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#712 - Wim Hof

2015-10-21 | 🔗
Wim Hof is a Dutch world record holder, adventurer and daredevil, commonly nicknamed the Iceman for his ability to withstand extreme cold.
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is it an academy link on the website which is filled with video in articles and also to shit for free and work solutions and great inspirational stuff but did the jim is actually austin texas and it is fuckin fantastic it is my favorite on the planet earth and if i lived in austin i'd be there every day go who on it used a code word broken save yourself some mother farc in a set were done my guest today is a true it's a true honour to have this guy on one of them beautiful things about having a pike asked is there find out about somebody really cool neither staff are watch a video on them and then i get to talk to them i get to sit down with them and pick their bread just be in their presence and get charged by them and boy this guy was a real treat his name's whim hoff
you may know him as the ice man vice did a documentary on him he is theirs met been many articles written on him and he is anyone say too much about it i want to let the podcast we're describe what he is but he is a really incredibly unique human being with a very amazing way of of breathing an amazing way of recharging his body and optimizing his immune system and i just can't tell too much about him going into it but this guy's lists of accomplishments in physical feeds are an incredible if you google you you get a whole list of it from wikipedia and what but the pot gases amazing and just cause fox so without any further do please welcome whim half
the job will gain experience bob were live career would not a wolf shirt on nonetheless yes you're gonna zone is something but this morning of their logo to indians and if then its beach venice beach lakota indians they're probably knowledge it probably pakistan i am probably border this symbol symbolizes endurance but not you know not to kill endurance though i do a dead stuff but they're more like a believing you we have a very fascinating life my friend in you have done some amazing things i've i've been paying attention to four last couple months pretty pretty essentially in the leading up this pod gas have been researching you a lot and
first of all i want to know how did all this get started people who don't know who you are you ve accomplished a ton of world records you ve endure things that most people think may be physically impossible you proven their possible you ve shown that you can alter your immune system on demand you can you can regulate levels of stress hormones that people thought were and unable to controlled by the human mind that we're autonomous and you're doing this all like on your own i've never heard of anybody else doing it further but how did you it started in this and what led you to this yes like many probably i wasn't solar search and there i visited many countries traditions languages as the terek disciplines and ultra light karate kung fu yoga but also the
raise the sioux fee buddhism all kinds of tradition and disciplines but it could not really fulfil me in depth a certain day was someday i was attracted to cool water i don't know why but because i was seeking already for years you have a child whether you you always keep on looking searching seeking and at that moment i felt the attraction and i know i'm gonna go in in our eyes water and it only took me thirty second saw one minute it took but i felt this is it this is able to connect me with a death
of my physiology the way nature has meant to be so it fail to good i felt connected does not something you were drawn to before not really now yet per accident was more conscious at that moment from there i began to do it every day seventeen years old i was done about thirty eight years ago from there i began to do it on daily here in our everyday this is in holland that this is in the netherlands and the matter let her know where it's cold water water transmits do temperature like twenty five times more than the air so am i i returned the other day and there and the other day because i felt a good i felt connected and it's all about it's all about the connection
within which i was looking for the depth which i could not find in books i read about hundreds of books in philosophy on religion on as the terek disciplines all kinds of books you know it's search search inserted but the answer is not to be had answer is in the body and the brain together and cold water triggered this and out from their out the cold water at a certain point you do irregularly you become conscious you breathing pattern is gonna change because you gotta be more effective you need more oxygen to withstand the impact of the cold and that needs oxygen at combustion in the cell and feeling it was doing that and i changed my breeding pattern and when eighty
my breathing pet it is when the magic began then i began to see lights by manipulating there breathing differently lights like hausa there in india yoga they call it the czech grass in in china they call it a key the tea and and so forth and i found out that this was very possible in a very short period of time and this is nothing someone's showed you how to do this summer figured out on your own decline is my only master the cold is my only teacher in the reading pony say you altered your breeding patterns like what do you mean exactly like when i went in at a certain point i knew how to be a very relaxed girl went in and then later caracoled impact
go went in and then begin breathing deeper and then a certain dance between the cold and you bring a breath begins to start up begins to charge you buddy and after twenty five breath like dad very conscious in the cold cold is of forests and it has its impact go along with a cold and what it does indeed figure on the physiology and you you you breathing now i know what happens physiological but then those days it was all by feeling and i'll do it does happen physiological are you become a fully charged the carbon dioxide goes out oh to get begins to rome freely throughout the body and failed up every cell and p h levels go up
no one you when you say you altered your breathing we will you show me here just breathing in and breathing out what is put specifically different about that the normal breathing way i used it what i was like after twenty five brass was so fully charged i could stay like five to seven minutes under the ice every time very controlled and that means that there is not only a whole lot of oxygen side to body india but the ph level to go up now this later on i began to understand by sea bye bye thinking about it and an deducting and all that i saw that that we able to tap into the brain stem the adrenaline
we showed lying in bad people appeared the producing more adrenaline now i know how to show to people just in a couple of days that means ever listener right now is able to do that we have proven their scientifically and it showed that people lying in bed were able to produce more adrenalin then somebody in fear going for its first bunker jump bunch jump and when but you're still i'm still confused as to how you you're doing anything differently than deep breathing you taken a deep bree then indeed breathed out and now we re tenth from breathing after exhalation returned we stop breed after exhalation zones free then like show me the method like if have you ever you agree with me that a thirty times soccer let go of fully in rwanda folliot
letting go right on fully and butler finger not fully out just language but fully it once again i want to get come up though as dead give it about change the chemistry right now in your body so long everything is going to be got become light had it a certain point you so fully charged and be age level go to a very high level europe to stay without end along four minutes just keep on feeling is understanding go on and deeply at letting go deeply lad ngo the lad ngo ten times more deeply at that anger
ably in letting go i'm gonna time lad ngo deeply in that ago gave at four dig him in lad anger tat command lad and go take a man and go no hesitation i do this work over emma as well and he feels wonderful a man who allowed ngo ok five times more deeply and ngo dave and letting the ably lad ago two times more let it go and stop just up with this without end alongside you are able to stay
much more that normally that normally why because we change your chemistry carbon dioxide and out o to end up failed up all the sounds and a ph level to go up then we are able to tap into their central nervous system and at the end that we got the brain stem and that's the place of the pineal gland hypothalamus pituitary gland and i need gland makes the sick she loves adrenaline and dangerous situations normally we do not get into it because up of our shallow breeding but this is the way to get into the most primitive part reptilian brain without many difficulties and fend off bacteria getting better into the endocrine systems we'll talk about it later your past one one ten in minutes
are you still on that shows that the capacity to fail yourself up with oxygen is a lot more than we normally use and ass we do not use it we are not making use of the full capacity of our physiology and now we find that we gotta different layers i will never use it and this to learn to use it to tap in a back into the primitive brain into the endocrine systems immune systems wait nature has mandate to be everybody is able to do one forty five and this is only around one if it would do like three rounds you would go to three minutes for minutes without air without training it only shows the capacity to store up oxygen inside we never use add you don't the great urgency is do we already two to five almost to ten
whenever you feel the urge to breathe you don't eat force is only learning how to act it shows the body and all the cells you got a great man nicer feels good yeah yeah yeah that's ok thirty yeah we're failure to breathe you breathe and fully and keep it for ten fifteen seconds then that's one round fully and keep it and now will you press valley the neck and then they had and now you are able to tap into the brain stem yeah that's it if we would do it again and again you would you know a salutary light headed in that reading the breathing is our shared so what too to explain to me
go home what i'm doing some breathing in all the ways is deeply is again but i'm not hang out although yeah i'm just breathing a little bit breathing and more just breeding our little bit breeding and more and breeding out a little bit yes if you break breathing believe me you got all the oxygen possible inside if you just after ago they you gotta too where the exchange of the gases happen this is the way back to accelerate eyes to body so it's a different way to get into the chemistry of the body we have shown this now that's one of the fastening things if if people listening this guy this guy's fuckin crazy yeah all you silly level you crazy crazy about my wife beautiful where i tell you what you ve done is you alive
scientists to test you every step of the way any proven that all this is true and we're saying these things mean this is the the things that have been studied at universities louisiana seen hollanders not bow to universal rod bowed and they in acted you within another toxin ando toxin yet to prove that you can you can oh regulate your immune system exactly exactly normally it is it's a controlled experiment and they d at debt it with thousands of people already and and nobody was able to control to the depth of immune system caused the end attacks in provokes a response in the immune system you will become feverish you get headaches all over agony uncontrolled shivering vomiting in our things i'd have happened but then the people i trained first i did it myself
then they sat the abbot you out the eyes meaning you are an exception on the route you confirm to rule because of this no i said ever anybody can do that why would they say that you confirm the rule if they have a rule and one person can do something different than the rule doesn't work on a rule anymore address is that of that's absolutely true between us but in signs it only works its only validated if it is a group whose doing it right but the many in my group are doing your method that's a thing when doing when they normal people on things did the amount of people there doing what you're doing and crying these kind of experiments in going under eyes in breeding away you're breathing it's almost none worldwide i mean i'm sure more people now inspired to do it because of you so i don't understand how they could say that you confirm the rule because you don't hear you know you know it doesn't apply to you yet
that's a saying you're all day exception confirms the rule that's a dutch say so i told yes i'm the eyes man i got so much experience i did so many challenges our record but no paying my mission is to showed everybody is able to tap in their vision a lot deeper just in a couple of days and it has been shown twelve people in a comparative study twelve people been instructed and twelve people non instructed the knowledge acted people got to be sick all of them and instructed people all of them were not sick now this endo talks in what exactly the indo toxin dandy talk today is part of a bacteria and immune system recognizes it as i as a negative intruder so
that's why it is controlled experiment does the way they inject it and try to learn about the immune system the endocrine systems by doing this control old experiments on many many people all over the world a prior to doing this what made you think that you could do this like what what what convinced you that you could actually regulate your immune system to react to this bonds that was injected into your body like them there now you now you're talking to now would begin to talk like tat five years ago already stated and told everybody autonomy nervous system and immune systems relating to their autonomous nervous system can be influenced cat the autonomic nervous system will be no longer autonomy that's what i told many people mocked me because of it and they told me negatively
that i was crazy and all that with sis ii twenty five years ago you were in your twenties then no doubt ass to the outer thirties ok there will be no fifty six ok yeah fifty six but then then and now would scientifically proven yeah why because inside i know so you thirty one year old guy and you have this this idea in your head that you can control oh you're you're you use your immune system yesterday what what what gave you this thought that you could do this you know in the beginning when i was seventeen years old as the story began i went into cold and i just felt good it for i felt connection after years of searching as daniel have a certain kind of knowledge you know from the inside ultra d got feeling and intuition and that
more than that what we think and this is not a reaction to how your body felt when you got out of the water like you say i feel like i get less sick i feel like i'm healthier only just go there was that too yes yes yes oh you you fell internally that you were controlling it like you could feel it yes yes you get a real sense they say you are a fighter for example you got an opponent but this time parliament is yourself and and you know it from the inside you feel it from the inside and it makes happy makes us strong and makes you healthy and this is we have lost from now in nature and now it's back to do so
who in a sense what you ve done is you tapped into something extremely primal by dealing with one of the most primal elements that are of all drugs cold yes so that collect that though in the vice documentary i thought it was really fascinating you said cold is your god yes it is if i had a tita i've never had a teacher that's that's amazing and no guru manta cycle or anything like that the cold that's my teacher happened dodge in the cold and says little kid maison you just felt compelled to jump into that yes and what was that when you're saying this to people when you thirty one years old new telling people i can control my immune system that they must have been like you're out of your fucking mind this guy's jumping freezing watery says controls immune system how did you convince people to the point that you got
actual scientists to measure your blood do legitimate scientific studies on you what what was it you accomplishments like you you went for poor girl now accept the eu egypt of really unbelievable tasks you u climbed everest in your shorts you have shoes on when he climbed everest yes i do with spain spires although our climate and slippery right at i no assurance notion i think it buy clothes is same because it's like you challenging a nature you can go up with about whether car as and there you go up everest anything artificial you use in nature doesn't make you having deride connection with nature and one hour
the two challenge in all the challenges i did like marathons beyond cupola circle in midwinter short but also in the heat of the desert without drinking well hanging by one finger i want to have colombia like a mile up india lights it in winter time you hung on by finger a mile up in the air yes yes where was this alternate balance between two hot air balloons and climbing between them and then was a thing devised at google looked it on with one thing yes how large a hanger for twenty five seconds cheese twenty five seconds and with one finger and in winter time in winter you know you lose control window blood becoming colder in dance you lose control so that was a challenge its mind over matter and i wanted to show that in all the challenges the adaptive power
our of ours is enormous by as we are not stimulating or using data anymore you gotta neglected by and become say cure half per day in its potency and saw a very logic so the the powers that are body has the untapped powers that we probably had for millennia dealing with the cold dealing with the he doing adversity dealing with struggle all those wars and not being tapped into because of that the body just atrophies and we don't it does know what to do with self exactly you think to doubt may be also a cause of depression yes right now into new research now i want to do research they did read john mindfulness power example film is related to depression and am i think not only me all too psychiatrists they saw the blood value
democracy in the blood a where within our study and most problem our method this what we just did brings the people very much faster to controlling their endocrine system the decree system is about hormonal balances in the body and of but because we are not able to tap into that we are victimized because of too much stress or theirs or their daily life or whatever and get depressed and we are not aid to get out of it now this method because of tat bing into the endocrine systems makes you feel you are able to re ballot the hormonal this disturbance in the body creating eventually in length there did dip in depression so i want research on this because this is
my wife died in ninety five because of suicide i children with her i was powerless then my heart was broken and had no money no nothing and then this struggle this fight began i'm gonna proved this to the world and air and create a short cut for anybody who is depressed or you know sick and everything now we got a key we got the key to the endocrine systems and immune systems and anybody can do this and be that is done by scientists beyond speculation we make it a choice and that i'm on emission and this mission breaks me here to joe rogan whose a good guy he's a fighter himself and he loves life and he brings it out and he tries people out i can see tell and people are yeah yeah tried paper
are you what are you doing things our days i like it i love it to do this because we gotta change this world where there is no control i mean we can build we came fly to the moon we can make back there this more intelligent than the whole apollo thirteen project yes we can we got this is the fruit of our minds and that debt our of mind is enormous but now it is time to use the same power tools to control our happiness strengthen health we have shown this now so you feel like the what happened with your wife that you're your wife killed herself was due to depression and you feel like that that type of depression the impression that a lot of people experience is because
there there mind is not stimulated the way it was intended to by nature is at a fair way of describing you're you're out on us absolutely and that were left with residual effect of civilization and away yet your mind is its overwhelmed with things really are not natural like living in a cubicle distress of office life traffic things at on natural exactly we are living to work this system but it you'd be going around right the system once again should serve our happiness frank then held and now we have proof that we are able to tap into the endocrine systems and the immune system far deep so we got a tried it and it is natural anybody can do this in just a couple of right now we are in the third year of the universe e books here in amerika the testing the iceman it's not
me anymore it's about a comparative study and then it tells the endocrine systems and they immune systems and it really takes one guy is endurance in our belief that we are able to tap in deeper into our face physiology thus enabling enabling the person two to direct his hormonal secretions strength for example lying in bed as we told already producing lying in bed is no agree not the rest coming to that guy daddy's and he controls wikipedia stress hormone attica don't you old stress hormone works like medicine and none controlled stress oman cindy and acidic and becomes a no vote in that's we are victimized because we have no control
in daily life anymore but the distresses there so the stresses there but there's no physical exertion yes and that's why they have shown task that in many cases exercise can be just as good as antidepressants just as good as medication for people were depressed what which totally makes sense if what you're saying is right that it totally makes sense that your body like has a desire to exert itself and it is a built system does designed to deal with certain natural stresses running from credit there is dealing with the coal in dealing with the weather and climate and and each year in the adversities of the environment as far as i can change in yourself climbing hills and exerting yourself then we don't do that that match and because of that that's what you think leads to this this this disease of the brain yes and you know for many people who are depressed they are quite able to get in
who does body em and began to run and thinks i doubt it it's it's the brain and where we are going to solve this by very easy techniques in of them having to run because their environment is really pressing upon them they feel completely immobilized but if you are well to tap into the brain and let us make fee hilda chains that he is changing their there chemistry of the brain then need becomes different person of much faster so but subject to science and i want more research on this and soon it here we have the outcomes and and then we will tackle this problem with depression bigger it's real two to the endocrine systems and having no connection with it
the hypothalamus in our primitive brain the brain stem is not our control but day these breathing techniques derive having from being in the cold so much they are very effective not only in the cold which stress but also the heat also for a predator also on mt everest where there is a lock lack of oxygen out at an altar for daily stress what was the first one of these experiments that you tried to do too did try as show the effective of your methods there i was artificially logical department in the same university different department and that's a call old physiological department and ice to their poor eighteen minutes in a tank full of ice eight minute fully connected to wireless being
blood was taken as a eulogy covered in nice covered in i've seen that pictures overlooks insane x x except for this arm because the blood was taken away from it and then you know what they say and i was talking to these people to these professors who were a while when everything was because i was very much in control and they saw it occurs temperature ever rising while i was insight temperature was rising will you covered in ice raid yes yes and you see how such power we have hammer you know how much by were cold can be an but how much more power we are able to learn to control and in that the blood taken from me while i was in the tank i got a few
market will result one as the blood taken it was exposed to end the taksim afterwards but in a laboratory without me acts vivo it's called and they saw normally has a very violent reaction on their immune cells in there in the glass of the laboratory and this time zero percent a hundred percent suppression and that's my blood hundred percent hundred percent so the indo talks it just gets squashed the moment gets in there and that's too bad syria here and that's the immune system and that's the way we actually built are to be able to and that was ready and mother i'm a remarkable thing before
i was going into the tank they too blood for me as well and this blood was looked upon into it my by a microscope and day saw three hundred percent more metabolic activity in the cell without moving that's the mind my mind was already into i go insight that one in the box i need to do eight minutes i programme i on up tilled cell level what i'm about to do i need more energy because energy is needed to with stand the impact of the court so i can ro my buddy by my mind and that's all of us and this mine then makes the connection with the hypothalamus which is the brain stem and that is a
to control their her door mono system d immune systems de vascular system all issues now we see that you metabolic rate rose three hundred per is that a normal thing because of the cold because that that's one thing that they tell you that it's a great way to lose calories just but dress very light when it's cold outside the us forces your body to work hard to stay warm so in half of it was infective that yeah it was it was it why that's alter a thing about brown fat adipose we all these cells but as we never exposed to cold anymore doesn't it's not stimulated dislike marcel you know to train it becomes weaker so we go older alter these sounds which needs stimulation i did experiments with brown fat poisoner and nuclear department
of nuclear medical department in and must take two different university and it showed that i had the same brown fat adipose levels as a young man like twenty years to fifteen years they still have it well are you get older you wear clothes and you get you lose it at silajdzic out but i always sir exposed myself to called ella basis so we expose us world who in an experiment like that and ace oh that with the same level of or amount of attica browns fat adipose cells i could pay who is five times more and more energy that's what they saw so compare to these guys because of the breathing and influencing into on cell level i was able to do five times more and this
could be a solution for people who have over way because when their fat is consumed and which is very in the moment when you need it dan gets depleted than the rest of the white fat in body is being withdrawn very systematically very effectively direct and like fire times more effective is maybe a solution for many people living in the in the west with you know obese problem sam and hard problems because vascular problems because vat tita there's a type of therapy that's become a really popular here in amerika called crile therapy lotta athletes use it and i started using it a few years ago a lot of people from jujitsu or tell me about this thing we go day in this box it's two and fifty degrees below zero need you three minutes and it yeah i do it for days a week now it's it's amazing
nice actually raising i gotta get out of here i feel so great and i had my friend doktor rhonda patrick whose a scientist and she explained all the what what's happening inside of it and then i took her to the ice to that the chamber and had her stand in the decree chamber and she she said it was incurred and when she got out of it besieged she was a scientist she understood the body very well so she knew that there was is raising her levels of near burnett friend and her whole body was being stimulated by this reaction to this extreme two hundred fifty greed below zero cold yes i did it there too and their yeah down the one we get inside of it fully or the one that's just from the now fully and end up till the neck a couple of times yeah i could stay quite long it's in there forever i therefore dodo where maybe ten minutes or something but still ok i think a diameter yeah three
and its eyes out repairs of thirty seconds and i do it more than anybody in the whole place i can't believe you get ten minutes the you know it's a thing where with major going and going and then use pusher boundaries that that's it but it is not necessary to rio publish their right natural connection in your brain and you endocrine systems and immune systems just a little bit of all that is enough to trigger the vascular system the right way enabling it to work over there and nervous system and then the breathing and focus your mind like the mind was able without moving to produce three percent more metabolic activity in the cell that is mine the mind is so much able to do so much more and this is the case this is this is the essence of what i come to tell you we got
a change i believe we how to change the way we think it's like a paradigm shift and why because have proven with thousands and thousands of results be speculation that we are a if we use our mind once again not in dependency for actors and this and that their that no you our aid to repair yourself whenever you feel not healthy or depressed or without loss of energy yonah strength happiness anti health then you should go in and breathe better and that you will re establish the connection with the endocrine systems are immune systems and brain together and then repay whatever is producing obstacle for you to function in the way
maybe you are able to function in the world but you don't feel good you don't feel happy and a you don't feel strong so set tell safer and had a cold slight cold what would you recommend they do would say breathing want brian your man yes brian fully is hard and deep as you can and then just a little bit breed in as far as your long theatrical than and how many lives like twenty times when it comes down take a man and then oh two to play to the spot where you feel the cold is happening could be in the throat could be we're here could be you know somewhere indeed at this part so go your mind that spot you know why happens when i'm india ice for an hour for example most of the times i began to feel it the cold at
of the kidneys which is mostly under on the surface and the cold gets there the eyes then i ain't got no there is no way i'm able to move because it's like six seven hundred kilos of eyes around me and i'm not able even to breathe very much because its pressurizing what i learned is to say get away within a minute within a minute i make the difference from the brain to the kidneys and change the temperature like ten degrees is immeasurable thing you ve changed a measurable ten degrees doktor can comma who experiments with me i d racketeer in new york in the floor i dont always a couple of places and while i was in the show programme for example reaches and colleagues show you know the guys
anita my core temperature was dropping was dropped to thirty two degrees celsius south here i don't know why but far lower very low that people are not normally not able to raise the temperatures anymore they just go into now somewhere unconsciousness and coma and things like that but i rose the temperature back and asia he had never had seen a person do that because a physiologically stated as in the signs are books it's not possible and i say you know so much more is possible than not an old connecting with your core temperature but also by witty and in system blow when you say you are raising your temperature where what what was the environment the raising of temperature and where you are in the water while this was happening yes in the tank
when the ice freezing cold and young raised your temperature from their yes that's amazing know that what we are able to that's me that's amazing life isn't me lives for living as i wonder and we have to re experience that and that's the paradigm shift we able to learn to control it needs steady attention like a baby attention to grow up we need to pay it action to ourselves again trust ourselves again believe leaving is neurosurgeon smith us in the right way and when it connects with the body again and we got the techniques and it s been shown with thousands of result that we are able to control the endocrine systems or a better set out mood becoming happy yes or no sir tony melatonin dimity domain and all the other our amounts we are able
tap into that system we have shown that another one the strength which is adrenaline a penny bryn nor a printed friend nor during lillian courtiers all and all that we have shown more than somebody lying in bed then somebody going into a budget that strength and then health it's the immune systems learning to tap into the immune systems and like cry with there b as you were talking mentioning it goes on to up to the bone marrow activates these black mark is over there and people with our tried us then are able to move about again after a session like that but we were these breathing techniques we get into the bone marrow as well and there we have the tita
the tease out and bees out and they are a part of the specific immune system and specific immune system normally only begins to work after two weeks and then the body knows what kind of molecules need to produce killed us the intruder cell and it gets under a membrane the skein of their cell and it killed it instead of inflammatory being there all the body it goes very specifically but it takes to which we do within one quarter of an hour with this reading and only with his breathing you are able to control the p h level and appear level right as we are mammals if you're looking nature you see all these mammals if you take blood from them today have derived ph degree very alkali but
only because we were closed down we live in a comfort zone we do stimulate that's that's oxygen doesn't get as deep as it could yet we are you have shown this two and a half minutes without air in the lungs that meets the capacity to store up oxygen far bigger than you normally use mr perry minor though right like what you you hold your breath for seven minutes associated yes and under the eyes and but that once again that's about that what did you do you have been fighting pay well i never good winner because i've i was not trained to do that you have trained to do that i trained to do this the debt but that's the range of possibilities but it's very unimportant we don't need to know heroes we now need to become healthy strong and happy does it
matter whether you breathing through your nose or in through your mouth causes existing in yoga they teach you done a lot of other in tonight i'll teach you to breathing through knows our i wrote books on the subject before now i say that matter what category hole you use just get at it you know these girls these women as kid just tell em that to make a joke but serious thing is we got a scientifically endorsed no speculation just do does it s easy accessible very effective pussy the is when you breathing through your mouth a bribe induce his panic breathing that's what they say in indonesia to that distich keep you of calm you suppose tat you breathe in three knows now to your mouth into knows now through your mouth and in yoga they try to teach you to do the entire class through your nose the idea
it matters there now doesn't matter i'll tell him that's more than just do it in this technique which has been shown to have as the first group in the world to be able to tap into the autonomous nervous system related to the immune system and endocrine system it shows the depth and and this normally as a result maybe of yogi sue our really go into somebody's that around us and and do the congolese up to this has set out and all that they d come back yogi sent i know this all the terminology i've been doing since cretin andy and before but that i thought to be far too complicated they d ma am you know they made it into a myth we western
we have no time we want to understand in that way we are living and or to simplify it and sign sir backed it up now when you talking about you breathe you're saying that when you are young that you when you discovered this time of breathing that you could see lights yes you no doubt is that's one of them whore components of condolence young check for us here that they they experience is intense state due to this specific type of reach our presence there there's this is done nervous system i could make you do they say in fifteen minutes and what are you bewitched that is it just your bodies production that are you nervous system the nervous system is about electric held potential has just firing that's it you just manipulating the nervous system pressurizing era and electricity comes out bigger so what you are
before about someone who has a cold so you tell them to utilise you breathing method and concentrate on the area in which they are sick if they have a lung infection and trade on clearing the long annie and faction annie disease annie anything day god we have the ability to connect with our body you'll have to absolutely believe it and you have to absolutely before us that if you you want your phone than if i want my phone than i need to grab this one none not there not this right is not that i have to be busy with what we i'm doing the area around the actual phone you gotta go to the place where something is happening so if there is a difference then she go to dinner step on the anterior release it you got learn to connect once again that's the chain i believe that their chains of the believers and nothing more than that
mind which is neuro transmitters electrical potentials i use it once again instead of being alienated because of comfort baby you below to use these neuro microbiology biological patterns again which are a which our existence but they are down exercise unexercised that's why we we don't them because they are not so strong learn that these are very capable of making connection with the endocrine systems immune systems far deeper thus being able to control happiness health and strength we are going to prove this more and more because with the universities and i want to i want called measurements figures statistics no speculation will that's what separates you from a lot of people who have made these crazy claim
you have actually done physical feats that show extraordinary abilities what would you do in mount everest no one's ever done before and i've never even heard of in attempting to do something like that you read a marathon half marathon in finland we did you run a barefoot yes just above i mean you you're how called was it was minus thirty outside yet here about their those dangling shitless yea i just short you're shorts barefoot you run ahead mile at minus thirty so that's what's that five miles thirty march something was something that's undeniable that's undeniable so and when people is that why you started doing these things so that people would pay attention to what you doing because when when you hear i'm doing now when you hear someone's climbing lot everson their shorts what ok what does he do it how do you do and then we find out that your incredibly healthy and your voice
brent need you know these things in your allowing yourself to be tested and your showing this ability to regulate your immune system and this is all incredibly exciting stuff and then the scientists comment because then they like ok what is going on here we have to change our beliefs about what is possible with the human exactly and be very clear about it no aspect nation at all began with her well and i felt so powerless with my wife than those days i loved it to death but not in that way of course i work now with the four children i have with her i had with her i still have with her and i began to i only five rest in peace within the depth of my own being emotionally you know you cannot see it but it is there and for that i wanted to nato began to climb without gear and go
to the ice more and this made me silent within that horse mike erected calmed you're all the horrible stress and yet fresh emotion is stress and later on i began to understand about it but then to ache the attention of the news and then they began to ask but are you able to do this them too and i able to do i told him i can do that i can swim under the ice like distances out can climb the mountain bear fruit in the snow i can hang by one finger in the air i run a marathon shield less beyond the polisario midwinter i can do all this and an science commit date it came into the newspapers and internet an older and data
how is this possible disease with a why did they not believe you of hers we are of course that if somebody it tells the books new university books now where which have been dedicating one chapter about the iceman witches this study which were away did they see the old story that where professors normally they say yet it is not possible in the in the books is stated it is possibility to do a half maritime barefoot our climate never is that way because of the patient reggie of ours and and hardships outside it's not possible but this guy is doing it so so began to raise questions and then they invited me to be tested and there were sceptical day aware salute the sceptical only won't clinical proof of what i was doing which sir
the physiological laws stay india in the books if i was able to reduce that in laboratory settings and then how do you know something to start off with two do which could be a possible method or abilities evidence based helping people who are sick and now we are going to do more clinical studies showing a sick people to be able to cure a lot faster or to having to make use of them as much madison as they do now because yeah i'm not anti pharmaceutical or anything like it because i'm not into politics but i'm in i want people to know there is so much more in every person here in the world which will
enable you to tackle a disease unhappiness and having no anarchy or strength and we are able to do that and that's love i want to bring back love in the world constituted by happy the strength and health it is fascinating did it take the you you're such an hour are there took one person to come up with this method and one person to challenge these ideas that the body can't do this and now they have to reconsider this seven billy people on the planet we ve been around for whom how long with thousands of years of written history and then had these laws that they believe that the body was capable of doing and not capable of doing this is this is where it ends that you body can't do this your body can't do that you came along one guy whim half you come along and you change everything that's amazing dad that's truly truly amazing it set me
did you know tat i was however the two to two in the world but because of it things happened in my life i trigger was triggered didn't acts of my body and even india emotional part as i explained before because of my wife and all that at now i'm very very certain i gotta mission it was born and two thousand seven india feinstein aids two men has a new york when doktor carr captain kirk cobbler gave me the results of a blot result after an experiment in feinstein institute which is their biochemical to institute and he told me if you are able to wrap reduce these results and pass it on to it group of persons say in two weeks then that would mean huge consequences for human mankind than i am
the de missionary was born my mission was born and since then to get into it and beyond speculation prove it by evidence and it is based eve emotion believe are very close together we love the emotion we lost a feeling that their debts and we lost the believe within ourselves and we gotta go back to the belief leave us able to tackle all sides believe esteem able to tackle any problem into in life by every person and believe is chemistry i have to go back to their chemistry and we are showing this insight by by scientific evidence in the result the icing what you're doing is so important and it is so important to two human beings because we were existing we were operating under a false assumption and with it
false assumption and made it into textbooks yen with forgot you comes along and shows a method for changing the changing your physiology and if you could teach that children early on you would change their operating paradigm you change the waiter mine views the world you change chain and that's why i'm an hour them that's why we're adele jerome against our energy as it has an answer now understand why could hang by one thing boozer fear might by when you're hanging a mile in the air by one finger what is i feel like i've felt great you know all the other things that i do i know it before i'm doing it gonna feel yeah oh i want to go to jail act is hanging from your finger before we i but then at home if you fall well you just full thirty centimetres ljubljana but over there it's a different thing my you know you learn to surpass your fears a you'd learn to come
clay with your body as part of the calculation what was the scariest one of these stunts that you tried it out scariest the walls of exciting most most of the fair because fear is just you nowhere devising sickness within which was the one maybe swimming under the ice track listened this story it is a nice i had no goggles on why what i do i don't like one meter thick ice so the ice is three feet thick for people are known to me as your diving into the water and whereas this in finland finland's we are proposing a polar circa insanely called water it's it's like needles but i was true
i did not even feel the needles because that that's one thing and then i did my breathing really good this was the day before i was going to do attempting to do i will record so after a general repetition and there was nobody only one diver somewhere but he was not in the water to me out want to just try and train half to distance i know if i have do it tomorrow i'm gonna do all the distance now but no two puerile attention and nobody was so serious they only thought we had a safety around to real record with the television and theirs and that at all that so i began to do this breeding which you just did
and then at a certain point our so light headed and this in that but then in the water in the cold you become fully charged with oxygen so much did you phd levels go really up there you feel last first you need to go under the ice you begin to swim straw by stroke every stroke is something more than a yard how are you going under the ice how dare length at that in that regard was about sixty yards so sixty its holding your breath under the ice but into like forty hours later i could not see anything animal because my the rating froze you retina from yes retina froze
and i missed the hole at the sixty and i was counting subconsciously had it all figured out so much strokes that means that now arrive at at the other hole foreign did you go blind i get like given these seventy five yards it's one i need to go back the only thing down very instinctively at that moment there is no space for thinking and now when you say you went blind how much could you see that a very bla bla bla yes sir i went on swimming and trying to find a way to the whole but an ever found it and i had actually
in the distance i made the biggest this isn't ever that i can never reproduces about doesn't matter the thing is i lost a fear of death right it's like every animal in the wild dies in o in peace when they die not of an accident or there so that because the blood is alkaline ph level is really up and the body is able to retreat in the nervous system then go into the central nervous system and then determine love delight and that that that if you go to sleep and aid same sensation my p h levels were so arose in before when in that bag never a lack of oxygen or the lack of oxygen was there but it was never this
being with the withdrawal does japan a cavity attitude it was absolutely no panic actually i felt that it was good like a rush go to sleep wow somebody readily to death yes so someone grab giants and i'd like to times experiences i lost my fear of death and that's a personal story wouldn't try it under in you nobody to water these breathing excited you have to learn first too a recondition your body to its natural state and they you get a different connection you are more able and become more conscious of your abilities so someone grab do and brought you to the whole yes to the fifty medio back has it turned around yet and went backwards triumphs find out where the whole yes yes i do more than one whole also not here hold there i want that
so one was set i would try diane i noticed i tried their brought me back here ok site it more and double did this it's over people listening you you ve missed it by going to the right and then you went to the left you couldn't find it so there was a demeter horn and lowers the second whole seventy meters now i don't know it just one centimeter hawaiian fifty meter there's just one whole ok that's all you just just totally master and so then they brought you back to the whole yeah so you did accomplish what you set out to but you did it with bobby blind yeah yeah yeah so you'll be able to answer didn't miss the original permanently no no no no no so when you got out of the water how long was it before he could see again almost directly will almost directly the first i had a little but i began to fear oxygen comes back
we have been almost directly was restored again i blessings i found fast anybody the cry of tank you say your eyeballs don't get cold among suppliers nothing gets cold but my eyes don't get hold of faith i found that fascinating when i'm outside of freezing cold to its never the eyeball itself and i don't know that there is a lack of nerve endings or i don't know what it is we are not bill to swim under eyes but here we are built to be able walk like in wits out four hours and days and maintain vision because that survival rabbit you can also get snow blind right like yeah with a white light some other the reflection of the white that's the different story with the word like our mt everest on these mountains actually we are not bill to get up there either i found out
south africa amazing what did it and you did it in short yes and added this off the other people who are trying to climb over so did that piss off the other people who try climbers cadets i don't think it is a challenge to the dude include yeah anything china's you're not in contact with the natural environment at that moment but how come so many people die of it's out of challenge it seems that gets a big challenge they just now prepare properly there there is a lack of oxygen over there and if you use all the time oxygen at a certain point you don't use oxygen and you get mr mauro blast or there are wide outer thinks the area they just last year simply lost up there it's different laws now listen
i am going for the fourth time now climbing killer matera in in in january coming and he and i teach people to do it in iraq a term without mountaineering experience and even have in vienna diseases like roma or asthma or chronic diseases thanks i that in four months for days actually why why one day in one month train them and andy to do homework say exercising and believing it i'll just be in it and no oh ego we go i always do add than in four months the oldest participant without mountaineering experience is seven these six years old and we are going to do in record time
that's learning how to use if you know how to use the adaptive power of ours are you endorse it with a ride breathing and believe the believe was there now a transmitter sewer influenza answer eleven there breathing brings about them p h level and then and then the adapter force is able to adapt to enter into the body because the chemistry is right and when the right ph levels is something that's been measured like yes the deference page level alienated from this yes we just completed new studies it showed that all the people who are doing this they had p h level average of seven point eight
then went down to a normal s real natural stand at which is through seven point three seven point four but not all of us we have a lower at more essay stare estates levels of a ph d greece and we did research on pain now if you get a few are able to come scroll to seven point six p h level you're able controlled pain signal it falls apart try marries asian try me where is that three components and if you bring up the ph level controlled to seven point six it folds part you don't feel the pain anymore i will the ability to suppress or control the pain with this breathing influencing onto ph level
a consciously you're able to gonna learn to control the pay we just finish their studies and hundred percent school once again while now this mount tillman job thing is this the first time you ve ever led a group of people say a third time already would you like anything else drink you're not the model for anything i'll be ok that's gonna get a few beers oh boy you yeah so his mouth solomon john thing you're you're gonna take these people not do you have any concern or taken a seventy six rural person now any understanding of their physical condition do you gonna give them a thorough examination have someone do that what he how you gonna do obviously you know after thirty years of thirty five years almost five forty years already of yeah no experience of exposing the body the physiology two extremes i know and i can feel
if i'm fit or somebody is able or fit to do being part of a calculation india extreme i learned to without gear on blocks that mean you read the rock first and i you are part of the calculation and am atoms in their tutorials too evan as there may have a heineken that's from your people right now that's that's german right isn't boston boston i was at a boss yes yesterday was in boston time is not on the other one too we then also sign again but heineken what is at the forefront germany is enough missed out of your people yo you probability will you people have accomplished and credible thanks holland is the birthplace of the birthplace but one of the greatest kickboxing nations in the world
training alice i want to talk right now so what are you dont roused her this am i better with you and get into you yet we fear to feel doom cheers jasmine so when so without her had announced are found out about find out about you and what how this get started unless that is absolutely not stupid is aware controlling and they tell us impressive yes various aren't gonna kick calculating what he is doing and it is true to get always the best out of it so he came to me because of people saying a desk i is scientifically endorsed he gets a methods about breathing and focus and it's all been measured so he asked me to come by and i came by
this is inherent in holland in amsterdam with his bare come from two chairs and we just have we had a talk and demand the sole control of his body he can you can read my mind when he's talking with me if i'm being ride because he can feel what happens with its logic and this body so thought it to be right and ok and done is useless he's a pupil whose very humble he's a nice guy we're at all and is learning lessening respecting ok and then he took it up i told them what to do damn you have to regain the connection with the hormonal systems
no one you fight you try everything anger or mono system gets out of ballot sort of is possible grass yap from stress rain on a yeah that those people live in extreme so your mono system gets out of control and there we bring it back first and you too you know what you want you want to win but more of it you want have control with it you want to see that you are able to steer and direct your body and a train you want to get better but a few frustrate yourself it's because of hormones all this balance training dreading granting but it doesn't get through and what we do is just taking away the blockages and a balance a day did this balance does you
open way because you want to when you want to increase you want to become better and you know you're feeling and damp take up with cold water i told him and the easy does it beyond a bit you begin with cold showers battle and now he is taking whole bass you know eyes bath every day and air two weeks later you taught me yeah he's improve thanks so much that there you regained the connection with his deeper visual legal systems the endocrine and there and a mere immune system as well but he is healthy already the but endocrine systems that's important for him because you know it's pure adrenaline weapons regular way when you do a match but you're living toward it i have learned how to deal with the mind i explained about the mind as well and now
two weeks later i got a phone i da mayor i'm gonna win i why because i feel i've at taking i'm in charge with my own body and i'm not talking bigger alice overcome is his person i don't the way is now but i'm gonna meet him say next week and do last training directing simply awakening his ability like everybody the ability to connect with a deeper physiological systems within our body enabling asked to do about anything because this adaptive bowers really so far out more fighters to be a huge advantage because one of the big things have happened to them during hard training is there any systems first break down their testosterone
levels are very very low during training camps because their oftentimes over training meaning the body can't rick over their training so horizontally has no enough time recover you think that you can stimulate the production of testosterone the iron people's bodies are as you know we think logically testosterone is about programme creation and all that vienna and the defence of territory it's a natural thing about if you keep on training training training train than the body shuts down because there is no need to defend i'm looking for some imaginary opponent right there what the nature of this endocrine system is telling you so you have to learn to control this primitive reactive part of our society primitive brain the brain stem and learn to
yet under you dominion and as we are if you gone too much adrenaline then it becomes s dick and mess up there and criticisms very logic we have shown that without for us we are able to produce more adrenaline thence body and in going into a bundy jump in our very fearful and how do you do that you are you're saying that early leg of someone's lying in order to do the breeding method accelerating but you have them visualize something terrifying are now at once again if i if i want my bare grabbing this telephone right now that none either this one nowadays as my hair just be busy with what what what you are aiming at ok that's it
and visualization comes from itself you know you see a mountain you feel i wanna climbed is then it'll be that every time who are there and tuning the body to work the eventual performance and this is the way it is done inside and sometimes you can where visualize first and then but i say it like breathing invite a nose by day is over that doesn't matter what can i tell you you ve just make it happen but what you stimulated drowned have some online the work like if you have me lie on my back and i'm sorry do you breathing exercises yeah do you know what we do i saw it in the university they saw they get davy they got
devices to measure the saturation of oxygen in the blood and normally at sea level like here it's like hundred percent but this is only dimension and devise they created and it goes from hundred percent to thirty percent thirty percent everybody's dead something i died at forty fifty normally there people die so they have these measurements eight they measured us not with the guys i trade i bet they saw not only hundred percent but probably hundred fifty percent but the measurement device is wrong is chests based on what we think there are body as capable of i put this aside we do this brief
excise than you see directly on the monitor what happens if you are without air in the staying without in the lungs like you'd it two and a half minute what happens everybody one and a half minute got tedious this hundred percent under device on the monitor probably hundred deep but it was only visual really showing an invisible after one half minute that hundred percent was reached then went into ninety eighty seventy sixty fifty forty thirty measurement device shuts down back we go even lower and then a body the primitive bearer break their brain stem the reptilian brain
only you re acts on cold like reptilian called warm deprivation of air thinks that in our very primitive we got up the brain stem of hours worked like that if we act so at that moment it doesn't think it there is no occasion no adjust reacts there because there is no oxygen inside but but but cause the ph levels we went have been resident nothing is happening to the body we adapt the primitive brain is reacting to the brain stem and it gets into this survival mouth and so much that adrenaline why is over there towards just about holding the breath
for long periods of time while you guys have elizabeth our simpler and that causes a journal that makes sense at an end that in that way without any damage aware in the brain or nothing like that it also gains to if you do it on a regular basis it begins to to reestablish neural patterns between the neo cortex there there sir of the brain our thinking and the primitive break them sense because when you had me hold my breath and i only did it for two minutes but i was starting to panic i was starting like i like my body well you don't do what you do come aubrey bitch by bodies we cannot breathe breeze m page rogan is a bit that scientists have another ten minutes my sacred my secret is fair lively debates mice egotism never impressed by may be made to me too who now this
mt tillman gyro day i want you back to that because that to me what dangerous about that is not you because i think that you have a very deep anyone who you are and what you capable of and obviously you ve done amazing tanks but these other people how do you know them do you know how well how do you know this field dear how absolutely no them and how will you love than knowing as really feeling as understanding ran and we have the ability alike living i do not want a pack of wolves now we are mammals do in a pack of people we able to exist in nature and as i know the challenges and nature how to counteracting worthy in india action with the nature i know how to let people through extreme in extreme conditions and our they did it twice first will twenty six people the oldest one was sixty five people
without mountaineering experience and with four bypassed coronary by sixty five years old and coronary bypass us and a guy with cancer to people with the disease of chrome one with the roma authorities would it what is roma aroma roma arthritis tried in france i tried is atrocious all kinds and outer immune disease we had a lot of them ass mob sclerosis real for example a second issue you ve been able to help those people improve their conditions and are not only twenty six paper and we told them in the press we are going to climb the coma genuine three days in short and everybody say in this condition without mountaineering experienced people are going to die
physiology states that this is not possible for many many many many arguments and then we they didn't do within three days we did it in two days oh my god change these guys they have a lot more control within their lives and they know within than last year over this year january we did it once again over and we did it we took sixteen hours off from the two days from the forty six hours two thirty one forty eight hours to thirty one hours and this time the oldest seventy six i can feel it if one is able to do with its him down i still have to see about the youngsters because their mind is yet not so in connection with body that's interesting these say that because ultra marathons or tip we run by older people
one of the more interesting aspects of that enduring sport is right in body connection they there also tougher yes i would like to bushmen they hunt it could do like for two days and a clue to us and they just persistence training that's us conscious breathing and ass conch breathing is a neural pattern between them and mind and an animal hasn't got it animals also physiologically cable running long distances like a person is they the day tire out there there built for sprints that's what they do they just where amount they persist in time they chased him down and nowhere amount but often times there too exhausted at the end of it even enjoy it yes yes but ok but it shows once again the mind tat the mind and the breeding
the breathing when people get a headache which is the first sign of accommodation problems attitude disease and a mass acute mountain sickness is what it is then just make them brief and bring me oxygen to break so of here if you're climbing up you you and using any of those oxygen tanks and allow those people use nothing like what you hear about people dying up there do you think that you could have help those people of you taught them and techniques are yes yes yes absolutely i saw all the you know twenty six people ranging from twenty two to sixty five coronary problems with all diseases and still able to do within two days in short that means in short say all ensure seventy six year old guys in short yes yes and women are not not only you george
look at what happens here and it's possible people transform people get back to natural ability that's it that's that's a big responsibility take a group of people two to being a you understand it is being responsibility but i'm so sure because i trust nature so i respond to what i feel naturally with these people but what if you get somebody with you that's a legitimate bitch like what one sign up for it and they just to just fold under pressure there are people like that do i know i know what you mean i say oh no you go we go right like than before and this is and i got a very good sense of control detecting if somebody is hiding something go save your hide something you and you have an attitude on the mountain them
in a much stronger than you there is gonna break you and you think that would be part of that would be a big issue the attitude of the person yes yes it will horrify there the person situation and then it's not in where he will he will block ass of go up here and get rhythm out is just a problem but he won't be he she won't be able to get up on the mountain and you're saying an attitude meaning like a negative attitude or an attitude of ego like the eagle protecting you from living in and and and and realising your true potential you have to learn to let go like into cold us while you have to learn to let go then things can happen in the body naturally and if you were able to manipulate and they can absorb your mind set as well they can absorb your example and that's one of the things like i can tell just talk
to being around you that you have this is very powerful belief what you're saying what you're doing and when people around you and they don't zadig me that is the advertisement we love love you know me i love you to the people absorbed when when people around someone like you that has is legitimate powerful belief you're saying and in what you have proven to be true then other people absorbed and it's one thing that if someone has an attitude meaning of attitude they have too much eager there there say what will the foxes guy or wise you think he knows
you know you know what i've done what we say what i've done that type of person is gonna fall apart right oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah i always ox yes to heart nature is mighty too and the merciless but righteous merciless but righteous is true you know what is possible because you have achieved it and no that you know this truly in other words there are people in tat window that the teacher is called sub omnium you know like saying karate saddam name is the korean version of it and what that means a literal translation is one who leads by example but you leading by this example you butte you doing this and showing its people that this is possible yes they absorb that when you that's one of the reasons why so important be around they do not affect not very people tell you
when you're around them you take that in who take dinner when you're around people were troubled falling apart and failing at everything you take that into it's bad for you you know when you could you could be around people that are always in trouble and your life will be affected by their negativity yes so when you take these people with you you are raising them up with your own mind you're on your own belief in what you have done and why they can do you make them better yes sir it is that way wish you'd hate each other again now and we can we can we have as their own part yes for gets no fuckin water don't be scare water do you think that old water is maybe better than like a cry of chamber because its it's so hard to breathe in cold water you know when i was a hosting fear factor one of the hardest things we had people do is cold water stunts
because if you especially not used to it one i mean i jumped in cold water before the craziest feelings is you can't breathe you get in the water bottles but it's like this weird thing where you buy you can even if your head is above war you can like if i get in the pool ok like a normal pool swimming pool it's nice i can breathe i breathe just like i can right now but if you getting cold or even if europe the same level your head is above water you can't breathe it tricks your bodies ability to take in aachen you're gonna do then in that sense the maybe there's more bennett it even to getting in a tub of ice and water then there is one of those cry of chambers i think so yeah yeah you see it longer to right yes they use
theodor difficulty with cold water new b c and as you see it at that means their needs a greater performance greater control over the body brooded yeah but then once you do this consciously you get a bigger control over your body and you are able to perform better and that sir vascular thing i can explain but it takes quite some time so maybe it's like the maybe the smart thing to do is to do both things how do i get crowd chamber for the physical effects because they say that the sight of kings are released in the body when you get to like a hundred fifty degrees below zero like that's like the most benefit or you body produces the most aunt inflammatory reaction you dont get that call when you get in the ice bath with water in the ice doesn't get to tuna fifty degrees below zero but maybe that's there's more benefit with the mind and with controlling the breathing in that respect because you have to breathe
deeper longer and you can sit in an ice bath for twenty minutes as opposed to the three minutes of the i don't have one i've taken people into that crile therapy play you know they said i don't think i can do it like the first time you do you want to do it for twenty for two minutes you count to sixty twice and it's over one two three four five six he do that you you're one tenth of the ways air candy sixty one tenth of the wages to sixty can do at ten times to sixty do it again you done it's over two minutes nothing you can hold your breath or two minutes southern heart but ice path is a different story again that eyes bath he climbed into that thing it's all half eyes half water use gear brood look that's only really had so this but you can't for athletes it you can't train after do the ice bath
ice bad your body so called that they say you can't work out afterwards but you can work out after dude crowd therapy to maybe like the benefit for athletes is due combination of the two things yeah sure sure sure do when i get to get these people gone down whither cup a within a couple of hours you will that they are able to do so much more that's awakening derived ph levels once again controlling at by breathing and focus using focus and and having a lot more control over the chemistry and the chemistry is needed controlled when you get the impact of the cold which is a force you need to produce chemically within your own body consciously a contra force opposing force we are quite able to do that but you have to know how to do that at that ever ever
the individual is a little bit different so for tuning like so aware yeah two vascular thing you say you know we are able to go where like twenty minutes in a cold ice bath eventually but not in a cry of as a pole i found a bow to go le chamber and that's because it works different on the body and it works on a marrow it gets deeper insight it's a dry dry and no water gets twenty five times faster into the body it's a different force i recommend myself i dont know exactly but i would recommend eyes beth beyond cry therapy and criteria piece you know very artificial you you need a tank you knew it is that people are not able to get into that etc but when you
get that means a cry phobias okay i always had the call is ok but the it to be so much more research yeah yeah yeah there needs to be more real so much more research and wanted i want to be beyond population but we able and that's my belief like twenty five years ago i told everybody the autonomous nervous system in relationship to the immune system which can be through its far deeper and they mocked me then i now its sides and they changed the books and now i tell everybody listen up held strength happiness is ours that's our natural state and whatever will use their it cold or heat or stress or this or that
she's an impact on the body we are able to withstand it or able to control it as we are able to control a system which is our producing happiness strength and health what your story one of the most amazing aspects of it is your stories a story of persistence and and a belief because you ve been doing this for a long time but is not until recently that you ve sort of broken through to the main stream i think vice had a lot to do with that that vice peace was so powerful hangs rise vice changed my man right when you were when you watch them yes its undeniable because you're seeing you do these things and your watching your enthusiasm you believe you taking these other people reporters at were with you through yes sir they these experiments in these these techniques it it's gotta feel good for you to find
may be able to get this word out into to realise that the light at the end of the tunnel that you ve sort of reach this place where you're right i've done viral recognition you know kelly starters he's a famous strengthen could do encroach india is easy author of the supple leopard becoming a sob leopard is a very very respected strengthen finishing coach he found out that i was gonna do you talk to him but he found out through the great mind that you were gonna be on my podcast and he sent me ex message and a pair of is it but he said that what your work is some of the most port and work is being done to day in the world of understanding the human body so you're saying you saying that what you are doing right now for for athletes and for people that more understand other body works is some of the most important shit that's that's been happening right now and at four for self empowerment for for this but that's gonna feel good for you maybe i like to you too to realize that the time of the seventeen having
calling to jump in the cold water to getting this understanding of what that really means to this breathing i think you're the developing and then having this scientific proof like this is this justification for this elaborate testing that was done on you that shows your method has been it's been proven its effective it's real it's written downs s undeniable emotionally our deep k you go if you lose your wife at heathrow about it it has been here old it's one of my songs to i think now i've scientifically proven recognition as come democracy you stopped risk actus regains reestablished and that's good but there is still so much work to do because the love and care for the planet
what a children for all the living beings still is not established we go they change the mind and we got it go on now i don't want anybody the suffer any more from and not being happy or not having frank or not being healthy and and bring back the harmony until that we need to go on but i'm i'm really thankful for people like yourself and this person tell you yeah colleague thank you very much for for endorsing this week go on and have it is coming in and which is one of the best universities in the world and we undeniably prove that we are able to become strong healthy and happy everybody what would start what is i want to do what are their out now yet but you know same percy we're talking about deronda
and always usanga patrick exactly around the patrick she was with me weeks ago one i have weak in amsterdam or in in the netherlands my place we had a great great discussion later she looked it up and compared blot results with here at their threat number one in america which is arteriosclerosis its our disease anything boy what goes with the arteries and veins and all that and that our our closest within our within this technique is is capable of influencing in the arterial let us not let a bit bigtime its chemistry so we got it not only for that the public enemy number one killing so many people in europe s it's all
for the western world we got it also for depression and we got at all so for any actual any disease we gotta bring back to believe tat we our beings who naturally should be happy strong and healthy and as long as there are systems our days and complicated nobody knows any more how to be happy i'm without war and without engines and too much leaving on too much greed and all that than than we got work to do because that the new world is a world of harmony and we working on this and we do this together i love the fact that you believe that and i think that as possible are really doom and i've been called a cheer further cheat is i think we live in a unique time because we can share information now in a way that was never possible just a death and like something like this podcast
free and it goes out instantly and then the world gets attitude in this information gets shared and transferred and everybody gets hold of it and then it reached the way people think of the millions of people little listen to this it will absolutely fact there lies in how many of them will act on it you know it's up to them but it but is possible and it will become viral because of that italy ira ideas are becoming viral yes and it's not magic choice we gave the people know religion we gave the paper reason no speculation if you do it s than this happens and we want to bring back the natural eight of which is how to strong and healthy anybody can do this because it's endorsed with thousands of result and these are the means you are helping to make a paradigm shift possible so it's great work what you do
dwelt needs it and somebody needs to do it so we do this together are well aware that this is good is very but the beautiful thing about what i'm as our daily work conversation with a cool guy a bit of the hague was likewise now do you monitor your diet at all do a u conscious about what kind of food you eat or you do have a specific diet that you follow they must up her food really good synthesized it and they volume nice did and they may get really shining and i ve taken paprica you can always you don't need a mirror but that nutrients at therein they are of change who knows maybe half less than half of the nutrients which normally
should be in their vegetables you mean that nato but more durable ass and also with the meat and all that so my at my diet is is more vegetarian and ate one today once a day once a day after six or after six after six so you haven't done anything to eat no oh yeah after thirty five years today i had my breakfast i gotta have a breakfast but the is those are the jet lag energy what time is it now in holland and how i dislike at nine hours difference on ours ahead ahead oh yeah well that stomach sense it's midnight takes energy and become but because i have its control over their endocrine systems a tone is here return and which is the day and night i didn't suffer any jet lag but still it takes energy
suffragette like when you fly that another really not not know that that's you know hormones you bid by doing your brain method you can sort of mitigate that is what it is yes i oh rule that i follow whenever i go anywhere that i might get jet lag was really for go immediately to the gym is the first thing i do unless there are ways to regale strength by examination with the baha i exert myself in a very very strong where i dont want do a light work out i do a form she's work out when i land and usually reset to me the undersigned because if you do a ferocious work out you get to date adrenalin axis of yourself as well by two allows its people from i think it's silly by july things where i work out one of the things that i do is i work myself into the state the work like what i'm doing is fighting for my leave me they might sound crazy
but i put myself how's leo show now when i was built for if i live waits or if i run on lifting of machine one of those things do us sort of cardiovascular i do it like i'm fighting for my life and i feel like that's that's the way i know without the maximum benefit of it now listening to you it makes sense why am i in this regard has been doing this sort of instinctively because i feel like of the year of exercising that's the way i've gotten the best results at the people doubtless it what the fuck do you not fighting for your life no i'm not but in my mind i am when i do it i'm i'm two percent committed to it because at my survival depends on it naturally we are fighting for your life when you extremes were like i do and you know it's a u are very focus at that moment the that you have to go back aren't you conditioning you playing you not pretending union under the ice you are fighting for your life and you know it
like something out of your conditioning with if you are conditioned you're not able to surpass their effects of of jet lag but you are able to get out of the conditions through it all then you're able to regain contact with their serotonin melatonin balance within the body and thus yeah become jet lag there is no jet like so one meal a day in the evening and what like what's typically up a meal for you oh i like pastor sarah had better be voting today they they say it's terrible deirdre about the there like macaroni it's delicious allow me i'm italian i enjoy it and i love it i love it there might be a gmo so i need a lot of pasta
that's a lot of carbs you burn off a lot of calories ivy safely doing all this crazy for i can eat anything i can eat anything any amount but i do it's after six o clock why after so when you wake up in the morning is you're not hungry ears i dont want to sweden i don't to be stopped i am very lively very lightly in the morning i am my first meals almost always fruit now that's mostly what i that's not work out in the morning that's nice i have like a few piece of fruit and i dont stuff myself i do it until i feel like i don't need me here and i work out too and then afterwards have something like today had some sushi very light not much sounds great and at a dinner i usually elaborate i back but it's not about you you know it's about those people who were getting in so much it's not they don't use it in a body anima it's a thinking into eight hours and they have no control but
businesses about c4 i think for a lot of people the problem is that they go to a job i didn't really enjoy and are stuck in traffic and then they get to work in the reward is they'll have adona they'll have some coffee a break an egg egg sausage sandwich with cheese and manners and river but it's your getting sensations when you eating a pleasurable and that's the reward and its to take them reward away from them you you're giving them a few less bright spots and otherwise dull day yeah yeah exactly is what you call it and that so the days got to be dull we gotta bring back the intensity of the wonder of the day and that comes with their bare being consciously connected with the depth of your physiological systems and also come
with making good choices is two ways what you do for a living and what you see how you spend your time oh yes away we need to be creative all of us because creation and being creative is the expression of the soul and the sole need to breathe like anything and d to expand in consciousness he i've always had a real hard time but the expression creative people disguise creative he's creative she's creative because people are all creative everyone's create it's just a matter of finding what it is that your creative with some people creative with constructing cars some people created with a real thing people are creative like it's a part of being a human being it's not it's saying some the creative person is like there are hard rock everyone actually every buddies creative the serenity wits
goes along when people are created this year is beautiful its sights a natural part of being a child every child draws in paints and plays with things in scalps and makes little things it's a now and it gets beaten out of us gets beaten out of us in school now about jobs and beaten out of us with possibilities and careers pain flight teach it allows us to yet another brick in the law says there's a man that some but that a lot of people they like that's great but how do i get out of this and that's unfortunately that's your own half a figure that your own but if if you can the problem of people also people get burden doubt bills and responsibilities in debt credit card at first they get you would student loan debt on all how it is in holland because have public universities yes yes
same thing man that's over this resistance that in this country and it makes me sick school should be fuckin free yet it should be for you not making any money and we should encourage people to learn as much as possible so that they can contribute more and i dont know how to do it but if i have to pay more taxes jesus christ i pay more tat i think we should all be enthusiastic about people be now to get out of school without being hundreds thousands and thousands dead mean we have us enormous problems are weak we don't have the same problem where is with us we will we get it sure you know you gotta worry deposit alone we too are build up something like that but but it's in identifying the small attire smile about its is yet it is not the solution
the solution should be that that system is so complicated so away from us to begin to look people should be strong healthy and happy are we able to do that and that's what we do scientifically right now as candidates they must rap even now not on this fact they soon set polluters talk in vanity it's it's sort of eleven show its is it the signs didn't prove it all there is more to prove and the school is not where we shoot level the life is the school and in life we should be happy strong and healthy the way we are natural belt so also sail them altogether yes yes it's quite logic
recent poll very effective very there and then we just keep on making sense too weak the san do society is move too fast for bodies and then to accept killings as all kind of tied together we are talking about depression and you're talking how arbe body is not really designed to deal with distress that deals with without any of the physical taxing of the actual unit of the body itself you know the stress exercise of exertion of you know of a book dealing with the environment and the coal yes all these things are sort of theirs demands that are on the body and same could be said about the demand and of society the demands of our culture the demands of civilization do you think that maybe what's get what's happened is that our civilization has gotten to advance too fast and our bodies not to be able to adapt so their left in
state of confusion and anguish because there too yeah sure ain't got eight they there there's reward systems that are deeply ingrained in our dna they are not being satisfied the subject that that's the neuro connection between the neo car tax and there and the brain stem the primitive part did you know the yeoman part of the thinking and a reptilian dead the primitive brain the brain stem is is cut off somehow that's why we don't controlled stress of just stress which is stress hormone and endocrine system is connected to the brain stem and we lost this and is too much going on and we think the body well all but it is not following animal we have problems and we get what we re now do is consciously brain back to normal channels
between the neo cortex where their brain stem and i think it it'll solve it'll make sense again so exercise breathing die it all in consciousness mindfulness all these things are connected to live a happy life yes because happiness is about controlling to endocrine system and they reciting over there and that we need neural china what is the difference which we in the way you approach a cold environment verse the way you approached what what is it that you did in the desert with no water that would have physiologist darfur monitoring me and he saw without me having prior experience in the heat didn't have any parents and here are knows what up into the where did you go what did you do in me and now may per desert where's
assesses valet nearer south africa yet i wonder down there and very dry desert but maybe it did dries deserts in the world maybe two seconds i don't know enough to have an impact on fair physiology and i went up there and i lost five point two leaders of water of water year you know things happening jugs it that's it that's why i ran a marathon so it won't yeah yeah twenty six miles in the desert without drinking no doubt you want her to know drink did you re hydrate beforehand did you like a drink shit load water before you ran to coffee to two cups of coffee i'm a little bit addicted to coffee i dont know how to live aren't going to master this as a matter of days good but that
that's right now my mind was already there you know i'm gonna do this in whatever way no extra water or anything like that and so you brought in physiologist him to monitor your body what you're doing us yes and he saw all the reins my poor body temperature remained thirty seven degrees it's like you know the normal body car court temperature but do i love five point two leaders of water so even an extra conditions you are able to control the body and why you're running are you actively engaging in these breathing exercises while you're running i always say to the persons who do endurance you know raw long distance rang couldn't hundred kilometres over a hundred miles or five miles they probably our knowing not probably days have to know
to breathe more than normal conditions breathing patents which are shallow because if not breathing deep enough you will exhaustive reserves of oxygen india tissue and then nam and with a hammer comes then are we were not yet become i said acidic you are not able to run anima that's because the depletion of their oxygen in the tissue digression the man with the hammer comes yeah you know that you got to do is crazy way to look at it and then the man with the hammer comes so say take one principle because we have the ability to we're up more oxygen but then you have to go past you condition breathing pattern which is to shallow and
performance on the pressure it will just take the oxygen out of your tissue and then at a certain point its pleaded a you are not able to run enemy because here ph levels become too low so you able to influence in that path in in that while you performed by thinking no we're thinking does influencing cell level but also breathe more than you feel is needed there are a few running in europe that is your jag big deep rise yes mass with your own body than you are able to get into details you and me in team in the in the cell biology oxygen instead of disconnect
thing and becoming acidic you oxygen is inside and get on and is producing energy scold arabic dissimulation suppressed in the south but we are very able to do that and i do am i showed at people just a couple of i was how to do it i stamp with people like barefoot in the snow ensured say one day two or three four why an hour in the horse sense you no doors done and then stand for one hour in short and freezing temperatures barefoot it for one hour in the snow in horror stance because they influence call takes oxygen to combat energy combustion and it takes energy and beat oxygen
and and the horse stance is their performance is a pressure to create he ate it creates heated could create control it shows that we are able to influence our biology by bringing consciously more oxygen inside thus producing more energy so how do you keep people from getting frostbite i would think that standing in the snow barefoot could make you get for us after an hour they are still not not not suffering from price anything so hot day for us when we begin to saying of man to have five years drought stolen i had i had these east european a russian people coming to my place as well and they look really to off and this agenda and they have this as it to you
ok let's do an experiment if somebody is very tough etc i guess we take a bottle of work tat we put it in front of us we stand outside indoor stands a barefoot it and in one hour or one i've always oh ok we drink butter and still remain and balance and because old is affected orythia get alcohol in the blood so you need more oxygen more control and we drink the whole bottle of vodka urging vodka cannot waterfall oh yeah yeah yeah i think you said water vodka gonna comes from the word wada what i mean is water so
livelong russians are water same thing just drank up so about also vodka in front of them they have to drink i say i do crazy experiments i guess man the fact that life is crazy guy is crazy experiment under anybody's this definition life is crazy but we're having fun but we never did it but i think you know if you have a hangover hang over you know who that is do twenty minutes this breathing then you have no hang over anymore their work that way you are learning to detox yourself in twenty minutes i have a guy that i'd do podcast with occasionally names doktor carr heart and he's an addiction specialist and brilliant guy and
he explained hangovers to me in a way that never understood he goody psych we have is very confused sense of what addiction is and he said what a hang over is as you body being addicted alcohol even from one been session your body creates the mitigating responses to the alcohol and then what cause no longer present your body it has like horrible headache and read it is is it hence tore response of the alcohol that's what it is namely adaptive having doubts were had areas or is this just so it egg he redefines the premise of addiction and he believes that are our ideas of addiction very self limiting so i saw where we have very self limiting ideas about every hour control over life itself yes and then your breathing method just flushes this this yes out of the system yeah yeah in any sense what
athletes have you work with other than ouster let bake sports sport us growing people of envy buns dealing a world you do you do a very robust grant yeah yes kate s hocker team i'm gonna when did these people start coming to you we are aware whenever this scientifically endorsed a result this when people begin to think i mean this is this is real people think when it is scientifically proved then something is real how do you have the time to engage all these people mean seems you ve got a lot of people pulling on your your time now right it does but that i got my mission my miss is to help us much children in the world as part of what we have to bring back can love
and this is my mission i am i believe him what i do so let the science come but the signs as a as i see it sometimes is as fast as slow toto these very thorough the problem is your legitimate a hundred percent but a lot of people are not i've got a lot of people on the spot gas that thought with a jet and then after talking to them and after going over there starve and then after being contact with people criticise their work you realize that bullshit artists digits really good it being a bullshit artist and some of start larger itself unfortunately those people they bullshit themselves as well as one of the fast they things about bullshit artists as their their own victim though the victor other work and you know what i'm a guy like you frustrating to you because you are legit and you want this message to get out there that scientific method is critical because that's
terrific method is also establishing the veracity of your work as establishing that absolutely what you doing is provable and real i think that makes you so unique is the fact that its not just you and your method scientists anecdotal evidence is a fact that there's a bunch of people out there that have actually as to do that have no vested interest whatsoever when you being accurate in fact would probably like to debunk you just as much they would like to prove you accurate and they can and i guess that's what things get very very very interesting fascinated me is that you're this one guy you're like a outlier in there with the most extreme sense of the term because this seven billion people and this one guy is figured some shit out what if you weren't around man what have you didn't exist we may never figure this shit out and might be a hundred years for somebody figured it out you know it makes you wonder what what now now now we work together
i do not really love you i love your work i love your spirit no i love the spirit and that's why i love you you know for what we do and it needs to be done somebody needs to do it and if we do together we are stronger will listen i love you too and i love your spirit i love what you're doing and i will help you in any way i can i will get this word out as much as possible i believe you're doing manner i think the woods fascinating is that the parlor tricks as it were or your feats europe amazing endurance feeds those that's what's bring people to you now that big this that see you on everest in new shorts there's this one image of you out in the snow and your bouncing on some ice like look that gets people go what the fuck is this guy do it and then they saw researching it then they saw realizing like wow this guy this
he's been scientific examinations of his claims and hold up like it here this is one image of you here basher man people say shit like that you're a fucking crazy i do is get notion time is out in the snow it's freezing cold out and these having a great time it's it's it's very and in a lot of where i have a great time seems what's going on here i was in this picture here at this colombia sportswear there the commercial to commercial eighty four yeah that they did at ad aware that's that's sound mumble law and then there india alps while more more stuff that's crazy picture to see you out there in that froze tundra shorts
no journey its old lover the one will you up there in the lotus position that yeah that's iceland iceland is now how do you keep your legs from getting frostbite like what what causes frostbite and how are you able to stop that from happening there we go an ability to maintain above zero within the cell biology but as we not expose ourselves anymore we get frostbite etc but a few into the system and you learn to control right you get a ride ph degrees them the frostbite will not com because we got a mechanism to do that that's rare that debt will bring the cell temperature just above zero that
means in a far night what is thirty to thirty two because if it gets below you get a proper role a cell damage but we mammals and we are able to do that like dogs and cheaper where we do we know that people adapt tissue environments you know if they know that in you it's have adapted of of very interesting ability with their hands or the hands don't freeze then get numb whereas a person like me from california if i was in environment i would have a real struggle but for them becomes natural and their bodies adapted to this extremely harsh environment it seems like human beings are much more pliable then we give them credit for that's the adapt power which we have we're and never resort to because live in a comfort zone a kind behavior i'm we think we could can control nature but as long as we
do not control what makes us happy strong and healthy we have no control at all and i want to bring it over there that's interesting so what we ve been doing is trying to control nature we ve been trying to build houses in heat them up and we in trying to control the environment instead of control ourselves to adapt the environment exactly and it's nice to have nice fireplace everything comrade accommodated as hydra but sometimes like it you need to go out and you know what else to the fireplace you don't appreciate their fireplace in russia this fuck highly appreciated as well you're really begin to i just get your eyeballs thought likely talkin about yes go outside i bet if you got in front of a fire then is my very silent then the syrian at that moment enjoying every bit
need the harsh to appreciate the mellow you know we need we need hard things appreciate soft things we need violence i think sometimes to appreciate peace so there's something fascinating human beings are we almost are designed to overcome and if we do not overcome we find we find ourselves lost and it's all about consciousness being aware i've itself which is a wonder so we are going to bring it back first chemically and tat make understandable that in no case is this a love the best things on earth accessible for everybody now are you experiencing over how what has been the last like few years like what has it been like where people awakening themselves to your accomplishments in your work and your ear your belief what what is it been like it seems like
least me on the outside becoming more more aware of you it's like i've getting people tweet it me all the time with your videos and articles about you and i was different people ask me about getting you on it seems like that wakening that's going on how much requirement has been on your time in you and what is i feel like to you too to have all these people sort of like good overwhelmingly coming after you know i loved but and i think this way and being with pay like you like joe rogan is there entity is not just you it's more too we gotta use and abuse all day ass for the girl to bring it none dogmatically to any body and a person in the world we want to make two wheeled happy we want a good strong and healthy we want to bring consciousness of the wonders of life
health and as long as we as it is not there than these all these people who tweeted you and who are helping me now that's the way i feel it it's it's it's alive itself that brings me to work this this this mission and destination of it is helping children love when care i think these people very very much from the heart and we still need to go on so we all need you you keep bringing up children that sets a primary guess is is that because you feel like they are the most receptive to new ideas jacqueline they are open and they have to learn from people who are why sooner than we are that we are the eldest somebody's how to do it and that's us so we
day responsibility and are we able to respond and that's right now right here that's why i'm here with you and your asking and i can feel you some will you go deeper into at all then care what is deeper than love what is deeper than the care of and for charred and that's what we need in once begins to establish the love continuously without fear of disease without fear of being unhappy with fear of being having no energy at then the love will bloom because that's the natural flower of every person and that's why call it a children attitude when we have to make this body that this beautiful beautiful planet which is actually the best but in all the universe we go
it'll look beyond my power or there are there no just look within and make this world a better place in harmony with nature and it begins with the children i share that idea and i've been saying to people for a long time that one of the things it makes me so enthusiastic in so optimistic about the future is the fact that we can reach kids in a way that we couldn't reach him before we can reach kids with ideas with mindedness and with just massive amounts of information that just worn availed before and that if you can change this opinion or inform them or or suppose them to new ideas that general new creative ideas inside them then who have broken the system and this system that is designed to carve paths that have already been diverted traveled and then you know i want to be a lawyer just like my dad and you get on that same fuckin path and you get stuck in i think now
is this an infinite number of passing the branching offer the infinite different directions and new streams and new new tributaries is and i think if we in a beautiful time because of that because a guy like you who in holland can get you ideas out just do a few things in all also people know about in that it spreads and then you connect with other people connect to me and i connect to the internet and connects us and then it's gonna be people that are practising you do and then going to tell their friends and it's gonna get they're gonna tweet about on the right blogs about in boom boom boom make videos and then yes overwhelming becomes for well meaning then it becomes a natural part of life yes and overwhelming the wonder of life is overwhelming is and media is helping us it entered at an oil that this kind of media is the best guess no one's controlling fact want anybody you could start your own podcast knowing ideas controlling you ever thought of setting a protest no no
i gotta get this happened to me i ended up parker you never did this why don't you we'll talk to jail jamie school we would get this right so beside the harvard thing the studies what else you have gone on the people can move forward when we get there you know different universities and that we get different protocol to however to do work our authorities riotous yeah indifferent to immune diseases in general and about depression i want to get we are able to control depression ray that's amazing union esa it's a huge huge huge problem not just in this country all over the world guess it's one of the main problems at plagues modern human beings yes and that's not so difficult very simple but yet on
the genius of things is to make things simple and that's believe we are bail to be happy strong and healthy we just need to go back to nature natural laws within us and connect again very simple is there anything that people should read that you ve done or watches ernie besides the vice documentary is there anything else you people that you recommend people check out you know that this study which we did is actually the first study showed that the autonomic nervous system a relationship with the endocrine systems and immune systems are deep to be deeply able to be influenced so bacteria yes no chance things like here that's crazy because that's it that's all
no i had a friend of mine who got staff infection horrible horrible from infection that posted a photo of online there the day because he got mercer which medication resistant staff infection terrific asia issue do this do you think that this sum this could help that i think i'm sure about it but her mouth my son my team is always saying don t you occurring people as it reality ass it is totally scientifically proved its worth twenty five years ago i stated something that is scientifically proved now and it changes science as it is who i think what they're doing is there just that wanna rain you in just because they understand the importance what you're saying yes and that you know that did there they're off their optimistic but cautiously up firstly it is so it is so but if i see the person and always they won't get worse of it at least and
i so miracles happening because life is a miracle i saw people getting back to life in order to be connection would live and trust within their own natural ability and then changing all dead this balance is so much that they felt comfort within their own bodies again and taking away i have a re gaining control over the immune systems and then diseases go and that is very simple you just need to do it as being to activate the systems that are already inherent by attacking you know i just think guys like you i mean i want to say guys like you but i don't know anybody else like you but i think what we want done so amazing and so important because out of all these human beings all this stuff that's going on different activities and interactions all the different thoughts takes one person step
out with a new unique idea that could be completely evolutionary and changed the way people behave in the way people interface with nature i think you ve done that and i thank you very much thank you for coming on here really really appreciate i love you i love you i love you work thank you keep on and we do it together ass absolutely we are all on the same mission bring back love and confidence that we are able to do in order to be a part of this wonder or anything you ever need tweeted or put on facebook or put on the park ass you let me know and you got an open invitation to come back anytime you want i really appreciate yes thank you very much ladies and gentlemen and your your twitter pages what is ice man what is in a fire that until now the twitter page it is man when it's actually iceman half its eyes when underscore each o f and that's that's the truth
page and your website is what your website you website is whim hob what did it when half method dot com when half method whim w i m h o f method dot com thank brother pressure folks see soon thank you everybody for two the podcast thank you so much and thank you too are sponsors thank you too caveman coffee gotta caveman coffee c o dot com and get yourself some god dammit amazing coffee thank you two squares base go to square space dot com use the pro oh code joe and save ten percent off your pert first purchase thank you to draft kings go to draft kings dot com enter the code word rogue into play for free now daily fantasy sports partner
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