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#724 - Christina Sommers

2015-11-18 | 🔗
Christina Sommers is an author and former philosophy professor known for her writings about feminism in contemporary American culture.
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scholar at the american enterprise institute of former philosophy professor and the author of who stole who stole feminism check her out she's awesome i really enjoyed talking to her please welcome christina sommers the joe rogan experience we're live so you have a wonderful day somers is do you still use ms as miss gone i don't see that anymore you do you see it on forms ms as like a possible but likeability harvard was at harvard which it's one of the major ivy league schools was adding a bunch of different gender bank different gender neutral pronouns like z h e and they were adding a bunch of crazy new ones they haven't entered the scene is yeah things that gyno american that's in
i mean that's what i am american is do you have to be one of your games though is uh based mom yes which is i know that term from the rap world like based like there's tattooed lil b the based god is that his name uhm but i didn't know what based means but i've heard it used a bunch of times and it's always a positive descriptive right i had to jamie's very he's in the hip hop world if i have to go to him young kids so i had to google it and there's an urban dictionary definitions based is all being yourself and not caring about what anybody else thinks right so that's a use it as an extra are they use it as a an example it's when you don't care like that
bag looks gay on you i don't care based i didn't know that that that that seems like that is i thought that i thought of a different devon i thought like based mom is like you're cool that's what i thought now and i said so because they call me that for quite awhile is mainly the gamers in mmhm gamergate and then they explained that no it means to be authentic and say what you think you're not hypocritical so it's i mean i think it's a great compliment being based and being a mom but it seems quite positive but it was a very funny nickname so you not involved in this whole gamergate thing because i found i about you through i guess through the whole gamergate thing because some call called me an mra once and i don't remember what the context of it was it was something involving something that had to do with feminism and they they me as a bit
and i was like what is that what an mra so i had to google it and then when i realized it was men's rights advocate and i was like i can't believe that a feminist is making fun of me is using a negative term mens rights advocate so that it gets bad to care men's rights like what what's going on it so that made me get deeper into the rabbit hole of miss christina sommers and i started watching your factual feminism videos and i started listening to some of your conversations and i became impress but i also became very perplexed because you ace a lot of backlash and i found that flexing because everything that i saw you seem to be very reasonable very measured very informed like how did you might polite very polite how did you get on this kind of crazy journey almost as it incorrectly wrong but it seems like i don't want to say your
defining feminism but you redefine sing it after it's been redefined actually taking taking it back to its original noble purpose which was about equality basic fairness to women that women and men should enjoy equal liberty and dignity rights of course but feminism has drifted into i think of kind of female chauvinism and i became a feminist many years ago decades ago because i did not appreciate male chauvinism i still don't but i don't female chauvinism that's what we have today too much of that and is there a an origin of all this i mean there's a one thing that you could point to where this all started because it seems like the origins of like if you go back and watch like old movies and take a look at old culture very clear there's a lot of sexism going on like men with mac women in old movies does is like it seems like that's like
other than reading books that's the best interpretation of the time so if you go back to those 1950s films and look at how people treated each other it seems like there were much clear definition that women were struggling against like this at this idea that women fear that the whole stereotype of women belong foot and pregnant in the kitchen like this was this is young women were fighting gets were women period were fighting against one feminism sort of started its marash that's right and then what happened particularly in the academy and i was teaching philosophy in the nineteen eighties and the chairman of my department asked me to teach a course in feminist theory and i thought fine i'm a theorist emma feminism i sent away for the text books i was shocked by what came in through the mail i
summer reading these books and as a as a philosophy professor of many years i thought there was a sacred commandment about college teaching thou shalt teach both sides never occurred to me it was my job as a teacher to take my views about the world and in and implant them in the minds of my students i wanted to give them the the techniques to make their own decisions and you do that one way to do that is to give them the best that was fought and said on both sides of a contentious issue well these text books we're not like that they were a series of mutually reinforcing readings and it was a conspiracy theory about the patriarchy s buttressed by inflated stood x so i after spending
summer reading these books i wrote a paper and and gave i went to the american philosophical association and presented it and i will tell you typically at the american philosophical association if you give a paper people are it it's very combative at it but then you go out for drinks well we did not go out for drinks i gave this paper women mostly women in the audience were his sing and brewing and i was excommunicated from a religion i didn't even know existed church of feminism i was i was at it considered a that i'd committed an act of paris what was your take on it that was so offensive well i said that that feminism should be
out mutual respect it should be about equality not the demonization of men it was as if they had if you could reduce it to a few phrases it would be women are from venus men are from hell and i thought that's absurd why would we want to teach courses like that the demon eyes men let's let's celebrate humanity and have you know and also accuracy because these texts were filled with what i've come to call advocacy statistics or in some cases hate statistics sort of design to create just anger in women and they happen not to be true but they work very well as propaganda so as a fussy professor i was very upset to see classrooms being used to disseminate propaganda and twisted conspiracy theories about patriarchy so i tried to correct it and what happened was that the the radicals were already there in the academy and they do not tolerate dissent well i mean you see it
they on campus what you're seeing happening on the campus today at yale these terrible confrontations between these summer calling them cry believes now of an end to professors and so forth these these angry mobs i have convict been confronting them for years but now the the public is beginning to notice where you been confronting them only from the standpoint of feminism right i mean what was going on in yale was but professor written a letter saying that children should probably have the right to be a little bit outrageous and perhaps even offensive in their halloween costumes and just halloween costumes this led to this massive outrage explosion its hanger what seems write to me that there's something about it just seems really fake it's think about it seems like there's people that have the green light this why there's a lot of these issues where i feel like the react
people have it's not a genuine reaction to what the real represents is a green light to be an asshole it's like if you think you really mean that they're really means that these people and they weren't peoples jobs they want their heads under fire i never argued with anybody that i wanted there to fire you want to convince them but this is something different this is a fanatic well it's because there's a certain amount of power that's involved in social media a certain amount of power involved in this it is in fact mob mentality in a mob mentality is a very real real mentality whether it's an actual mob out on the street in the middle of a riot or whether it's a bunch of people on twitter to get riled up into a rossi rage dangerous and start attacking people the way that this one girl was screaming at the professor who was speaking and very logical and very measured tones and she was screaming at him mob can't be reasoned with and it's the worst
possible display of irrationality and to have it on a campus and right now the deans the college presidents are so crazy and they're writing these you know self abnegating letters and saying i'm so sorry and i honor this conversation honor the conversation with with an angry well it what seems like what that woman did when she wrote that original letter was taken make a little bit of a chance against the mob was take a little chance and this is the reaction the bomb was like you yeah you know no we're the mob and that woman screaming at her husband i believe her husband right yes is a distinct i think is a sociologist and he was being very fair and engaging them outside in the open in this incredibly large group it was funny how he had to do it because there was so many people around and some of them couldn't hear what he was saying he's saying well i will
my voice so that you will he be able to hear me but i'm not yelling at her right raising my voice was so you could ever and then they take off whatever actually would turn to one group of students because they would say you're not looking at us he would turn and then the behind it would say you're not this man could not win he was in a terrible situation all because of holloway custom exactly children is jill i call them children that i wouldn't have called college student shelter but now they they say it's so there so infantile but it's worse than that it's it's it's infant tile yes but it's infused with bitter divisive hardline politics they learn in their classrooms and that's how i tie it to what i read in these textbooks he's paranoid theory
is there is a tie red incited a fair amount of women not not most i mean i think most college when we would read these texts and just move on in about ten to fifteen percent will become fixated and heard of intoxicated with ray and i thought over the years and now i am in the same similar things have gone on with race scholarship and and gender politics there's similar phenomena well it seems to me that certain ideologies can become like they they can become contagious they're also very intoxicating it's very exciting to be a part of a group that's being opposed and that is opposing donna team your honor you're in a war you're on an army and you're against the patriarchy you have an enemy and your against whatever the hell it is like when those key storm that did you see the the latest one where they there's a study hall kids in there studying and these
i came in to assign screaming black lives matter black lives matter like ok are these people who are studying or they're the ones who are pressing you are there who are you trying to impart this wisdom to i know they went it was ridiculous i saw it in the end if if the students didn't get up and join them they came over and accuse them yes it looks like a straw google sex session or something in a fanatical government and they don't have power but what if they did yes they would be very well lou looks like an onion article come to life i know the world has become and and and on campuses and on you know it's yeah it's almost impossible to distinguish it but so what what because all this though how did this happen why are there not more measured intelligent people that are trying to raise children and teach them how to be measured and intelligent adults and look at things objectively like what is
causing this underlying sort of theme that this delusion ull theme that's repeating itself well first of all there are lots of reasonable professors even in women studies there are reasonable professors but they are not the vocal there's a vocal minority of professors who are apparently for certain students charismatic and they have for years been teaching these these views of the world and inciting rage against men gender profiling of men and and they have a following and this little following been there all along but about two years ago the department of education set out essentially an edict gordon colleges if you don't take strong measures against sexual harassment and and the rape culture that would use the word rape culture but they alluded to it if
you do not take all of these measures you will be held accountable and can lose your funding now too to department's credit they wanted to do something about campus assault that's fine but they went too far they believed the propaganda about what's happening on the college and they i have a cure that was worse than the disease i mean the cure was to turn campuses into little pink police state some column feminist police states where every joke is now monitored and you're supposed to be reporting other students if you hear a remark that interpreted as sexist then this is happening it's a public universities where the last time i looked were you know part of it you know that the the unit u s constitution applies the students are being policed by people that have no right to do it but this was incited by the by the department of education how bizarre
so that's the original that's the route if you go back and look when did words like trigger warning safe space microaggression you know we didn't hear these three four years ago what happened was that these angry groups have always been there they were empowered by assistant secretary of education the department of education she basically told them you can make a federal case out of someone walking by and you know at the micro aggression and they consider everything a man doesn't micro credit what is a micrographs and like to me a definition well an aggressive thing would be to punch somebody right or to use an obvious you know just intolerably sexist or racial slur a micro aggression would be and what's something that is demeaning button you don't think person doesn't necessarily intended and they they would say you know somebody saying hi beautiful
that's microaggression oh yeah man holding out door open for a girl i've heard that's benevolent sexism and those are micro aggressive maybe not micro maybe a nano what if you're a straight man and you hold open a door for a lesbian well if she's a nice person shall be grateful but if you're gay man you hold up in the door for a straight man do you get accused of micro aggression there it seems like you're trying to tease out the the logical implications of their i'm mess with it you can't take it you you said a four it's a rabbit you will never emerge it is the same person i have over the last two years or so when i going down this rabbit hole i visiting these websites and visiting a lot of forms that you could easily just called echo chambers and looking at what happens first of all when someone disagrees even politely their band instantly
one had any there was with one was a topic about sexual assault in terms of drinking about what is what is rape and the that the subject was there cussing they're choosing someone a man of rape because he and a and had gotten drunk together an had sex so the man had raped the woman and it was it was very bizarre blow that they say that and and you'll say well wait a minute what if they are both equally drunk the n d do we and i asked this i was at a debate at the university of virginia i debated a law professor i said then are you saying to people could rate each other at the same time you know they're both drunk she said she thought that was a perfectly possible you know
situation and that is such a degradation of language a trivialization of a serious crime but they have in expanded the meaning of terms so that now sexual assault encompasses just normal behavior that people enjoy which is it has been known to happen that people have drinks and then have sex well johnny and percentage of the culture becomes rapist then hm yes most of the people even even throughout history and throughout the world day ninety percent of the adults of the world would probably be deemed rapists not i also don't understand why is automatically the the guy's fault if it's consensual i'm not talking about someone being incapacitated blackout drunk that's reasonable people
see that is in is an assault but just it you're both really drunk can you have sex why is he the rapist add that because that tends to be what happens on the campus they do blame the young man they don't say you rape each other that they will take her side if if she can show the had drinks and i find this another strange thing that's happening with feminism today is it it's going but i call it fainting couch feminism is almost as for going back to the victorian era where there was delicate ladies preyed upon by men and is if the women aren't moral agents i mean if you take a lot of thanks a you're probably have made a decision to lower your inhibitions and be wilder went all kinds of things are going on that would explain you're still an agent and in charge of if you're you know yourself self mastery but they deny this of women itself is a women have no agency and you know constantly triggered needs
safe spaces at brown university by the way they had two feminists debating one of them is a great wendy mcelroy and she didn't believe it is six and another was jessica valenti of hardline feminists they were debating but it that was fine it was a debate you think that would make everyone happy both sides well represented note the brown feminist were traumatized by the very idea that someone would be invalidating our experience they use that for his and they had they formed a safe room a safe space where you could go which had very tapes are frolicking puppies coloring books bubble
slash stuffed animals no for adults and this was described in in the the new york times by one of cover story in the new york times magazine but you'll judicial of its and this was the safe space and you read it and you're you're astonished that the of the federalization puppies puppies frolicking puppies safe coloring book yeah i get it it's kindergarten fred's it hurts my brain i i just don't i said i think there's there's a connection but a lot of people have that somehow or another sex with regret is bad it's negative and that sex with regret when it comes to alcohol that perhaps since men are basically the pursuers that there is coercion involved and even though the man is intoxicated he did that on his own he did that in order
sort of lure the girl in and then have sex with their butt that's not right and at the end of the day even though that's kind of sleazy behavior the other day it's just sex like why is sex so bad like it's it's sex not terrible what's terrible is rape actually rape is rare being terrified and you know here to be killed or what her somehow and horrible experience in this is a bad date you know or a bad hook up i guess it yeah we call it where you were you know you didn't know you didn't maybe you'd regret it the next day and we do see on campus i've watch these cases where these young women will they wouldn't they don't report these things and sometimes it they have to take a gen studies class a year later and then bring charges
and there is no way it's meta physically impossible to have any evidence of what happened but if she can and and young men have been thrown off campus and or you know sort of tarred with the with the stigma of being a rapist i had that is russell on his an author and professor at our anil and he was talking about how there was a case where a man and a woman who were going to school there got drunk sex and the man was accused of rape because of this and kicked out of school and the girl stayed they're both equally dry she sent him tax saying you know come on over do you have condoms like the whole deal but somehow or another you're not responsible for sexual activity when you're drunk but you are respond for driving your responsible if you commit violence you're not exonerated from any of those things drunk but somehow if a woman has sex when she's drunk with
and let's try this out on a on the lapd you get you you know you drink a lot and that's it i get stopped by the police and then i say he gave me drinks he gave me drinks i i have right then they arrest i don't think so i think we recognize that i would be the guilt but what in this article that i was or this forum i was reading where they were accusing this guy's name is michael shermer i don't know if you know his you know his story it's a famous skeptic oh yes of course i do but he was he was the guy who was accused and he was accused of being a womanizer and a drunk and that he got some girl drunk and it's actually they were calling it rape and one of the things that they were saying during this whole thing was some had come in and said well why is it that when you're drunk you're
ansible for all these are the things we do not responsible for sex that person was immediately banned from the forum there medially kicked out like you can't entertain that angle right can't entertain that possible that's what that that's that's why the it's i would call these people fanatics because they it's not simply that they you know want to do all they can to promote their side they don't want the other side to get a hearing right they they do not believe in intellectual pluralism our political pluralism it's my side in my side and everyone is discredited immediately simply for not agreeing with them and they are being reinforced by these incredibly bizarre men they these male feminist men and not all of them i mean some of them are doing it for all the right reasons so we're doing it because they want equality and they think that women should be treated as equals but there's a lot of them are doing it for social brownie points and they're doing to be considered as like the higher ethical
moral standard to the women that their pursuing well i think a lot of them do it also because they believe it yeah and they maybe they had with his mothers reinforced by teachers and then if they took understudies my goodness that there you know it's all there in the texts and so if people i mean it i i for give students because i know that they have gone through relentless propaganda when it comes to gender because there's that they did the gender police have the gender activists have not allowed dissident voices and that we are here there are many professors that agree with many people like camille palia and wendy kaminer many journalists like the great cat young and and on and on but we have been added you know demonized in and our voices are not you know we're not invited to table will classically feminine women are also demonized women who wear skirts and like high heels and like the just painted
nails and makeup and things that you know people may enjoy that look for some reason that's a negative thing like some reason you're falling into what the patriarchy is set up your you for fulfilling their cell demeaning stereotypes in some way that can't like it you can't like lipstick you know you're not allowed to like fake eyelashes or whatever the hell you like wearing it's unless you're pansexual uh huh allowed to go betty davis from the 1950s you do whatever you want different schools and it's some of them don't they don't go after that but but they want you to know that femininity and masculinity are strictly performance is that none of it has a basis in biology that's where it gets crazy right
crazy social constructs yes it is also to construct well there it's hardly as of course culture plays a role but biology does too and and there's a kind of nature nurture divide and it's not sensible to teach students both and it's if you look at the biologists the physiologist you many of the psychologist i'll tell you there are very clear male female differences and not that everyone in bodies them but most of us do and so they're denying what almost everyone could see with their own eyes so that's also people that can really buy into this this sort of gender intense gender activism they have to be able to believe what they reading in the text and not what they see with their eyes or even in their own hearts so the
it's it has the makings of a subset of the fanatical movement was a loony it's not just fanatical it's but it's because like you're you're listening to some of things that people so i will i watched a video where a woman was talking about gender being a social contract construct and she was talking about the differences that are incited between men and women physically and there just because of physical activity that the activities at the men choose versus the activity the women shoes and if the women engage in the same activities that have the same physical ability this is the man i was like what the fuck are you talking about like that's denying testosterone the role it plays in muscle development and the difference in bone structure and let's it's denying yeah it yeah i mean it people talk about oh on the right there's there anti science and there's some of that but on the left it's more consequential because these people are in the universities
cooks on the right tend not to be on the campuses but these people are teaching in in our most elite schools gender is the only area where you it doesn't seem like you are allowed to have an objective conversation about the statistics of the facts like if you question things or if you have any questions about the facts or the statistics you become like you become questioned like you're you're you're a bad person your your your person with all turn motives like you can't just be looking objectively what is the number one like somebody told me one in or women have been raped and i'm like wow that doesn't seem right like one in four women have met creeps one hundred it's probably more like nine thousand and ninety percent of women have met creeps right how many have actually been raped is it one in four that's not real
we started googling it and you know we found all these different numbers but there's no hard line numbers and that could be attributed to a bunch of things first of all the very real fact many women that have been involved in a horrible situation like that don't want to report it they do they don't want to be shamed they don't want to they just they they would rather pretend it didn't happen and move on with their life there rather bury it that is a certain percentage of the elation and then how many have actually been raped i mean how many have been how many falsely accused men of rape but nothing really happened you even say that if you say that if you even admit that that's a reality you are some sort of an apologist to rape apologist you're a rape and i are yeah there's something but this is these are facts happened to friends of mine i've had friends that have absolutely totally not rape someone and been accused of it and had to go to court and had to deal with
which things in hire lawyers and eventually the charges were dropped but the fact remains that they were accused of course it happens this one in four and one and five it's been around for years what is the origin of it oh it started with research promoted by miss magazine it was one of the original what i call advocacy study it was someone that did a study not to find the truth but to buttress an ideology about patriarchy and in this case i don't want to keep going after it was a professor at the time i think she's at the university of arizona and she if you look at the survey she asked a series of questions so some of them were good at it shouldn't ask where you ever raped if you ask people you get a very low number so what they've learned to do is ask around and say have you ever been violently threatened and then someone had
but that's fine but she also said have you ever had sex when you didn't want to because a man gave you alcohol and anybody that said yes was count is a rape victim now i can imagine cases where you had sex when you didn't want to because you know you passed out no one denies that is right but this question invited people that well yeah i did have six i really wish i hadn't had it yeah i was drunk all those people now the became the basis this study became the basis for the one in four number now it's one in five because they've been other studies have copy this methodology second thing she found in that the vast majority of the women did not think it was rape they thought it was miscommunication so they did not agree with that she was classifying it as rape and put that number out there and m i think a majority jaded their alleged rapist again not not what you'd expect from someone who's of the
another heinous crime so they ask vague questions and then they they get their numbers and then it gets into the yeah in the media doesn't realize i think that the gender scholars have an agenda and they're not like if you teach women's studies i don't want to say women studies 'cause there are serious scholars but if you're in a jam other studies department or gender theory you reviews are not checked by objective scholars are just checked by the people that share your worldview so there hasn't been this quality control so we're going to be in the sciences exactly getting a lot of of of justice speeches statistics that are out there this one in four is the classic case when the bureau of justice statistics which sets the gold standard for research on on crime they find on the campus of the number is closer to one in fifty or one in fifty three for sexual assault and
they did they define sexual assault by is that rape it's both rate and it's you know some kind of serious physical that's still pretty horrible it's terrifying it's terra that's that is true one one and fifty is awful it is but but one in fifty versus one and four it's the difference between like war torn come right out and the you know in the united states right one enforce the congo right it's probably not it's far more like ninety percent yeah probably yeah well there are there are places it in time of war where faith is used as a weapon of war and the rates but swarthmore college yale university berkeley they are not the war torn congo
yeah there is too much i always say there is too much sexual assault on campus it is part it probably part of the the combination of the hook up culture in the binge drinking culture it's a big problem but it's not a problem the f patriarchy it's probably and you know just it needs a different solution but what they do is want to make it seem as though we have the sex criminals these predators hunting for young women on the campus and it's lovely you know an awkward nineteen year old boy who you know thought this girl liked him and they got drunk and had sex and then she can say that he was a rapist and either he had no intention and no awareness of doing anything wrong an he could be ruined i mean instantly ruined you i hear from some of these young men and i know of a psychologist in psychology as i ologists are beginning to get these young men in their practice because they come at they are devastate
you become a non person and you are shame to miss one of the worst things you can do to a person if you're a victim of a crime it's a horrible thing but people will sympathize with you and your dignity is intact but if you are caught accused of being like i mean it's like being accused of being a child molester or to be called a rapist it's not much better and people revile you and now we're doing this very casual young men on our campuses can be called a rapist because of it a drunken hookup and then he will wear that stigma for life because the internet now forget and in some cases the colleges will put it on his record and when he goes to trance i'm just going to get out of here and start over he can't because it's there so we've got to change this this is a terrable miscarriage of justice now this person you know if the name neighbor but the woman who created this study a merry costs it how dare you actually
become more reasonable lately with the that's probably blowback i think so started nice thing that the her statistics are conscious i think she shocked by what's happened well she became quite famous and and quite sought after because of this yes well very cock skinny as well yes you can hear the thing to know about academia you can make akarere on documenting victimization especially if you can get high numbers victimization of women you can make now if you come in with low numbers it's the opposite it can be career diminishing and there are very serious wonderful criminal just who did studies and came up with relatively low figures and they become demonized they found themselves not invited to you know to apply for jobs or denied tenure there are no motives there's no motive right now to tell the truth about women's victimization there are huge incentives to exaggerate it
and so it stays there unchallenged and i think the journalists don't really understand this they said it but i got this from a scholar at the university of arizona i got this from a scholar at cornell what they don't know is a scholar maybe an ideologue or had an agenda that's it got in the way of her or sometimes his activity well it seems like this is the type of a cyclical thing this this this these reinforcing ideologies that you're going to teach these children these children will grow up to compete complete their education to become professors and continue that sort of cycle without ever breaking this pattern and it could be a real problem if if the universities continue to teach these ideologies without question without some sort of a sort of reality review but it seems like their peers are just
ideologist so what how does that how does this ever get fixed well don't know it has to fit perfect you then maybe doing videos those videos you're so common logical and you know you're very reasonable and they a tremendous amount of use and i think i think there's a lot of people that when they get called a rape colleges store of a big in or what whatever that they don't when they don't agree with it they get angry and then they join the other team they were like well these phone as they're all crazy bill is you know i'm on team your he joined the he man woman haters club you know our gang most people don't i'm old but the the reality is most but i think most people just to be around nice people mostly people lee most people and most people
they don't want to discriminate i think most people don't want to discriminate by about when it comes to sir when it comes to gender when it comes to anything most people just want people to rise through their life or get through whatever they're trying to get through by virtue of the quality their acts by virtue of their behavior virtue of their work like you want to treat people the way they deserve to be treated and we all want to sort of elevate through this existence so this idea that there's these teams the problem is you get you get push back from one side and then join the other team you know its name it's it's it is creating blow back but it most people i don't think even join another team they just withdraw right not everybody's temperamentally suited to be in this it's it's compact and i believe me i did not i didn't consciously think oh i'm going to confront these people and be a lawyer i thought
lovely i'm going to confront them and then maybe i'm a little bit wrong but they're a little bit wrong and will meet in the middle meet in the middle or who knows that didn't happen so that's why i just don't like bullies and we are there's just isn't that gender studies is the result of son of a massive analyst bullying campaign by those who will not it just be except dissident voices yeah it's it's very strange it's a very strange predicament because i i don't see clear exit strategy i look at this confusion and one of the things i also started doing after being called a mens rights advocate as to find all of these fucking crazy bastards in two years mens rights and well then they've got some god dam good points too unfortunately you know you go to mens men's rights advocacy web it's in you see these horrible stories of these guys
getting destroyed in divorce court and losing everything they have being preyed upon by unscrupulous women that go after them marry them and take all their money and they have no recourse in that there were set but women set up some sort of a got some rest restraining order against them by a judge in that that sets up the idea that there's some sort of an abuser and without any physical proof they can be accused of these things and then when they go to court this all comes light and then i've seen some crazy shit i've read online about child cuss battles where the men were accused of sexually molesting their children by the woman where there was no evidence whatsoever and the women coach the the kids in the saying these things horrific horrific stuff on sides and then these men they all lump into these men's rights groups these guys that have been destroyed by women and they're just decide that women are assholes decide
women are are the enemy that they just want to go to south america and get prostitutes we literally read connections with these guys were talking about like this is you do it you go to south america and you find a girl now that she's have sex with you for money their way hotter than american women like what the fuck is going on here you know they need to do a couple of things one is that believe it or not most women are still nice and they love men i want to say most women is a good percentage of good percent right and sixty percent i don't know what percentage but let me put it this way it's unusual to be that carried away with gender politics maybe more today because it's getting more currency and it's become sort of fashionable so to be snarky and unpleasant but it still it you have to be temporary have to be a little neurotic i think to be that vulnerable to the these hate ideologies
it's not the average young woman that would be vulnerable to these ideologies but a lot are you should have stay away from them but there are many sweet women out there who will not behave that way in her fair minded the other thing is that i don't call myself a men's rights activist i'm not i'm not advocating for men i'm advocating for truth it just happens that most of the misinformation not all of it but most of it is now targeted against men so i do this weekly video series you know i just try to correct a myth each week and most of them are myths that are there feminist myths about how bad men are in there must always wrong and i correct them so people say we are a men's rights activist no i'm not i'm a human rights activist emma truth activist a common sense activist if you want to call me is right activist fine but that's not actually what i'm doing well i have a friend cara santa maria who's a brilliant scientist and neurosurg
or she was a neuroscientist rather and just not a surgeon operating operate on brains but she caught she said you're a feminist and i'm like i'm definitely not a feminist i'm not i'm i'm a i'm a humanist that's a yeah it's a it's a term that people like to use but i'm i like people like smart people with men or women i know me too i don't i don't want there to be the only men in power only women in power i think that's stupid i think i like chinese people i like from vietnam i like people from everywhere i just like people that are interesting and i just i want you to be i want people to uh actually be judged to be to be considered based on their merits not based like instantly judge your demonized because they happen to have a penis
are instantly demean because they happen to have a job and i think it's stupid stupid its identity politics and it's it's going nowhere right except all it does is divide people and make people better yes it has to stop now you say well how's it going to stop uh i mom well i'm trying but i'm also optimistic that there has to be a limit to irrationality and eventually it will fall i just wish it would be sooner rather than later well i think what we're dealing with today with our new access to information that we've enjoyed over the last decade or so i think two decades but really it's sort of taking hold of social media or people just have access to information but they also have a voice you're you're you're finding echo chambers like we discussed earlier we get these groups is radical groups on both sides of the red pill men's rights debate debate people and the people that are on the
out of women's rights and then these male feminists and there's a thing called atheism plus which is fucking hilarious atheism plus when they can't figure it out i can't i thought is it a religion it's basically a religion it's atheism it's not no well okay this know that did that there and did not they don't consider deities but they want a group group of core ethical and moral values so i think if you wanted to boil it down a lot of people would be atheism plus inclined the idea being that you are want to be a good person and you don't want to be you don't want to sexually discriminate or racially discriminate and you also don't happen to believe in magic person that lives in the clouds like that seems fairly reasonable until you listen to these fuckers talk and they give the most pedantic but bring fuckin' lectures all my god i sat down i smoked a joint and i watched this one guys lecture and i'm like this is like
the longest you know those videos they do on dating sites where people high on mike i like tennis like this is like his version of it just saying you know how a bornet at sexual emanation was or racial discrimination was it's basically like just open it was dark that's where it was it was like duh duh shouldn't murder people dumb shouldn't steeled uh like what you're talking about you talking to your preaching to the choir i mean you were at a fucking atheism plus conference and your about the idea that you shouldn't sexually a racially discriminate did the audience react well yes yes it's fucking boring what he's saying is boring there's no original unique points it's just enforcing the idea which is better than a hate rally it's better than going to see a bunch of skinheads talk about the white man needs to get back into power
it's definitely better than that but it's still a lot of tough and what's the point of that really days get together they have these conferences they have a in conferences the point is these are social gatherings where they are reinforced their ideas and they're all get together is that what it is they drink and then they rape each other that's what happens on and then they have sex and they're both rape and that's what happens it a lot of what these things are social hookups these people get to get it becomes a main focus of them they also make a certain amount of money 'cause they charge money for people to come to these gatherings so they come to these gatherings that run out like a conference hall somewhere and they come and they hand out pamphlets and they sell t shirts and then they have parties in these little events and then they you know you have to pay money to get a badge to go to this thing these people talk and then they drink it's hilarious nothing i mean literally absolutely nothing gets done but what they're doing is they're sort of reinforcing their ideas not negative ideas there
really positive ideas it's like it's not bad it's not horrible that bad people there good well when the guy was standing there on that the ds and he was expelled meaning all his core values and i'm like oh god i believe i agree with you and everything but fuc and you can't just say that i think you should eat healthy food i think you should get eight hours sleep sleep at night i think if you are driving in your car in an old ladies on the road do not run her over yes don't from the old lady over you know what the fuck man don't shoot puppies you know don't fucking drown kittens huh yeah there's there's a lot of that i think in the academy where they will it will be just bromides and point it's true isn't it then mixed in with harsher things so they'll say and we all agree you should be should be respectful of other people and not to mean with costumes and fine i don't want to see someone in blackface sir
humiliating someone with a costume but then they will so that sounds fine we all agree that then they will go after museum because they have an exhibit of you know kimonos and say that's cultural appropriation this is the new thing i thought about appropriating costume so we can't well cultural appropriation that is what most the history of culture is a komodo night at a rascal thing they were doing at the museum of fine arts they were bringing in ex was a kimonos public was learning to appreciate them and you could try one on which i certainly would have wanted to do and have a picture because so lovely it and i'm sure the japanese love this most people if other cultures are interested in yours art forms you're proud right well people with too much time on their hands staged you know an angry intervention this is a micro aggression or macro aggression and and i think the museum had to apologize and they're not going to do it anymore so stupid
like if you go to hawaiian hotel lot of times i'll give you one of grass skirts they're pretty cool they don't get mad though maybe i can't wear lays anymore than when you wear it when you get well they give us dear they would not let me welcome if you go to over the border around in calef and yet to tijuana there everyone selling sombreros and they're going to drive them out of business with cultural misappropriation horrible this is the patriarchy black lives matter liberalize brown lives matter the whole thing is ridiculous but it's i think a lot of it is what we're saying is that when we have social media and when you see these people that are saying all these things on social media that are you know a lot of people agree with a lot of really relevant points when it comes to racism or sexism all these things why
they saying these things are they saying these things because these things are actually important to them or are they saying these things because they know people are going to read them and they're going to like them because of what they said almost like it's almost like whole world is becoming slowly but surely a giant reality show 'cause if you reality television when those people save on those shows and those cameras are on the very where those cameras are on now so they play crazy shit they do crazy things like i i have a friend who has a friend who is one of those housewives the real this was an it's bad story the real story sad she's just trying to get attention and she wants to write books and try to make money and she's a single mom like there's a lot of sadness behind it the reality but when you see on the show you see this big boisterous you see a lot of acting out a lot of craziness you go oh well that girl is at this but if you
in reality she's not she's not a bad person be this bad person because she knows it's going to get a reaction it's not a good reacts not very well calculated one but i think that's a lot of what you get from these so called social justice warriors on twitter he's hashtag activists where you're getting from a lot of people is there enough making giant reality show there and giant reality show in their method of communication is through twitter or through facebook posts or through youtube videos or whatever the fuck it is but when they're saying these things they're not just munich eight ing their communicating to to get likes they want to get up votes they wanted to they want people to favorite there toward their twice and there so it's calculated it's fake there's a lot of bullshit to it and i think you a version of that in college campuses because to be i'm like a really radical advocate and around class
deveson really become a part of this or of even i'm going to have a hunger strike go for a hunger strike you know will halloween on five cents on the dollar i'm gonna start myself like yeah you know let's fight back against white people whatever you doing you know like when they see this is the thing when they say women are only making zero dollars and seventy five cents on the dollar i just want to politely raise my hand and say that's not quite accurate in its accurate in the sense there is a wage gap but it can be explained innocently women major in different topics in college they work they work fewer hours per week and the men take the more dangerous jobs with with impossible hours it's simply a difference when you do all those adjustments the age gap narrows to the point of vanishing so they're in their in rage their virtue signalling one another i true that's true so yeah well i thought though in specific occupations that women would make less money than men
let's look at the occupations for example you will see doctors in male doctors make considerably more but then you look at the subs these men tend to go far more men go into the higher paying special cardiology that's the lower bing fields are pediatrics and family medison women are more likely to work part time they are more likely to take a few years out of the workplace or cut back way back these are differences that have to be calculated in have to be factored into this calculation and the gender activists for years have i have just put out the statistic women are being cheated out of almost a quarter of their salary by you know the this is the system rigged against them when in fact if there are in said explanations it look at what men and women major in in college it's amazing after all these years of feminism you
not make very much money if you want to go into early childhood you will have a rewarding job if you love that and you know many people do love it very well person but you will not make money if you want to close i lecture well in college and they were hissing and booing in carrying out crazy on you doing crazy yes safe room and i triggered the man for you i know in the first two rows they were young women with duct tape on their mouth what duck tape red duct tape it was i don't know what to say duck tape their mouth and they stayed there for the lecture i mean how could you first row two it's kind of hot why do they do that i don't know i guess i can only think of there was a novel and i don't know what it was i still don't know didn't he didn't ask i never all i mean they were then people rushed out i triggered people into the safe room i tricked triggered about thirty people and a dog there was
therapy dog and they went to this same redfield bad about the dog i do but this was at oberlin college and they were and what was interesting is they had their safe room but the college administration was looking at their facebook facebook postings in their antics not worried about my safety i had to have armed guards i had two armed police women squirting around love how you please women now yeah i kelly what these women why did they go please women they had to be bad every perfectly if you get more correct than overland college i mean you will vaporize and i know i don't know what is the next step i'm just thinking i speak now as i grew up in california i was there for my sister race a little older that was the free speech movement in berkeley it was all liberation leave us alone we do not want authority figures or deans or you know
most librarians on committees making rules we did not want it we were belt and there was this period when i was in college where we were just free we had died think i ever met a dean except it was something academic but certainly not in my personal life and we drove out the dorm advisors there was no dorm advisor we were there well maybe they were there we never saw them they had no power and now they want them there and again it's this going back but anyway i just want to finish about oberlin i told the overland students they were thing but women are being cheated out of their salary and i explained and i said right now today you can take a step to closing the wage gap note no don't major in in feminist dance therapy major in electrical engineering and then some women's dance therapy is so necessary for our culture well they think it's an injustice you should be why can't i be in fence therapist and
so why shouldn't i be rewarded for that and we do know people aren't paid for it with their jobs are worth it well that's probably true and i said i mean i agreed with them that i don't feel i'm paid as a philosophy ph d we are not well paid compared to other people ph ds in computer science or electrical engineering petroleum engineering the money is and i said i'm considered unfair is a philosopher we should be valued but you know you realize there is something called the market there are forces determine what people will socialism so important for the summers because in socialism the feminist and therapists would get there do they get paid as much as the electrical engineer i'd like to would you get how much do you think it's worth for feminist dance is that real thing to i'm being fanciful but there are
crazy majors and they waste their time and i this one speaking at bryn mawr well was actually have referred mar girls came is it still a women's college and they were first of all they were needing the whole time i was talking they were needing and i didn't know what that meant if it was a and they turn be a number of wickens in the audience they were on my side they weren't against me they seemed it they were mad at me so i didn't want any hex any any spells cast interval which is quick and see i don't think there which is i think they are i think we can is like it's almost like a pagan worshipping the earth sort of a thing well they defend which is they do yeah because i needed something about the witch hunt on the campus and a wiccan came was angry
edit here's a wiccan is a member of the pagan revivalist religion known as wicca can be a male or female practitioner or lay follower either sala terry or members of coven then no wit no word which no warlock sure there's more followers of neil can religion wiccans are polly theae stick nature worship worshipers they were paper moon goddess and a horned god the observe eights habits blah blah blah they are based off seasonal changes and harvests which are also represent changes in their god and goddess wiccans are not generally do not do bad magic so i guess it's saying that they blind they do do magic they follow rule of three the belief that whatever you do comes back to you three times as bad or good depending on what it was you did
in some respects wicket whatever well they sound fine these young women were fine i guess but one of the but not one of them but a young woman in the audience had are you telling me i am a gender studies major at bryn mawr are you telling me i've wasted four years and i didn't know what to say but that i just said yes all and any ideas ask but i'm just telling anyone who's even thinking of wasting four years studying gender theory which has not which has no basis in reality or in in serious scholarship there are some exceptions but those exceptions don't come close to the rule which is that it's a waste of time i would have told young lady anything that you do where you're thinking is not a waste of time right but if you're trying to make a lot of money gender studies is not necessarily where it's at right well this is
i think if you ask men and women what do you want and we have great data on this from vocational counselors remember in junior high they were vocation counters that would tell you what you should be based on your what is an interest we've been giving these tests for years in men and women answered somewhat differently and women care more about fulfillment they care about more about jobs where they can be when they're very attracted to jobs that involve caring and nurturing and men considerably less so you do find far more men in sort of people free zones or jobs where they they asked people would you rather spend you know a week taking apart a machine and putting it back together or would you rather spend a week sitting with group of people talking about there problems and far more men say they want to be with the machines and far more women say we talk about the problem so you have to factor those
now it just turns out that overall if you are working it would say computers in your ear and engineer here at that high level with the education you get paid well people need those skills do you have the skills of a nurture you do need the education in the back but a lot there a lot of people that want to do them and there aren't there just isn't where is the money who is going to pay you that kind of money so they do not earn as much and they resent that but as you say you would tell the young woman you i would tell them you know you're not going to make as much but she probably ok but but it interests me i mean someone could told me don't major in philosophy major in math g or truly am engineering i wouldn't even want to see the textbook for that i loved my philosophy books and if they told me you wanted as much but it didn't if it does matter to you then change your major if you
if you're going into one of these fields i think what you're saying it highlights a real problem with human beings have in choosing an occupation and choose what path you want to go to in their life and i think oftentimes people they go the way they think is going to earn them the most money instead of going play that's going to make them fulfilled and happy and you gotta there's a lot of things that i could do that i should maybe done when i was younger if i wanted to make money just make money and there's a lot of people my age that are way more successful than make way more money than me i don't know if they're happier than me though and i think what i figured out how to do somewhere along the line through trial and error is do things i actually enjoy and but somehow another that's lossed in a lot of people and people say oh you go low key and you can do that in this now it's not available to everybody i don't know that's true well that's true and i don't know that this is the only thing that what i wound up doing is the only thing that i actually love i love a lot
things i love writing i love art i love this a lot of things that i love that i probably could have been equally happy pursuing i don't necessarily think that when you look at life you should look at it in terms of what is the best way to make the most amount of money so we're talking about things like the wage gap what about the happy gap because men are much more likely to commit suicide that's one thing men i think a lot of men suffer from depression as i'm sure a lot of women do as well but necessarily think we should look at it in terms of what is that's going to earn you the most money an is that what you're preparing for every time someone uses that wage gap statistic that's how they're judging ciety and they're saying that women are cheated know what you want to know is what they should ask is how much do you like your job how fulfilled you are and then look at the sex difference and see what it turns out maybe there is a happy this gap there certainly is a fatality cap which is that men
vastly more likely to die on the job because men occupy the gritty dangerous jobs you know working as a and roofers and you know uh outside in in in in you know on you know if fishing and and on if it's fisheries and think the dirty gritty jobs are done by men it's like there's an invisible army of men doing all of this work there's a big construction site near where i live in in washington dc and they're building a big com i have seen dozens of men out there not a single woman every day for a year could be cold it could be really hot they get there early they stay it's just hard backbreaking you never hear about that about the you know the unpleasantness gap or the or the danger gap and all that has to be factored in when it
is what you find is that in the united states for the most part people are able to doing what they want are there jobs though that are closed off to women that are very difficult for women to enter into i'm sure but there are bold boy glass ceiling those are there are but here's the thing about that people say well there aren't as a female physicists if you look in the sciences women are flourishing in feels like biology that we've all been taken over veterinary madison these used to be male dominated but women once women once the gates were opened and we could sort of do what we wanted there weren't these arbitrary barriers women just moved in and into areas that had been once just more or less restricted to males they did not do that with uh they didn't do it with computer science and i but i would i need to know is will are the computer scientists and the engineers are they really sexist in the way that like lawyers that you wouldn't men used to be all the lawyers lawyers aren't no
going to be particularly sensitive where they so much more receptive to women because women are approaching parody with men now in law school for sure and so you have to look at the where men and women are in our society and i is a free society an an an educated society i credit to personal aspiration and i think in the road to happiness men and women take somewhat different path let's count seems like such a mad dash to a mad dash to figure out your path is four years and then graduate school but the but the four years of trying to figure it out like figure out what your occupation is going to be where you're going to go and what you're going to do and then you look at all these supposed barriers countries that are in front of you that are going to prevent you from doing what you want to do or get in the way of you being justly rewarded for what you're going to do that that's why i get mad at some of my feminist colleagues for constantly telling young women oh tech tech is rigged against you know it's not the guys in tech for the
most part there are exceptions but for the most part welcoming and many of them have you don't want to have more women because they are it was there it looks bad not to have them so they're doing what they can and but we're telling young women or you're not welcome to tech well there was a time women weren't welcome in law or medicine or philosophy and things changed and i suspect right now that the reason you don't find high percentage of women in tech is because women just aren't as interested in tech as they are in other things well and be careful what you wish for because i i have a friend who's a executive a google and she makes a ton of money but she works on godly hours i mean it is essentially her life she is glued to her phone when she's not at work when she's at work she's there all day long one thousand four hundred and fifteen plus hours a day it's brutal it's backbreaking it becomes not it's not a career it's your life you're giving up your what you have i don't care if you make five million dollars a year whatever the heck you make your life is
nonexistent i mean we're going to fill it up we gotta buy tesla are going to feel greatly staring at your tv for the two hours that you're awake before you pass out and you have to go to work again you never home i'm sure that for those who do it and get you know there they're probably having a great here's what we do know and this is been shown over and over again by researchers including a research if the pew research center men and women if you ask as a few has done you ask mothers like what is your ideal life mothers of young children a large majority of well actually right with women because this was a researcher at the london school of economics you studied women in western europe what do women want she found out about twenty percent wanted be full time careers like your friend at google they're out there they want the money they want the power they want they want it all twenty percent about twenty percent want to be stay at home mothers they want to
when should kids stay home be a house but you know they and they will not work unless there for sixty percent or she calls adapt if they're sort of in the middle they want to work part time when they have little kids they want to go in and out so i think that right now we have a women's movement that works very hard for that twenty percent for their life you know preferences and the majority of women are left out the majority of women don't want that what your friend has that's good but a lot of women won't will not want that and there is just about as many women that would want quite the opposite so what i want is a feminism that accommodates press and at what do what do people want right and if i found out that all these women want to work full time in the men wanted to stay home with the kids fine but what you find is that that works for a few people but it's not something most people seem to annetts it's regardless of gender really mean i want that across the board i mean there's a wide variety of human beings on this planet for men too yeah i called
a feminist but i do it used to mean do you believe in equality of the sexes right and so i try to hang on to that its classical meaning but now it to hit it's come to mean as i said female chauvinism you only care about women and i'm no that i do not want that kind of one of things i have found the two layers to keep getting repeated over and over again and feminist blogs and websites is they want to dress men's issues until all women's issues are they they believe that feminism addresses everything is no need for no need for men's rights advocacy because feminism addresses everything and one women are equal and treated equally and support equally in you won't have any problems with men i don't understand the brush basis for that we can't do some good and in many many places at once of course where you can't even acknowledge that there's issues because until the women's issues which are overwhelming
until their address europe if every person out there that thinks that way that is a sign that you are fanatical they will certainly are but it's also a bit rolling because it's uh you're your trolling for support from the people that read it and go yeah and you're also controlling for an overreaction from the men which will go see these men are assholes and they hate women you know i this one woman's blog and choose a she saved up all of her mean tweets that she got from his anonymous retards out there and she said the one of these men have in common these are all men who hate women so these are all men who tweeted yuanyu responded to them that trolling you they're saying mean ship you're a public figure you write a public blog you put your your public twitter out there so at every day you're going
do you have a net ok you throw that in the ocean every get day going to catch a certain amount of different species you're going to catch tuna catch a marlin or two you're going to catch a few retards we have some really dumb people and those really dumb people are going to tweet you copy those down every day and accumulate them well how many really smart people read what you had to say disagreed agreed whatever and it didn't tweet you you know like what you what you're what you're getting is is is a biased sampling an by saving that bias a sampling putting up there it's not proof that you're being somehow another you're being oppressed it's proof that you're crazy you're paying attention these dummies you're tapping into a well of human beings if you have something that reaches a million people have a blog or a youtube video and you read the it's on them you're reaching a phenomenal amount of human beings an you
always going to have a certain percentage of human beings who are unbalanced or there picked up in the head in some way or the really dumb and those people they're going to be more likely to comment you so if you have a mic one people that read a one percent is a lot of people that's a lot yeah one hundred one person out of one hundred is going to be dumb you have one thousand get to a hundred thousand you get to a million that's a giant number of people that you're probably catching in your net that are really stupid and that's it's a part of this life we live part of this new era of social media this new era of his open access is to everyone and everything and i think it's beautiful in a lot of ways i think it's exposing all the holes and flaws in our culture it's exposing how there's marginalized and unrepresented people that are just sort of they feel disenfranchised they feel left out and they feel like the only
they can get attention is to scream or yell or to say messi just things or hateful things and they just trying to get attention the end of the day a lot of what they're trying to do the trial and it but also see the things that i write about because i do think i am just speaking common sense about gender and that i have a lot of of followers on twitter and and people that i encounter who are ge it from the factual feminist who just happy they were able to find someone and it it's sort of answer that you can can't find a professor i mean i left to go proceeds to go to a think tank i could still be there teaching but it was lonely i didn't really have that many colleagues who were agree with me and i had some that were very annoyed with me so wasn't a comfortable place there's for a dissident feminist or just i think as i said the voice of moderation they will not
here that if they're on campus and now you don't hear in the media social media is a place where you can tell the truth and people can be exposed to ideas that have been edited out of the curriculum well you're an author and you've written books and you've written papers and people have read those but they're not going to have the near the immediacy that something like a youtube video has so it's fantastic with anything like these videos have had over four views i think you add them all up and more than others but have a good one coming out tonight on the myth of male power i think you so men are in power well this whole thing matters but well it's not it's not the myth of male power it's about male privilege they tell men check your privilege and so i look at mens how privileged are men are now in some ways they are just to be a man does afford you certain benefits so it being a woman like big time we're better educate we live longer we're
doing better educated house oh oh majority of degrees go to women women now earn fifty seven percent of bachelors approaching sixty percent of masters and fifty two percent of ph ds it was used to be the reverse that you had more men getting the degrees and women were the have nots one was a shift well it started to shift actually in the eighties but in the end in the nineties it was just it was an upward trajectory for and here's where it really counts among working class kids the girls are better educated than the boys if you look at different ethnic groups african americans latinos working class white kids their sister the book the girls are doing better big trouble educationally and is creeping into the middle class that the girls are way ahead they're winning the prize there's a gap in education and boys are on
wrong side do you attribute that to the women's rights movement and the gains that were made in awareness like during the 70s and the 80s attributed to a number of things first girls have always liked school better and teachers and flex like girls girls who better behaved on average so it was always a trick to too to boy keep his attention but teachers used to make a big effort they don't anymore go to a school of education they may be reading these fashionable texts about how women are the silenced underprivileged and so they think that they have to you know focus on the girls and the boys at the typical behavior of little boys has been redefined as pathology right yes my little boys being you know suspended for playing cops and robbers or wanted to play over a a raucous game in the playground dodge baller tag now girls like to play too outdoors and have recess but typically they will do
a little bit of that they will also do that a lot of theatrical imaginative games playing house playing school or is sharing confidences with your best friend you know girls do that boys harley everything that they want to go out there and this rough housing words called rough and tumble play schools are making rules against it they don't understand that it's very different from aggression when boys you're being mean and aggressive violence let's say of theirs their tears there's anger there's you know it's it's not a happy sight when boys are rough and tumbling there's joy there forging bonds they're learning limits it's critical part of their socialization and we are a society that has lost touch with that and we are defining it as pathology and it happens as early as preschool and parents should know that when you're
little boy gets to you know that at the kindergarten class it is geared towards the girls what do you think is the cause of this lack of understanding between the difference between the way boys playing girls play because i have all daughters but i have a buddy that has all sons and when i'm around his house and i see his kids it's fuckin' houses chaos is cow everything is broken and and he's not an aggressive guy at all he's a professor actually at stanford super mellow and keys he doesn't he barely exercise he rides his bike he's not aggressive isn't watch any sports in kids are talking maniacs they run around they throw jumping sidekicks against the couch and they're just fucking crazy and that's how they my little girls come over his house and then like jesus christ like what is going on with these apes well i have two sons and for year
anybody would cover the main thing i wanna do is get a football and go outside and throw it around they want i just don't recall wanting to do that at someone's house i mean we might do that but we'd probably go into her room and you know be talking and listening to music or something but these and the other thing i learned to about boys with video games my parents were very disapproving teachers don't like them but i always remember i go and see my son downstairs at playing these games and uh i was writing my book the war against boys and people were worried about the games and but i looked at the boys and i didn't see it in some of the games were wild and violent and i didn't like what i saw but they were cheering each other on they were teasing each other the way boys do women men show their love by insults and resonate you know that it was it was camaraderie it was it was just a bonding it was a happy if they're a good group
gage meant it it would be terrible to say you stop playing these games and this is bad it wasn't bad behavior but people don't understand that they hear boys putting each other down and you have to listen because when men put each other down including men and it's often the way they show friendship you telling me i'm a comedian that's all we ever tell you do if i ever based my own self esteem on how my friends have talked to me i'd be fucked my two cents all they do they get together it's immediately but it does it does make been funny because they learn it starting in first grade because there's this is the way boys are with each yeah but we have psychologists is a no it's a culture of cruelty right and they think it's bullying you've got to know the difference between affectionate you know kind of josh ing and teasing and violent bullies it's something we again we're not making good distinction an ice there's also there's something to be gained from that type of in
thing behavior with boys and even teasing each other and for as long as it's good natured because even though does kind of sting when someone axiom makes fun of you it also motivates you to do better or whatever they were mocking you out yeah and it strengthens you and men are a little more stoical and i read this great study by these psychologist say we here well men have to talk more about their feelings men have to be and they interviewed hundreds of kids lessons and they ask the boys and the girls how does it feel to talk about your problems and for most of the girls and made them feel better just talking about the problems the boys said didn't make him feel better and they and they said and it was weird and and and and i thought oh the psychologists are going to say the boys have to learn to do it but they didn't what they said was maybe it's adapter for young man you know and because they don't ruminate so much and there is a lot of depression an adolescent girls they may
interior eyes there dear ruminating they're going over and over and these psychologists said that they they thought it was probably maybe the girls should see what look but the boys are doing that you know it's it's not lesser the boys have to i like the girls and then they said something very interesting if a boy does have a problem he's got to talk about it don't a well let's sit down and talk sweet you know tell me your feelings he is going to bring you know both you have to say you have to engage his problem solver you know you have to say we got to do this got a concrete and turned it into a a challenge and then when i read that i thought my god there's probably a whole field of male psychology it's been ignored it's almost as if modern psychology and clinical counseling has been based on women and their needs and what works for them but what about what what what works for guys fortunately the australians are actually working on this the australians yet they're working on male psychology and mail you know counseling well
this school is a very strange place for everybody right i mean that you're forced sit in a class and listen to a course and teachers teaching you the facts and statistics and it might not be anything even remotely interested in when you're seven years old or eight years old and you're a little kid and you want to play you filled with do you want to bounce off the wall it's strange change to have to sit in some class and listen to someone talk to you about arithmetic or listen to talk talk about listen to someone talk about grammar reading it's hard it's hard kids to sit and pay attention and it's hard i think when you are a boy and you have all this extra energy and you you're told there's something wrong with you because of it i grab my my old next door neighbor they moved out but they had their kid on riddle and i was around the kid all the time he wasn't he wasn't fucked just had a lot of energy news kind of being ignored by both parents worked all the time
and you know he was bouncing off the walls and he was just not paying tension in school and acting out and wasn't it wasn't very dis and like a lot of young boys are so these medicated this kid others breaks my heart and and and it's so sad because a good teacher who is in tune with boys we'll find a way at the capture as a matter donation but right now for example most of the reading assignments are fiction and is one this wonderful guy who goes around teaching how to engage boys it's almost as if teachers only like kind of the confessional poet you ask a twelve year old boy to be a confessional poet it is he's not do it and he'll act out and he'll won't do this time but i let him write what he wants an there was a it happens though is little boys five or six years old they will be asked to write something and they want to write about something like you know i don't know monster destroying a city or about their skateboard
video games in the teachers don't like it they get mad they get mad an fortunately there that are beginning to notice because now people are getting worried about what's happening to boys education because it has all sorts of ramifications for the economy and you have about having a large cohort of boys disengage from education because they're not going to have a future in an information economy we've got to solve the problem so there our teachers thinking about it but one thing they notice is you take a little boy and girls that are playing and play is the basis for learning i mean that's how we learn is is animals we learn from play but boys are disapproved up so they want to play superhero which every on every but most four five year old boys that's what they want and vanquish the bad guys and they're ours there's a lot of you know sound effects and what seems to be violence it's actually something very going on in his imagination but we are do you think the imagination of little boys and calling them pathological now just never forgot
story i read about a little boy named justin in california and he he was well behaved he loved sword fights and and pirates the teacher called his parents she was very worried about justin he'd written a story an illustrated it with the scene with with pirates having a a sword fight and there were there was chopped heads and all sorts of things quite wild and the parents came in and said yeah what did he do they were shocked because he was never trouble she said will look at this drawing is if justin was a proto so see a path and his father said yeah well he likes pirates he makes me read him stories in the teacher was very worried about his values well the father said i'm very worried about my son's fate in a classroom with the teacher has no sympathy for his imagination what that father said about justin that are that it's pretty much describes the predicament of on the majority of the of boys in our schools right now the teachers don't have sympathy they haven't been taught
now most teachers are just they'll adjust and they like boys they'll do their best but that is despite what they learned in the school cation diss coincide with larger classrooms because if you have forty kids in the class and one of them is a rambunctious boy you wanna silence that kid because he's disrupting your educating them the other thirty nine kids some of it it's everywhere it's and it's in schools the majority of teachers it's a feminine profession and the classrooms have been feminized the readings the there are books that are irresistible to a typical little boy but we don't assign them the british got so worried about the reading gap 'cause girls are way ahead in reading they i'll have a list of books that teachers are aware of the books that a kid a little boy can't resist we don't have we would immediately have dozens of feminist groups they would be here things on capitol hill in one of the books or one of the subjects well
just a few that i remember one is that a lot of boys like books there was a lot of little boys like non fiction at if you give them the guinness book of records he could be lost for days they like things like it of arcane information given that given the choice and and yes sometimes stories about a monster devouring a city there are lots of books there's there's actually a website called guys can read and they have books and the best of books for little boys with girls he really let you know delegate there's so many books written for them they're going to find them their teachers are going to assign them you can't assume that with your son i sympathize for you're selling a lot of ways because if they are especially a lot of teachers don't have children and if and they don't have children on and teaching a group of boys and forty kids there and one of them is a he rambunctious boy is
a little maniac and he's running around being crazy i could see how you would want this little kid calm down to be silent when i totally agree with you but what if it turns out that they were just ways to do this uh that what if you had a lot of assignments where the kids have to stand up what if instead of index they have to be sitting up boys if you use humor boys will love you boys like jokes teachers have to try to be funny if you're if you're not that funny there i read about this one male teacher had give back papers and you make him into paper air changes i mean there are just things that are amusing to kids my favorite example was a school in west west virginia
the boys in that school were not reading they were the low of west virginia is the low there is some of the lowest scores in this school was bad this wonderful is a female teacher she started out all boys class and she had a technical battle of books they had to read these books and then have a some kind of a i think it was like a jeopardy battle or some kind of game the boys loved it and they wanted extra books to read over summer an she said first time in the history of west virginia the boys asked for extra reading over the summer and they came back and the like the sixth grade boy class did better than the eighth grade coed class this was working with the aclu went in there because there were gender this in the aclu that said separating by gender is a kind of apartheid gender apartheid
and they soothe a part time they call it gender apartheid or gender they compare it to discriminate it's crazy and they stop this class there is no boys class with battle of the books so that's where there was a young boy that was recently suspended it was a big national story because he had a fake bone he was using an imaginary bow and arrow and shooting at boys in his class and so they suspended him i think he was be on you don't do that but even i've seen i've heard stories about six year old that's how they're playing and then then they play they want to write stories so that's where you get kids like justin he'll want to write about it if we have about little boys the moment they set pen to paper there's disapproval that's probably the worst thing that could be doing and that it's happening when i was in high school i wanted to be a comic book illustrator even before high school and if any psychologist got a hold of any of my illustrations it was all like
murderers like werewolf dragons rag was all crazy like but that's what i enjoyed i enjoyed reading those kind of comic books and i enjoy drawing those things like and i didn't turn out to be a serial killer they don't look my vast majority don't we're treating him that way that's the argument about gamers right i mean isn't the argument about gamers that was a big part of the whole gamergate the response gamers had was no look just because we like engaging in this fantasy and because we like we enjoy playing gran stepdaughter doesn't go out and shoot people this is stupid it's it's fun to fake shoot people it's fun to play call of duty an have your friends on the other side you're shooting your friends you don't want to shoot your friends but swelling you shoot your friends in the game nothing
happens to them okay is very different family doesn't cry you know that does know that you know their their children don't grow up without a father now they regenerate and the back in the next round i mean this is it's it's this idea that when play a game or you engage in any sort of a fantasy activity that that automatically equates to how you're going to behave in society and that we have to stop that we have to limit that instead of dressing like what is it about these fantasies that excite is exciting for people is there some sort of urgent need that men have for venture for yeah now it yeah violence with even if it's just cathartic some sort of a fake release absolutely and there is not there is no good evidence that playing a violent video game makes you violent people god knows people have tried to prove it and they have failed and they at tried to prove to the supreme court a few years ago and and justice scalia just had he wrote a beautiful
minion about how they just did not make their case it's no one has been do it now they've come along and say oh well these games cause sexism well the first thing to note is since kids started playing video games in great numbers in the 90s game nation crime is actually gone down i'm not saying there's a cordless but there's certainly no correlation between games advisor or you would expect it would have gone up will games are addictive they spend all the time playing those games and they don't have time for violence that's what's going possibly and and it's the millennial generation there the less least sexist and homophobic that's another other generations games yeah they have more yeah sure so newest kids coming up or the the most wealthy minded most progressive that's beautiful you question their attitudes compared to kids from the 80s we are certainly baby boomers you'd find they're more open
mind is an amazing couple that with that speaks to my optimism because my optimism is that what we're getting out of the internet or getting out of this open forms ability to communicate with each other is even so there's like the sort of gang bring up mentality on someone when they say something wrong the attacking but ultimately i think people are communicating in a freer way and were to understand what is a about racism what is offensive about homophobia or score sexism or or any of these things that were sort of cultural norms or they had place in your particular neighborhood or community and now your community is sort of the world in doing so in in expanding our community like that and creating this one world community i think we're learning the differences
now between each other more imagine then they are real yeah and i it so i think that anyway what about with the with the games as they had just made all these false assumptions and i think people people try it they do for you we hear all the people are being destroyed by the internet some people are somehow actually anything you do there can be some that are too short the media play cards or some people have addictive personalities and i i once met a psychiatrist who told me that he was studying of people and their addictions he said almost anything people do about five in in the with its gambling or if it's by circling her dog racing about five percent will become a compulsive well you know i work with a lot of fighters in martial artist 'cause i'm a commentator for the ufc and in the in working with these people you find correlations between people that are they become very excellent at at five
or something like streaming extremely dangerous and they become more subject or more suspect it's they have more potential for addiction i think in a lot of ways outside of that like its it's famous amongst fighters like lewis went on to become a cocaine addict and he had a lot of issues before he died sonny liston got involved in heroin active behavior is extremely common with fighters holism is extremely common and ballet dancers really well just certainly for a while they were high levels of anorexia kind of a session about food but also of the cocaine use mmhm the maybe that provide a combination of the two massive perfection is yes well i think the obsessive focusing on something even focusing on the negative thing like gambling it become a part of how transition out of this work is the world of mixed martial arts are fighting in general is very very intense
but very there's a short amount of time where you could but in a high level it's a percentage of your life and you if you get the lucky you can get ten hard years in you know if you it out and out liar you could stretch that out but a lot of people that compete like in the ufc they're gone within a couple years and it's you for that in a lot of sports the nfl as well a couple years for most of them and their bodies as he hang on anymore and they're gone and they had one thing that occupied all their thoughts all the time now it's gone and they have to figure out a way to sort of transfer is for that energy in a positive manner an and what makes you good things can also be a trap i i had a problem when i was young with video games and it's not the video games are bad but i have a very addictive personality and i used to play video games eight to ten hours a day is to play online display game called quake squid game online and i recognize i go ok this is i just can't do
it's like my brain and this is a fun game i love it but my brain is just not good for this 'cause my brain had developed martial arts and competing and i went from that to stand comedy and then this this other thing this video games thing got planted in my brain and i recognize like ok this is not going to be productive for me it's enjoyable but i'm too crazy for this so i gotta side but for a lot of a lot of people that get involved in like the singular pursuit swear they become so dedicated and so focused on one thing it's extremely hard when that thing is taken away from them and sometimes they fall into negative things but that doesn't mean that the video games are now if it doesn't mean that video games are causing them to lose their like what they need is some sort of mental management and we need to recognize that there are certain people specially
that are that excel at certain things or people that become obsessed with perfection or obsessed with success that those things you can get diverted down these past whether it's gambling or there's a lot of different i like that phrase metal management that's right that's what they should be more bailable so it's not video games and it's not video video games don't turn you in a sexist video games don't turn you i want it's it's nonsense if this is arguably we have the most access to violent information whether it's in a media form online you know more more access to it than any human beings that have ever lived before we have more access to dainius violence seeing things online seeing things be able to play video violent games but it's do you believe the safest time to live ever and some of the most violent games i hear are in japan and they're not very bye
they played about most found i think they have one of the most violent video games and they have a lot of the it is a very permissive internet presentation of and ran wild things and violent tentacles and stuff right i don't know anime no no no i don't know what's going on in this strange yeah get out sometime yeah it's a it's a weird culture japan they also have they have weird things that you could you can buy women's panties that women of warn you can buy them from vending machines sir i'm planning sheen yeah buying them at all strange on vending machines is a deranged it is whatever but is i mean if i don't know i mean what is so horrible about that it seems like you know by to buy like severed feet yeah kind be up near the border but like if a wants to wear private girls coming on soon tuesday she's a professional
elevator she is hired by these uh like ceos and these people that have tremendous power and they want to be dominated they want to be and she she has all these things that she does with them like she makes them give her lunar bank account information so she can she can she could steal money from them careful i'm not say anything horrible and i will shield you from any unpleasant thoughts but it's something like have these bizarre needs for like things you are i would have no desire for but at the today it's an agreement that these two have it she doesn't professional there's no confusion here it's like this is all what's bad about it i'm trying to explore it have you heard about furry yes i don't know about it much but a nice furry told me on the internet that not
worry that most of them don't and i don't know the every time i bring it up people or really tell me what it is and i don't fully want to from what i've learned there are many different kinds yes so believe some people go deep with it and some people it's just fun it's just fun yeah i was accidentally at a furry convention there was a time where i was in pittsburgh burg coincided with the furry convention and why driving on the street we look out the window were going what the fuck is going on here so everyone wearing mascot costumes like they're all like squirrels and rabbits and stuff and i'm like this is so strange and then we got hotel the hotel one of the guys that work there he he opened up as we as we stay there and start started telling me the weirder aspects of furries like that they requested a litter box i'm not shield you nothing crazy ok the sexual stuff i'll shield you from okay they had requested a litter box for the lobby
they literally wanted to go to the bathroom in the lobby in a large litter box we're going to set it out and maybe i'd rather hear about x part we're the only state not not own but rather they rented out the entire hotel except for a couple rooms and i was one of those rooms that they hadn't gotten to because i i had made my reservation in advance and so i'd done it like a few months out the ferries hadn't taken over the hotel yet that is so funny to imagine you had a furry conventional areas there friendly they're all nice in the high five mean stuff you know you don't know who your hanging over it i make the a evil face the world behind that big smiley chipmunk mask but it was very strange they requested bowls they want at a balls on the ground like a dog see one of their food served on human beings human mind is
complicated yes it is just don't know let's go back to your point of focus gender studies how did gender studies become like primarily like something that women focus on like his gender studies is not really gender studies like gender studies is like when talk to someone they say they are involved in gender studies either a guy who's some fucking weirdo feminist dude or it's women right well it probably there's a healthy instinct to avoid a major that entails your you know shame it you know feeling ashamed all the time is that what it is why are known to be that also mental major in they don't majored in anywhere near the same numbers in these somewhat peripheral things matter more practically come to call they overwhelmingly are engineering majors the econ majors the practical
right there's liberal arts majors years philosophy major release these little different but in the most of the humanities it's more men i mean i'm sorry more women middle french literature and i've often thought it's partly is sometimes he said to me well you're suggesting that women are more interested in the humanities and men are more interested in the sciences but in in mexico or india you know they have just as many big give me some example of places where women have the same majors there typically societies that where people are very at risk economically societies that are not as prospers if you get to a prosperous you know advanced democracy where you can there it can afford you the opportunity for sort of high levels of self realization you then people do what they what they most want to do and some
even get to college they don't have to be an engineering major they can major in art history or feminist dance therapy if that exists or you know whatever they want and i think the women feel a little freer i think there are a lot of men that would prefer to do something other than what they're doing but they're a little more practical i think most men think they they are going to work a full time job they don't have options i think a lot of women the suspect that they might not have to so that's why they're getting involved in gender studies 'cause they don't think they're actually going to have to make a living i don't know what would what would big generalization to say to look at it all because if it is one person yeah i'm sure there are many different reasons actually now you can make a little career for yourself i working there's a little network of women's organization i mean quite a large network so they will find a place there do conferences and stuff
all that but you know you can't expect to make much money right and if you care about that but maybe it will be fulfilled if you care about carrying on this campaign this twisted propaganda ridden campaign against patriarchy so it by the way i should add that it's too bad your studies is that way because jenner's interesting and we should study it but it should be done for by objective people who will can't at it from different with different agendas we all have agendas but you want to have a field where you kind of cancel out one another's agenda get closer to true understanding yeah that was why i wanted to ask you about it because it is means mean whole idea of men and women trying to figure each other out has always been problematic because we're doing it on the i was trying to mate with each so we're trying to figure each other out while we're both bull shiting each other it's like
people wearing a mask and trying to figure out what they look like underneath that mask and that's that's how a lot of people get to the point where they're married and even though they get divorced while never falling for that shit again and then they fall into another nice little trap and i think that it would be really fascinating to have an honest class on what is the diff it's between men and women and water the biological reasons for certain actions wellness and and helpful yes to know what to expect that when you tweet you get married you know your husband's probably not going to be like your your college room do you know when you have children chances are for most women it's not all that majority this is uh the most over informed madly in love and you become obsessed and it really hurts you to go away for very long
you know forty hours a week and a man a lot of men can go away and they can go away forever then do a better job or they're less fixated on them then women this is just a fact of our nature there are exceptions i'm just talking about overall you don't find women abandoning children unless they're usually unless there is mental illness or a drug a drug something but men do it all the time i think fatherhood you know it it has to be supported and encouraged and it's better for better all round but it can't be taken for granted and the worst thing we can do is to set people up just to be it is to be angry at each other because you're going to be very to a man who's not going to see the world exactly as you do is not gonna care as much about your i don't know your your your window treatments or whoever it was not going to care as much and especially after you have babies a lot you can a lot of girls are slobs but when you have babies there's something that changes and you really
you want the house clean and you want your feathering you're in your nest and men don't seem to have quite the same experience so people need to learn about it and learn how to argue don't like people like this so much insulting like a lot of women i see this happening they become their their husbands mother income nags yeah which is just a recipe for either misery or divorce right because he does want to be very to nag mother and women should know that it's going to be frustrating because he will not be as much help this you want of but you're frustrating to him because he probably has to do a lot of things he doesn't want to do so it's a big compromise and young people should know this well the biological implications the biological reality of being an animal is that most animals are raised by their mothers i mean we would all do much better if the father was a loving father and was around and it's a great thing to concentrate on but human being
and a lot of ways mirror the activities we see in other mammals and other mammals with the women primarily through the females primarily take care of the babies i think that if we looked at gender studies from a biological standpoint and then looked at him from a sociological standpoint as well and try to figure out like what's the comfortable middle ground and how can we better understand each other from the biologic perspective and from a social perspective can be really thanks really and he comes a battleground for ideology more than anything was just a doctor nation worse it's indoctrination as you say and and it's not another thing we need to know is what's easy to change and what is it for example sales are we've got very good evidence there greater risk takers and rule breakers and you see this even ever from the earliest ages little male toddlers have more accidents there are more in the emergency rooms more they're doing crazier things it's more of a challenge
so you need to know that and then what do you do with it and i see the need to channel that you take that mail risk taking which is very valuable for our species that risk taking and that room and you direct it to good ends and other is helpful or a male role model or a coach athlete they're all things sorts of things we do to socialized male enerji and assist where the nails are socialized to most of them to do good you'll build no you build the you know the united states of america i mean you that's a healthy society but if you have a society like we have these dysfunctional pathological societies you get destruction and mayhem because there is a pathological masculinity most men aren't like that but it exists so you need healthy masculine so you need to nurture that so we need to understand it not reason did not pathologize it not criminalize it and yet we're doing this toxic
masculinity is one of my favorite internet express' yeah but there's toxic femininity two there is but it's not as funny no masculinity special in manner using it when men use that term like rise to and foxtrot masculine and could lowers philly how do there you know it would have been interesting to study gender for objectively and get you know it should be in the sciences you should have input from is it universal that gender is taught in school gender studies are feminist based ideology there could be exceptions i haven't seen them even know even in norway and sweden and you go to the department's in their full of people that you know with the degrees in sociology and but who are very soft and who are strongly i ideological well how do they get away with saying things like gender is a social construct because
so much evidence the contra the question is how do you get away with questioning it and and you have a career in the academy ryan that's the question right i questioned it and i had i had a colleague when i was i told you earlier about reading these feminist textbooks to being horrified i remember one of them first of all the author dedicated it to the women in my women's studies of ya'll are in the spring of whatever year it was ninety and i hadn't seen the word avi lauren i always like to look up new words and i had i was about to look it up until it hit me there i would not fine she made it up she didn't like the word seminar with its root word see this is here in in essence you know don't ask yes yes don't think it through because i don't think it through and knowing but she oh good lord the thing is about group would you just forget it neutral
there was another woman who said that she had a theory that we were all born bisexual and through socialization our parents and society turn half of us into female human beings and half into male human beings and then she said one destined to command and the other to obey i remember reading that to my husband in a fun day and he said like which one commands in which one obeys and yet but i know but i'm just saying they have these views that are that would not survive in any kind of functional academic environment where people could freely exist it's not that i can't voice them because sometimes people that are have cookie views sometimes you know people test it and they can't find and it you know it ends up they end up being right so you
poly amorous relationships things along those lines that actually do work for some people we have to be open to that you have to resist closed in the ideal university that's why you have some people bring into people that challenge and you're constantly either reinforcing what we already know or challenging it or bringing a new ideas it's an exciting thing what we've done to our universities is so sad now it's still that what i just described that's going on in computer technology is going on in the science it's been shut down in the humanities and to some degree in the social sciences and in education is it possible all that as we said the millennials today are the most open mind at least likely to be racist or prejudiced that these is a good trend going on is it possible that this same trend could eventually extend to the universities where these kids will realize how pastors some of the
leave is and they'll reject some of this teaching and they'll understand that like yes there a certain amount of prejudice is some people have but let's get to the root of it and find out why they have these misconceptions why do they have these ideas in their head that are ultimately biased and wrong or or degrading or whatever it is but is it possible to two conversations like this through things like you two videos through more people discussing these ideas in an open forum and more people mocking things like what happened at yale or what and at do you name the college this probably something going on right now we're someone screaming at someone because they want to go to a lecture that's really you know being taught by a man who said something offensive about women's roles are more the wrong shirt or something yeah like that sign yeah yes uh the problem is that these bad ideas have tenure these
they have tenure and you know they are there i mean the good the so it's it's going to be hard the i think what's going to happen is the universities are maybe going to become obsolete and make a lot of education is going to move to web based education and so we'll get laid i know i think it's sad if we lose our to our the images i'm telling you they will vaporize yale is at risk right now amherst college some of our best universities they are it is so dirai so crazy what's going on there and they've they have it's as if they've weaponized the sensitivities of the most neurotic students on campus and these kids are now riding roughshod over everyone else that can't go on so they will become so dysfunctional well they the film like when they film film like don't when they filmed that one kid who by the way was an asian american
i was trying to take photographs of the african american guy who is on the hunger strike and they were accusing him the part of the patriarchy and he was a foreign student to student and not a problem at all sir shows the preservation unit kevin's she had with twelve months old here that was nice she had requested the media com and cover this just in the day before the day before question the bc in the west is limited tweeting talking about this hunger strike you know that this is a really important because can the media coming cover this so the media come in the form of student media comes as kit and this way like you have to leave you have to they decided that a public place was now private this guy had created a safe space and they were going to do a hunger strike there like in the box i wanted a protest the video but the video got out in the video got out the whole world responded she had resigned the whole world realize how preposterous this behavior is and but when we
a chance to see it we many people on the outside get a chance to see that video and comment on it in in in the you know from our own perspective now from the perspective of some engrossed in that sort of ideological trap then you get to realize like that these kids see how crazy we all think it is i think that there's a benefit there's a benefit in that and that there's also a benefit indiana kids on campus two i know you know who are sensible and who believe who who do not want to be the generation where freedom came to die yeah because believe me millennials out there you are that generation of every generation has had big challenges to liberty everybody finds new ways to challenge liberty you're tested and you have to meet the test and we we've been through you know the mccarthy era and you know all sorts of things that were in the vietnam era and it had to be worked out this is your chance and i say start the resistance and there's a wonder
a group called the foundation for individual rights in education fire what i like about it it's bipartisan it's it's liberals and conservatives who love freedom because i think that's what unites most americans is that we can have our political differences but we have this common commitment to freedom and to try to increase it and and preserve it now this group fire is replace the aclu for civil liberties the aclu's asleep at the wheel you never hear from them about these campus you know this is the tree in the ana how to approach it because the very people that are in all of that zealotry will also support the aclu every step of the way because i think it's the universally acknowledged the acl does great work they're very imp hi my mother was a member and i don't know if i'm there ever been a member i love nadine strossen she used to be the president and we you know that it was it's great but it is it has been silent relatively soccer scared the acl you can
scared they must be so they can't be scared i think they're intimidated here's what i scared isn't it gay well it's a little more complicated because i think they also maybe i i don't know i got i'm not a psychologist but i will tell you that there are groups like libertarians i noticed atheists at this is a aclu lawyers where i have a small cohort of very angry women and these are thoughtful the majority of people thoughtful well meaning and they listen to these angry with think maybe we should be respectful maybe there maybe they really are and they don't realize that it's a small group of bitter people who believe twisted theories and false and they're imposing that on the whole but these groups of women been very divisive for libertarians they did it to the atheist i think they did it through the aclu the mighty aclu fell before a small group of zealots and there are more likely to be suing a school for the boys class to help boys read
they are to be going on the campus and calling out hordes of vigilante groups there was professor that i follow who is a it's kind of radical almost meanest very socialistic but he was saying the only mistake that the woman made was she did it before she got tenure i was like that is whole areas he's you know what here she doesn't get tenure he is this it this will not hurt her this will help her she's celebrity yeah she'll get a better i mean i don't know i i didn't she resign no she was you're talking about the one that yes but not so no i think that she was asked she she has an appointment in the communications but i think she was teaching by invitation for the school of journalism
and university missouri has a storied wonderful you know journalism school and they were horrified to have on a public university to have a a professor yeah going out to please so she was disinvited from being part of that program no no she'll be connect should be it to get at wesleyan that's very cynical it's not cynical it's the factual feminist it's horrifying though that someone with that kind of thinking that telling some person that i'll go to you and your number the duke lacrosse case in about the university virginia case that was in the wrong stone that but even before that do paros these young men falsely accuse a flagrant lie eighty eight professors long before the thing was known about it they came out with an a an advertisement on who's in the school paper a local paper siding with the accuser against the boys and
of them in the it we're very viciously out spoken and and and they basically were part of a of a vigilante group then you know it it conducted at the equivalent of a witch hunt and they there were no consequence they've gone on to better jobs some wow really that's absolutely horrific that was one of things that made me hate nancy grace tell nancy grace was terrible i hate which represents on television well it's just an ordinary allen here the acting out she's nice girls duke lacrosse boys yeah she was horrible on that and it turns out that she was absolutely wrong and never apologized and those kids didn't go i don't know what they did really i'm just and that night they did nothing i mean you know it's that wasn't even there he had proof that he was not there and it wasn't enough well
it's again it's the lynch mob mentality and trying to keep them away from you you know trying to turn them away from you so you have to say something that's going to exonerate you from from being guilty association or guilty by the way you know you use you view the case you know that you are not a part of the problem you're a part of the potential solution and which i think liberal students and conservative students could unite on campus in just in favor of free are they the most maligned students on campus conservative yeah here's the good thing for conservative students in libertarian students when you get to campus you're going to have your ideas challenged morning noon and night and that's probably good you're going to become very
conversant in the ideas of the other side which my one of my favorite philosopher john stuart mill said you can't understand your own position unless you understand your critics you have to understand your critics almost as well as you understand yourself to truly be able to defend a position so conservatives have that advantage in and their professors the majority we have very good data vast majority so they will hear that and then they're going to make good friends if they hang out each other they'll make buddies that you know it's like comrades in war will be friends for life but then there are liberal students that go there and there you have to be careful because they're just going to be in an echo chamber you know they'll hear it and it will be reinforced and they better be careful and writer make a point of attending a lecture if someone comes it's offering a different point of view because they won't hear it and as the date but the concern but if kids up till now up till a couple of years ago we're fine i mean people would occasionally be mean
but now i'm a little worried because this this outburst of fanaticism this outbreak of of cry bullies who could be they could be very punishing i mean can you even have a young republicans conference on a major campus well it's question there are they do have college republicans i was invited to even though i'm still a registered democrat the college libertarians in the invited me and it was and college republicans the clare republicans luce claims after you had already been like triggered triggered and the people came with a the fellow that was the same they were the ones that invite all these kids found out insanely towards down so the you were road were invited to speak to republicans well that's probably a big part of what went wrong right they just assumed you're part of the problem because who invited you
they didn't even care about that that was my name and date what they in that they'd seen if you know a snippet of a something from the factual feminist and said that i was i don't know you're going to trigger the mad person they don't want to hear it they did not want me on campus you know i tried i tried i always try to put myself in the other person's position i think what would upset me like that if but who would i a lot of people i would be very upset if you have a nazi we're coming or and someone who i you know i just thought was reckless and and defamed people first i don't i'm not like that at all i haven't done anything like that but i can imagine being upset but even then what would i do if someone invited a horrible person i would not i would i would write an op ed or haven't you know easy on the campus you have to that's the place where you should learn to find these things you fight bad ideas with good ideas
right not by spitting on them which happened at yale and not by intimidating them at yale and missouri and not by this kind of mob hysteria who got spit on it you know i think it was some it so this is typical of what happened some a good a great looking off from this group fire that i urge people to check out a good really taking their leading the way fighting this nonsense on campus where he was speaking at you and he's actually the one that filmed wait a minute my confusing my schools he filmed the student oh yeah yeah it was at you he was speaking and he had an iphone and he was with the professor whose wife had challenged the halloween costumes and he actually was put on his iphone now is he wanted to make a viral video but because he'd seen things like this happen and then stewed
misrepresent what happened he was afraid they'd say the dean got into was remain and rent if obscenities so he filled it for that reason well before that he was giving a talk about free speech on campus and he was talking about some of the crazy is going on and you just said in passing they're treating you know the dean's wife i am not sure this was example but that it was something like this they're treating the dean's wife is if she's some kind of war criminal is if she burned out of indian village like she's a genocidal maniac some protesters said indian village you're making a joke about genocide and then they but he went crazy and had to be removed from the room then word got out that somebody had joked about genocide and it was complete none sense of complete mangling of what greg lukianoff had it said this is what's happening they take a little comment to post the campus then the hysteria spreads 'cause they're just ready to be to be triggered
i think it's again what we said there's just people looking for the green light they just looking there's a green light i see indian go yeah and then just decided getting ready to go it's not it's not a rational response to someone saying something that's the callous or rude or prejudiced it's it's a green light it's this is the certain subjects where you're allowed to be offended and now what's that anything will offend the now groups so it's more and more in it you know there was a time where our campuses were so segregated and they were being integrated in these you know you see videos have eight over will you see footage of what it was you know and photographs famous photographs when they first integrated the university of mississippi
this is james meredith going on campus and just horrible hey you're in that that is so offensive that is racism now there there it's it has to be you know the chinese somebody drives by a truck and maybe shouted something that mobile is the campus is well it's it's interesting that decades later things have changed so much that they have to search to find things to really truly be objective and yeah i i think that's these are good friends and intellect yours yeah one of the chronically offended people what is that that would motivate someone to want to have to be in that mode i don't i i i as i said i'm not a psychologist and a philosopher recognize bad ideas and nonce but i don't understand that attraction i assume that they need real problems i assume that the
need real some real adversity in their life they need something real to do battle is kind of said it may be the result of the helicopter parenting and self esteem education so they hot over protective kids were you know every little a set back you know there were parents and teachers and everyone you know poor thing so they never developed that healthy resilience they go to campus they hear that a dean's wife to an email about halloween costumes they don't like and they flip out or does anybody really believe that that girl who screamed at the dean when ya but this is my home you know like all that crazy shit that she was yelling at crazy she would she have out of they were alone we believe that does anybody believe that that they had met in an office somewhere and had a rational discussion she was acting she's putting on a theater
google performance for all the people that are involved and she was worked out it worked out by the energy of the crowd crowd and you have to be careful of that i just warn people be careful of that emotion of rage doesn't lead to good places and and you know feeling really self righteous grandstanding and grandstanding he has a bad history all of that behavior you have misinformation twisted theories moral fervor his is one long lesson in the dangers of combining these things and what we talked about before life essentially has become some sort of bizarre open ended reality show and that these people are jockeying for great position on the social ladder and by being the no yells at that guy on social media that girl got a lot of pounds the next day at school girls give her knuckles and hugger there was amazing did you see you gotta one hundred likes there was no social media when i was in college are you yes yes i was we crazy crazy
and we're not that crazy but a little crazy and i was on the periphery of a mob at n you that occupied a computer it was a big deal it was a big there was a computer the occupied a computer yeah it was it was a big thing like her on the whole street now this was the courant institute and we were going to destroy the computer i hadn't thought it through are we going to destroy the computer because we thought they were doing research for the war this is a long time ago ok this was sixty nine i believe maybe seventy and i was on the periphery of a crowd and i do think there was a moment where a dean came and i may it had words with him and i am jealous white girl yelled no not like that close but he just said something young lady however the diff his once i knew was a teen i ran away i didn't want to of i i don't know i'm just glad there is and if it
so how are they using the computer for the war i think that was that it was a mathematical institute called the courant institute and they had a computer which was a big deal and it was huge and i think they thought they could go in and straw it and but i'll tell you it's probably one of my first moments of awareness about the dangers of the left even though i was in to see ask partis but we did break it the building and we were in someone's office and i was kind of thrilled the the terry industrial complex in this is the brain center and and i was in an office and somebody started punching out somebody slides they were put you member slide they were punching him out and i thought over what is that and i looked and it was like he professors photographs of his kids and they were destroying their destroying them and then i looked around and thought this is just some person and i kind of slowly retreated
i felt very ashamed i didn't know what i did there were thousands of us there alright i'm not confessing to a crime right but i was part of a crazy mob and i never forgot that and then i started you know i mean i still remained a protester for awhile but never was i ever on the part of anything like that well actually i think then you uniquely understand the whole hysteria behind it and how you can get caught caught up in it and i understand something else some of the craziest ones are going to defect to to my side eventually because in in among the marxist for example some of the best anti marxists antimicrob were former marxist some of people had the the most penetrating analysis what's wrong with totalitarian systems they were once people who were part of it i think there are a lot of smart kids who had it at an education
and they've been robbed of a serious education they're going to realize it and they're going to reflect and they're going to be radicalized in a good way or you worked out a lot of truth people who are former cult members go on to become members cult awareness groups or lead called awareness groups actually i had a couple on that have been in colton of talked openly about their i think they share something and that people love to be a part of a group it's it's a tribal thing this tribal i remember chanting and you know being in and it was exhilarating you like hell no we won't go down now hey hey lbj how many kids did you kill today and we went in march washington that's uh cause though that made sense vietnam is it was it i don't think my understanding of it totally made sense but in retrospect it was a a messed up one you don't swear
i do just not on it it'll just be careful take it out right on the website where interesting have to worry about that that's a beautiful thing about being a comedian but that should you know i i don't worry about it because i i just wear but because i it's been done so many times every little thing they'll take and then you know there's always ninety two year old mother who somehow she's on facebook and she sees these things and i should say what were you doing there like she's going to she knows i it was she's very left wing yes so she yes she but she she totally occurs reason the about of my critic critic of feminism she likes men she's never been that kind of feminine she's a feminist who she loves humanity she's a little naive i think you know in her politics 'cause she still very left wing but she's it comes from a good
so i'm sympathetic not only was i once a radical but i'm sympathetic to left is because the people probably close some of the people closest to my heart are very left wing but they're not haters they're not no they don't take logos of people impugn them this evil spell i'm a very sympathetic to a lot of the ideas that left wing people have fun i don't know if i could tell her myself left wing or live aaron or what but i'm kind of in the middle and a lot of it i'm homeless politically yeah i try to think well maybe i'm maybe i agree the republicans in the little say something that's so unacceptable i'm going to maybe bernie sanders and then yeah then say something in and i thought i could be behind hillary but she's kind of irritated and i think on these women's issues it's going to be uh no she could be very very bad for you know issues i care about how so you might not be but well in the current administration there's an
local government in all in all administrations there's an invisible government of uh regulators and people who work in little agencies in the government and they write polisy they white right regulation and we've seen our schools a lot of things i've been talking about for editor contrary to the interests of boys this is coming out of government and it's coming out of these agencies and democrats they exist both republicans can't stop it and they do it in other areas that i don't know as much about it but in a democratic the social issues that anything that it affects education or media they're doing things that i just find very problematic and and not in the interest of liberty here well being and so that's what i worry that she might not do it she might surprise us while i was assuming that those directions are being prompted by special interest groups in people that have gotten people into power in the first place by the time
get to be a president you have so many people you're beholden to so many people so much money you very little time to think about anything other than reconciling that right it's probably not your primary interest but your your you want to help out the american association of christy women ten years trying to deal with that when they run out of the yeah and then they run with it and make policy the you may or may not even agree with but you kind of committed some really bad policies and edgy in my opinion in education so i worry that the democrats there is there's a lot to worry bout in both parties so i'm kind of homeless but but do you take satisfaction and what you're doing do you enjoy making these factual feminist videos and i do to this
they weren't doing it i i do a lot of in this sense there's so many think i have a lot of interests and i would also like to spend some period of my life just being a dilettante because i love music and literature and art love to go to travel and this takes a lot of time it takes a of energy and not always good energy because you're dealing with one again i have to read something that is so problematic and sometimes it takes a long time to untie knots in the truth it's easier to tie a knot in the truth and on taiwan so i'll have to write a long article explaining why someone was so wrong and i have to do it over and over again so it's tedious on the other hand i don't like i don't want to see bullies winning and so i'm welcome the time where more people come forward
it does we do need to have more professors coming forward because you need scholars and you need people who can look at the data you need statisticians it's not enough to have activists so this can't be done by pundits the hard into the heavy lifting to push back the politically correct forces of unreason on campus it's going to have to be other scholars that the stop sign you know that that encourage of a move towards you know more rational world but what's going to motivate them to do that to make a shift it's possible that things are getting so bad that more will be in the more realize like what happened to the yale no no there's for example there's steve pinker because he yeah he's at harvard and there's jonathan height at at levi's note and why you was at the university of virginia they've been
outspoken for a long time but they are really starting to come out and call cry foul about what's going on in their powerful and put into their brilliant guys and tremendous command of you know the literature of their fields and they are able to bring that to bear fantastic lectures and essays and books and so forth this john hi there steve bigger but i want more women i think that it's going to take women scholars to challenge the hegemony of the this hardline mail averse feminists that that you know have a monopoly now on gender stuff to take some women scholars so i'm waiting for them to come but they just so far it hasn't has there a few but not very is there a single man out there that teaches gender studies oh yeah really what are they like
one of i'm thinking of one person i won't mention embodies so just straight a reacted so quickly there was as such this visceral built in a i'm staying at the particular individual who is so frustrating so frustrating so frustrating to name his name but what's wrong with this poor you know i would say what's wrong with him and his name is michael kimmel and what frustrates me he is a male feminist as radical as any that i've mentioned he was given a fortune or maybe not a fortune but a sizeable amount of money to start one of the first centers for the study of men so he said i think it's this sooner you're one of the new york campuses and he has all this money for a center the men and he just like men i did my well in my opinion he's a hard line feminist he believes that in toxic masculinity loves to talk about things like that he takes the worst case mail
uh you know of a school shooter or some deranged sociopath and makes that a metaphor for all men he does that sort of thing you know the columbine killers those are our boys all our boys no they're not they're cycle the killers in new york state even among psychopathic killers and they don't know they don't they don't represent our boys ann i'm overstating it a little bit but not by much so we finally get a center that's going to study young men and and it's run by him who does he put on the board he's got event who wrote the vagina monologues which was kind of male averse i don't because a any any positive males in that they said maybe vagina bob but he's not very sympathetic and then there's a gloria steinem and carol gilligan there it's it's not
going to work so he's a male gender studies professor he's a he's as a feminist sociologist feminist sociologist what is this gentleman look like still going what you'd expect i don't know what you're imagining is the overweight woman with pain care i know now normal no i don't know what is i don't know what forces created a but he that's what we're dealing with so this is are you a few of those they like vampire familiars that's what they're like it's not money but he would have these little set these sycophants around him we're not really vampires but they wanted to be vampires they're hoping the vampires would turn them and they would say anything well he believes it and he believes this statistics and and you know i was thinking maybe when he started this center he become a little more sympathetic towards i don't see evidence of that
he still well you could certainly if you looked around the the the the problem is that the the numbers of people that you're dealing with the dealing with three hundred plus million people in this country and decades of new stories and if you wanted to look at the numbers in that way you could find a lot of evidence that men have done horrible schitt we can do there's no doubt about it you mentioned you look at our buttons and i we talked before that male violence sure there are more violent and a society that doesn't take into account the mail capacity for rule breaking and risk taking and reeking that you you know the boys who are insufficiently socialize have very unpleasant ways of making themselves noticed and you have to be careful in but tiny minority and it usually takes other men to protect the rest of us from them and i always wonder like just the other day in paris there was this horrible terrorist attack
and there was a little story about in the news about this cafe and these people were slaughtered in the cafe and there's this lovely young woman who was in the hospital trauma and there was this beautiful man who thrown her elf on him his instinct was just to protect her and protect as many people as he could as beautiful guy and i thought why can't we take him is emblematic of what men can do you know but they the gender scholars never do we never find him we find serial killers these well that's what men do well there certainly are a lot of men serial killers the problem is i think when you focus only on the negative aspects of it you also run the risk of self definition are the people that list and to what he has to say and take his class you become guilty by association that you are a man like you get those guys who make those videos that i am apologizing for every man ever before me and they want to distinguish themselves as being different and they want to go way out of the way have you ever seen that
here woman video god yes i have it's the worst kind of gender profiling isn't it i mean the last perfect it's perfect those guys are those guys the guys that wouldn't survive if you took those eyes on like a track through the woods does the guys would have a sprained ankles and would start weeping those are the guys and the guys that if you'd left they would be at home with your wife and they would say horrible things about you and what a terrible person you are and try to to love them instead of loving you 'cause there week there were pardon my french week pitches that's what what ben call ben like that and that's why they make those videos those videos they're not made by normal what why would a man apologize for things that other men have done if you've done something horrible you should say dear women i've done some fuckedup shed i've made some horrible movies that portrayed women in a very unfavorable light i didn't consider the fact that someone would watch those movies and it would somehow or
define them in their own way i shouldn't have done that well this isn't what they're doing they're doing their apologizing for other men and therefore themselves up on a moral high ground which is what a lot of male feminist do their weak men they're real beakman their unfavorable sexually and there they're not the type of men that women would choose so what they have done is they've figure out a way in the game to be like what men want is people to love most women wanted everybody wants people to love them and what when they don't have any particularly out right masculine characteristics they're not attractive than not handsome than not bold and not daring in a creative they're not profound or charismatic they become male feminists and that's what they do they become these sort of jen traders that they dig call out all of the weakness of all the other men sort of highlight themselves as being
i'm not saying that's all male feminist again i think there's a lot of male feminist that they take on this idea because they do see one of these cases and yeah they do see they they want people to be equal they want to be out judged based on the merits of who they are as a human being i said i can respect them i just would like them to be considered that things are not exactly the way think then that might have been taught by a charismatic women's studies professor they might be more complicated and they should know that there was efforts keep people like me and camille paglia and when you can enter at all the long list of us there were there were a group of feminists who were not male averse who were sex positive and we were driven you know we were not included we were not invited to the table and there's a reason why kids they they don't read us or if they do you know it's immediately just savaged and and
selective in what they idea is so they had they haven't had the advantage on these issues of hearing from a range of of a full range of opinion yeah it's fascinating because none of what you're saying is offensive none of what you're saying is derogatory in the idea that you would somehow or another trigger people or or because the creation of space is preposterous it's observing needed i need an armed guards me yeah i love it how they were women i love their women armed guards so they were protecting me because they both and this happened at georgetown they gave me a security guard georgetown as well so you know it was happening at georgetown for whatever reason among social justice warriors is there sometimes called clapping is thought to be triggering and so when they will approve of what you were their comrade say they do jack it's hands or what's clicking and yes if you watch some of the mobs on campus they're clicking their fingers and see it
i just want to say even as a former radical like don't do that clapping is like beating like someone could be beating you is that what it is maybe it's just whatever violin and other rising it's other rising maybe is that real other rising is term other that a is the other oh my god nobody does more other rising and demonising than these hardline feminists it's like everything they say men do not everything but most of the things they say men do they do age stereotype demonize other eyes and they don't just do micro aggressions their macro aggressive there very rude what is this fashion now among so many feminist to be so snarky an mean yeah and i don't i don't think being mean i mean mended we didn't succeed in the world and you know universe because they were mean and vicious civilian deaths and why do they think that that is
recipe because it gets effect it has an effect today within our social media climate the fact that we have new world this new environment those dark e posts get the most reaction to get the most retweets and favorites and i get the most likes and is seen as currency is seen as like a social media currency and so by attacking people you can get them to respond and engage you that's it's away they seek out high profile the people that might be that might have a difference of opinion with them they'll seek them out and sold them and force them to engage to someone you read something insulting about you like whoa like i said yeah the one i've been called a male rights advocate by this really obese feminist woman i was like what is what is an mra and i had to read it i just blocked i can engage with somebody just insult me and just says a bunch of insulting sheraton calls me a moron an asshole all these different things but i'd never even communicated with them i had no
each with their whatsoever she is decided to single and wasn't just one it was there was quite a few of 'em an because a lot of people will react you get that it's your automatic reaction to react to them you know that's why yelling things out you they're trying to get you to react to them if they just talk to you in a normal way and there's a bunch of people talking about redrawn it on twitter not because i want to react i always i am uh is the and the professor in me if someone's carrying on right and that i i want to reason with them run in and then if that if i have learned it's a waste of time in some cases were learning we're all learning how to handle this new world we do not right engage late at night it keeps you up i can't i to am like to three in the morning i think this is insane because i've i've gotten some
exchanger or i'm watching exchanges it's it's not a good thing to do do not a after midnight and uh i have hope that all this ridiculousness is something that's going to be ironed out and i think that this is something that all human beings are starting to learn how to navigate the world of social media and that these this kind of behavior with someone just a me get snarky and becomes insulting in order to get attention gonna be laughed at i think that's a good point that we're going to it's going to involve and then we come up that sort of unwritten rules yes of the game yeah i hope one of the rules is hey don't join a hitter i am a twitter hate mob yes and attacks some hapless
faster or someone that you heard from somebody told a joke and and by the way can we just leave jokes alone altogether i mean let let comedians tell their jokes you can't now have a comedian on campus because everyone will be triggered well comedians are bullies if you make a joke about something you're a bully you're someone dis it does and i think we get people like george carlin were that was where they were they were on campus and and you know yeah most of us won't work on campus is now i know yeah a big percentage of comics won't work on campuses and apparently they're little committees i register that little committees who to decide which comedian to invite and i have to try out and and there are so many ways you can strike out i mean i get the obvious ways you can everything is offensive yeah everything is fine so either offensive joke triggering i had a guy i mean this is going way back this is going back to the early 90s this
i used to do a lot of colleges when i was coming out but it was way easier there is no social media it was not hard to do and this is like earl like nine thousand and ninety one ninety two pre internet ice do a lot of them it was a great way to make money but i remember one time i used to do this qa thing with kids they would ask me questions and you know i would just joke around after shows i do my show yeah i don't have anywhere to go so that and so the guy goes the guy goes i forget what what he said something tell a joke so i said to jews in a bar they buy it thank you very much it's a joke it's he came out after the show and said that was really offensive what you said about and i could tell he was like testing the waters of whether or not it should actually be found ugly really offended i go it's offensive it was that who's a and i'm like well it's about jewish people buying things being successful business like it's not negative at all like how
what i but but it's a stupid old street joke but still saying that it's offensive automatic reaction to this young kid that hadn't yet experiences wave of social justice warriors they were reinforcing the stupid ideas he has in his head like he had decided that since i was saying something about an ethnicity or even saying it was a minority and just even saying a joke about it was offensive but it's clearly not an offensive joke it's it's about jewish people being good at business i mean that's well it's not even a good joke it's it's terrible but i'll never forget it i'm coming up to me and saying that i found that really offensive i might get the funk out here i think that was offensive that's not offensive just not what is not good certainly not offensive i hope he doesn't see any mel brooks movies or listen to jackie
a send our you know well it's just it's that scene where you're young and you want to kind of establish your your view point and you want to separate yourself from the the the fools of the world and say that you know you're going to be different than your parents we're going to branch out on your own and you're you know you're a fucking young mind there eighteen there's old one thousand nine hundred and twenty whatever they are there away on their own staying dorms and reinforcing each other's terrible ideas together and some of the more sensitive than others and some of them grew up in a more suppressive environment and uh some of the more easily led than others and some of them will have ideas they will nurture when they're eighteen or nineteen years old they will completely abandoned when they get into their twenties and they they realize how preposterous those are ideas were in less they get completely indoctrinated and then they go on to become a the very system that indoctrinated then themselves i think that's a lot of the fears that a lot of people looking at it from the outside like
that's a lot of the fears that we have like we won like this is sort of a closed loop the closed loop of becoming an academic yourself and reinforcing these is without a whole lot of interaction with the real world with a whole lot of interaction with people that have differing opinions that may be just as intelligent as you and me you can learn from each other come up with some sort of a middle ground but that's not tolerated there's no there do you you can't you don't tolerate anybody that looks at these ideas from a different perspective or from a singular if you like it out all has to be in this rigid ideological predetermined pattern of behavior that everybody locks into yeah well we did a rebellion are you for well is that what that will do don't you think that's kind of going on though what the reaction to these videos there's a rebellion that listen it it it it it is a rebellion and this will give you heart when you read
in this as i do because on twitter people send me these things you'll read article in the yale daily news or the amherst whatever newspaper they have people write something very annoying pc to the extreme and then you read the letters and those give you heart because you still see there is still very reasonable people in these colleges who are not buying it but they have to be somehow empowered i know how to do that yeah i don't know how to do that either but i think information and open discourse and an just those that's exactly what's going on right now with the internet and with social media those two things are the most important aspects of a society evolving and it's id room without really without anybody running it i mean the thing about colleges in the thing about a university courses that you have a professor you want to get a good grade
so as an ideology that they're sort of pass aren't you and you i try to manipulate them a little bit and write in a way that you think that they will appeal to their sensibilities their ideology well it doesn't have that i mean you have giant groups of people but ulta we just have people i mean that's what it is there's a lot of different kinds of ideas that are floating around out there and you're going to find people that resonate with your ideas and people that don't an along the way you're going to have people that some of the things that you've written or some of things that you said and take it down and call you a fool and you going to have to look you can have well maybe when i yelled at yale dean i was being a fucking idiot maybe that is grandstanding maybe that is preposterous you know and maybe i would not have done that if i was alone with him maybe that is
something that i did because i was caught up in the fervor of the group by the way that professor who should be really met shame herself by acting out but in a cut on the media the one from the wrist to missouri yes indications professor she did right she wrote an apology and i thought it was i mean i'm willing to forgive her up because it was heartfelt and she did say that you sort of horrified to watch yourself in and so i'm thinking out she may be a good for her but i thought people will say oh she's just trying to keep her job well first of all i don't think we should be after peoples jobs and you know in that way i mean not that she did teach a lot of weird courses should course on abstinence and i don't know fifty shades of gray is it fifty or sixty whenever fifty she taught us course on fifty shades of grey and she abstinence in the twilight series oh she did yes about how edward didn't have sex with her and she bob
well she wrote edward was seventeen years old the fucky was ok one hundred years old he just i do when he was seventeen he became a vampire that's a god damn peta file movie the the the exchange event is old you should check your privilege lydia and privilege but i did i didn't get you in this i need jazz hands it but it's hard to do that for audio most of our audiences audio only massive but they don't see my text so great now open open i don't worry bout much my hair too much and i think that's not bad thing i've had fired her throat my shoulders at that don't you hate someone seeing yourself some so used to it are used to it so i well i've watched some lectures and i have ticks and i should i i don't know what to do and i got a but my age and i got to go change of scale yeah i mean you learn a lot about what's annoying to you like a lot of people do things that are annoying to other people they don't know it the alarm
what about like the speech tex we were just talking about on the last podcast we did the the expression like like people say like all time like there's like a thing like that you do like like a sophisticated version of um and there's another one i'm lecturing i do a lot of arms that's normal it's you're thinking you know except except that's why it's so when you meet a guy like sam harris that can get through hours long conversation with no preparation whatsoever and never uhm and speaking perfect perfect yeah i know how he does it yeah so did you ever hear christopher hitchens no no never had a chance i would love to get drunk with i know larger didn't say anything stupid and have a vicer eight main i remember with most def he was on real time with bill maher with most def and most def didn't know what the fuck he's talking about who i love as a rapper he's awesome musician but he was talking about the difference being that towel
on an al qaeda he didn't understand the difference between the two and hitchens just let him up he was drunk he had a couple of drinks at him and he just decided like this is this is the these people with opinions that have ever bothered to research exactly what they're talking about it just let him up yeah he he you do not want to be taken down someone like christopher hitchens he was very funny locking in a lot of ways to he he wrote that vanity fair piece which is very funny about women not being funny you know why women are funny which of course is not so true there's a lot of women that are really funny but it was pointing the fact that women that are funny are kind of like their bucci in almost like a masculine sort of away yeah he's not really right about that but he's not right about that 'cause sarah silverman is one of the funniest people on the planet and she's very feminine she's not bushy at all yet but even going back people to do remember you remember madeline kahn she so fun very fun fabulous
when did joan rivers i mean look joan rivers is one of the best all time comedians she was attention miss her yes i do remember now she was going on a campus she would be so great well she was back then even she was talking about it i mean when she was alive she was she was talking about how ridiculous it is these kids are fucking babies you know she would be and young women need to see people like her i mean she's she was funny and she was smart she was fast yeah there's a lot of young up and coming comedians right now to that are women that are really hilarious that are very feminine so you don't have to and then they should be one think they should they can be here and if they but they shouldn't be politically correct it right terrible if we had a group of feminists that did that to you we actually practicing comedians that within start policing i don't see that but it has happened in other professions well there are some male feminist comedians nefa kimbo route all the brutal it's
are they listen to it now we have small groups of people that subscribe to their ideas and their data joining they think they're great and they're being forced by the echo chamber but you know they're just they're saying nonsense but i would think comedians like like the atheist these are these are skeptics there people who thought through for them you would think that they would not be vulnerable to sort of a political hijacking by a group that believes a lot of things that are demonstrably false and yet they were vulnerable there i think not all of them i mean there was a division was very divisive people don't like being criticized and if you're criticizing your machtan you're taken down because of your ideas you'll soften those yes you bend with the wind yeah but i'm saying if it happens to comedians it'll be it won't happen they they you know it just can't because it's gonna be so tempting for someone to come in and
you just blow it away the way we got to be comedians in the first place is by resisting all that stuff with the real problem becomes when they become successful be another arena like maybe they become a talk show host or they have a big important job with annette work on some sitcom or something like that and they don't want to rock the boat i do not got a lot of comedians they get sick and then the sitcoms you can really popular and they pretty much stopped performing they stop doing standup that happened with a lot of jerry seinfeld didn't perform for a long time as you can be tim allen same thing you can get in trouble like i know guys who had sitcoms where the network actually told them to not do stand up just put it aside
while that was a fox's name from the disk john stamos sit com the the bob saget bob saget with like a really dirty act but was on like a family said calmly would shut him down like he'd stop doing stand up for a long time well i wish we had george carlen wish we had more it's all dad wants to around he's still around that area even sweeter that me he's on to year ago yeah more songs on twitter still doing some stuff this issue of those guys that are still out there you know dick gregory is actually at the comedy store this sunday thing i'm going man i'm going for sure meanwhile he still alive i want to come see him and dick gregory is the guy who i mean he's not just a comedian and activist but he actually is the guy who brought her aldo rivera the zapruder footage where showed it on television like i think it was ten years after kennedy was a sad may the choke kennedy's head violently going back into the left and made people start to consider the fact that
maybe he was shot by someone other than lee harvey oswald and it's harder this conspiracy theory so yeah fascinating kind of he is it was a big fan of his aides lately and you know i don't know i was he's he's taken some odd positions but on what dick gregory on what i don't remember i just member thinking what yeah but he but people do that and they come back also they get really old he's got a pretty good it sure is he was in his prime he was so funny yeah and well is very important guy goes back lenny bruce when he's gone but but those that spirit it's i'm sure with us it's a spirit of lot of those up bill burr's of great guy is there any there's a lot of those people out there that are just they need to be mocked and in now this call for comedians it's fuel it's like we we we feed on dry wood now in a live wire catches dry what we need to do a comedian invasion of the campus
we're not gonna do it it's not worth it this is like this too many angry people like would crack one joke and we'll get angry you know quote unquote hash tag activists that was traffic updates rock said that he said i'm not going to go it's not worth it chanting in the middle of your show and disrupt your performance they think that their sensibilities are more important than your performance it's just it's nonsense it's not the we can go out there and earn a living pay bills get drunk do stupid things get their car towed then come to it so i'm doing showing you understand reality come to showing you understand bills and frustrations and you know come to a show when you're an adult right now you're a baby that softens i mean your child whose ascent we've gone from your house to some sort of all holding pen so they're they're indoctrinating you with all these wacky ideas you want to yell at people i don't know anything else you want to add for you rap this thing up we said three hours are you serious yeah oh my goodness lies by crazy
let's how goes it's been fun it's been great man cave here have people seen this some people have seen this is getting more manly than some recent addition that mule deer head that's a recent one but yeah it's all stuff that either people have given me like this little biggie two or is buddha i don't know just sort of accumulates or stuff that i put here yeah but this is why i'm for i told you before the show started i i'm i have to do this because my house in a little bit my house has been completely women ified well that's like i recognize things that my sons or husband might have brought then i would have pushed aside i've found a place for them in the attic i have things like this in the end mom when i shot that elk that's out in the hallway my wife is like what are you going to do with this don't worry i'll bring it to the office jesus christ tacos tacos listen thank you very much that's a really appreciate you flying out here and thank you for doing that that videos i think it's excellent i think it's really important it's important for
people to see that you are a kind and thoughtful person who is just your expressing yourself because you feel that there is an unchecked point or there is a position that a lot of people have sort of taken on it is and that's not not necessarily in line with how you think the the the the true nature of it was supposed to be when it was originally established exactly and if they show me i'm wrong i'll change my point of view i'm open but don't cut off debate that's what happened so i had to go in to keep you know and i'm not on the i mean i i will visit the campuses but mainly now i'm making videos for the maybe the kids younger than the millennial they're going to come along and rebel against these two people in college now i think very likely that's possible i think guys were saying before that people that are just learning how to navigate social media and we're learning sort of the do's and don'ts the etiquette that's involved
communicating with people online and i think the more intelligent rational people are realizing we should communicate with people online the way you should go ok with them as they were right there in front of you and if we start doing that i also think that this technology that we're experiencing right now is really the beginning of some sort of a much more invasive interfacing between human beings membe invasive it should say ma'am instead of invasive of to be much more calm i think we're going to get some sort of a visual interaction with each other and maybe even some sort of a sharing of data where it's not even based on reading things but you're actually going to be able to transmit thoughts to each other they've already figured out a way to transmit words could be merging into my what are we going to have it i wish i could i would like to live to be
five hundred or one thousand just to see what happened might live to be five hundred when you look at what science is doing today i think i'll be adding just going to miss that darn well you do miss it i think what you're doing like i said it's very important and you think you're opening up a lot of people's eyes and you're also you're a great spokesperson for it because you're balanced and rational and it's easy to accept your nice person what you're saying so coming from your one of you it's like i i'm i i know what you're not grading on people it's it's nice it's beautiful so i want to thank you thank you very much for your series and thank you for doing this and if you have anything you need promoted please just let us know be happy to happy to get it out there thank you christina sommers ladies and gentlemen that's it shows over tonight by big kiss thank you everybody for two hundred to the podcast thank you to christina summers and thank you to our sponsors two movement watches go to m
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