucking animal skins and leaving him in clay pots for people to go.
Decipher. This is it's! It's rude tell us to know. It's not was a Chrysler nine. We are talking with that dad in force you to double homicide, and if you let the source of the beginning of the show who did levels out, and you said, we've learned overtime. It's been a pattern, get with murder, we don't like it, the Bible, an amalgamation of all these stories. Where we went, here's some things: we've learned killing people sucks. But don't do that and it's lasted for three thousand years, that's longer than Katharine, where two different types of cloth, that's really bad. Yes, it's not perfect. There is some weird shit in there there's a lot of weird shit in there guys come back from dad may heal. Ok. Do you believe that a good definition of infinity is, if you had monkeys on a typewriter, for they would eventually print out the completed works of Shakespeare? I think That definition of infinity is a very strange one, because the that you would have these monkeys randomly typing on a typewriter and they would come up with the exact there's, no
evidence that that's possible there's, no evidence that it's possible that a monkey just slamming their fingers onto a keyboard would type out words in perfect gram. Or with periods and commas and question marks. It they could possibly be how about a computer that is just randomly hitting randomly printing out keys it certainly or infinity. Would it now Eventually, the trillion trillion trillion trillion joint venture internal in years, happened to have printed out the complete works of Shakespeare. It could be pop the ball, but I've seen no evidence that it's ever been able to be replicated even in a simple sentence, but you never see evidence it's infinity, but there's we're talking about something like something: that's never been applicated, even the tiniest scale yeah it has been replicated the tiny scale. It's called hacking. We keep trying the password and eventually the computer after three thousand tries cracks your password yeah, but they work on complicated algorithms that were
hated by people like this is not complicated algorithm to have random text punched out on the keyboard, but it's not ran. They are testing it like when you talk about like a monkey typing on a keyboard. The monkey doesn't understand language so monkeys using semi colons in the in the proper form using like actually is in a row and then a space, but doing it over and over again to form the complete works of Shakespeare. Like I guess I get it. I guess get it. Ok, but I don't buy it. Let's start with that, so you get it. So we your next to an infinite universe. That's monkeys on a typewriter. That means at some point, there's got to be an earth or uh a planet like earth right more than that even ok, good right now and you go wait a minute if I'm doing infinite possibilities here, there's going to be earth where this is happening Joe Program, not only that what infinite means
the universe is so big that every single thing that has ever happened on earth in the exact same order has happened, an infinite number of times throughout the cosmos. That's because you're talking about infinity but you're talking about something that literally has no boundary. So if there is one the possibility of there being in infinite number of those things exist, and this to me is going to be, science is Joe Rogan interviewing a guy who looks exactly like Joe Rogan, but my name is Gavin Mcinnis. But I looked like you that's happening and then you go wait a minute sure. Why does it have to be two thousand and fifteen in October? Maybe it's one thousand nine hundred and thirty six and you talk to me, timing, bullhorn right. So what time you so wait, a minute that is mathematically true, I know for a fact mathematically that Joe Rogan, is interviewing me with an old timey bullhorn in nineteen. Thirty six earth weigh the go out there and I look exactly like you. I know that to be magically true. I have three two two equals four and I have three cocks, but I also know that that isn't true. I know that that
not happening Joe Rogan's, not interviewing me. Well, you don't one thousand nine hundred and thirty six. How do you another planet? How can you say that the fact that those two. Things are simultaneously true one and the other is proof there is a god. Me. I don't understand what you just said. Don't shake your head like that, you fuck, You didn't say it God, damn thing. How do you say you know? That's not true is for an. I know deep down. Two and two is not for I know, and you know you sound like a religious person, there is no I'll give you that you sound like you guys should go to do some crazy. Are you saying there's a planet where it one thousand nine hundred and thirty six earth? You you doing me on a bullhorn. No, and I look like you, I'm saying all possibilities in an infinite universe could possibly be happening right now. All possibilities, meaning if earth exists and if we do have cloth in the form of curtains and gained amber, is a work with lcd crystals and do it, for I will try to statue of of Biggie smalls that that's possible everywhere.
If it, if it exists here and the universe is infinite, it means you're dealing with hundreds of billions of Alex sees right with honey. So it's not impossible is happening. You know, I really don't know what I mean. We don't file going ten times, it's probably going to be a pretty even distribution of heads and tails. If I flip a coin for three months, there's going to be one of those crazy on Thursday there's a time I had heads sixty times in a row. Maybe now, when you go to the infinite universe there every possibility has to have happened, but we know it didn't happen. What is we don't know it didn't happen. How can you say that we don't know Joe Rogan Area Little Joe Rogan Gavin? Stop this nonsense. We have very little evidence about other planets at all the Evan. So we have we've collected. All this data about planets were looking at the gas is that they admit in their atmosphere, we're looking at the wobble that the stars around them have. We could see that there's something: that's circling the stars. We know the light changes we don't. We don't have a view into those
We have a view into the planets in our solar system in a very limited way and we're just now getting to this the that we're just not getting to PLUTO we're learning. How weird PLUTO is. We haven't gone at all into the Kuiper belt. We don't know anything of the galactic shelf outside of our our solar system. There's also worth shit out there. They think there might be a brown dwarf star that we can't even see that's way way way outside of PLUTO and we're trying to figure out. Why there's certain thing is out there why the Kuyper belt is filled with all these objects. Why there's a drop off? What massive? body there might be deep, into our solar system, and then you go into other solar systems and other galaxies, a fucking barely scratch the surface. For you to say that you know, there's not a Gavin out there who looks like me with three dicks sitting in front of a 1930s microphone. It absolutely could be true and it could be true. It could be built
signs of light years away? We will never be able to see it. Not only that. That's a great argument against atheism, know: you're sitting there saying there's, no god not just as crazy and you're, very least I've reduced you to his crazy as me, it's nothing. Nothing has to do with religion there. Nothing nothing else to do with God. There nothing magical, omnipotent force or science or the first science What's the scientific explanation for the big bang? What started on the? No one knows that that's a good one. It's a big miracle. What did the Bible say for Shelby light. Well, Terence Mckenna said: if science grants They ask for one miracle. They say, grant Us1 miracle and will explain the rest of the universe, but that's because of the lack of information. It's they don't know whether or not the big bang is even true. There's a lot of scientists that believe that it could be possible that the unit this exists in a constant state of expansion and compression the same way, the tides work, the same way, the cycles of breathing in and breathing out that the universe expand into some infinite direc
and then come back and some infinitely small place? This is why I believe in God, that's why you believe in a cult of child fuckers, to give you bread that supposed to be the flesh of God, drinks trick my blood there. It was a sad human attempt to act out what you just described. Religion is sad human attempt to act out what you describe. So we know the traditions are eh. Maybe I should aesthetic but meager meager a humble attempt to grasp what you were just talking about, Think it's rigid ideology. I think it's rigid ideology that they try to control behavior and they want your mighty people shouldn't go to church until they're thirty 'cause. When I go there, I just
all these nice old, lady saying God bless you well that, and I look in a big building, a Jason Jones. You know Jason Jones from the daily show. Now he is meant to be husband. I don't know her either okay, so he was saying I wish there was a religion I could join. It wasn't religious and I think Bob Odenkirk kids go to a jewish school where the rabbis are atheists. So that thing exists, but after we agreed on that that that would be a cool thing 'cause that was back when I was an atheist, I go Jason. I went to This thing it's called church like they don't talk, but gays and dinosaurs, they just say God bless and you're in they're going thanks that I'm here gays and dinosaurs and abortion don't come up. You just sit there going Jesus Christ. What a miracle we're here, I'm so thankful! Thankfully well that sounds all positive. That sounds all positive, but the idea of like subscribe, getting to this ideology and doing it, because you want to
somehow another put order to something that doesn't have order. I don't want to put order. No, I am working. I am in awe of the chaos. It's like an all room, okay and that's a native american religions too. They sit there and they give thanks to the north, to give thanks to some thanks to the e things. Us all. Religions are the same. Well thanks. Thanks for muslim religions, 'cause they have such a your problem with inbreeding that they've gone backwards in time. Oh you just did it again. He did dinner done? If I look at IRAN in nineteen sixty five and look at her and now they've gone backwards in time. Well, a lot of that has to do with war. A lot of that has to do with also fucked up shit. That's going in the middle marrying it through his cousin is what it has on our relying on them for oil, there's a
going on line of the oil, well, the showing them how to mine oil and then paying them tons of money. Well, that's also created these olick arcs created these monarchs. These people live insane amounts of power and wealth and control these these areas lets a crack. Then, if it's you hate it over there. Well, I just don't want to ruin our earth. I don't ruin the natural resources of our of our planet of our of our country. I don't necessarily think that the I don't think there's anything good about giving these people insane amounts of money. Or that there's anything good about relying on them. I think also were depended upon fossil fuels. How much we've innovated and that's this one direction and such an extreme way. I find people like Elon Musk, pretty fucking, fascinating, because he's too and figure out some way to do it in a different way, but every time you find out a way the left goes. No, I don't like If we just want to bitch of the left like we get a pipe from Canada, Fox NEWS. Yes, we get a pipe that goes
handed down here, how's that know it would kill a bunch of okay. How about we? We here? No, no So you want to continue dealing with these fucking in it's. What we have done, some really stupid things in the past that have ruined environments. That's the same, but what's what's Chernobyl, that's what's going on and it folks should well. Ball is a lot of different areas of this country that we could point to with all the the was a love canal. What's that one the the poise three mile island noun on there was and that there's a there's been quite a few of sure. Then I was safe. All the nuclear test that they've done. I love that one animated gifs, we see all the nuclear test throughout history and all the ones they've been disloyal. Lighten up in Nevada do do do do do do if you're, seeing that now, it's amazing it shows you nuclear tests throughout History- and you know you see like the first ones in the forties like boom like well boom and
then somewhere around, like nineteen fifties, 1960s they go crazy and and uh a lot of the just just over and over and over again racking off thousands of nuclear explosions and that that's how John Wayne died. He knows how the hulk was created. I don't think that's true. Hope this gamma rays is a different thing, but it was in Nevada at a test site. Was it not? Well, I think it was an icsp. Women with gamma radiation. That went wrong. Look at this. This is the thing This is an animated gif file and if you look, it shows the dates and then around one thousand nine hundred and forty, so then one thousand nine hundred and forty nine. Now this is we're coming in late, because why don't we see these Jamie there one boom, so this is late. You started at late time lapse of every day, so we're in the 1950s. Now the United State ones have already gone off. What's the matter with this, if you look at the time
up in the operating motor explosions. What's a matter with it! Well, we had set effect. Look at that boom boom, blowing up shit in the ocean that blown up shit, but there's a lot of those areas that are just extremely toxic. Now, like like Chernobyl, Chernobyl's a fucking mess, no focus user request does the Communists, but we have to use nuclear weapons. It ended world war. Two. The chinese Chinese, the Japanese, you know what they were doing. You gotta read this book the rape of Nanking broken. You know the end Lena Jolie Movie. She this guy Lee Louise, she ruined it, yeah Perini but the fact that I wrote a book now. The book is awesome. The movie blows right, but did she write the script? I was her baby service yeah each created it yeah. She did the movie of the book. I will get back to Mark Merritt. Eventually, okay, I had a lot of famous people,
but he said when he was a p o w in world war. Two, the reason I brought up Angelina Jolie's 'cause. I was going to say: if you hear, if you interested in unbroken, please don't be discouraged, shitty movie it's a unbelievable book with this p, o double was stranded on a fucking raft for thirty five days. He beat up sharks, he gotten fistfights with sharks. Anyway, In the book, when he's a japanese pow, he saw Jap these women and children being trained to fight, and this wash of doom came over him 'cause. He goes, oh, my god. After we kill all their men, they're still going to fucking right. How are we ever going to end this we're going to go right down to the women and children four year old, we fighting for year olds for this war's over and then Kaboom Kaboom let the whole island on fire horrible bombs, I'm not a pro nuclear guy ended the war,
but is there a lot of evidence? They were already willing to surrender. No, we didn't want to pay any attention to their their training. Women and children is not surrendering yeah, but that's just survival. Did you see it anecdotal evidence of training, women and children doesn't mean the country wasn't willing to give up. They were starving There is embargos, they're going to real bad play. There was evidence that Japan was willing to surrender now and then we just fucking bond them anyway. Yeah we bomb them 'cause. We wanted to make a point and we wanted to test out our shit really I'll have to look into that. This arguments on both sides. Obviously 'cause you're talking about something that took place seventy fucking years ago, it's a long ass time, but I think there's Arguments that can be made that they didn't have to do that. Can I get a bucket to pissing yeah? Well, you can go piss this bathroom right out there. Sorry about it. Man don't worry about. It will pause this bitch. Alright is a fascinating guy, isn't it it's it's it's good 'cause like he's fucking around, but in these not fucking around it's like a sort of it's uh.
Have like a low rent, gonzo journalism thing he's doing, but he's sort of he has like real opinions. And then he fucks around when you challenge those real opinions and says, like really brash things, that he doesn't really believe very Fox news ish. How to get Fox NEWS is but very fascinating that all these right wing guys they have to be religious. It's a part of the protocol. You have to align yourself with people that will blindly support you or will take you in if you were like you have to be religious, like Stephen Crowder, religious, Milo, Uniopolis, religious, all those guys they have in common that they represent the right and it's I don't necessarily even buy it. I don't, I don't think they really there really subscribing to, and I think you have to align yourself with people that level blindly sub,
but even that's like one of the best ways to do it Tell Reagan, got office right line himself with the fucking religious people. That's how we got in there. I don't know. There's this all Canadians think that America is run by Christians and then I moved here and I saw, much are atheists but running the country. Well, they have to say their christian. You have to see it Obama doesn't believe in God. How do you know Christian? I can tell. How can you tell look in his eyes the black? I can smell it. In fact, really yeah thing is gay uh. I have heard that rumor doesn't really wash, but I do believe a lot of conspiracy like what I don't think his birth certificate is real real. I think only one of his daughters is his birth daughter, whites yep. I never heard that word. You gonna talk to child. If you read Charles Johnson, on the Show- yes, he is he's a silly boy. Now he's a great guy.
Word beyond Nerd Ezero body such a nerd right and his research is fucking amazing. Well, he Definitely does a lot of reading goes after people. He said some preposterous shit like wet white. The thing about taking out Deray Mackison? He didn't mean shoot him doesn't matter the way you say it like saying it that when you say something like that, how much would it cost for someone to take him out like you have to? like really specific when you say something like that, when you talk about a marginalized figure whose uh not many people would say, a civil rights activist you should have said take down take down even is weird how about look up word on him, be real specifics to what you're looking for this is nitpicking. Maybe I got some guys want some gossip sure so I was, I do a show on Anthony Comey's network, and
I was going to be on race wars with Sherrod, small and Kurt Metzger. Now I hate Opie for what he did to Anthony what help you do now you mean that he didn't support him yeah. Should they should have left together their contract. Or at least put up a bit of a fight, or at least call the guy yeah. I think SIRI is probably offered him a lot of money right and he has a wife and kids Ok. So this is what you do. Internet thing was not serious a ton of money got a wife and kids. I know you do you do with the Jeremy Clarkson people at top gear. Did you just step back when Jeremy Clarkson got in that fight with the producer top gear fired at lunch? The guy after a twelve hour shift lost his temper James on Amy and Robert. What's works as it was the other guy's name whatever they days they step back, and they were okay, a word with the show's over we're not doing this anymore. When I doing without him and they do Why did they recast top gear and those guys are now doing their own show with
the Amazon network? That's fucking awesome. I wouldn't even ask of that. I would just say at least try like I had these friends who you know we're always trying to get pile, made in trying to get shows on the air and this guy would like a funny news show and they didn't like they like the concept to show that in like him as a host, an though how about you is the host, and we were all friends and he goes, they want me as the host and it's his show. What should I do? I don't I don't know what to do. I go fucking, call him and present the situation and go. This is a deal they're not going to hire. You talk open, no, stop it. I don't think they've spoken since, what's so and Anthony got fired those the last, they spoke. What he just thought, fuck you you fucked up. I don't need this shit. That's finally did yeah. Finally yeah. I think he was looking forward to an end. There's some fights on Youtube. Where there's a one show where he was like chewing grapes, I think he wasn't,
intention Anthony wasn't listening or hope he was chewing grapes. I can't remember the details were but hope he loses his In particular, this is going to last forever we're going to maybe another year so, but we're done yeah. I heard that one yeah and I'm even fine with that, but just called didn't go, I'm done. We live in this shitty society where people don't fucking talk to each other anymore, even even my anarcho punk friends, crass faith, they penny Rimbaud, the guys started. Cressy goes cons, we're getting all kinds of royalties from our songs and fuck them were never speaking again I go. Did you call Colin from conflict and he goes no. I just I mean that's why I heard that give him a call. It turns out. They had crash cover on one of their live albums and technically they show they've been giving the royalties from that side of that. Why don't you? I can call him anyway. That's a very specific instance. I know so race
course. So race was going to be on it. I am going to be on Wednesday to discuss exactly this, but I get this text from Kurt he's going to be so pissed, I'm bringing this up again, but it's but hey man do you have some opi shit going on and I and Anthony show along time ago. I don't feel strongly about Opie at all. Really. I am actually very new to Opie and Anthony, and I said I just notice as a new listener. Every time there's a fun drift going with Jim and ANT. That's funny, 'cause they're funny guys Opie would come in like a chip back and just go yeah. Well, you shower and I'll show her right guys and you just hear the vibe go brew and it would ruin the fun and I called him a torpid sloth, meaning a slow sloth, even torpid, Luminarias. I've never even heard that word great work. Thank you. I'll. Add that to the vernacular, lugubrious are great ways to salubrious. Lugubrious mean same thing slow. Why not? Just
slow sloth. That sounds like I learning language and I want to expand it. That's why I hate immigrants, someone they massacred everyday and so that's a beef I have with op, I guess right and by the way, with as far as beef. I'm sure both of us personally feel like one molecule of contempt. Okay, but if you ask me a bit about him, that's my opinion, so I opinion on Macy Gray. Not my cup of tea, the singer yeah, like I, don't, have a beef with Macy Gray. I just think she sucks. I don't even know where Sasha Why are black woman she's just have one really good song right, yeah, yeah choke, oh say goodbye and I choke. I think she banned in her kids actually from career here. Are you just making that up? No, maybe the nerd could look it up, but the nerd. How dare you
Maybe the super cool guy gets laid. A lot can look at it, but so anyway, Kurt goes uh. Do you have some weird beef with dopey? I think we gotta, we gotta, cancel you what yeah and So I gotta cancel you from a podcast. Have a beef with Opie. Why would he do that. To save his job, to save his job and then sure all right in sure, Roger because it's saving is g, his job, because it's on a p radio resources on a p radio. So, then? She rod call that's why you should be on a fucking network right there 'cause. I have people here that are our enemies with people were my friends and I'm friends with both of them and they have beef with each other and like acts like Dahmer, wherein Dice clay hate each other they're, both friends of mine, that's good, radio, it's I don't I'd, don't take sides in less there's something like if you just arguing like this guy sounds that guys either
to be some reason like you have done. This has to be some transgression that I can't accept. You know where I say I should put my foot down, but it's just this guy sounds like a chick. With the exception is: is this guy threatened your wife and kids or something it's a felony? I mean that's a more or you're a rat or steal jokes. There's kind of sure, but even stealing jokes. Actually one of my favorite things on the internet. Is you confronting Carlos Mencia? That's what you do You fucking go to the guy and go this joke this joke this joke this June. Oh well with that guy it kind of had to be done, but when you have people like that that's a reason to not have a mind like that makes sense like this is a sure, but even Carlos man see I I would say to mention today pay him on this show that would be fucking up. What happened him? Did you vanish exactly he's so dumb? If you had him on, you would just be all this is just fluff, the matter here. Then he leaves like there's. What is this name? Then you have to deal with them.
This student was on Opie and Anthony wants to lies, Tucker MAX yeah. He was talking with some threesome that he filmed and with a video beta tape and then like. Where is the tape, then? If you filmed it and he didn't know 'cause, he was lying and then they just go. Fuck outta here and he leaves and it's a fucking great clip and then it tore up his book. Yes, yes, yeah, but anyway she goes yeah and then charade Who sort of the alpha male lets show goes? He goes so I do is an imitation him. He says it's slavey, so I won't do it so av yeah. I I'm canadian. We don't do slavery ship, he goes and they get. I did it open it in cancel. You give I cancelled you and I go why and he goes, I want to be more informed and I go then Tech, me and go: did you threaten his kids and wife and then I would text no
and then you go you're, not an accusation. No, but I'm saying that's a reason to cancel so find out if it's the big one and then, if it's not say, let's have it on there and the same thing in which Jim Norton on Opie and Anthony back when it was Opie and Anthony he was doing show with vice and I scheduled to be on and he bumped it and I called them now Jim. Jim Shrine, occured. I love by the way. I'm sorry, I'm fucking talking shit, awesome dudes, but this is just a thing that I think someone did wrong. I mean Thank you. Jay walking in right, Jordan, jy so same goes. No. I wanted to be informed before I had you on an we fought for an hour and a half about this, and I couldn't get anywhere in there. It was like that David Cross thing about free lunch and I couldn't move forward. It was just how can you fucking believe that informed, but you always have a dossier on every guest and you understand everything instead of their lives, you did put me on 'cause. You had a vice show and you didn't wanna jeopardize it goes. No. I didn't want
bring up some beef with some advice that I didn't know about and I'm like well then Have it out on the air? Well, not only that, how much do a little research I mean, how long does it take to find out and asking if I had a guy on my show, who believes the earth is flat? I had a God's been fucking said of a Youtube clips he's angry and they made a hate video about me 'cause. I deny that the earth is flat and he finds inconsistencies with the space Station Photograph Solarius Huddle theory. I think it's adorable clearly wasn't informed on puddle theory when I had the guy on clearly I didn't go. Well, actually, the Antarctica has been explored in May, one thousand, nine hundred and thirty six blah blah blah blah blah. I was like so what's this, the earth is flat and then we discussed the flatter and what did the guys say was? Can I watch that episode of David Webb down rabbit hole deep down. The rabbit hole guy as well, I guess and stand in the arms a rabbit, hole yeah, but I would holes the earth is flat. He's one of many people who believe this yeah
it actually made him believe in God 'cause. He thought the great creator made this series of puddles there's a series of through enable together and talk about 1930s microphones and do it at three dicks Jesus fucking Christ. So what? What is the beef with? with vice. You guys started to get Shane Smith, a good friend of mine, but we never easy, though yeah I like that, guy. How dare you I like him? I like him he's I mean? I grew up with him about that hug. When I see him really wants to sweetie. I think that he Is not a friend of mine, but you grew up together yeah? When did it go wrong? Six, what happened. I think it was legally can't talk about it. 'cause I sold my shares, so I did a non disclosure non disparagement thing get paid. I got fucking incredibly paid, make great money since then too, but
I just keep hearing things about him when I go really. People believe that, like I got this, sorry recently uh, oh yeah, when I was in the bosnian war, is a war reporter writing about. Go and die. Four journalists are lazy and I'm like dude, you weren't even there and work reporters producers died, reporting on that war and you're talking about them like they're human garbage yeah. That's and no one ever looks it up. Charles C Johnson is one of the few guys who looks it up and goes you weren't fucking there you never work for AP. I don't know anything about That's I can't comment. Well when I write your name is a salesman in after we started the magazine. I never thought I'd be talking about him as a journalist because you never seem to have any kind of interest in it whatsoever, but well his videos of him. Going to all these different places are fucking extraordinary. Gotta admit that never seem really yeah. You should watch them and then maybe com, okay, yeah, that as far as he goes, I can't see I think about him. Post eight 'cause, I've never seen a
thing is done or anything. My problem, everything that I've seen is Posto. Nine ok every and I saw was post me starting this podcast, so we're not contradicting each other here, yeah yeah. I don't know, I don't know, but he said before what he's saying now, but I said this is how we sum up most splits like I was talking to Jill Abramson from the at times. You know her she's executive, I nor name sure sure she was ousted, but how dare they I go? It comes out to beers right, like you were going out for beers of Pitch Arthur Sulzberger, the the head of New York Times, and she goes yeah. Basically, I mean that's what all these splits come. Don't do. Is we stopped liking, each other? We don't go for beers, anymore, Opie and Anthony yeah, we're going out to dinner with friends. That's what's so great about the Japanese. They insist on beers and you have beers with someone that you work with you and super hot hunk. You
see you both human beings and that, though you disagree, I hate when DOT's aren't toasted too right and it just it's like a reboot of the humanity right of the a and right. I had while I wait for kids, you know they didn't and we stop hanging out and then any excuse was a reason to to split. So you agree to disagree somewhat on that. No, it was a horrible Of course it was lawyers and tons of horrible shit, but I'm saying that was the impetus. Is it's that simple? It's not like. There's some sort of big secret, like I fucked his girlfriend, do you wish that you were still involved in that. Could you start it it now? You see it grow and it's on HBO and it's a huge fucking thing online. It's massive! The only way I could always run percent of the content. I was the boss of that and they did sale. So how did it happen that Shane became the boss? Well, as we grew
we're doing mergers, and I think that you know that your salesman has power cuz he's bringing in the money so that salesman can start exercising that power if he wants- and so you know he when he said fuck you all of a sudden, I had this big influence and when I said fuck you back Kim lawyer things, but for me to still be there, I would have to be subservient to my previous employees in a sense like my salesman, Herb Tarlek would be Johnny Fever asking herb Tarlek if he could play a song France, but I'm I'm struggling to keep up with it, I can remember Johnny Fever, but herb is the girl, the sales guy yeah, okay, Charlie? Can les Nessman have taken over Wkrp and you're saying the Johnny fever? Would you like to come back to that? We care for you, Johnny Fever, yeah, who also gonna be Bailey. Maybe the check was it Bonnie, Anderson, yeah, Lonnie and Bailey
was the check I was a secretary. The vice is a totally different animal. Now right, yes, massive multimedia conglomerate, I don't know anything about it. I have a sudden got to be so weird, it's a house of cards, but you name it. I don't know. Yeah we were called voice of Montreal Suroosh named it less ness. Named, and it was a tax scam that these black Haitians were running and they just kept as a golden goose pretended. It was this mo cultural paper and they got their money and then we realized, I think, the hard chain that they don't want us to generate income because they just need us to be this tiny little bubble that they get paid to promote. You know is all this money in Canada to promote multiculturalism right, so we were a multi. Actual paper, but we wrote about skateboarding and punk bands and speakers paying the money. Yeah, never read the new sprint tablet and so
to become what it is now, so we left and to avoid litigation. I said: let's just change the name device from voice right and then we made up this lie where we said the village voice in New York threatened to sue's, so we had to change the name to survive and Canadians fucking salivate over any David and Goliath Story involving America, so it was in everything. It was in all the magazines all the papers coast to Coast, America's bowling, Canada again and no one looked it up and after you left so there's two thousand and six that's when it took off. You had to be like what the fuck I left in no way We left no way things start getting rocky analytics. We have the sale, and takes over a company. It's going to become more profitable. I mean my types of justice model, hospitable, but bigger I mean not just profitable, but the reach. Like what it's, what they've been acting like sour life, is sucking off a dude. In fact, they are really good job, but
I'm trying to get to that Woody Allen Movie in husbands and wives when they go. I saw your Ex wife shoes with Liam Neeson's. You look great Is that when you found Jesus, let me see no, I found Jesus and five any coincidence that that's when should start to go bad. Twelve months later. No, I mean I've never been very public about my religion, and my day is am I I don't even know how it came up in this podcast. I I honestly get uncomfortable when it comes up, because I feel like we're talking about my for skin or something I don't feel like. I will talk yeah your skin, yeah sort of saying your fill you talk about your for its like talking to my wife's talking about religion is like ugly interesting. So, but now, when you see vice like on HBO, do you have to like flip the channels or do you watch it? I've never watched it. It doesn't come up. I think it has come up once in awhile when I'm scrolling and I just keep scrolling, do you have a feeling like, like,
yeah photo of an old girl stain. I don't like those guys, so you know it's like an x band right right, right right, I don't enjoy it. I'm not enjoying this actually not join. This show will know know this show is great, but this topic. Ok, we don't talk about this. I love Anthony Anthony's. Fucking awesome, I think he's a national treasury freak great guy? But you know what he hasn't gone with. David is fifty year olds are kind of done, like they have their shit, that they like say David David Cross. Oh, they have their shit, they like and they're not looking for, and they don't want nuggies and they don't want to know. Wedgie wedgy, like I like I'm a buddy guy You fart it and you didn't say safety right. I said slut I get to slap you so with Anthony, I'm like alright were part of the network were buddies. Now, fucking Canadians live speed, buddies and he's like no I'm an old dude. I like watching fox and a plane with my cat, so he doesn't like to do anything.
He's not, as I don't know, I thought we become best friends after you were hoping. That's what you wanted to join for you wanted to Besty. Yes and it's town Corolla Show and same thing. I was like alright, so we getting wiener dogs or what's the deal here and he's just like by and walks out of the room and I'm like wait. A minute I don't ever get to be best, nobody gets to be best, for that. Am I don't get it? a little group going on. He doesn't want to hang fifty different projects going on simultaneously run. All the time duck I has tv shows he's got fuck and who knows how many God Damn podcast he runs simultaneously, is always racing cars and you don't have any time. No, but fifty year olds have established that fifty year olds get to a point where they go. I wanted to have fifty shows and a racing car and I did and then you show up and go. Are we best friends yet and filling kid can so and get him out? So you really? You really need to make friends at the church. Isn't that, like part of
what's good about church. Every time I've been to church. The people around me are losers, that's weird one, I think, the same old ladies incredibly obese, hideous people? Why 'cause there are desperate and there look for some sort of liberals. I mean that's the reason most medians are liberal because liberals don't have rules there like I'll, take anything. So all artists, artists, are liberal. What do you mean? The rules? Well? Think of the liberals and conservatives see painting conservatives goal: can you draw a hand? Does it look realistic? Liberals are like put a tampon in a teacup in a plus, so creative people ten to be left because the I thank you, Robert Mapplethorpe, from the cell. That's that's Larry's will confuse me for a long time, because I thought why are so many comedians liberal their analytical people by nature the investigation, yet their all pro Bernie Sanders. He wants to take you.
Why didn't you look up how much money rich people have and what the debt is think they're trying to find an alternative to what they think is a broken system, and they don't really investigate it. Deeply enough to rely is that what Bernie Sanders is saying like financially doesn't seem to be possible, like I don't think I've seen anybody say that the numbers jive yeah, but they don't look up the numbers, and I like someone send it to me about now, is a curious guy and that's what interesting people are there curious and most comedians are curious people who is marshmello to set this. You laugh weird, doesn't make sense, maybe it means minecraft about elaborate subjects in a blue collar way, but I don't get how people can be comedians, which means curious, an not have looked shit.
You could dream Warren Buffett and Bill gates and all those guys bank account it doesn't take up you bout of eighteen trillion. How would you not go that you heads will not only does not take like. I think, if you tax every single person in this country that makes a million dollars if you tax them one hundred percent, you don't even come across right, yeah, every single person, you don't take all of their money that they make. It doesn't come close. This is why I don't like arguing with Liberals- and I prefer, focusing on my disagreements with people on the right cas these they've done their fucking homework. Well, I just say I don't like rigid ideologies like I said I don't like the idea of a liberal or a conservative I'd say I think people locked themselves in these ideas and then this is as it like. I said about my friend, who is a Democrat like we've got a win if we win the scent like what was? What are you saying I go through with this? We, your
you are in you know, you're rooting for the raiders right now. The really is what it is, but if you conservative nation of immigrants or something like that, some sort of cliche thing they've already heard it so many times they go actually or nation of citizens and the board open sixty five will listen to what you just said. If you say that to a liberal, it's this, if you sad to conservative, they do this. My experience with with the left. They say things like well like you in GR, you go teachers, don't make enough. You hadn't looked up how much teachers make they don't make enough. It's still not enough money. Six. Bucks an hour isn't enough money? We agree that it should be private, because I think that when you have things private and you can make people fired an you know, you give contracts to companies that are competitive. You get a better product I think capitalism does work in a lot of ways. Charter schools are great and charter schools make less charter school teachers make less than public school teachers and their kicking ass and they get
in three months off a year. They go home at three hundred and twenty you know board would be. If you work that little I would be. I would look if I got off work three hundred and twenty. That would mean I'd have to go there at seven. I'd be fucking, tired and I would be. I would be looking for an app easiest job in the world. But my point is: I don't know that I found with the left when I bring up shit. They have never looked it up. Like you say, How many illegals are in the country? You say we're funding. How much does each student get as far as how we spend in what goes to them. The answers about twelve grand about one thousand bucks a month have any idea. They always say it's not enough, whatever it is, or with immigration, how many can be taken go more than now when you go there's thirty million, what's a good number one hundred million and they go more and I'm like you fucking hate, math. That's why you're a liberal. You just like the idea. Basically a woman, you like I'm, not saying you- I mean liberals and general, they just like the sentimentality like this.
They were immigrants by little mexican, my liberal! No, I don't think so. What am I I think you're, mostly a libertarian yeah. I would probably say that I'm a liberty for everything but open borders. I don't understand why they want open borders. Well, because we feel, like the people in the other countries, got a shitty deal. They got a bad roll. The dice and they're stuck in this really roll. The dice. Thank you have option. Is a SH roll, the dice evolution from Mexico, Mexico sucks because of Mexicans? What if they contributed to society in the past one hundred years, exactly those that Chipotle Vincente Fox said when he was challenged. Please give us a mexican innovation from the past one hundred years and he goes the taco Delicious food he's got a point. Yes, it is not about some broke, I notice in California when I bring up, makes and some people get uncomfortable because it's like my parents, I like food. I love Mexican and the since we have by the way it's power does a free, funny ones. Northern
Mexico, you know different regions have their diff. I mean like in Britain the Scots are known as funny right for some reason, northerners are was funnier, maybe it's colder yeah. They have sense of humor 'cause, it's fucking freezing yeah, so we get the best as far as cool guys. To hang with an I love, but my movie, how to be a man did incredibly well with Stan X more than it was years us. What is on it? Nine, where the so I did. A movie called how to be a man what it. What was it? It's a comedy about a guy who's dying of fiction, yes and his recording v, videos for his unborn son. So after he dies the kid can watch the videos and learn from that which we stole from the Michael Keaton Movie, which we mentioned in the film overtime and I just assumed it would do well with hipsters. Then we got the demo back and it was like all Hispanics they're, the only ones into how to be a man most millennials, think it's a bad thing to be a man ha. But anyway, so I love Mexakinz right, but we just don't
come on over here. The way we have immigration work now is a fucking disgusting. That's funny! You say that 'cause you're, an immigrant yeah I took ten years. Ten thousand bucks brought a heap load of jobs and I got punished for it we punished it was charged. Ten grant it took me ten years, but that doesn't seem like punishment. That seems, like you, paid a price: fucking citizenship, I'm another! Six hundred. Bucks away in a bullshit test about what color is the flag. Why do you want to be an american citizen? You don't want to be a citizen of United's right now. If I drunk driver do something bad, it could fuck up my green card and shit like that. Oh so you be able to drunk drive. So that's why he wanted american citizenship. That's not why, but I do thoroughly enjoy drunk driving. I think it's really yeah. Do you drive drunk? No, it's the best cycling, a video game. Oh come on man, you don't mean black out, but
seven beers, that's a fun drive, God, damn dude, that's really drunk like your fucking reaction times. Terrable something happens. You get slammed right into things. No drunk driving is a myth. Wow. What do you mean? It's a myth. What does that mean? I mean the world wouldn't be better. If the I wouldn't change, if it was made, legal people would not people, don't jeopardize their own safety. It's you know when America in New York. Sorry, it's legal to drive after two beers. You shouldn't be commanding a vehicle if you can't handle it onto two beers right now, yeah it! So what is it eight or oh, nine, dot? Nine! Well that I think is low, but I think it's also a revenue collecting device totaly. You know, I think recycling. I think if you could do a test of people's coordination and after two beers you find it's really not much different than being sober, but seven beers, big fucking, different driving, is simp.
Think of how I drive is not simple. If something goes wrong and you have to make a split second decision and your reaction times picked up so a collision occurs that wouldn't have occured. If you weren't drunk, that's where it becomes a personal super anti drunk driving. If the shit hits the fan, the shit hits the fan you can. Keep it to get shit. Sport fan something happens in front of you at the ram on your brakes, a deer, a purse. When someone makes a mistake, someone goes into your lane. You could call the collision because you're drunk where you would avoid it. If you were sober, that's a fact, people are jumping on the highway now, why don't send this scenario? Ours, cars, making a mistake, someone coming in to come in your lane, value bonked? No, you don't bonk! You collide and people die. It happens. All the time car accidents on the highway or fucking deadly people happy all the time you can accidentally like Caitlyn Jenner did push someone into fucking traffic and get his head on text is way more dangerous than texting. You spaced out. She was texting while he was. He then Why do you say I think I already had fake tits He was at least
bold like then he had a sweatshirt on and he was like a lazy based up at that big face. The big man face, but turn this texting my camera, so I don't think he was. I don't think that's ever been proven. I think that was part of the investigation will not be my main platform when I run for president, but I think drunk driving is not an issue I thoroughly enjoyed it. I mean I've Roger Avery, drunk driving, okay pulp fiction, Quentin Tarantino. Hundreds of right now would think of how many cars going off road directions. So this is right and we only have what forty thousand deaths a year. But don't you think that people, like are less likely to drunk drive because they're terrified of losing their licenses terrified yeah, so they do it less so that less fun! That's why LA is left on fun. La is not fun. Because people have a hard time talking me because I don't know when you're fucking around and when you're, when you're being really serious la sucks. I fucking hate the but you you do know one is sort on here. Silly
The bars don't open at any given time and evidence petrified of drunk driving, so they don't even drink. When they go out, people go now. They do drink. They get ubers over everywhere was recent yeah, but that's what they do. Okay! Well, I I can't take it away to really Brealey Buber going back like three years now, Sometime when la really sucks I've been coming here with two, the uber things like one one slash two, maybe like we're, really people, voted! It maybe la is getting better since uber, but the la I know is fucking shit, ITALY dressed squares. What about you junker? You you make friendly! Well, just you think. That's guitar, yeah, I'll, kill you at that time. That's prob problem with that time.
If you go- and I do- and I agree can also portions talk to you if you got an altercation kill you with that, I do you know that it's not good for combat. It's, not a good combo terrable, but if you are at least you have a leash around your neck and I control you with that. I'm not wearing it into the cage match, get my hands underneath that thing and I twist so you're getting defensive because I'm criticizing your town. No, I'm not! So you know I just live here. You must go to New York and go holy fuck. Now it's ridiculous to Disneyland, not fun. I don't think it's a good idea to have that many people jammed into a place whether it's here or there. I don't like it We don't have that problem here. You holder person, sidewalk empty cup, fucking tumbleweed person palm trees. Not even would that's not a tree. No, it's not supplant it's a disgusting hideous plane. Why is it not a treasured? Why is it not a true? You can't get wood from it's right. It's got
Edlis hanging off it. You go to like a carpet store in West Hollywood and you go. Oh, is this must be abandoned? The paint is chipping off. No one likes this place. Now it's open. It's actually super expensive yeah, but in New York you can't even push your fucking car. They have these, so we don't need accounts of car. You take the subway. I am an American and I enjoy automobiles. Then take the car when you work in the country you're. Only in thirty minutes from awesome, forests and fucking shooting bears you mean over there up there. Well, I shot milk an hour and a half away from here. Ok! Well, that's pretty much earth earth. An hour and a half away from Elk this man, maybe not Europe, but as far as you know, where you would want to hunt you're, usually an hour and a half away from nature. Do you want not like LA sucks? No, I don't think Ideal, but I think LA has a lot of great things. I think the real problem is overpopulation. I think whenever you have too- and you know
also. I notice San Diego man. I worked in San Diego last night and move down in San Diego. We had to leave at one thousand two hundred and thirty, and it took us it took us three hours to get there, which is pretty good. I mean it's really two hour drive with an hour of traffic. That's not bad, but the last app or was all San Diego traffic, and I was like wow. This is crazy different than it used to be a few years ago, gotten a lot worse. San Diego fucking reeks, I don't mean stinks literally, but figuratively, reeks way worse in LA and a lot of bums, I think skateboarding is illegal. There, that's a shit What's a very conservative city, yeah San Diego smells love it there and it's like they're telling me that they suck black guys dicks on the weekends. I like. I go. What it's a conservative town? It's out of a lot of military people, a lot of bait. You know it's the base. Is there?
the best cities in the world who tracked what's that it's near Amsterdam, so game stand without the jocks. Ok, Barcelona are Barcelona's. Pretty awesome. My friend Chris Ryan just he's moving back. There isn't Paris, Para New York City Montreal, so when you're in New York City do you take cabs, do do give subway every way over now full day closure. You say you don't know when I'm kidding, I'm serious, I'm kind of being pre. Two thousand and fifteen Gavie at forty five, with three kids in New York's been there fifteen years. To be totally honest, this kills my argument, but it is wearing on me a little bit. I appreciate your honesty yeah I mean I don't I don't think of reason to have blind allegiance tours a particular spot. I did for a long time, but there's a lot of great two rats at once: regularly fucking, I'm done with the city. To be honest, did you see the video there
that killing the pigeon oh Anthony had that on his show yeah? It's amazing Unf, I didn't know they hunted hunted yeah and chased him like last him for a bit and then how to chase him and got him again like it was bombs everywhere. You know what drives me, nuts about New York, sorry Pref, two thousand and fifteen gap, this fucking kids dancing on the subway for money and their swinging around the poles. You know what this now, they fuck him so to get on the subway Canseco a money yeah about to do so yeah in each room and they get out and the they're doing, isn't a press if they're swinging around a pole on the train- and you go- that's a stripper pole faggot your not as good as the strippers, I usually see you're a loser and then they'll do shit like, though so they'll go uh
right down and slide into slowly, and you can see the people just move your going. Oh, my god and I will go to a Strip club and you'll, see way better shot than that, and then they do this thing with their hat with a flip, and plop it on their head, like that's hard like, if, if we were top outside no baseball hat or the connection, their teeth and flip it on their head, if we bring at an outside bar and you did that I would go. Oh ok, yeah. It would be windows annoying. It is annoying. It's fucking annoying. You know that was going on yeah, it's a thing. Most people don't know this dear educating a lot of folks. Are they will kick you in the head to really well by accident, So when they're spinning around old new Yorkers, those fucking guys start near me and they fucking touch me there going down wow? And it's like seven hundred and fifteen year old, Yorker impression akin to old school irish helds, kitchen guy Hells, kitchen yeah, that's the nights I'm in and those guys are fucking 'cause. I said when
say shit like that. I go yeah but then you're in the New York Post. In that little sliver that says Manning Subway stabbed to death after all, location. Well, how much violence does go on in the subways 'cause. You always hear about the bad incidents, but every day millions of people are going back and forth back and forth back and forth and crime in New York. There's a murder a day. All e New York bloods Crips gangs are in a day one a day on average, more maybe four hundred a year, yeah. Well, West Hollywood only had one murder. This whole year happened in the comedy store a couple of nights ago. No way. Yeah yeah, who was a don, bears ha ha. He killed and killed on stage now, so there was a guy who apparently wasn't even a comic and he was out on the patio and someone walked up to him and shot him. Six comes in front, everybody yeah, maybe brutal debt, they think it was gang related. It's all speculation yeah and it was
They had a black comedy night urban in quotes urban comedy night, and they had some. Used with gang members there before allegedly oh, he probably made fun of a dude. I don't think so. He wasn't a comic, oh yeah. They think you just is a guy that they knew he was going to be there. Compton culture visiting yeah is Tollywood another, seeing what they go through every day, probably something along those lines. But I found it amazing that that was the only murder in Hollywood for a year, wasn't at all gays in Hollywood, West Hollywood that area um like below that is very gay, not all gays, but a lot of straight people move to those areas, because there super safe 'cause where the gays live like they take care of everything. Well Geiser, happy 'cause. They get laid a lot that makes a big difference, see that kills your argument about gays having a problem
seems like I never said they have a problem. It's good, like, I think, gay marriage, gay marriage is a tiny contingent of bitchy gays. Most gays don't give a fuck. Now what we never figured out. What did Mary get upset? it was. It was after the show said, the problem with education is systemic. Word I hate more than the word bat crazy. You don't hate. I hate match shit. What the fuck does that mean well batch? It is really dangerous. Guano! Oh, I never knew that now. This is funny story. Making me hate the word less. There was these scientists and there's a particular cave in Africa, and so I had set up to make this video of these bats coming out of because millions and millions of bats on a nightly basis come out as K, so they set up set up the cameras. What they didn't anticipate is that these bats, when they come out of the cave, they release their bowels, oh instantly, so they were literally covered in bat. Shit like sway,
warms and millions and millions of bats shitting all over them and they developed these hemorrhagic viruses he's horrible diseases bleeding from their eyes so horrific and they were dead within a week and they don't know. Why killed them and they they all they had to. Can I don't imagine crazy anymore now, thank you, for that is dangerous, this again, yeah god, but we're gonna wrap this up soon. Anyway, did you come back read for Fanduel. No. I don't do reads during the show: it's falling apart little bit phone apart as Blatter, so you know the diesel often teacher wages. Okay, let's see what this course is: th closer fifteen to twenty bucks average. This is a! U M!
Okay, Lego, yeah, median hourly rate by job yeah. I didn't believe that sixty dollars an hour that seems kind of silly is he serve. It's really interesting because he's a very smart guy, but it's almost like he's purposely like sabotaging real intellectual debate. He, like kind of what I said, Fox NEWS earlier. It's just like they're making points to make a point, and then they would argue the point we gets into it and then he sabotaged it with humor. Thank you up at night, it's almost like there's a strategic use of the Word faggot, hey! Look at the actual statistics for how much teachers get paid. It's a lot less eleven dollars for substitute teacher fourteen dollars for preschool elementary school fifteen dollars an hour high school twenty dollars. Now imagine getting twenty dollars, that's the highest rate they get by the way, but imagine
twenty dollars stats out of my ass. Look this up but have a seat. So we could hear you on the microphone. Ok, get a beer is it just for what is the source, pay scale, dot com and keep it up there Where is this? Where are they getting this from payscale dot com, ling of seven one thousand two hundred people from Olympia now you'll get totally diff numbers the teachers get hobby is the most powerful union in the world. They fund both sides on Capitol Hill? So it's more than an IRA see! This is like black help. Actors and nine hundred and eleven was an inside job, and then teachers really getting millions of dollars. They act like the mafia, like you, will you will get your windows smashed when you fuck, with the they call the NEA
you guys anyway, back to the Mark man thing you guys had a problem with the worst word, systemic and back crazy. Sorry, I should crazy. So I said- and he said this- not just one thing right. I agree with him and I got sense. I go yes, there is just one thing and what is not one thing make it possible to fire a public school teacher that would help that would certainly help appreciations in Harlem with charter schools. They can get fired and Harlem's doing awesome with that. Just one LE nothing, but what did he get upset about those the transform guessing that that's why he didn't like to show just as far as verifiable it was in the tank the show, and then, when my transphobia controversy exploded 'cause, he wrote that article, he his people whatever said we're, not airing. This show because judge sing by your views on Trans people. The interviews now incomplete hum. So I guess it was like saying we entered the head of the KKK about fruits and veggies
tools and then found out later is the head of the KKK. This would look stupid to put out talking about food, the whole time or say I shot the president after you go away. And we talked the guy killed the president and we didn't mention shooting the president so because of the fact that you Article came out after the interview. He couldn't just release the interview because it didn't discuss this very important topic. If that's his side. Yes, it seems like it. It's not that important topic except to those people or if you're talking about that subject. I don't think that the subject of transgender people is like an integral part of who you are or call, or have you, people call me and I'm I'm in la all the time they are doing a demo say the date or essay hey. I did So you were this weird. You don't think it's cool to cut your cock off, let's discuss, but you did not think it's do you think people should be able to do whatever they want? Yes, but we're getting back to this gay marriage thing when you normalize the transgendered we end up in a situation where kids are taking hormone blockers to prevent puberty
were clapping like monk in losers, when uh, oh boy, a little gay boy gets female estrogen, then when should it be? Ok, like with Bailey Jay, you look at Bailey. Why doesn't she look like that? Slightly changed mentally ill gay men, a mental Bill Gay man whom I like a guy what's mentally ill. He doesn't think he's a man, that's a gender dysphoria that is so documented as a mental disorder. Well? Well, I think I like about him is he can cut as to its off when he realizes? What's going on to be normal with there's no old Bailey Jay, you realize there's no, like I am barely J. I've been gardening all day or my knight in shining on now they don't what they do. Buy some small suicide. They fuckin they go back, become a mess head and they get stabbed in uh that drug deal or no that they remove. Someone argue with Jesse and it's almost like what they want to be a woman you're. Not you can't be a woman, you can't be a bad, you can't be a giraffe,
becoming a woman is not something you get off the shelf. What's the matter with homosexuals but they don't want to be homosexual. Like a lot of 'em like issue is perfect example the one that we were talking about, the MMA fighter. She is now a lesbian. She still likes women like she was. She was a man for thirty years and then became a woman who still likes women. She is a wildly mentally disturbed gay, wait straight straight: yeah yeah, that's fucking, crazy, straight dude, Jesus, crazy man. That's a great example. Thank you brought that up because you're saying what's your problem, why do you hate all this shit and I go? Obviously I don't fucking care like if you're on. Mountain and you do something yourself. You can cut your face off. There was just a in the news she decided want to be blind and had a physician pushes nonsensical sunrise, she's blind fucking insane want to make that illegal, but I want to also say, let's not normalize, this 'cause someone who is kind of dumb and crazy and thinks they want
right now. You've made it okay, so the MMA fight is a perfect example of the problem with this whole live and let live thing 'cause. Now we dude with tits and a fake cunt kicking the shit outta chicks, where there was a really funny time where this guy was when Rachel Dolezal came out as Trans racial. This guy is, boarding transracial and but he was right. He was, but he was joking. He was strolling and there was some. The people that were arguing back and forth on his twitter page. The comic I guess from England and You know it was calling it wrong. Skin hash tag on the skin, and but it was. It was a whole areas to watch the semantics arguments. Here's one the you'll find funny. I got into argument with someone about the MMA thing and about the woman who was a man for thirty years. That became a woman, and she said she was always a woman, and I said really, I said even when she was a man having sex with another woman and making a baby, and she said even then,
I'm like that's insane durable. I said that about Caitlin Jenner, so that means Kris Jenner was raped. Could she thought she was having sex with a man right to step and it was a woman deception? So that's a crime I assumed it is New Jersey, especially in the definition of rape today, where, if you regret it, it's rape, yes, and if you look at him funny after it's over that was bullshit, that's right got it for grading sex was rape. I would be doing ten life sentences, so the whole thing that's going on with drinking where the man always gets accused of rape, if two people are drinking together right as the woman is drunk, if the woman is drunk and doing one of your favorite things drunk driving and she kills people she's rich possible for her actions, but if a woman is drunk and she has sex with a man, apparently she cannot consent. That's another great example of what we're talking about, because in the mma situation you lied and said women or men, and I have a man being a shared. Well, she didn't realize she didn't disclose the fact that she used to be a man. That's how she
but it's a medical condition actually so utilize any funded, gotta check beating up and then with the drinking thing you go away, so all drunk sex is rape. Now we like there was a woman who was kicked off a flight for Joy Mile high club, really yeah 'cause. She was belligerent and she was fucking, some dude, the bathroom and screaming oh, like wasted my kinda girl, and then she gets in a fight with the staff, the stewards or whatever they're called these days, the waitresses in the sky and uh she gets arrested. She was fist, fighting them screaming, and and you go wait a minute you were raped. You were drunk drunk your drunk having sex, so you should be charging that guy. When you reinvent the system and change all the definitions, you have to take into account. The victims
like well they've kind of abandoned the alcohol thing outside of colleges. Feminists were pushing that for a few years ago they were trying to push it nationwide, but then it became preposterous 'cause. You realize everyone's a fucking rapist, 'cause, the whole country is filled with rapists because socially people drink and that's how they want to fucking. So the people under the influence that we're having sex is like eighty percent. It's something it's something nut! That's why we're here I mean I wouldn't be alive if drunk sex was rape or illegal, but when you do all this shit, an you reboot, the system, What you're actually doing is trivializing reality and if you say, drunk sex is rape, some fucking woman who was raped knifepoint by a guy in a ski mask, is now your peer you've, just trivialize that and when you say Rachel Dolezal is black use trivialized, every black person's experience, who grew up with real race. And when you say that Caitlyn Jenner is a woman. You trivialize womanhood now like this woman who gave birth and had
the grandmother and there's a family reunion and she's the matriarch that basically built all these sixty people. She is the same. Is this fucking guy who put some fake, tits, Bailey Jay, you've, that's sexist, you've, trivialized, it Well, it's certainly a weird thing. I don't know We have trivialized anyway, 'cause, I don't get diminishes real women in any way, shape or form does not in my eyes. Ok, I'm a woman. We are, we have been suffering, we are oppressed, we get rape, and then some dude in a way goes yeah, it's a fun insane. We getting harassed on the street and she's looking at him going well, I was actually really raped. So was I I had drunk sex. Will you just shat on her whole experience with your bullshit wig? I don't know if you do, but chain. I see what you're saying I just could not. When I put on blackface Tristan, go in the million man March and go all this shit
outrageous man, but what about the guy? Who is one of the guys from black labs matter on king, whose white, like I. Look on the same liberal kid I was when I was a punk teenager right. I don't like Rachel Dolezal and Sean King 'cause they're racist racist, but they identify black people. They are trivializing. The black experience I'd like is Lamb because their sexist. I don't like fucking feminists because they dip women of the joy of having babies an they trivialize. What is to be a real woman. Their whole sort of ant southern Belle thing is anti woman, I'm still a feminist anti racist, fucking, punk rocker. You're, a feminist, I'm a feminist in the sense that I as Donald Trump says, I adore woman. I like women, I think, think, that's the definition of feminist a feminist is someone who that definitely chat just merit to femininity to women.
Yeah, that's how they use it, though I know that today it means you're, a feminist. I think men are women. You think women are bad ass and kick ass. Torrent kick ass, two and they're doing circle kicks my favorite is when they say that if you are a feminist, there's no need for any other sort of equality, gender equality issue, because feminism addresses all of it. So there's no need to have mens rights issues because once Feminism is completely achieved once female rights are. Go to men's rights, then they will all the other rights. I actually I talked to a family, but that- and I said okay, so you must hate them out of prison rape going on at with men right and she goes yes, we do and I go. I can't even conceive of feminist standing outside of prison. Mmhm Packards going stop the raping of these guys. Well, the problem isn't being raped by guys like when they say that more men obliterated when they made their humanists. They don't care. If it's meant well, I think a lot
when you, when you're looking at, is really unattractive women. That happened just so happen to be feminists. Again we're not saying that all feminists are unattractive, but I I have friends and I'm sure you do too that are just ugly dudes and they grow to hate women, because they're just associate women with rejection and feeling bad they're. Just getting constantly shit on by women like fuck these bitches and they develop that sort of mentality. It seems to be like a natural course of progression that some really unattractive women would be like really hostile to men too, because all their life they've been rejected and made to feel terrible by men right yeah. I agree, but I don't understand why they don't try, try what grow your hair, long where high heel shoes, maybe they around at last, call an I'll fuck you but here's the thing of really hot chick with purple hair and it's short and she's gotta fucking bangin body out of fuck the shit out of it. You don't even care, you don't even care you like you sexy bitch.
We don't like short hair. We don't like stocks, but I used to date this croatian shaved head she's hot as far off when you them from behind it, looks like a dude. Does I don't like that at a great rate, small dude, with a big gas, the fact well, they're, the only it it it. We have a women talk about unattainable expectations for men, that gays and women cumming and put those expectations. We're pretty cool, grow. Your hair, long wear high heel shoes, even if you're fat put on a some lingerie, more work it out. Do you think this is what's going on with a lot of this? Is that there's a lot of people that are they? They have the standards that they feel like they've they're supposed to they're supposed to uphold or they're supposed to live up to, but now they have a voice. They have a voice because the internet, because they find like minded people online. Then they get really active in those communities and it gives them a sense of community and a sense of purpose that they never had before totaly yeah. They don't really.
Leave it. I saw some feminist girl, you know they hold their stupid, fucking signs. I love those science and sign said I'm sorry, my breasts- aren't big enough and she had like pretty decent tits and I'm thinking alpha come on your like. I don't care that is coming into my right there, what you have, and maybe maybe one guy in my life who likes big- I I did the girl at fictive and she sat me down. We had a talk where she told me. I had to pay more attention to her breasts 'cause. I would be like face neck ass shoulders. She put down and had a talk, yeah 'cause she's like what did she say? You need to pay more attention to my breast wow Actually, my dad could have those I can't get in. I can feel the scene yeah well the old ones, especially the really good. Now they have some new ones now they're, like they're they're, a solid instead of a bag of water. Now it's like
a silicon mushy thing where it feels exactly like breast tissue. Allegedly I, like your shitty tests, you like regular natural to I like it's. It's like my body Trevor said he goes when I was twenty. I dated a girl which, but it's an I hated it, but I was sure, would mind fucking with him right now, like a girl doggy style and they're hanging down like fucking bags and swinging, I couldn't look at them or I'd. Come wow really yeah when you get older your your spectrum of attractiveness, increases and you're. Like I'm fucking from Heineken sort of smell poo. I love Oh just a faint whiff, yeah. Don't you like a womans ass in your face like a woman who washes that ass first growth? I know too much about bacteria. Oh that's it! Could you hold the line? You know a all this time you thing yeah I've taken on their paranoia, but just is it on a show you, my friend staph infection that almost killed him. I once we face, I don't break for queens. You know
if I go in and you hear that and they they sort of want to stop yeah Rick for the that's like I'm driving on the highway. When someone goes hey. Okay, let me ask you this: do you when they're on the period I used, but, as I got older and now I don't give a I used to fuk with Shane a lot and how dare you we would accidentally touch dicks, times like one time I was like that operation game. I thought I was fucking a girl in her ass and it went into her cunt and actually went into his condom and so I'm looking down at her how looses his con? What is it a fucking trash bag? I was harder than makes sense path of least resistance. So looking down at minute things up, I swear to God. You got inside his condom, so you, in the car whenever believes me about the container, so you guys could rub dicks together that wasn't the plan but I was I was like I'm fucking, this bitches ass and I looked down and I see an asshole and I'm like how assholes, this woman, half I'm at least one of them and then I reach down and I feel condom how drunk were you guys not drunk at all? Why do
do not know where you put in your dick? Don't you look what do looking at over your fucking, only ass you're pushing and pushing and pushing, and then you sort of feel and then it slipped yeah. So go. Oh! That must have gone into a hold the one that was pushing his girl doing the whole time. Calling workers villages like Donald Sutherland, an invasion of the body snatchers well she's got two dicks in her vagina, she's fucking buster, listen, she was from Malta. I hate to wrap this up on a on a high note like that, but where time Did you hear the end of the story? I'm sure please. So anyway, I've reached down. I go. I didn't have a condom on. I have a condom on and then I pull out my busted on her butt and that people go but you. The deck, but when you're doing that kind of stuff, it's like two mobsters digging a hole for a body and their shovels. Clink, you don't fucking care you're at work. I understand I see, I wanted glad you rap that up nice and tight um. How can people see a show on the Anthony
anthonycumia dot com if you're, especially thorough, anti dot com? Gavin is it available in audio form as well yeah. It is, and they uh to do a best of every week. That's free that has legion, skanks and Anthony Cumia. My show show- and I do a column- j the AJ and hilarious one time he was talking shit about me, saying Gavin says a lot of shit, but I shot him down once and I knew they were nearby. So I got that. He said he shot you down, yeah Kim what well I keep nailed one of my arguments. He pointed out. Okay, so you've drove over there and I don't know if it was live and it's like what I hear. All the time. What was the thing and I'm sorry I can't remember the exact things that you said not directed a and then later you said that it up and that notch let you down- and I was like that- is actually exactly what happened
so for the and went home nailed. It happens all right. Thank you. This was fun share brother thanks very much. Thank you. Alright Gavin, translate German would be back, see you soon, bye, bye, big kiss. Thank you, everybody for tune into the podcast and thank you. Two are sponsors. Thanks to square space, go to squarespace dot com and you use the promo code, Joe to save ten percent off your first purchase that square space dot com thanks also to stamps dot com go to stamps dot. Com use the promo so JRE for this special offer a four week trial, plus a one hundred and ten dollars bonus, offer which includes a digital scale. And free postage and thanks to me, undies the most comfortable, most awesome underwear on the mother, fuck
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