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#722 - Tony Hinchcliffe

2015-11-14 | 🔗
Tony Hinchcliffe is a comedian, writer, and actor. He also hosts his own podcast called “Kill Tony” with Redban, and it’s available on iTunes and at http://Deathsquad.tv
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many gems will open up all over the place, great classes, their great certifications and kettlebells instruction, mace instruction knowledge it it's in Austin, Texas, on it dot, com, user code, word, Rogan, save ten percent funding and supplement, My guest today is with me right now on a fucking plane. I'm talking about the great Tony Hinchcliffe, I'm recording this I'm about to get on a plane with Tony and once I get on the plane with Tony I'm going to get him drunk and make him talk, we're going to talk into a Iphone, it's one of a series of podcast that I've done over the years of comedian called podcast on a plane. I like doing podcast on a plane because there's something about being on a plane that makes you feel a little vulnerable makes you feel a little fucking weird
and sometimes weird ideas come out. Your head in that high altitude pressurize environment with free booze. So without any further do please welcome my friend Mr Tony into the town will gain experience dry by my own. We are living in a hotel room in the middle of Melbourne, Australia and next door to us is some sort of a religious institutions, cathedral type scenario, some fucked by gas, bull shit old world voodoo house? Does their fuckin bells ringing constantly they get to do that. Immeasurably live next door to those assholes and They decided today was a spy Well timed and bring the gong so we don't know. What's going on with, I was like baby.
For four Paris, because, as we are doing this Tony and I just found out, maybe our or so ago, that the The Paris attacks had gone on more than a hundred people dead. It was inside some some Rock and roll show some near death yeah. Some male show. One more reason: never guess your death Metal Council already just in case go attack. Yeah is pretty fucked up the whole thing's, pretty fucked up, I didn't they had death metal in Paris seems like you, just wouldn't even exists there like there be no base for that too. Hundreds of people there. I think more now, there's thousands, please a big one. You think they're detrimental, wouldn't be popular Paris. Harris seems like a little bit too, like primitive, proper for yeah. That's metal on paper they do like if we look at it from the past,
I think, though, that problem proper thing Paris's latterly drinking and fuck, being an gerardi Pardo like almost almost stopped, it did stop analogies slowly, ganging one two three along the anti that, like the biggest cathedral, I've ever seen things he if it's over it ended it's pretty things on Ebay, the ones in New York City. I think appropriate there really old them. Those all down the same before the started. That does Religious houses, those old buildings, though I cannot make my daddy more. I wish they d stuff so call with game thrones getting more, You would think, like maybe more tat type of architecture happening people wanting to create them kingdoms and stuff I, but we do see more of it target kingdom. Today, people to help themselves we try to do
have you tried to make a religion today, we're all your leaders can have sex like, like the Catholics. Right the fuck out of here. Nobody would want to be the leader that they're like I'll follow, but I'm not gonna leave a good laws Scientology, like the most recent of other religions right that was started in the fifties I was started in the fifties or sixties Ike whenever if we re in the middle of this book, I came, I can't finish it. I agreed it and I put it down so Lawrence Right book, going clear that they start that it was the beginning of that HBO documentary, that's how it started, and I've watched the documentary- and I keep getting into this book, but so crazy. Guy I'll run harboured was self fucking crazy that the idea that this guy could start this global movement that has Who knows how many fuck and thousands of people in it and how many
fuck and millions of that billions of dollars if earned real estate and how much they pilfered from all these people are inside of it. It's it's crazy. It really is: I think it really praise upon the people that, like are the weakest. I mean You believe the guy was a science fiction author that should be enough for their first thing at the top of this guy's resume is that he was a big sign. Fiction author- I mean if George Lucas started a religion.
Guess. Maybe I'd probably pretty Coracle Ireland joined doors we like in fog it a man and that's really that crazy part is, I don't know like I don't mean anything around. Hubbard really got that famous off like his science fiction made. Maybe I'm wrong. I got on now, but heat. There is definitely no star wars like you would think that, and maybe that's why he did this Ladys, like I haven't, come up at the head. Maybe the starter related will use the most prolific author. Ever he rode more books and anybody has ever live tat, which is another thing that would be at the top of his tourism. That proves that is full of
but just so much stoppages copyright. India will ease the most prolific bullshit artist error and that there are things that his work was like all first drafts it seems like he'd, never did a second draft ever he just whatever he thought he wrote down and just slobber through the whole thing. It's all a terrible, terrible, terrible writing so like and then the theatins drop the frozen volcano people in the volcano and that's where your anxiety comes from going clears about releasing all of all of his ideas and principles of the idyllic. The ideals of Scientology he outlined in the science fiction stories before he ever put him down as like the actual reality of science. Are you kidding you could see if you go back over his older stuff, you see him making this stuff up, and you know it
on top of all that, on top of it being wild, they take so much money from these people ten percent as a deterrent something and then like. If you do anything bad, they like punish you and make you give them more money and stuff. It's like. I was reading this article about that actress. She doesn't like me. You're, not my good, Caroline Ray, I think her name is. She was, unlike some shows, like Michael Molly, one of those determined Leah remedy. Yeah. That's one season, the key in queens yeah issues, but we haven't Jane, shall have been James. That's it. I always get Kevin James, unlike from making more books basic on, but I guess, like I guess you enter Tom and Tom cruise Katy HOMES wedding, unlike said some stuff, and everybody got mad at her- they charge, showing a hundred thousand bucks for something crazy. I bet
well, they didn't just charger. They made her goals through hours and hours of retraining and auditing. They go. You go to his auditing thing. We have to sit down. You go to every single last detail of everything he said and what you did during the wedding and she had to apologize to Katy homes for ruining her special day and silly rarely fucking Arab, though she's so bold woman DES seems like a little party machine sample from this. She seems like she dreams into starts auditing out loud teething, despite gas gang you fucked up by those gongs. In the background, I think maybe it sorted gives it like a lively sort of the town give Ulysses is right. Now you will like it if you really going to do this with guns in the background of theirs away in this room, we can get away from me. I think that's like the reality of where we are here and there
is unbelievably annoying. If I lived here, I'd be so pissed whilst trying take my afternoon nap. This shit is gone. All gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, Jesus Christ once upon a time, walked upon the water down long gone gone gone. I think it's because of the France thing but people going in there. It was like you know what I was just thinking about cuz. I was reading all these tweets on Twitter about the Paris France thing like as it's happening until people are tweeting the same thing. There are gone like you, pray for France, pray for France, and I'm just thinking to myself like I started thinking about prayer and there it is, and it is in it still seems like it's something that people do to make themselves feel better. What deficit Some people do make themselves felt better than the idea positive. Thinking too, can correct yeah. Can you imagine if there was like
Can you imagine if there was studies that showed the praying dead, something what would happen well. What is the policy both factor into placebo effect? Is you believing that something is happening even on there's, no real chemical, that you're lucky you taking a sugar pill and just believing that that sugar pill some miracle pill? can somehow another enact the physical effects on your body. The power the mind. Yet it's it's real like there is. There is real healing powers, the mind, and if you apply that to prayer look, if you the prayer- really does help if you actually believe it probably would have a similar effect least physically. And the possible effect on the person praying. Personal beliefs, Yosemite prayed for you, vs around with you on someone play, prayed for you, you might, it might have a physical effect on you if you actually believe they could do it like. If you were, if you had some
get off mother fucker icy. So if you believe that prayers work, some praise for you in your like a man. Is people are praying for me. Ok, it can have an effect, I think. This. Probably all these untapped ways that we help our body that weaken like power. Up our immune system or become like certain certain things that are happening. Tour. Our physical body because our mind believes it, they ve shown with the perceive a fact that it's a real fact that there is really something going on, but we don't know how I like voluntarily use that without tricking ourselves for the most part, yeah How this guy whim, half of my podcast fascinating for, can do and he's He holds like twenty six world record. He omitted Everest, in short, with
sandals on fuckin the ice cleats under the sandals and He ran half a marathon in my ears. What did agree weather shorts on and no shirt barefoot he's he. Swam hundred yards was forcibly fifty, but fifty I can't figure out how to under the ice, swam under the eyes and was be fifty yards, but his Agnes froze because the water was so fuckin colds couldn't see where he was going so wanna point twice as far with one brassy one upswimming a hundred yards under the ice for they pull them out. I couldn't find a hole in the eyes he's, isn't he got to six world records and a big part of his because men. Knowledge is about breathing, about over to generating like like oxygen loading on your lungs
but he's able to achieve these crazy states like that. He had a Dutch Firstly, our house or university hospital inject tinged with a micro toxin, Michael Toxin biotoxins, and if this biotoxins, like the EU, showed that he could debate his immune system with his own mind, things that we thought We're only autonomous sort of systems european system systemic able to actually physically activated with his on mine. So I think there's all sorts of different areas of the human body that are we haven't really tapped into the full potential of that's poets, part of the possible effect shows that shows that don't know how to stimulate. Like the average person,
stimulate those those systems, but it is possible we should on how to do it in its own interests, stuff. That's interesting, because we know that, sir, states are bad for your immune system being depressed stressed out or being fucked up you get sick people get sick. They stress the worn out like that, your common relax. You can help things better. So what we want, we now that there's certain state of mind that are more beneficial for your body we don't know how that most people don't have achieved a certain states, gravel, we're interested we also know life sure like size, review, exercise pre profound, your body exercise on a factory stress levels that second, you stress levels. Can change your health.
Crazy. I got my whole clock. Nothing was almost up yesterday we just flew to Australia and of his waking up from a nap some normally messed up after a nap anyway, but I was double messed up went down the Jim had the steam. Was unbelievable. How I went from like twenty four percent to a hundred? in an hour now, just from swearing in Sweden in sweating like getting some the blood flowing yeah, the blood falling fire of the machine, girls systems working That's why I will always have a hard time. Trusting people don't exercise a trot, especially people really emotional or overreact. Exercise, my god dammit you dont have like a mitigation process. You believe you do, it doesnt evolve, it has to be all mental they derive aiding like physical.
Growing address. Really. I think it's like the MID West thing. I feel like it's been. Maybe it's an east coast thing, but I feel, like I feel maybe they more maybe they're better at this now, but I feel like they were. They were just make it look like exercising. They retire to exercise to lose way. There was never really feel like. Nobody was really going away saying that work out to make your mind stronger and I feel like Maybe it's just California, maybe I'll. Just hang out with smarter, people now, maybe it's all of that, but like now it's very clear to me why working out is important and it doesn't matter how much you way, but in Ohio. I felt like that. Wasn't like you would never see someone with my build running. I feel like where I am from room. Yeah skinny people run why would he exercises there? It's very bizarre
sir size in the mill, the country we don't it's creepy, I sure it's creepy. I mean your server that I mean I'm saying not, everybody does an exercise, but they definitely don't exercise like successfully. Full exercise like California this exercise. I mean there is obviously not everybody in California exercises, but tonight speed like I feel like big food, companies and soda Companies also don't want people to know that. Do you read me They don't want you to know that or people I don't even have to work hard at not having people know that has only just pretty ignorant yeah that I think is also time, those aren't people just getting more and more aware of the fact that your body has on your mind, these sitting ghosts priest, operate expression when I was growing up like I think people
Often does a very intelligent people would look down upon physical exercise, this other physical exercise with a thing, and then you have two schools of thought or choose to touch me Oh you had people that were brain people that were concentrating on thinking and they were concerned with the deeper more intellectual aspects of life and then yet but that would like more physical people that we're just try look good for the jam Panther biceps up and you know it. You're, my six by their dummies. Now people realise that there is theirs. Action between the mind and body and also theirs. It Discipline aspect exercise. Nobody wants to exercise for the most part. You want the results, but it's difficult to get yourself to exert energy and that that the plan that allows you to exert energy, it's it's hard to like muster up and
it is a part of your mental make up to be able to muster it up to be able to discipline. Self to work out on a regular basis. Actually, strengthens the mine because it it exercises the discipline. I think many people considered that in the past, I don't think they thought of the discipline of activating your body like using your mind, activate your body that you're actually exercising almost like a muscle and disciplines muscle- and I think A lot of things currently in early may and like so many people are like fattened, depress lawyer, but ended their depressed because their fat and their families they're, not working out and depressed, confirm outworking like One of the most natural cures for depression is like going for a walk. Yeah we're going for a job. Literally just doing anything other than sitting in one spot.
What I've done studies show that regular exercise is just as effective at treating depression as pills sorrows, Korea. I totally believe that at the end, I think that I noticed back Ohio, like everybody's, depressed and they're, all just getting these pills and no bodies working out. And there's a place for bills, there's a place this calls for saw. I think some people have a legit imbalance, but There's also like irish fierce brief example. Ari used to be on pills like he was, like legitimately depressed, got on pills goddess, back in order, came much happier person then got off the bills his life, he got his life and track became much more successful. Now he's kill him out there in the world by doing fantastic stand up like we were at the club. Last night, the comics. In Melbourne. Irish appear posters on the wall there he wasn t
a little while ago, Killin it and he's doing great, and now now he's happy I just need it. As mushrooms, mushrooms, helped into mushrooms helped a lot anytime. I do mushrooms come back and feel good for two or three months to three. Four months should do everything to Roma probability probably trail for some reason. I doubt I write that thing. Reload lived that stress, I feel I can almost probably sort o helps on are now, but maybe I'm wrong, but I feel like it's like you make muscles tents and then massage your mouth rather than just get a massage, but I probably should there once everything once when I was young, I should think that, like the whole idea being enlightened being enlightened, achieving like a more balanced, more relaxed view of the world are used would fuck up my comedy, but if I did that it ruined me, I gotta stop being funny, A lot of comedy is kind of mean.
Now a lot of comedies like what you what you creating with comedies, shooting something an ice, Well, I just achieve peace, then I'm gonna shit on things ever want to shit on things and I'll be shit out of luck. As far as I can stand up, go so fuck this right. Then, as I got old, are realised, persisted crutch, yeah Stephanie crossed my mind that like well, I do want to do mushrooms to feel better, but I don't want to do mushrooms, because I want to be able to connect with that audience. That's in the room and if I'm too far ahead of them, diamond literally in I think of everything that, when it comes to my comedy, I'm always trying to protect it. You're too come via air. You might you know you might lose your age because your edge to is a lot of like Europe.
A great roast writer and a lot of roast writing is being fuck me now it's hard to do that, if your, if you combine out is through I mean it's crazy, like my favorite. Stop is always the stuff that I right when I come back or we are weak to three after those trips to the desert, retake yeah You can write some amazing shit like post, like a dog experience at clears, the gutters man makes everything flow better.
Yes, I think the writing is that I think is also to different states that you should write under. I think you should write a little when you're drinking and gives you write a little sober issue. I little when your high off part. You could write should write posts, psychedelic writing why onsite doth those kind of pointless, like you rightly say things into a tape recorder, maybe but sitting down, try right things down tripping and even then you forget what you felt like when you were taking the now dear said, like just a code, did you can't really crack at anyway, even though the words are there, it's hard to go back to that feeling of clarity. Sometimes you see like I know, for a fact, there's been times or amount that desert looking up at the stars. The sudden, like, I figure out the trick to everything you know that killing clicks than words, like. Oh shit just did it. I just beat the game, but then you dislike. Can't exactly put your finger on what it was good to describe
those feelings that happen in words impossible the word them and created yet to do so. What goes on in that zone well describing deities like that right is growing I made the empty experience you just spinning. Your is wasting time. I've read my own descriptions of the empty trip might be shut up. It's absolutely because the words they own exist. The reference points don't exist like EU can there's no way could possibly know what the fuck you're talking about you're saying something that your ear using these noises to describe like you like you, are describing some shit like we were at the airport. I suppose they weren't we're not we're not on the plane, and I said that we're gonna do one of these are plain and somewhere along the line, fly or like fucking do out our own. Probably better. Now I see also time on the plane, but when we are at airport,
that's crazy! Guy you're, talking about the Pope pass the guise of the pope. Patsy saw we Don T like I Heineken TAT. I get that like a kind of sea, but if I if I've never done it. I heard that a bit like what are you talking about right, I had no idea how great the fuck you guys Jews doesn't like us talking about Popa, you bring a pope heads. The cathedral starts bang in their bows, but yeah now I remember, I think he said something about France Those are something or somebody did. Maybe it was somebody that we were well. Then I remember hearing that word and I didn't I didn't even know what that really was at the time until afterwards, like oh yeah, fractal like reposition, like the kaleidoscope like and that's exactly what it was like. It was like a cat a kaleidoscope of Pope
Have you ever seen some of those three D renditions, computer renditions of fractals, in fact an amazing? Like zoo and amazing fractal called the Mandl brought set in theirs. Is this and three D renditions where they show closer, you get to these various points on this. This this frank, the more the same patterns repeat themselves like he looks like you're, getting close to a small point, but the ass it closer just reveals a deeper and deeper Bert level and layer. This fractal, where it uses its infinite. It keeps going on and on and on and on and as you get closer just shows you the same thing in a smaller form. Then it goes on and on and on, and that's that's that
impression that you get when you do the empty that their cells, like infinite series of fractals, that are going on all around you and there's no end. You can't find an end. You just look deeper. You love the deeper it goes and That sort of what they found about the whole universe me they ve. They believe that as you look deeper and deeper into life and you a deeper and deeper into the cellular lever, cellular level, deeply deeper and deeper into the atomic level. Then you get into subatomic particles and you get in is weird world of space, where it's mostly just empty air, and then there's some atomic particles are blinking in and out of existence, and then there's there's things that are they they have things Dave observed the call that are in a which means- they're both moving and still at the same time yeah and, as you go deeper and deeper into the subatomic level
become more more like magic, more and more, like just science fiction, a crazy. This, like most of what anatomy is just empty space and its Where would you they're trying to understand it, the deeper and deeper they go with this kind of stuff, but many people theorize that what we are seeing in the universe itself. I going you look at the universe and you see like the empty space. It's in the galaxies seasons, space out in the infinite cosmos? that what you're seeing her meares itself inside our very atoms- and that can you man, if they just kept dig, in dealing with the microscope and the good kept going through everything through everything and at the very end of it all there was just around cupboards face apology. I knew him all along. I am guy got works in mysterious ways which manage if we, what we got deeper and deeper into submission,
the global and we found universes. That would be the the trip we got like they figured out somewhere. I mean, if you look at but they can observe today as opposed to work they could observe few hundred years ago. There is no comparison, they have so many somebody New much more sensitive methods of detecting g in detecting and read rising occurs and atoms and all its different shit. What if a guy the point where they could detect? deeper and deeper and deeper layers. They actually really did find that inside the atomic particles that as a good deal Maybe you can actually find it complete. Independent universes. Operate on a scale so minute that we cannot comprehend, but if you could could do when deeper into them. You would find like little tiny miniature black holes will miniature galaxies manage. Planets and that the whole thing is fractal and, as you want, to them. They believed it inside every black hole, they say
that every galaxy there's a supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy that supermassive black hole is one half of one percent of the mass of the entire galaxy, so the larger the galaxy the larger. The black hole is an they fear eyes it. If you go into the black hole, you will find another universe, so each Galaxy has black hole in it inside each black hole is totally different universe filled with hundreds of billions of galaxies each with black holes in the centre of them one of them has hundreds of billions galaxies inside of it. We go through There's more universe is more black holes at its that's, the real fractal nature of the universe that Ray time, you hit a galaxy which is used in our mind. We can't even imagine how big Alex you really generations from now what it feels like this. I generations it.
Intends maybe a hundred generations from now. Flying through these things in little machines? We can't fathom now, but we're like the pirates that were coming over here on wooden ships compared to what generations and I'm talking a lot of generations ahead of us, they're gonna, be flying through the goose gonna, be sports race from one black hold the other. Like I mean we are in the wrong age. We were born to early now now were born pervert the great com, because a great on You don't want to be like in the future will be no need for comedy every second reading mines will be far right. Now there I'll be enlightened and they'll. Do they know the hypocrisy that no contradiction so like comedy, won't want exist. We to achieve the new state of enlightenment were humours out the window, we're fucked we're reaping the benefits of an unenlightened public. What that's like? What would stay?
Europe is doing like we're pointing out shit that everybody should be able to see we're pointing out things that everybody should now and then we're mocking things exist that are ridiculous, won't give people evolve pass stayed there are now they are now like if you look at like primate behavior? You look the savagery of nature when tooth and claw and animals are struggling to survive and then you'd look at the more civilised nature of our culture. Today, The best aspects whenever they working at its smoothest, usually in small groups, but in small groups and small communities you could find to pre peaceful existences. You know that ultimately be the whole world and then you'll get more and more peaceful, more and more civilised, more more adapted, more cultured, more connected, more enlightened to a point where my
things like a boy. Existing law will be nothing to mock, people be so advanced mentally that there will be no more of a need for comedy. So I right now for you- and I this is every type if we're in the future- and everything was all perfect in line with this fact, and it wouldn't be fun we're in this, this we're in this gold, stage where this just enough retarded shit right, leg, despair, first thing: there's just enough: chaos in the world where it makes you appreciate all the coup aspects of the world they give everything was cool appreciate the cool parts as much there's a way to combat these terrorist attacks like like. It seems like if you draw Mohammed, like that they get real I have sat right that that's like their big, like. Oh no, don't do that thing like so I got an unjust pitch in here like what. If, every time. They did something like this as it defined,
The mechanism like CNN just put out The Mohammed cartoon like offset they just like they called in South Park South. Guys and we're like guys? Let's do this, let's bring in our nuclear warfare and you make a hilarious Mohammed thing of Hengist, getting whatever vibrate whenever, like like something crazy. Do you really think doubt fixer marking as a defensive mechanism. If they kill people, that's the only way every listen terrorists. It's me, Prime Minister, Tony Hinge cliff from now on. If you do an attack, if somebody said this? If you do an attack in you kill innocent people every year. Some person that you kill it's gonna be another two minutes, another five minutes of Mohammed Cartoon domain. The domicile delivered there,
the Mohammed, they don't. You think, there's a big difference in killing people and drawing cartoons like what is worse These terrorists don't seem to think so that our aid inaccurately p, all these people in Paris because of a car can they killed a few. People that we're doing those charlie I've done cartoons yeah. I think the real problem. Is people their mind in a path. You get a mine in some sort of a radical ideology like Islam, a radical Islam, its more difficult to get people out of that radical ideology. It's very, very difficult, very difficult to get them to reach to choose to change these patterns in their minds. Where they go yeah actually doesn't make any sense to just go to some random death battle, concert, gun people down again oh god, it's great doesn't make sense, it's crazy! That's chaos right, that is an evil thing to do and that doing evil thing
for religion like saying you're doing religion doesn't make any sense at all in their mind, its justified their mind is a holy war going on these people that are completely radicalized like in their mind. This is it thing to do in their minuses like what you have to do to get back at the infidels and tat this evil empire. That's invading countries are supporting this or whatever you're, crazy war is going on in the world as far as the ideologies as far as like invading certain wholly lands and legal, what ices is doing their blowing up all monuments in the summer crazy shit. It's going on the world is related to radical ideologies. You'd have to figure out how to rewire their brains. Another thing I think we should do I think we should take I think we should take guys on death row and put
bombs item and have them go and to the places where the terrorists you might be the worse foreign policy adviser ever. I want to see you down with all these five star generals in these smokey rooms play in the future? We wonder why I wanna take Jared from subway still farms deal and sell em over it. Why would he do that and think about? Why would Jared keep walking? Why would you get an eight? is he gonna know he's gonna blow up exactly tell them our it. Maybe we put a man we take these guys put them in a car is that controls are Google guards your own Ziad mega yeah. They just killed that Jihadi John Die, they kill. A guy with a drone he's got it was a wrapper whose
burning. When I joined ISIS he's been killing people beheading them, allegedly in others. The black helicopter squad believed that this abortion, but there was a wrapper and assist the narrow ISIS. It is a sign of I'm gonna, get that the thing that all end up getting death threats for you can't help yourself with that. Kenya now huns. No, when I hear funny word in its right shut up and I think there's just one chance for action. The funny thing is, I never do them on like I'm known for them, but I never do them on stage with I stand about like. I would never do that that I love making them in person. I just love comedy, and I mean I'm terrible that impressions but guide. A crack me up like there's. Nothing that I don't love you about
poverty and say the latter comedians like FARC upon you know I hate ponds, but it's like you like ponds, even though you Don T use months danger. I like it. I like- and I think I love to- I think everybody does- I think, there's a war on puns right more is everybody one second layin about plans, but it's like Everybody laughed so hard like in good time hit harder than almost anything. I laugh. I love a Europeans? Are so ridiculous yeah, but it's almost like a reluctant laughed like. Oh you, son of a bitch yeah, but sometimes there like in a jet ipod, and I mean that are just like how thou buck teeth think back. Where were you like take pride in Greece having them as quickly as they killing the ponds come out of the event and you just grasp whose quick, as you can write, my brain does not think in ponds at all. It's definitely different muscle, like it's hard for me to think of upon an
intellectual. At the same time like it's, definitely I it's like that thing. We're like rubbing her head in your stomach at the same time, but going different directions. You can't do it isn't. I have. I have I've noticed that, because you have to like listen to do that thing any sort of had to be eighty D. At the same time, to do a pun, since this is in a video Pakistan to trying to do the hand of the head of Rome and rubbing my head in two different directions and my stomach to the dragon back and forth back and forth different muscle, the pine muscles definitely differ muscle here, but also like a different community instinctly we're talking about guys who get trapped in patterns of comedy like you get trapped in an act, All you do is like this style of comedy and then what
when you have that sort of trap using you can get it kind of fuck you we're talking about guys like only do like evil, comedy, or the only do this type calmly. They only have like they have ass, they do or it's a persona. They adopt a legal area, the cable guy, EMO, Philips early one liner, guy yeah, go slow and that you you get stuck in those are like when it's done right. Its awesome like, like a steamer rider some like that you're the best one ever it I'm I think was Mitch, however, was the best because he was so prolific like his mind. Work in that way, like his style of comedy, worked in nonsense, were one liners where he could just one after another. Have these like total
unrelated things. Unbelievable in I was thinking of him. I just told you about that. Amy Limehouse documentary, the blue, my mind, shreds and I was thinking about him during it because heroin- heroin and the art the amiable that she was always like very genuine, like a real artist and always wrote all only our own staff and, like you, can tell like through her work like it, was really actually amazing. They shades of this documentary, and then something happens. Bush was always a heavy drink are always quite the party or like a rock star in I mean, but then, when she started doing heroin, is this guy that she was with within the heroin the lira and the songs were hole. Our level. I may receded a bunch of times, but I mean really went to another level and it may we think of Mitch Hedberg because there's something with that drug, or I mean I mean I'm not take anything away from Minsk sees the one that did it, but it just keep
Who would have guessed that anybody would come out better than Stephen righted that thing like you, watch Stephen Right a bird we're mechanism. Because who would have guessed that anybody would come out better than Stephen right at that thing, like you, watch Stephen right and minutes and, unlike how is he gonna fell on our with this seems impossible. Then I agree with completely, the mid came over the top Hausa possible how kid Mitch, Hedberg not to see Steven Reign go. I gotta figure out something different to do, because there's no way, I'm gonna be able to do that better than that Guy Raymond. Stephen right. Does the man my good If you didn't do it and there's something about those jokes, if you just look at him just right now, like sometimes I feel like a meme movement, on it and us end up staring at that, not a meme guy at all, but end up staring at that. Little tiny thing, which were all the original tweets by the way Mitchell
Mitchell was the original twitter guy yeah, like thinking that banana geothermal of some launched, which goes. Somebody asked me if I want to frozen banana? I said no, but I want to regular banana later. So, yes, a perfect, it's a perfect twitter job is so ridiculous. It's also a joke that if you looked at and on paper, maybe one bit- twitter job. Unless you knew much headway, his voice. Maybe then it would be a good twitter jugs. You knew how he does jokes. I still think it be great on twitter, but that's it. That is another thing ever growing point. There is like, when you factor in its timing and beats, which also I think plays into the heroin thing. You look at all the rock stars and all that and
most of them. I'd seeming more like, I feel like it's more like an acoustic type of drugs. That makes sense like more like and wine house who is very jazzy tones, and I just feel like there's a direct, cross over. I feel like Hedberg really was like car. Was he died then a voice and that time really timing and pacing is the track he could about the accent in any voice. In a win, you decide to start that The wine after a period like in between spaces, is so important. I mean, like people relay, don't know that I think they think that they could say joke it anyway, It's really like you know, there's just guys like looking with the absence of ass, remain a scary mean everybody. Really it's all down the timing, but sometimes you can really see. I think we are saying is that they find their their voice to find the rhythm and then their comedy that, even though
maybe you and I would look at it on paper. The premise on paper and go how's that fucking funny, but Sebastian has such a way with being Sebastian that he may Things right, it's hard to figure out. What is the unfair, because what is the ungraspable quality of what he's talking about its uniquely funny in his voice? You find whatever it is faster, practice late. I mean like if you with the time since resign about the on paper thing like you said the head birthing, unlike that's be funny on paper, but now you really like broke down like a few, were reading a Joey d as light hearted paper, what up your cock, suckers hits like hip make the yoke carries. The UK belies each Theo. You can't If the whites like it's like it, wouldn't make, they wouldn't be at all on paper, but you get him you're gonna do
not for cannot be in our immediate, so passionate, and it's all it's all timing. There I mean I'm so when there is a something on paper when he does hit one of those written things. It's just isn't also weird thing: economies, like you, gotta figure out what is funny in your mind like how is it funny through your voice and the only way you figure that out is by doing comedy over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, you gotta get to this point. Economy makes sense to you, but you, you figure out how to do it, does that's so hard to fix, like you could never look at a guy like Mitch helper before he ever did stand up and I know what you should do you can't you'll never get it you'll, never get it like that. Now, like anything else, it has to be pursued. The combination of his personality, his insight, timing, is
spirits on stage and his willingness to sit down a right shit out as much as possible like his act all writing! It's all! Writing, whereas a gag Sebastian. It's all performing its Things are, you know, but very funny, figuring out what what is about the way you're sit around looking at the world. How is it funny come on out of your head yeah. It's interesting, the more and more that I do this more more than I do stand up, and it's been in May it'll be nine years, the more more than I do at the more and more that my newest material. My most recent stuff is always the best and in writing. I'm not writing as much I was years ago, because I'm just writing more good stuff that make and some writing less extra staff, and
I guess I'm writing the same amount of stuff, but I'm having we're good stuff, because I'm writing more in that voice, starting the finger with that is even down like the physicality, for example. That I do is I barely move on stage, I'm pretty stabilize and sort of prestige and around yeah, very stationary. Sometimes I'll talk, my arm behind my back. Maybe I'll switch my shoulder levels to the left to the right to the metal move that around a little bit, but I'm very station on ordinarily stationary I feel like. However, you know one of the things that I do is sometimes all rattle of things, and I count on my fingers and our point some way just nothing too crazy, but little things in the always you know when I use that device ugly hassle sire their brain sort of train now and it's something that happened naturally zone
we talk of my hands a lot and stuffs, but when I do talk with my hands, I wanted to be like thunder yet have you ever noticed, Joey never takes on my goddamn. It's amazing. He, my into Stan reason the stamp part of that as you want both his hands free iter, his hand so much is one be trapped. Holding that microphone yeah. Physical stuff like involves the might stand Like your hang on the I stand during its physical stuff, and when he left set up in flames down rockets dislike you know, is that he's kind of always done. That too, is always for long time, at least not taken. The my gavel stand here: yeah boys. I always have respected that tremendously He always take the make up of the stand, but I love. Love, love the fact that you know that's that it's possible to just have that kind of
did Romney take them. My gun stand think so now I can't picture him holding a microphone a cow exceeding of similarity there. You know the hands. Joey do everybody else does what you do you take a stand. I do already does darkness. Our own way. I had to do a whole set with the MIKE stand. I feel so weird I think it's weird like. I didn't notice this until recently, but like there's a lot of those late night sets, they don't have microphone or at all my staff? Have you ever done any of those had to go. No hands thinks you maybe have you keep them making them. I extend you can try. I take but I'm trying to think you have. I ever done that. Have I ever done a late night show I didn't use a. I don't know that's
if I did it was so long ago, but I don't know what I I want my enemies stand there with my hands on my head, sunlike arms harass. You can't do that, like anybody who also you can modulate your voice in my If, on the way, you can well you're holding a microphone or if it's in a stand like you can like talk closer, would give louder. You pull away the softer you can Julie you can change. It suggested on the fly. Jesse Titus he's done are still does as one them Bobby Brown set. Ups, teleconference, Sir, little by little microphone that comes get away. You headset and the microphone comes down to the corner of his mouth and talks like a chick creeps me out ass, a your choice
choice. Recalling club, I mean why would you want to have the same? Headset is like a TED talks You know it's just two like teller telecommuting. Well, his thing is different, like his style, comedies different history, a comedy is more like a performance piece. You now with is like tight. Like he told me, I asked my how he writes he writes all of it out before you ever does. It has like a theme like this. Is this theme and he writes, is whole sat this theme now out and then he performs almost like a one man show more than that. Stand up, comedy, show and maybe have we want. Those headsets makes people feel like they're there, a different everything I bow. He isn't. Even you have a microphone his hand like a regular comedian. He's got this saying where he's got a little headset on with a loop that comes down by his face, I see that little loop and might maybe caught up
but you a different mindset as a person watching it. I watch a theatrical presentation as much as I'm watching stand up here. Though, when I see that had said to grab the remote and changed the head said to psychological. What do you think you think, pretentiously what what what yeah yeah yeah yeah totally, I think we're like whew who's, trying to reinvent you knew, I think there something so cool about taking them My kind of them might stand the same way. Eddie Murphy did and Wrong Richard prior live on the sunset, strap and all that stuff. That's a magic ass, its amazed That might mean that might stand is all we need that stool. That is it is it maybe there's a bottle water out there. Maybe there's a town, maybe there's about it and then set and that's what I love about it. By the way, then you have the same stage that there in the middle the day when no crowd so there's no magic. I always love that feel.
Bye bye, even like soundtrack sound checks, gimme the chills. When there's nobody out, then you just see the MIKE Mike stem. It's gonna be used that night, like that instrument of death to standing man, but an empty. It sorted saddened me What, then he just as the stool or somethin like argument? Now not it seems like the kind of guy, but I'd like wacky backgrounds to and spoke ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Maybe his name and giant blocked letter writing like memories from his childhood, or pictures moves forward towards that section. We're talking about certain data we have that heads around. I expect you to be giving some sort of a motivational, Anthony, Robins type speech. How dewie invigorate my staff, and how do I get my employees as enthusiastic as I am
The question is in back right. I know I don't know anything about Christopher Titus, that's crazy! It's like I've made friends with so many comedians worked with so many people and met in this never know anything about him in attribute a lot of that to the headset style that he has? I think we come from two totally different sides of the spectrum I'm just guessing like. I don't even know what he talks about or anything about him, but I'm guessing him and I are like two different schools. See live long, fucking time, Philip Gallagher, each one of those right. I think so there, yeah, I had to smash issue with a watermelon hammer rather if you use a giant sledge area of too, has a sledge hammer you have to have heads yeah, one of you, wires because one was doing it didn't Ray was tell me about the guy who invented the wireless headset or the guy invented
I was microphone. He had a modest podcast, indeed who's, the guy and apparently the guy like a decade or more, to feed how do it right? The headings still almost never work. I think you should get back to the drawing board must always gives out. I hate Wireless makes their does not as much bonds ones with cords didn't work pretty wow you want. Today. I use one today the wines that was a wireless. Well yeah. But those are why that's that's a big big top you're at the top left all production there like they and plus that make they haven't battery. In that thing, in the thing you did wasn't that long. You know what I have that all Jews stub with a double back up and they have one shot at it. Everything else battery we're doing a six. Our show they changed. My battery for my my battery because I have a wireless battery. Packer have wireless bike. That is,
in my ear. So when I am going onto the into the octagon, I have a back up a battery, it's in the microphone and also batteries that are in receiver, where there's a earpiece, so Production can talk into my ear, I feel so. Things like We have a replay for you if you want to go to that, let us now or follow your leave or say things like that. I made them how can someone about something like particularly interesting that happen during a fight and they'll Oh me like we're about to show or a hundred thousand fighters rambling about there. Sponsors and thanking all are Moses or whatever they like to cut him off, cut him off, cut him off, come off, which I cannot. Do so much I can ride, but those batteries They change those batteries at least once during the course of the USA, like that fresh from the beginning and it changed halfway through.
Simply never as many problems with wires is. There are with wire steer, except the comic store, though the microphone. The day was fuckin wireless now this autumn, the comedy store once every few months that happens so many comedians or dropping the MIKE and trying to use it is up. Rob craziness, their people are so does, I would also add that MIKE gets used by all the open makers. Doing potluck too so get used. Twenty people are maybe never in Hell the micro for every Monday. Where we say about the guy that invented the wireless out Indo re outermost on indeed, and was explain to me how long this guy worked to develop that how fuckin rich disguise now this guy it's like the most expensive house in San Francisco, some crazy castle that he bill just from the money that they made from the wireless MIKE
our lead? Let dean explain it. I wish I could remember: is Google Dean Del raise? Let there be or let there be talk that does his podcast right he's, got an emphasis. Somewhere in their where he talks to the guy who invented the world, my colleague, that explains it. What a freak out there I figured out how to make a frequency. In tune into in a building thanks to the rolling stones, the first ones to use it, but then, once you start using it, everybody wanted to use it like way. What the guitar, what is not connected to wires, what the fuck yeah you know, and then they have to have a different frequency, obviously for the guitar, then they do for the other shit. That's going on a few different frequencies, for around the air with radio signals and her liars man. I think it gives us a feeling of stability in connection and
I don't know, there's something about losing the particles of art in the air. That's just seems a risky to me does like I mean there's just so few problems without Wired MIKE, even those that are off switch and modern therein. Sometimes when you're performing you feel it against your thumb. Wool, that's close and you gotta turn it that's. Why one more problem the we need up their dear is just like a little. You know. Sometimes it is off by the way, because I go out there first, sometimes that every once in a while there's nothing crazier than you on the side. My going now bar what the fuck is up in the place to discuss bring me up the golden pony, tiny hands, clever, and I walk up then it's like a fifteen. Twenty second walk to the MIKE, sometimes in these big venues and grabbed the MIKE in your life
but Melbourne and realise that the powers and that you will get the blood and do it happens like five or ten percent of the time. I don't make a deal about it or complain about it, but when there's a wireless MIKE fight ten percent of the time. That's the ratio on giving for this. There is a problem Normally there not turned on and the beginning. I could get the easiest thing that everybody forgets to do and then I'm stuck. I know how to turn all those on by the way from that I never never own. One of these microbes working class you end up finding out where every button is on the end. With with with three for five thousand people, what they don't even realise there like is taking its time saying hello to us like no, I already tried. Will they used to be the old ones? Had the antennas and the bottom, and if you got to close, the intendant would cut off I give you hold it to close the bottom Tell me, even though it is the you see what I would do Fight, interviews, dont grabbed the bottom of the MIKE yet grab like or towards it.
And I would grab at like with my index finger and my my thumb and sort of wet my other fingers relax that grip it too tight at the bottom, because I worried that it would cut off the signal. Somehow grab at low like a fighter. Sometimes they would take them for me or they would hold onto might as well, and they would touch. The bottom of it would cut off. There's the signal gathered there more problematic. Some use cords do you know use them as props is part of, like the cord vague, like I had a bit that I used to do about how girl jerk, you offs external pressure teacher, you left hand idea they don't have. The type of coordination does felt over years and years, jerking off when a girl says Steward Mohammed Woollen, make you think, you could possibly be. Is gonna tell me- and I will do this bed why would hold the cord, with my left hand and I'd, be get off like a girl with a tired arm like oh, my god. Gonna have to switch hands
I needed, the cord, if I didn't have the court, it wouldn't work as well. I need a physical thing in my hand, but I was tugging at made more sense. Then If I was doing in the air, the bit would be like ten percent less effective in class. I like there's just something fun, especially when we're doin, like big theatres and big stages, is something funny about that. Well, you know what I mean to slight get now the way I think it's sort of tells the audience like going to get us out of the weeks I've stuff to do. I start to share with you. You don't really get this shit like moving it. I feel it that's all sort of like training the audience to see. Would be like he knows what he's doing. You know what I mean like he's, gettin away, something about the happened like our now. I feel like there's something I understood ro cord. How many clubs we performed at in New York City much all of em Have you ever noticed that, like a lot of
clubs in New York in particular, they have really small stages in really small. The craziest was Carolines. Carolines would have two different stages did have the right we're stage that we have a sellout stage without the wings of the side and would be in a sold out room three hundred people and they would be walking. On top of you, I mean look really they could touch your dick thing, can reach out and just touch you you're so close to the audience. Their tables are so small and everybody stuffed in there and I think that style of com, there's a certain type of intimacy in those clubs, I stand in New York, is like that, type of intimacy in those countries? You can move around very much can't get physical and homes have to talk to the, Consumers have to address them right, because in front of you is so small. A governing people realise, when they're watching like Louis, how small that stages of the seller- tiny, there's nothing there,
like a shoe by the US, like really really really crazy. Small where's, like Even the belly rooms, big man, oh yeah, oh Daphne, ever more wars, bigger dealers, the perfect the original round. The corner stories lira the private bedroom almost might be too small, but it's a good it's good proving growl it's a good place to fuck around that's a good room. They get for the hour and then the main room is like the big show. Yeah, but the main room still Eve. Joe. We need this audience think that they were at the greatest ever and I was I was there too. I was in the back room walking in my hand I'm telling you. I had the set the other night and it's cuz of Joey Diaz, cuz, Joey Diaz made them believe that miracles could happen happen. Joey made this audience thing
they were at the greatest ever and I was- and I was there too, I was in the back room watching him. My hands hurting from clapping in a fuckin punch me up and I had more fun in the or the other day at the comedy store you should. You know I feel like it's not suppose be that way of should have more fun in ITALY the headline in my own shows are like at all. Ball or whatever. But it's like there's something about that alarm because its first place. I ever went up Why forgot what it was like when I was not for seven years. I forgot, I didn't and there was a kind of new there's some cool about it, but gone back. When I want. What's it's been a year now, it's back is I went back and last November and when I went back to like well, this place is crazy. I forgot if there's a unique, feeling in that room: because that was zero nightclub, because how do people died there and how much
crazy. Shit is gone on that room they, but how much performing has been in that building there's nothing like it anywhere, because it's been every day of the year from now until two in the morning, every day year now, every day of the here like unless there's some crazy thing, that's gone on. They only as for one day after that shooting, and even though I guess they start that show what had happened. But bowling Christmas, New Year's Hanukkah, those are the ashes, Shanna big day. For them. The everyday married seven days a week for this year and the He used to call the home from misfit toys the island of misfit toys, a street car, I think about it. We were just talking about the huntings lost sight of it many star in I think that it could have to do with all the people that have gotten killed there.
There is also something that we set about that a building in which every night there's this burst energy fur for six hours and then back down the complete. Silence to where you can hear a roach on the other side of the building walking across the major stage. You know I mean like it gets so quiet there and then what sixteen hours later, rigour, global every room filled the gullets with human beings for five or six hours and then boom, like that, doesn't happen anywhere I mean like What's going on here, On Ding Ding, Ding, Ding Dong, it's a shilling non melodic tune to at least I really like. Second, is accused suck. utter these sixty church bells. You know it's amazing is tat. They figured out how to write music down and you can recreate it
They figured out how to write that down here and you could do get sheet music. I can't read the people read it. They look at that and they can perform so thing that was written down way before things River recorded, like music, was I didn't figure how to record music until it. What was I it has honoured the nineteen that, whatever they figured out, the first phonographic record skylight thoroughly nineteen hundreds of eliminating hundreds, whatever the fuck it was when it figured out how to record an album on wax think about how long they wrote stuff down that you could create. Like you couldn't recreate, like songs like as far as How someone could sing like, if you think about the differences in the way, Amy Wine, how sayings in the way of filling in the blank and the other
not barbershop, sand, Sayings Risa Franklin sayings you now you'll get a wreath of Franklin like how could you ever recreate on paper, where you could understand we're gonna do to me. You never could ever you know You never nail James Brown, oh, that get up, get older, you can never figure out relieved that two people without them actually hearing it, makes you wonder what we missed: oh yeah, singing and others. We know that one of the things on listening to stand down, Carlin Hard CORE history, podcast and its partners about Herodotus and how Herodotus the way you would write. History was so Thea your goal, and so there was so much flavour to the way wrote things that they think part of it was waiting was meant to be performed that it was
It was not just a written thing that was meant to be read, but it was meant to be performed in like these. Actual presentations and that's how they used to relay history, which as wide had so much flavour to it. It was designed to row people in that were watching it, probably fucked up on homemade wine and now now Amphitheatres those those places they developed, they would have. I got what service on the ground- and this is like here, the stairs all around them, and they would have to project their words. Style of acting was all based on having to project so that people can hear you. That sort of flavoured how early There was a lot early acting. Was very over the top and a big
That was because they are here you in the back of the room. They never microphones. A lot of the best stuff is the opposite. Feel like a lot of my favorite actors are like very, very, very chill very mellow. Oh yeah, You think about what you get done with like a quiet voice now that you can never do before now, with the smouldering you could do now. I d like you, can really see their face and the weather upset or their sad or anything. Now acting, I feel like it's been so amplified. Yeah it's some It's really interesting. What they ve been able to do. As far as broadcasting and recording people's movements and people's talking. Even in like martial arts like we're gonna go see the Euro see tomorrow I'll tell you man when I was young like watching.
People much better than me fight and seeing them check and watching them my perform techniques. Made me understand how do incorrectly because I wash them and be around these guys to wash them like. When I was a kid ice studied tapes at the time was like the ages tapes, but was like the one. First times that people at VHF tapes to study was in the eighties, because before that you had to have like a projector yet to get laid, projection like MIKE Tyson used to watch old films at custom model. House. He would go down. He would operate one of those real to real projectors and watch old films, people fighting and he learned from their movements like how to mimic and and how to imitate those movements and had allowed. From those movements and now you can just go to you to be confined summit. What today, you have see just such a massive advantage of well being to mere an imitate and in
sort of recreate the movements of a great fighters, because you could see how they do. I could watch every Anderson simplify the ever had the of see anybody wash em could see what he was able to do and how we move. It almost seems like were at the point almost where, like decades now fighters will be able to like spot. Our three d, with their opponents coming up that there actually going against in the octagon. Oh yeah, definite idea, yeah that they're gonna get their real effects and real moves like when they do the kicks the angles that you could just practice without stuff and kidnapping allowing all ground here you have holograms, maybe where a sou and when I first here too in the hologram. What you feel some sort of an impact I got to the point well her but you'll, be aware of where that, when they connected on you and may be when they connect on you, like their whole, graphic image or bond, is, if they actually hit you like, they want kick
through you that kick up into the point which touches you you'll, feel that, on your chest, like you'll, have some service suit on that's totally within the realm of possibility for the future. When technology advances virtual reality to men, virtual, real This can be so fascinating. What you gonna be able to do with movies you gonna be able to watch three movies. We put a virtual reality had said: are you going immersed in the movie you better go through crime scene and looked down at the body and looked out the person trying to cover up the evidence and look look out the window and see the cops pull up on a holy shit. You're gonna be a part in the in the actual movie itself
all these different ways to experience it, instead of being able experience movie in a flat sort of a two dimensional way where you are forced to watch the scene as a director laid out, you can be able to change all to the scene yourself by your own perspective. You can just I'd, stand on a chair in the scene and look at it from up above or get down on your knees and like looked down at the body, looked down at the murder weapon or looked out the grass these people play and you're gonna builders manipulate your perspective, no change. How you enjoy film tat makes me want to start writing yeah man like that thing. You just started Likud site. You know illness for like a three dimensional game like if you play a game, I quit your unreal, or you know some so three days shooter or you. Going down these hallways? You can pause at any time and look at the ground. Look at the walls and becomes like an interactive thing.
Instead of and it's still obviously a work of art, it's still at when you play a game like it was not up if it's not an interactive game or if not rather a multiplayer game where you play against another person, if it's just you versus the computer still choosing how to approach it and how to interface with the game. You could paw if you like stop and not move forward can run or go laughter the right to choose and your choosing to how you interact with this piece of art like a video game, is really a piece of art you can achieve seeing how you connect to it, I think that's, that's very low. We gonna be the way we experienced movies you should be able to choose how you interact with it, but then the problem with that is then a be like a film will be something that you really necessary would enjoy watching it with other people. Write like a movie, yeah, it's gonna, be so different
Virtual reality had set on fire, but I think watching movies of people's way overrated. There when's the last time you into a movie theater by yourself. I bet it's been a while our anthem long time. I everyone thought about it again. Maybe it's just the MID West thing or it's like you, don't get it by yourself like I feel like I'm a freak, crazy yeah. Exactly what are you gonna School, shooter, yucca movie by yourself that man there's any now. I love my girlfriend It's amazing. She loves movies and we go. We see movies. There's something about gone by yourself and youth is just Both are morass, Edmunds Access, no deal rusty, touching you and I were in your question when's the last time somebody whispered something in your ear. The movie theater- and you said thank you for that. And from like I'm really grateful for that information. I wouldn't unknown that or noticed seven you not do you know.
Movie, you suppose psych you're supposed to your own take on it, You know what I mean like couldn't turn Tina said with pop fiction that he wanted everybody that saw that movie to Heaven to seen in different movie to think that something else happened a miss apart, like have everybody, almost have like a different dna for that movie like want to people to see the same thing and it makes sense completely battened down for that movie. Unlike I'm sorry I don't even like Anybody else in the movie theater, not to mention the somebody next to me, the worse people. Talking with a worse to me, I mean I hate him in that way out alive, but there's something about putting your feet on the chair you! You only do that. If that shares empty road,
somebody said that sharing free, you can put your feet on saving with an airplane. You do you're an asshole where some people do put their feet on other people's chairs tat at its source, We can feel that movie theater, like they give you that two inch push that you now to read it sort of like lean back, but so you feel it. Every time like big times when you're watching a movie and shit serious, all of a sudden, now you're thinking about what kind of shoes the person behind you is wearing or like, if they're even wearing shoes at this and that and how out of line that is to do that at the movie. Theater so out alive and by the way popcorn become the thing at the movie theater, sounds like a happy like premise, but how did that but come the theatre, food costs, delicious and good snack. It's a good snack
my kids delicious with butter and saw in the first few bites. They get you with that. Popcorn only go for about ten bites and then it says, don't work out, and it's not that it's the LAO. This thing out of everything the lab is loud crunch loud and cheaply. Every time somebody opens the door, you can hear being in the lobby to like it's like allowed to make its loud, that you can hear we'll drop! Anything from you heard a pop in the lobby where you gonna, removing new Beverly Cinema Beverly in our continent, containers theatre they show like oil, westerns how'd, you go there dude. I watched the good, the bad the ugly a few weeks ago, really with the crowd. Goin crazy were easy. Do when he d girl laughed yet the funny scenes gasping at the serious ones like they show real movies October. They decide Halloween, they showed like Beetle juice naval living deadly coolness.
These chips would be worse than would be the worst a ouch country in the bag of chips, you're right chips would be, his shitty fucking church keeps to letting us Think it's like a dog next door. There's a guy named Frank Centre, really funny Comic from Boston. He's too? He was another surprise. He had seen this browser bartenders promised he had his bit about a dog. Working next door. Rightly thing: it's gonna stop like our hour by hour by hour by hour, a great when you take it would stop back. The hurts like this Fuckin stupid church, some asshole next door, clang and on those bells, some hunchback some freak
Jeer, Osborne, eloquent, Tarantino worthy cops are boycotting up. He didn't want to work as movies. Does he call them? Killers can interesting, yeah, Well, I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that first of all their drawing more attention to it then would have been had they not boycott, it is movies they wouldn't be talking about. And turned in doing that? All the only thing talking about- is New York, police. Boy cod quintet containers movies, allegedly coming out at the end of December, by the way you know like such a Roma than these things back fire when these people try to do this stuff, but it also makes people where the very same is irresponsible, cops killers. Anything what how many cops now many interactions cops have all day long mean yeah it is terrible, unlike some like Sandra Bland or all these did scenarios take place were where people do
and die in the hand of cops, is absolutely horrific, but how many You look at the actual numbers of how, because cops there are and how Billina actions, these crops have with human beings and how many different inner actions happen during the day and how many times it leads to- a real problem, those problems for sure. Horrific in the real issues. But overall, I mean to label all cops. Killers are all cod. Murderers, are all archives limits? It is in a way irresponsible? It's easy to do. Did he say all cops? Aren't always words were handyman thinking, he said something in the effective cops cops, had been murdering innocent people. You know somethin like that and for them to run with the timing. Ok guy, so we want an imprint, you're gonna leave on this brand new. You know hateful eight movie, that's gonna, be the ship www movies, possibly by what is a sea? It's gonna, be so good,
is about basically the gist is sort of like civil war. It sort of like jangle, meets inglorious bastards like civil war, but like real bad ass, curb rustled civil war, huh yeah, civil war, mixed with like assassins, and they can someone I thought was a lady eighteen hundred, that's one specifically did Kurt Russia. Has this huge beer in this huge mustache, like always grown for the moon, whereas a fake? Oh, it's real, he fucking dead. When I want to turn the grocer time they they all do should they go? They make them fuckin work. You know Clinton seen cowbell here he said. All to Japan to train in the art of the samurai sort that entire assassination squad The deadly vipers David carrying Delegate Fox Michael Madsen, whom a sermon and
Darrell Hannah. They all went to Fuckin Japan. Instead, and cool little Japanese. Secondly, condos with like sliding Jap every everything's, like Super culture, why are them to really get in this zone since they can you get it? You can tell that they know what they're doing when they're doin there crazy shit like you, can feel it in that movie. I feel like at least but anyway I mean, like those cops, are going. See that movie, they can say they're gonna boycott it. What do they mean it? I would save it put on a fake mustache, but they probably already have moustaches going to shape their moustaches ago. Sneaker, like I'm, not going to see this movie, my ass you're gonna, Miss Car Russell within all our beard and a civil war assassin saga, ok officer your loss, light, as you might as well? Do go, kill innocent people?
no adores missing that movie or killing innocent people that undisturbed huge turn Tino Nerd Fan so relations aged. Having made some fuckin awesome, always perfection such a game. Changer your watch on the way up here I looked over and I saw that that image of girl and guide the diner beginning the movie for they talk to each other right when they kissed before they robbed the place like Wild like the beginning of a stitch ties that whole crazy movie together yeah. It's unbelievable, yeah, different time frames of that man like when they come back to that at the end their robbing the place and Travolta Samuel our sitting there by the time that that happens at the end, we know Travolta gets killed by Bruce Willis three Rina, ten fifteen fifteen. Twenty minutes. Before that,
that Samuel ends up retire, from the game because of the bullet holes in the wall like all dislike, easy. I haven't cinema, we're alone come and go watch again funds as I was watching it without the sound on. I was listening to music in two said my headphones on, because I know every single inch of that movie so well that I don't even need to have the same it's fun to have the sound, but it's also fund too, like super whips. Moving in knowing exactly what's going on here, yeah. I was doing the same thing with Lord the ranks the agenda watching that new mission impossible now really cut really surprised I'm not a mission impossible guide, all this new ones, great to small businesses. Do I know this sounds like so get. It was like funny Mozilla you times or I laughed at, allowing others like this. Like an impressive. I think that all those are crap all of them, but the sun's like really well written
those movies it's it's hard to get me to sign up for a bond movie, a mission impossible move because, like you know that Tom Cruise he'll be ok, you know Ok, it's gonna make it to the other movie, whatever bad guys. His facings gonna wind up killing owes almost gonna die, but it doesnt psych, like you know, no matter what, but others, always one of those scenes were they're dead and then, like all the sun, somebody has the paddles and they told them back to life. What did I see recently? That was like tat. I had a really hard time getting into because I knew The martian I knew he was gonna live. Moreover, it all guy and re, but he's not. There was no drama like when they were talking about. Coming back to get em like they're gonna get em they're gonna get him he's. Gonna live, I got my God is falling in space. He's gotta figure out how to get to them. They can grab and bring on board taking to figure it out. There was no drama, it was so is it so?
problematic when you have like a star in one individual star that is response or for driving home movie, in that the homo was based on Matt Damon. Getting off Mars yet trapped on Mars, now to go back and get it, sir, because of the fact that it was based on knowledge. You knew he was gonna make it. You knew there was no real suspense and The end of the movie was kind of anticlimactic because you knew it, whereas even a movie like alien like the original alien with Cigani Weaver, you kind of new that security wieners was gonna, make it, but The way they did it was so clever and they fucking killed off everybody, but her that it was ok,
I'll take it? It was so chaotic I've been on a movie rampage lately and I did purposefully didn't go, see the Martian really unlike allergic demanding boiler, due to bad day with others to something about him. I just think he's like the most overworked overrated, like just blind. Boring. I think rounders would have been better without em. Of its Bavaria them in that movie. He couldn't follow. Anything Malkovich was doing with his Orioles and all that stuff. I think better Like the same thing, and I think they're like this- do of dog shit? They just do that just like as somehow they get this like goodwill, hunting momentum and legal remedies, as I gather cool because they found goodwill hunting. It's like Now, I'm not buying it Ben Afflux, a tool, but TAT s not cool at all. Matt Damon is, like you know If you want to know how much of a tool Ben Affleck really has yet to watch him on real time with bill, Maher
watch one real time go more away, accuses SAM Harris If you know Cyrus's a brilliant intellectual whose Britain any many books on religion, issues of fuckin super genius and it used to being racist for his stance on Islam, like Radical Islam and fundamental Islam being like a really dangerous proposition, dangerous ideology, and he did in such a stupid, clunky light. Direct way and looks dumb and the sun. So much forced outrage. Doing it like you want, and doing. Oh, my God fact this guy's, you re doing it was totally goin for social justice. Brownie points like trying to stand out for the oppressed and the way did it was so word in loud and shout he. It was who so damn it was so damn that it like you It instantly reveals how
because actual argument was who's trying to back it up. I call him a raises who's trying to like put him on the back of his heels, but you can't That Harris, because he's a master, debater Wiki debated people all the time religious people type so you do that, he'll never loses its cool, which made benefit dumber bill MAR, is taken SAM Harris aside. As well and the Balkans I think you're missing what he sang and he's like its rays. Just got racist where's that you so racist, soak, dumb clunky, and it is We realise that the poor quality of its thinking and how high he holds his own opinions like the what else you have to see it, so to wish I'll, never mean accounts he'll, never respect his opinion again I value it so much less well after watching that our Europe should boycott his movies.
There is good and gone girl. The gun girl. He was getting gone girl, but you know what I think, that is to say for emu. Well, written well, directed movie easily could have slept. You slept Kevin's spacey and their it's like now, twenty percent better way on the sunny. I know to a gay in fact to have someone younger and handsome, but here you could have yeah my edging Lillian Hall, and I would add, crushed it totally much. Better much there's something about banner flag. Is milk real watch him and make sure you just know its benefits like not only does the in those early break out today is never like a different you never like. I don't even notice that was benefits like you know what I mean like how you doubt that that that's? Why we're with so many rate actors and like you, Oh, I don't even notice that was him like he's so good in it. A fellow was that movie that moving did the town goes another movie psychotic somebody get it done. The town,
movie replace the bank robber Guy now those bodies or bank robbers from China So trawls towns like a real area of Boston that was filled with which the jihad criminals and they work, Oh a jet high amount of bank robbers came out as one area, but he's done a bunch of Boston movies to guesswork goodwill. Hunting was hell of itself Park does Matt Damon likely to regard India, but he's stupid, that's funny when they do those like when they did team miracle world. Please game made, I'm so stupid. What he's not steal, thereby lover, I think those guys just crappy crap crap and their an interesting do oh yeah no, it's hard be an actor and not be a douche bag and full share to make it through the ranks to get to
this way or actual movie star Dixie sought the long away figuratively not literally necessarily like Gmail, you know like he ordered those people and staff, and but you know what sorry is fuckin good is full Can we not only that the guy's distracting him in the background noise in this really important emotional scene, and you want to shame him by recording, as if he's an asshole, but guess what that guy distracting fuckin with the lights, because an idiot yeah you can have idiots like that on the set, and they do ruined things, then the day. Do If he's a professionals like obviously, is, He couldn't possibly these good as he is without being a protectionist. When you have, someone is like irritating you like that, That's on the same guy I could see him snapping and make sense. Yeah yeah, it's like now. People are like all christian bells dig at sight to,
guy, but we don't even know what that guy was right. Maybe we met that guy, like oh you're, a fucking moron around, maybe we'd be hearing more of these clips of christian values, killing innocent people and said there is just that one and it's like you know my patience grows, a lot longer for people who I respect in Idaho Bit about it. You know about Bell Caspian Woody Allen of on the you can get away with stuff. If your talent did you make multiple heads and good. You can get what is obviously a point of no return for her gonna cost he can't get away with it anymore. He stopped performing member. Beginning he was performing here all these days. But he was doing while the Accusations are coming, our people were still like yeah. Now we love you bill. We love you bill, but now Even those people like Damn does raise it totally race. Rapist rather yeah? I think he's gonna paternal out, I shall answer now. Yes, sudden, like that no paternal like the week that he retired,
crazy, like I just one thirty, four thirty ESPN documentary on it. We have watched us and It said they were talking about how literally then hey that he announced his retirement. He went home and took a bloody poop next day goes the doctors like my poops bloody and I yeah, you're bodies filled with cancer right now. Like seven days later, he was dead, something like that one. Whose, like so fast, probably had the stress of knowing that he was harbouring child molesters. For years it does pay. Are we eating away at him beside the fact that it was an old guy as it is, but you think about what stress must be involved in her being a guy like that You know it's fucking, kids and you dont know what to do about it. You don't know what do took these this,
Whole charitable organisation were taken care of children, and you know you know, and everybody else knows he's fucking those kids now. What comes out of the world knows that you knew he was fond of you didn't do anything about it. You should have new are a coward edge research. Rotten new out from the inside, my God must be fuckin devastated, Emily. It's like it it's like almost like just being as bad as the pedophile except you don't even get to like blood, slower in our name. I would love to its. A rude bill. Cosby bill. Cosby does. If it turns out the bill. Cosby has cancer and is dying. It wants to come clean and you want to talk about it all. I would love to have monopod Imagine having go Cosby Unapprized a before his dying is. Him like we're out of this all start like what was it What was it all about like? When did you first drug somebody? Did you get ex like? Is something
excited you who was convened in staying What was it that made? You think that it's ok? Is he s, daughters, right Imagine I don't even know how anybody could get into something like that, like it so interesting it had such a weird like fetish, because he clearly could have just had sex with whoever he was well. Clearly, could have just had prostitutes daddy's worth so much money They have always done that or he could have always like found someone who wanted to have sex with them, but I think you dragging them showing that it makes sense to member. I think, there's something it makes you wonder now I've never heard of it before, but it's like, you know, What is that? What? What is that
that's a fetish than why can you just pay a prostitute almost to do that, you have done the wooden really be happening, see, I think, part of it had to be that he wants the trick, those girls he wanted to give them come on rear and have a cappuccino gives them a cappuccino like oil fearlessly. Bianca poses how you would see this. Do you and then they was upon the bed and pulsar panties, often foxen, whether our call he must have in that he must have into the game of dragging them. They must have until I slipping them, a Mickey in Washington, black out but then dislike. Stuck with them for hours when they try to sober up to a bazaars outlay. He had to be with them while they're out cold drug them and he had a bewildering to deal with as other ways he could have gone about it too, like you know like he couldn't just like you know, I'm in I didn't know if he ever this hadn't come up
and sat down and watch like a banner like movie with them just call still dragging on you know dislike. Oh you allergic to the Matt Damon I dont think did got a guy like that ago. Cosby is probably a sociopath in some sort of a strange way, very unique way. Egomaniac a sociopath and feels like he's better than people. It feels like it's. Ok, it's ok! If he drugs, members somebody and enough. We can talk about this, but with that some taught us in that greener that one time about him, oh yeah, yeah, We could probably mentioned them talked about it. I've talked about before when she said that he was a casino and he made the security guards talking men come to you, hotel room and talk to him
and this is all before the allegations came out, but not much before, like a few months before six months, the most and dumb weak We were there like right when all this was breaking it was over a year ago. That should have been assigned right there. Anybody who needs to get talk, then she get like investigated by the FBI Ripe Wilson, why did you want to get talk, then? What's goin on He any also wanted people to watch him eat your memory, that two you'd have them sit down the whole staff and all the people who work there. There was sitting His dress you're, my watch him a curry who need is food and they were he didn't interact with them, sit around a watch him eat. While what that's freaky stuff, what a weird request, yeah, but I think he probably had a bunch of those weird things that here His mind that, like like we're, at this club last night and someone will
to mention her name, but comedian that we now and They were all saying what a piece of shit the guy was. They would never have back here again, but that when they got to airport is. Now on that carries luggage. Then, when people were there's like dont delay by touch me, people come over, take my picture die by touch me and then, like the weirdness of how he interacted with these people that work there. They were good you'll, never be back here again we just let you know right now, you'll! Never you never come back here again and they say we like Worse Galliot ever had come to their club this guy, who we're talkin, had all these weird always weird things that he would do like make. People carry his stuff like things need Do too Clearly stout is better than that. I make themselves His merge, yeah things like them and
arose says that these people have its say: ridiculous because most of the most talented people that I've met DR their own car, carry their own bag. All of it and would be insulted if somebody tried that kind. Stuff in an email. I can give him like that again. You know like those like the opposite, because that simply not how success works. There's! No, you don't get extra time because somebody else's carrying your bag, the more you have more pride in the person that you're hanging out with, because they're carrying their bag in your carrying your bag in our society? like the neurosis of at all, like such an old Hollywood myth. What's one crazy, like maybe you had a big bags and like a driver came, let me help you with that they grab one. Are you well we're bags and ass. He said quite import around, but his
was like making everyone do the work for human carry anything right. He you want them pick up his bags, the airport, but I think, when people demand preferential or special treatment like that, these they start. You think of themselves as being appear to everyone else? Everyone else will throw your. Petals and around so tat, I may walk upon them in this the idea that Cosby was better than all those people that he was drugging used then all those people that were watching him, a curry, is better than that guy. We wanted to talk him and took me in and the king. I will lie in my bed and the one I lie my bed, then I want you to put the blanket over me and then I want you to talk it on each side and I will dressed and then you will leave shut the light out. The king is sleeping. Is something creepy about that. It's also the same kind of thing.
In some sort of a way that would allow him to have done all that her. Fact chivalry, dead, drugging those people. No he's really understand it less. He talked about it. Unless you can, clean talks about it. We're never gonna understand his unique psychosis. I'd love to know that, will it be the weather first question like were: why did you do it? When did you first? Do it What did you see? Someone drug someone was outcome. A thing. I think people slipping someone a Mickey didn't think of it. Is that big deal back then they was, I more by themselves, they thought of as rape. They thought there sneaky by fingers like, like you know, Getting a girl getting or a couple of drinks have a couple drinks. Relax. Ok, voluntarily grow has a couple drinks and you know what couple. Tracing loosen up, they're gonna be a little more playful, but a more
uninhibited o next thing. You know all judge a millionaire. I wonder I wonder what what Does that started him down that path of drugging and raping women his lady was Aren t venture talking about should like he might be them? prolific cereal rapist in history, they stop and think about that's fucked insane bill Crosbie might be the most prolific rapist in history. A really good already. Five women, at least at least, have accused them, and those are the ones that have accused him their hands on the road like and he's been torturing for ever everyone. He's too spangling everywhere, checks from Tennessee and the Oklahoma they're not gonna, admit that, they don't even didn't even know, what's goin on watching the news, they don't even know other women are coming out with it. You know
both families think how many of those Ladys must have families now and they're not coming forward, will also do but probably dont think what is the point adding there story to of fifty person story here dealing with the guy, was accused of multiple horrific crimes. I give you accuse me one more changes are right. There's one girl, though, that its within the statue limitations, awhile, yeah, as one girl that pursuing that is inside, statue limitations, and if that comes through the water like he might actually one up going to jail, or at least standing try or I mean it. I don't know how works. I guess she asked to pray charges, and maybe he could bribery. Maybe he gets all you know, like the term settling at a core: that's be driving so one maternal deaths, we didn't do thousand and five the reason why we know about what he did was because the deposition that they really once all these other accusations are piling up then
release the results. The deposition, so we to know that all he admitted that he gave girls quails now? How did he hid? I mean you can't get quality more like this guy. Some quailed stockpiled eliminate this. If they serve they probably I mean they have probably cause what is happening with that case That's what's crazy, you don't hear about it for months and months and months, even though updates even the case has been put to sleep at health workers I was gonna, make a probable Cosby joke in a minute ago, just to let you know, like the ones that I don't say, those existing around dishonourable cause, no no win in Rome.
It's like, while those things we could talk about a million times in rough, we always just barrier heading s walk. This is almost a european the same conversation over and over again. I help you what was it about the Michael Jackson, things really similar Mikey like EU? Repeat the Michael Jackson thing many. But he's dead so makes it weirder, because you know you'll, never now, you'll never know if it. If you really did those things or if we just got weird with those kids. I heard a weird possibility about Michael Jackson and I have talked about before, but that he was a castrato. What's that mean tat, his balls remove I've heard castrato singing I've never heard of that. Now, God we have this. They were young man, were really young. They would castrate them dude castrate them with the specific purpose of making their voice sound, a certain way you never heard of it. If it ever happen. I bet it happened to him. There were tabled,
opera singer. They would do it on purpose. How crazy they would castrate young boys so their sound would, they would come. But certain sound. You wanna hear some other wholesale. Grab my laptop both some walking across How Jackson may not have had any balls think about his voice sounds that he was able to make with his voice yeah. I believe his dad probably then one of the Monti Right Jumanji, that's what he did. You like, he had a sound when he was young, and so they castrated ancillary keep kept that same sound then pull this castrato cast RADA, music custom
Otto castrato yeah, that's insane music, yeah? Well, it's just how insane is it that that is An actual style of music was means testosterone. The test Austria, and clearly what effect the Boys box. Let's yeah, she's, never existed listeners The marriage, many thereby pigs might not be the Japanese
one of the most famous Ass, Gerardo singers rebel? During the seventeenth century, boys in ITALY began to be castrated in increasing numbers. This took place between the aid. Out again import its very first falsetto singers from Spain Sid are preferable to have castrated boys saying hi parts since girls and women were banned in the Vatican choir The seventeenth century was a bad time to be a good trebled or in the seventeenth century. Boys in ITALY began to begin ass, traded in increasing numbers? This took place between the ages of seven and eleven, to preserve the purity of their unborn? and voices, so they could sing in church choirs Castration operations were performed by actual butchers operations to remove a boys, tat testicles in medical terms is called orchid. Debt to me was
were reputedly performed by the butchers of nor Riga, not nausea, nausea, italian region, famous for its poor products or castration, of pigs was comment because they cast pigs they often times castrate pigs. I can a wild may let him go. Try to hunt those pigs because they can't breathe They eat alliance regularly fat and they don't have as much muscles are density of muscle which comes from testosterone, so they become and sick this, a softer me only Tiny fraction of the children mutilated in this way you made it onto the stage by early seventeen hundred dismays four thousand italian boys a year under, went operation which was illegal of those who survived only a fraction went on to train as opera singers. Those only a handful became superstars
the castrato could have unexpected physical consequences. The most famous castrati were trained in neapolitan conservatories, where they pray, is breathing techniques for hours every day to expand the lung capacities. As a result, dull castrati were often notably barrel. Chested, they were tall, compared to normal men of their time, but they also had a short and life expectancy. Like look at the images of them. These images were, they show this barrel. Chested tall die I'd like that, like like he's got a little head little hands with long tall torso gap, This is incredible man really. So this article is symphony music s, an ef I and music dot com and its. Twenty francs twenty known facts about castrati is. And some of them actually got married is poor bastards, it's her ethic man,
and there is that there is an actual BBC documentary. But here actual castrati. The only recording an actual castrato. The guy his name is Alice. Sandro Morris a key and He died in nineteen twenty two, so this is an actual castrati we're going to listen to hear this is a real one, the other one that we played earlier. Was it apparently was a sort of a re creation? This is a real castrati here
That's a moment ago. We know balls now stop endless medicine. Stopping illegal immigrants bring about just how fucked up our people that they would even thirty days to a seven year old boy. I've fucked up with her eyes, met his seventy or more. Let em is not stopped ass in this case the semi. That's like the scare signal on screen.
Lose your balls without a choice, and I haven't done by a butcher, my god that mean that Think of all the things that ruins for now I smell bacon. Things like that, like it reminds you getting your balls chopped off, no doesn't bacon I mean, maybe you ought to go into a butcher shop to do at the traumatic experience. I'm sure did. Dramatic part is listening to this tortured, so is fuckin grown man who, my guys, it's insane, that's freaky, it's very free day. Is it
It's it's hard to believe that people looked at human life like that. He like this church next door, keeps playing the belt every time we talked about crazy and that the catholic Church is too. I wonder. What's worse, is it the church sound the bells worth or this? Is it when they did tops if they found balls sign balls with details. They did. The Michael just loves are artificial intelligence yeah, that's like medical information right. They wouldn t magic moment to his grave tat, nobody ever, but he kept their mouths shut. Meanwhile,
his task created when he's young to make his voice on better. I guarantee You, Joe Jackson, knew about this, and I guarantee you. This is not a me if I know about this people about the people in the music business that actually are saying, airs and that are part of the industry. They definitely no about Castro's. I wonder man, since my own personal theory, by the way yeah I mean and Michael taxing definitely had some notes. I mean where's, the song single Asylum or Michael Jackson, like really nailed slimy when he was in the Jackson: five, because out of human nature but I guess he was still a kid when using Jackson, riot police this is human nature. This is a song from mom This is a song from when he was how old you think he was, but he did that
it was grown man for sure read. So this is wait for his aunt run out. He was probably
the third is we came from a man, they may have been met me some sort of a man and a mere thirty years. Does I know, but that's the sound he ever theory caught his hat on fire in the street
yeah It is obviously is my theory. Well, I might have heard somewhere to medicine heard other people I don't have, and thinking about this for so long now, but when you listen to their castrato, and then you hear that boy, Munich fairly, wasn't catch up with anybody. I'm sorry, but presently girl, like that, was clearly a media. Blacks like king, a pop marries the king of Jordan merrier with Sunday marrying. So we summary merrier. I think so he kissed her, but did he Marian Thirty married they unscrew that they have like a faint kid or something that they didn't have a fake anybody, definite figures with somebody else who turns out there wasn't even his sperm right, then his sperm, because his balls are in Joe Jackson's freezer right now. Ok, listen, Murray, Presley, let's say,
do they marriage the personal relationships of Michael Jackson, I'd, say the inter the entire entertainer was said his first real date was, with the child actual table Neil when ass, a teenager, the nineteen seventies. He called her my first love after Diana Ross. The perverse It cooled off in quotes and Jackson entered into a romance with Model Brook shields and eighteen, eighty one. Ok. What? Although the race chip became largely platonic shield said there were times we asked her to marry him ass. He grew older, the two sides, other less well least Marie Presley by her father, Elvis indicted. Seventy four blah blah blah. Well shortly after becoming involved with her in ninety? Ninety three Jackson was subjected to his first set of child sexual abuse accusations. I didn't know that
followed by similar allegations? Two thousand three presley the porter Jackson, as became dependent, ping medication and eventually help convince him to enter drug rehabilitation and eternal I'll call. You proposed marriage to Presley she agreed and the to wed matron Six: ninety ninety four private ceremony in the Dominican Republic clearly had to marry her because of child abuse thing. What the fuck, what the fuck balls, doesnt. Didn't she like eventually go on these Merida Mary, like somebody, was make the actor with what's his name Billy Bob Dark now known on Nicholas Cage chimera. Nicholas cage pressure step forward was very brusquely. Wikipedia is amazing.
Relationships. It's gotta relationships here to do a relationship, herbs, marriages and relationships, bam, married one guy and I to mediate Michael Jackson and at that time Michael Jackson spent four years followed divorce together on and off attempt to reconcile muddle Papa, Nicholas Cage Press. Third marriage was to Nicholas Cage, they're married August, ten, two thousand to Oceanside ceremony on the down of Hawaii. Whatever was I've got some weirdos well, imagine being Elvis's daughter what a weird That must have been met. To the most famous guy. The world had ever known at the time most famous entertainer that had ever existed by followed. There was never a guy, like you before Elvis, because
Elvis came along. He was like them What movies radio and television. All that collided- and someone could see a guy like that on tv on the old Salvin, show Swain his hips and no jail housework and women's resist their margin. As you fucking Dad magic, try to be normal, that I didn't have a chance of being normal. There was not like today, if your drake off your J C, if your fuckin now John Mayer there's allow those deeds out, there is a lot of on the Kosovo crazy screen, for they can hang out together gotta parties and go mad life crazy, right or left closed for us, but Elvis had Elvis TAT was it will also their Fabian Phoebe. I like one song. I don't even know He was a sore heart, throbbed very short amount of time in the fifties. There's a couple other guys,
Elvis was uniquely famous again away delay until Michael Jackson came along? Probably nobody like em or close to it are very few b like an imagined that poorly salaries. His daughter can really take Elvis seriously as an actor. Have you ever seen any of his movie other dog shit? You don't take them seriously as an actor, though zone actor lesson. That's how I feel about Matt Damon embarrassed about matters, fuckers came and say: maybe they should be seen, and maybe MR calling yeah, let's cut off their nuts and see our words, and on that note we gotTa Jim, workout. What time is it here? It is three hundred and fifty here and Wonderful Melbourne Australia, which, by the way Mildred is the shit? How great is this town amazing Damn it's fun lasting?
credible those two hours, so that's it is the end of our podcast from Melbourne begin catch Tony Hinge cliff on Twitter. Its tony Antonia inch cliff killed Tony is pod cast one shot: can you announce anything that is coming soon to a major internet distribution network that you're all know of yeah, we can't say the name of and when I get to announce that I'm gonna hopefully come back on again and talk with Joe again about more funds. Yes indeed, yes, I we got two shows tonight who sold out, shows that some guy
dear- was at the Palais, Play Theatre, a l, a I ass poor ass, these Palais alive police play, theatre tonight, Melbourne and perfected site and aren't that's it folks does the end is more say time. I'd like to just say, even though this is an out yet good luck to you, honey engines are I'm a huge fan and I love your striking and you know if we accidently end up on a date some time website, but I think we are you really, like my sense of humour how happy I am that I am a little bit bigger than you so, like I know pictures of me, I look really small, but I'm like a hundred and forty pounds it. Oh thank you and good luck. Thank your buddy petunias podcast and thank you too. Sponsors annex K, bad coffee forgiveness, this badge
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